Weather Codes for Guinea

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Guinea. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Adalamdjaki GVXX1927
Adjidougou GVXX3445
Adjinn GVXX0061
Afia GVXX5574
Afia GVXX0788
Agbalazou GVXX3446
Agunk GVXX0062
Akadasso GVXX0063
Akoudetiangui GVXX5575
Akoul GVXX0064
Akoundetiandi GVXX0789
Akoutiandi GVXX5576
Alahina GVXX1928
Alahine GVXX1929
Alaminata GVXX3447
Alana GVXX0790
Albaderia GVXX0791
Alemaniya GVXX4954
Alfa Mama GVXX1930
Alianbale GVXX1931
Alifadougou GVXX3448
Alimaya GVXX1932
Aliya GVXX4955
Aloudet GVXX0792
Altou GVXX0065
Amaraya GVXX4956
Amdallaye GVXX0793
Ampank GVXX0066
Andalaye GVXX3231
Andefo GVXX0067
Angorguire GVXX0068
Anguera GVXX0069
Ankoro GVXX1933
Anourezia GVXX3449
Ansagnere GVXX0794
Ansangnere GVXX5577
Ansoumanya GVXX4957
Anssanguere GVXX5578
Anub GVXX0070
Anubo GVXX0071
Aoulazou GVXX3450
Aouria GVXX0797
Arfa Moussaia GVXX0798
Aria GVXX0799
Aribouya GVXX0072
Arpela GVXX0800
Assaouma GVXX3451
Auboulazou GVXX3452
Aynde GVXX0801
Ba Bara GVXX0802
Ba Fello GVXX0803
Babafarantou GVXX1934
Babedougou GVXX3453
Babi GVXX4958
Babila GVXX1935
Babila GVXX0804
Bacoumpou GVXX0073
Bada GVXX1936
Badala GVXX3454
Badala GVXX0805
Badama GVXX1937
Badangba GVXX0806
Badankourou GVXX1938
Badialata GVXX1939
Badie GVXX0074
Badougoula GVXX0807
Badougoula GVXX5579
Baelea GVXX0808
Baendou GVXX0809
Bafadou GVXX3455
Bafaria GVXX0810
Bafaya GVXX0811
Bafe GVXX1940
Bafele GVXX1941
Bafele Koro GVXX1942
Bafele Koura GVXX1943
Bafelo GVXX0075
Bafete GVXX3456
Bafilate GVXX0812
Bafingkoba GVXX1944
Bafingue GVXX5580
Baga GVXX4959
Bagadadji GVXX5581
Bagadiara GVXX0076
Bagata GVXX5582
Bagata GVXX3232
Bagbadougou GVXX3457
Bagbe GVXX0814
Bagbe GVXX3458
Bagboue GVXX1945
Bageya GVXX4960
Bagnidougou GVXX3459
Baguebetero GVXX3460
Bagueya GVXX4961
Bagui GVXX0815
Baguine GVXX0077
Baguita GVXX5583
Bahofello GVXX3233
Baignema GVXX3461
Baina GVXX5584
Baizia GVXX3462
Bakama GVXX3463
Bakameye GVXX3464
Bakando GVXX0816
Bakary Bougou GVXX1946
Bakedougou GVXX3465
Bakhaday GVXX0078
Baki GVXX4962
Bakia-Bole GVXX4963
Bakiya GVXX0079
Bakokoro GVXX3466
Bakongokoura GVXX1947
Bakoni GVXX5585
Bakoro GVXX0080
Bakorokoro GVXX3467
Bakou GVXX0081
Bakouma GVXX3468
Bakouna GVXX1948
Bakoutazou GVXX3469
Bala GVXX0817
Bala Bara GVXX1949
Bala Niomaya GVXX0818
Baladou GVXX0819
Baladou GVXX3470
Baladou Frakra GVXX3471
Baladougou GVXX1950
Baladougou GVXX3472
Balafarani GVXX1951
Balagan GVXX5586
Balakefolo GVXX1952
Balakela GVXX1953
Balaki GVXX5587
Balakodou GVXX0820
Balakoya GVXX1954
Balamai GVXX3473
Balamoussadougou GVXX3474
Balan GVXX1955
Balanda GVXX1956
Balandou GVXX0821
Balandougou GVXX5588
Balandougou GVXX0082
Balandougou GVXX1957
Balandougou GVXX4964
Balandougouba GVXX1959
Balanfe GVXX3475
Balani GVXX0823
Balansira GVXX0083
Balaraia GVXX3476
Balato GVXX1960
Balaya GVXX0824
Balaya GVXX5589
Balaya GVXX4965
Baldou GVXX0825
Balea GVXX0826
Balea GVXX3234
Baledou GVXX3477
Baleya GVXX0084
Baleya GVXX0827
Balima GVXX5590
Balimba GVXX1961
Balimou GVXX3478
Balindala GVXX1962
Balkiouol GVXX0828
Ballessama GVXX0829
Balo GVXX0830
Balo GVXX3479
Baloufara GVXX0831
Balouma GVXX3480
Bamai GVXX3481
Bamakanja GVXX3482
Bamaki GVXX5591
Bamalassou GVXX3483
Bamandougou GVXX3484
Bamaya GVXX4966
Bamba GVXX3485
Bamba GVXX4967
Bamba GVXX0085
Bamba GVXX0832
Bamba Dinka GVXX1963
Bamba Gadatiri GVXX5592
Bambadala GVXX0833
Bambadinga GVXX1964
Bambadingafarani GVXX1965
Bambadinka GVXX1966
Bambadou GVXX3486
Bambadou GVXX0835
Bambaforia GVXX0836
Bambafouga GVXX3235
Bambakordou GVXX0837
Bambakoro GVXX3487
Bambala GVXX3488
Bambala GVXX1967
Bamban GVXX4968
Bambaradou GVXX3489
Bambarali GVXX0838
Bambarare GVXX0839
Bambarareley GVXX0840
Bambato GVXX3490
Bambaya GVXX0841
Bambaya GVXX1968
Bambaya GVXX4969
Bambaya Koro GVXX0842
Bambayavel GVXX3236
Bambessou GVXX3491
Bambeto GVXX3237
Bambeya GVXX4970
Bamboro GVXX4971
Bamiko GVXX0843
Bamouroudougou GVXX3492
Bana GVXX3493
Bana GVXX5593
Banama GVXX0844
Banambala GVXX3494
Banan GVXX3495
Banan Toumbo GVXX1969
Banana GVXX4972
Banandougou GVXX3496
Bananfara GVXX1970
Bananke GVXX1971
Bananko GVXX1972
Banankono GVXX3497
Banankoro GVXX3498
Banankoro GVXX1973
Banankoro GVXX0845
Banankorone GVXX1974
Banantombo GVXX1975
Banantou GVXX1976
Banbadinka GVXX1977
Banbadou GVXX1978
Banbakounian GVXX1979
Banbanguilare GVXX0086
Banbaradougou GVXX1980
Banbayalema GVXX1981
Banbi GVXX5594
Banda GVXX0846
Bandadou GVXX3499
Bandakoro GVXX3500
Bandakoro GVXX0847
Bandakoro Le GVXX3501
Bandalo GVXX3502
Bandama GVXX3503
Bandanekoro GVXX1982
Bandani GVXX0087
Bandani GVXX5595
Bandani-Soya GVXX5596
Bandankoro GVXX0848
Bandankoro GVXX1983
Bandatama GVXX0849
Bandaya GVXX0850
Bandea GVXX5597
Bandeoradou GVXX3504
Bandera GVXX3505
Bandiamodougou GVXX3506
Bandiaya GVXX0851
Bandiougara GVXX0088
Bandiraya GVXX0852
Bando GVXX0853
Bando GVXX1984
Bandoni GVXX3507
Bandoni GVXX0854
Bandou GVXX0855
Bandou GVXX3508
Bandouboto GVXX5598
Bandougou GVXX1985
Bandougue GVXX5599
Banfara GVXX1986
Banfara GVXX0856
Banfou GVXX4973
Banga GVXX5600
Bangadou GVXX0857
Bangaladyi GVXX4974
Bangama GVXX3509
Bangaya GVXX0089
Bangbadou GVXX0858
Bangbaya GVXX0859
Bangoueta GVXX3510
Bangouya GVXX4975
Bangouya GVXX0090
Bangui GVXX5601
Banhorrea GVXX3238
Bani GVXX5602
Banian GVXX0860
Baniane GVXX0091
Baniang GVXX5603
Banindougou GVXX3511
Baningouma GVXX1987
Baninkile GVXX1988
Banire GVXX0861
Banire GVXX0092
Banisiraila GVXX1989
Bankaoule GVXX5604
Banko GVXX0862
Banko GVXX3239
Banko GVXX1990
Banko GVXX3512
Bankoda GVXX1991
Bankodougou GVXX3513
Bankokoro GVXX0863
Bankole GVXX1993
Bankoroko GVXX1994
Bankou GVXX1995
Bankoumana GVXX1996
Banne GVXX3240
Banora GVXX0864
Banota GVXX3514
Bansane GVXX0093
Bansouma GVXX5605
Banssedougou GVXX3515
Bantabague GVXX0865
Bantagnelle GVXX0866
Bantala GVXX5606
Bantalare GVXX0094
Bantam Tirit GVXX0095
Bantank GVXX0096
Bantanko GVXX3241
Bantankon GVXX1997
Bantelatiou GVXX3516
Bantiguel GVXX0097
Bantinguel GVXX0868
Bantiniel GVXX0003
Bantiniel GVXX3242
Bantoun GVXX0869
Bao Bowal GVXX0870
Bao Fello GVXX0871
Baou GVXX3517
Baoua GVXX3518
Baouadou GVXX1998
Baoulema GVXX3519
Baourouya GVXX0872
Bara GVXX0098
Bara GVXX5607
Barabilla GVXX0873
Baradou GVXX0874
Baradou GVXX3520
Baragbaraman GVXX0875
Baralande GVXX0099
Barama GVXX1999
Baranama GVXX2000
Barandou GVXX2001
Baranson GVXX2002
Bardou GVXX0876
Barea GVXX0877
Barendou GVXX0878
Bariro GVXX2003
Baritongo GVXX4977
Barkere GVXX0100
Barkere GVXX0879
Barkere GVXX5608
Barkere GVXX4978
Barniko GVXX3243
Baro GVXX2004
Baroua GVXX0880
Barsan GVXX2005
Basanto GVXX0881
Baseri GVXX4979
Bassa GVXX0882
Bassadougou GVXX3521
Bassaita GVXX3522
Bassakori GVXX2006
Bassara GVXX5609
Bassato GVXX0883
Bassaya GVXX0101
Bassedou GVXX3523
Basseniaia GVXX4980
Bassia GVXX0025
Bassialo GVXX3524
Bassidou GVXX3525
Bassika GVXX4981
Bassya GVXX4982
Batafo GVXX5610
Batak GVXX0102
Bataya GVXX0884
Batele GVXX2007
Bati GVXX2008
Batoata GVXX3526
Batota GVXX3527
Baunkoun GVXX4983
Bawiya GVXX0103
Baya GVXX0104
Bayagui GVXX4984
Bayama GVXX3528
Bayan GVXX0885
Bayan Bayan GVXX4985
Bayego GVXX0886
Bayema GVXX3529
Bayere GVXX2009
Beddou GVXX3530
Bedou GVXX0887
Bedou GVXX3531
Bedou GVXX2010
Bedougou GVXX3532
Begnira Adouma GVXX0105
Bekamodougou GVXX3533
Bel-Air GVXX0106
Belassa GVXX3534
Bele GVXX4986
Belea GVXX0888
Belebezoo GVXX3535
Beledou Kamadou GVXX0889
Belegbala GVXX3536
Belegoua GVXX3537
Belegouma GVXX3538
Belekoro GVXX3539
Belekov GVXX4987
Belela GVXX0890
Belelazou GVXX3540
Belemou GVXX3541
Beleniale GVXX0107
Belenian GVXX3542
Belesse GVXX5611
Beletanin GVXX3543
Beleton GVXX3544
Beleu GVXX0108
Beley GVXX3545
Beleya GVXX0891
Beli GVXX4988
Belia GVXX4989
Belia GVXX0892
Belian GVXX0893
Beliehouma GVXX3546
Belima GVXX4990
Belinkoro GVXX2011
Belinkoro GVXX0894
Belli GVXX5612
Belli GVXX0895
Bembenia GVXX3244
Bembetakoura GVXX2012
Bembou Sambayabe GVXX4991
Bemelassou GVXX3547
Benda GVXX3548
Bendefikhe GVXX0109
Bendelatiou GVXX0896
Bendi Koro GVXX0897
Bendou GVXX0898
Bendougou GVXX4992
Bendougou GVXX0899
Bendougou GVXX3245
Bendougou GVXX3550
Bendougou GVXX2013
Bendougou I GVXX0900
Bendougou II GVXX0901
Bene GVXX2014
Benegba GVXX2015
Beneouli GVXX3551
Bengueya GVXX4993
Benkilon GVXX4994
Benndebare GVXX5613
Benndekoure GVXX3246
Bennsori GVXX5614
Benti GVXX4995
Bentroya GVXX4996
Benty GVXX0004
Beoramai GVXX3552
Beouma GVXX3553
Bere Koye GVXX0110
Bereco GVXX2016
Bereia GVXX2017
Bereire GVXX4997
Berekan GVXX3554
Bereko GVXX2018
Bereko GVXX0902
Berekole GVXX2019
Berela GVXX2020
Berendou GVXX0903
Beressa GVXX3555
Bereta GVXX0904
Berevel GVXX3247
Bereya GVXX0111
Bereyire GVXX4998
Beriakore GVXX4999
Berika GVXX5000
Beringoua GVXX3556
Beroule GVXX2021
Bessakhoure GVXX5001
Besse GVXX5002
Besse-Oula GVXX5615
Besseko GVXX3557
Beta GVXX3558
Betaya GVXX0905
Betaya GVXX5003
Beteorama GVXX3559
Beyla GVXX3560
Bezegrega GVXX3561
Bi GVXX3562
Biadjimadougou GVXX3563
Biedougou GVXX3564
Biendougou GVXX3565
Bienta GVXX3566
Bignadou GVXX3567
Bigori GVXX0112
Bikhakhabade GVXX0113
Biladougou GVXX3568
Bilamba GVXX3569
Bilaro GVXX2022
Bilassana GVXX3570
Bilekene GVXX5616
Bili GVXX3571
Bilialia GVXX0906
Bilikiti GVXX0907
Bilikoidougou GVXX3572
Bilima Kante GVXX3248
Bilimba GVXX3573
Bilimou GVXX3574
Bilimtomo GVXX2024
Bilindo GVXX2025
Biling GVXX2026
Bimbere GVXX3575
Bimilia GVXX3576
Binari GVXX0114
Bindou GVXX0908
Bindou GVXX3577
Bindougou GVXX5617
Bindougou GVXX0115
Bindougou GVXX0909
Binedougou GVXX3578
Bingo GVXX3579
Bingoueda GVXX3580
Binguedou GVXX3581
Biniedougou GVXX3582
Binikala GVXX3583
Binngaldi GVXX5618
Bintia GVXX0116
Bintimodouya GVXX0117
Bintinko GVXX3249
Bipa GVXX3584
Biramadougou GVXX3585
Biramfero GVXX2027
Biricodou GVXX3586
Biricodou GVXX0910
Birissa GVXX0911
Birotoulal GVXX5004
Bissan GVXX0118
Bisselia GVXX2028
Bissikrima GVXX0912
Bitiendougou GVXX3587
Bitongoro GVXX3588
Bitonko GVXX0119
Blakabata GVXX3589
Blasana GVXX3590
Blayegouma GVXX3591
Blogbo GVXX3592
Boadou GVXX3593
Boafaria GVXX0913
Boani GVXX0914
Boavalkourou GVXX3250
Bobere GVXX2029
Bobiya GVXX5005
Bobo GVXX3594
Bobokoro GVXX3595
Boboroko GVXX0915
Boboueloua GVXX3596
Bodala GVXX2030
Bodezia GVXX3597
Bodie GVXX3251
Bodioko GVXX0916
Bodolazou GVXX3598
Bodou GVXX3599
Boeule GVXX2031
Boezia GVXX3600
Bofe GVXX2032
Boffa GVXX0001
Bofio GVXX5006
Bofodougou GVXX2033
Bofosso GVXX3601
Bofouzou GVXX3602
Bogaya GVXX5007
Bogbozou GVXX3603
Bogo Oule GVXX2034
Bogokoda GVXX2035
Bogokole GVXX2036
Bogoma GVXX5619
Bogoounle GVXX0917
Bohe GVXX5008
Bohe GVXX5620
Bohere GVXX0120
Bohere GVXX2037
Bohodou GVXX2038
Bohoko GVXX2039
Bohon GVXX3604
Bohoye GVXX5621
Boifiko GVXX5009
Boiga GVXX3605
Boisere GVXX0918
Boita GVXX3606
Bokabari GVXX2040
Bokaria GVXX5010
Bokaria GVXX0919
Bokariadi GVXX5011
Bokariya GVXX5012
Bokariya GVXX0121
Boke GVXX0122
Boketto GVXX0920
Bokhinene GVXX5013
Boki GVXX0123
Boki Dile GVXX0124
Boko GVXX2041
Boko GVXX3252
Bokoba GVXX3253
Bokodala GVXX2042
Bokodiamai GVXX3607
Bokodougou GVXX3608
Bokoezia GVXX3609
Bokofele GVXX2043
Bokogoue GVXX2044
Bokoko GVXX2045
Bokokole GVXX2046
Bokola GVXX2047
Bokole GVXX2048
Bokondio GVXX3254
Bokoni GVXX3610
Bokorandji GVXX5622
Bokoro GVXX0921
Bokoro GVXX2049
Bokorodou GVXX3611
Bokorofassama GVXX3612
Bokoume GVXX3613
Bokourouma GVXX3614
Boledji GVXX0922
Bolo GVXX3615
Bolobengo GVXX3616
Bolobo-Kaya GVXX5014
Bolodji Sando GVXX0923
Bolodou GVXX3617
Bolonta GVXX5015
Bolonta GVXX0125
Bolorosso GVXX2050
Boma GVXX0924
Bomandou GVXX3619
Bombadou GVXX0925
Bombi Bourou GVXX5623
Bombodou GVXX3620
Bombokhoure GVXX5016
Bomboli GVXX3255
Bombondia GVXX0126
Bombou GVXX3621
Bomeye GVXX3622
Bomfira GVXX0127
Bomilo GVXX5017
Bomoye GVXX3623
Bona GVXX3624
Bondadou GVXX0926
Bondankoro GVXX0927
Bondekhori GVXX5018
Bondo GVXX0928
Bondodou GVXX3625
Bondou GVXX3626
Bondou GVXX0929
Bone GVXX0930
Boneya GVXX5019
Bonfira GVXX0026
Bongboro GVXX3627
Bongo GVXX3628
Bongo GVXX0931
Bongoro GVXX3629
Bongui GVXX0932
Bonkadou GVXX3630
Bonkamadou GVXX3631
Bonkardou GVXX0933
Bonko GVXX3632
Bonko GVXX2051
Bonko GVXX0934
Bonkoguadou GVXX3633
Bonni GVXX3634
Bonni GVXX0935
Bonodou GVXX3635
Bonsoutoura GVXX0936
Bontala GVXX0937
Boo GVXX3636
Boola GVXX3637
Booue GVXX3638
Bopara GVXX3639
Bora GVXX2052
Borea GVXX5021
Bori GVXX2053
Boria GVXX2054
Boria GVXX0938
Boriko GVXX5624
Borire GVXX0939
Borniadou GVXX3640
Boro GVXX3641
Borobof GVXX0128
Borodji GVXX0129
Borodji Peul GVXX0130
Borodou GVXX0940
Borofinian GVXX2055
Borogbadou GVXX0941
Borokobia GVXX2056
Borokoro GVXX0942
Boroma GVXX0943
Borombala GVXX2057
Boromessen GVXX3642
Borondou GVXX5022
Boroni GVXX3643
Boroniamandougou GVXX3644
Boroto GVXX2058
Borouko GVXX5023
Bosedanta GVXX0944
Bossakouria GVXX0945
Bossoboria GVXX2059
Bossodougou GVXX3645
Bossou GVXX3646
Bote GVXX3647
Bote GVXX0946
Botini GVXX0131
Boto GVXX5024
Botoko GVXX0947
Botoko GVXX0132
Botolo GVXX3648
Botore GVXX3256
Botowel GVXX3257
Bottema GVXX3649
Bouadou GVXX3650
Boubaro GVXX3651
Boube GVXX0948
Boubere GVXX0949
Boubere GVXX5025
Boubere GVXX2060
Boubere Konsolon GVXX0950
Boubere Tamba GVXX0951
Bouboude GVXX5026
Bouboukoro GVXX3652
Boubouya GVXX5027
Boubouya GVXX0952
Boudala GVXX5625
Boudou GVXX0953
Boudou GVXX3653
Boudoulemoni GVXX5626
Boudoumgala GVXX0954
Bouebouedougou GVXX2061
Bouedaga GVXX3654
Bouemekela GVXX2062
Bouerazou GVXX3655
Bouere Bouereko GVXX2063
Bouerekoko GVXX3656
Boufou GVXX0133
Bougaria GVXX2064
Bougoula GVXX2065
Bougoulan Foula GVXX0955
Bougoule GVXX0956
Bougourou GVXX2067
Bouida GVXX2068
Bouka GVXX0957
Bouka Do GVXX0958
Boukande GVXX0959
Boukande GVXX2069
Boukaria GVXX2070
Boukaria GVXX0960
Boukouna GVXX0134
Boukoussou GVXX3657
Boula GVXX3658
Boula Kouninka GVXX2071
Boulata GVXX3659
Bouldavourou GVXX3660
Boule GVXX3661
Boulehela GVXX0135
Boulere GVXX0136
Bouli GVXX5627
Boulinko GVXX3258
Boulivel GVXX3259
Bouliwel GVXX3260
Boullere GVXX5028
Boullere GVXX0137
Boullere GVXX3261
Bouloubadougou GVXX2072
Boumboukoro GVXX0961
Boume GVXX0027
Boumeko GVXX0962
Boumeoul GVXX0138
Boumou GVXX3662
Boumoukoro GVXX3663
Bouna GVXX0139
Bounan GVXX2073
Bounaougobi GVXX5628
Bounaya GVXX3262
Boundala GVXX0963
Boundian GVXX2074
Boundou GVXX3664
Boundou Lengue GVXX2075
Boundou Tounou GVXX5029
Boundoukoura GVXX5629
Boundoulingue GVXX0140
Bounoudou GVXX3665
Bounouma GVXX3666
Bounta GVXX0141
Bouramaya GVXX5030
Bouramaya GVXX0964
Bouramaya GVXX2076
Bouraya GVXX0965
Boure GVXX3667
Bouredagadou GVXX3668
Bouredou GVXX0966
Boureya GVXX0967
Bourfo GVXX5630
Bouria GVXX3263
Bouria GVXX5631
Bouriedou GVXX3669
Bouringouefara GVXX2077
Bouroizeda GVXX3670
Bouroro GVXX0142
Bourou GVXX5632
Bourougna GVXX0143
Bouroumba GVXX0968
Bouroume GVXX3671
Bourououal GVXX5633
Boussedou GVXX3672
Boussira GVXX2078
Boussoura GVXX0969
Boussoura GVXX0144
Boussoura GVXX5634
Boussoura GVXX3264
Boussouran GVXX2079
Bouteda GVXX2080
Boutoudou GVXX2081
Bouye GVXX0970
Bouyidala GVXX2082
Bouzouta GVXX3673
Bovedebe GVXX0971
Bowal-Ila GVXX0145
Bowe GVXX3674
Boya GVXX0972
Boyda GVXX3675
Boyere GVXX0146
Boyo GVXX0973
Bozegrega GVXX3676
Brahimadougou GVXX3677
Bramaya GVXX5031
Branama GVXX2083
Broadou GVXX0974
Broua GVXX5635
Broual Larbe GVXX3265
Brourouve GVXX3266
Brouyakoele GVXX3678
Browal GVXX5032
Camaro GVXX0975
Camayenne GVXX0028
Camendou GVXX0976
Camian GVXX0977
Cissela GVXX2084
Cite de Francony GVXX0030
Cite Resid GVXX0029
Cohy GVXX0978
Conakry GVXX0002
Correro GVXX0007
Cote GVXX0031
Coumoni GVXX3679
Coyah GVXX5033
Dabadou GVXX2085
Dabadougou GVXX3680
Dabadougou GVXX2086
Dabala GVXX2087
Dabassidougou GVXX3681
Dabatou GVXX0979
Dabaya GVXX2088
Dabidiana GVXX2089
Dabiss GVXX0147
Dabisse Kayati GVXX0148
Daboia GVXX5034
Dabola GVXX0980
Dabolatounka GVXX0981
Dabon GVXX0149
Daboro GVXX5035
Daboya GVXX5036
Dademouna GVXX0150
Dadiounou GVXX2090
Dadioye GVXX5636
Dafolokoura GVXX0982
Dafra GVXX2091
Dagbano GVXX3682
Dagni GVXX2092
Daguinta GVXX2093
Daguita GVXX0983
Daila GVXX0984
Daindera GVXX0985
Daini GVXX2094
Daka Bantan GVXX0986
Daka Sountou GVXX0987
Dakabali GVXX0988
Dakadi GVXX5037
Dakadou GVXX0989
Dakadou GVXX3683
Dakadounbanbe GVXX5637
Dakakoura GVXX5038
Dakamaley GVXX0990
Dakamangui GVXX2095
Dakanete GVXX5638
Dakassire GVXX5639
Dakhi GVXX5039
Daki GVXX0991
Dakinde GVXX0151
Dakofourou GVXX5040
Dakongo GVXX3684
Dakonta GVXX0152
Dakoto GVXX0992
Dala Saba GVXX2096
Dalaba GVXX0993
Dalaba GVXX3267
Dalaba GVXX2097
Dalaba GVXX5640
Dalabakala GVXX3268
Dalabani GVXX2098
Dalabanifara GVXX2099
Dalabori GVXX5641
Dalafilani GVXX0994
Dalagbe GVXX2100
Dalaguada GVXX2101
Dalakan GVXX2102
Dalakolo GVXX2103
Dalala GVXX2104
Dalama GVXX5642
Dalamado GVXX0995
Dalambou GVXX0996
Dalamoyani GVXX2105
Dalanian GVXX2106
Dalaninka GVXX2107
Dalao GVXX3269
Dalao GVXX0153
Dalato GVXX0997
Dalato GVXX3270
Dalemban GVXX2108
Dalen GVXX5643
Daleya GVXX0998
Dali GVXX5644
Dalin GVXX0154
Dalonia GVXX5041
Damacinea GVXX5042
Damakania GVXX5043
Damana GVXX3685
Damandou GVXX2109
Damandougou GVXX3686
Damanguebedou GVXX2110
Damania GVXX0999
Damaro GVXX2111
Damba GVXX2112
Damba GVXX3687
Dambadou GVXX3688
Damendou GVXX1001
Damian GVXX1002
Damisa Koro GVXX2113
Damisa Koura GVXX2114
Dana GVXX5645
Danaya GVXX5044
Danba GVXX5646
Danbadou GVXX1003
Danbaya GVXX1004
Danda GVXX5647
Danda GVXX1005
Dandakara GVXX1006
Dandama GVXX5648
Dandaya GVXX5045
Dandela GVXX2115
Dandemayo GVXX1007
Dandeti GVXX5046
Dandia GVXX3689
Dandian GVXX1008
Dando GVXX5047
Dandou GVXX1009
Dandou GVXX0155
Dandou GVXX3690
Dandoula GVXX0156
Danembaya GVXX1010
Danfafarani GVXX2116
Danfagako GVXX2117
Dangbassou GVXX3691
Dangdou GVXX3692
Dangol GVXX3271
Dangoupan GVXX5649
Danguiri GVXX0157
Danieni GVXX2118
Danine GVXX3693
Danini GVXX2119
Danka Koura GVXX2120
Dankakoro GVXX2121
Dankaldou GVXX1011
Dankaran GVXX5048
Dankouedou GVXX3694
Danloro GVXX1012
Dansaha GVXX5049
Dansankore GVXX1013
Dansaya GVXX5050
Dansokoya GVXX1014
Dantaba GVXX0158
Dantadji GVXX1015
Dantalaoura GVXX5051
Dantare GVXX1016
Dantare GVXX3272
Dantare Bofoulo GVXX0159
Dantare Lagui GVXX0160
Dantare Liddo GVXX3273
Dantari GVXX3274
Dantari GVXX5650
Dantawi GVXX5651
Dantilia GVXX1017
Dantoumaia GVXX3275
Dantoumaya GVXX5052
Daolassou GVXX3695
Daoua GVXX3696
Daoudaya GVXX5053
Dapompo GVXX0161
Dapore GVXX3697
Dar es Salam GVXX3276
Dar es Saleme GVXX1019
Dar Salam GVXX5054
Dara GVXX1020
Dara GVXX3277
Dara GVXX5055
Dara GVXX0162
Dara Nianou GVXX5652
Dara Sokoboli GVXX1021
Darafore GVXX1022
Daragbe GVXX1023
Daragbe GVXX5056
Darakhoure GVXX5057
Daralabe GVXX5653
Daranene GVXX5058
Darata GVXX0163
Darazou GVXX3698
Darkassaki GVXX0164
Daro GVXX3699
Darou GVXX1024
Darou Salam GVXX1025
Darou Salamdo GVXX1026
Darou Salamley GVXX1027
Dassaba GVXX2122
Dassara GVXX0165
Dassi GVXX5654
Datouya GVXX1028
Davia GVXX1029
Dawadji GVXX5655
Dayabe GVXX1030
Dazaraguezia GVXX3700
Dea GVXX1031
Debade GVXX0166
Debou-Tiank GVXX0167
Deguelan GVXX5656
Deguendou GVXX5059
Degui GVXX5060
Deguiyangbouan GVXX5061
Dekouri GVXX0168
Dela GVXX2123
Deledougou GVXX2124
Demba GVXX3701
Demba Saidi GVXX0169
Dembadou GVXX3702
Dembadou GVXX1032
Dembasiria GVXX1033
Dembata GVXX5062
Dembaya GVXX1034
Dembaya GVXX5063
Dembeleyabe GVXX3278
Demmba GVXX5657
Demokoulima GVXX3279
Demou GVXX3703
Demougaya GVXX5658
Denda GVXX5064
Dendadou GVXX1035
Dendaladou GVXX1036
Dendou GVXX1037
Dendoula GVXX0170
Denekendou GVXX3704
Denekenedou GVXX3705
Denke GVXX5065
Denso GVXX2125
Dentedi GVXX5066
Dentefore GVXX5067
Dentema GVXX0171
Dentilia GVXX1038
Dentinia GVXX2126
Depal GVXX5659
Derance GVXX0172
Dereoua GVXX3706
Diabadou GVXX3707
Diabakania GVXX1039
Diabamoridougou GVXX3708
Diabaseridou GVXX2127
Diabema GVXX3709
Diaberezou GVXX3710
Diabrino GVXX3711
Diadaya GVXX2128
Diadia GVXX5660
Diadougou GVXX3712
Diafouma GVXX3280
Diafounabe GVXX1040
Diafoundbe GVXX1041
Diagana GVXX5661
Diagara GVXX5662
Diaguissa GVXX3281
Diakakouta GVXX5663
Diakale GVXX2129
Diakissaya GVXX1042
Diakolidougou GVXX3713
Diakoro GVXX3714
Diala GVXX2130
Dialadieba GVXX3716
Dialadougou GVXX2131
Dialafanadougou GVXX3717
Dialagouela GVXX3718
Dialakala GVXX1043
Dialake GVXX2132
Dialakoro GVXX3719
Dialakoro GVXX2133
Dialakoro GVXX1044
Dialaman Madiha GVXX2134
Dialankan GVXX2135
Dialankoro GVXX1045
Dialawassa GVXX2136
Dialikourou GVXX2137
Dialloni GVXX2138
Dialonkoro GVXX1046
Diamanankoura GVXX2139
Diambaya GVXX2140
Diambesse Lalia GVXX5664
Diambouria GVXX3282
Diamel GVXX0173
Diamodougou GVXX3720
Diamona GVXX2141
Dian GVXX3721
Diana GVXX1047
Dianboukoue GVXX5665
Diandian GVXX5068
Diandian GVXX3283
Diangolo GVXX3284
Diani GVXX3722
Diankabaladou GVXX3723
Diankana GVXX2142
Diankoya GVXX2143
Diansantindi GVXX2144
Diansoumana GVXX2145
Dianvelia GVXX1048
Diaoia GVXX5666
Diaouloko GVXX1049
Diaoya GVXX1050
Diapele GVXX3724
Diara GVXX2146
Diarabadou GVXX2147
Diaradou Mankan GVXX2148
Diaradougou GVXX2149
Diaragueleba GVXX2150
Diarakoro GVXX2151
Diarakorodougou GVXX3725
Diarakourou GVXX2152
Diarando GVXX1051
Diaratoo GVXX2153
Diare Kouda GVXX0174
Diareguela GVXX2154
Diarendi GVXX1052
Diareya GVXX2155
Diari GVXX5667
Diarinde GVXX1053
Diarinde GVXX2156
Diarindi GVXX3285
Diarradou GVXX2157
Diassa GVXX2158
Diassadougou GVXX3726
Diassakouna GVXX2159
Diassedougou GVXX3727
Diata GVXX1054
Diata GVXX5069
Diata Torobe GVXX1055
Diataidou GVXX3728
Diataouledou GVXX3729
Diatea GVXX2160
Diateba GVXX2161
Diatela GVXX2162
Diatia GVXX1056
Diatifere Foula GVXX1057
Diatiya GVXX3286
Diavadou GVXX2163
Diavassama GVXX3730
Diavele GVXX1059
Diavia GVXX5668
Diaweli GVXX0175
Dibanba Silala GVXX1060
Dibaya GVXX1061
Dibbo Bantanguel GVXX3287
Dibiya GVXX5070
Diboli GVXX1062
Dide GVXX2164
Didi GVXX2165
Didibo GVXX2166
Didou GVXX1063
Diebata GVXX2167
Diebidougou GVXX3731
Dieboidou GVXX3732
Diecke GVXX3733
Diegbedou GVXX3734
Dielekourou GVXX1064
Dieliba Koro GVXX2168
Dielimala GVXX2169
Diene Marena GVXX2170
Dienekoro GVXX3735
Dieoulenou GVXX3736
Dierelande GVXX1065
Diguibania GVXX2171
Diguibouroumala GVXX2172
Diguidanda GVXX2173
Diguidankola GVXX2174
Diguidigui GVXX1066
Diguifara GVXX2175
Diguila GVXX1067
Diguili GVXX2176
Diguipali GVXX5071
Dihaye GVXX3737
Dikira GVXX2177
Dikissin GVXX0176
Dikola GVXX0177
Dikya GVXX0178
Dilafoundou GVXX2178
Dile GVXX5669
Dimya GVXX5072
Din GVXX3738
Dindama GVXX5670
Dindeogba GVXX1068
Dindian GVXX3739
Dindili GVXX3288
Dinga GVXX2179
Dingue GVXX1069
Dingue GVXX3740
Dinguedou GVXX3741
Dinguiraye GVXX1070
Dinkakoma GVXX1071
Dinko GVXX2180
Diodougou GVXX3742
Diogboma GVXX3743
Diogoma GVXX5671
Diogouinta GVXX3744
Diogoure GVXX3289
Diogoya GVXX1072
Diohere GVXX1073
Diohoueta GVXX3745
Diolde Tengui GVXX0179
Dioli GVXX5073
Dioloko GVXX2181
Diolokoya GVXX5672
Diomai GVXX3746
Diomandou GVXX2182
Diomandougou GVXX2183
Diomandu GVXX3747
Diomanta GVXX3748
Dionbo Sira GVXX1074
Dionboya GVXX5673
Dionfara GVXX2184
Dionko GVXX1075
Dionko GVXX2185
Diorodougou GVXX3749
Dioude Balaya GVXX1076
Dioukou GVXX3290
Dioulabaya GVXX5674
Dioumabana GVXX2186
Dioumbouia GVXX2187
Dioumboutigui GVXX2188
Dioungoun GVXX0180
Diountou GVXX5675
Dipa GVXX5074
Dira GVXX5676
Dirabou GVXX5677
Diraya GVXX2189
Dire GVXX5075
Dirita GVXX3750
Dirmoli GVXX5678
Dissekiri GVXX0181
Dita GVXX2190
Dita GVXX0182
Ditinn GVXX3292
Dixinn GVXX0032
Diye GVXX3751
Djarga GVXX0183
Djemadyi GVXX0184
Djibarodougou GVXX3752
Djibendo GVXX1077
Djidjima GVXX5076
Djifinn GVXX1078
Djilengbe GVXX2191
Djimbala GVXX2192
Djimbala Tombon GVXX2193
Djimedougou GVXX3753
Djimmebakerdou GVXX1079
Djiraya GVXX5077
Djoboko GVXX2194
Djodjin I GVXX2195
Djodjin II GVXX2196
Djoue GVXX3754
Doba GVXX0185
Dobali GVXX0186
Dobire GVXX1080
Dobirikadi GVXX0187
Dodo GVXX5078
Dofili GVXX5079
Dog GVXX3755
Dogbodou GVXX3756
Dogo Fili GVXX2197
Dogofon GVXX5080
Dogole GVXX2198
Dogonadougou GVXX3757
Doi-Doi GVXX0188
Doizia GVXX3758
Dokiti GVXX0189
Doko GVXX2199
Dokoual GVXX0190
Dokponga GVXX3759
Dolaro GVXX3760
Dolomou GVXX3761
Doloye GVXX3762
Domanidougou GVXX3763
Domba GVXX3764
Domigna GVXX2200
Domingya GVXX0191
Domiya GVXX5081
Donbadou GVXX2201
Dondano GVXX3765
Donde GVXX0192
Dondediabi GVXX5679
Dondian GVXX1081
Done Mayo GVXX1082
Dongdabi GVXX0193
Donghol-Sigon GVXX5680
Dongol GVXX2202
Dongol Sigon GVXX5681
Dongol-Sangui GVXX5682
Dongolisola GVXX2203
Dongora GVXX0194
Donguel GVXX5082
Donguel GVXX0195
Donhel GVXX3293
Donhoueta GVXX3766
Donia GVXX5083
Doniya GVXX0196
Donka GVXX0033
Donke GVXX5084
Donsikira GVXX5085
Donta GVXX5683
Dopamai GVXX3767
Dora GVXX2204
Dorela GVXX3768
Dorokoro GVXX3769
Doromai GVXX3770
Dorota GVXX3771
Dossari GVXX2205
Dotere GVXX0197
Doti GVXX5086
Dou Sare GVXX0198
Douadou GVXX3772
Douadou GVXX1083
Douadou GVXX5087
Douako GVXX2206
Douala GVXX3773
Douaya GVXX2207
Doubadougou GVXX3774
Doubagoinana GVXX2208
Doubaya GVXX5088
Doubaya GVXX2209
Doubbel GVXX3294
Doubel GVXX0199
Doubel GVXX1084
Doubel GVXX5684
Doubere GVXX1085
Doubewadji GVXX5685
Doubou GVXX3775
Douboudou GVXX3776
Doubouya GVXX5089
Doudou GVXX1086
Doufa GVXX1087
Douga GVXX1088
Dougakofara GVXX2210
Dougamakokho GVXX2211
Dougbe GVXX3777
Dougna GVXX2212
Dougoubadia GVXX2213
Dougougouella GVXX3778
Dougoulema GVXX1089
Dougoulena GVXX1090
Dougoulengui GVXX2214
Dougoulin GVXX5686
Dougounta GVXX2215
Dougountouni GVXX5687
Dougououle GVXX1091
Dougououle GVXX2216
Dougoura GVXX2217
Dougousambere GVXX2218
Douki GVXX3295
Doukone GVXX3779
Doukonkoune GVXX5688
Doukoukou GVXX3296
Doukourela GVXX0200
Doukourella GVXX3780
Doukourouia GVXX1092
Doulama GVXX3781
Doulapa GVXX3782
Douloouri GVXX0201
Douloufe GVXX3783
Douloumai GVXX3784
Douma GVXX3297
Doumba GVXX5689
Doumba GVXX1093
Doumba Diolo GVXX0202
Doumbafe GVXX1094
Doumbaoulia GVXX2219
Doumbiagui GVXX0203
Doumbouya GVXX2220
Doumelia GVXX1095
Doumou GVXX0204
Dounamaro GVXX3785
Dounamaro GVXX1096
Dounde GVXX0008
Doundia GVXX1097
Doundougui GVXX1098
Doundouko GVXX3298
Doundoukouro GVXX5090
Doundounfaye GVXX0205
Doune GVXX3299
Doungou Daoda GVXX1099
Doungoue GVXX2221
Dounguel GVXX5690
Douni GVXX2222
Dounikolo GVXX2223
Dounkacia GVXX1100
Dounkanssia GVXX1101
Dounki GVXX5091
Dounkimayo GVXX1102
Dounkita GVXX1103
Dounkita GVXX5691
Dounkourou GVXX0206
Dounoukou GVXX2224
Dounouteke GVXX2225
Douoli GVXX5092
Doupepel GVXX1104
Doupou GVXX0207
Doupourou GVXX0208
Doura GVXX2226
Dourouba GVXX3786
Douroufe GVXX3787
Dourouili GVXX0209
Douroumangol GVXX5692
Dousoumissa GVXX2227
Doussoudiaradou GVXX3788
Doussoukoya GVXX1105
Doutila GVXX2228
Douya GVXX2229
Douyoubes Ali GVXX3300
Douzou GVXX3789
Doyama GVXX5093
Dubia GVXX2230
Dubreka GVXX5094
Duera GVXX0210
Duillia GVXX0211
Dyiesane GVXX2231
Dyiga Diorata GVXX0212
Ebak GVXX0213
Enissian GVXX0214
Epe GVXX0215
Epita GVXX0216
Erabiniare GVXX5693
Erako GVXX2232
Erako GVXX1106
Erikouo GVXX5694
Faadou GVXX1107
Fabahia GVXX2233
Fabala GVXX2234
Fabiniedougou GVXX3790
Faboridougou GVXX3791
Fabouedougou GVXX3792
Facasaba GVXX2235
Fadakoba GVXX2236
Fadama GVXX1108
Fadama GVXX2237
Fadia GVXX1109
Fadiogola GVXX2238
Fadou GVXX3793
Fadou GVXX1110
Fadou GVXX2239
Fadougou GVXX1111
Fadougou GVXX3794
Fadougou GVXX2240
Faendou GVXX3795
Faendou GVXX1112
Fafadala GVXX2241
Fafarandougou GVXX3796
Fafaya GVXX5695
Fafende GVXX5095
Faferedougou GVXX3797
Fakessadougou GVXX2242
Fakolakebaya GVXX2243
Fakoredougou GVXX3798
Fakouroudougou GVXX3799
Fakourounou GVXX3800
Falaba GVXX0217
Faladian GVXX1113
Falakaya GVXX1114
Falama GVXX2244
Falandougou GVXX3801
Falanko GVXX3802
Falanko GVXX1115
Falea GVXX2245
Falibaya GVXX1116
Faliebougou GVXX2246
Falipounka GVXX3803
Falissade GVXX5096
Fallo GVXX1117
Falo GVXX3804
Falo Bove GVXX5696
Famafanako GVXX2247
Famakandenia GVXX2248
Famako GVXX2249
Famambourou GVXX2250
Famanbourou GVXX2251
Famani GVXX0218
Famania GVXX1118
Famanian GVXX2252
Famaoulia GVXX1119
Fameudougou GVXX3805
Fammere GVXX1120
Famodougou GVXX3806
Famoela GVXX3807
Famoredougou GVXX2253
Famoreya GVXX5097
Famorodou GVXX3808
Famorodougou GVXX3809
Famossedougou GVXX3810
Fan Toumanea GVXX1121
Fanah GVXX3811
Fandanda GVXX1122
Fandanta GVXX2254
Fandia GVXX2255
Fandie GVXX5098
Fandiekhoure GVXX0219
Fandou GVXX3812
Fandougou GVXX3813
Fangadama GVXX2256
Fangama GVXX0220
Fangamandou GVXX3814
Faniouma GVXX2257
Fanka GVXX2258
Fankono GVXX2259
Fankouma GVXX3815
Fanlounta GVXX3816
Fanou GVXX3817
Fansan GVXX1123
Fansan GVXX2260
Fansiga GVXX5099
Fanson GVXX2261
Faraba GVXX2262
Faraba GVXX1124
Farabakouda GVXX2263
Farabale GVXX2264
Farabana GVXX2265
Farabaro GVXX2266
Farabolo GVXX2267
Faraboulone GVXX2268
Farada GVXX2269
Faradamani GVXX2270
Faradian GVXX2271
Faradjian GVXX2272
Farafi GVXX2273
Farafila GVXX3818
Farafina GVXX2274
Farafina GVXX3819
Faragberiro GVXX1125
Faragoue GVXX2275
Faragoueba GVXX2276
Faragouekoro GVXX2277
Farako GVXX2278
Farako GVXX1126
Farakoba GVXX2279
Farakomandougou GVXX3820
Farakoro GVXX3821
Farakoro GVXX1127
Farakounde GVXX1128
Farala GVXX2280
Faralako GVXX2281
Farama GVXX1129
Faramadila GVXX2282
Faramankaya GVXX2283
Faran Oualia GVXX2284
Faranah GVXX1130
Faranbadougou GVXX2285
Farancouma GVXX3822
Faranda GVXX2286
Farandala GVXX3823
Farandala GVXX1131
Farando GVXX2287
Farandou GVXX2288
Faranfina GVXX2289
Farangbouema GVXX1132
Faraniko GVXX2290
Faraninda GVXX2291
Faranindou GVXX2292
Farantoya GVXX2293
Faraoto GVXX1133
Fararandou GVXX1134
Farasababe GVXX2294
Farawendou GVXX1135
Faraya GVXX2295
Farayatomou GVXX2296
Farema GVXX3824
Farendou GVXX1136
Farendou GVXX2297
Farenya GVXX0221
Farenya GVXX5100
Faria GVXX1137
Farina GVXX0222
Farinia GVXX5101
Farinkamaya GVXX2298
Farinta GVXX5102
Farinyadi GVXX5103
Fariraya GVXX1138
Farko GVXX2299
Farmassadou GVXX1139
Farmoreya GVXX0009
Faro GVXX2300
Faro GVXX3301
Faroro GVXX2301
Faroro GVXX1140
Fasablema GVXX3825
Fassaba GVXX3826
Fassablema GVXX3827
Fassala GVXX3828
Fassalia GVXX1141
Fassangouni GVXX3829
Fassaziazou GVXX3830
Fassazou GVXX3831
Fasselia GVXX2302
Fassiadougou GVXX3832
Fassienso GVXX3833
Fassinedou GVXX3834
Fassiredougou GVXX3835
Fassissou GVXX3836
Fatafing GVXX1142
Fatakiria GVXX1143
Fatako GVXX5697
Fatakou GVXX2303
Fatalabaya GVXX0010
Fatigala GVXX3302
Fatila GVXX0223
Fatimpo GVXX0224
Fatomaya GVXX5104
Fatoya GVXX2304
Faudou GVXX3837
Faurea GVXX3838
Fayadougou GVXX3839
Fayala GVXX2305
Fayimaya GVXX5105
Fede GVXX0225
Fedou GVXX1144
Fedou GVXX3840
Fedougou GVXX3303
Fefe GVXX2306
Fefelabaya GVXX5106
Fehedou GVXX1145
Felako GVXX2307
Feledou GVXX2308
Feleouala GVXX3841
Felian GVXX3304
Felinya GVXX5107
Felle GVXX1146
Fello GVXX1147
Fello Atigou GVXX1148
Fello Dioue GVXX1149
Fello Morou I GVXX1150
Fello Morou II GVXX1151
Felo GVXX5698
Felo GVXX1152
Felou GVXX3842
Feloura GVXX5700
Feloussia GVXX3843
Fema GVXX5108
Fenaria GVXX2309
Fendou Kama GVXX3844
Fenedougou GVXX2310
Fenten GVXX5109
Feoule GVXX5110
Fera GVXX2311
Ferandou GVXX1153
Ferebadougou GVXX3845
Fereboredougou GVXX3846
Fereboridougou GVXX2312
Ferebouedou GVXX3847
Fereda GVXX2313
Feredou GVXX2314
Feredougou GVXX3848
Feregbedougou GVXX3849
Feremadou GVXX2315
Feremamoria GVXX2316
Feremandougou GVXX3850
Feremessadou GVXX3851
Feremoria GVXX2317
Ferikhoure GVXX5111
Ferinkama GVXX2318
Fermessadou GVXX1154
Fero GVXX1155
Fero GVXX3852
Feteyambi GVXX5701
Fetto GVXX3305
Fidako GVXX2319
Fieda GVXX2320
Fiefe GVXX3853
Fifa GVXX2321
Filabowal GVXX0226
Filako Makana GVXX2322
Filakoro GVXX1156
Filalo GVXX2323
Filandougou GVXX3854
Filide GVXX0227
Filidi GVXX5112
Filikoele GVXX3855
Filokoro GVXX2324
Fimbedou GVXX1157
Fina GVXX5702
Finabala GVXX2325
Finala GVXX1158
Finamoussaya GVXX2326
Finaya GVXX1159
Finde Modya GVXX5113
Finfiladougou GVXX3856
Firambadou GVXX1160
Firaoua GVXX3857
Firaoua GVXX1161
Firawa GVXX1162
Firawaya GVXX1163
Firghia GVXX1164
Firidaka GVXX1165
Firiguiadi GVXX5114
Firita GVXX5703
Firoua GVXX1166
Fissadougou GVXX2327
Fissankoro GVXX1167
Fissankoro GVXX2328
Fissonia GVXX1168
Fiti Feto GVXX0228
Foa GVXX3858
Fobelo GVXX3859
Foddou GVXX1169
Fode GVXX2329
Fode Mamadou GVXX2330
Fodea GVXX5704
Fodecontea GVXX0229
Fodefou GVXX3860
Fodekaria GVXX2332
Fodetomanaya GVXX5115
Fodeya GVXX5116
Fodou GVXX1170
Fodou GVXX3861
Foedou GVXX3862
Foedou Kama GVXX3863
Fofanaro GVXX2333
Fofo GVXX5117
Fofona GVXX1171
Foforo GVXX2334
Fofossa GVXX5118
Fofoundo GVXX2335
Fogo GVXX1172
Fogo GVXX5705
Fogodougou GVXX3864
Fogohoun GVXX1173
Fogoumba GVXX3306
Fokodoumandou GVXX3865
Fokoufokou GVXX5119
Fokoumba GVXX1174
Folakoro GVXX3866
Folakoro GVXX1175
Follian GVXX3867
Folofonie GVXX3868
Folonkoro GVXX3869
Folou GVXX5706
Foma GVXX5120
Fomi GVXX2336
Fomolodou GVXX2337
Fondoya GVXX1176
Fonessou GVXX3871
Fonfo GVXX3307
Fonfoya GVXX1177
Fonfoya GVXX3308
Fongolo GVXX3872
Fongoya GVXX2338
Fonia GVXX3873
Foniadou GVXX1178
Fonio Konkov GVXX1179
Fono GVXX2339
Fontabourou GVXX5121
Fonte Fonte GVXX0230
Foolou GVXX3874
Forasinka GVXX2340
Fordou GVXX1180
Fordou Koro GVXX1181
Fordoukoura GVXX1182
Forecariah GVXX5122
Foredougou GVXX5123
Foria GVXX1183
Foria Kondolea GVXX1184
Foroconia GVXX1185
Forodou GVXX1186
Forogui GVXX2341
Foroma GVXX2342
Foromalo GVXX3875
Foromaro GVXX3876
Foromordou GVXX1187
Forono GVXX2343
Forossandou GVXX2344
Fossi GVXX5124
Fossikhoure GVXX5125
Fotoba GVXX0034
Foton GVXX5707
Foua GVXX1188
Fouaialera GVXX2345
Foual GVXX2346
Fouala GVXX3877
Fouala GVXX1189
Fouama GVXX3878
Fouaoua GVXX3879
Fouasso GVXX3880
Foudjou GVXX3881
Fouga GVXX5708
Fouga GVXX1190
Fougadian GVXX2347
Foughanni GVXX1191
Fougon GVXX5709
Fougou GVXX5710
Fougoumba GVXX1192
Fougoun GVXX2348
Foukourou GVXX2349
Foula Mori GVXX0231
Foulaboubara GVXX2350
Foulaboufarane GVXX2351
Foulamansa GVXX0232
Foulandeya GVXX1193
Foulandialakoro GVXX2352
Foulata GVXX2353
Foulaton GVXX0233
Foulaya GVXX0234
Foulaye GVXX5711
Fouloundala GVXX2354
Fouloundoudala GVXX2355
Foulouni GVXX2356
Foumbadougou GVXX3882
Foundankore GVXX5712
Foundiassou GVXX3883
Foundodougou GVXX3884
Foundougou GVXX2357
Founkoura GVXX2358
Fouroubero GVXX1194
Fouroubouria GVXX1195
Fouroudougou GVXX5126
Fourougou GVXX2359
Foussounkissi GVXX3885
Fouta Kouma GVXX1198
Foutan GVXX0235
Foutou GVXX1199
Foya GVXX3309
Foye GVXX5127
Franceguela GVXX2360
Franinkou GVXX2361
Fria GVXX0236
Friguia GVXX1200
Friguiadi GVXX5128
Friguiagbe GVXX5129
Ga GVXX3886
Gabalan GVXX5713
Gabete GVXX5714
Gadalougue GVXX5715
Gadalouguel GVXX0238
Gagnimbaya GVXX3310
Gala GVXX3887
Galagbaye GVXX3888
Galakoubi GVXX1201
Galanki GVXX2362
Galaoulemaye GVXX3889
Galapara GVXX0239
Galassibo GVXX5716
Galaye GVXX3890
Galeye GVXX3891
Gali GVXX3311
Galia GVXX3892
Gallou GVXX0240
Galo Kade GVXX0241
Gama GVXX3893
Gamakone GVXX3894
Gamara GVXX1202
Gamayale GVXX3895
Gambadougou GVXX3896
Gambata GVXX3897
Gandine GVXX0242
Gandire GVXX0243
Gando GVXX1203
Ganganta GVXX0244
Gania GVXX2363
Gania GVXX1204
Ganiakoura GVXX2364
Ganiya GVXX5130
Gaoual GVXX0245
Garagba GVXX3898
Garama GVXX5131
Garassou GVXX3899
Garassouya GVXX5132
Garou GVXX5717
Gassamba GVXX2365
Gata GVXX3900
Gaya GVXX5718
Gba GVXX3901
Gbadiou GVXX3902
Gbaeta GVXX3903
Gbafala GVXX3904
Gbafare GVXX5133
Gbagone GVXX3905
Gbagoune GVXX3906
Gbakedou GVXX3907
Gbakole GVXX3908
Gbala GVXX3909
Gbalako GVXX2366
Gbamou GVXX3910
Gban GVXX3911
Gbanbadou GVXX1205
Gbandedou GVXX3912
Gbandou GVXX3913
Gbandougou GVXX3914
Gbangolossou GVXX3915
Gbanhie GVXX3916
Gbanhouria GVXX1206
Gbanhoye GVXX3917
Gbanikoro GVXX2367
Gbao GVXX3918
Gbaole GVXX3919
Gbassadougou GVXX3921
Gbata GVXX3922
Gbaya GVXX3923
Gbaye GVXX1207
Gbe GVXX3924
Gbeata GVXX3925
Gbedou GVXX3926
Gbeife GVXX2368
Gbeke GVXX3927
Gbelima GVXX5134
Gbelo GVXX3928
Gbema GVXX5135
Gbenapa GVXX3929
Gbenemou GVXX3930
Gberekoro GVXX2369
Gbesonoi GVXX3931
Gbi GVXX3932
Gbie GVXX3933
Gbili GVXX3934
Gbinianmou GVXX3935
Gbinigko GVXX1208
Gbiri Doula GVXX1209
Gboda GVXX3936
Gbondou GVXX3937
Gbonko GVXX2370
Gbonoma GVXX3938
Gbonouo GVXX3939
Gborokoro GVXX2371
Gbote GVXX3940
Gbouo GVXX3941
Geipa GVXX3942
Gialan GVXX5719
Gianvelia GVXX1210
Giayarela GVXX1211
Ginga GVXX3943
Glissono GVXX3944
Gnereamadia GVXX1212
Gobiko GVXX1213
Goboela GVXX3945
Gobouta GVXX3946
Godiolire GVXX0246
Godiolire GVXX5720
Gogota GVXX3947
Goh GVXX3948
Goidemai GVXX3949
Goikouma GVXX3950
Goinso GVXX2372
Gole Boube GVXX1214
Golokolodougou GVXX3951
Golotola GVXX3952
Gomandou GVXX3953
Gombo GVXX1215
Gombokori GVXX5136
Gomezia GVXX5137
Gondodougou GVXX3954
Gondono GVXX3955
Gondota GVXX3956
Gondoya GVXX0247
Gonga Khimbeli GVXX5138
Gongonkhoure GVXX5139
Gongore GVXX3312
Gongoye GVXX5721
Gonkoile GVXX2373
Gonkou GVXX5722
Gonon GVXX3957
Gonsitou GVXX2374
Gontoron GVXX2375
Gore GVXX0248
Gossopa GVXX3958
Gota GVXX3959
Goteye GVXX3960
Gotohola GVXX2376
Gou GVXX3961
Gouakedougou GVXX3962
Gouanankoura GVXX2377
Gouankoro GVXX3963
Gouassedougou GVXX3964
Gouasseridougou GVXX3965
Gouba GVXX1216
Gouba GVXX0249
Gouba GVXX5723
Goueke GVXX3966
Gouekoro GVXX3967
Goueninko GVXX2378
Gouera GVXX3968
Gouessoba GVXX3969
Gouetela GVXX1217
Gouetteouramai GVXX3970
Gougoudje GVXX5140
Gouhou GVXX3971
Gouillamou GVXX3972
Gouinko GVXX2379
Goukou GVXX1218
Goulia GVXX3313
Gouloukoboya GVXX1219
Goulouya GVXX1220
Gounangalaye GVXX3973
Goungourou GVXX0250
Goungourouma GVXX2380
Gouri GVXX2381
Gousso GVXX5141
Gowara GVXX0251
Goyon GVXX1221
Gozoguezia GVXX3974
Gozombou GVXX3975
Gpagalai GVXX3976
Gpagaye GVXX3977
Gpaole GVXX3978
Gpaya GVXX3979
Gressok GVXX5724
Gueasso GVXX3980
Guebeya GVXX0252
Gueckedou GVXX3981
Gueckedou Harry GVXX3982
Gueckedou Lele GVXX3983
Guedembou GVXX3984
Guekadougou GVXX3985
Guekedou GVXX3986
Guekepo GVXX3987
Guela GVXX3988
Guelabodiou GVXX3989
Guelan GVXX1222
Guelemangaya GVXX0011
Guelemata GVXX3990
Gueliban GVXX2382
Guelila GVXX2383
Gueliloubara GVXX2384
Guelo GVXX3991
Guelou GVXX1223
Guemalo GVXX3992
Gueme GVXX5142
Gueme-Saint-Jean GVXX0253
Guemetay GVXX5143
Guemeyire GVXX0254
Guemeyire GVXX5144
Gueniani GVXX0255
Gueoue GVXX3993
Guera GVXX0256
Gueredou GVXX2385
Gueregue GVXX2386
Guereguereko GVXX2387
Guereko GVXX2388
Gueseta GVXX3994
Guesse GVXX1224
Gueta GVXX3995
Guetela GVXX1225
Guiape GVXX0257
Guibaya GVXX2389
Guibekoro GVXX3996
Guibi GVXX3997
Guibodougou GVXX3998
Guidaly GVXX0259
Guidivel GVXX3314
Guidou GVXX1226
Guidouya GVXX1227
Guiefari GVXX0260
Guiemembo GVXX5145
Guifara GVXX3999
Guiffo GVXX1228
Guifoua GVXX2390
Guifouga GVXX2391
Guigbadougou GVXX4000
Guiladou GVXX4001
Guilde GVXX0261
Guiledji GVXX0262
Guilemgoue GVXX2392
Guilere GVXX0263
Guilere GVXX5725
Guilimba GVXX5146
Guilindo GVXX2393
Guiliwodou GVXX1229
Guilouadou GVXX1230
Guimpo GVXX4002
Guindo GVXX2394
Guingan GVXX0264
Guinguedou GVXX4003
Guinguelou GVXX0265
Guinkoura GVXX1231
Guinso GVXX2395
Guiongui GVXX2396
Guiradou GVXX2397
Guirawadou GVXX1232
Guirigoue GVXX2398
Guirilan GVXX2399
Guisouma GVXX1233
Guissouma GVXX3315
Guissouma GVXX1234
Guizeoma GVXX4004
Guoguelanban GVXX0266
Hafia GVXX1235
Hafiya GVXX0035
Halifadougou GVXX4005
Halire GVXX0267
Hamdalay GVXX5147
Hamdalaye GVXX2400
Hamdalaye GVXX0268
Hamdallay GVXX0269
Hamdallay Yola GVXX0270
Hamdoullaye GVXX1236
Hamidouya GVXX1237
Hansegnere GVXX5726
Haoulo GVXX4006
Haroumaia GVXX3316
Heala GVXX4007
Helayabe GVXX1238
Hellaya GVXX1239
Herako GVXX2401
Herako GVXX1240
Herebowal GVXX0271
Hereko GVXX1241
Heremacono GVXX2402
Heremakono GVXX1242
Heremakono GVXX2403
Heremakono GVXX5148
Heriko GVXX5149
Heriko GVXX5727
Heriko GVXX3317
Hidaya GVXX0272
Holo GVXX5728
Hoo GVXX4008
Hoota GVXX4009
Hore Batafong GVXX0273
Hore Doufouta GVXX0274
Hore Kouloye GVXX0275
Hore Pare GVXX3318
Horoukouma GVXX3319
Houndoni GVXX4010
Hounsire GVXX0276
Iaouassou GVXX4011
Ibasse GVXX0277
Ibata GVXX4012
Ibir GVXX0278
Idare GVXX5729
Idare GVXX0279
Idayatou GVXX5730
Idir GVXX0280
Ieopleta GVXX4013
Iera GVXX0281
Ierikoro GVXX0282
Iero Kamban GVXX1243
Ifane GVXX0283
Igayato GVXX0284
Ikarkete GVXX0285
Ikessa GVXX0286
Ikioko GVXX5731
Ikirote GVXX0287
Ikota GVXX0288
Ikounoun GVXX0289
Ilimalo GVXX1244
Ilimalo GVXX2404
Ilire GVXX5732
Illili GVXX1245
Illime GVXX0290
Ilola GVXX2405
Ilouadou GVXX1246
Inako GVXX1247
Inama GVXX0291
Inaouare GVXX0292
Inaye GVXX0293
Ipodou GVXX0294
Iradougou GVXX2406
Iribadougou GVXX2407
Irie GVXX4014
Irikiri GVXX2408
Iritingo GVXX1248
Irla GVXX1249
Iro GVXX4015
Itaniane GVXX0295
Itiakourou GVXX0296
Itiol GVXX0297
Itiou GVXX0298
Iyai GVXX4016
Kaala GVXX2409
Kaala GVXX4017
Kaan GVXX2410
Kaataba GVXX0299
Kaba GVXX2411
Kaba GVXX3320
Kabadiandougou GVXX4018
Kabadougou GVXX4019
Kabako GVXX0300
Kabakoro GVXX4020
Kabakoulonto GVXX0301
Kabaladou GVXX2412
Kabalea GVXX2413
Kabangoue GVXX2414
Kabare GVXX5733
Kabaro GVXX4021
Kabassa GVXX0302
Kabatandji GVXX0303
Kabaya GVXX5150
Kabaya Koro GVXX1250
Kabe GVXX2415
Kabe Sano GVXX2416
Kabelea GVXX0304
Kabeleya GVXX0305
Kabendo GVXX5151
Kabieta GVXX4022
Kabonto GVXX0306
Kabot GVXX0307
Kabougani GVXX0308
Kaboukaria GVXX2417
Kacbadou GVXX1251
Kada GVXX2418
Kadie GVXX0309
Kadie Kadie GVXX0310
Kadinie GVXX0311
Kadiore GVXX5734
Kaeri GVXX0312
Kafalakanda GVXX0313
Kafarandougou GVXX2419
Kaffa GVXX5735
Kaformane GVXX0314
Kafou GVXX0315
Kafou GVXX5152
Kaguele GVXX5153
Kahel GVXX3321
Kaidiora GVXX5736
Kaiko GVXX4023
Kailahoun GVXX4024
Kairouane GVXX2420
Kaizoma GVXX4025
Kakala GVXX0316
Kakama GVXX2421
Kakaoule GVXX2422
Kakara GVXX0317
Kakessa GVXX5737
Kaki GVXX5154
Kakira GVXX0318
Kakira GVXX5155
Kakissam GVXX0319
Kako GVXX4026
Kakofa GVXX5156
Kakounsou GVXX5157
Kakoutoulaye GVXX5158
Kalaba GVXX2423
Kalafilia GVXX2424
Kalakiridou GVXX1252
Kalako GVXX5159
Kalamana GVXX1253
Kalan GVXX5738
Kalanco GVXX1254
Kalango GVXX5739
Kalankalan GVXX2425
Kale GVXX5160
Kalea GVXX1255
Kalekhoure GVXX5161
Kalema GVXX5162
Kalema GVXX0320
Kaleme GVXX0321
Kalemodiagbe GVXX5163
Kalentou GVXX5164
Kaleta GVXX0322
Kaleyire GVXX5165
Kali GVXX5166
Kalia GVXX1256
Kalia GVXX0323
Kalibakalako GVXX2426
Kalibonte GVXX0324
Kalidou GVXX4027
Kalifayadi GVXX5167
Kalikali GVXX0325
Kaliki GVXX0326
Kalilemoan GVXX3322
Kaling GVXX1257
Kalinko GVXX1258
Kalo GVXX4028
Kalounka GVXX0327
Kama GVXX5740
Kama GVXX5168
Kama GVXX4029
Kama GVXX2427
Kamabi GVXX0328
Kamadou GVXX4030
Kamadou GVXX1259
Kamakan GVXX2428
Kamandougou GVXX4031
Kamandougou GVXX2429
Kamankoro GVXX1260
Kamanou GVXX4032
Kamaradou GVXX4033
Kamaradou GVXX2430
Kamarena GVXX2431
Kamaro GVXX1261
Kamarougban GVXX1262
Kamassadou GVXX4034
Kamatimadia GVXX2432
Kamba GVXX5169
Kambado GVXX1263
Kambadou GVXX4035
Kambadou GVXX1264
Kambaia GVXX3323
Kambala GVXX0329
Kambaliya GVXX5170
Kambamaleya GVXX5171
Kambambolou GVXX0330
Kambambou GVXX1265
Kamban Massi GVXX1266
Kamban Sabe GVXX1267
Kambasiga GVXX2433
Kambaya GVXX1268
Kambaya Koro GVXX2434
Kambaya Koura GVXX2435
Kambe Saourou GVXX0331
Kambilam GVXX0332
Kambo GVXX5172
Kambodio GVXX0333
Kambonkou GVXX0334
Kambonou GVXX4036
Kamelag GVXX0335
Kamele GVXX0336
Kameleya GVXX5173
Kameno GVXX4037
Kamere Kounia GVXX1269
Kamian GVXX4038
Kamilila GVXX2436
Kamisaya GVXX5174
Kamlan GVXX1270
Kamorodou GVXX4039
Kamorodougou GVXX4040
Kamourou GVXX1271
Kamoussa GVXX0337
Kampa GVXX3324
Kampama GVXX5175
Kampomi GVXX0338
Kampounding GVXX0339
Kamsar GVXX0340
Kanadou GVXX2437
Kananbana GVXX2438
Kanankarama GVXX2439
Kanbamare GVXX5741
Kanbian GVXX5176
Kanboure GVXX5742
Kandaia GVXX2440
Kandaide GVXX0341
Kandamba GVXX2441
Kandani GVXX2442
Kandarala GVXX2443
Kandaya GVXX5743
Kanderiya GVXX5177
Kandi Merde GVXX2444
Kandiabara GVXX2445
Kandiafara GVXX0342
Kandian GVXX1272
Kandian GVXX5178
Kandiaye GVXX0343
Kandietere GVXX0344
Kandika GVXX0345
Kandilo GVXX0346
Kandou GVXX1273
Kandouman GVXX0347
Kanfarande GVXX0348
Kanfoundian GVXX5179
Kangama GVXX4041
Kangneka GVXX0349
Kangoleya GVXX5180
Kangoro GVXX4042
Kangouela GVXX2446
Kani GVXX4043
Kaniangoro GVXX4044
Kanifara GVXX2447
Kanikoro GVXX2448
Kanimoussaya GVXX2449
Kaninko GVXX2450
Kanissuama GVXX4045
Kanka GVXX5181
Kanka Nafadji GVXX1274
Kankako GVXX5744
Kankalabe GVXX3325
Kankamere GVXX5745
Kankan GVXX2451
Kankana GVXX0350
Kankansedougou GVXX4046
Kankare GVXX0351
Kankata GVXX5746
Kankaya GVXX2452
Kanke GVXX2453
Kankekhoure GVXX5182
Kanko GVXX4047
Kankomaria GVXX1275
Kankona GVXX0352
Kankonko GVXX4048
Kankore GVXX4049
Kankou GVXX0353
Kankouf GVXX0354
Kankouma GVXX5747
Kankoumade GVXX1276
Kankouna GVXX5748
Kannbof GVXX0355
Kannkodi GVXX0356
Kannta GVXX5749
Kanonke GVXX0357
Kanouba GVXX0358
Kanpaya GVXX0359
Kansa GVXX5183
Kansado GVXX2455
Kansagni GVXX5750
Kansala GVXX1277
Kansambaran GVXX1278
Kansan GVXX2456
Kansangniel GVXX5751
Kansangui GVXX5184
Kansaniel GVXX5752
Kansarakhare GVXX5185
Kansato GVXX1279
Kansaya GVXX1280
Kansi GVXX3326
Kansiga GVXX2457
Kansigada GVXX2458
Kansiraya GVXX2459
Kansita GVXX0360
Kansiyel GVXX0361
Kanso GVXX5753
Kansouya GVXX5186
Kantadou GVXX1281
Kante GVXX5187
Kanti GVXX2460
Kantian GVXX2461
Kantongondebere GVXX0362
Kantoukhoure GVXX5188
Kantoumanina GVXX2462
Kantsirote GVXX0363
Kanufote GVXX0364
Kaola GVXX1282
Kaorane GVXX0365
Kaouadji GVXX4050
Kaounsou GVXX0366
Kapey GVXX0367
Kapken GVXX0368
Kaporabina GVXX0369
Kaporo GVXX0036
Kapsinn GVXX0370
Karach GVXX0371
Karadou GVXX1283
Karagouala GVXX4051
Karakani GVXX2463
Karako GVXX1284
Karakole GVXX1285
Karakoro GVXX2464
Karakossi GVXX5754
Karakoura GVXX2465
Karala GVXX4052
Karama GVXX4053
Karamoko Fouga GVXX1286
Karamokouya GVXX0372
Karankama GVXX2466
Karankaran GVXX2467
Karankone GVXX5189
Karaourou GVXX2468
Karapilita GVXX4054
Karata GVXX2469
Karba GVXX5190
Karedji GVXX1287
Karevi GVXX5755
Karfamoria GVXX2470
Karfaya GVXX5191
Kariako GVXX0373
Kariandougou GVXX2471
Kariaradou GVXX1288
Karifa GVXX2472
Karifa GVXX1289
Karikarissa GVXX2473
Karimouya GVXX5192
Karimouya GVXX1290
Kariniana GVXX2474
Karita GVXX4055
Karita GVXX5756
Karmassadou GVXX1291
Karo GVXX2475
Karouane GVXX2476
Kassa GVXX3327
Kassa GVXX0037
Kassa GVXX4056
Kassa GVXX2477
Kassa GVXX5193
Kassadou GVXX1292
Kassagba GVXX0374
Kassambiya GVXX0375
Kassani GVXX0376
Kassaniya GVXX5194
Kassanka GVXX4058
Kassaoro GVXX5757
Kassemandougou GVXX4059
Kassiadougou GVXX2478
Kassieta GVXX4060
Kassira GVXX5758
Kassouli GVXX0377
Kassoumba GVXX0378
Kassourou GVXX2479
Katabe GVXX5195
Katabe GVXX5759
Katako GVXX0379
Katakoro GVXX4061
Katchek GVXX0380
Katende GVXX0381
Katepou GVXX0382
Katere GVXX0383
Katia GVXX0384
Katiaourou GVXX0385
Katibalaya GVXX5196
Katila Kofouta GVXX0386
Katiya GVXX5197
Kato GVXX2480
Katon GVXX5198
Katongoro GVXX0387
Katongourou GVXX0388
Katonguila GVXX0389
Katoukouni GVXX0390
Kavelegourou GVXX4062
Kavessi GVXX0391
Kavia GVXX4063
Kawas GVXX0392
Kayala GVXX1293
Kayel GVXX3328
Kaykoro GVXX4064
Kayso GVXX4065
Kebaia GVXX1294
Kebale GVXX1295
Kebale GVXX3329
Kebali GVXX4066
Kebali GVXX3330
Kebassabaya GVXX2481
Kebe Friguia GVXX5199
Kebegui GVXX1296
Kebela GVXX1297
Kebeya GVXX2482
Keboredougou GVXX4067
Kebou GVXX1298
Kebouloha GVXX2483
Keda GVXX2484
Kediandougou GVXX4068
Kegaya GVXX1299
Keikadou GVXX1300
Kekoro GVXX4069
Kela GVXX1301
Kelangoma GVXX1302
Kelebingo GVXX4070
Keledou GVXX4071
Keledou GVXX1303
Kelekhoure GVXX5200
Keleladanane GVXX2485
Kelema GVXX4072
Kelemadiou GVXX4073
Kelodou GVXX1304
Kelou Kelou GVXX2486
Kemaya GVXX2488
Kemaya GVXX5201
Kemaya GVXX5760
Kemodou GVXX2489
Kenaba GVXX0393
Kendea GVXX1306
Kendemele GVXX1307
Kendeya GVXX2490
Kendian GVXX1308
Kendikoro GVXX1309
Kendou GVXX4074
Kendoumaya GVXX5202
Keneba GVXX0394
Kenedou GVXX1310
Kenegbebaro GVXX4075
Kenekenema GVXX1311
Kenema GVXX4076
Kenema GVXX1312
Kenende GVXX3331
Kenende GVXX5203
Kenendi GVXX5204
Kenennde GVXX5761
Keneri GVXX0395
Keneri GVXX5762
Kenewa GVXX1313
Kenian GVXX5763
Keniando GVXX2491
Kenieba GVXX2492
Keniebakoura GVXX2493
Keniebo GVXX1314
Keniedo GVXX2494
Kenieko GVXX1315
Keniekoura GVXX2496
Keniemakole GVXX2497
Kenienanba GVXX2498
Kenienta GVXX4077
Kenieoula GVXX5764
Kenieran GVXX2499
Kenierankoura GVXX2500
Keniero GVXX2501
Kenieroba GVXX2502
Keninde GVXX5205
Kenndi GVXX5765
Keora GVXX4078
Keoulenta GVXX4079
Keoulindougou GVXX4080
Keravani GVXX5766
Kerdougoula GVXX2503
Kere GVXX2504
Kereba GVXX5206
Kerediala GVXX4081
Keredou GVXX1316
Keredou GVXX4082
Kerela GVXX1317
Keressadji GVXX1318
Kerfala GVXX2505
Kerinkong GVXX0396
Kerisane GVXX1319
Kerivel GVXX3332
Kero GVXX1320
Kerol GVXX0397
Kerouane GVXX2506
Kerouane GVXX1321
Keseriso GVXX4083
Kessedou GVXX4084
Kesselia GVXX1322
Kesseredou GVXX4085
Kesseredougou GVXX4086
Kesseridougou GVXX4087
Kesserisso GVXX4088
Kessona GVXX2507
Keta GVXX4089
Ketiguia GVXX3333
Ketiouri-Igour GVXX0398
Kevedou GVXX4090
Keya GVXX4091
Khonibale GVXX0399
Khonibombo GVXX5207
Khonitoumaneya GVXX5208
Khoniya GVXX5209
Khorera GVXX0400
Khorira GVXX5210
Khorira GVXX0401
Khoureralande GVXX0402
Kiamodougou GVXX4092
Kiampia GVXX0403
Kidamaya GVXX1323
Kidire GVXX1324
Kiefendougou GVXX4093
Kiekama GVXX4094
Kieniekourou GVXX2508
Kiessa GVXX4095
Kiessane GVXX1325
Kiessane GVXX4096
Kiessene GVXX4097
Kieto GVXX1326
Kifaya GVXX0404
Kigbali GVXX5211
Kikokara Koro GVXX2509
Kilaberemai GVXX4098
Kilikondo GVXX0405
Kilinkidingueya GVXX5212
Kimara GVXX5213
Kimaya GVXX1327
Kimbakouna GVXX2510
Kimbi GVXX0406
Kimbo GVXX0407
Kimbon GVXX5214
Kimbou GVXX5215
Kindia GVXX5216
Kindiberi GVXX2511
Kindioukoubaya GVXX2512
Kindouya GVXX5217
Kinfaya GVXX5218
Kingue GVXX1328
Kiniako GVXX2513
Kinian GVXX3334
Kinianpili GVXX3335
Kinieba GVXX2514
Kiniebakoro GVXX2515
Kinieko GVXX2516
Kiniero GVXX1329
Kiniero GVXX2517
Kinita GVXX5768
Kinkin GVXX5219
Kinkondeya GVXX1330
Kinndania GVXX5769
Kinsardou GVXX1331
Kinsea GVXX5770
Kintinian GVXX2518
Kioko GVXX5771
Kipe GVXX0038
Kiraya GVXX1332
Kiri GVXX2519
Kiria GVXX1333
Kiribamba GVXX0408
Kirikira GVXX5220
Kirikiri GVXX2520
Kirimani GVXX0409
Kirimaya GVXX1334
Kirita GVXX5221
Kiriya GVXX5222
Kiroli GVXX0039
Kirsane GVXX1335
Kisoumaya GVXX0410
Kissamondeya GVXX5223
Kissangana GVXX2521
Kissasi GVXX0411
Kissassi GVXX5772
Kissene GVXX4099
Kissia GVXX1336
Kissibougoula GVXX4100
Kissidougou GVXX1337
Kissidougou GVXX2522
Kissili GVXX0412
Kissing GVXX0413
Kissouki GVXX5224
Kiterin GVXX5225
Kitiande GVXX0414
Kitiara GVXX0415
Kitifini GVXX0416
Kleita GVXX4101
Ko Oule GVXX2523
Koaliepoulou GVXX4102
Koaliye GVXX4103
Koate GVXX2524
Koba GVXX0417
Koba GVXX3336
Koba GVXX2525
Koba Ko GVXX2526
Kobada GVXX2527
Kobadoula GVXX2528
Kobafe GVXX1338
Kobagueda GVXX2529
Kobala GVXX1339
Kobala GVXX4104
Kobala GVXX2530
Kobane GVXX2531
Kobaraga GVXX4105
Kobarakolo GVXX2532
Kobarare GVXX0418
Kobaya GVXX5227
Kobedara GVXX2533
Kobederani GVXX2534
Kobeledou GVXX4106
Kobeleya GVXX3337
Koberato GVXX5228
Kobeta GVXX1340
Kobeya GVXX2535
Kobiko GVXX2536
Kobikoro GVXX1341
Kobila GVXX2537
Kobilato GVXX1342
Kobin GVXX3338
Kobiya GVXX5229
Kobogo GVXX2538
Kobolani GVXX2539
Kobolaya GVXX5773
Kobolonia GVXX1343
Koboron GVXX2540
Koborone GVXX2541
Koboya GVXX4107
Koda GVXX2542
Koda GVXX1344
Kodeda GVXX4108
Kodian GVXX1345
Kodian GVXX2543
Kodianfara GVXX2544
Kodiaran GVXX2545
Kodiaraninda GVXX2546
Kodieran GVXX2547
Kodierani GVXX2548
Kodiougoula GVXX2549
Kodiougoule GVXX2550
Kodou GVXX1346
Koelazou GVXX4109
Koema GVXX4110
Koendou GVXX4111
Koepa GVXX4112
Koepilita GVXX4113
Koessou GVXX4114
Koeta GVXX4115
Kofassama GVXX4116
Kofe GVXX5230
Kofila GVXX1347
Kofilakoro GVXX2551
Kofodou GVXX1348
Kofoulani GVXX2552
Kogbata GVXX4117
Koggui GVXX3339
Kogierani GVXX2553
Kognin GVXX2554
Kogoloue GVXX4118
Kogota GVXX4119
Kogou Foulbe GVXX0419
Kogui GVXX0420
Kohempa GVXX4120
Kohoui GVXX4121
Koibiredou GVXX4122
Koima Tongoro GVXX4123
Koimana GVXX2555
Koin GVXX5774
Koindou GVXX4124
Koingbelo GVXX4125
Kointo GVXX4126
Kokala GVXX2556
Koke GVXX2557
Kokoma GVXX5231
Kokorobani GVXX1349
Kokoroumba GVXX2558
Kokossou GVXX4127
Kokou GVXX2559
Kokou GVXX3340
Kokoudoun GVXX2560
Kokouelassou GVXX4128
Kokoun GVXX2561
Kokouna GVXX4129
Kokounfara GVXX2562
Kokouni GVXX2563
Kokounkoudou GVXX2564
Kokourouninda GVXX2565
Kola GVXX4130
Kola GVXX0421
Kola Konko GVXX1350
Koladou GVXX1351
Koladou GVXX4131
Kolafedou GVXX4132
Kolafoton GVXX0422
Kolagbata GVXX4133
Kolagbeli GVXX5232
Kolakhoure GVXX5233
Kolako GVXX4134
Kolakoya GVXX1352
Kolanguel GVXX5234
Kolangui GVXX5775
Kolata GVXX4135
Kolate GVXX1353
Kolatou GVXX1354
Kolayire GVXX5235
Kole GVXX1355
Kole Niagoue GVXX2566
Kole Tangali GVXX5776
Koleadou GVXX4136
Koleakori GVXX5236
Kolebale GVXX2567
Koledou GVXX2568
Kolen GVXX3341
Kolenda GVXX2569
Kolendala GVXX2570
Kolendou GVXX2571
Kolendouba GVXX1356
Kolendoun GVXX2572
Kolenfi GVXX2573
Koleni GVXX4137
Kolenko GVXX2574
Kolente GVXX5237
Koleya GVXX0040
Koleya GVXX5238
Kolia GVXX0012
Kolia GVXX5239
Koliagbe GVXX5240
Kolian GVXX4138
Kolibade GVXX5777
Kolibanda GVXX4139
Kolibaya GVXX4140
Kolibenda GVXX4141
Kolidougou GVXX4142
Kolifa GVXX4143
Kolifandou GVXX4144
Kolignindo GVXX4145
Kolimai GVXX4146
Kolindala GVXX2575
Kolinka GVXX4147
Kolinsegue GVXX2576
Koliouata GVXX4148
Kolita GVXX2577
Koliya GVXX0424
Kolle GVXX4150
Kolle Bamba GVXX1357
Kolleni GVXX4151
Kolmeyire GVXX5242
Kolo GVXX0425
Koloadou GVXX4152
Kolobingo GVXX4153
Koloboueta GVXX4154
Koloda GVXX4155
Kolodou GVXX1358
Kolofon GVXX5243
Kologadouba GVXX1359
Koloma GVXX4156
Koloman GVXX2578
Kolomba GVXX4157
Kolombaya GVXX1360
Kolomoko GVXX2579
Kolon GVXX0426
Kolon GVXX2580
Kolona GVXX2581
Kolongadouga GVXX1361
Kolonhoui GVXX4158
Kolonkala GVXX4159
Kolossa GVXX0427
Koloubou GVXX4160
Kolouma GVXX4161
Koma GVXX1362
Koma GVXX4162
Komadianbougou GVXX2583
Komadou GVXX4163
Komagui GVXX2584
Komako GVXX2585
Komakole GVXX2586
Komakolo GVXX1363
Komakondo GVXX2587
Komala GVXX2588
Komana GVXX2589
Komandougou GVXX4164
Komanssan GVXX4165
Komaro GVXX1364
Komassanga GVXX1365
Komassanga GVXX2590
Komassangba GVXX2591
Komata GVXX4166
Komatiguia GVXX2592
Kombokoro GVXX3342
Komboya GVXX1366
Kome GVXX5244
Komende GVXX4167
Komeye GVXX4168
Komodougou GVXX2593
Komodougou GVXX4169
Komoniadougou GVXX4170
Komorodougou GVXX4171
Komou GVXX4172
Komourounife GVXX2594
Komoya GVXX2595
Komoya GVXX5245
Kompa GVXX5246
Kompaya GVXX5247
Konama Koro GVXX2596
Konama Koura GVXX2597
Konan GVXX5248
Konandou GVXX4173
Koncofi GVXX1367
Konda GVXX4174
Kondeadou GVXX1368
Kondeba GVXX4175
Kondeboun Karfa GVXX1369
Kondeboun Lamina GVXX1370
Kondebounba GVXX1371
Kondegamou GVXX0428
Kondenia GVXX1372
Kondero GVXX1373
Kondeta GVXX5249
Kondeya GVXX0429
Kondeyire GVXX0430
Kondeyire GVXX5250
Kondieya GVXX5778
Kondiyea GVXX0431
Kondo GVXX5779
Kondobingo GVXX4176
Kondobouille GVXX1374
Kondobouille GVXX4177
Kondoma GVXX4178
Kondondou GVXX1375
Kondou GVXX4179
Kondou GVXX1376
Kondoukhoure GVXX5251
Kondoya GVXX3343
Kondoya GVXX5780
Konela GVXX4180
Konella GVXX4181
Konesseridou GVXX4182
Koneya GVXX2598
Koneya GVXX5252
Konfara GVXX2599
Kongkongo GVXX1377
Kongodou GVXX4183
Kongodou GVXX1378
Kongoffi GVXX4184
Kongola GVXX4185
Kongola GVXX1379
Kongoma GVXX4186
Kongonani GVXX1380
Kongoro Moussa GVXX4187
Kongote GVXX4188
Koni GVXX4189
Konia GVXX5781
Konia GVXX5253
Konia GVXX4190
Koniakokoun GVXX2600
Koniakori GVXX5254
Konian GVXX1381
Konian GVXX4191
Koniandou GVXX4192
Koniandougou GVXX4193
Konianfara GVXX2601
Koniani GVXX2602
Konienanta GVXX2603
Konigolo GVXX4194
Konigpala GVXX4195
Konindiara GVXX2604
Konindou GVXX1382
Konissaya GVXX5782
Koniyakoele GVXX4196
Konke Kodo GVXX2605
Konkefing GVXX2606
Konkenifet GVXX1383
Konkesse GVXX4197
Konko GVXX1384
Konkoa GVXX1385
Konkobaro GVXX1386
Konkohoule GVXX1387
Konkoiba GVXX2607
Konkoliba GVXX2608
Konkoma GVXX4198
Konkoure GVXX5255
Konkoure GVXX5783
Konkoye GVXX2609
Kono GVXX2610
Konoban GVXX5256
Konoma GVXX4199
Konsan GVXX2611
Konsankoro GVXX2612
Konsensine GVXX0432
Konsondougou GVXX1388
Konssoya GVXX5257
Konta GVXX5258
Koola GVXX4200
Kooni GVXX4201
Koossa GVXX2613
Koota GVXX4202
Kopering GVXX5259
Kopou GVXX5784
Kora GVXX5260
Korakoro GVXX2614
Koraoure GVXX4203
Korassi GVXX0433
Koravane GVXX5785
Korbe GVXX5786
Koregani GVXX5787
Korela GVXX4204
Korendou GVXX1389
Koreou GVXX0434
Koressedou GVXX4205
Koria GVXX1390
Korissiala GVXX4206
Koriya GVXX5261
Korkorasso GVXX4207
Koro GVXX4208
Koroadou GVXX1391
Korobaleya GVXX1392
Korobou GVXX2615
Korodala GVXX2616
Korodibougou GVXX2617
Korodou GVXX1393
Korokouna GVXX2618
Korolikoro GVXX2619
Koroma GVXX4209
Koromagui GVXX1394
Koromai GVXX4210
Koromandougou GVXX2620
Koromoridougou GVXX4211
Korona GVXX4212
Korondou GVXX1395
Koronkorono GVXX4213
Kororo GVXX5788
Kosonia GVXX2621
Kossa GVXX1396
Kossaba GVXX1397
Kossade GVXX5262
Kossadou GVXX1398
Kossakei GVXX2622
Kossala GVXX2623
Kossaro GVXX2624
Kossegui GVXX1399
Kossi GVXX0435
Kossila GVXX1400
Kossira GVXX2625
Kossiria GVXX1401
Kossodou GVXX4214
Kossoko GVXX2626
Kossoko Koungone GVXX2627
Kossokokoura GVXX2628
Kote GVXX2629
Kotema GVXX1402
Kotenia GVXX1403
Kotidougou GVXX4215
Kotila GVXX4216
Kotinguizia GVXX4217
Kotodzou GVXX4218
Kotomori GVXX1404
Kotoua GVXX4219
Kotouba Dgninta GVXX2630
Kotoulazou GVXX4220
Kotouzou GVXX4221
Kotule GVXX2631
Kouafereso GVXX4222
Kouakoro GVXX4223
Koualekono GVXX2632
Kouango GVXX4224
Kouaniyaya GVXX0436
Kouankan GVXX4225
Kouayalo GVXX4226
Koubali GVXX2633
Koubea GVXX0437
Koubedougou GVXX4227
Koubella GVXX4228
Koubi GVXX2634
Koubi Loukoum GVXX2635
Koubi Oulada GVXX2636
Koubia GVXX5789
Koubia GVXX0438
Koubikoro GVXX1406
Koubiya GVXX5263
Kouda GVXX0439
Koudala GVXX2637
Koude GVXX2638
Koudedi GVXX2639
Koudenta GVXX2640
Koudi GVXX2641
Koudiak GVXX0440
Koudoko GVXX2642
Koudou Ponpo GVXX1407
Kouegeta GVXX4229
Koueman GVXX4230
Kouenala GVXX4231
Kouendegouba GVXX5264
Kouereta GVXX4232
Kouero GVXX4233
Kouessilla GVXX4234
Koufa GVXX1408
Koufen GVXX0441
Koufoulani GVXX2643
Kouhedougou GVXX4235
Kouhoudou GVXX2644
Kouian GVXX3344
Kouiko GVXX4236
Kouimpo GVXX4237
Koukama GVXX5790
Koukongo GVXX1409
Koukonko GVXX1410
Koukoraya GVXX1411
Koukouba GVXX0442
Koukouroutazou GVXX4238
Koukoutamba GVXX1412
Koula GVXX1414
Koulanbou GVXX1415
Koulayabe GVXX1416
Koule GVXX4239
Koulea GVXX2645
Koulete GVXX5265
Koulia GVXX1417
Koulifakara GVXX5791
Koulikonko GVXX1418
Koulima GVXX0013
Koulita GVXX4240
Koulodou GVXX4241
Koulore GVXX0443
Koulou GVXX3345
Koulou Korodji GVXX2646
Kouloubadou GVXX1419
Kouloubadougou GVXX2647
Kouloudou GVXX2648
Kouloudougou GVXX4242
Kouloukhoure GVXX5266
Kouloukin GVXX1420
Kouloulouya GVXX0444
Kouloumba GVXX4243
Kouloumbadou GVXX2650
Kouloumbouya GVXX5267
Kouloumoinea GVXX0445
Kouloun GVXX3346
Kouloye Magesan GVXX0446
Koumagouron GVXX2651
Kouman GVXX4244
Koumana GVXX2652
Koumandi Koro GVXX1422
Koumandi Koura GVXX1423
Koumandougou GVXX4245
Koumassan GVXX4246
Koumatiamodougou GVXX4247
Koumba GVXX5268
Koumba GVXX4248
Koumba GVXX3347
Koumbadanta GVXX0447
Koumbael GVXX0448
Koumbagni GVXX0449
Koumbakara GVXX2653
Koumbalefougue GVXX5269
Koumban GVXX2654
Koumbankoura GVXX2655
Koumbatamba GVXX1424
Koumbaya GVXX1425
Koumbaya GVXX5270
Koumbele GVXX4249
Koumbia GVXX0450
Koumbia Kebale GVXX1426
Koumbia Kooli GVXX1427
Koumbialey Fello GVXX1428
Koumbouladou GVXX4250
Koumbouma GVXX5271
Koumboura GVXX0451
Koumibili GVXX5792
Koumpa GVXX0452
Koumpake GVXX0453
Kounadia GVXX1429
Kounadibala GVXX2656
Kounateia GVXX2657
Kounbelenia GVXX1430
Kounboukoto GVXX5793
Kounda-Dienkono GVXX1431
Koundabalaya GVXX5272
Koundara GVXX0454
Koundaya GVXX5273
Koundehou GVXX4251
Koundeya GVXX5274
Koundeyagbe GVXX5275
Koundian GVXX2658
Koundian GVXX4252
Koundian GVXX1432
Koundianakoro GVXX2659
Koundianakoura GVXX2660
Koundinde GVXX0455
Koundo GVXX2661
Koundooian GVXX2662
Koundou GVXX4253
Koundou To GVXX4254
Koundoubingou GVXX1433
Koundoudou GVXX4255
Koundougou GVXX2663
Koundoukonko GVXX1434
Koune GVXX5794
Kounedou GVXX2664
Kounena GVXX4256
Koungbedougou GVXX4257
Kounian GVXX2665
Kounina GVXX4258
Kounkalama GVXX2666
Kounkide GVXX5276
Kounkono GVXX2667
Kounkou GVXX2668
Kounoulou GVXX0456
Kounouma GVXX2669
Kounsi GVXX5795
Kounsi Kansi GVXX0457
Kounsina GVXX5278
Kounsiniaki GVXX5279
Kounsitili GVXX5280
Kounsotami GVXX5281
Kounsougo GVXX0458
Kounsoun GVXX2670
Kounsouta GVXX0014
Kounta GVXX3348
Kountaya GVXX1435
Kountaya GVXX5283
Kounte GVXX4259
Kountouloun GVXX0459
Kountouya GVXX5284
Koura GVXX5796
Kourahoure GVXX3349
Kouraia Konkoure GVXX3350
Kourako GVXX2671
Kourako GVXX1436
Kourakoto GVXX0460
Kourala GVXX2672
Kourale GVXX4260
Kouratongo GVXX5285
Kouratongo GVXX5797
Kouravel GVXX5798
Kouravel GVXX0461
Kourawel GVXX0462
Koure GVXX5286
Koure GVXX2673
Kourekoro GVXX1437
Kourevel GVXX0463
Kouria GVXX1438
Kouriadou GVXX1439
Kouriande GVXX1440
Kouridian GVXX1441
Kouriya GVXX5287
Kourkourassou GVXX4261
Kouroko GVXX2674
Kouromandja GVXX0041
Kourou GVXX2675
Kourou Filani GVXX2676
Kourouba GVXX2677
Kouroubala GVXX2678
Kourouda GVXX2679
Kouroudiougouba GVXX1442
Kouroufe GVXX4262
Kouroufing GVXX1443
Kourougbedougou GVXX4263
Kourougnan GVXX2680
Kouroukono GVXX2681
Kouroukoro GVXX4264
Kouroukoro GVXX2682
Kouroulamini GVXX2683
Kouroum GVXX2684
Kourouma Daka GVXX2685
Kouroumaninka GVXX3351
Kouroumorodougou GVXX4265
Kouroundanda GVXX2686
Kourouni GVXX2687
Kourounko GVXX4266
Kourousansan GVXX1444
Kourousounsou GVXX2689
Kouroussa GVXX2690
Kouroussabante GVXX2691
Kouroussala GVXX2692
Kourouteguele GVXX2693
Koussi GVXX5288
Koussoubingou GVXX1445
Koutambadou GVXX4267
Koutan GVXX0464
Koutiya GVXX0465
Koutoulazou GVXX4268
Koutoulouma GVXX2694
Kouya GVXX5799
Kouya Laya GVXX2695
Kouya Siria GVXX2696
Kouyadi GVXX5800
Kouyakouya GVXX2697
Kouyaya GVXX5289
Kouye GVXX5801
Kouye GVXX3352
Kouye Sekouya GVXX0466
Kouyeya GVXX5290
Kouzezou GVXX4270
Koya GVXX1446
Koyakoele GVXX4271
Koyama GVXX4272
Koyamoridougou GVXX2698
Koyamorodougou GVXX4273
Koyanba GVXX2699
Koyatougou GVXX5802
Koyola GVXX4274
Kpaou GVXX4275
Krapotazou GVXX4276
Krekremai GVXX4277
Kriblema GVXX4278
Kriffi GVXX5803
Krima GVXX4279
Kuyeya GVXX5291
Laba GVXX3353
Laba GVXX5804
Laba GVXX4280
Labata GVXX1447
Labe GVXX5805
Labe GVXX2700
Labedazou GVXX4281
Labedepere GVXX5806
Labelinka GVXX4282
Labiko GVXX3354
Labilasso GVXX4283
Labileta GVXX4284
Labiya GVXX5292
Labobande GVXX0467
Labon GVXX5293
Labota GVXX5294
Lafanyi GVXX5295
Lagbara GVXX4285
Lago GVXX1448
Lahikombaya GVXX3355
Laine GVXX4286
Lakhata GVXX0468
Lallera GVXX5296
Lamadedougou GVXX4287
Lamadougou GVXX4288
Lamama GVXX0469
Lamba GVXX5297
Lambagny GVXX5298
Lambarari GVXX0470
Lambol GVXX0471
Lambou GVXX4289
Lamenessou GVXX4290
Lamini Camara GVXX2701
Laminia GVXX2702
Laminina GVXX2703
Lamou GVXX1449
Lamoudouyay GVXX5299
Lampo GVXX4291
Lanbawol GVXX5807
Lancedougou GVXX4292
Lancerdou GVXX1450
Lande GVXX2704
Lande GVXX4293
Lande Malinda GVXX5808
Landi GVXX2705
Landi Koro GVXX2706
Landi Ninki GVXX2707
Landreya GVXX0042
Lanfea GVXX5300
Langama GVXX5809
Langdetio GVXX1451
Lankon GVXX2708
Lanktio GVXX1452
Lanpoukenn GVXX0472
Lansanaya GVXX1453
Lansaniya GVXX5301
Lansanya GVXX5302
Lansedougou GVXX2709
Lanssedougou GVXX4294
Lapikou GVXX1454
Larapesse GVXX0473
Lariba GVXX0474
Lassao GVXX4295
Lassaou GVXX4296
Laya GVXX5303
Laya GVXX1455
Laya Doula GVXX1456
Laya Sando GVXX1457
Layadi GVXX1458
Le Lamba GVXX1459
Le Sere GVXX1460
Leba GVXX2710
Lebakourou GVXX2711
Lebaya GVXX2712
Lebekere GVXX5810
Lebelega GVXX4297
Lebemere GVXX5304
Lebire GVXX1461
Leda GVXX2713
Lefara GVXX2714
Lefarani GVXX2715
Lefoure GVXX5305
Lefouredaka GVXX5306
Lefure GVXX3356
Leguefelo GVXX5811
Leifero GVXX4298
Lekoro GVXX2716
Lela GVXX0475
Lela GVXX4299
Lela GVXX1462
Lele GVXX3357
Leleda GVXX2717
Lelekoro GVXX4300
Lelesa GVXX1463
Lelessa GVXX4301
Lelouma GVXX5812
Lemafra GVXX2718
Lembagui GVXX5307
Lemonako GVXX5813
Lemourou GVXX2719
Lemourou Tombo GVXX2720
Lenessa GVXX1464
Lenguere GVXX0476
Lenguere GVXX1465
Lennguea GVXX5814
Lennsang GVXX5815
Leobingo GVXX4302
Leoua GVXX4303
Lero GVXX2721
Lessare GVXX0477
Lessere GVXX5816
Ley Bouka GVXX1466
Ley Bowal GVXX1467
Ley Niele GVXX3358
Ley Tangan GVXX3359
Leya GVXX2722
Leye Dali GVXX5817
Leye Kafou GVXX0478
Leye-Felo GVXX5818
Leye-Petel GVXX5819
Leyko GVXX2723
Libofarane GVXX2724
Libondou GVXX4304
Libria GVXX5308
Lielila GVXX2725
Likonoba GVXX4305
Limbo GVXX2726
Linbana GVXX2727
Lingbirinkoro GVXX1468
Lingo GVXX4306
Lingue Kegni GVXX1469
Lingue Koro GVXX2728
Lingueboa GVXX1470
Lingueko GVXX3360
Linguelo GVXX2729
Linguema GVXX1471
Linguere GVXX2730
Linguere GVXX5820
Linguere GVXX1472
Linguewe GVXX5821
Linkekoro GVXX2731
Linko GVXX2732
Linlin GVXX0479
Linnkere GVXX0480
Linsan GVXX5309
Linsan GVXX5822
Linsere GVXX1473
Linsoro GVXX2733
Llaya GVXX5310
Lodou GVXX1474
Lofero GVXX2734
Logbo GVXX4307
Logho GVXX4308
Logorombo GVXX2735
Logoronbo GVXX2736
Lohouma GVXX4309
Loila GVXX2737
Lokofe GVXX1475
Lokonko GVXX1476
Lokooua GVXX4310
Lola GVXX4311
Lolle GVXX1477
Lolo GVXX4312
Lolobingo GVXX4313
Lombel GVXX1478
Lomidedougou GVXX4314
Lomou GVXX4315
Longoa GVXX1479
Longori GVXX5311
Lonhoueya GVXX4316
Loni GVXX0481
Lonssir GVXX3361
Lontonkoure GVXX5823
Loo GVXX4317
Lope GVXX0482
Lopewal GVXX3362
Lori GVXX2738
Loriomi GVXX4318
Loudal GVXX0483
Loufa GVXX1481
Loufa I GVXX1482
Loufa II GVXX1483
Loufa Missidi GVXX1484
Loufaya GVXX1485
Lougana GVXX5824
Lougol GVXX0484
Lougounguel GVXX5825
Lougouroun GVXX1486
Louguere-Kere GVXX0485
Louhoule GVXX4319
Loukoum GVXX2739
Loula GVXX4320
Loule GVXX4321
Louledyi GVXX0486
Loumbaya GVXX0487
Louneye GVXX4322
Lountou GVXX1487
Louyassou GVXX4323
Loya GVXX1488
Loyan GVXX4324
Maa GVXX4325
Maadou GVXX4326
Mabossou GVXX4327
Macenta GVXX4328
Madenta GVXX2740
Madiheraya GVXX2741
Madina GVXX0488
Madina GVXX0043
Madina GVXX1489
Madina GVXX2742
Madina Badiar GVXX0489
Madina Dian GVXX5313
Madina Singueti GVXX0490
Madina-Foulbe GVXX5826
Madina-Kouta GVXX0015
Madina-Wara GVXX5827
Madinakoura GVXX4329
Madinani GVXX2743
Madine GVXX0491
Madine GVXX0016
Madine GVXX2744
Madiomai GVXX4330
Madionamai GVXX4331
Madioumbo GVXX0492
Madiya GVXX0493
Maekoro GVXX4332
Maeredou GVXX4333
Maero GVXX1490
Mafendala GVXX1491
Mafendou GVXX1492
Maferinya GVXX0017
Mafindou GVXX1493
Mafindou GVXX4334
Mafindougou GVXX4335
Mafinndi GVXX1494
Mafinndo GVXX4336
Mafinnedi Kabaya GVXX1495
Mafoca GVXX0494
Magana GVXX2745
Magnienkoure GVXX0495
Maguia GVXX3363
Maharnadi GVXX1496
Mahera GVXX5315
Mahouor GVXX4337
Maka GVXX2746
Makabou GVXX4338
Makadougou GVXX1497
Makaya GVXX1498
Makia GVXX0496
Makinsi GVXX0497
Makiti GVXX5316
Makolon GVXX4339
Makono GVXX2747
Mala GVXX4340
Malakissi GVXX1499
Malalila GVXX2748
Malama GVXX1500
Malamala GVXX4341
Malea GVXX0498
Maledougou GVXX4342
Maleha GVXX2749
Malekoroma GVXX4343
Malenta GVXX0499
Maleya GVXX0500
Maleya GVXX5317
Mali GVXX3364
Mali GVXX5828
Mali GVXX4344
Mali-Missila GVXX5829
Maliban GVXX5318
Malifou GVXX5319
Maliguiagbe GVXX5320
Malikia GVXX2750
Maliko GVXX1501
Malilene GVXX0501
Malimane GVXX2751
Malipan GVXX5830
Malleande GVXX2752
Mallema GVXX4345
Malo GVXX4346
Malou GVXX4347
Mama GVXX4348
Mamadiana GVXX2753
Mamadidougou GVXX4349
Mamadou Satouko GVXX2754
Mamandougou GVXX4350
Mamankono GVXX1502
Mamassadou GVXX4351
Mamaya GVXX5831
Mambasso GVXX0502
Mambia GVXX5321
Mambiya GVXX5322
Mambo GVXX4352
Mambouria GVXX1503
Mambouroudou GVXX1504
Mamona GVXX1505
Mamorodougou GVXX4353
Mamou GVXX5323
Mamou GVXX3365
Mamoudia GVXX5324
Mamoudouya GVXX1506
Mamounie GVXX1507
Mamouria GVXX1508
Mamouria GVXX2755
Mamourodou GVXX2756
Mamouroudougou GVXX2757
Mamouroula GVXX4354
Mamya GVXX0503
Man GVXX2758
Mana GVXX4355
Manadara GVXX2759
Manakoro GVXX4356
Manakoro GVXX2760
Manakoto GVXX2761
Mananba GVXX5832
Manandi GVXX5833
Mananko GVXX4357
Manankoro GVXX4358
Manaouen GVXX4359
Manbaria GVXX5834
Manda Foulbe GVXX5835
Manda Sarakole GVXX5836
Mandekote GVXX5325
Mandiana GVXX2762
Mandou GVXX4360
Mandougou GVXX4361
Mane GVXX2763
Maneah GVXX0018
Manfara GVXX2764
Manfara GVXX1510
Manfarani GVXX2765
Manfourou GVXX5326
Manga Sabou GVXX1511
Mangadian GVXX2766
Mangadougou GVXX4362
Mangalande GVXX0504
Mangankoya GVXX4363
Mangbedougou GVXX2767
Mango GVXX3366
Mangorama GVXX1512
Mangoua GVXX4364
Mangoye GVXX0505
Mangue GVXX5327
Manguel GVXX5837
Mangueta GVXX0506
Mangueya GVXX1513
Mangueya GVXX5328
Maniaka GVXX2768
Manian GVXX1514
Maniansorifana GVXX2769
Manifadou GVXX2770
Manima GVXX2771
Manintoro GVXX2772
Maniokhoun GVXX5329
Manissalia GVXX2773
Mankabaladou GVXX4365
Mankaimadou GVXX4366
Mankata GVXX1515
Mankono GVXX2774
Mankorodou GVXX1516
Mankoura GVXX0507
Mankouta GVXX0508
Mansafara GVXX2775
Mansala GVXX2776
Mansalako GVXX2777
Mansarafa GVXX2778
Mansarena GVXX2779
Mansarena GVXX1517
Manseidougou GVXX2780
Mansiramoribaya GVXX1518
Mansonian GVXX1519
Mansoundou GVXX1520
Mansounia GVXX2781
Mansoya GVXX1521
Mantaranian GVXX1522
Mantchi GVXX0509
Mantessa GVXX0510
Mantoumandougou GVXX4367
Maoba Hassana GVXX5330
Maomai GVXX4368
Mara GVXX1523
Maraba GVXX2782
Maradou GVXX1524
Maragbadou GVXX1525
Maranda GVXX3367
Maraou GVXX4369
Marara GVXX0511
Mare GVXX0512
Maregala GVXX1526
Marena GVXX1527
Marga GVXX5331
Maria GVXX1529
Maribabeko GVXX2783
Marina GVXX2784
Marinfala GVXX2785
Markabinaya GVXX2786
Marna GVXX1530
Marou GVXX0513
Maroui GVXX0514
Marso GVXX3368
Massabanga GVXX4370
Massadou GVXX1531
Massadou GVXX4371
Massadougou GVXX4372
Massako GVXX2787
Massakoundou GVXX1532
Massala GVXX4373
Massamaniana GVXX1534
Massamayan GVXX1535
Massandougou GVXX4374
Massaso GVXX1536
Massaya GVXX5332
Massedougou GVXX4375
Massi GVXX5333
Massi GVXX3369
Massisse GVXX5334
Matagania GVXX1537
Matakan GVXX0515
Matakong GVXX5335
Matam GVXX0045
Matiguiyafori GVXX5336
Matiounta GVXX1538
Mavoisine GVXX0516
Mayounde GVXX0517
Mazano GVXX2790
Mbanb GVXX0518
Mbassene GVXX0519
Meata GVXX4376
Medekoma GVXX4377
Medina GVXX4378
Medina GVXX1539
Medina Ollande GVXX5839
Medina Oula GVXX5337
Medina Songnessa GVXX5841
Mekiferedougou GVXX4379
Mekke GVXX5842
Mela GVXX1540
Meleboun GVXX5338
Melegbouma GVXX4380
Melia GVXX5339
Meliandou GVXX4381
Meliboun GVXX1541
Melife GVXX1542
Melikanssa GVXX3370
Melikhoure GVXX0520
Melou GVXX4382
Mema GVXX5340
Memboma GVXX4383
Menankaya GVXX2792
Menanselia GVXX2793
Mengatay GVXX5341
Meniega GVXX5342
Menien Koma GVXX2794
Menkine GVXX0521
Merebe GVXX1543
Merebe GVXX5343
Merepike GVXX5843
Mermeria GVXX1544
Merna GVXX2795
Messaoulaya GVXX1545
Messira GVXX1546
Metandiang GVXX5844
Meyenkhoure GVXX0522
Mignala GVXX2796
Mignankabougou GVXX2797
Millimou GVXX1547
Mimaro GVXX4384
Mimiciati GVXX2798
Mindou GVXX1548
Minianko GVXX2799
Miraya GVXX2800
Mirino GVXX2801
Mirire GVXX3371
Miside Kasagui GVXX3372
Missadou GVXX2802
Missadougou GVXX4385
Missala GVXX2803
Missamana GVXX2804
Missamoridou GVXX4386
Misside Hinde GVXX3373
Misside Nangagni GVXX5845
Misside Wara GVXX5846
Missikou GVXX5344
Missira GVXX5847
Missira GVXX0523
Missira GVXX5345
Missirah GVXX5848
Mitti GVXX3374
Moata GVXX4387
Modia GVXX1549
Modiya GVXX5346
Modori GVXX0524
Moebadou GVXX4388
Moedou GVXX4389
Moegbadou GVXX4390
Moekeredou GVXX1550
Mogayafara GVXX2805
Mohekodou GVXX1551
Moiafara GVXX2806
Moidiaro GVXX4391
Moiko GVXX2807
Mola GVXX5347
Moleya GVXX5348
Molokhoure GVXX5349
Molokoyi GVXX1552
Molota GVXX5350
Momone GVXX0525
Momora GVXX2808
Monbeya GVXX3375
Monchon GVXX0526
Monebo GVXX2809
Mongo GVXX4392
Monkourou GVXX5351
Monssoro GVXX4393
Montikri GVXX5352
Mooria GVXX1553
Moouledou GVXX4394
Moradougou GVXX4395
Moramoria GVXX2810
Morebaya GVXX5353
Moregbado GVXX4396
Moregbadou GVXX2811
Moreguebedou GVXX4397
Morekaniya GVXX5354
Moreya GVXX2812
Mori Moussaya GVXX2813
Moria GVXX5849
Moria GVXX5355
Moria GVXX2814
Moria GVXX1554
Moriadi GVXX0527
Moriani GVXX2815
Moribadian GVXX2816
Moribadougou GVXX4398
Moribafindougou GVXX4399
Moribaya GVXX2817
Moribeya GVXX2818
Moribeya Saba GVXX2819
Moribouedougou GVXX4400
Moridinnpi GVXX5850
Moridougou GVXX4401
Morifadougou GVXX4402
Morifindougou GVXX4403
Morifinya GVXX5356
Morigba GVXX4404
Morigbadougou GVXX4405
Morigouedougou GVXX4406
Moriguedougou GVXX2820
Morikenieba GVXX2821
Morimandougou GVXX4407
Morinimaya GVXX2822
Morisadougou GVXX2823
Morisanako GVXX2824
Morissimandougou GVXX4408
Morissiria GVXX1555
Moriya GVXX2825
Moriya GVXX5357
Moriyagbe GVXX0528
Moriyakhori GVXX5358
Morobagassou GVXX4409
Morodougou GVXX2826
Morola Fara GVXX2827
Moromi GVXX5851
Moroumsala GVXX2828
Moroya GVXX2829
Mortordji GVXX0529
Mossofedougou GVXX4410
Mossoko GVXX1556
Mouguebeya GVXX2830
Mouiadou GVXX4411
Mouki GVXX5359
Moukibodebe GVXX1557
Mouminia GVXX5852
Moungata GVXX1558
Mounian GVXX2831
Mouniedougou GVXX4412
Mounou GVXX2832
Mounoukoro GVXX1559
Mountouko GVXX3376
Moussadougou GVXX2833
Moussadougou GVXX4413
Moussaia GVXX2834
Moussaya GVXX0530
Moussaya GVXX5360
Moussonde Madla GVXX2836
Moyako GVXX4414
Moyan GVXX1560
Moyanfara GVXX2837
Moymadou GVXX4415
Mpakolo GVXX0531
Nabala GVXX1561
Nabaladougou GVXX2838
Nabou GVXX2839
Nade GVXX3377
Nadel GVXX5853
Nadel Sabe GVXX5854
Nadiebane GVXX0532
Nafadgi GVXX0533
Nafadie GVXX2840
Nafadji GVXX2841
Nafadji I GVXX1562
Nafadji II GVXX1563
Nafadjibougouda GVXX2842
Nafagni GVXX1564
Nafagui GVXX2843
Nafaguile GVXX2844
Nafaya GVXX1565
Nafayi GVXX2845
Nagoudou GVXX5855
Nagoye GVXX5856
Naigaya GVXX5361
Naja GVXX0534
Nalonda GVXX2846
Namaguida GVXX2847
Nameiri GVXX1566
Nampougou GVXX5362
Nanako GVXX1567
Nananibala GVXX2848
Nandounba GVXX0535
Nanfarimourou GVXX2849
Nangagni GVXX5857
Nangagni GVXX0536
Naniakali GVXX1568
Nankofara GVXX2850
Nantene GVXX2851
Naoc GVXX4416
Naouinsou GVXX4417
Napeel GVXX0537
Narina GVXX2852
Nassa GVXX0538
Nassoundougou GVXX4418
Natatigare GVXX0539
Nbalassou GVXX4419
Nbaloma GVXX4420
Ndantari GVXX1569
Ndeleou GVXX4421
Ndeyri GVXX3378
Ndiarendi GVXX1570
Ndire GVXX5858
Neadagadou GVXX4422
Nebiss GVXX0540
Nedidalam GVXX2853
Negare GVXX0541
Nemataba GVXX0542
Nemea GVXX4423
Nemenou GVXX2854
Nemian GVXX4424
Nemina GVXX2855
Nenea GVXX2856
Nepa GVXX4425
Nerekoro GVXX1571
Nerekoro GVXX2857
Nerekoroko GVXX2858
Netemanfara GVXX2859
Netere GVXX0543
Netere GVXX5859
Nettere GVXX0544
Ngnin GVXX4426
Ngouahoum GVXX4427
Nguessou GVXX4428
Niabeli GVXX5363
Niadou GVXX4429
Niadougou GVXX4430
Niagantou GVXX5860
Niagara GVXX3379
Niagouele GVXX2860
Niaguezazou GVXX4431
Niakale GVXX2861
Niakalekolon GVXX2862
Niakamouna GVXX2863
Niako GVXX2864
Nialama GVXX5861
Nialdou GVXX2865
Niale Toumanina GVXX2866
Nialemoridougou GVXX2867
Nialessou GVXX4432
Nialia GVXX1572
Nialinko GVXX2868
Niamadalada GVXX2869
Niamadou GVXX2870
Niamagara GVXX0545
Niaman Rombo GVXX2871
Niamana GVXX1573
Niamandou GVXX1574
Niamanfere GVXX2872
Niamankoro GVXX4433
Niamayafara GVXX1575
Niamayara GVXX1576
Niamayaravol GVXX0546
Niambala GVXX4434
Niamera GVXX1577
Niamina GVXX2873
Niamini GVXX5862
Niamoridougou GVXX4435
Nianaya GVXX5364
Niandakoro GVXX2874
Niandan GVXX1578
Niandan Koro GVXX2875
Niandan Koura GVXX2876
Niandanwaro GVXX1579
Nianforando GVXX1580
Niangamita GVXX4436
Niangaya GVXX0547
Nianiaya GVXX1581
Nianin GVXX4437
Nianko GVXX2877
Niankoulan GVXX1582
Nianou GVXX5863
Nianou GVXX4438
Nianougou GVXX0548
Niansogola GVXX1583
Niansomorodougou GVXX4439
Niansso GVXX3380
Niantoumandou GVXX2878
Niaoulindougou GVXX4440
Niaourassou GVXX4441
Niara GVXX5864
Niaragbaleye GVXX4442
Niaragpale GVXX4443
Niaria GVXX1584
Niassagala GVXX5865
Niaya GVXX1585
Nieborassi GVXX5866
Niebore GVXX5867
Niegueya GVXX5365
Niekan GVXX3381
Niela GVXX5868
Nieleko GVXX2879
Nielia GVXX1586
Niella GVXX4444
Niema GVXX4445
Niembou GVXX2880
Niemebade GVXX1587
Nienemere GVXX5869
Nieniedou GVXX4446
Nienieya GVXX2881
Nieniko GVXX2882
Nienouya GVXX1588
Niere GVXX2883
Niero GVXX2884
Niguelande GVXX3382
Nimalo Konsolon GVXX1589
Nimbakoro GVXX4447
Nimonian GVXX1590
Ninata GVXX4448
Ninguebeda GVXX4449
Ninguemai GVXX4450
Ningueti GVXX5366
Ninguira GVXX1591
Niobodougou GVXX4451
Niofiya GVXX0549
Niogola GVXX0550
Niogou GVXX5870
Niokorogbedougou GVXX4452
Niokozou GVXX4453
Nioledou GVXX4454
Niomorodougou GVXX4455
Nion GVXX4456
Nionkoba GVXX5871
Niono GVXX2885
Nionsamoridougou GVXX4457
Nionta GVXX4458
Niougourou GVXX2886
Niougui GVXX5872
Nioumatanga GVXX4459
Nioumaya GVXX2887
Niouniougou GVXX2888
Nissiboro GVXX4460
Nobe GVXX3383
Nokoura GVXX5873
Nomo GVXX5367
Nonbohouota GVXX4461
Nongo GVXX0046
Nongoa GVXX1592
Nongoa GVXX4462
Nongoa GVXX2889
Nongolo GVXX4463
Nonguokoro GVXX1593
Nonhana GVXX4464
Nonkonakari GVXX1594
Nono GVXX2890
Nono Diena GVXX2891
Nonoba GVXX0551
Noona GVXX4465
Nora GVXX1595
Nora Foula GVXX2892
Norassouba GVXX2893
Noreyire GVXX5368
Nougoundou GVXX1596
Nougouro GVXX4466
Nouguedougou GVXX4467
Nouhouya GVXX1597
Noukoun GVXX2894
Noukounkan GVXX2895
Noumandougou GVXX4468
Noumoudaga GVXX2896
Noumoudjiguila GVXX2897
Noumoula GVXX1598
Noumoussaya GVXX2898
Nouna GVXX4469
Nounkou GVXX5369
Nounou GVXX2899
Nourafadougou GVXX2900
Nousseridougou GVXX4470
Noussy GVXX3384
Numea GVXX2901
Nyagassola GVXX2902
Nzao GVXX4471
Nzappa GVXX4472
Nzebela GVXX4473
Nzerekoele GVXX4474
Nzerekore GVXX4475
Nzima GVXX2903
Nzo GVXX4476
Nzoyaro GVXX4477
Odossa GVXX1599
Odoulon GVXX4478
Oisa GVXX1600
Oladou GVXX1601
Oliguezezou GVXX4479
Ollande GVXX5370
Ollande GVXX5874
Ondesania GVXX1602
Orata GVXX4480
Ore GVXX5875
Ore Bakou GVXX5876
Ore Bombi GVXX5877
Ore Dante GVXX5878
Ore Dima GVXX5879
Ore Dioli GVXX3385
Ore Fello GVXX5880
Ore Gali GVXX3386
Ore Gando GVXX1603
Ore Kilea GVXX5881
Ore Kole GVXX5882
Ore Kolen GVXX3387
Ore Korasse GVXX0552
Ore Koubi GVXX1604
Ore Mamou GVXX3388
Ore Niele GVXX3389
Ore Ollande GVXX5883
Ore Sere GVXX5884
Ore Sougue GVXX5885
Ore Tembe GVXX5886
Ore Vendou GVXX5371
Ore Vindou GVXX5887
Ore Yame GVXX0553
Ore-Barka GVXX5888
Ore-Petel GVXX5889
Orefelo GVXX5890
Oretigue GVXX3390
Orevenndou GVXX0554
Orobako GVXX2904
Orodjidougou GVXX4481
Oroni GVXX4482
Orono GVXX4483
Orossia GVXX4484
Orougui GVXX1605
Orounde GVXX1606
Osmania GVXX3391
Ossokourouma GVXX1607
Ouabingo GVXX4485
Ouadiatoulaye GVXX0555
Ouadou GVXX1608
Ouagna GVXX2905
Ouaka GVXX3392
Ouakan GVXX0556
Ouakouman GVXX4486
Oualia GVXX5372
Oualissa GVXX1609
Oualto GVXX1610
Ouamadou GVXX4487
Ouamandou GVXX4488
Ouambou GVXX0557
Ouamou GVXX4489
Ouandan GVXX2906
Ouani GVXX5373
Ouanino GVXX4490
Ouankadji GVXX1611
Ouankifondi GVXX5374
Ouansan GVXX5891
Ouantan GVXX0558
Ouantanka GVXX4491
Ouaouakoro GVXX4492
Ouaoudougou GVXX4493
Ouaran GVXX2907
Ouarigueridougou GVXX4494
Ouassala Kalila GVXX2908
Ouassamana GVXX2909
Ouassaya GVXX1612
Ouassaya GVXX4495
Ouassou GVXX0559
Ouataferedougou GVXX4496
Ouatoferedougou GVXX4497
Ouazemai GVXX4498
Oudaba GVXX0560
Oudaya GVXX0561
Oudoula GVXX2910
Oue GVXX4499
Ouebolota GVXX4500
Ouedougou GVXX4501
Oueguota GVXX4502
Ouelia GVXX5375
Ouende GVXX1613
Ouende To GVXX1614
Ouendiou GVXX4503
Oueta GVXX4504
Ouetoa GVXX4505
Oueya GVXX4506
Oueye GVXX4507
Ouinzou GVXX4508
Oukegue GVXX0562
Oula GVXX5376
Ouladin GVXX1615
Oulako GVXX4509
Oulako Doma GVXX4510
Oulandji GVXX0563
Ouleinko GVXX5892
Oulela GVXX4511
Ouleou GVXX4512
Oulime GVXX4513
Oulo GVXX4514
Oulo Ouloko GVXX2911
Oulondougou GVXX2912
Oulou GVXX3393
Ouloubatinti GVXX2913
Ouloukoro GVXX2914
Ouloukoye GVXX4515
Oumale GVXX2915
Oumbaya GVXX2916
Oumbia GVXX4516
Oumpi GVXX5893
Ounamouda GVXX0019
Oundagne GVXX0564
Oundemia GVXX1616
Oundou GVXX1617
Oundou Doula GVXX1618
Oundoufere GVXX0565
Oungwariel GVXX0566
Ounkoum GVXX5894
Ounsire Bouredi GVXX0567
Ouokouama GVXX4517
Ouoldou GVXX1619
Ouolokola GVXX4518
Ouoloyakoele GVXX4519
Ouoloye GVXX4520
Ouome GVXX4521
Ouondedou GVXX4522
Ouonsonsare GVXX1620
Ouorenendo GVXX1621
Ouoro GVXX1622
Ouorodou GVXX1623
Ouorohoni GVXX4523
Ouorono GVXX4524
Ouossou GVXX5377
Ouotoula GVXX4525
Oupirde GVXX0568
Ourak GVXX0569
Ourakare GVXX0570
Ourala GVXX2917
Ouranbaya GVXX2918
Ouremai GVXX4526
Ouria GVXX1624
Ouria GVXX2919
Ouriala GVXX2920
Ourianinouna GVXX2921
Ouriatou GVXX1625
Ourirazou GVXX4527
Ourki GVXX3394
Ouro GVXX1626
Ourodji GVXX5895
Ourodji GVXX1627
Ourokoro GVXX2922
Ouropoue GVXX4528
Ourou GVXX2923
Ourouba GVXX1628
Ouroubekoro GVXX2924
Ourouboto GVXX1629
Ourouezou GVXX4529
Ourougada GVXX2925
Ourouko GVXX2926
Ouroukonko GVXX1630
Ouroukoro GVXX1631
Ouroukoro GVXX2927
Ouroumakoro GVXX2928
Ourouninda GVXX2929
Ourouogada GVXX2930
Ourououroudougou GVXX4530
Ourourou GVXX1632
Ourouss GVXX0571
Ouroussako GVXX4531
Oussalazou GVXX4532
Oussokorota GVXX4533
Oussoudougou GVXX2931
Oussoukonko GVXX1633
Oussouma GVXX2932
Oussouya GVXX1634
Outala GVXX4534
Outirak GVXX0572
Ouyabe GVXX1635
Ouyane GVXX0573
Ouyari GVXX2933
Ouyarotero GVXX4535
Ouyaya GVXX5378
Ouye GVXX4536
Ouyeye GVXX4537
Ouzaroulazou GVXX4538
Ouzezezou GVXX4539
Ouzik GVXX0574
Ouzou GVXX0575
Owe GVXX4540
Oyo GVXX2934
Oyouka GVXX5896
Pabou GVXX4541
Paherabara GVXX2935
Paia GVXX4542
Pakaya GVXX5897
Pakaye GVXX0576
Palaga GVXX3395
Palatougui GVXX5379
Pale GVXX4543
Pamelap GVXX5380
Pamere GVXX5898
Pamgue GVXX5381
Pampako GVXX1636
Pampara GVXX4544
Pampare GVXX4545
Pampole GVXX4546
Pandedougou GVXX4547
Panoumpou GVXX0577
Panziazou GVXX4548
Paoumka GVXX0578
Parabole GVXX0579
Paradji GVXX1637
Paragogo GVXX0580
Paragui GVXX5382
Parakanta GVXX0581
Paramani GVXX4549
Paraol GVXX5899
Paraol Niagui GVXX0582
Paraoual GVXX5900
Parawol GVXX0583
Parawol GVXX1638
Parawol GVXX5901
Pare GVXX5902
Paria GVXX4550
Pasquetdou GVXX4551
Passaya GVXX1639
Passima GVXX4552
Patedougou GVXX4553
Pateia GVXX3396
Pecola GVXX4554
Pegetti GVXX5383
Pela GVXX4555
Pelessane GVXX5903
Peli GVXX5904
Pellal GVXX3397
Pello GVXX1640
Pelloi GVXX1641
Pellou GVXX1642
Pellou Edi GVXX5905
Pelloum Pate GVXX1643
Pelloye GVXX1644
Pelloye Guinki GVXX1645
Penediou GVXX4556
Pennou GVXX3398
Peoaou GVXX4557
Pepoli GVXX4558
Pete GVXX5906
Petedie GVXX0584
Petel GVXX5907
Petel Komo GVXX5908
Petela GVXX1646
Petou GVXX0585
Petty GVXX3399
Piaro GVXX4559
Pilel GVXX5909
Pilimini GVXX5910
Pindedou GVXX4560
Pine GVXX4561
Pineta GVXX4562
Pinsou GVXX4563
Pita GVXX3400
Pitika GVXX2936
Pitika GVXX1648
Pitika Lankon GVXX2937
Poa GVXX4564
Pobenguo GVXX1649
Podouguessou GVXX4565
Poe GVXX4566
Pogon GVXX0586
Pola GVXX4567
Politio GVXX4568
Pomare GVXX1650
Pondodou GVXX4569
Popaya GVXX0587
Popodara GVXX5911
Poredaka GVXX3401
Port-Kamsar GVXX0588
Portofita GVXX3402
Posseya GVXX5384
Potopata GVXX0589
Potopoto GVXX0590
Poudoukou GVXX0591
Poukou GVXX3403
Pouniar GVXX0592
Pounkoun GVXX5385
Pouro GVXX4570
Predou GVXX4571
Quegneboko GVXX1651
Quiyinnin GVXX1652
Rafou GVXX1653
Ratoma GVXX0047
Robane GVXX0048
Robompa GVXX5386
Rofema GVXX5387
Rogbane GVXX0049
Romenkine GVXX5388
Rondefodeya GVXX1654
Rounde Bennsane GVXX0593
Rounde Dara GVXX0594
Rounde Denda GVXX3404
Rounde Haire GVXX5912
Rounde-Here GVXX5913
Rounde-Sangui GVXX5914
Rounde-Tanbou GVXX5915
Roundeoubou GVXX1655
Saabere Ngayou GVXX5916
Saadou GVXX4572
Saadou GVXX1656
Saadougou GVXX4573
Saanya GVXX0595
Saba GVXX2938
Sabakoro GVXX2939
Sabakoure GVXX5389
Sabalia GVXX5917
Sabara-Koura GVXX5918
Sabende GVXX0596
Sabere GVXX1657
Sabere Bani GVXX1658
Sabere Eri GVXX1659
Sabere Faran GVXX1660
Sabere Sako GVXX1661
Sabere Salam GVXX0597
Sabere-Bara GVXX5919
Sabere-Kassinian GVXX0598
Saberedougou GVXX4574
Sabiadougou GVXX4575
Sabokoroda GVXX2940
Sabolea GVXX2941
Saboucire GVXX0599
Saboudougou GVXX4576
Sabouedou GVXX4577
Sabouia GVXX3405
Saboukondo GVXX2942
Sabrekalia GVXX1662
Sadanfode GVXX2943
Saddou GVXX1663
Saddou GVXX4578
Sadieye GVXX0600
Sadou GVXX4579
Sadou GVXX1664
Sadougou GVXX4580
Safa GVXX0601
Safaran GVXX1665
Safela GVXX1666
Safere GVXX5390
Saferi GVXX2944
Safeya GVXX5391
Safina GVXX2945
Safiya GVXX5392
Sagbala GVXX4581
Sagbe GVXX4582
Sagbelea GVXX1667
Sagnondougou GVXX4583
Sagou GVXX1668
Sagoya GVXX5393
Saguebaou GVXX4584
Saguebe GVXX1669
Saguebe GVXX4585
Sahanfara GVXX2946
Saiale GVXX2947
Saiemoridougou GVXX4586
Saimafarane GVXX2948
Saint-Alexis GVXX2949
Saint-Antonin GVXX1670
Sainte-Therese GVXX1671
Sakabamdo GVXX1672
Sakabariley GVXX1673
Sakadi GVXX5920
Sakambaya GVXX1674
Sakanokola GVXX3406
Sakaran GVXX2950
Sakodougou GVXX4587
Sakona GVXX4588
Sakouedou GVXX4589
Sakoya GVXX5394
Sakoya GVXX1675
Sala GVXX2951
Saladalakole GVXX2952
Saladougou GVXX2953
Salakolo GVXX4590
Salam GVXX5395
Salamai GVXX4591
Salambande GVXX5921
Salamodia GVXX3407
Sale GVXX4592
Salekanie GVXX2954
Sali GVXX0602
Salifouya GVXX5396
Saliya GVXX5397
Salona GVXX2955
Salou GVXX4593
Salounia GVXX1676
Salounian GVXX1677
Saloya GVXX1678
Samalakourou GVXX2956
Saman GVXX2957
Samana GVXX4594
Samandou GVXX1679
Samane GVXX2958
Samankoto GVXX5922
Samansira GVXX0603
Samantan GVXX5923
Samaya GVXX5398
Samaya GVXX2959
Samayakoudani GVXX2960
Samba GVXX4595
Samba Poulo GVXX0604
Sambahoum GVXX1680
Sambailo GVXX0605
Sambakourou GVXX1681
Sambalama GVXX5399
Sambalde GVXX0606
Sambalde Boini GVXX0607
Sambalya GVXX5400
Sambamoudoula GVXX2961
Sambaouali GVXX4596
Sambaya GVXX1682
Sambaya GVXX0608
Sambaya Baleya GVXX2962
Sambaya Dialonke GVXX2963
Sambaya Foula GVXX2964
Sambaya Kokoun GVXX2965
Sambaya Pequety GVXX5924
Sambeldo GVXX1683
Samboudou GVXX1684
Samedougou GVXX2966
Samodougou GVXX4597
Samoe GVXX4598
Samoukadougou GVXX4599
Samourala GVXX2967
Sampouyara GVXX4600
San Kolodou GVXX4601
Sana GVXX2968
Sanadou GVXX1685
Sanama GVXX5925
Sanambala GVXX4602
Sanana GVXX2969
Sananbaladougou GVXX4603
Sananfarani GVXX2970
Sanankoro GVXX2971
Sanankoro Sanou GVXX4604
Sanankoroni GVXX2972
Sanarabe GVXX1686
Sanata GVXX2973
Sanaya GVXX5401
Sanaya GVXX1687
Sanbadiouri GVXX5926
Sanbaya GVXX1688
Sanbouya GVXX1689
Sanda GVXX0609
Sandala GVXX2974
Sandanko GVXX2975
Sandankoro GVXX1690
Sandaya GVXX1691
Sandedou GVXX1692
Sandia GVXX0610
Sandia GVXX1693
Sandia GVXX2976
Sandia GVXX4605
Sandia Kole GVXX2977
Sandian GVXX4606
Sandikodou GVXX1694
Sandja Tongui GVXX4607
Sanfina GVXX2978
Sanga GVXX1695
Sangadou GVXX4608
Sangalabadou GVXX1696
Sangalagoyan GVXX5927
Sangale GVXX2979
Sangardo GVXX1697
Sangare GVXX5928
Sangaredi GVXX0611
Sangarella GVXX2980
Sangareya GVXX0612
Sangareya GVXX5402
Sangareya GVXX3408
Sangban GVXX0613
Sangbandougou GVXX4609
Sangbaouali GVXX4610
Sangbayan GVXX1698
Sangodiya GVXX5403
Sangoho GVXX5929
Sangouanian GVXX1699
Sangouela GVXX2981
Sangounia GVXX1700
Sangouya GVXX5930
Sangoya GVXX5404
Sanguea GVXX0020
Sanguetank GVXX0614
Sangueya GVXX0615
Sanguia GVXX0616
Sanhia GVXX5405
Saniola GVXX4611
Sanissia GVXX2982
Sanka GVXX0617
Sankadougou GVXX4612
Sankali GVXX5931
Sankaman GVXX2983
Sankaran GVXX1701
Sankassou GVXX4613
Sankiniana GVXX2984
Sankirissa GVXX4614
Sanko GVXX5406
Sannou GVXX5932
Sanofilala GVXX4615
Sanokola GVXX3409
Sanouya GVXX1702
Sanpolia GVXX1703
Sansale GVXX0618
Sansamadou GVXX4616
Sansan GVXX2985
Sansan Koura GVXX2986
Sansanbaya GVXX2987
Sansanbou GVXX1704
Sansando GVXX2988
Sansanghi GVXX5407
Sansanko GVXX1705
Sansanni GVXX2989
Sansanyi GVXX5408
Santani GVXX0619
Santarella GVXX2990
Santhia GVXX5409
Santi GVXX0620
Santiguia GVXX2991
Santiguia GVXX5410
Santiguila GVXX2992
Santimolya GVXX0621
Santo GVXX1707
Santou GVXX5411
Saorou GVXX1708
Saoule GVXX4617
Saouradou GVXX4618
Saouro GVXX4619
Saourou GVXX5412
Saourou GVXX2993
Saousoudougou GVXX4620
Sarabadou GVXX4621
Sarabaga GVXX4622
Sarabe GVXX0622
Sarakondyi GVXX2994
Sarala GVXX4623
Saramadia GVXX2995
Saramanian GVXX1709
Saramardou GVXX1710
Saramkabaya GVXX5413
Sarang GVXX3410
Sarangaika GVXX0623
Sarankoutaya GVXX0624
Saraya GVXX2996
Saraya GVXX5933
Sardou GVXX1711
Sare GVXX4624
Sare Abdoulaye GVXX0626
Sare Alkene GVXX0628
Sare Almidou GVXX0629
Sare Ambori GVXX0630
Sare Bagui GVXX0631
Sare Bessoro GVXX0632
Sare Bourem GVXX0633
Sare Djimi GVXX0634
Sare Dounia GVXX0635
Sare Fara GVXX0637
Sare Goumbambel GVXX0638
Sare Guelado GVXX0639
Sare Guido GVXX0640
Sare Hogo GVXX0641
Sare Kebe GVXX0643
Sare Kolia GVXX0644
Sare Modi GVXX0645
Sare Oupa GVXX0646
Sare Pate GVXX0647
Sare Tehikam GVXX0648
Sare Toboye GVXX0649
Sare-Demmba GVXX5934
Sarebani GVXX1712
Sarebodio GVXX0650
Sareboval GVXX3411
Sarefoula GVXX1713
Sarekali GVXX5935
Sarekaly GVXX5414
Saressin GVXX5415
Sareya GVXX5416
Sareya GVXX1714
Saroudia GVXX1715
Saroudia GVXX3412
Sarrea GVXX5417
Sassama GVXX4625
Sassani GVXX4626
Sassani GVXX1716
Sassankowa GVXX4627
Satiguia GVXX0651
Satina GVXX5936
Saya GVXX4628
Sayalo GVXX4629
Sayama GVXX4630
Sayintan GVXX5418
Sayodougou GVXX4631
Sayonya GVXX0652
Sclifara GVXX2997
Sean GVXX4632
Sebadougou GVXX4633
Sebaya GVXX2998
Sebekero GVXX2999
Sebekoro GVXX3000
Sebelassou GVXX4634
Sebetarani GVXX3001
Sebori GVXX5937
Sebouri GVXX3413
Sedabolon GVXX3002
Sedakoudou GVXX3003
Sedima GVXX3004
Sedougou GVXX4635
Sefouno GVXX3005
Sefounou GVXX3006
Sefoure GVXX3414
Segbedou GVXX4636
Segbedougou GVXX4637
Segbelazou GVXX4638
Segbemai GVXX4639
Seguebani GVXX1717
Seguedenia GVXX1718
Seguela GVXX3007
Segueya GVXX5419
Sehipa GVXX4640
Seidou GVXX1719
Seimana GVXX3008
Seimandougou GVXX4641
Sein GVXX4642
Sekhebade GVXX0653
Sekorea GVXX1720
Sekoro GVXX3009
Sekoto GVXX3010
Sekoudougou GVXX4643
Sekourou GVXX5420
Sela GVXX3011
Selea GVXX0654
Selekongo GVXX0655
Selia GVXX1721
Selingue GVXX3012
Selinngbala GVXX4644
Selo GVXX4645
Selo Koure GVXX5938
Selouma GVXX1722
Sembafagatou GVXX3013
Sembakounian GVXX1723
Sembaya GVXX3014
Sembou GVXX3015
Semmbaoumande GVXX5939
Semodougou GVXX4646
Semou GVXX3016
Sempaya GVXX1724
Sendenia GVXX1725
Senebou GVXX4647
Senekoula GVXX4648
Senematonbo GVXX1726
Seneni GVXX4649
Sengnendi GVXX5940
Senienta GVXX5421
Senke Kan GVXX3017
Senndougou GVXX3018
Sensi GVXX0656
Seoua GVXX4650
Seouadou GVXX1727
Seoudo GVXX1728
Seourou GVXX3019
Sepe GVXX0657
Serafinian GVXX1729
Serakoro GVXX3020
Sere GVXX3415
Seredou GVXX4651
Seredou GVXX1730
Seredougou GVXX4652
Serekoro GVXX1731
Serekoroba GVXX3022
Serekounde GVXX1732
Seremaya GVXX4653
Seremessadou GVXX1733
Sereninnde GVXX3023
Seria GVXX1734
Seriadou GVXX1735
Seriba GVXX0658
Seriendou GVXX1736
Serifouya GVXX3024
Seriga GVXX4654
Serimandougou GVXX4655
Serina GVXX3416
Serinka GVXX4656
Serissela GVXX3025
Serissou GVXX4657
Serouafe GVXX1737
Sesse GVXX4658
Sesse GVXX5941
Sessere GVXX5942
Setiguia GVXX3026
Seya GVXX4659
Seyadougou GVXX4660
Seydou GVXX1738
Seymana GVXX3027
Siabala GVXX3028
Siamandou GVXX4661
Sianfaran GVXX4662
Sibamou GVXX4663
Sibirikoya GVXX3029
Sibirini GVXX4664
Sibo GVXX5943
Sidakele GVXX1739
Sidakoro GVXX3030
Sidakoro GVXX1740
Sidia GVXX1741
Sidikidougou GVXX4665
Sidikila GVXX3031
Sidon GVXX5944
Siegaya GVXX1742
Sieroumba GVXX5422
Siguanbaya GVXX1743
Siguande GVXX5423
Siguira GVXX5945
Siguiri GVXX3032
Siguirine GVXX3033
Siguirinfara GVXX3034
Siguirini GVXX3035
Sikedougou GVXX4666
Siko GVXX3036
Sikogbao GVXX4667
Silaia GVXX3417
Silakoro GVXX3037
Silamania GVXX3038
Silasabadougou GVXX4668
Silati GVXX5424
Silaya GVXX1744
Silemaneya GVXX5425
Silemanya GVXX5426
Silemi GVXX1745
Sileya GVXX5427
Silia GVXX1746
Siliya GVXX0659
Sillakollo GVXX4669
Simba GVXX3039
Simbakounian GVXX3418
Simbalea GVXX5428
Simbareya GVXX5429
Simbaya GVXX0051
Simbaya GVXX5430
Simbe GVXX4670
Simbekoroma GVXX4671
Simbessou GVXX4672
Simbia GVXX1747
Simbo GVXX3040
Simbon Roude GVXX0660
Simbouleni GVXX4673
Simde GVXX0661
Simi GVXX3041
Simide GVXX5431
Simili GVXX5946
Simitiagui GVXX1748
Simitikalia GVXX1749
Simitya GVXX5432
Simmiya GVXX5433
Sinankoro GVXX4674
Sinaya GVXX5434
Sinbaya GVXX5435
Sindebaro GVXX4675
Sindekoro GVXX4676
Sinedougou GVXX4677
Sineouba GVXX4678
Sineya GVXX3042
Singada GVXX3043
Singani GVXX3044
Singuebedou GVXX4679
Singuedou GVXX4680
Singuega GVXX4681
Singuelema GVXX5436
Singuet GVXX3045
Singuilin GVXX5437
Siniandala GVXX3046
Siniaradou GVXX3047
Sininkoro GVXX3048
Sinka GVXX5438
Sinke GVXX3049
Sinko GVXX4682
Sinkole GVXX4683
Sinntiou GVXX5947
Sino GVXX3050
Sinseou GVXX4684
Sinta GVXX3051
Sintian GVXX0662
Sintian Baroudi GVXX0663
Sintian Braima GVXX0664
Sintian Diaye GVXX0665
Sintian Kapeli GVXX0667
Sintian Maounde GVXX0668
Sintian Modi GVXX0669
Sintian Seni GVXX0670
Sintiou GVXX5948
Sintiou GVXX0671
Sintiou Bidefelo GVXX0672
Sintiou Bohere GVXX0673
Sintiou Lenguere GVXX0675
Sintiou Mariane GVXX0676
Sintiou Rou GVXX0677
Sintioudi GVXX1750
Sintiourou GVXX0678
Sinto GVXX4685
Sinzi GVXX4686
Siounga GVXX4687
Siragouala GVXX4688
Sirakoro GVXX4689
Sirakoro GVXX1751
Sirakoro GVXX3052
Siraleya GVXX3053
Siramana GVXX3054
Siramania GVXX1752
Sirdou GVXX1753
Siredou GVXX3055
Siregbedougou GVXX4690
Siremodia GVXX5439
Sireya GVXX5440
Siria GVXX1754
Siriaia GVXX3056
Siriaria GVXX3057
Siricamaria GVXX1755
Sirigbedou GVXX3058
Sirikouldou GVXX1756
Siriman GVXX0679
Sirimana GVXX3059
Sirimoroudougou GVXX3060
Sirouadou GVXX3061
Sissemoria GVXX3062
Sita GVXX5949
Sitakoto GVXX3419
Sitaoma GVXX1757
Soadou GVXX4691
Sobadou GVXX4692
Sobadou GVXX1758
Sobaou GVXX4693
Sobata GVXX3063
Sobeia GVXX3420
Sobeyabe GVXX1759
Sobidougou GVXX4694
Soboundou GVXX1760
Sodio GVXX5441
Sodiore GVXX0680
Sofa GVXX0681
Sofedo GVXX3064
Sofedou GVXX4695
Sofero GVXX3065
Sofidou GVXX4696
Sogbadougou GVXX4697
Sogbao GVXX4698
Sogbassedougou GVXX4699
Sogbesoridougou GVXX4700
Sogonimai GVXX4701
Sogorea GVXX5442
Sogoroso GVXX3066
Sogoubeni GVXX4702
Sogouenina GVXX4703
Sogueya GVXX0682
Soiabe GVXX3067
Soila GVXX3068
Soiououleya GVXX1761
Soka GVXX1762
Sokassou GVXX4704
Soke GVXX5443
Sokebaladou GVXX4705
Sokeletazou GVXX4706
Sokelinko GVXX3069
Sokoboli GVXX1763
Sokodougou GVXX4707
Sokodougou GVXX3070
Sokolon GVXX5444
Sokoro GVXX3071
Sokorola GVXX3072
Sokoromansa GVXX3073
Sokoroni GVXX3074
Sokotoya GVXX3075
Sokouella GVXX4708
Sokoura GVXX1764
Sokourakoro GVXX3076
Sokourala GVXX1765
Solabe GVXX3077
Solapi GVXX1766
Sole GVXX3078
Solia GVXX5950
Solinsaba GVXX3079
Solokhire GVXX5445
Solomiennta GVXX4710
Solon GVXX5446
Solonfe GVXX4711
Solonto GVXX1767
Solouya GVXX1768
Somadou GVXX4712
Somata GVXX4713
Somaya GVXX3080
Somaya GVXX0683
Sombilli GVXX0684
Somborodou GVXX3081
Somedou GVXX4714
Somma GVXX5951
Somokole GVXX3082
Somokoro GVXX3083
Somonobougou GVXX3084
Sonbaya GVXX3085
Sonbimere GVXX5952
Sondeya GVXX5447
Sondimaya GVXX1769
Sondougou GVXX4715
Sonfara GVXX1770
Sonfondji GVXX1771
Songa GVXX5448
Songbo GVXX1772
Songbo GVXX4716
Songoya GVXX0685
Songoya Sonmoria GVXX1773
Songoya Tintarba GVXX1774
Sonike GVXX0052
Sonkadou GVXX1775
Sonkele GVXX3086
Sonkia GVXX5449
Sonkolou GVXX5450
Sonkonia GVXX1776
Sonkoya GVXX1777
Sonsia GVXX4717
Sonssadougou GVXX4718
Soota GVXX4719
Sooya GVXX3421
Sopari GVXX5953
Sopota GVXX4720
Soria GVXX1778
Soria GVXX3088
Soribadougou GVXX4721
Soribafinguia GVXX1779
Soridiavoya GVXX3422
Soridougou GVXX4722
Soriyabe GVXX1780
Sormorea GVXX1781
Soro GVXX1782
Soro GVXX0053
Soro GVXX4723
Soroko GVXX3089
Soromaya GVXX3090
Sorona GVXX3091
Soronkoni GVXX3092
Sossava GVXX4724
Sossaya GVXX1783
Sossi GVXX5954
Sossokoro GVXX1784
Sotidougou GVXX4725
Sotigui Madikila GVXX3093
Souamai GVXX4726
Soubadougou GVXX4727
Soubako GVXX3094
Soubane GVXX0686
Soubaraya GVXX1785
Soubessedougou GVXX4729
Soubetide GVXX5451
Soudoumain GVXX4730
Soudouol GVXX5955
Sougbadougou GVXX4731
Sougbessedougou GVXX4732
Sougeta GVXX5452
Sougoula GVXX3095
Sougouroou GVXX4733
Sougue GVXX5956
Souguebunyi GVXX5453
Souguekhoure GVXX5454
Sougueta GVXX5455
Souhoule GVXX4734
Soukoulala GVXX4735
Soukoulala Mory GVXX4736
Soukoura GVXX3096
Soukouraba GVXX3097
Soukourala GVXX1786
Soukourala GVXX4737
Soukouralla GVXX4738
Soukourane GVXX3099
Soukoutou Foulbe GVXX0687
Soukoutou Sebe GVXX0688
Souledougou GVXX4739
Soulemania GVXX1787
Soulloye GVXX0689
Souloudala GVXX1788
Souloukou GVXX3100
Souloukoudianba GVXX1789
Souloukoufa GVXX4740
Souloukoufala GVXX1790
Souloukoula GVXX3101
Soulounde GVXX5957
Soulourozou GVXX4741
Soulouta GVXX4742
Souma GVXX5958
Souma Hassania GVXX1791
Soumabossia GVXX5456
Soumani GVXX1792
Soumankoue GVXX3102
Soumassenia GVXX3103
Soumaya GVXX5457
Soumba GVXX5959
Soumbarakoba GVXX3104
Soumbouyadi GVXX0690
Soumboya GVXX5458
Soumdou GVXX4743
Soumeta GVXX5960
Soumini GVXX1794
Soumpoura GVXX5961
Sounandougou GVXX4744
Sounbaraya GVXX3105
Sounbouya GVXX5962
Soundedou GVXX4745
Soundian GVXX1795
Soundian GVXX4746
Soundougoula GVXX3106
Soundya GVXX1796
Sounfara GVXX3107
Soungoulou GVXX3108
Soungoumaya GVXX1797
Sounkariya GVXX5459
Sounkouloun GVXX3109
Sounsou GVXX1798
Sounsoun GVXX1799
Sounsounkourou GVXX3110
Sountou Diana GVXX3111
Sountoufalaye GVXX5963
Soupoukoudou GVXX3112
Sourakataya GVXX5460
Souramaya GVXX1800
Sourdissa GVXX5461
Souria GVXX3113
Souriya GVXX5462
Sourou GVXX1801
Sourougambe GVXX1802
Souroukoudou GVXX3115
Souroukoudou GVXX1803
Sourounka GVXX4747
Sourya GVXX5463
Soutide GVXX5464
Soutoumourou GVXX0691
Souyendougou GVXX4748
Sowadou GVXX1804
Soyah GVXX3425
Soyaro GVXX4749
Subatano GVXX4750
Subekande GVXX1805
Sue GVXX4751
Suello GVXX4752
Sullakollo GVXX4753
Suobaya GVXX4754
Symbaya GVXX5465
Tabaco GVXX3116
Tabadel GVXX0692
Tabadian GVXX0693
Tabafarani GVXX3117
Tabakifouga GVXX3118
Tabako GVXX3119
Tabakorole GVXX3120
Tabalara GVXX3121
Taban GVXX5466
Tabekoure GVXX5467
Tabeta GVXX5468
Tabilala GVXX4755
Tabili GVXX0021
Taboriya GVXX0694
Tabouka GVXX0695
Taboulella GVXX4756
Tabouna GVXX5469
Tacoutala GVXX1806
Tadi GVXX5470
Tadi GVXX0054
Tadia GVXX1807
Tadia GVXX5964
Tafori GVXX5471
Tafori Soso GVXX5472
Tagagna GVXX1808
Tagbe GVXX5473
Taguafou GVXX4757
Tahire GVXX5474
Tahire GVXX0055
Taidi GVXX0696
Taigbe GVXX5475
Taigbe GVXX0697
Tainama GVXX4758
Taire GVXX0698
Taka GVXX4759
Takabara GVXX5965
Takalibakourou GVXX3122
Takande GVXX0699
Takelemmbare GVXX5966
Taki GVXX1809
Tako GVXX3123
Takoreta GVXX4760
Takounkou GVXX0700
Takoura GVXX3124
Talabe GVXX3125
Talekoro GVXX3126
Taleoro GVXX3127
Talibakoro GVXX3128
Talico GVXX3129
Talidombo GVXX3130
Talidou GVXX3131
Taliko GVXX1810
Taliko GVXX5476
Taliyaran GVXX3132
Tamagalidi GVXX5477
Tamalan GVXX0701
Tamaniguedou GVXX1811
Tamaniya GVXX5478
Tamatara GVXX5479
Tamba Bougou GVXX3133
Tamba Dabatou GVXX1812
Tambaadi GVXX5480
Tambadou GVXX4761
Tambalama GVXX5967
Tambanero GVXX1813
Tambasaira GVXX3134
Tambaya GVXX0702
Tambaya GVXX1814
Tambayagbe GVXX5481
Tambikhoure GVXX5482
Tambindji GVXX1815
Tambyandou GVXX1816
Tambyandou Koura GVXX1817
Tamekoure GVXX5968
Tamia GVXX5483
Tamiko GVXX3135
Tamoe GVXX4762
Tamoni GVXX3136
Tamouta GVXX5484
Tana GVXX5485
Tanaguizesou GVXX4763
Tanantou GVXX4764
Tanbikola GVXX4765
Tanbou GVXX5969
Tandamoulere GVXX5970
Tando GVXX3137
Tanene GVXX0056
Tanene GVXX0703
Tanene GVXX5486
Tanforia GVXX1818
Tangali GVXX5971
Tangan Maounde GVXX3426
Tangodougou GVXX4766
Tangolo GVXX4767
Tangourou GVXX5972
Tanguali Ogo GVXX3427
Tanindou GVXX4768
Taninezou GVXX4769
Tankoloto GVXX1819
Tankondianfara GVXX3138
Tansabagno GVXX3428
Tantan GVXX3429
Tantouya GVXX5487
Taoerella GVXX4770
Taorella GVXX4771
Taourou GVXX0704
Taouya GVXX0057
Taouya GVXX5488
Tarakore GVXX4772
Tarembale GVXX1820
Tarigue GVXX0705
Tarihoy GVXX5489
Tarounda GVXX1821
Tasirla GVXX1822
Tassibon GVXX0706
Tassilima GVXX3139
Tassiliman GVXX3140
Tassindi GVXX5490
Tatahon GVXX1823
Tatema GVXX0707
Tatine GVXX0708
Tatsouboumbi GVXX0709
Tawa GVXX5491
Tayeni GVXX0710
Tayire GVXX0058
Tchianhoue GVXX0712
Tchikan GVXX0713
Tchikitchikamel GVXX0714
Tchiofa GVXX0715
Teassou GVXX4773
Teaye GVXX4774
Tebankoue GVXX1824
Teddou GVXX1825
Tedeou GVXX1826
Tedou GVXX1827
Teguebeya GVXX4776
Teguerana GVXX3141
Teguerang GVXX5973
Tegueredalane GVXX3142
Teitot GVXX0716
Telebo GVXX4777
Telebodou GVXX1828
Telebou GVXX0717
Telecolo GVXX4778
Telemaya GVXX5492
Telian GVXX4779
Telikan GVXX3143
Teliko GVXX3430
Teliko GVXX5493
Telikoele GVXX4780
Telikoro GVXX3144
Telimameri GVXX1829
Telimele GVXX5494
Telininkoro GVXX3145
Telire GVXX0718
Telire GVXX1830
Telire GVXX5974
Tellikaya GVXX1831
Tema GVXX1832
Tembaya GVXX0719
Tembaya GVXX5495
Temenedougou GVXX1833
Temessadou GVXX4781
Temessadou Toli GVXX4782
Temmbere GVXX5975
Tenambadou GVXX4783
Tenema GVXX4784
Tenemamouria GVXX3146
Tenevassa GVXX4785
Tenia GVXX4786
Tenia GVXX5496
Tennkou GVXX5976
Tennsira GVXX5977
Teoulazou GVXX4787
Teoure GVXX3147
Tere GVXX3148
Tergueya GVXX5497
Termesse GVXX0720
Tersey GVXX5498
Tesse GVXX5978
Tessin GVXX3431
Tevere GVXX1834
Teyeouon GVXX4788
Tiabe GVXX5979
Tiabeou GVXX1835
Tiabevi GVXX5980
Tiaguissi GVXX0721
Tialere GVXX3432
Tialere GVXX1836
Tiamoula GVXX1837
Tiandou GVXX5981
Tiangue GVXX5982
Tiangui Bananes GVXX0722
Tiankou GVXX1838
Tiankou Saadou GVXX0723
Tiankoubali GVXX0724
Tiankoun Baledji GVXX1839
Tiankounaliou GVXX0725
Tiankounbere GVXX0726
Tiankounguili GVXX1840
Tiankounsori GVXX0727
Tiankoye GVXX1841
Tiantieguela GVXX0728
Tiantienda GVXX0729
Tiaoa GVXX4789
Tiecoulo GVXX4790
Tiedala GVXX3149
Tiekere GVXX0730
Tiekevi GVXX5499
Tiekeye GVXX0731
Tiekorodougou GVXX4791
Tiekoudouna GVXX3150
Tiekouradougou GVXX3151
Tiekouradougou GVXX4792
Tiele GVXX0732
Tielire GVXX3433
Tiemakole GVXX3152
Tiembodougou GVXX4793
Tiemorodougou GVXX4794
Tiendou GVXX3153
Tieni GVXX3154
Tienkoro GVXX4795
Tieou GVXX0733
Tieouleye GVXX3434
Tieoulindougou GVXX3155
Tierno Kali GVXX0734
Tierno Sambaya GVXX1842
Tieve GVXX5983
Tievele GVXX0735
Tievere GVXX1843
Tiguania GVXX1844
Tigue GVXX3435
Tiguelipo GVXX4796
Tiguibiri GVXX3156
Tiguisson GVXX1845
Tilan GVXX0736
Tildalani GVXX3157
Tilibaye GVXX4797
Tilikoro GVXX1846
Timbandou GVXX4798
Timbeldou GVXX1847
Timbi Diari GVXX3436
Timbi Madina GVXX3437
Timbi Touni GVXX3438
Timbo GVXX3439
Timboima GVXX5500
Timewi GVXX5501
Timoulouteko GVXX3158
Tindila GVXX3159
Tindo GVXX1848
Ting GVXX3160
Tingue GVXX5984
Tinguedou GVXX4799
Tingueladji GVXX5985
Tinikoro GVXX4800
Tinke Mansa GVXX3161
Tinkere GVXX0737
Tinketa GVXX5986
Tinkia GVXX4801
Tinkia GVXX1849
Tinkissa GVXX3162
Tinkisso GVXX1850
Tinko GVXX5502
Tinko GVXX3163
Tinkole GVXX3164
Tinkonkoro GVXX3165
Tinkorodougou GVXX4802
Tinndo GVXX4803
Tinnteka GVXX5987
Tintima GVXX0738
Tintioule GVXX3166
Tiogone GVXX0739
Tiomolo GVXX4804
Tionkita GVXX0740
Tiopi GVXX1851
Tioukou GVXX5988
Tirikoure GVXX5989
Tirimadalani GVXX3167
Tiriro GVXX3168
Tiro GVXX1852
Tiye GVXX0741
Tizinko GVXX3169
Tleladyi GVXX3170
Tobea GVXX3171
Tofiya GVXX0742
Togbata GVXX4805
Togobala GVXX4806
Togobedougou GVXX4807
Toguenfing GVXX3172
Togui Oule GVXX3173
Toguimba GVXX1853
Toguindin GVXX1854
Toguinedin GVXX1855
Toguiron GVXX5503
Togwron GVXX5504
Toka GVXX3174
Toka GVXX1856
Tokonou GVXX3175
Tolakoulounkan GVXX3176
Toli GVXX4808
Toli Ouladin GVXX4809
Tolli GVXX4810
Tolly GVXX1857
Tolo GVXX3440
Tolomissa GVXX3177
Toly GVXX4811
Tomandou GVXX4812
Tomba GVXX1858
Tomba Dougoula GVXX3178
Tomba Foulah GVXX3179
Tombadonkea GVXX0743
Tombadou GVXX4813
Tombaguia GVXX3180
Tombaguia Foula GVXX3181
Tombani GVXX3182
Tombo GVXX3183
Tomboko GVXX3184
Tomboleya GVXX5505
Tombolon GVXX5506
Tombomba GVXX1859
Tombondon GVXX3185
Tombou GVXX4814
Tomboya Bakidera GVXX0744
Tomono GVXX4815
Tonborho GVXX3186
Tondo GVXX3187
Tondon GVXX5507
Tongarata GVXX4816
Tongbekoro GVXX1860
Tongbotie GVXX1861
Tongola GVXX4817
Tongolo GVXX4818
Tongoma GVXX4819
Tongui GVXX1862
Tongui GVXX4820
Tonguiwondi GVXX0059
Tonia GVXX5508
Tonkoya GVXX5509
Tonodougou GVXX4821
Tonofilafara GVXX3188
Tonon GVXX4822
Tonota GVXX4823
Tonson GVXX3189
Topoou GVXX4824
Torea GVXX1863
Torogna GVXX5990
Toromelun GVXX0745
Toronkala GVXX1864
Tossokore GVXX3441
Totala GVXX3190
Totia GVXX0746
Totiko GVXX1865
Tou GVXX1866
Toualede GVXX5991
Touba GVXX0022
Touba GVXX3191
Touba GVXX0747
Touba Bissa GVXX3192
Toubakoro GVXX4825
Toubakouno GVXX4826
Toubakourouno GVXX3193
Toubandi GVXX0748
Toubaro GVXX3194
Toubaya GVXX3195
Touboundi GVXX1867
Tougande GVXX5510
Tougbanedougou GVXX4827
Tougbele GVXX1868
Tougougnou GVXX3196
Tougue GVXX5992
Tougueta GVXX0749
Touguisoukou GVXX5511
Touguita GVXX5512
Toukoro GVXX1869
Toulde Amara GVXX1870
Toule GVXX3197
Toulel GVXX0750
Toulel Nouma GVXX5993
Toulelniama GVXX5994
Toulemou GVXX4828
Toulissaye GVXX4829
Toulou GVXX5995
Touloubere GVXX3198
Touloye GVXX0751
Toumandou GVXX4830
Toumanea GVXX3199
Toumania GVXX3200
Toumania GVXX1871
Toumanidougou GVXX4831
Toumaniya GVXX5513
Toumaniyakhori GVXX5514
Toumanou GVXX3201
Toumanya GVXX5515
Toumba GVXX3202
Toumbeta GVXX0752
Toumbo GVXX3203
Toumbodo GVXX3204
Toumboni GVXX3205
Toumbor GVXX3206
Toumbouya GVXX0753
Toumitara GVXX3207
Tounboto GVXX1872
Tounguel GVXX1873
Tounkourouma GVXX5996
Tounoukoyakoele GVXX4832
Tounti GVXX5997
Tountoue GVXX5998
Tountoye GVXX1874
Tounyifili GVXX0023
Tounyifilidi GVXX0754
Touoima GVXX1875
Touperia GVXX1876
Tourali GVXX3208
Tourdou Sodio GVXX0755
Toureita Foula GVXX3209
Toureita Malinke GVXX3210
Tourele GVXX3211
Tourella GVXX4833
Touretiemodougou GVXX4834
Touroko GVXX3212
Tourouban GVXX3213
Touroukounan GVXX3214
Touroutomo GVXX3215
Touteba GVXX5999
Tugnifilidi GVXX0024
Tuo GVXX4835
Tyniebakoura GVXX3230
Ueye GVXX0756
Unntiti GVXX0757
Ussik GVXX0758
Uyimp GVXX0759
Vafindougou GVXX4836
Vagbanata GVXX4837
Vahodougou GVXX4838
Valaidou GVXX4839
Valibassou GVXX4840
Vamorodougou GVXX4841
Vanha GVXX4842
Vanian GVXX4843
Vasiadougou GVXX4844
Vassadougou GVXX4845
Vassala GVXX4846
Vassara GVXX4847
Vasseredou GVXX4848
Vedou GVXX6000
Velassagala GVXX4849
Velessou GVXX4850
Velia GVXX6001
Veliahinnde GVXX0760
Vendou Boto GVXX5516
Vendou Feto GVXX5517
Vendoukanta GVXX0761
Vereya GVXX0762
Vindikadio GVXX1877
Vindikadioley GVXX1878
Vonnessou GVXX4851
Vorezia GVXX4852
Voumou GVXX4853
Vouroua GVXX4854
Voyloube GVXX0763
Wakare GVXX6002
Wala GVXX0764
Waladou GVXX1879
Walawala GVXX1880
Walia GVXX1881
Walikare GVXX6003
Waliya GVXX5518
Waliyakhoure GVXX5519
Wanga GVXX0765
Wani GVXX5520
Wanson GVXX6004
Wara Misside GVXX6005
Warakalan GVXX5521
Warnani GVXX6006
Waro GVXX4855
Wasan GVXX5522
Wassako GVXX3216
Wassanbala GVXX1882
Wassawassa GVXX5523
Wassaya GVXX3217
Wassou GVXX5524
Wawa GVXX5525
Wawa GVXX6007
Wayawaya GVXX5526
Wediawarou GVXX6008
Weliya GVXX5527
Wende Ribe GVXX1883
Wendedente GVXX0766
Wendi GVXX0767
Wendiday GVXX5528
Wendima GVXX0768
Wendima GVXX5529
Wendou Borou GVXX0769
Werenindo GVXX3218
Weyakole GVXX4856
Weyenkhori GVXX5530
Wodide GVXX5531
Wodou GVXX1884
Woliondou GVXX1885
Wolola GVXX3219
Wondakhoure GVXX5532
Wondekere GVXX1886
Wondekobi GVXX5533
Wondesedouya GVXX5534
Wondi GVXX5535
Wondikhoure GVXX5536
Wondima GVXX5537
Wonkifon GVXX5538
Woro GVXX4857
Woro Sinkoro GVXX4858
Wota GVXX4859
Wougobi GVXX6009
Wourisinde GVXX5539
Wourou Ouol GVXX0770
Wurigbeli GVXX5540
Yadou GVXX1887
Yadou GVXX4860
Yadounianga GVXX4861
Yafaedougou GVXX4862
Yafraya GVXX5541
Yagbodougou GVXX4863
Yagouya GVXX5542
Yagui GVXX1888
Yakadou GVXX4864
Yakhorikhoure GVXX0771
Yakilo GVXX4865
Yakramodia GVXX5543
Yala GVXX1889
Yala GVXX6010
Yala GVXX3442
Yaladou GVXX4866
Yalafadou GVXX1890
Yalaga GVXX5544
Yalagueta GVXX6011
Yalakpala GVXX4867
Yalamba GVXX1891
Yalamba GVXX4868
Yalanda GVXX4869
Yalandou GVXX4870
Yalankie GVXX1893
Yalata GVXX4871
Yalenzou GVXX4872
Yaleya GVXX5545
Yali GVXX5546
Yamaya GVXX0772
Yamaya GVXX6012
Yambele GVXX4873
Yambering GVXX6013
Yambou GVXX1894
Yamoule GVXX6014
Yanamouta GVXX4874
Yanbatakounde GVXX6015
Yandandou GVXX4875
Yandi GVXX6016
Yaneya GVXX5547
Yanfou GVXX5548
Yangouke-Saka GVXX0773
Yangueakhori GVXX5549
Yangueya GVXX5550
Yangui Foula GVXX0774
Yantedou GVXX4876
Yaonadou GVXX1895
Yapangaye GVXX4877
Yara GVXX3220
Yaradou GVXX4878
Yaradou GVXX1896
Yaradou Le GVXX4879
Yaradougou GVXX4880
Yaragpale GVXX4881
Yarakala GVXX1897
Yarakambaria GVXX4882
Yarakoldou GVXX4883
Yarakonko GVXX4884
Yarakoro GVXX4885
Yarakoura GVXX3221
Yarandou GVXX4886
Yarane GVXX3222
Yarangadougou GVXX4887
Yarao GVXX0775
Yaraoulena GVXX3223
Yarawalia GVXX1898
Yaraya GVXX0776
Yarazou GVXX4888
Yardo Niamana GVXX1899
Yareya GVXX1900
Yaria GVXX5551
Yarsadou GVXX1901
Yarto GVXX1902
Yasasi GVXX5552
Yataraya GVXX5553
Yataya GVXX5554
Yatea Kori GVXX5555
Yatia GVXX1903
Yatiya GVXX5556
Yayouta GVXX4889
Ybema GVXX4890
Yebema GVXX4891
Yegbadou GVXX4892
Yegueya GVXX5557
Yeke GVXX4893
Yekeiakide GVXX0777
Yele GVXX1904
Yelel GVXX0778
Yelemangueya GVXX5558
Yelibane GVXX5559
Yelimalo GVXX3224
Yembadou GVXX4894
Yembe GVXX5560
Yembere GVXX5561
Yembeyakhori GVXX5562
Yempitazou GVXX4895
Yena GVXX1905
Yende GVXX4896
Yende Louan GVXX4897
Yende Mafissa GVXX4898
Yende Millimou GVXX1906
Yende Sori GVXX1907
Yende To GVXX4899
Yeneta GVXX4900
Yengue GVXX3443
Yenguema GVXX4901
Yengueya GVXX5563
Yenguissa GVXX0779
Yenguissa GVXX5564
Yeniya GVXX5565
Yenkite GVXX0780
Yentedougou GVXX4902
Yenyeya GVXX5566
Yeradoukoma GVXX1908
Yeredougou GVXX4903
Yerekonko GVXX4904
Yerembeli GVXX0781
Yerendou GVXX4905
Yerewadou GVXX1909
Yerewolia GVXX1910
Yerewoya GVXX1911
Yeri GVXX0782
Yesou GVXX4906
Yetiponi GVXX3225
Yewire GVXX6017
Yfo GVXX4907
Yiambou GVXX1912
Yicando GVXX1913
Yidou GVXX1914
Yilimale GVXX6018
Yimbaya GVXX0060
Yimbemodiya GVXX5567
Yinkeredou GVXX1915
Yirandou GVXX4908
Yirikolia GVXX1916
Yleouena GVXX4909
Yleta GVXX4910
Yoa GVXX4911
Yobe GVXX5568
Yobine GVXX0783
Yodou GVXX1917
Yogboma GVXX4912
Yogbota GVXX4913
Yolare GVXX5569
Yolian GVXX1918
Yomadou GVXX4914
Yomadou GVXX1919
Yomandou GVXX1920
Yomandou GVXX4915
Yombiro GVXX1921
Yombou GVXX4916
Yomendou GVXX1922
Yomou GVXX4917
Yonbodou GVXX4918
Yongoya GVXX0784
Yoreya GVXX5570
Yorgo GVXX3444
Yorola GVXX3226
Yorolokoure GVXX1923
Yoromandou GVXX1924
Yossono GVXX4919
Youa GVXX4920
Youadou GVXX4921
Youi GVXX4922
Youkhoukhori GVXX5571
Youkounkoun GVXX0785
Youmale GVXX4923
Youmaya GVXX5572
Yourouadou GVXX4924
Youroukougueya GVXX5573
Youroukouria GVXX1925
Youtaendi GVXX0786
Yoyadougou GVXX3227
Ypitinde GVXX6019
Yrandou GVXX4925
Yrindou GVXX1926
Yrisi GVXX3228
Yro GVXX3229
Zabia GVXX4926
Zaborossou GVXX4927
Zapa GVXX4928
Zatioula GVXX4929
Zeassou GVXX4930
Zenemouta GVXX4931
Zenie GVXX4932
Zenntota GVXX4933
Ziela GVXX4934
Zimbessou GVXX4935
Zimodou GVXX4936
Zimpa GVXX4937
Zingouedougou GVXX4938
Zinigorozou GVXX4939
Zitoun GVXX0787
Zoapa GVXX4940
Zobodougou GVXX4941
Zogotta GVXX4942
Zohoyea GVXX4943
Zon GVXX4944
Zooulomai GVXX4945
Zopa GVXX4946
Zoubouroumai GVXX4947
Zougoueta GVXX4948
Zougoulakolo GVXX4949
Zougouta GVXX4950
Zouguepo GVXX4951
Zoukouliazou GVXX4952
Zoupoizeba GVXX4953