Weather Codes for India

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in India. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abasingi INXX0678
Abdullapur INXX6376
Aberdeen INXX6259
Abhaipur INXX8488
Abhanpur INXX0679
Abhayapuri INXX0680
Abiramam INXX0681
Abohar INXX0682
Abu INXX0683
Abu Road INXX0684
Achalpur INXX0685
Achampet INXX0686
Achanakmar INXX9625
Achanta INXX0687
Acheshon INXX8238
Achhayyapalli INXX6377
Achhnera INXX0688
Achhota INXX9626
Achnapalli INXX6378
Adaba INXX0689
Adalaj INXX0425
Adampur INXX0691
Adampur INXX6379
Adandi INXX0692
Adapur INXX9024
Adbhar INXX9627
Addanki INXX0693
Addatigala INXX0694
Adesar INXX0695
Adhaura INXX9025
Adibatla INXX6380
Adigoppula INXX6381
Adilabad INXX0696
Adiyi Masjid INXX6383
Adoni INXX0697
Adra INXX0698
Adur INXX0699
Aduripalle INXX6384
Aduthurai INXX0700
Advi Devalpalli INXX6385
Adwana INXX0701
Adyal INXX0702
Afzalpur INXX0703
Agaibani INXX0704
Agamani INXX8489
Agar INXX0705
Agar Panchaitan INXX0706
Agartala INXX0153
Agham INXX0708
Aghapalli INXX6386
Agia INXX0709
Agiaon INXX0710
Agiripalle INXX6387
Agonda INXX0711
Agori INXX0712
Agra INXX0203
Agrahar INXX6388
Agrong INXX8490
Ahataguri INXX8491
Ahirpara INXX9628
Ahmadabad INXX0714
Ahmadguda INXX6389
Ahmadipur INXX6390
Ahmadnagar INXX0427
Ahmadpur INXX0716
Ahmedabad INXX0001
Ahmednagar INXX0183
Aholin INXX8239
Ahomgaon INXX8492
Ahraura INXX0721
Ahwa INXX0722
Aiiamari INXX6391
Ainapuram INXX0723
Ainavolu INXX6392
Aindi INXX0724
Airoli INXX0428
Airwa INXX0726
Aish Mugam INXX0727
Aistala INXX0728
Aizawl INXX0429
Aizwal INXX0200
Ajaigarh INXX0731
Ajjampur INXX0732
Ajmer INXX0002
Ajnala INXX0734
Ajra INXX0735
Ajwain INXX0736
Akalgarh INXX0737
Akalkot INXX0738
Akaltara INXX0739
Akaram INXX6393
Akawaram INXX6394
Akbarpur INXX9026
Akbarpur INXX0740
Akharjapet INXX6395
Akhnur INXX0741
Akividu INXX0742
Akkarampalle INXX0430
Akkivaram INXX6396
Aklera INXX0744
Akluj INXX0745
Aklvidu INXX6397
Akodia INXX0746
Akola INXX0160
Akolin INXX8240
Akorha INXX9027
Akot INXX0748
Aksapur INXX0749
Aksiguri INXX8493
Akunpalli INXX6398
Alagapuram INXX0750
Alagiri INXX0751
Alakjhar INXX8494
Alakjhari INXX8495
Alamnagar INXX9028
Alampur INXX0431
Alamuru INXX0753
Alanallur INXX0754
Aland INXX0755
Alandi INXX0432
Alanganallur INXX0757
Alangayam INXX0758
Alangudi INXX0759
Alangulam INXX0760
Alapur INXX0761
Alawalpur INXX0433
Albaka INXX6400
Aldona INXX0434
Aleru INXX6401
Aliabad INXX6402
Alibag INXX0764
Aliganj INXX0765
Aligarh INXX0301
Aliguda INXX6403
Alipur INXX6404
Alipur INXX0768
Alipur INXX6260
Alirajapet INXX6405
Alirajpur INXX0769
Allagadda INXX0770
Allahabad INXX0003
Allahdurg INXX6406
Allahganj INXX0772
Allahpur INXX6407
Allapalli INXX6408
Allapalli INXX0773
Alleppey INXX0004
Allur INXX0775
Alluru INXX0776
Almaipet INXX6411
Almatti INXX0777
Almel INXX0778
Almora INXX0779
Alnavar INXX0780
Along INXX0781
Alonung INXX8241
Alot INXX0782
Altiri INXX0783
Alturti INXX6412
Alur INXX0784
Aluru INXX6414
Aluva INXX0785
Alwar INXX0786
Alwar Tirunagari INXX0787
Alwaye INXX0788
Amabera INXX0789
Amagohan INXX9629
Amakona INXX9630
Amalapuram INXX0790
Amalner INXX0791
Amancherla INXX6415
Amangal INXX6416
Amanganj INXX0792
Amanpur INXX0793
Amarapuram INXX0794
Amaravati INXX6417
Amarchinta INXX6418
Amardobha INXX0795
Amarkantak INXX0796
Amarnath INXX0435
Amarpatan INXX0798
Amarpur INXX0800
Amarpur INXX0799
Amarwara INXX0801
Amas INXX9030
Amatulla INXX8242
Amawan INXX9031
Amb INXX0802
Amba INXX0803
Amba INXX0804
Ambad INXX0805
Ambagarh Chauki INXX0806
Ambah INXX0807
Ambahta INXX0808
Ambajogai INXX0809
Ambala INXX0302
Ambalapulai INXX0813
Ambarpet INXX6419
Ambarpet Kalan INXX6420
Ambasa INXX0814
Ambattur INXX0436
Ambikapur INXX0816
Ambur INXX0817
Amdapur INXX0818
Amdapur INXX6421
Amer INXX0005
Amet INXX0820
Amguri INXX0823
Amguri Bazar INXX8497
Amhara INXX9032
Amihora INXX8498
Amili INXX8243
Amingaon INXX8499
Amingarh INXX0824
Amini Divi INXX6258
Amirpet INXX6422
Amjapur INXX6423
Amla INXX0825
Amlagora INXX0826
Amlaha INXX0827
Amlakhi INXX8500
Amli INXX0828
Amlipadar INXX0829
Amloh INXX0830
Ammalapadu INXX6424
Ammanabrolu INXX6425
Ammapettai INXX0831
Ammapur INXX6426
Ammavaripalem INXX6427
Amod INXX0832
Amour INXX9033
Ampalam INXX6428
Ampani INXX0833
Ampultun INXX0834
Amrabad INXX0835
Amrapara INXX0837
Amrati INXX0836
Amravati INXX0006
Amreli INXX0839
Amring INXX0840
Amritsar INXX0007
Amroha INXX0842
Amroli INXX0437
Amsanpalli INXX6429
Amta INXX0844
Amtala INXX8501
Amtala INXX0845
Amtika INXX0846
Amudalavalasa INXX0847
Amur INXX6430
Amwa Majhar INXX9034
Anaimalai INXX0848
Anajpur INXX6431
Anakapalle INXX0008
Analin INXX0850
Anand INXX0303
Anandapur INXX8502
Anandnagar INXX0852
Anandpur INXX0853
Anantagiripalli INXX6433
Anantamadugu INXX6434
Anantapur INXX0174
Anantapuram INXX0855
Anantaram INXX6435
Anantasagaram INXX6436
Anantnag INXX0856
Anantsagar INXX6437
Anara INXX0859
Anda INXX9632
Andheri INXX0438
Andhra Tharhi INXX9035
Andimatam INXX0861
Andippatti INXX0862
Andol INXX6438
Andra INXX6439
Anekal INXX0864
Anelih INXX8244
Angatsi INXX8245
Angripet INXX6440
Angul INXX0865
Anjad INXX0866
Anjakpani INXX8503
Anjangaon INXX0867
Anjar INXX0868
Anjengo INXX0869
Anjuna INXX0439
Ankalampadu INXX6441
Ankleshwar INXX0871
Ankli INXX0872
Ankola INXX0873
Ankraddipalli INXX6442
Ankral INXX6443
Ankreddipalli INXX6444
Annamalainagar INXX0874
Annapareddipalle INXX6445
Annaram INXX6446
Annasagar INXX6447
Annavaram INXX6448
Annavasal INXX0875
Annigeri INXX0876
Annur INXX0877
Anojiguda INXX6449
Anowa INXX6261
Anta INXX0878
Antagarh INXX0879
Antaigudam INXX6450
Antammagudam INXX6451
Antampet INXX6452
Antaram INXX6453
Antarnes INXX0880
Antarvedi INXX6454
Antarvedipalem INXX6455
Anthiyur INXX0863
Anthredigudam INXX6456
Antri INXX0881
Antu INXX0882
Anumalkuduru INXX6457
Anupgarh INXX0886
Anuppur INXX0884
Anupshahr INXX0885
Anwaram INXX6458
Anwayan INXX0887
Aonla INXX0888
Appanapalli INXX6459
Apparaopet INXX0889
Appikatla INXX6460
Apranli INXX8246
Aprunyi INXX8247
Ara INXX0009
Arai INXX9036
Arain INXX0891
Arajkund INXX9633
Arakkonam INXX0917
Araku INXX0893
Arambag INXX0894
Arambagh INXX0895
Arambol INXX0896
Arang INXX9037
Arang INXX0897
Arang INXX0898
Arangaon INXX0899
Arantangi INXX0902
Araria INXX0903
Ararpari INXX0904
Aratla INXX6461
Aravakkurichchi INXX0905
Aravankadu INXX0906
Arcot INXX0907
Ardai INXX8248
Ardavidu INXX6462
Areguda INXX6463
Aregudam INXX6464
Arganglas INXX0908
Ari INXX0909
Ariawan INXX9038
Arikkod INXX0910
Arimalam INXX0911
Ariman Chelka INXX6465
Ariyalur INXX0913
Ariz INXX0914
Arjunda INXX9634
Arjuni INXX9635
Arkalgud INXX0915
Arkalguda INXX6466
Arkar INXX9636
Arki INXX0916
Arli Buzurg INXX0918
Armori INXX0919
Armur INXX0920
Arnia INXX0921
Aron INXX0922
Arong INXX6263
Aropu INXX8249
Arrah INXX0923
Arsia INXX9637
Arsikere INXX0924
Arsisar INXX0912
Arsiyaguda INXX6467
Arukutti INXX0440
Arumbavur INXX0926
Arumuganeri INXX0927
Arunachal INXX8504
Aruppukkottai INXX0010
Aruru INXX6468
Arutla INXX6469
Arvapuram INXX6470
Arvi INXX0929
Arwal INXX9039
Arwi INXX0930
Asadganj INXX6471
Asana INXX0931
Asanad INXX6472
Asandh INXX0932
Asandiah INXX9638
Asansol INXX0304
Asapur INXX0934
Asara INXX0935
Asarganj INXX0936
Ashalin INXX8250
Ashoknagar INXX0937
Ashta INXX0940
Ashta INXX0939
Ashwaraopet INXX0945
Asifabad INXX0946
Asind INXX0947
Asonli INXX8251
Asop INXX0948
Aspari INXX6473
Assundi INXX0949
Astaranga INXX0950
Asthanwan INXX9040
Asu Tar INXX0951
Asulkhar INXX9639
Atarra INXX0952
Atawa INXX9598
Atawa Choa INXX9599
Ateli INXX0953
Atgharitari INXX8505
Athagarh INXX0955
Atharikhat INXX8506
Athkhel INXX8507
Athmalgola INXX9041
Athni INXX0956
Atirampattinam INXX0957
Atkot INXX0958
Atmakur INXX6474
Atmakuru INXX6475
Atner INXX0962
Atrauli INXX0963
Atraulia INXX0964
Attalli INXX6476
Attanurpatti INXX0965
Attayyampatti INXX0966
Attili INXX6477
Attingal INXX0967
Attur INXX0968
Au INXX0969
Aujari INXX8508
Aundah INXX0970
Auniati Sattra INXX8509
Aurad INXX0971
Auraiya INXX0011
Aurangabad INXX9042
Aurangabad INXX0184
Auras INXX0975
Auroville INXX0441
Ausa INXX0977
Austinabad INXX6264
Austmapur INXX6478
Avadi INXX0442
Avagudem INXX6479
Avalakonda INXX6480
Avancha INXX6481
Avanigadda INXX0980
Avanoor INXX0981
Avati INXX0982
Avinashi INXX0979
Avulamanda INXX6482
Avupalli INXX9640
Awa INXX0983
Awantipur INXX0984
Ayakkudi INXX0986
Ayanur INXX0987
Ayirala INXX6483
Ayllur INXX0988
Aymangala INXX0989
Ayodhya INXX0990
Ayyampettai INXX0991
Azamgarh INXX0305
Azamnagar INXX9043
Azhikkal INXX0993
Azimganj INXX0994
Azmatganj INXX9044
Babai INXX0995
Babaipalli INXX6484
Baberu INXX0996
Babhnoul INXX9045
Babina INXX0997
Babrala INXX0998
Babugarh INXX0999
Babulgaon INXX6485
Bacha INXX8252
Bachagaon INXX8510
Bachauli INXX9046
Bachhraon INXX1000
Bachhrawan INXX1001
Bachnaipalli INXX6486
Bachwara INXX9047
Bada Barabil INXX1002
Badagara INXX1003
Badahapur INXX6487
Badahpur INXX9048
Badal INXX9641
Badami INXX1004
Badarala INXX1005
Badarpur INXX1006
Badarwas INXX1007
Badati INXX8511
Baddi INXX1008
Bade Shahguda INXX6488
Badgoni INXX6489
Badhni Kalan INXX1009
Badlapur INXX0443
Badnawar INXX1011
Badnera INXX1012
Badoab INXX1013
Badopal INXX1014
Badulahati INXX8512
Baduria INXX0444
Badvel INXX1016
Bafaru INXX1017
Baga INXX8513
Bagadol INXX1018
Bagaha INXX1019
Bagalkot INXX1020
Bagar INXX1021
Bagar Meo INXX1022
Bagasra INXX1023
Bagaura INXX9051
Bagbahal INXX9642
Bagbahra INXX1024
Bagbor INXX8514
Bagdapalli INXX6490
Bagdihi INXX1025
Bagdogra INXX0220
Bagepalli INXX1027
Bageshwar INXX1028
Bagevadi INXX1029
Bagh INXX1030
Bagha Purana INXX0445
Baghdogra INXX1032
Baghdokra INXX8515
Baghmundi INXX1034
Baghnadi INXX9643
Baghpat INXX1033
Bagicha INXX9644
Bagiratpalli INXX6491
Bagli INXX1035
Bagnan INXX1036
Bagodar INXX1037
Bagodra INXX1038
Bagra INXX1039
Bagrakasa INXX9646
Bagribari INXX8516
Bagroudih INXX9647
Bagru INXX1040
Bagsoti INXX9052
Bagula INXX1041
Baguliaghat INXX8517
Bah INXX1042
Bahadurganj INXX1043
Bahadurgarh INXX1044
Bahadurpalli INXX6492
Bahalda INXX1045
Baharagora INXX1046
Baharampur INXX0306
Bahera INXX1048
Baheri INXX9053
Baheri INXX1049
Bahjoi INXX1050
Bahla INXX1051
Bahlana INXX9600
Bahmanlapalli INXX6493
Bahpur INXX1052
Bahraich INXX1053
Bahror INXX1054
Bahsuma INXX1055
Bahu INXX1056
Bahula INXX1057
Baibali INXX1058
Baida INXX8518
Baidyabati INXX0446
Baihar INXX1060
Baihata INXX8519
Baijla INXX9054
Baijnathpur INXX9055
Baikanthpur INXX1061
Baikunthpur INXX9056
Baikunthpur INXX1062
Bail Hongal INXX1063
Baindur INXX0447
Baipille INXX6494
Bairagnia INXX1065
Baireddipalle INXX6495
Bairiya Saphi INXX9057
Baisakhi INXX9058
Baisala INXX1066
Baisi INXX9059
Baitalpur INXX9648
Baitha Langso INXX8520
Baj Baj INXX1067
Bajajag INXX6265
Bajna INXX1068
Bajpar INXX9649
Bajugaon INXX8521
Bajwara INXX9601
Bakal INXX1069
Bakalo INXX9650
Bakani INXX1070
Bakaruma INXX9651
Bakawaram INXX6496
Bakewar INXX1071
Bakhra INXX9060
Bakhri INXX9061
Bakhtiarpur INXX9062
Bakhtiyarpur INXX1072
Bakloh INXX0448
Bakreswar INXX1074
Bakswaho INXX1075
Baktawng INXX1076
Bakuri INXX1077
Bakutra INXX1078
Balachor INXX1079
Baladhan INXX8522
Balagaon INXX8523
Balaghat INXX1080
Balakuti INXX8524
Balanagar INXX6497
Balangir INXX1081
Balapalapalle INXX6498
Balapanuru INXX6499
Balapur INXX0449
Balara INXX1083
Balarampur INXX1084
Balasinor INXX1085
Balasore INXX0158
Baldakachhar INXX9652
Baldeo INXX1087
Baldeogarh INXX1088
Balek INXX8253
Balharshah INXX1089
Bali INXX1090
Balia INXX0307
Baligaon INXX8254
Baliguda INXX1092
Balijan INXX8525
Balijangaon INXX1093
Balijipeta INXX6500
Balikana INXX1094
Balimari INXX8526
Balimela INXX1095
Balimpur INXX6501
Balipara INXX8527
Balkonda INXX1096
Ballia INXX9064
Ballia INXX1097
Ballipadar INXX1098
Ballipalle INXX6502
Balod INXX1099
Baloda INXX1100
Baloda Bazar INXX1101
Balodgahan INXX9654
Balotra INXX1102
Balrampur INXX1103
Balu INXX8255
Balua INXX9065
Balugaon INXX1104
Balumath INXX1105
Balurghat INXX1106
Bamaijhora INXX8528
Bamanlapalli INXX6503
Bamanpalli INXX6504
Bambolim INXX0450
Bamboo Flat INXX0451
Bamdah INXX9066
Bamini INXX9655
Bamnala INXX1109
Bamni INXX1110
Bamnia INXX1111
Bamnidihi INXX1112
Bamor Kalan INXX1113
Bamora INXX1114
Bamori INXX1115
Bampurbari INXX1116
Bamraspet INXX6505
Bamungaon INXX8529
Bananga INXX6266
Banapur INXX1160
Banar INXX1118
Banat INXX1119
Banavar INXX1120
Banbarad INXX9656
Banbasa INXX1121
Banda INXX0308
Banda Chhada INXX1123
Banda Somaram INXX6506
Bandalemur INXX6507
Bandamurlanka INXX1124
Bandanwara INXX1125
Bandapal INXX9657
Bandapara INXX1126
Bandar Fort INXX6508
Bandarchua INXX9658
Bandari INXX1127
Bandarkutgo INXX1128
Bandarupalle INXX6509
Bandgaon INXX1129
Bandha INXX9659
Bandi Atmakuru INXX6510
Bandikui INXX1130
Bandipura INXX1131
Bandlaguda INXX6511
Bandora INXX1132
Banduan INXX1133
Baneria INXX1134
Banga INXX1135
Bangalguda INXX1136
Bangali INXX1137
Bangali Garigaon INXX8530
Bangalore INXX0012
Bangampet INXX6512
Banganapalle INXX1139
Bangaon INXX1140
Bangaon INXX1141
Bangaon INXX8531
Bangarapet INXX1142
Bangarmau INXX1143
Bangarupeta INXX6513
Bangoli INXX9660
Bangriposi INXX1144
Banguk INXX8256
Bania INXX9661
Baniagaon INXX9662
Banigochha INXX1145
Banihal INXX1146
Banjaguri INXX8532
Banjapalli INXX6514
Banjar INXX1147
Banjara Hills INXX6515
Banjari INXX9067
Banka INXX1148
Bankal INXX9663
Bankapur INXX1149
Bankheri INXX1150
Banki INXX1151
Bankigarh INXX1152
Bankipur INXX9068
Bankura INXX0206
Banmankhi INXX1154
Banmurigaon INXX8533
Bannikop INXX1156
Bannur INXX1157
Bano INXX1158
Banola INXX6516
Banposh INXX1159
Bansadhara INXX1161
Bansbari INXX8534
Bansbaria INXX0452
Bansbera INXX8535
Bansgaon INXX1163
Bansipara INXX8536
Banskandi INXX8537
Banskot INXX9664
Banswada INXX6517
Banswara INXX1166
Banta INXX1167
Banthra INXX1168
Bantumilli INXX6518
Bantva INXX1169
Bantval INXX1170
Banur INXX1171
Banwara INXX1172
Baola INXX1173
Bapatla INXX1174
Bar Bigha INXX9069
Bar Dambuk INXX8538
Bar Dhoa INXX8539
Bara INXX1175
Bara Bangahol INXX1176
Bara Bara INXX1177
Bara Barda INXX1178
Bara Digar INXX1179
Bara Laokuti INXX8540
Barabadha INXX8541
Barabani INXX1180
Barabhum INXX1181
Barachana INXX1182
Barachati INXX9071
Baragaon INXX0453
Barahara INXX9072
Barahi INXX9073
Barahri INXX9074
Baraitha INXX1184
Barajangaon INXX8542
Barakhola INXX8543
Barakot INXX1185
Barakpur INXX0454
Barama INXX8544
Baramati INXX1187
Baramba INXX1188
Baramkela INXX1189
Baramula INXX1190
Baran INXX1191
Baranda INXX1192
Barari INXX9075
Barasai INXX1193
Barasat INXX0455
Barathpura INXX9076
Barato INXX1195
Barauli INXX1196
Baraut INXX1197
Barbaru INXX8545
Barbaspur INXX9665
Barbigha INXX1198
Barchola INXX8546
Barda INXX9666
Bardar INXX9667
Barddhaman INXX0013
Bardoli INXX1200
Barduar INXX8547
Bardubi Road INXX8548
Bardula INXX1201
Bare INXX9077
Bareguda INXX9668
Bareilly INXX0456
Barekel INXX9669
Barela INXX0457
Bareli INXX1204
Barenda INXX9670
Barew INXX9078
Bargaon INXX1205
Bargaon INXX9671
Bargaon INXX9079
Bargarh INXX1206
Bargarh INXX1207
Barghat INXX1208
Bargi INXX1209
Bargidih INXX9672
Barh INXX1210
Barhait INXX1211
Barhaitola INXX9673
Barhalla INXX8549
Barhampur INXX9080
Barharia INXX9081
Barharwa INXX1212
Barhat INXX8550
Barhat INXX9082
Barheli INXX9674
Barhi INXX1213
Barhi INXX9675
Barhi INXX1214
Barhiya INXX1215
Bari INXX1216
Bari INXX1217
Bari INXX1218
Bari Sadri INXX1219
Bariarpur INXX1220
Baridpur INXX6519
Baripada INXX1221
Barjabil INXX8551
Barjala INXX1222
Barjhar INXX8552
Barjhora INXX8553
Barjora INXX1223
Barka Gaon INXX9083
Barka Kana INXX1224
Barka Katra INXX9084
Barkagaon INXX9085
Barkhanpalli INXX6520
Barkhera INXX1225
Barki Saria INXX1226
Barkot INXX1227
Barmer INXX1228
Barnagar INXX1229
Barnala INXX1230
Baroda INXX1231
Barpali INXX1232
Barpathar INXX1233
Barpeta INXX1234
Barpeta Road INXX1235
Barrackpur INXX0309
Barsalpur INXX1237
Barsi INXX1238
Barsi Takli INXX1239
Barsoi INXX9086
Barsur INXX1240
Barthi INXX9676
Bartori INXX9677
Baru INXX1241
Baruagaon INXX8554
Baruar INXX9678
Baruari INXX9087
Baruipur INXX1242
Barun INXX9088
Baruni INXX1243
Baruva INXX1244
Barvala INXX1245
Barwa Sagar INXX1246
Barwadih INXX1247
Barwah INXX1248
Barwala INXX1249
Barwan INXX1250
Barwani INXX1251
Barwanj INXX1252
Basaguda INXX1253
Basah INXX9089
Basai INXX1254
Basantpur INXX1255
Basanwahi INXX9679
Basar INXX1256
Basar INXX6521
Basaram INXX1257
Basarampel INXX6522
Basauni INXX9091
Basavakalyan INXX1258
Basbari INXX8555
Basettihalli INXX1260
Bashirabad INXX6523
Basi INXX1261
Basirhat INXX0014
Basisi INXX1265
Basmat INXX1266
Basna INXX1267
Basni INXX1268
Basoda INXX1269
Basopatti INXX9092
Bastar INXX9680
Basti INXX1270
Bastipali INXX9681
Basudebpur INXX1271
Basugaon INXX1272
Baswa INXX1273
Baswapur INXX6524
Batabari INXX8556
Batala INXX0015
Batasingaram INXX6525
Batelegaon INXX8257
Bater INXX8557
Bathnaha INXX9093
Batia INXX9094
Batlapalle INXX1275
Batrel INXX9682
Battapalli INXX1276
Battili INXX6526
Battulapalle INXX6527
Battulapallepadu INXX6528
Bauda INXX1277
Baudh INXX1278
Baudha INXX9095
Bauraha INXX9096
Bausi INXX9097
Baut Bazar INXX8558
Bavanapadu INXX6529
Bawal INXX1279
Bawali INXX1280
Bawana INXX1281
Bawarla INXX1282
Baya INXX9683
Bayad INXX1283
Bayana INXX1284
Bayaram INXX6530
Bazidpur INXX9098
Baziran INXX1285
Beadonabad INXX6267
Beawar INXX1286
Bebar INXX1287
Bedi INXX1288
Bedoda INXX1289
Begamganj INXX1290
Begampet INXX6531
Begampett INXX6532
Begampur INXX1291
Begowal INXX1292
Begun INXX1293
Begunia INXX1294
Begusarai INXX1295
Behali INXX8559
Beharpur INXX9684
Behat INXX1296
Beherasi INXX9685
Behror INXX1297
Beinsra INXX1298
Bejara INXX1299
Bela INXX9099
Bela INXX1301
Bela INXX1300
Belaguntha INXX1302
Belahi INXX9100
Belakoba INXX1303
Belapur INXX1305
Belaspur INXX9686
Belavaniki INXX1306
Belda INXX1307
Beldanga INXX1308
Beldona INXX1309
Bele INXX1310
Belgahna INXX1311
Belgaum INXX0458
Belgaum/Sambra INXX0170
Belguri INXX8560
Belha INXX1314
Belhar INXX9101
Beliator INXX1315
Belkhara Khas INXX9102
Belkharu Kalan INXX1316
Bellampalli INXX1304
Bellary INXX6533
Bellary INXX1318
Belluru INXX1319
Belma INXX1320
Belonia INXX1321
Belpara INXX8561
Belpara INXX1322
Belsand INXX9103
Belsondha INXX9687
Beltangadi INXX1323
Belthara INXX1324
Beluguppa INXX6534
Belur INXX1325
Bemetara INXX1326
Benares INXX0016
Benaulim INXX1328
Bendari INXX9688
Bendgai INXX6535
Bengtol INXX8562
Benibari INXX9104
Benipati INXX9105
Benura INXX9689
Benwaliya INXX9106
Beohari INXX1330
Beraguda INXX6536
Berasia INXX1331
Berhampore INXX1332
Berhampur INXX1333
Beri Khas INXX0460
Berikai INXX1335
Beripeta INXX1336
Berla INXX9690
Bero INXX1337
Berung INXX8258
Bestavarapeta INXX6537
Beswan INXX1338
Betamcherla INXX1339
Betapur INXX6268
Bethia Chhote INXX9691
Betmangala INXX1340
Betnoti INXX1341
Bettadpur INXX1342
Bettiah INXX1343
Betu INXX1344
Betul INXX1345
Betul Bazar INXX1346
Bewar INXX1347
Beypore INXX0461
Bhabua INXX1349
Bhachau INXX1350
Bhad INXX1351
Bhadarsa INXX1352
Bhadarwah INXX1353
Bhadasar INXX1354
Bhadasi INXX9107
Bhadaur INXX1355
Bhadgaon INXX1356
Bhadli INXX1357
Bhadohi INXX1358
Bhadra INXX1359
Bhadrachalam INXX1360
Bhadrakh INXX1361
Bhadravati INXX1362
Bhadreswar INXX1363
Bhadson INXX1364
Bhaduar INXX9108
Bhadura INXX1365
Bhagalpur INXX1366
Bhagamandala INXX1367
Bhagirathiguda INXX6538
Bhagirathpur INXX1368
Bhagu INXX1369
Bhagwanpur INXX9109
Bhagwanpur INXX1370
Bhagwanpura INXX9602
Bhagwantnagar INXX1371
Bhainsdehi INXX1373
Bhainsrorgarh INXX1374
Bhairamgarh INXX9692
Bhairi INXX6539
Bhairiguri INXX8563
Bhaisa INXX1372
Bhakarapeta INXX1376
Bhakhara INXX9693
Bhakrod INXX1377
Bhakurma INXX9694
Bhalka INXX8564
Bhalki INXX1378
Bhalukmara INXX8565
Bhalukpung INXX8259
Bhamragarh INXX1379
Bhandara INXX0017
Bhandara INXX9695
Bhandardaha INXX0462
Bhandarpur INXX9696
Bhander INXX1382
Bhanga INXX8566
Bhanin INXX1383
Bhanjanagar INXX1384
Bhanpur INXX1385
Bhanpura INXX1386
Bhanpuri INXX1387
Bhansoj INXX9697
Bhanupratappur INXX9698
Bhanur INXX6541
Bhanvad INXX1388
Bhanwargarh INXX1389
Bhanwarpur INXX9699
Bhaorajhora INXX8567
Bhaptiahi INXX9110
Bharatganj INXX1391
Bharatpur INXX1392
Bharatpur INXX1390
Bharewala INXX1393
Bharko INXX9111
Bharridand INXX9700
Bharthana INXX1394
Bharuch INXX0310
Bharwari INXX1396
Bhasawar INXX1397
Bhasma INXX1398
Bhatapara INXX1399
Bhatgaon INXX0463
Bhatinda INXX0311
Bhatkal INXX0018
Bhatkhera INXX1403
Bhatpara INXX0019
Bhattiprolu INXX1405
Bhattu Kalan INXX1406
Bhattuguda INXX6542
Bhatupara INXX8568
Bhaulaguri INXX8569
Bhaunra INXX9112
Bhauraguri INXX8570
Bhavani INXX0312
Bhavanipuram INXX6543
Bhavnagar INXX0221
Bhawaniganj INXX1409
Bhawanipatna INXX1410
Bhawanipur INXX8571
Bhawanipur INXX1411
Bhawanipur INXX1412
Bhawi INXX1414
Bhayavadar INXX1415
Bheja INXX9115
Bhelai INXX9702
Bheldi INXX9116
Bhelwa INXX9117
Bhendra INXX9703
Bher INXX1417
Bherandiala INXX1418
Bherbherigaon INXX8572
Bheslana INXX1419
Bhetnanda INXX1420
Bhigvan INXX1421
Bhikamkor INXX1422
Bhikangaon INXX1423
Bhikhi INXX1424
Bhikhna Thori INXX9118
Bhikkiwind Uttar INXX1425
Bhilai INXX1426
Bhilwara INXX1427
Bhim Tal INXX1428
Bhimadolu INXX6544
Bhimanapalli INXX6545
Bhimaram INXX1429
Bhimasar INXX1430
Bhimavaram INXX1431
Bhimnagar INXX9119
Bhimra INXX6546
Bhimunipatnam INXX1432
Bhind INXX0313
Bhindar INXX1434
Bhinga INXX1435
Bhinmal INXX1436
Bhira INXX1437
Bhiragaon INXX9704
Bhitarwar INXX1438
Bhitia INXX9120
Bhiwadi INXX1439
Bhiwandi INXX0020
Bhiwani INXX0021
Bhiwapur INXX1442
Bhogapuram INXX1443
Bhogpur INXX1444
Bhojo INXX1445
Bhojpur Kadim INXX9121
Bhojudih INXX1446
Bhokar INXX1447
Bhokardan INXX1448
Bholath INXX1449
Bhomrabil INXX8573
Bhondia INXX9705
Bhondiapara INXX9706
Bhongaon INXX1450
Bhongir INXX0022
Bhopal INXX0023
Bhopalpatnam INXX1453
Bhore INXX1454
Bhothidih INXX9707
Bhowali INXX1455
Bhowatra INXX1413
Bhuban INXX1456
Bhubaneshwar INXX0024
Bhudgaon INXX1458
Bhuj INXX0464
Bhuj-Rudramata INXX0150
Bhukan INXX1461
Bhukarheri INXX1462
Bhum INXX1463
Bhuntar INXX1464
Bhusawal INXX1465
Bhutiagaon INXX8574
Bhuttewala INXX1466
Bhuvanagiri INXX1467
Biaora INXX1468
Biatul INXX6547
Bibinagar INXX6548
Bibipet INXX6549
Bibra INXX6550
Bichgaon INXX6551
Bichhia INXX1469
Bichkunda INXX1470
Bidar INXX0314
Bidhuna INXX1472
Bidyardabri INXX8575
Bigga INXX1473
Bihar Sharif INXX0025
Bihariganj INXX1475
Bihpur INXX9122
Bihpuriagaon INXX1476
Bihta INXX9123
Bihuguri INXX8576
Bijaipur INXX1477
Bijapur INXX1478
Bijapur INXX1479
Bijapuri INXX1480
Bijawar INXX1481
Bijbiara INXX1482
Bijepur INXX1483
Bijnapalli INXX1484
Bijnaur INXX0315
Bijni INXX1486
Bijnor INXX1487
Bijolia INXX1488
Bijroni INXX1489
Bijwari Bakhta INXX9603
Bikampur INXX1490
Bikaner INXX0141
Bikapur INXX1492
Bikkavolu INXX6552
Biknur INXX6553
Bikram INXX9124
Bikramganj INXX9125
Bilaigarh INXX9708
Bilara INXX1493
Bilari INXX1494
Bilariaganj INXX1495
Bilasipara INXX1496
Bilaspur INXX0316
Bilehra INXX1498
Bilgi INXX1499
Bilgram INXX1500
Bilha INXX1501
Bilhaur INXX1502
Bilimora INXX1503
Bilkha INXX1504
Biloli INXX1505
Bilsa INXX1506
Bilsanda INXX1507
Bilsi INXX1508
Bimgal INXX6554
Bina INXX1509
Bind INXX9126
Bindagura INXX1510
Bindki INXX1511
Bindra Nawagarh INXX9709
Bindraban INXX6269
Bindukuri INXX8577
Bindula INXX8260
Bini INXX1512
Binia INXX9710
Binika INXX1513
Binjasar INXX1514
Binka INXX1515
Binnakandi INXX8578
Binur INXX9711
Bir INXX1516
Biradavolu INXX6555
Biramguda INXX6556
Birbhaddar INXX1518
Birchganj INXX6270
Birgudi INXX9712
Birjnagar INXX9713
Birkur INXX6557
Birmitrapur INXX1519
Biroda INXX9714
Birora INXX9715
Birpara INXX1520
Birpur INXX9127
Birpur INXX1521
Birra INXX1522
Birur INXX1523
Bisalpur INXX1524
Bisambharpur INXX9716
Bisauli INXX1525
Bisenda Buzurg INXX1526
Bishanpur INXX8579
Bishanpur INXX9128
Bishanpura INXX1527
Bishnah INXX1528
Bishnath INXX8580
Bishunpur Sundar INXX9129
Bishunpura INXX9130
Bishwarpur INXX8581
Biskohar INXX1531
Bisrampur INXX9717
Bisrampuri INXX9718
Bissamcuttack INXX1532
Bissau INXX1533
Biswan INXX1534
Bithli INXX1535
Bithur INXX1536
Bitragunta INXX6558
Bobbarlanka INXX6559
Bobbepalli INXX6560
Bobbili INXX1538
Bobda INXX9719
Bobleshwar INXX1539
Bodakonda INXX6561
Bodampahad INXX6562
Bodh Gaya INXX0465
Bodhan INXX1541
Bodinayakkanur INXX1542
Bodo Raruan INXX1543
Bodra INXX1544
Bodri INXX1545
Bodupatia INXX6563
Bogu INXX8261
Boguldega INXX9720
Boisar INXX1546
Bojha INXX9721
Bokaiguda INXX6564
Bokajan INXX8582
Bokakhat INXX1547
Bokaro INXX0317
Boko INXX8583
Bolanikhodan INXX1549
Bolarum INXX1550
Bolia INXX1551
Bolkheraghat INXX1552
Bollepalli INXX6565
Bolpur INXX1553
Bolung INXX8262
Bomaipalli INXX6566
Bomak INXX8263
Bomanhalli INXX1554
Bomaram INXX6567
Bombay INXX0026
Bomdila INXX8264
Bomdo INXX8265
Bomjur INXX8266
Bommakal INXX6568
Bonaigarh INXX1556
Bonakalu INXX1557
Bonangi INXX6569
Bondoniguda INXX6570
Bongaigaon INXX1558
Bongulur INXX6571
Bonington INXX6271
Bontapalli INXX6572
Bopapur INXX6573
Boragpalli INXX6574
Borai INXX9722
Boran INXX1559
Borancha INXX6575
Bordoloni INXX8584
Borduria INXX8267
Borduttighat INXX8585
Borgampad INXX1560
Bori INXX1562
Boria Kalan INXX9723
Boria Tibhu INXX1564
Boric INXX1565
Borigumma INXX1566
Borivli INXX0466
Borkanhar INXX1568
Borkhera INXX1569
Borla INXX9724
Borsad INXX1570
Borsi INXX9725
Bortalao INXX9726
Bortara INXX9727
Boru INXX8268
Botad INXX1571
Both INXX6576
Botuguda INXX6577
Boturakachar INXX9728
Bovinathpur INXX1572
Brahma Kund INXX9131
Brahmagiri INXX1573
Brahmakund INXX8269
Brahmanguda INXX6578
Brahmapur INXX1574
Brahmarapet INXX6579
Brajarajnagar INXX1575
Bramhapuri INXX1576
Brariyen INXX1577
Brookesabad INXX6272
Bruini INXX8270
Buchhiguda INXX6580
Buchireddipalem INXX6581
Buckinghampet INXX6582
Budarasingi INXX6583
Budaun INXX1578
Buddlu INXX6584
Budh INXX1579
Budhana INXX1580
Budhgaon INXX9729
Budhlada INXX1581
Budithapalem INXX6585
Budrel INXX6586
Bugga INXX6587
Buguda INXX1582
Buha INXX8271
Bukkapatnam INXX1583
Bukramuda INXX1584
Bulandshahr INXX0027
Bulawha INXX1586
Buldana INXX1587
Buldega INXX9730
Bulkapur INXX6588
Bumlitan INXX6273
Bunaid INXX6589
Bundeli INXX9731
Bundi INXX1588
Bundu INXX1589
Bungtlang INXX1590
Burail INXX9604
Burakek INXX8586
Burati Thatang INXX1592
Buravalli INXX6590
Burgahan INXX9732
Burgam INXX9733
Burhanpur INXX1593
Burhar INXX1594
Buri Khamar INXX8587
Burichatan INXX8588
Buriya INXX1595
Burla INXX0467
Burrakayalakota INXX6591
Busikota INXX6592
But INXX8272
Buthpur INXX6593
Buvanur INXX1597
Buxar INXX0318
Byadgi INXX1599
Byrampalli INXX6594
Calangute INXX0468
Calcutta INXX0028
Calicut INXX0469
Calicut INXX6274
Campbellpur INXX8589
Canacona INXX1603
Candolim INXX0470
Cannanore INXX1605
Canning INXX1606
Cape Comorin INXX1607
Carapur INXX1609
Cavelossim INXX1610
Chabal Kalan INXX1611
Chabi INXX1612
Chabua INXX8590
Chachia INXX9734
Chagalamarri INXX1613
Chagallu INXX6595
Chaganam INXX6596
Chagaon INXX6597
Chagur INXX6598
Chaibasa INXX1614
Chail INXX0471
Chainpur INXX1617
Chainpur INXX1616
Chaitma INXX9735
Chak Sikandar INXX9133
Chakai INXX1698
Chakan INXX1618
Chakand INXX9134
Chakapara INXX0472
Chakdaha INXX1620
Chakia INXX1622
Chakia INXX1621
Chakicherla INXX6599
Chaklasi INXX0473
Chakliamuja INXX8591
Chakradharpur INXX1624
Chakrata INXX1625
Chakroi INXX1626
Chaksu INXX1627
Chakulia INXX1628
Chalakuru INXX6600
Chalala INXX1629
Chalan INXX8273
Chalisgaon INXX1630
Chalkapalli INXX6601
Chalkurti INXX1631
Challakere INXX1632
Challapalle INXX1633
Chalmeda INXX6602
Chaluk INXX1634
Chamba INXX0319
Chambagapara INXX1636
Chameliang INXX8274
Chamkor INXX1637
Champa INXX1638
Champadanga INXX1683
Champahati INXX1639
Champanagar INXX9135
Champapur INXX9136
Champawat INXX1640
Champua INXX1641
Chamrajnagar INXX1642
Chamursi INXX1643
Chanari INXX9137
Chanasma INXX1644
Chanat INXX9737
Chand INXX9138
Chand Bhan INXX1645
Chanda INXX1646
Chandagar INXX9738
Chandaluru INXX6603
Chandampet INXX6604
Chandan INXX9139
Chandannagar INXX0320
Chandanvelli INXX6605
Chandapet INXX6606
Chandapur INXX6607
Chandarpur INXX1651
Chandauli INXX1652
Chandausi INXX1653
Chandaut INXX1654
Chandawal INXX1655
Chandbali INXX1656
Chanderi INXX1657
Chandgothi INXX1678
Chandha INXX9740
Chandhan INXX1647
Chandi INXX9140
Chandi INXX6608
Chandigarh INXX0185
Chandil INXX1659
Chandippa INXX6609
Chanditla INXX1660
Chandla INXX1661
Chandotora INXX1662
Chandpur INXX1665
Chandpur INXX1664
Chandpur INXX1663
Chandpur INXX8592
Chandragiri INXX6610
Chandrakal INXX6611
Chandrakona INXX1667
Chandrapur INXX1669
Chandri INXX1670
Chandrupatla INXX6613
Chandupatla INXX6614
Chandur INXX1671
Chandur INXX1672
Chandur Bazar INXX1673
Chandvad INXX1674
Changa INXX1675
Changanacheri INXX1676
Changchang INXX1677
Changomal INXX6616
Changro INXX8275
Changsari INXX8593
Channaballi INXX6617
Channagiri INXX1679
Channapatna INXX1680
Channarayapatna INXX1681
Channubanda INXX1682
Chanpatia INXX1684
Chansura INXX1685
Chantam INXX8276
Chantapalli INXX6618
Chanugondla INXX6619
Chanumia INXX6275
Chanumla INXX6276
Chapajhar INXX9741
Chapalturti INXX6620
Chapanalla INXX8594
Chapar INXX1686
Chapara INXX6621
Chaparmukh INXX8595
Chapo INXX1687
Chapra INXX9141
Chapra INXX1688
Chaptkur INXX6622
Chapura INXX1689
Char INXX1690
Charakunda INXX6623
Charama INXX1691
Charaut INXX9142
Charduar INXX8596
Chareimna INXX8277
Charka Hai INXX8597
Charkhari INXX1692
Charkhi Dadri INXX1693
Charlapalli INXX6624
Charmuria INXX9742
Charthawal INXX1694
Charwadih INXX1695
Chas INXX1696
Chashinya INXX1697
Chatachara INXX8598
Chatagotla INXX6625
Chatakonda INXX6626
Chataonda INXX9743
Chatia INXX1699
Chatia INXX9143
Chatlapalli INXX6627
Chatra INXX1700
Chatrapur INXX1701
Chatsu INXX1702
Chattargarh INXX1748
Chattram INXX6628
Chattrappatti INXX1703
Chattrik INXX1704
Chaudarpalli INXX6629
Chaudepalle INXX6630
Chaudharpalli INXX6631
Chaugain INXX1705
Chaukhutia INXX1706
Chaulpalli INXX6632
Chaunkri INXX1707
Chaupal INXX1708
Chaurai INXX1709
Chausa INXX9144
Chautham INXX9145
Chavakkad INXX0029
Chavutapalem INXX6633
Chebrolu INXX1711
Chechat INXX1712
Chejerla INXX6634
Chelakara INXX1713
Chelama INXX6635
Chelur INXX6636
Chelur INXX1714
Chelvai INXX1715
Chemgeng INXX8278
Chemir INXX1716
Chemmumiahpet INXX1717
Chemudu INXX6637
Chenduguda INXX6638
Chengalpattu INXX1718
Chengam INXX1719
Chengannur INXX1720
Chengele INXX1721
Chengi Cherla INXX6639
Chennai INXX0202
Chennimalai INXX1723
Chennur INXX1724
Chennuru INXX6640
Cheparti INXX6641
Chepwe INXX8279
Cherial INXX1725
Cherigudam INXX6643
Cherla INXX1726
Cherlopalle INXX6644
Cheropalli INXX6645
Cherrapunji INXX1727
Cherukuru INXX6646
Chetamale INXX6277
Chetiagaon INXX8600
Chetput INXX1729
Chettipalaiyam INXX0474
Chevella INXX6647
Chewara INXX9146
Cheyur INXX1731
Chhabra INXX1732
Chhachhrauli INXX1734
Chhaguli INXX8601
Chhal INXX9744
Chhala INXX0475
Chham INXX1736
Chhanni INXX1737
Chhapar INXX1738
Chhapera INXX1739
Chhapora INXX1740
Chhapra INXX0030
Chhaprauli INXX1742
Chharra INXX1743
Chhat Bhalka INXX8602
Chhata INXX1744
Chhatapur INXX1745
Chhatarpur INXX1746
Chhatauna INXX9745
Chhati INXX9746
Chhaura INXX9147
Chhaygaon INXX8603
Chheligada INXX1749
Chhendipada INXX1752
Chhibramau INXX1750
Chhimluang INXX8604
Chhimluang INXX1751
Chhindwara INXX0321
Chhitar ka Par INXX1754
Chhitauni INXX9148
Chhittupur INXX1755
Chhota Dirak INXX8280
Chhota Dongar INXX9747
Chhota Udepur INXX1756
Chhoti Sadri INXX1757
Chhuikhadan INXX1758
Chhura INXX9748
Chhuri INXX9749
Chhutmalpur INXX1759
Chibuni INXX1760
Chicha INXX1761
Chichgarh INXX1762
Chichli INXX1763
Chichola INXX1764
Chicholi INXX9750
Chicholi INXX1765
Chidambaram INXX1766
Chided INXX6648
Chik Ballapur INXX1767
Chikara INXX1768
Chikatmamidi INXX6649
Chikhli INXX1769
Chikitigarh INXX1770
Chikkerur INXX1771
Chikmagalur INXX1772
Chiknayakanhalli INXX1773
Chikodi INXX1774
Chikupalle INXX1775
Chila INXX1776
Chilakalurupet INXX1777
Chilakanahatti INXX1778
Chilamannuru INXX6650
Chilamatturu INXX6651
Chilapchad INXX6652
Chilhar INXX9149
Chilkamari INXX6653
Chilkur INXX6654
Chillaguda INXX6655
Chillakur INXX6656
Chillapur INXX6657
Chillasagar INXX6658
Chillupar INXX1779
Chillur INXX6659
Chilpa INXX1780
Chilpi INXX9751
Chimaidari INXX6660
Chimakurti INXX1781
Chimata INXX6661
Chimidithe INXX6662
Chimirala INXX6663
Chimur INXX1782
Chinapandraka INXX6664
Chinatundla INXX6665
Chinchinim INXX1783
Chinchod INXX6666
Chincholi INXX1784
Chingenh INXX6278
Chinglong INXX1786
Chinia INXX1787
Chinna Annaluru INXX1788
Chinna Ganjam INXX1790
Chinna Kondur INXX6667
Chinna Manglaram INXX6668
Chinna Mokiputtu INXX1791
Chinna Palipeta INXX6669
Chinna Salem INXX1792
Chinna Umetal INXX6670
Chinnachowk INXX1793
Chinnakraka INXX6671
Chinnamandem INXX6672
Chinnamanur INXX1794
Chinnanallaballi INXX6673
Chinnapallepalem INXX6674
Chinnareddiguda INXX6675
Chinnasekkadu INXX0476
Chinnur INXX1796
Chintafpalli INXX6676
Chintaguda INXX6677
Chintakani INXX1797
Chintakunta INXX6678
Chintaladevi INXX6679
Chintalaguda INXX6680
Chintalapudi INXX1798
Chintalbhawi INXX6681
Chintalcheru INXX6682
Chintalkot INXX6683
Chintalkunta INXX6684
Chintalnar INXX1799
Chintalpalli INXX6685
Chintamani INXX1800
Chintapalle INXX6686
Chintapalli INXX1801
Chintapalli INXX6687
Chintapatla INXX6688
Chinturu INXX6689
Chiplun INXX1802
Chippalpalli INXX6690
Chippigiri INXX6691
Chipurupalle INXX6692
Chira INXX8281
Chiraghpalli INXX6693
Chiraidongri INXX1805
Chiraikund INXX1806
Chirala INXX1807
Chiramana INXX6694
Chirawa INXX1808
Chirgaon INXX1809
Chiria INXX1810
Chirmiri INXX1811
Chirrayanam INXX6695
Chita INXX1812
Chitalwana INXX1813
Chitaon INXX9150
Chitapur INXX1814
Chitarda INXX1815
Chithra INXX9752
Chitial INXX6696
Chitkal INXX1816
Chitkul INXX6697
Chitradurga INXX0173
Chitrakonda INXX1818
Chitrakot INXX9753
Chitrial INXX6698
Chittalancheri INXX1819
Chittampalli INXX6699
Chittapuram INXX6700
Chittaranjan INXX1820
Chittaurgarh INXX1821
Chittavapalle INXX6701
Chittiguduru INXX6702
Chittivalasa INXX1822
Chittoor INXX0031
Chittur INXX1824
Chitvel INXX1825
Chityal INXX1826
Chobari INXX1827
Chodavaram INXX6703
Chodo INXX8282
Chohtan INXX1830
Cholapuram INXX0477
Chomun INXX1833
Chonkham INXX8283
Chopadandi INXX6704
Chopan INXX1834
Chopda INXX1835
Chopnyu INXX8284
Chordiha INXX9151
Chorgallia INXX1836
Chorhat INXX1837
Chota Damali INXX9754
Chotila INXX1838
Choura INXX1839
Chowari INXX0478
Chuda INXX1841
Chug INXX8285
Chuharpur INXX1842
Chuknitapilli INXX1843
Chukti INXX1844
Chulam Aliwala INXX1845
Chumba INXX8286
Chumbli INXX1846
Chuna INXX8287
Chunari INXX8605
Chunchura INXX1847
Chundi INXX6705
Chunpura INXX8606
Churachandpur INXX1848
Churki INXX1849
Churu INXX1850
Chushul INXX1851
Chutia INXX8607
Chutiya Mirigaon INXX8608
Cinnamara INXX8609
Clement Town INXX1852
Cochin INXX0032
Coimbatore INXX0479
Colachel INXX3407
Colgong INXX1856
Collapalli INXX6706
Colonelganj INXX1857
Colovale INXX0480
Colva INXX1859
Contai INXX1860
Cooch Behar INXX1861
Coondapoor INXX1862
Coonoor INXX0322
Coringa INXX1864
Cortalim INXX0481
Craigpark INXX8610
Cuddalore INXX0178
Cuddapah INXX1867
Cumbum INXX1868
Cuncolim INXX1869
Curchorem INXX1870
Curti INXX1871
Cuttack INXX0033
Dabhoi INXX1875
Dabhol INXX1876
Dabliguda INXX6707
Daboh INXX1877
Dabom INXX8288
Dabra INXX1878
Dabra INXX9755
Dabugam INXX1879
Dabwali INXX1880
Dacharam INXX6708
Dachawaram INXX1881
Dachepalle INXX6709
Dachuru INXX6710
Dadhiali INXX1882
Dadiapalli INXX6711
Dado Siba INXX1883
Dadon INXX1884
Dadri INXX1886
Dag INXX1888
Dagmara INXX9152
Dagshai INXX1889
Dahangaon INXX1890
Dahanu INXX0482
Dahegam INXX0483
Dahej INXX1893
Dahijuri INXX1894
Dahinsara INXX1895
Dahod INXX1896
Daikarguri INXX8611
Daisara INXX1897
Daitari INXX1898
Dak-omkeh INXX6279
Dakar INXX1899
Dakoank INXX6280
Dakor INXX1900
Dakuntapalli INXX6712
Dakur INXX6713
Dalaigaon INXX8612
Dalbuing INXX8289
Daldali INXX8613
Dalgaon INXX1901
Dalgoma INXX8614
Dalhousie INXX0484
Dalkola INXX1903
Dalli INXX9756
Dalli Rajhara INXX9757
Dalmau INXX1904
Dalmianagar INXX9153
Dalsingh Sarai INXX1905
Daltenganj INXX1907
Dalu INXX8615
Dam Dam INXX0485
Damakhera INXX9758
Damalcheruvu INXX6714
Daman INXX0034
Damarcherla INXX6715
Damargidda INXX6716
Damarigidda INXX1910
Dambuk INXX8290
Dambukso INXX8616
Damchara INXX8617
Damera INXX6717
Dammaiguda INXX6718
Dammapeta INXX6719
Damnagar INXX1911
Damoh INXX1912
Damokpalli INXX6720
Damrancha INXX6721
Damribera INXX1913
Damriguri INXX8618
Damroh INXX8291
Danapur INXX1914
Danayanicheruvu INXX6722
Dandakaranya INXX9759
Dandanpalli INXX6723
Dandatanr INXX1915
Dandeli INXX1916
Dandinahirehalu INXX6724
Dangarh INXX9760
Dangori INXX8619
Dangraha INXX9154
Daniawan INXX9155
Dankaur INXX1917
Danli INXX8292
Dantewara INXX1918
Dantur INXX6725
Daolapalli INXX6726
Daosa INXX0035
Daranga INXX1920
Darangibra INXX8620
Darauli INXX9156
Darba INXX1921
Darbhanga INXX0324
Darekasa INXX1923
Dargah INXX6727
Darhi INXX9762
Daria INXX8621
Dariaura INXX9157
Dariawad INXX1924
Dariba INXX1925
Darigawan INXX9158
Darima INXX9763
Daring INXX8293
Dariya INXX9605
Darjeeling INXX0036
Darjiling INXX1927
Darkha INXX9159
Darlawn INXX1928
Darranga INXX8622
Darri INXX9764
Darsi INXX1929
Darur INXX6728
Darwha INXX1930
Daryabad INXX1931
Daryapur INXX1932
Dasareddiguda INXX6729
Dasarlapalli INXX6730
Dasna INXX1933
Dasnalkunta INXX6731
Dasnapur INXX1934
Daspalla INXX1935
Daspur INXX9765
Dasrangpur INXX9766
Dasua INXX1936
Dataganj INXX1938
Dataipalli INXX6732
Datan INXX9767
Datarpalli INXX6733
Datia INXX1939
Datma INXX8623
Datpalli INXX6734
Dattapur INXX1940
Daudnagar INXX1941
Daudpur INXX9161
Daulapur INXX6735
Daulatabad INXX1942
Daulatabad INXX6736
Daulatpur INXX1943
Daulatpur INXX1944
Daund INXX0037
Daura INXX9768
Daurala INXX0487
Davanagere INXX0325
Davorlim INXX1950
Daw INXX1951
Dawalapur INXX6737
Dayal Bagh INXX1952
Dayelli INXX6738
Debahalia INXX9162
Debipur INXX1953
Dechu INXX1954
Degana INXX1955
Degapudi INXX6739
Dehare INXX1956
Dehgaon INXX1957
Dehni INXX1958
Dehra Dun INXX0488
Dehradun INXX0140
Dehri INXX1961
Dehri INXX1962
Dehu INXX1963
Dehurda INXX1964
Delhi INXX0038
Delsingh Sarai INXX1966
Delvada INXX1967
Delvi INXX1968
Demi INXX6740
Demwe INXX8294
Dengaon INXX8624
Deni INXX1969
Dening INXX8295
Denkanikota INXX1970
Deo INXX9164
Deoban INXX1971
Deoband INXX1972
Deobhog INXX9769
Deodha Bhadaur INXX9165
Deodongra INXX1973
Deodrug INXX1974
Deogan INXX1975
Deogaon INXX9770
Deogaon INXX1976
Deogarh INXX1977
Deoghar INXX1978
Deohara INXX9166
Deokar INXX9771
Deolali INXX0489
Deolapar INXX1980
Deoli INXX0490
Deolia INXX1982
Deona INXX9772
Deorabhata INXX9773
Deorampalli INXX6741
Deoranian INXX1983
Deorbija INXX9774
Deori INXX1984
Deori INXX1985
Deori INXX9775
Deori INXX1986
Deori Khas INXX1987
Deoria INXX1988
Deosil INXX9776
Deosri INXX8625
Depalpur INXX1989
Depura INXX1990
Dera Gopipur INXX1991
Dera Nanak INXX1992
Derebara INXX8626
Dergaon INXX1993
Deshiatoli INXX9167
Deshnoke INXX1994
Desri INXX9168
Desur INXX1996
Desuri INXX1997
Deulgaon Raja INXX1998
Deur INXX1999
Devada INXX6742
Devadanappatti INXX2000
Devadi INXX6743
Devakottai INXX2001
Devanakonda INXX2002
Devanhalli INXX0491
Devaprayag INXX2004
Devapur INXX6745
Devarapalle INXX6746
Devaravemuru INXX6747
Devarkadra INXX6748
Devarkonda INXX2005
Devatapalli INXX6749
Devgadh Bariya INXX2006
Devgaon INXX2007
Devgarh INXX2008
Devikolam INXX2009
Devikot INXX2010
Devipattinam INXX2011
Devli INXX2012
Devran INXX2013
Devupalle INXX2014
Dewa INXX0492
Dewadand INXX2016
Dewal INXX9169
Dewarpalli INXX2017
Dewas INXX0039
Dhain INXX2019
Dhaka INXX2020
Dhakuakhana INXX8627
Dhalai INXX8628
Dhali INXX2021
Dhama INXX2022
Dhamara INXX2028
Dhamaul INXX9170
Dhamda INXX2023
Dhamdaha INXX9171
Dhamdhama INXX8629
Dhamhara Ghat INXX9172
Dhamini INXX2024
Dhamnagar INXX2025
Dhamni INXX9777
Dhamnod INXX2026
Dhampur INXX2027
Dhamtari INXX2029
Dhana INXX2030
Dhanaseri INXX6750
Dhanaula INXX2031
Dhanaura INXX2032
Dhanbad INXX0326
Dhand INXX2034
Dhandh INXX2035
Dhandhuka INXX2036
Dhandni INXX2037
Dhaneli INXX9778
Dhanera INXX2038
Dhanera INXX2039
Dhaneshari INXX9173
Dhangain INXX9174
Dhanganj INXX2040
Dhangar INXX2041
Dhangari INXX2042
Dhaniakhali INXX2043
Dhanki INXX2044
Dhankundia INXX9175
Dhanora INXX9779
Dhanpalli INXX6751
Dhanpur INXX9780
Dhansir INXX9781
Dhansirimukh INXX8630
Dhansoi INXX9176
Dhanwada INXX6752
Dhanwahi INXX2045
Dhanwar INXX2046
Dhaod INXX2047
Dhapaliagaon INXX2048
Dhar INXX2049
Dharakonda INXX6753
Dharamgarh INXX2050
Dharampur INXX2051
Dharampuri INXX2052
Dharamsala INXX0327
Dharamtul INXX8631
Dharangaon INXX2054
Dharapuram INXX2055
Dharchula INXX2056
Dharhara INXX9177
Dhari INXX2057
Dhariwal INXX2058
Dharmabad INXX2059
Dharmadam INXX2060
Dharmajigudem INXX6754
Dharmakunta INXX6755
Dharmanagar INXX2061
Dharmapuri INXX2062
Dharmapuri INXX2063
Dharmaram INXX6756
Dharmastala INXX2064
Dharmavaram INXX2065
Dharmgarh INXX9606
Dharmjaygarh INXX2066
Dharmkot INXX2067
Dharmpura INXX9782
Dharmsala INXX2068
Dharmsala INXX2069
Dharsinwa INXX2070
Dharuhera INXX2071
Dharur INXX6757
Dharur INXX2072
Dharwad INXX0328
Dhaso INXX2074
Dhaulaguri INXX8632
Dhaulpur INXX2075
Dhaurahra INXX2077
Dhawalpur Kalan INXX9783
Dhekiajuli INXX8633
Dhemaji INXX2078
Dhenkanal INXX2079
Dhenkikot INXX2080
Dhilwan INXX2081
Dhing INXX2082
Dhinoj INXX2083
Dhipi INXX2084
Dhirpur INXX2085
Dhobe INXX9784
Dhobipet INXX6758
Dhoha INXX2086
Dhola INXX2087
Dholka INXX2088
Dhondhatarai INXX9785
Dhone INXX2090
Dhongamba INXX9786
Dhoraji INXX2091
Dhoribahal INXX9787
Dhorpur INXX2092
Dhrangadhra INXX2093
Dhrol INXX2094
Dhuburi INXX2095
Dhulagari INXX2096
Dhule INXX0329
Dhulian INXX2098
Dhuma INXX2099
Dhumku INXX2100
Dhundsi INXX2101
Dhupdhara INXX8634
Dhupgari INXX2102
Dhuraia INXX2103
Dhuri INXX2104
Dhurkot INXX9788
Dhusera INXX9789
Dhutramari INXX8635
Diamond Harbor INXX2106
Diamond Harbour INXX2107
Diarampalli INXX6759
Diawan INXX9178
Dibai INXX2108
Dibrugarh INXX0493
Dicholi INXX2111
Dichpalli INXX6760
Didwana INXX2112
Dig INXX2113
Digapahandi INXX2114
Digaura INXX2105
Digbaljuli INXX2115
Digboi INXX2116
Diggi INXX2117
Digha INXX2118
Digha INXX9179
Dighalbank INXX9180
Dighaltarang INXX8636
Dighaltari INXX8637
Dighi INXX9181
Dighuchi INXX2119
Dighwara INXX9182
Diglipur INXX6281
Diglur INXX2120
Digras INXX2121
Diguvametta INXX6761
Digwal INXX6762
Dihajan INXX8638
Dihingmukh INXX8639
Dihra INXX9183
Dijmur INXX8640
Diju INXX8641
Dijungania INXX8296
Dikhomukh INXX8642
Dikrum INXX8643
Dilalpur INXX6763
Dili Terang INXX8644
Dimakuchi INXX8645
Dimapur INXX0330
Dimruguri INXX8646
Dinanagar INXX2123
Dinara INXX9184
Dindigul INXX0040
Dindori INXX2125
Dingdinga INXX8647
Dingram INXX8648
Dinhata INXX2126
Dinjaygaon INXX8649
Dipadih INXX2127
Dipampalli INXX6764
Diphu INXX2128
Dipnagar INXX9185
Dirang INXX8298
Dirji INXX8299
Disa INXX2129
Disangmukh INXX8650
Dispur INXX0187
Dispur INXX8651
Dit-dak INXX6282
Dithur INXX8652
Diu INXX2131
Divada INXX2132
Dnakuakhana INXX2133
Dobbspot INXX2134
Dobhi INXX9186
Dod Ballapur INXX0041
Doda INXX2136
Dodvad INXX1887
Dogadda INXX2137
Dogoli INXX2138
Dohrighat INXX2139
Doimara INXX8300
Doiwala INXX2140
Dokla INXX9790
Dolgaon INXX8653
Doltal INXX2141
Dolyganj INXX6283
Domah INXX6765
Domariaganj INXX2142
Dombivli INXX0494
Domchanch INXX2144
Domkonda INXX2145
Dommati INXX2146
Don Buzurg INXX9187
Donakonda INXX6767
Dondaicha INXX2147
Dondaparti INXX6768
Dondi INXX9791
Dong INXX2148
Dongar INXX9792
Dongar INXX2180
Dongargaon INXX2149
Dongargarh INXX2150
Dongru INXX9793
Donkeng INXX8301
Donli INXX2151
Dontali INXX6769
Donti INXX6770
Doraha INXX0495
Doranala INXX6771
Doriganj INXX9188
Dorkang INXX2153
Dornakal INXX2154
Dorra INXX2155
Dosapadu INXX6772
Dosing INXX8302
Dostpur INXX2156
Dosuwada INXX6773
Dotiguda INXX6774
Dowlaiswaram INXX2157
Dragliyung INXX2158
Draksharama INXX2159
Dras INXX2160
Dronadula INXX6776
Drummondgan INXX2161
Duarmara INXX8654
Dubacherla INXX6777
Dubak INXX6778
Dublabahal INXX2162
Dublat INXX2163
Dubrajpur INXX2164
Dudada INXX2165
Duddagh INXX6779
Duddukuru INXX6780
Dudgaon INXX6781
Dudhani INXX2166
Dudhnai INXX8655
Dudiras INXX9794
Dugarajupatnam INXX6782
Dugda INXX2167
Duggirala INXX6783
Dui Yambi INXX8303
Duibohin Alma INXX8656
Duimukh INXX8304
Dulahatgaon INXX8657
Dulampur INXX9189
Dulangmukh INXX8658
Dulapalli INXX6784
Dulharpatti INXX2168
Duliagaon INXX2169
Dum Duma INXX2170
Dumanata INXX9795
Dumare INXX2171
Dumaria INXX9190
Dumarpan INXX9796
Dumgul INXX2172
Dumjor INXX0496
Dumka INXX2174
Dummagudem INXX6785
Dumnichauki INXX8659
Dumra INXX2175
Dumraon INXX2176
Dumri INXX9192
Dumri Chatti INXX9193
Dumsa INXX8305
Dunara INXX2178
Dunawa INXX2177
Dundigal INXX6786
Dundwaraganj INXX2179
Dungarpur INXX2181
Dupadu INXX6787
Duraha INXX0042
Duramari INXX2183
Duraundha INXX9194
Durg INXX2184
Durgapur INXX0331
Durgarajupatnam INXX2186
Durgauti INXX9195
Durgi INXX6788
Durgu Kondal INXX9797
Durpa INXX9798
Dusi INXX2187
Duta INXX8306
Duttaluru INXX6789
Dutung INXX2188
Duvvam INXX6790
Duvvuru INXX6791
Dwarapudi INXX6792
Dwarband INXX8660
Dwarka INXX0332
Edakkulam INXX2190
Edalabad INXX2191
Edularepaku INXX6793
Egra INXX2192
Ekangar Sarai INXX9196
Ekangardih INXX2193
Ekchari INXX9197
Ekdari INXX9198
Ekma INXX9199
Ektaraliguda INXX6794
Ekwari INXX9200
Elamanchili INXX0043
Elavanasur INXX2195
Elayirampannai INXX2196
Elenadu INXX2197
Elesvaram INXX2198
Elgapalli INXX6795
Elkaguda INXX6796
Elkatta INXX6797
Ellampet INXX6798
Ellanuru INXX6799
Ellasenpet INXX6800
Ellasiri INXX6801
Ellenabad INXX2199
Elmagonda INXX2200
Elmidi INXX2201
Elumalai INXX2202
Elur INXX0497
Eluru INXX2204
Elwinpet INXX6802
Emaluru INXX6803
Embragon INXX8307
Emmiganuru INXX2205
Emmiganuru INXX2206
Endea-geleda INXX6284
English Bazar INXX2207
Enmulanara INXX6804
Ennelli INXX6805
Enounga INXX6285
Eoya INXX6286
Erakampatti INXX2208
Eral INXX2209
Erampalli INXX6806
Erandol INXX2210
Eraniel INXX0498
Erattupetta INXX2212
Erdangkramsa INXX8661
Erinpura INXX2213
Ernakulam INXX2214
Erode INXX0333
Erpedu INXX6807
Errabalem INXX6808
Erragondapalem INXX2216
Erragudipadu INXX6809
Erraguntla INXX2217
Erraguntlakota INXX6810
Erraraddipalli INXX6811
Erravaripalem INXX6812
Ersama INXX2218
Erumaippatti INXX2219
Eruru INXX6813
Esojipet INXX6814
Eta INXX2220
Etah INXX2221
Etalin INXX8308
Etawa INXX2222
Etawah INXX0044
Etikoppaka INXX6815
Ettaiyapuram INXX2224
Ewati INXX9201
Fadepur INXX8662
Failaguri INXX8663
Faizabad INXX0045
Faizpur INXX2226
Fakhrabad INXX9202
Fakhrpur INXX2227
Fakiragram INXX8664
Fakirbanda INXX6816
Fakirganj INXX8665
Fakirgudem INXX6817
Falakata INXX2228
Falimari INXX8666
Famalparti INXX6818
Farah INXX2229
Farahabad INXX6819
Farakka INXX2230
Faridabad INXX0046
Faridabad INXX6820
Faridkot INXX0334
Faridnagar INXX2233
Faridpur INXX2234
Farrukhabad INXX2235
Farrukhnagar INXX2236
Fatehabad INXX2238
Fatehabad INXX2239
Fatehganj West INXX0499
Fatehgarh INXX9607
Fatehgarh INXX2241
Fatehpur INXX9203
Fatehpur INXX0047
Fatehpur Shahbaz INXX9204
Fatehpur Sikri INXX2246
Fathkhelda INXX2247
Fatimapur INXX6821
Fatwa INXX2248
Fazilka INXX2249
Fazlwadi INXX6822
Ferokh INXX0500
Fingeshwar INXX2252
Firozabad INXX0336
Firozpur INXX0335
Firozpur Jhirka INXX2255
Forbesganj INXX2256
Fort Gloster INXX2257
Furkating INXX8667
Fyzabad INXX6823
Gabharu INXX8668
Gabur INXX2258
Gachupaka INXX2259
Gadag INXX0171
Gadala INXX2261
Gadarwara INXX2262
Gaddi Annaram INXX6824
Gadekallu INXX6825
Gadelagudem INXX6826
Gadhada INXX2263
Gadhinglaj INXX2264
Gadhra INXX2265
Gadidemadugu INXX6827
Gadigarevula INXX6828
Gadwal INXX2266
Gagaldubi INXX8669
Gagaon INXX2267
Gahmar INXX2268
Gaighat INXX9205
Gaisabad INXX2269
Gaiyar INXX9206
Gajapatinagaram INXX2271
Gajar INXX9207
Gajendragarh INXX2272
Gajjelakonda INXX6830
Gajol INXX2273
Gajulagudam INXX6831
Gajuwaka INXX0501
Gajwel INXX6832
Galiakot INXX2275
Galivedu INXX6833
Galurguda INXX6834
Gamkik INXX8309
Gampalagudem INXX6835
Ganapathivattam INXX2276
Ganapavaram INXX6836
Ganapur INXX6837
Ganapuram INXX6838
Gandai INXX2277
Gandamarla INXX6839
Gandarvakottai INXX2278
Gandevi INXX2279
Gandhari INXX6840
Gandheli INXX2280
Gandhidham INXX2281
Gandhinagar INXX0048
Gandlamasnur INXX6841
Ganga Ravapalli INXX6842
Gangadevepalle INXX6843
Gangadevipalle INXX2283
Gangaikondan INXX2284
Gangakher INXX2285
Gangalur INXX2286
Ganganagar INXX2287
Ganganguda INXX6844
Gangapatnam INXX6845
Gangapur INXX6846
Gangapur INXX2288
Gangapur Siswan INXX9208
Gangaram INXX6848
Gangasanpalli INXX6849
Gangashahr INXX2289
Gangavalli INXX2290
Gangavaram INXX2291
Gangawati INXX2292
Gangayapalle INXX6850
Gangdhar INXX2293
Gangiasir INXX2294
Gangireddipalle INXX6851
Gangmohthan INXX8670
Gangoh INXX2295
Gangolli INXX2296
Gangotri INXX2297
Gangtok INXX0049
Gangulur INXX6852
Ganguvada INXX6853
Gangyada INXX6854
Gani INXX6855
Ganiari INXX9799
Ganj Muradabad INXX2299
Ganjam INXX2300
Ganjar INXX9800
Ganjar INXX2301
Ganjivaripalle INXX6856
Gannavaram INXX2302
Gannja INXX2303
Gantapur INXX6858
Gantikorlam INXX6859
Gantlavelli INXX6860
Gara INXX6861
Garacherama INXX6287
Garalpalli INXX2304
Garampani INXX8671
Garautha INXX2305
Garbham INXX2306
Gardanga INXX8672
Gardeshwar INXX2307
Garenga INXX9801
Garh Phuljhar INXX9802
Garhakota INXX2309
Garhani INXX9209
Garhbeta INXX2310
Garhchiroli INXX2311
Garhdiwala INXX2312
Garhi Pukhta INXX2313
Garhmuktesar INXX2314
Garhshankar INXX2315
Gariaband INXX2316
Gariagaon INXX8673
Garibpur INXX9210
Garimenapenta INXX6862
Garkha INXX9211
Garladinne INXX6863
Garnimitta INXX6864
Garopara INXX8674
Garot INXX2317
Garpos INXX2318
Garu INXX2319
Garubhasa INXX8675
Garui INXX0502
Garumara Chara INXX8676
Garwa INXX2321
Gasheng INXX2322
Gasigaon INXX2323
Gattasilli INXX9803
Gattimanikonda INXX6865
Gaudavalli INXX6866
Gauhati INXX2324
Gauliguda INXX6867
Gaundar INXX2325
Gaupur INXX9212
Gauraipalli INXX6868
Gauraram INXX6869
Gaurela INXX0503
Gaurelli INXX6870
Gauribidanur INXX2327
Gauripalli INXX6871
Gauripur INXX2328
Gautampura INXX2329
Gawnaha INXX9213
Gaya INXX0050
Geinyale INXX6288
Gejeragaon INXX8677
Geleki INXX8678
Geling INXX2331
Gersoppa INXX2332
Gette INXX8310
Gevrai INXX2333
Ghaghra INXX9804
Ghaghra INXX2334
Ghairatganj INXX2270
Ghamarwin INXX2335
Ghambiraopet INXX2336
Ghanaur INXX0504
Ghanpur INXX2338
Ghansor INXX2339
Ghantasala INXX6873
Ghantiali INXX2340
Gharaunda INXX2341
Ghargaon INXX2342
Gharghoda INXX2343
Gharjara INXX2344
Ghaswani INXX2345
Ghatal INXX2346
Ghatampur INXX2347
Ghatanji INXX2348
Ghatgan INXX2349
Ghatkesar INXX2350
Ghatol INXX2351
Ghatpalli INXX6874
Ghatsila INXX2352
Ghattu INXX6875
Ghattupal INXX6876
Ghaziabad INXX0051
Ghazipur INXX9214
Ghazipur INXX0052
Gherdi INXX2355
Ghiror INXX2356
Gho Manhasan INXX2357
Ghod INXX2358
Ghoga INXX9215
Ghogardiha INXX9216
Ghogha INXX2359
Gholvad INXX2360
Ghorasahan INXX9217
Ghorawal INXX2361
Ghordega INXX9805
Ghosi INXX2362
Ghosla INXX2363
Ghota INXX9806
Ghoti Budrukh INXX2364
Ghotia INXX9807
Ghouskunda INXX6877
Ghousnagar INXX6878
Ghugri INXX2365
Ghugus INXX2366
Ghui INXX9808
Ghumka INXX9809
Ghungari INXX9810
Ghuram INXX2367
Ghurna INXX9218
Ghursena INXX9811
Ghusiya Kalan INXX9219
Ghut INXX6879
Ghutku INXX9812
Ghutra INXX9813
Gidam INXX2368
Giddalur INXX2369
Giddarbaha INXX2370
Gingee INXX2371
Ginjia INXX8679
Girab INXX2372
Girasar INXX2373
Girdharpura INXX2374
Giriak INXX9220
Giridih INXX2375
Giripalli INXX6880
Girisola INXX6881
Girwani INXX9814
Gnanapuram INXX6882
Goa INXX0169
Goa Velha INXX0505
Goalpara INXX2378
Goaltor INXX2379
Goati INXX2380
Gobardanga INXX2381
Gobardhana INXX9221
Gobindapur INXX2382
Gobindganj INXX9222
Gobindpur INXX2385
Gobindpur INXX9223
Gocham INXX8311
Godamkunta INXX6883
Godda INXX2386
Godelgudiam INXX9815
Godhra INXX0053
Godu INXX2388
Gogamukh INXX8680
Gogamukh Tajik INXX8681
Gogapur INXX2389
Gogonda INXX9816
Gogulapalle INXX6884
Gogunda INXX2390
Goh INXX9224
Gohad INXX2391
Gohaingaon INXX8682
Gohaintan INXX8312
Gohana INXX2392
Gohand INXX2393
Gohpur INXX8683
Goibarigaon INXX8684
Gokak INXX2394
Gokaram INXX6885
Gokarna INXX2395
Gokavaram INXX6886
Gokul INXX2397
Gokulkata INXX8685
Gola INXX2398
Gola Bazar INXX2399
Gola Gokarannath INXX2400
Golaghat INXX2401
Golakganj INXX2402
Golcondakata INXX6887
Golegal INXX6888
Golegaoff INXX2403
Golepalli INXX6889
Golla INXX6890
Gollagudem INXX2404
Gollalamamidada INXX2405
Gollapaili INXX2407
Gollapalem INXX2406
Gollapalle INXX6892
Gollapalli INXX6893
Gollapudi INXX6894
Golpalli INXX6895
Golur INXX6896
Goma INXX2408
Goma Hanu INXX2409
Gomaram INXX6897
Gomasipet INXX6898
Gomini INXX2410
Gomoh INXX2411
Gonapallo INXX2412
Gonawan INXX9225
Gonda INXX2413
Gondal INXX2414
Gondapur INXX6899
Gondia INXX0337
Gondo INXX2416
Gondoch INXX2417
Gondpalli INXX9817
Gonegandla INXX6900
Gonour INXX2418
Gooty INXX2419
Gooty R Sta INXX2420
Gop INXX2421
Gopalapatnam INXX6902
Gopalapuram INXX2422
Gopalganj INXX2423
Gopalpur INXX6903
Gopalpur INXX0506
Gopalur INXX2425
Gopamau INXX2426
Gopanpalli INXX6904
Gopavaram INXX6905
Gopiganj INXX2428
Gopinathpur INXX2429
Goplakabang INXX6289
Goplaram INXX6906
Goppili INXX2430
Gorakhpur INXX2431
Gorakhpur INXX2432
Gorantla INXX2433
Gorau INXX2434
Goraul INXX9226
Goraur INXX9227
Gorelli INXX6907
Gorera INXX2437
Goria INXX2438
Gorka INXX9818
Gorser INXX2439
Gosainganj INXX2440
Goshainganj INXX2441
Goshaingaon INXX2442
Gotatola INXX9819
Gothini INXX9228
Goti INXX9820
Gotlagattu INXX6908
Govardhan INXX2443
Govindapalem INXX6909
Govindapuram INXX6910
Govindaram INXX2444
Govindgarh INXX2445
Govindrajpalli INXX6911
Govundlapalem INXX6912
Goyagonda INXX2446
Goyerkata INXX2447
Grahampur INXX8686
Greater Noida INXX0338
Griddaluru INXX6913
Grunli INXX8313
Gua INXX2449
Gubbi INXX0507
Gudali INXX6914
Gudari INXX2453
Gudavallaru INXX6915
Guddi Malkapur INXX6916
Gudem INXX2454
Gudgeri INXX2455
Gudgop INXX2456
Gudha INXX2457
Gudibanda INXX2458
Gudikallu INXX6917
Gudivada INXX0339
Gudiyatham INXX2460
Gudlavalleru INXX6918
Gudluru INXX6919
Gudraippattu INXX2461
Gudur INXX2462
Guduru INXX6921
Guduvancheri INXX0508
Gugadi INXX2464
Guhagar INXX2465
Guirim INXX0509
Gujgatiapalli INXX6922
Gujja INXX6923
Gulabpura INXX2467
Gulaothi INXX2468
Gulbarga INXX0340
Gulganj INXX2470
Gullapalli INXX2471
Gulmarg INXX2472
Gulmatungo INXX2473
Gulvagudam INXX6924
Gulzarbagh INXX9229
Guma INXX8687
Gumadavelli INXX6925
Gumardalla INXX2474
Gumia INXX2475
Gumla INXX2476
Gumma INXX9821
Gummidipundi INXX2478
Guna INXX0510
Gunadala INXX6926
Gund INXX2481
Gundaid INXX6927
Gundala INXX6928
Gundala INXX2482
Gundardehi INXX2484
Gundiguda INXX6929
Gundipet INXX6930
Gundlakonda INXX6933
Gundlapalli INXX6934
Gundlupet INXX2485
Gundmal INXX6935
Gundrampalli INXX6936
Gundugolanu INXX6937
Gunga INXX2486
Gungal INXX6938
Gunjehalli INXX2487
Gunjong INXX8688
Gunjrauliya INXX9230
Gunnaur INXX2488
Gunri INXX9231
Guntakal INXX2489
Guntapalli INXX6939
Guntur INXX0341
Gunupur INXX2491
Gupigaon INXX2492
Guramguda INXX6940
Gurampod INXX2493
Gurandi INXX6941
Gurannapet INXX6942
Gurdaspur INXX2494
Guredu INXX2495
Gurgaon INXX0342
Gurgat INXX2497
Gurh INXX2498
Gurjikunta INXX6943
Gurmatkal INXX2499
Gurraldandi INXX6944
Gurramkonda INXX2500
Gursarai INXX2501
Gurtedu INXX6945
Gurua INXX9232
Gurudwara INXX9608
Gurur INXX9823
Guruvajipeta INXX6946
Guruvayur INXX0511
Guruzala INXX2503
Gushai INXX2504
Guskhara INXX2505
Guthurma INXX9824
Gutturu INXX6947
Guvvalacheruvu INXX6948
Guwahati INXX0188
Gwalior INXX0146
Gyalshing INXX2508
Gyaraspur INXX2509
Habaipur INXX8689
Habialgaon INXX8690
Habibnagar INXX9233
Habra INXX2510
Habri INXX2511
Habrubil INXX8691
Hachcholli INXX2512
Hachi INXX8314
Hachraobari INXX8692
Hadagalli INXX2513
Haddo INXX6290
Hadgaon INXX2514
Hadobhangi INXX6949
Hadyal INXX2515
Haflong INXX2516
Haidar Sahibguda INXX6950
Haidargarh INXX2517
Hailakandi INXX2518
Hajan INXX2519
Hajipur INXX2520
Hajipur INXX2521
Hajo INXX2522
Hajua INXX8693
Hakimet INXX6951
Hakimpet INXX6952
Hakma INXX8694
Hala Majra INXX9609
Haladi INXX2523
Halba INXX9825
Haldaur INXX2524
Haldia INXX0343
Haldibari INXX2638
Haldikhora INXX9234
Haldwani INXX2527
Haliyal INXX2528
Halol INXX2529
Halsi INXX9235
Haltugaon INXX8695
Haludpukhur INXX2530
Halvad INXX2531
Halvi INXX6953
Halwara INXX2532
Hamidnagar INXX9236
Hamidullahnagar INXX6954
Hamirgarh INXX2533
Hamirpur INXX0344
Hamla INXX2535
Hampapura INXX2536
Hampi INXX2537
Hanamkonda INXX6955
Handapa INXX2538
Handia INXX2539
Hang Habai INXX8696
Hangal INXX2540
Hangrum INXX8697
Hanmapur INXX6956
Hansi INXX2542
Hansot INXX2543
Hanspura INXX9237
Hanti INXX9238
Hanumangarh INXX2544
Hanummana INXX2545
Haoin INXX6291
Haora INXX0054
Hapoli INXX8315
Hapur INXX2547
Har INXX2548
Haraiya INXX2549
Haraz INXX2550
Harchoka INXX9826
Harda INXX2551
Harda Khas INXX2552
Hardaspur INXX6957
Hardi INXX9239
Hardoi INXX0345
Hardoli INXX2554
Harduaganj INXX2555
Harganyiwan INXX2556
Hariana INXX0512
Haridwar INXX0346
Harihar INXX2559
Hariharpur INXX2560
Harij INXX2561
Harindanga INXX2562
Haringhata INXX2563
Haripad INXX2564
Haripal INXX2565
Haripur INXX8698
Haripur INXX2566
Haripur INXX6958
Harivanam INXX6959
Hariyali INXX2567
Harjhora INXX8699
Harlakhi INXX9240
Harmutigaon INXX8700
Harnai INXX2568
Harnatanr INXX9241
Harnaut INXX9242
Harpalpur INXX2569
Harpanahalli INXX2570
Harrai INXX2571
Harsani INXX2572
Harsauli INXX2573
Harsor INXX2574
Harsud INXX2575
Harur INXX2576
Harwa INXX9243
Harwaphuta INXX2577
Hasanabad INXX6960
Hasanparti INXX2578
Hasanpur INXX2579
Hasaud INXX9827
Hasdiha INXX2541
Hasenpur INXX2580
Hassan INXX2581
Hastalpur INXX6961
Hastmatabad INXX6292
Hat Banjari INXX2582
Hat Gamaria INXX2583
Hat Piplia INXX2584
Hata INXX2585
Hataud INXX9828
Hathras INXX0347
Hathusar INXX2587
Hathwa INXX9244
Hatikhuli INXX8701
Hatkoli INXX2588
Hatkondal INXX9829
Hatli INXX2589
Hatnur INXX2590
Hatnur INXX6962
Hatod INXX0513
Hatta INXX2592
Hatti INXX2593
Hattigudur INXX2594
Hatu Yua INXX8316
Haulighat INXX8702
Hauriajhora INXX8703
Havanur INXX2595
Haveri INXX2596
Hayatnagar INXX6963
Hayutang INXX2597
Hazaribagh INXX0348
Hazrat Jandaha INXX9245
Hebatpur INXX2599
Hebbetti INXX6964
Hebbur INXX2600
Hebli INXX2601
Heggadadevankote INXX2602
Helam INXX8317
Helapakari INXX8704
Helem INXX8705
Henhoaha INXX6293
Henpoin INXX6294
Herbertabad INXX6295
Herbertpur INXX2603
Hesla INXX2604
Hespech INXX8706
Hetampur INXX9246
Hetanpur INXX2605
Heya INXX6296
Hibri INXX2606
Hilsa INXX2607
Himaigaon INXX2608
Himatnagar INXX2609
Himayatnagar INXX2610
Himayatnagar INXX2611
Hinam INXX6297
Hindaun INXX2612
Hindola INXX2613
Hindoli INXX2614
Hindoria INXX2615
Hindupur INXX2616
Hinganghat INXX2617
Hingoli INXX2618
Hiniskut INXX2619
Hinjilikatu INXX2620
Hirakud INXX0514
Hiramandalam INXX2624
Hiranagar INXX2625
Hirapur INXX2626
Hirehalli INXX2627
Hirekerur INXX2628
Hirisave INXX2629
Hiriyur INXX2630
Hirmi INXX9830
Hisar INXX0055
Hisua INXX2632
Hlimen INXX2633
Hobdaypur INXX6298
Hodal INXX2634
Hodka Jhil INXX2635
Hoinar INXX9831
Hojai INXX8707
Holalagondi INXX2636
Holalkere INXX2637
Hole Narsipur INXX2639
Homfrayganj INXX6299
Homnabad INXX2640
Honavar INXX0212
Hong INXX8318
Honia INXX2642
Honnali INXX2643
Honnuru INXX6965
Honwada INXX6966
Hope Town INXX6300
Hora INXX8319
Hosakote INXX2644
Hosanagara INXX2645
Hosangadi INXX2646
Hosdurga INXX2647
Hoshangabad INXX2648
Hoshiarpur INXX0056
Hoskote INXX2650
Hospet INXX2651
Hosur INXX2652
Hosuru INXX6967
Howang INXX8708
Howli INXX2653
Howrah INXX0349
Hruizam INXX2655
Hubli INXX0350
Huduguru INXX6968
Hudukhata INXX8709
Hugli INXX0515
Hukeri INXX2658
Hulasganj INXX9247
Huliagaon INXX8320
Hulki INXX2659
Humgarh INXX2660
Hungund INXX2661
Hunsur INXX2662
Hupu INXX8321
Hura INXX2663
Hurling INXX2664
Husainabad INXX9248
Husainabad INXX2665
Husepur INXX9249
Husnabad INXX6970
Huvinabadgalli INXX2666
Huzurabad INXX2667
Huzurnagar INXX2668
Hyderabad INXX0057
Ibniyi INXX8322
Ibrahimabad INXX6971
Ibrahimpatan INXX2670
Ibrahimpur INXX6973
Ichagarh INXX2671
Ichalkaranji INXX2672
Ichchapuram INXX2673
Ichhawar INXX2674
Ichora INXX6974
Idalghutu INXX8710
Idappadi INXX2675
Idilin INXX8323
Idukki INXX2676
Idulapalli INXX6975
Idulnagalapalli INXX6976
Igatpuri INXX2677
Iglas INXX2678
Ignoitijala INXX6301
Iiam Bazar INXX2679
Ij INXX6977
Ijeri INXX2680
Ikauna INXX2681
Ikhlaspur INXX9250
Iklehra INXX2682
Ikpadok INXX2683
Ikul INXX9832
Ilaiyankudi INXX2684
Ilampillai INXX2685
Ilichar INXX6302
Iliuru Kottapeta INXX6978
Ilkal INXX2686
Iluppur INXX2687
Ilupu INXX8324
Ilur INXX6979
Imamganj INXX9251
Imphal INXX0189
Inaka INXX6303
Inamanamelluru INXX6980
Indagaon INXX2689
Indalvai INXX6981
Indapur INXX2690
Indarkan INXX6982
Indergarh INXX2691
Indi INXX2692
Indipur INXX2693
Indore INXX0058
Indral INXX6983
Indrapur INXX8711
Indrasham INXX6984
Indri INXX2695
Indukurupeta INXX6985
Indurparial INXX6986
Indurti INXX6987
Ingoie INXX6304
Ingraj Bazar INXX2696
Ingurti INXX2697
Inkollu INXX2698
Int INXX2699
Inukurti INXX6988
Inwara INXX2700
Ipilin INXX2701
Ippalagadda INXX6989
Ippalguda INXX6990
Ipuru INXX2702
Irakam INXX6991
Iredupalli INXX6992
Irinjalakuda INXX2703
Irranapet INXX6993
Irugur INXX0516
Isagarh INXX2705
Isanagar INXX2706
Isganiap INXX2707
Iskagundam INXX6994
Iskapalle INXX6995
Islampur INXX6996
Islampur INXX2708
Islampur INXX9252
Ismail Khanpet INXX6997
Istraopet INXX6998
Itakhola INXX8712
Itamukkala INXX6999
Itanagar INXX0190
Itarsi INXX2710
Itaunja INXX2711
Itchu INXX2712
Itiki INXX2713
Itimadpur INXX2714
Itkapalli INXX7000
Itkhori INXX2715
Itkial INXX7001
Ittigola INXX7002
Iyaba INXX2716
Iynapur INXX7003
Jabalpur INXX0151
Jabbapur INXX7004
Jabera INXX2718
Jacobpur INXX8713
Jadcherla INXX2719
Jaddangi INXX7005
Jadia INXX9253
Jafalapuram INXX7006
Jafarabad INXX2720
Jafarpur INXX2721
Jagadhri INXX2722
Jagalur INXX2723
Jagampet INXX7007
Jagannadhapuram INXX7008
Jagannathpur INXX2724
Jagargonda INXX2725
Jagatballabpur INXX2726
Jagatpalli INXX7010
Jagatpur INXX9610
Jagatsinghapur INXX2728
Jagdala INXX8714
Jagdalpur INXX0163
Jagdeopur INXX7011
Jagdishpur INXX9833
Jagdispur INXX2730
Jagdispur INXX2731
Jaggampeta INXX2732
Jaggayyapeta INXX2733
Jagnair INXX2734
Jagraon INXX2736
Jagtial INXX2737
Jahanabad INXX9254
Jahangira INXX9255
Jahangirabad INXX2742
Jahangirpur INXX2743
Jahazpur INXX2744
Jahurabad INXX7012
Jaigaon INXX2745
Jaihing INXX8715
Jaijaipur INXX9834
Jaijar INXX2746
Jaimalsar INXX2747
Jainagar INXX9257
Jainagar INXX9835
Jainath INXX7013
Jainpur INXX2748
Jaintgarh INXX2749
Jaipur INXX8716
Jaipur INXX0059
Jaipura INXX9258
Jaipuram INXX7014
Jais INXX2751
Jaisalmer INXX0144
Jaisingpur INXX2755
Jaitaran INXX2756
Jaitgiri INXX2757
Jaithari INXX2758
Jaitipur INXX9259
Jaitiya INXX9260
Jaito INXX2759
Jaitpur INXX2760
Jajpur INXX2761
Jakhal INXX2762
Jakhalabandha INXX8717
Jakharanwali INXX2763
Jakhau INXX2764
Jakhim INXX9261
Jakhoda INXX2765
Jala INXX7015
Jalai INXX2768
Jalakandapuram INXX2769
Jalalabad INXX2770
Jalalgarh INXX9262
Jalali INXX2771
Jalalkhera INXX2772
Jalalpur INXX8718
Jalalpur INXX2773
Jalalpur INXX7016
Jalandhar INXX0060
Jalang INXX2775
Jalantra INXX7017
Jalaripeta INXX7018
Jalau INXX2776
Jalaun INXX2777
Jaldega INXX9836
Jale INXX2778
Jalebar INXX6305
Jalesar INXX2779
Jaleshwar INXX2780
Jaligaon INXX7019
Jalihalli INXX2783
Jalna INXX2784
Jalor INXX2785
Jalpaiguri INXX2786
Jalumuru INXX2787
Jam Jodhpur INXX2788
Jamadoba INXX2789
Jamai INXX2790
Jamalpur INXX2791
Jamb INXX2792
Jamb INXX7021
Jambu Wari INXX2793
Jambusar INXX2794
Jamdaha INXX9264
Jamduar INXX8719
Jamhor INXX2795
Jami INXX7022
Jamikunta INXX7023
Jamilapet INXX7024
Jamindargaon INXX8720
Jamiri INXX8325
Jamkhandi INXX2796
Jamkhed INXX2797
Jammalamadugu INXX2798
Jammu INXX0222
Jamnagar INXX0223
Jamner INXX2801
Jamo INXX9265
Jamshedpur INXX0156
Jamtara INXX2803
Jamuguri INXX8721
Jamui INXX2804
Jamul INXX9838
Jamunamukh INXX8722
Jamungri INXX9839
Jamunkira INXX2805
Jamuria INXX2806
Janakpur INXX9840
Jandiala INXX2807
Jandiala Guru INXX2808
Jang INXX8326
Jangam Wari INXX2809
Jangamguda INXX7025
Jangampalli INXX7026
Jangaon INXX2813
Jangid INXX7028
Jangipur INXX2811
Jangli Ghat INXX2812
Jangrai INXX7029
Janjgir INXX9841
Jankia INXX2814
Jannaiguda INXX7030
Janon INXX2815
Jansath INXX2816
Jaora INXX2817
Japal INXX7031
Jarada INXX2818
Jaraguri INXX8723
Jarion INXX9842
Jarpara INXX2819
Jarwal INXX2820
Jasdan INXX2821
Jashpurnagar INXX2822
Jasidih INXX2823
Jasma INXX2824
Jaspur INXX9843
Jaspur INXX2825
Jasrana INXX2826
Jasrapura INXX2827
Jasrasar INXX2828
Jaswantnagar INXX2829
Jatara INXX2831
Jatawada INXX2834
Jath INXX2835
Jatkanhar INXX9844
Jatni INXX0061
Jaunpur INXX0062
Jaurian INXX2838
Javaguda INXX2839
Javat INXX2840
Jawad INXX2841
Jawala Mukhi INXX2842
Jawali INXX2843
Jawar INXX2844
Jawas INXX2845
Jawhar INXX2846
Jayampu INXX2848
Jayantipur INXX7032
Jayapalli INXX7033
Jayapatna INXX2849
Jaynagar INXX2851
Jaynagar INXX2850
Jaypur INXX9266
Jaypur INXX2853
Jejuri INXX2854
Jelkarjhar INXX8724
Jenggaon INXX2855
Jengpata INXX8725
Jetalsar INXX2856
Jetukiagaon INXX8726
Jevargi INXX2859
Jewar INXX2860
Jeypore INXX2861
Jha Jha INXX2862
Jhab INXX2863
Jhabua INXX2864
Jhadupudi INXX7034
Jhajjar INXX2865
Jhalambi INXX2866
Jhalap INXX9845
Jhalarapatan INXX2867
Jhalawar INXX2868
Jhalida INXX2869
Jhalod INXX2870
Jhalpo INXX2871
Jhalrapatan INXX2872
Jhalu INXX2873
Jhanaurheri INXX9611
Jhanjharpur INXX2874
Jhansi INXX0351
Jhanwar INXX2876
Jhanzi INXX8727
Jhara Sangam INXX7035
Jhargram INXX2877
Jharia INXX2878
Jharkatta INXX9846
Jharol INXX2879
Jharsuguda INXX0063
Jhikipali INXX9847
Jhilmili INXX9848
Jhinjhak INXX2881
Jhinjhana INXX2882
Jhinjhuvada INXX2883
Jhodge INXX2884
Jhulasan INXX2885
Jhunjhunun INXX2886
Jhuranadi INXX2887
Jhusi INXX2888
Jiadanga INXX8728
Jiaganj INXX2889
Jialla INXX7036
Jidkal INXX7037
Jido INXX2890
Jidpalli INXX7038
Jigal INXX2891
Jiladiguda INXX7039
Jilda INXX9849
Jilugumilli INXX7040
Jinapalli INXX7041
Jind INXX2892
Jinganur INXX2893
Jining INXX8327
Jinkata INXX8729
Jinnawaram INXX7042
Jinthanggaon INXX2894
Jintur INXX2895
Jiram INXX8328
Jirampal INXX9850
Jiran INXX2896
Jirigam INXX8329
Jirighat INXX8730
Jiwdhara INXX9267
Jiyakeswaram INXX7043
Jobat INXX2897
Jobner INXX2898
Jodhpur INXX0145
Jodiya INXX2900
Jodiya Bandar INXX2901
Jodmoha INXX2902
Jogapatti INXX9268
Jogbani INXX2903
Jogiara INXX9269
Jogighopa INXX8731
Jogindarnagar INXX2904
Jogipalle INXX7044
Jogipet INXX2905
Joikal INXX7045
Joipur INXX8732
Joki Hat INXX9270
Jolarpet INXX0352
Jolur INXX7046
Jongbandha INXX8733
Jonnagiri INXX7047
Jora INXX2907
Jorethang INXX0518
Jorhat INXX0224
Jorigam INXX2911
Joshimath INXX2912
Joshipur INXX2913
Jua INXX0519
Jubbal INXX2915
Jubilee Hills INXX7048
Jujumura INXX2916
Jukal INXX7049
Julakalava INXX7050
Julana Shadipur INXX2917
Jullundur INXX2918
Julwania INXX2919
Jumri Tilaiya INXX2920
Jun INXX2921
Junagadh INXX0353
Junagarh INXX2923
Junawada INXX7051
Jungterang INXX8734
Junia INXX2924
Junnar INXX2925
Jutogh INXX0520
Jwalapur INXX2927
Kab INXX9271
Kabirpur INXX2928
Kablongpu INXX8330
Kabrai INXX2929
Kacharigaon INXX8735
Kachhauna INXX2930
Kachhwa INXX0521
Kachiguda INXX7052
Kachola INXX2932
Kachowar INXX2933
Kadaikan INXX2934
Kadakvadi INXX2936
Kadaladi INXX2937
Kadambur INXX2938
Kadamguri INXX8736
Kadapatra INXX7053
Kadapgal Buzurg INXX7054
Kadaura INXX2939
Kadavakuduru INXX7055
Kadayanallur INXX2935
Kadera INXX2940
Kadergu INXX7056
Kadi INXX2941
Kadipur INXX2942
Kadiri INXX2943
Kadiyam INXX2944
Kadkandla INXX7057
Kadmur INXX7058
Kadnel INXX2945
Kadod INXX2946
Kadum INXX8331
Kadur INXX2947
Kafi INXX8332
Kagal INXX0522
Kagazgutta INXX7059
Kahalgaon INXX9272
Kahamadi INXX2949
Kahao INXX8333
Kaharpara INXX0523
Kahnuwan INXX2951
Kaigaon INXX2952
Kaij INXX2953
Kaikalur INXX2954
Kaikaram INXX7060
Kaila INXX2964
Kailaras INXX2955
Kaimari INXX8737
Kaimati INXX8738
Kaimganj INXX2956
Kaimori INXX2957
Kaindatola INXX2958
Kaintaragarh INXX2960
Kairana INXX2961
Kairapur INXX8739
Kairu INXX2962
Kaisaram INXX7061
Kaithaiapur INXX7062
Kaithal INXX2963
Kakaguda INXX7063
Kakamari INXX2965
Kakana INXX6306
Kakching INXX2966
Kakdwip INXX2967
Kaki INXX8740
Kakinada INXX0168
Kakitalapuru INXX7064
Kako INXX9273
Kakori INXX2969
Kakrala INXX2970
Kakreji INXX2971
Kakricholi INXX9851
Kaksa INXX2972
Kaku INXX2973
Kakulur INXX7065
Kalabgur INXX7066
Kalachanpara INXX8741
Kaladan INXX2974
Kaladi INXX2975
Kalagarh INXX2976
Kalahasti INXX2977
Kalaigaon INXX8742
Kalaikunda INXX0524
Kalain INXX8743
Kalaiyarkovil INXX2979
Kalakada INXX7067
Kalakkadu INXX2980
Kalaktang INXX2981
Kalam INXX2982
Kalamb INXX2983
Kalamnuri INXX2984
Kalanaur INXX2986
Kalanaur INXX2985
Kalandri INXX2987
Kalanpur INXX3025
Kalanwali INXX2988
Kalapahar INXX2989
Kalappatti INXX2990
Kalas INXX2991
Kalasapadu INXX7068
Kalava INXX7069
Kalavad INXX2992
Kalavai INXX2993
Kalghatgi INXX2994
Kalgur INXX7070
Kaliaganj INXX9274
Kaliaganj INXX2995
Kaliani INXX8744
Kalichedu INXX7071
Kalicherla INXX7072
Kaligiri INXX7073
Kaligotla INXX7074
Kalikapur INXX2996
Kalikavu INXX2997
Kalikiri INXX7075
Kalimala INXX2998
Kalimpang INXX0064
Kalina Khas INXX3000
Kalinagar INXX3001
Kalingapatnam INXX3002
Kalingia INXX3003
Kalitagaon INXX8745
Kalivanul INXX7076
Kaliyaganj INXX3004
Kalka INXX0354
Kallakal INXX7077
Kallakkurichchi INXX3006
Kallam INXX3007
Kallupatti INXX3009
Kallur INXX7078
Kalluru INXX7079
Kalmargu INXX7080
Kalmeshwar INXX3010
Kalna INXX3011
Kalnai INXX3012
Kalol INXX3013
Kalom INXX8334
Kalpetta INXX3014
Kalpi INXX3015
Kalu INXX3016
Kalua INXX9852
Kalugumalai INXX3017
Kalundri INXX0525
Kaluvaya INXX3019
Kalvakol INXX7081
Kalvakuntla INXX7082
Kalvapalli INXX7083
Kalwakurti INXX3020
Kalyan INXX0065
Kalyandurg INXX3022
Kalyani INXX0526
Kamakhya INXX8746
Kamakhyanagar INXX3026
Kamalabari INXX8335
Kamalapuram INXX3028
Kamalganj INXX3029
Kamalkrishnabari INXX3030
Kamalnagar INXX3031
Kamalpur INXX9275
Kamalpur INXX3032
Kaman INXX3033
Kamandanga INXX8747
Kamanpur INXX7085
Kamardihi INXX3035
Kamareddi INXX3036
Kamarhati INXX0527
Kamarji INXX3038
Kamarpalli INXX7086
Kamarpara INXX8748
Kamarpur INXX9276
Kamasin INXX3039
Kamat INXX9277
Kamavarapukota INXX7087
Kambalapalle INXX7088
Kambam INXX3040
Kambang INXX8336
Kambhampadu INXX7089
Kambiganhalli INXX3041
Kamdara INXX3042
Kameli INXX9853
Kamkol INXX7090
Kamku INXX8337
Kamlapur INXX7091
Kammadhanam INXX7092
Kammaguda INXX7093
Kammagudam INXX7094
Kamola INXX3043
Kamphu INXX8338
Kampil INXX3044
Kampli INXX3045
Kampur INXX8749
Kamraj INXX9854
Kamriaon INXX9278
Kamsanpalli INXX7095
Kamtaul INXX9279
Kamthi INXX0066
Kamudi INXX3047
Kanadukattan INXX3048
Kanaganapalle INXX7096
Kanaiguda INXX7097
Kanaila INXX9280
Kanakamajalu INXX3049
Kanakanur INXX3050
Kanakapura INXX3051
Kanakatte INXX3052
Kanakgiri INXX3053
Kanalla INXX6307
Kanapur INXX3054
Kanas INXX3055
Kanasar INXX3056
Kanchanpalli INXX7098
Kanchipuram INXX0355
Kandahar INXX3059
Kandai INXX3060
Kandalan INXX9612
Kandamuru INXX7099
Kandel INXX9855
Kandgal INXX3061
Kandhla INXX3062
Kandi INXX7100
Kandi INXX3063
Kandi INXX3064
Kandkurti INXX7101
Kandla INXX3065
Kandorna INXX3066
Kandra INXX0528
Kandri INXX9856
Kandri INXX3068
Kandukur INXX3111
Kandukuru INXX7103
Kanduru INXX7104
Kanekalla INXX3070
Kanekallu INXX7105
Kanepalli INXX7106
Kangayam INXX3071
Kanghmun INXX3072
Kangkar INXX8339
Kangod INXX7107
Kangra INXX0356
Kangti INXX3074
Kangundi INXX7108
Kanhargaon INXX3075
Kanharia INXX9281
Kani Giri INXX3076
Kaniah INXX3077
Kanigiri INXX3078
Kanika INXX3079
Kanippettai INXX3080
Kaniwara INXX3081
Kanjarda INXX3082
Kanjerla Buzurg INXX7109
Kanjerla Khurd INXX7110
Kanjirapalli INXX3083
Kankal INXX7111
Kankamamidi INXX7112
Kankauli INXX3084
Kanke INXX0529
Kanker INXX3086
Kanki INXX9857
Kanki INXX9282
Kankipadu INXX3087
Kankon INXX3088
Kankroli INXX3089
Kankumbi INXX3090
Kanmukal INXX7113
Kannad INXX3091
Kannai INXX7114
Kannangad INXX3092
Kannapuram INXX7115
Kannauj INXX3093
Kanniyakumari INXX3094
Kannod INXX3095
Kanod INXX3096
Kanodar INXX3097
Kanor INXX3098
Kanpur INXX0067
Kansar INXX3100
Kansua INXX3101
Kant INXX3102
Kantabanji INXX3103
Kantai INXX9283
Kantalai INXX3104
Kantalpara INXX3058
Kantanpalli INXX7116
Kanteli INXX9858
Kanth INXX3105
Kanthala INXX9613
Kanthi INXX3106
Kanukunta INXX7117
Kanuparti INXX7118
Kanuru INXX0530
Kanwar INXX9859
Kanwaram INXX7119
Kanyakumari INXX0357
Kaolakhat INXX3109
Kapadvanj INXX3110
Kapaphad INXX7120
Kaphrauli INXX3112
Kapileswarapuram INXX7121
Kapr De INXX3113
Kapra INXX7122
Kapren INXX3114
Kaptanganj INXX1608
Kapteng INXX8340
Kaptipada INXX3116
Kapurthala INXX3117
Karabel INXX9860
Karad INXX3118
Karadkel INXX3119
Karagola INXX9285
Karahal INXX3120
Karaikal INXX0677
Karaikkudi INXX3121
Karamadai INXX3122
Karambakkudi INXX3123
Karameda INXX7123
Karamsad INXX3124
Karanchedu INXX7124
Karandighi INXX9286
Karangania INXX8341
Karangarh INXX9287
Karanj INXX3125
Karanja INXX3126
Karanjia INXX3127
Karanpur INXX3128
Karapa INXX7125
Karar INXX9288
Karari INXX3129
Karasingi INXX3130
Karauli INXX3131
Karavadi INXX7126
Karcha INXX9861
Karda INXX3132
Kardaha INXX3133
Karedu INXX7127
Kareli INXX3134
Karempudi INXX3135
Karen INXX3136
Karepalli INXX7128
Karera INXX3137
Karera INXX3138
Karghar INXX9289
Kargil INXX3139
Karhal INXX3140
Karhati INXX3141
Karhibhadar INXX9862
Karian INXX9290
Karikal INXX3142
Karimangalam INXX3143
Karimganj INXX3144
Karimnagar INXX0358
Karimpur INXX3146
Karivemula INXX7129
Karja INXX3147
Karjan INXX3148
Karjarla Khurd INXX7130
Karjat INXX3149
Karka INXX3150
Karkal INXX3151
Karki INXX3152
Karko INXX8342
Karlingpur INXX8750
Karlup INXX3153
Karmala INXX3154
Karnal INXX0359
Karnauti INXX3156
Karo Majra INXX9614
Karpal INXX7131
Karpi INXX9291
Karra INXX3157
Karra INXX9863
Karrapur INXX3158
Karsi INXX9864
Karsiyang INXX3159
Kartala INXX3160
Kartara INXX6308
Kartarpur INXX0531
Karukapatla INXX7132
Karumbakkam INXX3162
Karunagapalli INXX3163
Karur INXX3164
Karuvambram INXX3165
Karvetnagar INXX3166
Karwandiya INXX9292
Karwapa INXX3167
Karwar INXX3168
Karwi INXX3169
Karzok Gompa INXX3170
Kasa Khurd INXX3171
Kasaragod INXX0068
Kasaram INXX7134
Kasareddipalli INXX7135
Kasauli INXX3173
Kasba INXX3174
Kasba INXX3175
Kasdol INXX3177
Kasganj INXX3178
Kashikhagra INXX8751
Kashipur INXX3179
Kasia INXX3180
Kasibugga INXX3181
Kasikatra INXX3182
Kasipatnam INXX7136
Kasipet INXX7137
Kasomarigaon INXX8752
Kaspur INXX9865
Kasrawad INXX3183
Kasumuru INXX7138
Kataia INXX3184
Katami INXX9866
Katangi INXX3185
Katangur INXX7139
Katapuram INXX3186
Katarukonda INXX7140
Katea INXX9293
Katepalli INXX7141
Katghora INXX3187
Katgi INXX9867
Kathabajra INXX3188
Kathar INXX9294
Kathara INXX9295
Katheru INXX7142
Kathiatali INXX8753
Kathor INXX0532
Kathua INXX3190
Kati INXX3191
Katihar INXX3192
Katirampara INXX8754
Katkali Ghat INXX8755
Katkol INXX3193
Katlichara INXX8756
Katnor INXX3194
Katol INXX3195
Katoya INXX3196
Katpadi INXX0533
Katra INXX9296
Katra INXX0360
Katras INXX3199
Kattipudi INXX3200
Kattivakkam INXX0534
Kattubadipalli INXX7143
Katuria INXX3202
Katwa INXX3203
Kaua Kol INXX3204
Kaudpalli INXX7144
Kauhi INXX9868
Kaukuntla INXX7145
Kaulampet INXX7146
Kaulas INXX7147
Kaupati INXX8757
Kauriaganj INXX3205
Kauripalli INXX7148
Kautalam INXX3206
Kavali INXX3207
Kaverippattanam INXX3208
Kavi INXX3209
Kavindapadi INXX3211
Kavital INXX3210
Kaviti INXX7149
Kavur INXX7150
Kavuru INXX7151
Kavutaram INXX7152
Kawaguda INXX7153
Kawai INXX3212
Kawant INXX3213
Kawardha INXX3214
Kawarpalli INXX7154
Kayalpattinam INXX3216
Kayankulam INXX3217
Kayattar INXX3218
Kaying INXX8343
Kazipalli INXX7155
Kazipet INXX7156
Kazipur INXX7157
Kaziranga INXX0361
Keaiya INXX6309
Kebang INXX8344
Kedaripuram INXX7158
Kedarnath INXX3220
Kedua INXX9869
Kekri INXX3221
Kekuri Bebejia INXX8758
Kelamangalam INXX3222
Kelambakkam INXX3223
Kelangkania INXX8345
Kelba INXX9870
Kelhari INXX9871
Kelod INXX3224
Kembanur INXX6253
Kemios INXX6310
Kemri INXX3225
Kenda INXX9872
Kenda INXX3226
Kendai INXX3227
Kendanapara INXX8759
Kendraparha INXX3229
Kendri INXX9873
Kenduadih INXX3230
Kendumundi INXX3231
Keolari INXX3232
Keonchi INXX9874
Keonjhargarh INXX3233
Keradih INXX9875
Kerang INXX3234
Kerawa INXX6311
Kerh INXX3235
Kerimeri INXX3236
Kerimgaon INXX8760
Kerur INXX3237
Kesabpur INXX3239
Kesaibahal INXX3240
Kesanakurrupalem INXX3241
Kesanupalle INXX7159
Kesaram INXX7160
Kesariya INXX9297
Keshorai Patan INXX3242
Kesinga INXX3243
Keskal INXX9876
Keswapur INXX7161
Kethapali Kalan INXX3244
Ketreddipalli INXX7162
Khab INXX3245
Khachrod INXX3246
Khadki INXX0069
Khadma INXX9877
Khaga INXX3248
Khagaria INXX3249
Khagaul INXX0535
Khailar INXX3251
Khair INXX3252
Khaira INXX9878
Khaira INXX9298
Khaira Tola INXX9299
Khairabad INXX0536
Khairagarh INXX3254
Khairlanji INXX3255
Khairwa INXX9300
Khaitong INXX8346
Khajipeta INXX7163
Khajuraho INXX0225
Khajuri INXX3257
Khajuri INXX9879
Khaki Hat INXX3258
Khalari INXX9880
Khaliakani INXX9881
Khallikot INXX3259
Khalsi INXX3260
Khamanon INXX3261
Khamar INXX9882
Khamaria INXX3263
Khamaria INXX3262
Khamarpani INXX3264
Khambhaliya INXX3265
Khambhat INXX0362
Khamgaon INXX3267
Khamharia INXX3268
Khammam INXX0070
Khanae INXX3270
Khanapara INXX8761
Khanapur INXX3271
Khanapur INXX7164
Khandala INXX3272
Khandavilli INXX3273
Khandela INXX3274
Khandhot INXX3275
Khandlapalli INXX7165
Khandpara INXX3276
Khandsara INXX9883
Khandwa INXX3277
Khandwada INXX7166
Khanna INXX3278
Khanni INXX3279
Khanpur INXX3280
Khapa INXX3281
Khapar INXX3282
Khaparakho INXX3283
Khapri INXX9884
Kharagpur INXX0071
Kharagpur INXX9301
Kharakvasla INXX0537
Kharar INXX3286
Kharar INXX3287
Kharari INXX9302
Kharda INXX3288
Khardah INXX0538
Khardung INXX3290
Kharela INXX3291
Kharem INXX8347
Khargaon INXX3292
Khargapur INXX3293
Khargon INXX3294
Khargupur INXX3295
Kharhana INXX9303
Kharhial INXX3296
Khariar INXX3297
Kharibari Hat INXX9304
Kharik INXX9305
Kharikhanapatti INXX8762
Kharipur INXX3298
Kharkhana INXX3299
Kharkhauda INXX3300
Kharkhauda INXX3301
Kharmauza INXX8763
Kharod INXX3302
Kharora INXX3303
Kharsawan INXX3304
Kharsia INXX3305
Kharu INXX3306
Kharupatia INXX3307
Khasua INXX8764
Khatanga INXX9885
Khatauli INXX3308
Khatauli INXX3309
Khategaon INXX3310
Khatgarh INXX3311
Khatima INXX3312
Khatoalgaon INXX8765
Khatoli INXX3313
Khatora INXX3314
Khatra INXX3315
Khatti INXX9886
Khaur INXX3316
Khavda INXX3317
Khawbung INXX3318
Khawhai INXX3319
Khawruhlian INXX3320
Khed Brahma INXX3323
Kheda INXX3324
Khekra INXX3325
Khem Karan INXX0539
Kheralu INXX3327
Kheri INXX3328
Kheri Sampla INXX3329
Kheria INXX9306
Kherli INXX3330
Khetia INXX3331
Khetolai INXX3332
Khetri INXX3333
Khilchipur INXX3334
Khilogodo INXX7167
Khindasar INXX3335
Khinsar INXX3336
Khinya INXX3337
Khirhar INXX9307
Khirkian INXX3338
Khizr Sarai INXX9308
Khodala INXX3339
Khodri INXX9887
Khohir INXX9888
Khoirabari INXX8766
Khoiraghutu INXX8767
Khokhaha INXX9309
Khokra INXX9889
Khond INXX9890
Khonsa INXX3340
Khopaiyapara INXX3341
Khopoli INXX3342
Khormul INXX9891
Khowai INXX3343
Khowang INXX8768
Khudaganj INXX3344
Khudaganj INXX9310
Khuiyala INXX3345
Khujji INXX9892
Khuldabad INXX3346
Khunti INXX3347
Khurai INXX3348
Khurda INXX0540
Khuri INXX3350
Khuria INXX9893
Khurja INXX3351
Khurmabad INXX9311
Khusropur INXX3352
Khutabari INXX8769
Khutar INXX3353
Khutauna INXX9312
Khutia INXX9313
Kiadgira INXX7168
Kiajori INXX9314
Kibar INXX3354
Kichanapalle INXX3355
Kichha INXX3356
Kichna INXX3357
Kil Valur INXX3358
Kilakarai INXX3359
Kilakkettara INXX3360
Kilarni INXX3361
Kilasevvalpatti INXX3362
Kilimanur INXX3363
Kilpaluvur INXX4589
Kinjar INXX9315
Kinwat INXX3364
Kirakat INXX3365
Kirandul INXX3366
Kiraoli INXX3369
Kiratpur INXX3370
Kire-Henpoan INXX6312
Kiri Buru INXX3371
Kirvati INXX3372
Kisara INXX7169
Kishanganj INXX3373
Kishangarh INXX3376
Kishangarh INXX9615
Kishtaipalli INXX7170
Kishtapur INXX7171
Kishtareddipalli INXX7172
Kishtwar INXX3377
Kisinatpuram INXX7173
Kistaram INXX3378
Kistaram INXX7174
Kistna INXX7175
Kisumpet INXX7176
Kithor INXX3379
Kittur INXX3380
Kiul INXX9317
Koath INXX3382
Kobak INXX8770
Kobir INXX7177
Kobirali INXX8771
Kobo INXX8772
Koch INXX9318
Koch Bihar INXX3383
Kochas INXX9319
Kochinda INXX3384
Kochugaon INXX8773
Kodaikanal INXX0363
Kodak INXX8348
Kodala INXX3386
Kodapakha INXX9894
Kodar INXX3387
Kodarma INXX3388
Kodavaluru INXX7178
Kodekal INXX7179
Koder INXX7180
Kodh INXX3389
Kodigenahalli INXX3390
Kodikonda INXX7181
Kodinar INXX3391
Kodlipet INXX3392
Kodmial INXX7182
Kodoli INXX3393
Kodumudi INXX3394
Kodumuru INXX3395
Kodungallur INXX3396
Kodunigud INXX9895
Kodur INXX7183
Koduru INXX7184
Kodwa INXX9896
Koelibeda INXX9897
Koelwar INXX9320
Kohalli INXX3397
Koheda INXX7185
Kohima INXX0191
Kohir INXX3399
Kohmara INXX3400
Koi-hoa INXX6313
Koi-mekeah INXX6314
Koilawan INXX9321
Koili INXX9322
Koilkonda INXX7186
Koilkuntla INXX3401
Koinjara INXX9898
Koira INXX3402
Kokalgudur INXX3403
Kokanar INXX9899
Kokavada INXX9900
Kokcho INXX3404
Kokiladanga INXX8774
Kokilamukh INXX8775
Kokkanti INXX7187
Kokrajhar INXX3405
Kokunda INXX7188
Kola-rue INXX3406
Kolad INXX3408
Kolakaluru INXX7189
Kolanukonda INXX7190
Kolapadka INXX7191
Kolar INXX0072
Kolaras INXX3411
Kolayat INXX3412
Kolebira INXX3413
Kolhapur INXX7192
Kolhapur INXX0192
Kolhar INXX3415
Kolimigundla INXX7193
Kolkata INXX0300
Kollaiguda INXX9901
Kollegal INXX3417
Kollur INXX7194
Kolluru INXX7195
Kolosib INXX3418
Koltur INXX7196
Koluahi INXX9323
Kolur INXX3419
Kolur INXX9902
Komakhan INXX9903
Komarolu INXX7197
Komarweli INXX7198
Komathanda INXX7199
Kombai INXX3420
Kombong INXX8349
Kommalapadu INXX7200
Kommarapudi INXX7201
Kommi INXX7202
Kompalli INXX7203
Komra INXX8350
Komsing INXX8351
Konada INXX3421
Konakanametla INXX7204
Konanur INXX3422
Konapalli INXX7205
Konapeta INXX7206
Konapur INXX7207
Konarak INXX3423
Konarka INXX3424
Konasamudram INXX7208
Konch INXX3425
Kondagaon INXX3426
Kondagunta INXX7209
Kondakal INXX7210
Kondakomarla INXX3427
Kondalwadi INXX3428
Kondamadlu INXX7211
Kondapalle INXX0541
Kondapur INXX7212
Kondapuram INXX7213
Kondavidu INXX7214
Kondhali INXX3430
Kondlapalli INXX7215
Kondotti INXX0542
Kondrapole INXX7216
Kondur INXX7217
Kondurg INXX7218
Konduru INXX7219
Kongadak INXX3432
Kongara INXX7220
Kongarkala INXX7221
Koni INXX9904
Konnagar INXX0543
Konpara INXX3434
Konta INXX3435
Konur INXX7222
Konyala INXX7223
Kopa INXX9324
Kopagani INXX3436
Kopargaon INXX3437
Koparia INXX9325
Koppa INXX3438
Koppal INXX3439
Kopra INXX9906
Kora INXX9326
Koradachcheri INXX3440
Koradi INXX7224
Koradih INXX0544
Korampallam INXX3442
Korampalli INXX7225
Korangal INXX7226
Korapet INXX3443
Koraput INXX3444
Koratagere INXX3445
Koratgi INXX3446
Koratla INXX3447
Korba INXX3448
Korbo INXX8352
Korea INXX9907
Koregaon INXX0073
Koriabhasa INXX8776
Koriapatti INXX9327
Koriras INXX9908
Korkat INXX9909
Korna INXX3450
Korondi INXX9910
Korosavada INXX7227
Korpak INXX7228
Korpol INXX7229
Kortimadugu INXX7230
Korukollu INXX7231
Korwai INXX3451
Korwal INXX3452
Korwaram INXX7232
Korwatanr INXX9328
Kosamba INXX3453
Kosapuram INXX7233
Kosgi INXX7234
Kosi INXX3454
Kosigi INXX3455
Kosmet INXX3456
Kosrangi INXX9911
Kosumkhuta INXX9912
Kot Bainka INXX3457
Kot Fateh INXX3458
Kot Isa Khan INXX3459
Kot Khai INXX3460
Kot Putli INXX3461
Kota INXX7235
Kota INXX0545
Kota INXX9913
Kota Uratla INXX7236
Kotabommali INXX7237
Kotagad INXX3463
Kotagiri INXX3464
Kotakunda INXX7238
Kotala INXX7239
Kotalpur INXX3465
Kotamangalam INXX3466
Kotananduru INXX7240
Kotapad INXX3467
Kotaparh INXX3468
Kotar INXX3469
Kotarapalle INXX3470
Kotarlia INXX9914
Kotba INXX9915
Kotdwara INXX3471
Kotepalli INXX7241
Kotgir INXX7242
Kotha Ramawaram INXX3472
Kothaguda INXX7243
Kothakota INXX7244
Kothamangalam INXX3488
Kothapet INXX3473
Kothari INXX3474
Kothi INXX9329
Kothi INXX3475
Kothia INXX9330
Kotipalle INXX7245
Kotkapura INXX3476
Kotlapur INXX7246
Kotlapuram INXX7247
Kotlaram INXX7248
Kotli Mauran INXX3477
Kotma INXX3478
Kotmi INXX9916
Kotmi Kalan INXX9917
Kotputli INXX3479
Kotra INXX9918
Kotra INXX3480
Kotrapalle INXX7249
Kotri INXX3481
Kotta Agiryal INXX7250
Kotta Agraharam INXX7251
Kotta palem INXX6254
Kottaguda INXX7252
Kottagudem INXX3482
Kottaippattanam INXX3483
Kottaiyur INXX3484
Kottakkal INXX3485
Kottakota INXX7254
Kottal INXX7255
Kottapalem INXX7256
Kottapalle INXX3489
Kottapalli INXX3490
Kottapatnam INXX3491
Kottapeta INXX7260
Kottappatti INXX3492
Kottarakara INXX3493
Kottaravupeta INXX7261
Kottauru INXX3494
Kottavalasa INXX3495
Kottayam INXX0364
Kotturu INXX3497
Kotturu INXX3498
Kotturu INXX3499
Kotul INXX3500
Kotur INXX7263
Kotwa INXX3501
Kotwa INXX9331
Kovalam INXX0546
Kovilpatti INXX3503
Kovur INXX0205
Kovurupalle INXX7264
Kovvur INXX3505
Koyyalagudem INXX7265
Koyyam INXX3506
Koyyuru INXX3507
Kozhikode INXX0176
Krishnadevipeta INXX3509
Krishnagiri INXX3510
Krishnagiri INXX7266
Krishnai INXX8777
Krishnanagar INXX3511
Krishnapatnam INXX7267
Krishnarajpet INXX3512
Krishnareddipet INXX7268
Krishnayapalem INXX7269
Krosuru INXX7270
Kseh Kynthang INXX8778
Kuakonda INXX9919
Kuamahal INXX8779
Kuanriya INXX3513
Kuari INXX9332
Kuarpur INXX3514
Kuchai Kot INXX9333
Kuchaiburi INXX3515
Kuchaman INXX3517
Kuchenga INXX9920
Kuchera INXX3518
Kuchhila INXX9334
Kuchi INXX3519
Kudachi INXX3521
Kudal INXX3522
Kudan INXX3523
Kudasapalli INXX7271
Kudatini INXX3524
Kuderu INXX7272
Kudligi INXX3525
Kudmalpadu INXX7273
Kudumuluguma INXX3526
Kudurgaon INXX9921
Kuhi INXX3527
Kui INXX9922
Kuimbum INXX8353
Kuju INXX3528
Kukatpalli INXX0547
Kukichara INXX3530
Kuknur INXX7275
Kuknur INXX3531
Kuknurpalli INXX7276
Kukshi INXX3532
Kukunuru INXX3533
Kulan INXX3534
Kulattur INXX3536
Kulgam INXX3537
Kulharia INXX9335
Kuligam INXX3538
Kulittalai INXX3539
Kulkulapalli INXX3540
Kulla INXX3541
Kullu INXX0365
Kulpahar INXX3543
Kulpi INXX3544
Kulsaram INXX7277
Kulti INXX3545
Kulumani INXX3547
Kumai INXX3548
Kumana INXX3549
Kumar Bazidpur INXX9336
Kumaralingam INXX3550
Kumardubhi INXX3554
Kumarganj INXX8780
Kumari INXX9337
Kumarkara INXX3551
Kumarkhand INXX9338
Kumbakonam INXX3552
Kumbarchalka INXX7278
Kumbhagiri INXX7279
Kumbhir INXX8781
Kumbhraj INXX3553
Kumguri INXX8782
Kumhari INXX0548
Kumher INXX3556
Kumili INXX3557
Kumki INXX8354
Kummarguda INXX7280
Kummera INXX7281
Kumrikhata INXX8783
Kumsi INXX3558
Kumta INXX0549
Kunamanur INXX7282
Kunavaram INXX7283
Kunch INXX3560
Kunchanapalle INXX7284
Kunda INXX3561
Kunda INXX9923
Kunda INXX8784
Kundadam INXX3562
Kundai INXX3563
Kundam INXX3564
Kundapak INXX7285
Kundapur INXX7286
Kundarkhi INXX3565
Kundgol INXX3566
Kundil Bazar INXX8785
Kundla INXX3567
Kunduluru INXX3568
Kundurpi INXX3569
Kuni INXX9924
Kunigal INXX3570
Kunjara INXX9925
Kunkapal INXX9926
Kunkheri INXX3571
Kunkuri INXX3572
Kunma INXX9339
Kunnamangalam INXX0550
Kunnamkulam INXX0551
Kunnattur INXX3575
Kunria INXX3576
Kuntur INXX7287
Kunturu INXX3577
Kupari INXX3578
Kuppagallu INXX7288
Kuppam INXX7289
Kuppili INXX7290
Kupwara INXX3581
Kurabalakota INXX3582
Kuraitha INXX9340
Kuran Sarai INXX9341
Kurara INXX3583
Kurauli INXX3584
Kurdeg INXX9928
Kurdeg INXX3585
Kurduvadi INXX3586
Kurgunta INXX3587
Kurha INXX3588
Kurhani INXX9342
Kurichedu INXX7291
Kurinjippadi INXX3589
Kurkihar INXX9343
Kurma INXX9344
Kurnool INXX0172
Kursakata INXX9345
Kursakati INXX8786
Kursan INXX9616
Kurse Korhi INXX3591
Kursela INXX9346
Kurseong INXX3592
Kurson INXX9347
Kurtamgar INXX3593
Kurtha INXX9348
Kuru INXX3594
Kurua INXX8787
Kurud INXX3595
Kurukkuchalai INXX3596
Kurumidda INXX7292
Kurupam INXX3597
Kurwanda INXX3598
Kusang INXX7294
Kushalgarh INXX3599
Kushalnagar INXX3600
Kushmanchi INXX7295
Kushol INXX3601
Kushtagi INXX3602
Kusmi INXX3603
Kusumbe INXX3604
Kusumkasa INXX3605
Kutch INXX0366
Kuthari INXX8788
Kutipi INXX3607
Kutiyana INXX3608
Kutra INXX3609
Kutravada INXX7296
Kutru INXX9930
Kuttalam INXX3610
Kuttanallur INXX3611
Kuttapalli INXX7297
Kuttuparamba INXX3612
Kuvattur INXX3613
Kuvettu INXX3614
Kuzhittura INXX0552
Kwachengui INXX6315
Kwate tu Kwage INXX6316
Kyathampalle INXX3616
Kyelang INXX3617
Lachhmangarh INXX3620
Lachhmapalli INXX7298
Lachhmapat INXX7299
Lachhmapur INXX7300
Lachmagudam INXX7301
Lachung INXX3621
Ladalapur INXX3622
Ladania INXX9349
Ladnun INXX3623
Ladua INXX9931
Ladwa INXX3624
Laeja INXX3625
Laful INXX6317
Lagam INXX8355
Lahar INXX3626
Lahar Banjari INXX3627
Laharpur INXX3628
Laher INXX8789
Laheria Sarai INXX9350
Lahorighat Pam INXX8790
Lahpatra INXX9932
Lahsunpat INXX3629
Lai INXX9351
Laimakuri INXX8791
Laisong INXX8792
Laju INXX3631
Lajwana Kalan INXX3632
Lakdaram INXX7302
Lakhadaram INXX7303
Lakhaipur INXX9352
Lakhanpur INXX9933
Lakhanpuri INXX9934
Lakhasar INXX3634
Lakhaura INXX9353
Lakheri INXX3635
Lakhimpur INXX3636
Lakhini INXX3637
Lakhipur INXX8793
Lakhna INXX3640
Lakhnadon INXX3641
Lakhni INXX3642
Lakho INXX9354
Lakhora INXX3643
Lakhpat INXX3644
Lakhtar INXX3645
Lakhyabad INXX3646
Lakkaram INXX7304
Lakkavarapukota INXX7305
Lakkireddipalle INXX3648
Laksar INXX3649
Lakshettipet INXX3650
Lakshmeshwar INXX3652
Lakshmipuro INXX7306
Lakshmisagar INXX7307
Laksi INXX6318
Lala INXX8794
Lalaghat INXX8795
Lalaguda INXX7308
Lalanti INXX9935
Lalbairo INXX9355
Lalburra INXX3654
Lalganj INXX3630
Lalgarh Jattan INXX3657
Lalgola INXX3658
Lalgudi INXX3659
Lalitpur INXX3660
Lalmati INXX8796
Lalpara INXX8797
Lalpur INXX3661
Lalsong INXX8798
Lalsot INXX3662
Lalu INXX3663
Laluri INXX3664
Laluwabari INXX9356
Lamakhera INXX3665
Lambadi Colony INXX7309
Lambi INXX3666
Lammasingi INXX7310
Lamni INXX3667
Lamta INXX3668
Langjon INXX8356
Langlut INXX8799
Langsu INXX3669
Langting INXX8800
Langyen INXX8801
Lanja INXX3670
Lanji INXX3671
Lanjigarh INXX3672
Lanjora INXX3673
Lanka INXX9936
Lankapara Hat INXX3674
Lankapatti INXX8802
Lankavanidibba INXX7311
Lansdowne INXX3675
Laokhoa INXX8803
Lap INXX8357
Lapate INXX3728
Lapchaura INXX3676
Lapha INXX3677
Lapundra INXX3678
Lapung INXX8358
Lar INXX3679
Larbakki INXX3680
Lasalgaon INXX3681
Lasanbari INXX8804
Lashkar INXX3682
Lashkarguda INXX7312
Latabari INXX8805
Latabor INXX9937
Latehar INXX3683
Lathau INXX8359
Lathi INXX3684
Latipur INXX3685
Latur INXX3686
Laukaha INXX9357
Laukahi INXX3687
Laungowal INXX3688
Laurhia Khurd INXX9358
Lauri INXX3689
Lavanuru INXX7313
Lawan INXX9938
Lawar Khas INXX3690
Ledo INXX8806
Leh INXX3691
Leike INXX8807
Lelanga INXX9939
Lemru INXX3692
Lemur INXX7314
Lendara INXX9940
Lengrabhita INXX8808
Lengteng INXX8809
Lepakshi INXX7315
Lepanglat INXX8360
Leslieganj INXX3693
Letekujan INXX8810
Leteri INXX3694
Lhatsa Gompa INXX8361
Lhau INXX8362
Lida INXX8363
Likhapani INXX3702
Likhmisar INXX3695
Lilia INXX3696
Limbdi INXX3697
Limdi INXX3698
Lingainpalli INXX7316
Lingal INXX3699
Lingala INXX7317
Lingamaniguda INXX7318
Lingampalli INXX7319
Lingampet INXX3700
Lingapur INXX7320
Lingapuram INXX7321
Lingareddiguda INXX7322
Lingojiguda INXX7323
Lingsugur INXX3701
Linshot INXX3703
Litipara INXX9941
Llupu INXX3704
Loakara INXX9942
Lobang INXX8811
Loch INXX8812
Lodhikheda INXX3705
Lodhma INXX3706
Lodrani INXX3707
Lohaghat INXX3708
Lohajani INXX8813
Lohara INXX3709
Lohardaga INXX3710
Loharghat INXX8814
Lohari INXX3711
Loharsi INXX9944
Loharu INXX3712
Lohawat INXX3713
Loheswar INXX7324
Lohogaon INXX0554
Lokapur INXX3715
Lonai INXX3716
Lonar INXX3717
Lonavala INXX0367
Lonavale INXX3719
Lonbehela INXX3720
Londa INXX8364
Londa INXX3721
Long-e-tilun INXX8815
Longhar INXX3722
Longju INXX8365
Longkamgaon INXX8816
Longku INXX8817
Longsom INXX3723
Longzaling INXX3724
Lormi INXX3729
Lotamari INXX8818
Lotia INXX3730
Lotugadda INXX3731
Lowalang INXX3732
Lowan INXX3733
Loyapalli INXX7325
Lu INXX8366
Luckeesarai INXX3734
Lucknow INXX0074
Ludhiana INXX0193
Lukami INXX3737
Luling INXX3738
Lumpo INXX8367
Luna INXX3741
Lunavada INXX3742
Lundra INXX9945
Lung Chhuan INXX3743
Lungding INXX8819
Lunglei INXX3744
Lunglian INXX3745
Lunsar INXX3746
Machakka INXX3747
Machalpur INXX3748
Machandoba INXX8820
Machanpalli INXX7326
Macharla INXX7327
Macherla INXX3749
Machhiwara INXX3750
Machhlishahr INXX3751
Machilipatnam INXX0167
Machilpur INXX3753
Machkar INXX9360
Machkhoa INXX8821
Machum INXX8368
Madakasira INXX3754
Madamanuru INXX7328
Madambakkam INXX0555
Madanapalle INXX3756
Madanpur INXX9946
Madanpur INXX9361
Madaora INXX3757
Madayi INXX3758
Madded INXX3759
Maddikera INXX3760
Maddilapalem INXX7329
Maddimadugu INXX7330
Maddipenta INXX7331
Madduluru INXX7332
Maddur INXX3761
Maddur INXX7333
Madgaon INXX3762
Madhapur INXX3763
Madhapuram INXX7335
Madharam INXX7336
Madhavaram INXX7337
Madhepur INXX3764
Madhipura INXX3765
Madhira INXX3766
Madho Tanda INXX3767
Madhoganj INXX3768
Madhogarh INXX3769
Madhopur INXX3770
Madhopur INXX9362
Madhuban INXX9947
Madhuban INXX3771
Madhubani INXX3772
Madhudi INXX7338
Madhugiri INXX3773
Madhupur INXX3774
Madhura INXX3775
Madhwapur INXX9364
Madhwaram INXX7339
Madhyamgram INXX0556
Madikeri INXX3777
Madinagud INXX7340
Madireddioal INXX7341
Madnakal INXX7342
Madnur INXX7343
Madras INXX0075
Maduchantapalli INXX7344
Madugula INXX3779
Madukkarai INXX3780
Madukkur INXX3781
Madur INXX7345
Madurai INXX0076
Madurantakam INXX3783
Magadi INXX3786
Magam INXX3785
Magarlor INXX9948
Magaturu INXX7346
Maghar INXX3787
Magnur INXX7347
Magra INXX3788
Mahabaleswar INXX0368
Mahaban INXX3791
Mahad INXX3792
Mahadeo Simaria INXX9365
Mahadeopur INXX3793
Mahagama INXX3794
Mahajan INXX3796
Mahakal INXX8822
Mahal INXX3795
Mahalingpur INXX3797
Mahalpur INXX3798
Maham INXX3799
Mahamdapur INXX7349
Mahar Wari INXX3800
Maharajganj INXX3801
Maharajganj INXX3802
Maharaji INXX9949
Maharajpur INXX9950
Maharajpurdih INXX9951
Mahasamund INXX3805
Mahbubabad INXX3807
Mahbubnagar INXX0077
Mahdeitikra INXX9952
Mahe INXX3810
Mahemdavad INXX3811
Mahendragarh INXX3812
Mahesana INXX0078
Maheshwar INXX3814
Mahgawan INXX3815
Mahglutan INXX3816
Mahiari INXX0557
Mahinawan INXX9366
Mahisama INXX3819
Mahishadal INXX3820
Mahiyanwali INXX3821
Mahmudabad INXX3822
Mahoba INXX3823
Maholi INXX3824
Mahroni INXX3825
Mahudha INXX0558
Mahulia INXX3827
Mahur INXX3829
Mahur INXX3828
Mahuva INXX3830
Mahuver INXX3831
Mahuwa INXX9367
Mahwah INXX3832
Maibong INXX3833
Maidharapur INXX3818
Maihar INXX3834
Maiiaram INXX7350
Mailani INXX3835
Mailaram INXX7351
Mailavaram INXX3836
Mailawaram INXX7352
Mailwar Azimpet INXX7353
Maimyo INXX6319
Mainaguri INXX3837
Mainanagar INXX9368
Mainatanr INXX9369
Maindargi INXX3838
Mainpur Khurd INXX9953
Mainpuri INXX3839
Maipadu INXX3840
Mairang INXX3841
Mairwa INXX3842
Maisaram INXX7354
Maiunli INXX8369
Majali INXX3843
Majar Chuk INXX8823
Majbat INXX3844
Majer Dabri INXX8824
Majgaona INXX9954
Majhaul INXX9370
Majhgaon INXX3845
Majhgawan INXX3846
Majholi INXX3847
Majhwalia INXX9371
Maji Mendri INXX9955
Majitha INXX3848
Major Chuk INXX3849
Majra INXX9372
Majuli INXX8825
Makarajpet INXX7355
Makariagaon INXX3850
Makhdumpur INXX7356
Makhjan INXX3851
Makhtal INXX7357
Makhu INXX3852
Makkapeta INXX7358
Makkuva INXX7359
Makrana INXX3853
Makrandpur INXX9373
Makri INXX3854
Maksi INXX3855
Maksudangarh INXX3856
Makum INXX3857
Mal Bazar INXX3858
Malacca INXX3859
Malad INXX3860
Malaguri INXX8826
Malahipur INXX9374
Malakapuram INXX7360
Malakhera INXX3862
Malanduba INXX8827
Malaneddiguda INXX7361
Malappuram INXX0559
Malappuram INXX6320
Malaut INXX3864
Malavalli INXX3865
Malchalma INXX7362
Malda INXX3866
Malebennur INXX3867
Malegaon INXX0079
Malepur INXX3869
Maler Kotla INXX3870
Malewara INXX3871
Malhar INXX9956
Malhara INXX3872
Malhargarh INXX3873
Malharia INXX9375
Malial INXX7363
Malichedu INXX7364
Maligam INXX3874
Malihabad INXX3875
Maliya INXX3876
Malkajgiri INXX0560
Malkangiri INXX3861
Malkapet INXX7365
Malkapur INXX3879
Malkaram INXX7367
Malkera INXX3882
Malkeshguda INXX7368
Malkhaid INXX3883
Malkhurda INXX9957
Mallam INXX7369
Mallampalli INXX7370
Mallanwan INXX3884
Mallapalli INXX7371
Mallapur INXX3885
Mallapuram INXX3886
Mallapuram INXX7373
Mallasamudram INXX3887
Mallur INXX3888
Malpe INXX0561
Malpur INXX3890
Malpura INXX3891
Malthone INXX3892
Malu Khat INXX8828
Malur INXX3893
Malur INXX3894
Malvan INXX3895
Malyan INXX3896
Mamadipalli INXX7374
Mamadpalli INXX7375
Mamallapuram INXX3790
Mamanduru INXX7376
Mamanpet INXX3898
Mambapur INXX7377
Mamda INXX3899
Mamdala INXX7378
Mamdepalli INXX7379
Mamidipalle INXX7380
Mamidpalli INXX7381
Mamit INXX3900
Manakasha INXX8829
Manakondur INXX3901
Manali INXX0562
Manalurpettai INXX3903
Manamadurai INXX3904
Manan INXX8370
Mananur INXX7382
Manapalli INXX7383
Manappakkam INXX0563
Manapparai INXX3906
Manasa INXX3907
Manattala INXX3908
Manavadar INXX3909
Manavalakurichi INXX0564
Manawar INXX3911
Manbazar INXX3912
Manchal INXX7384
Manchar INXX3913
Mancheral INXX0565
Manchikeri INXX3915
Manchippa INXX7385
Mandal INXX3916
Mandalgarh INXX3917
Mandalpara INXX8830
Mandamarri INXX3918
Mandapalli INXX7386
Mandapam INXX3921
Mandapeta INXX3922
Mandar INXX3923
Mandar Hill INXX9376
Mandarkati INXX8831
Mandasa INXX3924
Mandawar INXX3926
Mandawar INXX3925
Mandem INXX9958
Mandhar INXX9959
Mandi INXX0369
Mandideep INXX3928
Mandla INXX3929
Mandleshwar INXX3930
Mandmul INXX7387
Mandrael INXX3931
Mandsaur INXX3932
Mandu INXX3933
Mandvi INXX3934
Mandwi INXX3935
Mandya INXX0080
Manechan INXX3937
Manendragarh INXX3938
Maner INXX3939
Manewar Jalaipur INXX7388
Mangalagiri INXX0370
Mangalagunta INXX7389
Mangalam INXX3941
Mangalampeta INXX7390
Mangalapuru INXX7391
Mangaldai INXX8832
Mangalguda INXX7392
Mangalore INXX0081
Mangalpalli INXX7393
Mangalparti INXX7394
Mangalvedha INXX3943
Mangampet INXX7395
Mangan INXX3944
Mangapet INXX3945
Mangawan INXX3946
Mangchua INXX9960
Manglaor INXX3947
Manglaur INXX3948
Mangliawas INXX3949
Manglur INXX3950
Manglutan INXX6321
Mangol INXX7396
Mangoli INXX3951
Mangrd Wadhr INXX3952
Mangrol INXX3981
Mangrol INXX3953
Mangrul Pir INXX3954
Mani Majra INXX9617
Maniar INXX3955
Maniarwa INXX9377
Manigachi INXX9378
Manigudem INXX7397
Manihari INXX9379
Manikpur INXX8833
Manirabad INXX7398
Maniyachchi INXX3959
Manjampatti INXX3960
Manjeri INXX3961
Manjeri INXX6322
Manjeshwara INXX3962
Manjhanpur INXX3963
Manjhi INXX9380
Manjlegaon INXX3964
Mankachar INXX3956
Mankal INXX3966
Mankapur INXX3967
Manki INXX3968
Mankidih INXX3969
Manmad INXX3970
Manmao INXX8371
Manmari INXX7399
Mannachanallur INXX3971
Mannar Ghat INXX6323
Mannarakkat INXX3972
Mannemkonda INXX3975
Manohar Thana INXX3976
Manoharpur INXX3977
Manoli INXX3978
Manor INXX3979
Manpur INXX6324
Manpur INXX9381
Manpur INXX0566
Manpur INXX9961
Mansa INXX3982
Mansada INXX3983
Mansanpalli INXX7400
Mansar INXX3984
Manshahi INXX9382
Manthani INXX3985
Mantur INXX7401
Manubolu INXX7402
Manuguru INXX3986
Manur INXX3987
Manvi INXX3988
Manwat INXX3989
Manyapadu INXX7403
Mapuca INXX0567
Mara INXX8372
Maradam INXX7404
Maradugu INXX3991
Maraghat INXX3992
Marai INXX3993
Marakkanam INXX3994
Marandahalli INXX3995
Marangaon INXX8834
Maranjan INXX8835
Marbal INXX3996
Marchareddi INXX3997
Mardaguda INXX7405
Maregaon INXX3998
Margang INXX8836
Margao INXX0371
Margherita INXX8837
Marhaura INXX4000
Mari Manchal INXX7406
Mariahu INXX0568
Mariani INXX4002
Maricha INXX9383
Marigaon INXX4003
Marikal INXX7407
Mariwala Town INXX9618
Markakasa INXX4004
Markapur INXX4005
Markatola INXX4006
Markhan INXX8838
Markodu INXX7408
Markuk INXX7409
Marlapalli INXX7410
Marlapenta INXX7411
Marmagao INXX0569
Marniu INXX8373
Maro INXX9964
Maroa INXX8839
Marod INXX4008
Maroda INXX4009
Marosile INXX4010
Marpalli INXX4011
Marpalli Kalan INXX7412
Marpara INXX4012
Marrayagudem INXX7413
Marreddipalli INXX7414
Marrigudem INXX4013
Marrimalla INXX4014
Maru INXX6325
Marupuru INXX7415
Maruru INXX7416
Maruteru INXX7417
Maruturu INXX7418
Marwar INXX4015
Masaipet INXX7419
Masanpalli INXX7420
Masanutippa INXX7421
Masaurhi Buzurg INXX4016
Masidpur INXX7422
Masiguda INXX7423
Masila INXX0570
Masinigudi INXX4018
Masjidpur INXX7424
Maski INXX4019
Masod INXX4020
Masrakh INXX9384
Masreddipalli INXX7425
Masturi INXX9965
Masujhora INXX8840
Masumganj INXX9385
Matabhanga INXX4021
Matait-anla INXX6326
Mataundh INXX4022
Matayan INXX4023
Mated INXX7426
Mathania INXX4024
Matheran INXX4025
Mathila INXX9386
Mathkot INXX4026
Mathura INXX6327
Mathura INXX4027
Mathurapur INXX9387
Mathurapur INXX8841
Mathwada INXX4028
Matiajuri INXX8842
Matin INXX9966
Matipara INXX8843
Matnar INXX4029
Matringa INXX9967
Matsavaram INXX7427
Mattai-ta-hoe INXX6328
Mattampalli INXX7428
Mattancheri INXX4030
Mattanur INXX4031
Mattli INXX4032
Mattur INXX4033
Matwa INXX4034
Mau INXX9388
Mau Aimma INXX4037
Mau Ranipur INXX4038
Maudaha INXX4039
Maudanga INXX8844
Mauganj INXX4040
Maula Ali INXX7429
Maumarin INXX4041
Maur INXX4042
Maurawan INXX4043
Mavalli INXX4044
Mavelikara INXX4045
Mavoor INXX0571
Mawana INXX4047
Mayabandar INXX6329
Mayakonda INXX4048
Mayaluru INXX7430
Mayang Imphal INXX0572
Mayuram INXX4050
Mayurbhanj INXX0372
Mebu INXX8374
Mechcheri INXX4052
Mechpara INXX8845
Medak INXX4053
Medalli INXX7431
Medapadu INXX7432
Medarametla INXX7433
Medchal INXX4054
Meddagudam INXX7434
Medikurti INXX7435
Medinipur INXX0082
Medlacheruvu INXX7436
Mednipur INXX9389
Medpalli INXX7437
Meerut INXX0083
Mega INXX8375
Meghatari INXX9390
Meghnagar INXX4057
Meghraj INXX4058
Mehekar INXX4059
Mehnagar INXX4060
Mehnar INXX9391
Mehndawal INXX4061
Mehsi INXX9392
Mehtarpalli INXX7439
Mejia INXX4062
Mekha INXX8376
Melapalayam INXX4063
Meliyaputtu INXX4064
Melukote INXX4065
Melur INXX4066
Melur INXX7440
Memari INXX4067
Mendarda INXX4068
Mentada INXX7441
Menur INXX7442
Meppadi INXX4069
Mepumna INXX8377
Merapani INXX8846
Mercara INXX4070
Mero INXX9968
Merta INXX4071
Merta City INXX4072
Meshing INXX8378
Methraipara INXX4073
Metpalle INXX7443
Mettupalayam INXX4074
Mettuppalaiyam INXX4075
Mettur INXX4076
Mhasvad INXX4077
Mhow INXX0084
Mi-chi-tun INXX8379
Miao INXX8380
Miduturu INXX7444
Miging INXX4079
Mihona INXX4080
Mijika INXX8847
Mijuru INXX7445
Mikin INXX4081
Mikirgaon INXX8848
Milak INXX4082
Milihabad INXX4083
Milupara INXX9969
Mimesipo INXX4084
Minajipet INXX7446
Minapur INXX9393
Minicoy INXX0181
Minjur INXX0573
Minpur INXX7447
Minutang INXX4087
Minzong INXX4088
Mipi INXX4089
Mir Khanpet INXX7448
Miraj INXX4090
Mirampur INXX7449
Miranpur INXX4091
Miranpur Katra INXX4092
Mirganj INXX4093
Mirialguda INXX4094
Mirj INXX4095
Miryal INXX7450
Mirzapur INXX0085
Misa INXX8849
Misamari INXX8850
Misrikh INXX4097
Mitauli INXX4098
Mitha Khari INXX6330
Mittatukuru INXX7451
Miyani INXX4099
Modasa INXX4100
Moga INXX0086
Mogallapalem INXX7452
Mogallu INXX7453
Mogalluru INXX7454
Mogalrajapuram INXX7455
Mogalturru INXX7456
Mogedda INXX9970
Mogli INXX4102
Mogra INXX4103
Mohala INXX4104
Mohali INXX0373
Mohamai INXX8851
Mohammadnagar INXX7457
Mohan INXX4106
Mohana INXX4107
Mohanbari INXX8852
Mohania INXX9395
Mohanpur INXX9396
Mohanur INXX4108
Mohbatnagar INXX7458
Mohda INXX9971
Mohean INXX6331
Mohera INXX9972
Mohgaon INXX9973
Mohinabad INXX7459
Mohiuddinnagar INXX4111
Mohli INXX4112
Mohmaragaon INXX8853
Mohpa INXX4113
Moilang INXX4114
Moilpak INXX4115
Moinabad INXX4116
Moirang INXX4117
Mokal INXX4118
Mokalsar INXX4119
Mokameh INXX0374
Mokameh Ghat INXX9397
Mokila INXX7460
Mokokchung INXX4121
Mokri INXX9398
Molagavalli INXX7461
Momidi INXX7462
Mon INXX4122
Mondemkhallu INXX7463
Monghyr INXX4123
Mongsenyimti INXX4124
Mopadu INXX7464
Mopung INXX8382
Mopuru INXX7465
Mor INXX9399
Morab INXX4125
Moradabad INXX4126
Moragang INXX8854
Moram INXX4127
Morangpalli INXX7466
Moranha INXX4128
Morar INXX0574
Morbi INXX4130
Morena INXX4131
Morinda INXX4132
Moriya INXX4133
Morjim INXX4134
Mornai INXX8855
Morsi INXX4135
Mortad INXX7467
Morwa INXX4136
Mosam INXX4137
Moshing INXX8383
Moshoit INXX6332
Motala INXX4138
Moteh INXX7468
Moter INXX4139
Moth INXX4140
Motihari INXX0375
Motital Pathar INXX8856
Motkur INXX7469
Mottugudiam INXX4142
Motumala INXX7470
Mowar INXX4143
Mozamabad INXX4144
Mpen INXX8384
Mpong INXX8385
Mrambon INXX8386
Mubarakpur INXX7471
Mubaraspur INXX7472
Mucherla INXX7473
Muchia INXX4147
Mudali INXX4149
Mudbidri INXX4150
Muddanuru INXX4151
Muddavaram INXX7474
Muddebihal INXX4152
Muddumudi INXX7475
Muddur INXX7476
Mudgal INXX4153
Mudhol INXX7477
Mudhol INXX4154
Mudigere INXX4155
Mudigodu INXX7478
Mudigubba INXX7479
Mudimanik INXX7480
Mudimial INXX7481
Mudinepalle INXX7482
Mudivedu INXX7483
Mudkhed INXX4156
Mudoemgudam INXX7484
Mudukulattur INXX4157
Mudumala INXX7485
Mudumpadu INXX7486
Mugal Maidan INXX4158
Mughal Sarai INXX0575
Mughalgidda INXX7487
Mughalpur INXX4161
Mugma INXX4162
Muguru INXX4163
Muhamdi INXX4164
Muhammadabad INXX7488
Muhammadnagar INXX7489
Muirpur INXX4168
Mujra INXX9402
Mukabeli INXX9974
Mukandara INXX4169
Mukapara INXX9975
Mukdega INXX9976
Mukerian INXX4170
Mukhalingam INXX7490
Mukhed INXX4171
Mukhrawan INXX9403
Mukki INXX8387
Muktsar INXX4172
Mukunuru INXX7491
Mukuria INXX9404
Mul INXX4173
Mul Warwan INXX4174
Mulakalapalle INXX4176
Mulam INXX4177
Mulanur INXX4178
Mulappilangad INXX4179
Mulbagal INXX4180
Mulgund INXX4181
Mulkalpalli INXX7492
Mulki INXX4182
Mulmula INXX9977
Multai INXX4183
Mulug INXX4184
Mumbai INXX0087
Mumgaon INXX8857
Mummasar INXX4186
Mummidivaram INXX4187
Munagala INXX4188
Mundargi INXX4189
Mundarwa INXX4190
Mundgod INXX4191
Mundher INXX4192
Mundi INXX4193
Mundlapadu INXX7494
Mundra INXX4194
Mundwa INXX4195
Mungamuru INXX7495
Mungaoli INXX4196
Mungeli INXX4197
Munger INXX4198
Mungod INXX4199
Mungonda INXX7496
Mungwani INXX4201
Munigadpa INXX7497
Munirabad INXX4202
Munjola INXX4203
Munnar INXX4204
Munriar INXX9405
Munund INXX9978
Mupa INXX8858
Mupawaram INXX7498
Muphlang INXX4205
Muppireddipalli INXX7499
Muradnagar INXX4206
Muragacha INXX4207
Muramgaon INXX4208
Murbad INXX4209
Murdanpalli INXX7500
Murgi INXX4210
Murgod INXX4211
Murhipar INXX9979
Murhu INXX4212
Muri INXX4213
Murkong Selek INXX8859
Murliganj INXX4214
Murshidabad INXX0376
Murtajapur INXX4216
Murtazaguda INXX7501
Murud INXX0088
Murudeshwara INXX4218
Murwara INXX4219
Mus INXX6333
Musafirkhana INXX4220
Musalimadugu INXX7502
Musalmanpara INXX8860
Musapet INXX7503
Mushabani INXX4221
Mushari INXX9406
Musiri INXX4222
Musra INXX9980
Mussoorie INXX0377
Mustabada INXX7504
Mustafabad INXX4225
Mustial INXX7505
Mutah INXX4226
Mutaram INXX7506
Mutialguda INXX7507
Mutraspalli INXX7508
Mutssukota INXX7509
Muttargi INXX7510
Muttuchettiyur INXX4227
Muttukuru INXX4228
Muttupet INXX4229
Mutukula INXX7512
Mutupur INXX7513
Mutyalammapadu INXX7514
Mutyalapadu INXX7515
Muvatagupudur INXX4230
Muvattupula INXX4231
Muvattupuzha INXX4232
Muyyabompeta INXX4233
Muzaffarnagar INXX0089
Muzaffarpur INXX0090
Myajlar INXX4236
Mynser INXX8861
Mysore INXX0378
Nabagram INXX4238
Nabha INXX4239
Nabinagar INXX4240
Nachahalli INXX7516
Nachani INXX4241
Nacharam INXX7517
Nachna INXX4242
Nachuge INXX6334
Nachugunta INXX7518
Nadampur INXX4243
Nadapuram INXX4244
Nadaul INXX9407
Nadaun INXX4245
Nadbai INXX4246
Nadiad INXX0091
Nadigaon INXX4248
Naduvattam INXX4249
Nadwan INXX9408
Nagai INXX9981
Nagaladinne INXX7519
Nagalapalli INXX7520
Nagalapuram INXX4250
Nagaldeopalli INXX7521
Nagalla INXX7522
Nagalpalli INXX7523
Nagamangala INXX4251
Nagampeta INXX4252
Naganpalli INXX7524
Nagappattinam INXX4253
Nagar INXX9982
Nagar Karnul INXX4256
Nagar Nahusa INXX9409
Nagar Untari INXX4257
Nagaram INXX4258
Nagarbera INXX8862
Nagargaon INXX8863
Nagargul INXX7526
Nagari INXX4259
Nagarkunta INXX7527
Nagarnar INXX9983
Nagasamudram INXX7528
Nagaur INXX4260
Nagavaram INXX7529
Nagawaram INXX7530
Nagayalanka INXX4261
Nagbhir INXX4262
Nagda INXX4263
Nagercoil INXX0092
Nagina INXX4265
Nagireddipalli INXX4266
Nagnur INXX7532
Nagod INXX4267
Nagothana INXX4268
Nagpur INXX7533
Nagpur INXX0093
Nagra INXX9410
Nagram INXX4270
Nagreddipalli INXX7534
Nagri INXX4272
Nagri INXX9411
Nagri INXX4271
Nagrota INXX4273
Nagulapalli INXX7535
Nagulavaram INXX7536
Nagwanpalli INXX7537
Nahan INXX4274
Nahargarh INXX4275
Naharlagun INXX0576
Nahorkatiya INXX8864
Naigonda INXX4277
Naihati INXX0577
Naikulsahi INXX4279
Nain Jalalpur INXX7538
Naini INXX4280
Naini INXX9412
Naini Tal INXX4281
Nainital INXX4282
Nainpur INXX4283
Nainwa INXX4284
Najibabad INXX4285
Nakachari INXX8866
Nakapur INXX4286
Nakasipara INXX4287
Nakhola INXX8867
Nakhtarana INXX4288
Nakkodipalem INXX7539
Nakodar INXX4289
Nakrekal INXX4290
Naksalbari INXX4291
Nakur INXX4292
Nalagarh INXX4293
Nalanda INXX0379
Nalatvad INXX4295
Nalbari INXX4296
Naldurg INXX4297
Nalgonda INXX0380
Nalhati INXX4299
Naliya INXX4300
Nalkhera INXX4301
Nallapalem INXX7541
Nallapalli INXX7542
Nallejerla INXX7543
Nallikodur INXX7544
Nalwelli INXX7545
Nam Dabaka INXX8869
Namagiripettai INXX4302
Namakkal INXX4303
Namapuram INXX7546
Nambiyur INXX4304
Nambutalai INXX4305
Namchi INXX0578
Namdang INXX8870
Namdarkhanpet INXX7547
Namle INXX7548
Namli INXX4307
Nampong INXX8388
Namrup INXX8871
Namtolagaon INXX8872
Namunaghar INXX6335
Nanajpur INXX7549
Nanakramguda INXX7550
Nanauta INXX4308
Nancherla INXX7551
Nandalur INXX4309
Nandapur INXX4310
Nandavanam INXX7552
Nandavaram INXX4311
Nanded INXX4312
Nandgaon INXX4313
Nandghat INXX4314
Nandigam INXX7554
Nandigama INXX4315
Nandigaon INXX7555
Nandikotkur INXX4316
Nandipadu INXX7556
Nandipeta INXX4317
Nandivargam INXX7557
Nandivaya INXX7558
Nandiwanparti INXX7559
Nandkonda INXX7560
Nandur Shingote INXX4318
Nandura INXX4319
Nandurbar INXX4320
Nandyal INXX4321
Nangal INXX0381
Nangavalli INXX4323
Nangilickondan INXX4324
Nangloi Jat INXX0579
Nanguneri INXX4326
Nanjangud INXX4327
Nankatti INXX9985
Nannial INXX7561
Nannilam INXX4328
Nanpara INXX4329
Naogai INXX9986
Naojan INXX4330
Naokata INXX8873
Napasar INXX4331
Naptolguda INXX7562
Narahia INXX9413
Naraina INXX4332
Narainapur INXX4333
Naraini INXX4334
Narainpur INXX4335
Narainpur INXX4337
Narainpur INXX4336
Naramagra INXX4338
Naranpur INXX9987
Narapala INXX7564
Narasannapeta INXX4339
Narasapur INXX4340
Narasaraopet INXX4341
Narasingapuram INXX0580
Narasinghapur INXX4366
Narastan INXX4345
Narauli INXX4346
Naraura INXX4347
Naravarikuppam INXX0581
Narayanavanam INXX4349
Narayangarh INXX4350
Narayankher INXX7567
Narayanpet INXX4351
Narayanpur INXX7568
Narayanpur INXX4352
Narbu Sumdo INXX4353
Nardiganj INXX9414
Nareddiguda INXX7569
Naregal INXX4354
Nareguda INXX7570
Narendranagar INXX4355
Narganjo INXX9415
Nargund INXX4356
Narharpur INXX9989
Narhat INXX9416
Narhi INXX9417
Narjan INXX8874
Narjon Basti INXX4357
Narkanda INXX4358
Narkher INXX4359
Narkuda INXX7571
Narlapur INXX7572
Narnaul INXX4360
Narnuru INXX7573
Naroda INXX0582
Narra INXX9990
Nars INXX4362
Narsampalli INXX7574
Narsampet INXX4363
Narsappaguda INXX7575
Narsapur INXX7576
Narsimhapur INXX4364
Narsinghgarh INXX4365
Narsingi INXX4367
Narsipatnam INXX4368
Narsipur INXX4369
Narwa INXX7577
Narwana INXX4370
Narwar INXX4371
Nasaram INXX7578
Nashir INXX4372
Nasik INXX0194
Nasipur INXX4374
Nasirabad INXX4375
Naspur INXX0583
Nasriganj INXX4377
Nasrullahganj INXX4378
Natabari INXX8875
Nathdwara INXX4379
Natnayapalli INXX7579
Nattam INXX4380
Nattarampalli INXX4381
Nattarasankottai INXX4382
Naubatpur INXX9418
Naugachhia INXX4383
Nauhata INXX9419
Naukh INXX4384
Naupada INXX4385
Naura INXX9991
Naurangia INXX4386
Naushahra INXX4387
Nautanwa INXX4388
Navadwip INXX4389
Navalgund INXX4390
Navapur INXX4391
Navelim INXX4392
Navi Mumbai INXX0382
Navsari INXX0383