Weather Codes for Mayotte

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Mayotte. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Acoua MFXX0004
Ajangua MFXX0005
Amoro MFXX0006
Apandzo MFXX0007
Balembo MFXX0008
Bambo Est MFXX0009
Bambo Ouest MFXX0010
Bandaboa MFXX0011
Bandamagi MFXX0012
Bandele MFXX0002
Bandraboua MFXX0013
Bandrajou MFXX0014
Bandrani MFXX0015
Bandrele MFXX0016
Barakani MFXX0017
Boeni MFXX0018
Boueni MFXX0019
Bouyouni MFXX0020
Chembenyoumba MFXX0021
Chingoni MFXX0023
Chirongui MFXX0024
Choungui MFXX0025
Choungui Keli MFXX0026
Coconi MFXX0027
Combani MFXX0028
Dapani MFXX0003
Djivani MFXX0029
Doujani MFXX0030
Dzaoudzi MFXX0001
Dzoumonye MFXX0032
Dzumogne MFXX0033
Florence MFXX0034
Foungoujou MFXX0035
Hachenoua MFXX0036
Hajangoua MFXX0037
Hamjago MFXX0038
Hamouro MFXX0039
Handrema MFXX0040
Hanyoundrou MFXX0041
Iloni MFXX0042
Ironi Kely MFXX0043
Kahani MFXX0044
Kangani MFXX0045
Kani Be MFXX0046
Kani Kele MFXX0047
Kani Keli MFXX0048
Kaoueni MFXX0049
Karoni MFXX0050
Kavani MFXX0051
Keledjou MFXX0052
Kouale MFXX0053
Kouale-Legion MFXX0054
Koungou MFXX0055
La Ferme MFXX0056
Labattoir MFXX0057
Longoni MFXX0058
Majikavo Lamir MFXX0064
Majimeouni MFXX0065
Malamani MFXX0066
Mamoudzou MFXX0122
Mangajou MFXX0067
Manyassini MFXX0068
Mboueanatsa MFXX0069
Mbouini MFXX0070
Mbouyouni MFXX0071
Miambani MFXX0072
Mirereni MFXX0073
Mitseni MFXX0074
Mliha MFXX0075
Moliha MFXX0076
Mouanatrindi MFXX0077
Mounadzini MFXX0078
Mouramedoudou MFXX0079
Mouroni Abeja MFXX0080
Mouroni Sanga MFXX0081
Moutsamoudou MFXX0082
Moutsatoundou MFXX0083
Moutsoumbatsou MFXX0084
Mramadoudou MFXX0085
Mrereni MFXX0086
Mrereni Be MFXX0087
Mronaleia MFXX0088
Mronyombeni MFXX0089
Mrowale MFXX0090
Mtsahara MFXX0091
Mtsamboro MFXX0092
Mtsangachehi MFXX0093
Mtsangamboua MFXX0094
Mtsapere MFXX0095
Mzouazia MFXX0096
Nyambadao MFXX0097
Nyambo MFXX0098
Ongoujou MFXX0099
Ouangani MFXX0100
Pamanzi Be MFXX0101
Passamainti MFXX0102
Passi Keli MFXX0103
Poroani MFXX0104
Proani MFXX0105
Rampe Cannelle MFXX0106
Sada MFXX0107
Sazile MFXX0108
Sohoa MFXX0109
Sohoa Kavani MFXX0110
Sohoa Keli MFXX0111
Tanaraki MFXX0112
Tchaourembo MFXX0113
Trevani MFXX0114
Trivani MFXX0115
Tsararano MFXX0116
Tsimkoura MFXX0117
Tsingoni MFXX0118
Vahibeni MFXX0119
Zoumougine MFXX0120