Weather Codes for Israel

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Israel. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abba Hillel ISXX0078
Abbirim ISXX0813
Abu Ghaush ISXX1248
Abu Kabir ISXX1339
Abu Mareith ISXX0079
Abu Rabi`a ISXX0080
Abu Raqeiq ISXX0081
Abu Shusha ISXX0378
Abu Sinan ISXX0814
Acre ISXX0001
Adamit ISXX0815
Adderet ISXX1249
Adirim ISXX0816
Afeka ISXX1389
Afeq ISXX0817
Afiqim ISXX0818
Afridar ISXX0082
Ahawa ISXX0083
Ahihud ISXX0819
Ahisamakh ISXX0380
Ahituv ISXX0381
Ahi`ezer ISXX0379
Ahuza ISXX0657
Ahuzzam ISXX0084
Ahuzzat Baraq ISXX0820
Ahuzzat Naftali ISXX0821
Ajami ISXX1390
Akhsanya ISXX0823
Al Bire ISXX0085
Al Buhdari ISXX0086
Al Injua ISXX0087
Al Khabu ISXX0088
Al Murabba`a ISXX0089
Al Musrarah ISXX1250
Al Qurayn ISXX0090
Al Quseime ISXX0091
Al `Ajrah ISXX0092
Al-Ramadien ISXX0093
Allon HaGalil ISXX0824
Allon Tavor ISXX0825
Allone Abba ISXX0826
Allone Yizhaq ISXX0658
Allonim ISXX0827
Almagor ISXX0828
Alumma ISXX0094
Alummot ISXX0829
Amazya ISXX0095
Amirim ISXX0830
Amnun ISXX0831
Ar Ruqeidive ISXX0096
Arad ISXX0036
Arbel ISXX0832
Ariel ISXX0029
Arnona ISXX1392
Arsuf ISXX0382
Arzei HaBira ISXX1524
As Sila`i ISXX0097
Ashalim ISXX0098
Ashdod ISXX0038
Ashdot Ya`aqov ISXX0833
Asherat ISXX0836
Ashqelon ISXX0039
Avigedor ISXX0099
Avihayil ISXX0383
Avital ISXX0837
Avivim ISXX0838
Avi`ezer ISXX1251
Avshalom ISXX0100
Avtalyon ISXX0839
Avuqa ISXX0840
Ayyelet HaShahar ISXX0841
Azor ISXX1340
Azorei Hen ISXX1393
Bahan ISXX0384
Baiyada ISXX0660
Baka ISXX1394
Balfouriyya ISXX0842
Bar Giyyora ISXX1252
Bar Yohay ISXX0843
Baraq ISXX0845
Bareqet ISXX0385
Barnea` ISXX0101
Barqay ISXX0662
Barta`a ISXX0663
Bar`am ISXX0844
Basmat Tab`un ISXX0846
Bat Galim ISXX1395
Bat Gallim ISXX0664
Bat Hadar ISXX0102
Bat Hefer ISXX0386
Bat Shelomo ISXX0665
Bat Yam ISXX0002
Batei Ungarin ISXX1396
Bavli ISXX1397
Bayit VeGan ISXX1398
Bayit Wegan ISXX1253
Bayt Mirsim ISXX0103
Bazra ISXX0387
Beersheba ISXX0030
Beit David ISXX1399
Beit HaKerem ISXX1400
Beit Jann ISXX0847
Beit Jimal ISXX1254
Beit Jirja ISXX0109
Beit Lahm ISXX0003
Ben Dor ISXX0666
Ben Shemen ISXX0392
Ben Zakkay ISXX0393
Ben `Ammi ISXX0848
Benaya ISXX0394
Bene Beraq ISXX0004
Bene Darom ISXX0395
Bene Deror ISXX0396
Bene Ziyyon ISXX0398
Bene `Atarot ISXX0399
Beqoa` ISXX1255
Berekhya ISXX0111
Berit Ahim ISXX0849
Beror Hayil ISXX0112
Berosh ISXX0113
Berurim ISXX0114
Bet Alfa ISXX0850
Bet Dagan ISXX0400
Bet El`azari ISXX0401
Bet Gan ISXX0851
Bet Guvrin ISXX0115
Bet HaGaddi ISXX0116
Bet HaKerem ISXX1256
Bet HaLewi ISXX0403
Bet Hanan ISXX0404
Bet Hananya ISXX0667
Bet HaShitta ISXX0852
Bet Hashmonay ISXX0405
Bet Ha`Emeq ISXX0853
Bet Herut ISXX0406
Bet Hillel ISXX0854
Bet Hilqiyya ISXX0407
Bet Ma`on ISXX0856
Bet Nehemya ISXX0408
Bet Neqofa ISXX1258
Bet Nir ISXX0117
Bet Oren ISXX0668
Bet Qama ISXX0118
Bet Qeshet ISXX0857
Bet Rabban ISXX0409
Bet Rimmon ISXX0858
Bet Shemesh ISXX1259
Bet She`arim ISXX0860
Bet Shiqma ISXX0119
Bet Yannay ISXX0411
Bet Yehoshua` ISXX0412
Bet Yizhaq ISXX0413
Bet Yosef ISXX0861
Bet Zayd ISXX0862
Bet Zayit ISXX1260
Bet Zera` ISXX0863
Bet Zevi ISXX0669
Bet `Arif ISXX0415
Bet `Ezra ISXX0120
Bet `Oved ISXX0416
Bezet ISXX0864
Binyamina ISXX0670
Bir el Maksur ISXX0866
Bir es Sikka ISXX0418
Biriyya ISXX0867
Bitan Aharon ISXX0419
Bitanya ISXX0868
Bitha ISXX0121
Bizzaron ISXX0122
Bi`na ISXX0865
Bukharim quarter ISXX1402
Buqei`a ISXX0870
Buregan ISXX0871
Buregeta ISXX0420
Bureir ISXX0123
Bustan HaGalil ISXX0872
Bu`eina ISXX0869
Dabburiya ISXX0873
Dafna ISXX0874
Dahi ISXX0875
Daliyat er Ruha ISXX0876
Daliyya ISXX0877
Dalton ISXX0878
Dan ISXX0879
Daverat ISXX0880
Deganim ISXX0124
Deganya Alef ISXX0881
Deganya Bet ISXX0882
Deir el Asad ISXX0884
Deir Hanna ISXX0883
Deir Suneid ISXX0125
Deqel ISXX0126
Devira ISXX0127
Devora ISXX0885
Dimona ISXX0044
Dishon ISXX0886
Dohan ISXX0128
Dor ISXX0672
Dorot ISXX0129
Dovev ISXX0887
East Talpiot ISXX1403
Ed Denqur ISXX0130
Ef`al ISXX1341
Eilat ISXX0005
Eilot ISXX0131
Ein Bokek ISXX0132
Ein Sarid ISXX0421
Ein Vered ISXX0422
El Fureidis ISXX0673
El Huzaiyil ISXX0133
El Kababir ISXX0674
El Makr ISXX0888
El Manshiya ISXX1342
El Mazar ISXX0675
El Mazra`a ISXX0889
El Murtafi`a ISXX0676
El Musheirifa ISXX0677
El Musherifa ISXX0680
El `Ajami ISXX1343
El `Imara ISXX0134
El `Ulmaniya ISXX0890
El-Bureise ISXX0135
El-Khadar ISXX0136
El-Ma`in ISXX0137
El-Melek ISXX0138
Elifaz ISXX0139
Elifelet ISXX0891
Elishama` ISXX0423
Elon ISXX0892
Elqosh ISXX0893
Elyakhin ISXX0424
Elyaqim ISXX0894
Elyashiv ISXX0425
Emek Refaim ISXX1404
Emunim ISXX0140
En Hazeva ISXX0046
En Nawaqir ISXX0895
En Nuqeib ISXX0896
Er Rabye ISXX0141
Er Reina ISXX0897
Er Ruweibiye ISXX0142
Erez ISXX0143
Es Sawawin ISXX0144
Esh Sheikh Dawud ISXX0899
Eshbol ISXX0146
Eshel HaNasi ISXX0147
Eshhar ISXX0900
Eshkolot ISXX0148
Et Taiyiba ISXX0426
Et Taiyiba ISXX0901
Etan ISXX0149
Etanim ISXX1262
Even Menahem ISXX0902
Even Pelet ISXX0903
Even Sappir ISXX1263
Even Yehuda ISXX0427
Even Yizhaq ISXX0904
Eyal ISXX0428
Ez Zol ISXX0151
Ezra ISXX1405
Ezrat Torah ISXX1406
Fardisiya ISXX0429
Florentin ISXX1407
French Carmel ISXX1408
Gadish ISXX0906
Gan HaDarom ISXX0431
Gan HaSharon ISXX0432
Gan Hayyim ISXX0433
Gan Ner ISXX0907
Gan Shelomo ISXX0434
Gan Shomeron ISXX0683
Gan Soreq ISXX0435
Gan Yavne ISXX0436
Gan Yoshiyya ISXX0437
Ganei Tzahala ISXX1409
Ganne Tiqwa ISXX0438
Ganne Yehuda ISXX0439
Ganne Yohanan ISXX0440
Ganne`am ISXX0441
Gannot ISXX0442
Gannot Hadar ISXX0443
Gat ISXX0153
Gat Rimmon ISXX0444
Gazit ISXX0908
Ga`ash ISXX0430
Ga`ton ISXX0905
Gedera ISXX0448
Gefen ISXX1265
Gelil Yam ISXX1345
Gelilot ISXX1346
German Colony ISXX1266
German Colony ISXX1410
Gerofit ISXX0047
Gesher ISXX0909
Gesher HaZiw ISXX0910
Geula ISXX1411
Gevar`am ISXX0155
Gevat ISXX0912
Geva` ISXX0911
Geva` Karmel ISXX0684
Gevim ISXX0156
Gevulot ISXX0157
Gezer ISXX0449
Gibbeton ISXX0450
Gidron ISXX0158
Gid`ona ISXX0913
Gilat ISXX0159
Gile`am ISXX0914
Gilon ISXX0915
Gimzo ISXX0451
Ginnaton ISXX0452
Ginnegar ISXX0916
Ginnosar ISXX0917
Gitta ISXX0918
Givat Aliyah ISXX1415
Givat Massuah ISXX1417
Givat Mordechai ISXX1418
Givat Oranim ISXX1419
Givat Ram ISXX1420
Givat Shaul ISXX1421
Giv`at Avni ISXX0919
Giv`at Brenner ISXX0453
Giv`at Ela ISXX0920
Giv`at HaPo`alim ISXX0685
Giv`at Haviva ISXX0686
Giv`at Hayyim ISXX0455
Giv`at Hen ISXX0456
Giv`at Herzl ISXX1347
Giv`at Koah ISXX0457
Giv`at Mordekhay ISXX1267
Giv`at Nili ISXX0687
Giv`at Olga ISXX0688
Giv`at Ram ISXX1268
Giv`at Rambam ISXX1348
Giv`at Shappira ISXX0458
Giv`at Sharet ISXX1270
Giv`at Shemesh ISXX1271
Giv`at Ye`arim ISXX1272
Giv`at `Ada ISXX0689
Giv`at `Eden ISXX0690
Giv`at `Oz ISXX0921
Giv`atayim ISXX1349
Giv`ati ISXX0160
Giv`olim ISXX0161
Giv`ot Mordekhay ISXX1274
Gizo ISXX1275
Gonen ISXX0922
Gonen ISXX1276
Goren ISXX0923
Gornot HaGalil ISXX0924
Greek Colony ISXX1422
HaArgazim ISXX1423
HaBonim ISXX0691
Hadar HaCarmel ISXX1427
Hadar HaKarmel ISXX0694
Hadar Ramatayim ISXX0462
Hadar Yosef ISXX1351
Hadar `Am ISXX0463
Hadassim ISXX0464
Hadera ISXX0006
Hadid ISXX0465
Hafez Hayyim ISXX0466
Hagor ISXX0467
HaGosherim ISXX0925
HaHoterim ISXX0692
Haifa ISXX0007
Hajajra ISXX0930
HaKarmel ISXX0693
HaKirya ISXX1424
Halaf Tabbash ISXX0931
Haluz ISXX0932
Hamadya ISXX0933
Hamam ISXX0934
HaMa`pil ISXX0460
HaMishtala ISXX1425
Hammat ISXX0935
Hanita ISXX0936
Hannaton ISXX0937
HaQirya ISXX1350
Har Hotzvim ISXX1525
Har Nof ISXX1428
HaRakevet ISXX1426
Hararit ISXX0938
Harashim ISXX0939
Harduf ISXX0940
Harish ISXX0695
Hartuv ISXX1278
Haruvit ISXX0162
Haruzim ISXX0469
HaSolelim ISXX0926
Hatikva Quarter ISXX1429
Havazzelet ISXX0470
Hawwat HaShomer ISXX0941
Hawwat Maresha ISXX0163
Hawwat Shalem ISXX1352
Hawwat `Eden ISXX0943
HaYogev ISXX0927
Hazav ISXX0164
Hazerim ISXX0165
Hazeva ISXX0166
Hazon ISXX0944
Hazor Ashdod ISXX0167
Hazor HaGelilit ISXX0945
HaZorea` ISXX0929
HaZore`im ISXX0928
Hazrot Karmel ISXX0696
Hazrot Yasaf ISXX0946
Ha`Ogen ISXX0461
Hefa (Haifa) ISXX0050
Hefzi Bah ISXX0947
Hela ISXX0948
Helez ISXX0168
Hemdat Yamim ISXX0949
Hemed ISXX0472
Herut ISXX0474
Herzliyya ISXX0008
Herzliyya B ISXX1353
Hever ISXX0950
Hibbat Ziyyon ISXX0475
Hilla ISXX0951
Hod HaKarmel ISXX0698
Hod HaSharon ISXX0476
Hodayot ISXX0952
Hodiyya ISXX0169
Hofit ISXX0477
Hogla ISXX0478
Holit ISXX0170
Holon ISXX0009
Horeshim ISXX0479
Hosen ISXX0953
Hosha`ya ISXX0954
Hoter ISXX0480
Hulata ISXX0955
Hulda ISXX0481
Hunin ISXX0956
Huqoq ISXX0957
Hura ISXX0171
Hurfeish ISXX0958
Hutzot Hayotzer ISXX1526
Ibbim ISXX0053
Ibthan ISXX0482
Ibtin ISXX0699
Iksal ISXX0960
Ilaniyya ISXX0961
Intisar ISXX0962
Ir Ganim ISXX1430
I`billin ISXX0959
Jaffa ISXX1431
Jaljulya ISXX0483
Jatt ISXX0963
Jatt ISXX0700
Jawz al `Izz ISXX0172
Jerusalem ISXX0010
Jish ISXX0965
Jisr ez Zarqa ISXX0701
Ji`ara ISXX0964
Judieda Makr ISXX0966
Juhayd ISXX0173
Julis ISXX0174
Julis ISXX0967
Jurdeih ISXX0968
Kababir ISXX1433
Kabri ISXX0970
Kabul ISXX0971
Kadima ISXX0484
Kafr Bara ISXX0485
Kafr Kama ISXX0972
Kafr Kanna ISXX0973
Kafr Lam ISXX0702
Kafr Manda ISXX0974
Kafr Misr ISXX0975
Kafr Qari` ISXX0703
Kafr Qasim ISXX0486
Kafr Sumei` ISXX0976
Kafr Yasif ISXX0977
Kahal ISXX0978
Kallanit ISXX0979
Kammon ISXX0980
Kannot ISXX0175
Kare Na`aman ISXX0981
Karkom ISXX0982
Karkom ISXX0487
Karkur ISXX0704
Karme Yosef ISXX0488
Karmelia ISXX0705
Karmiyya ISXX0176
Karmon ISXX0177
Katamon ISXX1434
Kaukaba ISXX0178
Ka`abiyya ISXX0969
Kefar Aharon ISXX0489
Kefar Ahim ISXX0179
Kefar Ata ISXX0706
Kefar Aviv ISXX0490
Kefar Azar ISXX1354
Kefar Barukh ISXX0986
Kefar Bar`am ISXX0985
Kefar Bialik ISXX0707
Kefar Bilu ISXX0491
Kefar Bin Nun ISXX0492
Kefar Blum ISXX0987
Kefar Brandeis ISXX0708
Kefar Daniyyel ISXX0493
Kefar Eliyyahu ISXX0494
Kefar Gallim ISXX0709
Kefar Gannim ISXX0495
Kefar Gevirol ISXX0496
Kefar Gid`on ISXX0988
Kefar Gil`adi ISXX0989
Kefar Glickson ISXX0710
Kefar Habad ISXX0499
Kefar HaHoresh ISXX0990
Kefar HaMaccabi ISXX0711
Kefar HaNagid ISXX0497
Kefar Hananya ISXX0993
Kefar HaNasi ISXX0991
Kefar HaRif ISXX0181
Kefar Hasidim ISXX0713
Kefar HaYaroq ISXX1355
Kefar Hayyim ISXX0500
Kefar Hittim ISXX0994
Kefar Kisch ISXX0995
Kefar Malal ISXX0501
Kefar Marmorek ISXX0502
Kefar Masaryk ISXX0996
Kefar Maymon ISXX0182
Kefar Menahem ISXX0183
Kefar Monash ISXX0503
Kefar Mordekhay ISXX0504
Kefar Nahaman ISXX0505
Kefar Netter ISXX0506
Kefar Pines ISXX0714
Kefar Pir`am ISXX0997
Kefar Ruppin ISXX0999
Kefar Salma ISXX1279
Kefar Sava ISXX0055
Kefar Shalem ISXX1356
Kefar Shamir ISXX0715
Kefar Shammay ISXX1000
Kefar Shemaryahu ISXX1357
Kefar Sirkin ISXX0508
Kefar Szold ISXX1001
Kefar Tavor ISXX1002
Kefar Truman ISXX0509
Kefar Uriyya ISXX1281
Kefar Warburg ISXX0184
Kefar Weradim ISXX1003
Kefar Witqin ISXX0510
Kefar Ya`bez ISXX0511
Kefar Yehezqel ISXX1004
Kefar Yehoshua` ISXX1005
Kefar Yeladim ISXX1006
Kefar Yona ISXX0512
Kefar Zetim ISXX1007
Kefar Ziw ISXX0513
Kefar `Azza ISXX0185
Kelil ISXX1008
Kemehin ISXX0186
Keramim ISXX0187
Kerem Avraham ISXX1435
Kerem Ben Zimra ISXX1009
Kerem HaTeimanim ISXX1436
Kerem Maharal ISXX0716
Kerem Shalom ISXX0188
Kesalon ISXX1282
Ketura ISXX0189
Kfar Hess ISXX0514
Kfar Saba ISXX0515
Kfar Shalem ISXX1437
Kheiriya ISXX1358
Kinneret ISXX1010
Kiryat Atidim ISXX1438
Kiryat Eliezer ISXX1439
Kiryat HaYovel ISXX1441
Kiryat Menachem ISXX1443
Kiryat Sanz ISXX1444
Kiryat Sanz ISXX1445
Kiryat Shalom ISXX1446
Kiryat Shmone ISXX0031
Kiryat Shmuel ISXX1448
Kiryat Shmuel ISXX1447
Kishor ISXX1011
Kisra ISXX1012
Kissufim ISXX0190
Kokhav HaTzafon ISXX1449
Kuseifa ISXX0192
Lahav ISXX0193
Lahavot HaBashan ISXX1013
Lahavot Haviva ISXX0717
Lakhish ISXX0194
Lappidot ISXX1014
Laqiyya ISXX0195
Lavi ISXX1015
Lavon ISXX1016
Lehavim ISXX0196
Lev HaIr ISXX1450
Li On ISXX1283
Lifta ISXX1451
Liman ISXX1017
Livnim ISXX1018
Lod ISXX0517
Lotem ISXX1020
Loten ISXX0197
Luzit ISXX1284
Maalot Tarshiha ISXX1247
Mabbu`im ISXX0199
Mafshatah ISXX1026
Magen ISXX0200
Maggal ISXX0723
Maghar ISXX1028
Magshimim ISXX0521
Mahanayim ISXX1029
Mahane Israel ISXX1453
Mahane Zofar ISXX0201
Mahseya ISXX1287
Mahzevet Geves ISXX0202
Majd el Kurum ISXX1030
Makhfar al Ghamr ISXX0203
Malha ISXX1455
Malkiyya ISXX1031
Mallaha ISXX1032
Mamilla ISXX1527
Manahat ISXX1288
Manof ISXX1033
Manot ISXX1034
Mantur ISXX1035
Maqura ISXX0724
Margaliyyot ISXX1036
Marja ISXX0523
Mar`it ISXX0204
Mash Had ISXX1037
Mashmia` Shalom ISXX0207
Mash`en ISXX0206
Maslul ISXX0208
Massad ISXX1038
Massada ISXX1039
Matam ISXX1456
Mattat ISXX1040
Matta` ISXX1290
Mavqi`im ISXX0210
Mazkeret Batya ISXX0524
Mazkeret Moshe ISXX1457
Mazliah ISXX0525
Mazor ISXX0526
Mazzuva ISXX1041
Ma`ale Gilboa` ISXX1021
Ma`ale HaHamisha ISXX1285
Ma`alot Tarshiha ISXX1022
Ma`anit ISXX0720
Ma`as ISXX0518
Ma`bara ISXX0721
Ma`bara ISXX1023
Ma`barot ISXX0519
Ma`galim ISXX0198
Ma`oz Hayyim ISXX1024
Ma`oz Ziyyon ISXX1286
Ma`yan Barukh ISXX1025
Ma`yan Zevi ISXX0722
Me Neftoah ISXX1291
Me `Ammi ISXX0725
Mea Shearim ISXX1458
Mefallesim ISXX0211
Megadim ISXX0727
Megiddo ISXX1043
Meisir ISXX0728
Meitar ISXX0212
Mekor Baruch ISXX1459
Mekor Chaim ISXX1460
Melilot ISXX0213
Menahemya ISXX1045
Menashiya ISXX1461
Menora ISXX1046
Menuha ISXX0214
Meqor Hayyim ISXX1292
Merhavya ISXX1047
Merkaz Shapira ISXX0215
Meron ISXX1048
Meshar ISXX0527
Mesheq HaPo`alot ISXX1049
Mesillat Ziyyon ISXX1293
Mesillot ISXX1050
Metar ISXX0216
Metav ISXX1051
Metulla ISXX1052
Mezer ISXX0729
Me`ona ISXX1042
Midrakh `Oz ISXX1054
Migdal ISXX1055
Migdal Afeq ISXX0529
Migdal Ha`Emeq ISXX1056
Migdal Tefen ISXX1057
Mihraqa ISXX0219
Mikhmannim ISXX1058
Mikhmoret ISXX0530
Misgav ISXX1059
Misgav `Am ISXX1060
Mishmar Ayyalon ISXX0531
Mishmar Dawid ISXX0532
Mishmar HaNegev ISXX0220
Mishmar HaSharon ISXX0533
Mishmar HaShiv`a ISXX0534
Mishmar HaYam ISXX1062
Mishmar HaYarden ISXX1063
Mishmar Ha`Emeq ISXX1064
Mishmarot ISXX0730
Mishmeret ISXX0535
Mitzpe Ramon ISXX0221
Mivhor ISXX0222
Mivtahim ISXX0223
Mizpa ISXX1065
Mizpe Aviv ISXX1066
Mizpe Netofa ISXX1067
Mizra` ISXX1068
Mi`ilya ISXX1053
Modiin ISXX0536
Moledet ISXX1360
Moledet ISXX1069
Montefiore ISXX1361
Moran ISXX1070
Morasha ISXX1362
Moreshet ISXX1071
Motza ISXX1463
Moza ISXX1296
Moza `Illit ISXX1297
Muqeibila ISXX1072
Musmus ISXX0732
Musrara ISXX1464
Mu`awiya ISXX0731
Nachlaot ISXX1465
Nahal Amittay ISXX0225
Nahal Beka ISXX1466
Nahal Eshbar ISXX1075
Nahal `Oz ISXX0226
Nahala ISXX0227
Nahalal ISXX1077
Nahalat Yehuda ISXX0538
Nahalat Yitzhak ISXX1468
Nahalat Yizhaq ISXX1363
Naham ISXX1298
Nahariyya ISXX0012
Nahf ISXX1078
Nahsholim ISXX0733
Nahshon ISXX1299
Nahshonim ISXX0539
Nayot ISXX1469
Nazareth ISXX0013
Nazerat ISXX0060
Nazerat `Illit ISXX1079
Na`aman ISXX1073
Na`an ISXX0537
Na`ura ISXX1074
Negba ISXX0229
Nehalim ISXX0543
Nehora ISXX0230
Nehusha ISXX1300
Nein ISXX1081
Neriyya ISXX1082
Nes Harim ISXX1301
Nes `Ammim ISXX1083
Nesher ISXX0014
Ness Ziona ISXX0544
Netanya ISXX0015
Neta`im ISXX0545
Netiv HaLamed He ISXX1302
Netiv HaShayyara ISXX1084
Netiv Ha`Asara ISXX0231
Netivot ISXX0232
Netu`a ISXX1085
Nevatim ISXX0233
Neve Avivim ISXX1471
Neve Barbur ISXX1472
Neve Dan ISXX1473
Neve Granot ISXX1474
Neve Ofer ISXX1475
Neve Sharett ISXX1479
Neve Tzahal ISXX1480
Neve Tzedek ISXX1481
Newe Avot ISXX0734
Newe Efrayim ISXX1364
Newe Etan ISXX1086
Newe Harif ISXX0234
Newe Hayyim ISXX0735
Newe Ilan ISXX1303
Newe Itamar ISXX0546
Newe Mivtah ISXX0235
Newe Sedot ISXX0736
Newe Shalom ISXX0547
Newe Ur ISXX1087
Newe Yam ISXX0738
Newe Yamin ISXX0548
Newe Yaraq ISXX0549
Newe Zedeq ISXX1366
Newe Zohar ISXX0236
Nezer Sereni ISXX0550
Ne`ane ISXX0541
Ne`urim ISXX0542
Nir Banim ISXX0238
Nir Dawid ISXX1089
Nir Eliyyahu ISXX0551
Nir Gallim ISXX0552
Nir Hen ISXX0239
Nir Moshe ISXX0240
Nir Yafe ISXX1090
Nir Yizhaq ISXX0242
Nir Zevi ISXX0553
Nir `Aqiva ISXX0243
Nir `Ezyon ISXX0739
Nir `Oz ISXX0244
Nirim ISXX0246
Nirit ISXX0554
Nir`am ISXX0245
Niva ISXX0247
Nizzana ISXX0063
Nizzane Sinay ISXX0248
Nizzane `Oz ISXX0555
Nizzanim ISXX0249
Ni`ilya ISXX0237
Nof Ayalon ISXX0556
Nof Yam ISXX1367
Nofekh ISXX0557
Nofit ISXX0740
Nogah ISXX0251
Nordiyya ISXX0558
Notera ISXX1091
No`am ISXX0250
Nujeidat ISXX1092
Nurit ISXX1093
Ofaqim ISXX0252
Ohad ISXX0253
Old City (Jaffa) ISXX1482
Old North ISXX1483
Omen ISXX1094
Omez ISXX0559
Or HaGanuz ISXX1095
Or HaNer ISXX0254
Or Yehuda ISXX1368
Or `Aqiva ISXX0741
Ora ISXX1306
Oranim ISXX0742
Orot ISXX0255
Ovda ISXX0016
Palmahim ISXX0560
Paran ISXX0257
Pardes Hanna ISXX0065
Pardes Kaz ISXX1369
Pardesiyya ISXX0561
Park Tzameret ISXX1484
Parod ISXX1096
Pat ISXX1485
Pattish ISXX0258
Pa`ame Tashaz ISXX0256
Pedaya ISXX0562
Peduyyim ISXX0259
Pelekh ISXX1097
Peqi`in Hadasha ISXX1098
Perazon ISXX1099
Peri Gan ISXX0260
Petah Tikva ISXX0563
Petah Tiqwa ISXX0017
Petahya ISXX0564
Porat ISXX0565
Poriyya ISXX1100
Poriyya Illit ISXX1101
Qaddarim ISXX1102
Qalansuwa ISXX0566
Qalmaniyya ISXX0567
Qaryat Jawarish ISXX0568
Qazir ISXX0744
Qedma ISXX0261
Qelahim ISXX0262
Qeren ISXX1103
Qesarya ISXX0745
Qevuzat Yavne ISXX0569
Qezi`ot ISXX0263
Qidron ISXX0570
Qiryat Arye ISXX0571
Qiryat Ata ISXX0018
Qiryat Bialik ISXX0019
Qiryat Binyamin ISXX0746
Qiryat Gat ISXX0264
Qiryat Haroshet ISXX1104
Qiryat HaYovel ISXX1307
Qiryat Hayyim ISXX0748
Qiryat Menahem ISXX1308
Qiryat Moshe ISXX1309
Qiryat Motzkin ISXX0020
Qiryat Nahum ISXX0750
Qiryat Ono ISXX1371
Qiryat Sara ISXX1105
Qiryat Shalom ISXX1373
Qiryat Shemona ISXX1106
Qiryat Tiv`on ISXX0753
Qiryat Yam ISXX0021
Qiryat Ye`arim ISXX1310
Qiryat `Amal ISXX1107
Qiryat `Anavim ISXX1311
Qiryat `Eqron ISXX0573
Qomemiyyut ISXX0266
Qomemiyyut ISXX1312
Qoranit ISXX1108
Raanana ISXX0575
Rahat ISXX0267
Ram On ISXX1109
Rama ISXX1110
Ramat Aviv ISXX1374
Ramat Begin ISXX1487
Ramat Dawid ISXX1111
Ramat Denya ISXX1489
Ramat Ef`al ISXX1375
Ramat Eliyyahu ISXX0576
Ramat Gan ISXX0022
Ramat Golda ISXX1490
Ramat Hadar ISXX0578
Ramat Hadar ISXX0755
Ramat Hadassa ISXX1114
Ramat HaHayal ISXX1491
Ramat HaKovesh ISXX0577
Ramat HaSharon ISXX1376
Ramat HaShenayim ISXX1112
Ramat HaShofet ISXX1113
Ramat HaTayasim ISXX1492
Ramat HaTishbi ISXX0754
Ramat Hayyal ISXX1377
Ramat Hen ISXX1378
Ramat Pinkas ISXX1379
Ramat Poleg ISXX0579
Ramat Sharett ISXX1493
Ramat Tiomkin ISXX0580
Ramat Yishay ISXX1115
Ramat Yisrael ISXX1494
Ramat Yohanan ISXX0757
Ramat Zevi ISXX1116
Ramim ISXX1117
Ramla ISXX0023
Ramot HaShavim ISXX0581
Ramot Menashe ISXX1118
Ramot Naftali ISXX1119
Ramot Remez ISXX0758
Ramot Tzahala ISXX1495
Rannen ISXX0268
Raqqefet ISXX1120
Ras `Ali ISXX1121
Rassco ISXX1496
Ravid ISXX1122
Ra`ananna ISXX0574
Regavim ISXX0759
Regba ISXX1123
Rehavia ISXX1497
Rehov ISXX1124
Rehovot ISXX0024
Rekhasim ISXX0760
Reshafim ISXX1125
Reshef ISXX1380
Retamim ISXX0270
Revadim ISXX0271
Revaha ISXX0272
Revivim ISXX0273
Rewaya ISXX1126
Re`im ISXX0269
Rihaniya ISXX1127
Rinnatya ISXX0583
Rishon LeZiyyon ISXX0025
Rishpon ISXX0584
Rogelit ISXX1314
Romema ISXX0761
Romema ISXX1315
Rosh Pinna ISXX1128
Ruhama ISXX0274
Rumat Heib ISXX1129
Rummana ISXX1130
Russian Compound ISXX1498
Sabalan ISXX1132
Sajur ISXX1133
Sakhnin ISXX1134
Salim ISXX0762
Sallama ISXX1135
Samar ISXX0276
Sandala ISXX1136
Sanhedria ISXX1529
Sappir ISXX0277
Sarafand ISXX0763
Sarid ISXX1137
Sarona ISXX1499
Sasa ISXX1138
Savyon ISXX0585
Sa`ad ISXX0275
Sa`ar ISXX1131
Sde Boker ISXX0279
Sde Dawid ISXX0280
Sde Eliyyahu ISXX1140
Sde Hemed ISXX0586
Sde Ilan ISXX1141
Sde Moshe ISXX0281
Sde Nahum ISXX1142
Sde Nehemya ISXX1143
Sde Terumot ISXX1144
Sde Warburg ISXX0587
Sde Yizhaq ISXX0764
Sde Zevi ISXX0283
Sede Avraham ISXX0284
Sede Nizzan ISXX0285
Sederot ISXX0286
Sedom ISXX0287
Sedot Mikha ISXX1316
Sedot Yam ISXX0765
Segev ISXX1146
Segev Shalom ISXX0288
Segula ISXX0289
Semadar ISXX1147
Shabazi ISXX1501
Shadmot Devora ISXX1150
Shafir ISXX0292
Shahar ISXX0293
Shahariyya ISXX0294
Shalwa ISXX0295
Shambur ISXX0769
Shamerat ISXX1151
Shamir ISXX1152
Shapira ISXX1502
Shari` ISXX0770
Sharona ISXX1153
Sharsheret ISXX0296
Shave Ziyyon ISXX1154
Sha`alvim ISXX0588
Sha`ar Efrayim ISXX0589
Sha`ar HaGolan ISXX1148
Sha`ar Ha`Aliya ISXX0766
Sha`ar Ha`Amaqim ISXX0767
Sha`ar Menashe ISXX0768
Sha`are Avraham ISXX0291
Sha`av ISXX1149
Shedema ISXX0590
Shefar`am ISXX1156
Shefayim ISXX0591
Shefer ISXX1157
Sheikh Badr ISXX1503
Sheikh Bureik ISXX0771
Shekhanya ISXX1158
Shekhunat Gordon ISXX1161
Shekhunat Ziw ISXX0773
Shelomi ISXX1164
Sheluhot ISXX1165
Sheqef ISXX0297
Shetula ISXX1166
Shetulim ISXX0298
Sheulluf ISXX0299
Shevut `Am ISXX0594
Shezaf ISXX0300
Shezor ISXX1167
Shibbolim ISXX0301
Shibli ISXX1168
Shikun Darom ISXX0597
Shikun Lamed ISXX1504
Shikun Ya`aqov ISXX0774
Shikun `Amalya ISXX0598
Shimron ISXX1169
Shimshit ISXX1170
Shittim ISXX0302
Shizzafon ISXX0303
Shomera ISXX1171
Shomeriyya ISXX0304
Shoqeda ISXX0305
Shorashim ISXX1172
Shoresh ISXX1318
Shoval ISXX0306
Shuva ISXX0307
Sifsufa ISXX1173
Sitriyya ISXX0600
Sufa ISXX0308
Sulam ISXX1174
Summeil ISXX1382
Sumsum ISXX0309
Tal El ISXX1175
Tal Or ISXX0310
Tal Shahar ISXX1320
Talbiya ISXX1505
Talme Bilu ISXX0311
Talme Eliyyahu ISXX0312
Talme El`azar ISXX0775
Talme Menashe ISXX0601
Talme Yafe ISXX0313
Talme Yosef ISXX0315
Talpiot ISXX1506
Talpiyyot ISXX1321
Tamra ISXX1176
Tarum ISXX1322
Ta`oz ISXX1319
Tefahot ISXX1177
Tel Arza ISXX1507
Tel Asher ISXX0602
Tel Aviv ISXX1383
Tel Aviv-Yafo ISXX0026
Tel Baruch ISXX1508
Tel Barukh ISXX1384
Tel Binyamin ISXX1385
Tel Haim ISXX1509
Tel Hanan ISXX0776
Tel Hay ISXX1178
Tel Litwinsky ISXX1386
Tel Mond ISXX0603
Tel Shaddud ISXX1179
Tel Sheva` ISXX0317
Tel Yizhaq ISXX0604
Tel Yosef ISXX1180
Tel Zur ISXX0605
Tel `Adashim ISXX1181
Telalim ISXX0318
Telamim ISXX0319
Tenuvot ISXX0606
Tequma ISXX0320
Tiberius ISXX0032
Tidhar ISXX0321
Tifrah ISXX0322
Timmorim ISXX0323
Timrat ISXX1182
Tirah ISXX0607
Tirat Karmel ISXX0777
Tirat Shalom ISXX0608
Tirat Yehuda ISXX0609
Tirat Zevi ISXX1183
Tirosh ISXX1323
Tohelet ISXX0610
Tuba Zangariya ISXX1184
Tur`an ISXX1185
Tushiyya ISXX0324
Tuval ISXX1186
Tzahala ISXX1510
Tzahalon ISXX1511
Udim ISXX0611
Umm Aiwe ISXX0325
Umm al Ausei ISXX0327
Umm el Fahm ISXX0778
Umm el Ghanam ISXX1187
Umm el Qutuf ISXX0779
Umm Ratta ISXX0326
Universitet Hefa ISXX0780
Unsdorf ISXX1512
Urim ISXX0328
Usha ISXX0781
Vardia ISXX1513
Wadi Nisnas ISXX1514
Wadi Salib ISXX1515
Wardiyya ISXX0782
Wered HaGalil ISXX1188
West Jerusalem ISXX1324
White City ISXX1516
Yad Binyamin ISXX0613
Yad Eliyahu ISXX1517
Yad Eli`ezer ISXX0614
Yad Hanna ISXX0615
Yad HaShemona ISXX1325
Yad Mordekhay ISXX0330
Yad Natan ISXX0331
Yad Rambam ISXX0616
Yafa an-Nasirah ISXX1192
Yafe Nof ISXX1326
Yafo ISXX1387
Yafo Darom ISXX1518
Yagel ISXX0617
Yagur ISXX0784
Yahel ISXX0332
Yajur ISXX0785
Yakhini ISXX0333
Yamma ISXX0618
Yanoah ISXX1193
Yanuv ISXX0619
Yaqum ISXX0620
Yardena ISXX1194
Yarhiv ISXX0621
Yarqona ISXX0622
Yashresh ISXX0623
Yas`ur ISXX1195
Yated ISXX0334
Yavne ISXX0624
Yavor ISXX1197
Yaziv ISXX0625
Yaziz ISXX0626
Ya`ad ISXX1189
Ya`alon ISXX0329
Ya`ara ISXX1190
Ya`arot Karmel ISXX0783
Ya`el ISXX1191
Yedidya ISXX0628
Yefeh Nof ISXX1520
Yehi`am ISXX1198
Yehud ISXX0629
Yemin Moshe ISXX1531
Yemin Orde ISXX0786
Yeroham ISXX0335
Yesha` ISXX0336
Yesodot ISXX0630
Yesud HaMa`ala ISXX1199
Yevul ISXX0337
Ye`af ISXX0627
Yibna ISXX0631
Yiftah ISXX1201
Yif`at ISXX1200
Yikkon ISXX0632
Yinnon ISXX0338
Yirka ISXX1203
Yisgav ISXX1521
Yish`i ISXX1327
Yittar ISXX0339
Yizre`am ISXX0340
Yizre`el ISXX1204
Yodefat ISXX1205
Yohanan ISXX0633
Yoqne`am `Illit ISXX1206
Yoshivya ISXX0341
Yotvata ISXX0027
Yuval ISXX1207
Yuvallim ISXX1208
Zafon Ka`abiyya ISXX1209
Zafririm ISXX1328
Zafriyya ISXX0634
Zahala ISXX1388
Zalafa ISXX0787
Zanoah ISXX1329
Zarnuqa ISXX0635
Zarzir ISXX1211
Zar`it ISXX1210
Zefat ISXX1212
Zekharya ISXX1330
Zekher Dov ISXX0636
Zelafon ISXX1331
Zemer ISXX0637
Zemorot ISXX0344
Zerahya ISXX0345
Zerufa ISXX0790
Zeru`a ISXX0346
Zetan ISXX0638
Zeviyya ISXX1213
Zikhron Moshe ISXX1522
Zikhron Ya`aqov ISXX0791
Zikhron Yosef ISXX1523
Zimrat ISXX0347
Zippori ISXX1214
Ziqim ISXX0348
Ziv`on ISXX1215
Zofar ISXX0349
Zofit ISXX0639
Zofiyya ISXX0640
Zohar ISXX0350
Zomeha ISXX0351
Zoran ISXX0641
Zor`a ISXX1332
Zova ISXX0028
Zur Moshe ISXX0642
Zur Natan ISXX0643
Zur Shalom ISXX0792
Zurit ISXX1217
`Adanim ISXX0645
`Adi ISXX1218
`Afula ISXX1219
`Afula `Illit ISXX1220
`Agur ISXX1333
`Akbara ISXX1221
`Akko ISXX1222
`Alma ISXX1223
`Alumim ISXX0352
`Amasa ISXX0353
`Amir ISXX1224
`Amminadav ISXX1334
`Ammiqam ISXX0793
`Ammishav ISXX0646
`Ammi`ad ISXX1225
`Ammi`oz ISXX0354
`Amqa ISXX1226
`Aqqada ISXX0794
`Ara ISXX0796
`Arab an Najmat ISXX0356
`Arab an Neb`at ISXX0357
`Arab an Nejmat ISXX0358
`Arab et Terabin ISXX0361
`Arad ISXX0362
`Aramsha ISXX1227
`Arraba ISXX1228
`Arugot ISXX0363
`Ar`ara ISXX0795
`Ar`ara BaNegev ISXX0355
`Aseret ISXX0647
`Atlit ISXX0797
`Avdon ISXX1229
`Ayanot ISXX0648
`Azarya ISXX0649
`Azriqam ISXX0364
`Ein el Asad ISXX1231
`Ein el Ma`lqa ISXX0799
`Ein es Sahla ISXX0800
`Ein Ibrahim ISXX0798
`Ein Mahil ISXX1230
`Ein Naquba ISXX1335
`Ein Rafa ISXX1336
`En Ayyala ISXX0801
`En Boqeq ISXX0365
`En Dor ISXX1232
`En Gannim ISXX0651
`En Gedi ISXX0366
`En Gev ISXX1233
`En HaBesor ISXX0367
`En HaHoresh ISXX0652
`En HaMifraz ISXX1234
`En HaNaziv ISXX1235
`En Harod ISXX1238
`En Harod Ihud ISXX1239
`En HaShelosha ISXX0368
`En HaShofet ISXX1236
`En HaYam ISXX0802
`En Ha`Emeq ISXX1237
`En Hitkhelet ISXX0653
`En Hod ISXX0803
`En Karmel ISXX0804
`En Kerem ISXX1337
`En Na`aman ISXX0805
`En Netafim ISXX0369
`En Sara ISXX1241
`En Shemer ISXX0806
`En Yahav ISXX0370
`En Ya`aqov ISXX1242
`En Zetim ISXX1243
`En Zurim ISXX0371
`En `Iron ISXX0807
`Enat ISXX0654
`Evron ISXX1244
`Ezer ISXX0372
`Ezra Uvizzaron ISXX0655
`Ezuz ISXX0373
`Illut ISXX1245
`Ir Gannim ISXX1338
`Ir HaMifraz ISXX0808
`Ir Ovot ISXX0374
`Iriq es Sabav ISXX0809
`Isfiya ISXX0810
`Ofer ISXX0811
`Olesh ISXX0656
`Omer ISXX0375
`Ozem ISXX0376
`Uza ISXX0377
`Uzeir ISXX1246