Weather Codes for Lebanon

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Lebanon. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aaba LEXX0033
Aabadiye LEXX2442
Aabay LEXX2444
Aabba LEXX4141
Aabbassiye LEXX2012
Aabbouchiye LEXX0034
Aabboud LEXX2445
Aabdilli LEXX0035
Aabdine LEXX0036
Aabeidat LEXX2446
Aabla LEXX1218
Aabra LEXX2013
Aabrine LEXX0037
Aach el Ghorab LEXX1219
Aachach LEXX0038
Aachqout LEXX2447
Aadaisse LEXX4142
Aadchit LEXX4143
Aadchit El Qsair LEXX4144
Aadloun LEXX2014
Aadoui LEXX0039
Aadouiye LEXX0040
Aafsdiq LEXX0041
Aaidmoun LEXX0042
Aaiha LEXX1220
Aaimar LEXX0043
Aaind es Sire LEXX2448
Aaintoura LEXX2449
Aaintourine LEXX0044
Aaita ez Zott LEXX4146
Aaitanit LEXX1221
Aaitit LEXX2015
Aaiyat LEXX0045
Aajaltoun LEXX2450
Aakfor LEXX0046
Aakkar el Aatiqa LEXX0047
Aaley LEXX2451
Aaley ej Jdide LEXX2452
Aalita LEXX2453
Aalma LEXX0048
Aalma ech Chaab LEXX2016
Aalmane LEXX2454
Aalmane LEXX4147
Aalmane ed Daiaa LEXX2455
Aalmat LEXX2456
Aamaret Chalhoub LEXX2457
Aamaret el Bikat LEXX0049
Aammatour LEXX2458
Aammiq LEXX2459
Aammiq LEXX1222
Aamra LEXX4148
Aamra LEXX0050
Aamroussiye LEXX2460
Aamzit LEXX1223
Aana LEXX1224
Aanbal LEXX2461
Aandqet LEXX0051
Aanj en Nahle LEXX2462
Aanjar LEXX1225
Aannaya LEXX2463
Aanout LEXX2464
Aanqoun LEXX2017
Aantouz LEXX0052
Aaouade LEXX0053
Aaoukar LEXX2465
Aaoura LEXX0054
Aaqabet Hairouna LEXX0055
Aaqbet Sebaail LEXX0056
Aaqlain LEXX2466
Aaqline LEXX2467
Aaqtanit LEXX2018
Aarab ej Jall LEXX2020
Aarab el Lizzab LEXX2468
Aarab Jourmnaya LEXX0057
Aarab Salim LEXX4149
Aarab Tabbaya LEXX2019
Aarabe Mersia LEXX2469
Aaraiya LEXX2470
Aaramoun LEXX2471
Aaramta LEXX2021
Aaranta LEXX2472
Aarasta LEXX2473
Aaray LEXX2022
Aarbet Hlali LEXX2474
Aarbet Qouzhaiya LEXX0058
Aarbiya LEXX0061
Aard el Afandi LEXX0062
Aard el Aqraa LEXX4151
Aard el Kharouf LEXX4152
Aard Simsom LEXX4150
Aardane LEXX1226
Aardat LEXX0063
Aarid en Naas LEXX2475
Aarida LEXX0064
Aarjess LEXX0065
Aarnaba LEXX2023
Aarsal LEXX1227
Aartez LEXX0066
Aarzal LEXX2476
Aassaimout LEXX0067
Aassoula LEXX0068
Aassoun LEXX0069
Aatit LEXX2024
Aatrine LEXX2477
Aayoun el Aalaq LEXX2478
Aayoun Orghoush LEXX1228
Aaz el Arab LEXX1229
Aazaq Raiya LEXX0071
Aazibiett Tahta LEXX2025
Aazour LEXX2026
Aazqai LEXX0072
Aazr el Mazraa LEXX2480
Aazr Kfartai LEXX2479
Aazrane LEXX2481
Aazze LEXX4155
Aazzibe LEXX4156
Ablaj LEXX1230
Abou Aafta LEXX0073
Abou Aarmi LEXX4157
Abou Chamaa LEXX4158
Abou Chech LEXX2027
Abou Hachich LEXX0074
Abou Marrouch LEXX0075
Abou Mizane LEXX2482
Abou Qamha LEXX4159
Abou Saad LEXX0076
Abou Samra LEXX0077
Abu Hammad LEXX0078
Achamssiye LEXX2028
Achrafieh LEXX4462
Adleih LEXX1135
Adma LEXX2483
Adma et Defne LEXX2484
Adonis LEXX2485
Afqa LEXX2486
Aichane LEXX0079
Aidamoun LEXX2487
Aidoud LEXX2488
Ailout LEXX2489
Ain Aakrine LEXX0080
Ain Aalaq LEXX2490
Ain Aanoub LEXX2491
Ain Aar LEXX2492
Ain Aarab LEXX4160
Ain Aarab LEXX1231
Ain Aata LEXX1232
Ain Abael LEXX2493
Ain Abou el Lail LEXX2494
Ain Baal LEXX2029
Ain Barq LEXX2495
Ain Blit LEXX2496
Ain Bou Ammar LEXX2497
Ain Bou Chahine LEXX2498
Ain Bourdai LEXX1233
Ain Dara LEXX2499
Ain Drafil LEXX2500
Ain Ebel LEXX4161
Ain ech Chir LEXX2519
Ain ed Dara LEXX2520
Ain ed Debbiye LEXX2521
Ain ed Deir LEXX2522
Ain ed Delb LEXX2032
Ain ed Delbe LEXX2523
Ain ed Djaj LEXX2524
Ain ed Dobb LEXX2525
Ain ed Drata LEXX2526
Ain ej Jaaloul LEXX2527
Ain ej Jdide LEXX2528
Ain ej Jeren LEXX2529
Ain ej Jorn LEXX2530
Ain el Aadas LEXX2531
Ain el Aalaq LEXX2532
Ain el Assad LEXX2533
Ain el Bahsa LEXX0087
Ain el Barde LEXX2534
Ain el Batie LEXX0088
Ain el Batrak LEXX2535
Ain el Blat LEXX0089
Ain el Bounaya LEXX1237
Ain el Fardiss LEXX2536
Ain el Ghmiqa LEXX1238
Ain el Halazoun LEXX2537
Ain el Hanout LEXX2538
Ain el Haour LEXX2539
Ain el Hiloue LEXX2033
Ain el Khanazir LEXX2034
Ain el Kharroube LEXX2540
Ain el Laboue LEXX1239
Ain el Maaisre LEXX2541
Ain el Marj LEXX2542
Ain el Mehnaide LEXX2543
Ain el Mentne LEXX4166
Ain el Mraisse LEXX1136
Ain el Qabou LEXX2544
Ain el Qachouaa LEXX2545
Ain el Qadah LEXX2546
Ain en Nasb LEXX2547
Ain er Raha LEXX0090
Ain er Remmane LEXX2548
Ain er Rihane LEXX2549
Ain er Rihani LEXX2550
Ain er Roummane LEXX2551
Ain es Safsaf LEXX2552
Ain es Saide LEXX2553
Ain es Salib LEXX2554
Ain es Sghairi LEXX2555
Ain es Sihha LEXX2556
Ain es Sikke LEXX2557
Ain es Sindiane LEXX2558
Ain et Tahta LEXX2559
Ain et Tannour LEXX2560
Ain et Tine LEXX2561
Ain et Tine LEXX0091
Ain et Tine LEXX1137
Ain et Toghra LEXX2035
Ain ett Teffaha LEXX2562
Ain ez Zait LEXX0092
Ain ez Zaitoune LEXX2563
Ain Ezzmetr LEXX0081
Ain Faouar LEXX0082
Ain Hala LEXX2501
Ain Horche LEXX1234
Ain Iskandar LEXX0083
Ain Jarfa LEXX4162
Ain Jouaiya LEXX2502
Ain Jrain LEXX2503
Ain Kfaa LEXX2504
Ain Kfar Zabad LEXX1235
Ain Ksour LEXX2505
Ain Majdalaine LEXX2030
Ain Mouaffaq LEXX2506
Ain Najm LEXX2507
Ain Ouarqa LEXX2508
Ain Ouraj LEXX2509
Ain Ouzain LEXX2510
Ain Qana LEXX4163
Ain Qaniye LEXX2511
Ain Qara LEXX2512
Ain Qataya LEXX2513
Ain Qenia LEXX4164
Ain Qlaiaa LEXX2514
Ain Saade LEXX2515
Ain Saoufar LEXX2516
Ain Tanta LEXX4165
Ain Tinta LEXX0085
Ain Trez LEXX2517
Ain Yaaqoub LEXX0086
Ain Zaitoun LEXX2031
Ain Zebde LEXX1236
Ain Zhalta LEXX2518
Ainab LEXX2564
Ainat LEXX2565
Ainata LEXX1241
Ainata LEXX4167
Aintoura LEXX2566
Aita ech Chaab LEXX4168
Aita el Foukhar LEXX1242
Aitaroun LEXX4169
Aitat LEXX2567
Aitou LEXX0093
Akroum LEXX0094
Al Baydah LEXX0095
Al Ghazalah LEXX2568
Al Ghuwayyat LEXX2569
Al Hadath LEXX2570
Al Harah LEXX2571
Al Hirmil LEXX0008
Al Humayrah LEXX0096
Al Judaydah LEXX2572
Al Khirbah LEXX4170
Al Labwa LEXX0009
Al Mahattah LEXX1243
Al Mahmudiyah LEXX2036
Al Makhadah LEXX2573
Al Mallahah LEXX1244
Al Marj LEXX2574
Al Mazra`ah LEXX2575
Al Mraysah LEXX2576
Al Mudawwar LEXX1140
Al Muhaydithah LEXX2577
Al Musaytbah LEXX1141
Al Qantari LEXX1142
Al Qubayyat LEXX0010
Al Rachidine LEXX1143
Al Washwashah LEXX0097
Al Yahoudiye LEXX2578
Al Yahudiyah LEXX2579
Al `Anbari LEXX2580
Al `Arid LEXX4171
Al `Ayn LEXX2581
Al `Ullayqah LEXX0098
Al `Uwaynat LEXX0099
Alayh LEXX0011
Ali en Nahri LEXX1245
Amchit LEXX2582
Amioun LEXX0100
Ammine el Kbire LEXX0101
Amr ed Dine LEXX0102
Amyun LEXX0012
An Nassar LEXX0103
Ana LEXX1246
Anane LEXX2037
Ansariyeh LEXX2038
Antelias LEXX2584
Ar Rawshah LEXX1144
Ar Rayhaniyah LEXX0104
Aradi Chadra LEXX0106
Aramane LEXX1247
Arbaain LEXX0107
Ard Aajjour LEXX0108
Ard Aaouad LEXX0109
Ard Abou Daher LEXX0110
Ard Abou Nakhl LEXX0111
Ard Ain el Khiar LEXX0112
Ard aj Jbab LEXX1263
Ard al Hamrah LEXX1264
Ard as Saouda LEXX1265
Ard Assaa LEXX1250
Ard Beit Fiyad LEXX1251
Ard Beit Hanna LEXX0113
Ard Bou Mouannes LEXX1252
Ard bou Roqaa LEXX2591
Ard Bou Samsam LEXX4172
Ard Bou Torbey LEXX0114
Ard Chikhnaiya LEXX2585
Ard Daraiya LEXX2586
Ard Diab Nasr LEXX0115
Ard ech Chaqaa LEXX2592
Ard ed Dahr LEXX1266
Ard ed Dahra LEXX1267
Ard ed Dirzi LEXX1268
Ard ed Doqor LEXX0117
Ard ed Hahr LEXX2593
Ard ej Jaouze LEXX1269
Ard ej Jedayel LEXX0118
Ard ej Joubb LEXX1270
Ard el Aansabiye LEXX1271
Ard el Aayoun LEXX2594
Ard el Baal LEXX1272
Ard el Baarranis LEXX1273
Ard el Baiyad LEXX0119
Ard el Battikh LEXX0120
Ard el Battikha LEXX0121
Ard el Beghdadi LEXX0122
Ard el Bir LEXX0123
Ard el Efindiye LEXX0124
Ard el Fakhe LEXX1274
Ard el Faouar LEXX2595
Ard el Gharb LEXX0125
Ard el Gharbiye LEXX0126
Ard el Ghouta LEXX0127
Ard el Habat LEXX0128
Ard el Horch LEXX0129
Ard el Houi LEXX0130
Ard el Hssein LEXX0131
Ard el Htame LEXX0132
Ard el Kafer LEXX0133
Ard el Kammoun LEXX1275
Ard el Karm LEXX0134
Ard el Kicheck LEXX1276
Ard el Knaisse LEXX1277
Ard el Kouachra LEXX0135
Ard el Kroum LEXX1278
Ard el Lezzabe LEXX1279
Ard el Maalaf LEXX2596
Ard el Mabrouk LEXX0136
Ard el Marbaa LEXX0137
Ard el May LEXX1280
Ard el Mbaida LEXX0138
Ard el Mchayekh LEXX0139
Ard el Mfazzar LEXX1281
Ard el Mighraq LEXX0140
Ard el Mnaira LEXX1282
Ard el Mrouj LEXX0141
Ard el Mrouj LEXX2597
Ard el Ouadi LEXX0142
Ard el Ouarde LEXX1283
Ard el Qeld LEXX0143
Ard en Nabaa LEXX2598
Ard en Nachache LEXX1284
Ard en Nhaile LEXX2599
Ard en Nqib LEXX1285
Ard er Ram LEXX1286
Ard er Rikbi LEXX2039
Ard er Rouaiss LEXX0144
Ard er Roumiye LEXX2600
Ard es Sabha LEXX0145
Ard es Safra LEXX1287
Ard es Soud LEXX0147
Ard es Souq LEXX1288
Ard Esber LEXX0116
Ard et Tniye LEXX1289
Ard ez Zainiye LEXX1290
Ard ez Zaoura LEXX1291
Ard ez Zoura LEXX1292
Ard Ghorfiya LEXX1253
Ard Hatoun LEXX2587
Ard Kbar LEXX1254
Ard Kettani LEXX2588
Ard Mahmoud LEXX2589
Ard Mtaiyouhane LEXX1257
Ard Ras Baalbek LEXX1259
Ard Taraya LEXX1260
Ard Tarfay LEXX1261
Ard Zaabi LEXX1262
Ard Zaraaya LEXX2590
Arde LEXX0148
Arkey LEXX2040
Arnoun LEXX4173
Arsoun LEXX2601
Arzai LEXX2041
Arzoun LEXX2042
As Safrah LEXX1293
As Sayfi LEXX1145
As Suwaydah LEXX2602
Asdas LEXX0013
Ash Sharshar LEXX2603
Ash Shuwayfat LEXX0001
Aslout LEXX0149
Asnoun LEXX0150
Assia LEXX0151
Assouba LEXX0152
Ayta Al Jabal LEXX4174
Baabda LEXX2604
Baabdat LEXX2605
Baadarane LEXX2606
Baadba LEXX2607
Baajour LEXX2608
Baal en Naame LEXX2609
Baal en Nhairiye LEXX0153
Baalbek LEXX0015
Baalchmay LEXX2610
Baalet Mhanna LEXX1294
Baaloul LEXX1295
Baanqa LEXX0154
Baaouarta LEXX2612
Baaqline LEXX2613
Baaqrit LEXX2614
Baasir LEXX2615
Baassir LEXX2616
Baatara LEXX2617
Baawerta LEXX2618
Baazroun LEXX0155
Bab el Mkhada LEXX1298
Bab en Nabaa LEXX4175
Bab er Rejm LEXX2619
Bab Idriss LEXX1146
Bab Mareaa LEXX1297
Babda LEXX0002
Bachoura LEXX1147
Badbhoun LEXX0156
Badde LEXX2620
Baddouaa LEXX0157
Badine LEXX2621
Bafliye LEXX2043
Bahsas LEXX0158
Baidar Blat LEXX2045
Baidar Dandash LEXX1300
Baidar er Raml LEXX2625
Baidar Mouaidi LEXX2623
Bainnaya LEXX2626
Baissour LEXX2627
Baitariye LEXX0159
Baitsaniye LEXX4176
Bajaa LEXX0160
Bakhaoun LEXX0161
Bakka LEXX1302
Bakkifa LEXX1303
Balaa LEXX0162
Baladiye LEXX0163
Baldah LEXX0164
Balloune LEXX2628
Balouh LEXX2629
Bane LEXX0165
Baqaata LEXX2630
Baqaoun et Tahta LEXX2632
Baraachit LEXX4177
Barbara LEXX0166
Barghoun LEXX0167
Barghoutiye LEXX2046
Barhalyun LEXX0168
Barich LEXX2047
Barja LEXX2633
Barqa LEXX1304
Barr Elias LEXX1305
Barr Iiyas LEXX0017
Barsa LEXX0169
Basbina LEXX0170
Basta el Faouqa LEXX1148
Basta et Tahta LEXX1149
Bater ech Chouf LEXX2634
Batha LEXX2635
Batha LEXX0171
Batha LEXX1306
Batloun LEXX2636
Batoulay LEXX2048
Batrakiye LEXX1150
Batroumine LEXX0172
Batroun LEXX0173
Batta LEXX0174
Bayadat LEXX4178
Bayader LEXX1307
Bayrut (Beirut) LEXX0018
Bayssour LEXX2049
Bayt Hayrah LEXX1308
Bayt Mubarak LEXX1309
Bazaoun LEXX0175
Bazhal LEXX2637
Bazyoun LEXX2638
Bchaale LEXX0176
Bchama LEXX0177
Bchamoun LEXX2639
Bchannine LEXX0178
Bcharre LEXX0179
Bcheaaqab LEXX2640
Bchehhara LEXX0180
Bchellama LEXX2641
Bchennata LEXX0181
Bchetfine LEXX2642
Bchillama LEXX2643
Bchille LEXX2644
Bdaita LEXX1310
Bdebba LEXX0182
Bdedoun LEXX2645
Beaachta LEXX2646
Bebnine LEXX0183
Bechmizzine LEXX0184
Bechouat LEXX1311
Bechtayel LEXX0185
Bechtelida LEXX2647
Bechtoudar LEXX0186
Bedghane LEXX2648
Bedias LEXX2050
Bednayel LEXX0187
Bednayel LEXX1312
Behdaidat LEXX2649
Behinna LEXX1313
Behouaita LEXX0188
Beidar es Saaqa LEXX0189
Bein ed Darbain LEXX2650
Bein el Merjein LEXX1314
Bein en Nhour LEXX2651
Beino LEXX0190
Beiqoun LEXX2652
Beirut LEXX0003
Beit Aabeid LEXX0191
Beit Aallam LEXX1315
Beit Aallaou LEXX1316
Beit Aaoukar LEXX0192
Beit Aatmane LEXX0193
Beit Abou Ishaq LEXX0194
Beit Ali Adraa LEXX0195
Beit Ayoub LEXX0196
Beit Bakkour LEXX0197
Beit Chabab LEXX2653
Beit Chahine LEXX2654
Beit Chama LEXX1317
Beit Chlala LEXX0198
Beit Choulit LEXX0199
Beit Daoud LEXX0200
Beit ech Chaaer LEXX0212
Beit ech Chaar LEXX0213
Beit ech Chaar LEXX2659
Beit ech Chaqif LEXX2051
Beit ed Dine LEXX2660
Beit Eid LEXX2655
Beit el Aarab LEXX0214
Beit el Boumi LEXX2661
Beit el Faqs LEXX0215
Beit el Haj LEXX0216
Beit el Haouch LEXX0217
Beit el Kekko LEXX2662
Beit el Mihdi LEXX2663
Beit et Tachm LEXX1324
Beit et Tfaile LEXX1325
Beit ez Zahle LEXX0218
Beit Habchi LEXX1318
Beit Haouik LEXX0201
Beit Hasna LEXX0202
Beit Hebbaq LEXX2656
Beit Jida LEXX0203
Beit Khlaiyel LEXX0204
Beit Kreide LEXX2657
Beit Lahia LEXX1320
Beit Lif LEXX4179
Beit Mellat LEXX0205
Beit Menzer LEXX0206
Beit Meri LEXX2658
Beit Midlij LEXX1321
Beit Moumne LEXX0207
Beit Qnati LEXX0208
Beit Radouane LEXX0209
Beit Yahoun LEXX4180
Beit Younis LEXX0210
Beit Zakhour LEXX1322
Beit Zoud LEXX0211
Bejje LEXX2664
Bekhaaz LEXX2665
Belle Vue LEXX2666
Beni Haiyane LEXX4181
Benouate LEXX2052
Benouati LEXX2667
Bent Jbail LEXX4182
Bentaael LEXX2668
Ber Qaissa LEXX0220
Berbara LEXX1326
Berhalioun LEXX0221
Berqayel LEXX0222
Bersaissa LEXX2669
Berti LEXX2053
Berzqain LEXX0223
Beskinta LEXX0020
Bestiyat LEXX2054
Bezbina LEXX0224
Bhabbouch LEXX0225
Bhaha LEXX1329
Bhairi LEXX2670
Bhala LEXX2671
Bhamdoun LEXX2672
Bhannine LEXX2055
Bhersaf LEXX2674
Bhouara LEXX2675
Biader Rachaaine LEXX0227
Biaqout LEXX2677
Bihat LEXX2678
Bijdarfil LEXX0228
Bikdaha LEXX2679
Bikfaiya LEXX2680
Billa LEXX0229
Bilone LEXX4183
Biout ed Deir LEXX0230
Biout el Ain LEXX1330
Biout el Kraim LEXX2681
Biout es Sayed LEXX2056
Bir Abbas LEXX1331
Bir Baaous LEXX1332
Bir Btaria LEXX2682
Bir ech Chouhada LEXX2684
Bir ed Daiaa LEXX2685
Bir ed Douaik LEXX2686
Bir el Aabed LEXX2687
Bir el Hait LEXX2688
Bir el Hamam LEXX2057
Bir en Naqaa LEXX4186
Bir es Sanassel LEXX4187
Bir Jouaiz LEXX4184
Bir Msaijed LEXX4185
Bir Qadim LEXX2683
Birket Ehmej LEXX2689
Birket Hjoula LEXX2690
Bisbeel LEXX0231
Bisdaiya LEXX2691
Bisri LEXX2058
Bissariye LEXX2059
Biyad el Meil LEXX0232
Biyout Zabboud LEXX0233
Bkarta LEXX2692
Bkassine LEXX2060
Bkechtine LEXX2693
Bkeftine LEXX0234
Bkhochtai LEXX2694
Bkifa LEXX2695
Bkouna LEXX2696
Bkourkoz LEXX2697
Blaibel LEXX2698
Blaiqa LEXX1334
Blaouza LEXX0235
Blat LEXX2699
Blat LEXX4188
Blatet ej Jamjim LEXX2061
Blida LEXX4189
Bmahrai LEXX2700
Bmakkine LEXX2701
Bmariam LEXX2702
Bmaryamine LEXX2062
Bmehrine LEXX2703
Bnaafoul LEXX2063
Bnabil LEXX2704
Bnahrane LEXX0237
Bnechaai LEXX0238
Bnemchine LEXX2705
Bnita LEXX0239
Bois de Boulogne LEXX2706
Bolhos LEXX2707
Boqaata LEXX2708
Boqaata en Nahr LEXX2709
Boqsmaiya LEXX0240
Borj Al Brajne LEXX2710
Borj Al Chmali LEXX2064
Borj ech Chemali LEXX2067
Borj el Branje LEXX2712
Borj el Mlouk LEXX4190
Borj el Qibli LEXX2068
Borj Hammoud LEXX2711
Borj Qalaouiye LEXX2065
Borj Rahhal LEXX2066
Bosghai LEXX2713
Bou Aali Nasr LEXX1335
Bou Maale LEXX4191
Bou Qammouz LEXX4192
Bou Zaher LEXX1336
Bouab el Haoua LEXX0242
Bouabiye LEXX2714
Bouakh LEXX0243
Bouarej LEXX1337
Bouaydrat LEXX2715
Boudai LEXX1338
Boueida LEXX1339
Boulogne LEXX2716
Bourdine LEXX2717
Bouret es Sire LEXX0244
Bourghliyeh LEXX2069
Bourghos LEXX4193
Bouria LEXX2718
Bourj Hammoud LEXX4464
Bouryane LEXX0245
Bouseet LEXX0246
Bouslaya LEXX2070
Boustane LEXX2071
Boutchai LEXX2719
Boutme LEXX2720
Boutros LEXX2721
Bouzraide LEXX2722
Bqaa Kafra LEXX0248
Bqaa Safrine LEXX0249
Bqaatouta LEXX2723
Bqaiaa LEXX0250
Bqaq ed Dine LEXX2724
Bqarsouna LEXX0251
Bqerzla LEXX0252
Bqorqacha LEXX0253
Bqosta LEXX2072
Brainsa LEXX4194
Braiqaa LEXX4195
Braisse LEXX1340
Bramiye et Tahta LEXX2073
Brarikha LEXX0254
Braya LEXX0255
Brih LEXX2725
Brissat LEXX0256
Britel LEXX1341
Broqta LEXX2726
Broummana LEXX2727
Bsaba LEXX2728
Bsaboua LEXX0257
Bsalim LEXX2729
Bsarma LEXX0258
Bsatine el Aossi LEXX0259
Bserrine LEXX2730
Bsouje LEXX2731
Bsous LEXX2732
Btaaboura LEXX0260
Btaaline LEXX2733
Btalloun LEXX2734
Btater LEXX2735
Btebiat LEXX2736
Btedaai LEXX1342
Bteghrine LEXX2737
Btehline LEXX0261
Btekhnay LEXX2738
Btellaiye LEXX0262
Btermaz LEXX0263
Bterram LEXX0264
Btouratij LEXX0265
Bu `Arab LEXX4196
Bzaita LEXX0266
Bzal LEXX0267
Bzibdine LEXX2739
Bzina LEXX2740
Bziza LEXX0268
Bzoummar LEXX2741
Carfoucherie LEXX2742
Chaab el Hadid LEXX1343
Chaabiye LEXX0269
Chaat LEXX1344
Chabriha LEXX2076
Chabtine LEXX0270
Chadra LEXX0271
Chahahir LEXX2745
Chahhara LEXX2746
Chahour LEXX2077
Chahout LEXX1345
Chahouta LEXX0272
Chahtoul LEXX2747
Chakhna LEXX1346
Chalouta LEXX0273
Chaloutiye LEXX0274
Chamaa LEXX2078
Chamat LEXX2748
Chamsine LEXX2749
Chana LEXX0275
Chanai LEXX2750
Chane LEXX0276
Chaouie LEXX2751
Chaqra LEXX4197
Charba LEXX0277
Charbine LEXX1347
Chareaa el Ain LEXX2755
Chareaa el Hamra LEXX2757
Charoun LEXX2759
Chartoun LEXX2760
Chatila LEXX1153
Chatine LEXX0278
Chbail LEXX2079
Cheaab Ibrahim LEXX1349
Chebaa LEXX4198
Chebrqiye LEXX1350
Chehour LEXX2080
Cheikh Taba LEXX0279
Cheikh Zennad LEXX0280
Cheikhlar LEXX0281
Chekair LEXX4199
Chekka LEXX0282
Chekka el Atiqa LEXX0283
Chemhaarine LEXX2761
Chemlane LEXX2762
Chemlikh LEXX2763
Chemmis LEXX2764
Chenan Aair LEXX2765
Cherine LEXX2766
Chhahhour LEXX2768
Chhim LEXX2769
Chiaab el Moghra LEXX2771
Chiaab el Ouker LEXX1353
Chiaab er Rami LEXX1354
Chiaab Mattar LEXX1351
Chihine LEXX2081
Chikhane LEXX2772
Chikhnaiya LEXX2773
Chir el Asbah LEXX1355
Chir el Bouar LEXX2774
Chir el Mahrouq LEXX0285
Chir el Ouaouiye LEXX0286
Chir Hmairine LEXX0284
Chira LEXX0287
Chiyah LEXX2775
Chkara LEXX2776
Chkeir LEXX2082
Chlifa LEXX1356
Chloumas LEXX2777
Chmis Aarnbaya LEXX2778
Chmistar LEXX1357
Chmout LEXX2779
Chnata LEXX0288
Choaab Bou Jouay LEXX1358
Choaab el Khirbe LEXX1360
Chorm el Aaabd LEXX0289
Chouaab Sila LEXX1361
Chouah LEXX0290
Chouaiya LEXX2780
Chouaiya LEXX4200
Choualiq LEXX2083
Chouane LEXX2781
Chouata LEXX0291
Chouata LEXX2782
Chouit LEXX2783
Choukane LEXX1362
Choukine LEXX4201
Chourit LEXX2784
Chqaif LEXX2785
Chqaiq et Tahta LEXX2786
Chqif Btalloun LEXX2787
Chrabaa LEXX0292
Chrouna LEXX0293
Chtaura LEXX1363
Corail Beach LEXX1154
Daal LEXX0294
Dabadeb LEXX0295
Dabchet es Sahra LEXX4202
Dahr Aaqlain LEXX2790
Dahr Abi Yaghi LEXX0296
Dahr al Ahmar LEXX0021
Dahr al Ballit LEXX1365
Dahr Badris LEXX2792
Dahr Chourane LEXX2084
Dahr ech Chir LEXX2796
Dahr ech Chqif LEXX2797
Dahr ed Douair LEXX2798
Dahr ej Jardaoun LEXX0299
Dahr El Aaqline LEXX2793
Dahr el Ahmar LEXX1366
Dahr el Ain LEXX2799
Dahr el Ain LEXX0300
Dahr el Bacheq LEXX2800
Dahr el Baidar LEXX2801
Dahr el Biara LEXX0301
Dahr el Bir LEXX0302
Dahr el Blayet LEXX1367
Dahr el Borj LEXX2802
Dahr el Ghbar LEXX0303
Dahr el Harf LEXX0304
Dahr el Harf LEXX2803
Dahr el Hmar LEXX2804
Dahr el Hsoun LEXX2805
Dahr el Laissine LEXX0305
Dahr el Marj LEXX2806
Dahr el Mdaqqa LEXX2807
Dahr el Mghara LEXX0306
Dahr el Mghara LEXX2808
Dahr el Mqaisbe LEXX2086
Dahr el Mraij LEXX2809
Dahr el Nessani LEXX1368
Dahr el Qatlab LEXX0307
Dahr el Qattine LEXX2810
Dahr es Safa LEXX0308
Dahr es Saouane LEXX2811
Dahr es Slaiyeb LEXX2812
Dahr es Souane LEXX1369
Dahr ez Zaarour LEXX0309
Dahr Mar Richa LEXX0297
Dahr Sarba LEXX2794
Dahr Sourat LEXX0298
Dalhoun LEXX2813
Damlouk LEXX0310
Daou el Qamar LEXX1371
Daououir el Ain LEXX2088
Daouret el Ksara LEXX1372
Daouret en Naml LEXX1373
Daqqoun LEXX2814
Daqqour LEXX0311
Dar Beachtar LEXX0312
Dar Chmizzine LEXX0313
Dar el Ouassaa LEXX1374
Dar es Saide LEXX2815
Daraaoun LEXX2816
Daraiya LEXX2817
Daraiya LEXX0315
Darb es Sim LEXX2089
Darb es Souq LEXX2090
Dardourit LEXX2818
Darine LEXX0316
Darjet el Qarn LEXX0317
Darl el Fatoua LEXX1155
Darte LEXX2819
Darzaynun LEXX1375
Dayr Mar Yusuf LEXX0318
Dbaiye LEXX2820
Debaal LEXX0319
Debaal LEXX2091
Debel LEXX4204
Dedde LEXX0320
Dehayrjate LEXX4205
Deir Aamar LEXX0321
Deir Aames LEXX2092
Deir Baba LEXX2821
Deir Bassa LEXX0322
Deir Billa LEXX0323
Deir Chamra LEXX2822
Deir Chouah LEXX0324
Deir Dalloum LEXX0325
Deir el Aachayer LEXX1379
Deir el Ahmar LEXX1380
Deir el Ghazaal LEXX1381
Deir el Harf LEXX2826
Deir el Qamar LEXX2827
Deir el Qottara LEXX2828
Deir ez Zahrani LEXX4209
Deir Janine LEXX0326
Deir Khouna LEXX2823
Deir Kifa LEXX2093
Deir Mar Nohra LEXX0327
Deir Mimass LEXX4206
Deir Nbouh LEXX0328
Deir Ntar LEXX4207
Deir Qanoun LEXX2094
Deir Qoubil LEXX2825
Deir Siriane LEXX4208
Deir Tahnich LEXX1377
Deir Tinna LEXX2096
Deir Zenoun LEXX1378
Deirkouche LEXX2829
Dekkane ed Dahr LEXX2830
Delhamiye LEXX1382
Dellafi LEXX1383
Denke LEXX0329
Deqqar Saba LEXX2831
Deraali LEXX2832
Derdghaya LEXX2097
Dfoun LEXX2833
Dhour Beit Aamar LEXX0330
Dhour Broummana LEXX2835
Dibbine LEXX4211
Dik el Mehdi LEXX2838
Dinbou LEXX0331
Diqqar Ghorfine LEXX2839
Diria LEXX0332
Djounie LEXX2840
Dlaibe LEXX2841
Dlal el Baqie LEXX0333
Dlebta LEXX2842
Dmalsa LEXX2843
Dmit ej Jouaniye LEXX2844
Doha LEXX2846
Douair el Hara LEXX2848
Douane LEXX1384
Douane LEXX2849
Douar Bou Nazha LEXX1385
Douar en Njassa LEXX1386
Douma LEXX0334
Douq LEXX0335
Douris LEXX1387
Ebel es Saqi LEXX4212
Ech Chaab LEXX2852
Ech Chaaitiye LEXX2099
Ech Chaaiyer LEXX2853
Ech Chaara LEXX2854
Ech Chabbouq LEXX2855
Ech Chaghour LEXX2856
Ech Chahar LEXX2857
Ech Chahle LEXX2858
Ech Chahout LEXX2859
Ech Chahouta LEXX2100
Ech Chakayer LEXX4213
Ech Chakhroub LEXX2860
Ech Chalout LEXX1388
Ech Chalout LEXX0336
Ech Chalqa LEXX2861
Ech Chalqat LEXX1389
Ech Chambouk LEXX0337
Ech Chamiye LEXX1390
Ech Chamiye LEXX0338
Ech Chandouf LEXX2862
Ech Chaoualiq LEXX2863
Ech Chaoui LEXX2864
Ech Chaouie LEXX2865
Ech Chaouiye LEXX2866
Ech Chaqaa LEXX0339
Ech Charbine LEXX2867
Ech Charfe LEXX2868
Ech Charoui LEXX2869
Ech Charqiye LEXX4214
Ech Chattouh LEXX2870
Ech Cheaab LEXX2871
Ech Chebbaniye LEXX2872
Ech Chehahir LEXX2873
Ech Chehal LEXX2874
Ech Chehara LEXX2875
Ech Chehhar LEXX2876
Ech Chehhara LEXX2877
Ech Cheyiaat LEXX1391
Ech Chfaq LEXX2878
Ech Chibliye LEXX2101
Ech Chihit LEXX1392
Ech Chindabe LEXX2879
Ech Chir LEXX2880
Ech Chiyah LEXX1393
Ech Chkara LEXX0343
Ech Chmaissat LEXX2881
Ech Chmaiyes LEXX2882
Ech Chmaliye LEXX1394
Ech Chmayat LEXX0344
Ech Chmis LEXX0345
Ech Chmis LEXX2883
Ech Chnadif LEXX0346
Ech Chnif LEXX1395
Ech Choaab LEXX1396
Ech Chouaifat LEXX2884
Ech Chouarat LEXX0347
Ech Chouaya LEXX2885
Ech Choueir LEXX2886
Ech Chouf LEXX1397
Ech Choufane LEXX0348
Ech Choumara LEXX2102
Ech Choume LEXX4215
Ech Chqaaiye LEXX0349
Ech Chqaq LEXX1398
Ech Chqif LEXX2887
Ech Chqif LEXX0350
Ech Chraife LEXX2888
Ech Chraoune LEXX1399
Ech Chrek LEXX2889
Ech Chrife LEXX0351
Ech Chtah LEXX0352
Ech Chtalih LEXX2890
Ed Daaouq LEXX2891
Ed Daasse LEXX2892
Ed Dabche LEXX2893
Ed Daghle LEXX4216
Ed Daghle LEXX0355
Ed Daher LEXX0356
Ed Dahr LEXX2894
Ed Dahr LEXX2103
Ed Dahr LEXX0357
Ed Dahra LEXX0358
Ed Dahra LEXX2895
Ed Dahra LEXX2104
Ed Dahrat LEXX1400
Ed Daiaa LEXX2896
Ed Daiaa LEXX1401
Ed Daiaa LEXX0359
Ed Daichouniye LEXX2897
Ed Daidabe LEXX2898
Ed Dakoue LEXX1402
Ed Dalati LEXX0360
Ed Dalhamiye LEXX2899
Ed Dalhastiye LEXX1403
Ed Dallil LEXX2900
Ed Damne LEXX0361
Ed Damour LEXX2901
Ed Daouaouir LEXX2902
Ed Daouaouir LEXX2105
Ed Daoura LEXX0362
Ed Daoura LEXX2106
Ed Daoura LEXX1404
Ed Daoura LEXX2903
Ed Daousse LEXX0363
Ed Daqar LEXX0364
Ed Daqour LEXX0365
Ed Darbouziye LEXX0366
Ed Darje LEXX2904
Ed Darje LEXX1405
Ed Debbagh LEXX0367
Ed Debbagha LEXX0368
Ed Debbiye LEXX2905
Ed Debch LEXX4217
Ed Dekouane LEXX2906
Ed Delb LEXX2907
Ed Delghene LEXX2908
Ed Dellache LEXX2107
Ed Demachqiye LEXX2108
Ed Dghale LEXX0369
Ed Dhaibiye LEXX0370
Ed Dhaira LEXX2109
Ed Dhour LEXX1406
Ed Dikermane LEXX2110
Ed Dilb LEXX0371
Ed Dilki LEXX0372
Ed Dill LEXX0373
Ed Dimane LEXX0374
Ed Dinnaibe LEXX1407
Ed Diqar LEXX0375
Ed Dkarine LEXX2909
Ed Dnaibe LEXX4218
Ed Dohraya LEXX2111
Ed Doqr LEXX0376
Ed Douair LEXX0377
Ed Douair LEXX4219
Ed Douaouir LEXX0378
Ed Douaouir LEXX2112
Ed Douaouiri LEXX1408
Ed Douar LEXX2911
Ed Doueir LEXX2912
Ed Douqa LEXX2913
Ed Dqarine LEXX2914
Ed Drife LEXX0379
Edde LEXX2915
Edde LEXX0380
Eghbe LEXX2916
Eghbet el Faouqa LEXX2917
Eghbet et Tahta LEXX2918
Eghmid LEXX2919
Ehden LEXX0381
Ehmej LEXX2920
Ej Jaailat LEXX2921
Ej Jaayel LEXX2922
EJ Jahliye LEXX2851
Ej Jahlouf LEXX2923
Ej Jalse LEXX0382
Ej Jaouamia LEXX0383
Ej Jaouz LEXX1409
Ej Jaouze LEXX1410
Ej Jarmaq LEXX2113
Ej Jarour LEXX0384
Ej Jazayer LEXX4220
Ej Jazira LEXX4221
Ej Jazire LEXX4222
Ej Jbaib LEXX1411
Ej Jdadiaa LEXX0385
Ej Jdaide LEXX2114
Ej Jdide LEXX0386
Ej Jeddouaa LEXX4223
Ej Jeitqou LEXX1156
Ej Jemmaize LEXX2925
Ej Jendi LEXX0387
Ej Jerbane LEXX2926
Ej Jezire LEXX4224
Ej Jezire LEXX1412
Ej Jibbain LEXX2115
Ej Jimmaize LEXX1157
Ej Jisr LEXX0388
Ej Jiye LEXX2927
Ej Jleiliye LEXX2928
Ej Jmailiye LEXX2929
Ej Jnaine LEXX0389
Ej Joaaor LEXX0390
Ej Jorn LEXX4225
Ej Jorn LEXX0391
Ej Jouaize LEXX2930
Ej Jouaniat LEXX2931
Ej Jouaniyat LEXX1413
Ej Jouaniye LEXX2932
Ej Jouaouir LEXX1414
Ej Jouar LEXX2933
Ej Joubb LEXX0392
Ej Joube LEXX2934
Ej Joura LEXX2935
Ej Jraid LEXX2936
Ej Jreid LEXX2937
Ejbaa LEXX0393
El Aabbara LEXX0394
El Aabbassiye LEXX0395
El Aabboudiye LEXX0396
El Aabde LEXX0397
El Aabri LEXX2938
El Aachari LEXX2939
El Aachire LEXX2940
El Aachqa LEXX0398
El Aadailiye LEXX1415
El Aaddoussiye LEXX2116
El Aadse LEXX2941
El Aaesri LEXX1416
El Aafs LEXX2942
El Aafs LEXX0399
El Aaiara LEXX1417
El Aaichiye LEXX2117
El Aajme LEXX2943
El Aakach LEXX1418
El Aalale LEXX2944
El Aalale LEXX0400
El Aalali LEXX2945
El Aali LEXX2946
El Aallaiqa LEXX0401
El Aallaiqat LEXX0402
El Aallaou LEXX1419
El Aamara LEXX0403
El Aamayer LEXX2118
El Aamayer LEXX0404
El Aamliye LEXX1158
El Aammariye LEXX2947
El Aammouri LEXX1420
El Aamriye LEXX2948
El Aannariye LEXX2949
El Aansiye LEXX2950
El Aaouad LEXX2119
El Aaouaichat LEXX0406
El Aaoude LEXX2120
El Aaoude LEXX0407
El Aaouiq LEXX0408
El Aaouja LEXX1421
El Aaoujane LEXX2951
El Aaoura LEXX4227
El Aaouss LEXX1422
El Aaqabe LEXX2121
El Aaqabe LEXX1423
El Aaqabe LEXX0409
El Aaqabe LEXX2952
El Aaqaibe LEXX2953
El Aaqaide LEXX4228
El Aaqaidiye LEXX2954
El Aaqbe LEXX0410
El Aaqde LEXX2122
El Aaqoura LEXX2956
El Aaqouri LEXX1424
El Aaraar LEXX2957
El Aarabe LEXX0411
El Aarbaniye LEXX2958
El Aarbe LEXX0412
El Aardiye LEXX2960
El Aarich LEXX2961
El Aarid LEXX4229
El Aarid LEXX0413
El Aarida LEXX0414
El Aarja LEXX4230
El Aarme LEXX0415
El Aarqoub LEXX1425
El Aarqoub LEXX2962
El Aasbe LEXX0416
El Aassi LEXX4231
El Aataibe LEXX1426
El Aatchane LEXX2963
El Aayoun LEXX0417
El Aayroun LEXX2965
El Aazaq LEXX2966
El Aazeqa LEXX0418
El Aazi LEXX2967
El Aazibe LEXX4232
El Aazizi LEXX0419
El Aazr LEXX2968
El Aazra LEXX2969
El Aazzouniye LEXX2970
El Abale LEXX4233
El Abdini LEXX2971
El Achrafiye LEXX1159
El Achrafiye LEXX2123
El Ain LEXX1427
El Ain LEXX2972
El Ain LEXX0420
El Ammine LEXX2973
El Anouar LEXX2974
El Ansil LEXX2975
El Antouniye LEXX2976
El Aouaini LEXX2977
El Arani LEXX2978
El Arz LEXX0421
El Ayabi LEXX2979
El Baal LEXX0422
El Baale LEXX1428
El Babliye LEXX2124
El Bachqiye LEXX2980
El Badouani LEXX0423
El Baghdadi LEXX0424
El Baghli LEXX1429
El Bahhara LEXX2981
El Bahra LEXX2982
El Bahsa LEXX2983
El Bahsa LEXX0425
El Bahsass LEXX0426
El Bahsassa LEXX2984
El Bahssa LEXX0427
El Baidar LEXX2985
El Baidar LEXX4234
El Baiyad LEXX4235
El Baiyad LEXX2986
El Baiyada LEXX1430
El Baiyadat LEXX4236
El Baiyara LEXX1431
El Bajjaje LEXX1432
El Balitt LEXX2987
El Ballout LEXX2988
El Ballout LEXX0428
El Balouaa LEXX1433
El Baouchriye LEXX2989
El Baqoul LEXX1434
El Barake LEXX1435
El Barde LEXX0429
El Bared LEXX2990
El Barghach LEXX4237
El Barghach LEXX1436
El Barouk LEXX2991
El Barraniye LEXX2992
El Bass LEXX2125
El Bassa LEXX0430
El Batie LEXX2993
El Battal LEXX2994
El Battikha LEXX1437
El Bayad LEXX2126
El Bayada LEXX0431
El Bayader LEXX2995
El Bayyada LEXX4238
El Bazouriye LEXX2128
El Bebe LEXX2129
El Beddaoui LEXX0432
El Berbara LEXX2996
El Bhaira LEXX0433
El Bhairi LEXX2997
El Bhassis LEXX2998
El Bhiss LEXX2999
El Biad LEXX1438
El Biad LEXX0434
El Biara LEXX0435
El Binnay LEXX3000
El Bire LEXX0436
El Bire LEXX1439
El Birke LEXX0437
El Birke LEXX4239
El Biyad LEXX2130
El Biyad LEXX3002
El Biyad LEXX0438
El Biyada LEXX4240
El Biyada LEXX0439
El Biyada LEXX1440
El Biyara LEXX3004
El Blaita LEXX3005
El Blat LEXX3006
El Blat LEXX0440
El Blata LEXX2132
El Blata LEXX3007
El Bniye LEXX1441
El Boqaa LEXX3008
El Borj LEXX3009
El Borj LEXX0441
El Borj LEXX2133
El Borjein LEXX3010
El Bouaib LEXX3011
El Bouaida LEXX4241
El Bouaidat LEXX2134
El Bouaider LEXX0442
El Boualiaa LEXX1442
El Bouar LEXX3012
El Bouedri LEXX4242
El Bouqaa LEXX4243
El Bourgheliye LEXX2135
El Boustane LEXX0443
El Boustane LEXX3013
El Boustane LEXX1443
El Bouwab LEXX0444
El Braghit LEXX1444
El Braij LEXX3014
El Brak LEXX3015
El Bramiye LEXX2136
El Breij LEXX1445
El Bsatine LEXX3016
El Cabbouchiye LEXX1160
El Eskandaraniye LEXX2137
El Establ LEXX1446
El Faaour LEXX1447
El Fabraka LEXX3017
El Fanar LEXX3018
El Faouar LEXX0445
El Faouar LEXX3019
El Faouara LEXX3020
El Faqaa LEXX1448
El Faqrat LEXX1449
El Farch LEXX3021
El Fardat LEXX0446
El Fardis LEXX4244
El Fasqine LEXX3022
El Fesiqaniye LEXX3023
El Fesqine LEXX3024
El Fethane LEXX3025
El Fidar LEXX3026
El Firdaous LEXX3027
El Fkhaite LEXX3028
El Fkhit LEXX1450
El Forn LEXX3029
El Fouaiqat LEXX2138
El Fouar LEXX0447
El Fourzol LEXX1451
El Fradis LEXX0448
El Fraidis LEXX0449
El Fraidis LEXX3031
El Fraike LEXX3032
El Franje LEXX2139
El Ftah LEXX0450
El Ftahat LEXX0451
El Ftar LEXX3033
El Ftehat LEXX3034
El Ghababit LEXX0452
El Ghabat LEXX3035
El Ghabbatiye LEXX2140
El Ghabbit LEXX3036
El Ghabe LEXX1161
El Ghabe LEXX3037
El Ghabe LEXX1452
El Ghabiye LEXX3038
El Ghaboun LEXX3039
El Ghafar LEXX3040
El Ghaida LEXX3041
El Ghandouriye LEXX3042
El Gharb LEXX0453
El Gharqa LEXX1453
El Gharraqa LEXX0454
El Ghawaya LEXX0455
El Ghazelet LEXX2141
El Ghaziye LEXX2142
El Ghilanat LEXX0456
El Ghine LEXX3043
El Ghmaq LEXX3044
El Ghomq LEXX3045
El Ghouab LEXX3046
El Ghouar LEXX3047
El Hababiye LEXX2143
El Habach LEXX3048
El Habbariye LEXX4245
El Habis LEXX4246
El Hadaya LEXX4247
El Hadet LEXX1455
El Hadidiye LEXX3049
El Haffe LEXX3050
El Hafour LEXX4248
El Haissa LEXX0458
El Hajje LEXX2144
El Hallali LEXX3051
El Halzoun LEXX3052
El Hamamir LEXX1456
El Hamamiyat LEXX2145
El Hamari LEXX1457
El Hammachiye LEXX0459
El Hammarat LEXX0460
El Hamoue LEXX0461
El Hamra LEXX0462
El Hamra LEXX3053
El Hamra LEXX2146
El Haouchriye LEXX0463
El Haouet LEXX0464
El Haoui LEXX1458
El Haoumat LEXX4249
El Haous LEXX4250
El Haouta LEXX2147
El Haouz LEXX1459
El Haqle LEXX3054
El Hara LEXX4251
El Hara LEXX2148
El Hara LEXX1460
El Hara LEXX3055
El Hara LEXX0465
El Haraqine LEXX3056
El Harayeq LEXX1461
El Harf LEXX4139
El Harf LEXX0466
El Harf LEXX2149
El Hariqa LEXX3058
El Hariqa LEXX1462
El Hariqa LEXX4252
El Harqat LEXX1463
El Hartiye LEXX2151
El Hassani LEXX1464
El Hassek LEXX3059
El Hassouane LEXX3060
El Hazmiye LEXX0467
El Hbis LEXX0468
El Hdaini LEXX3061
El Hebbaq LEXX3062
El Hedd LEXX0469
El Hefair LEXX1465
El Heloue LEXX3063
El Hema LEXX2152
El Hemi LEXX3064
El Hemmar LEXX1466
El Henniye LEXX2153
El Heqr LEXX0470
El Heri LEXX0471
El Hermel LEXX1467
El Hesniye LEXX0472
El Hfire LEXX3065
El Hichi LEXX0473
El Hima LEXX4253
El Hima LEXX3066
El Himi LEXX3067
El Hirzmane LEXX0474
El Hlaliye LEXX3068
El Hlaliye LEXX2154
El Hmaichiye LEXX0475
El Hmaira LEXX0476
El Hmairi LEXX4254
El Hmassiyat LEXX3069
El Hnoud LEXX0477
El Homr LEXX0478
El Homsiye LEXX2155
El Horch LEXX0479
El Hosn LEXX0480
El Hosn LEXX4255
El Houaich LEXX0481
El Houair LEXX3070
El Houaq LEXX1468
El Houar LEXX1469
El Houdiye LEXX3071
El Houe LEXX4256
El Houraniye LEXX2156
El Houriyi LEXX0482
El Hourriye LEXX0483
El Hraifat LEXX3072
El Hraiqa LEXX3073
El Hrayeq LEXX0484
El Hrazmine LEXX3074
El Hriq LEXX3075
El Hriq LEXX0485
El Hriqa LEXX3076
El Hsaine LEXX3077
El Hsar LEXX3078
El Hsoun LEXX3079
El Izaa LEXX1162
El Izziye LEXX2157
El Jaayel LEXX3080
El Jaouzal LEXX1470
El Jouar LEXX1471
El Joubaniye LEXX1472
El Joura LEXX3081
El Jraid LEXX3082
El Kadaabe LEXX1473
El Kaddabat LEXX0486
El Kaf LEXX3083
El Kafr LEXX3084
El Kahlouniye LEXX3085
El Kaoualek LEXX2158
El Karak LEXX1474
El Karantina LEXX1163
El Karass LEXX2159
El Karm LEXX0487
El Karnich LEXX0488
El Kehaile LEXX0489
El Kerdi LEXX0490
El Kfour LEXX3086
El Kfour LEXX4257
El Khabi LEXX4258
El Khachaa LEXX1475
El Khadra LEXX0491
El Khaldiye LEXX0492
El Khalel LEXX3087
El Khalle LEXX3088
El Khalouat LEXX3089
El Khanadeq LEXX2160
El Khanadeq LEXX3090
El Khanouq LEXX3091
El Kharayeb LEXX3092
El Kharayeb LEXX2161
El Kharayeb LEXX0493
El Kharayeb LEXX1476
El Kharbe LEXX3093
El Kharje LEXX3094
El Kharroub LEXX0494
El Khattabiyat LEXX0495
El Khawabi LEXX4259
El Khdaira LEXX3095
El Khechach LEXX4260
El Khenchara LEXX3096
El Kherbe LEXX3097
El Khiam LEXX3098
El Khiara LEXX1477
El Khiche LEXX2162
El Khirbe LEXX0496
El Khirbe LEXX2163
El Khiyam LEXX4261
El Khiyat LEXX3099
El Khochm LEXX2164
El Khodr LEXX1478
El Khouakh LEXX1479
El Khouziye LEXX3100
El Khraibe LEXX4262
El Khraibe LEXX2165
El Khraibe LEXX3101
El Khraibe LEXX1480
El Khraize LEXX0497
El Khrayeb LEXX3102
El Khzama LEXX2166
El Kirsi LEXX0498
El Kleile LEXX2167
El Knaisse LEXX3103
El Kneisse LEXX3104
El Kneisse LEXX0499
El Knisse LEXX0500
El Kouachra LEXX0501
El Kouakh LEXX3105
El Krahne LEXX0502
El Kroum LEXX1481
El Ksar LEXX3106
El Ksar LEXX4263
El Ksar LEXX0503
El Ksara LEXX0504
El Ksara LEXX2168
El Ksayer LEXX3107
El Ksif LEXX4264
El Ksir LEXX0505
El Ktaife LEXX4265
El Lahbiye LEXX3108
El Lajini LEXX0506
El Laouze LEXX1482
El Laqlouq LEXX3109
El Louaize LEXX2169
El Loubie LEXX2170
El Lzaq LEXX2171
El Maabir LEXX0507
El Maabir LEXX3111
El Maabour LEXX3112
El Maabour LEXX1483
El Maadene LEXX3113
El Maadle LEXX3114
El Maaisra LEXX3115
El Maaisra LEXX1484
El Maaiziye LEXX0508
El Maalliye LEXX2172
El Maamariye LEXX2173
El Maamelteine LEXX3116
El Maaniye LEXX3117
El Maarad LEXX1164
El Maarras LEXX2174
El Maasser LEXX1485
El Mabhsa LEXX3118
El Mabrak LEXX3119
El Machamech LEXX0509
El Machareaa LEXX3120
El Machgharani LEXX4266
El Machhat LEXX3121
El Machnaqa LEXX3122
El Machraa LEXX3123
El Machrah LEXX3124
El Madfoun LEXX3125
El Madqour LEXX0510
El Maghariq LEXX4267
El Maghraqa LEXX3126
El Mahatta LEXX3127
El Mahmara LEXX3128
El Mahmoudiye LEXX2175
El Mahrouqa LEXX3129
El Mahrouqat LEXX1486
El Mahsara LEXX1487
El Maibiaa LEXX3130
El Maiyr LEXX3131
El Majdal LEXX0511
El Majdel LEXX0512
El Majidiye LEXX1165
El Majidiye LEXX4268
El Majzoub LEXX3132
El Malkiye LEXX2176
El Malloul LEXX1488
El Malloul LEXX0513
El Malloule LEXX0514
El Mamboukh LEXX3133
El Mamlaha LEXX4269
El Manaqaa LEXX2177
El Manaqaa LEXX1489
El Manazil LEXX3134
El Manqaa LEXX1490
El Manqalbe LEXX3135
El Manqle LEXX0515
El Mansoura LEXX2178
El Mansouri LEXX2179
El Mansouriye LEXX3136
El Mansouriyet LEXX3137
El Mantara LEXX3138
El Mantra LEXX3139
El Manzale LEXX3140
El Manzale LEXX0516
El Manzale LEXX4270
El Manzle LEXX0517
El Manzle LEXX3141
El Maouaber LEXX4271
El Maouchi LEXX3142
El Maqam LEXX1492
El Maqassed LEXX1493
El Maqassed LEXX1166
El Maqial LEXX3143
El Maqr LEXX1494
El Maqsabe LEXX0518
El Maqsaf LEXX2180
El Maqtle LEXX3144
El Maqtouaa LEXX0519
El Marbaa LEXX1495
El Mared LEXX1496
El Margha LEXX3145
El Marj LEXX2181
El Marj LEXX0520
El Marj LEXX3146
El Marj LEXX1497
El Marje LEXX1498
El Marje LEXX3147
El Marji LEXX3148
El Markaz LEXX0521
El Marmagh LEXX1499
El Marmagha LEXX1500
El Marmah LEXX3149
El Masbak LEXX0522
El Maslakh LEXX1167
El Maslakh LEXX0523
El Masloukh LEXX3151
El Masnaa LEXX1501
El Masqa LEXX3152
El Masrab LEXX3153
El Massaoudiye LEXX0524
El Massar LEXX3154
El Massara LEXX3155
El Massayet LEXX0525
El Massiaf LEXX3156
El Matlaq LEXX0526
El Matmoura LEXX2183
El Matrache LEXX3157
El Matyara LEXX3158
El Mayadine LEXX0527
El Mayas LEXX4272
El Mayle LEXX3159
El Mazabil LEXX2184
El Mazlaqa LEXX1502
El Mazraa LEXX3160
El Mazraa LEXX1168
El Mazraa LEXX0528
El Mazraah LEXX0529
El Mbachrat LEXX4273
El Mbar Kiye LEXX0530
El Mchaa LEXX3161
El Mcheriaa LEXX1504
El Mchete LEXX3162
El Mdairej LEXX3163
El Mdaouar LEXX4274
El Mdaouar LEXX3164
El Meaaoul LEXX3165
El Mechabbar LEXX1505
El Mecherfe LEXX3166
El Mechmaiha LEXX3167
El Mechref LEXX3168
El Meghraiqa LEXX3169
El Meghraq LEXX0532
El Meidane LEXX4275
El Meil LEXX0533
El Mejdel LEXX3170
El Melha LEXX0534
El Melkiye LEXX0535
El Mellaha LEXX3171
El Menchar LEXX1506
El Mentni LEXX4276
El Merh LEXX3172
El Meri LEXX4277
El Merouaniye LEXX2185
El Mghairi LEXX3173
El Mghairiye LEXX3174
El Mghaissel LEXX3175
El Mghar LEXX3176
El Mghariq LEXX2186
El Mghiti LEXX3177
El Mhafir LEXX3178
El Mhaidli LEXX3179
El Mhaidthe LEXX1507
El Mhammara LEXX0536
El Mhanbar LEXX4278
El Mhatta LEXX1508
El Midane LEXX3180
El Midane LEXX1509
El Midane LEXX2187
El Midane LEXX0537
El Mihti LEXX0538
El Millaha LEXX1510
El Mina LEXX0539
El Mina LEXX3181
El Minchiye LEXX2188
El Minie LEXX0540
El Miyasse LEXX3182
El Mjadel LEXX2189
El Mjaidli LEXX0541
El Mkaides LEXX3183
El Mkasrat LEXX4279
El Mlazeq LEXX2190
El Mnaitra LEXX3184
El Mnazil LEXX3185
El Mochiah LEXX1511
El Mogheiri LEXX3186
El Moghraq LEXX0542
El Moqraq LEXX1512
El Mouaail LEXX3187
El Moufi LEXX1513
El Moughraiqa LEXX3188
El Moukhada LEXX3189
El Moukhtara LEXX3190
El Mounse LEXX0543
El Mounsef LEXX3191
El Mountazah LEXX3192
El Mqaleaa LEXX1514
El Mrabbaa LEXX3193
El Mradiye LEXX3194
El Mradsine LEXX3195
El Mrah LEXX3196
El Mrahat LEXX3197
El Mraij LEXX1515
El Mraij LEXX4280
El Mraijat LEXX3198
El Mraijat LEXX1516
El Mraije LEXX3199
El Mraiqsa LEXX1517
El Mraji LEXX0544
El Mreij LEXX0545
El Mreijat LEXX0546
El Mrouj LEXX3200
El Mrouj LEXX2191
El Mrouj LEXX0547
El Msahle LEXX3201
El Msaibek LEXX3202
El Msaijed LEXX3203
El Msaiqa LEXX3204
El Msaitbe LEXX1169
El Msaitbe LEXX3205
El Msayed LEXX3206
El Mtaihne LEXX4282
El Mtaile LEXX3207
El Mtaileb LEXX3208
El Mtain LEXX3209
El Mtairiye LEXX2192
El Mtait LEXX4283
El Mtajer LEXX0548
El Mtalle LEXX0549
El Mtarih LEXX4284
El Mtoll LEXX4285
El Mtolle LEXX3210
El Mzahlaq LEXX4286
El Mzairaa LEXX3211
El Mzaiyani LEXX1518
El Mzariaa LEXX0550
El Mzarib LEXX3212
El Ouaar LEXX1519
El Ouadi LEXX0551
El Ouadi LEXX3213
El Ouaqf LEXX2193
El Ouaqf LEXX1520
El Ouardani LEXX2194
El Ouardaniye LEXX3214
El Ouardiye LEXX2195
El Ouardiye LEXX1170
El Ouassaa LEXX1521
El Ouata LEXX2196
El Ouata LEXX1171
El Ouata LEXX3215
El Ouataya LEXX0553
El Ouati LEXX0554
El Ouatie LEXX0555
El Ouazazir LEXX1522
El Ouazzane LEXX4287
El Oueinate LEXX3216
El Ouestani LEXX1523
El Oukarat LEXX0556
El Ouraite LEXX3217
El Ouzaai LEXX3218
El Qaa LEXX1524
El Qaaqiye LEXX1525
El Qaaqour LEXX3219
El Qabaa LEXX0557
El Qabaa LEXX2197
El Qabbout LEXX3220
El Qabou LEXX0558
El Qacha LEXX3221
El Qachaya LEXX3222
El Qachoua LEXX3223
El Qachouiye LEXX0559
El Qadriye LEXX0560
El Qaissariye LEXX3224
El Qalaa LEXX2198
El Qalaa LEXX0561
El Qalaa LEXX3225
El Qalaat LEXX3226
El Qalamoun LEXX0562
El Qammouaa LEXX3227
El Qamouaa LEXX3228
El Qanater LEXX3229
El Qanaye LEXX2199
El Qanazih LEXX3230
El Qantara LEXX0563
El Qaraaoun LEXX1526
El Qarn LEXX3231
El Qarn LEXX0564
El Qaroura LEXX0565
El Qarqfi LEXX3232
El Qarqouf LEXX3233
El Qarqoufe LEXX3234
El Qarye LEXX0566
El Qasr LEXX3235
El Qasr LEXX1527
El Qass LEXX3236
El Qass LEXX0567
El Qataa LEXX1528
El Qatai LEXX2200
El Qatatir LEXX0568
El Qatayeaa LEXX3237
El Qateaa LEXX3238
El Qateaa LEXX0569
El Qatia LEXX0570
El Qatiaa LEXX3239
El Qatiaa LEXX1529
El Qatlabe LEXX0571
El Qatr LEXX0572
El Qatrani LEXX2201
El Qattara LEXX3240
El Qattine LEXX3241
El Qbaiyat LEXX1172
El Qbaybe LEXX4288
El Qerrami LEXX1530
El Qfas LEXX1531
El Qhaf LEXX3242
El Qiddemiye LEXX3243
El Qinnaabe LEXX1532
El Qlaiaa LEXX4289
El Qlaiaat LEXX0573
El Qlaile LEXX2202
El Qmaizri LEXX3244
El Qmaqem LEXX3245
El Qnaitra LEXX3246
El Qnaizha LEXX3247
El Qobaa LEXX3248
El Qobliye LEXX1533
El Qornah LEXX0574
El Qorne LEXX3249
El Qorne LEXX0575
El Qossaifiye LEXX3250
El Qottara LEXX0576
El Qottara LEXX3251
El Qoubbe LEXX0577
El Qoussair LEXX4290
El Qraiaa LEXX1534
El Qraimiye LEXX4291
El Qrain LEXX0578
El Qraiya LEXX2203
El Qraiye LEXX2204
El Qrani LEXX3253
El Qraqef LEXX3254
El Qraqir LEXX0579
El Qras LEXX0580
El Qraye LEXX3255
El Qreiaa LEXX3256
El Qrouchi LEXX1535
El Qsaibe LEXX4292
El Qsaibe LEXX3257
El Qsair LEXX0581
El Quaranchani LEXX3258
El Quattara LEXX1536
El Rihani LEXX2205
El Tabche LEXX3259
El Tamriye LEXX4293
El Wata LEXX0582
El Wazzani LEXX4294
El Yammoune LEXX1537
El Yark LEXX3260
El Yassouaaiye LEXX3261
El Zaaitre LEXX3262
En Naaniaa LEXX0583
En Naaoura LEXX3263
En Naas LEXX3264
En Naassat LEXX1538
En Naassi LEXX2206
En Nabaa LEXX3265
En Nabbouaa LEXX0584
En Nabbout LEXX3266
En Nabi Chbat LEXX1539
En Nabi Chit LEXX1540
En Nabi Khaled LEXX0585
En Nabi Kzaiber LEXX0586
En Nabi Osmane LEXX1541
En Nabi Youchaa LEXX0587
En Nabi Younes LEXX3267
En Nabiye LEXX4295
En Naffara LEXX4296
En Nafha LEXX3268
En Nahriye LEXX1542
En Najjariye LEXX2207
En Nakhle LEXX0588
En Namoura LEXX3269
En Naouaouis LEXX2208
En Naoussa LEXX3270
En Naqar LEXX3271
En Naqat LEXX0589
En Naqbe LEXX1543
En Naqoura LEXX2209
En Naqqach LEXX3272
En Naqqar LEXX4297
En Nasra LEXX1173
En Nasriyah LEXX1544
En Nfeisse LEXX0590
En Nhaile LEXX3273
En Nmairiye LEXX4298
En Nouaaiss LEXX0591
En Nqairi LEXX3274
En Nqiri LEXX4299
En Nqour LEXX3275
En Nsoub LEXX0592
Enfe LEXX0593
Er Rabaa LEXX0594
Er Rabatiye LEXX2210
Er Rabie LEXX3276
Er Raboue LEXX3277
Er Rachidiye LEXX2211
Er Radout LEXX3278
Er Rafid LEXX1545
Er Ram LEXX0595
Er Ram LEXX1546
Er Rama LEXX0596
Er Ramat LEXX3279
Er Rami LEXX3280
Er Ramie LEXX3281
Er Ramie LEXX0597
Er Ramle LEXX0598
Er Ramliye LEXX3282
Er Ramout LEXX3283
Er Ramtaniye LEXX1547
Er Ranjoussiye LEXX0599
Er Ransiye LEXX0600
Er Raouda LEXX3284
Er Raqabe LEXX3285
Er Rebouaa LEXX0601
Er Rejem LEXX0602
Er Rejme LEXX3286
Er Rfaifat LEXX3287
Er Riahi LEXX0603
Er Ridme LEXX2212
Er Rihane LEXX3288
Er Rihaniye LEXX0604
Er Rikn LEXX3290
Er Rizzaniye LEXX3291
Er Rmadi LEXX3292
Er Rmaile LEXX3293
Er Rmailiye LEXX3294
Er Rmeil LEXX1174
Er Rmoul LEXX0605
Er Rouaime LEXX0606
Er Rouais LEXX3295
Er Rouaiss LEXX0607
Er Rouaisse LEXX3296
Er Rouayem LEXX0608
Er Rouayess LEXX2213
Er Roujam LEXX1548
Er Roummane LEXX1549
Er Roummani LEXX2214
Er Rous LEXX2215
Er Rqaqiyat LEXX0609
Er Rqayef LEXX3297
Er Rsif LEXX3298
Er-Rmadiyah LEXX2216
Erkay LEXX2217
Ernaya LEXX3299
Es Saadiyat LEXX3300
Es Saalouk LEXX1550
Es Sabouniye LEXX3301
Es Sabtiye LEXX3302
Es Sadari LEXX4300
Es Safa LEXX1551
Es Safari LEXX1552
Es Safha LEXX3303
Es Safra LEXX3304
Es Saha LEXX4301
Es Sahl LEXX3305
Es Sahl LEXX2218
Es Sahlat LEXX0610
Es Sahle LEXX3306
Es Sahle LEXX0611
Es Saksakiye LEXX2219
Es Salaa LEXX3307
Es Salaah LEXX0612
Es Salam LEXX4302
Es Salhani LEXX4303
Es Salhiye LEXX3308
Es Salome LEXX3309
Es Samke LEXX1553
Es Sammaqiye LEXX0613
Es Sammouniye LEXX0614
Es Saouaid LEXX0615
Es Saouane LEXX4304
Es Saouene LEXX3310
Es Saoumaa LEXX3311
Es Saoumaa LEXX1554
Es Saqi LEXX3312
Es Saqi LEXX1555
Es Sar LEXX3313
Es Saraaouniye LEXX3314
Es Sarai LEXX3315
Es Sarat LEXX3316
Es Saraya LEXX4305
Es Sarji LEXX3317
Es Sarout LEXX0616
Es Sarrissi LEXX2220
Es Sayed LEXX0617
Es Sayeh LEXX0618
Es Sdoud LEXX2221
Es Sedr LEXX1556
Es Seffai LEXX3318
Es Seham LEXX1557
Es Semmaqli LEXX0619
Es Semqaniye LEXX3319
Es Serb LEXX4306
Es Sfarjle LEXX3320
Es Sfente LEXX2222
Es Sfine LEXX0620
Es Sfire LEXX0621
Es Sheime LEXX3321
Es Shoum LEXX1558
Es Shoum LEXX3322
Es Shounat LEXX2223
Es Siaha LEXX2224
Es Sifri LEXX1559
Es Sikke LEXX3323
Es Sinsle LEXX4307
Es Sioufi LEXX1175
Es Siqqaa LEXX3324
Es Sire LEXX0622
Es Siyaj LEXX0623
Es Siyar LEXX1176
Es Slaimiye LEXX2225
Es Slaiyeb LEXX3325
Es Slayekh LEXX3326
Es Smaitat LEXX0624
Es Smaiye LEXX2226
Es Snaoubar LEXX3327
Es Sneibre LEXX3328
Es Snoubar LEXX0626
Es Snoubra LEXX1177
Es Souad LEXX1560
Es Souaide LEXX4309
Es Souaidiye LEXX0627
Es Souaidiye LEXX1561
Es Souaisse LEXX0628
Es Souane LEXX4310
Es Souane LEXX3329
Es Souane LEXX2227
Es Souaqi LEXX0629
Es Souhoum LEXX2228
Es Soultaniye LEXX4311
Es Souq LEXX1562
Es Sqale LEXX3330
Es Sraij LEXX1563
Es Sraij LEXX3331
Es Srairi LEXX2229
Es Srajiye LEXX0630
Es Stouh LEXX0631
Esh Shraife LEXX0632
Establ LEXX2230
Et Taamir LEXX3332
Et Tahouita LEXX3333
Et Taibe LEXX4312
Et Talle LEXX0633
Et Talle LEXX3334
Et Tallite LEXX3335
Et Talqa LEXX0634
Et Taouil LEXX0635
Et Taouile LEXX0636
Et Tarouaa LEXX3336
Et Taybeh LEXX1564
Et Terbiaa LEXX0637
Et Terrach LEXX2231
Et Tillaje LEXX0638
Et Tiri LEXX4313
Et Tleil LEXX0639
Et Tleile LEXX1565
Et Touaile LEXX0640
Et Touaiti LEXX3337
Et Touariaa LEXX3338
Et Toughra LEXX3339
Et Tout LEXX0641
Et Toutat LEXX1566
Et Trames LEXX0642
Ez Zaaitriye LEXX3340
Ez Zaaroura LEXX1567
Ez Zaarouriye LEXX3341
Ez Zaitouniye LEXX3342
Ez Zaizafoun LEXX0643
Ez Zakrour LEXX3343
Ez Zalqa LEXX3344
Ez Zaouamel LEXX0644
Ez Zaouie LEXX4314
Ez Zaoura LEXX0645
Ez Zarayeb LEXX1568
Ez Zarif LEXX1178
Ez Zaroub LEXX1569
Ez Zayer LEXX3345
Ez Zekbi LEXX1570
Ez Zheiriye LEXX2232
Ez Zhit LEXX3346
Ez Zhit LEXX0646
Ez Zighrine LEXX3347
Ez Zillaiqat LEXX3348
Ez Zire LEXX3349
Ez Zmamiri LEXX0648
Ez Zouaitani LEXX4315
Ez Zouaqit LEXX1572
Ez Zouarib LEXX4316
Ez Zouarib LEXX0649
Ez Zouq LEXX0650
Ez Zour LEXX0651
Ez Zraqi LEXX0652
Ez Zraqiyat LEXX0653
Ez Zrariye LEXX2234
Fadaaous LEXX0654
Faitroun LEXX3350
Faiyadiyeh LEXX3351
Falouqha LEXX3352
Fanar LEXX2235
Fanar LEXX4140
Fanar ej Jdid LEXX3353
Faouq el Bir LEXX1573
Faqous LEXX0655
Faraiya LEXX3354
Farchaa LEXX3355
Fatqa LEXX3356
Fatre LEXX3357
Fawwar Antilyas LEXX3358
Fayadiye LEXX3359
Fdar el Faouqa LEXX3360
Fdar et Tahta LEXX3361
Fehta LEXX0656
Fekehe LEXX1574
Ferhet LEXX3362
Fghal LEXX3363
Fiaa LEXX0657
Fissane LEXX1575
Flaoue LEXX1576
Fnaideq LEXX0658
Fniouene LEXX3364
Forn ech Chebbak LEXX3365
Fotm Jraich LEXX0659
Fouar LEXX1577
Fourn el Hayeck LEXX1179
Foutra LEXX0660
Frachta LEXX0661
Frat LEXX3366
Froun LEXX4317
Fsaqine LEXX3367
Fsiqin LEXX0662
Ftah ech Chouha LEXX3368
Furn Al Hayek LEXX1180
Furn ash Shubbak LEXX0004
Furn el Chebbak LEXX3370
Gend LEXX1578
Ghaboun LEXX3371
Ghachiyat LEXX0663
Ghadir LEXX3372
Ghadra LEXX3373
Ghalboun LEXX3374
Ghandouriye LEXX4318
Gharife LEXX3375
Gharzouz LEXX3376
Ghassaniye LEXX2236
Ghassaniyeh LEXX2237
Ghazir LEXX3377
Ghaziyeh LEXX2238
Ghazze LEXX1579
Ghbale LEXX3378
Ghbaline LEXX3379
Gherna LEXX0664
Ghidras LEXX3380
Ghiyouta LEXX3381
Ghobeire LEXX3382
Ghobeiry LEXX3383
Ghochraya LEXX3384
Ghommas Youssef LEXX3385
Ghorfine LEXX3388
Ghosta LEXX3389
Ghouar Houssein LEXX0665
Ghouma LEXX0666
Ghzaile LEXX0667
Gomidas LEXX3390
Habbouch LEXX0023
Habchit LEXX0668
Habil LEXX3391
Habramoun LEXX3392
Habs el Qaiaa LEXX1181
Habs Haoufa LEXX1580
Hachet Jinjol LEXX3393
Hadatha LEXX4319
Hadchit LEXX0669
Haddad LEXX1182
Haddadiye LEXX0670
Haddatha LEXX4320
Hadet ej Jobbe LEXX0671
Hadoule LEXX1581
Hadtoun LEXX0672
Haffet Bou Hajli LEXX2239
Haffet el Hajal LEXX3395
Hafour LEXX4321
Hai Beit Aakl LEXX3398
Hai Beit Aatiye LEXX0673
Hai Beit Aazar LEXX3399
Hai Beit el Hajj LEXX3401
Hai Beit Saliba LEXX0675
Hai Bqaa Kafra LEXX0677
Hai ech Chabbouq LEXX3432
Hai ech Chami LEXX3433
Hai ech Chaouaya LEXX3434
Hai ech Charfe LEXX3435
Hai ech Chmis LEXX3436
Hai ed Daher LEXX1584
Hai ed Dahliz LEXX3437
Hai ed Dahr LEXX3438
Hai ed Daiaa LEXX3439
Hai ed Dara LEXX3440
Hai ed Dhaini LEXX1585
Hai ej Jameaa LEXX1586
Hai ej Jameaa LEXX3441
Hai ej Jamia LEXX1587
Hai ej Jdid LEXX3443
Hai ej Jouar LEXX3444
Hai ej Joura LEXX3445
Hai el Aaqbi LEXX3446
Hai el Aarbe LEXX3447
Hai el Aarbi LEXX3448
Hai el Aatiqa LEXX0684
Hai el Aazqa LEXX3449
Hai el Ain LEXX3450
Hai el Antouniye LEXX3451
Hai el Baal LEXX3452
Hai el Baalbakie LEXX3453
Hai el Bahr LEXX3454
Hai el Bayader LEXX3455
Hai el Birke LEXX3456
Hai el Blat LEXX0685
Hai el Blata LEXX3457
Hai el Faouqa LEXX3458
Hai el Fghali LEXX0686
Hai el Haqle LEXX3459
Hai el Kanayes LEXX3460
Hai el Lailaki LEXX3461
Hai el Massbagha LEXX3462
Hai el Mathane LEXX1589
Hai el Mkhabba LEXX3463
Hai el Mqaitiye LEXX3464
Hai el Mqatiaa LEXX0687
Hai el Ouata LEXX0688
Hai el Qalaa LEXX0689
Hai el Qana LEXX3465
Hai el Qarn LEXX0690
Hai el Qarqouf LEXX3466
Hai en Naas LEXX3468
Hai en Nahr LEXX3469
Hai er Rouaiss LEXX3470
Hai er Roum LEXX3471
Hai er Roumiye LEXX3472
Hai es Sahel LEXX3473
Hai es Saide LEXX3474
Hai es Saikouni LEXX3475
Hai es Sellom LEXX3476
Hai es Sensal LEXX3477
Hai es Sindiane LEXX3478
Hai es Snaoubar LEXX3479
Hai et Tahta LEXX3480
Hai et Taiyoune LEXX3481
Hai et Tine LEXX3482
Hai ez Zaaitri LEXX3483
Hai Ghannoum LEXX3403
Hai Hamdoun LEXX0678
Hai Jaair LEXX1582
Hai Mar Aabda LEXX0679
Hai Mar Antonios LEXX0680
Hai Mar Boutross LEXX3405
Hai Mar Charbel LEXX3406
Hai Mar Doumit LEXX3407
Hai Mar Elias LEXX3408
Hai Mar Elias LEXX1583
Hai Mar Estefane LEXX3409
Hai Mar Faouqa LEXX3410
Hai Mar Jerios LEXX3411
Hai Mar Jeryos LEXX3412
Hai Mar Mtanios LEXX3413
Hai Mar Nohra LEXX3414
Hai Mar Rouhana LEXX3415
Hai Mar Roukoz LEXX3416
Hai Mar Saba LEXX3417
Hai Mar Sassine LEXX3418
Hai Mar Semaane LEXX3419
Hai Mar Soufiya LEXX3420
Hai Mar Taqla LEXX0681
Hai Mar Taqla LEXX3421
Hai Mar Yaaqoub LEXX3422
Hai Mar Youhanna LEXX3423
Hai Mar Youssef LEXX3424
Hai Mar Zakhiya LEXX3425
Hai Sabra LEXX0682
Hai Sindiani LEXX0683
Hailane LEXX0691
Haitla LEXX0692
Haitoule LEXX2240
Haitoura LEXX2241
Haizouq LEXX0693
Hajar el Aafrit LEXX3484
Hajj Aali LEXX3485
Hakour LEXX0694
Halat LEXX3486
Halba LEXX0024
Halbata LEXX1590
Halime LEXX1591
Haloua LEXX1592
Halouas LEXX0695
Halqous LEXX0696
Ham LEXX1593
Hamat LEXX0697
Hammadiye LEXX2244
Hammana LEXX3491
Hammara LEXX1594
Hammoudiye LEXX0698
Hamoul LEXX2245
Hamra LEXX1183
Hamrat Chennaya LEXX0699
Hanaouay LEXX2246
Hanblaouze LEXX3492
Hanine LEXX4322
Haouara LEXX0700
Haouch Barada LEXX1595
Haouch ed Dahab LEXX1600
Haouch ed Dibs LEXX1601
Haouch el Harime LEXX1602
Haouch el Omara LEXX1603
Haouch en Nebi LEXX1605
Haouch er Rafqa LEXX1606
Haouch Hala LEXX1597
Haouch Qaissar LEXX1598
Haouchab LEXX0701
Haouchariye LEXX1608
Haouqa LEXX0702
Haouze LEXX1609
Haqel LEXX3493
Haql Bou Fares LEXX1610
Haql ech Chmays LEXX0703
Haql ej Jamia LEXX1613
Haql el Aariche LEXX1614
Haql el Aazime LEXX0704
Haql el Ain LEXX1615
Haql el Baida LEXX3497
Haql el Haib LEXX3499
Haql el Hourani LEXX0705
Haql el Jameaa LEXX1616
Haql el Laouz LEXX0706
Haql el Masriye LEXX3500
Haql el Mghar LEXX1617
Haql el Qorne LEXX0707
Haql er Rayess LEXX3501
Haql es Sous LEXX1618
Haql et Tahoun LEXX1619
Haql ez Zaarour LEXX1620
Haql Hammana LEXX1611
Haql Hassan LEXX3495
Haql Hassane LEXX1612
Haql Safi LEXX3496
Haqlet el Bahsa LEXX1622
Haqlet el Baida LEXX0708
Haqlet el Heya LEXX3502
Haqlet el Kbire LEXX3503
Haqlet er Rejm LEXX1623
Haqlet es Saiyed LEXX3504
Haqlet et Tine LEXX3505
Haqlet et Touil LEXX0709
Haqlet Zaarour LEXX1621
Haqlit LEXX0710
Harat al Fawqa LEXX1624
Harat al Kanisah LEXX3507
Harat ash Shaykh LEXX3509
Harat Hamzah LEXX3506
Harbata LEXX1625
Harbouna LEXX0711
Harcha LEXX3510
Hardine LEXX0712
Haret Aali LEXX3511
Haret Aarida LEXX0713
Haret Al Naame LEXX3512
Haret Baasir LEXX3513
Haret Baassir LEXX3514
Haret Beit Madi LEXX3515
Haret Beit Saba LEXX0714
Haret Bou Aaouad LEXX3517
Haret Chaaya LEXX0715
Haret Chbib LEXX3518
Haret ech Charfe LEXX0716
Haret ech Chmis LEXX3528
Haret ej Jdide LEXX0717
Haret ej Jwaiq LEXX0718
Haret el Aanadre LEXX3531
Haret el Ain LEXX0719
Haret el Ain LEXX3532
Haret el Amara LEXX3533
Haret el Badaoui LEXX3534
Haret el Baklil LEXX0720
Haret el Bayader LEXX2248
Haret el Bellane LEXX3535
Haret el Biyader LEXX4323
Haret el Botm LEXX3536
Haret el Faouqa LEXX3538
Haret el Faouqa LEXX1627
Haret el Faouqa LEXX0721
Haret el Fikani LEXX1628
Haret el Hajar LEXX3541
Haret el Harf LEXX3542
Haret el Khasse LEXX0722
Haret el Khouri LEXX0723
Haret el Maabad LEXX0724
Haret el Mghayer LEXX4325
Haret el Mir LEXX3544
Haret el Mjadle LEXX3545
Haret el Ouadi LEXX0725
Haret el Ouasta LEXX3546
Haret el Ouata LEXX3547
Haret el Qadi LEXX3548
Haret el Qalaa LEXX0726
Haret el Qarn LEXX0727
Haret el Qobbe LEXX3549
Haret el Qobliye LEXX1630
Haret en Naame LEXX3550
Haret en Nabaa LEXX2249
Haret en Namous LEXX0728
Haret en Nassara LEXX3551
Haret er Rayess LEXX3552
Haret er Roum LEXX3554
Haret er Rouss LEXX3555
Haret es Saide LEXX3556
Haret es Sidri LEXX4326
Haret es Sitt LEXX3557
Haret et Tahta LEXX0730
Haret et Tahta LEXX3558
Haret et Tahta LEXX1631
Haret Farah LEXX3519
Haret Hamze LEXX3520
Haret Hillene LEXX3521
Haret Hreik LEXX3522
Haret Jandal LEXX3523
Haret Sakhr LEXX3524
Haret Salem LEXX3525
Harf LEXX3559
Harf Arde LEXX0731
Harf as Sim LEXX0734
Harf el Aakais LEXX3560
Harf el Aqraa LEXX1632
Harf es Siyad LEXX0735
Harf et Tebiat LEXX3561
Harf Hzir LEXX0732
Harf Miziara LEXX0733
Harfouch LEXX1633
Haribi LEXX4327
Hariis LEXX4328
Hariq LEXX4329
Harissa LEXX3562
Harissa LEXX0736
Harouf LEXX4330
Haroun LEXX3563
Hasbaiya LEXX3564
Hasbaiya LEXX4331
Hasroun LEXX0737
Hasroun ej Jdide LEXX0738
Hasrout LEXX3565
Hassan el Raai LEXX1634
Hassaniye LEXX2250
Hay Abi Harb LEXX3566
Hay Bir Nasser LEXX4332
Hay ed Delghane LEXX3567
Hay ej Jameaa LEXX4333
Hay el Hiara LEXX3568
Hay el Khirbe LEXX3569
Hay el Kroum LEXX3570
Hay el Maslakh LEXX4334
Hay el Qaleaa LEXX3571
Hay er Rahoue LEXX3572
Hayachene LEXX1184
Hazerta LEXX1635
Hazmiye LEXX3573
Hazmiyeh LEXX3574
Hazrita LEXX0739
Hbeichiye LEXX3575
Hbeline LEXX3576
Hboub LEXX3577
Helta LEXX0740
Hema el Motrane LEXX4335
Hemlaya LEXX3578
Herdaouch LEXX3579
Herqane Ainab LEXX3580
Hesniya LEXX3581
Hidab LEXX2251
Hidchet LEXX3582
Hikr Janine LEXX0741
Hillene LEXX3583
Hilta LEXX4336
Hilta el Faouqa LEXX4337
Hima el Khouri LEXX4338
Hima Hassan LEXX1636
Hima Kreim LEXX1637
Himi ej Jraid LEXX3584
Himi er Rouhbane LEXX3585
Hiyata LEXX3586
Hizzine LEXX1638
Hjaret Nassif LEXX0743
Hjoula LEXX3587
Hmairi LEXX2252
Hmais LEXX0744
Hmaiss LEXX0745
Hmamir LEXX2253
Hnaider LEXX0746
Hokr ed Dahri LEXX0750
Hokr el Haissa LEXX0751
Hokr el Kousse LEXX0752
Hokr Etti LEXX0747
Hokr Jouret Srar LEXX0748
Horch Abou Matar LEXX3588
Horch ed Daousse LEXX0754
Horch el Mouaita LEXX2254
Horch Kaftoun LEXX0753
Hortaala LEXX1639
Hoshmosh LEXX1640
Hosn Aar LEXX3589
Hosna LEXX3590
Hosrayel LEXX3591
Houche-Al-Oumara LEXX0006
Houla LEXX4339
Houmal LEXX3592
Houmine et Tahta LEXX4341
Houra LEXX4342
Hourata LEXX0755
Hourata LEXX3593
Hqoul el Mehdi LEXX3594
Hraiqess LEXX0756
Hrajel LEXX3595
Hrar LEXX0757
Hriq el Kfour LEXX3596
Hsarat LEXX3597
Hsayma LEXX3598
Hssakta LEXX1641
Iaal LEXX0758
Iaat LEXX1642
Idbil LEXX0759
Ijd Aabrine LEXX0760
Ijdabra LEXX0761
Ilat LEXX0762
Insar LEXX4343
Insariye LEXX2255
Iraniye LEXX1643
Iskanndarouna LEXX2256
Izal LEXX0763
Jaafar LEXX1644
Jaddoua LEXX0764
Jaddouaa LEXX0765
Jadra LEXX3599
Jairoun LEXX0766
Jaj LEXX3600
Jal ej Jidi LEXX3601
Jalala LEXX1645
Jall Al Dieb LEXX3602
Jall Bou Haidar LEXX3603
Jall el Hamam LEXX3605
Jall el Mhasse LEXX4344
Jall en Nahr LEXX2258
Jall et Taouit LEXX3606
Jall ez Zahr LEXX3607
Jall Hossain LEXX3604
Jall Nachi LEXX2257
Jamailiye LEXX3608
Jamhour LEXX3609
Jamjim et Tahta LEXX2259
Janine LEXX0767
Janne LEXX3610
Jaouhariye LEXX4345
Jarjouaa LEXX4346
Jarjour LEXX0768
Jbaa LEXX4347
Jbaa ech Chouf LEXX3611
Jbail LEXX3612
Jbal el Botm LEXX2260
Jdaide LEXX1647
Jdaide LEXX3613
Jdaidet Barqacha LEXX0769
Jdaidet el Matn LEXX3616
Jdaidet Ghazir LEXX3614
Jdeide LEXX0771
Jdita LEXX1648
Jebaa LEXX1649
Jebb Farah LEXX1650
Jebbain LEXX2261
Jebrayel LEXX0772
Jeddayel LEXX3617
Jeha LEXX0773
Jellab el Faouqa LEXX3618
Jellab el Tahta LEXX3619
Jennata LEXX2262
Jenta LEXX1651
Jernaya LEXX2263
Jesr ed Djej LEXX3620
Jezzine LEXX0032
Jghaimane LEXX1652
Jibchit LEXX4348
Jibla LEXX0774
Jiblaye LEXX3621
Jiita LEXX3622
Jijim LEXX2264
Jinjol LEXX3623
Jinsnaya LEXX2265
Jisr al Basha LEXX3625
Jisr al Qadi LEXX3626
Jisr el Hajar LEXX3627
Jisr el Misri LEXX3628
Jiyeh LEXX3629
Jlaissi LEXX3630
Jmaijme LEXX4349
Jmayjmeh LEXX4350
Jnaidiye LEXX0776
Job Chqair LEXX1653
Jorn Aayssoun LEXX1654
Jorn en Nhas LEXX1655
Jouaiya LEXX2266
Jouar LEXX3632
Jouar Aassail LEXX1656
Jouar Ej Jafie LEXX0777
Jouar el Aadas LEXX1658
Jouar el Aarab LEXX1659
Jouar el Atat LEXX3636
Jouar el Att LEXX3637
Jouar el Hachich LEXX3639
Jouar el Haouz LEXX3640
Jouar el Hindi LEXX1661
Jouar el Mahmada LEXX1662
Jouar en Nakhl LEXX2267
Jouar en Naouar LEXX1663
Jouar er Raml LEXX3641
Jouar es Souss LEXX2268
Jouar Farraa LEXX3633
Jouar Laouandos LEXX3634
Jouar Zraiq LEXX3635
Joubb el Ouard LEXX0778
Joubb Jannine LEXX1664
Joun LEXX3642
Jounblat LEXX1185
Jounieh LEXX3643
Jourat al Basha LEXX1665
Jouret Aatiye LEXX0779
Jouret Arsoun LEXX3644
Jouret Bedrane LEXX3645
Jouret e Foudda LEXX1670
Jouret ed Darb LEXX3651
Jouret ed Dris LEXX0783
Jouret ej Jamal LEXX1671
Jouret ej Jaouze LEXX0784
Jouret el Aalbe LEXX1672
Jouret el Aarrad LEXX3653
Jouret el Ballit LEXX1673
Jouret el Boud LEXX0785
Jouret el Ghada LEXX3655
Jouret el Hamra LEXX3656
Jouret el Irane LEXX0786
Jouret el Karm LEXX0787
Jouret el Krad LEXX0788
Jouret el Mazraa LEXX0789
Jouret el Mrah LEXX0790
Jouret el Qloud LEXX0791
Jouret el Yatoun LEXX1676
Jouret er Raaya LEXX0792
Jouret et Termos LEXX3658
Jouret et Tout LEXX3659
Jouret Habil LEXX3646
Jouret Khalil LEXX0780
Jouret Maalla LEXX3647
Jouret Mhad LEXX3648
Jouret Minzer LEXX0781
Jouret Nassar LEXX1668
Jouret Qamar LEXX3649
Jouret Rafi LEXX1669
Jouret Salame LEXX0782
Jrabta LEXX3660
Jrabta LEXX0793
Jrane LEXX0794
Jrane el Hara LEXX0795
Jubayl LEXX0026
Judaydat Yabus LEXX1677
Juniyah LEXX0005
Kaab el Kroum LEXX3661
Kaab el Massar LEXX3662
Kaab el Qalaa LEXX1678
Kaabouch LEXX0796
Kaf el Malloul LEXX0797
Kaf et Tine LEXX0798
Kaffet el Ghrab LEXX1679
Kafr Habou LEXX0799
Kafra LEXX4351
Kafra LEXX3663
Kafraiya LEXX1680
Kafraiya LEXX0800
Kaftoun LEXX0801
Kahhale LEXX3664
Kaidakiye LEXX0802
Kaifoun LEXX3665
Kaitouly LEXX2269
Kalkha LEXX0803
Kamed el Loz LEXX1681
Kaoukaba LEXX4352
Karakol LEXX3666
Karkha LEXX2272
Karkoutiye LEXX0804
Karm Aaqail LEXX1682
Karm al Mahr LEXX0808
Karm Barra LEXX0805
Karm ed Dahr LEXX3667
Karm ej Jaouzani LEXX1683
Karm el Aasfour LEXX0809
Karm el Akhras LEXX0810
Karm el Hajar LEXX3668
Karm el Motrane LEXX4354
Karm el Qotene LEXX4355
Karm en Nasrani LEXX2274
Karm er Ras LEXX2275
Karm es Saalouk LEXX1684
Karm ez Zaitoun LEXX1186
Karm ez Zeitoun LEXX2276
Karm Kattoura LEXX4353
Karm Sadde LEXX0806
Karm Zebdine LEXX0807
Kawkaba Bu `Arab LEXX1685
Kefraiya LEXX1686
Kefraiya LEXX2277
Kefraiya LEXX3670
Kelbata LEXX0811
Kelech LEXX3671
Ketermaya LEXX3673
Ketf el Aabed LEXX0812
Ketrane LEXX0813
Kezbar LEXX0814
Kfaifet LEXX2278
Kfair ez Zait LEXX4356
Kfar Aabida LEXX0815
Kfar Aammai LEXX3674
Kfar Aaqab LEXX3675
Kfar Aaqqa LEXX0816
Kfar Aass LEXX3676
Kfar Baal LEXX3677
Kfar Bebnine LEXX0817
Kfar Beit LEXX2279
Kfar Chabouh LEXX3678
Kfar Chakhna LEXX0818
Kfar Chellal LEXX2280
Kfar Chellane LEXX0819
Kfar Chihham LEXX3679
Kfar Chkhi LEXX3680
Kfar Chlaimane LEXX0820
Kfar Chouba LEXX4357
Kfar Dabach LEXX1688
Kfar Dajjal LEXX4358
Kfar Dlaqos LEXX0821
Kfar Dounine LEXX4359
Kfar Falous LEXX2281
Kfar Faqoud LEXX3681
Kfar Fila LEXX4360
Kfar Hai LEXX3682
Kfar Hai LEXX0822
Kfar Hamam LEXX4361
Kfar Hamel LEXX3683
Kfar Haoura LEXX0823
Kfar Harra LEXX0824
Kfar Hata LEXX0825
Kfar Hatna LEXX0826
Kfar Hatta LEXX2282
Kfar Hazir LEXX0827
Kfar Hbab LEXX3684
Kfar Hilda LEXX0828
Kfar Him LEXX3685
Kfar Hitta LEXX3686
Kfar Houne LEXX2283
Kfar Jaouz LEXX4362
Kfar Jarra LEXX2284
Kfar Jrif LEXX3687
Kfar Khollos LEXX0829
Kfar Kidde LEXX3688
Kfar Kikhle LEXX3689
Kfar Kila LEXX4363
Kfar Maouta LEXX3690
Kfar Mashoun LEXX3691
Kfar Matta LEXX3692
Kfar Melke LEXX2285
Kfar Melki LEXX0830
Kfar Nabrakh LEXX3693
Kfar Niss LEXX3694
Kfar Noun LEXX0831
Kfar Qahel LEXX0832
Kfar Qaouass LEXX3695
Kfar Qatra LEXX3696
Kfar Qouq LEXX3697
Kfar Qouq LEXX1689
Kfar Roummane LEXX4364
Kfar Sale LEXX3698
Kfar Saroun LEXX0833
Kfar Selouane LEXX3699
Kfar Sghab LEXX0834
Kfar Shouba LEXX4365
Kfar Sir LEXX4366
Kfar Siyada LEXX3700
Kfar Taala LEXX2286
Kfar Tebnit LEXX4367
Kfar Tibnit LEXX4368
Kfar Toun LEXX0835
Kfar Yachit LEXX0836
Kfar Yassine LEXX3701
Kfar Zabad LEXX1690
Kfar Zaina LEXX0837
Kfar Zbouna LEXX3702
Kfarchille LEXX3703
Kfarchima LEXX3704
Kfardane LEXX1691
Kfardenis LEXX1692
Kfarfou LEXX0838
Kfarmechki LEXX1693
Kfaroue LEXX4369
Kfarsaroun LEXX0839
Kfarshima LEXX3705
Kfartai LEXX3706
Kfifane LEXX0840
Kfoun LEXX3707
Kfour el Aarbe LEXX0841
Khaab LEXX3708
Khaabiya LEXX3709
Khabtoura LEXX0842
Khalali ej Jorn LEXX1695
Khaldah LEXX3710
Khalde LEXX3711
Khaleli Laila LEXX1696
Khallet Aabaid LEXX4370
Khallet el Baida LEXX2288
Khallet el Mtain LEXX3713
Khallet er Rsif LEXX3714
Khallet Ibrahim LEXX4371
Khallet Mqaideh LEXX2287
Khallet Semmaane LEXX3712
Khaloue LEXX3715
Khaloue LEXX4373
Khalsa LEXX0844
Khalwat `Aynab LEXX3716
Khanadeq LEXX3717
Khandaq LEXX3718
Khandaq Chaker LEXX3720
Khandaq et Tahta LEXX3725
Khandaq Qassem LEXX3721
Khandaq Saad LEXX3722
Khane ech Cheikh LEXX3726
Khane Hayat LEXX0845
Khannaq Hmara LEXX0846
Khannousa LEXX3727
Kharab en Namel LEXX2289
Khartoum LEXX2290
Khawja Bustan LEXX0847
Khazzane Saoufar LEXX3728
Kherbet Malayke LEXX2291
Khirbat al Jurd LEXX0848
Khirbet Daoud LEXX0849
Khirbet ed Dwayr LEXX4376
Khirbet et Tine LEXX1706
Khirbet Merchid LEXX3729
Khirbet Qanafar LEXX1703
Khirbet Rouha LEXX1704
Khirbet Selm LEXX4375
Khirbet Shar LEXX0850
Khirbet Younine LEXX1705
Khirbit Silim LEXX4377
Khlaya er Raml LEXX3732
Khormaalaya LEXX0852
Khouairej LEXX1708
Khourab Qana LEXX1709
Khourmata LEXX1710
Khraieb Chrabba LEXX1711
Khzaiz LEXX2295
Kifraiya LEXX0854
Kilo Tissaa LEXX4378
Kitf ej Joura LEXX0855
Klilaiye LEXX3734
Knaisse LEXX2296
Knaisse LEXX0856
Kneisse LEXX1713
Korraiti LEXX1714
Kouaikhat LEXX0857
Koubba LEXX0858
Koucha LEXX0859
Koukdane LEXX3735
Kounine LEXX4379
Kour LEXX0860
Kour el Haoua LEXX3736
Kousba LEXX0861
Koussaya LEXX1715
Krabraibe LEXX0862
Kraibe LEXX0863
Kroum Aaoura LEXX0864
Kroum Aarab LEXX0865
Kroum Chehab LEXX4380
Kroum ed Daiaa LEXX1716
Kroum ej Jofn LEXX1717
Kroum el Aassal LEXX0866
Kroum el Baouab LEXX4381
Kroum el Bir LEXX1718
Kroum el Birke LEXX3737
Kroum el Fouaqa LEXX3738
Kroum el Hamr LEXX3739
Kroum en Nqib LEXX1719
Kroum es Sett LEXX1720
Ksar al Hanash LEXX1721
Ksar Beit Saleh LEXX3740
Ksar Bou Hassane LEXX3741
Ksar ed Dabaa LEXX3742
Ksar el Hanach LEXX1722
Ksar el Hommos LEXX3743
Ksar el Mechrqe LEXX3744
Ksar el Qadi LEXX3745
Ksar-ech-Chidiaq LEXX3746
Ksaret Aabbas LEXX0867
Ksaret el Jisr LEXX1723
Ksaret el Khouri LEXX3750
Ksaret Hassani LEXX0869
Ksaret Jamous LEXX0870
Ksaret Maatouq LEXX0871
Ksaret Tata LEXX3748
Labboune LEXX2297
Laboue LEXX1724
Lailake LEXX3751
Lala LEXX1725
Lassa LEXX3752
Lebaa LEXX2298
Lehfed LEXX3753
Libbaya LEXX1726
Louaiya LEXX0872
Loussi LEXX1727
Maabir el Hariq LEXX0873
Maabour el Ghzal LEXX3754
Maachouq LEXX2299
Maad LEXX3755
Maaitiq LEXX3756
Maallaqa LEXX1729
Maamriye LEXX2301
Maaoul el Ghzal LEXX3757
Maarab LEXX3758
Maaraboun LEXX1731
Maarake LEXX2302
Maaroub LEXX2303
Maaroufiye LEXX3759
Maasriti LEXX3760
Maassarati LEXX0874
Maateb el Ain LEXX2304
Mabrak ej Jamal LEXX3763
Machghara LEXX1732
Machha LEXX0875
Machmouche LEXX2305
Machraa el Houat LEXX1733
Machta el Izziye LEXX2306
Machta Hammoud LEXX0877
Machta Hassan LEXX0878
Madqar Aazar LEXX3764
Madqar ed Debb LEXX3765
Mafraq Aamchit LEXX3766
Mafraq Biaqout LEXX3767
Mafraq Ghazir LEXX3768
Maghdouche LEXX2307
Mahrouneh LEXX2308
Maidoun LEXX1735
Maifadoun LEXX4382
Maifouq LEXX3770
Mairouba LEXX3771
Maissate LEXX4383
Majd el Meouch LEXX3772
Majdal Balhiss LEXX1736
Majdala LEXX0880
Majdaloun LEXX1737
Majdalouna LEXX3773
Majdel Aanjar LEXX1738
Majdel Baana LEXX3774
Majdel Selm LEXX4384
Majdel Silim LEXX4385
Majdel Tarchich LEXX3775
Majdel Zoun LEXX2309
Majdlaiya LEXX3776
Majdlaya LEXX0881
Majdub LEXX3777
Maknouniye LEXX2310
Maksar Aadli LEXX1739
Makse LEXX1740
Malhoun LEXX3779
Manqaa Hassan LEXX1741
Manqaa Jouaizat LEXX1742
Mansoura LEXX1743
Manzlet Mqaoubil LEXX0882
Maqial el Ghabe LEXX3783
Maqial el Qalaa LEXX1745
Maqial Sbat LEXX0883
Maql el Bouadte LEXX1746
Maqlaa el Blat LEXX3784
Maqne LEXX1747
Maqsaba LEXX3785
Maqsous LEXX1748
Maqtal Ahmad Ali LEXX1749
Maqyal al Malt LEXX1751
Mar Boutros LEXX3786
Mar Chaina LEXX0884
Mar Doumit LEXX3787
Mar Elias LEXX3788
Mar Elias LEXX1752
Mar Mama LEXX0885
Mar Maroun LEXX1188
Mar Mikhael LEXX1189
Mar Mitr LEXX1190
Mar Mkhayel LEXX3789
Mar Mkhayel LEXX1191
Mar Mkhayel LEXX0886
Mar Moussa LEXX3790
Mar Mqine LEXX3791
Mar Mrita LEXX0887
Mar Nahra LEXX3792
Mar Nqoula LEXX1192
Mar Sarkis LEXX0888
Mar Taqla LEXX3793
Mar Touma LEXX0889
Mar Youhanna LEXX0890
Mar Youssef LEXX3794
Mar Youssef LEXX0891
Mar Yusuf LEXX3795
Marah al Qati` LEXX2311
Marah Qirraytah LEXX1753
Marah `Abbas LEXX1754
Marasifah LEXX3796
Marha LEXX0892
Marisi LEXX3797
Marj Aali LEXX1757
Marj Aali LEXX3798
Marj Baaqline LEXX3799
Marj Barja LEXX3800
Marj Chartoun LEXX3801
Marj ed Djaj LEXX4388
Marj ej Joube LEXX4389
Marj el Khail LEXX0893
Marj el Mdaouar LEXX3804
Marj el Qobli LEXX4390
Marj Emeiha LEXX4387
Marj es Samah LEXX1760
Marj et Tout LEXX1761
Marj ez Zaarir LEXX4391
Marj Hine LEXX1758
Marj Ketermaya LEXX3802
Marj Mokhtara LEXX3803
Marj Snane LEXX1759
Marj Tabbaya LEXX2312
Marjaba LEXX3805
Marjayoun LEXX4392
Marjet el Khadra LEXX3806
Markaba LEXX4393
Marlayet Haddara LEXX0895
Marouahine LEXX2313
Maroun er Ras LEXX4394
Martab LEXX0896
Martmoura LEXX0897
Masnaa Bednayel LEXX1762
Masnaa ez Zohr LEXX1763
Masrah LEXX0898
Massa LEXX1764
Mastita LEXX3807
Mays al Jabal LEXX4395
Mazboud LEXX3808
Mazmoura LEXX3809
Mazraa LEXX0903
Mazraat Aadour LEXX2320
Mazraat Aaiye LEXX2321
Mazraat Aaqmata LEXX2322
Mazraat Aassaf LEXX0904
Mazraat Aataya LEXX3811
Mazraat Aazzi LEXX1765
Mazraat Adonis LEXX3813
Mazraat Biyad LEXX0906
Mazraat Bsaffour LEXX4397
Mazraat Djaj LEXX2327
Mazraat Dmoul LEXX4399
Mazraat ed Dahr LEXX3825
Mazraat ed Dhour LEXX1778
Mazraat el Ain LEXX3827
Mazraat el Hamra LEXX4407
Mazraat el Ouadi LEXX0913
Mazraat en Nahr LEXX3830
Mazraat en Nahr LEXX0914
Mazraat es Siyad LEXX3831
Mazraat et Tahta LEXX3833
Mazraat et Taibe LEXX2363
Mazraat et Talle LEXX1779
Mazraat ez Zarqa LEXX1780
Mazraat Hannouch LEXX0907
Mazraat Islamiye LEXX4400
Mazraat Jamjim LEXX2328
Mazraat Jinjlaya LEXX2329
Mazraat Kafra LEXX4401
Mazraat Kassab LEXX0908
Mazraat Khafiche LEXX3818
Mazraat Louzid LEXX2334
Mazraat Matar LEXX1773
Mazraat Nahhoule LEXX2335
Mazraat Qnat LEXX0909
Mazraat Qrouh LEXX2337
Mazraat Remasse LEXX1775
Mazraat Sarada LEXX4404
Mazraat Sinai LEXX2338
Mazraat Sliba LEXX3822
Mazraat Tibna LEXX2340
Mazraat Toul LEXX4405
Mazraat Yachouaa LEXX3823
Mazraat Zaghrine LEXX2341
Mazraat Zeita LEXX2342
Mazra`at Habshit LEXX0902
Ma`zar LEXX1728
Mchaitiye LEXX1781
Mchariaa LEXX1782
Mchikha LEXX3836
Mdamit LEXX3837
Mdaouara LEXX3838
Mdoukha LEXX1784
Mechane LEXX3839
Mechhlene LEXX3840
Mechmech LEXX3841
Mechqiti LEXX3842
Meftah Bou Nsair LEXX3843
Meftah el Mir LEXX3844
Meftah es Slame LEXX3845
Meghraqa LEXX0918
Mehmarch LEXX0919
Meiss ej Jabal LEXX4410
Mejdelyoun LEXX2365
Mejjadine LEXX3846
Memnaa LEXX0920
Merdache LEXX3847
Meriata LEXX0921
Merkebta LEXX0922
Mermata LEXX3848
Metrit LEXX0923
Mezher LEXX3849
Mghabriye LEXX0924
Mghaire LEXX3851
Mgharet Obeid LEXX3852
Mhafir er Raml LEXX3853
Mhaibib LEXX4411
Mhaidse LEXX3854
Mhall en Nabaa LEXX0926
Mharbiye LEXX2366
Mhatta LEXX3855
Michmich LEXX0927
Midan az Zir LEXX3856
Midane LEXX3857
Mighraqah LEXX2367
Mihqane Salloum LEXX3858
Mimess LEXX4412
Mina ej Jdide LEXX3860
Mina el Aatiqa LEXX3861
Miniara LEXX0928
Miye ou Miye LEXX2368
Miziara LEXX0929
Mjeidel LEXX0930
Mjeidil LEXX2369
Mkalles LEXX3862
Mkatbe LEXX2370
Mlazeq Hreqta LEXX3863
Mlikh LEXX2371
Moghr el Ahoual LEXX0931
Moghr el Kanayes LEXX3864
Mont Michel LEXX0932
Monteverde LEXX3865
Moql el Khaff LEXX3866
Morh Baskinta LEXX3867
Morh el Homor LEXX0934
Morh el Mnaitra LEXX3868
Morh el Ouaarat LEXX1786
Morh Kfar Sghab LEXX0933
Moulid LEXX0935
Mounjez LEXX0936
Mounse LEXX3869
Mouta LEXX0937
Mqaible LEXX0938
Mqaleaa el Franj LEXX1787
Mqoufti LEXX3870
Mrad Ghazi LEXX1788
Mrah Aabbas LEXX1789
Mrah Aakkar LEXX0939
Mrah Aazibe LEXX3871
Mrah Abou Chdid LEXX2372
Mrah Abou Handal LEXX1791
Mrah Beit Aassaf LEXX1793
Mrah Beit Saab LEXX1795
Mrah Beit Slim LEXX1796
Mrah Beit Taha LEXX1797
Mrah Bou Brahim LEXX1800
Mrah Bou Chahine LEXX1801
Mrah Bou Mrad LEXX3872
Mrah Bou Zaid LEXX0940
Mrah Chdid LEXX0941
Mrah Daas Taane LEXX1803
Mrah Daqdouq LEXX3873
Mrah ech Chaouq LEXX1824
Mrah ech Charqi LEXX1825
Mrah ech Chiaair LEXX1826
Mrah ech Chnain LEXX1827
Mrah ech Choaab LEXX1828
Mrah ed Daasse LEXX3876
Mrah ed Dahr LEXX1829
Mrah ed Deqaiyeq LEXX1830
Mrah ej Jaje LEXX1831
Mrah ej Jamal LEXX1832
Mrah ej Jeddaoui LEXX1833
Mrah el Aabd LEXX1834
Mrah el Aainouni LEXX0943
Mrah el Aallayq LEXX0944
Mrah el Aaokch LEXX1835
Mrah el Aaouja LEXX1836
Mrah el Aaqabe LEXX1837
Mrah el Aarab LEXX1838
Mrah el Aassi LEXX1839
Mrah el Aataibe LEXX1840
Mrah el Ahmar LEXX1841
Mrah el Aouja LEXX1842
Mrah el Ballout LEXX1843
Mrah el Biyad LEXX1844
Mrah el Blata LEXX1845
Mrah el Bsatine LEXX0945
Mrah el Ghamirat LEXX1846
Mrah el Gharbi LEXX1847
Mrah el Habas LEXX2374
Mrah el Hait LEXX1848
Mrah el Hajj LEXX0946
Mrah el Harfouch LEXX1849
Mrah el Hariqa LEXX1850
Mrah el Khaoukh LEXX0947
Mrah el Khaoukh LEXX1851
Mrah el Laqtine LEXX3877
Mrah el Mahlise LEXX1852
Mrah el Mahlissi LEXX1853
Mrah el Mechref LEXX1855
Mrah el Michmich LEXX1856
Mrah el Mir LEXX3878
Mrah el Mir Aali LEXX1857
Mrah el Moghr LEXX1859
Mrah el Ouadi LEXX1860
Mrah el Qloud LEXX1861
Mrah el Qorne LEXX1862
Mrah en Naouas LEXX1863
Mrah es Saiyed LEXX1864
Mrah es Sfire LEXX0948
Mrah es Siyad LEXX1865
Mrah es Sous LEXX0949
Mrah es Sraij LEXX0950
Mrah et Taalab LEXX1866
Mrah et Tit LEXX3879
Mrah ez Ziyat LEXX0951
Mrah ez Zolmat LEXX3880
Mrah ez Zouarib LEXX1867
Mrah Ghanem LEXX3874
Mrah Haissoun LEXX1805
Mrah Hsain Taane LEXX1807
Mrah Kharouf LEXX1809
Mrah Loutfallah LEXX2373
Mrah Najib LEXX1810
Mrah Nasr LEXX1811
Mrah Nayef LEXX1812
Mrah Ouarde LEXX1814
Mrah Rouhana LEXX1815
Mrah Sabri Hsain LEXX1816
Mrah Semaane LEXX1819
Mrah Sghir LEXX3875
Mrah Soukkar LEXX1820
Mrah Torhonn LEXX1821
Mrah Yassine LEXX1822
Mrah Zouaitini LEXX1823
Mraije LEXX3881
Mraymis LEXX1868
Mrebbine LEXX0952
Mreijeh LEXX3882
Mrousti LEXX3883
Msailib LEXX1869
Msalla LEXX0953
Msita LEXX3884
Mtairiyat LEXX3885
Mtoll LEXX3886
Mtolle LEXX1870
Mudawwarah LEXX3887
Murayjah LEXX3888
Mzakke LEXX3889
Mzar Mar Jerjos LEXX3890
Mzeihme LEXX0954
Naameh LEXX3891
Naamet el Faouqa LEXX3892
Nabaa ej Jdid LEXX0955
Nabaa el Aassal LEXX1872
Nabaa el Ghzaile LEXX0956
Nabaa el Mghara LEXX3894
Nabaa es Safa LEXX3895
Nabaa Tourzaiya LEXX3893
Nabaat LEXX1873
Nabaat Safi LEXX3897
Nabatieh LEXX4413
Nabay LEXX3898
Nabha LEXX1874
Nabi Ayla LEXX1875
Nabi Qassem LEXX2375
Nabi Rchade LEXX1876
Nabi Sami LEXX1877
Nabi Younis LEXX0957
Nab` al `Asal LEXX1871
Naffakhiye LEXX2376
Nahle LEXX0958
Nahr al Mawt LEXX3901
Nahr Bennedi LEXX3899
Nahr ed Dahab LEXX3902
Nahr el Hsain LEXX3903
Nahr Ibrahim LEXX3900
Nahriye LEXX0959
Najd LEXX3904
Najmet es Sobh LEXX3905
Nammoura LEXX3906
Nasb Ghzal LEXX3909
Nasriye LEXX1879
Nasriye LEXX0960
Nassb El Baidar LEXX1880
Niha LEXX3910
Niha LEXX2378
Niha LEXX0961
Niha LEXX1881
Nimrine LEXX0962
Noqra LEXX1882
Nor Adana LEXX3911
Nor Amanos LEXX3912
Nor Guiliguia LEXX3913
Nor Hadjen LEXX1194
Nor Kugh LEXX3914
Nor Marach LEXX3915
Nor Sis LEXX3916
Norachene LEXX3917
Nouaire LEXX1195
Noura el Faouqa LEXX0963
Noura el Tahta LEXX0964
Ouadi Abou Saleh LEXX0965
Ouadi Bnit LEXX1883
Ouadi Bou Jmil LEXX1196
Ouadi Chahine LEXX3919
Ouadi Chahrour LEXX3920
Ouadi Dardourit LEXX3921
Ouadi ed Deir LEXX3924
Ouadi ed Deleb LEXX3925
Ouadi ed Delem LEXX1886
Ouadi ej Jamous LEXX0967
Ouadi ej Jord LEXX0968
Ouadi el Ammine LEXX3926
Ouadi el Assouad LEXX1888
Ouadi el Ghamiq LEXX0969
Ouadi el Haour LEXX0970
Ouadi el Karm LEXX3927
Ouadi el Mrouj LEXX0971
Ouadi en Nahle LEXX0972
Ouadi en Naira LEXX1889
Ouadi en Njass LEXX0973
Ouadi es Sitt LEXX3928
Ouadi ez Zeini LEXX3929
Ouadi Faara LEXX1884
Ouadi Hayoun LEXX3922
Ouadi Jezzine LEXX2380
Ouadi Qannoubine LEXX0966
Ouadi Tali LEXX3923
Ouajh el Hajar LEXX0974
Ouara el Ain LEXX3930
Ouastani LEXX2381
Ouata Aita LEXX0975
Ouata Barra LEXX0976
Ouata ej Jaouz LEXX3934
Ouata el Bene LEXX3935
Ouata el Borj LEXX3936
Ouata el Kalb LEXX3938
Ouata el Khirbe LEXX3939
Ouata el Laouz LEXX3940
Ouata el Mrouj LEXX3941
Ouata es Sahle LEXX0981
Ouata Fares LEXX0977
Ouata Houb LEXX0978
Ouata Mansour LEXX0979
Ouata Niha LEXX0980
Ouata Sillam LEXX3931
Ouata Tabriye LEXX3932
Ouata Youssef LEXX3933
Ouatet Meraai LEXX0982
Oudi el Laimoun LEXX2382
Ouloud el Karm LEXX1892
Oum Chabbouq LEXX0983
Oum el Mkanes LEXX1893
Oum en Nidi LEXX0986
Oum et Tout LEXX2383
Oum Hanna LEXX0984
Oum Ousmane LEXX0985
Oumm Aaouad LEXX0987
Ouza LEXX2384
Parechene LEXX3942
Qaa er Rim LEXX1894
Qaabrine LEXX0988
Qaaqaait Ej Jisr LEXX4416
Qaaqaiet ej Jisr LEXX4417
Qabaait LEXX0989
Qabb Elias LEXX1895
Qabbani LEXX0990
Qabr el Barazane LEXX4418
Qabr en Nassrani LEXX4419
Qabr es Sindiane LEXX0991
Qabr Shmun LEXX3943
Qabrchmoun LEXX3944
Qabrikha LEXX4420
Qachlaq LEXX0992
Qaitoule LEXX2386
Qalaa es Soud LEXX3945
Qalaat Aades LEXX2387
Qalaat Bakdach LEXX1896
Qalaat Baraket LEXX3946
Qalaat el Bir LEXX2390
Qalaat el Hamra LEXX3953
Qalaat el Mrane LEXX3954
Qalaat es Saouda LEXX0995
Qalaat es Sekr LEXX0996
Qalaat Ghaouaya LEXX3947
Qalaat Jamloun LEXX2388
Qalaat Maarab LEXX3948
Qalaat Qassem LEXX1897
Qalaat Saade LEXX3949
Qalaat Sanioura LEXX3950
Qalaat Tabbouch LEXX3952
Qalaouiye LEXX0998
Qalaouiye LEXX4423
Qalb es Sabaa LEXX1901
Qalhat LEXX0999
Qalile LEXX1902
Qal`at al Burj LEXX0994
Qamar ed Dine LEXX1903
Qamez LEXX3955
Qana LEXX2391
Qanat Bakish LEXX3956
Qandoula LEXX1000
Qannabe LEXX3958
Qantara LEXX4424
Qantari LEXX1198
Qaouzah LEXX4425
Qarah Bach LEXX1001
Qarha LEXX1002
Qarha LEXX1904
Qarhaiya LEXX1003
Qarnaoun LEXX1004
Qarqaf LEXX1005
Qarsa LEXX3959
Qarsaita LEXX1006
Qartaba LEXX3960
Qartaboun LEXX3961
Qasmiye LEXX2392
Qasr el Loujouj LEXX1905
Qassouba LEXX3962
Qassrine LEXX4426
Qateaa Bou Mrad LEXX1007
Qateaa el Hara LEXX2393
Qateaa Sanya LEXX3963
Qatiaa Badbhoun LEXX1008
Qattine LEXX1906
Qattine LEXX1009
Qattine el Marj LEXX3967
Qbaiyat LEXX1010
Qbaiye LEXX3968
Qbale LEXX3969
Qboula LEXX1012
Qebraya LEXX1013
Qeddam LEXX1908
Qelia LEXX1909
Qemmamine LEXX1014
Qenia LEXX1015
Qennabe LEXX3970
Qennarit LEXX2394
Qeryaqous LEXX3971
Qilaa el Bid LEXX3972
Qild eth Thaalab LEXX1910
Qirtada LEXX3973
Qiyaa LEXX2395
Qlaa el Borj LEXX1016
Qlaiaat LEXX3974
Qloud el Baqie LEXX1017
Qmatiye LEXX3975
Qnaiouer LEXX1018
Qnat LEXX1019
Qobrous LEXX3976
Qommol LEXX1911
Qornayel LEXX3977
Qornet Chahouane LEXX3978
Qornet el Hamra LEXX3979
Qornet el Marj LEXX1020
Qorqara LEXX3980
Qorqraiya LEXX3981
Qortada LEXX3983
Qouale LEXX3984
Qoubaiyat LEXX1021
Qoubbet Chamra LEXX1022
Qoubbeyaa LEXX3985
Qoussaya LEXX1913
Qoussour LEXX2396
Qouttaa er Rous LEXX3986
Qraine LEXX1023
Qraita LEXX1914
Qsarnaba LEXX1915
Qtale LEXX3987
Qtale LEXX2397
Qubrus LEXX3989
Raachine LEXX3991
Raai es Saleh LEXX3992
Rabb et Talatine LEXX4428
Racha LEXX1024
Rachaaine LEXX1025
Rachaf LEXX4429
Rachaiya LEXX1916
Rachana LEXX1026
Rachkida LEXX1027
Rachkidde LEXX1028
Rafi LEXX1918
Rahbe LEXX1029
Raifoun LEXX3993
Raite LEXX1919
Rakti LEXX3994
Ram LEXX1030
Ram ez Zal LEXX1031
Ramat LEXX1032
Ramie LEXX3995
Ramiet es Safra LEXX3996
Ramiye LEXX4431
Ramlet el Baida LEXX1201
Ramlet el Bayda LEXX1202
Ramlet el Hamra LEXX1033
Raouche LEXX1203
Ras Aalous LEXX3997
Ras Baalbek LEXX1921
Ras Beyrouth LEXX1204
Ras Bnaiya LEXX1034
Ras ed Daiaa LEXX3999
Ras ej Jdaide LEXX4000
Ras el Aassi LEXX1922
Ras el Ain LEXX2398
Ras el Ain LEXX1923
Ras el Harf LEXX4001
Ras el Horch LEXX4002
Ras el Karm LEXX4003
Ras el Kroum LEXX1924
Ras el Marj LEXX4004
Ras el Masri LEXX2399
Ras el Metn LEXX4005
Ras el Mrouj LEXX4006
Ras en Nabaa LEXX1205
Ras en Nabbaa LEXX4007
Ras et Talaa LEXX1039
Ras Kifa LEXX1035
Ras Nhach LEXX1038
Ras Osta LEXX3998
Rasm el Hadeth LEXX1925
Rassiye LEXX1926
Rawda LEXX4008
Rawda LEXX1927
Rayak LEXX1928
Rechdibbine LEXX1040
Recheknanay LEXX2400
Rechmaiya LEXX4009
Rejm Beit Khalaf LEXX1042
Rejme LEXX4010
Remhala LEXX4011
Reqlay LEXX2401
Riha LEXX1929
Rihane LEXX2402
Rihane LEXX4012
Rijkol LEXX4013
Rimat LEXX2403
Riviera LEXX4014
Riyaq LEXX0028
Rjoum LEXX4015
Rmadiyeh LEXX2404
Rmah LEXX1043
Rmaila LEXX1044
Rmaile LEXX4016
Rmaysh LEXX4432
Rouaissat Salima LEXX4017
Rouaisse LEXX4019
Roum LEXX2405
Roumie LEXX4024
Roumine LEXX4433
Roumiye LEXX4025
Rous el Makanes LEXX1930
Rqamit Eid LEXX1931
Saadine LEXX1045
Saadnayel LEXX1932
Saaide LEXX1933
Sabbah LEXX2406
Sabbara LEXX1934
Sabra LEXX1206
Saddiqine LEXX2407
Sadr Mannaa LEXX1936
Safad el Battikh LEXX4435
Safhet Borgouch LEXX1937
Safra LEXX1938
Saghbine LEXX1939
Sahel Aalma LEXX4028
Sahet el Ain LEXX4029
Sahioun LEXX4030
Sahl Aadouss LEXX2408
Sahl el Karm LEXX1047
Sahl el Qaraaoun LEXX1941
Sahl er Ras LEXX1942
Sahl Menjez LEXX1046
Sahlat el Marj LEXX4031
Sahlat el Mounse LEXX1048
Sahlat el Qsaibe LEXX4032
Sahlet Bartaa LEXX4033
Sahlet el Aajram LEXX1945
Sahlet el Ghanam LEXX1946
Sahlet el Maqr LEXX1947
Sahlet el Midane LEXX1050
Sahlet el Moghra LEXX1948
Sahlet el Yassaq LEXX4034
Sahlet en Njassa LEXX1949
Sahlet Issa LEXX1049
Sahm et Taoube LEXX1950
Sahm et Taouil LEXX1951
Sahret el Qach LEXX1952
Saidet en Naja LEXX4037
Saidet en Najat LEXX1953
Saidet Tamich LEXX4036
Saidnaya LEXX1051
Saidoun LEXX2409
Saifi Village LEXX4465
Saint Michel LEXX4038
Saint Simon LEXX4039
Saissouq LEXX1052
Sajar LEXX1053
Sakhra LEXX1054
Salaa LEXX2410
Salaa LEXX1055
Salhiye LEXX2411
Salima LEXX4040
Saloumi LEXX4041
Sami er Ram LEXX1056
Sanaallah LEXX1057
Sanaya LEXX2412
Sannine LEXX4042
Sannour LEXX4043
Saoualha LEXX1058
Saoufar LEXX4044
Saouiri LEXX1954
Saqi Lassa LEXX4046
Saqi Rechmaiya LEXX4047
Saqiet ed Delb LEXX4050
Saqiet ej Janzir LEXX1207
Saqiet el Khait LEXX4052
Saqiet el Misk LEXX4053
Saqiet Zaidane LEXX4048
Saraain Et Tahta LEXX1956
Sarafand LEXX2413
Saraouniye LEXX4054
Sarba LEXX4436
Sarba LEXX4055
Sarboukh LEXX4437
Sareen LEXX1957
Sarghoun LEXX1059
Sassine LEXX1208
Satha LEXX1958
Sbagha LEXX1060
Sbahiye LEXX4056
Sbaiaa LEXX1061
Sbayel LEXX4057
Sbouba LEXX1959
Sebaail LEXX1062
Sebaal LEXX4058
Sebrine LEXX4059
Sejoud LEXX2414
Selaata LEXX1063
Semqaye LEXX4060
Seraail LEXX1064
Seraaita LEXX4061
Serail LEXX4062
Serjbal LEXX4063
Sertouka LEXX1065
Sfaray LEXX2415
Sfayla LEXX4064
Sfenta LEXX2416
Sghar LEXX1067
Shaile LEXX4065
Shaili LEXX4066
Sham el Qoutaa LEXX1962
Shanbouq LEXX1068
Shaqdouf LEXX1069
Shaqdouf Aakkar LEXX1070
Sharbila LEXX1071
Shattaha LEXX1072
Shikka LEXX0029
Siar LEXX1073
Sibline LEXX4067
Sibnai LEXX4068
Sibnay LEXX4069
Siddiqine LEXX2417
Sidon LEXX0031
Sidr al Qarami LEXX2418
Sil LEXX4070
Silaa LEXX2419
Silfaya LEXX4071
Sin el Fil LEXX4072
Sinn el Fil LEXX4074
Sir ed Danniye LEXX1075
Sir el Gharbiye LEXX4438
Sirane LEXX4075
Sirane Daoud LEXX4076
Siret Hana LEXX1963
Sirghaya LEXX1964
Siyar el Khaoukh LEXX4077
Skayer ej Jameaa LEXX4439
Slaiyeb LEXX4078
Slaiyeb LEXX1076
Slaiyeb Bchaale LEXX1077
Slaiyeb Ram LEXX1078
Slat LEXX4079
Smar Jbail LEXX1079
Smid ech Chaouk LEXX4080
Snaoubar Kfartai LEXX4081
Sohmor LEXX1965
Sotlay LEXX4082
Souane LEXX4440
Souaq es Safsaf LEXX4083
Souhoum ech Chih LEXX1966
Soukkara LEXX4441
Soultane Yaaqoub LEXX1967
Souq ain Qbaia LEXX2420
Souq el Firi LEXX4084
Souq el Gharb LEXX4085
Sourat LEXX1080
Srahmoul LEXX4086
Srar LEXX1081
Sribbine LEXX4442
Srifa LEXX2421
Srobbine LEXX4443
Sur LEXX0030
Taaid LEXX2422
Taaileb LEXX1969
Taalabaya LEXX1970
Taanayel LEXX1971
Taazaniye LEXX4087
Tabanjiye LEXX1082
Tabarja LEXX4088
Tachaa LEXX1083
Tahoun ech Chqif LEXX1084
Taht ech Chir LEXX4091
Taht el Horch LEXX4092
Taht el Qalaa LEXX4093
Taht Loussi LEXX1972
Tahwitat an Nahr LEXX4094
Tair Debbe LEXX2423
Tair Falsay LEXX2424
Tair Filsay LEXX2425
Tair Harfa LEXX2426
Tair Zebna LEXX2427
Talbita LEXX4095
Talia LEXX1973
Tall al Hayyat LEXX1085
Tall ez Zaatar LEXX4096
Tall Sougha LEXX1974
Tallet ed Deir LEXX1976
Tallet ed Drouz LEXX1209
Tallet ez Zefir LEXX1088
Tallet Ouati LEXX1086
Tallet Qamar LEXX1975
Talloussa LEXX4444
Talssa LEXX2428
Tanbourit LEXX2429
Tannoura LEXX1977
Taoufiqiye LEXX1978
Taray LEXX4445
Taraya LEXX1979
Tarchich LEXX4097
Tariq ej Jdide LEXX1211
Tariq ej Jdide LEXX1980
Tariq el Ain LEXX4098
Tariq en Nahr LEXX1212
Tarouel LEXX4100
Tartej LEXX4101
Tassouine LEXX4102
Tayouneh LEXX1213
Tebbet Chqair LEXX1092
Tebnine LEXX4446
Teffahta LEXX2430
Tell Bibi LEXX1095
Tell Biri LEXX1096
Tell Chima LEXX1097
Tell el Akhdar LEXX1983
Tell el Far LEXX1984
Tell ez Zaazeaa LEXX1985
Tell Hmaira LEXX1098
Tell Kindi LEXX1099
Tell Kiri LEXX1101
Tell Sebael LEXX1102
Tell Znoub LEXX1981
Tem Ain el Baida LEXX1103
Tem Charta LEXX1104
Tem ed Dib LEXX1105
Temnine et Tehta LEXX1987
Teniet er Ras LEXX1988
Terbol LEXX1989
Termalikh LEXX1106
Tfail LEXX1990
Thoum LEXX1107
Thoum el Faouqa LEXX1108
Thoum et Tahta LEXX1109
Tibnine LEXX4448
Tikrit LEXX1110
Tine Abou Aatabe LEXX4449
Tine el Midane LEXX4450
Tirane LEXX1111
Touairi LEXX2431
Touaite LEXX4103
Touaite LEXX1991
Toula LEXX1112
Touline LEXX4451
Toultata LEXX1992
Toumm el Akhdar LEXX1113
Toura LEXX2432
Tourbol LEXX1114
Tourza LEXX1115
Tourzaiya LEXX4104
Tout el Aaoss LEXX1994
Tout Remmane LEXX1993
Tripoli LEXX0007
Tyre LEXX2433
Unesco LEXX1214
Wadi Abu Jamil LEXX4466
Wardaniye LEXX4106
Woussiyat LEXX4107
Yahchouch LEXX4108
Yahfoufa LEXX1995
Yanar LEXX4109
Yanouh LEXX4110
Yanouh LEXX2434
Yanta LEXX1996
Yarine LEXX2435
Yarita LEXX1116
Yaroun LEXX4452
Yarze LEXX4111
Yatar LEXX4453
Yater LEXX4454
Yeprad LEXX4113
Yohmor LEXX4455
Yohmor el Beqaa LEXX1997
Younine LEXX1998
Yuhmur LEXX1999
Zaaiber LEXX4114
Zaaitriye LEXX4115
Zabboud LEXX2000
Zabbougha LEXX4116
Zabqine LEXX2436
Zaghla LEXX4456
Zahhar LEXX4117
Zahle LEXX2001
Zahr Hanne LEXX4118
Zahriye LEXX4119
Zakrit LEXX4120
Zakroun LEXX1117
Zalqa LEXX4122
Zamel LEXX1118
Zandouqa LEXX4123
Zane LEXX1119
Zaraaoun LEXX4124
Zarayeb Choukr LEXX2002
Zardeq LEXX4125
Zaroub el Ahmar LEXX1121
Zaroub el Himi LEXX1122
Zaroub Sleimane LEXX1120
Zebdine LEXX4459
Zebdine LEXX4126
Zebdol LEXX2003
Zebqine LEXX2437
Zefta LEXX4460
Zeghdraya LEXX2438
Zeghrine LEXX4127
Zeita LEXX2440
Zeitoun LEXX4128
Zelhmaya LEXX4130
Zellaya LEXX2004
Zeribet es Sabha LEXX2005
Zerta LEXX1123
Zgharta LEXX1124
Zghartaghrine LEXX1126
Zhairiye LEXX4131
Zhilta LEXX2441
Zighrine LEXX2006
Zouaine LEXX4132
Zouaitini LEXX4133
Zouila LEXX4461
Zoummar LEXX4134
Zouq el Faouqa LEXX1128
Zouq el Hbalsa LEXX1129
Zouq el Hosniye LEXX1130
Zouq el Kharab LEXX4137
Zouq et Tahta LEXX1132
Zouq Haddara LEXX1127
Zouq Mkayel LEXX4135
Zouq Mosbeh LEXX4136
Zour Mehrez LEXX1133
Zrazir LEXX2008
Zuqaq al Balat LEXX1215
`Ayn Ahilah LEXX2009
`Ayn al Ghurab LEXX2010
`Ayn al Janah LEXX1216
`Ayn al Muraysa LEXX1217
`Ayn Hammana LEXX4138