Weather Codes for Ireland

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Ireland. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aasleagh EIXX0052
Aasleagh EIXX7849
Abbeville EIXX5776
Abbey EIXX0332
Abbey Mount EIXX5777
Abbeydorney EIXX0333
Abbeyfeale EIXX0201
Abbeyknockmoy EIXX6904
Abbeylara EIXX0335
Abbeyleix EIXX0202
Abbeymahon EIXX0337
Abbeyshrule EIXX0338
Abbeyside EIXX0339
Abbeytown EIXX0340
Abbeyville EIXX0341
Abbotstown EIXX0343
Abington EIXX0344
Accrour Bridge EIXX7456
Achill EIXX7850
Achill Sound EIXX0345
Achonry EIXX0346
Aclare EIXX0347
Adamstown EIXX0348
Adamstown EIXX0349
Adare EIXX0350
Addergoole EIXX6905
Addragool EIXX0351
Adrigole EIXX0352
Adrivale EIXX0353
Aeaun Bridge EIXX0354
Agall EIXX0355
Agar Bridge EIXX7128
Aghaboe EIXX0356
Aghabog EIXX0357
Aghabullogue EIXX0358
Aghacunna EIXX0359
Aghacurreen EIXX0360
Aghada EIXX0361
Aghade Bridge EIXX0362
Aghadoon EIXX7851
Aghadreen EIXX7636
Aghadreenagh EIXX6220
Aghadruminsh EIXX0363
Aghaglinny North EIXX6121
Aghagower EIXX0364
Aghagrania EIXX7503
Aghakilmore EIXX7504
Aghalackan EIXX6221
Aghalane EIXX0365
Aghalenty EIXX6480
Aghalough EIXX6481
Aghamackalinn EIXX7716
Aghamore EIXX0366
Aghamore EIXX7852
Aghancon EIXX0367
Aghanure EIXX0368
Aghanvilla EIXX0369
Agharroo EIXX7505
Aghaterry EIXX0370
Aghavannagh EIXX8468
Aghavas EIXX7506
Aghaveagh EIXX6482
Aghaward EIXX7853
Aghduff Bridge EIXX0373
Aghern EIXX0374
Aghinree Bridge EIXX8469
Aghlattacru EIXX7717
Aghlaverty EIXX7718
Aghleam EIXX0375
Aghlem Bridge EIXX0376
Aghnafarcan EIXX0377
Aghnagap EIXX7719
Aghnagar Bridge EIXX0378
Aghnagollop EIXX7507
Aghnahaha EIXX7508
Aghnakily EIXX0379
Aghnamullen EIXX0380
Aghnanus Bridge EIXX7239
Aghnaskeagh EIXX7401
Aghoney EIXX0381
Aghoo EIXX0382
Aghoo EIXX0383
Aghow EIXX8470
Aghreena EIXX0384
Aglish EIXX8356
Aglish EIXX0385
Aglish EIXX0386
Aglish EIXX0387
Agraglin Bridge EIXX0388
Ahadallane EIXX0389
Ahafona EIXX0390
Ahakista EIXX5781
Ahaphuca Bridge EIXX0391
Aharney EIXX0392
Ahascragh EIXX6906
Ahavoher Bridge EIXX0393
Ahenny EIXX0394
Aherla EIXX0395
Ahgmore Bridge EIXX0396
Ahimma EIXX0397
Ahnagh Bridge EIXX0398
Ahnagh Cross EIXX0399
Ahqunboy EIXX0400
Aighe EIXX6483
Aille EIXX0402
Aillemore EIXX0403
Aillenacally EIXX6907
Alexandra Bridge EIXX7129
Alkill EIXX7720
Allagesh EIXX7721
Alleeny Bridge EIXX0404
Allen EIXX7130
Allenwood EIXX0405
Allihies EIXX0407
Alloon Lower EIXX0408
Almaseed Bridge EIXX0409
Alt Lower EIXX0410
Alt Upper EIXX0411
Altadoo EIXX6484
Altadush EIXX0412
Altagowlan EIXX0413
Altahalla EIXX6485
Altakeeran EIXX7509
Altans EIXX8214
Altateskin EIXX6222
Altnabrocky EIXX7854
Altnagapple EIXX6486
Altnapaste EIXX6487
America EIXX0414
An Geata Mor EIXX0415
An Longfort EIXX0328
An Ros EIXX6368
An Teampall Mor EIXX0418
Anablaha EIXX0419
Anaglog Cross EIXX7402
Anascaul EIXX0420
Anghvaneen EIXX0422
Anglesborough EIXX0423
Anglesey Road EIXX0424
Anglesry Bridge EIXX0425
Annaboty EIXX0426
Annacarriga EIXX0427
Annacarty EIXX0428
Annacurragh EIXX0429
Annadale EIXX7510
Annaduff EIXX0430
Annagary EIXX0431
Annagassan EIXX0432
Annagh EIXX0433
Annagh Bridge EIXX0434
Annagh Upper EIXX0435
Annaghbrack EIXX0436
Annaghdown EIXX0437
Annaghgerry EIXX7511
Annaghkeenly EIXX7512
Annaghmore EIXX0438
Annaghmore EIXX0439
Annaghvaan EIXX6908
Annaghvacky EIXX7403
Annagleve EIXX7722
Annagore Bridge EIXX0441
Annagry EIXX6488
Annahatn EIXX5785
Annaleck EIXX0442
Annalittin EIXX7723
Annamoe EIXX0443
Annamoe EIXX0444
Annaseeragh EIXX7724
Annavalla EIXX0445
Annesbrook EIXX7697
Annestown EIXX0446
Annfield EIXX0447
Annistown EIXX0448
Anns Fort EIXX0449
Aphort EIXX6489
Applewood EIXX8598
Ara Bridge EIXX0450
Ara North EIXX7856
Araglin EIXX0451
Arbatt EIXX6490
Arbour Hill EIXX6369
Ard EIXX0452
Ard na Greine EIXX6370
Ardagh EIXX0453
Ardagh EIXX6491
Ardagh EIXX0455
Ardagh EIXX7857
Ardagh EIXX0454
Ardaghy EIXX7404
Ardaghy EIXX0456
Ardamore EIXX0457
Ardara EIXX0207
Ardattin EIXX0459
Ardcahan Bridge EIXX5787
Ardcanaght EIXX0460
Ardcarn EIXX0461
Ardcath EIXX0462
Ardcavan EIXX0463
Ardcost EIXX7240
Ardcrony EIXX0464
Ardea EIXX7241
Ardea Bridge EIXX7242
Ardee EIXX0208
Ardeen EIXX0466
Ardeen EIXX0467
Ardeevin EIXX0468
Arderra EIXX0469
Arderry EIXX7513
Ardfallen EIXX0470
Ardfert EIXX0471
Ardfield EIXX0472
Ardfinnan EIXX8357
Ardgehane EIXX0473
Ardgroom EIXX0474
Ardhoom EIXX7858
Ardinode EIXX0475
Ardkeeran EIXX8215
Ardled EIXX0476
Ardlona EIXX8216
Ardlougher EIXX0477
Ardloy EIXX8217
Ardmeen EIXX6492
Ardmoneen EIXX6223
Ardmore EIXX0478
Ardmore EIXX6493
Ardmore EIXX0479
Ardmore EIXX6909
Ardmore EIXX0480
Ardmorney EIXX0481
Ardnacrusha EIXX7457
Ardnacrushy EIXX0482
Ardnaglass EIXX6494
Ardnaglass Upper EIXX8218
Ardnagreevagh EIXX0483
Ardnaree EIXX0484
Ardnaree EIXX0485
Ardnasodan EIXX6910
Ardogelly EIXX8219
Ardpatrick EIXX0486
Ardrah EIXX0487
Ardrahan EIXX0488
Ardrahan EIXX0489
Ardranny EIXX0490
Ards EIXX0492
Ards EIXX0491
Ardsbeg EIXX6495
Ardscull EIXX0493
Ardskea More EIXX0494
Ardsollus Bridge EIXX0495
Ardtully EIXX7405
Ardvally EIXX6496
Ardvally EIXX7859
Ardy EIXX0496
Ardywanig EIXX0497
Argideen Bridge EIXX5789
Arigna EIXX0498
Arigna Bridge EIXX0499
Arklow EIXX0001
Arless EIXX0501
Arnagragh EIXX0502
Arragh More EIXX0503
Arryheernabin EIXX0504
Artane EIXX6371
Arthurstown EIXX0505
Arthurstown EIXX8539
Arvagh EIXX0506
Ash Field EIXX0507
Ashakiltubbrid EIXX0508
Ashbourne EIXX0209
Ashbrook EIXX6497
Ashfield EIXX0510
Ashford EIXX0512
Ashford EIXX0511
Ashgrove Bridge EIXX7458
Ashhill EIXX0513
Ashtown EIXX0515
Ashtown EIXX0517
Ashtown EIXX0516
Askamore EIXX0518
Askeaton EIXX0519
Askill EIXX0520
Askintarney EIXX0521
Askintinny EIXX0522
Aspealy Bridge EIXX0523
Ass Bridge EIXX7860
Astee EIXX0524
Atadav Bridge EIXX7243
Athabatteen EIXX0525
Athboy EIXX0210
Athdown EIXX8471
Athea EIXX0527
Athenry EIXX0211
Athgarvan EIXX0529
Athgreany EIXX0530
Athlacca EIXX7459
Athleague EIXX0531
Athlone EIXX0055
Athnaleenta EIXX0533
Athnid EIXX8358
Athy EIXX0212
Attanagh EIXX0535
Attavally EIXX7861
Attcoffey EIXX0536
Attimachugh EIXX0537
Attimanus EIXX7515
Attinkee EIXX0538
Attiregan EIXX0539
Attymass EIXX7862
Attymon EIXX0540
Aubawn EIXX0541
Auburn EIXX0542
Aucloggeen EIXX6911
Aughabrack EIXX0543
Aughadown EIXX0545
Aughagault EIXX0546
Aughagault Big EIXX0547
Aughatubbrid EIXX0550
Aughavas EIXX0551
Aughboy EIXX0552
Aughboy Bridge EIXX0553
Aughclare EIXX0554
Aughils EIXX0555
Aughinish EIXX0556
Aughkeely EIXX6499
Aughnacliffe EIXX0557
Aughnasheelan EIXX0561
Aughness EIXX7863
Aughnish Isle EIXX6500
Aughrim EIXX0563
Aughrim EIXX0562
Aughrim EIXX0564
Aughris EIXX8220
Aughrus More EIXX0565
Aught Upper EIXX6501
Aurora EIXX0567
Avoca EIXX0568
Avoncore EIXX0569
Avondhu EIXX0570
Badgerisland EIXX0572
Bagenalstown EIXX0213
Baggotstown EIXX0574
Bahana EIXX0575
Bahobuck EIXX6912
Baile Atha Luain EIXX0214
Baile Bhuirne EIXX0577
Bailieborough EIXX0215
Bakers Bridge EIXX6224
Balbane EIXX6502
Balbriggan EIXX0216
Balcunnin EIXX0581
Baldongan EIXX0583
Baldonnell EIXX6372
Baldoyle EIXX0585
Baldoyle EIXX0584
Baldwinstown EIXX8540
Baldwinstown EIXX0586
Balgriffin EIXX0587
Balinlig EIXX7516
Baliynakilly EIXX0589
Balla EIXX0590
Ballaba EIXX6913
Balladian EIXX7725
Ballagan EIXX7406
Ballagh EIXX0592
Ballagh EIXX7461
Ballagh EIXX0591
Ballagh EIXX6503
Ballaghadereen EIXX0594
Ballaghaderreen EIXX0217
Ballaghaderren EIXX0597
Ballaghassaan EIXX8112
Ballaghboy EIXX8221
Ballaghkeen EIXX0598
Ballaghmore EIXX0599
Ballaghnageam EIXX0601
Ballahantouragh EIXX0603
Ballallog EIXX0604
Ballard EIXX0606
Ballard EIXX0605
Ballard EIXX6504
Ballardbeg EIXX0608
Ballardiggan EIXX6914
Balleen Bridge EIXX0609
Balleese EIXX8472
Balliahinch EIXX0610
Balliarea Cross EIXX5793
Ballickmoyler EIXX0611
Ballin Prior EIXX0612
Ballina EIXX0613
Ballina EIXX0056
Ballinaboy EIXX0615
Ballinabrackey EIXX0616
Ballinaclash EIXX0617
Ballinaclogh EIXX0618
Ballinaconbeg EIXX8473
Ballinacor EIXX8474
Ballinacurra EIXX0619
Ballinadee EIXX0620
Ballinafad EIXX8167
Ballinafad EIXX0100
Ballinafunshoge EIXX0622
Ballinagar EIXX0624
Ballinageeragh EIXX7726
Ballinagleragh EIXX7517
Ballinagore EIXX0625
Ballinagree EIXX0626
Ballinakill EIXX7637
Ballinalack EIXX0628
Ballinalea EIXX0629
Ballinalee EIXX0630
Ballinaleucra EIXX0631
Ballinameen EIXX0632
Ballinamore EIXX0633
Ballinamuck EIXX0635
Ballinapark EIXX0636
Ballinard Cross EIXX0637
Ballinascarty EIXX0638
Ballinasloe EIXX0058
Ballinaspig EIXX0640
Ballinclashet EIXX0641
Ballincloher EIXX0642
Ballincollig EIXX0002
Ballincor EIXX0644
Ballincourlea EIXX0645
Ballincrea EIXX0646
Ballincrick EIXX6505
Ballincur EIXX0647
Ballincurra EIXX0648
Ballincurrig EIXX0650
Ballincurry EIXX0651
Ballindaggan EIXX0652
Ballindangan EIXX0653
Ballinderreen EIXX0655
Ballinderry EIXX0657
Ballinderry EIXX0656
Ballindillanig EIXX0658
Ballindine EIXX7864
Ballindooly EIXX0659
Ballindrait EIXX0660
Ballindrum EIXX0661
Ballinduff EIXX6915
Ballineadig EIXX0662
Ballineanig EIXX0663
Ballineen EIXX0664
Ballinfoyle EIXX0665
Ballinfulla EIXX7638
Ballingarrane EIXX0667
Ballingarry EIXX0670
Ballingarry EIXX0669
Ballingarry EIXX0668
Ballingeary EIXX0673
Ballinglanna EIXX5794
Ballinglen EIXX7865
Ballinguile EIXX0674
Ballingurteen EIXX0675
Ballinhassig EIXX0676
Ballinillann EIXX0677
Ballinkillin EIXX6355
Ballinknockane EIXX0678
Ballinla EIXX0679
Ballinlaght EIXX6506
Ballinleeny EIXX0680
Ballinlena EIXX0682
Ballinloghig EIXX0683
Ballinlough EIXX0684
Ballinlough EIXX0685
Ballinlug EIXX0686
Ballinluggaun EIXX6916
Ballinluska EIXX0687
Ballinora EIXX0688
Ballinorig EIXX0689
Ballinoroher EIXX0690
Ballinrally EIXX0691
Ballinrannig EIXX0692
Ballinrobe EIXX0218
Ballinrolla EIXX0694
Ballinrostig EIXX0695
Ballinruan EIXX0696
Ballinskelligs EIXX0697
Ballinspittle EIXX0698
Ballintaggart EIXX0699
Ballinteemore EIXX6917
Ballinteer EIXX6373
Ballintemple EIXX0700
Ballintlea EIXX0702
Ballintlea EIXX0703
Ballintober EIXX0706
Ballintober EIXX0705
Ballintogher EIXX0707
Ballintombay EIXX0708
Ballintotes EIXX0709
Ballintra EIXX0710
Ballintroohan EIXX0711
Ballintubber EIXX0712
Ballintubber EIXX0713
Ballintubbert EIXX0714
Ballinunty EIXX0715
Ballinure EIXX0716
Ballinville EIXX0717
Ballinvreena EIXX0720
Ballinvronig EIXX0721
Ballinvuskig EIXX0722
Ballinwillin EIXX0723
Ballinwing EIXX7518
Balliny EIXX6122
Ballisk EIXX0724
Ballisodare EIXX0725
Ballitore EIXX0726
Ballivor EIXX0727
Balloghure EIXX6508
Ballon EIXX0728
Balloor EIXX7519
Balloor EIXX0729
Ballough EIXX0730
Balloughter EIXX8542
Ballsbridge EIXX6374
Ballure EIXX6509
Ballure EIXX8223
Ballyadam EIXX0731
Ballyadams EIXX0733
Ballyagran EIXX0734
Ballyandreen EIXX0735
Ballyanne EIXX0736
Ballyargus EIXX6510
Ballyarrell EIXX6511
Ballybaan EIXX6918
Ballybackagh EIXX6919
Ballybane EIXX6512
Ballybane EIXX7245
Ballybarney EIXX0739
Ballybaun EIXX0740
Ballybaun EIXX0741
Ballybawn EIXX6513
Ballybay EIXX0742
Ballybay EIXX8168
Ballybeg EIXX8224
Ballybegly EIXX6514
Ballybinaby EIXX7408
Ballyboden EIXX0745
Ballyboe EIXX0746
Ballybofey EIXX0219
Ballyboggan EIXX0748
Ballyboghil EIXX0749
Ballybough EIXX6375
Ballyboughal EIXX0750
Ballyboy EIXX0751
Ballyboyle EIXX6515
Ballybrack EIXX0755
Ballybrack EIXX0754
Ballybrack EIXX0753
Ballybrack EIXX0752
Ballybraher EIXX5795
Ballybraid EIXX0756
Ballybranagan EIXX0757
Ballybranagh EIXX0758
Ballybrew EIXX0759
Ballybrin EIXX0760
Ballybrit EIXX0761
Ballybrittan EIXX0762
Ballybrittas EIXX0763
Ballybrood EIXX0764
Ballybrophy EIXX0765
Ballybryan EIXX0766
Ballybuck EIXX6920
Ballybun EIXX6516
Ballybunnion EIXX0220
Ballycahall EIXX0768
Ballycahill EIXX0769
Ballycallan EIXX0770
Ballycanew EIXX0057
Ballycapple EIXX0772
Ballycarnan EIXX0774
Ballycarney EIXX0775
Ballycashin EIXX0776
Ballycastle EIXX0777
Ballyclerahan EIXX0779
Ballyclery EIXX6921
Ballyclider EIXX7639
Ballyclogh EIXX5797
Ballyclough EIXX5798
Ballycolla EIXX0780
Ballycollin EIXX0781
Ballycommon EIXX0782
Ballyconneely EIXX0783
Ballyconnell EIXX0785
Ballyconnell EIXX0784
Ballyconra EIXX0786
Ballyconry EIXX6123
Ballycoolan EIXX7640
Ballycorden EIXX6376
Ballycorus EIXX0787
Ballycotton EIXX0788
Ballycoyle EIXX0790
Ballycramey EIXX6517
Ballycrinnigan EIXX0791
Ballycroneen EIXX0792
Ballycrossal EIXX0793
Ballycrossaun EIXX0794
Ballycrovane EIXX0795
Ballycroy EIXX0796
Ballycuddahy EIXX0797
Ballycullane EIXX0801
Ballycullane EIXX0800
Ballycullane EIXX0799
Ballycullane EIXX0798
Ballycullen EIXX0802
Ballycumber EIXX0803
Ballycurrane EIXX0805
Ballycurrin EIXX0808
Ballydague EIXX5799
Ballydaly EIXX0809
Ballydane EIXX8544
Ballydangan EIXX0810
Ballydavid EIXX7248
Ballydavid EIXX0811
Ballydavis EIXX0812
Ballydehob EIXX0813
Ballydesmond EIXX0814
Ballydevill EIXX6518
Ballydivin EIXX0816
Ballydonagh EIXX0817
Ballydonegan EIXX0818
Ballydoogan EIXX0819
Ballydooley EIXX0820
Ballydowling EIXX0821
Ballydoyle EIXX0822
Ballyduff EIXX0825
Ballyduff EIXX0824
Ballyduff EIXX0823
Ballyduff EIXX7641
Ballyduff Bridge EIXX0826
Ballyduffy EIXX7866
Ballyduvane EIXX5801
Ballyea EIXX6124
Ballyearn EIXX0828
Ballyeden Bridge EIXX8545
Ballyederlan EIXX0829
Ballyeighan EIXX0830
Ballyeighter EIXX0831
Ballyell EIXX0832
Ballyelly EIXX6125
Ballyenaghey EIXX0835
Ballyengland EIXX0836
Ballyfad EIXX0837
Ballyfahy EIXX8225
Ballyfanoher EIXX0838
Ballyfarnan EIXX8169
Ballyfarrell EIXX0839
Ballyfeard EIXX0840
Ballyfermot EIXX0841
Ballyferriter EIXX0842
Ballyfolan EIXX0843
Ballyforan EIXX8170
Ballyfore EIXX0844
Ballyfowloo EIXX8360
Ballyfoyle EIXX0845
Ballyfoyle EIXX7642
Ballyfoyle EIXX0846
Ballygannon EIXX8477
Ballygar EIXX0849
Ballygarrett EIXX0850
Ballygarries EIXX0851
Ballygarriff EIXX0852
Ballygarvan EIXX0853
Ballygarvey EIXX0855
Ballygastell EIXX6126
Ballygawley EIXX0856
Ballygeale EIXX0857
Ballygerry EIXX0858
Ballygillistown EIXX0859
Ballyglass EIXX0862
Ballyglass EIXX0861
Ballyglass EIXX0860
Ballygodboy EIXX0863
Ballygommon EIXX7867
Ballygorey EIXX0864
Ballygorman EIXX0865
Ballygorteen EIXX0866
Ballygortin EIXX8546
Ballygow EIXX0867
Ballygrady EIXX0868
Ballygriffin EIXX0870
Ballygriffin EIXX0869
Ballygub EIXX7204
Ballyguile EIXX0871
Ballyguin EIXX7868
Ballyhack EIXX0872
Ballyhacket EIXX0873
Ballyhagan EIXX0875
Ballyhahill EIXX0876
Ballyhaise EIXX0877
Ballyhale EIXX0878
Ballyhallan EIXX6519
Ballyhander EIXX0221
Ballyhane Bridge EIXX0880
Ballyhar EIXX0881
Ballyhard EIXX6923
Ballyhaunis EIXX0222
Ballyhean EIXX7869
Ballyhearin EIXX0883
Ballyheashill EIXX0884
Ballyheelan EIXX0885
Ballyhegbought EIXX0886
Ballyhehan EIXX6127
Ballyheige EIXX7251
Ballyhenebery EIXX0887
Ballyhenry EIXX0888
Ballyheny EIXX0889
Ballyhillin EIXX0891
Ballyhimmin EIXX0892
Ballyhitt EIXX0893
Ballyhook EIXX0894
Ballyhoolahan EIXX0895
Ballyhooly EIXX0896
Ballyhoorisky EIXX0897
Ballyhorahan EIXX7643
Ballyhorgan East EIXX0898
Ballyhoura EIXX0899
Ballyhugh EIXX0900
Ballyhugh EIXX6225
Ballyhunpahane EIXX0901
Ballyjamesduff EIXX0902
Ballykealy EIXX0903
Ballykean EIXX8114
Ballykeefe EIXX7463
Ballykeeran EIXX0904
Ballykerin EIXX0906
Ballykillaneer EIXX0907
Ballykilleen EIXX0908
Ballykilliane EIXX0910
Ballyknock EIXX7870
Ballyknock EIXX0912
Ballyknockan EIXX0913
Ballyla EIXX0914
Ballylaan EIXX0915
Ballylaffin EIXX0916
Ballylanders EIXX7464
Ballylaneen EIXX0918
Ballylangley EIXX5804
Ballylassa EIXX0920
Ballyleary EIXX0921
Ballyleen EIXX8421
Ballylennan EIXX6520
Ballylevin EIXX8115
Ballylickey EIXX0924
Ballyliffin EIXX0925
Ballylinan EIXX0926
Ballylinchy EIXX0928
Ballyline EIXX0929
Ballylongford EIXX7252
Ballylooby EIXX0930
Ballyloughan EIXX6521
Ballyloughaun EIXX6924
Ballylow EIXX8479
Ballylucas EIXX0931
Ballylug EIXX8480
Ballyluoge EIXX6925
Ballylusk EIXX0932
Ballylusky EIXX0935
Ballylusky EIXX0934
Ballylusky EIXX0933
Ballylynan EIXX7644
Ballymacanaun EIXX6128
Ballymacandrick EIXX0936
Ballymacarbry EIXX8422
Ballymacask EIXX0938
Ballymacaw EIXX0939
Ballymacelligott EIXX0940
Ballymachugh EIXX0941
Ballymackey EIXX0943
Ballymackney EIXX0944
Ballymacoda EIXX0945
Ballymacoolaghan EIXX8116
Ballymacprior EIXX0946
Ballymacquin EIXX0947
Ballymacredmona EIXX7871
Ballymacredmond EIXX5805
Ballymacrown EIXX0949
Ballymacward EIXX0950
Ballymacwilliam EIXX0951
Ballymaddock EIXX7645
Ballymadog EIXX5806
Ballymadun EIXX0952
Ballymagan EIXX0953
Ballymagaraghy EIXX6522
Ballymagauran EIXX6226
Ballymagooly EIXX0954
Ballymahon EIXX0063
Ballymakeery EIXX0957
Ballymakellelt EIXX7409
Ballymakenny EIXX0958
Ballyman EIXX0959
Ballymaquiff EIXX6926
Ballymareagh EIXX5808
Ballymartin EIXX0961
Ballymartin EIXX0960
Ballymartle EIXX0963
Ballymasare EIXX0964
Ballymascanlan EIXX0965
Ballymeen EIXX6927
Ballymeeny EIXX8226
Ballymoe EIXX0966
Ballymoghany EIXX8227
Ballymoneen EIXX8228
Ballymoney EIXX0967
Ballymoon EIXX0969
Ballymore EIXX0974
Ballymore EIXX0970
Ballymore EIXX0971
Ballymore EIXX0972
Ballymore EIXX0973
Ballymorris EIXX0977
Ballymorris EIXX0976
Ballymote EIXX0978
Ballymount EIXX0980
Ballymount EIXX0979
Ballymoyle EIXX8481
Ballymullen EIXX0981
Ballymun EIXX6377
Ballymurn EIXX8547
Ballymurphy EIXX0982
Ballymurry EIXX0983
Ballynabarna EIXX0984
Ballynabarny EIXX0985
Ballynabola EIXX0986
Ballynabucky EIXX6928
Ballynacallagh EIXX0988
Ballynacally EIXX0989
Ballynacarrick EIXX6523
Ballynacarriga EIXX0991
Ballynacarrigy EIXX0992
Ballynacarrow EIXX0993
Ballynaclash EIXX0994
Ballynaclogh EIXX0995
Ballynaclogh EIXX0996
Ballynacloghy EIXX6929
Ballynacole EIXX0998
Ballynacoska EIXX0999
Ballynacourty EIXX6930
Ballynacourty EIXX1000
Ballynadrumny EIXX1002
Ballynafulla EIXX7873
Ballynagall EIXX7254
Ballynagarbry EIXX1003
Ballynagaul EIXX1004
Ballynagaul EIXX8423
Ballynageragh EIXX1005
Ballynaglogh EIXX1006
Ballynagoraher EIXX7874
Ballynagore EIXX1007
Ballynagrallagh EIXX1008
Ballynagree EIXX1009
Ballynagussaun EIXX1010
Ballynahaia EIXX6227
Ballynahallia EIXX6931
Ballynahallia EIXX1011
Ballynahattina EIXX1012
Ballynahimmy EIXX7646
Ballynahow EIXX1013
Ballynahown EIXX1016
Ballynahown EIXX1015
Ballynahown EIXX1014
Ballynahulla EIXX1017
Ballynakill EIXX1020
Ballynakill EIXX1019
Ballynakill EIXX8117
Ballynakill EIXX1018
Ballynakill EIXX8171
Ballynakilla EIXX1021
Ballynalty EIXX1023
Ballynamanagh EIXX6932
Ballynameelagh EIXX1024
Ballynameeltoge EIXX1025
Ballynamona EIXX1030
Ballynamona EIXX1029
Ballynamona EIXX1028
Ballynamona EIXX1027
Ballynamona EIXX1026
Ballynamought EIXX1031
Ballynamrossagh EIXX1032
Ballynamuddagh EIXX1033
Ballynamult EIXX1034
Ballynana EIXX7255
Ballynaneashagh EIXX1035
Ballynanty EIXX1036
Ballynarick EIXX7875
Ballynasare EIXX1039
Ballynascarty EIXX1040
Ballynashannagh EIXX6524
Ballynashee EIXX8229
Ballynaskreena EIXX7256
Ballynasrah EIXX1041
Ballynastangford EIXX1042
Ballynatona EIXX8482
Ballynatrideen EIXX1044
Ballynavenooragh EIXX1046
Ballynaworthra EIXX6525
Ballyneale EIXX1047
Ballynee EIXX7699
Ballyneety EIXX1048
Ballyneety EIXX1049
Ballyneill EIXX1050
Ballynerrin EIXX8483
Ballyness EIXX6526
Ballynestragh EIXX1051
Ballynew EIXX1052
Ballynew Bridge EIXX1053
Ballynoe EIXX1056
Ballynoe EIXX1055
Ballynoe EIXX1054
Ballynoe Bridge EIXX1057
Ballynora EIXX1058
Ballynoran EIXX1059
Ballyoliver EIXX1060
Ballyonen EIXX7410
Ballyorgan EIXX1061
Ballyorney EIXX1062
Ballyoughiera EIXX5813
Ballyoughteragh EIXX1065
Ballyowen EIXX1066
Ballypatrick EIXX1067
Ballyphehane EIXX5814
Ballyphilip EIXX1068
Ballypickas EIXX7647
Ballyporeen EIXX1069
Ballyquin EIXX1070
Ballyquin EIXX1071
Ballyragget EIXX1072
Ballyrannel EIXX1073
Ballyre EIXX1074
Ballyreddy EIXX1076
Ballyroan EIXX1077
Ballyroe EIXX8548
Ballyroe EIXX1078
Ballyroon EIXX1080
Ballyruin EIXX1081
Ballyrush EIXX7727
Ballyrvan EIXX1082
Ballysadare EIXX8230
Ballysaggart EIXX8424
Ballysakeery EIXX1083
Ballyshane EIXX1084
Ballyshannon EIXX0223
Ballyshanock EIXX1086
Ballyshear EIXX8118
Ballysheeda EIXX1087
Ballysheedy EIXX1088
Ballysheemen EIXX8484
Ballysheen EIXX1089
Ballysheen EIXX1090
Ballyshoneen EIXX1091
Ballyshrule EIXX1092
Ballysinon EIXX1093
Ballysloe EIXX1094
Ballysmuttan EIXX1095
Ballysteen EIXX1096
Ballysuggart EIXX6527
Ballytarsna EIXX1098
Ballytarsna EIXX1099
Ballytarsney EIXX1101
Ballyteige EIXX6129
Ballythomas EIXX1103
Ballytoohy EIXX7876
Ballytoole EIXX1105
Ballytrasna EIXX8172
Ballyvaghan EIXX1106
Ballyvaldon EIXX1107
Ballyvallooo EIXX1108
Ballyvalode EIXX1109
Ballyvaloore EIXX1110
Ballyvaltron EIXX1111
Ballyvary EIXX1112
Ballyvatta EIXX1113
Ballyvaughan EIXX1114
Ballyveera EIXX1115
Ballyvirrane EIXX1116
Ballyvisteen EIXX1117
Ballyvodock EIXX5818
Ballyvolan EIXX1118
Ballyvolane EIXX5819
Ballyvoneen EIXX1119
Ballyvoodane EIXX1120
Ballyvorisheen EIXX1121
Ballyvorney EIXX1122
Ballyvourcher EIXX1123
Ballyvoye EIXX5820
Ballyvramneen EIXX6130
Ballywalter EIXX1125
Ballywhire EIXX8119
Ballywilliam EIXX1126
Ballywilliam EIXX1127
Ballywinna EIXX1128
Balnacart EIXX1129
Balrath EIXX1130
Balrickard EIXX1131
Balrothery EIXX1132
Balscaddan EIXX1133
Baltimore EIXX1134
Baltinglass EIXX1135
Baltinoran EIXX1136
Baltovin EIXX1138
Baltray EIXX1140
Balyshalikin EIXX1141
Banada EIXX1142
Banage South EIXX1143
Banagher EIXX8120
Banagher EIXX7520
Bananalleen EIXX1144
Banane Bridge EIXX7257
Bananimma EIXX7728
Banard EIXX1145
Bandon EIXX0224
Bangor EIXX7877
Banna EIXX1147
Bannow EIXX1148
Banoge EIXX1149
Banraghbaun EIXX1150
Bansha EIXX1151
Banteer EIXX1152
Bantry EIXX5823
Baralty EIXX7878
Baravore EIXX1153
Bard Inch EIXX1154
Bargarriff EIXX6131
Barkmill EIXX1155
Barleyhill EIXX1156
Barloge EIXX1157
Barmona EIXX1158
Barna EIXX1159
Barna EIXX1160
Barna EIXX1161
Barna Cross EIXX1162
Barnaboy EIXX1163
Barnacahoge EIXX1164
Barnacurra EIXX1165
Barnadarrig EIXX1166
Barnaderg EIXX6933
Barnadown EIXX1167
Barnagowlane EIXX1168
Barnakyle Bridge EIXX1169
Barnalisheen EIXX8362
Barnalyra EIXX0571
Barnamire EIXX8485
Barnan EIXX1170
Barnatra EIXX1171
Barnaviddane EIXX5825
Barnbown EIXX1172
Barnes Bridge EIXX6528
Barnesmore EIXX1173
Barnetstown EIXX1174
Barnhill Cross EIXX1175
Barnycarroll EIXX1176
Baronrath EIXX1177
Barony Bridge EIXX5826
Barrabehy EIXX1178
Barrack EIXX1179
Barrack Village EIXX1180
Barrack Village EIXX1181
Barrack Village EIXX1182
Barracks Village EIXX1184
Barraden EIXX1185
Barraderry EIXX1186
Barraduff EIXX1187
Barrahaurin EIXX1188
Barrakilly EIXX1189
Barranny EIXX6934
Barratogher EIXX1191
Barratoor EIXX1192
Barreen EIXX1193
Barrees EIXX1194
Barrettstown EIXX1195
Barrigone EIXX1196
Barroe EIXX1198
Barronstown EIXX1199
Barroosky EIXX7879
Barroughter EIXX1200
Barrow EIXX1201
Barry EIXX1202
Barrykilla EIXX1206
Barrysbrook EIXX1207
Bartlemy EIXX1209
Batterstown EIXX1210
Battiemount EIXX1211
Battle Bridge EIXX1212
Baunballinlough EIXX1213
Baunclune EIXX1214
Baunogemeely EIXX1215
Baunrosmore EIXX8231
Bauraneag EIXX1216
Bauravilla EIXX1217
Baurnagurrahy EIXX1218
Baurscoob EIXX1219
Bauteogue EIXX7649
Bawananee EIXX1220
Bawn EIXX1221
Bawn Cross Roads EIXX1222
Bawn Cross Roads EIXX1223
Bawnboy EIXX6229
Bawndunhill EIXX8363
Bawnfune EIXX1224
Bawnmore EIXX1225
Bawnoge EIXX8486
Bay Bridge EIXX7650
Bay View EIXX1226
Baylet EIXX6529
Baylough Bridge EIXX7131
Bayside EIXX1227
Beagh EIXX1228
Beagh Bridge EIXX6530
Beaghfa EIXX1229
Beakstown EIXX1230
Beal EIXX1231
Bealaclugga EIXX1233
Bealadangan EIXX1234
Bealaha EIXX1235
Bealin EIXX8454
Bealnablath EIXX1236
Bealock EIXX1237
Bealtalaw Bridge EIXX1238
Bearna EIXX1239
Bearstown EIXX7207
Beaufort EIXX1240
Beaufort Bridge EIXX7260
Beaufort House EIXX1241
Beaumont EIXX1242
Beaumont EIXX1243
Beaumount EIXX6378
Bective EIXX1244
Bedlam EIXX1245
Bedlnamorive EIXX1246
Beenalaght EIXX1247
Beenbane EIXX1248
Beennamweel EIXX1249
Beennaskehy EIXX5833
Beglieve EIXX6230
Behagh EIXX1251
Behagh EIXX1250
Behanamuck EIXX1252
Beheenagh EIXX1253
Behy Bridge EIXX7262
Behy Bridge EIXX7880
Bekan EIXX7881
Belalt EIXX1255
Belan EIXX1256
Belcamp EIXX1257
Belcarra EIXX1258
Belclare EIXX1259
Beldaragh EIXX6379
Belderg EIXX1260
Belderrig EIXX1261
Belfield EIXX6380
Belgard EIXX6381
Belgooly EIXX1262
Belgrove EIXX5834
Bellacorick EIXX1264
Belladooan EIXX7882
Belladrihid EIXX1265
Bellafarney EIXX8232
Bellagarvaun EIXX1266
Bellagill Bridge EIXX8173
Bellahy EIXX1268
Bellanaboy EIXX1269
Bellanacargy EIXX1271
Bellanacarra EIXX7883
Bellanagare EIXX8174
Bellanamallaght EIXX6935
Bellanaman EIXX1272
Bellanamore EIXX1273
Bellanamullia EIXX1274
Bellananagh EIXX1275
Bellanasally EIXX1276
Bellanode EIXX1277
Bellarush Bridge EIXX8234
Bellatrain EIXX1278
Bellaugh EIXX1279
Bellavary EIXX1280
Belleek EIXX6936
Bellewstown EIXX7701
Bellia EIXX1281
Bellimeny EIXX1282
Bellmount EIXX1283
Bellville EIXX6232
Bellville EIXX1284
Belmont EIXX1287
Belmont EIXX1286
Belmont EIXX1285
Belmullet EIXX0050
Belra EIXX8235
Belrea EIXX8175
Beltany Lower EIXX1289
Beltany Upper EIXX1290
Beltichburne EIXX7411
Beltra EIXX1291
Beltra EIXX8236
Belturbet EIXX0226
Belturlin EIXX8237
Belvelly EIXX1293
Belville EIXX1294
Benmore EIXX1295
Bennettsbridge EIXX1297
Bere Island EIXX1298
Bergins Bridge EIXX7652
Berrings EIXX1300
Bert Bridge EIXX7132
Bessbrook EIXX7729
Bettystown EIXX1301
Bigstone EIXX7133
Bilboa EIXX1302
Billa EIXX8238
Billis EIXX1303
Binalt EIXX6531
Binbane EIXX6233
Binkeeragh EIXX6234
Birdhill EIXX1304
Birr EIXX0227
Bishops Village EIXX1306
Bishopshall EIXX1307
Bishopsquarter EIXX6132
Bishopstown EIXX1309
Black Bridge EIXX1310
Black Bridge EIXX1311
Black Bridge EIXX1312
Black Bull EIXX1313
Blackboy Bridge EIXX7466
Blackburn Bridge EIXX6532
Blackers Bridge EIXX8552
Blackhead EIXX0059
Blacklion EIXX1316
Blacklion EIXX1315
Blackpool EIXX1317
Blackrath Gate EIXX1318
Blackraw EIXX7730
Blackrock EIXX7412
Blackrock EIXX0228
Blackrocks Cross EIXX6235
Blacksod EIXX1320
Blackwater EIXX1322
Blackweir Bridge EIXX1325
Blackwood EIXX1326
Blainroe EIXX1327
Blairs Cove EIXX1328
Blanchardstown EIXX1329
Blane Bridge EIXX1330
Blarney EIXX0229
Bleach Hill EIXX1332
Bleanmore EIXX7885
Blennerville EIXX1333
Blessington EIXX0230
Blind Town EIXX6533
Blue Ball EIXX1336
Bluebell EIXX1337
Boagh EIXX6237
Boakefield EIXX7135
Bobsville EIXX7702
Bodenstown EIXX1338
Bodyke EIXX6133
Bofickil EIXX1340
Bogagh EIXX6534
Bogare EIXX1341
Bogay EIXX6535
Boghadoon EIXX7886
Boharboy EIXX1342
Bohaten EIXX1343
Boheeskil EIXX1344
Boher EIXX1345
Boheraphuca EIXX1346
Boherard EIXX1347
Boherbaun Lower EIXX1349
Boherboy EIXX1350
Boherbue EIXX1351
Boherderroye EIXX1352
Boherglass EIXX6134
Bohermeen EIXX1353
Bohernagrisna EIXX1354
Bohola EIXX1355
Bohullion EIXX6536
Bolart Bridge EIXX1356
Boley EIXX1361
Boley EIXX1359
Boley EIXX1360
Boleyard EIXX7887
Boleymount EIXX8239
Boleyvogue EIXX1366
Bolinaspick EIXX1367
Bolinglanna EIXX1368
Bolmarra EIXX1369
Boneill EIXX7521
Bonniconlon EIXX7888
Bonnybrook EIXX6382
Bonnyglen EIXX6537
Bonvoge Bridge EIXX7137
Bookeen EIXX1370
Boola EIXX1371
Boolabeha Bridge EIXX1372
Boolacullane EIXX1373
Boolakeel EIXX1374
Boolakennedy EIXX1375
Boolanlisheen EIXX1376
Boolard EIXX1377
Boolinaig Bridge EIXX1378
Boolteens EIXX1379
Booly Bridge EIXX1380
Boolyglass EIXX1381
Booterstown EIXX6383
Borim EIXX1382
Borness Bridge EIXX1383
Boro Bridge EIXX1384
Borris EIXX1385
Borris in Ossory EIXX1386
Borrisokane EIXX1387
Borrisoleigh EIXX1388
Boston EIXX6937
Boston EIXX0231
Bostoncommon EIXX1391
Botinny EIXX7889
Bottlehill EIXX5839
Bouladuff EIXX1392
Bounds Bridge EIXX1394
Bourney EIXX1395
Boycetown EIXX7138
Boyhollagh EIXX7890
Boyle EIXX0232
Boylegrove EIXX1397
Boyne Bridge EIXX7139
Boystown EIXX1398
Boytown EIXX7891
Bracetown EIXX1399
Brackagh EIXX1400
Brackay EIXX1401
Brackbaun Bridge EIXX1402
Brackenstown EIXX8599
Brackery EIXX6938
Brackhill EIXX1403
Bracklagh EIXX7892
Brackloon EIXX1404
Bracknagh EIXX1405
Brackwanshagh EIXX1406
Bracky Bridge EIXX6538
Braddocks EIXX1407
Branchfield EIXX8240
Brandon EIXX1408
Brannockstown EIXX1409
Bray EIXX7140
Bray EIXX8487
Breaghmore EIXX8122
Breaghwy EIXX1411
Breandrum EIXX8176
Breanloughaun EIXX1412
Bree EIXX1413
Bree EIXX6539
Breedoge EIXX1414
Breenagh EIXX1415
Breeoge EIXX8241
Brennanshill EIXX1416
Brewel EIXX1417
Brickana EIXX1418
Brickeens EIXX1419
Brickhill Bridge EIXX1420
Bridebridge EIXX1421
Brideswell EIXX1422
Bridge End EIXX1423
Bridge of Ross EIXX6135
Bridgeacrin EIXX1424
Bridgeland EIXX1425
Bridgetown EIXX1429
Bridgetown EIXX1428
Bridgetown EIXX1427
Bridgetown EIXX1426
Brindleys Bridge EIXX1430
Brinlack EIXX1431
Brinny EIXX1432
Briscloonagh EIXX7522
Briskil Lower EIXX1433
Briskil Upper EIXX1434
Brittas EIXX1436
Brittas EIXX1435
Britway EIXX1438
Broadale EIXX1439
Broadford EIXX1441
Broadford EIXX1440
Broadford Bridge EIXX1442
Broadway EIXX1443
Brockagh EIXX6540
Brockagh EIXX1444
Brockagh EIXX1446
Brockagh EIXX1445
Brockra EIXX1447
Broher EIXX8242
Broken Bridge EIXX7467
Brooklawn EIXX8123
Brooklodge EIXX1450
Brookville EIXX1451
Broomfield EIXX1452
Brosna EIXX1454
Brosna EIXX1455
Brosna Bridge EIXX1456
Broughal EIXX1457
Brownfield EIXX6541
Brownsmills EIXX1460
Brownswood EIXX8553
Bruckana EIXX1463
Bruckless EIXX1464
Bruff EIXX1465
Bruree EIXX1466
Bryanhiller EIXX7731
Buckode EIXX1470
Bulgaden EIXX1473
Bull Island EIXX6384
Bull Ring EIXX1474
Bullaun EIXX1477
Bullhill EIXX7141
Bullogfane Bay EIXX6542
Bulloghbrean EIXX1478
Bullys Corner EIXX1480
Bunacrick EIXX6543
Bunacurry EIXX7895
Bunaheraghtish EIXX7896
Bunakeeran EIXX1481
Bunaw EIXX7265
Bunbeg EIXX1482
Bunbrosna EIXX1483
Bunclody EIXX1484
Buncrana EIXX0233
Bundoran EIXX6544
Bundorragha EIXX1486
Bundouglas EIXX6939
Bunduff Bridge EIXX7523
Bunduvowen EIXX7897
Bunglass EIXX7142
Bungowla EIXX1487
Bunlacken EIXX1488
Bunlahy EIXX1489
Bunmahon EIXX1490
Bunn Bridge EIXX1491
Bunnafinglas EIXX7898
Bunnagee EIXX6546
Bunnagippaun EIXX6940
Bunnahowen EIXX1492
Bunnamayne EIXX6547
Bunnanaddan EIXX1493
Bunnaton EIXX6548
Bunnoe EIXX1494
Bunnyconnellan EIXX1495
Bunratty EIXX1496
Bunratty East EIXX1497
Bunratty West EIXX1498
Bunree EIXX1499
Bunskellig EIXX5845
Burdoon EIXX6549
Burged Bridge EIXX1500
Burke Ville EIXX1501
Burnchurch EIXX7209
Burncourt EIXX8364
Burnfoot EIXX1503
Burnfort EIXX1504
Burns Bridge EIXX7732
Burnside EIXX6551
Burnthouse EIXX6941
Burren EIXX6136
Burren EIXX1506
Burren Bridge EIXX1507
Burrishoole EIXX7899
Burrow EIXX1508
Bursan EIXX6238
Burtonport EIXX1509
Bush EIXX1511
Busherstown EIXX1512
Bushfield EIXX7901
Bushfield EIXX8365
Bushfield EIXX6942
Bushville EIXX1513
Butlersbridge EIXX1514
Butlerstown EIXX1515
Buttevant EIXX1516
Byrnesgrove EIXX1518
Byrneshill EIXX1519
Cabinteely EIXX1520
Cabra EIXX1521
Cabraghkeel EIXX1522
Cabry EIXX6552
Cadamstown EIXX1524
Cadamstown EIXX1523
Cahefurvan EIXX1525
Caher EIXX1527
Caher EIXX1528
Caher EIXX1526
Caher Lower EIXX6137
Caheracruttera EIXX1529
Caheradrine EIXX6944
Caheragh EIXX1530
Caherakilleen EIXX1531
Caheraphuca EIXX1532
Caherawoneen EIXX6945
Caherbannagh EIXX6138
Caherbarnagh EIXX1533
Caherbarnagh EIXX1534
Caherboshina EIXX1535
Caherbreagh EIXX7266
Caherbullig EIXX1536
Caherbulligin EIXX1537
Caherconlish EIXX1538
Caherconnell EIXX6139
Caherdaniel EIXX1539
Caherdavin EIXX7468
Caherdrinny EIXX1540
Cahererillan EIXX6946
Caherkeen EIXX1541
Caherkinmonwee EIXX1542
Caherlag EIXX1543
Caherlane EIXX1544
Caherlea EIXX6947
Caherlean EIXX1545
Caherlevoy EIXX1546
Caherlistrane EIXX1547
Caherloughlin EIXX6140
Cahermacnaghten EIXX6141
Cahermacun EIXX1548
Cahermore EIXX5849
Cahermore EIXX6948
Cahermucker EIXX5850
Cahernaeaha EIXX5851
Cahernagarry EIXX1549
Cahernahallia EIXX8366
Cahernashilleeny EIXX6949
Caherpeak EIXX1550
Caherphuca EIXX1551
Caherscullibeen EIXX1552
Cahersherkin EIXX6142
Cahersiveen EIXX0234
Cahir EIXX0235
Cahir Guillamore EIXX1555
Calaiste EIXX1556
Calary Lower EIXX8488
Calary Upper EIXX8489
Caldavnet EIXX7733
Calfstown EIXX1557
Calhaine EIXX1558
Callaghs EIXX6239
Callan EIXX1561
Callan EIXX6553
Callaros Fighter EIXX5852
Calliagh EIXX7734
Callow EIXX1563
Callow EIXX1562
Callowbeg EIXX1564
Calluragh EIXX1565
Caltra EIXX1566
Caltragh EIXX7397
Caltragh EIXX1567
Caltraghlea EIXX1568
Calverstown EIXX1569
Camaross EIXX1570
Cameron EIXX8367
Cammeenavrick EIXX1572
Camolin EIXX1573
Camp EIXX1574
Campile EIXX1575
Camport EIXX1576
Camross EIXX1577
Camus EIXX1578
Camus Bridge EIXX8368
Camus Eighter EIXX6950
Canal Harbour EIXX8455
Canalough EIXX1579
Cangort EIXX1580
Canguillia EIXX1581
Cankilly EIXX1582
Cannaghanally EIXX1583
Cannahawna EIXX6951
Cannianastown EIXX8490
Canningstown EIXX6240
Canonstown EIXX1584
Canower EIXX6952
Canrour EIXX1585
Capira EIXX1586
Capnagower EIXX7902
Cappaboy Beg EIXX1587
Cappaclough EIXX1588
Cappagh EIXX1595
Cappagh EIXX1594
Cappagh EIXX1593
Cappagh EIXX1592
Cappagh EIXX1591
Cappagh EIXX1590
Cappagh EIXX1589
Cappagh EIXX8369
Cappagh House EIXX1597
Cappagh White EIXX1598
Cappaghglass EIXX1599
Cappaghmore EIXX6954
Cappagowlan EIXX1600
Cappalusk EIXX1601
Cappamore EIXX1603
Cappamore EIXX1602
Cappanageeragh EIXX1604
Cappanagh EIXX1605
Cappanaghtan EIXX6955
Cappanagoul EIXX1606
Cappanargid EIXX7143
Cappanarragh EIXX1607
Cappanarrow EIXX1608
Cappanavarnoge EIXX1609
Cappanoloha EIXX1610
Cappanrush EIXX1612
Cappanrush EIXX1611
Capparoe EIXX1613
Cappataggle EIXX1614
Cappavicar EIXX7903
Cappavuse EIXX1615
Cappawhite EIXX1616
Cappeen EIXX1617
Cappoge EIXX1618
Cappoquin EIXX1619
Cappoquinn EIXX1620
Capppancur EIXX1621
Cappry EIXX6554
Cappul Bridge EIXX5853
Cappyroe EIXX8124
Caragh Bridge EIXX1622
Caranavoodaun EIXX6956
Caraun EIXX6957
Caraunduff EIXX1623
Carbury EIXX1624
Carbury Sweep EIXX1625
Cargagh EIXX1626
Cargaghoge EIXX6241
Carha EIXX1627
Carha EIXX6555
Carhameere EIXX1628
Carhoo EIXX7268
Carhoomeengar EIXX7269
Carhoon EIXX1629
Carker EIXX1630
Carlanstown EIXX1631
Carlingford EIXX1632
Carlow EIXX0003
Carn EIXX1634
Carn EIXX1635
Carn Bridge EIXX7654
Carn Cross Roads EIXX6242
Carna EIXX1636
Carnacon EIXX1637
Carnaghan EIXX1638
Carnaross EIXX7703
Carnbeg EIXX7413
Carndonagh EIXX0237
Carnew EIXX1640
Carney EIXX1641
Carney EIXX1642
Carnhill EIXX1643
Carnmalin EIXX1644
Carnoneen EIXX6958
Carnonkeelwy EIXX6959
Carnowen EIXX6556
Carns EIXX8243
Carntullagh EIXX6557
Carowcanon EIXX1646
Carra EIXX6960
Carrabaun EIXX1647
Carracastle EIXX1648
Carraduffy EIXX1649
Carragh EIXX1650
Carragh Bridge EIXX7144
Carraghy EIXX6961
Carrahaly EIXX5854
Carran EIXX1651
Carran EIXX6558
Carran EIXX1652
Carranduff EIXX1654
Carraroe EIXX1655
Carraskea EIXX7736
Carraun EIXX8244
Carrick EIXX1658
Carrick EIXX1656
Carrick EIXX1657
Carrick Bridge EIXX6560
Carrick-on-Suir EIXX0092
Carrickaboy EIXX1663
Carrickadraan EIXX8177
Carrickallen EIXX1664
Carrickartagh EIXX7737
Carrickaslane EIXX7738
Carrickbeg EIXX1665
Carrickboy EIXX1666
Carrickbrack EIXX1667
Carrickbyrne EIXX1668
Carrickcarnan EIXX1669
Carrickcolman EIXX6562
Carrickmaclim EIXX1670
Carrickmacross EIXX0064
Carrickmines EIXX1672
Carricknashoke EIXX6243
Carrickphilip EIXX1675
Carrickroe EIXX1676
Carrickynaghtan EIXX1677
Carrig EIXX1678
Carrig EIXX1679
Carrig East EIXX1680
Carrigadrohid EIXX1681
Carrigaholt EIXX1682
Carrigahorig EIXX1683
Carrigaline EIXX0005
Carrigallen EIXX1685
Carrigaloe EIXX1686
Carrigan EIXX1687
Carrigane EIXX1688
Carriganes EIXX5859
Carriganimmy EIXX5860
Carrigans EIXX1689
Carrigans EIXX1690
Carrigart EIXX1692
Carrigatogher EIXX8371
Carrigbeg EIXX8554
Carrigcannon EIXX1693
Carrigcastle EIXX8429
Carrigdangan EIXX5863
Carrigdeena EIXX1694
Carrigdownane EIXX1695
Carrigeen EIXX1696
Carrigeen EIXX1697
Carriggower EIXX8493
Carrigillihy EIXX5864
Carrigkerry EIXX1700
Carriglawn EIXX1701
Carrigmore EIXX8494
Carrignavar EIXX1703
Carrigshane EIXX1705
Carrigthomas EIXX5865
Carrigtwohill EIXX1706
Carrow EIXX1708
Carrow Cross EIXX1709
Carrowauff EIXX6143
Carrowbunnauna EIXX8245
Carrowcaslan EIXX8246
Carrowcastle EIXX7904
Carrowcor EIXX7905
Carrowcrory EIXX1710
Carrowcuilleen EIXX7906
Carrowduff EIXX1711
Carroweeny EIXX1712
Carrowen EIXX6563
Carrower EIXX7907
Carrowgarriff EIXX1713
Carrowgarriff EIXX6962
Carrowhubbuck EIXX8247
Carrowkeel EIXX1714
Carrowkeel EIXX1715
Carrowkennedy EIXX1716
Carrowmably EIXX8248
Carrowmanagh EIXX1717
Carrowmenagh EIXX1718
Carrowmore EIXX1719
Carrowmore EIXX1720
Carrowmore EIXX1721
Carrowmoreknock EIXX1722
Carrowmullen EIXX6564
Carrownacarrick EIXX1723
Carrownacreevy EIXX1724
Carrownaglogh EIXX7909
Carrownamaddoo EIXX8250
Carrownamaddra EIXX1725
Carrowneden EIXX8251
Carrowntawy EIXX8252
Carrowntreila EIXX7910
Carrowpadeen EIXX8253
Carrowreagh EIXX1726
Carrowreagh EIXX1727
Carrowreagh EIXX1728
Carrowreilly EIXX8254
Carrowteige EIXX7912
Carrowwilkin EIXX1729
Carryblagh EIXX6565
Carsons Bridge EIXX7739
Cartland Bridge EIXX1731
Carton EIXX1732
Cartrongarv EIXX6963
Cartronnagilta EIXX6244
Cartronplank EIXX8255
Cashel EIXX6964
Cashel EIXX7655
Cashel EIXX5866
Cashel EIXX7913
Cashel EIXX6567
Cashel EIXX0240
Cashel Hill EIXX1734
Cashelgarran EIXX1735
Cashellackan EIXX6568
Cashelmore EIXX1736
Cashelnagor EIXX6569
Casheltown EIXX1737
Cashla EIXX6965
Cashlan EIXX7740
Cashleen EIXX1738
Cashlings Bridge EIXX6570
Castle Cary EIXX1739
Castle Cove EIXX1740
Castle Wrixon EIXX5867
Castlebaldwin EIXX8256
Castlebar EIXX0006
Castlebellingham EIXX1743
Castleblagh EIXX1744
Castleblakeney EIXX1745
Castleblayney EIXX0241
Castlebridge EIXX1747
Castlecarra EIXX7524
Castlecomer EIXX0242
Castleconnell EIXX0007
Castleconor EIXX8257
Castlecoote EIXX1750
Castlecor EIXX1751
Castlecor EIXX1752
Castlecreevy EIXX6966
Castledermot EIXX1753
Castledockrell EIXX1754
Castledowey EIXX6571
Castlefin EIXX1755
Castlefinn EIXX6572
Castlefore EIXX1756
Castleforward EIXX6573
Castlegal EIXX1757
Castlegar EIXX1758
Castlegregory EIXX7270
Castlehill EIXX1759
Castleisland EIXX0243
Castlejordan EIXX1761
Castleknock EIXX1763
Castlelyons EIXX1764
Castlemagner EIXX1765
Castlemaine EIXX1766
Castlemartyr EIXX0008
Castlemoyle EIXX1770
Castlenalact EIXX1771
Castleore EIXX1772
Castleplunket EIXX8178
Castlepollard EIXX1773
Castlequarter EIXX6574
Castlequin EIXX1774
Castlerahan EIXX1775
Castlerea EIXX0244
Castlerichard EIXX8430
Castlesampson EIXX1778
Castleshane EIXX1779
Castleshannon EIXX1780
Castletown EIXX1789
Castletown EIXX1786
Castletown EIXX1788
Castletown EIXX1787
Castletown EIXX1785
Castletown EIXX1784
Castletown EIXX1783
Castletown EIXX1782
Castletown EIXX8372
Castletownbere EIXX1793
Castletownroche EIXX1794
Castletownshend EIXX1795
Castletroy EIXX1796
Castlewarren EIXX1797
Casttercose EIXX1798
Cathole Bridge EIXX1799
Catstown EIXX1800
Caulstown EIXX1802
Causeway EIXX1803
Cauteen Bridge EIXX1804
Cavan EIXX0009
Cavanagarvan EIXX7741
Cavangarden EIXX1806
Cavetown EIXX1807
Cecilstown EIXX1808
Celbridge EIXX0245
Cellarstown EIXX7210
Central Plain EIXX8179
Chanonrock EIXX1810
Chapel EIXX1811
Chapel Street EIXX1812
Chapelizod EIXX1813
Chapelmidway EIXX1814
Chapeltown EIXX1815
Charlesfort EIXX1816
Charlesland EIXX0246
Charless Bridge EIXX5870
Charlestown EIXX1818
Charlestown EIXX1819
Cheekpoint EIXX1820
Cherry Orchard EIXX6385
Cherryville EIXX0247
Church Cross EIXX5871
Church Hill EIXX1823
Church Town EIXX1824
Church Village EIXX7915
Churchill EIXX1825
Churchtown EIXX1826
Churchtown EIXX1829
Churchtown EIXX1828
Churchtown EIXX7469
Churchtown EIXX1827
Churchtown EIXX8456
Cill Airne EIXX0248
Cill Alaithe EIXX7916
Cill Fhionain EIXX1831
Civil Hollow EIXX1832
Claddagh EIXX1833
Claddaghduff EIXX1834
Claggan EIXX6967
Claggan EIXX1835
Claggan EIXX1836
Claggan Lower EIXX1837
Claggan Upper EIXX1838
Clahane EIXX1839
Claire Mount EIXX1840
Clamper Cross EIXX1841
Clane EIXX7146
Clara EIXX0249
Clara EIXX8495
Clara Bridge EIXX1843
Claragh EIXX1844
Claragh Scotch EIXX8258
Clarahill EIXX1845
Clarbarracum EIXX1846
Clare Bridge EIXX1847
Clarecastle EIXX1848
Clareen EIXX1849
Clareen Bridge EIXX6144
Claregalway EIXX1850
Claremorris EIXX0060
Clareville EIXX1852
Clarina EIXX1853
Clarinbridge EIXX1854
Clashavodig EIXX1855
Clashbane EIXX1856
Clasheen Bridge EIXX7211
Clashganny EIXX1858
Clashmore EIXX8431
Clashmorgan EIXX1859
Clashnabrock EIXX5875
Clashnadarriv EIXX1860
Clashreagh EIXX1861
Classas EIXX1862
Claureen Bridge EIXX1863
Cleady EIXX1864
Cleaheen EIXX8180
Cleanagh EIXX1865
Cleanderry EIXX1866
Cleedagh Bridge EIXX1869
Cleenaghoo EIXX7525
Cleggan EIXX1870
Clements Town EIXX1871
Cleraun EIXX1872
Cleristown EIXX1873
Clerragh EIXX8181
Cliddaun EIXX7273
Clifden EIXX0010
Clifferna EIXX1875
Cliffony EIXX8259
Cliffort EIXX1876
Clocully EIXX1877
Clodiagh Bridge EIXX1878
Clogga EIXX1879
Clogh EIXX1882
Clogh EIXX1881
Clogh EIXX7470
Clogh EIXX1883
Clogh EIXX8556
Cloghal EIXX1884
Cloghalarhard EIXX1886
Cloghan EIXX1889
Cloghan EIXX1888
Cloghan EIXX1887
Cloghane EIXX5876
Cloghane EIXX1890
Cloghane Bridge EIXX1891
Cloghaneely EIXX6576
Cloghannmore EIXX1892
Cloghans EIXX1893
Cloghanulk EIXX1895
Clogharinka EIXX1897
Cloghatanny EIXX1898
Cloghaun EIXX6968
Cloghaun EIXX1899
Cloghaun Bridge EIXX1900
Cloghbane EIXX6577
Cloghbaun Bridge EIXX1901
Cloghboley EIXX1902
Cloghboy EIXX6578
Cloghburn EIXX1903
Cloghdonnell EIXX1904
Clogheen EIXX5878
Clogheen EIXX1905
Clogheen EIXX1906
Clogheen EIXX1907
Clogher EIXX1908
Clogher EIXX1909
Clogher EIXX6579
Clogher Bridge EIXX7471
Cloghereen EIXX1910
Clogherhead EIXX1911
Cloghernagh EIXX7742
Clogherny EIXX6580
Clogherstown EIXX1912
Cloghfin EIXX1913
Cloghglass EIXX6581
Cloghleagh EIXX1914
Cloghmore EIXX7918
Cloghoge EIXX8496
Cloghoge EIXX6245
Cloghore EIXX1915
Cloghorn EIXX6582
Cloghpook EIXX1916
Cloghran EIXX1917
Cloghroe EIXX6583
Cloghroe EIXX1918
Cloghscollia EIXX1919
Clogmore South EIXX1920
Clohamon EIXX1921
Cloheden EIXX1922
Clohernagh EIXX1923
Clomantagh EIXX1924
Clon EIXX1925
Clonadacasey EIXX1926
Clonaderg EIXX1927
Clonagh EIXX1928
Clonagooden EIXX1929
Clonakenny EIXX1930
Clonakilty EIXX0094
Clonalvy EIXX1932
Clonamery EIXX1933
Clonard EIXX1934
Clonard EIXX1935
Clonard EIXX1936
Clonard Little EIXX1937
Clonarrow EIXX1938
Clonaslee EIXX1939
Clonavoe EIXX1940
Clonbane EIXX1941
Clonbern EIXX6969
Clonblesk EIXX6584
Clonboyne EIXX1942
Clonbrown EIXX1943
Clonbulloge EIXX1944
Clonbullogue EIXX1945
Clonbur EIXX1946
Cloncagh EIXX1947
Cloncannon EIXX1948
Cloncanon EIXX1949
Clonco Bridge EIXX1950
Cloncreen EIXX1952
Cloncullane EIXX1953
Cloncullen EIXX1954
Cloncumber EIXX1955
Cloncurry EIXX1956
Clondalkin EIXX1957
Clondarrig EIXX7656
Clondelara EIXX1958
Clondoolusk EIXX8125
Clondrohid EIXX1959
Clonduff EIXX7657
Clondulane EIXX1960
Clone Bridge EIXX1961
Clonea EIXX1963
Clonebud EIXX1964
Clonee EIXX1965
Cloneen EIXX1966
Cloneen EIXX1967
Cloneen Bridge EIXX1968
Clonegal EIXX1969
Clones EIXX0090
Cloney EIXX1973
Cloneybeg EIXX1974
Clonfert EIXX1975
Clongall Bridge EIXX7704
Clongarret EIXX1976
Clongeen EIXX1977
Clonglash EIXX6585
Clongorey EIXX1978
Clongowly EIXX1979
Clonincurragh EIXX1981
Clonkeen EIXX1983
Clonkeen EIXX1982
Clonkirk EIXX7743
Clonlack EIXX1985
Clonlara EIXX1986
Clonleigh EIXX6586
Clonliffe EIXX6388
Clonlyon EIXX1987
Clonmacnoise EIXX1988
Clonmany EIXX1989
Clonmel EIXX0250
Clonmellon EIXX1991
Clonmore EIXX7414
Clonmore EIXX1992
Clonmore EIXX8373
Clonmore EIXX1993
Clonmullen EIXX6356
Clonmult EIXX1995
Clonnkeelaun EIXX8260
Clonony EIXX1996
Clonough Bridge EIXX8557
Clonoula EIXX7744
Clonoulty EIXX1997
Clonpet EIXX1998
Clonroche EIXX8558
Clonroosk EIXX2000
Clonrush EIXX6145
Clonsast EIXX2001
Clonsast Lower EIXX2002
Clonsilla EIXX6389
Clonskeagh EIXX6390
Clontarf EIXX2003
Clontibret EIXX7745
Clontoe EIXX7746
Clonygowan EIXX2005
Clonyhague EIXX2006
Clonyquin EIXX8127
Cloomagro EIXX6146
Cloon EIXX6587
Cloon EIXX6970
Cloon EIXX8497
Cloonachoor EIXX7919
Cloonacool EIXX2007
Cloonagh EIXX8261
Cloonagh Bridge EIXX7275
Cloonaghboy EIXX2008
Cloonaghmore EIXX7920
Cloonahinshin EIXX8262
Cloonakilleg EIXX2009
Cloonaquin EIXX7526
Cloonart EIXX2010
Cloonascragh EIXX2011
Cloonatleva EIXX2012
Cloonbannin EIXX2013
Cloonboo EIXX2014
Cloonboygher EIXX7527
Clooncah EIXX2015
Clooncan EIXX8182
Clooncogaile EIXX2016
Cloonconlan EIXX7922
Clooncoorha EIXX2017
Clooncoose EIXX8183
Clooncose EIXX7528
Cloondara EIXX2019
Cloondergan EIXX2020
Cloonderreen EIXX2021
Cloonduff EIXX7923
Cloone EIXX2022
Clooneagh EIXX8263
Clooneen EIXX2023
Clooneen EIXX2024
Clooneen EIXX2025
Cloonfad EIXX2026
Cloonfadda EIXX7924
Cloonfinish EIXX2027
Cloonfinnaun EIXX7925
Cloonfower EIXX2028
Cloongaheen East EIXX2029
Cloongawn EIXX2030
Cloongoonagh EIXX8264
Cloongowla EIXX2031
Cloongullaun EIXX2032
Clooniff EIXX2033
Cloonkeen EIXX8185
Cloonkeen EIXX2034
Cloonkeen EIXX7276
Cloonkeevy EIXX2035
Cloonkirgeen EIXX2036
Cloonlaheen EIXX8265
Cloonlara EIXX2037
Cloonlara EIXX7926
Cloonlarhan EIXX7927
Cloonlaughil EIXX8266
Cloonlaur EIXX7928
Cloonlavis EIXX2038
Cloonlee EIXX2039
Cloonleenaun EIXX6971
Cloonloogh EIXX2040
Cloonlumny EIXX8186
Cloonmain EIXX2041
Cloonmeen West EIXX7929
Cloonmore EIXX2042
Cloonmore EIXX8187
Cloonmore EIXX2043
Cloonmoylan EIXX6972
Cloonnabinnia EIXX6973
Cloonnamaskry EIXX2044
Cloonnasee EIXX6974
Cloonoolish EIXX2045
Cloonoon EIXX2046
Cloonown EIXX2047
Cloonsharragh EIXX7277
Cloonsheecahill EIXX2048
Cloonslaun EIXX2049
Cloonta EIXX7931
Cloontagh EIXX6588
Cloontakilla EIXX7932
Cloonteen EIXX7473
Cloontia EIXX2050
Cloontuskert EIXX2051
Cloontyprughlish EIXX7529
Cloonusker EIXX6147
Cloonvoragh EIXX7933
Cloony Smith EIXX6148
Cloonycarney EIXX8267
Cloonymorris EIXX2052
Clortrane EIXX2054
Cloughjordan EIXX2056
Cloughmore EIXX7415
Cloughran EIXX2057
Clountane EIXX7278
Cloverhill EIXX6246
Clownings EIXX2058
Cloyne EIXX2059
Cluain Eois EIXX0251
Cluddaun EIXX7934
Cluid EIXX8268
Clydagh EIXX2062
Clynacartan EIXX2064
Coachford EIXX2065
Coad EIXX2066
Coalbrook EIXX2067
Coan EIXX2068
Coan EIXX8498
Coars EIXX7279
Coats Bridge EIXX2069
Cobh EIXX0252
Cock Hill EIXX2073
Cockow EIXX7280
Codd EIXX2074
Cogran EIXX2076
Cohunon EIXX2077
Colbinstown EIXX2078
Coldwood EIXX2079
Colgagh EIXX2080
Collegeland EIXX2081
Collierstown EIXX2082
Colliery EIXX2083
Colligan Bridge EIXX2084
Collinstown EIXX2085
Collon EIXX2086
Collooney EIXX8269
Collorus EIXX2087
Collyregan EIXX2088
Colmanstown EIXX2089
Colnamona EIXX2090
Colp EIXX2091
Commeen EIXX6589
Common Bridge EIXX6590
Commons EIXX2092
Commons Gate EIXX6247
Commons West EIXX2093
Conaghra EIXX7935
Condonstown EIXX2094
Confey EIXX7148
Cong EIXX2095
Conna EIXX2096
Connagh EIXX6149
Connary EIXX8499
Connaught Bridge EIXX7149
Connellmore EIXX2099
Connemara EIXX6975
Connolly EIXX2100
Connonagh EIXX2101
Connor Bridge EIXX6591
Convoy EIXX2102
Cookstown EIXX2103
Cool Bridge EIXX2104
Coola Bridge EIXX2105
Coolacurn EIXX2107
Coolagarybeg EIXX2110
Coolagh EIXX2111
Coolaghflags EIXX2113
Coolaght EIXX2114
Coolalug Bridge EIXX2115
Coolamoney EIXX2116
Coolaney EIXX2117
Coolatogher EIXX2118
Coolattin EIXX2119
Coolavokig EIXX2120
Coolayna Haggard EIXX2121
Coolbanagher EIXX2122
Coolbaun EIXX2124
Coolbaun EIXX2123
Coolbaun EIXX2125
Coolboy EIXX2127
Coolclogh EIXX2128
Coolcoosaun EIXX2129
Coolcor EIXX2130
Coolcorragh EIXX2131
Coolcoulagata EIXX2132
Coolcullen EIXX7212
Coolderry EIXX8128
Coole EIXX2133
Coole EIXX2134
Coole East EIXX2135
Coole West EIXX2136
Coolea EIXX2137
Coolearagh EIXX2138
Cooleen EIXX8270
Cooleeny EIXX2140
Cooleran EIXX7936
Coolflugh EIXX2142
Coolgreany EIXX8559
Coolinarrig EIXX2143
Coolkenna Street EIXX2144
Coolkill EIXX2145
Coollegreane EIXX2146
Coollick EIXX2147
Coolmannan EIXX7747
Coolmeen EIXX2148
Coolmeen EIXX8271
Coolmela EIXX2149
Coolmore EIXX6592
Coolnacon EIXX8560
Coolnageragh EIXX2151
Coolnagillagh EIXX2152
Coolnagoppoge EIXX2153
Coolnahorna EIXX2154
Coolnakilly EIXX2155
Coolnareen EIXX7660
Coolock EIXX6391
Coolpowra EIXX2157
Coolrain EIXX2158
Coolrainey EIXX2159
Coolroe EIXX2160
Coolross EIXX2161
Cools EIXX2162
Coolshinnagh EIXX7937
Coolumber EIXX2164
Coolvally EIXX2165
Coolvard Bridge EIXX7282
Coolygorman EIXX2166
Coom EIXX7283
Coombaha EIXX2167
Coomhola Bridge EIXX5882
Coomleagh EIXX2168
Coomnahincha EIXX2169
Coonagh EIXX2170
Cooney EIXX8272
Coonmore EIXX2172
Cooraclare EIXX6150
Coorlaghan EIXX2173
Coorleagh EIXX2174
Coornagillagh EIXX2175
Coornariska EIXX2176
Coosane EIXX2177
Coosavuddig EIXX7285
Coosheen EIXX2178
Cootehall EIXX2179
Cootehill EIXX0253
Copan EIXX6593
Coppanagh Mills EIXX6248
Coppanaghmore EIXX6249
Copperalley EIXX2181
Corah EIXX2182
Coralstown EIXX2183
Coratown Cross EIXX2184
Corballis EIXX6392
Corbally EIXX2185
Corbally EIXX2187
Corbally EIXX8432
Corbally EIXX2186
Corballymore EIXX2189
Corcam EIXX6594
Corchuill EIXX7530
Corclogh EIXX2190
Corcoranstown EIXX7938
Corcreeghagh EIXX2192
Corcullin EIXX7939
Cordal EIXX2193
Corderry EIXX6595
Cordingin EIXX6250
Corfad EIXX7748
Corgarve EIXX2194
Corglass EIXX2195
Corgreagh EIXX2196
Corhoor EIXX7940
Corick Bridge EIXX6251
Corimla EIXX7941
Cork EIXX0011
Corlat EIXX7749
Corlea EIXX2198
Corlea EIXX7532
Corlea EIXX2199
Corlea Bridge EIXX6151
Corlealackagh EIXX7750
Corleckagh EIXX6252
Corlee EIXX2200
Corlisheen EIXX7533
Corlough EIXX2201
Corlougharoe EIXX2202
Corlummin EIXX7942
Cormakilly EIXX2203
Cornabrogue EIXX6596
Cornacullew EIXX2204
Cornafean EIXX6253
Cornafulla EIXX2205
Cornagee EIXX6254
Cornageeha EIXX2206
Cornageeragh EIXX7534
Cornagillah EIXX2207
Cornaglia EIXX8188
Cornagunleog EIXX6255
Cornahaw EIXX6256
Cornaleck EIXX8273
Cornamona EIXX2208
Cornamucklagh EIXX7416
Cornamucklagh EIXX2209
Cornan West EIXX2210
Cornaveagh EIXX8189
Corndarragh EIXX2211
Cornelscourt EIXX6393
Corofin EIXX2212
Corolanty EIXX2213
Corracleigh EIXX2215
Corractoona EIXX7536
Corradrishy EIXX2216
Corrafaireen EIXX6976
Corraffrin EIXX6597
Corragh EIXX2217
Corraghbrack EIXX2218
Corraleehan EIXX2219
Corranagh EIXX6598
Corrandulla EIXX6977
Corraneary EIXX6257
Corraneary EIXX7537
Corranellistrum EIXX6978
Corraree EIXX2221
Corratimore EIXX7538
Corraun EIXX2222
Corraun EIXX2223
Corravilla EIXX6258
Corrawaleen EIXX2224
Corraweelis EIXX6259
Corray EIXX8274
Corrigeenroe EIXX2226
Corrigo EIXX2227
Corrofin EIXX2228
Corroy EIXX2229
Corry EIXX2230
Corryarbeg EIXX7752
Corryolus EIXX7539
Corsallagh EIXX8275
Corskeagh EIXX2231
Cortaghart EIXX7753
Cortober EIXX7754
Cortolym Bridge EIXX7755
Cortown EIXX2232
Corvally EIXX7756
Corveen EIXX6599
Corville EIXX6260
Corvoley EIXX7944
Corvoy EIXX2233
Costelloe EIXX2234
Coteeny EIXX6979
Cottian EIXX6600
Coulagh EIXX2235
Coultry EIXX2236
Coumduff EIXX2237
County Bridge EIXX2238
County Bridge EIXX2239
Courthoyle EIXX2240
Courtmacsherry EIXX2241
Courtmatrix EIXX2242
Courtown EIXX8561
Courtown Bridge EIXX2244
Courtwood Bridge EIXX7661
Cousane EIXX2245
Cowper Downs EIXX6394
Coxtown EIXX2246
Craanford EIXX2247
Cracknagh EIXX6601
Craddanstown EIXX2249
Cragg EIXX2250
Craigawillin EIXX6602
Craigbeefan EIXX6603
Craigmore EIXX7945
Craigtown EIXX6604
Cranareen EIXX2251
Cranemore EIXX6358
Cranford EIXX2253
Crannagh EIXX2254
Crannogeboy EIXX6605
Cranroe EIXX2255
Cratloe EIXX2256
Craughwell EIXX2257
Creagh EIXX2258
Creaghadoos EIXX6606
Creaghanroe EIXX7757
Creduff EIXX2259
Cree EIXX8129
Creegh EIXX2260
Creeharmore EIXX2261
Creehennan EIXX2262
Creeran EIXX7758
Creerin EIXX2263
Creeslough EIXX6607
Creevagh EIXX2266
Creevagh EIXX2265
Creevagh EIXX2264
Creeveen EIXX2267
Creevelands EIXX7759
Creevelea EIXX7760
Creeves EIXX7474
Creevy EIXX2268
Cregg EIXX2269
Cregg EIXX2270
Cregg EIXX2271
Cregg EIXX2272
Cregg Bridge EIXX2273
Creggan EIXX2276
Creggan EIXX2275
Creggan EIXX2274
Cregganbaun EIXX7946
Creggaun EIXX2277
Creggaun EIXX7947
Creggolympry EIXX2278
Creggs EIXX2279
Cregnafyla EIXX7948
Crehelp EIXX2280
Cremoyle EIXX7761
Crevagh EIXX7949
Crillaun EIXX7950
Crimlin Bridge EIXX6608
Crinkill EIXX8130
Crinnaghtane EIXX2281
Crissard EIXX2282
Croagh EIXX2284
Croagh EIXX2283
Croaghan EIXX2285
Croaghaun EIXX7951
Croaghbeg EIXX6609
Croaghlosky EIXX6610
Croan EIXX2286
Crockaun EIXX2288
Crockaun EIXX7152
Crockaunroe EIXX2289
Crockets Town EIXX2290
Crockfadda EIXX2291
Crockglass EIXX6611
Crocknagapple EIXX6612
Crocknasharrach EIXX6613
Croghan EIXX2292
Croghan EIXX2293
Croghan EIXX2294
Croghan Bridge EIXX2295
Crohy EIXX6614
Crolly EIXX2296
Cromane EIXX2297
Cromlin EIXX2298
Crompaun Bridge EIXX2300
Cromponn Bridge EIXX5888
Cromwella Bridge EIXX5889
Cronagass EIXX6615
Cronavan EIXX2301
Crone EIXX8500
Cronery EIXX6261
Cronkeeran EIXX6616
Crooked Bridge EIXX5890
Crooked Bridge EIXX2302
Crookedwood EIXX2303
Crookhaven EIXX0061
Crookstown EIXX7153
Crookstown EIXX0012
Croom EIXX2306
Croony Bridge EIXX2307
Cross EIXX2309
Cross EIXX6152
Cross EIXX2308
Cross Barry EIXX2310
Cross Forts EIXX6262
Cross Guns EIXX2311
Cross Keys EIXX2312
Cross Keys EIXX2313
Cross Keys EIXX2314
Cross Mahon EIXX2316
Cross of Beggar EIXX7213
Cross Roads EIXX2317
Crossabeg EIXX2320
Crossakeel EIXX2321
Crossakiel EIXX7705
Crossbane EIXX2322
Crossboyne EIXX2323
Crossconnell EIXX2324
Crossderry EIXX2325
Crossdoney EIXX2326
Crossea EIXX2327
Crosserlough EIXX6263
Crosshaven EIXX2328
Crosskeys EIXX2329
Crossmakeelan EIXX6264
Crossmolina EIXX2331
Crossmount EIXX2332
Crossna EIXX2333
Crosspatrick EIXX8501
Crosspatrick EIXX7214
Crosswell EIXX2334
Crove EIXX2335
Crowbane EIXX2337
Crowkeeragh EIXX6618
Cruisetown EIXX2338
Crumlin EIXX6619
Crumlin EIXX2339
Crumlin EIXX2340
Crumpane EIXX2341
Crumpaun EIXX2342
Crusheen EIXX2343
Crutt EIXX2344
Cuddagh EIXX2345
Cuffs Town EIXX2346
Cuilkillew EIXX7952
Cuilleen EIXX8190
Cuilmore EIXX2347
Cuilmullagh EIXX2348
Culdaff EIXX6620
Culdaly EIXX8277
Culfadda EIXX8278
Culkeeny EIXX6621
Cullahill EIXX2349
Cullahill EIXX2350
Culleenduff EIXX8279
Culleens EIXX2351
Cullen EIXX2352
Cullen EIXX2353
Cullenagh EIXX7662
Cullenagh EIXX2354
Cullenagh EIXX2355
Cullenagh Bridge EIXX5894
Cullenstown EIXX2356
Cullentra EIXX8562
Cullentragh EIXX6265
Culliagh EIXX6266
Culliagharny EIXX2358
Cullin EIXX7953
Culloville EIXX7762
Cully EIXX2360
Culoort EIXX6622
Culray EIXX2362
Cum EIXX7954
Cumber Lower EIXX2363
Cummeen EIXX2365
Cummeen EIXX2364
Cumminstown EIXX8457
Cummirk Bridge EIXX6623
Cunaberry EIXX2366
Cunard EIXX6396
Cuonmung EIXX7955
Cuppanagh EIXX2368
Cuppanagh Bridge EIXX8281
Cur EIXX2369
Curhownagh EIXX6981
Currabaha Cross EIXX2370
Currabeha EIXX2371
Curracitty EIXX2372
Curragh EIXX2373
Curragh EIXX2374
Curragh EIXX2375
Curragh EIXX2376
Curragh Bridge EIXX2377
Curragh Camp EIXX7154
Curragh View EIXX2378
Curragh West EIXX2379
Curragha EIXX2380
Curraghaleen EIXX2381
Curraghbonaun EIXX8282
Curraghgorm EIXX2383
Curraghlane EIXX2384
Curraghlea EIXX2385
Curraghnabania EIXX7540
Curraghs North EIXX7541
Curraglass EIXX5900
Curraheen EIXX2386
Curraheen EIXX2387
Curraheen EIXX2388
Currahill EIXX2389
Currahy Bridge EIXX5901
Curraleigh EIXX8375
Curranes EIXX2391
Curranmore EIXX2392
Currathir Bridge EIXX7417
Curraun EIXX7542
Curraunboy EIXX7956
Currawatia EIXX6982
Curreeny EIXX8376
Curreeny Cross EIXX2394
Currs EIXX6624
Curry EIXX2395
Curryglass EIXX5903
Currywongaun EIXX6983
Curtlestown EIXX2396
Cush Cross Roads EIXX2397
Cushaling EIXX2398
Cushaling Bridge EIXX7155
Cushina EIXX2399
Cushlecka EIXX2400
Cushlough EIXX7957
Daar Bridge EIXX2403
Daggan EIXX2404
Daingean EIXX2405
Dalgin EIXX6984
Dalkey EIXX2406
Dalligan Bridge EIXX2407
Dallyhaysy EIXX2408
Damastown EIXX2410
Danesfort EIXX6267
Danesfort EIXX2413
Danesfort EIXX2412
Dangan EIXX5904
Dangan Bridge EIXX2414
Dangans EIXX7664
Dardistown EIXX2420
Dardistown EIXX2419
Darndale EIXX6397
Darragh Bridge EIXX2421
Darraghlan EIXX7763
Dartan EIXX6625
Dartry EIXX6398
Darver EIXX7418
Davidstown EIXX2422
Davidstown EIXX8564
Davidstown EIXX2423
Dawros EIXX6985
Dawros Beg EIXX2424
Dawros Bridge EIXX2425
Deansgrange EIXX2426
Deelis EIXX2427
Deerpark EIXX6153
Deerpark Bridge EIXX2428
Defner EIXX7544
Delgany EIXX2429
Delvin EIXX2430
Denn Glebe EIXX2431
Dergvone EIXX7545
Dermotstown EIXX2432
Dernacally EIXX6627
Dernagola EIXX7764
Dernagree EIXX2433
Dernahelty Beg EIXX2434
Dernahelty More EIXX2435
Dernakesh EIXX6268
Derradda EIXX7546
Derraun Bridge EIXX2436
Derreen EIXX2440
Derreen EIXX2439
Derreen EIXX2438
Derreen EIXX2437
Derreenacarrin EIXX2441
Derreenacush EIXX2442
Derreenannagh EIXX8191
Derreenargan EIXX8192
Derreenavoggy EIXX2443
Derreenboy EIXX2444
Derreendarragh EIXX7288
Derreenmoria EIXX2445
Derreennatra EIXX5905
Derreens EIXX2446
Derreens EIXX7959
Derreeny EIXX2447
Derreeny Bridge EIXX5906
Derren EIXX2448
Derrew EIXX2449
Derrics EIXX2450
Derries EIXX8131
Derrineanig EIXX5907
Derrinkee EIXX2451
Derrinkip EIXX7547
Derrintober EIXX7548
Derrinturn EIXX2452
Derrinvoney EIXX7549
Derrmeel EIXX2453
Derroogh EIXX2454
Derrooly EIXX2455
Derroran Bridge EIXX2456
Derry EIXX6269
Derry EIXX5908
Derry EIXX7665
Derryad EIXX2458
Derrybeg EIXX2459
Derrybrat EIXX2460
Derrybrennan EIXX2461
Derrybrien EIXX2462
Derrybrook EIXX2463
Derrycanton EIXX2464
Derrycarney EIXX8132
Derrycassan EIXX6628
Derryclogh EIXX2465
Derryclure EIXX2466
Derrycoffey EIXX2467
Derrycon EIXX7666
Derrycon EIXX2468
Derrycooly EIXX2469
Derrycoosh EIXX7960
Derrycorrib EIXX7961
Derrydamph EIXX6270
Derrydolney EIXX2471
Derrydruel EIXX2472
Derryfadda EIXX6155
Derryfineen EIXX2473
Derryfrench EIXX2474
Derrygawny EIXX8134
Derrygile EIXX7667
Derrygola EIXX7765
Derrygolan EIXX2475
Derrygoolin EIXX6986
Derrygorry EIXX7766
Derrygoss EIXX2476
Derrygreenagh EIXX2477
Derrygrogan EIXX2478
Derryharney EIXX2479
Derryheena EIXX6156
Derryhulagh EIXX7962
Derrykeel EIXX6987
Derrylaggy EIXX6629
Derrylahan EIXX2480
Derrylahan EIXX6630
Derrylane EIXX6271
Derrylea EIXX2481
Derrylehan EIXX8283
Derrylemoge EIXX2482
Derrylesk EIXX2483
Derrylicka EIXX7289
Derrylough EIXX2484
Derrylough EIXX2485
Derryloughaun EIXX6988
Derrymore EIXX2486
Derrymore EIXX7290
Derrymore Bridge EIXX2487
Derrymore Bridge EIXX2488
Derrymullan EIXX2489
Derrymullen EIXX2490
Derrynacaheragh EIXX2491
Derrynacarana EIXX6989
Derrynacreve EIXX6272
Derrynadiyva EIXX7963
Derrynagun EIXX2492
Derrynameel EIXX7964
Derrynamuck EIXX2493
Derrynananta EIXX6273
Derrynase Bridge EIXX2494
Derryness EIXX6631
Derryounce EIXX2495
Derryrobinson EIXX2496
Derryrush EIXX2497
Derryvane EIXX2498
Derryvarroge EIXX2499
Derryvilla EIXX8135
Derryvillane EIXX2500
Derryvony EIXX6274
Derryvough EIXX6157
Deshure EIXX5909
Diamond EIXX6275
Digby Bridge EIXX7157
Dingle EIXX0254
Dinin Bridge EIXX2503
Dirtane EIXX7291
Doagh EIXX2504
Doagh Beg EIXX6632
Doaghmore EIXX6633
Dollymount EIXX2505
Dollys Grove EIXX2506
Donabate EIXX6400
Donacarney EIXX2507
Donadea EIXX2508
Donagheumper EIXX2509
Donaghmede EIXX6401
Donaghmore EIXX2510
Donaghmore EIXX2511
Donaghmore EIXX2512
Donaghmoyne EIXX7767
Donard EIXX8502
Donaskeagh EIXX2514
Donegal EIXX0255
Doneraile EIXX2516
Dongan Bridge EIXX2517
Donnybrook EIXX0256
Donnycarney EIXX6402
Donohill EIXX8377
Donore EIXX2519
Donoughmore EIXX2520
Donoure EIXX5910
Dooagh EIXX2521
Doobehy EIXX2522
Doocastle EIXX2523
Doochary EIXX2524
Doodaun EIXX7965
Dooega EIXX2525
Dooey EIXX2526
Doogary EIXX2527
Dooghbeg EIXX2528
Dooghill EIXX7966
Dooglaun EIXX6158
Doogort EIXX2529
Doohamlat EIXX2530
Doohand EIXX7967
Doohat EIXX2531
Doohooma EIXX2532
Dookinelly EIXX7968
Doolahag EIXX2533
Dooleeg More EIXX2534
Doolin EIXX2535
Doomore EIXX8284
Doon EIXX2538
Doon EIXX2537
Doon EIXX6634
Doon EIXX2536
Doon Cross Road EIXX2539
Doon Hill EIXX6990
Doonaha EIXX2540
Doonally EIXX8285
Doonalt EIXX6635
Doonane EIXX2541
Doonane EIXX7668
Doonaroya EIXX7969
Doonasleen EIXX5911
Doonbeakin EIXX8286
Doonbeg EIXX2542
Dooneen EIXX5912
Dooneen Bridge EIXX2543
Doonflin Lower EIXX2544
Doonimlaghbeg EIXX7292
Doonloughan EIXX2545
Doonmanagh EIXX2546
Doonowney EIXX8287
Doonsheane EIXX2547
Doonteeny EIXX7970
Doonyvardan EIXX6159
Doornane EIXX7215
Dooroge EIXX2548
Doorus EIXX6160
Dooveher EIXX6991
Dooyork EIXX7971
Dore EIXX2550
Dorrusawillin EIXX2552
Dough EIXX5913
Doughiska EIXX2553
Douglas EIXX2554
Dovea EIXX2555
Dowdallshill EIXX7419
Downdaniel EIXX5914
Downings EIXX2558
Downshill EIXX8503
Dowra EIXX2559
Doyles Bridge EIXX2561
Drangan EIXX2562
Dreenagh EIXX7293
Drehidasillagh EIXX2563
Dreludatogher EIXX8433
Drimina EIXX8288
Driminidy EIXX2565
Drimmavohaun EIXX6992
Drimmeen EIXX2566
Drimmo EIXX2567
Drimnagh EIXX6403
Drimoleague EIXX2568
Drin EIXX2569
Drinagh EIXX8136
Drinagh EIXX2570
Drinagh EIXX2571
Drinagh EIXX2572
Drinagh EIXX2573
Drinaghan EIXX2574
Dripsey EIXX2575
Drish Bridge EIXX2576
Drishaghaun EIXX2577
Drishane Bridge EIXX5915
Drishanebeg EIXX2578
Drisnoge EIXX2579
Drogheda EIXX0013
Droichead Nua EIXX7158
Droim Conrach EIXX6404
Drom EIXX2582
Drom EIXX2581
Dromada EIXX7972
Dromagh EIXX2583
Dromahair EIXX2584
Dromahaire EIXX2585
Dromahoe EIXX2586
Dromaragh EIXX2587
Dromard EIXX2588
Dromatouk EIXX2589
Dromcarra Bridge EIXX5918
Dromcolliher EIXX2590
Dromcollogher EIXX2591
Dromcummer More EIXX2592
Dromcunnig EIXX2593
Dromdowney EIXX2594
Dromdrasdil EIXX2595
Dromgarriff EIXX2596
Dromgownagh EIXX2597
Dromhale EIXX2598
Dromin EIXX2601
Dromin EIXX2599
Dromin EIXX2600
Dromina EIXX2602
Dromineer EIXX2603
Dromiskin EIXX2604
Dromkeare Bridge EIXX2605
Dromkeen Bridge EIXX2606
Dromleigh EIXX2607
Drommahane EIXX2608
Drommartin EIXX2609
Dromod EIXX2610
Dromond EIXX0067
Dromore EIXX2612
Dromore EIXX2613
Dromore West EIXX2614
Dromresna Bridge EIXX7476
Dromtrasna EIXX2615
Drum EIXX2616
Drum EIXX8289
Drum Irish EIXX6636
Drumabodan EIXX6637
Drumacloghan EIXX6638
Drumacreeve EIXX2617
Drumacrib EIXX7769
Drumadowan EIXX6639
Drumadrohid EIXX2618
Drumagh EIXX2619
Drumagraa Bridge EIXX6640
Drumakill EIXX7770
Drumalegaun EIXX2620
Drumalure EIXX2621
Drumandoora EIXX2622
Drumane EIXX6276
Drumanoo EIXX6641
Drumaragh EIXX7550
Drumasladdy EIXX2623
Drumatober EIXX2624
Drumaveale EIXX7771
Drumaville EIXX2625
Drumbane EIXX2626
Drumbarnet EIXX6642
Drumbarnet Upper EIXX6643
Drumbeg EIXX2627
Drumbilla EIXX2628
Drumboarn Bridge EIXX6644
Drumboe EIXX6645
Drumboher EIXX7551
Drumbologe EIXX2629
Drumboy EIXX6646
Drumboylan EIXX2630
Drumbrawn EIXX2631
Drumbrick EIXX2632
Drumbrollisk EIXX6277
Drumcar EIXX2633
Drumcarban EIXX2634
Drumcask EIXX2635
Drumcattan EIXX2636
Drumcliff EIXX2637
Drumcoggy EIXX2638
Drumcollop EIXX2639
Drumcondra EIXX6405
Drumcondra EIXX2640
Drumcondra EIXX6278
Drumcong EIXX7552
Drumconnick EIXX6279
Drumconor EIXX6647
Drumconrath EIXX2641
Drumcoo EIXX7772
Drumcooly EIXX8137
Drumcor EIXX6280
Drumcormick EIXX8290
Drumcoura EIXX2642
Drumcree EIXX2643
Drumcrow South EIXX6281
Drumdangan EIXX2645
Drumderg EIXX2646
Drumdoney EIXX8291
Drumdoo EIXX6648
Drumdowney EIXX2647
Drumduff EIXX7553
Drumeanan EIXX7554
Drumellihy EIXX2648
Drumfad EIXX8292
Drumfergus EIXX6649
Drumfin EIXX2649
Drumfin EIXX6650
Drumfree EIXX2650
Drumgoff Bridge EIXX8504
Drumgolat EIXX7773
Drumgoole EIXX7774
Drumgoon EIXX2651
Drumgor EIXX6282
Drumgorman EIXX6651
Drumgowan EIXX6652
Drumgowna EIXX7420
Drumgownagh EIXX7555
Drumgriffin EIXX2652
Drumgumberland EIXX6653
Drumhany North EIXX7556
Drumhillagh EIXX2653
Druming EIXX2654
Drumkeary EIXX2655
Drumkeeran EIXX2656
Drumlane EIXX6283
Drumlave EIXX2657
Drumlea EIXX2658
Drumlease EIXX2659
Drumleck EIXX6406
Drumliff EIXX6284
Drumlish EIXX2660
Drumlosh EIXX2662
Drumlumman EIXX7557
Drumman EIXX2663
Drummanreagh EIXX7775
Drummany EIXX6285
Drummeen EIXX2664
Drummenny Bridge EIXX6655
Drumminagainran EIXX7973
Drummond EIXX7669
Drummullagh EIXX2666
Drummurphy EIXX6656
Drummury EIXX2667
Drumna EIXX7558
Drumnacross EIXX2668
Drumnadart EIXX6657
Drumnafinnila EIXX2669
Drumnagrella EIXX2670
Drumnaha EIXX6658
Drumnakilly EIXX6659
Drumnasade EIXX6660
Drumnatread EIXX2671
Drumnee Lower EIXX2672
Drumnee Upper EIXX2673
Drumneill EIXX7776
Drumoake Bridge EIXX6661
Drumoghill EIXX6662
Drumone EIXX2674
Drumraine EIXX8293
Drumreagh EIXX7974
Drumreask EIXX7777
Drumreilly EIXX7559
Drumristin EIXX7560
Drumroe EIXX6286
Drumscor EIXX2675
Drumshanbo EIXX2676
Drumsheen EIXX7975
Drumsillagh EIXX6163
Drumslig EIXX2677
Drumslinnagh EIXX7976
Drumsloe EIXX2678
Drumsmat Bridge EIXX7778
Drumsna EIXX2679
Drumsru EIXX2680
Drumveagh EIXX6663
Drung EIXX2681
Drunganagh EIXX2682
Drunickory EIXX6664
Drutamon EIXX6287
Dry Mills EIXX2683
Duagh EIXX2684
Dubber Cross EIXX2685
Dublin EIXX0014
Dublin Pike EIXX2687
Ducalla EIXX2688
Duggarry EIXX2690
Duke Street EIXX2691
Duleek EIXX0257
Dun Laoghaire EIXX0015
Dunaff EIXX2694
Dunany EIXX7421
Dunavinally EIXX7561
Dunbeacon EIXX2695
Dunboyne EIXX0258
Dunbrin EIXX7670
Dunbur EIXX2698
Dunbyrne EIXX7159
Duncannon EIXX2699
Duncannon Bridge EIXX7299
Duncormick EIXX2700
Dundalk EIXX0259
Dunderrow EIXX2702
Dunderry EIXX2703
Dundonnell EIXX2705
Dundoogan EIXX2706
Dundrum EIXX2707
Dundrum EIXX2708
Duneen EIXX5919
Duneena EIXX6288
Dunfanaghy EIXX2710
Dunganstown EIXX2712
Dungarvan EIXX2713
Dungarvan EIXX8434
Dungeagan EIXX2714
Dunglave EIXX6289
Dungloe EIXX2715
Dungourney EIXX2716
Dunheeda EIXX2717
Dunhill EIXX2718
Duniry EIXX0260
Dunkerrin EIXX2720
Dunkineely EIXX2721
Dunkitt EIXX2722
Dunlavin EIXX2723
Dunleer EIXX2724
Dunlewy EIXX0261
Dunmanoge EIXX2727
Dunmanus EIXX2728
Dunmanway EIXX0262
Dunmaurice EIXX7780
Dunmoran EIXX8294
Dunmore EIXX0066
Dunmore EIXX6993
Dunmore East EIXX0086
Dunmuckrum EIXX6665
Dunnaloo EIXX6666
Dunnamaggan EIXX2733
Dunowen EIXX2734
Dunquin EIXX2735
Dunrally Bridge EIXX7671
Dunraymond EIXX7781
Dunshane EIXX7160
Dunshaughlin EIXX0263
Dunsink EIXX6407
Dunsland EIXX2737
Duntryleague EIXX2738
Durnesh EIXX2739
Durrow EIXX2740
Durrus EIXX2742
Dysart EIXX2743
Dysart Bridge EIXX2744
Dysertmore EIXX2745
Eadestown EIXX2746
Eanybeg Bridge EIXX6667
Eanymore Bridge EIXX2747
Eararna EIXX2748
Earlstown EIXX2749
Easky EIXX8295
East Grove EIXX5920
East Town EIXX2750
Easterfield EIXX2751
Eastern Bridge EIXX5921
Easton EIXX7161
Edenacarnan EIXX2752
Edenancane EIXX7782
Edenderry EIXX0065
Edentinny EIXX7562
Edentober EIXX7423
Ederglen EIXX7977
Edergole EIXX7783
Edergole EIXX7563
Edergole Bridge EIXX6668
Edernishfree EIXX6669
Edgeworthstown EIXX2755
Effernan EIXX2756
Effickmore EIXX6670
Eighter EIXX2757
Eighter EIXX2758
Eldon Bridge EIXX8505
Ellagh EIXX2759
Ellendale EIXX2760
Elliss Bridge EIXX6164
Ellistrin EIXX2761
Elphin EIXX2762
Elton EIXX2763
Emlagh EIXX2766
Emlagh EIXX2765
Emlagh EIXX2764
Emlagh East EIXX2768
Emlaghyroyin EIXX2769
Emly EIXX2770
Emo EIXX2771
Emyvale EIXX2772
Enagh Beg EIXX7978
Enfield EIXX2773
Enlaghdauroe EIXX6994
Ennis EIXX0016
Enniscorthy EIXX0264
Enniscrone EIXX2776
Enniskean EIXX2777
Enniskeane EIXX2778
Enniskerry EIXX0265
Ennistimon EIXX2780
Eochaill EIXX0266
Erindale EIXX2782
Erra EIXX2783
Erraran EIXX6290
Errill EIXX7672
Errislannan EIXX2784
Erry EIXX2785
Esk EIXX2787
Esker EIXX6408
Esker EIXX2788
Esker EIXX6995
Esker Bridge EIXX8138
Esker South EIXX2789
Eskeragh EIXX7979
Eskeragh Bridge EIXX7980
Eskerboy EIXX2790
Eskerbreague EIXX2791
Eskragh EIXX2792
Essex EIXX2793
Essexford EIXX2794
Eyeries EIXX2795
Eylagh EIXX6291
Eyrecourt EIXX2796
Faha EIXX8435
Faha EIXX2797
Fahaduff EIXX2798
Fahafeelagh EIXX2799
Fahamore EIXX2800
Fahan EIXX2801
Fahee EIXX6165
Fahy EIXX2804
Fahy Bridge EIXX6997
Fair Green EIXX2805
Fairfield EIXX2806
Fairfield Bridge EIXX7301
Fairview EIXX2807
Fairwood EIXX2808
Fairymount EIXX2810
Falcarragh EIXX2811
Fallask EIXX6671
Falleens EIXX8296
Fallmore EIXX2812
Falmore EIXX2813
Falnasoogaun EIXX2814
Falprobog EIXX6672
Fanore EIXX2815
Farahy EIXX2816
Fardrum EIXX2817
Farmhill EIXX2818
Farmleigh EIXX2819
Farmoyle EIXX2820
Farnagh EIXX2821
Farnaght EIXX2822
Farnane EIXX7478
Farran EIXX7303
Farran EIXX2824
Farranatreney EIXX2826
Farranavarra EIXX2827
Farranduff EIXX8297
Farranfore EIXX2828
Farrangalway EIXX2829
Farrans EIXX7673
Farranthomas EIXX2830
Farrellstown EIXX7981
Farrihy EIXX2831
Farsid EIXX2832
Fartha EIXX2833
Fartrin EIXX6292
Faughalstown EIXX2834
Faughart EIXX2835
Faughary EIXX7564
Faugher EIXX6673
Faulagh EIXX7982
Fauleens EIXX2836
Faulkland EIXX7784
Fawn EIXX2837
Fawnaboy Lower EIXX2838
Fawnaboy Upper EIXX2839
Feagarrid EIXX2840
Feakle EIXX2841
Feakle Lower EIXX6166
Fearagha EIXX2842
Fearmore EIXX6998
Fedamore EIXX2843
Feebrack EIXX2845
Feegavla EIXX7785
Feenagh EIXX2846
Feevagh EIXX2847
Feevaghmore EIXX8193
Fegart EIXX6674
Feltrim EIXX6410
Fenagh EIXX2848
Fenit EIXX2849
Fennagh EIXX2850
Fennor EIXX8436
Feohanagh EIXX2851
Feohanagh EIXX2852
Feragh EIXX7786
Ferbane EIXX2853
Fergus EIXX5924
Fermoy EIXX0267
Fern Hill EIXX2855
Ferns EIXX8566
Ferrard Cross EIXX2856
Ferry Bridge EIXX2857
Ferrybank EIXX2858
Ferrybank EIXX2859
Ferrycarrig EIXX2860
Fethard EIXX2862
Fethard EIXX2861
Fews EIXX2863
Fiddaun EIXX2864
Fiddaun Bridge EIXX2865
Fiddow Bridge EIXX2866
Fiddown EIXX2867
Fieries EIXX2868
Figart EIXX6675
Figlash EIXX2870
Finavarra EIXX6167
Finglas EIXX2871
Finglass South EIXX6411
Finglass West EIXX6412
Fingreagh EIXX7565
Finisklin EIXX6999
Finmore Bridge EIXX6676
Finnabanes EIXX6677
Finnahy EIXX8378
Finnanfield EIXX2872
Finnea EIXX7398
Finned Bridge EIXX8298
Finnow Bridge EIXX5926
Finny EIXX2873
Fintown EIXX2874
Finuge EIXX2875
Firhouse EIXX2876
Firmount EIXX2877
Firville EIXX2878
Fisherhill EIXX2879
Fisherstown EIXX8567
Fisherstreet EIXX2880
Five Cross Roads EIXX7566
Five Cross Roads EIXX2881
Five Cross Roads EIXX2882
Five Roads Cross EIXX2883
Fivealley EIXX8139
Fivemilebourne EIXX2884
Fivemilebridge EIXX2885
Flagmount EIXX2886
Flannery Bridge EIXX2888
Flaxfort EIXX5927
Flemby EIXX2889
Flemings Town EIXX6678
Flemingstown EIXX2890
Flemingtown EIXX2891
Floraville EIXX2892
Flughany EIXX2893
Fodry EIXX6168
Foghill EIXX2894
Foherlagh EIXX2895
Foiladaun EIXX5928
Foilakill EIXX2896
Foilmore EIXX2897
Fontstown EIXX2899
Ford EIXX2900
Ford Bridge EIXX7163
Fore EIXX2901
Forest Bridge EIXX2902
Forest Upper EIXX2903
Formoyle EIXX2904
Fornaght EIXX2905
Forrest Great EIXX6413
Fort Arthur EIXX2906
Fort Bridge EIXX6414
Fort Cross Roads EIXX5929
Fort Middle EIXX7479
Fort Prospect EIXX2907
Fort Stewart EIXX2908
Fort William EIXX2909
Fortel EIXX2910
Fossa EIXX2911
Fossy EIXX2912
Foulkesmill EIXX2913
Fountain Cross EIXX6169
Four Mile House EIXX8194
Fourcuil EIXX2914
Fox and Geese EIXX2915
Foxfield EIXX7567
Foxford EIXX7983
Foxhall EIXX2917
Foxhill EIXX2918
Foxrock EIXX2919
Foygh EIXX2920
Foyle Bridge EIXX2921
Foynes EIXX2922
Frankford EIXX2924
Freemount EIXX5930
Frenchfort EIXX2925
Frenchpark EIXX2926
Freneystown EIXX2927
Freshford EIXX2928
Frevanagh EIXX8459
Freynestown EIXX2929
Friarstown EIXX2930
Frogmore EIXX7306
Frosses EIXX6679
Fuerty EIXX2932
Fuhiry EIXX2933
Fule EIXX8299
Funshin More EIXX7000
Furbogh EIXX2934
Furkeal Bridge EIXX5931
Furmina EIXX2935
Furnace EIXX7984
Furnace EIXX6170
Furness EIXX2936
Furraleigh EIXX2937
Fustane Lower EIXX2938
Fybagh EIXX2939
Gaddagh Bridge EIXX7307
Gaillimh EIXX7001
Galbally EIXX2942
Galbertstown EIXX2943
Galdonagh EIXX6680
Gallatrim EIXX5932
Gallon EIXX2945
Galloping Green EIXX2946
Gallows Glen EIXX7164
Gallows Hill EIXX2947
Gallowshill EIXX7985
Galmoy EIXX2948
Galros EIXX2949
Galway EIXX0017
Gannaveen EIXX2952
Gannons Cross EIXX6294
Garadice EIXX2953
Gardenham EIXX7002
Garnavilla EIXX2954
Garnish EIXX2955
Garr EIXX2956
Garrafrauns EIXX2957
Garranard EIXX2958
Garrane EIXX2959
Garrane EIXX2960
Garrane EIXX2961
Garranlahan EIXX2962
Garranmaconly EIXX2963
Garranmore EIXX2964
Garranty EIXX2965
Garraun EIXX2968
Garraun EIXX2967
Garraunnatooha EIXX2970
Garrettstown EIXX2971
Garrison EIXX2972
Garristown EIXX2973
Garry Bridge EIXX2974
Garrybane EIXX2975
Garrybrit EIXX8568
Garrycloonagh EIXX2976
Garrycloyne EIXX2977
Garrycullen EIXX2978
Garryduff EIXX2979
Garryfine EIXX2982
Garrygort EIXX6681
Garryhagore EIXX2983
Garrykennedy EIXX2984
Garryknock EIXX8506
Garrylucas EIXX2985
Garrymaddock EIXX2986
Garrymore Bridge EIXX2987
Garrynabullogy EIXX2989
Garrynafana EIXX2990
Garrynageragh EIXX2991
Garrynagry EIXX7004
Garryntemple EIXX8379
Garryspillane EIXX2992
Garryvoe EIXX2993
Gartbrattan EIXX2994
Garvagh EIXX2995
Garvagh EIXX6682
Gates EIXX2996
Gattabaun EIXX2997
Gay Town EIXX6683
Gayville EIXX2998
Gazebo EIXX2999
Geara Bridge EIXX5938
Gearagh EIXX3000
Gearha EIXX7310
Gearha Bridge EIXX7311
Gearhasallagh EIXX3001
Geashill EIXX3002
Geeragh Bridge EIXX3003
Geevagh EIXX3004
Gerahies EIXX3005
Gibstown EIXX7424
Gilloge Bridge EIXX3006
Glackaunadarragh EIXX3007
Glackbaun EIXX8300
Glacknabrade EIXX3008
Glan EIXX5939
Glan Cross Roads EIXX5940
Glan Cross Roads EIXX7569
Glanawaddra EIXX3009
Glanballima EIXX3010
Glanbannoo Upper EIXX3011
Glanbeg EIXX3012
Glanbeny Bridge EIXX7312
Glandart EIXX3013
Glandore EIXX5942
Glandore Bridge EIXX5943
Glanfahan EIXX3014
Glangevlin EIXX3015
Glangristeen EIXX3016
Glanlarehan EIXX3017
Glanleam EIXX3018
Glanlough EIXX3019
Glanmire EIXX5944
Glanmore Bridge EIXX7314
Glannagaul EIXX3020
Glanoe EIXX3021
Glantane EIXX3022
Glanworth EIXX3023
Glasacken EIXX3024
Glashagal Bridge EIXX3026
Glashagh EIXX3027
Glasheenanargid EIXX3029
Glashnacally EIXX3030
Glasleck EIXX6295
Glaslough EIXX3031
Glasmullan EIXX6684
Glasnagh EIXX6685
Glasnarget EIXX8507
Glasnevin EIXX3032
Glassan EIXX8460
Glasshouse EIXX3033
Glassillaun EIXX7986
Glasstown EIXX6296
Glaster EIXX3034
Glen EIXX3035
Glen EIXX6686
Glen Bridge EIXX3036
Glen Bridge EIXX3037
Glen Ellen EIXX3038
Glen of Imail EIXX3040
Glen Village EIXX3039
Glena Bridge EIXX7316
Glenade EIXX3041
Glenageary EIXX6415
Glenahilty EIXX3042
Glenaknockane EIXX3043
Glenally EIXX5946
Glenamaddy EIXX3044
Glenamoy EIXX3045
Glenard EIXX3046
Glenathonacash EIXX3047
Glenatlucky EIXX3048
Glenawilling EIXX3050
Glenballyvally EIXX3051
Glenbane EIXX8381
Glenbaun EIXX3052
Glenbeigh EIXX3053
Glenbonniv EIXX6171
Glenbough EIXX3054
Glenbower EIXX7674
Glenboy EIXX3055
Glenbreedy EIXX3056
Glenbrien EIXX3057
Glenbrohane EIXX3058
Glenbrook EIXX3059
Glenbrook EIXX3060
Glencarn EIXX6687
Glencaw EIXX6688
Glencollins EIXX3061
Glencolumbkille EIXX6689
Glencorick EIXX7788
Glencree EIXX3062
Glencullen EIXX6416
Glencullin Lower EIXX7988
Glencullin Upper EIXX7989
Glendaduff EIXX7990
Glendarragh EIXX8508
Glenderry EIXX3063
Glendiff EIXX3064
Glendine Bridge EIXX5948
Glendine Bridge EIXX3065
Glendineoregan EIXX7675
Glendooskert EIXX6690
Glendorragha EIXX3066
Glendowan EIXX3067
Glendree EIXX3068
Glenduff EIXX3069
Glenealy EIXX3070
Gleneask EIXX8301
Glenedagh EIXX3071
Gleneely EIXX3072
Glenfarne EIXX7570
Glenflesk EIXX3074
Glengarra Bridge EIXX3075
Glengarriff EIXX5949
Glengesh EIXX6693
Glengort EIXX3076
Glenieraragh EIXX3077
Glenisland EIXX3078
Glenkeo EIXX6694
Glenlara EIXX7991
Glenlassra River EIXX7992
Glenleary EIXX3079
Glenletter EIXX3080
Glenlough EIXX3081
Glenmagoo EIXX3082
Glenmalir EIXX7676
Glenmaquin EIXX6695
Glenmore EIXX3083
Glenmore EIXX3084
Glenmore EIXX3085
Glenmore EIXX3086
Glenmore Bridge EIXX6696
Glennagoul EIXX3088
Glennan EIXX7789
Glennanore EIXX8438
Glennascaul EIXX7005
Glennaskagh EIXX3090
Glennaveel EIXX7006
Glenogra Bridge EIXX3091
Glenosheen EIXX3092
Glenough Lower EIXX3093
Glenough Upper EIXX3094
Glenoughty EIXX6697
Glenpatrick EIXX3095
Glenpipe EIXX3096
Glenranny EIXX8569
Glenree EIXX6698
Glenribbeen EIXX3097
Glenroe EIXX3098
Glenrovagh EIXX7007
Glensharrold EIXX3099
Glensmill EIXX6699
Glentane EIXX3100
Glentavraun EIXX3101
Glenties EIXX0268
Glentogher EIXX3103
Glentrasna EIXX7008
Glentrasna EIXX3104
Glenulra EIXX7993
Glenvar EIXX3105
Glenville EIXX3106
Glin EIXX7480
Glin EIXX3107
Glinsk EIXX3108
Glinsk EIXX3109
Glounthaune EIXX3110
Glynn EIXX3112
Glynn EIXX3111
Gneeves EIXX3113
Gneeves EIXX5951
Gneevgullia EIXX3114
Goats Bridge EIXX3115
Goatstown EIXX3117
Goatstown EIXX3116
Goatstown EIXX6417
Golagh EIXX3118
Golan EIXX3119
Golden EIXX3120
Golden Ball EIXX3121
Goldings Cross EIXX3122
Goldsmithslot EIXX3123
Goleen EIXX3124
Goolds Cross EIXX3125
Goresbridge EIXX3127
Gorey EIXX6700
Gorey EIXX0269
Gorlawarla EIXX7994
Gormanston EIXX3129
Gormanstown EIXX3130
Gormasillagh EIXX3131
Gort EIXX0270
Gortaboy EIXX7010
Gortacareen EIXX3133
Gortachalla EIXX7011
Gortacullin EIXX3134
Gortafludig EIXX3135
Gortaglanna EIXX3136
Gortagowan EIXX3137
Gortaheera EIXX3138
Gortahile EIXX3139
Gortahill EIXX3140
Gortahork EIXX3141
Gortakecran EIXX7012
Gortakeeran EIXX8302
Gortalough EIXX3142
Gortanummera EIXX3143
Gortareask EIXX3144
Gortarevan EIXX3145
Gortaroo EIXX3146
Gortatlea EIXX3147
Gortatleva EIXX7013
Gortaveer EIXX5954
Gortavoher EIXX3148
Gortaway EIXX3149
Gortbaun EIXX3150
Gortbrack EIXX3151
Gortbrack North EIXX7995
Gortbrack South EIXX7996
Gortcloonmore EIXX7014
Gortdromagh EIXX3152
Gortearagh EIXX3153
Gorteen EIXX3157
Gorteen EIXX3156
Gorteen EIXX3155
Gorteen EIXX3154
Gorteen EIXX3158
Gorteen Bridge EIXX3159
Gorteenboy EIXX7015
Gorteenkeel EIXX3160
Gorteens EIXX3161
Gorteeny EIXX3162
Gortermone EIXX8303
Gortfadda EIXX7016
Gortfree EIXX3163
Gortgar EIXX7017
Gortgarriff EIXX5955
Gortgarrigan EIXX7572
Gortglass EIXX3164
Gortin EIXX6701
Gortinar EIXX7573
Gortleatilla EIXX7997
Gortlee EIXX3165
Gortletteragh EIXX3166
Gortlush EIXX6702
Gortmellia EIXX3167
Gortmore EIXX3168
Gortmore EIXX3169
Gortnabrade EIXX6703
Gortnaclasha EIXX3170
Gortnacrue EIXX3171
Gortnacummer EIXX6172
Gortnagane EIXX3172
Gortnagappul EIXX5957
Gortnagowna EIXX3173
Gortnagowth EIXX8382
Gortnagroagh EIXX7019
Gortnagross EIXX3174
Gortnahoe EIXX3175
Gortnahoon EIXX3176
Gortnahurra EIXX7998
Gortnakilly EIXX3177
Gortnakistin EIXX3178
Gortnaleaha EIXX3179
Gortnaloughra EIXX5958
Gortnalughoge EIXX6704
Gortnamearacaun EIXX6173
Gortnandarragh EIXX7020
Gortnaprocess EIXX3180
Gortnasate EIXX3181
Gortormerillagh EIXX3182
Gortree EIXX3183
Gortrelig EIXX3184
Gortroche EIXX3185
Gortroe EIXX3186
Gortrummagh EIXX7021
Gortskeagh EIXX7022
Gortymadden EIXX3187
Gorunna EIXX0070
Gotham Bridge EIXX3189
Gothic Bridge EIXX5960
Goulacullin EIXX3190
Gouladane EIXX5961
Gouladoo EIXX3191
Goulburn Bridge EIXX7482
Gouldavoher EIXX3193
Gour Bridge EIXX5962
Gourdeen Bridge EIXX8383
Gowel EIXX3194
Gowla EIXX3195
Gowlan EIXX3196
Gowlane EIXX7318
Gowlane North EIXX5963
Gowlane South EIXX3197
Gowlaun EIXX3198
Gowlaun EIXX3199
Gowlin EIXX3200
Gowlin EIXX3201
Gowlin New EIXX3202
Gowlin Old EIXX6359
Gowran EIXX3203
Gowran Grange EIXX3204
Gracedieu EIXX3205
Gradoge EIXX3206
Graffa More EIXX7999
Graffee EIXX7319
Graffin EIXX3207
Graffy EIXX3208
Graffy EIXX3209
Graghil EIXX8001
Graig Upper EIXX5964
Graiganster EIXX3210
Graignagower EIXX3211
Graigue EIXX3217
Graigue EIXX3212
Graigue EIXX3213
Graigue EIXX3214
Graigue EIXX3215
Graigue EIXX3216
Graigue Beg EIXX3218
Graigue Bridge EIXX5965
Graigue Great EIXX3219
Graigue Little EIXX3220
Graigue More EIXX3221
Graigue More EIXX3222
Graiguealug EIXX3223
Graigueavoice EIXX3224
Graiguenahown EIXX7677
Graiguenamanagh EIXX3225
Graiguepadeen EIXX3226
Grallagh Bridge EIXX3227
Granabeg EIXX3228
Granard EIXX0271
Granavone EIXX3230
Graney EIXX3231
Grange EIXX3238
Grange EIXX3237
Grange EIXX3236
Grange EIXX3235
Grange EIXX3234
Grange EIXX3233
Grange EIXX8304
Grange EIXX3232
Grange EIXX7425
Grange Beg EIXX7678
Grange Beg EIXX3239
Grange Beg EIXX8195
Grange Bridge EIXX3240
Grange Con EIXX3241
Grange Cross EIXX7426
Grange Hill EIXX3243
Grange Lower EIXX3244
Grangebellew EIXX3246
Grangeford EIXX3247
Grangegeeth EIXX3248
Grangemockler EIXX3250
Grangerosnolvan EIXX3251
Graniamore EIXX8305
Granny EIXX3253
Granny EIXX3252
Graun EIXX3254
Graystown EIXX8386
Greagh EIXX8196
Greaghagibney EIXX6297
Greaghlatacapple EIXX3255
Greaghnageeragh EIXX3256
Greaghnaguillaun EIXX7575
Greaghrahan EIXX6298
Grean Mountain EIXX3257
Greatcommon EIXX3258
Greatconnell EIXX3259
Greenan EIXX3261
Greenan EIXX3262
Greenan Bridge EIXX6705
Greenane EIXX3263
Greenans EIXX8002
Greenanstown EIXX3264
Greencastle EIXX6706
Greenfort EIXX3266
Greenhall EIXX3267
Greenhall Bridge EIXX3268
Greenhills EIXX6418
Greenore EIXX3269
Greenslough EIXX0069
Greenville EIXX3271
Greenville EIXX6299
Greethill EIXX3272
Greeve EIXX8003
Grenagh EIXX3273
Greyfield EIXX8306
Greyfort EIXX8004
Greystones EIXX0018
Grogagh EIXX8307
Grogan EIXX8141
Grousehall EIXX3276
Growtown EIXX3277
Gubacreeny EIXX7576
Gubaveeny EIXX6300
Gubnaveagh EIXX3278
Gubrawnlly EIXX6301
Gubs EIXX7577
Gullaun EIXX3280
Gully Bridge EIXX3281
Gunsborough EIXX3282
Gurranebraher EIXX5967
Gurteen EIXX7578
Gurteenastooka EIXX3283
Gurteenulla EIXX5968
Gweedore EIXX0272
Gweesalia EIXX3285
Gweestin Bridge EIXX7320
Gyleen EIXX3286
Hackballs Cross EIXX3287
Hacketstown EIXX3289
Hacketstown EIXX3288
Hackstown Bridge EIXX3291
Haggard EIXX3293
Haggard Bridge EIXX3294
Halls EIXX7579
Haremount EIXX3296
Harlinstown EIXX3297
Harmonstown EIXX6419
Harpers Town EIXX6707
Harristown EIXX3302
Harristown EIXX3301
Harristown EIXX3300
Harristown EIXX3299
Harrylock EIXX3304
Hartstown EIXX3305
Hartstown EIXX3306
Haughtons Bridge EIXX3307
Hawarden Bridge EIXX3308
Hawkshaws Bridge EIXX3309
Hawkstown EIXX3310
Hawkswood EIXX8142
Hawthorn Hill EIXX5969
Hayes Bridge EIXX3312
Headford EIXX7023
Headley Bridge EIXX7321
Heatheryhill EIXX6708
Hedgetown EIXX3314
Heirhill EIXX3315
Helen Park EIXX3316
Hell Bridge EIXX3317
Hempstown EIXX3319
Henry Bridge EIXX7165
Herbertstown EIXX3320
Hermitage EIXX3321
High Street EIXX3322
High Town EIXX3323
Highstreet EIXX3324
Hightown EIXX3325
Highwood EIXX8308
Hill Head EIXX6709
Hill House EIXX3326
Hill Street EIXX8197
Hill Town EIXX3327
Hill View EIXX3328
Hillside EIXX3329
Hilltown EIXX3330
Hillview EIXX8442
Hillville EIXX7322
Hodgestown EIXX7166
Hodson Bay EIXX3331
Hollyford EIXX3333
Hollyfort EIXX3334
Hollymount EIXX8005
Hollywood EIXX3335
Hollywood EIXX3336
Holme EIXX3337
Holmestown EIXX3339
Holmpatrick EIXX6420
Holycross EIXX3340
Holycross EIXX3341
Holywell EIXX8600
Horse and Jockey EIXX8387
Horsehead EIXX5973
Hortland EIXX7167
Hospital EIXX3345
Howth EIXX3347
Huband Bridge EIXX7168
Hugginstown EIXX7218
Hughstown EIXX7169
Huntington EIXX3348
Hunts Grove EIXX3349
Huntstown EIXX6421
Hurlers Cross EIXX6175
Hyinenstown EIXX3350
Hynestown EIXX6422
Iar Connacht EIXX7024
Idle Corner EIXX3351
Ightermurragh EIXX3352
Illanbaun EIXX8309
Illaunbaun EIXX6176
Illies EIXX3353
Imlick EIXX6710
Inagh EIXX3354
Inch EIXX3359
Inch EIXX3358
Inch EIXX3357
Inch EIXX3356
Inch EIXX3355
Inch Bridge EIXX3360
Inch Cross Roads EIXX3361
Inchacooly EIXX3362
Inchamay EIXX3363
Inchamore EIXX7025
Inchanisky EIXX3364
Inchantatane EIXX3365
Inchaquire EIXX3366
Inchec Bridge EIXX7323
Inches EIXX3367
Inchibeg Bridge EIXX3368
Inchicore EIXX6424
Inchicorrigane EIXX3369
Inchigeelagh EIXX3370
Inchinalee EIXX3371
Inchinalyra EIXX3372
Inchinglanna EIXX3373
Inchisine EIXX3374
Inish EIXX3376
Inishcarra EIXX3377
Inishcrone EIXX3378
Inisheer EIXX3379
Inishnaneill EIXX6711
Inistioge EIXX3380
Innishannon EIXX3381
Inniskeen EIXX3382
Insnasallagh EIXX3383
Intack EIXX3384
Inver EIXX3385
Inver EIXX3386
Inveran EIXX3387
Irichaboy South EIXX7026
Irineragh EIXX6712
Irishford EIXX3389
Irishtown EIXX3390
Ironmills Bridge EIXX3391
Iry EIXX3392
Island EIXX3393
Island Bridge EIXX3394
Islandbridge EIXX6425
Islandeady EIXX3395
Islandmore EIXX8198
Islandmore EIXX3396
Islands EIXX7219
Islands Bridge EIXX3397
Islandtarsney EIXX3398
Jackstown EIXX6713
Jamestown EIXX3400
Jamestown EIXX3401
Jamestown EIXX3402
Janesboro EIXX7484
Jenkinstown EIXX3403
Jobstown EIXX3404
Johnstown EIXX7220
Johnstown EIXX3405
Johnstown EIXX3406
Johnstown EIXX3407
Johnstown EIXX3408
Johnstown Bridge EIXX7171
Johnstown North EIXX3409
Johnstown South EIXX3410
Johnstownbridge EIXX3411
Johnswell EIXX7221
Judgeville EIXX3413
Julianstown EIXX3414
Kanturk EIXX0273
Keadeen EIXX3418
Keadew EIXX3419
Keadue EIXX3420
Keaigh EIXX7027
Kealduff EIXX3421
Keale EIXX3422
Keale Bridge EIXX5981
Kealincha Bridge EIXX5982
Kealkill EIXX3423
Kealstown EIXX3424
Kean Bridge EIXX3425
Kean Cross Roads EIXX3426
Keeas EIXX7324
Keekill EIXX3428
Keel EIXX3429
Keel EIXX3430
Keel West EIXX8006
Keeloge South EIXX3431
Keeloges EIXX7580
Keelogs EIXX6714
Keelties EIXX7325
Keelty EIXX3432
Keelty EIXX3433
Keenagh EIXX3434
Keenagh EIXX3435
Keenagh EIXX3436
Keenanmore EIXX7028
Keenaunnagark EIXX3437
Keeraunbeg EIXX7029
Kells EIXX0274
Kells EIXX7485
Kells EIXX7222
Kells EIXX7326
Kellys Grove EIXX7030
Kellys Quarter EIXX6360
Kelsha Bridge EIXX3440
Kelshabeg EIXX3441
Kenmare EIXX0275
Kentstown EIXX3446
Kerloge EIXX3447
Kerrykeel EIXX3449
Kesh EIXX3450
Kesh EIXX8310
Keshcarrigan EIXX3451
Keys Cross Roads EIXX3452
Kibranagh EIXX3454
Kidlawn EIXX3455
Kilaarvan Bridge EIXX3457
Kilbaha EIXX3458
Kilbane EIXX6177
Kilbarrack EIXX6426
Kilbarry EIXX3459
Kilbaylet EIXX3460
Kilbeacanty EIXX3461
Kilbeg EIXX3463
Kilbeg EIXX3462
Kilbeggan EIXX3464
Kilbeheny EIXX3465
Kilbennan EIXX3466
Kilberry EIXX3468
Kilberry EIXX3467
Kilbinane Hill EIXX3469
Kilbragh EIXX3471
Kilbraney EIXX3472
Kilbreedy EIXX3473
Kilbrickan EIXX7031
Kilbricken EIXX3474
Kilbride EIXX3475
Kilbride EIXX3476
Kilbride EIXX7679
Kilbrien EIXX3481
Kilbrin EIXX3482
Kilbrittain EIXX3483
Kilcaddan EIXX6715
Kilcahill EIXX7032
Kilcaimin EIXX3484
Kilcappagh EIXX3485
Kilcar EIXX3486
Kilcarn EIXX3487
Kilcarney EIXX3488
Kilcarry EIXX3490
Kilcasey EIXX6716
Kilcash EIXX3491
Kilcashel EIXX3492
Kilcatherina EIXX3493
Kilcavan EIXX3494
Kilchreest EIXX3495
Kilclaran EIXX6178
Kilclare EIXX7581
Kilcloggaun EIXX7033
Kilclogh EIXX3496
Kilclogherane EIXX7327
Kilcloher EIXX3497
Kilclonfert EIXX3498
Kilclooney EIXX6717
Kilcock EIXX0276
Kilcogy EIXX3500
Kilcolgan EIXX8143
Kilcolgan EIXX0019
Kilcolman EIXX3502
Kilcolnanbane EIXX3503
Kilcolumb EIXX8461
Kilcomin EIXX3504
Kilcommon EIXX3505
Kilcommon Bridge EIXX3506
Kilconnell EIXX3507
Kilconnell EIXX3508
Kilconny EIXX3509
Kilcoolaght EIXX3510
Kilcoole EIXX0277
Kilcooly EIXX7328
Kilcor EIXX3512
Kilcoran EIXX3513
Kilcorkan EIXX6179
Kilcormac EIXX0278
Kilcornan EIXX3515
Kilcorney EIXX3516
Kilcotton EIXX3517
Kilcotty EIXX3518
Kilcow EIXX7329
Kilcrea EIXX3519
Kilcredan EIXX3520
Kilcrimple EIXX7034
Kilcroghery EIXX3521
Kilcrohane EIXX3522
Kilcronagh EIXX3523
Kilcronan EIXX3524
Kilcrossduff EIXX6302
Kilcruise EIXX7680
Kilcullane EIXX3526
Kilcullen EIXX3527
Kilcully EIXX3528
Kilcumber Bridge EIXX8144
Kilcummer Bridge EIXX3529
Kilcummin EIXX3530
Kilcummin EIXX3531
Kilcurly EIXX3533
Kilcurry EIXX3534
Kilcurry Bridge EIXX6361
Kilcusnaun EIXX3535
Kildalkey EIXX3536
Kildangan EIXX3538
Kildangan EIXX3537
Kildaragh EIXX6718
Kildare EIXX0020
Kildavin EIXX3540
Kilday EIXX8511
Kilderry EIXX3542
Kilderry EIXX3543
Kildoagh EIXX7791
Kildoney EIXX3544
Kildoon EIXX3545
Kildorragh EIXX3546
Kildorrery EIXX3547
Kildrum EIXX3549
Kildun EIXX8007
Kildurrih EIXX3550
Kileely EIXX7486
Kilester EIXX6427
Kilfane EIXX3552
Kilfarboy EIXX3553
Kilfearagh EIXX6180
Kilfenora EIXX3554
Kilfenora EIXX3555
Kilfinnane EIXX7487
Kilfinny EIXX3556
Kilflynn EIXX7330
Kilgalligan EIXX8008
Kilgarriff EIXX3558
Kilgarvan EIXX3560
Kilgarvan EIXX3559
Kilgill EIXX7035
Kilglass EIXX3561
Kilglass EIXX3562
Kilgobnet EIXX3563
Kilgolagh EIXX3564
Kilgoly EIXX6719
Kilgowan EIXX3565
Kilgraney EIXX3566
Kilhale EIXX8009
Kiliney EIXX6428
Kilkea EIXX3567
Kilkeasy EIXX3569
Kilkee EIXX6181
Kilkeehagh EIXX7331
Kilkelly EIXX8010
Kilkenny EIXX0021
Kilkerin EIXX3571
Kilkerrin EIXX7036
Kilkieran EIXX3572
Kilkinlea EIXX3573
Kilkinnikin EIXX3574
Kilkishen EIXX6182
Kill EIXX6303
Kill EIXX7037
Kill EIXX5986
Kill EIXX7332
Kill EIXX7172
Kill EIXX0279
Killabban EIXX7681
Killachonna EIXX3577
Killacorraun EIXX8011
Killadangan EIXX3578
Killadiskert EIXX3579
Killadoon EIXX3581
Killadoon EIXX3580
Killadreenan EIXX3582
Killadysert EIXX0022
Killafeen EIXX7038
Killagoola EIXX7039
Killaha EIXX3584
Killahy EIXX3585
Killala EIXX3587
Killaloe EIXX3588
Killamery EIXX3589
Killamoat EIXX3590
Killan Bridge EIXX3591
Killananny EIXX3592
Killane EIXX3593
Killanena EIXX6183
Killanigan EIXX3595
Killanly EIXX8311
Killann EIXX3596
Killannin EIXX7040
Killanny EIXX3597
Killanummery EIXX3598
Killard EIXX3599
Killare EIXX3600
Killarga EIXX3601
Killargue EIXX7582
Killarney EIXX0023
Killarone EIXX7041
Killashee EIXX3603
Killasona EIXX3604
Killasser EIXX3605
Killaun EIXX8145
Killaun EIXX3606
Killavackan EIXX3607
Killavally EIXX3608
Killavally EIXX3609
Killavally EIXX8012
Killavanowl EIXX7583
Killavil EIXX3610
Killavoggy EIXX7584
Killavullen EIXX3611
Killbarly EIXX3612
Killbride EIXX8512
Killea EIXX3613
Killea EIXX8444
Killea EIXX3614
Killea EIXX3615
Killeagh EIXX3616
Killeany EIXX3618
Killedmond EIXX6362
Killee Bridge EIXX3619
Killeedy EIXX3620
Killeek EIXX3621
Killeelaun EIXX3622
Killeen EIXX3623
Killeen EIXX3624
Killeen EIXX3625
Killeen EIXX7682
Killeena EIXX3626
Killeenaran EIXX7043
Killeenasteerna EIXX3628
Killeenduff EIXX3629
Killeeneenmore EIXX3630
Killeenemer EIXX3631
Killeenleagh EIXX3632
Killeenmore EIXX3634
Killeennashask EIXX8013
Killeens Cross EIXX3635
Killeevan EIXX3636
Killegar EIXX3637
Killeglan EIXX3638
Killeigh EIXX3639
Killelan EIXX3640
Killelton EIXX3641
Killenagh EIXX3642
Killenard EIXX3643
Killenaule EIXX8388
Killenna EIXX7585
Killenny EIXX3644
Killenoher EIXX3645
Killeroran EIXX3646
Killerrig EIXX3647
Killerry EIXX8312
Killeshandra EIXX3648
Killeshin EIXX3649
Killester EIXX3651
Killilan Bridge EIXX3653
Killimer EIXX3654
Killimor EIXX3655
Killina EIXX7792
Killinaboy EIXX6184
Killinagh EIXX3656
Killinardrish EIXX3657
Killincoole EIXX7429
Killindarragh EIXX6720
Killiney EIXX3658
Killinick EIXX3659
Killinkere EIXX3660
Killinlahan EIXX3661
Killinny EIXX3662
Killinthomas EIXX7173
Killinure Bridge EIXX3663
Killiskey EIXX3664
Killmacomma EIXX3665
Killogeary EIXX3666
Killogeenaghan EIXX3667
Killogunra EIXX8014
Killomoran EIXX7044
Killoneen EIXX3668
Killoran EIXX3669
Killorglin EIXX0280
Killoscobe EIXX3671
Killoscully EIXX3672
Killosseny EIXX3673
Killough EIXX3674
Killough EIXX3675
Killoveenoge EIXX3676
Killowen EIXX7333
Killowen EIXX3677
Killower EIXX3678
Killowney EIXX3679
Killsallaghan EIXX6429
Killucan EIXX3680
Killumney EIXX3681
Killuragh EIXX3682
Killure EIXX8146
Killurin EIXX3683
Killurney EIXX3684
Killurtan EIXX6721
Killybeg EIXX3685
Killybegs EIXX0281
Killyclug EIXX6722
Killycluggin EIXX6304
Killyconnan EIXX3687
Killycreeny EIXX3688
Killycrom EIXX3689
Killycross EIXX3690
Killyganard EIXX7683
Killygordon EIXX3691
Killykeen EIXX6305
Killylea EIXX6306
Killyleg EIXX7793
Killyon EIXX3692
Killyon EIXX3693
Killyran EIXX3694
Killyvahan EIXX3695
Killyvally EIXX6307
Killyvanny EIXX6308
Killyverry EIXX6723
Kilmacanoge EIXX3696
Kilmacar EIXX7225
Kilmacaran EIXX6309
Kilmacow EIXX3699
Kilmacowen EIXX8313
Kilmacrenan EIXX6724
Kilmacshane EIXX3701
Kilmacteige EIXX3702
Kilmacthomas EIXX3703
Kilmactranny EIXX3704
Kilmacud EIXX6430
Kilmacurragh EIXX8513
Kilmaehugh EIXX3705
Kilmaganny EIXX3706
Kilmaine EIXX3707
Kilmainham EIXX3708
Kilmainham Wood EIXX3709
Kilmalady EIXX8147
Kilmaley EIXX3710
Kilmalkedar EIXX3711
Kilmallin EIXX3712
Kilmallock EIXX0282
Kilmanagh EIXX3714
Kilmanaheen EIXX3715
Kilmaneen EIXX3717
Kilmanman EIXX3718
Kilmarry EIXX3720
Kilmartin EIXX3721
Kilmartin Upper EIXX3722
Kilmeadan EIXX3724
Kilmeaden EIXX3725
Kilmeage EIXX3726
Kilmeedy EIXX3727
Kilmeen EIXX3728
Kilmeena EIXX3729
Kilmessan EIXX7707
Kilmichael EIXX3730
Kilmihil EIXX3731
Kilmihil EIXX3732
Kilmona EIXX3733
Kilmonaster EIXX6725
Kilmoney South EIXX3734
Kilmoon EIXX3735
Kilmore EIXX3740
Kilmore EIXX3739
Kilmore EIXX3738
Kilmore EIXX3737
Kilmore EIXX7795
Kilmore EIXX3736
Kilmore EIXX7174
Kilmore Quay EIXX8574
Kilmorgan EIXX3741
Kilmorna EIXX3742
Kilmorony EIXX7684
Kilmovee EIXX3743
Kilmoyly South EIXX3746
Kilmucklin EIXX3747
Kilmuckridge EIXX3748
Kilmurry EIXX7334
Kilmurry EIXX3749
Kilmurry EIXX3750
Kilmurry EIXX3751
Kilmurry EIXX3752
Kilmurry McMahon EIXX3754
Kilmurvy EIXX3755
Kilnabooley EIXX3756
Kilnaborris EIXX7046
Kilnacoo EIXX8514
Kilnacreevy EIXX6310
Kilnacrew EIXX6311
Kilnageer EIXX8015
Kilnaglory EIXX3757
Kilnagross EIXX3759
Kilnahinch EIXX3760
Kilnahown EIXX3761
Kilnahown Bridge EIXX8148
Kilnalag EIXX3762
Kilnaleck EIXX3763
Kilnamaddy EIXX7796
Kilnamaddyroe EIXX7586
Kilnamanagh EIXX8199
Kilnamartyra EIXX5993
Kilnamona EIXX3764
Kilnanare EIXX3765
Kilnarovanagh EIXX3766
Kilpatrick EIXX3767
Kilpedder EIXX8515
Kilphillibeen EIXX3770
Kilpierce EIXX3771
Kilquade EIXX3772
Kilquain EIXX3773
Kilquane EIXX3774
Kilquane Bridge EIXX3775
Kilquiggin EIXX3776
Kilrane EIXX3778
Kilrean EIXX3779
Kilreekill EIXX3780
Kilriffen EIXX3781
Kilroe EIXX3782
Kilroghter EIXX7047
Kilronan EIXX3783
Kilronane EIXX3784
Kilross EIXX6726
Kilruane Bridge EIXX5994
Kilrush EIXX0071
Kilrush EIXX7175
Kilrusheighter EIXX3786
Kilsallagh EIXX8389
Kilsallaghan EIXX3787
Kilsaran EIXX3788
Kilsarkan EIXX3789
Kilseily EIXX3790
Kilshalvy EIXX3791
Kilshanchoe EIXX3792
Kilshannig EIXX3793
Kilshanny EIXX6186
Kilsheelan EIXX3794
Kilskeer EIXX3795
Kilsob EIXX6312
Kilstillaghan EIXX3796
Kiltale EIXX3797
Kiltamagh EIXX3798
Kiltartan EIXX3799
Kiltealy EIXX3800
Kilteean EIXX3801
Kilteel EIXX3802
Kilteely EIXX3803
Kilteevan EIXX3804
Kiltegan EIXX6363
Kilternan EIXX6432
Kiltiernan EIXX3806
Kiltimon EIXX8516
Kiltober EIXX3807
Kiltoghert EIXX3808
Kiltoom EIXX3809
Kiltoom EIXX3810
Kiltormer EIXX3811
Kiltrea Bridge EIXX3813
Kiltrellig EIXX3814
Kiltroge EIXX7048
Kiltrough EIXX3815
Kiltullagh EIXX3816
Kiltumper EIXX3817
Kiltybardan EIXX7587
Kiltybegs EIXX3818
Kiltyclogher EIXX3819
Kilvickadownig EIXX3820
Kilvine EIXX3821
Kilvoydan EIXX3822
Kilwarden EIXX3823
Kilwoghan EIXX3824
Kilworth EIXX3825
Kilworth Camp EIXX3826
Kimmage EIXX6433
Kinaff Bridge EIXX3827
Kinagha EIXX6313
Kinard EIXX3830
Kinard EIXX3829
Kinard EIXX3828
Kincasslagh EIXX3831
Kincon EIXX3832
Kincuillew EIXX8314
Kindroghed EIXX6727
Kindrohid EIXX3833
Kindrum EIXX3834
Kingarrow EIXX3835
Kingsbog EIXX3836
Kingsborough EIXX8149
Kingscourt EIXX3837
Kingsland EIXX3838
Kingston Bridge EIXX3839
Kingswood EIXX6434
Kiniska EIXX7050
Kinlough EIXX3841
Kinnadoohy EIXX8016
Kinnagoe EIXX3842
Kinnakillew EIXX6728
Kinnegad EIXX3843
Kinneigh EIXX3844
Kinnitty EIXX3845
Kinreask EIXX3846
Kinsale EIXX0283
Kinsalebeg EIXX3848
Kinsaley EIXX3849
Kinsealy EIXX3850
Kinvarra EIXX3851
Kippagh EIXX3852
Kippagh Bridge EIXX5996
Kirikee EIXX3853
Kishawanny EIXX3854
Kishkeam EIXX3855
Kitchenstown EIXX3856
Knappagh EIXX3857
Knappagh House EIXX3858
Knickeen EIXX3859
Knights Town EIXX3860
Knightstown EIXX3861
Knock EIXX3862
Knock EIXX3863
Knock EIXX3864
Knockacappul EIXX3866
Knockacolla EIXX3867
Knockacrump EIXX3868
Knockacullion EIXX7588
Knockacutteen EIXX6187
Knockadalteen EIXX3869
Knockaderry EIXX3870
Knockadreet EIXX8517
Knockafreaghaun EIXX3872
Knockainy EIXX3873
Knockakilleen EIXX3874
Knockalough EIXX3875
Knockanacullin EIXX3876
Knockananig EIXX5997
Knockananna EIXX3877
Knockananny EIXX8018
Knockanare EIXX3878
Knockancarrigan EIXX3879
Knockandarragh EIXX3880
Knockane EIXX3881
Knockane EIXX3882
Knockanelo EIXX8019
Knockanemore EIXX3884
Knockanevin EIXX3885
Knockanillaun EIXX3886
Knockanimrish EIXX3887
Knockanore EIXX3888
Knockanree Upper EIXX3889
Knockansweeny EIXX3890
Knockanuddoge EIXX3891
Knockanure EIXX3892
Knockaphrumpa EIXX3893
Knockardrahan EIXX3895
Knockaskehane EIXX3897
Knockatallon EIXX3898
Knockatanvally EIXX3899
Knockatee EIXX3900
Knockatee EIXX7051
Knockatemple EIXX3901
Knockatogher EIXX3902
Knockatooan EIXX3903
Knockaun EIXX3904
Knockaunbrack EIXX3905
Knockaunnaglashy EIXX3906
Knockaunranny EIXX7052
Knockaunroe EIXX3907
Knockavrogeen EIXX3908
Knockawaddra EIXX3909
Knockawarriga EIXX3910
Knockballiniry EIXX3911
Knockbane EIXX3913
Knockbodaly EIXX3914
Knockboha EIXX8020
Knockboy EIXX3915
Knockbrack EIXX3918
Knockbrack EIXX3917
Knockbrack EIXX3916
Knockbrack EIXX8021
Knockbrack Upper EIXX6189
Knockbride EIXX6314
Knockbridge EIXX0284
Knockburden EIXX5998
Knockcoolkeare EIXX3921
Knockcor EIXX7797
Knockcroghery EIXX3922
Knockduff EIXX3924
Knockeencreen EIXX3925
Knockeennahone EIXX3926
Knockeens EIXX7338
Knockeighra EIXX6190
Knockfadda EIXX8022
Knockferry EIXX3927
Knockfola EIXX6729
Knockgaffon EIXX3928
Knocklead EIXX3930
Knockletteragh EIXX6730
Knockloe Bridge EIXX3931
Knocklong EIXX3933
Knocklyon EIXX3934
Knockmahon EIXX3935
Knockmanagh EIXX3936
Knockmanagh EIXX3937
Knockmore EIXX8023
Knockmore EIXX3939
Knockmourne EIXX3940
Knockmoylan EIXX3941
Knockmoyle EIXX3942
Knockmoyleen EIXX8024
Knocknabooly EIXX7489
Knocknacross EIXX8315
Knocknafaska EIXX3944
Knocknafreaghaun EIXX3945
Knocknagashel EIXX3946
Knocknagoshel EIXX7340
Knocknagree EIXX3950
Knocknaharan EIXX3951
Knocknaheeny EIXX3952
Knocknahilan EIXX5999
Knocknahoola EIXX3954
Knocknahoran EIXX3955
Knocknahorna EIXX8025
Knocknahur EIXX3956
Knocknalina EIXX3957
Knocknalower EIXX0285
Knocknaman EIXX7341
Knocknamona EIXX7431
Knocknamuck EIXX3961
Knocknamuck EIXX3960
Knocknamucky EIXX6192
Knocknaud EIXX3963
Knockoura EIXX3964
Knockpatulla EIXX7708
Knockraha EIXX3965
Knockraheen EIXX3966
Knockrath EIXX3967
Knockroe EIXX8026
Knockroe EIXX3968
Knockroe EIXX7342
Knockrower East EIXX3969
Knocks EIXX7798
Knocks EIXX7685
Knocks EIXX7589
Knocksbarrett EIXX8027
Knocksedan EIXX8601
Knockshanbo EIXX8028
Knocksquire EIXX3970
Knockstown EIXX3971
Knocktemple EIXX8029
Knocktopher EIXX3972
Knockvicar EIXX3974
Knockvorlagh EIXX3975
Knockwilliam EIXX3976
Knockyhena EIXX3977
Knoppoge EIXX3978
Knoppoge Bridge EIXX6000
Knuttery EIXX3979
Koyle EIXX3980
Kylatlea EIXX3981
Kyle EIXX7227
Kyle Cross Roads EIXX3982
Kyle Cross Roads EIXX3983
Kylebeg EIXX7053
Kylebrack EIXX3984
Kylegarve EIXX3985
Kylegrove EIXX3986
Kylemore EIXX3987
Kylemore Bridge EIXX3988
Kylesa EIXX3989
Kyletalesha EIXX3990
Laban EIXX3991
Labasheeda EIXX3992
Labbadiha Bridge EIXX3993
Labbadish EIXX3994
Labbanacallee EIXX3995
Lack EIXX8030
Lackabaun EIXX3996
Lackagh EIXX3997
Lackagh EIXX3998
Lackaghmore EIXX3999
Lackamore EIXX4000
Lackan EIXX6731
Lackan EIXX8518
Lackanastooka EIXX4001
Lackanatlieve EIXX8316
Lackareagh EIXX4003
Lackareagh EIXX4002
Lackbrooder EIXX4004
Lackcrom EIXX6732
Lacknahaghny EIXX4005
Laconnell EIXX6733
Ladysbridge EIXX4008
Laffansbridge EIXX4009
Lagacurry EIXX6734
Lagganstown EIXX4010
Laghtgannon EIXX7054
Laghtgeorge EIXX4012
Laghy EIXX4013
Lagnadaraugh EIXX6735
Lahagh EIXX4014
Lahanagh EIXX4015
Laharan EIXX6001
Lahard EIXX4016
Lahard EIXX4017
Lahardane EIXX4018
Lahardaun EIXX4019
Laheen EIXX6736
Laherne EIXX4020
Lahordan EIXX8317
Lake Field EIXX4021
Lake Village EIXX4022
Lakeview EIXX7343
Lamanagh EIXX4023
Lambstown EIXX8576
Lanesborough EIXX4025
Lannaght EIXX6193
Lanoge EIXX4026
Laputa EIXX4027
Laracor EIXX4028
Laragh EIXX7176
Laragh EIXX7799
Laragh EIXX0286
Laragh EIXX6003
Laragh Beg EIXX7056
Laragh More EIXX4030
Larah EIXX4031
Larch Hill EIXX4032
Largan EIXX4033
Largan EIXX4034
Larganreagh EIXX6737
Largy EIXX6738
Largydonnell EIXX4035
Larkfield EIXX4037
Larkfield EIXX4036
Lateeve EIXX7344
Latnamard EIXX7800
Latoon Bridge EIXX4040
Latsey EIXX6315
Lattacrom EIXX7801
Lattin EIXX4042
Latton EIXX4043
Laughil EIXX7057
Laught EIXX4044
Laune Bridge EIXX7345
Lauragh EIXX4045
Lauragh Bridge EIXX7346
Laurencetown EIXX4046
Lavagh EIXX8151
Lavagh EIXX4047
Lavally EIXX6194
Lavaur EIXX7590
Lavey EIXX4048
Laytown EIXX0287
Lea More EIXX4050
Leabeg EIXX4051
Leabeg EIXX4052
Leabgarrow EIXX6739
Leaght EIXX6740
Leaha Bridge EIXX7347
Leamadartaun EIXX8031
Leamlara EIXX4053
Leamnaguila EIXX4054
Leana EIXX6195
Leanamore EIXX4055
Leanevglissane EIXX4056
Leansaghane EIXX7348
Leap EIXX4057
Leatbeg EIXX4058
Lecarrow EIXX6196
Lecarrow EIXX4059
Lecarrow EIXX4060
Lecarrow EIXX4061
Leck EIXX6316
Leckanarainey EIXX4062
Leckanvy EIXX4063
Leckaun EIXX7591
Leckee EIXX8032
Leckemy EIXX4064
Ledonigan EIXX6317
Leenaun EIXX4065
Legan EIXX4066
Leggah EIXX4067
Legland EIXX6741
Legnagrow EIXX6318
Legnahoory EIXX4068
Lehardan EIXX4069
Lehenagh EIXX4070
Lehinch EIXX4071
Leifear EIXX0288
Leighlinbridge EIXX4073
Leitrim EIXX7058
Leitrim EIXX4074
Leitrim EIXX4075
Leitry Bridge EIXX6007
Leixlip EIXX0024
Lelagh EIXX4077
Lemacraig EIXX6742
Lemanaghan EIXX4078
Lemgare EIXX7802
Lemgare Rocks EIXX7803
Lemybrien EIXX4080
Lenahaun EIXX8033
Lenamore EIXX4081
Lenan EIXX6743
Lenankeel EIXX4082
Lennaght EIXX7804
Lenstown EIXX4083
Leopardstown EIXX4084
Lergynasearhagh EIXX6744
Lerrig EIXX4085
Leslie Hill EIXX6745
Letter EIXX4086
Letter More EIXX7059
Lettera EIXX4088
Letterask EIXX8034
Letterbarra EIXX4089
Letterbrick EIXX8035
Letterdunane EIXX4090
Letterfinish EIXX4091
Letterfrack EIXX4092
Lettergarriv EIXX4093
Lettergull EIXX6746
Letterkenny EIXX0025
Letterkilley EIXX6747
Letterleague EIXX4095
Letterlough EIXX8036
Lettermacaward EIXX4096
Lettermakenny EIXX6748
Lettermore EIXX7060
Lettermore EIXX6749
Lettermullan EIXX4097
Leugh EIXX4098
Levally EIXX8037
Leyny EIXX8318
Liberty Hall EIXX7349
Licketstown EIXX4099
Lickowen EIXX4100
Licky Bridge EIXX4101
Lidoville EIXX4102
Limekiln EIXX4103
Limerick EIXX8577
Limerick EIXX0026
Limerick Bridge EIXX4105
Linsfort EIXX4107
Lipstown EIXX4108
Lis Cross Roads EIXX4109
Lisacul EIXX4110
Lisagoan EIXX6319
Lisavaddy EIXX6751
Lisbabe EIXX4111
Lisbealadea EIXX4112
Lisboduff EIXX4113
Liscally EIXX7592
Liscananaun EIXX4114
Liscannor EIXX4115
Liscarban EIXX7593
Liscarney EIXX4116
Liscarrigane EIXX4117
Liscarroll EIXX4118
Liscasey EIXX4119
Lisclamer EIXX6752
Liscoghil EIXX7594
Lisconly EIXX7061
Lisconor EIXX7595
Liscooly EIXX6753
Liscooly Bridge EIXX6754
Liscullaun EIXX4120
Liscune EIXX4121
Lisdargan EIXX4122
Lisdeen EIXX4123
Lisdoonan EIXX7805
Lisdoonvarna EIXX4124
Lisdowney EIXX4125
Lisduff EIXX4129
Lisduff EIXX4128
Lisduff EIXX4127
Lisduff EIXX4126
Lisduff Bridge EIXX4130
Lisgall EIXX7806
Lisgillan EIXX7807
Lisgoold EIXX4131
Lisgorey EIXX8319
Lisgorman EIXX7596
Lisgrea EIXX4132
Lisheen EIXX4134
Lisheen EIXX4136
Lisheen EIXX4135
Lisheen Bridge EIXX6011
Lisheenaclara EIXX7062
Lisheenaguile EIXX4138
Lisheenanoran EIXX7063
Lisheenavalla EIXX4139
Liskeagh EIXX8320
Lislary EIXX4140
Lislaughna EIXX8038
Lislea EIXX7808
Lislevane EIXX4141
Lismanny Bridge EIXX7064
Lismire EIXX4142
Lismoghry EIXX4143
Lismorahaun EIXX4144
Lismore EIXX4145
Lismoyle EIXX7597
Lismoyny EIXX4146
Lismullane EIXX4147
Lisnaboy EIXX6012
Lisnabrack EIXX7598
Lisnadarragh EIXX7809
Lisnageer EIXX4148
Lisnagreeve EIXX7810
Lisnagry EIXX7490
Lisnakealwee EIXX7350
Lisnakill Cross EIXX4149
Lisnalee EIXX7811
Lisnalong EIXX7812
Lisnamandra EIXX6320
Lisnascreena EIXX4150
Lisomadaun EIXX7599
Lispatrick EIXX4152
Lispole EIXX4153
Lisreagh EIXX4154
Lisroe EIXX4155
Lisronagh EIXX4156
Lisroughly EIXX4157
Lisryan EIXX4158
Lissacresig EIXX4159
Lissagraffin EIXX6014
Lissagurraun EIXX7065
Lissalican EIXX4160
Lissaneeny EIXX8321
Lissaniska EIXX7066
Lissaniska EIXX4161
Lissanisky EIXX6015
Lissardagh EIXX4163
Lissarnona EIXX4164
Lissarourke EIXX6016
Lissataggle EIXX4165
Lissatunny EIXX4167
Lisselan EIXX4168
Lisselton EIXX4169
Lissinagroagh EIXX4170
Lissiniska EIXX7600
Lissycasey EIXX4171
Lissyconnor EIXX7352
Listack EIXX6755
Listellan EIXX4172
Listellick EIXX4173
Listerlin EIXX4174
Listicall EIXX6756
Listowel EIXX0290
Listrolin EIXX4176
Listry Bridge EIXX4177
Little Ash EIXX7432
Little Bray EIXX4178
Littlemill EIXX7433
Littleton EIXX4180
Littletown EIXX4181
Lixnaw EIXX4182
Lobinstown EIXX4183
Loch Garman EIXX8578
Lockstown Lower EIXX4184
Lockstown Upper EIXX8519
Logatrina EIXX4185
Loghill EIXX4186
Lohercannan EIXX4187
Lomanagh EIXX7353
Lombardstown EIXX4189
Long Island Well EIXX7686
Longford EIXX0027
Longford EIXX7687
Longford Bridge EIXX4191
Longhill Bridge EIXX4194
Longueville EIXX6017
Longwood EIXX4195
Looscaun EIXX4196
Lorrha EIXX4197
Loskeran EIXX4198
Losset EIXX6757
Losset EIXX4199
Lough Nafurnace EIXX7067
Lough Nakey EIXX6758
Loughabor EIXX4201
Loughaclerybeg EIXX4202
Loughamore EIXX7068
Loughanavally EIXX4203
Loughane EIXX4204
Loughane East EIXX4205
Loughanure EIXX4206
Loughaunbeg EIXX7069
Loughbeg EIXX4207
Loughcurra EIXX7070
Lougher EIXX4209
Lougher EIXX4210
Lougheraherk EIXX6759
Loughfad Hill EIXX0291
Loughglinn EIXX4212
Loughgur Cross EIXX4213
Loughlass EIXX4214
Loughlinstown EIXX6435
Loughmoe EIXX4215
Loughrea EIXX0072
Loughros EIXX6760
Loughshinny EIXX4217
Loughtally EIXX4218
Loughtown EIXX7601
Louisburgh EIXX4219
Loumanagh EIXX6018
Loumore EIXX4220
Louth EIXX4221
Lower Dangan EIXX4224
Lowertown EIXX4225
Lowtown EIXX4227
Lowtown EIXX4228
Lubber EIXX6761
Lucan EIXX4229
Luddan EIXX6762
Lug EIXX4230
Lugdoon EIXX4231
Luggacurren EIXX4232
Lugglass Lower EIXX4233
Lugglass Upper EIXX4234
Lughil EIXX4235
Lughinny EIXX4236
Lugmeeltan EIXX7602
Lugnadeffa EIXX4237
Lugnagall EIXX8322
Lugnagun Great EIXX8520
Lugnaskeagh EIXX8521
Luimneach EIXX7493
Lukeswell EIXX4238
Lullybeg EIXX4239
Lumcloon Bridge EIXX4240
Lumnagh EIXX7071
Lurgan EIXX4243
Lurgan EIXX4242
Lurganboy EIXX4244
Lurganboy EIXX4245
Lurganearly EIXX4246
Lurgangreen EIXX4247
Lurrig EIXX4248
Lusk EIXX0292
Luska EIXX4250
Luttrellstown EIXX4252
Lynally Glebe EIXX4253
Lynnbury EIXX4254
Lyracrumpane EIXX7354
Lyrattin EIXX4256
Lyre EIXX4257
Lyre EIXX4258
Lyredaowen EIXX4259
Lyrenageeha EIXX4260
Maam Cross EIXX4261
Maas EIXX4262
Maas Lower EIXX4263
Maas Upper EIXX4264
Mace EIXX7072
Mace Head EIXX0330
Mackans EIXX4266
Macreddin EIXX4267
Macroom EIXX0293
Madabawn Bridge EIXX4269
Maddockstown EIXX4271
Maganey EIXX4272
Maganey Bridge EIXX7688
Maghanknockane EIXX4273
Maghanlawaun EIXX4274
Maghera EIXX4275
Maghera Cross EIXX4276
Magherabane EIXX6763
Magherabeg EIXX6764
Magheraboy EIXX4277
Magheracloone EIXX7813
Magheradrumman EIXX6765
Magheralahan EIXX6766
Magheramore EIXX7073
Magheramore EIXX6767
Magherashaghry EIXX7815
Maghereagh Cross EIXX4278
Magherintemple EIXX6321
Maghery EIXX4279
Magoney Bridge EIXX7816
Magowha EIXX4280
Mahanagh EIXX8323
Mahon EIXX4281
Mahon Bridge EIXX4282
Mahoonagh EIXX4284
Maine Bridge EIXX7355
Maingailaunlush EIXX4285
Mainham EIXX7177
Malahide EIXX0294
Malin EIXX4287
Malin Beg EIXX6768
Malin Head EIXX0091
Malin More EIXX4289
Malivey EIXX7074
Mall EIXX4290
Mall Cross Roads EIXX6022
Mallaranny EIXX4291
Mallow EIXX0028
Manch Bridge EIXX6023
Mangerton EIXX7356
Manning EIXX4293
Manor Grove EIXX6436
Manorcunningham EIXX4294
Manorhamilton EIXX4295
Manseltown EIXX4296
Mansfieldstown EIXX4297
Mantlehill EIXX4298
Mantua EIXX4299
Manulla EIXX4300
Marble Hill EIXX4301
Mardyke EIXX4302
Marino EIXX6437
Markhamstown EIXX8391
Marley Bridge EIXX4303
Marlfield EIXX4304
Marsh South EIXX7434
Marshalstown EIXX4305
Marshbrook EIXX4306
Marston EIXX4307
Martfield EIXX4308
Martrybeg EIXX6197
Mary Fort EIXX4311
Mary Ville EIXX8392
Maryfield EIXX4312
Maryland EIXX6438
Maryland EIXX8039
Masiness EIXX6770
Massbrook EIXX4313
Massford Bridge EIXX4314
Masshill EIXX8324
Massytown EIXX6024
Mastergeehy EIXX7357
Matehy EIXX6025
Maugha EIXX4316
Maulanimirish EIXX4317
Maulawaddra EIXX4318
Maulin EIXX4319
Maulmane Bridge EIXX6026
Maulykeavane EIXX4320
Maulyneill EIXX4321
Maum EIXX4322
Maum East EIXX4323
Maum West EIXX4324
Maunvough EIXX6027
Mauricemills EIXX4325
Mayglass EIXX4326
Maynooth EIXX0295
Mayo EIXX4328
Meadow Mount EIXX6439
Meadstown EIXX4330
Meananeary EIXX6771
Meanus EIXX4331
Meanus EIXX4332
Meelick EIXX4335
Meelick EIXX4334
Meelick EIXX4333
Meelick Bridge EIXX4336
Meelin EIXX4337
Meelshane EIXX4338
Meen Bridge EIXX6028
Meenachallow EIXX6772
Meenaclady EIXX6773
Meenacross EIXX4339
Meenacung EIXX6774
Meenadeeny EIXX4340
Meenadreen EIXX6775
Meenagolan EIXX6776
Meenanalbany EIXX6777
Meenaneary EIXX4341
Meenasrona EIXX4342
Meenataggart EIXX4343
Meenatotan EIXX6778
Meenavean EIXX6779
Meenaward EIXX6780
Meenawogary EIXX6781
Meencorwick EIXX6782
Meendarragh EIXX6783
Meendoran EIXX6784
Meeneen EIXX7076
Meenkeeragh EIXX7603
Meenkilly EIXX4344
Meenlaragh EIXX4345
Meenmore EIXX4346
Meennahorna EIXX4347
Meennaraha EIXX6785
Meens EIXX4348
Meentullynagarn EIXX6786
Meenybraddan EIXX6788
Meenychanon EIXX6789
Meenymore EIXX7604
Meenyollan EIXX6790
Melbourne Bridge EIXX4349
Melkagh EIXX4350
Mellifont EIXX4351
Melmore EIXX6791
Menlough EIXX4352
Mervyn EIXX4353
Metal Bridge EIXX8325
Mid Town EIXX6792
Middlequarter EIXX4354
Middletown EIXX4356
Middletown EIXX4355
Midfield EIXX4357
Midleton EIXX0029
Milehouse EIXX8579
Milemill EIXX4359
Milestone EIXX0073
Milestown EIXX4361
Milford EIXX4362
Milk Haven EIXX8326
Mill Bridge EIXX7358
Mill Town EIXX4363
Millbrook EIXX7709
Millbrook Bridge EIXX4364
Milleen Bridge EIXX6029
Milleeny EIXX6030
Millfield EIXX6031
Millford EIXX4365
Millmount EIXX6793
Millroad EIXX4367
Millstreet EIXX4369
Millstreet EIXX4368
Milltown EIXX4376
Milltown EIXX4377
Milltown EIXX4378
Milltown EIXX4379
Milltown EIXX4380
Milltown EIXX4375
Milltown EIXX4374
Milltown EIXX4373
Milltown EIXX4372
Milltown EIXX4371
Milltown EIXX7435
Milltown EIXX4370
Milltown EIXX6440
Milltown Bridge EIXX4381
Milltownpass EIXX4384
Milmorane EIXX4385
Miltown Malbay EIXX4386
Minane Bridge EIXX4387
Minanes EIXX6034
Minard EIXX4388
Mine Bridge EIXX4389
Mira EIXX7078
Mitchells Town EIXX4390
Mitchelstown EIXX0296
Moanabricka EIXX4392
Moanflugh EIXX6035
Moanmore EIXX4393
Moanvaun EIXX4394
Moat Bridge EIXX4395
Moat Ville EIXX4396
Moate EIXX8462
Moate EIXX0297
Mocklershill EIXX4399
Mocurry Bridge EIXX8580
Modelligo EIXX4401
Modreeny EIXX4402
Modubeagh EIXX4403
Mogeely EIXX4404
Mogh EIXX4405
Moglass EIXX4406
Moher EIXX7605
Moher EIXX6324
Mohill EIXX4407
Molahiffe EIXX7359
Monacullee EIXX4410
Monadubbaun EIXX4411
Monaghan EIXX0030
Monagurra EIXX4413
Monale EIXX4414
Monaleen Bridge EIXX4415
Monalia EIXX7818
Monalour EIXX4416
Monamolin EIXX4418
Monanveel EIXX4419
Monard EIXX4420
Monargan Glebe EIXX6795
Monart EIXX4421
Monaseed EIXX4422
Monaster EIXX4423
Monasteraden EIXX6796
Monasterevin EIXX0298
Monasteroris EIXX4425
Monatore EIXX4426
Monavanshere EIXX6036
Monavarnoge EIXX4428
Moneen EIXX4430
Moneen EIXX4429
Moneen East EIXX4431
Moneensauran EIXX6325
Money Bridge EIXX8522
Moneycashen EIXX4432
Moneyduff EIXX4433
Moneygall EIXX4434
Moneygold EIXX4435
Moneyguid EIXX8155
Moneyhaughly EIXX6797
Moneylagan EIXX6798