Weather Codes for Kazakhstan

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Kazakhstan. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abaiilda KZXX5406
Abail KZXX4297
Abalsha KZXX8674
Abay KZXX1191
Abay KZXX0669
Abay KZXX1841
Abay KZXX0059
Abay KZXX7156
Abay KZXX4950
Abay Karabas KZXX0060
Abdem KZXX5538
Abdybulak KZXX1842
Abinskiy KZXX2926
Abish KZXX2927
Ablaketka KZXX8675
Abramkuduk KZXX2928
Abramushkin KZXX2929
Abray KZXX8676
Abylay KZXX0670
Abyraly KZXX8677
Abyz KZXX5539
Aday KZXX6220
Aday-Aul KZXX2930
Adayevskaya KZXX2457
Adaytobe KZXX2931
Adebiyet KZXX7157
Adyr KZXX0671
Adyr KZXX8327
Adyr KZXX1843
Agadyr KZXX0061
Aganas KZXX0672
Aganay KZXX4299
Agartu KZXX2932
Agartu KZXX1192
Agashoryn KZXX4951
Agatan KZXX2933
Agaydar KZXX6222
Agaydarovskiy KZXX0673
Agbayev Pervyy KZXX2934
Agbayev Vtoroy KZXX2935
Agronom KZXX7524
Agrymbaysa KZXX4809
Agyrek KZXX4952
Agys KZXX2459
Aida KZXX2460
Aimakan KZXX8679
Ain-Kuduk-Kazbek KZXX4953
Airtas KZXX5541
Airtau KZXX5542
Ak-Blak KZXX2938
Ak-Bota KZXX4954
Ak-Bulak KZXX1844
Ak-Chaganak KZXX1193
Ak-Chiy KZXX8680
Ak-Chulak KZXX9719
Ak-Dzhal KZXX9720
Ak-Dzhar KZXX1845
Ak-Kuduk KZXX8681
Ak-Kuduk KZXX1846
Ak-Kuduk KZXX5543
Ak-Kum KZXX8682
Ak-Mulla KZXX5544
Ak-Ozek KZXX6225
Ak-Say KZXX1847
Ak-Shiy KZXX0675
Ak-Tasty KZXX1194
Ak-Tay-Dzhanysh KZXX4301
Ak-Tumsuk KZXX8683
Ak-Tyube KZXX4302
Ak-Tyube KZXX7158
Ak-Tyube KZXX4955
Ak-Tyubek KZXX5545
Ak-Zhaylyau KZXX8684
Ak-Zhol KZXX1849
Akaltyn KZXX4303
Akan KZXX7525
Akanbarak KZXX7526
Akaral KZXX0676
Akaral KZXX1195
Akaryk KZXX4304
Akaryk KZXX7159
Akata KZXX4305
Akay Vtoroy KZXX1850
Akbalyk KZXX7527
Akbas KZXX7528
Akbastau KZXX9721
Akbastau KZXX5546
Akbastau KZXX7160
Akbastau KZXX4306
Akbeit KZXX0677
Akbeit KZXX1196
Akbent KZXX1197
Akbidaik KZXX6226
Akbulak KZXX0660
Akbulak KZXX2940
Akbulak KZXX1851
Akbulak KZXX8685
Akbulak KZXX5547
Akbulak KZXX7529
Akbuzau KZXX8686
Akchaganskiy KZXX2941
Akchi KZXX2942
Akchiy KZXX4956
Akchiy KZXX1852
Akchok KZXX7530
Akchokka KZXX8687
Akdala KZXX1198
Akdala KZXX0062
Akdala KZXX4307
Akdzhazyk KZXX1199
Akdzhigit KZXX6042
Akerme KZXX9722
Akermen KZXX9723
Akespe KZXX1853
Aket KZXX2943
Akhintuma KZXX4308
Akhmedshkola KZXX2944
Akhmet KZXX7162
Akhmet KZXX5548
Akhmetaul KZXX0063
Akhmetshi KZXX4957
Akhmetzhan KZXX7531
Akhmirovo KZXX8688
Akimovka KZXX0678
Akimovka KZXX8689
Akimovskoye KZXX6228
Akishke KZXX1200
Akiz KZXX0064
Akkabak KZXX1854
Akkanburluk KZXX7532
Akkanskiy KZXX7533
Akkaynar KZXX1201
Akkaynar KZXX9724
Akkemer KZXX1855
Akkent KZXX1202
Akkermek KZXX4057
Akkisi KZXX6229
Akkol KZXX0065
Akkora KZXX8692
Akkoshkar KZXX6232
Akkoshkarkuesa KZXX6987
Akkoz-Kaynar KZXX9726
Akkuatkan KZXX4958
Akkube KZXX2463
Akkuduk KZXX8329
Akkuduk KZXX6233
Akkuduk KZXX7164
Akkuduk KZXX1203
Akkuduk KZXX1856
Akkuduk KZXX0049
Akkudukskiy KZXX2945
Akkulaksayskiy KZXX2947
Akkum KZXX7165
Akkum KZXX4309
Akkum Pervyy KZXX4310
Akkurgan KZXX4311
Akkus KZXX2948
Akkushuk KZXX6234
Akkutek KZXX7535
Akkutyr KZXX2464
Akkystau KZXX2465
Akkyztogay KZXX2466
Akmamyk KZXX2949
Akmarka KZXX1857
Akmaya KZXX5550
Akmeshit KZXX2950
Akmola KZXX2951
Akmola KZXX4312
Akmola KZXX9727
Akmukan KZXX2952
Akmurza KZXX2467
Akmurza KZXX0679
Akoba KZXX8693
Akoba KZXX0067
Akozek KZXX1204
Akpar KZXX8694
Akparak KZXX4313
Akpas KZXX7536
Akpay KZXX5407
Akpayer KZXX5551
Akplot KZXX2468
Akpuka KZXX2469
Akrab KZXX0068
Aksakovka KZXX0069
Aksan KZXX6043
Aksan KZXX4959
Aksanshik KZXX6044
Aksary KZXX7537
Aksaryak KZXX2954
Aksay KZXX1858
Aksay KZXX6236
Aksay KZXX1205
Aksay KZXX0070
Aksay KZXX9728
Aksayev KZXX2956
Aksengir KZXX0071
Aksenovka KZXX7538
Aksha KZXX2957
Akshal KZXX6237
Akshala KZXX5552
Akshatau KZXX0072
Akshatau KZXX7167
Akshiganak KZXX8332
Akshiganak KZXX6238
Akshikur KZXX9729
Akshilik KZXX2470
Akshiy KZXX6239
Akshiy KZXX1207
Akshkol KZXX2958
Akshoky KZXX5553
Akshoky KZXX8695
Akshynyrau KZXX4217
Aksor KZXX4960
Aksoran KZXX0680
Aksorke KZXX2471
Aksu KZXX4961
Aksu KZXX1208
Aksu KZXX4218
Aksu KZXX0681
Aksu KZXX4314
Aksu KZXX6240
Aksu KZXX0073
Aksu KZXX7539
Aksu Novyy KZXX0682
Aksuat KZXX1859
Aksuat KZXX2959
Aksuat KZXX7540
Aksuat KZXX6241
Aksuat KZXX8696
Aksumbe KZXX4315
Aksyrak KZXX6242
Aktan KZXX2472
Aktas KZXX7541
Aktas KZXX0074
Aktas KZXX4316
Aktas KZXX1209
Aktasbulak KZXX7168
Aktasty KZXX1860
Aktau KZXX0056
Aktau KZXX5555
Aktau KZXX2960
Aktaylak KZXX8697
Aktaysay KZXX2961
Akterek KZXX1210
Aktiv KZXX7169
Aktnen KZXX6046
Aktobe KZXX0025
Aktobe KZXX4317
Aktobe KZXX1211
Aktobe KZXX8333
Aktobe KZXX5556
Aktobe KZXX9730
Aktobe KZXX4219
Aktobe KZXX7170
Aktogan KZXX7171
Aktogay KZXX1861
Aktogay KZXX5557
Aktomar KZXX9520
Aktuma KZXX1212
Aktuma KZXX0077
Aktyme KZXX4318
Aktyube KZXX1213
Aktyube KZXX2474
Aktyubek KZXX6243
Aktyubek KZXX0683
Akulovka KZXX8698
Akyrtobe KZXX0078
Akzhal KZXX5558
Akzhan KZXX7542
Akzhana KZXX7172
Akzhanovka KZXX7543
Akzhar KZXX1862
Akzhar KZXX1214
Akzhar KZXX2962
Akzhar KZXX4319
Akzhar KZXX0684
Akzhar KZXX0080
Akzhar KZXX4962
Akzhar KZXX8699
Akzhar KZXX5559
Akzharma KZXX7173
Akzhaylau KZXX8700
Alabas KZXX5560
Alabaytal KZXX2963
Alabaytal KZXX1863
Alabiye KZXX7546
Alabiye KZXX2477
Alabota KZXX7547
Alakol KZXX4963
Alam KZXX4965
Alaman KZXX4321
Alaman KZXX2965
Alamesek KZXX7174
Alasha-Kazgan KZXX1864
Alasor KZXX6245
Alatau KZXX1216
Alatay KZXX2478
Alatay KZXX7549
Alatinskaya KZXX2966
Alautar KZXX2967
Albar-Bugut KZXX6246
Aldagul KZXX5408
Alebastr KZXX8703
Alebastrovyy KZXX2968
Aleksandrovka KZXX4322
Aleksandrovka KZXX0081
Aleksandrovka KZXX0082
Aleksandrovka KZXX0083
Aleksandrovka KZXX1217
Aleksandrovka KZXX0686
Aleksandrovka KZXX4966
Aleksandrovka KZXX6247
Aleksandrovskiy KZXX7175
Alekseevka KZXX8706
Alekseevka KZXX4968
Alekseevka KZXX0021
Alekseyevka KZXX1866
Alekseyevka KZXX0085
Alekseyevka KZXX0086
Alekseyevka KZXX0087
Alekseyevka KZXX6248
Alekseyevka KZXX9731
Alepaul KZXX5561
Aleshinka KZXX6249
Alga KZXX4969
Alga KZXX1218
Alga KZXX0088
Alga KZXX9732
Alga-Bas KZXX0687
Algabas KZXX5562
Algabas KZXX6250
Algabas KZXX0688
Algabas KZXX2969
Algabas KZXX7551
Algabas KZXX2479
Algabas KZXX8708
Algabas KZXX1219
Algabas KZXX7176
Algatart KZXX9733
Algazy KZXX1220
Algha KZXX1868
Alghabas KZXX1221
Alginskiy KZXX2970
Ali KZXX1222
Alibay KZXX8709
Alibi KZXX6251
Alimbek KZXX2971
Alimbetovka KZXX0089
Alimkhan KZXX8710
Alimsere KZXX7552
Alimtau KZXX4324
Alka KZXX7553
Alkaagash KZXX7554
Alkaly KZXX1223
Alkan-Togay KZXX1869
Alkym KZXX0689
Alma-Atinskiy KZXX6252
Almaarasan KZXX1224
Almaly KZXX1225
Almas KZXX0690
Almasay KZXX8711
Almaty KZXX0001
Almaznoye KZXX2972
Alpsatar KZXX8712
Alpyspay KZXX1870
Alqaterek KZXX7555
Alseid KZXX4325
Alshimbay KZXX4326
Alshimbay KZXX1871
Altandy KZXX5563
Altay KZXX8713
Altayak KZXX2973
Altayka KZXX8714
Altayskaya KZXX8715
Altayskoye KZXX0691
Alteke KZXX2974
Altyapan KZXX2975
Altyapan KZXX5409
Altybay KZXX7556
Altybay KZXX6253
Altybay KZXX8716
Altyguz KZXX1872
Altykarasu KZXX1873
Altykiben KZXX1874
Altyn-Aryk KZXX4327
Altynaryk KZXX9734
Altynbulak KZXX7557
Altyndy KZXX1875
Altynemel KZXX1226
Altynsarin KZXX6254
Altynsary KZXX6047
Altynsay KZXX8717
Altyntau KZXX4328
Altyntobe KZXX4329
Alua KZXX0692
Alua KZXX6255
Amancha Shalash KZXX2976
Amandyq KZXX0091
Amangeldi KZXX1878
Amangeldi KZXX2978
Amangeldi KZXX6258
Amangeldi KZXX4971
Amangeldi KZXX9735
Amankaragay KZXX6259
Amankeldi KZXX7560
Amanotkel KZXX7177
Amanqaraghay KZXX6260
Amantau KZXX5564
Amantobe KZXX9736
Amantogay KZXX6261
Amantoghay KZXX6262
Amanzhol KZXX8719
Ambay KZXX2979
An-Mola KZXX0694
Anar KZXX0695
Anatoliyevka KZXX6265
Andaral KZXX2482
Andreevka KZXX7562
Andreyev KZXX2980
Andreyevka KZXX0093
Andreyevka KZXX6266
Andreyevka KZXX0092
Andreyevka KZXX9737
Andreyevka KZXX0696
Andreyevka KZXX8720
Andreyevskiy KZXX7563
Andreyevskiy KZXX4331
Andreyevskiy KZXX1882
Andreyevskiy Log KZXX9522
Andrianovka KZXX4972
Androkovskiy KZXX6267
Andronnikovka KZXX5565
Andronovka KZXX8721
Andryushevka KZXX7564
Angarskiy KZXX6268
Angqaty KZXX0094
Ani-Muratbay KZXX4332
Anikino KZXX4973
Ankaty KZXX2981
Annenskiy KZXX6269
Annovka KZXX0095
Anrakhay KZXX0096
Antonov KZXX2983
Antonovka KZXX7565
Antonovka KZXX6271
Antonovka KZXX4333
Antonovka KZXX0697
Antonovo KZXX2984
Antovskiy KZXX2985
Antropov KZXX2986
Apanovka KZXX6272
Apollonovka KZXX0698
Apteka KZXX5566
Aqadyr KZXX5567
Aqaral KZXX8722
Aqbalyq KZXX1229
Aqbaqay KZXX9738
Aqbastau KZXX4334
Aqbasty KZXX7178
Aqbauyr KZXX5568
Aqdala KZXX1230
Aqespe KZXX7179
Aqkengse KZXX5569
Aqkol KZXX9739
Aqkol KZXX4974
Aqkol KZXX1231
Aqkol KZXX0699
Aqkol KZXX1883
Aqkol KZXX2483
Aqmektep KZXX8723
Aqoba KZXX2987
Aqpater KZXX2988
Aqqaytym KZXX1884
Aqqoltyq KZXX4335
Aqqora KZXX5570
Aqqudyq KZXX7566
Aqqum KZXX4336
Aqqum KZXX1885
Aqqum KZXX6273
Aqqystau KZXX2484
Aqqyztoghay KZXX2485
Aqsay KZXX2989
Aqshatau KZXX5571
Aqshi KZXX8724
Aqshuqyr KZXX4220
Aqshyghanaq KZXX4337
Aqsu KZXX4975
Aqsu KZXX0700
Aqsu-Ayuly KZXX5572
Aqsuat KZXX8725
Aqsuat KZXX7180
Aqsuyek KZXX9740
Aqtam KZXX1232
Aqtas KZXX5573
Aqtasty KZXX0701
Aqtasty KZXX5574
Aqtau KZXX5575
Aqtobe KZXX5576
Aqtoghay KZXX8726
Aqtoghay KZXX4976
Aqtoghay KZXX5577
Aqtubek KZXX5578
Aqtuyesay KZXX7567
Aqyrtobe KZXX9741
Aqzhal KZXX0079
Aqzhal KZXX5579
Aqzhar KZXX7181
Aqzhar KZXX6276
Aqzhar KZXX1233
Aqzharyq KZXX5580
Aqzhayyq KZXX2992
Aqzhigit KZXX4221
Arak KZXX2486
Aral KZXX7182
Aral KZXX1886
Aral KZXX6277
Aral-Kishlak KZXX9742
Aral-Tyube KZXX2993
Aral-Tyube KZXX9743
Aralagash KZXX7568
Aralbay KZXX6279
Aralcha KZXX1887
Aralda KZXX0098
Aralkol KZXX6280
Aralkum KZXX7183
Aralkum KZXX6281
Aralshiy KZXX1888
Aralsk KZXX0099
Aralsor KZXX2994
Aralsuliat KZXX0100
Araltal KZXX2995
Araltobe KZXX5581
Araltobe KZXX1235
Araltobe KZXX1889
Araltobe KZXX0101
Araltobe KZXX2487
Araltogay KZXX1890
Araltyube KZXX6282
Aram-Kuardak KZXX2997
Aran-Ketau KZXX2998
Arandy KZXX4812
Aranshi KZXX4339
Arasan KZXX1236
Arbakoldy KZXX4340
Ardembey KZXX2999
Arganatinskiy KZXX5582
Arganaty KZXX1237
Argimbay KZXX8728
Arik KZXX4977
Arkabay KZXX1238
Arkalyk KZXX6283
Arkarly KZXX8729
Arkat KZXX8730
Arkhangelka KZXX0104
Arkhipovka KZXX8731
Arkhipovka KZXX6285
Arlbayev KZXX3000
Armbiryuk KZXX2488
Arna KZXX6048
Arqalyq KZXX0103
Arqarly KZXX1239
Arqaty KZXX8732
Arseyevka KZXX0702
Arshaly KZXX8733
Arshaly Pervoye KZXX8734
Arshaty KZXX8735
Arshinov KZXX2489
Arspek-Turspek KZXX4341
Artemovka KZXX4978
Artykpay KZXX6287
Arustan KZXX1241
Arykbalyk KZXX0105
Arykty KZXX5583
Arykty Tretiy KZXX0703
Arynbay KZXX8736
Arynbyurek KZXX2490
Aryngay KZXX3001
Aryqty KZXX0704
Arys KZXX0106
Arzhan KZXX8737
Asambaybulak KZXX4813
Asan KZXX4343
Asan KZXX3002
Asankozha KZXX0705
Asanovo KZXX7571
Asau KZXX8338
Asenkritovka KZXX6289
Aserchevo KZXX3003
Asha KZXX1892
Asha KZXX5584
Asha KZXX4344
Asha KZXX8738
Ashak KZXX5585
Ashche-Butak KZXX3004
Ashche-Kuduk KZXX4345
Ashche-Say KZXX1893
Ashchi KZXX4346
Ashchi Kuduk KZXX7187
Ashchi-Bulak KZXX1242
Ashchi-Bulak KZXX4347
Ashchi-Kuduk KZXX8739
Ashchi-Say KZXX1895
Ashchibulak KZXX1243
Ashchibulak KZXX4814
Ashchikarabau KZXX4348
Ashchikesen KZXX2491
Ashchikuduk KZXX7188
Ashchikuduk KZXX2492
Ashchikuduk KZXX3005
Ashchikuduk KZXX1896
Ashchilysay KZXX1897
Ashchimuryn KZXX0107
Ashchisay KZXX1898
Ashchisay KZXX3006
Ashchisu KZXX1244
Ashchiy KZXX1899
Ashchybulak KZXX1245
Ashchybulaksay KZXX9946
Ashchykol KZXX4349
Ashchysay KZXX3007
Ashchysay KZXX4816
Ashchysor KZXX5410
Asherek KZXX6050
Ashi KZXX4352
Ashil-Togay KZXX1246
Ashim Kstav KZXX3008
Ashitasty KZXX6290
Ashudasty KZXX6291
Asiy-Stan KZXX3009
Askar KZXX4979
Asku KZXX0108
Aspara KZXX9744
Assa KZXX9745
Assan-Mula KZXX2493
Assay KZXX3010
Astakhovka KZXX0109
Astana KZXX0002
Astaushak KZXX4817
Astrakhan KZXX0708
Astrakhanka KZXX7573
Astrakhankin KZXX3012
Astrakhanovka KZXX1900
Asubulaq KZXX8742
Asykata KZXX4353
Asysaga KZXX1247
Atabay KZXX0111
Atagay KZXX8743
Atakan KZXX8744
Atakanzhal KZXX6051
Atalmas KZXX5411
Atamanskiy KZXX0112
Atambaschink KZXX2380
Atambek KZXX8745
Atambek KZXX3014
Atash KZXX4222
Atasu KZXX5586
Atbasar KZXX0020
Atbasarskiy KZXX0709
Atbulak KZXX4354
Atchunkay KZXX3016
Atekb KZXX2495
Atey KZXX8746
Atinbay KZXX2496
Atkan KZXX2497
Atpak KZXX8339
Atrau KZXX2498
Atshapkan KZXX8747
Attykuduk KZXX7189
Atygay KZXX5587
Atyrau KZXX0003
Atyray KZXX0031
Aul Abaya KZXX8340
Aul Ayt-Kozha KZXX9746
Aul Baubek KZXX1248
Aul Bertamar KZXX9747
Aul Chingali KZXX3018
Aul Dosmambet KZXX1249
Aul Karabay KZXX9748
Aul Nartpay KZXX1250
Aul Nur-Uzek KZXX1251
Aul Seytagov KZXX3019
Aul-Chin KZXX3020
Aul-Tepa KZXX1902
Auletkuduk KZXX3021
Aulsay KZXX3022
Aulsovet Pervyy KZXX1253
Aulsovet Tretiy KZXX1254
Ausar KZXX4223
Auzashik KZXX3023
Auzy-Kuduk KZXX3024
Avan KZXX7190
Avangard KZXX1903
Avangard KZXX0117
Avat KZXX1255
Avramovka KZXX7574
Avrora KZXX8748
Avrora KZXX1904
Avvakumovskiy KZXX4980
Ay KZXX8749
Ay-Bubei KZXX8750
Ayagoz KZXX8751
Ayak KZXX3025
Ayakkum KZXX1905
Ayakmaldybay KZXX6292
Ayakmoildy KZXX6293
Ayashbidayak KZXX1106
Ayatskiy KZXX6294
Aybas KZXX8342
Aybas KZXX2499
Aybatkazgan KZXX5588
Aybozym KZXX4355
Aybulat KZXX3027
Aybyz KZXX5589
Aydabul KZXX7575
Aydagarly KZXX0713
Aydansay KZXX1906
Aydar KZXX1256
Aydarga KZXX4982
Aydarkum KZXX6988
Aydarlinskoye KZXX6295
Aydarly KZXX3028
Aydarly KZXX0119
Aydarly KZXX0118
Aydarly KZXX2865
Aydarly KZXX9750
Aydas KZXX3029
Aygabak KZXX7576
Aygansha KZXX3030
Ayghyz KZXX8752
Aygyrshagyl KZXX2500
Aygyrzhal KZXX7577
Aygyrzhal KZXX0120
Aykal KZXX3031
Aykynkum KZXX3032
Aymal KZXX7578
Aymbet KZXX2501
Aymeken KZXX3033
Aymzhan KZXX7579
Ayna-Bulak KZXX1258
Ayna-Bulak KZXX8753
Aynabek KZXX5590
Aynabulak KZXX5591
Aynabulaq KZXX5592
Aynabulaq KZXX1259
Aynasor KZXX6989
Aynatas KZXX4357
Ayryk KZXX1907
Ayryq KZXX5593
Aysary KZXX7580
Aysha-Bibi KZXX9751
Aytakov KZXX3034
Aytbay KZXX8343
Aytbay KZXX3035
Aytbay KZXX6296
Ayteke Bi KZXX7192
Aytishev KZXX3036
Aytkaly KZXX2502
Aytkul KZXX8754
Aytmaambetov KZXX0715
Aytpayka KZXX1908
Aytuar KZXX7581
Aytymbet KZXX5594
Ayyr KZXX5595
Ayyrqum KZXX6297
Ayyrtam KZXX2503
Ayyrtas KZXX5596
Ayyrtau KZXX7582
Ayyrtauskoye KZXX7583
Azat KZXX1260
Azat KZXX7584
Azembay KZXX4983
Azghyr KZXX2504
Azharkok KZXX6990
Azhbay KZXX3037
Azhebay KZXX3038
Azhen KZXX0121
Azhibay KZXX4224
Azhibay KZXX4984
Azhiboy KZXX3040
Azhki-Say KZXX3041
Azhy KZXX0716
Azovka KZXX8755
Azovskiy KZXX3042
Baba KZXX2505
Babaata KZXX4358
Babatay KZXX0717
Babatay KZXX1909
Babatugan KZXX1261
Babay KZXX0718
Babayqorghan KZXX4359
Babayskiy KZXX1910
Babeke KZXX7585
Babinskiy KZXX2506
Badam KZXX0122
Badan KZXX1911
Baganashyl KZXX1262
Baganaty KZXX7586
Bagara KZXX4361
Bagrationovskiy KZXX8757
Bagrationovskoye KZXX0719
Baikonur KZXX0055
Baikozha KZXX0124
Bak-Bolat KZXX8758
Bakabulak KZXX4363
Bakachi KZXX2507
Bakaly KZXX3043
Bakanas KZXX0041
Bakay KZXX1912
Bakazhar KZXX2508
Bakbakty KZXX0126
Bakhanas KZXX8759
Bakhirev KZXX3044
Bakhirov KZXX3045
Bakhiroy KZXX3046
Bakhmut KZXX7587
Bakhmutka KZXX1264
Bakhtirov KZXX1913
Bakhty KZXX0127
Baksay KZXX2509
Baksayskiy KZXX2510
Baktogay KZXX4818
Baktybay KZXX4364
Bakyrshik KZXX8760
Balabanovo KZXX3047
Balabay KZXX5597
Balabeit KZXX2511
Baladonguz KZXX7427
Balagan KZXX3048
Balakundyzdy KZXX5598
Balasaz KZXX1265
Balatay KZXX3049
Balataysor KZXX8344
Balatopar KZXX1266
Balay KZXX0128
Baldyrgan KZXX3050
Baldysu KZXX4365
Balgyn KZXX8762
Balhash KZXX0033
Balka KZXX8763
Balkashino KZXX0720
Balkashinskiy KZXX0721
Balkasino KZXX0015
Balkuduk KZXX2512
Balkyldak KZXX5599
Ballastnyy KZXX5600
Balnistobe KZXX3051
Balpan KZXX1914
Balpyk Bi KZXX1267
Balqash KZXX1268
Balqash KZXX0131
Balta KZXX6991
Balta KZXX1915
Baltabay KZXX7588
Baltabay KZXX1269
Baltakol KZXX4366
Baltaly KZXX6298
Baltasap KZXX4985
Baltataraq KZXX8764
Balykshi KZXX4367
Balykty KZXX7193
Balykty KZXX6299
Balyqshy KZXX2513
Bangazy KZXX2515
Bannov KZXX3052
Bannovka KZXX6300
Bannovskiy KZXX6301
Banzostroy KZXX7589
Bao-Kara-Su KZXX1916
Baqty KZXX8765
Baqyrly KZXX4368
Barakkolskiy KZXX0132
Barakpay KZXX8766
Barakpay KZXX0724
Barambay KZXX3053
Barangkol KZXX6302
Barangy KZXX4986
Barannikovskoye KZXX0725
Baranovka KZXX3054
Barashki KZXX7590
Barashki KZXX0133
Baratay KZXX7591
Baratinskoye KZXX0726
Barbastau KZXX3055
Bargany KZXX8345
Barkhot KZXX8768
Barlybay KZXX4987
Barmashino KZXX7592
Barnevka KZXX7593
Barshakum KZXX1917
Barshatas KZXX8769
Barshino KZXX0134
Barshyn KZXX0727
Barsukovka KZXX6303
Bartogay KZXX1270
Barvinovka KZXX6304
Baryshevka KZXX0728
Baryshevka KZXX8770
Bas-Chili KZXX1918
Bas-Karabutak KZXX1919
Bas-Liman KZXX5602
Basaga KZXX6305
Basakara KZXX6992
Basan KZXX3057
Basanyn-Kuduk KZXX4225
Bashay KZXX6306
Basheny KZXX3058
Bashkiyev-Satyy KZXX5603
Bashmachnoe KZXX4988
Baskan KZXX1271
Baskarasu KZXX6307
Baskol KZXX8771
Baskunchi KZXX0135
Basovo KZXX8772
Basqamys KZXX4989
Basqudyq KZXX1921
Basqynshy KZXX1272
Bassaga KZXX5604
Basshiy KZXX1273
Bastagan KZXX1274
Bastal KZXX5605
Bastarau KZXX6052
Bastau KZXX7595
Bastaush KZXX3059
Bastaushi KZXX1275
Bastomar KZXX7596
Bastrymovka KZXX0730
Basyr KZXX3060
Batak KZXX3061
Bataly KZXX6309
Batamshinskiy KZXX0136
Batmanovskiy KZXX6310
Batpak KZXX8347
Batpaktinskoye KZXX5606
Batpakty KZXX3063
Batpaq KZXX5607
Batpay KZXX8773
Batr KZXX3064
Battykty KZXX3065
Baturasay KZXX1924
Baturinka KZXX8774
Baturinka KZXX5608
Baturino KZXX3066
Baty KZXX8775
Batyq KZXX5609
Batyr KZXX0731
Batyr Galiy KZXX3067
Batyrbek KZXX2516
Batyrkhan KZXX4369
Baubek KZXX1276
Baumanskiy KZXX6311
Baumanskoye KZXX7597
Baumanskoye KZXX0732
Baur-Tal KZXX4991
Baurkaragay KZXX7598
Bautino KZXX0137
Bavan KZXX2517
Bay KZXX0733
Bayagiz KZXX6312
Bayaktobe KZXX3068
Bayaldyr KZXX4370
Bayan KZXX7599
Bayan-Baskamys KZXX8349
Bayan-Kazak KZXX1277
Bayan-Sozan KZXX5610
Bayanauyl KZXX4992
Bayandy KZXX7600
Bayankol KZXX1278
Bayanovsk KZXX8776
Bayavlo KZXX3069
Baybakhty KZXX3070
Baybek KZXX3071
Bayberdy KZXX8777
Baybota KZXX4371
Baybulak KZXX1279
Baybura KZXX8778
Bayda KZXX2518
Baydaly KZXX0734
Baydaulet KZXX6313
Baydukov KZXX3072
Bayeke KZXX6314
Baygabul KZXX6315
Baygabyl KZXX7194
Bayganin KZXX1925
Baygaza KZXX3073
Baygequm KZXX0138
Baygora KZXX2519
Baygozha KZXX6317
Baygul KZXX5611
Baygula KZXX5612
Bayimbet KZXX4993
Baykain KZXX6318
Baykana KZXX3074
Baykara KZXX5412
Baykat KZXX1926
Baykobyl KZXX4819
Baykonyr KZXX7195
Baykonys KZXX4994
Baykoshkar KZXX8779
Baykozha KZXX6053
Baykutty KZXX5413
Baylyusty KZXX7601
Baymagambet KZXX2520
Baymashlyk KZXX5613
Baymen KZXX0736
Baymen-Khodzha KZXX7196
Baymurat KZXX6319
Baymurza KZXX8780
Baymurza-Shili KZXX4995
Baymyrza KZXX7602
Baymyrza KZXX5614
Baynash KZXX1927
Baynazar KZXX5615
Bayot KZXX4996
Baypakty KZXX3075
Bayqadam KZXX1928
Bayqongyr KZXX5616
Bayqonys KZXX4997
Baysak KZXX4998
Baysakal KZXX6320
Baysal KZXX7603
Baysal KZXX5617
Baysara KZXX3076
Baysary KZXX8350
Baysary KZXX0737
Baysary-Sagasy KZXX1929
Bayseit KZXX1280
Bayserka KZXX1281
Bayserke KZXX1282
Baysherkesh KZXX3077
Bayshonas KZXX2521
Bayskulan KZXX7604
Baysmak KZXX4999
Baysuat KZXX1930
Baytaban KZXX6993
Baytanat KZXX8781
Baytaylak KZXX1283
Baytemir KZXX6321
Baytkan KZXX1284
Baytles KZXX1285
Baytogay KZXX4372
Baytoghan KZXX5618
Bayturgan KZXX3078
Baytus KZXX7605
Bayty KZXX8782
Baytyk KZXX4820
Bayyldyr KZXX4373
Bayyrqum KZXX4374
Bayzhansay KZXX4375
Bayzhigit KZXX6322
Bayzhuman KZXX5414
Bazar KZXX8783
Bazar-Ak-Tyube KZXX4376
Bazarbay KZXX4377
Bazarka KZXX8784
Bazarsholan KZXX0139
Bazartobe KZXX0140
Bazirke KZXX3079
Bazy KZXX3080
Bazy-Gazyz KZXX5000
Bedarevka KZXX8785
Bedenki KZXX3081
Bedra KZXX2522
Begachevka KZXX0738
Begaly KZXX1932
Begaydar KZXX2523
Begen KZXX8786
Begeu KZXX3082
Begimbet KZXX5619
Begimbet KZXX1933
Begis KZXX3083
Bekaul KZXX5620
Bekbata KZXX4378
Bekbeke KZXX2524
Beken KZXX3084
Bekesary KZXX7428
Beket KZXX3085
Beketay KZXX3086
Beketay KZXX8788
Bekettobe KZXX3087
Bekish KZXX8789
Bekkaly KZXX3089
Bekman KZXX7198
Bekmukhanbetov KZXX3090
Bekmurat KZXX5002
Bekovka KZXX8790
Bekpaul KZXX0740
Beksaut KZXX3091
Bekseit KZXX7606
Bektas KZXX5621
Bektimis KZXX9753
Bekzhantobe KZXX3092
Bel KZXX0141
Belagash KZXX6324
Belaghash KZXX0142
Belashi KZXX8792
Belaya Mogila KZXX8793
Belbasar KZXX9755
Beleksaz KZXX1288
Belen KZXX6055
Beleshskoye KZXX5004
Beleutty KZXX6056
Belgorodskiy KZXX0741
Belkino KZXX8352
Belkol KZXX7200
Beloe KZXX8794
Beloglinka KZXX3095
Beloglinka KZXX7607
Beloglinka KZXX6325
Belogorka KZXX1936
Belogorka KZXX3096
Belogorskiy KZXX8795
Belogorskiy KZXX1937
Belogradovka KZXX7608
Belogrudovskiy KZXX5622
Belokamenka KZXX8796
Belokamenka KZXX1289
Belolugovskoye KZXX8797
Belotserkovka KZXX0743
Belotserkovka KZXX5005
Belousov KZXX3097
Belousovka KZXX5006
Belovka KZXX7609
Belovodskoe KZXX5007
Belovodskoye KZXX6326
Belovskiy KZXX5008
Beloyarka KZXX7610
Beloyarka KZXX0744
Beloyarovka KZXX6327
Beloye KZXX6995
Beloye KZXX0145
Beloye KZXX0144
Beloye Ozero KZXX0745
Belozerka KZXX6328
Belpyk KZXX8798
Belsendy KZXX7612
Beltebiz KZXX7429
Belterek KZXX0146
Belugin KZXX3098
Belusovka KZXX0143
Belyakovka KZXX8799
Belyanskiy KZXX8800
Belyy Aul KZXX8353
Belyye Gorki KZXX3099
Belyye Vody KZXX0147
Benyash KZXX7613
Berchogur KZXX0148
Berdaly KZXX7430
Berden-Bulak KZXX1939
Beregovoe KZXX5009
Beregovoye KZXX5010
Beregovoye KZXX6329
Bereke KZXX0746
Bereke KZXX1290
Berel KZXX8802
Bereslavka KZXX7614
Berezino KZXX3100
Bereznyaki KZXX5623
Bereznyaki KZXX7615
Bereznyakovka KZXX7616
Berezovka KZXX4379
Berezovka KZXX3101
Berezovka KZXX7617
Berezovka KZXX5011
Berezovka KZXX8803
Berezovka KZXX1291
Berezovo KZXX6330
Berezovskiy KZXX8804
Berlestyk KZXX7202
Berlik KZXX0027
Berlik KZXX9756
Berlinovka KZXX7618
Berlistik KZXX7203
Bermagombet KZXX5624
Bersuat KZXX6331
Bes-Agach KZXX9757
Bes-Terek KZXX5012
Bes-Tyube KZXX1940
Besagash KZXX3102
Besaryk KZXX7204
Besembay KZXX8806
Besembek KZXX6057
Besh-Kubur KZXX4380
Beshata KZXX4381
Beshkuduk KZXX4382
Beshtanov KZXX3103
Besikty KZXX2525
Besismrau KZXX2526
Beskamyshnoye KZXX8354
Beskaragay KZXX5013
Beskauga KZXX5014
Beskol KZXX1292
Beskopa KZXX6996
Beskubyr KZXX4383
Beskuduk KZXX5015
Beskuduk KZXX3105
Beskulan KZXX4821
Beskundukmola KZXX7431
Besoba KZXX5626
Besoba KZXX3106
Besoba KZXX6332
Besotar KZXX3107
Bespalovka KZXX7619
Bespshen KZXX3108
Besqudyq KZXX7620
Bessarabskiy KZXX6333
Bessay KZXX1941
Besshtannov KZXX3109
Bestam KZXX6334
Bestamak KZXX1942
Bestamak KZXX4822
Bestamak KZXX6335
Bestamak KZXX8807
Bestas Pervyy KZXX1943
Bestau KZXX3110
Besterek KZXX8808
Besterk KZXX3111
Bestobe KZXX6336
Bestobe KZXX0747
Besuy KZXX8809
Beszhyldyk KZXX9758
Betbulak KZXX5627
Betikol KZXX8355
Betpak-Dala KZXX5628
Beybulat KZXX3112
Beymak-Konur KZXX1944
Beynetkor KZXX4384
Beyneu KZXX4226
Beysem KZXX6337
Beysenbay KZXX6338
Bezlesnoye KZXX7621
Bezulgay KZXX6058
Bezvodnoye KZXX5016
Bezvodnyy KZXX1293
Bibul KZXX3113
Bidaik KZXX5629
Bidaik KZXX6339
Bidaychi KZXX4385
Bidayyk KZXX6340
Bidayyk KZXX8811
Bidayyq KZXX7622
Bidene KZXX2527
Bidoyak KZXX3114
Bigash KZXX1294
Bighash KZXX0150
Biiktau KZXX7206
Biikum KZXX7207
Biikzhal KZXX2528
Bikbauli KZXX7208
Bikhaldakty KZXX2529
Bikilek KZXX6341
Bikktesin KZXX7623
Biklay KZXX3115
Biksarayevskiy KZXX3116
Bimshagyl KZXX3118
Bimyrza KZXX4386
Birkali KZXX3119
Birkazan KZXX3120
Birlesken KZXX4387
Birlestik KZXX7209
Birlestik KZXX7624
Birlesu KZXX4388
Birlik KZXX2530
Birlik KZXX1295
Birlik KZXX6342
Birlik KZXX0748
Birlik KZXX0151
Birlik KZXX0153
Birlik KZXX3121
Birlik KZXX1945
Birlik KZXX8812
Birlik KZXX5017
Birlik KZXX7625
Birlikskoye KZXX7626
Birliktu KZXX2531
Birlikty KZXX1296
Birsuat KZXX0749
Birsuat KZXX6343
Birsugur KZXX3122
Birtaban KZXX0750
Birtal KZXX6344
Biryukovka KZXX6345
Biryuktal KZXX6998
Bis-Bulyuk KZXX2532
Bis-Oba KZXX3123
Bisary KZXX6346
Bisen KZXX3124
Bisenaly KZXX2533
Bisenov KZXX3125
Bitek KZXX3126
Bitik KZXX0154
Bitsor KZXX5417
Biy-Mirza KZXX4390
Biyatov KZXX3127
Biyen KZXX1297
Biymurza KZXX7628
Bizhe KZXX1298
Bizyanov KZXX3128
Blacoveschenka KZXX0011
Blagodarnoe KZXX0156
Blagodarnyy KZXX1946
Blagodatnoye KZXX5018
Blagodatnoye KZXX0157
Blagoveshchenka KZXX5019
Blagoveshchenka KZXX0158
Blinkovo KZXX4391
Bloshenka KZXX8356
Bobrov KZXX3129
Bobrovka KZXX0159
Bobrovo KZXX5020
Bodene KZXX8815
Bogatoye KZXX2534
Bogatskiy KZXX5021
Bogatyrevka KZXX7630
Bogatyrevo KZXX3130
Bogatyrevo KZXX8816
Bogdanovka KZXX6347
Bogdanovka KZXX3131
Bogdanovka KZXX0160
Bogdanovskiy KZXX1949
Bogdanovskoye KZXX5023
Bogen KZXX7211
Bogen KZXX4392
Bogenbay KZXX0161
Boget KZXX8357
Boget KZXX1950
Boget KZXX3132
Boget KZXX6348
Bogetsay KZXX1951
Bogodarovka KZXX5024
Bogodukhovka KZXX0162
Bogodukhovka KZXX1299
Bogolyubovo KZXX0163
Bogomolovo KZXX8817
Bogoroditskiy KZXX4393
Bogorodka KZXX0752
Bogorodskoye KZXX0753
Bogoslovka KZXX0754
Bogoslovka KZXX5025
Bogoslovka KZXX1952
Bogoyavlenskoye KZXX0755
Boguchar KZXX5631
Bogun-Bay KZXX5632
Bogunbay KZXX1953
Bokaushin KZXX3133
Bokay KZXX6349
Bokhtygirey KZXX3134
Boksotkan KZXX8818
Boky KZXX6350
Bolatskiy KZXX3142
Bolchevik KZXX0164
Boldyrev KZXX3143
Bolektas KZXX8823
Bolgarka KZXX1954
Boloto Tlepkak KZXX9525
Bolshaya Bukon KZXX0165
Bolshenarymskoye KZXX0166
Bolshevik KZXX0167
Bolshoy Chagan KZXX0168
Bolshoy Dynkezyl KZXX0169
Boluan KZXX7636
Bopay KZXX1955
Boralday KZXX4395
Borambay KZXX9526
Boran KZXX8824
Borbas KZXX3144
Boriska KZXX3145
Borisovka KZXX5027
Borisovka KZXX0759
Borisovka KZXX4396
Borisovskiy KZXX1956
Borki KZXX7637
Borki KZXX6355
Borly KZXX8825
Borly KZXX1957
Borly KZXX0170
Borly KZXX0760
Borodino KZXX8826
Borodinovka KZXX1958
Borodinovka KZXX6356
Borodinovskiy KZXX1959
Borodinskiy KZXX3146
Borodulikha KZXX8827
Borokhudzir KZXX1301
Boroshilovo KZXX7638
Borovoye KZXX0171
Borovoye KZXX8828
Borovskiy KZXX5028
Borovskoy KZXX6357
Borovskoye KZXX7639
Borsengir KZXX5635
Borsk KZXX2542
Borsy KZXX3147
Borsykbay KZXX7640
Borsyksay KZXX1960
Boryk KZXX3148
Borzhaktysay KZXX6059
Bosaga KZXX4397
Bosagha KZXX5636
Boshan KZXX5029
Boshcha-Bulak KZXX8829
Boshkul KZXX8830
Boskum KZXX8831
Bosoga KZXX8832
Bostaban KZXX1961
Bostan KZXX3149
Bostan KZXX1302
Bostan-Dyk KZXX7641
Bostandyk KZXX3150
Bostandykskoye KZXX0172
Bostandykzhol KZXX7212
Bostandyq KZXX3151
Bostandyq KZXX7642
Bostandyq KZXX9763
Botaborum KZXX9764
Botay KZXX7643
Botbaysor KZXX6060
Botsop KZXX5637
Boyarka KZXX0762
Boyarskiy KZXX5030
Boyevik KZXX7644
Boyevoye KZXX7645
Boysuat KZXX3152
Bozanbay KZXX8833
Bozaral KZXX5031
Bozazyk KZXX6061
Bozbankonys KZXX5420
Bozinggen KZXX1303
Bozoba KZXX3153
Bozoy KZXX1962
Bozshakol KZXX5032
Boztal KZXX7646
Boztal KZXX0763
Boztumsyq KZXX5638
Bozuk KZXX4399
Bratolyubovka KZXX6359
Bratskoye KZXX6360
Bratskoye KZXX0173
Bratskoye KZXX8834
Brigada KZXX5639
Brigada Vtoraya KZXX4400
Brik KZXX3154
Brikskiy KZXX3155
Brilevka KZXX7647
Brlik KZXX0174
Brusilovka KZXX7648
Brusilovka KZXX1963
Brusilovskiy KZXX8835
Bryanskoye KZXX0764
Bubenets KZXX3156
Budarino KZXX0175
Budennovka KZXX8836
Budennovka KZXX0765
Budennovka KZXX6361
Budennoye KZXX7649
Budennoye KZXX1304
Bugan KZXX8362
Bugaz KZXX8837
Bughybay KZXX4227
Bugrovoye KZXX7650
Buguchalpek KZXX4401
Bugudzhuli KZXX4402
Bugun KZXX0176
Bugush KZXX3157
Bukan KZXX1305
Bukan KZXX3158
Bukany KZXX3159
Bukarbay KZXX5033
Bukash KZXX2544
Bukaynat KZXX4404
Bukebay KZXX8838
Bukenchi KZXX8839
Bukey KZXX5640
Bukhar-Tobe KZXX7214
Bukharskoye KZXX9527
Bulaevo KZXX0177
Bulak KZXX3160
Bulak KZXX8840
Bulak KZXX6062
Bulak KZXX7651
Bulanbay KZXX7652
Bulanbaybauly KZXX7215
Bulanov KZXX3161
Bulanty KZXX6063
Bulaq KZXX7653
Bulat KZXX1964
Bulat KZXX5641
Bulat KZXX3162
Bulat-Kayegan KZXX5034
Bulat-Mola KZXX3163
Bulayevskiy KZXX7654
Buldyk KZXX6362
Buldyk KZXX3164
Buldyrty KZXX3165
Bulgachnoye KZXX2545
Bulikshubar KZXX3166
Bultumbay KZXX6363
Bulyuk-Bay KZXX7216
Burabay KZXX7433
Burabay KZXX7655
Buran KZXX8363
Buranbek KZXX0766
Buranovka KZXX1965
Burash KZXX0767
Buraysay KZXX4823
Burbaza KZXX5642
Burebay KZXX7217
Burenin KZXX3169
Burevestnik KZXX0768
Burevestnik KZXX6364
Burgan KZXX1306
Burgansu KZXX1307
Burgen KZXX4405
Burkay KZXX6365
Burkazan KZXX7434
Burkhan KZXX1308
Burkhanka KZXX8841
Burkitti KZXX5643
Burkotovo KZXX8842
Burli KZXX1966
Burli KZXX2547
Burli KZXX3170
Burli KZXX6366
Burli-Kazakhskiy KZXX0769
Burlin KZXX3171
Burlinskiy KZXX6367
Burlinskiy KZXX3172
Burlisay KZXX3173
Burluk KZXX7656
Burly-Agach KZXX8843
Burlyu-Tobe KZXX1309
Burma KZXX5644
Burnashevo KZXX8844
Burnoye KZXX0178
Burov KZXX3174
Bursak KZXX8845
Burumbay KZXX7657
Burunbay KZXX3175
Burunday KZXX0179
Burylbaytal KZXX9767
Burynshik KZXX4229
Bushali KZXX3176
Butakovo KZXX8846
Buukbay KZXX2548
Buyally KZXX3177
Buyre KZXX6368
Buz-Gumer KZXX1967
Buzan KZXX8847
Buzau KZXX5422
Buzay KZXX4406
Buzay KZXX3178
Buzulukskoye KZXX0181
Bykov KZXX3179
Bykovo KZXX8848
Bylkyldak KZXX6369
Byrsuat KZXX6370
Bystrukha KZXX8849
Byurlisay KZXX5645
Cardara KZXX0054
Central Asia KZXX9768
Chaday KZXX1310
Chagan KZXX0183
Chaganskiy KZXX3181
Chagatay KZXX3182
Chaglinka KZXX7658
Chagly KZXX7659
Chaka KZXX4407
Chakchanskiy KZXX5035
Chaker KZXX3183
Chakpak KZXX0184
Chakyr KZXX3184
Chalak-Ankata KZXX3185
Chaldar KZXX4408
Chalobay KZXX8850
Chalokozakov KZXX8851
Chaltas KZXX5646
Chanak KZXX4409
Chanton KZXX3186
Chantym KZXX3187
Chap-Kuduk KZXX1968
Chapaevo KZXX7660
Chapaevo KZXX5647
Chapaevo KZXX0026
Chapaevskiy KZXX6371
Chapayev KZXX3188
Chapayevka KZXX7661
Chapayevka KZXX6372
Chapayevo KZXX1311
Chapayevo KZXX7662
Chapayevskoye KZXX7663
Chapov KZXX3189
Chapurin KZXX3190
Chardara KZXX0187
Charsk KZXX0188
Chashke KZXX0770
Chayan KZXX0189
Chayka KZXX2550
Chaykhana KZXX4410
Chaykino KZXX7664
Chaykovka KZXX1969
Chaykovskiy KZXX8854
Chaykovskiy KZXX6373
Chaykovskiy KZXX5036
Chebach-Bay KZXX5037
Chebakov KZXX3191
Chebotarevo KZXX3192
Chebundy KZXX8855
Chederta KZXX3193
Chedyrty KZXX3194
Cheka KZXX5038
Chekhovo KZXX7665
Chelesay KZXX1971
Chelyuskin KZXX5648
Chemolgan KZXX0191
Cherdoyak KZXX0192
Cheredovoy KZXX2551
Cheremoshka KZXX8856
Cheremshanka KZXX8857
Cheremushka KZXX5039
Cheremushki KZXX8858
Cherkasskiy KZXX1972
Cherkasskoe KZXX1312
Cherkasskoye KZXX7666
Cherkesskiy KZXX1973
Chermoshnyanka KZXX7667
Chernaya Padina KZXX3195
Chernaya Rechka KZXX9769
Chernigovka KZXX6374
Chernigovka KZXX7668
Chernigovka KZXX0193
Chernigovskoe KZXX7669
Chernobayevka KZXX7670
Chernoe KZXX5040
Chernogorskaya KZXX8860
Chernoirtyshskiy KZXX8861
Chernoretskiy KZXX5041
Chernoretskoe KZXX5042
Chernovaya KZXX8862
Chernovodsk KZXX1974
Chernovodsk KZXX4412
Chernovoye KZXX8863
Chernoyarka KZXX5043
Chernoyarka KZXX0194
Chernoyarov KZXX3196
Chernoye KZXX0195
Chernozubovka KZXX7672
Chernukhin KZXX3197
Chernyakhovskoye KZXX0771
Chernyayev KZXX3198
Chernyayevka KZXX6375
Chernyshev KZXX3199
Chernyshevka KZXX6376
Cherunovka KZXX7673
Chervonnoye KZXX7674
Chervonnyy Gay KZXX8864
Chesnokov KZXX3200
Chesnokovo KZXX3201
Chicherino KZXX4413
Chigatay KZXX3202
Chigirinovka KZXX5044
Chigrin KZXX3203
Chiili KZXX1975
Chikunchi KZXX8865
Chilakty KZXX1976
Chili KZXX1977
Chili KZXX0196
Chili Pervyye KZXX6377
Chilikty KZXX1314
Chimbek KZXX9770
Chinar KZXX4414
Chinarevo KZXX3204
Chingirlau KZXX3205
Chinzhi KZXX8867
Chirganak KZXX1315
Chirikovka KZXX7675
Chirkeylinskiy KZXX7219
Chirkino KZXX4416
Chirov KZXX3206
Chistoe KZXX7676
Chistovskoe KZXX7677
Chistoye KZXX7678
Chistyy Chandak KZXX6378
Chit-Bulak KZXX4417
Chizha Pervaya KZXX3207
Chizha Vtoraya KZXX3208
Chizhin KZXX1317
Chkalov KZXX2553
Chkalov KZXX7679
Chkalovo KZXX6379
Chkalovo KZXX0198
Chkalovskiy KZXX6380
Chokay KZXX4418
Chokpak KZXX9771
Chokpar KZXX0199
Chokun KZXX2554
Cholak KZXX1318
Cholak-Ak-Su KZXX1319
Cholokay KZXX1320
Chorga KZXX8869
Chu KZXX4419
Chu KZXX0200
Chubanak KZXX4420
Chubarchak KZXX3209
Chubarovka KZXX4421
Chudnoye KZXX6381
Chukalin KZXX3211
Chul-Adyr KZXX1321
Chulak KZXX1322
Chulakkurgan KZXX0201
Chulpan KZXX3212
Chumysh KZXX9772
Chundzha KZXX1323
Chupen KZXX2555
Churbanov KZXX3213
Chureyev KZXX3214
Chuvashinskoye KZXX3215
Chuyundy KZXX6382
Ciili KZXX0046
Dachnoye KZXX7680
Dachnyy Poselok KZXX8870
Dairovo KZXX8871
Dalakaynar KZXX9773
Dalbun KZXX3217
Damba KZXX2556
Damdi KZXX6385
Damsa KZXX0772
Dandy KZXX5650
Dandybay KZXX5423
Dangeleksor KZXX7220
Dangerbay KZXX6386
Danilka KZXX3218
Danilovka KZXX6387
Danilovka KZXX5045
Danilovka KZXX0203
Daratab KZXX5651
Darbaza KZXX0204
Dardamty KZXX1325
Darelsay KZXX1979
Darinskiy KZXX0205
Dariya KZXX5652
Darkhan KZXX4423
Darmina KZXX4424
Darstvennoye KZXX8872
Darvaza KZXX4425
Dashin KZXX2557
Dass KZXX3221
Daubay KZXX8873
Daukara KZXX7221
Daukara KZXX7683
Daulatyy KZXX1326
Daulet KZXX1327
Daulet-Yar KZXX3223
Dauletpay KZXX8366
Daum KZXX2558
Dauran-Supe KZXX7222
Daut KZXX8367
Dautbaysay KZXX6388
Dautobe KZXX4426
Davydenovka KZXX6389
Daymaut KZXX4427
Dayyndyk KZXX7685
Degelen KZXX8874
Degeres KZXX1328
Degtyarka KZXX8368
Dekhkan KZXX9774
Dembiy KZXX3224
Denezhnoye KZXX7686
Dengizil KZXX2559
Derbise KZXX4428
Derkul KZXX3225
Derzhavinsk KZXX6390
Derzhavinskoye KZXX6391
Detdom KZXX5653
Deurechnyy KZXX6392
Deutskiy KZXX2560
Devyatka KZXX8875
Diirmentobe KZXX7223
Dimbay KZXX2561
Dimitriyevka KZXX0206
Dimitrovo KZXX4429
Dirkekuduk KZXX3227
Diyar KZXX1980
Diyevka KZXX6393
Dmitriyevka KZXX8876
Dmitriyevka KZXX5047
Dmitriyevka KZXX7687
Dmitriyevskoye KZXX1981
Dmitrovka KZXX6394
Dmitrovo KZXX3228
Dnepropetrovskiy KZXX0773
Dneprovka KZXX8369
Dobalshilik KZXX5424
Dobrozhanovka KZXX7690
Dobrynovka KZXX6395
Dobutay KZXX4430
Dogalan KZXX5654
Dogolan KZXX8877
Dokuchaevka KZXX6396
Dokuchayevka KZXX6397
Dokuchayevo KZXX7691
Dolan KZXX7435
Dolbilovo KZXX7692
Dolbushka KZXX6398
Dolgiye Roshchi KZXX8370
Dolgospasovka KZXX8371
Dolgun KZXX2562
Dolinka KZXX0207
Dolinnoye KZXX3229
Dolmatovo KZXX7693
Dolon KZXX8878
Dolonka KZXX2563
Dolpakbas KZXX3230
Domba KZXX0208
Dombraly KZXX7694
Domninskoye KZXX5048
Donenbay KZXX8880
Donetsk KZXX3231
Donetskoe KZXX7695
Donetskoye KZXX0775
Dongar KZXX2564
Dongelek KZXX6064
Dongelek KZXX5049
Dongelek KZXX3232
Dongeleksor KZXX6065
Dongyztau KZXX1982
Donskoy KZXX6399
Donskoy KZXX7697
Donskoye KZXX7698
Donskoye KZXX1983
Donskoye KZXX8881
Donskoye KZXX6400
Donyz KZXX6066
Donyztau KZXX4431
Dorofeyevka KZXX7699
Doroginka KZXX0776
Dorogovka KZXX7700
Dosan-Karabas KZXX4432
Doschapan KZXX4433
Doshantoktabay KZXX6999
Doshchan KZXX5655
Doskazy KZXX7224
Dosmail KZXX6401
Dosovka KZXX6402
Dossor KZXX2565
Dostay KZXX3233
Dostizheniye KZXX1330
Dostyk KZXX5050
Dostyq KZXX1331
Dosum KZXX2566
Doul-Say KZXX1984
Dragomirovka KZXX7701
Dragomirovka KZXX1985
Drug-Pakharya KZXX5051
Druzhba KZXX7702
Druzhba KZXX6403
Druzhba KZXX0661
Druzhbinskoye KZXX7703
Duana KZXX0209
Duanas KZXX6067
Dubinka KZXX6404
Dubovka KZXX5656
Dubovskoye KZXX5657
Dubrov KZXX1986
Dubrovka KZXX7704
Dubrovka KZXX5052
Dubrovnoye KZXX7705
Dubun KZXX1332
Dubunskaya KZXX0210
Dudakovka KZXX6405
Dudatskiy KZXX2567
Dukhovnitskiy KZXX5053
Dulaty KZXX1333
Duse KZXX3234
Dushchanov KZXX3235
Dushman KZXX3236
Duskey KZXX0777
Duyse KZXX4060
Duzgali KZXX2568
Dvinsk KZXX7706
Dvoyniki KZXX7707
Dvurechnyy KZXX6406
Dymar KZXX3237
Dynchek KZXX1335
Dyukulyuk KZXX3238
Dyurmentyube KZXX0211
Dyurt-Kutyur KZXX3239
Dyurt-Sart KZXX0778
Dyuseke KZXX7708
Dyuseke KZXX5055
Dyusekenevskiy KZXX8882
Dyussay-Tyube KZXX3240
Dyusyup KZXX8883
Dyuzkaragay KZXX5056
Dyykan KZXX1337
Dzerzhinskiy KZXX6407
Dzerzhinskiy KZXX4435
Dzerzhinskiy KZXX1988
Dzerzhinskiy KZXX7709
Dzerzhinskoye KZXX1338
Dzhadey KZXX3241
Dzhaindy KZXX1989
Dzhakhanayev KZXX3242
Dzhakpek KZXX5660
Dzhaksy-May KZXX1990
Dzhalagash KZXX7225
Dzhaldin KZXX3243
Dzhalmurzinov KZXX3244
Dzhalpak KZXX3245
Dzhalpak KZXX4436
Dzhalpak-Tal KZXX3246
Dzhaman-Chubar KZXX3247
Dzhaman-Dzhar KZXX4437
Dzhambala KZXX3248
Dzhambay KZXX4438
Dzhambejty KZXX0024
Dzhambeyta KZXX3249
Dzhambul KZXX8886
Dzhambul KZXX4439
Dzhambul KZXX6408
Dzhambul KZXX5057
Dzhambul KZXX5661
Dzhambul KZXX9775
Dzhambul KZXX1339
Dzhambul KZXX7710
Dzhambul KZXX1991
Dzhambul KZXX2569
Dzhan-Chilik KZXX0779
Dzhan-Gendyr KZXX2570
Dzhana-Aul KZXX8887
Dzhana-Tam KZXX3250
Dzhanabay KZXX4440
Dzhanashar KZXX1340
Dzhanatala KZXX0213
Dzhanatau KZXX3251
Dzhanbay KZXX3252
Dzhandarbek KZXX3253
Dzhandou-Kstau KZXX2571
Dzhandy-Say KZXX1992
Dzhandzhal KZXX4441
Dzhanek KZXX1341
Dzhangala KZXX3254
Dzhangisaz KZXX9776
Dzhansugirov KZXX1342
Dzhany-Kuduk KZXX3255
Dzhanybek KZXX0214
Dzharchik KZXX2573
Dzhartasskiy KZXX8888
Dzhaugash KZXX1343
Dzhaugashty KZXX6068
Dzhauken-Kstau KZXX2574
Dzhaypak KZXX9777
Dzhebyske KZXX1993
Dzhelgobas KZXX4442
Dzhenishke-Bulak KZXX1344
Dzhet Yekshi KZXX3257
Dzhetygen-Aryk KZXX4443
Dzhevlakskiy KZXX1994
Dzhezdy KZXX0216
Dzhger KZXX3258
Dzhidelik KZXX1345
Dzhilandy KZXX7436
Dzhimugale KZXX3259
Dzhiyenkum KZXX4444
Dzhon KZXX5662
Dzhulan KZXX4446
Dzhuldubayev KZXX3261
Dzhuldybay KZXX4447
Dzhulumbet KZXX4448
Dzhulyus KZXX7227
Dzhumagul KZXX2575
Dzhumuki KZXX3262
Dzhunus KZXX5663
Dzhurkan KZXX3263
Dzhurun KZXX0217
Dzhus-Agach KZXX8889
Dzhus-Agachskiy KZXX8890
Dzhusaly KZXX0035
Dzhusup KZXX3264
Eban KZXX6410
Ebita KZXX1995
Edlbek KZXX5664
Egindibulaq KZXX8891
Egindibulaq KZXX5665
Egindikol KZXX0780
Egindy-Bulak KZXX1996
Ekaterinovka KZXX7711
Ekiasha KZXX1347
Ekibastuz KZXX5058
Ekibastuzskiy KZXX5059
Ekiding KZXX6411
Ekishek KZXX5060
Ekpendy KZXX4449
Ekpindi KZXX1348
Ekpyn KZXX8892
Elaman KZXX1349
Elenovka KZXX0619
Elitnoye KZXX7713
Emba KZXX0219
Embaaul KZXX2576
Embekskiy KZXX3265
Embenskiy KZXX1997
Embi KZXX1998
Emiltau KZXX8893
Enbek KZXX3266
Enbek KZXX8372
Enbekbirlik KZXX7714
Enbekshi KZXX3267
Enbekshi KZXX9778
Enbekshi KZXX1350
Enbekshikazakhsk KZXX1351
Enbekty KZXX1999
Energeticheskiy KZXX1352
Energiya KZXX1353
Engbekshi KZXX5061
Engbekshilder KZXX7715
Engirekey KZXX8894
Entumak KZXX5666
Entuziast KZXX5667
Ertis KZXX5062
Erzerum KZXX2000
Esengeldi KZXX5668
Esensay KZXX3268
Eshkiolmes KZXX5669
Esik KZXX1354
Esil KZXX0019
Eskene KZXX2577
Espe KZXX5670
Espe KZXX9779
Esperly KZXX7716
Eyskiy KZXX0626
Fabrichnyy KZXX0221
Fakel KZXX3269
Fakeyev KZXX3270
Farforovyy KZXX0781
Fedorovka KZXX5671
Fedorovka KZXX0223
Fedorovka KZXX0224
Fedorovka KZXX0222
Fedorovka KZXX9780
Fedoseyevka KZXX7717
Fedoseyevka KZXX6414
Fedotov KZXX3271
Fedotovskiy KZXX5063
Feduleyev KZXX3272
Feklistovka KZXX8895
Ferrosplav KZXX2001
Fetisovo KZXX4231
Filimonov KZXX3273
Filinka KZXX6415
Filippovka KZXX7718
Filippovka KZXX6416
Filippovka KZXX0782
Fogelevo KZXX0225
Fokin KZXX3274
Foma-Kuduk KZXX3275
Fort Sevcenko KZXX0044
Fort-Shevchenko KZXX4232
Frontovoy KZXX4451
Frunze KZXX7719
Frunze KZXX1355
Frunze KZXX9781
Frunze KZXX6417
Furmanovka KZXX7720
Furmanovo KZXX0227
Fykalka KZXX8896
Gagarino KZXX8897
Gagarino KZXX7721
Gagarino KZXX1356
Gagarinskiy KZXX6418
Galitskoye KZXX5065
Galitsyn KZXX3277
Galitsyno KZXX7722
Galkino KZXX4452
Galkino KZXX5066
Galkinskoye KZXX9782
Gangyushkino KZXX2578
Ganyushkino KZXX2579
Garshino KZXX7724
Gasbulat KZXX2580
Gatzulinskiy KZXX3278
Gavrilovka KZXX7725
Gavrilovka KZXX4453
Gavrilovka KZXX5067
Gavrino KZXX7726
Gaydukovo KZXX7727
Geday KZXX4454
Georgievka KZXX0229
Georgiyevka KZXX5068
Georgiyevka KZXX0230
Georgiyevka KZXX2002
Georgiyevka KZXX0231
Georgiyevskiy KZXX2003
Gepkino KZXX8373
Gerasimovka KZXX8898
Gerasimovka KZXX1357
Gerasimovskoye KZXX0783
German KZXX8374
Gertsena KZXX6419
Gigant KZXX1358
Gigant KZXX7229
Glavnyy KZXX3279
Glazunovka KZXX6420
Glebovka KZXX6421
Glinenskiy KZXX3280
Glinkovo KZXX0232
Glubokoye KZXX7728
Glubokoye KZXX5069
Glubokoye KZXX0233
Glukhovka KZXX8899
Gniloy KZXX3282
Gogolevskiy KZXX6422
Goloshchekin KZXX2582
Goloshchekino KZXX6423
Goloshchekinskiy KZXX7230
Golubev Zapor KZXX1359
Golubinovka KZXX1360
Golubinovskiy KZXX2004
Golubovka KZXX5070
Golubovka KZXX8900
Golubovo KZXX2583
Goluboy Zaliv KZXX7729
Gomba KZXX1361
Goncharovka KZXX7730
Gora Kyzyl Baz KZXX3283
Gora Tish Uba KZXX3284
Gorbunov KZXX3285
Gorbunov Pervyy KZXX3286
Gorbunovka KZXX7733
Gordeyevka KZXX0784
Goristyy KZXX0785
Gorkunovo KZXX8901
Gornoe KZXX8903
Gornostayevka KZXX5071
Gornovodskiy KZXX2005
Gornoye KZXX7734
Gornoye KZXX4456
Gornyy KZXX2006
Gornyy KZXX1362
Gornyy KZXX4457
Gornyy Gigant KZXX0662
Gornyy Sadovod KZXX1363
Gorodetskoe KZXX0234
Goroshinskoye KZXX6424
Goroshkin KZXX2584
Gorshkov KZXX3287
Gort KZXX5672
Gortop KZXX8375
Gory KZXX2585
Goryachenskiy KZXX3288
Gosbank KZXX1364
Gostevskiy KZXX5072
Grabovo KZXX0235
Grachevka KZXX7735
Grachi KZXX8904
Grachovka KZXX6425
Granichnoye KZXX6426
Granikovka KZXX0786
Granitnyy KZXX8905
Granitogorsk KZXX9784
Grebenshchikovo KZXX2586
Grebushi KZXX3289
Grekhovka KZXX8906
Gribnoy Kordon KZXX8376
Grigoryevka KZXX0236
Grimovka KZXX9530
Grishin KZXX3291
Grishinskiy KZXX6427
Grishkanlyk KZXX1365
Grishkovka KZXX0237
Grodikovo KZXX0238
Gromotukha KZXX8907
Gromovka KZXX8908
Gruzdevka KZXX5074
Gryaznovka KZXX5075
Gubernatorovka KZXX0787
Gulshat KZXX5673
Gulyayevka KZXX6428
Gulyayevka KZXX9785
Gulyaypole KZXX0788
Guryev KZXX0239
Gusakovka KZXX7739
Gusarka KZXX0789
Gvardeyskiy KZXX1366
Ibata KZXX4458
Ibekshi KZXX0240
Ibray KZXX8910
Ibrayevskiy KZXX8911
Ichlek KZXX7740
Idris KZXX7741
Igilik KZXX4459
Igilik KZXX7742
Iglek KZXX8377
Iglik KZXX1367
Iglik KZXX6429
Ikeoypat KZXX8379
Iksak-Tyube KZXX3293
Iksbay KZXX2587
Ilekshar KZXX3296
Ili KZXX1368
Ilich KZXX0241
Iliysk KZXX1369
Iltay KZXX1370
Ilyich KZXX4461
Imankara KZXX2588
Imantau KZXX7746
Imeni KZXX0242
Imeni Abaya KZXX4462
Imeni Akzhunaye KZXX2589
Imeni Andreyeva KZXX4463
Imeni Bakhty KZXX7232
Imeni Budennogo KZXX8912
Imeni Chapayeva KZXX0791
Imeni Chapayeva KZXX8913
Imeni Chapayeva KZXX6430
Imeni Chapayeva KZXX9788
Imeni Chapayeva KZXX2011
Imeni Chapayeva KZXX7747
Imeni Chapayeva KZXX5675
Imeni Chapayeva KZXX7233
Imeni Chapayeva KZXX2590
Imeni Chkalova KZXX7234
Imeni Chkalova KZXX2591
Imeni Dzhambula KZXX4465
Imeni Dzhambula KZXX1373
Imeni Dzhambula KZXX0243
Imeni Dzhambula KZXX7235
Imeni Dzhambula KZXX2012
Imeni Dzhambula KZXX8914
Imeni Frunze KZXX7748
Imeni Frunze KZXX0244
Imeni Gastello KZXX6432
Imeni Kalinina KZXX3300
Imeni Kalinina KZXX4467
Imeni Kalinina KZXX5078
Imeni Kalinina KZXX1377
Imeni Kalinina KZXX5677
Imeni Kalinina KZXX9789
Imeni Kalinina KZXX2593
Imeni Kalinina KZXX8917
Imeni Kim KZXX7238
Imeni Kirova KZXX2594
Imeni Kirova KZXX4469
Imeni Kirova KZXX3302
Imeni Kirova KZXX1379
Imeni Kirova KZXX5079
Imeni Kirova KZXX8919
Imeni Kirova KZXX5679
Imeni Kirovka KZXX0245
Imeni Kominterna KZXX3303
Imeni Kosiyenko KZXX7239
Imeni Kostycheva KZXX0246
Imeni Krupskoy KZXX8920
Imeni Krupskoy KZXX3304
Imeni Kuybysheva KZXX2595
Imeni Kuybysheva KZXX1380
Imeni Kuybysheva KZXX5080
Imeni Kuybysheva KZXX2013
Imeni Kuybysheva KZXX0247
Imeni Kuybysheva KZXX8921
Imeni Lenina KZXX4470
Imeni Lenina KZXX0248
Imeni Lenina KZXX5680
Imeni Lenina KZXX1381
Imeni Lenina KZXX9791
Imeni Lenina KZXX2014
Imeni Lenina KZXX8922
Imeni Mametovoy KZXX0793
Imeni Matrosova KZXX6435
Imeni Michurina KZXX7750
Imeni Molotova KZXX4471
Imeni Molotova KZXX8923
Imeni Molotova KZXX3305
Imeni Molotova KZXX7241
Imeni Molotova KZXX1383
Imeni Nekrasova KZXX6437
Imeni Panfilova KZXX0441
Imeni Papanina KZXX7751
Imeni Pavlova KZXX6439
Imeni Shchorsa KZXX7752
Imeni Shevchenko KZXX7243
Imeni Stalina KZXX0663
Imeni Stalina KZXX3307
Imeni Stalina KZXX8924
Imeni Stalina KZXX1385
Imeni Stalina KZXX7244
Imeni Stalina KZXX6441
Imeni Stalina KZXX9792
Imeni Stalina KZXX4473
Imeni Sverdlova KZXX1386
Imeni Sverdlova KZXX6442
Imeni Zhdanova KZXX8927
Imeni Zhdanova KZXX6443
Imeni Zhdanova KZXX0252
Inbek KZXX1391
Inder KZXX2596
Inderbor KZXX2597
Inderborskiy KZXX0253
Inderlinskoye KZXX3310
Indyukovka KZXX9531
Inke KZXX4479
Intaly KZXX9793
Intaly KZXX1392
Intaly KZXX0794
Internatsional KZXX0795
Internatsional KZXX4480
Internatsional KZXX0254
Internatsional KZXX3311
Internatsional KZXX7755
Intumak KZXX5683
Intymak KZXX0797
Intymak KZXX7246
Intymak KZXX4481
Intymak KZXX7757
Intymak KZXX1393
Intymak KZXX9794
Iokak KZXX7758
Iolozhar KZXX4482
Ir KZXX1394
Ir-Kindyk KZXX7759
Ireksay KZXX6069
Irgali KZXX3312
Irinovka KZXX8928
Irinovka KZXX5081
Irkatan KZXX2598
Irkinchilek KZXX7000
Irmen KZXX2599
Irsu KZXX9795
Irtyshsk KZXX0017
Irubay KZXX3313
Iryubay KZXX1395
Irzayev KZXX7247
Irzhan KZXX7248
Isa KZXX3314
Isa KZXX8929
Isa-Kulokanov KZXX4483
Isakovka KZXX7760
Isaman KZXX5082
Isayevo KZXX1396
Isembay KZXX2600
Ishan KZXX4484
Ishan-Bazar KZXX4485
Ishanbau KZXX7249
Ishchan-Kub KZXX3315
Ishimskoye KZXX7761
Ishtym KZXX0798
Isingali KZXX3316
Isintayev KZXX3317
Iskene KZXX3318
Iskine KZXX2601
Iskra KZXX7762
Iskra KZXX0256
Ispaybulak KZXX2020
Ispulay KZXX2603
Issyk KZXX0257
Istomin KZXX3321
Istovay KZXX3322
Italy KZXX1397
Itauyz KZXX6070
Itayak KZXX4825
Itkarlygan KZXX7250
Itketken KZXX7437
Itsary KZXX6446
Ittifak KZXX4486
Ivan KZXX2604
Ivanayev KZXX3323
Ivangorod KZXX7763
Ivano-Petrovka KZXX7764
Ivanorovnoye KZXX6447
Ivanov KZXX3324
Ivanovka KZXX6448
Ivanovka KZXX5684
Ivanovka KZXX0800
Ivanovka KZXX0258
Ivanovka KZXX7765
Ivanovka KZXX5083
Ivanovka KZXX9796
Ivanovskiy KZXX2021
Ivanovskoe KZXX0259
Ivanovskoye KZXX9532
Iversk KZXX7766
Iza-Kuduk KZXX4487
Izatulla KZXX8931
Izendi KZXX5685
Izendy KZXX1398
Izendy KZXX7251
Izgar KZXX7252
Izghutty Aytyqov KZXX8932
Izhevskoye KZXX0801
Izmail KZXX4488
Izmailovskiy KZXX8933
Izmaylovka KZXX7767
Izmaylovskiy KZXX2022
Izumrudnyy KZXX5686
Izvestkovoye KZXX7769
Izvestkovyy KZXX8934
Izvestkovyy KZXX0803
Kabak KZXX6449
Kabakbay KZXX5084
Kaban KZXX5085
Kabankin KZXX3325
Kabanovo KZXX9533
Kabantay KZXX6450
Kabany KZXX7771
Kabulsay KZXX4826
Kabyl KZXX3326
Kabylbau KZXX7253
Kabyrga KZXX8935
Kachar KZXX6451
Kachilovka KZXX7772
Kachiry KZXX0260
Kadyr KZXX8380
Kadyr KZXX3327
Kadyrbay KZXX8936
Kadyrskoye KZXX8381
Kadzhigul KZXX3328
Kaganovich KZXX1399
Kaindy KZXX8937
Kaindy KZXX3329
Kaindy KZXX2023
Kaindy-Kara-Su KZXX6452
Kair KZXX2024
Kair-Tubek KZXX0804
Kairly KZXX0805
Kak Baydybek KZXX9797
Kakay KZXX5687
Kakhovka KZXX0806
Kakozek KZXX1401
Kaktorab KZXX5688
Kalachi KZXX6453
Kalam-Karasu KZXX6454
Kaldybay KZXX6455
Kaldygayty KZXX3330
Kalenyy KZXX0261
Kalgansyr KZXX4489
Kalgansyrtogay KZXX4827
Kalguta KZXX9798
Kalgzagash KZXX4490
Kalimola KZXX5088
Kalinin KZXX6456
Kalinin KZXX5689
Kalinino KZXX0808
Kalinino KZXX2026
Kalinino KZXX1402
Kalinino KZXX4491
Kalinino KZXX9799
Kalininskiy KZXX6457
Kalininskiy KZXX5089
Kalininskiy KZXX0809
Kalininskoye KZXX5690
Kalinki KZXX2605
Kalinovka KZXX0810
Kalinovka KZXX6458
Kalinovka KZXX1403
Kalinovka KZXX5090
Kalinovka KZXX2027
Kalinovka KZXX7773
Kaliya KZXX8938
Kalka KZXX3331
Kalkaly KZXX5425
Kalkaman KZXX1404
Kalmak KZXX8939
Kalmakkara KZXX6459
Kalmakkara KZXX1405
Kalmakshabyn KZXX3333
Kalman KZXX2606
Kalmiyar KZXX3334
Kalmyk KZXX3335
Kalmykovo KZXX0262
Kaltadyrskiy KZXX6462
Kalugino KZXX7776
Kamal KZXX2607
Kamal KZXX3336
Kamalshagyl KZXX3337
Kamaly KZXX5091
Kamambayevskiy KZXX3338
Kambet KZXX8383
Kamenevka KZXX8940
Kamenka KZXX0323
Kamenka KZXX8941
Kamenka KZXX0264
Kamenka KZXX0263
Kamenka KZXX6463
Kamenka KZXX1406
Kamennaya Balka KZXX4492
Kamennoe KZXX4233
Kamennoye Plato KZXX1407
Kamennyy Brod KZXX7777
Kamenskiy KZXX3339
Kamenskoye Plato KZXX1408
Kamerashchi KZXX1409
Kamkaly KZXX9801
Kamstaral KZXX2609
Kamynin KZXX0266
Kamysaktysay KZXX4828
Kamyshenka KZXX0811
Kamyshenka KZXX8942
Kamyshinka KZXX8943
Kamyshlovka KZXX6465
Kamyshlovo KZXX7778
Kamyshlybash KZXX0267
Kamyshnoye KZXX8384
Kamyshnyy KZXX6466
Kan-Chingiz KZXX8944
Kanabayev KZXX3342
Kanay KZXX3343
Kanayka KZXX8945
Kanbakty KZXX2611
Kanbakty KZXX4493
Kandagach KZXX2029
Kandarskiy KZXX8946
Kandos KZXX7255
Kandyk KZXX2030
Kandyk KZXX3344
Kandykty KZXX3345
Kandyozek KZXX3346
Kaneke KZXX3347
Kangly KZXX4494
Kankushek KZXX2031
Kanonerka KZXX8947
Kansor KZXX6467
Kantagi KZXX4829
Kantay KZXX8948
Kantemirovskoye KZXX7780
Kanya-Talop KZXX7257
Kanzak KZXX2612
Kapal KZXX1410
Kapchagay KZXX0268
Kapitayevka KZXX5691
Kapitonovka KZXX0812
Kaptagay KZXX2613
Kapustino KZXX8387
Kapyrsa KZXX4495
Kara Bulak KZXX2614
Kara Kuduk KZXX3348
Kara Yar KZXX2615
Kara-Agach KZXX8949
Kara-Bugut KZXX7259
Kara-Buka KZXX0813
Kara-Chegin KZXX3349
Kara-Chok KZXX1411
Kara-Dzhota KZXX1412
Kara-Kemer KZXX5692
Kara-Kesek KZXX8950
Kara-Khobda KZXX0269
Kara-Koga KZXX3350
Kara-Kolpak KZXX3351
Kara-Kuduk KZXX8951
Kara-Kuduk KZXX2616
Kara-Mulla KZXX8952
Kara-Murun KZXX5693
Kara-Sergey KZXX3352
Kara-Seryak KZXX4497
Kara-Siryak KZXX4498
Kara-Su KZXX2033
Kara-Su KZXX6469
Kara-Togay KZXX3353
Kara-Tomar KZXX0814
Kara-Tubek KZXX6470
Kara-Tuma KZXX1413
Kara-Turuk KZXX1414
Kara-Tyube KZXX3354
Kara-Ulen KZXX8953
Kara-Urus KZXX3355
Kara-Uygur KZXX7438
Kara-Uzyak KZXX7260
Kara-Zhar KZXX6471
Kara-Zharz KZXX3356
Karaadyr KZXX0815
Karaadyr KZXX5694
Karaagash KZXX7781
Karaagash KZXX5695
Karaagash KZXX8955
Karaagash KZXX2034
Karaashchi KZXX5092
Karaastau KZXX2035
Karaaygyr KZXX2617
Karabail KZXX5696
Karabas KZXX3357
Karabas KZXX1415
Karabastau KZXX4499
Karabastuz KZXX8956
Karabatan KZXX2618
Karabatyr KZXX4830
Karabatyr KZXX2619
Karabau KZXX2620
Karabaysapar KZXX4831
Karabek KZXX3358
Karabelovka KZXX7782
Karabi KZXX5093
Karabidaik KZXX6472
Karabidayyk KZXX7002
Karabiit KZXX0816
Karaboget KZXX3359
Karabudaik KZXX7003
Karabudyr KZXX3360
Karabulak KZXX8957
Karabulak KZXX1416
Karabulak KZXX0817
Karabulak KZXX2036
Karabulak KZXX5697
Karabulak KZXX2621
Karabulak KZXX0270
Karabura KZXX5094
Karabura KZXX7261
Karabuta KZXX2381
Karabutak KZXX3361
Karabutak KZXX2037
Karabutakskiy KZXX2038
Karabuyrat KZXX8958
Karabuzau KZXX5095
Karabuzhar KZXX8959
Karachayevskiy KZXX2039
Karachek KZXX7784
Karachla KZXX2622
Karadar KZXX8388
Karaduan KZXX4234
Karadzhigit KZXX3362
Karagach KZXX8960
Karagala KZXX2040
Karagan KZXX0271
Karaganda KZXX2041
Karaganda KZXX0004
Karagandy KZXX0273
Karagandy KZXX5096
Karagandy KZXX5698
Karagandy KZXX3364
Karagandy KZXX8961
Karagandy-Say KZXX2043
Karagandyozek KZXX5097
Karagash KZXX7785
Karagash KZXX1417
Karagasht KZXX3365
Karagay KZXX2044
Karagay KZXX7786
Karagay Khuduk KZXX2623
Karagay-Kuduk KZXX3367
Karagay-Terek KZXX7787
Karagayevka KZXX3368
Karagayly KZXX1418
Karagayly KZXX0274
Karagos KZXX2624
Karaguz KZXX4502
Karaguzek KZXX1419
Karairekskiy KZXX5699
Karakalin KZXX3369
Karakalpak KZXX6476
Karakalpaki KZXX3370
Karakamys KZXX7788
Karakamys KZXX6477
Karakas KZXX8963
Karakaska KZXX0275
Karakastek KZXX1420
Karakayskoye KZXX4503
Karakazy KZXX5098
Karakchi KZXX4504
Karakemer KZXX9802
Karakemer KZXX1421
Karakemir KZXX2045
Karakemyr KZXX1422
Karaketken KZXX7262
Karakezek KZXX5099
Karakhobda KZXX2046
Karakiya KZXX8964
Karakoga KZXX0276
Karakoga KZXX2047
Karakoga KZXX3373
Karakoga KZXX0818
Karakoga KZXX6478
Karakoga Pervaya KZXX5700
Karakoga Vtoraya KZXX5701
Karakol KZXX8965
Karakol KZXX3374
Karakonyr KZXX4505
Karakopa KZXX6480
Karakoy KZXX4506
Karakoyly KZXX7439
Karakozha KZXX2626
Karaksy KZXX2049
Karakuduk KZXX5703
Karakuduk KZXX0277
Karakuduk KZXX5101
Karakuduk KZXX6481
Karakuduk KZXX0278
Karakuduk KZXX2050
Karakuduk KZXX8389
Karakuduk KZXX2627
Karakuduk KZXX8966
Karakuga KZXX8390
Karakula KZXX5704
Karakum KZXX8967
Karakum KZXX0279
Karakum KZXX4235
Karakungey KZXX8968
Karakur KZXX4507
Karakuys KZXX0820
Karakuz KZXX7264
Karam KZXX1424
Karamay KZXX6482
Karamayli KZXX8969
Karambayevskiy KZXX3377
Karamola KZXX7790
Karamola KZXX0821
Karamola KZXX3378
Karamola KZXX1425
Karamoldar KZXX1426
Karamulla KZXX3379
Karamurt KZXX0280
Karamuryn KZXX5426
Karamurza KZXX6483
Karamyrza KZXX7791
Karamyrza KZXX6484
Karamyrza KZXX8970
Karamys KZXX5705
Karamys KZXX7265
Karamys KZXX3380
Karamyshevka KZXX0281
Karanogay KZXX3381
Karaoba KZXX0282
Karaoba KZXX5102
Karaoba KZXX6485
Karaoba KZXX6073
Karaoy KZXX2051
Karaoy KZXX1427
Karaozek KZXX4508
Karaozek KZXX0283
Karaozek KZXX0822
Karaozek KZXX7793
Karasakhal KZXX4509
Karasalakty KZXX5103
Karasan KZXX0284
Karasay KZXX9947
Karasay KZXX2052
Karasay KZXX3384
Karasaz KZXX5706
Karasban KZXX3385
Karasevka KZXX7794
Karash KZXX5707
Karasha KZXX2630
Karashagyrly KZXX7004
Karashalan KZXX7266
Karashar KZXX6486
Karashat KZXX9803
Karashatau KZXX2053
Karashatobe KZXX6487
Karashev KZXX3386
Karashigan KZXX1428
Karashiganak KZXX2631
Karashik KZXX4510
Karashilik KZXX7795
Karashilik KZXX6488
Karashilik KZXX8973
Karashilik KZXX5104
Karashiy KZXX5427
Karashok KZXX7796
Karashokat KZXX2054
Karashoky KZXX7267
Karashoky KZXX5105
Karashoky KZXX1429
Karashungyr KZXX7440
Karashyganak KZXX3387
Karasor KZXX8392
Karasor KZXX5106
Karasor KZXX2055
Karasor Pervyy KZXX2056
Karasorskoye KZXX7797
Karasoygan KZXX8393
Karaspan KZXX4511
Karasu KZXX0823
Karasu KZXX0286
Karasu KZXX0287
Karasu KZXX0288
Karasu KZXX1430
Karasu KZXX5107
Karasu KZXX8974
Karasu KZXX5709
Karasu KZXX9804
Karasu KZXX0285
Karasu KZXX7798
Karasuan KZXX4512
Karasuk KZXX5108
Karasuleymen KZXX7005
Karasuyr KZXX6074
Karasyr KZXX2632
Karataban KZXX2058
Karatal KZXX0824
Karatal KZXX2633
Karatal KZXX1431
Karatal KZXX5109
Karatal KZXX8975
Karatal KZXX4513
Karatal KZXX7799
Karataldy KZXX1433
Karatam KZXX1434
Karatartpa KZXX6492
Karatas KZXX0289
Karatatyr KZXX7006
Karatau KZXX4514
Karatau KZXX0290
Karatausay KZXX2059
Karatausayskiy KZXX2060
Karatauskiy KZXX9805
Karatay KZXX5110
Karatay KZXX7800
Karaterek KZXX7007
Karaterek KZXX0291
Karateren KZXX7268
Karatobe KZXX3389
Karatobe KZXX7269
Karatobe KZXX2634
Karatogan KZXX1435
Karatogay KZXX7441
Karatogay KZXX0292
Karatogay KZXX0825
Karatogay KZXX6493
Karatomar KZXX6494
Karatomar KZXX5710
Karatomar KZXX7801
Karatomyr KZXX7270
Karatubek KZXX0826
Karaturyk KZXX1436
Karaul KZXX5111
Karaul KZXX5711
Karaulen KZXX8976
Karaultobe KZXX5712
Karaultobe KZXX9806
Karaultobe KZXX3390
Karauyltobe KZXX7271
Karavan-Saray KZXX4515
Karayegin KZXX0827
Karayespe KZXX1437
Karazhambas KZXX4237
Karazhan KZXX4516
Karazhar KZXX6495
Karazhar KZXX0828
Karazhar KZXX5112
Karazhar Pervyy KZXX5713
Karazhartas KZXX0293
Karazher KZXX9534
Karazherik KZXX1438
Karazhon KZXX4517
Karazhyra KZXX8977
Karbushevka KZXX5714
Karbyshevskiy KZXX1439
Kardon KZXX2635
Kardon KZXX3392
Kareninka KZXX6496
Kargalinskiy KZXX3393
Kargaly KZXX7802
Kargaly KZXX1440
Kargalytogay KZXX4833
Karim KZXX5113
Karla Marksa KZXX4518
Karlovka KZXX7803
Karluga KZXX7804
Karmanovo KZXX2636
Karmanovskiy KZXX3394
Karoy KZXX5715
Karoy KZXX3395
Karpek KZXX8978
Karpov KZXX3396
Karpovka KZXX0294
Karpovo KZXX3397
Karsak KZXX7806
Karsakovka KZXX7807
Karsha KZXX3398
Karshaganashkan KZXX8395
Karshevka KZXX8980
Karta KZXX2637
Kartabay KZXX3399
Kartashev KZXX3400
Kartashevo KZXX3401
Kartashov KZXX3402
Kartashovo KZXX3403
Kartuz Tssyp KZXX5716
Kartym KZXX3405
Karykuduk KZXX6497
Karymbay KZXX8981
Karynsaldy KZXX6498
Karzhartas KZXX5717
Karzhas KZXX7808
Kasagash KZXX2062
Kash KZXX1441
Kashkyn KZXX5115
Kashkynbay KZXX7442
Kasin KZXX3406
Kaska KZXX0829
Kaskabulak KZXX9808
Kaskakulan KZXX7272
Kaskan KZXX5718
Kaskanesay KZXX6075
Kaskat KZXX7809
Kaskat KZXX6499
Kaskelen KZXX0295
Kasparkin KZXX2638
Kasyk KZXX9809
Kasymbay KZXX5719
Kasymbek KZXX4520
Kasymbek KZXX1443
Kasymtan KZXX3407
Kasymtau KZXX3408
Kasypcha KZXX7273
Katanay KZXX7810
Katarkul KZXX2639
Kateksuat KZXX7274
Katon-Karagay KZXX8982
Kattagan KZXX4521
Katynash KZXX9948
Katynkuduk KZXX7443
Katyrbulak KZXX4834
Kauchuk KZXX1444
Kaudantal KZXX7811
Kauk KZXX7275
Kaukey KZXX7276
Kaunshi KZXX4522
Kaunshisay KZXX4835
Kautayevskiy KZXX2063
Kavak KZXX1445
Kaymanachikha KZXX0296
Kaynar KZXX1446
Kaynar KZXX2064
Kaynar KZXX4523
Kaynarbulak KZXX7277
Kaynarbulak KZXX4524
Kaynarbulak KZXX5720
Kaynazar KZXX1447
Kaynazarka KZXX1448
Kaynsay KZXX3409
Kaynuk KZXX1449
Kayp KZXX3410
Kayrakty KZXX1450
Kayrakty KZXX0831
Kayrakty KZXX6500
Kayrakty KZXX0297
Kayraktysay KZXX2065
Kayran KZXX5117
Kayrankol KZXX0298
Kayrat KZXX1451
Kayrulla KZXX2640
Kaysakovo KZXX3411
Kaysamak KZXX8983
Kaysari KZXX3412
Kaysatskaya KZXX3413
Kaysaymas KZXX3414
Kayshaga KZXX2641
Kayshi KZXX1452
Kayyndysay KZXX9810
Kazakh KZXX9811
Kazakhdikan KZXX9812
Kazakhstan KZXX0299
Kazakhstan KZXX8985
Kazakhstan KZXX4525
Kazakhstan KZXX7813
Kazakhstan KZXX5721
Kazakhstan KZXX6502
Kazakhstan KZXX5118
Kazakhstanets KZXX6503
Kazakhtobe KZXX3415
Kazalnsk KZXX0300
Kazaly KZXX7278
Kazanbasy KZXX6504
Kazangan KZXX2642
Kazanka KZXX0301
Kazanka KZXX6505
Kazanskiy KZXX6506
Kazanskiy KZXX2066
Kazanskiy KZXX5119
Kazanskoe KZXX7815
Kazanskoye KZXX9813
Kazantay KZXX5120
Kazarma KZXX4526
Kazarma KZXX1454
Kazatkom KZXX1455
Kazatskiy KZXX2067
Kazbay KZXX3416
Kazbek KZXX3417
Kazbek KZXX5428
Kazbek KZXX2643
Kazbek KZXX8986
Kazdarbek KZXX5722
Kazgan KZXX3418
Kazgorodok KZXX5723
Kazgorodok KZXX7816
Kazgurt KZXX4527
Kazhun KZXX7817
Kaznakovka KZXX8987
Kazpravda KZXX1456
Kazris KZXX7279
Kaztalovka KZXX0302
Kazy KZXX5121
Kazybek KZXX5724
Kazykkakkan KZXX9949
Keberlitogay KZXX4836
Kebr KZXX4061
Kedenbirlik KZXX8988
Kedey KZXX8989
Kedeytendyk KZXX5725
Kedeyzhaylau KZXX4837
Kegen KZXX1457
Kekenbay KZXX8990
Kekey KZXX3419
Keles KZXX4528
Kelintobe KZXX7280
Kellerovka KZXX0303
Keltemashat KZXX4529
Kembayev KZXX5726
Kemer KZXX6508
Kemer KZXX2070
Kemer KZXX6077
Kemer KZXX3420
Kemerbastau KZXX4530
Kemershi KZXX2071
Kemerzhota KZXX9950
Kemir-Bas-Tau KZXX4531
Kenaral KZXX6509
Kenashchi KZXX3421
Kenashchy KZXX7818
Kenasu KZXX5727
Kenbay KZXX2644
Kenbidaik Pervyy KZXX0832
Kendala KZXX6078
Kenes KZXX7819
Kenes KZXX0306
Kenes KZXX5728
Kenes KZXX5122
Kenes KZXX0305
Kenes KZXX4532
Kenes-Aryk KZXX7282
Kenes-Tobe KZXX4533
Kenesaryk KZXX4534
Keneskiy KZXX9815
Kenestobe KZXX9816
Kenestu KZXX8992
Kenetay KZXX0834
Kengbidayyq KZXX0835
Kenges KZXX7283
Kenges KZXX7820
Kenges KZXX9817
Kengzharyq KZXX5729
Kengzhyra KZXX1458
Kenkiyak KZXX2072
Kenoy KZXX2073
Kensay KZXX9951
Kensay KZXX4536
Kensay KZXX6079
Kense-Basy KZXX3422
Kensuat KZXX3423
Kentaban KZXX6080
Kentau KZXX0307
Kentay KZXX9818
Kentogay KZXX0308
Kentup KZXX7284
Kenzhagaly KZXX7822
Kenzhaly KZXX2074
Kenzhatkan KZXX6510
Kenzhe KZXX7823
Kenzhebay KZXX3424
Kenzhebay KZXX8993
Kenzhegora KZXX2645
Kenzhegora KZXX3425
Kenzhyra KZXX6081
Keramik KZXX7824
Kerbulak KZXX1459
Kereben KZXX2646
Kerechetasskiy KZXX5730
Kerechumek KZXX8994
Kerekennura KZXX6082
Kerey KZXX5123
Kerey KZXX0838
Kerey KZXX3426
Kerik KZXX3427
Kermek KZXX8995
Kesembay KZXX5731
Keskentas KZXX1460
Kestenya KZXX5124
Keteshagyl KZXX2647
Ketpen KZXX1461
Keyashik KZXX5125
Keytyn KZXX1462
Kezensu KZXX8996
Khabalovka KZXX2075
Khabayevka KZXX9819
Khadzhimukana KZXX0839
Khak Bersh Aral KZXX3428
Khamino KZXX3429
Khanatalap KZXX3430
Khanga KZXX4238
Khanskiy KZXX3432
Khantaghy KZXX4537
Khantau KZXX0309
Kharamansha KZXX3435
Kharbayskiy KZXX2648
Kharchev KZXX3436
Kharkin KZXX0310
Khasan KZXX3437
Khatynkopir KZXX4538
Khayrosh KZXX3438
Khayruzovka KZXX8997
Khazretovka KZXX2076
Kherson KZXX0311
Khersonovka KZXX0841
Khersonskiy KZXX7825
Khlebnoye KZXX0842
Khlebodarovskiy KZXX2077
Khleborob KZXX7826
Khleborobnoye KZXX7827
Khleborodnyy KZXX5732
Khmelevka KZXX0843
Khodzhakhan KZXX4539
Kholmogorovka KZXX1463
Kholodnyy Klyuch KZXX8998
Khonokhay KZXX1464
Khorgos KZXX0312
Khoroshevskoye KZXX5733
Khorosheye KZXX7829
Khovretskiy KZXX3439
Khozaul KZXX2649
Khozret KZXX6513
Khromtau KZXX2078
Khryashchevka KZXX0844
Khudayar KZXX1465
Khutorskoy KZXX2650
Khvorostyanka KZXX6514
Khvostovka KZXX0845
Kievka KZXX5734
Kievskoe KZXX7830
Kiik KZXX5735
Kiikbay KZXX6083
Kiikbay KZXX0846
Kiikbay KZXX1466
Kiikmola KZXX7444
Kiikqashqan KZXX5736
Kiil KZXX2079
Kiizhibayeva KZXX3441
Kim KZXX3442
Kimpersay KZXX2080
Kindikti KZXX6515
Kindikti KZXX8999
Kindyk KZXX9000
Kindykkaragay KZXX7831
Kindyksay KZXX2652
Kindykty KZXX7832
Kinshalgin KZXX6516
Kirgiziya KZXX5737
Kirillovka KZXX7833
Kirov KZXX2082
Kirov KZXX7834
Kirova KZXX6517
Kirovka KZXX9001
Kirovka KZXX7835
Kirovo KZXX3444
Kirovo KZXX1467
Kirovo KZXX0847
Kirovo KZXX9820
Kirovo KZXX4542
Kirovo KZXX7287
Kirovo KZXX5128
Kirovskiy KZXX6518
Kirovskoye KZXX9002
Kirovskoye KZXX0848
Kiroye KZXX2653
Kirpichkon KZXX6519
Kirpichnoye KZXX4543
Kirsanovo KZXX3445
Kirse KZXX2654
Kiryanov KZXX3446
Kirykkuduk KZXX6084
Kishaul KZXX9003
Kishi Qamqaly KZXX9821
Kishikiik KZXX5739
Kishikol KZXX6520
Kishitau KZXX5740
Kishiyespe KZXX9004
Kishkene Karatas KZXX6086
Kishkene-Nura KZXX6087
Kishkeneshal KZXX3447
Kishkin-Aral KZXX2655
Kitay KZXX5741
Kitayevka KZXX4544
Kitov KZXX3448
Kiyak KZXX2656
Kiyak KZXX3449
Kiyakpay KZXX9005
Kiyakty KZXX2083
Kiyakty KZXX5742
Kiyakty KZXX4239
Kiyaly KZXX7837
Kiyan KZXX6522
Kiyat KZXX4545
Kiyevskiy KZXX6523
Kiyevskoye KZXX8399
Kiyka KZXX0849
Kizat KZXX9006
Kizimchek KZXX3450
Kizyl-Koigan KZXX9007
Kizyl-Ubinskiy KZXX3451
Kizyltau KZXX6524
Kladbinka KZXX7838
Klak KZXX3452
Kleshchenka KZXX6525
Klevernyy KZXX8400
Klim KZXX4546
Klimovka KZXX7839
Klin KZXX5129
Klochkovo KZXX6526
Klysh KZXX4838
Klyshtynkyry KZXX4839
Klyuchevka KZXX0850
Klyuchevoy KZXX2084
Klyuchevoye KZXX1469
Klyuchi KZXX8401
Klyuchi KZXX0314
Klyuchi KZXX9009
Klyuchi KZXX6527
Klyuchi KZXX1470
Klyun KZXX0851
Knyazevka KZXX7840
Kobaniy KZXX2657
Kobay KZXX9010
Kobdanda KZXX2085
Kobek-Say KZXX3453
Kobensay KZXX7841
Koblay KZXX3454
Kobyakovo KZXX2658
Kobylandy KZXX0315
Kochakarabau KZXX4547
Kochertke KZXX7288
Kocherzhinovka KZXX6528
Kochkar KZXX3455
Kochkovaya Balka KZXX5429
Kodam-Berdy KZXX1471
Kodar KZXX2086
Koen-Tyubek KZXX6529
Koga KZXX6530
Kogaly KZXX9822
Kogam KZXX7842
Kogershin KZXX9823
Kogertu KZXX4548
Kogoday KZXX9011
Kok-Dzhar KZXX2087
Kok-Saray KZXX4549
Kok-Say KZXX1472
Kok-Shoka KZXX2088
Kok-Su KZXX9824
Kok-Terek KZXX5130
Kok-Terek KZXX1473
Kok-Tyube KZXX7289
Kok-Tyube KZXX5131
Kokadyr KZXX9825
Kokalaat KZXX0316
Kokaral KZXX7290
Kokarna KZXX2659
Kokaryk KZXX9826
Kokatyz KZXX6532
Kokbastau KZXX1474
Kokbastu KZXX9827
Kokbiye KZXX6533
Kokbulak KZXX2089
Kokbulak KZXX5743
Kokdombak KZXX5132
Kokibel KZXX4550
Kokiy KZXX9828
Kokkabak KZXX2090
Kokkatyn KZXX7291
Kokkaynar KZXX0317
Kokkaynar KZXX0664
Kokkaynar KZXX1475
Koklekty KZXX2091
Kokmardan KZXX4551
Kokozek KZXX5744
Kokozek KZXX1477
Kokozek KZXX9829
Kokpak KZXX1478
Kokpek KZXX1479
Kokpekti KZXX0852
Kokpekti KZXX0329
Kokpektioy KZXX6089
Kokpekty KZXX0039
Kokpekty KZXX6535
Koksal KZXX0853
Koksaray KZXX0319
Koksay KZXX2092
Koksay KZXX6536
Kokshat KZXX3459
Kokshatogay KZXX4840
Kokshetau KZXX0320
Kokshetoghay KZXX4552
Koksu KZXX1480
Koksu KZXX4553
Koktal KZXX0855
Koktal KZXX0321
Koktal KZXX4554
Koktal KZXX6537
Koktal KZXX9014
Koktal KZXX5745
Koktal KZXX9830
Koktas KZXX5746
Koktas KZXX1482
Koktau KZXX6538
Koktau KZXX2093
Koktem KZXX0322
Kokterek KZXX3460
Kokterek KZXX1483
Kokterek KZXX4555
Kokterek KZXX9015
Kokterek KZXX6539
Kokterek KZXX9831
Kokterek KZXX5133
Kokterek KZXX7843
Kokting Kol KZXX5747
Koktobe KZXX4556
Koktobe KZXX9016
Koktobe KZXX5134
Koktobe KZXX7292
Koktobe KZXX1484
Koktobe KZXX9832
Koktogay KZXX4841
Koktogay KZXX2094
Koktuma KZXX9017
Koktuma KZXX1485
Koktymakty KZXX2095
Kokyn KZXX2660
Kokzhaydak KZXX1486
Kokzhide KZXX7293
Kokzhide KZXX1487
Kokzhota KZXX9018
Kokzhyra KZXX9019
Kolaryk KZXX7295
Koldan KZXX2661
Koldar KZXX8402
Koldenensay KZXX8403
Koldynensay KZXX2098
Kolesnikovka KZXX7845
Kolesov KZXX3463
Kolkamys KZXX6541
Kollektivnoye KZXX5749
Kolmak Aral KZXX2662
Kolmysh KZXX4240
Kolokolovka KZXX0856
Kolomenka KZXX6542
Kolovertnoye KZXX3464
Komarovka KZXX7846
Komarovka KZXX5135
Komarovskiy KZXX6543
Komek KZXX3466
Komekshi KZXX3467
Komintern KZXX3468
Komintern KZXX4558
Komintern KZXX2663
Komintern KZXX9020
Komintern KZXX2099
Komintern KZXX7847
Komirshi KZXX1491
Komissarovskiy KZXX5750
Kommuna KZXX5751
Kommuna KZXX4559
Kommunar KZXX9022
Kommunar KZXX5136
Kommunar KZXX9833
Kommunism KZXX4560
Kommunizm KZXX7848
Kommunizm KZXX4561
Kommunizm KZXX7296
Kompaneysk KZXX5752
Kompola KZXX2100
Komrakta KZXX2664
Komsomol KZXX7849
Komsomol KZXX2665
Komsomol KZXX7297
Komsomolets KZXX0324
Konayevskiy KZXX9024
Kondaurovo KZXX2666
Kondokhin KZXX3470
Kondra KZXX3471
Kondratovka KZXX5755
Kondratovka KZXX7852
Kondzhiga-Bulak KZXX1494
Konechnaya KZXX9834
Koneketken KZXX3472
Konezavod KZXX6547
Konkha KZXX3473
Konkrynka KZXX0857
Konovalovka KZXX7853
Konovalovka KZXX1495
Konrad KZXX4563
Konratbay KZXX6091
Konsakhmet KZXX2667
Konstantinovka KZXX6548
Konstantinovka KZXX3474
Konstantinovka KZXX0858
Konstantinovka KZXX2102
Konstantinovka KZXX1496
Konstantinovka KZXX5138
Konstantinovka KZXX9027
Konstantinovskiy KZXX2103
Konstanu KZXX2668
Kontorka KZXX5139
Kontu KZXX0325
Konturz KZXX9028
Kontyubinskaya KZXX2104
Konur-Say KZXX3475
Konus-Oba KZXX3477
Konustanbru KZXX9029
Konyr KZXX1497
Konyr-Kuduk KZXX3479
Konyrat KZXX0326
Konyrkuduk KZXX2669
Konyrolen KZXX1498
Konyrsay KZXX4842
Konyrsay KZXX3480
Konyrterek KZXX2670
Konyrtobe KZXX4564
Konyrtobe KZXX5756
Konyrtompak KZXX6092
Konyrtybek KZXX0859
Konys KZXX3481
Konysbay KZXX7855
Konysbay KZXX5140
Konystan KZXX9030
Konystanu KZXX2671
Konyukhovo KZXX7856
Konyz KZXX5757
Konzhar KZXX2105
Kooperator KZXX7299
Kop-Aul KZXX2106
Kop-Bala KZXX9031
Kop-Kutur KZXX3482
Kopa KZXX3483
Kopa KZXX0327
Kopa KZXX2107
Kopa KZXX9032
Kopanbulak KZXX0328
Kopaninskaya KZXX2108
Kopapan KZXX3485
Kopar KZXX5758
Kopbirlik KZXX1499
Kopbulak KZXX2109
Kopeni KZXX3486
Kopir KZXX6549
Kopkuduk KZXX3487
Kopobay KZXX0860
Koptarau KZXX6093
Koptogay KZXX2110
Koptogay KZXX2673
Kopty KZXX2111
Kopychenskiy KZXX6550
Kopylovka KZXX8404
Kopyrzada KZXX4565
Kopzhasar KZXX3489
Kora Karmys KZXX2674
Korash KZXX7300
Korchazhka KZXX8405
Kordon KZXX3490
Kordon Blizhniy KZXX8406
Kordon Kipchak KZXX8409
Kordon Yuzhnyy KZXX8410
Korduan KZXX2675
Koreyskiy KZXX2676
Korgan KZXX3491
Korgantobe KZXX7301
Korgantuz KZXX2112
Korgozha KZXX9033
Korish KZXX0861
Kork KZXX2677
Korlybay KZXX5141
Korneyevka KZXX7857
Korneyevka KZXX5759
Kornilovka KZXX0330
Kornilovka KZXX5142
Kornilovka KZXX6551
Korobikha KZXX9034
Korolevka KZXX6552
Korosteli KZXX9035
Korovnik KZXX7302
Koroy KZXX5143
Korpebay KZXX9036
Korpekty KZXX7858
Korshi KZXX5144
Korshunovka KZXX6553
Kort KZXX5145
Korturkul KZXX0331
Koryakovka KZXX0332
Korykshar KZXX9037
Korzhin KZXX1500
Korzhin KZXX9038
Korzhov KZXX2678
Kos-Aral KZXX5761
Kos-Barmak KZXX3492
Kos-Khutor KZXX3493
Kos-Kochiy KZXX2113
Kos-Kopa KZXX5762
Kos-Oba KZXX3494
Kos-Uyunk KZXX7445
Kos-Uyunke KZXX7303
Kosagal KZXX6556
Kosagash KZXX9039
Kosagash KZXX4567
Kosagash KZXX1501
Kosagash KZXX3495
Kosan KZXX3496
Kosaral KZXX3497
Kosarev KZXX3498
Kosau KZXX6094
Kosauz KZXX3499
Kosay KZXX5763
Kosay KZXX2114
Kosbalyk KZXX4568
Kosbarmak KZXX2115
Kosbarmak KZXX0863
Kosbatyr KZXX2116
Kosbaz KZXX3500
Kosbulak KZXX4569
Koscheku KZXX0864
Kosem KZXX3501
Koshalak KZXX0333
Koshaly KZXX8411
Koshara-Alat KZXX5430
Koshchi KZXX3503
Koshensay KZXX2117
Koshevoye KZXX6558
Koshi KZXX0865
Koshkar KZXX5764
Koshkar KZXX1502
Koshkarbay KZXX7859
Koshkarbay KZXX5765
Koshkarly KZXX8412
Koshkarsoygan KZXX3504
Koshkinbay KZXX6559
Koshkurgan KZXX4570
Koshtegirmen KZXX4571
Koshumbay KZXX9041
Koskak KZXX6095
Koskaragay KZXX0866
Koskodam KZXX7009
Koskop KZXX5766
Koskopa KZXX6561
Koskuduk KZXX1503
Koskuduk KZXX5767
Koskushuk KZXX4843
Kosmoldyk KZXX4573
Kosmos KZXX1504
Kosmurza KZXX3506
Kosoba KZXX3507
Kosoba KZXX6562
Kosobay KZXX5768
Kosopan KZXX3508
Kosoyak KZXX3509
Kosozen KZXX1505
Kospa KZXX3510
Kospartir KZXX2680
Kosshegen KZXX7304
Kosshigen KZXX6096
Kosshigir KZXX3511
Kosshoky KZXX6097
Kossortan KZXX3512
Kostanay KZXX0013
Kosterek KZXX3513
Kostobe KZXX9835
Kostobe KZXX1506
Kostobe KZXX3514
Kostogan KZXX9836
Kostomar KZXX5148
Kostomarovka KZXX7861
Kostryakovka KZXX6563
Kostychevka KZXX6564
Kostychevo KZXX6565
Koszhaltyr KZXX6566
Koszhar KZXX7305
Kotankamys KZXX7446
Kotantas KZXX4844
Kotlovan KZXX8413
Kotovskoye KZXX7862
Kotrtas KZXX2118
Kotyr KZXX5769
Kotyubok KZXX6567
Kounradskiy KZXX0335
Kovalev KZXX2681
Kovalevka KZXX7864
Kovalevka KZXX0336
Kovet KZXX3519
Kovylenka KZXX0868
Kovylnaya KZXX0337
Koy-Sary KZXX2682
Koyan-Kashu KZXX3520
Koyanagash KZXX7866
Koyandy KZXX5770
Koyandy KZXX6569
Koyandy KZXX2683
Koyankoz KZXX1507
Koybagar KZXX4574
Koybagar KZXX6570
Koybagor KZXX9042
Koybaktysay KZXX2119
Koybas KZXX5771
Koybulak KZXX6098
Koybyn KZXX1508
Koylyus KZXX4241
Koysalgan KZXX7867
Koysary KZXX2684
Koysary KZXX3521
Koyshibek KZXX1509
Koyshubay KZXX9043
Koysuat KZXX6571
Koytas KZXX5150
Koz-Aral KZXX2685
Kozanskoye KZXX0338
Kozashar KZXX7868
Kozbay KZXX2686
Kozha KZXX5773
Kozha-Tugay KZXX2120
Kozhabaky KZXX7306
Kozhak KZXX3522
Kozhambay KZXX5774
Kozhamzhar KZXX5151
Kozhasay KZXX2122
Kozhaul KZXX3523
Kozhban KZXX1510
Kozhekharovskiy KZXX3524
Kozhevnikov KZXX3525
Kozhigaly KZXX2687
Kozhukhov KZXX3526
Kozhulak KZXX8415
Kozlovka KZXX8416
Kozlushka KZXX9044
Kozubay KZXX6573
Kramatorovka KZXX7869
Krasilovka KZXX5152
Krasilovka KZXX7870
Krasivinskiy KZXX6574
Krasivoe KZXX0339
Krasnaya Armiya KZXX2688
Krasnaya Gorka KZXX7871
Krasnaya Polyana KZXX5776
Krasnaya Polyana KZXX9046
Krasnaya Polyana KZXX5153
Krasnaya Polyana KZXX7872
Krasnaya Polyana KZXX0871
Krasnaya Presnya KZXX6575
Krasnaya Zarya KZXX9837
Krasnaya Zarya KZXX5154
Krasnaya Zvezda KZXX7307
Krasno-Pavlovka KZXX0872
Krasnoarmeysk KZXX0340
Krasnoarmeyskiy KZXX5777
Krasnoarmeyskoye KZXX3528
Krasnoflotskiy KZXX7874
Krasnogorka KZXX7875
Krasnogorka KZXX0341
Krasnogorovka KZXX1511
Krasnogorskiy KZXX3529
Krasnogorskiy KZXX6578
Krasnokamenka KZXX7876
Krasnokievka KZXX7877
Krasnokutsk KZXX0342
Krasnokutskiy KZXX5155
Krasnokutskoye KZXX5778
Krasnoperovka KZXX7878
Krasnov KZXX3530
Krasnovka KZXX5156
Krasnovo KZXX7879
Krasnovodsk KZXX4575
Krasnovodskoye KZXX0876
Krasnoyanov KZXX3531
Krasnoyar KZXX2123
Krasnoyar KZXX3532
Krasnoyarka KZXX0877
Krasnoyarka KZXX7880
Krasnoyarskiy KZXX2124
Krasnoye KZXX7881
Krasnoye KZXX4576
Krasnoye Ozero KZXX0879
Krasnoye Pole KZXX1512
Krasnoznamennoye KZXX7882
Krasnoznamenskoe KZXX0343
Krasnyy KZXX5157
Krasnyy KZXX7883
Krasnyy Altay KZXX9048
Krasnyy Aul KZXX0344
Krasnyy Bereg KZXX5779
Krasnyy Gornyak KZXX0880
Krasnyy Khutor KZXX8418
Krasnyy Kolokol KZXX7308
Krasnyy Kordon KZXX6581
Krasnyy Kut KZXX5780
Krasnyy May KZXX0881
Krasnyy May KZXX8419
Krasnyy Mayak KZXX0882
Krasnyy Most KZXX0345
Krasnyy Okhotnik KZXX0883
Krasnyy Partizan KZXX6583
Krasnyy Rybak KZXX7310
Krasnyy Rybak KZXX5158
Krasnyy Svet KZXX3534
Krasnyy Ural KZXX3535
Krasnyy Vostok KZXX1514
Krasnyy Yar KZXX7886
Krasnyy Yar KZXX0884
Krasnyy Yar KZXX9049
Kraukamys KZXX5782
Kredikovka KZXX2125
Kremenchug KZXX7887
Kremenevka KZXX9839
Kremlevskiy KZXX9050
Kreshchenka KZXX7888
Kreshchenskiy KZXX5783
Krestovka KZXX9051
Krestovka KZXX5784
Krestovskoye KZXX5785
Krikuy KZXX9840
Krivinka KZXX9053
Krivoozerka KZXX7889
Krivoshchekovo KZXX7890
Krivosheyevka KZXX1515
Kroki KZXX3536
Kronidovskoye KZXX5786
Krugloozernoe KZXX0346
Kruglov KZXX3537
Kruglovka KZXX7891
Kruglovskoye KZXX9539
Krugloye KZXX1516
Krugloye KZXX7892
Krugloye KZXX5431
Kruglyy KZXX3538
Kruglyy KZXX2689
Krupskaya KZXX0347
Krupskiy KZXX5159
Krupskoy KZXX1517
Krupskoye KZXX5160
Krushino-Kanava KZXX3540
Krutaya KZXX3541
Krutoy KZXX6584
Krutoyarskiy KZXX6585
Krutoye KZXX7893
Kryk-Uru KZXX3542
Krykkuduk KZXX3543
Krylovka KZXX6586
Krymskiy KZXX6587
Ksenyevka KZXX0348
Ksep KZXX5432
Kshinen KZXX3545
Kstau-Terek KZXX9054
Kuagash KZXX3546
Kuandyk KZXX9055
Kuankuduk KZXX4577
Kuanysh KZXX9056
Kuanysh KZXX0885
Kuanysh KZXX5161
Kuat KZXX6589
Kuba KZXX7894
Kubadon KZXX6099
Kubal KZXX2691
Kubayev KZXX3547
Kubek KZXX7311
Kubok-Mola KZXX3548
Kuchkovka KZXX7895
Kuchuvak KZXX3549
Kudiyar KZXX3550
Kudryashovo KZXX2692
Kuduk KZXX8423
Kuduk Simbek KZXX3551
Kudukagash KZXX7896
Kuduksay KZXX2126
Kudukzhurt KZXX6100
Kugal KZXX3552
Kugaly KZXX1518
Kuganketken KZXX7447
Kugyris KZXX3553
Kuispan KZXX2693
Kukashev KZXX3554
Kuken KZXX3555
Kukuryum KZXX9057
Kulagino KZXX2694
Kulakak KZXX7448
Kulakov KZXX3560
Kulakshi KZXX2695
Kulakshirpy KZXX8424
Kulama KZXX4845
Kulan KZXX9841
Kulankyr KZXX5165
Kulansay KZXX6592
Kulanutmes KZXX5788
Kulat KZXX5166
Kulaygyr KZXX0349
Kulbay KZXX1519
Kuldygul KZXX9058
Kulet KZXX7897
Kulgurt KZXX7312
Kulik KZXX6593
Kulikovka KZXX1520
Kulomzino KZXX7898
Kulshik KZXX7010
Kultay KZXX4243
Kuludzhunskiy KZXX9059
Kulun KZXX3561
Kulyk KZXX5789
Kum-Aral KZXX6594
Kum-Aryk KZXX9842
Kum-Say KZXX2128
Kumak KZXX3562
Kumaksay KZXX2129
Kumay KZXX6595
Kumbarlyk KZXX9060
Kumchokat KZXX2130
Kumekshi KZXX3563
Kumey KZXX5168
Kumir-Oba KZXX3564
Kumkuduk KZXX3565
Kumkuduk KZXX4579
Kumkyz KZXX2132
Kumlykak KZXX5433
Kumsagyz KZXX7313
Kumsay KZXX2133
Kumshiganak KZXX7314
Kumsuat KZXX7315
Kumsuat KZXX9844
Kumsuat KZXX6598
Kumtekey KZXX1521
Kumtobe KZXX6599
Kumuzek KZXX9845
Kumys KZXX4580
Kumyskuduk KZXX5790
Kumyskurgan KZXX7316
Kumyzbastau KZXX4581
Kumzhargan KZXX1522
Kumzhata KZXX6600
Kunak KZXX3566
Kunanshapkan KZXX3567
Kunay KZXX2135
Kunay KZXX0888
Kunchugur KZXX2696
Kunchugus KZXX7900
Kundybay KZXX6601
Kundybay KZXX7901
Kundyzdy KZXX5791
Kungys KZXX3568
Kunshe KZXX6101
Kuntek KZXX1523
Kuntemes KZXX6602
Kunus-Seytyube KZXX3569
Kunzhaman KZXX1524
Kupalka KZXX9540
Kupashnoye KZXX7449
Kuperankaty KZXX3570
Kupka KZXX5792
Kuprinka KZXX1836
Kupriyanovka KZXX7902
Kupshak KZXX3571
Kuraile KZXX3572
Kurakhtin KZXX3573
Kuralai KZXX7904
Kurama KZXX5793
Kuramys KZXX9062
Kuramys KZXX1525
Kuramys KZXX9846
Kurashassayskiy KZXX2136
Kurayli KZXX7317
Kurayly KZXX3574
Kurayly KZXX7318
Kurbay KZXX5794
Kurchatov KZXX5169
Kurchum KZXX9063
Kurdakty KZXX2138
Kurday KZXX0351
Kurday KZXX1526
Kurday-Pavlovka KZXX9848
Kurengbel KZXX9849
Kurgan-Kubik KZXX3575
Kurgantas KZXX5795
Kurgulis KZXX5434
Kurkem KZXX0889
Kurkopa KZXX5796
Kurkuldak KZXX5435
Kurkumbay KZXX5171
Kurkus KZXX6102
Kurleut KZXX7905
Kurli KZXX1527
Kurman KZXX7319
Kurman KZXX0352
Kurman-Kuzha KZXX3576
Kurmansazy KZXX5172
Kurmenty KZXX1528
Kurminskoye KZXX5797
Kurmonaka KZXX5798
Kurnoskin KZXX3577
Kurolen KZXX5173
Kuropatkino KZXX7906
Kurozek KZXX5799
Kurshilik KZXX1529
Kurskoe KZXX6603
Kurtay KZXX7907
Kurti KZXX1530
Kurty KZXX1531
Kuruksay KZXX4582
Kuruzhaylau KZXX7451
Kuryk KZXX4244
Kurylys KZXX0890
Kurylys KZXX2139
Kurylys KZXX4583
Kurzhum KZXX2697
Kusagal KZXX3578
Kusak KZXX0891
Kusay KZXX2698
Kusemis KZXX7908
Kush KZXX1532
Kushali KZXX7909
Kushata KZXX4584
Kushi KZXX5800
Kushirbay KZXX3579
Kushmurun KZXX6604
Kushukbay KZXX2140
Kushum KZXX3580
Kusin-Kuduk KZXX3581
Kuskopa KZXX6605
Kusmuryn KZXX7452
Kuspasay KZXX3582
Kuspek KZXX7910
Kustanayskiy KZXX6606
Kustobe KZXX6608
Kustovoye KZXX7911
Kustumsyk KZXX0892
Kut KZXX4585
Kute-Khodzha KZXX7320
Kutes KZXX9064
Kutikha KZXX9065
Kutur-Barbatyr KZXX2142
Kutuzova KZXX5174
Kutuzovka KZXX7912
Kutuzovskiy KZXX5801
Kutyrtas KZXX2143
Kuyan KZXX5175
Kuyandy KZXX2699
Kuyandyk KZXX9066
Kuybyshevo KZXX0353
Kuybyshevo KZXX4586
Kuybyshevskiy KZXX5176
Kuybyshevskiy KZXX0354
Kuybyshevskoe KZXX7913
Kuybyshevskoye KZXX7914
Kuygan KZXX1533
Kuygan KZXX9067
Kuygan KZXX2700
Kuygan KZXX7915
Kuygenzhar KZXX0894
Kuygun KZXX2701
Kuygun Pervyy KZXX2702
Kuygun Tretiy KZXX2703
Kuylys KZXX6609
Kuys KZXX2704
Kuzbasskoye KZXX7916
Kuzdykara KZXX3584
Kuzekadyr KZXX5802
Kuzembay KZXX9068
Kuzeusay KZXX7917
Kuzha-Takhty KZXX4587
Kuzhan KZXX3585
Kuzmichevka KZXX6610
Kuznechnaya KZXX3586
Kuznetskoye KZXX5803
Kuznetsov KZXX3587
Kuznetsovskoye KZXX2144
Kuzokkuduk KZXX8427
Kvin KZXX7918
Kylyshpay KZXX9070
Kyrbaltabay KZXX0313
Kyrbaytak KZXX7321
Kyrgauyldy KZXX1534
Kyrgaz KZXX5805
Kyrk-Churak KZXX4588
Kyrka KZXX6103
Kyrkense KZXX7322
Kyrkkuduk KZXX0896
Kyrkym KZXX9071
Kyrykkazyk KZXX9851
Kyrykkuduk KZXX3588
Kyrykkuduk KZXX2145
Kyrykuduk KZXX2706
Kyrymkozha KZXX3589
Kyshi-Enbek KZXX3590
Kystak KZXX1535
Kystau-Kurchum KZXX9072
Kystauagash KZXX7919
Kysyksay Pervyy KZXX3591
Kysyksay Vtoroy KZXX3592
Kyushe KZXX0355
Kyzauzsay KZXX6104
Kyzay KZXX2146
Kyzkuduk KZXX4589
Kyzyk KZXX4245
Kyzyl KZXX9073
Kyzyl Dzhambul KZXX1536
Kyzyl Gayrat KZXX1537
Kyzyl Kommuna KZXX7323
Kyzyl-Armiya KZXX9074
Kyzyl-Aryk KZXX4590
Kyzyl-Bulak KZXX4591
Kyzyl-Dyykan KZXX9852
Kyzyl-Dzhar KZXX0897
Kyzyl-Enbek KZXX2147
Kyzyl-Kabak KZXX3593
Kyzyl-Kain KZXX9075
Kyzyl-Kommuna KZXX5806
Kyzyl-Kuduk KZXX5807
Kyzyl-Kuga KZXX2707
Kyzyl-Kunchigys KZXX9853
Kyzyl-Maktash KZXX9854
Kyzyl-Saray KZXX3594
Kyzyl-Tyube KZXX1539
Kyzylabad KZXX4592
Kyzyladyr KZXX9076
Kyzylaga KZXX3595
Kyzylagach KZXX3596
Kyzylagash KZXX7920
Kyzylagash KZXX1540
Kyzylaryk KZXX9855
Kyzylasha KZXX2148
Kyzylasker KZXX7921
Kyzylasker KZXX4593
Kyzylasker KZXX5179
Kyzylasker KZXX1541
Kyzylasker KZXX6613
Kyzylasker KZXX3597
Kyzylata KZXX4594
Kyzylbalyk KZXX2708
Kyzylbas KZXX3598
Kyzylbastau KZXX4595
Kyzylbay KZXX7011
Kyzylbayrak KZXX4596
Kyzylbulak KZXX4597
Kyzyldau KZXX5180
Kyzyldikan KZXX0356
Kyzyldyykan KZXX5808
Kyzyldzhar KZXX2709
Kyzyldzhar KZXX2149
Kyzyldzhar KZXX3599
Kyzylespe KZXX5809
Kyzylginshi KZXX7324
Kyzylkain KZXX1542
Kyzylkain KZXX9077
Kyzylkair KZXX7325
Kyzylkak KZXX5437
Kyzylkanat KZXX4598
Kyzylkaynar KZXX7922
Kyzylkaynar KZXX9953
Kyzylkemer KZXX6614
Kyzylkesken KZXX9078
Kyzylkingir KZXX6105
Kyzylkishlak KZXX9856
Kyzylkishlak KZXX4599
Kyzylkoga KZXX6615
Kyzylkoga KZXX2710
Kyzylkogam KZXX5181
Kyzylkuduk KZXX9079
Kyzylkuduk KZXX5182
Kyzylkum KZXX6616
Kyzylkum KZXX4246
Kyzylkum KZXX9857
Kyzylkurama KZXX5183
Kyzylkuys KZXX6106
Kyzylkyya KZXX9080
Kyzylmeshit KZXX3601
Kyzyloba KZXX7923
Kyzyloba KZXX3602
Kyzylogiz KZXX9081
Kyzylorak KZXX7326
Kyzylorda KZXX0045
Kyzyloy KZXX3603
Kyzylozek KZXX7327
Kyzylsaray KZXX5184
Kyzylsay KZXX9858
Kyzylsay KZXX6617
Kyzylsay KZXX2150
Kyzylsharva KZXX4602
Kyzylshik KZXX6618
Kyzylshilik KZXX5810
Kyzylshilik KZXX9082
Kyzylshin KZXX5811
Kyzylshinak KZXX6107
Kyzylshoky KZXX5812
Kyzylsor KZXX8428
Kyzylsu KZXX2151
Kyzyltal KZXX6619
Kyzyltam KZXX4603
Kyzyltan KZXX1543
Kyzyltan KZXX3604
Kyzyltan KZXX5185
Kyzyltan KZXX2152
Kyzyltan KZXX7924
Kyzyltas KZXX9859
Kyzyltas KZXX5186
Kyzyltasskoye KZXX5813
Kyzyltau KZXX5814
Kyzyltendyk KZXX5815
Kyzyltogan KZXX1544
Kyzyltu KZXX5187
Kyzyltu KZXX4604
Kyzyltu KZXX2153
Kyzyltu KZXX5816
Kyzyltu KZXX0898
Kyzyltu KZXX9083
Kyzyltu KZXX1545
Kyzyltu KZXX7328
Kyzyltu KZXX3605
Kyzyltu KZXX7925
Kyzyltu KZXX2711
Kyzyltu KZXX9860
Kyzyltumsyk KZXX0359
Kyzyltuz KZXX5188
Kyzyluim KZXX7926
Kyzyluy KZXX2712
Kyzylzhal KZXX2154
Kyzylzhar KZXX1546
Kyzylzhar KZXX2155
Kyzylzhar KZXX5189
Kyzylzhar KZXX4605
Kyzylzhar KZXX5817
Kyzylzhar KZXX6621
Kyzylzhar KZXX2713
Kyzylzhar KZXX3606
Kyzylzhar KZXX7329
Kyzylzhar KZXX0899
Kyzylzhar KZXX9861
Kyzylzhaylau KZXX7330
Kyzylzhaylau KZXX4606
Kyzylzhide KZXX1547
Kyzylzhoky KZXX7453
Kyzylzhulduz KZXX9084
Kyzylzhuldyz KZXX4607
Kyzylzhuldyz KZXX5818
Kyzylzhuldyz KZXX6622
Kyzylzhuldyz KZXX2156
Kyzylzhuldyz KZXX9085
Kyzylzhuldyz KZXX2714
Kyzyn KZXX6108
Kzyl-Balyk KZXX2715
Kzyl-Choke KZXX2157
Kzyl-Kuga KZXX2716
Kzyl-Tu KZXX2158
Kzyl-Uzen KZXX4248
Kzyl-Zhulduz KZXX2159
Kzylkurgan KZXX2160
Kzyloba KZXX2717
Kzyltan KZXX7928
Kzyltu KZXX4608
Labaysk KZXX2719
Ladyzhenka KZXX0900
Lakbay KZXX5819
Lakovka KZXX6625
Landman KZXX9086
Lapshino KZXX4609
Laptikha KZXX9087
Lapushki KZXX7929
Laqaly KZXX0361
Larshin KZXX3607
Lashka-Masyanov KZXX3608
Lasty KZXX9088
Lavrentyevka KZXX0362
Lavrovka KZXX7930
Lay KZXX2161
Lays KZXX2720
Lazarevka KZXX7931
Lbishchenskiy KZXX3609
Lbuzunskiy KZXX9089
Ldy KZXX3610
Lebedevka KZXX7932
Lebedevka KZXX3611
Lebedki KZXX7933
Lebedok KZXX3612
Ledenevo KZXX7935
Legayev Kordon KZXX8430
Leker KZXX2721
Lenger KZXX0363
Lenin KZXX7936
Lenin-Kyariz KZXX4610
Leningradskiy KZXX6627
Leningradskoe KZXX7937
Leninka KZXX7938
Leninka KZXX9090
Lenino KZXX4611
Lenino KZXX9862
Lenino KZXX1548
Lenino KZXX7939
Lenino KZXX6628
Leninogorsk KZXX0364
Leninshil KZXX5820
Leninsk KZXX9091
Leninskiy KZXX2162
Leninskiy KZXX6629
Leninskiy KZXX9092
Leninskiy KZXX0365
Leninskoe KZXX3613
Leninskoye KZXX0901
Leninskoye KZXX2163
Leninskoye KZXX0367
Leninskoye KZXX0366
Leninskoye KZXX7940
Lenintu KZXX4612
Leninzhol KZXX4613
Leninzhol KZXX1550
Leninzhol KZXX8431
Leninzhol KZXX0368
Leninzhol KZXX9093
Leninzholy KZXX9094
Leninzholy KZXX4614
Leninzholy KZXX9863
Lenkosa KZXX2722
Leonidovka KZXX7941
Leonidovskiy KZXX5192
Leprozoriy KZXX7331
Lepsi KZXX1551
Lepsy KZXX1552
Lermontovka KZXX6632
Lesnichestvo KZXX4616
Lesnoe KZXX0369
Lesnovka KZXX1553
Lesnoy KZXX6633
Lesnoy Khutor KZXX7942
Lesnoye KZXX5193
Lesnoye KZXX6634
Lesnyye Polyany KZXX7944
Lesozavod KZXX9096
Letovka KZXX7945
Letovochnoe KZXX7946
Leunchi KZXX7947
Levoberezhnyy KZXX9098
Levochkin KZXX3614
Levy Bereg KZXX9099
Lidiyevka KZXX0902
Likhachevka KZXX6635
Limkin KZXX3615
Linevyy KZXX2723
Lineyevka KZXX7948
Linovitskiy KZXX2164
Lipovka KZXX7949
Lisakovsk KZXX6636
Litvinovka KZXX7950
Litvinskoe KZXX5821
Livanovka KZXX6637
Livkin KZXX3616
Llinka KZXX0370
Loba KZXX6638
Lobanovo KZXX0371
Lobazovka KZXX6639
Logashkin KZXX3617
Logashkino KZXX3618
Loktev KZXX3619
Lomonosovka KZXX7951
Lomonosovskiy KZXX6640
Loresh KZXX2724
Losevka KZXX7952
Lovar KZXX1554
Lozovoe KZXX5194
Lozovoye KZXX0903
Lozovoye KZXX6641
Lubenka KZXX3620
Lugansk KZXX5195
Luganskiy KZXX7953
Lugovoj KZXX0053
Lugovoye KZXX7954
Lugovoye KZXX5196
Lugovoye KZXX9100
Lugovoye KZXX1555
Lugovoye KZXX0904
Lugovoye KZXX6642
Lukashovka KZXX0905
Lukhmanov KZXX3621
Lukpan KZXX3622
Lukpan KZXX9101
Lunacharka KZXX9864
Lushnikovskiy KZXX2165
Luzhki KZXX8434
Luzinka KZXX7955
Lyagoshin KZXX3623
Lyalinka KZXX8435
Lyapunovskiy KZXX9102
Lysanovka KZXX6643
Lyubimovka KZXX6644
Lyubimovka KZXX7956
Lyubimovskiy KZXX6645
Lyubitskoye KZXX6646
Lyublinka KZXX6647
Lyubotino KZXX7957
Lyudmilovskoye KZXX0906
Lyuksemburg KZXX6648
Lyutikov KZXX3624
Lyutinka KZXX6649
Madaliabad KZXX4617
Madanbat KZXX5823
Madani KZXX5198
Madani KZXX4618
Madaniyat KZXX4619
Madebay-Agash KZXX3625
Madeniet KZXX9103
Madeniyet KZXX4620
Madeniyet KZXX0907
Madeniyet KZXX7958
Madeniyet KZXX2725
Madeniyet KZXX7332
Madeniyet KZXX1556
Madim KZXX3626
Madyanov KZXX3627
Magav KZXX8436
Magdalinovka KZXX0908
Magdar KZXX5824
Magnay KZXX6650
Magzhan KZXX3628
Mainkum KZXX1557
Mak-Bal-Say KZXX2166
Makan KZXX6651
Makanay KZXX8437
Makanchi KZXX0374
Makanchinskiy KZXX9104
Makarovka KZXX9105
Makarovo KZXX3629
Makashevka KZXX7960
Makey KZXX3630
Makeyev KZXX3631
Makeyevka KZXX0909
Makeyevka KZXX9106
Makhambet KZXX0375
Makhanda KZXX9865
Makhat KZXX6652
Makhtaly KZXX4621
Makhtashy KZXX4622
Makhtazhan KZXX4623
Makinka KZXX0376
Makinsk KZXX0377
Makish KZXX3632
Makovka KZXX9107
Makpan KZXX4624
Maksikha KZXX9108
Maksim KZXX3633
Maksimovka KZXX0910
Maksimovka KZXX5199
Maksimychev KZXX3634
Maksut KZXX9109
Maksut KZXX6653
Mala-Blak KZXX3635
Malakanovka KZXX6654
Malay KZXX9110
Malay KZXX5826
Malaya Damba KZXX2726
Malaya Lepetikha KZXX9112
Malaya Panika KZXX3636
Malaya Safonovka KZXX2727
Malaya Stantsiya KZXX1558
Malaya Zhailma KZXX8438
Malayak KZXX3637
Malaykuduk KZXX5827
Maleevsk KZXX9114
Malgobar KZXX9115
Malinovka KZXX5200
Malinovka KZXX1559
Malinovka KZXX7964
Malinovka KZXX0912
Malinovoye KZXX7965
Malkara KZXX7966
Malogorovka KZXX1560
Malonarymka KZXX9116
Malorossiyka KZXX6655
Malorossiyka KZXX9117
Malosergeyevka KZXX7967
Maloubinka KZXX9118
Malovodnoye KZXX1561
Maloye Ashinakho KZXX1562
Maloye Beloye KZXX7968
Maloye Karaoy KZXX1563
Maloye Karasu KZXX9119
Malshat KZXX1564
Malybay KZXX1565
Malyy Akzhar KZXX5201
Malyy Aydarkhan KZXX3638
Malyy Bereznyaki KZXX5202
Malyy Bystryy KZXX2729
Malyy Gorbunov KZXX3639
Malyy Kart KZXX6656
Malyy Kuygan KZXX1566
Malyy Moynak KZXX0914
Malyy Peshnoy KZXX2730
Malyy Sarybulak KZXX0915
Malyy Sarykuduk KZXX3640
Malyy Sherbakov KZXX3641
Malyy Taldykuduk KZXX3642
Malyy Tazaral KZXX2732
Malyy Trekin KZXX3643
Malyy Yagodnyy KZXX2733
Malyy Zhangubek KZXX5439
Malyye Tyukty KZXX7969
Malyzhuban KZXX2167
Mamay KZXX7970
Mamayev KZXX3644
Mamayevka KZXX4625
Mamaytobe KZXX3645
Mambet KZXX4626
Mambet KZXX3646
Mambetbay KZXX3647
Mambetov KZXX3648
Mameteksaz KZXX9541
Mamlyutka KZXX0378
Mamor KZXX2168
Mamut KZXX4627
Mamyr KZXX0665
Mamyr-Tyubek KZXX5203
Mamyrbote KZXX9866
Mamyrkan KZXX7014
Mamyt KZXX2169
Manak KZXX7971
Manat KZXX3649
Manat KZXX9121
Manchzhurka KZXX4628
Mangadyr KZXX5828
Mangghyshlaq KZXX4249
Mangitarikh KZXX4629
Mangul KZXX8440
Mangyraq KZXX9122
Mankanay KZXX2170
Mankent KZXX4630
Manten KZXX0916
Mantyube KZXX2734
Maqanshy KZXX9123
Maqat KZXX2735
Maqpalkol KZXX7333
Maralbay KZXX9124
Maraldy KZXX5205
Maraldy KZXX9125
Maralikha KZXX0379
Marchikha KZXX9126
Mariinskiy KZXX0917
Marinagorka KZXX9127
Marinovka KZXX0380
Marinovka KZXX9128
Marinovskiy KZXX0381
Markatay KZXX5206
Markelov KZXX3650
Markhatay KZXX5829
Markov KZXX3651
Markovka KZXX5207
Marksovka KZXX9129
Marly-Bas KZXX3652
Marshanovka KZXX6657
Marta KZXX3653
Martuk KZXX2171
Martynovka KZXX0918
Masak KZXX2173
Masanchin KZXX9867
Masaq KZXX1568
Masaytobe KZXX3654
Mashadana KZXX9131
Mashat KZXX4631
Mashaychink KZXX2382
Mashtak KZXX2736
Maskar KZXX3655
Maslov KZXX3656
Mastek KZXX4250
Masyanov KZXX3657
Mat KZXX0919
Matak KZXX5830
Matay KZXX2174
Matay KZXX1569
Mataykara KZXX3658
Matibulak KZXX1570
Matisay KZXX3659
Matkaral KZXX2737
Matobay KZXX9132
Matrosovo KZXX6658
Matrosovo KZXX7972
Matveyevka KZXX2175
Matveyevka KZXX7973
Matveyevka KZXX9133
Maulyum-Berle KZXX3660
Mautan KZXX5831
May KZXX7974
May KZXX7334
May-Terek KZXX0382
May-Tyubek KZXX2176
May-Uzen KZXX5832
Maya KZXX9134
Mayak KZXX9135
Mayak KZXX7975
Mayak KZXX6659
Mayakum KZXX0383
Mayaqum KZXX4632
Mayatas KZXX6660
Maybalyk KZXX7976
Maybalyk KZXX0920
Maybalyq KZXX7977
Maybazar KZXX5833
Maybulak KZXX4633
Maybulak KZXX5834
Maybulak KZXX5208
Maydan KZXX5209
Maydantal KZXX4634
Maygak KZXX0921
Maykain KZXX5210
Maykamys KZXX1571
Maykan KZXX3661
Maykapchigay KZXX0384
Mayke KZXX5211
Maykomgen KZXX2738
Maykuben KZXX5212
Maykuduk KZXX5835
Maylikent KZXX4635
Maylin KZXX6662
Mayly KZXX0922
Maylyagash KZXX7978
Maylybas KZXX0385
Maylybay KZXX1573
Maylyoshak KZXX4636
Maylyshit KZXX9136
Maymak KZXX7979
Maymasor KZXX5213
Maymyr KZXX9137
Mayorovka KZXX5836
Mayozek KZXX5837
Mayqapshaghay KZXX9138
Mayqaraghay KZXX5214
Mayqayyng KZXX5215
Mayshunkyr KZXX3663
Mayskoe KZXX6663
Mayskoe KZXX0386
Mayskoye KZXX1574
Mayskoye KZXX0387
Mayskoye KZXX5216
Mayskoye KZXX6664
Maytan KZXX1575
Maytobe KZXX9868
Maytobe KZXX2177
Mazarka KZXX6665
Medine KZXX5838
Mednyy Rudnik KZXX5217
Medvedka KZXX9140
Medvedskoye KZXX5218
Medvezhenka KZXX8443
Medvezhka KZXX7980
Mektep KZXX7981
Melovoye KZXX3666
Mendesh KZXX6667
Meney KZXX7982
Mengizey KZXX8444
Menovnoye KZXX9143
Mentek-Karasu KZXX3667
Menzhapan KZXX2739
Menzhinskoye KZXX7983
Mereke KZXX0924
Mereke KZXX3668
Meretskiy KZXX9869
Mergenevo KZXX0388
Mergenevskiy KZXX6668
Mergensay KZXX7336
Merke KZXX0389
Merke KZXX1576
Merkele KZXX5839
Mes KZXX4637
Meshchanka KZXX9144
Meshit KZXX6669
Meshitkum KZXX3670
Metlishino KZXX7984
Mezhduozernoye KZXX7985
Mialy KZXX6670
Mibulak KZXX3671
Michurino KZXX0925
Michurino KZXX7986
Miis KZXX6109
Mikhaylichenkovo KZXX9145
Mikhaylovka KZXX0926
Mikhaylovka KZXX2178
Mikhaylovka KZXX2740
Mikhaylovka KZXX4638
Mikhaylovka KZXX0390
Mikhaylovka KZXX7987
Mikhaylovka KZXX0391
Mikhaylovka KZXX9870
Mikhaylovka KZXX6671
Mikhaylovskiy KZXX2741
Mikil KZXX2742
Mikoyan KZXX3673
Miloradovka KZXX5219
Milovidovka KZXX7988
Milybulak KZXX5840
Milysay KZXX2179
Milyutinka KZXX6672
Minkeser KZXX7989
Minovka KZXX0927
Minskiy KZXX0928
Mirgalimsay KZXX4640
Mirgorodka KZXX3674
Mirgorodskiy KZXX3675
Mirkushka KZXX3676
Mirnoe KZXX6673
Mirnoye KZXX7990
Mirnyy KZXX9147
Mirnyy KZXX9871
Mirnyy KZXX6674
Mirolyubovka KZXX6675
Mirolyubovka KZXX9148
Mirolyubovo KZXX7991
Miron KZXX3677
Mironovka KZXX7992
Mironovka KZXX5220
Mironovka KZXX9149
Mirzagora KZXX3678
Mirzatay KZXX4641
Mishchenko KZXX7993
Mitrofanovka KZXX0929
Mitrofanovka KZXX9150
Miyaly KZXX9151
Miyaly KZXX2180
Miyaly KZXX7337
Miyaly KZXX2743
Mnogosopochnoye KZXX8446
Mnogotsvetnoye KZXX7994
Moildy KZXX9152
Moinkum KZXX9872
Moiseyevka KZXX9153
Moiseyevka KZXX5221
Moiseyevskiy KZXX2181
Mokhovoye KZXX7995
Mokryy Lug KZXX9154
Molaly KZXX1578
Moldagul KZXX7996
Moldary KZXX0392
Molkat KZXX2744
Molkuduk KZXX3679
Molodetskoye KZXX5843
Molodezhnoe KZXX7998
Molodezhnoye KZXX6677
Molodezhnyy KZXX7999
Molodezhnyy KZXX6678
Molodezhnyy KZXX9155
Molodezhnyy KZXX5844
Molot KZXX8001
Molotkov KZXX3680
Molotov KZXX2182
Momynay KZXX4642
Monash KZXX2745
Monash Letniy KZXX2746
Monastyrka KZXX6679
Montaytas KZXX0393
Monukoy KZXX9156
Mopr KZXX1579
Morozov KZXX3681
Morozovka KZXX2183
Morskoy KZXX2747
Mortuk KZXX3682
Mortyk KZXX0930
Moshan KZXX2184
Moskalevka KZXX6680
Moskorovskaya KZXX3683
Moskovka KZXX9157
Moskovka KZXX8002
Moskovskiy KZXX6681
Moskvoretskoye KZXX8003
Most-Ishim KZXX6682
Mostekskiy KZXX3684
Mostik KZXX9158
Motogul KZXX5222
Moynak KZXX5845
Moyynkum KZXX9873
Moyynqum KZXX9874
Moyynty KZXX5846
Mugodzharskoye KZXX0394
Mukashev KZXX3685
Mukashevskiy KZXX3686
Mukatay KZXX3687
Mukay KZXX3688
Mukdanay KZXX3689
Mukhambetov Aul KZXX6683
Mukhanbetali KZXX3690
Mukhatayev KZXX3691
Mukhet KZXX3692
Mukhorskiy KZXX3693
Mukry KZXX1580
Muktikol KZXX6684
Mukur KZXX8004
Mukur KZXX2748
Mukyr KZXX9160
Mulda-Shegen KZXX3694
Muldashkin KZXX3695
Mulla-Asan KZXX7338
Mulyanka KZXX8005
Mulyavskoye KZXX5223
Munayly KZXX2749
Munayshy KZXX4251
Muqyr KZXX6685
Murashkintsev KZXX3696
Murat KZXX8447
Murat KZXX9161
Muratovskaya KZXX9162
Muratsay KZXX3697
Muromsk KZXX8006
Muromskoye KZXX9875
Murynqum KZXX2185
Muryntal KZXX5224
Murzachul KZXX9163
Murzagula KZXX9164
Murzair KZXX4252
Murzakhmet KZXX3698
Murzashev KZXX3699
Murzinka KZXX9165
Musa KZXX9166
Musa-Kulak KZXX3700
Musabek KZXX3701
Musrali KZXX3702
Mussakhan KZXX7339
Mustafa KZXX3703
Muyaldy KZXX5225
Muyir KZXX6110
Muzdybay KZXX9167
Muzhiksu KZXX9168
Myagkiy Klyuch KZXX9169
Myakotikha KZXX9170
Myn-Chunkur KZXX9171
Mynaral KZXX9876
Mynbay KZXX5847
Mynbay KZXX3704
Mynbayevo KZXX1582
Mynbulak KZXX6112
Myngbulaq KZXX4643
Mynshunkyr KZXX9172
Mynshunkyr KZXX1107
Myntobe KZXX2750
Mynzhilky KZXX1762
Myrza KZXX5441
Myrzakent KZXX4644
Myrzatay KZXX7340
Myrzatay KZXX5226
Myrzhyq KZXX5848
Myshunkyr KZXX8448
Mysok KZXX0931
Mytanov KZXX3705
Naberezhnoye KZXX5227
Naberezhnyy KZXX6686
Nadarovka KZXX5228
Nadek KZXX1583
Nadezhdinka KZXX0396
Nadezhdinskoye KZXX0397
Nadezhdovka KZXX1584
Nadezhka KZXX8007
Nagornoye KZXX2186
Nagornoye KZXX8008
Nagornoye KZXX6688
Nagurbek KZXX8449
Nakhimovka KZXX6689
Nakladovy Kusty KZXX8450
Nalibay KZXX4645
Nalivayka KZXX4646
Nalobino KZXX0398
Nam-Bay KZXX9173
Namanay KZXX5229
Narbata KZXX5442
Nariman KZXX3706
Narshu-Kunya KZXX5230
Narynkol KZXX1585
Naslednikovka KZXX8010
Natalovka KZXX6690
Natashino KZXX5231
Naualy KZXX9175
Naumovka KZXX0399
Nauruzbek KZXX1586
Naurzali KZXX2751
Naurzym KZXX6691
Naushabay KZXX6113
Naydorf KZXX8011
Naymait KZXX9176
Nayman-Bukharbay KZXX4647
Nayzakesken KZXX6692
Nayzatas KZXX5232
Nayzatomar KZXX8012
Nazarovka KZXX5233
Nazarovka KZXX6693
Nechayev Sad KZXX1587
Nechayevskiy KZXX6694
Nefterazvedka KZXX4648
Nekhvoroshchanka KZXX3707
Nekrasovka KZXX9177
Nekrasovka KZXX9877
Nelyubinka KZXX6695
Nemetskiy KZXX4649
Neregey KZXX3708
Nesali KZXX3709
Nesterovka KZXX4650
Netsvetayevka KZXX0932
Nevskiy KZXX8013
Nezhdanovka KZXX8014
Nezhinka KZXX0400
Nikanorovka KZXX5234
Nikashkin KZXX3710
Nikiforov KZXX3711
Nikiforovka KZXX6696
Nikitinka KZXX0401
Nikitinka KZXX6697
Nikitino KZXX8015
Nikitovka KZXX8451
Nikolaevka KZXX0402
Nikolaevka KZXX8017
Nikolay-Aul KZXX3713
Nikolayevka KZXX5235
Nikolayevka KZXX3714
Nikolayevka KZXX6698
Nikolayevka KZXX0934
Nikolayevka KZXX4651
Nikolayevka KZXX8018
Nikolayevka KZXX0403
Nikolayevka KZXX9542
Nikolayevskiy KZXX5849
Nikolayevskiy KZXX9181
Nikolskiy KZXX0404
Nikolskoye KZXX0405
Nikonor KZXX3715
Niyaz KZXX5236
Nizamabad KZXX4652
Nizhayev KZXX3716
Nizhnebykovo KZXX9183
Nizhniy Burluk KZXX8020
Nizhniy Mashat KZXX4653
Nizhniy Penzhim KZXX1590
Nizhniy Turgay KZXX0935
Nizhniy Zharyman KZXX1591
Nizhniye Shandy KZXX2189
Nogaybay KZXX2752
Nogayty KZXX2190
Nogibay KZXX2753
Nokush KZXX0936
Nosovka KZXX6700
Novaya Baza KZXX2192
Novaya Derevnya KZXX5237
Novaya Derevnya KZXX1593
Novaya Kalinovka KZXX5238
Novo-Kiyevskiy KZXX3721
Novo-Odesskoye KZXX5850
Novo-Orlinskoye KZXX0937
Novo-Pokrovskiy KZXX2194
Novo-Troitskoye KZXX5851
Novoalekseyevka KZXX0407
Novoalekseyevka KZXX2196
Novoalekseyevka KZXX6701
Novoandreevka KZXX9194
Novoandreyevka KZXX8022
Novobarvinovka KZXX6702
Novobazhenovo KZXX0408
Novoberezovka KZXX8023
Novoberezovka KZXX9195
Novobogatinskoe KZXX0409
Novoborisovskiy KZXX6703
Novobratskoye KZXX0939
Novobrilovka KZXX8024
Novobytnyy KZXX5852
Novocherkasskiy KZXX0940
Novocherkasskoye KZXX0410
Novodneprovka KZXX8025
Novodobrinka KZXX0941
Novodolinka KZXX0942
Novodolinskiy KZXX5853
Novodonetsk KZXX0943
Novodontsy KZXX2197
Novodubrovnoye KZXX8026
Novodvorovka KZXX8027
Novofedorovskiy KZXX2198
Novogeorgiyevka KZXX8028
Novogeorgiyevka KZXX0944
Novografskoye KZXX0945
Novogrechanovka KZXX8029
Novoishimka KZXX0946
Novoishimskiy KZXX8030
Novoivanovka KZXX5239
Novoivanovka KZXX9879
Novoivanovka KZXX8031
Novokalinovsk KZXX9197
Novokamenka KZXX0947
Novokavkazskoye KZXX0948
Novokazalinsk KZXX0411
Novokhersonskiy KZXX2200
Novokiyenka KZXX6706
Novokiyevka KZXX5240
Novokiyevka KZXX0949
Novokrasnovskoye KZXX8033
Novokubanka KZXX0951
Novokuzminka KZXX0412
Novomarinovka KZXX0952
Novomarkovka KZXX0953
Novomikhaylovka KZXX0413
Novomikhaylovka KZXX8034
Novomoskovskiy KZXX5855
Novonadezhdinka KZXX2201
Novonezhinka KZXX6707
Novonikolaevka KZXX9199
Novonikolayevka KZXX6708
Novonikolayevka KZXX9543
Novonikolskoye KZXX0414
Novoodesskoye KZXX9200
Novopalestinovka KZXX0956
Novopavlovka KZXX8037
Novopavlovka KZXX6709
Novopavlovka KZXX9201
Novopavlovka KZXX3722
Novopetrovka KZXX0958
Novopetrovka KZXX3723
Novopokrovka KZXX3724
Novopokrovka KZXX1595
Novopokrovka KZXX0417
Novopokrovka KZXX0416
Novopokrovka KZXX0415
Novopokrovskiy KZXX2202
Novopolyakovka KZXX9202
Novopopovskiy KZXX2203
Novoprirechnoye KZXX8039
Novoromanovka KZXX0959
Novoromenka KZXX0960
Novorossiyka KZXX5242
Novorossiyskoye KZXX2204
Novorossiyskoye KZXX0418
Novorossiyskoye KZXX8040
Novorybinka KZXX8041
Novorybinka KZXX0961
Novorybinskiy KZXX0962
Novosamarka KZXX0963
Novoselovka KZXX8042
Novoselovka KZXX0965
Novoselovka KZXX6710
Novosemenovka KZXX3725
Novosergeyevka KZXX2206
Novoshumnoye KZXX6711
Novospasovka KZXX5243
Novostroyevka KZXX4655
Novostroyka KZXX3726
Novostroyka KZXX4656
Novostroyka KZXX5856
Novosukhotino KZXX8043
Novosvetlovka KZXX8044
Novotaubinka KZXX9204
Novotikhonovskiy KZXX5857
Novotimofeyevka KZXX9205
Novotroitsk KZXX9206
Novotroitskoe KZXX0048
Novotroitskoye KZXX8045
Novotroitskoye KZXX6713
Novotroitskoye KZXX5244
Novotugan KZXX1596
Novoukrainka KZXX2207
Novoukrainka KZXX6714
Novouspenka KZXX8047
Novouspenskiy KZXX2208
Novouzenka KZXX8048
Novouzenskiy KZXX5858
Novovladimirovka KZXX0966
Novovoznesenovka KZXX9881
Novovvedenka KZXX2209
Novoyavlenka KZXX9207
Novoye KZXX8049
Novoye KZXX6715
Novoyefremovka KZXX8050
Novozhuravlevka KZXX0968
Novyj Ushtogan KZXX0018
Novyy KZXX3727
Novyy Aul KZXX5245
Novyy Byt KZXX8051
Novyy Derkul KZXX3728
Novyy Gorodok KZXX0969
Novyy Ikan KZXX0421
Novyy Karagan KZXX5859
Novyy Kardon KZXX0422
Novyy Khutor KZXX0970
Novyy Mir KZXX1597
Novyy Sauran KZXX4657
Novyy Svet KZXX8452
Novyy Ushtagan KZXX0423
Nuke KZXX9209
Nukem KZXX3729
Nura KZXX5861
Nura KZXX2210
Nuraly KZXX9210
Nuraly KZXX7455
Nurataldy KZXX5862
Nurbay KZXX0971
Nurgali KZXX2755
Nurgaliyev KZXX3730
Nurinsk KZXX5863
Nurinskiy Pyatyy KZXX5864
Nurinskiy Tretiy KZXX5865
Nurkay KZXX3731
Nurkutaya KZXX5866
Nurpens KZXX5867
Nursay KZXX3732
Nurumbet KZXX8052
Nuryye KZXX3733
Nurzhan KZXX0972
Nusabos KZXX3734
Nuzhan KZXX3735
Nygyman KZXX0973
Nygyrchi KZXX1599
Obaghan KZXX6716
Obatogay KZXX4848
Obatogay Vtoroy KZXX4849
Oblavka KZXX3736
Oblivnoy KZXX2756
Oboznoye KZXX5246
Obrazets KZXX8053
Obraztsovka KZXX5247
Obraztsovka KZXX8453
Obruchevka KZXX4658
Obukhovka KZXX1600
Obukhovka KZXX8054
Odak KZXX5248
Odesskiy KZXX0974
Odna Berezka KZXX8055
Ogizbeshsay KZXX4850
Ogizmeyiz KZXX6114
Ognevka KZXX9211
Ognevo KZXX9212
Ogorodnyy KZXX2211
Ogorody KZXX5869
Okrainka KZXX6717
Oksanovka KZXX0975
Oktyabr KZXX0424
Oktyabrskiy KZXX0427
Oktyabrskiy KZXX0426
Oktyabrskoye KZXX0428
Okunevka KZXX8455
Okysh KZXX6721
Olegovka KZXX9217
Olengti KZXX5253
Olengti KZXX6725
Olentinskiy KZXX5254
Olenty KZXX0429
Olgino KZXX0430
Olzhabay KZXX9218
Omar KZXX5872
Omar-Utyuginov KZXX3739
Omarka KZXX9219
Omirlik KZXX9220
Omirzak KZXX5873
Omirzaq KZXX4253
Ondiris KZXX5874
Ondiris KZXX9221
Ondiris KZXX8063
Ondyrys KZXX9222
Onege KZXX0431
Onuy KZXX1603
Onym KZXX1604
Opornyy KZXX4254
Orakbalga KZXX1605
Oral KZXX3740
Orazak KZXX0980
Orazgali KZXX3741
Orbisan-Agach KZXX3742
Orda KZXX3743
Ordabay KZXX3744
Ordabay KZXX0981
Ordazy KZXX7343
Ordzhonikidze KZXX4660
Ordzhonikidze KZXX6726
Orekhovo KZXX0432
Orel KZXX8064
Orenburgskiy KZXX6727
Organizator KZXX6728
Orkendei KZXX5875
Orkendeu KZXX5876
Orkendy KZXX7344
Orlik KZXX2757
Orlov KZXX3745
Orlovka KZXX5255
Orlovka KZXX4661
Orlovka KZXX8065
Orlovka KZXX0433
Orlovka KZXX6729
Orman KZXX8066
Ornek KZXX1606
Ornek KZXX0982
Ornekskiy KZXX6730
Orpa KZXX4255
Orpa KZXX2758
Orqash KZXX6731
Ortaagash KZXX8067
Ortaaral KZXX9224
Ortaderesin KZXX0434
Ortak KZXX8068
Ortak KZXX2213
Ortakshi KZXX4662
Ortakshi KZXX8070
Ortakshid KZXX2214
Ortakshil KZXX7345
Ortakshil KZXX2759
Ortakzhol KZXX9225
Ortalyk KZXX8071
Ortasha KZXX2215
Ortashu KZXX9954
Ortau KZXX5877
Orynbay KZXX5878
Orysbay KZXX3746
Osakarovka KZXX0435
Osakarovskiy KZXX5879
Osedloye KZXX8072
Oshagandy KZXX3748
Oshaghandy KZXX6733
Oshak KZXX0984
Oshakty KZXX4663
Oshurkino KZXX9544
Osibay KZXX5880
Osinovka KZXX1607
Osinovka KZXX9226
Osipovka KZXX6734
Oskara KZXX5881
Oskemen KZXX0058
Oslykhodzha KZXX7346
Osman-Khozya KZXX7347
Osoaviakhim KZXX1608
Ostagan KZXX8073
Ostrikovo KZXX9227
Ostrogorka KZXX0985
Ostrovka KZXX8074
Ostrovka KZXX0986
Ostrovnoye KZXX0987
Ostrovskiy KZXX5257
Otar KZXX0043
Otegen Batyr KZXX1609
Otemis KZXX6735
Oter KZXX8075
Otorvanovka KZXX9545
Otradnoye KZXX0988
Otradnoye KZXX9228
Otradnoye KZXX3749
Otradnyy KZXX6736
Otrar KZXX4664
Ovchinnikov KZXX3750
Ovsyanov KZXX3751
Ovtsevod KZXX4665
Oyambirlik KZXX9229
Oyan KZXX3752
Oyan KZXX1610
Oydy KZXX4256
Oydzhaylyau KZXX1611
Oymaut KZXX4666
Oyshilik KZXX9230
Oysylkara KZXX2216
Oytal KZXX9884
Oyyq KZXX9885
Oyzhaylau KZXX1612
Ozek KZXX7349
Ozeksay KZXX8076
Ozen KZXX4257
Ozerki KZXX9231
Ozerki KZXX5258
Ozernoe KZXX6737
Ozernoe KZXX8077
Ozernoye KZXX5882
Ozernoye KZXX6738
Ozernoye KZXX0438
Ozernyy KZXX1613
Ozernyy KZXX0439
Ozernyy KZXX2217
Ozernyy KZXX5883
Ozhet KZXX1614
Ozkent KZXX7351
Pakhomovka KZXX5260
Pakhotnyy KZXX9233
Pakhotnyy Tretiy KZXX5884
Palattsy KZXX9234
Panfilov KZXX0440
Panfilov KZXX6740
Panfilovo KZXX5261
Panfilovskiy KZXX0442
Panovskiy KZXX6741
Panteleymonovka KZXX9235
Papanina KZXX9886
Paramonovka KZXX5262
Paramonovka KZXX9236
Parchevka KZXX6742
Parfenovo KZXX3754
Parizhskiy KZXX9237
Partizan KZXX6743
Partizanka KZXX0989
Parygino KZXX9238
Pashkin KZXX3755
Pavlodar KZXX0037
Pavlodarskoe KZXX5263
Pavlogradka KZXX0990
Pavlov KZXX3756
Pavlov KZXX2218
Pavlovka KZXX0991
Pavlovka KZXX2219
Pavlovka KZXX6744
Pavlovka KZXX5264
Pavlovka KZXX8081
Pavlovskiy KZXX6745
Pavlovskiy KZXX9239
Pavlysh-Spassk KZXX6746
Pchelino KZXX8082
Pechersk KZXX5265
Pechi KZXX9240
Pechinkhana KZXX4667
Peker KZXX9887
Peredovik KZXX0992
Peredovoy KZXX0444
Perekatnoe KZXX6747
Pereklyachnaya KZXX9241
Perelom KZXX9242
Perelyubovka KZXX2220
Peremenovka KZXX9243
Peremetnoe KZXX0445
Peretaska KZXX2761
Pereyaslavskoye KZXX5885
Pervomaevka KZXX0447
Pervomayka KZXX0993
Pervomayka KZXX8084
Pervomaysk KZXX5266
Pervomayskiy KZXX6748
Pervomayskiy KZXX1615
Pervomayskiy KZXX3757
Pervomayskiy KZXX0446
Pervomayskoye KZXX6749
Pervomayskoye KZXX1616
Pervomayskoye KZXX8456
Pervomayskoye KZXX2221
Pervomayskoye KZXX9245
Pervorosiyskiy KZXX9246
Pervosovetskoe KZXX3758
Pervoye Maya KZXX6750
Pervoye Maya KZXX2762
Pervoye Maya KZXX5886
Pervoye Maya KZXX5267
Pervoye Maya KZXX2222
Pervoye Maya KZXX7352
Pervoye Maya KZXX4668
Pervyy May KZXX7353
Peryatinskoye KZXX9247
Peschanka KZXX6751
Peschanka KZXX9250
Peschanka KZXX8086
Peschanoe KZXX5268
Peschanoye KZXX6752
Peschanyy KZXX9251
Peshchera KZXX9252
Peshkovka KZXX6753
Peshnoy KZXX0448
Peski KZXX8087
Pesochnaya KZXX2763
Petropavlovka KZXX5269
Petropavlovka KZXX2223
Petropavlovka KZXX0450
Petropavlovka KZXX1617
Petropavlovka KZXX4669
Petropavlovka KZXX8089
Petropavlovsk KZXX0005
Petropavlovskiy KZXX6754
Petrov KZXX3759
Petrova KZXX9253
Petrovka KZXX2224
Petrovka KZXX5887
Petrovka KZXX9546
Petrovka KZXX5270
Petrovka KZXX8090
Petrovka KZXX0994
Petrovo KZXX3760
Petrovskiy KZXX6755
Petrovskiy KZXX9254
Petrovskoye KZXX9889
Pik-Ay KZXX9256
Pikhtovka KZXX9257
Pilkino KZXX6756
Pioner KZXX5888
Pisarevka KZXX8091
Pishankyzgan KZXX7456
Piterskiy KZXX3761
Pitomnik KZXX9258
Piunov KZXX3762
Plakhovka KZXX5889
Plan Revolyutsii KZXX9259
Platovskiy KZXX6757
Plodovoyagodnoye KZXX9890
Ploshkin KZXX3763
Ploskoye KZXX8092
Plotina KZXX8093
Pobeda KZXX7354
Pobeda KZXX8094
Pobeda KZXX4671
Pobeda KZXX6758
Pobeda KZXX5271
Pobedimov KZXX3764
Podgornoe KZXX1618
Podgornoye KZXX8095
Podgornoye KZXX4672
Podgornoye KZXX9260
Podgornoye KZXX0452
Podgornoye KZXX6759
Podgornyy KZXX2225
Podgornyy KZXX9261
Podgornyy Kordon KZXX8457
Podgorodka KZXX6760
Podkhoz KZXX4673
Podkorytovo KZXX9262
Podlesnoye KZXX8096
Podnebesnyy KZXX9263
Podniki KZXX0453
Podorlenok KZXX9264
Podporuchikovo KZXX9547
Podpusk KZXX5272
Podstepka KZXX5273
Podstepnoe KZXX3765
Podtyazhki KZXX3766
Podzavodsk KZXX8098
Pogodaevo KZXX3767
Pogodap KZXX3768
Pogranichnoe KZXX5274
Pogranichnyy KZXX9265
Pogranichnyy KZXX6761
Pokatilovka KZXX3769
Pokey KZXX3770
Pokornoye KZXX5890
Pokrovka KZXX0454
Pokrovka KZXX0455
Pokrovka KZXX1619
Pokrovka KZXX3771
Pokrovka KZXX8099
Pokrovka KZXX2226
Pokrovka KZXX6762
Pokrovskiy KZXX4674
Pokrovskiy KZXX0456
Pokrovskoye KZXX9266
Politotdel KZXX1620
Politotdel KZXX7355
Polovinnyy Log KZXX9267
Polovnikovka KZXX6763
Polozov KZXX3772
Poltavka KZXX0997
Poltavka KZXX2227
Poltavka KZXX8100
Poltavka KZXX3773
Poltavka KZXX6764
Poltavskoye KZXX0457
Poltoratskoye KZXX4675
Poludino KZXX8101
Polyakovka KZXX8102
Polyanka KZXX9268
Poperechnoye KZXX9269
Poperechnyy KZXX2764
Popovka KZXX0998
Popovka KZXX4676
Port-Artur KZXX0458
Portnov KZXX3774
Portnoye KZXX3775
Poselok KZXX9892
Potanino KZXX5277
Potapenkovskiy KZXX9272
Povozochnoye KZXX8103
Pozarevka KZXX9273
Praporshchikovo KZXX9274
Pravda KZXX3776
Pravdino KZXX8104
Predgornoe KZXX9275
Predgornoye KZXX9276
Prekrasnoye KZXX8105
Preobrazhenka KZXX0999
Preobrazhenka KZXX9277
Preobrazhenskiy KZXX2228
Presnovka KZXX0459
Presnovskiy KZXX8108
Presnoye KZXX5278
Pribrezhnoye KZXX8109
Pribrezhnyy KZXX9278
Pridorozhnoye KZXX3777
Pridorozhnoye KZXX8110
Pridorozhnyy KZXX6766
Pridorozhnyy KZXX5279
Prigornoye KZXX2229
Prigorodnoye KZXX1000
Prigorodnyy KZXX2230
Prigorodnyy KZXX1001
Prigorodnyy KZXX6767
Priirtyshskoe KZXX5280
Priishimka KZXX8111
Priishimskoye KZXX5893
Priishimskoye KZXX8112
Priisk Boko KZXX9279
Primorets KZXX1622
Primorskoye KZXX9280
Prinsk KZXX9281
Priozernoe KZXX5281
Priozernoye KZXX6768
Priozernoye KZXX0460
Priozernoye KZXX8113
Priozersk KZXX5894
Prirechenka KZXX6769
Prirechnoe KZXX9282
Prirechnoe KZXX8114
Prirechnoye KZXX3778
Prirechnoye KZXX6770
Prirechnoye KZXX0461
Prirechnyy KZXX6771
Prirodorozhnyy KZXX5282
Pritraktovoye KZXX4677
Pritugaynyy KZXX4678
Probuzhdeniye KZXX8116
Progress KZXX8117
Progress KZXX9285
Progress KZXX4679
Prokhladnoe KZXX9286
Prokhodnoye KZXX1004
Prokhorovka KZXX6772
Proletarka KZXX9287
Proletarka KZXX3780
Proletarka KZXX8118
Proletarka KZXX1006
Proletarovka KZXX4680
Proletarskiy KZXX9288
Proletarskiy KZXX1623
Proletarskiy KZXX5283
Proletarskoye KZXX9289
Promyshlennyy KZXX1837
Prorva KZXX4258
Prorvinsk KZXX3781
Prostokishino KZXX9290
Prostornoye KZXX5896
Prozhektor KZXX8120
Prudok KZXX8460
Prudovoye KZXX8121
Prudy KZXX5897
Przhevalskoye KZXX0462
Pshentobe KZXX4681
Pskovskiy KZXX2231
Ptichiy KZXX8122
Pugachevo KZXX3782
Pugachevo KZXX9292
Pulemetovka KZXX8124
Pulykin KZXX3783
Pushkin KZXX5899
Pushkino KZXX1007
Pushkino KZXX2232
Pushkino KZXX5900
Pushkino KZXX6773
Pushkinskiy KZXX6774
Pustobayev KZXX3784
Pustovalovskiy KZXX2233
Putintsevo KZXX9293
Puzatkin KZXX3785
Pyateryzhsk KZXX5285
Pyatigorka KZXX5901
Pyatigorka KZXX2234
Pyatigorskiy KZXX0463
Pyatimarskoe KZXX3786
Pyatiozerki KZXX8461
Qabanbay KZXX9294
Qabanbay KZXX1626
Qabyrgha KZXX6775
Qala KZXX6776
Qalqaman KZXX5286
Qalzhat KZXX1627
Qamysty KZXX6777
Qamysty KZXX3787
Qamystybas KZXX7358
Qanshenggel KZXX1628
Qapanbulaq KZXX9295
Qapshaghay KZXX1629
Qaraaghash KZXX8126
Qarabas KZXX5902
Qarabastau KZXX1630
Qaraboget KZXX9893
Qarabulaq KZXX4685
Qarabulaq KZXX9296
Qarabutaq KZXX2236
Qaraghandy KZXX8127
Qaraghayly KZXX5903
Qarakol KZXX2237
Qaramurt KZXX4686
Qaraoba KZXX2238
Qaraoy KZXX1631
Qaraozeq KZXX7359
Qaraqalpaq KZXX4687
Qaraqogha KZXX8128
Qaraqozha KZXX9297
Qarashenggel KZXX1632
Qarasu KZXX6778
Qarasu KZXX3788
Qaratobe KZXX4688
Qaratoghay KZXX9298
Qaraton KZXX2765
Qaraunggir KZXX9299
Qarauyl KZXX9300
Qarazhal KZXX5904
Qarazhar KZXX1008
Qarazhar KZXX9301
Qarghaly KZXX6779
Qarghaly KZXX2239
Qarnaq KZXX4689
Qarqaraly KZXX5905
Qarsaqbay KZXX5906
Qashqantengiz KZXX9894
Qaskeleng KZXX1633
Qasqabulaq KZXX9302
Qasqasu KZXX4690
Qayghy KZXX6780
Qaynar KZXX9303
Qayraqty KZXX5907
Qazaly KZXX7360
Qazanshungkyr KZXX9304
Qazasalghan KZXX6781
Qazgorodok KZXX6782
Qazyqurt KZXX4691
Qima KZXX6783
Qongyrat KZXX5908
Qopasor KZXX2240
Qorghalzhyn KZXX1010
Qorghas KZXX1634
Qorghasyn KZXX5909
Qoryq KZXX9305
Qorzhyn KZXX3789
Qosapan KZXX9895
Qoshqar KZXX2766
Qoshqarata KZXX9896
Qoskol KZXX5910
Qoskol KZXX3790
Qospan KZXX1635
Qosqopa KZXX5911
Qosshaghyl KZXX2767
Qostanay KZXX6784
Qotyrkol KZXX8129
Qoyanbay KZXX9306
Qoyankoz KZXX1636
Qoylyq KZXX1637
Qoytas KZXX8130
Qozha KZXX6785
Qozhatoghay KZXX4692
Qudabas KZXX8131
Qulan KZXX4693
Qulandy KZXX7361
Qulanotpes KZXX5912
Qulsary KZXX2768
Qumkent KZXX4694
Qumkeshu KZXX6786
Qumkol KZXX1011
Qumtoghay KZXX2241
Quraghaty KZXX9897
Quraylysay KZXX0350
Qurshek KZXX7362
Qurylys KZXX2769
Qurylysshy KZXX0666
Qushoqy KZXX5913
Qusmuryn KZXX6787
Quyghan KZXX1638
Quyylys KZXX2242
Qyrymbet KZXX8132
Qyzan KZXX4259
Qyzyl Auyl KZXX9308
Qyzylaghash KZXX1639
Qyzylaghash KZXX9309
Qyzylashchy KZXX1640
Qyzylasker KZXX8133
Qyzylegiz KZXX8134
Qyzylengbek KZXX5288
Qyzylozen KZXX4260
Qyzylqayyng KZXX1641
Qyzylqum KZXX4695
Qyzylsaya KZXX0358
Qyzylsharua KZXX9898
Qyzyltas KZXX9310
Qyzyltau KZXX5914
Qyzyltu KZXX7363
Qyzylzhar KZXX0360
Qyzylzhetek KZXX9311
Qyzylzhuldyz KZXX7364
Rabat KZXX4696
Rabatmola KZXX7457
Rabochiy Khutor KZXX6788
Radovka KZXX9312
Raduzhnyy KZXX5289
Raim KZXX7365
Raimbek KZXX1642
Raisovka KZXX8136
Rakhat KZXX1643
Rakhim KZXX9313
Rakhimbay KZXX5915
Rakhimbek KZXX5290
Rakhimzhan KZXX5916
Rakhman Qaynary KZXX9314
Rakhmet KZXX7366
Rakhmet KZXX6789
Rakhumzhan KZXX5291
Rakish KZXX9315
Rakita KZXX8462
Rakitnoye KZXX8137
Rakusha KZXX2770
Ramadan-Kuduksay KZXX4851
Ramazan KZXX9316
Rasinka KZXX8138
Rassvet KZXX8139
Rassypnoye KZXX9317
Ravat KZXX7458
Rayevka KZXX1012
Rayevka KZXX8140
Rayevka KZXX4697
Raygora KZXX6790
Raygorodok KZXX2771
Raygorodok KZXX8141
Razgulnoye KZXX0464
Razino KZXX9319
Razlom KZXX9549
Razumovka KZXX0465
Razvaliny KZXX8463
Razvedka KZXX5918
Rebrovka KZXX5294
Rebrovka KZXX8145
Rechnoy KZXX6793
Rechnoy KZXX9320
Rechnoye KZXX6794
Redutskiy KZXX2772
Rembaza KZXX2773
Remki KZXX9321
Renevo KZXX8464
Repinka KZXX0466
Reutskoye KZXX9550
Rezen KZXX4698
Rgayty KZXX9899
Ridder KZXX0038
Risorob KZXX9900
Rodina KZXX6796
Rodionovka KZXX1014
Rodniki KZXX1015
Rodniki KZXX5919
Rodniki KZXX3792
Rodniki KZXX2243
Rodnikovka KZXX0468
Rodnikovskoye KZXX5920
Rognedinka KZXX5295
Rogozhkin KZXX3793
Romadan KZXX1016
Romanovka KZXX0469
Romanovka KZXX1017
Romanovka KZXX9322
Romanovskiy KZXX9323
Romanovskiy KZXX2244
Romanovskiy Lug KZXX9551
Romazanovo KZXX8146
Romenskiy KZXX6797
Roppovka KZXX2245
Roshchino KZXX8147
Roshchinskoye KZXX8148
Rostoshi KZXX3794
Rostovka KZXX8149
Rostovka KZXX5921
Rote-Fane KZXX5296
Rovnoye KZXX0470
Rovnoye KZXX5297
Rozhdestvenka KZXX8151
Rozhdestvenka KZXX0471
Rozhdestvenka KZXX1018
Rozhdestvenskiy KZXX2246
Rozhdestvenskiy KZXX9324
Rozhkovo KZXX9325
Rozhkovo KZXX3795
Rozhok KZXX2774
Rozovka KZXX8152
Rubanovka KZXX8153
Rubanovka KZXX9326
Rubezhinskoe KZXX3796
Rublevka KZXX8154
Rudnichnyy KZXX1646
Rudnyy KZXX0472
Rukhlovka KZXX8155
Rulikha KZXX9327
Russkaya Talovka KZXX3797
Ruzaevka KZXX0014
Ruzayevka KZXX0474
Ryabinovka KZXX8156
Ryam KZXX8157
Ryavkino KZXX8158
Ryazanka KZXX8159
Ryazanovka KZXX6798
Ryazhskoye KZXX6799
Rybachiy KZXX7367
Rybakovka KZXX2247
Rybinka KZXX8160
Rybinskoye KZXX5923
Rybnoye KZXX8465
Rybnoye KZXX9328
Rybnoye Boloto KZXX8466
Rybnyy Zavod KZXX3798
Rykulovo KZXX4699
Rysbay KZXX2248
Ryspay KZXX6800
Rzhishchevo KZXX1019
Sabit KZXX8161
Sabyndy KZXX1020
Sabyrkozha KZXX5924
Sad Dubskogo KZXX4261
Sadak KZXX3799
Sadbakas KZXX5925
Sadchikovka KZXX6801
Sadovka KZXX8162
Sadovoe KZXX5926
Sadovoye KZXX1648
Sadovoye KZXX8163
Sadovoye KZXX1021
Sadovoye KZXX9329
Sadovyy KZXX3800
Sadybek KZXX1022
Sadykashchi KZXX5299
Sadykov KZXX3801
Sadykul KZXX3802
Sadykyuzy KZXX1649
Sadyr KZXX1650
Sadyrbay KZXX1023
Sadyrnyn KZXX4262
Saga KZXX8164
Saga KZXX0475
Saga KZXX6802
Sagakurus KZXX1651
Sagasy KZXX4853
Sagat KZXX9330
Sagha KZXX6803
Saghyz KZXX2775
Sagiz KZXX2776
Sagizmeshit KZXX2777
Sagynbay KZXX6804
Sagyndyk KZXX1024
Sakakuduk KZXX0476
Sakau KZXX3803
Saken Seyfullin KZXX5927
Sakezun KZXX1652
Sakharnyy KZXX3804
Sakharovka KZXX6805
Sakharovka KZXX4700
Sakharovskiy KZXX6806
Sakharozavodskiy KZXX9902
Sakhnovka KZXX5300
Sakhnovka KZXX9331
Sakmarikha KZXX9332
Sakryl KZXX3805
Saksaulskiy KZXX0477
Salamsor KZXX8467
Salarbay KZXX5928
Salaryk KZXX4701
Salatam KZXX2250
Saldama KZXX2251
Salpagash KZXX8468
Sam KZXX0034
Sam Pervyy KZXX4263
Sam Vtoroy KZXX4264
Samany KZXX6807
Samarbay KZXX8469
Samarka KZXX1025
Samarka KZXX5929
Samarkand KZXX5930
Samarkandskiy KZXX5931
Samarskiy KZXX1026
Samarskoye KZXX9333
Samay KZXX9334
Samay-Kuzha KZXX2252
Sambay KZXX2253
Samey KZXX3807
Samofalovka KZXX8470
Samrata KZXX5932
Samsonov KZXX3808
Samsonovka KZXX4702
Samsonovka KZXX0479
Samsonovka KZXX9335
Samsy KZXX1653
Sanatornoye KZXX9903
Sandyk KZXX9955
Sandyktas KZXX9336
Sandyktau KZXX1027
Sanyrau KZXX4703
Sapak KZXX7368
Sapak KZXX3809
Sapargaly KZXX3810
Sapeke KZXX3811
Sar-Tyube KZXX2255
Sar-Tyube KZXX2779
Saradyr KZXX8166
Saradzhin KZXX3814
Sarak-Kuduk KZXX3815
Saralka KZXX9552
Saraly KZXX2256
Saralzhin KZXX2257
Saralzhin KZXX3817
Saralzhinsay KZXX3818
Saralzhyn KZXX3819
Saran KZXX0480
Saranke KZXX9337
Sarapan KZXX9338
Sarat KZXX2258
Saratovskiy KZXX5933
Saraychik KZXX2780
Sarbas KZXX6808
Sarbasty KZXX3820
Sarbay KZXX2259
Sarbay KZXX8167
Sarbiye KZXX2260
Sarbiye KZXX5301
Sarbulak KZXX2261
Sardonnikovo KZXX8168
Sardyk KZXX6809
Sarepta KZXX5934
Sarga KZXX9339
Sargamys KZXX9340
Sargargay KZXX6810
Sargiz KZXX2781
Sarkamys KZXX3821
Sarkand KZXX1654
Sarkulas KZXX2262
Sarkyrama KZXX4704
Sarlyk KZXX5935
Sarman KZXX8169
Sarman-Kuduk KZXX6811
Sarmanakskiy KZXX8472
Sarmantobe KZXX0481
Sarmyk KZXX9904
Sarnogay KZXX9341
Saroy KZXX1655
Sarpeyp KZXX3822
Sarsay KZXX8170
Sarsay KZXX2263
Sarsay KZXX3823
Sarsembe KZXX1656
Sarsengali KZXX3824
Sarshyganak KZXX3825
Sarsymbay KZXX3826
Sart KZXX5936
Sartabak KZXX2264
Sartasu KZXX1657
Sartay KZXX8171
Sartomar KZXX8172
Sartugai KZXX2265
Sartugay KZXX2266
Sartumsuk KZXX2267
Sartymak KZXX3828
Sartymbet KZXX9342
Sartyube KZXX6812
Sary KZXX3829
Sary-Bulak KZXX9343
Sary-Bulak KZXX1658
Sary-Isyun KZXX4705
Sary-Kuz KZXX2782
Sary-Ozek KZXX7369
Sary-Tyubek KZXX6813
Saryadyr KZXX6115
Saryadyr KZXX1028
Saryagash KZXX4706
Saryaghash KZXX4707
Saryapan KZXX7460
Saryaul KZXX3830
Sarybasat KZXX7370
Sarybastau KZXX1659
Sarybastau KZXX9905
Sarybay KZXX5303
Sarybay KZXX5937
Sarybel KZXX1660
Sarybetkey KZXX7372
Sarybulak KZXX5938
Sarybulak KZXX9345
Sarybulak KZXX7373
Sarybulak KZXX8173
Sarybulakskiy KZXX1662
Sarybulaq KZXX9907
Sarydon KZXX6116
Saryk-Pin KZXX4708
Sarykamys KZXX9346
Sarykamys KZXX1663
Sarykamys KZXX2268
Sarykamysskiy KZXX5305
Sarykemer KZXX9908
Sarykobda KZXX2269
Sarykomey KZXX1664
Sarykopa KZXX2271
Sarykuduk KZXX3832
Sarymantay KZXX8473
Sarymsakty KZXX1030
Saryn KZXX8175
Saryoba KZXX6117
Saryoba KZXX6815
Saryoba KZXX1031
Saryoba KZXX2272
Saryolen KZXX5307
Saryoleng KZXX9347
Saryozek KZXX1665
Saryozek KZXX6816
Saryozek KZXX5308
Saryozek KZXX8176
Saryozen KZXX3833
Saryqamys KZXX4265
Sarysagyz KZXX4709
Sarysay KZXX2273
Saryshagan KZXX5939
Saryshaghan KZXX5940
Saryshiganak KZXX9349
Saryshiganak KZXX7374
Saryshiganak KZXX6817
Saryshkon KZXX7375
Saryshyghanaq KZXX5309
Sarystan KZXX3834
Sarysu KZXX4710
Sarysu KZXX5941
Sarysu KZXX6818
Sarytagan KZXX4266
Sarytash KZXX4267
Sarytau KZXX5942
Sarytepsen KZXX2274
Saryterek KZXX5943
Saryterek KZXX9350
Sarytobe KZXX7376
Sarytobe KZXX4855
Sarytobe KZXX6118
Sarytogan KZXX5944
Sarytogay KZXX2275
Sarytoghay KZXX2783
Sarytubek KZXX7017
Sarytubek KZXX8177
Saryumir KZXX0482
Saryzhal KZXX9352
Saryzhas KZXX4711
Saryzhaz KZXX1666
Saryzhota KZXX6119
Sarzale KZXX2784
Sarzha KZXX4268
Sarzhal KZXX9353
Sarzhal KZXX5945
Sarzhira KZXX9354
Sasan KZXX3835
Sasay KZXX3836
Sasay KZXX8474
Saskuduk KZXX5311
Sastobe KZXX4712
Sasykkum KZXX7377
Sasykpay KZXX5312
Sasyksor KZXX6819
Sasyktau KZXX0483
Satar KZXX3838
Satay KZXX5443
Satbaev KZXX5946
Satimsay KZXX7378
Saty KZXX1667
Saty KZXX5313
Satybaldy KZXX3839
Satybaldy KZXX7379
Satykmakysh KZXX5314
Satyrlau KZXX7018
Saudakent KZXX9909</