Weather Codes for Libya

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Libya. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abu ar Rish LYXX0805
Abu Ghaylan LYXX0372
Abu Kammash LYXX0712
Abu Nujaym LYXX0773
Abu Qurayn LYXX0774
Abu Salim LYXX0811
Abu Zayyan LYXX0215
Abu `Isa LYXX1012
Abyar as Sababil LYXX0853
Ad Dabdabah LYXX0666
Ad Dafniyah LYXX0507
Ad Danaji LYXX0898
Ad Dawun LYXX0839
Ad Dayasir LYXX0216
Ad Dayr al Abyad LYXX0140
Ad Dirsiyah LYXX0576
Ad Duwaysah LYXX0752
Adh Dhakir LYXX0403
Adh Dhira` LYXX0899
Agar LYXX0753
Ahl al Wadi LYXX0900
Ahqaf ar Ruzat LYXX0345
Ajdabiya LYXX0093
Al Abraq LYXX0346
Al Abyad LYXX0018
Al Abyar LYXX0577
Al Adm LYXX0019
Al Ahrar LYXX0094
Al Asabi`ah LYXX0217
Al Ashhab LYXX0141
Al Ashhab LYXX0404
Al Athrun LYXX0729
Al Badr LYXX0601
Al Bakhabikhah LYXX0218
Al Bakki LYXX0602
Al Barahimah LYXX0901
Al Bayatinah LYXX0902
Al Baydan LYXX0020
Al Bayyadah LYXX0578
Al Birkah LYXX0113
Al Birkah LYXX0304
Al Buhayrah LYXX0903
Al Buhur LYXX0219
Al Buraydhi`ah LYXX0667
Al Burayqah LYXX0095
Al Burdi LYXX0142
Al Fahdiyah LYXX0668
Al Fajir LYXX0730
Al Fatih LYXX0812
Al Fawadil LYXX0904
Al Fawatir LYXX0433
Al Fujayj LYXX0873
Al Fuqar LYXX0874
Al Fuwayhat LYXX0114
Al Ghabi LYXX0905
Al Ghaddarah LYXX0307
Al Ghazzabiyah LYXX0669
Al Ghazzawaniyah LYXX0906
Al Ghiran LYXX0508
Al Ghuraybat LYXX0875
Al Ghurayfah LYXX0876
Al Ghuzayyil LYXX0190
Al Hadari`ah LYXX0775
Al Hadd LYXX0603
Al Hafsiyah LYXX0670
Al Hajarah LYXX0220
Al Halamah LYXX0173
Al Halfawi LYXX0221
Al Halq LYXX0406
Al Hamidiyah LYXX0854
Al Hamrayah LYXX0776
Al Haniyah LYXX0349
Al Hanshir LYXX0813
Al Harabah LYXX0907
Al Hatah LYXX0672
Al Hatiyah LYXX0182
Al Hatiyah LYXX0878
Al Hawamid LYXX0673
Al Hawwari LYXX0421
Al Hayshah LYXX0777
Al Himadah LYXX0308
Al Hiri LYXX0858
Al Hulayq LYXX0407
Al Hurshah LYXX1013
Al Huwayjat LYXX0434
Al Jadid LYXX0749
Al Jaghbub LYXX0021
Al Jashshah LYXX0350
Al Jawahiliyah LYXX0374
Al Jawf LYXX0022
Al Jawsh LYXX0908
Al Ja`afirah LYXX0841
Al Juhaysh LYXX0222
Al Jumayl LYXX0714
Al Jum`ah LYXX0435
Al Kabirah LYXX0715
Al Kararim LYXX0509
Al Karb LYXX0191
Al Karmah LYXX0309
Al Kashalifah LYXX0223
Al Kazuziyah LYXX0911
Al Khazur LYXX0224
Al Khirbah LYXX0674
Al Khums LYXX0437
Al Khurmah LYXX0731
Al Khuwaymat LYXX0422
Al Kufrah LYXX0423
Al Kulaybah LYXX0225
Al Kuwayfiyah LYXX0115
Al Labbah LYXX0859
Al Lamamish LYXX0375
Al La`aqib LYXX0226
Al Mabni LYXX0311
Al Magharibah LYXX0228
Al Maghasil LYXX0438
Al Maghribiyah LYXX0716
Al Magrun LYXX0023
Al Mahjub LYXX0510
Al Mahruqah LYXX0754
Al Majabirah LYXX0675
Al Malaqi LYXX0605
Al Manasir LYXX0229
Al Maqalib LYXX0914
Al Maqarin LYXX0408
Al Maqarin LYXX0116
Al Maqrun LYXX0312
Al Marj LYXX0579
Al Marmutah LYXX0915
Al Martumah LYXX0916
Al Mashashitah LYXX0814
Al Mashwashin LYXX0230
Al Masil LYXX0580
Al Masufiyin LYXX0231
Al Matamir LYXX0606
Al Mawahi LYXX0860
Al Mayah LYXX1015
Al Ma`murah LYXX1014
Al Ma`murah LYXX0913
Al Ma`murah LYXX0227
Al Ma`rifah LYXX0310
Al Milaytaniyah LYXX0581
Al Mudaysisah LYXX0143
Al Mukhayli LYXX0732
Al Muthaylim LYXX0733
Al Mutrad LYXX1016
Al Mu`aqqadah LYXX0192
Al Qabil LYXX0376
Al Qaddahiyah LYXX0778
Al Qadhadhimah LYXX0313
Al Qahasat LYXX0232
Al Qal`ah LYXX0233
Al Qanafidh LYXX0917
Al Qandiyah LYXX0918
Al Qaraya LYXX0880
Al Qardabah LYXX0145
Al Qasabat LYXX0439
Al Qatrun LYXX0607
Al Qawarishah LYXX0117
Al Qawasim LYXX0377
Al Qawati LYXX0234
Al Qayqab LYXX0351
Al Qa`rah LYXX0144
Al Qirtas LYXX0608
Al Qubbah LYXX0734
Al Quradiyin LYXX0235
Al Qurdah LYXX0755
Al Qusayr LYXX0236
Al Qusayr LYXX0919
Al Qusay`ah LYXX0440
Al Waradigh LYXX0920
Al Watyah LYXX0717
Al Wa`irah LYXX0677
Al Wigh LYXX0609
Al Ya`aqib LYXX0237
Al `Adam LYXX0146
Al `Alawinah LYXX0238
Al `Amamirah LYXX0441
Al `Amaridi LYXX0779
Al `Aquriyah LYXX0314
Al `Assah LYXX0718
Al `Ilab LYXX0719
Al `Izziyat LYXX0118
Al `Ubayyat LYXX0239
Al `Ujaylat LYXX0807
Al `Uqaylah LYXX0096
Al `Urban LYXX0378
Al `Urqub LYXX0921
Al `Urubah LYXX0119
Al `Uwaynat LYXX0424
Al `Uwaynat LYXX0305
Amzir LYXX0240
An Nakhlayn LYXX0379
An Naqur LYXX0241
An Nasiriyah LYXX1017
An Nawfaliyah LYXX0780
An Nawwaqiyah LYXX0024
An Nusf LYXX0756
Antalat LYXX0315
Anzu LYXX0242
Aqar LYXX0025
Aqar `Atabah LYXX0610
Ar Rabitah LYXX0243
Ar Raheba LYXX0881
Ar Rajmah LYXX0316
Ar Rajubat LYXX0513
Ar Raqabah LYXX0882
Ar Rayayinah LYXX0922
Ar Rududiyah LYXX0923
Ar Ruhaybat LYXX0924
Ar Rujban LYXX0925
Ar Rumiyah LYXX0926
Ar Rusayfah LYXX0611
Ar Ruwayjil LYXX0678
As Sabiri LYXX0120
As Sabiriyah LYXX1018
As Saddadah LYXX0174
As Safsaf LYXX0352
As Salahat LYXX0244
As Salamat LYXX0927
As Saq`abi LYXX0121
As Sarir LYXX0425
As Sarir LYXX0410
As Sawadinah LYXX0246
As Sawani LYXX0815
As Sawa`idiyah LYXX0380
As Sawdayah LYXX0411
As Sidrah LYXX0928
As Sidrah LYXX0781
As Snudi LYXX0883
As Subaytat LYXX0612
As Sultan LYXX0782
As Sumaytiyah LYXX0679
Asbi`ah LYXX0381
Ash Shabari LYXX0930
Ash Shaqarinah LYXX0247
Ash Shaqqi LYXX0932
Ash Sharaf LYXX0933
Ash Sharsharah LYXX0842
Ash Shawashinah LYXX0861
Ash Shawati LYXX0514
Ash Sha`biniyah LYXX0929
Ash Shiyab LYXX0934
Ash Shi`afiyin LYXX0442
Ash Shi`taf LYXX0248
Ash Shurraf LYXX0862
Ash Shuruf LYXX0443
Ash Shuwayrif LYXX0651
Ashkidah LYXX0026
Ashraf Tmassah LYXX0613
At Taban LYXX0583
At Taj LYXX0027
At Tallab LYXX0426
At Tamimi LYXX0183
At Tanahma LYXX0884
At Taribjah LYXX0317
At Tuwaybiyah LYXX1019
Awbari LYXX0885
Awjilah LYXX0863
Awlad Badr LYXX0935
Awlad Bin Ahmad LYXX0816
Awlad Bin Ya`qub LYXX0250
Awlad Bu Jadid LYXX0936
Awlad Hamad LYXX0937
Awlad Hamid LYXX0938
Awlad Jabir LYXX0939
Awlad Jarbu` LYXX0384
Awlad Khalifah LYXX0251
Awlad Khalifah LYXX0941
Awlad Mahmud LYXX0680
Awlad Mansur LYXX0385
Awlad Mansur LYXX0942
Awlad Mas`ud LYXX0943
Awlad Mudif LYXX0252
Awlad Mushad LYXX0253
Awlad Qalasi LYXX0254
Awlad Rayyan LYXX0944
Awlad Salim LYXX0386
Awlad Sa`id LYXX0255
Awlad Yahya LYXX0946
Awlad Yusuf LYXX0256
Awlad `Abd Allah LYXX0257
Awlad `Ali LYXX0259
Awlad `Ali LYXX0950
Awlad `Atiyah LYXX0951
Awlad `Azzam LYXX0261
Awlad `Inan LYXX0952
Awlad `Isa LYXX0262
Awlad `Isa LYXX0953
Awwal al `Arish LYXX0148
Az Zahir LYXX0263
Az Zamamiqah LYXX0387
Az Zardah LYXX0584
Az Zarqan LYXX0028
Az Zarruq LYXX0515
Az Zawiyah LYXX0149
Az Zaytunah LYXX0029
Az Zighan LYXX0030
Az Zintan LYXX0954
Az Zurqan LYXX0955
Az Zuwaytinah LYXX0097
Az Zuwayyah LYXX0264
Az Zuwayyah LYXX0956
Bab al `Aziziyah LYXX0820
Bab Qarqarish LYXX0817
Bab `Akkarah LYXX0819
Badr LYXX0682
Baldat ad Duwayb LYXX0961
Baldat al `Umyan LYXX0964
Baldat Diqqi LYXX0958
Baldat Jurayjin LYXX0959
Baldat Raqraq LYXX0960
Baldat Tuqtah LYXX0031
Bamba LYXX0184
Bani Walid LYXX0175
Bani Wazir LYXX0265
Bani Yakhlaf LYXX0388
Bani Yakhlif LYXX0389
Baninah LYXX0122
Baqqalah LYXX0966
Barashin LYXX0266
Bardiyah LYXX0032
Barqawi LYXX0033
Barqin LYXX0758
Batn Bu Raghwah LYXX0683
Battah LYXX0585
Bazimah LYXX0427
Benghazi LYXX0011
Bi ash Shawl LYXX0684
Bin Ghashir LYXX0014
Bin Jawwad LYXX0783
Bin Khal LYXX0685
Bin Yahya LYXX0267
Birak LYXX0759
Bishr LYXX0099
Brach LYXX0036
Bu al Ashhar LYXX0822
Bu al Fuhudat LYXX0193
Bu al Mafruq LYXX0318
Bu ath Thamir LYXX0735
Bu Ghaylan LYXX0390
Bu Gheilan LYXX0037
Bu Jabalayn LYXX0969
Bu Maryam LYXX0587
Bu Sittah LYXX0821
Buqayqilah LYXX0686
Burayk LYXX0886
Curni Ebredaa LYXX0615
Cyrene LYXX0353
Dabdab LYXX0038
Daffat ad Dabab LYXX0865
Dahman LYXX0809
Dakakin Hamid LYXX0123
Dannun LYXX0268
Dar al Kish LYXX0124
Daraj LYXX0039
Darnah LYXX0185
Daryanah LYXX0040
Dashrah LYXX0970
Dayr Hamdan LYXX0151
Dirj LYXX0002
Dujal LYXX0042
Dulaym LYXX0616
Dur Bu Zinad LYXX0785
Dushin LYXX0971
Ed Dachla LYXX0043
Emi Madema LYXX0617
Farwah LYXX0721
Farzughah LYXX0588
Fasatah LYXX0688
Faysalan LYXX0269
Funduq al Jahsh LYXX0446
Funduq al `Allus LYXX0447
Funduq Tarbanah LYXX0445
Funqul LYXX0618
Garagara LYXX0887
Garden City LYXX0125
Gawat LYXX0045
Ghadames East LYXX0046
Ghadamis LYXX0003
Ghadduwah LYXX0750
Gharyan LYXX0270
Ghat LYXX0004
Ghawat LYXX0619
Ghawt al Hisan LYXX0589
Ghawt ar Rih LYXX0271
Ghuram LYXX0272
Ghurdat Bu `Umar LYXX0866
Giado LYXX0973
Gialo LYXX0867
Gioda LYXX0050
Habit Bira LYXX0760
Hamrayat Harawah LYXX0790
Haraf al `Awwam LYXX0100
Harqah LYXX0273
Hatiyat Jubnah LYXX0101
Hawsh Barji LYXX0126
Hawsh Warid LYXX0319
Hayy al Andalus LYXX0823
Hijarah LYXX0751
Hishan al `Aryat LYXX0129
Hon LYXX0012
Hulayq LYXX0621
Hummayrah LYXX0622
Hun LYXX0052
Idri LYXX0761
Iner LYXX0975
Jabal Waddan LYXX0793
Jadu LYXX0976
Jakharrah LYXX0868
Jalo LYXX0090
Jammarah LYXX0977
Jandubah LYXX0274
Jannawan LYXX0978
Janzur LYXX0824
Jardas al Ahrar LYXX0591
Jardas al `Abid LYXX0592
Jardinah LYXX0321
Jarmah LYXX0888
Jaruthah LYXX0322
Jikharrah LYXX0869
Kabaw LYXX0690
Kaf Miyas LYXX0354
Kamb al `Ajjaj LYXX0130
Kambut LYXX0053
Kammun LYXX0275
Karsah LYXX0736
Khatt ar Rimth LYXX0870
Khirwa` LYXX0152
Khishan al Budur LYXX0323
Khud at Tazarah LYXX0324
Khulayf LYXX0889
Kiklah LYXX0277
Ki`am LYXX0449
Ki`am LYXX0276
Kufra LYXX0013
Kuhuf Bu Qalbut LYXX0737
Kuhuf Tuhudiyah LYXX0355
Kurkurah LYXX0325
Lamludah LYXX0738
Lawdh Bin `Ayqu LYXX0195
Madinat al Abyar LYXX0055
Madinat Bayad LYXX0153
Madrusah LYXX0624
Maghwah LYXX0625
Majdul LYXX0626
Mansurah LYXX0356
Maradah LYXX0102
Marawah LYXX0357
Marqus LYXX0691
Martubah LYXX0186
Maryan LYXX0278
Marzuq LYXX0056
Masallatah LYXX0450
Masliwah LYXX0871
Massah LYXX0358
Mazra`at Saqil LYXX0452
Mazra`at Titanu LYXX0453
Mazuzah LYXX0653
Ma`bus al Jarad LYXX0413
Ma`fan LYXX0623
Ma`tan as Sarah LYXX0430
Meseguin LYXX0057
Meseqwin LYXX0627
Mintaqat al `Aql LYXX0154
Mintaqat Ghaddu LYXX0979
Mintaqat Jayyash LYXX0980
Miskah LYXX0279
Misquwin LYXX0628
Misratah LYXX0005
Mizdah LYXX0654
Muhayyah LYXX0844
Murzuq LYXX0006
Musa id LYXX0060
Musa`id LYXX0155
Mu`askar Jalu LYXX0825
Nalut LYXX0692
Nasmah LYXX0655
Nazwat Mabruk LYXX0156
Na`imah LYXX0458
Posto Trucchi LYXX0431
Qabilah LYXX0392
Qabilat al Abqar LYXX0395
Qabilat al Khums LYXX0482
Qabilat al Qalil LYXX0484
Qabilat al `Aql LYXX0487
Qabilat as Saqu` LYXX0491
Qabilat Dirsunah LYXX0466
Qabilat Indarah LYXX0467
Qabilat Lawatah LYXX0468
Qabilat Mantar LYXX0518
Qabilat Quba` LYXX0282
Qabilat Salimah LYXX0469
Qabilat Saqin LYXX0283
Qabilat Silin LYXX0471
Qabilat Takut LYXX0693
Qabilat Wadinah LYXX0473
Qabilat Warjin LYXX0984
Qabilat Za`faran LYXX0474
Qadd al Ahmar LYXX0740
Qadd al Ahmar LYXX0158
Qalb al Hawd LYXX0196
Qaminis LYXX0061
Qam`un LYXX0722
Qandulah LYXX0359
Qarar ad Dajaj LYXX0657
Qarar al Baraki LYXX0658
Qardabah LYXX0159
Qarqaf LYXX0762
Qarqaf Lasufah LYXX0763
Qarqarish LYXX0829
Qaryat al Ghawil LYXX0554
Qaryat al Ghut LYXX0555
Qaryat al Karran LYXX0559
Qaryat al Qat` LYXX0996
Qaryat an Nadwah LYXX0997
Qaryat ar Ramlah LYXX0565
Qaryat ar Rus LYXX0567
Qaryat at Tayrah LYXX0163
Qaryat Ballalah LYXX0531
Qaryat Bin Hasan LYXX0495
Qaryat Bishr LYXX0105
Qaryat Dajajirah LYXX0533
Qaryat Hujjajah LYXX0497
Qaryat Isma`il LYXX0535
Qaryat Jital LYXX0988
Qaryat Maqrun LYXX0160
Qaryat Marwan LYXX0288
Qaryat Mazghurah LYXX0989
Qaryat Mazzu LYXX0990
Qaryat Nabukar LYXX0289
Qaryat Nadbas LYXX0991
Qaryat Qararah LYXX0536
Qaryat Qarat LYXX0398
Qaryat Qaryunis LYXX0133
Qaryat Qunfudhah LYXX0134
Qaryat Rufaydah LYXX0540
Qaryat Sawwan LYXX0416
Qaryat Shumaykh LYXX0176
Qaryat Su`ud LYXX0541
Qaryat T LYXX0198
Qaryat `Arifah LYXX0399
Qar` Wada LYXX0197
Qar`at Hajar LYXX0985
Qar`at Mansur LYXX0986
Qasabat Madi LYXX0293
Qasabat `Akkah LYXX0294
Qasbat Dhiyab LYXX0199
Qasr Abu Hadi LYXX0801
Qasr Ahmad LYXX0573
Qasr al Fawqani LYXX0200
Qasr al Hajj LYXX0998
Qasr al Jady LYXX0164
Qasr al `Urayyid LYXX0335
Qasr Barruru LYXX0890
Qasr Bin Ghashir LYXX0831
Qasr Bint Bayyah LYXX0891
Qasr Khiyar LYXX0501
Qasr Khulayf LYXX0062
Qasr Larocu LYXX0892
Qasr Libiya LYXX0361
Qawat LYXX0630
Qayqam LYXX0063
Qirah LYXX0064
Qirdah LYXX0180
Qirnadah LYXX0362
Qirrim LYXX0502
Qurji LYXX0832
Quttah LYXX0764
Quwayjilah LYXX0295
Rashidah LYXX0872
Riqdalin LYXX0724
Sabha LYXX0015
Sabratah LYXX0067
Sadrus LYXX0402
Sahat ad Dirbas LYXX0364
Samnu LYXX0068
Saqa`uha LYXX0203
Sawani Bin Adam LYXX0833
Sawani Fassanu LYXX0663
Sawfajjin LYXX0999
Sawknah LYXX0070
Sayyad LYXX1025
Sciaaua LYXX0204
Shahhat LYXX0365
Shakshuk LYXX1000
Sharaf al Khadim LYXX0206
Shatal al Ghabat LYXX0834
Sidi as Sayd LYXX0847
Sidi at Tahir LYXX0110
Sidi Faraj LYXX0106
Sidi Jibril LYXX0107
Sidi Khalifah LYXX0138
Sidi Mahyus LYXX0597
Sidi Yunis LYXX0108
Sidi `Ali LYXX0893
Sinawin LYXX0207
Sirat Shabban LYXX0336
Suani Ben Adem LYXX0071
Suknah LYXX0417
Sultan LYXX0111
Suluntah LYXX0366
Suluq LYXX0072
Suq ad Dawawidah LYXX0725
Suq al Ahad LYXX0849
Suq al Jum`ah LYXX0850
Suq al Jum`ah LYXX0503
Suq al Jum`ah LYXX0836
Suq al Khamis LYXX0504
Suq al Khamis LYXX0851
Suq al `Ajaj LYXX0165
Suq al `Alaliqah LYXX0810
Suq al `Alaliqah LYXX0726
Suq as Sabt LYXX0837
Surman LYXX1026
Surt LYXX0016
Susah LYXX0367
Tabalut LYXX0296
Tabaqah LYXX0664
Taghmah LYXX0297
Taghrinnah LYXX0298
Tagiura LYXX0857
Taglin LYXX0894
Tajarhi LYXX0631
Takbal LYXX0299
Taknis LYXX0598
Takut LYXX0700
Talat LYXX0701
Tamanhint LYXX0074
Tamazdah LYXX1001
Taminah LYXX0574
Tamzawah LYXX0766
Tamzin LYXX0702
Tandimmirah LYXX0703
Tannushat LYXX0704
Tansulukh LYXX0337
Taqqrutin LYXX0632
Taqrifat LYXX0418
Taraghin LYXX0008
Tarbu LYXX0633
Tardiyah LYXX1002
Tarhuna LYXX0076
Tarkhsayit LYXX0705
Tarmisah LYXX1003
Tarut LYXX0767
Tasawah LYXX0077
Tawafrin LYXX0300
Tazerbo LYXX0091
Tazmarayit LYXX0301
Tfalfalt LYXX0208
Tigi LYXX0706
Tikah LYXX0338
Tin Elchorman LYXX0306
Tinzight LYXX0707
Tirakt LYXX0708
Tmassah LYXX0634
Tmisan LYXX0768
Tobruk LYXX0017
Tripoli LYXX0009
Tubruq LYXX0081
Tuiua LYXX0895
Tukrah LYXX0082
Tunin LYXX0209
Tuosc LYXX0896
Turab al `Ayn LYXX0211
Turab Warimah LYXX0210
Tuskin LYXX0897
Tuwiwi LYXX0635
Tuzugu LYXX0636
Umm al Ahrar LYXX0769
Umm al Aranib LYXX0083
Umm al Hamam LYXX0637
Umm al Haman LYXX0084
Umm al Harmal LYXX0302
Umm al `Abid LYXX0770
Umm al `Adaf LYXX1005
Umm al `Izam LYXX0638
Umm ar Rawahil LYXX0212
Umm ar Rizam LYXX0187
Umm az Zarsan LYXX1006
Umm Saffar LYXX0709
Umm Shuwayshah LYXX0852
Verde LYXX0369
Waddan LYXX0085
Wadi `Utbah LYXX0639
Wanzarik LYXX0771
Wanziraf LYXX1008
Warmas LYXX1009
Waw al Kabir LYXX0640
Wazin LYXX0086
Wifat LYXX1010
Wisadan LYXX0303
Wuriran LYXX0505
Yafran LYXX0092
Zahr al Hallab LYXX0742
Zahr al `Amm LYXX0167
Zahr ash Shaqqah LYXX0168
Zahr Umm Khuwayt LYXX0741
Zahrah LYXX0743
Zahrat al Arqah LYXX0710
Zaltan LYXX0727
Zalwaz LYXX0772
Zawilah LYXX0641
Zawiya LYXX1027
Zawiyat al Habib LYXX0745
Zawiyat at Tart LYXX0747
Zawiyat Bisharah LYXX0744
Zawiyat Masus LYXX0339
Zawiyat Zanzur LYXX0170
Za`rarah LYXX1011
Zighan LYXX0432
Zillah LYXX0419
Zizaw LYXX0642
Zlitan LYXX0089
Zuwarah LYXX0728
`Akramah LYXX0172
`Aqqar LYXX0643
`Araq `Ali LYXX0341
`Atf Sharshuf LYXX0213
`Aww LYXX0214
`Ayn al Ghazaya LYXX0711
`Ayn Marrah LYXX0748
`Ayn Zarah LYXX0838
`Eoj Wahs LYXX0644
`Ilwat at Tumayr LYXX0112
`Umar al Mukhtar LYXX0371
`Uqayb LYXX0420
`Uqdat al `Adhab LYXX0645
`Uwaynat Wanin LYXX0665