Weather Codes for Kosovo

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Kosovo. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abdulova Mahalla KVXX0004
Adam Mala KVXX0005
Ade KVXX0006
Adilovic Mahala KVXX0007
Adzajska Mahala KVXX0008
Adzini KVXX0009
Agus Mahala KVXX0010
Agusovic-Mahala KVXX0011
Ahmatovic Mahala KVXX0012
Ajdarevic Mahala KVXX0013
Ajetovic Mahala KVXX0014
Ajkobila KVXX0015
Ajnovce KVXX0016
Ajvalija KVXX0017
Ajvazi KVXX0018
Alabak KVXX0019
Alagina Reka KVXX0020
Alashi i Madh KVXX0021
Alil-Mahala KVXX0022
Aljovic KVXX0023
Aljsic KVXX0024
Aljsic Mahala KVXX0025
Aluraj KVXX0026
Amatevic Mahala KVXX0027
Androvac KVXX0028
Aradin KVXX0029
Aradinaj Mahala KVXX0030
Arucevic KVXX0031
Asance Mahala KVXX0032
Atmada KVXX0033
Avdijevic Mahala KVXX0034
Azemovic Mahala KVXX0035
Azir Mahala KVXX0036
Babaj Boks KVXX0037
Babaloc KVXX0038
Babin Most KVXX0039
Babiq KVXX0040
Bablak KVXX0041
Babudovica KVXX0042
Backa KVXX0044
Backe KVXX0045
Badovac KVXX0046
Badradzi KVXX0047
Bafti Mahala KVXX0048
Bagashi KVXX0049
Bajcina KVXX0051
Bajcinovci KVXX0052
Bajdan Mahala KVXX0053
Bajgora KVXX0054
Bajraktari KVXX0055
Bajralije KVXX0056
Bajrovici KVXX0057
Bakaj KVXX0058
Baks KVXX0059
Baksa KVXX0060
Bakshi KVXX0061
Balaban KVXX0062
Balaj KVXX0063
Balance KVXX0064
Balevic Mahala KVXX0065
Balince KVXX0066
Baliq KVXX0067
Baljevic Mahala KVXX0068
Balovac KVXX0070
Balovic Mahala KVXX0071
Bandera KVXX0072
Bandulic KVXX0073
Banja KVXX0074
Banje KVXX0075
Banjica KVXX0076
Banjska KVXX0077
Banjska Reka KVXX0078
Banjski Suvi Do KVXX0079
Banovdoll KVXX0080
Bara Mahala KVXX0081
Baraina KVXX0082
Barane KVXX0083
Bardhaniq KVXX0084
Bardhi i Madh KVXX0085
Bardhi i Vogel KVXX0086
Bardici KVXX0087
Bardosan KVXX0088
Bare KVXX0089
Bari KVXX0090
Bariljevo KVXX0091
Barjaktar Mahala KVXX0092
Barovce KVXX0093
Basca KVXX0094
Basici KVXX0095
Bataire KVXX0096
Batal Mahala KVXX0097
Batatin Mahala KVXX0098
Batlava KVXX0099
Batuse KVXX0100
Batushe KVXX0101
Bec KVXX0102
Becelar KVXX0103
Becir Mahala KVXX0104
Beciri KVXX0105
Begluk KVXX0106
Begovic Mahala KVXX0107
Begovici KVXX0108
Begunce KVXX0109
Bekovic Mahala KVXX0110
Bela Crkva KVXX0112
Bela Stena KVXX0113
Belanica KVXX0114
Belasica KVXX0115
Belce Mahala KVXX0116
Beleg KVXX0117
Belenica KVXX0118
Belica KVXX0119
Belince KVXX0120
Belja KVXX0121
Belja-Mala KVXX0122
Belleja KVXX0123
Bellobrad KVXX0124
Bellopaq KVXX0125
Belo Brdo KVXX0126
Belo Polje KVXX0127
Belograce KVXX0128
Belov Do KVXX0129
Beluce KVXX0130
Beqiq KVXX0131
Beqiraj KVXX0132
Bequk KVXX0133
Berance Mahala KVXX0134
Berberiste KVXX0135
Berevce KVXX0136
Berisa KVXX0137
Berisa-Mahala KVXX0138
Berivojce KVXX0139
Berjah KVXX0140
Berkovo KVXX0141
Besinje KVXX0142
Bezenic KVXX0143
Bibaj KVXX0144
Bilic Mahala KVXX0145
Bilince KVXX0146
Billushe KVXX0147
Binaj KVXX0148
Binaq KVXX0149
Binxha KVXX0150
Biqec KVXX0151
Birovo KVXX0152
Bishtazhin KVXX0153
Bistaj KVXX0154
Bistrica KVXX0155
Bitesh i Eperm KVXX0156
Bitesh i Ulet KVXX0157
Bivoljak KVXX0158
Blace KVXX0159
Blaq KVXX0160
Blato KVXX0161
Bleniste KVXX0162
Bllagaje KVXX0163
Bob KVXX0164
Bobovac KVXX0165
Boge KVXX0166
Bogic KVXX0167
Bogosevac KVXX0168
Bojaj KVXX0169
Bokshiq KVXX0170
Boljetin KVXX0171
Boljevce KVXX0172
Borcane KVXX0173
Borica KVXX0174
Boricic KVXX0175
Borova KVXX0176
Bosce KVXX0177
Boshlan KVXX0178
Bostane KVXX0179
Bozevce KVXX0180
Bozhec KVXX0181
Bozovici KVXX0182
Bradash KVXX0183
Brahovic Mahala KVXX0184
Braina KVXX0185
Bramatok KVXX0186
Braovic KVXX0187
Brasaljce KVXX0188
Bratilovce KVXX0189
Bratotin KVXX0190
Brece KVXX0191
Breg KVXX0192
Breg Kuqishte KVXX0193
Breg Mahala KVXX0194
Breg-Drim KVXX0195
Bregu i Hodes KVXX0197
Bregu i Zi KVXX0198
Brekinja KVXX0199
Brekovac KVXX0200
Brenjaca KVXX0201
Breshanc KVXX0202
Bresje KVXX0203
Bresnica KVXX0204
Brestoc KVXX0205
Brestovik KVXX0206
Brezhanik KVXX0207
Brezna KVXX0208
Breznica KVXX0209
Brezovica KVXX0210
Brkoli Mahala KVXX0211
Brnes KVXX0212
Brnjak KVXX0213
Broboniq KVXX0214
Brocanac KVXX0215
Brocna KVXX0216
Brod KVXX0217
Brodanovici KVXX0218
Brodosavce KVXX0219
Broliq KVXX0220
Brovina KVXX0221
Brrut KVXX0222
Brus KVXX0223
Brusnik KVXX0224
Brzance KVXX0225
Bube KVXX0226
Bublica KVXX0227
Bublje KVXX0228
Buc Mahala KVXX0229
Buce KVXX0230
Budakovo KVXX0231
Budenica KVXX0232
Budisalc KVXX0233
Budzhak KVXX0234
Bugarski Dub KVXX0235
Bujaki KVXX0236
Bujance KVXX0237
Bukosh KVXX0238
Bukovac Mahala KVXX0239
Bukovica KVXX0240
Bukovik KVXX0241
Bulovic Mahala KVXX0242
Bungaja KVXX0243
Bunjaki KVXX0244
Buqan KVXX0245
Burince KVXX0246
Burlate KVXX0247
Burnik KVXX0248
Burnut KVXX0249
Busince KVXX0250
Businje KVXX0251
Busovata KVXX0252
Butovac KVXX0253
Buzalja KVXX0254
Buzec KVXX0255
Buzovik KVXX0256
Cabiq KVXX0257
Cabra KVXX0258
Cafka Mahala KVXX0259
Cagllavica KVXX0260
Cajdrak KVXX0261
Cak Mahala KVXX0262
Caka Mahala KVXX0263
Cakutic KVXX0264
Calak Mahala KVXX0265
Canoga KVXX0266
Capar KVXX0267
Caparce KVXX0268
Car Mahala KVXX0269
Car-Mahala KVXX0270
Carabreg KVXX0271
Carak Mahala KVXX0272
Cardak KVXX0273
Cardak Mahala KVXX0274
Caret KVXX0275
Carevce KVXX0276
Carkos-Mahala KVXX0277
Caroliska Mahala KVXX0278
Cecelija KVXX0281
Ceceve KVXX0282
Cekljar Mahala KVXX0283
Celik KVXX0284
Celina KVXX0285
Ceranja KVXX0286
Ceranovica KVXX0287
Cerici KVXX0288
Cerim KVXX0289
Cerkez Sadovina KVXX0290
Cernica KVXX0291
Cerovici KVXX0292
Cerovik KVXX0293
Cerrce KVXX0294
Cesanovice KVXX0295
Ceskovo KVXX0296
Ciflak KVXX0297
Ciganska Mahala KVXX0298
Cimilj KVXX0299
Cirez KVXX0300
Citak KVXX0301
Citluk KVXX0302
Cokotin KVXX0303
Colakovic Mahala KVXX0304
Cpilje KVXX0305
Crepulja KVXX0306
Crkolez KVXX0307
Crkvena Vodica KVXX0308
Crmljan KVXX0309
Crnatovo KVXX0310
Crni Lug KVXX0311
Crnilo KVXX0312
Crnogorei KVXX0313
Crnoljevo KVXX0314
Crnovrane KVXX0315
Crveni KVXX0316
Crvodik Mahala KVXX0317
Cubrelj KVXX0318
Cucaj KVXX0319
Cuculjaga KVXX0320
Cukaj KVXX0321
Cukovac KVXX0322
Culjkova Mahala KVXX0323
Cupevaj KVXX0324
Cupevo KVXX0325
Curdina KVXX0326
Curecka Mahala KVXX0327
Cuturini KVXX0328
Dabedic Mahala KVXX0329
Dabishec KVXX0330
Dac Mala KVXX0331
Dajkoc KVXX0332
Dakani KVXX0333
Dakovica KVXX0001
Dallashaj KVXX0334
Damjane KVXX0335
Danjane KVXX0336
Danovici KVXX0337
Darlista KVXX0338
Dashec KVXX0339
Dashinoc KVXX0340
Datovica Mahala KVXX0341
Davidovce KVXX0342
Dazhdinca KVXX0343
Debelldeh KVXX0344
Decan KVXX0345
Dedaj KVXX0346
Dedinje KVXX0347
Deiq KVXX0348
Dela KVXX0349
Delbina KVXX0350
Deliblato KVXX0351
Delic Mahala KVXX0352
Delijaj Mahala KVXX0353
Deljavic Mahala KVXX0354
Delovce KVXX0355
Dem Boge KVXX0356
Demaj KVXX0357
Demaku KVXX0358
Demirovci KVXX0359
Desetak KVXX0360
Desivojce KVXX0361
Deva KVXX0362
Devaja KVXX0363
Devet Jugovica KVXX0364
Devetak KVXX0365
Devojkin Kamen KVXX0366
Dikance KVXX0367
Dimce KVXX0368
Dinarica KVXX0369
Divlak KVXX0370
Dobeljas KVXX0371
Doberdol KVXX0372
Doblibare KVXX0373
Dobra Luka KVXX0374
Dobra Mahala KVXX0375
Dobra Voda KVXX0376
Dobrava KVXX0377
Dobri Do KVXX0378
Dobri Dub KVXX0379
Dobric KVXX0380
Dobrici KVXX0381
Dobridol KVXX0382
Dobrodeljane KVXX0383
Dobrosevina KVXX0384
Dobrosh KVXX0385
Dobroshec KVXX0386
Dobrotin KVXX0387
Dobrusa KVXX0388
Dobruzhda KVXX0389
Dodiq KVXX0390
Doganaj KVXX0391
Doganjevo KVXX0392
Dojnice KVXX0393
Dolac KVXX0394
Dolina KVXX0395
Dolj KVXX0396
Doljak KVXX0397
Doljanci KVXX0398
Doljane KVXX0399
Dollc KVXX0400
Dolovo KVXX0401
Domanek KVXX0402
Domorovce KVXX0403
Don KVXX0404
Don Mahala KVXX0405
Donja Bitinja KVXX0406
Donja Brnjica KVXX0407
Donja Budriga KVXX0408
Donja Bus Mala KVXX0409
Donja Dobrusa KVXX0410
Donja Dubnica KVXX0411
Donja Fustica KVXX0412
Donja Gabrica KVXX0413
Donja Grabanica KVXX0414
Donja Gusterica KVXX0415
Donja Klina KVXX0416
Donja Koretica KVXX0417
Donja Ladovac KVXX0418
Donja Lapastica KVXX0419
Donja Ljuza KVXX0420
Donja Mahala KVXX0421
Donja Morina KVXX0422
Donja Pakastica KVXX0423
Donja Penduha KVXX0424
Donja Plesina KVXX0425
Donja Rapca KVXX0426
Donja Repa KVXX0427
Donja Slatina KVXX0428
Donja Srbica KVXX0429
Donja Sudimlja KVXX0430
Donja Trnavica KVXX0431
Donja Ukca KVXX0432
Donja Vaganica KVXX0433
Donja Vitija KVXX0434
Donje Dobrevo KVXX0435
Donje Gadimlje KVXX0436
Donje Godance KVXX0437
Donje Isevo KVXX0438
Donje Jarinje KVXX0439
Donje Korilje KVXX0440
Donje Korminjane KVXX0441
Donje Kusce KVXX0442
Donje Ljubinje KVXX0443
Donje Ljupce KVXX0444
Donje Mocare KVXX0445
Donje Nabrde KVXX0446
Donje Naklo KVXX0447
Donje Novo Selo KVXX0448
Donje Obrinje KVXX0449
Donje Prekaze KVXX0450
Donje Recane KVXX0451
Donje Slakovce KVXX0452
Donje Stanovce KVXX0453
Donje Vinarce KVXX0454
Donje Zlokucane KVXX0455
Donji Drsnik KVXX0457
Donji Grabovac KVXX0458
Donji Istok KVXX0459
Donji Jasenovik KVXX0460
Donji Kaljin KVXX0461
Donji Krnjin KVXX0462
Donji Makres KVXX0463
Donji Muhadzeri KVXX0464
Donji Muhadziri KVXX0465
Donji Obilic KVXX0466
Donji Sibovac KVXX0467
Donji Strmac KVXX0468
Donji Suvi Do KVXX0469
Donji Svracak KVXX0470
Donji Zabelj KVXX0471
Donji Zakut KVXX0472
Donji Zegovac KVXX0473
Dorgovci KVXX0474
Dragaj KVXX0475
Dragalice KVXX0476
Draganac KVXX0477
Dragaqine KVXX0478
Dragas-Mahala KVXX0479
Dragash KVXX0480
Dragibac-Mahala KVXX0481
Dragidele KVXX0482
Dragobil KVXX0483
Dragolec KVXX0484
Dragomac KVXX0485
Dragovac KVXX0486
Drajcici KVXX0487
Dranashiq KVXX0488
Dranoc KVXX0489
Dratnica KVXX0490
Draznja KVXX0491
Drekoc KVXX0492
Drelaj KVXX0493
Dremjak KVXX0494
Dren KVXX0495
Drenina KVXX0496
Drenje KVXX0497
Drenoc KVXX0498
Drenoglava KVXX0499
Drenova KVXX0500
Drenovac KVXX0501
Drenovacke Sume KVXX0502
Drenovce KVXX0503
Drenovci KVXX0504
Dreshaj KVXX0505
Drimski Lug KVXX0506
Drobesh KVXX0507
Drobnjak KVXX0508
Drosec KVXX0509
Drsnik KVXX0510
Drvare KVXX0511
Drvis KVXX0512
Dub Bliznak KVXX0513
Duboka KVXX0514
Dubovac KVXX0515
Dubovik KVXX0516
Dubovo KVXX0517
Dubrava KVXX0518
Duga KVXX0519
Duge Njive KVXX0520
Dugenjive KVXX0521
Dugoli KVXX0522
Dujak KVXX0523
Dukici KVXX0524
Dukoj KVXX0525
Dulje KVXX0526
Dulovi KVXX0528
Dumanovica KVXX0529
Dumosh KVXX0530
Dunavo KVXX0531
Dura KVXX0532
Duraj KVXX0533
Durak Mahala KVXX0534
Durakovic KVXX0535
Durasin Mahala KVXX0536
Durdica KVXX0537
Duricic KVXX0538
Durinci KVXX0539
Durovici KVXX0540
Dusanovo KVXX0541
Dush KVXX0542
Dusheviq KVXX0543
Dushkaje KVXX0544
Dusinac KVXX0545
Duska KVXX0546
Duskaja KVXX0547
Duskaja Mahala KVXX0548
Duz KVXX0549
Duznje KVXX0550
Dvoran Mahala KVXX0551
Dvorane KVXX0552
Dvoriste KVXX0553
Dzami-Mahala KVXX0554
Dzamijska Mahala KVXX0555
Elez Mahala KVXX0556
Eleza KVXX0557
Eljez Mala KVXX0558
Emrla-Mahala KVXX0559
Ence KVXX0560
Epr Mala KVXX0561
Erce KVXX0562
Ezumit-Mahala KVXX0563
Fangu KVXX0564
Fazlovici KVXX0565
Ferizaj KVXX0566
Firaja KVXX0567
Firiceja KVXX0568
Firza KVXX0569
Fshaj KVXX0570
Fshati i Vjeter KVXX0571
Fusa Mahala KVXX0572
Fusha KVXX0573
Gabrica KVXX0574
Gaden KVXX0575
Gadime KVXX0576
Gadish KVXX0577
Gagicka Mahala KVXX0578
Gaglija KVXX0579
Gajrak KVXX0580
Gajre KVXX0581
Gajtan Mahala KVXX0582
Galica KVXX0583
Garaqeve KVXX0584
Gasi KVXX0585
Gasici KVXX0586
Gastica Mahala KVXX0587
Gatnje KVXX0588
Gavaz KVXX0589
Gazivode KVXX0590
Gecaj Mahala KVXX0591
Gegje KVXX0592
Geljance KVXX0593
Gerqine KVXX0594
Gervalla KVXX0595
Gjakove KVXX0596
Gjevukaj KVXX0597
Gjilan KVXX0598
Gjinoc KVXX0599
Gjocaj KVXX0600
Gjonaj KVXX0601
Gjurakovc KVXX0602
Gjurgjedell KVXX0603
Gjurkoc KVXX0606
Gjylekar KVXX0607
Gjyrishec KVXX0608
Glabari Mahala KVXX0609
Gladno Selo KVXX0610
Glamska Mala KVXX0611
Glanica KVXX0612
Glavica KVXX0613
Glavicica KVXX0614
Glavnik KVXX0615
Glavotina KVXX0616
Glibar KVXX0617
Gllabonica KVXX0618
Gllogjan KVXX0619
Globare KVXX0620
Globocica KVXX0621
Glogovac KVXX0622
Glogovce KVXX0623
Glogovica KVXX0624
Gluvac KVXX0625
Gmince KVXX0626
Gnezhdani KVXX0627
Goc KVXX0628
Godance KVXX0629
Goden KVXX0630
Godenci i Madh KVXX0631
Godishnjak KVXX0632
Gogolloc KVXX0633
Gojbulja KVXX0634
Golema Livada KVXX0635
Golubovac KVXX0636
Gorance KVXX0637
Goranci KVXX0638
Gorazhdec KVXX0639
Gorje Naklo KVXX0640
Gornja Bitinja KVXX0641
Gornja Brnjica KVXX0642
Gornja Budriga KVXX0643
Gornja Bus Mala KVXX0644
Gornja Dubnica KVXX0646
Gornja Grlica KVXX0647
Gornja Gusterica KVXX0648
Gornja Klina KVXX0649
Gornja Koretica KVXX0650
Gornja Krusica KVXX0651
Gornja Ladovac KVXX0652
Gornja Lapastica KVXX0653
Gornja Ljuza KVXX0654
Gornja Mahala KVXX0655
Gornja Mala KVXX0656
Gornja Pakastica KVXX0657
Gornja Rapca KVXX0658
Gornja Repa KVXX0659
Gornja Slatina KVXX0660
Gornja Srbica KVXX0661
Gornja Sudimlja KVXX0662
Gornja Susica KVXX0663
Gornja Trnavica KVXX0664
Gornja Ukca KVXX0665
Gornja Vaganica KVXX0666
Gornja Vitija KVXX0667
Gornja Zakut KVXX0668
Gornje Barane KVXX0669
Gornje Cupevo KVXX0670
Gornje Dobrevo KVXX0671
Gornje Dzepe KVXX0672
Gornje Gadimlje KVXX0673
Gornje Godance KVXX0674
Gornje Isevo KVXX0675
Gornje Jarinje KVXX0676
Gornje Korilje KVXX0677
Gornje Kusce KVXX0679
Gornje Ljubinje KVXX0680
Gornje Ljupce KVXX0681
Gornje Malesevo KVXX0682
Gornje Mocare KVXX0683
Gornje Novo Selo KVXX0685
Gornje Obrinje KVXX0686
Gornje Prekaze KVXX0687
Gornje Recane KVXX0688
Gornje Selo KVXX0689
Gornje Semanje KVXX0690
Gornje Slakovce KVXX0691
Gornje Stanovce KVXX0692
Gornje Varage KVXX0693
Gornje Vinarce KVXX0694
Gornji Grabovac KVXX0696
Gornji Jasenovik KVXX0697
Gornji Krnjin KVXX0698
Gornji Makres KVXX0699
Gornji Mazgit KVXX0700
Gornji Muhadzeri KVXX0701
Gornji Muhadziri KVXX0702
Gornji Nec KVXX0703
Gornji Obilic KVXX0704
Gornji Sibovac KVXX0705
Gornji Strmac KVXX0706
Gornji Svracak KVXX0707
Gornji Zabelj KVXX0708
Gorozhup KVXX0709
Gotovusa KVXX0710
Govor Mahala KVXX0711
Govorce KVXX0712
Grab KVXX0713
Grabanica KVXX0714
Grabc KVXX0715
Grabovac KVXX0716
Grabovc KVXX0717
Gracanica KVXX0718
Grace KVXX0719
Gradevac KVXX0720
Gradevci KVXX0721
Gradica KVXX0722
Gradis KVXX0723
Gradiste KVXX0724
Gragjenik KVXX0725
Graiste Mahala KVXX0726
Gramaqel KVXX0727
Granican KVXX0728
Grastica KVXX0729
Grazhdanik KVXX0730
Grbes KVXX0731
Grbole KVXX0732
Grcevo KVXX0733
Grdovac KVXX0734
Grebna KVXX0735
Grebnkik KVXX0736
Grebno KVXX0737
Greicec KVXX0738
Grejkovce KVXX0739
Grekovce KVXX0740
Grgoc KVXX0741
Grizhan KVXX0742
Grizime KVXX0743
Grkajci KVXX0744
Grkaje KVXX0745
Grlica KVXX0746
Grmovo KVXX0747
Grncar KVXX0748
Groblje Mahala KVXX0749
Grubovica KVXX0750
Grudic Mahala KVXX0751
Guli KVXX0752
Gumniste KVXX0753
Guncat KVXX0754
Gunishta KVXX0755
Guri Mahala KVXX0756
Guriq KVXX0757
Gurit-Mahala KVXX0758
Gusar KVXX0759
Gushac KVXX0760
Gushica KVXX0761
Guske KVXX0762
Guvniste KVXX0763
Guvno Selo KVXX0764
Hadovici KVXX0765
Hajdar-Mahala KVXX0766
Hajrizi KVXX0767
Halilaj KVXX0768
Halipovic Mahala KVXX0769
Halitovic KVXX0770
Halitovic Mahala KVXX0771
Haljitaj KVXX0772
Haljtovic KVXX0773
Hamelj KVXX0774
Hamidi KVXX0775
Han Grizani KVXX0776
Hani i Elezit KVXX0777
Harilaq KVXX0778
Hasalari KVXX0779
Hasan KVXX0780
Hasanaj KVXX0781
Hasanovic Mahala KVXX0782
Haxhaj KVXX0783
Hazerska Mahala KVXX0784
Hercegovo KVXX0785
Hereq KVXX0786
Hoca e qytetit KVXX0787
Hodic Mahala KVXX0788
Hodonoc KVXX0789
Hodzaj Mahala KVXX0790
Hodzovic Mahala KVXX0791
Hodzovici KVXX0792
Hogosht KVXX0793
Hokaj KVXX0794
Horun KVXX0795
Hrtica KVXX0796
Hulaj KVXX0797
Huljiljaj Mahala KVXX0798
Hunel KVXX0799
Hurugljica KVXX0800
Husaj KVXX0801
Husenovic Mahala KVXX0802
Idrizi KVXX0803
Igdilj KVXX0804
Iglarevo KVXX0805
Imerovic Mahala KVXX0806
Inatovce KVXX0807
Ioshanica KVXX0808
Irzniq KVXX0809
Isljamovici KVXX0811
Ismaljaj KVXX0812
Isniq KVXX0813
Istok KVXX0814
Istok Mahala KVXX0815
Isufova Mala KVXX0816
Ivaja KVXX0817
Ivanje KVXX0818
Izance KVXX0819
Izbice KVXX0820
Izvor KVXX0821
Izvor-Mahala KVXX0822
Izvori KVXX0823
Jablanica KVXX0824
Jabucani KVXX0825
Jabuka KVXX0826
Jagnjenica KVXX0827
Jagoda KVXX0828
Jahoc KVXX0829
Jakovcovi KVXX0830
Janciste KVXX0831
Janina Voda KVXX0832
Janjevo KVXX0833
Jankov Potok KVXX0834
Jankovici KVXX0835
Janosh KVXX0836
Jaremici KVXX0837
Jarinje KVXX0838
Jasar KVXX0839
Jasarovic Mahala KVXX0840
Jasenovik KVXX0841
Jashanica KVXX0842
Jasici KVXX0843
Jasiq KVXX0844
Javor KVXX0845
Jazince KVXX0846
Jekic KVXX0847
Jelaca KVXX0848
Jelakce KVXX0849
Jelenjak KVXX0850
Jelic KVXX0851
Jelloc KVXX0852
Jerli Sadovina KVXX0853
Jerlitalinovc KVXX0854
Jeskovo KVXX0855
Jevticska Mala KVXX0856
Jezerce KVXX0857
Jezerine KVXX0858
Jezero KVXX0859
Josanica KVXX0860
Joshevik KVXX0861
Jovanovici KVXX0862
Joviq KVXX0863
Junake KVXX0864
Junik KVXX0865
Jusenovic Mahala KVXX0866
Jusufovce-Mahala KVXX0867
Kabasani KVXX0868
Kabash KVXX0869
Kabash i Hasit KVXX0870
Kaca KVXX0871
Kacandol KVXX0872
Kacandoll KVXX0873
Kacanik KVXX0874
Kacibeg KVXX0875
Kacikol KVXX0876
Kajkovo KVXX0879
Kalander KVXX0880
Kalavaj KVXX0881
Kaligan KVXX0882
Kaljatica KVXX0883
Kalpakovi KVXX0884
Kamen KVXX0885
Kamena Glava KVXX0886
Kamenica KVXX0887
Kamis Mahala KVXX0888
Kaplan Mahala KVXX0889
Kapra KVXX0890
Karaboj KVXX0891
Karace KVXX0892
Karaceve i Ulte KVXX0894
Karacica KVXX0895
Karadak KVXX0896
Karamete-Mahala KVXX0897
Karameti KVXX0898
Karasinderd KVXX0899
Karavidaj KVXX0900
Karpuzi KVXX0901
Kasica KVXX0902
Kastra KVXX0903
Katun KVXX0904
Katunista KVXX0905
Kaznik KVXX0906
Kciq i Madh KVXX0907
Kciqi i Vogel KVXX0908
Kecislak KVXX0909
Kelmen Mahala KVXX0910
Kerstec KVXX0911
Kica KVXX0912
Kijevcice KVXX0913
Kijevo KVXX0914
Kisela Banja KVXX0915
Kishnapole KVXX0916
Kisna Reka KVXX0917
Kisnica KVXX0918
Kladernica KVXX0919
Klecka KVXX0920
Klecke KVXX0921
Klina KVXX0922
Klinafc KVXX0923
Klinsko Polje KVXX0924
Kliqine KVXX0925
Klobukar KVXX0926
Klokoc KVXX0927
Klokot KVXX0928
Kmetoc KVXX0929
Knezevo Brdo KVXX0930
Kobanje KVXX0931
Kobilja Glava KVXX0932
Kocaj KVXX0933
Kodra Gutit KVXX0934
Kodra Mahala KVXX0935
Kodrali KVXX0936
Kodrali Mahala KVXX0937
Kodralija KVXX0938
Kodralji KVXX0939
Kodres Mahala KVXX0940
Kojlovica KVXX0941
Kojus KVXX0942
Kokince KVXX0943
Kokolari Mahala KVXX0944
Kokorovica KVXX0945
Kolibadija KVXX0946
Kolibe KVXX0947
Koliq KVXX0948
Kolloleq KVXX0949
Kolo KVXX0950
Kolon KVXX0951
Kolonija KVXX0952
Kolovrt KVXX0953
Komani KVXX0954
Komorane KVXX0955
Konjsko KVXX0956
Konjuh KVXX0957
Kopiloviq KVXX0958
Koporice KVXX0959
Koprani Mahala KVXX0960
Kopriva KVXX0961
Koprivnica KVXX0962
Korbuliq KVXX0963
Korenice KVXX0964
Koretin KVXX0965
Koretiste KVXX0966
Korilje KVXX0967
Korisa KVXX0968
Kosaca KVXX0969
Kosancic KVXX0970
Kosavce KVXX0971
Kosh KVXX0972
Koshare KVXX0973
Koshutan KVXX0974
Kosin KVXX0975
Koskovik Mahala KVXX0976
Kosmatanci KVXX0977
Kosovica KVXX0978
Kosovo Polje KVXX0979
Kostadince KVXX0980
Kostanjevo KVXX0981
Kostinpotok KVXX0982
Kostovici KVXX0983
Kostrc KVXX0984
Kostrce KVXX0985
Kosumaj KVXX0986
Kosumovic-Mahala KVXX0987
Kosuriq KVXX0988
Kosutan Mahala KVXX0989
Kosutica KVXX0990
Kosutovo KVXX0991
Kotlina KVXX0992
Kotore KVXX0993
Kotradiq KVXX0994
Kovac Mahala KVXX0995
Kovace KVXX0996
Kovacec KVXX0997
Kovacica KVXX0998
Kovrage KVXX0999
Kozarevo KVXX1000
Kozarica KVXX1001
Kozica KVXX1002
Kpuz KVXX1003
Kraishte KVXX1004
Krajk KVXX1005
Krajkovo KVXX1006
Krajmirovce KVXX1007
Kralan KVXX1008
Kraljica KVXX1009
Kramovik KVXX1010
Kranidel KVXX1011
Krasaliq KVXX1012
Krasmirovac KVXX1013
Krasnic KVXX1014
Kravarica KVXX1015
Kravasarija KVXX1016
Kremenata KVXX1017
Kriljevo KVXX1018
Kriva Njiva KVXX1019
Krivaca KVXX1020
Krivenik KVXX1021
Krivoc KVXX1022
Krivovo KVXX1023
Krlak-Mahala KVXX1024
Krljigate KVXX1025
Krnjina KVXX1026
Krnjince KVXX1027
Krpimej KVXX1028
Krs Mahala KVXX1029
Krsljanci Mali KVXX1030
Krst Brdo KVXX1031
Krstac KVXX1032
Krusevac KVXX1033
Krusevica KVXX1034
Krusevlje KVXX1035
Krusheica KVXX1036
Krusheva e Madhe KVXX1037
Krusheve KVXX1038
Krushevo KVXX1039
Kryshec KVXX1041
Krysheci i Ri KVXX1042
Kuc Mahala KVXX1043
Kucica KVXX1044
Kucist KVXX1045
Kuciste KVXX1046
Kucuk Mahala KVXX1047
Kujavca KVXX1048
Kuk KVXX1049
Kukaj KVXX1050
Kukavica KVXX1051
Kukic Mahala KVXX1052
Kukinci KVXX1053
Kuklibeg KVXX1054
Kukovce Mala KVXX1055
Kukulan KVXX1056
Kula KVXX1057
Kulina KVXX1058
Kunovik KVXX1059
Kunushec KVXX1060
Kupinci KVXX1061
Kuqishte KVXX1062
Kurelje KVXX1063
Kurexh KVXX1064
Kurilovo KVXX1065
Kurtaj KVXX1066
Kurtovic-Mala KVXX1067
Kurut KVXX1068
Kusar KVXX1069
Kushavec KVXX1070
Kushnin KVXX1071
Kushtendil KVXX1072
Kutlloc KVXX1073
Kutnje KVXX1074
Kuzmin KVXX1075
Labljane KVXX1076
Labske Njive KVXX1077
Ladovac KVXX1078
Ladrovac KVXX1079
Lahovici KVXX1080
Lalici KVXX1081
Landovica KVXX1082
Laniste KVXX1083
Laplje Selo KVXX1084
Lasarc KVXX1085
Lashkobare KVXX1086
Lausa KVXX1087
Lazarevo KVXX1088
Laze KVXX1089
Lebane KVXX1090
Lebushe e Vogel KVXX1091
Ledenik KVXX1092
Lekaj KVXX1093
Lekiqi KVXX1094
Leletiq KVXX1095
Leocina KVXX1096
Lepaja KVXX1097
Lepi KVXX1098
Leposaviq KVXX1099
Lepovici KVXX1100
Lerska Mahala KVXX1101
Les KVXX1102
Lesanska Mahala KVXX1103
Leshak KVXX1104
Leshan KVXX1105
Leshkoshiq KVXX1106
Leshtan KVXX1107
Leshtar KVXX1108
Leskova KVXX1109
Leskova Glava KVXX1110
Leskovac KVXX1111
Leskovica KVXX1112
Lesnica KVXX1113
Lestar KVXX1114
Letance KVXX1115
Letnica KVXX1116
Letovac KVXX1117
Letovaciste KVXX1118
Levosha KVXX1119
Licane i Eperm KVXX1120
Likoshan KVXX1121
Likovac KVXX1122
Lipa KVXX1123
Lipljan KVXX1124
Lipovac KVXX1125
Lipovica KVXX1126
Lipovica Mahala KVXX1127
Liqej KVXX1129
Lisacka KVXX1130
Lisica KVXX1131
Livadica KVXX1132
Livagje KVXX1133
Livoc KVXX1134
Livoc i Eperm KVXX1135
Ljac Mahala KVXX1136
Ljac Mala KVXX1137
Ljajcic KVXX1138
Ljaroj KVXX1139
Ljek Mahala KVXX1140
Ljeka Mahala KVXX1141
Ljigata KVXX1142
Ljokaj KVXX1144
Ljosevici KVXX1145
Ljubicevo KVXX1146
Ljubiste KVXX1147
Ljubizda KVXX1148
Ljubovac KVXX1149
Ljubovce KVXX1150
Ljuboviste KVXX1151
Ljubovo KVXX1152
Ljubozda KVXX1153
Ljubusa KVXX1154
Ljug Mahala KVXX1155
Ljugbunar KVXX1156
Ljugit KVXX1157
Ljugska Mahala KVXX1158
Ljusta KVXX1159
Ljutoglav KVXX1160
Ljutoglava KVXX1161
Lladroviq KVXX1162
Llapceve KVXX1163
Llapushnik KVXX1164
Llashkadrenoc KVXX1165
Llashtica KVXX1166
Llaz-Bellopaq KVXX1167
Llazice KVXX1169
Lloqan KVXX1170
Llozhan KVXX1171
Llugagji KVXX1172
Llugaxhi KVXX1173
Lluka e Eperme KVXX1174
Lluka e Poshtme KVXX1175
Llukavc i Begut KVXX1176
Lluzhan KVXX1177
Lojze KVXX1178
Lokma Mahala KVXX1179
Lokme Mahala KVXX1180
Lokva KVXX1181
Lokvica KVXX1182
Lopcak KVXX1183
Lopuski Han KVXX1184
Lovac KVXX1185
Lovce KVXX1186
Lovcen Potok KVXX1187
Loxhe KVXX1188
Lozan Mahala KVXX1189
Loziste KVXX1190
Lozno KVXX1191
Lucka Reka KVXX1192
Ludovic KVXX1193
Lug KVXX1194
Lug Dubnica KVXX1195
Lug-Mahala KVXX1196
Lugadzija KVXX1197
Lugici KVXX1198
Lugje KVXX1199
Lugodija KVXX1200
Lugovo KVXX1201
Lukanja KVXX1202
Lukare KVXX1203
Lulaj KVXX1204
Lumbardhi KVXX1205
Lumnica KVXX1206
Lutovo KVXX1207
Luzak KVXX1208
Luznica KVXX1209
Lybeniq KVXX1210
Lybeniqi i ri KVXX1211
Maciteve KVXX1212
Macitevo KVXX1213
Madare KVXX1214
Madera KVXX1215
Magura KVXX1216
Mahadri Mahala KVXX1217
Mahala Bagoviste KVXX1218
Mahala Baljevac KVXX1219
Mahala Berisa KVXX1220
Mahala Bogza KVXX1221
Mahala Cakaj KVXX1222
Mahala Drenovci KVXX1224
Mahala Drma KVXX1225
Mahala Duskit KVXX1226
Mahala e Fuses KVXX1247
Mahala Glode KVXX1227
Mahala Humica KVXX1228
Mahala Kajtas KVXX1229
Mahala Laze KVXX1230
Mahala Lecovic KVXX1231
Mahala Livade KVXX1232
Mahala Ljugit KVXX1233
Mahala Magura KVXX1234
Mahala Memovic KVXX1235
Mahala Mesovic KVXX1236
Mahala Metovic KVXX1237
Mahala Musovic KVXX1238
Mahala Obrsina KVXX1239
Mahala Padina KVXX1240
Mahala Radenica KVXX1241
Mahala Simolovic KVXX1242
Mahala Tovarnik KVXX1244
Mahala Trubuhoc KVXX1245
Mahala Vranjevic KVXX1246
Mahala-Gega KVXX1249
Mahalla Akic KVXX1250
Mahalla Avalovic KVXX1251
Mahalla Cakiq KVXX1252
Mahalla Dudoviqa KVXX1254
Mahalla Kapidoll KVXX1256
Mahalla Llugoviq KVXX1257
Mahalla Qitaku KVXX1258
Mahalla Saloviq KVXX1259
Mahalla Zukova KVXX1260
Majance KVXX1263
Majdevo KVXX1264
Makovac KVXX1265
Makrmalj KVXX1266
Mala KVXX1267
Mala Dobranja KVXX1268
Mala Hoca KVXX1269
Mala Jablanica KVXX1270
Mala Kaludra KVXX1271
Mala Krusa KVXX1272
Mala Postra KVXX1273
Mala Slatina KVXX1274
Malaj KVXX1275
Malenovci KVXX1276
Malesi e Re KVXX1277
Malevic KVXX1278
Mali Alas KVXX1279
Mali Krstac KVXX1280
Mali Stupelj KVXX1281
Mali Turjak KVXX1282
Mali Vranovac KVXX1283
Mali Zvecan KVXX1284
Malic KVXX1285
Malic Mahala KVXX1286
Malisevo KVXX1287
Maljocka Mahala KVXX1288
Maljok-Mahala KVXX1289
Maljovic Mahala KVXX1290
Malo Dubovo KVXX1291
Malo Gracko KVXX1292
Malo Ribare KVXX1293
Malo Ropotovo KVXX1294
Malo Rudare KVXX1295
Malopoljce KVXX1296
Mamusa KVXX1297
Manase KVXX1298
Manastirce KVXX1299
Manastirica KVXX1300
Manisince KVXX1301
Manrec KVXX1302
Manutari KVXX1303
Maralija KVXX1304
Marevce KVXX1305
Marina KVXX1306
Marince KVXX1307
Mark Mahala KVXX1308
Markovac KVXX1309
Marmule KVXX1310
Maros KVXX1311
Martinaj KVXX1312
Marusici KVXX1313
Masalovic KVXX1314
Matica KVXX1315
Maticane KVXX1316
Mavriq KVXX1317
Mazap KVXX1318
Mazgit KVXX1319
Mazhiq KVXX1320
Maznik KVXX1321
Mazrek KVXX1322
Mece KVXX1323
Meckarci KVXX1324
Medregovac KVXX1325
Medvece KVXX1326
Megjegji Potok KVXX1327
Mehmet Mahala KVXX1328
Mehovic Mahala KVXX1329
Meja-Orize KVXX1330
Meje KVXX1331
Mejir Mala KVXX1332
Meki Dio KVXX1333
Mekiniqe KVXX1334
Melic KVXX1335
Meljenica KVXX1336
Mema Mahala KVXX1337
Memice KVXX1338
Mercez KVXX1339
Mernic Mahala KVXX1340
Mesina KVXX1341
Metici KVXX1342
Metohija KVXX1343
Metovic Mahala KVXX1344
Metovici KVXX1345
Micinat KVXX1346
Midanska Mahala KVXX1347
Miganovce KVXX1348
Mihaliq KVXX1349
Mijajlovici KVXX1350
Mijalovici KVXX1351
Mikulina KVXX1352
Mikusnica KVXX1353
Milacici KVXX1354
Milenkovici KVXX1355
Milinci KVXX1356
Miljaj KVXX1357
Miljcevic KVXX1358
Miljevac KVXX1359
Miljkovici KVXX1360
Millanoviq KVXX1361
Milosevo KVXX1362
Milovance KVXX1363
Minol KVXX1364
Miokoviq KVXX1365
Mirace KVXX1366
Mirash KVXX1367
Mirena KVXX1368
Miresh KVXX1369
Mirkovci KVXX1370
Miroc - Malok KVXX1371
Mirosavlje KVXX1372
Mirovac KVXX1373
Mirusa KVXX1374
Mitrovice KVXX1375
Mjak KVXX1376
Mladenovici KVXX1377
Mleqan KVXX1378
Mlike KVXX1379
Mocare KVXX1380
Modri Potok KVXX1381
Modromir KVXX1382
Mogila KVXX1383
Moglica KVXX1384
Mojstir KVXX1385
Moljak KVXX1386
Molliq KVXX1387
Momlje KVXX1388
Morina KVXX1389
Morselj KVXX1390
Mosnica KVXX1391
Movljane KVXX1392
Mozgovo KVXX1393
Mramor KVXX1394
Mrasor KVXX1395
Muadzeri KVXX1396
Mucibaba KVXX1397
Mucivrce KVXX1398
Mucubelj KVXX1399
Muha KVXX1400
Muhader KVXX1401
Muhadzer KVXX1402
Muhadzeri KVXX1403
Muhadziri KVXX1404
Muhaxher KVXX1405
Muhaxherbabush KVXX1406
Muhovce KVXX1407
Muhudziri KVXX1408
Mujovic KVXX1409
Mukata KVXX1410
Munis Mahala KVXX1411
Muradem KVXX1412
Murga KVXX1413
Murgula KVXX1414
Murselji KVXX1415
Murtovic Mahala KVXX1416
Musica Mahala KVXX1417
Musnikovo KVXX1419
Musovic Mahala KVXX1420
Musovic-Mahala KVXX1421
Mustafaj KVXX1422
Musutiste KVXX1423
Mutavdzici KVXX1424
Mutivode KVXX1425
Muzevine KVXX1426
Muzicane KVXX1427
Muzljak KVXX1428
Nabergjan KVXX1429
Nagavc KVXX1430
Naglavci KVXX1431
Naqafc KVXX1432
Nashec KVXX1433
Nebregosht KVXX1434
Nec KVXX1435
Nedakovac KVXX1436
Negomirac KVXX1437
Negrovc KVXX1438
Nekodin KVXX1439
Nekovce KVXX1440
Nepolje KVXX1441
Neprebishte KVXX1442
Nermiec KVXX1443
Netic KVXX1445
Nevoljane KVXX1446
Nezovic KVXX1447
Nikaj KVXX1448
Nikovc KVXX1449
Ninaj KVXX1450
Nishec KVXX1451
Nishor KVXX1452
Nisno Kolo KVXX1453
Nivokaz KVXX1454
Nosalje KVXX1455
Nova Kolonija KVXX1456
Novake KVXX1457
Novi Kosjeri KVXX1458
Novi Maras KVXX1459
Novi Poklek KVXX1460
Novi Tucep KVXX1461
Novo Brdo KVXX1462
Novo Cikatovo KVXX1463
Novo Poljance KVXX1464
Novo Rujce KVXX1465
Novo Selo KVXX1466
Novo Selo Begovo KVXX1467
Nushpal KVXX1468
Obadi KVXX1469
Obradovici KVXX1470
Obrandza KVXX1471
Obrija KVXX1472
Odevce KVXX1473
Oklace KVXX1474
Oklap KVXX1475
Okosnica KVXX1476
Okovic KVXX1477
Okrastica KVXX1478
Oluri KVXX1479
Omure KVXX1480
Opolje KVXX1481
Opraske KVXX1482
Opterusa KVXX1483
Oqarevo KVXX1484
Orahovac KVXX1485
Orahovo KVXX1486
Oraovica KVXX1487
Orasek KVXX1488
Orasje KVXX1489
Orcusa KVXX1490
Orlane KVXX1491
Orlate KVXX1492
Orlloviq KVXX1493
Ornica KVXX1494
Ornice KVXX1495
Orno Brdo KVXX1496
Osek KVXX1497
Osek Pasa KVXX1498
Oshlan KVXX1499
Osmanovici KVXX1500
Osojane KVXX1501
Ostrace KVXX1502
Ostrovica-Mahala KVXX1503
Ostrozub KVXX1504
Ovcare KVXX1505
Ozrim KVXX1506
Pacaj KVXX1507
Padaliste KVXX1508
Padine KVXX1509
Padinska Mahala KVXX1510
Pagarusa KVXX1511
Palas Mahala KVXX1512
Palatna KVXX1513
Palivodenica KVXX1514
Paljabarda KVXX1515
Paljevo KVXX1516
Paljus Mahala KVXX1517
Palluzha KVXX1518
Pamukovica KVXX1519
Pancelo KVXX1520
Pantina KVXX1521
Papaz KVXX1522
Papiq KVXX1523
Papraqan KVXX1524
Paralovo KVXX1525
Parduzi KVXX1526
Parlin Potok KVXX1527
Parotica KVXX1528
Partesh KVXX1529
Paruci KVXX1530
Pasjak KVXX1531
Pasjane KVXX1532
Paskalica KVXX1533
Pasoma KVXX1534
Pasovic Mahala KVXX1535
Patacan i Eperm KVXX1536
Pavllan KVXX1537
Pec KVXX0002
Pecaj KVXX1538
Pejcici KVXX1539
Peje KVXX1540
Pejovici KVXX1541
Pelaj KVXX1542
Penduha KVXX1543
Pepic Mahala KVXX1544
Pepiq KVXX1545
Pepsh KVXX1546
Peqan KVXX1547
Perane KVXX1548
Perceve KVXX1549
Perenika KVXX1550
Perici KVXX1551
Pester KVXX1552
Pestovo KVXX1553
Petkovac KVXX1554
Petkoviq KVXX1555
Petrastica KVXX1556
Petrinovici KVXX1557
Petriq i Ulte KVXX1558
Petrovce KVXX1559
Petroviq KVXX1560
Petrovo KVXX1561
Petrovo Selo KVXX1562
Petrusan KVXX1563
Pidiq KVXX1564
Pipersk Mahala KVXX1565
Pirane KVXX1566
Pireva KVXX1567
Pireva Mahala KVXX1568
Pirq KVXX1569
Pishtane KVXX1570
Piskavica KVXX1571
Piskote KVXX1572
Pjetriq KVXX1573
Placevi KVXX1574
Plajnike KVXX1575
Plakaonica KVXX1576
Plana KVXX1577
Planeja KVXX1578
Planinica KVXX1579
Planjane KVXX1580
Plava KVXX1581
Plavic Mahala KVXX1582
Plavica KVXX1583
Plemetin KVXX1584
Plesina KVXX1585
Plitkoviq KVXX1586
Pljakici KVXX1587
Pljancor KVXX1588
Pllocice KVXX1589
Pluzina KVXX1590
Pnis KVXX1591
Pobergje KVXX1592
Pocest KVXX1593
Podgorc KVXX1594
Podgrade KVXX1595
Podujeva KVXX1596
Pograxha KVXX1597
Poila KVXX1598
Pojatarce KVXX1599
Pojate KVXX1600
Pojatiste KVXX1601
Poklek KVXX1602
Polan KVXX1603
Policka KVXX1604
Poljance KVXX1605
Poljanica KVXX1606
Poljce KVXX1607
Poljojca KVXX1608
Poluza KVXX1609
Pomazatin KVXX1610
Ponesh KVXX1611
Ponorac KVXX1612
Ponoshec KVXX1613
Popova Livada KVXX1614
Popovac KVXX1615
Popovce KVXX1616
Popovci KVXX1617
Popovici KVXX1618
Popovljane KVXX1619
Popovo KVXX1620
Populanci KVXX1621
Poslishte KVXX1622
Postenje KVXX1623
Poster Mala KVXX1624
Postra KVXX1625
Poteri Mahala KVXX1626
Poterovic Mahala KVXX1627
Potkomlje KVXX1628
Potocani KVXX1629
Potok KVXX1630
Potok Mala KVXX1631
Potok Molic KVXX1632
Potok Morina KVXX1633
Potoqan KVXX1634
Poturovce KVXX1635
Pousko KVXX1636
Pozhar KVXX1637
Pozharan KVXX1638
Prapaqani i Ri KVXX1639
Prekale KVXX1640
Prekolluk KVXX1641
Prekovce KVXX1642
Prelez KVXX1643
Prelez i Jerlive KVXX1644
Prelovac KVXX1646
Prenk Mahala KVXX1647
Preoce KVXX1648
Prepolac KVXX1649
Prepranje KVXX1650
Preseka KVXX1651
Preslo KVXX1652
Preslup KVXX1653
Preten KVXX1654
Prevlak KVXX1655
Pridvorica KVXX1656
Prigoda KVXX1657
Prilep KVXX1658
Prilepnica KVXX1659
Priluzje KVXX1660
Prisoje KVXX1661
Pristina KVXX0003
Prizren KVXX1662
Prlina KVXX1663
Prnovicka Mahala KVXX1664
Pronaj Mahala KVXX1665
Pronit-Mahala KVXX1666
Propastica KVXX1667
Prorok KVXX1668
Prugovac KVXX1669
Prus-Mahala KVXX1670
Prvi Tunel KVXX1671
Pumpa KVXX1672
Pustenik KVXX1673
Pusto Ade KVXX1674
Pusto Selo KVXX1675
Qarrakofci KVXX1676
Qellopek KVXX1677
Qerret KVXX1678
Qirkoviq KVXX1679
Qollopek KVXX1680
Qyshk KVXX1681
Raca KVXX1682
Racaj KVXX1683
Racak KVXX1684
Radanova Mala KVXX1685
Radashec KVXX1686
Radavci KVXX1687
Radesa KVXX1688
Radevo KVXX1689
Radici KVXX1690
Radisevo KVXX1691
Radivojce KVXX1692
Radoniq KVXX1693
Radosevica KVXX1694
Radoste KVXX1695
Radujevac KVXX1696
Radulloc KVXX1697
Rafs KVXX1698
Rafs Mahala KVXX1699
Rahovica KVXX1700
Raim Abaz KVXX1701
Rajanovce KVXX1702
Rajnovac KVXX1703
Raka KVXX1704
Rakinica KVXX1705
Rakitnica KVXX1706
Rakoc KVXX1707
Rakosh KVXX1708
Rakovina KVXX1709
Ramahmat Mahala KVXX1710
Ramaj KVXX1711
Ramjan KVXX1712
Ramnista KVXX1713
Ramoc KVXX1714
Ramovic Mahala KVXX1715
Ramun Mala KVXX1716
Ramusevic Mahala KVXX1717
Rance KVXX1718
Rancice KVXX1719
Randubrava KVXX1720
Ranilug KVXX1721
Ranoc KVXX1722
Rapce KVXX1723
Rapunska Mahala KVXX1725
Rasan Mahala KVXX1726
Rashan KVXX1727
Rashiq KVXX1728
Rashkoc KVXX1729
Rasince KVXX1730
Raskaj KVXX1731
Raskovici KVXX1732
Raskovo KVXX1733
Rastavica KVXX1734
Rastoka KVXX1735
Ratish e Eperme KVXX1736
Ratkocer KVXX1738
Ratkovac KVXX1739
Raushiq KVXX1740
Ravni KVXX1741
Ravnina KVXX1742
Ravniste KVXX1743
Rboje KVXX1744
Rec-Mahala KVXX1745
Recaj Mahala KVXX1746
Recane KVXX1747
Recani KVXX1748
Recica KVXX1749
Redevic Mahala KVXX1750
Redinci KVXX1751
Redzevic Mahala KVXX1752
Redzici KVXX1753
Reka KVXX1754
Rekalija KVXX1755
Rekalije KVXX1756
Rence KVXX1757
Renoj KVXX1758
Rep KVXX1759
Reqan KVXX1760
Reshtan KVXX1761
Resnik KVXX1762
Restelica KVXX1763
Reti e Poshtme KVXX1764
Retimlje KVXX1765
Revuq KVXX1766
Rexh Boge KVXX1767
Rez KVXX1768
Rezala KVXX1769
Rezance KVXX1770
Rezina KVXX1771
Ribar i Madh KVXX1772
Ribnik KVXX1773
Ridevo KVXX1774
Rikovo KVXX1775
Rimaniste KVXX1776
Rizani KVXX1777
Roboc KVXX1778
Rodel KVXX1779
Rogacica KVXX1780
Rogovo KVXX1781
Romaja KVXX1782
Romune KVXX1783
Ropica KVXX1784
Rosulja KVXX1785
Rosulje KVXX1786
Rovca KVXX1787
Rrypaj-Madanaj KVXX1788
Rubofc KVXX1789
Rucevica KVXX1790
Rucmanc KVXX1791
Rucovici KVXX1792
Rucuceva Mahala KVXX1793
Rudaj KVXX1794
Rudarci KVXX1795
Rudice KVXX1796
Rudine KVXX1797
Rudnik KVXX1798
Rudnik Kosovo KVXX1799
Ruhot KVXX1800
Rujiste KVXX1801
Runjevo KVXX1802
Rupiste KVXX1803
Rusinovce KVXX1804
Rusta Mahala KVXX1805
Rustoli Mahala KVXX1806
Rvatska KVXX1807
Rzana KVXX1808
Saban Mahala KVXX1809
Sac KVXX1810
Sadikaj KVXX1811
Sadriovic KVXX1812
Sait Agin Zabel KVXX1813
Saja KVXX1814
Sajkovac KVXX1815
Sajtuk Mahala KVXX1816
Sakovica KVXX1817
Salaj KVXX1818
Salce KVXX1819
Salihaj KVXX1820
Salihovici KVXX1821
Salja KVXX1823
Saljak Mahala KVXX1824
Saljijevici KVXX1825
Samakovo KVXX1826
Samaluk KVXX1827
Samodrazhe KVXX1828
Samodreza KVXX1829
Sapniq KVXX1830
Saraiste KVXX1831
Sarci KVXX1832
Sarosh KVXX1833
Sarpelj KVXX1834
Savarin KVXX1835
Savicska Mala KVXX1836
Savrovo KVXX1837
Sazlija KVXX1838
Secishte KVXX1839
Sedlare KVXX1840
Sefer KVXX1841
Segasht KVXX1842
Segza Mahala KVXX1843
Seh Mahala KVXX1844
Sejak KVXX1845
Sekiraca KVXX1846
Seliste KVXX1847
Seljance KVXX1848
Selograzde KVXX1849
Semanje KVXX1850
Semetiste KVXX1851
Sendo KVXX1852
Senik KVXX1853
Senoc KVXX1854
Seoce KVXX1855
Serbobran KVXX1856
Sevc KVXX1857
Shahiq KVXX1858
Shajkoc KVXX1859
Shajn II KVXX1860
Shalinoc KVXX1861
Shaptej KVXX1862
Sharban KVXX1863
Shashare KVXX1864
Shashkoc KVXX1865
Shavar KVXX1866
Shengjin KVXX1867
Sheremet KVXX1868
Sherret KVXX1869
Shipol KVXX1872
Shishman KVXX1873
Shkoza KVXX1874
Shkreli KVXX1875
Shpatina KVXX1876
Shpenadi KVXX1877
Shtedim KVXX1878
Shtupel KVXX1879
Shtupeq i Madh KVXX1880
Shupkovc KVXX1881
Shurdhan KVXX1882
Sibovac KVXX1883
Sicevo KVXX1884
Siga KVXX1885
Sigavac KVXX1886
Siljevica KVXX1887
Silovo KVXX1888
Simiciste KVXX1889
Sinaj KVXX1890
Sinji Dol KVXX1891
Sipitula KVXX1892
Sipovo KVXX1893
Sirinic KVXX1894
Siroko KVXX1895
Sisarka KVXX1896
Sisman-Baks KVXX1897
Skivjan KVXX1898
Skocna KVXX1899
Skorashnik KVXX1900
Skorobiste KVXX1901
Skoze KVXX1902
Skrovna KVXX1903
Skulanevo KVXX1904
Slakovce KVXX1905
Slatina KVXX1906
Slavkovici KVXX1907
Slima KVXX1908
Slivovo KVXX1909
Sljivovica KVXX1910
Sllapuzhan KVXX1911
Slovinje KVXX1912
Slubica KVXX1913
Slup KVXX1914
Smac KVXX1915
Smailovici KVXX1917
Smajlovci KVXX1918
Smaq KVXX1919
Smigici KVXX1920
Smira KVXX1921
Smokovic KVXX1922
Smolusa KVXX1923
Smonica KVXX1924
Smonica Mahala KVXX1925
Smrekovnica KVXX1926
Socanica KVXX1927
Sofalija KVXX1928
Softaj KVXX1929
Sojeve KVXX1930
Sokol KVXX1931
Sokoljska Mahala KVXX1932
Sokolovic Mahala KVXX1933
Sopina KVXX1934
Sopot KVXX1935
Sopotnica KVXX1936
Sopska Mahala KVXX1937
Soracak KVXX1938
Sosivarci KVXX1939
Sovrlice KVXX1940
Spahije-Mahala KVXX1941
Spajevic Mahala KVXX1942
Spajevica Mahala KVXX1943
Spajovici KVXX1944
Spasina Mahala KVXX1945
Srbica KVXX1946
Srbovac KVXX1947
Srednja Dobrusa KVXX1948
Srednja Klina KVXX1949
Srednja Mahala KVXX1950
Sredska KVXX1951
Srpka KVXX1952
Stagovo KVXX1953
Stajk KVXX1954
Stajkovce KVXX1955
Stancic KVXX1956
Stanilovac KVXX1957
Stanishor KVXX1959
Stankovc KVXX1960
Stara Banjica KVXX1961
Stara Kuca KVXX1962
Stara Mahala KVXX1963
Stari Trg KVXX1964
Stari Zlopek KVXX1965
Starica KVXX1966
Staro Cikatovo KVXX1967
Staro Dvorane KVXX1968
Staro Gracko KVXX1969
Staro Poljance KVXX1970
Staro Rujce KVXX1971
Staro Selo KVXX1972
Starovcana KVXX1973
Statovci KVXX1974
Stepenice KVXX1975
Stitarica KVXX1976
Stojkovici KVXX1977
Stolici KVXX1978
Strana KVXX1979
Straza KVXX1980
Strbulovo KVXX1981
Strelica KVXX1982
Strellc i Eperm KVXX1983
Strellc i Ulet KVXX1984
Stremce KVXX1985
Strezovce KVXX1986
Stropac KVXX1987
Strovce KVXX1988
Strpce KVXX1989
Struzje KVXX1990
Strzin KVXX1991
Stubla KVXX1992
Stublak KVXX1993
Stublina KVXX1994
Studencane KVXX1996
Studenica KVXX1997
Stulcak Mahala KVXX1998
Stup KVXX1999
Stutica KVXX2000
Subarini KVXX2001
Suk-Mahala KVXX2002
Suljevic Mahala KVXX2003
Suljic Mahala KVXX2004
Suljinar KVXX2005
Suljovic Mahala KVXX2006
Sumaci KVXX2007
Surdula KVXX2008
Surkish KVXX2009
Surkiski Vir KVXX2010
Surlan KVXX2011
Surlici KVXX2012
Susica KVXX2013
Susice KVXX2014
Suteska KVXX2015
Suva Reka KVXX2016
Suvi Do KVXX2017
Suvi Lukavac KVXX2018
Suvo Grlo KVXX2019
Suvo Polje KVXX2020
Svetlje KVXX2021
Svinjar KVXX2022
Svirce KVXX2023
Svracak KVXX2024
Svrcina KVXX2025
Svrhe KVXX2026
Svrke KVXX2027
Tafali-Mahala KVXX2028
Tafoli Mahala KVXX2029
Tahirovic Mahala KVXX2030
Tahovic Mahala KVXX2031
Tairovici KVXX2032
Tamnik KVXX2034
Tankosiq KVXX2035
Tanovic Mahala KVXX2036
Taradza KVXX2037
Tauda Kuce KVXX2038
Tejec KVXX2039
Tekija KVXX2040
Telbizi KVXX2041
Temeqin KVXX2042
Tenec KVXX2043
Tenezhdoll KVXX2044
Teqe KVXX2045
Terincani KVXX2046
Terzic KVXX2047
Tica KVXX2048
Tirince KVXX2049
Tomance KVXX2050
Tomislav KVXX2051
Tomoc KVXX2052
Tonkovic KVXX2053
Topali Mahala KVXX2054
Topilo KVXX2055
Toplanaj KVXX2056
Toplicane KVXX2057
Topliqan KVXX2058
Topojan-Mahala KVXX2059
Topojane KVXX2060
Toponica KVXX2061
Torina KVXX2062
Trakaniq KVXX2063
Trbuvce KVXX2064
Trdevac KVXX2065
Trebiqe KVXX2066
Trepca KVXX2067
Trepetnica KVXX2068
Tresnjevo KVXX2069
Trikose KVXX2070
Trlabuc KVXX2071
Trn KVXX2072
Trnava KVXX2073
Trnavce KVXX2074
Trnavica KVXX2075
Trnicevce KVXX2076
Trnjane KVXX2077
Trnje KVXX2078
Trnova KVXX2079
Troja KVXX2080
Tropoviq KVXX2081
Trpeza KVXX2082
Trson KVXX2083
Trstena KVXX2084
Trstenik KVXX2085
Trubuhoc KVXX2086
Trudna KVXX2087
Tucep KVXX2088
Tugjec KVXX2089
Tupaci KVXX2090
Tupec KVXX2091
Turiqec KVXX2092
Turjak KVXX2093
Turjane KVXX2094
Turske Merdare KVXX2095
Turski Tacevac KVXX2096
Tursko KVXX2097
Turucica KVXX2098
Tus Mahala KVXX2099
Tusice KVXX2100
Tusilje KVXX2101
Tvrgjan KVXX2102
Uce KVXX2103
Ugarine KVXX2104
Uglar KVXX2105
Ugljare KVXX2106
Ugrija Mahala KVXX2107
Ujz KVXX2108
Ukork Mahala KVXX2109
Ukovic KVXX2110
Ukovic Mahala KVXX2111
Ukoviq KVXX2112
Ukzmajl KVXX2113
Ulinje KVXX2114
Vaganesh KVXX2115
Vakovce KVXX2116
Valja KVXX2117
Vallaq KVXX2118
Vanovac KVXX2119
Varage KVXX2120
Vardiste KVXX2121
Varga Mahala KVXX2122
Varigovce KVXX2123
Varosh KVXX2124
Vasici KVXX2125
Vasiljevo KVXX2126
Vata KVXX2127
Vataj KVXX2128
Vecerak Mahala KVXX2129
Velekince KVXX2130
Veleza KVXX2131
Velika Bara KVXX2132
Velika Dobranja KVXX2133
Velika Hoca KVXX2134
Velika Jablanica KVXX2135
Velika Kaludra KVXX2136
Velika Krusa KVXX2137
Velika Reka KVXX2138
Velika Slatina KVXX2139
Veliki Krstac KVXX2140
Veliki Lugovi KVXX2141
Veliko Ropotovo KVXX2142
Veliko Rudare KVXX2143
Veljeglava KVXX2144
Velji Breg KVXX2145
Verbican KVXX2146
Vercelj KVXX2147
Veriq KVXX2148
Veriq i Ri KVXX2149
Veriste KVXX2150
Vermice KVXX2151
Vesekovce KVXX2152
Veseljovic KVXX2153
Vice KVXX2154
Vidaci KVXX2155
Vidanje KVXX2156
Vidgrica KVXX2157
Vidimriq KVXX2158
Vidishiq KVXX2159
Vidovce KVXX2160
Viliste KVXX2161
Viljak KVXX2162
Viljance KVXX2163
Virjevice KVXX2164
Vis Mahala KVXX2165
Vise Kule KVXX2166
Vitak KVXX2167
Vitakovo KVXX2168
Vitanoviq KVXX2169
Vitija KVXX2170
Vitina KVXX2171
Vitomirica KVXX2172
Vladovo KVXX2173
Vlahinje KVXX2174
Vlase KVXX2175
Vlashnje KVXX2176
Vlasovo KVXX2177
Vocnjak KVXX2178
Vogacica KVXX2179
Vogovo KVXX2180
Vojinovce KVXX2181
Vojmisliq KVXX2182
Vokovic Mahala KVXX2183
Vokri Mahala KVXX2184
Voksh KVXX2185
Voksja KVXX2186
Volljak KVXX2187
Voznik KVXX2188
Vracevo KVXX2189
Vragodol KVXX2190
Vragolija KVXX2191
Vragovac KVXX2192
Vrajak KVXX2193
Vrani Do KVXX2194
Vranici KVXX2195
Vraniq KVXX2196
Vranovac KVXX2197
Vrapcic KVXX2198
Vrba KVXX2199
Vrban KVXX2200
Vrbestica KVXX2201
Vrbica KVXX2202
Vrbnica KVXX2203
Vrbovac KVXX2204
Vrela KVXX2205
Vrelak Mahala KVXX2206
Vrelo KVXX2207
Vrelo Mahala KVXX2208
Vriqec KVXX2209
Vrletnica KVXX2210
Vrmnica KVXX2211
Vrnez KVXX2212
Vrnica KVXX2213
Vrnovo Kolo KVXX2214
Vrsavica Mahala KVXX2215
Vrsevce KVXX2216
Vrtina KVXX2217
Vrtolnica KVXX2218
Vrujice KVXX2219
Vuca KVXX2220
Vucak KVXX2221
Vujanov Mahala KVXX2222
Vukadinovici KVXX2223
Vukojeviq KVXX2224
Vukoslavljevice KVXX2225
Vukovce KVXX2226
Vukufska Mahala KVXX2227
Vushtrri KVXX2228
Xerxe KVXX2229
Zabeljaj KVXX2230
Zabeljce KVXX2231
Zaberxhe KVXX2232
Zabllaq KVXX2233
Zabrde KVXX2234
Zagorje KVXX2235
Zagrade KVXX2236
Zagrmlje KVXX2237
Zagulje KVXX2238
Zahaq KVXX2239
Zairt KVXX2240
Zajcevce KVXX2241
Zajmovo KVXX2242
Zakovo KVXX2243
Zarevi KVXX2244
Zasela KVXX2245
Zaselje KVXX2246
Zaskok KVXX2247
Zaskosnik KVXX2248
Zatra KVXX2249
Zatriq KVXX2250
Zavada KVXX2251
Zavrata KVXX2252
Zaza KVXX2253
Zborce KVXX2254
Zebince KVXX2255
Zecevice KVXX2256
Zegina KVXX2257
Zegra KVXX2258
Zekince KVXX2259
Zekoli KVXX2260
Zemanica KVXX2261
Zenelova Mahala KVXX2262
Zenelovic Mahala KVXX2263
Zenic Mahala KVXX2264
Zerovnica KVXX2265
Zez Mahala KVXX2266
Zgatar KVXX2267
Zhabari i Eperm KVXX2268
Zhabari i Ulte KVXX2269
Zhabel KVXX2270
Zhaq KVXX2271
Zhdrella KVXX2272
Zheger KVXX2273
Zhegoc KVXX2274
Zhiti KVXX2275
Zhitkoc KVXX2276
Zhivinjan KVXX2277
Zhub KVXX2278
Zhur KVXX2279
Zid Sadih Aga KVXX2280
Zigoli KVXX2281
Zigolj KVXX2282
Zijaca KVXX2283
Ziljivoda KVXX2284
Zimerska Mahala KVXX2285
Zimonjic KVXX2286
Zivan Do KVXX2287
Zjum KVXX2288
Zlapeku i ri KVXX2289
Zlatare KVXX2290
Zli Potok KVXX2291
Zllakuqan KVXX2292
Zllash KVXX2293
Zlopek KVXX2294
Zocishte KVXX2295
Zogici KVXX2296
Zojz KVXX2297
Zrnosek KVXX2298
Zrza KVXX2299
Zubin Potok KVXX2300
Zuja KVXX2301
Zulfaj KVXX2302
Zupc KVXX2303
Zuzaku KVXX2304
Zvecan KVXX2305