Weather Codes for Latvia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Latvia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abaine LGXX2697
Abaruni LGXX0918
Abava LGXX3971
Abava LGXX4134
Abeles LGXX1111
Abeli LGXX1912
Abelites LGXX2092
Abelnieki LGXX4135
Abgunste LGXX1512
Aboldari LGXX0389
Abolini LGXX1513
Abolkalni LGXX2698
Aboltini LGXX2307
Abragciems LGXX3972
Abricki LGXX2420
Abrini LGXX0390
Abrupe LGXX0689
Abulas LGXX3635
Adamova LGXX2421
Adamova LGXX3198
Adams LGXX0274
Adazi LGXX3465
Aderkasi LGXX2906
Adgoniski LGXX1685
Adminani LGXX1324
Aduliena LGXX1213
Adumnieki LGXX2699
Adzes LGXX1913
Adzuni LGXX0597
Agenskalns LGXX3158
Aglona LGXX2972
Aijazi LGXX2308
Ainazi LGXX0027
Aistere LGXX2093
Aizdzire LGXX3973
Aizkalne LGXX2973
Aizkarkles LGXX2700
Aizklani LGXX3784
Aizkraukle LGXX0154
Aizkuja LGXX2701
Aizpure LGXX3974
Aizpuri LGXX1686
Aizpurve LGXX0391
Aizpurves LGXX2702
Aizpurvi LGXX1325
Aizpute LGXX0028
Aizstrautnieki LGXX1112
Aizupe LGXX1514
Aizupe LGXX3975
Aizupes LGXX1515
Aizupes LGXX3785
Aizupi LGXX1914
Aizupiesi LGXX3199
Aizviki LGXX2094
Akacijas LGXX1113
Akanstaka LGXX0690
Akasi LGXX2422
Akavinas LGXX0275
Akeni LGXX2703
Aklaisciems LGXX3786
Akmenaji LGXX4136
Akmendziras LGXX4137
Akmene LGXX2095
Akmeni LGXX3976
Akmenruci LGXX0392
Akniste LGXX0029
Alanda LGXX2096
Alande LGXX2097
Alave LGXX1114
Alderi LGXX3466
Aleksandropole LGXX0393
Aleksandrovo LGXX3200
Algona LGXX0030
Alksnajciems LGXX3787
Allazi LGXX4138
Allazi LGXX3467
Allazi LGXX1915
Allazmuiza LGXX3468
Almale LGXX1916
Alodzene LGXX0276
Aloja LGXX0031
Alsi LGXX3636
Alsunga LGXX0032
Alsupe LGXX1214
Alsviki LGXX0277
Aluksne LGXX0009
Alunani LGXX1326
Alzani LGXX2704
Alzenova LGXX1687
Alzezere LGXX0394
Amalijasmuiza LGXX4139
Amata LGXX0691
Ambeli LGXX0919
Amele LGXX4140
Amjudzu Ciems LGXX4141
Anas LGXX1917
Ance LGXX4142
Ancenes LGXX1327
Anceni LGXX2423
Ancipova LGXX0395
Anckini LGXX2974
Anckuli LGXX2975
Ancveirini LGXX2976
Andini LGXX1918
Andini LGXX0920
Andini LGXX1688
Andrejsala LGXX3159
Andri LGXX2424
Andriceni LGXX0692
Andrupene LGXX0034
Andzani LGXX1689
Andzeli LGXX1690
Andzeni LGXX0155
Ane LGXX1516
Anna LGXX0278
Annapole LGXX2425
Annas LGXX0693
Annas LGXX0598
Annas LGXX1115
Annasbirze LGXX0396
Annaskalni LGXX0010
Annasmuiza LGXX3469
Annasmuiza LGXX4143
Annenieki LGXX1116
Anni LGXX4318
Anspoki LGXX2977
Antani LGXX1215
Antani LGXX2978
Antinciems LGXX3977
Antini LGXX1919
Antokoli LGXX0921
Antoniski LGXX2979
Antonopole LGXX3201
Antropova LGXX3202
Antuzi LGXX1328
Anuzi LGXX3788
Anzuli LGXX2980
Apali LGXX1691
Ape LGXX0036
Apgulde LGXX1117
Apini LGXX4452
Apogi LGXX2705
Aponosi LGXX2426
Aprani LGXX0694
Apriki LGXX2098
Apsalas LGXX2706
Apsenieki LGXX1920
Apsenieki LGXX1692
Apserdi LGXX1329
Apsites LGXX1118
Apskalni LGXX2707
Apsuciems LGXX3789
Apsukrogs LGXX2708
Apukalns LGXX0279
Apuze LGXX1921
Araisi LGXX0695
Araji LGXX4453
Arakste LGXX4454
Arciema Stacija LGXX2309
Arciems LGXX2310
Ardava LGXX2981
Arendole LGXX2982
Arini LGXX1517
Arkamani LGXX4144
Arlava LGXX3790
Armani LGXX2427
Armani LGXX1693
Armuskas LGXX3203
Arni LGXX2709
Arni LGXX4319
Arniceni LGXX2710
Aroniesi LGXX2711
Artjomovka LGXX1694
Arupite LGXX3470
Asani LGXX3204
Asare LGXX1330
Asari LGXX1657
Ascuki LGXX0922
Asinava LGXX3205
Asinici LGXX2428
Asite LGXX2099
Aslupes LGXX1216
Asninas LGXX3206
Astasova LGXX1695
Astere LGXX2311
Asti LGXX4145
Astici LGXX3207
Asune LGXX1696
Atasiene LGXX0037
Ate LGXX0280
Atmatas LGXX1922
Atspuka LGXX3208
Atzeli LGXX2100
Auce LGXX0038
Auci LGXX1518
Auciems LGXX0696
Aucugals LGXX2101
Aucupis LGXX4320
Auderi LGXX2102
Audrini LGXX3209
Audruve LGXX1519
Augsmukti LGXX2983
Augstari LGXX0397
Augstasils LGXX0398
Augstkalne LGXX1119
Augstkalniesi LGXX1217
Augstroze LGXX2312
Augstupji LGXX1923
Auguliena LGXX1218
Auguste LGXX2103
Augustova LGXX2984
Aukstinskaja LGXX0923
Aukstraupe LGXX1331
Auleja LGXX0039
Aulukalns LGXX0697
Aumeisteri LGXX4321
Auni LGXX3637
Aunini LGXX3638
Aunini LGXX1120
Aunini LGXX0698
Aurava LGXX1219
Auri LGXX1121
Ausatas LGXX1122
Ausekli LGXX1924
Auskinieki LGXX0399
Aususala LGXX0400
Auzguleni LGXX0924
Auzi LGXX2104
Auzini LGXX4146
Auzini LGXX2429
Auzukrogs LGXX3471
Avisi LGXX2430
Avoti LGXX1658
Avotini LGXX1520
Avotkalni LGXX2313
Azi LGXX1220
Babecka LGXX0281
Babite LGXX3472
Babri LGXX2985
Babri LGXX3210
Baci LGXX4322
Badnova LGXX0401
Bagu LGXX0156
Bahareva LGXX0402
Baizkalns LGXX0699
Bajari LGXX0157
Bajari LGXX1332
Bajari LGXX3473
Bajari LGXX1521
Bajerini LGXX4323
Bakuzi LGXX2105
Balabiski LGXX3211
Balani LGXX3212
Balbieri LGXX0158
Balda LGXX3213
Baldone LGXX0040
Baldones LGXX0403
Baldonieki LGXX2106
Balgale LGXX3791
Balgalvji LGXX1333
Balinava LGXX3214
Balini LGXX4324
Balini LGXX1925
Balkas LGXX3474
Balkitis LGXX4455
Balozi LGXX0700
Balozi LGXX0925
Balozi LGXX3639
Balozi LGXX4147
Balozi LGXX2712
Balozi LGXX3160
Balozi LGXX4456
Balozi LGXX0011
Baltaci LGXX0926
Baltaiskrogs LGXX4457
Balteni LGXX3216
Baltezers LGXX3476
Baltgalvji LGXX0701
Baltinava LGXX0404
Baltini LGXX2713
Baltini LGXX3217
Baltmuiza LGXX0927
Balucki LGXX3218
Balvi LGXX0042
Banazi LGXX2107
Bandenieki LGXX1522
Banuzi LGXX0702
Barakani LGXX1334
Barauka LGXX2986
Baravaja LGXX3219
Baraviki LGXX1335
Barbali LGXX2714
Barbali LGXX1336
Barbele LGXX0599
Bardas LGXX0282
Bardzuni LGXX0600
Barisi LGXX2715
Barisi LGXX0159
Barisi LGXX4325
Barisova LGXX0405
Barkani LGXX2431
Barkava LGXX2716
Barovka LGXX1337
Barta LGXX2108
Bartuli LGXX2432
Basi LGXX1926
Basi LGXX0703
Baski LGXX2987
Bata LGXX2109
Batari LGXX2433
Baumani LGXX3792
Bauni LGXX4458
Bauni LGXX1927
Bauri LGXX1338
Bauska LGXX0601
Bauzas LGXX1928
Bazciems LGXX1659
Bazniekrogs LGXX2314
Bazunes LGXX3477
Bebe LGXX2110
Beberbeki LGXX4589
Beberbeki LGXX3161
Bebrene LGXX0928
Bebri LGXX3220
Beceri LGXX2434
Bedres LGXX3979
Beibezi LGXX0602
Beika LGXX4459
Beites LGXX3478
Beja LGXX0283
Beki LGXX2988
Beki LGXX3640
Beksi LGXX3221
Belajeva LGXX2435
Belauski LGXX0406
Belava LGXX2717
Belava LGXX1221
Beles LGXX4148
Belevo LGXX2436
Belina LGXX0407
Belobabina LGXX3222
Belogrudova LGXX1697
Benas LGXX4149
Bene LGXX1123
Benkava LGXX1124
Benuzi LGXX3479
Berezki LGXX1698
Berezniki LGXX3223
Berezovka LGXX1699
Bergi LGXX3162
Bernadskaja LGXX1700
Bernani LGXX3224
Bernani LGXX2989
Bernati LGXX2111
Berstele LGXX0603
Bertmeji LGXX3793
Bertulaisi LGXX3641
Bertulaisi LGXX1125
Bervircava LGXX1523
Berzaine LGXX4460
Berzalne LGXX1126
Berzauka LGXX2438
Berzaune LGXX2718
Berzbeke LGXX1127
Berzciems LGXX3980
Berze LGXX1128
Berzgale LGXX3225
Berzi LGXX0604
Berzi LGXX1929
Berzini LGXX1701
Berzini LGXX0929
Berzini LGXX3642
Berzkalne LGXX0408
Berzkalni LGXX4326
Berzkalni LGXX1930
Berzkrasti LGXX1129
Berzmuiza LGXX0605
Berzpils LGXX0409
Berzs LGXX0704
Berzsipele LGXX1130
Berzuciems LGXX3981
Berzupe LGXX0284
Berzupe LGXX1131
Bestes LGXX4150
Beti LGXX4151
Bicani LGXX0930
Bicul LGXX1524
Bielomoikas LGXX2439
Bigaunciems LGXX3982
Bikava LGXX3226
Bikernieki LGXX1339
Bikernieki LGXX0160
Bikernieki LGXX0931
Bikernieki LGXX3163
Bikova LGXX2990
Bikseja LGXX4327
Biksere LGXX2719
Bikses LGXX2417
Biksti LGXX1132
Bilavi LGXX3794
Biletnieki LGXX2991
Bille LGXX0705
Billumuiza LGXX1525
Bilska LGXX4328
Binava LGXX2440
Binderi LGXX2112
Birini LGXX2315
Birkeneli LGXX0932
Birzes LGXX0606
Birzgale LGXX2907
Birzgali LGXX0607
Birzi LGXX1931
Birzi LGXX1340
Birzite LGXX1526
Birznieki LGXX2113
Birznieki LGXX3643
Birznieki LGXX2720
Birzuli LGXX1222
Birzuli LGXX4329
Bisenieki LGXX4152
Bitani LGXX0161
Biteni LGXX1527
Bites LGXX0162
Bites LGXX3644
Bitnieki LGXX3480
Bizi LGXX3227
Blakaini LGXX2721
Blanka LGXX4461
Blankenfelde LGXX1528
Blazma LGXX4153
Blazma LGXX3983
Bledeli LGXX1702
Blende LGXX4154
Blidene LGXX3645
Blisini LGXX3228
Blizneva LGXX2441
Blome LGXX4330
Blome LGXX1223
Blonti LGXX2442
Blukas LGXX1530
Blukaskrogs LGXX1531
Bluzni LGXX2992
Bobri LGXX0933
Bojari LGXX1703
Bojas LGXX2114
Bokani LGXX1341
Boki LGXX2722
Bolderaja LGXX3164
Bondari LGXX3230
Bondari LGXX2443
Bonitacova LGXX0410
Boraukas LGXX1704
Borkuici LGXX1705
Bormani LGXX0706
Bormani LGXX0163
Borovaja LGXX2444
Borovije LGXX1706
Borovkas LGXX0934
Bortnieki LGXX2993
Bortniki LGXX2445
Bracas LGXX1932
Brakas LGXX1342
Brakauski LGXX2994
Braki LGXX2908
Bramberge LGXX1532
Brandavas LGXX3984
Brandini LGXX4331
Brankas LGXX1533
Brankciems LGXX1660
Branteni LGXX2723
Branti LGXX4332
Branti LGXX2724
Brasla LGXX0707
Braslava LGXX2316
Bratova LGXX3231
Brazas LGXX1661
Brediki LGXX4155
Brediki LGXX1343
Bregzi LGXX0708
Breki LGXX1534
Breksina LGXX0411
Brekti LGXX0709
Brenceni LGXX2725
Brenceni LGXX0164
Brenci LGXX0285
Brendznieki LGXX4156
Brenguli LGXX4462
Brenti LGXX4333
Brici LGXX0710
Bridaga LGXX2317
Bridiski LGXX3232
Briedes LGXX4334
Briedisi LGXX0412
Briezeva LGXX0413
Briezi LGXX4463
Briezi LGXX1535
Briezi LGXX0286
Briezi LGXX2995
Briezi LGXX3985
Briezi LGXX1933
Briezuciems LGXX0414
Brigene LGXX0935
Brigi LGXX2446
Brikuzis LGXX4335
Brilli LGXX3646
Bringi LGXX0711
Bringi LGXX2447
Brinini LGXX3647
Briski LGXX2996
Brisla LGXX2997
Brizule LGXX3986
Broceni LGXX0012
Brodaizi LGXX2448
Brodi LGXX1344
Brokas LGXX2998
Broki LGXX2999
Bruci LGXX1934
Brukani LGXX3233
Bruklaji LGXX0608
Bruksi LGXX4336
Bruleni LGXX2909
Brunava LGXX0609
Brunaviski LGXX0610
Brunci LGXX4157
Bruni LGXX3481
Bruninieki LGXX1707
Brusviti LGXX2115
Brutuli LGXX4337
Bruveri LGXX1133
Bruveri LGXX3000
Bruveri LGXX0611
Bruveri LGXX2116
Bruzilas LGXX3648
Bucauska LGXX2726
Buceni LGXX4158
Buculani LGXX1345
Budberga LGXX0612
Budele LGXX2318
Budenbroka LGXX4464
Budinas LGXX1536
Budnieki LGXX1537
Buiva LGXX2319
Buivisi LGXX0936
Buka LGXX4465
Bukaisi LGXX1134
Bukas LGXX3482
Buki LGXX1538
Buki LGXX3649
Buksas LGXX2727
Buksti LGXX0415
Bukuciems LGXX2117
Bukulti LGXX3165
Bukulti LGXX3483
Bulduri LGXX1346
Bulduri LGXX1662
Bulgarija LGXX1539
Buli LGXX2449
Bulkas LGXX1935
Bulli LGXX3166
Bulluciems LGXX1663
Bullugals LGXX3167
Bulmeisteri LGXX2728
Bulvani LGXX0165
Bumani LGXX3001
Bumbiski LGXX3234
Bunceva LGXX1708
Bunduli LGXX0166
Bungas LGXX3235
Bungas LGXX1135
Bunka LGXX2118
Bunkas LGXX2119
Buntiki LGXX1347
Buntiki LGXX4159
Burchardumuiza LGXX3168
Burga LGXX4338
Burtnieki LGXX4466
Burzova LGXX3236
Businiski LGXX1709
Busnieki LGXX4581
Buteniski LGXX0937
Butiski LGXX0938
Butkani LGXX1710
Butkeni LGXX1348
Butnari LGXX3650
Buzani LGXX2729
Buzi LGXX0613
Caci LGXX3002
Caci LGXX3237
Caksi LGXX3238
Cakstes LGXX3796
Cakuli LGXX3239
Calissils LGXX3484
Campi LGXX4467
Cankas LGXX0712
Carnikava LGXX3485
Catlaksi LGXX3003
Caukciems LGXX3988
Caunani LGXX2730
Caunes LGXX2910
Cauni LGXX3004
Caupi LGXX1711
Cebeni LGXX2911
Cegelna LGXX2450
Ceimeri LGXX2731
Cekule LGXX3486
Celakurtisi LGXX0939
Celaraji LGXX1936
Celenski LGXX0013
Celi LGXX0713
Celmene LGXX0416
Celmenieki LGXX3651
Celmi LGXX3652
Celmi LGXX4160
Celmraugciems LGXX1540
Cemeri LGXX1224
Cempi LGXX4468
Cena LGXX1541
Cenkoni LGXX2120
Centiba LGXX3653
Centramuiza LGXX0417
Centrs LGXX3989
Ceplenieki LGXX2121
Cepli LGXX0714
Ceplisi LGXX4161
Ceplisi LGXX0614
Cepurnieki LGXX2732
Ceraukste LGXX0615
Cere LGXX3990
Cerkste LGXX3991
Cernavskije LGXX2451
Cernija LGXX0940
Cernoste LGXX3240
Cernova LGXX0418
Cerpas LGXX3797
Cerpi LGXX3654
Cerpiene LGXX0419
Certene LGXX4339
Cervoniki LGXX3005
Cervonka LGXX1349
Cesis LGXX0045
Cesvaine LGXX0046
Cesvainieki LGXX2733
Ceverava LGXX2452
Chushli LGXX0420
Cibla LGXX2453
Ciecere LGXX1937
Ciekurkalns LGXX3169
Cielavas LGXX3487
Ciematnieki LGXX1350
Ciemgali LGXX2320
Ciemklabi LGXX3798
Cikunte LGXX3992
Cildi LGXX2122
Cilipine LGXX0421
Cimales LGXX1542
Cimas LGXX3993
Cimdenieki LGXX2123
Cimota LGXX3241
Cimza LGXX0715
Cinci LGXX1225
Cirava LGXX2124
Cirgali LGXX4340
Cirkale LGXX4162
Cirma LGXX2454
Cirmani LGXX1712
Cirnava LGXX0287
Cirole LGXX1136
Cirsi LGXX0941
Cirsinieki LGXX3006
Cirsti LGXX3799
Cirsti LGXX0716
Ciruli LGXX3800
Ciruli LGXX2912
Ciruli LGXX3656
Ciskadi LGXX3242
Ciskani LGXX2734
Cistigi LGXX0288
Civciesi LGXX2455
Civzuli LGXX2456
Code LGXX0616
Conkas LGXX0289
Cornaja LGXX3243
Cucuri LGXX2457
Cudariene LGXX0422
Cuksti LGXX1938
Cukurene LGXX0942
Cukusala LGXX0423
Cunca LGXX4163
Cuskumuiza LGXX2321
Dabaki LGXX2735
Dagda LGXX0047
Daibe LGXX0717
Daigone LGXX3994
Dakas LGXX3657
Daksti LGXX4341
Dakt LGXX0290
Daktermuiza LGXX3488
Dalbe LGXX1543
Dalgi LGXX2125
Dambenieks LGXX2126
Dambergi LGXX0424
Dambji LGXX4469
Dambji LGXX1544
Dampjadruva LGXX0425
Damradi LGXX3489
Danderi LGXX2736
Danisevka LGXX0943
Dankeri LGXX0944
Dankumi LGXX3995
Dargeleva LGXX1713
Darte LGXX3801
Dartina LGXX1226
Dartsmuiza LGXX1939
Dartsmuiza LGXX3996
Darzciems LGXX0291
Darzini LGXX4590
Darzini LGXX4164
Darzini LGXX1137
Darznieki LGXX2737
Daudzene LGXX0426
Daudzese LGXX0167
Daudzeva LGXX0168
Daudzieseni LGXX0169
Daudzites LGXX4165
Daugasne LGXX0427
Daugavgriva LGXX3170
Daugavpils LGXX0007
Daugmale LGXX3490
Dauguleva LGXX2458
Dauguli LGXX4470
Dauguli LGXX4342
Daukstes LGXX1227
Daukstes LGXX2738
Daumanti LGXX1545
Davini LGXX4471
Davini LGXX0617
Debenieki LGXX0618
Debeskrogs LGXX1351
Deglava LGXX2459
Degli LGXX2739
Degli LGXX2913
Degole LGXX3997
Degsnas LGXX3998
Degumi LGXX1228
Degumnieki LGXX2740
Degumuiza LGXX1138
Degusava LGXX2460
Deksares LGXX3244
Deksne LGXX1940
Deksni LGXX2127
Dekteri LGXX3245
Delles LGXX1352
Delynysh LGXX0718
Demene LGXX0945
Demerova LGXX0428
Deneliski LGXX3246
Dervaniene LGXX3247
Dervaniski LGXX0946
Desele LGXX2128
Desukrogs LGXX2129
Diceni LGXX2914
Dicmani LGXX4166
Dietlavi LGXX3248
Dignaja LGXX1353
Dikeri LGXX4472
Diki LGXX2322
Dikli LGXX4473
Dikmali LGXX2130
Dilani LGXX2461
Dilmani LGXX3249
Dimanti LGXX1354
Dimperani LGXX1355
Dinaborciki LGXX1715
Dinsdurbe LGXX2131
Dirveikas LGXX0619
Diz-Gramzda LGXX2132
Dizciems LGXX3802
Dizdama LGXX2133
Dizgaili LGXX1941
Dizmezi LGXX3803
Dizseni LGXX3804
Dizstende LGXX3805
Dobele LGXX0014
Dobeli LGXX1546
Dobelzibali LGXX2134
Dobkrogs LGXX1942
Dobrocina LGXX1716
Dokti LGXX0292
Dokupe LGXX4167
Dole LGXX3491
Dole LGXX4474
Dolnaja LGXX0947
Domanovo LGXX1717
Domopole LGXX0429
Doredes LGXX4343
Doroskevici LGXX3250
Dorotpole LGXX3251
Dorupe LGXX1547
Dorupe LGXX2135
Dovole LGXX3007
Drabesi LGXX0719
Drand LGXX4344
Drapani LGXX0170
Drapmani LGXX0720
Dravenieki LGXX1229
Dravnieki LGXX1548
Dreilini LGXX2323
Dreilini LGXX3171
Dreiski LGXX0948
Dreizi LGXX3252
Drejas LGXX4168
Drepis LGXX1230
Dreveceni LGXX2741
Driceni LGXX3253
Driguli LGXX3658
Drivnieki LGXX1356
Drudzi LGXX0430
Drukas LGXX1549
Druskas LGXX0293
Drusti LGXX0721
Druva LGXX3008
Druvakti LGXX0171
Druvciems LGXX1664
Druviena LGXX0050
Dubarnes LGXX2915
Dubeni LGXX2136
Dubinova LGXX2462
Dubleva LGXX0431
Dublukalns LGXX0432
Dubna LGXX0949
Duboviki LGXX2463
Dubuli LGXX3254
Dubulti LGXX1665
Duci LGXX2324
Ducsalas LGXX2742
Dudkas LGXX0172
Dudumi LGXX2743
Dudursala LGXX1357
Dukas LGXX3806
Dukeri LGXX4475
Duki LGXX0722
Duklavi LGXX2916
Dukulava LGXX0433
Dukuli LGXX1232
Dukuli LGXX0723
Dukuliene LGXX0294
Dukuri LGXX0724
Dulbergs LGXX0434
Dumbrauka LGXX0950
Dumele LGXX3807
Dumpiete LGXX3999
Dunalka LGXX2137
Dunas LGXX1358
Dunava LGXX1359
Dundaga LGXX0051
Dundi LGXX3255
Dunduri LGXX1718
Dunika LGXX2138
Dunski LGXX1719
Dunski LGXX0951
Dunte LGXX2325
Dunupe LGXX3492
Durbe LGXX2139
Dure LGXX4476
Dure LGXX1233
Dursupe LGXX3808
Durupe LGXX1943
Durupe LGXX0435
Dutka LGXX4345
Dviete LGXX0952
Dvorcani LGXX1720
Dvorisce LGXX1721
Dzalbi LGXX3009
Dzalbi LGXX1722
Dzedri LGXX3809
Dzeguzeni LGXX1139
Dzeguzes LGXX1944
Dzeisi LGXX1945
Dzelda LGXX1946
Dzelmes LGXX2917
Dzelteni LGXX0725
Dzelzamurs LGXX3493
Dzelzava LGXX2744
Dzelzgale LGXX1947
Dzelzi LGXX1140
Dzelzoelnieki LGXX4169
Dzelzupe LGXX0436
Dzementava LGXX3256
Dzeni LGXX1360
Dzeni LGXX3257
Dzeni LGXX2326
Dzeni LGXX2745
Dzeni LGXX4346
Dzerbene LGXX0726
Dzerkali LGXX3258
Dzerumcelmi LGXX3494
Dzerve LGXX2140
Dzerve LGXX1361
Dzerveni LGXX0437
Dzerves LGXX3659
Dzerves LGXX4170
Dziesnieki LGXX0438
Dzikli LGXX4171
Dzilari LGXX3259
Dzilnas LGXX4172
Dzilnas LGXX3495
Dzimtmisa LGXX0620
Dzintari LGXX4591
Dzintari LGXX1362
Dzintari LGXX4477
Dziras LGXX3660
Dzirciems LGXX4000
Dzirnavas LGXX4174
Dzirnieki LGXX1550
Dzirnieki LGXX3661
Dzirnkali LGXX3662
Dzirtnieki LGXX4175
Dzisji LGXX0052
Dzisli LGXX2746
Dzukste LGXX0053
Dzukstesmuiza LGXX4001
Edas LGXX1948
Edole LGXX1949
Eglaine LGXX0727
Eglaine LGXX0953
Eglava LGXX1723
Egles LGXX4347
Egleva LGXX0439
Egli LGXX4176
Eglu Ciems LGXX3496
Eikazi LGXX3497
Eipli LGXX2464
Eizbahova LGXX1724
Ejusi LGXX1950
Ekites LGXX4348
Ekupe LGXX1951
Eleja LGXX1551
Eleonorvila LGXX3010
Elkakalns LGXX2141
Elksnava LGXX0440
Elksni LGXX0954
Elksni LGXX2918
Elksnukrogs LGXX1364
Elkuzeme LGXX2142
Elskene LGXX4177
Elste LGXX1234
Emarkalni LGXX3810
Emburga LGXX1552
Embute LGXX2143
Endzele LGXX4478
Endzeli LGXX1365
Endzelini LGXX3498
Engure LGXX4002
Enini LGXX4479
Enkenieki LGXX0728
Eolaineskrogs LGXX0173
Erberge LGXX0174
Ercogmuiza LGXX1553
Ergala LGXX2747
Ergeme LGXX4349
Ergli LGXX0054
Erini LGXX4480
Erkalni LGXX1235
Ermani LGXX0295
Ernestine LGXX0955
Esmiraldova LGXX0441
Evarti LGXX1725
Evarzi LGXX3663
Evele LGXX4350
Ezeni LGXX1366
Ezere LGXX3664
Ezergailisi LGXX3260
Ezergala LGXX2748
Ezeri LGXX1952
Ezerini LGXX1726
Ezerkalne LGXX3811
Ezerkauki LGXX4003
Ezermala LGXX2465
Ezermuiza LGXX4481
Ezermuiza LGXX3812
Ezernieki LGXX1727
Ezerukini LGXX3011
Ezerzviedri LGXX3499
Fabriciuss LGXX0729
Fabriki LGXX0442
Falcgrave LGXX1554
Faltopa LGXX0956
Fedorki LGXX2466
Feimani LGXX3261
Felicianova LGXX2467
Ferma LGXX1728
Fiki LGXX0296
Filipovs LGXX0443
Filkas LGXX1367
Florida LGXX0297
Folmani LGXX3813
Folvarcisi LGXX0957
Folvarkova LGXX3262
Folvaroka LGXX1729
Forsteja LGXX0444
Franci LGXX3665
Franciskopole LGXX0298
Franopole LGXX2468
Fridrihmuiza LGXX3814
Friki LGXX3666
Gabrani LGXX0445
Gadzani LGXX3012
Gagari LGXX2469
Gaguli LGXX2919
Gaibaci LGXX2470
Gaideni LGXX4482
Gaiduli LGXX3263
Gaigalava LGXX3264
Gaigaliesi LGXX2749
Gaiki LGXX3667
Gailava LGXX0446
Gaili LGXX4004
Gailisi LGXX3013
Gailumi LGXX3265
Gajeva LGXX2471
Galamuiza LGXX1953
Galani LGXX3014
Galati LGXX1141
Galauce LGXX1142
Gale LGXX3668
Galenieki LGXX0621
Galgauska LGXX1236
Galici LGXX2472
Galmicas LGXX1954
Galtene LGXX3815
Galvari LGXX0447
Galzemji LGXX0622
Gandziras LGXX1955
Garanci LGXX3266
Garani LGXX2473
Garanskoje LGXX2474
Garausi LGXX4005
Garciems LGXX3500
Gardene LGXX1143
Gargrozi LGXX1144
Gariejuri LGXX0299
Garkalne LGXX3501
Garlene LGXX3816
Garoza LGXX1555
Garoza LGXX0623
Garozas LGXX3669
Garozas Stacija LGXX1556
Garsas LGXX3502
Garsene LGXX1368
Garsmuiza LGXX3503
Garupe LGXX3504
Garzde LGXX4178
Gasuli LGXX3267
Gatarta LGXX0730
Gatciems LGXX3505
Gatves LGXX1237
Gauja LGXX3506
Gaujaslici LGXX0731
Gaujasreveli LGXX1238
Gaujiena LGXX0300
Gaujmala LGXX3507
Gaurini LGXX1557
Gausi LGXX2144
Gaveiki LGXX2475
Gavieze LGXX2145
Gederti LGXX2146
Geibi LGXX1730
Geidani LGXX1369
Geinova LGXX0448
Geitvidiski LGXX0958
Gelebove LGXX3015
Geranimova LGXX1731
Gercani LGXX0175
Geri LGXX1956
Gerkani LGXX1370
Gerkeni LGXX1371
Gibuli LGXX3817
Gibuli LGXX4179
Gibuli LGXX0732
Gibzde LGXX3818
Giksi LGXX0733
Gimji LGXX3508
Gipka LGXX3819
Gipteri LGXX1558
Gizes LGXX1372
Glaudani LGXX0959
Glazhushkyunis LGXX2920
Gliteniesi LGXX1559
Glizdares LGXX2921
Glizdi LGXX3268
Gluda LGXX1560
Gnezas LGXX2922
Gnilki LGXX0449
Gnilojruceja LGXX0960
Gobas LGXX2923
Gobzini LGXX3670
Goliseva LGXX2476
Golubevi LGXX0450
Gorbunovka LGXX0961
Gornica LGXX3269
Goruski LGXX3270
Gospori LGXX3016
Gostini LGXX0055
Gostuni LGXX1732
Grabeni LGXX3671
Grasi LGXX2750
Graudi LGXX1957
Graudupe LGXX1958
Grauzde LGXX4006
Gravani LGXX1373
Gravas LGXX2327
Gravendale LGXX0624
Gravere LGXX1959
Graveri LGXX1733
Graveri LGXX2751
Gravisi LGXX0301
Grazi LGXX3017
Grebnava LGXX2477
Grebutnieki LGXX3672
Greiveri LGXX0734
Greivuli LGXX3271
Greizi LGXX0962
Grenci LGXX4007
Grenctale LGXX0625
Grendze LGXX0963
Gribolva LGXX3018
Gribuli LGXX3272
Gricgale LGXX0176
Gridzini LGXX0177
Griestini LGXX0451
Grieze LGXX3673
Grigi LGXX3019
Griki LGXX0735
Griki LGXX1960
Grineni LGXX0736
Grisina LGXX2478
Griskani LGXX3273
Gritani LGXX1734
Griva LGXX0452
Griva LGXX1106
Grivaisi LGXX3674
Grivdeniesi LGXX2479
Grizani LGXX1735
Grizukrogs LGXX4180
Grizupe LGXX2147
Grobina LGXX0015
Gropini LGXX0737
Grosli LGXX4351
Grotuzi LGXX2752
Grotuzi LGXX4352
Groveriski LGXX3274
Grozas LGXX2753
Grube LGXX0302
Grugules LGXX1374
Grunduli LGXX1961
Grundzale LGXX4353
Gruzi LGXX3820
Gruzisi LGXX0453
Gubani LGXX3675
Gubeni LGXX1145
Gubina LGXX2480
Gudenieki LGXX1962
Gugenieki LGXX4182
Gugeri LGXX0738
Gulbene LGXX0057
Gulbene LGXX0964
Gulbere LGXX2754
Gulbisi LGXX4354
Gulbitis LGXX1239
Gulbji LGXX4008
Gulbjuciems LGXX1561
Gumbalnieki LGXX4183
Gumenica LGXX2481
Gumertgraveri LGXX3020
Gundegas LGXX2755
Gurini LGXX4184
Gurna LGXX0965
Gusti LGXX0739
Guta LGXX0966
Guta LGXX1736
Gutini LGXX3021
Guzas LGXX3022
Guzas LGXX2148
Guzenki LGXX1737
Hatki LGXX3275
Hoftenberga LGXX0967
Horoseva LGXX2482
Ideni LGXX3276
Idrani LGXX2756
Idus LGXX4483
Iecava LGXX0626
Iecetnieki LGXX2757
Ieki LGXX3509
Ielaini LGXX0740
Ieras LGXX1963
Ieriki LGXX0741
Ievade LGXX2149
Igate LGXX0058
Igene LGXX3821
Ignatava LGXX1738
Igrive LGXX0303
Igums LGXX4484
Ikaisi LGXX1964
Ikseni LGXX0178
Ikskile LGXX0016
Ile LGXX1146
Ilgi LGXX2150
Ilguciems LGXX3172
Ilini LGXX3822
Ilipani LGXX1375
Iljusi LGXX2483
Ilkene LGXX3510
Ilmaki LGXX2328
Ilukste LGXX0060
Ilza LGXX2484
Ilze LGXX0968
Ilzene LGXX0061
Imanta LGXX3173
Imantas LGXX3676
Imsas LGXX2329
Incarnieki LGXX2758
Inci LGXX3677
Inciems LGXX3511
Incukalns LGXX3512
Indani LGXX1376
Indini LGXX2924
Indra LGXX1739
Indrani LGXX2759
Indrani LGXX3513
Indrica LGXX1740
Indrikeni LGXX1377
Indriki LGXX0304
Indriki LGXX2151
Induli LGXX1965
Inesi LGXX0743
Inte LGXX2330
Intes LGXX4009
Ipiki LGXX4485
Irbeni LGXX0627
Irlava LGXX4010
Irsi LGXX0179
Irsi LGXX4185
Iskino LGXX2485
Islicas LGXX1562
Islice LGXX0628
Islitsskiy LGXX0629
Ismeri LGXX3277
Isnauda LGXX2486
Istakaja LGXX3023
Istalsna LGXX2487
Istra LGXX2488
Ivande LGXX1966
Ivandes LGXX3823
Ivdri LGXX2489
Ive LGXX3824
Ivgolova LGXX3278
Iyetsi LGXX0744
Izabelina LGXX1378
Izriede LGXX2152
Iztekas LGXX3024
Izvalta LGXX1741
Jadeksas LGXX3825
Jaglodi LGXX4355
Jakubina LGXX0969
Jakuci LGXX2490
Jalovecka LGXX1742
Janapole LGXX1379
Janciski LGXX0970
Janisi LGXX0745
Janmuiza LGXX4486
Janmuiza LGXX0746
Janopole LGXX3279
Janopole LGXX0454
Janovole LGXX2491
Januciems LGXX0971
Janukrogs LGXX3826
Januzi LGXX1240
Jaroskina LGXX3280
Jaseneca LGXX0305
Jatele LGXX1967
Jatnieki LGXX3678
Jaudzumi LGXX0747
Jaujas LGXX3025
Jauki LGXX3281
Jauna LGXX0972
Jauna maja LGXX1147
Jaunaglona LGXX3026
Jaunaluksne LGXX0306
Jaunamuiza LGXX4487
Jaunamuiza LGXX1968
Jaunamuiza LGXX3827
Jaunanna LGXX0307
Jaunas Majas LGXX1148
Jaunatas LGXX1241
Jaunate LGXX4488
Jaunauce LGXX3679
Jaunazes LGXX4186
Jaunbakani LGXX1242
Jaunbebe LGXX2153
Jaunbebri LGXX0180
Jaunberze LGXX1149
Jaunbilska LGXX4356
Jaunbirzaki LGXX3027
Jaunbirznieki LGXX4187
Jaunborna LGXX0973
Jaunbozava LGXX2492
Jaunburtnieki LGXX4489
Jaunciems LGXX3828
Jaunciems LGXX4188
Jaunciems LGXX3174
Jaunciems LGXX1563
Jaundilki LGXX3829
Jaundome LGXX1743
Jaundrusti LGXX0748
Jaundubulti LGXX1667
Jaundumpi LGXX1243
Jaundundaga LGXX3830
Jaundziras LGXX4011
Jaunenieki LGXX2154
Jaungailumi LGXX3282
Jaungulbene LGXX1244
Jaunjelgava LGXX0062
Jaunjerceni LGXX4357
Jaunkalnini LGXX3831
Jaunkalsnava LGXX2760
Jaunkemeri LGXX1668
Jaunkempji LGXX0749
Jaunklidzis LGXX4358
Jaunkrimulda LGXX3514
Jaunlaicene LGXX0308
Jaunlazdona LGXX2761
Jaunlestene LGXX4012
Jaunlubana LGXX2762
Jaunlutrini LGXX3680
Jaunmaksi LGXX0455
Jaunmarupe LGXX3515
Jaunmilgravis LGXX3175
Jaunmokas LGXX4013
Jaunmuiza LGXX1380
Jaunmuiza LGXX3681
Jaunmuiza LGXX2155
Jaunmuiza LGXX3832
Jaunmuiznieki LGXX2763
Jaunokra LGXX1744
Jaunokte LGXX3833
Jaunolaine LGXX3516
Jaunpagasts LGXX3834
Jaunpelce LGXX1969
Jaunperles LGXX0750
Jaunpeternieki LGXX1564
Jaunpiebalga LGXX0751
Jaunpils LGXX4014
Jaunplatone LGXX1565
Jaunplavas LGXX4015
Jaunracina LGXX1745
Jaunrauna LGXX0752
Jaunrikava LGXX3283
Jaunroze LGXX0309
Jaunrukeli LGXX4359
Jaunrusini LGXX2764
Jaunruzina LGXX3284
Jaunsati LGXX4016
Jaunsauka LGXX1381
Jaunsaule LGXX0630
Jaunsesava LGXX1150
Jaunsetas LGXX3682
Jaunsezi LGXX4017
Jaunsilava LGXX3028
Jaunsilenieki LGXX0310
Jaunskujene LGXX0753
Jaunslobodka LGXX2493
Jaunsmiltene LGXX4360
Jaunsvente LGXX0974
Jaunsvirlauka LGXX1566
Jauntireli LGXX3517
Jauntokari LGXX0975
Jauntukums LGXX4018
Jaunupe LGXX4190
Jaunusani LGXX0976
Jaunvale LGXX4490
Jaunvanagi LGXX1245
Jaunvarieba LGXX4019
Jaunvegi LGXX0181
Jaunveveri LGXX4191
Jaunzemi LGXX0754
Jaunzemji LGXX1246
Jaunzemji LGXX3835
Jaunzemji LGXX2765
Jaunzemji LGXX4192
Jaunzemji LGXX0311
Jaunzvarde LGXX3683
Jaupe LGXX1567
Javenieki LGXX0456
Jeci LGXX4491
Jekabpils LGXX0017
Jelgava LGXX0001
Jelgavkrasti LGXX2331
Jerceni LGXX4361
Jereni LGXX1382
Jeri LGXX4492
Jermaki LGXX3029
Jersika LGXX3030
Jerukrogs LGXX4193
Jeruzi LGXX0755
Jodava LGXX0631
Joksti LGXX1383
Jonini LGXX1746
Jornini LGXX4194
Jostaji LGXX4020
Jostnieki LGXX3684
Juceva LGXX2494
Juchniski LGXX1747
Juci LGXX0182
Judazi LGXX3518
Judovka LGXX0977
Jugla LGXX2925
Jugla LGXX3176
Juglas LGXX2332
Jukani LGXX2766
Jukniski LGXX0632
Juksas LGXX3685
Jumprava LGXX2926
Jumprava LGXX0633
Jumpraviesi LGXX3686
Jumpravmuiza LGXX2333
Jumurda LGXX2767
Jurgi LGXX1151
Jurgi LGXX3836
Jurgi LGXX4021
Jurgisi LGXX3031
Jurgumuiza LGXX2156
Jurjani LGXX2768
Jurkalne LGXX4195
Jurmala LGXX1669
Jurmalciems LGXX2157
Jurmali LGXX2158
Justi LGXX2769
Juzes LGXX1384
Kabile LGXX0065
Kacori LGXX4362
Kacupe LGXX0457
Kadaga LGXX3519
Kadiki LGXX1385
Kadisava LGXX0458
Kageni LGXX0634
Kagumciems LGXX4363
Kaibala LGXX2927
Kaiberis LGXX4364
Kaiguciems LGXX1568
Kaijciems LGXX2334
Kaikazi LGXX0757
Kaipi LGXX3285
Kairisi LGXX1748
Kaive LGXX4022
Kaive LGXX0758
Kajagi LGXX4023
Kakalici LGXX1386
Kakasi LGXX0183
Kakciems LGXX3520
Kakenieki LGXX1152
Kaki LGXX0759
Kakisi LGXX3837
Kakiske LGXX2159
Kakuci LGXX2495
Kalabi LGXX2928
Kalandri LGXX0184
Kaldabruna LGXX1387
Kaleji LGXX3838
Kaleji LGXX4196
Kalesi LGXX3839
Kaleti LGXX2160
Kaliti LGXX4197
Kalki LGXX3840
Kalkis LGXX1569
Kalkune LGXX0978
Kalnacimas LGXX0066
Kalnadzirkali LGXX2161
Kalnagals LGXX2770
Kalnaine LGXX4365
Kalnakrogs LGXX2162
Kalnamuiza LGXX1970
Kalnansi LGXX1971
Kalnapededze LGXX0312
Kalnaraji LGXX1972
Kalnasati LGXX3286
Kalnaulini LGXX0185
Kalnbirze LGXX2772
Kalncempji LGXX0313
Kalnciema Masivs LGXX3521
Kalnciemmuiza LGXX2335
Kalnciems LGXX0067
Kalngale LGXX3522
Kalngali LGXX1388
Kalni LGXX3687
Kalni LGXX0979
Kalni LGXX1973
Kalni LGXX3841
Kalniena LGXX1247
Kalniski LGXX1749
Kalniski LGXX2163
Kalniski LGXX0980
Kalniski LGXX1389
Kalnkrustceli LGXX0981
Kalnmuiza LGXX4024
Kalnmuiza LGXX3842
Kalnsetas LGXX2773
Kalnsetas LGXX3688
Kalnvirsa LGXX2774
Kalsnava LGXX2775
Kaltene LGXX0068
Kaltiki LGXX1974
Kalupe LGXX0982
Kalvani LGXX3032
Kalvene LGXX0314
Kalvene LGXX2164
Kalvini LGXX2496
Kalvji LGXX3033
Kamatauskas LGXX2776
Kaminca LGXX0983
Kampis LGXX4366
Kampiski LGXX3287
Kanci LGXX2777
Kandava LGXX0069
Kanepi LGXX2165
Kangari LGXX3523
Kangari LGXX3843
Kankari LGXX1390
Kankuli LGXX3034
Kannova LGXX2497
Kantinieki LGXX3288
Kapas LGXX1975
Kapeles LGXX1391
Kapeni LGXX2778
Kapessils LGXX0459
Kapini LGXX3035
Kaplava LGXX1750
Kaplavas LGXX0186
Kapostini LGXX0187
Kapsede LGXX2166
Kapsi LGXX1976
Kapteines LGXX1570
Kapukrogi LGXX4025
Kapune LGXX0460
Kapuzi LGXX2498
Kara Osta LGXX2418
Karaukrogs LGXX0635
Kareli LGXX3689
Karigova LGXX0461
Karki LGXX4367
Karkli LGXX2779
Karklinieki LGXX0462
Karleni LGXX0760
Karli LGXX3690
Karli LGXX1153
Karli LGXX0761
Karlmuiza LGXX3844
Karnini LGXX1571
Karogi LGXX2336
Karosta LGXX4592
Karsava LGXX0070
Kartuzi LGXX0762
Karva LGXX0315
Karzdaba LGXX2780
Kasatniki LGXX0984
Kastire LGXX3036
Kastrane LGXX2929
Kategrade LGXX3037
Katishi LGXX0985
Katishi LGXX0188
Katlakalns LGXX3524
Katlesi LGXX0463
Katolova LGXX2499
Katrina LGXX2781
Katrinas LGXX1154
Katvari LGXX2337
Kaugari LGXX1572
Kaugurciems LGXX1670
Kauguri LGXX4493
Kauguri LGXX1671
Kauguriesi LGXX4494
Kauki LGXX1573
Kaukuri LGXX2930
Kaulaci LGXX3691
Kaulaci LGXX3289
Kauldegi LGXX3692
Kaulini LGXX0763
Kaunata LGXX0071
Kaupeni LGXX0764
Kaupi LGXX3525
Kaupini LGXX1155
Kaupiski LGXX0986
Kaupuzi LGXX2500
Kausa LGXX3038
Kausakalmi LGXX2501
Kauseliski LGXX0987
Kausinieki LGXX2502
Kausins LGXX4368
Kauvas LGXX4198
Kauvuzas LGXX1574
Kavari LGXX0765
Kazari LGXX3290
Kazbari LGXX2167
Kazdanga LGXX2168
Kazemaki LGXX1392
Kazenci LGXX1751
Kazenieki LGXX3693
Kazimirova LGXX1752
Kazinci LGXX1753
Kazinova LGXX1754
Kazliski LGXX1755
Kazradzi LGXX0316
Kazukalns LGXX0464
Kazupe LGXX0465
Kegums LGXX0018
Keikas LGXX3845
Keipene LGXX2931
Keisi LGXX3039
Keizi LGXX4369
Kekava LGXX3526
Kelderi LGXX2338
Kelles LGXX0317
Kemere LGXX4370
Kemeri LGXX1672
Kempeni LGXX4371
Kempes LGXX0766
Kempji LGXX0767
Kenci LGXX0768
Kengi LGXX4372
Kenini LGXX1393
Kepas LGXX0769
Kerklini LGXX3694
Kesa LGXX0770
Kesterciems LGXX4026
Kesteri LGXX2169
Ketleri LGXX1575
Kevele LGXX1156
Kiburi LGXX0073
Kiegelceplis LGXX1157
Kiegelceplis LGXX4373
Kiegeli LGXX4495
Kienes LGXX0771
Kiguli LGXX4496
Kiki LGXX4200
Kikuri LGXX1977
Kikuti LGXX4497
Kikuti LGXX3527
Kilas LGXX2339
Kili LGXX0466
Kimale LGXX1978
Kimstienki LGXX2782
Kindereni LGXX2932
Kinguti LGXX3695
Kipari LGXX3528
Kipatciems LGXX3846
Kipeni LGXX2340
Kipsala LGXX4593
Kirbeli LGXX4498
Kirbizi LGXX2341
Kiri LGXX0636
Kirili LGXX2503
Kirpeni LGXX1158
Kirupe LGXX0988
Kishi LGXX1576
Kisi LGXX4374
Kisi LGXX4499
Kisi LGXX4027
Kisterciems LGXX3847
Kivita LGXX2170
Kivki LGXX3291
Kivlini LGXX3292
Kivuli LGXX4028
Klabati LGXX0318
Klabes LGXX0772
Klajumi LGXX4201
Klampji LGXX0074
Klani LGXX0467
Klapari LGXX3040
Klapkalnciems LGXX4029
Klaras LGXX3848
Klaucani LGXX1394
Klauce LGXX1395
Klaudzi LGXX4375
Klaustes LGXX0773
Klavani LGXX1248
Klavi LGXX1577
Klavkalni LGXX0774
Klavnieki LGXX0637
Klekeri LGXX0775
Klekeri LGXX0989
Klesniki LGXX2504
Klesova LGXX1756
Kletnieki LGXX0776
Klieni LGXX1578
Kligene LGXX0777
Klimeni LGXX0638
Klinti LGXX1159
Klisi LGXX2505
Kliskova LGXX3041
Klismeti LGXX1757
Kliversala LGXX3177
Klivji LGXX3529
Klivmuiza LGXX1579
Klocki LGXX0990
Klostere LGXX1979
Klovini LGXX0991
Knape LGXX4376
Knavini LGXX0189
Knideri LGXX2342
Knipis LGXX4377
Knubi LGXX4202
Knutova LGXX3293
Koceni LGXX4500
Kodari LGXX3042
Koderi LGXX1396
Kokari LGXX2783
Kokmuiza LGXX1160
Koknese LGXX0075
Kokoriesi LGXX3043
Kokorviesi LGXX3294
Kolbergi LGXX0319
Kolka LGXX0019
Kombuli LGXX1758
Konani LGXX0468
Kondrasova LGXX3295
Konecpole LGXX2506
Koneva LGXX2507
Koni LGXX4501
Konina LGXX3296
Koninciems LGXX1980
Konogolci LGXX2508
Konstantinova LGXX1759
Kopdaros LGXX2171
Kordona LGXX1249
Korgelciems LGXX4030
Korgene LGXX2343
Korli LGXX1981
Kormani LGXX1982
Korneti LGXX0320
Korolevscina LGXX0992
Korsakova LGXX3044
Korsi LGXX3696
Korsupleva LGXX2509
Kosa LGXX0778
Koskele LGXX4502
Koskina LGXX1760
Kosmacevka LGXX3297
Kosrags LGXX3849
Kostjugovka LGXX2510
Kotolnieki LGXX1761
Kovaliski LGXX3298
Kozas LGXX1250
Kozine LGXX0469
Koziraci LGXX1762
Kozlova LGXX0470
Kozlova LGXX2511
Kozuli LGXX1397
Krami LGXX0779
Krampji LGXX0321
Krani LGXX4203
Krankali LGXX1398
Krapa LGXX1251
Krape LGXX2933
Kraslava LGXX0077
Krasnolenka LGXX1763
Krasnopole LGXX1764
Krastaciems LGXX1580
Krastciems LGXX1673
Krasti LGXX0190
Krastini LGXX3850
Krastnieki LGXX1983
Kraujas LGXX3851
Krauka LGXX0322
Kraukleva LGXX0471
Kraukli LGXX2784
Kraukli LGXX1765
Kravali LGXX0472
Kreici LGXX2512
Kreijas LGXX1161
Krejeni LGXX4378
Krekeliski LGXX1766
Kreplini LGXX3852
Krievciems LGXX4204
Krievgali LGXX0639
Krievi LGXX3045
Krievlauki LGXX4582
Krievragciems LGXX3853
Krievupe LGXX3530
Krigali LGXX0780
Krimulda LGXX3531
Krimunas LGXX1162
Krisjani LGXX0473
Kriskanani LGXX1399
Kriskani LGXX1400
Kristceles LGXX3299
Kristinki LGXX3300
Krivanda LGXX2513
Krivani LGXX0993
Krivi LGXX0781
Krivosejeva LGXX0994
Krivoselci LGXX1767
Krizi LGXX0995
Krizi LGXX2514
Krogeli LGXX3698
Krogzemji LGXX2172
Krogzemnieki LGXX0782
Kroju LGXX4205
Kronauce LGXX1163
Kronmuiza LGXX3854
Kronrenda LGXX1984
Kropmuiza LGXX3699
Krote LGXX2173
Kruckas LGXX1252
Krujela LGXX4379
Kruki LGXX3301
Krumani LGXX1768
Krumini LGXX0996
Krumini LGXX0078
Krumini LGXX2344
Krumuli LGXX4032
Krupi LGXX3302
Krupisi LGXX2515
Krusari LGXX0783
Krusati LGXX2174
Kruskalne LGXX1164
Krustacelms LGXX0474
Krustakmeni LGXX0784
Krustakrogi LGXX0785
Krustini LGXX3532
Krustpils LGXX1401
Krutava LGXX0475
Krute LGXX2175
Kruti LGXX0323
Kruzas LGXX2176
Kruzes LGXX0786
Kscava LGXX0997
Kubuli LGXX0476
Kucini LGXX3303
Kudeiki LGXX0998
Kudi LGXX2177
Kudinava LGXX0324
Kudra LGXX0640
Kudra LGXX1674
Kudra LGXX2178
Kudrasi LGXX1402
Kudums LGXX0787
Kudupe LGXX0325
Kugi LGXX0191
Kugras LGXX2179
Kugreni LGXX2180
Kuileni LGXX0788
Kuivizi LGXX2345
Kujinas LGXX4380
Kukas LGXX1403
Kukoji LGXX3304
Kuksas LGXX4034
Kukusilini LGXX3046
Kulciems LGXX3855
Kuldiga LGXX0079
Kulenieki LGXX3047
Kules LGXX3856
Kumbri LGXX3700
Kumbuli LGXX0999
Kumpis LGXX4503
Kunaisi LGXX3701
Kunci LGXX1985
Kunci LGXX2785
Kunci LGXX1404
Kunci LGXX0789
Kundi LGXX1986
Kunduri LGXX4035
Kundzi LGXX1405
Kundziniski LGXX3048
Kundzinsala LGXX3533
Kunkuli LGXX2181
Kupinas LGXX3702
Kuprava LGXX0477
Kuprisi LGXX1406
Kurani LGXX1407
Kurbe LGXX3857
Kurcina LGXX3305
Kurcini LGXX3049
Kureli LGXX4381
Kureni LGXX0790
Kurini LGXX0192
Kurma LGXX2516
Kurmale LGXX1987
Kurmene LGXX0193
Kurmeni LGXX0194
Kurmi LGXX3050
Kurmis LGXX4382
Kurmji LGXX2786
Kurmrags LGXX2346
Kurna LGXX0478
Kurpiniki LGXX1769
Kurpnieki LGXX3858
Kursakas LGXX3859
Kursi LGXX0326
Kursisi LGXX3703
Kursisi LGXX3051
Kursisi LGXX2347
Kusa LGXX2787
Kusaini LGXX1988
Kusini LGXX1000
Kusneri LGXX2517
Kuznecava LGXX0479
Kuzulini LGXX1408
Labecki LGXX1770
Labrags LGXX4206
Labvarzi LGXX3306
Lachi LGXX1409
Laci LGXX1410
Laci LGXX1001
Laci LGXX4036
Lacplesis LGXX2934
Lacukrogs LGXX3704
Lade LGXX2348
Ladezers LGXX2349
Ladzere LGXX3860
Ladzinas LGXX1581
Lafonteine LGXX3534
Lagzdiena LGXX4207
Lagzdini LGXX4208
Laidi LGXX1989
Laidze LGXX4209
Laidze LGXX3861
Laigalava LGXX3307
Laizani LGXX3308
Lakauski LGXX3052
Laksi LGXX0792
Lakstene LGXX2935
Laktas LGXX2788
Lamani LGXX1411
Lambarte LGXX0641
Lamini LGXX4037
Lancenieki LGXX4038
Landskorona LGXX1771
Landzani LGXX1412
Landze LGXX4210
Langsezi LGXX2182
Langstini LGXX3535
Lani LGXX2183
Lanka LGXX2184
Lankas LGXX2185
Lankas LGXX1990
Lanyu LGXX2350
Lapas LGXX1582
Lapati LGXX1253
Lapeni LGXX2789
Lapmezciems LGXX4039
Lapsas LGXX3705
Lapsinas LGXX2351
Laptava LGXX0480
Lari LGXX1254
Lasi LGXX1002
Laski LGXX0481
Laskutauka LGXX1003
Lasmani LGXX2186
Lasupe LGXX3706
Latgale LGXX1004
Latisonki LGXX1772
Latvases LGXX3053
Latvju Sloboda LGXX3309
Laubere LGXX2936
Lauci LGXX2518
Lauciene LGXX3862
Laucnieki LGXX4211
Lauderi LGXX2519
Laudona LGXX0080
Laugali LGXX3707
Laugali LGXX4212
Laugali LGXX2187
Lauki LGXX1583
Lauki LGXX3863
Lauki LGXX4040
Laukrugaji LGXX4041
Lauktehnika LGXX4042
Lauleny LGXX0793
Lauli LGXX3864
Launkalne LGXX4383
Launkalns LGXX4384
Lauragali LGXX2188
Lauri LGXX3054
Lausti LGXX1165
Lautere LGXX2790
Lauvas LGXX2352
Lauzina LGXX2520
Laveri LGXX3536
Lavide LGXX1005
Laza LGXX2189
Lazareva LGXX3310
Lazbergi LGXX0327
Lazdani LGXX3055
Lazdini LGXX4385
Lazdona LGXX2791
Lazdukalns LGXX0482
Lazdupji LGXX4386
Lazovskaja LGXX1773
Lecava LGXX0081
Leci LGXX4213
Ledas LGXX3865
Ledikas LGXX1991
Ledini LGXX1318
Ledmane LGXX2937
Ledurga LGXX2353
Legernieki LGXX1255
Legzdini LGXX3866
Leibinas LGXX3708
Leikas LGXX2190
Leilpava LGXX4504
Leimane LGXX1413
Leimani LGXX0794
Leimani LGXX1774
Leimani LGXX1414
Leimaniski LGXX3311
Leinakalns LGXX3312
Leisani LGXX0195
Leisi LGXX4043
Leitani LGXX3056
Leiteni LGXX3537
Lejas LGXX3313
Lejas Podnieki LGXX1775
Lejas-Podrags LGXX3178
Lejasciems LGXX1256
Lejaskuzmas LGXX4505
Lejasmuiza LGXX4044
Lejasstradi LGXX1257
Lejasstrazdi LGXX1166
Lejastilikas LGXX4506
Lejini LGXX3314
Lejnieki LGXX0642
Lekuti LGXX3709
Leli LGXX3315
Leli LGXX4045
Lelicani LGXX1415
Lembis LGXX4387
Lembuzi LGXX2354
Lemesava LGXX2521
Lemskalni LGXX2355
Lemzere LGXX3710
Lemzeri LGXX1992
Lenas LGXX1993
Lenci LGXX0795
Lendza LGXX2522
Lendzi LGXX3316
Lepicas LGXX1994
Lepsas LGXX0643
Lescinski LGXX3057
Leski LGXX3317
Lestene LGXX4046
Letes LGXX1259
Leveste LGXX4047
Levizeri LGXX1995
Libagi LGXX3867
Libciems LGXX4214
Libe LGXX3868
Libiesi LGXX0644
Lichi LGXX3538
Lici LGXX1584
Lici LGXX3711
Lici LGXX3058
Lici LGXX3869
Licisi LGXX2356
Lidere LGXX2793
Liduki LGXX1416
Lidumnieki LGXX1417
Lidumnieki LGXX1585
Lidumnieki LGXX2523
Liede LGXX2794
Liedulielis LGXX4388
Liegi LGXX1996
Liegi LGXX2191
Liela Pikova LGXX2524
Liela Puderova LGXX3318
Lieladzi LGXX4215
Lielaisciems LGXX4048
Lielaiskrogs LGXX4389
Lielamuiza LGXX2938
Lielandzani LGXX1776
Lielauce LGXX1167
Lielazogotova LGXX1777
Lielberstele LGXX0645
Lielberze LGXX1168
Lielblidene LGXX3712
Lielborna LGXX1778
Lielciecere LGXX3713
Lielciems LGXX1586
Lieldroga LGXX2192
Lieldupli LGXX2193
Lieldzelda LGXX1997
Lielgengeri LGXX1779
Lielie Trupi LGXX1780
Lielie Unguri LGXX1781
Lielie Zurili LGXX2525
Lielindrica LGXX1782
Lielirbe LGXX4216
Lielkangari LGXX3539
Lielkokini LGXX1006
Lielkrivini LGXX1007
Lielkursisi LGXX3059
Liellankas LGXX1998
Lielmani LGXX0796
Lielmediseva LGXX2526
Lielmeisi LGXX2527
Lielmemele LGXX0196
Lielmezi LGXX0797
Lielmeznieki LGXX0483
Lielnieki LGXX2795
Lielpavuli LGXX0197
Lielplatone LGXX1587
Lielplepli LGXX2528
Lielsalas LGXX3870
Lielsatiki LGXX3714
Lielsesava LGXX1588
Lielstrodi LGXX2796
Lieltirseva LGXX1783
Lieltirumi LGXX0198
Lieltruli LGXX1784
Lielupe LGXX1675
Lielupis LGXX4390
Lielvarde LGXX0020
Lielvirbi LGXX3871
Lielvircava LGXX1589
Lielzalve LGXX0199
Lielzelceva LGXX2529
Liepa LGXX0798
Liepaja LGXX0008
Liepare LGXX1590
Liepari LGXX0484
Liepas LGXX0646
Liepas LGXX1418
Liepasmuiza LGXX0799
Liepene LGXX4217
Liepeni LGXX2194
Liepkalns LGXX2797
Liepna LGXX0328
Liepnieki LGXX3060
Liepsalas LGXX2798
Liepupe LGXX2357
Liezere LGXX2799
Ligatne LGXX0800
Ligciems LGXX4049
Ligo LGXX1260
Liguti LGXX3715
Liguti LGXX2195
Liksna LGXX1008
Liksnanka LGXX1009
Likumciems LGXX3540
Likumi LGXX0200
Likumi LGXX2196
Likverteni LGXX0647
Lilaste LGXX3541
Limbazi LGXX0085
Limbuzi LGXX3872
Limseni LGXX2358
Lindes LGXX4391
Lingi LGXX2197
Linopoliski LGXX1010
Lipiniski LGXX1011
Lipsi LGXX4392
Lipuski LGXX3061
Lipuski LGXX3319
Lisa LGXX4393
Lisa LGXX0801
Listaki LGXX2530
Litavnieki LGXX3062
Litene LGXX1261
Litovskije LGXX2531
Livani LGXX0086
Livberze LGXX1591
Live LGXX3542
Livesmuiza LGXX1593
Livi LGXX0802
Livi LGXX1999
Livmani LGXX1012
Livza LGXX3320
Livzi LGXX3321
Lizdeni LGXX4508
Lizdole LGXX4394
Lizes LGXX2000
Lizespasts LGXX0329
Lizums LGXX1262
Lobergi LGXX4395
Lobeskrogs LGXX2939
Locglovo LGXX1785
Lodani LGXX3322
Lode LGXX4509
Lode LGXX2359
Lode LGXX0803
Lode LGXX2800
Lodini LGXX3716
Lodumi LGXX0485
Logini LGXX0486
Loja LGXX3543
Lomi LGXX3063
Lonaste LGXX4218
Lone LGXX1419
Lopatinski LGXX2532
Lopatiski LGXX3323
Lopsti LGXX2533
Losi LGXX3324
Loskutovka LGXX1013
Lotsiki LGXX1014
Lovuski LGXX2534
Loza LGXX4396
Lubana LGXX0087
Lubani LGXX2535
Lubaniesi LGXX1263
Lubas LGXX2198
Lube LGXX3717
Lube LGXX3873
Lubeja LGXX2801
Lubezere LGXX3874
Lubgana LGXX1786
Ludani LGXX1420
Ludi LGXX0804
Ludini LGXX0201
Ludvikova LGXX1787
Ludza LGXX0088
Ludzens LGXX4510
Ludzinieki LGXX2001
Lugazi LGXX4397
Lugi LGXX0487
Lukas LGXX1169
Lukas LGXX0805
Lukas LGXX2199
Luki LGXX3718
Luki LGXX3325
Lukiniski LGXX1015
Lukna LGXX1016
Lukseva LGXX1788
Lukstani LGXX1789
Luliski LGXX1017
Lumani LGXX2802
Luni LGXX2536
Lupandi LGXX1790
Lurbava LGXX2537
Lusakrogs LGXX0330
Luste LGXX1170
Lutenani LGXX0488
Luteri LGXX4219
Lutovci LGXX1791
Lutrini LGXX3719
Luza LGXX2803
Luzinieki LGXX2538
Luznas LGXX4220
Luznava LGXX3326
Lyuteny LGXX0806
Macani LGXX3064
Macenkrogs LGXX0648
Macitajmuiza LGXX4050
Madliena LGXX2940
Madona LGXX0089
Magones LGXX0807
Mailupes LGXX2804
Majori LGXX1676
Majori LGXX4594
Maksi LGXX0489
Maksinova LGXX0490
Makuzi LGXX3327
Malagals LGXX1018
Mali LGXX0808
Maliena LGXX0331
Malinauka LGXX1019
Malinovka LGXX2539
Malinovka LGXX3328
Malkalne LGXX2200
Malkalni LGXX3065
Malli LGXX0809
Malmuiza LGXX1264
Malnava LGXX2540
Malnieki LGXX2805
Malpils LGXX0090
Malta LGXX0091
Maltastrupi LGXX3066
Malupe LGXX0332
Malvesi LGXX0333
Malvines LGXX0649
Mamoni LGXX1792
Mamonova LGXX3330
Manalki LGXX1421
Mandagas LGXX2360
Mangali LGXX2201
Mangalsala LGXX3179
Mangene LGXX2002
Mara LGXX2003
Marciena LGXX2806
Mareni LGXX2004
Mariampole LGXX1793
Marientale LGXX3331
Marijas LGXX3720
Marinkalns LGXX0334
Marinmuiza LGXX4051
Marinpole LGXX2541
Marinzeja LGXX1422
Markalne LGXX0335
Markciems LGXX3875
Markitanti LGXX1020
Marsneni LGXX0810
Martisi LGXX2542
Martuzani LGXX2543
Marupe LGXX3544
Maruska LGXX3180
Masalnieki LGXX0491
Maskovska LGXX1021
Maskvina LGXX3067
Maslava LGXX2544
Mastariga LGXX0492
Mastiki LGXX1594
Materi LGXX4221
Materi LGXX2202
Matisa daca LGXX3332
Matiseni LGXX0336
Matisenki LGXX2545
Matisi LGXX0092
Matkule LGXX4052
Matras LGXX2005
Matrina LGXX0493
Matuli LGXX3333
Matuliski LGXX1794
Maurani LGXX2807
Maurciems LGXX4583
Maureni LGXX0202
Mauri LGXX3721
Mazandinava LGXX1795
Mazazogotova LGXX1796
Mazbernani LGXX3068
Mazberstele LGXX0651
Mazberze LGXX1171
Mazblidene LGXX3722
Mazboja LGXX2203
Mazbrenguli LGXX4511
Mazcena LGXX3545
Mazciecere LGXX3723
Mazdrogas LGXX2204
Mazduple LGXX2205
Mazduru Pusmuiza LGXX1172
Mazdzelda LGXX2206
Mazdzerkali LGXX3069
Mazgengeri LGXX1797
Mazgramzda LGXX2207
Mazie-Kusini LGXX1798
Mazilmaja LGXX2208
Mazindrica LGXX1799
Mazirbe LGXX0093
Mazivande LGXX2006
Mazkalnieki LGXX4222
Mazkokini LGXX1022
Mazkusini LGXX1023
Mazlales LGXX2361
Mazlauki LGXX1596
Mazmediseva LGXX2546
Mazneni LGXX2808
Mazozoli LGXX2941
Mazpikava LGXX2547
Mazplani LGXX4053
Mazplepli LGXX2548
Mazpuderi LGXX3334
Mazrenda LGXX2007
Mazrozeni LGXX2942
Mazsalaca LGXX4512
Mazsalace LGXX0094
Mazsesava LGXX1597
Mazspare LGXX3876
Mazstraupe LGXX0095
Mazstrodi LGXX2809
Maztende LGXX3877
Maztirseva LGXX1800
Mazuri LGXX3335
Mazusi LGXX3724
Mazvane LGXX4054
Mazvarve LGXX2209
Mazvilce LGXX1598
Mazvirbi LGXX3878
Mazzante LGXX4055
Mazzelcava LGXX2549
Mazzurile LGXX2550
Meaparks LGXX4595
Medemciems LGXX3546
Medeni LGXX3336
Medilas LGXX1423
Mediseva LGXX2551
Mednava LGXX3070
Medne LGXX1173
Medneva LGXX0494
Medni LGXX1424
Mednieki LGXX2362
Medulaji LGXX2008
Medumi LGXX1024
Medvecki LGXX1025
Medze LGXX2210
Medzula LGXX2810
Meggenes LGXX3879
Meikali LGXX3337
Meiksani LGXX2552
Meiniki LGXX4056
Meirani LGXX1425
Meirani LGXX2811
Meireni LGXX0811
Meiri LGXX2211
Meitene LGXX0096
Melbarz LGXX0812
Melbarzi LGXX2363
Melderi LGXX3338
Meldernieki LGXX1426
Meldzere LGXX3725
Melkas LGXX4513
Melli LGXX0813
Mellupi LGXX3547
Melluzi LGXX1677
Melnica LGXX1026
Melnsils LGXX3880
Melnupe LGXX3548
Melnupite LGXX3071
Melnupite LGXX0203
Melturi LGXX0814
Mengele LGXX0097
Mercendarbe LGXX3549
Merdzene LGXX2553
Meri LGXX4398
Merkeli LGXX0815
Mernieki LGXX2364
Mersrags LGXX0098
Merzevo LGXX2554
Mesterini LGXX1174
Metriena LGXX2812
Meza Trupi LGXX3072
Mezadoski LGXX1801
Mezaerini LGXX3073
Mezagrumuzi LGXX3340
Mezaki LGXX0204
Mezamuiza LGXX0205
Mezamuiza LGXX4057
Mezamuiza LGXX1265
Mezancani LGXX3074
Mezaparks LGXX3181
Mezarasas LGXX1427
Mezaraupi LGXX1428
Mezare LGXX1429
Mezares LGXX4399
Mezares LGXX3550
Mezarijas LGXX3075
Mezarijas LGXX2555
Mezastrodi LGXX2813
Mezavekteri LGXX0206
Mezciems LGXX2365
Mezciems LGXX1599
Mezciems LGXX3182
Mezciems LGXX1107
Mezciems LGXX1027
Mezciems LGXX3551
Mezernieki LGXX2556
Mezgali LGXX0652
Mezhvidi LGXX0653
Mezi LGXX4223
Mezincuki LGXX2557
Mezinieki LGXX1175
Mezishi LGXX1266
Mezmali LGXX0816
Mezmuiza LGXX4400
Mezoki LGXX2009
Mezotne LGXX0654
Mezpili LGXX2366
Mezratites LGXX1430
Mezrijas LGXX0817
Mezulis LGXX4401
Mezupe LGXX0496
Mezvalde LGXX2010
Mezvidi LGXX1600
Mezvidi LGXX3726
Mezvidi I LGXX2558
Mezvidi II LGXX2559
Micani LGXX3341
Michalava LGXX3342
Micini LGXX4402
Miculi LGXX2560
Micuniski LGXX1028
Miegaini LGXX4058
Mierini LGXX0497
Mierkalns LGXX4403
Mierlauki LGXX3552
Mietragi LGXX2212
Miezaji LGXX0498
Miezisi LGXX4224
Miezites LGXX1319
Miglaci LGXX0818
Miglani LGXX1802
Miglinieki LGXX3343
Mihalki LGXX3344
Mihalova LGXX2561
Mikas LGXX2367
Mikelani LGXX1431
Mikelciems LGXX4225
Mikeliski LGXX1029
Mikeltornis LGXX0099
Mikova LGXX1803
Milaksas LGXX0819
Mildas LGXX4514
Milgravis LGXX3183
Milite LGXX4515
Miltini LGXX0021
Milzkalne LGXX4059
Mindenieki LGXX2213
Mines LGXX1176
Minina LGXX2562
Mirkli LGXX4516
Mirnija LGXX1030
Mironi LGXX0499
Misa LGXX0655
Misjunci LGXX1031
Miski LGXX0337
Miskineva LGXX2563
Misteli LGXX1032
Misteri LGXX3881
Modes LGXX4226
Modri LGXX1177
Moranciki LGXX1804
Mordanga LGXX3882
More LGXX0820
Morozovo LGXX1805
Mortini LGXX1806
Mortiski LGXX3345
Mozi LGXX4227
Mozinki LGXX0500
Mucenieki LGXX0207
Muculi LGXX2814
Muguraji LGXX2815
Muiza Divi LGXX2816
Muizciems LGXX3727
Muizkalni LGXX2368
Muiznieki LGXX4404
Muiznieki LGXX4228
Muizzemnieki LGXX3728
Mujani LGXX4517
Mukes LGXX3883
Mukoseva LGXX0501
Muktupaveli LGXX3076
Muni LGXX3884
Muraniski LGXX1808
Murauka LGXX1033
Muri LGXX0821
Murjani LGXX0101
Murmastiene LGXX2817
Murmuiza LGXX0208
Murmuiza LGXX4060
Murmuiza LGXX4518
Murmuiza LGXX1601
Murnieki LGXX2818
Murnieki LGXX0822
Murnieki LGXX4229
Murvidini LGXX4061
Musa LGXX0656
Mustkalni LGXX2369
Myza Aazhi LGXX3885
Myza Seli LGXX4519
Myza Shtede LGXX3729
Myza Shtede LGXX3886
Myza Techi LGXX0823
Myza Tinuzhi LGXX2943
Myza Viti LGXX2370
Nabali LGXX4230
Nabe LGXX2011
Nabe LGXX2371
Nageles LGXX0824
Nagelmuiza LGXX3553
Naglani LGXX2564
Naglene LGXX1267
Nagli LGXX3346
Nagli LGXX1432
Nagli LGXX2565
Nagli LGXX0502
Naglini LGXX3554
Naglisi LGXX0503
Nakotne LGXX1602
Nametkalns LGXX0338
Namiki LGXX3730
Namkalns LGXX2819
Namsadi LGXX1268
Narinciems LGXX3887
Nartisi LGXX1809
Natini LGXX2012
Naucis LGXX4520
Naudaskalns LGXX0504
Naudisi LGXX1810
Naudite LGXX1178
Naukseni LGXX4521
Naumki LGXX2566
Naureni LGXX0825
Nauzens LGXX4405
Navaselje LGXX3077
Nekens LGXX0339
Nekini LGXX0826
Nelaukas LGXX3731
Nereta LGXX0102
Nesava LGXX1179
Nesteri LGXX2567
Neveja LGXX3888
Nica LGXX2214
Nicgale LGXX1034
Nida LGXX2215
Niderkuni LGXX1108
Nidermuiza LGXX1035
Nidrites LGXX2820
Niedoli LGXX3889
Niedras LGXX4062
Nigales LGXX2944
Nigrande LGXX3732
Nikolajeva LGXX0505
Nikolajevska LGXX1434
Nikrace LGXX2013
Niksas LGXX2372
Nikuzi LGXX3890
Niperava LGXX3347
Niperi LGXX1811
Nirza LGXX2568
Nitaure LGXX0103
Nivniki LGXX2569
Nizere LGXX0657
Nogale LGXX3891
Nordani LGXX1435
Notri LGXX3348
Novadnieki LGXX3733
Noviki LGXX2570
Novinje LGXX2571
Novosilki LGXX2572
Nukas LGXX0658
Nuki LGXX4522
Nukis LGXX4523
Nuksi LGXX2573
Numerne LGXX2574
Nuraugi LGXX2575
Nurmi LGXX4524
Nurmizi LGXX3555
Nurmuiza LGXX3892
Obeleva LGXX0506
Odigani LGXX1812
Odre LGXX3893
Odziena LGXX2821
Odziena LGXX0209
Ogas LGXX1436
Oglaine LGXX1603
Ogre LGXX0002
Ogresgals LGXX2945
Ogresmuiza LGXX2946
Ogrini LGXX2822
Ogrini LGXX0827
Ogureckaja LGXX1813
Oksle LGXX4063
Okte LGXX3894
Olaine LGXX0022
Oleri LGXX4525
Olgassili LGXX2823
Olgina LGXX0507
Oli LGXX2824
Olieni LGXX2216
Olinas LGXX4406
Omuli LGXX4407
Ondzuli LGXX3078
Oparnieki LGXX0508
Opoli LGXX2576
Opolie LGXX3079
Orisi LGXX3080
Orlova LGXX0509
Ornicani LGXX3349
Osagals LGXX2825
Osani LGXX1437
Osenieki LGXX1604
Osenieki LGXX3734
Osi LGXX4231
Osinovka LGXX2577
Osleja LGXX4064
Oslejas LGXX3895
Oste LGXX3896
Ostnieki LGXX4232
Ostrani LGXX2578
Ostraviesi LGXX1269
Osupe LGXX1814
Osupe LGXX2826
Osva LGXX1815
Osvova LGXX2579
Otanki LGXX2217
Ovisi LGXX0106
Oziniki LGXX3350
Ozolaine LGXX2373
Ozolaine LGXX3351
Ozolaine LGXX0659
Ozoleni LGXX2947
Ozoli LGXX3735
Ozoli LGXX2374
Ozoli LGXX4526
Ozoli LGXX0107
Ozoli LGXX2827
Ozolini LGXX3081
Ozolini LGXX3736
Ozolini LGXX1816
Ozolini LGXX4065
Ozolkalni LGXX4066
Ozolkalni LGXX3184
Ozolkalns LGXX1270
Ozolmuiza LGXX1438
Ozolmuiza LGXX3737
Ozolmuiza LGXX3352
Ozolnieki LGXX4067
Ozolnieki LGXX0023
Ozolpils LGXX1320
Ozolpils LGXX4068
Ozosala LGXX0510
Ozupine LGXX2580
Pabazi LGXX3556
Pabezi LGXX4527
Pace LGXX3897
Pace LGXX0660
Packules Ciems LGXX4584
Padole LGXX2581
Padoms LGXX2828
Padone LGXX2219
Padure LGXX2015
Padvareci LGXX0661
Pagasti LGXX2948
Paideri LGXX2582
Paikeni LGXX0340
Paipusti LGXX4528
Paisas LGXX2016
Pakrata LGXX0511
Pakules LGXX1271
Pakuli LGXX1605
Pakuli LGXX2583
Pale LGXX2375
Pali LGXX4585
Palini LGXX0512
Palsas LGXX0341
Palsmane LGXX4408
Pamati LGXX2829
Pameri LGXX1272
Pampali LGXX3738
Pani LGXX4233
Panteliski LGXX1817
Pantene LGXX4529
Pape LGXX2221
Paplaka LGXX2222
Pargize LGXX0210
Parnati LGXX2830
Parumba LGXX3185
Parupe LGXX1606
Parupes LGXX4234
Paruzi LGXX2017
Parventa LGXX4586
Pasiene LGXX2584
Pasilciems LGXX4235
Pastaliski LGXX0662
Pastamuiza LGXX0211
Pastari LGXX1818
Pastari LGXX2018
Pastari LGXX3082
Pastende LGXX3898
Paternieki LGXX1819
Patervetes LGXX1180
Patkule LGXX2831
Patmalnieki LGXX1820
Patmalnieki LGXX3353
Pauci LGXX0828
Paulani LGXX0513
Paulinava LGXX1821
Paulinesmuiza LGXX0663
Paulini LGXX1822
Paulsbergi LGXX3899
Paulukalns LGXX1823
Paupi LGXX0829
Pauri LGXX1273
Pauri LGXX2832
Pavari LGXX2833
Pavasari LGXX3557
Pavilosta LGXX0109
Pavlova LGXX1036
Pazauki LGXX1824
Pazlauka LGXX0514
Pededze LGXX0342
Pedele LGXX4409
Pedeleva LGXX2585
Peickova LGXX1825
Peileni LGXX2949
Peipini LGXX1826
Pekelciems LGXX3900
Pelci LGXX2019
Pelci LGXX2223
Pelecanka LGXX3083
Pelneni LGXX2834
Peltes LGXX3558
Penderi LGXX0212
Penkule LGXX1181
Pepeni LGXX2950
Perbone LGXX2224
Perdeli LGXX2586
Perki LGXX0343
Perkone LGXX4069
Perkone LGXX2225
Perkoni LGXX0830
Perkoni LGXX0515
Perlis LGXX1274
Perlis LGXX2226
Pernciems LGXX3559
Pernites LGXX3901
Peski LGXX1037
Pesteli LGXX4237
Pesuciems LGXX2227
Peteri LGXX4070
Peterisi LGXX0831
Peterlauki LGXX1607
Petermuiza LGXX3084
Peternieki LGXX3560
Petertale LGXX4071
Peterupe LGXX3561
Petrauka LGXX3354
Petrovka LGXX0516
Petrucenki LGXX2587
Pezggeni LGXX2835
Pidole LGXX3902
Pidrikis LGXX4530
Piebalga LGXX0832
Pieci LGXX2228
Piedruja LGXX1827
Piejuti LGXX2836
Piekveni LGXX0833
Pienava LGXX4072
Pieneni LGXX3085
Piepeni LGXX1038
Pietreni LGXX2837
Pievika LGXX2229
Pikati LGXX4531
Piksari LGXX4532
Pikstere LGXX0213
Pikuli LGXX2020
Pilati LGXX4533
Pilcene LGXX3355
Pilda LGXX2588
Piliski LGXX3086
Pilsbergi LGXX4238
Pilsblidene LGXX3739
Pilskalne LGXX1039
Pilskalns LGXX1275
Pilskalns LGXX2838
Pilsnieki LGXX0517
Pilsrundale LGXX0664
Piltene LGXX3903
Piltene LGXX4239
Pincupes LGXX3904
Pinderes LGXX0834
Pinki LGXX2230
Pinki LGXX3562
Pintani LGXX3087
Pinti LGXX2589
Pipari LGXX0835
Pipiki LGXX4240
Pipini LGXX1828
Pipji LGXX3740
Pirdova LGXX2590
Pirtnieki LGXX3356
Piskalns LGXX3357
Pitrags LGXX3905
Pizani LGXX3358
Placis LGXX0836
Plakanciems LGXX3563
Plani LGXX1608
Plani LGXX4073
Plani LGXX4410
Planica LGXX2021
Plankukalni LGXX1276
Planupe LGXX3564
Plataci LGXX2591
Plataci LGXX1829
Platava LGXX2592
Platene LGXX4241
Platere LGXX2951
Platone LGXX1609
Platones LGXX2022
Plaudisi LGXX2593
Plaukti LGXX4411
Plavinas LGXX0214
Plavmuiza LGXX3906
Plavnieki LGXX1182
Plavnieki LGXX3186
Plavniekkalns LGXX3565
Pleiki LGXX1830
Pleksni LGXX3359
Plekstes LGXX4242
Plenceva LGXX1831
Plepji LGXX0215
Plepli LGXX2594
Plesaunieki LGXX3360
Plesava LGXX0518
Plesneva LGXX1832
Plienciems LGXX0110
Plintini LGXX3907
Plitava LGXX0519
Plitinava LGXX0520
Ploce LGXX2231
Ploski LGXX2595
Plostkrogs LGXX4243
Plostnieki LGXX2023
Pluci LGXX2024
Pobuzi LGXX3908
Pociems LGXX2376
Podnieki LGXX3566
Podnieki LGXX0521
Podrags LGXX3187
Podzenes LGXX4534
Pogas LGXX1277
Pogas LGXX1610
Pogulanovka LGXX1833
Pokani LGXX1278
Pokas LGXX2839
Poki LGXX1611
Pokulleva LGXX0522
Pokumina LGXX2596
Polacenki LGXX2597
Polakas LGXX1439
Polanka LGXX1834
Poli LGXX2840
Polkas LGXX1440
Polkorona LGXX3088
Polu Gorbuni LGXX2598
Polvarka LGXX2841
Ponkuli LGXX0344
Pontagi LGXX1835
Pope LGXX4244
Popervale LGXX3910
Poprags LGXX3911
Popsuiki LGXX2599
Pordari LGXX0523
Pozi LGXX0345
Poznakova LGXX1836
Prauliena LGXX2842
Praulini LGXX1837
Preili LGXX0111
Prekuli LGXX1040
Prezma LGXX3361
Pricimova LGXX2600
Priedaine LGXX1838
Priedaine LGXX1678
Priedaine LGXX2025
Priedeli LGXX4245
Priedes LGXX2026
Priedes LGXX3912
Priedes LGXX2377
Priedesgals LGXX2232
Priedkalne LGXX3567
Priednieki LGXX2027
Priedrieki LGXX1041
Priedula LGXX3741
Prieksani LGXX1441
Priekule LGXX0112
Priekuli LGXX0837
Priezciems LGXX3568
Priezkalni LGXX4246
Priezmale LGXX1839
Prikuli LGXX3089
Prikulis LGXX0838
Princi LGXX2028
Prinkas LGXX2378
Pritika LGXX3362
Promi LGXX3090
Promulti LGXX4535
Prudeniski LGXX1042
Pruli LGXX0839
Prunkeni LGXX1442
Prusaki LGXX1840
Prusisi LGXX1279
Puces LGXX4074
Pucurga LGXX4536
Pudani LGXX1043
Pudinava LGXX3363
Pudinava LGXX2601
Pugas LGXX3742
Puijas LGXX3913
Puikule LGXX2379
Puikules Stacija LGXX2380
Pujalgi LGXX2029
Pujati LGXX3364
Pujiena LGXX0113
Pumpeni LGXX0665
Pumpuri LGXX2030
Pumpuri LGXX1679
Pumpuri LGXX3743
Punas LGXX3914
Puncilava LGXX2602
Punculeva LGXX0524
Punculi LGXX2603
Punculi LGXX1841
Punduri LGXX4075
Punduri LGXX1842
Puni LGXX3915
Punisci LGXX2604
Puntuzi LGXX2843
Pupaji LGXX3091
Pupoli LGXX3365
Purciems LGXX3916
Pure LGXX4076
Purgali LGXX3917
Purini LGXX2605
Purini LGXX3918
Purmali LGXX0346
Purmsati LGXX2233
Purnava LGXX0347
Purnini LGXX1443
Purseni LGXX2381
Purvakalves LGXX4077
Purvciems LGXX4596
Purvciems LGXX3919
Purvini LGXX1612
Pusa LGXX3366
Pusca LGXX1843
Puscas LGXX2844
Pusleva LGXX0525
Pusmucova LGXX2606
Pusstorpas LGXX4247
Pustinka LGXX3367
Putani LGXX1844
Putani LGXX1044
Puteri LGXX4248
Putnene LGXX4078
Putni LGXX3368
Putnini LGXX4249
Putnini LGXX0216
Putninu LGXX3920
Putrani LGXX3369
Putras LGXX1183
Putras LGXX4412
Puze LGXX4250
Puzenieki LGXX4251
Puzesmuiza LGXX4252
Rabova LGXX2607
Rabskaja LGXX3370
Raceni LGXX0841
Raceva LGXX1845
Radopole LGXX3371
Radzinciems LGXX4079
Ragaciems LGXX4080
Ragacovka LGXX1045
Ragaiza LGXX2608
Ragana LGXX3569
Rageli LGXX1846
Ragi LGXX3372
Raginski LGXX1847
Raguliski LGXX1046
Raibulis LGXX2031
Raini LGXX1613
Raipole LGXX2609
Raiskums LGXX0842
Raksala LGXX2845
Raksina LGXX2610
Rakuci LGXX1848
Ramata LGXX4537
Ramava LGXX3570
Rampani LGXX3373
Ramuli LGXX0843
Rancani LGXX2611
Rancani LGXX3374
Ranci LGXX2612
Ranguci LGXX0526
Ranka LGXX1280
Ranki LGXX2032
Ranki LGXX3744
Rapiki LGXX4253
Rapsi LGXX1849
Rasas LGXX0217
Rasica LGXX3375
Rasnupli LGXX3376
Ratenieki LGXX3571
Ratites LGXX1444
Ratniceni LGXX0218
Ratnieki LGXX3572
Ratnieki LGXX0348
Ratnieki LGXX3745
Ratnieki LGXX0844
Ratnieki LGXX2234
Rauda LGXX4081
Raudovka LGXX3092
Rauna LGXX0114
Rauniesi LGXX3093
Rauseni LGXX0845
Rauza LGXX4413
Rauzina LGXX4414
Rava LGXX2235
Razuvaji LGXX2613
Reci LGXX0527
Reci LGXX1850
Recnija LGXX2614
Rege LGXX2033
Regzi LGXX3377
Reiki LGXX2615
Reiki LGXX3378
Reinas LGXX0846
Reinieki LGXX3094
Reinugals LGXX2236
Rejeva LGXX0528
Rekava LGXX0529
Reki LGXX3573
Reki LGXX2846
Rembate LGXX2952
Remdoti LGXX0847
Remesi LGXX2237
Remesi LGXX4082
Remesi LGXX3574
Rempji LGXX0848
Remte LGXX3746
Renceles LGXX1614
Renceni LGXX0849
Renceni LGXX4538
Rencenmuiza LGXX4539
Renda LGXX2034
Renge LGXX3747
Renkaviceuka LGXX1047
Repjakalns LGXX0349
Repsas LGXX0666
Repsi LGXX3095
Resetnieki LGXX1851
Reveli LGXX1281
Reza LGXX4415
Rezaka LGXX0350
Rezekne LGXX0003
Rezesciems LGXX4083
Ribene LGXX3096
Rideli LGXX4084
Ridzene LGXX0850
Riebiki LGXX4085
Riebini LGXX3097
Riekstenieki LGXX1445
Riekstusala LGXX0530
Riemeri LGXX0219
Riepaldi LGXX3921
Riepji LGXX3748
Riesti LGXX1446
Rievinas LGXX4540
Riga LGXX0004
Rigzemji LGXX3922
Rijnieki LGXX1447
Rikava LGXX3379
Rikopole LGXX3380
Rikumi LGXX2616
Rimeikas LGXX4541
Rimicani LGXX3098
Rimsani LGXX1852
Rimseni LGXX1853
Rimsi LGXX3381
Rimstavas LGXX1282
Rimzati LGXX2035
Rinda LGXX4254
Rindzele LGXX4086
Rinkule LGXX3923
Rinuzhi LGXX3188
Ritabulli LGXX4597
Rite LGXX1448
Riteni LGXX2847
Riteniski LGXX1449
Riteri LGXX0220
Riva LGXX2238
Rjabova LGXX2617
Robezi LGXX4255
Robezkrogs LGXX0221
Robeznica LGXX2848
Robeznieki LGXX0531
Robeznieki LGXX0222
Robeznieki LGXX1854
Robeznieki LGXX4256
Rocani LGXX3099
Rocezi LGXX3924
Roci LGXX3925
Roci LGXX0851
Rocinas LGXX1184
Rocova LGXX3382
Rodavuciems LGXX3926
Rodzeni LGXX4542
Rogali LGXX1855
Rogoviki LGXX3383
Rogovka LGXX3384
Roja LGXX3927
Rojnieki LGXX3928
Rokaizi LGXX2239
Rokasbirze LGXX2240
Roki LGXX1615
Rokuli LGXX2849
Rolava LGXX2241
Roli LGXX2242
Romeskalns LGXX0351
Romuli LGXX1856
Romulisi LGXX1450
Roni LGXX2036
Ropazi LGXX3575
Roperbeki LGXX2382
Roplaine LGXX2953
Rosiba LGXX1321
Rosme LGXX0667
Rozalina LGXX3100
Rozanova LGXX2618
Rozeni LGXX2383
Rozenmuiza LGXX3385
Rozentova LGXX3386
Rozes LGXX2384
Rozes LGXX1451
Rozes LGXX0852
Rozi LGXX1452
Rozkalni LGXX2243
Roznieki LGXX2850
Rozula LGXX0853
Rozupe LGXX3101
Ruba LGXX3749
Rubani LGXX0532
Rubas Skola LGXX3750
Rubene LGXX4543
Rubene LGXX1453
Rubeni LGXX3102
Rubeni LGXX0533
Rubenieki LGXX2037
Rubeniski LGXX1048
Rubensala LGXX1454
Rubezi LGXX2244
Rubuli LGXX1857
Rucava LGXX2245
Rucka LGXX0854
Rucupe LGXX1049
Rudani LGXX1050
Rudbarzi LGXX4416
Rudbarzi LGXX2038
Rude LGXX2246
Rude LGXX2039
Rude LGXX3929
Rudekas LGXX4544
Rudgalvji LGXX0855
Rudineva LGXX2619
Rudki LGXX2620
Rudki LGXX1858
Rudna LGXX2621
Rudnieki LGXX2040
Rudulciems LGXX1616
Ruduli LGXX1185
Ruduski LGXX3387
Rudzati LGXX3103
Rudzisi LGXX1455
Rudzisi LGXX1051
Rudzisi LGXX1186
Rudzisi LGXX2622
Rudzisi LGXX4417
Rudzisi LGXX2041
Rugaji LGXX0117
Rugeli LGXX1109
Rujiena LGXX4545
Rukas LGXX2385
Ruki LGXX2851
Rukis LGXX4418
Rukmani LGXX3388
Rukmuiza LGXX0118
Ruksi LGXX3930
Ruleva LGXX2623
Ruluki LGXX1052
Rumbula LGXX3576
Rumene LGXX4087
Rumpa LGXX3577
Rumpani LGXX0352
Runa LGXX2247
Runas LGXX4546
Runci LGXX3389
Rundale LGXX0668
Rundale LGXX0223
Rundanki LGXX2624
Rundeni LGXX2625
Rungi LGXX4419
Runtes LGXX0856
Rupnieki LGXX0353
Rupnieki LGXX4547
Rupsalas LGXX2852
Rupuli LGXX0669
Rusas LGXX3931
Rusenica LGXX3390
Rusini LGXX3104
Ruskulova LGXX0119
Rusona LGXX3105
Rusteiki LGXX1859
Rustuzi LGXX2386
Rute LGXX4548
Ruti LGXX1187
Rutini LGXX1188
Rutki LGXX3578
Ruzari LGXX2626
Ruzi LGXX1860
Ruzi LGXX0224
Ruzi LGXX1053
Ruzina LGXX3391
Saamishi LGXX4257
Sabdagas LGXX3932
Sabile LGXX0120
Sabolinskoje LGXX2627
Safari LGXX1861
Safranava LGXX1054
Sahmani LGXX1862
Saides LGXX0354
Saikava LGXX0121
Saka LGXX2248
Saki LGXX3106
Sakini LGXX1863
Sakova LGXX1864
Saksmale LGXX3392
Saksonija LGXX1055
Sakstagals LGXX3393
Sakukrogs LGXX1189
Sala LGXX2628
Sala LGXX1457
Salaca LGXX4549
Salacgriva LGXX0122
Salainis LGXX4420
Salas LGXX3579
Salas LGXX4088
Salas LGXX2854
Salas LGXX4421
Salaspils LGXX3580
Saldi LGXX1865
Saldus LGXX0024
Salenieki LGXX2855
Saliena LGXX1056
Saliena LGXX2249
Salinieki LGXX3107
Salmaraji LGXX2042
Salmini LGXX1458
Salnava LGXX2629
Saloji LGXX2630
Salosi LGXX3394
Samagals LGXX1057
Samani LGXX0226
Samini LGXX1283
Sankali LGXX1459
Saraiki LGXX2250
Sarcene LGXX3933
Sareji LGXX3934
Sargailiski LGXX1058
Sarkani LGXX3395
Sarkani LGXX2856
Sarkani LGXX0857
Sarkaste LGXX3935
Sarlote LGXX0670
Sarlote LGXX4258
Sarlote LGXX3751
Sarlotes LGXX2043
Sarnate LGXX4259
Saslauka LGXX3936
Sati LGXX3752
Sati LGXX4089
Satiki LGXX3753
Satini LGXX3754
Sauka LGXX1460
Saulaine LGXX0671
Saule LGXX4422
Sauleskalns LGXX2857
Sauli LGXX4550
Saulkalne LGXX3581
Saulkrasti LGXX3582
Saunags LGXX3937
Sauriesi LGXX3583
Sausneja LGXX2858
Sausnieki LGXX2631
Sautini LGXX3584
Sautini LGXX4090
Savani LGXX0534
Savelenki LGXX2632
Savenieki LGXX2044
Saviena LGXX2859
Sebezi LGXX0535
Sece LGXX0227
Seda LGXX4423
Sedere LGXX1059
Sedvini LGXX2251
Segunta LGXX3108
Seili LGXX2633
Seimuskas LGXX2860
Seja LGXX3585
Sejatas LGXX1284
Sejejciems LGXX2252
Seksti LGXX3396
Selamiski LGXX0536
Selderini LGXX4260
Selechovka LGXX1060
Selgas LGXX2253
Selishi LGXX4091
Selpils LGXX1461
Seme LGXX4092
Semeski LGXX1866
Senheida LGXX1061
Sepene LGXX2254
Sepeni LGXX2255
Sepsni LGXX2256
Serene LGXX0228
Sermite LGXX2045
Sermuksi LGXX0858
Sesava LGXX1617
Sesile LGXX3755
Seski LGXX2634
Shkede LGXX2257
Shkepeli LGXX2046
Shkinke LGXX0355
Sibilina LGXX2635
Sidgunda LGXX3586
Sidrabe LGXX1618
Sieksate LGXX2047
Siera Muiza LGXX1322
Sieri LGXX4424
Sigulda LGXX0124
Siguli LGXX3587
Sikanci LGXX0356
Sikle LGXX2258
Sikrags LGXX3938
Siksala LGXX2861
Siksni LGXX0357
Siksni LGXX2259
Sikuli LGXX0859
Sila-Udenani LGXX1462
Silabrici LGXX1285
Silabriezi LGXX3588
Silaciems LGXX0537
Silagals LGXX2862
Silaini LGXX3756
Silajani LGXX3109
Silakrogs LGXX0538
Silakrogs LGXX3589
Silamala LGXX0539
Silapeteri LGXX1463
Silaratnieki LGXX4425
Silavas LGXX3110
Silaveveri LGXX0229
Silderi LGXX0230
Silene LGXX1062
Silenieki LGXX3397
Silenieki LGXX2636
Silenieki LGXX1619
Silenieki LGXX1286
Silenieki LGXX2260
Silenieks LGXX0860
Sileskrogs LGXX0231
Sili LGXX3398
Sili LGXX2048
Sili LGXX1464
Sili LGXX1287
Silini LGXX1465
Silini LGXX1620
Silini LGXX4261
Siljani LGXX0232
Silkaji LGXX4262
Silkrogs LGXX4263
Silmala LGXX3399
Silmala LGXX1288
Silmalas LGXX4264
Silmani LGXX2049
Silmuiza LGXX3939
Sils LGXX0358
Sils LGXX0540
Siltaji LGXX1289
Siltene LGXX0541
Silukalns LGXX3111
Silva LGXX4426
Silvidi LGXX4265
Silyni LGXX4266
Sinole LGXX1290
Sipele LGXX1190
Sipki LGXX2637
Sipoli LGXX1063
Sirgumi LGXX4267
Sirmeli LGXX2954
Sirmie LGXX0233
Sirupi LGXX4268
Siruteva LGXX2638
Sise LGXX4269
Siseni LGXX1466
Sita LGXX0542
Siveci LGXX0359
Skadeni LGXX3400
Skaista LGXX1867
Skaistkalne LGXX0125
Skalupes LGXX0861
Skamestes LGXX4093
Skandine LGXX0543
Skangali LGXX1621
Skangali LGXX3401
Skangali LGXX0862
Skankalne LGXX4551
Skanuli LGXX0863
Skarduciems LGXX3590
Skares LGXX1191
Skaune LGXX1868
Skedrati LGXX1869
Skeles LGXX2863
Skeltova LGXX1870
Skerbiski LGXX1871
Skeres LGXX4270
Skerstani LGXX1467
Skerstnieki LGXX4094
Skibe LGXX1192
Skieneri LGXX1291
Skilbeni LGXX0544
Skiltas LGXX0864
Skinceva LGXX2639
Skipi LGXX1872
Skirpan LGXX2640
Skirstini LGXX2387
Skisterciems LGXX2388
Sknabe LGXX3940
Skradali LGXX1873
Skradeli LGXX3402
Skramani LGXX1468
Skrebi LGXX3403
Skreijas LGXX3591
Skrica LGXX2641
Skridi LGXX2864
Skrimbas LGXX4095
Skrini LGXX2642
Skripcina LGXX2643
Skrivelis LGXX4552
Skriveri LGXX0234
Skrudaliena LGXX1064
Skrunda LGXX0126
Skubini LGXX0865
Skubini LGXX2955
Skudnovka LGXX3404
Skudras LGXX0235
Skujaine LGXX1193
Skujas LGXX1469
Skujene LGXX0127
Skujetnieki LGXX0545
Skuji LGXX3112
Skuki LGXX1874
Skulte LGXX3592
Skulte LGXX0128
Skultes LGXX2389
Skultesmuiza LGXX2390
Skundrikis LGXX4553
Skursteni LGXX1622
Skuskava LGXX3405
Skutani LGXX2865
Skutani LGXX3406
Skuteli LGXX3113
Slabada LGXX0546
Slagune LGXX1194
Slakoli LGXX3407
Slampe LGXX4096
Slamste LGXX2261
Slapatas LGXX2262
Slapkina LGXX3114
Slapsiles LGXX2956
Slastavka LGXX1875
Slate LGXX1470
Slaukas LGXX1292
Slaune LGXX0866
Slaune LGXX4554
Slaveka LGXX4427
Slavites LGXX0867
Sleiki LGXX2391
Sleperi LGXX3593
Slepuri LGXX1876
Slipaci LGXX0548
Slipe LGXX0868
Sliseri LGXX1293
Slitere LGXX3941
Slobo LGXX0549
Sloboda LGXX1877
Sloboda LGXX3408
Sloka LGXX1680
Sloklejas LGXX4097
Slotukalns LGXX0550
Slugas LGXX2263
Sluki LGXX2051
Slukums LGXX0360
Slutiski LGXX1065
Sluturi LGXX2264
Smaltani LGXX0236
Smarde LGXX4098
Smati LGXX2644
Smedeni LGXX1623
Smelceja LGXX3115
Smelteri LGXX3116
Smilgas LGXX2392
Smilgas LGXX2052
Smilki LGXX3757
Smilskrogi LGXX4271
Smiltene LGXX0129
Smiltenes Muiza LGXX4428
Smiltini LGXX2265
Smiltnieki LGXX2053
Smiltnieki LGXX4272
Snapji LGXX4099
Snepele LGXX2054
Sniedze LGXX0869
Snikere LGXX1195
Snikeri LGXX2958
Snitniki LGXX2645
Snores LGXX0870
Sobari LGXX2866
Sobolevka LGXX3117
Sodenieki LGXX3758
Sodi LGXX0361
Sofikalns LGXX0362
Soklini LGXX2867
Sokoli LGXX3410
Sola LGXX0551
Soldenieki LGXX2055
Soldoni LGXX2646
Solodi LGXX2647
Solominka LGXX3411
Somerseta LGXX3118
Sondori LGXX3412
Sondori LGXX3119
Sosnica LGXX0552
Sovani LGXX3120
Sovani LGXX2648
Sovites LGXX0871
Spagi LGXX3759
Spalvi LGXX1878
Spare LGXX3942
Spare LGXX0872
Spares LGXX2056
Speleni LGXX0873
Speles-Keiri LGXX3121
Speli LGXX3413
Speltes LGXX4273
Spiceles LGXX3943
Spilvi LGXX1471
Spirgus LGXX4100
Spivakiski LGXX1066
Spogi LGXX1067
Spoleni LGXX3760
Spori LGXX4555
Spricvecumi LGXX3122
Spridzeni LGXX2868
Sprindzi LGXX3123
Springi LGXX4101
Springi LGXX1294
Sprogas LGXX0553
Sprogeni LGXX0237
Sprogi LGXX0238
Sprogis LGXX2266
Sprukuli LGXX1295
Spruzeva LGXX3414
Spuldzeni LGXX0874
Spulgas LGXX0875
Spunciems LGXX3594
Spungeni LGXX1472
Spunni LGXX4274
Spuras LGXX4275
Spurgi LGXX1624
Stabegi LGXX2393
Stabrauka LGXX3415
Stabulnieki LGXX3124
Staburags LGXX0239
Stadelnieki LGXX0240
Stagari LGXX1625
Staicele LGXX0130
Stakas LGXX0876
Staki LGXX1296
Stalana Liepani LGXX1473
Stalbe LGXX0877
Staldzene LGXX4587
Stale LGXX3595
Stalgene LGXX1626
Stali LGXX4429
Stalidzani LGXX2869
Stalidzani LGXX1474
Stalti LGXX1879
Stameriena LGXX1297
Stangi LGXX4276
Stankevici LGXX2649
Staprani LGXX0241
Stari LGXX1298
Starosciki LGXX3416
Stars LGXX4430
Starti LGXX0878
Startukrogs LGXX0879
Stautini LGXX0363
Steinfelde LGXX0242
Steki LGXX3125
Stekinava LGXX0554
Stelpe LGXX0672
Stende LGXX0131
Stepini LGXX2057
Stepji LGXX4431
Stiebri LGXX4277
Stiene LGXX2394
Stikani LGXX3417
Stikani LGXX3126
Stikli LGXX4278
Stilmji LGXX3761
Stimbinaja LGXX1475
Stipas LGXX0243
Stirna LGXX2058
Stirnas LGXX1196
Stirnas LGXX0244
Stirniene LGXX2870
Stirnurags LGXX1681
Stiveri LGXX3596
Stokas LGXX0245
Stoki LGXX4279
Stolerova LGXX3418
Stoli LGXX1880
Stopeni LGXX1068
Stopini LGXX3597
Stoponi LGXX2650
Strabakas LGXX4102
Stradi LGXX1299
Stradi LGXX1476
Stradi LGXX1881
Stradiski LGXX1069
Stradzi LGXX2059
Straksi LGXX2060
Stranta LGXX2267
Strauja LGXX2651
Straujupes LGXX3598
Straume LGXX1627
Straupciems LGXX3599
Straupe LGXX0880
Strauti LGXX0555
Strauti LGXX0364
Strautini LGXX0556
Strazde LGXX3944
Strazdini LGXX4103
Strazdini LGXX0557
Strazdini LGXX1070
Strazdini LGXX4280
Strazdumuiza LGXX3189
Straznieki LGXX1477
Strebeles LGXX1300
Streijas LGXX2061
Streli LGXX0673
Strelnieki LGXX0674
Strelnieki LGXX4281
Strelnieks LGXX3600
Strenci LGXX0133
Strikeles LGXX1197
Striki LGXX1478
Striki LGXX3762
Strodi LGXX2652
Stroki LGXX2268
Stroles LGXX2269
Stropi LGXX1071
Struki LGXX0675
Strunki LGXX2062
Strunki LGXX1301
Strupiki LGXX4282
Strutele LGXX4104
Struzani LGXX3419
Stuborova LGXX0365
Stuki LGXX0881
Stukmani LGXX0246
Stunisi LGXX3601
Sturi LGXX3763
Sturi LGXX4283
Sturi LGXX3602
Sturi LGXX2063
Sturisi LGXX4105
Sturiski LGXX3127
Sturmani LGXX3764
Sturmezs LGXX2871
Stutki LGXX1479
Subate LGXX0134
Subinaite LGXX3420
Subri LGXX4432
Suces LGXX2959
Sudarbe LGXX0558
Sudargi LGXX2270
Sude LGXX3945
Sudmalkalni LGXX2271
Sudmalkalni LGXX3603
Sudmalkrogs LGXX0247
Sudrabkalns LGXX1480
Sukava LGXX4284
Sukene LGXX2272
Sukteri LGXX2273
Sukturi LGXX3946
Sumeinieki LGXX2872
Sumkova LGXX1882
Sunakste LGXX0248
Sunisi LGXX3604
Suntazi LGXX2960
Sunuplava LGXX2653
Sunustepi LGXX1481
Superdente LGXX1628
Surbel LGXX2654
Surikava LGXX0559
Surikova LGXX0366
Susaji LGXX0560
Suseja LGXX0249
Suseja LGXX1482
Susejas LGXX0250
Susekli LGXX3421
Suskova LGXX2655
Susta LGXX2274
Susta LGXX3128
Susti LGXX1883
Suti LGXX1072
Suti LGXX0251
Sutri LGXX3129
Suzi LGXX3190
Svaki LGXX1483
Svari LGXX0367
Svarinci LGXX1884
Svataune LGXX0561
Svatova LGXX3422
Sveki LGXX2961
Svenci LGXX1073
Sventes LGXX3947
Sventi LGXX4285
Svetciems LGXX2395
Svete LGXX1629
Svetini LGXX3423
Svetlica LGXX2656
Sviestini LGXX0882
Svika LGXX4433
Sviki LGXX4286
Svileva LGXX2657
Svili LGXX2275
Svili LGXX0883
Svilpava LGXX0562
Svilpova LGXX0563
Svitene LGXX0676
Tabore LGXX1074
Tadaiki LGXX2276
Tadenava LGXX1484
Talaviesi LGXX0564
Talci LGXX4556
Talsciems LGXX3948
Talsi LGXX0135
Taperi LGXX1885
Tarcilova LGXX2658
Targale LGXX4287
Targaleskrogs LGXX4288
Tartaki LGXX1075
Tarzeki LGXX1076
Tasi LGXX2277
Tastumi LGXX2278
Tasu-Padure LGXX2279
Taudejani LGXX3424
Taukuli LGXX3425
Taunaga LGXX3426
Taurene LGXX0884
Taureskalns LGXX0565
Taurkalne LGXX0252
Taurkalni LGXX2064
Taurupe LGXX2962
Tausi LGXX4557
Tebras LGXX2280
Teceni LGXX4558
Teilani LGXX3130
Teili LGXX1485
Teimas LGXX4559
Telezniki LGXX0566
Tenni LGXX4106
Tepenica LGXX0567
Teranda LGXX0136
Terehova LGXX2659
Terehova LGXX3131
Tereki LGXX2660
Tereski LGXX0368
Tereskova LGXX0568
Tervete LGXX1630
Tervete LGXX1198
Tervidani LGXX0677
Tetele LGXX1631
Teteri LGXX0569
Tetites LGXX0885
Tevenani LGXX3427
Teveni LGXX3428
Tidas LGXX4107
Tiegazi LGXX2396
Tiepele LGXX4434
Tigas LGXX2065
Tikaini LGXX0570
Tikmani LGXX2873
Tilani LGXX2874
Tilgali LGXX4560
Tili LGXX4289
Tilkas LGXX3765
Tilmani LGXX4108
Tiltagals LGXX2875
Tilti LGXX2281
Tiltova LGXX3132
Tiltusloboda LGXX1077
Tilza LGXX0571
Timani LGXX1886
Timasiski LGXX3429
Timmaji LGXX3605
Timsani LGXX1078
Tingere LGXX3949
Tiraine LGXX3606
Tireli LGXX2066
Tireli LGXX1632
Tireli LGXX0572
Tirini LGXX2067
Tiruli LGXX3766
Tirumbaltgalvji LGXX0253
Tirumskanuli LGXX2876
Tirza LGXX1302
Tirziesi LGXX2877
Tirznieki LGXX0886
Tiskadi LGXX3430
Titova LGXX3133
Tivlevi LGXX2661
Tjapsi LGXX2662
Toce LGXX2878
Tolka LGXX2879
Tomaisi LGXX3767
Tomani LGXX1079
Tome LGXX2963
Tompeteris LGXX4561
Tomu-Lamas LGXX1633
Topciems LGXX4290
Torfa Purvs LGXX3607
Torkova LGXX0573
Tornakalns LGXX3191
Torpani LGXX1080
Tozas LGXX4562
Traksi LGXX2880
Tranava LGXX2663
Trapene LGXX0369
Trenci LGXX3608
Treuhi LGXX3431
Trikata LGXX0137
Trikopci LGXX1081
Trisciems LGXX3192
Trizelnieki LGXX2881
Troksni LGXX0887
Tronishi LGXX1887
Tropmaci LGXX2964
Troskas LGXX1486
Troskas LGXX1303
Troski LGXX2664
Trumpji LGXX4291
Tuchi LGXX3432
Tuja LGXX0370
Tuja LGXX2397
Tujani LGXX2882
Tujasmuiza LGXX2398
Tukumi LGXX2068
Tukums LGXX0138
Tulci LGXX0888
Tuli LGXX3950
Tulivka LGXX2665
Tume LGXX4109
Tumsupe LGXX3609
Tumuzi LGXX3433
Tupieseni LGXX0254
Turaida LGXX3610
Turaidas Skola LGXX3611
Turkalne LGXX2965
Turki LGXX3134
Turkmuiza LGXX3951
Turlava LGXX2069
Turna LGXX4435
Tursino LGXX0371
Tuski LGXX1634
Tutinava LGXX0574
Ubagava LGXX1888
Ubeli LGXX0255
Uda LGXX1082
Udrande LGXX4292
Udrani LGXX1487
Udrila LGXX1889
Udrini LGXX4436
Udrini LGXX2070
Udrupji LGXX1304
Udze LGXX1199
Ugale LGXX0139
Uguni LGXX3952
Ukene LGXX3953
Ukraina LGXX0372
Ukri LGXX1200
Ulbroka LGXX3612
Ules LGXX4293
Uljanova LGXX3434
Ulmale LGXX2282
Ulupi LGXX3613
Umernieki LGXX0373
Umurga LGXX2399
Unguri LGXX4563
Ungurini LGXX4564
Ungurpils LGXX2400
Unturi LGXX4565
Upatnieki LGXX0575
Upenieki LGXX0576
Upenieki LGXX3135
Upenieki LGXX1201
Upes Plugi LGXX1635
Upesciems LGXX3614
Upesgriva LGXX3954
Upesjani LGXX4110
Upeslejas LGXX3615
Upesmuiza LGXX1202
Upesmuiza LGXX2283
Upites LGXX0577
Upmala LGXX0578
Upmala LGXX3136
Upmalas LGXX3616
Upmalciems LGXX2284
Upmali LGXX1636
Upmali LGXX1890
Urga LGXX2401
Uriekste LGXX1305
Urkernieki LGXX1488
Usaikukrogs LGXX2285
Usani LGXX1489
Usi LGXX0025
Usini LGXX0256
Usma LGXX4294
Usmenieki LGXX3955
Uspeli LGXX3137
Ustinova LGXX2666
Ustje LGXX1891
Ustroni LGXX3435
Uzava LGXX4295
Uzini LGXX1637
Vabole LGXX1083
Vaciesi LGXX3436
Vacukalni LGXX2667
Vadakste LGXX3768
Vadzeres LGXX3956
Vadzi LGXX1638
Vadzi LGXX4437
Vagali LGXX3437
Vaglani LGXX1490
Vagulani LGXX1491
Vaiclujeva LGXX1892
Vaidava LGXX4566
Vaide LGXX3957
Vaideri LGXX1084
Vaikulani LGXX1085
Vainagi LGXX0579
Vainas LGXX1639
Vainizi LGXX2403
Vainode LGXX2286
Vainodes Muiza LGXX2287
Vainova LGXX3438
Vairogi LGXX0678
Vaisli LGXX1893
Vaiteleva LGXX1894
Vaivari LGXX1682
Vaive LGXX0889
Vaivodi LGXX1895
Vakseni LGXX4567
Valaki LGXX1323
Valata LGXX2288
Valda LGXX2883
Valde LGXX0890
Valdeki LGXX4111
Valdemarpils LGXX0141
Valdenburga LGXX0891
Valdgale LGXX3958
Vale LGXX4438
Valenburga LGXX0257
Valgalciems LGXX3959
Valgale LGXX3960
Valgunde LGXX1640
Valgundes Ciems LGXX1641
Valka LGXX0026
Valle LGXX0258
Valmiera LGXX0005
Valmierkrogs LGXX2071
Valmiermuiza LGXX4568
Valodina LGXX1086
Valpene LGXX3961
Valtaiki LGXX2072
Valteki LGXX0679
Valteri LGXX1683
Valteri LGXX1896
Vanagi LGXX3138
Vanagi LGXX1897
Vanagi LGXX1087
Vandani LGXX1492
Vandzene LGXX3962
Vane LGXX4112
Vanga LGXX2073
Vangazi LGXX3617
Vanki LGXX4296
Varaklani LGXX0144
Varci LGXX3769
Vardupes LGXX2074
Vareiki LGXX2668
Varieba LGXX4113
Variesi LGXX1493
Varini LGXX4439
Varkali LGXX3618
Varkava LGXX1494
Varki LGXX2289
Varme LGXX2075
Varnas LGXX0892
Varnava LGXX1495
Varnavici LGXX1898
Varnini LGXX4588
Varnu Krogs LGXX1684
Varpa LGXX1643
Varpani LGXX0259
Varpas LGXX4297
Varpas LGXX1088
Varpas LGXX3619
Varpini LGXX1089
Varsava LGXX2669
Vartaja LGXX2290
Vartulova LGXX2670
Varusha LGXX0893
Varve LGXX0145
Varve LGXX2291
Varzas LGXX2405
Vaski LGXX4114
Vatrane LGXX2966
Vaureji LGXX3963
Vauznieki LGXX4298
Vaveri LGXX1899
Vaveri LGXX3439
Vaverkrogs LGXX3620
Vec-Liepaja LGXX2419
Vecaduliena LGXX1307
Vecaki LGXX3193
Vecamuiza LGXX2076
Vecanna LGXX0374
Vecannahitte LGXX4299
Vecate LGXX4569
Vecauce LGXX1203
Vecbata LGXX2292
Vecbebri LGXX0260
Vecbirzaki LGXX3140
Vecborisova LGXX3440
Vecborna LGXX1900
Vecciems LGXX4115
Vecdaugava LGXX3194
Vecdoles LGXX0894
Vecdome LGXX1901
Veceli LGXX3141
Vecgaiki LGXX3770
Vecgailumi LGXX3441
Vecini LGXX0375
Veckaleji LGXX3771
Veckalsnava LGXX2884
Veckarki LGXX4440
Veckeipene LGXX2967
Veckrogi LGXX2077
Veckuprava LGXX0580
Veckuski LGXX4300
Veclaicene LGXX0376
Veclikupeni LGXX3772
Veclucas LGXX4570
Vecmikeli LGXX1204
Vecmilgravis LGXX3195
Vecmokas LGXX4116
Vecmuiza LGXX2078
Vecmuiza LGXX3621
Vecmuiza LGXX0146
Vecokra LGXX1902
Vecozoli LGXX2293
Vecpauli LGXX0895
Vecpelce LGXX2079
Vecpeteri LGXX0261
Vecpiebalga LGXX0896
Vecpils LGXX0581
Vecpils LGXX2294
Vecpils LGXX3622
Vecpoli LGXX2885
Vecriga LGXX3196
Vecrozes LGXX2886
Vecsaikava LGXX2887
Vecsalaca LGXX2406
Vecsaliena LGXX1090
Vecsati LGXX4117
Vecsaule LGXX0680
Vecsinepes LGXX4301
Vecskanuli LGXX2888
Vecslabada LGXX2671
Vecslavekas LGXX0897
Vecsnikere LGXX1205
Vecstameriena LGXX1308
Vecsvirlauka LGXX1644
Vectilza LGXX0582
Vectireli LGXX3623
Vectokari LGXX1091
Vecumi LGXX0583
Vecumnieki LGXX2889
Vecupji LGXX4302
Vecvagares LGXX1645
Vecvagari LGXX4118
Vecvagari LGXX2295
Vecvagari LGXX3773
Vecvale LGXX4571
Vecvarkava LGXX3142
Vecviekskele LGXX1309
Veczeltini LGXX2890
Veczosna LGXX3442
Veczvarde LGXX3774
Vede LGXX4303
Vedeniesi LGXX0584
VEF-Skulte LGXX2402
Vega LGXX2080
Vegales LGXX1496
Vegi LGXX3964
Veideli LGXX2296
Veiguri LGXX3143
Veipi LGXX2891
Veismani LGXX0898
Veismani LGXX3624
Veizeniski LGXX1903
Vejava LGXX2892
Vejini LGXX2407
Vejsturi LGXX3625
Velbeni LGXX0262
Veldze LGXX2081
Velena LGXX1310
Velinakrogs LGXX0899
Velki LGXX4119
Velki LGXX0147
Velmeri LGXX0900
Veltini LGXX4304
Vendzavas LGXX4305
Ventava LGXX4306
Ventenieki LGXX2297
Ventspils LGXX0006
Ventuli LGXX4120
Vepri LGXX3144
Verdini LGXX0263
Veremi LGXX3443
Verene LGXX2968
Vergale LGXX2298
Veri LGXX0901
Verni LGXX2672
Versis LGXX4572
Versisi LGXX4441
Verteznieki LGXX2299
Vertuksna LGXX3444
Verumi LGXX2673
Verveli LGXX1092
Veselava LGXX0902
Veseleni LGXX1497
Vesetnieki LGXX1498
Vestiena LGXX2893
Veterovka LGXX1904
Vetraine LGXX0377
Vetras LGXX3626
Veveri LGXX3445
Veveri LGXX4442
Veveri LGXX4121
Veveri LGXX0903
Vevervezes LGXX4122
Vezenki LGXX2674
Vibas LGXX0904
Vibini LGXX2300
Vibroka LGXX3627
Vicaki LGXX4307
Vicezi LGXX3965
Vidaga LGXX0378
Vidale LGXX3966
Vidrizi LGXX2408
Vidsala LGXX1499
Vidsmuiza LGXX3145
Viduci LGXX0585
Vidusmuiza LGXX2082
Vidusmuiza LGXX1646
Vidusmuiza LGXX1206
Viduspogulanka LGXX1110
Vidussala LGXX0586
Vidzeti LGXX3775
Viecites LGXX4308
Viekazi LGXX2409
Vieniba LGXX4123
Viesalgas LGXX2083
Viesati LGXX4124
Viesiena LGXX2894
Viesite LGXX0149
Viesites LGXX0905
Viesites LGXX1311
Viesites LGXX0264
Viestura Laukums LGXX4573
Viesturi LGXX1647
Viesuneni LGXX2895
Vietalva LGXX0265
Vietulnieki LGXX3446
Vigale LGXX2084
Vigante LGXX0266
Viganti LGXX1093
Vigkale LGXX0267
Vijciems LGXX4443
Vikani LGXX1905
Viksele LGXX4125
Viksna LGXX0587
Viksni LGXX0588
Vikstrauti LGXX3776
Vilaka LGXX0150
Vilande LGXX0589
Vilani LGXX0151
Vilcani LGXX3146
Vilcani LGXX1094
Vilce LGXX1648
Vilcini LGXX1649
Vilcini LGXX2896
Vilcini LGXX1500
Vildani LGXX3628
Vildoga LGXX0906
Vili LGXX0268
Viljete LGXX4126
Vilkaja LGXX4127
Vilkaji LGXX3147
Vilkaruci LGXX0590
Vilkava LGXX0591
Vilkene LGXX2410
Vilkraggi LGXX3967
Vilksala LGXX4128
Vilktaures LGXX3777
Vilkupe LGXX1501
Villas LGXX3968
Villasmuiza LGXX3629
Vilpulka LGXX4574
Vilums LGXX4575
Vilums LGXX0907
Vilusi LGXX1095
Vilzenmuiza LGXX2411
Vimbas LGXX3778
Vindedzi LGXX0269
Vindrizi LGXX2675
Vinki LGXX0908
Vipe LGXX1502
Vipulka LGXX4576
Virane LGXX1312
Virbi LGXX3969
Vircava LGXX1650
Virdzes LGXX2897
Viresi LGXX0379
Virga LGXX2301
Virkeni LGXX4577
Virpe LGXX4309
Virsite LGXX0682
Virsukalns LGXX2969
Virziki LGXX4310
Viselovo LGXX1096
Visi LGXX3447
Visikums LGXX0380
Viskale LGXX0270
Viskalni LGXX2412
Viskeri LGXX3448
Viski LGXX1097
Viski LGXX4444
Visli LGXX2085
Vistusala LGXX0592
Vite LGXX3630
Viteikas LGXX0683
Vitini LGXX1207
Vitini LGXX4129
Vitini LGXX2302
Vitkuski LGXX1098
Vitoli LGXX2086
Vitolini LGXX1651
Vitrupe LGXX2413
Vitzeni LGXX2414
Vizla LGXX4445
Vocisi LGXX3449
Voiti LGXX2676
Volgaci LGXX2898
Volkarezi LGXX2677
Volkova LGXX0381
Vonogi LGXX2678
Vorkali LGXX2679
Vornevka LGXX3450
Vosi LGXX0382
Voveri LGXX3451
Vucini LGXX3148
Vutneni LGXX2899
Yenys LGXX4446
Zabalotje LGXX3452
Zabi LGXX4311
Zabludniki LGXX3149
Zaboloski LGXX2680
Zabolotje LGXX3453
Zabolova LGXX0383
Zaborie LGXX2681
Zaborovje LGXX2682
Zabri LGXX1208
Zadinani LGXX1503
Zadzene LGXX2970
Zagari LGXX0909
Zagarje LGXX3150
Zagatas LGXX3454
Zagatnieki LGXX4312
Zagernieki LGXX1313
Zagorskija LGXX2683
Zahari LGXX2684
Zaharova LGXX1906
Zaiceva LGXX0384
Zaki LGXX2415
Zaki LGXX0910
Zaki LGXX4447
Zakisi LGXX3151
Zakumuiza LGXX3631
Zakusala LGXX4598
Zalaci LGXX1504
Zalaki LGXX0271
Zalani LGXX1505
Zalenieki LGXX1652
Zalesje LGXX2685
Zalisi LGXX4313
Zalite LGXX0684
Zalmezi LGXX4314
Zalmeznieki LGXX0593
Zalmeznieki LGXX2900
Zalmuiza LGXX3455
Zalsteri LGXX2303
Zaluksni LGXX3456
Zalumi LGXX1099
Zalve LGXX0272
Zamezi LGXX3152
Zamoste LGXX3457
Zamsoviki LGXX1907
Zana LGXX3779
Zanenieki LGXX3780
Zante LGXX4130
Zarecje LGXX2686
Zarini LGXX0911
Zarinki LGXX1100
Zasa LGXX1506
Zastenski LGXX2687
Zastjenki LGXX1101
Zasulauks LGXX4599
Zatiski LGXX2688
Zaube LGXX3632
Zaube LGXX0912
Zebras muiza LGXX1209
Zebrene LGXX1210
Zeguri LGXX4448
Zeikari LGXX0913
Zeileva LGXX1908
Zelcava LGXX2689
Zelenpole LGXX3458
Zelevci LGXX1909
Zeleznaki LGXX2690
Zelgauska LGXX2901
Zelkalis LGXX0914
Zelmeni LGXX1211
Zelmeni LGXX2902
Zeltaleja LGXX1314
Zelten LGXX2691
Zeltini LGXX0385
Zeltini LGXX3459
Zeltini LGXX3633
Zeltini LGXX4449
Zeltiski LGXX1102
Zelvji LGXX3153
Zemgale LGXX1653
Zemgale LGXX1103
Zemgali LGXX2087
Zemgali LGXX1507
Zemite LGXX0152
Zemites LGXX1315
Zemkas LGXX1508
Zentene LGXX4131
Zepi LGXX3154
Zerkli LGXX3460
Zezuleva LGXX1910
Zibergova LGXX3155
Zibukakts LGXX1654
Zideni LGXX0915
Zidina LGXX1104
Ziedi LGXX0386
Ziedkalne LGXX1655
Ziedoni LGXX0685
Ziemelciems LGXX2088
Ziemeli LGXX4132
Ziemeli LGXX1316
Ziemeris LGXX0387
Ziemupe LGXX2304
Ziepniekkalns LGXX4600
Zievalti LGXX1509
Ziguri LGXX0594
Zilaiskalns LGXX4578
Zilani LGXX1510
Zile LGXX4450
Ziles LGXX3781
Ziles LGXX2089
Zilini LGXX2903
Zilite LGXX4451
Zilupe LGXX0153
Ziras LGXX4315
Zirgi LGXX2692
Zirnaites LGXX1511
Zirni LGXX3782
Zivas LGXX2904
Zizeva LGXX2693
Zizma LGXX1656
Zlekas LGXX4316
Znotini LGXX3156
Zocene LGXX3970
Zogi LGXX0595
Zoglova LGXX2694
Zogotas LGXX3461
Zolitude LGXX3197
Zonepe LGXX2416
Zoseni LGXX0916
Zosna LGXX3462
Zosuli LGXX0917
Zosuli LGXX0596
Zuji LGXX3463
Zulleni LGXX0686
Zulsi LGXX4579
Zundani LGXX3157
Zundi LGXX3464
Zundi LGXX1911
Zuras LGXX4317
Zurcinas LGXX2090
Zusi LGXX2305
Zusi LGXX1212
Zuteni LGXX3783
Zvaigzne LGXX4580
Zvaigzne LGXX0687
Zvaini LGXX2091
Zvare LGXX4133
Zvartava LGXX0388
Zvejniekciems LGXX3634
Zvejnieki LGXX0273
Zvendeniski LGXX1105
Zverzdovo LGXX2695
Zvidziena LGXX2905
Zviedri LGXX1317
Zvirbuli LGXX2971
Zvirgzde LGXX0688
Zvirgzdene LGXX2696
Zvirgzdinu LGXX2306