Weather Codes for Kuwait

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Kuwait. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abdaly KUXX0017
Abraq Khaytan KUXX0063
Abu Hulayfah KUXX0025
Abu Khurjayn KUXX0026
Ad Dasht KUXX0147
Ad Dasmah KUXX0148
Ad Dawghah KUXX0064
Ad Dawhah KUXX0149
Ad Dibdibah KUXX0088
Ad Duba`iyah KUXX0027
Al Abatih KUXX0089
Al Abdaliyah KUXX0004
Al Ad`ami KUXX0028
Al Atraf KUXX0090
Al Badawiyah KUXX0029
Al Bahrah KUXX0091
Al Bhar KUXX0150
Al Bida` KUXX0076
Al Bid` KUXX0075
Al Bult KUXX0151
Al Burqan KUXX0030
Al Fahahil KUXX0031
Al Farridah KUXX0092
Al Farwaniyah KUXX0065
Al Fintas KUXX0032
Al Funaytis KUXX0005
Al Funnayhil KUXX0006
Al Hadiqah KUXX0153
Al Hammar KUXX0093
Al Hariqah KUXX0094
Al Hujayjah KUXX0095
Al Hurayjah KUXX0096
Al Jabiriyah KUXX0077
Al Jahrah KUXX0001
Al Jirthamah KUXX0098
Al Judayliyat KUXX0099
Al Khalidiyah KUXX0154
Al Kharfashi KUXX0100
Al Khidr KUXX0155
Al Khiran KUXX0033
Al Khuwaysat KUXX0101
Al Kuwaykib KUXX0102
Al Kuwayt KUXX0008
Al Maghasil KUXX0103
Al Mahbulah KUXX0034
Al Mamlahah KUXX0104
Al Manqaf KUXX0035
Al Mansuriyah KUXX0156
Al Maqwa` KUXX0036
Al Masilah KUXX0180
Al Mityahah KUXX0105
Al Muraytibah KUXX0106
Al Murqab KUXX0158
Al Qash`aniyah KUXX0107
Al Qiblah KUXX0159
Al Qulay`ah KUXX0037
Al Qusur KUXX0182
Al Qusur KUXX0160
Al Wafrah KUXX0009
Al Yarmuk KUXX0161
Al `Abbasiyah KUXX0066
Al `Abdaliyah KUXX0108
Al `Adal KUXX0039
Al `Adan KUXX0040
Al `Adiliyah KUXX0162
Al `Afajiyah KUXX0109
Al `Aqrabi KUXX0041
Al `Arfajiyah KUXX0110
Al `Aridiyah KUXX0067
Al `Awazim KUXX0163
Al `Udayliyah KUXX0068
Al `Ulaymiyah KUXX0111
Al `Umariyah KUXX0069
Al `Uqaylah KUXX0183
Al-Ahmadi KUXX0010
Al-Jahrah KUXX0011
Al-Sabahiyah KUXX0042
Al-Salmi KUXX0019
Amgharah KUXX0112
An Nami KUXX0043
An Nijfah KUXX0184
An Nimratayn KUXX0113
An Nuqayyat KUXX0044
An Nuqrah KUXX0078
An Nuwaynis KUXX0114
An Nuzhah KUXX0164
Ar Rabiyah KUXX0070
Ar Rabtah KUXX0045
Ar Rawdatayn KUXX0115
Ar Rayy KUXX0071
Ar Riqqah KUXX0046
Ar Rumaythiyah KUXX0079
As Sabiriyah KUXX0117
As Sabiyah KUXX0118
As Sab`ah KUXX0116
As Salihiyah KUXX0165
As Salimiyah KUXX0080
As Sir KUXX0119
As Sulaybikhat KUXX0166
As Sulaybiyah KUXX0002
As Surrah KUXX0081
Ash Shamiyah KUXX0167
Ash Sharq KUXX0168
Ash Sha`b KUXX0082
Ash Shiqaya KUXX0121
Ash Shiqq KUXX0122
Ash Shubaykah KUXX0169
Ash Shuqayq KUXX0048
Ash Shuwaykh KUXX0170
Ash Shu`aybah KUXX0047
At Tawil KUXX0049
Az Zawr KUXX0013
Az Zawr KUXX0050
Bahra KUXX0123
Bayan KUXX0083
Bubiyan KUXX0020
Bunayd al Qar KUXX0171
Dant KUXX0052
Dubayeiha KUXX0053
Dulay` Su`ud KUXX0185
Duwaydat KUXX0054
Hamran KUXX0124
Hawalli KUXX0084
Hawmah KUXX0125
Janub as Surrah KUXX0073
Janub Khaytan KUXX0072
Ju`aydan KUXX0055
Kayfan KUXX0173
Kazimah KUXX0127
Kuwait City KUXX0003
Manifah KUXX0056
Markaz al Fantas KUXX0057
Maydan Hawalli KUXX0085
Mina Abd Allah KUXX0015
Mina Said KUXX0016
Mishrif KUXX0086
Mitribah KUXX0021
Mubarak al Kabir KUXX0186
Mudayyarah KUXX0128
Mutribah KUXX0129
Qasm Dasman KUXX0175
Qullat Shujayr KUXX0176
Qurtubah KUXX0177
Rujm Khashman KUXX0074
Sabah as Salim KUXX0187
Sabriyah KUXX0022
Salwa KUXX0087
Shumaymah KUXX0131
Subayhiyah KUXX0058
Sukhaybiriyat KUXX0132
Sulaibiya KUXX0023
Udayri` al Hamd KUXX0133
Udayri` al Hisn KUXX0134
Umm al Ba`l KUXX0137
Umm al Fala KUXX0060
Umm al Ghurban KUXX0138
Umm al Madafi` KUXX0139
Umm al Qashish KUXX0140
Umm al `Aysh KUXX0141
Umm ar Rimam KUXX0142
Umm ar Rus KUXX0143
Umm Kashish KUXX0135
Umm Qasbah KUXX0059
Umm Ruqaybah KUXX0136
Umm Siddah KUXX0178
Umm-al-maradim KUXX0024
Warah KUXX0061
`Amarat ad Darb KUXX0144
`Urayfijan KUXX0062