Weather Codes for Indonesia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Indonesia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aas IDXX8138
Abaja IDXX1963
Abang IDXX8139
Abang Kaler IDXX8140
Abasan IDXX8141
Abat IDXX0093
Abean IDXX0094
Abeansemal IDXX8142
Abeuek Budi IDXX1964
Abeuek Tingkeum IDXX1965
Abeuekjaloh IDXX1966
Abeuekreuling IDXX1967
Abeuseulanteu IDXX1968
Abianbase IDXX8143
Abiankapas Kaja IDXX8144
Abiankapas Kelod IDXX8145
Abianlalang IDXX8147
Abiannangka Kaja IDXX8148
Abiantegal IDXX8150
Abiantimbul IDXX8151
Abuan Kangin IDXX8153
Abuek Usong IDXX1969
Adadikam IDXX0095
Adan IDXX1970
Adang IDXX1971
Adatdanginyeh IDXX8154
Adatdauhyeh IDXX8155
Adaut IDXX0096
Adilmakmur IDXX1972
Adjibarang IDXX0097
Adnyarsari IDXX8157
Aekkupang IDXX1973
Afdeling IDXX1974
Afdeling Empat IDXX1976
Afdeling Enam IDXX1977
Afdeling Tiga IDXX1978
Afulu IDXX0098
Agusen IDXX1979
Ai IDXX1980
Ai Mani IDXX1981
Air Asin IDXX1982
Air Berudang IDXX1983
Air Masin IDXX1984
Air Pasir IDXX0099
Air Seutuy IDXX1985
Air Tenang IDXX1986
Airabik IDXX0100
Airanakan IDXX8158
Airbara IDXX0102
Airdingin IDXX1987
Airgegas IDXX0103
Airklubi IDXX0104
Airlhok IDXX1988
Airmadidi Atas IDXX0101
Airmasin Dua IDXX1989
Airrami IDXX0105
Airsimotus IDXX1990
Ajarop IDXX0106
Ajebuengmiran IDXX1991
Ajee IDXX1992
Ajerpanas IDXX1993
Ajoe IDXX1994
Ajuanten IDXX1995
Akang Siwah IDXX1996
Akelamo IDXX0108
Akle IDXX0109
Aku Lhee IDXX1997
Akul IDXX1998
Ala IDXX1999
Alaban IDXX2000
Alai IDXX2001
Alamsari IDXX8159
Alangkajenggede IDXX8160
Alas IDXX0110
Alasan IDXX8161
Alasarum IDXX8162
Alasharum IDXX8163
Alasjero IDXX8164
Alaspengembunan IDXX8165
Alasperean IDXX8166
Alaspeselan IDXX2002
Alassandan IDXX8167
Alengkong IDXX8168
Aleu Bili IDXX2003
Aleu Kuyun IDXX2004
Aleu Lhok IDXX2005
Aleu Mancang IDXX2006
Aleu Meganda IDXX2007
Aleu Pendeung IDXX2008
Aleu Sekayah IDXX2009
Aleu Seralen IDXX2010
Aleu Sundak IDXX2011
Aleubata IDXX0112
Alihakar IDXX2012
Alisaang IDXX0111
Alu Abe IDXX2013
Alu Buaya IDXX2015
Alu Empuk IDXX2016
Alu Itam Redep IDXX2017
Alu Seumambu IDXX2018
Alu Siwah IDXX2019
Alubaba IDXX2020
Alubukit IDXX2021
Alubungkuh IDXX2022
Alucapli IDXX2023
Aludeman IDXX2024
Aludrien IDXX2025
Alue IDXX2026
Alue Abet IDXX2027
Alue Abo IDXX2028
Alue Aki IDXX2029
Alue ambang IDXX2134
Alue Angie IDXX2030
Alue Angin IDXX2031
Alue Anou Barat IDXX2032
Alue Anou Timur IDXX2033
Alue Awe IDXX2034
Alue Awee IDXX2035
Alue Badeuk IDXX2036
Alue Bagok IDXX2037
Alue Bahagia IDXX2038
Alue Baro IDXX2039
Alue Baroh IDXX2040
Alue Batee IDXX2041
Alue Beliung IDXX2043
Alue Bili IDXX2044
Alue Brieung IDXX2045
Alue Bukit IDXX2046
Alue Bule IDXX2047
Alue Buloh IDXX2048
Alue Calong IDXX2049
Alue Capli IDXX2050
Alue Cekdoi IDXX2051
Alue Dama IDXX2052
Alue Dawah IDXX2053
Alue Drien IDXX2054
Alue Dua IDXX2055
Alue Gajah IDXX2057
Alue Gandai IDXX2058
Alue Geudong IDXX2059
Alue Geunting IDXX2060
Alue Gluh IDXX2061
Alue Gro IDXX2062
Alue Gunto IDXX2063
Alue Hitam IDXX2064
Alue Ie Mamet IDXX2065
Alue Ie Puten IDXX2066
Alue Igeuh IDXX2067
Alue Itam Dua IDXX2068
Alue Itam Satu IDXX2069
Alue Jamak IDXX2070
Alue Jampa IDXX2071
Alue Jamuk IDXX2072
Alue Jang IDXX2073
Alue Jangat IDXX2074
Alue Jerjak IDXX2075
Alue Kambok IDXX2076
Alue Kejruen IDXX2077
Alue Keumuneng IDXX2078
Alue Keutapang IDXX2079
Alue Kiran IDXX2080
Alue Krueb IDXX2081
Alue Krut IDXX2082
Alue Kupula IDXX2083
Alue Kuyun IDXX2084
Alue Lam Saba IDXX2085
Alue Lancakbungo IDXX2086
Alue Landong IDXX2087
Alue Le Mirah IDXX2088
Alue Leuhob IDXX2089
Alue Me IDXX2090
Alue Meuraksa IDXX2091
Alue Meutuah IDXX2092
Alue Mie IDXX2093
Alue Mirah IDXX2094
Alue Nibong IDXX2095
Alue On IDXX2096
Alue Padee IDXX2097
Alue Pande IDXX2098
Alue Pangkat IDXX2099
Alue Papien IDXX2100
Alue Parang IDXX2101
Alue Peunawa IDXX2102
Alue Peussaja IDXX2103
Alue Pisang IDXX2104
Alue Primping IDXX2105
Alue Punti IDXX2106
Alue Puntong IDXX2107
Alue Putih IDXX2108
Alue Rambee IDXX2109
Alue Rambot IDXX2110
Alue Rambung IDXX2111
Alue Raya IDXX2112
Alue Rayeuk IDXX2113
Alue Reulieng IDXX2114
Alue Rheng IDXX2115
Alue Sane IDXX2116
Alue Sejahtera IDXX2117
Alue Sejuk IDXX2118
Alue Sepe IDXX2119
Alue Serdang IDXX2120
Alue Seupeung IDXX2121
Alue Seutui IDXX2122
Alue Sijingkai IDXX2123
Alue Sundak IDXX2124
Alue Tampak IDXX2126
Alue Tampu IDXX2127
Alue Tengoh IDXX2128
Alue Teputeh IDXX2129
Alue Tho IDXX2130
Alue U IDXX2131
Alue Udeung IDXX2132
Alue Unoe IDXX2133
Alue-puteh Dua IDXX2135
Alue-puteh Satu IDXX2136
Aluebade IDXX2137
Aluebadeuk IDXX2138
Aluebie IDXX2139
Aluebieng IDXX2140
Aluebili Satu IDXX2141
Aluebilie IDXX2142
Aluebleng IDXX2143
Aluebreng IDXX2144
Aluebu IDXX2145
Aluebu Jalan IDXX2146
Aluebu Tuha IDXX2147
Aluebuga IDXX2148
Aluebugeng IDXX2149
Aluebuging IDXX2150
Aluebuh IDXX2151
Aluebuloh Dua IDXX2152
Aluebuloh Satu IDXX2153
Aluedama IDXX2154
Aluedua IDXX2155
Alueduamuka IDXX2156
Alueduwa IDXX2157
Aluegampong IDXX2158
Aluegarot IDXX2159
Alueglumpang IDXX2160
Alueie-puteh IDXX2161
Alueiemudek IDXX2162
Alueincin IDXX2163
Alueit IDXX2164
Aluejamok IDXX2165
Aluejampo IDXX2166
Aluejeumpa IDXX2167
Aluekala IDXX2168
Aluekreureunya IDXX2169
Aluekruet IDXX2170
Aluekumba IDXX2171
Aluekumbang IDXX2172
Aluekuyun IDXX2173
Aluelancok IDXX2174
Aluele Mirah IDXX2175
Alueleseukum IDXX2176
Aluelhok IDXX2177
Aluemangota IDXX2178
Aluemeueh IDXX2180
Aluemeuih IDXX2181
Aluenaga IDXX2182
Aluenaleueng IDXX2183
Aluengom IDXX2184
Aluenirih IDXX2185
Aluepadee IDXX2186
Aluepaku IDXX2187
Aluepanah IDXX2188
Aluepanju IDXX2189
Aluepapeun IDXX2190
Alueparang IDXX2191
Aluepeno IDXX2192
Aluepineueng IDXX2193
Aluepineung IDXX2194
Aluepisang IDXX2195
Aluerambat IDXX2196
Aluerambong IDXX2197
Aluerambot IDXX2198
Alueraya IDXX2199
Aluerayek IDXX2200
Aluerayeuk IDXX2201
Aluerongan IDXX2202
Alueru IDXX2203
Aluesadat IDXX2204
Aluesenngko IDXX2205
Aluesentang IDXX2206
Alueseungat IDXX2207
Aluesiron IDXX2208
Aluesungaipinang IDXX2209
Alueteh IDXX2210
Alueteungkurak IDXX2211
Aluetiti IDXX2212
Aluetrieng IDXX2213
Aluetrienggadeng IDXX2214
Aluetuwi IDXX2215
Alueu Anau IDXX2216
Alueubat IDXX2217
Alueunoh IDXX2218
Alulehob IDXX2219
Alulhuk IDXX2220
Alulim IDXX2221
Alum Berawe IDXX2222
Alumeuting IDXX2223
Alupapeuen IDXX2224
Alur Bujuk IDXX2225
Alur Buluh IDXX2226
Alur Canang IDXX2227
Alur Cantik IDXX2228
Alur Cucur IDXX2229
Alur Dalam IDXX2230
Alur Dduamas IDXX2231
Alur Duren IDXX2232
Alur Enampuluh IDXX2233
Alur Gadeng IDXX2234
Alur Gading IDXX2235
Alur Getah IDXX2236
Alur Jambu IDXX2237
Alur Latong IDXX2238
Alur Lhok IDXX2239
Alur Luddin Satu IDXX2240
Alur Ludin Dua IDXX2241
Alur Manis IDXX2242
Alur Mas IDXX2243
Alur Meranti IDXX2244
Alur Merbau IDXX2245
Alur Meurbo IDXX2246
Alur Nunang IDXX2247
Alur Pineng IDXX2248
Alur Rongka IDXX2249
Alur Selalas IDXX2250
Alur Selebu IDXX2251
Alur Selelas IDXX2252
Alur Sentang IDXX2253
Alur Slamet IDXX2254
Alur Suli IDXX2255
Alur Tengah IDXX2256
Alur Udin IDXX2257
Alur-panjang IDXX2258
Aluralam IDXX2259
Aluralim IDXX2260
Alurbaung IDXX2261
Alurbuging IDXX2262
Alurcanang IDXX2263
Alurdua IDXX2264
Alurduren IDXX2265
Alureumpeuet IDXX2266
Alurgading IDXX2267
Alurgantung IDXX2268
Alurgintong IDXX2269
Alurgurip IDXX2270
Alurhitam IDXX2271
Aluritam IDXX2272
Alurjembatan IDXX2273
Alurkareueng IDXX2274
Alurkaul IDXX2275
Alurkemiri IDXX2276
Alurlangsat IDXX2277
Alurleukob IDXX2278
Alurngang IDXX2279
Alurnyamuk IDXX2280
Alurpenjang IDXX2281
Alurpunggah IDXX2282
Alurpunti IDXX2283
Alurrempun IDXX2284
Alurrindang IDXX2285
Alurrisung IDXX2286
Alurselemak IDXX2287
Alursentang IDXX2288
Alurtani Satu IDXX2289
Alurteh IDXX2290
Alutanoh IDXX2291
Aluw Bateu IDXX2292
Aluw Jangat IDXX2293
Aluw Kumbang A IDXX2294
Aluw Lhok IDXX2295
Aluwduamuka IDXX2296
Amabaan IDXX2297
Amahai IDXX0001
Amalabu IDXX2298
Amamapare IDXX0114
Amaurang IDXX2299
Ambalat IDXX0115
Ambang IDXX8169
Ambangan IDXX8170
Ambar IDXX0116
Ambarawa IDXX0117
Ambat IDXX8171
Ambengan IDXX8172
Ambesia IDXX0118
Ambian IDXX8173
Amboina IDXX0119
Ambon IDXX0002
Ambuntentimur IDXX0121
Amburan IDXX0122
Ambyarsari IDXX8174
Amdasa IDXX0123
Amed IDXX8175
Amertasari IDXX8176
Amlapura IDXX8177
Amoto IDXX0124
Ampa Kolak IDXX2300
Ampadan IDXX8178
Ampang IDXX0125
Ampankolak IDXX2301
Ampas IDXX0126
Ampel IDXX0127
Amplas IDXX8179
Amurang IDXX0003
Amut IDXX2302
Amutcot IDXX2303
Ana IDXX2304
Anau IDXX2305
Ancak IDXX8180
Ancut IDXX8181
Andeue IDXX2306
Aneueng IDXX2307
Aneuk Laot IDXX2308
Aneukbatee IDXX2309
Aneukgolong Dua IDXX2310
Aneukgolong Satu IDXX2311
Angar IDXX0130
Angar-baro IDXX2312
Anggai IDXX0131
Anggasari IDXX8182
Anggasari Kaja IDXX8183
Anggasari Kelod IDXX8184
Anggekapa IDXX0132
Anggungan IDXX8185
Anggungan Dauh IDXX8186
Angkahgede IDXX8187
Angkahmunduk IDXX8188
Angkahpondok IDXX8189
Angkahtegeh IDXX8190
Angkamburan IDXX0133
Angkeh IDXX0134
Angkeuw IDXX2313
Angkieng Barat IDXX2314
Angkona IDXX0135
Angkup IDXX2315
Anglikan IDXX8191
Angsa IDXX8192
Anjer-Kidu IDXX0137
Anol Itam IDXX2316
Anom IDXX8193
Antagana Kaja IDXX8194
Antagana Kangin IDXX8195
Antagana Kelod IDXX8196
Antapgawang IDXX8198
Antasari IDXX8199
Antong IDXX2317
Anturan IDXX8200
Anu IDXX2318
Anueglee IDXX2319
Anyar IDXX8201
Anyar Kaja IDXX8202
Anyar Kelod IDXX8203
Anyargede IDXX8204
Anyarsari IDXX8205
Anyarsari Kangin IDXX8206
Apaha IDXX2320
Apan IDXX2321
Apeukrayeu IDXX2322
Apityeh IDXX8207
Apityehpondok IDXX8208
Ara Ameh IDXX2323
Arabungong IDXX2324
Aracungkit IDXX2325
Arai IDXX0138
Araih IDXX2326
Arajanggot IDXX2327
Arakundo IDXX2328
Aramiyah IDXX2329
Arangan IDXX2330
Aranluengkee IDXX2331
Aras Sembilan IDXX2332
Arbau IDXX0139
Aree IDXX2333
Arfak-saba IDXX0140
Argam IDXX0141
Aridua IDXX0142
Aripan IDXX0143
Arnanan IDXX0144
Aro IDXX2334
Aron IDXX2335
Aron Buroh IDXX2336
Aron Punong IDXX2337
Arongan IDXX2338
Arongan Lise IDXX2339
Arosan IDXX2340
Arui Surian IDXX2341
Arul Kumer IDXX2342
Arulgele IDXX2343
Arulpineung IDXX2344
Arulreleen IDXX2345
Arum IDXX8209
Arun Tunggai IDXX2346
Arungan IDXX2347
Arup IDXX0145
Asah IDXX8210
Asah Kaja IDXX8211
Asah Kelod IDXX8212
Asahbadung IDXX8213
Asahteben IDXX8214
Asahtegeh IDXX8215
Asan IDXX2348
Asan Biduen IDXX2349
Asan Krueng Kreh IDXX2350
Asan Kumbang IDXX2351
Asan Ramphak IDXX2352
Asantanjong IDXX2353
Asbakin IDXX0146
Asem IDXX8216
Asem IDXX0147
Asem Betik IDXX2354
Aseman Kangin IDXX8218
Aseman Kawan IDXX8219
Asemasem IDXX0148
Asih IDXX8220
Asike IDXX0149
Asilulu IDXX0150
Asimiro IDXX0151
Asir Asir IDXX2355
Asnh IDXX8221
Asoinongroi IDXX2356
Asonagro IDXX2357
Asri IDXX8222
Astabuana IDXX8223
Atang Menjungkat IDXX2358
Atartulung IDXX0152
Atat IDXX0153
Ateucut IDXX2359
Ateuk IDXX2360
Ateuk Jowo IDXX2361
Ateuklampanah IDXX2362
Ateuklamura IDXX2363
Atgeatu IDXX2365
Atong IDXX2366
Atubale IDXX2367
Atudal IDXX2368
Atuh IDXX8224
Atukul IDXX2369
Auir Sita IDXX2370
Auman IDXX0154
Auman Dajansemu IDXX8225
Auman Delodsemu IDXX8226
Aunan IDXX2371
Aur IDXX0155
Awee IDXX2372
Awegeutah IDXX2373
Awek IDXX2374
Awenmertasari IDXX8227
Ayahgadeng IDXX2375
Ayon IDXX2376
Ayun IDXX2377
Baa IDXX0004
Babah Buluh IDXX2378
Babah Ceupan IDXX2379
Babah Dua IDXX2380
Babah Jorang IDXX2381
Babah Jurang IDXX2382
Babah Krueng IDXX2383
Babah Leung IDXX2386
Babah Meulabuh IDXX2387
Babah Ngom IDXX2388
Babah Nipah IDXX2389
Babah Rot IDXX2390
Babahan Kanginan IDXX8228
Babahan Kawah IDXX8229
Babahan Tengah IDXX8230
Babahawe IDXX2391
Babahceupang IDXX2392
Babahdua IDXX2393
Babahgloh IDXX2394
Babahjan IDXX2395
Babahjurong IDXX2396
Babahkrueng IDXX2397
Babahlayaeeng IDXX2400
Babahleu IDXX2401
Babahleumo IDXX2402
Babahlueue IDXX2403
Babahpieue IDXX2404
Babahrot IDXX2405
Babahsabe IDXX2406
Babahsuak IDXX2407
Babakan IDXX8231
Babakan Sangsit IDXX8232
Babakansareweh IDXX1384
Babakansari IDXX8233
Babalu IDXX0157
Baban Balikan IDXX2408
Babareseung IDXX2409
Babat IDXX0158
Babo IDXX2410
Babuhlueng IDXX2411
Babussalam IDXX2412
Bacang IDXX2413
Bacang Kumbang IDXX2414
Bada IDXX2415
Badabarat IDXX2416
Badad IDXX0159
Badaksari IDXX8234
Badal IDXX0160
Badang IDXX2417
Badatimu IDXX2418
Badaujang IDXX2419
Badegede IDXX8235
Badingkayu IDXX8236
Badjawa IDXX0161
Badjera IDXX0162
Badjo IDXX0163
Badok IDXX2420
Badung IDXX8237
Baed IDXX2421
Baganasahan IDXX0165
Bagok IDXX2422
Bagokdrien IDXX2424
Bagokpanah Dua IDXX2425
Bagokpanah Satu IDXX2426
Bagokpanah Tiga IDXX2427
Bah IDXX2428
Bahabang IDXX2429
Bahagia IDXX2430
Bahahlhueng IDXX2431
Baharu IDXX2432
Bahel IDXX8238
Bahukeun IDXX2433
Baia IDXX0166
Baim IDXX0167
Baing IDXX0168
Baingin IDXX8239
Baja IDXX0169
Bajah IDXX0170
Bajangan IDXX8240
Bajat IDXX0171
Bajera IDXX8241
Bajulmati IDXX0164
Bajunglentjin IDXX0172
Bakalan IDXX8242
Bakalbuah IDXX2434
Bakaran Batu IDXX2435
Bakaranbatu IDXX2436
Bakau IDXX2437
Bakcarah IDXX2438
Bakcirih IDXX2439
Bakditip IDXX2440
Bakit IDXX0173
Baklumpang IDXX2441
Bakot IDXX2442
Bakoy IDXX2443
Bakpaoh IDXX2444
Baku IDXX2445
Bakulu IDXX0174
Bakungan IDXX2446
Bakungsari IDXX8243
Balaang IDXX0314
Balai IDXX2447
Balai Daka IDXX2448
Balai Gading IDXX2449
Balai Karang IDXX2450
Balaisepuah IDXX0175
Balaitangah IDXX0176
Balangpolum IDXX2451
Balapulang IDXX0177
Balaraja IDXX0178
Bale IDXX2452
Bale IDXX0179
Bale Buya IDXX2453
Bale Nosar IDXX2454
Bale Ulim IDXX2456
Baleagung IDXX8244
Baleatu IDXX2457
Balegede IDXX8245
Balekembar IDXX8246
Balekeramat IDXX2458
Balelempoh Beut IDXX2459
Balelutu IDXX2460
Baleme IDXX2461
Balemeuko IDXX2462
Baleq IDXX2463
Baler Baleagung IDXX8247
Balerbaleagung IDXX8248
Baletimbang IDXX8249
Baletingkom IDXX2464
Bali IDXX0005
Bali Villas IDXX8250
Baliga IDXX0181
Balikpapan IDXX0006
Ballasetas IDXX2465
Balno IDXX2466
Balo IDXX0184
Balohan IDXX2467
Balongmenak IDXX8252
Balubuk IDXX0185
Baluburlimbangan IDXX0186
Balucut IDXX2468
Balue IDXX2469
Balue Raya IDXX2470
Baluiempe IDXX0187
Baluk IDXX2471
Baluk Dua IDXX8253
Baluk Satu IDXX8254
Balumeyeh IDXX8255
Balun IDXX8256
Balung IDXX0188
Bamat IDXX0189
Bamba Mua IDXX0190
Bambapula IDXX0191
Bambel IDXX2472
Bambi IDXX2473
Bambong IDXX2474
Ban IDXX8257
Banartapah IDXX2475
Banbalo IDXX0192
Banda IDXX2476
Banda Aceh IDXX1960
Banda Masen IDXX2477
Bandajaya IDXX2478
Bandar Baru IDXX2479
Bandar Kalifah IDXX2480
Bandar Lampahan IDXX2481
Bandar Lampung IDXX0054
Bandar Mahligai IDXX2482
Bandarbaro IDXX2483
Bandarbaru IDXX2484
Bandarchalifah IDXX2485
Bandardua IDXX2486
Bandarkhalipat IDXX2487
Bandarlampahan IDXX2488
Bandarseilan IDXX2489
Bandasafa IDXX2490
Bandjaran IDXX0195
Bando IDXX0197
Bandrong Dua IDXX2491
Bandrong Satu IDXX2492
Bandung IDXX0007
Bandungan IDXX0199
Bangal IDXX8258
Bangbangbiaung IDXX8260
Bangbangkembar IDXX8261
Bangbayang IDXX0200
Banggalang IDXX2493
Bangil IDXX0008
Bangka Rimueng IDXX2494
Bangkahulu IDXX0202
Bangkakota IDXX0203
Bangkal IDXX0204
Bangkalan IDXX1138
Bangkanai IDXX0205
Bangkar IDXX2495
Bangkara IDXX2496
Bangkeansidem IDXX8262
Bangkeuh IDXX2497
Bangkinang IDXX0206
Bangkiyangsidem IDXX8263
Bangkled IDXX8264
Bangkoa IDXX0207
Bangkuyu IDXX2498
Bangkyangjaran IDXX8265
Bangli IDXX0208
Bangsalsepuluh IDXX0209
Bangsing IDXX8267
Bangurpayung IDXX0211
Banja Bonyoh IDXX8268
Banjar IDXX0212
Banjar Ababi IDXX8269
Banjar Abang IDXX8270
Banjar Abasan IDXX8274
Banjar Abianjero IDXX8277
Banjar Abianseka IDXX8279
Banjar Abiansoan IDXX8281
Banjar Abing IDXX8286
Banjar Abuan IDXX8288
Banjar Agung IDXX8290
Banjar Aktha IDXX8291
Banjar Alas IDXX8293
Banjar Alasharum IDXX8295
Banjar Alassari IDXX8299
Banjar Ambengan IDXX8303
Banjar Amo IDXX8306
Banjar Ampel IDXX8307
Banjar Angansari IDXX8308
Banjar Angantiga IDXX8309
Banjar Anggabaya IDXX8310
Banjar Anggrek IDXX8312
Banjar Angkling IDXX8315
Banjar Angseri IDXX8316
Banjar Anjingan IDXX8317
Banjar Antapan IDXX8319
Banjar Antapura IDXX8323
Banjar Antugan IDXX8324
Banjar Anyar IDXX8325
Banjar Aper IDXX8332
Banjar Apityeh IDXX8333
Banjar Apuan IDXX8336
Banjar Apuh IDXX8339
Banjar Arca IDXX8340
Banjar Asah IDXX8341
Banjar Asahdulu IDXX8342
Banjar Asahduren IDXX8343
Banjar Asahpanji IDXX8345
Banjar Asahtepi IDXX8346
Banjar Asem IDXX8348
Banjar Aseman IDXX8349
Banjar Auman IDXX8350
Banjar Awan IDXX8351
Banjar Ayah IDXX8352
Banjar Babakan IDXX8353
Banjar Baban IDXX8356
Banjar Babung IDXX8357
Banjar Bada IDXX8358
Banjar Badegede IDXX8362
Banjar Badung IDXX8363
Banjar Bajing IDXX8371
Banjar Bakisan IDXX8372
Banjar Bakung IDXX8373
Banjar Bakungan IDXX8374
Banjar Baleagung IDXX8375
Banjar Baleran IDXX8381
Banjar Bali IDXX8384
Banjar Banda IDXX8385
Banjar Bandung IDXX8386
Banjar Bangah IDXX8387
Banjar Bangan IDXX8388
Banjar Bangbang IDXX8389
Banjar Banggras IDXX8394
Banjar Bangkang IDXX8395
Banjar Bangle IDXX8402
Banjar Bangli IDXX8403
Banjar Bani IDXX8407
Banjar Banjaran IDXX8409
Banjar Bantang IDXX8412
Banjar Bantas IDXX8413
Banjar Banua IDXX8419
Banjar Banyualit IDXX8420
Banjar Baru IDXX8431
Banjar Basanga IDXX8433
Banjar Batanasem IDXX8439
Banjar Batanbuah IDXX8440
Banjar Batang IDXX8442
Banjar Batannyuh IDXX8445
Banjar Batanpoh IDXX8446
Banjar Batanwani IDXX8448
Banjar Batih IDXX8451
Banjar Batu IDXX8452
Banjar Batuaji IDXX8453
Banjar Batuampin IDXX8458
Banjar Batugaing IDXX8461
Banjar Batugede IDXX8462
Banjar Batuh IDXX8463
Banjar Batukaang IDXX8465
Banjar Batumadeg IDXX8469
Banjar Batunya IDXX8474
Banjar Batupalah IDXX8475
Banjar Batupulu IDXX8476
Banjar Batur IDXX8477
Banjar Batursari IDXX8483
Banjar Batusesa IDXX8485
Banjar Bau Kaler IDXX8488
Banjar Bau Kawan IDXX8490
Banjar Baung IDXX8491
Banjar Bayad IDXX8492
Banjar Bebalang IDXX8495
Banjar Bebali IDXX8496
Banjar Bebengan IDXX8497
Banjar Bedha IDXX8498
Banjar Bedil IDXX8499
Banjar Bedugul IDXX8500
Banjar Beji IDXX8501
Banjar Bekul IDXX8502
Banjar Belahan IDXX8503
Banjar Belaluan IDXX8504
Banjar Belancan IDXX8505
Banjar Belang IDXX8506
Banjar Belanga IDXX8507
Banjar Belanjong IDXX8508
Banjar Belantih IDXX8509
Banjar Belatung IDXX8510
Banjar Belawan IDXX8511
Banjar Belok IDXX8512
Banjar Belong IDXX8513
Banjar Belubuh IDXX8516
Banjar Beluhu IDXX8517
Banjar Belulang IDXX8518
Banjar Belusung IDXX8522
Banjar Benaya IDXX8525
Banjar Benbiyu IDXX8526
Banjar Bendul IDXX8527
Banjar Benekasa IDXX8531
Banjar Beneng IDXX8532
Banjar Bengan IDXX8533
Banjar Bengkel IDXX8534
Banjar Bentuyung IDXX8537
Banjar Beraban IDXX8538
Banjar Beratan IDXX8541
Banjar Berembeng IDXX8542
Banjar Bergong IDXX8543
Banjar Beringkit IDXX8544
Banjar Bernasi IDXX8545
Banjar Bersela IDXX8546
Banjar Bersih IDXX8547
Banjar Besakih IDXX8548
Banjar Besang IDXX8551
Banjar Betanha IDXX8555
Banjar Betiting IDXX8556
Banjar Bias IDXX8558
Banjar Biaung IDXX8559
Banjar Bijih IDXX8560
Banjar Bilukan IDXX8561
Banjar Bindu IDXX8563
Banjar Bingin IDXX8565
Banjar Binyan IDXX8566
Banjar Bitra IDXX8567
Banjar Biya IDXX8568
Banjar Blahtanah IDXX8571
Banjar Blumbang IDXX8573
Banjar Bluncing IDXX8574
Banjar Bon IDXX8576
Banjar Bonayuh IDXX8577
Banjar Bongan IDXX8578
Banjar Bongkang IDXX8587
Banjar Bonjaka IDXX8588
Banjar Bono Kaja IDXX8589
Banjar Brahmana IDXX8592
Banjar Brynn IDXX8596
Banjar Buading IDXX8597
Banjar Buahan IDXX8598
Banjar Buaji IDXX8600
Banjar Buanasari IDXX8601
Banjar Buayang IDXX8602
Banjar Bubung IDXX8603
Banjar Bucu IDXX8605
Banjar Bucuan IDXX8606
Banjar Budaga IDXX8607
Banjar Budamanis IDXX8609
Banjar Budapaing IDXX8610
Banjar Budeng IDXX8611
Banjar Buditirta IDXX8612
Banjar Buduk IDXX8613
Banjar Bugbug IDXX8614
Banjar Bugbugan IDXX8615
Banjar Buitan IDXX8618
Banjar Bujaga IDXX8619
Banjar Bukian IDXX8620
Banjar Bukih IDXX8622
Banjar Bukit IDXX8623
Banjar Bukitbalu IDXX8628
Banjar Bukitbatu IDXX8629
Banjar Bukitcatu IDXX8630
Banjar Bukitsari IDXX8633
Banjar Bukitsatu IDXX8634
Banjar Bukitseni IDXX8635
Banjar Buktabia IDXX8636
Banjar Bukti IDXX8637
Banjar Bulada IDXX8638
Banjar Buluh IDXX8639
Banjar Bunga IDXX8640
Banjar Bungaya IDXX8641
Banjar Bungkuan IDXX8642
Banjar Bungsu IDXX8644
Banjar Bunteh IDXX8645
Banjar Bunut IDXX8647
Banjar Bunutan IDXX8648
Banjar Bunutin IDXX8649
Banjar Buruan IDXX8652
Banjar Busana IDXX8653
Banjar Butus IDXX8656
Banjar Buu IDXX8657
Banjar Buungan IDXX8658
Banjar Buyan IDXX8661
Banjar Cabe IDXX8662
Banjar Cagnan IDXX8663
Banjar Calo IDXX8664
Banjar Candibaru IDXX8666
Banjar Cangi IDXX8669
Banjar Carik IDXX8671
Banjar Catur IDXX8674
Banjar Cebaang IDXX8675
Banjar Ceblong IDXX8676
Banjar Cebok IDXX8677
Banjar Cegeng IDXX8678
Banjar Cekeng IDXX8679
Banjar Cekik IDXX8680
Banjar Celagi IDXX8681
Banjar Celatiga IDXX8684
Banjar Celuk IDXX8685
Banjar Cemadik IDXX8690
Banjar Cemagi IDXX8691
Banjar Cemenggon IDXX8693
Banjar Cempaga IDXX8694
Banjar Cengkog IDXX8696
Banjar Cengolo IDXX8697
Banjar Ceniguhun IDXX8698
Banjar Cepaka IDXX8699
Banjar Cice IDXX8702
Banjar Cingan IDXX8703
Banjar Congkang IDXX8704
Banjar Corot IDXX8705
Banjar Cucukan IDXX8706
Banjar Curah IDXX8708
Banjar Cutcut IDXX8709
Banjar Dadia IDXX8710
Banjar Dadiapuri IDXX8711
Banjar Dakdakan IDXX8718
Banjar Dalam IDXX8719
Banjar Dalem IDXX8720
Banjar Dama IDXX8722
Banjar Damakarya IDXX8723
Banjar Dana IDXX8724
Banjar Danginyeh IDXX8739
Banjar Darmaji IDXX8740
Banjar Darmasaba IDXX8741
Banjar Darmayasa IDXX8744
Banjar Dasong IDXX8745
Banjar Datengan IDXX8746
Banjar Dauh IDXX8747
Banjar Dauhjalan IDXX8750
Banjar Dauhlaba IDXX8751
Banjar Dauhmarga IDXX8752
Banjar Dauhmargi IDXX8753
Banjar Dauhpala IDXX8755
Banjar Dauhpeken IDXX8758
Banjar Dauhpura IDXX8759
Banjar Dauhtukad IDXX8761
Banjar Dauhuma IDXX8762
Banjar Dauhwaru IDXX8763
Banjar Dauhyeh IDXX8764
Banjar Daup IDXX8765
Banjar Dausa IDXX8766
Banjar Dawan IDXX8767
Banjar Daya IDXX8768
Banjar Debantas IDXX8769
Banjar Dedolsema IDXX8770
Banjar Delodbung IDXX8774
Banjar Delodpuri IDXX8780
Banjar Delodsema IDXX8782
Banjar Deloduma IDXX8786
Banjar Delodyeh IDXX8787
Banjar Demulih IDXX8788
Banjar Demung IDXX8789
Banjar Denjalan IDXX8790
Banjar Dentiyis IDXX8793
Banjar Denuma IDXX8794
Banjar Denyeh IDXX8795
Banjar Desa IDXX8796
Banjar Dewasana IDXX8798
Banjar Dirgahayu IDXX8806
Banjar Dualang IDXX8810
Banjar Dukuh IDXX8812
Banjar Dukuhgede IDXX8817
Banjar Dupuan IDXX8823
Banjar Eha IDXX8824
Banjar Gablogan IDXX8826
Banjar Gaduh IDXX8827
Banjar Gadungan IDXX8828
Banjar Gaga IDXX8829
Banjar Gagah IDXX8830
Banjar Gaji IDXX8831
Banjar Galiran IDXX8832
Banjar Gambang IDXX8835
Banjar Gambih IDXX8836
Banjar Gambuh IDXX8837
Banjar Gamongan IDXX8838
Banjar Gancam IDXX8839
Banjar Ganter IDXX8841
Banjar Gata IDXX8842
Banjar Gebagan IDXX8843
Banjar Gede IDXX8844
Banjar Gegadon IDXX8846
Banjar Gegaran IDXX8847
Banjar Gegelang IDXX8848
Banjar Gelgel IDXX8851
Banjar Geliang IDXX8852
Banjar Gelogor IDXX8853
Banjar Gelulung IDXX8854
Banjar Gelumpang IDXX8855
Banjar Geluwung IDXX8856
Banjar Gembalan IDXX8857
Banjar Gentah IDXX8858
Banjar Genteng IDXX8859
Banjar Gentong IDXX8860
Banjar Gerebek IDXX8861
Banjar Geria IDXX8862
Banjar Geriaciwa IDXX8863
Banjar Gerih IDXX8866
Banjar Gerobog IDXX8867
Banjar Gerokgak IDXX8868
Banjar Gerombong IDXX8871
Banjar Getakan IDXX8872
Banjar Gingsir IDXX8875
Banjar Giriloka IDXX8876
Banjar Gitgit IDXX8877
Banjar Goa IDXX8878
Banjar Goagajah IDXX8879
Banjar Gomongan IDXX8880
Banjar Gong IDXX8881
Banjar Griya IDXX8882
Banjar Gubat IDXX8883
Banjar Guliang IDXX8886
Banjar Gulingan IDXX8889
Banjar Gumasih IDXX8890
Banjar Gumicik IDXX8891
Banjar Guming IDXX8892
Banjar Gunaksa IDXX8893
Banjar Gunung IDXX8894
Banjar Gunungbau IDXX8896
Banjar Insakan IDXX8906
Banjar Intaran IDXX8907
Banjar Ipah IDXX8908
Banjar Iseh IDXX8909
Banjar Jabejero IDXX8911
Banjar Jabon IDXX8912
Banjar Jadidesa IDXX8914
Banjar Jagaraga IDXX8915
Banjar Jagatamu IDXX8916
Banjar Jakatebel IDXX8918
Banjar Jalanbau IDXX8919
Banjar Jangkahan IDXX8922
Banjar Jangu IDXX8923
Banjar Jarat IDXX8924
Banjar Jasan IDXX8925
Banjar Jasi Kauh IDXX8927
Banjar Jasri IDXX8929
Banjar Jati IDXX8930
Banjar Jatituhu IDXX8933
Banjar Jayakerta IDXX8936
Banjar Jebaud IDXX8938
Banjar Jelai IDXX8941
Banjar Jeleka IDXX8944
Banjar Jembrana IDXX8946
Banjar Jempanang IDXX8947
Banjar Jenah IDXX8948
Banjar Jero IDXX8949
Banjar Jeroagung IDXX8950
Banjar Jeroan IDXX8951
Banjar Jerogusti IDXX8952
Banjar Jerokapal IDXX8953
Banjar Jeromargi IDXX8954
Banjar Jerowan IDXX8955
Banjar Juga IDXX8956
Banjar Jugul IDXX8957
Banjar Jukutpaku IDXX8958
Banjar Jumbayah IDXX8959
Banjar Jungseri IDXX8961
Banjar Jungut IDXX8962
Banjar Jungutan IDXX8963
Banjar Juntal IDXX8964
Banjar Juwet IDXX8967
Banjar Juwukbali IDXX8968
Banjar Juwuklegi IDXX8969
Banjar Juwukmas IDXX8971
Banjar Kabakaba IDXX8972
Banjar Kacagan IDXX8975
Banjar Kaja IDXX8977
Banjar Kaja Kauh IDXX8979
Banjar Kajakauh IDXX8981
Banjar Kajanan IDXX8982
Banjar Kalah IDXX8983
Banjar Kaler IDXX8986
Banjar Kaleran IDXX8987
Banjar Kalianyar IDXX8988
Banjar Kalibubuk IDXX8989
Banjar Kamasan IDXX8991
Banjar Kambang IDXX8992
Banjar Kangin IDXX8998
Banjar Kanginan IDXX8999
Banjar Kangkaang IDXX9002
Banjar Kangkid IDXX9003
Banjar Kapal IDXX9004
Banjar Kapit IDXX9005
Banjar Karma IDXX9017
Banjar Kastala IDXX9018
Banjar Katimemes IDXX9019
Banjar Katung IDXX9020
Banjar Kauhan IDXX9021
Banjar Kauhluan IDXX9022
Banjar Kauhteben IDXX9023
Banjar Kauripan IDXX9024
Banjar Kawan IDXX9025
Banjar Kawanan IDXX9026
Banjar Kayang IDXX9027
Banjar Kayangan IDXX9028
Banjar Kayehan IDXX9029
Banjar Kayuambua IDXX9030
Banjar Kayubihi IDXX9031
Banjar Kayukapas IDXX9032
Banjar Kayupadi IDXX9033
Banjar Kayuputih IDXX9034
Banjar Kebalian IDXX9035
Banjar Kebayan IDXX9036
Banjar Kebebeng IDXX9037
Banjar Kebek IDXX9038
Banjar Kebibil IDXX9039
Banjar Kebon IDXX9040
Banjar Kebonsari IDXX9046
Banjar Kebung IDXX9047
Banjar Ked IDXX9050
Banjar Kedampal IDXX9051
Banjar Kedaton IDXX9052
Banjar Keden IDXX9053
Banjar Kediri IDXX9054
Banjar Kedisan IDXX9055
Banjar Kedua IDXX9059
Banjar Kedui IDXX9060
Banjar Kedungu IDXX9062
Banjar Keduran IDXX9063
Banjar Kejanan IDXX9064
Banjar Kekeran IDXX9065
Banjar Keladian IDXX9067
Banjar Kelakah IDXX9068
Banjar Kelakat IDXX9071
Banjar Kelampuak IDXX9072
Banjar Kelandis IDXX9073
Banjar Kelecung IDXX9074
Banjar Kelepekan IDXX9075
Banjar Keliki IDXX9076
Banjar Kelilki IDXX9078
Banjar Kelod IDXX9080
Banjar Kelodan IDXX9083
Banjar Kelodkauh IDXX9085
Banjar Kelodkuta IDXX9086
Banjar Kelungah IDXX9087
Banjar Kelusu IDXX9088
Banjar Kembengan IDXX9091
Banjar Kemulan IDXX9094
Banjar Kengetan IDXX9097
Banjar Kepitu IDXX9098
Banjar Kepuh IDXX9099
Banjar Keraman IDXX9100
Banjar Kereteg IDXX9102
Banjar Kerobokan IDXX9103
Banjar Kerta IDXX9104
Banjar Kertabudi IDXX9106
Banjar Kertajiwa IDXX9107
Banjar Kertapura IDXX9109
Banjar Kertasari IDXX9110
Banjar Kesambi IDXX9115
Banjar Kesian IDXX9116
Banjar Kesimpar IDXX9117
Banjar Ketewel IDXX9121
Banjar Ketuk IDXX9123
Banjar Ketuketug IDXX9124
Banjar Ketutug IDXX9125
Banjar Kiadan IDXX9126
Banjar Kihkian IDXX9128
Banjar Kikian IDXX9129
Banjar Klempung IDXX9130
Banjar Klodan IDXX9131
Banjar Komala IDXX9132
Banjar Kontrak IDXX9133
Banjar Koreteg IDXX9134
Banjar Kubakal IDXX9135
Banjar Kubosuih IDXX9136
Banjar Kubu IDXX9137
Banjar Kubuanyar IDXX9138
Banjar Kubujati IDXX9139
Banjar Kubukili IDXX9140
Banjar Kubupangi IDXX9141
Banjar Kubur IDXX9142
Banjar Kubusalia IDXX9143
Banjar Kucupin IDXX9144
Banjar Kuda IDXX9145
Banjar Kuhum IDXX9146
Banjar Kulodan IDXX9150
Banjar Kulu IDXX9151
Banjar Kuluh IDXX9152
Banjar Kumbuh IDXX9153
Banjar Kumuh IDXX9154
Banjar Kunci IDXX9155
Banjar Kung IDXX9156
Banjar Kuning IDXX9157
Banjar Kunyit IDXX9158
Banjar Kupe IDXX9159
Banjar Kurubaya IDXX9162
Banjar Kusia IDXX9163
Banjar Kutabali IDXX9164
Banjar Kutadalem IDXX9165
Banjar Kutaraga IDXX9166
Banjar Kutri IDXX9168
Banjar Kutuh IDXX9169
Banjar Kuum IDXX9172
Banjar Kwanji IDXX9173
Banjar Labak IDXX9174
Banjar Ladalang IDXX9176
Banjar Laing IDXX9177
Banjar Lambing IDXX9180
Banjar Lampu IDXX9181
Banjar Landih IDXX9182
Banjar Langan IDXX9184
Banjar Langkan IDXX9186
Banjar Langon IDXX9187
Banjar Langsat IDXX9188
Banjar Laplapan IDXX9196
Banjar Lateng IDXX9199
Banjar Lawak IDXX9200
Banjar Lebah IDXX9201
Banjar Lebah A IDXX9202
Banjar Lebah B IDXX9203
Banjar Lebahsari IDXX9206
Banjar Lebak IDXX9208
Banjar Lebih IDXX9210
Banjar Lebuanyar IDXX9213
Banjar Lebugede IDXX9216
Banjar Ledok IDXX9217
Banjar Leg IDXX9218
Banjar Lekok IDXX9219
Banjar Lemaya IDXX9220
Banjar Lembean IDXX9221
Banjar Let IDXX9223
Banjar Liligundi IDXX9224
Banjar Linjong IDXX9227
Banjar Lobong IDXX9228
Banjar Lodsema IDXX9229
Banjar Lodtunduh IDXX9230
Banjar Loji IDXX9231
Banjar Loloan IDXX9233
Banjar Longan IDXX9234
Banjar Losan IDXX9236
Banjar Luah IDXX9237
Banjar Luahan IDXX9238
Banjar Luglug IDXX9239
Banjar Lukluk IDXX9240
Banjar Lumajang IDXX9241
Banjar Lumbanan IDXX9242
Banjar Lumbuan IDXX9243
Banjar Lumbung IDXX9244
Banjar Mabi IDXX9248
Banjar Macang IDXX9249
Banjar Magetelu IDXX9252
Banjar Majangan IDXX9253
Banjar Malet IDXX9254
Banjar Maletgede IDXX9255
Banjar Malkangin IDXX9261
Banjar Malmundeh IDXX9262
Banjar Manasa IDXX9268
Banjar Mancak IDXX9269
Banjar Mancingan IDXX9271
Banjar Mandung IDXX9273
Banjar Manekaji IDXX9274
Banjar Manggan IDXX9275
Banjar Mangguh IDXX9276
Banjar Mangku IDXX9277
Banjar Manik IDXX9279
Banjar Manikaji IDXX9280
Banjar Manikan IDXX9281
Banjar Manikliyu IDXX9282
Banjar Mantring IDXX9284
Banjar Manuk IDXX9285
Banjar Manuksesa IDXX9288
Banjar Manyar IDXX9289
Banjar Mas IDXX9294
Banjar Masean IDXX9295
Banjar Maspait IDXX9298
Banjar Mawang IDXX9299
Banjar Mayungan IDXX9302
Banjar Medahan IDXX9305
Banjar Medura IDXX9306
Banjar Melaka IDXX9307
Banjar Melang IDXX9308
Banjar Melayang IDXX9309
Banjar Melit IDXX9312
Banjar Menak IDXX9313
Banjar Menang IDXX9314
Banjar Mendau IDXX9317
Banjar Menega IDXX9318
Banjar Menesa IDXX9319
Banjar Mengani IDXX9321
Banjar Mengening IDXX9322
Banjar Menguntur IDXX9323
Banjar Meranggen IDXX9324
Banjar Meranggi IDXX9325
Banjar Mergan IDXX9326
Banjar Merita IDXX9327
Banjar Mertasari IDXX9328
Banjar Mesahan IDXX9329
Banjar Metulis IDXX9333
Banjar Mijil IDXX9334
Banjar Mincidan IDXX9335
Banjar Minggir IDXX9336
Banjar Molayang IDXX9337
Banjar Mudita IDXX9338
Banjar Mukti IDXX9339
Banjar Muku IDXX9340
Banjar Mukus IDXX9341
Banjar Mulung IDXX9342
Banjar Mumbi IDXX9343
Banjar Mumbul IDXX9344
Banjar Muncan IDXX9345
Banjar Mundeh IDXX9346
Banjar Munduk IDXX9347
Banjar Mundul IDXX9362
Banjar Munggal IDXX9363
Banjar Munggu IDXX9364
Banjar Mungguna IDXX9367
Banjar Muntig IDXX9369
Banjar Nagi IDXX9371
Banjar Nangka IDXX9373
Banjar Negara IDXX9374
Banjar Negari IDXX9375
Banjar Nesa IDXX9376
Banjar Ngoneng IDXX9378
Banjar Nungnung IDXX9379
Banjar Nusamara IDXX9381
Banjar Nyalian IDXX9382
Banjar Nyambu IDXX9383
Banjar Nyamping IDXX9384
Banjar Nyampuan IDXX9385
Banjar Nyanyi IDXX9387
Banjar Nyawah IDXX9388
Banjar Nyuh IDXX9389
Banjar Nyuling IDXX9390
Banjar Ogang IDXX9392
Banjar Pabean IDXX9397
Banjar Pacing IDXX9398
Banjar Pacung IDXX9399
Banjar Padang IDXX9400
Banjar Padbadan IDXX9418
Banjar Padpadan IDXX9419
Banjar Pagubugan IDXX9420
Banjar Pagutan IDXX9421
Banjar Pakel IDXX9424
Banjar Paken IDXX9425
Banjar Paketan IDXX9426
Banjar Pakisan IDXX9427
Banjar Pakudui IDXX9430
Banjar Pakuseba IDXX9431
Banjar Palagiri IDXX9432
Banjar Palak IDXX9433
Banjar Pamenang IDXX9435
Banjar Pamesan IDXX9436
Banjar Pamsam IDXX9437
Banjar Panaban IDXX9438
Banjar Pancajaya IDXX9441
Banjar Pancayasa IDXX9445
Banjar Pancean IDXX9446
Banjar Pancingan IDXX9447
Banjar Pancoran IDXX9448
Banjar Pandan IDXX9449
Banjar Pande IDXX9450
Banjar Pandean IDXX9451
Banjar Pandemas IDXX9453
Banjar Pandesari IDXX9455
Banjar Pane IDXX9456
Banjar Panenjoan IDXX9458
Banjar Panggung IDXX9462
Banjar Pangkung IDXX9467
Banjar Panglan IDXX9480
Banjar Pangleg IDXX9481
Banjar Pangusari IDXX9483
Banjar Panti IDXX9485
Banjar Papaan IDXX9486
Banjar Papung IDXX9487
Banjar Paregge IDXX9488
Banjar Parekan IDXX9489
Banjar Pasar IDXX9490
Banjar Pasdalem IDXX9491
Banjar Pasek IDXX9492
Banjar Pasekan IDXX9493
Banjar Pasti IDXX9494
Banjar Pasut IDXX9495
Banjar Patah IDXX9497
Banjar Patas IDXX9498
Banjar Pateluan IDXX9499
Banjar Patikala IDXX9500
Banjar Patolan IDXX9501
Banjar Pau IDXX9502
Banjar Pausan IDXX9503
Banjar Payangan IDXX9504
Banjar Payogaran IDXX9505
Banjar Payuk IDXX9506
Banjar Payungan IDXX9507
Banjar Pedawa IDXX9510
Banjar Pegametan IDXX9512
Banjar Pegatepan IDXX9513
Banjar Pegending IDXX9514
Banjar Pejaten IDXX9519
Banjar Pejeng IDXX9520
Banjar Pejengan IDXX9521
Banjar Peken IDXX9525
Banjar Pekuwon IDXX9529
Banjar Pekuwudan IDXX9530
Banjar Pelaga IDXX9531
Banjar Pelagan IDXX9532
Banjar Pelemgede IDXX9534
Banjar Peliatan IDXX9535
Banjar Pelnk IDXX9536
Banjar Pemalukan IDXX9537
Banjar Pemaron IDXX9539
Banjar Pembungan IDXX9540
Banjar Pemebetan IDXX9541
Banjar Pemeteran IDXX9542
Banjar Pempatan IDXX9543
Banjar Pemuhunan IDXX9544
Banjar Pemutaran IDXX9545
Banjar Penaga IDXX9546
Banjar Penaka IDXX9549
Banjar Penarukan IDXX9550
Banjar Penasan IDXX9555
Banjar Penatahan IDXX9556
Banjar Penataran IDXX9557
Banjar Pendem IDXX9558
Banjar Pendukuan IDXX9559
Banjar Pengalu IDXX9565
Banjar Pengawan IDXX9570
Banjar Pengiasan IDXX9574
Banjar Pengotan IDXX9582
Banjar Pengukuh IDXX9584
Banjar Penida IDXX9585
Banjar Penikit IDXX9588
Banjar Peninjoan IDXX9589
Banjar Penulisan IDXX9590
Banjar Penusuan IDXX9591
Banjar Penyalin IDXX9593
Banjar Penyeban IDXX9596
Banjar Perian IDXX9608
Banjar Pering IDXX9609
Banjar Persiapan IDXX9610
Banjar Pesagi IDXX9614
Banjar Pesalakan IDXX9615
Banjar Peselatan IDXX9617
Banjar Petak IDXX9620
Banjar Petanahan IDXX9621
Banjar Petapan IDXX9624
Banjar Petung IDXX9630
Banjar Piakan IDXX9631
Banjar Pikah IDXX9633
Banjar Pikat IDXX9634
Banjar Pilan IDXX9635
Banjar Piling IDXX9636
Banjar Pilisang IDXX9637
Banjar Pinda IDXX9638
Banjar Pinjul IDXX9639
Banjar Pisiatin IDXX9642
Banjar Poh IDXX9643
Banjar Pohgading IDXX9644
Banjar Pohmanis IDXX9645
Banjar Pohtegeh IDXX9646
Banjar Pokas IDXX9647
Banjar Ponarukan IDXX9648
Banjar Pondok IDXX9649
Banjar Ponggang IDXX9651
Banjar Potulu IDXX9653
Banjar Praja IDXX9654
Banjar Prangi IDXX9655
Banjar Prasan IDXX9656
Banjar Pratama IDXX9657
Banjar Puakan IDXX9659
Banjar Puaya IDXX9660
Banjar Pucang IDXX9661
Banjar Pucangan IDXX9662
Banjar Pucuk IDXX9663
Banjar Pudeh IDXX9664
Banjar Puguyan IDXX9665
Banjar Puhu IDXX9666
Banjar Pukuh IDXX9668
Banjar Pule IDXX9670
Banjar Pulenanga IDXX9671
Banjar Pulukan IDXX9674
Banjar Pulung IDXX9675
Banjar Pumahan IDXX9678
Banjar Pumnan IDXX9679
Banjar Punduhlo IDXX9681
Banjar Punggang IDXX9683
Banjar Pungutan IDXX9684
Banjar Punia IDXX9685
Banjar Pupuan IDXX9686
Banjar Pura IDXX9687
Banjar Purangung IDXX9689
Banjar Puregae IDXX9690
Banjar Puribukit IDXX9691
Banjar Purnadesa IDXX9693
Banjar Purnayasa IDXX9695
Banjar Purwayu IDXX9696
Banjar Puseh IDXX9698
Banjar Puta IDXX9702
Banjar Putung IDXX9703
Banjar Putus IDXX9704
Banjar Rame IDXX9705
Banjar Rangdu IDXX9706
Banjar Rangkan IDXX9707
Banjar Rarangan IDXX9708
Banjar Rendetin IDXX9711
Banjar Roban IDXX9714
Banjar Rubaya IDXX9715
Banjar Runuhkubu IDXX9716
Banjar Saba IDXX9717
Banjar Sabang IDXX9718
Banjar Sabi IDXX9719
Banjar Sablong IDXX9720
Banjar Sadimara IDXX9721
Banjar Sagah IDXX9722
Banjar Sagara IDXX9723
Banjar Saih IDXX9724
Banjar Sakah IDXX9725
Banjar Sakeh IDXX9726
Banjar Sakih IDXX9728
Banjar Saksak IDXX9729
Banjar Sala IDXX9730
Banjar Salepa IDXX9731
Banjar Samageria IDXX9732
Banjar Samarutha IDXX9733
Banjar Sambahan IDXX9735
Banjar Sambangan IDXX9736
Banjar Samblong IDXX9737
Banjar Sampiang IDXX9738
Banjar Samu IDXX9744
Banjar Samuh IDXX9745
Banjar Sanda IDXX9746
Banjar Sandakan IDXX9747
Banjar Sandan IDXX9748
Banjar Sanding IDXX9749
Banjar Sangambu IDXX9754
Banjar Sangburni IDXX9755
Banjar Sanggem IDXX9756
Banjar Sangging IDXX9757
Banjar Sanggulan IDXX9758
Banjar Sangiang IDXX9759
Banjar Sanging IDXX9760
Banjar Sangket IDXX9764
Banjar Sangluh IDXX9766
Banjar Sanglung IDXX9767
Banjar Sanih IDXX9769
Banjar Sanlangki IDXX9770
Banjar Santi IDXX9771
Banjar Sanur IDXX9772
Banjar Sapat IDXX9773
Banjar Saraseda IDXX9774
Banjar Saren IDXX9775
Banjar Sarenjawa IDXX9782
Banjar Sarga IDXX9783
Banjar Sari IDXX9784
Banjar Sari Kaja IDXX9785
Banjar Sarimerta IDXX9787
Banjar Sasih IDXX9788
Banjar Satra IDXX9789
Banjar Satria IDXX9790
Banjar Sawah IDXX9792
Banjar Sawan IDXX9793
Banjar Sawe IDXX9794
Banjar Sayan IDXX9796
Banjar Sebatu IDXX9799
Banjar Sebual IDXX9800
Banjar Sebudi IDXX9801
Banjar Sedahan IDXX9802
Banjar Sedang IDXX9803
Banjar Sedawa IDXX9804
Banjar Sedit IDXX9806
Banjar Segah IDXX9807
Banjar Sekaan IDXX9809
Banjar Sekar IDXX9811
Banjar Sekardadi IDXX9812
Banjar Sekargula IDXX9813
Banjar Sekarsari IDXX9817
Banjar Sekunjeng IDXX9818
Banjar Selalang IDXX9819
Banjar Selantang IDXX9820
Banjar Selasih IDXX9821
Banjar Selat IDXX9822
Banjar Selati IDXX9824
Banjar Seledumi IDXX9828
Banjar Selombo IDXX9831
Banjar Seloni IDXX9832
Banjar Selulung IDXX9833
Banjar Sema IDXX9834
Banjar Semaagung IDXX9835
Banjar Semabaung IDXX9836
Banjar Semaga IDXX9837
Banjar Semana IDXX9838
Banjar Semanik IDXX9839
Banjar Semaon IDXX9840
Banjar Semate IDXX9841
Banjar Semawang IDXX9842
Banjar Sembawuk IDXX9843
Banjar Sembung IDXX9844
Banjar Seming IDXX9847
Banjar Sempidi IDXX9848
Banjar Semseman IDXX9849
Banjar Senapahan IDXX9850
Banjar Sengguan IDXX9853
Banjar Sente IDXX9858
Banjar Senunggal IDXX9859
Banjar Serahi IDXX9860
Banjar Serai IDXX9861
Banjar Seraya IDXX9864
Banjar Serokadan IDXX9865
Banjar Sesana IDXX9872
Banjar Seseh IDXX9873
Banjar Siakin IDXX9874
Banjar Sianga IDXX9875
Banjar Sibang IDXX9876
Banjar Sidakaria IDXX9877
Banjar Sidan IDXX9878
Banjar Sidaparna IDXX9879
Banjar Sidayu IDXX9880
Banjar Sigar IDXX9883
Banjar Sigaran IDXX9884
Banjar Siladan IDXX9885
Banjar Siladarma IDXX9886
Banjar Silungan IDXX9888
Banjar Simpangan IDXX9889
Banjar Sinalud IDXX9890
Banjar Sindujiwa IDXX9895
Banjar Singarata IDXX9897
Banjar Singgi IDXX9898
Banjar Singkung IDXX9899
Banjar Sinjuana IDXX9900
Banjar Sintrig IDXX9901
Banjar Siyut IDXX9902
Banjar Sogra IDXX9903
Banjar Soka Kaja IDXX9904
Banjar Soop IDXX9909
Banjar Srijati IDXX9910
Banjar Sriteja IDXX9911
Banjar Subagan IDXX9912
Banjar Subali IDXX9913
Banjar Subaya IDXX9918
Banjar Subilang IDXX9919
Banjar Suci IDXX9920
Banjar Suda IDXX9921
Banjar Sudihati IDXX9922
Banjar Suh IDXX9925
Banjar Sukadarma IDXX9926
Banjar Sukaduka IDXX9927
Banjar Sukahati IDXX9928
Banjar Sukahed IDXX9929
Banjar Sukajati IDXX9930
Banjar Sukaluwih IDXX9931
Banjar Sukarama IDXX9932
Banjar Sukawana IDXX9934
Banjar Sukawati IDXX9935
Banjar Sukra IDXX9936
Banjar Suksuk IDXX9937
Banjar Sulang IDXX9938
Banjar Sulangai IDXX9941
Banjar Sumampan IDXX9942
Banjar Sumbul IDXX9943
Banjar Sundu IDXX9944
Banjar Sunia IDXX9945
Banjar Sunting IDXX9946
Banjar Suralaga IDXX9947
Banjar Susuau IDXX9948
Banjar Susut IDXX9949
Banjar Suter IDXX9952
Banjar Suukan IDXX9953
Banjar Swalegiri IDXX9956
Banjar Swastika IDXX9957
Banjar Tabang IDXX9958
Banjar Tabih IDXX9959
Banjar Tabola IDXX9960
Banjar Tabu IDXX9961
Banjar Takedan IDXX9963
Banjar Talibeng IDXX9967
Banjar Taman IDXX9968
Banjar Tamansari IDXX9974
Banjar Tambak IDXX9979
Banjar Tambakasa IDXX9980
Banjar Tambiyak IDXX9982
Banjar Tambrah IDXX9983
Banjar Tambunan IDXX9984
Banjar Tameng IDXX9985
Banjar Tampad IDXX9987
Banjar Tampuagan IDXX9990
Banjar Tanah Lot IDXX9991
Banjar Tanaharon IDXX9992
Banjar Tanahbang IDXX9993
Banjar Tanahbias IDXX9994
Banjar Tanahdaa IDXX9995
Banjaragung IDXX0194
Banjarmasin IDXX0009
Banjarnegara IDXX0196
Banjuwangi IDXX0215
Banraas IDXX0216
Bantai-mea IDXX0218
Bantan IDXX2499
Bantan IDXX0219
Bantarkawung IDXX0210
Bantayan IDXX2500
Bantayan Barat IDXX2501
Bantayan Timur IDXX2502
Banteameutire IDXX2503
Bantjah IDXX0220
Bantuampah IDXX2504
Bantul IDXX0221
Banyuputih IDXX0214
Banyuwangi IDXX0010
Bapue IDXX2505
Barat IDXX2506
Barat Daya IDXX2507
Barat Lanyan IDXX2508
Barate IDXX0223
Baratpayaitik IDXX2509
Bareeblang IDXX2510
Barieh IDXX2511
Barihlhok IDXX2512
Barimeh IDXX2513
Baringin IDXX2514
Bariri IDXX0224
Baro IDXX2515
Baro Jruksawit IDXX2516
Barohbugeng IDXX2517
Baru IDXX2518
Baru IDXX0229
Baru IDXX0226
Baru IDXX0225
Baru Dua IDXX2519
Baru Satu IDXX2520
Barung IDXX0230
Barus IDXX0231
Basiano IDXX0232
Batai IDXX2521
Batakam IDXX0234
Batalas IDXX0235
Batam IDXX0092
Batang IDXX0011
Batang Beranun IDXX2522
Batang Mesjid IDXX2523
Batangara IDXX2524
Batangbatangdaya IDXX0238
Batangcengal IDXX2525
Batauga IDXX0239
Bate Beukah IDXX2526
Batee IDXX2527
Batee Apit IDXX2528
Batee Ilik IDXX2529
Batee Meutudong IDXX2530
Batee Raya IDXX2531
Batee Shok IDXX2532
Batee Tunggai IDXX2533
Batee Tutong IDXX2534
Batee-baro IDXX2535
Bateejeureula IDXX2536
Bateelienteng IDXX2537
Bateetiro IDXX2538
Bater IDXX2539
Batero IDXX2540
Bateu Raya IDXX2541
Batibati IDXX0240
Batiga IDXX2542
Batin IDXX2543
Batin Atas IDXX2544
Batin Induk IDXX2545
Batin Tengah IDXX2546
Batin Wih Pongas IDXX2547
Batkes IDXX0241
Batretno IDXX0242
Batu IDXX0245
Batu IDXX0244
Batu IDXX0243
Batu IDXX2548
Batu Itam IDXX2549
Batu Madulang IDXX2550
Batu Sumbang IDXX2551
Batubadak IDXX0246
Batubale IDXX2552
Batubasurat IDXX0247
Batubedulang IDXX2553
Batubetumpang IDXX0248
Batubung IDXX2554
Batui IDXX0249
Batuidu IDXX0250
Batukapur IDXX2555
Batulolong IDXX0251
Batum Bulan IDXX2556
Batunaserah IDXX2557
Batunontju IDXX0252
Batuphat Barat IDXX2558
Batuphat Timur IDXX2559
Batuprawis IDXX2560
Batuputihkenek IDXX0253
Batur IDXX0254
Batusitanduk IDXX0255
Batutabal IDXX0256
Batutigapuluh IDXX2561
Baun IDXX0257
Bawahanlayung IDXX0258
Bayeuen IDXX0291
Bayi IDXX2564
Bayu IDXX2565
Bebesan IDXX2566
Bedau IDXX0259
Bedengung IDXX0260
Bektiharjo IDXX0261
Belangkor IDXX0349
Belangridun IDXX2567
Belawan IDXX0262
Belegen IDXX2568
Belimbingsari IDXX0263
Belintang IDXX2569
Belinyu IDXX0264
Bellue IDXX2570
Belukares IDXX0265
Beluruh IDXX2571
Bemung IDXX2572
Benan IDXX0266
Bendahara Hilir IDXX2573
Bener IDXX2574
Bener Baru IDXX2575
Bener Kelipah IDXX2576
Bener Lukup Dua IDXX2577
Bener Lukup Satu IDXX2578
Bener Pepanji IDXX2579
Benertue IDXX2580
Beng IDXX0269
Bengga IDXX2581
Bengkelang IDXX2582
Bengkulu IDXX0012
Bengkung IDXX0272
Benjeng IDXX0268
Benno IDXX0273
Benokeo IDXX2583
Bentayan IDXX2584
Bentenan IDXX0274
Benteng IDXX2585
Benteng Anyet IDXX2586
Benu IDXX0275
Benua-lawas IDXX0276
Benua-tengah IDXX0277
Benuang IDXX0278
Benuaraja IDXX2588
Berakit IDXX0279
Beranang IDXX2589
Berandang IDXX2590
Berangas IDXX0280
Berap IDXX0281
Beraspapan IDXX0282
Berawi IDXX2591
Berdikari IDXX2592
Berenung IDXX2593
Bergang IDXX2594
Beringintinggi IDXX0283
Besir IDXX0284
Besui IDXX0285
Besuki IDXX0286
Betannafo IDXX0287
Betenung IDXX0288
Betumang IDXX0289
Betung IDXX0290
Beuah IDXX2595
Beubuli IDXX2596
Beudeueb IDXX2597
Beukeut IDXX2598
Beundeurklipah IDXX2599
Beunot IDXX2600
Beurabo IDXX2601
Beuracan IDXX2602
Beurandang IDXX2603
Beurandoh IDXX2604
Beurasan IDXX2605
Beurawang IDXX2606
Beureueh IDXX2607
Beureuel IDXX2608
Beureuga IDXX2609
Beureugan IDXX2610
Beureunun IDXX2611
Beureunut IDXX2612
Beureuteung IDXX2613
Beuringen IDXX2614
Beuringin IDXX2615
Beurudeueb IDXX2616
Beuruksah IDXX2617
Beusa Meuranae IDXX2618
Beusa Seberang IDXX2619
Beutah IDXX2620
Beutang IDXX2621
Beutang Raya IDXX2623
Beutong IDXX2624
Beutongmeutabeng IDXX2625
Beuyot IDXX2626
Bewaklumu IDXX2627
Bewang IDXX2628
Biak/Mokmer IDXX0085
Biakmuli IDXX2629
Biang IDXX0293
Biara Barat IDXX2630
Biara Timur IDXX2631
Bias Penantanan IDXX2632
Bidok IDXX2633
Bies IDXX2634
Biheue IDXX2635
Bikeru IDXX0294
Bilibaro IDXX2636
Bilungala IDXX0295
Biluy IDXX2637
Bima IDXX0082
Bimoni IDXX0297
Binanga IDXX2638
Bineh IDXX2639
Bineh Krueng IDXX2640
Binehblang IDXX2641
Binehkrueng IDXX2642
Binjai IDXX0013
Binje IDXX2644
Binleh IDXX2645
Bintah IDXX2646
Bintang IDXX2647
Bintang Baru IDXX2648
Bintanghu IDXX2649
Bintangku IDXX2650
Binti IDXX2651
Bintunbas IDXX2652
Bira IDXX2653
Biram IDXX2654
Biram Rayeuk IDXX2655
Biramcot IDXX2656
Bireuen IDXX0300
Bireun IDXX2657
Biriem Puntong IDXX2658
Birim-rayeu IDXX2659
Birimpontong IDXX2660
Biromaru IDXX0301
Bisali IDXX0302
Biskang IDXX2661
Bistal IDXX0303
Bithak IDXX2662
Blang IDXX2663
Blang Aceh IDXX2664
Blang Ado IDXX2665
Blang Agoi IDXX2666
Blang Aman IDXX2667
Blang Andam IDXX2668
Blang Angbasah IDXX2669
Blang Ara IDXX2670
Blang Ateuk IDXX2671
Blang Awe IDXX2672
Blang Bakme IDXX2673
Blang Bale IDXX2674
Blang Balok IDXX2675
Blang Baro IDXX2676
Blang Barom IDXX2678
Blang Bayu IDXX2679
Blang Beladeh IDXX2680
Blang Bengkit IDXX2681
Blang Bidok IDXX2682
Blang Binjei IDXX2683
Blang Bitang IDXX2684
Blang Bitra IDXX2685
Blang Bladeh IDXX2686
Blang Buket IDXX2687
Blang Bukit IDXX2688
Blang Bungong IDXX2689
Blang Cari IDXX2690
Blang Cirih IDXX2691
Blang Cot Memeh IDXX2692
Blang Cot Robek IDXX2693
Blang Crum IDXX2694
Blang Cut IDXX2695
Blang Cut Tunong IDXX2696
Blang Dalam IDXX2697
Blang Dhot IDXX2701
Blang Gale IDXX2702
Blang Gandai IDXX2703
Blang Gapu IDXX2704
Blang Garut IDXX2705
Blang Gelanggang IDXX2706
Blang Gelinggang IDXX2707
Blang Geulimus IDXX2708
Blang Gleum IDXX2709
Blang Glumpang IDXX2710
Blang Godong IDXX2711
Blang Gunci IDXX2712
Blang Gurah IDXX2713
Blang Ipon IDXX2714
Blang Jambe IDXX2715
Blang Jawa IDXX2716
Blang Jeurot IDXX2717
Blang Jrat IDXX2718
Blang Jruen IDXX2719
Blang Kandis IDXX2720
Blang Karieng IDXX2721
Blang Kasab IDXX2722
Blang Kathang IDXX2723
Blang Keutumba IDXX2724
Blang Krueng IDXX2725
Blang Kuala IDXX2726
Blang Kucak IDXX2727
Blang Kunci IDXX2729
Blang Kuncir IDXX2730
Blang Kuta IDXX2731
Blang Kuta Coh IDXX2732
Blang Lancang IDXX2734
Blang Langour IDXX2735
Blang Leumak IDXX2736
Blang Makmu IDXX2737
Blang Mane Barat IDXX2738
Blang Mane Timu IDXX2739
Blang Mangi IDXX2740
Blang Manyak IDXX2741
Blang Matang IDXX2742
Blang Me IDXX2743
Blang Me Barat IDXX2744
Blang Me Timur IDXX2745
Blang Melingge IDXX2746
Blang Mesjid IDXX2747
Blang Meunasah IDXX2748
Blang Meuranu IDXX2749
Blang Midum IDXX2750
Blang Mirou IDXX2751
Blang Molung IDXX2753
Blang Muko IDXX2754
Blang Mulieng IDXX2755
Blang Neang IDXX2756
Blang Nie IDXX2757
Blang Nisam IDXX2758
Blang Paku IDXX2759
Blang Pandok IDXX2760
Blang Panjang IDXX2761
Blang Panjou IDXX2762
Blang Panju IDXX2763
Blang Pante IDXX2764
Blang Panyang IDXX2765
Blang Pasi IDXX2766
Blang Peureula IDXX2767
Blang Peureulak IDXX2768
Blang Peutek IDXX2769
Blang Pha IDXX2770
Blang Phong IDXX2771
Blang Pi IDXX2772
Blang Pohroh IDXX2773
Blang Poroh IDXX2774
Blang Pouk IDXX2775
Blang Preh IDXX2776
Blang Pulo IDXX2777
Blang Pulolawang IDXX2778
Blang Ralue IDXX2779
Blang Rambong IDXX2780
Blang Remulek IDXX2781
Blang Reu IDXX2782
Blang Reue IDXX2783
Blang Reuleue IDXX2784
Blang Reuleung IDXX2785
Blang Reuling IDXX2786
Blang Reum IDXX2787
Blang Reumahang IDXX2788
Blang Ribul IDXX2789
Blang Riek IDXX2790
Blang Rimeh IDXX2791
Blang Sakti IDXX2792
Blang Samagadeng IDXX2793
Blang Saping IDXX2794
Blang Satinong IDXX2795
Blang Seneung IDXX2796
Blang Sepadang IDXX2797
Blang Seukuci IDXX2798
Blang Seunang IDXX2799
Blang Seuneubok IDXX2800
Blang Seunong IDXX2801
Blang Seupeueng IDXX2802
Blang Seuping IDXX2803
Blang Si Tungkoh IDXX2804
Blang Simpo IDXX2805
Blang Siren IDXX2806
Blang Siribe IDXX2807
Blang Sopek IDXX2808
Blang Tampu IDXX2809
Blang Teungah IDXX2810
Blang Teungku IDXX2811
Blang Teungoh IDXX2812
Blang Teurakan IDXX2813
Blang Thalon IDXX2814
Blang Tho IDXX2815
Blang Tingkeum IDXX2816
Blang Tunong IDXX2817
Blang Ubit IDXX2818
Blang Urong IDXX2819
Blang Usi IDXX2820
Blang Uyok IDXX2821
Blang Waupanyo IDXX2822
Blang-dalam IDXX2823
Blangaman IDXX2824
Blangara IDXX2825
Blangasam IDXX2826
Blangasan IDXX2827
Blangawe IDXX2828
Blangbalig IDXX2829
Blangbaru IDXX2830
Blangbaruh IDXX2831
Blangbati IDXX2832
Blangbeururu IDXX2833
Blangbirah IDXX2834
Blangbluek IDXX2835
Blangbubug IDXX2836
Blangbunot IDXX2837
Blangcemuak IDXX2838
Blangcot IDXX2839
Blangcot Baroh IDXX2840
Blangdalam IDXX2841
Blanggalo IDXX2842
Blanggeral IDXX2843
Blanggisa IDXX2844
Blangglumpang IDXX2845
Blanggrong IDXX2846
Blangguran IDXX2847
Blangguron IDXX2848
Blangie-puteh IDXX2849
Blangjengki IDXX2850
Blangkabu IDXX2851
Blangkalak IDXX2852
Blangkambok IDXX2853
Blangkede IDXX2854
Blangkejeren IDXX2855
Blangkekumur IDXX2856
Blangkeuchi IDXX2857
Blangkeujeren IDXX2858
Blangkeujue IDXX2859
Blangkeutumba IDXX2860
Blangkiree IDXX2861
Blangkolak Dua IDXX2862
Blangkolak Satu IDXX2863
Blangkubu IDXX2864
Blangkula IDXX2865
Blangkuta IDXX2867
Blanglambheue IDXX2868
Blanglamblang IDXX2869
Blangluah IDXX2870
Blangmajrun IDXX2871
Blangmalue IDXX2872
Blangmancung IDXX2873
Blangmane IDXX2874
Blangmangat IDXX2875
Blangmanggeng IDXX2876
Blangmangki IDXX2877
Blangme IDXX2878
Blangmerandeh IDXX2879
Blangmeuseagit IDXX2880
Blangmiro IDXX2881
Blangnibong IDXX2882
Blangongbasah IDXX2883
Blangongbeulieng IDXX2884
Blangpadang IDXX2885
Blangpakeh IDXX2886
Blangpaku IDXX2887
Blangpanjang IDXX2888
Blangparoh IDXX2889
Blangpaseh IDXX2890
Blangpauh Dua IDXX2891
Blangpauh Satu IDXX2892
Blangpeulasa IDXX2893
Blangpeuria IDXX2894
Blangpidie IDXX2895
Blangpreh IDXX2896
Blangputo IDXX2897
Blangpuuk IDXX2898
Blangrakal IDXX2899
Blangrambong IDXX2900
Blangrancang IDXX2901
Blangrangkuluh IDXX2902
Blangrantau IDXX2903
Blangraya IDXX2904
Blangreulieng IDXX2905
Blangreuma IDXX2906
Blangreungan IDXX2907
Blangriek IDXX2908
Blangrimong IDXX2909
Blangroka IDXX2910
Blangrube IDXX2911
Blangrubek IDXX2912
Blangsalamusim IDXX2913
Blangsalet IDXX2914
Blangsentang IDXX2915
Blangseubetong IDXX2916
Blangseuneubok IDXX2917
Blangseunong IDXX2918
Blangseureudang IDXX2919
Blangseurikuy IDXX2920
Blangtadok IDXX2921
Blangtalhon IDXX2922
Blangtambue IDXX2923
Blangtampoh IDXX2924
Blangtenggulun IDXX2925
Blangtero IDXX2926
Blangteue IDXX2927
Blangthokpante IDXX2928
Blangtrieng IDXX2929
Blangtripa IDXX2930
Blangtualang IDXX2931
Blangtuo IDXX2932
Blangujung IDXX2933
Blangulam IDXX2934
Blangusi IDXX2935
Blanguue Baroh IDXX2936
Blanyenib IDXX2937
Bleve IDXX2938
Blitar IDXX0304
Blok Bengkel IDXX2939
Blok Benteng IDXX2940
Blok Lima Belas IDXX2943
Blok Sawah IDXX2944
Blok Sembilan IDXX2945
Blok Sepuluh IDXX2946
Blok-enam IDXX2949
Blok-enam Baru IDXX2950
Blongas IDXX0305
Blongdalan IDXX2952
Bluekhatuwa IDXX2954
Bluto IDXX0306
Bobopayo IDXX0307
Bodaskarangjati IDXX0308
Bodsihona IDXX0309
Bogor IDXX0014
Bohorok IDXX0311
Bojolali IDXX0312
Boku IDXX0313
Bolamo IDXX0315
Bolepukuk IDXX2955
Boloro IDXX0316
Bomela IDXX0352
Bondowoso IDXX0317
Bonebone IDXX0318
Bonga IDXX0319
Bonganang IDXX0320
Bongsaldua IDXX2956
Bonio Mata IDXX2957
Bontobonto IDXX0321
Bontorita IDXX0322
Boom Baro IDXX2958
Boom Lama IDXX2959
Boras IDXX0323
Boroambia IDXX0324
Boroko IDXX0325
Brakas IDXX0326
Brandang IDXX2960
Brandang Dayah IDXX2961
Brandang Krueng IDXX2962
Brandeuen IDXX2963
Brawanggading IDXX2964
Brawanggajah IDXX2965
Brebes IDXX0327
Breueh IDXX2966
Briweueh IDXX2967
Brunyong IDXX2968
Bua IDXX0328
Buah IDXX2969
Buang IDXX0329
Buangan IDXX2970
Buasbuas IDXX0330
Buat IDXX0331
Buatan IDXX0332
Bubale IDXX0333
Bubunan IDXX0334
Bubus IDXX0335
Buding IDXX0336
Bueng IDXX2971
Buengiton IDXX2972
Buengpageue IDXX2973
Buengseuneng IDXX2974
Buengsimuk IDXX2975
Buetong IDXX2976
Buga IDXX2977
Bugak Krueng IDXX2978
Bugeng IDXX2979
Bughu IDXX2980
Bugo IDXX2981
Buhueklaiu IDXX2982
Bujok IDXX2983
Bujut IDXX0337
Bukaan IDXX0338
Bukah IDXX2984
Buket Dinding IDXX2985
Buket Kalam IDXX2986
Buket Panjang IDXX2987
Buket Panjou IDXX2988
Buket Panyang IDXX2989
Buket Raya IDXX2990
Buket Siraya IDXX2991
Buket Tupah IDXX2992
Buketmeuntuah IDXX2993
Buketrusa IDXX2994
Buki Panjang IDXX2996
Bukisi IDXX0339
Bukit IDXX2997
Bukit Alueputeh IDXX2998
Bukit Bata IDXX2999
Bukit Bener Baru IDXX3000
Bukit Bundar IDXX3001
Bukit Ceudah IDXX3003
Bukit Culing IDXX3004
Bukit Dalam IDXX3005
Bukit Dayah IDXX3006
Bukit Drien IDXX3007
Bukit Gadeng IDXX3008
Bukit Hagu IDXX3009
Bukit Karim IDXX3011
Bukit Keurueng IDXX3012
Bukit Langa IDXX3013
Bukit Megajah IDXX3014
Bukit Menjangan IDXX3015
Bukit Merdeka IDXX3016
Bukit Meuh IDXX3017
Bukit Meulintang IDXX3018
Bukit Meurak IDXX3019
Bukit Meuriam IDXX3020
Bukit Nibong IDXX3021
Bukit Padang IDXX3022
Bukit Pala IDXX3023
Bukit Panjang IDXX3024
Bukit Paya IDXX3027
Bukit Pelawi IDXX3028
Bukit Pidie IDXX3029
Bukit Pu-uk IDXX3030
Bukit Pulau IDXX3031
Bukit Rata IDXX3032
Bukit Reumia IDXX3033
Bukit Rumia IDXX3034
Bukit Selamat IDXX3035
Bukit Seuntang IDXX3037
Bukit Sudan IDXX3038
Bukit Tempurung IDXX3039
Bukit Teukuh IDXX3040
Bukit Teukuih IDXX3041
Bukit Teumpeun IDXX3042
Bukit Teungoh IDXX3043
Bukit Tiga IDXX3044
Bukit Tualang IDXX3045
Bukit Weh Hilang IDXX3046
Bukit Yuk IDXX3047
Bukit-tinggi IDXX3048
Bukitglumpang IDXX3049
Bukitkareueng IDXX3050
Bukitkeramat IDXX3051
Bukitkramatcoco IDXX3052
Bukitkrueng IDXX3053
Bukitlihteueng IDXX3054
Bukitmeriam IDXX3055
Bukitpanju IDXX3056
Bukitpapeuen IDXX3057
Bukitpaya IDXX3058
Bukitrunpas IDXX3059
Bukitselamat IDXX3060
Bukitsetarhat IDXX3061
Bukittinggi IDXX0340
Bukitue IDXX3062
Bukrane IDXX0341
Buktah IDXX3063
Bukut IDXX3064
Bulakamba IDXX0342
Bulakan IDXX0343
Bulakbrangtra IDXX3065
Bulara IDXX3066
Bulat IDXX0344
Buleng IDXX0345
Buli-besar IDXX0346
Buloduri IDXX3067
Buloh IDXX3068
Bulohsama IDXX3069
Bulohteungoh IDXX3070
Bulubuluk IDXX0347
Buluduri IDXX3071
Buluh Blangara IDXX3072
Buluhkasap IDXX0348
Bulusema IDXX3073
Bulutannah IDXX0350
Bulutong IDXX0351
Bulutpanju IDXX3074
Bundan Lao IDXX0353
Bung Neuleuk IDXX3075
Bung Raya IDXX3076
Bung Tujuh IDXX3077
Bunga Melur IDXX3078
Bunga Tanjung IDXX3079
Bungbakjok IDXX3080
Bungcala IDXX3081
Bungdarah IDXX3082
Bunggapot IDXX3083
Bungi IDXX0354
Bungin IDXX3084
Bungkaih IDXX3085
Bungko IDXX3086
Bungmangeue IDXX3087
Bungong IDXX3088
Bungongtalue IDXX3089
Bungsidom IDXX3090
Bungus IDXX3091
Bunien IDXX3092
Bunin IDXX3093
Bunlut IDXX3094
Bunon IDXX3095
Bunong IDXX3096
Bunta IDXX0355
Bunta IDXX3097
Buntul Gading IDXX3098
Buntulgajo IDXX3099
Buntut IDXX3100
Bunut IDXX0356
Burangasi IDXX0357
Burlintang IDXX3101
Burnibiug IDXX3102
Burnitelong IDXX3103
Burui IDXX3104
Bustanussalam IDXX3105
Busu IDXX3106
Busukunyet IDXX3107
Busungbatu IDXX3108
Bususareh IDXX3109
Butar IDXX3110
Buterdalam IDXX3111
Butik Kuta IDXX3112
Butikdrim IDXX3113
Buton IDXX3114
Butubae IDXX0358
Butuinan IDXX0359
Butung IDXX0360
Buturangin IDXX3115
Byah Bandar IDXX3116
Cadek IDXX3117
Cadeueng IDXX3118
Cahob IDXX3119
Calang IDXX3120
Caleue IDXX3121
Calok IDXX3122
Calong IDXX3123
Calong Cot IDXX3124
Calong Raya IDXX3125
Calung IDXX3126
Campuran IDXX3127
Cane IDXX3128
Canealoih IDXX3129
Canebaru IDXX3130
Canetoa IDXX3131
Canggei IDXX3132
Capeueng IDXX3133
Caplibuta IDXX3134
Carak IDXX3135
Cat Me IDXX3136
Cat Neuheu Satu IDXX3137
Cat Panjo IDXX3138
Catmati IDXX3139
Ceiela IDXX3140
Celala IDXX3141
Cembrek IDXX3142
Cempa IDXX3143
Cemparan IDXX0361
Cempedak IDXX3144
Cemuk IDXX3145
Cepu IDXX3146
Cerakceue IDXX3147
Cerecak Timu IDXX3149
Cerih Keupula IDXX3150
Cerihcot IDXX3151
Ceubo IDXX3152
Ceubriek IDXX3153
Ceumanprong IDXX3154
Ceumecat IDXX3155
Ceumeucot IDXX3156
Ceumpedak IDXX3157
Ceumpeudak IDXX3158
Ceunohot IDXX3159
Ceuraceui IDXX3160
Cibatu IDXX0015
Cibrek IDXX3161
Cibrek Tunong IDXX3162
Cibubukan IDXX3163
Ciembun IDXX3164
Cikampek IDXX0016
Cike IDXX3165
Cilacap IDXX0072
Cime IDXX3166
Cincangduri IDXX3167
Cingkam IDXX3168
Cintaalam IDXX3169
Cintadamai IDXX3170
Cintaraja IDXX3171
Cintaraya IDXX3172
Cirebon IDXX0017
Co Kuyun IDXX3173
Cocut IDXX3174
Cokrut IDXX3175
Compang IDXX3176
Cot IDXX3177
Cot Abeuk IDXX3178
Cot Amun IDXX3179
Cot Aneuek Batee IDXX3180
Cot Ara IDXX3181
Cot Asan IDXX3182
Cot Bada IDXX3183
Cot Bada Tunong IDXX3184
Cot Balai IDXX3185
Cot Balohan IDXX3186
Cot Barah IDXX3187
Cot Barat IDXX3188
Cot Batee IDXX3189
Cot Bau IDXX3190
Cot Blang IDXX3191
Cot Blangtho IDXX3192
Cot Buket IDXX3193
Cot Bukit IDXX3194
Cot Buloh IDXX3195
Cot Cermai IDXX3196
Cot Cicem IDXX3197
Cot Damar IDXX3198
Cot Darat IDXX3199
Cot Dulang IDXX3200
Cot Entong IDXX3201
Cot Gadong IDXX3202
Cot Gapu IDXX3203
Cot Genei IDXX3204
Cot Geulumpang IDXX3205
Cot Geupok IDXX3206
Cot Geureutai IDXX3207
Cot Geurundong IDXX3208
Cot Girek IDXX3209
Cot Girer IDXX3210
Cot Glumpang IDXX3211
Cot Grupai IDXX3214
Cot Gunduek IDXX3215
Cot Gut IDXX3216
Cot Husein IDXX3217
Cot Iboih IDXX3218
Cot Iju IDXX3219
Cot Jabit IDXX3220
Cot Jambu IDXX3221
Cot Jawi IDXX3222
Cot Jrat IDXX3223
Cot Jurumudi IDXX3224
Cot Kafiraton IDXX3225
Cot Keh IDXX3226
Cot Kemuda Satu IDXX3227
Cot Kemuneng IDXX3228
Cot Kemuning IDXX3229
Cot Keuranji IDXX3230
Cot Keutapang IDXX3231
Cot Kieng IDXX3232
Cot Kruet IDXX3233
Cot Kumbang IDXX3234
Cot Kumuda IDXX3235
Cot Kunyet IDXX3236
Cot Kuta IDXX3237
Cot Laba IDXX3238
Cot Lada IDXX3239
Cot Lagan IDXX3240
Cot Lagasawa IDXX3241
Cot Lale IDXX3242
Cot Lambueh IDXX3243
Cot Langsat IDXX3244
Cot Laot IDXX3245
Cot Lebe IDXX3246
Cot Leubing IDXX3247
Cot Leupe IDXX3248
Cot Lingkok IDXX3249
Cot Mambong IDXX3250
Cot Mamplam IDXX3251
Cot Mancang IDXX3252
Cot Mane IDXX3253
Cot Manyang IDXX3254
Cot Mauggi IDXX3255
Cot Me IDXX3256
Cot Menyang IDXX3257
Cot Merahpati IDXX3258
Cot Merbo IDXX3259
Cot Mesjid IDXX3260
Cot Meunyecut IDXX3261
Cot Meurak IDXX3262
Cot Mirah Barah IDXX3263
Cot Muda Itam IDXX3264
Cot Murong IDXX3265
Cot Ngot IDXX3266
Cot Patisah IDXX3267
Cot Payanga IDXX3268
Cot Peuteih IDXX3269
Cot Pi IDXX3270
Cot Pileng IDXX3271
Cot Plua IDXX3272
Cot Po Tunong IDXX3273
Cot Punti IDXX3274
Cot Puuk IDXX3275
Cot Raba IDXX3276
Cot Rabobaroh IDXX3277
Cot Rabohtunong IDXX3278
Cot Rambang IDXX3279
Cot Rambat IDXX3280
Cot Rambong IDXX3281
Cot Rebu IDXX3282
Cot Rengkum IDXX3283
Cot Reum IDXX3284
Cot Rhee IDXX3285
Cot Saluet IDXX3286
Cot Selamat IDXX3287
Cot Seumeureung IDXX3288
Cot Seurani IDXX3289
Cot Seutuy IDXX3290
Cot Sikabu IDXX3291
Cot Sime IDXX3292
Cot Siren IDXX3293
Cot Taceh IDXX3294
Cot Tarum Baroh IDXX3295
Cot Tarum Tunong IDXX3296
Cot Teungoh IDXX3297
Cot Teusong IDXX3298
Cot Trap IDXX3299
Cot Trieng IDXX3300
Cot Tufah IDXX3301
Cot Tunong IDXX3302
Cot Tunong Barat IDXX3303
Cot Tunong Timur IDXX3304
Cot Ulaya IDXX3305
Cot Ulim IDXX3306
Cot Unoe IDXX3307
Cot Usi IDXX3308
Cot Usibak IDXX3309
Cotalue IDXX3310
Cotara IDXX3311
Cotbada IDXX3312
Cotbada-barat IDXX3313
Cotbada-baroh IDXX3314
Cotbade IDXX3315
Cotbagie IDXX3316
Cotbakarieng IDXX3317
Cotbaku IDXX3318
Cotbatee IDXX3319
Cotbau IDXX3320
Cotbayu IDXX3321
Cotbererket IDXX3322
Cotbuet IDXX3323
Cotbulah IDXX3324
Cotcantek IDXX3325
Cotcapli IDXX3326
Cotcut IDXX3327
Cotdah IDXX3328
Cotgaeh IDXX3329
Cotgagoh IDXX3330
Cotgeundreut IDXX3331
Cotgirek IDXX3332
Cotglumpang IDXX3333
Cotguo IDXX3335
Cotgut IDXX3336
Cothoha IDXX3337
Cotilip IDXX3338
Cotjambu IDXX3339
Cotjaya IDXX3340
Cotjempa IDXX3341
Cotkarieng IDXX3342
Cotkeutapang IDXX3343
Cotlammie IDXX3344
Cotleue IDXX3345
Cotleupon IDXX3346
Cotmadi IDXX3347
Cotmakaso IDXX3348
Cotmancang IDXX3349
Cotmancong IDXX3350
Cotmane IDXX3351
Cotmangeuen IDXX3352
Cotmantiwan IDXX3353
Cotmantuk IDXX3354
Cotmanyang IDXX3355
Cotmasam IDXX3356
Cotme IDXX0366
Cotmelangen IDXX3358
Cotmeuraya IDXX3359
Cotmu IDXX3360
Cotmurong IDXX3361
Cotnambak IDXX3362
Cotpange IDXX3363
Cotpaya IDXX3364
Cotpayakueb IDXX3365
Cotpayang IDXX3366
Cotpetano IDXX3367
Cotpreh IDXX3368
Cotpreh Pucuk IDXX3369
Cotrambong IDXX3370
Cotraya IDXX3371
Cotrayun IDXX3372
Cotrottan IDXX3373
Cotrumpun IDXX3374
Cotsaloran IDXX3375
Cotselamat IDXX3376
Cotseumnyong IDXX3377
Cotseunong IDXX3378
Cotseutu IDXX3379
Cotseutui IDXX3380
Cotsireh IDXX3381
Cotsuru IDXX3382
Cotteunom IDXX3383
Cottrieng IDXX3384
Cottrueng IDXX3385
Cottuphah IDXX3386
Cotu IDXX3387
Cotusi IDXX3388
Cramong IDXX3389
Crung IDXX3390
Cucuh IDXX3391
Cucum IDXX3392
Cucut IDXX3393
Cumbakniwa IDXX3394
Cumbok IDXX3395
Cumboklia IDXX3396
Cunda IDXX3397
Cunien IDXX3398
Cure IDXX3399
Curek IDXX3400
Curong Kumbang IDXX3401
Curug/Budiarto IDXX0068
Cutmamplan IDXX3402
Daboh IDXX3403
Dadapan IDXX0368
Dagangsetia IDXX3404
Dah IDXX3405
Dahsibengkawil IDXX3406
Dakuta IDXX3407
Dalam IDXX3408
Daling IDXX3409
Dalueng IDXX3410
Dam IDXX3411
Dama Pulo IDXX3412
Dama Pulo Satu IDXX3413
Dama Tutong IDXX3414
Dama-puteh IDXX3415
Damakawan IDXX3416
Damarsiput IDXX3417
Damatutong IDXX3418
Danar IDXX0369
Dangguran IDXX3419
Daroh IDXX3420
Darul IDXX3421
Darul Aman IDXX3422
Darulaman IDXX3423
Darulwustha IDXX3424
Darusalam IDXX3425
Darussalam IDXX3426
Dasan IDXX3427
Data Baruh IDXX3428
Data Cut IDXX3429
Datadaroi IDXX3430
Datagasue IDXX3431
Datahu Isimu IDXX0370
Datamakmur IDXX3432
Datameureudu IDXX3433
Datateureubuh IDXX3434
Datatie IDXX3435
Datawheueplang IDXX3436
Datimun IDXX3437
Datuberu IDXX3438
Daub IDXX0371
Daya Aron IDXX3439
Daya Baroh IDXX3440
Daya Kampungbaro IDXX3441
Daya Teungah IDXX3442
Dayacot IDXX3443
Dayah IDXX3444
Dayah Baro IDXX3445
Dayah Baroh IDXX3446
Dayah Blang IDXX3447
Dayah Kleng IDXX3448
Dayah Kruet IDXX3449
Dayah Leubue IDXX3450
Dayah Mesjid IDXX3451
Dayah Payabili IDXX3452
Dayah Seuping IDXX3453
Dayah Tanoh IDXX3454
Dayah Ue Paneuk IDXX3455
Dayahkerako IDXX3456
Dayahmenara IDXX3457
Dayahmeunara IDXX3458
Dayahpanjo IDXX3459
Dayahtuha IDXX3460
Dayahtutung IDXX3461
Dayan IDXX3462
Dayoh IDXX3463
Dayoh Baroh IDXX3464
Dayun IDXX0372
Dazai IDXX0373
Deahbaroh IDXX3465
Deahbaruh IDXX3466
Deahlho IDXX3467
Deahmonara IDXX3468
Deahtanoh IDXX3469
Deahteungoh IDXX3470
Deca IDXX3471
Dedamar IDXX3472
Degen IDXX0374
Dejah IDXX3473
Deking IDXX0375
Delieb IDXX3474
Delitua IDXX0018
Delongtua IDXX3475
Delung IDXX3476
Demak IDXX0377
Demiet IDXX3477
Demta IDXX0378
Dendang IDXX0380
Dendang IDXX0379
Denpasar IDXX0019
Depapre IDXX0382
Deradjan IDXX0383
Desa Sejahtera IDXX3478
Desa Setia IDXX3479
Desaanyar IDXX0384
Desabaru IDXX3480
Desateladan IDXX3481
Didoh IDXX3482
Didoh Bale IDXX3483
Didoh Krueng IDXX3484
Dieng Kulong IDXX0385
Dimcomban IDXX0386
Djabu IDXX0387
Djagalaja IDXX0389
Djago IDXX0390
Djampang Kulon IDXX0392
Djangdjangan IDXX0393
Djate IDXX0396
Djember IDXX0400
Djene Ponto IDXX0401
Djenebora IDXX0402
Djenu IDXX0403
Djepuh IDXX0405
Djereng IDXX3485
Djiku Merasa IDXX0406
Djotiombo IDXX0413
Djudjun IDXX0414
Djungga IDXX0415
Dodinga IDXX0419
Dodowo IDXX0416
Doitia IDXX0417
Dol IDXX3486
Dolit IDXX0420
Dollu IDXX3487
Dolok Nauli IDXX3488
Dolok Sanggul IDXX0421
Dolom IDXX0422
Dompu IDXX0423
Dondowa IDXX0424
Donggala IDXX0425
Dongi IDXX3489
Dongkala IDXX0426
Donomuljo IDXX0427
Doro IDXX0428
Dorokobo IDXX0429
Doya Baro IDXX3490
Doyado IDXX0418
Drien Bungkok IDXX3491
Drien Bungong IDXX3492
Drien Coleus IDXX3493
Drien Jalo IDXX3494
Drien Labo IDXX3495
Drien Rampak IDXX3496
Drien Seuneubo IDXX3497
Drien Sunat IDXX3498
Drien Tujuh IDXX3499
Drienbeukah IDXX3500
Drienjalo IDXX3501
Drienklpah IDXX3502
Drienpuntong IDXX3503
Driensibak IDXX3504
Drientujoh IDXX3505
Drin Lekiei IDXX3506
Drinjalo IDXX3507
Drinlekiei IDXX3508
Drlemangko IDXX3509
Duane IDXX0430
Dudrieng IDXX3510
Dudue IDXX3511
Duhung IDXX0431
Dukun IDXX0432
Durian IDXX3512
Durian Kawan IDXX3513
Durian Senduk IDXX3514
Duriankiat IDXX0434
Durianlapan IDXX3515
Durianrampak IDXX3516
Durijan Betung IDXX0435
Durin IDXX3517
Dusun Terusan IDXX3518
Dusunbaru IDXX0436
Duwapetunga IDXX0437
Eiwot IDXX0438
Ekan IDXX3519
Ekor IDXX0439
Elara IDXX0440
Ele IDXX3520
Elusan IDXX0441
Embacang IDXX0442
Empeara IDXX3521
Empih IDXX3522
Empustalu IDXX3523
Ende IDXX0443
Enemawira IDXX0444
Ensahu IDXX0445
Entebah IDXX0446
Entimut IDXX0447
Etutuk IDXX3524
Eumeetrieng IDXX3525
Eumpangaweue IDXX3526
Eumpeebata IDXX3527
Eumperum IDXX3528
Eumpeugajah IDXX3529
Eungkieng IDXX3530
Fajar Harapan IDXX3531
Fak-Fak/Torea IDXX0086
Fer IDXX0449
Firiwage IDXX0450
Gabuh IDXX3532
Gadang IDXX3533
Gadangtengah IDXX3534
Gademangan IDXX0451
Gadeng IDXX3535
Gading IDXX0452
Gading IDXX3536
Gahru IDXX3537
Gajah IDXX3538
Gajahaie IDXX3539
Gajahmate IDXX3540
Gajahmatee IDXX3541
Gajahmeuntah IDXX3542
Gajam IDXX0454
Gaji IDXX3543
Galahoungko IDXX3544
Galesong IDXX0453
Galis IDXX0455
Galumpang IDXX0482
Galur IDXX0456
Gambiran Dua IDXX0457
Gampa IDXX3545
Gampa Satu IDXX3546
Gampang Baroh IDXX3547
Gampangdarat IDXX3548
Gampangmesjid IDXX3549
Gampoh Bbaro IDXX3550
Gampoh Putoh IDXX3551
Gampong Barat IDXX3552
Gampong Baro IDXX3553
Gampong Belakang IDXX3554
Gampong Blang IDXX3555
Gampong Cot IDXX3556
Gampong Drien IDXX3557
Gampong Jeumpa IDXX3558
Gampong Lada IDXX3559
Gampong Lhok IDXX3560
Gampong Padang IDXX3561
Gampong Pisang IDXX3562
Gampong Pukat IDXX3563
Gampong Talang IDXX3566
Gampong Tengoh IDXX3567
Gampong-baro IDXX3569
Gampongpineung IDXX3571
Gampongraya IDXX3572
Gampongtengoh IDXX3573
Gampongteungoh IDXX3574
Gampung Barat IDXX3575
Gampungbarat IDXX3576
Ganbil IDXX0458
Ganting IDXX3577
Gantung IDXX3578
Gantung IDXX0459
Gantunggeluni IDXX3579
Gapagaru IDXX3580
Gapui IDXX3581
Gapuy IDXX3582
Garot IDXX3583
Garunggarung IDXX0460
Garut IDXX0461
Garut IDXX3584
Garutop IDXX0462
Gaseh Sayang IDXX3585
Gaseue IDXX3586
Gasim IDXX0463
Gatel IDXX0464
Gatham IDXX3587
Gaureugoh IDXX3588
Geamparaya IDXX3589
Gedabang Jawa IDXX3590
Gedah IDXX3591
Gedam IDXX3592
Gedangsurian IDXX0466
Gedekoul IDXX3593
Gedongtengah IDXX3594
Gedubang Aceh IDXX3595
Gedugan Timur IDXX0467
Gedung Biara IDXX3596
Gedungdalam Baru IDXX0465
Gedungjaneng IDXX3597
Gegarang IDXX3598
Gegur IDXX3599
Gelampang IDXX3600
Gelanggang Galah IDXX3601
Gelanggang Merah IDXX3602
Gelanggangbaro IDXX3603
Gelanggangbatee IDXX3604
Gelangganggajah IDXX3605
Gelangganggalah IDXX3606
Gelanggangmerak IDXX3607
Gele IDXX3608
Gelokepang IDXX3609
Gelombang IDXX3610
Gelumbuk IDXX3611
Gelumpangpayung IDXX3612
Gelung IDXX3613
Gelungi IDXX3614
Gemaf IDXX0468
Gemboya IDXX3615
Gemue IDXX3617
Gending IDXX0469
Genjem IDXX0470
Genteng IDXX3618
Genteng IDXX0472
Gentengploh IDXX3619
Genti IDXX0473
Genting IDXX3620
Gentinggerbang IDXX3621
Gentuma IDXX0471
Genuren Dua IDXX3622
Genuren Satu IDXX3623
Gerenggam IDXX3624
Gerenggambatu IDXX3625
Gerpa IDXX3626
Geruguh IDXX3627
Getentiri IDXX0474
Geucu IDXX3628
Geudeuer IDXX3629
Geudong IDXX3630
Geudong Alue IDXX3631
Geudong Geudong IDXX3632
Geudong Tampu IDXX3633
Geudong Teungoh IDXX3634
Geudubang IDXX3635
Geudubang Satu IDXX3636
Geudumbak IDXX3637
Geueiniem IDXX3638
Geugrong IDXX3639
Geulanggang IDXX3640
Geuleu IDXX3644
Geuleuding IDXX3645
Geuleutong IDXX3646
Geulumpang Lhee IDXX3647
Geumbak IDXX3649
Geumpang IDXX3650
Geumpueng IDXX3651
Geumuroh IDXX3652
Geunang IDXX3653
Geundat IDXX3655
Geundring IDXX3656
Geunie IDXX3657
Geunik IDXX3658
Geunteng IDXX3659
Geunteut IDXX3660
Geunting IDXX3661
Geupula IDXX3662
Geureugek IDXX3663
Geureunggang IDXX3664
Geuringging IDXX3665
Geurugok IDXX3666
Geuteng Barat IDXX3667
Geuteng Timur IDXX3668
Gewal IDXX3669
Gewol IDXX3670
Gianyar IDXX0475
Gigieng IDXX3671
Gihirkendik IDXX0476
Ginasing IDXX3672
Ginasing Dua IDXX3673
Gintong IDXX3674
Girara IDXX0477
Gitaislam IDXX0478
Gitan IDXX0479
Gladagang IDXX3676
Glanggang Panah IDXX3677
Glangganglabu IDXX3678
Glanggangrusa IDXX3679
Glanggangtusa IDXX3680
Glangglong IDXX3681
Glatrieng IDXX3682
Gle IDXX3683
Gle Putoh IDXX3684
Gle Seblah IDXX3685
Glebrue IDXX3686
Glecot IDXX3687
Glecut IDXX3688
Gleebruk IDXX3689
Gleeputoh IDXX3690
Glegisapunggung IDXX3691
Glejai IDXX3692
Glejeneng IDXX3693
Glejongdarat IDXX3694
Glekape IDXX3695
Glemendong IDXX3696
Glempang IDXX3697
Gleng IDXX3698
Gleputuh IDXX3699
Glesebak IDXX3700
Gleu IDXX3701
Glumbang IDXX0480
Glumpang IDXX3702
Glumpang Bungkok IDXX3703
Glumpang Panyong IDXX3705
Glumpang Samlako IDXX3706
Glumpang Un IDXX3708
Glumpangminyeuk IDXX3709
Glumpangpayong IDXX3710
Gluopo IDXX3711
Goa Loyan Sekam IDXX3712
Goh Ukak IDXX3714
Golea IDXX0481
Gompang Baro IDXX3715
Gompang Pisang IDXX3716
Gondosuli IDXX0483
Goni IDXX3717
Gontingsaga IDXX0492
Gorogoro IDXX0484
Gorontalo IDXX0485
Gorotcot IDXX3718
Gosong Telaga IDXX3719
Gosongsangkalan IDXX3721
Grajam IDXX0487
Gresik IDXX0020
Grong IDXX3722
Grong-grong IDXX3723
Gronggong-baroh IDXX3724
Grot IDXX3725
Gu IDXX0489
Gu Gajah IDXX3726
Gubukalang IDXX0699
Gudang IDXX0490
Gue IDXX3727
Gugajah IDXX3728
Gugo IDXX3729
Guha IDXX3730
Guha Uleue IDXX3731
Guhanaga IDXX3732
Guhang IDXX3733
Guhapeper IDXX3734
Guhasarang IDXX3735
Gulo IDXX3736
Gulukguluk IDXX0491
Gumpang IDXX3737
Gumpueng IDXX3738
Gunci IDXX3739
Gunjak IDXX3740
Gunong Hampa IDXX3742
Gunong Matale IDXX3743
Gunong Meunasah IDXX3744
Gunong Panyang IDXX3745
Gunong Pungki IDXX3746
Gunong Raubo IDXX3747
Gunongampeh IDXX3748
Gunongbalam IDXX3749
Gunongbeutong IDXX3750
Gunongcut IDXX3751
Gunongkleng IDXX3752
Gunongsadeue IDXX3754
Gunongsape IDXX3755
Gunongujong IDXX3756
Gunung IDXX3757
Gunung Beutong IDXX3758
Gunung Cut IDXX3759
Gunung Kapur IDXX3760
Gunung Kerambil IDXX3761
Gunung Ketek IDXX3762
Gunung Kruet IDXX3763
Gunung Kupok IDXX3764
Gunung Lagan IDXX3765
Gunung Mantok IDXX3766
Gunung Muriah IDXX3767
Gunung Nogan IDXX3768
Gunung Panah IDXX3769
Gunung Pulo IDXX3770
Gunung Putoh IDXX3771
Gunung Raja IDXX3772
Gunung Rotan IDXX3773
Gunung Samarenda IDXX3774
Gunung Sangil IDXX3775
Gunung Setui IDXX3776
Gunung Tinggi IDXX3777
Gunungagung IDXX0493
Gunungbalintho IDXX3778
Gunungbatin IDXX0494
Gunungberuwang IDXX0499
Gunungbuluh IDXX3779
Gunungcut IDXX3780
Gununggeulogo IDXX3781
Gunungkencana IDXX0495
Gunungmeulintang IDXX3782
Gunungrambong IDXX3783
Gunungsapek IDXX3784
Gunungsitoli IDXX0496
Gunungsugih IDXX0497
Gunungterang IDXX0498
Gunyak IDXX3785
Gurahcip IDXX3786
Gureb IDXX3787
Guruopin IDXX0500
Gusirumpong IDXX3788
Gusungbatu IDXX3789
Gusungtimu IDXX3790
Hafo IDXX0501
Haga IDXX3791
Hago IDXX3792
Hagu IDXX3793
Hagu Baratlaut IDXX3794
Hagu Teungoh IDXX3795
Haja IDXX0502
Hakim IDXX3796
Hakimwihlang IDXX3798
Hambaroh IDXX3799
Hansisi IDXX0503
Hanukdong Tunong IDXX3800
Harapan IDXX3801
Haruku IDXX0504
Harumsari IDXX3802
Hatutau IDXX0505
Haur IDXX0506
Hebing IDXX0507
Hilihoya IDXX0508
Hilir IDXX3803
Hiteu IDXX3804
Hukoleen IDXX0509
Hulu Bakau IDXX3805
Hulukandang IDXX0510
Hutanpre IDXX3806
Hutaradja IDXX0511
Huu IDXX0512
Iboih IDXX3807
Iboih Tunong IDXX3808
Idi IDXX3809
Idicut IDXX3810
Idirayeuk IDXX0513
Ie Alim IDXX3811
Ie Beudeuh IDXX3812
Ie Buboh IDXX3813
Ie Dengen IDXX3814
Ie Itam Tunong IDXX3815
Ie Jereneh Dua IDXX3816
Ie Jereneh Satu IDXX3817
Ie Mameh IDXX3818
Ie Masin IDXX3819
Ie Meule IDXX3820
Ie Mirah IDXX3821
Ie Rhob Barat IDXX3822
Ie Rhob Glumpang IDXX3823
Ie Rhob Timur IDXX3824
Ie Sayang IDXX3825
Iealang IDXX3826
Ieceukok IDXX3827
Iemameh IDXX3828
Iemira IDXX3829
Ierelop IDXX3830
Ietabeue IDXX3832
Ietare Dua IDXX3833
Ietare Satu IDXX3834
Ifidi IDXX0514
Iga IDXX0515
Ikeuen IDXX3835
Ikisi IDXX0516
Ikulaeeng IDXX3836
Ikulhueng IDXX3837
Ilot IDXX3838
Imambalai IDXX3839
Imasin IDXX3840
Imban IDXX0518
Imbode IDXX3841
Imogiri IDXX0517
Impendi IDXX0519
Inas IDXX3842
Indang IDXX0520
Inderalaya IDXX0521
Indra Damai IDXX3843
Indramayu IDXX0021
Indrapura IDXX3844
Indrapuri IDXX3845
Ineu IDXX3846
Ingin Jaya IDXX3847
Inginjaya IDXX3848
Ipun IDXX0523
Isak IDXX3849
Isak Busur IDXX3850
Iso IDXX0524
Ivabah IDXX3851
Jaba IDXX3852
Jabet IDXX3853
Jabi IDXX3854
Jabi-jabi IDXX3855
Jabo IDXX3856
Jaboi IDXX3857
Jabung IDXX0388
Jaburvulu IDXX3858
Jafase IDXX0525
Jailolo IDXX0391
Jakarta IDXX0022
Jalan Tepat IDXX3859
Jalandua IDXX3860
Jalio IDXX3861
Jaluk IDXX3862
Jaman IDXX3863
Jamat IDXX3864
Jambak IDXX3865
Jambe IDXX3866
Jambi IDXX3867
Jambi IDXX0528
Jambi-baru IDXX3868
Jambo IDXX3869
Jambo Batang IDXX3870
Jambo Daleng IDXX3871
Jambo Dalim IDXX3872
Jambo Kepok IDXX3873
Jambo Lama Rayeu IDXX3874
Jambo Manyang IDXX3875
Jambo Ondan IDXX3876
Jambo Papeun IDXX3877
Jamboalurgani IDXX3878
Jamboalurgayu IDXX3879
Jamboalurngang IDXX3880
Jamboalurpapeuen IDXX3881
Jamboalurpisang IDXX3882
Jamboatupempang IDXX3883
Jambocapli IDXX3884
Jambodalam IDXX3885
Jamboiemirah IDXX3886
Jambokayeeuntot IDXX3887
Jambokloange IDXX3888
Jambolada IDXX3889
Jambomasi IDXX3890
Jambomeuriti IDXX3891
Jambopanaih IDXX3892
Jambopapan IDXX3893
Jambopucukpadang IDXX3894
Jamboukeun IDXX3895
Jambubaleh IDXX3896
Jambulukup IDXX3897
Jambur Damar IDXX3898
Jambur Labu IDXX3899
Jambur Lokop IDXX3900
Jambur Papeeun IDXX3901
Jamburalurjok IDXX3903
Jamburatuatu IDXX3904
Jamburbatang IDXX3905
Jamburberekeng IDXX3906
Jamburbetong IDXX3907
Jamburgenteng IDXX3908
Jamburisoiso IDXX3909
Jamburkadibongon IDXX3910
Jamburkare IDXX3911
Jamburkeutapan IDXX3912
Jamburkulam IDXX3913
Jamburluni IDXX3914
Jamburreuloim IDXX3915
Jambursejok IDXX3916
Jamburserakut IDXX3917
Jambursijuke IDXX3918
Jamburtanggaq IDXX3920
Jamuan IDXX3921
Jamur Atu IDXX3922
Jamur Empan IDXX3923
Jamur Jelateng IDXX3924
Jamur Kala Kapi IDXX3925
Jamur Kanis IDXX3926
Jamur Labu IDXX3927
Jamur Lukup IDXX3928
Jamur Rambung IDXX3929
Jamur Sejuk IDXX3930
Jamur Taruk IDXX3931
Jamur Ujung IDXX3932
Jamur Uluh IDXX3933
Jamurkuwel IDXX3934
Janahrala IDXX3935
Jangga IDXX0394
Janggot Seugko IDXX3936
Jangka Alue IDXX3937
Jangka Buya IDXX3938
Jangketeh IDXX0529
Jangong IDXX3942
Janguet IDXX3943
Janka IDXX3944
Jantang IDXX3945
Jantho IDXX3946
Japutih IDXX0530
Jaranmati Satu IDXX0395
Jararata IDXX3947
Jareueng IDXX3948
Jaringalus IDXX3949
Jaromah Baroh IDXX3950
Jaromah Me IDXX3951
Jarona IDXX0531
Jat IDXX0532
Jate IDXX0533
Jatibarang IDXX0397
Jatibarang Lor IDXX0398
Jatirejo IDXX3952
Jatisrono IDXX0399
Jauta IDXX0534
Jawa IDXX3953
Jawi IDXX3954
Jawo IDXX0535
Jaya Baru IDXX3955
Jayapura/Sentani IDXX0089
Jeflio IDXX0537
Jepara IDXX0023
Jepara IDXX0404
Jereh IDXX3956
Jeremeurang IDXX3957
Jeretdagang IDXX3958
Jeretmayang IDXX3959
Jering IDXX3960
Jeulanga Barat IDXX3961
Jeulanga Teungoh IDXX3962
Jeulangamataie IDXX3963
Jeuleukatcunda IDXX3964
Jeuleupee IDXX3965
Jeulikat IDXX3966
Jeulingke IDXX3967
Jeumoheuk IDXX3968
Jeumpa IDXX3969
Jeumpeue IDXX3971
Jeungki IDXX3972
Jeunieb IDXX0539
Jeuram IDXX3973
Jeuratmanyang IDXX3974
Jilatan IDXX0407
Jimbaran IDXX0408
Jimjim IDXX3975
Jinge IDXX0540
Jirat IDXX3976
Jodlo IDXX1230
Jofar IDXX0541
Jogia IDXX3977
Johar IDXX3978
Jok IDXX3979
Jombang IDXX0409
Jombok IDXX0410
Jombokreseg IDXX3980
Jongar IDXX3981
Jongkong IDXX0411
Jontor IDXX3982
Jorong IDXX0412
Josowilangun IDXX0542
Jruk IDXX3983
Jua IDXX3984
Jubet IDXX3985
Juemeurang IDXX3986
Juli IDXX3987
Juli Cotmesjid IDXX3988
Juli Seutuy IDXX3989
Julocut IDXX3990
Julok Tunong IDXX3991
Jumkubum IDXX0543
Jumphoih IDXX3992
Jungkagajah IDXX3993
Jungkagajan IDXX3994
Jungkat IDXX0544
Jungkon IDXX3995
Jurang Bale IDXX3996
Jurang Binjai IDXX3997
Jurong IDXX3998
Jurong Ara IDXX3999
Jurong Binjai IDXX4000
Jurong Teungoh IDXX4001
Juronganoe IDXX4002
Jurongbeurangkat IDXX4003
Jurongraya IDXX4004
Jurung IDXX4005
Jurung Satu IDXX4006
Juwar IDXX4007
Kabal IDXX4008
Kabanjahe IDXX0545
Kabu IDXX4009
Kabu Baroh IDXX4010
Kabu Tunung IDXX4011
Kabueng IDXX4012
Kadai Runding IDXX4014
Kadang IDXX4015
Kador IDXX0547
Kadumula IDXX0548
Kahuku IDXX0549
Kaimana IDXX0550
Kairatu IDXX0551
Kaisweri IDXX0552
Kajaung IDXX4016
Kajeeadang IDXX4017
Kajeeleu IDXX4018
Kajen Kidul IDXX0546
Kaju IDXX4019
Kajuara IDXX0553
Kajubulan IDXX0554
Kajulang IDXX0555
Kajumas IDXX0556
Kajutanam IDXX0557
Kakim IDXX0558
Kala Bintang IDXX4020
Kala Empan IDXX4021
Kala Empo IDXX4022
Kala Keruh IDXX4023
Kalabahi IDXX0559
Kaladan IDXX0560
Kalakepen IDXX4024
Kalaketol IDXX4025
Kalakro IDXX4026
Kalalawang IDXX4027
Kalaluang IDXX4028
Kalanaga IDXX4029
Kalanangka IDXX4030
Kalang IDXX4031
Kalanipah IDXX4032
Kalapinang IDXX4033
Kalasan IDXX0561
Kalasegi IDXX4034
Kale IDXX4035
Kali IDXX0562
Kalipucang IDXX0564
Kaloekedi IDXX0565
Kalue IDXX4036
Kaluet IDXX4037
Kalumpang IDXX0566
Kamansi IDXX0644
Kamar IDXX0567
Kamarian IDXX0568
Kamaru IDXX0569
Kambera IDXX0570
Kambisa IDXX0571
Kamboik Nicah IDXX4038
Kambuek IDXX4039
Kambuk IDXX4040
Kampani IDXX0572
Kampoeng Baroe IDXX0573
Kampong-baru IDXX4041
Kampongbaro IDXX4042
Kampongjawa IDXX4043
Kampung Aceh IDXX4044
Kampung Adan IDXX4045
Kampung Air IDXX4046
Kampung Asan IDXX4047
Kampung Badar IDXX4048
Kampung Banten IDXX4050
Kampung Barel IDXX4051
Kampung Baro IDXX4052
Kampung Baroh IDXX4053
Kampung Baru IDXX4054
Kampung Besar IDXX4055
Kampung Beunot IDXX4056
Kampung Blang IDXX4057
Kampung Bung IDXX4058
Kampung Cacang IDXX4059
Kampung Cempedak IDXX0574
Kampung Cot IDXX4060
Kampung Dalam IDXX4061
Kampung Jalan IDXX4064
Kampung Jawa IDXX4065
Kampung Jawi IDXX4068
Kampung Jeumpa IDXX4069
Kampung Kaudai IDXX4070
Kampung Kaya IDXX4071
Kampung Kuala IDXX4072
Kampung Ladang IDXX4073
Kampung Lah IDXX4074
Kampung Lalang IDXX4075
Kampung Lhang IDXX4076
Kampung Lot IDXX4077
Kampung Madat IDXX4078
Kampung Matang IDXX4079
Kampung Melayu IDXX4080
Kampung Meulum IDXX4081
Kampung Pande IDXX4082
Kampung Paru IDXX4083
Kampung Pipa IDXX4084
Kampung Pisang IDXX4085
Kampung Putoh IDXX4086
Kampung Raja IDXX4087
Kampung Rambong IDXX4088
Kampung Rintis IDXX4089
Kampung Sague IDXX4090
Kampung Sawah IDXX0575
Kampung Tarandam IDXX4091
Kampung Tengah IDXX4092
Kampung Tengoh IDXX4093
Kampung Tenjong IDXX4094
Kampungbaru IDXX4095
Kampungbundar IDXX4096
Kampungdalam IDXX4097
Kampungmesjid IDXX0576
Kanaeh IDXX4099
Kandang IDXX4100
Kandangan IDXX0577
Kandangan IDXX0578
Kandangblang IDXX4101
Kandanghaur IDXX0579
Kandar IDXX0580
Kanesan IDXX0698
Kangboi IDXX0581
Kanggup IDXX0582
Kanikeh IDXX0583
Kaningko IDXX0584
Kanis IDXX4102
Kantalabea IDXX0585
Kantjing IDXX0586
Kantjitalo IDXX0587
Kapahiang IDXX0650
Kapahu IDXX0588
Kapai Baro IDXX4103
Kapala Bugja IDXX0589
Kapalabandar IDXX4104
Kapalatuwan IDXX0590
Kapalmaloleo IDXX0591
Kapar Sasek IDXX4105
Kapayapui IDXX4106
Kapeh IDXX4107
Kapelma IDXX4108
Kapongang IDXX0592
Kaptiau IDXX0593
Kapudoi IDXX0655
Kara IDXX0594
Karagajar IDXX0595
Karak IDXX4109
Karamak IDXX0596
Karang Anyar IDXX4110
Karang Bundar IDXX4111
Karangagung IDXX0597
Karangampar IDXX4112
Karangampel IDXX0598
Karangan IDXX0599
Karanganubai IDXX0603
Karanganyar IDXX0600
Karanganyar IDXX0601
Karangasem IDXX0604
Karangasen IDXX0605
Karanggondang IDXX0607
Karanginoue IDXX4113
Karangjadi IDXX4114
Karangjaya IDXX0606
Karanglintang IDXX4115
Karangmaja IDXX0602
Karangrejo IDXX4116
Karangsari IDXX0609
Karangtanjung IDXX0608
Karangtengah IDXX0610
Karawang IDXX0024
Karema IDXX0612
Kareng Atueh IDXX4117
Kareueng IDXX4118
Kareung Puteh IDXX4119
Karieng IDXX4120
Kariengteureubue IDXX4121
Kariueng IDXX4122
Kariyan IDXX4123
Karluta Kara IDXX0613
Karondron IDXX0614
Kartasura IDXX0615
Karueng IDXX4124
Karufa Kembala IDXX0616
Kasieputeh IDXX4125
Kasih IDXX0617
Kasih Sayang IDXX4126
Kasihtinggi IDXX4127
Kasim IDXX0618
Kasimbar IDXX0619
Kassi IDXX0620
Katajan IDXX0621
Katana IDXX0622
Kattsampe IDXX4128
Katupadang IDXX4129
Katupat IDXX0623
Kauda Nelco IDXX4130
Kauman IDXX4131
Kautapang IDXX4132
Kauwage IDXX0624
Kawali IDXX0625
Kayangan IDXX4133
Kayatiaran IDXX4134
Kayee Adang IDXX4135
Kayee Unou IDXX4136
Kayeeaceh IDXX4137
Kayeeadang IDXX4138
Kayeebalam IDXX4139
Kayeejatu IDXX4140
Kayeekunyet IDXX4141
Kayeeno IDXX4142
Kayeepanjang IDXX4143
Kayejatoi IDXX4144
Kayeuno IDXX4145
Kayu Kul IDXX4146
Kayu Menang Baru IDXX4147
Kayu Menang Lama IDXX4148
Kayu Panyang IDXX4149
Kayuagung IDXX0025
Kebanjar IDXX0627
Kebayakan IDXX4150
Kebon Marica IDXX4151
Kebon Sementok IDXX4152
Kebon Tengah IDXX4153
Kebonalurgading IDXX4154
Kebonongan IDXX0628
Kebumen IDXX0629
Kebun Nilam IDXX4155
Kebun Rantau IDXX4156
Kebun Tiga IDXX4157
Kebunsere IDXX4158
Kedai IDXX4159
Kedai Blangme IDXX4160
Kedai Geudong IDXX4161
Kedai Kandang IDXX4162
Kedai Lapang IDXX4163
Kedai Padang IDXX4165
Kedaipante Breuh IDXX4169
Kedaipaya IDXX4170
Kedaisibah IDXX4171
Kedaisusoh IDXX4172
Kedataran Dua IDXX4173
Kedataran Empat IDXX4174
Kedataran Satu IDXX4175
Kedataran Tiga IDXX4176
Kedelah IDXX4177
Kedelapang IDXX4178
Kedi IDXX0630
Kediri IDXX0631
Kedoh IDXX4179
Kedungmalang IDXX0632
Kedungmanggu IDXX0633
Kedungredjo IDXX0634
Kedungsurem IDXX0635
Kedungwuni IDXX0648
Keedereudeueb IDXX4180
Keh IDXX4181
Kejaran IDXX4182
Kekatang IDXX0636
Kelajang IDXX0637
Kelapa IDXX4183
Kelapa IDXX0638
Kelapadua IDXX0639
Kelapagading IDXX4184
Keling IDXX0640
Kelombang IDXX0641
Keludin IDXX0642
Kelume IDXX0643
Kelupak Mata IDXX4185
Kembang IDXX0645
Kembayan IDXX0646
Kemerleng IDXX4186
Kemili IDXX4187
Kemulu IDXX4188
Kemuning IDXX4189
Kemuning Dua IDXX4190
Kemuning Empat IDXX4191
Kemuning Lima IDXX4192
Kemuning Satu IDXX4193
Kemuning Tiga IDXX4194
Ken IDXX4195
Kenari IDXX4196
Kenari Tunong IDXX4197
Kenawat IDXX4198
Kendal IDXX0647
Kendawi IDXX4199
Kendlinteung IDXX4200
Kendoran IDXX4201
Kenyaran IDXX4202
Kepalacurup IDXX0651
Kepandjen IDXX0652
Kepek IDXX0653
Kepet IDXX0654
Kepias IDXX4203
Kepule IDXX4204
Keraja IDXX0656
Keramat IDXX0091
Keras IDXX4205
Kercing IDXX4206
Kerelanayalang IDXX4207
Kerelang IDXX4208
Kerieng IDXX4209
Keritang IDXX0658
Kertamulia IDXX0659
Kerukunan IDXX4210
Kesambirampak IDXX0660
Kesehatan IDXX4211
Ketambe IDXX4212
Ketan IDXX0662
Ketapang IDXX4213
Ketapang IDXX0665
Ketapang IDXX0664
Ketapang IDXX0663
Ketaujung IDXX4214
Ketaun IDXX0666
Ketenong IDXX0667
Ketibang IDXX4215
Ketukah IDXX4216
Keubang IDXX4217
Keubeucapang IDXX4218
Keubun Teumpeun IDXX4219
Keudai Dua IDXX4220
Keudai Peureulak IDXX4221
Keude IDXX4222
Keude Aceh IDXX4223
Keude Aron IDXX4224
Keude Baro IDXX4225
Keude Bayu IDXX4226
Keude Blangar IDXX4227
Keude Blangara IDXX4228
Keude Dua IDXX4229
Keude Jeunieb IDXX4230
Keude Karieng IDXX4232
Keude Krueng IDXX4233
Keude Meukek IDXX4237
Keude Paloh IDXX4238
Keude Panga IDXX4239
Keude Pata IDXX4240
Keude Paya IDXX4241
Keude Punteuet IDXX4242
Keude Seumot IDXX0668
Keude Tambue IDXX4244
Keude Teunom IDXX4246
Keude Tuha IDXX4248
Keude Unga IDXX4249
Keudeampontuan IDXX4250
Keudebagok IDXX4251
Keudebalang IDXX4252
Keudebawang IDXX4253
Keudedua IDXX4254
Keudeebieng IDXX4255
Keudegerobo IDXX4256
Keudei IDXX4257
Keudei Blang IDXX4258
Keudei Keumuning IDXX4259
Keudepadang IDXX4260
Keudepanteraja IDXX4261
Keudepasi IDXX4262
Keudepate IDXX4263
Keudepliek IDXX4264
Keudetunong IDXX4268
Keudeu Tanjung IDXX4269
Keudeu Tanyong IDXX4270
Keudeudu IDXX4271
Keudeuyeuggadeng IDXX4272
Keudondong IDXX4273
Keueb IDXX4274
Keukuyang IDXX4275
Keulele IDXX4276
Keuleumbah IDXX4277
Keumala IDXX4278
Keumalacot IDXX4279
Keumaladalam IDXX4280
Keumalanicah IDXX4281
Keumangan IDXX4282
Keumangancot IDXX4283
Keumare IDXX4284
Keumbang IDXX4285
Keumire IDXX4286
Keumiru IDXX4287
Keumumu IDXX4288
Keumumu Hilir IDXX4289
Keumumu Hulu IDXX4290
Keumumu Seberang IDXX4291
Keumuneng IDXX4292
Keumuning IDXX4293
Keumuning Lhok IDXX4294
Keunaleueng IDXX4295
Keunatoi IDXX4296
Keune IDXX4297
Keuneukai IDXX4298
Keunire IDXX4299
Keureue IDXX4300
Keureuse IDXX4301
Keureuseng IDXX4302
Keureuseputeh IDXX4303
Keureusik IDXX4304
Keureuweung IDXX4305
Keurisi IDXX4306
Keurumbok IDXX4307
Keutambang Baroh IDXX4308
Keutapang IDXX4310
Keutapang Mameh IDXX4311
Keutapangdua IDXX4312
Keutapng Dua IDXX4313
Keutapung Dua IDXX4314
Kibung IDXX0669
Kila IDXX4315
Kilangan IDXX4316
Kilbawar IDXX0670
Kilmuri IDXX0671
Kilomete Enam IDXX4317
Kiluan IDXX0672
Kilwaer IDXX0673
Kincitmanuk IDXX4321
Kintap IDXX0674
Kintom IDXX0675
Kiran IDXX4322
Kiran Baroh IDXX4323
Kiran Dayah IDXX4324
Kiran Krueng IDXX4325
Kisalaut IDXX0676
Kisam IDXX4326
Kitow IDXX4327
Kla IDXX4328
Klakah IDXX0677
Klakah Selatan IDXX0678
Klamagoen IDXX0679
Klamesin IDXX0680
Klamono IDXX0681
Klas Tiga IDXX4329
Klasafet IDXX0682
Klaten IDXX0026
Klibenet IDXX4330
Klieng IDXX4331
Klieng Cot Aron IDXX4332
Kliet IDXX4333
Klitu IDXX4334
Kloang IDXX4335
Klsaran IDXX0684
Kluang IDXX4336
Koa IDXX0685
Koba IDXX0686
Kobe IDXX0687
Kodia IDXX0688
Koeh IDXX4337
Kokar IDXX0689
Kokas IDXX0690
Kokonao/Timuka IDXX0090
Kolam IDXX4338
Kolamluar IDXX0692
Kolampusu IDXX4339
Kolane IDXX0693
Kolisia IDXX0694
Kolitjaah IDXX0695
Kolonisatie IDXX4340
Komanik IDXX0696
Kompung Baro IDXX4341
Kondogai IDXX0697
Koneng IDXX4342
Kong IDXX4343
Kong Paluh IDXX4344
Kongbul IDXX4345
Kongkong IDXX4346
Koreare IDXX0700
Korim IDXX0701
Kosebeh IDXX4347
Kota Agung IDXX0702
Kota Atas IDXX4348
Kota Bakti IDXX4349
Kota Baru IDXX4350
Kota Batu IDXX4351
Kota Bawah Barat IDXX4352
Kota Bawah Timur IDXX4353
Kota Bora IDXX4354
Kota Fajar IDXX4355
Kota Jumpa IDXX4356
Kota Karangan IDXX4357
Kota Pandang IDXX4358
Kotabaru IDXX0067
Kotabaru IDXX4359
Kotabumi IDXX0704
Kotadjin IDXX0705
Kotamobagu IDXX0706
Kotangah IDXX4360
Kotapadang IDXX0707
Kotapanjang IDXX4361
Kotapari IDXX0708
Kotarih IDXX0709
Kotawaringin IDXX0711
Kotawaringin IDXX0710
Koto IDXX4362
Koto Indarung IDXX4363
Koto-agung IDXX0712
Kotobarapak IDXX0713
Kotokalana IDXX0714
Kotoradja IDXX0715
Kpg Sesajap IDXX0716
Kra Mong IDXX4364
Kragilan IDXX0717
Krak Kaye IDXX4365
Krak Tampai IDXX4366
Kraksaan IDXX0718
Kramal IDXX4367
Kramat IDXX0719
Kramat Dalam IDXX4368
Kramat Luar IDXX4369
Krambel IDXX4370
Krambitan IDXX0720
Kranji IDXX4371
Krep IDXX4372
Kretek IDXX0027
Kreung Batee IDXX4373
Krueng Alem IDXX4374
Krueng Anyar IDXX4375
Krueng Baro IDXX4376
Krueng Baru IDXX4378
Krueng Batee IDXX4379
Krueng Batu IDXX4380
Krueng Bau IDXX4381
Krueng Cut IDXX4382
Krueng Deue IDXX4383
Krueng Geukuh IDXX0722
Krueng Inong IDXX4384
Krueng Kalee IDXX4387
Krueng Kiran IDXX4388
Krueng Kluet IDXX4389
Krueng Kulu IDXX4390
Krueng Luak IDXX4393
Krueng Mane IDXX4394
Krueng Mayang IDXX4395
Krueng Meuseuguh IDXX4396
Krueng Panjo IDXX4397
Krueng Raya IDXX4398
Krueng Sekajang IDXX4399
Krueng Seumpo IDXX4400
Krueng Seunong IDXX4401
Krueng Seuping IDXX4402
Krueng Tho IDXX4403
Krueng Tingpai IDXX4404
Krueng Tunong IDXX4405
Kruengbajeuen IDXX4406
Kruengbaru IDXX4407
Kruengbatee IDXX4408
Kruengbilo IDXX4409
Kruengcot IDXX4410
Kruenghaji IDXX4411
Kruengkala IDXX4412
Kruengkalee IDXX4413
Kruenglingka IDXX4414
Kruengm Bang IDXX4415
Kruengmak IDXX4416
Kruengmate IDXX4417
Kruengnou IDXX4418
Kruengoe IDXX4419
Kruengraya IDXX4420
Kruengsabee IDXX4421
Kruengsekeuk IDXX4422
Kruengseumideuen IDXX4423
Kruengu IDXX4424
Kruet Lintang IDXX4425
Kruetlintang IDXX4426
Krunglingka IDXX4427
Krurag Ceukeu IDXX4428
Kuala Bangka IDXX0723
Kuala Bangkong IDXX4429
Kuala Baro IDXX4430
Kuala Baru Laut IDXX4431
Kuala Bubon IDXX4432
Kuala Bugag IDXX4433
Kuala Do IDXX4434
Kuala Geulumpang IDXX4435
Kuala Jeumpa IDXX4436
Kuala Leugo IDXX4437
Kuala Ligan IDXX4438
Kuala Manyeu IDXX4439
Kuala Pling IDXX4442
Kuala Rantung IDXX4443
Kuala Trang IDXX4445
Kuala Tuha IDXX4446
Kualaasan IDXX4447
Kualabagok IDXX4448
Kualabaroh IDXX4449
Kualabaru IDXX4450
Kualabee IDXX0724
Kualabeulah IDXX4451
Kualabirim IDXX4452
Kualacenako IDXX0730
Kualacukas IDXX0731
Kualacut IDXX4453
Kualainuman IDXX0725
Kualakeriau IDXX0726
Kualakrueng IDXX4454
Kualalagobatang IDXX4455
Kualalangsa IDXX4456
Kualaligan Tuha IDXX4457
Kualanalan IDXX4458
Kualanangan IDXX0728
Kualapanggoh IDXX4459
Kualaparek IDXX4460
Kualaparik IDXX4461
Kualapidie IDXX4462
Kualaraja IDXX4463
Kualaserba IDXX4464
Kualasimpang IDXX0729
Kualatengah IDXX4465
Kuata Teubu IDXX4466
Kuatateubu IDXX4467
Kubait IDXX4468
Kubang Gajah IDXX4469
Kubangkangkung IDXX0732
Kubu IDXX0733
Kubu IDXX0734
Kubu IDXX4470
Kubu Batee IDXX4471
Kubu Sabi IDXX4472
Kubucot IDXX4473
Kubung IDXX0735
Kuburanbyahid IDXX4474
Kuburaya IDXX4475
Kubutambahan IDXX0736
Kubuteungku IDXX4476
Kucengtidur IDXX4477
Kudus IDXX0737
Kufar IDXX0738
Kui IDXX0739
Kuih IDXX0740
Kujuagung IDXX0741
Kukue IDXX4478
Kukurantap IDXX0742
Kulalupak IDXX0727
Kulam IDXX4479
Kulam Jemeueti IDXX4480
Kulamabo IDXX4481
Kulamara IDXX4482
Kulambeude IDXX4483
Kulamsajat IDXX4484
Kule IDXX4485
Kulem IDXX4486
Kulu IDXX0743
Kulung IDXX4487
Kumai IDXX0744
Kumba IDXX4488
Kumba Ateuh IDXX4489
Kumbang IDXX4490
Kumbe IDXX0745
Kumbeun IDXX4491
Kumbong IDXX4492
Kundur IDXX0746
Kung IDXX4494
Kungke IDXX4495
Kungker IDXX4496
Kuning IDXX4497
Kuning Dua IDXX4498
Kuning Satu IDXX4499
Kunyet IDXX4500
Kunyet Mule IDXX4501
Kunyit Mute IDXX4502
Kupang IDXX0028
Kupur IDXX4503
Kurotidur IDXX0748
Kurunui IDXX0749
Kusu IDXX0750
Kusuri IDXX0752
Kuta IDXX0753
Kuta Aceh IDXX4504
Kuta Bahagia IDXX4505
Kuta Bakdrien IDXX4506
Kuta Barat IDXX4507
Kuta Baro IDXX4508
Kuta Baroh IDXX4509
Kuta Baru IDXX4510
Kuta Batu Dua IDXX4511
Kuta Batu Satu IDXX4512
Kuta Binjai IDXX4513
Kuta Blang IDXX4514
Kuta Buloh IDXX4515
Kuta Buluh IDXX4516
Kuta Cingkam Dua IDXX4517
Kuta Galuh IDXX4519
Kuta Jeumpa IDXX4520
Kuta Krueng IDXX4521
Kuta Langlang IDXX4522
Kuta Lembaru IDXX4523
Kuta Lintang IDXX4526
Kuta Lisung IDXX4527
Kuta Makmur IDXX4528
Kuta Padang IDXX4529
Kuta Panjang IDXX4530
Kuta Pasir IDXX4531
Kuta Pasirgala IDXX4532
Kuta Paya IDXX4533
Kuta Rambayan IDXX4534
Kuta Rusep IDXX4535
Kuta Sayeh IDXX4536
Kuta Tengah IDXX4537
Kuta Tinggi IDXX4538
Kuta Tring IDXX4539
Kuta Tring Dua IDXX4540
Kuta Tuha IDXX4541
Kuta Ujung IDXX4542
Kuta-baro IDXX4543
Kuta-baru IDXX4544
Kuta-mulia IDXX4545
Kutababatee IDXX4546
Kutabahagia IDXX4547
Kutabaru IDXX4548
Kutabate IDXX4549
Kutabatee IDXX4550
Kutablang IDXX4551
Kutabuloh Dua IDXX4552
Kutabuluh IDXX0754
Kutabuluhpasar IDXX0755
Kutabunin IDXX4553
Kutacane IDXX0756
Kutacane Lama IDXX4554
Kutacepu IDXX4555
Kutagara IDXX4556
Kutaglumpang IDXX4557
Kutagrat IDXX4558
Kutaiboh IDXX4559
Kutainang IDXX4560
Kutakarang IDXX4561
Kutalanglang IDXX4563
Kutalaseumana IDXX4564
Kutaleungah IDXX4565
Kutalingga IDXX4566
Kutalintang IDXX4567
Kutalosong IDXX4568
Kutam Baru IDXX4569
Kutamakmur IDXX4570
Kutameurandeh IDXX4571
Kutanawan IDXX4572
Kutanibong IDXX4573
Kutapanton IDXX4574
Kutapengkih IDXX4575
Kutapuntong IDXX4576
Kutaraja IDXX4577
Kutaraja Beudee IDXX4578
Kutarawut IDXX4579
Kutarayang IDXX4580
Kutarih IDXX4581
Kutasembuling IDXX4582
Kutaseuneubok IDXX4583
Kutatanjung IDXX4584
Kutatengah IDXX4585
Kutathyicunda IDXX4586
Kutatinggi IDXX4587
Kutatring IDXX4588
Kutawaringin IDXX4589
Kute Baru IDXX4590
Kute Bukit Baru IDXX4591
Kute Bukit Lama IDXX4592
Kute Keramil IDXX4593
Kute Lintang IDXX4594
Kute Meriyem IDXX4595
Kute Robel IDXX4596
Kute Sere IDXX4597
Kute Tinggi IDXX4598
Kutegelineu IDXX4599
Kutelitang IDXX4600
Kutepanang IDXX4601
Kutesange IDXX4602
Kutobangun IDXX4603
Kutomeligu IDXX4604
Kuyun IDXX4605
Kwip IDXX0757
Labanan IDXX0790
Labangka IDXX0758
Laboadang IDXX4606
Labua IDXX4607
Labua IDXX0759
Labuadang IDXX4608
Labuandiri IDXX0760
Labuha IDXX0761
Labuhan IDXX4609
Labuhan IDXX0762
Labuhan Aman IDXX4610
Labuhanbajau IDXX4611
Labuhanbajo IDXX0763
Labuhanbilik IDXX0764
Labuhanhaji IDXX4612
Labuhankerah IDXX4613
Labuhankeude IDXX4614
Labuhanmaringgai IDXX0930
Labuhanpoh IDXX0765
Labuy IDXX4615
Lada IDXX4616
Ladang IDXX4617
Ladang Baro IDXX4618
Ladang Buru IDXX4620
Ladang Luwah IDXX4622
Ladang Neubeuk IDXX4623
Ladang Puha IDXX4624
Ladang Rimba IDXX4625
Ladang Rimba Dua IDXX4626
Ladang Teungoh IDXX4628
Ladang Tuha IDXX4629
Ladang Tuha Dua IDXX4630
Ladang Tuha Satu IDXX4631
Ladangbaro IDXX4632
Ladangbaru IDXX4633
Ladangbeutong IDXX4634
Ladangbisik Dua IDXX4635
Ladangbisik Satu IDXX4636
Ladangneubeuk IDXX4637
Ladangtuha IDXX4638
Ladangungkal IDXX4639
Ladanpokruet IDXX4640
Ladara IDXX0766
Lae Balno IDXX4641
Lae Betar IDXX4642
Lae Gambir IDXX4643
Lae Langge Sakti IDXX4644
Lae Nipe IDXX4645
Lae Tonong IDXX4646
Lae Uram IDXX4647
Laeaonan IDXX4648
Laebangur IDXX4649
Laeberum IDXX4650
Laebesik IDXX4651
Laebutar IDXX4652
Laegadong IDXX4653
Laemate IDXX4654
Laepaku IDXX4655
Lafaumangan IDXX4656
Laga Baro IDXX4657
Lagang IDXX4658
Lageuen IDXX4659
Lageun IDXX4660
Lahewa IDXX0767
Lais IDXX0029
Lajambaung IDXX4661
Lajang IDXX0769
Lakadea IDXX0770
Laklak IDXX4662
Lakmana IDXX4663
Lala IDXX4664
Lalang IDXX4665
Lam Apeng IDXX4666
Lam Ara IDXX4667
Lam Baro IDXX4668
Lam Baroh IDXX4669
Lam Beugok IDXX4670
Lam Beusu IDXX4671
Lam Geureunoh IDXX4672
Lam Griheu IDXX4673
Lam Juhang IDXX4674
Lam Kawa IDXX4675
Lam Kuta IDXX4676
Lam Me IDXX4677
Lam Nibong IDXX4678
Lam Padan IDXX4679
Lam Paoh IDXX4680
Lam Raya IDXX4681
Lam Sujen IDXX4682
Lam Sukon IDXX4683
Lam Teungoh IDXX4684
Lam Tui IDXX4685
Lam Ujong IDXX4686
Lam Ukak IDXX4687
Lamabeue IDXX4688
Lamacuheuen IDXX4689
Lamainong IDXX4690
Lamajeng IDXX4691
Lamaling IDXX4692
Lamalueraya IDXX4693
Lamameh IDXX4694
Lamara IDXX4695
Lamara Tunong IDXX4696
Lamasam IDXX4697
Lamasan IDXX4698
Lamasin IDXX4699
Lamatjut IDXX4700
Lamaway IDXX4701
Lambada IDXX4702
Lambada Peukan IDXX4703
Lambadagigteng IDXX4704
Lambadak Lho IDXX4705
Lambade IDXX4706
Lambaet IDXX4707
Lambago IDXX0771
Lambareh IDXX4708
Lambaro IDXX4709
Lambaro Angan IDXX4710
Lambaro Seubun IDXX4711
Lambaro Tunong IDXX4712
Lambarokoeih IDXX4713
Lambaroskep IDXX4714
Lambaruh Tunong IDXX4715
Lambatee IDXX4716
Lambayang IDXX4717
Lambee IDXX4718
Lambeutong IDXX4719
Lambideng IDXX4720
Lambiheue IDXX4721
Lambirah IDXX4722
Lambirah Satu IDXX4723
Lambitra IDXX4724
Lamblang IDXX4725
Lambleut IDXX4726
Lambora IDXX4727
Lambruk IDXX4728
Lambu IDXX4729
Lambueng IDXX4730
Lambukong IDXX4731
Lambunot IDXX4732
Lambunot Paya IDXX4733
Lamcarak IDXX4734
Lamceue IDXX4735
Lamcok IDXX4736
Lamcot IDXX4737
Lamcut IDXX4738
Lamderian IDXX4739
Lamdingin IDXX4740
Lamdom IDXX4741
Lamdurian IDXX4742
Lamdurion IDXX4743
Lamduruy IDXX4744
Lameue IDXX4745
Lameurum IDXX4746
Lamgaboh IDXX4747
Lamgeue IDXX4748
Lamgeulumpang IDXX4749
Lamgiri IDXX4750
Lamgurun IDXX4751
Lamie IDXX4752
Lamilei IDXX4753
Lamjabat IDXX4754
Lamjame IDXX4755
Lamjampak IDXX4756
Lamkabeue IDXX4757
Lamkabue IDXX4758
Lamkawi IDXX4759
Lamkeuba IDXX4760
Lamkeumala IDXX4761
Lamkeunong IDXX4762
Lamkileng IDXX4763
Lamklat IDXX4764
Lamkubu IDXX4765
Lamkuk IDXX4766
Lamkunyet IDXX4767
Lamkura IDXX4768
Lamkuta IDXX4769
Lamkutat IDXX4770
Lamlagang IDXX4771
Lamlagong IDXX4772
Lamleuot IDXX4773
Lamleupeung IDXX4774
Lamlham IDXX4775
Lamlheu IDXX4776
Lamlheue IDXX4777
Lamlho IDXX4778
Lamlhong IDXX4779
Lamlubak IDXX4780
Lamlung IDXX4781
Lammayang IDXX4782
Lamme IDXX4783
Lammeulo IDXX4784
Lammu IDXX4785
Lammukae IDXX4786
Lamnga IDXX4787
Lamngugoh IDXX4788
Lamno IDXX4789
Lamnyong IDXX4790
Lamoe IDXX4791
Lamongan IDXX0772
Lampageue IDXX4792
Lampah IDXX4793
Lampahan IDXX4794
Lampahjaban IDXX4795
Lampaih Bayoh IDXX4796
Lampaimai IDXX4797
Lampaku IDXX4798
Lampaloh IDXX4799
Lampanah IDXX4800
Lampanaih IDXX4801
Lampang Timu IDXX4802
Lampanoih IDXX4803
Lampante IDXX4804
Lampasah IDXX4805
Lampaseh Aceh IDXX4806
Lampenurut IDXX4807
Lampeueng IDXX4808
Lampeuteueun IDXX4809
Lampin IDXX4810
Lampineung IDXX4811
Lampisang IDXX4812
Lampise IDXX4813
Lampoeoe IDXX4814
Lampoh Lada IDXX4815
Lampoh Rayeuen IDXX4816
Lampoh Saban IDXX4817
Lampohdrin IDXX4818
Lampohkleng IDXX4819
Lampohraja IDXX4820
Lampohu IDXX4821
Lampoih Santan IDXX4822
Lampoihdaya IDXX4823
Lampoihja IDXX4824
Lampoihoe IDXX4825
Lampoihreulo IDXX4826
Lampoihsaka IDXX4827
Lampoya IDXX4828
Lampu Daya IDXX4829
Lampueuk IDXX4830
Lampuh Rayeuk IDXX4831
Lampuhkrueng IDXX4832
Lampuku IDXX4833
Lampulo IDXX4834
Lampupok IDXX4835
Lampuyang IDXX4836
Lamrabo IDXX4837
Lamreh IDXX4838
Lamreueng IDXX4839
Lamreuneung IDXX4840
Lamroh IDXX4841
Lamroya IDXX4842
Lamrukam IDXX4843
Lamsabang IDXX4844
Lamsat IDXX4845
Lamseke IDXX4846
Lamseukee IDXX4847
Lamseuninya IDXX4848
Lamseunong IDXX4849
Lamsia IDXX4850
Lamsiem IDXX4851
Lamsinye IDXX4852
Lamsiteh IDXX4853
Lamsitih IDXX4854
Lamtado IDXX4855
Lamtadoh IDXX4856
Lamtamat IDXX4857
Lamtanjung IDXX4858
Lamteh IDXX4859
Lamtehdaya IDXX4860
Lamtengoh IDXX4861
Lamteubadroi IDXX4862
Lamteubee IDXX4863
Lamteui IDXX4864
Lamteumen IDXX4865
Lamteungoh IDXX4866
Lamtimpueng IDXX4867
Lamtiteh IDXX4868
Lamtrieng IDXX4869
Lamtu IDXX4870
Lamtueumeuraue IDXX4871
Lamtui IDXX4872
Lamtutong IDXX4873
Lamujong IDXX4874
Lancang IDXX4875
Lancang Garam IDXX4876
Lancang Paru IDXX4877
Lancang Teungoh IDXX4878
Lancok IDXX4879
Lancok Pante Ara IDXX4880
Lancok Ulim IDXX4881
Lancong IDXX4882
Landangpanah IDXX4883
Landangtuha IDXX4884
Lande IDXX4885
Lang Nibong IDXX4886
Langapui IDXX4887
Langaway IDXX4888
Langein IDXX4889
Langgahan IDXX4891
Langgan IDXX0774
Langi IDXX4892
Langka IDXX4893
Langkahan IDXX4894
Langkis IDXX4895
Langkuta IDXX4896
Lango IDXX4897
Langoan IDXX0775
Langsa IDXX0030
Langsa-lama IDXX4898
Langu IDXX4899
Lanjut IDXX0773
Lanpoih IDXX4900
Lanting IDXX4901
Lapahan Buava IDXX4902
Lapang IDXX4903
Lapang Barat IDXX4904
Lapangan Terbang IDXX0777
Lape IDXX0778
Lapehan Mesjid IDXX4905
Lapeng IDXX4906
Lapi IDXX0779
Lasalimu IDXX0780
Lasehao IDXX0781
Lassihing IDXX4907
Lataling IDXX4908
Latdalum IDXX0782
Lateng IDXX4909
Latili IDXX4910
Latiung IDXX4911
Latong IDXX4912
Latu IDXX0783
Latuhalat IDXX0784
Latuhelu IDXX0785
Lauhong IDXX4913
Lawa Batu IDXX4914
Lawang IDXX0786
Lawang IDXX4915
Lawe Buluh Didi IDXX4920
Lawe Desky Karo IDXX4921
Lawe Desky Sabas IDXX4922
Lawe Dua IDXX4923
Lawe Harum IDXX4924
Lawe Kemang IDXX4925
Lawe Kesumpat IDXX4926
Lawe Kihing IDXX4927
Lawe Kongker IDXX4928
Lawe Kulok IDXX4929
Lawe Lotingaman IDXX4930
Lawe Pangkat IDXX4931
Lawe Pasaran IDXX4932
Lawe Perbunga IDXX4933
Lawe Sawah IDXX4934
Lawe Sempilang IDXX4935
Lawe Serky IDXX4936
Lawe Sumur IDXX4937
Lawe Tanduk IDXX4938
Lawehijo IDXX4939
Lawejambu IDXX4940
Lawekinga Dua IDXX4941
Lawekinga Empat IDXX4942
Lawekinga Lima IDXX4943
Lawekinga Satu IDXX4944
Lawekinga Tiga IDXX4945
Lawele IDXX0787
Laweloning Dua IDXX4946
Laweloning Satu IDXX4947
Laweloning Tiga IDXX4948
Lawelubang IDXX4949
Lawemelang IDXX4950
Laweperlak IDXX4951
Laweponggas IDXX4952
Lawesagu IDXX4953
Lawet IDXX4955
Lawetua IDXX4956
Lawetungkal IDXX4957
Laweueng IDXX4958
Lawi Lawi IDXX0789
Layan IDXX4959
Layeun IDXX4960
Layong IDXX4961
Layu IDXX4962
Layung IDXX4963
Le Jerengeh IDXX4964
Le Leubeue IDXX4965
Le Masin IDXX4966
Le Mirah IDXX4967
Le-itam IDXX4968
Lebambong IDXX4969
Lebintah IDXX4971
Lebo IDXX0791
Lebokpakam IDXX4972
Lebong IDXX0792
Lebuk IDXX4973
Ledang-baro IDXX4974
Ledo IDXX0793
Ledong IDXX4975
Leh Lek IDXX4976
Lehop IDXX4977
Lelabu IDXX4978
Lele IDXX0794
Lelebu IDXX4979
Leles IDXX4980
Lelhop IDXX4981
Lemahabang IDXX0796
Lembah Payah IDXX4982
Lembak IDXX0797
Lembang IDXX4983
Lembang IDXX0798
Lemedame IDXX4984
Lemirah IDXX4985
Lemo IDXX4986
Lemo IDXX0799
Lemolemo IDXX0800
Lempai IDXX0801
Lempelamjabo IDXX4987
Lemperu IDXX4988
Lempeungbruk IDXX4989
Lempuh IDXX4990
Lenang IDXX4991
Lende IDXX0802
Leneang IDXX4992
Lenga IDXX4993
Lenggok IDXX4994
Lentong IDXX4995
Leokobang IDXX4996
Leor IDXX0803
Lepekloang IDXX0804
Lerhob IDXX4997
Lesikah IDXX4998
Lesten IDXX4999
Letung IDXX0805
Leubahbentang IDXX5000
Leubak Beutong IDXX5001
Leubak Panyang IDXX5002
Leubokateung IDXX5003
Leubokeumpeue IDXX5004
Leubokkliet IDXX5005
Leubokseutuy IDXX5006
Leubokstui IDXX5007
Leuboseunilam IDXX5008
Leubu IDXX5009
Leubu Masjid IDXX5010
Leubu Payadua IDXX5011
Leubucot IDXX5012
Leubue IDXX5013
Leubume IDXX5014
Leuen Bale IDXX5015
Leugo IDXX5016
Leuhan IDXX5017
Leuhong IDXX5018
Leukeuen IDXX5019
Leumah IDXX5020
Leumbang IDXX5021
Leung Buloh IDXX5022
Leung Jawa IDXX5023
Leung Manyo IDXX5024
Leung Tanoh Tho IDXX5025
Leung Tengkuyah IDXX5026
Leungah IDXX5027
Leungeu IDXX5028
Leupe IDXX5029
Leupensiren IDXX5030
Leupeuem IDXX5031
Leupeum Mesjid IDXX5032
Leupeung IDXX5033
Leupeungbateu IDXX5034
Leupu IDXX5035
Leupueng IDXX5036
Leupungrajeuk IDXX5037
Leupungriwat IDXX5038
Lewajadi IDXX5039
Lewotobi IDXX0806
Lhang IDXX5040
Lhee IDXX5041
Lheesagay IDXX5042
Lheu IDXX5043
Lheu Barat IDXX5044
Lheu Simpang IDXX5045
Lheue IDXX5046
Lhieb IDXX5047
Lho Buya IDXX5049
Lho Jumeut IDXX5050
Lho Krut IDXX5051
Lho Panglima IDXX5052
Lho Tanoh IDXX5053
Lhobuloh IDXX5054
Lhogkase IDXX5055
Lhojo-barat IDXX5056
Lhok IDXX5057
Lhok Awe Awe IDXX5058
Lhok Awe Teungoh IDXX5059
Lhok Batee IDXX5060
Lhok Bayu IDXX5062
Lhok Bengkuang IDXX5063
Lhok Beringin IDXX5064
Lhok Beutong IDXX5065
Lhok Bili IDXX5066
Lhok Bintangtu IDXX5067
Lhok Bogeng IDXX5068
Lhok Bubon IDXX5069
Lhok Bugieng IDXX5070
Lhok Dagang IDXX5071
Lhok Dalam IDXX5072
Lhok Drieun IDXX5073
Lhok Gajah IDXX5074
Lhok Geulumpang IDXX5075
Lhok Geurundong IDXX5076
Lhok Guei IDXX5077
Lhok Gulito IDXX5078
Lhok Iboh IDXX5079
Lhok Incin IDXX5080
Lhok Jo IDXX5081
Lhok Jok IDXX5082
Lhok Juk IDXX5083
Lhok Kajo IDXX5084
Lhok Kareung IDXX5085
Lhok Ketapang IDXX5086
Lhok Keutapang IDXX5087
Lhok Krek IDXX5088
Lhok Krung IDXX5089
Lhok Kuala IDXX0807
Lhok Kulam IDXX5090
Lhok Kulu IDXX5091
Lhok Male IDXX5092
Lhok Mambang IDXX5093
Lhok Mamplan IDXX5094
Lhok Merabo IDXX5095
Lhok Merbo IDXX5096
Lhok Mesjid IDXX5097
Lhok Meulcuweuk IDXX5098
Lhok Meuruee IDXX5099
Lhok Mon Puteh IDXX5100
Lhok Nibong IDXX5101
Lhok Padang IDXX5102
Lhok Pange IDXX5103
Lhok Panjau IDXX5104
Lhok Pawoh IDXX5105
Lhok Pusong IDXX5106
Lhok Raga IDXX5107
Lhok Rambiding IDXX5108
Lhok Remean IDXX5109
Lhok Reudup IDXX5110
Lhok Santuy IDXX5111
Lhok Sari IDXX5112
Lhok Seumira IDXX5113
Lhok Sialang Cut IDXX5114
Lhok Sukon IDXX5116
Lhokaju IDXX5117
Lhokala IDXX5118
Lhokbaju IDXX5119
Lhokbanie IDXX5120
Lhokbate IDXX5121
Lhokbateeintan IDXX5122
Lhokbot IDXX5123
Lhokgajah IDXX5124
Lhokguci IDXX5125
Lhokigeuh IDXX5126
Lhokkeutapang IDXX5127
Lhokkruet IDXX5128
Lhoklambo IDXX5129
Lhokleumak IDXX5130
Lhokmeureubok IDXX5131
Lhokmurbo IDXX5132
Lhoknga IDXX5133
Lhokpanaih IDXX5134
Lhokpawoh IDXX5135
Lhokpineung IDXX5136
Lhokpuntoy IDXX5137
Lhokputu IDXX5138
Lhokrambong IDXX5139
Lhokreudeueb IDXX5140
Lhokreuhat IDXX5141
Lhokrheue IDXX5142
Lhokrukam IDXX5143
Lhokseumawe IDXX0808
Lhoksimaneh IDXX5144
Lhoksukon IDXX0809
Lhoktandilan IDXX5145
Lhokuenan IDXX5146
Lholabui IDXX5147
Lhong IDXX5148
Lhopuuek IDXX5149
Lhot Cut IDXX5150
Lhotimon IDXX5151
Lhou IDXX5152
Lhoyok IDXX5153
Lhuengtarok IDXX5155
Lhung Keubeu IDXX5156
Lhusandeng IDXX5157
Lhut IDXX5158
Liang IDXX0810
Liceh IDXX5159
Lieue IDXX5160
Ligan IDXX5161
Likat IDXX5162
Liku IDXX0811
Lileu IDXX5163
Lileue IDXX5164
Lima Puluh IDXX0812
Limau IDXX0813
Limau Purut IDXX5165
Limau Saring IDXX5166
Limba IDXX0814
Limbung IDXX0815
Limo IDXX5167
Limpok IDXX5168
Limuet IDXX5169
Lincah IDXX5170
Lingadan IDXX0816
Lingam Daya IDXX5171
Lingam Ujung IDXX5172
Linggi IDXX5173
Linggo IDXX5174
Linggong IDXX5175
Lingkak IDXX5176
Lingkakuta IDXX5177
Lingkang IDXX5178
Lingkas IDXX0817
Lingkotibeue IDXX5179
Lining IDXX5180
Linto IDXX5181
Linung Bulan IDXX5182
Lipah Cut IDXX5183
Lipah Rayeuk IDXX5184
Lipatkajang IDXX0818
Lipatkajang IDXX5185
Lipatkajang Dua IDXX5186
Loa Djanan IDXX0819
Loabukit IDXX0820
Lodang IDXX0821
Lodoyo IDXX0822
Logeh IDXX0823
Lohap IDXX5187
Lokat IDXX5188
Lokmee IDXX5189
Lokop IDXX5190
Loku IDXX5191
Lokupau IDXX5192
Lombagin IDXX0824
Lombai IDXX0825
Lombang IDXX0826
Lombasang IDXX0828
Lombok IDXX0827
Lomot IDXX5193
Lon IDXX5194
Lonasan IDXX5195
Londrang IDXX0829
Longapang IDXX5196
Longatua IDXX0830
Longbawan IDXX0831
Longberang IDXX0832
Longbirah IDXX0833
Longiban IDXX0834
Longkabinu IDXX0835
Longkib IDXX5197
Longlan IDXX0836
Longpeleban IDXX0837
Longraya IDXX5198
Longsia IDXX0838
Longuda IDXX5199
Loon IDXX0839
Lor IDXX5200
Lorong Enampuluh IDXX5201
Losan IDXX0840
Losarang IDXX0841
Louise IDXX0842
Louloh IDXX5203
Loupensiren IDXX5204
Loyang IDXX5205
Lua IDXX5206
Luah IDXX0843
Luan Dehit IDXX5207
Luar IDXX5208
Lubo IDXX5210
Lubok IDXX5211
Lubok Dalam IDXX5212
Lubok Pingping IDXX5213
Lubokaceh IDXX5214
Lubokbajah IDXX5215
Lubokbuya IDXX5216
Lubuanloboh IDXX0844
Lubuk IDXX5217
Lubuk Badak IDXX5218
Lubuk Batil IDXX5219
Lubuk Bertih IDXX5220
Lubuk Buloh IDXX5221
Lubuk Damar IDXX5222
Lubuk Iboh IDXX5223
Lubuk Kandang IDXX5224
Lubuk Lalang IDXX5225
Lubuk Layu IDXX5226
Lubuk Mane IDXX5227
Lubuk Mungki IDXX5228
Lubuk Punto IDXX5229
Lubuk Sidup IDXX5230
Lubuk Tarok IDXX5231
Lubuk Tuan IDXX5232
Lubuk-besar IDXX0845
Lubukbasung IDXX0846
Lubukbatu IDXX5233
Lubukbukit IDXX0847
Lubukkandis IDXX0848
Lubukklip IDXX5234
Lubuklintang IDXX0849
Lubukmeuku IDXX5235
Lubuknipah IDXX5236
Lubukpiang IDXX0851
Lubukpuli IDXX5237
Lubuksahung IDXX0852
Lubukseberuk IDXX0853
Lubukseulimeung IDXX5238
Lubuksulasih IDXX0854
Lubuksumpit IDXX0855
Lubuktampu IDXX0850
Lubukterap IDXX0856
Lubuktigasagi IDXX5239
Lubuktu IDXX5240
Lue IDXX5241
Lueng IDXX5242
Lueng Baro IDXX5243
Lueng Bata IDXX5244
Lueng Bimba IDXX5245
Lueng Duyon IDXX5246
Lueng Ie IDXX5247
Lueng Kuli IDXX5248
Lueng Putu IDXX5249
Lueng Tengah IDXX5250
Lueng Tuha IDXX5251
Lueng Tui IDXX5252
Luengbaro IDXX5253
Luengbata IDXX5254
Luengdaeun IDXX5255
Luengdrien IDXX5256
Luengjalo IDXX5257
Luengjaloh IDXX5258
Luengklieng IDXX5259
Luengkubujaka IDXX5260
Lugu IDXX5261
Lugusibabu IDXX5262
Luh IDXX5263
Luhkbutil IDXX5264
Luhu IDXX0857
Lumajang IDXX0858
Lumban Pasir IDXX5267
Lumban Purba IDXX5268
Lumban Sitio-tio IDXX5269
Lumbandolok IDXX5270
Lumbantua IDXX5271
Lumpatan IDXX5272
Lumut IDXX0859
Lumut IDXX0860
Lundong IDXX0861
Lung Dua IDXX5273
Lung Glumpang IDXX5274
Lung Lho IDXX5275
Lung Satu IDXX5276
Lung T Ben IDXX5277
Lung Tiga IDXX5278
Lungbaro IDXX5279
Lungcakup IDXX5280
Lungglumpang IDXX5281
Lunggung IDXX5282
Lungkalamuning IDXX5283
Lungkung IDXX0862
Lungsemelah IDXX5284
Lungtaro IDXX5285
Lunjuk-besar IDXX0863
Lura IDXX0864
Lusuntang IDXX5286
Lut Kucak IDXX5287
Luthu IDXX5288
Lutueng IDXX5289
Luwuk IDXX0866
Macan IDXX5290
Madan IDXX5291
Madang IDXX5292
Madat IDXX5293
Maddi IDXX5294
Madjalaja IDXX0867
Madjawa IDXX0868
Madjenang IDXX0869
Magamo IDXX0870
Magelang IDXX0872
Magurop IDXX0873
Maha Singkil IDXX5295
Mahang IDXX5296
Mahendra IDXX0874
Maidi IDXX0875
Maimawa IDXX0877
Mainak IDXX0876
Maja IDXX0878
Majaan IDXX0879
Majak IDXX0880
Majoa IDXX0881
Makalekmela IDXX0882
Makassar IDXX0884
Makbon IDXX0885
Mala IDXX0886
Malaboh IDXX0887
Malagensing IDXX0888
Malahayati IDXX5297
Malai IDXX0889
Malaka IDXX5298
Malakaji IDXX0890
Malaketelik IDXX0891
Malang IDXX0892
Malangbong IDXX0893
Maleku IDXX0894
Malelang IDXX5299
Malenteng IDXX0895
Mali IDXX5300
Malino IDXX0897
Mamas IDXX5301
Mamasa IDXX0898