Weather Codes for Malawi

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Malawi. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aaron MIXX0032
Aaron MIXX2532
Abel Chunga MIXX2533
Abele MIXX0033
Abindanjoke MIXX0034
Abisai MIXX0035
Abraham MIXX0036
Abute MIXX0037
Adam MIXX2534
Agabu MIXX0038
Agamonje MIXX0039
Agrippa Jere MIXX2535
Akoyo MIXX2536
Akubilila MIXX0040
Alamu MIXX0041
Alexander Liti MIXX3365
Ali Kanyenda MIXX0042
Alick Cisi MIXX2537
Alick Ndawandawa MIXX2538
Alifandaka MIXX3366
Alikishani MIXX2539
Alimenda MIXX0003
Alufasi MIXX3367
Alumenda MIXX3368
Amazi MIXX0043
Ambale Phaso MIXX0044
Amenta MIXX0045
Amon MIXX0046
Amon Munthali MIXX2540
Amoni MIXX2541
Amonis MIXX0047
Amos Zakocera MIXX0048
Amozi MIXX0049
Andama MIXX0050
Andreya MIXX0051
Anoki Mkhere MIXX2542
Antonio MIXX0052
Arfairyu MIXX2543
Asembe MIXX0053
Augustino MIXX0054
Austeni MIXX0055
Azimbare MIXX0056
Azyuda MIXX3369
Baghaya MIXX2544
Bakali MIXX3370
Bakhili MIXX3371
Bakile MIXX3372
Balaka MIXX0004
Balakas MIXX0057
Balakasi MIXX3374
Balala MIXX3375
Bana MIXX0058
Banda MIXX2545
Banda MIXX0059
Bandawe MIXX2546
Bandawe MIXX0060
Bande MIXX0061
Bang MIXX0062
Bangani MIXX0063
Bango MIXX0064
Bangula MIXX3376
Bangwe MIXX3377
Bani MIXX0065
Banja MIXX0066
Bano MIXX0067
Baquira MIXX3378
Barton Jere MIXX2547
Barton Mzima MIXX2548
Bartumeyo Tembo MIXX2549
Basikolo MIXX2550
Basopo Lungu MIXX2551
Batamu Hande MIXX2552
Bawa Banda MIXX2553
Bechani MIXX0068
Belekia MIXX2554
Bemberi MIXX0069
Ben MIXX0070
Benga MIXX0071
Beni MIXX0072
Benula MIXX0073
Besera MIXX0074
Biambiri Mramu MIXX2555
Bibi MIXX0075
Bikivai MIXX0076
Bilale MIXX0077
Bile MIXX3379
Billiate MIXX0078
Bimbi MIXX3380
Bimpi MIXX0079
Bingo MIXX0080
Bisa MIXX2556
Bisa MIXX0081
Bisai MIXX0082
Bisenti MIXX3381
Bitchilipa MIXX0083
Biti Kalanje MIXX3382
Bitoni Karuwa MIXX2557
Biwi MIXX0084
Biwi Mzamba MIXX0085
Blair MIXX3383
Blantyre MIXX3384
Boghoyo MIXX2558
Bokosi MIXX0086
Bokosi Dindi MIXX2559
Bokosi Kunga MIXX2560
Bolero MIXX2561
Bomombo MIXX0087
Bonda MIXX0088
Bondo MIXX0089
Bonga MIXX0090
Bongera MIXX0091
Bongoya MIXX2562
Bongwe MIXX3385
Boni MIXX0092
Bonongwe MIXX3386
Bota MIXX2563
Boti MIXX0093
Boti MIXX2564
Boti Kumwenda MIXX2565
Bowa MIXX0094
Bowmande MIXX0095
Budu MIXX3387
Buku MIXX0096
Bula MIXX0097
Bulala MIXX2566
Buluzi MIXX0098
Bumba MIXX2567
Bumphola MIXX0099
Bunganiro MIXX2568
Bunyenga MIXX0100
Butani MIXX2569
Butani Nyirenda MIXX2570
Butari MIXX2571
Bvumbwe MIXX3388
Bwala MIXX0101
Bwamba MIXX0102
Bwanaisa MIXX3389
Bwanali MIXX3390
Bwanali MIXX0103
Bwanasompho MIXX3391
Bwanthuwa MIXX2572
Bwatalika MIXX0104
Bwemba MIXX3392
Bwengu MIXX2573
Bweteka MIXX2574
Bweya MIXX0105
Bwikito MIXX2575
Cabvula MIXX0106
Cabwedzeka MIXX3393
Cacecedza MIXX0107
Cadzowa MIXX0108
Caera MIXX0109
Cafwamba MIXX0110
Cagweluka MIXX0111
Cakulembera MIXX3395
Cakutola MIXX0112
Cakuzizwa MIXX0113
Cakwanika MIXX2576
Cakwawa MIXX0114
Cakwila MIXX0115
Camama MIXX0116
Cambalekani MIXX0117
Caola MIXX0118
Capamba MIXX0119
Cape Maclear MIXX3396
Caphuka MIXX0120
Capuka MIXX3397
Capwawa MIXX0121
Cardi MIXX2577
Casamwalala MIXX0122
Cassapa MIXX3398
Cavunguma MIXX0123
Cavura MIXX0124
Cavwelema MIXX0125
Cawala MIXX0126
Cawanje MIXX0127
Cawola MIXX0128
Celemu MIXX3399
Cendesula MIXX0129
Cesalino MIXX0130
Chabuka MIXX0131
Chabwela MIXX3400
Chabwera MIXX0132
Chadagha MIXX2578
Chadika MIXX0133
Chadza MIXX0134
Chadza Mkwenda MIXX0135
Chadzuka MIXX0136
Chafudzika MIXX3401
Chafukira MIXX0137
Chafumbwa MIXX0138
Chafumukwa MIXX0139
Chagambatuka MIXX3402
Chagocha MIXX0140
Chagogo MIXX0141
Chaguza MIXX0142
Chagwalugwa MIXX0143
Chagwambala MIXX2579
Chaima MIXX0144
Chaiso Ndhlovu MIXX2580
Chakalira MIXX0145
Chakanza MIXX3403
Chakapama MIXX0146
Chakasa MIXX0147
Chakazika MIXX0148
Chakhala MIXX0149
Chakhala II MIXX0150
Chakhame MIXX3404
Chakhaza MIXX0151
Chakhumbira MIXX0152
Chakhumbira MIXX3405
Chakongwa MIXX0153
Chakuma MIXX0154
Chakupompha MIXX2581
Chakuwara MIXX0155
Chakuzamutu MIXX0156
Chakwanila MIXX0157
Chakwawa MIXX0158
Chale MIXX0159
Chalendewa MIXX0160
Chalera MIXX0161
Chaletuwa MIXX3406
Chali MIXX3407
Chalilima MIXX0162
Chalilo MIXX0163
Chalotwa MIXX2582
Chalunda MIXX0164
Chamadenga MIXX0165
Chamaka MIXX3408
Chamakala MIXX0166
Chamama MIXX0167
Chamande MIXX3409
Chamanga MIXX3410
Chamara MIXX3411
Chamatete MIXX2583
Chamawoya MIXX2584
Chamba MIXX3412
Chambala MIXX0168
Chambamkuya MIXX0169
Chambukira MIXX0170
Chambuluka MIXX3413
Chambwe MIXX0171
Chamkoma MIXX0172
Chamonsi MIXX0173
Champira MIXX2585
Champongo MIXX0174
Chamvu MIXX0175
Chamyeka MIXX0176
Chana MIXX0177
Chanasa MIXX3414
Chande MIXX3415
Chandiwira Moyo MIXX2588
Chandiwu MIXX0178
Changali MIXX3416
Changaluwa MIXX0179
Chanika MIXX0180
Chankakhala MIXX0181
Chankhamatete MIXX2589
Chanunkha Shawa MIXX2590
Chanyama MIXX2591
Chaola MIXX0182
Chaolamokanda MIXX0183
Chaonanjiwa MIXX3417
Chaowa MIXX0184
Chapalapula MIXX0185
Chapanza MIXX0186
Chapanzi MIXX0187
Chapasuka MIXX0188
Chapata MIXX0189
Chapendeha MIXX0190
Chapewa MIXX0191
Chapita MIXX0192
Chapola MIXX3418
Chapsinja MIXX0193
Chapu MIXX3419
Chapuma MIXX0194
Chapumbwa MIXX2592
Chapuwala MIXX0195
Chapwaitika MIXX0196
Charenga MIXX0197
Charinda MIXX0198
Chaseta MIXX0199
Chasowa MIXX0200
Chataika MIXX3420
Chataika MIXX0201
Chatalala MIXX0202
Chatama MIXX0203
Chatambalala MIXX0204
Chatanga MIXX0205
Chatewa MIXX0207
Chatile MIXX0208
Chatupa MIXX2594
Chautela MIXX2595
Chauwa MIXX0209
Chavara MIXX3421
Chavina MIXX0210
Chavukuka MIXX2596
Chavura MIXX0211
Chawa Mvula MIXX2597
Chawala MIXX0212
Chawanda MIXX0213
Chawanta MIXX0214
Chawesa MIXX3422
Chawuluma Jere MIXX2598
Chawuwa MIXX3423
Chawuwa MIXX0215
Chazama MIXX0216
Chaziya MIXX0217
Chazuka MIXX0218
Chazuka MIXX3424
Checufikeni MIXX0219
Chelonga MIXX2599
Chembe MIXX3425
Chemlima MIXX0220
Chendo MIXX2600
Chenje MIXX0221
Chenyentha MIXX2601
Chesen MIXX0222
Chesenda MIXX3426
Chewe MIXX2602
Chewesa MIXX0223
Cheza MIXX0224
Chia MIXX0225
Chiam MIXX0226
Chibaka MIXX2603
Chibako MIXX2604
Chibamba MIXX2605
Chibara MIXX2606
Chibene MIXX0227
Chibeni MIXX0228
Chibisa MIXX0229
Chibisa Chirwa MIXX2607
Chiboko MIXX0230
Chibotero MIXX0231
Chibuli MIXX3427
Chibungo MIXX0232
Chibungu MIXX0233
Chibunyu MIXX0234
Chibwana MIXX0235
Chibwana MIXX3428
Chibwana MIXX2608
Chibwana Nyangu MIXX2611
Chibwanateka MIXX0236
Chibwinja MIXX0237
Chichiri MIXX3429
Chichitike MIXX0238
Chickalamba MIXX2612
Chickumbeni MIXX3430
Chico MIXX0239
Chicoleca MIXX3431
Chiculungueni MIXX0240
Chidakwende MIXX0241
Chidambo MIXX0242
Chidatha MIXX0243
Chiderezi MIXX0244
Chideru MIXX2613
Chidikha MIXX3432
Chidiwo MIXX2614
Chidote MIXX3433
Chidothe MIXX3434
Chidothi MIXX0245
Chidumayo MIXX2615
Chidumayo Lusale MIXX2616
Chidyaonga MIXX3435
Chidzunda MIXX0246
Chiembekeza MIXX3436
Chiendausiku MIXX3437
Chifipo MIXX0247
Chifisa MIXX0248
Chifomboti MIXX0249
Chifuwa MIXX2618
Chigadula MIXX0250
Chigamba MIXX0251
Chiganda MIXX0252
Chigaru MIXX3438
Chigaule MIXX2620
Chigawa MIXX0253
Chighachangombe MIXX2621
Chigoma MIXX0254
Chigoneka MIXX0255
Chigude MIXX2622
Chigumula MIXX3439
Chigwata MIXX3440
Chigwere MIXX2623
Chijere MIXX2624
Chika MIXX0256
Chikabwereza MIXX3441
Chikadya MIXX0257
Chikalema MIXX3442
Chikalipo MIXX0258
Chikanda MIXX3443
Chikanda MIXX0259
Chikandira MIXX0260
Chikanga MIXX2625
Chikangawa MIXX2626
Chikanje MIXX0261
Chikaola MIXX0262
Chikapu Moyo MIXX2627
Chikasauka MIXX0263
Chikaso MIXX0264
Chikhadwe MIXX0265
Chikhangombe MIXX0266
Chikhawo MIXX3444
Chikho MIXX0267
Chikhoko MIXX2628
Chikhu MIXX0268
Chikhumbi MIXX2629
Chikhungwa MIXX0269
Chikhuta MIXX0270
Chikhwakhwa MIXX0271
Chikiwowe MIXX0272
Chikobwi MIXX0273
Chikojo MIXX3445
Chikoko MIXX0274
Chikoma Nyanjala MIXX2630
Chikomakuka MIXX0275
Chikombe MIXX0276
Chikombwi MIXX2631
Chikomeni Thore MIXX2632
Chikondawanga MIXX2633
Chikonde MIXX0277
Chikoti MIXX0278
Chikowanje MIXX3446
Chikudzu MIXX0279
Chikuli MIXX3447
Chikulu MIXX0280
Chikuluma MIXX3448
Chikumba MIXX3449
Chikumbu MIXX3450
Chikungu MIXX0281
Chikunguntheni MIXX0282
Chikuni MIXX2635
Chikunumbu MIXX0283
Chikusa MIXX0284
Chikuta MIXX0285
Chikute MIXX0286
Chikuwangoma MIXX2636
Chikuwita MIXX3452
Chikuzulira MIXX0287
Chikuzulire MIXX0288
Chikwakwa MIXX0289
Chikwawa MIXX0006
Chikwawa MIXX0290
Chikwawe MIXX0291
Chikwawi MIXX0292
Chikweo MIXX3454
Chikweze MIXX0293
Chikwina MIXX2637
Chiladzulo MIXX3455
Chilala MIXX3456
Chilambe MIXX3457
Chilando MIXX0294
Chilanga MIXX0295
Chilasa MIXX0296
Chilawa MIXX0297
Chilawo MIXX2638
Chilawo Banda MIXX2639
Chileka MIXX3458
Chileka MIXX0298
Chilemba MIXX0299
Chilemba MIXX3459
Chilembwe MIXX0300
Chilemele MIXX3460
Chilenga MIXX0301
Chilibuno MIXX0302
Chilikumwendo MIXX0303
Chilima MIXX0304
Chilimani MIXX3461
Chilimba MIXX3462
Chilinde MIXX0306
Chilindira MIXX0307
Chilingi MIXX2640
Chilinkoli MIXX0308
Chilipa MIXX3463
Chiloa MIXX0309
Chiloa Matambe MIXX0310
Chiloa Nyilonga MIXX0311
Chilolo MIXX3464
Chilolo MIXX0312
Chilombo MIXX3465
Chilomoni MIXX3466
Chilonga MIXX0313
Chilonja MIXX0314
Chilonje MIXX0315
Chilooka MIXX0316
Chilooku MIXX0317
Chilopola MIXX0318
Chilowa MIXX0319
Chilumba MIXX2641
Chilundu MIXX0320
Chilunga MIXX3467
Chilusi MIXX0321
Chiluvya MIXX0322
Chima MIXX0323
Chimala MIXX3468
Chimamba MIXX0324
Chimambo MIXX0325
Chimanda MIXX3469
Chimango MIXX0326
Chimbadzo MIXX0327
Chimbaka MIXX0328
Chimbala MIXX0329
Chimbalanga MIXX0330
Chimbalanga MIXX3470
Chimbalenga MIXX3471
Chimbalu MIXX0331
Chimbano MIXX2642
Chimbaru MIXX0332
Chimbembe MIXX3472
Chimbete MIXX0333
Chimbia MIXX0334
Chimbila MIXX3473
Chimbindu MIXX0335
Chimbobo MIXX0336
Chimbonga MIXX0337
Chimboyera MIXX2643
Chimbuli MIXX0338
Chimbumbuka MIXX0339
Chimbumbuli MIXX3474
Chimbuto MIXX0340
Chimbwanda MIXX0341
Chimbwanya MIXX3475
Chimbwinda MIXX3476
Chimdima Mhango MIXX2644
Chimelango MIXX3477
Chimelela MIXX0342
Chimenya MIXX0343
Chimesya MIXX3478
Chimgonda MIXX2645
Chimgonda MIXX0344
Chimimba MIXX0345
Chimkoka MIXX0346
Chimkoko MIXX0347
Chimkusa MIXX2646
Chimndulu MIXX0348
Chimombo MIXX0349
Chimombo MIXX3479
Chimombo MIXX2647
Chimono MIXX0350
Chimpala MIXX0351
Chimpamba MIXX3480
Chimpambana MIXX3481
Chimpando MIXX0353
Chimpangu MIXX0354
Chimpanzi MIXX3482
Chimpeni MIXX0355
Chimpere MIXX0356
Chimphanga MIXX0357
Chimphepo MIXX0358
Chimphithi MIXX0359
Chimpipo MIXX0360
Chimponda MIXX0361
Chimptsolo MIXX0362
Chimsewenzo MIXX2649
Chimsoro Jere MIXX2650
Chimtembo MIXX2651
Chimubve MIXX0363
Chimura MIXX2652
Chimute MIXX0364
Chimutha MIXX0365
Chimuti MIXX0366
Chimutu MIXX0367
Chimutu MIXX2653
Chimwala MIXX0368
Chimwala MIXX3483
Chimwara MIXX0369
Chimwaye MIXX0370
Chimwembe MIXX0371
Chimwendo MIXX0372
Chimwere MIXX0373
Chimwere MIXX3484
Chimweyo MIXX0374
Chimzinga MIXX0375
Chimzu MIXX0376
China MIXX0378
Chinamule MIXX0379
Chinavinga MIXX0380
Chinchere MIXX0381
Chindamba MIXX3485
Chindambo MIXX3486
Chinde MIXX2654
Chindevu MIXX2655
Chindoka MIXX2656
Chindozwa MIXX2657
Chindungwa MIXX0382
Chindura MIXX0383
Chinduta MIXX0384
Chinduwe MIXX0385
Chinemba MIXX0386
Chineusi MIXX0387
Chingalande MIXX0388
Chingalanganda MIXX3488
Chingali MIXX0389
Chingali MIXX3489
Chingaliwa MIXX2658
Chingamba MIXX0390
Chinganga MIXX0391
Chinganya MIXX2659
Chinganyama MIXX0392
Chingazi MIXX3490
Chingelezi Mithi MIXX2660
Chingeni MIXX0393
Chingila MIXX0394
Chingole MIXX0395
Chingoma MIXX0396
Chingombe MIXX0397
Chinguo MIXX0398
Chinguwi MIXX0399
Chinguwo MIXX3491
Chinguwo MIXX0400
Chinguza MIXX3492
Chinjoka MIXX2661
Chinkala MIXX0401
Chinkande MIXX0402
Chinkhoma MIXX0403
Chinkhota MIXX0404
Chinkhowoli MIXX2662
Chinkhwazara MIXX2663
Chinkoole MIXX2664
Chinkota MIXX0405
Chinku MIXX0406
Chinkunda MIXX0407
Chinkuyu MIXX0408
Chinkwangula MIXX0409
Chinkwiri MIXX0410
Chinkwita MIXX0411
Chinombo MIXX0412
Chinombo MIXX2665
Chinombo Chaya MIXX2666
Chinombo Shonga MIXX2667
Chinsamba MIXX0413
Chinsasa MIXX0414
Chinsowa MIXX0415
Chinsunche MIXX0416
Chintamtumba MIXX0417
Chintanzi MIXX0418
Chinthankhwa MIXX0419
Chintheche MIXX2668
Chinthuta MIXX0420
Chintoto MIXX0421
Chintumbila MIXX0422
Chintuntha MIXX0423
Chinunda MIXX0424
Chinunka MIXX2669
Chinvama MIXX0425
Chinweza MIXX0426
Chinyakula MIXX2670
Chinyama MIXX0427
Chinyamanyamo MIXX0428
Chinyamunyamu MIXX0429
Chinyanga MIXX0430
Chinyanya MIXX2509
Chinyawa MIXX0431
Chinzama MIXX3493
Chinziri MIXX3494
Chinzu MIXX0432
Chiombe MIXX0433
Chionjeza MIXX0434
Chipaika MIXX2671
Chipalamawamba MIXX3495
Chipalanje MIXX3496
Chipalawe MIXX0435
Chipamba MIXX0436
Chipanda MIXX0437
Chipanda MIXX3497
Chipande MIXX0438
Chipanza MIXX0439
Chipapi MIXX0440
Chipapika MIXX0441
Chipasi MIXX0442
Chipaso MIXX0443
Chipasula MIXX0444
Chipe MIXX0445
Chipeka MIXX2672
Chipekwe MIXX0446
Chipembere MIXX0447
Chipendo MIXX3498
Chipeni MIXX0448
Chipenyenye MIXX2674
Chipepola MIXX3499
Chipeta MIXX3500
Chipezi MIXX0449
Chiphapi MIXX0450
Chiphazi MIXX2675
Chiphwembwe MIXX3501
Chipimbininga MIXX2676
Chipitite MIXX0451
Chipoka MIXX0007
Chipoka MIXX3502
Chipokolo MIXX0452
Chipokora MIXX0453
Chipokosa MIXX0454
Chipole MIXX3503
Chipolonga MIXX3504
Chipolopolo MIXX3505
Chipolwa MIXX0455
Chiponda MIXX0456
Chiponde MIXX2510
Chiponde MIXX0457
Chipoza MIXX0458
Chipudo MIXX0459
Chipuka MIXX0460
Chipumi MIXX0461
Chipusile MIXX0462
Chiputa MIXX0463
Chiputula MIXX0464
Chipwaila MIXX2677
Chipwaila MIXX0465
Chipwanya MIXX0466
Chipwanya II MIXX0467
Chipwayila MIXX0468
Chipyela MIXX2511
Chiradzulu MIXX3509
Chirambo MIXX2678
Chirambo Mzoda MIXX2679
Chirando MIXX3510
Chirerawana MIXX2680
Chirinza MIXX0469
Chiriwiya MIXX0470
Chiromangala MIXX0471
Chirombo MIXX3511
Chiromo MIXX3512
Chiruwe MIXX0472
Chirwa MIXX0473
Chisa MIXX0474
Chisamba MIXX0475
Chisambi MIXX0476
Chisambilo MIXX0477
Chisani MIXX0478
Chisasa MIXX0479
Chisavya MIXX2683
Chisawa MIXX3513
Chiseko MIXX0480
Chiselema MIXX0481
Chisema MIXX0482
Chisemphere MIXX0483
Chisenga MIXX0484
Chisenga MIXX2684
Chisepo MIXX0485
Chisepo II MIXX0486
Chishimu MIXX2685
Chisikwa MIXX0487
Chisikwa II MIXX0488
Chisindi MIXX2686
Chisiza MIXX2687
Chisiza MIXX3514
Chisokowo MIXX2688
Chisoso MIXX0489
Chisumba MIXX0490
Chisumu MIXX0491
Chisumulu MIXX2512
Chisuse MIXX3515
Chisuvi MIXX3516
Chisuwi MIXX3517
Chiswa Mumba MIXX2689
Chiswamphira MIXX2690
Chitala MIXX0492
Chitango MIXX2691
Chitanje MIXX0493
Chitanta MIXX0494
Chitapa Moyo MIXX2692
Chitawala MIXX0495
Chitedze MIXX0496
Chitedzi MIXX0497
Chitele MIXX3518
Chitengo MIXX0498
Chitenjere MIXX3519
Chitete MIXX0499
Chitete MIXX2693
Chiteyeye MIXX0500
Chithasa MIXX0501
Chithumba MIXX0502
Chiti MIXX0503
Chitimba MIXX2694
Chitipa MIXX2695
Chitomeni MIXX3521
Chitoru MIXX0504
Chitsa MIXX3522
Chitseko MIXX3523
Chitseko MIXX0505
Chitsulo MIXX0506
Chitsulu MIXX0507
Chitsumba MIXX3524
Chitukula MIXX0508
Chitumba MIXX0509
Chitumbwe MIXX3525
Chitundu MIXX3526
Chitundu MIXX0510
Chituwe MIXX0511
Chituzu MIXX2696
Chiuja MIXX3527
Chiula MIXX0512
Chiunda MIXX3528
Chiunjika MIXX2697
Chiunjisa MIXX0513
Chiunjiza MIXX0514
Chiutsi MIXX0515
Chiutula MIXX3529
Chivala MIXX0516
Chivimya MIXX0517
Chivina MIXX2698
Chivuta MIXX2699
Chivuti MIXX2700
Chivwamila MIXX0518
Chivwara MIXX2701
Chiwala MIXX0519
Chiwale MIXX0520
Chiwaliwali MIXX0521
Chiwalo MIXX3530
Chiwalu MIXX3531
Chiwamba MIXX0522
Chiwambo MIXX3532
Chiwanda MIXX0523
Chiwanda MIXX2702
Chiwanga MIXX0524
Chiwanganya MIXX3533
Chiwara Tembo MIXX2704
Chiwasa MIXX0525
Chiwato Jere MIXX2705
Chiwaula MIXX0526
Chiwengo MIXX0527
Chiwere MIXX0528
Chiwerera MIXX0529
Chiwerewere MIXX2707
Chiweta MIXX2708
Chiweyo MIXX2709
Chiweza MIXX0530
Chiweze MIXX0531
Chiwilira MIXX0532
Chiwinga MIXX0533
Chiwiza MIXX0534
Chiwoko MIXX0535
Chiwoko MIXX2710
Chiwosa MIXX0536
Chiwotha MIXX0537
Chiwoza MIXX0538
Chiwundasi MIXX2711
Chiwuri Kachari MIXX2712
Chizangwe MIXX0539
Chizani MIXX2714
Chizenga MIXX3534
Chiziko MIXX0540
Chiziwa MIXX2715
Chiziwachapwa MIXX2716
Chizumba MIXX2717
Chokolokotha MIXX0541
Chokora Mzima MIXX2718
Chokwe MIXX0542
Cholo MIXX0008
Choloamakande MIXX0543
Chomba MIXX0544
Chombe MIXX3535
Chombo MIXX0545
Chomola MIXX0546
Chomosa MIXX0547
Chonde MIXX3536
Chopi MIXX3537
Chorwe MIXX0548
Choto MIXX0549
Chulu MIXX0550
Chumbela MIXX0551
Chumbiro MIXX0552
Chunga MIXX0553
Chunganiro MIXX0554
Chungu MIXX0555
Chuosa MIXX0556
Chuwuya Nkhata MIXX2719
Chuzu MIXX0557
Cibalala MIXX0558
Cibojora MIXX0559
Cibwata MIXX0560
Cidalanda MIXX0561
Cidewge MIXX0562
Cidya MIXX0563
Ciekwete MIXX0564
Cigadula MIXX0565
Cigunda MIXX0566
Cihepa MIXX2720
Cija MIXX0567
Cikanakuva MIXX0568
Cikazamoto MIXX0569
Cikhangeni MIXX2721
Cikho MIXX0570
Cikoloka MIXX0571
Cikosi MIXX0572
Cikoti MIXX0573
Cikowi MIXX3538
Cikoya MIXX0574
Cikukula MIXX0575
Cikula MIXX0576
Cikutu MIXX0577
Cikwengwe MIXX0578
Cikwesa MIXX0579
Cilala MIXX3539
Cilasanje MIXX3540
Cilembwe MIXX0580
Ciluzi MIXX0581
Cimbayo MIXX0582
Cimbiranjara MIXX0583
Cimbiya MIXX0584
Cimbuli MIXX0585
Cimcimba MIXX0586
Cimcira MIXX0587
Cimdidi MIXX0588
Cimkoko MIXX0589
Cimkonbera MIXX0590
Cimlandu MIXX0591
Cimombo MIXX0592
Cimpapho MIXX0593
Cimtake MIXX0594
Cimuna MIXX0595
Cimutu MIXX0596
Cimuzi MIXX0597
Cimwala MIXX0598
Cimwaye MIXX3541
Cimzinga MIXX0599
Cincembere MIXX3542
Cincheto MIXX0600
Cindazi MIXX0601
Cingala MIXX0602
Cinganji MIXX0603
Cinjoka MIXX0604
Cinjunju MIXX0605
Cinkholongo MIXX0606
Cinsomba MIXX3543
Cinsonthi MIXX0607
Cinyanga MIXX0608
Cinyanga MIXX3544
Cioku MIXX0609
Cipeta MIXX0610
Cipeta MIXX2722
Cipevya MIXX0611
Ciphwanya MIXX0612
Cipolopolo MIXX0613
Cipongola MIXX0614
Cipuku MIXX0615
Cipwaila MIXX0616
Cipwere MIXX3545
Ciraldata MIXX0617
Cisazima MIXX0618
Ciseka MIXX0619
Ciseko MIXX0620
Cisi MIXX2723
Cisinga MIXX0621
Cisokwe MIXX0622
Cisuwula MIXX0623
Citoneka MIXX0624
Citoohi MIXX0625
Citsulo MIXX0626
Citundu MIXX0627
Ciwadzi MIXX0628
Ciwale MIXX0629
Ciwandauka MIXX2724
Ciwawalo MIXX0630
Ciwekeka MIXX0631
Ciwela MIXX0632
Ciwera MIXX0633
Ciwoshya MIXX0634
Ciwotha MIXX0635
Ciwoza MIXX0636
Ciwumnya MIXX0637
Ciziko MIXX0638
Cizungu MIXX0639
Cogaka MIXX3546
Combe MIXX0640
Conga MIXX2725
Coroni MIXX0641
Crakwita MIXX0642
Crowndi MIXX3547
Cumangwena MIXX0643
Daka MIXX0644
Dalien MIXX0645
Damba MIXX2726
Damba MIXX0646
Dambalika MIXX0647
Dambaliuzi MIXX2727
Dambe MIXX3548
Dambo MIXX0648
Dambolankhanga MIXX0649
Danda MIXX0650
Dande MIXX3549
Dangalilo MIXX0651
Daniel MIXX3550
Daniel MIXX0652
Daniel Gausi MIXX2728
Daniel Jere MIXX2729
Daniel Muwowo MIXX2730
Daniel Ndhlovu MIXX2731
Daniele MIXX0653
Daud Jere MIXX2732
Daudi Mbizi MIXX2733
Daudi Thera MIXX2734
Dauyo MIXX0654
David Nyirenda MIXX2735
Dawa MIXX0655
Dawurire Moyo MIXX2736
Dedza MIXX0656
Deleleka MIXX0657
Deni MIXX2737
Derale MIXX0658
Dete MIXX0659
Devwe MIXX0660
Dewe MIXX2738
Dickson MIXX0661
Dimi MIXX2739
Dimu MIXX3551
Dinje MIXX3552
Disi MIXX3553
Diyere Mdumila MIXX2740
Doka MIXX0662
Domasi MIXX3554
Donda MIXX3555
Donija Nkhoma MIXX2741
Dothi MIXX0663
Dowa MIXX0001
Dowoko MIXX0664
Dsoka MIXX0665
Dudu MIXX0666
Dukuduku MIXX2742
Dumanika MIXX0667
Dumba MIXX3556
Dumea MIXX0668
Duwalani MIXX2743
Dwangwa MIXX0669
Dyakanani MIXX2744
Dyanyama MIXX3557
Dzaipa MIXX0670
Dzama MIXX0671
Dzamalala MIXX0672
Dzikolatha MIXX3558
Dzilasye MIXX0673
Dzinjiriza MIXX0674
Dzoole MIXX0675
Dzuwo MIXX0676
Edingeni MIXX2745
Edundu MIXX2746
Edwin MIXX3559
Eheleni MIXX2747
Ehlehleni MIXX2748
Ekhama MIXX3560
Ekwendeni MIXX2749
Elangeni MIXX2750
Eliacuntengo MIXX0677
Eliakimu Nguluwe MIXX2751
Elisa MIXX0678
Emanyeleni MIXX2752
Embombeni MIXX2753
Emchakachakeni MIXX2754
Emcisweni MIXX2755
Emfeni MIXX2756
Emoneni MIXX2757
Eneya Kumwenda MIXX2758
Engalaweni MIXX2759
Engucwini MIXX2760
Enukweni MIXX2761
Enyazini MIXX2762
Ephandeni Ziwa MIXX2763
Ephangweni MIXX2764
Eutini MIXX2765
Ewombeni MIXX2766
Ezondweni MIXX2767
Faint MIXX0679
Fanuel MIXX0680
Fanwere MIXX0681
Farringdon MIXX0682
Feremu MIXX3561
Filimon Kumwenda MIXX2768
Filimon Zungu MIXX2769
Filimoni MIXX0683
Filimoni Nguluwe MIXX2770
Fimbo Moyo MIXX2771
Fisi MIXX0684
Fitizalimba MIXX0685
Fodya MIXX3562
Folotia MIXX0686
Fombe MIXX3563
Fondane MIXX0687
Fonka MIXX2772
Foo MIXX0688
Foroka MIXX2773
Forosani MIXX0689
Fosa MIXX0690
Fowo MIXX0691
Fowodenge MIXX0692
Francisco MIXX0693
Fransiku MIXX3564
Fukamalaza MIXX2774
Fukamapiri MIXX2775
Fumbawowa MIXX2776
Fumozose MIXX2777
Fundi MIXX2778
Fungwe MIXX0694
Funsani MIXX0695
Funwayo MIXX2779
Fwifwi MIXX0696
Fwita MIXX2780
Fyopa Mtonga MIXX2781
Gaga MIXX0697
Galangombe MIXX0698
Galasi Madise MIXX2782
Galika MIXX0699
Galova MIXX3565
Gamadzi MIXX0700
Gandali MIXX0701
Ganya MIXX2783
Garamara Mugonje MIXX2784
Gawati MIXX0702
Gema MIXX0703
Gemu MIXX2785
Genesis Mzima MIXX2786
George MIXX3566
Geremani MIXX2787
Geresom MIXX0704
Germani Nthala MIXX2788
Gharo MIXX2790
Gideon MIXX0705
Gideon Msowoya MIXX2791
Gidioni MIXX2792
Gilipa MIXX0706
Gobedi MIXX0707
Gochi MIXX0708
Godiyawo Shawa MIXX2793
Godzikhale MIXX0709
Gogo MIXX0710
Gogode MIXX0711
Golombe MIXX0712
Golomoti Station MIXX0713
Goma MIXX3567
Gomani MIXX0714
Gomba MIXX0715
Gombati MIXX0716
Gomes MIXX0717
Gondoli MIXX2794
Gondwe MIXX2795
Gondwe Kadyungu MIXX2796
Goneka MIXX2797
Gonekeni MIXX0718
Gongoli Chilanga MIXX2798
Gongula MIXX0719
Gonyo MIXX3568
Gopole MIXX3569
Goseni MIXX0720
Gouvate MIXX3570
Gowoka Nyanguru MIXX2799
Gulawe MIXX2800
Guliguli MIXX0721
Gulu MIXX2801
Gulugulu MIXX2802
Gulumba MIXX3571
Gulundu MIXX0722
Guma MIXX0723
Gumba MIXX0724
Gumbi MIXX0725
Gumbo MIXX0726
Gumulira MIXX0727
Gunda MIXX0728
Gundani MIXX0729
Gunde MIXX0730
Gunya MIXX0731
Guwende MIXX0732
Guy Kaludwe MIXX0733
Gwalangwa MIXX3572
Gwaligwali MIXX0734
Gwamba MIXX0735
Gwaza MIXX0736
Gwazeni MIXX2804
Gwazeni MIXX0737
Gwechengwe MIXX3573
Gwede MIXX0738
Gwedi MIXX0739
Gwenembe MIXX0740
Gwengwe MIXX0741
Gwenje MIXX0742
Gwesele MIXX0743
Gwileni MIXX0744
Gwilre MIXX0745
Halala MIXX3574
Handire Ndhlovu MIXX2805
Hangeni MIXX2806
Hango MIXX0746
Hanock Beza MIXX2807
Hanock Longwe MIXX2808
Hanock Ngwira MIXX2809
Hawilani MIXX0747
Hawu MIXX0748
Heta MIXX0749
Hicaje MIXX0750
Hoba MIXX3575
Hola MIXX0751
Idi MIXX3576
Ifwatose MIXX2810
Ilemba MIXX3577
Imbwa MIXX3578
Imfayatonse MIXX0752
Inje MIXX0753
Inoch MIXX0754
Ipulukutu MIXX2811
Isaac MIXX0755
Isaac Mukuntha MIXX2812
Iscariot MIXX0756
Issa MIXX3579
Izaki Ngoyi MIXX2813
Jaasi MIXX0757
Jailos MIXX3580
Jailos MIXX0758
Jailosi Ndora MIXX2814
Jalangombe MIXX0759
Jalani Kaunda MIXX2815
Jalasi MIXX3581
Jalusa MIXX0760
Jambo MIXX3582
James MIXX3583
James MIXX0761
James Jere MIXX2817
James Kantondobi MIXX2818
Jamu Jere MIXX2819
Jamu Kumwenda MIXX2820
Jana MIXX0762
Jandalala MIXX2822
Jasi MIXX0764
Jede MIXX0765
Jeke Nkhate MIXX2823
Jelamu MIXX3584
Jembe MIXX0766
Jemsi MIXX0767
Jemus MIXX0768
Jenda Theo MIXX2824
Jenga MIXX0770
Jentha Jembe MIXX2825
Jeque MIXX3585
Jere MIXX0771
Jeremani Mahoye MIXX2826
Jeremiah Boa MIXX0772
Jeremiya Myaro MIXX2827
Jeremiya Samwili MIXX2828
Jerobivamu MIXX2829
Jesaya MIXX0773
Jese MIXX3586
Jigson MIXX0774
Jiliki MIXX2830
Jim MIXX0775
Jisoso MIXX0776
Jiwa MIXX3587
Jobo MIXX0777
Jogo MIXX0778
Johani MIXX0779
John MIXX3588
John MIXX0780
John Chima MIXX2831
John Here MIXX2832
John Malindeni MIXX3589
John Mzumara MIXX2833
Jojo MIXX0781
Jombe MIXX0782
Jombo MIXX3590
Jona Nhlani MIXX2834
Jonas MIXX0783
Jonashani MIXX2835
Jonasi MIXX3591
Jonasi MIXX0784
Jonasi Lowora MIXX2836
Jonathan MIXX3592
Jonathan MIXX0785
Joni MIXX0786
Joseph MIXX3593
Jowe MIXX2838
Jowel MIXX0787
Joyele Mhango MIXX2839
Juliasi MIXX0788
Juma MIXX3594
Juma MIXX0789
Jumbe MIXX3595
Jumbo MIXX2840
Jumbo MIXX0790
Jumo MIXX0791
Jumpha MIXX0792
Jumwa MIXX3596
Junche MIXX0793
Juwaki MIXX3597
Juweka Chipeta MIXX2841
Jwanthi MIXX0794
Ka MIXX0795
Kababwa MIXX0796
Kabadula MIXX0797
Kabagosa MIXX0798
Kabala MIXX0799
Kabalamula MIXX2842
Kabanga MIXX0800
Kabango MIXX0801
Kabapha MIXX0802
Kabengo MIXX0803
Kabenu MIXX2843
Kabenu MIXX0804
Kabila MIXX2844
Kabira MIXX2845
Kabiri MIXX2846
Kabombe MIXX3598
Kabudula MIXX0805
Kabukhu Phiri MIXX2847
Kabula MIXX3599
Kabululu MIXX0806
Kabuluzi MIXX0807
Kabumba MIXX0808
Kabumbo MIXX0809
Kabundile MIXX0810
Kabunduli MIXX2848
Kabungwe MIXX0811
Kabutu MIXX0812
Kabvala MIXX0813
Kabwana MIXX0814
Kabwanda MIXX0815
Kabwanzi MIXX0816
Kabwinja MIXX0817
Kachaje MIXX0818
Kachala MIXX0819
Kachapira MIXX3600
Kachara MIXX0820
Kachebere MIXX0821
Kachece MIXX2849
Kachele MIXX0822
Kachelenga MIXX0823
Kachembwe MIXX0824
Kachenje MIXX0825
Kachenpanje MIXX0826
Kachepa MIXX0827
Kachere MIXX0828
Kachigulu MIXX0829
Kachikopa MIXX0830
Kachimbwe MIXX0831
Kachimela MIXX0832
Kachindamoto MIXX0833
Kachipande MIXX0834
Kachipapa MIXX2850
Kachirikisa MIXX0835
Kachitsa MIXX0836
Kachons MIXX0837
Kachule MIXX0838
Kachuli MIXX0839
Kachulu MIXX0840
Kachuma MIXX0841
Kachure MIXX0842
Kachuta MIXX0843
Kacikhomeni MIXX2851
Kacimphula MIXX0844
Kacinda MIXX0845
Kacisa MIXX0846
Kacitja MIXX0847
Kada MIXX0848
Kada MIXX3601
Kadambo MIXX0849
Kadamela MIXX3602
Kadango MIXX3603
Kadango MIXX0850
Kadanzhe MIXX3604
Kadazi MIXX0851
Kadeka MIXX0852
Kadewele MIXX3605
Kadewere MIXX3606
Kadifula MIXX0854
Kadisi MIXX3607
Kadosola MIXX0855
Kadula MIXX0856
Kadulama Lambo MIXX0857
Kadulandeo MIXX0858
Kadumba MIXX0859
Kadyauzu MIXX0860
Kadzani MIXX0861
Kadzanja MIXX0862
Kadzimete MIXX0863
Kadzombe MIXX0864
Kadzuwa MIXX0865
Kaewa MIXX0866
Kafafwa MIXX0867
Kafita MIXX0868
Kafora MIXX2852
Kafotokoza MIXX0869
Kafukule MIXX2854
Kafulama MIXX0870
Kafumphe MIXX0871
Kafuzila MIXX0872
Kafwafwa MIXX0873
Kafwili MIXX2855
Kafwimbiri MIXX2856
Kafwiri MIXX2857
Kagaso MIXX3608
Kagesi MIXX0874
Kagona MIXX3609
Kagona MIXX0875
Kagoti MIXX0876
Kagumbi MIXX0877
Kahadenga MIXX0878
Kahumbe MIXX0879
Kaigunde MIXX2858
Kaigwazanga MIXX0880
Kaikwinde MIXX0881
Kailole MIXX0882
Kainga MIXX0883
Kaingilira MIXX3610
Kainja MIXX0884
Kaipa MIXX3611
Kaiwale MIXX2859
Kaizwanga MIXX0885
Kajaliza MIXX0886
Kajawa Nyirenda MIXX2860
Kajawo MIXX3612
Kajembe Kumwenda MIXX2861
Kajinyira MIXX0887
Kajiso Shawa MIXX2862
Kajizingi MIXX2863
Kajontha MIXX0888
Kajosi MIXX0889
Kajula MIXX2864
Kajulamonjo MIXX2865
Kajwanthira MIXX0890
Kakhola MIXX0891
Kakhomwa MIXX0892
Kakoma MIXX3613
Kakonkwe MIXX0893
Kakopa MIXX0894
Kakowa MIXX0895
Kakuda MIXX0896
Kakungwa MIXX0897
Kakutu MIXX3614
Kakwale MIXX0898
Kakware MIXX0899
Kakwazi MIXX0900
Kakwesa MIXX0901
Kalaile MIXX0902
Kalambani MIXX0903
Kalambo MIXX3615
Kalambwe MIXX0904
Kalanga MIXX3616
Kalaundi MIXX3617
Kalawa MIXX0905
Kaledzera MIXX3618
Kalekalele MIXX0906
Kalelo MIXX0907
Kalemba MIXX2866
Kalembela MIXX0908
Kalembo MIXX3619
Kalenga MIXX3620
Kalengo MIXX0909
Kaleya MIXX3621
Kalibwe MIXX2867
Kalikoka MIXX0910
Kalikwembe MIXX0911
Kalila MIXX0912
Kalilangwe MIXX0913
Kalilombe MIXX0914
Kalima MIXX0915
Kalimadola MIXX0916
Kalimanjira MIXX0917
Kalimbila MIXX0918
Kalimila MIXX0919
Kalinda MIXX0920
Kalindangoma MIXX0921
Kalinde MIXX3622
Kalinde MIXX0922
Kaliopa MIXX0923
Kalipoli MIXX0924
Kalisha MIXX0925
Kalitao MIXX0926
Kalitsila MIXX0927
Kalitsilo MIXX0928
Kalola MIXX2868
Kalolo MIXX0929
Kalombola MIXX0930
Kalonga MIXX3623
Kalongo MIXX0932
Kalongobyela MIXX0933
Kalowe MIXX3624
Kalowe MIXX0934
Kalulu MIXX3625
Kalulu MIXX0935
Kaluluma MIXX0936
Kalumba MIXX0937
Kalumbe MIXX0938
Kalumbi MIXX0939
Kalumbi MIXX3626
Kalumbu MIXX0940
Kalumbwi MIXX0941
Kalumpha MIXX2869
Kalungama MIXX0942
Kalunza MIXX0943
Kalusi MIXX0944
Kaluunda MIXX0945
Kaluva MIXX3627
Kaluwa MIXX0946
Kaluwila MIXX0947
Kaluzu MIXX0948
Kamagwahkwa MIXX0949
Kamakoko MIXX0950
Kamakule MIXX0951
Kamala MIXX3628
Kamando MIXX2871
Kamanga MIXX0952
Kamanga MIXX2872
Kamangadazi Moyo MIXX2874
Kamange MIXX0953
Kamangira MIXX0954
Kamanjawira MIXX0955
Kambadzo MIXX0956
Kambalame MIXX3629
Kambale MIXX0957
Kambalima MIXX0958
Kambanbanga MIXX0959
Kambanje MIXX0960
Kambatuwa MIXX0961
Kambawi MIXX2875
Kambewa MIXX2876
Kambola MIXX0962
Kambombo MIXX2877
Kambona MIXX0963
Kambona MIXX3630
Kambue MIXX0964
Kambuku MIXX0965
Kambula MIXX0966
Kambumula MIXX0967
Kambwili MIXX0968
Kambwiri MIXX0969
Kamcaeni MIXX0970
Kamchira MIXX0971
Kamchocho Banda MIXX2878
Kamcoco MIXX0972
Kamdale MIXX0973
Kamdidi MIXX0974
Kamehe MIXX2879
Kameme MIXX2880
Kamenya-Gwaza MIXX0975
Kamfumu MIXX0976
Kamgomi MIXX0977
Kamilangombi MIXX0978
Kamkambo MIXX0979
Kamkande MIXX0980
Kamkoba MIXX0981
Kamkondo MIXX0982
Kamkwinya MIXX0983
Kamlembo MIXX0984
Kamlilika MIXX0985
Kamndalilo MIXX0986
Kamnthambala MIXX2882
Kamonga MIXX0987
Kamoto MIXX0988
Kamoza MIXX2883
Kampala Ndhlovu MIXX2884
Kampalilo MIXX0989
Kampambe MIXX0990
Kampango MIXX0991
Kampani MIXX3631
Kampanikiza MIXX0992
Kampata MIXX0993
Kampata MIXX3632
Kampenga MIXX0994
Kamphambale MIXX0995
Kamphandila MIXX0996
Kamphasi MIXX0997
Kamphata MIXX0998
Kamphido MIXX0999
Kamphimba MIXX1000
Kamphiningo MIXX1001
Kamphulusa MIXX1002
Kamphuru MIXX1003
Kampido MIXX1004
Kampinga MIXX1005
Kampingo MIXX2885
Kampini MIXX1006
Kampomo MIXX3633
Kampongo MIXX1007
Kampoti MIXX2886
Kampupu MIXX2887
Kamsale MIXX1008
Kamsonga MIXX1009
Kamtawa MIXX1010
Kamtepa MIXX2888
Kamteteka MIXX2889
Kamteteka Phili MIXX2890
Kamtibule MIXX1011
Kamtoma MIXX1012
Kamtumbo MIXX1013
Kamtuwale MIXX1014
Kamulu MIXX1015
Kamuna MIXX1016
Kamunda MIXX1017
Kamungwe MIXX1018
Kamuninga MIXX2891
Kamunkokwe MIXX1019
Kamunwe MIXX1020
Kamuona MIXX1021
Kamuwanga MIXX2892
Kamvona Guiani MIXX1022
Kamwala MIXX1023
Kamwalaperere MIXX1024
Kamwamba MIXX1025
Kamwaza MIXX3634
Kamwendo MIXX1026
Kamwenye MIXX2893
Kamzati MIXX1027
Kamzimbi MIXX1028
Kamzingen MIXX1029
Kamzunguzeni MIXX2894
Kanache MIXX3635
Kanaiza MIXX2895
Kanakulera MIXX2896
Kaname MIXX1030
Kancele MIXX1031
Kancence MIXX1032
Kanchembele MIXX1033
Kanchito MIXX1034
Kanda MIXX1035
Kandale MIXX1036
Kandama MIXX1037
Kandaya MIXX1038
Kandere MIXX1039
Kandete MIXX1040
Kandeu MIXX1041
Kandodo Chisi MIXX2897
Kandowe MIXX1042
Kanduku MIXX3636
Kandulo MIXX3637
Kandulu MIXX3638
Kandusiwa MIXX1043
Kandusu MIXX1044
Kandzu MIXX1045
Kane MIXX3639
Kangawa MIXX2898
Kangimbe MIXX1046
Kango MIXX1047
Kango MIXX2899
Kangolwa MIXX1048
Kangoma MIXX2900
Kangula MIXX1049
Kangulu MIXX1050
Kangunda MIXX1051
Kangunje MIXX1052
Kangwere MIXX1053
Kaninga MIXX1054
Kanitute MIXX1055
Kanjawala MIXX1056
Kanjedza MIXX3640
Kanjengo Moyo MIXX2901
Kanjerengwa MIXX1057
Kanjesa MIXX1058
Kankhande MIXX1059
Kankhoma MIXX1060
Kankhomba MIXX3641
Kankhomba MIXX1061
Kankhumbwa MIXX1062
Kankomba MIXX1063
Kankomwa MIXX1064
Kankwatekuti MIXX1065
Kannene MIXX3642
Kanolo MIXX1066
Kanongola MIXX1067
Kanowa MIXX2902
Kansile MIXX1068
Kansilikiza MIXX1069
Kansukwa MIXX1070
Kanthole MIXX1071
Kanthusi MIXX1072
Kantibulira MIXX1073
Kantukule MIXX3643
Kantungu MIXX1074
Kanunkha MIXX1075
Kanyakatifa MIXX1076
Kanyala MIXX2903
Kanyama MIXX1077
Kanyambo MIXX1078
Kanyamngondo MIXX1079
Kanyamula MIXX1080
Kanyanda MIXX2904
Kanyangala MIXX1081
Kanyenda MIXX1082
Kanyenda Bondo MIXX2905
Kanyenduli MIXX1083
Kanyerere MIXX1084
Kanyerere MIXX2906
Kanyezi MIXX1085
Kanyimbi MIXX3644
Kanyimbiri MIXX3645
Kanyimbo MIXX1086
Kanyinji MIXX2907
Kanyinji MIXX1087
Kanyole MIXX2908
Kanyoni MIXX1088
Kanyuka MIXX2909
Kanyumba MIXX1089
Kanyumbaka MIXX3646
Kanyundo MIXX1090
Kanyunya MIXX1091
Kanzati MIXX1092
Kanzedu MIXX2910
Kanzele MIXX3647
Kanzimbi MIXX3648
Kaodzela MIXX1093
Kaole MIXX1094
Kaomba MIXX1095
Kaombachidzenje MIXX1096
Kaondo MIXX1097
Kaongo MIXX1098
Kapaika MIXX2911
Kapaiza MIXX1099
Kapala MIXX1100
Kapalamula MIXX3649
Kapalamula MIXX1101
Kapalapata MIXX2912
Kapampika MIXX1102
Kapandula MIXX1103
Kapanga MIXX1104
Kapangama MIXX1105
Kapanglika MIXX1106
Kapanira MIXX1107
Kapara MIXX1108
Kapatika MIXX1109
Kapatuka MIXX1110
Kapawala MIXX1111
Kapaza MIXX1112
Kapelula MIXX1113
Kapenuka MIXX1114
Kapesi MIXX1115
Kapeta MIXX1116
Kapezi MIXX1117
Kaphamtengo MIXX1118
Kaphathenga MIXX1119
Kapheni MIXX1120
Kaphika MIXX2913
Kaphilijonjo MIXX3650
Kaphiri MIXX1121
Kaphisi MIXX1122
Kaphiza MIXX2914
Kaphuka MIXX1123
Kapichi MIXX3651
Kapichila MIXX1124
Kapichira MIXX1125
Kapicila MIXX1126
Kapicilati MIXX1127
Kapida MIXX1128
Kapika MIXX2915
Kapindula MIXX2916
Kapinga MIXX1129
Kapinya MIXX1130
Kapinya MIXX2917
Kapiri MIXX1131
Kapitapita MIXX1132
Kapoka MIXX2918
Kapolo MIXX1133
Kapoloma MIXX3652
Kapoloza MIXX1134
Kaponda MIXX1135
Kapondasoka MIXX1136
Kaponya MIXX1137
Kapopo MIXX1138
Kaporo MIXX2919
Kapulanga MIXX1139
Kapulukira MIXX1140
Kapundo MIXX1141
Kapundu MIXX1142
Kapunduli MIXX1143
Kapunula MIXX1144
Kapuzama MIXX1145
Kapyanga MIXX1146
Kapyela MIXX1147
Kapyokola MIXX1148
Kapyola MIXX1149
Karama MIXX1150
Karonga MIXX1151
Karonga MIXX2921
Karonga Longwe MIXX2922
Karusi MIXX1152
Karzizila MIXX1153
Kasache MIXX1154
Kasagula MIXX1155
Kasaha MIXX1156
Kasaja MIXX1157
Kasakula MIXX1158
Kasakula Woyera MIXX1159
Kasakumania MIXX1160
Kasakura MIXX1161
Kasaliga MIXX1162
Kasalika MIXX1163
Kasamba MIXX1164
Kasamba MIXX3653
Kasambe MIXX2923
Kasanda MIXX1165
Kasande MIXX1166
Kasanka MIXX1167
Kasanza MIXX1168
Kaseka MIXX1169
Kasembe MIXX3654
Kasendeka MIXX1170
Kasengwa MIXX1171
Kasenza MIXX1172
Kasera MIXX1173
Kasese MIXX1174
Kasese I MIXX1175
Kasguli MIXX2924
Kashele MIXX1176
Kasichi MIXX1177
Kasina MIXX1178
Kasinda MIXX2925
Kasinja MIXX1179
Kasinje MIXX1180
Kasiputa MIXX1181
Kasisi MIXX3655
Kasiya MIXX1182
Kasiyadanga MIXX1183
Kasizika MIXX1184
Kasokera Kaunda MIXX2926
Kasompe MIXX1185
Kasonda MIXX1186
Kasonga MIXX3656
Kasoti Phiri MIXX2927
Kassoche MIXX1187
Kastomo MIXX2928
Kasugulu MIXX3657
Kasumba MIXX1188
Kasumbu MIXX1189
Kasunga MIXX1190
Kasungu MIXX1191
Kasuntha MIXX1192
Kasupe MIXX3658
Kaswanda MIXX1193
Kaswaya MIXX1194
Kasweswe MIXX2929
Kasyeleka MIXX1195
Katakula MIXX1196
Katakungwa MIXX1197
Katakwi MIXX1198
Katalima MIXX1199
Katama MIXX1200
Katambalala MIXX2930
Katambo MIXX1201
Katanda MIXX1202
Katangara MIXX1203
Katanta MIXX1204
Katantha MIXX1205
Katawa MIXX1206
Katawa MIXX2931
Katayene MIXX1207
Katema MIXX3659
Katema MIXX2932
Katema MIXX1208
Katembo MIXX1209
Katengeza MIXX1210
Katenji MIXX1211
Katenthe MIXX1212
Katera MIXX1213
Katete MIXX2933
Katete MIXX1214
Katewe MIXX1215
Kateya MIXX1216
Kathewela MIXX1217
Kathontha MIXX1218
Kathundu MIXX2934
Katikwiri MIXX1219
Katimba MIXX1220
Katimbila MIXX1221
Katimbira MIXX1222
Katobwa MIXX1223
Katola MIXX1224
Katolokoso MIXX3660
Katonda MIXX1225
Katorora Mfwuni MIXX2936
Katoto MIXX2937
Katowili MIXX1226
Katowo MIXX2938
Katsika MIXX1227
Katsilizika MIXX1228
Katsukunya MIXX1229
Katswatswata MIXX1230
Katumba MIXX1231
Katumbi MIXX2939
Katunga MIXX3661
Katungo MIXX2940
Katungu MIXX1232
Katuru MIXX1233
Katutuka MIXX1234
Katutula MIXX1235
Katuwa MIXX2941
Katuwa MIXX1236
Katyuka MIXX1237
Katzenga MIXX1238
Kaugule MIXX3662
Kaulamwene MIXX1239
Kauma MIXX1240
Kaunda MIXX2942
Kaunda MIXX1241
Kaundo MIXX1242
Kausiku MIXX2943
Kausiwa MIXX3663
Kauta MIXX2944
Kauzagaru MIXX1243
Kavala MIXX1244
Kavalho MIXX3664
Kavalo MIXX3665
Kawa MIXX3666
Kawaka MIXX1245
Kawale MIXX1246
Kawale MIXX2945
Kawali MIXX1247
Kawalika MIXX1248
Kawamba Misozi MIXX1249
Kawanga MIXX1250
Kawaye MIXX1251
Kaweche MIXX1252
Kawelama MIXX3667
Kawenda MIXX1253
Kawere MIXX1254
Kaweta MIXX1255
Kaweteka MIXX2946
Kawiliza MIXX3668
Kawinga MIXX3669
Kawoli MIXX1256
Kayembe MIXX1257
Kayesa MIXX1258
Kayeya MIXX1259
Kayidoke Luhanga MIXX2947
Kayidu Purani MIXX2948
Kayora MIXX2949
Kayowoyero MIXX2950
Kayuni MIXX2951
Kayuni Luhanga MIXX2952
Kazando MIXX2953
Kazembe MIXX2954
Kazembe MIXX1260
Kazimbe MIXX1261
Kazira MIXX1262
Kazithule Ziwa MIXX2955
Kazomba MIXX1263
Kazombo MIXX1264
Kazonga MIXX1265
Kazumba MIXX1266
Kazyozyo MIXX1267
Kelula MIXX1268
Kenan Muzigha MIXX2956
Kenan Ngomba MIXX2957
Khamakhala MIXX1269
Khamisa MIXX2958
Khanda MIXX1270
Khazi MIXX2960
Khaziko MIXX3670
Khofi MIXX1271
Khola MIXX1272
Kholowani MIXX1273
Khomani MIXX1274
Khombe MIXX1275
Khomera MIXX1276
Khongoni MIXX1277
Khonje MIXX2961
Khosolo Jere MIXX2962
Khoza MIXX2963
Khoza Lisali MIXX2964
Khozapi Mtonga MIXX2965
Khulume MIXX3672
Khulumuniyu MIXX1278
Khumi MIXX1279
Khungwa MIXX1280
Khuwi MIXX1281
Khuzi MIXX1282
Khuzumba MIXX3673
Khwere MIXX1283
Kindwe MIXX1284
Kinsigala MIXX3674
Kisoso MIXX1285
Kisyombe MIXX2966
Kliwawa MIXX2967
Kochiwe MIXX3675
Kodikila MIXX1286
Kokoti MIXX3676
Koleni MIXX1287
Kolopa MIXX3677
Kolopele MIXX1288
Koloweko MIXX1289
Kolowika MIXX3678
Koma MIXX3679
Kombedza MIXX1290
Kombi MIXX1291
Kongoni MIXX1292
Konka MIXX1293
Kopa Kopa MIXX2968
Kosam MIXX1294
Koti MIXX1295
Ktalala MIXX1296
Kubonda MIXX1297
Kudana MIXX1298
Kude MIXX1299
Kudzoe MIXX1300
Kui MIXX1301
Kukanga MIXX3680
Kukulanga MIXX3681
Kulanga MIXX1302
Kulemeka MIXX1303
Kulizamimba MIXX1304
Kulupsya MIXX3682
Kuluwe MIXX3683
Kuluwina MIXX1305
Kumbande MIXX1306
Kumbawa MIXX3684
Kumbi MIXX1307
Kumela MIXX1308
Kumisu MIXX1309
Kumlira MIXX1310
Kumpatola MIXX1311
Kumpika MIXX3685
Kumtumanji MIXX3686
Kumwenda MIXX2969
Kunchakama MIXX1312
Kundembo MIXX3687
Kundwe MIXX1313
Kunendekude MIXX3688
Kungauma MIXX3689
Kungungwe MIXX1314
Kungwa MIXX3690
Kungwa MIXX1315
Kunjawa MIXX1316
Kunkhokwe MIXX1317
Kunsinja MIXX1318
Kuntelela MIXX1319
Kuntemba MIXX3691
Kuntewa MIXX3692
Kunundura MIXX1320
Kunyinda MIXX3693
Kurdzi MIXX1321
Kurumemu MIXX2970
Kuthenje MIXX1322
Kuwanje MIXX1323
Kuyu MIXX2513
Kwakwala MIXX1324
Kwalala MIXX3694
Kwangala MIXX1325
Kware MIXX1326
Kwaroza MIXX1327
Kwataine MIXX1328
Kwengwele MIXX1329
Kwera MIXX1330
Kwerekwere MIXX1331
Kwilembe MIXX3695
Kwilindi MIXX3696
Kwis MIXX1332
Kwisa MIXX1333
Kwisimba MIXX3697
Kwitambo MIXX3698
Kwitanda MIXX3699
Kyinge MIXX1334
Lambulila MIXX3700
Lambulira MIXX3701
Lambwe MIXX1335
Lameck Chisi MIXX2971
Langa MIXX1336
Langa Mgemezulu MIXX2972
Langeni MIXX2973
Languo MIXX1337
Lavu MIXX1338
Lawrence Kaculu MIXX1339
Lazalo MIXX3702
Lazalo MIXX2974
Lazalo Jere MIXX2975
Lemwe MIXX1340
Leven MIXX3703
Levi MIXX1341
Levi Jere MIXX2976
Levi Mphanje MIXX2977
Leza MIXX1342
Lezani MIXX1343
Licere MIXX1344
Lichapa MIXX1345
Lienda MIXX3704
Liganga MIXX1346
Ligwangwa MIXX3705
Lihana MIXX1347
Likaka MIXX3706
Likambwili MIXX3707
Likangala MIXX3708
Likangaria MIXX3709
Likhakhama MIXX3710
Likhonyowa MIXX3711
Likoma MIXX2514
Likonde MIXX3712
Likongaji MIXX3713
Likongwe MIXX1348
Likulu MIXX3714
Likuni MIXX1349
Lilongwe MIXX0002
Limamu MIXX3715
Limbalile MIXX3716
Limbe MIXX0011
Limela MIXX1350
Lingake MIXX1351
Lingonya MIXX1352
Linthipe MIXX0012
Linyangwa MIXX1353
Lions Cave MIXX2978
Lipempe MIXX1354
Lipenga MIXX1355
Liphala MIXX3717
Lipunga MIXX1356
Lirangwe School MIXX0013
Lisandwa MIXX1357
Livaro MIXX1358
Livingstonia MIXX2979
Livinza MIXX1359
Liwaladzi MIXX1360
Liwani MIXX3718
Liwenga MIXX1361
Liwewe MIXX1362
Liwinga MIXX1363
Liwonde MIXX0014
Loba MIXX2980
Lobi MIXX1364
Lodjwa MIXX1365
Lombe MIXX3720
Lombwa MIXX1366
Londo MIXX2981
Longwe MIXX1367
Longwe MIXX2982
Loni MIXX1368
Lonya MIXX2983
Loudon MIXX2984
Lowe MIXX1369
Luchenza MIXX0015
Lujeri MIXX3721
Lukhanda MIXX2985
Lukulungwa MIXX3722
Lukwa MIXX3723
Lukwa MIXX1370
Lulanga MIXX3724
Lularwe MIXX2986
Lumbadzi MIXX1371
Lumphombo MIXX2987
Lumwira MIXX1372
Lunda MIXX1373
Lundu MIXX3725
Lungu MIXX1374
Lunzu MIXX3726
Lupafya MIXX1375
Lupembe MIXX2988
Lupenga MIXX1376
Lusale MIXX2989
Luthuli Makamo MIXX2990
Luwafwa MIXX2991
Luwagala MIXX1377
Luwanda MIXX1378
Luwitika MIXX2992
Luziwa MIXX1379
Lwazi MIXX2993
Mabulabo MIXX2994
Mabwera MIXX1381
Macala MIXX1382
Macece MIXX3728
Maceka MIXX3729
Macepa MIXX3730
Machado MIXX3731
Machedwa MIXX3732
Machemba MIXX3733
Machilika MIXX3734
Machina MIXX3735
Machinga MIXX3736
Machinjiri MIXX3737
Machirinka MIXX1383
Machowani Musi MIXX2996
Machuleka MIXX1384
Macikika MIXX3738
Macilinga MIXX3739
Macinyila MIXX1385
Maclean MIXX2997
Macmaurice MIXX3740
Maconga MIXX2998
Madaba MIXX1386
Made MIXX1387
Madebe Mzima MIXX2999
Madenda MIXX3741
Madika MIXX1388
Madimba MIXX2515
Madimba Mana MIXX2516
Madisi MIXX3000
Madisi MIXX1389
Madoro Jere MIXX3001
Maduna Singini MIXX3002
Madzanje MIXX1390
Madzi MIXX1391
Madziada MIXX1392
Madzonga MIXX1393
Maere MIXX3742
Mafiosi MIXX1394
Mafisau MIXX1395
Mafuleka MIXX3003
Mafunga MIXX3743
Mafunte MIXX1396
Mafupa MIXX1397
Mafuta MIXX1398
Magaga Khonje MIXX3004
Maganga MIXX3005
Maganga MIXX3744
Maganga MIXX1399
Maganitsa MIXX1400
Magareta MIXX3745
Magasu MIXX3746
Magayisa MIXX1401
Magenga MIXX1402
Magido MIXX3006
Maglas MIXX1403
Magoda Chipeda MIXX3007
Magodi MIXX1404
Magodi Nyirenda MIXX3008
Magombe MIXX3747
Magombo MIXX1405
Magomero MIXX3748
Magomo MIXX1406
Magonera MIXX3009
Magumbe MIXX1407
Magunje MIXX1408
Magwalangwa MIXX1409
Magwaza MIXX1410
Magwila MIXX3749
Mahata MIXX3750
Mahau MIXX3010
Mahowe MIXX3011
Mahuza Mzima MIXX3012
Mainja MIXX2517
Mainuka MIXX3751
Mainza MIXX1411
Maiwa MIXX1412
Majaja MIXX3752
Majawa MIXX1413
Majawa MIXX3753
Majega MIXX1414
Maji Kapotwe MIXX3013
Majiasawa MIXX3014
Majiga MIXX1415
Majiri MIXX1416
Majomba MIXX1417
Majuni MIXX3754
Maka MIXX1418
Makabola MIXX1419
Makala MIXX3755
Makala MIXX1420
Makalani MIXX1421
Makanda MIXX1422
Makande MIXX3756
Makanga MIXX1423
Makanjila MIXX3757
Makanjila MIXX1424
Makanjira MIXX3758
Makasa MIXX1425
Makata MIXX3759
Makawa MIXX3760
Makawila MIXX3016
Makawira Chirwa MIXX3017
Makho MIXX1426
Makhula MIXX1427
Makhumba MIXX3018
Makhura MIXX1428
Makhuwila Nkhoma MIXX3019
Makhuwira MIXX3020
Makius MIXX1429
Makoka MIXX3761
Makoko MIXX3762
Makombwa MIXX1430
Makome MIXX3763
Makondesa MIXX1431
Makopala Hara MIXX3021
Makulawe MIXX2518
Makumbe MIXX1432
Makumbi MIXX3764
Makumbira MIXX1433
Makungula MIXX3765
Makuni MIXX3022
Makunula MIXX3766
Makuta MIXX1434
Makuvani MIXX1435
Makwakwa MIXX3767
Makwalo MIXX3768
Makwangwala MIXX1436
Makwani MIXX1437
Makwasa MIXX3769
Makwasi MIXX1438
Makwazi MIXX1439
Makwemba MIXX3770
Makwinja MIXX3771
Malagamula MIXX1440
Malaicha MIXX1441
Malajira MIXX3772
Malala MIXX1442
Malamba MIXX1443
Malambo MIXX1444
Malanda MIXX1445
Malande MIXX1446
Malango MIXX3773
Malangwasila MIXX1447
Malapa MIXX1448
Malauli MIXX3774
Malavi MIXX1449
Malaza MIXX1450
Malekeza MIXX3775
Malema MIXX3776
Malemba MIXX3024
Malembo MIXX1451
Malemi MIXX1452
Malemia MIXX3777
Malenga MIXX1453
Malenga MIXX3778
Malenga Mzoma MIXX3025
Malenga Sanga MIXX3026
Malepa MIXX3027
Maleta MIXX3779
Malewani MIXX1454
Malewu MIXX1455
Maleyele MIXX1456
Malico MIXX3780
Malidade Jere MIXX3028
Malika MIXX3781
Malikholeni MIXX1457
Malikopo MIXX3782
Malili MIXX1458
Malima MIXX1459
Malimba MIXX1460
Malimbwe MIXX1461
Malingula MIXX3783
Malisawa Ngwira MIXX3029
Malitimba MIXX1462
Maliwa MIXX1463
Maliyamu MIXX1464
Malo MIXX1465
Malombe Court MIXX3784
Malomo MIXX1466
Malonda MIXX1467
Malonga MIXX3785
Malonje MIXX3786
Malopa MIXX3787
Malosa MIXX3788
Maluku MIXX1468
Malula MIXX3789
Maluma MIXX1469
Maluma MIXX3790
Malumula MIXX1470
Malupi MIXX3791
Malusa MIXX1471
Maluwa MIXX1472
Mambi MIXX1473
Mambo MIXX1474
Manata MIXX1475
Manchisi MIXX1476
Mandala MIXX1477
Mandala MIXX3792
Mandalade MIXX3793
Mandate MIXX1478
Mandele MIXX3794
Mandevu MIXX1479
Mando MIXX1480
Mandwe MIXX1481
Manfred Tito MIXX1482
Mangadz MIXX1483
Mangamba MIXX3795
Manganela MIXX1484
Mangansi MIXX1485
Mangaoma MIXX1486
Mangatsa MIXX1487
Mangila MIXX1488
Mangira MIXX1489
Mangochi MIXX3796
Mangombo MIXX3797
Mangulu MIXX1490
Manguwale MIXX1491
Mangwazo MIXX1492
Mangwe MIXX1493
Maniwa MIXX3798
Maniya MIXX3799
Manjawila MIXX1494
Manjirira MIXX1495
Manjolo MIXX3800
Mankambila MIXX1496
Mankhaka MIXX1497
Mankhalala MIXX1498
Mankhambira MIXX3031
Mankhangala MIXX1499
Mankhoma MIXX1500
Mankudzu MIXX1501
Mankukwa MIXX1502
Manolo MIXX3801
Manondo MIXX3802
Manondo MIXX1503
Manthalu MIXX1504
Manyamba MIXX1505
Manyon MIXX1506
Manyuwa Ziwa MIXX3033
Manzi MIXX1507
Maonda MIXX3803
Maonga MIXX1508
Mapata MIXX3804
Maperera MIXX3805
Mapila MIXX3806
Mapira MIXX3034
Mapujali MIXX3807
Mapupu MIXX1509
Marata Phiri MIXX3035
Marere MIXX1510
Mariku MIXX3036
Maripela MIXX1511
Martin MIXX1512
Masache MIXX3808
Masaka MIXX3809
Masakandevu MIXX1514
Masamba MIXX3810
Masanduko MIXX3811
Masankhawa MIXX1515
Masanya MIXX1516
Masasa MIXX1517
Masekezi MIXX1518
Masenjere MIXX3812
Masese MIXX3813
Masimbakwe MIXX3814
Masinalo MIXX1519
Masinja MIXX1520
Masinji MIXX1521
Masitala MIXX1522
Masokosa MIXX3815
Massasa MIXX1523
Massaula MIXX3816
Masseah MIXX3817
Masuku MIXX3818
Masula MIXX1524
Masumba MIXX1525
Masumbi MIXX1526
Maswana MIXX1527
Mataka MIXX3819
Mataketa MIXX1528
Matako MIXX1529
Matalala MIXX1530
Matande MIXX1531
Matapela MIXX1532
Matapi MIXX3820
Mataya MIXX1533
Matekenya Msachi MIXX3037
Matemanga Moyo MIXX3038
Matenje MIXX1534
Materezi MIXX1535
Mateyo Zunga MIXX1536
Mateyu Chitayo MIXX3039
Mathanta MIXX3040
Matiki MIXX1537
Matimba MIXX1538
Matiti MIXX3821
Matola MIXX1539
Matola MIXX3822
Matolino MIXX1540
Matolokela MIXX1541
Matomola MIXX1542
Matomora Chadewa MIXX3041
Matomora Chirwa MIXX3042
Matosa MIXX3823
Matoto MIXX3824
Matsimbe MIXX1543
Matumba MIXX1544
Matumbwa MIXX1545
Matundaludzi MIXX1546
Matundu MIXX3043
Matuta MIXX3825
Matutu MIXX1547
Matuwamba Mwale MIXX1548
Maulana MIXX3826
Maunda MIXX3827
Maundi MIXX1549
Maupi MIXX1550
Mauwamba Bokola MIXX1551
Mauya MIXX1552
Mavwanje MIXX1553
Mavwari MIXX1554
Mawalu MIXX1555
Mawango MIXX1556
Mawango I MIXX1557
Mawango II MIXX1558
Mawawa MIXX1559
Mawayira MIXX1560
Maweha MIXX3828
Mawende MIXX1561
Mawere MIXX1562
Mayani MIXX1563
Mayese MIXX3829
Mayola MIXX1564
Mazanduwa MIXX1565
Mazengera MIXX1566
Mazenjele MIXX1567
Mazinga MIXX1568
Mazon MIXX1569
Mazongoza MIXX3830
Mazuko MIXX1570
Mazweni MIXX3044
Mazyake MIXX1571
Mbabzi MIXX0016
Mbachundu MIXX1572
Mbacunda MIXX1573
Mbacundu MIXX1574
Mbalamanja MIXX3831
Mbalame MIXX3832
Mbalame MIXX1575
Mbali MIXX1576
Mbalira MIXX1577
Mbaluko MIXX1578
Mbaluku Laini MIXX3833
Mbalume MIXX1579
Mbalwe MIXX3834
Mbambo MIXX1580
Mbangala MIXX1581
Mbangombe MIXX3835
Mbangombe MIXX1582
Mbangu MIXX3836
Mbarali MIXX1583
Mbarami MIXX1584
Mbatata MIXX1585
Mbawa MIXX3045
Mbawa MIXX3837
Mbayo MIXX1586
Mbekwa Shawa MIXX3046
Mbela MIXX3838
Mbelesheka MIXX1587
Mbelewele MIXX1588
Mbemba MIXX1589
Mbembe MIXX1590
Mbemdela MIXX3839
Mbenje MIXX3840
Mberekere MIXX1591
Mbeta MIXX3841
Mbetasamba MIXX1592
Mbewa MIXX1593
Mbewe MIXX3842
Mbeza MIXX1594
Mbia MIXX1595
Mbidzi MIXX1596
Mbilimtenglenji MIXX1597
Mbingwa MIXX1598
Mbinzi MIXX1599
Mbira MIXX1600
Mbirintengerenji MIXX1601
Mbisa MIXX3843
Mbiwi MIXX1602
Mbiya MIXX1603
Mbobo MIXX3844
Mbobo MIXX0017
Mbobo MIXX3048
Mbodi MIXX3845
Mbogomoyo MIXX3049
Mboko MIXX1605
Mbokosa MIXX1606
Mbomba MIXX1607
Mbonda MIXX3846
Mbondo MIXX3847
Mbosa MIXX3050
Mbowera MIXX3848
Mbowera MIXX1608
Mboza MIXX3849
Mbozo MIXX1609
Mbua MIXX1610
Mbuluma MIXX1611
Mbunge MIXX3051
Mbungu MIXX2519
Mburuma MIXX1612
Mbuta MIXX1613
Mbuzi MIXX2520
Mbuzi MIXX3850
Mbuzi MIXX1614
Mbuzi Mzumara MIXX3052
Mbwabwa MIXX3851
Mbwana MIXX3852
Mbwelele MIXX1615
Mbwezo MIXX3853
Mbwindi MIXX1616
Mcekaceka MIXX1617
Mcenza MIXX1618
Mchacha MIXX3854
Mchahulu MIXX1619
Mchambo MIXX1620
Mchambwe MIXX1621
Mchekeni MIXX1622
Mchenga MIXX1623
Mchenga MIXX3053
Mchenga MIXX0018
Mchere MIXX1624
Mchereka MIXX1625
Mchetechete MIXX1626
Mchinga MIXX1627
Mchinga Sanga MIXX3054
Mchinji MIXX1628
Mchipira MIXX1629
Mchochoma MIXX1630
Mchoka MIXX1631
Mchonkwe MIXX1632
Mcirawagani MIXX1633
Mcocha MIXX3055
Mdala Chikowa MIXX3855
Mdambo MIXX1634
Mdauka MIXX1635
Mdembo MIXX1636
Mdima MIXX1637
Mdoala MIXX1638
Mduka MIXX1639
Mduku MIXX1640
Mdumu MIXX3856
Mdunga MIXX1641
Mduwa MIXX1642
Mdzace MIXX3857
Meja MIXX1643
Mende MIXX1644
Mengwe MIXX1645
Menuli MIXX1646
Menyani MIXX1647
Meri MIXX1648
Meso MIXX3858
Meyo MIXX3056
Meza MIXX3859
Mfutso MIXX1649
Mfwusi MIXX1650
Mgabi MIXX1651
Mgada MIXX1652
Mganja MIXX1653
Mgawa MIXX3057
Mgombe MIXX1654
Mgonela MIXX1655
Mgubane MIXX1656
Mgubo MIXX1657
Mgulula MIXX1658
Mgumila MIXX1659
Mgundadzuwa MIXX1660
Mgunzi MIXX1661
Mguruwe MIXX1662
Mguwacifu MIXX1663
Mguwata MIXX1664
Mgwalima MIXX1665
Mgwanga MIXX1666
Mgwantha MIXX1667
Mgwede MIXX1668
Mgwena MIXX1669
Mgwintha MIXX1670
Mgwinti MIXX1671
Mgwirisi MIXX1672
Mhungula I MIXX1673
Miange MIXX1674
Migochi MIXX1675
Mijombo MIXX3860
Mijumiju MIXX3058
Mikaeli MIXX1676
Mikolongo MIXX3861
Mikolongwe MIXX3862
Mikute MIXX1677
Mikuyu MIXX3863
Mikwala I MIXX1678
Mikwala II MIXX1679
Milala MIXX1680
Milaza MIXX3864
Milimbo MIXX3865
Milimbu MIXX1681
Milonga MIXX1682
Mimba MIXX1683
Mimosa MIXX3866
Mindano MIXX3867
Minga MIXX1684
Mingu MIXX1685
Mirango MIXX3868
Misango MIXX1686
Misi MIXX3869
Misolo MIXX3870
Misomali MIXX3871
Missi MIXX1687
Misuku MIXX3059
Mitanda MIXX1688
Mitara MIXX1689
Mitembo MIXX1690
Mitengo MIXX1691
Mitenyende MIXX3872
Miti MIXX3060
Mitondo MIXX3873
Mitundu MIXX1692
Miwale MIXX1693
Miyawa MIXX1694
Miyowe MIXX1695
Mizate MIXX1696
Miziawo MIXX3061
Mizonda MIXX1697
Mizondo MIXX1698
Mizwa MIXX1699
Mjakadziko MIXX1700
Mjeketa MIXX3062
Mjele MIXX1701
Mjinge MIXX3063
Mjoka MIXX1702
Mjondo MIXX1703
Mjudzi MIXX1704
Mjuwa MIXX1705
Mkagula MIXX3874
Mkakenengoma MIXX3064
Mkanda MIXX1706
Mkandamoto MIXX1707
Mkandawire MIXX1708
Mkande MIXX1709
Mkando MIXX1710
Mkangawi MIXX1711
Mkango MIXX1712
Mkanile MIXX1713
Mkanile II MIXX1714
Mkanje MIXX1715
Mkantama MIXX1716
Mkantaroa MIXX1717
Mkanthama MIXX1718
Mkantoma MIXX1719
Mkanzo MIXX1720
Mkata MIXX1721
Mkauile MIXX1722
Mkazomba MIXX1723
Mkhalapadzuwa MIXX1724
Mkhoma MIXX1725
Mkhomo MIXX1726
Mkhonde MIXX1727
Mkhucke MIXX3876
Mkhuzi MIXX1728
Mkoko MIXX1729
Mkokoma MIXX1730
Mkolama MIXX3877
Mkoma MIXX1731
Mkomachilolo MIXX1732
Mkomandoro MIXX3066
Mkomba MIXX1733
Mkombe MIXX1734
Mkombozi MIXX1735
Mkondambiri MIXX1736
Mkondowe MIXX3067
Mkosana Mgumayo MIXX3068
Mkotamo MIXX1737
Mkototera MIXX1738
Mkotsano MIXX1739
Mkuamba MIXX1740
Mkubani Ndhlovu MIXX3069
Mkubu MIXX1741
Mkukula MIXX1742
Mkula MIXX3878
Mkule MIXX1743
Mkulela MIXX1744
Mkulumimba MIXX1745
Mkumaniza MIXX3879
Mkumba MIXX3880
Mkumbi MIXX1746
Mkunda MIXX1747
Mkunkhu MIXX1748
Mkusagombe MIXX3881
Mkutumula MIXX1749
Mkuwete MIXX1750
Mkuwila MIXX1751
Mkwakwazu MIXX3070
Mkwalula MIXX3882
Mkwanda II MIXX3883
Mkwapatira MIXX3884
Mkwatile MIXX1752
Mkwawi MIXX1753
Mkwayaya MIXX1754
Mkwela MIXX1755
Mkwepele MIXX3885
Mkweya MIXX3886
Mkwiche MIXX1756
Mkwichi MIXX1757
Mkwinda MIXX1758
Mkwinya MIXX1759
Mlali MIXX3071
Mlamba MIXX1760
Mlambe MIXX2521
Mlambwadzi MIXX1761
Mlanda MIXX1762
Mlandula MIXX3887
Mlangali MIXX1763
Mlangeni MIXX3888
Mlauzi MIXX1764
Mlela MIXX3889
Mlenda MIXX3072
Mlenga Senga MIXX3073
Mleno MIXX3890
Mlewa MIXX1765
Mlilika MIXX1766
Mlimagwengwe MIXX1767
Mlinga MIXX1768
Mlolo MIXX3891
Mlomba MIXX3892
Mlonga MIXX1769
Mlonga MIXX2522
Mlongola MIXX3893
Mlonyeni MIXX1770
Mlossi MIXX1771
Mlowe MIXX3074
Mlozi MIXX1772
Mlungu MIXX1773
Mlungusi MIXX3894
Mmemo MIXX1774
Mmeta MIXX3895
Mncenga MIXX1775
Mndelemani MIXX1776
Mndoka MIXX1777
Mndola MIXX1778
Mndondwe MIXX1779
Mndungama MIXX1780
Mnelo MIXX1781
Mnewa MIXX1782
Mneya MIXX1783
Mngona MIXX1784
Mnguwe MIXX1785
Mngwala MIXX1786
Mnjere MIXX1787
Mnjeza MIXX1788
Mnkonka MIXX1789
Mnthanje MIXX1790
Mnthembwe MIXX1791
Mnyanga MIXX1792
Mnyanyu MIXX1793
Moffat MIXX3896
Moffat MIXX1794
Mologeni MIXX3897
Mombera MIXX3075
Mondwe MIXX1795
Monemoa MIXX1796
Mongora MIXX3898
Monkey Bay MIXX3899
Monyo MIXX3900
Mopho Jere MIXX3076
Moro MIXX3901
Morton Mtonga MIXX3077
Mose MIXX1797
Moses MIXX1798
Moses MIXX3902
Moses Gama MIXX3078
Moto MIXX1799
Mount Pleasant MIXX3903
Mowere MIXX3904
Moya MIXX1800
Moyanpansi MIXX1801
Moyo MIXX1802
Moyomsani MIXX1803
Mozace MIXX3905
Mozesi MIXX1804
Mpagaja MIXX3906
Mpakaka MIXX3907
Mpakati MIXX3908
Mpakisa MIXX1805
Mpalawe MIXX1806
Mpalawere MIXX3909
Mpalume MIXX3910
Mpama MIXX3911
Mpamba MIXX1807
Mpamfa MIXX1808
Mpamila MIXX1809
Mpana MIXX1810
Mpanangombe MIXX1811
Mpanda MIXX3912
Mpando MIXX1812
Mpandula MIXX1813
Mpango MIXX1814
Mpasazi MIXX1815
Mpasu MIXX3913
Mpasuleni MIXX1816
Mpaya MIXX1817
Mpazi MIXX1818
Mpelane MIXX1819
Mpemba MIXX3914
Mpeni MIXX1820
Mpenyengo MIXX1821
Mpezeni MIXX3080
Mphako MIXX1822
Mphalabungu MIXX1823
Mphamba MIXX1824
Mphamba MIXX3915
Mphambanya MIXX1825
Mphampha MIXX1826
Mphande MIXX1827
Mphandukila MIXX1828
Mphanga MIXX1829
Mphasi MIXX1830
Mphata-Milonde MIXX1831
Mphazi MIXX1832
Mphekesa MIXX1833
Mphepho MIXX1834
Mphepozinai MIXX1835
Mphere MIXX1836
Mpherembe MIXX3082
Mpheta MIXX3916
Mpheza MIXX3917
Mphinzi MIXX1837
Mphola MIXX1838
Mphompha MIXX3083
Mphomwa MIXX1839
Mphonde MIXX1840
Mphonde MIXX3918
Mphosa MIXX1841
Mphoza MIXX3084
Mphuhuwa MIXX3919
Mphuka MIXX3920
Mphunda MIXX1842
Mphunga MIXX1843
Mphungu MIXX1844
Mpikala MIXX1845
Mpikapika MIXX1846
Mpimbi MIXX3921
Mpinda Table MIXX3922
Mpinganjila MIXX3923
Mpinganjila MIXX1847
Mpingo MIXX1848
Mpingu MIXX1849
Mpingwe MIXX3925
Mpisamanja MIXX3926
Mpoka MIXX1850
Mpokosa MIXX1851
Mpomba MIXX1852
Mpomba MIXX3927
Mponda MIXX1853
Mponda MIXX3928
Mpondezi MIXX1854
Mpondu MIXX1855
Mponela MIXX1856
Mporo MIXX3085
Mposa MIXX3929
Mposadala MIXX3930
Mposongwe MIXX1857
Mpota MIXX3931
Mpoto I MIXX1858
Mpotola MIXX3932
Mpotu MIXX1859
Mpoya MIXX1860
Mpozera MIXX1861
Mpsasaweni MIXX1862
Mpumbe MIXX3933
Mpunda MIXX1863
Mpunde MIXX3934
Mpundu MIXX1864
Mpunga MIXX3935
Mpunzi MIXX1865
Mpuwa MIXX1866
Mroro MIXX1867
Msakambewa MIXX1868
Msakli MIXX1869
Msalula MIXX3936
Msamala MIXX1870
Msamba MIXX3937
Msamba MIXX1871
Msampa MIXX1872
Msampha MIXX1873
Msamvi MIXX3938
Msangeni MIXX3939
Msangwa MIXX1874
Mseka MIXX1875
Msekampata MIXX1876
Msekaranthu MIXX1877
Msekwa MIXX2523
Mselere MIXX1878
Msendere MIXX1879
Msenga MIXX1880
Mseru MIXX1881
Mseula MIXX3940
Msilanga MIXX3941
Msilisa MIXX1882
Msimpha MIXX1883
Msindwa MIXX1884
Msinje MIXX0019
Msitimali MIXX3086
Msito Mazgoda MIXX3087
Msiwa MIXX1885
Msoci MIXX1886
Msokola MIXX1887
Msokoneza MIXX1888
Msolola MIXX1889
Msonga MIXX3088
Msonthe MIXX1890
Msope MIXX3942
Msosa MIXX3943
Msowoya MIXX3089
Msuku MIXX3090
Msukwala MIXX1891
Msumbi MIXX3944
Msumphi MIXX1892
Msundu MIXX3091
Msundwe II MIXX1893
Msungwi MIXX1894
Msunsa MIXX1895
Msuta MIXX1896
Mswamphila Musi MIXX3092
Mtafiya MIXX1897
Mtaja MIXX3093
Mtaja Chavura MIXX3094
Mtakataka MIXX1898
Mtali MIXX1899
Mtalimanja MIXX1900
Mtalonji MIXX1901
Mtambalala MIXX1902
Mtambalika MIXX3095
Mtambalika MIXX1903
Mtambalika Moyo MIXX3096
Mtambo MIXX3097
Mtambo MIXX1904
Mtambo MIXX3945
Mtambwa MIXX3098
Mtandaza MIXX1905
Mtande MIXX1906
Mtandilo MIXX3946
Mtandizi MIXX1907
Mtandula MIXX1908
Mtanga MIXX1909
Mtanga MIXX3947
Mtangara Theo MIXX3099
Mtanila MIXX1910
Mtanira MIXX3100
Mtapula MIXX3948
Mtawali MIXX3101
Mtaya MIXX1911
Mte MIXX3949
Mtelelas MIXX3950
Mtelemoga MIXX1912
Mtema MIXX3951
Mtemwende MIXX1914
Mtengampiri MIXX3952
Mtengoagwa MIXX1915
Mtenje MIXX1916
Mtepa MIXX3953
Mteperera MIXX3103
Mterera MIXX3954
Mteuka MIXX3955
Mteyo Ngoma MIXX3104
Mthaceni MIXX3105
Mthambalika MIXX1917
Mthawira MIXX1918
Mthende MIXX1919
Mthiko MIXX1920
Mthiniwa MIXX3956
Mthumba MIXX1921
Mtika MIXX1922
Mtima MIXX3957
Mtimasonjo MIXX1923
Mtokoma MIXX3958
Mtonda MIXX3959
Mtondo MIXX1924
Mtonga MIXX1925
Mtongo MIXX1926
Mtongola MIXX1927
Mtonya MIXX1928
Mtonza MIXX1929
Mtoo MIXX2524
Mtoso MIXX1930
Mtotsa MIXX1931
Mtsekese MIXX1932
Mtsilo MIXX1933
Mtsindo MIXX1934
Mtumbula MIXX1935
Mtunda MIXX1936
Mtundu MIXX3960
Mtunga MIXX1937
Mtuntula MIXX1938
Mtupa MIXX3961
Mtusani Nguruwe MIXX3106
Mtuta MIXX1939
Mtuwa MIXX3962
Mtuzi MIXX1940
Mtwalo MIXX3107
Mtwice MIXX3963
Mubakure Moyo MIXX3108
Muchasuka Mwanza MIXX3109
Muchekacheka MIXX3110
Muchingarombo MIXX3111
Mudando MIXX3112
Mudi Estate MIXX3964
Mudinda MIXX1941
Muepetha MIXX3965
Mugubani MIXX1942
Mugumbu MIXX1943
Muhango MIXX1944
Muhara MIXX3966
Muhatele MIXX3967
Muhoni MIXX3114
Muhoni MIXX1945
Muhuju MIXX3115
Mujuma Nyasulu MIXX3117
Mukande MIXX1946
Mukubani Mbeye MIXX3118
Mukula MIXX1947
Mula MIXX3968
Mulamba MIXX1948
Mulangari MIXX1949
Mulanje MIXX3969
Mulawa MIXX3119
Mulefu MIXX3120
Muli MIXX1950
Mulilima MIXX3970
Mulima MIXX1951
Mulima MIXX3971
Mulonda MIXX3121
Mulukwi MIXX3122
Mumenia MIXX1952
Munchindwe MIXX3123
Mundi MIXX3972
Mundiyeghe MIXX3124
Mundola MIXX3125
Munduwi Ndhlovu MIXX3126
Mungombwa MIXX3127
Mungombwe MIXX3128
Mungoni wa Mavi MIXX3129
Munyanja Ghabota MIXX3130
Munyonga MIXX3131
Munyongo MIXX3132
Muoka MIXX3133
Muonekera MIXX3973
Mupine MIXX1953
Murwa MIXX3134
Musa MIXX1954
Musafire Shonga MIXX3135
Musangwa MIXX1955
Mutanga MIXX1956
Mutanga MIXX3136
Mutawa MIXX1957
Mutonya MIXX1958
Muvenda MIXX1959
Muwanga MIXX1960
Muwango Juma MIXX3137
Muwawa MIXX3975
Muwero Bulukuti MIXX3139
Muyala MIXX1961
Muyeleko MIXX3140
Muyombe MIXX3141
Mvela MIXX3976
Mvera MIXX1962
Mvula MIXX1963
Mvumu MIXX2525
Mvunguti MIXX3977
Mwachirwa MIXX3142
Mwacipula MIXX1964
Mwadyanji MIXX1965
Mwadzama MIXX1966
Mwadzanduwa MIXX1967
Mwaebwa MIXX3978
Mwafulirwa MIXX3143
Mwahangula MIXX3144
Mwahenga MIXX3145
Mwakawenge MIXX3146
Mwakayera MIXX3147
Mwakhundi MIXX1968
Mwakundi MIXX1969
Mwala MIXX1970
Mwala MIXX3979
Mwala wa Nkhonda MIXX1971
Mwalala MIXX3980
Mwalala MIXX1972
Mwalija MIXX3981
Mwalimo MIXX1973
Mwamadi Msosa MIXX3982
Mwamafumu MIXX3983
Mwambala MIXX3984
Mwambe MIXX1974
Mwambo MIXX3985
Mwamcheka MIXX1975
Mwamsango MIXX1976
Mwamswere MIXX3148
Mwamtawale MIXX3149
Mwamuru MIXX1977
Mwana MIXX3986
Mwana Na Njovu MIXX3987
Mwanaakakula MIXX3988
Mwanabvumbwe MIXX3989
Mwanda MIXX1978
Mwandawara MIXX1979
Mwandila MIXX3150
Mwandimba MIXX1980
Mwangara MIXX1981
Mwanjage MIXX3990
Mwanje MIXX3991
Mwanjeti MIXX3992
Mwanjowa MIXX1982
Mwanoapale MIXX1983
Mwansanbo MIXX1984
Mwansango MIXX1985
Mwanyota MIXX1986
Mwanza MIXX0020
Mwanza MIXX1987
Mwanzawala MIXX1988
Mwape MIXX1989
Mwapiwu MIXX3152
Mwarara MIXX1990
Mwasala MIXX1991
Mwasalano MIXX3153
Mwasambo MIXX1992
Mwase MIXX1993
Mwasi MIXX1994
Mwasizi MIXX3154
Mwaswero MIXX3155
Mwatsindo MIXX1995
Mwaya MIXX3156
Mwazanduwa MIXX1996
Mwazolokere MIXX3157
Mwegama MIXX3993
Mwembe MIXX3158
Mwenda MIXX1997
Mwendomthengo MIXX3994
Mwenefumba MIXX3159
Mwenewenya MIXX3160
Mwengelele MIXX1998
Mwenitete MIXX3161
Mwenje MIXX1999
Mwennipoka MIXX3162
Mweny MIXX3995
Mwenyali MIXX3996
Mwenye MIXX3997
Mwewe MIXX2000
Mweza MIXX3163
Mwila MIXX3998
Mwili MIXX3999
Mwimba I MIXX2001
Mwinama MIXX2002
Mwiniwanda MIXX3164
Mwinjilani MIXX4000
Mwinyorwe MIXX2003
Mwitiya MIXX4001
Mwiza MIXX4002
Myani MIXX2004
Myanja MIXX2005
Myaya MIXX4003
Myayi MIXX2006
Myombe MIXX2007
Mzalangwe MIXX3165
Mzama MIXX2008
Mzambazi MIXX3166
Mzamu MIXX3167
Mzandu MIXX2009
Mzati MIXX2010
Mzembela MIXX2011
Mzembera MIXX2012
Mzikamanda MIXX2013
Mzikamla MIXX2014
Mzikaola MIXX2015
Mzikowoola MIXX3168
Mzimba MIXX3169
Mzimba Muwi Soko MIXX3170
Mzindo MIXX2016
Mzinga MIXX2017
Mzingwa MIXX2018
Mzira MIXX2019
Mzizi MIXX2020
Mzoma MIXX3171
Mzoma Miti MIXX3172
Mzowa MIXX2021
Mzoweza MIXX2022
Mzoza MIXX2023
Mzuma MIXX2024
Mzumacalo MIXX2025
Mzumanzi MIXX2026
Mzumara MIXX2027
Mzungunika MIXX2028
Mzuzu MIXX3173
Naboth MIXX2029
Nabwenje MIXX2030
Nachidzi MIXX2031
Nachisaka MIXX2032
Nachuma MIXX4004
Nacite MIXX2033
Naferanje MIXX2034
Naisi MIXX4005
Nakhwala MIXX4006
Nakutepa MIXX2035
Nalikati MIXX4007
Nalikolo MIXX4008
Nalimba MIXX2036
Namabalu MIXX4009
Namacete MIXX2037
Namadingo MIXX4010
Namadzi MIXX4011
Namaja MIXX4012
Namakho MIXX2038
Namakhwa MIXX4013
Namakoka MIXX4014
Namalaka MIXX4015
Namalindi MIXX4016
Namaloe MIXX4017
Namanja MIXX4018
Namanjonjoli MIXX4019
Namano MIXX2039
Namanya MIXX4020
Namaso MIXX4021
Namasoko MIXX4022
Namatandala MIXX3176
Namatowo MIXX2040
Namawata MIXX2041
Namazani MIXX2042
Nambamba MIXX2043
Nambazu MIXX4023
Nambela MIXX2044
Nambera MIXX2045
Nambesa MIXX4024
Namboya MIXX2046
Nambuma MIXX0021
Nambwale MIXX4025
Namikango MIXX4026
Namilima MIXX4027
Namireno MIXX4028
Namiserera MIXX4029
Namitete MIXX2047
Namkumba MIXX2048
Namlera MIXX2049
Namonde MIXX4030
Namoni MIXX2050
Nampeya MIXX4031
Namputu MIXX4032
Namuku MIXX4033
Namwala MIXX4034
Namwera MIXX4035
Namwere MIXX4036
Namwini MIXX4037
Nandaya MIXX4038
Nandumbo MIXX4039
Nanganga MIXX4040
Nangwale MIXX4041
Nangwangwa MIXX2051
Nankhululukute MIXX2052
Nankhumbi MIXX2053
Nankumba MIXX4042
Nansasala MIXX4043
Nanthamhwe MIXX2054
Nanthana MIXX4044
Nantwe MIXX4045
Naperi MIXX4046
Naphaba MIXX4047
Naphome MIXX4048
Naphungo MIXX4049
Naphuthu MIXX4050
Napwanda MIXX4051
Napwanga MIXX2055
Napwenje MIXX2056
Narata MIXX3177
Nasungwi MIXX2057
Nathenje MIXX2058
Nauchi MIXX2059
Nawanga MIXX4052
Nawoza MIXX2061
Nayuci MIXX4053
Nbuyedziko MIXX2062
Ncaca MIXX4054
Ncekana MIXX2063
Nchakata MIXX2064
Nchalo MIXX4055
Nchapito MIXX3178
Nchefu MIXX2065
Nchelela MIXX4056
Nchenachena MIXX3179
Nchenenje MIXX2066
Nchenga MIXX4057
Nchenyela MIXX4058
Ncherenje MIXX4059
Nchesi MIXX2068
Nchewere MIXX3180
Nchilanjila MIXX2069
Nchimika MIXX4060
Nchisi MIXX2070
Ncimbo MIXX4061
Ncokola MIXX4062
Ndaca MIXX2071
Ndalama MIXX2072
Ndalankwanda MIXX2073
Ndamba MIXX4063
Ndambala MIXX4064
Ndamera MIXX4065
Ndangulu MIXX2074
Ndawambe MIXX2075
Ndawambi MIXX2076
Ndawambi Gausi MIXX3184
Ndawara MIXX2077
Ndawo MIXX2078
Ndawula MIXX2079
Ndaya MIXX2080
Ndebvu MIXX2081
Ndeka MIXX2082
Ndekwa MIXX2083
Ndela MIXX4066
Ndelema MIXX4067
Ndeli MIXX2084
Ndembela Ngwira MIXX3185
Ndembera Ngwira MIXX3186
Ndembo MIXX2085
Ndenda MIXX4068
Nderendere MIXX2086
Ndinda MIXX2087
Ndinde MIXX2088
Ndindi MIXX2089
Ndirande MIXX4069
Ndisani Mzima MIXX3187
Ndoka MIXX4070
Ndombo MIXX4071
Ndomira MIXX2090
Ndomo MIXX2526
Ndondo MIXX2091
Ndozizira MIXX2092
Nduka MIXX2093
Ndume MIXX2094
Ndunde MIXX2095
Nduwa MIXX2096
Ndwadwa MIXX2097
Neaweane MIXX3188
Nefani MIXX2098
Nelentino MIXX2099
Neno MIXX4072
Nepiyala MIXX4073
Ngabu MIXX4074
Ngadziwe MIXX4075
Ngala MIXX2100
Ngala Beach MIXX2101
Ngalamila MIXX2102
Ngalauka MIXX3189
Ngalaura MIXX2103
Nganjo MIXX2104
Ngara MIXX3190
Ngawi MIXX2105
Ngawo MIXX4076
Ngilazi MIXX4077
Ngisi MIXX2106
Ngoji MIXX4078
Ngokwe MIXX4079
Ngoleka MIXX2107
Ngolomi MIXX2108
Ngoma MIXX2109
Ngomano MIXX4080
Ngombe MIXX2110
Ngombende MIXX2111
Ngombengo MIXX2112
Ngombo MIXX3191
Ngona MIXX2113
Ngonbongo MIXX2114
Ngongola MIXX4081
Ngongonda MIXX2115
Ngongondo MIXX4082
Ngonoonda MIXX2116
Ngontaminga MIXX3192
Ngonzo MIXX2117
Ngorozera MIXX3193
Ngowo MIXX4083
Ngulu MIXX2118
Ngulukila MIXX2119
Nguluwe MIXX4084
Ngumeni MIXX4085
Ngundama MIXX2120
Nguniwe MIXX2121
Ngwala MIXX2122
Ngwata MIXX2123
Ngwaya MIXX4086
Ngwenya MIXX2124
Ngwere MIXX2125
Ngwindo MIXX2126
Nhawani MIXX2127
Nhokopo MIXX2128
Nikaiere MIXX2129
Njakiva MIXX2130
Njakwa MIXX2131
Njakwa MIXX3194
Njala MIXX2132
Njalamaleye MIXX2133
Njalayankunda MIXX3195
Njambiro MIXX2134
Njambito MIXX2135
Njati MIXX2136
Njaza MIXX4087
Njebwa MIXX3196
Njembu MIXX2137
Njenje MIXX2138
Njewa MIXX2139
Njiwa MIXX2140
Njobvu MIXX2141
Njofu MIXX2527
Njolomole MIXX2142
Njombwa MIXX2143
Njonja MIXX2144
Njuchi MIXX2145
Njuci MIXX2146
Njuki MIXX2147
Njuli MIXX4088
Njuwa MIXX3197
Njuyu MIXX3198
Nkafi MIXX2148
Nkakamseza MIXX2149
Nkakomiala MIXX2150
Nkaku MIXX4089
Nkala MIXX2151
Nkalama MIXX4090
Nkalyapa MIXX2152
Nkanga MIXX2153
Nkanira MIXX2154
Nkapa MIXX4091
Nkata MIXX4092
Nkate MIXX4093
Nkaugala MIXX4094
Nkawa MIXX2155
Nkhala MIXX2156
Nkhalmba MIXX4095
Nkhanganya MIXX2157
Nkhangwa MIXX4096
Nkharamo Chipeta MIXX3199
Nkhata MIXX3200
Nkhata Bay MIXX3201
Nkhawani MIXX2158
Nkhokwe MIXX4097
Nkholero MIXX3202
Nkholowondo MIXX3203
Nkhoma MIXX2159
Nkhondwela MIXX2160
Nkhonga MIXX2161
Nkhongue MIXX2162
Nkhonjera MIXX3204
Nkhonka MIXX2163
Nkhono MIXX2164
Nkhosa MIXX2165
Nkhotakota MIXX2166
Nkhulande MIXX2167
Nkhumpha MIXX2168
Nkhungulu MIXX3205
Nkhungumbe MIXX2169
Nkhuto MIXX3206
Nkhuzenje MIXX2171
Nkhuzikuzi MIXX2172
Nkhwakhwa MIXX2173
Nkhwangwa MIXX4098
Nkisa MIXX4099
Nkoko MIXX4100
Nkokola MIXX2174
Nkoma MIXX2175
Nkoma MIXX3207
Nkomeko MIXX2176
Nkomo Sichali MIXX3208
Nkonde MIXX2177
Nkondwe MIXX2178
Nkongolo MIXX2179
Nkope MIXX3209
Nkopola MIXX4101
Nkota MIXX2180
Nkotama MIXX4102
Nkudzi MIXX4103
Nkudzula MIXX2181
Nkuki MIXX2182
Nkulambe MIXX4104
Nkuli MIXX3210
Nkumpha MIXX2183
Nkungulu MIXX2184
Nkungura MIXX2185
Nkupila MIXX4105
Nkuweya MIXX2186
Nkuzi MIXX4106
Nkwambala MIXX2187
Nkwanda MIXX4107
Nkwangwa MIXX2188
Nkwazi MIXX2189
Nkweo MIXX2190
Nkwichi MIXX2191
Nkwichi MIXX4108
Nkwila MIXX4109
Nkwinjere MIXX2192
Nlaluwele MIXX4110
Nlamba MIXX4111
Nlambalala MIXX4112
Nlawa MIXX4113
Nlembe MIXX4114
Nlungu MIXX4115
Nluwila MIXX4116
Nokomde MIXX2193
Nomyimbe MIXX2194
Nosa MIXX3211
Nowa Hara MIXX3212
Nsabwe MIXX2195
Nsadzu MIXX2196
Nsalika MIXX4118
Nsamba MIXX2197
Nsamba Kulira MIXX4119
Nsanama MIXX4120
Nsangu MIXX2198
Nsangwe MIXX4121
Nsanje MIXX4122
Nsanyila MIXX4123
Nsaru MIXX2199
Nselema MIXX4124
Nsema MIXX2200
Nseme MIXX2201
Nsenjere MIXX2202
Nseula MIXX4125
Nsimbi MIXX2203
Nsipo MIXX2204
Nsiyampanje MIXX4126
Nsomo MIXX4127
Nsonde MIXX4128
Nsume MIXX4129
Nsunguliza MIXX4130
Ntache MIXX4131
Ntaja MIXX4132
Ntala MIXX4133
Ntali MIXX4134
Ntamba MIXX4135
Ntambala MIXX2205
Ntambalero MIXX2206
Ntambalika MIXX2207
Ntamo MIXX2208
Ntande MIXX2209
Ntanthila MIXX2210
Ntasa MIXX4136
Ntaya MIXX2211
Ntayambizi MIXX4137
Ntcheu MIXX2212
Ntchisi MIXX2213
Ntemankhana MIXX4138
Ntembe MIXX2214
Ntenga MIXX2215
Ntentha MIXX2216
Nthala MIXX2217
Nthalire MIXX3213
Nthambwe MIXX2218
Nthema MIXX2219
Nthembwe MIXX2220
Nthenda MIXX4139
Nthesa MIXX2221
Nthondo MIXX2222
Nthondoni MIXX2223
Nthondowa MIXX2224
Nthukwa MIXX2225
Nthumba MIXX4140
Nthumbidwa MIXX2226
Nthunga MIXX2227
Ntila MIXX4141
Ntiwe MIXX2228
Ntiya MIXX4142
Ntolo MIXX2229
Ntolowa MIXX4143
Ntonda MIXX2230
Ntonda MIXX4144
Ntonda Court MIXX0022
Ntondo MIXX4145
Ntuka MIXX4146
Ntundu MIXX4147
Ntunduwara MIXX2231
Ntungwi MIXX4148
Nyachikadza MIXX4149
Nyalugwe MIXX3214
Nyalunga MIXX2232
Nyalwanga MIXX2233
Nyama MIXX2234
Nyamasi MIXX2235
Nyamawende MIXX2236
Nyamazani MIXX2237
Nyambadwe MIXX4150
Nyambalo MIXX2238
Nyambi MIXX4151
Nyambosi MIXX3215
Nyamkhwa MIXX2239
Nyampalu MIXX4152
Nyamula MIXX4153
Nyamuna MIXX4154
Nyamwelo MIXX4155
Nyandule MIXX4156
Nyanga MIXX2240
Nyangamile MIXX2241
Nyangatayani MIXX4157
Nyango MIXX2242
Nyangu MIXX2243
Nyangula MIXX2244
Nyangulu MIXX2245
Nyani MIXX4158
Nyanje MIXX4159
Nyanjereze MIXX2246
Nyanthumbi MIXX4160
Nyanya MIXX4161
Nyanyika MIXX4162
Nyapambere MIXX4163
Nyathando MIXX4164
Nyawa MIXX2247
Nyazomwe Chima MIXX3216
Nyenda MIXX2248
Nyenga MIXX4165
Nyenje MIXX4166
Nyenjere MIXX2249
Nyezani MIXX2250
Nyezerera MIXX4167
Nyirenda MIXX3217
Nyirongo MIXX3218
Nyoka MIXX2251
Nyombe MIXX2252
Nyonbawi MIXX2253
Nyongani MIXX2254
Nyongole MIXX2255
Nyonyo MIXX2256
Nyumbu MIXX2257
Nyundo MIXX4168
Nyundo MIXX2258
Nyungwe MIXX3219
Nyungwe Mphaka MIXX3220
Nyunyu MIXX2259
Nzinda MIXX4169
Nzola MIXX2260
Ofesi MIXX2261
Ofesi Stores MIXX2262
Offisi MIXX2263
Old Chisamba MIXX2264
Old Salawe MIXX3221
Olokani MIXX2265
Omgolo MIXX2266
Onaini MIXX2267
Ondwe MIXX2268
Onga MIXX4170
Padukana MIXX2269
Padzani MIXX2270
Padzha MIXX2271
Padzua MIXX4171
Paima MIXX2272
Pakanyanda MIXX2273
Palatini MIXX4172
Palm Beach MIXX4173
Palula MIXX2274
Pambiche MIXX4174
Pamichitonge MIXX2275
Pandanson MIXX4175
Pango MIXX2276
Pantengo MIXX2277
Panyathwa MIXX4176
Panye MIXX2278
Pasajule MIXX3222
Patenje MIXX2279
Patreke MIXX3223
Patungo MIXX2280
Pelete MIXX2281
Pemba MIXX2282
Penama MIXX2283
Pende MIXX4177
Perekamoyo Chima MIXX3224
Peremwe MIXX4178
Perete MIXX3225
Peter MIXX2284
Peter Ndawandawa MIXX3226
Petrosi MIXX2285
Petulos MIXX2286
Phalombe MIXX0023
Phalula MIXX4179
Phambala MIXX2287
Phaso MIXX3227
Phata MIXX2288
Pheleni MIXX2289
Phenjele MIXX2290
Phereni MIXX2291
Phetera MIXX3228
Pheza MIXX2292
Phikironi Hill MIXX3229
Phiri MIXX3230
Phodgoma MIXX4180
Phoho MIXX2293
Phoka MIXX2294
Phulos Nyaluanga MIXX2295
Phwangwa MIXX3231
Phwiti MIXX4181
Pila MIXX4182
Pinda MIXX2296
Pindani MIXX2297
Pingo MIXX4183
Pirimiti MIXX4184
Pisawene MIXX2298
Pitiya MIXX4185
Pofu MIXX2299
Poko MIXX2300
Pombwe MIXX2301
Pondelani MIXX4186
Psyeda MIXX2302
Pulumuka MIXX2303
Puruma MIXX4187
Robert MIXX3232
Robert Luwe MIXX3233
Robert Mdoro MIXX3234
Robert Thupa MIXX3235
Rodreck MIXX4188
Ruarwe MIXX3236
Ruben MIXX3237
Ruben Mqongwani MIXX3238
Rufukazi Gama MIXX3239
Rumphi MIXX3240
Sabun MIXX3241
Sadichi MIXX2304
Sadvala MIXX2305
Saenda MIXX4189
Saidi MIXX4190
Saidi MIXX2306
Saiko MIXX2307
Saimon Jere MIXX3242
Saissone MIXX2308
Saite Mwasungu MIXX4191
Saiti MIXX4192
Saka MIXX2309
Sakala MIXX3243
Salabeni MIXX4193
Salawe MIXX3244
Saleke MIXX2310
Saleya MIXX4194
Salima MIXX0024
Salimukanga MIXX4195
Saliva MIXX4196
Sambamimba MIXX2311
Sambankusi MIXX2312
Sambishiyo MIXX2313
Sambo MIXX3245
Sampale MIXX2314
Samsoni MIXX2315
Samu MIXX2316
Samu MIXX4197
Samuel MIXX4198
Samuel Jere MIXX3246
Samuel Mphepo MIXX3247
Samuel Nyirenda MIXX3248
Samuel Nyoni MIXX3249
Samvu MIXX2317
Sandama MIXX0025
Sande MIXX4199
Sande MIXX2318
Sandresi Nyika MIXX3250
Sandu MIXX2319
Sandulizeni MIXX2320
Sanga MIXX3251
Sangala MIXX4200
Sangala MIXX2321
Sangula MIXX4201
Sani MIXX2322
Sani MIXX4202
Sanjama MIXX4203
Sanjani MIXX2323
Sankhani MIXX2324
Sankulani MIXX2325
Sankulani MIXX4204
Sansani MIXX2326
Santhe MIXX2327
Saopa MIXX4205
Sapulaya MIXX2328
Sasani MIXX2329
Satema MIXX2330
Saulos MIXX3253
Saulos Mhango MIXX3254
Saulosi MIXX3255
Saulosi Mkosi MIXX3256
Saulosi Tembo MIXX3257
Savala MIXX4206
Saviwa MIXX2331
Savula MIXX4207
Sawanje MIXX4208
Sayela MIXX2332
Sazu MIXX3258
Scott Mhango MIXX3259
Sekela MIXX4209
Sekwala MIXX2333
Selemani MIXX4210
Selemani MIXX2334
Selewa MIXX3260
Semphere MIXX3261
Semuka MIXX2335
Senga MIXX0026
Senzani MIXX2336
Seseo MIXX4211
Seyenye MIXX3262
Seza MIXX2337
Shaba MIXX2338
Shandawila MIXX2339
Shani MIXX2340
Sharpevale MIXX2341
Shawa MIXX3263
Shemu MIXX2342
Shikana MIXX3264
Shilling MIXX2343
Siana MIXX4212
Sigulane MIXX4213
Sikelo Katundu MIXX3265
Sikonala Lundu MIXX3266
Sili MIXX4214
Silimoni MIXX3267
Silota MIXX4215
Simabvu MIXX2344
Simbi MIXX4216
Simeji Nyirenda MIXX3268
Simeon MIXX2345
Simeon Mvula MIXX3269
Simewa MIXX2346
Simlemba MIXX2347
Simnawi MIXX2348
Simon MIXX4217
Simon MIXX2349
Simon Moyo MIXX3270
Simon Nthara MIXX3271
Simoni MIXX2350
Simonjere MIXX2351
Simumbo MIXX3272
Sindani MIXX2352
Sinde MIXX2353
Singano MIXX4218
Singine MIXX3273
Singo MIXX3274
Sininda MIXX2354
Sinombe MIXX2355
Sinosi MIXX2356
Sintala MIXX2357
Sinumbe MIXX2358
Sinyala MIXX0027
Sinyi MIXX3275
Sitambo MIXX2359
Sitima MIXX2360
Sitolo MIXX2361
Sitonya MIXX3276
Sitonya MIXX2362
Siwala MIXX4219
Siwerera MIXX2363
Siyalimba MIXX3277
Smomba MIXX3278
Sobala MIXX2364
Soche MIXX4220
Sofaya MIXX3279
Sokole MIXX4221
Sokopo Chinura MIXX3280
Solomoni MIXX2365
Solowa MIXX2366
Soloweni MIXX2367
Somba MIXX4222
Sombo MIXX4223
Somve MIXX4224
Songa MIXX4225
Songo MIXX4226
Songoli MIXX2368
Songwe MIXX4227
Sonkho MIXX4228
Sonkho Mvula MIXX3281
Sonkhwe MIXX2369
Sopani MIXX2370
Sorjin MIXX4229
Sosale MIXX2371
Sosola MIXX4230
Soueli MIXX2372
Spooni MIXX4231
Staniele MIXX2373
Stephen MIXX2374
Steven Mwanza MIXX3282
Sukasuka MIXX2375
Sululu MIXX4232
Sulumba MIXX4233
Sumba MIXX2376
Sunche MIXX2377
Sundwe MIXX2378
Sungasanga MIXX3283
Sungene MIXX2379
Sunnyside Suburb MIXX4234
Suwati MIXX2380
Suwe MIXX2381
Suwe Mwale MIXX3284
Suwila MIXX2382
Suza MIXX2383
Suzho MIXX2384
Suzi MIXX2385
Tabu MIXX4235
Tadeyo Chakwira MIXX3285
Takeyo MIXX3286
Tambala MIXX4236
Tambala MIXX2386
Tambolagwa MIXX2387
Tambwe MIXX2388
Tamleti MIXX2389
Tandne MIXX2390
Tandwe MIXX2391
Tanga MIXX2392
Tanthauko MIXX4237
Tantwe MIXX2393
Tawa MIXX4238
Tawakale MIXX4239
Tayali MIXX3287
Tayayo MIXX2394
Tchigaga MIXX4240
Tebulo MIXX2395
Tedzani MIXX4241
Tembo MIXX2396
Tembwe MIXX3288
Tembwe MIXX2397
Tena MIXX2398
Tendo MIXX2399
Tendo MIXX4242
Tenga MIXX2400
Tengani MIXX4243
Tenje MIXX2401
Tenthema MIXX3289
Terere MIXX2402
Tete MIXX2403
Tewesya MIXX2404
Thako MIXX2405
Thawalawa MIXX2406
Thawale MIXX4244
Thawali MIXX3290
Thawani School MIXX0028
Thebulo MIXX3291
Thema MIXX2407
Themuka MIXX2408
Thengeza MIXX2409
Therere MIXX4245
Thimba MIXX4246
Thimu MIXX4247
Thipa MIXX2410
Thomas MIXX4248
Thomas Matopa MIXX4249
Thomo MIXX4250
Thondwe MIXX4251
Thope MIXX2411
Thornwood MIXX4252
Thosi MIXX2412
Thowa MIXX4253
Thowolo MIXX3294
Thuchila MIXX0029
Thudezi MIXX3295
Thudzu MIXX4254
Thulamela MIXX4255
Thuu MIXX3296
Thyolo MIXX4256
Tihomane MIXX3297
Tikit MIXX2413
Tikoliwe MIXX2414
Timbenao MIXX4257
Timbiri MIXX3298
Timeyo MIXX2415
Timeyo Chavura MIXX3299
Timote MIXX2416
Timoti MIXX3300
Tiopaizi MIXX2417
Tiwi MIXX2418
Tizola MIXX4258
Toleza MIXX4259
Tom Allen MIXX4260
Tom Chipeta MIXX2419
Tomali MIXX4261
Tomasi MIXX2420
Tombondera MIXX4262
Tomo MIXX2421
Tomsala MIXX4263
Tonde MIXX2422
Tondo MIXX2423
Tondolo MIXX2424
Tondoloza MIXX2425
Tongole MIXX2426
Tongoto MIXX2427
Tongozala MIXX2428
Topoloni MIXX4264
Tsamvu MIXX2429
Tsankanga MIXX2430
Tseka MIXX2431
Tsekwe MIXX2432
Tsenjerani MIXX4265
Tsicipapa MIXX2433
Tsitsi MIXX2434
Tsogo MIXX2435
Tsonga MIXX2436
Tsoyo MIXX2437
Tsumba MIXX2438
Tsumbe MIXX2439
Tukombo MIXX3301
Tundudza MIXX4266
Tundulu MIXX2440
Tunduma MIXX3302
Tungali MIXX3303
Tuthuwa MIXX4267
Two Boy MIXX4268
Tyaka MIXX4269
Ubale MIXX4270
Uko MIXX4271
Ulaya MIXX4272
Ulediwangwe MIXX2441
Ulisa MIXX2529
Uliwa MIXX3304
Umi MIXX4273
Umpuanela MIXX4274
Undi MIXX2442
Ungwe MIXX2443
Uriah MIXX2444
Usisya MIXX3305
Usufu MIXX2445
Uwala MIXX2446
Uzinga MIXX4275
Valako MIXX2447
Veliasi MIXX2448
Vepe MIXX3306
Vera MIXX3307
Vindevu MIXX2449
Vinkhumbo MIXX3308
Visambo MIXX2450
Visanza MIXX0030
Vivi MIXX2451
Vivya MIXX3309
Viwangalala MIXX3310
Vizharona MIXX4276
Vizimba MIXX2452
Vua MIXX3311
Vulani MIXX3312
Vulani Ruwanda MIXX3313
Vwalamani MIXX2453
Vyapatamo MIXX2454
Vyauka MIXX2455
Wachaza MIXX3315
Wadede MIXX2456
Wajingo Theu MIXX3316
Wajingu Theu MIXX3317
Walala MIXX4277
Waletsa MIXX2457
Walkers Ferry MIXX4278
Waloyi MIXX2458
Wankhama MIXX3318
Wanthewa MIXX2459
Warika MIXX3319
Waya MIXX2460
Wazankhu MIXX3321
Wazaza MIXX2461
Wemba MIXX2462
Wendewende MIXX4279
Weta MIXX4280
Wethiwa MIXX4281
Wikson MIXX2463
Wiliamu Ngwenya MIXX3322
Wilima MIXX2464
Wilson MIXX2465
Wilson Moyo MIXX3323
Wimbe MIXX2466
Witombe MIXX3324
Wole MIXX4282
Wuledi MIXX2467
Yadinga MIXX3325
Yakobe Ndezu MIXX3326
Yakobe Njakwa MIXX3327
Yakobe Nyirenda MIXX3328
Yamwala MIXX2468
Yangala MIXX4283
Yapola MIXX2469
Yawinda MIXX2470
Yekamu MIXX2471
Yelemiya Lungu MIXX3329
Yendayenda MIXX2472
Yera MIXX4284
Yesaya MIXX2473
Yesaya Chiwambo MIXX3330
Yesaya Mkosi MIXX3331
Yesaya Ndowera MIXX3332
Yesaya Shawa MIXX3333
Yobe Gama MIXX3334
Yobe Jere MIXX3335
Yofu MIXX2530
Yohan MIXX2474
Yohane Jere MIXX3336
Yonam MIXX2475
Yosefi MIXX2476
Yotamu MIXX2477
Yotamu Ziwe MIXX3337
Yundu MIXX2531
Zakalia MIXX2478
Zakaria MIXX2479
Zakeyo MIXX2480
Zakhanya MIXX2481
Zamba MIXX2482
Zambara MIXX2483
Zambo MIXX4285
Zanda MIXX2484
Zandi MIXX2485
Zathika MIXX2486
Zawa Gumbo MIXX3338
Zayuka MIXX3339
Zebedia MIXX3340
Zebedia Shawa MIXX3341
Zebediya Kamanga MIXX3342
Zebediya Kaunda MIXX3343
Zeka MIXX2487
Zelema MIXX2488
Zeleza Moyo MIXX3345
Zembe MIXX2489
Zepetia MIXX3346
Zgaka Ngwira MIXX3347
Zgambo MIXX3348
Ziaghayiki MIXX3349
Zidala MIXX4286
Zidana MIXX2490
Zidunge MIXX2491
Zidyana MIXX2492
Zifa MIXX2493
Ziga Tembo MIXX3350
Zikesa MIXX2494
Zikheta MIXX2495
Zikoti Zaka MIXX3351
Zilakoma MIXX3352
Zilale MIXX4287
Zimema Jere MIXX3353
Zimkondenge MIXX2496
Zimpita MIXX2497
Zimponje MIXX4288
Zimukambani MIXX2498
Zingwangwa MIXX4289
Zingwara Khowoya MIXX3354
Zinyoni MIXX3355
Zirona MIXX4290
Zironzo MIXX4291
Zithani MIXX2499
Ziwande MIXX3357
Ziwuya Lungu MIXX3358
Zolire MIXX2500
Zolokere MIXX3359
Zomba MIXX0031
Zombwe MIXX3360
Zowani MIXX3361
Zowde MIXX2501
Zozomala MIXX2502
Zulu MIXX2503
Zunga MIXX3363
Zungusi MIXX2504
Zunguwa MIXX2505
Zunze MIXX2506
Zuwalinyenga MIXX2507
Zwayumbo Makamo MIXX3364
Zyalambe MIXX2508