Weather Codes for Guyana

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Guyana. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Achiwib GYXX0495
Adelair GYXX0496
Adventure GYXX0397
Agricola GYXX0144
Agricola Village GYXX0145
Aishalton GYXX0497
Ajimipepai GYXX0083
Akar Village GYXX0084
Akawini Mission GYXX0398
Akwero GYXX0039
Alberttown GYXX0146
Albouystown GYXX0147
Alexanderville GYXX0149
Alliance GYXX0150
Alness GYXX0233
Altora Village GYXX0498
Amamuri Village GYXX0085
Amazon GYXX0399
Ambrose Village GYXX0499
Ampa GYXX0296
Amsterdam GYXX0234
Ankerville GYXX0235
Anna Catherina GYXX0297
Anna Regina GYXX0004
Annai GYXX0500
Apanachi GYXX0426
Apoteri GYXX0501
Arakaka GYXX0040
Arau Village GYXX0087
Arawai Village GYXX0088
Arnik Village GYXX0427
Arthurville GYXX0298
Assura Village GYXX0089
Atamadpau GYXX0503
Attai Village GYXX0454
Aunama Village GYXX0041
Aurora GYXX0090
Awaruwaunawa GYXX0504
Bagotstown GYXX0152
Baimapai GYXX0091
Bamboo GYXX0353
Banakari GYXX0300
Bara Bara GYXX0354
Barabara GYXX0355
Barabina Hill GYXX0042
Barakara GYXX0236
Barakara GYXX0092
Baramanni GYXX0043
Baramita GYXX0044
Bartica GYXX0006
Bartica GYXX0007
Basha Village GYXX0505
Bel Air GYXX0153
Bel Air GYXX0356
Bel Air Gardens GYXX0154
Bel Air Park GYXX0155
Bel Air Springs GYXX0156
Belladrum GYXX0357
Belle Plaine GYXX0301
Belvidere GYXX0237
Beribisiballi GYXX0302
Berks GYXX0400
Beterverwagting GYXX0157
Bethany GYXX0303
Bethany GYXX0401
Bethel GYXX0358
Big Baiabu GYXX0005
Biloku GYXX0506
Blairmont GYXX0359
Blenheim GYXX0360
Blygezight GYXX0158
Bom Sucesso GYXX0507
Bounty Hall GYXX0402
Bourda GYXX0160
Brandwagt-Sari GYXX0238
Brighton GYXX0239
Buabanna GYXX0161
Burma GYXX0361
Bush Lot GYXX0240
Bush Lot GYXX0362
Butukari GYXX0093
Buxton GYXX0008
Cajueiro GYXX0509
Caledonia GYXX0304
Campbellville GYXX0162
Cane Grove GYXX0163
Canefield GYXX0241
Capoey GYXX0403
Catherine GYXX0363
Charity GYXX0404
Charlestown GYXX0164
Chinese Landing GYXX0045
Christianburg GYXX0455
Clonbrook GYXX0165
Content GYXX0364
Courida Park GYXX0166
Cove GYXX0167
Crabwood Creek GYXX0009
Craig GYXX0168
Crystal Springs GYXX0510
Cummingsburg GYXX0169
Dadanawa GYXX0511
Dahdaad GYXX0010
Dalli GYXX0305
Danielstown GYXX0405
Dartmouth GYXX0406
Dawa GYXX0407
De Gezusters GYXX0306
De Kinderen GYXX0365
De Kinderen GYXX0011
De Velde GYXX0012
Den Amstel GYXX0307
Diamond Place GYXX0170
Dora GYXX0171
Dukestown GYXX0242
Durung Bang GYXX0408
East Ruimveldt GYXX0172
Ebini GYXX0456
Ekereku GYXX0094
Eldorado GYXX0366
Elizabeth GYXX0308
Elizabeth Ann GYXX0173
Enachu Landing GYXX0095
Enaruko Village GYXX0429
Enmore GYXX0013
Enterprise GYXX0309
Epira GYXX0243
Essau and Jacob GYXX0367
Eurowa GYXX0409
Experience GYXX0310
Fear Not GYXX0410
Festival City GYXX0174
First Savannah GYXX0368
Five Star GYXX0046
Fort Canje GYXX0244
Fort Nassau GYXX0457
Georgetown GYXX0001
Glasgow GYXX0311
Glasgow Village GYXX0312
GNS Kimbia GYXX0458
Gold Hill GYXX0459
Golden Fleece GYXX0369
Golden Fleece GYXX0411
Golden Grove GYXX0176
Good Hope GYXX0512
Good Hope GYXX0313
Good Hope GYXX0245
Good Intent GYXX0314
Good Success GYXX0177
Gordon Table GYXX0370
Governor Light GYXX0371
Grahams Hall GYXX0178
Greenfield Park GYXX0179
Greenheart Camp GYXX0096
Hackney GYXX0015
Hampshire GYXX0246
Hampton Court GYXX0016
Harlem GYXX0316
Haswell GYXX0247
Hawkins Mission GYXX0513
Hiawa GYXX0514
Hitia GYXX0460
Hobediah GYXX0047
Hoff Van Aurich GYXX0412
Holmia GYXX0430
Hopetown GYXX0372
Hororabo GYXX0097
Hosororo GYXX0048
Hotakwai GYXX0049
Houston GYXX0180
Hubu GYXX0317
Hururu GYXX0461
Hyde Park GYXX0017
Hyde Park GYXX0318
Igupa Village GYXX0050
Illimir Village GYXX0515
Imbaimadai GYXX0098
Imprenza GYXX0516
Ipotaikuru GYXX0051
Isherton GYXX0517
Islington GYXX0248
Issano GYXX0099
Isseneru Village GYXX0100
Issoroso GYXX0018
Itabac GYXX0431
Ithaca GYXX0019
Ituni GYXX0462
Jacoba GYXX0373
Jakaretinga GYXX0518
Java GYXX0249
Joanna GYXX0250
Johi Village GYXX0519
Kabakaburi GYXX0413
Kaikan GYXX0101
Kaikandabu GYXX0102
Kalakun GYXX0103
Kalkuni GYXX0463
Kamakusa GYXX0104
Kamana Village GYXX0432
Kamarang GYXX0105
Kamaria GYXX0106
Kamuda Village GYXX0107
Kamwatta Hill GYXX0052
Kanapang Village GYXX0433
Karanambo GYXX0521
Karaudanawa GYXX0523
Kariakaria GYXX0319
Kariaku GYXX0053
Kartabu Point GYXX0108
Kato Village GYXX0435
Keweigek GYXX0109
Kingston GYXX0181
Kitty GYXX0414
Kitty GYXX0182
Kokadai GYXX0110
Kokatara Village GYXX0464
Kokerite GYXX0054
Konashen GYXX0525
Konawaruk GYXX0436
Konoro Village GYXX0055
Kopinang Mission GYXX0437
Koranatabu GYXX0111
Koriabo GYXX0056
Kotoewau GYXX0526
Kowaeng Village GYXX0112
Kumaka GYXX0465
Kumaka GYXX0527
Kurachi GYXX0113
Kurakura GYXX0466
Kurukuru-Baibari GYXX0528
Kurutuku Village GYXX0114
Kwabanna GYXX0058
Kwakwani GYXX0467
Kwatata GYXX0530
Kwinaballi GYXX0415
Kwiokrebaru GYXX0115
La Bagatelle GYXX0183
La Grange GYXX0320
La Jalousie GYXX0321
La Juanita GYXX0059
La Penitence GYXX0184
Lacytown GYXX0185
Lamaha Gardens GYXX0186
Lamotai Landing GYXX0116
Lana GYXX0187
Lanaballi GYXX0322
Lancaster GYXX0468
Land of Canaan GYXX0188
Le Desir GYXX0117
Leeds GYXX0251
Lesbeholden GYXX0252
Lethem GYXX0531
Lichfield GYXX0374
Linden GYXX0469
Lodge GYXX0189
Lorenza GYXX0323
Louisiana GYXX0324
Low Wood GYXX0190
Lower Kamaria GYXX0118
Lucky Spot GYXX0470
Lumidpau GYXX0532
Lusignan GYXX0191
Mabaruma GYXX0060
Macaw GYXX0253
Machabo GYXX0416
Mackenzie GYXX0471
Macouba GYXX0375
Macusi Village GYXX0533
Mahaica Village GYXX0192
Mahdia GYXX0440
Makari GYXX0441
Makouria GYXX0325
Malali GYXX0472
Mamir Pawa GYXX0534
Manaka GYXX0326
Manari GYXX0535
Manari Village GYXX0061
Manawarin GYXX0062
Marakanata GYXX0536
Margot GYXX0193
Maria Johanna GYXX0327
Mariwa Village GYXX0537
Marlborough GYXX0020
Masabona GYXX0473
Massara GYXX0539
Maswa GYXX0021
Matthews Ridge GYXX0063
Mc Doom GYXX0195
Mc Kenzie GYXX0022
Meadow Bank GYXX0196
Melville GYXX0328
Meritizero GYXX0540
Meruwang GYXX0120
Mibikuri GYXX0254
Minata GYXX0121
Mission Landing GYXX0064
Moca Moca GYXX0377
Mon Desir GYXX0329
Mongreppo GYXX0122
Monkey Jump GYXX0474
Monkey Mountain GYXX0442
Mora GYXX0475
Mora Point GYXX0378
Morasi GYXX0330
Morawhanna GYXX0065
Moreiru GYXX0542
Moreru GYXX0543
Morowta GYXX0123
Mortice GYXX0379
Mount Everard GYXX0066
Mountain Point GYXX0544
Mountain View GYXX0545
Mubohina GYXX0067
Muritaro GYXX0476
Muruakundi GYXX0068
Muruwawe Village GYXX0124
Old England GYXX0478
Omakwia GYXX0479
Onderneeming GYXX0417
Onverwagt GYXX0024
Opadai GYXX0125
Oranapai Landing GYXX0126
Orealla GYXX0025
Orinduik GYXX0443
Pakera GYXX0069
Palmyra GYXX0480
Parabara GYXX0547
Paradise GYXX0386
Paradise GYXX0481
Paramakatoi GYXX0444
Parapimai GYXX0070
Parika GYXX0026
Parikaranal GYXX0548
Parishara GYXX0549
Paruima Mission GYXX0127
Patentia GYXX0333
Pathawaru GYXX0128
Patientia GYXX0334
Pearl GYXX0204
Peropo GYXX0550
Perth GYXX0027
Phoenix Town GYXX0335
Pickersgill GYXX0028
Pilinawa GYXX0029
Pine Ground GYXX0387
Pipillipai GYXX0129
Pirara GYXX0551
Plaisance GYXX0205
Pomona GYXX0418
Port Kaituma GYXX0071
Port Mourant GYXX0277
Poterima GYXX0130
Prashad Nagar GYXX0206
Princetown GYXX0278
Providence GYXX0207
Providence Place GYXX0279
Pubu GYXX0482
Puwa Village GYXX0445
Queenstown GYXX0280
Queenstown GYXX0030
Red Hill Bay GYXX0131
Republic Park GYXX0209
Resource GYXX0281
Ridge GYXX0337
Rising Sun GYXX0282
Riverstown GYXX0419
Riverview GYXX0483
Riverview GYXX0210
Robbstown GYXX0211
Rockstone GYXX0031
Rose Hall GYXX0283
Rosignol GYXX0388
Saint Ignatius GYXX0555
Saint Marys GYXX0133
Saka GYXX0484
San San Kopai GYXX0134
Sand Hills GYXX0338
Sandhills GYXX0485
Sans Souci GYXX0214
Santa Cruz GYXX0075
Santa Fe GYXX0557
Santa Mission GYXX0339
Sarah GYXX0340
Sarah Johanna GYXX0215
Sauri Wou Nawa GYXX0032
Sawariwaunawa GYXX0558
Saxakalli GYXX0341
Schepmoed GYXX0033
Schoonord GYXX0342
Scotland GYXX0390
Scottsburg GYXX0284
Seafield GYXX0391
Shea Village GYXX0559
Shulinab GYXX0560
Simiri GYXX0421
Simirie GYXX0343
Sinclair Landing GYXX0077
Sir James GYXX0392
Sirikie GYXX0422
Skeldon GYXX0285
Smythfield GYXX0286
Soesdyke GYXX0216
Somerset GYXX0423
Spring Garden GYXX0219
Spring Garden GYXX0003
Springlands GYXX0287
Stabroek GYXX0220
Stanleytown GYXX0288
Stanleytown GYXX0344
Stena GYXX0345
Subryanville GYXX0221
Success GYXX0222
Suddie GYXX0035
Sukabi GYXX0135
Sunnyside GYXX0561
Surama Village GYXX0562
Surprise Hill GYXX0078
Surumatra GYXX0563
Susannahs Rust GYXX0223
Tain GYXX0289
Takama GYXX0486
Tamton GYXX0564
Tarlogie GYXX0290
Taruka GYXX0448
Taruma Village GYXX0565
The Clip GYXX0136
Thomas Lands GYXX0224
Three Friends GYXX0488
Three Sisters GYXX0393
Tipuru Village GYXX0567
Toka Village GYXX0568
Towakaima GYXX0079
Tucville GYXX0225
Tumareng GYXX0137
Tumatumari GYXX0449
Tuschen GYXX0424
Tuschen GYXX0346
Uit GYXX0226
Uitvlugt GYXX0347
Upper Kamaria GYXX0138
Urisirima GYXX0489
Urisirima Point GYXX0490
Velgrad GYXX0450
Vergenoegen GYXX0348
Victoria GYXX0227
Vreed-en-Hoop GYXX0349
Wai-Wai GYXX0570
Waiwoi Village GYXX0571
Wakadanawa GYXX0572
Wakapau Village GYXX0425
Wales GYXX0350
Wandaik Village GYXX0451
Wandapa Village GYXX0452
Waramuri Mission GYXX0081
Ward village GYXX0291
Warida GYXX0228
Warimure GYXX0574
Wariwau GYXX0575
Waruma GYXX0576
Wash Clothes GYXX0394
Waterloo GYXX0037
Watuka GYXX0491
Wauna-Yarikita GYXX0082
Wel te Vreeden GYXX0292
Weldaad GYXX0038
Werk-en-Rust GYXX0229
West Ruimveldt GYXX0230
Whim GYXX0293
Wiapri GYXX0453
Wichabai GYXX0577
Williamsburg GYXX0294
Windsor Forest GYXX0351
Wineperu GYXX0142
Wiribisirikanali GYXX0492
Wiruni GYXX0395
Wismar GYXX0493
Wolga GYXX0143
Wortmanville GYXX0231
Woweta Village GYXX0578
Yakarinta GYXX0579
Yakusari GYXX0295
Yarow Creek GYXX0396
Yarowkabra GYXX0232
Yepi Village GYXX0580
Yepu Village GYXX0581
Yupukarri GYXX0582
Zeelandia GYXX0352
Zion GYXX0494