Weather Codes for Moldova

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Moldova. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abaclia MDXX0899
Acui MDXX0363
Acui de Jos MDXX0364
Acui de Sus MDXX0365
Adjiler MDXX1580
Afanasievca MDXX1245
Afumati MDXX1675
Agronomovca MDXX1676
Alava MDXX1581
Albina MDXX0900
Albinetul Nou MDXX0118
Albinetul Vechi MDXX0119
Albinita MDXX0536
Albota de Jos MDXX0366
Albota de Sus MDXX0367
Alcedar MDXX1070
Aleksandrovka MDXX0901
Alexanderfeld MDXX0368
Alexandreni MDXX0120
Alexandreni MDXX0724
Alexandresti MDXX0369
Alexandresti MDXX0121
Alexandrovca MDXX0370
Alexandrovca MDXX1246
Alexandrovca MDXX1582
Alexandrovca MDXX1394
Alexeevca MDXX0372
Alexeevca MDXX1677
Alexeevca MDXX1396
Alexeevca MDXX0725
Alexeuca MDXX0122
Aluatu MDXX0373
Alunis MDXX0123
Andreevca MDXX1071
Andreevca MDXX1248
Andriasevca Noua MDXX1249
Andrusul de Jos MDXX0374
Andrusul de Sus MDXX0375
Anenii Noi MDXX0537
Anini MDXX0902
Antonesti MDXX0376
Antoneuca MDXX1397
Antonovca MDXX0124
Arionesti MDXX1398
Armanca MDXX0726
Artimonovca MDXX0903
Asnaseni MDXX0538
Avdarma MDXX0018
Avrameni MDXX0125
Baccealia MDXX1584
Bacioi MDXX0683
Bacseni MDXX1678
Badiceni MDXX1399
Badicu-Nou MDXX0377
Badragii Noi MDXX0727
Badragii Vechi MDXX0728
Bahmut MDXX1679
Bahrinesti MDXX1400
Bahu MDXX1072
Baimaclia MDXX1585
Bairamcea MDXX0380
Baius MDXX0904
Balabanesti MDXX0539
Balabanu MDXX0381
Balanesti MDXX1680
Balanu Nou MDXX0126
Balasheshty MDXX0540
Balasinesti MDXX0729
Balatina MDXX0127
Balauresti MDXX1681
Balcauti MDXX0730
Balceana MDXX0905
Balinti MDXX1401
Balmaz MDXX1586
Baltata MDXX0541
Baltata de Sus MDXX0684
Balti MDXX0128
Baltsats MDXX0542
Banesti MDXX1073
Banestii Noi MDXX1074
Baraboi MDXX0731
Barboieni MDXX1682
Barcareni MDXX1587
Bardar MDXX0543
Baroncea MDXX1402
Baroncea Noua MDXX1403
Basarabca MDXX1250
Bascalia MDXX0906
Batic MDXX1588
Batir MDXX0907
Baurci MDXX0878
Baurci MDXX1589
Baurci-Moldoveni MDXX0382
Baxani MDXX1404
Baymakliya MDXX0019
Beleutsy MDXX0130
Beloci MDXX1251
Beltsy MDXX0020
Bender MDXX0021
Bereshty MDXX1683
Berezlogi MDXX1075
Berezovca MDXX0732
Beriozchi MDXX0544
Berlinti MDXX0733
Besalma MDXX0879
Besghioz MDXX0880
Bestemac MDXX0908
Bezeda MDXX0734
Bezeni MDXX1405
Bic MDXX0685
Bicioc MDXX1252
Biesti MDXX1076
Bilicenii Noi MDXX0131
Bilicenii Vechi MDXX0132
Birladeni MDXX0735
Birnova MDXX0736
Biruinta MDXX0133
Bisericani MDXX0134
Blesteni MDXX0737
Blijnii Hutor MDXX1253
Blindesti MDXX1684
Bobeica MDXX0910
Bobletici MDXX0135
Bobocica MDXX0384
Bobulesti MDXX1406
Bocancea-Schit MDXX0136
Bocani MDXX0137
Bocicauti MDXX0738
Bocsa MDXX0138
Bodeni MDXX1254
Bogdanesti MDXX0739
Bogdanovca MDXX0911
Bogdanovca Noua MDXX0912
Bogdanovca Veche MDXX0913
Boghenii Noi MDXX1685
Boghenii Vechi MDXX1686
Boghiceni MDXX0914
Bogzesti MDXX1077
Bolduresti MDXX1687
Bolohan MDXX1078
Bolotino MDXX0022
Boltun MDXX1688
Bondareuca MDXX0139
Borceag MDXX0385
Borogani MDXX0915
Borogany MDXX0023
Borosenii Noi MDXX0740
Bosca MDXX1256
Boscana MDXX0545
Bosernita MDXX1079
Botnaresti MDXX0546
Botnarestii Noi MDXX0547
Bozieni MDXX0916
Braicau MDXX0741
Braila MDXX0548
Branesti MDXX1080
Bratianovca MDXX0917
Bratuleni MDXX1689
Bratuseni MDXX0742
Bratusenii Noi MDXX0743
Bravicea MDXX1690
Braviceni MDXX1081
Breanova MDXX1082
Brejeni MDXX0140
Brezoaia MDXX1590
Briceni MDXX0006
Briceva MDXX0745
Brinza MDXX0386
Brinzeni MDXX0141
Brinzeni MDXX0746
Brinzenii Noi MDXX1083
Brinzenii Vechi MDXX1084
Broscari MDXX0918
Brosteni MDXX1257
Bruslachi MDXX1258
Bubuieci MDXX0686
Buciumeni MDXX1691
Buciusca MDXX1085
Bucovat MDXX0007
Bucuria MDXX0387
Buda MDXX1692
Budai MDXX0549
Budai MDXX1086
Budai MDXX0388
Budesti MDXX0687
Bugeac MDXX0881
Buiucani MDXX0688
Bujor MDXX0919
Bukhna MDXX0920
Bukhta MDXX1259
Bulaiesti MDXX1087
Bularda MDXX1693
Bulboaca MDXX0550
Bulboaca MDXX0747
Bulboci MDXX1407
Bulbocii Noi MDXX1408
Bulgari MDXX0921
Bulhac MDXX0142
Bumbata MDXX1694
Buneti MDXX0689
Burghelea MDXX0143
Burlaceni MDXX0389
Burlacu MDXX0390
Burlanesti MDXX0748
Bursuc MDXX1695
Bursuc MDXX1409
Bursuceni MDXX0144
Burtovka MDXX0391
Busauca MDXX1088
Buschi MDXX1260
Busila MDXX1696
Buteni MDXX0922
Butesti MDXX0145
Butor MDXX1261
Butory MDXX0026
Butuceni MDXX1089
Butuceni MDXX1262
Buzdugeni MDXX0749
Buzhory MDXX0027
Cabaiesti MDXX1699
Cahul MDXX0393
Cainari MDXX1591
Cainarii Vechi MDXX1410
Cairaclia MDXX0394
Cajba MDXX0146
Calarasi MDXX1700
Calarasovca MDXX0750
Calfa MDXX0551
Calfa Noua MDXX0552
Calimanesti MDXX1701
Calinesti MDXX0147
Calinovca MDXX1263
Calmatui MDXX0923
Calugar MDXX0148
Camenca MDXX0149
Camenca MDXX1264
Camencea MDXX1090
Camencuta MDXX0150
Cania MDXX0395
Cantemir MDXX0396
Capaclia MDXX0397
Caplani MDXX1592
Capresti MDXX1411
Capriana MDXX0553
Carabetovca MDXX0924
Carabiber MDXX0925
Caracui MDXX0926
Caracusenii Noi MDXX0751
Caragas MDXX1265
Carahasani MDXX1593
Caraiman MDXX0753
Carapetovca MDXX0927
Carbalia MDXX0398
Carbalia Noua MDXX0399
Carbuna MDXX0554
Carmanova MDXX1266
Carpineanca MDXX0928
Carpineni MDXX0929
Cartuse MDXX0555
Casunca MDXX0151
Cateleni MDXX0930
Caterinovca MDXX1267
Catranic MDXX0152
Catun Vulcanesti MDXX0115
Causanii-Vechi MDXX1594
Causeni MDXX1595
Cazaclia MDXX0400
Cazanesti MDXX1091
Cazangic MDXX0931
Ceadir MDXX0932
Ceadir-Lunga MDXX0883
Cealic MDXX0401
Ceapaevca MDXX1412
Cenac MDXX0933
Centru MDXX0690
Cenusa MDXX1413
Ceparia MDXX0153
Cepeleuti MDXX0754
Cerlina MDXX1414
Cernita MDXX1268
Cernita MDXX1415
Cernoleuca MDXX0755
Ceroborta MDXX0691
Cetireni MDXX1702
Chadyr-Lunga MDXX0028
Chekur-Minzhir MDXX0029
Cheltuitori MDXX0692
Chersac MDXX1092
Chetris MDXX0154
Chetrisul Nou MDXX0155
Chetroasa MDXX0693
Chetroseni MDXX0934
Chetrosenii Noi MDXX0935
Chetrosica Noua MDXX0756
Chetrosica Veche MDXX0757
Chetrosu MDXX1416
Chetrosu MDXX0556
Chilisoaia MDXX1703
Chimishliya MDXX0030
Chinisheutsy MDXX0031
Chioselia MDXX0402
Chioselia Mare MDXX0403
Chioselia Rusa MDXX0404
Chiperceni MDXX1093
Chipesca MDXX1094
Chirca MDXX0557
Chircaestii Noi MDXX1596
Chircaiesti MDXX1597
Chircaiestii Noi MDXX1598
Chircani MDXX0405
Chirianca MDXX0558
Chiriet-Lunga MDXX0884
Chirileni MDXX1704
Chirileni MDXX0156
Chirilovca MDXX1417
Chirilovca MDXX0406
Chirov MDXX1269
Chirpiti MDXX0157
Chirsova MDXX0885
Chiscareni MDXX0158
Chishmikioy MDXX0032
Chisinau MDXX0001
Chistelnita MDXX1095
Chitcani MDXX0008
Chitcanii Noi MDXX1096
Chitcanii Vechi MDXX1097
Chiurt MDXX0758
Chuckuleny MDXX0035
Cicur-Minjir MDXX0936
Cigarleni MDXX0937
Cigirleni MDXX0559
Cihoreni MDXX1098
Ciietu MDXX0407
Cimiseni MDXX0560
Cimislia MDXX0938
Cimpul Drept MDXX0939
Ciniseuti MDXX1099
Cioara MDXX0940
Ciobalaccia MDXX0408
Ciobanovca MDXX0561
Ciobanovca MDXX1599
Ciobanovca MDXX0159
Cioburciu MDXX1600
Cioburciu MDXX1270
Cioc Maidan MDXX0886
Ciocana MDXX0694
Ciocilteni MDXX1100
Ciofu MDXX0160
Ciolacu Nou MDXX0161
Ciolacu Vechi MDXX0162
Ciopleni MDXX0695
Ciorasti MDXX1705
Ciorata MDXX0409
Ciorescu MDXX0696
Cioresti MDXX1706
Ciorna MDXX1101
Cioropcani MDXX1707
Cioropcanii Noui MDXX1708
Ciripcau MDXX1418
Cirnateni MDXX1601
Cirnatenii Noi MDXX1602
Cirnesti MDXX1710
Cirpesti MDXX0410
Cisla MDXX0163
Cisla MDXX0411
Cislita-Prut MDXX0412
Cismea MDXX1102
Cismichioi MDXX0413
Ciubara MDXX0759
Ciuciuieni MDXX0164
Ciuciulea MDXX0165
Ciuciuleni MDXX0941
Ciucur-Mingir MDXX0942
Ciuflesti MDXX1603
Ciuluc MDXX0166
Ciulucani MDXX1103
Ciumai MDXX0414
Ciutesti MDXX1711
Ciutulesti MDXX0167
Cizlar MDXX0943
Climauti MDXX0760
Climautii de Jos MDXX1419
Cliscauti MDXX0168
Cliscauti MDXX0761
Clisova MDXX1104
Clococenii Vechi MDXX0169
Clocusna MDXX0762
Cneazevca MDXX0944
Coada Iazului MDXX0170
Cobani MDXX0171
Cobasna MDXX1271
Cobilnea MDXX1420
Cobusca Noua MDXX0562
Cobusca Veche MDXX0563
Cocieri MDXX0564
Cociulia MDXX0415
Cociulia Noua MDXX0945
Codreanca MDXX0565
Codreni MDXX0946
Codreni MDXX0763
Codrenii Noi MDXX0764
Codru MDXX1105
Codru MDXX0697
Codrul Nou MDXX1106
Cogilniceni MDXX1107
Coicova MDXX1272
Cojusna MDXX0566
Colibabovca MDXX0947
Colibasi MDXX0416
Colicauti MDXX0765
Colonita MDXX0698
Colosova MDXX1273
Comarovca MDXX0172
Comisarovca Noua MDXX1274
Comrat MDXX0887
Condratesti MDXX1712
Condrita MDXX0567
Congaz MDXX0060
Congazcic MDXX0417
Constantinesti MDXX0418
Constantinovca MDXX0766
Constantinovca MDXX1604
Constantinovca MDXX1275
Copaceanca MDXX0173
Copaceni MDXX0174
Copanca MDXX1605
Copceac MDXX1606
Copceac MDXX0419
Corbu MDXX0767
Corestauti MDXX0768
Corjeuti MDXX0769
Corjova MDXX1276
Corjova MDXX0568
Corlateni MDXX0175
Cornesti MDXX0948
Cornesti MDXX1713
Cornova MDXX1714
Coroliovca MDXX0949
Coropceni MDXX1108
Corotna MDXX1277
Corpaci MDXX0770
Corten MDXX0890
Cortenul Nou MDXX0420
Cosauti MDXX1421
Coscalia MDXX1607
Coscodeni MDXX0176
Coseni MDXX1715
Cosernita MDXX1422
Cosernita MDXX0569
Cosmenii Noui MDXX0177
Cosnita MDXX0570
Cosnita Noua MDXX1278
Costangalia MDXX0950
Costangalia MDXX0421
Costesti MDXX0178
Costesti MDXX0951
Costesti MDXX0571
Costiujeni MDXX0699
Costuleni MDXX1716
Cot MDXX1423
Cot MDXX0179
Coteala MDXX0771
Cotihana MDXX0422
Cotiujeni MDXX0772
Cotiujenii Mari MDXX1424
Cotiujenii Mici MDXX0180
Cotova MDXX1425
Cotovca MDXX0181
Cotovca MDXX1279
Cotovscoe MDXX0423
Cotul Morii MDXX0952
Covurlui MDXX0953
Cozesti MDXX0182
Craciun MDXX0424
Crasnaia Gorca MDXX1281
Crasnaseni MDXX1109
Crasnencoe MDXX1282
Crasnii Octeabri MDXX1283
Crasnoarmeiscoe MDXX0954
Crasnoe MDXX1285
Crasnogorca MDXX1286
Cremenciug MDXX1426
Cretoaia MDXX0572
Cricova MDXX0009
Crihana MDXX1110
Crihana Veche MDXX0425
Criscauti MDXX1427
Cristesti MDXX1717
Criuleni MDXX0573
Criva MDXX0773
Crocmaz MDXX1609
Cruglic MDXX0574
Cruzesti MDXX0700
Cubolta MDXX0183
Cucioaia MDXX0184
Cucioaia Noua MDXX0185
Cucoara MDXX0426
Cuconestii Noi MDXX0774
Cuconestii Vechi MDXX0775
Cucuietii Noi MDXX0186
Cucuietii Vechi MDXX0187
Cucuruzeni MDXX1111
Cuhnesti MDXX0188
Cuizauca MDXX1113
Cunicea MDXX1430
Cupcini MDXX0776
Cupcui MDXX0955
Cuporani MDXX0427
Curatura MDXX1114
Curchi MDXX1115
Cureni MDXX1610
Curesnita MDXX1431
Curesnita Noua MDXX1432
Curtoaia MDXX1718
Cuselauca MDXX1433
Cusmirca MDXX1434
Cuzmenii Vechi MDXX0190
Cuzmin MDXX1287
Dahnovici MDXX0956
Damascani MDXX0191
Danceni MDXX0575
Dancu MDXX0957
Danu MDXX0192
Danuteni MDXX1719
Darcauti MDXX1435
Darcautii Noi MDXX1436
Dealul Tiganilor MDXX1437
Delacau MDXX1288
Delacau MDXX0576
Dereneu MDXX1720
Dermengi MDXX0428
Dezghingea MDXX0037
Dimitrova MDXX1289
Dimitrova MDXX0429
Dimitrovca MDXX0958
Dingeni MDXX0777
Discova MDXX1116
Dnestrovsc MDXX1290
Dobrogea MDXX0577
Dobrogea Noua MDXX0193
Dobrogea Veche MDXX0194
Dobrusa MDXX1438
Dobrusa MDXX1117
Doibani Doi MDXX1291
Doibani Unul MDXX1292
Doina MDXX0430
Dolinnoe MDXX0701
Dolna MDXX1721
Doltu MDXX0195
Dominteni MDXX1439
Domulgeni MDXX1440
Donduseni MDXX0778
Donici MDXX0578
Dorotcaia MDXX0579
Draganesti MDXX0038
Draguseni MDXX0959
Draguseni MDXX0580
Dragusenii Noi MDXX0960
Drasliceni MDXX0581
Drepcauti MDXX0779
Drochia MDXX1441
Drojdieni MDXX1722
Drujba MDXX1723
Drujineni MDXX0196
Druta MDXX0780
Dubasari MDXX0039
Dubasarii Vechi MDXX0582
Dubau MDXX1293
Dubna MDXX1442
Dubovca MDXX0961
Dudulesti MDXX0431
Dumbraveni MDXX1443
Dumbravita MDXX0197
Dumeni MDXX0781
Dumitreni MDXX1444
Durlesti MDXX0702
Duruitoarea MDXX0198
Duruitoarea Noua MDXX0782
Dusmani MDXX0199
Dzerjinscoe MDXX1294
Dzhamany MDXX0040
Ecaterinovca MDXX0962
Echimauti MDXX1118
Edinet MDXX0783
Egoreni MDXX1445
Egorovca MDXX0200
Elenovca MDXX0784
Elizaveta MDXX0201
Elizavetovca MDXX0785
Elizavetovca MDXX1724
Enichioi MDXX0432
Ermoclia MDXX1611
Etulia MDXX0433
Etulia Noua MDXX0434
Evghenievca MDXX0202
Fagadau MDXX0435
Fagureni MDXX0583
Falestii Noi MDXX0041
Fauresti MDXX0703
Fedoreuca MDXX1119
Fedoseevca MDXX1295
Fegedeu MDXX1446
Ferapontievca MDXX0891
Festelita MDXX1612
Feteasca MDXX0963
Fetesti MDXX0786
Fetita MDXX0964
Filipeni MDXX0965
Fintina Alba MDXX0787
Fintinita MDXX1447
Firladeni MDXX1613
Firladeni MDXX0966
Firladenii Noi MDXX1614
Flamanda MDXX0436
Flaminzeni MDXX0042
Flocoasa MDXX0437
Floreni MDXX0704
Floreni MDXX1725
Floresti MDXX0584
Floresti MDXX1448
Floresti MDXX1726
Florica MDXX1615
Floriceni MDXX1449
Floricica MDXX0438
Floritoaia Noua MDXX1727
Floritoaia Veche MDXX1728
Flutura MDXX1120
Focsani MDXX0439
Frasin MDXX0967
Frasin MDXX0788
Frasinesti MDXX1729
Fratesti MDXX0204
Frumoasa MDXX1730
Frumusica MDXX0205
Frumusica MDXX1450
Frumusica MDXX0440
Frumusica MDXX0585
Frumusica Noua MDXX0206
Frunza MDXX0789
Frunza MDXX1296
Frunzauca MDXX1297
Frunzesti MDXX0207
Fund Saratsika MDXX0969
Fundul Galbenei MDXX0970
Fundurii Noi MDXX0208
Fundurii Vechi MDXX0209
Furceni MDXX1121
Fuzauca MDXX1122
Gaidar MDXX0892
Galaseni MDXX0210
Galesti MDXX0586
Galestii Noi MDXX0587
Galilesti MDXX0588
Gangura MDXX1616
Gara Giber MDXX0971
Gaspar MDXX0790
Gaureni MDXX1731
Gaureni MDXX0589
Gauzeni MDXX1451
Gavanoasa MDXX0441
Gavrilovca MDXX0211
Geamana MDXX1617
Ghelauza MDXX0590
Gherman MDXX0212
Ghermanesti MDXX1123
Ghersunovca MDXX1298
Ghetlova MDXX1124
Ghibanu MDXX0442
Ghidighici MDXX0705
Ghidirim MDXX1299
Ghiduleni MDXX1125
Ghilavat MDXX0791
Ghiliceni MDXX0213
Ghindesti MDXX1452
Ghioltosu MDXX0443
Ghizdita MDXX1453
Gigalboaia MDXX0444
Girbova MDXX0792
Gisca MDXX1618
Giurgiulesti MDXX0010
Glinjeni MDXX0214
Glinzheny MDXX0044
Glodeni MDXX0215
Goian MDXX1300
Goian MDXX0706
Goianul Nou MDXX1301
Goianul Nou MDXX0707
Goleni MDXX0793
Goloseni MDXX0216
Gordinesti MDXX0794
Gordinesti MDXX1126
Gordinestii Noi MDXX0795
Gotesti MDXX0445
Gotestii Noi MDXX0446
Gradinita MDXX1619
Gradiste MDXX0972
Graseni MDXX1732
Gratiesti MDXX0708
Greblesti MDXX0591
Greceni MDXX0447
Greceni MDXX0893
Gribova MDXX1454
Grigorauca MDXX0217
Grigorauca MDXX1455
Grigoresti MDXX0218
Grigorievca MDXX1620
Grigoriopol MDXX1302
Grimancauti MDXX0796
Grimesti MDXX0797
Grinauti MDXX0798
Grinauti MDXX0219
Grinauti-Moldova MDXX0799
Grinauti-Raia MDXX0800
Gromadzeni MDXX0801
Grozasca MDXX1733
Grozesti MDXX1734
Groznita MDXX0802
Gura Bicului MDXX0592
Gura Cainarului MDXX1456
Gura Camencii MDXX1457
Gura Galbenei MDXX0973
Gura-Galbena MDXX0045
Gura-Larga MDXX0448
Gura-Oituz MDXX0220
Gvozdova MDXX1458
Hagichioi MDXX0449
Hagimus MDXX1621
Halahora de Jos MDXX0803
Halahora de Sus MDXX0804
Hanaseni MDXX0450
Hanasenii Noi MDXX0974
Hancauti MDXX0805
Hancesti MDXX0002
Hansca MDXX0593
Haraba MDXX1303
Haragis MDXX0451
Harmatca MDXX1304
Hasnasenii Mari MDXX0221
Hasnasenii Noi MDXX0222
Hatmana MDXX0709
Heciul Nou MDXX0223
Heciul Vechi MDXX0224
Helesteni MDXX1735
Heredeuca MDXX0806
Hijdieni MDXX1127
Hijdieni MDXX0225
Hiliuti MDXX0226
Hincauti MDXX0807
Hincesti MDXX0976
Hirbovat MDXX1622
Hirbovatul Nou MDXX1623
Hirbovet MDXX1736
Hircesti MDXX1737
Hiriseni MDXX1128
Hirjau MDXX1305
Hirjauca MDXX1738
Hirova MDXX1739
Hirtop MDXX0452
Hirtop MDXX1306
Hirtop MDXX0228
Hirtop MDXX1459
Hirtop MDXX0977
Hirtopul Mare MDXX0594
Hirtopul Mic MDXX0595
Hitresti MDXX0229
Hligeni MDXX1129
Hlina MDXX0808
Hlinaia MDXX0809
Hlinaia MDXX1307
Hlinaia Mica MDXX0810
Hoginesti MDXX1740
Holercani MDXX0596
Holosnita MDXX1460
Holosnita Noua MDXX1461
Homuteanovca MDXX1624
Horesti MDXX0230
Horesti MDXX0597
Horjesti MDXX0978
Horodca MDXX0979
Horodiste MDXX1130
Horodiste MDXX1462
Horodiste MDXX0811
Horodiste MDXX1741
Hristici MDXX1463
Hristoforovca MDXX1742
Hristovaia MDXX1308
Hrubna Noua MDXX0231
Hrusca MDXX1309
Hruseva MDXX0710
Hrusova MDXX0598
Hulboaca MDXX1131
Hulboaca MDXX0711
Huluboaia MDXX0453
Humulesti MDXX0712
Hutulu MDXX0454
Huzun MDXX1743
Iabloana MDXX0232
Iablona Noua MDXX0233
Iablona Veche MDXX0234
Iagorlic MDXX1310
Ialoveni MDXX0599
Ialpug MDXX0980
Ialpugeni MDXX0981
Ialpujeni MDXX0982
Iantarnoe MDXX1311
Iargara MDXX0983
Iarova MDXX1464
Iasnaia Poleana MDXX0455
Iepureni MDXX0456
Iezarenii Noi MDXX0235
Iezarenii Vechi MDXX0236
Ignatei MDXX1132
Ilashkova MDXX0457
Ilenuta MDXX0237
Iliciovca MDXX0812
Illiciovca MDXX1465
Imeni Kirsev MDXX0894
Inculet MDXX1133
India MDXX1312
Inesti MDXX1134
Inundeni MDXX1466
Ion Voda MDXX0238
Ioneasca MDXX0984
Iordanovca MDXX0985
Iorjnita MDXX1467
Isacova MDXX1135
Isaicani MDXX1744
Iserlia MDXX0986
Ishnovets MDXX0600
Iskaleu MDXX0239
Iujnoe MDXX0895
Iurceni MDXX1745
Iurievca MDXX0987
Ivancea MDXX1136
Ivanesti MDXX0240
Ivanovca MDXX1313
Ivanovca MDXX1468
Ivanovca MDXX0241
Ivanovca MDXX0988
Ivanovca Noua MDXX0989
Izbiste MDXX0601
Izvoare MDXX0242
Izvoare MDXX1469
Izvoare MDXX1137
Izvoreni MDXX1746
Japca MDXX1470
Javgur MDXX0990
Jeloboc MDXX1138
Jevreni MDXX0602
Joltai MDXX0896
Jora de Jos MDXX1139
Jora de Mijloc MDXX1140
Jora de Sus MDXX1141
Jura MDXX1314
Kagul MDXX0047
Kalarash MDXX0048
Kalkatova Balka MDXX1315
Kaplany MDXX0049
Karagasany MDXX0050
Karpineny MDXX0051
Karpino MDXX0603
Karul Frumos MDXX0813
Kaushany MDXX0052
Kaynary MDXX0053
Ketrosy MDXX0054
Khodoroutsy MDXX0814
Kipercheny MDXX0055
Kirsovo MDXX0056
Kishinev MDXX0003
Kokocheny MDXX0991
Kolibash MDXX0058
Komrat MDXX0059
Korbul MDXX0061
Koshnitsa MDXX0062
Kosteshty MDXX0063
Kotovsk MDXX0064
Kotyuzhany MDXX0065
Krasnoye MDXX0066
Lalova MDXX1142
Lapusna MDXX0067
Larga MDXX0815
Larga MDXX1626
Larga Noua MDXX0458
Larga Veche MDXX0459
Larguta MDXX0068
Lazo MDXX0069
Lazo MDXX1627
Lebedenco MDXX0460
Lebedevka MDXX0992
Leca MDXX0461
Lelina MDXX1471
Lencauti MDXX0816
Lenin MDXX1317
Leninskiy MDXX1472
Leonidovka MDXX0462
Leordoaia MDXX1747
Leova MDXX0993
Leovo MDXX0070
Lesnoye MDXX0071
Leuntea MDXX1628
Leuseni MDXX0072
Leuseni MDXX1143
Lidovca MDXX1748
Limbenii Noi MDXX0244
Limbenii Vechi MDXX0245
Lingura MDXX0463
Lipcani MDXX0817
Lipceni MDXX1144
Lipkany MDXX0073
Lipnic MDXX0818
Lipovanca MDXX0246
Lipovat MDXX0247
Lipoveni MDXX0994
Lisaia Gora MDXX1318
Livezi MDXX1473
Loganesti MDXX0995
Loganesti MDXX0604
Logofteni MDXX0248
Lopatica MDXX0464
Lopatna MDXX1145
Lopatnic MDXX0819
Lozova MDXX1749
Lucaceni MDXX0249
Lucaseuca MDXX1146
Lucesti MDXX0465
Luchafer MDXX1147
Lugovoe MDXX1474
Luminita MDXX1750
Lunga MDXX1319
Lunga Noua MDXX1320
Lupa-Recea MDXX0605
Luparia MDXX0250
Macaresti MDXX1751
Macareuca MDXX1476
Macresti MDXX0466
Magdacesti MDXX0606
Magura MDXX0251
Magura Noua MDXX0252
Magurele MDXX0253
Mahala MDXX1321
Maiac MDXX1322
Maiovca MDXX0820
Maiscoe MDXX1477
Malaiesstii Noi MDXX0607
Malaiesti MDXX0608
Malaiesti MDXX0254
Malaiesti MDXX1148
Malaya Tatarovka MDXX1478
Malayeshty MDXX0074
Malcauti MDXX1479
Malcoci MDXX0609
Malinovscoe MDXX0255
Mana MDXX1149
Manoilesti MDXX0996
Manoilesti MDXX1752
Manta MDXX0468
Maramonovca MDXX0821
Marandeni MDXX0256
Marasheshty MDXX0257
Marcauti MDXX0822
Marcauti MDXX0610
Marcautii Noi MDXX0823
Marchet MDXX0997
Marculesti MDXX1480
Mardareuca MDXX0713
Marian MDXX1324
Marianca de Jos MDXX1630
Marianca de Sus MDXX1631
Marianca Noua MDXX1629
Marienfeld MDXX0998
Marinesti MDXX0258
Marinici MDXX1753
Marinya MDXX1325
Martinesti MDXX0611
Mascauti MDXX0612
Matasaru MDXX0999
Mateuti MDXX1150
Maximeni MDXX1000
Maximovca MDXX0613
Medeleni MDXX1754
Medveja MDXX0824
Meleseni MDXX1755
Merenesti MDXX1632
Mereni MDXX1001
Merenii Noi MDXX0075
Mereseni MDXX1002
Mereseuca MDXX0825
Meseni MDXX1151
Meseni MDXX1003
Micauti MDXX0614
Miciurin MDXX1481
Miclesti MDXX0615
Micleuseni MDXX1756
Mihaileni MDXX0826
Mihailenii Noi MDXX0827
Mihailovca MDXX1326
Mihailovca MDXX0259
Mihailovca MDXX1004
Mihailovca Noua MDXX1327
Mihalasa MDXX1152
Mihalasa Noua MDXX1153
Mihalaseni MDXX0828
Mihuleni MDXX1154
Mikhaylyany MDXX1482
Milesti MDXX1757
Milestii Mici MDXX0616
Milestii Noi MDXX0617
Mincenii de Jos MDXX1155
Mincenii de Sus MDXX1156
Mindic MDXX0829
Mindra MDXX1758
Mindresti MDXX1158
Mindrestii Noi MDXX0260
Mingir MDXX0076
Minzatesti MDXX1759
Mircesti MDXX1760
Miresti MDXX1005
Mirnoe MDXX0469
Mirnoe MDXX1633
Mirzaci MDXX1159
Mirzesti MDXX1160
Mirzoaia MDXX1761
Misovca MDXX1634
Mitoc MDXX1161
Mladinesti MDXX1006
Moara de Piatra MDXX0262
Moara Domneasca MDXX0261
Mocearovca MDXX1328
Mocra MDXX1329
Mocreachi MDXX1330
Moldoveanca MDXX0263
Molesti MDXX1007
Molesti MDXX0264
Molochisul Mare MDXX1331
Molochisul Mic MDXX1332
Molovata MDXX0618
Molovata Noua MDXX0619
Morenii Noi MDXX1762
Morenii Vechi MDXX1763
Morovaia MDXX0620
Morozeni MDXX1162
Mosana MDXX0830
Moscovei MDXX0470
Moscovei Vechi MDXX0471
Moscovei-Razesi MDXX0473
Moseni MDXX0831
Munteni MDXX1008
Musaitu MDXX0474
Musteata MDXX0265
Muzhik MDXX1764
Napadeni MDXX1765
Napadova MDXX1483
Naslaucea MDXX0832
Naslavcea MDXX0833
Natalievca MDXX0266
Navirnet MDXX0267
Navirneti MDXX0268
Neculaieuca MDXX1163
Negrea MDXX1009
Negresti MDXX0621
Negureni MDXX1164
Negurenii Noi MDXX1766
Negurenii Vechi MDXX1767
Nemereuca MDXX1484
Nemteni MDXX1010
Netush MDXX0475
Nezavertailovca MDXX0077
Nicolaevca MDXX1485
Nicolaevca MDXX1635
Nicolaevca MDXX0269
Nicolaevca MDXX1011
Nicolaevca MDXX0476
Nicolscoe MDXX1333
Nicoreni MDXX0078
Nihoreni MDXX0270
Nimereuca MDXX1486
Nimoreni MDXX0622
Niscani MDXX1768
Nisporeni MDXX0079
Nistreni MDXX1165
Noroceni MDXX1166
Novaci MDXX1769
Novaia Jizni MDXX1334
Novocotovsc MDXX1335
Novosavitcaia MDXX1336
Novosiolovca MDXX0478
Novovladimirovca MDXX1337
Novyy Bachoy MDXX0714
Nucareni MDXX1167
Obileni MDXX1012
Obreja Noua MDXX0271
Obreja Veche MDXX0272
Ochiul Alb MDXX1487
Ochiul Rosu MDXX1636
Oclanda MDXX1488
Ocnita MDXX0834
Ocnita MDXX1338
Ocnita-Razesi MDXX1168
Ocnita-Tarani MDXX1169
Ocolina MDXX1489
Octeabriscoe MDXX1490
Octeabrscoe MDXX0835
Octeabrscoe MDXX0273
Odaia MDXX1170
Odobesti MDXX1771
Ofatinti MDXX1339
Ohrincea MDXX0623
Olanesti MDXX1637
Oliscani MDXX1171
Onesti MDXX1013
Onesti MDXX0624
Onestii Noi MDXX1014
Oniscani MDXX1772
Onitcani MDXX0625
Opaci MDXX1638
Orac MDXX1015
Ordasei MDXX1172
Orehovca MDXX0480
Orgeyev MDXX0080
Orhei MDXX1173
Oricova MDXX1773
Otac MDXX1174
Otaci MDXX0011
Otovaska-Byk MDXX0715
Oxentea MDXX0626
Oxintea MDXX1175
Paduret MDXX1639
Paharniceni MDXX1176
Paicu MDXX0481
Paladea MDXX0837
Palanca MDXX1491
Palanca MDXX1774
Palanca MDXX1640
Palaria MDXX0274
Paminteni MDXX0275
Panasheshty MDXX0627
Parcani MDXX1492
Parcani MDXX1177
Parcani MDXX1341
Parcani MDXX1775
Parcova MDXX0838
Paruceni MDXX1776
Parushovka MDXX0482
Pascani MDXX0483
Pascani MDXX0628
Pascani MDXX1016
Pascauti MDXX0276
Paulesti MDXX1777
Pavlovca MDXX0839
Peciste MDXX1178
Pelinei MDXX0484
Pelinei Noui MDXX0485
Pelinia MDXX0277
Pelivan MDXX1179
Pepenii Noi MDXX0082
Pereni MDXX1180
Pereni MDXX1017
Pererita MDXX0840
Peresecina MDXX0083
Pervomaisc MDXX1342
Pervomaisc MDXX0278
Pervomaisc MDXX1641
Pervomaiscoe MDXX1493
Pervomaiscoe MDXX1018
Peticeni MDXX1778
Petreni MDXX1494
Petresti MDXX1779
Petropavlovca MDXX0279
Petrovca MDXX0280
Petrovca MDXX0629
Petrunea MDXX0281
Petruseni MDXX0282
Piatra MDXX1181
Piatra Alba MDXX0630
Picalova MDXX1343
Picus MDXX1642
Pietrosu MDXX0283
Pietrosul Nou MDXX0284
Pinzareni MDXX0285
Pinzarenii Noi MDXX0286
Pirita MDXX0631
Pirjolteni MDXX1780
Pirjota MDXX0287
Pirlita MDXX0288
Pirlita MDXX1495
Pirlita MDXX1781
Piscaresti MDXX1182
Pistrueni MDXX0289
Pistruieni MDXX0290
Pistruienii Noi MDXX0291
Pitesti MDXX1019
Pitusca MDXX1782
Pivniceni MDXX0841
Pleseni MDXX0486
Plop MDXX0842
Plop-Stiubei MDXX1644
Plopi MDXX0487
Plopi MDXX1344
Pobeda MDXX1345
Pociumbauti MDXX0843
Pociumbeni MDXX0844
Pocrovca MDXX1496
Pocrovca MDXX0292
Pocsesti MDXX0632
Podgoreni MDXX1183
Podoima MDXX1346
Podoimita MDXX1347
Podul Lung MDXX1783
Poeana MDXX1497
Poganesti MDXX1020
Pohoarna MDXX1498
Pohrebea MDXX0633
Pohrebea Noua MDXX1348
Pohrebeni MDXX1184
Poiana MDXX0845
Poiana MDXX1784
Poienita MDXX1499
Pojareni MDXX0634
Pojarna MDXX1785
Pompa MDXX0293
Popeasca MDXX1645
Popencu MDXX1349
Popestii de Jos MDXX1501
Popestii de Sus MDXX1502
Popestii Noi MDXX1500
Popoutsy MDXX1186
Popovca MDXX0294
Porumbesti MDXX0489
Porumbrei MDXX1021
Prajila MDXX1503
Prepelita MDXX0295
Prioziornoe MDXX1352
Pripiceni-Curchi MDXX1187
Pripiceni-Razesi MDXX1188
Prisaca MDXX1022
Prodanesti MDXX1504
Progress MDXX1189
Proscureni MDXX0296
Proteagailovca MDXX1646
Pruteni MDXX0297
Pugoy MDXX0084
Puhaceni MDXX0635
Puhoi MDXX0636
Purcari MDXX1647
Putinesti MDXX1506
Putintei MDXX1190
Putuntei MDXX1191
Racaria MDXX0298
Raciula MDXX1786
Racovat MDXX1507
Raculesti MDXX0637
Radeni MDXX0638
Radeni MDXX1787
Radenii Vechi MDXX1788
Radoaia MDXX0299
Radulenii Noi MDXX1508
Radulenii Vechi MDXX1509
Ramazan MDXX0846
Rascaieti MDXX1648
Rascaietii Noi MDXX1649
Rascov MDXX1353
Raspopeni MDXX1192
Rassvet MDXX1789
Ratus MDXX0639
Rautel MDXX0300
Rautelul Nou MDXX0301
Razeleu MDXX0302
Razelya MDXX0303
Razeni MDXX0640
Recea MDXX0304
Recea MDXX0641
Recesti MDXX1510
Redi-Ceresnovat MDXX1511
Rediul de Jos MDXX0305
Rediul de Sus MDXX0306
Rediul Mare MDXX0847
Regina Maria MDXX1512
Reteni MDXX0307
Reteni-Vasileuti MDXX0308
Revaca MDXX0012
Rezina MDXX1790
Rezina MDXX1194
Rezina Sat MDXX1195
Ribnita MDXX1354
Ringaci MDXX0848
Riscani MDXX0309
Riscani MDXX0716
Riscova MDXX0642
Risipeni MDXX0310
Roghi MDXX1355
Rogojeni MDXX1513
Romanesti MDXX0643
Romanovca MDXX1791
Romanovca MDXX0311
Romanovca MDXX1023
Roscani MDXX0644
Roscani MDXX1196
Roscanii de Jos MDXX1197
Roscanii de Sus MDXX1198
Rosietici MDXX1514
Rosieticii Vechi MDXX0312
Rosita MDXX0490
Rosu MDXX0491
Rotari MDXX1356
Rotunda MDXX0849
Rublenita MDXX1515
Rublenita Noua MDXX1516
Rudi MDXX1517
Rujnita MDXX0850
Rumeantev MDXX0492
Rusca MDXX1024
Ruseni MDXX0851
Ruseni MDXX0645
Rusestii Noi MDXX0646
Rusestii Vechi MDXX1025
Ruslanovca MDXX1518
Ryshkany MDXX0086
Saca MDXX0647
Sacarovca MDXX0313
Sadaclia MDXX1026
Sadchi MDXX1357
Sadic MDXX0493
Sadova MDXX0087
Sadovoe MDXX0314
Safronovka MDXX1358
Sagaidac MDXX0648
Sagaidacul Nou MDXX1028
Saghieni MDXX1792
Saharna MDXX1199
Saharna Noua MDXX1200
Saiti MDXX1650
Salcia MDXX0650
Salcia MDXX1519
Salcia MDXX0494
Salcuta Noua MDXX0088
Salvirii Noi MDXX1520
Salvirii Vechi MDXX1521
Samalia MDXX0495
Samananca MDXX0651
Samascani MDXX1201
Samoyleuka MDXX1522
Samsonovka MDXX1359
Samurza MDXX0496
Sanatauca MDXX1523
Saptebani MDXX0315
Sarata Mereseni MDXX1029
Sarata Noua MDXX1030
Sarata Noua MDXX0316
Sarata Veche MDXX0317
Sarata-Galbena MDXX0089
Sarata-Razesi MDXX1031
Sarateni MDXX1032
Saratenii Noi MDXX1202
Saratenii Vechi MDXX1203
Saratica Noua MDXX1033
Saratica Veche MDXX1034
Saratsey MDXX1360
Saseni MDXX1204
Satuc MDXX0497
Satul Nou MDXX1035
Sauca MDXX1524
Scaieni MDXX1525
Scaieni MDXX0852
Schineni MDXX1526
Schinenii Noi MDXX1527
Schinoasa-Sat MDXX1036
Schinosica MDXX1037
Scoreni MDXX0652
Scorteni MDXX1205
Scroafa MDXX1651
Sculeni MDXX1793
Scumpia MDXX0318
Secareni MDXX1038
Secareni Noi MDXX1039
Selemet MDXX1040
Seliste MDXX1206
Seliste MDXX1041
Seliste MDXX1794
Selistea Noua MDXX1795
Selisteni MDXX1796
Semeni MDXX1797
Semionovca MDXX1652
Sendreni MDXX1798
Septelici MDXX1528
Serbeni MDXX0853
Sercani MDXX1207
Sergheuca MDXX1529
Serghieni MDXX0319
Serpeni MDXX0653
Sestaci MDXX0320
Sestaci MDXX1208
Sevcenco MDXX1361
Severinovca MDXX1362
Sevirova MDXX1530
Shepte-Ban MDXX0090
Shibka MDXX0091
Shirovtsy MDXX0854
Shlenger MDXX0498
Shtefaneshty MDXX0321
Sikovets MDXX1799
Sinesti MDXX1800
Singera MDXX0718
Singerei MDXX0322
Singereii Noi MDXX0323
Singureni MDXX0324
Sipca MDXX1363
Sipca MDXX1209
Sipoteni MDXX1043
Sipoteni MDXX1801
Sirbesti MDXX0325
Sircova MDXX1210
Sireti MDXX0654
Sirma MDXX1044
Sirota MDXX1211
Siscani MDXX1802
Sitohnia MDXX1212
Skulyany MDXX0092
Slobodca MDXX0855
Slobozia MDXX0013
Slobozia MDXX1653
Slobozia Mare MDXX0499
Slobozia Noua MDXX1531
Slobozia-Cremene MDXX1532
Slobozia-Dusca MDXX0655
Slobozia-Magura MDXX0327
Slobozia-Medveja MDXX0856
Slobozia-Rascov MDXX1364
Slobozia-Recea MDXX0328
Slobozia-Sirauti MDXX0857
Sloveanca MDXX0329
Smalena MDXX1365
Sobari MDXX1534
Socii Noi MDXX0330
Socii Vechi MDXX0331
Sociteni MDXX0656
Socola MDXX1535
Socoleni MDXX0657
Socolovca MDXX1366
Sofia MDXX1045
Sofia MDXX0095
Sofievca MDXX0500
Sofranovca MDXX0501
Sofrincani MDXX0858
Solcani MDXX1536
Soldanesti MDXX1215
Solonceni MDXX1216
Solonet MDXX1537
Soltanesti MDXX1803
Soltoaia MDXX0332
Soroca MDXX1538
Soroka MDXX0333
Soroki MDXX0096
Sovietscoe MDXX1367
Speia MDXX1368
Speia MDXX0658
Spicoasa MDXX0502
Stalinesti MDXX0859
Stanislavca MDXX1369
Staraya Obrezha MDXX0097
Stauceni MDXX0014
Stefan Voda MDXX1654
Stefanesti MDXX1655
Stejareni MDXX0659
Step-Soci MDXX1217
Stetcani MDXX0660
Stircea MDXX0336
Stirceni MDXX1539
Stiubeieni MDXX0860
Stodolna MDXX1218
Stoianovca MDXX0503
Stoicani MDXX1540
Stolniceni MDXX1047
Stolniceni MDXX0337
Straisteni MDXX0661
Straseni MDXX0004
Strimbeni MDXX1048
Strmba MDXX0101
Stroiesti MDXX1370
Sturzeni MDXX0102
Sturzovca MDXX0338
Sucleia MDXX1371
Sudarca MDXX1541
Suhaia Ribnita MDXX1372
Suhat MDXX0504
Suhuluceni MDXX1219
Sumna MDXX0339
Surchiceni MDXX1656
Suri MDXX1542
Suric MDXX1049
Surii Noi MDXX1543
Suruceni MDXX0662
Susleni MDXX1220
Susleny MDXX0103
Suvorovca MDXX0340
Sverdiac MDXX0341
Sverida MDXX1804
Svetlii MDXX0505
Syruchan MDXX0719
Tabani MDXX0862
Tabara MDXX1221
Tahnauti MDXX1222
Talaiesti MDXX1050
Talaiestii-Noi MDXX1051
Talaiestii-Vechi MDXX1052
Talmaz MDXX1657
Tambula MDXX0342
Tanatari MDXX1658
Tanatarii Noi MDXX1659
Tapoc MDXX0343
Taraclia MDXX1660
Taraclia MDXX0105
Taraclia MDXX0897
Tarakliya MDXX0104
Tarasova MDXX1223
Tareuca MDXX1224
Tarigrad MDXX1544
Tarsiteii Noui MDXX1225
Tartaul MDXX0508
Taslic MDXX1373
Tataraseni MDXX0510
Tatarauca Noua MDXX1545
Tatarauca Veche MDXX1546
Tataresti MDXX0511
Tataresti MDXX0663
Taul MDXX0863
Taura Noua MDXX0344
Taura Veche MDXX0345
Taxobeni MDXX0346
Teiu MDXX1374
Telenesti MDXX1226
Teleseu MDXX0664
Teleseuca MDXX1547
Teleseuca Noua MDXX1548
Telita MDXX0665
Telita Noua MDXX0666
Temeleuti MDXX1549
Temeleuti MDXX1805
Tepilova MDXX1550
Terebna MDXX0864
Tescureni MDXX1806
Tetcani MDXX0865
Tibirica MDXX1807
Tibuleuca MDXX1375
Tiganca MDXX0512
Tiganca Noua MDXX0513
Tiganesti MDXX0667
Tigheci MDXX0514
Tighira MDXX0347
Tigichanka MDXX1053
Tipala MDXX0668
Tiplesti MDXX1551
Tipletesti MDXX1552
Tipordei MDXX1553
Tipova MDXX1227
Tiraspol MDXX0005
Tiraspolul Nou MDXX1376
Tirnauca MDXX1377
Tirnova MDXX0866
Tirsitei MDXX1228
Tirzieni MDXX1229
Toceni MDXX0515
Tochile MDXX1808
Tochile-Raducani MDXX1054
Tocmagiu MDXX1378
Tocuz MDXX1661
Todiresti MDXX0669
Todiresti MDXX1809
Tohatin MDXX0720
Tolica MDXX0516
Tolocanesti MDXX1555
Tomai MDXX0898
Tomai MDXX1055
Tomaiul Nou MDXX1056
Tomay MDXX0107
Tomestii Noi MDXX0348
Tomestii Vechi MDXX0349
Topala MDXX1057
Trebisauti MDXX0867
Trebujeni MDXX1230
Trestieni MDXX0868
Tretesti MDXX0517
Tricolici MDXX1662
Trifanesti MDXX0350
Trifanesti MDXX1556
Trifauti MDXX1557
Trifesti MDXX1231
Trifestii Noi MDXX0518
Trinca MDXX0869
Troian MDXX1058
Troita MDXX1059
Troita Noua MDXX1663
Troitca MDXX1060
Troitcoe MDXX1061
Troyan Vtoroy MDXX1062
Truseni MDXX0670
Tsarankutsa MDXX0519
Tsybulevka MDXX0108
Tsyganiya MDXX0351
Tsyntsareny MDXX0671
Tsyra MDXX1558
Tudora MDXX1664
Tudoresti MDXX0520
Tutovanu MDXX0521
Tuzara MDXX1810
Tvardita MDXX0522
Ucrainca MDXX1665
Uiutnoe MDXX1379
Ulmu MDXX1380
Ulmu MDXX0672
Ulmul Mic MDXX1381
Unchitesti MDXX1559
Ungheni MDXX0015
Ungheni-Prut MDXX0109
Unguri MDXX1560
Unteni MDXX0352
Untesti MDXX1811
Ursari MDXX1812
Ursoaia MDXX1666
Ursoaia Noua MDXX1667
Usateni MDXX1063
Ustia MDXX0353
Ustia MDXX0673
Usurei MDXX0354
Vadeni MDXX1561
Vadul lui Isac MDXX0524
Vadul lui Voda MDXX0016
Vadul Turcului MDXX1382
Vadul-Leca MDXX1232
Vadul-Leca Nou MDXX1233
Vadul-Rascov MDXX1562
Vaduleni MDXX0674
Valcinet MDXX0870
Valcinet MDXX1813
Valea MDXX1563
Valea -Trestieni MDXX1814
Valea Adinca MDXX1383
Valea Colonitei MDXX0721
Valea Florii MDXX1064
Valea lui Vlad MDXX0358
Valea Mare MDXX1815
Valea Norocului MDXX0355
Valea Perjei MDXX1065
Valea Perjei MDXX0525
Valea Radoaiei MDXX0356
Valea Rusului MDXX0357
Valea Satului MDXX0722
Valea Verde MDXX1668
Valeni MDXX0526
Valeny MDXX1564
Valya Gavanosa MDXX0527
Vanita Mica MDXX1565
Vantina MDXX1566
Varancau MDXX1567
Varancau MDXX1384
Varatic MDXX1669
Varatic MDXX0871
Varnita MDXX0017
Varnita Noua MDXX0675
Varvareuca MDXX1568
Varzaresti MDXX1816
Varzarestii Noi MDXX1817
Vascauti MDXX1569
Vasieni MDXX1066
Vasilcau MDXX1570
Vasileuti MDXX0872
Vasilievca MDXX1385
Vatici MDXX1235
Vatra MDXX0723
Verejeni MDXX1236
Verejeni MDXX0873
Vertiujeni MDXX1571
Vesioloe MDXX1386
Veverita MDXX1818
Victoria MDXX1067
Victoria MDXX0528
Viduca MDXX0529
Viisoara MDXX0359
Viisoara MDXX0874
Viisoara MDXX1670
Vilcele MDXX0530
Vinatori MDXX1819
Vinogradnoe MDXX1387
Vinogradovca MDXX0531
Viprova MDXX1237
Visniovca MDXX0532
Visoca MDXX1572
Vladimireuca MDXX0360
Vladimirovca MDXX0533
Vladimirovca MDXX1388
Voinescu MDXX1068
Voinova MDXX0676
Voitovca MDXX1389
Volintiri MDXX1671
Voloave MDXX1573
Volodeni MDXX0875
Volovita MDXX1574
Vorniceni MDXX0113
Voronkovo MDXX0114
Vorotet MDXX1238
Vozneseni MDXX1069
Vranesti MDXX0361
Vulcanesti MDXX1820
Vulpesti MDXX1821
Vyshkautsy MDXX1239
Yedintsy MDXX0116
Zabriceni MDXX0876
Zagarancea MDXX1822
Zahareuca MDXX1240
Zahoreni MDXX1241
Zahorna MDXX1575
Zahorna MDXX1672
Zaicana MDXX0677
Zaicani MDXX0877
Zaicani MDXX1242
Zaim MDXX0117
Zaluceni MDXX1576
Zamciogi MDXX0678
Zapadnyy MDXX1390
Zaporojet MDXX1391
Zarojeni MDXX1577
Zastinca MDXX1578
Zazuleni MDXX1392
Zazulenii Noi MDXX1823
Zazulenii Vechi MDXX1824
Zberoaia MDXX1825
Zereshty MDXX0534
Zgardesti MDXX0362
Zgurita MDXX1579
Zimbreni MDXX0679
Zinzareny MDXX1243
Zirnesti MDXX0535
Zloti MDXX0680
Zolonceni MDXX0681
Zolotievca MDXX1673
Zorile MDXX1244
Zubresti MDXX0682
Zurka MDXX1393
Zviozdocica MDXX1674