Weather Codes for Kyrgyzstan

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Kyrgyzstan. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abdukaly KGXX0652
Abdusamat KGXX0092
Achchi KGXX1523
Achi KGXX0653
Achiksu KGXX1524
Achy KGXX1525
Acny-Bulak KGXX2084
Adyr KGXX1526
Adyr KGXX0093
Aflatun KGXX0654
Agartuu KGXX1527
Agronom KGXX1528
Agydzhar KGXX1178
Agyshay KGXX2181
Ak-Bashat KGXX0317
Ak-Bashat KGXX0655
Ak-Beket KGXX0318
Ak-Beles KGXX0094
Ak-Beshim KGXX0319
Ak-Beyit KGXX1242
Ak-Bulak KGXX2189
Ak-Bulak KGXX0095
Ak-Bulak KGXX0656
Ak-Bulun KGXX1243
Ak-Bulung KGXX2190
Ak-Chabuu KGXX1529
Ak-Changyl KGXX0657
Ak-Chaya KGXX1530
Ak-Chiy KGXX1244
Ak-Dyube KGXX2191
Ak-Dzhar KGXX0658
Ak-Dzhar KGXX1531
Ak-Dzhar KGXX1245
Ak-Dzhol KGXX0320
Ak-Ityk KGXX1532
Ak-Jol KGXX0659
Ak-Kashat KGXX0321
Ak-Kiya KGXX0096
Ak-Korgon KGXX0660
Ak-Kuduk KGXX1246
Ak-Kuduk KGXX0322
Ak-Kyya KGXX1248
Ak-Kyya KGXX1533
Ak-Moyun KGXX1249
Ak-muz KGXX0014
Ak-Ordo KGXX0323
Ak-Orgo KGXX0644
Ak-Saich KGXX2192
Ak-Saray KGXX0297
Ak-Say KGXX2193
Ak-Say KGXX0324
Ak-Say KGXX2085
Ak-Seok KGXX0325
Ak-Shor KGXX1534
Ak-Shyyrak KGXX2194
Ak-Suu KGXX1251
Ak-Suu KGXX0326
Ak-Tal KGXX1252
Ak-Tala KGXX1253
Ak-Talaa KGXX0661
Ak-Talaa KGXX1254
Ak-Tam KGXX0662
Ak-Tash KGXX1535
Ak-Tash KGXX2086
Ak-Tash KGXX0663
Ak-Tatyr KGXX1255
Ak-Tektir KGXX0664
Ak-Terek KGXX0098
Ak-Terek KGXX0013
Ak-Terek KGXX0665
Ak-Terek KGXX1536
Ak-Took KGXX0666
Ak-Torpok KGXX0327
Ak-Turpak KGXX0099
Ak-Tyuz KGXX0328
Ak-Uruk KGXX0667
Ak-Usten KGXX2195
Akbashim KGXX1256
Akbosaga KGXX1537
Akbulak KGXX1538
Akbulak KGXX0668
Akbulek KGXX2196
Akbulun KGXX2197
Akchal KGXX1539
Akchaluu KGXX0669
Akchi Vtoroy KGXX0670
Akchiy KGXX1258
Akdzhar KGXX2087
Akhtala KGXX1540
Akkala KGXX0671
Akkiya KGXX1475
Akkochkar KGXX2198
Akkurgan KGXX2088
Akkyungey KGXX1541
Akkyya KGXX1259
Akmashat KGXX0672
Aksay KGXX1476
Akshar KGXX1542
Aksu KGXX0673
Aksurkeryusu KGXX2369
Aktala KGXX2370
Aktala KGXX1260
Aktala KGXX1179
Aktala KGXX1543
Aktam KGXX0674
Aktash KGXX1477
Aktash KGXX0675
Aktee KGXX0676
Akterek KGXX2199
Akterek KGXX1544
Akulen KGXX2200
Akyya KGXX0677
Ala-Buka KGXX0015
Ala-Too KGXX0330
Alabash KGXX2201
Alamedin KGXX0331
Alashan KGXX1545
Alcha KGXX0678
Alcha KGXX1546
Alcha-Bashat KGXX1547
Aldyke KGXX1548
Aleksandrovka KGXX0332
Alekseyevka KGXX0679
Alekseyevka KGXX0333
Alga KGXX0680
Alga KGXX0100
Alga KGXX0334
Alga KGXX1549
Alga-Bas KGXX1550
Alike KGXX1551
Alim-Tepe KGXX1552
Alkym KGXX2202
Alma KGXX0681
Almalu KGXX0682
Almaluu KGXX0335
Almaluu-Bulak KGXX0683
Almaly KGXX1553
Almalyk KGXX1554
Almurut KGXX1555
Altalu KGXX0684
Altyn KGXX0336
Altyn-Kyurek KGXX1556
Altyn-Kyya KGXX0685
Altynaryk KGXX1261
Altynbulak KGXX1262
Altynkungey KGXX2372
Alykulova KGXX0686
Alysh KGXX1263
Amanbayevo KGXX2089
An-Aryk KGXX0337
Ananyevo KGXX0016
Anchaly KGXX1557
Andagul KGXX1180
Andarak KGXX0101
Andizhanskoye KGXX1558
Ankolot KGXX0687
Arab KGXX0688
Aral KGXX0689
Aral KGXX0338
Aral KGXX2090
Aral KGXX2204
Aral KGXX1560
Aral-Blizhniy KGXX0339
Aral-Say KGXX0690
Arashan KGXX0341
Arasu KGXX1478
Aravan KGXX1561
Arbyn KGXX1562
Archa-Beshkik KGXX0342
Archagul KGXX2091
Archaly KGXX1479
Archaly KGXX2205
Archaly KGXX0343
Archalytor KGXX2373
Arek KGXX1563
Arimdzhan KGXX0691
Arkalyk KGXX0692
Arkit KGXX0694
Arpa KGXX1266
Arpa-Soy KGXX0102
Arpa-Tektir KGXX0344
Arpamektyr KGXX2374
Arpatakyr KGXX2375
Arpatekter KGXX1564
Arpatektir KGXX1565
Arslanbob KGXX0695
Arsy KGXX1267
Ashkhabak KGXX2206
Askaly KGXX1566
Askaly KGXX0696
At-Bashi KGXX0017
At-Bashi KGXX0345
At-Chapty KGXX1182
Ata-Merek KGXX1567
Atana KGXX0697
Atavayly KGXX1568
Atay KGXX0698
Atay Ogonbaev KGXX2092
Augul KGXX0103
Auk KGXX0699
Auliye KGXX0104
Austan KGXX0105
Ay-Kol KGXX0106
Ay-Tal KGXX1569
Ay-Tamga KGXX1570
Aybek KGXX1571
Aydagan KGXX2376
Aydarbek KGXX0346
Aygyr-Dzhal KGXX0610
Aygyr-Dzhal KGXX0700
Aygyr-Dzhar KGXX1572
Aygyrbulak KGXX1480
Ayranchi KGXX0107
Ayrytam KGXX0701
Ayuu KGXX1573
Ayuu-Talan KGXX1574
Babashuulu KGXX1575
Babyr KGXX1576
Baetov KGXX1268
Baetovka KGXX2207
Baglan KGXX1577
Bagysh KGXX0702
Bagysh KGXX1269
Bak-Kayyng KGXX2093
Bak-Tal KGXX1183
Bakair KGXX2094
Bakayyr KGXX2095
Bakmal KGXX1578
Baktulak KGXX0703
Baktuu-Dolonotu KGXX2208
Balalmasay KGXX1184
Balasary KGXX2096
Balbal KGXX2097
Balta-Kazy KGXX0704
Balykchy KGXX2209
Balykty KGXX0705
Balyktybulak KGXX0706
Barbulak KGXX2210
Bardu KGXX1579
Barksoon KGXX0018
Barskoon KGXX2211
Bas-Kiya KGXX1270
Bash-Bulak KGXX1580
Bash-kaindy KGXX0019
Bash-Kara Suu KGXX0347
Bash-Karakain KGXX1271
Bash-Kurgandy KGXX1272
Bash-Kuugandy KGXX1273
Basharin KGXX2212
Bashbulak KGXX2377
Bashkashka KGXX2378
Bashky-Terek KGXX0707
Batken KGXX0108
Bay-Tal KGXX1185
Bayastan KGXX0708
Baybiche KGXX1581
Baybiche KGXX1274
Baydam-Tal KGXX1186
Baygonchak KGXX1275
Baykashka-Terek KGXX0709
Baymak KGXX0710
Baymam-Bet KGXX1582
Baytant KGXX0109
Bayysh KGXX1583
Bayzak KGXX1276
Bazar-Bashy KGXX0110
Bazar-Bulak KGXX0711
Bazar-Korgon KGXX0712
Bazar-kurgan KGXX0020
Bazar-Turuk KGXX1277
Bedachi KGXX0349
Bedene-Kulak KGXX1187
Bedzhey KGXX0111
Beget KGXX0713
Bek-Abad KGXX0714
Bek-Dzhar KGXX1584
Bekey KGXX0715
Bekse-Dzhol KGXX0350
Bekse-Dzhol KGXX1585
Bel KGXX1586
Bel-Aldy KGXX0719
Belek KGXX0351
Beles KGXX0112
Belogorka KGXX0352
Belovodsk KGXX2213
Belovodskoye KGXX0021
Bereynok KGXX0720
Beryu KGXX1588
Besh-Abyshka KGXX1589
Besh-Aral KGXX0721
Besh-Badam KGXX0722
Besh-Bala KGXX0113
Besh-Bala KGXX0723
Besh-Belchir KGXX1279
Besh-Burkhan KGXX0114
Besh-Dzhygach KGXX0724
Besh-Kala KGXX1590
Besh-Kyungey KGXX0353
Besh-Oryuk KGXX0354
Besh-Tal KGXX1591
Besh-Tash KGXX0725
Besh-Terek KGXX1280
Besh-Terek KGXX0355
Beshbadom KGXX0726
Beshbulak KGXX2098
Beshik-Jon KGXX0727
Beshkapa KGXX1592
Beshkent KGXX0115
Beshmazar KGXX0729
Bestala KGXX1481
Beuroylyu KGXX1482
Beyshe-Uulu KGXX1593
Beysheke KGXX2099
Beysheke KGXX0356
Bir-Bulak KGXX0357
Birbash KGXX2214
Birbulak KGXX0730
Birdik KGXX0731
Birdik KGXX0358
Birikken KGXX0359
Birinchi May KGXX0360
Birinchi May KGXX0732
Birinchi May KGXX1281
Birlashken KGXX0733
Birlik KGXX0734
Birlik KGXX1282
Bishkek KGXX0001
Blagoveshenka KGXX0735
Bogatyrovka KGXX2215
Bokombayevskoye KGXX2216
Boksy KGXX1594
Bor-Debe KGXX0736
Borbash KGXX1596
Bordaba KGXX1597
Bordu KGXX2380
Bordunskiy KGXX0362
Borko KGXX1598
Borluu-Kyya KGXX0737
Boroldoy KGXX0363
Bos-Biyik KGXX0738
Bosogo KGXX0023
Bosteri KGXX0024
Boston KGXX1599
Boston KGXX0739
Boto-Moynok KGXX1600
Botoyar KGXX1284
Boymaola KGXX0117
Boz KGXX1601
Boz-Adyr KGXX0118
Boz-Ala KGXX1602
Boz-Beshik KGXX2218
Boz-Chychkan KGXX0740
Boz-Karagan KGXX1603
Bozbulun KGXX2219
Bozoy KGXX1483
Bozuchuk KGXX2220
Budalyk KGXX1604
Budaylyk KGXX1605
Budennovka KGXX0364
Budennyy KGXX2100
Bugonmal KGXX1484
Buguchu KGXX1285
Bukara KGXX0365
Bulak KGXX1606
Bulak-Bashi KGXX0119
Bulak-Bashy KGXX0120
Bulakbashi KGXX0121
Buloq-Boshi KGXX0741
Buma KGXX0742
Bura-Chaty KGXX1607
Burana KGXX0366
Burbash KGXX1608
Burgandinskoye KGXX0122
Burulday KGXX0025
Buurakan KGXX0743
Buvakol KGXX0744
Buyga KGXX1609
Buzuk KGXX0745
Bystrovka KGXX0026
Byurgendyu KGXX0746
Byurkyut KGXX0367
Chaar KGXX1486
Chaar-Tash KGXX0747
Chagyr KGXX1610
Chak KGXX1611
Chakir KGXX1612
Chakmak KGXX0123
Chakmak KGXX1613
Chakmak-Suu KGXX0748
Chaktash KGXX1487
Chal Tash KGXX0124
Chalakazaki KGXX0368
Chaldavar KGXX0749
Chaldybar KGXX0750
Chalk-Oyde KGXX1614
Chalkoy KGXX1615
Chalkuyruk KGXX1616
Chalkyldak KGXX2059
Chalma KGXX1617
Chamynsay KGXX2381
Changet KGXX0751
Changyr-Tash KGXX0752
Changyt KGXX0753
Chararcha KGXX1189
Charaygyr KGXX1618
Charba KGXX0754
Charbak KGXX0125
Charbak KGXX0755
Charbak-Say KGXX0126
Chartak-Tash KGXX0756
Chashma KGXX0127
Chat KGXX2182
Chat KGXX0757
Chatbazar KGXX2101
Chatkel KGXX0027
Chatyndy KGXX0128
Chatyr-Tash KGXX1286
Chatyrtash KGXX1488
Chatyrtor KGXX2382
Chauvai KGXX0129
Chayek KGXX1287
Chech-Debe KGXX0758
Chech-Debe KGXX1620
Chech-Tebe KGXX2102
Chechen-Makhalla KGXX1621
Chegeden KGXX1622
Chegirtkearyk KGXX1489
Chek KGXX0759
Chek KGXX0130
Chekabad KGXX1623
Cheke-Debe KGXX0760
Chekeli KGXX0131
Chekulo KGXX1624
Cheleke KGXX2103
Chelpek KGXX2221
Chemyndy KGXX1288
Chenget-Say KGXX0761
Cheremushki KGXX0762
Cherik KGXX2222
Cherik KGXX0763
Chertik KGXX1625
Chet-Bulak KGXX0764
Chet-Kurgandy KGXX1289
Chet-Malay KGXX0765
Chet-Nura KGXX1290
Chetbaysaur KGXX2223
Cheteidy KGXX0371
Chetendy KGXX2224
Chetindi KGXX0372
Chetki KGXX0766
Chigir KGXX0767
Chilandy KGXX0132
Chim-Korgon KGXX0373
Chimbay KGXX1626
Chirak KGXX2225
Chirlykty KGXX1292
Chirpykty KGXX2383
Chiye KGXX0768
Chiyrchik KGXX1627
Chogon KGXX1628
Chogorok KGXX0133
Chok-Tal KGXX2226
Chokmor KGXX0770
Choku-Biy-Rabat KGXX0771
Chokubulak KGXX2384
Cholok KGXX0374
Cholok-Aryk KGXX0375
Choloy KGXX1293
Cholpon KGXX0376
Cholpon KGXX2227
Cholpon KGXX1294
Cholpon-Ata KGXX0772
Cholpon-Ata KGXX0028
Chon-Aryk KGXX0377
Chon-Bagysh KGXX0773
Chon-Borolbos KGXX1295
Chon-Daly KGXX0378
Chon-Dzhar KGXX0379
Chon-Kadyraly KGXX1296
Chon-Kurulush KGXX0774
Chon-sary-Oy KGXX0029
Chon-Say KGXX0775
Chon-Tash KGXX0380
Chon-Uryukty KGXX2229
Chonalysh KGXX1297
Chonaryk KGXX1298
Chonbet KGXX2230
Chonbulak KGXX1299
Chong-Aryk KGXX0645
Chong-Aryk KGXX0776
Chong-Byulelyu KGXX1629
Chong-Kyzylsu KGXX2231
Chong-Taldy-Suu KGXX1630
Chong-Tash KGXX0298
Chong-Tash KGXX2232
Chongolot KGXX1631
Chongtebe KGXX1300
Chonshar KGXX0777
Chontash KGXX0778
Chontoguzbay KGXX2233
Chontokoy KGXX2104
Chontuz KGXX1301
Chorgochu KGXX0779
Chorgolu KGXX0381
Cho`loq-Tuma KGXX0769
Chukhuma KGXX1632
Chukur KGXX1633
Chukurchak KGXX0780
Chuluk-Kolot KGXX0781
Chunkur-Kyshtak KGXX0134
Chunkurchak KGXX0382
Chuy KGXX0383
Chuyanchi KGXX0135
Chuyskoye KGXX0384
Chymchyk KGXX0782
Chymchyk-Dzhar KGXX0783
Chymgen KGXX0136
Chymgent KGXX2105
Chyrpykty KGXX2234
Cyrt KGXX1634
Dachnoye KGXX0385
Dangi KGXX1635
Darautkurgan KGXX0030
Darbaza KGXX1490
Dardasan KGXX0784
Darkhan KGXX2235
Darknan KGXX0031
Daroot-Korgon KGXX1636
Dashman KGXX0785
Davletaryk KGXX1302
Dayyrbek KGXX0386
Debey KGXX0786
Dekhkan KGXX1303
Demer KGXX0787
Dengtala KGXX2236
Denisovka KGXX0387
Denuz-Too KGXX1637
Dergochko KGXX1304
Desh KGXX0788
Dhzangyturmush KGXX2106
Dinau KGXX0137
Djal KGXX0646
Dmitriyevka KGXX0388
Dmitriyevka KGXX0789
Dodomol KGXX0790
Dodon KGXX1638
Dolinka KGXX2237
Dolon KGXX2238
Dolono KGXX1639
Dolono KGXX0791
Don-Aryk KGXX0032
Donalysh KGXX1305
Dong-Aryk KGXX0389
Dongyureme KGXX2385
Donuskuduk KGXX2386
Dorozhnyy KGXX0390
Doskana KGXX0792
Dostuk KGXX0033
Dostuk KGXX0391
Dostuk KGXX0793
Druzhba KGXX0392
Dukur KGXX0794
Dungurme KGXX1306
Dupkur KGXX0795
Dyubell KGXX1307
Dyuksemburg KGXX0393
Dyuyshaly KGXX1640
Dyykan-Kyshtak KGXX1641
Dzangydzher KGXX0011
Dzhaka KGXX1642
Dzhakma-Bulak KGXX1643
Dzhakshylyk KGXX1644
Dzhal KGXX0394
Dzhala-Saldy KGXX0796
Dzhalal-Abad KGXX0009
Dzhalgyz-Bulak KGXX0138
Dzhalgyz-Korgon KGXX1190
Dzhalgyzoryuk KGXX0797
Dzhalgyzterek KGXX1308
Dzhalgyzuryuk KGXX2239
Dzhalpak-Sary KGXX0798
Dzhaman-Kyrchin KGXX1645
Dzhamandavan KGXX1491
Dzhan-Bulak KGXX2240
Dzhan-Shoro KGXX1646
Dzhangakty KGXX1647
Dzhangi-Dzhol KGXX0799
Dzhangitalap KGXX0800
Dzhangy-Talap KGXX1309
Dzhangyaryk KGXX2107
Dzhangydzher KGXX0801
Dzhangydzhol KGXX1310
Dzhangypakhta KGXX0010
Dzhangyshaar KGXX1648
Dzhangytlek KGXX1311
Dzhany-Abad KGXX0802
Dzhany-Abad KGXX1649
Dzhany-Akman KGXX0803
Dzhany-Alysh KGXX0395
Dzhany-Aryk KGXX1650
Dzhany-Aryk KGXX0804
Dzhany-Ayyl KGXX0805
Dzhany-Ayyl KGXX1651
Dzhany-Bazar KGXX1652
Dzhany-Bazar KGXX0806
Dzhany-Chek KGXX0396
Dzhany-Dyykan KGXX0807
Dzhany-Dzher KGXX0808
Dzhany-Dzher KGXX0139
Dzhany-Dzhol KGXX1653
Dzhany-Dzhol KGXX0397
Dzhany-Dzhol KGXX0140
Dzhany-Kyshtak KGXX0809
Dzhany-Makhalla KGXX1654
Dzhany-Nookat KGXX1655
Dzhany-Talaa KGXX1656
Dzhany-Talap KGXX1657
Dzhany-Turmush KGXX0398
Dzhany-Turmush KGXX1658
Dzhany-Turmush KGXX0141
Dzhanyaryk KGXX0810
Dzhanyguch KGXX1312
Dzhapalak KGXX1659
Dzhar-Bashi KGXX0811
Dzhar-Bashy KGXX0812
Dzhar-Kapchygay KGXX0813
Dzhar-Korgon KGXX1660
Dzhar-Kyshlak KGXX1661
Dzhar-Kyshtak KGXX0814
Dzhar-Kyshtak KGXX1662
Dzhar-Ooz KGXX1663
Dzhar-Tash KGXX0815
Dzharadar KGXX0816
Dzharake KGXX0817
Dzharbashi KGXX1664
Dzhardy-Suu KGXX0400
Dzhargylchakty KGXX0818
Dzharlyk KGXX1665
Dzhash-Lenin KGXX0819
Dzhay-Terek KGXX0820
Dzhaylooucha KGXX1191
Dzhayylgan KGXX2108
Dzhayylma KGXX1666
Dzhaz-kechuu KGXX0821
Dzhazgak KGXX0822
Dzhaztokoy KGXX1667
Dzhediger KGXX0402
Dzheek KGXX0403
Dzheke-Miste KGXX1668
Dzheken KGXX0404
Dzhenish KGXX0823
Dzhenish KGXX0142
Dzher-Kazar KGXX0406
Dzher-Uy KGXX2241
Dzhergalan KGXX2242
Dzherge-Tal KGXX1313
Dzhergetal KGXX1314
Dzheti-Koshkon KGXX0824
Dzhetim-Debe KGXX1669
Dzhetisay KGXX2387
Dzheyek KGXX0825
Dzhigdy KGXX1670
Dzhilanaryk KGXX1315
Dzhilandy KGXX1671
Dzhilgin-Say KGXX1672
Dzhin-Dzhigen KGXX0143
Dzhinde KGXX1673
Dzhirgital KGXX1674
Dzhiydalik KGXX1675
Dzhiyde KGXX2109
Dzhiyde KGXX1676
Dzhiydeli KGXX1677
Dzhol-Dzhylga KGXX1678
Dzholbarstu KGXX0828
Dzholdym-Bashy KGXX0299
Dzholkara KGXX1316
Dzholkolot KGXX2388
Dzhon-Aryk KGXX0829
Dzhon-Aryk KGXX0409
Dzhonalysh KGXX1317
Dzhoon-Kyungey KGXX0830
Dzhoshuk KGXX0144
Dzhuan-Bulak KGXX0038
Dzhuanaryk KGXX1318
Dzhumake KGXX1680
Dzhun-Alma KGXX1681
Dzhyl-Kol KGXX0831
Dzhylan-Temir KGXX0832
Dzhylgamysh KGXX1682
Dzhyuzyumdzhan KGXX0833
Dzhyydelik KGXX0145
Echkili-Tash KGXX2243
Efironos KGXX0410
Ekichat KGXX1319
Elektor KGXX1320
Elkin KGXX0411
Emgekchil KGXX1321
Emgektala KGXX1322
Engilchek KGXX2244
Epkin KGXX1323
Eriktuu KGXX0412
Erke-Kashka KGXX1685
Erkin KGXX1686
Erkin-Say KGXX0413
Erkin-Too KGXX1687
Erkintoo KGXX1688
Eselek KGXX1324
Eshme KGXX1689
Eshme KGXX0834
Eski-Aryk KGXX1193
Eski-Massy KGXX0835
Eski-Ovchi KGXX0146
Eski-Tegermen KGXX1325
Fakel KGXX0147
Farkhad KGXX1690
Fedorovka KGXX0414
Fedorovo KGXX1691
Ferma KGXX0415
Frunze KGXX0002
Frunze KGXX2245
Furkat KGXX1692
Gava KGXX0836
Gavrilovka KGXX0416
Gavrilovka KGXX0837
Gayrat KGXX0148
Gaz KGXX0149
Gerait KGXX1693
Gidrostroy KGXX0418
Golbo KGXX0150
Gornaya-Mayevka KGXX0420
Gosplodopitomnik KGXX0422
Gostutpitomnik KGXX0838
Grigoryevka KGXX0040
Groznoye KGXX0041
Gulcha KGXX0042
Gulderama KGXX0151
Gulistan KGXX0839
Gumkhana KGXX0840
Guzar KGXX1695
Ichke-Jergez KGXX2247
Ichke-Suu KGXX0424
Ichkebash KGXX1326
Ichkebulak KGXX2248
Ichkesu KGXX1327
Ichkesu KGXX2249
Ikichat KGXX2389
Ikizyak KGXX1698
Imamata KGXX0841
Imeni Chalayeva KGXX0152
Imeni Chapayeva KGXX1700
Imeni Chapayeva KGXX0426
Imeni Chkalova KGXX0842
Imeni Fedorova KGXX1701
Imeni Frunze KGXX1702
Imeni Frunze KGXX0843
Imeni Frunze KGXX0427
Imeni Gagarina KGXX0428
Imeni Gagarina KGXX1703
Imeni Gagarina KGXX0153
Imeni Kalinina KGXX1328
Imeni Kalinina KGXX1704
Imeni Kirova KGXX1329
Imeni Kirova KGXX0845
Imeni Kirova KGXX0429
Imeni Krupskoy KGXX1707
Imeni Kuybysheva KGXX1330
Imeni Lenina KGXX1708
Imeni Lenina KGXX0430
Imeni Molotova KGXX1709
Imeni Panfilova KGXX0431
Internatsional KGXX0847
Internatsional KGXX1711
Ioganesdorf KGXX2111
Iradan KGXX0155
Iribuluk KGXX0848
Irilesh KGXX0156
Irinchi KGXX0849
Irisu KGXX1712
Irisu KGXX0850
Irkeshtam KGXX1713
Iryi-Suu KGXX1332
Isanov KGXX1714
Isfana KGXX0043
Iskra KGXX0157
Iskra KGXX0433
Itagar KGXX0851
Itsay KGXX0852
Ivanovka KGXX0044
Iygilik KGXX2252
Iyrek KGXX1715
Iyri-Suu KGXX0434
Izirik KGXX0853
Izym-Bay KGXX1716
Jalal-Abad KGXX0854
Jan-Bulak KGXX1333
Jangy-Aryk KGXX1334
Jangy-Jer KGXX0435
Jangy-Jol KGXX0855
Jangy-Pakhta KGXX0436
Jangy-Shaar KGXX0856
Jangy-Tilek KGXX1335
Jani-Ayil KGXX0158
Jarkynbaev KGXX2253
Jele Tobe KGXX2254
Jengish KGXX2255
Jetigen KGXX0857
Jon-Aryk KGXX2113
Joon-Dobo KGXX2114
Joy-Belent KGXX0858
Jumgal KGXX1336
Kaarman KGXX1717
Kabyrga KGXX2390
Kabyrgabulak KGXX1493
Kachkynchy KGXX0859
Kadamjay KGXX0159
Kadu KGXX0860
Kadu-Alma KGXX0861
Kadyraly KGXX1337
Kadzhi-Say KGXX2256
Kadzhisaz KGXX2391
Kagazdy KGXX0862
Kaichigay KGXX1494
Kaindy KGXX0863
Kaindy KGXX1338
Kaindy KGXX0045
Kairma KGXX1339
Kairma KGXX0046
Kajy-Saz KGXX2257
Kakyr KGXX1719
Kakyr KGXX0160
Kakyr-Piltan KGXX1720
Kalacha KGXX0161
Kalday KGXX1721
Kaldyk KGXX0438
Kalinin Atyndagi KGXX2115
Kalinin Atyndagy KGXX1340
Kalinino KGXX0864
Kalininskoye KGXX0047
Kalinovka KGXX2258
Kalinovka KGXX0048
Kalinovka KGXX2116
Kalkaman KGXX0162
Kalmak-Ashuu KGXX0440
Kalmak-Kyrchyn KGXX0865
Kalmatay KGXX1722
Kalta KGXX1723
Kalta KGXX0866
Kamancha KGXX1724
Kampyr-Ravat KGXX1725
Kamranki KGXX0867
Kamysh-Bashy KGXX0868
Kamyshanovka KGXX0441
Kanat KGXX2259
Kandava KGXX1726
Kandy KGXX0869
Kandy-Bulak KGXX0870
Kanjyga KGXX0871
Kansalyk KGXX0872
Kant KGXX0003
Kantsin KGXX0163
Kanysh-Kyya KGXX0873
Kap-Surgar KGXX0874
Kapchigay KGXX1496
Kapchigay KGXX2392
Kapchygay KGXX1727
Kar Davaan KGXX0164
Kara Bulak KGXX0875
Kara Suu KGXX1728
Kara-Agach KGXX0876
Kara-Alma KGXX0877
Kara-Archa KGXX2117
Kara-Bak KGXX0165
Kara-Balta KGXX0050
Kara-Bashat KGXX0878
Kara-Batkak KGXX1729
Kara-Bulak KGXX0166
Kara-Bulak KGXX0879
Kara-Bulak KGXX1341
Kara-Bulak KGXX0442
Kara-Bulak KGXX1730
Kara-Bulung KGXX1342
Kara-Burgen KGXX1343
Kara-Buura KGXX2118
Kara-Chagat KGXX0167
Kara-Cholok KGXX0880
Kara-Chungkur KGXX2260
Kara-Debe KGXX0168
Kara-Debe KGXX0443
Kara-Debe KGXX0881
Kara-Debe KGXX1732
Kara-Dekhkan KGXX1733
Kara-Dzhagach KGXX1734
Kara-Dzhygach KGXX0444
Kara-Dzhygach KGXX1735
Kara-Dzhygach KGXX0882
Kara-Dzhygach KGXX0169
Kara-Echki KGXX1736
Kara-Gonush KGXX1737
Kara-Ingen KGXX0883
Kara-Jygach KGXX0884
Kara-Kavak KGXX1738
Kara-Kismak KGXX1739
Kara-Kochkor KGXX1740
Kara-Koktu KGXX1741
Kara-Kolot KGXX1742
Kara-Koo KGXX2261
Kara-Kulja KGXX1744
Kara-Kurt KGXX2393
Kara-Kyr KGXX1745
Kara-Kyshtak KGXX0170
Kara-Moynok KGXX1344
Kara-Oy KGXX1345
Kara-Oy KGXX2119
Kara-Oy KGXX1746
Kara-Oy KGXX0445
Kara-Sadak KGXX1747
Kara-Say KGXX0051
Kara-Saz KGXX1346
Kara-Seget KGXX1748
Kara-Shaar KGXX2262
Kara-Shivak KGXX1749
Kara-Shoro KGXX1750
Kara-Su KGXX1751
Kara-Suu KGXX1347
Kara-Suu KGXX0171
Kara-Suu KGXX2120
Kara-Suu KGXX1752
Kara-Suu KGXX0446
Kara-Suu KGXX0886
Kara-Talaa KGXX2263
Kara-Tangi KGXX0172
Kara-Tash KGXX1753
Kara-Tebe KGXX1754
Kara-Tebe KGXX0447
Kara-Tepa KGXX1755
Kara-Tepe KGXX0173
Kara-Ter KGXX0612
Kara-Terek KGXX1756
Kara-Toktoy KGXX0174
Kara-Too KGXX1348
Kara-Tumshuk KGXX0175
Kara-Tyt KGXX0887
Kara-Tyube KGXX0448
Karabak KGXX2264
Karaboguz KGXX1757
Karaboto KGXX0888
Karabuk KGXX1349
Karabulak KGXX0889
Karabulak KGXX0449
Karabulak KGXX1350
Karabulun KGXX0890
Karabulun KGXX1351
Karabulundun KGXX1352
Karacha KGXX0891
Karachiy KGXX0892
Karachiy KGXX1353
Karachunkur KGXX2394
Karadzhal KGXX2265
Karadzhigach KGXX0893
Karadzhilga KGXX1758
Karagain KGXX2121
Karagan-Say KGXX0176
Karagandy KGXX0894
Karagandy KGXX0177
Karagansay KGXX0895
Karagaybulak KGXX0450
Karakain KGXX0896
Karakashat KGXX2122
Karakashat KGXX0613
Karakatash KGXX2123
Karake KGXX1759
Karakesmak KGXX0898
Karakichi KGXX1355
Karakokty KGXX1499
Karakol KGXX0052
Karakol KGXX0899
Karakungey KGXX1356
Karakyungey KGXX0901
Karaltyube KGXX2267
Karamart KGXX0902
Karamurza KGXX0903
Karamyk KGXX0053
Karanay KGXX1760
Karankur KGXX0054
Karaoy KGXX2124
Karasakal KGXX0451
Karashak KGXX1761
Karasu KGXX2125
Karasu KGXX0904
Karasu KGXX0055
Karasu KGXX2268
Karasu KGXX1762
Karatakhta KGXX1763
Karatash KGXX0905
Karatay KGXX1764
Karatebe KGXX1358
Karatyube KGXX1765
Karaunkur KGXX0906
Karaut KGXX0178
Karautok KGXX0179
Karavan KGXX0056
Karavan KGXX1766
Karavshin KGXX0180
Karaynkurt KGXX1359
Karayuz KGXX0907
Karbulak KGXX1360
Karchabek KGXX1767
Kardydzharyk KGXX1361
Karol KGXX0614
Karool KGXX0182
Karool KGXX1768
Karool-Debe KGXX0452
Karool-Tobo KGXX1362
Karoy KGXX1363
Kashat KGXX1364
Kashgar Kyshtak KGXX1769
Kashka KGXX0453
Kashka KGXX0183
Kashka-Bash KGXX0454
Kashka-Dzhol KGXX1770
Kashka-Suu KGXX0908
Kashka-Suu KGXX0455
Kashka-Terek KGXX1771
Kashkalak KGXX0910
Kashkaldak KGXX1772
Kashkar-Maala KGXX0911
Kashkasu KGXX0456
Kashkasu KGXX1773
Kashkelen KGXX0457
Kasymbek KGXX1366
Katar KGXX1774
Katar-Janggak KGXX0912
Katran KGXX0184
Katranke KGXX0913
Katta-Sultak KGXX1195
Katta-Tal-Bulak KGXX1775
Katta-Talkdyk KGXX1776
Katyrantash KGXX1777
Kavak KGXX2269
Kavak KGXX0914
Kaygarach-Aryk KGXX1778
Kayirma KGXX0915
Kayirmaaryk KGXX2270
Kaynama KGXX1779
Kaynar KGXX1367
Kaynar KGXX1780
Kaynar KGXX2126
Kaynar KGXX0916
Kaynar KGXX2271
Kayragach KGXX0185
Kayrat KGXX1781
Kaysar KGXX0458
Kaytmas KGXX1782
Kaytpas KGXX0186
Kayyngdy-Bulak KGXX1368
Kayyrma KGXX0917
Kaz KGXX0918
Kazan-Kuygan KGXX0057
Kazarman KGXX0919
Kazuyacy KGXX1500
Kazybek KGXX1369
Kechu KGXX0920
Kedey-Aryk KGXX0921
Kedoy Topoz KGXX0922
Kegere-Tash KGXX0923
Kegeti KGXX0058
Keglatar KGXX1784
Kek-Alma KGXX0924
Kek-Art KGXX1196
Kek-Aydar KGXX0925
Kek-Chagyr KGXX0301
Kek-Dzhantak-Say KGXX0302
Kek-Dzhar KGXX1785
Kek-Dzhar KGXX0460
Kek-Tal KGXX0187
Kek-Talaa KGXX0188
Kek-Tash KGXX0926
Kek-Tash KGXX0189
Kek-Tebe KGXX2127
Kekkashat KGXX2128
Kekkenkyu KGXX2395
Keklikbulak KGXX1501
Kekoy KGXX1370
Keksay KGXX2273
Kektash KGXX0928
Kektash KGXX2129
Kektokoy KGXX2130
Kel-Chaty KGXX1787
Kelintash KGXX1502
Kelish KGXX0931
Kemer KGXX2131
Ken-Buluk KGXX0461
Ken-Dzhylga KGXX1788
Ken-Say KGXX1789
Kenesh KGXX2132
Kenesh KGXX0462
Kenesh Pervyy KGXX1372
Kenesh Vtoroy KGXX1373
Keng-Aral KGXX2133
Keng-Saz KGXX1374
Keng-Suu KGXX2274
Keng-Suu KGXX1791
Keng-Suu KGXX1375
Kengo KGXX0932
Kensu KGXX1376
Kenzhekul KGXX1792
Keper-Aryk KGXX0463
Kerege-Tash KGXX0190
Kerege-Tash KGXX2276
Keregetash KGXX0933
Kerkidan KGXX1793
Kerme-Too KGXX1794
Kernivoz KGXX0464
Kesek KGXX1795
Kesken-Tash KGXX0191
Keskentyube KGXX0934
Kesov KGXX1796
Keterme KGXX0935
Keterme KGXX1797
Keterme KGXX0192
Ketmen-Tobo KGXX0937
Khadzhir-Abad KGXX0938
Khalmion KGXX0193
Khanabad KGXX0939
Khargush KGXX1199
Khasan-Chek KGXX1798
Khauz KGXX1799
Khaydarkan KGXX0059
Khazret-Ayub KGXX0940
Khazret-Bau KGXX0941
Khivinka KGXX2134
Khodzhaaryk KGXX1801
Khodzhasuydu KGXX1377
Khoshchan KGXX1802
Khun-Chi KGXX0465
Kichi Byuogendyu KGXX0942
Kichi-Borolbos KGXX1378
Kichi-Byulelyu KGXX1803
Kichi-Dzhaz KGXX1804
Kichi-Dzhotash KGXX1379
Kichi-Kemin KGXX0466
Kichi-Sandyk KGXX1200
Kichi-Uryukty KGXX2278
Kichik KGXX1805
Kichik-Alay KGXX1806
Kichikarakol KGXX1807
Kichinechar KGXX0943
Kichitaldyk KGXX1808
Kindyn KGXX1380
Kipchak KGXX1809
Kirgiz-Gava KGXX0944
Kirova KGXX0467
Kirovskoye KGXX0060
Kirovskoye KGXX0468
Kirshelk KGXX0469
Kishlaksay KGXX0945
Klozin KGXX1810
Klyuchevka KGXX0061
Kochkor KGXX1381
Kochkor-Ata KGXX0946
Kochkor-Ata KGXX1811
Kochubayevo KGXX1812
Kodzho-Aryk KGXX1813
Kodzhoke KGXX1814
Kogoy KGXX1382
Kojomkul KGXX0470
Kojoyar KGXX2279
Kok-Art KGXX0948
Kok-Aryk KGXX2135
Kok-Aygyr KGXX1383
Kok-Makday KGXX1816
Kok-Moynak KGXX2280
Kok-Moynok Eki KGXX2281
Kok-Tundy KGXX1817
Kok-Yangak KGXX0949
Kokandyk KGXX0950
Kokdzhar KGXX1384
Kokdzhatyk KGXX1818
Kokkumay KGXX0951
Kokoy KGXX2136
Koktyube KGXX2282
Koktyuz KGXX2398
Kokyangkok KGXX0952
Kol-Suu KGXX1388
Kolaryk KGXX1389
Kolba KGXX2137
Kolot KGXX0954
Komintern KGXX0955
Kommuna KGXX0195
Kommunist KGXX1819
Kommunizm KGXX1820
Kommunizm KGXX0196
Komsomol KGXX0956
Komsomol KGXX2283
Komsomol KGXX1390
Kon KGXX0197
Kongur-Ogyuz KGXX0957
Kongur-Olon KGXX2285
Konokbay-Talaa KGXX1821
Konorchok KGXX1391
Konstantinovka KGXX0472
Konstantinovka KGXX2286
Konur KGXX1503
Konush KGXX0473
Kopchegay KGXX2399
Kopurbashi KGXX1822
Kor-Bulak KGXX1823
Kordon KGXX0474
Korgon KGXX0958
Korgon KGXX0198
Korgon KGXX1824
Korgon-Dzhar KGXX0959
Korgon-Say KGXX0960
Korgontyube KGXX0961
Kors-Etti KGXX1825
Korumdu KGXX1392
Korumdy KGXX2287
Kosh-Bolot KGXX0962
Kosh-Bulak KGXX0199
Kosh-Debe KGXX1826
Kosh-Debe KGXX0475
Kosh-Dyube KGXX1393
Kosh-Eter KGXX1827
Kosh-Kol KGXX2288
Kosh-Korgon KGXX1828
Kosh-Korgon KGXX0963
Kosh-Korgon KGXX0476
Kosh-Tegirmen KGXX0477
Kosh-Terek KGXX0964
Koshalysh KGXX1394
Koshbulak KGXX1829
Koshbulak KGXX0965
Koshbulak KGXX1395
Koshtebe KGXX2289
Koshterek KGXX0966
Koshtyube KGXX0967
Koshulmurut KGXX0968
Koshulush KGXX1830
Kotovskoye KGXX0478
Kotur-Bulak KGXX1831
Kotur-Bulak KGXX0969
Kotur-Bulak KGXX0200
Kotur-Kaman KGXX0970
Kotyrsu KGXX1396
Koy-Tash KGXX0971
Koy-Tash KGXX0479
Koydzhailau KGXX2401
Koysary KGXX2402
Kozho KGXX0201
Kozho Korum KGXX0202
Kozuchak KGXX2138
Krasnaya Rechka KGXX0480
Krasnorechenka KGXX0062
Krasnyy Mayak KGXX1832
Krasnyy Most KGXX0481
Krasnyy Vostok KGXX0483
Krupskoye KGXX0484
Kuduk KGXX0973
Kuduk-Say KGXX0974
Kugart KGXX0975
Kuk-Karga KGXX1834
Kukalapash KGXX1835
Kulanak KGXX0063
Kuldu KGXX0203
Kuloma KGXX0976
Kulundu KGXX0204
Kum KGXX0977
Kum-Aryk KGXX0485
Kum-Shoro KGXX1838
Kumtyube KGXX1399
Kun-Elek KGXX1839
Kungey KGXX0205
Kungun KGXX1840
Kuochi KGXX2292
Kupre KGXX2140
Kur-Kol KGXX1841
Kuragak-Demik KGXX1842
Kurak KGXX1843
Kurankol KGXX1844
Kuratash KGXX1506
Kurban-Kara KGXX1845
Kurbantal-Mady KGXX1846
Kurbu KGXX2293
Kurbu-Suu KGXX1847
Kurbu-Tash KGXX1848
Kurchakukek KGXX1507
Kurgan KGXX0978
Kurgan-Say KGXX0979
Kurkura KGXX0980
Kurmenty KGXX2294
Kurn KGXX0981
Kurnsay KGXX0982
Kurpak-Korgon KGXX0983
Kurpuldok KGXX0486
Kurshab KGXX1849
Kurskoye KGXX2295
Kuru-Tegerek KGXX0984
Kuruk-Say KGXX1202
Kurulush KGXX0206
Kurulush KGXX0985
Kurunuy KGXX0986
Kushchusu KGXX0987
Kutmaldy KGXX2405
Kuturga KGXX2296
Kuturgan KGXX1850
Kuu-Maydan KGXX1851
Kuygumen KGXX0989
Kuylyu KGXX2297
Kuyruchuk KGXX1400
Kuyukteke KGXX1852
Kydyrsha KGXX1853
Kypchak-Talaa KGXX0990
Kyr-Dzhol KGXX1854
Kyr-Kol KGXX1855
Kyrchin KGXX1856
Kyrchyndy KGXX1203
Kyrdzhol KGXX1857
Kyrga KGXX0991
Kyrgoo KGXX0992
Kyrgyz-Abad KGXX0993
Kyrgyz-Ata KGXX1858
Kyrgyz-Chek KGXX1859
Kyrgyz-Kyshtak KGXX0207
Kyrgyzstan KGXX1860
Kyrkkazyk KGXX0994
Kysh-Abad KGXX1861
Kysyk-Alma KGXX1862
Kyulyuk-Debe KGXX0995
Kyumyush-Aziz KGXX0996
Kyundelyuk KGXX1863
Kyungey KGXX1864
Kyyal-Say KGXX0208
Kyymyl KGXX1865
Kyz-Emchek KGXX1866
Kyz-Molo KGXX0487
Kyzart KGXX0998
Kyzart KGXX1401
Kyzkiya KGXX0488
Kyzyl KGXX1867
Kyzyl-Abad KGXX1868
Kyzyl-Alma-Say KGXX1204
Kyzyl-Aryk KGXX0489
Kyzyl-Asker KGXX1402
Kyzyl-Asker KGXX0490
Kyzyl-Ata KGXX0999
Kyzyl-Ay KGXX1000
Kyzyl-Bagysh KGXX1001
Kyzyl-Bayrak KGXX0209
Kyzyl-Bayrak KGXX1869
Kyzyl-Bayrak KGXX0491
Kyzyl-Birdik KGXX0492
Kyzyl-Bulak KGXX0211
Kyzyl-Bulak KGXX1870
Kyzyl-Charba KGXX1871
Kyzyl-Charba KGXX2141
Kyzyl-Dyykan KGXX1872
Kyzyl-Dyykan KGXX0493
Kyzyl-Dzhar KGXX1002
Kyzyl-Dzhol KGXX0212
Kyzyl-Dzhyldyz KGXX1003
Kyzyl-Emgen KGXX1403
Kyzyl-Jyldyz KGXX2142
Kyzyl-Jyldyz KGXX1404
Kyzyl-Kam KGXX2061
Kyzyl-Kechyu KGXX1873
Kyzyl-Kiya KGXX0064
Kyzyl-Kiya KGXX1004
Kyzyl-Kol KGXX1005
Kyzyl-Korgon KGXX0213
Kyzyl-Korgon KGXX1875
Kyzyl-Koshchu KGXX1876
Kyzyl-Kum KGXX1877
Kyzyl-Kyrgyzstan KGXX2143
Kyzyl-Kyrgyzstan KGXX1006
Kyzyl-Kyrman KGXX1878
Kyzyl-Kyshtak KGXX1879
Kyzyl-Kyshtoo KGXX1880
Kyzyl-Kyya KGXX1007
Kyzyl-Kyya KGXX0214
Kyzyl-Mekhnat KGXX1881
Kyzyl-Ordo KGXX1883
Kyzyl-Oy KGXX1884
Kyzyl-Saray KGXX1885
Kyzyl-Say KGXX2145
Kyzyl-Sengir KGXX1886
Kyzyl-Senir KGXX1009
Kyzyl-Shark KGXX1887
Kyzyl-Suu KGXX1888
Kyzyl-Suu KGXX0495
Kyzyl-Suu KGXX1010
Kyzyl-Tala KGXX1889
Kyzyl-Tana KGXX1890
Kyzyl-Tangi KGXX0215
Kyzyl-Teyit KGXX1891
Kyzyl-Tokoy KGXX1011
Kyzyl-Too KGXX1892
Kyzyl-Tuu KGXX2298
Kyzyl-Tuu KGXX1893
Kyzyl-Tuu KGXX0496
Kyzyl-Unkyur KGXX1013
Kyzyl-Uraan KGXX1014
Kyzylbeles KGXX0615
Kyzylbiit KGXX1015
Kyzyldezkan KGXX1405
Kyzyldzhar KGXX1894
Kyzyldzhar KGXX1016
Kyzyldzhildyz KGXX2299
Kyzyldzhildyz KGXX1406
Kyzyldzhyldyz KGXX1407
Kyzylemgek KGXX1408
Kyzylemgek KGXX1017
Kyzyleshme KGXX1895
Kyzylkiya KGXX1896
Kyzylkungey KGXX1508
Kyzylkurgan KGXX1409
Kyzylmoynok KGXX2406
Kyzyloy KGXX0497
Kyzyltash KGXX2407
Kyzyltebe KGXX2300
Kyzylto KGXX1897
Kyzyltol KGXX1898
Kyzyltor KGXX2408
Kyzyltu KGXX1018
Kyzyltyube KGXX1411
Kyzyluzgorysh KGXX1019
Kyzylzhildyz KGXX1020
Ladan Kara KGXX1021
Laglan KGXX1900
Lakol KGXX1412
Lama KGXX1413
Langar KGXX1901
Lay-Tala KGXX1902
Layli-Su KGXX1414
Lazvan KGXX1205
Lebedinovka KGXX0498
Lenin KGXX0216
Lenin-Dzhod KGXX1903
Lenin-Dzhol KGXX0499
Lenin-Dzhol KGXX1904
Leninchildzhash KGXX1415
Leninskoe KGXX1022
Leninskoye KGXX0500
Leninskoye KGXX0066
Leskhoz KGXX0217
Lesnoye KGXX0501
Lipenka KGXX2301
Lubyanoye KGXX0502
Lugovoye KGXX2302
Lugovoye KGXX0503
Lyangar KGXX0218
Lyublinko KGXX1023
Maat-Murat KGXX0219
Madaniy-Kurulush KGXX0220
Madaniyat KGXX1905
Madaniyat KGXX0504
Madaniyat KGXX1024
Madaniyat KGXX2146
Madaniyat KGXX0221
Madigen KGXX0304
Mady KGXX1906
Maili-Say KGXX1025
Mailuu-Suu KGXX1026
Maistan KGXX1509
Makarenko KGXX1907
Makayevka KGXX0222
Makmal KGXX1027
Maksim Tobu KGXX1908
Malaya Shalta KGXX0505
Malinovka KGXX0506
Malovodnoye KGXX0507
Maltabar KGXX0508
Mama-Sady KGXX1028
Maman KGXX2303
Mamazhan KGXX1909
Manas KGXX2147
Manas KGXX0509
Manasyntash KGXX2409
Manday KGXX1029
Mangit KGXX1910
Mantysh KGXX1416
Manylik KGXX2410
Margun KGXX0224
Mariinskoye KGXX2304
Markay KGXX1030
Markaz KGXX0225
Masadan KGXX1031
Massy KGXX1032
May KGXX2148
May-Saz KGXX2305
Mayak KGXX0226
Maychagyr KGXX1417
Maydaadyr KGXX2411
Maydan KGXX0227
Maydan KGXX1033
Mayevka KGXX0647
Mayli-Say KGXX1034
Maylisuu KGXX1035
Maymak KGXX2149
Maynetkech KGXX1418
Maysaz KGXX2412
Mayskoye KGXX0510
Mazar KGXX1036
Mazar KGXX1419
Mazar-Bulak KGXX1911
Mazar-Sarkent KGXX0228
Mazar-Terek KGXX1912
Mazarsu KGXX1037
Medrese KGXX1913
Meenetkech KGXX0511
Melinbek KGXX0229
Merkit KGXX1914
Michurino KGXX1915
Michurino KGXX0512
Mikhaylovka KGXX1038
Mikhaylovka KGXX2306
Milyanfan KGXX0513
Min-Bulak KGXX0067
Min-Kush KGXX1420
Min-Oryuk KGXX1039
Ming Bulak KGXX2307
Ming-Bulak KGXX1421
Ming-Chinar KGXX0230
Ming-Tukum KGXX1206
Mingteke KGXX1422
Mirnoye KGXX0514
Mirnyy KGXX0515
Mirza-Ake KGXX1916
Mirza-Patcha KGXX0231
Miyaly KGXX1917
Miyazdy KGXX1918
Mogol-Korgon KGXX1040
Moldoashu KGXX1510
Moldonyncucu KGXX1511
Moldovanovka KGXX0516
Mombekov KGXX1041
Moncho KGXX0232
Mongoldor KGXX0517
Moskva KGXX0233
Moynok KGXX0234
Mramornoe KGXX0518
Mukur KGXX1042
Mullo KGXX1207
Mundus KGXX1043
Munduz KGXX2308
Munduz KGXX1044
Munkut KGXX1423
Murake KGXX0519
Murdash KGXX1919
Murgejak KGXX0235
Myk KGXX0236
Myk-Debe KGXX1920
Mykan KGXX0520
Mynteke KGXX1512
Myrza-Aryk KGXX1921
Namatbek KGXX2150
Naray KGXX1922
Naryn KGXX0005
Naryn KGXX1045
Nasirabad KGXX0237
Nasirdin KGXX1923
Nayman KGXX1924
Nayza KGXX1208
Nayzatugay KGXX1046
Nazyk KGXX1925
Nichke KGXX1926
Nichke KGXX1047
Nichke-Say KGXX1927
Nichke-Suu KGXX1928
Nikolayevka KGXX2309
Niva-Truda KGXX0522
Nizhnechuyskoye KGXX0523
Nizhniy Norus KGXX0525
Nizhniy Orok KGXX0526
Nookat KGXX1929
Nooshkent KGXX1048
Noot KGXX1049
Norus KGXX0529
Novgardan KGXX0238
Novodonetskoye KGXX2152
Novomikhaylovka KGXX0530
Novonikolayevka KGXX0531
Novopavlovka KGXX0532
Novopokrovka KGXX0533
Novorossiyka KGXX0534
Novov KGXX0535
Novovoznesenovka KGXX2310
Noygut KGXX1931
Nura KGXX1932
Nurdar KGXX1933
Nurkobulak KGXX1425
Ogorush KGXX2153
Olma-Bel KGXX1051
On-Eki-Moynok KGXX1937
Onarcha KGXX1426
Onbir-Dzhylga KGXX0540
Ondokon KGXX1052
Ontamchy KGXX1209
Oogon-Talaa KGXX1053
Oq-Toyloq KGXX1054
Orazak KGXX1055
Ordesh KGXX1938
Oren-Terek KGXX0240
Orgulu KGXX1939
Orkazgan KGXX1940
Orke KGXX1941
Orlinoye KGXX2311
Orlovka KGXX0069
Orlovka KGXX2154
Ornek KGXX2155
Ornok KGXX1427
Ornok KGXX1056
Ornok KGXX2312
Oro-Debe KGXX1942
Orobashi KGXX1428
Orozbekovo KGXX0241
Orto-Alysh KGXX0541
Orto-Aryk KGXX1943
Orto-Aryk KGXX0542
Orto-Aziya KGXX1057
Orto-Kandzhyga KGXX1058
Orto-Karakain KGXX1429
Orto-Karakoin KGXX1513
Orto-Kayyrma KGXX0543
Orto-Kyshtoo KGXX1944
Orto-Malay KGXX1059
Orto-Nura KGXX1430
Orto-Say KGXX0648
Orto-Saz KGXX1431
Orto-Suu KGXX0544
Orto-Suu KGXX1945
Orto-Syrt KGXX1432
Orto-Tokoy KGXX2313
Orto-Tokoy KGXX1060
Orto-Uryukty KGXX2314
Ortoaryk KGXX2156
Ortok KGXX1433
Ortok KGXX1061
Ortok KGXX1946
Ortosu KGXX1062
Ortoterek KGXX1063
Oryuktyu KGXX1064
Oryuktyu-Khutor KGXX2315
Osh KGXX0012
Osoaviakhim KGXX1947
Osor KGXX1948
Ostyuryu KGXX1065
Osubek KGXX1066
Otmek KGXX0545
Otmek KGXX2157
Otradnoye KGXX2316
Ottuk KGXX2317
Ottuk KGXX1435
Ottuk KGXX0305
Otukchu KGXX0243
Otuz-Adyr KGXX1949
Otuzul KGXX2318
Oy-Tal KGXX1211
Oy-Tersken KGXX1436
Oyalma KGXX1950
Oybulak KGXX2319
Oyrongdu KGXX0546
Oytal KGXX2320
Oytal KGXX1951
Ozernoye KGXX0547
Ozgeryush KGXX1952
Ozgorush KGXX2158
Ozgorush KGXX1437
Paizbulak KGXX1067
Pakhalya KGXX0244
Pakhtachi KGXX1953
Pakyr-Abad KGXX1954
Panchak KGXX0245
Panfilovskoye KGXX0548
Papan KGXX1955
Parakanda KGXX1068
Pasty-Mazar KGXX1069
Patan KGXX0246
Pervaya Maya KGXX2159
Pervomayskiy KGXX0071
Pervomayskoye KGXX0549
Pervoye Maya KGXX1956
Pervoye Maya KGXX1439
Pervoye Maya KGXX0550
Pervoye Maya KGXX0247
Peschanyy KGXX2321
Petropavlovka KGXX0551
Petrovka KGXX0552
Pikertyk KGXX2322
Pioner KGXX2323
Pitomnik KGXX2324
Plodopitomnik KGXX2160
Plokhotnikova KGXX0553
Podgornoye KGXX1070
Podgornoye KGXX0554
Pogranichnik KGXX1440
Pokrovka KGXX0072
Pokrovka KGXX0073
Poltavka KGXX0555
Por KGXX1957
Pravda KGXX1071
Pravda KGXX1958
Predtechenka KGXX0556
Prigorodnoye KGXX0649
Prigorodnyy KGXX0557
Prigorodnyy KGXX1072
Priozernyy KGXX2325
Prisavay KGXX1959
Progres KGXX1960
Progress KGXX0559
Progress KGXX1961
Prokhladnoye KGXX0560
Pulgon KGXX0248
Pum KGXX0249
Pushkino KGXX2161
Pyatiletka KGXX1962
Pyldyrak KGXX0251
Qizil-Toqoy KGXX1073
Rakhmandzhan KGXX1074
Rassvet KGXX1075
Raut KGXX0252
Ravat KGXX0253
Raykomol KGXX1076
Razvaliny Dazgon KGXX0254
Razvaliny Oyalma KGXX1078
Romanovka KGXX2162
Romanovka KGXX0561
Rot-Front KGXX0562
Rovnoye KGXX0563
Rudnik KGXX2329
Ryazansay KGXX1079
Rybpunkt KGXX2330
Sadda KGXX1080
Sadovoye KGXX0564
Sadyrbay KGXX1963
Safarovka KGXX1081
Sagyzkandyk KGXX1082
Saidal KGXX0306
Sakaldy KGXX1083
Salamalik KGXX1964
Samansur KGXX0565
Samarkandyk KGXX0255
Samat KGXX0256
Sandyk KGXX1212
Sandyk KGXX0617
Sapalak KGXX1084
Saray-Say KGXX1085
Sarbagysh KGXX0566
Sarban KGXX0567
Sarcha KGXX1086
Sargata KGXX1087
Sari-Ko`l KGXX1088
Sarkisar KGXX1965
Sarlytash KGXX2414
Saruu KGXX2331
Sary KGXX1966
Sary-Adyr KGXX0307
Sary-Bee KGXX1967
Sary-Bez KGXX1089
Sary-Bulak KGXX1441
Sary-Bulak KGXX1968
Sary-Bulak KGXX0568
Sary-Dobo KGXX2332
Sary-Dzhayyk KGXX2183
Sary-Dzhon KGXX0569
Sary-Dzhon KGXX2415
Sary-Gogot KGXX1091
Sary-Kamysh KGXX1092
Sary-Kamysh KGXX0257
Sary-Kamysh KGXX2333
Sary-Kamysh KGXX1969
Sary-Kashka KGXX1093
Sary-Kolot KGXX1970
Sary-Kyungey KGXX1971
Sary-Otek KGXX0258
Sary-Talaa KGXX1094
Sary-Tash KGXX1972
Sarybulak KGXX1095
Sarybulak KGXX2163
Sarybulak KGXX1442
Sarybulak KGXX2334
Sarybulun KGXX1443
Sarybulun KGXX2416
Sarybulun KGXX1096
Sarychalga KGXX1097
Sarydzhok KGXX1514
Sarygo KGXX1515
Sarykamysh KGXX2335
Sarykamysh KGXX1098
Sarykandy KGXX1973
Sarykungey KGXX2417
Sarynamysh KGXX1099
Sarytebe KGXX2336
Sarytologoy KGXX2337
Sassyk KGXX1974
Sasyk-Angel KGXX1975
Sasyk-Bulak KGXX1976
Sasyk-Bulak KGXX1213
Sasyk-Bulak KGXX2164
Sasyk-Unkyur KGXX1977
Sasykbulak KGXX2165
Sasyksay KGXX1516
Saty KGXX1101
Savay KGXX1978
Say KGXX1979
Say KGXX1102
Saydanauze KGXX0259
Saydikum KGXX1103
Saylyk KGXX0570
Saz KGXX1444
Saz KGXX1104
Seget KGXX2166
Seget KGXX1980
Segizinchi Mart KGXX1445
Sekelek KGXX1981
Selektsionnoye KGXX0650
Semenovka KGXX0074
Semet KGXX1106
Severnoye KGXX0571
Severnyy KGXX0572
Seyimkazy KGXX1214
Seyit-Kazy KGXX1107
Shadymyr KGXX0260
Shakhmur KGXX0261
Shalba KGXX1983
Shaldyr KGXX1108
Shalta KGXX0573
Shaltak KGXX1984
Shamal-Terek KGXX1985
Shamaldy-Kyr KGXX1215
Shamaldy-Say KGXX1109
Shamalyk KGXX1110
Shamshaly KGXX1986
Shamshy KGXX0574
Shamsi KGXX1447
Shankol KGXX1987
Shanyk KGXX1111
Shapak KGXX2340
Sharkratma KGXX2419
Shartut KGXX1112
Shatrak KGXX1113
Shaty KGXX2341
Shatyly KGXX2420
Shaybek-Uulu KGXX1988
Shaydan KGXX1114
Sheker KGXX0075
Sheraly KGXX1989
Sherif KGXX1990
Shibbe KGXX0262
Shigay KGXX0263
Shilekkana KGXX1115
Shina KGXX1116
Shirday KGXX1991
Shirin KGXX1117
Shlanauz KGXX0264
Sholka KGXX1118
Shopokov KGXX0575
Shor-Bulak KGXX2342
Shoro KGXX1119
Shoro KGXX1448
Shoro-Bashat KGXX1992
Shorpo KGXX0266
Shukyur KGXX2421
Shumkar KGXX2167
Shumkar KGXX1993
Shunk KGXX0267
Shura KGXX1120
Shuran KGXX0268
Shuran KGXX1994
Shurchak KGXX0269
Shybran KGXX0270
Shydyr KGXX1121
Shyng-Say KGXX1122
Shyngyma KGXX1123
Sogondu KGXX1995
Sokolovka KGXX2343
Soku-Tash KGXX1124
Soku-Tash KGXX1996
Sokuluk KGXX0076
Solu-Sassyk KGXX1997
Sopu-Korgon KGXX1998
Sosnovka KGXX0077
Sotsialchi KGXX0576
Sotsializm KGXX1999
Sovet-Soy KGXX1125
Sovetskiy KGXX0271
Sovetskoye KGXX0577
Sovetskoye KGXX2344
Sovetskoye KGXX1126
Sovkhoz Kek-Say KGXX2168
Sovkhoz Orgochor KGXX2345
Spartak KGXX0578
Spasovka KGXX1127
Sretenka KGXX0579
Stambek KGXX0580
Staraya Pokrovka KGXX2000
Stavropolovka KGXX0581
Stepnoye KGXX0582
Studencheskoye KGXX0583
Subashi KGXX0272
Sugat KGXX1128
Sugut KGXX2001
Sukhana KGXX0273
Sulyukta KGXX0078
Sumsar KGXX1129
Surambay KGXX0618
Sutkhor KGXX2002
Suu-Bashi KGXX0274
Suusamyr KGXX0584
Suxkhoy Khrebet KGXX2422
Suzak KGXX1130
Sveklopunkt KGXX0585
Svetlaya Polyana KGXX2346
Syn-Tash KGXX0586
Syny KGXX1131
Syrt Vtoroy KGXX2003
Syrybulak KGXX1132
Syuttubulak KGXX2347
Syuttyuu-Bulak KGXX2004
Tabylgany KGXX2348
Tabylgy KGXX1449
Tabylgyty KGXX1133
Tabylgyty KGXX1450
Tadzhik-Makhalla KGXX2005
Tagan KGXX0275
Taka KGXX2006
Takirtor KGXX2423
Taktalyk KGXX1134
Tala KGXX2007
Talaa KGXX2008
Talaa KGXX0276
Talaa-Kandzhyga KGXX1135
Talabulak KGXX1451
Talas KGXX0007
Talasy KGXX2062
Talchuluu-Mazar KGXX1136
Taldy-Bulak KGXX0587
Taldy-Bulak KGXX2170
Taldy-Bulak KGXX2009
Taldyk KGXX2010
Taldysu KGXX2349
Taldysu KGXX1452
Taltak KGXX0588
Tamasha KGXX0277
Tambashat KGXX2011
Tamchy KGXX0080
Tamdy-Terek KGXX2012
Tamga KGXX2350
Tamgaterek KGXX1137
Tamta-Terek KGXX1138
Tar-Suu KGXX0589
Taraalcha KGXX1139
Taran-Bazar KGXX1140
Targalak KGXX2013
Tarylga KGXX2014
Tash-Akyr KGXX2015
Tash-Aryk KGXX2016
Tash-Bashat KGXX2171
Tash-Bashat KGXX0590
Tash-Bashat KGXX1453
Tash-Bulak KGXX1141
Tash-Kepe KGXX2018
Tash-Kitchu KGXX1142
Tash-Koroo KGXX2019
Tash-Kumyr KGXX0081
Tash-Kurgan KGXX0279
Tash-Kyshtak KGXX0280
Tash-Kyungey KGXX1216
Tash-Kyya KGXX0281
Tash-Moynok KGXX0591
Tash-Ravat KGXX0308
Tash-Tyube KGXX0592
Tash-Tyube KGXX2172
Tasharyk KGXX2173
Tashbulak KGXX0282
Tashbulak KGXX1454
Tashdebe KGXX2351
Tashkara KGXX1143
Tashkoro KGXX1144
Tashkuduk KGXX2174
Tashkupyr KGXX2020
Tashravat KGXX0309
Tashsaray KGXX2424
Tashtak KGXX1145
Tashtanbektor KGXX2425
Tashtebe KGXX1455
Tashtobe KGXX1456
Tasma KGXX2352
Tatar KGXX2021
Tatyr KGXX0593
Tayan KGXX0283
Taydzhargo KGXX2184
Taygak KGXX2426
Taylak-Tash KGXX1217
Tayrat KGXX2022
Taz-Kyshtak KGXX0284
Teeke KGXX2023
Tegerek KGXX2427
Tegerek KGXX0619
Tegerek-Saz KGXX2024
Tegerekkyrchin KGXX1457
Tegermach KGXX0285
Tegirmenti KGXX0594
Tegizchil KGXX2353
Teleiken KGXX2026
Telek KGXX0082
Teleyken KGXX2027
Temen-Suu KGXX0596
Temir Koruk KGXX2028
Temirkanat KGXX2354
Temirovka KGXX2355
Tendik KGXX1146
Tengi KGXX1147
Tengizbay KGXX0286
Teo-Dzhayloo KGXX0310
Teoles KGXX2029
Teoles KGXX1148
Tepe-Korgon KGXX2030
Tepke KGXX2356
Teploklyuchenka KGXX0083
Terek KGXX2175
Terek KGXX2031
Terek KGXX1458
Terek-Say KGXX1149
Terek-Suu KGXX2032
Terek-Suu KGXX1150
Tereksu KGXX1459
Tereksu KGXX2033
Terskey KGXX0287
Tesh KGXX1151
Teskey KGXX0598
Teyekaryk KGXX2428
Tian-Shan KGXX0006
Titovka KGXX1152
Tlektash KGXX1460
Toguz-Bulak KGXX0289
Toguz-Bulak KGXX0599
Toguz-Bulak KGXX2358
Toguz-Bulak KGXX2034
Toguz-Bulak KGXX1461
Toguz-Ortok KGXX0290
Toguzbulak KGXX1462
Toguztorau KGXX1218
Tokbash KGXX1153
Tokbay KGXX0600
Tokbay-Talaa KGXX2035
Tokmak KGXX0004
Tokoy KGXX0291
Toktobek KGXX1154
Toktogul KGXX2036
Toktoyan KGXX2359
Tolman KGXX2037
Toluk KGXX1155
Tong KGXX2360
Top-Janggak KGXX1156
Top-Terek KGXX2038
Topchubash KGXX2176
Topor KGXX2039
Topu KGXX1157
Torgamysh KGXX1158
Torkent KGXX1159
Toru-Aygyr KGXX2361
Torugart KGXX1463
Toruk KGXX1161
Toskool KGXX1162
Tosoy KGXX2041
Tossor KGXX2362
Tossorchik KGXX2363
Tostu KGXX1163
Totiya KGXX1164
Tovar-Say KGXX1165
Toychubek-Chek KGXX1166
Toykulo KGXX2042
Tozueinchi KGXX2043
Tubek KGXX0292
Tunuk KGXX0601
Turasu KGXX2364
Turatam KGXX2365
Turduk KGXX1167
Tureksu KGXX1221
Turkkishlak KGXX2044
Turpachita KGXX2045
Turuk KGXX2429
Tutek KGXX0620
Tutek KGXX0293
Tuura-Suu KGXX1464
Tuyuk-Suu KGXX2046
Tuyukan KGXX2430
Tuyukbuluk KGXX1465
Tuz KGXX1466
Tuz KGXX0602
Tyube KGXX0294
Tyundik KGXX1468
Tyup KGXX2366
Tyurk-Maala KGXX2048
Tyuz KGXX0603
Tyz-Ashu KGXX1168
Uch-Chymchyk KGXX0604
Uch-Emchek KGXX0605
Uch-Emchek KGXX2178
Uch-Korgon KGXX1222
Uch-Korgon KGXX2179
Uch-Korgon KGXX0086
Uch-Koshkon KGXX2367
Uch-Malay KGXX1169
Uch-Terek KGXX1170
Uch-Top-Kyr KGXX1171
Uch-Tyube KGXX2050
Uchar KGXX2051
Uchbay KGXX2052
Uchbulak KGXX1469
Uchchat KGXX1470
Uchi-Kur KGXX2053
Uchimchek KGXX2180
Uchkaptal KGXX2054
Uchkaynar KGXX2368
Uchkun KGXX0606
Uchkun KGXX0295
Uchkun KGXX2055
Uchkun KGXX1471
Uchkungey KGXX2431
Uchorme KGXX1472
Uchterek KGXX1172
Uchuruk KGXX0607
Udarnik KGXX0608
Ugut KGXX1473
Ukok KGXX1474
Ulaly KGXX1223
Ulan-Bulak KGXX1174
Uluchat KGXX2056
Uluk KGXX1175
Ulukent KGXX1176
Unkyur KGXX2057
Urakain KGXX0296
Urgi KGXX2058
Urnok KGXX1177
Urta-Kyzyl KGXX2063
Urtak KGXX1518
Urumbash KGXX1228
Uryuk KGXX2064
Uryukty KGXX2065
Ushat KGXX2066
Uspenovka KGXX1229
Usta-Dzhayloo KGXX1224
Uygak-Say KGXX1225
Uygur-Abad KGXX2067
Uzak KGXX2068
Uzbek-Abad KGXX1230
Uzbektrud KGXX0621
Uzgen KGXX0087
Uzgorysh KGXX1519
Uzun-Duval KGXX2185
Uzunbulak KGXX1520
Valakish KGXX0311
Vasilyevka KGXX0088
Vedene KGXX2069
Verkhniy KGXX2186
Verkhniy Orok KGXX0624
Vinogradnoe KGXX0625
Vinogradnoye KGXX0626
Vladimirovka KGXX2187
Vlksm KGXX2071
Vodnoye KGXX2188
Vorontsovskoye KGXX0627
Vostochnoye KGXX0630
Vostochnyy KGXX0312
Vostochnyy KGXX0631
Vostok KGXX0632
Voznesenovka KGXX0634
Vuadil KGXX0090
Yalgiz-Alcha KGXX2072
Yalgyz-Yangak KGXX1232
Yangak KGXX0313
Yangi-Abad KGXX2073
Yangi-Aravan KGXX2074
Yangi-Aryk KGXX2075
Yangi-Bazar KGXX1233
Yangi-Dzhol KGXX1522
Yartash KGXX2077
Yaryktash KGXX1234
Yatan KGXX2078
Yazkechu KGXX1235
Yetti-Ogayni KGXX2079
Yetti-Zagara KGXX1226
Yntymak KGXX2080
Yrdyk KGXX2432
Yshtyk KGXX2433
Ysyk-Ata KGXX0635
Ysyk-Kol KGXX2434
Yuryevka KGXX0091
Yyatymak KGXX0314
Yzar KGXX1236
Zamaryk KGXX2081
Zapadnoye KGXX0637
Zar-Tash KGXX0315
Zardaly KGXX0316
Zarechnoye KGXX0638
Zarechnyy KGXX0639
Zarger KGXX2082
Zarya KGXX0640
Zavodskoye KGXX0641
Zelenoye KGXX0642
Zelenyy Gay KGXX2435
Zhanaryk KGXX2436
Zhazy KGXX1227
Zhdanovo KGXX1237
Zheletobe KGXX2437
Zhetyoguz KGXX0037
Zhilbulak KGXX2438
Zholgolot KGXX2439
Zimovka Boron KGXX2083
Zimovka Kulyugen KGXX1241
Zyndan KGXX2440