Weather Codes for Kiribati

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Kiribati. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abaiang Village KRXX0161
Abaokoro Village KRXX0017
Abarao Village KRXX0018
Abatao Village KRXX0019
Abatiku Village KRXX0020
Aiaki KRXX0021
Aiwa Village KRXX0022
Ambo Village KRXX0023
Antai Village KRXX0024
Antebuka Village KRXX0025
Antereen Village KRXX0026
Aobike Village KRXX0027
Aoneaba Village KRXX0028
Aoniman Village KRXX0029
Arabata Village KRXX0163
Aubeangai KRXX0031
Autokia Village KRXX0032
Autukia Village KRXX0033
Bainuna Village KRXX0034
Bairiki Village KRXX0004
Bakaka Village KRXX0035
Bakarawa Village KRXX0036
Banana Village KRXX0165
Bangai Village KRXX0037
Barebuka Village KRXX0040
Baretoa Village KRXX0041
Baurua Village KRXX0042
Benuaroa Village KRXX0043
Betania Village KRXX0166
Betio Village KRXX0044
Bikati Village KRXX0045
Bike Village KRXX0046
Bikenibeu KRXX0005
Binoinano KRXX0048
Bonriki Village KRXX0049
Borotiam Village KRXX0050
Bouatoa Village KRXX0051
Buariki KRXX0052
Buariki Village KRXX0053
Bubutei Village KRXX0054
Buota KRXX0055
Buota Village KRXX0056
Butaritari KRXX0001
Eita Village KRXX0057
Eriko Village KRXX0058
Kabuna Village KRXX0060
Kainaba Village KRXX0061
Kanton Village KRXX0185
Kauma Village KRXX0064
Keuea Village KRXX0065
Kiebu Village KRXX0066
Koinawa KRXX0008
Koinawa Village KRXX0067
Kuma KRXX0009
Kuma Village KRXX0068
Kuria Village KRXX0069
London Village KRXX0170
Nabeina Village KRXX0078
Nanikai Village KRXX0079
Napari Village KRXX0173
Napia Village KRXX0174
Nikumanu Village KRXX0081
Nikutoru Village KRXX0082
Norauea Village KRXX0083
Notoue KRXX0084
Nuatabu Village KRXX0085
Nuka Village KRXX0086
Nuotaea Village KRXX0087
Old GB-Village KRXX0187
Oneeke Village KRXX0088
Onouea Village KRXX0175
Otowae Village KRXX0089
Poland Village KRXX0176
Raweai Village KRXX0090
Ribono Village KRXX0091
Roreti Village KRXX0093
Rotuma Village KRXX0094
Rungata KRXX0095
Settlement Ruins KRXX0186
Tabewa Village KRXX0096
Tabiang Village KRXX0097
Tabiauea Village KRXX0011
Taboiaki Village KRXX0099
Tabonuea Village KRXX0103
Taborio Village KRXX0104
Taburao Village KRXX0012
Tabutoa Village KRXX0107
Tabwakea Village KRXX0177
Takaeang Village KRXX0108
Takarano Village KRXX0109
Taku Village KRXX0110
Tamaroa Village KRXX0111
Tanaea Village KRXX0112
Tanaeag Village KRXX0113
Tanaeang Village KRXX0114
Tanekore Village KRXX0178
Tanimainiku KRXX0117
Taratai Village KRXX0119
Tarawa KRXX0002
Taribo KRXX0120
Tauma Village KRXX0121
Tebakauto KRXX0125
Tebanga Village KRXX0126
Tebero Village KRXX0128
Teitai Village KRXX0132
Tekaman Village KRXX0134
Tekawa Village KRXX0137
Tekuanga Village KRXX0138
Temaiku Village KRXX0139
Temanoku Village KRXX0140
Temao Village KRXX0141
Temotu Village KRXX0143
Tenenebo Village KRXX0180
Teraereke KRXX0146
Terikiai Village KRXX0147
Terokea KRXX0148
Tetabakea KRXX0149
Teteirio Village KRXX0150
Teuabu Village KRXX0151
Tewai Village KRXX0152
Toboiaki Village KRXX0153
Toora Village KRXX0155
Tuarabu Village KRXX0156
Umwa Village KRXX0159
Uteute Village KRXX0183
Utiroa Village KRXX0160