Weather Codes for Malta

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Malta. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Attard MTXX0012
Bahar ic-Caghaq MTXX0013
Balzan MTXX0014
Benghisa MTXX0015
Bezbezija MTXX0016
Bighi MTXX0017
Bingemma MTXX0018
Bir id-Deheb MTXX0019
Birbuba MTXX0020
Birkirkara MTXX0021
Birzebbuga MTXX0022
Biskra MTXX0023
Borg in-Nadur MTXX0024
Bubaqra MTXX0025
Bugibba MTXX0026
Buleben il-Kbir MTXX0027
Buleben iz-Zghir MTXX0028
Bur Maghtab MTXX0029
Bur Marrad MTXX0030
Busugrilla MTXX0031
Comino MTXX0011
Cospicua MTXX0033
Delimara MTXX0034
Dingli MTXX0035
Dwejra MTXX0036
Fgura MTXX0038
Fleur de Lys MTXX0039
Floriana MTXX0040
Fontana MTXX0041
Ghajn Dwieli MTXX0042
Ghajn il-Kbira MTXX0048
Ghajn Klieb MTXX0043
Ghajn Mhelhel MTXX0044
Ghajn Qajjied MTXX0045
Ghajn Tuffieha MTXX0046
Ghajn Zejtuna MTXX0047
Ghajnsielem MTXX0049
Ghammar MTXX0050
Ghammieri MTXX0051
Ghar Mundu MTXX0052
Ghar Ram MTXX0053
Gharb MTXX0054
Gharghur MTXX0055
Ghasri MTXX0056
Ghaxaq MTXX0057
Ghemieri MTXX0058
Gnien il-Kbir MTXX0059
Gozo/Gharb MTXX0002
Gozo/Qala MTXX0004
Gudja MTXX0060
Gwardamanga MTXX0061
Gzira MTXX0062
Hal Dwin MTXX0063
Hal Far MTXX0064
Hal Ginwi MTXX0065
Hal Mula MTXX0066
Hal Muxi MTXX0067
Hal Saflieni MTXX0068
Hal-Bajjada MTXX0069
Hal-Lew MTXX0070
Halq Dieri MTXX0071
Hamrun MTXX0072
Has-Sajd MTXX0073
Hofret ir-Rizz MTXX0074
Id-Dahar MTXX0075
Il- Gzira MTXX0076
Il-Bidni MTXX0077
Il-Brolli MTXX0078
Il-Bwieraq MTXX0079
Il-Fawwara MTXX0080
Il-Gwejdi MTXX0081
Il-Hammieri MTXX0082
Il-Hamra MTXX0083
Il-Hamrija MTXX0084
Il-Hofra MTXX0085
Il-Kappara MTXX0087
Il-Madliena MTXX0088
Il-Mahsel MTXX0089
Il-Mielah MTXX0090
Il-Minzel MTXX0091
Il-Mizieb MTXX0092
Il-Palma MTXX0093
Il-Pergla MTXX0094
Il-Qajjenza MTXX0095
Il-Qasbija MTXX0096
Il-Qattara MTXX0097
Il-Wileg MTXX0099
Il-Wilga MTXX0100
Imdina MTXX0101
Imgarr MTXX0102
Imsida MTXX0103
Imtarfa MTXX0104
In-Nahhalija MTXX0105
Is-Sellum MTXX0106
Is-Simblija MTXX0107
Is-Swatar MTXX0108
It-Troll MTXX0109
Ix-Xghajriet MTXX0113
Ix-Xlejli MTXX0114
Iz-Zebbiegh MTXX0115
Iz-Zlielaq MTXX0116
Kalafrana MTXX0117
Kalkara MTXX0118
Kercem MTXX0119
Kirkop MTXX0120
Kordin MTXX0121
L-Andrijiet MTXX0123
L-Armier MTXX0124
L-Iklin MTXX0125
L-Imbordin MTXX0126
L-Ingiered MTXX0127
L-Iskorvit MTXX0128
L-Istabar MTXX0129
Lija MTXX0130
Luqa MTXX0131
Maghtab MTXX0132
Manikata MTXX0133
Marsa MTXX0134
Marsalforn MTXX0135
Marsaskala MTXX0136
Marsaxlokk MTXX0137
Mellieha MTXX0003
Mgarr MTXX0138
Minsija MTXX0139
Misrah Hlantun MTXX0140
Misrah Lewza MTXX0142
Misrah Miel MTXX0143
Misrah Strejnu MTXX0144
Misrah Suffara MTXX0145
Mizieb MTXX0146
Mosta MTXX0008
Mqabba MTXX0147
Mrejzbiet MTXX0148
Msierah MTXX0149
Munxar MTXX0150
Nadur MTXX0151
Naxxar MTXX0152
Nigred MTXX0153
Paceville MTXX0154
Paola MTXX0155
Pembroke MTXX0156
Pieta MTXX0157
Qala MTXX0158
Qasam Barrani MTXX0159
Qawra MTXX0160
Qbajjar MTXX0161
Qormi MTXX0162
Qrendi MTXX0163
Rabat MTXX0164
Safi MTXX0165
Saint John MTXX0166
Saint Lucia MTXX0167
San Giljan MTXX0168
San Katald MTXX0170
San Lawrenz MTXX0171
San Leonardo MTXX0172
San Pawl Milqghi MTXX0173
San Pietru MTXX0176
Sannat MTXX0177
Santa Lucija MTXX0178
Santa Venera MTXX0179
Santu Pietru MTXX0180
Santu Rokku MTXX0181
Senglea MTXX0182
Siggiewi MTXX0183
Skorba MTXX0184
Sliema MTXX0185
Swieqi MTXX0186
Tac-Cawla MTXX0217
Tad-Dawl MTXX0218
Tad-Duluri MTXX0219
Tad-Dwieli MTXX0220
Tal-Bajjada MTXX0222
Tal-Barmil MTXX0223
Tal-Barrani MTXX0224
Tal-Blata MTXX0225
Tal-Borg MTXX0226
Tal-Faqqani MTXX0227
Tal-Fieres MTXX0228
Tal-Franciz MTXX0229
Tal-Fulija MTXX0230
Tal-Ghoqod MTXX0231
Tal-Hamra MTXX0232
Tal-Hamrija MTXX0233
Tal-Handaq MTXX0234
Tal-Hawlija MTXX0235
Tal-Hlas MTXX0236
Tal-Hriereb MTXX0237
Tal-Kittienija MTXX0238
Tal-Liebru MTXX0239
Tal-Liedna MTXX0240
Tal-Mejda MTXX0241
Tal-Mentna MTXX0242
Tal-Merhla MTXX0243
Tal-Milord MTXX0244
Tal-Mirakli MTXX0245
Tal-Munxar MTXX0246
Tal-Papa MTXX0248
Tal-Pitkal MTXX0249
Tal-Qtates MTXX0250
Tal-Vecca MTXX0251
Tarxien MTXX0252
Tas-Salib MTXX0253
Tas-Salvatur MTXX0254
Tas-Samra MTXX0255
Tas-Santi MTXX0256
Tas-Sienja MTXX0257
Taz-Zejt MTXX0258
Valletta MTXX0001
Victoria MTXX0010
Vittoriosa MTXX0259
Wied Fulija MTXX0261
Wied Ghammieq MTXX0262
Wied l-Arkata MTXX0263
Xaghra MTXX0264
Xewkija MTXX0265
Xghajra MTXX0266
Xlendi MTXX0267
Xrobb il-Ghagin MTXX0268
Zabbar MTXX0269
Zebbug MTXX0270
Zejtun MTXX0271
Zonqor MTXX0272
Zurrieq MTXX0273