Weather Codes for Kenya

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Kenya. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abadarant KEXX3286
Abahama KEXX3287
Abak Dera KEXX3288
Abamagado KEXX2341
Abarati KEXX3289
Abarfarida KEXX0153
Abarot KEXX3290
Abdwak KEXX3291
Abla KEXX3292
Aburryo KEXX4014
Achipteruss KEXX4015
Achivwa KEXX0154
Ada KEXX0155
Adabota KEXX0156
Adada KEXX2342
Adadi Joli KEXX3293
Adawacheke KEXX4016
Ade KEXX3294
Ade Dertu KEXX3295
Aden Awale KEXX3296
Adilakapel KEXX4017
Adile KEXX0157
Adomeyan KEXX4019
Adrukoit KEXX4020
Afalo KEXX3297
Afambuk KEXX3298
Afar KEXX2343
Afwein KEXX3299
Aga KEXX0158
Agetogir KEXX4021
Agoro KEXX3827
Agota KEXX4022
Aguleiakirr KEXX4023
Ahero KEXX3828
Aichara KEXX4024
Ainamoi KEXX4025
Aisere KEXX5692
Aiyangiyang KEXX4026
Ajao KEXX3300
Ajijik Naiborr KEXX4027
Aka Aiteputh KEXX4028
Aka-Buko KEXX0159
Akala KEXX3829
Akalar KEXX3301
Akalodak KEXX4029
Akangoramiriek KEXX4030
Akatuman KEXX4031
Akite KEXX5693
Akoringelech KEXX4032
Akoroyon KEXX4033
Akorukoru KEXX4034
Akumait KEXX4035
Alalban Dedach KEXX3302
Alale KEXX4037
Alale KEXX3303
Alango Gurru KEXX3304
Alango-Ndura KEXX0160
Alangochira KEXX0161
Alburkaina KEXX4038
Algi KEXX0162
Ali Golo KEXX3305
Alibabu KEXX0163
Alidubou KEXX3306
Alijarire KEXX3307
Aljiju KEXX4039
Alongo Kalecha KEXX0164
Alowalan KEXX4040
Alphega KEXX4041
Aluaran KEXX4042
Amairo KEXX5694
Amakura KEXX5695
Amakuriat KEXX4043
Amase KEXX5696
Ambira KEXX3831
Amboseli KEXX4044
Amerithinyin KEXX4045
Amojo KEXX4046
Amongura KEXX5697
Amunyai KEXX4047
Amurwa KEXX4048
Analangata KEXX4049
Anamuton KEXX4050
Ananotu KEXX3308
Anasa KEXX0165
Aneko KEXX3833
Angata Baragoi KEXX4051
Angata Eingata KEXX4052
Angata Loita KEXX4053
Angata Naado KEXX4054
Angata Olduroroi KEXX4055
Anglogitat KEXX4056
Angolol KEXX4057
Angorangora KEXX4058
Anikia KEXX0166
Anio KEXX3309
Ankish KEXX0167
Anyieka KEXX3834
Anzwani KEXX0168
Apach KEXX4059
Apegei KEXX5698
Apirra KEXX4060
Apuke KEXX4061
Ar Asal KEXX3310
Arabia KEXX3311
Arabuko KEXX0169
Aradi KEXX3312
Arama KEXX4062
Arano KEXX2344
Araranga KEXX4063
Arba Jahan KEXX2345
Arbodi KEXX3313
Arbole KEXX2346
Arbotei KEXX2347
Archers Post KEXX0021
Arda Dadaja KEXX3314
Arda Halo KEXX3316
Ardabadana KEXX2348
Arithi KEXX0170
Arorr KEXX4064
Arosen KEXX0171
Arsa Abula KEXX3317
Arwos KEXX4065
Asa KEXX0172
Asawo KEXX3835
Asembo KEXX3836
Ashuwei KEXX0173
Asille KEXX2349
Asururiet KEXX4066
Atagirion KEXX4067
Atara KEXX3837
Atecheka Penya KEXX4068
Atelaiti KEXX5699
Athi KEXX2350
Athi Basin KEXX2351
Athi River KEXX0001
Athi-Tiva Scheme KEXX2352
Athinai KEXX4069
Attilili KEXX2353
Aurare KEXX0174
Aus Maduli KEXX3318
Awach Tende KEXX3838
Awal Abdulla KEXX3319
Awasi KEXX3839
Awaunyatun KEXX4070
Aweyon KEXX3320
Awino KEXX3840
Awocho KEXX2354
Ayanade KEXX2355
Ayena Etuthuru KEXX4071
Ayugis KEXX3842
Baata KEXX4073
Babo Soble KEXX3321
Bad Arero KEXX2356
Badanota KEXX3322
Badesa KEXX0175
Badusa KEXX2357
Bagaga KEXX2358
Baha Kwenu KEXX0176
Bahakanda KEXX0177
Bahati KEXX2359
Bahati KEXX3762
Bahuri KEXX3323
Bajumwali KEXX0178
Baktili KEXX3324
Balawa KEXX3325
Balbal Olera KEXX4075
Balguda KEXX0179
Baloble KEXX3326
Bamanzi KEXX0180
Bamba KEXX0181
Bamba Hola KEXX3327
Bambo KEXX0182
Bamburi KEXX0183
Bamburi Beach KEXX0184
Ban Wira Wira KEXX3328
Bandari KEXX0185
Bandatsaha KEXX0187
Bande KEXX0023
Banga KEXX0188
Banissa KEXX3329
Banya KEXX0189
Banyali KEXX3330
Baomo Lodge KEXX0190
Bar Olengo KEXX3843
Bara Hoyo KEXX0191
Baragoi KEXX4076
Baragulu KEXX3844
Baraka KEXX3845
Baraka Chembe KEXX0192
Barale KEXX3331
Barani KEXX0193
Bararani KEXX0194
Baratiro KEXX3332
Barbarisa KEXX3333
Barchuma Dika KEXX2360
Barchuma Guda KEXX2361
Barchumabodich KEXX2362
Bargoni KEXX0195
Baricho KEXX0196
Barigito KEXX1487
Baringo KEXX4077
Barisho KEXX1488
Barkisuu KEXX0197
Barkitabu KEXX4078
Barkowino KEXX3846
Barkurunyo KEXX2363
Barligh KEXX3334
Barole KEXX0198
Barsalinga KEXX4079
Barsaloi KEXX4080
Barsemoi KEXX4081
Bartabwa KEXX4082
Bartimaro KEXX4083
Bartolimo KEXX4084
Baruti KEXX3335
Barwesa KEXX4085
Bashak Bar KEXX3336
Bashwani KEXX0199
Bata KEXX3337
Batani KEXX0200
Baure KEXX3338
Bauwa KEXX4086
Bauwa KEXX2364
Bavigito KEXX1489
Bawaya KEXX0201
Bawrale Eimole KEXX3339
Bazo KEXX0202
Belewa KEXX0203
Belle Vue KEXX1490
Benane KEXX2365
Benditai KEXX4087
Bengoni KEXX0204
Benhard Estate KEXX3763
Ber Ber Bahar KEXX3340
Ber Hawamadi KEXX3341
Bereito Wasania KEXX0205
Bergudud KEXX3342
Bero KEXX3343
Bfunbe KEXX0206
Bibithole KEXX0207
Bibitoli KEXX0208
Biche KEXX2366
Biche KEXX3344
Bidimole KEXX0209
Biefendale KEXX4088
Bil Bil KEXX0210
Bilel Bur Bur KEXX3345
Bili KEXX0211
Biliftu KEXX3346
Biliki KEXX2367
Bilil KEXX4089
Bilis KEXX3347
Bilisa KEXX0212
Biretwo KEXX4090
Birini KEXX0213
Birithia KEXX1491
Bisika KEXX3348
Bitin KEXX4091
Biyadi KEXX0214
Biyagadod KEXX3349
Bobasi KEXX3847
Bobongi KEXX4092
Boboro KEXX0215
Bodhei KEXX0216
Bodish KEXX3350
Bofu KEXX0217
Bogichora KEXX3848
Bogola KEXX0218
Bogonsar KEXX3351
Bohl Budde KEXX3352
Bohoni KEXX0219
Boisanga KEXX3849
Bokalta KEXX0220
Boke KEXX2368
Bokola KEXX3353
Bole KEXX3354
Bolinerok KEXX4093
Boloini KEXX2369
Boma KEXX1492
Boma Upande KEXX0221
Boma Valley KEXX2370
Bomani KEXX0222
Bombo KEXX0223
Bomet KEXX4094
Bondeni KEXX0224
Bondo KEXX0024
Bondoni KEXX2371
Bongonoko KEXX0225
Bonkoka KEXX0226
Bonyamatuta KEXX3851
Bonyarorande KEXX3852
Bonyunyu KEXX3853
Bora Imani KEXX0227
Boraga KEXX3355
Boraich KEXX4095
Boralgi KEXX3356
Boransis KEXX3357
Bore KEXX0228
Boro KEXX3854
Borokot KEXX4096
Borrowet KEXX4097
Bosamaro East KEXX3855
Bosgobo KEXX2372
Botabori KEXX3856
Bowa KEXX0229
Boyami KEXX0230
Boyani KEXX0231
Brackenhurst KEXX0025
Broderick Falls KEXX0026
Bua KEXX2373
Bubesa KEXX0232
Bububu KEXX0233
Bude KEXX3358
Buito KEXX0234
Buji Albati KEXX0235
Bujwane KEXX5700
Bukangasi KEXX3857
Buketwavi KEXX0236
Bukira KEXX3858
Bukoma KEXX5701
Bulbul KEXX4098
Bule KEXX2374
Bule Baricha KEXX2375
Bule Boda KEXX2376
Bule Dakala KEXX3359
Bule Daufat KEXX2377
Bule Diko KEXX2378
Bule Dokole KEXX2379
Bule Galla Adano KEXX2380
Bule Hawala KEXX2381
Bule Jaldess KEXX2382
Bule Kalo KEXX2383
Bule Khalo KEXX2384
Bule Koronyanyo KEXX2385
Bule Mume KEXX3360
Bule Sabor KEXX2386
Bule Sabor KEXX3361
Bule Siwana KEXX2387
Bule Wacho KEXX2388
Bule Wangaga KEXX2389
Bulemia KEXX5702
Bulfaji KEXX0237
Buloi KEXX2390
Bulto Mori KEXX3362
Bultohama KEXX3363
Bulungo KEXX3859
Bulwani KEXX3860
Bumala KEXX5703
Bumbani KEXX0238
Bumbu KEXX0239
Bumburia KEXX3861
Bumudondo KEXX3862
Buna KEXX3364
Bunaba KEXX3863
Bundini KEXX0240
Bungoma KEXX0027
Bungule KEXX0241
Bunta Mbili KEXX0242
Bunyore KEXX5704
Bur Beit KEXX3365
Bur Gavse KEXX3366
Bur Maiyo Kondi KEXX3367
Bur Mayo KEXX3368
Bur-Boddo KEXX0243
Bura KEXX0244
Bura KEXX3369
Bura Kofira KEXX0245
Buragioaga KEXX0246
Burani KEXX0247
Burarot KEXX2391
Burdile KEXX3370
Burgi KEXX2392
Burgia KEXX3371
Burgich KEXX4099
Burji KEXX2393
Burnt Forest KEXX4100
Burro KEXX2394
Burrungat KEXX4101
Burujini KEXX0248
Busa KEXX0249
Busa KEXX3372
Busho KEXX0250
Busia KEXX5705
Busike KEXX3864
Buta KEXX3373
Bute Helu KEXX3374
Buteba KEXX5706
Butere KEXX0028
Butsotso KEXX5707
Bwaga Macho KEXX0251
Bwagamoyo KEXX0252
Bwirege KEXX3865
Bwoka KEXX0253
Cha Shimba KEXX0254
Cha Simba KEXX0255
Chabloit KEXX4102
Chai KEXX0256
Chaichai KEXX4103
Chake Hoga KEXX2395
Chakole KEXX5708
Chala KEXX0257
Chalaluma KEXX0258
Chalangwa KEXX0259
Chalani KEXX0260
Chambaraga KEXX2396
Chamich KEXX3375
Chamwanamuma KEXX0261
Chanani KEXX0262
Changamwe KEXX0263
Changeya KEXX5709
Changinwe KEXX2397
Changonde KEXX1493
Chaparaki KEXX4104
Chapei KEXX4105
Chapot KEXX4106
Chapranoya KEXX4107
Chapulo KEXX4108
Chares KEXX4109
Chawia KEXX0264
Chebara KEXX4110
Chebekater KEXX5710
Cheberen KEXX4111
Chebiemit KEXX4112
Chebior KEXX4113
Cheboin KEXX4114
Chebokokwa KEXX4116
Chebuin KEXX4117
Chebunge KEXX4118
Chebungus KEXX4119
Chebusyenya KEXX5711
Chebweki KEXX5712
Chegeini KEXX1494
Chegisan KEXX4120
Chehe KEXX1495
Chelebe KEXX5713
Chelelemuk KEXX5714
Chemagel KEXX4121
Chemaner KEXX4122
Chemasiri KEXX5715
Chematu KEXX2398
Chemeroi KEXX4123
Chemngolos KEXX4124
Chemnirot KEXX4125
Chemogoch KEXX4126
Chemogokwa KEXX4127
Chemoigut KEXX4128
Chemoikut KEXX4129
Chemosit KEXX4130
Chemosusu KEXX4131
Chemuse KEXX5716
Chemusuk KEXX4132
Chemuswo KEXX4133
Chemwochoi KEXX4134
Chemwoien KEXX4135
Chemwote KEXX4136
Chenekek KEXX4137
Chengo KEXX0265
Chep Koghen KEXX4138
Chep Tukol KEXX4139
Chepalmach KEXX4140
Chepareria KEXX4141
Chepelion KEXX4142
Chepengoi KEXX5717
Chepkesin KEXX4143
Chepkoi KEXX4144
Chepkolon KEXX4145
Chepkongho KEXX4146
Chepkongul KEXX4147
Chepkopit KEXX4148
Chepkorio KEXX4149
Chepkuloi KEXX4150
Chepkum KEXX4151
Chepropoi KEXX4152
Cheptagum KEXX4153
Cheptai KEXX5718
Cheptamet KEXX4154
Cheptaram KEXX4155
Cheptebes KEXX4156
Cheptik KEXX5719
Cheptilmeril KEXX4157
Cheptiret KEXX4158
Cheptonge KEXX4159
Cheptuimet KEXX4160
Cheptulel KEXX4161
Cheptulil KEXX4162
Chepunyal KEXX4163
Chepurwa KEXX4164
Chereremet KEXX4165
Cheronge KEXX1496
Chesakaki KEXX5720
Chesauilmet KEXX4166
Chesirimion KEXX4167
Chesmarapa KEXX3376
Chesoi KEXX4168
Chesolop KEXX4169
Chesor KEXX4170
Chewani KEXX0266
Chewarain KEXX4171
Chewele KEXX3377
Chiananda KEXX2399
Chiandonga KEXX2400
Chiba KEXX1497
Chibotoni KEXX0267
Chibuga KEXX0268
Chieko KEXX1498
Chifiri KEXX0269
Chigowe KEXX0270
Chikola KEXX0271
Chikosi KEXX0272
Chilkararotu KEXX3378
Chimtakuikui KEXX4172
Chingwede KEXX0273
Chiokarige KEXX0029
Chipder KEXX3379
Chirimachagona KEXX0274
Chiromo KEXX3764
Chirte Hiyesa KEXX0275
Choba KEXX0030
Chogoria KEXX0031
Chokaa KEXX0276
Choke KEXX0277
Cholechole KEXX0278
Chomboni KEXX2401
Chome KEXX2402
Chomo KEXX1499
Chonye KEXX0279
Chopo KEXX2403
Choremeyen KEXX4173
Chorom KEXX4174
Chororget KEXX4175
Chorwa KEXX4176
Choto KEXX4177
Chowei KEXX4178
Chsyiani KEXX2404
Chui KEXX1500
Chuini KEXX0280
Chuka KEXX2405
Chumburu KEXX0281
Chundwa KEXX0282
Chura KEXX1501
Churkuro KEXX2406
Churo Reserve KEXX4179
Chwaka KEXX0283
Chyulu Hills KEXX2407
City Estate KEXX3765
Coast Land Unit KEXX0284
Cokereria KEXX4180
Copra KEXX0285
Corner ya Daudi KEXX0286
Daba KEXX0287
Daba Huka KEXX3380
Daba Re KEXX3381
Daba Siti KEXX3382
Dabadera KEXX3383
Dabar KEXX3384
Dabasamoga KEXX2409
Dabeit KEXX3385
Dabel KEXX2410
Dabida KEXX0288
Dad Dogh KEXX3386
Dad-Abas KEXX3387
Dadacha Iresa KEXX3390
Dadacha Mosa KEXX3392
Dadacha Obo KEXX2411
Dadech On Ajoo KEXX3393
Dadilash KEXX3394
Dadol KEXX3395
Dadu Sala Okauti KEXX0289
Dagamra KEXX0290
Daghani KEXX2412
Dagoretti KEXX3766
Dagurugurueti KEXX4181
Daka Baru KEXX3396
Daka Bawr KEXX3397
Daka Choma KEXX3398
Daka Dadaba KEXX3399
Daka Horr KEXX3400
Daka Wachu KEXX0291
Daka-Buko KEXX0292
Daka-Dadolola KEXX0293
Dakacha KEXX0294
Dakadim KEXX2413
Dakadima KEXX2414
Dakawachu KEXX0295
Dakaye KEXX3401
Dakka Jarti KEXX2415
Daku KEXX2416
Dalecha KEXX2417
Dalgube KEXX0296
Dalu KEXX0297
Damasa KEXX0298
Damasa KEXX3402
Dambale KEXX0299
Dambi KEXX0300
Dandora KEXX3767
Danicha KEXX3403
Danisa KEXX0301
Danyeful KEXX3404
Dar es Salaam KEXX3405
Dara Baruso KEXX2418
Darajani KEXX2419
Darasha ya Mawe KEXX4182
Dare KEXX0302
Darkega KEXX3406
Darken Faiyu KEXX3407
Darken Fulo KEXX3408
Darken Saden KEXX3409
Darken Sedeni KEXX3410
Darmah KEXX3411
Daruka-Karicho KEXX0303
Dasati KEXX4183
Davan KEXX3412
Dawsonville KEXX4184
Debani KEXX5721
Dedach Bresa KEXX2420
Dedach Chebra KEXX2421
Dedach Elele KEXX2422
Dedach Lokhole KEXX2423
Dedach Milsadetu KEXX2424
Dedach Murti KEXX3413
Degega KEXX3414
Dela KEXX4185
Dela KEXX3415
Dembwa KEXX0304
Denge KEXX0305
Denyenye KEXX0306
Derib Gundi KEXX3416
Derikes KEXX4186
Derkali KEXX3417
Deshek Fino KEXX3418
Dharaka KEXX2425
Diamono KEXX2426
Dianga KEXX3866
Diani KEXX0307
Diani Beach KEXX0308
Diban-Dibe KEXX0309
Dibayu KEXX3419
Dibe KEXX3420
Dibe KEXX0310
Dibe Mangudo KEXX0311
Dida KEXX0312
Dida Chamu KEXX3421
Dida Duka Bora KEXX2428
Dida Galgalu KEXX2429
Dida Ghalu KEXX3422
Dida Gola KEXX2430
Dida Mahmud KEXX3423
Dida Wachuf KEXX3424
Dida Waredi KEXX0313
Didentu KEXX3425
Didoya KEXX2431
Dif KEXX3426
Difatha KEXX1502
Digarradal KEXX4187
Digira KEXX3427
Digiro KEXX4188
Digirr Osirigon KEXX4189
Digo KEXX0314
Digo Settlement KEXX0315
Diko KEXX3428
Dilgub KEXX3429
Dilmalyali KEXX3430
Dimiko KEXX3431
Dimiko Guda KEXX3432
Dindiri KEXX0316
Dirib Madera KEXX3433
Diririsa KEXX0317
Dirribere KEXX2432
Dishegu KEXX3434
Divayo KEXX0318
Dobel KEXX2433
Dodori KEXX0319
Dogogicha KEXX3435
Doi KEXX3436
Dokoya Olkeju KEXX4190
Dole KEXX4191
Dolisho KEXX4192
Dololo KEXX3437
Dololo KEXX0320
Dololo Barsiri KEXX2434
Dololo Bohol KEXX3438
Dololo Maderi KEXX3439
Don Dol KEXX4193
Dondo KEXX0321
Dondori KEXX1503
Dongoni KEXX0322
Donya Kabort KEXX3440
Doonholm KEXX3768
Dovale KEXX3441
Dudi KEXX3867
Dudu KEXX0323
Dueadera KEXX3442
Dugaha KEXX3443
Dugda Dera KEXX3444
Dugumura KEXX0324
Duharu KEXX0325
Dukdi Dera KEXX3445
Duke KEXX3446
Duke Galla KEXX3447
Duldul KEXX0326
Dulololokhora KEXX2435
Dulukiza KEXX0327
Dumbuie KEXX0328
Dumbule KEXX0329
Dumi KEXX0330
Dundani KEXX0331
Dundori KEXX1504
Dungicha KEXX0332
Duruder KEXX2436
Duruma KEXX0333
Dururumu KEXX1505
Duse KEXX3448
Dusot KEXX2437
Dusota KEXX2438
Duwayo KEXX0334
Dwa KEXX2439
Dzendereni KEXX0335
Dzirihini KEXX0336
Dzirive KEXX0337
Dzitsuhe KEXX0338
Dzivani KEXX0339
Dzombo KEXX0340
Dzomeni KEXX0341
Dzuhoramawe KEXX0342
Eastern Africa KEXX1506
Eastleigh KEXX3769
Eburemia KEXX5722
Eburrin KEXX4194
Ebusonga KEXX3868
Edagiri KEXX3449
Ee Endei KEXX2440
Ege KEXX0343
Egedole KEXX2441
Egei KEXX3450
Egelale KEXX0344
Egu KEXX0345
Eimole KEXX3451
Ekarakara KEXX2442
Ekaru KEXX1507
Ekatetemai KEXX4196
El Baleisa Gara KEXX2443
El Ben KEXX0032
El Bulo KEXX2444
El Dera KEXX2445
El Guda KEXX2446
El Jera KEXX0346
El Wak KEXX3452
El Yibo KEXX2447
Elaa KEXX3453
Elangalangaik KEXX4197
Elangata Wuas KEXX4199
Elboitong KEXX4200
Elburgon KEXX0033
Eldama Ravine KEXX0034
Eldoinyo Inchok KEXX4201
Eldoret KEXX0020
Elebaan KEXX4202
Elefantogoja KEXX0347
Eleni Tok KEXX3454
Elgess KEXX2448
Elisha KEXX3869
Elkilongyeti KEXX4203
Elleshope KEXX4204
Elmenteita KEXX4205
Elmokotani KEXX4206
Eloriti KEXX4207
Emali KEXX4209
Emaroroi KEXX4210
Emarti KEXX4211
Emasatsi KEXX5723
Emausi KEXX0348
Embakasi KEXX3770
Embalbal Naresho KEXX4212
Embalbal Ooikwit KEXX4213
Embaluai KEXX4215
Embaringoi KEXX4216
Embasos KEXX4217
Embogei KEXX4218
Embolioi KEXX4219
Embomoss KEXX4221
Embongit KEXX4222
Emboornarok KEXX4223
Embopopogni KEXX4224
Embu KEXX2449
Embui KEXX2450
Embuko KEXX4225
Embukoi KEXX4226
Emburbul KEXX4227
Emdin KEXX4228
Emetiot KEXX4229
Emining KEXX4230
Emmaloba KEXX5724
Empakasi KEXX3771
Empatipat KEXX4231
Emperon KEXX4232
Emukotan KEXX4233
Emurua Oleraito KEXX4234
Emurua Oremeta KEXX4235
Emuruentikirr KEXX4236
Emusya KEXX0349
Ena KEXX0036
Enabilibil KEXX4237
Enamatishoreki KEXX4238
Enangiperi KEXX4239
Endabash KEXX4240
Endarara KEXX4241
Endarasha KEXX4242
Endau KEXX2451
Endawa KEXX2452
Endebess KEXX0037
Enderit KEXX4243
Enderkesi KEXX4244
Endiabirir KEXX4245
Endiak KEXX4246
Endingi KEXX4247
Endo KEXX4248
Endoinyo Olkena KEXX4250
Endonyo Narok KEXX4251
Endororr KEXX1509
Endui KEXX2453
Enegerami KEXX4252
Enembeneyo KEXX4254
Enemisikio KEXX4255
Engaboli KEXX4256
Engeju Eiti KEXX4257
Engeju Elerai KEXX4258
Engem KEXX4259
Engenjeemie KEXX4260
Enguli KEXX2454
Engumatisho KEXX4261
Enkaroni KEXX4263
Enkashe KEXX4264
Enkereri KEXX4265
Enkilelengi KEXX4266
Enkirigirri KEXX4267
Enkisoro KEXX4268
Enkiu KEXX4269
Enkoirera KEXX4270
Enkokidongoi KEXX4271
Enkorika KEXX4272
Enkoyiankalani KEXX4273
Enkungalal KEXX4274
Enkusero KEXX2455
Enkusero Ombuko KEXX4275
Enkusero Sambu KEXX4276
Entapot KEXX4278
Entasekera KEXX4279
Enteani KEXX4280
Entepes KEXX4281
Entingaser KEXX4282
Entontol KEXX4283
Enyali KEXX2456
Enzai KEXX2457
Enzu KEXX2458
Eorengitok KEXX4284
Eoret Narasha KEXX4285
Eotoud KEXX4286
Epeiyelel KEXX4287
Epiya Chapeyu KEXX2459
Epiya Tuni KEXX2460
Erakwait KEXX4288
Ereyon KEXX4289
Erira KEXX2461
Eris Bona KEXX2462
Eroret KEXX4290
Erusia KEXX4291
Esageri KEXX4292
Esaigeri KEXX4293
Esambu Keke KEXX4294
Escarpment KEXX1510
Eseki KEXX4295
Eserusopia KEXX4296
Eshu KEXX0350
Esinon KEXX4297
Esita KEXX4298
Esiteti KEXX4299
Esoit Naibor KEXX4300
Esokota KEXX4301
Esonorua KEXX4302
Esosian KEXX4303
Etepi Epewoi KEXX4304
Ethinyai KEXX4305
Evindu KEXX2463
Ewaso Kedong KEXX1511
Eyanaingulileu KEXX4306
Fafabare KEXX0351
Fafi KEXX3455
Fafsula KEXX3456
Fairthorne KEXX4307
Famuni KEXX0352
Fanjua KEXX3457
Farena KEXX3458
Faza KEXX0353
Figini KEXX0354
Fikirini KEXX0355
Finan Gos KEXX2464
Finno KEXX3459
Fitesa KEXX3460
Folaad KEXX3461
Fort Hall KEXX0038
Fort Ternan KEXX4308
Frere Town KEXX0356
Fudiwein KEXX3462
Fuldiko KEXX3463
Funan Burara KEXX3464
Funan Teso Boru KEXX3465
Funanosa KEXX3466
Fundisa KEXX0357
Fundisa Kibaoni KEXX0358
Funga Zombo KEXX0359
Funzi KEXX0360
Fur Fus KEXX3467
Furaha KEXX0361
Futun KEXX4309
Gababa KEXX3468
Gabani KEXX3469
Gabo KEXX0362
Gacharage KEXX1512
Gacharageini KEXX1513
Gacharaigu KEXX1514
Gacharu KEXX1515
Gachatha KEXX1516
Gachege KEXX1517
Gachichi KEXX1518
Gachie KEXX3772
Gachika KEXX1519
Gachirero KEXX1520
Gachocho KEXX1521
Gachoiri KEXX1522
Gachoka KEXX2465
Gachugi KEXX1523
Gachuiro KEXX1524
Gachuku KEXX1525
Gacogu KEXX1526
Gadamsa KEXX2466
Gader KEXX3470
Gagaba KEXX3471
Gagal Beid KEXX3472
Gagoget Nagwatan KEXX4310
Gaichanjiru KEXX1527
Gaikundo KEXX1528
Gaikuyu KEXX1529
Gaitara KEXX1530
Gaitega KEXX1531
Gaithege KEXX1532
Gakanga KEXX1533
Gakarara KEXX1534
Gakira KEXX1535
Gakoe KEXX1536
Gakoi KEXX1537
Gakui KEXX1538
Gakuo KEXX1539
Gakuoini KEXX1540
Gakurwe KEXX1541
Gakuyu KEXX1542
Gakwegore KEXX2467
Galafahi KEXX5725
Galanema KEXX0363
Gale Burkuke KEXX3473
Galgal KEXX3474
Galgal Dibid KEXX3475
Galgala Gombo KEXX3476
Galgalot KEXX3477
Galili KEXX0364
Galma Galla KEXX3478
Galu KEXX0365
Galu Mwaepe KEXX0366
Gamada KEXX3479
Gamalenga KEXX4311
Gamba KEXX0367
Gambani KEXX0368
Gambola KEXX3480
Gamole KEXX3481
Gamun KEXX3482
Gananema KEXX0369
Ganda KEXX0370
Gandani KEXX0371
Gandini KEXX0372
Ganze KEXX0373
Ganzoni KEXX0374
Gapara KEXX4312
Gapuss KEXX4313
Garas KEXX3483
Garasamuke KEXX2468
Garasgot KEXX3484
Garashi KEXX0375
Garawa KEXX0376
Garba KEXX2469
Garba Mamo KEXX3485
Garba Tula KEXX0039
Gari KEXX3486
Garibete KEXX0377
Garissa KEXX0016
Garitei KEXX4314
Gariyaba KEXX2470
Garrbich KEXX2471
Garrma KEXX4315
Garrse KEXX2472
Garsa KEXX2473
Garse Jirma KEXX2474
Garse Sala KEXX3487
Garse-Kore KEXX0378
Garsegaba KEXX3488
Garsen KEXX0379
Garusuota KEXX0380
Gatakaini KEXX1543
Gatamaiyu KEXX1544
Gatanga KEXX1545
Gatangara KEXX1546
Gatare KEXX1547
Gategi KEXX1548
Gatei KEXX1549
Gateiguru KEXX1550
Gatha-ini KEXX1551
Gathage KEXX1552
Gathagi KEXX1553
Gathairu KEXX1554
Gathaithi KEXX1555
Gathambi KEXX1556
Gathambiro KEXX1557
Gathanga KEXX3773
Gathangwi KEXX1558
Gathanje KEXX1559
Gathanji KEXX1560
Gatharaini KEXX3774
Gathegi KEXX4316
Gathegia KEXX1561
Gathehu KEXX1562
Gathera KEXX1563
Gatheru KEXX1564
Gathiga KEXX1565
Gathigio KEXX1566
Gathigira KEXX1567
Gathigiriri KEXX1568
Gathima KEXX1569
Gathimbiro KEXX1570
Gathinja KEXX1571
Gathiriga KEXX1572
Gathiruini KEXX1573
Gathithina KEXX1574
Gathuga KEXX1575
Gathugu KEXX1576
Gathukiini KEXX1577
Gathumbi KEXX1578
Gathundia KEXX1579
Gathungururu KEXX1580
Gathuthi KEXX1581
Gathuthuma KEXX1582
Gatiabai KEXX1583
Gatiaini KEXX1584
Gatiguru KEXX1585
Gatimu KEXX1586
Gatina KEXX1587
Gatissa KEXX1588
Gatithi KEXX1589
Gatitu KEXX1590
Gatitu B KEXX1591
Gatuanibu KEXX1592
Gatugi One KEXX1593
Gatugi Two KEXX1594
Gatukuyu KEXX1595
Gatumbara KEXX4317
Gatumbi KEXX1596
Gatumbiru KEXX1597
Gatundu KEXX1598
Gatunduri KEXX2475
Gatunga KEXX2476
Gatunganga KEXX1599
Gatunguru KEXX1600
Gatura KEXX1601
Gaturi KEXX2477
Gaturi KEXX1602
Gaturiri KEXX1603
Gatuto KEXX1604
Gatuya KEXX1605
Gatuyaini KEXX1606
Gatwamba KEXX1607
Gatwe KEXX1608
Gazi KEXX2478
Gazi KEXX0041
Gede KEXX0381
Geilo KEXX3489
Geitwa KEXX1609
Gekandu KEXX1610
Gekuuri KEXX2479
Gelai KEXX4318
Gembis KEXX3490
Gesa KEXX2480
Gethemu KEXX2481
Ghalamani KEXX0382
Ghobahara KEXX3491
Ghu Lulate KEXX3492
Giachamwengi KEXX1611
Giachumi KEXX1612
Giagachucha KEXX1613
Giagatika KEXX1614
Giagithu KEXX1615
Giaitu KEXX1616
Giakaibii KEXX1617
Giakibii KEXX1618
Giathenge KEXX1619
Giathieko KEXX1620
Giathugu One KEXX1621
Giathugu Two KEXX1622
Gichage KEXX4319
Gichagiini KEXX1623
Gicharani KEXX1624
Gicheha KEXX1625
Gichera KEXX2482
Gicheru KEXX1626
Gichiche KEXX2483
Gichiengo KEXX1627
Gichira KEXX1628
Gichocho KEXX1629
Gichongo KEXX1630
Gichoto KEXX1631
Gichugu KEXX1632
Gichuru KEXX1634
Gikambura KEXX1635
Gikaru KEXX1636
Gikerere KEXX1637
Gikigie KEXX1638
Gikiriri KEXX1639
Gikoe KEXX1640
Gikomora KEXX1641
Gikondi KEXX1642
Gikui KEXX1643
Gikunguru KEXX1644
Gikure KEXX1645
Gikuu KEXX1646
Gilai KEXX4320
Gilenya KEXX4321
Gilgil KEXX1647
Gilgil KEXX0042
Gimba KEXX0383
Gingo KEXX3493
Giriama KEXX0384
Girietu KEXX3494
Giriftu KEXX0043
Giriftu Harade KEXX2484
Gitare KEXX2485
Gitaro KEXX1649
Gitaru KEXX1650
Gitathi KEXX1651
Gitathi-ini KEXX1652
Gitero KEXX1653
Githagara KEXX1654
Githagoya KEXX1655
Githakwa KEXX1656
Githamba KEXX1657
Githambo KEXX1658
Githanga KEXX1659
Githega KEXX1660
Githembe KEXX1661
Githerere KEXX1662
Githerioni KEXX1663
Githiga KEXX1664
Githiga A KEXX1665
Githiga B KEXX1666
Githigui KEXX1667
Githima KEXX1668
Githima KEXX2486
Githinga B KEXX1669
Githioro KEXX1670
Githioroni KEXX1672
Githiringu KEXX1673
Githiru KEXX1674
Githoito KEXX1675
Githugi KEXX1676
Githumu KEXX1677
Githunguri KEXX0044
Githunguru KEXX1679
Githurai KEXX3775
Githurai KEXX4322
Githuri KEXX1680
Githuya KEXX1681
Gitige KEXX1682
Gitiha KEXX1683
Gitithia KEXX1684
Gititu KEXX1685
Gitombo KEXX1686
Gituamba KEXX1687
Gituandaga KEXX4323
Gituathi KEXX1688
Gituge KEXX1689
Gitugu KEXX1690
Gitui KEXX1691
Gitumbi KEXX1692
Gitunduti KEXX1693
Gitura KEXX1694
Gituru KEXX1695
Gituto KEXX1696
Gitwamba KEXX1697
Gitwe KEXX1698
Gitweku KEXX1699
Gobelia KEXX4324
Gobo KEXX0385
Gochobolok KEXX4325
Gochodin KEXX4326
Godana-Abio KEXX0386
Godanabio KEXX0387
Godo KEXX0388
Godoma KEXX0389
Godoni KEXX0390
Gogo La Deri KEXX0391
Gogo La Mgama KEXX0392
Goitigo KEXX4327
Goitu KEXX2487
Golbanti KEXX0393
Golecha KEXX0394
Golini KEXX0395
Golja KEXX3495
Golo KEXX0396
Gololbi KEXX3496
Gombato KEXX0397
Gombo KEXX2488
Gombola KEXX3497
Gomesa KEXX0398
Gongoni KEXX0045
Gonja KEXX0400
Gorasu KEXX0401
Gorigori KEXX0402
Goro Waitchu KEXX2489
Goroba KEXX4328
Gors KEXX3870
Gorya KEXX5726
Gosagosi KEXX4329
Goshi KEXX0403
Got Osimbo KEXX3871
Gotani KEXX0404
Greystones KEXX4330
Grubabewa KEXX2490
Gtaru Scheme KEXX2491
Guba Barbaresa KEXX2492
Guba Hereba KEXX2493
Gubanargesa KEXX0405
Gubatu KEXX0406
Gudabatu KEXX3499
Gudas KEXX2494
Gududiyu KEXX3500
Gulanze KEXX0407
Guni Wakhora KEXX3501
Gunyu KEXX0408
Gura Gura KEXX1700
Guris KEXX3502
Gurleyo KEXX4331
Guruguru KEXX0409
Gurujo KEXX0410
Gurumum KEXX4332
Gutini KEXX0411
Gwano KEXX0412
Gwitu KEXX4333
Habaswein KEXX3503
Habecho-Galle KEXX0413
Habecho-Ilka KEXX0414
Habul KEXX3504
Hadado KEXX2495
Hadado Gof KEXX3505
Hadama-Lon-Dullo KEXX0415
Hadu KEXX0416
Hagarso KEXX3506
Hagarsu KEXX3507
Hai Gabisa KEXX3508
Haiya KEXX2496
Halo Badile KEXX3509
Halo Dike KEXX2497
Halo Guda KEXX3510
Haloli Ogorchi KEXX3511
Haluabagala KEXX0417
Hamadi Kiko KEXX0418
Hamale KEXX3512
Hamarais KEXX0419
Hames-Neka KEXX0420
Hameyi KEXX0421
Hameyi KEXX3513
Hamsia KEXX2498
Handadu KEXX3514
Handampia KEXX0422
Handarak KEXX3515
Handarako KEXX0423
Handaro KEXX3516
Handege KEXX1701
Hara KEXX0425
Hara KEXX3517
Hara Bawr KEXX2499
Hara Dima KEXX3518
Hara Hosle KEXX3519
Hara Hurile KEXX3520
Hara Mansa KEXX3521
Haraade KEXX3522
Harado KEXX2500
Harale KEXX3523
Harambee KEXX3776
Haranki KEXX3524
Harar Bagarse KEXX2501
Hareba KEXX2502
Harere KEXX3525
Hareri Hosle KEXX3526
Harerit KEXX2503
Haridfi KEXX3527
Harkisa KEXX0426
Haruru KEXX3528
Hasana KEXX3529
Hatha-ini KEXX1702
Hawacho Sambur KEXX3530
Hawacho Sharan KEXX2504
Hawal Ben KEXX3531
Hawal Buna KEXX3532
Hawal Jarso KEXX3533
Hawi KEXX4334
Hawthikora KEXX2505
Hedad KEXX2506
Hedida KEXX2507
Heho KEXX1703
Heldijor KEXX3534
Hemani KEXX0427
Heni Village KEXX1704
Henzamwenye KEXX0428
Hewani KEXX0429
Hidio KEXX0430
Hidio Marara KEXX0431
Highridge KEXX3777
Higlet KEXX3535
Hindi KEXX0432
Hindiwa KEXX0433
Hiraman KEXX0434
Hirbai KEXX3536
Hoeys Bridge KEXX4335
Hoi KEXX2508
Hola KEXX0435
Homa Bay KEXX3872
Homa Lime Kowuor KEXX3873
Horo Horo KEXX0436
Hotomarukwan KEXX4336
Huguini KEXX1705
Huho-ini KEXX1706
Huhoini KEXX1707
Hulo KEXX3537
Ianzoni KEXX2509
Ibrahim Uri KEXX3538
Ichachiri KEXX1708
Ichagaki KEXX1709
Ichagichiru KEXX1710
Ichamara KEXX1711
Icharuakano KEXX1712
Ichichi KEXX1713
Idokho KEXX3874
Idsowe KEXX0437
Igambangombe KEXX2510
Igikiro KEXX1714
Igoilacha KEXX0438
Ihigaini KEXX1715
Ihinga KEXX1716
Ihithe KEXX1717
Ihua KEXX1718
Ihuririo KEXX1719
Ihururu KEXX1720
Ihwagi KEXX1721
Iiana KEXX2511
Iiuni KEXX2512
Ijara KEXX3539
Ikaasu KEXX2513
Ikakindu KEXX1722
Ikalaasa KEXX2514
Ikalyoni KEXX2515
Ikanga KEXX0439
Ikangavya KEXX2516
Ikinu KEXX1723
Ikonge KEXX3875
Ikoo KEXX2517
Ikuma KEXX1724
Ikumbi KEXX1725
Ikundu KEXX1726
Ikungu KEXX2518
Ikutha KEXX2519
Ilaani KEXX2520
Iladu KEXX2521
Ilaingarunyeni KEXX4337
Ilasit KEXX4338
Ilbaa Oibor KEXX4339
Ilbartuk KEXX4340
Ilbisil KEXX0046
Ildebesare KEXX4341
Ildepen KEXX4342
Ildikti KEXX4343
Ileli Guda KEXX3540
Iliithuku KEXX2522
Ilika KEXX2523
Ilkabere KEXX3541
Ilkalkaloi KEXX4344
Ilkaraambuni KEXX4345
Ilkarin KEXX4346
Ilkeek KEXX4347
Ilkeek Sapuki KEXX4348
Ilkeekorok KEXX4349
Ilkerin KEXX4350
Ilkeyeko KEXX4351
Ilkirapuk KEXX2525
Ilkirimisho KEXX4352
Ilkiushin KEXX4353
Ilkuoneiyani KEXX4354
Illutot KEXX4355
Ilmarba KEXX4356
Ilmatapatu KEXX4357
Ilmeshuki KEXX4359
Ilmpusi Lempara KEXX2526
Ilngarua KEXX4360
Ilobi KEXX2527
Ilooiterre-Aik KEXX4361
Ilorgoit KEXX4362
Iloshon KEXX4363
Ilpartimaro KEXX4364
Ilpulduk KEXX4365
Ilpus KEXX4366
Iltepes Okurro KEXX4367
Iltilal KEXX4368
Iluai KEXX4370
Imale KEXX2528
Imayen KEXX4371
Iminuet KEXX4372
Impiron KEXX4373
Impolosi KEXX4374
Inchaldukin KEXX4375
Indoinyo Esambu KEXX4377
Ingegwi KEXX4378
Ingile KEXX0440
Injerian KEXX4379
Inkoirienito KEXX4380
Inkorikashi KEXX4381
Intinyika KEXX4382
Intona KEXX4383
Inyafaraka KEXX2529
Inyeka KEXX2530
Inyokoni KEXX2531
Irangi KEXX0441
Iregi KEXX1727
Iremito KEXX4384
Irese Ilodima KEXX2532
Irgimba KEXX4385
Iriguini KEXX1728
Irrisheta KEXX4386
Iruri KEXX1729
Isaani KEXX2533
Isampin KEXX4387
Isgois KEXX3542
Ishiara KEXX2534
Isilale KEXX4388
Isinon KEXX4389
Isinya KEXX4390
Isinya Oiborr KEXX4391
Isiolo KEXX0047
Isoge KEXX3876
Issas KEXX4393
Isuvya KEXX2536
Itaga KEXX1730
Itailale KEXX3543
Iteta KEXX2537
Itetani KEXX2538
Ithaithi KEXX1731
Ithangathi KEXX2539
Ithanji KEXX1732
Ithareni KEXX1733
Ithekahuno KEXX1734
Ithemboni KEXX2540
Ithenguri KEXX1735
Itheru KEXX1736
Ithigeini KEXX1737
Ithirameru KEXX1738
Ithoku KEXX2541
Ithumba KEXX2542
Itiani KEXX2543
Itiati KEXX1739
Itimu KEXX2544
Ititi KEXX2545
Ititu KEXX2546
Itoleka KEXX2547
Itugururu KEXX2548
Itumbule KEXX2549
Itundu KEXX1740
Ituru KEXX1741
Iuani KEXX2550
Iuuma KEXX2551
Iyego KEXX1742
Jaba Dimtu KEXX3544
Jahazini KEXX0442
Jalaluma KEXX0443
Jaldesa KEXX2553
Jaleny KEXX3877
Jambe KEXX0444
Jambele KEXX3545
Jambo KEXX4395
Jamhuri KEXX0445
Jamhuri Park KEXX3778
Jamji KEXX4396
Jamoni KEXX2554
Janjani KEXX0446
Janoni KEXX2555
Jara KEXX0447
Jara KEXX3546
Jara Jila KEXX3547
Jarabuni KEXX0448
Jarsaguda KEXX3548
Jarti Guda KEXX3549
Jego KEXX0449
Jelangor KEXX3550
Jera KEXX3878
Jeuri KEXX0450
Jibisa KEXX2556
Jila KEXX0451
Jilole KEXX3551
Jilore KEXX0452
Jimbo KEXX0453
Jimo KEXX3879
Jipe KEXX0454
Jiraa KEXX3552
Jirikokole KEXX0455
Jirime Gubata KEXX3553
Jirma KEXX3554
Jirole KEXX3555
Jirtoi KEXX3556
Jiweni KEXX0456
Jogolo KEXX0457
Jogoo KEXX4397
Jogoror KEXX4398
Jomvu KEXX0458
Jora KEXX0459
Jorore KEXX0460
Josephs KEXX3880
Jugulu KEXX3557
Juja KEXX1743
Jumba la Mtwana KEXX0461
Junda KEXX0462
Junja KEXX0463
Junju KEXX0464
Juu KEXX0465
Kaabwa KEXX4399
Kaaga KEXX2557
Kaagogi KEXX1744
Kaalim KEXX4400
Kaaling KEXX4401
Kaamisitu KEXX2558
Kaangini KEXX2559
Kaani KEXX2560
Kaathene KEXX2561
Kabaa KEXX2562
Kabage KEXX1745
Kabaloamet KEXX4402
Kabarak KEXX4403
Kabare KEXX1746
Kabarichan KEXX4404
Kabarnet KEXX0048
Kabartonjo KEXX4405
Kabaru KEXX1747
Kabaruso KEXX4406
Kabateni KEXX0466
Kabati KEXX1748
Kabati KEXX4407
Kabebero KEXX1749
Kabela Khumso KEXX2563
Kabelamaruk KEXX4408
Kabendo KEXX5727
Kabenka KEXX4409
Kabete KEXX3779
Kabetwa KEXX4410
Kabiboni KEXX0467
Kabieni KEXX0468
Kabimoi KEXX4411
Kabisaga KEXX4412
Kabiyet KEXX4413
Kabkuress KEXX4414
Kabluk KEXX4415
Kabobi KEXX3558
Kabochu KEXX1750
Kabodho KEXX3881
Kabola KEXX3882
Kaboladi KEXX4416
Kabondo KEXX3883
Kabonge KEXX2564
Kabonge KEXX1751
Kabuboni KEXX2565
Kabuguch KEXX4417
Kabukara KEXX5728
Kabuku KEXX1752
Kabuless KEXX4418
Kabulwa KEXX4419
Kabungwa KEXX4420
Kaburi KEXX5729
Kaburweti KEXX5730
Kabusitati KEXX5731
Kabuti KEXX1753
Kabuti KEXX4421
Kabuti KEXX2566
Kabweye KEXX0049
Kachacha KEXX3559
Kachakachom KEXX4422
Kachekilekinei KEXX4423
Kachimitwa KEXX4424
Kachini KEXX0469
Kacho Bawr KEXX3560
Kacho Dimu KEXX3561
Kachom KEXX4425
Kadakatiang KEXX4426
Kadakhsa KEXX3562
Kadenge KEXX3884
Kadimu KEXX3885
Kadou KEXX4427
Kadzandani KEXX0470
Kadzeweni KEXX0471
Kadzinuni KEXX0472
Kaembekaesha KEXX0473
Kafakuna KEXX2567
Kafeni KEXX0474
Kagaa KEXX1754
Kagaare KEXX2568
Kagaari KEXX2569
Kaganda KEXX1755
Kagarii KEXX1756
Kagere KEXX1757
Kagete KEXX4428
Kagicha KEXX1758
Kagio KEXX1759
Kagioini KEXX1760
Kagira KEXX1761
Kagisia KEXX4429
Kagondo KEXX1762
Kagongo KEXX1763
Kagonye KEXX1764
Kagumo KEXX1765
Kagumoini KEXX1766
Kagundu KEXX1767
Kagunduini KEXX1768
Kagurumo KEXX1769
Kaguthi KEXX1770
Kagwathi KEXX1771
Kagwe KEXX1772
Kagwongo KEXX1773
Kahaaro KEXX1774
Kahaini KEXX1775
Kaharati KEXX1776
Kaharo KEXX1777
Kahawa KEXX1778
Kahiga KEXX1779
Kahigaini KEXX0050
Kahithe KEXX1780
Kahuhia KEXX1781
Kahuho KEXX1782
Kahunguini KEXX1783
Kahuro KEXX1784
Kahuroine KEXX1785
Kahuruini KEXX1787
Kahuti KEXX1788
Kai KEXX2570
Kaiboi KEXX4430
Kaichapkoi KEXX4431
Kaichom KEXX4432
Kaiendu KEXX2571
Kailembwa KEXX2572
Kailerr KEXX4433
Kaimadera KEXX3563
Kaimba KEXX1789
Kaimokol KEXX4434
Kaimomosin KEXX4435
Kaimosi KEXX0051
Kaimu KEXX2573
Kaindu KEXX2574
Kainos KEXX4436
Kainyeng KEXX4437
Kainyunyok KEXX4438
Kaipakapon KEXX4439
Kaipet KEXX4440
Kaipokwokai KEXX4441
Kairi KEXX1790
Kairi Ka Igamba KEXX1791
Kairo KEXX1792
Kairuri KEXX2575
Kairuthi KEXX1793
Kaisamoi KEXX4442
Kaitapai KEXX4443
Kaitheri KEXX1794
Kaithimeriga KEXX4444
Kaithinganyang KEXX4445
Kaituiy KEXX4446
Kaiyaba KEXX1795
Kaiyangaruk KEXX4447
Kajiado KEXX0052
Kajichoni KEXX0475
Kajimbo KEXX3886
Kajinga KEXX1796
Kajire KEXX0476
Kakalet KEXX4448
Kakalia KEXX2576
Kakalili KEXX2577
Kakamega KEXX0002
Kakameri KEXX5732
Kakangani KEXX2578
Kakili KEXX2579
Kakindu KEXX2580
Kakindu KEXX0477
Kako KEXX2581
Kakododoga KEXX4449
Kakomani KEXX0478
Kakoneni KEXX0054
Kakuma KEXX4450
Kakumuti KEXX2582
Kakungu KEXX0479
Kakunike KEXX2583
Kakunio KEXX2584
Kakurato KEXX4451
Kakuswi KEXX2585
Kakutha KEXX2586
Kakuyu KEXX2587
Kakuyuni KEXX0480
Kakya KEXX0481
Kala Burkuku KEXX2588
Kalaba KEXX4452
Kalalani KEXX2589
Kalaliyo KEXX3564
Kalaluwe KEXX0482
Kalam KEXX4453
Kalamba KEXX2590
Kalamso KEXX0483
Kalamudang KEXX4454
Kalandini KEXX3887
Kalanga KEXX0484
Kalapata KEXX4455
Kalapatasi KEXX4456
Kalapot KEXX4457
Kalasa KEXX2591
Kalawa KEXX2592
Kalawani KEXX2593
Kalboni KEXX4458
Kalele KEXX4459
Kalelerue KEXX4460
Kalema KEXX4461
Kalemungile KEXX4462
Kalenguruk KEXX4463
Kalesirua KEXX4464
Kali KEXX2594
Kaliakatune KEXX2595
Kaliakina KEXX4465
Kalii KEXX2596
Kalikuvu KEXX2597
Kaliluni KEXX2598
Kalima KEXX2599
Kalimapus KEXX4466
Kalimbui KEXX2600
Kalimoni KEXX1797
Kalimumbu KEXX2601
Kalindilo KEXX2602
Kaling KEXX4467
Kalipot KEXX4468
Kalitini KEXX2603
Kalivu KEXX2604
Kaliwa KEXX5733
Kalkach Londaye KEXX3566
Kalkach-Dera KEXX0485
Kalkalcha KEXX0486
Kaloachom KEXX4469
Kalochuramunge KEXX4470
Kalodeke KEXX4471
Kalodir KEXX4472
Kaloleni KEXX0055
Kaloleni KEXX3780
Kalolenyang KEXX4473
Kalomongin KEXX4474
Kalomwe KEXX4475
Kalongo KEXX2605
Kalulini KEXX2606
Kaluluini KEXX2607
Kalundu KEXX2608
Kalungu KEXX2609
Kaluoki KEXX0487
Kamacharia KEXX1798
Kamae KEXX1799
Kamaende KEXX2610
Kamahia KEXX1800
Kamaiyakine KEXX4476
Kamakuli KEXX2611
Kamakun KEXX4477
Kamakuywa KEXX5734
Kamale KEXX0488
Kamamut KEXX4478
Kamando KEXX1801
Kamandura KEXX1802
Kamara KEXX4479
Kamarabuyon KEXX4480
Kamarr KEXX4481
Kamarungu KEXX2612
Kamatabi KEXX2613
Kamathuri KEXX1803
Kamatu KEXX1804
Kamba Land Unit KEXX2614
Kambaa KEXX1805
Kambara KEXX1806
Kamberua KEXX1807
Kambi ya Munyu KEXX2615
Kambole KEXX0489
Kamboo KEXX2616
Kambu KEXX2617
Kamburu KEXX1808
Kambusu KEXX2618
Kameichiri KEXX1809
Kameni KEXX4482
Kamenyurorok KEXX4483
Kameri KEXX4484
Kameyen KEXX4486
Kamila KEXX4487
Kaminanguwadang KEXX4488
Kaminyoro KEXX0490
Kamira KEXX1810
Kamirai KEXX4489
Kamirithu KEXX1811
Kamisitu KEXX2619
Kamleza KEXX0491
Kamngetuny KEXX4490
Kamngeyon KEXX4491
Kamnunguuawa KEXX4492
Kamodet KEXX4493
Kamondo KEXX1812
Kamor KEXX2620
Kamor Jila KEXX0492
Kamor Kiliwe KEXX2622
Kamoru KEXX3781
Kampi ya Bibi KEXX4495
Kampi ya Bibi KEXX0493
Kampi Ya Juu KEXX2623
Kampi ya Kiboko KEXX2625
Kampi ya Mamba KEXX2626
Kampi ya Marabu KEXX0495
Kampi ya Ndovu KEXX4496
Kampi ya Njemi KEXX1813
Kampi Ya Samaki KEXX4494
Kampi ya Unga KEXX2627
Kampi ya Waya KEXX0496
Kampi-Ya-Chumvi KEXX2628
Kamrioki KEXX2629
Kamshari KEXX0497
Kamuchege KEXX1814
Kamuchoni KEXX1815
Kamudet KEXX4497
Kamudi KEXX3567
Kamuga KEXX3888
Kamugeno KEXX4498
Kamugeto KEXX4499
Kamuguga KEXX1816
Kamuingi KEXX4500
Kamuini KEXX2630
Kamuiru KEXX1817
Kamukabi KEXX1818
Kamulambani KEXX2631
Kamulu KEXX2632
Kamunaka KEXX2633
Kamune KEXX1819
Kamungu KEXX1820
Kamunono KEXX4501
Kamunyaka KEXX1821
Kamunyuini KEXX1822
Kamunyuni KEXX2634
Kamuranyong KEXX4502
Kamusinga KEXX5735
Kamusukiet KEXX4503
Kamutei KEXX2635
Kamuthe KEXX3568
Kamuthwa KEXX2636
Kamuyu KEXX1823
Kamwangi KEXX1824
Kamwaura KEXX4504
Kamwenja KEXX1825
Kamweti KEXX1826
Kamyen KEXX4505
Kanagoni KEXX0498
Kanaki KEXX4506
Kanamai KEXX0499
Kanata KEXX2637
Kanataruk KEXX4508
Kanchara-Anole KEXX0500
Kanchoro KEXX3569
Kandara KEXX1827
Kandegenye KEXX1828
Kandengyu KEXX2638
Kandere KEXX0501
Kandiga KEXX2639
Kandogo KEXX1829
Kandolo KEXX2640
Kandongu KEXX1830
Kangai KEXX1831
Kangaita KEXX2641
Kangaleta KEXX4510
Kanganya KEXX4511
Kangare KEXX1833
Kangaru KEXX2642
Kangaru KEXX1834
Kangatinya KEXX4512
Kangatou KEXX4513
Kangatun KEXX4514
Kangema KEXX1835
Kangenga KEXX1836
Kangeta KEXX2643
Kangetak KEXX4515
Kangethemu KEXX4516
Kangethia KEXX2644
Kangii KEXX2645
Kango KEXX2646
Kangocho KEXX1837
Kangolol KEXX4517
Kangondu KEXX2647
Kangoru KEXX1838
Kangoya KEXX1839
Kangui KEXX2648
Kangundo KEXX0056
Kangungi KEXX2649
Kangunyi KEXX1840
Kangura KEXX4518
Kanguraputh KEXX4519
Kangure KEXX1841
Kanguyu KEXX4520
Kaningo KEXX2650
Kanja KEXX2651
Kanjai KEXX1842
Kanjonja KEXX3570
Kanjora KEXX1843
Kanjuki KEXX2652
Kanjuku KEXX1844
Kanotui KEXX2653
Kansokea KEXX0502
Kanunga KEXX1845
Kanwe-Mayi KEXX0503
Kanyaga KEXX0504
Kanyaiti KEXX1847
Kanyama KEXX1848
Kanyangareng KEXX4521
Kanyanzai KEXX2654
Kanyarakwat KEXX4522
Kanyariri KEXX1849
Kanyarkwat KEXX4523
Kanyekine KEXX2655
Kanyenyeini KEXX1850
Kanyeru KEXX4524
Kanyililya KEXX2656
Kanyinya KEXX1851
Kanyongo KEXX2657
Kanyongo KEXX3782
Kanyoni KEXX1852
Kanyore KEXX1853
Kanyuira KEXX1854
Kanyumbuni KEXX0505
Kanyunga KEXX2658
Kanywambora KEXX2659
Kanzanzu KEXX2660
Kanzungo KEXX2661
Kaole KEXX0506
Kaongo KEXX0057
Kap Sarok KEXX4525
Kapadapo KEXX4526
Kapadik KEXX4527
Kapakor KEXX4528
Kapangani KEXX0507
Kaparamatai KEXX4529
Kapchebelel KEXX4530
Kapchebon KEXX5736
Kapchemogon KEXX4531
Kapchepkor KEXX4532
Kapchok KEXX4533
Kapchorewe KEXX4534
Kapecha KEXX0508
Kapedo KEXX4535
Kapeltukei KEXX4536
Kapen KEXX4537
Kapendoigo KEXX4538
Kapenguria KEXX0058
Kapetieng KEXX4539
Kapiath KEXX4540
Kapiemit KEXX4541
Kapim KEXX4542
Kapingo KEXX2662
Kapiomet KEXX4543
Kapiwut KEXX4544
Kapkalelwa KEXX4545
Kapkiam KEXX4546
Kapkieng KEXX4547
Kapkitoni KEXX4548
Kapkonga KEXX4549
Kaplelach KEXX4551
Kapliyo KEXX4552
Kapok KEXX0509
Kapokech KEXX4553
Kapokor KEXX4554
Kapokot KEXX4555
Kappijari KEXX5737
Kaproam KEXX4556
Kapsabet KEXX0059
Kapsakwony KEXX5738
Kapsamonget KEXX4557
Kapsaniak KEXX4558
Kapsaos KEXX4559
Kapsesa KEXX4560
Kapsirio KEXX4562
Kapsoit KEXX4563
Kapsoiyo KEXX4564
Kapsowar KEXX0060
Kapsuli KEXX3571
Kapsuser KEXX4565
Kaptabach KEXX4566
Kaptalambwa KEXX4567
Kaptama KEXX4568
Kaptangus KEXX4569
Kaptarakwa KEXX4570
Kaptenden KEXX4571
Kapteren KEXX4572
Kapterik KEXX4573
Kapthuni KEXX4574
Kaptibengwa KEXX4575
Kaption KEXX4576
Kaptiurin KEXX4577
Kaptogee KEXX4578
Kaptolil KEXX4579
Kaptolomwa KEXX4580
Kaptongoch KEXX4581
Kaptumo KEXX4582
Kaptunai KEXX4583
Kapturwo KEXX4584
Kapulia KEXX4585
Kapulon KEXX4586
Kapunga KEXX4587
Kapunia KEXX4588
Kapur KEXX4589
Kaputir KEXX4590
Kara KEXX2663
Kara Agarsu KEXX3572
Kara Arba KEXX3573
Karaba KEXX1855
Karadolo KEXX5739
Karadolo KEXX3889
Karai KEXX1858
Karai Settlement KEXX1859
Karaine KEXX1860
Karambaka KEXX0510
Karameno KEXX1861
Karangi KEXX1862
Kararacha KEXX0511
Karare KEXX2664
Karari KEXX3574
Karari Guda KEXX3575
Karasuk KEXX4591
Karatina KEXX1864
Karel KEXX4592
Karembu KEXX1865
Karen KEXX3783
Karenge KEXX1866
Karere KEXX0512
Karerema KEXX2665
Karero KEXX4593
Kareti KEXX1867
Kargi KEXX0061
Karia KEXX1868
Kariaini KEXX1869
Kariara KEXX1870
Karigoni KEXX2666
Kariguini KEXX1871
Karikau KEXX4594
Kariko KEXX1872
Kariku KEXX1873
Karima KEXX1874
Karimamwaro KEXX1875
Karimani KEXX0513
Karimboni KEXX0514
Karinga KEXX1876
Karingaini KEXX1877
Karingare KEXX2667
Kariobangi KEXX3784
Kariobangi South KEXX3785
Karipun KEXX4595
Karirau KEXX1878
Kariru KEXX1879
Kariua KEXX1880
Karkor KEXX4596
Karmada KEXX3576
Karogoto KEXX1881
Karole KEXX2668
Karota KEXX0515
Karoti KEXX0516
Karrsa KEXX2669
Karsha KEXX3577
Karua KEXX1882
Karuamgi KEXX1883
Karuari KEXX2670
Karuero KEXX1884
Karugia KEXX1885
Karugutu KEXX1886
Karuiro KEXX1887
Karumandi KEXX1888
Karuna KEXX4597
Karundu KEXX1889
Karunga KEXX1890
Karunga KEXX4598
Karunge KEXX1891
Karungu KEXX3890
Karura KEXX3786
Karura KEXX2671
Karura KEXX1892
Karura Kanyungu KEXX1893
Karuri KEXX1894
Karuri Dika KEXX3578
Karuru One KEXX1895
Karuru Two KEXX1896
Karuruma KEXX1897
Karurumo KEXX2672
Karuwun KEXX4599
Karweti KEXX1898
Kasafari KEXX2673
Kasagini KEXX0517
Kasaguru KEXX4600
Kasaini KEXX2674
Kasala KEXX2675
Kasalamati KEXX5740
Kasangani KEXX0518
Kasar KEXX4601
Kasarani KEXX3787
Kasarani KEXX1899
Kasebi KEXX2676
Kasei KEXX4602
Kasekero KEXX4603
Kasengo KEXX4604
Kaserion KEXX4605
Kases KEXX4606
Kasevi KEXX2677
Kasha KEXX3579
Kashani KEXX0519
Kashapure KEXX4607
Kasidi KEXX0520
Kasigau KEXX0521
Kasikeu KEXX2678
Kasikini KEXX0522
Kasilia KEXX2679
Kasinga KEXX2680
Kasiokoni KEXX2681
Kasioni KEXX2682
Kasiri KEXX3891
Kasisit KEXX4608
Kasunguluni KEXX2683
Kasunguni KEXX2684
Kasupi KEXX2685
Kasyondila KEXX2686
Katabur KEXX4609
Kataier KEXX4610
Kataluni KEXX2687
Katama KEXX3580
Katandewa KEXX0523
Katanga KEXX2688
Katangau KEXX4611
Katangi KEXX2689
Kataruk KEXX4612
Katelelua KEXX2690
Katelembu KEXX2691
Katene KEXX2693
Katerition KEXX4613
Katerongoi KEXX4614
Kathaiya KEXX1900
Kathangari KEXX2694
Kathangariri KEXX2695
Kathari KEXX2696
Katheka KEXX2697
Kathekani KEXX0062
Kathenaugi KEXX2699
Kathiani KEXX2700
Kathilani KEXX2701
Kathioko KEXX2702
Kathogoliatom KEXX4615
Kathua KEXX2703
Kathugu KEXX2704
Kathungu KEXX2705
Kathungure KEXX0063
Kathuya KEXX2706
Katikoko KEXX5741
Katilisya KEXX4616
Katisi KEXX3581
Katmerit KEXX4617
Katoloni KEXX2707
Katothia KEXX2708
Katsaka Kairu KEXX0525
Katsangatifu KEXX0526
Katta KEXX2709
Katulani KEXX2710
Katulianyang KEXX4618
Katulye KEXX2711
Katumakale KEXX4619
Katundani KEXX0527
Katwara KEXX2712
Kau KEXX0528
Kau Ade KEXX3582
Kaufumbani KEXX0529
Kaukia KEXX4620
Kauma KEXX2713
Kaumoni KEXX2714
Kaungu KEXX2715
Kaunguni KEXX2716
Kauro KEXX4622
Kaveta KEXX2717
Kavingoni KEXX2718
Kaviuni KEXX2719
Kavuluni KEXX0530
Kavunyalalo KEXX0531
Kavutei KEXX2720
Kawakongiro KEXX4623
Kawangware KEXX3788
Kawanjaro KEXX2721
Kawelu KEXX2722
Kawelu KEXX0532
Kaweru KEXX1901
Kaya Bombo KEXX0533
Kaya Kauma KEXX0534
Kaya Pungu KEXX0535
Kayafungo KEXX0536
Kayata KEXX2723
Kazoli KEXX0537
Kebenet KEXX4624
Kebimbir KEXX4625
Kebololet KEXX4626
Kecheriet KEXX4627
Kechilu KEXX4628
Kedai KEXX0064
Kedong KEXX4629
Kedowa KEXX4630
Kedowa Pill KEXX4631
Keekorok KEXX4632
Kegaa KEXX2724
Kegonorr KEXX4633
Kegori KEXX4634
Keihuru KEXX1902
Keilewa KEXX1903
Kekonyokie KEXX4635
Kelele KEXX4636
Kelo Kelo KEXX0538
Kelumbi KEXX4637
Kenailmet KEXX4638
Kendu Bay KEXX3892
Kenegut KEXX4639
Kengoo KEXX2725
Kenini KEXX4640
Kenplains KEXX2726
Kenyewa KEXX4641
Kenze KEXX2727
Kepise KEXX4642
Kereita KEXX1904
Kerende KEXX4643
Keribwet KEXX4644
Kericho KEXX0003
Kericho KEXX1905
Kerie KEXX2728
Keringet KEXX4645
Keringeti KEXX4646
Kerisa KEXX4647
Kerita KEXX1906
Keroka KEXX3893
Keruguya KEXX1907
Keruri KEXX1908
Kerut KEXX4648
Kesanguri KEXX0539
Kesogolietom KEXX4649
Kethuki KEXX2729
Kevanda KEXX2730
Kevote KEXX2731
Kewamai KEXX4650
Khaiyu KEXX3583
Khalan Khalessa KEXX3584
Kholera KEXX5742
Kholokhongo KEXX3894
Kholotum KEXX4653
Khordoba KEXX3585
Khorof Harar KEXX3586
Khote Hare KEXX2733
Khowkhal KEXX3587
Kiaga KEXX1909
Kiaguthu KEXX1910
Kiahiti KEXX1911
Kiahuria KEXX1912
Kiairathe KEXX1913
Kiairewa KEXX1914
Kiairia KEXX1915
Kiakanyinga KEXX2734
Kiamabara KEXX1916
Kiamaina KEXX1917
Kiamara KEXX1918
Kiamariga KEXX1919
Kiamathambo KEXX1920
Kiambaa KEXX1921
Kiambere KEXX2735
Kiambu KEXX0066
Kiambururu KEXX1922
Kiambuthia KEXX1923
Kiamucheru KEXX1924
Kiamurathe KEXX1925
Kiamuri KEXX2736
Kiamuringa KEXX2737
Kiamuthambi KEXX1926
Kiamutugu KEXX1927
Kiamuturi KEXX1928
Kiamuya KEXX1929
Kiamwangi KEXX1930
Kiamwathi KEXX1931
Kiamwenja KEXX1932
Kiamwenji KEXX1933
Kiamworia KEXX1934
Kiandanga KEXX2738
Kianderi KEXX1935
Kiandome KEXX1936
Kiandongoro KEXX1937
Kiandu KEXX1938
Kiandumu KEXX1939
Kiandwara KEXX2739
Kiangai KEXX1940
Kianganda KEXX1941
Kiangararu KEXX1942
Kiangi KEXX1943
Kiangima KEXX1944
Kiangochi KEXX1945
Kiangoma KEXX1946
Kianguenyi KEXX1947
Kiangungi KEXX2740
Kiangunyi KEXX1948
Kiangwe KEXX0540
Kianiokoma KEXX2741
Kianjai KEXX2742
Kianjau KEXX1949
Kianjege KEXX1950
Kianjiru KEXX1951
Kianjogu KEXX1952
Kianjuki KEXX2743
Kianyaga KEXX1953
Kianzabe KEXX2744
Kiaritha KEXX1954
Kiarukungu KEXX1955
Kiarutara KEXX1956
Kiatineni KEXX2745
Kiawaithanji KEXX1957
Kiawambeu KEXX1958
Kiawambogo KEXX1959
Kiawamurathe KEXX1960
Kiawamururu KEXX1961
Kiawanjugu KEXX1962
Kiawanugu KEXX1963
Kiawarigi KEXX1964
Kiawavui KEXX2746
Kibaba KEXX4654
Kibandaongo KEXX0541
Kibanguini KEXX1965
Kibaoni KEXX0542
Kibarani KEXX0543
Kibata KEXX1966
Kibauni KEXX0544
Kibaya KEXX0545
Kibebetiet KEXX4655
Kibendo KEXX4656
Kibera KEXX3789
Kibera Kichinjio KEXX3895
Kiberengi KEXX4657
Kibigori KEXX3896
Kibingo KEXX1967
Kibingor KEXX4658
Kibingoti KEXX1968
Kibini KEXX0067
Kibirigwi KEXX1969
Kibirikani KEXX0546
Kibiriraini KEXX1970
Kibogi KEXX2747
Kiboi KEXX1971
Kiboko KEXX4659
Kibokoni KEXX0547
Kibomoi KEXX4660
Kibora KEXX1972
Kibos KEXX3897
Kiboue KEXX0548
Kibugu KEXX2748
Kibuguni KEXX0549
Kibugwa KEXX2749
Kiburu KEXX1973
Kibusu KEXX0550
Kibuswa KEXX4661
Kibutha KEXX1974
Kibuthini KEXX2750
Kibutio KEXX1975
Kibuyu KEXX2751
Kibuyuni KEXX0551
Kibwaga KEXX0552
Kibwezi KEXX2752
Kichaka Simba KEXX0553
Kichakasimba KEXX0554
Kichuiru KEXX1976
Kichutmoi KEXX4662
Kidaya KEXX0555
Kideri KEXX0556
Kidhanga KEXX0557
Kidiani KEXX0558
Kidimu KEXX0559
Kidomaya KEXX0560
Kidongo KEXX0561
Kidono KEXX1977
Kiduruni KEXX0562
Kidutani KEXX0563
Kidziweni KEXX0564
Kidzumbani KEXX0565
Kidzumu KEXX0566
Kidzuvini KEXX0567
Kieli KEXX2753
Kiendu KEXX2754
Kieni KEXX1978
Kifua KEXX0568
Kifumbu KEXX0569
Kifundi KEXX0570
Kifyonzo KEXX0571
Kigaa KEXX1979
Kigala KEXX0572
Kiganjo KEXX1980
Kigato KEXX0573
Kigio KEXX1981
Kigogo KEXX2755
Kigogo-ini KEXX1982
Kigomberu KEXX0574
Kigombo KEXX0575
Kigongo KEXX1983
Kigongoni KEXX0576
Kigoro KEXX1984
Kigumo KEXX1985
Kigumo KEXX2756
Kihara KEXX3790
Kihatha KEXX1986
Kihingo KEXX1987
Kihome KEXX1988
Kihoya KEXX1989
Kihumbuini KEXX1990
Kihuri KEXX1991
Kihuyo KEXX1992
Kiima Kimwe KEXX2757
Kiinu KEXX1993
Kiiriangoro KEXX1994
Kijabe KEXX0068
Kijangwani KEXX0577
Kijego KEXX0578
Kijieri KEXX4663
Kijinitini KEXX0579
Kijipwa KEXX0580
Kijiwetanga KEXX0581
Kikambala KEXX0582
Kikima KEXX2758
Kikingo KEXX2759
Kikoko KEXX0069
Kikoma KEXX0583
Kikomani KEXX0584
Kikombe Tele KEXX0585
Kikomo KEXX0586
Kikoneni KEXX0587
Kikoni KEXX0588
Kikoyo KEXX0589
Kikumini KEXX2760
Kikuu KEXX2761
Kikuyu KEXX0590
Kikuyu KEXX1995
Kikwezani KEXX0591
Kil Kili KEXX2762
Kilala KEXX2763
Kilalafi KEXX4664
Kilana KEXX4665
Kilango KEXX2764
Kilanyi KEXX4666
Kilawa KEXX2765
Kilawi KEXX4667
Kilelengwani KEXX0592
Kileleshwa KEXX3791
Kilema Dui KEXX0593
Kilewe KEXX2766
Kilgoris KEXX4668
Kilibasi KEXX0594
Kilibole KEXX0595
Kilifi KEXX0070
Kilifi Creek KEXX0596
Kiligis KEXX4669
Kililana KEXX0597
Kilimangodo KEXX0598
Kilimani Estate KEXX3792
Kilindini KEXX0599
Kilitini KEXX2768
Kiliwe Gawrgogla KEXX3588
Kiliwe Hiri KEXX3589
Kilole KEXX0600
Kilome KEXX0071
Kilta KEXX3590
Kilulueni KEXX2769
Kilunguni KEXX0601
Kilutori KEXX4670
Kilweni KEXX0602
Kima KEXX2770
Kimaeti KEXX5743
Kimala KEXX0603
Kimalel KEXX4671
Kimana KEXX4672
Kimande KEXX1997
Kimanyenze KEXX2771
Kimari Maganga KEXX0605
Kimasian KEXX4673
Kimateget KEXX4674
Kimathi KEXX1998
Kimbat KEXX4675
Kimbimbi KEXX1999
Kimbiuni KEXX2772
Kimelua KEXX2773
Kimende KEXX2000
Kimilili KEXX5744
Kiminini KEXX4676
Kimintet KEXX4677
Kimitet KEXX4678
Kimnai KEXX4679
Kimngorom KEXX4680
Kimondo KEXX2001
Kimoset KEXX4681
Kimugul KEXX4682
Kimuni KEXX2774
Kimunye KEXX2002
Kimunyu KEXX2003
Kimuu KEXX2775
Kimwarer KEXX4683
Kinakomba KEXX0607
Kinancha KEXX3898
Kinane KEXX0608
Kinango KEXX0072
Kinangoni KEXX0610
Kinarani KEXX0611
Kinari KEXX2004
Kindaruma KEXX2776
Kindu Bay KEXX0073
Kingwede KEXX0612
Kinna KEXX2777
Kinondo KEXX0613
Kinondoni KEXX2778
Kinoo KEXX2005
Kinoru KEXX2779
Kinunga KEXX2006
Kinyach KEXX4684
Kinyadu KEXX0614
Kinyaiti KEXX2007
Kinyang KEXX4685
Kinyiki KEXX2780
Kinyona KEXX2008
Kinyongo KEXX2781
Kinyuu KEXX4686
Kinyuwa KEXX4687
Kinzuu KEXX2782
Kiongwe KEXX0615
Kioru KEXX2783
Kipandeni KEXX0616
Kipangas KEXX4688
Kipao KEXX0617
Kipchemwa KEXX4689
Kipcherere KEXX4690
Kipendi KEXX0618
Kipeto KEXX4691
Kipevu KEXX0619
Kipindari KEXX4692
Kipini KEXX0620
Kipkabus KEXX0074
Kipkingwa KEXX4693
Kipkoyo KEXX4694
Kipkunurr KEXX4695
Kiplabotwa KEXX4696
Kiploch KEXX4697
Kipmukul KEXX4698
Kipsaos KEXX4699
Kipser KEXX4700
Kipsimbol KEXX4702
Kipsingei KEXX4703
Kipsirichet KEXX4704
Kipsonoi KEXX4705
Kipsuter KEXX4706
Kiptabach KEXX4707
Kiptagich KEXX4708
Kiptenden KEXX4709
Kiptere KEXX4710
Kiptoim KEXX4711
Kiptulwo KEXX4712
Kipungani KEXX0621
Kipurses KEXX4713
Kipusi KEXX0622
Kipwen KEXX4714
Kiranga KEXX0623
Kiranga KEXX2009
Kiratina KEXX2010
Kirazini KEXX0624
Kirenga KEXX2011
Kirere KEXX0625
Kireri KEXX2012
Kirerwa KEXX2013
Kirewe KEXX0626
Kiria KEXX2014
Kiriaini KEXX2015
Kirichu KEXX4715
Kirigi KEXX2784
Kirigi KEXX2016
Kiriko KEXX2017
Kirima KEXX0627
Kirima KEXX4716
Kirimaine KEXX2018
Kirimaini KEXX2019
Kirimamwaro KEXX2020
Kirimiri KEXX2021
Kirimun KEXX4717
Kirimunge KEXX2022
Kiripash KEXX4718
Kiriri KEXX2023
Kiriti KEXX2024
Kiritiri KEXX2785
Kiroe KEXX2025
Kirogo KEXX2026
Kiromwok KEXX4719
Kirongwe KEXX0628
Kirudi KEXX0629
Kiruga KEXX2028
Kiruku KEXX0630
Kirumbe KEXX0631
Kirumbi KEXX0632
Kirundu KEXX2029
Kiruri KEXX2030
Kirurumi KEXX2031
Kirwara KEXX2032
Kisaani KEXX2786
Kisaju KEXX4720
Kisauni KEXX0633
Kisebi KEXX2787
Kiserian KEXX4721
Kisertet KEXX4722
Kiseuni KEXX2788
Kishalduga KEXX4723
Kishangani KEXX0634
Kishota KEXX0635
Kisieni KEXX5746
Kisii KEXX0004
Kisima KEXX4724
Kisima Chande KEXX0076
Kisima wa Mawe KEXX0636
Kisimani KEXX0637
Kisimani KEXX2789
Kisingo KEXX2790
Kisiwani KEXX0638
Kisiweni KEXX0639
Kisogon KEXX4725
Kisokon KEXX4726
Kisorini KEXX0640
Kisou KEXX2791
Kisumu KEXX0005
Kitaima KEXX4727
Kitaingo KEXX2792
Kitale KEXX0014
Kitambura KEXX0641
Kitandi KEXX2793
Kitangali KEXX0642
Kitangasua KEXX2795
Kitani ya Ndundu KEXX2796
Kitany KEXX4728
Kitaruni KEXX0643
Kitau KEXX0644
Kitchwa Tembo KEXX0645
Kiteei KEXX2797
Kitege KEXX0646
Kiteje KEXX0647
Kitengela KEXX4729
Kitenzele KEXX2798
Kitere KEXX3899
Kitere KEXX3591
Kiteta KEXX2799
Kiteti KEXX4730
Kithangathi KEXX0648
Kithangathini KEXX2800
Kithasyu KEXX2801
Kithausyu KEXX2802
Kitheine KEXX2803
Kithembe KEXX2804
Kithimani KEXX2805
Kithini KEXX2806
Kithiololo KEXX2807
Kithogoto KEXX0649
Kithoi KEXX2808
Kithungo KEXX2809
Kithunguri KEXX2810
Kithunsini KEXX2811
Kithyululu KEXX2812
Kitigoto KEXX2813
Kitirazini KEXX0650
Kitirua KEXX4731
Kitivo KEXX0651
Kitonyoni KEXX2814
Kitoo KEXX2815
Kitorkoi KEXX4732
Kitota KEXX3900
Kitsanga KEXX0653
Kitsantse KEXX0654
Kitugu KEXX2816
Kitui KEXX2817
Kituku KEXX2818
Kitulani KEXX2819
Kitumbee KEXX0655
Kitumbuni KEXX0657
Kitundu KEXX2820
Kituoni KEXX0658
Kituro KEXX4733
Kituti KEXX2821
Kituu KEXX0659
Kitwa Cha Nazi KEXX0660
Kitwambembe KEXX2822
Kiu KEXX0079
Kiumba KEXX2034
Kiumbi KEXX2035
Kiunga KEXX0661
Kiungani KEXX0662
Kiunya KEXX2036
Kiuria KEXX2037
Kiuu KEXX2038
Kivaalala KEXX2823
Kivani KEXX2824
Kivindara KEXX0663
Kiviogo KEXX0664
Kivira KEXX0665
Kiviuni KEXX2825
Kivukoni KEXX3592
Kivuleni KEXX0666
Kivumbu KEXX2826
Kivumuro KEXX0667
Kivunga KEXX0668
Kivuthini KEXX2827
Kiwa Murra KEXX4734
Kiwawa KEXX4735
Kiwayu KEXX0669
Kiwegu KEXX0670
Kiziamondo KEXX0671
Kizibe KEXX0672
Kizingo KEXX0673
Kizurini KEXX0674
Kobansu KEXX3593
Kobe Goljo KEXX3594
Kobe Katis KEXX3595
Koblelo KEXX3596
Kobodo KEXX3901
Kobosan KEXX4736
Kodiaga KEXX3902
Koduch KEXX4738
Kogisa KEXX4739
Kogoe KEXX3903
Koguta KEXX3904
Koimbi KEXX2039
Koiparak KEXX4740
Koitiko KEXX4741
Koitilial KEXX4742
Koiting KEXX4743
Koito KEXX0675
Koiyet KEXX4744
Kokani KEXX0676
Kokawa KEXX3597
Kokesa KEXX4745
Kokot KEXX4746
Kokotoni KEXX0677
Kokwanyo KEXX3905
Kokwaper KEXX4747
Kokwarole KEXX4748
Kokwasuam KEXX4749
Kokwategu KEXX4750
Kola KEXX2828
Kolbio KEXX3598
Kolewilewi KEXX4751
Kolobani KEXX0678
Kolochuramunge KEXX4752
Kololoni KEXX0679
Kolotea KEXX0680
Kolothai KEXX4753
Kolowa KEXX4754
Kom KEXX4755
Komadan KEXX4756
Komakatae KEXX4757
Kombani KEXX0681
Kombo Kombo KEXX0682
Komboyoo KEXX2830
Kombu KEXX2831
Komora Bula KEXX2832
Komoro KEXX3599
Komoro Barako KEXX0683
Komoro Leisan KEXX3600
Kona Lali KEXX0684
Kone KEXX0685
Kongelai KEXX4759
Kongo KEXX0686
Konguna KEXX0687
Kono-Karari KEXX0688
Konton KEXX3602
Konyangat KEXX4760
Konyu KEXX2040
Konza KEXX0006
Konza Settlement KEXX2833
Koo KEXX4761
Koobi Algi KEXX2834
Koobi Fora KEXX2835
Kopakiekan KEXX4762
Kopitero KEXX4763
Kopoi KEXX4764
Kor Hares KEXX3603
Kora KEXX2041
Kora Wells KEXX0081
Korara KEXX4765
Korbesa KEXX2836
Kordei KEXX4766
Kordi KEXX4767
Koreni KEXX0689
Korepon KEXX4768
Kori KEXX0690
Koriamat KEXX4769
Koricha KEXX0691
Koridzhub KEXX3604
Korikabemitik KEXX4770
Kormakatai KEXX4771
Kornes KEXX4772
Korobani KEXX0692
Korobo Bonaya KEXX3605
Korobo Jira KEXX3606
Korogoa KEXX4773
Korokora KEXX3607
Koromach KEXX4774
Koromi KEXX3608
Koromodo KEXX0693
Koron KEXX4775
Koropkwen KEXX4776
Korpu KEXX4777
Korpulia KEXX4778
Kortel KEXX2837
Koru KEXX3906
Kosaye KEXX0694
Kosim KEXX4779
Kosipirr KEXX4780
Kotel KEXX4781
Kotich KEXX4782
Kotich Dera KEXX3609
Koticha KEXX3610
Kotile KEXX3611
Kotolpo KEXX4783
Kotome KEXX4784
Kotulol KEXX4785
Kowa Gulecha KEXX0695
Koyabei KEXX4786
Koyage KEXX4787
Koyet KEXX4788
Koyier KEXX3907
Koyonzo KEXX5748
Koysagat KEXX4789
Kualoko KEXX2838
Kubani KEXX0696
Kube-Aballa KEXX0697
Kubi Ayana KEXX3612
Kubi Dukesa KEXX2839
Kubi Halo KEXX3613
Kubi Hararo KEXX3614
Kubi Masalale KEXX3616
Kubi Ramata KEXX2840
Kubi Turkana KEXX2841
Kuboli KEXX2842
Kuchelebai KEXX4790
Kuhora Twana KEXX2042
Kukata Galla KEXX3617
Kuku KEXX4791
Kukuba KEXX3618
Kukubsoi KEXX2843
Kukurna KEXX4792
Kukwakugun KEXX4793
Kulank KEXX3619
Kulchar KEXX2844
Kulelet KEXX0698
Kulesa KEXX0699
Kulusyandet KEXX5749
Kumba KEXX4794
Kumbe Boria KEXX2845
Kumbi KEXX0700
Kumkum KEXX2846
Kunchu KEXX4795
Kundi KEXX3620
Kundutsi A KEXX0701
Kune KEXX2847
Kungu KEXX0702
Kunikila KEXX2848
Kunya KEXX3908
Kunyao KEXX4796
Kunyoro KEXX2849
Kupeliani KEXX4797
Kuraw KEXX2850
Kurawa KEXX0703
Kuraze KEXX0704
Kuresiet KEXX4798
Kurgua KEXX2851
Kurir KEXX4799
Kurmani KEXX3621
Kurru KEXX2852
Kurru Barata KEXX2853
Kursa KEXX3622
Kursole KEXX3623
Kurundu KEXX0705
Kuruwetu KEXX0706
Kuryole KEXX0707
Kusa KEXX3909
Kusitawi KEXX0708
Kutenoi KEXX4800
Kutu KEXX2043
Kuywa KEXX5750
Kuzini KEXX0709
Kwa Alyani KEXX0710
Kwa Basuba KEXX0711
Kwa Bechombo KEXX0712
Kwa Bwana Keri KEXX0713
Kwa Dadu KEXX0714
Kwa Jomvu KEXX0715
Kwa Kavisi KEXX2854
Kwa Kitau KEXX2855
Kwa Kitungu KEXX2856
Kwa Makanda KEXX2857
Kwa Makuli KEXX2858
Kwa Mboya KEXX0717
Kwa Mgola KEXX0718
Kwa Mkamba KEXX0719
Kwa Mwinza KEXX0720
Kwa Ngutsu KEXX0721
Kwa Ukungu KEXX2859
Kwademu KEXX0722
Kwae KEXX0723
Kwaipopei KEXX4801
Kwaisagat KEXX4802
Kwakakulu KEXX2860
Kwakale KEXX0724
Kwakaleli KEXX2861
Kwakavisi KEXX2862
Kwakimweli KEXX0725
Kwakutu KEXX2863
Kwakyambo KEXX2864
Kwale KEXX0726
Kwalele KEXX2865
Kwaloko KEXX2866
Kwamoki KEXX2867
Kwamuathe KEXX2868
Kwamwele KEXX2869
Kwandana KEXX2870
Kwandeke KEXX2871
Kwanduni KEXX4803
Kwangamor KEXX5751
Kwangano KEXX2872
Kwangatuni KEXX0727
Kwangwari KEXX3793
Kwanzui KEXX0728
Kwanzumbi KEXX2873
Kwapilo KEXX0729
Kwaringoi KEXX0730
Kwatosi KEXX0731
Kwausau KEXX2874
Kwuyapet KEXX4804
Kya Ndululu KEXX2875
Kyai KEXX2876
Kyambusia KEXX2877
Kyamunyu KEXX2878
Kyandui KEXX2879
Kyandula KEXX2880
Kyangala KEXX2881
Kyanginywa KEXX2882
Kyanyunga KEXX2883
Kyanzoa KEXX2884
Kyasio KEXX2885
Kyathani KEXX2886
Kyemundu KEXX2887
Kyeni Kya Kai KEXX2888
Kyona KEXX4805
Kyuasi KEXX2889
Kyumbe KEXX2890
Laasur KEXX4806
Labibalaya KEXX3624
Laboot KEXX5752
Lachararakhyang KEXX4807
Lacheriakosowa KEXX4808
Lafiti KEXX0732
Lagh KEXX3625
Lagha Buna KEXX0733
Lailelai KEXX4809
Lailon KEXX0734
Laini KEXX0735
Laini KEXX2044
Laisamis KEXX2891
Laitigo KEXX4810
Lake View Estate KEXX4811
Lakerdingai KEXX4812
Laku KEXX2892
Lalanyamok KEXX4813
Lalarok KEXX4814
Lalata KEXX4815
Laldaruboi KEXX4816
Lalminn KEXX4817
Lalo Kato KEXX0736
Lamu KEXX0737
Lamuria KEXX4818
Langarwa KEXX4819
Langata Rongai KEXX4820
Langateni KEXX0738
Langatonyi KEXX0739
Langatunyo KEXX4821
Lango la Simba KEXX0740
Larariak KEXX4822
Lare KEXX0082
Lari KEXX2045
Lari Settlement KEXX2046
Laridabach KEXX2893
Larisoro KEXX4824
Laset KEXX4825
Laule Iltooj KEXX2894
Lawai KEXX4826
Lawun KEXX4827
Laza Reservoir KEXX0741
Lazima KEXX0742
Ledi KEXX3627
Legemunge KEXX4828
Legisianan KEXX4829
Legoman KEXX4830
Leka KEXX0743
Lekemana KEXX4831
Lekima KEXX4832
Lekiundi KEXX2895
Lekololeti KEXX4833
Lekuan KEXX4834
Lekurruki KEXX2896
Lela KEXX3910
Lemaluleti KEXX4835
Lembae KEXX4836
Lembere KEXX4837
Lemeimboti KEXX4838
Lemek KEXX4839
Lemisigiyo KEXX4840
Lemurja KEXX4841
Lenda KEXX0744
Lenderit KEXX4842
Lendorko KEXX4843
Lengarani KEXX4844
Lengarenanyokie KEXX4845
Lengepai KEXX4846
Lengesim KEXX4847
Lenjone KEXX4848
Lenkutoto KEXX4849
Lenyaguni KEXX4850
Lenyamu KEXX4851
Lepoipoi KEXX4852
Lerata KEXX4853
Lerekere KEXX4854
Lereteti KEXX4855
Leseru KEXX0083
Leshao KEXX2047
Leshau KEXX2048
Lesokoit KEXX4856
Lesonkoyo KEXX4857
Lessos KEXX4858
Lesugot KEXX4859
Letaeri KEXX4860
Letungana KEXX4861
Leugot KEXX4862
Leyenkati KEXX4863
Lgirigiri KEXX4864
Libat KEXX3628
Libi Bobo KEXX3629
Libigadud KEXX3630
Likaiu KEXX4865
Likakis KEXX4866
Likiau KEXX2897
Likoli KEXX5753
Likoni KEXX0745
Likungu KEXX3911
Liliaba KEXX2898
Limoroki KEXX4867
Limuru KEXX2050
Limutut KEXX4868
Litein KEXX4869
Livundoni KEXX0746
Lkongo KEXX4870
Lminchoominyi KEXX4871
Loakwa KEXX4872
Loathetom KEXX4873
Lobara KEXX4874
Lobei Angurupus KEXX4875
Lobrokut KEXX4876
Lobulya KEXX4877
Loburet KEXX4878
Lochugwa KEXX4879
Lodapal KEXX4880
Lodeke KEXX4881
Lodo Kejek KEXX4882
Lodosoit KEXX4883
Lodungokwe KEXX4884
Lodwar KEXX0012
Log Logo KEXX2899
Logorgor KEXX4885
Loguiso KEXX4886
Logum KEXX4887
Logumukum KEXX4888
Loibashai KEXX4889
Loibor Seder KEXX4890
Loichangamatak KEXX4891
Loicherekipatut KEXX4894
Loicherelim KEXX4895
Loikara Tatakwe KEXX2900
Loikirisia KEXX4896
Loilela KEXX4897
Loiminange KEXX4898
Loita KEXX4899
Loiting KEXX4900
Loiya KEXX0085
Lokatur KEXX4901
Lokeron KEXX4902
Loket Abong KEXX4903
Lokholelio KEXX4904
Lokichar KEXX4905
Lokichokio KEXX4906
Lokidirr KEXX4907
Lokil KEXX4908
Lokilio KEXX4909
Lokinyir KEXX4910
Lokipetotakwan KEXX4911
Lokipot KEXX4912
Lokirrok KEXX4913
Lokitanyala KEXX4914
Lokitaung KEXX4915
Lokitelaetuko KEXX4916
Lokitoitatipes KEXX4917
Lokomor KEXX4918
Lokormona KEXX4919
Lokwakangole KEXX4920
Lokwamoru KEXX4921
Lokwamur KEXX4922
Lokwanothing KEXX4923
Lokweam KEXX4924
Lol Boibor KEXX4925
Lolanyamok KEXX4926
Loldopai KEXX4927
Loldurugi KEXX4928
Lolgoreo KEXX4929
Lolgorien KEXX0086
Lolguchani KEXX4930
Lolgunono KEXX4931
Loliabi KEXX4932
Lolimo KEXX4933
Loliondo KEXX4934
Lolkidong KEXX4935
Lolkirgirri KEXX4936
Lolkogeta KEXX4937
Lolkoitoi KEXX4938
Lolkujita KEXX4939
Lolmotonyi KEXX4940
Lolmulok KEXX4941
Lolnguswa KEXX4942
Loloilikoshi KEXX4943
Lolomei KEXX4944
Lolonito KEXX4945
Lolua KEXX4946
Loluaa KEXX4947
Lomelo KEXX4948
Lomii KEXX4949
Lomotokani KEXX4950
Lomuata KEXX4951
Lomunyenakwan KEXX4952
Lomuriepul KEXX4953
Lomut KEXX4954
Londiani KEXX0087
Longabolo KEXX4956
Longalonga KEXX0747
Longobito KEXX4957
Longoleakagonok KEXX4958
Longolin KEXX4959
Longondoti KEXX2901
Longonine KEXX4960
Longopito KEXX2902
Longoriga KEXX4961
Longudur KEXX4962
Lonkewan KEXX4963
Lonkutukie KEXX4964
Loo-Ntepes KEXX4965
Loodo Ariak KEXX4966
Loois KEXX4967
Loomonira KEXX4968
Loperchech KEXX4969
Loperot KEXX4970
Lopet KEXX4971
Lopirapira KEXX4972
Lopukwe KEXX4973
Loreng KEXX4974
Loretit KEXX4975
Loribit KEXX4976
Lorkinyang KEXX2903
Lorok KEXX4977
Loromongi KEXX2904
Loropio KEXX4978
Lorot KEXX4979
Lorsirkon KEXX2051
Lorugumu KEXX4980
Loruk KEXX4981
Lorukipi KEXX4982
Lorukoti KEXX4983
Loruth KEXX4984
Lorwok KEXX4985
Losergoi KEXX4986
Losesia KEXX4987
Losinyai KEXX4988
Lositete KEXX4989
Losoeun KEXX4990
Losoit KEXX4991
Losoito KEXX4992
Lossom KEXX4993
Lotaguth KEXX4994
Lotapeng KEXX4995
Lotedi KEXX4996
Lotiaputh KEXX4997
Lotika KEXX2905
Lotongot KEXX4998
Loudukumi KEXX4999
Louon KEXX5000
Loupe KEXX5001
Lowa Lalale KEXX5002
Lowaduba KEXX3631
Lowar KEXX3632
Lowar KEXX5003
Lowatom KEXX5004
Lowelap KEXX5005
Lower Gatara KEXX2052
Lower Kabete KEXX2053
Lower Makueni KEXX2906
Lowoi KEXX5006
Luanat KEXX5007
Luanda KEXX3912
Luanda KEXX5754
Luchoro KEXX0748
Lugards Falls KEXX0749
Lugare KEXX3913
Lughena KEXX3633
Lugulu KEXX5755
Lukakani KEXX0750
Lukole KEXX0751
Lukongo KEXX0752
Lukore KEXX0753
Lumbwa KEXX5008
Lumino KEXX5756
Lunga Lunga KEXX0754
Lunga-Lunga KEXX0755
Lungumur KEXX5009
Lupingo KEXX0756
Lushangonyi KEXX0757
Lusigeti KEXX5010
Lusigeti KEXX2054
Luswani KEXX0758
Lutsangani KEXX0759
Luwanga KEXX0760
Lwakhakha KEXX5757
Lwala KEXX3914
Lwalaluandere KEXX0761
Lwandanyi KEXX5758
Lwayoni KEXX0762
Lwero KEXX5759
Maai Mahiu KEXX5011
Maandani KEXX0763
Mabafweni KEXX0764
Mabanda KEXX0765
Mabatani KEXX0766
Mabesheni KEXX0767
Mabokoni KEXX0768
Mabuani KEXX0769
Mabukoni KEXX0770
Machakha KEXX5760
Machakos KEXX0088
Machaku KEXX5761
Machege KEXX5012
Machete KEXX0771
Mackinnon Road KEXX0772
Madabogo KEXX0773
Madiany KEXX3915
Mado Gashi KEXX2909
Mado Yaka KEXX2910
Maduduni KEXX0774
Maduma KEXX0775
Madunda KEXX3916
Madunguni KEXX0776
Maelinane KEXX0777
Mafigani KEXX0778
Mafisini KEXX0779
Mafomba KEXX0780
Mafundani KEXX0781
Magadi KEXX5013
Magado KEXX2911
Magagani KEXX0782
Magaich KEXX5014
Magandi KEXX2912
Maganjo KEXX2055
Maganyakulo KEXX0783
Magarini KEXX0784
Magedo KEXX3634
Magina KEXX0089
Magodi KEXX0785
Magogoni KEXX0786
Magomeni KEXX0787
Magongo KEXX0788
Magtini KEXX2913
Maguguni KEXX0789
Magulani KEXX0790
Magumba KEXX0791
Magumu KEXX2056
Magunga KEXX3917
Magutu KEXX0792
Magutuni KEXX0090
Magwagwa KEXX3918
Maharani KEXX0793
Mahiga KEXX2057
Mahinga KEXX2058
Mahuruni KEXX0794
Mahuzumia KEXX0795
Mai KEXX3635
Mai KEXX0796
Mai Mahoro KEXX2059
Maida KEXX0797
Maii KEXX2914
Maikona KEXX2915
Maikuu KEXX2916
Mailua KEXX5015
Maina KEXX5016
Mainguvu KEXX0798
Mairi KEXX2060
Maisoyati KEXX5017
Maiu KEXX2917
Maiyuni KEXX2918
Majajani KEXX0799
Majaoni KEXX0800
Majego KEXX0801
Majengo KEXX3636
Majengo KEXX0802
Majengo Dololo KEXX0803
Maji Mazuri KEXX5018
Maji Moto KEXX5019
Maji ya Chumvi KEXX0804
Maji Ya Moto KEXX5020
Majimboni KEXX0805
Majoreni KEXX0806
Majumbani KEXX0807
Majunguni KEXX0808
Makaani KEXX0809
Makadara KEXX3794
Makakoi KEXX2919
Makalengi KEXX0810
Makambani KEXX0811
Makamini KEXX0812
Makandara KEXX5021
Makasadi KEXX0813
Makaswen KEXX5022
Makaveti KEXX2920
Makenge KEXX2921
Makengi KEXX2922
Makere KEXX5023
Makere KEXX0814
Makere ya Gwano KEXX0815
Makhoma KEXX3919
Makiboro KEXX0816
Makila KEXX2923
Makindi KEXX2061
Makindu KEXX0017
Makinyambu KEXX0817
Makitabu KEXX0818
Makivenzi KEXX2924
Makobe KEXX0819
Makobeni KEXX0820
Makokani KEXX2925
Makomboki KEXX2062
Makondeni KEXX0821
Makongani KEXX0822
Makongoni KEXX2926
Maksudi KEXX0823
Maktau KEXX0092
Makueni KEXX2927
Makumba KEXX0824
Makumbwani KEXX0825
Makutana KEXX2928
Makutano KEXX5024
Makuyu KEXX2063
Makwa KEXX2064
Makwenyeni KEXX0826
Malaba KEXX5762
Malablei KEXX3637
Malamba KEXX0827
Malanga KEXX5763
Malanga KEXX3920
Malaso KEXX5025
Malbe KEXX3638
Malbe Abamita KEXX2929
Malbe Danicha KEXX2930
Malbe Gedale KEXX2931
Malbe Harade KEXX3639
Maledi KEXX0828
Maleli KEXX0829
Malewa KEXX5026
Malibani KEXX2932
Malibati KEXX3640
Malikisi KEXX0093
Maliluni KEXX2933
Malimani KEXX0830
Malimo KEXX0831
Malindi KEXX0007
Malka Faya KEXX0833
Malka Sororo KEXX2934
Malkamasa KEXX0834
Mamba KEXX0835
Mambare KEXX0095
Mambatini KEXX5027
Mambo Sasa KEXX0836
Mambore KEXX0837
Mambosasa KEXX0838
Mambrui KEXX0839
Mamduchi KEXX0840
Mamponich KEXX5028
Manaret KEXX3921
Manda KEXX0841
Mandeni KEXX0842
Mandera KEXX0096
Mandongoi KEXX2935
Manga KEXX3922
Mangai KEXX0843
Mangawani KEXX0844
Mangelete KEXX0845
Mangu KEXX2065
Manikadima KEXX2936
Manikamagado KEXX2937
Manir KEXX5029
Manja KEXX0846
Manjera KEXX0847
Manolo KEXX0848
Manoni KEXX2938
Manunduni KEXX0849
Manyani KEXX0850
Manyata KEXX2066
Manyata KEXX0097
Manyeso KEXX0851
Manzui KEXX2939
Maongo KEXX0852
Mapala Ngwena KEXX0853
Mapenya KEXX0854
Mapepie KEXX2940
Mapfanga KEXX0855
Mapotea KEXX0856
Mara-Emotonyi KEXX5030
Marach KEXX5764
Marafa KEXX0857
Maragi One KEXX2067
Maragi Two KEXX2068
Maragima KEXX2069
Marago ya Kanga KEXX0858
Maragoli KEXX5765
Maragua KEXX2070
Marak KEXX5031
Marakani KEXX0859
Marakwet KEXX5032
Maral KEXX5033
Maralal KEXX5034
Marangu KEXX0860
Marania KEXX2941
Maranjua KEXX2071
Maranu KEXX0861
Marapo KEXX0862
Mararani KEXX0863
Marare KEXX0864
Mararo KEXX2072
Mararui KEXX0865
Marashoni KEXX5035
Maraticha KEXX2942
Mareira KEXX0098
Marembo KEXX0866
Marengetit KEXX5036
Marere KEXX0867
Marereni KEXX0868
Margasa KEXX0869
Mari KEXX3641
Mari-ya-Kanga KEXX2943
Mariaini KEXX2073
Mariakani KEXX0099
Mariango KEXX0870
Mariani KEXX2944
Mariathani KEXX5037
Marigat KEXX5038
Marigisa KEXX0871
Marigiza KEXX0872
Marikebuni KEXX0100
Marima KEXX2945
Marinde KEXX3923
Marinewa KEXX5039
Mariri KEXX2946
Mariwenyi KEXX0873
Marlal KEXX5040
Marmanet KEXX5041
Marongo KEXX5043
Maroni KEXX0874
Marrti KEXX5044
Marsabit KEXX0013
Marti KEXX5045
Marti Sumatia KEXX5046
Marua KEXX2074
Marucha KEXX3924
Marumi KEXX2075
Marunda KEXX5047
Marurumo KEXX2076
Maruvessa KEXX0875
Masabubu KEXX3642
Masai Land Unit KEXX5049
Masai Mara KEXX5050
Masaini KEXX2947
Masaita KEXX5051
Masakwa KEXX2948
Masalani KEXX3643
Masalani KEXX2949
Masandare KEXX5052
Masangala KEXX3925
Masau KEXX5053
Masengoni KEXX0876
Maseno KEXX3926
Mashamba KEXX2950
Mashanda KEXX0878
Mashmoni KEXX0879
Mashundwani KEXX0880
Mashuru KEXX5054
Masibo KEXX2951
Masii KEXX2952
Masimbani KEXX2953
Masindeni KEXX0881
Masol KEXX5055
Masongaleni KEXX0102
Mata KEXX5056
Mata Arba KEXX3644
Mata Sidamticha KEXX2954
Mataara KEXX2077
Mataka KEXX2955
Matakari KEXX2956
Matalong KEXX5057
Matandara KEXX2078
Matapani KEXX0883
Matasangaware KEXX2957
Matasara KEXX2958
Matathia KEXX5058
Matayo KEXX5766
Mateka KEXX5767
Matema KEXX5059
Matetendenava KEXX2959
Matha KEXX2960
Mathae KEXX2961
Mathah Adon KEXX3645
Mathangauta KEXX2079
Mathanjeini KEXX2080
Mathareini KEXX2081
Mathari KEXX2082
Mathariti KEXX2083
Mathatani KEXX2962
Mathauta KEXX2963
Mathemba KEXX2964
Mathengau KEXX2965
Mathiga KEXX2084
Mathigaine KEXX2085
Mathingau KEXX2966
Mathiyas KEXX2086
Mathyakani KEXX2967
Matinyani KEXX2968
Matiri KEXX5768
Matironi KEXX0884
Matokolal KEXX5060
Matolani KEXX0885
Matolipo KEXX2969
Matondoni KEXX0886
Matong KEXX5061
Matsangomare KEXX0887
Matsangoni KEXX0888
Matsavini KEXX0889
Matuga KEXX0890
Matuguta KEXX2088
Matumbi KEXX0891
Matumbini KEXX2970
Matumo KEXX2971
Matungulu KEXX2972
Matuu KEXX2973
Mau Narok KEXX5062
Maua KEXX2974
Mausa KEXX5063
Mauya KEXX0892
Mavia KEXX2975
Mavindu KEXX2976
Mavueni KEXX0893
Mavuria KEXX2977
Maweni KEXX0895
Maweu KEXX0896
Mayekwe KEXX5769
Mazeras KEXX0103
Mazia Chenda KEXX0897
Maziwa KEXX0898
Maziwa Matatu KEXX0899
Maziwani KEXX0900
Mazizini KEXX0901
Mazola KEXX0902
Mazu Malume KEXX0903
Mazumalume KEXX0904
Mazuni KEXX0905
Mbadzi KEXX0906
Mbagathi KEXX3795
Mbaikini KEXX2978
Mbalambala KEXX3646
Mbale KEXX0907
Mbang KEXX2979
Mbanyani KEXX2980
Mbaoni KEXX0908
Mbarak Chembe KEXX0909
Mbari KEXX2090
Mbari Ya Njiru KEXX3796
Mbari-ya-hiti KEXX2092
Mbari-ya-Igi KEXX2091
Mbaru KEXX5064
Mbauini KEXX2093
Mbauni KEXX2982
Mbauro KEXX0910
Mbavu KEXX0911
Mbayani KEXX0912
Mbebetwa KEXX2983
Mbegani KEXX0913
Mbenuu KEXX2984
Mbere KEXX2985
Mbevoni KEXX2986
Mbilini KEXX0914
Mbiri KEXX2094
Mbirikani KEXX5065
Mbita KEXX3927
Mboghoni KEXX0915
Mbogoro KEXX2095
Mbokweni KEXX0916
Mbombani KEXX0917
Mbongo KEXX0918
Mbooni KEXX2987
Mbotela KEXX3797
Mbrao KEXX0919
Mbudzyani KEXX0920
Mbugua KEXX2096
Mbuguni KEXX0921
Mbuinzau KEXX2988
Mbuji KEXX0922
Mbule KEXX0923
Mbulio KEXX0924
Mbuluni KEXX0925
Mbumbuni KEXX0104
Mbungo KEXX0926
Mbungoni KEXX0927
Mbuvo KEXX2990
Mbuvu KEXX2991
Mbuwani KEXX0928
Mbuyu Kiwete KEXX0929
Mbuyu Tundu KEXX0930
Mbuyuni KEXX0931
Mbuzia KEXX2992
Mbwaleni KEXX0932
Mbweka KEXX5770
Mchekenzi KEXX0933
Mchelelo KEXX3647
Mchingirini KEXX0934
Mchongo KEXX0935
Mdugani KEXX0936
Mdundonyi KEXX0937
Mdzimure KEXX0938
Mdzumbariaka KEXX0939
Meari KEXX3928
Megag KEXX3648
Melelo KEXX5066
Melewa KEXX5067
Melka Galla KEXX2994
Melka Magado KEXX2995
Melka Masa KEXX2996
Melka Yeka KEXX2997
Menet KEXX5068
Mengala KEXX2998
Mengeman KEXX5069
Mengit KEXX5070
Meraani KEXX5071
Mere KEXX0940
Meri KEXX3649
Meries KEXX5072
Merifano KEXX0941
Merille KEXX5073
Merti KEXX2999
Merti Nanyuki KEXX5074
Meru KEXX0015
Meruanju KEXX5075
Merueshi KEXX5076
Merun KEXX5077
Merur KEXX5078
Meti KEXX0942
Metkei KEXX5079
Mgamboni KEXX0943
Mgambonyi KEXX0944
Mgangaweni KEXX0945
Mgange KEXX0946
Mgini KEXX0947
Mgombezi KEXX0948
Mguya KEXX0949
Mgwani KEXX0950
Miakuya KEXX5080
Miamba Itano KEXX3001
Miangeni KEXX3002
Miatsani KEXX0951
Mida KEXX0952
Midagdu KEXX3650
Midoina KEXX0953
Miereni KEXX0954
Mifundani KEXX0955
Migoko KEXX3929
Migongoni KEXX0956
Migori KEXX3930
Migumomiri KEXX0957
Miguneni KEXX0958
Miguta KEXX2098
Miharati KEXX2099
Mihominane KEXX0959
Mihongani KEXX0960
Mihuti KEXX2100
Miirini KEXX2101
Mijomboni KEXX0961
Mikameni KEXX0962
Mikinduni KEXX0963
Mikinduri KEXX0106
Mikuani KEXX0964
Milafyeni KEXX0965
Milalani KEXX0966
Milalulu KEXX3651
Milembwa KEXX3003
Milhoi KEXX0967
Milimani KEXX3652
Milimani East KEXX3653
Milimani West KEXX3654
Minjila KEXX0969
Minyau KEXX3004
Miongoni KEXX0970
Miora KEXX2102
Mipirani KEXX0971
Mirarani KEXX0972
Mirerengwa Mire KEXX0973
Mirieri KEXX3931
Mirihini KEXX0974
Mirima KEXX5081
Miritini KEXX0975
Mirogi KEXX3932
Mirundu KEXX2103
Misa KEXX3005
Misaroni KEXX0976
Miskwony KEXX5082
Mitangani KEXX0977
Mitapani KEXX0978
Mitembuka KEXX3006
Mitendeuko KEXX3007
Mithithi KEXX2104
Mithumoni KEXX3008
Miti Malidadi KEXX0979
Miti ya Hunter KEXX5083
Mitita KEXX3655
Mitole KEXX0980
Mitsajeni KEXX0981
Mitsendzini KEXX0982
Mitsolokani KEXX0983
Mitunguu KEXX3009
Miu KEXX2105
Miu KEXX3010
Miumbo KEXX3011
Mivujini KEXX0984
Miwani KEXX0985
Miwani KEXX3933
Miyani KEXX0986
Mizijini KEXX0987
Mjibu KEXX0988
Mjini KEXX2106
Mjiwa Pwani KEXX0989
Mjono KEXX0990
Mkambini KEXX0991
Mkanda KEXX0992
Mkangombe KEXX0993
Mkapuwanzee KEXX3012
Mkaumoto KEXX0994
Mkingani KEXX0995
Mkokoni KEXX0996
Mkomani KEXX0997
Mkomaniboi KEXX0998
Mkomba KEXX0999
Mkondo wa Simiti KEXX1000
Mkondoni KEXX1001
Mkongani KEXX1002
Mkongani A KEXX1003
Mkongani B KEXX1004
Mkoyo KEXX1005
Mkueni KEXX1006
Mkuki KEXX5084
Mkuluni KEXX1007
Mkundi KEXX1008
Mkunguni KEXX1009
Mkunumbi KEXX1010
Mkurumuji KEXX1011
Mkuyuni KEXX1012
Mkwiro KEXX1013
Mlangumu KEXX1014
Mlegwa KEXX1015
Mlima wa Faru KEXX1016
Mlimani KEXX1017
Mlola KEXX1018
Mlombo KEXX1019
Mlubwi KEXX1020
Mnagei KEXX5085
Mnanasini KEXX1021
Mnarani KEXX1022
Mnazi Moja KEXX1023
Mnazini KEXX1024
Mnyenzeni KEXX1025
Moa KEXX1026
Moburo KEXX5086
Moding KEXX5771
Mogoma KEXX5087
Mogor KEXX5088
Mogotio KEXX5089
Mohamediad KEXX3656
Mohanda Arunde KEXX3934
Mohogholo KEXX1027
Mohoru KEXX3935
Moi KEXX3798
Moiben KEXX5090
Moita KEXX5091
Moiya Maratiti KEXX1028
Mokirro KEXX5092
Mokowe KEXX1029
Molio KEXX5093
Moliti KEXX3013
Molo KEXX0107
Mololo KEXX1030
Mombasa KEXX0008
Mombasa Nongo KEXX1031
Monzoba KEXX3014
Mopea KEXX3015
Moreta KEXX5094
Morijo KEXX5095
Morijo Loita KEXX5096
Moringwo KEXX5097
Morkwijit KEXX5098
Moror KEXX5099
Morua Ngoch KEXX5100
Mosiba KEXX5101
Mosini KEXX1032
Mosiro KEXX5102
Mosk KEXX3657
Motioenkop KEXX5103
Moya KEXX1033
Moyale KEXX0109
Moyok KEXX2107
Moyugueni KEXX1034
Mpavani KEXX1035
Mpekatoni KEXX1036
Mponge KEXX1037
Mpunguni KEXX3016
Mpunguru KEXX3017
Mrangi KEXX1038
Mrera KEXX1039
Mrima KEXX1040
Mrongondoni KEXX1041
Mrugua KEXX1042
Msabaha KEXX1043
Msambweni KEXX1044
Msanga KEXX1045
Msangamali KEXX1046
Msara KEXX1047
Msau KEXX1048
Msuakini KEXX1049
Msukoni KEXX1050
Msumarini KEXX1051
Msurwa KEXX1052
Mtaa KEXX1053
Mtakuja KEXX1054
Mtambwe KEXX1055
Mtanga Mnene KEXX1056
Mtanga wa Papa KEXX1057
Mtanganyiko KEXX1058
Mtapani KEXX1059
Mtata KEXX1060
Mtembur KEXX5104
Mteza KEXX1061
Mtito Andei KEXX0110
Mto Panga KEXX1062
Mtongwe KEXX1063
Mtsangatamu KEXX1064
Mtsangatifu KEXX1065
Mtsengo KEXX1066
Mtulu KEXX1067
Mtumwa KEXX1068
Mtungi KEXX1069
Mtungui KEXX1070
Muaani KEXX3018
Muangeni KEXX3019
Muani KEXX3020
Mubuko KEXX3021
Mucharage KEXX2108
Muchatha KEXX3799
Muchiene KEXX3022
Muchumo KEXX3023
Mudo KEXX3024
Mudomo KEXX1071
Mugagu KEXX3025
Mugamani KEXX1072
Muganga KEXX3026
Mugani KEXX1073
Mugeka KEXX2109
Mugoiri KEXX2110
Mugome KEXX1074
Mugondo KEXX5105
Mugueni KEXX2111
Muguga KEXX2112
Mugumoini KEXX2113
Mugurin KEXX5106
Mugurr KEXX5107
Muguruleni KEXX1076
Muguswok KEXX5108
Muhaka KEXX1077
Muhaka Mbavu KEXX1078
Muhoroni KEXX3936
Muirungi KEXX2114
Mukaa KEXX3027
Mukaange KEXX3028
Mukangu KEXX2115
Mukanyeni KEXX1079
Mukawa KEXX5109
Mukimwani KEXX3029
Mukinduri KEXX2116
Mukogodo KEXX5110
Mukokoa KEXX1080
Mukomwe KEXX3030
Mukore KEXX2117
Mukui KEXX2118
Mukulenta KEXX5112
Mukuloldo KEXX5113
Mukungani KEXX1081
Mukunguni KEXX1082
Mukuria KEXX2119
Mukuru KEXX3800
Mukuru KEXX1083
Mukurue KEXX2120
Mukuruwe KEXX2121
Mukurwe-ini KEXX2122
Mukus KEXX5114
Mukutan KEXX5115
Mukuyu KEXX2123
Mukuyuni KEXX3031
Mukuyuni KEXX5116
Mulaa KEXX3032
Mulala KEXX3033
Mulemwa KEXX1084
Mulilii KEXX3034
Muliloni KEXX1085
Mulilonyi KEXX1086
Muliluni KEXX3035
Mulola KEXX1087
Mulunguni KEXX1088
Mulutu KEXX3036
Mumbo KEXX3937
Mumbuchi KEXX2124
Mumbuni KEXX3037
Mumias KEXX3801
Mumias KEXX5772
Mumoni KEXX3038
Munago wa Dola KEXX1089
Munge KEXX1090
Munguvini KEXX1091
Mununga KEXX2125
Munyange One KEXX2126
Munyange Two KEXX2127
Munyani KEXX1092
Munyi wa Murogi KEXX2128
Munyoni KEXX1093
Munyuli KEXX3039
Munyuni KEXX3040
Mura-Kone-Bocha KEXX1094
Murabaki KEXX3658
Murany KEXX5117
Murarandia One KEXX2130
Murarandia Two KEXX2131
Mureko KEXX5773
Murengeti KEXX2132
Murgiyeny KEXX5118
Muriling KEXX5119
Murinduko KEXX2133
Muringari KEXX3041
Murinjo KEXX1095
Muritu KEXX1096
Murka KEXX0111
Murogo KEXX5120
Murua Itae KEXX5121
Murua Korg KEXX5122
Murua Moretot KEXX5123
Murua Nkoch KEXX5124
Murubara KEXX2136
Muruguru KEXX2137
Mururiini KEXX2138
Murutiu KEXX3042
Musa Nyandisi KEXX3938
Musanda KEXX5774
Musereita KEXX3939
Mushamba KEXX3043
Mushongoleni KEXX1097
Musikio KEXX3044
Musingini KEXX3045
Muslim Karai KEXX2139
Musoma KEXX5775
Musumarini KEXX1098
Musweni KEXX5125
Mutanda KEXX3046
Mutaput KEXX5126
Mutathiini KEXX2140
Mutei KEXX3802
Mutenguar KEXX5127
Mutet KEXX3940
Mutha KEXX3047
Muthano KEXX3048
Muthanthara KEXX3049
Muthara KEXX3050
Muthenge KEXX3051
Muthimo KEXX2141
Muthinga KEXX2142
Muthingiini KEXX3052
Muthira KEXX2143
Muthithi KEXX2144
Muthuari KEXX3053
Muthue KEXX3054
Muthurua KEXX2145
Muthuthiini KEXX2146
Mutitu KEXX3055
Mutitu KEXX2147
Mutomo KEXX2148
Mutomo KEXX3056
Mutonguni KEXX3057
Mutuini KEXX3803
Mutuli KEXX1099
Mutulia KEXX3058
Mutuluni KEXX3059
Mutunguruni KEXX1100
Mutuni KEXX3060
Mutwakiveta KEXX3061
Muuani KEXX3062
Muuathi KEXX2149
Muune KEXX3063
Muuni KEXX1101
Muuni KEXX3064
Muweri KEXX3941
Muyaka KEXX2150
Muyongo KEXX5128
Mvindeni KEXX1102
Mvuleni KEXX1103
Mvumoni KEXX1104
Mwabandari KEXX1105
Mwabani KEXX1106
Mwabaya Nyundo KEXX1107
Mwabila KEXX1108
Mwabuga KEXX1109
Mwabungu KEXX1110
Mwachanda KEXX1111
Mwachande KEXX1112
Mwachawaza KEXX1113
Mwachema KEXX1114
Mwachinga KEXX1116
Mwademu KEXX1117
Mwaembe KEXX1118
Mwaga KEXX1119
Mwaguda KEXX1120
Mwakalanga KEXX1121
Mwakamba KEXX1122
Mwakengeni KEXX1123
Mwakepeku KEXX1124
Mwaketutu KEXX1125
Mwakijembe KEXX1126
Mwakinyungu KEXX1127
Mwakirunge KEXX1128
Mwakirunge Kuu KEXX1129
Mwakola KEXX1131
Mwakoyo KEXX1132
Mwakuhenga KEXX1133
Mwakunde KEXX1134
Mwakwala KEXX1135
Mwala KEXX0112
Mwalewa KEXX1136
Mwalikombe KEXX1137
Mwalili KEXX1138
Mwalilo KEXX1139
Mwalolo KEXX1140
Mwaluganze KEXX1141
Mwaluvamba KEXX1142
Mwaluvanga KEXX1143
Mwamandi KEXX1144
Mwamanga KEXX1145
Mwamba KEXX1146
Mwambalo KEXX1147
Mwambani KEXX3065
Mwambathana KEXX3066
Mwambiri KEXX1148
Mwamivi KEXX1149
Mwamkuchi KEXX1150
Mwamleka KEXX1151
Mwamlongo KEXX1152
Mwamoko KEXX1153
Mwamtsola KEXX1154
Mwana Mwinga KEXX1155
Mwanamare KEXX1156
Mwananyamala KEXX1157
Mwanathamba KEXX1158
Mwanda KEXX5776
Mwanda KEXX1159
Mwandeo KEXX1160
Mwandimu KEXX1161
Mwando Mwarabu KEXX1162
Mwando wa Panya KEXX1163
Mwandoni KEXX1164
Mwanduri KEXX1165
Mwangala KEXX1166
Mwangarimwe KEXX3067
Mwangea KEXX1167
Mwangini KEXX3068
Mwangongo KEXX1168
Mwangoni KEXX1169
Mwangulu KEXX1170
Mwangwei KEXX1171
Mwanjati KEXX3069
Mwankanda KEXX1172
Mwankwazi KEXX1173
Mwanyora KEXX1174
Mwapala KEXX1175
Mwarakaya KEXX1176
Mwarongo KEXX1177
Mwarungu KEXX1178
Mwatambazi KEXX1179
Mwatate KEXX0113
Mwathaini KEXX2151
Mwavombe KEXX1180
Mwavuo KEXX1181
Mwaweche KEXX1182
Mwayalo KEXX1183
Mwazangombe KEXX1184
Mwazare KEXX1185
Mwazi KEXX1186
Mwe KEXX3070
Mweiai KEXX5129
Mweiga KEXX2153
Mweini KEXX3071
Mweleto KEXX3072
Mwembe Mkali KEXX1187
Mwembe Saba KEXX1188
Mwembe wa Tungu KEXX1189
Mwena KEXX1190
Mwena Boboro KEXX1191
Mwereni KEXX1192
Mweri KEXX2155
Mweru KEXX2156
Mwetavi KEXX1193
Mwewe KEXX3073
Mweza KEXX1194
Mwimuto KEXX2157
Mwina KEXX3659
Mwinda KEXX3074
Mwingi KEXX3075
Mwitamisyi KEXX1195
Mwitu wa Mwalimu KEXX1196
Mwogahendi KEXX1197
Mwokiot KEXX5130
Mwongori KEXX3942
Mworoni KEXX1198
Mwudigirr KEXX5131
Myabogi KEXX1199
Myanga KEXX0114
Myazani KEXX1200
Myoni KEXX3076
Mzingi KEXX1201
Mzizima KEXX1202
Mzuri KEXX1203
Nabega KEXX5132
Nabeiye KEXX5133
Nabkoi KEXX5134
Nabuni KEXX3660
Naburiangore KEXX5135
Naburkawa KEXX5136
Nachu KEXX5137
Nachui KEXX5138
Nadapal KEXX5139
Nadua KEXX5140
Nadungo KEXX5141
Nafiti KEXX1204
Nagara Masania KEXX5142
Nagasani KEXX1205
Nagomet KEXX5143
Nagoreti KEXX5144
Nagoriagwen KEXX5145
Nagorum KEXX5146
Nagubarat KEXX5147
Naibor Ajijik KEXX5148
Naiborsoit KEXX5149
Naichibil KEXX5150
Naidikidiko KEXX5151
Naikara KEXX5152
Naimaralal KEXX5153
Naimbala KEXX5154
Nairabala KEXX5155
Nairagie Ngare KEXX5156
Nairagiengare KEXX0115
Nairebuk KEXX5157
Nairobi KEXX0009
Nairobi Hill KEXX3804
Nairobi South KEXX3805
Nairobi West KEXX3806
Nairotian KEXX5158
Nairutia KEXX2159
Nairutia KEXX5159
Naishamunyei KEXX5160
Naisuya KEXX5161
Naivasha KEXX0117
Naiwaishi KEXX5162
Nakaisieken KEXX5163
Nakapet KEXX5164
Nakatibwen KEXX5165
Nakaton KEXX5166
Nakatuk-Amothing KEXX5167
Nakefenda KEXX5168
Nakinglas KEXX5169
Nakinwali KEXX5170
Nakonyo KEXX5171
Nakoret KEXX5172
Nakuijit KEXX5173
Nakujakabon KEXX5174
Nakuru KEXX0010
Nakurumunyen KEXX5175
Nakut KEXX5176
Nakwakomowa KEXX5177
Nakwamoru KEXX5178
Nakwanga KEXX5179
Nakwawi KEXX5180
Nakwe KEXX5181
Nakweya KEXX5182
Nakwoaketh KEXX5183
Nalakath KEXX5184
Nalala KEXX5185
Nalo KEXX3943
Naloguno KEXX5186
Nam-Orma KEXX3661
Namabusi KEXX3944
Namadang KEXX5187
Namalilo KEXX5188
Namanga KEXX5189
Namarieth KEXX5190
Nambale KEXX5778
Nambani KEXX3077
Nambogothe KEXX3078
Namorangara KEXX5191
Namortana KEXX5192
Namubira KEXX5779
Namundi KEXX5780
Namurungule KEXX5193
Namyoso KEXX5781
Nandi Hills KEXX5194
Nanga KEXX3945
Nangaro KEXX5195
Nangina KEXX5782
Nanigi KEXX3662
Nanigi East KEXX3663
Nanigi West KEXX1206
Nanyuki KEXX0119
Napao KEXX5196
Napathenyang KEXX5197
Napeimaler KEXX5198
Napiot KEXX5199
Napotimoru KEXX5200
Napoyi KEXX5201
Napus-Eregae KEXX5202
Narakia KEXX5203
Naro Moru KEXX5204
Narobil KEXX5205
Narok KEXX5206
Narok Omom KEXX3807
Narokoluguny KEXX5207
Narosura KEXX5208
Narumunkulupuo KEXX5209
Naruoro KEXX5210
Nasampolai KEXX5211
Nasibu KEXX1207
Nasogolo KEXX5212
Nasurrana KEXX5213
Natan KEXX5214
Natapara KEXX5215
Nataparin KEXX5216
Nathelot KEXX5218
Nathikena KEXX5219
Natira KEXX5220
Natokoch KEXX5221
Naudu KEXX5223
Nauneeri KEXX5224
Naunganwin KEXX5225
Nauseligadeli KEXX5226
Nawigwi KEXX5227
Ndabibi KEXX5228
Ndakulu KEXX5783
Ndalai KEXX3079
Ndambwe KEXX1208
Ndamichoni KEXX5229
Ndanai KEXX5230
Ndangilen KEXX5231
Ndaragwa KEXX2161
Ndarakwa KEXX5232
Ndaroini KEXX2163
Ndarugu KEXX2164
Ndatani KEXX1209
Ndathi KEXX2165
Ndau KEXX1210
Ndau KEXX5233
Ndauni KEXX0120
Ndavaya KEXX0121
Ndeiya KEXX2166
Ndenderu KEXX2167
Ndera KEXX1211
Ndere KEXX3946
Nderi KEXX2168
Nderu KEXX2169
Ndetani KEXX3080
Ndhiwa KEXX3947
Ndiaini One KEXX2170
Ndiaini Two KEXX2171
Ndialongoi KEXX5234
Ndiandaya KEXX3081
Ndiandaza KEXX1212
Ndiara KEXX2172
Ndigiria KEXX1213
Ndikir Aposokola KEXX5235
Ndikir Makanit KEXX3082
Ndikir Njora KEXX3083
Ndile KEXX1214
Ndili KEXX3084
Ndimaini KEXX2173
Ndindiruku KEXX2174
Ndioni KEXX2175
Ndirgirbu KEXX5237
Ndiuini KEXX2176
Ndokoko KEXX1215
Ndome KEXX1216
Ndondol KEXX5238
Ndonga KEXX2177
Ndooa KEXX3085
Ndopa KEXX5239
Ndore Mkwajuni KEXX1217
Ndoswa KEXX5240
Ndubai KEXX5241
Ndugu Mbeni KEXX1218
Ndulelei KEXX5242
Ndulelu KEXX5243
Ndulu KEXX3086
Nduma KEXX2178
Ndumberi KEXX2179
Ndundore KEXX3087
Ndundu-ini KEXX2180
Ndunduguthu KEXX2181
Ndunguni KEXX3088
Ndunyagerro KEXX5244
Ndunyu Chege KEXX2182
Nduolalaiyu KEXX5245
Ndura KEXX1219
Ndurarua KEXX2183
Nduru KEXX1220
Nduru KEXX3948
Ndurutu KEXX2184
Ndzovuni KEXX1221
Nelarai KEXX5246
Nembu KEXX2185
Nembure KEXX3089
Nendugai KEXX5247
Nenepa KEXX2186
Nengoswa KEXX5248
Nenkereri KEXX5249
Neremit KEXX5250
Ngaazani KEXX3090
Ngababa KEXX2187
Ngachodet KEXX5251
Ngadhini KEXX1222
Ngadurumuto KEXX5252
Ngai Ndethia KEXX3091
Ngajek Olasho KEXX5253
Ngakani KEXX3092
Ngama KEXX5254
Ngambinyi KEXX1223
Ngandani KEXX3093
Ngandu KEXX2188
Ngandure KEXX3094
Nganja KEXX1224
Nganukonharengak KEXX5255
Ngao KEXX1225
Ngaosakinoi KEXX5256
Ngaradatai KEXX3095
Ngararambuni KEXX5257
Ngarariga KEXX2189
Ngarighasi KEXX1226
Ngaroni KEXX5258
Ngaru KEXX2190
Ngatataik KEXX5259
Ngathune KEXX3096
Ngauwuni KEXX3097
Ngayaba KEXX2191
Ngecha KEXX2192
Ngelesha KEXX5784
Ngelesha Reserve KEXX5260
Ngemwa KEXX2193
Ngenya KEXX0122
Ngerenyi KEXX1227
Ngeru KEXX0123
Ngethu KEXX2194
Ngewa KEXX2195
Ngeyeni KEXX1228
Nghonji KEXX1229
Ngiito KEXX5261
Ngimba KEXX5262
Nginda KEXX1230
Ngindo KEXX1231
Nginduri KEXX2196
Ngipurukala KEXX5264
Ngiri KEXX3949
Ngiriambu KEXX2197
Ngiya KEXX3950
Ngobilitai KEXX5265
Ngoi KEXX1232
Ngoile KEXX5266
Ngoiyeengalani KEXX5267
Ngoleni KEXX3098
Ngoliba KEXX2198
Ngolokoloni KEXX1233
Ngomani KEXX1234
Ngombani KEXX1235
Ngombeni KEXX1236
Ngomeni KEXX0124
Ngomeni KEXX3099
Ngomola KEXX3100
Ngomwet KEXX5268
Ngong KEXX0125
Ngoni KEXX3101
Ngononik KEXX5269
Ngonzini KEXX1237
Ngoriundito KEXX2200
Ngosini East KEXX3102
Ngosini West KEXX3103
Ngotogongoron KEXX5271
Ngovio KEXX3104
Ngozini KEXX1238
Ngubereti KEXX5272
Nguka KEXX2201
Nguku KEXX3105
Ngulai KEXX5273
Ngulia KEXX3106
Nguluku KEXX1239
Ngume Malo KEXX5274
Ngumu KEXX1240
Nguna KEXX2202
Ngunduni KEXX1241
Ngunguru KEXX2203
Nguni KEXX3107
Ngunyumu KEXX3108
Ngure KEXX2204
Nguro KEXX1242
Ngurugani KEXX3109
Nguruki KEXX5275
Ngurumaut KEXX5276
Nguruwa KEXX5277
Nguruweni KEXX1243
Nguseruienyok KEXX5278
Nguti KEXX3110
Ngutuk Olmuget KEXX5279
Nguu KEXX3111
Nguungani KEXX3112
Nguuni KEXX3113
Nguyo KEXX5280
Ngwaru KEXX1244
Ngwata KEXX3114
Ngwate KEXX3115
Ngwena KEXX1245
Ngworika KEXX5281
Nikunde KEXX1246
Nitigersa KEXX3664
Nitimaini KEXX2205
Njaina KEXX3116
Njathini KEXX2206
Njega KEXX2207
Njege KEXX2208
Njele KEXX1247
Njigari KEXX2209
Njiku KEXX2210
Njogu-ini KEXX2211
Njora KEXX2212
Njoro KEXX5282
Njuri KEXX3117
Nkaroni KEXX5283
Nkichita KEXX5284
Nkiito KEXX5285
Nkito KEXX5286
Nkoteyia KEXX5287
Nkukon KEXX5288
Nkumemalo KEXX5289
Noikiri Ongwesi KEXX5290
Noiwe KEXX5291
Nolbesharani KEXX5292
Noldubai KEXX5293
Nolkelerua KEXX5294
Nolkishiru KEXX5295
Nololariak KEXX5296
Nomboroi KEXX5297
Nonkeek KEXX5298
Nonkitoloswai KEXX5299
Noolpopong KEXX5300
Noombeuti KEXX5301
Noonkumot KEXX5302
Norgalitaba KEXX5303
North Horr KEXX3118
North Pokomo KEXX1248
Nosikitok KEXX5304
Nosuguro KEXX5305
Nosupukia KEXX5306
Ntalarawa KEXX3119
Nthalakana KEXX3120
Nthangu KEXX3121
Nthani KEXX3122
Nthawe KEXX3123
Nthunguni KEXX3124
Nthwani KEXX3125
Ntimaru KEXX0126
Ntuka KEXX5307
Ntulelei KEXX0127
Nturuwuas KEXX5308
Nundu KEXX2213
Nunguni KEXX3126
Nunguni KEXX1249
Nurmum KEXX3127
Nyaani KEXX3128
Nyabasi KEXX3951
Nyabera KEXX3952
Nyaboro KEXX3953
Nyadorera KEXX3954
Nyaga KEXX2214
Nyagachugu KEXX2215
Nyagatugu KEXX2216
Nyagora KEXX3665
Nyahururu KEXX5309
Nyahururu KEXX2217
Nyakahuho KEXX2218
Nyakahura KEXX2219
Nyakwere KEXX5310
Nyalani KEXX1250
Nyali KEXX1251
Nyalilpuch KEXX5311
Nyamakuyu KEXX2220
Nyamalani KEXX1252
Nyamindi KEXX2221
Nyamuga KEXX3955
Nyamware KEXX3956
Nyanduma KEXX2222
Nyangiti KEXX2223
Nyangoro KEXX1253
Nyangusu KEXX3958
Nyangwani KEXX3666
Nyangweso KEXX3959
Nyansiongo KEXX3960
Nyaru KEXX5314
Nyati KEXX2224
Nyawita KEXX3961
Nyenga KEXX3962
Nyeri KEXX2225
Nyika KEXX1255
Nyoiasita KEXX5315
Nyowita KEXX3963
Nyundo KEXX1256
Nzaikoni KEXX3129
Nzalae KEXX3130
Nzamba KEXX3131
Nzaui KEXX3132
Nzeeka KEXX3133
Nzeewani KEXX3134
Nzeluni KEXX3135
Nzilole KEXX1257
Nziu KEXX3136
Nziuni KEXX3137
Nzole KEXX1258
Nzovuni KEXX1259
Nzunguli KEXX3138
Nzungululuni KEXX3139
Nzuuni KEXX3140
Obe KEXX3141
Obila KEXX3964
Obo KEXX1260
Oda KEXX3667
Oda KEXX1261
Odhole KEXX1262
Odoi Genisa KEXX1263
Odok KEXX3965
Odouch KEXX5316
Odoyo KEXX3966
Ofafa KEXX3808
Ogaden KEXX3668
Ogama KEXX3967
Ogembo KEXX3968
Ogonishu KEXX3669
Ogorchi KEXX3670
Oguntir KEXX3671
Ogwagwat KEXX5317
Oirri KEXX5318
Ojuok KEXX3969
Okame KEXX5785
Okia KEXX3142
Okial KEXX5319
Okona KEXX3672
Okorobut KEXX5320
Okoroch KEXX5321
Okote KEXX3673
Okoth KEXX3970
Okumu KEXX3971
Ol Ombokishi KEXX5322
Olabora KEXX2228
Olalabwak KEXX5323
Olaloi KEXX5324
Olan KEXX3143
Olandi KEXX5326
Olare Lamun KEXX5327
Olare Sambu KEXX5328
Olborsoit KEXX5329
Olchoki KEXX3144
Olchorro Dapash KEXX5330
Olchorro Nyukie KEXX5331
Olchorro Onyore KEXX5332
Old Mombasa KEXX1264
Oldobai KEXX5333
Oldoinyo Geri KEXX5334
Oldoinyo Leanda KEXX5335
Oldoinyo Loloip KEXX5337
Ole Kaitoriori KEXX5341
Ole Simu KEXX5342
Oleelelu KEXX5343
Oleiga KEXX5344
Olekemonge KEXX5345
Olelialatus KEXX5346
Olenalaigitomon KEXX5347
Olenarau KEXX5348
Olendem KEXX5349
Olengape KEXX5350
Olengarua KEXX5351
Olenguluo KEXX5352
Olenkarua KEXX1265
Olentaga KEXX5353
Olepolos KEXX5354
Oleshepani KEXX5355
Olgali KEXX5356
Olgane Aro KEXX5357
Olgos Lenterit KEXX5358
Olialadus KEXX5359
Oliasheri KEXX5360
Oliopa KEXX5361
Oljoro Orok KEXX2230
OlKalou KEXX2227
Olkaria KEXX5362
Olkeju Loosaen KEXX5363
Olkelunyiet KEXX5364
Olkena KEXX5365
Olkeramatian KEXX5366
Olkilorit KEXX5367
Olkinos KEXX5368
Olkirikirai KEXX5369
Olkokwe KEXX5370
Olkunyailie KEXX5371
Olkwenyo KEXX5372
Olla KEXX3674
Olmarorde KEXX5373
Olmelit KEXX5374
Olmesutye KEXX5375
Olmisiogiyioi KEXX5376
Olmotio KEXX5377
Olmuteita KEXX5378
Olngarua KEXX5379
Olngobor KEXX5380
Olngonyi KEXX5381
Olngoswa KEXX5382
Olodo Are KEXX5384
Olodo Enterit KEXX5385
Olodo-Enterit KEXX5386
Olodungoro KEXX5387
Oloeroguo KEXX5388
Oloiborsoit KEXX5389
Oloiguran KEXX5390
Oloilogwa KEXX5391
Oloiserri KEXX5392
Oloitiko KEXX5393
Oloitokitok KEXX5394
Olokurto KEXX5395
Ololalish KEXX5396
Ololam KEXX5397
Ololdorko KEXX5398
Ololoipange KEXX5399
Ololojigoshi KEXX5400
Ololongwe KEXX5402
Ololturoto KEXX5403
Ololua KEXX5404
Olombokishi KEXX5405
Olomboneg KEXX5406
Olondero KEXX5407
Olondoto KEXX2231
Olonjirin KEXX5408
Olonkishu KEXX5409
Olonongot KEXX5410
Oloodolortet KEXX5411
Oloolderse KEXX5412
Oloolnguengueny KEXX5413
Olooloitikoishi KEXX5414
Oloonkampi KEXX5416
Oloonkiyieutie KEXX5417
Olootepes KEXX5418
Olopirikopida KEXX5419
Olorani KEXX5420
Olorbukoi KEXX5421
Oloriganjo KEXX5422
Olorika KEXX5423
Olornguswa KEXX5424
Oloropanteni KEXX5425
Oloropil KEXX5426
Olortet KEXX5427
Olosentu KEXX5428
Oloserian KEXX5429
Olosho Olchoro KEXX5430
Oloshoilkeek KEXX5431
Olosinon KEXX5432
Olosirua Ogum KEXX5433
Olosirua Orupa KEXX5434
Olosodan KEXX5435
Olosolani KEXX5436
Oloumbokoshi KEXX5437
Oloyaingalani KEXX5438
Olpoloss KEXX5439
Olpurken KEXX5440
Oltepesi KEXX5441
Oltiaseka KEXX5442
Oltikambo KEXX5443
Oltinka KEXX5444
Oltirkonyan KEXX5445
Oltulili KEXX3145
Olturato KEXX5446
Omar Jilo KEXX3675
Omenyangamong KEXX5447
Omisingiyoi KEXX5448
Omodoli KEXX5786
Onawara KEXX3146
Onegoronti KEXX1266
Ongaryama KEXX5787
Ongata Enkop KEXX5449
Ongata Nairobi KEXX5451
Ongata Olenareka KEXX5452
Ongata Ondare KEXX5453
Ongata Onkishu KEXX5454
Ongata Ronga KEXX5455
Ongumot KEXX2233
Onkolde KEXX1267
Onkurman KEXX1268
Onmate KEXX1269
Onyokie KEXX5456
Opelagonya KEXX5457
Operto KEXX5458
Opiyo KEXX3974
Opuru KEXX5459
Opuserutu KEXX5788
Orbu KEXX1270
Orgotom KEXX5460
Orkiuliamoi KEXX5461
Orongi KEXX5462
Oropyemit KEXX5463
Orwa KEXX5464
Osarara KEXX5465
Osasiruai KEXX5466
Oseka KEXX5467
Oseki KEXX5468
Oseni KEXX1271
Oseroleke Pass KEXX5469
Oserolembere KEXX5470
Osilalei KEXX5471
Osindo KEXX3975
Osinoni KEXX5472
Osongoroi KEXX5473
Othaya KEXX2234
Otiende KEXX3809
Otinga KEXX3976
Otuok KEXX3977
Outer Ring Road KEXX3810
Owiga KEXX3979
Oyarata KEXX5474
Oyugis KEXX0128
Ozi KEXX1272
Palaglan KEXX5475
Palkarara KEXX5476
Pandanguo KEXX1273
Pande KEXX1274
Pangal KEXX1275
Pangani KEXX3811
Pangani KEXX1276
Pangayambo KEXX1277
Pangu KEXX1278
Pap Onditi KEXX3981
Paraiko KEXX5477
Paranae KEXX5478
Parapartun KEXX5479
Paraporu KEXX5480
Parar KEXX5481
Parek KEXX5482
Parila KEXX5483
Parim KEXX5484
Parkati KEXX5485
Parklands KEXX3812
Parkuoo KEXX5486
Partarai KEXX5487
Patanrero KEXX3147
Pate KEXX1279
Paulo KEXX3982
Pawe KEXX1280
Pel KEXX5488
Pelekech KEXX5489
Pelepul KEXX5490
Pelewa KEXX5491
Pelpel KEXX5492
Pemba KEXX1281
Pemwai KEXX5493
Penda Kula KEXX1282
Pendeza KEXX1283
Pengo KEXX1284
Pep Gadera KEXX3983
Peponi KEXX1285
Perani KEXX1286
Perkerra KEXX5495
Pharkar KEXX5496
Pika Pika KEXX1287
Pingilikani KEXX1288
Pishi Moja KEXX1289
Poi KEXX5497
Poka KEXX5498
Pololet KEXX5499
Pongung KEXX5500
Pongwe KEXX1290
Porapora KEXX5501
Porlera KEXX5502
Poro KEXX5503
Poror KEXX5504
Port Bunyala KEXX5789
Port Southby KEXX3984
Poulton KEXX5505
Povuni KEXX1291
Powei KEXX5506
Prijit KEXX5507
Psapai KEXX5508
Puma KEXX1292
Pumwani KEXX1293
Pumwani KEXX3813
Punda Milia KEXX2235
Pundo KEXX3985
Pungu KEXX1294
Purko KEXX5509
Pusake KEXX5510
Rabai KEXX1295
Rabour KEXX3986
Radad KEXX5511
Ragati KEXX2236
Rageh KEXX3148
Ragia KEXX2237
Raguta KEXX3149
Raiya KEXX3676
Raiyani KEXX2238
Ralien KEXX5512
Rama KEXX5513
Ramaadabli KEXX3677
Ramada KEXX1296
Ramai KEXX5514
Ramato KEXX3678
Ramatrobi KEXX3150
Rambara KEXX3987
Ramisi KEXX0129
Ramogi KEXX3988
Ramu KEXX0130
Ramula KEXX5790
Randani KEXX3151
Rangala KEXX3989
Rapa KEXX5515
Raraita KEXX5516
Raromombasa KEXX1297
Rasi KEXX1298
Ratai KEXX2239
Ratien KEXX5517
Redap KEXX3679
Reet KEXX5518
Reketa KEXX1299
Remai KEXX5519
Rendio KEXX5520
Renguti KEXX2240
Reraitven KEXX5521
Rhino Ridge KEXX2241
Rhoka KEXX3680
Ria Kalui KEXX1300
Riabai KEXX2242
Riakiania KEXX2243
Riamkanga KEXX3990
Riamukurwe KEXX2244
Riamwangi KEXX2245
Riana KEXX3991
Riandiara KEXX2246
Rianjogu KEXX2247
Ribe KEXX1301
Rigmio KEXX3681
Rima Ra Pera KEXX1302
Rimes KEXX3152
Riondonga KEXX3992
Ripalat KEXX5522
Rira KEXX1303
Riri KEXX3153
Riritian KEXX5523
Rironi KEXX2248
Riruta KEXX3814
Ritho KEXX2249
Rititi KEXX2250
Riuki KEXX2251
Riwa Trust Land KEXX5524
Rogo KEXX5525
Rogoch KEXX5526
Roka KEXX3682
Roka KEXX1304
Rombo KEXX5527
Rongai KEXX5528
Rotian KEXX5529
Rowa KEXX3683
Roysambu KEXX3815
Ruaka KEXX3816
Ruambiti KEXX2252
Ruanganga KEXX2253
Ruangondu KEXX2254
Ruara KEXX1306
Ruaraka KEXX3817
Rubu KEXX1307
Ruchu KEXX2255
Rudacha KEXX5791
Rugumu KEXX3154
Rugus KEXX5530
Ruiru KEXX0131
Rukala KEXX3993
Rukanga KEXX2257
Rukanga KEXX0132
Rukenya KEXX2258
Rukira KEXX2259
Ruku KEXX2260
Rukubi KEXX2261
Rukuriri KEXX3155
Rumuruti KEXX0133
Runa KEXX5531
Rungiri KEXX2262
Runguri KEXX2263
Rurii KEXX2264
Ruruguti KEXX2266
Ruruma KEXX1308
Rutara KEXX2267
Ruthagati KEXX2268
Ruthimitu KEXX2269
Rutura KEXX2270
Ruweni KEXX1309
Rwala KEXX1310
Rwamburi Kiugu KEXX2271
Rwathia KEXX2272
Rwegetha KEXX2273
Ryando KEXX3156
Saadani KEXX1311
Saaiet KEXX5532
Sabarei KEXX3157
Sabasena KEXX3684
Sabena KEXX3685
Sabirit KEXX5533
Sabugu KEXX2274
Sabule KEXX3686
Sachan KEXX5534
Sache KEXX3687
Sadani KEXX1312
Safarisi KEXX1313
Sagala KEXX1314
Sagamien KEXX5535
Sagana KEXX2275
Sagat KEXX5536
Sagodhana KEXX1315
Saidibabo KEXX1316
Saiguton KEXX5537
Sailoni KEXX1317
Saimet KEXX5538
Saint Marys KEXX2276
Saja KEXX5539
Sajuloni KEXX5540
Saka KEXX3688
Sakai KEXX3158
Sakamai KEXX5541
Sakumai KEXX5542
Sakuto KEXX1318
Salabani KEXX5543
Salaita KEXX1319
Samai KEXX5544
Samali KEXX5545
Samansab KEXX3689
Samasaro KEXX3159
Sambu KEXX5546
Samburu KEXX0134
Samburu South KEXX1320
Samicha KEXX1321
Samikaro KEXX1322
Samsons Corner KEXX2277
Samturubur KEXX5547
Samuli KEXX5548
Sanadi KEXX3160
Sandai KEXX5549
Sangayaya KEXX3161
Sangoleaku KEXX3690
Saoset KEXX5551
Sapo KEXX1323
Sarbuye KEXX1324
Sarbuyo KEXX1325
Sare KEXX3994
Sarego KEXX3691
Sarim KEXX3692
Sarira KEXX3693
Sarmai KEXX5552
Sarora KEXX5553
Sasak KEXX5554
Saseni KEXX5555
Sasuri KEXX5792
Satamesa KEXX3162
Saula KEXX5556
Sawa Sawa KEXX1326
Sebit KEXX5557
Secho KEXX1327
Sega KEXX3995
Segel KEXX3163
Segemik KEXX5558
Segera KEXX5559
Segga KEXX1328
Seketet KEXX5560
Sela Mbaha KEXX1329
Selelio KEXX3164
Selengai KEXX5561
Selini KEXX1330
Semi KEXX1331
Sempeweti KEXX5562
Sena KEXX3996
Sendemke KEXX1332
Sendeni KEXX1333
Sengani KEXX3165
Sengerarua KEXX3166
Sera KEXX1334
Serekwa KEXX5564
Seretunin KEXX5565
Sergoi KEXX5566
Sericho KEXX3167
Serkongun KEXX5567
Serolevi KEXX5568
Sertonji KEXX5569
Sesia KEXX5570
Shabaltaragwa KEXX5571
Shafshafe KEXX3694
Shaka la Simba KEXX1335
Shakadulo KEXX1336
Shakajila KEXX1337
Shakaloni KEXX3695
Shamakhokho KEXX5793
Shambini KEXX1338
Shambweni KEXX1339
Shamenei KEXX5572
Shamenek KEXX5573
Shamu KEXX1340
Shanamu KEXX5574
Shanga KEXX1341
Shanzu KEXX1342
Shariani KEXX1343
Sharo KEXX1344
Shauri Moyo KEXX1345
Shauri Moyo KEXX3818
Sheikh bin Dam KEXX3697
Sheikh Yusuf KEXX3696
Shela KEXX1346
Shelemba KEXX1347
Sheshe KEXX1348
Shevele KEXX3698
Shidelewa KEXX5794
Shigaro KEXX1349
Shikusa KEXX5795
Shilishili KEXX5575
Shimanzali KEXX1350
Shimanzi KEXX1351
Shimba Hills KEXX1352
Shimbiri KEXX3699
Shimbirole KEXX3700
Shimbirr Faduma KEXX3701
Shimo la Tewa KEXX1353
Shimoni KEXX1354
Shirango KEXX1355
Shirazi KEXX1356
Shirika KEXX1357
Shirikisho KEXX1358
Shirotsa KEXX5796
Shompole KEXX5576
Shonogasho KEXX1359
Siakago KEXX3168
Siamufua KEXX3997
Siaya KEXX3998
Sibilo KEXX5577
Sichei KEXX5797
Sidindi KEXX3999
Sigalagala KEXX5798
Sigio KEXX2278
Sigisokatima KEXX3169
Sigomere KEXX4000
Sigor KEXX5578
Sije KEXX1360
Sikoma KEXX5799
Sikowa KEXX5579
Sikwata KEXX3170
Silale KEXX5580
Silaloni KEXX1361
Siliga KEXX3702
Silip KEXX5581
Simandaro KEXX1362
Simba KEXX5582
Simbol KEXX5583
Similani KEXX1363
Simisi KEXX3171
Sincholol KEXX5584
Sindo KEXX4001
Sinedet KEXX5585
Sinet Delta KEXX5586
Singore KEXX5587
Sinoia KEXX1364
Sinon KEXX5588
Sintakara KEXX5589
Sio Port KEXX5800
Siobiliwa KEXX3172
Siongiroi KEXX5590
Siranga KEXX4002
Siriba KEXX5801
Sirira KEXX1365
Sirisia KEXX5802
Sirrken KEXX5591
Sisenye KEXX5803
Sitaman KEXX5592
Sitet KEXX5593
Sitoga KEXX5594
Siyu KEXX1366
Skufout KEXX3703
Skwata KEXX3173
Sobo KEXX1367
Sogli KEXX3704
Sogo KEXX5595
Sogororbei KEXX5596
Sogut KEXX5597
Soiminim KEXX5598
Soit KEXX5599
Soito Narok KEXX3174
Soitsampu KEXX5600
Soka KEXX5601
Soketi KEXX5602
Sokoke KEXX1368
Solai KEXX0135
Solola KEXX3705
Sololo KEXX0136
Somali KEXX3175
Sondhang KEXX5603
Sondu KEXX5604
Songeni KEXX3176
Songuat KEXX5605
Songwet KEXX5606
Sopel KEXX5607
Sora Adoru KEXX5608
Sorathi KEXX3706
Sorra Hidi KEXX3707
Sosiot KEXX5609
Sosoma KEXX3177
Sosoni KEXX1369
Sotik KEXX5610
South Horr KEXX5611
South Kinangop KEXX2279
South Samburu KEXX1370
Sowera KEXX5612
Soy KEXX0137
Spring Valley KEXX3819
Stubbs KEXX5613
Subet KEXX5804
Subukia KEXX5614
Subuku KEXX5615
Suiyian KEXX5616
Sukela KEXX3178
Sukela KEXX3708
Sukela Balbala KEXX3710
Sukela Hulo KEXX3712
Sukela Kala KEXX3713
Sukela Lame KEXX3179
Sukela Simis KEXX3714
Sukela Tinfu KEXX3715
Sultan Hamud KEXX5617
Sumai KEXX1371
Sumat KEXX3716
Sumerga KEXX5618
Suna KEXX4003
Sungululu KEXX1372
Supuko Lool Tian KEXX2281
Surali KEXX5619
Surujani KEXX1373
Susunkat KEXX5620
Suswa KEXX5621
Swari KEXX5622
Syangwe KEXX3180
Syimbiia KEXX3181
Syoini KEXX3182
Syolima KEXX3183
Syomanyenze KEXX3184
Syomuunyu KEXX3185
Syondoga KEXX3186
Syopkeri KEXX3717
Syumbungu KEXX3188
Syumile KEXX3189
Syuu KEXX3190
Tabora KEXX5623
Taita Trust Land KEXX1374
Takaba KEXX3718
Takae KEXX1375
Takafu KEXX3719
Takaungu KEXX1376
Takaus KEXX5624
Takwa Milinga KEXX1377
Tala KEXX0138
Talai KEXX5625
Talau KEXX5626
Talio KEXX1378
Taloa KEXX5627
Tamarkwan KEXX5628
Tamaso KEXX1379
Tambach KEXX5629
Tambaya KEXX2282
Tamiyioi KEXX5630
Tananak KEXX5631
Tandare KEXX5632
Tandia KEXX1380
Tangakona KEXX5805
Tanganyika KEXX1381
Tangila KEXX1382
Tangulbei KEXX5633
Tarakit KEXX5634
Tarar KEXX5635
Tarasaa KEXX1383
Tarbaj KEXX0139
Tarbe Mari KEXX3721
Tarsate KEXX1384
Taru KEXX1385
Taveta KEXX0140
Tawa KEXX3191
Telamakus KEXX5636
Telot KEXX5637
Temboka KEXX3192
Temu KEXX5638
Tena KEXX3193
Tenges KEXX5639
Tenza KEXX1387
Tepesonik KEXX5640
Teso KEXX1388
Teso Mangulu KEXX3722
Tezo KEXX1389
Thaani KEXX3194
Thaara KEXX2283
Thabangunji KEXX3195
Thagare KEXX2284
Thaina KEXX2285
Thaita KEXX2286
Thakwa KEXX2287
Thamara KEXX2288
Thandalulu KEXX3196
Thangata KEXX3197
Thangatha KEXX3198
Thangathe KEXX2289
Thange KEXX3199
Thangi KEXX3200
Thanju KEXX2290
Thanu KEXX2291
Tharaka KEXX3201
Tharia KEXX3202
Theloi KEXX5641
Thengeini KEXX2292
Theri KEXX2293
Thiba KEXX2294
Thigio KEXX2295
Thiguku KEXX2296
Thika KEXX0011
Thika Valley KEXX2297
Thimbigua KEXX2298
Thimjope KEXX0142
Thimlich KEXX4004
Thiunguni KEXX3204
Thogoto KEXX2299
Thomson Estate KEXX3820
Thomsons Falls KEXX0143
Thongorui KEXX5642
Thonoa KEXX3205
Thua KEXX3206
Thuita KEXX2300
Thuitia KEXX2301
Thungoi KEXX3207
Thunguma KEXX2302
Thunguri KEXX2303
Thuthuriki KEXX5643
Thuva KEXX1390
Tiamanangie KEXX5644
Tiekunu KEXX2304
Timau KEXX0144
Timbila KEXX1391
Timboiwo KEXX5645
Timboroa KEXX5646
Tindini KEXX1392
Tinganga KEXX2305
Tingiri KEXX5647
Tipakui KEXX5648
Tipun KEXX5649
Tiribe KEXX1393
Tirimionin KEXX5650
Tiriondonin KEXX5651
Tirr Tirr KEXX5652
Tiske KEXX5653
Titila KEXX1394
Tiugeti KEXX1395
Tiva KEXX3208
Tiwi KEXX1396
Tobwe KEXX1397
Toi KEXX3209
Tokitok KEXX5654
Tokota KEXX5655
Toloro KEXX5806
Toloso KEXX5807
Toot KEXX5656
Torikoi KEXX5657
Toriopen KEXX5658
Toritu KEXX2306
Torkisheri KEXX5659
Torongo KEXX5660
Toroveni KEXX1398
Tosi KEXX3723
Tosilibaful KEXX3724
Tovola KEXX3210
Trumoinoi KEXX5661
Tsandzalani KEXX1399
Tsangalaweni KEXX1400
Tsangatsini KEXX1401
Tsavo KEXX1402
Tseikuru KEXX3211
Tserezani KEXX1403
Tsimba KEXX1404
Tsunguni KEXX1405
Tsunza KEXX1406
Tual KEXX5662
Tuberi KEXX3725
Tugwe KEXX1407
Tukeli KEXX3726
Tula KEXX1408
Tulasha KEXX2308
Tulela KEXX5663
Tulema KEXX1409
Tulia KEXX3212
Tuliani KEXX1410
Tulima KEXX3213
Tulu KEXX1411
Tulu KEXX3727
Tulu Gangesa KEXX1412
Tulu Garachi KEXX3214
Tulugalas KEXX3215
Tulyenge KEXX5808
Tum KEXX5664
Tumadesa KEXX1413
Tumbili KEXX3216
Tumboni KEXX3217
Tumeiyo KEXX5665
Tumoi KEXX5666
Tumu Tumu KEXX2309
Tundani KEXX3218
Tungu KEXX3219
Tungutu KEXX3220
Tuni KEXX3728
Tura KEXX5667
Turasha KEXX2310
Turbi KEXX3729
Turbi KEXX3221
Turbo KEXX5809
Turi KEXX5668
Turka KEXX3222
Turutur KEXX5669
Tusha KEXX2312
Tuso KEXX2313
Tuutini KEXX3223
Tuyobei KEXX5670
Twaandu KEXX3224
Twainoi KEXX3225
Twamagau KEXX3226
Twikuli KEXX3227
Uas Ibarr KEXX5671
Uaso Nyiro KEXX2314
Ubaoni KEXX1414
Uchamba KEXX1415
Udane Alake KEXX3228
Uersila KEXX5672
Ugusiloosubuko KEXX5673
Uholo KEXX4005
Uhuru KEXX3821
Ukatu KEXX3229
Ukazi KEXX3230
Ukunda KEXX0145
Ukwala KEXX0146
Ukwaram KEXX5674
Ulaani KEXX3231
Ulro KEXX4006
Ulu KEXX3232
Umbui KEXX2315
Umingu KEXX1416
Underwood KEXX5675
Ungaluka KEXX3233
Ungu KEXX1417
Unjiru KEXX2316
Upaita KEXX3234
Upete KEXX3235
Upper Gatara KEXX2317
Upper Hill KEXX3822
Uran KEXX3236
Uranga KEXX4007
Urumathi KEXX2318
Urura KEXX3237
Ururuha KEXX3730
Us Wein KEXX3731
Usalala KEXX3238
Usengere KEXX4008
Ushingo KEXX1418
Usubugooirobi KEXX5676
Usueni KEXX0147
Usungu KEXX3239
Utaati KEXX3240
Utange KEXX1419
Utangwa KEXX3241
Utekilawa KEXX3242
Uthiru KEXX3823
Uthithi KEXX3243
Uthiuni KEXX3244
Utithini KEXX3245
Utule KEXX3732
Utundani KEXX3246
Utuva KEXX1420
Uuk KEXX3733
Uvaleni KEXX3247
Uvete KEXX3248
Uwai KEXX4009
Uwal-Adde KEXX1421
Uyombo KEXX1422
Uziwa KEXX1423
Vanga KEXX0148
Varjana KEXX3734
Viangwani KEXX1424
Vichangalaweni KEXX1425
Vidungeni KEXX1426
Vifanjoni KEXX1427
Vigogoni KEXX1428
Vigurungani KEXX1429
Vikinduni KEXX1430
Vikobani KEXX1431
Vikolani KEXX1432
Vimatitini KEXX1433
Vingujini KEXX1434
Vinuni KEXX1435
Vinyunduni KEXX1436
Vipingo KEXX1437
Vipingoni KEXX1438
Viragoni KEXX1439
Vitengeni KEXX1440
Vitsangalaweni KEXX1441
Vivini KEXX1442
Voi KEXX0018
Voo KEXX3249
Vuga KEXX1443
Vulueni KEXX3250
Vuma KEXX1444
Vumirirani KEXX1445
Vumoni KEXX1446
Vuyai KEXX1447
Waa KEXX0150
Wabuga KEXX2319
Wachakone KEXX1448
Wachidima KEXX3735
Wachivu KEXX1449
Wacho KEXX1450
Wachu KEXX1451
Wachutaka KEXX3736
Waguthu KEXX2320
Waita KEXX3251
Waithaka KEXX3824
Waitiakwel KEXX5677
Wajicherieki KEXX3737
Wajir KEXX0019
Wajuran Gesa KEXX3252
Wakagwe KEXX2321
Wakor KEXX5678
Walami KEXX1452
Walanga KEXX5810
Walde KEXX3253
Waldiri KEXX3738
Walenso Kabanftu KEXX3740
Walensu Kanchora KEXX3741
Walesa KEXX1453
Walu KEXX3742
Wamachatha KEXX2322
Wamagana KEXX2323
Wamaswii KEXX3254
Wamata KEXX3255
Wamba KEXX5679
Wamiembe KEXX4010
Wamitaa KEXX2324
Wamkurrkwa KEXX5680
Wamono KEXX5811
Wamtoya KEXX5681
Wamumu KEXX2325
Wamutitu KEXX2326
Wamwangi KEXX2327
Wamwona Tumia KEXX3256
Wandimi KEXX2328
Wandumbi KEXX2329
Wangai KEXX2330
Wangai Dahan KEXX3743
Wange KEXX1454
Wangoma KEXX5812
Wanja Wangwari KEXX1455
Wanjengi KEXX2331
Wanjereri KEXX2332
Wanjii KEXX2333
Wanjohi KEXX2334
Wanyaga KEXX2335
War Dirsame KEXX3744
War Olia KEXX3745
Waradat KEXX3746
Waraga KEXX3257
Waratho KEXX2336
Warau Kharar KEXX3747
Warborot KEXX3748
Waresa KEXX1456
Waresa Sanya KEXX1457
Waressa KEXX1458
Warigi KEXX1459
Wariva KEXX5813
Wariyeru KEXX3749
Waseges KEXX5682
Wasini KEXX1460
Wasis KEXX4011
Watamu KEXX1462
Watara KEXX1463
Waterer KEXX5683
Wathini KEXX3258
Wautu KEXX3259
Wayama Diko KEXX3260
Wayu KEXX1464
Webuye KEXX5814
Weiwei KEXX5684
Wekelekha KEXX5815
Wel Ali KEXX3750
Wel Gur KEXX3751
Wel Halul KEXX3752
Welaluit Dardesa KEXX3753
Wema KEXX1465
Wenduku KEXX3261
Wenje KEXX1466
Weno KEXX4012
Wera KEXX1467
Weru KEXX3262
Weruga KEXX1468
Westlands KEXX3825
Wesu KEXX1469
Wetima One KEXX2337
Wetima Two KEXX2338
Wikililye KEXX3263
Wikyaa KEXX3264
Wikyuu KEXX3265
Witu KEXX1470
Wmingo KEXX1471
Wolensu KEXX3754
Wolwa KEXX5685
Wongonyi KEXX1472
Woodley Estate KEXX3826
Wote KEXX3266
Wumari KEXX1473
Wundanyi KEXX1474
Wuregeder KEXX3755
Yabal KEXX3756
Yabicho KEXX3757
Yak Goochi KEXX3758
Yaka KEXX1475
Yakadukwon KEXX5686
Yala KEXX0152
Yale KEXX1476
Yambrui KEXX3267
Yamicha KEXX3268
Yamogo KEXX2339
Yamugwe KEXX2340
Yanamayo KEXX3269
Yandui KEXX3270
Yaneka KEXX3271
Yangongo KEXX3272
Yanthati KEXX3273
Yanzoka KEXX3274
Yas KEXX5687
Yat KEXX5688
Yato Bisieka KEXX3275
Yatya KEXX5689
Yaua KEXX3276
Yava KEXX1477
Yawi KEXX1478
Yedi KEXX1479
Yerei KEXX3759
Yetu KEXX5690
Yimuamba KEXX3277
Yimuangu KEXX3278
Yimunina KEXX3279
Yiukaakaa KEXX3280
Yodi KEXX1480
Yoton KEXX5691
Yumbu KEXX3281
Yumbyu KEXX3282
Zacharia KEXX4013
Zaikone KEXX3283
Zare KEXX1481
Zengwa KEXX1482
Zigira KEXX1483
Zijituni KEXX1484
Zingu KEXX3284
Ziwa la Kiboko KEXX1485
Ziwani KEXX1486
Zombe KEXX3285
Zubaki KEXX3761