Weather Codes for Jersey

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Jersey. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Beaumont JEXX0004
Bel Royal JEXX0005
Belle Vue JEXX0006
Fliquet JEXX0007
Gorey JEXX0008
Grand Chemins JEXX0009
Grand Mourier JEXX0010
Grouville JEXX0011
Jersey JEXX0002
La Falaise JEXX0012
La Fosse JEXX0013
La Greve de Lecq JEXX0014
La Haule JEXX0015
La Hougue JEXX0016
La Moye JEXX0017
La Villaise JEXX0018
Le Rondin JEXX0019
Les Creux JEXX0020
Les Platons JEXX0021
Les Quennevais JEXX0022
Longueville JEXX0023
Millbrook JEXX0025
Mont Fiquet JEXX0026
Mont Mado JEXX0027
Perruque JEXX0028
Portinfer JEXX0029
Rozel JEXX0030
Saint Aubin JEXX0003
Saint Clements JEXX0031
Saint Helier JEXX0001
Six Rues JEXX0033
St Aubin JEXX0034
St Brelade JEXX0035
St Lawrence JEXX0036
St Martin JEXX0037
Trinity JEXX0039
Ville au Bas JEXX0041
Ville Bagot JEXX0040
Ville es Nouaux JEXX0043