Weather Codes for Jamaica

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Jamaica. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aberdeen JMXX1221
Aberdeen JMXX1040
Aberly JMXX1222
Abingdon JMXX0267
Aboukir JMXX1223
Above Rocks JMXX0806
Accompong JMXX1041
Acton JMXX1863
Acton JMXX1961
Adams Valley JMXX0371
Adelphi JMXX1503
Admiral Town JMXX0675
Aenon Town JMXX0031
Aeolus Valley JMXX1733
Agualta Vale JMXX1584
Airy Castle JMXX1734
Airy Hill JMXX1585
Albany JMXX0540
Albany JMXX1586
Albert Arms JMXX1042
Albert Town JMXX1864
Albion JMXX1504
Albion JMXX1735
Alderton JMXX1224
Aleppo JMXX1587
Alexandria JMXX1225
Alexandria JMXX0032
Alexandria JMXX0268
Allen Hall JMXX1226
Allenton JMXX0807
Alligator Pond JMXX1043
Alma JMXX1962
Almondsbury JMXX1044
Alscot JMXX1045
Alston JMXX0033
Altamont JMXX0541
Althorp JMXX1046
Alva JMXX1227
Amity Cross JMXX1963
Amity Hall JMXX0808
Amity Hall JMXX1505
Amity Hall JMXX0034
Anchovy JMXX1506
Anchovy Bottom JMXX1507
Andersons Town JMXX0035
Angels JMXX0809
Anglesea JMXX1964
Annandale JMXX1228
Annotto Bay JMXX1588
Anns Castle JMXX0810
Antrim JMXX1229
Appleton JMXX1047
Arcadia JMXX1865
Arcadia JMXX1737
Arcadia JMXX0372
Arcadia Club JMXX0676
Ardoch JMXX1230
Argyle JMXX1965
Armadale JMXX1231
Armstrong JMXX1048
Arntully JMXX1738
Arthurs Mount JMXX1232
Arthurs Seat JMXX1233
Arthurs Seat JMXX0036
Ashcott JMXX0542
Ashley Hall JMXX0037
Ashleys JMXX0038
Ashton JMXX1966
Ashton JMXX1049
Asia JMXX0373
Askenish JMXX0269
Auchindown JMXX1967
Auchtembeddie JMXX1050
August Town JMXX0677
Axe and Adze JMXX0270
Bachams Cottage JMXX0039
Bachelors Hall JMXX0271
Bachelors Hall JMXX1739
Bachelors Hall JMXX1234
Bad Times JMXX1235
Bagatelle JMXX0543
Baillieston JMXX0040
Balaclava JMXX1051
Balcarres JMXX0374
Balcarres JMXX0544
Baldwins Cottage JMXX0041
Ballards Valley JMXX1589
Ballintoy JMXX1236
Bally Mony JMXX1237
Ballynure JMXX0375
Bamboo JMXX0272
Bamboo Market JMXX0812
Banana Ground JMXX0376
Banbury JMXX0813
Banbury JMXX1968
Bandon JMXX1508
Bangor Ridge JMXX0545
Banks JMXX0042
Banks JMXX1239
Bantam Spring JMXX1240
Barbary Hall JMXX1052
Barbican JMXX0678
Barbican JMXX0273
Bariff Castle JMXX1740
Barking Lodge JMXX1741
Barnes Green JMXX1053
Barneyside JMXX1969
Barnstaple JMXX1866
Barossa JMXX0377
Bartons JMXX1054
Bartons JMXX0814
Batersea JMXX1242
Bath JMXX1742
Beacon Hill JMXX0815
Beacon Hill JMXX1743
Beckford Kraal JMXX0043
Beckford Town JMXX1744
Beckfords JMXX0044
Beecher Town JMXX1243
Beeston Spring JMXX1970
Bel Retiro JMXX1590
Belfast JMXX1745
Belfield JMXX1591
Belfield Works JMXX1592
Belford JMXX1746
Bellas Gate JMXX0816
Belle Air Summit JMXX1244
Belle Castle JMXX0546
Belle Plain JMXX0045
Belle Retiro JMXX0378
Belleair JMXX0379
Bellefield JMXX0380
Bellevue JMXX1245
Bellevue Heights JMXX0817
Bellfield JMXX0818
Belmare JMXX1747
Belmont JMXX0046
Belmont JMXX1867
Belmont JMXX1246
Belmont JMXX0819
Belmont JMXX1509
Belmore Castle JMXX1868
Belvedere JMXX0274
Belvedere JMXX0679
Belvedere JMXX0547
Belvedere JMXX1748
Ben Bow JMXX1247
Ben Lomond JMXX1055
Bendish Rock JMXX1593
Bengal JMXX1248
Bennetsfield JMXX1249
Bensonton JMXX1250
Beredoes JMXX0680
Berkshire Hall JMXX0820
Berlin JMXX1056
Bernard Lodge JMXX0821
Berridale JMXX0548
Berry Hill JMXX1594
Berrydale JMXX1251
Berwick JMXX0381
Berwick JMXX0822
Bethany JMXX1252
Bethany JMXX0382
Bethel Gap JMXX1749
Bethel Town JMXX1971
Bethezra JMXX1750
Bethlehem JMXX1057
Bettys Hope JMXX0549
Beverly JMXX1253
Beverly Hills JMXX0681
Bickerstaff JMXX1510
Biddiford JMXX1869
Bideford JMXX1058
Big Bridge JMXX1972
Billy Dun JMXX0682
Biscany JMXX0550
Bishop Mount JMXX1595
Black Heath JMXX1973
Black River JMXX0010
Blackheath JMXX1254
Blackstone Edge JMXX1255
Blair Pen JMXX0823
Blakes Pen JMXX0384
Bloomfield JMXX0385
Bloxburgh JMXX0683
Blue Castle JMXX1974
Blue Hole JMXX1511
Blue Hole JMXX0275
Blue Hole JMXX0824
Blue Hole JMXX1256
Blue Hole JMXX1975
Blue Mountain JMXX0386
Blue Mountain JMXX0825
Bluefields JMXX1257
Bluefields JMXX1976
Boca Pen JMXX0826
Bodles Pen JMXX0827
Bog JMXX1258
Bog JMXX1977
Bog JMXX0047
Bog Plain JMXX0048
Bog Walk JMXX0828
Bohemia JMXX1259
Boldness JMXX0049
Bolton Park JMXX1260
Bonavista JMXX1512
Bonnett JMXX1261
Bonny Gate JMXX1596
Booth JMXX1870
Border JMXX1597
Borobridge JMXX1262
Boscobel JMXX1598
Bossue JMXX0387
Boston JMXX0552
Bounty Hall JMXX1871
Bowden JMXX1751
Bowen Crawle JMXX0050
Bowens Hall JMXX0051
Bowers Hall JMXX0276
Box JMXX1513
Boxford Lodge JMXX1752
Boyne Park JMXX1599
Braco JMXX1872
Brae Head JMXX1600
Braema JMXX0829
Braes River JMXX1059
Braeton JMXX0830
Brainerd JMXX1601
Brandon Hill JMXX0052
Brandon Hill JMXX0684
Brazilletos JMXX0053
Breadfruit JMXX0553
Breadnut JMXX1060
Breadnut Bottom JMXX0054
Breadnut Hill JMXX1263
Breastworks JMXX0554
Breezy Hill JMXX1264
Breezy Park JMXX1265
Bretts Pen JMXX0831
Bridge Pen JMXX1061
Bridge Pen JMXX0832
Brighton JMXX1978
Brighton JMXX1062
Brimmer Hall JMXX1602
Brinkley JMXX1063
Brissett Run JMXX1266
Bristol JMXX1873
British JMXX0055
Brittonville JMXX1267
Brixton Hill JMXX0056
Broadgate JMXX1603
Broadleaf JMXX1604
Broadstreet JMXX1268
Brokenbank JMXX0057
Brokenhurst JMXX0388
Bromley JMXX1269
Brompton JMXX1064
Bronte JMXX1979
Brooklyn JMXX1605
Browns Hall JMXX0833
Browns Town JMXX1270
Browns Town JMXX0834
Browns Valley JMXX1271
Brucefield JMXX1066
Brunswick JMXX1272
Bryan JMXX1874
Bryan Castle JMXX1875
Bryans Bay JMXX0555
Bryans Hill JMXX0058
Bryans Pen JMXX0059
Buck Up JMXX0389
Buckfield JMXX1273
Buckingham JMXX1753
Buckup JMXX0390
Budley Park JMXX0060
Buff Bay JMXX0556
Bull Bay JMXX0685
Bull Pen JMXX0835
Bull Savanna JMXX1067
Bullards JMXX0061
Bunkers Hill JMXX1876
Burge JMXX1754
Burlington JMXX0557
Burnt Ground JMXX1068
Burnt Hill JMXX1877
Burnt Savanna JMXX1069
Burton Hall JMXX0558
Burts Run JMXX1274
Bushy Park JMXX0062
Bushy Park JMXX0836
Buxton JMXX0277
Buxton Town JMXX0837
Bybrook JMXX1070
Bybrook JMXX0559
Byndloss JMXX0838
Cacoon JMXX0278
Cacoon Castle JMXX0279
Cairn JMXX1980
Cairnie JMXX1275
Calderwood Glen JMXX1276
Caledonia JMXX0391
Caledonia JMXX1981
Caledonia JMXX0280
Caledonia JMXX1277
Caley JMXX1515
California JMXX0392
Cambelton JMXX0281
Camberwell JMXX1607
Cambrian JMXX0839
Cambridge JMXX1878
Cambridge JMXX1516
Cambridge JMXX0560
Cambrook JMXX1278
Camp Savanna JMXX1982
Campbell Castle JMXX0393
Camperdown JMXX0686
Camperdown JMXX1279
Cane River JMXX0687
Canewood JMXX0561
Carawina JMXX1983
Cardiff Hall JMXX1280
Carey Park JMXX1879
Carey Town JMXX1517
Carisbrook JMXX1071
Carlette Pen JMXX0840
Carlisle JMXX0063
Carlton JMXX1518
Carron Hall JMXX1608
Carry Hall JMXX1755
Carthagena JMXX1519
Carton JMXX1281
Cartwheel JMXX0064
Cascade JMXX1282
Cascade JMXX0282
Cashew JMXX1072
Cassava JMXX0688
Cassia Park JMXX0689
Castle Comfort JMXX0563
Castle Dawson JMXX0564
Castleton JMXX1609
Caswell Hill JMXX0065
Cataboo JMXX1073
Catadupa JMXX1520
Cauldwell JMXX0283
Cavaliers JMXX0690
Cave JMXX1984
Cave Hill JMXX1283
Cave Valley JMXX1284
Cave Valley JMXX0284
Caymanas JMXX0841
Caymanas House JMXX0842
Cedar Valley JMXX0565
Cedar Valley JMXX0843
Cedar Valley JMXX1756
Cedar Valley JMXX0691
Central Village JMXX0844
Chalky Hill JMXX1286
Chandlers Pen JMXX0066
Change Hill JMXX1610
Chantilly JMXX0394
Chapelton JMXX0067
Charlemont JMXX0845
Charles Town JMXX0566
Charlottenburgh JMXX1611
Charlton JMXX1287
Charlton JMXX0692
Charlton JMXX0846
Charlton Castle JMXX1288
Chateau JMXX0068
Chatham JMXX1521
Chatsworth JMXX1289
Chatsworth JMXX0567
Chatworth JMXX0847
Cheapside JMXX0395
Cheapside JMXX1074
Chedwin Park JMXX0848
Cheesefield JMXX0849
Chelsea JMXX1075
Chepstowe JMXX0569
Cherry Garden JMXX0850
Cherry Garden JMXX0693
Cherryfield JMXX1612
Chester JMXX1880
Chesterfield JMXX1290
Chesterfield JMXX0069
Chesterfield JMXX1757
Chestervale JMXX0694
Chigwell JMXX0285
Chilton JMXX1985
Chipps Hall JMXX0570
Chovey JMXX1613
Christiana JMXX0011
Chudleigh JMXX0396
Cinnamon Hill JMXX1522
Clair Park JMXX0851
Clandon JMXX0397
Claremont JMXX0852
Claremont JMXX0695
Claremont Park JMXX1076
Clarendon Park JMXX0070
Clarks Town JMXX1292
Clarks Town JMXX1881
Clarksonville JMXX1293
Clermont JMXX1614
Cliffords Rest JMXX0071
Clifton JMXX1294
Clifton JMXX1986
Clifton JMXX1882
Clifton JMXX1758
Clonmel JMXX1615
Clover Hill JMXX1295
Clydesdale JMXX0696
Coates Pen JMXX0072
Cobblers JMXX0399
Cockburn Gardens JMXX0697
Cockpit JMXX0853
Cockshop JMXX0073
Coco Ree JMXX0854
Cocoa Walk JMXX0400
Cocoa Walk JMXX0074
Cocoa Walk JMXX1759
Coffee Grove JMXX0401
Coffee Piece JMXX1616
Colbeck JMXX0855
Cold Spring JMXX1617
Coley JMXX1760
Coleyville JMXX0402
Colon JMXX1077
Colonels Ridge JMXX0075
Comfort JMXX1523
Comfort Castle JMXX0572
Comfort Hall JMXX0403
Comfort Village JMXX0076
Comma Pen JMXX1078
Commadore JMXX0286
Commodore JMXX0573
Concord JMXX1297
Congress Hall JMXX1987
Congreve Park JMXX0856
Connors JMXX0857
Constant Spring JMXX0698
Content JMXX0700
Content JMXX1988
Content JMXX1298
Content JMXX0404
Content JMXX0287
Content JMXX1079
Content JMXX0858
Content JMXX0077
Content JMXX1619
Content Village JMXX0078
Cool Spring JMXX0859
Copse JMXX0288
Corby Castle JMXX1080
Corn Hill JMXX0079
Corner Shop JMXX0080
Cornwall JMXX1989
Cornwood JMXX1883
Corrovants Grove JMXX0860
Cotswold Hill JMXX1299
Cottage JMXX1620
Cottage JMXX0081
Cottage JMXX0405
Cottage JMXX1524
Cotterwood JMXX1081
Coultant Grove JMXX1300
Cousins Cove JMXX0289
Coventry Pen JMXX0290
Cowans JMXX0861
Coxheath JMXX1884
Craig Head JMXX1885
Craig Mill JMXX0575
Craigton JMXX0701
Crawford JMXX1082
Crawle JMXX1621
Crawle JMXX0082
Creighton Hall JMXX1761
Crescent JMXX0862
Crescent Park JMXX1301
Crofts Hill JMXX0083
Crooked River JMXX0084
Crosbie JMXX1990
Cross Keys JMXX0406
Cross Pen JMXX0085
Cross Roads JMXX0702
Croyden JMXX1083
Cudjoe Hill JMXX0863
Cuffie Head JMXX0576
Culloden JMXX1991
Cum See JMXX1622
Cumberland JMXX0407
Curatoe Hill JMXX0086
Cypress Hall JMXX0703
Cyprus JMXX1302
Dallas Castle JMXX0704
Dallingtober JMXX1084
Dalvey JMXX1762
Dalvey JMXX0864
Danks JMXX0087
Darley JMXX0577
Darlington JMXX1303
Darliston JMXX1992
Davis Town JMXX1304
Davyton JMXX0408
Dawkins Caymanas JMXX0866
Dawson Castle JMXX0578
Decoy JMXX0089
Decoy Estate JMXX1623
Decoy Pen JMXX1624
Dee Side JMXX0090
Deeside JMXX1886
Defiance JMXX1305
Delacree Pen JMXX0705
Denbigh JMXX0091
Denham Town JMXX2108
Denhigh Plain JMXX0092
Devon JMXX0409
Diamond JMXX0093
Diamond JMXX0706
Dias JMXX0291
Discovery Bay JMXX1307
District of Vere JMXX0095
Doctors Cave JMXX1525
Doncaster JMXX1308
Donegal JMXX1086
Doone Lodge JMXX1309
Dorcas JMXX1087
Dorothy Pen JMXX1310
Dove Cot Park JMXX0870
Dove Hall JMXX0871
Dover JMXX1630
Dover JMXX0872
Downs JMXX0412
Drapers JMXX0583
Dressikie JMXX1631
Dromilly JMXX1887
Drummonds Run JMXX1088
Dry Harbour Cave JMXX1311
Dry Hill JMXX0096
Dry River JMXX0097
Duanvale JMXX1888
Dublin Castle JMXX1312
Duckenfield Hall JMXX1767
Duff House JMXX1089
Dumbarton JMXX1090
Dumblane JMXX1091
Dump JMXX0413
Dunbar JMXX0584
Duncans JMXX1889
Dundee JMXX1890
Dunkeld JMXX0414
Dunkeld JMXX1993
Dunkleys JMXX0098
Dunkleys Pen JMXX0099
Dunrobin JMXX0710
Durham JMXX0585
Easington JMXX1768
Eastwood Park JMXX0711
Eaton JMXX0292
Ebony Park JMXX0873
Ebony Park JMXX0100
Ecclesdown JMXX0586
Edbury JMXX0874
Eden JMXX0101
Eden JMXX1633
Eden JMXX1526
Eden Bowers JMXX1313
Eden Gardens JMXX0712
Eden Hill JMXX1634
Edinburgh Castle JMXX1769
Edward Piece JMXX0875
Effort JMXX0102
Eglington JMXX1092
Egypt JMXX1635
Elderslie JMXX1093
Eleven Mile JMXX1770
Elgin Town JMXX0293
Elgin Town JMXX1771
Elgin Town JMXX1636
Elim JMXX1094
Ellen Street JMXX0415
Ellis Caymanas JMXX0876
Eltham JMXX1315
Elysium JMXX1527
Emilie JMXX0877
Endeavor JMXX1994
Endeavour JMXX0103
Endeavour JMXX1637
Endeavour JMXX1316
Enfield JMXX1317
Enfield JMXX1995
Enfield JMXX0416
Enfield JMXX0878
Enfield JMXX0713
Enfield JMXX1638
Ensom Pen JMXX0879
Envy Valley JMXX0880
Epping Farm JMXX1772
Epsom JMXX1639
Epworth JMXX1318
Esher JMXX1640
Esher JMXX0294
Essex JMXX1319
Essex JMXX1641
Essling JMXX1320
Etingdon JMXX1891
Evergreen JMXX0417
Everton JMXX0714
Ewarton JMXX0015
Exchange JMXX1321
Exeter JMXX0104
Fair Prospect JMXX0587
Fairburn JMXX0105
Fairfield JMXX0418
Fairfield JMXX1773
Fairfield JMXX1528
Fairfield JMXX0881
Fairfield JMXX0588
Fairy Hill JMXX0589
Falkeners JMXX0106
Falkland JMXX0882
Falmouth JMXX0001
Far Enough JMXX1095
Farenough JMXX0107
Farm Hill JMXX1774
Fellowship JMXX0590
Fellowship JMXX1096
Fellowship Hall JMXX0715
Fellowship Hall JMXX0883
Fellowship Hall JMXX1642
Ferris Cross JMXX1996
Fiddle Hall JMXX0884
Fish River JMXX0295
Flagstaff JMXX1529
Flamstead JMXX0716
Flamstead JMXX1530
Flat Grass JMXX0591
Flat Point JMXX1322
Flint River JMXX0296
Florence Hall JMXX1892
Florida JMXX1893
Flower Hill JMXX1531
Folly JMXX0108
Folly JMXX1323
Font Hill JMXX1097
Font Hill JMXX1775
Fontabelle JMXX1894
Fontabelle JMXX1643
Fontabelle JMXX1997
Foremost JMXX1098
Forest JMXX1324
Fornbrook JMXX1998
Fort Charles JMXX1099
Fort George JMXX1325
Fort George JMXX1644
Fort George JMXX0717
Fort Stewart JMXX1645
Fort William JMXX1999
Four Feet JMXX1776
Four Mile JMXX0718
Four Paths JMXX0109
Four Roads JMXX0719
Frankfield JMXX0110
Free Hill JMXX1646
Free People JMXX0111
Free Town JMXX0419
Freefield JMXX0592
Freefield JMXX1326
Freetown JMXX0885
French Land JMXX1327
French Park JMXX0420
French Pen JMXX0886
Frenchman JMXX1100
Frenchmans Hill JMXX0887
Friendship JMXX0112
Friendship JMXX1101
Friendship JMXX0888
Friendship JMXX0593
Friendship JMXX1328
Friendship JMXX2000
Friendship JMXX1777
Friendship JMXX0297
Friendship JMXX0720
Friendship JMXX1647
Frome JMXX2001
Frontier JMXX1648
Fruitful Vale JMXX0595
Fullerswood JMXX1102
Fullerswood Park JMXX1103
Fustic Grove JMXX1104
Fyffes Pen JMXX1105
Gales Valley JMXX1895
Galway JMXX0421
Garland Grove JMXX0596
Garlands JMXX0889
Gayle JMXX1649
Gazeland JMXX1106
Geneva JMXX1107
Geneva JMXX2003
Georges Plain JMXX2004
Georges Valley JMXX1896
Georges Valley JMXX1108
Georgia JMXX0298
Georgia JMXX1897
Georgia JMXX1650
Giblatore JMXX0890
Gibraltar JMXX1329
Giddy Hall JMXX1109
Gilnock JMXX1110
Ginger Hill JMXX1111
Ginger House JMXX0597
Ginger Ridge JMXX0113
Glasgow JMXX2005
Glasgow JMXX1778
Glasgow JMXX1533
Glebe Farm JMXX0721
Glen Islay JMXX2006
Glendevon JMXX1534
Glengoffe JMXX0891
Glenroy JMXX0114
Gloster JMXX1330
Gloster JMXX0115
Goat Island JMXX1898
Godfreys JMXX1331
Gods Well JMXX0422
Golden JMXX1332
Golden Grove JMXX1779
Golden Grove JMXX0892
Golden Spring JMXX0722
Golden Vale JMXX0598
Goldsons Corner JMXX2007
Good Design JMXX1334
Good Design JMXX1899
Good Endeavour JMXX0116
Good Hope JMXX1900
Good Hope JMXX2008
Good Hope JMXX0893
Goods Pen JMXX0894
Goodwill JMXX1535
Gordon Town JMXX0724
Gordons Store JMXX0117
Goshen JMXX1651
Goshen JMXX0118
Goshen Pen JMXX0895
Goulbournes JMXX0119
Government Pen JMXX0896
Gowrie JMXX0120
Grand Cairo JMXX1335
Grandvale JMXX1112
Grange JMXX0300
Grange JMXX2009
Grange Hill JMXX2010
Grantham JMXX1652
Grantham JMXX0897
Grantham JMXX0121
Grants Pen JMXX0725
Grasmond JMXX1113
Gravel Hill JMXX0122
Grays Inn JMXX1653
Great Pond JMXX1336
Great Valley JMXX0423
Great Valley JMXX0301
Green Castle JMXX1654
Green Castle JMXX1337
Green Castle JMXX1780
Green Hill JMXX1338
Green Hills JMXX0599
Green Island JMXX0302
Green Park JMXX1339
Green Park JMXX0123
Green Park JMXX1901
Green Pond JMXX1536
Green Pond JMXX0424
Green River JMXX0303
Green Vale JMXX0425
Green Walk JMXX1340
Greencastle JMXX0898
Greenfield JMXX1902
Greenland JMXX0304
Greenock JMXX0124
Greenvale JMXX0426
Greenwich JMXX0899
Greenwich JMXX0125
Greenwich JMXX2011
Greenwich Town JMXX0727
Greenwood JMXX1655
Gregory Park JMXX0900
Grier Park JMXX1341
Grierfield JMXX1342
Grimett JMXX0126
Grossett Village JMXX1782
Grove Place JMXX0427
Grove Town JMXX0429
Guanaboa Vale JMXX0901
Guava Ridge JMXX0728
Guilsbro JMXX1537
Guinea Corn JMXX0127
Gunters Hill JMXX0128
Gutters JMXX1114
Guys Hill JMXX1656
Haddersfield JMXX1657
Haddington JMXX0305
Haddon JMXX1343
Hagley Gap JMXX1783
Halberstadt JMXX0729
Half Way Tree JMXX0730
Halifax JMXX1658
Hall Head JMXX1784
Halls Delight JMXX0731
Hallsfield JMXX1344
Halse Hall JMXX0129
Ham Walk JMXX0902
Hamilton Pen JMXX0130
Hampden JMXX1903
Hampstead JMXX1904
Hampton JMXX1345
Hampton JMXX1538
Hampton JMXX1115
Hampton Court JMXX1785
Hanbury JMXX0431
Hanover JMXX0432
Hansons JMXX0433
Happy Grove JMXX0732
Happy Grove JMXX0600
Happy Grove JMXX1116
Happy Retreat JMXX1346
Harbour Head JMXX1786
Harbour View JMXX0733
Hard Bargain JMXX1660
Harewood JMXX0131
Harewood JMXX0903
Harkers Hall JMXX0904
Harmons JMXX0434
Harmony Hall JMXX1661
Harmony Hall JMXX0132
Harmony Hill JMXX1347
Harmony Vale JMXX1348
Harry Watch JMXX0435
Hart Hill JMXX0601
Hartford JMXX2012
Hatfield JMXX0436
Haughton JMXX1117
Haughton Court JMXX0306
Haughton Grove JMXX0307
Haughton Hall JMXX0308
Havendale JMXX2109
Hayes JMXX0133
Hayfield JMXX0602
Hayfield JMXX0905
Hazard JMXX0134
Heart Ease JMXX1787
Heartherfield JMXX0135
Heathfield JMXX0136
Heathfield JMXX0906
Heavitree JMXX0437
Hectors River JMXX0603
Helicon JMXX1349
Hermitage JMXX0438
Hermitage JMXX1118
Hermitage JMXX2013
Hesse Cassel JMXX1350
Heywood Hall JMXX1662
Hibernia JMXX0439
Higgin Town JMXX1351
Highgate JMXX0907
Highgate JMXX1663
Highland Castle JMXX1788
Hill Top JMXX1119
Hillsborough JMXX0734
Hillside JMXX0137
Hinds Town JMXX1352
Hodges JMXX1120
Hog Hole JMXX0908
Hog Hole JMXX0440
Holland JMXX1121
Holland JMXX1790
Holland Park JMXX1791
Holyland Corner JMXX0138
Home Castle JMXX1353
Hope JMXX0441
Hope JMXX0909
Hope JMXX0735
Hope JMXX0139
Hope Bay JMXX0604
Hope Hall JMXX0309
Hope Pastures JMXX0736
Hopefield JMXX0605
Hopeton JMXX1539
Hopeton JMXX0606
Hopeton JMXX1122
Hopeton JMXX2014
Hopewell JMXX1354
Hopewell JMXX0737
Hopewell JMXX0140
Hopewell JMXX0310
Hopewell JMXX0442
Hopewell JMXX1123
Hopewell Hall JMXX1792
Hordley JMXX1793
Huntley JMXX1794
Huntley JMXX0443
Huntley JMXX1355
Huntley Village JMXX1356
Hunts Pen JMXX0141
Huntstown JMXX1664
Hutchensons Hale JMXX1357
Hyde Hall JMXX1906
Industry JMXX1540
Industry JMXX0607
Industry JMXX1359
Industry JMXX0142
Innswood JMXX0910
Inverness JMXX1360
Inverness JMXX0143
Ipswich JMXX1124
Irish Town JMXX0738
Ironshore JMXX1541
Irwin JMXX1542
Isle JMXX0444
Islington JMXX1361
Islington JMXX1665
Islington JMXX0609
Iter Boreale JMXX1666
Iver Cottage JMXX1125
Ivy Mount JMXX0911
Jack Monday JMXX0144
Jack River JMXX1667
Jacks Hill JMXX0739
Jacks Lodge JMXX1362
Jacks Rock JMXX1668
Jackson Town JMXX1908
Jackson Village JMXX0912
Jacksons Bay JMXX0145
James Hill JMXX0146
Jane Marks JMXX2016
Java JMXX0445
Jeffrey Town JMXX1669
Jericho JMXX0311
Jericho JMXX0913
Jericho JMXX1543
Jerusalem JMXX2017
Jew Hill JMXX0312
Johns Hall JMXX0610
Johns Hall JMXX0446
Johns Hall JMXX0147
Johns Hall JMXX1544
Johns Lodge JMXX1126
Johns Town JMXX1795
Johnson Mountain JMXX1796
Johnson Town JMXX0313
Johnston Pen JMXX1909
Johnston Village JMXX1364
Jointwood JMXX1127
Jones Moreland JMXX0314
Jones Pen JMXX0914
Jones Pen JMXX2018
Jones Town JMXX0740
Junction JMXX1128
Kan Pan JMXX2019
Katram Castle JMXX1365
Keanwood JMXX0447
Keith JMXX1366
Kellits JMXX0148
Kemps Hill JMXX0149
Kempshot JMXX0315
Kempshot JMXX1129
Kencot JMXX0741
Kendal JMXX0448
Kennedys JMXX0150
Kensington JMXX0611
Kensington JMXX1367
Kensington JMXX1130
Kent JMXX1910
Kent Village JMXX0915
Kentish JMXX0916
Kepham JMXX2020
Keppoch JMXX1368
Kew JMXX0316
Kew JMXX0612
Kew Park JMXX2021
Kilbies JMXX0917
Kildare JMXX0613
Kildare JMXX1131
Kilmarnoch JMXX2022
Kilmorey JMXX1132
Kings Pen JMXX2023
Kings Valley JMXX2024
Kingston JMXX0002
Kingsvale JMXX0317
Kingswood JMXX2025
Kinloss JMXX1911
Kirklands JMXX0742
Kirkpatrick Hall JMXX1545
Kitson Town JMXX0918
Knapdale JMXX1369
Knights JMXX0151
Knockalva JMXX2026
Knockpatrick JMXX0449
Knollis JMXX0919
Knutsford JMXX1370
Konigsberg JMXX1670
Kupuis JMXX0152
Labyrinth JMXX1671
Lacovia JMXX1133
Lambs River JMXX2027
Lancaster JMXX1134
Lancaster JMXX0450
Lancaster JMXX1912
Lances Bay JMXX0318
Langley JMXX1672
Laughlands JMXX1371
Lawrence Tavern JMXX0743
Leamington JMXX2028
Lebanon JMXX0744
Leeds JMXX1135
Leicesterfields JMXX0154
Leith Hall JMXX1797
Lennansville JMXX0920
Lennox JMXX0614
Lenox JMXX2029
Leogan JMXX1546
Lethe JMXX0319
Lewis JMXX1372
Lewis Store JMXX1673
Lewis Town JMXX1136
Leyton Valley JMXX0615
Liberty Castle JMXX1674
Liberty Hill JMXX0155
Liberty Valley JMXX1373
Liguanea JMXX0745
Lilliput JMXX1137
Lima JMXX1547
Lime Hall JMXX0156
Lime Hall JMXX1374
Lime Tree Garden JMXX1375
Limetree Valley JMXX1376
Limit JMXX0451
Lincoln JMXX0452
Lindale Pen JMXX1377
Lindos Gap JMXX0746
Linstead JMXX0921
Lionel Town JMXX0157
Litchfield JMXX1913
Lititz JMXX1138
Little Angels JMXX0922
Little Bay JMXX2030
Little Broughton JMXX2031
Little Ease JMXX1914
Little London JMXX0018
Little Mountain JMXX0453
Little Park JMXX1139
Little River JMXX1548
Llandewey JMXX1798
Llandilo JMXX2032
Llandovery JMXX1378
Llanrumney JMXX1675
Lloyds JMXX1799
Lloyds Pen JMXX1800
Lluidas Vale JMXX0923
Lochaber JMXX0454
Lodge JMXX1379
Lodge Bush JMXX2033
Logan Castle JMXX0924
Logans Junction JMXX0158
Logens Pen JMXX0925
Logie Green JMXX0159
Logwood JMXX0320
Long Bay JMXX0617
Long Hill JMXX0926
Long Hill JMXX1140
Long Pond JMXX1915
Long Pond Pen JMXX2034
Long Wood JMXX0160
Longacre JMXX1141
Longville JMXX0161
Longville Park JMXX0927
Look Out JMXX1676
Lookout JMXX1142
Lottery JMXX1549
Lottery JMXX1916
Lovers Leap JMXX1143
Low Ground Pen JMXX0162
Low Leyton JMXX0618
Lowe River JMXX1917
Lower Esher JMXX1677
Lower Southfield JMXX1144
Lower Tooting JMXX1380
Lower Warminster JMXX1145
Lowes Corner JMXX0163
Lowes Pen JMXX0164
Lows Mountain JMXX1801
Lucea JMXX0321
Lucky Hill JMXX1678
Lucky Valley JMXX0165
Lucky Valley JMXX1381
Lucky Valley JMXX0455
Ludlow JMXX0166
Lumsdale JMXX1382
Lyssons JMXX1802
Macca Tree JMXX0928
Mackfield JMXX2035
Maggotty JMXX0322
Maggotty JMXX1146
Mahoe Garden JMXX0167
Mahoe Hill JMXX1679
Mahogany Hall JMXX1918
Mahogany Vale JMXX0747
Maidstone JMXX0619
Maidstone JMXX0456
Maimsey Valley JMXX0168
Maldon Village JMXX1550
Malton JMXX0457
Malvern JMXX1147
Malvern Chase JMXX1148
Malvern Park JMXX1383
Malvern Well JMXX1149
Mammee Bay JMXX1384
Manchioneal JMXX0019
Manchioneal JMXX1150
Mandeville JMXX0458
Mango Grove JMXX1385
Manningfield Pen JMXX0169
Mannings Town JMXX1680
March Pen JMXX0929
March Town JMXX0323
Market JMXX0170
Marlborough JMXX0459
Marley JMXX1681
Marley Hill JMXX0460
Marlie Hill JMXX0930
Marlie Mount JMXX0931
Maroon Town JMXX0020
Marshalls Pen JMXX0461
Martha Brae JMXX1919
Martin Hall JMXX0932
Martin Village JMXX1682
Mary Village JMXX0933
Maryfield JMXX0934
Maryland JMXX0324
Masemure JMXX2036
Mason JMXX0462
Mason Hall JMXX1683
Mason River JMXX1386
Mason Valley JMXX0749
Masters JMXX0935
Matildas Corner JMXX0750
Maverty JMXX0751
Mavis Bank JMXX0752
Maxfield JMXX1920
May Hill JMXX0463
May Pen JMXX0171
Mayfield JMXX1387
Mearnsville JMXX2037
Mears JMXX0172
Melrose JMXX0621
Mendes JMXX0936
Mendez Hill JMXX0937
Merrywood JMXX1921
Mesopotamia JMXX2038
Mexico JMXX1151
Meylersfield JMXX2039
Mickleton JMXX0938
Mid Leyton JMXX0622
Middle Quarters JMXX1152
Middlesex JMXX0325
Middlesex JMXX1388
Middleton JMXX0753
Midgeham JMXX2040
Mile Gully JMXX0465
Miles Town JMXX0326
Milford JMXX1389
Milk River Bath JMXX0173
Millbank JMXX0623
Milltown JMXX1390
Minard JMXX1391
Minho JMXX0174
Mint JMXX2041
Mitcham JMXX1153
Mitchell Town JMXX0175
Mocho JMXX1551
Mocho JMXX0176
Mocho House JMXX0754
Mona JMXX0755
Mona Heights JMXX0756
Moneague JMXX1392
Monmouth JMXX0624
Montego Bay JMXX0003
Montmorency JMXX1684
Montpelier JMXX0177
Montpelier JMXX0022
Montpelier JMXX1154
Montpelier JMXX1394
Montpelier JMXX1803
Montpelier JMXX0939
Moore Town JMXX0625
Moores JMXX0178
Moores Pen JMXX0940
Morant JMXX1804
Morant Bay JMXX0004
Moravia JMXX0179
Moreland JMXX0466
Moreland JMXX0180
Morgans JMXX0181
Morgans Bridge JMXX2042
Morris Hall JMXX0941
Mosquito Cove JMXX0327
Mount Airy JMXX2043
Mount Augusta JMXX0942
Mount Belmore JMXX0757
Mount Blow JMXX0467
Mount Carey JMXX1553
Mount Carmel JMXX1395
Mount Charles JMXX0758
Mount Cotterall JMXX0182
Mount Dispute JMXX0759
Mount Eagle JMXX2044
Mount Grace JMXX2045
Mount Hermon JMXX1155
Mount Hermon JMXX1396
Mount Horeb JMXX1554
Mount James JMXX0760
Mount Lebanus JMXX0183
Mount Lebanus JMXX1805
Mount Morency JMXX1685
Mount Moses JMXX0184
Mount Moses JMXX0761
Mount Nebo JMXX0185
Mount Nelson JMXX0468
Mount Olive JMXX0186
Mount Olive JMXX1397
Mount Pelier JMXX0762
Mount Pleasant JMXX0469
Mount Pleasant JMXX0943
Mount Pleasant JMXX1398
Mount Pleasant JMXX0763
Mount Pleasant JMXX0626
Mount Pleasant JMXX0328
Mount Pleasant JMXX0187
Mount Pleasant JMXX1686
Mount Pleasant JMXX1156
Mount Prospect JMXX0470
Mount Providence JMXX0188
Mount Solus JMXX1157
Mount Stewart JMXX2046
Mount Terza JMXX2047
Mount Vernon JMXX1807
Mount Vernon JMXX0627
Mount Zion JMXX1399
Mount Zion JMXX1555
Mount Zion JMXX1158
Mountain River JMXX0944
Mountain Side JMXX1159
Mountain Valley JMXX0329
Mt. Industry JMXX0945
Mulleth Hall JMXX0628
Murray Mountain JMXX1400
Myersville JMXX1160
Naggo Head JMXX0946
Nain JMXX1161
Naseberry Garden JMXX0947
Natural Bridge JMXX0948
Needham Pen JMXX1808
Negril JMXX0009
Negril Spots JMXX2048
Ness Castle JMXX1809
New Bermuda JMXX0629
New Broughton JMXX2049
New Castle JMXX1401
New Colliston JMXX1402
New England JMXX1403
New Green Island JMXX0330
New Hall JMXX0949
New Hall JMXX1404
New Kingston JMXX0765
New Monklands JMXX1810
New Pera JMXX1811
New Ramble JMXX1687
New Road JMXX2050
New Shafton JMXX2051
New Works JMXX2052
New Yarmouth JMXX0190
New York JMXX1405
New York JMXX0950
Newark JMXX0471
Newcastle JMXX0766
Newcombe Valley JMXX1162
Newell JMXX1163
Newhall JMXX0472
Newlands JMXX0951
Newmarket JMXX1164
Newmarket Pen JMXX0952
Newport JMXX0473
Newport East JMXX0368
Newport West JMXX0767
Newstead JMXX0768
Newton JMXX1165
Niger Corner JMXX0769
Nonpareil JMXX0474
Nonpareil JMXX2053
Nonsuch JMXX0630
Nonsuch JMXX1688
Norbrook JMXX2110
Norfolk JMXX1166
Norman Gardens JMXX0369
Norris JMXX1812
Northampton JMXX1167
Norway JMXX0475
Norwich JMXX0631
Oakes JMXX0191
Oakes Pen JMXX0192
Oberlin JMXX0770
Occasion Town JMXX0953
Ocho Rios JMXX0005
Old Barracks JMXX1689
Old Barracks JMXX1407
Old England JMXX0476
Old Harbour JMXX0954
Old Harbour Bay JMXX0955
Old Harbour Bay JMXX0193
Old Hope JMXX2054
Old House JMXX0194
Old Lee Gate JMXX1813
Old Pera JMXX1814
Old Rotherwood JMXX2055
Old Shafton JMXX2056
Old Yarmouth JMXX0195
Oldbury JMXX0477
Olympic Gardens JMXX0771
Onslows JMXX1815
Oracabessa JMXX1690
Orange JMXX1556
Orange Bay JMXX0331
Orange Bay JMXX0632
Orange Cove JMXX0332
Orange Hall JMXX1408
Orange Hill JMXX2057
Orange Hill JMXX1691
Orange Park JMXX1409
Orange River Pen JMXX0196
Orange Valley JMXX1410
Orange Valley JMXX0956
Orange Valley JMXX1923
Orangefield JMXX0957
Orchard JMXX0333
Ormiston JMXX2058
Osborne Store JMXX0197
Osbornes JMXX1692
Outon JMXX1411
Owens JMXX1412
Oxford JMXX1924
Oxford JMXX1816
Oxford JMXX1168
Oxford JMXX0958
Palm JMXX0959
Palm Beach JMXX0772
Palmers Cross JMXX0198
Palmetto Cottage JMXX0960
Palmetto Grove JMXX1693
Palmyra JMXX1557
Panton Town JMXX1817
Papine JMXX0773
Paradise JMXX0334
Paradise JMXX1169
Paradise JMXX0199
Paradise JMXX2059
Park Hall JMXX0478
Park Head JMXX1170
Parks Road JMXX0774
Parnassus JMXX0200
Parry Town JMXX1413
Parsonage JMXX1694
Passage Fort JMXX0961
Patrick Town JMXX0479
Patton Park JMXX0962
Paul Island JMXX2060
Peak Pen JMXX0335
Pear Tree Grove JMXX1695
Pear Tree River JMXX1819
Pear Tree Valley JMXX0480
Peckham JMXX0201
Pedro JMXX1414
Pedro JMXX0336
Pedro Cross JMXX1171
Pedro District JMXX1415
Pedro Pen JMXX1172
Pedro River JMXX0202
Pemberton Valley JMXX1696
Pembroke Hall JMXX1697
Pembroke Hall JMXX0775
Pennants JMXX0203
Pennycooke JMXX2061
Penshurst JMXX1416
Pepper JMXX1173
Peppingford JMXX0633
Perrins JMXX0204
Perth JMXX0481
Perth Town JMXX1925
Peru JMXX1926
Petersfield JMXX2062
Petersfield JMXX1820
Petersfield JMXX0482
Petersville JMXX2063
Phelps Run JMXX0205
Philadelphia JMXX1417
Phoenix JMXX1927
Phoenix JMXX0337
Phoenix Park JMXX2064
Phoenix Park JMXX1418
Phoenix Town JMXX0338
Pilot JMXX1419
Pimento Grove JMXX0963
Pimento Walk JMXX1420
Pipers JMXX2065
Pisgah JMXX1174
Planters Hall JMXX1698
Pleasant Hill JMXX0776
Pleasant Hill JMXX0634
Pleasant Hill JMXX0483
Pleasant Valley JMXX1421
Plowden Hill JMXX0484
Plum Corner JMXX1928
Point JMXX0339
Point JMXX1558
Point Hill JMXX0964
Pond Side JMXX1175
Pondside JMXX0340
Poor Mans Corner JMXX1821
Port Antonio JMXX0012
Port Esquivel JMXX0965
Port Henderson JMXX0966
Port Kaiser JMXX1176
Port Mahon JMXX0485
Port Maria JMXX1699
Port Morant JMXX1822
Port Royal JMXX0006
Porters Mountain JMXX2066
Portland Cottage JMXX0206
Portmore JMXX0967
Porus JMXX0486
Pot House Pen JMXX0968
Potosi JMXX1823
Pratville JMXX0487
Pridees JMXX0207
Priestmans River JMXX0636
Priory JMXX1422
Prospect JMXX1177
Prospect JMXX1423
Prospect JMXX2067
Prospect JMXX1559
Prospect JMXX1824
Prospect JMXX0488
Providence JMXX1424
Providence JMXX0489
Providence JMXX0969
Providence JMXX0637
Providence JMXX1700
Providence JMXX1560
Pullet Hall JMXX1178
Punchbowl JMXX1179
Pusey Hall JMXX0208
Pusey Hall Pen JMXX0209
Pusey Hill JMXX0490
Quatre Bras JMXX0491
Quaw Hill JMXX1825
Quebec JMXX1701
Queenhythe JMXX1425
Quick Step JMXX1180
Rabys Corner JMXX0970
Race Course JMXX0210
Ramble JMXX1826
Ramble JMXX0342
Ramble Pen JMXX0343
Rat Trap JMXX2068
Ratcliff Park JMXX0971
Raymonds JMXX0211
Reach JMXX0638
Readers Pen JMXX1827
Reading JMXX0007
Recess JMXX0972
Recovery Pen JMXX0344
Rectory JMXX1181
Rectory JMXX0212
Rectory JMXX0639
Red Ground JMXX0973
Red Hill JMXX1828
Red Hills JMXX0777
Redbury JMXX0492
Reddington JMXX1702
Redwood JMXX0974
Reeves Wood JMXX0493
Refuge JMXX1930
Relford JMXX0494
Relief JMXX1426
Relston Park JMXX0975
Rennals JMXX0976
Rentcombe JMXX0977
Reserve JMXX1931
Resource JMXX0495
Resource JMXX1427
Resource JMXX0778
Rest JMXX0213
Rest Pen JMXX0978
Rest Store JMXX1182
Retirement JMXX1183
Retirement JMXX1561
Retirement JMXX1932
Retirement JMXX1428
Retirement JMXX0214
Retirement JMXX2069
Retreat JMXX2070
Retreat JMXX0215
Retreat JMXX0979
Retreat JMXX1429
Retreat JMXX1703
Retreat JMXX0496
Retrieve JMXX0497
Retrieve JMXX2071
Revival JMXX2072
Reynolds Run JMXX1184
Rhine JMXX1829
Rhodes Hall JMXX0345
Rhymesbury JMXX0216
Richards Pen JMXX1704
Richardsfield JMXX1430
Richmond JMXX1705
Richmond JMXX0498
Richmond JMXX1431
Richmond JMXX0640
Richmond Hill JMXX0980
Richmond Hill JMXX0641
Richmond Park JMXX0217
Ricketts River JMXX2073
Ridgeland JMXX2074
Riley Village JMXX1830
Rio Bueno JMXX1933
Rio Magno JMXX0981
Rising Sun JMXX1432
Riswich JMXX1433
Ritchies JMXX0218
River Head JMXX2075
Riverhead JMXX0982
Riverhead JMXX1434
Riversdale JMXX0983
Riverside JMXX0346
Roadside JMXX1435
Roaring River JMXX1436
Roaring River JMXX2076
Roberts Run JMXX0499
Robins Bay JMXX1706
Robins Hall JMXX0500
Robins River JMXX2077
Robinson Run JMXX0501
Rock Fort JMXX1437
Rock Hall JMXX0779
Rock River JMXX0220
Rock Spring JMXX0347
Rock Spring JMXX1934
Rockingham JMXX0348
Rocky Point JMXX0221
Rocky Point JMXX1831
Roebuck Hill JMXX2078
Roehampton JMXX1562
Rollington Town JMXX0370
Rome JMXX0349
Roscommon JMXX1707
Rose Hall JMXX1438
Rose Hall JMXX1563
Rose Hall JMXX1185
Rose Hill JMXX0642
Rose Hill JMXX1708
Rose Hill JMXX1564
Rose Valley JMXX0984
Roseberry JMXX1186
Rosemount JMXX0985
Rosend JMXX1709
Rosetta JMXX1439
Rosewell JMXX0222
Roslin Castle JMXX1935
Rotherwood JMXX2079
Round Hill JMXX0350
Rowes Corner JMXX0502
Rowington Park JMXX0223
Rowlandsfield JMXX1832
Roxborough JMXX0503
Roxbro JMXX1566
Royal Flat JMXX0504
Rozelle JMXX1833
Rules Pen JMXX0224
Runaway Bay JMXX1440
Rural Vale JMXX0643
Russell Pen JMXX0225
Russell Pen JMXX0986
Russells JMXX1187
Sadlers Hall JMXX0351
Saint Faiths JMXX0987
Saint Faiths JMXX1443
Saint Helena JMXX0505
Saint Helens JMXX0988
Saint Jago JMXX0226
Saint Leonards JMXX2080
Saint Mountain JMXX1445
Saint Pauls JMXX0506
Saint Toolies JMXX0507
Saint Vincent JMXX1936
Salem JMXX0352
Salem JMXX1710
Salem JMXX1446
Salisbury JMXX1447
Salisbury JMXX0782
Salisbury JMXX1711
Sallys Delight JMXX0989
Sallys Hall JMXX1188
Salt Gut JMXX1712
Salt Pond Pen JMXX0991
Salt River JMXX0227
Salt Spring JMXX1567
Salt Spring JMXX0353
Salters Hill JMXX1568
Sandside JMXX1713
Sandy Bay JMXX0228
Sandy Bay JMXX0354
Sandy Ground JMXX1189
Sandy Gully JMXX0229
Sanguinetti JMXX0230
Santa Cruz JMXX0029
Santa Maria JMXX0783
Santamaria JMXX0231
Savanna-la-Mar JMXX2082
Sawyers JMXX1937
Saxham JMXX0355
Saxony Pen JMXX0232
Scarborough JMXX1448
Scarlett Hall JMXX1449
Scholefield JMXX1190
Schwallenburgh JMXX1450
Scotia JMXX0508
Scotts Pass JMXX0509
Sea View JMXX1451
Seafield JMXX1938
Seaford Town JMXX2083
Seaforth JMXX1834
Seamans Valley JMXX0645
Sedburgh JMXX0510
Selington JMXX1191
Seniors JMXX0511
Serge Island JMXX1835
Seven Corners JMXX1192
Seven Doubloons JMXX0992
Seven Mile JMXX0784
Seven Oaks JMXX1452
Seven Rivers JMXX1569
Sevens JMXX0233
Seville JMXX1453
Seville Heights JMXX1454
Shaw Park JMXX1455
Shaws JMXX1193
Sheerness JMXX1714
Sheffield JMXX2084
Shepperds Hall JMXX0356
Sherwood Content JMXX1939
Sherwood Forest JMXX1836
Sherwood Forest JMXX0646
Sherwood Forest JMXX0512
Shettlewood JMXX0357
Shickles Pen JMXX0234
Shirehampton JMXX0513
Shirley Castle JMXX0647
Shirley Pen JMXX0648
Shooters Hill JMXX0514
Shotover JMXX0649
Showfield JMXX1940
Shrewsbury JMXX1194
Shrewsbury JMXX2085
Shrewsbury JMXX0650
Siberia JMXX1456
Sidney Castle JMXX1457
Siloah JMXX1195
Silver Hill JMXX0651
Silver Sands JMXX1941
Simmers Valley JMXX1458
Simpsons JMXX0235
Six Miles JMXX0785
Skibo JMXX0652
Skipton JMXX1459
Slanmore JMXX0786
Sligoville JMXX0993
Slipe JMXX1196
Smith Village JMXX0653
Smithfield JMXX0358
Smithfield JMXX0654
Smithfield JMXX0515
Smithfield JMXX1197
Smiths Pen JMXX0787
Smithville JMXX0236
Snowdon JMXX0516
Socks Lodge JMXX1460
Soho JMXX0517
Soho JMXX1837
Somerset JMXX0788
Somerset JMXX1838
Somerset JMXX0518
Somerset Hall JMXX0994
Somerton JMXX1570
Somerville JMXX0995
Sommers Town JMXX0655
Sommerset JMXX1461
Sooky Gal JMXX0996
Soursop Turn JMXX0237
Southfield JMXX0030
Southfield JMXX1462
Spa Spring JMXX0789
Spaldings JMXX0519
Spanish Town JMXX0008
Spanish Well JMXX0520
Speculation JMXX1198
Spencers Pen JMXX0997
Spicy Grove JMXX1715
Spitzbergen JMXX0521
Spot Valley JMXX1571
Spotfield JMXX1942
Spring Bank JMXX1839
Spring Garden JMXX0656
Spring Garden JMXX1840
Spring Garden JMXX1943
Spring Garden JMXX1572
Spring Garden JMXX0998
Spring Grove JMXX1716
Spring Hill JMXX0657
Spring Mount JMXX1573
Spring Park JMXX1199
Spring Rises JMXX1944
Spring Vale JMXX1574
Spring Valley JMXX1717
Spring Valley JMXX0658
Spring Valley JMXX0359
Spring Village JMXX0999
Springfield JMXX1718
Springfield JMXX0238
Springfield JMXX1841
Springfield JMXX1000
Springfield JMXX2086
Springfield JMXX0659
Springfield JMXX1575
Springfield JMXX1200
Springvale JMXX1201
Springvale JMXX1001
Spur Tree JMXX0522
Staketon JMXX1463
Stanberry Grove JMXX1002
Stanmore JMXX1842
Stanmore Grove JMXX1464
Stanton JMXX1843
Stanton Harcourt JMXX0660
Starapple Grove JMXX0661
Steelfield JMXX1945
Steer Town JMXX1465
Steerfield JMXX1466
Stepney JMXX1467
Stettin JMXX1946
Stewart Town JMXX1468
Stewarton JMXX0239
Stirling JMXX1469
Stirling Castle JMXX0523
Stirling Castle JMXX0790
Stirling Castle JMXX1003
Stokes Hall JMXX1844
Stone Hill JMXX1004
Stonehenge JMXX1576
Stonehenge JMXX1947
Stony Gut JMXX1845
Stony Hill JMXX0662
Stony Hill JMXX0791
Strawberry JMXX1470
Stricklands JMXX0524
Struie JMXX2087
Sturge Town JMXX1471
Success JMXX0360
Success JMXX1202
Suffolk Park JMXX1846
Summer Hill JMXX1577
Sunflower JMXX1847
Sunning Hill JMXX1848
Sunny Bank JMXX1849
Susan Hill JMXX1472
Sussex JMXX1473
Suttons JMXX0240
Swallowfield JMXX0792
Swansea JMXX1005
Sweet River JMXX2088
Swift River JMXX0663
Sydenham JMXX1006
Tales Pen JMXX1007
Tanglewood JMXX1474
Tarentum JMXX1008
Tarwood JMXX0361
Taylors JMXX1009
Teak Pen JMXX0241
Tharp Pen JMXX1010
Thatch Pen JMXX0242
Thatch Walk JMXX1475
Thatchfield JMXX1476
The Alley JMXX0243
The Alps JMXX1948
The Alves JMXX0244
The Cooperage JMXX0793
The Cottage JMXX1719
The Cross JMXX0245
The Lodge JMXX1011
The Rest JMXX1012
The Rock JMXX1949
The Shambles JMXX0525
Thetford JMXX1013
Thicket JMXX0526
Thompson JMXX0246
Thompson Pen JMXX1015
Thompson Town JMXX0247
Thompsons Bush JMXX0362
Thomson Hill JMXX0363
Thorn Hill JMXX0527
Thornhill JMXX2089
Thornton JMXX1203
Thornton JMXX1850
Three Mile JMXX0794
Three Mile River JMXX2090
Titchfield JMXX1477
Tobolski JMXX1478
Toll Gate JMXX0248
Tom Kings JMXX0249
Tom Spring JMXX0364
Tombstone JMXX1204
Tommy Bush JMXX1205
Toms Hope JMXX0664
Toms River JMXX0795
Tomsfield JMXX0665
Top Buxton JMXX1479
Top Hill JMXX1720
Top Hill JMXX1206
Torrington JMXX2091
Tower Hill JMXX0796
Town Head JMXX2092
Townshens Pen JMXX1017
Tows Pen JMXX1480
Trafalgar JMXX1578
Trafalgar JMXX1481
Treadlight JMXX0250
Treadways JMXX1018
Treasure Beach JMXX1208
Tree Grove JMXX0797
Trench Town JMXX0798
Trentham Park JMXX1019
Trenton JMXX0251
Trinity JMXX1721
Trinity Ville JMXX1851
Tripoli JMXX1482
Troja JMXX1722
Trout Hall JMXX0252
Troy JMXX1950
Troy JMXX0253
Troy JMXX1723
Truro Pen JMXX2093
Tryall JMXX0365
Trysee Village JMXX1483
Tug Hill JMXX2094
Tulloch JMXX1021
Tumbridge JMXX0799
Turtle Pond JMXX0254
Tweedside JMXX1852
Tweedside JMXX0255
Twickenham Park JMXX1022
Tyre JMXX1951
Ulster Spring JMXX1952
Union JMXX1484
Union Hill JMXX1724
Union Pen JMXX1023
Unity JMXX0800
Unity JMXX0256
Unity Hall JMXX1579
Unity Pen JMXX1485
Unity Valley JMXX1853
Unity Valley JMXX1486
Up Park Camp JMXX0801
Usher Mount JMXX1024
Vale Royal JMXX1953
Vanity Fair JMXX1025
Vaughansfield JMXX1580
Vaz Delight JMXX1026
Victoria Town JMXX0528
Villa JMXX1725
Vinegar Hill JMXX2095
Virginia JMXX0529
Wait a Bit JMXX1955
Wakefield JMXX1487
Wakefield JMXX2096
Wakefield JMXX1956
Wakefield JMXX1027
Walderston JMXX0530
Walkers Wood JMXX1488
Wallen JMXX0257
Wallingford JMXX1726
Walton JMXX1489
Warsaw JMXX0666
Warsop JMXX1957
Warwick JMXX0531
Watchwell JMXX1209
Water Valley JMXX1854
Water Valley JMXX1727
Water Wheel JMXX2097
Water Works JMXX2098
Waterhouse Pen JMXX0803
Waterloo JMXX1028
Waterloo JMXX1490
Watermount JMXX1029
Watson Town JMXX1958
Watt Town JMXX1491
Wedge Well JMXX0259
Welcome JMXX1492
Wemyss JMXX1581
West End JMXX2099
Westfield JMXX0667
Westfield JMXX0366
Westfield JMXX0532
Westlands JMXX2100
Westphalia JMXX1210
Weymouth JMXX1493
Wheelersfield JMXX1855
Whitaker Corner JMXX0260
Whitby JMXX0533
White Hall JMXX1856
White Hall JMXX1211
White Hill JMXX1212
White Horses JMXX1857
White River JMXX1494
White Rock JMXX1213
Whitehall JMXX2101
Whitehall JMXX0668
Whitehall JMXX1728
Whitehall JMXX1858
Whitehouse JMXX2102
Whitfield JMXX0534
Whitfield Town JMXX0804
Whithorn JMXX2103
Whitney JMXX0261
Whitney Turn JMXX0535
Whorton JMXX1214
Whydaw JMXX0669
Wick JMXX1496
Wigton JMXX0536
Wilbury JMXX0262
Wilderness JMXX1729
Williams Town JMXX1730
Williamsfield JMXX2105
Williamsfield JMXX0670
Williamsfield JMXX0537
Williamsfield JMXX1030
Williamsfield JMXX1215
Williamsfield JMXX1497
Williamsons JMXX1031
Wilmington JMXX1859
Wilson JMXX1959
Wilton JMXX1216
Wiltshire JMXX1582
Winchester JMXX1860
Winchester JMXX1217
Windsor JMXX2106
Windsor JMXX1960
Windsor JMXX0671
Windsor Castle JMXX0672
Windsor Castle JMXX1861
Windsor Castle JMXX1731
Windsor Forest JMXX0673
Windsor Heights JMXX1498
Windsor Lodge JMXX0805
Windsor Lodge JMXX1583
Windsor Park JMXX1032
Winefield JMXX1499
Wood Hall JMXX0263
Wood Hall JMXX1033
Woodhall JMXX1034
Woodlands JMXX1035
Woodlands JMXX0538
Woodside JMXX1732
Woodside JMXX0264
Woodstock JMXX0674
Woodstock JMXX1218
Woolbury JMXX1500
Woolwich JMXX1219
Woolwich JMXX1501
Worcester JMXX1036
Worthy Park JMXX1037
Y.S. Estate JMXX1220
Yallahs JMXX1862
Yates Savanna JMXX0265
York JMXX0539
York JMXX0266
York JMXX2107
York Castle JMXX1502
York Street JMXX1038
Zion Hill JMXX1039