Weather Codes for Grenada

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Grenada. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Adelphi GJXX0007
Amber Belair GJXX0008
Apres Tout GJXX0009
Argyle GJXX0003
Arthur Seat GJXX0010
Baillies Bacolet GJXX0011
Bamboo GJXX0012
Barique GJXX0013
Barrow GJXX0014
Battle Hill GJXX0015
Beaton GJXX0016
Beaulieu GJXX0017
Beauregard GJXX0018
Becke Moui GJXX0019
Belair GJXX0020
Belair GJXX0248
Belle Isle GJXX0021
Belle Plain GJXX0022
Bellevue GJXX0023
Belmont GJXX0024
Belvedere GJXX0249
Belvidere GJXX0025
Birch Grove GJXX0026
Blaize GJXX0027
Blow Hole GJXX0247
Boca GJXX0028
Bogles GJXX0250
Bois de Gannes GJXX0029
Brandon Hall GJXX0030
Brizan GJXX0031
Bylands GJXX0032
Cafe GJXX0033
Calivigny GJXX0034
Calliste GJXX0035
Carriere GJXX0036
Castaigne GJXX0037
Castle Hill GJXX0038
Celeste GJXX0039
Chadeau GJXX0040
Champs Fleurs GJXX0041
Chantimelle GJXX0042
Charlotte Vale GJXX0043
Chutz GJXX0044
Clabony GJXX0045
Clarkes Court GJXX0046
Clozier GJXX0047
Concord GJXX0048
Confer GJXX0049
Conference GJXX0050
Constantine GJXX0051
Content GJXX0052
Corbeau Town GJXX0053
Corinth GJXX0054
Crochu GJXX0055
Deblando GJXX0057
Des Isles GJXX0058
Diego Piece GJXX0059
Dothan GJXX0060
Dover GJXX0251
Dumfries GJXX0252
Dunfermline GJXX0061
Duquesne GJXX0062
Egmont GJXX0063
Elie Hall GJXX0064
Epping Forest GJXX0065
Fairfield GJXX0066
Falege GJXX0067
Felix Park GJXX0068
Florida GJXX0069
Fontenoy GJXX0070
Ford GJXX0071
Fort Jeudy GJXX0072
Frequente GJXX0073
Golflands GJXX0074
Gouyave GJXX0075
Grand Anse GJXX0076
Grand Bay GJXX0253
Grand Bras GJXX0077
Grand Mal GJXX0078
Grand Roy GJXX0079
Granton GJXX0080
Grenville GJXX0081
Gretna Green GJXX0082
Gwa Kay GJXX0083
Happy Hill GJXX0084
Harford Village GJXX0085
Helvellyn GJXX0086
Hermitage GJXX0087
Hermitage GJXX0254
Hermon GJXX0088
Hillsborough GJXX0255
Hope Bacolet GJXX0089
Horne GJXX0090
Hyde Park GJXX0091
Industry GJXX0092
Ka-fe Beau GJXX0093
La Digue GJXX0097
La Femme GJXX0098
La Filette GJXX0099
La Fortune GJXX0100
La Mode GJXX0101
La Poterie GJXX0102
Laborie GJXX0103
Lance aux Epines GJXX0104
Laura GJXX0105
Levera GJXX0106
Lower Capitol GJXX0108
Lower La Tante GJXX0109
Lower La Taste GJXX0110
Lower Pearls GJXX0111
Lower Woburn GJXX0112
Mabouya GJXX0113
Magazine Beach GJXX0114
Mahot GJXX0115
Mamma Cannes GJXX0116
Mango GJXX0117
Maran GJXX0118
Mardigras GJXX0119
Marian GJXX0120
Marigot GJXX0121
Marli GJXX0122
Marlmount GJXX0123
Marquis GJXX0124
Maulti GJXX0125
Meldrum GJXX0258
Mirabeau GJXX0126
Moliniere GJXX0127
Mon Plaisir GJXX0128
Mon Repos GJXX0129
Mont Tout GJXX0130
Montreuil GJXX0131
Morne Docteur GJXX0132
Morne Fendue GJXX0133
Morne Jaloux GJXX0134
Morne Longue GJXX0136
Morne Rouge GJXX0137
Morne Tranquille GJXX0138
Mount Agnes GJXX0139
Mount Airy GJXX0140
Mount Alexander GJXX0141
Mount Carmel GJXX0142
Mount Cenis GJXX0144
Mount Craven GJXX0145
Mount Fann GJXX0146
Mount Gay GJXX0147
Mount Helicon GJXX0148
Mount Hope GJXX0149
Mount Horne GJXX0150
Mount Moritz GJXX0151
Mount Nesbit GJXX0153
Mount Pleasant GJXX0259
Mount Pleasant GJXX0155
Mount Rich GJXX0156
Mount Rose GJXX0157
Mount Royal GJXX0158
Mount Stanhope GJXX0159
Mount Weldale GJXX0160
Mount William GJXX0161
Moya GJXX0162
Munich GJXX0163
New Hampshire GJXX0164
Nianganfoix GJXX0165
Nonpareil GJXX0166
Paddock GJXX0167
Panorama GJXX0168
Paraclete GJXX0169
Parade GJXX0170
Paradise GJXX0171
Pearls GJXX0172
Pecher GJXX0173
Peggys Whim GJXX0174
Perdmontemps GJXX0175
Petit Bacaye GJXX0176
Petit Balthazar GJXX0177
Petit Bouc GJXX0178
Petit Calivigny GJXX0179
Petit Etang GJXX0180
Pierre Marie GJXX0181
Plaisance GJXX0182
Pomme Rose GJXX0184
Post Royal GJXX0185
Prospect GJXX0186
Providence GJXX0187
Pyrenees GJXX0188
Radix GJXX0189
Ravine GJXX0190
Retreat GJXX0191
Richmond GJXX0192
Richmond Hill GJXX0193
River Sallee GJXX0194
Rose Hill GJXX0195
Rosemont GJXX0196
Ruth Howard GJXX0197
Saint Cloud GJXX0198
Saint Cyr GJXX0199
Saint James GJXX0201
Saint John GJXX0202
Saint Margaret GJXX0203
Saint Mary GJXX0204
Saint Omer GJXX0205
Sans Souci GJXX0207
Sauteurs GJXX0208
Simon GJXX0209
Six Roads GJXX0260
Snug Corner GJXX0210
Soubise GJXX0211
Springs GJXX0212
Syracuse GJXX0213
Tanteen GJXX0214
Telescope GJXX0215
Tempe GJXX0216
Terre Cannes GJXX0217
The Bocas GJXX0218
The Cliff GJXX0219
The Lance GJXX0220
The Lime GJXX0221
The Park GJXX0222
Thebaide GJXX0223
Tivoli GJXX0224
Trevellan GJXX0225
Tricolar GJXX0226
True Blue GJXX0227
Union GJXX0228
Union Village GJXX0229
Upper Capitol GJXX0230
Upper La Tante GJXX0231
Upper La Taste GJXX0232
Upper Pearls GJXX0233
Vendome GJXX0234
Victoria GJXX0006
Vincennes GJXX0235
Vineyard GJXX0236
Waltham GJXX0237
Welcome Hall GJXX0238
Westerhall Point GJXX0240
White Gun GJXX0241
Willis GJXX0242
Windsor GJXX0243
Windsor Castle GJXX0244
Windsor Forest GJXX0245
Windward GJXX0261
Woburn GJXX0246