Weather Codes for Greenland

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Greenland. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

A.P. Olsen Land GLXX0102
Aalatsivik GLXX0104
Aappilattoq GLXX0105
Aasiaat GLXX0106
Aasivik GLXX0107
Academy Land GLXX0108
Agpamiut GLXX0016
Agto GLXX0017
Akigsungek GLXX0018
Akinaitsat GLXX0011
Akuliaruseq GLXX0021
Akuliarusersuaq GLXX0111
Akulliit GLXX0020
Akunnaaq GLXX0022
Alluitsup Paa GLXX0113
Amdrup Hojland GLXX0114
Amdrup Land GLXX0115
Amundsen Land GLXX0116
Andree Land GLXX0117
Angmagssalik GLXX0001
Anorliuitsoq GLXX0119
Appaarsuit GLXX0120
Appamiut GLXX0121
Appat GLXX0122
Aputiteeq GLXX0123
Aqisserniaq GLXX0124
Arsivik GLXX0126
Arsuk GLXX0024
Assaqutaq GLXX0127
Ataa GLXX0128
Atammik GLXX0025
Attu GLXX0129
Avigaat GLXX0026
Avssaqutaq GLXX0027
Bagdalen GLXX0131
Brikkerne GLXX0132
Camp Lloyd GLXX0134
Charcot Land GLXX0136
Christianshaab GLXX0028
Claushavn GLXX0029
De Geer Land GLXX0138
Diskofjord GLXX0139
Dundas GLXX0030
Egedesminde GLXX0031
Eqalugaarsuit GLXX0032
Eqaluit GLXX0033
Eqi GLXX0143
Eripassut GLXX0145
Erlandsen Land GLXX0146
Etah GLXX0147
Finnsbu GLXX0148
Foeringehavn GLXX0034
Frankel Land GLXX0149
Frederikshaab GLXX0007
Freuchen Land GLXX0150
Gaseland GLXX0153
Germania Land GLXX0154
Gletscherland GLXX0155
Goodenough Land GLXX0156
Gronnedal GLXX0157
Hans Egede Land GLXX0159
Heilprin Land GLXX0160
Hellerup Land GLXX0161
Hinksland GLXX0163
Hold with Hope GLXX0164
Holsteinborg GLXX0037
Hudson Land GLXX0165
Hunde Ejland GLXX0166
Igaliku GLXX0038
Igdlorpait GLXX0039
Igdluiartorfik GLXX0167
Igdlukavsak GLXX0168
Igdlukorssuit GLXX0169
Igdluluarssuit GLXX0170
Igdlunguaq GLXX0171
Iginniarfik GLXX0040
Igssalik GLXX0172
Ikarissat GLXX0042
Ikateq GLXX0043
Ikerasaarsuk GLXX0045
Ikerasak GLXX0044
Ikigait GLXX0175
Ikkamiut GLXX0041
Ikorfat GLXX0176
Illorpaat GLXX0177
Illorsuit GLXX0178
Illulik GLXX0179
Illut Nunaat GLXX0180
Ilorleq GLXX0181
Ilulissat GLXX0182
Inussuk GLXX0183
Isortoq GLXX0185
Iterlak GLXX0046
Itilleq GLXX0048
Itivnera GLXX0187
Ittoqqortoormiit GLXX0188
Ittorisseq GLXX0189
Ittumiit GLXX0190
Ivisaartoq GLXX0191
Ivittuut GLXX0049
Kangaarsuk GLXX0198
Kangaatsiaq GLXX0199
Kangamiut GLXX0052
Kangeq GLXX0053
Kangerluarsuk GLXX0054
Kangerlussuaq GLXX0008
Kangersuatsiaq GLXX0203
Kangerup Nua GLXX0204
Kangigdlermiut GLXX0205
Kangikasik GLXX0206
Kangikitsoq GLXX0207
Kangilineq GLXX0056
Kangilinnguit GLXX0208
Kanissut GLXX0209
Kap Hope GLXX0210
Kap Tobin GLXX0211
Kapisillit GLXX0212
Karasuk GLXX0057
Kiatak GLXX0214
Kigdlussat GLXX0215
Kiinnarissoq GLXX0216
Kilen GLXX0217
Killiat GLXX0218
Kittorsaq GLXX0219
Kullorsuaq GLXX0222
Kulusuk GLXX0223
Kungmiut GLXX0058
Kuuk GLXX0224
Kuummiit GLXX0225
Lambert Land GLXX0226
Lichtenau GLXX0059
Liverpool Land GLXX0227
Louise Boyd Land GLXX0228
Lyell Land GLXX0229
Maarmorilik GLXX0230
Majoriaq GLXX0231
Manermiut GLXX0060
Maniitsoq GLXX0232
Manley Land GLXX0233
Marraat GLXX0234
Melville Land GLXX0235
Midgardsormen GLXX0236
Moriusaq GLXX0237
Myggbukta GLXX0238
Naajat GLXX0241
Nanortalik GLXX0061
Nansen Land GLXX0242
Napasoq GLXX0062
Napasuligssuaq GLXX0243
Narsaarsuk GLXX0066
Narsalik GLXX0244
Narsaq GLXX0064
Narsarmijit GLXX0246
Narsarsuaq GLXX0005
Narsatsiaat GLXX0248
Narssarmiut GLXX0249
Nassuttuup Nunaa GLXX0250
Naternaq GLXX0251
Nathorst Land GLXX0252
Natsilivik GLXX0253
Neqi GLXX0254
Neria GLXX0067
Neriunaq GLXX0255
Niaqornaarsuk GLXX0068
Niaqornaq GLXX0256
Niaqornat GLXX0257
Nivaaq GLXX0258
Nordmarken GLXX0259
Nordre Huse GLXX0260
Norlund Land GLXX0261
Norre Biland GLXX0262
Norre Mellemland GLXX0263
Norreland GLXX0264
Nugssuta GLXX0069
Nuliarfik GLXX0265
Nunat GLXX0266
Nunatami GLXX0267
Nunatarsuaq GLXX0268
Nussaq GLXX0269
Nuugaaq GLXX0270
Nuugaatsiaq GLXX0271
Nuuk GLXX0003
Nuussuaq GLXX0273
Odin Land GLXX0274
Oksebladet GLXX0275
Okselandet GLXX0276
Ole Romer Land GLXX0277
Orneland GLXX0278
Orpigsup Nuna GLXX0279
Paamiut GLXX0280
Payer Land GLXX0281
Perlernerit GLXX0282
Pingorsuaq GLXX0283
Pitorqeq GLXX0284
Pituffik GLXX0285
Portusooq GLXX0286
Proven GLXX0071
Qaanaaq GLXX0288
Qaarsoq GLXX0289
Qaarsut GLXX0072
Qaersutsiaq GLXX0073
Qagdlumiut GLXX0074
Qallimiut GLXX0290
Qangattaat GLXX0291
Qaqortoq GLXX0292
Qarajat GLXX0293
Qasigiannguit GLXX0294
Qassiarsuk GLXX0075
Qassimiut GLXX0295
Qassisalik GLXX0296
Qeertartivatsiaq GLXX0297
Qeqertaarsuk GLXX0298
Qeqertaq GLXX0299
Qeqertarsuaq GLXX0076
Qeqertarsuatsiaq GLXX0302
Qeqertat GLXX0303
Qernertuarssuit GLXX0304
Qingeq GLXX0305
Qooqqut GLXX0306
Qoornoq GLXX0307
Qordlortoq GLXX0077
Quinissut GLXX0309
Qullissat GLXX0310
Qunnermiut GLXX0078
Rechnitzer Land GLXX0311
Renland GLXX0312
Ritenbenk GLXX0079
Rodebay GLXX0080
Rohling Land GLXX0313
Saarloq GLXX0314
Saattut GLXX0315
Sammisoq GLXX0316
Saqqamiut GLXX0317
Saqqaq GLXX0318
Saqqarliit GLXX0319
Sardlok GLXX0081
Sarfannguaq GLXX0320
Sarfaq GLXX0082
Sarkak GLXX0083
Sarqaq GLXX0084
Savissivik GLXX0321
Scoresby Land GLXX0322
Scoresbyund GLXX0085
Sermiarsuit GLXX0323
Sermiligaaq GLXX0324
Sermilik GLXX0086
Simiutaq GLXX0087
Siorapaluk GLXX0326
Sioraq GLXX0327
Sisimiut GLXX0014
Skansen GLXX0328
Skjoldungen GLXX0329
Sletten GLXX0330
Sodre Mellemland GLXX0331
Sonderland GLXX0332
Sondermarken GLXX0333
Sondre Igaliko GLXX0089
Sondre Igaliku GLXX0334
Steno Land GLXX0335
Stormlandet GLXX0336
Suess Land GLXX0337
Sukkertoppen GLXX0010
Summit Camp GLXX0338
Sydproven GLXX0091
T. Pedersen Land GLXX0339
Tartunaq GLXX0340
Tasiilaq GLXX0341
Tasiusaq GLXX0092
Thule Air Base GLXX0015
Tikeraasaq GLXX0344
Timerliit GLXX0345
Timmiarmiut GLXX0346
Tiniteqilaaq GLXX0093
Tiniteqilaarmiit GLXX0347
Toqqusaq GLXX0348
Trianglen GLXX0349
Tuapaat GLXX0095
Tununngasoq GLXX0351
Tussaaq GLXX0352
Ubberup Land GLXX0353
Uiffaap Timaa GLXX0354
Ujaraat GLXX0355
Ukiverajik GLXX0096
Ukkusissat GLXX0357
Ulussat GLXX0358
Ulvebakkerne GLXX0359
Umanak GLXX0097
Umiartorfik GLXX0360
Umiattuartivit GLXX0361
Upernaviarsuk GLXX0098
Upernavik GLXX0013
Upernavissuaq GLXX0363
Ussuit Nunaat GLXX0364
Utoqqarmiut GLXX0365
Uummannaarsuk GLXX0366
Uummannaq GLXX0367
Uummannatsiaq GLXX0368
Uunartoq GLXX0369
Uvdle GLXX0100
Uvkusigssat GLXX0101
Valdemarsmuren GLXX0371
Vandreblokken GLXX0372
Vester Ejland GLXX0373
Vildtland GLXX0374
Warming Land GLXX0392
Wyckoff Land GLXX0375