Weather Codes for Lesotho

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Lesotho. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abele LTXX0165
Alwyns Kop LTXX0225
Baroaneng LTXX0086
Berea Hills LTXX0028
Berente LTXX0087
Blue Gums LTXX0130
Bokong LTXX0252
Bolepeletsa LTXX0226
Boqate LTXX0166
Brakfontein LTXX0131
Butha-Buthe LTXX0004
Cana LTXX0029
Chere LTXX0088
Corn Exchange LTXX0030
Cutting Camp LTXX0227
Dilli Dilli LTXX0228
Dinkung LTXX0005
Emmaus LTXX0089
Fako LTXX0031
Fort Hartley LTXX0229
Fosi LTXX0167
Foso LTXX0032
George LTXX0033
Ha Makhoroana LTXX0062
Ha Nohana LTXX0132
Ha Nyenye LTXX0063
Ha Senekane LTXX0034
Ha Tsolo LTXX0168
Hangers Drift LTXX0035
Helehehle LTXX0090
Helspoort LTXX0091
Hendriks LTXX0006
Hermon LTXX0092
Hill Top LTXX0244
Hlakametsas LTXX0007
Hleoheng LTXX0064
Hlotse Camp LTXX0065
Hobsons LTXX0036
Jaele LTXX0169
Jonathans LTXX0066
Kala LTXX0008
Kao LTXX0009
Kaphe LTXX0133
Kelechane LTXX0170
Kena LTXX0093
Kepi LTXX0037
Khabos LTXX0067
Khamolane LTXX0171
Khetisas LTXX0068
Khitsane LTXX0134
Khotsi LTXX0038
Khukuhune LTXX0010
Koali LTXX0039
Koeneng LTXX0040
Kokolia LTXX0041
Kolo LTXX0094
Kolonyama LTXX0069
Koro-Koro LTXX0172
Kubung LTXX0230
Kueneng LTXX0042
Laoti LTXX0011
Lejone LTXX0070
Lekhooa LTXX0135
Lekoatsa LTXX0095
Lekokoaneng LTXX0043
Leribe LTXX0071
Lersuelas LTXX0044
Lesobeng LTXX0253
Letseng-la-Terae LTXX0159
Letsie LTXX0096
Letsikas LTXX0012
Leutsoa LTXX0173
Libono LTXX0013
Likhakeng LTXX0097
Likhoele LTXX0098
Likupa LTXX0099
Liphakoeng LTXX0014
Liphateng LTXX0100
Liqhobong LTXX0015
Lirahalibonoe LTXX0174
Litsilong LTXX0045
Lower Qeme LTXX0175
Mabotse LTXX0101
Machekoaneng LTXX0176
Mafeteng LTXX0102
Mahatlanes LTXX0046
Mahlatsas Nek LTXX0047
Mahloenyeng LTXX0177
Mahoeng LTXX0245
Makhaketsa LTXX0072
Makhalanyane LTXX0178
Makhaleng LTXX0179
Makhoas LTXX0073
Makhoathi LTXX0180
Makhunoane LTXX0016
Makojang LTXX0103
Makuaes LTXX0231
Malaleng LTXX0104
Malealea LTXX0105
Malibe LTXX0232
Mamathes LTXX0048
Mankimane LTXX0106
Mantoetsi LTXX0049
Mantsa LTXX0181
Mantsebo LTXX0182
Mantsonyane LTXX0254
Maphutseng LTXX0136
Mapoteng LTXX0050
Mapotu LTXX0107
Maputsoe LTXX0074
Marakabeis LTXX0183
Maseru LTXX0001
Mashai LTXX0255
Masite Nek LTXX0184
Masitise LTXX0233
Massabiella LTXX0185
Mateka LTXX0051
Matela LTXX0186
Mathokoane LTXX0052
Matsaba LTXX0187
Matsaile LTXX0256
Matsieng LTXX0188
Mazenod LTXX0189
Mekaling LTXX0137
Metolong LTXX0190
Mofokas LTXX0191
Mohlafateng LTXX0075
Mohlakoanas LTXX0234
Mohlanapeng LTXX0257
Mohlehli LTXX0108
Moitsupelis LTXX0192
Mojela LTXX0193
Mokema LTXX0194
Mokhalinyane LTXX0195
Mokhathis LTXX0053
Mokhotlong LTXX0160
Mokoeng LTXX0161
Mokomane LTXX0017
Mokonyane LTXX0054
Mokopung LTXX0139
Mokoroane LTXX0140
Molefis LTXX0018
Moletsane LTXX0141
Moletsanes LTXX0055
Moliboeas LTXX0076
Molomos Hoek LTXX0109
Molumong LTXX0162
Monaheng LTXX0110
Monyake LTXX0142
Morameng LTXX0077
Morifi LTXX0143
Morija LTXX0002
Morunyaneng LTXX0111
Mosala LTXX0112
Mosetlas LTXX0235
Motloang LTXX0196
Motsekuoa LTXX0113
Motsie LTXX0144
Mount Moorosi LTXX0236
Moyeni Camp LTXX0237
Mpharane LTXX0145
Mphoto LTXX0197
Mpite LTXX0246
Mpobong LTXX0198
Mutlanyane LTXX0019
Nako LTXX0199
Nthamaha LTXX0146
Nthodimonate LTXX0238
Ntilane LTXX0147
Ntlamas LTXX0056
Ntsane LTXX0200
Ntsi LTXX0201
Numolani LTXX0163
Nyakosoba LTXX0202
Nyane LTXX0258
Old Mohales Hoek LTXX0148
Patrick LTXX0203
Peka LTXX0078
Phafoli LTXX0204
Phamong LTXX0149
Phoofolo LTXX0057
Pitseng LTXX0079
Qaba LTXX0114
Qalaheng LTXX0058
Qamako LTXX0115
Qiloane LTXX0205
Qomoqomong LTXX0239
Quthing LTXX0240
Rafolatsane LTXX0164
Rakotoane LTXX0020
Raleqheka LTXX0206
Ramabanta LTXX0207
Ramabitsa LTXX0208
Ramahleas LTXX0116
Ramapepe LTXX0080
Ramatseliso LTXX0248
Ramosoeu LTXX0117
Ranko LTXX0118
Rasebetsane LTXX0119
Rasekilas LTXX0021
Ratau LTXX0209
Reisi LTXX0120
Ribaneng LTXX0210
Richard LTXX0121
Riet Vlei LTXX0150
Roma LTXX0211
Schoolplaats LTXX0151
Seetsas LTXX0081
Sefikeng LTXX0059
Seforong LTXX0241
Sehlabathebe LTXX0249
Sehonghong LTXX0259
Sekake LTXX0152
Sekoala LTXX0212
Selomas LTXX0022
Sepechele LTXX0122
Sephapos Gate LTXX0153
Serutle LTXX0023
Seshophe LTXX0060
Setleketseng LTXX0213
Seutloali LTXX0061
Sibi Sibi LTXX0154
Siloe LTXX0155
Sinxondo LTXX0242
Tabola LTXX0082
Tajane LTXX0123
Tau LTXX0083
Teba LTXX0156
Teyateyaneng LTXX0003
Thaba Bosigo LTXX0214
Thaba Putsoa LTXX0215
Thaba-Tseka LTXX0260
Thabana Morena LTXX0124
Thabaneng LTXX0125
Thakabannas LTXX0024
Theetsoa LTXX0216
Theko LTXX0217
Thokoa LTXX0084
Tholo LTXX0026
Thulo LTXX0126
Tikoe LTXX0218
Tlalis LTXX0219
Tlhakanelo LTXX0261
Toloane LTXX0220
Tosing LTXX0243
Tsa Kholo LTXX0127
Tsehlo LTXX0221
Tseka LTXX0222
Tsiame LTXX0223
Tsikoane LTXX0085
Tsime LTXX0027
Tsoelike LTXX0250
Tsoloane LTXX0157
Tsupane Gate LTXX0128
Upper Qeme LTXX0224
Van Rooyens Gate LTXX0129
White Hill LTXX0251