Weather Codes for Mongolia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Mongolia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abarahaiin Hiid MGXX0735
Abarahaiin Hural MGXX0509
Abarahaiin Sume MGXX1325
Abdaliin Huryee MGXX0889
Abdar Bayan Suma MGXX0042
Abdaranta MGXX1396
Abdartayn Sume MGXX1397
Agaruut MGXX0738
Agatayn Hiid MGXX1008
Agita Huryee MGXX0890
Aguy Sume Hiid MGXX1326
Aguytayn Jisa MGXX1596
Ak-Aral MGXX0043
Alag-Tutulyyn MGXX1398
Alagiin Sume MGXX0739
Aldar MGXX0001
Altai MGXX0023
Altan MGXX0891
Altan MGXX0384
Altan-Ovoo MGXX0243
Altanbulag MGXX0046
Altanbulag MGXX1496
Altanbulag MGXX0892
Altanteel MGXX1013
Altantsogts MGXX0047
Altatayn Dugang MGXX0385
Altay MGXX0942
Altay MGXX0893
Altay sumu MGXX1014
Altraga MGXX1053
Amagalanta Hiid MGXX1136
Amar Hiyd MGXX1497
Amardalay MGXX0510
Ar-Asgat MGXX1599
Ar-Sayn-Shand MGXX0740
Ara Bayan Gol MGXX1498
Ara Buride MGXX1601
Ara Horoiin Hiid MGXX1400
Ara Tarbagata MGXX1137
Araiin Huryee MGXX1054
Araiin Huryee MGXX0943
Araliin Dugang MGXX1602
Argalant MGXX0741
Argalant MGXX1603
Argalinta Suma MGXX0048
Argatay MGXX0511
Arguut MGXX1267
Arhust MGXX0049
Arigiin Dugang MGXX1055
Arigiin Huryee MGXX1056
Arsayn-shand MGXX0743
Arshaan Hural MGXX1327
Arshaanii Huryee MGXX1057
Arshaantayn Sume MGXX1401
Artsatayn Dugang MGXX1604
Arvaiheer MGXX0028
Asahatay Suma MGXX1402
Asahatayn Huryee MGXX1058
Asaralta MGXX1605
Asgat MGXX0895
Ashatay MGXX1403
Avdzaga MGXX0387
Avraga MGXX1140
Ayagatayn Dugang MGXX1059
Aygatayn Dugang MGXX0244
Aylbayan MGXX0745
Aymagay Hiid MGXX0746
Ayrig MGXX0618
Baasatayn Tala MGXX0747
Babaiin Huryee MGXX0389
Badmashin MGXX0619
Badrah MGXX1060
Baga Mandal MGXX1607
Baga Modo Hiid MGXX1329
Baga Sargalant MGXX1608
Baga Suji MGXX1609
Bagahangay MGXX1610
Bagiin Dugang MGXX0245
Bagshiin Hiid MGXX1764
Baitag MGXX0020
Balgatay MGXX0896
Balhin Chuluu MGXX1611
Baligiin Huryee MGXX0052
Balji MGXX1499
Balji Horshoo MGXX1141
Balvi Horshoo MGXX1142
Banga MGXX1500
Banyan-Ovoo MGXX0053
Baraybang Hiid MGXX1143
Bartayn Dugang MGXX0390
Baruun Hural MGXX1331
Baruun Hural MGXX1268
Baruun Huuray MGXX1015
Baruun Iret Hiid MGXX1269
Baruun Shara MGXX0748
Baruun Sume MGXX1270
Baruun Tsorgo MGXX0514
Baruun-Huree MGXX1271
Baruun-Urt MGXX0033
Baruunharaa MGXX1501
Baruunkharaa MGXX0017
Baruunsuu MGXX1332
Baruunturuun MGXX0007
Bat Machina MGXX0620
Bat-Oldziyt MGXX1613
Bataiin Hiid MGXX1614
Bathaan MGXX1272
Batshireet MGXX0057
Batsumber MGXX0058
Bayagiin Dugang MGXX1615
Bayak-Goliyn-Gol MGXX1502
Bayan MGXX0060
Bayan MGXX1062
Bayan MGXX0750
Bayan MGXX0621
Bayan MGXX0246
Bayan MGXX0059
Bayan Belhi MGXX0515
Bayan Bulag MGXX0622
Bayan Chuluuta MGXX1618
Bayan Dobo Suma MGXX0061
Bayan Don MGXX0624
Bayan Dugang MGXX0391
Bayan Dzurhe MGXX0392
Bayan Gol MGXX1016
Bayan Goliin Den MGXX1503
Bayan Hayrhan MGXX0247
Bayan Hiid MGXX0751
Bayan Hongoriin MGXX0335
Bayan Hujir MGXX1620
Bayan Hural MGXX1144
Bayan Hushuu MGXX0516
Bayan Jisa MGXX1273
Bayan Monho MGXX1145
Bayan Monho Hiid MGXX1146
Bayan Monho Suma MGXX0752
Bayan Oboo Hiid MGXX0754
Bayan Ovoo MGXX1334
Bayan Suma MGXX1149
Bayan Ulaan MGXX1335
Bayan Ulaan Suma MGXX1150
Bayan Uul MGXX0062
Bayan Uul MGXX0625
Bayan Uula Sumu MGXX1274
Bayan-Adraga MGXX0063
Bayan-Agt MGXX0064
Bayan-Enger MGXX0065
Bayan-monho-sum MGXX0756
Bayan-Ondor MGXX0066
Bayan-Ondor MGXX0067
Bayan-Ovoo MGXX0031
Bayan-Ovoo MGXX0946
Bayan-Uhaa MGXX0897
Bayan-Ulaan MGXX1275
Bayan-Uul MGXX0248
Bayan-Uul MGXX0069
Bayanbaraat MGXX1621
Bayanbulag MGXX1152
Bayanbulag MGXX0022
Bayanburd MGXX0336
Bayanchandmani MGXX0071
Bayandelger MGXX0039
Bayandelger MGXX1622
Bayangol MGXX0947
Bayangol MGXX0073
Bayangol MGXX0393
Bayanhayrlan MGXX0074
Bayanhongor MGXX0027
Bayanhoshuu MGXX1018
Bayanhoshuu MGXX0338
Bayanhutag MGXX0076
Bayansayr MGXX0339
Bayant-Uhaa MGXX0757
Bayantal MGXX1623
Bayanteeg MGXX1276
Bayanterem MGXX0077
Bayantohom MGXX1624
Bayantsagaan MGXX0078
Bayantsagaan MGXX0079
Bayantsagaan MGXX0249
Bayantsogt MGXX0080
Bayartayn Hiid MGXX1765
Bayasgalant MGXX1625
Baydrag MGXX0341
Baylig MGXX0758
Bayshint MGXX1626
Bayshint MGXX1779
Bayshinta Huryee MGXX1627
Bayshinta Sume MGXX1408
Baytsaiin Huryee MGXX0250
Bazar Kol Suma MGXX0081
Beeseiin Hiid MGXX0251
Belchir MGXX1505
Beleu MGXX0483
Beltesiin Dugang MGXX1064
Berh MGXX1154
Berheiin Hiid MGXX1628
Berth MGXX0082
Bichigt MGXX0948
Bichigte MGXX0626
Bij-Altay MGXX0949
Biliin Jisa Hiid MGXX0517
Bilsigi Huryee MGXX0394
Biluu MGXX0484
Biluunii Hural MGXX0518
Biluut MGXX0519
Binder MGXX0083
Biruuta MGXX1409
Bodi MGXX0343
Bodol Sume MGXX1019
Bogd MGXX0084
Bogdoiin Hiid MGXX1766
Bohot MGXX0520
Boongiin Hiid MGXX1410
Bor-OEndoer MGXX1155
Borchzhin Yurts MGXX1021
Borho MGXX0898
Borhoyn Tal MGXX0759
Bornuur MGXX0085
Boro Burgaasa MGXX0485
Boro Hamar MGXX0760
Boro Hiid MGXX1336
Boro Ondor Hiid MGXX1630
Boro Tala MGXX1631
Borogiin Ovoo MGXX0762
Boroiin Dugang MGXX1506
Boroiin Sume MGXX1412
Boroogiin Den MGXX1633
Boroy MGXX0627
Budangiin Hiid MGXX1413
Budargaiin Hural MGXX0763
Buduni MGXX1507
Buduunii Dugang MGXX1508
Buga MGXX0486
Buga MGXX0899
Bugaiin Lama MGXX1157
Bugant MGXX1509
Bugat MGXX0395
Bugat MGXX0487
Bugat MGXX0086
Bugat MGXX1780
Bugseyn Dugang MGXX0396
Bugseyn Huryee MGXX1067
Buha Dolon MGXX1337
Buhaiin Dugang MGXX0397
Buhaiin Huryee MGXX0252
Buheley MGXX1510
Buheleyn Oros MGXX1511
Buhuugiin Hural MGXX1634
Bulag MGXX1635
Bulag MGXX1068
Bulagan Hiid MGXX1022
Bulagan Hural MGXX1338
Bulagan Suma MGXX0628
Bulaganii Hiid MGXX1023
Bulagiin Huryee MGXX1781
Bulagiyn Denj MGXX0253
Bulagtay MGXX1512
Bulang MGXX0764
Bulangiin Hural MGXX0765
Bulangiin Suurin MGXX1158
Bulenii Hooloy MGXX1339
Bulenii Huryee MGXX0254
Bulgan MGXX0344
Bulgan MGXX0016
Bulgan MGXX1340
Bulgan MGXX1069
Bulgan MGXX1024
Bulnayn Dugang MGXX1636
Bulyant MGXX1025
Bumbaiin Sume MGXX1414
Bumbat MGXX1278
Bumbata MGXX0766
Burd MGXX0089
Burde MGXX1279
Bureen-Nuur MGXX1415
Buren MGXX0951
Burenhaan MGXX1071
Burenhaan MGXX1159
Burenhayrhan MGXX1026
Burentogtok MGXX1072
Burentsogt MGXX1416
Burga MGXX0398
Burgaasa MGXX1073
Burgaasata MGXX0399
Burgaltay MGXX1513
Burgaltay MGXX1637
Burgaltayn Gol MGXX0256
Burhanii MGXX0877
Burhanii-Dugar MGXX1639
Burhanta MGXX1419
Burhanta MGXX1640
Buriden Huryee MGXX0400
Buriden Sume MGXX0767
Buridenii Dugang MGXX0257
Buridenii Hiid MGXX0258
Burigiin Dugang MGXX0259
Buseiin Shuteen MGXX1161
Buuraiin Hural MGXX0768
Buural MGXX0878
Buuraliin Hiid MGXX0769
Buuriin Haan MGXX0629
Buuriin Hural MGXX0401
Buuteriin Hural MGXX0770
Buyan Suma MGXX0771
Buyanbat MGXX0952
Buyant MGXX0900
Buyant MGXX1027
Buyant MGXX1163
Buyant MGXX0345
Buyant MGXX0091
Buyant-Ovoo MGXX0092
Buyantayn Hural MGXX1164
Chandmani MGXX0772
Chandmani MGXX1783
Chandmani MGXX0094
Chandmani MGXX0093
Chihertey MGXX0488
Chindamani Suma MGXX1075
Chindamani Suma MGXX0773
Chingeltei MGXX1767
Choibalsan MGXX0019
Choir MGXX0030
Chonogol MGXX1421
Choybalsan MGXX0097
Choyiin Jisa MGXX0346
Choylingiin Hiid MGXX0774
Choyr MGXX0521
Choyren MGXX1010
Chuluun Holo MGXX1165
Chuluunhoroot MGXX0098
Chuluut MGXX0523
Chuluuta MGXX1514
Chuluuta MGXX0632
Dabaanii Tala MGXX1642
Dabasan Suma MGXX0633
Dabharlin Hiid MGXX1643
Dadal MGXX0099
Dagaliin Hiid MGXX1166
Dahashaa MGXX1644
Dalan Hural MGXX0402
Dalan Turuu MGXX0775
Dalangin Dugang MGXX1515
Dalanzadgad MGXX0041
Dalay MGXX1341
Dalayhol MGXX0490
Dalayn Hiid MGXX0776
Dalayn Hural MGXX0524
Dalayn-Devseg MGXX0866
Dalbayn Hural MGXX1167
Dalhayn Dugang MGXX1076
Dalin-tyuryu MGXX0953
Daljiin Jisa MGXX0525
Daltayn Hiid MGXX1168
Danchin Huryee MGXX1282
Dangaiin Dugang MGXX1516
Dara Eheiin Hiid MGXX1169
Dara Eheiin Jisa MGXX0347
Dara Eheiin Jisa MGXX0954
Darhan MGXX1170
Darhan MGXX0102
Darhan MGXX1520
Darhan Jisa MGXX0526
Darhanhaan MGXX0103
Daritayn Dugang MGXX1521
Darri MGXX0104
Darvi MGXX0957
Dasaiin Ama MGXX1646
Dashbalbar MGXX0018
Dashinchilling MGXX0404
Davst MGXX0106
Dayaan Hiid MGXX0350
Dayaanchiin Hiid MGXX1422
Dayaantayn Hural MGXX1171
Dayangar MGXX0527
Debsegiin Huryee MGXX1647
Deeste Huryee MGXX1078
Delger Haan MGXX1172
Delger Haan Berh MGXX1173
Delgereh MGXX1283
Delgerehe Hiid MGXX0530
Delgerhaan MGXX1522
Delgerhet MGXX0777
Delgermoron MGXX0351
Delgertsgot MGXX0107
Dembereli MGXX1423
Demchig Hiid MGXX1344
Deren MGXX0108
Deresen Hiid MGXX1425
Deresenii Hural MGXX0779
Derhiin Huryee MGXX1080
Doboiin Hiid MGXX1345
Dochgol MGXX0635
Dochiin Hural MGXX1346
Doelgoeoen MGXX1284
Dolgoon MGXX0109
Dolood Jisa MGXX1175
Doloon MGXX1348
Doloonhudag MGXX0408
Doloonii Hural MGXX0262
Dolootoyn Hural MGXX1649
Dorbolji MGXX1176
Dorboljin MGXX1426
Dorboljin Hiid MGXX1427
Dorbrojin MGXX1428
Dordogoyn Huryee MGXX1081
Dornot Tal MGXX0636
Dorvoljin MGXX0110
Dugan MGXX1650
Dugan-Hiyd MGXX0266
Dugang Hiid MGXX0267
Dugang Sume MGXX1651
Dugang Sume MGXX1769
Dulaan MGXX1178
Dulaanhaan MGXX0111
Dulaiin Huryee MGXX1082
Dumbatayn Dugang MGXX1083
Dumda Bayan Suma MGXX1179
Dund-Urt MGXX1653
Dund-Us MGXX1029
Dundburd MGXX1181
Duraliin Hiid MGXX0532
Duut MGXX1031
Duutayn Huryee MGXX0903
Dzaanhoshuu MGXX0268
Dzaanii Dugang MGXX1654
Dzabilgaiin Hiid MGXX1182
Dzadagayta Hiid MGXX0781
Dzadgay MGXX0352
Dzag MGXX0353
Dzagdza Dugang MGXX1084
Dzahuy MGXX0961
Dzakhachi Urto MGXX0637
Dzalaa MGXX0638
Dzalaa MGXX0354
Dzalaata MGXX0782
Dzamiin-Uud MGXX0783
Dzavhan MGXX0112
Dzaygal Hiid MGXX0905
Dzeeren Hiid MGXX1286
Dzeeren Hural MGXX0784
Dzegstey MGXX0270
Dzel MGXX1784
Dzelter MGXX1523
Dzoboiin Huryee MGXX0409
Dzodoiin Hural MGXX1185
Dzogiin Huryee MGXX0271
Dzogsool MGXX1655
Dzohoy Hiid MGXX1656
Dzoolon MGXX1085
Dzoosoiin Hiid MGXX1186
Dzotol MGXX1429
Dzuer MGXX0906
Dzultayn Dugang MGXX0410
Dzurh MGXX0113
Dzurhen Hiid MGXX0785
Dzuun Iret Hiid MGXX1287
Dzuun Jisa MGXX0355
Dzuun Muhar MGXX1657
Dzuun Tsorgo MGXX0536
Dzuunbayan MGXX0114
Dzuunbayan-Ulaan MGXX0115
Dzuunbulag MGXX1430
Dzuunbulag MGXX0639
Dzuunburen MGXX0116
Dzuungovi MGXX0117
Dzuunhangay MGXX0118
Dzuunharaa MGXX0119
Dzuunhovoo MGXX1786
Dzuunkharaa MGXX1524
Dzuunmod MGXX0907
Dzuunmod MGXX0002
Dzuutayn Jisa MGXX0537
Dzuyl MGXX0121
Dzuyl MGXX0962
Dzuyliin Huryee MGXX0963
Eg MGXX1188
Eg-Uur MGXX1086
Eligan Tal MGXX1431
Eligen Deese MGXX1189
Eligen Hural MGXX0788
Eligen Jisa MGXX1659
Emeritoin Goriha MGXX0640
Emteyn Dugang MGXX1087
Enger Hulasa MGXX0789
Enger-Shand MGXX0641
Engershand MGXX1770
Engerteyn Dugang MGXX1190
Enheiin Hural MGXX1660
Enhtal MGXX1525
Erdene-Dzuu MGXX1288
Erdenebulgan MGXX0122
Erdenehayrhan MGXX0123
Erdenemandal MGXX0015
Erdenet MGXX1088
Erdenet MGXX1260
Erdenetsogt MGXX1352
Erdenetsogt MGXX0125
Erdeni MGXX0790
Erdeni Hudag MGXX1661
Ereen Dabaa MGXX1191
Ereencav MGXX0643
Ereenii Hushuu MGXX1433
Ereentsav MGXX0644
Eren Suma MGXX0539
Ergel MGXX0791
Ergiliin Dugang MGXX0414
Ergin Tala MGXX0792
Ergineg Hiid MGXX1662
Ergineg-Hiyd MGXX1663
Erhet MGXX0415
Eringiin Dugang MGXX0416
Erkhet Ehrkheht MGXX0879
Gachuurt MGXX1664
Gaiuut MGXX0025
Galdatay Dugang MGXX0417
Galgatay MGXX1527
Galtatay Hiid MGXX1192
Galuut MGXX0645
Gandan Huryee MGXX0127
Ganjir Jisa MGXX0540
Gashuun Tala MGXX0541
Gashuunii Hiid MGXX1193
Gatsuurt MGXX1667
Gederegiin-Ortoo MGXX1787
Gedzegen Hural MGXX1194
Gegeen Hiid MGXX0646
Gindeliin Huryee MGXX1668
Goliin Huryee MGXX0909
Goliin Shanda MGXX0542
Guchin Jisa MGXX0543
Guchin Jisa Hiid MGXX0544
Guna MGXX1670
Gunnariyn MGXX1289
Gurbaniy Urto MGXX0647
Gurvan Bayan MGXX0648
Gurvan-Bulak MGXX1436
Gurvan-tes MGXX0357
Gurvanbulag MGXX0129
Gurvanbulag MGXX0130
Gurvandzagal MGXX0131
Guulin MGXX0964
Guunii Hiid MGXX0649
Guunii Shuteen MGXX1197
Guunnii Shuteen MGXX1198
Guyin Jisa MGXX1671
Guynin Urto MGXX1199
Haaltaiin Dabaa MGXX1672
Habchi MGXX0880
Habchil Ortoo MGXX0132
Habhagtayn Hiid MGXX1437
Habhastayn Hiid MGXX1438
Habtsagay Huryee MGXX1089
Habtsal Hiid MGXX1011
Hachirugin MGXX1439
Hadan Usa Jisa MGXX0545
Hadanii Lama MGXX1673
Hadasan MGXX0418
Hadatayn Bayshin MGXX1529
Hadatayn Dugang MGXX1530
Hadatayn Huryee MGXX0358
Hadaum-shand MGXX0793
Hadhaliin Dugang MGXX1090
Hahatay MGXX0650
Hajuu-Ulaan MGXX1200
Hajuu-Us MGXX0546
Halban MGXX1091
Haldaiin Jisa MGXX1674
Haldzan MGXX0133
Halha Horoo MGXX0651
Halhaiin Sume MGXX0652
Halhgol MGXX0134
Haliun MGXX0135
Haliun MGXX0419
Haltariin Dugang MGXX1531
Haltariin Huryee MGXX0911
Hamar MGXX0794
Hamariin Hural MGXX0795
Hamariyn Davaa MGXX1532
Hambaiin Huryee MGXX0912
Hambaiin Huryee MGXX0420
Hamjilgayn Hiid MGXX1440
Han-Oyuut MGXX0136
Han-Uul MGXX0655
Hanaiin Hira MGXX1355
Handagay Dugang MGXX0421
Handza MGXX1533
Hangaliin Dugang MGXX1261
Hanhar MGXX1357
Hanhayn Huryee MGXX1092
Hanhohiy MGXX1441
Hanhohiy-Huree MGXX1789
Hanhongor MGXX0137
Hanjargalant MGXX0422
Hantay MGXX0138
Hanuy MGXX0423
Hanuy MGXX0139
Hanuyn Huryee MGXX0273
Har-Ayrag MGXX0796
Har-Us MGXX1033
Har-Us MGXX1790
Hara Usanii Hiid MGXX1290
Haraat MGXX0547
Haratayn Hural MGXX0424
Haratayn Ovoo MGXX0797
Hardzanii Hiid MGXX1201
Hargana MGXX1034
Harhiraa MGXX1792
Harhorin MGXX0140
Harmod MGXX1793
Hartsagay Dugang MGXX0425
Haruganata MGXX1442
Harure Horu MGXX0657
Haryaata Suma MGXX1443
Haryarta MGXX0658
Hasagt MGXX0966
Hashaat MGXX0548
Hashaata MGXX0274
Hashaata MGXX1444
Hashaata Hiid MGXX0798
Hashaatayn MGXX1445
Hashaatayn Hural MGXX0799
Hashaatayn Ortoo MGXX1677
Hashat MGXX0800
Hashat MGXX0275
Hatabchin Hiid MGXX1446
Hatansuudal MGXX0360
Hatavch MGXX1447
Hatgal MGXX0005
Havirga MGXX1448
Havtsal MGXX1794
Hayaa MGXX0549
Haylaasaiin Gobi MGXX0550
Haylaastay MGXX1450
Haylanta Hiid MGXX0426
Hayrhan MGXX0142
Hayrhan MGXX0968
Hayrhan Suma MGXX0427
Hebteluy Sume MGXX0551
Hentiy MGXX1203
Hereleng Dugang MGXX1680
Herh MGXX1534
Herlen MGXX1204
Herlenbayan MGXX0660
Hetseegiin Hiid MGXX0913
Hilbariin Hiid MGXX1205
Hirang MGXX1536
Hitagiin Dugang MGXX1095
Hitiin Bayshing MGXX1537
Hoboriin Hiid MGXX0802
Hoboriin Horshoo MGXX0276
Hobuto Enger MGXX0661
Hodrogo MGXX0914
Hoeshigiyn Ar MGXX1682
Hoetoel MGXX1538
Hoeviyn Am MGXX0361
Hogno MGXX0662
Hogshin Hiid MGXX0663
Hogshinii Dugang MGXX1539
Hogshinii Tala MGXX1293
Hohburd MGXX0362
Hoho Tologoy MGXX1451
Hohon Huryee MGXX1097
Hohoteyn Dugang MGXX1452
Hohoteyn Hural MGXX1206
Hohtolgoy MGXX1795
Holboo MGXX0915
Holboo MGXX0665
Holboo Hiid MGXX0803
Holboogiin Hiid MGXX0804
Holor MGXX1540
Holoto MGXX1207
Holoto Hural MGXX0805
Homtoyn Hondey MGXX1685
Hondor Suma MGXX0143
Hongiin Huryee MGXX1098
Hongiliin Dzoo MGXX0553
Hongo MGXX1035
Hongor MGXX0881
Hongor MGXX0554
Hongor MGXX0144
Hongor MGXX0806
Hongor Hiid MGXX0807
Hongor Oboo Suma MGXX1359
Hongor Suma MGXX1208
Hongor Suma MGXX0808
Hongor Uula Suma MGXX1453
Hongoriin Enger MGXX1360
Hongoriin Huryee MGXX0969
Honhor MGXX1686
Honichin Hural MGXX0810
Hooloy MGXX0363
Hoolt MGXX1295
Hooltoyn Dugang MGXX0278
Horchogiin Hural MGXX0279
Horgo MGXX0280
Horhoo MGXX0145
Horhoyn Hural MGXX0281
Horin Hiid MGXX0555
Horin Jisa MGXX0556
Horiult MGXX0364
Hoshigiyn-Ar MGXX1687
Hoshoot MGXX0283
Hoshoot MGXX0491
Hoshuu Sume MGXX0667
Hotogtoy Huryee MGXX1211
Hotol Hiid MGXX0557
Hotoliin Dugang MGXX0430
Hotont MGXX0146
Hotontoyn Huryee MGXX0284
Hovd MGXX0010
Hovd MGXX0492
Hovd MGXX1296
Hovsgol MGXX0148
Hudagiin Hiid MGXX1454
Huderiin Hiid MGXX1541
Hujirt MGXX0431
Hujirt MGXX0285
Hujirt MGXX0026
Hujirt MGXX1688
Hujirt MGXX0493
Hujirt MGXX1212
Hujirta MGXX0668
Hujirta MGXX1542
Hujirtayn Dugang MGXX0669
Hujirtayn Ortoo MGXX0670
Hujirtayn Sume MGXX0286
Hulasatayn Suma MGXX1455
Huld MGXX0150
Hulhatayn Huryee MGXX0916
Huljiin MGXX0558
Hulstay MGXX0671
Hunda MGXX1543
Hungiy MGXX0917
Hunhata-Ortoo MGXX1796
Hunir MGXX0559
Hunt MGXX0287
Hunta Suma MGXX0672
Hunta-Nuur MGXX1797
Huraiin Sume MGXX1214
Huraliin Dugang MGXX1689
Huraliin Hiid MGXX0560
Huremt MGXX0433
Huremt MGXX1297
Hurimiin Suma MGXX0494
Hurimta MGXX1690
Hurmen MGXX0151
Huruutayn Hural MGXX0811
Huryee Hiid MGXX0561
Hushaat MGXX1544
Hushuu Hiid MGXX0562
Hushuu Hural MGXX1361
Hushuu Sume MGXX0153
Hutag MGXX0014
Hutag-Uul MGXX0812
Huurch MGXX1545
Huyagt MGXX0918
Huysen Gobi MGXX0813
Huyten Dugang MGXX0882
Huytenii Hiid MGXX1456
Huytenii Hiid MGXX1298
Huytenii Jisa MGXX0971
Hyalganat MGXX0434
Ibeeteyn Huryee MGXX1099
Ibing Bayshing MGXX1546
Ibitseg MGXX1547
Ider MGXX1100
Ider MGXX0155
Ideriin Suma MGXX1101
Idermeg MGXX1217
Idermegiin Hiid MGXX1218
Ih-Uul MGXX0156
Ihbulag MGXX1362
Ihbulag MGXX1457
Ihhayrhan MGXX1691
Ihjargalan MGXX0814
Ihsueuej MGXX1692
Ihtamir MGXX0157
Ijirgin Jisa MGXX1693
Ingettolgoy MGXX0435
Ingital MGXX1548
Inshete Tala MGXX0883
Iren Gobi MGXX1694
Irgaytayn Sume MGXX1299
Irhitay MGXX1549
Jalmaiin MGXX1695
Janjigiin Dugang MGXX0289
Jaraahayn Ortoo MGXX0674
Jarantogondara MGXX0675
Jargalan MGXX0158
Jargalant MGXX1300
Jargalant MGXX1799
Jargalant MGXX0972
Jargalant MGXX0436
Jargalant MGXX0162
Jargalant MGXX0161
Jargalant MGXX0160
Jargalant MGXX1262
Jargalant MGXX0495
Jargalant MGXX0159
Jargalthaan MGXX1219
Javarthushuu MGXX0676
Javhlant MGXX1698
Javhlant MGXX1220
Jibhalanta Suma MGXX1363
Jibhalantay Hiid MGXX1221
Jirantayn Dugang MGXX1103
Jirantayn Huryee MGXX0290
Jirgalanta MGXX1550
Jisa Hural MGXX0815
Jisa Huryee MGXX1701
Jodiin Dugang MGXX0919
Karnakovka MGXX1551
Khabgil urto MGXX1364
Khalkh-Gol MGXX0034
Khara utszur MGXX1702
Kharkhorin MGXX1301
Khashatyn-Gobi MGXX0867
Khoborin yurt MGXX1302
Khoilik MGXX0496
Khoshu-Sume MGXX0679
Khototyyn Urto MGXX1458
Khugun-Somon MGXX0680
Khuneyn sume MGXX0291
Khuvsget MGXX0816
Lamaiin Bayshing MGXX1704
Lamaiin Hiid MGXX1223
Lamaiin Hiid MGXX0565
Lamaiin Hiid MGXX0681
Lamaiin Hiid MGXX1459
Lamaiin Hiid MGXX1263
Lamaiin Hural MGXX0292
Lamaiin Huryee MGXX1705
Lamaiin Huryee MGXX1365
Lamaiin Huryee MGXX1224
Lamaiin Jisa MGXX0566
Lung Somon MGXX0294
Lungiin Hiid MGXX1225
Lunii Bayshing MGXX0682
Luujin Huryee MGXX0438
Luus MGXX0164
Luusiin Hural MGXX0567
Maanit MGXX0439
Maanti MGXX0029
Mandal MGXX0166
Mandal MGXX0568
Mandal Ovoo MGXX1366
Mandal Suma MGXX1226
Mandalgovi MGXX0037
Mandaliin Hiid MGXX1461
Mandaliin Huryee MGXX1227
Mandaliin Jisa MGXX0366
Manha MGXX1462
Manhan MGXX1107
Manhata Uula MGXX1707
Mani Hiid MGXX1367
Maniin Dugang MGXX0297
Manitayn Hural MGXX1228
Mardzad MGXX1303
Matad MGXX0035
Maydan Dura MGXX1552
Mayhan MGXX1304
Mayhanta MGXX1229
Mayragtay MGXX1708
Mergen Hyar MGXX0817
Mingat Huryee MGXX1036
Mingat Sume MGXX0569
Modongiin Hural MGXX0818
Modongiin Jisa MGXX1710
Modot MGXX1230
Mogod MGXX0169
Mogodiin Huryee MGXX0441
Mogoyn Bayshing MGXX0975
Mogoyn Dugang MGXX0442
Mogoyn Huryee MGXX0976
Mogoyn Huryee MGXX0920
Moltsog Hiid MGXX1463
Moltsog Suma MGXX1464
Mongolryba MGXX0683
Monhbulag MGXX1305
Monhon Subarga MGXX1553
Moron MGXX0170
Moron MGXX1037
Moron Suma MGXX1711
Muhariin Den MGXX1712
Muhariin Dugang MGXX1554
Muhariin Hiid MGXX1306
Muhuyn Jisa MGXX0570
Muren MGXX0013
Muren Sumu MGXX0299
Murengiin Huryee MGXX0300
Mursan Hural MGXX1713
Murun-kuren MGXX1108
Musutuin-sume MGXX1231
Nabut Agaru MGXX1465
Nalayh MGXX0172
Nalihin Dugang MGXX1368
Namir MGXX1800
Namiriin Huryee MGXX1801
Namnang MGXX0443
Namnang Suma MGXX0444
Naran MGXX0979
Naran MGXX0571
Naran MGXX0921
Naran Hiid MGXX0572
Naran Hiid MGXX1466
Naranbulag MGXX0685
Naranbulag MGXX0173
Naranbulag MGXX1038
Narangiin Dugang MGXX0922
Narasatayn Oros MGXX1555
Nardn MGXX0821
Nariin Dugang MGXX0446
Nariin Hondey MGXX1556
Nariin Huryee MGXX0302
Nariin Murii MGXX1714
Naringiin Huryee MGXX0447
Naringiin Ortoo MGXX1232
Nariyn MGXX1557
Narst MGXX1715
Nart MGXX1558
Naydan Jisa MGXX1716
Naydanii Hural MGXX0686
Naydanii Huryee MGXX1039
Naymanii Huryee MGXX1717
Naymanii Tal MGXX0822
Nilga Suma MGXX0174
Nimgenii Suurin MGXX1233
Nogoonnuur MGXX0497
Nomgon MGXX1234
Nomgon MGXX1559
Nomgon MGXX0573
Nomogonii Hiid MGXX0303
Nomtoyn Dugang MGXX1109
Nomtoyn Hiid MGXX1235
Novotoyn MGXX1718
Noyon Suma MGXX1370
Noyotoyn Sume MGXX1719
Nuden MGXX0823
Nuden-hudag MGXX0824
Nudengiin Hural MGXX0825
Nueuerst MGXX1720
Nuga MGXX0923
Nuuriin Bayshing MGXX1721
Obogiyn-Tal MGXX0870
Oboo Hiid MGXX1468
Obooto Hural MGXX1371
Obor Hooloy MGXX0689
OEldziyt MGXX0448
OElgiy MGXX0498
OEndoerhoshuu MGXX0688
Ogiy MGXX0307
Ogomoriyn-Hudag MGXX1724
Ogoomor MGXX0924
Ogoomor MGXX1372
Ogoomor MGXX1725
Ojimin Hural MGXX1373
Olboriin Tala MGXX0690
Oldoho Hiid MGXX0176
Oldzeyte Hural MGXX0827
Oldziyt MGXX0308
Oldziyt MGXX0828
Oldziyt MGXX1469
Olgiy MGXX0177
Ologey Hiid MGXX0829
Olon Bayshing MGXX0691
Olon Huryee MGXX0830
Olonteyn Dugang MGXX1562
Omno-Gobi MGXX0009
Omnogovi MGXX0179
Omolgon Baatar MGXX1771
Ondersant MGXX0180
Ondor Uhaa Davaa MGXX1110
Ondor-onts MGXX0181
Ondorhangay MGXX0182
Ondorhangay-Sum MGXX1802
Ongi MGXX0576
Ongi MGXX1308
Ongiin Hiid MGXX1309
Ongiyn-Dzoo MGXX0577
Ongon MGXX1564
Onni Hyar MGXX1374
Onon MGXX1236
Onon MGXX0692
Ordogoiin Dugang MGXX0449
Orgil MGXX1111
Orgil MGXX1727
Orgon MGXX0370
Orgon MGXX0183
Orhon MGXX0184
Orhon MGXX0885
Orhontuul MGXX1566
Ortoogiin Dugang MGXX0371
Otgon MGXX0185
Otochin Dugang MGXX0310
Ovoot MGXX1472
Ovoot MGXX0981
Ovor-Ereen MGXX0693
Ovt MGXX1311
Oygon MGXX0926
Oygor MGXX0187
Rashaant MGXX0578
Rashaant MGXX0188
Rashaant MGXX0499
Rashaant MGXX0450
Rinchinlhumbe MGXX0004
Sabangiin Ortoo MGXX0694
Sabha Horoo MGXX0695
Sagdul Yurt MGXX1729
Sagil MGXX0190
Sagsay MGXX0191
Saikhan-Ovoo MGXX0036
Salaagiin Jisa MGXX1730
Salgar MGXX0982
Salhitayn Tala MGXX1473
Sangiin Hiid MGXX1238
Sangiyn Dalay MGXX0984
Sangiyn Dalay MGXX0580
Sangiyn Dalay MGXX1375
Sangiyn Dalay MGXX1312
Santa MGXX0831
Santayn Hiid MGXX1239
Santayn Huryee MGXX0928
Santmargats MGXX0193
Santu Somon MGXX0312
Saraiin Dugang MGXX1567
Sayhan Modo Hiid MGXX1240
Sayhan-Ovoo MGXX0194
Sayn-Ust MGXX0985
Saynshand MGXX1376
Saynshand MGXX0833
Sayntsagaan MGXX0195
Sayr Usa MGXX0584
Sayrin MGXX0834
Seer MGXX1040
Seeriin Hiid MGXX0836
Selenge MGXX1112
Selenge Suma MGXX0451
Selenger MGXX0452
Semchin Dugang MGXX1113
Senj MGXX0837
Sergelen MGXX0696
Seruunii Dugang MGXX1241
Shaamar MGXX0196
Shabagta MGXX1377
Shabarta MGXX1568
Shabartayn Hiid MGXX1570
Shabi Hural MGXX0838
Shabiin Huryee MGXX1803
Shadablingi Hiid MGXX1772
Shandanii MGXX0697
Shandanii Dugang MGXX0454
Shanh MGXX0197
Shara Enger MGXX0698
Shara Gol MGXX1571
Shara Gorihi MGXX1243
Shara Honhor MGXX0699
Shara Manhatay MGXX0455
Shara-Hudak MGXX1478
Sharaiin Dugang MGXX0886
Sharangad MGXX0585
Sharbulag MGXX1804
Sharga MGXX0987
Sharga MGXX0456
Sharga MGXX1114
Sharhulsan MGXX1379
Shariliin Hiid MGXX0839
Sharingol MGXX0198
Shatsaiin Dugang MGXX0313
Shibeen MGXX0840
Shibirteyn Sume MGXX0457
Shir MGXX1573
Shiree MGXX0929
Shiree MGXX1314
Shireet MGXX1479
Shireeteyn Hiid MGXX1480
Shireeteyn Hiid MGXX1380
Shiveegovi MGXX0587
Shohoy MGXX1733
Shohoyt MGXX0588
Shoroytoyn Jisa MGXX0589
Shubuutay Hiid MGXX0590
Shulen MGXX1381
Shuluutayn Hiid MGXX1382
Shumuultay MGXX0930
Shuteen Hiid MGXX0842
Solonker MGXX0843
Songiin MGXX1774
Songino MGXX0200
Sort MGXX0458
Stanok Iuru-dyan MGXX1575
State Circus MGXX1775
Subarga Hiid MGXX1315
Subargan Hondey MGXX1383
Subiin Chuluu MGXX1734
Sudal Hooloy MGXX0702
Sudayn Huryee MGXX1041
Sudzhiyn MGXX0703
Sudzhiyn-Khundiy MGXX0871
Sudzhiyn-Urto MGXX0704
Suhaytayn Bulag MGXX0988
Suhbaatar MGXX0201
Suhbaatar MGXX0202
Sujji MGXX1735
Sulanheer MGXX0844
Sumangiin Gobi MGXX0591
Sumber MGXX0203
Sumber MGXX0204
Sumber MGXX0705
Sumber Horshoo MGXX1012
Sumeiin Hiid MGXX0372
Sumiyn Bulag MGXX0706
Suoku MGXX0500
Suremte MGXX1737
Surte Dugang MGXX0459
Suteyn Hiid MGXX1481
Suugaant MGXX0592
Suuji Hiid MGXX0845
Suujiin Horshoo MGXX0460
Suurin Hural MGXX0846
Suurin Tala MGXX1482
Tabin Jisa MGXX0593
Tabin Jisa Hiid MGXX0594
Tahilt MGXX0990
Tahiltayn MGXX1116
Tahiltayn Hiid MGXX1247
Tahiltayn Ortoo MGXX1117
Talshand MGXX0991
Tamch MGXX0992
Tamsagbulag MGXX0707
Tamsagiin Hiid MGXX0708
Tarbagata MGXX0709
Tarbagatay MGXX0710
Tarhatay MGXX0501
Tarialan MGXX0012
Tariat MGXX1738
Tarihaiin Sume MGXX1248
Taryaanii Jisa MGXX0373
Taryaata Huryee MGXX0315
Taryaatayn Sume MGXX1739
Taryat MGXX1576
Tasarhay Davaa MGXX1118
Tataal MGXX1249
Tavan-Jisa MGXX0596
Tavanbulag MGXX0316
Tavin MGXX1577
Tavin MGXX0597
Taygan MGXX0993
Tayhar MGXX0206
Taylag Suma MGXX0502
Tayshir MGXX0207
Te-tsu-pan MGXX0848
Techin Hooloy MGXX1740
Teegiin Sume MGXX0711
Teel MGXX1119
Teel MGXX0317
Teeliin Dugang MGXX0318
Teeliin Dugang MGXX1120
Tegsh MGXX0932
Tegshiin Huryee MGXX0933
Teheto MGXX0712
Teliin Dugang MGXX0319
Telmin Suma MGXX0208
Tengelig Hiid MGXX0598
Terete MGXX0463
Teshig MGXX0464
Todogteyn Suma MGXX1250
Toglohoiin Tala MGXX0320
Togoo Tolgoy MGXX1483
Togootoyn Dugang MGXX0887
Togorigiin Sume MGXX1042
Togrog MGXX1043
Tolbo MGXX0211
Toli Hural MGXX0465
Toliin Dzoo Hiid MGXX0850
Tologoyt MGXX1578
Tomoriin Dugang MGXX0466
Tonhil MGXX0212
Tooromt MGXX1805
Torhurah MGXX1776
Tosontsengel MGXX0011
Tost MGXX1384
Tostony Khyar MGXX0872
Toyrim MGXX0599
Tsabchiriin Hiid MGXX0600
Tsagaan Chuluuta MGXX0853
Tsagaan Gol MGXX1046
Tsagaan Guyn Den MGXX1742
Tsagaan Huryee MGXX1122
Tsagaan Hushuu MGXX0713
Tsagaan Ondor MGXX0714
Tsagaan Sume MGXX0322
Tsagaan Tologoy MGXX0375
Tsagaan Tsab MGXX0856
Tsagaan-Olom MGXX0998
Tsagaan-Ovoo MGXX0604
Tsagaan-Ovoo MGXX1316
Tsagaan-Owoo MGXX0716
Tsagaan-Uul MGXX0999
Tsagaanchuluut MGXX0935
Tsagaandelger MGXX0216
Tsagaanders MGXX0717
Tsagaandorvolj MGXX0859
Tsagaangol MGXX0504
Tsagaanhayrhan MGXX0217
Tsagaannuur MGXX0218
Tsagaannuur MGXX0718
Tsagaannuur MGXX1124
Tsagaannuur MGXX1582
Tsagaantungi MGXX0505
Tsagun Muhur MGXX1744
Tsahir MGXX0323
Tsahir Jisa Hiid MGXX0605
Tsahiriin Jisa MGXX0606
Tsalgar MGXX1808
Tsambaiin Hiid MGXX0468
Tsant MGXX0607
Tsartayn Huryee MGXX0936
Tsartsaiin Hiid MGXX0860
Tsasaiin Dugang MGXX0469
Tsasaiin Horshoo MGXX0470
Tsatsaiin Hural MGXX0861
Tsavdan MGXX0937
Tsaydam MGXX1486
Tsaydam Borilii MGXX1487
Tseel MGXX1000
Tsegeenii Huryee MGXX1317
Tsegiin Toyrim MGXX0862
Tsengel MGXX1125
Tsenher MGXX1048
Tsenher MGXX0219
Tseregiin Dugang MGXX1583
Tseterleg MGXX0220
Tsetsegnuur MGXX1049
Tsetserleg MGXX0024
Tsetserleg MGXX1809
Tsgt-Ovoo MGXX0222
Tsogt-Ondor MGXX1745
Tsogt-Ovoo MGXX0038
Tsogtchandmani MGXX0224
Tsogtjargalan MGXX0938
Tsogtsol Sume MGXX1389
Tsohetin-Hiyd MGXX0608
Tsohyootoyn Hiid MGXX1390
Tsomog MGXX0863
Tsonholong Suma MGXX0471
Tsoohor MGXX1391
Tsoohoriin Hiid MGXX1746
Tsoohoriin Hural MGXX0472
Tsoohoriin-Hural MGXX0325
Tsorgo MGXX0609
Tsorjiin Huryee MGXX0376
Tsul-Ulaan MGXX0507
Tsul-Ulaan MGXX0473
Tsulhur-Dugan MGXX0474
Tudevtey MGXX0225
Tugiin Sume MGXX0719
Tugsin-Hushuu MGXX1318
Tukhumyyn Sume MGXX1747
Tulgaiin Jisa MGXX0610
Tumelteyn Sume MGXX1319
Tumen MGXX1003
Tumentsgot MGXX0226
Tunel MGXX0227
Tunhel MGXX1584
Tunhiliin Huryee MGXX1585
Turgen MGXX0228
Turgen MGXX1004
Turt MGXX1127
Turugen-hairuhan MGXX1320
Tushaalta Hiid MGXX0326
Tuulant MGXX0229
Ubur Urtyyn Urto MGXX0720
Udlegiin Dugang MGXX1748
UEydzen MGXX1392
Ugtaaliin Dugang MGXX1749
Ugtamiin Hiid MGXX0722
Ugumir MGXX1005
Ugumur MGXX1750
Ugumuryyn Khid MGXX1488
Ugyrkhin khid MGXX1751
Uher Subarga MGXX0723
Uhiduud MGXX1586
Uigi MGXX0008
Ulaan Bokudoro MGXX0724
Ulaan Dabaa MGXX1752
Ulaan Dzuleg MGXX0726
Ulaan Engeriin MGXX0727
Ulaan Ondor MGXX1489
Ulaan Tolgoy MGXX0728
Ulaan-am MGXX1321
Ulaan-Ereg MGXX1256
Ulaan-Gom MGXX0006
Ulaan-Uul MGXX0865
Ulaan-Uul MGXX0381
Ulaandel MGXX1490
Ulaanhad MGXX1754
Ulaanhudag MGXX1755
Ulaanhus MGXX0232
Ulaanjirem MGXX0611
Ulaanshiveet MGXX1322
Ulaantolgoy MGXX1050
Ulagchin MGXX0939
Ulaha MGXX1756
Ulan Bator MGXX0003
Ulan-Tsereg MGXX0729
Uldz MGXX1257
Uldziyt MGXX0873
Ulhanii Mayhan MGXX0730
Uliast MGXX1810
Uliastai MGXX0021
Ulyaasata Dugang MGXX1587
Under MGXX0731
Underkhaan MGXX0032
Undur Sume MGXX1130
Undur-unts somon MGXX1323
Undzhul MGXX1757
Uneen-Us MGXX1006
Uneseteyn Hiid MGXX0612
Unit MGXX0236
Uragiin Dugang MGXX0476
Urdgol MGXX1051
Urgamal MGXX0237
Urt MGXX1394
Urtaiin Dugang MGXX1588
Urteiin Suma MGXX1491
Urton-khangay MGXX1589
Urtyyn-shutyn MGXX1258
Uruzeito MGXX0613
Ushigiin Jisa MGXX1324
Utagiin Huryee MGXX1131
Uubulan MGXX0331
Uujim MGXX0508
Uula Hiid MGXX0874
Uula Hural MGXX0614
Uulaiin Dugang MGXX0478
Uulbayan MGXX1495
Uurtsag Hural MGXX0875
Uyanga MGXX0238
Uydzengiin Hural MGXX0479
Uyenchi Somon MGXX1052
Uylga MGXX1590
Uylgaiin Dugang MGXX1591
Uylgan Dugang MGXX1132
Uynga Hondey MGXX1758
Uytszen yurt MGXX1395
Vlaa Vula MGXX1133
Yaltaiin Dugang MGXX1592
Yamaatayn Ara MGXX0733
Yanchin Hiid MGXX1759
Yargay MGXX1593
Yaruu MGXX0239
Yehe Burham Sum MGXX0734
Yelintey MGXX1760
Yihe Jisa Hiid MGXX0615
Yihe Suuji MGXX1761
Yihe Tsahil MGXX0888
Yiheteyn Dugang MGXX0481
Yoliin Hural MGXX1762
Yoroo MGXX0240
Yoroohoroo MGXX0241
Yumiin Dugang MGXX0482
Yumiin Jisa MGXX0382
Zamyn-Uud MGXX0040
Zezen Khana MGXX1259
Zun kure MGXX1763
Zuunmod MGXX1777