Weather Codes for Iceland

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Iceland. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abar ICXX0219
Akranes ICXX0030
Akrar ICXX0031
Akurey ICXX0283
Akureyri ICXX0005
Akurnes ICXX0006
Alafoss ICXX0034
Alftamyri ICXX0401
Alftanes ICXX0008
Alftanes ICXX0353
Alftartunga ICXX0354
Alftorbakki ICXX0036
Arbar ICXX0402
Arbar ICXX0284
Arnarstapi ICXX0355
Arnes ICXX0403
Arngerdareyri ICXX0404
Ashverfi ICXX0285
Aslaksstadir ICXX0269
Asolfsskali ICXX0286
Audkula ICXX0220
Audkula ICXX0405
Bair ICXX0406
Bakkafjordur ICXX0115
Bakkagerdi ICXX0037
Bakki ICXX0038
Banahus ICXX0407
Bar ICXX0116
Bar ICXX0408
Bard ICXX0221
Bergsstadir ICXX0222
Berjadalsa ICXX0409
Berunes ICXX0117
Bessastadir ICXX0160
Bildudalur ICXX0039
Bjarnanes ICXX0009
Bjarnarhofn ICXX0356
Bjoluhverfi ICXX0287
Blautaver ICXX0288
Blonduos ICXX0223
Bolstadarhlid ICXX0224
Bolungarvik ICXX0010
Bordeyri ICXX0410
Borg ICXX0357
Borgarhofn ICXX0118
Borgarnes ICXX0042
Bradratunga ICXX0289
Brautarholt ICXX0161
Breidabolsstadur ICXX0358
Breidabolsstadur ICXX0225
Breidabolsstadur ICXX0290
Breidavik ICXX0411
Breiddalsvik ICXX0043
Brekka ICXX0119
Brekkuvellir ICXX0412
Brettingsstadir ICXX0044
Brimilsvellir ICXX0359
Brjanslakur ICXX0413
Brunnastadir ICXX0270
Brunnholskirkja ICXX0120
Budardalur ICXX0360
Budareyri ICXX0121
Budarholshverfi ICXX0291
Budhareyri ICXX0045
Budhir ICXX0046
Budir ICXX0361
Burfell ICXX0292
Byjarsker ICXX0271
Dagverdarnes ICXX0362
Dalvik ICXX0047
Disarstadir ICXX0122
Djupidalur ICXX0293
Djupivogur ICXX0048
Draflastadir ICXX0166
Drangsnes ICXX0414
Dvergasteinn ICXX0415
Dyrholahverfi ICXX0294
Efri-Nupur ICXX0226
Egilsstadir ICXX0007
Eidar ICXX0011
Einarsstadir ICXX0167
Eiriksstadir ICXX0123
Engidalur ICXX0416
Eskifjordur ICXX0051
Eyrar ICXX0124
Eyrarbakki ICXX0295
Eyri ICXX0417
Eyri ICXX0125
Eyvindarholar ICXX0296
Faskrudsfjordur ICXX0126
Fell ICXX0227
Fiflholt ICXX0297
Fjordur ICXX0127
Flatey ICXX0418
Flatey ICXX0052
Flateyri ICXX0419
Floagaflshverfi ICXX0298
Fludir ICXX0299
Flugumyri ICXX0228
Folafotur ICXX0420
Furufjordur ICXX0421
Gardabar ICXX0012
Gardakauptun ICXX0265
Gardar ICXX0272
Gardskagi ICXX0273
Gardsstadir ICXX0422
Gardur ICXX0168
Garpsdalur ICXX0423
Gata ICXX0424
Gaulverjabar ICXX0300
Geirseyri ICXX0425
Geysir ICXX0301
Gilsbakki ICXX0363
Gjogur ICXX0426
Glasibar ICXX0169
Glaumbar ICXX0229
Glerartorp ICXX0170
Goddalir ICXX0230
Grafarkirkja ICXX0302
Grenivik ICXX0054
Grenjadarstadur ICXX0171
Grimsstadaholt ICXX0266
Grindavik ICXX0055
Grund ICXX0172
Grundarfjortur ICXX0364
Gudlaugsvik ICXX0427
Gufudalur ICXX0428
Gufunes ICXX0162
Gunnolfsa ICXX0173
Gvendarnes ICXX0128
Hafnarfjordur ICXX0056
Hafnarholmur ICXX0429
Hafnarnes ICXX0057
Hafnir ICXX0013
Hafrafell ICXX0430
Hafur ICXX0303
Haganesvik ICXX0231
Hagi ICXX0431
Hagi ICXX0304
Hallormsstadur ICXX0129
Hals ICXX0432
Hals ICXX0175
Hamar ICXX0059
Hamundarstadir ICXX0060
Hanefsstadir ICXX0130
Hanholl ICXX0433
Hateigur ICXX0131
Haugar ICXX0061
Haukadalur ICXX0305
Haukadalur ICXX0062
Helgafell ICXX0365
Hella ICXX0306
Hellissandur ICXX0366
Hellnar ICXX0367
Hesteyri ICXX0434
Heydalir ICXX0132
Hjalli ICXX0307
Hjaltastadur ICXX0133
Hjalteyri ICXX0176
Hjardarfell ICXX0368
Hjardarholt ICXX0369
Hlid ICXX0435
Hlidarendi ICXX0308
Hlidarhus ICXX0436
Hnifsdalur ICXX0014
Hnjotur ICXX0437
Hof ICXX0064
Hof ICXX0232
Hofdahverfi ICXX0177
Hofdastrond ICXX0438
Hofdi ICXX0439
Hofn ICXX0015
Hofsos ICXX0233
Hofstadir ICXX0234
Hofteigur ICXX0135
Holanes ICXX0235
Holar ICXX0236
Holar ICXX0178
Holl ICXX0016
Holl ICXX0136
Holmabair ICXX0309
Holmahverfi ICXX0310
Holmavik ICXX0440
Holt ICXX0441
Holt ICXX0311
Holtastadir ICXX0237
Horn ICXX0442
Hoskuldsstadir ICXX0238
Hrappstadhakot ICXX0067
Hraun ICXX0274
Hraun ICXX0444
Hraungerdi ICXX0312
Hreppholar ICXX0313
Hrisey ICXX0068
Hruni ICXX0314
Husavik ICXX0069
Husavik ICXX0179
Hvaleyri ICXX0163
Hvallatur ICXX0446
Hvalsnes ICXX0275
Hvammstangi ICXX0239
Hvammur ICXX0240
Hvammur ICXX0137
Hvammur ICXX0447
Hvammur ICXX0370
Hvanneyri ICXX0371
Hveragerdi ICXX0001
Hvolsvollur ICXX0071
Illugastadir ICXX0180
Ingjaldsholl ICXX0372
Innriholmur ICXX0373
Isafjoerdur ICXX0017
Kaldrananes ICXX0448
Kalfafell ICXX0073
Kalfafellsstadur ICXX0074
Kalfatjorn ICXX0276
Kalfholt ICXX0315
Kaupangur ICXX0181
Keflavik ICXX0277
Kelda ICXX0374
Keldur ICXX0316
Keta ICXX0241
Kinnarstadir ICXX0449
Kirkjubar ICXX0076
Kirkjubar ICXX0019
Kirkjubol ICXX0278
Kirkjubol ICXX0450
Kirkjubol ICXX0079
Kjos ICXX0451
Kleppur ICXX0267
Kljastrond ICXX0182
Klyppsstadir ICXX0138
Knappavellir ICXX0139
Knappstadir ICXX0242
Kolbeinseyri ICXX0452
Kolbeinsstadir ICXX0375
Kolfreyjustadur ICXX0140
Kollafjardarnes ICXX0453
Kopasker ICXX0183
Kopavogur ICXX0020
Kotstrond ICXX0317
Kross ICXX0318
Krosssandur ICXX0319
Kuvikur ICXX0454
Kviabekkur ICXX0184
Kviabryggja ICXX0376
Lakjamot ICXX0243
Langholt ICXX0320
Latrar ICXX0081
Latur ICXX0455
Laufas ICXX0082
Laugardalir ICXX0321
Laugarvatn ICXX0322
Laxamyri ICXX0186
Leira ICXX0377
Litlibar ICXX0456
Ljosavatn ICXX0083
Logmannshlid ICXX0189
Lond ICXX0141
Lundarbrekka ICXX0190
Lundur ICXX0084
Malifell ICXX0244
Marteinstunga ICXX0323
Meiribakki ICXX0457
Melgraseyri ICXX0458
Melstadur ICXX0245
Merki ICXX0142
Middalur ICXX0324
Midgardar ICXX0191
Midsandur ICXX0378
Miklholt ICXX0379
Miklibar ICXX0246
Minnibakki ICXX0085
Minnihlid ICXX0459
Modruvellir ICXX0086
Mosfell ICXX0325
Mosfellsbaer ICXX0021
Muli ICXX0460
Muli ICXX0143
Munadarnes ICXX0461
Munkatvera ICXX0193
Myrar ICXX0462
Narfeyri ICXX0380
Nauteyri ICXX0463
Nedri Arnardalur ICXX0464
Nes ICXX0144
Nes ICXX0194
Neskaupstadur ICXX0022
Njardvik ICXX0089
Njardvik ICXX0023
Nollur ICXX0195
Nordtunga ICXX0381
Nordurbotn ICXX0465
Nordurfjordur ICXX0466
Nupur ICXX0467
Oddi ICXX0326
Ofanleiti ICXX0327
Ofeigsfjordur ICXX0468
Ogur ICXX0469
Olafsfjordur ICXX0091
Olafsvellir ICXX0328
Olafsvik ICXX0382
Oliustod ICXX0383
Ospakseyri ICXX0470
Patreksfjordur ICXX0471
Porklakshofn ICXX0092
Prestbakki ICXX0472
Prestbakki ICXX0024
Rafnseyri ICXX0473
Raudamelur ICXX0384
Raufarhofn ICXX0196
Reydarfjordur ICXX0145
Reykholar ICXX0474
Reykholt ICXX0385
Reykir ICXX0247
Reykjafjordur ICXX0475
Reykjahlid ICXX0197
Reykjarfjordur ICXX0476
Reykjarnes ICXX0477
Reykjavik ICXX0002
Reynir ICXX0329
Reynistadur ICXX0248
Reynivellir ICXX0164
Rip ICXX0249
Sabol ICXX0096
Sandfell ICXX0146
Sandgerdi ICXX0025
Sandnes ICXX0479
Sandur ICXX0480
Saudafell ICXX0386
Saudanes ICXX0198
Saudarkrokur ICXX0250
Saudlauksdalur ICXX0481
Saurbar ICXX0482
Saurbar ICXX0199
Saurbar ICXX0165
Saurbar ICXX0387
Selardalur ICXX0483
Selfoss ICXX0098
Seltjarnarnes ICXX0026
Setberg ICXX0388
Seydisfjoerdur ICXX0100
Sidumuli ICXX0389
Siglufjordur ICXX0200
Silfrastadir ICXX0251
Silfurtun ICXX0268
Skaftafell ICXX0147
Skagastrond ICXX0252
Skalanes ICXX0027
Skalar ICXX0201
Skalavik ICXX0484
Skalholt ICXX0102
Skalmarnesmuli ICXX0485
Skard ICXX0330
Skard ICXX0486
Skeggjastadir ICXX0148
Skeidflotur ICXX0331
Skinnastadur ICXX0202
Skogar ICXX0332
Skogur ICXX0487
Skutustadir ICXX0203
Sledbrjotur ICXX0149
Snafjoll ICXX0488
Snartastadir ICXX0204
Snoksdalur ICXX0391
Solheimar ICXX0333
Solmundarhofdi ICXX0392
Spakonufell ICXX0253
Stadarbakki ICXX0254
Stadarfell ICXX0393
Stadarholskirkja ICXX0394
Stadarhraun ICXX0395
Stadastadur ICXX0396
Stadur ICXX0489
Stadur ICXX0255
Stafafell ICXX0150
Stafholt ICXX0397
Stapi ICXX0398
Starmyri ICXX0151
Starri-Arskogur ICXX0205
Stod ICXX0152
Stodvarfjordur ICXX0153
Stokkseyri ICXX0103
Stora-Vatnshorn ICXX0399
Stora-Vatnsleysa ICXX0279
Stori-As ICXX0400
Stori-Dalur ICXX0334
Storidalur ICXX0104
Storinupur ICXX0335
Storolfshvoll ICXX0336
Strandarkirkja ICXX0337
Stykkisholmur ICXX0105
Sudavik ICXX0028
Sudureyri ICXX0492
Svalbard ICXX0206
Sveinseyri ICXX0493
Svinafell ICXX0154
Svinavatn ICXX0256
Sydstibar ICXX0207
Tannanes ICXX0494
Thingvellir ICXX0107
Thonglabakki ICXX0108
Tingeyrar ICXX0257
Tingeyri ICXX0496
Tingmuli ICXX0155
Tingvellir ICXX0339
Tirdilmyri ICXX0497
Tjaldtangi ICXX0498
Tjorn ICXX0258
Tjorn ICXX0208
Tjorsarbru ICXX0340
Tonglabakki ICXX0209
Torfastadir ICXX0341
Torkotlustadir ICXX0280
Torlakshofn ICXX0342
Toroddsstadur ICXX0210
Torshofn ICXX0211
Trod ICXX0499
Tunga ICXX0500
Tungufell ICXX0343
Tvera ICXX0212
Tykkvibar ICXX0345
Ulfljotsvatn ICXX0346
Ulfsa ICXX0501
Ulsfa ICXX0109
Unadhsdalur ICXX0110
Unadsdalur ICXX0502
Undirfell ICXX0259
Upsir ICXX0213
Urdir ICXX0214
Utlid ICXX0347
Utskalar ICXX0281
Vadlakir ICXX0348
Vadlar ICXX0503
Vallanes ICXX0156
Valtjofsstadur ICXX0157
Varmahlid ICXX0260
Vatnsfjordur ICXX0504
Vattarnes ICXX0505
Vattarnes ICXX0111
Vellir ICXX0215
Verzlunarstadur ICXX0506
Vestdalseyri ICXX0158
Vestmannaeyjar ICXX0004
Vesturhopsholar ICXX0261
Vididalstunga ICXX0262
Vidimyri ICXX0263
Vidirholl ICXX0216
Vidvik ICXX0264
Vik ICXX0217
Vik ICXX0159
Vik ICXX0350
Villingaholt ICXX0351
Vogar ICXX0029
Vopnafjordur ICXX0114
Ytri-Bagisa ICXX0218
Ytri-Njardvik ICXX0282