Weather Codes for Mali

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Mali. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abakoira MLXX0407
Abdou Salam MLXX0408
Abdou-Habe MLXX6366
Abdou-Mogoni MLXX6367
Abdoul Sinia MLXX0659
Abdoul-Karimou MLXX6368
Abdoulkarimou MLXX6369
Abdoumagoni MLXX6370
Abdourahmane MLXX6371
Abeibara MLXX0651
Abinda MLXX6372
Aboulambo MLXX0409
Adabai Mahamoud MLXX0008
Adakaoura MLXX6373
Adamabougou MLXX8508
Adia MLXX6374
Adiabanda MLXX6375
Adjila MLXX8509
Adjilamina MLXX8510
Adourakame MLXX6376
Afadereka MLXX0410
Afia MLXX0660
Afiya MLXX0661
Agh MLXX3579
Aghor MLXX3580
Aguelhok MLXX0652
Aguinaouiaoui MLXX0009
Ahagala MLXX0662
Ahaman Koiro MLXX0411
Ahel Barke MLXX0663
Ahel Bedji MLXX0664
Ahel Faloute MLXX0665
Ahel Malou MLXX0666
Ahel Meheham MLXX0667
Ain el Anz MLXX0668
Aina MLXX0010
Ainamolo MLXX0669
Ainessaba MLXX0670
Aite MLXX0671
Aka MLXX6377
Akabar MLXX0412
Akarankom MLXX0413
Akedkod MLXX0011
Akor MLXX3581
Akoumbouro MLXX6378
Alabi MLXX6379
Alahina MLXX3582
Alahine MLXX0672
Alaina MLXX0673
Alamante MLXX6380
Alamoutala MLXX0674
Alana MLXX0675
Alaso MLXX3583
Alassanila MLXX0676
Alaya MLXX0677
Aldouma MLXX6381
Alfande MLXX6382
Alidiamani MLXX0679
Alifabougou MLXX3584
Alioulena MLXX0680
Aljanagounga MLXX0414
Alkamsara MLXX0415
Allah-Ina MLXX0681
Allahini MLXX0682
Almami MLXX6383
Almaniana MLXX6384
Almi MLXX6385
Am MLXX6386
Ama MLXX6387
Amadi Oumourou MLXX0683
Amadioma MLXX6388
Amadou Mama MLXX3585
Amadoubougou MLXX3586
Amadoukoulela MLXX3587
Amakabougou MLXX3588
Amakouladji MLXX0416
Aman-Nangou MLXX6389
Amani MLXX6390
Amara MLXX0684
Amata MLXX0417
Amba MLXX6391
Ambaguede MLXX6392
Ambaka MLXX6393
Ambakele MLXX6394
Ambassa MLXX6395
Ambavel MLXX6396
Ambidedi MLXX0012
Ambiri Abe MLXX6397
Ambiri Ouro MLXX6398
Ambiri-Kem MLXX6399
Amdalay MLXX3589
Amere MLXX6400
Amey Goura MLXX0418
Amilale MLXX0685
Amoungaupau MLXX3590
Ana Kanda MLXX6401
Anagadia MLXX6402
Anagara MLXX6403
Anakadie MLXX6404
Anakaga MLXX6405
Anakanda MLXX6406
Anakila MLXX6407
Anam MLXX6408
Anamegho MLXX0686
Anamoella MLXX6409
Anamouila MLXX6410
Anamouniela MLXX6411
Anana MLXX6412
Anankanda MLXX6413
Andagoye MLXX6414
Andakaga MLXX6415
Anderanboukan MLXX0419
Andiama MLXX6416
Andine MLXX6417
Andioubolo MLXX6418
Andji MLXX6419
Andrarakoyen MLXX0420
Anga MLXX6420
Anguihoro MLXX0687
Ankoum MLXX0422
Ankoum Myo MLXX0423
Ankoye MLXX6421
Anlouangouala MLXX6422
Ansongo MLXX0424
Antagada MLXX6423
Antagadou MLXX6424
Antaka MLXX6425
Antam MLXX0425
Antam Myo MLXX0426
Ante MLXX6426
Aore MLXX6427
Aoua MLXX0427
Aoudiai Yoro Ali MLXX0688
Aouguine MLXX6428
Aourou MLXX0689
Aouzourou MLXX0428
Apokoyo MLXX0429
Ara MLXX6429
Arabangui MLXX6430
Arabou MLXX0430
Aranga MLXX6431
Arbanguey MLXX6432
Archani MLXX0690
Arde MLXX6433
Argaga MLXX0431
Arguenetouskel MLXX6434
Argueta MLXX0691
Argueto MLXX0692
Arichsi MLXX3591
Aridiana MLXX6435
Arifonda MLXX0693
Arko-Bongo MLXX6436
Arlatinndala MLXX0694
Arou MLXX6437
Asandyi MLXX0695
Asi MLXX6438
Assa MLXX6439
Assaguerye MLXX0432
Assamangatare MLXX0696
Assamorola MLXX8512
Assanmangatere MLXX0697
Assatiemala MLXX0013
Assi MLXX6440
Assonfri MLXX0698
Atamakolo MLXX0699
Atil Barke MLXX0700
Attara MLXX6441
Awadi MLXX3592
Aweyna MLXX3593
Awoeni MLXX0701
Awoye MLXX6442
Ayelane MLXX0433
Ayom MLXX6443
Ayoun Goupou MLXX3594
Azanga MLXX6444
Baakan MLXX8513
Baba MLXX3595
Baba Goungou MLXX6445
Bababougou MLXX3596
Babadyan MLXX3597
Babaka MLXX3598
Babakabougou MLXX3599
Babala MLXX0702
Babala MLXX3600
Babalabougou MLXX8514
Babara MLXX0703
Babaroto MLXX0704
Babila MLXX0705
Babilena MLXX8515
Bablembougou MLXX3601
Babobougou MLXX3602
Baboto MLXX0706
Babougou MLXX8516
Babougou MLXX3603
Babougou MLXX0707
Babouro MLXX6446
Baboye MLXX6447
Bada MLXX8517
Bada MLXX0708
Badaba MLXX8518
Badala MLXX3604
Badala MLXX0709
Badalabougou MLXX0014
Badalabougou MLXX0710
Badalabougou MLXX3605
Badarakorobougou MLXX8519
Badeka MLXX0711
Badi MLXX0712
Badiabougou MLXX3606
Badian MLXX0713
Badiana MLXX8520
Badianan MLXX0714
Badiankabougou MLXX3607
Badiazita MLXX0715
Badiguendo MLXX3609
Badinga MLXX0716
Badinko MLXX0717
Badinndala MLXX0718
Badinouetou MLXX3610
Badinye MLXX3611
Badioke MLXX0719
Badiongo MLXX6448
Badji Gourma MLXX0434
Badji Haoussa MLXX0435
Badjila MLXX8521
Badogo MLXX8522
Badougou MLXX0720
Badougou Koro MLXX0721
Badougourebougou MLXX3612
Badoumbe MLXX0722
Badoumbera MLXX3613
Badyangoubougou MLXX3614
Bafaga MLXX8523
Bafarara MLXX0723
Bafaroto MLXX0724
Bafe MLXX0725
Bafimbougou MLXX3615
Bafing Makana MLXX0726
Bafinkabougou MLXX3616
Baflebougou MLXX3617
Bafotiguibougou MLXX3618
Bafoulabe MLXX0727
Baga MLXX3619
Bagabagadala MLXX0728
Bagadadi MLXX3620
Bagadadji MLXX0320
Bagadadji MLXX3621
Bagado MLXX8524
Bagalanta MLXX0729
Bagama MLXX3622
Bagama MLXX0730
Bagan MLXX0731
Bagani MLXX8525
Bagari MLXX0732
Bagaya MLXX0733
Bagayobougou MLXX3623
Bage MLXX3625
Baghanba MLXX8526
Bagni MLXX0734
Bagoeni MLXX3626
Bagouko MLXX0735
Bagoundie MLXX0436
Bagoure MLXX0736
Bagourou MLXX6449
Bague MLXX0737
Baguebougou MLXX3627
Bagueya MLXX0738
Bagui MLXX6450
Baguibe MLXX8527
Baguineda MLXX3629
Baguiria MLXX0739
Baguita MLXX0740
Bahabougou MLXX3630
Bahada MLXX6451
Bahe MLXX0741
Bai MLXX6452
Baima MLXX6453
Bakabaka MLXX0015
Bakabougou MLXX0742
Bakadadji MLXX0743
Bakadaka MLXX3631
Bakara MLXX8528
Bakaran MLXX3632
Bakaria MLXX0744
Bakaribougou MLXX3633
Bakarikabougou MLXX3634
Bakaroulenia MLXX0745
Bakeita MLXX3635
Baki MLXX3636
Bako MLXX0746
Bako MLXX3637
Bakoro MLXX3638
Bakorobabougou MLXX3639
Bakorobougou MLXX0321
Bakoronidougou MLXX8529
Bakoule MLXX3640
Bakoundian MLXX0747
Bakouro MLXX6454
Bakouroubougou MLXX3641
Bakouroufata MLXX0748
Bakoutoumbougou MLXX3642
Bakoye MLXX0749
Bala MLXX0750
Bala MLXX3643
Balaban MLXX3644
Balabougou MLXX3645
Balabougou MLXX0751
Baladougou MLXX0752
Balafimbougou MLXX3646
Balaguine MLXX6455
Balaguira MLXX6456
Balal MLXX3647
Balala MLXX3648
Balalaba MLXX0753
Balalani MLXX0754
Balali MLXX0755
Balamansaya MLXX3649
Balamiaoule MLXX0756
Balamoussabougou MLXX0757
Balan MLXX0758
Balanbougou MLXX3650
Balandougou MLXX3651
Balandougou MLXX0016
Balanfina MLXX8531
Balanko MLXX3652
Balanko MLXX0760
Balankomana MLXX3653
Balansan MLXX3654
Balawa MLXX6457
Balazando MLXX3655
Bale MLXX6458
Bale MLXX3656
Bale MLXX0761
Bale Diassa MLXX8532
Bale Zenon MLXX0762
Baleani MLXX0763
Balena MLXX8533
Balendala MLXX0764
Balessadjie MLXX0437
Baleya MLXX0765
Bali MLXX3657
Bali MLXX0766
Baliako MLXX0767
Balinndala MLXX0768
Balle MLXX3658
Balou MLXX0769
Baltene MLXX0770
Bama MLXX3659
Bama MLXX6459
Bamabougou MLXX8534
Bamabougou MLXX3660
Bamadiguin MLXX3661
Bamafele MLXX0771
Bamako MLXX0001
Bamako Koura MLXX0322
Bamakolon MLXX3662
Bamakoni MLXX3663
Bamana MLXX8535
Bamanan MLXX3664
Bamanana MLXX3665
Bamangaye MLXX6460
Bamanina MLXX3667
Bamanko MLXX0772
Bamaro MLXX0773
Bamarobougou MLXX3668
Bamba MLXX6461
Bamba MLXX0438
Bamba MLXX8536
Bamba Digua MLXX0774
Bamba-Tennde MLXX6462
Bambada MLXX0775
Bambadi-Aoura MLXX0776
Bambadinka MLXX0777
Bambako MLXX0778
Bambala MLXX8537
Bambala Guimbala MLXX0779
Bambangoumba MLXX3669
Bambaran MLXX0780
Bambarawel MLXX6463
Bambe MLXX0781
Bambila MLXX0782
Bambila MLXX3670
Bambougou MLXX3671
Bamdere MLXX8538
Bamguel MLXX6464
Bamodibougou MLXX3672
Bamorila MLXX3673
Bamoussabougou MLXX8539
Bana MLXX8540
Bana MLXX0783
Bana MLXX6465
Bana MLXX3675
Bana-Kane MLXX6466
Banadjie MLXX6467
Banakolo MLXX3676
Banakourou MLXX0784
Banam MLXX6468
Banamantou MLXX3677
Banamba MLXX0785
Banamba MLXX3678
Banambani MLXX3679
Banamble MLXX3680
Banandio MLXX3681
Banani MLXX6469
Banani MLXX3682
Banankabougou MLXX0786
Banankele MLXX8541
Bananko MLXX3684
Banankoni MLXX8542
Banankoro MLXX0323
Banankoro MLXX8543
Banankoro MLXX0787
Banankoro MLXX3685
Banankorobougou MLXX8544
Banankorodala MLXX8545
Banankoumou MLXX8546
Banankoura MLXX0788
Bananso MLXX0018
Banantou MLXX3686
Bananzole MLXX3687
Banaouolo MLXX3688
Banare MLXX0789
Banavana MLXX8547
Banay MLXX6470
Banaya MLXX0790
Banazo MLXX8548
Banba Guede MLXX0791
Banbadougou MLXX8549
Banbafara MLXX0792
Banbala MLXX3689
Banbe MLXX0794
Banbela MLXX0795
Banbera MLXX0796
Banbira MLXX0797
Banbougou MLXX8550
Banda MLXX0798
Bandaga MLXX6471
Bandare MLXX6472
Bande MLXX6473
Banderesso MLXX0019
Bandia MLXX0799
Bandiagara MLXX0020
Bandiala MLXX8551
Bandiende MLXX0439
Bandigoula MLXX0800
Bandionia MLXX0801
Bandiougou MLXX6474
Bandiougou-Lambe MLXX0802
Bandiougoubougou MLXX0803
Bandiougoubougou MLXX3690
Bandiougoubouria MLXX0804
Bandiougoufara MLXX8552
Bandiougoula MLXX0806
Bandiougoula MLXX3691
Bandoma MLXX0807
Bandougou MLXX3692
Bandoukoure MLXX6475
Bandyougoubougou MLXX3693
Bandyougoubougou MLXX0808
Bane Bandia MLXX6476
Baneguebougou MLXX3694
Baney MLXX0021
Banfankoto MLXX0809
Banfara MLXX0810
Banfoula MLXX6477
Banga MLXX6478
Bangache MLXX6479
Bangadie MLXX6480
Bangadina MLXX8553
Bangala MLXX0811
Bangalambougou MLXX3695
Bangalebougou MLXX3696
Bangama MLXX6481
Banganoura MLXX0812
Bangassi MLXX0813
Bangassi MLXX6482
Bangassi Maure MLXX0814
Bangassi-Nangou MLXX0815
Bangassidougou MLXX0816
Bangassikoto MLXX0817
Bangaya MLXX0022
Bango MLXX6483
Bangoro MLXX3697
Banguel-Toupe MLXX6484
Bangui Akadi MLXX0440
Banguirila MLXX0818
Banguita MLXX6485
Banguitaba MLXX6486
Banhagho MLXX0819
Banhon MLXX0820
Bania MLXX8554
Baniabougou MLXX8555
Baniakafata MLXX0023
Baniakoro MLXX3698
Banian MLXX0821
Banibo MLXX6487
Banikani MLXX6488
Baninkoro MLXX3700
Baninkouma MLXX3701
Baniogoubougou MLXX3702
Baniougou MLXX0822
Banire MLXX0823
Banire Kore MLXX0824
Bankame MLXX0825
Bankas MLXX6489
Bankassi MLXX6490
Bankassi MLXX3703
Banko MLXX0826
Banko MLXX8556
Banko MLXX3704
Banko Koura MLXX3705
Banko-Sokoum MLXX8557
Bankole MLXX3706
Bankole MLXX0827
Bankoni MLXX0828
Bankoni MLXX3707
Bankoni MLXX0324
Bankonina MLXX0829
Bankoro MLXX3708
Bankorobougou MLXX8558
Bankoroni MLXX3709
Bankouma MLXX3710
Bankoumana MLXX8559
Bankoumana MLXX3711
Banlassi MLXX0441
Banna MLXX0830
Bannbadinnka MLXX0831
Banntako MLXX0832
Banome MLXX0442
Banounfe MLXX0833
Bansa MLXX0834
Bantahama MLXX0835
Bantakoto MLXX0836
Bantanko MLXX0837
Bantankoto MLXX0838
Bantanta MLXX0839
Banti MLXX3712
Bantianko MLXX0840
Bantiesso MLXX8560
Bantina MLXX6492
Bantinngoungou MLXX0841
Bantoma MLXX0842
Bantona MLXX3713
Banzan MLXX3714
Banzana MLXX0843
Banzana MLXX8561
Banzankoro MLXX8562
Banzano MLXX3715
Bao Bowal MLXX0844
Bao-Bamana MLXX3716
Bao-Flala MLXX3717
Baoudi MLXX6493
Baoule MLXX0845
Bara MLXX6494
Bara MLXX0443
Barabala MLXX0846
Barabougou MLXX0847
Baradougou MLXX6495
Barafara MLXX0848
Barafera MLXX6496
Baraguina MLXX6497
Baraine MLXX0849
Barakaia MLXX0850
Barakole MLXX0851
Barakolombougou MLXX3718
Barakolonbougou MLXX3719
Barakorodji MLXX0852
Barakoto MLXX0853
Barakotogore MLXX0854
Barakourou MLXX3720
Baram MLXX0855
Barama MLXX0856
Baramabougou MLXX8563
Baramabougou MLXX0857
Baramana MLXX8564
Baranian MLXX0858
Baranii MLXX0859
Baraniongole MLXX6498
Barao MLXX6499
Baraoussi MLXX6500
Barapire MLXX6501
Barassafe MLXX3721
Barassale MLXX0860
Barassombougou MLXX3722
Baratiguene MLXX6502
Baratou MLXX6503
Barayogoulekana MLXX6504
Barbe MLXX6505
Barbon MLXX0444
Bare MLXX6506
Bare Seme MLXX6507
Barebougou MLXX3723
Barelirou MLXX6508
Barfa MLXX0861
Bargo MLXX6509
Bargoumou MLXX6510
Bargue MLXX6511
Barifanfan MLXX0862
Barikoro MLXX3724
Barikorobougou MLXX3725
Barila MLXX8565
Barkafou MLXX0863
Barkagounda MLXX0445
Barkaina MLXX0446
Barke Amadou MLXX3726
Barkinelbi MLXX6512
Barkoussi MLXX6513
Baro MLXX3727
Baroumba MLXX0865
Barsafe MLXX3728
Barsafe MLXX0866
Barsahe MLXX0867
Barsandaga MLXX0868
Bartaga MLXX0447
Bartyakoba MLXX0448
Basaka MLXX3729
Basibougou MLXX0869
Basnara MLXX8566
Bassa MLXX8567
Bassabougou MLXX3730
Bassala MLXX3731
Bassala MLXX0870
Bassara MLXX0871
Bassatou MLXX0872
Basse MLXX0873
Basseri MLXX6514
Bassian MLXX3732
Bassibougou MLXX0874
Bassibougou MLXX3733
Bassidibedjin MLXX8568
Bassirou MLXX0875
Bassiya MLXX0876
Basso MLXX8569
Batakaredji MLXX0877
Batal MLXX0449
Batale MLXX0878
Batama MLXX0879
Batamani MLXX6515
Baterande MLXX0880
Batibougou MLXX3734
Batigama MLXX0450
Batilaye MLXX0881
Batimakana MLXX0882
Bato MLXX0883
Batomabougou MLXX3735
Batou MLXX6516
Batoudji MLXX0884
Batoukorodji MLXX0885
Batouma MLXX6517
Batroebougou MLXX3736
Bawema MLXX6518
Bawo Bowal MLXX0886
Bayabougou MLXX3737
Bayala MLXX3738
Bayala MLXX0887
Bayan MLXX3739
Baye MLXX0888
Bayeko MLXX0889
Bayele MLXX3740
Bayorobougou MLXX3741
Bazayokobougou MLXX3742
Bazogou MLXX6519
Bazogou Kanda MLXX6520
Beba MLXX6521
Bebi MLXX6522
Bebougou MLXX8570
Bedekoma MLXX0890
Bedeya MLXX3743
Bedie MLXX6523
Begnima MLXX6524
Begoudjinde MLXX0451
Beidat MLXX3744
Bejela MLXX3745
Beko-Bougouda MLXX8571
Beko-Sokoro MLXX8572
Beko-Togoda MLXX8573
Bekola MLXX0891
Bela MLXX8574
Belamougou MLXX3746
Belanguel MLXX6525
Belaourou MLXX6526
Bele MLXX6527
Belekan MLXX8575
Belekanbougou MLXX3747
Beleko MLXX3748
Beleko-Dyawarela MLXX3750
Beleko-Famola MLXX3751
Beleko-Flala MLXX3752
Beleko-Fyenkala MLXX3753
Beleko-Gwenguena MLXX3754
Beleko-Noumouna MLXX3755
Beleko-Sengala MLXX3756
Beleko-Soba MLXX3757
Belekobougou MLXX3758
Belekoloni MLXX8576
Belekosso MLXX8577
Belekou MLXX3759
Beleneko MLXX3760
Beleni MLXX3761
Beleninko MLXX3762
Belenouko MLXX3763
Belepounedji MLXX0892
Belesso MLXX8578
Belga MLXX0452
Belia MLXX6528
Belidinkare MLXX0893
Belindo MLXX3764
Belle MLXX6529
Belou MLXX0894
Beloua MLXX6530
Bema MLXX0895
Bema MLXX6531
Bemasso MLXX3765
Bembabougou MLXX3766
Bembala MLXX3767
Bembougou MLXX3768
Bemekabougou MLXX3769
Bemmbokoto MLXX0896
Ben MLXX3770
Bena MLXX0897
Benda MLXX0898
Bendorobougou MLXX8579
Bendougou MLXX0899
Bendougouba MLXX0900
Bendougouni MLXX0901
Beneko MLXX3771
Benena MLXX0025
Benendjila MLXX8580
Bengo MLXX3772
Bengueni MLXX3773
Beni MLXX6532
Beni MLXX3774
Beni Diakanda MLXX6533
Beniambougou MLXX3775
Benian MLXX8581
Beniebougou MLXX3776
Beninko MLXX3777
Beniouma MLXX6534
Benko MLXX3778
Bennbara MLXX6535
Bennde MLXX6536
Benndieli MLXX6537
Benngourla MLXX8582
Benogobougou MLXX8583
Benoudakoto MLXX0902
Bente MLXX6538
Bentia MLXX0453
Bentingue MLXX6539
Benyena MLXX3779
Benyoko MLXX3780
Benzasso MLXX8584
Bera MLXX0454
Berbey MLXX6540
Berda MLXX6541
Berdossou MLXX6542
Bere MLXX6543
Berebela MLXX8585
Berebogola MLXX8586
Berebougou MLXX3781
Berebougoula MLXX8587
Berekantounbo MLXX0903
Berekegni MLXX0904
Bereko MLXX8588
Berekoma MLXX0905
Berekoussa Dioma MLXX0906
Berela MLXX3782
Berela MLXX8589
Berele MLXX8590
Berele MLXX0907
Bereli MLXX6544
Beremassou MLXX0908
Berenimba MLXX0909
Beretebougou MLXX3783
Beretekounda MLXX0910
Beretela MLXX3784
Bereya MLXX3785
Bergenare MLXX3786
Beri MLXX6545
Berian MLXX8591
Berila MLXX8592
Berimbe MLXX6546
Berkegni MLXX0911
Berola MLXX0912
Bertela MLXX3787
Berzak MLXX3788
Bessebougou MLXX0913
Bessina MLXX8593
Besso MLXX8594
Beta MLXX0914
Betakili MLXX0915
Beteandi MLXX0916
Beurdati MLXX3789
Beurjajia MLXX3790
Bi MLXX6547
Bia MLXX6548
Bia MLXX8595
Bia MLXX0455
Bianga MLXX3791
Biba MLXX6549
Biba MLXX3792
Bida MLXX3793
Bidandji MLXX0917
Bidangala MLXX0918
Bidi MLXX6550
Biko MLXX8596
Bila MLXX8597
Biladie MLXX8598
Biladjmi MLXX0920
Biladougou MLXX0921
Bilafoundou MLXX0922
Bilajmi MLXX0923
Bilali Koyra MLXX0456
Bilanbala MLXX8599
Bilantal MLXX6551
Bile Dembere MLXX6552
Bilifara MLXX0925
Biliko MLXX0926
Bilissibougou MLXX0927
Bima MLXX6553
Bimabougou MLXX8600
Binbougou MLXX3794
Binbougou MLXX8601
Bindiga MLXX0928
Bindiougoula MLXX8602
Bindougou MLXX0929
Bindougouni MLXX0930
Bine MLXX6554
Binea MLXX0931
Binedama MLXX6555
Binela MLXX0932
Bineou MLXX0026
Bingassi MLXX0933
Bini MLXX6556
Bini MLXX3795
Binian MLXX3796
Bininko MLXX3797
Binko MLXX8603
Binnbia MLXX0935
Binteguela MLXX0936
Bintiante MLXX0937
Bintie MLXX6557
Bira MLXX3798
Bira Mounde MLXX6558
Birabafara MLXX0938
Birakala MLXX8604
Birala MLXX8605
Biramabougou MLXX8606
Birani MLXX8607
Birga MLXX6559
Biriba MLXX3800
Biribambougou MLXX3801
Biribari MLXX0940
Birim MLXX0941
Birmassou MLXX0942
Biro MLXX6560
Biron MLXX3802
Birou MLXX0027
Birou Nyakate MLXX3803
Biroueli MLXX0944
Bissabougou MLXX3804
Bissanbougou MLXX8608
Bissane MLXX0457
Bissilla MLXX8609
Bissongo MLXX6561
Bitam MLXX0458
Bla MLXX8610
Bla MLXX0028
Blabie MLXX3805
Bladie MLXX8611
Blajmil MLXX0945
Blan MLXX3806
Blaningoudia MLXX3807
Ble MLXX8612
Bleinti MLXX0946
Blenkoua MLXX3808
Blenndo MLXX8613
Blenoro MLXX3809
Blindio MLXX8614
Blindioni MLXX8615
Blinndio MLXX8616
Blinngo MLXX0947
Boakere MLXX0948
Boala MLXX3810
Boatoubougou MLXX3811
Boba MLXX3812
Bobala MLXX3813
Bobo Bera MLXX0459
Bobobougou MLXX0949
Bobola Zangasso MLXX8617
Bobore MLXX6562
Bobosso MLXX6563
Bobougou MLXX0950
Bobougou MLXX3814
Bobovel MLXX6564
Bodala MLXX0951
Bode MLXX0952
Bode Tchove MLXX0953
Bodewel MLXX6565
Bodiambougouda MLXX0954
Bodiarinko MLXX0955
Bodie MLXX3815
Bodiebougou MLXX3816
Bodio MLXX6566
Bodogo MLXX3817
Bodyani MLXX0956
Boefa MLXX6567
Boeganiola MLXX0957
Boekoro MLXX0958
Boekoura MLXX0959
Boere MLXX0960
Bofe MLXX3818
Bofonde MLXX3819
Bofoto MLXX0961
Boghoto MLXX0962
Bogo MLXX6568
Bogo MLXX3820
Bogo MLXX8618
Bogobele MLXX0963
Bogodougou MLXX6569
Bogodougou MLXX0964
Bogodougou MLXX8619
Bogokole MLXX3821
Bogola MLXX3822
Bogolo MLXX6570
Bogomo MLXX0965
Bogonibele MLXX3823
Bogonifara MLXX3824
Bogotafara MLXX8620
Boguere MLXX3825
Bohi MLXX8621
Bohidinie MLXX3826
Boila MLXX3827
Bokari MLXX8622
Bokarila MLXX3828
Boki MLXX6571
Boko MLXX0967
Bokolobi MLXX0968
Bokoro MLXX8623
Bokoun MLXX3829
Bokoutinnti MLXX0969
Bola MLXX6572
Bole MLXX3830
Bolel MLXX6573
Bolel-Maounde MLXX6574
Boli Bana MLXX0970
Bolibabougou MLXX3831
Bolibana MLXX0325
Bolibana MLXX0971
Bolibanabougou MLXX3832
Bolimmba MLXX6575
Bolokouma MLXX6576
Bolokourouni MLXX0972
Bolomo MLXX6577
Bolontou MLXX3833
Bom MLXX6578
Bomandyougou MLXX3834
Bombori MLXX6579
Bomboro MLXX3835
Bomborou MLXX3836
Bombou MLXX6580
Bomboukore MLXX6581
Bomou MLXX8624
Bon MLXX3837
Bonbala MLXX8625
Bonboti MLXX0973
Bonboya MLXX3838
Bonda MLXX0974
Bonderi MLXX0975
Bondiekourou MLXX0976
Bondo MLXX3839
Bondokoli MLXX6582
Bondou MLXX6583
Bonee MLXX6584
Bonegue MLXX3840
Bonfan MLXX3841
Bonga MLXX6585
Bongka MLXX0977
Bongo MLXX8626
Bongo MLXX6586
Bongourou MLXX0978
Boni MLXX6587
Bonibana MLXX0980
Bonie MLXX0981
Bono MLXX6588
Bore MLXX6589
Borela MLXX8627
Bori MLXX0029
Borko MLXX6590
Bormon MLXX6591
Borno MLXX0460
Boro MLXX6592
Boro MLXX0982
Boro MLXX3842
Boroboro MLXX0983
Borodyo MLXX3843
Boroka MLXX0984
Borokone MLXX0985
Boromba MLXX8628
Boron MLXX3845
Borongo MLXX6593
Boronke MLXX0986
Borono MLXX3846
Bororo MLXX0987
Borotossou MLXX0988
Bosahalia MLXX0461
Bosselio MLXX0462
Bossolo MLXX0989
Botegakourou MLXX0990
Boto MLXX0991
Botouba MLXX8629
Bou MLXX6594
Bouabelena MLXX3847
Bouabongou MLXX3848
Bouabougou MLXX3849
Bouadiana MLXX3850
Bouadiebougou MLXX3851
Bouadougou MLXX3853
Bouaia MLXX3854
Bouala MLXX3855
Bouana MLXX3856
Bouanidie MLXX3857
Bouanindie MLXX3858
Bouara MLXX8630
Bouare MLXX3859
Bouassa MLXX8631
Bouatoubougou MLXX3860
Bouatoula MLXX3861
Boubabougou MLXX3862
Boubala MLXX3863
Boubanki MLXX6595
Boube MLXX0994
Boubeko MLXX0995
Boubere MLXX0996
Boubou MLXX0998
Bouboubougou MLXX0999
Boubouya MLXX1000
Boudandji MLXX1001
Boudenzigui MLXX1002
Boudenzo MLXX1003
Boudibaga MLXX1004
Boudissara MLXX0463
Boudjadia MLXX1005
Boudofo MLXX1006
Boudou MLXX6596
Boudou Kamara MLXX1007
Boudoudemba MLXX1008
Boueye MLXX1009
Boufala MLXX8632
Bougara MLXX1010
Bougaria MLXX1011
Bougaribaya MLXX1012
Bougarifara MLXX1013
Bougariya MLXX1014
Bougarla MLXX1015
Boughessa MLXX0653
Bougoro MLXX8633
Bougou MLXX6597
Bougou-Kourala MLXX3864
Bougouba MLXX3865
Bougoubaga MLXX1016
Bougouda MLXX3866
Bougouda MLXX1017
Bougoudako MLXX3867
Bougoudala MLXX1018
Bougoudale MLXX8634
Bougoudale MLXX3868
Bougoudiana MLXX3869
Bougoudirani MLXX8635
Bougoudire Maure MLXX1020
Bougougadar MLXX1021
Bougoukoro MLXX3870
Bougoukorola MLXX3871
Bougoukoura MLXX3872
Bougoukourala MLXX3873
Bougoula MLXX8636
Bougoula MLXX3874
Bougoula MLXX1022
Bougoulaba MLXX8637
Bougoulafara MLXX3875
Bougoulafara MLXX8638
Bougoundia MLXX1023
Bougouni MLXX0031
Bougouni MLXX0030
Bougounina MLXX3877
Bougouninkono MLXX3878
Bougounissaba MLXX3879
Bougouno MLXX8639
Bougounso MLXX8640
Bougountineti MLXX1024
Bougountinti MLXX1025
Bougoura MLXX6599
Bougourinke Sare MLXX6600
Bougourinke-Ouro MLXX6601
Bougouro MLXX8641
Bougoutone MLXX1026
Bougoutourou MLXX1027
Bougouya MLXX1028
Bougue MLXX6602
Bougueydi MLXX6603
Boui MLXX6604
Bouiguel MLXX1029
Bouila MLXX1030
Boukabougouda MLXX3880
Boukari MLXX0032
Boukari-Samba MLXX6605
Boukaribougou MLXX3881
Boukarila MLXX8642
Boukebougou MLXX3882
Boukouda MLXX1031
Boukourouni MLXX1032
Boukoutinnti MLXX1033
Boula MLXX6606
Boula MLXX3883
Boulabassi MLXX6607
Boulandissou MLXX1034
Boularou MLXX1035
Boule MLXX6608
Boule MLXX1036
Boulel MLXX1037
Boulerou MLXX6609
Bouli MLXX1038
Bouli Bani MLXX1039
Bouli Kadiere MLXX1040
Boulibafa MLXX6610
Boulibana MLXX1041
Boulibana MLXX3884
Boulibanda MLXX1042
Boulol MLXX3885
Boulonkobougou MLXX3886
Boulou Abaidate MLXX1043
Boulou Rangabel MLXX1044
Boulou Torabe MLXX1045
Boulouba MLXX1046
Boulougou MLXX3887
Bouloukoro MLXX8643
Bouloukou MLXX3888
Bouloukouma MLXX3889
Boulouli MLXX1047
Boulouli-Ware MLXX1049
Bouloumba MLXX1050
Boulouyel MLXX1051
Boumala MLXX8644
Boumban MLXX6611
Boumbou Koro MLXX6612
Boumboum MLXX6613
Boumoudo MLXX3890
Boumouke MLXX1052
Boumountoukoro MLXX3891
Bouna MLXX8645
Bouna MLXX6614
Bounala MLXX1053
Bounbouro MLXX6615
Bounderi MLXX6616
Boundio MLXX8646
Boundioba MLXX8647
Boundiou MLXX8648
Boundjiguire MLXX3892
Boundo MLXX3893
Boundou MLXX6617
Boundou MLXX3894
Boundou Soue MLXX6618
Boundouerou MLXX6619
Boundougourou MLXX1054
Boundounke MLXX1055
Boundourolo MLXX1056
Bounga MLXX6620
Boungouma MLXX3895
Bounguel MLXX6621
Bounou MLXX6622
Bounounko MLXX8649
Bounti MLXX6623
Bountou MLXX1057
Bountoumba MLXX1058
Bountoun MLXX1059
Bouodo MLXX3896
Bouoro MLXX3897
Bouotou MLXX3898
Boura MLXX8650
Bouraba MLXX3899
Bourabanta MLXX1060
Bourakebougou MLXX3900
Bourala MLXX8651
Bourama MLXX1061
Bouramabougou MLXX8652
Bouramabougou MLXX3901
Bouras MLXX3902
Bourdala MLXX1062
Bourdala MLXX3903
Bourdala MLXX6624
Bourdyadye MLXX3904
Boure MLXX6625
Bourea MLXX1063
Boureko MLXX1064
Bourela MLXX1065
Bourem MLXX0464
Bourem Forassi MLXX0465
Bourem Guindou MLXX0466
Boureya MLXX1066
Bouro MLXX6626
Bourou MLXX3905
Bourouki MLXX1067
Bouroukorola MLXX1068
Bouroukou MLXX1069
Bourouna MLXX3906
Boussala MLXX8653
Boussarila MLXX8654
Bousse MLXX0033
Boussigui MLXX6627
Boussou Miyou MLXX0467
Boussouma MLXX6628
Boussoura MLXX1070
Boutezekrey MLXX1072
Boutika MLXX3907
Boutissigare MLXX1073
Boutou MLXX6630
Boutounguissi MLXX1074
Boutrassie MLXX1075
Bouya MLXX3908
Bouyaga MLXX1076
Bouyagui MLXX1077
Bouyanga MLXX1078
Bowara MLXX8655
Boya Goundya MLXX0034
Boyabougou MLXX3909
Boye MLXX6631
Boyila MLXX3910
Boytini MLXX1079
Bozibougou MLXX3911
Bozola MLXX0327
Bozolaniarela MLXX0328
Brahimabougou MLXX3912
Brama MLXX8656
Bramabougou MLXX8657
Bramassarola MLXX1080
Bransantoumou MLXX1081
Brelangui MLXX1082
Brie MLXX0468
Bronbila MLXX8658
Bweyzia MLXX3913
Chabaria MLXX0469
Changala MLXX3914
Charlotville MLXX6632
Chebougoula MLXX3915
Chefa MLXX3916
Chela MLXX3917
Chembe MLXX0470
Cheudeum MLXX3918
Chiankoro MLXX3919
Chie MLXX1083
Chieme MLXX8659
Chikoloma MLXX8660
Chkata Koroute MLXX1084
Choala MLXX3920
Chognolou MLXX6633
Cholabougou MLXX3921
Chouala MLXX8661
Choula MLXX3922
Chyo MLXX3923
Chyodo MLXX3924
Chyofie MLXX1085
Chyokoro MLXX3925
Daba MLXX6634
Daba MLXX3926
Daba MLXX1086
Dababougou MLXX8662
Dababougou MLXX3927
Dabai Amate MLXX1087
Dabai Ameidi MLXX1088
Dabai Founabie MLXX1089
Dabai Kebou MLXX1090
Dabai Nai MLXX1091
Dabai Sidi MLXX1092
Dabai Wali MLXX1093
Dabakabougou MLXX3928
Dabakari MLXX8663
Dabako MLXX3929
Dabakourouna MLXX3930
Dabala MLXX3931
Daban MLXX3932
Dabani MLXX3933
Dabar MLXX1094
Dabara MLXX1095
Dabay MLXX1096
Dabay MLXX3934
Dabaya MLXX1097
Dabielabougou MLXX8664
Dabigholon MLXX1098
Dabiya MLXX1099
Dabo MLXX1100
Dabora MLXX1101
Dadia MLXX1102
Dadiou MLXX6635
Dadiougoubala MLXX8665
Dadiougoukoulou MLXX1103
Dadou MLXX3935
Dadyebougou MLXX3936
Daele MLXX1104
Dafara MLXX1105
Dafara I MLXX3937
Dafara II MLXX3938
Dafebougou MLXX3939
Dafela MLXX1106
Daforo MLXX3940
Dag-Dag MLXX1107
Daga MLXX6636
Daga-Daga MLXX6637
Dagabide MLXX6638
Dagada MLXX6639
Dagadou MLXX3941
Dagaina MLXX1108
Dagama MLXX6640
Dagambe MLXX6641
Dagani MLXX6642
Dagara MLXX1109
Dagarekourou MLXX1110
Dagari MLXX1111
Daguere Digani MLXX6643
Daguere Modi MLXX6644
Dagui MLXX3942
Daguia MLXX1112
Daguima MLXX1113
Daidourou MLXX6645
Daima MLXX6646
Daina MLXX6647
Daka Deki MLXX1114
Daka Makana MLXX1115
Daka Saidou MLXX1116
Daka-Baba MLXX6649
Daka-Bibale MLXX6650
Daka-Koma MLXX6651
Dakabiba MLXX6652
Dakabori MLXX6653
Dakaboube MLXX1117
Dakabougou MLXX3943
Dakadian MLXX6654
Dakafiountou MLXX6655
Dakakoto MLXX1118
Dakakouko MLXX6656
Dakala Bougou MLXX6657
Dakandape MLXX1119
Dakassenou MLXX1120
Dakeoule MLXX6658
Dako Bambara MLXX6659
Dako-Malinke MLXX6660
Dakolobougou MLXX3944
Dakolonbougou MLXX1121
Dakounta MLXX1122
Dakouya MLXX1123
Dala MLXX6661
Dala MLXX1124
Dalaba MLXX8666
Dalaba MLXX1125
Dalabala MLXX8667
Dalaban MLXX8668
Dalabougou MLXX1126
Dalada MLXX8669
Daladiaran MLXX1127
Dalagoue MLXX8670
Dalakan MLXX8671
Dalakana MLXX3945
Dalala MLXX1128
Dalama MLXX1129
Dalane MLXX1130
Dalba MLXX0471
Dale MLXX8672
Dalebougou MLXX3946
Daledougou MLXX6662
Dalekanda MLXX6663
Dali MLXX3947
Dali MLXX1131
Dalissilame MLXX1132
Daloma MLXX1133
Damada MLXX6664
Damadon MLXX3948
Damafle MLXX1134
Damagari MLXX6665
Damakafata MLXX1135
Damakana MLXX6666
Damakebougou MLXX1136
Daman MLXX3949
Damanbougou MLXX1137
Damandi MLXX1138
Damankara MLXX1139
Damanko MLXX3950
Damasongo MLXX6667
Damasso MLXX8673
Damateme MLXX1140
Damba Djoube MLXX1141
Damba-Fari MLXX1142
Dambala MLXX1143
Dambela MLXX8674
Dambele MLXX1144
Dambouga MLXX1145
Dambougou MLXX3952
Damena MLXX8675
Damena MLXX1146
Damne MLXX0472
Damou MLXX8676
Damsosso MLXX6668
Dan Nha MLXX0473
Dana MLXX6669
Dana MLXX0474
Danabougou MLXX1147
Danadourou MLXX6670
Danbaka MLXX6671
Danbako MLXX1148
Danbala MLXX1149
Danbana MLXX0035
Danderesso MLXX8677
Dandoko MLXX1150
Dandoli MLXX6672
Dandougou MLXX3953
Danfa MLXX8678
Danfaka MLXX1151
Danfara MLXX3955
Danfata MLXX1152
Danfibougou MLXX3956
Danfina MLXX0036
Danfola MLXX8679
Danga MLXX6673
Dangaberi MLXX0475
Dangadie MLXX6674
Dangado MLXX3957
Dangakoro MLXX3958
Dangalambougou MLXX3959
Dangatene MLXX6675
Dangatene MLXX3960
Dangeli MLXX3961
Dango MLXX3962
Dangolon MLXX3963
Dangorola MLXX3964
Dangoukoura MLXX8680
Danguedou MLXX3965
Danguena MLXX8681
Dangueniedo MLXX3966
Dani MLXX8682
Dani MLXX3967
Dani-Ouro MLXX6676
Dani-Sare MLXX6677
Daniabatakoda MLXX1153
Daniasso MLXX8683
Danigounda MLXX0476
Dankan MLXX3968
Dankassa MLXX3969
Dankassene MLXX3970
Dankelena MLXX6678
Dankolo MLXX3971
Dankorotouga MLXX3972
Dankourou MLXX1154
Dankoussa MLXX6679
Danmba MLXX3973
Danpankoura MLXX3975
Dansa MLXX6680
Dansana MLXX8684
Dantare Ouologo MLXX1155
Dantari MLXX1156
Dantiande MLXX6681
Dantiokoro MLXX8685
Dantiola MLXX8686
Dantyan MLXX3976
Danya MLXX3977
Dao MLXX6682
Dao Sorkey MLXX0477
Daola MLXX8687
Daouda MLXX8688
Daoudabougou MLXX3978
Daoudabougou MLXX0329
Daoulasso MLXX8689
Daoulasso-Diassa MLXX8690
Daoulenia MLXX1157
Daouli MLXX6683
Daouna Bere MLXX8691
Dar Salam MLXX1158
Dar Salam MLXX0330
Dar-Salam MLXX1160
Dara MLXX3979
Dara MLXX6684
Darabo MLXX1161
Darabougou MLXX8692
Darabougou MLXX3980
Darakele MLXX3981
Darakono MLXX3982
Daral MLXX3983
Daram MLXX0478
Daramane MLXX6685
Daramane MLXX1162
Daramboungala MLXX1163
Darani MLXX3984
Daraolila MLXX8693
Daraou MLXX1164
Darele MLXX1165
Daressalam MLXX1166
Dari MLXX6686
Dari-Selouma MLXX6687
Daribera MLXX1167
Darifoufou MLXX3985
Darouma MLXX1168
Daroussalam MLXX1169
Darrabougou MLXX3986
Darsalam MLXX3987
Darsalam MLXX1170
Darsalami MLXX1171
Darsilami MLXX1172
Dassara MLXX1173
Dassi MLXX6688
Dassombougou MLXX3988
Dassoumbougou MLXX3989
Datekmaro MLXX8694
Datiaga MLXX1174
Davo MLXX0037
Day MLXX3990
Ddabaran MLXX8695
De MLXX8696
De MLXX6689
Debai Amate MLXX0038
Debare MLXX6690
Debay Marhad MLXX3992
Debay Tila MLXX3993
Debe MLXX1175
Debela MLXX8697
Debele MLXX8698
Debembougou MLXX3994
Debena MLXX6691
Debena MLXX8699
Debenoro MLXX1176
Debentoula MLXX8700
Debere MLXX6692
Debere Maounde MLXX6693
Debi Kouroumba MLXX1177
Debiavi MLXX6694
Debo Banbara MLXX1178
Debo Massassi MLXX1179
Debous MLXX3995
Dedeba MLXX1180
Dedougou MLXX6695
Deero MLXX6696
Degala MLXX3996
Degou MLXX6697
Degue MLXX6698
Degue Degue MLXX6699
Deguebo MLXX8701
Deguena MLXX6700
Degueneda MLXX6701
Deguenedou MLXX6702
Deguere MLXX1181
Deguere MLXX6703
Deguessogou MLXX6704
Degueta MLXX3997
Degui MLXX6705
Deguimbere MLXX6706
Deide MLXX1182
Dekichebaugou MLXX3998
Deko MLXX1183
Dekorobougou MLXX8702
Delebougou MLXX3999
Demanka MLXX1184
Demba Demba MLXX1185
Demba Diara MLXX1186
Demba Nare MLXX4000
Demba Sala MLXX4001
Dembabougou MLXX4002
Dembatoumania MLXX1187
Dembela MLXX8703
Dembere MLXX6707
Demberla MLXX4003
Deme MLXX0039
Demedia MLXX6709
Demeke MLXX1188
Demeni MLXX4004
Demindian MLXX6710
Demmbala MLXX1189
Demoro MLXX6711
Demoro MLXX4005
Dempa MLXX1190
Dempaba MLXX6712
Dempari MLXX6713
Dena MLXX4006
Dena MLXX8704
Dena MLXX6714
Dendebre MLXX0479
Dengakoro MLXX4007
Dengan MLXX4008
Deni MLXX4009
Denie MLXX8705
Denie MLXX4010
Deniekoro MLXX4011
Denimba MLXX4012
Denjela MLXX8706
Dennga-Ouro MLXX6715
Dennga-Sare MLXX6716
Denso MLXX8707
Denyekoro MLXX4013
Dera MLXX6717
Derbasso MLXX8708
Derefoukoute MLXX8709
Dereguile MLXX1191
Deresso MLXX8710
Deri MLXX6718
Derou MLXX6719
Dessebougou MLXX4014
Dessere MLXX6720
Dessogou MLXX6721
Detabougou MLXX4015
Dezebela MLXX8711
Dia MLXX6722
Diaba MLXX6723
Diababougou MLXX4016
Diabadji MLXX1192
Diabaguela MLXX1193
Diabakebougou MLXX4017
Diabakou MLXX1194
Diabala MLXX8712
Diabala MLXX1195
Diabani MLXX8713
Diabarana MLXX1196
Diabaya MLXX1197
Diabe MLXX1198
Diabe Kanso MLXX1199
Diabedebe MLXX1200
Diabessamou MLXX1201
Diabeya MLXX1202
Diabi MLXX6724
Diabi MLXX1203
Diabidiala MLXX1204
Diabigue MLXX1205
Diabira MLXX1206
Diablo MLXX6725
Diabougou MLXX1207
Diabougou MLXX8714
Diabougou-Segala MLXX1208
Diabressadi MLXX1209
Diadia MLXX1210
Diadiela MLXX1211
Diadio MLXX4018
Diadioma MLXX6726
Diadioumbera MLXX1212
Diadji MLXX1213
Diadjirila MLXX4019
Diadoulaba MLXX8715
Diafarabe MLXX6727
Diafarana MLXX0040
Diafibougou MLXX4020
Diafimbougou MLXX4021
Diagala MLXX1214
Diagana MLXX1215
Diago MLXX4022
Diago Koro MLXX4023
Diagounte MLXX1216
Diaguila MLXX1217
Diaguina MLXX1218
Diai Koura MLXX1219
Diai Tougoune MLXX1220
Diaka MLXX0042
Diakaba MLXX1221
Diakali MLXX1222
Diakamedi MLXX1223
Diakankore MLXX0043
Diakara MLXX1224
Diakavel MLXX6728
Diakele MLXX8717
Diakera MLXX6729
Diakha MLXX1225
Diako MLXX8718
Diako MLXX1226
Diako MLXX4024
Diakola MLXX8719
Diakone MLXX1227
Diakoni MLXX4025
Diakoni MLXX0331
Diakoro MLXX8720
Diakoro MLXX4026
Diakorola MLXX8721
Diakounkofela MLXX1229
Diakoura MLXX4027
Diakouri MLXX6730
Diakoutame MLXX1230
Diala MLXX1231
Diala MLXX8722
Dialabougou MLXX1232
Dialadian MLXX1233
Dialadibi MLXX1234
Dialadidian MLXX1235
Dialado MLXX4028
Dialafara MLXX1236
Dialafara Ghama MLXX1237
Dialafoundou MLXX4029
Dialaga MLXX1238
Dialagou MLXX6731
Dialaka MLXX1239
Dialakemoro MLXX1240
Dialakenyi MLXX4030
Dialako MLXX1241
Dialakon MLXX1242
Dialakoni MLXX1243
Dialakora MLXX1244
Dialakoro MLXX1245
Dialakoro MLXX4031
Dialakoro MLXX8723
Dialakoroba MLXX8724
Dialakoroba MLXX0045
Dialakorobougou MLXX4032
Dialakorodji MLXX1247
Dialakorodji MLXX0332
Dialakoroni MLXX4033
Dialakoroni MLXX8725
Dialakoto MLXX1248
Dialamadi MLXX4034
Dialamadji MLXX1249
Dialamakoli MLXX1250
Dialanbi MLXX1251
Dialanda MLXX8726
Dialanikoro MLXX4035
Dialanikoro MLXX8727
Dialaninkoro MLXX4036
Dialara MLXX1252
Dialaya MLXX1253
Dialeani MLXX1254
Dialera MLXX1255
Dialigui MLXX6732
Dialikebafata MLXX1256
Dialla MLXX4037
Diallassagou MLXX6733
Diallaye MLXX6734
Dialo MLXX1257
Dialola MLXX1258
Dialoubatomo MLXX1259
Dialoube MLXX6735
Diam MLXX6736
Diam Koko MLXX6737
Diam Veli MLXX6738
Diama MLXX6739
Diamabougou MLXX8728
Diamadi MLXX4038
Diamadji MLXX4039
Diamakole MLXX8729
Diamala MLXX6740
Diamala MLXX8730
Diamandio MLXX6741
Diamangolo MLXX6742
Diamanikoura MLXX4040
Diamba Katadaka MLXX1260
Diamba-Kourou MLXX6743
Diambabougou MLXX4041
Diambadougou MLXX6744
Diambe MLXX1261
Diamberebougou MLXX4042
Diambogo MLXX8731
Diambouroundiana MLXX1262
Diameli MLXX0480
Diamera MLXX1264
Diamina MLXX6745
Diamini MLXX6746
Diamissabougou MLXX4043
Diamonda MLXX6747
Diamou MLXX1268
Diamoukata MLXX1269
Diamouna MLXX8733
Diamoussirala MLXX8734
Diamtoukoule MLXX6748
Dian MLXX6749
Dianba MLXX1270
Dianbala MLXX4044
Dianbougou MLXX6750
Dianbougou MLXX8735
Diandian MLXX4045
Diandiana MLXX8736
Diandiana MLXX1271
Diandiola MLXX4046
Diandioume MLXX0046
Diandjiguila MLXX4047
Diandoume MLXX1272
Dianega MLXX1273
Dianeguebougou MLXX4048
Dianela MLXX4051
Dianfa MLXX1274
Dianfabougou MLXX4052
Dianfe MLXX4053
Dianga MLXX6751
Diangadara MLXX1275
Dianganda MLXX6752
Diangau MLXX6753
Diango MLXX4054
Diangolou MLXX6754
Diangoula MLXX1276
Diangounte MLXX1277
Diangoute Kamara MLXX0047
Dianguinare MLXX6755
Dianguinebougou MLXX4055
Dianguirde MLXX1278
Diani MLXX1279
Dianiduma MLXX4056
Dianikasse MLXX1280
Dianikoro MLXX8737
Dianikoro MLXX4057
Dianinkoro MLXX4058
Dianiobougou MLXX4059
Dianirila MLXX8738
Diankabou MLXX6756
Diankarela MLXX4060
Dianko MLXX8739
Diankoro MLXX8740
Diankorodougou MLXX8741
Diankounte MLXX1281
Dianori MLXX6757
Dianou MLXX6758
Diantakaye MLXX6759
Dianveli MLXX6760
Dianveli Kesel MLXX6761
Dianveli Maounde MLXX6762
Dianwele MLXX6763
Dianweli MLXX6764
Diao MLXX8742
Diaouarala MLXX1282
Diara MLXX1283
Diarababougou MLXX4061
Diarabougou MLXX4062
Diaradoromou MLXX1284
Diarafoufou MLXX4063
Diaraga MLXX6765
Diarakongo MLXX8743
Diarakoro MLXX4064
Diarakoun MLXX8744
Diarala MLXX8745
Diaranguedou MLXX1285
Diarani MLXX8746
Diaratoura MLXX6766
Diarede MLXX6767
Diarela MLXX4065
Diarele MLXX1286
Diariga MLXX1287
Diarindi MLXX1288
Diarokala MLXX8747
Diassa MLXX8748
Diassa-Ouleni MLXX8749
Diassaba MLXX8750
Diassague MLXX8751
Diassani MLXX4066
Diassiguibougou MLXX1289
Diassola MLXX8752
Diassongoufa MLXX1290
Diataka MLXX6768
Diatala MLXX1291
Diatamoussa MLXX1292
Diatawali MLXX1293
Diati MLXX8753
Diatissann MLXX1294
Diatle MLXX4067
Diatorobougou MLXX4068
Diatorobougou MLXX1295
Diatoula MLXX0333
Diaveli MLXX6769
Diawanbe MLXX1296
Diawarabougou MLXX4069
Diawarantourou MLXX1297
Diaweli MLXX6770
Diba MLXX4070
Diba MLXX1298
Diba-Kona MLXX6771
Dibakolo MLXX4071
Diban MLXX8754
Dibaro MLXX4072
Dibia MLXX1299
Dibila MLXX4073
Diboli MLXX1300
Dibougou MLXX4074
Dibougou MLXX1301
Dibougoukoura MLXX4075
Didia MLXX6772
Didieni MLXX4076
Didikare MLXX4077
Didna MLXX4078
Didyana MLXX4079
Die MLXX8755
Die MLXX4080
Die MLXX6773
Dieba MLXX4081
Dieba MLXX8756
Diebali MLXX1302
Diebe MLXX8757
Diebougou MLXX4082
Diebougou MLXX8758
Dieboukara MLXX1303
Diedia MLXX1304
Diedie MLXX8759
Diedieni MLXX8760
Diedougou MLXX4083
Diefana MLXX4084
Diefolobougou MLXX8761
Diego MLXX4085
Dieguenina MLXX8762
Diekebougou MLXX4086
Dieki MLXX8763
Diekouma MLXX4087
Diekouna MLXX1305
Diekounadibougou MLXX6774
Diekoungo MLXX4088
Diela MLXX8764
Diele MLXX8765
Dieliba MLXX4089
Dielibani MLXX4090
Dielibougou MLXX4091
Dielinkoto MLXX4092
Diema MLXX0048
Diemaba MLXX4093
Diemabougou MLXX4094
Diembanouma MLXX1306
Diembene MLXX1307
Diemboya MLXX1308
Dieme MLXX6775
Diemeno MLXX4095
Diemessogou MLXX6776
Diemodari MLXX1309
Dien MLXX6777
Diena MLXX0049
Diena MLXX8766
Diena MLXX4096
Diendjila MLXX4097
Diene MLXX1310
Dieneguebougou MLXX4098
Dienekaba MLXX4099
Dieneni MLXX8767
Diengo MLXX6779
Diengo Bambara MLXX6780
Dienguere MLXX1311
Dieni MLXX6781
Dieni MLXX4100
Dienibantan MLXX1312
Dienihdie MLXX4101
Dienindie MLXX4102
Dieninkore MLXX6782
Dienkoro MLXX8768
Dienna MLXX6783
Diennde MLXX6784
Dienndo MLXX8769
Dienngue-Dina MLXX6785
Diennsagou MLXX6786
Diensagou MLXX6787
Diensay MLXX6788
Diensobala MLXX8770
Dieou MLXX6789
Diera MLXX8771
Diera MLXX4103
Dierakoumbe MLXX1313
Dieredieredala MLXX1314
Dieribana MLXX6790
Dieribougou MLXX8772
Dierila MLXX8773
Dierima MLXX4104
Dierma MLXX6791
Diero MLXX8774
Diesere MLXX6792
Diessaba MLXX8775
Diessebougou MLXX4105
Diessoni MLXX8776
Diessou MLXX8777
Dietema MLXX1315
Dietenga MLXX6793
Dietou MLXX4106
Difemou MLXX4107
Difia MLXX4108
Diga MLXX6794
Digabougou MLXX4109
Digali MLXX1316
Digamba MLXX4110
Digan MLXX8778
Digan MLXX4111
Digani MLXX6795
Digania MLXX1317
Digari MLXX6796
Digato MLXX4112
Diginya MLXX4113
Digokori MLXX1318
Diguelou MLXX1319
Diguera MLXX1320
Digui MLXX4114
Diguidian MLXX1321
Diguidigui MLXX8779
Diguila MLXX1322
Diguina MLXX4115
Diguine MLXX1323
Diguiron MLXX1324
Diguisseme MLXX1325
Diguissire MLXX6797
Diguitala MLXX1326
Diguiya MLXX1327
Dikaroni MLXX1328
Dikinia MLXX6798
Diko MLXX4116
Diko MLXX1329
Dikoba MLXX1330
Dilafa MLXX4117
Dilenkona MLXX4118
Dili MLXX4119
Dilia MLXX1331
Dim Na MLXX6799
Dim-Deima MLXX6800
Dimandara MLXX1332
Dimango MLXX6801
Dimbala MLXX1333
Dimbou MLXX6802
Dimel-Ndola MLXX6803
Dimi MLXX6804
Dimina MLXX1334
Dimitero MLXX6805
Dimmbal MLXX6806
Dimmbanboye MLXX1335
Dimmbele MLXX6807
Dina MLXX4120
Dinakoura MLXX4121
Dinan-Bambara MLXX4122
Dinan-Marka MLXX4123
Dinangorou MLXX6808
Dinba Diaba MLXX1336
Dinba Dinba MLXX1337
Dinba Moussaya MLXX1338
Dinbala MLXX8780
Dinbela MLXX8781
Dinda MLXX6809
Dinda Kanda MLXX6810
Dindali MLXX1339
Dindali MLXX6811
Dindan MLXX1340
Dindanko MLXX1341
Dinde MLXX0481
Dindera MLXX1342
Dindia MLXX6812
Dindifo MLXX1343
Dinemanbougou MLXX1344
Dinga MLXX4125
Dingasso MLXX8782
Dingouala MLXX8783
Dingueta MLXX1345
Dinguira-Almamia MLXX1346
Dinguira-Logo MLXX1347
Dini MLXX6813
Dini MLXX1348
Dinian MLXX8784
Dinimani MLXX1349
Dinindiebougou MLXX4126
Dinkou MLXX4127
Dinkoulou MLXX4128
Dinnbasso MLXX8785
Dinndinae MLXX1350
Dinndinae Nibeya MLXX1351
Dinndinankare MLXX1352
Dinnga MLXX6814
Dinnguidanga MLXX6815
Dinnguilou MLXX0050
Dintaka MLXX6816
Dinto MLXX6817
Dinyakoro MLXX4129
Dinyan MLXX4130
Dinyi MLXX6818
Dio MLXX0051
Dio MLXX6819
Dio-Gare MLXX4131
Dio-Village MLXX4132
Dioba MLXX1353
Diobo MLXX8786
Dioboro MLXX6820
Diobougou MLXX4133
Diodia MLXX8787
Diodiandie MLXX4134
Dioforongo MLXX0041
Diogi-Ouro MLXX6821
Diogo MLXX4135
Diogui-Sare MLXX6822
Diohou MLXX6823
Dioila MLXX4136
Dioka MLXX0052
Diokalabougou MLXX4137
Diokalani MLXX4138
Dioke MLXX1354
Diokeba MLXX1355
Diokela MLXX8788
Diokelebougou MLXX4139
Dioko MLXX4140
Diokobougou MLXX4141
Diokomassabougou MLXX4142
Diolel MLXX6824
Diolli MLXX6825
Diom MLXX1356
Diomamadji MLXX1357
Diomana MLXX8789
Diomanbougou MLXX4143
Diombile MLXX4144
Diombolodo MLXX6826
Diombololeye MLXX6827
Diombougou MLXX8790
Diomon MLXX8791
Diomou MLXX6828
Dion MLXX6829
Diona MLXX6830
Dionbougou MLXX8792
Diondala MLXX8793
Diondiori MLXX6831
Diondo MLXX6832
Diondougou MLXX1359
Dioneguebougou MLXX1360
Dionfa MLXX1361
Dionfakourou MLXX1362
Dionfala MLXX1363
Dionfara MLXX1364
Diongaga MLXX0053
Diongane MLXX1365
Diongo Mani MLXX0054
Diongoi MLXX0055
Diongoro MLXX6833
Diongourou MLXX1366
Diongui Diongui MLXX1367
Dioni MLXX1368
Dioni MLXX4145
Dioni MLXX6834
Dionimbougou MLXX4146
Dionkala MLXX8794
Dionkala MLXX4147
Dionkofe MLXX1369
Dionkone MLXX8796
Dionkoulane MLXX1370
Dionna MLXX8797
Diono MLXX4148
Dionroumbo MLXX1371
Dionsala MLXX8798
Dionvola MLXX0056
Dioria MLXX0057
Dioribougou MLXX4149
Diorobougou MLXX6835
Diorone MLXX4150
Diossebougou MLXX8799
Diossebougou MLXX4151
Diossena MLXX8800
Diossewala MLXX1372
Diossian MLXX8801
Diotegue MLXX4152
Diou MLXX8802
Diouama MLXX4153
Diouan MLXX6836
Dioubairou MLXX6837
Dioubeba MLXX1373
Dioubedala MLXX1374
Dioubeto MLXX1375
Dioudiou MLXX1376
Dioufoya Ba MLXX1377
Dioufoya-Farako MLXX1379
Diougoufinn MLXX1380
Diougoumana MLXX1381
Diougouminata MLXX1382
Diougoun MLXX1383
Diougouna MLXX6838
Diougouna MLXX4154
Diougouni MLXX6839
Diougounte MLXX1384
Diougui-Dimba MLXX6840
Diougui-Maounde MLXX6841
Diouka MLXX8803
Diouki MLXX1385
Diouko MLXX4155
Diouladiassa MLXX4156
Dioulafandou MLXX1386
Dioulafondo MLXX4158
Dioulafoundou MLXX1387
Dioulafoundouba MLXX0058
Dioumamana MLXX4159
Dioumanani MLXX0059
Dioumani MLXX4160
Dioumanina MLXX4161
Dioumantene MLXX8804
Dioumanzana MLXX0060
Dioumatene MLXX8805
Dioumdiourere MLXX6842
Dioumekon MLXX1388
Dioumou MLXX1389
Diounfara MLXX1390
Dioungani MLXX6843
Dioungou MLXX0061
Diounkoro MLXX4162
Diounol MLXX6844
Dioupi MLXX1391
Dioura MLXX1392
Dioura MLXX6845
Diourkasso MLXX8806
Diourola MLXX8807
Diouroula MLXX1393
Diowara MLXX0062
Dipari MLXX1394
Dira MLXX1395
Dira MLXX4163
Dirakekabougou MLXX1396
Diran MLXX8808
Dirbangou MLXX0482
Dire MLXX0063
Dire MLXX1397
Dire Dakounta MLXX1398
Diredara MLXX1399
Direlabe MLXX1400
Direwologo MLXX1401
Dirimbe MLXX6846
Dirinnga MLXX1402
Dirmadio MLXX6847
Diro MLXX4164
Dirokourani MLXX4165
Disila MLXX4166
Dissa MLXX6848
Dissan MLXX4167
Dissan MLXX8809
Dissore MLXX6849
Ditanga MLXX6850
Dite MLXX1403
Diton MLXX1404
Diyabougou MLXX1405
Djafara MLXX1406
Djanbourou MLXX1407
Djanga MLXX6851
Djeboute MLXX1408
Djekoumako MLXX1409
Djeli-Mahe MLXX0064
Djelimagara MLXX1410
Djelissadji MLXX1411
Djengoule MLXX1412
Djenne MLXX0065
Djenye MLXX4168
Djiadiani MLXX4169
Djiba MLXX4170
Djibadougou MLXX8810
Djibala MLXX8811
Djibala MLXX4171
Djibara MLXX6852
Djibassi MLXX1413
Djibia MLXX4172
Djibitaga MLXX6853
Djiblebougou MLXX4173
Djiblena MLXX8812
Djibougou MLXX4174
Djibougou MLXX8813
Djibougou MLXX1414
Djibougouni MLXX4175
Djibouroula MLXX4176
Djibrouia MLXX0066
Djida MLXX4177
Djidian MLXX0067
Djidian Kenieba MLXX1415
Djidian Kenyeba MLXX0068
Djidiana MLXX4178
Djidianda MLXX4179
Djidibi MLXX1416
Djidie MLXX8814
Djidie MLXX4180
Djidiebougou MLXX4181
Djidieni MLXX4182
Djidjina MLXX6854
Djifale MLXX4183
Djigali MLXX1417
Djigan MLXX6855
Djigibougou MLXX4184
Djigouma MLXX1418
Djigue MLXX4185
Djiguela MLXX4186
Djiguela MLXX1419
Djiguenesso MLXX8815
Djigui MLXX6856
Djiguia MLXX1420
Djiguibambo MLXX6857
Djiguibougou MLXX4187
Djiguidala MLXX4188
Djiguila MLXX1422
Djiguilamor MLXX1423
Djiguine MLXX6858
Djija MLXX1424
Djikabougou MLXX4190
Djiki MLXX4191
Djikone MLXX4192
Djikoroni MLXX0334
Djikouma MLXX4193
Djikouna MLXX0069
Djikounani MLXX8816
Djikoungoni MLXX4194
Djikourma MLXX8817
Djikoye MLXX1425
Djila MLXX4195
Djila-Finyana MLXX4196
Djile MLXX6859
Djimatogo MLXX6860
Djime MLXX4197
Djime MLXX8818
Djimebougou MLXX4198
Djimekourani MLXX4199
Djimekourou MLXX1426
Djimerou MLXX6862
Djimindo MLXX6863
Djinaban MLXX6864
Djinague MLXX1427
Djinajo MLXX6865
Djinakolonba MLXX8819
Djinassogou MLXX6866
Djindie MLXX8820
Djine MLXX8821
Djinetoumaninala MLXX8822
Djinfin MLXX4200
Djingje MLXX1429
Djinidie MLXX4201
Djinidiebougou MLXX4202
Djinidiela MLXX4203
Djinifina MLXX4204
Djinigue MLXX1430
Djinikorola MLXX8823
Djinina MLXX4205
Djinje MLXX1431
Djinkoni MLXX4206
Djinkourou MLXX8824
Djinndjinnbounda MLXX1432
Djinnfiti MLXX1433
Djinntoi MLXX4207
Djionkoulou MLXX1434
Djiribabougou MLXX8825
Djiribabougou MLXX4208
Djirikoro MLXX1435
Djirila MLXX1436
Djirimassigui MLXX4209
Djirola MLXX1437
Djissan MLXX8826
Djissikina MLXX6867
Djissoumabole MLXX1438
Djissoumabougou MLXX4210
Djitamana MLXX8827
Djoboeye MLXX6868
Djodaloma MLXX1439
Djoliba MLXX4211
Djyeway MLXX1440
Dladie MLXX4212
Dladiebougou MLXX4213
Dlana MLXX4214
Doasso MLXX8828
Dobaleya MLXX1441
Dobe MLXX6869
Dobilali MLXX4215
Dobolo MLXX6870
Dobougou MLXX8829
Dodougou MLXX4216
Dofakoto MLXX1442
Dofina MLXX6871
Dogafara MLXX1443
Dogani MLXX6872
Dogbeledougou MLXX8830
Dogo MLXX8831
Dogo MLXX6873
Dogoba MLXX4217
Dogobala MLXX8832
Dogobala MLXX0335
Dogobala MLXX6874
Dogoe MLXX4218
Dogofili MLXX1444
Dogofiliba MLXX1445
Dogofilini MLXX1446
Dogon MLXX6875
Dogonasso MLXX8833
Dogoni MLXX4219
Dogonie MLXX8834
Dogonimbougou MLXX4220
Dogoro MLXX0070
Dogotou MLXX4222
Doichi MLXX4223
Dokala MLXX4224
Dokenbougou MLXX4225
Doko MLXX6876
Dokotou MLXX4226
Dole MLXX4227
Dolighoto MLXX1447
Dolimala MLXX4228
Dologou MLXX6877
Dolonguebougou MLXX0071
Doloum MLXX6878
Dom MLXX6879
Doma MLXX4229
Doma MLXX6880
Domba MLXX8835
Dombana MLXX4230
Dombana MLXX8836
Dombara MLXX6881
Dombatiamba MLXX8837
Dombia MLXX6882
Dombia MLXX1448
Dombila MLXX4231
Domblossogou MLXX6883
Dome MLXX6884
Domi MLXX4232
Domni MLXX6885
Domo MLXX6886
Domono MLXX4233
Domossela MLXX4234
Dompa MLXX6887
Dompele MLXX6888
Don MLXX6889
Don MLXX8838
Donadji Banko MLXX4235
Donba MLXX8839
Donbira MLXX6890
Donbla MLXX4236
Donbone MLXX1449
Dondea MLXX1450
Dondeguenibougou MLXX4237
Dondouli MLXX6892
Doneguebougou MLXX4238
Doneguela MLXX4239
Doney MLXX0483
Donfanani MLXX8840
Dongka MLXX1451
Dongo MLXX4240
Dongomey MLXX0484
Dongon MLXX1452
Dongori MLXX4241
Dongoro MLXX6893
Dongosori MLXX6894
Dongossori MLXX6895
Dongoy MLXX0485
Donguene MLXX4242
Donguenebougou MLXX4243
Donhale MLXX6896
Doni MLXX4244
Doniambougou MLXX4245
Doniena MLXX8841
Donimabougou MLXX4246
Doniobougou MLXX4247
Donioumana MLXX4248
Donkelena MLXX8842
Donkene MLXX4249
Donkerila MLXX8843
Donkono MLXX6897
Donkoro MLXX4250
Donkorona MLXX4251
Dono MLXX4252
Donobougou MLXX4253
Donsela MLXX8844
Dontambougou MLXX8845
Donterebougou MLXX4254
Dontereke MLXX8846
Dontieribougou MLXX4255
Donyimebougou MLXX4256
Donzoni MLXX8847
Dopela MLXX8848
Dopi MLXX1453
Dorea MLXX1454
Dorebougou MLXX4257
Dori MLXX6898
Doriba MLXX4258
Doribougou MLXX4259
Doribougouni MLXX4260
Doro MLXX6899
Dorobala MLXX4261
Dorodon MLXX6900
Dorofere MLXX1455
Dorogoundia MLXX0486
Doroiti MLXX1456
Dorosso MLXX8849
Dorou MLXX6901
Dorovel MLXX6902
Doroy MLXX4262
Dosorola MLXX4263
Dossamabougou MLXX4264
Dossebougou MLXX4265
Dossekabougou MLXX4266
Dosseribougou MLXX4267
Dossola MLXX8850
Dossorola MLXX4268
Dossou MLXX6903
Dossouma MLXX4269
Dotan MLXX4270
Dotiambougou MLXX4271
Dotlembougou MLXX4272
Dotobougou MLXX6904
Dotyena MLXX4273
Doua MLXX6905
Douabougou MLXX4274
Douakorla MLXX8851
Douale MLXX1457
Douale MLXX8852
Douaragoune MLXX1458
Douarebougou MLXX4275
Douari MLXX6906
Douba MLXX4276
Doubabougou MLXX1459
Doubabougou MLXX4277
Doubala MLXX4278
Doubalakoro MLXX4279
Doubalakoura MLXX4280
Doubasso MLXX8853
Doubel MLXX0487
Doubel MLXX1460
Doubena MLXX6907
Doubere MLXX1461
Douentza MLXX6908
Doufanian MLXX4281
Doufoko MLXX1462
Dougabo MLXX4282
Dougakorola MLXX1463
Dougan MLXX4283
Dougara MLXX6909
Dougo MLXX6910
Dougoubara MLXX1465
Dougoufing MLXX8854
Dougougouelen MLXX4284
Dougouibarakaia MLXX1467
Dougoukolobougou MLXX8855
Dougoumetara MLXX1468
Dougoumousso MLXX8856
Dougouni MLXX4285
Dougouni MLXX8857
Dougounikoro MLXX4286
Dougounona MLXX8858
Dougounoukou MLXX1469
Dougouperebougou MLXX8859
Dougourakoro MLXX4287
Dougourakoro MLXX1470
Dougourakoro MLXX0336
Dougourakoroba MLXX1471
Dougourakoroni MLXX1472
Dougourani MLXX6911
Dougourenndji MLXX1473
Dougourila MLXX8860
Dougoussa MLXX6912
Dougoussigue MLXX8861
Dougoutakoto MLXX1474
Dougoutiguila MLXX4288
Dougouye MLXX4289
Doukilabougou MLXX4290
Doukombo MLXX6913
Doukonan MLXX8862
Doukoro MLXX6914
Doukou MLXX6915
Doule MLXX6916
Doum MLXX4291
Douma MLXX4292
Douma MLXX6917
Doumadourou MLXX1475
Doumakono MLXX1476
Doumanaba MLXX8863
Doumangolo MLXX1477
Doumasso MLXX8864
Doumba MLXX0072
Doumbadjila MLXX1478
Doumbana MLXX4294
Doumbi MLXX6918
Doumbo MLXX6919
Doumbougou MLXX6920
Doumeba MLXX1479
Doumogou MLXX6921
Doumoufara MLXX1480
Doun MLXX4295
Douna MLXX8865
Douna MLXX1481
Douna MLXX6922
Dounali MLXX6923
Dounanbougou MLXX6924
Dounba MLXX1482
Dounbaga MLXX1483
Dounda MLXX6925
Dounde MLXX4296
Dounde MLXX6926
Doundere MLXX6927
Doundioulou MLXX6928
Doundiourou MLXX6929
Doundou MLXX6930
Dounfannia MLXX1484
Doungoura MLXX6931
Doungue MLXX1485
Douni MLXX6932
Douni MLXX4297
Douni MLXX1486
Dounia MLXX1487
Dounkandala MLXX1488
Dounki MLXX1489
Dounkokolo MLXX1490
Dounkoye MLXX6933
Dounoupa MLXX6934
Dounting MLXX4298
Dourabougou MLXX4299
Dourako MLXX4300
Dourei MLXX6935
Douri MLXX1491
Douro MLXX6936
Dourou MLXX6937
Dourou MLXX1492
Douroukou MLXX6938
Dourounka MLXX1493
Doussare MLXX1494
Doussogou MLXX6939
Doussoudiana MLXX8866
Doussougou MLXX0489
Doussoukane MLXX1495
Doussoungou MLXX6940
Dowaha MLXX4301
Doworibougou MLXX4302
Doye MLXX6941
Dramane MLXX1496
Dramanibougou MLXX4303
Drametou MLXX1497
Dravela MLXX0337
Drissabougou MLXX4304
Dronkati MLXX4305
Drougama MLXX6942
Dulokou MLXX1498
Durkou MLXX6943
Dyabaso MLXX8867
Dyabone MLXX1499
Dyabougou MLXX4306
Dyadye MLXX1500
Dyadyebougou MLXX4307
Dyagaba MLXX4308
Dyaka MLXX4309
Dyakouyeu MLXX4310
Dyala MLXX4311
Dyalakoro MLXX4312
Dyalakoro MLXX8868
Dyalankere MLXX4313
Dyalanyena MLXX8869
Dyaloub MLXX4314
Dyaloube MLXX0073
Dyamadoukoure MLXX1501
Dyamaga MLXX6944
Dyamakonka MLXX1502
Dyan MLXX4315
Dyana MLXX4316
Dyana MLXX8870
Dyanberebougou MLXX4317
Dyanguirla MLXX4318
Dyankabougou MLXX4319
Dyanveli MLXX4320
Dyaorela MLXX4321
Dyapi MLXX1503
Dyarabala MLXX1504
Dyarabougou MLXX4322
Dyaradjya Kamara MLXX4323
Dyarani MLXX4324
Dyaratabougou MLXX4325
Dyasela MLXX4326
Dyatara MLXX4327
Dyawekabougou MLXX1505
Dye MLXX8871
Dyeba MLXX4328
Dyebe MLXX4329
Dyebougou MLXX4330
Dyedye MLXX4331
Dyefala MLXX4332
Dyeko MLXX4333
Dyekono MLXX4334
Dyele MLXX4335
Dyeli MLXX0490
Dyelwa MLXX4336
Dyemene MLXX4337
Dyemenekoura MLXX4338
Dyen MLXX4339
Dyenbala MLXX4340
Dyendyen MLXX4341
Dyene MLXX1506
Dyenongo MLXX4342
Dyero MLXX4343
Dyininguela MLXX4344
Dyiwaye MLXX4345
Dyo MLXX4346
Dyobogou MLXX1507
Dyoka MLXX4347
Dyonbandala MLXX4348
Dyonbougou MLXX4349
Dyondougou MLXX4350
Dyongodji MLXX4351
Dyongoy MLXX4352
Dyonke MLXX4353
Dyonkoloni MLXX4354
Dyontesege MLXX4355
Dyorone MLXX4356
Dyougoudimi MLXX4357
Dyoumara MLXX1508
Dyouna MLXX8872
Ede MLXX6945
Edyoubougou MLXX4358
Eguedech MLXX0491
Eguela MLXX6946
El Arlal MLXX1509
El Bob MLXX1510
El Boba MLXX1511
El Ghamella MLXX0492
El Ghar MLXX1512
El Gleita MLXX1513
El Gouassa MLXX1514
El Greyg MLXX4359
El Guenib MLXX1515
El Hamere MLXX0074
El Kabara MLXX1516
El Kelbi MLXX1517
El Massola MLXX1518
El Tahay MLXX4360
Ela Boni MLXX6947
Elagne MLXX1519
Ele MLXX6948
Eleme MLXX1520
Elingoupou MLXX4361
Elmaki Bentia MLXX0493
Embisson MLXX6949
Emmbari MLXX6950
Ena MLXX6951
Endelle MLXX6952
Endem MLXX6953
Ene MLXX6954
Enguirde MLXX6955
Ennde MLXX6956
Enndeguem MLXX6957
Enndie MLXX6958
Enngre MLXX6959
Eoula Soue MLXX1521
Erao MLXX6960
Ere Medina MLXX1522
Eremakono MLXX0075
Eremakonokourou MLXX1524
Ergam MLXX6961
Ermakono MLXX1525
Etebouke Bogoeni MLXX0076
Fa MLXX4362
Fabalaya MLXX1526
Fabarakabougou MLXX8873
Fabassira MLXX4363
Fablana MLXX4364
Fabolasso MLXX8874
Fabougou MLXX4365
Fabougoula MLXX4366
Faboula MLXX8875
Faboulabougou MLXX8876
Fadabougou MLXX4367
Fadabougou MLXX8877
Fadama MLXX4368
Fadia MLXX8878
Fadiari MLXX6962
Fadiedala MLXX4369
Fadiguila MLXX1527
Fadiobougou MLXX4370
Fadiola MLXX4371
Fadioungoula MLXX4372
Fadou MLXX1528
Fadouga Madina MLXX1529
Fadougou MLXX1530
Fadougou MLXX4373
Fadyebougou MLXX1531
Fafa MLXX0494
Fafa MLXX4374
Faga MLXX1532
Fagouna MLXX0495
Fakarbe MLXX6963
Fakele MLXX8879
Fakobougou MLXX4375
Fakola MLXX8880
Fakoni MLXX8881
Fala MLXX4377
Fala MLXX8882
Fala-Bala MLXX4378
Falaba MLXX4379
Falaba MLXX1533
Falaba MLXX8883
Falababe MLXX4380
Falaboula MLXX8884
Faladie MLXX0077
Faladie MLXX8885
Faladie MLXX0338
Falaka MLXX4381
Falako MLXX4382
Falakono MLXX4383
Falakoro MLXX8886
Falakouna MLXX4384
Falakouna MLXX8887
Falambougou MLXX4385
Falan MLXX4386
Falanga MLXX1534
Falani MLXX8888
Falani MLXX4387
Falanibougouda MLXX4388
Falanikoungo MLXX4389
Falaninko MLXX4390
Falanta MLXX4391
Falaya MLXX0339
Falayekabougouda MLXX4392
Falea MLXX0078
Falebougou MLXX4393
Falekebougou MLXX4394
Falema MLXX0079
Falembougou MLXX4395
Falembougou MLXX6964
Falena MLXX4396
Falibougou MLXX4397
Falibougouni MLXX4398
Falikabougou MLXX4399
Falikoura MLXX1537
Falikourou MLXX1538
Fallou MLXX6965
Falou MLXX4400
Fama MLXX8889
Famagabougou MLXX1539
Famagambougou MLXX1540
Famana MLXX8890
Famanbougou MLXX8891
Famasso MLXX8892
Fambina MLXX1541
Famessasso MLXX8893
Famibougou MLXX8894
Famoribougou MLXX4402
Famorila MLXX8895
Famou MLXX4403
Famsala MLXX6966
Famsare MLXX6967
Fana MLXX4404
Fanabougou MLXX6968
Fanafie Koro MLXX4405
Fanafie Koura MLXX4406
Fanale MLXX4407
Fandala MLXX8896
Fandiala MLXX8897
Fanebougou MLXX4408
Faneme MLXX8898
Fanfamba MLXX1542
Fanga MLXX0081
Fangadougou MLXX6969
Fangala MLXX1543
Fangala Kouta MLXX1544
Fangalakoto MLXX1545
Fangaoura MLXX1546
Fangare- Daka MLXX6970
Fangorona MLXX8899
Fangouan MLXX8900
Fangouele MLXX8901
Fangoumba MLXX0082
Fanguene MLXX1547
Fanhala MLXX8902
Fani MLXX4409
Fani MLXX8903
Fani MLXX0083
Faniana MLXX8904
Fanibougou MLXX4410
Fanidiama MLXX8905
Faniena MLXX8906
Fanikodiala MLXX4411
Faniobougou MLXX4412
Fankona MLXX4413
Fansira Koro MLXX4415
Fansira Koura MLXX4416
Fanssira MLXX4417
Fantabougou MLXX1548
Fantabougou MLXX4418
Fantaoura MLXX1549
Fanterila MLXX8907
Fantieribougou MLXX8908
Fantina MLXX6971
Fanto MLXX4419
Fantola MLXX8909
Fantyerila MLXX4420
Fanzan MLXX4421
Fao MLXX6972
Fara MLXX1550
Fara MLXX8910
Fara MLXX4422
Fara Yeni MLXX6973
Fara-Boune MLXX1551
Faraba MLXX0085
Faraba MLXX0084
Faraba MLXX8911
Faraba Farakou MLXX1553
Farababougou MLXX8912
Farabada MLXX1554
Farabado MLXX4424
Farabako MLXX4425
Farabakoro MLXX8913
Farabakoro MLXX1555
Farabakouda MLXX8914
Farabakouta MLXX1556
Farabale MLXX4426
Farabale MLXX1557
Farabale MLXX8915
Farabana MLXX1558
Farabana MLXX4427
Farabandi MLXX1559
Farabani MLXX8916
Farabani MLXX4428
Farabantouro MLXX1560
Farabantourou MLXX1561
Farabougou MLXX1562
Farabougou MLXX4429
Farada MLXX4430
Faradala MLXX1563
Faradala MLXX4431
Faradan MLXX4432
Faradara MLXX1564
Faradian MLXX1565
Faradie MLXX8917
Faradie MLXX4433
Faradie-Bamoro MLXX8918
Faradiela MLXX4434
Faradiele MLXX8919
Faradielebougou MLXX8920
Faradiguinndato MLXX1566
Faradiougou MLXX1567
Faradou MLXX4435
Faradougoula MLXX1568
Faradyala MLXX8921
Farafaradie MLXX4436
Farafe MLXX1569
Farafina MLXX4437
Farafine MLXX1570
Farafing MLXX8922
Faragangala MLXX1571
Faragouaran MLXX8923
Farague MLXX1572
Farague MLXX4438
Faraguele MLXX8924
Faragueto MLXX1573
Farakala MLXX8925
Farakan MLXX4439
Farakan Ouere MLXX4440
Farakassou MLXX8926
Farako MLXX4441
Farako MLXX8927
Farako MLXX1574
Farako Darani MLXX4442
Farakole MLXX4443
Farakoro MLXX8928
Farakoro I MLXX4444
Farakoro II MLXX4445
Farakoumi MLXX1575
Farakouna MLXX8929
Farakoundo MLXX4446
Farala MLXX8930
Farala MLXX4447
Farama MLXX4448
Farama MLXX1577
Faramaka MLXX1578
Faramana MLXX4449
Faramansonia MLXX0086
Farambabougou MLXX4450
Faran MLXX4451
Farandi MLXX1581
Faranguili MLXX1582
Farani MLXX8931
Farani MLXX4452
Farani-Fadia MLXX8932
Faranieni MLXX1583
Faranina MLXX4453
Faraninnka MLXX4454
Faraoula MLXX8933
Farassa MLXX8934
Farassababe MLXX8935
Farassama MLXX1584
Farassouma MLXX1585
Farassoumatou MLXX1586
Farawinie MLXX4455
Farazyoti MLXX0496
Fardala MLXX1587
Farefara MLXX1588
Fareme MLXX8936
Farena MLXX1589
Farga-Diassa MLXX8937
Fari MLXX1590
Fari Naguia MLXX1591
Fari Ndantari MLXX1592
Faridila MLXX1593
Fariga MLXX1594
Farigoure MLXX0497
Farikounda MLXX1595
Farina MLXX1596
Farinia MLXX1597
Farissoumana MLXX4456
Farkeli MLXX0087
Faroko MLXX1598
Faroto MLXX1599
Farsababe MLXX1600
Farsoumatou MLXX1601
Faseri-Bougou MLXX4457
Fasigala MLXX4458
Fasirimanbougou MLXX4459
Fassa MLXX4460
Fassala MLXX1602
Fassamana MLXX4461
Fassaraya MLXX1603
Fasse Guela MLXX1604
Fassebougou MLXX4462
Fassombougou MLXX4463
Fassore MLXX6974
Fassoudebe MLXX1605
Fataba MLXX0088
Fatadougou MLXX8938
Fatafali MLXX6975
Fatafi MLXX1606
Fatafinn MLXX1607
Fatagania MLXX1608
Fatako MLXX1610
Fatakole MLXX1611
Fataladji MLXX1612
Fatambougou MLXX8939
Fatanama MLXX1613
Fatao MLXX1614
Fatia MLXX8940
Fatiambougou MLXX4464
Fatiguidyana MLXX4465
Fatiguila MLXX8941
Fatimabougou MLXX8942
Fatime MLXX0089
Fatinbougou MLXX8943
Fatola MLXX1616
Fatoma MLXX6976
Fatoma MLXX4466
Fatomare MLXX6977
Fatoroma MLXX8944
Fatou MLXX8945
Fatoumanene MLXX1617
Fatyana MLXX4467
Fatyekabougou MLXX4468
Fawebougou MLXX4469
Fayada MLXX4470
Fayirabougouda MLXX4471
Fea MLXX0090
Fegoun MLXX4472
Fegui MLXX1618
Fekola MLXX1619
Fekouna MLXX8946
Fele-Fele MLXX8947
Fello Bawo MLXX1620
Feloun MLXX4473
Fema MLXX0498
Femena MLXX4474
Fendiebougou MLXX4475
Fene Messala MLXX1621
Fenebougou MLXX8948
Fenian MLXX4476
Fentala MLXX6978
Fenyiele MLXX4477
Fereko MLXX1622
Ferekoroba MLXX4478
Ferendi MLXX6979
Ferentoumou MLXX4479
Feretou MLXX8949
Ferobe MLXX6980
Fete Noti MLXX6981
Fetela MLXX8950
Fetodjie MLXX6982
Feya MLXX4480
Feyabougoufie MLXX4481
Fia MLXX6983
Fia MLXX0499
Fiana MLXX8951
Fidelo MLXX1623
Fidiko MLXX1624
Fiele MLXX4482
Fiena MLXX4483
Fienzo MLXX8952
Figouana MLXX8953
Figuirakoro MLXX4484
Figuirakoura MLXX4485
Fiko MLXX0091
Fila Dinbala MLXX1625
Filala MLXX4486
Filamana MLXX8954
Filidebe MLXX1626
Filifilode MLXX1627
Filigara MLXX1628
Filima MLXX8955
Filokolo MLXX8956
Fima MLXX8957
Fina MLXX1629
Finadji MLXX6984
Finala MLXX1630
Finana MLXX4487
Findeli MLXX1631
Findiala MLXX8958
Fingola MLXX8959
Finian MLXX4488
Finiasso MLXX8960
Finima MLXX8961
Fininngasso MLXX8962
Fininnkouo MLXX8963
Finkessiyoro MLXX4489
Finkola MLXX8964
Finkolo MLXX8965
Finkoloni MLXX8966
Finnkolo MLXX0092
Finnkolo-Zanso MLXX8968
Finyana MLXX4490
Finyanibougou MLXX4491
Firako MLXX8969
Firasso MLXX1632
Firia MLXX1633
Firthindi MLXX0500
Fissaba MLXX4492
Fissankoro MLXX8970
Fitagho MLXX1634
Fitobe MLXX6985
Fiya MLXX4493
Flabougou MLXX1635
Flabougou MLXX4494
Flako MLXX6986
Flanimbougou MLXX4495
Fo MLXX8971
Foala MLXX4496
Fodebougou MLXX1636
Fodebougou MLXX4497
Fodie MLXX1637
Foenye MLXX4498
Fofana MLXX1638
Fofara MLXX4499
Fofaya MLXX8972
Fofo MLXX4500
Fofo MLXX8973
Fogadiakoto MLXX1639
Fogoba MLXX8974
Fogoti MLXX4501
Foinye MLXX4502
Fokolore MLXX6987
Fokoro MLXX8975
Folabougou MLXX1640
Folasso MLXX8976
Folebougou MLXX1641
Folona MLXX8977
Folona MLXX4503
Folonda MLXX4504
Folondara MLXX4505
Foloni MLXX4506
Fombabougou MLXX4507
Fombana MLXX6988
Fondoubougou MLXX1644
Fonfana MLXX8978
Fonfilebougou MLXX4508
Fongou MLXX1645
Fongou Bodonka MLXX1646
Foniokori MLXX1647
Fonkoura Bakou MLXX1648
Fonkoura Kore MLXX1649
Fonsebougou MLXX8979
Fontienibougou MLXX8980
Fonzo MLXX8981
Fore MLXX1650
Forea MLXX1651
Forenioua MLXX1652
Forgo MLXX0501
Forodou MLXX6989
Foroko MLXX4509
Forokobougou MLXX4510
Foromtoumou MLXX4511
Foroniouman MLXX8982
Fotorasso MLXX8983
Fou MLXX4512
Fouarobougou MLXX4513
Foudenta MLXX1653
Fouga MLXX8984
Fouga Soumale MLXX4515
Fougadougou MLXX4516
Fougakobougou MLXX4517
Fougala MLXX8985
Fougala MLXX1654
Fougala MLXX4518
Fougalembougou MLXX4519
Fougaleni MLXX4520
Fougalensoba MLXX4521
Fougan MLXX4522
Fougani MLXX4523
Fougatie MLXX8987
Fougola MLXX1655
Fougourou MLXX1656
Fougouye MLXX4524
Fouka MLXX0341
Foukala MLXX4525
Foukara MLXX1657
Foula Ouere MLXX4526
Foula Sabe MLXX1658
Foulabougou MLXX1659
Foulaboula MLXX8988
Foulalaba MLXX8989
Foulamdama MLXX6990
Foulanguedou MLXX1660
Foulaningbougou MLXX1661
Foulankriyaba MLXX6991
Foulasso MLXX8990
Fouloumba MLXX1662
Fouloundian MLXX1663
Fouloungo MLXX4527
Foume MLXX1664
Founa MLXX8991
Foundoubougou MLXX4528
Founebougou MLXX4529
Founesso MLXX4530
Foungounba MLXX1665
Founia MLXX1666
Fountikouroula MLXX1667
Fountou MLXX1668
Foura MLXX4531
Fourala MLXX8992
Fourola MLXX1669
Fourou MLXX8993
Fouroukarane MLXX1670
Fouroukorola MLXX8994
Fourouma MLXX8995
Fourounyina MLXX4532
Fousseynibougou MLXX4533
Foussi MLXX6992
Foutiere MLXX8996
Foutouba MLXX1671
Foutougou MLXX1672
Foutoumba MLXX1673
Fransekouta MLXX1674
Fransi MLXX1675
Friguia MLXX1676
Gabame MLXX0502
Gabero MLXX0503
Gabou MLXX1677
Gadafeto MLXX1678
Gadari MLXX6993
Gade MLXX6994
Gadia MLXX6995
Gadiaba Diala MLXX1680
Gadiaba Dinba MLXX1681
Gadiangoulou MLXX1685
Gadiani MLXX1686
Gadjaji MLXX1687
Gadougou MLXX4535
Gaena MLXX0093
Gafaro-Dibe MLXX1688
Gafiti MLXX6996
Gafou MLXX1689
Gaganba MLXX6997
Gagnaga MLXX6998
Gagni MLXX1690
Gai MLXX6999
Gaima MLXX1691
Gaina MLXX7000
Gaina MLXX0094
Gakou MLXX1692
Gakoura MLXX1693
Gakouroukoto MLXX1694
Gakouroukouta MLXX1695
Gala MLXX8997
Gala MLXX0504
Gala MLXX1696
Galaba MLXX4536
Galabougou MLXX8998
Galadiou MLXX1697
Galafari MLXX1698
Galagala MLXX1699
Galaka MLXX1700
Galamadibi MLXX1701
Galamadji MLXX1702
Galamakoro MLXX1703
Galamanya MLXX4537
Galamina MLXX8999
Galassi MLXX1704
Gale MLXX0095
Galisside MLXX1705
Galla MLXX1706
Galo MLXX4538
Galou MLXX1707
Galou Beri MLXX7001
Galou Deo MLXX7002
Galou Sadie MLXX7003
Galougo MLXX0096
Galoukone MLXX1708
Gama MLXX7004
Gamabougou MLXX9000
Gamane MLXX1709
Gamaye MLXX1710
Gamba MLXX7005
Gamessiri MLXX1711
Gamni MLXX7006
Gamoulou MLXX1712
Gamra MLXX7007
Gan MLXX7008
Gana MLXX7009
Gana-Bambara MLXX4539
Ganabougou MLXX1713
Ganabougou MLXX4540
Ganaguenekouro MLXX7010
Gananbougou MLXX9002
Ganassogou MLXX7011
Ganata MLXX4541
Ganba Mayoko MLXX1714
Gandaga MLXX7012
Gandakilama MLXX7013
Gande Tama MLXX7014
Gande-Dialaba MLXX7015
Gande-Gorbo MLXX7016
Gandebalo MLXX7017
Gandega MLXX1715
Gandiala MLXX1716
Gandlebougou MLXX4542
Gandoumara MLXX1717
Gandounou MLXX1718
Gandourou MLXX7018
Ganfan MLXX1719
Gangafani MLXX7019
Gangal-Kekeye MLXX7020
Gangan MLXX7021
Ganganta MLXX1720
Gangantan MLXX1721
Gangonteri MLXX1722
Gangouroubouro MLXX7022
Ganguel MLXX7023
Ganhala MLXX9003
Gani-do MLXX0097
Gani-Le MLXX7024
Gania MLXX0098
Ganida MLXX7025
Ganiobougou MLXX9004
Ganki MLXX4543
Gantiguila MLXX1723
Ganyi MLXX1724
Gao MLXX0003
Gao MLXX1725
Gaoudeye MLXX7026
Gaouna MLXX0505
Gaoussoubougou MLXX4544
Garabougou MLXX4545
Garadji MLXX7027
Garala MLXX7028
Garalo MLXX9005
Garamana MLXX9006
Garambougou MLXX1726
Garangou MLXX1727
Garat MLXX0506
Garba Tile MLXX1728
Garbara MLXX0507
Garey Goungou MLXX0508
Gargouna MLXX0509
Gariba MLXX1729
Garmi MLXX7029
Garoeye Bougouji MLXX7030
Garoeye Garouji MLXX7031
Garou MLXX7032
Garou-Do MLXX7033
Garou-Le MLXX7034
Gasa MLXX4546
Gasanbaro MLXX4547
Gasoungou MLXX7035
Gassa MLXX1730
Gassey Diame MLXX7036
Gassi MLXX7037
Gassidian MLXX1731
Gassito MLXX0100
Gassogou MLXX7038
Gatie Loumo MLXX7039
Gato MLXX1733
Gavi Togossel MLXX1734
Gavimane MLXX1735
Gawa MLXX7040
Gawa MLXX1736
Gaya MLXX1737
Gbangan MLXX9007
Gemoune MLXX4548
Geneybe MLXX4549
Gerou MLXX0510
Geseni MLXX0511
Gesiri MLXX4550
Gey Mare MLXX4551
Gheut Aglal MLXX4552
Gimbati MLXX4553
Ginye MLXX4554
Girde MLXX4555
Girel MLXX4556
Glada MLXX1738
Gladie MLXX9008
Gnirimara MLXX7041
Gobe MLXX7042
Gobi MLXX7043
Godi MLXX1739
Godjolire MLXX1740
Godoware MLXX7044
Goere MLXX7045
Gogni MLXX1741
Gogola MLXX7046
Gogoli MLXX7047
Gogona MLXX7048
Gogoro MLXX7049
Gogui MLXX1742
Goinzena MLXX4557
Goko MLXX7050
Gola MLXX1743
Golan MLXX1744
Golea MLXX1745
Golengo Myo MLXX0512
Golo MLXX4558
Golobiladji MLXX1746
Golobougou MLXX7051
Goloboulebougou MLXX4559
Gologoudo MLXX7052
Gologoule MLXX7053
Golokouna MLXX9009
Golombi MLXX4560
Golotou MLXX4561
Golua MLXX1747
Golub MLXX1748
Golya MLXX0513
Gomadiebougou MLXX4562
Gomala MLXX4563
Gombali MLXX1749
Gombori MLXX7054
Gomedie MLXX1750
Gomedji MLXX1751
Gomesso MLXX7055
Gomi MLXX9010
Gomintara MLXX1752
Gomitogo MLXX7056
Gomnikouboi MLXX7057
Gomou MLXX1753
Gomou MLXX7058
Gomoye MLXX7059
Gomozogou MLXX7060
Gona MLXX9011
Gonda MLXX7061
Gondaga MLXX9012
Gondo Ogorou MLXX7062
Gondodie MLXX7063
Gondogoni MLXX4564
Gongasso MLXX0101
Gongona MLXX4565
Gongone MLXX1754
Gonidiala MLXX4566
Gonidji MLXX4567
Gonkoro MLXX9013
Gonkoulou MLXX1755
Gonkourou MLXX1756
Gono MLXX7064
Gonoba MLXX7065
Gonsambougou MLXX1757
Gonta MLXX7066
Gonta MLXX1758
Gontola MLXX9014
Gonzanadougou MLXX9015
Goradebe MLXX1759
Gordala-Aiga MLXX7067
Gore MLXX7068
Goreba MLXX1760
Goreli MLXX1761
Gori MLXX0102
Gori Banda MLXX1763
Gorivere MLXX4568
Goro MLXX4569
Goro MLXX9016
Goro MLXX1764
Goro MLXX7069
Gorobougou MLXX1765
Goroko MLXX9017
Gorom Gorom MLXX0515
Goryo MLXX0516
Gossinko MLXX4570
Gossiri MLXX7070
Gouakoulou MLXX4571
Gouala MLXX4572
Gouala MLXX9018
Goualafara MLXX9019
Goualala MLXX9020
Gouama MLXX9021
Gouamiebougou MLXX4573
Gouan MLXX9022
Gouana MLXX4574
Gouana MLXX0342
Gouanala MLXX9023
Gouanale MLXX9024
Gouandieresso MLXX9025
Gouando MLXX4575
Gouaneguebougou MLXX4576
Gouani MLXX4577
Gouaniebougou MLXX4578
Gouankele MLXX9026
Gouanso MLXX9027
Gouansolo MLXX4579
Gouantala MLXX9028
Gouantiedougou MLXX9029
Gouantou MLXX9030
Gouantou MLXX4580
Gouanzerebougou MLXX4581
Gouara MLXX9031
Gouaranko MLXX9032
Gouari MLXX7071
Gouassa MLXX4582
Gouba MLXX0103
Goubadoubo MLXX1767
Goubaina MLXX1768
Goudania MLXX1769
Goudelbaria MLXX0517
Goudiadourou MLXX7072
Goudie MLXX7073
Goudiodourou MLXX7074
Goudiri MLXX7075
Gouele MLXX1770
Gouele MLXX9033
Goueledo MLXX4583
Goueleketiguila MLXX9034
Gouelekoro MLXX4584
Goueley MLXX7076
Gouembougou MLXX9035
Goueni MLXX4585
Gouenindo MLXX4586
Gouere MLXX7077
Gouerekele MLXX9036
Goueya MLXX4587
Goufien MLXX9037
Goufre MLXX1771
Gougorgo MLXX0518
Gougouma Koina MLXX0519
Gouhi Gouni MLXX0520
Goui MLXX7078
Gouiffal MLXX7079
Gouin MLXX9038
Gouinguila MLXX9039
Gouinso MLXX9040
Gouintiosso MLXX9041
Gouka MLXX1772
Goulanbe MLXX1773
Goulelino MLXX4588
Goulougu MLXX1774
Goulouka MLXX4589
Gouloumba MLXX4590
Gouloumbo MLXX7080
Goumamini MLXX4591
Goumango MLXX4592
Goumare MLXX0104
Goumavel MLXX7081
Goumbabougou MLXX4593
Goumbalan MLXX1775
Goumbanko MLXX1776
Goumbe MLXX1777
Goumbi MLXX1778
Goumbo MLXX7082
Goumbou MLXX0105
Goumbou Dyoupe MLXX4595
Goumel MLXX7083
Goumene MLXX4596
Goumera MLXX0106
Goumini MLXX7084
Goumira MLXX1780
Goummewal MLXX7085
Goumni MLXX7086
Goumole MLXX1781
Goumouke MLXX1782
Gouna MLXX9042
Gounando MLXX4597
Gounboumba MLXX7087
Goundafara MLXX1783
Goundaka MLXX7088
Goundara MLXX1784
Goundiamou MLXX1785
Goundioli MLXX7089
Goundji MLXX0521
Goundo Koumbo MLXX4598
Goundouganda MLXX1786
Goundouguedou MLXX1787
Goune MLXX1788
Gounebougou MLXX4599
Gounfan MLXX1789
Goungou MLXX1790
Goungouba MLXX1791
Goungoudala MLXX1792
Gounguede MLXX4600
Gouni MLXX7090
Gouni MLXX4601
Gounki MLXX7091
Gounouma MLXX7092
Gountourouni MLXX1793
Gounye MLXX4602
Goupou MLXX1794
Gourao MLXX7093
Gourao Bozo MLXX7094
Gourao Foulbe MLXX7095
Gourari MLXX7096
Gourbassi MLXX0107
Gourde MLXX1795
Gourel Abdoulaye MLXX1797
Gourel Amadado MLXX1798
Gourel Baidi Dia MLXX1799
Gourel Bassirou MLXX1800
Gourel Bei MLXX1801
Gourel Dedji MLXX1802
Gourel Dianbe MLXX1803
Gourel Dieboudou MLXX1804
Gourel Malal MLXX1805
Gourel Modi MLXX1806
Gourel Mousse MLXX1807
Gourel Sala MLXX1808
Gourel Samba MLXX1809
Gourel Sanba Ali MLXX1810
Gourel Senou MLXX1811
Gourel Sidi MLXX1812
Gourel Sir MLXX1813
Gourel-Baouri MLXX7097
Gourel-Bodie MLXX7098
Gourel-Madie MLXX7099
Gourele MLXX1814
Goureli MLXX1816
Goureye MLXX7100
Gouriga MLXX1817
Gourikel MLXX7101
Gourili Ayere MLXX1818
Gourla MLXX9043
Gournbou Dyoupe MLXX0108
Gourouma MLXX1819
Gouroussinde MLXX7102
Gouroutini MLXX1820
Gourti MLXX7103
Goussela MLXX1821
Goutchoum Bara MLXX0522
Gouwala MLXX9044
Gouy MLXX0524
Grigui MLXX1822
Grimari-Debere MLXX7104
Grimari-Diouambe MLXX7105
Grindo MLXX4603
Grinkoumbe MLXX4604
Grottes MLXX0343
Guebata MLXX7106
Guedderou MLXX7107
Guedessou MLXX0525
Guedia MLXX7108
Guedinguile MLXX1823
Guedioumabougou MLXX4605
Guedo MLXX1825
Guegouan MLXX4606
Gueleba MLXX4607
Guelebougoula MLXX9045
Guelebougoulo MLXX9046
Gueledie MLXX7109
Gueledo MLXX4608
Guelefouga MLXX4609
Gueleibe- Aragas MLXX1826
Gueleninkoro MLXX9047
Guelevel MLXX7110
Guelibine MLXX1827
Guelingouma MLXX7111
Guembe MLXX1828
Guemene MLXX7112
Guemokoura MLXX1829
Guemou MLXX4610
Guemou MLXX1830
Guemou-Kasse MLXX1831
Guemoubougou MLXX4611
Guemoukouraba MLXX1832
Guena MLXX9048
Guene MLXX4612
Guene MLXX7113
Guene MLXX1833
Gueneia MLXX4613
Guenewol-Sare MLXX7114
Guenibafe MLXX1834
Guenifeto MLXX1835
Gueninnkoro MLXX1836
Guennde MLXX7115
Guenou Gore MLXX1837
Gueouena MLXX4614
Gueourou MLXX7116
Guerbetiou MLXX1838
Gueregabougou MLXX4615
Guereko MLXX1839
Guereou MLXX1840
Gueressogou MLXX7117
Guerouel MLXX7118
Guersola MLXX1841
Guessebougou MLXX4616
Guessedambougou MLXX4617
Guessekole MLXX1842
Guessene MLXX4618
Guessene MLXX1843
Guesseou MLXX1844
Guesserebougou MLXX4619
Guessine MLXX1845
Guetala MLXX1846
Guetela MLXX9049
Guetema MLXX1847
Guiabira MLXX1848
Guiamayo MLXX1849
Guibile MLXX4620
Guidara MLXX0526
Guidibine MLXX1850
Guidifale MLXX1851
Guidiguide MLXX1852
Guidihoure MLXX1853
Guidikame MLXX1854
Guidinnta MLXX1855
Guidira MLXX0527
Guiedigui MLXX1856
Guifi MLXX1857
Guilaba MLXX1858
Guile MLXX7119
Guimari MLXX7120
Guimba MLXX1859
Guimbaya MLXX1860
Guimbe MLXX7121
Guimini MLXX1861
Guimini MLXX7122
Guinbana MLXX1862
Guinbane MLXX1863
Guindakoto MLXX1864
Guindio Sare MLXX7123
Guindio-Ouro MLXX7124
Guindissou MLXX1865
Guine MLXX7125
Guinedie MLXX7126
Guineourou MLXX7127
Guineyalema MLXX7128
Guingui MLXX1866
Guinian MLXX4621
Guiniania MLXX1867
Guinigan MLXX7129
Guinntama MLXX1868
Guintou MLXX0528
Guioule MLXX1869
Guioyo MLXX4622
Guire MLXX4623
Guirifila MLXX4624
Guiriningue MLXX4625
Guissimbine MLXX1870
Guissoumale MLXX4626
Guitoveli MLXX7131
Guittiram MLXX7132
Guiwagou MLXX7133
Gwelekou MLXX4627
Gwendo MLXX4628
Gwenguena-Flala MLXX4629
Ha MLXX0529
Hababougou MLXX4630
Hafia MLXX1871
Hama MLXX1872
Hamadila MLXX4631
Hamaribougou MLXX4632
Hamdalay MLXX4633
Hamdalaye MLXX1873
Hamdallai MLXX1874
Hamdallay Timbou MLXX1875
Hamdallaye MLXX1876
Hamdallaye MLXX0344
Hamdallaye MLXX7134
Hamdi Ba MLXX7135
Hamo MLXX1877
Hangoune Banbara MLXX1878
Haoussa Foulan MLXX0530
Haragueto MLXX1880
Harangui MLXX1881
Haranta MLXX1882
Harisse MLXX1883
Hasei MLXX4635
Hasi MLXX1884
Hasi Adrami MLXX1885
Hasi el Barke MLXX4636
Hasi el Biar MLXX4637
Hassa-Karba MLXX7136
Hassi MLXX1886
Hassidi Barke MLXX1887
Hataro MLXX1888
Haya MLXX1889
Herba MLXX0531
Heremakana MLXX1890
Heremakono MLXX1891
Heremakono MLXX4638
Hermakono MLXX1892
Hille MLXX1893
Hiridibi MLXX1894
Hoandi MLXX7137
Hombori MLXX7138
Honde MLXX7139
Hore-Niva MLXX7140
Horokoto MLXX1895
Horongo MLXX1896
I-n-Farka MLXX0532
I-n-Kak MLXX0533
I-n-Talidet MLXX0534
I-n-Tebezas MLXX0535
I-n-Teguia MLXX0109
I-n-Tillit MLXX0536
Iaborki MLXX7141
Iarakada MLXX1897
Ibetemi MLXX7142
Ibi MLXX7143
Ibissa MLXX7144
Iboulan MLXX0537
Ichebougou MLXX9050
Ide MLXX4639
Idieli-Douno MLXX7145
Idieli-Goudana MLXX7146
Ie Lido MLXX0345
Ifola MLXX9051
Igilimama MLXX0538
Ikinewan MLXX0539
Iligoum MLXX0540
Ilimalo MLXX1898
Illenbougou MLXX4640
Immere MLXX7147
In Kak MLXX0110
In Tagaten MLXX0111
Indell MLXX7148
Inechila MLXX1899
Inekar MLXX0541
Inetiebougou MLXX1900
Inguem MLXX7149
Ingueri MLXX7150
Inkitraorela MLXX1901
Inndarou MLXX7151
Inndebobal MLXX1902
Inntchi MLXX1903
Insogou MLXX7152
Iquilad MLXX0542
Ira MLXX7153
Irababougou MLXX1904
Irada MLXX1905
Iraghoule MLXX4641
Ireli MLXX7154
Ireli-Bolo MLXX7155
Iribanga MLXX7156
Irifounala MLXX9052
Iriji MLXX1906
Irinebougou MLXX1907
Iringasso MLXX9053
Isey MLXX7157
Issa MLXX0543
Isseye MLXX7158
Issoua MLXX7159
Ite MLXX4642
Jabe Fara MLXX1908
Jamey MLXX0544
Jeumwel MLXX4643
Jiasso MLXX9054
Jibril-Bougou MLXX1909
Jiguibala MLXX1910
Jirla MLXX9055
Jonbabougou MLXX1911
Joukara-Bougouni MLXX1912
Jourala MLXX1913
Ka MLXX7160
Kaba MLXX4644
Kababougou MLXX4645
Kabada MLXX1914
Kabadie MLXX1915
Kabadje MLXX7161
Kabafara MLXX4646
Kabague MLXX1916
Kabaika MLXX0112
Kabakoro MLXX1917
Kabala MLXX9056
Kabala MLXX0346
Kabale MLXX9057
Kaban MLXX0113
Kaban MLXX4647
Kabana MLXX4648
Kabandie MLXX9058
Kabara MLXX0114
Kabarasso MLXX9059
Kabarata MLXX1918
Kabaro MLXX4649
Kabassela MLXX9060
Kabasso MLXX9061
Kabate MLXX1919
Kabaya MLXX1920
Kabaya MLXX9062
Kabda Soninke MLXX4650
Kabe MLXX1921
Kabeleya MLXX1922
Kabeliadi MLXX1923
Kabeo MLXX1924
Kabida MLXX1925
Kabio MLXX7163
Kaboila MLXX9063
Kabori MLXX1926
Kabou MLXX7164
Kabougou MLXX4652
Kadankara MLXX1927
Kadial MLXX0115
Kadiama MLXX1928
Kadiana MLXX9064
Kadiandougou MLXX9065
Kadiaoura MLXX1929
Kadiavere MLXX7165
Kadiel Pobi MLXX1930
Kadigue MLXX7166
Kadiolo MLXX9066
Kadji MLXX0545
Kadjila MLXX9067
Kadondougou MLXX9068
Kadoubala MLXX9069
Kafa MLXX1931
Kafara MLXX4653
Kafela MLXX9070
Kaffa MLXX1932
Kafiguela MLXX9071
Kafiguelani MLXX9072
Kafila MLXX4654
Kaflebougou MLXX4655
Kafofoula MLXX0546
Kafola MLXX4656
Kafouna MLXX9073
Kagola MLXX1933
Kaguila MLXX7167
Kagwala MLXX9074
Kaha MLXX1934
Kahi MLXX1935
Kai MLXX9075
Kai MLXX7168
Kaibara MLXX1936
Kaimpo MLXX1937
Kainera MLXX1938
Kaka MLXX7169
Kaka MLXX4657
Kakadian MLXX1939
Kakanian MLXX7170
Kakele MLXX4658
Kaki-Diourou MLXX0116
Kakobougou MLXX4659
Kakoina MLXX4660
Kakole MLXX9076
Kakoli MLXX7171
Kakolobougou MLXX4661
Kakoui MLXX4662
Kakoule MLXX4663
Kakoulou MLXX1940
Kakouma MLXX4664
Kakoun MLXX4665
Kakouna MLXX9077
Kala MLXX0547
Kala MLXX9078
Kala MLXX7172
Kala-Segui MLXX7173
Kalaba MLXX4666
Kalabambougou MLXX0347
Kalaban Koro MLXX0348
Kalaban Koura MLXX0349
Kalabana MLXX4667
Kalaboto MLXX1942
Kalabougou MLXX4668
Kaladorou MLXX7174
Kaladyengo MLXX1943
Kalafofo MLXX4669
Kalague MLXX4670
Kalaka MLXX9079
Kalakalabougouni MLXX1944
Kalakari MLXX1945
Kalako MLXX9080
Kalakoro MLXX4671
Kalana MLXX9081
Kalandi Kanmba MLXX0548
Kalanga MLXX9082
Kalankorolo MLXX0117
Kalankoulou MLXX4672
Kalanzan MLXX4673
Kalao MLXX1946
Kalassa MLXX4674
Kalawal MLXX1947
Kalaya MLXX4675
Kalaya MLXX1948
Kalbassi MLXX0549
Kale MLXX9083
Kale MLXX4676
Kale MLXX1949
Kalebeni MLXX9084
Kaledougou MLXX0118
Kalembougou MLXX4677
Kaleya MLXX1950
Kaleyabougou MLXX4678
Kali MLXX7175
Kali MLXX1951
Kalibombo MLXX7176
Kalifabougou MLXX4679
Kalifabougou MLXX9085
Kalifare MLXX7177
Kalima MLXX4680
Kalinioro MLXX1952
Kalinnfe MLXX1953
Kalo MLXX4681
Kalondinnkoye MLXX1954
Kaloumba MLXX0119
Kam MLXX7178
Kama MLXX0350
Kama MLXX1955
Kamabougou MLXX4682
Kamagoundiame MLXX0550
Kamaka MLXX7179
Kamaka MLXX4683
Kamaka Sebe MLXX7180
Kamaka-Debere MLXX7181
Kamale MLXX4684
Kamalembougou MLXX4685
Kamalendougou MLXX4686
Kamalo MLXX4687
Kamamba MLXX4688
Kamambougou MLXX4689
Kaman MLXX4690
Kamana MLXX7182
Kamana MLXX1956
Kamandape MLXX1957
Kamane MLXX1958
Kamane-Fara MLXX1959
Kamaneguela MLXX4691
Kamaneko MLXX1960
Kamankole MLXX1961
Kamanyouma MLXX4692
Kamarabougou MLXX4693
Kamarala MLXX1962
Kamaredji MLXX1963
Kamarifara MLXX1964
Kamarinegue MLXX1965
Kamatenge MLXX4694
Kamba-Bandie MLXX7183
Kamba-Djiguili MLXX7184
Kambali MLXX4696
Kambaya MLXX1966
Kamberegue MLXX9086
Kambiama MLXX7185
Kambila MLXX4697
Kambonia MLXX1967
Kambou MLXX1968
Kambougou MLXX9087
Kamea MLXX1969
Kamelebougou MLXX9088
Kameli MLXX7186
Kamene MLXX1970
Kamerala MLXX1971
Kamgala MLXX0551
Kami MLXX7187
Kamidala MLXX1972
Kamika MLXX4698
Kamiko MLXX1973
Kamiko MLXX4699
Kamini MLXX4700
Kaminieguen MLXX4701
Kamisara MLXX4702
Kamissankide MLXX1976
Kamita MLXX1977
Kamitoukou MLXX1978
Kammraga MLXX7188
Kamokoro MLXX7189
Kamola MLXX4703
Kamoune Diembere MLXX1979
Kamoune Kasse MLXX1980
Kamouni MLXX1981
Kampa Kouna MLXX7190
Kampaman MLXX0351
Kampaman MLXX4704
Kan MLXX9089
Kana MLXX1982
Kana MLXX7191
Kana MLXX4705
Kanabougou MLXX4706
Kanadambara MLXX1983
Kanadji MLXX7192
Kanale MLXX4707
Kanama MLXX7193
Kanamadji MLXX1984
Kanamakounou MLXX1985
Kanana MLXX4708
Kananga MLXX4709
Kananko MLXX4710
Kanantere MLXX1986
Kanaogo MLXX7194
Kanbaya MLXX1987
Kanbele MLXX1988
Kanda MLXX7195
Kanda MLXX1989
Kandara MLXX7196
Kande MLXX7197
Kande MLXX9090
Kande Sepe MLXX1990
Kandia MLXX4711
Kandia MLXX1991
Kandia MLXX0552
Kandiare MLXX1992
Kandierila MLXX9091
Kandiguila MLXX4712
Kandila MLXX4713
Kandiole MLXX1993
Kandjimamouroula MLXX9092
Kane MLXX4714
Kanebabougou MLXX4715
Kanfara MLXX4716
Kanfara-Dyourala MLXX4717
Kanfara-Foulala MLXX4718
Kanga MLXX4719
Kangaba MLXX4720
Kangaodague MLXX1994
Kangare MLXX9093
Kangole MLXX0120
Kangourou MLXX7198
Kangoye MLXX4721
Kanguessanou MLXX1995
Kani MLXX4722
Kani MLXX9094
Kani-Bonzon MLXX7199
Kani-Gogouna MLXX7200
Kani-Kombole MLXX0121
Kania MLXX1996
Kaniana MLXX7201
Kaniata MLXX4723
Kanibiramala MLXX1997
Kanibougoula MLXX9095
Kaniena MLXX9096
Kanieo MLXX7202
Kaniera MLXX1998
Kanigogouma MLXX0122
Kanika MLXX4724
Kanikabougou MLXX4725
Kaniko MLXX9097
Kaninnbagala MLXX1999
Kanioume MLXX7203
Kankela MLXX9098
Kankelena MLXX9099
Kankelena MLXX4726
Kankerena MLXX9100
Kankira MLXX2000
Kankoni MLXX4727
Kanmpiasso MLXX9101
Kanou MLXX4728
Kanrangana MLXX9102
Kansamana MLXX4729
Kansara MLXX7204
Kansila MLXX7205
Kantakin MLXX7206
Kantaranie MLXX2001
Kantaribougou MLXX9103
Kantela MLXX2002
Kantia MLXX2003
Kantila MLXX2004
Kantogola MLXX9104
Kanya MLXX7207
Kanyema MLXX4731
Kanyi MLXX9105
Kanzana MLXX4732
Kanzangasso MLXX0123
Kanzo MLXX9106
Kanzo MLXX4733
Kaoga MLXX2005
Kaoli MLXX7208
Kaouale MLXX4734
Kaouina MLXX4735
Kaoula MLXX9107
Kaouta MLXX2006
Kapala MLXX0124
Kapela MLXX2007
Kapelegue MLXX9109
Kapio MLXX7209
Kapraka MLXX9110
Kara MLXX7210
Kara MLXX9111
Kara Bassa MLXX0553
Kara-Sirou MLXX7211
Karaba MLXX9112
Karadie MLXX4736
Karafabougou MLXX4737
Karaga MLXX2008
Karagouroula MLXX0125
Karaguana MLXX9113
Karaguida MLXX2009
Karaharo MLXX2010
Karakam MLXX7212
Karakinde MLXX7213
Karako MLXX4738
Karam MLXX7214
Karamani MLXX7215
Karamokobougou MLXX4739
Karamokobougou MLXX2011
Karamokokole MLXX2012
Karamokola MLXX4740
Karamorobougou MLXX2013
Karan MLXX4741
Karana MLXX7216
Karanda MLXX4742
Karangana MLXX0126
Karangasso MLXX9114
Karangimbe MLXX4743
Karankasso MLXX9115
Karankoulou MLXX4744
Karanou MLXX2014
Karantere MLXX2015
Karaolaghwane MLXX2016
Karaya MLXX2017
Karbasso MLXX9116
Karbaye MLXX7217
Kardiney MLXX0554
Kare MLXX7218
Kare MLXX2020
Karea MLXX2021
Karega MLXX2022
Kareme MLXX2023
Karfabougou MLXX4745
Karfabougou MLXX9117
Karfaya MLXX2024
Kargue MLXX7219
Kari MLXX2025
Karifabougou MLXX4746
Karimbougou MLXX2026
Karimkabougou MLXX9118
Karli MLXX2027
Karma MLXX7220
Karo MLXX2029
Karono MLXX4747
Karou MLXX0555
Karouane MLXX2030
Karouma MLXX2031
Karsala MLXX2032
Kartabougou MLXX4748
Kartala MLXX9119
Kartani MLXX2033
Kasakare MLXX4749
Kasaral el Barke MLXX4750
Kasawa MLXX7221
Kasorola MLXX4751
Kasou MLXX4752
Kasoumbougou MLXX4753
Kasourouna MLXX9120
Kassa MLXX4754
Kassa MLXX7222
Kassadaga MLXX4755
Kassadala MLXX2034
Kassama MLXX0127
Kassan MLXX2035
Kassane MLXX4756
Kassanga MLXX7223
Kassanso MLXX9121
Kassara MLXX4757
Kassaro MLXX0128
Kassawa MLXX7224
Kassedie MLXX4758
Kassela MLXX4759
Kassi-Kara MLXX2036
Kassienso MLXX9123
Kassiola MLXX9124
Kassodamba MLXX2037
Kassogou MLXX7225
Kassonbougou MLXX9125
Kassonboutegala MLXX2038
Kassou MLXX2039
Kassoum Allah MLXX2040
Kassoumabougou MLXX4760
Kassouna MLXX4761
Kata MLXX2041
Katabantankoto MLXX2042
Katabaya MLXX2043
Katakoto MLXX2044
Katawal MLXX2045
Katele MLXX9126
Kati MLXX0129
Katibougou MLXX4762
Katibougou MLXX0352
Katibougouni MLXX4763
Katie MLXX9127
Katiele MLXX9128
Katiena MLXX0130
Katierela MLXX9129
Katila MLXX4764
Katiobougouni MLXX4765
Katiola MLXX9130
Katiola MLXX4766
Katiolo MLXX9131
Kationkidi MLXX2046
Katioroni MLXX9132
Katioroniba MLXX9133
Katobougou MLXX9134
Katogo MLXX9135
Katomani MLXX9136
Katon MLXX9137
Katono MLXX9138
Kawari MLXX4767
Kawena MLXX4768
Kawere MLXX7226
Kawerebougou MLXX4769
Kawerela MLXX4770
Kawobougou MLXX9139
Kaya MLXX4771
Kaya MLXX7227
Kayakounda MLXX2047
Kayekoro MLXX2048
Kayel-Toupel MLXX7228
Kayes MLXX0004
Kayes Ndi MLXX2049
Kayo MLXX4772
Kayobougou MLXX4773
Keba MLXX7229
Kebele MLXX2050
Kebeni MLXX0133
Kebila MLXX9141
Kediou MLXX7230
Kediougou MLXX2051
Kefabougou MLXX4774
Kefala MLXX9142
Keguebougouda MLXX4775
Keibane Maure MLXX0134
Keikoro MLXX9143
Keka MLXX4776
Keke MLXX4777
Kekebougou MLXX4778
Kekeye MLXX7231
Kekouma MLXX4779
Kel Guerichouane MLXX0556
Kela MLXX4780
Kele MLXX4781
Kelebougou MLXX9144
Kelebougou MLXX4782
Kelefabougou MLXX4783
Kelekabougou MLXX4784
Kelekele MLXX9145
Kelekele MLXX4785
Kelela MLXX2052
Kelendji MLXX2053
Keleni MLXX9146
Keletede MLXX7232
Keleya MLXX0135
Keleyaga MLXX9147
Kelloye MLXX7233
Kema MLXX9148
Kema MLXX7234
Kemala MLXX2054
Kemanadji Koura MLXX2055
Kemasso MLXX9149
Kembedi MLXX7235
Kembelle MLXX2056
Kembera MLXX4786
Keme MLXX4787
Kemedougou MLXX9150
Kemene MLXX0136
Kemeni MLXX9151
Kemeta MLXX2057
Kemetene MLXX4788
Kemissala MLXX9152
Kemitaga MLXX7236
Kemogola MLXX9153
Kena MLXX9154
Kena MLXX7237
Kena MLXX4789
Kenabougou MLXX2058
Kenanou MLXX2059
Kendara MLXX4790
Kende MLXX7238
Kendya MLXX4791
Kenebougou MLXX4792
Kenekele MLXX4793
Kenekolo MLXX4794
Kenekoulou MLXX4795
Keneme MLXX2060
Kenenkoun MLXX4796
Kengou MLXX7239
Kengue MLXX4797
Kenia MLXX2061
Keniakourouni MLXX2062
Keniandikoto MLXX2063
Keniandito MLXX2064
Kenie MLXX9155
Kenieba MLXX0137
Kenieba MLXX9156
Kenieba MLXX4798
Kenieba Koto MLXX2066
Keniebandi MLXX2067
Keniebani MLXX2068
Keniedife MLXX2069
Keniedji MLXX2070
Keniefe MLXX2071
Keniefeto MLXX2072
Keniegoulou MLXX2073
Keniegue MLXX4799
Keniekan MLXX2074
Keniekenieba MLXX2075
Keniekenieko MLXX2076
Keniekenieta MLXX2077
Kenieko MLXX4800
Keniekola MLXX2079
Kenielendo MLXX4801
Keniema MLXX2080
Keniemakadji MLXX2081
Kenienefe MLXX2082
Kenienndi MLXX2083
Kenierela MLXX9157
Keniero MLXX4802
Kenieroba MLXX2084
Kenieroba MLXX0138
Kenieti MLXX2085
Kenieto MLXX2086
Kenikena MLXX2087
Keninkela MLXX4803
Keninkoun MLXX4804
Kenioto MLXX2088
Keniou MLXX2089
Kenioussoute MLXX2090
Kenndie MLXX7240
Kenngouara MLXX9158
Kenngue MLXX7241
Kenntaba MLXX7242
Kensiga MLXX4805
Kenta Foulbe MLXX7243
Kenta Senta MLXX7244
Kenya MLXX4806
Kenyanbougou MLXX4807
Kenyekouloumba MLXX4808
Kenyeme MLXX2091
Ker Ajilan MLXX4809
Ker el Ganyi MLXX4810
Kera MLXX7245
Kerane MLXX2093
Kerango MLXX2094
Kerano MLXX7246
Kerbe-Kouna MLXX7247
Kerdial MLXX7248
Kerekeremadji MLXX2095
Kerekoto MLXX2096
Kerela MLXX4811
Kerelamarka MLXX4812
Kereme MLXX4813
Keremekoro MLXX9159
Keremena MLXX9160
Kerennkourou MLXX2097
Keretogo MLXX7249
Kerewate MLXX2098
Kerguedie MLXX2099
Keri MLXX7250
Keriguide MLXX2100
Keriko MLXX9161
Kerikoumala MLXX9162
Kerina MLXX4814
Kerinngo MLXX7251
Kerke MLXX7252
Kerkela MLXX4815
Kerligani MLXX4816
Kermachoy MLXX0557
Kermoye MLXX7253
Kero MLXX2101
Kerou MLXX7254
Kerouane MLXX4817
Kerouane MLXX2102
Kersana MLXX4818
Kersani MLXX7255
Kersedougou MLXX2103
Kersignane MLXX2104
Kersimone MLXX2105
Kersiniane MLXX0139
Kerwane MLXX4819
Kessana MLXX9163
Kessebougou MLXX4820
Kessedougou MLXX0140
Kesso MLXX9164
Kessoure MLXX2107
Keti MLXX7256
Ketiou MLXX2108
Ketouel MLXX2109
Keyban MLXX4821
Khabou Kamera MLXX2110
Khassana MLXX2111
Kia MLXX9165
Kia MLXX4822
Kia MLXX7257
Kian MLXX9166
Kiana MLXX9167
Kiba MLXX4823
Kibadou MLXX9168
Kiban MLXX4824
Kida MLXX4825
Kidal MLXX0654
Kidenndji MLXX2112
Kidibili MLXX7258
Kidinega MLXX2113
Kidira MLXX2114
Kiel-Amadidia MLXX7259
Kiela MLXX0141
Kienieno MLXX2115
Kifosso MLXX9169
Kignan MLXX0144
Kikara MLXX7260
Kikele MLXX7261
Kikenaga MLXX7262
Kiki MLXX2116
Kikiri MLXX7263
Kiko MLXX9170
Kile MLXX9171
Kilegou MLXX7264
Kilibanta MLXX2117
Kilikon MLXX4826
Kilikourou MLXX4827
Kilimale MLXX4828
Kilimmba MLXX7265
Kilimmpo MLXX7266
Kilinalo MLXX2118
Kilo MLXX7267
Kimbabougou MLXX4829
Kimbri MLXX4830
Kimi MLXX9172
Kimou MLXX2119
Kina-Bougou MLXX4831
Kinani MLXX7268
Kinasso MLXX9173
Kinboukourou MLXX2120
Kinde MLXX0143
Kindi MLXX7269
Kindinia MLXX2121
Kindiola MLXX4832
Kinia MLXX9174
Kiniedito MLXX2122
Kiniema MLXX4833
Kinieye MLXX7270
Kinkouna MLXX2123
Kinlenina MLXX2124
Kinmparana MLXX0142
Kinnde MLXX7271
Kinndo MLXX4834
Kino MLXX4835
Kinsambougou MLXX2125
Kintieri MLXX9175
Kintoro MLXX2126
Kipou MLXX4836
Kirane MLXX2127
Kirango MLXX2128
Kiri MLXX7272
Kiribougou MLXX4837
Kiridi MLXX2129
Kiridion MLXX2130
Kirina MLXX4838
Kirina Somonosso MLXX4839
Kirita MLXX2131
Kirnya MLXX7273
Kirou MLXX7274
Kisakoro MLXX4840
Kissa MLXX9176
Kissako MLXX4841
Kissim MLXX7275
Kita MLXX4842
Kita MLXX0145
Kitianabougou MLXX4843
Kitora MLXX2132
Kityola MLXX4844
Kiyiban MLXX4845
Klassola MLXX9177
Kle Sola MLXX9178
Klela MLXX9179
Kleladji MLXX4846
Klemina MLXX4847
Klibana MLXX4848
Klokan MLXX4849
Klokobougou MLXX4850
Klomadyo MLXX4851
Knnia MLXX2133
Ko MLXX7276
Koa MLXX4852
Koa MLXX7277
Koala MLXX4853
Koani MLXX4854
Koba MLXX9180
Koba MLXX4855
Koba MLXX7278
Koba MLXX2134
Kobada MLXX4856
Kobada MLXX9181
Kobadian MLXX4857
Kobadie MLXX7279
Kobadinie MLXX4858
Kobahi MLXX7280
Kobaka MLXX7281
Kobakoto MLXX2135
Kobala MLXX9182
Kobala MLXX4859
Kobalakoro MLXX4860
Kobama MLXX2136
Kobamie MLXX4861
Koban MLXX4862
Kobaranto MLXX2137
Kobaronto MLXX2138
Kobassa MLXX7282
Kobasso MLXX9183
Kobato MLXX2139
Kobda Banbara MLXX4863
Kobea MLXX2140
Kobela MLXX2141
Kobelenkoro MLXX4864
Kobena MLXX9184
Kobeya MLXX2142
Kobi MLXX7283
Kobili MLXX4865
Kobiri MLXX2143
Koble MLXX4866
Koblebougou MLXX4867
Kobo MLXX7284
Kobodinn Koto MLXX2144
Koboghotoba MLXX2145
Kobogo MLXX7285
Kobokoro MLXX2146
Kobokoto MLXX2147
Kobokotoni MLXX2148
Kobokotossou MLXX2149
Kobora MLXX9185
Koboroto MLXX2150
Kobotokoni MLXX2151
Kobou MLXX7286
Kobougou MLXX4868
Kochakareme MLXX0558
Koda MLXX0353
Kodala MLXX4869
Kodala MLXX2152
Kodani MLXX4870
Kodanko MLXX4871
Kodata MLXX2153
Kodetembougou MLXX4872
Kodiala MLXX2154
Kodiala MLXX4873
Kodialan MLXX4874
Kodialan Trawele MLXX4875
Kodialani MLXX0354
Kodialani MLXX2155
Kodialani MLXX4876
Kodiambougouni MLXX4877
Kodian MLXX4878
Kodianfe MLXX2156
Kodiani MLXX4879
Kodianofe MLXX2157
Kodiara MLXX4880
Kodiara MLXX2158
Kodiaran MLXX9187
Kodiarana MLXX2159
Kodiare MLXX4881
Kodiassa MLXX9188
Kodie MLXX2160
Kodieli MLXX2161
Kodiougou MLXX0146
Kodiougouni MLXX9189
Kodougou MLXX4882
Kodougou MLXX9190
Kodoule MLXX2162
Koe Leye MLXX7287
Koe-Do MLXX7288
Koetao MLXX7289
Kofala MLXX4883
Kofan MLXX4884
Kofana MLXX9191
Kofe MLXX2163
Kofeba MLXX2164
Kofi MLXX2165
Kofilani MLXX4885
Kofili MLXX2166
Koflabe MLXX2167
Koflatye MLXX4886
Kofolabe MLXX2168
Kofougan MLXX4887
Kofoulabe MLXX2169
Kofoulate MLXX2170
Kofoulate MLXX4888
Kogo MLXX7290
Kogodeni MLXX9192
Kogotoma MLXX9193
Kogue MLXX4889
Kohani MLXX9194
Kohina MLXX4890
Kohoule MLXX2171
Koichimbo MLXX0559
Koikoni MLXX4891
Koima MLXX0560
Koimegou MLXX7291
Koina MLXX7292
Koira MLXX4892
Koira MLXX7293
Koira MLXX2172
Koka MLXX9195
Koka MLXX4893
Kokala MLXX9196
Kokani MLXX4894
Kokele MLXX9197
Koko MLXX4895
Koko MLXX7294
Koko MLXX2173
Kokodio MLXX9198
Kokofata MLXX2174
Kokolo MLXX7295
Kokoloda MLXX4896
Kokolon MLXX4897
Kokoni MLXX4898
Kokoro MLXX7296
Kokorom MLXX0561
Kokosso MLXX9199
Kokoumbo MLXX4899
Kokoun MLXX2176
Kokouna MLXX9201
Kokounba MLXX2177
Kokoungo MLXX4902
Kokouni MLXX4903
Kokounikourou MLXX4904
Kokounkoro MLXX4905
Kokounkourou MLXX2178
Kokounkourou MLXX4906
Kokounkourouba MLXX2179
Kokourou MLXX2180
Kokouroumi MLXX2181
Kokourouni MLXX0147
Kola MLXX9202
Kola MLXX2182
Kola MLXX0148
Kola-Foulala MLXX4908
Kolako MLXX9203
Kolamini MLXX2184
Kole MLXX9204
Kole MLXX4909
Kole MLXX7297
Kole Saba MLXX7298
Kole-Maboube MLXX7299
Kolea MLXX2186
Kolebabougou MLXX4910
Kolebou MLXX2187
Koledjigoue MLXX4911
Kolele MLXX7300
Kolena MLXX2188
Kolena MLXX4912
Kolenda MLXX4913
Kolendiare MLXX4914
Kolenze MLXX7301
Kolessossoro MLXX0562
Koli MLXX4915
Kolia MLXX2189
Koliabe MLXX2190
Kolifilo MLXX2191
Koliko MLXX4916
Kolikourounda MLXX2192
Kolimana MLXX4917
Kolimato MLXX2193
Kolimba MLXX4918
Kolinani MLXX4919
Kolinnguemou MLXX2194
Koloba MLXX9205
Kolobo MLXX4920
Kolobo MLXX2195
Kolobougou MLXX4921
Kologo MLXX9206
Kologo MLXX2196
Kologue MLXX2197
Kologue Kassan MLXX2198
Kolokani MLXX4922
Koloko MLXX4923
Kolokodeni MLXX9207
Kolokolo MLXX4924
Kolokotobougou MLXX4925
Kolomana MLXX4926
Kolomba MLXX9208
Kolomba MLXX2199
Kolombada MLXX4927
Kolombala MLXX4928
Kolombou MLXX2200
Kolome MLXX2201
Kolomina MLXX2202
Kolomina MLXX4929
Kolomosso MLXX9209
Kolon MLXX4930
Kolona MLXX9210
Kolonba MLXX2203
Kolonba MLXX9211
Kolonbafouga MLXX2204
Kolonda MLXX9212
Kolonda MLXX4931
Kolondala-Mameri MLXX2205
Kolondi MLXX2206
Kolondialan MLXX4932
Kolondieba MLXX9213
Kolondinnba MLXX2207
Kolonfi MLXX2208
Kolonfinn MLXX2209
Kolongo MLXX7302
Kolongui MLXX7303
Koloni MLXX4933
Koloni MLXX0149
Koloni MLXX0150
Kolonina MLXX9215
Koloninda MLXX0355
Kolonineje MLXX2210
Kolonkan MLXX7304
Kolonkoroba MLXX4934
Kolonperebougou MLXX9216
Kolontabale MLXX9217
Kolontan MLXX2211
Kolonto MLXX9218
Kolontougoune MLXX4935
Kolossebougou MLXX4936
Kolosso MLXX9219
Kolotikebougou MLXX4937
Kolou MLXX2212
Kolountanga MLXX7305
Kom MLXX7306
Koma MLXX2213
Komabougou MLXX4938
Komagna MLXX7307
Komala MLXX2214
Komambougou MLXX4939
Komamyo MLXX0563
Komana MLXX9220
Komana Kouta MLXX4940
Komanfara MLXX4941
Komanioto MLXX2215
Komantiebougou MLXX0151
Komara MLXX2216
Komara MLXX7308
Komassala MLXX9221
Komba MLXX4942
Kombakala MLXX4943
Komberade MLXX2217
Komberou MLXX7309
Kombo MLXX4944
Kombo-Ogourou MLXX7310
Komboga MLXX7311
Komboko MLXX7312
Kombonte MLXX2218
Kome MLXX7313
Komeoulou MLXX2219
Komguiri MLXX7314
Komi MLXX9222
Komina MLXX9223
Kominda MLXX4945
Kominkomi MLXX4946
Komio MLXX7316
Komissana MLXX9224
Komni MLXX7317
Komo MLXX2220
Komodia MLXX7318
Komodounde MLXX2221
Komoguene MLXX7319
Komogueu MLXX7320
Komokani MLXX7321
Komokorobougou MLXX4947
Komongalou MLXX7322
Komongoli MLXX2222
Komoni MLXX4948
Komorola MLXX9225
Kona MLXX0152
Kona MLXX9226
Kona MLXX4949
Kona-Mali MLXX7324
Konana MLXX9227
Konani MLXX4950
Konassedougou MLXX7325
Konatela MLXX4951
Konbe MLXX9228
Konbere MLXX9229
Konberi MLXX9230
Konborea MLXX2223
Konbournavel MLXX2224
Konda MLXX7326
Kondiambougou MLXX0356
Kondiobougou MLXX4952
Kondjiguila MLXX9231
Kondjili MLXX2225
Kondo MLXX7327
Kondo MLXX4953
Kondo MLXX9232
Kondognan MLXX2226
Kondogo MLXX4954
Kondola MLXX4955
Kondora MLXX2227
Kondoroubougou MLXX2228
Kondou MLXX2229
Kondougoula MLXX2230
Kondoya MLXX2231
Kondya MLXX0564
Kondyiribougou MLXX4956
Kone MLXX9233
Konebougou MLXX4957
Konegue MLXX2232
Konfon MLXX4958
Konfra MLXX9234
Konga MLXX4959
Konga MLXX9235
Kongani MLXX4960
Kongay MLXX0565
Kongoba MLXX9236
Kongobougou MLXX4961
Kongodian MLXX4962
Kongokoto MLXX2233
Kongola MLXX9237
Kongola MLXX4963
Kongoli MLXX7328
Kongolikoro MLXX9238
Kongolikoro MLXX4964
Kongolikouo MLXX9239
Kongono MLXX4965
Kongoro MLXX7329
Kongosanbougou MLXX2234
Kongossaba MLXX2235
Konguelebougou MLXX4966
Koni MLXX9240
Koni MLXX4967
Koni-Diassa MLXX9241
Koniakari MLXX2237
Konian MLXX7330
Konian MLXX4968
Koniantombo MLXX7331
Konida MLXX9242
Koniguf MLXX4969
Konimbabougou MLXX4970
Konimebabougou MLXX2238
Konina MLXX9243
Konina MLXX4971
Koninba MLXX9244
Konindogole MLXX4972
Koninga MLXX4973
Koninko MLXX9245
Koninko MLXX4974
Koninkounkourou MLXX4975
Konintole MLXX2239
Koniobla MLXX4976
Koniouma MLXX4977
Konioumani MLXX4978
Konissaya MLXX2240
Konitare MLXX2241
Konitonoma MLXX2242
Konko MLXX2243
Konkobara MLXX2244
Konkodioula MLXX2245
Konkoga MLXX2246
Konkombougou MLXX9246
Konkon MLXX4979
Konkonian MLXX2247
Konkora MLXX0566
Konkorma MLXX2248
Konkou MLXX4980
Konkoudyan MLXX4981
Konkoukoutou MLXX2249
Konkouo MLXX9247
Kono MLXX7332
Konoba MLXX2251
Konobougou MLXX4982
Konode MLXX7333
Konodimini MLXX0153
Konoko MLXX9248
Konokoule MLXX2252
Konokoulou MLXX4983
Konokourou MLXX2253
Kononi Sirakoro MLXX4984
Konosourou MLXX4985
Konotaye MLXX2254
Konsago MLXX7334
Konseguela MLXX9249
Konsofon MLXX4986
Konsogou MLXX7335
Konsogoudo MLXX7336
Konsogoule MLXX7337
Konsori MLXX4987
Konsse MLXX7338
Kontala MLXX2255
Kontanga MLXX7339
Kontela MLXX0154
Konti MLXX2256
Kontogourou MLXX7340
Kontoni MLXX2257
Kontougolou MLXX2258
Kontougoun MLXX2259
Konverebougou MLXX9250
Konyi MLXX0357
Konyi MLXX9251
Konyikoro MLXX4988
Konyimba MLXX4989
Konza MLXX7341
Konzanso MLXX9252
Konze MLXX9253
Konzorolan MLXX4990
Koporo-Kenie-na MLXX7342
Koporokenie-Pe MLXX7343
Kora MLXX2260
Kora MLXX9254
Kora MLXX7344
Koraberi MLXX7345
Korali MLXX2261
Koram MLXX7346
Korame MLXX9255
Koranpo MLXX2262
Kore MLXX9256
Kore MLXX2263
Kore MLXX4991
Koreasso MLXX9257
Koreba Kabona MLXX4992
Korendiambougou MLXX4993
Korenndiou MLXX7347
Korera Tougoune MLXX2264
Korera-Kore MLXX0155
Koressinngui MLXX2265
Korgouan MLXX9258
Kori MLXX7348
Kori-Kori MLXX7349
Kori-Maounde MLXX7350
Koria MLXX4994
Koriawel MLXX7351
Korientze MLXX7352
Koriga MLXX0156
Korikoiko MLXX0567
Korindji MLXX2266
Koringa MLXX7353
Korioume MLXX0157
Korkana MLXX7354
Korkodio MLXX2267
Kormi MLXX7355
Kormou MLXX7356
Koro MLXX7357
Koro MLXX9259
Koro MLXX4995
Korobala MLXX9260
Koroboro MLXX7358
Koroferela MLXX9261
Korofina MLXX0358
Koroguiri MLXX7359
Koroka MLXX4997
Koroko MLXX9262
Korokobougou MLXX4998
Korokodougou MLXX9263
Korokondi MLXX2268
Korokoro MLXX9264
Korokoro MLXX4999
Korokoro MLXX2269
Korokorobougou MLXX5000
Korola MLXX5001
Korola MLXX2270
Korolou MLXX7360
Koroma MLXX5002
Koromobougou MLXX5003
Korona MLXX5004
Koronbogo MLXX7361
Korondoli MLXX7362
Korondomou MLXX2271
Korone MLXX2272
Koronendo MLXX5005
Koronfebougou MLXX5006
Koronga MLXX0158
Koronga MLXX2273
Koronindo MLXX5007
Koropoto MLXX2274
Korosongo MLXX7363
Korossina MLXX9265
Korosso MLXX9266
Korossogo MLXX7364
Korou MLXX7365
Koroyerebougou MLXX9267
Kosa MLXX5008
Kosaba MLXX5009
Kossaba MLXX5010
Kossanfe MLXX2275
Kossaya MLXX2276
Kossedebe MLXX2277
Kossemena MLXX9268
Kossinn MLXX7366
Kossirala MLXX9269
Kossombo MLXX7367
Kossomeme MLXX9270
Kossouma MLXX7368
Kossouma MLXX5011
Kossoumale MLXX5012
Kossoumale MLXX0159
Kossouroula MLXX5013
Kossourounani MLXX9271
Kotaka MLXX7369
Kote Di MLXX2279
Kotedo MLXX2280
Kotema MLXX2281
Kotera MLXX2282
Kotiala MLXX7370
Kotie MLXX9272
Koting MLXX9273
Kotinntanba MLXX2283
Kotla MLXX9274
Kotola MLXX7371
Kotone MLXX2284
Kotora MLXX2285
Kotouba MLXX2286
Kotoula MLXX9275
Kotye MLXX9276
Kouakourou MLXX0160
Kouala MLXX9277
Kouale MLXX0161
Kouanga MLXX0568
Kouanie MLXX5014
Kouantou MLXX5015
Kouara MLXX7372
Kouara MLXX0162
Kouba MLXX9278
Koubaka MLXX7373
Koubaya MLXX2287
Koubaye-Kotaba MLXX7374
Koubel MLXX7375
Koubel Gaounde MLXX7376
Koubel-Koundia MLXX7377
Koubevel-Nale MLXX7378
Koubi MLXX7379
Koubita MLXX7380
Koubitera MLXX7381
Koudathiou MLXX2288
Koudianga MLXX7383
Koudiankoto MLXX2289
Koudidiou MLXX2290
Koudioula MLXX2291
Koue MLXX9279
Kouedoumbo MLXX7384
Koueniou MLXX2292
Koufa MLXX2293
Koufa MLXX7385
Koufara MLXX2294
Kougodiegue MLXX7386
Kougola MLXX2295
Kougoue MLXX9280
Kouguepourol MLXX2296
Koui MLXX7387
Kouima MLXX0163
Kouka MLXX2297
Koukoussa MLXX2298
Koula MLXX0164
Koula MLXX5016
Koula MLXX9281
Koulabougou MLXX5017
Kouladiansita MLXX2299
Koulaka MLXX5018
Koulani MLXX5019
Koulaya MLXX2300
Koulebala MLXX7388
Koulekonga MLXX0165
Kouletiola MLXX5020
Kouli-Diassa MLXX9282
Koulibalibougou MLXX9283
Kouliko MLXX0166
Koulikoro MLXX9284
Koulikoro MLXX0167
Koulikoro Touba MLXX2301
Koulikoroba MLXX5021
Koulinegote MLXX2302
Koulita MLXX2303
Koulo MLXX2304
Koulou MLXX9285
Koulou MLXX7390
Koulouba MLXX2305
Koulouba MLXX0359
Kouloubabougou MLXX5022
Kouloubou MLXX2306
Kouloubougou MLXX5023
Kouloudala MLXX5024
Kouloudian MLXX5025
Kouloudie MLXX2307
Kouloudyenhe MLXX2308
Kouloufara MLXX5026
Koulouguidi MLXX0131
Koulouko MLXX2309
Kouloukoro MLXX9286
Kouloukoro MLXX5027
Kouloukoroni MLXX5028
Kouloukorononi MLXX5029
Kouloum MLXX2310
Kouloumatinti MLXX7391
Kouloumbo MLXX2311
Kouloume MLXX2312
Kouloumina MLXX0569
Kouloun MLXX2313
Koulounbere MLXX2314
Kouloundi MLXX2315
Kouloungoulou MLXX2316
Koulouni Bele MLXX5030
Koulouniko MLXX0360
Koulouninkoro MLXX5031
Koulountabili MLXX2317
Koulounyan MLXX5032
Koulouzan-Diassa MLXX9287
Kouma MLXX9288
Koumabougou MLXX5033
Koumaga MLXX7393
Koumagondie MLXX0570
Koumakana MLXX2319
Koumakire MLXX2320
Koumala MLXX9289
Koumana MLXX2321
Koumankou MLXX9290
Koumantou MLXX0168
Koumara MLXX5034
Koumarefara MLXX2322
Koumaringa MLXX2323
Koumassi MLXX2324
Koumba MLXX7394
Koumbakari MLXX2325
Koumbala MLXX9291
Koumbamadia MLXX2326
Koumbaya MLXX2327
Koumbe MLXX9292
Koumbe MLXX7395
Koumbe Niasso MLXX7396
Koumbe Sare MLXX7397
Koumbel-Alfa MLXX7398
Koumbel-Goure MLXX7399
Koumbeli MLXX2328
Koumbi MLXX2329
Koumbouko MLXX2330
Koumboukouti MLXX2331
Koumboulou MLXX7400
Koumbouriba MLXX7401
Koume MLXX7402
Koumelobogan MLXX7403
Koumi MLXX2332
Koumi MLXX5035
Koumia MLXX9293
Koumiana MLXX0169
Koumoudou MLXX7404
Kouna MLXX9294
Kouna MLXX7405
Kouna MLXX5036
Kounaba MLXX7406
Kounako MLXX5037
Kounando MLXX5038
Kounankoro MLXX5039
Kounbe MLXX2333
Kounda MLXX7407
Koundam MLXX2334
Koundama MLXX0170
Koundani MLXX5040
Koundia MLXX2335
Koundiala MLXX7408
Koundian MLXX2336
Koundian MLXX5041
Koundiekoto MLXX2337
Koundioli MLXX7409
Koundioukou MLXX5042
Koundioum MLXX7410
Koundji MLXX5043
Koundjila MLXX9295
Koundogo MLXX5044
Koundou MLXX7411
Koundou MLXX2338
Koundou MLXX5045
Koundouba MLXX7412
Koundougay MLXX0571
Koundougou MLXX2339
Koundougouni MLXX5046
Koundouma MLXX5047
Kouneguie MLXX2340
Koungo MLXX2341
Koungodian MLXX2342
Koungodian MLXX5048
Koungolo MLXX5049
Koungouala MLXX9296
Kouni MLXX5050
Kouniakari MLXX2343
Kounian MLXX9297
Kouniana MLXX9298
Kouniandji MLXX2344
Kouniou MLXX9299
Kounioumania MLXX2345
Kounkouba MLXX2346
Kounkoundo MLXX5051
Kounsoum MLXX0572
Kounta MLXX2347
Kountaraka MLXX7414
Kounti MLXX7415
Kountio MLXX9300
Kountourou MLXX2348
Kouo MLXX9301
Kouonbaka MLXX7416
Kouonda MLXX7417
Kouoro MLXX9302
Kourababougou MLXX5052
Kourague MLXX2349
Kourale MLXX0361
Kourare MLXX2350
Kourbaka MLXX7418
Kourdoun MLXX2351
Kouremale MLXX5053
Kourfi MLXX2352
Kouri MLXX2353
Kouri MLXX9303
Kourinteli MLXX2354
Kourketo MLXX0171
Kourmi MLXX7419
Kourmoussana MLXX7420
Kourne MLXX5054
Kournipi MLXX2355
Kourohando MLXX2356
Kourokorodji MLXX5055
Kourou MLXX9304
Kourou MLXX2357
Kourou MLXX7421
Kourou Kanda MLXX7422
Kourouba MLXX5056
Kourouba MLXX2358
Kouroubala MLXX5057
Kouroubaninnko MLXX2359
Kouroublo MLXX2360
Kouroubo MLXX2361
Kouroubodala MLXX2362
Kouroudiou MLXX2363
Kouroudioula MLXX2364
Kouroufara MLXX2365
Kouroufinngoto MLXX2366
Kourouforela MLXX9305
Kourouga MLXX7423
Kourougue MLXX2367
Kourougueto MLXX2368
Kourouka MLXX2370
Kouroukoma MLXX2371
Kouroukondi MLXX2372
Kouroukoro MLXX9306
Kouroukoro MLXX5058
Kouroukoroba MLXX2373
Kouroukoto MLXX2374
Kouroukotodji MLXX2375
Kouroukoula MLXX2376
Kouroukoumene MLXX2377
Kouroukourou MLXX5059
Kouroukouto MLXX2378
Kouroukoyoma MLXX2379
Kouroula MLXX9307
Kouroula MLXX5060
Kouroula MLXX2380
Kouroulamini MLXX9308
Kouroule MLXX7424
Kourouloli MLXX2381
Kourouma MLXX9309
Kouroumasso MLXX9310
Kourounde MLXX7425
Kouroundi MLXX2382
Kouroundi Koto MLXX2383
Kouroundiana MLXX5061
Kourouni MLXX7426
Kourouni MLXX9311
Kourounia MLXX2384
Kourouniegue MLXX2385
Kourounifi MLXX2386
Kourounika MLXX2387
Kourouninkoto MLXX2388
Kourounouna MLXX2389
Kourouroma MLXX2390
Kouroussembe MLXX2391
Kouroussinnkoto MLXX2392
Kouroute MLXX2393
Kouroutibia MLXX5062
Kourouya MLXX2394
Koursale MLXX5063
Koursale Koro MLXX5064
Koury MLXX0172
Kousala MLXX5065
Kousi MLXX5066
Koussabougou MLXX2395
Koussane MLXX0173
Koussikoto MLXX2396
Koussili MLXX2397
Kousso MLXX2398
Koussouko MLXX2399
Koussourou MLXX2400
Kouta MLXX2401
Koutaka MLXX7427
Koutiala MLXX0174
Koutienebougou MLXX9312
Koutila MLXX2402
Koutouboubougou MLXX5067
Koutoufi MLXX2403
Koutouko MLXX2404
Koutoumel MLXX7428
Kouwanta MLXX5068
Kouyana MLXX5069
Kovach MLXX5070
Kowa MLXX7429
Koya MLXX5071
Koya Imla MLXX7430
Koyala MLXX5072
Koyan MLXX5073
Koyena MLXX9313
Koyentyia MLXX2405
Koyessa MLXX0175
Koyessouma MLXX7431
Koygoro MLXX0573
Koygouro MLXX0574
Koykoyra MLXX7432
Koyo MLXX7433
Koyon MLXX5075
Koyrataoua MLXX0176
Kozo MLXX9314
Kreima MLXX0177
Kremiss MLXX2406
Krikissama MLXX2407
Krobile MLXX2408
Kromkorom MLXX0575
Kume MLXX9315
Kwakoum MLXX5076
Kwala MLXX5077
Kwazana MLXX5078
Kwo MLXX9316
Kyebabougou MLXX0362
Laban MLXX9317
Labankono MLXX5079
Labanta MLXX2409
Labata MLXX5080
Labaye MLXX2410
Labezanga MLXX0576
Labi MLXX0577
Labidi MLXX2411
Labo MLXX7434
Lafiabougou MLXX5081
Lafiabougou MLXX2412
Lafiabougou MLXX0363
Lagassagou MLXX7435
Lagassagou Kanda MLXX7436
Laghoule MLXX2413
Laghwat MLXX5082
Laglala MLXX2414
Lagui MLXX2415
Lahajib MLXX2416
Lahanti MLXX2417
Lajidanbougou MLXX5083
Lakafia MLXX2418
Lakakole MLXX2419
Lakamane MLXX2420
Lakanba MLXX2421
Lakanfia MLXX2422
Laliabe MLXX2423
Lalovi-Ngoti MLXX7437
Lamba MLXX2424
Lambaba MLXX2425
Lambadere MLXX2426
Lambatara MLXX2427
Lambawal MLXX2428
Lambidou MLXX2429
Lame MLXX2430
Lamelebougou MLXX2431
Lamini MLXX9318
Laminibougou MLXX5084
Laminibougou MLXX9319
Laminila MLXX2432
Laminina MLXX9320
Lamordi MLXX7438
Lampiera MLXX7439
Lanaoue MLXX7440
Lanbangoubo MLXX2433
Landi MLXX5085
Lanfara MLXX9321
Lanfiala MLXX5086
Lanfiera MLXX9322
Lanfiera MLXX7441
Langanania MLXX2434
Langossi MLXX2435
Langourala MLXX9323
Languekoto MLXX2436
Lani Modi MLXX2437
Lani Takoutala MLXX2438
Lani Tounka MLXX0178
Lanidebe MLXX2439
Lanmbasite MLXX5087
Lanpasso MLXX9324
Lanta MLXX2440
Laounia MLXX7442
Laourou MLXX7443
Larafia MLXX2441
Laranguemou MLXX2442
Laraya MLXX2443
Larde-Bale MLXX7444
Lassa MLXX0364
Lassana MLXX2444
Lassere MLXX2445
Lasso MLXX9325
Lataraf MLXX2446
Lawe MLXX0578
Lawene MLXX5089
Lawinatt MLXX2447
Lbeurd MLXX5090
Leberta MLXX2448
Lebeta MLXX2449
Ledjeko MLXX7445
Lefloni MLXX5091
Leguefetou MLXX2450
Lehe MLXX2451
Lei Fello MLXX2452
Leissere MLXX2453
Lekiou MLXX2454
Leko MLXX0179
Lekoro MLXX9326
Lekouraga MLXX2455
Lekouroundi MLXX2456
Lele MLXX9327
Lelebougouro MLXX9328
Lelehoy MLXX0579
Lelel MLXX7446
Lemde MLXX7447
Lemounatounbou MLXX2457
Lemouroutoumou MLXX9329
Lemourouzanzan MLXX5092
Lena MLXX5093
Lena MLXX9330
Lenguedibi MLXX2458
Lenguekoto MLXX2459
Lenguelo MLXX5094
Lenguema MLXX2460
Leoladjie MLXX7448
Lerasso MLXX9331
Lere MLXX7449
Lerono MLXX2461
Lessogou MLXX7450
Lewa MLXX2462
Lewa Ardossadio MLXX2463
Lewa Dekole MLXX2464
Lewa Deleman MLXX2465
Lewa Doubaledji MLXX2466
Lewa Kopi MLXX2467
Leya MLXX2468
Libe MLXX7451
Liberta MLXX2469
Lifiti MLXX2470
Liliko MLXX2471
Limakole MLXX2472
Limsila MLXX5095
Lindji MLXX2473
Linguekoto MLXX2474
Linnguekoto MLXX2475
Loba MLXX5096
Lobou MLXX0580
Lobouala MLXX9332
Lobougoula MLXX0180
Lofigue MLXX9333
Lofine MLXX9334
Logo MLXX7452
Logoba MLXX2476
Logobara MLXX7453
Logori MLXX7454
Loiguina MLXX9335
Lokana MLXX9336
Lolakarou MLXX7455
Lonababougou MLXX9337
Lonba MLXX2477
Lonetou MLXX2478
Longuel MLXX7456
Lonpasso MLXX9338
Lontola MLXX9339
Loro MLXX7457
Loro Habe MLXX7458
Loro-Younga MLXX7459
Lossogou MLXX7460
Lotala MLXX5097
Lou MLXX7461
Loubana MLXX2479
Loubeuiz MLXX5098
Lougouele MLXX9340
Lougounialbi MLXX2480
Lougourougoumgou MLXX7462
Lougui MLXX2481
Lougui MLXX7463
Loukou MLXX5099
Loulo MLXX2482
Loulonto MLXX2483
Loulouni MLXX0181
Loumbougana MLXX2484
Loungou MLXX2485
Loupiasso MLXX9341
Loupourou MLXX2486
Lourougan MLXX7464
Loutana MLXX9342
Maba MLXX5100
Mabala MLXX2487
Mabere MLXX7465
Mabrouk MLXX2488
Mabrouk MLXX5101
Mabrouke MLXX2489
Macina MLXX2490
Mada MLXX2491
Madala MLXX2492
Madalea MLXX2493
Madanibougou MLXX0365
Made MLXX2494
Madehodi MLXX7466
Madia MLXX2495
Madiama MLXX7467
Madiarabougou MLXX2496
Madiari MLXX2497
Madiawaya MLXX2498
Madibaya MLXX2499
Madibonto MLXX2500
Madibougou MLXX5102
Madiga MLXX2501
Madila MLXX2502
Madimaramane MLXX2503
Madina MLXX0183
Madina MLXX0182
Madina MLXX5103
Madina MLXX7469
Madina Foula MLXX2505
Madina Goungou MLXX2506
Madina Kankata MLXX2507
Madina Konare MLXX5104
Madina Koyta MLXX5105
Madina Malinke MLXX2508
Madina Sako MLXX5106
Madina Talibe MLXX2509
Madina-Kagoro MLXX5107
Madina-Koura MLXX2510
Madina-Sylla MLXX5108
Madinandi MLXX2511
Madine MLXX2512
Madine MLXX5109
Madinekouta MLXX2513
Madinel MLXX2514
Madini MLXX2515
Madiobougou MLXX5110
Madioubabougou MLXX5111
Madonga MLXX2516
Madouba MLXX5112
Madoubougou MLXX5113
Madougou MLXX7470
Madoukourta MLXX2517
Maedi MLXX5114
Mafea MLXX0184
Mafele MLXX9344
Mafeleni MLXX9345
Mafeya MLXX5115
Mafina MLXX2518
Maga MLXX2519
Magadjila MLXX5116
Magana MLXX5117
Maganbougou MLXX2520
Magleuila MLXX5118
Magleyle MLXX5119
Magnambougou MLXX5120
Magnambougou MLXX0366
Magouwena MLXX9346
Maguea MLXX2521
Maguine MLXX5121
Maha MLXX9347
Mahadougou MLXX9348
Mahamadji MLXX2522
Mahamekabougou MLXX5123
Maharad MLXX2523
Mahata Moulana MLXX5124
Mahel Kourou MLXX7471
Mahina MLXX5125
Mahina MLXX2524
Mahinandi MLXX2525
Mahinani MLXX2526
Maka MLXX7472
Makadala MLXX9349
Makadenie MLXX2527
Makadie MLXX7473
Makadjanouiena MLXX2528
Makadjila MLXX5126
Makadougou MLXX2529
Makadougoula MLXX2530
Makadoumbougou MLXX5127
Makambougou MLXX5128
Makame MLXX7474
Makana MLXX5129
Makana MLXX9350
Makana MLXX2531
Makana Tougoune MLXX5130
Makanakoto MLXX2532
Makandiana MLXX9351
Makane MLXX2534
Makanguere MLXX2535
Makania MLXX2536
Makankoro MLXX2537
Makankoura MLXX2538
Makazaina MLXX5132
Makodji MLXX2539
Makongo MLXX9352
Makono MLXX5133
Makono MLXX9353
Makono MLXX2540
Makonobougou MLXX9354
Makonobougou MLXX5134
Makou MLXX7475
Makounia MLXX2541
Mal Mal MLXX0581
Mala MLXX9355
Maladye MLXX5135
Malako MLXX2542
Malangal MLXX7476
Malanka MLXX2543
Malaya MLXX2544
Male MLXX5136
Malea MLXX2545
Malebougou MLXX5137
Malemana MLXX7477
Malibougou MLXX2546
Malidio MLXX2547
Maligonga MLXX2548
Malikabougou MLXX5138
Malikibougou MLXX5139
Malikila MLXX9356
Maliya MLXX2549
Malo MLXX5140
Malobalitio MLXX9357
Malou Tambaya MLXX2550
Maloum MLXX2551
Mamabougou MLXX9358
Mamabougou MLXX5141
Mamadibougou MLXX5142
Mamadidaga MLXX7478
Mamadou Dialola MLXX2552
Mamako MLXX7479
Mamaniera MLXX2553
Mamarasso MLXX9359
Mamarebougou MLXX5143
Mamarela MLXX9360
Mamarela MLXX5144
Mamaribougou MLXX5145
Mamaribougou MLXX0367
Mamba MLXX2555
Mambila MLXX5149
Mambiri MLXX0186
Mame MLXX0185
Mamissa MLXX9361
Mamoire MLXX2556
Mamolobougou MLXX9362
Mamondoubaya MLXX2557
Mamondouya MLXX2558
Mamonsita MLXX2559
Mamourou MLXX7481
Mamouroubougou MLXX9363
Mamroula MLXX5150
Mana MLXX7482
Mana MLXX5151
Manabougou MLXX5152
Manabougou Koro MLXX2560
Manabougou Koura MLXX2561
Manafara MLXX2562
Manako MLXX7483
Manako MLXX2563
Manakoro MLXX5153
Manakoto MLXX2564
Manakotossou MLXX2565
Manakoumbo MLXX5154
Manalo MLXX5155
Manambougou MLXX2566
Manana MLXX2567
Manankoro MLXX9364
Manankoroni MLXX5156
Manankoto MLXX2568
Manantali MLXX2569
Manaodi MLXX7484
Manaoule MLXX2570
Mandala MLXX2571
Mandaraia MLXX9365
Mande MLXX7485
Mandela MLXX9366
Mandiakui MLXX0187
Mandiarabougou MLXX5157
Mandiela MLXX9367
Mandiela MLXX5158
Mandiguibougou MLXX5159
Mandina Ali MLXX7486
Mandina Ouro MLXX7487
Mandio MLXX7488
Manfala MLXX9368
Manfara MLXX5160
Manga MLXX7489
Manga Sonolie MLXX7490
Manga-Gourel MLXX7491
Mangadoumfa MLXX2572
Mangalabe MLXX2573
Mangana MLXX9369
Mangasi MLXX5161
Mangokoro MLXX2574
Mangola MLXX5162
Mangorokoro MLXX5163
Mangouroubougou MLXX5164
Manguila MLXX7492
Manguina MLXX7493
Mani MLXX5165
Maniaguinti MLXX2575
Maniambougou MLXX5166
Maniana MLXX5167
Maniankoura MLXX2576
Manikoura MLXX5168
Manila MLXX2577
Manina Bereli MLXX2578
Manioumambougou MLXX5169
Manioumani MLXX5170
Manka MLXX7494
Mankama MLXX7495
Mankanou MLXX7496
Mankanou Oubere MLXX7497
Mankouke MLXX2579
Manndakoto MLXX2580
Manoba MLXX2581
Mansaba MLXX7498
Mansadi MLXX2582
Mansadji MLXX2583
Mansala MLXX2584
Mansamadi MLXX2585
Mansara MLXX0188
Mansara MLXX5171
Mansonkolo MLXX2587
Manta MLXX5172
Manta MLXX2588
Mantalabougou MLXX2589
Manteou MLXX7499
Mantila MLXX9370
Mantyonga MLXX5173
Manyanbougou MLXX5174
Mao MLXX9371
Mara MLXX0582
Marababougou MLXX5175
Marabougou MLXX5176
Marabougou MLXX2591
Maraka MLXX5177
Marakabougou MLXX0192
Marakabougou MLXX5178
Marakala MLXX5179
Marakanimbougou MLXX5180
Marako MLXX5181
Maram MLXX2592
Marana MLXX0189
Marane MLXX2594
Marania MLXX2595
Mardyegi MLXX5182
Marebougou MLXX2596
Marela MLXX2597
Marembougou MLXX9372
Marena MLXX5183
Marena MLXX0190
Marena MLXX0191
Marena Dyariso MLXX5184
Marenadokoure MLXX5185
Marenakoni MLXX2599
Marenia MLXX2600
Maresire MLXX7500
Margou MLXX7501
Mariatourou MLXX2601
Mariboubonzi MLXX5186
Maribougou MLXX9373
Maribougou MLXX5187
Maribougou MLXX2602
Maribougoukoro MLXX5188
Maribougouni MLXX5189
Mariko I MLXX5190
Mariko II MLXX5191
Marikobougou MLXX2603
Marikona MLXX5192
Marila MLXX2604
Marila MLXX5193
Marimbilia MLXX2605
Marina MLXX7502
Marinntoumena MLXX2606
Marintoumania MLXX2607
Maritiamba MLXX2608
Marka MLXX7503
Markabougou MLXX5194
Markaforo MLXX5195
Markakoungo MLXX5196
Markala MLXX0193
Marmoure MLXX5197
Maro MLXX9374
Marontere MLXX2609
Martabougou MLXX2610
Masabala MLXX9375
Masafenbougou MLXX5198
Masako MLXX5199
Masakobougou MLXX2611
Masakoni MLXX5200
Masala MLXX5201
Masala MLXX2612
Masgoula MLXX5202
Masila MLXX5203
Massa-Diassa MLXX9376
Massabala MLXX5204
Massabila MLXX9377
Massadienibougou MLXX9378
Massadji MLXX2613
Massafala MLXX9379
Massakana MLXX7504
Massako MLXX5205
Massako MLXX9380
Massakodji MLXX5206
Massakoni MLXX5207
Massakorobougou MLXX9381
Massakoroma MLXX5208
Massala MLXX9382
Massala MLXX5209
Massama MLXX7505
Massamakara MLXX9383
Massantola MLXX5210
Massarane MLXX2614
Masse MLXX7506
Masse-Toumare MLXX7507
Massigui MLXX5211
Massiminabougou MLXX5212
Massissebougou MLXX2615
Massougou MLXX5213
Matabrou MLXX2616
Matamoulana MLXX2617
Matanga MLXX7508
Matira MLXX2618
Matissegaya MLXX2619
Mayadine MLXX2620
Mayala MLXX9384
Mayanko MLXX2621
Mayatake MLXX7509
Mayel MLXX2622
Mayel MLXX7510
Mayel Bourgou MLXX7511
Maygoubou MLXX7512
Mayodan MLXX2623
Mayoko MLXX2624
Maza MLXX0583
Mazabougou MLXX2625
Mbadji MLXX5214
Mbagasso MLXX9385
Mbakarela MLXX5215
Mbakarelakoura MLXX5216
Mbana MLXX7513
Mbankoro MLXX5217
Mbaradou MLXX7514
Mbarebougou MLXX5218
Mbarkefal MLXX2627
Mbassa MLXX5219
Mbebougou MLXX5220
Mbedi MLXX5221
Mbeidi MLXX2628
Mbela MLXX9386
Mbelize MLXX2629
Mbembere MLXX9387
Mberesso MLXX9388
Mbete MLXX5222
Mbeuryeu MLXX5223
Mbiabougou MLXX7515
Mbiabougou MLXX5224
Mbodjebougou MLXX2630
Mbouri MLXX7516
Mbyebougou MLXX5225
Mdallaye MLXX7517
Mebougou MLXX5226
Mebougou MLXX9389
Medina MLXX2631
Medina Koura MLXX5227
Medina Koura MLXX0368
Medine MLXX2632
Medine Koura MLXX2633
Megou MLXX7518
Megue MLXX5228
Meguela MLXX9390
Meguelen MLXX5229
Mekele MLXX5230
Meleri MLXX2634
Melgue MLXX0194
Melgue el Ouide MLXX2636
Melo MLXX7519
Melo MLXX2637
Memissala MLXX9391
Mena MLXX5231
Mena MLXX9392
Menaka MLXX0584
Menankoto MLXX2638
Menayereka MLXX2639
Mendie MLXX2640
Mendimbougou MLXX5232
Mene Mene MLXX2641
Menentyela MLXX5233
Mengorobougou MLXX2642
Meni MLXX5234
Menianbala MLXX9393
Menianko MLXX5235
Menie MLXX9394
Meninia MLXX2643
Meniourou MLXX5236
Menkoungo MLXX5237
Mennti-Soubi MLXX7520
Mensenkouroula MLXX2644
Menti-Kindi MLXX7521
Meou MLXX7522
Merela MLXX2645
Merelakhe MLXX5238
Meremidi MLXX2646
Meribougou MLXX9395
Meridiala MLXX9396
Merkoya MLXX5239
Messa MLXX5240
Messabougou MLXX9397
Messe MLXX2647
Messe MLXX5241
Messena MLXX7523
Metanbougou MLXX5242
Metedia MLXX2648
Metela MLXX5243
Metelidie MLXX7524
Metembougou MLXX5244
Meuleukman MLXX5245
Miabougou MLXX9398
Midigunzia MLXX5246
Midio-Bouri MLXX7525
Miena MLXX9399
Mikaya MLXX2649
Milala MLXX0195
Milali MLXX7526
Mima MLXX9400
Mina MLXX2650
Minanba MLXX9401
Minankorobougou MLXX9402
Minari MLXX2651
Mindie MLXX7527
Minima MLXX7528
Minima Kanda MLXX7529
Mininko MLXX9403
Minirodougou MLXX2652
Minkamala MLXX9404
Minkorobougou MLXX5247
Minnda MLXX7530
Minta MLXX7531
Mintiguila MLXX5248
Minyo Souba MLXX0585
Minzanga MLXX9405
Mio MLXX0196
Miria MLXX5249
Misira MLXX2653
Misira MLXX5250
Misira Kroa MLXX5251
Misira Makana MLXX5252
Misirila MLXX5253
Missabougou MLXX0369
Missakabougou MLXX5254
Missala MLXX9406
Missala MLXX0370
Missala MLXX2654
Missalabougou MLXX0371
Missango MLXX5255
Misseni MLXX9407
Missi-Ouro MLXX7532
Missi-Sara MLXX7533
Missidi MLXX2656
Missidougou MLXX9408
Missimi MLXX5257
Missimifara MLXX2657
Missira MLXX7534