Weather Codes for Greece

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Greece. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Acharnes GRXX0002
Acherousia GRXX5036
Acheroynes GRXX9523
Achladeai GRXX5037
Achladochorion GRXX4100
Achladokampos GRXX8044
Achlia GRXX6179
Adam GRXX4101
Adamas GRXX7582
Adelianos Kampos GRXX6180
Adendron GRXX4102
Adhamion GRXX8045
Adhele GRXX6181
Adhelfikon GRXX4103
Adhiakopos GRXX8046
Adhraktia GRXX6182
Adhravastoi GRXX6183
Adhravastos GRXX6184
Adhriani GRXX1636
Adhriani GRXX8047
Adhrianos GRXX6185
Adia GRXX7583
Aegiali GRXX7584
Aer. Sedes GRXX4104
Aerinos GRXX6186
Aetochorion GRXX4105
Aetofolea GRXX7585
Aetofolia GRXX8048
Aetokhorion GRXX8049
Aetokhorion GRXX1637
Aetokorifi GRXX1638
Aetolofos GRXX1639
Aetomilitsa GRXX5038
Aetopetra GRXX2389
Aetopetra GRXX5039
Aetorrachi GRXX5040
Aetorrakhi GRXX8050
Aetos GRXX3615
Aetos GRXX9524
Aetos GRXX5041
Aetos GRXX8051
Aetos GRXX2390
Aetovounion GRXX4106
Afantou GRXX0085
Afidnes GRXX5895
Afision GRXX8052
Afitos GRXX4107
Aflakion GRXX7586
Afra GRXX0086
Afrata GRXX6187
Afration GRXX0087
Afration GRXX6188
Afraton GRXX2391
Afroxylia GRXX5042
Agadhaiika GRXX8053
Agakiana GRXX6189
Agalaioi GRXX3616
Agalas GRXX0088
Agaliani GRXX8054
Agalianos GRXX6190
Agalianos GRXX2392
Agalo GRXX8055
Aganotaiika GRXX8056
Agapi GRXX3617
Agapi GRXX7587
Agapi GRXX1640
Agathi GRXX4108
Agathon GRXX9525
Agdhinai GRXX9526
Aggelika GRXX7588
Aghia Paraskevi GRXX6191
Aghios Dimitrios GRXX8057
Aghios Nikolaos GRXX8058
Agia GRXX5043
Agia Agathi GRXX9527
Agia Anastasia GRXX5044
Agia Anna GRXX3618
Agia Eleousa GRXX5045
Agia Ermioni GRXX0089
Agia Faneromeni GRXX5046
Agia Foteini GRXX6192
Agia Galini GRXX6193
Agia Kyriaki GRXX8059
Agia Kyriaki GRXX4110
Agia Kyriaki GRXX0090
Agia Marina GRXX4111
Agia Marina GRXX0091
Agia Mavra GRXX5049
Agia Paraskevi GRXX5896
Agia Paraskevi GRXX0092
Agia Paraskevi GRXX3620
Agia Paraskevi GRXX4112
Agia Paraskevi GRXX9528
Agia Pelagia GRXX6194
Agia Sotira GRXX2393
Agia Theodoti GRXX7590
Agia Trias GRXX2394
Agia Trias GRXX4113
Agia Varvara GRXX6195
Agia Varvara GRXX4114
Agia Varvara GRXX5052
Agia Zoni GRXX0093
Agiasma GRXX0094
Agiassos GRXX7591
Agioi GRXX5898
Agioi Anargyroi GRXX5899
Agioi Anargyroi GRXX5053
Agioi Apostoloi GRXX9529
Agioi Apostoloi GRXX0095
Agioi Deka GRXX0096
Agioi Deka GRXX6197
Agioi Pantes GRXX5055
Agioi Theodoroi GRXX9530
Agioi Theodoroi GRXX5056
Agioi Theodoroi GRXX8060
Agioi Theodoroi GRXX3621
Agioi Theodoroi GRXX6198
Agioneri GRXX5057
Agiopigi GRXX0097
Agios Achilleios GRXX3622
Agios Aimilianos GRXX0098
Agios Akakios GRXX0099
Agios Andreas GRXX8061
Agios Andreas GRXX5058
Agios Andreas GRXX2395
Agios Antonios GRXX9531
Agios Antonios GRXX7592
Agios Arsenios GRXX5059
Agios Athanasios GRXX5060
Agios Athanasios GRXX0100
Agios Athanasios GRXX4115
Agios Christofos GRXX5062
Agios Dimitrios GRXX9532
Agios Dimitrios GRXX4117
Agios Dimitrios GRXX7593
Agios Dimitrios GRXX5900
Agios Dimitrios GRXX3623
Agios Dimitrios GRXX5063
Agios Donatos GRXX5064
Agios Fokas GRXX7594
Agios Georgios GRXX0101
Agios Georgios GRXX7595
Agios Georgios GRXX4118
Agios Georgios GRXX6199
Agios Georgios GRXX2396
Agios Georgios GRXX3624
Agios Georgios GRXX5065
Agios Germanos GRXX3625
Agios Ioannis GRXX7596
Agios Ioannis GRXX2397
Agios Ioannis GRXX8062
Agios Ioannis GRXX5067
Agios Isidoros GRXX7597
Agios Kosmas GRXX5068
Agios Loukas GRXX4119
Agios Matthaios GRXX0104
Agios Merkourios GRXX3626
Agios Minas GRXX5069
Agios Myronas GRXX6200
Agios Nikolaos GRXX0105
Agios Nikolaos GRXX6201
Agios Nikolaos GRXX2398
Agios Nikolaos GRXX9534
Agios Nikolaos GRXX5070
Agios Nikolaos GRXX7598
Agios Pavlos GRXX0106
Agios Petros GRXX4120
Agios Prokopios GRXX9535
Agios Prokopios GRXX0107
Agios Prokopios GRXX7599
Agios Sostis GRXX7600
Agios Spyridon GRXX0108
Agios Spyridon GRXX4121
Agios Stefanos GRXX5072
Agios Stefanos GRXX7601
Agios Vasileios GRXX5073
Agios Vlasios GRXX9536
Agios Vlasios GRXX5074
Agistri GRXX5902
Agkathia GRXX4122
Agkelona GRXX8063
Agkistri GRXX5903
Aglavista GRXX9537
Agnanda GRXX2399
Agnandi GRXX9538
Agnandia GRXX1641
Agnandion GRXX8064
Agnanta GRXX5075
Agnanteron GRXX0694
Agnitsini GRXX0109
Agno GRXX6202
Agora GRXX5076
Agora GRXX1642
Agoriani GRXX8065
Agoriani GRXX9539
Agoyia GRXX6203
Agrafa GRXX0696
Agrambela GRXX5077
Agrambela GRXX2400
Agrapidhia GRXX9540
Agrapidhokambos GRXX2401
Agrapidhokhorion GRXX2402
Agrapidhoula GRXX8066
Agras GRXX4123
Agrelopos GRXX0110
Agria GRXX0698
Agriakona GRXX8067
Agriana GRXX6204
Agriani GRXX1643
Agriani GRXX4124
Agrianoi GRXX8068
Agridhakion GRXX8069
Agridhia GRXX6205
Agridhion GRXX2403
Agridhion GRXX8070
Agridion GRXX2404
Agrilea GRXX8071
Agriles GRXX6206
Agrilia GRXX8072
Agrilia GRXX9541
Agrilia GRXX2405
Agrilia GRXX7602
Agrilidhion GRXX8073
Agrilos GRXX8074
Agrilos GRXX5078
Agrilovounon GRXX8075
Agrinion GRXX0001
Agriolevki GRXX4125
Agriosikea GRXX9542
Agriovotanon GRXX9543
Agros GRXX7603
Agrosikeai GRXX0700
Agrosykea GRXX4126
Ahamandia GRXX7604
Ai Seris GRXX8076
Aiani GRXX0111
Aianteion GRXX0112
Aidhonia GRXX8077
Aidhonia GRXX3627
Aidhonia GRXX7605
Aidhonoi GRXX6207
Aidhonokastron GRXX1644
Aidhonokhorion GRXX6208
Aidhonokhorion GRXX4127
Aidipsos GRXX9544
Aidonia GRXX5079
Aidonion GRXX5080
Aidonochorion GRXX5081
Aigaleo GRXX0113
Aigiali GRXX7606
Aigina GRXX0704
Aiginio GRXX0705
Aigio GRXX2406
Aigosthena GRXX5904
Aikirikos GRXX6209
Aikiryiannis GRXX6210
Aimilianos GRXX3628
Aimonas GRXX6211
Aipatia GRXX7607
Aipia GRXX8078
Aisimi GRXX1645
Aitania GRXX6212
Aithaia GRXX8079
Aitoliko GRXX2407
Aiyai GRXX2408
Aiyion GRXX0075
Aiyira GRXX2409
Aiyiros GRXX1646
Aiyition GRXX9545
Akadhimoi GRXX7608
Akakiai GRXX4128
Akarpon GRXX1647
Akhaikon GRXX2410
Akhatzikia GRXX6213
Akhendrias GRXX6214
Akhillion GRXX8080
Akhinos GRXX4129
Akhinos GRXX9546
Akhira GRXX2411
Akhirones GRXX9547
Akhladha GRXX3629
Akhladha GRXX6215
Akhladhai GRXX6216
Akhladhaki GRXX6217
Akhladhea GRXX3630
Akhladhea GRXX2412
Akhladhea GRXX1648
Akhladhea GRXX9548
Akhladheri GRXX9549
Akhladhes GRXX6218
Akhladhi GRXX6219
Akhladhia GRXX6220
Akhladhiakies GRXX6221
Akhladhini GRXX2413
Akhladhion GRXX9550
Akhladhokambos GRXX8081
Akhladhokastron GRXX2414
Akhladhokhorion GRXX8082
Akhladhokhorion GRXX4130
Akhladhomilea GRXX1649
Akhoumatou GRXX8083
Akhouria GRXX8084
Akia GRXX8085
Akondion GRXX9551
Akontion GRXX3631
Akoumia GRXX6222
Akova GRXX8086
Akovitika GRXX8087
Akovos GRXX8088
Akra GRXX8089
Akrai GRXX9552
Akraifnia GRXX9553
Akrata GRXX2415
Akrefnia GRXX9554
Akrefnio GRXX9555
Akria GRXX6223
Akrini GRXX3632
Akritas GRXX3633
Akritas GRXX4131
Akritokhorion GRXX8090
Akrogiali GRXX8091
Akrolimni GRXX4133
Akrolimnion GRXX4134
Akropotamia GRXX0114
Akropotamia GRXX4135
Akropotamos GRXX1650
Akropotamos GRXX4136
Akrotiri GRXX7609
Akrovounion GRXX1651
Akroyialion GRXX8092
Aktaion GRXX9556
Aktounda GRXX6224
Aladhinon GRXX7610
Alagnion GRXX6225
Alagonia GRXX8093
Alai GRXX8094
Alalkomenai GRXX9557
Alamannia GRXX7611
Alamannos GRXX8095
Alatini GRXX4137
Alatopetra GRXX3634
Alea GRXX8096
Alepochorion GRXX0115
Alepochorion GRXX5083
Alepokhorion GRXX9558
Alepokhorion GRXX2416
Alepokhorion GRXX8097
Alepospita GRXX9559
Alesia GRXX8098
Alestaina GRXX2417
Alestia GRXX9560
Aletraiika GRXX2418
Aletrouvarion GRXX6226
Alevradha GRXX2419
Alevrika GRXX6227
Alevrou GRXX8099
Alexandra GRXX4138
Alexandradhes GRXX5905
Alexandreia GRXX0710
Alexandroupoli GRXX1652
Alexandroupolis GRXX0003
Alexis GRXX9561
Alfa GRXX6228
Alfios GRXX2420
Alfiousa GRXX2421
Aliartos GRXX0712
Alifeira GRXX2422
Alika GRXX8100
Alikambos GRXX6229
Alikanitaiika GRXX2423
Aliki GRXX9562
Aliki GRXX1653
Alikianos GRXX6230
Aliko GRXX7612
Alikon GRXX1654
Alimakion GRXX8101
Alimia GRXX7613
Alimos GRXX0116
Alinda GRXX7614
Alissos GRXX2424
Alistrati GRXX0714
Alithini GRXX6231
Aliveri GRXX0715
Aliyoi GRXX6232
Alkioni GRXX1655
Alli Meria GRXX0117
Alma GRXX1656
Almiridha GRXX6233
Almiron GRXX8102
Almiropotamos GRXX9563
Almyros GRXX0083
Aloidhes GRXX6234
Aloizianika GRXX5906
Alona GRXX3635
Alonai GRXX6235
Alonaki GRXX5084
Alonakia GRXX3636
Alonakion GRXX6236
Alones GRXX5907
Alonia GRXX5085
Alonia GRXX0719
Alonia GRXX8103
Alonion GRXX5086
Alonistaina GRXX8104
Aloros GRXX4140
Aloutoyiannaiika GRXX8105
Alpokhorion GRXX2425
Alsos GRXX2426
Altomira GRXX8106
Alyki GRXX4141
Alyki GRXX7615
Alyki GRXX5087
Alysafi GRXX9564
Amaliapolis GRXX0118
Amalias GRXX0119
Amaliota GRXX9565
Amaniou GRXX7616
Amaranda GRXX1658
Amaranta GRXX4142
Amarantos GRXX5088
Amarantos GRXX0120
Amarianon GRXX6237
Amarinthos GRXX0723
Amarion GRXX6238
Amarousion GRXX0121
Amarynthos GRXX9566
Amaxadhes GRXX1659
Ambarion GRXX2427
Ambelakia GRXX1660
Ambelakion GRXX8107
Ambelakion GRXX6239
Ambelakion GRXX2428
Ambelakiotissa GRXX2429
Ambelia GRXX9567
Ambelia GRXX2430
Ambelion GRXX2431
Ambeliona GRXX8108
Ambelofiton GRXX8109
Ambeloi GRXX4143
Ambelokambos GRXX2432
Ambelokhorion GRXX9568
Ambelokhorion GRXX0122
Ambelokipoi GRXX3637
Ambelokipoi GRXX2433
Ambelokipoi GRXX0123
Ambelokipoi GRXX1661
Ambelokipoi GRXX8110
Ambelon GRXX5908
Ambelon GRXX0124
Ambelos GRXX2434
Ambelos GRXX0729
Ambelouzos GRXX6240
Amelandai GRXX9569
Amfia GRXX1662
Amfia GRXX8111
Amfikleia GRXX0730
Amfilochia GRXX2435
Amfipoli GRXX4144
Amfissa GRXX0731
Amfithea GRXX8112
Amfithea GRXX5089
Amfithea GRXX9570
Amfitriti GRXX1663
Amigdhala GRXX3638
Amigdhalea GRXX6241
Amigdhalea GRXX2436
Amigdhalea GRXX3639
Amigdhalea GRXX9571
Amigdhaleai GRXX3640
Amigdhaleai GRXX2437
Amigdhaleon GRXX1664
Amigdhali GRXX2438
Amigdhalitsa GRXX8114
Amigdhaloi GRXX6242
Amiklai GRXX8115
Amindaion GRXX0732
Amiras GRXX6244
Amisiana GRXX1665
Amisinon GRXX1666
Ammokhorion GRXX3641
Ammos GRXX5090
Ammos GRXX4145
Ammotopos GRXX5091
Ammoudara GRXX6245
Ammoudarion GRXX6246
Ammoudhara GRXX3642
Ammoudharai GRXX6247
Ammoudheron GRXX8117
Ammoudhia GRXX4146
Ammoudia GRXX5092
Ammovounon GRXX1667
Amnatos GRXX6248
Amoliani GRXX4147
Amolokhos GRXX7617
Amonaklios GRXX7618
Amoopi GRXX7619
Amorgos GRXX7620
Amorgos GRXX0049
Amorion GRXX1668
Amoryianoi GRXX2439
Amoudara GRXX6249
Amourion GRXX9572
Amouryellai GRXX6251
Ampares GRXX9573
Ampelakia GRXX5093
Ampelakia GRXX0125
Ampeleia GRXX5094
Ampeleiai GRXX4148
Ampelia GRXX9574
Ampelia GRXX0126
Ampelochorion GRXX5096
Ampelokipoi GRXX4149
Ampelon GRXX4150
Ampelon GRXX5097
Ampelos GRXX0728
Ampelos GRXX0127
Amvrakia GRXX2440
Amvrosia GRXX1669
Amygdalea GRXX5098
Amyntaio GRXX3643
Anafi GRXX0048
Analipsi GRXX4151
Analipsi GRXX6252
Analipsis GRXX0128
Analipsis GRXX5909
Analipsis GRXX2441
Analipsis GRXX4152
Analipsis GRXX8118
Analipsis GRXX6253
Analipsis GRXX9575
Anargyroi GRXX0129
Anarrakhi GRXX3644
Anaryiroi GRXX3645
Anastasia GRXX4153
Anastasis GRXX2442
Anatoli GRXX3646
Anatoli GRXX9576
Anatoli GRXX0130
Anatoli GRXX6254
Anatoli GRXX4154
Anatoliki GRXX5100
Anatolikon GRXX4155
Anatolikon GRXX8120
Anatolikon GRXX3647
Anavatos GRXX0131
Anavra GRXX9578
Anavra GRXX0742
Anavrita GRXX3648
Anavriti GRXX8121
Anavriti GRXX2443
Anavriton GRXX8122
Anavriton GRXX4157
Anavyssos GRXX5910
Anayennisis GRXX4158
Anaziri GRXX2444
Anchialos GRXX4159
Andania GRXX8123
Andartikon GRXX3649
Andias GRXX9579
Andifilippoi GRXX1670
Andigonos GRXX3650
Andikalamos GRXX8124
Andimakhia GRXX0743
Andirrion GRXX0744
Andiskarion GRXX6255
Andonis GRXX2445
Andravida GRXX0132
Andreas GRXX5101
Andritsa GRXX8125
Andritsaina GRXX0748
Andriyias GRXX5102
Andromachi GRXX4160
Andromiloi GRXX6256
Andronianoi GRXX9580
Andronion GRXX2446
Andros GRXX0050
Androusa GRXX8126
Anemodhourion GRXX8127
Anemokhorion GRXX2447
Anemomilos GRXX8128
Anemorrachi GRXX5103
Aneratza GRXX7621
Anestias GRXX1671
Anevato GRXX6257
Aneza GRXX0133
Angairia GRXX7622
Angathias GRXX6258
Angeliana GRXX6259
Angelochorion GRXX0134
Angelokastro GRXX2448
Angelokastron GRXX8129
Angelokhorion GRXX4162
Angelopoulou GRXX9581
Angiadhakion GRXX8130
Angidhia GRXX7623
Angista GRXX4163
Angistron GRXX4164
Angitis GRXX1672
Angonas GRXX8131
Angouseliana GRXX6260
Aniadha GRXX9582
Anidhroi GRXX6261
Anidhron GRXX9583
Anidhron GRXX8132
Anifion GRXX8133
Anifora GRXX9584
Anilion GRXX2449
Anilion GRXX5104
Animborio GRXX9585
Anisarakion GRXX6262
Anissaras GRXX6263
Anitsaion GRXX5911
Ano Aetos GRXX9586
Ano Afroxilia GRXX2450
Ano Agoriani GRXX9587
Ano Aiyialos GRXX8134
Ano Akhaia GRXX2451
Ano Akria GRXX6264
Ano Alepokhorion GRXX5912
Ano Almiri GRXX8135
Ano Amfia GRXX8136
Ano Anavriton GRXX8137
Ano Apostoloi GRXX4166
Ano Arfara GRXX8138
Ano Arhanes GRXX0135
Ano Aroi GRXX2452
Ano Asitai GRXX6265
Ano Astrakoi GRXX6266
Ano Ayia Marina GRXX2453
Ano Boularioi GRXX8139
Ano Bralos GRXX9588
Ano Chalasmata GRXX5106
Ano Dhafni GRXX2455
Ano Dhamasta GRXX9589
Ano Dhaton GRXX1673
Ano Dhavia GRXX8140
Ano Dhiakopton GRXX2456
Ano Dhio Vouna GRXX9590
Ano Dholiana GRXX8141
Ano Dholoi GRXX8142
Ano Dhorion GRXX8143
Ano Dhrimalaiika GRXX2457
Ano Dhrimon GRXX2458
Ano Dhrosini GRXX1674
Ano Doumina GRXX8144
Ano Drymon GRXX5107
Ano Esokhoria GRXX9591
Ano Evinokhorion GRXX2459
Ano Fanarion GRXX5913
Ano Fortetsa GRXX6267
Ano Gardhenitsa GRXX8145
Ano Garefeion GRXX4167
Ano Garouna GRXX0136
Ano Gavalou GRXX2460
Ano Gavrion GRXX7624
Ano Glikovrisi GRXX8146
Ano Graikikon GRXX5108
Ano Grammatikon GRXX4168
Ano Idhroussa GRXX3651
Ano Ilia GRXX9592
Ano Ionikon GRXX1675
Ano Iraklion GRXX5914
Ano Kalentini GRXX5109
Ano Kalesia GRXX6268
Ano Kalesmenon GRXX9593
Ano Kalivia GRXX9594
Ano Kalivia GRXX8147
Ano Kalliniki GRXX3652
Ano Kallithea GRXX9595
Ano Kalon Neron GRXX8148
Ano Kamarion GRXX8149
Ano Kambi GRXX1676
Ano Kambia GRXX9596
Ano Kamila GRXX4169
Ano Kanalia GRXX9597
Ano Kardhamos GRXX1677
Ano Karea GRXX8150
Ano Karia GRXX9598
Ano Kariai GRXX8151
Ano Kariofiton GRXX1678
Ano Karitsa GRXX9599
Ano Karnezaiika GRXX8152
Ano Karouzana GRXX6269
Ano Karyes GRXX5110
Ano Kastanea GRXX8153
Ano Kastelliana GRXX6270
Ano Kastritsion GRXX0137
Ano Kefala GRXX6271
Ano Kefalarion GRXX1679
Ano Kerasovon GRXX2462
Ano Khora GRXX2463
Ano Khouni GRXX8154
Ano Khovoli GRXX2464
Ano Khristos GRXX4170
Ano Klinai GRXX3653
Ano Klitoria GRXX2465
Ano Komi GRXX0138
Ano Konstandinia GRXX1680
Ano Kopanakion GRXX8155
Ano Korakiana GRXX0139
Ano Kornias GRXX6272
Ano Koudhounion GRXX2466
Ano Koufalia GRXX0757
Ano Kourounion GRXX9600
Ano Kranionas GRXX3654
Ano Kremmidhia GRXX8156
Ano Lapsista GRXX5112
Ano Lekhonia GRXX0140
Ano Levkadhion GRXX1681
Ano Levki GRXX3655
Ano Liosia GRXX0141
Ano Lipochorion GRXX4171
Ano Lithochorion GRXX9601
Ano Livera GRXX1682
Ano Lousoi GRXX2467
Ano Loutron GRXX8157
Ano Malakion GRXX6273
Ano Malataiikon GRXX2468
Ano Mammako GRXX2469
Ano Mavrikion GRXX2470
Ano Mazarakion GRXX2471
Ano Megali Ada GRXX1683
Ano Melas GRXX3656
Ano Melpia GRXX8158
Ano Mera GRXX7625
Ano Meria GRXX7626
Ano Meros GRXX6274
Ano Metapa GRXX2472
Ano Militsa GRXX8159
Ano Mistros GRXX9602
Ano Mitikas GRXX1684
Ano Mitrousion GRXX4172
Ano Moulia GRXX6275
Ano Mousiotitsa GRXX5113
Ano Mousounitsa GRXX9603
Ano Mousoura GRXX2473
Ano Orini GRXX4173
Ano Paradhision GRXX2474
Ano Pavliana GRXX0142
Ano Pedina GRXX5114
Ano Pefkos GRXX6276
Ano Petalion GRXX7627
Ano Pitsa GRXX8160
Ano Pixarion GRXX1685
Ano Polidhrosos GRXX9604
Ano Poroia GRXX4174
Ano Potamia GRXX2475
Ano Potamia GRXX9605
Ano Potamia GRXX4175
Ano Potamia GRXX7628
Ano Poulia GRXX6277
Ano Pteri GRXX9606
Ano Rachi GRXX5115
Ano Ravenia GRXX5116
Ano Retsina GRXX2476
Ano Ringlia GRXX8161
Ano Rodhakinon GRXX6278
Ano Rodonia GRXX4176
Ano Salajak GRXX1686
Ano Salmenikos GRXX2477
Ano Sangrion GRXX7629
Ano Selitsa GRXX8162
Ano Sfinarion GRXX6279
Ano Sikhaina GRXX2478
Ano Simi GRXX6280
Ano Siros GRXX0143
Ano Skafidoti GRXX5117
Ano Skholarion GRXX4177
Ano Skotina GRXX4178
Ano Soudhenaiika GRXX2479
Ano Soulion GRXX2480
Ano Soulion GRXX5915
Ano Sourmena GRXX4179
Ano Stavros GRXX4180
Ano Strapodhion GRXX5916
Ano Tarsinon GRXX8163
Ano Thermai GRXX1687
Ano Tripodhon GRXX6281
Ano Tzineriana GRXX6282
Ano Valsamoneron GRXX6283
Ano Vardhatai GRXX9607
Ano Varibobi GRXX5917
Ano Vasiliki GRXX2481
Ano Vasilikon GRXX8164
Ano Vathia GRXX9608
Ano Velitsai GRXX2482
Ano Viannos GRXX6284
Ano Vlasia GRXX2483
Ano Vlokhos GRXX2484
Ano Voskina GRXX8165
Ano Voukolies GRXX6285
Ano Voutaina GRXX8166
Ano Vouvai GRXX6286
Ano Vrondou GRXX4182
Ano Yiannaioi GRXX8167
Ano Zaimoglion GRXX8168
Ano Zakhlorou GRXX2485
Ano Zaros GRXX6287
Ano Zervochorion GRXX4183
Ano Ziria GRXX2486
Anogeia GRXX0762
Anogeiata GRXX5118
Anogeion GRXX5119
Anoixi GRXX5918
Anoixia GRXX4184
Anoixiatikon GRXX2487
Anoixis GRXX3657
Anopolis GRXX6288
Anoskeli GRXX6289
Anoyia GRXX8169
Anoyia GRXX6290
Anrilia GRXX2488
Anthia GRXX8170
Anthia GRXX0144
Anthia Iteon GRXX2489
Anthili GRXX9609
Anthiron GRXX3658
Anthiron GRXX1688
Anthochorion GRXX5120
Anthofiton GRXX2490
Anthofyton GRXX4185
Anthokhorion GRXX9610
Anthokhorion GRXX3659
Anthokhorion GRXX1689
Anthon GRXX2491
Anthotopos GRXX0145
Anthoupolis GRXX9611
Anthousa GRXX3660
Anthousa GRXX8172
Anthousa GRXX5121
Anthrakia GRXX3661
Antigoneia GRXX4186
Antikyra GRXX9612
Antimacheia GRXX0146
Antiparos GRXX7630
Antissa GRXX0745
Antonaiika GRXX5122
Anydron GRXX4187
Aofaloti GRXX8173
Aorion GRXX6291
Apalos GRXX1690
Aperathos GRXX7631
Aperion GRXX7632
Apesokarion GRXX6292
Apidea GRXX0147
Apidhea GRXX8174
Apidheon GRXX2492
Apidhitsa GRXX8175
Apidhoula GRXX2493
Apladhiana GRXX6293
Apodhoulou GRXX6294
Apoikia GRXX0767
Apoinion GRXX6295
Apolakkia GRXX7633
Apolikhnos GRXX6296
Apollon GRXX7634
Apollona GRXX7635
Apollonia GRXX7636
Apollonia GRXX4188
Apomarma GRXX6297
Apomeron GRXX5123
Aposelemion GRXX6298
Aposkepos GRXX3662
Apostolianos GRXX6299
Apostolias GRXX9613
Apostoloi GRXX2494
Apostoloi GRXX6300
Apothikai GRXX6301
Aprovaton GRXX7637
Apsalos GRXX4189
Aptera GRXX6302
Arachos GRXX4190
Arachova GRXX0768
Aradhaina GRXX6303
Araioi GRXX5919
Arakhamitai GRXX8176
Arakhnaion GRXX8177
Arakhova GRXX8178
Arakhova GRXX2495
Arakhovitika GRXX2496
Arakhovitika GRXX8179
Arapidhes GRXX8180
Arapis GRXX2497
Arapolakka GRXX8181
Aratos GRXX1691
Aravissos GRXX4191
Aravonitsa GRXX2498
Araxos GRXX0069
Archaia Olympia GRXX2499
Archanes GRXX6304
Archangelos GRXX7638
Archangelos GRXX4192
Archangelos GRXX8182
Archangelos GRXX3663
Archangelos GRXX5124
Archea Nemea GRXX8183
Archipolis GRXX7639
Archontikon GRXX4193
Archontochorion GRXX2500
Ardameri GRXX4194
Ardhaktos GRXX6305
Ardhanion GRXX1692
Ardhassa GRXX3664
Ardosis GRXX5125
Areopoli GRXX8184
Arethousa GRXX4195
Areti GRXX5126
Areti GRXX4196
Aretson GRXX4197
Arevitis GRXX6306
Arfara GRXX0148
Arfingia GRXX8185
Argalasti GRXX0771
Argastirion GRXX6307
Argolikon GRXX8186
Argos GRXX0071
Argos Orestiko GRXX3665
Argostolion GRXX0773
Argoules GRXX6308
Argoulidhes GRXX6309
Argoulion GRXX6310
Argyrochorion GRXX5127
Argyrotopos GRXX5128
Argyroupoli GRXX5920
Argyroupoli GRXX6311
Argyroupolis GRXX4198
Aria GRXX8187
Aria GRXX5129
Ariadha GRXX2501
Ariana GRXX8188
Aridaia GRXX0774
Arilla GRXX0775
Arillas GRXX5130
Arini GRXX2502
Ariokhorion GRXX8189
Aris GRXX0149
Aristi GRXX5131
Aristinon GRXX1693
Aristodhimion GRXX8190
Aristomenis GRXX8191
Arisvi GRXX1694
Arkadhikos GRXX1695
Arkalochori GRXX0777
Arkasa GRXX0778
Arkasadhes GRXX8192
Arkesini GRXX0779
Arkhangelos GRXX6312
Arkhangelos GRXX9614
Arkhanion GRXX9615
Arkhavianos GRXX6313
Arkhia GRXX8193
Arkhondika GRXX6314
Arkhondika GRXX1696
Arkhondiki GRXX6315
Arkhondikon GRXX8194
Arkhondikon GRXX6316
Arkhondokhori GRXX1697
Arkitsa GRXX9616
Arkochorion GRXX4199
Arla GRXX2503
Arma GRXX0151
Armakha GRXX6317
Armampela GRXX9617
Armanoyia GRXX6318
Armata GRXX5132
Armbounas GRXX2504
Armenika GRXX8195
Armenioi GRXX8196
Armenoi GRXX6319
Armenoi GRXX8197
Armenokhorion GRXX3666
Armenokhorion GRXX6320
Armolia GRXX0152
Arna GRXX8198
Arnados GRXX7640
Arnaia GRXX4200
Arnas GRXX7641
Arnea GRXX0783
Arnikon GRXX6321
Arnissa GRXX4201
Arnitha GRXX7642
Aroania GRXX0784
Arolithion GRXX6322
Arolithos GRXX6323
Aronas GRXX4202
Aroniadha GRXX2505
Aroniadhianika GRXX5921
Aronion GRXX6324
Aroyi GRXX1698
Arriana GRXX0785
Arsakion GRXX1699
Arsenion GRXX4203
Arsinoi GRXX8199
Arta GRXX0031
Artemida GRXX5922
Artemisia GRXX8200
Artemisio GRXX9618
Artemon GRXX7643
Artemonas GRXX7644
Artesianon GRXX0153
Artikion GRXX8201
Artissa GRXX5133
Artopoula GRXX5134
Artotina GRXX9619
Arvanitaiika GRXX2506
Arvanitis GRXX2507
Arvanitokhorion GRXX7645
Arvi GRXX6325
Arvitsa GRXX8202
Aryilos GRXX3667
Aryinonda GRXX7646
Aryira GRXX2508
Aryiria GRXX9620
Aryirokhorion GRXX9621
Aryiromourion GRXX6326
Arzos GRXX1700
Asari GRXX6327
Asea GRXX8203
Asfaka GRXX0154
Asfakeron GRXX5136
Asfalakton GRXX2510
Asfendhiles GRXX6328
Asfendhos GRXX6329
Asfendiou GRXX7647
Asigonia GRXX6330
Asimenion GRXX1701
Asimion GRXX6331
Asimion GRXX8204
Asimochorion GRXX5137
Asini GRXX8205
Askari GRXX5138
Askira GRXX1702
Askitai GRXX1703
Asklipieio GRXX8206
Asklipieion GRXX7648
Askoi GRXX6332
Askordhalos GRXX6333
Askos GRXX4204
Asminion GRXX9622
Asomata GRXX4205
Asomatoi GRXX1704
Asomatoi GRXX6334
Asomatos GRXX7649
Asomatos GRXX8207
Asopia GRXX0155
Asopos GRXX8208
Aspra Nera GRXX6335
Aspra Spitia GRXX2511
Asprangeloi GRXX0156
Aspria GRXX2512
Asprochorion GRXX5139
Asprokambos GRXX9623
Asprokambos GRXX3668
Asprokambos GRXX8209
Asprokhoma GRXX4206
Asprokhoma GRXX8210
Asprokhorion GRXX5923
Asprokklisia GRXX3669
Aspron GRXX4207
Aspronerion GRXX1705
Aspronerion GRXX3670
Aspropilia GRXX2513
Aspropirgos GRXX7650
Aspropirgos GRXX0157
Aspropirgos GRXX9624
Aspropoulia GRXX8211
Asprorrevma GRXX9625
Aspros GRXX4208
Asprosikia GRXX6336
Asproudhia GRXX9626
Asproula GRXX3671
Asproulaiika GRXX8212
Asproulianoi GRXX6337
Asprovalta GRXX4209
Asprovrysi GRXX4210
Asproyia GRXX3672
Assiros GRXX4211
Assos GRXX5140
Assos GRXX0158
Astakos GRXX0793
Asteraiika GRXX2514
Asterion GRXX6338
Asterion GRXX2515
Astirakion GRXX6339
Astrakoi GRXX6340
Astras GRXX2516
Astratigos GRXX6341
Astrikas GRXX6342
Astris GRXX1706
Astritsi GRXX6343
Astritsion GRXX6344
Astrochorion GRXX5141
Astros GRXX0794
Astrova GRXX8214
Astypalaia GRXX7651
Asvestadhes GRXX1707
Asvestareion GRXX4212
Asvestion GRXX9627
Asvestochori GRXX0159
Asvestochorion GRXX0160
Asvestopetra GRXX3673
Atalandi GRXX0797
Atalanti GRXX9628
Atarni GRXX1708
Ateni GRXX7652
Athamanion GRXX5142
Athanasiana GRXX6345
Athanatoi GRXX6346
Athens GRXX0004
Athikia GRXX8215
Athinaion GRXX8216
Athyra GRXX4213
Atrapos GRXX3674
Atsiki GRXX0161
Atsimbrayia GRXX6347
Atsinganokhori GRXX1709
Atsipadhes GRXX6348
Atsipopoulo GRXX6349
Atsipopoulon GRXX6350
Atsipopoulos GRXX6351
Attali GRXX9629
Attiki GRXX5924
Avarikos GRXX2517
Avas GRXX1710
Avaton GRXX1711
Avdella GRXX3675
Avdheliakos GRXX6352
Avdhellas GRXX6353
Avdhou GRXX6354
Avdhouliana GRXX6355
Avdira GRXX1712
Avesalos GRXX7653
Avgaria GRXX9630
Avgi GRXX3676
Avgo GRXX1713
Avgon GRXX8217
Avgon GRXX5143
Avgonyma GRXX0162
Avgos GRXX6356
Avia GRXX8218
Avlai GRXX3677
Avlakia GRXX0163
Avlakiai GRXX2518
Avlakion GRXX9631
Avlakion GRXX2519
Avlemonas GRXX5925
Avli GRXX6357
Avli GRXX1714
Avlon GRXX0802
Avlon GRXX8219
Avlona GRXX7654
Avlonarion GRXX9632
Avlonas GRXX5926
Avlotopos GRXX5144
Avoros GRXX9633
Avra GRXX3678
Avra GRXX1715
Avrakondes GRXX6358
Avramilia GRXX1716
Avramion GRXX8220
Avyeniki GRXX6359
Avyeraiika GRXX2520
Avyerinos GRXX3679
Avyi GRXX2521
Avyi GRXX3680
Avyi GRXX4214
Avyion GRXX2522
Axiochorion GRXX4215
Axiokastron GRXX3681
Axioupoli GRXX0803
Axos GRXX4216
Axos GRXX6360
Ayeli GRXX1717
Ayeranos GRXX8221
Ayia GRXX2523
Ayia GRXX8222
Ayia GRXX6361
Ayia GRXX0804
Ayia Aikaterini GRXX9634
Ayia Anastasia GRXX5927
Ayia Anna GRXX8223
Ayia Anna GRXX2524
Ayia Anna GRXX0805
Ayia Eleni GRXX2525
Ayia Eleni GRXX5928
Ayia Eleni GRXX4217
Ayia Evthimia GRXX9635
Ayia Fothia GRXX6362
Ayia Fotia GRXX6363
Ayia Galini GRXX6364
Ayia Irini GRXX8224
Ayia Irini GRXX6365
Ayia Irini GRXX9636
Ayia Kiriaki GRXX6366
Ayia Kiriaki GRXX9637
Ayia Kiriaki GRXX2526
Ayia Marina GRXX0807
Ayia Marina GRXX2527
Ayia Marina GRXX5929
Ayia Marina GRXX9638
Ayia Marina GRXX6367
Ayia Marina GRXX8226
Ayia Mavra GRXX2528
Ayia Paraskevi GRXX3682
Ayia Paraskevi GRXX5930
Ayia Paraskevi GRXX0070
Ayia Paraskevi GRXX2529
Ayia Paraskevi GRXX6368
Ayia Paraskevi GRXX9639
Ayia Paraskevi GRXX4218
Ayia Paraskevi GRXX8227
Ayia Pelayia GRXX6369
Ayia Roumeli GRXX6370
Ayia Semni GRXX6371
Ayia Sofia GRXX8228
Ayia Sofia GRXX2530
Ayia Sofia GRXX9640
Ayia Sotira GRXX3683
Ayia Thekla GRXX9641
Ayia Trias GRXX2531
Ayia Trias GRXX8229
Ayia Trias GRXX6372
Ayia Trias GRXX9642
Ayia Trias GRXX5931
Ayia Varvara GRXX8230
Ayia Varvara GRXX0164
Ayia Varvara GRXX2533
Ayia Vlakherna GRXX9643
Ayiai Paraskiai GRXX6373
Ayiannakis GRXX8231
Ayiannakos GRXX9644
Ayias Filakai GRXX6374
Ayiasma GRXX3684
Ayiasma GRXX1719
Ayiasos GRXX0810
Ayioi Anaryiroi GRXX7655
Ayioi Anaryiroi GRXX3685
Ayioi Apostoloi GRXX2534
Ayioi Apostoloi GRXX5932
Ayioi Apostoloi GRXX8233
Ayioi Apostoloi GRXX6375
Ayioi Apostoloi GRXX9645
Ayioi Asomatoi GRXX5933
Ayioi Pandes GRXX9646
Ayioi Pandes GRXX6376
Ayioi Taxiarkhai GRXX8234
Ayioi Theodhoroi GRXX5934
Ayioi Theodhoroi GRXX1720
Ayioi Theodhoroi GRXX8235
Ayioi Theodhoroi GRXX6377
Ayioi Theodhoroi GRXX9647
Ayioi Theodhoroi GRXX2535
Ayiokhorion GRXX1721
Ayiokhorion GRXX4219
Ayion Pnevma GRXX6378
Ayionerion GRXX8236
Ayionorion GRXX8237
Ayioryitika GRXX8238
Ayios GRXX9648
Ayios Adhrianos GRXX8239
Ayios Andhreas GRXX6379
Ayios Andhreas GRXX8240
Ayios Andonios GRXX4221
Ayios Andonios GRXX3686
Ayios Andonios GRXX6380
Ayios Andreas GRXX6381
Ayios Andreas GRXX1722
Ayios Andreas GRXX0811
Ayios Andreas GRXX5935
Ayios Andreas GRXX9649
Ayios Andreas GRXX2536
Ayios Andreas GRXX7656
Ayios Astratigos GRXX6382
Ayios Athanasios GRXX1723
Ayios Athanasios GRXX2537
Ayios Athanasios GRXX8242
Ayios Athanasios GRXX4222
Ayios Athanasios GRXX9650
Ayios Dhikaios GRXX6383
Ayios Dhimitrios GRXX0812
Ayios Dhimitrios GRXX6384
Ayios Dhimitrios GRXX4223
Ayios Dhimitrios GRXX2538
Ayios Elissaios GRXX8244
Ayios Evstratios GRXX6385
Ayios Evstratios GRXX9652
Ayios Evstratios GRXX8245
Ayios Floros GRXX8246
Ayios Fokas GRXX8247
Ayios Fotios GRXX6386
Ayios Ilias GRXX3688
Ayios Ilias GRXX2539
Ayios Ioannis GRXX2540
Ayios Ioannis GRXX4224
Ayios Ioannis GRXX8248
Ayios Ioannis GRXX6387
Ayios Ioannis GRXX9653
Ayios Isidhoros GRXX8250
Ayios Isidhoros GRXX6389
Ayios Kiprianos GRXX8252
Ayios Kirillos GRXX6390
Ayios Kosmas GRXX1725
Ayios Loukas GRXX9656
Ayios Mamas GRXX0165
Ayios Mamas GRXX8254
Ayios Mamas GRXX6392
Ayios Markos GRXX4227
Ayios Matthaios GRXX6393
Ayios Matthaios GRXX0814
Ayios Meletios GRXX9657
Ayios Merkourios GRXX5939
Ayios Minas GRXX2543
Ayios Miron GRXX8255
Ayios Nikitas GRXX6394
Ayios Nikolaos GRXX8256
Ayios Nikolaos GRXX2544
Ayios Nikolaos GRXX3692
Ayios Nikolaos GRXX5940
Ayios Nikolaos GRXX4228
Ayios Nikolaos GRXX0166
Ayios Nikolaos GRXX6395
Ayios Nikon GRXX8257
Ayios Pavlos GRXX6397
Ayios Pavlos GRXX4230
Ayios Petros GRXX0816
Ayios Petros GRXX5941
Ayios Petros GRXX8258
Ayios Petros GRXX1726
Ayios Petros GRXX7657
Ayios Polikarpos GRXX9659
Ayios Prodhromos GRXX4231
Ayios Sarandos GRXX8259
Ayios Serafim GRXX9660
Ayios Sillas GRXX6398
Ayios Simeon GRXX7658
Ayios Sostis GRXX8260
Ayios Sostis GRXX9661
Ayios Spiridhon GRXX2546
Ayios Spiridhon GRXX6399
Ayios Spiridhon GRXX4232
Ayios Spiridhon GRXX9662
Ayios Spiridhon GRXX5942
Ayios Stefanos GRXX7659
Ayios Stefanos GRXX0167
Ayios Stefanos GRXX8261
Ayios Stefanos GRXX6400
Ayios Stefanos GRXX9663
Ayios Theodhoroi GRXX2547
Ayios Theodhoros GRXX2548
Ayios Theodhoros GRXX6401
Ayios Theodhoros GRXX3694
Ayios Thomas GRXX0168
Ayios Thomas GRXX6402
Ayios Thomas GRXX5146
Ayios Thomas GRXX2549
Ayios Vasilios GRXX0169
Ayios Vasilios GRXX6403
Ayios Vasilios GRXX4233
Ayios Vasilios GRXX2550
Ayios Vasilios GRXX9664
Ayios Vlasios GRXX9665
Ayios Vlasios GRXX2551
Ayios Yeoriyos GRXX0820
Ayios Yeoryios GRXX5943
Ayios Yeoryios GRXX1727
Ayios Yeoryios GRXX6404
Ayios Yeoryios GRXX9666
Ayios Yeoryios GRXX3696
Ayios Yeoryios GRXX8263
Ayios Yeoryios GRXX2552
Ayios Yeoryios GRXX7660
Ayiovlasitika GRXX2553
Azalion GRXX6405
Azogyras GRXX6406
Azokeramos GRXX6407
Azolimnos GRXX7661
Azoyires GRXX6408
Babadhes GRXX9667
Babilis GRXX6409
Badhia GRXX6410
Bafion GRXX5944
Bafra GRXX0170
Bakagiannaiika GRXX5147
Bakaiika GRXX4234
Bakaiika GRXX9668
Bakalaraiika GRXX2554
Bakhmetia GRXX5148
Bala GRXX4235
Bala GRXX5945
Balaiika GRXX9669
Balaioi GRXX7662
Balampanaiika GRXX2555
Balampiana GRXX6411
Balas GRXX5149
Balas GRXX2556
Balas GRXX8264
Balaskaiika GRXX9670
Balastaiika GRXX9671
Balion GRXX6412
Balodhimaiika GRXX8265
Bambai GRXX2557
Bambakaradhika GRXX5946
Bambini GRXX2558
Bamboura GRXX6413
Bampalion GRXX2559
Bandouriana GRXX6414
Baousioi GRXX5150
Bapiolos GRXX6415
Bara GRXX5151
Bara GRXX4236
Bara Malesi GRXX1728
Barakitika GRXX2560
Barampati GRXX5152
Barbaliaki GRXX5947
Bardhakion GRXX2561
Barlakaiika GRXX2562
Bartzavalaiika GRXX2563
Basion GRXX8266
Bastas GRXX2564
Bathaioi GRXX9672
Batsion GRXX7663
Bekhros GRXX2565
Bekianika GRXX8267
Belesaiika GRXX8268
Belokomiti GRXX9673
Bendevis GRXX6416
Benitsai GRXX0171
Benoudhiana GRXX6417
Bentelenion GRXX5153
Berdemiaros GRXX7664
Beritiana GRXX6418
Berkon GRXX5154
Bestia GRXX5155
Bilali GRXX8269
Biliki GRXX4237
Bistroula GRXX5156
Bizbikaiika GRXX9674
Bizon GRXX8270
Blemenianoi GRXX8271
Bletsi GRXX2566
Bolanaiika GRXX8272
Bolation GRXX8273
Boren GRXX1729
Borsas GRXX8274
Borsion GRXX2567
Bostanji GRXX5157
Boufalon GRXX9675
Boufouskia GRXX2568
Boukhorina GRXX3697
Boukitsanaiika GRXX2569
Boukka GRXX2570
Boukorion GRXX5158
Boukovitsa GRXX9676
Boulaiika GRXX5159
Bouliaris GRXX8275
Boumbouka GRXX8276
Boumboukas GRXX2571
Boundouraiika GRXX2572
Bourbakhous GRXX6419
Bourgkaiika GRXX5160
Bouri GRXX2573
Boutaiika GRXX2574
Boutia GRXX8277
Boutselianika GRXX8278
Bouzaiika GRXX8279
Bouzaiika GRXX9677
Bouzion GRXX2575
Bouzion GRXX8280
Bozaiika GRXX2576
Bozikaiika GRXX8281
Bozikas GRXX8282
Bralos GRXX9678
Brandzelaiika GRXX2577
Brezaiika GRXX2578
Brigka GRXX5161
Brikion GRXX8283
Briniakos GRXX6420
Broktion GRXX1730
Broutzaiika GRXX8284
Burbuli GRXX9679
Burji GRXX9680
Chaidari GRXX5948
Chaidefton GRXX1731
Chair Mahale GRXX1732
Chaironeia GRXX9681
Chalias GRXX9682
Chalikia GRXX5162
Chalkeion GRXX0172
Chalki GRXX7665
Chalkiades GRXX0173
Chalkida GRXX0009
Chalkidon GRXX4238
Chamilon GRXX4239
Chani Milioni GRXX2579
Chania GRXX0175
Chania Old Town GRXX6421
Chanopoulon GRXX0176
Charadra GRXX4240
Charakas GRXX6422
Charaki GRXX7666
Charakion GRXX7667
Charavgi GRXX5164
Charia GRXX8285
Chariessa GRXX4241
Charithaoy GRXX4242
Charokopion GRXX5165
Chaskaiika GRXX5166
Chatzirados GRXX7668
Chavarion GRXX0177
Cheimadion GRXX4243
Cheimadion GRXX5167
Chelona GRXX5168
Cherronisos GRXX7669
Cherson GRXX4244
Chersotopion GRXX4245
Chiflik Mahale GRXX1733
Chilinger Mahale GRXX1734
Chinaroy GRXX4246
Chinka GRXX5169
Chionades GRXX5170
Chionaton GRXX3698
Chios GRXX0033
Chochla GRXX5171
Chochlia GRXX9683
Choika GRXX5172
Chora GRXX5173
Chora GRXX0178
Chora Sfakion GRXX6423
Chorafakia GRXX6424
Chortiatis GRXX0179
Chorygion GRXX4247
Choulakia GRXX7670
Chouliarades GRXX5174
Choumeri GRXX6425
Choutiana GRXX5175
Chrani GRXX4248
Chrisova GRXX9684
Chrissi Akti GRXX6426
Chrissi Akti GRXX7672
Christoi GRXX5176
Chromonastiri GRXX6427
Chrysa GRXX4249
Chrysavgi GRXX5177
Chrysi GRXX4250
Chrysi GRXX3699
Chrysi Ammoudia GRXX1735
Chryso GRXX9685
Chrysodouli GRXX5178
Chrysokampos GRXX4251
Chrysomelia GRXX1073
Chrysopetra GRXX4252
Chrysopigi GRXX2580
Chrysorrachi GRXX0180
Chrysoupolis GRXX0181
Chrysovitsa GRXX5179
Corfu GRXX0068
Corinth GRXX0182
Costa Navarino GRXX8286
Dadia GRXX1736
Dafnata GRXX0183
Dafni GRXX2375
Dafni GRXX4253
Dafni GRXX0184
Dafnias GRXX2581
Dafnochorion GRXX4254
Dafnofyton GRXX0185
Dafnon GRXX0186
Dafnopigadion GRXX2582
Dafnospilia GRXX0187
Dafnoti GRXX5181
Dafnoula GRXX5182
Dafnoula GRXX9687
Dalianaiika GRXX2583
Damianon GRXX4255
Daraiika GRXX8287
Daskion GRXX4256
Dasochorion GRXX3700
Dautlu GRXX1737
Davleia GRXX9688
Deilina GRXX6428
Delimanoliana GRXX6429
Delka GRXX5183
Delphi GRXX9689
Delvinaki GRXX5184
Delvinakopoulon GRXX0188
Demation GRXX5185
Dendianika GRXX5949
Deres GRXX6430
Derviziana GRXX5186
Desfina GRXX9690
Deskati GRXX3701
Despotikon GRXX5187
Develikia GRXX4257
Dhafnai GRXX0843
Dhafnedhes GRXX6431
Dhafneron GRXX3702
Dhafnes GRXX6432
Dhafni GRXX3703
Dhafni GRXX5950
Dhafni GRXX6433
Dhafni GRXX4258
Dhafni GRXX8289
Dhafni GRXX2584
Dhafni GRXX9691
Dhafnion GRXX8290
Dhafniotissa GRXX2585
Dhafnokhorion GRXX9692
Dhafnon GRXX1738
Dhafnopigadhion GRXX2586
Dhafnos GRXX9693
Dhafnoudhion GRXX4259
Dhafnoula GRXX9694
Dhafnoula GRXX2587
Dhaimonia GRXX8291
Dhalamanara GRXX8292
Dhamakinion GRXX2588
Dhamania GRXX6434
Dhamarionas GRXX7673
Dhamaskinea GRXX3704
Dhamasta GRXX6435
Dhamavolos GRXX6436
Dhamia GRXX9695
Dhamiza GRXX2589
Dhamnoni GRXX6437
Dhanakos GRXX7674
Dharas GRXX8293
Dharatsos GRXX0189
Dhariviana GRXX6438
Dhariza GRXX5951
Dharmarokhorion GRXX6439
Dharmeni GRXX1739
Dhasillion GRXX3705
Dhaskaliana GRXX6440
Dhaskalion GRXX5952
Dhasokhorion GRXX8294
Dhasokhorion GRXX4260
Dhasos GRXX7675
Dhasoton GRXX1740
Dhaton GRXX1741
Dhavia GRXX8295
Dhavlia GRXX0845
Dhekarkhon GRXX1742
Dhekelia GRXX5953
Dhekhounion GRXX2590
Dhelfinon GRXX9696
Dheliana GRXX6441
Dhelta GRXX1743
Dhemation GRXX6442
Dhembla GRXX6443
Dhemestikha GRXX2591
Dhemirion GRXX8296
Dhendra GRXX2592
Dhendra GRXX8297
Dhendra GRXX9697
Dhendrakia GRXX1744
Dhendrokhorion GRXX2593
Dhendrokhorion GRXX3706
Dhendron GRXX8298
Dhendros GRXX2594
Dhendroulia GRXX8299
Dhermatianika GRXX8300
Dhermation GRXX9698
Dhermatos GRXX6444
Dhernikaiika GRXX8301
Dhervenion GRXX8302
Dhesfina GRXX0846
Dhesfina GRXX8303
Dhesillas GRXX8304
Dhesinon GRXX2596
Dheskati GRXX0847
Dhespotis GRXX3707
Dhespotis GRXX2597
Dhexameni GRXX4261
Dhiakofti GRXX5954
Dhiakopion GRXX9699
Dhiakopion GRXX8305
Dhialambi GRXX1745
Dhialekton GRXX1746
Dhiamandaiika GRXX2598
Dhiasela GRXX8306
Dhiasella GRXX2599
Dhiasellakion GRXX2600
Dhiasello GRXX9700
Dhiasellon GRXX2601
Dhiaselon GRXX8307
Dhiavaidhe GRXX6445
Dhiavolitsion GRXX8308
Dhidhakhaiika GRXX2602
Dhidhimotikhon GRXX0848
Dhikastron GRXX9701
Dhikeli Tas GRXX1747
Dhikella GRXX1748
Dhikhimarron GRXX3708
Dhikhorion GRXX9702
Dhikorfon GRXX4262
Dhilakkos GRXX6446
Dhilesi GRXX9703
Dhilina GRXX1749
Dhilinata GRXX0849
Dhilofon GRXX9704
Dhilofon GRXX3709
Dhilofos GRXX4263
Dhimaina GRXX8309
Dhimandra GRXX8310
Dhimaras GRXX1750
Dhimarion GRXX1751
Dhimaristika GRXX8311
Dhimi GRXX1752
Dhiminion GRXX8312
Dhimitra GRXX2603
Dhimitra GRXX8313
Dhimitra GRXX4264
Dhimitritsion GRXX4265
Dhimitropoulon GRXX2604
Dhimitrouliana GRXX6447
Dhio Remata GRXX2605
Dhio Vouna GRXX9705
Dhiodhia GRXX8314
Dhiomidhia GRXX1753
Dhioni GRXX1754
Dhionision GRXX6448
Dhionisios GRXX4266
Dhionisos GRXX9706
Dhiplatanos GRXX2606
Dhiplokhori GRXX6449
Dhiplokhori GRXX1755
Dhiporon GRXX8315
Dhipotama GRXX1756
Dhipotama GRXX8316
Dhipotamos GRXX1757
Dhiron GRXX8317
Dhiros GRXX8318
Dhirrakhion GRXX8319
Dhirrevma GRXX8320
Dhirrevmata GRXX9707
Dhispilion GRXX3710
Dhistos GRXX9708
Dhisvaton GRXX1758
Dhivri GRXX9711
Dhiyela GRXX2607
Dhiyeliotika GRXX2608
Dhokana GRXX5955
Dhokimia GRXX2609
Dhokimion GRXX2610
Dhokos GRXX9712
Dhokos GRXX1759
Dholoi GRXX8321
Dhomatia GRXX1760
Dhomiros GRXX4267
Dhorakion GRXX6450
Dhoriai GRXX6451
Dhorikon GRXX1761
Dhorion GRXX8322
Dhoriskos GRXX1762
Dhorizas GRXX8323
Dhorkas GRXX4268
Dhorvitsia GRXX2611
Dhouka Vrisi GRXX8324
Dhoukanaiika GRXX2612
Dhoukas GRXX2613
Dhoukas GRXX8325
Dhouliana GRXX6452
Dhoumena GRXX2614
Dhounaiika GRXX2615
Dhouvraiika GRXX8326
Dhoxa GRXX8327
Dhoxa GRXX1763
Dhoxaras GRXX3711
Dhoxaron GRXX6453
Dhrafi GRXX5956
Dhraganon GRXX2616
Dhragasia GRXX3712
Dhragoulas GRXX7676
Dhragoyion GRXX2617
Dhraina GRXX8328
Dhrakiana GRXX6454
Dhrakona GRXX6455
Dhrakonerion GRXX8329
Dhrakopidhima GRXX9713
Dhrakovounion GRXX8330
Dhramia GRXX6456
Dhrania GRXX1764
Dhrapanias GRXX6457
Dhrapanos GRXX6458
Dhrapetion GRXX6459
Dhraviskos GRXX4269
Dhrazion GRXX9714
Dhremion GRXX8331
Dhrepanion GRXX1765
Dhrepanon GRXX2618
Dhrepanon GRXX3713
Dhri GRXX8332
Dhrialia GRXX8333
Dhrialion GRXX8334
Dhrialos GRXX8335
Dhrias GRXX1766
Dhrimaia GRXX9715
Dhrimalaiika GRXX2619
Dhrimi GRXX1767
Dhrimia GRXX4270
Dhrimia GRXX1768
Dhrimiskos GRXX6460
Dhrimon GRXX5957
Dhrimon GRXX2620
Dhrimona GRXX9716
Dhrimonarion GRXX2621
Dhrimonarion GRXX5958
Dhrimos GRXX2622
Dhrimotopos GRXX1769
Dhriopi GRXX8336
Dhriopis GRXX7677
Dhriovounon GRXX3714
Dhris GRXX6461
Dhristella GRXX9717
Dhritsaiika GRXX5959
Dhrivianika GRXX8337
Dhriyiai GRXX6462
Dhriza GRXX8338
Dhrongari GRXX6463
Dhrosaton GRXX2623
Dhroseron GRXX3715
Dhrosia GRXX2624
Dhrosia GRXX1770
Dhrosia GRXX4271
Dhrosia GRXX9718
Dhrosiniotika GRXX2625
Dhrosoi GRXX6464
Dhrosopiyi GRXX0850
Dhrosopiyi GRXX8339
Dhrouva GRXX2626
Dhrovolovon GRXX2627
Diafanion GRXX7678
Diakopia GRXX2628
Diakopto GRXX2629
Diakos GRXX3716
Diasella GRXX0190
Diasellakion GRXX3717
Diasellon GRXX0191
Diavatos GRXX4272
Dichomoirion GRXX5188
Dichounion GRXX5189
Didyma GRXX8340
Didymoteicho GRXX1771
Dikaia GRXX1772
Dikorfon GRXX5190
Dikoryfon GRXX0192
Dilaiika GRXX2630
Dilakkon GRXX5191
Dilinata GRXX0193
Dilofon GRXX5192
Dilofos GRXX1773
Dilos GRXX7679
Dimario GRXX1774
Dimarion GRXX0194
Dimitra GRXX3718
Dimitsana GRXX8341
Dimokorion GRXX5193
Dimonia GRXX5194
Dion GRXX4273
Dionysos GRXX5960
Diporon GRXX3719
Dipotamia GRXX3720
Dipotamon GRXX0195
Dipotamos GRXX4274
Distomo GRXX9719
Distraton GRXX5195
Dodoni GRXX5196
Doganis GRXX0196
Doirani GRXX4275
Dokos GRXX5961
Doliana GRXX5197
Doliani GRXX5198
Dolon GRXX5199
Dombrati GRXX5200
Domianoi GRXX9720
Domnista GRXX9721
Domokos GRXX9722
Domolessa GRXX5202
Donousa GRXX7680
Dorothea GRXX4276
Dosion GRXX5203
Dotsiko GRXX3721
Doumpia GRXX4277
Dounavos GRXX5204
Douvia GRXX9723
Dovla GRXX5205
Doxato GRXX1775
Drafaki GRXX7681
Dragopsa GRXX0197
Drakotrypa GRXX5206
Drama GRXX1776
Dramala GRXX9724
Dramesi GRXX5207
Dramesioi GRXX5208
Drampola GRXX5209
Drepanon GRXX8342
Drios GRXX7682
Dromitsa GRXX2631
Droseron GRXX4279
Drosia GRXX5962
Drosia GRXX5210
Drosochorion GRXX0198
Drosopigi GRXX5211
Drosopigi GRXX3722
Drymades GRXX5212
Drymon GRXX5213
Drymos GRXX4280
Dryofyton GRXX5214
Dryon GRXX0199
Dryopi GRXX5963
Dyo Choria GRXX7683
Dytikon GRXX4281
Edessa GRXX0861
Edipsos GRXX9725
Efira GRXX2632
Efkarpia GRXX4282
Eglikadha GRXX2633
Eidomeni GRXX0200
Eirinikon GRXX0201
Eirinoupoli GRXX4283
Eitafygion GRXX4284
Ekali GRXX9726
Ekali GRXX0202
Ekali GRXX1777
Ekatondapiliani GRXX7684
Ekhinos GRXX1778
Ekkara GRXX9727
Ekklisia GRXX9728
Ekklisiai GRXX5215
Ekklisiochorion GRXX4285
Ekklisochorion GRXX5216
Ekklisoula GRXX8343
Eklekton GRXX1779
Elafina GRXX4286
Elafokhorion GRXX1780
Elafonisos GRXX8344
Elafopidima GRXX5217
Elafos GRXX5218
Elafos GRXX4287
Elafotopos GRXX5219
Elaia GRXX8345
Elaia GRXX5220
Elaia GRXX6465
Elaia GRXX1781
Elaia GRXX9729
Elaiochorion GRXX2634
Elaiofiton GRXX8346
Elaiofiton GRXX2635
Elaiokhoria GRXX4288
Elaiokhorion GRXX8347
Elaiokhorion GRXX2636
Elaiokhorion GRXX9730
Elaion GRXX4289
Elaion GRXX9731
Elaionas GRXX7685
Elaiostasion GRXX2638
Elaiotopos GRXX2639
Elasson GRXX0865
Elata GRXX0203
Elataria GRXX5221
Elateia GRXX9732
Elati GRXX3723
Elati GRXX0204
Elatia GRXX3724
Elatochori GRXX4290
Elatochorion GRXX5223
Elatos GRXX9733
Elatos GRXX3725
Elatos GRXX8348
Elatos GRXX0205
Elatou GRXX2640
Elatovrisi GRXX2641
Elefsina GRXX0206
Eleftherion GRXX5224
Eleftherna GRXX6466
Eleftherochorion GRXX5225
Eleftherochorion GRXX4292
Eleftheron GRXX5226
Eleftheroupolis GRXX1783
Elenai GRXX6467
Eleon GRXX9734
Eleousa GRXX7686
Eleousa GRXX5227
Eleutherna GRXX6468
Elevsinia GRXX5964
Elevtherai GRXX1784
Elevtheriani GRXX2642
Elevtherokhorion GRXX9735
Elevtheron GRXX3726
Elevtheroupolis GRXX0870
Elia GRXX2376
Elia GRXX7687
Elika GRXX8349
Eliki GRXX2643
Elikistra GRXX2644
Elikon GRXX9736
Ellinika GRXX6469
Ellinika GRXX7688
Ellinika GRXX2645
Ellinikon GRXX0207
Ellinikon GRXX4294
Ellinikon GRXX2646
Ellinikon GRXX8350
Ellinikon GRXX5228
Ellinitsa GRXX8351
Ellinoekklisia GRXX8352
Ellinokhorion GRXX1785
Ellinokhorion GRXX8353
Ellopia GRXX9738
Elos GRXX8354
Elos GRXX6470
Elounda GRXX6471
Embaros GRXX6472
Emborion GRXX3727
Emborios GRXX7689
Embrosneros GRXX6473
Emialoi GRXX8355
Emmanouil Pappas GRXX0208
Empesos GRXX2647
Emponas GRXX7690
Emporeio GRXX0209
Emporeios GRXX7691
Emporio GRXX3728
Engarai GRXX7692
Enoria GRXX9739
Epano Dhris GRXX6474
Epano Elounda GRXX6475
Epano Epidhavros GRXX8357
Epano Episkopi GRXX6476
Epano Floria GRXX6477
Epano Garipa GRXX6478
Epano Kalamon GRXX7693
Epano Kefalas GRXX6479
Epano Khorion GRXX6480
Epano Kria GRXX6481
Epano Loumas GRXX6482
Epano Pinai GRXX6484
Epano Sesi GRXX5229
Epano Vathia GRXX6485
Epanokhorion GRXX6486
Epanokhorion GRXX9740
Epanomi GRXX0210
Eparkhia Voiou GRXX3729
Epidavros Limira GRXX8358
Epiniana GRXX9741
Episkopi GRXX5965
Episkopi GRXX4295
Episkopi GRXX9742
Episkopi GRXX2648
Episkopi GRXX8359
Episkopi GRXX0211
Episkopi Gonias GRXX7695
Episkopiana GRXX7696
Episkopiana GRXX0212
Episkopikon GRXX5230
Episkopion GRXX7697
Epitalion GRXX2649
Eptachorion GRXX3730
Eptalofos GRXX4296
Eptalofos GRXX9743
Eptamiloi GRXX4297
Eranos GRXX1786
Erasmion GRXX1787
Eratini GRXX9744
Eratinon GRXX0213
Eratira GRXX0878
Eresos GRXX0879
Eretria GRXX9745
Erfoi GRXX6488
Ergani GRXX1788
Ergastiria GRXX9746
Ergochorion GRXX4298
Erima Kalivia GRXX9747
Erimanthia GRXX2650
Erimos GRXX8361
Erimoupolis GRXX6489
Erithrai GRXX0880
Ermakia GRXX3731
Ermioni GRXX0881
Ermoupolis GRXX0214
Erythres GRXX5966
Eski Tarlas GRXX1789
Esokhi GRXX1790
Esokhoria GRXX9748
Esovalta GRXX4299
Ethia GRXX6490
Ethnikon GRXX3732
Etia GRXX2651
Eva GRXX8362
Evandron GRXX8363
Evangelismos GRXX4300
Evangelismos GRXX9749
Evangelistria GRXX8365
Evangelistria GRXX9750
Evangelistria GRXX4301
Evinokhorion GRXX2652
Evkarpia GRXX4302
Evlalo GRXX1791
Evmoiron GRXX1792
Evosmos GRXX4303
Evpalion GRXX9751
Evrinos GRXX1793
Evripedhon GRXX1794
Evropos GRXX4304
Evropouloi GRXX0215
Evrostina GRXX8366
Evthimi GRXX6492
Evyenikon GRXX1795
Evzonoi GRXX0216
Exambela GRXX0885
Examilia GRXX0217
Examilion GRXX4305
Exandis GRXX6493
Exaplatanos GRXX4306
Exarkhos GRXX3733
Exarkhos GRXX9752
Exo Apidhion GRXX6494
Exo Dhimaristika GRXX8367
Exo Gialos GRXX7698
Exo Gonia GRXX7699
Exo Lakkonia GRXX6495
Exo Mouliana GRXX6496
Exo Nimfion GRXX8368
Exo Potamoi GRXX6497
Exochi GRXX1796
Exochi GRXX4308
Exochi GRXX5231
Exokhi GRXX2653
Exokhi GRXX3734
Exokhi GRXX1797
Exokhi GRXX8369
Exokhikon GRXX8370
Exokhorion GRXX8371
Exomytis GRXX7700
Exopolis GRXX6498
Exostis GRXX8372
Fagkos GRXX5232
Fakimisi GRXX2654
Falaisia GRXX8373
Falanna GRXX0218
Falanthi GRXX8374
Falasarna GRXX6499
Falatados GRXX7701
Faleliana GRXX6500
Faleriana GRXX6501
Faliraki GRXX0219
Fallika GRXX7702
Famelitika GRXX2655
Famila GRXX2656
Fanai GRXX0220
Fanaiti GRXX8375
Fanarakion GRXX8376
Fanarion GRXX0221
Fanarion GRXX2657
Fanarion GRXX4309
Faneromeni GRXX7703
Faneromeni GRXX5233
Faneromeni GRXX6502
Fanos GRXX3735
Fanos GRXX0222
Farai GRXX8377
Farakla GRXX9753
Farakladha GRXX8378
Faraklon GRXX8379
Farangi GRXX6503
Farangiana GRXX6504
Farangion GRXX5234
Farangion GRXX6505
Farangion GRXX3736
Faratsion GRXX6506
Farion GRXX6507
Farkadona GRXX0892
Faros GRXX8380
Faros GRXX9754
Faros GRXX7704
Farsa GRXX0223
Farsala GRXX0894
Farsaron GRXX6508
Faskomilia GRXX2658
Faskomilia GRXX5235
Fatsadhika GRXX5967
Favaiika GRXX8381
Favriana GRXX6509
Fellion GRXX3737
Feloni GRXX1799
Feneos GRXX8382
Feral GRXX0895
Feres GRXX1800
Ferma GRXX6510
Fero Chorio GRXX7705
Fidhakia GRXX9755
Figaleia GRXX2659
Figondas GRXX9756
Fikhtion GRXX8383
Filadhelfion GRXX4310
Filakas GRXX1801
Filakion GRXX1802
Filakton GRXX1803
Filatika GRXX8384
Fili GRXX0224
Filia GRXX8385
Filia GRXX2660
Filiadhon GRXX9757
Filiatai GRXX0897
Filiates GRXX5236
Filiatra GRXX0898
Filikaiika GRXX5237
Filippaioi GRXX3738
Filippakaiika GRXX2661
Filippakion GRXX8386
Filippias GRXX0225
Filippoi GRXX6512
Filippoi GRXX1804
Filippos GRXX6513
Filiro GRXX4312
Filisia GRXX6514
Filision GRXX8387
Filla GRXX0226
Fillyra GRXX1805
Filotas GRXX0901
Filoteia GRXX4313
Filothei GRXX5968
Filotion GRXX0227
Filyria GRXX4314
Finikounta GRXX8388
Finokalia GRXX6515
Fioretzidhes GRXX6516
Firokambos GRXX7706
Firopotamos GRXX7707
Firostefani GRXX7708
Fisini GRXX0903
Fisota GRXX5238
Fitiai GRXX0904
Fitokion GRXX4315
Fiyias GRXX9758
Flamboura GRXX2662
Flambouras GRXX2663
Flambouron GRXX0228
Flamouria GRXX4316
Flamouriana GRXX6517
Flamourion GRXX4317
Flampoura GRXX5239
Flampourarion GRXX5240
Flampouro GRXX3739
Flathiakai GRXX6518
Flatsia GRXX0229
Flesias GRXX8389
Flesouria GRXX2664
Fleves GRXX9759
Floka GRXX8390
Flokas GRXX2665
Flomokhorion GRXX0907
Floraiika GRXX9760
Floria GRXX6519
Floriada GRXX0230
Florina GRXX0909
Floyita GRXX0231
Fodele GRXX6520
Fodhele GRXX6521
Fofola GRXX5969
Foinikas GRXX7709
Foiniki GRXX8391
Foinikia GRXX5970
Foinikia GRXX6522
Foinikia GRXX7710
Foinikion GRXX5241
Foinikion GRXX7711
Foinikion GRXX8392
Foinikous GRXX8393
Fokaloton GRXX8394
Folea GRXX1806
Folegandros GRXX0051
Foloi GRXX2666
Fonaitika GRXX2667
Fones GRXX6523
Foniskaria GRXX2668
Fonissa GRXX2669
Fortopos GRXX9761
Fortopos GRXX2670
Fortosion GRXX5242
Fostaina GRXX2671
Fotaiika GRXX5243
Fotakadhon GRXX6524
Foteina GRXX4318
Foteina GRXX2672
Foteinon GRXX0232
Fotimarion GRXX7712
Fotini GRXX3740
Fotinos GRXX6525
Fotolivos GRXX1807
Foufas GRXX3741
Foundaiika GRXX8395
Foundoma GRXX8396
Foundouliana GRXX6526
Fourfouras GRXX6527
Fouriana GRXX6528
Fourka GRXX5245
Fourka GRXX4319
Fourna GRXX0913
Fournados GRXX6529
Fournarakaiika GRXX2673
Fournes GRXX6530
Fourni GRXX6531
Fournofarangon GRXX6532
Fournoi GRXX2674
Fournoi GRXX9762
Fournoi GRXX8397
Fousiana GRXX9763
Fouskari GRXX8398
Foustani GRXX4320
Foutia GRXX8399
Fragkades GRXX0233
Fragkon GRXX0234
Fragkou GRXX2675
Frameno GRXX6533
Franga GRXX2676
Frangaiika GRXX2677
Frangokastellon GRXX6534
Frangoskala GRXX2678
Frangoulaiika GRXX2679
Frangoulias GRXX8400
Frantzis GRXX9764
Frasta GRXX5246
Frathias GRXX6535
Fration GRXX6536
Fratsia GRXX5971
Fraxon GRXX5247
Fraxos GRXX5248
Frengaina GRXX8401
Fres GRXX6537
Friganion GRXX9765
Frilingianika GRXX5972
Frixa GRXX2680
Frosyni GRXX5249
Frousaioi GRXX7713
Frousiouna GRXX8402
Fry GRXX7714
Ftelia GRXX2681
Fteria GRXX2682
Fterolakka GRXX6538
Ftion GRXX8403
Fyska GRXX4321
Fyteia GRXX4322
Gabrovon GRXX1808
Gaia GRXX9766
Gaitanion GRXX0235
Galana GRXX6539
Galana GRXX9767
Galanadhon GRXX7715
Galangadhos GRXX6540
Galani GRXX7716
Galaniana GRXX5973
Galanion GRXX3742
Galanion GRXX5250
Galaria GRXX6541
Galarinos GRXX4323
Galaros GRXX2683
Galatades GRXX4324
Galatakion GRXX8404
Galatas GRXX8405
Galatas GRXX5251
Galatas GRXX6542
Galatas GRXX0072
Galatia GRXX3743
Galatini GRXX3744
Galatista GRXX0918
Galatsadhes GRXX9768
Galatsion GRXX0236
Galatsona GRXX9769
Galaxidhion GRXX0920
Galia GRXX6543
Galiana GRXX3745
Galifa GRXX6544
Galini GRXX4325
Galini GRXX7717
Galini GRXX1810
Galini GRXX5252
Galipe GRXX6545
Galipsos GRXX1811
Galissas GRXX7718
Gallikos GRXX4326
Gallos GRXX6546
Galouvas GRXX6547
Galpaki GRXX5253
Gamvria GRXX8406
Ganadion GRXX5254
Ganaiika GRXX8407
Ganea GRXX9770
Gangalai GRXX6548
Ganochora GRXX4327
Garazon GRXX6549
Gardhikion GRXX9771
Gardikion GRXX5255
Garea GRXX8408
Gargalianoi GRXX0921
Garipa GRXX6550
Gasion GRXX6551
Gastouni GRXX0237
Gastourion GRXX0238
Gatzia GRXX8409
Gavalas GRXX9772
Gavalochori GRXX6552
Gavalokhorion GRXX6553
Gavalomourion GRXX6554
Gavalou GRXX0239
Gavdos GRXX0047
Gavra GRXX4328
Gavranou GRXX6555
Gavria GRXX5256
Gavria GRXX8410
Gavrina GRXX9773
Gavrion GRXX7719
Gavrisioi GRXX0240
Gavrolimni GRXX2685
Gavrolisiada GRXX9774
Gavros GRXX3746
Gavros GRXX9775
Gavros GRXX2686
Gazatika GRXX0241
Gazion GRXX0242
Gazoros GRXX4329
Gdhokhia GRXX6556
Gefyra GRXX8411
Gefyra GRXX4330
Gefyraki GRXX9776
Genissea GRXX1812
Gennadion GRXX7720
Georganoi GRXX5257
Georgaraiika GRXX5258
Georgianoi GRXX4331
Georgikon GRXX0243
Georgioupolis GRXX6557
Georgitsa GRXX3747
Georgitsio GRXX8412
Gerakari GRXX5259
Gerakarion GRXX4332
Gerakarion GRXX5260
Gerakarou GRXX4333
Gerakas GRXX5974
Geraki GRXX4334
Gerakini GRXX4335
Gerakon GRXX4336
Gerani GRXX6558
Geranivro GRXX5261
Gero Mahale GRXX1813
Geroplatanos GRXX5262
Gerovrysi GRXX5263
Gialova GRXX8414
Giannades GRXX0244
Giannakochorion GRXX4337
Gianniotion GRXX5264
Giannitsa GRXX4338
Giannitsion GRXX5265
Giannousaiika GRXX9777
Giarakarion GRXX5266
Giofyros GRXX6559
Giona GRXX1814
Giourganista GRXX5267
Giromerion GRXX5268
Gkoura GRXX5269
Gkrika GRXX5270
Gkrimpovon GRXX5271
Glavki GRXX1815
Glavkos GRXX2687
Glezou GRXX8415
Glifa GRXX2688
Glifa GRXX9778
Glifadha GRXX1816
Glifadha GRXX9779
Glifadha GRXX8416
Glikokerasea GRXX3748
Glikonerion GRXX1817
Glikopiyi GRXX4339
Glikorrizion GRXX8417
Glinadhon GRXX7721
Glossa GRXX0245
Glossa GRXX6560
Glyfada GRXX5975
Glyki GRXX5272
Glykonerion GRXX3749
Glykorrizon GRXX5273
Gnafiana GRXX6561
Golemi GRXX9780
Golemi GRXX2689
Golemion GRXX2690
Gomation GRXX4340
Gomoston GRXX2691
Gonea GRXX8418
Gonia GRXX6562
Gonia GRXX5274
Goniai GRXX6563
Gonimon GRXX4341
Gonion GRXX6564
Gonnoi GRXX0932
Gonoussa GRXX8419
Goranoi GRXX8420
Gorgomylos GRXX5275
Gorgona GRXX1818
Gorgopi GRXX4342
Gorgopotamos GRXX5276
Gorgopotamos GRXX9781
Gorgousa GRXX5277
Gorianadhes GRXX9782
Goritsa GRXX8421
Goritsa GRXX5278
Gotsali GRXX8422
Goudhi GRXX5976
Goudhianika GRXX5977
Goudhouros GRXX6565
Goulai GRXX3750
Goulaiika GRXX9783
Goulas GRXX8423
Gouledhiana GRXX6566
Goulemion GRXX9784
Goumaiika GRXX2692
Goumaioi GRXX9785
Goumenissa GRXX0933
Goumenitsianika GRXX2693
Goumeron GRXX2694
Gounari GRXX5279
Gounariannika GRXX2695
Gounaris GRXX8424
Goupata GRXX8425
Goura GRXX8426
Gourdes GRXX9786
Gourgouthoi GRXX6567
Gourgoutsaiika GRXX2696
Gouria GRXX2697
Gouriana GRXX5280
Gouriotissa GRXX2698
Gournai GRXX0934
Gournes GRXX9787
Gournes GRXX6569
Gournia GRXX6570
Gourthi GRXX9788
Gouva GRXX2699
Gouvai GRXX8427
Gouvai GRXX0246
Gouves Pediados GRXX6571
Gouvia GRXX0247
Gra Liyia GRXX6572
Gra-Kira GRXX6573
Graikas GRXX2700
Graikochorion GRXX5281
Graikos GRXX8428
Grambia GRXX9790
Grammatikianoi GRXX9791
Grammatiko GRXX5978
Grammatikos GRXX2701
Grammatikou GRXX0248
Grammatsouli GRXX2702
Grammeni GRXX9792
Grammeni GRXX1819
Grammeni Oxia GRXX2703
Grammenitsa GRXX0249
Grammenon GRXX0250
Gramos GRXX3751
Gramousa GRXX8429
Gramvousa GRXX6574
Granas GRXX9793
Granitis GRXX1820
Granitsa GRXX9794
Granitsa GRXX5282
Granitsaiika GRXX2704
Granitsopoula GRXX5283
Gratini GRXX1821
Gravia GRXX5284
Gravouna GRXX1822
Gregolimano GRXX9796
Grevena GRXX0940
Grevenition GRXX5285
Gridia GRXX0251
Grigoria GRXX6575
Grigoriana GRXX6576
Grigorion GRXX2705
Grigoris GRXX2706
Grigoron GRXX1823
Grikos GRXX7722
Grillos GRXX2707
Grimbiliana GRXX6577
Grimpovon GRXX0252
Griva GRXX4343
Grizokambos GRXX8430
Grotta GRXX7723
Groustesion GRXX8431
Gyali GRXX7724
Gymnotopos GRXX5286
Gypsochorion GRXX4344
Gytheio GRXX8432
Gythio GRXX8433
Haji Yelasi GRXX6578
Hajis GRXX8434
Haraki GRXX7725
Houdetsi GRXX6580
Houlakia GRXX7726
Husein Mahale GRXX1824
Ialia GRXX1825
Iambolis GRXX1826
Iamia GRXX8435
Iana GRXX1827
Iasion GRXX1828
Iasmos GRXX1829
Ida GRXX4345
Idhra GRXX0944
Idhromiloi GRXX1830
Idhroussa GRXX3752
Ierapetra GRXX6581
Ierissos GRXX0945
Ieromnimi GRXX5287
Ieropigi GRXX3753
Ifandai GRXX1831
Igoumenitsa GRXX0946
Ikaraioi GRXX9797
Iklaina GRXX8436
Ilektra GRXX8437
Ilia GRXX9798
Iliki GRXX9799
Iliochorion GRXX5288
Iliofoton GRXX4346
Iliokali GRXX0253
Iliokastron GRXX8438
Iliokomi GRXX4347
Iliolouston GRXX4348
Iliopetra GRXX1832
Iliopoulaiika GRXX8439
Iliorrachi GRXX5289
Ilioupolis GRXX0005
Iliovounion GRXX5290
Ilis GRXX2708
Imbros GRXX6582
Imera GRXX1833
Imeros GRXX1834
Imerovigli GRXX7727
Inia GRXX6583
Inikon GRXX1835
Inion GRXX6584
Ioannina GRXX0254
Ionikon GRXX1836
Ios GRXX0052
Ioulida GRXX7728
Ipaton GRXX9800
Ipion GRXX1837
Ippoforvion GRXX2709
Ipsila GRXX7729
Ipsilandis GRXX9801
Ipsili Rakhi GRXX2710
Ipsili Rakhi GRXX1838
Ipsilokastron GRXX1839
Ipsilon GRXX2711
Ipsilon GRXX3755
Ipsilon GRXX1840
Ipsilon Khorion GRXX9802
Ipsous GRXX8440
Iraion GRXX0255
Irakleia GRXX7730
Irakleia GRXX4349
Irakleion GRXX0256
Iraklia GRXX9803
Iraklia GRXX2712
Iraklion GRXX0257
Iraklion GRXX4350
Iraklitsa GRXX4351
Iria GRXX8441
Iroikon GRXX3756
Irpek GRXX1841
Isaakion GRXX1842
Isalon GRXX1843
Isaris GRXX8442
Island of Crete GRXX0046
Isoma GRXX2713
Isoma GRXX4352
Isoma Karion GRXX8443
Isomata GRXX9804
Isternia GRXX7731
Isthmia GRXX0258
Istiaia GRXX9805
Istrios GRXX7732
Istro GRXX6585
Itea GRXX3757
Itea GRXX0956
Itea GRXX5291
Itea GRXX1844
Ithaki GRXX0957
Itilo GRXX8444
Ivira GRXX4353
Ixos GRXX7733
Jafer GRXX1845
Kadhion GRXX9807
Kadhros GRXX6586
Kafiona GRXX8445
Kafou GRXX8446
Kafouros GRXX6587
Kafritsaiika GRXX9808
Kaiafas GRXX2714
Kaimena Ambelia GRXX2715
Kaimeni Khora GRXX5979
Kaimenos GRXX6588
Kaina GRXX6589
Kainouryia Khora GRXX0958
Kainouryion GRXX9809
Kainouryion GRXX0259
Kaisaria GRXX3759
Kaisariana GRXX4354
Kaisariani GRXX0260
Kaisarion GRXX8448
Kaitsa GRXX5292
Kaka Pinari GRXX7734
Kakaiika GRXX2716
Kakaletrion GRXX8449
Kakalioraiika GRXX9810
Kakavaki GRXX9811
Kakavoulaiika GRXX2717
Kaki Skala GRXX5980
Kaki Vigla GRXX5981
Kakiza GRXX2718
Kakkavas GRXX8450
Kakkavos GRXX9812
Kakodhikion GRXX6591
Kakokamotai GRXX6592
Kakolakkos GRXX5293
Kakongionion GRXX9813
Kakopetros GRXX6593
Kakorrevma GRXX8451
Kakotarion GRXX2719
Kakouraiika GRXX8452
Kakourion GRXX8453
Kakovatos GRXX0261
Kakovatos GRXX2720
Kakovolon GRXX7735
Kala Dhendra GRXX4355
Kalabaka GRXX0962
Kalabakion GRXX0963
Kalafati GRXX7736
Kalafationes GRXX0262
Kalakaiika GRXX2721
Kalamaki GRXX6594
Kalamaki GRXX9814
Kalamaki GRXX8454
Kalamakion GRXX0006
Kalamakion GRXX9815
Kalamakion GRXX2722
Kalamakion GRXX8455
Kalamaras GRXX8456
Kalamaria GRXX0263
Kalamata GRXX0036
Kalamavka GRXX6595
Kalamavki GRXX6596
Kalami GRXX9816
Kalamia GRXX3760
Kalamia GRXX0264
Kalamias GRXX2723
Kalamion GRXX6597
Kalamion GRXX8457
Kalamiona GRXX2724
Kalamios GRXX6598
Kalamitsion GRXX4356
Kalamokastron GRXX1846
Kalamon GRXX1847
Kalamos GRXX6601
Kalamos GRXX5982
Kalamos GRXX8458
Kalamoti GRXX0265
Kalamoto GRXX4357
Kalamoudhion GRXX9817
Kalampaki GRXX1848
Kalandra GRXX0970
Kalania GRXX9818
Kalanistra GRXX3614
Kalanos GRXX2725
Kalapodhion GRXX9819
Kalaremaiika GRXX8459
Kalaritai GRXX5294
Kalathas GRXX6602
Kalathenai GRXX6603
Kalathos GRXX7737
Kalavarda GRXX0971
Kalavrou GRXX6604
Kalavrouza GRXX2727
Kalavryta GRXX0972
Kalentzi GRXX2728
Kalentzion GRXX5295
Kalentzion GRXX8460
Kalergon GRXX9820
Kaleryiana GRXX6605
Kalesmenon GRXX0973
Kalfas GRXX2729
Kali GRXX4358
Kali Panagia GRXX4359
Kali Sikea GRXX6606
Kali Vrisi GRXX1849
Kalianaiika GRXX8461
Kalianoi GRXX8462
Kalidhon GRXX6607
Kalidhona GRXX2730
Kalidhonia GRXX6608
Kalimerianoi GRXX9821
Kalimnos GRXX0974
Kalindria GRXX4360
Kalirakhi GRXX3761
Kalisperianika GRXX5983
Kalithea GRXX7738
Kalitsaina GRXX8463
Kaliva GRXX1850
Kalivai GRXX0266
Kalivai GRXX8464
Kalivai GRXX1851
Kalivai GRXX9822
Kalivakia GRXX8465
Kalivakia GRXX2731
Kalivarion GRXX0976
Kalivia GRXX8467
Kalivia GRXX6609
Kalivia GRXX9823
Kalivia GRXX1852
Kalivia Dambitsi GRXX3762
Kalivia Filion GRXX2733
Kalivia Karion GRXX8468
Kalivia Kariotou GRXX1854
Kalivia Makri GRXX8469
Kalivia Mingou GRXX1855
Kalivia Prasinon GRXX8470
Kalivia Skotanis GRXX2736
Kalivia Sokhas GRXX8471
Kalivia Thorikou GRXX0978
Kalivia Varvaras GRXX4361
Kaliviani GRXX6610
Kalivitis GRXX2737
Kalivos GRXX6611
Kalkhas GRXX1856
Kallergos GRXX6612
Kalleryiana GRXX6613
Kallianion GRXX8473
Kallianos GRXX9824
Kallidhromon GRXX9825
Kallifitos GRXX1857
Kallifonion GRXX2738
Kallikarpon GRXX1858
Kallikratis GRXX6614
Kallikrounon GRXX1859
Kallimasia GRXX0268
Kallindirion GRXX1860
Kallion GRXX9826
Kallipolis GRXX4362
Kallirakhi GRXX1861
Kallisti GRXX1862
Kallistration GRXX3764
Kallithea GRXX1863
Kallithea GRXX5297
Kallithea GRXX4363
Kallithea GRXX6615
Kallithea GRXX0007
Kallithea GRXX9827
Kallitheokambos GRXX2740
Kallithiron GRXX0270
Kalloni GRXX7739
Kalloni GRXX3766
Kalloni GRXX5298
Kalloni GRXX0984
Kalloni GRXX0983
Kalloni GRXX5984
Kalloni GRXX2741
Kalo Livadi GRXX7740
Kalochorion GRXX5299
Kalofana GRXX7741
Kalogerikon GRXX0271
Kalogeroi GRXX5300
Kalogonia GRXX8476
Kalogreza GRXX5985
Kalogria GRXX2742
Kalogriana GRXX0272
Kaloi Lakkoi GRXX6616
Kaloi Limenes GRXX6617
Kalokairinoi GRXX5986
Kalokastron GRXX4365
Kalokhion GRXX3767
Kalokhorafitis GRXX6618
Kalokhorion GRXX3768
Kalokhorion GRXX8477
Kalomodia GRXX5301
Kalomoiraiika GRXX9828
Kalon Khorion GRXX6619
Kalon Khorion GRXX9829
Kalon Neron GRXX8478
Kalon Paidhion GRXX2743
Kalonerion GRXX3769
Kaloniktis GRXX6620
Kalonioi GRXX8479
Kalopirgos GRXX8480
Kalorrouma GRXX6621
Kalos GRXX6622
Kalos GRXX8481
Kalos Agros GRXX1864
Kalos Lakkos GRXX6623
Kaloskopi GRXX9830
Kalotaritissa GRXX7742
Kalothronion GRXX9831
Kalotikhon GRXX1865
Kaloudhiana GRXX6624
Kaloudhion GRXX2744
Kalousion GRXX2745
Kaloutas GRXX5302
Kalovatai GRXX9832
Kalovatos GRXX0273
Kalovrisi GRXX8482
Kalovrysi GRXX5303
Kaloyeradho GRXX6625
Kaloyeresion GRXX8483
Kaloyerina GRXX8484
Kaloyeritsa GRXX3770
Kaloyeroi GRXX6626
Kaloyerorrakhi GRXX8485
Kaloyeros GRXX6627
Kalpaki GRXX5304
Kalpakion GRXX8486
Kaltezai GRXX8487
Kalymnos GRXX0063
Kalypso GRXX6628
Kalythiai GRXX7743
Kalyvia GRXX4366
Kalyvia GRXX0274
Kalyvia GRXX5305
Kalyvia Aristis GRXX5306
Kalyvia Thorikou GRXX0275
Kalyvia Varikou GRXX4369
Kamara GRXX6629
Kamara GRXX0276
Kamara GRXX8488
Kamara GRXX4370
Kamarai GRXX7744
Kamarai GRXX6630
Kamarai GRXX8489
Kamarakion GRXX2747
Kamarakion GRXX6631
Kamares GRXX8490
Kamari GRXX7745
Kamaria GRXX8491
Kamaria GRXX9833
Kamarina GRXX5307
Kamarion GRXX8492
Kamarion GRXX6633
Kamarion GRXX0277
Kamarion GRXX9834
Kamariotis GRXX6634
Kamariotissa GRXX1866
Kamaritsa GRXX8493
Kamaritsa GRXX9835
Kamaroton GRXX4371
Kamaroula GRXX2748
Kamaroula GRXX5308
Kamateron GRXX5988
Kamatriadhes GRXX9836
Kambanion GRXX6635
Kambanos GRXX6636
Kambia GRXX9837
Kambia GRXX6637
Kambinara GRXX8494
Kamboi GRXX6638
Kambokhorion GRXX8495
Kambos GRXX7747
Kambos GRXX2749
Kambos GRXX6639
Kambos GRXX5989
Kambos GRXX9838
Kambos GRXX0993
Kameiros Skala GRXX7748
Kamena GRXX2750
Kamena Vourla GRXX0994
Kamenianoi GRXX2751
Kamenitsa GRXX8497
Kamenitsa GRXX2752
Kamenitsotaiika GRXX2753
Kamilarion GRXX6640
Kamiliana GRXX6641
Kaminadhika GRXX5990
Kaminakion GRXX6642
Kaminarata GRXX0278
Kaminarion GRXX8498
Kaminia GRXX2754
Kaminia GRXX6643
Kaminia GRXX5309
Kaminion GRXX5310
Kaminos GRXX2755
Kamiros GRXX7749
Kamisiana GRXX6644
Kampanis GRXX4372
Kampi GRXX0279
Kampochorion GRXX4373
Kampos GRXX9839
Kampos GRXX5311
Kampos GRXX7750
Kanadhas GRXX1867
Kanakades GRXX0280
Kanaki GRXX5991
Kanakidhes GRXX5992
Kanalaki GRXX5312
Kanalia GRXX9840
Kanalion GRXX0281
Kanalion GRXX5313
Kanalos GRXX8499
Kanapitsa GRXX8500
Kanatadhika GRXX9841
Kanavaiika GRXX8501
Kandalaiika GRXX2756
Kandhalos GRXX8502
Kandhalos GRXX2757
Kandhila GRXX6645
Kandhila GRXX8503
Kandia GRXX8504
Kandila GRXX2758
Kanetta GRXX5314
Kanevos GRXX6646
Kangadhaioi GRXX9842
Kangadhion GRXX2759
Kangelai GRXX9843
Kaniavas GRXX6647
Kanion GRXX2760
Kanithos GRXX9844
Kantanos GRXX6648
Kantouladika GRXX4374
Kantouni GRXX7751
Kaouryiana GRXX6649
Kapandriti GRXX5993
Kaparellion GRXX9845
Kapedhiana GRXX6650
Kapeleton GRXX2761
Kapeli GRXX2762
Kapelitsa GRXX8505
Kapetaniana GRXX6651
Kapion GRXX7752
Kaplanion GRXX8506
Kapni GRXX5315
Kapnofiton GRXX4375
Kapnofiton GRXX1868
Kapnokhoria GRXX9846
Kapnokhorion GRXX3771
Kapnokhorion GRXX9847
Kapoglaiika GRXX8507
Kapotidhes GRXX5994
Kapparellion GRXX8508
Kapparia GRXX7753
Kappariana GRXX6652
Kapparies GRXX7754
Kapraina GRXX8509
Kapsala GRXX5316
Kapsala GRXX9848
Kapsalaiika GRXX5317
Kapsali GRXX6653
Kapsali GRXX5318
Kapsaliana GRXX6654
Kapsalion GRXX5995
Kapsalona GRXX2763
Kapsas GRXX8511
Kapsochorion GRXX4376
Kapsodhasos GRXX6655
Kapsokhora GRXX4377
Kapsokhori GRXX2764
Kapsoraxi GRXX2765
Kapsospiti GRXX8512
Kapsourion GRXX9849
Kara Orman GRXX1869
Karabas GRXX8513
Karachristaiika GRXX5319
Karafotaiika GRXX8514
Karagkounika GRXX9850
Karaiika GRXX2766
Karaiika GRXX9851
Karaiskakis GRXX2767
Karaiskos GRXX9852
Karakasimion GRXX2768
Karakovounion GRXX8515
Karalaiika GRXX2769
Karamanaiika GRXX2770
Karambatsaiika GRXX9853
Karamesinaiika GRXX2771
Karanikaiika GRXX2772
Karanos GRXX6656
Karathanasaiika GRXX2773
Karatoulas GRXX8516
Karatoulas GRXX2774
Karatzas GRXX5996
Karavadhos GRXX6657
Karavangelis GRXX1870
Karavas GRXX5997
Karaveli GRXX3772
Karavi GRXX4378
Karavia GRXX4379
Karavianika GRXX8517
Karavidhia GRXX9854
Karavomilos GRXX9855
Karavos GRXX9856
Karavostasion GRXX8518
Karavostasis GRXX7755
Karaxini GRXX9857
Kardamaina GRXX0282
Kardamas GRXX2775
Kardamili GRXX8519
Kardamos GRXX5320
Kardamyli GRXX8520
Kardhakion GRXX6658
Kardhamiana GRXX6659
Kardhamila GRXX1000
Kardhamos GRXX1871
Kardhara GRXX9858
Kardharas GRXX8521
Kardharitsion GRXX8522
Kardhia GRXX3773
Kardhiakavtion GRXX2776
Kardhiamiana GRXX6660
Kardhitsa GRXX1001
Kardhitsomagoula GRXX1002
Kardhoulianos GRXX6661
Kardia GRXX0283
Kardiani GRXX7756
Karditsa GRXX0034
Karditsomagoula GRXX0284
Kare GRXX6662
Karea GRXX8523
Karefiliana GRXX6663
Kares GRXX6664
Karia GRXX2777
Karia GRXX6665
Karia GRXX8524
Karia GRXX9859
Kariai GRXX9860
Kariai GRXX3774
Kariai GRXX8525
Kariai GRXX2778
Kariani GRXX1872
Karidhia GRXX4380
Karidhies GRXX3775
Karidhion GRXX6666
Karidhitsa GRXX3776
Karidhokhorion GRXX4381
Karinai GRXX6667
Karinia GRXX8526
Kariofiton GRXX1874
Kariokhorion GRXX3777
Kariotika GRXX8527
Kariotion GRXX5321
Karioupolis GRXX8528
Kariovounion GRXX8529
Karitaina GRXX1006
Karitsa GRXX2779
Karitsa GRXX4382
Karitsa GRXX9861
Karitsa GRXX0285
Karitsa GRXX8530
Karkadhiotissa GRXX6668
Karkados GRXX7757
Karkalou GRXX8531
Karkanaiika GRXX9862
Karkara GRXX4383
Karkinagrion GRXX1008
Karmion GRXX2780
Karnaiika GRXX9863
Karnasion GRXX8532
Karnes GRXX9864
Karnezaiika GRXX8533
Karoplesion GRXX9865
Karota GRXX1875
Karoti GRXX1876
Karoula GRXX9866
Karousades GRXX1009
Karousion GRXX2781
Karoutai GRXX9867
Karoutia GRXX9868
Karpathos GRXX0073
Karpenisi GRXX9869
Karperi GRXX4384
Karperon GRXX1011
Karpi GRXX4385
Karpinon GRXX5322
Karpofora GRXX8534
Karpoforon GRXX1877
Karraiika GRXX2782
Karropoula GRXX5323
Karsi GRXX3778
Karteradhos GRXX7758
Karterai GRXX4386
Karterakia GRXX7759
Karterion GRXX5324
Karterion GRXX8535
Karteroli GRXX8536
Karterolion GRXX8537
Karteros GRXX6670
Karthiana GRXX6671
Kartsindanos GRXX6672
Karvailaiika GRXX2783
Karvasaras GRXX9870
Karvelas GRXX8538
Karvelion GRXX8539
Karvounadhes GRXX5998
Karvounaiika GRXX2784
Karvounarion GRXX5325
Karvounaris GRXX8540
Karvounion GRXX8541
Karya GRXX5326
Karya GRXX9871
Karya GRXX7760
Karyai GRXX5327
Karyai GRXX4387
Karyes GRXX2377
Karyofyton GRXX5328
Karyotikon GRXX0286
Karyotissa GRXX4388
Karystos GRXX9872
Kasanos GRXX6673
Kasianos GRXX5329
Kasides GRXX8542
Kasimati GRXX6674
Kasolaiika GRXX2785
Kassandreia GRXX1013
Kassandrinon GRXX4389
Kassiterai GRXX1878
Kastamonitsa GRXX6675
Kastanas GRXX4390
Kastanea GRXX9873
Kastanea GRXX5330
Kastanea GRXX8543
Kastanea GRXX0287
Kastanea GRXX4391
Kastaneai GRXX0288
Kastaneai GRXX4392
Kastaneri GRXX4393
Kastani GRXX5331
Kastania GRXX8544
Kastania GRXX3779
Kastania GRXX0289
Kastanies GRXX5332
Kastaniotissa GRXX9874
Kastanitis GRXX1879
Kastanitsa GRXX8545
Kastanofiton GRXX3780
Kastanokhorion GRXX4394
Kastanokhorion GRXX8546
Kastanon GRXX5333
Kastanoton GRXX1880
Kastanoula GRXX9875
Kastanoula GRXX2787
Kastanoussa GRXX4395
Kastella GRXX0290
Kastellakia GRXX6676
Kastellanoi GRXX0291
Kastelli GRXX5999
Kastelli GRXX6677
Kastellion GRXX9876
Kastellion GRXX1019
Kastellion GRXX2788
Kastellocampos GRXX2789
Kastellos GRXX6679
Kastoria GRXX0292
Kastorion GRXX8547
Kastraki GRXX7761
Kastrakion GRXX9877
Kastrakion GRXX8548
Kastri GRXX8549
Kastri GRXX6680
Kastria GRXX2791
Kastriani GRXX7762
Kastriniana GRXX6681
Kastrion GRXX5334
Kastrion GRXX8550
Kastrion GRXX6682
Kastriotissa GRXX9879
Kastrisianika GRXX6000
Kastritsa GRXX0293
Kastro GRXX2792
Kastron GRXX8551
Kastron GRXX4397
Kastron GRXX7763
Kastron GRXX1881
Kastron GRXX9880
Kastropoulon GRXX5335
Kastrosykia GRXX5336
Kastroungaina GRXX8552
Katachas GRXX4398
Katafiton GRXX1882
Katafiyion GRXX8553
Katafourkon GRXX2793
Katafygio GRXX2794
Katafygion GRXX0294
Katafygion GRXX3781
Katafygion GRXX5337
Kataiika GRXX8554
Katakalaioi GRXX7764
Katakali GRXX3782
Katakali GRXX8555
Katakalos GRXX9881
Katakoilos GRXX7765
Katakolon GRXX2795
Katalagarion GRXX6683
Katalimata GRXX9882
Katalonia GRXX4399
Katamachi GRXX5338
Katapola GRXX7766
Katarrakhion GRXX2796
Katarraktis GRXX2797
Katarraktis GRXX5339
Katastarion GRXX0295
Katavati GRXX7767
Katavolos GRXX0296
Katavothra GRXX8556
Katavothra GRXX5340
Katavothra GRXX9883
Katelionas GRXX6684
Kateriana GRXX6685
Katerini GRXX1025
Kathania GRXX6686
Kathara GRXX9884
Katharovounion GRXX5341
Kathenoi GRXX9885
Katholikon GRXX2798
Katikhori GRXX9886
Kato Achaia GRXX0297
Kato Aetos GRXX5342
Kato Aetos GRXX1027
Kato Afroxilia GRXX2799
Kato Akria GRXX6687
Kato Alissos GRXX2800
Kato Almyri GRXX8557
Kato Ambelia GRXX4401
Kato Ambelia GRXX2801
Kato Ambelokipoi GRXX8558
Kato Amfia GRXX8559
Kato Anavriton GRXX8560
Kato Apostoloi GRXX4402
Kato Arkhanai GRXX6688
Kato Armenoi GRXX6689
Kato Aroi GRXX2803
Kato Asitai GRXX6690
Kato Assos GRXX0298
Kato Astrakoi GRXX6691
Kato Ayia Marina GRXX2804
Kato Boularioi GRXX8561
Kato Bration GRXX2806
Kato Chalasmata GRXX5343
Kato Chora GRXX6002
Kato Chora GRXX5344
Kato Daratso GRXX6692
Kato Despotikon GRXX5345
Kato Dhafni GRXX9887
Kato Dhamasta GRXX9888
Kato Dhaton GRXX1883
Kato Dhavia GRXX8562
Kato Dhiminion GRXX8563
Kato Dholiana GRXX8564
Kato Dholoi GRXX8565
Kato Dhomokos GRXX9889
Kato Dhris GRXX6693
Kato Dhrosini GRXX1884
Kato Doumina GRXX8566
Kato Elounda GRXX6694
Kato Episkopi GRXX6695
Kato Figalia GRXX2807
Kato Gardhenitsa GRXX8567
Kato Garefeion GRXX4403
Kato Garipa GRXX6696
Kato Garouna GRXX0299
Kato Gefyra GRXX4404
Kato Glikovrisi GRXX8568
Kato Gouves GRXX6697
Kato Graikikon GRXX5346
Kato Grammatikon GRXX4405
Kato Ilia GRXX9890
Kato Ionikon GRXX1885
Kato Kalavrouza GRXX2808
Kato Kalentini GRXX0300
Kato Kalesia GRXX6698
Kato Kalivia GRXX9891
Kato Kalivia GRXX8569
Kato Kalliniki GRXX3783
Kato Kallithea GRXX9892
Kato Kambi GRXX1886
Kato Kambia GRXX9893
Kato Kamila GRXX4406
Kato Kanalia GRXX9894
Kato Kardhamos GRXX1887
Kato Karea GRXX8570
Kato Kares GRXX6699
Kato Karia GRXX9895
Kato Kariofiton GRXX1888
Kato Karitsa GRXX9896
Kato Karouzana GRXX6700
Kato Karvelion GRXX8571
Kato Karya GRXX5347
Kato Kastanea GRXX8572
Kato Kastelliana GRXX6701
Kato Kastritsion GRXX2810
Kato Kefala GRXX6702
Kato Kefalarion GRXX1889
Kato Kefalas GRXX6703
Kato Kerasovon GRXX2811
Kato Kertezaiika GRXX2812
Kato Khora GRXX8573
Kato Khora GRXX2813
Kato Khorion GRXX6704
Kato Khouni GRXX8574
Kato Khovoli GRXX2814
Kato Khrisovitsa GRXX2815
Kato Khristos GRXX4408
Kato Kleisma GRXX7768
Kato Klinai GRXX3784
Kato Klitoria GRXX2816
Kato Kollinai GRXX8575
Kato Komi GRXX3785
Kato Kopanakion GRXX8576
Kato Korakiana GRXX0301
Kato Korifi GRXX4409
Kato Koudhounion GRXX2817
Kato Koufalia GRXX4410
Kato Koufonision GRXX7769
Kato Kourounion GRXX9897
Kato Kremmidhia GRXX8577
Kato Kria GRXX6705
Kato Lapsista GRXX0302
Kato Lavdani GRXX5349
Kato Lekhonia GRXX0303
Kato Levkadhion GRXX1891
Kato Levki GRXX3786
Kato Lippa GRXX5350
Kato Livadi GRXX5351
Kato Livera GRXX1892
Kato Loumas GRXX6706
Kato Lousoi GRXX2818
Kato Loutrakion GRXX4411
Kato Loutron GRXX8578
Kato Makrinou GRXX2819
Kato Malakion GRXX6707
Kato Mammako GRXX2820
Kato Mamouladha GRXX2821
Kato Mavrikion GRXX2822
Kato Mazarakion GRXX2823
Kato Megali Ada GRXX1893
Kato Melidhoni GRXX9898
Kato Melpia GRXX8579
Kato Meri GRXX8580
Kato Meria GRXX7770
Kato Meropi GRXX5352
Kato Metokhion GRXX4412
Kato Metokhion GRXX6708
Kato Milea GRXX4413
Kato Militsa GRXX8581
Kato Mitrousion GRXX0304
Kato Moulia GRXX6709
Kato Mousiotitsa GRXX5353
Kato Mousounitsa GRXX9899
Kato Mousoura GRXX2824
Kato Myrsini GRXX5354
Kato Nevrokopi GRXX1894
Kato Nisi GRXX8582
Kato Panayia GRXX2825
Kato Patisia GRXX6003
Kato Pavliana GRXX0305
Kato Pedina GRXX5356
Kato Petalion GRXX7771
Kato Pinai GRXX6711
Kato Pitsa GRXX8583
Kato Pixarion GRXX1895
Kato Platanitis GRXX2826
Kato Platanos GRXX2827
Kato Poroia GRXX4414
Kato Poros GRXX6712
Kato Potamia GRXX2828
Kato Potamia GRXX7772
Kato Potamia GRXX4415
Kato Potamia GRXX9901
Kato Poulia GRXX6713
Kato Psikhikon GRXX4416
Kato Ptelea GRXX3787
Kato Pteria GRXX3788
Kato Raptopoulon GRXX9902
Kato Ravenia GRXX5357
Kato Retsina GRXX2829
Kato Revmatia GRXX5358
Kato Rodhakinon GRXX6714
Kato Rodonia GRXX4417
Kato Saktouria GRXX6715
Kato Salmenikos GRXX2830
Kato Samikon GRXX2831
Kato Sangrion GRXX7773
Kato Selitsa GRXX8584
Kato Seta GRXX9903
Kato Sikhaina GRXX2832
Kato Simi GRXX6716
Kato Skafidoti GRXX5359
Kato Skholarion GRXX0306
Kato Soulion GRXX6004
Kato Sounion GRXX6005
Kato Sourmena GRXX4418
Kato Stalos GRXX6717
Kato Steni GRXX9904
Kato Strapodhion GRXX6006
Kato Tarsinon GRXX8585
Kato Thermai GRXX1896
Kato Tithorea GRXX9905
Kato Tragana GRXX2833
Kato Vardhatai GRXX9906
Kato Varibobi GRXX6007
Kato Vasiliki GRXX2834
Kato Vathia GRXX6719
Kato Veliani GRXX5360
Kato Velitsai GRXX2835
Kato Veni GRXX6720
Kato Vermion GRXX4420
Kato Viannos GRXX6721
Kato Vigles GRXX6722
Kato Virsini GRXX1897
Kato Vitsa GRXX5361
Kato Vlasia GRXX2836
Kato Vlokhos GRXX2837
Kato Voskina GRXX8586
Kato Voutaina GRXX8587
Kato Vrondou GRXX1898
Kato Xechoron GRXX5362
Kato Xirokhorion GRXX2838
Kato Yiannaioi GRXX8588
Kato Zaimoglion GRXX8589
Kato Zakhlorou GRXX2839
Kato Zakros GRXX6723
Kato Zalogkon GRXX5363
Kato Zaros GRXX6724
Kato Zevgarakion GRXX2840
Kato Zotikon GRXX5364
Katofiyion GRXX6725
Katoikies GRXX7774
Katokhi GRXX1037
Katokhorion GRXX1899
Katokhorion GRXX1038
Katokhorion GRXX6726
Katomeron GRXX4421
Katouna GRXX6727
Katouna GRXX1039
Katounia GRXX9907
Katounia GRXX8590
Katsaitaiika GRXX2841
Katsandonaiika GRXX1040
Katsandonaiika GRXX6008
Katsapaiika GRXX2842
Katsaraiika GRXX8591
Katsaronion GRXX9908
Katsaros GRXX2843
Katsaros GRXX8592
Katsavaiika GRXX8593
Katsidhaiika GRXX9909
Katsidhonion GRXX6728
Katsifariana GRXX6729
Katsika GRXX1900
Katsikalion GRXX6730
Katsikas GRXX0307
Katsikia GRXX6731
Katsilimaiika GRXX2844
Katsimbalis GRXX8594
Katsimitraiika GRXX9910
Katsivelliana GRXX6732
Katsiyiannaiika GRXX8595
Katsomaliaraiika GRXX2845
Katsoridha GRXX6733
Katsoulaiika GRXX2846
Katsoulaiika GRXX8596
Katsoulia GRXX8597
Katsoulianika GRXX6009
Katsoumbi GRXX8598
Katsounion GRXX6010
Kattavia GRXX1042
Kavakia GRXX9911
Kavala GRXX0008
Kavallari GRXX4422
Kavallariana GRXX6734
Kavallarion GRXX0308
Kavallaris GRXX1901
Kavallaris GRXX4423
Kavallos GRXX6735
Kavasila GRXX4424
Kavasila GRXX5365
Kavasilas GRXX0309
Kavili GRXX1902
Kavisos GRXX1903
Kavkasiana GRXX4425
Kavki GRXX8599
Kavkonia GRXX2847
Kavourakion GRXX8600
Kavousi GRXX6736
Kavousion GRXX6737
Kavrokhorion GRXX6738
Kavros GRXX6739
Kazanaiika GRXX2848
Kazarma GRXX8601
Kazarma GRXX9912
Kea GRXX0053
Kechri GRXX2849
Kechros GRXX7775
Kedhrona GRXX4426
Kedra GRXX9913
Kedron GRXX0310
Kedros GRXX0311
Kefala GRXX6740
Kefaladhos GRXX6741
Kefalaiika GRXX2850
Kefalarion GRXX8602
Kefalarion GRXX3789
Kefalarion GRXX1904
Kefalas GRXX8603
Kefalinos GRXX8604
Kefalion GRXX6742
Kefallina GRXX0035
Kefalochori GRXX5367
Kefalochorion GRXX5368
Kefalochorion GRXX4427
Kefalokhorion GRXX4428
Kefalos GRXX1050
Kefalovrisi GRXX6743
Kefalovrisi GRXX8605
Kefalovrision GRXX6744
Kefalovrison GRXX2851
Kefalovrison GRXX8606
Kefalovryson GRXX9914
Kefalovryson GRXX5369
Kekhriai GRXX9915
Kekhriai GRXX8607
Kekhrianika GRXX8608
Kekhrinia GRXX2852
Kekhrokambos GRXX1905
Kekhros GRXX1906
Kelanitis GRXX2853
Kelefa GRXX8609
Kelia GRXX6745
Kella GRXX3790
Kellakia GRXX2854
Kellaria GRXX6746
Kelli GRXX4429
Kellia GRXX9916
Kellion GRXX4430
Kemal Aga GRXX8610
Kendarkhos GRXX7776
Kendavros GRXX1907
Kenditi GRXX1908
Kendriki GRXX2855
Kendrikon GRXX8611
Kendrion GRXX6747
Kendrokhorion GRXX6748
Kendron GRXX2856
Kendron GRXX8612
Kentali GRXX5370
Kentrikon GRXX5371
Kentrikon GRXX4431
Kentroma GRXX0312
Kepesovon GRXX5372
Kera GRXX7777
Kera GRXX6749
Kera Gra GRXX6750
Keramatai GRXX0313
Kerames GRXX6751
Keramia GRXX9917
Keramidario GRXX9918
Keramidhia GRXX2857
Keramion GRXX6752
Keramitsa GRXX5373
Keramos GRXX6753
Keramos GRXX1909
Keramota GRXX6754
Keramoti GRXX1910
Keramoti GRXX7778
Keramoti GRXX6755
Keramoton GRXX6011
Keramoutsion GRXX6756
Keranion GRXX5374
Kerasea GRXX5375
Kerasea GRXX1053
Kerasea GRXX1911
Kerasea GRXX3792
Kerasea GRXX8613
Kerasea GRXX2858
Kerasea GRXX9919
Keraseai GRXX9920
Keraseai GRXX4432
Kerasia GRXX5376
Kerasia GRXX2859
Kerasia GRXX6757
Kerasies GRXX2860
Kerasitsa GRXX8614
Kerasochori GRXX9921
Kerasochorion GRXX5377
Kerasona GRXX5378
Kerasova GRXX2861
Kerasovon GRXX5379
Kerastaris GRXX8615
Keratea GRXX0314
Keratidhia GRXX6758
Keratokambos GRXX6759
Keratsinion GRXX0315
Keria GRXX8616
Kerinia GRXX2862
Keritsaiika GRXX2863
Kerkini GRXX4433
Kerkyra GRXX0316
Kerkyra Airport GRXX0026
Kermetes GRXX7779
Kernitsa GRXX2864
Kerpini GRXX2865
Kertezi GRXX2866
Kestrini GRXX5380
Khaikalion GRXX2867
Khainderiana GRXX6760
Khairethiana GRXX6761
Khairetiana GRXX6762
Khalandriani GRXX7780
Khalandrion GRXX0317
Khalandritsa GRXX0318
Khalara GRXX7781
Khalara GRXX3793
Khalasou GRXX6763
Khalazonion GRXX8618
Khalepa GRXX7782
Khalepa GRXX6764
Khalepion GRXX1912
Khalikia GRXX8619
Khalikion GRXX2868
Khalkeron GRXX1913
Khalki GRXX0319
Khalkianika GRXX2869
Khalkias GRXX8620
Khalkion GRXX7783
Khalkion GRXX8621
Khalkiopouloi GRXX2870
Khalkoutsion GRXX0320
Khamaitoulon GRXX6765
Khamalevri GRXX6766
Khamalevrion GRXX6767
Khambatha GRXX6768
Khamezion GRXX6769
Khamilon GRXX1914
Khamilon GRXX6770
Khamokelles GRXX2871
Khamokerasa GRXX1915
Khanakia GRXX2872
Khandakia GRXX8622
Khandras GRXX6771
Khandras GRXX1916
Khandrinos GRXX8623
Khandrou GRXX6772
Khani Kazas GRXX6012
Khani Kotsoleti GRXX2873
Khania GRXX8624
Khania GRXX9922
Khania Belesi GRXX8625
Khania Touloupa GRXX8626
Khania/Souda GRXX0032
Khaniotis GRXX4434
Khanothiana GRXX6773
Kharadhra GRXX1917
Kharadhron GRXX2876
Kharadhros GRXX8627
Kharakes GRXX8628
Kharakias GRXX6774
Kharakion GRXX6775
Kharakopos GRXX9924
Kharaktinos GRXX2877
Kharamos GRXX8629
Kharason GRXX6776
Kharavyi GRXX2878
Kharax GRXX8631
Kharia GRXX2879
Kharia GRXX8632
Kharision GRXX8633
Kharitomeni GRXX1918
Kharkhaliana GRXX6777
Kharkia GRXX6778
Kharma GRXX9925
Kharokopion GRXX8634
Kharopon GRXX4435
Kharoudha GRXX8635
Khartai GRXX7784
Khartsianika GRXX8636
Kharvata GRXX6779
Khasion GRXX6780
Khatision GRXX1919
Khatzimemethiana GRXX6781
Khatzimeton GRXX8638
Khatzis GRXX2880
Kheliana GRXX6782
Khelidhon GRXX1920
Khelidhon GRXX9926
Khelidhonion GRXX2881
Khelidhoreon GRXX8639
Kherodhinamon GRXX9927
Kheroukoumadho GRXX6783
Khersonisos GRXX6784
Khersonisos GRXX7785
Khiliiadhou GRXX9928
Khiliodhendron GRXX3794
Khiliomodhion GRXX0321
Khiliomoudhou GRXX6785
Khimadhion GRXX2882
Khimara GRXX8640
Khimarros GRXX1067
Khimerinon GRXX3795
Khinaiika GRXX8642
Khiona GRXX1068
Khionadhes GRXX1921
Khionokhorion GRXX4436
Khiradhes GRXX8643
Khlimbourita GRXX2883
Khloi GRXX6013
Khloi GRXX1922
Khoirovoskos GRXX6786
Khokhlakiai GRXX6787
Khokhlasti GRXX8644
Kholargos GRXX0322
Khomatadha GRXX8645
Khomateron GRXX8646
Khomori GRXX2884
Khonai GRXX7786
Khondhron GRXX6788
Khondraiika GRXX2885
Khondros GRXX6789
Khonikas GRXX8647
Khonos GRXX6790
Khora GRXX1070
Khora Gaitson GRXX8649
Khora Sfakion GRXX1071
Khorafakia GRXX6791
Khordhakion GRXX6792
Khoremis GRXX8650
Khorevtiana GRXX6793
Khorevtra GRXX8651
Khorigos GRXX3796
Khorion GRXX7787
Khorioudhakia GRXX8652
Khoristi GRXX1923
Khoroudha GRXX4437
Khorteron GRXX4438
Khortokopion GRXX1924
Khosiarion GRXX8653
Khosti GRXX6794
Khotasia GRXX8654
Khotoussa GRXX8655
Khoudhetsion GRXX6795
Khoumeriakos GRXX6796
Khoumerion GRXX6797
Khoumnikon GRXX4439
Khoumousiana GRXX6798
Khoundalon GRXX8656
Khouni GRXX8657
Khouni GRXX2886
Khoustouliana GRXX6799
Khoutalaiika GRXX8658
Khranoi GRXX8659
Khrisa GRXX1925
Khrisafa GRXX8660
Khrisavyi GRXX3797
Khrisavyi GRXX2887
Khrisavyi GRXX4440
Khrisofora GRXX8661
Khrisokastron GRXX1926
Khrisokefalos GRXX1927
Khrisokellaria GRXX8662
Khrisokhorafa GRXX4441
Khrisokhorion GRXX8663
Khrisokhorion GRXX0323
Khrison GRXX9929
Khrison GRXX0324
Khrisopiyi GRXX6800
Khrisopiyi GRXX2888
Khrisotopos GRXX8664
Khrisoveryion GRXX2889
Khrisovitsa GRXX2890
Khrisovitsion GRXX8665
Khrisovon GRXX2891
Khristiana GRXX6801
Khristianon GRXX8666
Khristofilaiika GRXX8667
Khristoforianika GRXX6014
Khristos GRXX6802
Khromion GRXX3798
Khromonastirion GRXX6803
Khronia GRXX9930
Khrousa GRXX8668
Khrousa GRXX7788
Khrysorrachi GRXX5381
Kiani GRXX1928
Kiaton GRXX0325
Kidharis GRXX1929
Kidhonea GRXX2892
Kidhonea GRXX4442
Kidhonea GRXX8669
Kidhoniai GRXX3799
Kifisia GRXX0326
Kikidhion GRXX1930
Kiknos GRXX1931
Kilandonnaiika GRXX2893
Kilindros GRXX6015
Kilkis GRXX1077
Kimasi GRXX9931
Kimi GRXX1078
Kimi GRXX1932
Kimmeria GRXX1933
Kimolos GRXX0055
Kimouriotis GRXX6804
Kineta GRXX6016
Kinetta GRXX8670
Kinidharos GRXX7789
Kinigos GRXX1934
Kinigos GRXX8671
Kinion GRXX7790
Kiniyiana GRXX6805
Kioliana GRXX6806
Kionia GRXX7791
Kionia GRXX8672
Kiostra Mahale GRXX1935
Kiotari GRXX7792
Kiparion GRXX3800
Kiparissia GRXX8673
Kiparission GRXX1081
Kiparission GRXX3801
Kiparission GRXX9932
Kiparission GRXX2894
Kiparisson GRXX9933
Kiparissos GRXX8675
Kiparissos GRXX6807
Kiparissos GRXX2895
Kipia GRXX1936
Kipoi GRXX9934
Kipoi GRXX1937
Kipoi GRXX5382
Kipos GRXX3802
Kipoula GRXX8676
Kipoureion GRXX3803
Kipperousa GRXX7793
Kiprianos GRXX6017
Kipseli GRXX9935
Kipseli GRXX1938
Kipseli GRXX6018
Kira Panagia GRXX7794
Kira Vyena GRXX2896
Kirakali GRXX3804
Kiras Yefiri GRXX8677
Kiria GRXX1939
Kiriaki GRXX1940
Kiriakion GRXX1082
Kiriakokhorion GRXX9936
Kiriakosellia GRXX6808
Kirianna GRXX6809
Kirinthos GRXX9937
Kiritsaiika GRXX2897
Kirki GRXX1941
Kirkizatai GRXX0327
Kirnos GRXX1942
Kirra GRXX9938
Kirra GRXX1943
Kirtomadhos GRXX6810
Kissamos GRXX6811
Kissarion GRXX1944
Kissoi GRXX6812
Kissos GRXX9939
Kissos GRXX6813
Kissos GRXX1945
Kithira GRXX1084
Kithnos GRXX0054
Kitiros GRXX6814
Kitriai GRXX8678
Kitros GRXX4443
Kitsaioi GRXX5383
Kivelia GRXX8679
Kiveri GRXX8680
Kiverion GRXX9940
Kivotos GRXX3805
Kizarion GRXX1946
Kladhas GRXX8681
Kladheos GRXX2898
Kladheron GRXX4444
Kladhorrakhi GRXX3806
Kladhouriana GRXX6815
Klainianika GRXX8682
Klaradhika GRXX6019
Klavsion GRXX9941
Kleidion GRXX4445
Kleidion GRXX5384
Kleidonia GRXX5385
Kleisoura GRXX5386
Kleiston GRXX9942
Kleiston GRXX0328
Klenia GRXX8683
Klepa GRXX2899
Klidhion GRXX9943
Klidhion GRXX3808
Kliesoura GRXX8684
Klima GRXX3809
Klima GRXX9944
Klima GRXX5387
Klima GRXX8685
Klima GRXX0329
Klima GRXX6816
Klima Iaias GRXX9945
Klimatakion GRXX3810
Klimatarion GRXX9946
Klimatia GRXX0330
Klimendion GRXX8686
Klindhia GRXX2900
Klisidhion GRXX6817
Klisoria GRXX3811
Klisorrevmata GRXX2901
Klisoura GRXX8687
Klitor GRXX2902
Klitos GRXX3812
Kloni GRXX8688
Klonion GRXX9947
Klopota GRXX2903
Klopoukitsa GRXX9948
Knidhi GRXX3813
Knosos GRXX6818
Kodra GRXX5388
Koftra GRXX2904
Koila GRXX0331
Koila GRXX1947
Koiladhion GRXX3814
Koiladion GRXX4446
Koilas GRXX3815
Koilas GRXX8689
Koilion GRXX9949
Koilion GRXX7795
Koimisis GRXX4447
Koini GRXX0332
Koinira GRXX1948
Koita GRXX8690
Kokartza GRXX4448
Kokhilos GRXX7796
Kokka GRXX7797
Kokkala GRXX8691
Kokkaloi GRXX9950
Kokkalou GRXX4449
Kokkarion GRXX0333
Kokkina Louria GRXX8692
Kokkinadhes GRXX8693
Kokkinaiika GRXX9951
Kokkinaioi GRXX9952
Kokkinaras GRXX3816
Kokkini GRXX9953
Kokkini Hani GRXX0334
Kokkinia GRXX5389
Kokkinia GRXX4450
Kokkinia GRXX3817
Kokkinia GRXX1949
Kokkinia GRXX8694
Kokkiniatika GRXX5390
Kokkinion GRXX9954
Kokkinion GRXX0335
Kokkinochoma GRXX5391
Kokkinokhoma GRXX1950
Kokkinokhorion GRXX2905
Kokkinokhorion GRXX1951
Kokkinolongos GRXX2906
Kokkinomilea GRXX9955
Kokkinon GRXX8695
Kokkinon GRXX9956
Kokkinon Khorion GRXX6819
Kokkinopilia GRXX0336
Kokkinorrakhi GRXX8696
Kokkinos Pirgos GRXX6821
Kokkinovrakhos GRXX6020
Kokkinovrisi GRXX2907
Kokkinoyenis GRXX8697
Kokkinoyia GRXX1952
Kokkinoyio GRXX8698
Kokkonion GRXX0337
Kokkoras GRXX8699
Kokkosi GRXX8700
Kokkou Mandria GRXX4451
Kokla GRXX8701
Koklakion GRXX2908
Koklas GRXX8702
Kolaka GRXX9957
Kolani GRXX6021
Kolaouzlou GRXX4452
Kolchikon GRXX4453
Kolchis GRXX4454
Kolena GRXX6822
Koletsation GRXX5393
Koliakion GRXX8703
Kolimbetsaiika GRXX8704
Kolimbia GRXX7798
Kolimvarion GRXX6823
Kolimvithra GRXX6824
Kolindros GRXX1096
Koliotsion GRXX8705
Kolirion GRXX2909
Kolitsidhaiika GRXX2910
Kolkhiki GRXX3818
Kollaiika GRXX5394
Kollinai GRXX1097
Kolokinthou GRXX6022
Kolokinthou GRXX3819
Kolokithakion GRXX3820
Kolokithas GRXX2911
Kolokithia GRXX9958
Kolokithianika GRXX2912
Kolonaki GRXX6023
Koloniation GRXX0338
Kolonnaiika GRXX2913
Kolotroupion GRXX8706
Kolovaiika GRXX2914
Kolymbia GRXX7799
Kolympithra GRXX7800
Kolympithres GRXX7801
Kolymvitirio GRXX6825
Komanos GRXX3821
Komara GRXX1953
Komaros GRXX1954
Komataiika GRXX9959
Komatini GRXX1099
Kombigadhion GRXX2915
Komboi GRXX8707
Kombotadhes GRXX9960
Kombothekla GRXX2916
Komboti GRXX2917
Komi GRXX1100
Komi GRXX8708
Komis GRXX2918
Komitadhes GRXX6826
Komito GRXX7802
Komiton GRXX9961
Komma GRXX1101
Kommatakia GRXX5395
Kommenon GRXX0339
Komnina GRXX1955
Komnina GRXX6024
Komnina GRXX3822
Komnina GRXX9962
Komninades GRXX3823
Komnineion GRXX4455
Komobotion GRXX1103
Komotini GRXX1956
Kompelos GRXX0340
Kompitsion GRXX0341
Kompotion GRXX0342
Konakia GRXX5396
Konakia GRXX8709
Kondaiika GRXX9963
Kondaiika GRXX8710
Kondakhor GRXX1107
Kondaraina GRXX1108
Kondias GRXX1109
Kondodhespotion GRXX9964
Kondogonion GRXX8711
Kondokiniyion GRXX6827
Kondokrithiana GRXX6828
Kondolianika GRXX6025
Kondomarion GRXX6829
Kondopoula GRXX6830
Kondos GRXX6026
Kondostavlos GRXX8712
Kondovounion GRXX3824
Kondoyiannidhes GRXX6831
Kondoyioryiana GRXX6832
Kondrafourianika GRXX8713
Kondylaiika GRXX9965
Kongakaiika GRXX2919
Koniakos GRXX9966
Koniaraioi GRXX5397
Koniaris GRXX5398
Konidhitsa GRXX8714
Koniska GRXX2920
Koniskos GRXX1110
Konistres GRXX9967
Konitsa GRXX1111
Konizopi GRXX7803
Konkhilion GRXX8715
Konopina GRXX2921
Konstandinaton GRXX4456
Konstandinia GRXX1957
Konstandinoi GRXX8716
Konstantia GRXX4457
Kontariotissa GRXX4458
Kontates GRXX5399
Kontinoi GRXX5400
Kontochori GRXX7804
Kontokalion GRXX0343
Kontos GRXX5401
Kontovazaina GRXX8717
Kontsika GRXX0344
Kopach Dere GRXX4459
Kopanas GRXX6027
Kopani GRXX5402
Kopanos GRXX4460
Kopetoi GRXX6833
Kopraina GRXX8718
Kopraki GRXX6834
Koprana GRXX6835
Kopteron GRXX1958
Korakada GRXX5403
Korakiai GRXX6836
Korakiatika GRXX8719
Korakokhorion GRXX2923
Koretsikon GRXX5404
Korfai GRXX2924
Korfai GRXX6837
Korfalonas GRXX6838
Korfiades GRXX9968
Korfiotissa GRXX8720
Korfos GRXX8721
Korfovounion GRXX0345
Korifai GRXX1959
Korifasion GRXX8722
Korifi GRXX1960
Korifi GRXX2925
Korifi GRXX3825
Korimvos GRXX1961
Korini GRXX9969
Korinos GRXX1115
Korinthos GRXX0010
Koris Pyrgos GRXX7805
Korisos GRXX0346
Korissia GRXX1118
Koritiani GRXX5405
Koritsa GRXX9970
Kormista GRXX4461
Kornata GRXX0347
Kornofolea GRXX1962
Koroivos GRXX2926
Koromilea GRXX8723
Koromilea GRXX3826
Koromilea GRXX9971
Koromilea GRXX4462
Korona GRXX0348
Koroneia GRXX9972
Koroni GRXX5406
Koronis GRXX7806
Koronisia GRXX0349
Koronopoulon GRXX5407
Koronos GRXX7807
Koronouda GRXX4463
Koropi GRXX0350
Koroyiannika GRXX8725
Korthio GRXX7808
Korydallos GRXX6028
Koryfi GRXX4464
Koryfoula GRXX5408
Kos GRXX0038
Koskina GRXX9973
Koskinas GRXX2927
Koskinia GRXX3827
Koskinou GRXX7810
Kosmas GRXX8726
Kosmation GRXX3828
Kosmion GRXX1963
Kosmira GRXX0351
Kosmiti GRXX1964
Kossos GRXX1965
Kostaiika GRXX2928
Kostakioi GRXX0352
Kostalexis GRXX1126
Kostaniani GRXX0353
Kostarazion GRXX0354
Kostefanos GRXX6839
Kostomera GRXX2929
Kostos GRXX7811
Kotaiika GRXX2930
Kotas GRXX3829
Kotilion GRXX8727
Kotomista GRXX5409
Kotrafion GRXX8728
Kotronaki GRXX8729
Kotronas GRXX8730
Kotroni GRXX9974
Kotronia GRXX1966
Kotronion GRXX2931
Kotronion GRXX1129
Kotsaiika GRXX2932
Kotsiana GRXX6840
Kotsiati GRXX5410
Kotsika GRXX5411
Kotsikhovos GRXX8731
Kotsikia GRXX9975
Kotsiridhion GRXX8732
Kotsokoulaiika GRXX2933
Kottani GRXX1967
Kotyli GRXX4465
Kotyli GRXX1968
Kotyli GRXX3830
Koudhoumalia GRXX6841
Koudhounia GRXX1969
Koufala GRXX2934
Koufalia GRXX4466
Koufalos GRXX5412
Koufi GRXX6842
Koufi Kara GRXX6843
Koufos GRXX6844
Koufos GRXX4467
Koufovounon GRXX1970
Kougaiika GRXX8733
Koukkaiika GRXX9976
Koukkorrakhi GRXX8734
Koukkos GRXX4468
Koukkoulia GRXX5413
Koukkoulion GRXX5414
Koukkounara GRXX8735
Kouklesion GRXX5415
Kouklioi GRXX5416
Koukouli GRXX2935
Koukoulioi GRXX5417
Koukounara GRXX6845
Koukoura GRXX9977
Koukouriana GRXX6846
Koukouvaounai GRXX6029
Koula GRXX3831
Koulia GRXX2936
Koulinaiika GRXX4469
Koulkadha GRXX8736
Koulkouthiana GRXX6847
Koulouka GRXX8737
Kouloumion GRXX8738
Kouloura GRXX4470
Kouloura GRXX2937
Koulouraiika GRXX8739
Koulouraiika GRXX5418
Koulouria GRXX2938
Koulouriana GRXX6848
Koulouros GRXX9978
Koumaiika GRXX0355
Koumani GRXX8740
Koumanis GRXX2939
Koumaradaioi GRXX0356
Koumares GRXX6849
Koumaria GRXX5419
Koumaria GRXX4471
Koumaries GRXX6850
Koumarion GRXX7812
Koumaris GRXX2940
Koumaritsa GRXX8741
Koumaritsion GRXX9979
Koumaron GRXX8742
Koumaros GRXX7813
Koumarousa GRXX5420
Koumberion GRXX2941
Koumbes GRXX6851
Koumoi GRXX6852
Koumoulion GRXX6853
Koumoundhouros GRXX8743
Koumousta GRXX8744
Koumouthekras GRXX2942
Koumoutsiannika GRXX8745
Kounalion GRXX6854
Kounavaiika GRXX2943
Kounavoi GRXX6855
Koundandlaiika GRXX2944
Koundiourianika GRXX8746
Kounelaiika GRXX2945
Kouneni GRXX6856
Kounina GRXX2946
Kounos GRXX8747
Kounoupia GRXX8748
Kounoupidhiana GRXX6857
Kounoupitsa GRXX6030
Kounoupitsa GRXX6858
Kountrion GRXX8749
Koupa GRXX0357
Koupakion GRXX9980
Koupia GRXX8750
Kouplaioi GRXX9981
Kouramades GRXX0358
Kourelion GRXX7814
Kouremadion GRXX5421
Kouremenos GRXX8751
Kourenta GRXX5422
Kourialaiika GRXX2947
Kourkouloi GRXX9982
Kourmeki GRXX2948
Kournas GRXX6859
Kournorrachi GRXX5423
Kournovon GRXX9983
Kouros GRXX2949
Kourounai GRXX6860
Kourounios GRXX8752
Kouroupi GRXX7815
Kouroutai GRXX6861
Kourtai GRXX6862
Kourtakion GRXX8753
Kourtali GRXX8754
Kourtelaiika GRXX2950
Kourtesis GRXX2951
Kourthiana GRXX6863
Kouses GRXX6864
Kousounarion GRXX6031
Koustesa GRXX9984
Koustoumalon GRXX9985
Koutala GRXX8755
Koutalas GRXX7816
Kouteli GRXX2952
Koutifaris GRXX8756
Koutou GRXX6865
Koutoufiana GRXX6866
Koutouloufarion GRXX6867
Koutoumalas GRXX9986
Koutoumou GRXX8757
Koutourla GRXX9987
Koutourlades GRXX5424
Koutra GRXX2953
Koutrela GRXX8758
Koutroufa GRXX8759
Koutroumbaiika GRXX8760
Koutroumboukhion GRXX8761
Koutselion GRXX0359
Koutsion GRXX8762
Koutsochorion GRXX4472
Koutsokhera GRXX2954
Koutsokherion GRXX2955
Koutsomatadhos GRXX6868
Koutsomodhion GRXX8763
Koutson GRXX1971
Koutsopodi GRXX8764
Koutsounaiika GRXX2956
Koutsounari GRXX6869
Koutsouraiika GRXX2957
Koutsouras GRXX6870
Koutsouron GRXX0360
Koutsoyerakon GRXX6871
Kouvalata GRXX0361
Kouvaras GRXX0362
Kouvela GRXX9988
Kouvelas GRXX8765
Kouvelia GRXX8766
Kouvelion GRXX5425
Kouvellai GRXX9989
Kouvelos GRXX9990
Kouvouklia GRXX4473
Kouvouklia GRXX3832
Kouyaiika GRXX2959
Kovalon GRXX1972
Koxare GRXX6872
Koxari GRXX6873
Kozani GRXX0037
Kozia GRXX8767
Kozion GRXX8768
Krake GRXX3833
Krana GRXX2960
Krana GRXX6874
Kranea GRXX5426
Kranea GRXX4474
Kranea Dheskatis GRXX1139
Krangaraiika GRXX2961
Krani GRXX4475
Kranidhia GRXX3835
Kranidhion GRXX1140
Kranidi GRXX8769
Kranionas GRXX3836
Kranochorion GRXX0363
Kranokhorion GRXX1973
Kranoula GRXX0364
Krapi GRXX6875
Krapsi GRXX5427
Krasion GRXX6876
Krasopoula GRXX8770
Krasounas GRXX6877
Krastikoi GRXX2962
Krateron GRXX3837
Kravaraiika GRXX2963
Kremasti GRXX0365
Kremasti GRXX1974
Kremastos GRXX9991
Kremmidhion GRXX2964
Krentis GRXX9992
Krestena GRXX2965
Krevvatas GRXX6878
Krevvatas GRXX4476
Kria Vrisi GRXX6879
Kria Vrisi GRXX9993
Kria Vrisi GRXX8772
Kriatsion GRXX9994
Krieza GRXX9995
Krikellon GRXX9996
Krikellos GRXX2966
Kriminion GRXX3839
Krimni GRXX4477
Krinai GRXX8773
Krini GRXX1975
Krini GRXX4478
Krini GRXX2967
Krinianoi GRXX9997
Krinidhes GRXX1976
Krinofita GRXX2968
Krinos GRXX4479
Krinos GRXX2969
Krion Neron GRXX2970
Krioneria GRXX2971
Krionerion GRXX4480
Krionerion GRXX0366
Krionerion GRXX1977
Krionerion GRXX8774
Krionerion GRXX2972
Krionerion GRXX6880
Krioneritis GRXX9998
Krioneron GRXX2973
Kriopigi GRXX4481
Kriopiyi GRXX4482
Krios GRXX1978
Kriovrisi GRXX3840
Kriovrisi GRXX2974
Kriovrisi GRXX8775
Kriselia GRXX5428
Kristalli GRXX1979
Kristallopiyi GRXX8776
Kristallovrisi GRXX2975
Kristoni GRXX4483
Kritharakia GRXX2976
Kritharia GRXX2977
Krithia GRXX4484
Krithoni GRXX7817
Kritika GRXX4485
Kritinia GRXX7818
Kritsa GRXX1145
Krokeai GRXX1146
Krokilion GRXX9999
Krokos GRXX0367
Krokos GRXX7819
Kromni GRXX4486
Kromnikon GRXX1980
Krondires GRXX8777
Krotos GRXX6881
Krounoi GRXX2978
Krousa GRXX1981
Krouson GRXX6882
Kroustas GRXX6883
Krovili GRXX1982
Krya GRXX5429
Krya Vrysi GRXX0368
Krya Vrysi GRXX4487
Krya Vrysi GRXX5430
Kryfovon GRXX5431
Kryoneri GRXX2979
Kryonerion GRXX5432
Kryovrysi GRXX0369
Krystallopigi GRXX5435
Krystallopigi GRXX3841
Ktenas GRXX3842
Ktenion GRXX3843
Ktikados GRXX7820
Ktismata GRXX5436
Ktistades GRXX5437
Kuvatsovitsa GRXX1983
Kydhonea GRXX4488
Kydhonochorion GRXX4489
Kyllini GRXX0370
Kymina GRXX4490
Kyparissi GRXX8778
Kyparissia GRXX5438
Kyparissia GRXX1080
Kypri GRXX7821
Kyprinos GRXX1984
Kyprista GRXX5439
Kypseli GRXX3844
Kypseli GRXX5440
Kypseli GRXX6032
Kypseli GRXX4491
Kyra Panagia GRXX5441
Kyras Vrysi GRXX0371
Kythira GRXX0029
Kythnos GRXX7822
Lachania GRXX7823
Ladhario GRXX4492
Ladhas GRXX8779
Ladhi GRXX1985
Ladhikon GRXX2980
Ladhikou GRXX2981
Ladhokopana GRXX4493
Ladiko GRXX7824
Ladochorion GRXX5442
Laerma GRXX7825
Lagadia GRXX8780
Laganas GRXX2982
Lagkada GRXX5443
Lagkada GRXX2983
Lagkadas GRXX1158
Lagkadia GRXX4494
Lagkadia GRXX3845
Lagkadia GRXX5444
Lagkadikia GRXX4495
Lagkiotissa GRXX5445
Lagokoilion GRXX8781
Lagolion GRXX6884
Lagonissi GRXX6034
Lagos GRXX6885
Lagou GRXX2984
Lagou GRXX6886
Lagou GRXX5446
Lagoudhiai GRXX8782
Lagoudi Zia GRXX0372
Lagouta GRXX6887
Lagovounion GRXX2985
Lagyna GRXX4496
Laiika GRXX8783
Laimos GRXX3846
Laista GRXX1154
Lakga GRXX3847
Lakhanadha GRXX8784
Lakhanas GRXX1155
Lakhanokipoi GRXX3848
Lakhion GRXX8785
Lakithra GRXX0373
Lakka GRXX4497
Lakka GRXX5447
Lakkai GRXX2987
Lakkia GRXX3849
Lakkia GRXX4498
Lakkion GRXX7826
Lakkoi GRXX6888
Lakkoma GRXX4499
Lakkoma GRXX1987
Lakkomandaiika GRXX2988
Lakkomata GRXX2989
Lakkopetra GRXX0374
Lakkos GRXX8786
Lalas GRXX2990
Laliotaiika GRXX8787
Lalioti GRXX2991
Laliotis GRXX8788
Laloukas GRXX8789
Laloumas GRXX6889
Lamaidhiana GRXX6890
Lambaina GRXX8790
Lamberon GRXX2992
Lambetion GRXX2993
Lambia GRXX2994
Lambini GRXX6891
Lambiotai GRXX6892
Lambirion GRXX2995
Lambokambos GRXX8791
Lambraiika GRXX2996
Lambrino GRXX6035
Lambrinon GRXX1988
Lambron GRXX1989
Lameriana GRXX6893
Lamira GRXX7827
Lamnoni GRXX6894
Lampi GRXX7828
Lampini GRXX6895
Lampirion GRXX5448
Lampraiika GRXX2997
Langa GRXX6896
Langadha GRXX8792
Langadhaiika GRXX8793
Langadhakia GRXX3850
Langadhia GRXX8794
Langadhion GRXX4500
Lanthion GRXX2998
Lantzounaton GRXX8795
Laouti GRXX7829
Lapanayoi GRXX2999
Lapas GRXX0375
Lapathia GRXX3000
Lapithos GRXX6898
Laranion GRXX6899
Lardas GRXX6900
Lardos GRXX1160
Larisa GRXX0011
Lasta GRXX8796
Lastaiika GRXX3001
Lastros GRXX6901
Lata GRXX3002
Latas GRXX3003
Latomeion GRXX4501
Latomion GRXX8797
Latsaiika GRXX3004
Latsida GRXX6902
Latziana GRXX6903
Latzoion GRXX3005
Lava GRXX3851
Lavara GRXX1990
Lavdani GRXX5449
Lavdhas GRXX3852
Lavka GRXX8798
Lavrio GRXX6036
Layia GRXX8799
Layina GRXX1991
Layion GRXX8800
Lazaina GRXX5450
Lazaradhes GRXX3853
Lazareta GRXX7830
Lazaridhes GRXX6037
Lazochorion GRXX4502
Lechaina GRXX0376
Lefkadia GRXX4503
Lefkakia GRXX8801
Lefkasi GRXX3006
Lefkes GRXX7831
Lefki GRXX5451
Lefkogeia GRXX6904
Lefkonas GRXX4504
Lefkopetra GRXX4505
Lefkos GRXX7832
Lefkothea GRXX0377
Legrena GRXX6038
Leianovergion GRXX4506
Leimonas GRXX8802
Leipsoi GRXX7833
Leipsydrion GRXX4507
Lekani GRXX1992
Lekhaion GRXX0378
Lekhourion GRXX3007
Lemoneai GRXX8803
Lemoniana GRXX6905
Lendini GRXX3008
Lentas GRXX6906
Leondakis GRXX8804
Leondarion GRXX8805
Leondarion GRXX6039
Leondion GRXX8806
Leonidio GRXX1165
Leontio GRXX3009
Lepadion GRXX5452
Lepenou GRXX0379
Lepiana GRXX5453
Lepidha GRXX7834
Lepreon GRXX3010
Lepti GRXX1993
Leptini GRXX8807
Leptinion GRXX8808
Leptokaria GRXX3011
Leptokariai GRXX3854
Leptokarya GRXX5454
Leptokarya GRXX1168
Leptopoda GRXX1167
Lera GRXX7835
Lerousko GRXX5455
Lestenitika GRXX3012
Levadhia GRXX0079
Levendokhorion GRXX3013
Leventis GRXX3855
Leventochorion GRXX4509
Levidhion GRXX8809
Levka GRXX3014
Levka GRXX8810
Levkadhion GRXX3856
Levkadhion GRXX1995
Levkara GRXX3857
Levkas GRXX1170
Levki GRXX3015
Levki GRXX3858
Levki GRXX1996
Levki GRXX8811
Levkias GRXX8812
Levkimmi GRXX1997
Levkokhoma GRXX8813
Levkokhora GRXX8814
Levkokhorion GRXX4510
Levkokhorion GRXX6907
Levkokhorion GRXX3016
Levkokhorion GRXX8815
Levkon GRXX3017
Levkon GRXX3859
Levkopetra GRXX1998
Levkopiyi GRXX3860
Levkos GRXX3018
Levkothea GRXX4511
Levkotopos GRXX4512
Levkoudha GRXX4513
Levkovrisi GRXX3861
Levkoyia GRXX6908
Levkoyia GRXX1999
Levktron GRXX8816
Lia GRXX5456
Lia Beach GRXX7836
Liadha GRXX6040
Liakaiika GRXX8817
Liandina GRXX8818
Liangaiika GRXX3019
Lianianika GRXX6041
Lianos GRXX8819
Liaropa GRXX7837
Liatovouni GRXX5457
Liatsaiika GRXX8820
Lichnos GRXX5458
Lidhorikion GRXX3020
Lidoriki GRXX1171
Ligaria GRXX4514
Ligkiades GRXX0380
Ligopsa GRXX5459
Ligoriana GRXX6909
Ligortinos GRXX6910
Ligourion GRXX1173
Likaion GRXX8821
Likia GRXX2000
Likion GRXX2001
Likissa GRXX8822
Liknadhes GRXX3862
Likodhromion GRXX2002
Likofos GRXX2003
Likoi GRXX4515
Likokhia GRXX8823
Likoporia GRXX8824
Likosoura GRXX8825
Likostomion GRXX3021
Likostomon GRXX4516
Likostomon GRXX2004
Likotinarea GRXX6911
Likotrafos GRXX8826
Likoudhesion GRXX8827
Likouresis GRXX8828
Likouria GRXX3022
Likovounion GRXX2005
Likovrisi GRXX0381
Lilianon GRXX6912
Limbokhova GRXX8829
Limenaria GRXX6042
Limenaria GRXX2006
Limenas Gerakas GRXX8830
Limeni GRXX8831
Limeni Geraka GRXX8832
Limenion GRXX8833
Limeniskos GRXX6913
Limin Litochorou GRXX1182
Limin Mesoyaias GRXX6043
Limini GRXX5460
Limnai GRXX8834
Limnai GRXX6915
Limnaria GRXX6044
Limni GRXX1175
Limni GRXX4517
Limni GRXX8835
Limni GRXX5461
Limni GRXX6916
Limni Keriou GRXX0382
Limnia GRXX6917
Limnia GRXX2007
Limniski GRXX2008
Limnitsa GRXX3023
Limnokhorion GRXX3024
Limnokhorion GRXX3863
Limnokhorion GRXX4518
Limnonaki GRXX0383
Limnos GRXX0039
Limnotopos GRXX4519
Limpiana GRXX6918
Limpousda GRXX5462
Linaria GRXX7838
Linaria GRXX3025
Lindariana GRXX6919
Lindos GRXX7839
Linistaina GRXX3026
Linoperamata GRXX6920
Linopotis GRXX0384
Linos GRXX2009
Liodhora GRXX8836
Liparon GRXX4520
Lipochorion GRXX4521
Lippa GRXX5463
Lira GRXX8837
Lira GRXX2010
Liridhiana GRXX6921
Lisimakhia GRXX3027
Lissarea GRXX8838
Lista GRXX5464
Listaros GRXX6922
Litesion GRXX5465
Lithakia GRXX0385
Litharia GRXX4522
Litharos GRXX8839
Lithia GRXX3864
Lithinai GRXX6923
Lithinon GRXX5466
Lithion GRXX0386
Lithokhorion GRXX2011
Lithopetra GRXX3028
Lithotopos GRXX4523
Lithovouni GRXX3029
Lithovounia GRXX8840
Liti GRXX4524
Litochoro GRXX4525
Litsardha GRXX6924
Little Venice GRXX7840
Livadakion GRXX4526
Livadarion GRXX5467
Livadha GRXX6925
Livadhaki GRXX6926
Livadhakia GRXX8841
Livadhakion GRXX2012
Livadhakion GRXX8842
Livadhakion GRXX3030
Livadhas GRXX6927
Livadheron GRXX2013
Livadheron GRXX3865
Livadhi GRXX6928
Livadhia GRXX4527
Livadhia GRXX6929
Livadhia GRXX7841
Livadhion GRXX4528
Livadhion GRXX7842
Livadhion GRXX6045
Livadhokhorion GRXX4529
Livadi GRXX5468
Livadia GRXX4530
Livadia GRXX0387
Livadia GRXX5469
Livadia GRXX7843
Livadion GRXX7844
Livadion GRXX5470
Livadion GRXX1183
Livadion GRXX4531
Livaditsa GRXX4532
Livanatai GRXX1185
Livaniana GRXX6930
Livartzion GRXX3032
Livas GRXX2014
Livera GRXX3866
Lixourion GRXX0388
Liyereas GRXX8843
Liyeri GRXX3867
Liyia GRXX8844
Liyia GRXX3033
Liyiai GRXX3034
Liyidhes GRXX6931
Lofarion GRXX2015
Lofiskos GRXX0389
Lofiskos GRXX4533
Lofoi GRXX3868
Lofos GRXX4534
Lofos GRXX6046
Lofos GRXX3035
Logaras GRXX7845
Logarou GRXX5471
Logothetianika GRXX6047
Logothetis GRXX3036
Lokhria GRXX6932
Longa GRXX8845
Longades GRXX0390
Longanikos GRXX8846
Longarion GRXX8847
Longas GRXX5472
Longastra GRXX8848
Longon GRXX3037
Longos GRXX3038
Lopesion GRXX8849
Lotis GRXX8850
Lotza GRXX8851
Loudias GRXX4535
Loukadhika GRXX8852
Loukaition GRXX8853
Loukas GRXX3039
Loukas GRXX8854
Loukhiou GRXX6933
Loukia GRXX6934
Loukiana GRXX6935
Loukisia GRXX0391
Loulos GRXX6936
Loumas GRXX6937
Loumousiotaiika GRXX8855
Loupos GRXX3040
Lourai GRXX6938
Lourandianika GRXX6048
Lourdhiana GRXX6939
Louros GRXX5473
Lousakies GRXX6940
Lousika GRXX3041
Lousikon GRXX3042
Loutra GRXX6941
Loutra GRXX4536
Loutra GRXX7846
Loutra GRXX0392
Loutra GRXX8856
Loutra Killinis GRXX3043
Loutra Stakhtis GRXX3044
Loutra Volvis GRXX4537
Loutrakion GRXX0393
Loutrakion GRXX3045
Loutrakion GRXX6942
Loutro GRXX6943
Loutrochorion GRXX4538
Loutron GRXX3046
Loutron GRXX8857
Loutropyrgos GRXX6049
Loutros GRXX4539
Loutros GRXX0394
Loutrotopos GRXX0395
Loutsa GRXX6050
Loutsa GRXX5475
Louvri GRXX3869
Louvron GRXX3047
Loxada GRXX0396
Lozana GRXX5476
Lychnaftia GRXX7847
Lygia GRXX5477
Lykofouski GRXX5478
Lykorrachi GRXX5479
Lykostani GRXX0397
Lyngos GRXX0398
Lyrkeia GRXX8858
Lyttos GRXX6944
Machalas GRXX5480
Madharon GRXX6945
Madhena GRXX8859
Magarikarion GRXX6946
Magnisia GRXX6947
Magoula GRXX0399
Magoula GRXX8860
Magoula GRXX3048
Magoulas GRXX6948
Magouliana GRXX8861
Mailiki GRXX3049
Mainalon GRXX8862
Maistros GRXX2017
Makarion GRXX2018
Makhaira GRXX6949
Makhairas GRXX3050
Makhairoi GRXX6950
Makhalas GRXX5481
Makhia GRXX6951
Makhos GRXX3051
Makistos GRXX3052
Makrai GRXX6952
Makrakomi GRXX1201
Makrena GRXX8863
Makri GRXX2019
Makri GRXX8864
Makri Betini GRXX6953
Makriadha GRXX3053
Makrikhorion GRXX2020
Makrilia GRXX6954
Makrilongos GRXX1199
Makrinara GRXX8865
Makrinitsa GRXX4540
Makrinitsa GRXX0400
Makrinon GRXX5482
Makrinou GRXX3054
Makriplayion GRXX2021
Makris Toikhos GRXX6955
Makrisia GRXX3055
Makrision GRXX8866
Makritoikhos GRXX6956
Makriyialos GRXX6957
Makriyiannion GRXX6958
Makrochora GRXX5483
Makrochorion GRXX4541
Makrokhorion GRXX3870
Makronas GRXX6959
Makrotandalon GRXX7848
Makry Gialos GRXX6960
Makryammos GRXX2022
Makrychorion GRXX0401
Makrygialos GRXX4542
Makrykampos GRXX5484
Makrys Tichos GRXX6961
Maladhes GRXX6962
Malai GRXX6963
Malamata GRXX3056
Malandrenion GRXX8867
Malataiikon GRXX3057
Malathiros GRXX6964
Malaxa GRXX6965
Maleme GRXX6966
Malesina GRXX1203
Malevros GRXX3058
Mali GRXX8868
Malia GRXX6967
Malliare Sykia GRXX8869
Mallota GRXX8870
Malon GRXX7849
Malonas GRXX7850
Malounion GRXX5485
Malta GRXX8871
Malthi GRXX8872
Mamados GRXX7851
Mamouladha GRXX3059
Mamousia GRXX3060
Manaris GRXX8873
Manassis GRXX5486
Manastir GRXX2023
Mandaiika GRXX8874
Mandaina GRXX2024
Mandalon GRXX4543
Mandhilion GRXX4544
Mandiles GRXX3061
Mandoforos GRXX8875
Mandoudhion GRXX1204
Mandra GRXX8876
Mandra GRXX2025
Mandra GRXX3062
Mandra GRXX0402
Mandrai GRXX4545
Mandraki GRXX1206
Mandrakion GRXX4546
Mandria Kaltsa GRXX4547
Mandria Korona GRXX4549
Mandria Pantazou GRXX4550
Mandrikon GRXX7852
Mandrini GRXX3063
Mandrotopos GRXX5487
Manesion GRXX3064
Manesis GRXX8877
Manetaiika GRXX3065
Mangana GRXX2026
Manganari GRXX7853
Manganiakon GRXX8878
Manglaraiika GRXX3066
Mangoudhiana GRXX6968
Mani GRXX2027
Maniakion GRXX8879
Maniakion GRXX3871
Maniakoi GRXX0403
Maniatiana GRXX6969
Maniatis GRXX8880
Manifavaiika GRXX5488
Manikas GRXX6970
Manina Vlizianon GRXX3067
Manitokhorion GRXX6051
Manna GRXX7854
Manolarianika GRXX8882
Manolas GRXX0404
Manolas GRXX7855
Manoliasa GRXX5489
Manoliopoulon GRXX6971
Manteion GRXX5490
Manthirea GRXX8883
Mantzarion GRXX8884
Mantzavraiika GRXX8885
Mantzoukas GRXX5491
Maragas GRXX7856
Maralia GRXX6972
Marasia GRXX2028
Marathea GRXX8886
Marathea GRXX3068
Marathi GRXX6973
Marathias GRXX3069
Marathion GRXX7857
Marathitis GRXX6974
Marathokefala GRXX6975
Marathon GRXX1210
Marathona GRXX6052
Marathopolis GRXX8887
Marathos GRXX3070
Marathos GRXX6976
Marathos GRXX8888
Marathoussa GRXX8889
Marathoussa GRXX4551
Marathovouni GRXX5492
Maraveliana GRXX6977
Mardhation GRXX6978
Maredhiana GRXX6979
Margalaiika GRXX3071
Margarita GRXX4552
Margaritai GRXX6980
Margarition GRXX2029
Margarition GRXX5493
Mariai GRXX2030
Mariana GRXX6981
Mariana GRXX4553
Maridaki GRXX6982
Marina GRXX4554
Marina GRXX8890
Marina GRXX3872
Mariniana GRXX6983
Marion GRXX8891
Mariou GRXX6984
Maritsa GRXX7858
Markatai GRXX5494
Markellou GRXX6053
Markianika GRXX8892
Markiniada GRXX5495
Markopoulo GRXX0405
Markopoulon GRXX3072
Markos GRXX8893
Marlas GRXX7859
Marlesion GRXX0406
Marlia GRXX4555
Marmaketon GRXX6985
Marmara GRXX3073
Marmara GRXX7860
Marmara GRXX0407
Marmaras GRXX6986
Marmari GRXX0408
Marmaria GRXX2031
Marmaria GRXX8894
Marmarion GRXX8895
Marmaron GRXX0409
Marmatsouka GRXX8896
Marnellidhes GRXX6987
Marnora GRXX5496
Maroneia GRXX2032
Maronia GRXX6988
Maroudha GRXX4556
Maroulas GRXX6989
Maroulia GRXX8897
Marouliana GRXX6990
Maroulou GRXX6991
Marousi GRXX6055
Marpissa GRXX7861
Martha GRXX6992
Martinon GRXX1216
Maryelion GRXX8898
Masari GRXX7862
Masouri GRXX7863
Mastakaria GRXX8899
Mastambas GRXX6993
Masticharion GRXX0410
Mastrakhiana GRXX6994
Mastrandonis GRXX3074
Mastron GRXX3075
Matala GRXX6995
Mataranga GRXX1218
Mataranga GRXX8900
Mataranga GRXX1219
Matarangas GRXX8901
Matesion GRXX3077
Mathes GRXX6996
Mathia GRXX6997
Mathia GRXX8902
Mati GRXX6056
Mation GRXX8903
Matsa GRXX5497
Matsoukion GRXX3078
Matsoukion GRXX5498
Mavra Litharia GRXX8904
Mavrambelion GRXX7864
Mavranaioi GRXX3874
Mavratzaioi GRXX0411
Mavria GRXX8905
Mavrika GRXX3079
Mavrikion GRXX8906
Mavrochorion GRXX3080
Mavrodendrion GRXX4557
Mavrodhendrion GRXX3875
Mavrokambos GRXX3876
Mavrokampos GRXX3877
Mavrokhorion GRXX3081
Mavrokhorion GRXX3878
Mavrokhorion GRXX2033
Mavrokklision GRXX2034
Mavrokordhatos GRXX2035
Mavrolevki GRXX2036
Mavrolofos GRXX4558
Mavrommati GRXX3082
Mavrommation GRXX3083
Mavrommation GRXX2037
Mavrommation GRXX8907
Mavron GRXX4559
Mavron Dendron GRXX4560
Mavron Oros GRXX3084
Mavronoros GRXX3879
Mavronoros GRXX5499
Mavropetra GRXX2038
Mavropiyi GRXX3880
Mavroplagia GRXX4562
Mavropoulon GRXX5500
Mavrosouvala GRXX6057
Mavrothalassa GRXX4563
Mavrotopos GRXX4564
Mavrotopos GRXX2039
Mavroudion GRXX5501
Mavrovatos GRXX2040
Mavrovoros GRXX3085
Mavrovouni GRXX8908
Mavrovounion GRXX5502
Mavrovounion GRXX4565
Mavroyiannaiika GRXX3086
Mavroyiannis GRXX8909
Mayikon GRXX2041
Mayiras GRXX1221
Maza GRXX6998
Mazaiika GRXX3088
Mazarakia GRXX5503
Mazarakion GRXX5504
Mazarakion GRXX3089
Mazarianika GRXX6058
Mazi GRXX3090
Mazia GRXX0412
Mazion GRXX5505
Medhousa GRXX2042
Mega Dherion GRXX2043
Mega Doukaton GRXX2044
Mega Evmoiron GRXX2045
Mega Gardikion GRXX0413
Mega Gialo GRXX7865
Mega Peristerion GRXX5506
Mega Piston GRXX2047
Mega Sirinion GRXX3881
Mega Timbanon GRXX2048
Megadendron GRXX5507
Megala Kalivia GRXX1224
Megala Khorafia GRXX6999
Megali Ada GRXX2049
Megali Ammos GRXX7866
Megali Dhoxipara GRXX2050
Megali Epilia GRXX8910
Megali Gefyra GRXX4566
Megali Gotista GRXX5508
Megali Khora GRXX0414
Megali Mandinia GRXX8911
Megali Panayia GRXX4567
Megali Rachi GRXX5509
Megali Sterna GRXX4568
Megali Volvi GRXX4569
Megali Vrisi GRXX8912
Megali Vrisi GRXX7000
Megali Vrysi GRXX4570
Megalochari GRXX5510
Megalochori GRXX7867
Megalochorion GRXX6059
Megalokambos GRXX2051
Megalokhorion GRXX4571
Megalon Khorion GRXX1226
Megalopoli GRXX1227
Megalopotamion GRXX6060
Megalos Prinos GRXX2052
Megampelion GRXX5511
Megaplatanos GRXX4572
Megara GRXX0415
Megarchi GRXX0416
Megaron GRXX3882
Megas Dhendros GRXX3091
Megas Kampos GRXX5512
Megas Pondias GRXX3092
Megas Valtos GRXX8913
Megdeni GRXX3093
Megisti GRXX7871
Megkla GRXX5513
Melambes GRXX7001
Melanes GRXX7872
Melanthion GRXX3883
Melas GRXX3884
Melatai GRXX0417
Melathion GRXX4573
Melenikitsion GRXX4574
Melesai GRXX7002
Melesiadha GRXX3094
Meleti GRXX2053
Melia GRXX2054
Melia GRXX5514
Meliadion GRXX4575
Meliana GRXX5515
Melidha GRXX7873
Melidhokhorion GRXX7003
Melidhonion GRXX3885
Meligalas GRXX1231
Meliki GRXX4576
Melikinaiika GRXX3095
Melingoi GRXX5516
Melingova GRXX3096
Melion GRXX6061
Melissa GRXX8914
Melissa GRXX0418
Melissa GRXX2055
Melissia GRXX7005
Melissia GRXX0419
Melissia GRXX3097
Melissia GRXX3886
Melission GRXX4577
Melission GRXX3887
Melission GRXX8915
Melissochorion GRXX4578
Melissokhorion GRXX2056
Melissokomion GRXX2057
Melissonas GRXX4579
Melissopetra GRXX5517
Melissopetra GRXX8916
Melissotopos GRXX3888
Melissourgakion GRXX7006
Melissourgoi GRXX5518
Melissourgos GRXX4580
Melissouryion GRXX7007
Melissouryion GRXX4581
Melissovaiika GRXX5519
Melitaina GRXX2058
Meliti GRXX3889
Melitini GRXX8917
Melivoia GRXX1234
Melivoia GRXX2059
Mendhenitsa GRXX1235
Mendianika GRXX8918
Mendouryianika GRXX8919
Menemeni GRXX4582
Menetai GRXX7874
Menidion GRXX0420
Menikhtaiika GRXX3098
Menina GRXX8920
Meniouryiannika GRXX8921
Menites GRXX7875
Merada GRXX7008
Merichas GRXX7876
Merkovounion GRXX8922
Meronas GRXX7009
Meropi GRXX5520
Meropi GRXX8923
Mersinouda GRXX4583
Mertidhion GRXX3099
Mertikaiika GRXX8924
Mesa Apidhion GRXX7010
Mesa Khora GRXX8926
Mesa Lasithakion GRXX7011
Mesa Lasithion GRXX7012
Mesa Mouliana GRXX7013
Mesa Potamoi GRXX7014
Mesa Voukoliai GRXX7015
Mesa Vounion GRXX7877
Mesadha GRXX4584
Mesagros GRXX6062
Mesai Thermai GRXX2060
Mesaia Koufalia GRXX4585
Mesaion GRXX4586
Mesanagros GRXX7878
Mesaria GRXX7879
Mesarista GRXX3100
Mesathourion GRXX7880
Mesavlia GRXX7016
Meseleroi GRXX7017
Mesenikolas GRXX0421
Mesi GRXX2061
Mesi GRXX7881
Mesi GRXX4587
Mesi GRXX7018
Mesia GRXX4588
Mesia GRXX2062
Mesiani GRXX3890
Mesianon GRXX4589
Mesimerion GRXX2063
Mesimerion GRXX0422
Mesimvria GRXX2064
Mesinon GRXX8927
Meskla GRXX7019
Mesochorion GRXX1242
Mesogeion GRXX0423
Mesoi Apostoloi GRXX4591
Mesokambos GRXX3891
Mesokampos GRXX0424
Mesokhori GRXX7020
Mesokhorion GRXX1241
Mesokhorion GRXX7021
Mesokhorion GRXX3892
Mesokhorion GRXX8928
Mesokhorion GRXX2065
Mesokomi GRXX4592
Mesokomo GRXX4593
Mesolakkia GRXX4594
Mesolakkos GRXX3893
Mesolofos GRXX4595
Mesolongi GRXX1243
Mesolongos GRXX3894
Mesolouri GRXX3895
Mesongi GRXX0425
Mesonisi GRXX7022
Mesonisia GRXX7023
Mesonision GRXX3896
Mesopigadhon GRXX3101
Mesopotamia GRXX3897
Mesopotamon GRXX5521
Mesopotamon GRXX4596
Mesopotamos GRXX8929
Mesopyrgos GRXX5522
Mesoropi GRXX2066
Mesorrakhi GRXX8930
Mesorrakhi GRXX4597
Mesorrouyion GRXX3102
Mesotopos GRXX2067
Mesounta GRXX5523
Mesovouni GRXX2068
Mesovounion GRXX5524
Mesovounon GRXX3898
Mesovrachon GRXX3899
Messini GRXX0426
Messouni GRXX2069
Mesti GRXX2070
Metalla GRXX4598
Metallia GRXX8931
Metallikon GRXX4599
Metamorfosi GRXX6063
Metamorfosi GRXX4600
Metamorfosis GRXX8932
Metamorfosis GRXX3900
Metamorfosis GRXX0427
Metangitsion GRXX4602
Metaxades GRXX2071
Metaxadha GRXX8933
Metaxas GRXX3901
Metaxochorion GRXX4603
Metaxourgio GRXX6064
Methala GRXX7025
Methana GRXX6065
Methidhrion GRXX8934
Methoni GRXX0028
Methoni GRXX4604
Metochi GRXX7026
Metochion GRXX0428
Metochion GRXX8935
Metokhi GRXX7027
Metokhi GRXX3104
Metokhi GRXX8936
Metokhi GRXX6066
Metokhia Kambou GRXX7029
Metokhion GRXX6067
Metokhion GRXX8937
Metokhion Ayias GRXX7032
Metopa GRXX8938
Metsovo GRXX1250
Mezapos GRXX8939
Miamou GRXX7037
Mianai GRXX8940
Michalitsion GRXX4613
Michalitsion GRXX0429
Midea GRXX8941
Mikhalaiika GRXX3105
Mikhaliana GRXX7038
Mikhata GRXX1252
Mikheliana GRXX7039
Mikhoion GRXX3106
Miki GRXX2072
Mikinai GRXX8942
Mikra GRXX4614
Mikra Ada GRXX2073
Mikra Dhoxipara GRXX2074
Mikra Gotista GRXX5526
Mikra Kavisos GRXX2075
Mikra Khalia GRXX1061
Mikra Mandinia GRXX8943
Mikra Santa GRXX4615
Mikra Volvi GRXX4616
Mikrakion GRXX2076
Mikralona GRXX4617
Mikri Mantineia GRXX8944
Mikri Milea GRXX4618
Mikri Vivla GRXX7882
Mikrochorion GRXX5527
Mikrokambos GRXX2077
Mikrokampos GRXX4619
Mikrokastron GRXX3902
Mikrokhorion GRXX6068
Mikrokhorion GRXX8945
Mikroklisoura GRXX3903
Mikroklisoura GRXX2079
Mikrokomi GRXX4620
Mikrolimni GRXX3904
Mikrolivadhion GRXX2080
Mikrolivadon GRXX3905
Mikrolofos GRXX2081
Mikromani GRXX0430
Mikromilea GRXX2082
Mikron Chorion GRXX7883
Mikron Dasos GRXX4621
Mikron Dereion GRXX2083
Mikron Doukaton GRXX2084
Mikron Gardikion GRXX0431
Mikron Piston GRXX2086
Mikron Soulion GRXX4624
Mikropolis GRXX1256
Mikros Pondias GRXX3107
Mikros Prinos GRXX2087
Mikros Valtos GRXX8946
Mikros Vavdhos GRXX4625
Mikrospilia GRXX5530
Mikroulaiika GRXX3108
Mikrovalton GRXX3906
Mikrovrysi GRXX4626
Mila GRXX8947
Milatos GRXX7040
Milea GRXX5531
Milea GRXX3907
Milea GRXX4627
Milea GRXX2088
Milea GRXX3109
Mileai GRXX3110
Mileai GRXX5532
Mileon GRXX3908
Milesion GRXX6069
Miliadha GRXX4628
Miliana GRXX5533
Miliotakion GRXX8949
Miliotion GRXX8950
Militsa GRXX8951
Militsa GRXX3909
Milliaradhon GRXX7041
Milliarision GRXX7042
Miloi GRXX3111
Miloi GRXX7043
Miloi GRXX8952
Milokhorion GRXX3910
Milokokkia GRXX5534
Milones GRXX7044
Miloniana GRXX7045
Milopotamos GRXX6070
Milopotamos GRXX7884
Milopotamos GRXX2089
Milos GRXX0056
Milos Kostianou GRXX7046
Mina GRXX8953
Mindiloglion GRXX3112
Minos GRXX7047
Minothiana GRXX7048
Miraka GRXX3113
Miralion GRXX3114
Mirana GRXX2090
Mirina GRXX1258
Miriofiton GRXX4629
Miriokefala GRXX7049
Mirkinos GRXX4630
Mirodhaton GRXX2091
Mironia GRXX3115
Mironikitas GRXX7050
Mirovlitis GRXX2092
Mirovrisi GRXX3116
Mirrini GRXX4631
Mirsina GRXX3911
Mirsini GRXX7051
Mirsini GRXX0432
Mirsinia GRXX2093
Mirsinokhorion GRXX8954
Mirtea GRXX3117
Mirtea GRXX8955
Mirteai GRXX7885
Mirthios GRXX7052
Mirtia GRXX4632
Mirtiski GRXX2094
Mirtofiton GRXX2095
Mirton GRXX8956
Mirtopotamia GRXX8957
Mirtos GRXX7053
Mirtos GRXX3118
Misiria GRXX7054
Miskhos GRXX2096
Mistakas GRXX2097
Mistrakion GRXX8958
Mitata GRXX6071
Mitaton GRXX7055
Mithi GRXX3119
Mithoi GRXX7056
Mitikas GRXX3120
Mitikas GRXX7886
Mitikas GRXX2098
Mitilini GRXX0040
Mitopolis GRXX3121
Mitrikon GRXX2099
Mitropolis GRXX8959
Mitropolis GRXX0433
Mitropolis GRXX7057
Mitsaiika GRXX3122
Mitziolena GRXX8960
Mixorrouma GRXX7058
Modhion GRXX7059
Moira GRXX3123
Moirai GRXX1262
Moiraiika GRXX3124
Moiras GRXX8961
Moires GRXX7060
Mokhlos GRXX7061
Mokhos GRXX7062
Molaiti GRXX8962
Molaoi GRXX1263
Molikrion GRXX3125
Molista GRXX5535
Molokha GRXX3912
Molos GRXX1264
Molyvdoskepastos GRXX5536
Monachition GRXX3913
Monakhi Sikia GRXX8963
Monastiraki GRXX8964
Monastirakion GRXX0434
Monastirakion GRXX7063
Monastirakion GRXX4634
Monastirakion GRXX8965
Monastirakion GRXX3126
Monastiria GRXX7887
Monastirion GRXX3127
Monastirion GRXX8966
Mondanistika GRXX8967
Monemvasia GRXX8968
Moni GRXX7064
Moni GRXX7888
Monodendrion GRXX5539
Monodendron GRXX5540
Monodhendrion GRXX3128
Monokaria GRXX1266
Monokhoron GRXX7066
Monokklisia GRXX4635
Monolithion GRXX5541
Monolithion GRXX4636
Monolithos GRXX1267
Monolofon GRXX4637
Monoparion GRXX7067
Monopigadhon GRXX4638
Monopolion GRXX3129
Monospita GRXX4639
Monovrisi GRXX4640
Monoxilitai GRXX2378
Moraitika GRXX0435
Morfi GRXX3914
Morfion GRXX5542
Morfovounion GRXX0436
Moria GRXX7068
Moria GRXX0437
Moronion GRXX7069
Morosklavon GRXX3130
Morsa GRXX2101
Mosaikon GRXX2102
Moschato GRXX6072
Moschochorion GRXX4641
Moschopotamos GRXX4642
Mosia GRXX1271
Moskhaton GRXX0438
Moskhokhorion GRXX8969
Mostitsion GRXX3131
Mothiana GRXX7070
Motziana GRXX7071
Moukhtaroi GRXX7072
Moukovina GRXX5543
Mouladhiana GRXX7073
Moulameriana GRXX7074
Moulete GRXX7075
Moulkion GRXX0439
Moundros GRXX7076
Mountados GRXX7891
Mouri GRXX7077
Mouria GRXX3132
Mouria GRXX8970
Mouriai GRXX4643
Mouriatadha GRXX8971
Mourikion GRXX3133
Mourion GRXX7078
Mouriziana GRXX7079
Mourne GRXX7080
Mournia GRXX7081
Mourniai GRXX0440
Mourtaiika GRXX3134
Mourtzana GRXX7083
Mousionas GRXX7892
Mousouta GRXX7084
Moustakos GRXX7085
Moustheni GRXX2103
Moutsouna GRXX7893
Mouzakaiika GRXX5544
Mouzakaioi GRXX5545
Mouzaki GRXX0441
Mouzakion GRXX8972
Mouzakion GRXX3135
Mouzouras GRXX7086
Mykonos GRXX0045
Mylochorion GRXX4644
Myloi GRXX5546
Myloi GRXX0442
Myloi GRXX8973
Mylokopeion GRXX5547
Mylopotas GRXX7894
Mylos GRXX4645
Mylos Papa GRXX5548
Myrina GRXX0443
Myriofyton GRXX4646
Myrmigkion GRXX0444
Myrodafni GRXX5549
Myrsini GRXX7895
Myrsini GRXX5550
Myrtea GRXX3136
Myrties GRXX7896
Mystras GRXX5551
Mystras GRXX8974
Mytikas GRXX5552
Mytikas GRXX3137
Mytilini GRXX0445
Mytilinioi GRXX0446
Nafpaktos GRXX1283
Nafplio GRXX8975
Nafstathmos GRXX6073
Namata GRXX3915
Nanoi GRXX7897
Naousa GRXX1282
Naousa GRXX7898
Naoussa GRXX7899
Narkissos GRXX5553
Nasia GRXX3138
Navplion GRXX0076
Naxos GRXX0041
Nea Agathoupolis GRXX4647
Nea Alikarnassos GRXX0447
Nea Amisos GRXX2104
Nea Amissos GRXX2105
Nea Anchialos GRXX0082
Nea Ankhialos GRXX0448
Nea Apollonia GRXX4648
Nea Artaki GRXX0449
Nea Aryiroupolis GRXX6074
Nea Avorani GRXX3139
Nea Bafra GRXX4649
Nea Cryssi Akti GRXX7900
Nea Efesos GRXX4650
Nea Epidavros GRXX8976
Nea Erithraia GRXX0450
Nea Filadelfeia GRXX4651
Nea Filadhelfia GRXX0451
Nea Fili GRXX4652
Nea Fokaia GRXX1292
Nea Fokaia GRXX6075
Nea Fortetsa GRXX7088
Nea Gonia GRXX4653
Nea Ilis GRXX3140
Nea Ionia GRXX4654
Nea Ionia GRXX0012
Nea Irakleitsa GRXX2106
Nea Iraklia GRXX4655
Nea Kalidhon GRXX3141
Nea Kallikratia GRXX4656
Nea Kamarina GRXX3142
Nea Karvali GRXX0452
Nea Karya GRXX0453
Nea Kavala GRXX4657
Nea Kerasea GRXX4658
Nea Kerasia GRXX4659
Nea Kerasous GRXX0454
Nea Kerdhilia GRXX4660
Nea Kesani GRXX2107
Nea Khalkidhon GRXX6076
Nea Khili GRXX2108
Nea Khora GRXX8977
Nea Khora GRXX7089
Nea Kios GRXX8978
Nea Komi GRXX2109
Nea Koroni GRXX8979
Nea Kotyli GRXX3916
Nea Kromi GRXX2110
Nea Kydonia GRXX7090
Nea Liosia GRXX0455
Nea Livera GRXX8980
Nea Lykogianni GRXX4661
Nea Madhitos GRXX4662
Nea Magnisia GRXX1298
Nea Magnisia GRXX3143
Nea Makri GRXX6077
Nea Malgara GRXX1299
Nea Manolas GRXX0456
Nea Marathea GRXX8981
Nea Mesimvria GRXX4664
Nea Michaniona GRXX0457
Nea Morsini GRXX2111
Nea Moudhania GRXX1302
Nea Mousiotitsa GRXX5554
Nea Nikomideia GRXX4665
Nea Nikopolis GRXX3917
Nea Olinthos GRXX4666
Nea Palatia GRXX1303
Nea Pella GRXX4667
Nea Peramos GRXX0458
Nea Peramos GRXX2112
Nea Petra GRXX4668
Nea Playia GRXX0459
Nea Potidhaia GRXX0460
Nea Praisos GRXX7091
Nea Raidestos GRXX4669
Nea Rodha GRXX4670
Nea Roumata GRXX7092
Nea Sampsous GRXX5555
Nea Sanda GRXX2113
Nea Santa GRXX4671
Nea Selefkeia GRXX5556
Nea Sevastia GRXX2114
Nea Silata GRXX4672
Nea Sinopi GRXX5557
Nea Siyi GRXX3918
Nea Skioni GRXX4673
Nea Smirni GRXX0461
Nea Tenedhos GRXX4674
Nea Thesis GRXX5558
Nea Tirins GRXX8982
Nea Tiroloi GRXX4675
Nea Trapezous GRXX4676
Nea Triglia GRXX4677
Nea Vigla GRXX5559
Nea Vissa GRXX0462
Nea Zichni GRXX4678
Nea Zikhni GRXX1309
Nea Zoi GRXX4679
Nea Zoryiani GRXX6078
Neapoli GRXX3919
Neapoli GRXX1311
Neapolis GRXX3144
Neapolis GRXX1310
Neasa GRXX8984
Nedha GRXX2115
Nedhousa GRXX8986
Nefs Amarion GRXX7093
Negades GRXX5560
Negrades GRXX5561
Nembros GRXX7094
Nemea GRXX8987
Nemouta GRXX3145
Nenita GRXX0463
Neo Chorio GRXX7095
Neo Faliro GRXX6079
Neochorakion GRXX0464
Neochori GRXX8988
Neochorion GRXX4680
Neochorion GRXX5562
Neochorion GRXX3146
Neochorion GRXX3920
Neochoropoulon GRXX0465
Neochoropoulon GRXX4681
Neochorouda GRXX4682
Neoi Epivatai GRXX0466
Neoi Poroi GRXX4683
Neoi Psathadhes GRXX2116
Neokaisareia GRXX0467
Neokaisareia GRXX4684
Neokastron GRXX3147
Neokastron GRXX4685
Neokhorakion GRXX3921
Neokhorion GRXX1317
Neokhorion GRXX1318
Neokhorion GRXX2117
Neokhorion GRXX5563
Neokhorion GRXX7096
Neokhorion GRXX3148
Neokhorion GRXX8989
Neokhorion GRXX4686
Neon Agionerion GRXX4687
Neon Agridion GRXX3149
Neon Bizanion GRXX0468
Neon Iraklion GRXX6080
Neon Karlovasion GRXX1320
Neon Katramion GRXX2118
Neon Kavaklion GRXX2119
Neon Keramidion GRXX4689
Neon Khimonion GRXX2120
Neon Khorion GRXX7097
Neon Kordelion GRXX4690
Neon Kostarazion GRXX3922
Neon Kostion GRXX2121
Neon Lilion GRXX2122
Neon Livission GRXX6081
Neon Myriofyton GRXX4691
Neon Oitilon GRXX8990