Weather Codes for Madagascar

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Madagascar. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abatoafo MAXX0177
Abbreviation Ala MAXX0178
Abedo MAXX6544
Abohazo MAXX3609
Abohidrano MAXX0179
Abohijafy MAXX0180
Abohijanahary MAXX0181
Abonara MAXX9297
Aborano MAXX6545
Aborano MAXX9298
Aborano MAXX3610
Aborotsy MAXX9299
Adabatelo MAXX6546
Adabo MAXX3611
Adabodo MAXX9300
Adabofolo MAXX9301
Adabomahebo MAXX9302
Adabomaro MAXX3612
Adabomaro MAXX9303
Adaboroa MAXX3613
Adabotelo MAXX3614
Adabotokana MAXX2185
Adabozato MAXX9304
Adamasiny-Vineta MAXX9305
Adiniky MAXX9306
Afarisoky MAXX9307
Afisamisoa MAXX3615
Afitanananivo MAXX2186
Ahalandravy MAXX9308
Ahatsira MAXX6547
Ahitromby MAXX0182
Ajavibe MAXX2187
Akafatsa MAXX9309
Akahomody MAXX3616
Akanankasy MAXX9310
Akatikana MAXX3617
Akeba MAXX3618
Aketa MAXX9311
Akilimalagy MAXX9312
Akinana MAXX6548
Akindrano Ambany MAXX9313
Akinganio MAXX2188
Akobabaky MAXX9314
Akondro MAXX3619
Akondronisidy MAXX6549
Akondrotarana MAXX3620
Akondrovaza MAXX3621
Akopaka MAXX3622
Akoreky MAXX9315
Alakamisy MAXX0184
Alakamisy MAXX3623
Alarobia MAXX0186
Alarobia Bemaha MAXX0187
Alasora MAXX0189
Alatsinainy MAXX0190
Aloalofotaka MAXX9316
Alotsakanga MAXX9317
Amafandry MAXX9318
Amafiamavo MAXX9319
Amaitsotady MAXX0195
Amanadoria MAXX0196
Amanamby MAXX9320
Amanda MAXX3629
Amanda MAXX9321
Amanendraka MAXX9322
Amanga MAXX6550
Amaravay MAXX9323
Amatahago MAXX9324
Amatsia MAXX9325
Amba MAXX9326
Ambabaky MAXX9327
Ambabaky MAXX6552
Ambabo MAXX3630
Ambadikala MAXX3631
Ambaha MAXX3632
Ambahaka MAXX3633
Ambaharonga MAXX3634
Ambahary MAXX6553
Ambahatra MAXX3635
Ambahatra MAXX0197
Ambahatra MAXX2189
Ambahatrazo MAXX9329
Ambahatrazo MAXX3636
Ambahatsy MAXX9330
Ambahatsy MAXX3637
Ambahevahe MAXX9331
Ambahia MAXX9332
Ambahibe MAXX6555
Ambahibe MAXX9333
Ambahibe MAXX3638
Ambahibe Est MAXX6556
Ambahibe Nord MAXX6557
Ambahibe Ouest MAXX6558
Ambahibo MAXX3639
Ambahibotsara MAXX9334
Ambahifrakoa MAXX9335
Ambahihy MAXX2190
Ambahihy MAXX9336
Ambahikarabo MAXX3640
Ambahikily MAXX9337
Ambahimalitsy MAXX9338
Ambahimerana MAXX3641
Ambahinia MAXX0198
Ambahipika MAXX3642
Ambahisotry MAXX2191
Ambahita MAXX6559
Ambahita MAXX3643
Ambahita MAXX9339
Ambahitra Ouest MAXX0199
Ambahitrazo MAXX3644
Ambahivahibe MAXX9340
Ambahivahibe MAXX2192
Ambahivahikely MAXX2193
Ambahivahy MAXX9341
Ambahivahy MAXX2194
Ambahivahy MAXX6560
Ambahive MAXX3645
Ambahiza MAXX9342
Ambaho MAXX3646
Ambaho MAXX9343
Ambaho-Enio MAXX9344
Ambahobe MAXX9345
Ambahona MAXX0200
Ambahona MAXX3647
Ambahondrano MAXX0201
Ambahondrano MAXX3648
Ambahovelo MAXX9346
Ambahy MAXX9347
Ambaiavato MAXX0202
Ambaibo MAXX0203
Ambaibo MAXX3650
Ambaibo MAXX6561
Ambaibo Sambao MAXX6562
Ambaiboabe MAXX0204
Ambaiboahe MAXX6563
Ambaiorata MAXX6564
Ambajoana MAXX2195
Ambakaka MAXX9348
Ambakirano MAXX2196
Ambakirano MAXX6565
Ambakireny MAXX6566
Ambakireny MAXX0205
Ambakivoho MAXX9349
Ambako MAXX0206
Ambakoa MAXX6567
Ambakoa MAXX3651
Ambakoa MAXX9350
Ambakoa-Ambany MAXX9351
Ambakoa-Ambinany MAXX9352
Ambakoana MAXX2197
Ambakoana MAXX3652
Ambakobe MAXX3653
Ambakohasina MAXX0207
Ambakona MAXX3654
Ambaky MAXX6568
Ambala MAXX2198
Ambala MAXX9353
Ambala MAXX0208
Ambalaba MAXX6569
Ambalabako MAXX6570
Ambalabanty MAXX6571
Ambalabao MAXX2199
Ambalabao MAXX6572
Ambalabararata MAXX0209
Ambalabe MAXX9354
Ambalabe MAXX0010
Ambalabe MAXX2200
Ambalabe MAXX3655
Ambalabe Atsimo MAXX9355
Ambalaboka MAXX9357
Ambalabonga MAXX6575
Ambalabongo MAXX6576
Ambaladera MAXX6577
Ambaladingana MAXX3656
Ambalafamainty MAXX6578
Ambalafananarana MAXX3657
Ambalafandra MAXX3658
Ambalafandrana MAXX6579
Ambalafany MAXX6580
Ambalafarihy MAXX6581
Ambalafary MAXX2201
Ambalafary MAXX6582
Ambalafary MAXX3659
Ambalafasina MAXX3660
Ambalafasy MAXX3661
Ambalafataka MAXX3662
Ambalafeno MAXX3663
Ambalafenoarivo MAXX3664
Ambalafety MAXX6583
Ambalafolo MAXX3665
Ambalafomby MAXX6584
Ambalafontsy MAXX6585
Ambalafony MAXX6586
Ambalafotaka MAXX6587
Ambalagaro MAXX6588
Ambalagoavy MAXX3666
Ambalagoavy MAXX6589
Ambalahady MAXX3667
Ambalahambana MAXX3668
Ambalahambano MAXX3669
Ambalaharongana MAXX2202
Ambalahasina MAXX6591
Ambalahasina MAXX3670
Ambalahatsaka MAXX3671
Ambalahazo MAXX3672
Ambalahazo MAXX0211
Ambalaherana MAXX3673
Ambalahonko MAXX6592
Ambalahonko MAXX2203
Ambalahoraka MAXX3674
Ambalahoraky MAXX3675
Ambalahosy MAXX3676
Ambalajia MAXX6593
Ambalaka MAXX6594
Ambalakafe MAXX3677
Ambalakafotra MAXX3678
Ambalakaty MAXX2204
Ambalakazaha MAXX6595
Ambalakazaha MAXX3679
Ambalakely MAXX3680
Ambalakida MAXX6596
Ambalakinana MAXX3681
Ambalakindresy MAXX3682
Ambalakinina MAXX3683
Ambalakirajy MAXX6597
Ambalakitata MAXX6598
Ambalakitata II MAXX6599
Ambalakizitina MAXX3684
Ambalakondro MAXX3685
Ambalalady MAXX3686
Ambalalehibe MAXX3687
Ambalalemoka MAXX6602
Ambalalova MAXX3688
Ambalamadiro MAXX6603
Ambalamaevanata MAXX6604
Ambalamafina MAXX3690
Ambalamaharivo MAXX3691
Ambalamahasoa MAXX3692
Ambalamahasoa MAXX0212
Ambalamahatsara MAXX3693
Ambalamahatsinjo MAXX6605
Ambalamahatsinjo MAXX3694
Ambalamahavelona MAXX3695
Ambalamahazotra MAXX3696
Ambalamahoga MAXX2205
Ambalamahogo MAXX6606
Ambalamainty MAXX3697
Ambalamaivanaty MAXX6607
Ambalamalaza MAXX3698
Ambalamalemy MAXX3699
Ambalamamoko MAXX6608
Ambalamana MAXX9358
Ambalamanakana MAXX3700
Ambalamanana MAXX3701
Ambalamananty MAXX6609
Ambalamanary MAXX6610
Ambalamanasa MAXX3703
Ambalamanasy MAXX2206
Ambalamanasy I MAXX2207
Ambalamanasy II MAXX2208
Ambalamandavo MAXX6611
Ambalamandry MAXX2209
Ambalamanenjana MAXX3704
Ambalamanga MAXX6612
Ambalamanga MAXX0213
Ambalamanga MAXX9359
Ambalamanna MAXX3705
Ambalamarana MAXX0214
Ambalamarina MAXX9360
Ambalamarina MAXX3706
Ambalamaro MAXX3711
Ambalamary MAXX9361
Ambalamasina MAXX3712
Ambalamasina MAXX0216
Ambalamasy MAXX9362
Ambalamatsioky MAXX2210
Ambalambato MAXX2211
Ambalambengy MAXX6613
Ambalambola MAXX9363
Ambalambositra MAXX0217
Ambalameloka MAXX6614
Ambalamena MAXX3713
Ambalamendrika MAXX3714
Ambalamialoha MAXX6615
Ambalamirary MAXX3715
Ambalamisaona MAXX3716
Ambalamita MAXX3717
Ambalamitsaka MAXX3718
Ambalamitsangana MAXX3719
Ambalamoa MAXX9364
Ambalamoakely MAXX9365
Ambalamontana MAXX3720
Ambalamotraka MAXX6616
Ambalampamba MAXX6617
Ambalanakanga MAXX3721
Ambalanano MAXX6618
Ambalanaomby MAXX3722
Ambalanaondry MAXX3723
Ambalandampa MAXX3724
Ambalandapa MAXX3725
Ambalandrazana MAXX3726
Ambalanianana MAXX3727
Ambalanibory MAXX3728
Ambalanifotsy MAXX3729
Ambalanihasy MAXX3730
Ambalanirana MAXX6619
Ambalanirana MAXX9366
Ambalanivo MAXX3731
Ambalanjanakomby MAXX6620
Ambalanjanakomby MAXX0220
Ambalanomby MAXX9367
Ambalanomby MAXX3732
Ambalanomby MAXX6621
Ambalanosy MAXX3733
Ambalanosy MAXX9368
Ambalantsiraka MAXX6622
Ambalantsotry MAXX6623
Ambalany MAXX3734
Ambalapaiso MAXX9369
Ambalapaiso MAXX3735
Ambalapaiso MAXX6624
Ambalapaka MAXX6625
Ambalapamba MAXX6626
Ambalarane MAXX6627
Ambalarano MAXX3736
Ambalarano MAXX0221
Ambalaranobe MAXX6629
Ambalaraotsy MAXX9370
Ambalareketa MAXX0222
Ambalaroa MAXX9371
Ambalaroka MAXX3737
Ambalaromba MAXX3738
Ambalaromba MAXX6630
Ambalaroy MAXX3739
Ambalasakoana MAXX6631
Ambalasaraka MAXX9372
Ambalasarotsy MAXX9373
Ambalasatra MAXX9374
Ambalasatra MAXX6632
Ambalasatrana MAXX2212
Ambalasatrana MAXX6633
Ambalasatrana MAXX9375
Ambalasavoa MAXX3740
Ambalaseva MAXX3741
Ambalaseva MAXX0223
Ambalasoa MAXX9376
Ambalasoa MAXX3742
Ambalasorita MAXX9377
Ambalatamby MAXX3743
Ambalatanana MAXX3744
Ambalatanovana MAXX3745
Ambalatany MAXX6634
Ambalatany MAXX3746
Ambalatany MAXX9378
Ambalatary MAXX6635
Ambalatavy MAXX3747
Ambalatelo MAXX3748
Ambalatenina II MAXX3750
Ambalateva MAXX3751
Ambalateza MAXX9380
Ambalatraka MAXX3752
Ambalatrihomehy MAXX3753
Ambalatsako MAXX3754
Ambalatsara MAXX3755
Ambalatsaraka MAXX9381
Ambalatsiefa MAXX9382
Ambalatsieta MAXX3757
Ambalatsila MAXX3758
Ambalatsimanoko MAXX3761
Ambalatsimiedika MAXX3762
Ambalatsimirango MAXX3763
Ambalatsinainy MAXX9383
Ambalatsingaka MAXX3764
Ambalatsingy MAXX6636
Ambalatsiraka MAXX6637
Ambalatsirava MAXX2213
Ambalatsiriana MAXX3765
Ambalatsopaka MAXX3766
Ambalatsotry MAXX6638
Ambalava MAXX6639
Ambalavabe MAXX3767
Ambalavao MAXX9384
Ambalavao MAXX0224
Ambalavao MAXX6640
Ambalavao MAXX3768
Ambalavao Nord MAXX3772
Ambalavao Sud MAXX3773
Ambalavaokely MAXX3774
Ambalavaokely MAXX9385
Ambalavaro MAXX3775
Ambalavary MAXX6641
Ambalavary MAXX3776
Ambalavato MAXX3777
Ambalavato MAXX2214
Ambalavato MAXX6642
Ambalavato MAXX0225
Ambalavato MAXX9386
Ambalavato Haut MAXX9387
Ambalavatokely MAXX0226
Ambalavelo MAXX6643
Ambalavelombe MAXX6644
Ambalavelona MAXX2215
Ambalavenoka MAXX9388
Ambalavero MAXX3778
Ambalavia MAXX6647
Ambalavia MAXX3779
Ambalaviro MAXX9389
Ambalavita MAXX3780
Ambalavoahangy MAXX3781
Ambalavoatavo MAXX3782
Ambalavohimay MAXX3783
Ambalavola MAXX9390
Ambalavola MAXX3784
Ambalavondro MAXX6648
Ambalavondrona MAXX6649
Ambalavongo MAXX2216
Ambalavontaka MAXX3786
Ambalavy MAXX9391
Ambalavy MAXX6650
Ambalengo MAXX3787
Ambaliabe MAXX6651
Ambaliandro MAXX9392
Ambaliandro Nord MAXX9393
Ambalianjavatra MAXX9394
Ambaliha MAXX0011
Ambaliha MAXX2217
Ambalihabe MAXX6653
Ambalihamilopaka MAXX6654
Ambalika MAXX6655
Ambalikida MAXX9395
Ambalivalo MAXX6656
Ambalolo MAXX3788
Ambalomboro MAXX3789
Ambalona MAXX3790
Ambalorao MAXX9396
Ambalovary MAXX6657
Ambalovolona MAXX6658
Ambambao Nord MAXX0227
Ambanala MAXX3791
Ambanara MAXX3792
Ambandanira MAXX9397
Ambandanirana MAXX9398
Ambandrika MAXX3793
Ambandrika MAXX9399
Ambangindambo MAXX6659
Ambango MAXX9400
Ambaniato MAXX9401
Ambaniavatra MAXX0228
Ambaniavoha MAXX9402
Ambanibohobe MAXX6660
Ambanidhina MAXX2219
Ambanidia MAXX0229
Ambanifalika MAXX9403
Ambanifilao MAXX2220
Ambanihazo MAXX0012
Ambanikibo MAXX2221
Ambanikily MAXX9404
Ambanilalakely MAXX2222
Ambanimanasy MAXX2223
Ambanimangy MAXX2224
Ambanimantsaky MAXX9405
Ambanimaso MAXX0230
Ambanimaso MAXX3794
Ambaninato MAXX9406
Ambaninonoka MAXX9407
Ambaniranona MAXX2225
Ambanisangy MAXX9408
Ambanisanjo MAXX2226
Ambanisarika MAXX9409
Ambanitsena MAXX0232
Ambanivato MAXX3795
Ambanivohitra MAXX0233
Ambanja MAXX6661
Ambanja MAXX0009
Ambanjabe MAXX6662
Ambanjabe MAXX0234
Ambanjahilatra MAXX2228
Ambanjalava MAXX6663
Ambanjsondriry MAXX2229
Ambano MAXX0235
Ambaonio MAXX9410
Ambaovy MAXX9411
Ambapaka MAXX3796
Ambara MAXX3797
Ambarabaha MAXX2230
Ambarabahy MAXX6664
Ambarabanja MAXX2231
Ambarabelo MAXX3798
Ambaraka MAXX9412
Ambarakaraka MAXX2232
Ambaramidada MAXX2233
Ambaranata MAXX6665
Ambarano MAXX3799
Ambararata MAXX0237
Ambararata MAXX3800
Ambararata MAXX9413
Ambararata MAXX2234
Ambararata MAXX6666
Ambararata-Sofia MAXX6667
Ambararata-Toby MAXX9419
Ambararatabe MAXX0238
Ambararatabe MAXX3801
Ambararatabe MAXX6668
Ambararatabe MAXX2235
Ambararatafaly MAXX6670
Ambararatafaly MAXX9421
Ambararatafotsy MAXX6671
Ambararatahely MAXX6672
Ambararatakely MAXX6673
Ambararatakely MAXX0239
Ambararatalava MAXX6674
Ambararatamavo MAXX6675
Ambararatanaomby MAXX9422
Ambararatavokoka MAXX0240
Ambararatilava MAXX6676
Ambararato MAXX9423
Ambararaty MAXX6677
Ambaratamafaiky MAXX6678
Ambaratasoa MAXX3803
Ambaratra MAXX0241
Ambaravarambato MAXX9424
Ambaravarambato MAXX0242
Ambaravaranala MAXX0243
Ambaravaranalabe MAXX0244
Ambaravarantany MAXX6680
Ambaravatry MAXX3804
Ambariaho MAXX9425
Ambarialoha MAXX0245
Ambarialoha MAXX6681
Ambaribe MAXX0246
Ambaribe MAXX9426
Ambarifafy MAXX0247
Ambarihasara MAXX6682
Ambarijanahary MAXX9427
Ambarijatsy MAXX3805
Ambarijeby MAXX2237
Ambarika MAXX6685
Ambarikely MAXX0248
Ambarilao MAXX2238
Ambarimafaitra MAXX3806
Ambarimahia MAXX6686
Ambarimanga MAXX6687
Ambarimaninga MAXX6688
Ambarimanira MAXX9428
Ambarimanitsy MAXX9429
Ambarimanjevo MAXX6689
Ambarimanta MAXX6690
Ambarimbalala MAXX6691
Ambarinakanga MAXX0249
Ambarinakanga MAXX6692
Ambarinakoho MAXX0250
Ambarinakoho MAXX9430
Ambarinakoho MAXX3807
Ambarinampy MAXX9431
Ambarinanahary MAXX0251
Ambarinanahary MAXX6693
Ambarinda MAXX6694
Ambarindranabary MAXX6695
Ambarindranahary MAXX6696
Ambarininahary MAXX6697
Ambarinjanahary MAXX6698
Ambario MAXX6699
Ambario MAXX9432
Ambariokorano MAXX6700
Ambariomena MAXX2239
Ambariomiambana MAXX2240
Ambarionadabo MAXX6701
Ambarionasara MAXX6702
Ambariondolo MAXX2241
Ambariopanenitra MAXX6703
Ambariotelo MAXX2242
Ambaripaika MAXX6704
Ambaritsatrana MAXX2243
Ambarivany MAXX6705
Ambarivao MAXX3808
Ambarivondrona MAXX3809
Ambaro MAXX2244
Ambaro MAXX6706
Ambaro MAXX3810
Ambaro MAXX9433
Ambarobe MAXX9434
Ambaromamoy MAXX9435
Ambaromanoy MAXX9436
Ambarovao MAXX3811
Ambary MAXX0252
Ambary MAXX9439
Ambasahoka MAXX9440
Ambasimiviky MAXX9441
Ambasitila MAXX3812
Ambasotry MAXX2245
Ambasy MAXX9442
Ambasy Nord MAXX9443
Ambasy Sud MAXX9444
Ambata MAXX9445
Ambata Avaratra MAXX9446
Ambatabe MAXX0253
Ambatamarina MAXX0254
Ambatambaky MAXX6707
Ambatanirana MAXX0255
Ambatankozo MAXX0256
Ambatata MAXX9447
Ambataza MAXX3813
Ambato MAXX2246
Ambato MAXX0257
Ambato MAXX9448
Ambato MAXX3814
Ambato MAXX6708
Ambato Boeny MAXX6709
Ambato Nord MAXX9449
Ambato Sud MAXX9450
Ambato-Andrano MAXX9451
Ambato-Sosoa MAXX6710
Ambato-Sur-Mer MAXX9452
Ambatoabo MAXX3815
Ambatoabo MAXX9453
Ambatoafo MAXX3816
Ambatoafo MAXX0258
Ambatoafo MAXX2247
Ambatoakana MAXX0259
Ambatoampanga MAXX0260
Ambatoasaina MAXX0262
Ambatoatrano MAXX0264
Ambatobarika MAXX2248
Ambatobe MAXX0265
Ambatobe MAXX2249
Ambatobe MAXX9454
Ambatobe MAXX3817
Ambatobe MAXX6711
Ambatobe Atsimo MAXX9455
Ambatobe Besoy MAXX9456
Ambatobe Sud MAXX9457
Ambatobimahavelo MAXX6712
Ambatoboahangy MAXX0266
Ambatobory MAXX9458
Ambatodidy MAXX0267
Ambatodinga MAXX3818
Ambatodrenambo MAXX0268
Ambatofaingaina MAXX3819
Ambatofaliha MAXX6713
Ambatofaly MAXX6714
Ambatofamokonana MAXX3820
Ambatofangehana MAXX3821
Ambatofangery MAXX3822
Ambatofaritana MAXX3823
Ambatofisaka MAXX2251
Ambatofisaka MAXX3825
Ambatofisaorana MAXX0269
Ambatofitorahana MAXX3826
Ambatofohy MAXX9459
Ambatofohy MAXX6715
Ambatofolaka MAXX0270
Ambatofolaka MAXX6716
Ambatofotsikely MAXX0271
Ambatofotsiloha MAXX3827
Ambatofotsy MAXX9460
Ambatofotsy MAXX2252
Ambatofotsy MAXX3828
Ambatofotsy MAXX0272
Ambatohara MAXX6718
Ambatoharana MAXX2253
Ambatoharana MAXX3829
Ambatoharanana MAXX0015
Ambatoharanana MAXX3830
Ambatoharanana MAXX0273
Ambatoharanana MAXX6719
Ambatoharea MAXX9462
Ambatohirika MAXX3832
Ambatohiriky MAXX9463
Ambatojobijoby MAXX2255
Ambatojoby MAXX6720
Ambatojoby MAXX2256
Ambatojoly MAXX2257
Ambatokapaika MAXX3833
Ambatokapika MAXX9464
Ambatokasa MAXX9465
Ambatokely MAXX0274
Ambatokirajy MAXX6721
Ambatokirintsa MAXX2258
Ambatola MAXX0275
Ambatolafia MAXX6722
Ambatolahidimy MAXX3834
Ambatolahihazo MAXX0276
Ambatolahimaro MAXX0278
Ambatolahimavo MAXX3836
Ambatolahinaory MAXX9466
Ambatolahindrano MAXX3838
Ambatolahisoa MAXX0280
Ambatolahitelo MAXX3839
Ambatolahy MAXX9467
Ambatolahy MAXX3841
Ambatolahy MAXX0281
Ambatolalaka MAXX2259
Ambatolampikely MAXX0282
Ambatolampy MAXX2260
Ambatolampy MAXX0016
Ambatolampy MAXX6724
Ambatolampy MAXX3842
Ambatolampy MAXX9470
Ambatolampy Bas MAXX0284
Ambatolaona MAXX0285
Ambatolava MAXX3843
Ambatolava MAXX0286
Ambatoloaka MAXX0287
Ambatoloaka MAXX3844
Ambatoloaka MAXX2261
Ambatoloaka MAXX6725
Ambatolongo MAXX2262
Ambatolongo MAXX3845
Ambatomadinika MAXX0288
Ambatomahamanina MAXX0289
Ambatomaintikely MAXX6726
Ambatomainty MAXX6727
Ambatomainty MAXX3846
Ambatomainty MAXX9472
Ambatomainty MAXX0291
Ambatomalama MAXX6728
Ambatomalama MAXX3847
Ambatomalaza MAXX0293
Ambatomalaza MAXX2263
Ambatomanaky MAXX9474
Ambatomanana MAXX9476
Ambatomandondona MAXX6729
Ambatomaneka MAXX9477
Ambatomanga MAXX3848
Ambatomanga MAXX6730
Ambatomanga MAXX0294
Ambatomanjaka MAXX3849
Ambatomanjake MAXX0296
Ambatomanoakazo MAXX0297
Ambatomanoina MAXX0017
Ambatomanoy MAXX9478
Ambatomaraoka MAXX6731
Ambatomarina MAXX3850
Ambatomasina MAXX6732
Ambatomasina MAXX2264
Ambatomasina MAXX9479
Ambatomasina MAXX0298
Ambatomasina MAXX3851
Ambatomasy MAXX9480
Ambatomay MAXX6733
Ambatomboahangy MAXX0299
Ambatomboay MAXX3852
Ambatomboro MAXX0300
Ambatomborona MAXX0301
Ambatombositra MAXX0302
Ambatomby MAXX6735
Ambatomby MAXX3853
Ambatomena MAXX0303
Ambatomena MAXX9481
Ambatomena MAXX3854
Ambatomena MAXX6736
Ambatomena Roche MAXX3855
Ambatomena Toby MAXX9482
Ambatomenaloha MAXX0304
Ambatomiady MAXX0305
Ambatomiary MAXX9483
Ambatomidona MAXX3856
Ambatomifanongoa MAXX3857
Ambatomifikitra MAXX9484
Ambatomifikitsa MAXX9485
Ambatomiharihary MAXX0306
Ambatomika MAXX9486
Ambatomikiny MAXX2265
Ambatomikotrana MAXX0307
Ambatomilahatra MAXX6738
Ambatomilahy MAXX6740
Ambatomilo MAXX9487
Ambatomiloloha MAXX9488
Ambatomily MAXX3858
Ambatomily MAXX2266
Ambatomirahavavy MAXX0308
Ambatomiranty MAXX6741
Ambatomiranty MAXX0309
Ambatomiraviravy MAXX3859
Ambatomisangana MAXX9489
Ambatomisokatra MAXX6742
Ambatomita MAXX3861
Ambatomitangolo MAXX2267
Ambatomitety MAXX0310
Ambatomitigoa MAXX9490
Ambatomitikitra MAXX3862
Ambatomitikitsy MAXX9491
Ambatomitokona MAXX0311
Ambatomitsangana MAXX2268
Ambatomitsangana MAXX3863
Ambatomitsangana MAXX9492
Ambatomitsangana MAXX0313
Ambatomitsangana MAXX6743
Ambatomivarina MAXX3864
Ambatomivary MAXX9493
Ambatomivory MAXX2269
Ambatonakanga MAXX0316
Ambatondradama MAXX0317
Ambatondrapeto MAXX0320
Ambatonjanahary MAXX2270
Ambatonombalahy MAXX0321
Ambatonosy MAXX9494
Ambatonosy MAXX0322
Ambatonqoaika MAXX0323
Ambatopaika MAXX3865
Ambatopaika MAXX9495
Ambatopaikafo MAXX0324
Ambatopanenitra MAXX0325
Ambatopilaky MAXX9496
Ambatoratsy MAXX9497
Ambatoratsy MAXX2271
Ambatoria MAXX6745
Ambatorikiriky MAXX9498
Ambatoringitra MAXX3866
Ambatoroka MAXX0326
Ambatorondro MAXX3867
Ambatoronina MAXX2272
Ambatosarintrano MAXX0327
Ambatosariomby MAXX0328
Ambatosarotra MAXX9499
Ambatosarotra MAXX3868
Ambatosate MAXX3869
Ambatosia MAXX6746
Ambatosihona MAXX3870
Ambatosoa MAXX9500
Ambatosoa MAXX3871
Ambatosoa MAXX6747
Ambatosoavolo MAXX9501
Ambatosokana MAXX0329
Ambatosola MAXX9502
Ambatosola MAXX3872
Ambatosondriry MAXX2273
Ambatosoratra MAXX6748
Ambatotampy MAXX0330
Ambatotapaka MAXX0331
Ambatotelo MAXX0332
Ambatotendrena MAXX0333
Ambatotily MAXX9503
Ambatotokana MAXX0334
Ambatotorahana MAXX0335
Ambatotsingy MAXX6749
Ambatotsipihina MAXX0336
Ambatotsivala MAXX9504
Ambatotsokina MAXX0337
Ambatovaky MAXX3874
Ambatovalky MAXX2274
Ambatovanda MAXX9506
Ambatovato MAXX9507
Ambatovaventy MAXX0339
Ambatovelezina MAXX2275
Ambatoveve MAXX9508
Ambatovinaky MAXX0340
Ambatovita MAXX9509
Ambatovita MAXX3875
Ambatovoamba MAXX9510
Ambatovony MAXX3876
Ambatovory MAXX9511
Ambatovory MAXX3877
Ambatozavavy MAXX2276
Ambatry MAXX9512
Ambatsifatsy MAXX6752
Ambava MAXX3878
Ambava MAXX9513
Ambavahadiala MAXX6753
Ambavahadimitafo MAXX0341
Ambavahadivy MAXX6754
Ambavahibe MAXX2277
Ambavala MAXX6755
Ambavala MAXX2278
Ambavanibe MAXX2280
Ambavaninara MAXX6756
Ambavano MAXX9514
Ambavaranobe MAXX6758
Ambavaroka MAXX3880
Ambavasampo MAXX6759
Ambavatanitelo MAXX9516
Ambavatany MAXX9517
Ambavazakana MAXX2282
Ambavola MAXX2283
Ambazaha MAXX9519
Ambazato MAXX3881
Ambazimba MAXX9520
Ambazoa MAXX9521
Ambazoamazava MAXX9522
Ambazoana MAXX2284
Ambazoanabe MAXX2285
Ambazoativoka MAXX9523
Ambedamena MAXX6760
Ambendra MAXX9524
Ambendra MAXX6761
Ambendrabe MAXX6762
Ambendrakely MAXX6763
Ambendrana MAXX0018
Ambendrana MAXX6764
Ambendrana MAXX3882
Ambendrandava MAXX6765
Ambengilengy MAXX2286
Ambenja MAXX6766
Ambera MAXX9525
Ambereny MAXX6767
Amberimay MAXX2287
Amberio MAXX9526
Amberivery MAXX6768
Ambero MAXX0342
Ambero MAXX9527
Amberobe MAXX6769
Amberobe MAXX3883
Amberobe MAXX9528
Amberobe MAXX0343
Amberokely MAXX9529
Amberomanga MAXX0344
Amberomena MAXX3884
Amberomena MAXX9530
Amberoverobe MAXX6770
Ambery MAXX2288
Ambesisika MAXX6771
Ambevongo MAXX6772
Ambia MAXX3885
Ambia MAXX6773
Ambia MAXX2289
Ambia MAXX9531
Ambia Sarodrano MAXX9532
Ambiabe MAXX3886
Ambiabe MAXX9533
Ambiahely MAXX2290
Ambiahely MAXX6774
Ambiaravy MAXX3887
Ambiataka MAXX9534
Ambiataka MAXX3888
Ambiatoka MAXX9535
Ambibaka MAXX2291
Ambibaka MAXX0345
Ambiboky MAXX3889
Ambiby MAXX3890
Ambihivihy MAXX6776
Ambihivihy MAXX9536
Ambika MAXX9537
Ambika MAXX6777
Ambikiakely MAXX6778
Ambikorano MAXX6779
Ambiky MAXX9538
Ambiky MAXX6780
Ambiky MAXX2292
Ambila MAXX3891
Ambila-Lemaitso MAXX0019
Ambilalialika MAXX9539
Ambilamaina MAXX0020
Ambilanivia MAXX3892
Ambilany MAXX6781
Ambilany MAXX9540
Ambilimavo MAXX6782
Ambilivily MAXX6783
Ambilo MAXX6784
Ambilo MAXX2293
Ambilobe MAXX2294
Ambilobekely MAXX2295
Ambilokarana MAXX2296
Ambilomagodro MAXX2297
Ambilomavo MAXX6785
Ambilombe MAXX3893
Ambilombe MAXX6786
Ambilona MAXX6787
Ambilona MAXX0346
Ambinanatsena MAXX6788
Ambinanibe MAXX9541
Ambinanibe MAXX6790
Ambinanibe MAXX0347
Ambinanibefiana MAXX6791
Ambinanibemarivo MAXX2298
Ambinanidrano MAXX3894
Ambinanifaho MAXX2299
Ambinanifaraony MAXX3895
Ambinanikely MAXX6792
Ambinanililabe MAXX2300
Ambinanimananana MAXX3896
Ambinanimananano MAXX3897
Ambinanimarambo MAXX2301
Ambinanimbaza MAXX3898
Ambinaninamorona MAXX3900
Ambinanindovoka MAXX3901
Ambinanindrano MAXX3902
Ambinanindrano MAXX6794
Ambinaninikofa MAXX6795
Ambinaninisery MAXX3903
Ambinaninony MAXX3904
Ambinanintromby MAXX3905
Ambinanitela MAXX3907
Ambinanitelo MAXX9542
Ambinanitelo MAXX3908
Ambinanitelo MAXX6796
Ambinanivelo MAXX9544
Ambinany MAXX3910
Ambinany MAXX9545
Ambinany MAXX2304
Ambinany Antsaka MAXX3911
Ambinany Iefaka MAXX3912
Ambinany-Tanosy MAXX9546
Ambinany-Zana MAXX9548
Ambinanybe MAXX3913
Ambinanybe MAXX2307
Ambinanydrano MAXX6799
Ambinanykajobo MAXX6800
Ambinanykera MAXX3914
Ambinanylalangy MAXX3915
Ambinanymanarezo MAXX3917
Ambinanymanitsy MAXX9549
Ambinanymasako MAXX0348
Ambinanynandrevo MAXX2309
Ambinanyndrano MAXX3919
Ambinanyndrano MAXX6802
Ambinanyniomby MAXX3921
Ambinanynomby MAXX9550
Ambinanynony MAXX0021
Ambinanynony MAXX3922
Ambinanysivanina MAXX3924
Ambinanytanana MAXX3925
Ambinanytelo MAXX9551
Ambinanyvatomena MAXX3928
Ambinary MAXX6803
Ambinda MAXX2312
Ambinda MAXX6804
Ambinda MAXX3929
Ambinda MAXX9552
Ambinda-Mahebo MAXX9553
Ambindabe MAXX3930
Ambindabe MAXX9554
Ambindamahery MAXX9555
Ambindandrakemba MAXX9556
Ambingivato MAXX6805
Ambingovingo MAXX9557
Ambinoandrakemba MAXX9558
Ambirimena MAXX9559
Ambitika MAXX9560
Ambivy MAXX9561
Ambivy II MAXX9562
Ambizy MAXX6806
Amboabangy MAXX6807
Amboabege MAXX3931
Amboaboa MAXX6808
Amboaboaka MAXX6809
Amboafandrana MAXX3932
Amboafoana MAXX9563
Amboahangibe MAXX2313
Amboahangibe MAXX3933
Amboahangikely MAXX0349
Amboahangimamy MAXX3934
Amboahangimamy MAXX2314
Amboahangimasina MAXX3935
Amboahangisay MAXX2315
Amboahangisay MAXX3936
Amboahangisay MAXX6810
Amboahangitelo MAXX9564
Amboahangy MAXX2316
Amboahangy MAXX6811
Amboahangy MAXX3937
Amboahangy MAXX9565
Amboahangy MAXX0350
Amboaido MAXX9566
Amboaimena MAXX9567
Amboaimitrohaky MAXX9568
Amboajabo MAXX3938
Amboakazo MAXX0351
Amboakitsy MAXX3939
Amboakotry MAXX3940
Amboaksina MAXX0352
Amboalaingo MAXX9569
Amboalefoka MAXX0353
Amboalimena MAXX9570
Amboamanga MAXX0354
Amboameha MAXX9571
Amboamena MAXX9572
Amboanaivo MAXX9573
Amboanampotsy MAXX0355
Amboanana MAXX0356
Amboananto MAXX3941
Amboanara MAXX3942
Amboanato MAXX9574
Amboanato MAXX3943
Amboandrika MAXX2317
Amboanemba MAXX9575
Amboanemba MAXX0358
Amboangivy MAXX0359
Amboanio MAXX6812
Amboanio MAXX2318
Amboanio MAXX9576
Amboaniotokana MAXX6813
Amboanjo MAXX9577
Amboanjo MAXX3944
Amboanjo MAXX6814
Amboanjo MAXX0360
Amboanjobe MAXX3945
Amboanjobe MAXX0361
Amboankazo MAXX0362
Amboanonoka MAXX0363
Amboanta MAXX3946
Amboanto MAXX6815
Amboaovy MAXX9578
Amboapiky MAXX9579
Amboara MAXX0364
Amboara MAXX6816
Amboarafy MAXX3947
Amboarakely MAXX0365
Amboaramamy MAXX3948
Amboasarikely MAXX9580
Amboasarikely MAXX0366
Amboasarikely MAXX6817
Amboasarimaty MAXX6818
Amboasary MAXX3949
Amboasary MAXX9581
Amboasary MAXX0367
Amboasary MAXX6820
Amboasary Atsimo MAXX9582
Amboasary Sud MAXX0022
Amboatany MAXX3950
Amboatavo MAXX9583
Amboatavo MAXX3951
Amboatavo MAXX6821
Amboatavo MAXX0369
Amboavato MAXX3952
Amboavato MAXX0370
Amboavola MAXX9584
Amboay MAXX2319
Ambobaka MAXX6822
Ambobaka MAXX2320
Amboboka MAXX3953
Amboboka MAXX2321
Amboboka MAXX9585
Amboboky MAXX3954
Ambodiadabo MAXX6823
Ambodiakatra MAXX3955
Ambodiala MAXX2322
Ambodiala MAXX3956
Ambodiala MAXX0371
Ambodiala MAXX6824
Ambodialampona MAXX3957
Ambodialavelona MAXX3958
Ambodiamba MAXX3959
Ambodiamontana MAXX6825
Ambodiamontana MAXX3960
Ambodiamontana MAXX2323
Ambodiamontana I MAXX6826
Ambodiampa MAXX2324
Ambodiampaly MAXX0372
Ambodiampaly MAXX3961
Ambodiampana MAXX6827
Ambodiampana MAXX2325
Ambodiana MAXX6828
Ambodiangezoka MAXX2326
Ambodiantafana MAXX2327
Ambodiara MAXX3962
Ambodiara II MAXX3964
Ambodiatafa MAXX3965
Ambodiatafana MAXX2328
Ambodiatafana MAXX3966
Ambodiaviary MAXX6829
Ambodiaviavy MAXX3967
Ambodiaviavy MAXX6830
Ambodiaviavy MAXX0373
Ambodiazamba MAXX6831
Ambodibakoly MAXX3968
Ambodibare MAXX2329
Ambodibaro MAXX2330
Ambodibato MAXX2331
Ambodiboanio MAXX6832
Ambodibonana MAXX6833
Ambodibonara MAXX0023
Ambodibonara MAXX6834
Ambodibonga MAXX6836
Ambodibongo MAXX2333
Ambodibosy MAXX6837
Ambodidimaka MAXX2334
Ambodidimaka MAXX6838
Ambodidivaina MAXX2335
Ambodifahitra MAXX0374
Ambodifamba MAXX6839
Ambodifanana MAXX3969
Ambodifanemboka MAXX6840
Ambodifano MAXX6841
Ambodifarihy MAXX6842
Ambodifarihy MAXX0375
Ambodifasika MAXX3970
Ambodifasina MAXX0376
Ambodifiakarana MAXX3971
Ambodifiakarana MAXX0377
Ambodifiakarana MAXX6843
Ambodifinesy MAXX2336
Ambodifomby MAXX6844
Ambodifontsy MAXX3972
Ambodigava MAXX2337
Ambodigavo MAXX6845
Ambodigayo MAXX6846
Ambodihady MAXX0378
Ambodihady MAXX3973
Ambodihakarana MAXX3974
Ambodihangezoka MAXX2338
Ambodihara MAXX6847
Ambodihara MAXX3975
Ambodihara-Homby MAXX3976
Ambodiharahara MAXX6848
Ambodiharamy MAXX3978
Ambodiharamy MAXX6849
Ambodiharana MAXX0379
Ambodiharavola MAXX3979
Ambodihasina MAXX2339
Ambodihasy MAXX3980
Ambodihazinina MAXX2340
Ambodihazo MAXX3981
Ambodihazoambo MAXX6850
Ambodihazomamy MAXX6851
Ambodihidina MAXX2341
Ambodihintsina MAXX2342
Ambodijia MAXX6852
Ambodikakazo MAXX6853
Ambodikatakata MAXX2343
Ambodiketsa MAXX6854
Ambodikily MAXX2344
Ambodikininina MAXX3982
Ambodikizy MAXX3983
Ambodilafa MAXX3984
Ambodilalona MAXX2345
Ambodilandy MAXX3985
Ambodilaza MAXX3986
Ambodilazana MAXX0024
Ambodilazanivivy MAXX3987
Ambodilendemy MAXX3988
Ambodimabilo MAXX2346
Ambodimadino MAXX2347
Ambodimadio MAXX6855
Ambodimadiro MAXX0380
Ambodimadiro MAXX6856
Ambodimadiro MAXX2348
Ambodimadirokely MAXX6858
Ambodimagoro MAXX2349
Ambodimahabibo MAXX6859
Ambodimakabo MAXX2350
Ambodimanara MAXX2351
Ambodimanaribe MAXX6861
Ambodimanary MAXX0381
Ambodimanary MAXX6862
Ambodimandresy MAXX2352
Ambodimandroroto MAXX2353
Ambodimanery MAXX6865
Ambodimanga MAXX0025
Ambodimanga MAXX2354
Ambodimanga MAXX3989
Ambodimanga MAXX6866
Ambodimanga MAXX0382
Ambodimanga II MAXX6869
Ambodimanga II MAXX3990
Ambodimangabe MAXX6870
Ambodimangajingo MAXX2356
Ambodimangakely MAXX3991
Ambodimangakely MAXX2357
Ambodimangall MAXX6871
Ambodimangambavy MAXX6872
Ambodimangasoa MAXX6873
Ambodimangasoa MAXX2358
Ambodimangatelo MAXX0383
Ambodimango MAXX2359
Ambodimanry MAXX6875
Ambodimarohita MAXX3992
Ambodimeva MAXX6876
Ambodimitsioka MAXX2360
Ambodimokonazy MAXX6877
Ambodimontso MAXX6878
Ambodimotso MAXX6879
Ambodimotsy MAXX6883
Ambodin Ifandana MAXX3993
Ambodinampahitra MAXX0384
Ambodinato MAXX3994
Ambodinivohimena MAXX0386
Ambodinonoka MAXX3995
Ambodinonoka MAXX0387
Ambodiokondro MAXX3996
Ambodipaiso MAXX6884
Ambodipaiso MAXX0388
Ambodipaiso MAXX3997
Ambodipaka MAXX0389
Ambodipako MAXX6885
Ambodipamba MAXX6886
Ambodipamba MAXX2361
Ambodipolomoso MAXX2362
Ambodipont MAXX2363
Ambodirafia MAXX2364
Ambodirafia MAXX3999
Ambodirafia MAXX6887
Ambodiramiavona MAXX4000
Ambodirampingo MAXX6888
Ambodiranio MAXX6889
Ambodirano MAXX4001
Ambodirano MAXX6890
Ambodirano MAXX0390
Ambodiranomena MAXX4002
Ambodirengitra MAXX6891
Ambodiriamy MAXX6892
Ambodiriana MAXX2365
Ambodiriana MAXX4004
Ambodiriana MAXX9586
Ambodiriana MAXX0392
Ambodiriana MAXX6893
Ambodiriana MAXX0026
Ambodiriano MAXX4007
Ambodirima MAXX4008
Ambodiringitra MAXX6894
Ambodirofia MAXX4009
Ambodirofia MAXX6895
Ambodiroka MAXX6896
Ambodiroranga MAXX4010
Ambodirotra MAXX2366
Ambodisaina MAXX6898
Ambodisaina MAXX4011
Ambodisaina MAXX2367
Ambodisaka MAXX4012
Ambodisakana MAXX2368
Ambodisakoa MAXX6899
Ambodisakoa MAXX2369
Ambodisakoana MAXX6900
Ambodisakoana MAXX2370
Ambodisalabo MAXX4013
Ambodisambalahy MAXX2371
Ambodisatirana MAXX2372
Ambodisatrambe MAXX6901
Ambodisatrana MAXX2373
Ambodisatrana MAXX6902
Ambodisatrankely MAXX6903
Ambodisay MAXX4014
Ambodisely MAXX6904
Ambodisely MAXX2374
Ambodisikidy MAXX2375
Ambodisohihy MAXX6906
Ambodisolatra MAXX0393
Ambodistrana MAXX6907
Amboditalio MAXX6908
Amboditandroho MAXX4015
Amboditandroroho MAXX4016
Amboditanimena MAXX4017
Amboditany MAXX6909
Amboditavolo MAXX0027
Amboditetezana MAXX2376
Amboditetezano MAXX2379
Amboditsiho MAXX4018
Amboditsikidy MAXX6910
Amboditsimiranja MAXX6911
Amboditsoba MAXX2380
Amboditsoha MAXX2381
Ambodivahibe MAXX2382
Ambodivakoana MAXX4019
Ambodivanana MAXX4020
Ambodivandrika MAXX4021
Ambodivandrozana MAXX4022
Ambodivandsika MAXX4023
Ambodivarona MAXX2383
Ambodivarony MAXX4024
Ambodivato MAXX6912
Ambodivato MAXX2384
Ambodivato MAXX4025
Ambodivatoana MAXX2385
Ambodivelatra MAXX6913
Ambodivoahangy MAXX4026
Ambodivoahangy MAXX6914
Ambodivoahangy MAXX2386
Ambodivoamboana MAXX4028
Ambodivoandelaka MAXX0394
Ambodivoania MAXX6915
Ambodivoanio MAXX2387
Ambodivoanio MAXX6916
Ambodivoara MAXX2388
Ambodivoara MAXX6917
Ambodivoara MAXX0395
Ambodivoarabe MAXX6918
Ambodivoarahely MAXX6919
Ambodivoaranto MAXX2389
Ambodivoasary MAXX6920
Ambodivoaseva MAXX2390
Ambodivohitra MAXX6921
Ambodivohitra MAXX4030
Ambodivohitra MAXX2391
Ambodivona MAXX0396
Ambodivona MAXX4031
Ambodivongo MAXX6922
Ambodizaotra MAXX2393
Ambodizavy MAXX2394
Ambodontava MAXX2395
Ambodramontana MAXX0397
Amboetsy MAXX9587
Ambofampana MAXX4032
Ambohaza MAXX6923
Ambohiamontana MAXX6924
Ambohiaranovita MAXX0399
Ambohibada MAXX2396
Ambohibaky MAXX2397
Ambohibao MAXX0401
Ambohibao MAXX4033
Ambohibao MAXX6925
Ambohibao Atsimo MAXX0402
Ambohibary MAXX9588
Ambohibary MAXX4034
Ambohibary MAXX6926
Ambohibary MAXX0403
Ambohibasia MAXX9589
Ambohibataza MAXX6927
Ambohibato MAXX0404
Ambohibato MAXX9590
Ambohibato MAXX4035
Ambohibazina MAXX0405
Ambohibe MAXX0406
Ambohibe MAXX2398
Ambohibe MAXX6928
Ambohibe MAXX4036
Ambohibe MAXX9591
Ambohibehasina MAXX0407
Ambohibehivavy MAXX0408
Ambohibeloma MAXX0409
Ambohibemanjaka MAXX0410
Ambohibengibe MAXX6930
Ambohiboa MAXX6931
Ambohiboahangy MAXX0411
Ambohibola MAXX0412
Ambohibolamena MAXX4037
Ambohibolava MAXX9592
Ambohibolava MAXX0413
Ambohibolo MAXX0414
Ambohibololona MAXX0415
Ambohiboramanga MAXX0416
Ambohiboria MAXX4038
Ambohiborikely MAXX0417
Ambohiboromanga MAXX0418
Ambohibory MAXX2399
Ambohibory MAXX9593
Ambohibory MAXX4039
Ambohibory MAXX6933
Ambohiby MAXX0419
Ambohidahalo MAXX4040
Ambohidahy MAXX9594
Ambohidahy MAXX0420
Ambohidahy MAXX4041
Ambohidahy Bedoa MAXX6934
Ambohidanera MAXX0421
Ambohidanerana MAXX0422
Ambohidava MAXX0423
Ambohidaza MAXX4042
Ambohidempona MAXX0424
Ambohidiatafana MAXX4043
Ambohidrabiby MAXX0425
Ambohidrafy MAXX0426
Ambohidrahay MAXX9595
Ambohidraketa MAXX0427
Ambohidrakitra MAXX0428
Ambohidrano MAXX0431
Ambohidranomanga MAXX0432
Ambohidrapeto MAXX0433
Ambohidraserika MAXX0434
Ambohidrasoly MAXX4044
Ambohidratrimo MAXX0435
Ambohidravaka MAXX0436
Ambohidravaka MAXX4045
Ambohidray MAXX0437
Ambohidrazana MAXX0438
Ambohidreny MAXX0439
Ambohidriana MAXX6935
Ambohidrisa MAXX0440
Ambohidrivotra MAXX0441
Ambohidroa MAXX0442
Ambohidroa MAXX4046
Ambohidroalahy MAXX0443
Ambohidrofia MAXX6936
Ambohidronono MAXX0444
Ambohidronono MAXX6937
Ambohigogo MAXX4047
Ambohijafimatra MAXX4048
Ambohijafy MAXX0445
Ambohijalovo MAXX0446
Ambohijanaka MAXX0448
Ambohijanaka MAXX4049
Ambohijanakomby MAXX0449
Ambohijato MAXX0451
Ambohijatovo MAXX0452
Ambohijavavy MAXX6938
Ambohijavona MAXX0453
Ambohijaza MAXX4050
Ambohijia MAXX6939
Ambohijina MAXX4051
Ambohijina MAXX0454
Ambohijoky MAXX0455
Ambohijorery MAXX0456
Ambohikambana MAXX0457
Ambohikarabo MAXX2400
Ambohikely MAXX0459
Ambohilomahitsy MAXX0460
Ambohimadera MAXX6940
Ambohimadinika MAXX0461
Ambohimahamasina MAXX4052
Ambohimahandry MAXX0462
Ambohimahasoa MAXX6941
Ambohimahasoa MAXX0463
Ambohimahasoa MAXX4053
Ambohimahatsara MAXX4054
Ambohimahatsinjo MAXX4055
Ambohimahatsinjo MAXX0464
Ambohimahavanana MAXX4056
Ambohimahavatona MAXX6942
Ambohimahavela MAXX6943
Ambohimahavelo MAXX9596
Ambohimahavelona MAXX6944
Ambohimahavelona MAXX0465
Ambohimahavelona MAXX9597
Ambohimahavelona MAXX4057
Ambohimahavony MAXX0466
Ambohimahazo MAXX4058
Ambohimahazo MAXX0467
Ambohimahiratra MAXX0468
Ambohimahitsy MAXX0469
Ambohimahosoa MAXX6945
Ambohimalandy MAXX6946
Ambohimalaza MAXX4059
Ambohimalaza MAXX0470
Ambohimalaza MAXX2401
Ambohimalemy MAXX6948
Ambohimamory MAXX0471
Ambohimanakana MAXX6949
Ambohimanambola MAXX0472
Ambohimanamora MAXX0473
Ambohimanana MAXX4060
Ambohimanana MAXX0474
Ambohimanantsoa MAXX0475
Ambohimanarina MAXX4061
Ambohimanarina MAXX0476
Ambohimanarivo MAXX4062
Ambohimanarivo MAXX0478
Ambohimanarivo MAXX6950
Ambohimanatrika MAXX6951
Ambohimanatrika MAXX0479
Ambohimandray MAXX4064
Ambohimandresy MAXX2402
Ambohimandrirana MAXX6952
Ambohimandrorona MAXX6953
Ambohimandrosa MAXX0480
Ambohimandroso MAXX4065
Ambohimandroso MAXX0481
Ambohimandry MAXX0482
Ambohimaneva MAXX6954
Ambohimanga MAXX0483
Ambohimanga MAXX6955
Ambohimangakely MAXX0484
Ambohimangazafy MAXX0485
Ambohimaniry MAXX6956
Ambohimanjaka MAXX4068
Ambohimanjaka MAXX6957
Ambohimanjaka MAXX0486
Ambohimanoa MAXX4069
Ambohimanoa MAXX0488
Ambohimanoro MAXX0489
Ambohimanoy MAXX9598
Ambohimapine MAXX0490
Ambohimaranitra MAXX6959
Ambohimaranitra MAXX4070
Ambohimarany MAXX4071
Ambohimarimamo MAXX0491
Ambohimarina MAXX6960
Ambohimarina MAXX2403
Ambohimarina MAXX0492
Ambohimarino MAXX0493
Ambohimarintsoa MAXX0494
Ambohimarirana MAXX0495
Ambohimary MAXX9599
Ambohimary MAXX4072
Ambohimasina MAXX4073
Ambohimavo MAXX0497
Ambohimeha MAXX2404
Ambohimena MAXX6961
Ambohimena MAXX4074
Ambohimena MAXX2405
Ambohimena MAXX0028
Ambohimenakely MAXX0500
Ambohimiadana MAXX4075
Ambohimiadana MAXX0029
Ambohimiakatra MAXX0502
Ambohimiandra MAXX6962
Ambohimiandra MAXX0503
Ambohimiankikely MAXX6963
Ambohimiarabe MAXX0504
Ambohimiarina MAXX4076
Ambohimiarina MAXX0505
Ambohimiarina MAXX6964
Ambohimiarivo MAXX0506
Ambohimiera MAXX4077
Ambohimijery MAXX0508
Ambohimilanga MAXX6965
Ambohimilanja MAXX4078
Ambohimilemaka MAXX0509
Ambohimira MAXX6966
Ambohimirahavavy MAXX0510
Ambohimirahavavy MAXX6967
Ambohimirahavavy MAXX2406
Ambohimirana MAXX4079
Ambohimirary MAXX0511
Ambohimirary MAXX4080
Ambohimiritika MAXX4081
Ambohimirorona MAXX6968
Ambohimisafy MAXX4082
Ambohimita MAXX4083
Ambohimitety MAXX4084
Ambohimitikina MAXX2407
Ambohimitombo MAXX4085
Ambohimitombo MAXX2408
Ambohimitsangana MAXX0512
Ambohimitsara MAXX0513
Ambohimitsimbina MAXX0514
Ambohimitsinjo MAXX6970
Ambohimitsinjo MAXX0030
Ambohimorina MAXX2409
Ambohimpanana MAXX0516
Ambohina MAXX6971
Ambohinabao MAXX4086
Ambohinamboarina MAXX4087
Ambohinaorina MAXX0517
Ambohinarenina MAXX6972
Ambohinavela MAXX0518
Ambohinierana MAXX0519
Ambohinierana MAXX4088
Ambohinierenana MAXX0520
Ambohinihaonana MAXX4089
Ambohinime MAXX0521
Ambohiniriana MAXX0522
Ambohiorana MAXX0523
Ambohipahana MAXX4092
Ambohipaka MAXX6974
Ambohipaky MAXX6975
Ambohipaly MAXX4093
Ambohipandrano MAXX0524
Ambohipasy MAXX9601
Ambohipato MAXX2410
Ambohipeno MAXX0525
Ambohipeno MAXX4094
Ambohiperivoana MAXX4095
Ambohipiara MAXX0526
Ambohipierehana MAXX0527
Ambohipierenana MAXX0528
Ambohipihaonana MAXX6976
Ambohipihaonana MAXX0529
Ambohipihaonano MAXX0530
Ambohipiky MAXX9602
Ambohipisaka MAXX0531
Ambohipo MAXX4096
Ambohipoana MAXX2411
Ambohipolo MAXX0532
Ambohipoloalina MAXX0533
Ambohiponana MAXX0534
Ambohipopona MAXX4097
Ambohipotsy MAXX0535
Ambohipotsy Nord MAXX0536
Ambohiriana MAXX0537
Ambohisikidy MAXX6977
Ambohitantely MAXX0538
Ambohitany MAXX9604
Ambohitapaka MAXX0539
Ambohitelo MAXX6978
Ambohitoaka MAXX6979
Ambohitombo MAXX0540
Ambohitompo MAXX0541
Ambohitompoina MAXX0542
Ambohitra MAXX0544
Ambohitra MAXX2412
Ambohitra MAXX4098
Ambohitrabel MAXX6980
Ambohitrabo MAXX4099
Ambohitrafovoany MAXX0545
Ambohitraina MAXX0546
Ambohitrainakoho MAXX9605
Ambohitraiva MAXX0547
Ambohitraive MAXX0548
Ambohitraivo MAXX6981
Ambohitraivo MAXX0549
Ambohitrakanga MAXX0550
Ambohitrakely MAXX0551
Ambohitrakitsy MAXX0552
Ambohitrakoho MAXX0553
Ambohitrakongona MAXX2413
Ambohitralanana MAXX2414
Ambohitramba MAXX4100
Ambohitrambo MAXX6982
Ambohitrambo MAXX2415
Ambohitrambo MAXX0555
Ambohitrambony MAXX6984
Ambohitranakomby MAXX4101
Ambohitrandafy MAXX0557
Ambohitrandraina MAXX0558
Ambohitrandriana MAXX6985
Ambohitrandriana MAXX0560
Ambohitrandriana MAXX2416
Ambohitranivo MAXX6986
Ambohitranjombo MAXX0561
Ambohitrankizy MAXX0562
Ambohitrantenaia MAXX0563
Ambohitrarivo MAXX4102
Ambohitrasoavana MAXX4103
Ambohitratampona MAXX0565
Ambohitratsery MAXX0566
Ambohitratsimo MAXX0567
Ambohitravato MAXX2417
Ambohitrazo MAXX0568
Ambohitretibe MAXX0569
Ambohitretikely MAXX0570
Ambohitriana MAXX0571
Ambohitrifamoly MAXX0572
Ambohitrila MAXX0573
Ambohitrila Sud MAXX0574
Ambohitrimanjaka MAXX0575
Ambohitrimitsena MAXX0576
Ambohitrimo MAXX0577
Ambohitrinibe MAXX0580
Ambohitrinimamba MAXX0581
Ambohitrinimanga MAXX0582
Ambohitrinirina MAXX0585
Ambohitrinivoay MAXX4104
Ambohitririnina MAXX0586
Ambohitriteva MAXX0587
Ambohitrjanaka MAXX0588
Ambohitrmpanefy MAXX4105
Ambohitromby MAXX6989
Ambohitrondry MAXX0594
Ambohitrony MAXX0595
Ambohitrorisoa MAXX0596
Ambohitrosy MAXX2418
Ambohitrtsanga MAXX0597
Ambohitsabo MAXX9606
Ambohitsafy MAXX0598
Ambohitsambo MAXX0599
Ambohitsampana MAXX0600
Ambohitsanakisa MAXX4106
Ambohitsaonjo MAXX4107
Ambohitsaony MAXX4108
Ambohitsara MAXX0601
Ambohitsara MAXX4109
Ambohitsara MAXX2419
Ambohitsara MAXX6990
Ambohitsara I MAXX4111
Ambohitsara II MAXX4112
Ambohitsara III MAXX4113
Ambohitsararay MAXX0602
Ambohitsararoa MAXX0603
Ambohitsaratany MAXX0604
Ambohitsaratelo MAXX0605
Ambohitsaratelo MAXX6991
Ambohitseheno MAXX0607
Ambohitsengia MAXX2420
Ambohitsiadana MAXX0608
Ambohitsiadriana MAXX2421
Ambohitsiedehina MAXX4114
Ambohitsifa MAXX9607
Ambohitsikena MAXX4115
Ambohitsimamory MAXX4116
Ambohitsimanova MAXX0609
Ambohitsimeloka MAXX0610
Ambohitsimeloka MAXX6993
Ambohitsimiasibe MAXX0612
Ambohitsimiavona MAXX6994
Ambohitsimiely MAXX2423
Ambohitsimihafa MAXX0613
Ambohitsimiozo MAXX0614
Ambohitsimiray MAXX0615
Ambohitsinjorano MAXX0616
Ambohitsiomby MAXX6995
Ambohitsiroa MAXX0617
Ambohitsisoky MAXX0618
Ambohitsitaika MAXX0619
Ambohitsivalana MAXX0621
Ambohitsoa MAXX0622
Ambohitsoaray MAXX4117
Ambohitson MAXX0623
Ambohitsy MAXX9608
Ambohivahy MAXX0624
Ambohivola MAXX9609
Ambohizadrailoha MAXX0625
Ambohizavavy MAXX6996
Ambohodahy MAXX2424
Ambohtrdazaina MAXX0626
Amboitsy MAXX9610
Ambojimahabibo MAXX6997
Ambojobe MAXX6998
Ambojomoloka MAXX9611
Amboka MAXX6999
Ambokiriny MAXX7000
Ambokongaka MAXX4118
Ambokovoka MAXX0627
Ambokovoko MAXX7001
Ambola MAXX0628
Ambolanira MAXX4119
Ambolavola MAXX0629
Ambolembaka MAXX9612
Ambolembary MAXX4120
Amboliala MAXX9613
Ambolidia MAXX7002
Ambolidibe MAXX7003
Ambolidiha MAXX7006
Ambolidimaka MAXX7007
Ambolifia MAXX4121
Amboliha MAXX2425
Ambolikapika MAXX2426
Ambolikily MAXX7008
Ambolipamba MAXX2427
Ambolirano MAXX9615
Ambolisaka MAXX9616
Ambolisoa MAXX9617
Ambolitsifa MAXX9618
Ambolo MAXX0630
Ambolo MAXX4122
Ambolo MAXX2428
Amboloando MAXX9619
Amboloando MAXX7009
Amboloandokely MAXX9620
Amboloandro MAXX7010
Amboloavaratra MAXX9622
Ambolobe MAXX9623
Ambolobozo MAXX0031
Ambolobozobe MAXX2430
Ambolobozokely MAXX2431
Ambolodia MAXX9624
Ambolodia MAXX7012
Ambolodia Atsimo MAXX7013
Ambolodihy MAXX9625
Ambolody MAXX9626
Ambolofoty MAXX9627
Ambolohando MAXX4123
Ambolohazo MAXX2432
Ambolokohinoro MAXX9628
Ambolokohy MAXX9629
Ambolokoky MAXX9630
Ambololondrano MAXX0631
Ambolomadinika MAXX4124
Ambolomadinika MAXX2433
Ambolomailaka MAXX9631
Ambolomborona MAXX0632
Ambolomena MAXX4125
Ambolomirehona MAXX2434
Ambolomoty MAXX7014
Ambolona MAXX4126
Ambolonakanga MAXX9632
Ambolonaondry MAXX9633
Ambolondrano MAXX0633
Ambolongo MAXX9636
Ambolonisy MAXX9637
Ambolonkira MAXX9638
Ambolopamba MAXX2435
Ambolosarika MAXX9639
Ambolosy MAXX4127
Ambolosy MAXX7015
Ambolotara MAXX4128
Ambolotara MAXX0634
Ambolotarabe MAXX0635
Ambolotarafotsy MAXX0636
Ambolotarakely MAXX4129
Ambolotarakely MAXX0637
Ambolotsangana MAXX0638
Ambolovandrika MAXX4130
Ambolovohitsy MAXX9640
Ambolovoka MAXX4131
Ambolovolo MAXX9641
Ambolovoriky MAXX9642
Ambombory MAXX2436
Ambona MAXX4132
Ambonaivo MAXX9643
Ambonara MAXX9644
Ambonara MAXX0639
Ambonara Atsimo MAXX7017
Ambonarabe MAXX7020
Ambonarabe MAXX2437
Ambonarakely MAXX9645
Ambonaramahasoa MAXX7021
Ambonaramavo MAXX2438
Ambonaramena MAXX7022
Ambonaratokana MAXX9646
Ambonary MAXX7023
Ambondra Ampiamy MAXX9647
Ambondraka Sud MAXX9648
Ambondrano MAXX4133
Ambondrano MAXX7024
Ambondrika MAXX4134
Ambondro MAXX7025
Ambondro MAXX4135
Ambondro MAXX9649
Ambondro II MAXX9651
Ambondro-Ampasy MAXX7026
Ambondro-Mandeha MAXX9652
Ambondrobe MAXX9653
Ambondrobe MAXX7029
Ambondrobe MAXX4136
Ambondrokely MAXX9654
Ambondrolava MAXX9655
Ambondrolava MAXX4137
Ambondromamy MAXX7030
Ambondromandrevo MAXX4138
Ambondromasina MAXX4139
Ambondromasina MAXX7031
Ambondrombato MAXX4140
Ambondrombe MAXX2439
Ambondrombe MAXX7032
Ambondrombe MAXX4141
Ambondrombe MAXX9661
Ambondromena MAXX9662
Ambondromifehy MAXX2440
Ambondromifehy MAXX9663
Ambondromisampy MAXX9665
Ambondromisotra MAXX4142
Ambondrona MAXX7033
Ambondrona MAXX2441
Ambondrona MAXX0640
Ambondrona MAXX4143
Ambondrono MAXX4145
Ambondropaly MAXX9667
Ambondrosomory MAXX9668
Ambondrotra MAXX4146
Ambondrpaly MAXX9669
Ambongabe MAXX0641
Ambongabe MAXX7034
Ambongamanenitra MAXX7035
Ambongamarina MAXX0642
Ambongamarina MAXX7036
Ambongatsara MAXX0643
Ambongo MAXX7037
Ambongo MAXX4147
Ambongo MAXX9670
Ambongonifara MAXX0644
Amboniakondro MAXX7038
Amboniakondro MAXX0645
Amboniandrefana MAXX0646
Ambonievo MAXX9671
Ambonilandihazo MAXX0647
Amboniloha MAXX0648
Amboniloka MAXX9672
Ambonimaharivo MAXX9673
Ambonimarina MAXX0649
Ambonimarirana MAXX0650
Ambonindriana MAXX0651
Amboniriana MAXX0652
Ambonivondrona MAXX0653
Ambony MAXX7039
Ambopamba MAXX2442
Amboraho MAXX9674
Amboraka MAXX4148
Amborana MAXX9675
Amborangy MAXX2443
Amborano MAXX2444
Amborarata MAXX7040
Amboriabo MAXX9676
Amboriala MAXX2445
Amborimihanto MAXX7041
Amboro MAXX9677
Amboroabo MAXX9678
Amboroabo MAXX7042
Amboroabobe MAXX7043
Amborobe MAXX9679
Amborobe MAXX4149
Amborohabe MAXX7044
Amboroho MAXX7045
Amboroihazo MAXX0654
Amboroka MAXX9680
Amboroka MAXX7047
Amborokahaka MAXX9681
Amborokambo MAXX0032
Amborokotsy MAXX7048
Amborokotsy MAXX4150
Amborokotsy MAXX9682
Amboroky MAXX9683
Amboromaika MAXX7049
Amboromalandy MAXX7050
Amboromaneno MAXX7051
Amboromaneno MAXX9684
Amboromanga MAXX0655
Amboromena MAXX4151
Amborometroka MAXX7052
Amboromisampy MAXX9685
Amborompotsy MAXX4152
Amborompotsy MAXX9686
Amborompotsy MAXX0656
Amborona MAXX0657
Amboronabo MAXX9687
Amboronala MAXX2446
Amboronalina MAXX7053
Amboronantaka MAXX7054
Amborondolo MAXX9688
Amborondolo MAXX7055
Amborondolo MAXX2447
Amborondra MAXX4153
Amboronedky MAXX9689
Amborongo Ambony MAXX9690
Amboronomby MAXX0658
Amboronosy MAXX0659
Amboropotsy MAXX9691
Amborosoy MAXX4154
Amborotavo MAXX7056
Amborotsako MAXX0660
Amborovoky MAXX9692
Amborovoro MAXX9693
Amborovy MAXX7057
Ambory MAXX9695
Ambory MAXX4155
Ambositra MAXX4156
Ambotabe MAXX9696
Ambotaka MAXX9697
Ambotaka MAXX7058
Ambotaka MAXX4157
Ambotako MAXX4158
Ambotaky MAXX9698
Ambotaky MAXX4159
Ambotodra MAXX9699
Ambotosy MAXX7059
Ambotrfamoly MAXX0661
Ambotromavo MAXX9700
Ambotry MAXX9701
Ambovitsy MAXX0662
Ambovo MAXX9702
Ambovo Ambany MAXX9703
Ambovo Ambony MAXX9704
Ambovoanio MAXX2448
Ambovobe MAXX2449
Ambovobe MAXX7060
Ambovodara MAXX2450
Ambovoha MAXX0663
Ambovomanga MAXX9705
Ambovomatavy MAXX7061
Ambovomavo MAXX2451
Ambovombe MAXX7063
Ambovombe MAXX4160
Ambovombe MAXX9706
Ambovomboay MAXX7064
Ambovonaomby MAXX2452
Ambovonomby MAXX7065
Ambovonsy MAXX9707
Ambovony MAXX4162
Ambovotoka MAXX9708
Amboza MAXX4163
Ambozaka MAXX9709
Ambozoanabe MAXX2453
Ambozontany MAXX0664
Ambozotany MAXX4164
Ambozotelo MAXX2454
Amby MAXX0665
Amby MAXX4165
Amby MAXX9710
Amby Fanantara MAXX4166
Amdamoty MAXX9711
Amekampango MAXX2455
Amerobe MAXX0666
Aminampanga MAXX0667
Aminaviavy MAXX0668
Amindrabe MAXX4167
Amindrakipea MAXX4168
Amindravelo MAXX9712
Amindrazaka MAXX4169
Amindrebatra MAXX9713
Amindrenara MAXX9714
Amindresanoa MAXX9715
Amindrevavo MAXX9716
Aminy MAXX9717
Amirangalahy MAXX9718
Amitijihy MAXX9719
Amivelondaza MAXX9720
Amoina MAXX9721
Amokonazy MAXX9722
Amokoty MAXX9723
Amolanga MAXX9724
Amoronala MAXX2456
Amorondrano MAXX4170
Amorontevana MAXX0670
Amotena MAXX4171
Amotsa MAXX7066
Ampafenala MAXX4172
Ampafitatra MAXX7067
Ampahaka MAXX2457
Ampahampana MAXX2458
Ampahana MAXX2459
Ampaharamanira MAXX0671
Ampahatany MAXX4173
Ampahatra MAXX0672
Ampahibato MAXX0673
Ampahibe MAXX2460
Ampahibe MAXX0674
Ampahidroy MAXX9725
Ampahijoloka MAXX9726
Ampahimanga MAXX0675
Ampahindambo MAXX0676
Ampahitrosy MAXX9727
Ampahitrosy MAXX0677
Ampahitsy MAXX9728
Ampaho MAXX4174
Ampahomanitra MAXX4175
Ampaidranovato MAXX4176
Ampaimaiky MAXX9729
Ampaipaike MAXX9730
Ampaisokely MAXX0678
Ampakabo MAXX9731
Ampako MAXX9732
Ampakobe MAXX7070
Ampakobe I MAXX7071
Ampalaza MAXX9733
Ampalea Avaratra MAXX9734
Ampalea Sud MAXX9735
Ampaly MAXX4177
Ampamaho MAXX0679
Ampamahotra MAXX4178
Ampamainty MAXX7072
Ampamakia MAXX2461
Ampamakiambato MAXX7073
Ampamakiazo MAXX9736
Ampamakona MAXX4179
Ampamamba MAXX2462
Ampamandrika MAXX9737
Ampamanosaka MAXX9738
Ampamanta MAXX9739
Ampamantanana MAXX0680
Ampamarabe MAXX7074
Ampamary MAXX4180
Ampamata MAXX9740
Ampamata Ambony MAXX9741
Ampamata Nord MAXX9742
Ampamatabe MAXX9743
Ampamatahety MAXX9744
Ampamataimaho MAXX9745
Ampamatakely MAXX9746
Ampamatanetiky MAXX9747
Ampamatoa MAXX9748
Ampambindroka MAXX7075
Ampambolotara MAXX0681
Ampamehena MAXX0682
Ampamelovelo MAXX7076
Ampamintanana MAXX2463
Ampamitanana MAXX2464
Ampamoa MAXX0683
Ampamoabe Atsimo MAXX0684
Ampamofo MAXX7077
Ampamolana MAXX4181
Ampamoloana MAXX0685
Ampamolora MAXX9749
Ampamontsy MAXX2465
Ampamonty MAXX7078
Ampamoriana MAXX4182
Ampamoriana MAXX0686
Ampamosira MAXX9750
Ampamoty MAXX9751
Ampampamena MAXX2466
Ampampamena MAXX7079
Ampamy MAXX9753
Ampana Kanana MAXX2467
Ampanafanana MAXX7080
Ampanafaovana MAXX0687
Ampanafoly MAXX9754
Ampanakana MAXX0033
Ampanambato MAXX9755
Ampanambe MAXX7081
Ampanamboha MAXX7082
Ampanamo MAXX4183
Ampanamo MAXX2469
Ampanandravo MAXX9756
Ampanangana MAXX2470
Ampanangana MAXX7083
Ampananganana MAXX7084
Ampanangananjia MAXX7085
Ampananina MAXX0688
Ampananira MAXX7087
Ampananira MAXX9757
Ampananirakely MAXX7088
Ampanantanana MAXX2472
Ampanantsova MAXX7089
Ampanantsovana MAXX2473
Ampanaovamarika MAXX0689
Ampanaovato MAXX7090
Ampanaovatsokay MAXX7091
Ampanaperandotsy MAXX9758
Ampanarena MAXX7092
Ampanarivo MAXX0690
Ampanarivomasina MAXX0691
Ampanasa MAXX9760
Ampanasamaina MAXX4184
Ampanasana MAXX9761
Ampanasana MAXX0692
Ampanasanovy MAXX9762
Ampanasantomboka MAXX9763
Ampanasy MAXX2476
Ampanataovana MAXX7093
Ampanataovana MAXX0693
Ampanatoavana MAXX0694
Ampanavoana MAXX2477
Ampandalova MAXX7094
Ampandatsiana MAXX7095
Ampandilo MAXX2478
Ampandimana MAXX4185
Ampandra MAXX7096
Ampandra MAXX4186
Ampandra Atsimo MAXX9765
Ampandra II MAXX9767
Ampandrabe MAXX4187
Ampandrabe MAXX7098
Ampandrabe MAXX2479
Ampandrahely MAXX7099
Ampandrakely MAXX9769
Ampandrakely MAXX7100
Ampandralava MAXX9770
Ampandralava MAXX7101
Ampandralava Sud MAXX9772
Ampandramaika MAXX4188
Ampandramalaza MAXX7102
Ampandramamaha MAXX4189
Ampandramamy MAXX9773
Ampandramana MAXX4190
Ampandrambato MAXX4191
Ampandrambe MAXX9774
Ampandrambe Nord MAXX9775
Ampandrambe Sud MAXX9776
Ampandramena MAXX9777
Ampandramiriatra MAXX9778
Ampandramiritra MAXX4192
Ampandrana MAXX0695
Ampandrana MAXX7103
Ampandrana MAXX2480
Ampandrana MAXX4193
Ampandrana Est MAXX0696
Ampandrana Ouest MAXX0697
Ampandrandava MAXX9780
Ampandrano MAXX2481
Ampandrano MAXX7104
Ampandrano MAXX0698
Ampandrasoa MAXX9781
Ampandrasoa MAXX4194
Ampandratoka MAXX9782
Ampandratoka MAXX4196
Ampandratolona MAXX9783
Ampandravelo MAXX4197
Ampandravelo MAXX9784
Ampandriakilandy MAXX7105
Ampandriamboro MAXX7106
Ampandrianakanga MAXX7107
Ampandriantsara MAXX7108
Ampandrihosy MAXX9785
Ampandrikilandy MAXX2482
Ampandririnina MAXX7109
Ampandroangisa MAXX7110
Ampandroronakazo MAXX4198
Ampandrotrarana MAXX0699
Ampanefena MAXX0034
Ampanefy MAXX4199
Ampanefy MAXX2483
Ampanenitra MAXX7111
Ampanenjanana MAXX4200
Ampanetoana MAXX4201
Ampanety MAXX0700
Ampaneva MAXX0701
Ampangabe MAXX0702
Ampangidraty MAXX9789
Ampangorina MAXX4205
Ampangorina MAXX7112
Ampangorinana MAXX2484
Ampangorinana MAXX7113
Ampangoro MAXX7114
Ampanibe MAXX9790
Ampanidralambo MAXX0703
Ampanifora MAXX7115
Ampanihibe MAXX0704
Ampanihikely MAXX9791
Ampanihira MAXX7116
Ampanihy MAXX0705
Ampanihy MAXX9792
Ampanihy MAXX2485
Ampanihy Ouest MAXX9795
Ampanikanasoa MAXX4207
Ampanikely MAXX7118
Ampanikely MAXX0706
Ampanimiongana MAXX9796
Ampanindahana MAXX2486
Ampanio MAXX2487
Ampanisara MAXX7119
Ampanisaro MAXX7120
Ampanisiana MAXX2488
Ampanitoa MAXX7121
Ampano MAXX0707
Ampano MAXX7122
Ampano MAXX4208
Ampanobe MAXX0708
Ampanofolaka MAXX0709
Ampanokely MAXX0710
Ampanokely MAXX4210
Ampanolahamirafy MAXX2489
Ampanomiongana MAXX0711
Ampanonga MAXX9797
Ampanopia MAXX2490
Ampanorenana MAXX4211
Ampanorobe MAXX0712
Ampanotoka MAXX9798
Ampanotokana MAXX0713
Ampanotokana MAXX7123
Ampanovananavazo MAXX4212
Ampany MAXX7124
Ampany MAXX4213
Ampany MAXX9799
Ampapamena MAXX2491
Ampapamena MAXX9800
Ampapamena MAXX7125
Ampapamenabe MAXX2492
Ampapamenabe MAXX7126
Amparafaka MAXX7127
Amparafanaka MAXX0715
Amparafara MAXX0716
Amparafara MAXX7128
Amparahitsa MAXX9801
Amparaky MAXX4214
Amparaky MAXX0717
Amparambato MAXX9802
Ampararano MAXX7129
Ampararanokely MAXX7130
Ampariaky MAXX9803
Amparibe MAXX2493
Amparibe MAXX7131
Amparibe MAXX0718
Amparibohitra MAXX0719
Amparihibe MAXX7132
Amparihibe MAXX4216
Amparihibe MAXX9804
Amparihikambana MAXX0721
Amparihikaolo MAXX0722
Amparihikely MAXX7133
Amparihikely MAXX0723
Amparihilava MAXX7134
Amparihilava Est MAXX0725
Amparihimahitsy MAXX7135
Amparihimaiky MAXX7136
Amparihimaina MAXX0726
Amparihimaina MAXX7137
Amparihimaloto MAXX0727
Amparihimanga MAXX0728
Amparihimanonga MAXX7138
Amparihimaromaso MAXX0729
Amparihimbalala MAXX4217
Amparihimbohitra MAXX0730
Amparihimbozaha MAXX0731
Amparihimena MAXX2494
Amparihimena MAXX0732
Amparihimikimbo MAXX7139
Amparihingidro MAXX7140
Amparihinkaolo MAXX0734
Amparihinkisoa MAXX0735
Amparihirano MAXX2495
Amparihiritra MAXX0736
Amparihisoa MAXX0737
Amparihisoa Sud MAXX7144
Amparihitany MAXX0738
Amparihitelo MAXX0739
Amparihivato MAXX0740
Amparihivola MAXX0741
Amparihy MAXX2496
Amparihy MAXX0742
Amparihy MAXX4218
Amparimbohitra MAXX7147
Amparimena MAXX0743
Amparimiaiky MAXX9806
Amparingalava MAXX4220
Amparitsoka MAXX7148
Amparitsoka MAXX9807
Amparity MAXX9808
Amparomay MAXX2497
Ampary MAXX9809
Ampary MAXX0744
Ampary-Fihaonana MAXX0745
Ampasambazimba MAXX7149
Ampasambazimba MAXX0746
Ampasampoana MAXX0747
Ampasandoaka MAXX0748
Ampasandrasoa MAXX9810
Ampasanimalo MAXX0750
Ampasatokana MAXX0751
Ampasianivo MAXX7150
Ampasibajina MAXX2498
Ampasibaria MAXX2499
Ampasibe MAXX0752
Ampasibe MAXX2500
Ampasibe MAXX4221
Ampasibe MAXX7151
Ampasibevihy MAXX9812
Ampasibitika MAXX2501
Ampasifasy MAXX9813
Ampasiginera MAXX0753
Ampasika MAXX7152
Ampasika MAXX0754
Ampasikely MAXX7153
Ampasikely MAXX2502
Ampasikely MAXX9814
Ampasiketraky MAXX7154
Ampasikibo MAXX9815
Ampasilava MAXX9816
Ampasimadinika MAXX0755
Ampasimadrodra MAXX9817
Ampasimahamasina MAXX0756
Ampasimahanoro MAXX4225
Ampasimaika MAXX9818
Ampasimaika MAXX4226
Ampasimaika MAXX7155
Ampasimaiky MAXX9819
Ampasimaina MAXX7156
Ampasimainty MAXX2503
Ampasimainty MAXX7157
Ampasimainty MAXX9820
Ampasimalemy MAXX4227
Ampasimaleotra MAXX7158
Ampasimaly MAXX7159
Ampasimandoatra MAXX7160
Ampasimandroaka MAXX9821
Ampasimandroatsy MAXX9822
Ampasimandroro MAXX7161
Ampasimandroro MAXX9823
Ampasimandrorona MAXX4228
Ampasimanera MAXX2504
Ampasimanera MAXX7162
Ampasimaneva MAXX4229
Ampasimanga MAXX0757
Ampasimanilika MAXX9824
Ampasimanjeva MAXX4230
Ampasimanory MAXX9825
Ampasimariny MAXX7163
Ampasimasay MAXX9826
Ampasimatera MAXX7164
Ampasimaty MAXX2505
Ampasimazava MAXX4231
Ampasimbazimba MAXX0758
Ampasimbe MAXX4232
Ampasimbe MAXX0035
Ampasimbe MAXX9827
Ampasimbe MAXX0759
Ampasimbe MAXX7165
Ampasimbe Sud MAXX9828
Ampasimbengy MAXX2506
Ampasimbola I MAXX4234
Ampasimbory MAXX2507
Ampasimeloka MAXX4235
Ampasimena MAXX9829
Ampasimena MAXX2508
Ampasimena MAXX7166
Ampasimirahavavy MAXX7167
Ampasimirehoka MAXX7168
Ampasimitera MAXX2509
Ampasimpolaka MAXX9830
Ampasimpotsy MAXX0760
Ampasimpotsy MAXX4236
Ampasina MAXX7169
Ampasina MAXX4237
Ampasina MAXX2510
Ampasinambo MAXX4238
Ampasinambokely MAXX4239
Ampasinanio MAXX4240
Ampasinantenina MAXX2511
Ampasindava MAXX7170
Ampasindava MAXX2512
Ampasindava MAXX9831
Ampasindava MAXX4241
Ampasindova MAXX2513
Ampasipitily MAXX7171
Ampasipohy MAXX2514
Ampasipotsy MAXX0762
Ampasira MAXX2515
Ampasiria MAXX7172
Ampasitanjona MAXX4242
Ampasitapaka MAXX7174
Ampasitrozona MAXX7175
Ampasitsilavitra MAXX7176
Ampasitsiriry MAXX4243
Ampasivelona MAXX2516
Ampasy MAXX7177
Ampasy MAXX4244
Ampasy MAXX9833
Ampataka MAXX4245
Ampataka MAXX9835
Ampataka MAXX0763
Ampatakamanitra MAXX2517
Ampatakamaroreny MAXX7178
Ampatakana MAXX4246
Ampatakana MAXX2518
Ampatifaty MAXX9836
Ampatifaty MAXX7179
Ampatiholosy MAXX9837
Ampatika MAXX7180
Ampatiolobe MAXX9838
Ampatiolomasay MAXX9839
Ampatipatiky MAXX7181
Ampatobe MAXX9840
Ampatomandra MAXX4247
Ampatotramalona MAXX0764
Ampatramasy MAXX4248
Ampatrambe MAXX9841
Ampatrambe MAXX4249
Ampatrambo MAXX4250
Ampatsapanady MAXX4251
Ampatsinakoho MAXX4252
Ampatsivola MAXX4253
Ampatso MAXX4254
Ampatsy MAXX4255
Ampaty MAXX9842
Ampazony MAXX7182
Ampefirano MAXX4256
Ampefy MAXX7183
Ampefy MAXX2519
Ampefy MAXX0765
Ampeha MAXX4257
Ampeha MAXX9843
Ampelaraika MAXX9844
Ampelinesana MAXX4258
Ampengoka MAXX9845
Ampengoke MAXX9846
Amperifery MAXX0766
Ampetsapetsa MAXX7184
Ampho MAXX9847
Ampiadanana MAXX0767
Ampiadiambola MAXX0768
Ampiadiamby MAXX4259
Ampiadiankazo MAXX0769
Ampiadina MAXX4260
Ampialivana MAXX2520
Ampiambesa MAXX2521
Ampiamy MAXX9849
Ampiana MAXX4261
Ampiantsaha MAXX4262
Ampiantsoanomby MAXX0771
Ampidirana MAXX4263
Ampieferana MAXX0772
Ampieky MAXX9850
Ampienenana MAXX4264
Ampietama MAXX4265
Ampifiala MAXX9851
Ampifinala MAXX4266
Ampiha MAXX9852
Ampihadiambola MAXX0773
Ampihalia MAXX9853
Ampihamy MAXX4267
Ampihamy MAXX9854
Ampihamy Nord MAXX9855
Ampihamy Sud MAXX9856
Ampihoaramboay MAXX7186
Ampijoroa MAXX7187
Ampijoroana MAXX7188
Ampijoroana MAXX2522
Ampiketraha MAXX9857
Ampikilova MAXX9858
Ampikomoko MAXX7190
Ampila MAXX4268
Ampilafily MAXX9859
Ampilahoa MAXX2523
Ampilanonana MAXX0775
Ampilanonana MAXX4269
Ampilira MAXX9860
Ampilobe MAXX9861
Ampilofilo MAXX9862
Ampilofily MAXX9865
Ampilokely MAXX9866
Ampimahy MAXX9867
Ampiolahana MAXX0776
Ampipika MAXX4270
Ampiranambo MAXX7191
Ampiranga MAXX7192
Ampirifiry MAXX9868
Ampirika MAXX9869
Ampiriky MAXX4271
Ampiriky MAXX9870
Ampiritsoka MAXX9871
Ampisahaby MAXX9872
Ampisandrata MAXX9873
Ampisangia MAXX9874
Ampisara MAXX2524
Ampisaraha MAXX7193
Ampisarahana MAXX2525
Ampisaraho MAXX7194
Ampisavankaratra MAXX7195
Ampisikinana MAXX2526
Ampisoha MAXX9875
Ampisopiso MAXX4272
Ampisopiso MAXX9876
Ampitabe MAXX4273
Ampitahana MAXX4274
Ampitamalandy MAXX4276
Ampitambe MAXX7196
Ampitambe MAXX4277
Ampitambositra MAXX4278
Ampitana MAXX0777
Ampitana MAXX4279
Ampitandroa MAXX0778
Ampitankely MAXX0779
Ampitanombalahy MAXX0780
Ampitantafika MAXX0781
Ampitatafika MAXX0782
Ampitavanana MAXX4281
Ampitetika MAXX7198
Ampitiliana MAXX0783
Ampitilimaika MAXX7199
Ampitilimaiki MAXX7200
Ampitilina MAXX0784
Ampitily MAXX7201
Ampitolava MAXX7202
Ampitolova MAXX7203
Ampitonita MAXX4282
Ampitonoamboro MAXX4283
Ampitrahambato MAXX2527
Ampitsahandakana MAXX4284
Ampitsangana MAXX4285
Ampitsinjovana MAXX7204
Ampitsirihina MAXX0785
Ampitsopitsoka MAXX9879
Ampitsopitsoky MAXX7205
Ampivalanana MAXX7206
Ampiviky MAXX9880
Ampizamatana MAXX2528
Ampizaramaso MAXX4287
Ampizarantany MAXX0786
Ampoafambiavy MAXX2529
Ampohabato MAXX0787
Ampohafana MAXX2530
Ampohana MAXX0036
Ampohara MAXX7207
Ampohibe MAXX2531
Ampohoarandakana MAXX2532
Ampoizy MAXX9881
Ampokafo MAXX2533
Ampolakapo MAXX9882
Ampolipoly MAXX9883
Ampolomanarivo MAXX0788
Ampolompamba MAXX2534
Ampolontany MAXX4288
Ampolotsy MAXX9884
Ampomatro MAXX7208
Ampomaventy MAXX7209
Ampombaka MAXX0789
Ampombiantambo MAXX2535
Ampombibe MAXX7210
Ampombibe III MAXX7211
Ampombidamiaka MAXX7212
Ampombihely MAXX7213
Ampombilava MAXX0037
Ampombilava MAXX2536
Ampombimakoalahy MAXX7215
Ampombimanagy II MAXX7216
Ampombimanangy MAXX7217
Ampombimangoraka MAXX7218
Ampombimihantona MAXX7219
Ampombinivango MAXX7220
Ampombirejy MAXX7222
Ampombitaka MAXX7223
Ampombobe MAXX2537
Ampombofofo MAXX2538
Ampombokely MAXX7224
Ampombolava MAXX7225
Ampombomazava MAXX7227
Ampombonavony MAXX7228
Ampombonjirika MAXX7230
Ampombontsianga MAXX7231
Amponaomby MAXX2539
Ampondra MAXX2540
Ampondrabe MAXX7233
Ampondrabe MAXX2541
Ampondrahazo MAXX2542
Ampondralava MAXX2543
Ampondralava MAXX7234
Ampondramatso MAXX7235
Ampondramiolaka MAXX7236
Ampondramivora MAXX2544
Ampondrangodona MAXX7237
Ampondravelo I MAXX7238
Ampondravelo II MAXX7239
Amponobe MAXX4289
Ampontany MAXX0790
Ampontsilahy MAXX2546
Ampopo MAXX0791
Ampopo MAXX2547
Ampopoha MAXX0792
Ampopohabe MAXX0793
Ampopoho MAXX9885
Ampopohona MAXX4290
Amporaha MAXX2548
Amporaho MAXX2549
Amporingamena MAXX7240
Amporoforo MAXX4291
Amposaky MAXX9886
Ampotabato MAXX9887
Ampotaka MAXX0794
Ampotaka MAXX7241
Ampotaka MAXX2550
Ampotaka MAXX9888
Ampotaka MAXX4292
Ampotaka Atsimo MAXX9889
Ampotaka Est MAXX9891
Ampotamainty MAXX7242
Ampotamandrevo MAXX7243
Ampotamasina MAXX7244
Ampotamena MAXX4293
Ampotobato MAXX9892
Ampotobola MAXX9893
Ampototra MAXX2554
Ampototse MAXX9894
Ampototsy MAXX9895
Ampotsiambo MAXX4294
Ampotsimanody MAXX4295
Ampotsimavo MAXX4296
Ampoza MAXX9896
Ampoza MAXX7245
Ampozabe MAXX9897
Ampozakely MAXX7246
Ampozaloaka MAXX9898
Ampozasaha MAXX4297
Ampozatokana MAXX9899
Ampozavondraka MAXX7247
Ampozoky MAXX9900
Anaboandreta MAXX2555
Anaborano MAXX7248
Anaborano MAXX4298
Anaborano MAXX2556
Anaborengy MAXX0038
Anaboringo MAXX7250
Anadabe MAXX9901
Anadabo MAXX4299
Anadabo MAXX9902
Anadabo MAXX7251
Anadabodera MAXX9903
Anadabolava MAXX9904
Anadabomaro MAXX9905
Anadabonampela MAXX9906
Anadabotelo MAXX9907
Anadabotolo MAXX9908
Anadaho MAXX7252
Anadako MAXX0796
Anadanalava MAXX9909
Anadebolava MAXX9910
Anadroadro MAXX7253
Anafiafy MAXX9911
Anafiafy MAXX2557
Anafomiala MAXX9912
Anafovato MAXX4300
Anahibato MAXX4301
Anahidambo MAXX9913
Anahidrano MAXX7254
Anahidrano MAXX9914
Anahimalandy MAXX2558
Anahimalemy MAXX4302
Anahimasy MAXX4303
Anahindrano MAXX7255
Anahipisaka MAXX4304
Anaika MAXX0797
Anakafandre MAXX9915
Anakamanary MAXX9916
Anakao MAXX9917
Anakataza MAXX9918
Anakitaina MAXX4305
Anakona MAXX4306
Anakondo MAXX4307
Anakondro MAXX9919
Analabe MAXX4308
Analabe MAXX7256
Analabe MAXX0798
Analabe MAXX9920
Analabe MAXX2559
Analabesimpona MAXX0799
Analabo MAXX9921
Analabo MAXX7257
Analabokidy MAXX9922
Analabory MAXX9923
Analadaro MAXX9924
Analadinga MAXX4309
Analafaly MAXX9925
Analafandriambe MAXX0800
Analafanja MAXX9926
Analafasika MAXX0801
Analafolaka MAXX4310
Analahova MAXX9927
Analaila MAXX7258
Analaiva MAXX9928
Analakazo MAXX9929
Analakely MAXX0802
Analakely MAXX7259
Analakengitsy MAXX9931
Analakony MAXX7260
Analalatsaka MAXX7261
Analalava MAXX4311
Analalava MAXX7262
Analalava MAXX0803
Analalentike MAXX9933
Analalory MAXX4312
Analamafana MAXX7263
Analamafitaka MAXX4313
Analamaha MAXX4314
Analamahalana MAXX0805
Analamahasoa MAXX9934
Analamahavelo MAXX9935
Analamahazo MAXX4315
Analamahery MAXX9936
Analamahitsy MAXX0806
Analamaiky MAXX9937
Analamainty MAXX9938
Analamaitso MAXX7264
Analamajiaky MAXX7265
Analamalaza MAXX9939
Analamalemy MAXX0807
Analamalona MAXX0808
Analamamy MAXX9940
Analamanana MAXX4316
Analamanana MAXX9941
Analamananga MAXX4317
Analamandro MAXX9942
Analamanga MAXX4318
Analamanintsy MAXX9943
Analamanitra MAXX0809
Analamanitra MAXX7266
Analamanjaka MAXX0810
Analamanjaka MAXX7267
Analamanjato MAXX0811
Analamanohy MAXX9944
Analamara MAXX9945
Analamaraha MAXX9946
Analamarina MAXX4319
Analamarina MAXX0812
Analamaro MAXX9947
Analamary MAXX9948
Analamasina MAXX9949
Analamasy MAXX9950
Analamateza MAXX9951
Analamatsaky MAXX9952
Analamavo MAXX9953
Analamavokaka MAXX9954
Analamay MAXX0815
Analamazava MAXX7269
Analamazava MAXX0816
Analamazava MAXX4321
Analambahy MAXX9955
Analambahy MAXX4322
Analamboko MAXX9956
Analambola MAXX9957
Analambomavo MAXX4323
Analambota MAXX2560
Analamebo MAXX9958
Analameky MAXX9959
Analamena MAXX4324
Analamena MAXX7270
Analamena MAXX9960
Analamiandrandra MAXX0817
Analamiary MAXX9961
Analamiditra MAXX4325
Analamihoatra MAXX0818
Analamihoatra MAXX9962
Analamikaiky MAXX9963
Analamilona MAXX0819
Analamipetraka MAXX9964
Analamirafy MAXX0820
Analamiranga MAXX0821
Analamisaka MAXX9965
Analamisakana MAXX0822
Analamisakana MAXX7271
Analamisampy MAXX9966
Analamisary MAXX4326
Analamitaha MAXX9968
Analamitia MAXX0823
Analamitsivalana MAXX9969
Analamitsivatana MAXX9970
Analamivory MAXX9971
Analamohavelo MAXX4327
Analamongy MAXX7272
Analampamata MAXX9972
Analampangana MAXX0824
Analampary MAXX2561
Analampasina MAXX4328
Analampolitsy MAXX9973
Analampotsy MAXX4329
Analana MAXX9974
Analanakondro MAXX4330
Analanamaty MAXX7273
Analanamaty I MAXX7274
Analanamaty II MAXX7275
Analanambe MAXX7276
Analanambe MAXX2562
Analanana MAXX2563
Analanangily MAXX4331
Analanantsoa MAXX2564
Analandramisave MAXX4332
Analanira MAXX9975
Analanisandratsy MAXX9976
Analanitonga MAXX4333
Analanjaha MAXX9977
Analanjahana MAXX4334
Analanjohary MAXX7277
Analano MAXX9978
Analanolona MAXX4335
Analanomby MAXX0825
Analanovy MAXX4336
Analapangitsy MAXX9979
Analapasina MAXX9980
Analapatsa MAXX9981
Analapatsy MAXX9982
Analapetsa MAXX9983
Analaroa MAXX0826
Analarova MAXX9984
Analasarotra MAXX7278
Analasatrana MAXX2565
Analasoa MAXX9985
Analasoa MAXX4337
Analasoa MAXX0827
Analatelo MAXX9986
Analatelo MAXX4338
Analatelo MAXX7279
Analatsakay MAXX7280
Analatsama MAXX9987
Analatsifaka MAXX0828
Analatsimaimbo MAXX9988
Analavelatsy MAXX2566
Analavelona MAXX2567
Analavelona MAXX4339
Analavinily MAXX9989
Analavoka MAXX4340
Analavory MAXX2568
Analavory MAXX9991
Analavory MAXX4341
Analavory MAXX7281
Analavory MAXX0829
Analazaza MAXX9992
Analeva MAXX4342
Analila MAXX7282
Analoalo MAXX9993
Analobe MAXX7283
Analokomby MAXX4343
Analokova MAXX0830
Analovana MAXX2569
Anamalaho MAXX2570
Anamba MAXX4344
Anambahitra MAXX4345
Anamborano MAXX2571
Anamboriana MAXX7284
Anambotaky MAXX4346
Anamota MAXX9994
Ananaboro MAXX9995
Ananadimby MAXX9996
Ananakaina MAXX9997
Ananakania Est MAXX9998
Ananakarahitsy MAXX9999
Ananalava MAXX0039
Ananasoa MAXX4347
Anandravy MAXX4348
Anandrazo MAXX4349
Anandribato MAXX7285
Anandrobato MAXX7286
Anandrotra MAXX4350
Ananjaka MAXX2572
Ananjandava MAXX4351
Anantaka MAXX7287
Anaovandrano MAXX2573
Anapasy MAXX4352
Anapina MAXX4353
Anapoaka MAXX4354
Anara MAXX4355
Anara MAXX0831
Anarabe MAXX7288
Anarabe MAXX4356
Anarabe MAXX0832
Anaramalinika MAXX4357
Anasana MAXX4358
Anasikely MAXX7289
Anasindrano MAXX4359
Anasy MAXX7290
Anatabolo MAXX4360
Anato MAXX4361
Anatobe MAXX0833
Anatsirika MAXX4362
Anavabe MAXX7291
Anaviavimasina MAXX4363
Anaviavy MAXX4364
Anazandamba MAXX4365
Anbanimaso MAXX0834
Andabolava MAXX7292
Andabomadinika MAXX7293
Andabonimaholy MAXX7294
Andabotoka MAXX7295
Andabotoka Nord MAXX7296
Andabotokana MAXX7297
Andabozato MAXX7298
Andafia MAXX4366
Andafiandakana MAXX7300
Andafiatsimo MAXX0835
Andafiatsinanana MAXX0836
Andafiavaratra MAXX0837
Andafibe MAXX0838
Andafiha MAXX0040
Andahony MAXX7302
Andaingo MAXX2574
Andaingomboalavo MAXX7303
Andaka MAXX4367
Andaka MAXX7304
Andakalaka MAXX7305
Andakampony MAXX7306
Andakana MAXX0840
Andakana MAXX7307
Andakana MAXX4368
Andakandrano MAXX0841
Andakandrano MAXX4369
Andakanimazano MAXX0842
Andakanimilay MAXX4370
Andakary MAXX4371
Andalambato MAXX7309
Andalampamba MAXX7310
Andalanimamo MAXX0843
Andalatsarotra MAXX0844
Andalirano MAXX7311
Andalivao MAXX7312
Andalona MAXX4372
Andalona MAXX0845
Andamaky MAXX4373
Andamanolobe MAXX2575
Andamasina MAXX2576
Andambalo MAXX7313
Andambario MAXX4374
Andambinana MAXX4375
Andambozato MAXX7314
Andamotibe MAXX2577
Andamoto MAXX4376
Andampibe MAXX7316
Andampibe MAXX2578
Andampihely MAXX7317
Andampikely MAXX7318
Andampilava MAXX2579
Andampimena MAXX7319
Andampy MAXX7320
Andampy Sud MAXX7321
Andandihazo MAXX0846
Andangiro MAXX7322
Andangoraikitra MAXX4377
Andaninimbegagy MAXX0847
Andanivato MAXX7323
Andanoa MAXX4378
Andanona MAXX0848
Andanonana MAXX4379
Andapa MAXX0849
Andapa MAXX0041
Andapa MAXX4380
Andapabe MAXX2582
Andapahely MAXX2583
Andapakely MAXX4381
Andapanaomby MAXX7324
Andapibe MAXX2584
Andapinarosy MAXX7325
Andapy MAXX7326
Andararavina MAXX7327
Andasialava MAXX2585
Andasibe MAXX7328
Andasibe MAXX2586
Andasibe MAXX4382
Andasibe MAXX0850
Andasibefasy MAXX4383
Andasilaikatsaka MAXX0851
Andasimazava MAXX0852
Andasimbazaha MAXX4384
Andasiniadiana MAXX7329
Andasinimaro MAXX7330
Andasirotsaka MAXX0853
Andasivao MAXX0854
Andasivolo MAXX7331
Andasivy MAXX4385
Andasoa MAXX2589
Andasy MAXX4386
Andasy Piquie MAXX0855
Andatomalama MAXX7332
Andatony MAXX2590
Andatsaka MAXX7333
Andatsakala MAXX2591
Andavabary MAXX0856
Andavabato MAXX0857
Andavaboay MAXX7334
Andavaboay MAXX0858
Andavabosy MAXX7335
Andavadrafia MAXX7336
Andavadrovia MAXX7337
Andavakaka MAXX7338
Andavakakoho MAXX7339
Andavakantsantsa MAXX2592
Andavakoana MAXX2593
Andavakoera MAXX2594
Andavakomby MAXX7340
Andavakomby MAXX2595
Andavakonko MAXX2596
Andavaravina MAXX7341
Andaveno MAXX7342
Andebabe MAXX0859
Andebadeba MAXX7343
Andebadeba MAXX0860
Andebadebakely MAXX7344
Andebodatsaka MAXX7345
Andehona MAXX4387
Andeja MAXX7346
Andelakaka MAXX2597
Andelandranomaro MAXX4388
Andemabe MAXX4389
Andemaka MAXX4390
Andemaka Atsimo MAXX4391
Andemaky MAXX7347
Andemba MAXX7348
Andembilemisy MAXX2598
Andemby MAXX2599
Andempombe MAXX4394
Andengilengy MAXX2600
Andengimboay MAXX7349
Andengo MAXX7350
Andengondroy MAXX7351
Andesomby MAXX2601
Andevoranto MAXX0001
Andibonara MAXX2602
Andidimiady MAXX7352
Andidy MAXX4395
Andilakanka MAXX7353
Andilamavo MAXX7354
Andilamba MAXX7355
Andilambe MAXX7356
Andilamboay MAXX2603
Andilamboay MAXX7357
Andilamihoatra MAXX7358
Andilamimahoatra MAXX7359
Andilana MAXX2604
Andilana MAXX7360
Andilandalina MAXX7361
Andilandrana MAXX2605
Andilmboay MAXX2606
Andimaka MAXX7362
Andimaka MAXX2607
Andimaka MAXX0862
Andimakabo MAXX2608
Andimaky MAXX7363
Andina MAXX4396
Andina-Firaisana MAXX4397
Andingoza MAXX2609
Andio MAXX7366
Andiolava MAXX4398
Andiolava MAXX7367
Andiroga MAXX2610
Andisaka MAXX7368
Andjamen MAXX2611
Andoabatomanga MAXX0863
Andoany MAXX2612
Andoavondro MAXX7369
Andobobe MAXX7370
Andobodobo MAXX7371
Andobomana MAXX7372
Andobotoka MAXX7373
Andohaboba MAXX4399
Andohady MAXX0865
Andohafarihy MAXX4400
Andohafary MAXX0866
Andohahoraka MAXX4401
Andohajango MAXX7374
Andohakaomby MAXX2613
Andohala MAXX0867
Andohalafy MAXX0868
Andohalampy MAXX7375
Andohalo MAXX0869
Andohamafia MAXX4402
Andohamahatao MAXX4403
Andohamambala MAXX7376
Andohamaroilo MAXX4404
Andohamboay MAXX7377
Andohanankivoka MAXX0871
Andohanaomby MAXX2614
Andohanapaja MAXX4405
Andohaniangaty MAXX4406
Andohanilaka MAXX0872
Andohanimanga MAXX0873
Andohanisoa MAXX4408
Andohanizengitra MAXX2615
Andohanosy MAXX7378
Andohapatsakana MAXX4409
Andohara MAXX4410
Andoharano MAXX7379
Andoharano MAXX4411
Andoharano MAXX0874
Andoharanofotsy MAXX0875
Andoharanomaitso MAXX4412
Andohariana MAXX4413
Andohariana MAXX0876
Andoharotsy MAXX4414
Andohasaha MAXX4415
Andohasandra MAXX4416
Andohatanety MAXX0877
Andohatany MAXX0878
Andohavary MAXX0879
Andohavolo MAXX4417
Andohavondrona MAXX0880
Andohazompo MAXX2616
Andohobe MAXX7380
Andohonko MAXX2617
Andoimby MAXX2618
Andoka MAXX7381
Andokombikely MAXX2619
Andolamosa MAXX7382
Andoloabo MAXX7383
Andolobe MAXX7384
Andolobetroka MAXX7385
Andolofotsy MAXX0881
Andolomikaiky MAXX2620
Andolomitahy MAXX4418
Andolonitako MAXX7386
Andomboka MAXX2621
Andomotra MAXX4419
Andomotra Atsimo MAXX4420
Andonabe MAXX4421
Andonadraty MAXX4422
Andonaka MAXX4423
Andonakaomby MAXX2622
Andonakely MAXX7388
Andondabe MAXX0043
Andondona MAXX4424
Andongokely MAXX7389
Andongokely MAXX2623
Andongona MAXX7390
Andongona MAXX2624
Andongoza MAXX7391
Andongozabe MAXX2625
Andongozahely MAXX7392
Andongy MAXX4426
Andonhavary MAXX0882
Andorisa MAXX4427
Andoromby MAXX7393
Andotsy MAXX4428
Andovaky MAXX4429
Andovia MAXX0883
Andovodava MAXX7394
Andovohatany MAXX4430
Andovoka MAXX4431
Andovoko MAXX7395
Andovokobe MAXX7396
Andovokonko MAXX2626
Andrabaka MAXX4432
Andraetoko MAXX4433
Andrafainkona MAXX2627
Andrafia MAXX7397
Andrafia MAXX4434
Andrafiabe MAXX7398
Andrafiabe MAXX2629
Andrafiafaly MAXX7399
Andrafiakely MAXX7400
Andrafialatsaka MAXX7401
Andrafialava MAXX2630
Andrafialava MAXX7402
Andrafiamadinika MAXX2631
Andrafiamadiniky MAXX7404
Andrafiamanjera MAXX7405
Andrafiamaty MAXX7406
Andrafiamena MAXX2632
Andrafiameniaba MAXX7407
Andrafiamivory MAXX2633
Andrafianahoany MAXX7409
Andrafiaraiky MAXX7410
Andrafiatoka MAXX7411
Andrafiatokana MAXX2634
Andrafiatokana MAXX7412
Andrafiavelo MAXX7413
Andrafiezinara MAXX7414
Andrafitatra MAXX0884
Andrafra MAXX7415
Andrahalana MAXX4435
Andrahanjo MAXX2636
Andrahary MAXX2637
Andrahibo MAXX2638
Andrahibobe MAXX2639
Andrahibokely MAXX2640
Andrahosoa MAXX0885
Andraibo MAXX2641
Andraidoka MAXX4436
Andraijoro MAXX7416
Andraimasina MAXX4437
Andraimavo MAXX4438
Andraina MAXX4439
Andrainarivo MAXX4440
Andrainibe MAXX4441
Andrainjato MAXX4442
Andrairay MAXX4443
Andraisoro MAXX0886
Andraitsintsina MAXX0887
Andraizaha MAXX4444
Andraja MAXX2642
Andrakadila MAXX2643
Andrakaka MAXX2644
Andrakaraka MAXX7417
Andrakarakabe MAXX2645
Andrakata MAXX2646
Andrakavitra MAXX4445
Andraketa MAXX0888
Andrakodavaka MAXX0889
Andrakodia MAXX4446
Andrakoy MAXX2647
Andralandy MAXX4447
Andralandy MAXX2648
Andrama MAXX2649
Andramadinika MAXX0890
Andramahimbo MAXX2650
Andramalao MAXX2651
Andramalaza MAXX0891
Andramanalina MAXX7418
Andramasina MAXX0892
Andramasy MAXX0893
Andrambo MAXX4448
Andrambobe MAXX4449
Andrambonivory MAXX4450
Andrambontany MAXX0894
Andramikely MAXX7419
Andramita MAXX4452
Andramizaha MAXX4453
Andramoro MAXX4454
Andrampamonjy MAXX2652
Andrampiloha MAXX0895
Andramy MAXX7420
Andramy MAXX4455
Andranaly MAXX2653
Andranamba MAXX0896
Andranambolava MAXX4456
Andranamby MAXX4457
Andranamena MAXX7421
Andranatsiritra MAXX7422
Andrangabitika MAXX7423
Andrangana MAXX2654
Andranganala MAXX0897
Andrangany MAXX7424
Andrangatiky MAXX2655
Andrangavolo MAXX4458
Andrangazaha MAXX2656
Andrangolaoka MAXX0899
Andrangovato MAXX4459
Andrangy MAXX0900
Andraniala MAXX4460
Andraniaomby MAXX2657
Andranira MAXX2658
Andranivoro MAXX7425
Andranjomanga MAXX0901
Andrano MAXX7426
Andrano Lava MAXX7427
Andrano Maria MAXX0902
Andrano Miolaka MAXX7428
Andrano Vorofaly MAXX7429
Andranoaionjy MAXX2659
Andranoampango MAXX7430
Andranobahatra MAXX7431
Andranobe MAXX0903
Andranobe MAXX7432
Andranobe MAXX4461
Andranobevava MAXX7433
Andranoboahangy MAXX0904
Andranoboaka MAXX4462
Andranoboaky MAXX4466
Andranoboka MAXX7434
Andranoboka MAXX4467
Andranobozaka MAXX2661
Andranofanjava MAXX2662
Andranofasika MAXX0905
Andranofasika MAXX7435
Andranofeda MAXX7436
Andranofeno MAXX0906
Andranofototra MAXX2663
Andranofotsy MAXX4468
Andranofotsy MAXX0044
Andranofotsy MAXX7437
Andranofoty MAXX7438
Andranogoaika MAXX2665
Andranohambolany MAXX4470
Andranojoby MAXX2666
Andranojongy MAXX7440
Andranokely MAXX0907
Andranokontona MAXX0908
Andranokova MAXX2667
Andranokozany MAXX7442
Andranolalina MAXX4471
Andranolava MAXX4472
Andranolava MAXX0909
Andranolava MAXX7443
Andranolavabe MAXX7444
Andranomadio MAXX0910
Andranomadio MAXX7445
Andranomadio MAXX2668
Andranomadiro MAXX2669
Andranomafana MAXX0911
Andranomafana MAXX4473
Andranomafana MAXX2670
Andranomahery MAXX0913
Andranomahitsy MAXX4474
Andranomainty MAXX2671
Andranomaitso MAXX7446
Andranomaitso MAXX0914
Andranomalaza MAXX0915
Andranomalaza MAXX7448
Andranomalazo MAXX0916
Andranomalio MAXX4476
Andranomaloto MAXX2672
Andranomamoa MAXX0917
Andranomamorery MAXX7449
Andranomamy MAXX7450
Andranomamy MAXX2673
Andranomanandray MAXX0918
Andranomananika MAXX2674
Andranomanara MAXX4477
Andranomandevy MAXX7451
Andranomanelatra MAXX0919
Andranomanenty MAXX7452
Andranomanesika MAXX4478
Andranomanga MAXX4479
Andranomangatsa MAXX7453
Andranomangily MAXX7455
Andranomanilia MAXX7456
Andranomanintsy MAXX7457
Andranomanitsy MAXX7458
Andranomantsy MAXX2678
Andranomaria MAXX0921
Andranomaro MAXX7459
Andranomasina MAXX4481
Andranomasina MAXX0922
Andranomatana MAXX7460
Andranomatavy MAXX7461
Andranomatraba MAXX7462
Andranomavo MAXX4482
Andranomavo MAXX7463
Andranomavo MAXX0923
Andranomavo MAXX2679
Andranomavokely MAXX7464
Andranomavokely MAXX0924
Andranomazava MAXX7465
Andranombao MAXX4484
Andranombary MAXX4485
Andranomena MAXX7466
Andranomena MAXX0925
Andranomena MAXX2680
Andranomena MAXX4486
Andranomeva MAXX7467
Andranomiady MAXX0926
Andranomiantra MAXX0927
Andranomiditra MAXX7468
Andranomiely MAXX0928
Andranomiforitra MAXX4487
Andranomifototra MAXX2682
Andranomilevy MAXX7469
Andranomilitsy MAXX7470
Andranomilolo MAXX2683
Andranomiolaka MAXX7471
Andranomiteka MAXX4488
Andranomody MAXX0932
Andranomondevy MAXX2684
Andranona MAXX0933
Andranonafindra MAXX0934
Andranonahantona MAXX4489
Andranonahoatra MAXX7472
Andranonahoatra MAXX0935
Andranonahotra MAXX0936
Andranonakanga MAXX7473
Andranonampanga MAXX7474
Andranonankoay MAXX7475
Andranonaomby MAXX2685
Andranonaomby MAXX7476
Andranonapaha MAXX2686
Andranondambo MAXX0045
Andranongoaika MAXX0937
Andranoniazavavy MAXX0938
Andranonjanahary MAXX4490
Andranonkazo MAXX7477
Andranopositra MAXX2687
Andranoraikitra MAXX4491
Andranorano MAXX4492
Andranorantsa MAXX7478
Andranoroa MAXX2688
Andranoroa MAXX4493
Andranosamonta MAXX7479
Andranosoa MAXX0939
Andranosoa MAXX7480
Andranosondry MAXX4494
Andranotakatra MAXX4495
Andranotakatra MAXX0940
Andranotakatra MAXX7481
Andranotapaka MAXX2689
Andranotehy MAXX4496
Andranotelo MAXX0941
Andranotenina MAXX4497
Andranotoka MAXX0942
Andranotolihiny MAXX2690
Andranotomendry MAXX7484
Andranotsara MAXX4498
Andranotsara MAXX2691
Andranotsimaty MAXX2692
Andranotsimonina MAXX2693
Andranotsindrano MAXX4499
Andranotsiritra MAXX7485
Andranotsiritra MAXX4500
Andranovaha MAXX7486
Andranovaka MAXX2695
Andranovaky MAXX7487
Andranovao MAXX4501
Andranovao MAXX7488
Andranovato MAXX4502
Andranovelo MAXX7489
Andranovelona MAXX0943
Andranovelona MAXX7490
Andranovendrana MAXX7491
Andranovo MAXX7492
Andranovola MAXX2696
Andranovoribe MAXX7493
Andranovorikolo MAXX7494
Andranovorilava MAXX7495
Andranovoritay MAXX4503
Andranovorivaky MAXX7501
Andranovorivato MAXX4504
Andranovory MAXX7502
Andranovory MAXX4505
Andranovory MAXX0945
Andranoyorikolo MAXX7503
Andrantamarina MAXX7504
Andrapengy MAXX2698
Andraraly MAXX0946
Andrarambiny MAXX4506
Andraraompy MAXX4507
Andraratranina MAXX7505
Andrareza MAXX4508
Andrasaha MAXX2699
Andrasahabe MAXX2700
Andrasakomby MAXX0947
Andrasarasara MAXX7506
Andratafika MAXX0948
Andratamarina MAXX2701
Andratambe MAXX7507
Andratanomby MAXX0046
Andratany MAXX2703
Andratomana MAXX2704
Andratomity MAXX4509
Andravainafo MAXX7508
Andravany MAXX2705
Andravaonony MAXX0949
Andravaravina MAXX7509
Andraveloma MAXX4510
Andravinakoho MAXX2706
Andravinambo MAXX2707
Andravindahy MAXX4511
Andravinkazo MAXX7510
Andravitokana MAXX2708
Andravoahangy MAXX0950
Andravola MAXX0951
Andravololona MAXX0952
Andravoravo MAXX4512
Andravorianevo MAXX2709
Andravory MAXX2710
Andrazaha MAXX4513
Andrea MAXX4514
Andrea MAXX0047
Andreaba MAXX4515
Andreamalama MAXX4516
Andreamitsioka MAXX4519
Andreba MAXX0953
Andreba MAXX7512
Andrefaha MAXX7513
Andrefamanga MAXX4520
Andrefambato MAXX0954
Andrefananjoma MAXX0956
Andrefanjaka MAXX4521
Andrefantsena MAXX0957
Andreforefo MAXX7514
Andrekaba MAXX0958
Andrekareka MAXX7515
Andreketa MAXX7516
Andrekosy MAXX4522
Andrembesoa MAXX0959
Andrembona MAXX2711
Andrengy MAXX7517
Andrera MAXX4523
Andrere MAXX4524
Andresa MAXX4525
Andrevokely MAXX2712
Andrevorevo MAXX7518
Andrevorevolava MAXX2713
Andria MAXX4526
Andriabe MAXX7519
Andriabe MAXX4527
Andriakely MAXX0960
Andriamanero MAXX4528
Andriamangrona MAXX0961
Andriamarolamba MAXX0962
Andriambango MAXX0964
Andriambato MAXX7520
Andriambavotsy MAXX7521
Andriambazaha MAXX0965
Andriambe MAXX0966
Andriambe MAXX4529
Andriambilany MAXX0967
Andriamena MAXX7523
Andriamenakely MAXX0969
Andriamitsokina MAXX7524
Andriamora MAXX4532
Andriampamaky MAXX0970
Andriampasika MAXX4533
Andriampisaka MAXX0971
Andriampotaka MAXX0972
Andriana MAXX2714
Andriana MAXX4534
Andrianabe MAXX2715
Andrianabe MAXX7525
Andriananaly MAXX4535
Andrianavo MAXX4536
Andriandampy MAXX0048
Andriandava MAXX2716
Andriandrapona MAXX4538
Andrianifotsy MAXX7526
Andrianitanala MAXX4539
Andriankely MAXX0973
Andriantany MAXX0974
Andriantsibabo MAXX0975
Andriantsilahy MAXX0976
Andriatany MAXX0977
Andriavitsy MAXX7527
Andriba MAXX7528
Andribavato MAXX2717
Andribavontsona MAXX7529
Andriha MAXX4540
Andrihibe MAXX7530
Andrikarika MAXX7531
Andrikely MAXX0978
Andringahely MAXX2718
Andripamena MAXX7532
Andripatrambo MAXX7533
Andriralalana MAXX2719
Androa MAXX4541
Androadroatra MAXX2720
Androamitsaka MAXX7534
Androbay MAXX4542
Androboky MAXX4543
Androfary MAXX2721
Androfia MAXX7535
Androfiabe MAXX2722
Androfiabe MAXX7536
Androfiakely MAXX7537
Androfiamadinika MAXX7538
Androfiamena MAXX2723
Androfiatsara MAXX7539
Androhiavy MAXX7540
Androhibe MAXX0979
Androhibe MAXX4544
Androhibe MAXX7541
Androhibe MAXX2724
Androhibobe MAXX2725
Androhitsy MAXX2726
Androhofontsy MAXX2727
Androhotra MAXX7542
Androhy MAXX4545
Androiavitra MAXX7543
Androiavy MAXX7544
Androibe MAXX7545
Androidava MAXX7546
Androifantaka MAXX0980
Androimainty MAXX4546
Androimanga MAXX4547
Androimenabe MAXX7547
Androka MAXX7548
Androlavy MAXX7549
Andromba MAXX4548
Andromba MAXX7550
Andrombato MAXX4549
Andrombatokely MAXX4550
Andrombazo MAXX0981
Androndrabe MAXX0982
Androndrakely MAXX0983
Androndramena MAXX0984
Androndry MAXX7551
Andronjana MAXX7552
Andronono MAXX2728
Androranga MAXX2729
Androranga MAXX4551
Androrangabe MAXX4552
Androrangabe II MAXX4553
Androrangavola MAXX4554
Androta MAXX7553
Androtra MAXX2730
Androtra MAXX7554
Androtra MAXX0985
Androtrabe MAXX7555
Androtrabo MAXX7556
Androtrakely MAXX0986
Androtravo MAXX0987
Androtrazo MAXX7557
Androtsa MAXX4558
Androtsabo MAXX7558
Androtse MAXX4559
Androtsiabo MAXX7559
Androtso MAXX2731
Androtsy MAXX7560
Androtsy MAXX2732
Androtsy MAXX4560
Androtsy Ambany MAXX4561
Androva MAXX0988
Androva MAXX7561
Androva Atsimo MAXX0989
Androvahonko MAXX7562
Androvakely MAXX4562
Androvakely MAXX0990
Androvavaratra MAXX0991
Androvia MAXX2733
Androvorony MAXX2734
Androy MAXX7563
Androy MAXX4563
Anefitrabe MAXX7564
Anendaka MAXX4564
Anendy MAXX7565
Anengitra MAXX2735
Anengitra MAXX7566
Anenjandava MAXX4565
Anenjendava MAXX4566
Anerinerina MAXX0992
Anerinerina MAXX4567
Anesibato MAXX7567
Anesika MAXX7568
Anezandava MAXX4568
Anezandova MAXX4569
Angado MAXX4570
Angaika MAXX2736
Anganera MAXX2737
Angavokely MAXX7569
Angidroga MAXX2738
Angironihely MAXX7570
Angirony MAXX7571
Angoaka Atsimo MAXX7572
Angoaka Avaratra MAXX7573
Angodona MAXX7574
Angodongodona MAXX4571
Angodongodona MAXX0993
Angodonina MAXX0994
Angontsy MAXX2739
Angoroda MAXX7575
Angorogabe MAXX7576
Angorongodona MAXX0995
Anilavinany MAXX4572
Anilobe MAXX4573
Aningotra MAXX2740
Anisivolanana MAXX2741
Anivonisaina MAXX0996
Anivorano MAXX4574
Anivorano MAXX0049
Anivorano MAXX7577
Anja MAXX4575
Anjabe MAXX7578
Anjabe MAXX2743
Anjabe Ambany MAXX2744
Anjaha MAXX7579
Anjaha MAXX4576
Anjahabe MAXX7580
Anjahamarina MAXX2745
Anjahamary MAXX2746
Anjahambe MAXX0050
Anjahambe MAXX4577
Anjahana MAXX0998
Anjahana MAXX4578
Anjahasoa MAXX4579
Anjainony MAXX4580
Anjajavy MAXX7581
Anjakely MAXX2747
Anjala MAXX2748
Anjalazala MAXX7582
Anjalvola MAXX0999
Anjamana MAXX1000
Anjamana MAXX4581
Anjamanga MAXX1001
Anjamangoha MAXX1002
Anjamangotroka MAXX7583
Anjamba MAXX4582
Anjambalava MAXX2749
Anjamena MAXX7584
Anjana MAXX4583
Anjanabora MAXX7585
Anjanaborona MAXX7586
Anjanahary MAXX1003
Anjanamahazo MAXX1004
Anjanamasina MAXX1005
Anjanana MAXX2750
Anjanavorona MAXX4584
Anjango MAXX7587
Anjangoveratra MAXX2751
Anjanina MAXX4585
Anjaninarivo MAXX1006
Anjanojano MAXX2752
Anjanozana MAXX2753
Anjasoatanimbary MAXX4586
Anjavibe MAXX2754
Anjavikely MAXX2755
Anjavilava MAXX2756
Anjavimilay MAXX2757
Anjavimisakana MAXX2758
Anjavimolay MAXX2759
Anjavina MAXX2760
Anjavindraombaka MAXX2761
Anjavinihavana MAXX2762
Anjeje MAXX1007
Anjepy MAXX1008
Anjeva MAXX1009
Anjezika MAXX1010
Anjia MAXX2763
Anjia MAXX7588
Anjiabe MAXX7589
Anjiabe MAXX0051
Anjiabe Ambony MAXX2765
Anjiabitika MAXX7590
Anjiaboroka MAXX0052
Anjiabory MAXX2766
Anjiafotsy MAXX7592
Anjiahely MAXX7593
Anjiajia MAXX7594
Anjiajiabe MAXX2767
Anjiakely MAXX7595
Anjiakely MAXX2768
Anjialava MAXX7596
Anjialava MAXX2769
Anjialavabe MAXX2770
Anjialavahely MAXX2771
Anjiamaeva MAXX7597
Anjiamalandy MAXX2772
Anjiamaleotsy MAXX7598
Anjiamangerana MAXX7599
Anjiamangirana MAXX2773
Anjiamangirana I MAXX0053
Anjiamangotraka MAXX7600
Anjiamangotraka MAXX2774
Anjiamanoro MAXX2775
Anjiamarako MAXX2776
Anjiamarina MAXX7601
Anjiamave MAXX7602
Anjiamavo MAXX2777
Anjiamavo MAXX7603
Anjiamena MAXX2778
Anjijaomby MAXX2779
Anjilajila MAXX4587
Anjimahavita MAXX7604
Anjingo MAXX2780
Anjingorabe MAXX7605
Anjiro MAXX1011
Anjiro MAXX7606
Anjiro MAXX0054
Anjiva MAXX4588
Anjlamananazy MAXX7607
Anjobajoba MAXX7608
Anjobojobo MAXX7610
Anjohibe MAXX7611
Anjohiny MAXX7612
Anjoho MAXX4589
Anjokozoka MAXX7613
Anjokozoko MAXX7614
Anjoma MAXX4590
Anjoma MAXX1012
Anjoma-Fanjakana MAXX4591
Anjoma-Ramartina MAXX1013
Anjomakely MAXX4592
Anjomakely MAXX1014
Anjorijory MAXX2781
Anjorozoro MAXX4593
Anjovibe MAXX2782
Anjozomadosy MAXX7615
Anjozora MAXX1015
Anjozoro MAXX7616
Anjozorobe MAXX0055
Anjozorofady MAXX1016
Anjozorokely MAXX1017
Anjramarango MAXX2783
Ankabija MAXX7617
Ankabijakely MAXX1018
Ankabingo MAXX7618
Ankaboka MAXX2784
Ankaboka MAXX7619
Ankabokabe MAXX7620
Ankaboky MAXX4595
Ankaboky MAXX7621
Ankadialindalina MAXX1019
Ankadibe MAXX7622
Ankadibe MAXX1020
Ankadibevava MAXX1021
Ankadiefa MAXX1022
Ankadifotsy MAXX1023
Ankadike MAXX1024
Ankadilalana MAXX1025
Ankadilalona MAXX1028
Ankadilanakely MAXX4597
Ankadilanana MAXX1029
Ankadilanana MAXX4598
Ankadilava MAXX1030
Ankadimalaza MAXX1031
Ankadimanga MAXX1032
Ankadimarina MAXX1033
Ankadimbahoaka MAXX1034
Ankadimbavy MAXX4599
Ankadimbay MAXX1035
Ankadimena MAXX1036
Ankadinanahary MAXX1037
Ankadinandriana MAXX1038
Ankadindambo MAXX4600
Ankadinijamba MAXX1039
Ankadinondry MAXX1040
Ankadipetaka MAXX1042
Ankadirano MAXX7623
Ankadirano MAXX2785
Ankaditany MAXX4601
Ankaditapaka MAXX1043
Ankaditoho MAXX1044
Ankaditsaravala MAXX1045
Ankaditsiary MAXX4602
Ankadivato MAXX1046
Ankadivavala MAXX1047
Ankadivoribe MAXX1048
Ankadivory MAXX1049
Ankady MAXX1050
Ankafimavo MAXX4603
Ankafitro MAXX1051
Ankafobalo MAXX4605
Ankafobe MAXX1052
Ankafotra MAXX1053
Ankafotra MAXX4606
Ankafy MAXX4607
Ankahabo MAXX7624
Ankahidrano MAXX7625
Ankaibe MAXX7626
Ankaifotsy MAXX1054
Ankaikarivo MAXX4608
Ankaivo MAXX7627
Ankajokoaka MAXX4609
Ankaladiny MAXX7628
Ankalaitra MAXX4610
Ankalaizina MAXX7629
Ankalalo MAXX7630
Ankalamalaza MAXX7631
Ankalampo MAXX2786
Ankalampona MAXX2787
Ankalotany MAXX2788
Ankamay MAXX7632
Ankamory MAXX1055
Ankamotsy MAXX7633
Ankapika MAXX7634
Ankapila MAXX2789
Ankapilavato MAXX7635
Ankapodava MAXX7636
Ankara MAXX4611
Ankara MAXX7637
Ankarabato MAXX7638
Ankarabatokely MAXX7639
Ankarabe MAXX2790
Ankarabo MAXX4612
Ankaracbato MAXX7640
Ankarafa MAXX2791
Ankarafabe MAXX2792
Ankarafantsika MAXX7641
Ankarahara MAXX7642
Ankarahosy MAXX4613
Ankaraka MAXX7643
Ankarakaraka MAXX7644
Ankaramainty MAXX7645
Ankaramanga MAXX7646
Ankarambato MAXX7647
Ankarambe MAXX1056
Ankarambilo MAXX7648
Ankarambory MAXX4614
Ankaramena MAXX7649
Ankaramena MAXX1057
Ankaramena MAXX4615
Ankaramiambana MAXX4616
Ankaramihely MAXX0056
Ankaramikely MAXX7650
Ankaramy MAXX2794
Ankaramy MAXX7651
Ankaramy-Anabo MAXX2795
Ankarana MAXX2796
Ankaranakatra MAXX7652
Ankaranana MAXX1058
Ankarandoha MAXX7653
Ankaranila MAXX4618
Ankaranka MAXX7654
Ankarankely MAXX7655
Ankarany MAXX2797
Ankaraobato MAXX7656
Ankaraobato MAXX1059
Ankaraobato Est MAXX7657
Ankaraobato Sud MAXX7659
Ankaraok MAXX4619
Ankararaka MAXX7660
Ankararana MAXX7661
Ankararana MAXX1060
Ankarata MAXX2798
Ankarefa MAXX7662
Ankarefo MAXX4620
Ankarefo MAXX7663
Ankarefo MAXX0057
Ankarefo MAXX2799
Ankarefobe MAXX4621
Ankarena MAXX7664
Ankarenambe MAXX4623
Ankarenana MAXX4624
Ankareto MAXX7665
Ankariera MAXX4625
Ankarimalaza MAXX4626
Ankarimanana MAXX1061
Ankarimbary MAXX4627
Ankarimbelo MAXX4628
Ankarina MAXX1062
Ankarina MAXX4629
Ankarinany MAXX4630
Ankarinarivo MAXX4631
Ankarinomby MAXX4632
Ankarinoro MAXX4633
Ankaroka MAXX7666
Ankaronga MAXX4634
Ankarongana MAXX4635
Ankarongana MAXX2800
Ankarongana MAXX1063
Ankarongana MAXX7667
Ankasakasa MAXX7668
Ankasakasabe MAXX7669
Ankasakasakely MAXX7670
Ankasetra MAXX7671
Ankasimbe MAXX7672
Ankasina MAXX2801
Ankasina MAXX7673
Ankasina MAXX4636
Ankasy MAXX4637
Ankatafa MAXX2802
Ankatafa MAXX7674
Ankatafa Nord MAXX2803
Ankatafa Sud MAXX2804
Ankatafana MAXX4638
Ankatafana MAXX2805
Ankatafy MAXX2806
Ankatakatabe MAXX7675
Ankatofo MAXX2807
Ankatoka MAXX7676
Ankatoko MAXX2808
Ankatoky MAXX7677
Ankatrafay MAXX0058
Ankatsaka MAXX1064
Ankatsaka MAXX4639
Ankatsakafo MAXX4640
Ankatsaoava MAXX1065
Ankatsaoka MAXX4642
Ankatso MAXX1066
Ankatsomaranga MAXX4643
Ankavandrakely MAXX1067
Ankavia MAXX4644
Ankaviahely MAXX2809
Ankavitra MAXX7678
Ankavodiana MAXX1068
Ankavokony MAXX2810
Ankayeno MAXX1069
Ankazo MAXX4645
Ankazoabo MAXX7679
Ankazoabo MAXX1070
Ankazoabokely MAXX4646
Ankazoambany MAXX2811
Ankazoavo MAXX1071
Ankazobe MAXX7680
Ankazobe MAXX4647
Ankazobe MAXX0059
Ankazobe MAXX2812
Ankazobetroka MAXX4648
Ankazobetsihay MAXX7681
Ankazofohy MAXX2813
Ankazofotsy MAXX4649
Ankazofotsy MAXX1073
Ankazokoaka MAXX4650
Ankazolahivato MAXX4651
Ankazolahy MAXX4652
Ankazolava MAXX1074
Ankazomahita MAXX7682
Ankazomahitsy MAXX7684
Ankazomahity MAXX2814
Ankazomainty MAXX1075
Ankazomainty MAXX4653
Ankazomalama MAXX1076
Ankazomalemy MAXX2815
Ankazomandry MAXX7685
Ankazomaneno MAXX4654
Ankazomanga MAXX4655
Ankazomanga MAXX7686
Ankazomangao MAXX7687
Ankazomangaria MAXX4656
Ankazomanitra MAXX4657
Ankazomasina MAXX1078
Ankazomasy MAXX4658
Ankazombato MAXX4659
Ankazomboro MAXX7688
Ankazomborona MAXX0060
Ankazomeloka MAXX7689
Ankazomena MAXX7690
Ankazomena MAXX1079
Ankazomenavony MAXX7691
Ankazomibaboka MAXX2816
Ankazomibaboka MAXX7692
Ankazomidona MAXX4660
Ankazomihogo MAXX2817
Ankazomileka MAXX4661
Ankazomiranga MAXX1080
Ankazomiriotra MAXX1081
Ankazomitohy MAXX4662
Ankazomivola MAXX7693
Ankazomizoa MAXX7694
Ankazonaorana MAXX1082
Ankazonarano MAXX1083
Ankazondandy MAXX1084
Ankazondnano MAXX4663
Ankazondrano MAXX1085
Ankazondrano Sud MAXX4666
Ankazondriaka MAXX1086
Ankazongoaika MAXX1087
Ankazonivola MAXX4667
Ankazosamihafa MAXX1088
Ankazosary MAXX1089
Ankazotelo MAXX2818
Ankazotelo MAXX4668
Ankazotokana MAXX7695
Ankazotokana MAXX4669
Ankazotsaravolo MAXX7696
Ankazovaky MAXX4671
Ankazovanelina MAXX4672
Ankazoveland MAXX4673
Ankazovelo MAXX4674
Ankazovelona MAXX4675
Ankazovinelo MAXX4676
Ankeliandilana MAXX7697
Ankelidrano MAXX1092
Ankelifaritra MAXX1093
Ankelilahy MAXX7698
Ankelimahavoky MAXX2819
Ankelitokana MAXX1094
Ankenihenibe MAXX1095
Ankeniheny MAXX4677
Ankeniheny MAXX1096
Ankenihony MAXX1097
Ankera MAXX7699
Ankerabe MAXX4678
Ankerabe MAXX7700
Ankerambe MAXX4679
Ankerana MAXX7701
Ankerana MAXX1098
Ankerana MAXX4680
Ankerana Atsimo MAXX1099
Ankerana Sud MAXX1101
Ankerandava MAXX7702
Ankerefo MAXX7703
Ankeribe MAXX1102
Ankerika MAXX0061
Ankerika MAXX2821
Ankerika-Manevy MAXX4681
Ankerikerika MAXX1103
Ankeririana MAXX2822
Ankesihesy MAXX2823
Ankesika MAXX4682
Anketaka MAXX2824
Anketata MAXX2825
Anketrabe MAXX2826
Anketrakabe MAXX2827
Anketrakable MAXX2828
Anketrina MAXX1104
Anketsahely MAXX2829
Anketsihetsy MAXX4683
Ankevaheva MAXX7706
Ankezabe MAXX2830
Ankezaheza MAXX2831
Ankiabe MAXX7707
Ankiabe MAXX2832
Ankiabe-Nord MAXX2833
Ankiabe-Salohy MAXX7708
Ankiadava MAXX7710
Ankiakabe MAXX7711
Ankiakabe MAXX2834
Ankiakabolono MAXX2835
Ankiakahely MAXX2836
Ankiakantely MAXX2837
Ankiakely MAXX2838
Ankialo MAXX4684
Ankianjasoa MAXX1105
Ankibabaky MAXX7712
Ankibory MAXX4685
Ankifafa MAXX1106
Ankifafa MAXX7713
Ankifatry MAXX7714
Ankifio MAXX7715
Ankify MAXX2839
Ankihonala MAXX7716
Ankijabe MAXX2840
Ankijabe MAXX7717
Ankijabe-Ampasy MAXX7718
Ankijahabe MAXX7719
Ankijahana MAXX2841
Ankijamanitra MAXX1107
Ankijambe MAXX1108
Ankijamena MAXX2842
Ankijana MAXX1109
Ankijana Ambony MAXX1110
Ankijanabe MAXX7720
Ankijandava MAXX1112
Ankijandraibako MAXX1113
Ankijandralesa MAXX1114
Ankijaniabo MAXX7721
Ankijanibe MAXX7722
Ankijanifotaka MAXX7723
Ankijanilava MAXX7724
Ankijanimadiro MAXX7725
Ankijanimanga MAXX7726
Ankijanimanjolo MAXX7727
Ankijanimavo MAXX7728
Ankijanimena MAXX7729
Ankijanomby MAXX7730
Ankijapasy MAXX2843
Ankikalava MAXX7731
Ankikika MAXX4686
Ankilahila MAXX7732
Ankilahila MAXX4687
Ankilahila MAXX1115
Ankilahilamamoa MAXX7733
Ankilandilana MAXX7734
Ankilaroy MAXX7735
Ankilatsy MAXX7736
Ankiliabo MAXX7737
Ankilibato MAXX2844
Ankilibetondro MAXX7739
Ankilida MAXX7740
Ankilidahy MAXX7741
Ankilifito MAXX7743
Ankilifolo MAXX7744
Ankilijoria MAXX7745
Ankilimahasoa MAXX7746
Ankilimahavelo MAXX7747
Ankilimanintsy MAXX7748
Ankilimare MAXX7749
Ankilimena MAXX7750
Ankilimiededa MAXX7751
Ankilimihohoky MAXX7752
Ankilimitranga MAXX7753
Ankilindramaneno MAXX7754
Ankiliolio MAXX7755
Ankiliroa MAXX0062
Ankiliromotsy MAXX7756
Ankilisoa MAXX4688
Ankilitelo MAXX7757
Ankilitoka MAXX7758
Ankilivalokely MAXX0063
Ankilivelomy MAXX7759
Ankilizato MAXX7760
Ankily MAXX4689
Ankimadoso MAXX2845
Ankimba MAXX4690
Ankimbanovato MAXX7761
Ankinaka MAXX7762
Ankinana MAXX4691
Ankindresibe MAXX4692
Ankinga MAXX7763
Ankingabe MAXX2846
Ankingabe MAXX7764
Ankingafohy MAXX7765
Ankingameloka MAXX2847
Ankinganivalaka MAXX7767
Ankinganomby MAXX7768
Ankinirambe MAXX2848
Ankinofika MAXX4693
Ankipatry MAXX7769
Ankira MAXX4694
Ankirajiboka MAXX7770
Ankirakanga MAXX7771
Ankirakaraka MAXX7772
Ankiranabo MAXX4695
Ankirembaremba MAXX7773
Ankirihira MAXX7774
Ankirihitra MAXX7775
Ankirijibe MAXX7776
Ankirikirika MAXX2849
Ankirikiry MAXX2850
Ankiringingo MAXX2851
Ankirisimasy MAXX7777
Ankirity MAXX2852
Ankisabe MAXX1116
Ankisabe MAXX7778
Ankisaka MAXX7779
Ankisanga MAXX4696
Ankisatra MAXX1117
Ankisina MAXX4697
Ankisira MAXX4698
Ankisompy MAXX7783
Ankitara MAXX7784
Ankitelov MAXX1118
Ankito MAXX2853
Ankitokazo MAXX2854
Ankitra MAXX7785
Ankitsaka MAXX2855
Ankitsaraimanga MAXX7786
Ankitsikitsika MAXX1119
Ankitsoka MAXX2857
Ankitsopa MAXX2858
Ankivania MAXX2859
Ankivanja MAXX2860
Ankivonjy MAXX7787
Ankizanibe MAXX2861
Ankizeta MAXX4699
Ankizobe MAXX7788
Ankizomantsina MAXX2862
Ankizotoka MAXX1120
Ankoadave MAXX7789
Ankoakabe MAXX7790
Ankoakala MAXX7791
Ankoala MAXX2863
Ankoalabe MAXX2864
Ankoba MAXX7792
Ankoba MAXX2865
Ankobabe MAXX7793
Ankobabe MAXX2866
Ankobahoba MAXX2867
Ankobakobaka MAXX7794
Ankobalava MAXX2868
Ankobalava MAXX7795
Ankobandronina MAXX7796
Ankobohobo MAXX7797
Ankoby MAXX2869
Ankoby MAXX7798
Ankoby I MAXX7799
Ankoby II MAXX7800
Ankoditsokatra MAXX1121
Ankodohodo MAXX7801
Ankodona MAXX1122
Ankofa MAXX4700
Ankofafa MAXX1123
Ankofafa MAXX4701
Ankofafalahy MAXX4702
Ankofafamalemy MAXX4703
Ankofafamovo MAXX4704
Ankofibe MAXX2870
Ankofio Ambony MAXX7802
Ankofomamy MAXX4705
Ankoka MAXX1124
Ankokabe MAXX7803
Ankokaina MAXX1125
Ankokoromby MAXX7804
Ankolika MAXX1126
Ankolitsazo MAXX4706
Ankolitsiza MAXX4707
Ankolovola MAXX7805
Ankomakoma MAXX1127
Ankomamay MAXX2871
Ankomany MAXX0064
Ankonabe MAXX1128
Ankonahona MAXX4708
Ankonaka MAXX1129
Ankondondona MAXX1130
Ankondro MAXX4709
Ankondrokely MAXX1131
Ankondromainty MAXX4710
Ankopy-Panihy MAXX7806
Ankora MAXX2872
Ankorabato MAXX7807
Ankorabe MAXX2873
Ankorabe MAXX7808
Ankorabe MAXX4711
Ankorahely MAXX7809
Ankorahotra MAXX1132
Ankorakabe MAXX7810
Ankoramila MAXX4712
Ankorapaka MAXX1133
Ankorefa MAXX7811
Ankorefo MAXX2874
Ankorera MAXX2875
Ankorika MAXX2876
Ankorikakely MAXX2877
Ankorimpa Ambany MAXX2878
Ankorimpa Atsimo MAXX2879
Ankoririka MAXX7812
Ankoririka MAXX1134
Ankoro MAXX7813
Ankorobe MAXX7814
Ankorohoro MAXX1135
Ankorohoro MAXX7815
Ankorokoto MAXX4713
Ankoromokoty MAXX7816
Ankorona MAXX4714
Ankorona MAXX1136
Ankosibe MAXX7817
Ankosibe MAXX4715
Ankosihosibe MAXX7818
Ankosihosy MAXX2880
Ankosilava MAXX7820
Ankosy MAXX4716
Ankotika MAXX4717
Ankotika MAXX2881
Ankotika MAXX7821
Ankotikana MAXX7822
Ankotoba MAXX2882
Ankotoka MAXX2883
Ankotokomby MAXX7823
Ankotrabe MAXX1137
Ankotrakotraka MAXX7824
Ankotrofotsy MAXX1138
Ankotrofotsy MAXX7825
Ankotroka MAXX1139
Ankotrokotroka MAXX1140
Ankotsaka MAXX1141
Ankotseha MAXX7826
Ankotsika MAXX7827
Ankotsohotso MAXX7828
Ankovanana MAXX2884
Ankovitra MAXX1142
Ankovohova MAXX2885
Ankozany MAXX7829
Ankozomalany MAXX2886
Anlamitsangans MAXX4718
Anlialava MAXX7830
Anoborano MAXX2887
Anolahely MAXX2888
Anolaka MAXX7831
Anolaka MAXX1143
Anolaka MAXX4719
Anolamena MAXX4720
Anomamoa MAXX1144
Anomilevy MAXX7832
Anompaka MAXX7833
Anongibe MAXX4721
Anonoka MAXX1145
Anoramitsipika MAXX4722
Anorana MAXX4723
Anoriakazo MAXX1146
Anoriamira MAXX4724
Anorimbato MAXX7834
Anorombato MAXX4725
Anorombato MAXX7835
Anoronala MAXX2889
Anoronjia MAXX2890
Anorotsangana MAXX2891
Anosiala MAXX1147
Anosiarivo MAXX1148
Anosiarivo MAXX4726
Anosibe MAXX7836
Anosibe MAXX4727
Anosibe MAXX1149
Anosibe-Ifanja MAXX1150
Anosibevary MAXX4728
Anosiboribory MAXX7837
Anosifaka MAXX7838
Anosifeno MAXX4729
Anosifisaka MAXX7839
Anosifito MAXX1152
Anosifito MAXX4730
Anosikabija MAXX7840
Anosikapika MAXX7841
Anosikary MAXX7842
Anosikely MAXX2892
Anosikely MAXX7843
Anosikely MAXX1153
Anosikely MAXX4731
Anosilahy MAXX1154
Anosilava MAXX4732
Anosimalainolona MAXX7844
Anosimanjaka MAXX1155
Anosimarina MAXX1156
Anosimbary MAXX7845
Anosimboahangy MAXX1157
Anosimborona MAXX1158
Anosimiarina MAXX7846
Anosimita MAXX7847
Anosimparihy MAXX4733
Anosimpotaka MAXX7848
Anosindambo MAXX7849
Anosipatrana MAXX1159
Anosiravo MAXX2893
Anosivato MAXX1160
Anosivelo MAXX4734
Anosivola MAXX1161
Anosivolo MAXX4735
Anosivolo MAXX2894
Anosizato MAXX1162
Anosy MAXX4736
Anosy MAXX1163
Anosy Avaratra MAXX1164
Anoviara MAXX2895
Anovihazo MAXX4737
Anovilava MAXX7850
Anovilava Atsimo MAXX7851
Anovilava-Nord MAXX7853
Anovy MAXX1165
Anpopo MAXX2896
Antaboakavalala MAXX7854
Antaboara MAXX4738
Antaboara MAXX7855
Antadinga MAXX4739
Antady MAXX4740
Antafia MAXX7856
Antafiabe MAXX2897
Antafiabe MAXX7857
Antafiamanga MAXX7858
Antafiamantsina MAXX2898
Antafiamazava MAXX2899
Antafiambaro MAXX2900
Antafiambato MAXX7859
Antafiambe MAXX7860
Antafiambe MAXX2901
Antafiambotry MAXX2902
Antafiamilaneva MAXX2903
Antafiamivony MAXX2904
Antafiana MAXX2905
Antafiandakana MAXX2906
Antafiandakana MAXX7861
Antafiangita MAXX7862
Antafianimiadana MAXX7863
Antafiaratsy MAXX7864
Antafindrato MAXX2907
Antafofo MAXX7865
Antafofo MAXX1166
Antafondro MAXX2908
Antafononana MAXX2909
Antafotenina MAXX4741
Antahanahary MAXX7866
Antahandava MAXX7867
Antaimby MAXX7868
Antainaomby MAXX2910
Antakabana MAXX7869
Antakambana MAXX7870
Antakavana MAXX1167
Antakobola MAXX0065
Antakoly MAXX2911
Antakotako MAXX2912
Antalaha MAXX0066
Antalatakely MAXX1168
Antaliby MAXX4742
Antalihy MAXX7871
Antalilava MAXX7872
Antamango MAXX7873
Antambaniharana MAXX4743
Antambato MAXX7874
Antambiazina MAXX1169
Antambiazona MAXX1170
Antambohaivo MAXX4744
Antambohitra MAXX7875
Antamboho MAXX1171
Antamboho MAXX7876
Antambohobe MAXX4745
Antamboholava MAXX4747
Antamboholehibe MAXX4748
Antambohorano MAXX1172
Antambolina MAXX2913
Antambonakana MAXX4750
Antambono MAXX1173
Antambotsona MAXX7877
Antamiana MAXX1174
Antamiana MAXX2915
Antamimarina MAXX1175
Antamotamo MAXX2916
Antamotamo MAXX1176
Antampolo MAXX2917
Antamponala MAXX1177
Antamponingodona MAXX1178
Antanabe MAXX2918
Antanakafe MAXX7878
Antanamahalana MAXX4752
Antanamalaka MAXX7879
Antanamalaza MAXX1179
Antanamanaka MAXX7880
Antanamanakana MAXX2920
Antanamandririna MAXX2921
Antanamandriry MAXX2922
Antanamangotraka MAXX2923
Antanamariazy MAXX2924
Antanamarina MAXX1180
Antanamarina MAXX4753
Antanamarina MAXX2925
Antanamasaja MAXX7882
Antanamay MAXX4754
Antanamazava MAXX2926
Antanambaiavy MAXX7883
Antanambandriry MAXX2927
Antanambao MAXX2928
Antanambao MAXX4755
Antanambao MAXX1181
Antanambaobe MAXX7887
Antanambaohely MAXX2931
Antanambaohely MAXX7888
Antanambazaha MAXX7891
Antanambe MAXX2933
Antanambe MAXX7892
Antanambesaraka MAXX2934
Antanambo MAXX1183
Antanamboay MAXX7894
Antanambola MAXX7895
Antanambonoina MAXX2935
Antanamena MAXX7896
Antanamena MAXX2936
Antanamienjika MAXX7897
Antanamifafy MAXX7898
Antanamiketraka MAXX2937
Antanamiketrara MAXX2938
Antanamiketroma MAXX2939
Antanamisondro MAXX2940
Antanamivomy MAXX2944
Antanamoka MAXX2945
Antananabe MAXX7899
Antananabo MAXX4760
Antananabo MAXX7900
Antananabo MAXX2946
Antananafatra MAXX7901
Antananahaolo MAXX2947
Antananahivo MAXX2948
Antananalo MAXX4761
Antananambo MAXX7902
Antanananivo MAXX7903
Antananarivo MAXX2951
Antananarivo MAXX0002
Antananarivokely MAXX1184
Antananavo MAXX2952
Antanandava MAXX4762
Antanandava MAXX2953
Antanandava MAXX7904
Antanandava II MAXX7905
Antanandavahely MAXX2954
Antanandave MAXX7906
Antanandehibe MAXX1185
Antananitapy MAXX2955
Antananitombo MAXX2956
Antananivo MAXX2957
Antananivo MAXX7907
Antanankambano MAXX4764
Antanankova MAXX7908
Antanankova MAXX2958
Antanankovaka MAXX2959
Antananolofotsy MAXX1186
Antanantanana MAXX7909
Antanantsara MAXX1188
Antanantsara MAXX7910
Antanapotsy MAXX4765
Antanatanamba MAXX7911
Antanatanamirafy MAXX7912
Antanatanana MAXX4766
Antanatsara MAXX1189
Antanatsimanaja MAXX2961
Antanavony MAXX1190
Antandatsy MAXX7913
Antandemoka MAXX4767
Antandrokomby MAXX1191
Antandrokomby MAXX4768
Antandrokomby MAXX7914
Antanetibe MAXX7915
Antanetibe MAXX1192
Antanetibe MAXX4769
Antanetibe Sud MAXX1195
Antanetikely MAXX1196
Antanetilava MAXX1197
Antanetilava MAXX2963
Antanetilehibe MAXX1198
Antanetimatavy MAXX1199
Antanetitelo MAXX1202
Antanety MAXX4770
Antanety MAXX1203
Antanga MAXX7916
Antangerina MAXX7917
Antaniditra MAXX1204
Antaniditra MAXX7918
Antaniditra MAXX4771
Antanifasika MAXX1205
Antanifotsy MAXX7919
Antanifotsy MAXX4772
Antanifotsy MAXX2964
Antanifotsy MAXX1206
Antanihady MAXX4773
Antanijoby MAXX7920
Antanikatsaka MAXX1207
Antanilaondapa MAXX1208
Antanilatsaka MAXX2965
Antanimalandry MAXX2966
Antanimalandy MAXX7921
Antanimandry MAXX2967
Antanimanimo MAXX2968
Antanimarina MAXX1209
Antanimaroroka MAXX4774
Antanimasajy MAXX7922
Antanimasaka MAXX7923
Antanimasaka MAXX1210
Antanimavo MAXX7924
Antanimbanbe MAXX7925
Antanimbarbie MAXX7926
Antanimbaribe MAXX1212
Antanimbaribe MAXX7927
Antanimbaribe MAXX2969
Antanimbaritsara MAXX1213
Antanimbaritsara MAXX7931
Antanimbarive MAXX1214
Antanimbary MAXX7932
Antanimboahangy MAXX1216
Antanimboanjo MAXX1217
Antanimena MAXX7933
Antanimena MAXX1218
Antanimenabe MAXX1219
Antanimenakely MAXX1220
Antanimenalava MAXX7934
Antanimenalava MAXX4775
Antanimiavotra MAXX2971
Antanimietry MAXX1221
Antanimihetry MAXX7935
Antanimihobotsy MAXX7936
Antanimisoroka MAXX4776
Antanimivony MAXX2972
Antanimondbabe MAXX1222
Antanimora MAXX7937
Antanimora MAXX1223
Antanimora MAXX2973
Antanimora MAXX4777
Antaninafaty MAXX7938
Antaninandro MAXX1224
Antaninandro MAXX7939
Antaninarenina MAXX4778
Antanintandro MAXX1225
Antanipaika MAXX7940
Antanipako MAXX7941
Antaniraraka MAXX1226
Antanisaonjo MAXX4779
Antanisitrika MAXX7942
Antanisoa MAXX4780
Antanisoa MAXX1227
Antanitsihomehy MAXX4781
Antanivaky MAXX7943
Antanivany MAXX1228
Antanivelatra MAXX2974
Antanivelo MAXX4782
Antanivelona MAXX4783
Antanivory MAXX2975
Antanjokatafana MAXX2976
Antanjomanga MAXX4784
Antanjombolamena MAXX1229
Antanjona MAXX7944
Antanjonanga MAXX4786
Antanjondava MAXX4787
Antanjonomby MAXX4788
Antantely MAXX7946
Antanteraka MAXX2977
Antanteraka MAXX7947
Antantiloky MAXX7948
Antantsihomehy MAXX4789
Antaolanomby MAXX1230
Antapadolo MAXX2978
Antapandrano MAXX4790
Antapiakely MAXX1231
Antara MAXX4791
Antaramaharivo MAXX4792
Antaramandahila MAXX4793
Antarambakana MAXX4794
Antarambiby MAXX4795
Antarambongo MAXX4796
Antarameloka MAXX7949
Antaramena MAXX4797
Antaramerina MAXX4798
Antaramibe MAXX2979
Antaramihery MAXX4799
Antaranaka MAXX2980
Antaranjaha MAXX4800
Antaratarana MAXX4801
Antaratelo MAXX4802
Antaratra MAXX4803
Antaratsy MAXX4804
Antarazato MAXX1232
Antarazo MAXX1233
Antarehimamy MAXX4805
Antaretra MAXX4806
Antaribao MAXX7950
Antarivoko MAXX2981
Antatama MAXX7951
Antatamokely MAXX1234
Antatatra MAXX7952
Antavalo MAXX4808
Antavia MAXX4809
Antaviandondona MAXX4810
Antavibe MAXX4811
Antavinomby MAXX1235
Antavolo MAXX4812
Antavolotaly MAXX4813
Antavy MAXX4814
Antehiroka MAXX1236
Antelibe MAXX7953
Antelomita MAXX1237
Antelopolo MAXX7954
Antemitra MAXX1238
Antendrorano MAXX1239
Antenetibe MAXX1240
Antenibe MAXX1241
Antenibe MAXX4815
Antenilehibe MAXX4816
Antenimaro MAXX4817
Antenimbe MAXX1242
Antenina MAXX2982
Antenina MAXX4818
Anteninaomby MAXX2983
Antenona MAXX1243
Antentezantany MAXX7955
Antetesompafana MAXX2984
Antetezambato MAXX2985
Antetezampandra MAXX7956
Antetezampolaka MAXX2986
Antetezana MAXX7958
Antetezana MAXX1244
Antetezanambo MAXX2987
Antetezandroto MAXX4819
Antetezavato MAXX7959
Antetikireja MAXX0069
Anteva MAXX4820
Antevabe MAXX7960
Antevamanohy MAXX7961
Antevamena MAXX1245
Antevamena MAXX7962
Antevamena MAXX4821
Antevana MAXX1246
Antevana-Mangoro MAXX7963
Antevatapaka MAXX7964
Anteza MAXX1247
Anteza MAXX4822
Antiakatraka MAXX7965
Antilindakana MAXX4823
Antilongo MAXX7967
Antindra MAXX0070
Antingana MAXX2988
Antobibe MAXX7968
Antobimaromanga MAXX1248
Antobinimadama MAXX7969
Antobinimarovoay MAXX7970
Antoboro MAXX7971
Antobv MAXX1249
Antoby MAXX4824
Antoby MAXX1250
Antoby Nord MAXX1251
Antoby Sud MAXX1252
Antoetra MAXX4825
Antofotona MAXX4826
Antohamaro MAXX2989
Antoho MAXX4827
Antohobe MAXX1253
Antohodrano MAXX2990
Antohomadinika MAXX1254
Antohomaro MAXX2991
Antokazo MAXX7972
Antokila MAXX4828
Antokolava MAXX4829
Antokomaro MAXX1256
Antokonalo MAXX4830
Antokoraritelo MAXX1257
Antokotelo MAXX7973
Antokotoka MAXX1258
Antokotoko MAXX1259
Antokotoko MAXX2992
Antolantelo MAXX2993
Antolohomiady MAXX4831
Antolongo MAXX7974
Antombakatsa MAXX7975
Antombana MAXX2994
Antombodriho MAXX7976
Antombojia MAXX7977
Antombokazo MAXX7978
Antombondria MAXX2995
Antomokamo MAXX2996
Antondabe MAXX4832
Antondidava MAXX4833
Antondotsa MAXX4834
Antondrobe MAXX4835
Antondrotra MAXX4836
Antondrotsy MAXX4837
Antongambata MAXX1260
Antongambato MAXX1261
Antongo MAXX7979
Antongoanaomby MAXX2997
Antongobory MAXX7980
Antongodriha MAXX2998
Antongomaria MAXX2999
Antongomavo MAXX7981
Antongombato MAXX1262
Antongomena MAXX7982
Antongompatatra MAXX3001
Antongondria MAXX7984
Antongonivo MAXX3002
Antongopahitra MAXX3003
Antonibe MAXX1263
Antonibe MAXX0071
Antoniltranolava MAXX7985
Antonimavo MAXX7986
Antonimbaribe MAXX7987
Antonindriana MAXX1264
Antonobitsika MAXX3004
Antonombato MAXX4838
Antorilava MAXX7988
Antorotosy MAXX4839
Antotohaza MAXX4840
Antotohazo MAXX1265
Antotoro MAXX3005
Antotorona MAXX7989
Antovontany MAXX4841
Antovontany MAXX1266
Antranogoaika MAXX7990
Antranohazo MAXX4842
Antranokoaky MAXX7991
Antranokonka MAXX7992
Antranomanevika MAXX7993
Antranomay MAXX1267
Antranomera MAXX4843
Antranondrahila MAXX7994
Antranonkarany MAXX3006
Antranorantsana MAXX7995
Antranotakatra MAXX4844
Antranotakatra MAXX7996
Antranotelo MAXX3007
Antranovato MAXX3008
Antrema MAXX7997
Antrema MAXX3009
Antremahely MAXX7998
Antritrilava MAXX4845
Antrobaka MAXX4846
Antroboka MAXX4847
Antronotakatra MAXX7999
Antsaba MAXX3010
Antsaboaka MAXX8000
Antsabotsy MAXX4848
Antsafy MAXX8001
Antsahabe MAXX1268
Antsahabe MAXX3011
Antsahabe MAXX0072
Antsahabe II MAXX3012
Antsahabehely MAXX3014
Antsahabeminko MAXX8003
Antsahabeorana MAXX3015
Antsahaberaoka MAXX3016
Antsahabiabiaka MAXX1269
Antsahabo MAXX8004
Antsahaborara MAXX3017
Antsahadinta MAXX1270
Antsahafaly MAXX8005
Antsahafary MAXX3018
Antsahafataka MAXX1271
Antsahafilo MAXX1272
Antsahafotsy MAXX3019
Antsahakarany MAXX3020
Antsahakely MAXX1273
Antsahakely MAXX3021
Antsahakilompaha MAXX3022
Antsahalalina MAXX3023
Antsahalana MAXX3024
Antsahalava MAXX3025
Antsahalava MAXX1274
Antsahalavabe MAXX1275
Antsahalavo MAXX3026
Antsahamahamay MAXX8007
Antsahamaina MAXX1276
Antsahamalaza MAXX4849
Antsahamaloto MAXX8008
Antsahamamy MAXX3027
Antsahamamy MAXX8009
Antsahamanara MAXX3028
Antsahamaraloha MAXX8010
Antsahamaroloha MAXX8011
Antsahamaroloha MAXX1277
Antsahambaliha MAXX3029
Antsahambary MAXX8012
Antsahambavy MAXX1278
Antsahambovo MAXX3030
Antsahameloka MAXX8013
Antsahamelokabe MAXX8014
Antsahamena MAXX3031
Antsahamenabe MAXX3032
Antsahameva MAXX8015
Antsahamileka MAXX3033
Antsahamivory MAXX3034
Antsahamolaly MAXX3035
Antsahamorengy MAXX8016
Antsahampanana MAXX8017
Antsahampano MAXX0073
Antsahampingitra MAXX3037
Antsahanakomba MAXX3038
Antsahanandriana MAXX3039
Antsahanandriana MAXX1279
Antsahanapela MAXX4850
Antsahanarivo MAXX1280
Antsahanavony MAXX1281
Antsahandrany MAXX4851
Antsahandrazano MAXX1283
Antsahaniakoho MAXX3040
Antsahanifotsy MAXX8018
Antsahankary MAXX8019
Antsahanonoka MAXX3041
Antsahanoro MAXX3042
Antsahapetaka MAXX1284
Antsahapolisy MAXX3043
Antsaharaingy MAXX3044
Antsaharavina MAXX4852
Antsaharemolotra MAXX4853
Antsahareva MAXX3045
Antsahasoa MAXX1285
Antsahatanteraka MAXX8020
Antsahatanteraka MAXX1286
Antsahatsiroa MAXX1288
Antsahavalany MAXX3046
Antsahavar MAXX3047
Antsahavaribe MAXX3048
Antsahavola MAXX1289
Antsahavory MAXX1290
Antsahavory MAXX4854
Antsahivo MAXX3049
Antsahoana MAXX8021
Antsahomena MAXX3050
Antsahondra MAXX1291
Antsahonjo MAXX8022
Antsahopa MAXX8023
Antsahotompy MAXX3051
Antsahovy MAXX3052
Antsaidoha-Bebao MAXX8024
Antsaka MAXX4855
Antsakabary MAXX8025
Antsakabe MAXX4856
Antsakanala MAXX8026
Antsakanalabe MAXX8027
Antsakanampela MAXX4857
Antsakarivo MAXX1293
Antsakaviro MAXX1294
Antsakay MAXX1295
Antsako MAXX3054
Antsakoa MAXX3055
Antsakoa MAXX4858
Antsakoa MAXX1297
Antsakoa MAXX8029
Antsakoabe MAXX8030
Antsakoabe MAXX0074
Antsakoafaly MAXX8031
Antsakoakely MAXX3057
Antsakoalamoty MAXX8032
Antsakoalava MAXX8033
Antsakoamahity MAXX8034
Antsakoamamy MAXX8035
Antsakoamanera MAXX8036
Antsakoamanondro MAXX3058
Antsakoamaro MAXX8037
Antsakoambe MAXX8038
Antsakoamieva MAXX4859
Antsakoamilaika MAXX8039
Antsakoamileka MAXX8040
Antsakoamirainty MAXX8041
Antsakoana MAXX4860
Antsakoanimanta MAXX4861
Antsakoapita MAXX3060
Antsakoasoa MAXX8043
Antsakoatapaka MAXX8044
Antsakoatelo MAXX8045
Antsakoazato MAXX8046
Antsakoazato MAXX4862
Antsakohakatra MAXX8047
Antsakomboena MAXX3061
Antsakorota MAXX3062
Antsalaka Atsimo MAXX3063
Antsalatsala MAXX8048
Antsalaza MAXX8049
Antsaloana MAXX8050
Antsalonio MAXX8051
Antsalova MAXX8052
Antsalovabe MAXX8053
Antsalovana MAXX8054
Antsamaka MAXX8055
Antsamaky MAXX8056
Antsamala MAXX3064
Antsamala MAXX8057
Antsamalahy MAXX8058
Antsamanara MAXX8059
Antsamangidy MAXX3065
Antsambahara MAXX3066
Antsambalahy MAXX8060
Antsambalahy MAXX3067
Antsambalahy MAXX4863
Antsambaraho MAXX3068
Antsambavy MAXX3069
Antsamby MAXX4864
Antsaminjaza MAXX1298
Antsampandrano MAXX4865
Antsampandrano MAXX1299
Antsampandrano MAXX8061
Antsampanimahazo MAXX3070
Antsampanimahazo MAXX1300
Antsampilay MAXX3071
Antsanany MAXX3072
Antsanatry MAXX1301
Antsandra MAXX3073
Antsandrahana MAXX8062
Antsandrivery MAXX8063
Antsangabe MAXX8064
Antsangabitika MAXX8065
Antsangambato MAXX1302
Antsangambato MAXX8066
Antsangy MAXX4866
Antsanifera MAXX8067
Antsanihira MAXX8068
Antsanompanota MAXX8069
Antsaonjo MAXX3074
Antsaonjo MAXX8070
Antsaonjobe MAXX1303
Antsarahandrano MAXX3075
Antsarahidy MAXX3076
Antsarahonenana MAXX1304
Antsaramitsaka MAXX3077
Antsararano MAXX3078
Antsaravibe MAXX3079
Antsaravy MAXX3080
Antsarazaza MAXX1305
Antsaribe MAXX8071
Antsariboa MAXX3081
Antsariheza MAXX8072
Antsarika MAXX8073
Antsarivary MAXX8074
Antsarona MAXX8075
Antsaronala MAXX8076
Antsaronalabe MAXX8077
Antsaronalahely MAXX8078
Antsary MAXX4867
Antsatrabe MAXX8079
Antsatrabe MAXX3082
Antsatrabevoa MAXX3083
Antsatrabonko MAXX3084
Antsatraha MAXX8080
Antsatrakely MAXX8081
Antsatrakolo MAXX3085
Antsatramalaza MAXX8082
Antsatramidola MAXX8083
Antsatramilaika MAXX3086
Antsatramina MAXX3087
Antsatramira MAXX8084
Antsatrana MAXX1306
Antsatrana MAXX8085
Antsatrana MAXX3088
Antsatrananila MAXX8086
Antsatrankely MAXX8087
Antsatratokana MAXX8088
Antsatsaka MAXX3089
Antsatsaka MAXX8089
Antsatsika MAXX3090
Antsavango MAXX8090
Antsaviny MAXX8091
Antsavoa MAXX4868
Antselibe MAXX8092
Antselitokabe MAXX8093
Antselitokakely MAXX8094
Antsely MAXX1307
Antsely MAXX4869
Antsenavolo MAXX4870
Antsenira MAXX8095
Antsenombilahy MAXX8096
Antseranamaitso MAXX3091
Antseranambidy MAXX3092
Antserasera MAXX3093
Antseratsera MAXX3094
Antsetsindrano MAXX1308
Antseva MAXX1309
Antseva MAXX3095
Antsevabe MAXX1310
Antsevakely MAXX1311
Antsevamikipika MAXX8098
Antseza MAXX8099
Antsiafabositra MAXX8100
Antsiafapiana MAXX3096
Antsiakambony MAXX3097
Antsiamalia MAXX8101
Antsianerena MAXX4871
Antsianitia MAXX8102
Antsiara MAXX4872
Antsiasiaka MAXX3098
Antsiatsiaka MAXX8103
Antsiavangokely MAXX8104
Antsienovana MAXX1312
Antsiery MAXX8105
Antsiety MAXX4873
Antsihara MAXX4874
Antsiho MAXX4875
Antsikafoka MAXX0075
Antsikara MAXX1313
Antsiketraka MAXX8106
Antsikirity MAXX1314
Antsikory MAXX3099
Antsilopy MAXX8107
Antsimalaby MAXX3100
Antsimalota MAXX8108
Antsimiasa MAXX1315
Antsimovondro MAXX3101
Antsinanantsena MAXX1317
Antsindra MAXX4876
Antsindretra MAXX1318
Antsingafy MAXX8109
Antsingikalanoro MAXX8110
Antsingilitoka MAXX8111
Antsingilo MAXX8112
Antsingilo MAXX1319
Antsingilovolo MAXX8113
Antsingimihalo MAXX8114
Antsingirifiry MAXX4877
Antsingitritzy MAXX8115
Antsingy MAXX8116
Antsinjorano MAXX8117
Antsinjovary MAXX8118
Antsiotsio MAXX4878
Antsiparandy MAXX1320
Antsipary MAXX1321
Antsira MAXX8119
Antsira MAXX1322
Antsira MAXX3102
Antsirabary MAXX8120
Antsirabato MAXX3103
Antsirabe MAXX1323
Antsirabe MAXX3104
Antsirabe MAXX8121
Antsirabolo MAXX3106
Antsiradrano MAXX8124
Antsiraka MAXX8125
Antsirakiaky MAXX3107
Antsirakohotra MAXX8126
Antsirambany MAXX1324
Antsiranana MAXX4879
Antsiranana MAXX3108
Antsirandava MAXX8127
Antsirandrano MAXX3109
Antsirandrano MAXX8128
Antsirantany MAXX8129
Antsirasira MAXX1325
Antsirasira MAXX8130
Antsirasira MAXX3110
Antsirasira Sud MAXX8131
Antsiratsira MAXX8133
Antsiravaza MAXX1326
Antsiravondrona MAXX4881
Antsirebika MAXX8134
Antsiridriatra MAXX3111
Antsiriloa MAXX4882
Antsirimbato MAXX8135
Antsiriribe MAXX1327
Antsiriry MAXX8136
Antsiriry MAXX1328
Antsirony MAXX8137
Antsisikala MAXX3112
Antsitabe MAXX8138
Antsitipaha MAXX8139
Antsitoly MAXX8140
Antsivango MAXX8141
Antsiviranina MAXX3113
Antsoa MAXX8142
Antsoa MAXX3114
Antsoabe MAXX8143
Antsoaloka MAXX1329
Antsoantany MAXX1330
Antsoaravavy MAXX4883
Antsoaravy MAXX4884
Antsoavary MAXX4885
Antsofikaolo MAXX4886
Antsofimbato MAXX1331
Antsofitsoha MAXX3116
Antsoha MAXX3117
Antsoha MAXX0076
Antsoha MAXX4887
Antsohatoka MAXX8145
Antsoheribe MAXX8146
Antsoherikely MAXX8147
Antsohermakanga MAXX8148
Antsohiabo MAXX8149
Antsohibe MAXX8150
Antsohiby MAXX3118
Antsohihibe MAXX8151
Antsohihy MAXX3119
Antsohihy MAXX0077
Antsohimbondrona MAXX3120
Antsohy Ambany MAXX3121
Antsohy Ambony MAXX3122
Antsolabato MAXX1332
Antsolola MAXX1333
Antsomaina MAXX4888
Antsombera MAXX3123
Antsomika MAXX8154
Antsompanela MAXX3124
Antsondririny MAXX3125
Antsondrodava MAXX8155
Antsonjo MAXX8156
Antsonoro MAXX3126
Antsoriabe MAXX8157
Antsoriala MAXX1334
Antsoriamena MAXX8158
Antsorilava MAXX3127
Antsorindrabe MAXX1335
Antsorindrana MAXX1336
Antsorita MAXX8159
Antsorokahitra MAXX1337
Antsorokaka MAXX3128
Antsorosoro MAXX8160
Antsorotsoroka MAXX1338
Antsory MAXX8161
Antsosa MAXX4889
Antsosamena MAXX8162
Antsoso MAXX1339
Antsotaha MAXX3129
Apahataovana MAXX1340
Appontement MAXX8163
Araraboara MAXX1341
Ararabohitra MAXX1342
Arendrano MAXX8164
Arindrano MAXX8165
Arisitikolo MAXX1343
Arivonimamo MAXX0078
Arkaraobato MAXX8166
Asabotsy MAXX1344
Asabotsy MAXX4890
Asana MAXX4891
Asanimaro MAXX4892
Asatra MAXX4893
Asorobe MAXX8167
Astanambao MAXX8168
Atahateja MAXX4894
Atako MAXX4895
Atamboho Nord MAXX1345
Atamboposte MAXX3130
Atanetibe MAXX1346
Atangena MAXX8169
Atavola MAXX4896
Atetembato MAXX4897
Atoantrano MAXX1347
Atolampy MAXX1348
Atondritra MAXX4898
Atsamby MAXX4899
Atsandrazo MAXX4900
Atsimondraiketa MAXX1349
Atsinanantsena MAXX1351
Automamandririna MAXX8170
Avarabary MAXX1352
Avarabohitra MAXX1353
Avarabonga MAXX1354
Avaradalana MAXX1355
Avaradilana MAXX8171
Avaradoha MAXX1356
Avaratrakoholahy MAXX1357
Avaratrambolo MAXX1358
Avaratrimanarina MAXX1359
Avaratriniala MAXX1360
Avaratsena MAXX1361
Avidiamato MAXX4901
Ayguebelle MAXX3131
Azahambe MAXX4902
Babay MAXX1362
Babetville-Sakay MAXX1363
Bako MAXX8172
Baly MAXX8173
Bandabe MAXX8174
Bandrakarony MAXX3132
Bandrany MAXX3133
Baraiketa MAXX8175
Basiavato MAXX4903
Beadabo MAXX4904
Beadabo MAXX1365
Beadrisa MAXX1366
Beagoago MAXX8176
Beahitra MAXX1367
Beakanga MAXX1368
Beakanga Sud MAXX1369
Beakondro MAXX4905
Bealama MAXX8177
Bealambona MAXX3134
Bealampona MAXX3135
Bealana MAXX8178
Bealanana MAXX8179
Bealoy MAXX8180
Beamalona MAXX4906
Beamalona MAXX8181
Beamalona MAXX3136
Beambatry MAXX3137
Beambiaty MAXX1370
Beampanga MAXX1371
Beampemba MAXX8182
Beampombo MAXX4907
Beampombo MAXX1372
Beamponga MAXX4908
Beampongikely MAXX3138
Beampongy MAXX3139
Beanamalaho MAXX8183
Beanamalaho MAXX3140
Beanamamy MAXX8184
Beanambalazana MAXX8185
Beanampatsy MAXX8186
Beanana MAXX1373
Beanana MAXX8187
Beanana MAXX4909
Beanantsindra MAXX8188
Beanantsindra MAXX3141
Beanantsindrana MAXX8189
Beanantsindrana MAXX3142
Beanantsonga MAXX4910
Beanatsindrana MAXX8190
Beandrarezina MAXX8191
Beandrarezinkely MAXX8192
Beandrarezona MAXX8193
Beangaka MAXX4911
Beangaty MAXX4912
Beangezoka MAXX8194
Beangivy MAXX3143
Beangona-Ambevy MAXX3144
Beankama MAXX8195
Beankendry MAXX8196
Beankoraka MAXX3146
Beanona MAXX1374
Beantaly MAXX8197
Beantsiva MAXX8198
Bebaboky MAXX8199
Bebada MAXX8200
Bebaka MAXX4913
Bebakoly I MAXX8201
Bebakoly II MAXX8202
Bebandro MAXX1375
Bebany MAXX8203
Bebao MAXX8204
Bebasy MAXX8205
Bebatata MAXX3147
Bebiby MAXX4914
Bebokoy MAXX8206
Bedara MAXX3148
Bedarabe MAXX3149
Bedasy MAXX1376
Bedidy MAXX8207
Bedihy MAXX4915
Bediloha MAXX8208
Bedinga MAXX4916
Bedingadingana MAXX8209
Bedinta MAXX8210
Bedinta MAXX4917
Bedo MAXX8211
Bedoa MAXX8212
Bedokotra MAXX8213
Bedona MAXX4918
Bedory MAXX8214
Befaindona MAXX3150
Befaitsy MAXX0079
Befamata MAXX8215
Befamatra MAXX3151
Befamonty MAXX8216
Befanala MAXX1378
Befandrana MAXX8217
Befandrana MAXX3152
Befandriana MAXX3153
Befanery MAXX8219
Befania MAXX8220
Befaniava MAXX8221
Befanihy MAXX1379
Befanintsika MAXX8223
Befanivona MAXX8224
Befanoro MAXX8225
Befara MAXX8226
Befarafara MAXX3154
Befarara MAXX4919
Befaritra MAXX1380
Befary MAXX4920
Befasy MAXX4921
Befataka MAXX4922
Befatika MAXX8227
Befatora MAXX4923
Befefika MAXX3155
Befelatanana MAXX1381
Befelipatika MAXX8228
Befeno MAXX4924
Befeta MAXX4925
Befiana MAXX3156
Befitsy MAXX4926
Befizera MAXX4927
Befody MAXX4928
Befondro MAXX8229
Befontsy MAXX3157
Befotaka MAXX1382
Befotaka MAXX4929
Befotaka MAXX8230
Befotika MAXX8231
Befotoana MAXX8232
Begana MAXX8233
Begara MAXX8234
Begavo MAXX1383
Begavo MAXX3159
Begiroga MAXX8235
Begisa MAXX8236
Begoavy MAXX4930
Begogo MAXX8237
Begogo MAXX4931
Behara MAXX8238
Behara MAXX4932
Behara MAXX0080
Beharahara MAXX8240
Beharahotry MAXX4933
Beharena MAXX4934
Behasina MAXX3160
Behasina MAXX1384
Behasina MAXX4935
Behatsiaka MAXX3161
Behazafo MAXX8241
Behazomaty MAXX8242
Behefaka MAXX3162
Behelatsy MAXX4936
Behena MAXX4937
Behena MAXX8243
Behenjy MAXX1385
Behevohevo MAXX4938
Behifigera MAXX4939
Behirijy MAXX8244
Behobotsy MAXX8245
Behofika MAXX3163
Behola MAXX8246
Behoraka MAXX8247
Bejabora MAXX8248
Bejahoa MAXX8249
Bejangoa MAXX8250
Bejea MAXX8251
Bejoba MAXX8252
Bejofo MAXX1386
Bejofo MAXX8253
Bejofo MAXX3165
Bejofo-Amparihy MAXX8254
Bejongoro MAXX8255
Bejorery MAXX1387
Bekabary MAXX8256
Bekabija MAXX8257
Bekafe MAXX4940
Bekalalao MAXX8258
Bekalamaka MAXX3166
Bekalila MAXX8259
Bekanoka MAXX4941
Bekapaika MAXX8260
Bekapika MAXX8261
Bekapiky MAXX8262
Bekapila MAXX8263
Bekapirijy MAXX8264
Bekapo MAXX8265
Bekaraba MAXX8266
Bekaraka MAXX8267
Bekaranga Anava MAXX8268
Bekaraoka MAXX4943
Bekarara MAXX8269
Bekaratsaka MAXX8270
Bekaso MAXX8271
Bekatra MAXX4944
Bekatsaka MAXX8272
Bekatsaka MAXX4946
Bekatseko MAXX3167
Bekiava MAXX4947
Bekibany MAXX8273
Bekidio MAXX8274
Bekidony MAXX8275
Bekifafa MAXX8276
Bekifafa Atsimo MAXX4949
Bekijana MAXX4950
Bekijana MAXX1388
Bekijoly MAXX4951
Bekilandy MAXX8277
Bekilanga MAXX4952
Bekimalao MAXX4953
Bekinana MAXX4954
Bekinana MAXX0081
Bekinana Atsimo MAXX4955
Bekinano MAXX4957
Bekinany MAXX4958
Bekindresy MAXX4959
Bekininy MAXX4960
Bekinoly MAXX8278
Bekinoronoro MAXX3168
Bekio MAXX3169
Bekipango MAXX8279
Bekipay MAXX0082
Bekiria MAXX8281
Bekirobo MAXX8282
Bekisopa MAXX4961
Bekitay MAXX1389
Bekitrobaka MAXX8283
Bekizaha MAXX4962
Bekobany MAXX8284
Bekobay MAXX8285
Bekodia MAXX8286
Bekodoka MAXX8287
Bekodoka Atsimo MAXX8288
Bekodony MAXX8290
Bekodroa MAXX4963
Bekofafa MAXX8291
Bekofafa MAXX4964
Bekofata MAXX3170
Bekohoka MAXX8292
Bekoky MAXX8293
Bekolahy MAXX3171
Bekomanga MAXX8294
Bekona MAXX3172
Bekopaka MAXX8295
Bekorafa MAXX8296
Bekoraoky MAXX8297
Bekoratsaka MAXX3173
Bekoratsaka MAXX8298
Bekorohoka MAXX3174
Bekorokaka MAXX8299
Bekotrobaka MAXX1390
Bekotrobaka MAXX8302
Belafiky MAXX8303
Belailay MAXX8304
Belaingodroy MAXX8305
Belakoko MAXX8306
Belalanda MAXX8307
Belalandy MAXX8308
Belalitra MAXX8309
Belalona MAXX3176
Belalona MAXX8310
Belamandy MAXX3177
Belambo MAXX3178
Belambo MAXX4965
Belambo MAXX1391
Belambo MAXX8311
Belamosina MAXX1392
Belamoty MAXX8312
Belamoty MAXX4966
Belampona MAXX3179
Belanitra MAXX1393
Belanona MAXX4967
Belanona MAXX3180
Belantsy MAXX8313
Belaoka MAXX3181
Belaoka Lokoho MAXX3182
Belapa MAXX8314
Belasiray MAXX8315
Belatsaky MAXX8316
Belavabary MAXX8317
Belavanana MAXX8318
Belavenoka MAXX8319
Belavenoka MAXX3183
Belavenoky MAXX8320
Belavenona MAXX1395
Belavenona MAXX8321
Belavenona MAXX4968
Belay MAXX8322
Belazao MAXX1396
Belela MAXX8323
Belemboka MAXX8324
Belemboka MAXX4969