Weather Codes for Ghana

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Ghana. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abaasa GHXX2389
Ababio GHXX3441
Ababuom GHXX2390
Abadzi GHXX2391
Abagamia GHXX6964
Abaka GHXX2392
Abakanu GHXX2393
Abakanunkun GHXX2394
Abakle GHXX3442
Abakrampa GHXX2395
Abakwa GHXX2396
Abakwam GHXX0611
Abama GHXX1927
Abamkrom GHXX3443
Abamkwam GHXX2397
Abanasi GHXX0612
Abankrom GHXX0613
Abanyaso GHXX0614
Abasa GHXX2398
Abasi GHXX0615
Abasi GHXX2399
Abasi GHXX5685
Abasi GHXX7894
Abasuakuma GHXX0616
Abasuapayin GHXX0617
Abatumesu GHXX7895
Abawdikro GHXX1928
Abawe GHXX0618
Abawnse GHXX3444
Abawso GHXX3445
Abawso GHXX7896
Abayeme GHXX5686
Abayisua GHXX0619
Abeam GHXX3446
Abeasi GHXX1929
Abehenasi GHXX5687
Abehu GHXX3447
Abejum GHXX0620
Abeka GHXX0181
Abeka GHXX2400
Abelio GHXX6965
Abem GHXX0621
Abenakrom GHXX7897
Abenasi GHXX3448
Abenaso GHXX3449
Abene GHXX3450
Abene GHXX2401
Abenia GHXX7898
Abenkrom GHXX2402
Abensia GHXX2403
Abepawtia GHXX3451
Abepim GHXX0622
Aberem GHXX3452
Aberesa GHXX2404
Abesewa GHXX0623
Abesre GHXX3453
Abetensua GHXX0624
Abetifi GHXX3454
Abetim GHXX3455
Abetinm GHXX0625
Abetinsi GHXX3456
Abetinso GHXX0182
Abetinsu GHXX0626
Abeu GHXX6966
Abia GHXX0183
Abiadi Eshiem GHXX2405
Abibireso GHXX0627
Abidimisebi GHXX0628
Abileteiga GHXX6967
Abin GHXX2406
Abirem GHXX0629
Abirem Odumasi GHXX3457
Abiriu GHXX3458
Abisasi GHXX1930
Abisim GHXX3459
Ablabo GHXX7899
Ablajei GHXX0184
Ablamuzadu GHXX5688
Ablefu GHXX0185
Ablekpui GHXX5689
Ablekuma GHXX0186
Ablenkpe GHXX0187
Ablevenia GHXX3460
Ablibukope GHXX5690
Ablimen GHXX3461
Ablonu GHXX5691
Abnabna GHXX7900
Aboabo GHXX5692
Aboabo GHXX0630
Aboabo GHXX2407
Aboabo GHXX1931
Aboabo GHXX3462
Aboabo Duana GHXX1932
Aboabo Nkwanta GHXX0631
Aboaboja GHXX0632
Aboaboso GHXX0633
Aboaboso GHXX7901
Aboachi GHXX3463
Aboadi GHXX7902
Aboano GHXX2408
Aboansa GHXX2409
Aboasi GHXX2410
Aboaso GHXX3464
Aboawso GHXX0634
Abobofovi GHXX5693
Abochigakope GHXX5694
Abochikope GHXX0188
Abochikrom GHXX7903
Abochiman GHXX0189
Abodiem GHXX0635
Abodinkrom GHXX0636
Abodom GHXX7904
Aboduem GHXX7905
Abodum GHXX3465
Aboesi GHXX7906
Abofour GHXX0004
Aboframfajwini GHXX3466
Abofrim GHXX1933
Abofu GHXX0190
Abohia GHXX7907
Abohire GHXX5695
Aboi GHXX7908
Abojiemiye GHXX0638
Abokobi GHXX0191
Abolave GHXX5696
Aboma GHXX0639
Aboman GHXX0192
Abomanso GHXX2412
Abomasalafuo GHXX3468
Abombanya GHXX3469
Abominya GHXX0193
Abomisam GHXX3470
Abomoso GHXX3471
Abompe GHXX3472
Abomposu GHXX0640
Abon-Fo GHXX3473
Aboni GHXX2413
Abonku GHXX2414
Abonkwa GHXX2415
Abonokofe GHXX5697
Abontiakun GHXX7909
Abontiem GHXX1934
Abontsa GHXX2416
Abonu GHXX0641
Abonzerakrom GHXX1935
Abor GHXX5698
Abora GHXX2417
Abori GHXX0642
Abosamso GHXX0643
Abosem GHXX7910
Aboso GHXX7911
Aboso GHXX2418
Abossey Okai GHXX0194
Abosumba GHXX2419
Abotang GHXX0644
Abotendua GHXX0645
Abotia GHXX3474
Abotia GHXX7912
Abowam GHXX3475
Abowinim GHXX2420
Abra GHXX7913
Abrade GHXX3476
Abrafo GHXX2421
Abrakaso GHXX0646
Abransa GHXX2422
Abrantiyamawbaw GHXX0647
Abrasi GHXX7914
Abrawdiwurem GHXX7915
Abrawkawfe GHXX1936
Abrekum GHXX2423
Abrekuma GHXX0195
Abrem Agona GHXX2424
Abrema GHXX0648
Abremkese GHXX0649
Abreshia GHXX7916
Abreshia GHXX2425
Abresua GHXX3477
Abrewankaw GHXX0650
Abrikaso GHXX1937
Abrimso GHXX3478
Abrobeano GHXX2426
Abrobuesin GHXX0651
Abrochire GHXX2427
Abrodiem GHXX7917
Abrodiem GHXX3479
Abrofirim GHXX0652
Abrofoa GHXX2428
Abrokwofi GHXX7918
Abroma GHXX0653
Abua GHXX7919
Abuadi GHXX5699
Abuakwa GHXX0654
Abuakwa GHXX2429
Abuakwankwanta GHXX2430
Abuanokope GHXX0196
Abuanu GHXX2431
Abuchen GHXX3480
Abuchenso GHXX3481
Abude GHXX3482
Abudi GHXX3483
Abudom GHXX1938
Abuenu GHXX2432
Abuiata GHXX5700
Abuife GHXX5701
Abukrom GHXX7920
Abul GHXX2433
Abum GHXX5702
Abum GHXX1939
Abuo GHXX1940
Abuohia GHXX0655
Abuontem GHXX0656
Abuoso GHXX3484
Abuoso GHXX0657
Abuoso GHXX7921
Abupubuma GHXX0658
Abura GHXX2434
Aburahu GHXX3485
Aburankwanta GHXX2435
Aburaso GHXX3486
Aburaso GHXX0659
Aburi GHXX7922
Aburi GHXX3487
Aburiamanfu GHXX3488
Abusem GHXX7923
Abutareye GHXX2436
Abutifi GHXX2437
Abuzome GHXX5703
Abwantem GHXX0660
Abyukope GHXX0197
Accra GHXX0001
Achaho GHXX5704
Achame GHXX5705
Achami GHXX5706
Acharaba GHXX6968
Achati GHXX5707
Achatime GHXX5708
Achemfo GHXX7924
Achemfo GHXX2438
Achempim GHXX2439
Achempin GHXX7925
Achenfu GHXX7926
Achenim GHXX7927
Acherensua GHXX1941
Acheve GHXX5709
Achiafi GHXX5710
Achiafime GHXX5711
Achiakrom GHXX0661
Achiaman GHXX0198
Achiankua GHXX7928
Achiano GHXX2440
Achiasewa GHXX0662
Achiasi GHXX0006
Achiasi GHXX2441
Achiasi GHXX3489
Achibiasi GHXX2442
Achichere GHXX7929
Achida GHXX7930
Achiekpe GHXX5712
Achiekrom GHXX7931
Achikrom GHXX0664
Achim GHXX7932
Achim GHXX5713
Achim Dada GHXX7933
Achimeleku GHXX5714
Achimfu GHXX7934
Achimkrom GHXX7935
Achimota GHXX0199
Achina GHXX0665
Achinakrom GHXX0666
Achinayili GHXX4309
Achiremade GHXX0667
Achirichi GHXX7936
Achisa GHXX2443
Achiteti GHXX5715
Achive GHXX5716
Achlulu GHXX5717
Achochobuoso GHXX0668
Achowa GHXX7937
Achreboanda GHXX7938
Achrobuoana GHXX7939
Achuakan GHXX7940
Achuchuso GHXX0669
Achureboana GHXX7941
Achwa GHXX2444
Achwia GHXX0670
Ada GHXX0007
Ada GHXX5718
Ada GHXX2445
Ada GHXX4310
Ada GHXX0671
Ada GHXX7942
Ada Fua GHXX0200
Ada Panya GHXX0201
Adabakpo GHXX5719
Adabem GHXX7943
Adaboi GHXX2446
Adaboya GHXX6969
Adadientem GHXX3490
Adadientem GHXX0672
Adafianu GHXX5720
Adagrikpo GHXX5721
Adaha GHXX7944
Adahamasi GHXX2447
Adahem GHXX0673
Adahem GHXX2448
Adahomasi GHXX7945
Adahumasi GHXX0674
Adahumaso GHXX0675
Adaiso GHXX3491
Adaka GHXX7946
Adakpo GHXX5722
Adakunsia GHXX3492
Adakwai GHXX0676
Adakwakrom GHXX7947
Adam GHXX2449
Adamanso GHXX7948
Adame GHXX5723
Adamrobe GHXX0202
Adamso GHXX0677
Adamsu GHXX1942
Adanabra GHXX7950
Adangomasi GHXX0678
Adanka GHXX2450
Adankwami GHXX0679
Adankwamu GHXX0680
Adansemem GHXX2451
Adansi GHXX7951
Adansi GHXX2452
Adansi Anhwiaso GHXX0681
Adansi Kakraba GHXX7952
Adansi Nsese GHXX0682
Adansi Prasu GHXX0683
Adanting GHXX3493
Adapo GHXX5724
Adaprasi GHXX1943
Adapwi GHXX3494
Adare GHXX4311
Adasamasi GHXX2453
Adasan GHXX7953
Adasi GHXX0684
Adasi GHXX7954
Adave GHXX5725
Adawkaw GHXX5726
Adawmenu GHXX0685
Adawsena GHXX3495
Adawso GHXX0008
Adawsoasi GHXX3497
Adayiri GHXX4312
Adecheda GHXX7955
Adedido GHXX5727
Adeho GHXX5728
Adeikrom GHXX7956
Adeitu GHXX0686
Adeja GHXX0687
Adema GHXX2454
Adembra GHXX2455
Adenchi GHXX2456
Adenkrebi GHXX3498
Adense GHXX0688
Adenta GHXX0203
Adentan GHXX0204
Adenya GHXX3499
Adenyensu GHXX0689
Adeusina GHXX0690
Adewuke GHXX0205
Adiambra GHXX7957
Adiawso GHXX7958
Adiawukope GHXX0206
Adibafe GHXX5729
Adibeasi GHXX3500
Adibo GHXX4314
Adichrekope GHXX0207
Adichuem GHXX0691
Adidasi GHXX0692
Adidiso GHXX3501
Adidokope GHXX5730
Adidokpe GHXX5731
Adidokpo GHXX5732
Adidokpoe GHXX5733
Adidokpovu GHXX5734
Adidome GHXX5735
Adidotoe GHXX5736
Adidovenu GHXX5737
Adiebaba GHXX0693
Adiekpe GHXX5738
Adiem GHXX0694
Adiembra GHXX7959
Adiembra GHXX0208
Adiembra GHXX2457
Adiembra GHXX0009
Adiemra GHXX2458
Adienchin GHXX7960
Adiepena GHXX0696
Adieyamiaye GHXX2459
Adija GHXX2460
Adikuma GHXX3503
Adimanu GHXX7961
Adina GHXX7962
Adinamonu GHXX5740
Adinkrakrom GHXX0697
Adintiasi GHXX3504
Adisadel GHXX2461
Adiso GHXX7963
Aditekorasi GHXX2462
Adiveme GHXX5741
Adjakoe GHXX5742
Adjana GHXX5743
Adjawola GHXX5744
Adjenuko GHXX5745
Adjomanikope GHXX0209
Adjove GHXX5746
Adjovime GHXX5747
Adobewora GHXX0698
Adofin GHXX2463
Adoi GHXX1944
Adokope GHXX0210
Adokroasi GHXX2464
Adomanu GHXX0699
Adome GHXX0010
Adomekwa GHXX2465
Adomfe GHXX0700
Adomi GHXX5748
Adonkrono GHXX3505
Adonkwanta GHXX3506
Adonokofe GHXX5749
Adonrokpe GHXX5750
Adonsi GHXX6970
Adonso GHXX0701
Adope GHXX5751
Adorior Oda GHXX2466
Ados GHXX5752
Adotim GHXX2467
Adotokope GHXX5753
Adowa GHXX0702
Adoweko GHXX6971
Adowkrom GHXX7964
Adrakpo GHXX5754
Adruban GHXX1945
Adrume GHXX5755
Aduahensu GHXX0703
Aduahensu GHXX3507
Aduamoa GHXX3508
Aduanchensika GHXX7965
Aduasa GHXX3509
Aduatu GHXX0704
Adubra GHXX7966
Adubrim GHXX7967
Aduchwie GHXX1946
Adudong GHXX5756
Adueasi GHXX3510
Adujanso GHXX0705
Adukofi GHXX3511
Adukrom GHXX7968
Adukrom GHXX2468
Adukrom GHXX3512
Adukuma GHXX2469
Adukumama GHXX0706
Adukwajo GHXX0211
Adukwajokrom GHXX1947
Adukwesikrom GHXX7969
Adum Banso GHXX7970
Adumadum GHXX3513
Adumadum GHXX5757
Adumanya GHXX0212
Adumasa GHXX0707
Adumasa GHXX3514
Adumasi GHXX5758
Adumoa GHXX0708
Adunajikope GHXX0213
Adunania GHXX6972
Adung GHXX6973
Aduni GHXX7971
Adunku GHXX0709
Aduposo GHXX0710
Adupre GHXX7972
Adusa GHXX0214
Adusikrom GHXX7973
Adusukofe GHXX5759
Adutor GHXX5760
Aduyao GHXX0711
Aduyeli GHXX4315
Aduyili GHXX4316
Aduyiri GHXX4317
Adwajiri GHXX3515
Adzakate GHXX5761
Adzanu GHXX5762
Adzapakope GHXX5763
Adzato GHXX5764
Adzintam GHXX2471
Adzokoe GHXX5765
Afade GHXX5766
Afadi Esiyie GHXX3516
Afamanso GHXX0712
Afango GHXX5767
Afao GHXX2472
Afatianhu GHXX0713
Afawkope GHXX5768
Afawtawkaw GHXX0714
Afegame GHXX5769
Afeim GHXX5770
Afere GHXX7974
Afereakoboro GHXX7975
Aferi GHXX0715
Aferie GHXX3517
Aferie GHXX0716
Afesikofe GHXX5771
Afeyi GHXX5772
Afiadenyiba GHXX0215
Afiadenyigba GHXX5773
Afiadenyigbaga GHXX5774
Afiaman GHXX0216
Afianya GHXX0217
Afiaso GHXX2473
Afidie GHXX0717
Afiefso GHXX2474
Afienya GHXX0218
Afife GHXX5775
Aflamase GHXX3518
Aflamasi GHXX3519
Aflao GHXX5776
Aflavenu GHXX5777
Aflukofe GHXX5778
Afoako GHXX0718
Afode GHXX5779
Afopa GHXX3520
Afoso GHXX3521
Aframso GHXX0011
Afrancho GHXX0720
Afranikrom GHXX0721
Afransi GHXX7976
Afransi GHXX0722
Afransi GHXX2475
Afransi GHXX3522
Afransie GHXX7977
Afranso GHXX3523
Afrante GHXX0723
Afrantwo GHXX0724
Afrebo GHXX7978
Afrengwa GHXX2476
Afrenso GHXX0725
Afrimakrom GHXX7979
Afrokrom GHXX7980
Afruve GHXX0219
Afuaman GHXX0220
Afuamoaso GHXX0726
Afumasi GHXX7981
Afuta GHXX5780
Afutuakwa GHXX2477
Afuwa GHXX2478
Afwerasi GHXX3524
Agadji GHXX5781
Agadome GHXX5782
Agata GHXX5783
Agatayingbe GHXX5784
Agate GHXX5785
Agave GHXX0221
Agavedzi GHXX5786
Agawhaw GHXX5787
Agawhome GHXX5788
Agawkpo GHXX5789
Agawtakpo GHXX5790
Agawtaw GHXX3525
Agawu GHXX5791
Agbadikope GHXX5792
Agbadomi GHXX5793
Agbaflome GHXX5794
Agbagome GHXX5795
Agbakofe GHXX5796
Agbakpekofe GHXX5797
Agbanikofe GHXX5798
Agbanyokofe GHXX5799
Agbatiave GHXX5800
Agbatsivi GHXX5801
Agbechemekofe GHXX5802
Agbegakope GHXX0222
Agbele GHXX3526
Agbelechime GHXX5803
Agbenawsikofe GHXX3527
Agbenohoe GHXX5804
Agbenuvokofe GHXX5805
Agbesia GHXX5806
Agbetiame GHXX5807
Agbetipo GHXX3528
Agbetokope GHXX5808
Agbimenyihiakope GHXX5809
Agblakope GHXX5810
Agbledomi GHXX5811
Agblega GHXX5812
Agblesia GHXX0223
Agbletokwei GHXX5813
Agbleve GHXX5814
Agbleviem GHXX5815
Agblife GHXX5816
Agblonu GHXX5817
Agbodrafo GHXX5818
Agbogba GHXX0224
Agbogbla GHXX5819
Agbokofe GHXX5820
Agbokpi GHXX5821
Agbolikpota GHXX5822
Agbomadjikofe GHXX5823
Agbome GHXX5824
Agbonwakope GHXX0225
Agbonyira GHXX5825
Agbosokope GHXX5826
Agbosome GHXX5827
Agbosudotoiyi GHXX3529
Agbove GHXX0226
Agbum GHXX3530
Agbutiakope GHXX0227
Agbutokope GHXX5828
Agbwekope GHXX5829
Agedrafokope GHXX0228
Agekpo GHXX5830
Ageteklechi GHXX5831
Aginakofe GHXX5832
Aginukope GHXX5833
Aglobo GHXX3531
Aglokpovia GHXX5834
Agobiakofe GHXX5835
Agobledokui GHXX5836
Agode GHXX5837
Agodokope GHXX5838
Agodome GHXX5839
Agodomi GHXX5840
Agoe GHXX5841
Agogbe GHXX0229
Agogo GHXX0012
Agogo GHXX3532
Agogoso GHXX0728
Agohoe GHXX5842
Agohome GHXX5843
Agoilori GHXX0729
Agoko GHXX5844
Agokpo GHXX5845
Agoli GHXX5846
Agomanya GHXX3533
Agome GHXX0230
Agome GHXX5847
Agomeda GHXX0231
Agomo GHXX5848
Agona GHXX0013
Agona GHXX0730
Agona GHXX2479
Agona Akrofoso GHXX0731
Agopuigbo GHXX5849
Agoreke GHXX5850
Agoriki GHXX5851
Agosa GHXX1948
Agotaga GHXX5852
Agotavia GHXX5853
Agotive GHXX5854
Agotoe GHXX5855
Agotome GHXX5856
Agove GHXX5857
Agoveme GHXX5858
Agovi GHXX5859
Agovinu GHXX5860
Agovlayakope GHXX0232
Agoyema GHXX5861
Agrosum GHXX0732
Agu GHXX5862
Agudekope GHXX0233
Agufo GHXX7983
Aguna GHXX7984
Agushi GHXX6974
Agute GHXX5863
Agwasi GHXX2480
Agwetiabuom GHXX2481
Agwetiakokro GHXX2482
Ahabaso Mlawa GHXX3534
Ahakukope GHXX0234
Ahamahama GHXX3535
Ahamakrom-Bue GHXX2483
Ahamansu GHXX5864
Ahantamaw GHXX7985
Ahantamwa GHXX1949
Ahaohu GHXX2484
Ahasonyewuda GHXX2485
Ahawdemi GHXX5865
Ahenkro GHXX5866
Aheriso GHXX3536
Ahiamadikope GHXX5867
Ahiamajikope GHXX0235
Ahibenso GHXX7986
Ahiem GHXX7987
Ahimakrom GHXX7988
Ahimaso GHXX0733
Ahinasi GHXX3537
Ahinbuboi GHXX2486
Ahinforoso GHXX0734
Ahinikrom GHXX7989
Ahinkofikrom GHXX7990
Ahinkro GHXX0735
Ahinsai GHXX0736
Ahinsan GHXX0737
Ahire GHXX7991
Ahireku GHXX7992
Ahireso GHXX1950
Ahireso GHXX7993
Ahireso GHXX2488
Ahireso GHXX0738
Ahiruam GHXX0739
Ahlanfedo GHXX5868
Ahobre GHXX7994
Ahoe GHXX5869
Ahojo GHXX2489
Aholukofe GHXX5870
Aholupu GHXX5871
Ahomaho GHXX2490
Ahonozo GHXX7995
Ahope GHXX7996
Ahuayen GHXX7997
Ahujo GHXX2491
Ahumakofe GHXX5872
Ahumblikofe GHXX5873
Ahumkaswaso GHXX7998
Ahunda GHXX5874
Ahunjo GHXX2492
Ahunjo GHXX0740
Ahunju GHXX0236
Ahunkofe GHXX5875
Ahunkwa GHXX7999
Ahunlife GHXX5876
Ahuntrum GHXX3538
Ahuraga GHXX8000
Ahuren GHXX0741
Ahwiawom GHXX2493
Ahwidaye GHXX0742
Ahwiriso GHXX0743
Ahwiriwa GHXX0744
Ahwitiaso GHXX8001
Aibon GHXX3539
Aidan GHXX0237
Aikaidoboro GHXX0238
Aimaso GHXX3540
Aingbe GHXX5877
Airam GHXX5878
Aivawkofe GHXX5879
Aiwata GHXX5880
Aiyaiyu GHXX1951
Aiyasi GHXX2494
Aiyasi GHXX0745
Aiyaura GHXX8002
Aiyerade GHXX1952
Aiyesu GHXX3541
Aiyiboso GHXX8003
Aiyikuma GHXX0239
Aiyikwataw GHXX3542
Aiyim GHXX8004
Aiyim GHXX3543
Aiyim GHXX2495
Aiyimensa GHXX0240
Aiyinabiri GHXX3544
Aiyinabrim GHXX8005
Aiyinabrim GHXX0746
Aiyinabrim GHXX2496
Aiyinasi GHXX8006
Ajabinkrom GHXX8007
Ajademan GHXX3545
Ajaikope GHXX3546
Ajakamanso GHXX8008
Ajake GHXX0241
Ajakope GHXX3547
Ajakpakope GHXX0242
Ajakpleji GHXX5881
Ajakukuso GHXX8009
Ajaman GHXX3548
Ajamaso GHXX0747
Ajankiti GHXX3549
Ajanoa GHXX8010
Ajapoma GHXX3550
Ajareago GHXX0748
Ajavu GHXX5882
Ajaw GHXX8011
Ajayekrom GHXX3551
Ajei GHXX8012
Ajeiagbo GHXX3552
Ajeikrom GHXX0749
Ajeikrom GHXX2497
Ajekofe GHXX5883
Ajekpo GHXX3553
Ajempra GHXX0750
Ajemra GHXX8013
Ajena GHXX0014
Ajenadawm GHXX3555
Ajenakonawpie GHXX3556
Ajenasi GHXX0751
Ajenasi GHXX2498
Ajenasi GHXX3557
Ajenkotoku GHXX0243
Ajesa GHXX8014
Ajesokese GHXX8015
Ajianso GHXX8016
Ajiho GHXX5884
Ajikomkrom GHXX8017
Ajimenti GHXX3558
Ajimpoma GHXX2499
Ajinsem GHXX8018
Ajinyede GHXX8019
Ajireso GHXX8020
Ajiringano GHXX0244
Ajlagokofe GHXX5885
Ajobom GHXX3559
Ajokwe GHXX5886
Ajua GHXX8021
Ajuafo GHXX3560
Ajuafo GHXX0752
Ajuan GHXX8022
Ajueso GHXX2500
Ajufia GHXX8023
Ajum GHXX8024
Ajumadium GHXX8025
Ajumakese GHXX0753
Ajumako GHXX0015
Ajumako GHXX8026
Ajumam GHXX8027
Ajumam GHXX1953
Ajumam GHXX0754
Ajuman GHXX2502
Ajumanim GHXX8028
Ajunkwaso GHXX0755
Ajuom GHXX2503
Ajusua GHXX0756
Ajwenso GHXX3561
Ajwinasi GHXX8029
Ajwitechi GHXX2504
Aka GHXX5887
Akabuka GHXX8030
Akachiama GHXX8031
Akagla GHXX3562
Akaglakofe GHXX5888
Akakagbo GHXX5889
Akakankro GHXX0758
Akalove GHXX5890
Akamakrom GHXX8032
Akame GHXX5891
Akamimi GHXX8033
Akamo GHXX6975
Akamukope GHXX0245
Akanaba GHXX6976
Akancha GHXX5892
Akaniem GHXX5893
Akankasi GHXX2505
Akanko GHXX8034
Akantaniasi GHXX0759
Akantanso GHXX0760
Akantansu GHXX8035
Akantem GHXX2506
Akantin GHXX3563
Akanu GHXX5894
Akapoliso GHXX0761
Akaratesi GHXX6977
Akaserim GHXX0762
Akatawia GHXX3564
Akatebura GHXX2507
Akaternu GHXX8036
Akati GHXX8037
Akatichua GHXX2508
Akato GHXX5895
Akatri GHXX3565
Akatsi GHXX5896
Akautaucheri GHXX8038
Akawkawakawkaw GHXX2509
Akawkawso GHXX0763
Akawli GHXX3566
Akawso GHXX8039
Akayao GHXX5897
Akbakofe GHXX5898
Akbatebe GHXX5899
Akbekpo GHXX5900
Akblokofe GHXX5901
Akekrom GHXX0764
Akenkasi GHXX2510
Akenkawso GHXX2511
Akenkawso GHXX3567
Akesakrom GHXX0765
Akesu GHXX0766
Akete GHXX1954
Aketebwo GHXX3568
Aketeche GHXX8040
Aketechi GHXX8041
Aketswia GHXX3569
Akeve GHXX5902
Akim Nsese GHXX3570
Akim Oda GHXX3571
Akim Swedru GHXX2512
Akim Swedru GHXX3572
Akimboso GHXX3573
Akinajile GHXX4318
Akitikofe GHXX5903
Aklakbanu GHXX5904
Aklamadaw GHXX5905
Aklaya GHXX5906
Akleme GHXX5907
Akligbekope GHXX0246
Akloba GHXX5908
Aklofudzi GHXX5909
Akoanso GHXX2513
Akoasi GHXX3574
Akode GHXX3575
Akodekrom GHXX8042
Akodum GHXX3576
Akohia GHXX3577
Akoko GHXX3578
Akokoaso GHXX0767
Akokobenumsu GHXX2514
Akokodem GHXX0768
Akokofe GHXX0769
Akokofori GHXX0770
Akokoma GHXX3580
Akokome GHXX0247
Akokua GHXX1955
Akokwasa GHXX2515
Akolekope GHXX0248
Akoli GHXX5910
Akomato GHXX2516
Akomnyina GHXX0771
Akomutoko GHXX3581
Akonbuo GHXX2517
Akonchi GHXX0772
Akonfudi GHXX2518
Akong GHXX2519
Akontansi GHXX8043
Akorabu Kukua GHXX3582
Akoraso GHXX2520
Akoraso GHXX3583
Akorisi GHXX6978
Akoro GHXX8044
Akosa GHXX2521
Akosombo GHXX3584
Akosomo GHXX3585
Akosua GHXX0773
Akosuakroa GHXX8045
Akosumu GHXX0774
Akotadai GHXX3586
Akotechiaso GHXX0775
Akotem GHXX2522
Akotiantra GHXX0776
Akoto GHXX8046
Akotochir GHXX2523
Akotom GHXX8047
Akotopesa GHXX0777
Akotoshi GHXX0249
Akotoso GHXX2524
Akotosu GHXX2525
Akototime GHXX3587
Akotuagwa GHXX2526
Akotuako GHXX3588
Akotuaku GHXX0250
Akotui GHXX3589
Akotyua GHXX3590
Akovief GHXX5911
Akpadaho GHXX5912
Akpakope GHXX5913
Akpakpavikope GHXX0251
Akpalegakofe GHXX3591
Akpamu GHXX3592
Akplabanya GHXX0252
Akpliglui GHXX5914
Akpokofe GHXX5915
Akpoman GHXX0253
Akporkploe GHXX5916
Akpotoenu GHXX5917
Akra GHXX2527
Akrabong GHXX2528
Akrakrom GHXX8048
Akramaman GHXX0254
Akramang GHXX2529
Akrampa GHXX2530
Akrobadzi GHXX2531
Akrobawnia GHXX3593
Akrobosu GHXX3594
Akrochere GHXX0778
Akrochire GHXX0779
Akrodie GHXX1956
Akrofonso GHXX1957
Akrofro GHXX1958
Akrofro GHXX2532
Akrofrom GHXX0016
Akrofrom GHXX0780
Akrofrum GHXX8049
Akrofrum GHXX1959
Akrofu GHXX5919
Akrofufu GHXX2533
Akrofufu GHXX3595
Akrofuom GHXX0781
Akrokeri GHXX0782
Akrom GHXX0783
Akroma GHXX2535
Akromabra GHXX4319
Akromanto GHXX8050
Akromaso GHXX0784
Akropong GHXX8051
Akropong GHXX2536
Akropong GHXX0785
Akropong GHXX3596
Akroso GHXX0017
Akrowi GHXX0786
Akrubi GHXX3597
Akrubutui GHXX0787
Akrujua GHXX1960
Akruma GHXX2537
Akruofo GHXX8052
Akruso GHXX3598
Aku GHXX2538
Akuamasi GHXX3599
Akuamu GHXX3600
Akuavi GHXX5920
Akubrefa GHXX2539
Akudome GHXX0255
Akufo GHXX3601
Akufu GHXX3602
Akuma GHXX0788
Akumadan GHXX0789
Akumanikope GHXX5921
Akumaso GHXX3603
Akundaw GHXX6979
Akunduo GHXX6980
Akunjasrere GHXX8053
Akunka GHXX6981
Akunkongu GHXX6982
Akunoyi GHXX4320
Akunso GHXX8054
Akuntam GHXX0790
Akuntanasi GHXX0791
Akuntanim GHXX1962
Akuokrom GHXX0792
Akuri GHXX6983
Akusame GHXX5922
Akuse GHXX0018
Akusuansa GHXX8055
Akusuno GHXX8056
Akuta GHXX0793
Akuta GHXX5923
Akutiasi GHXX0794
Akutreso GHXX0795
Akutuabo GHXX8057
Akutuasi GHXX0796
Akutuasi GHXX8058
Akwabawso GHXX0797
Akwabo GHXX3604
Akwaboa GHXX0798
Akwaboso GHXX3605
Akwabuaso GHXX2540
Akwachi GHXX2541
Akwadum GHXX8059
Akwadum GHXX3606
Akwaduo GHXX0799
Akwakrom GHXX2542
Akwaman GHXX2543
Akwamasi GHXX2544
Akwamu GHXX2545
Akwamu GHXX3607
Akwangi GHXX3608
Akwani GHXX0256
Akwanjakrom GHXX8060
Akwansakokro GHXX2546
Akwantambra GHXX8061
Akwantrakrom GHXX8062
Akwapim GHXX3609
Akwasa GHXX2547
Akwaseho GHXX3610
Akwasi Akwasiso GHXX0800
Akwasijikrom GHXX1963
Akwasu GHXX0801
Akwatia GHXX3611
Akwatin GHXX3612
Akwechi GHXX2548
Akweiman GHXX0257
Akwekope GHXX0258
Akwekrom GHXX2549
Akweku GHXX2550
Akwesiasi I GHXX0802
Akwesiasi II GHXX0803
Akwesijankrom GHXX2551
Akweteman GHXX0259
Akweti GHXX2552
Akwida GHXX8063
Akwo Babianiba GHXX8064
Alablaboi GHXX5924
Alabonyu GHXX5925
Alagbakofe GHXX5926
Alaham GHXX8065
Alajo GHXX0260
Alakabo GHXX8066
Alakpa GHXX5927
Alakpeti GHXX5928
Alakple GHXX5929
Alakwababo GHXX8067
Alapoke GHXX8068
Alata GHXX0804
Alawuri GHXX8069
Alemakrowa GHXX3613
Alenda GHXX8070
Alenda Wharf GHXX8071
Alengenzure GHXX8072
Alenzua GHXX6984
Alfayili GHXX4321
Alfayinga GHXX4322
Alidem GHXX6985
Aloazure GHXX8073
Aloen GHXX8074
Alogenia GHXX6986
Aloi GHXX5930
Alokapoketi GHXX8075
Alokpe GHXX0261
Alopa GHXX5931
Alopui GHXX5932
Alovi GHXX5933
Aluku GHXX8076
Alumkazo GHXX8077
Amadroasi GHXX0805
Amadzikope GHXX5934
Amafie GHXX8078
Amakofikrom GHXX2553
Amakokrom GHXX3614
Amakrom GHXX8079
Amakwadikope GHXX5935
Amamboajo GHXX8080
Amamoli GHXX0262
Amamoso GHXX0806
Amamouhu GHXX8081
Amamum GHXX0807
Amanakpo GHXX0263
Amanasi GHXX3615
Amanchia GHXX0808
Amanfinaso GHXX8082
Amanfo GHXX2554
Amanfor GHXX2555
Amanforo GHXX5936
Amanfro GHXX0264
Amanfro GHXX3616
Amanfro GHXX8083
Amanfu GHXX2556
Amanfukrom GHXX8084
Amanful GHXX8085
Amanfupong GHXX2557
Amangfrom GHXX3617
Amanhia GHXX3618
Amania GHXX8086
Amanin GHXX0809
Amankrom GHXX8087
Amankwakrom GHXX3619
Amanmehwe GHXX8088
Amanmewhe GHXX8089
Amanokrom GHXX3620
Amanpe GHXX0811
Amanporo GHXX2558
Amanprobi GHXX3621
Amantana GHXX0812
Amantana GHXX3622
Amantem Nkwanta GHXX3623
Amantin GHXX1964
Amantin Dada GHXX8090
Amantran GHXX3624
Amape GHXX8091
Amape GHXX2559
Amasaman GHXX0265
Amate GHXX3625
Amawafur GHXX2560
Amawbra GHXX0813
Amawkrom GHXX8092
Amayan GHXX2561
Amburi GHXX7555
Ameblikofe GHXX5937
Amechekope GHXX3626
Amedika GHXX3627
Amedikukope GHXX0266
Amedua GHXX2562
Ameduikaw GHXX5938
Amedzikope GHXX5939
Amedzofe GHXX5940
Amefinu GHXX5941
Amekom GHXX0814
Amekomfokrom GHXX0815
Amentia GHXX0019
Amfahun GHXX3628
Amia GHXX2563
Amiama GHXX3629
Amiamukaw GHXX5942
Aminam Amanfrom GHXX3630
Aminapa GHXX0267
Aminasi GHXX2564
Aminaso GHXX0816
Amipakwebi GHXX2565
Amisakrom GHXX2566
Amisano GHXX2567
Amishibiebokaso GHXX8093
Amlakpo GHXX0268
Amle GHXX5943
Amoabin GHXX2568
Amoadu GHXX0817
Amoafo GHXX0818
Amoaku GHXX0819
Amoakukrom GHXX0820
Amoakukrom GHXX2569
Amoakuswaso GHXX8094
Amoakutu GHXX0821
Amoakwa GHXX2570
Amoamang GHXX8095
Amoamang GHXX0822
Amoamo GHXX0823
Amoana GHXX8096
Amoana GHXX2571
Amoanda GHXX2572
Amoaso GHXX1965
Amobia GHXX0824
Amodalga GHXX6987
Amogorebisi GHXX6988
Amokofe GHXX5944
Amoku GHXX8097
Amoma GHXX1966
Amomaso GHXX1967
Amoniete GHXX5945
Amonikrom GHXX2573
Amontidom GHXX2574
Amosima GHXX2575
Amosua GHXX2576
Amosuakwanta GHXX8098
Amoswaso GHXX8099
Amowi GHXX0825
Amoya GHXX8100
Ampabami GHXX0826
Ampakrom GHXX8101
Ampam GHXX3631
Ampansie GHXX0020
Ampedu GHXX1968
Ampeni GHXX8102
Ampeni GHXX2577
Ampenkro GHXX3632
Ampeyo GHXX5946
Ampia Ajumako GHXX2578
Ampofukrom GHXX3633
Ampoma GHXX1969
Amponya GHXX0827
Ampunyanso GHXX0828
Ampunyasi GHXX0829
Amrada GHXX0830
Amrada Fetish GHXX0831
Amrahia GHXX0269
Amua GHXX3634
Amuafu GHXX2579
Amuakromakrofo GHXX2580
Amuanda GHXX2581
Amuatekokope GHXX5947
Amukrom GHXX8103
Amumukwa GHXX2582
Amuna GHXX0832
Amuni GHXX8104
Amusiaso GHXX2583
Amutinu GHXX5948
Amuvianu GHXX0270
Amuzukofe GHXX5949
Anabuya GHXX6989
Anafro GHXX2584
Anaji GHXX8105
Anakum GHXX8106
Anama GHXX0833
Anamansa GHXX6990
Anamapenin GHXX2585
Anamasi GHXX3635
Anamloampa GHXX3636
Ananikrom GHXX0834
Ananikrom GHXX2586
Anankaso GHXX0835
Ananso GHXX0836
Ananta GHXX0837
Anasam GHXX8107
Anazome GHXX5950
Anbobra GHXX2587
Anbuntem GHXX8108
Anchenin GHXX8109
Anchwirifu GHXX1970
Ando GHXX4323
Andobrofu GHXX8110
Anenso GHXX1971
Anensuja GHXX0838
Anfaja GHXX8111
Anfen GHXX5951
Anfeo GHXX2588
Anfetu GHXX5952
Anfoe GHXX5953
Anfoe GHXX8112
Anfoega Akukome GHXX5954
Anfoeta Tsebi GHXX5955
Angeta GHXX5956
Angoe GHXX5957
Angu GHXX8113
Angu GHXX2589
Anguenu GHXX5958
Angwentifi GHXX0839
Angwo GHXX4324
Angwoma Ofinso GHXX0840
Anhwiam GHXX0271
Anhyavekope GHXX5959
Aniago GHXX6991
Aniamoa GHXX0841
Aniantintem GHXX8114
Aniapam Nanso GHXX8115
Aniatitem GHXX0842
Aniben GHXX8116
Aniboasi GHXX8117
Anieregu GHXX6992
Animakrom GHXX8118
Anindini GHXX8119
Aninenya GHXX0843
Aninkroma GHXX0844
Aninsua GHXX0845
Anitimfi GHXX0846
Anitua GHXX0847
Anka GHXX2590
Ankaful GHXX2591
Ankako GHXX2592
Ankam GHXX0848
Ankamu GHXX2593
Ankasa GHXX8120
Ankasi GHXX0849
Ankasi GHXX8121
Ankasi GHXX2594
Ankonahogong GHXX3637
Ankra GHXX8122
Ankrankwanta GHXX1972
Ankukrom GHXX2595
Ankuma GHXX3638
Ankumadua GHXX0850
Ankwadoboro GHXX0272
Ankwaieso GHXX3639
Ankwana GHXX2596
Ankwaoso GHXX8123
Anloga GHXX5960
Ano GHXX2597
Anochi GHXX8124
Anoe GHXX8125
Anoff GHXX0273
Anohenekrom GHXX0851
Anokokrom GHXX8126
Anokwa GHXX2598
Anomabo GHXX8127
Anomabu GHXX2599
Anomadodom GHXX2600
Anomatuepin GHXX8128
Anoto GHXX8129
Anpeni GHXX2601
Ansa GHXX0852
Ansakwa GHXX2602
Ansiemua GHXX2603
Ansum GHXX3640
Anteado GHXX2604
Antefokrom GHXX8130
Antiakoswaso GHXX8131
Antimoa GHXX8132
Antimua GHXX8133
Antoa GHXX0853
Antoakrom GHXX0854
Antobam GHXX8134
Antoniokofe GHXX5961
Antu GHXX8135
Antubia GHXX8136
Anturo GHXX4325
Antwiadjeikrom GHXX0855
Anuahu GHXX8137
Anum GHXX0856
Anum GHXX3641
Anumakofe GHXX5962
Anumansa GHXX0857
Anumansa GHXX2605
Anumanye GHXX0858
Anumapapam GHXX3642
Anumenchen GHXX2606
Anumle GHXX0274
Anumso GHXX0859
Anunuso GHXX0860
Anwhiem GHXX2607
Anwia GHXX0861
Anwiado GHXX2608
Anwiafutu GHXX8138
Anwiafutu GHXX0862
Anwiam GHXX8139
Anwiam GHXX2609
Anwiam GHXX0863
Anwian GHXX8140
Anwiankwanta GHXX0864
Anwianum GHXX8141
Anwianwia GHXX2610
Anwianwia GHXX8142
Anwiasin GHXX8143
Anwiaso GHXX0865
Anwiem GHXX8144
Anwiem GHXX1973
Anwienso GHXX2611
Anwiesu GHXX0866
Anwoina GHXX0867
Anwumaso GHXX0868
Anyaboni GHXX3643
Anyako GHXX5963
Anyam GHXX8145
Anyamam GHXX0275
Anyanimatai GHXX6993
Anyankasu GHXX0869
Anyanto GHXX4326
Anyanui GHXX5964
Anyapo GHXX0276
Anyatiasi GHXX0870
Anyenso GHXX3644
Anyieso GHXX3645
Anyigbademe GHXX5965
Anyima GHXX1974
Anyimaducho GHXX8146
Anyimon GHXX1975
Anyin GHXX8147
Anyinabasi GHXX5966
Anyinabrim GHXX3646
Anyinabrim GHXX2612
Anyinabrim GHXX8148
Anyinafunso GHXX8149
Anyinam GHXX0871
Anyinam GHXX3647
Anyinam GHXX8150
Anyinam GHXX2613
Anyinamso GHXX0872
Anyinasi GHXX8151
Anyinasi GHXX3648
Anyinasin GHXX3649
Anyinaso GHXX2614
Anyinaso GHXX0873
Anyinaso GHXX1976
Anyinasu GHXX0874
Anyinasuso GHXX0875
Anyinibuni GHXX8152
Anyino GHXX2615
Anyirawasi GHXX5968
Anyoum GHXX8153
Anyowuokrom GHXX0876
Anyuabin GHXX3650
Anyukawkaw GHXX6994
Anyuom GHXX8154
Apa GHXX0877
Apaikuma GHXX2616
Apaja GHXX0878
Apakrom GHXX8155
Apam GHXX2617
Apango GHXX0879
Apanimadi GHXX0880
Apantem GHXX3651
Apaokrom GHXX8156
Apapam GHXX3652
Apapaso GHXX0881
Apasakope GHXX3653
Apaso GHXX8157
Apaso GHXX0882
Apasu GHXX3654
Apatawkofe GHXX5969
Apatem GHXX8158
Apeasika GHXX2618
Apedwa GHXX3655
Apeguso GHXX3656
Apeja GHXX0883
Apemso GHXX0884
Apemtu GHXX0885
Apenemedi GHXX0886
Apenkwa GHXX0277
Apentuo GHXX8159
Apeosika GHXX2619
Aperadi GHXX3657
Apesika GHXX3658
Apesika GHXX1977
Apesokubi GHXX5970
Apesua GHXX3659
Apeviape GHXX5971
Apewu GHXX0887
Apiadu GHXX0888
Apiajeikrom GHXX2620
Apiakrom GHXX3660
Apiakwa GHXX2621
Apianyinase GHXX0889
Apiayaokrom GHXX0890
Apilga GHXX6995
Apimenim GHXX8160
Apimso GHXX0021
Apinamang GHXX3661
Apinkpo GHXX5972
Apinkra GHXX0891
Apinya GHXX0278
Apirede GHXX3662
Apitiso GHXX0892
Aplaku GHXX0279
Aplalu GHXX0280
Apoaso GHXX8161
Apodabogo GHXX6996
Apokofe GHXX5973
Apoli GHXX3663
Apolon GHXX8162
Apolonia GHXX0281
Apomasi GHXX2622
Aponapon GHXX8163
Aponapona GHXX0893
Aponchire GHXX8164
Aponsia GHXX2623
Aposika GHXX8165
Apowa GHXX8166
Aprachiri GHXX2624
Apradang GHXX3664
Apramohukope GHXX5974
Apremdo GHXX8167
Apremeso GHXX8168
Apreweti GHXX2625
Aprumasi GHXX0894
Aprutu GHXX8169
Apuayem GHXX0895
Apudum GHXX0282
Apumayawku GHXX0896
Aputuoja GHXX0897
Apwisihu GHXX5975
Arabe GHXX6997
Aragbiri GHXX6998
Aranga GHXX6999
Arebinse GHXX7000
Ariziem GHXX7001
Arobaso GHXX8170
Aronkpe GHXX7002
Arumon GHXX7556
Asaafa GHXX2626
Asabaham GHXX0283
Asabe GHXX0284
Asabie GHXX8171
Asadame GHXX5976
Asafara GHXX2627
Asafo GHXX8172
Asafo GHXX5977
Asafo GHXX2628
Asafo GHXX3665
Asaka GHXX8173
Asakanyam GHXX7003
Asakeso GHXX3666
Asaklobo GHXX5978
Asakraka GHXX0898
Asakraka GHXX3667
Asakro GHXX2629
Asakrom GHXX8174
Asakwa GHXX0899
Asakwam GHXX8175
Asale GHXX3668
Asamama GHXX0900
Asamama GHXX3669
Asaman GHXX3670
Asamang GHXX3671
Asamang GHXX2631
Asamang GHXX0901
Asamang GHXX8176
Asamang-Krofuso GHXX0902
Asamangma GHXX0903
Asamangsua GHXX0904
Asamaniba GHXX2632
Asamankama GHXX0905
Asamankese GHXX3672
Asamasi GHXX8177
Asamko GHXX8178
Asamkrom GHXX2633
Asamkrom GHXX8179
Asamoa GHXX0285
Asampaniye GHXX8180
Asampe GHXX8181
Asangrun GHXX8182
Asani GHXX8183
Asankari GHXX0906
Asankrangwa GHXX8184
Asankrom GHXX8185
Asanso GHXX0907
Asanta GHXX8186
Asantem GHXX2634
Asanteyao GHXX8187
Asanti GHXX2635
Asantiaiyo GHXX8188
Asantiayaw GHXX8189
Asantikrom GHXX3673
Asantikrom GHXX8190
Asantikrom GHXX0908
Asantimang GHXX3674
Asanwinso GHXX8191
Asanwinso GHXX1978
Asanyanaso GHXX8192
Asapong GHXX0909
Asaraku GHXX8193
Asare GHXX1979
Asare GHXX4327
Asarekrom GHXX0910
Asasang GHXX2636
Asasekwa GHXX2637
Asasewomi GHXX2638
Asasitre GHXX8194
Asaso GHXX0911
Asaso GHXX8195
Asatu GHXX5979
Asawasi GHXX0912
Asawku GHXX8196
Asayensu GHXX3675
Asebem GHXX2639
Asebu GHXX2640
Asebuga GHXX7004
Asechanu GHXX2641
Asechere GHXX0913
Asecherewa GHXX0914
Aseguasua GHXX0915
Aseibu GHXX2642
Asem GHXX0916
Asemasa GHXX8197
Asemboniyehi GHXX2643
Asemena GHXX2644
Asemko GHXX8198
Asempanaye GHXX0917
Asempaneye GHXX8199
Asempaneye GHXX0918
Asempaneye GHXX3676
Asempaneye GHXX2645
Asempaniye GHXX2646
Asempaniye GHXX1980
Asempaniyi GHXX5980
Asempayin GHXX2647
Asene GHXX3677
Aseni Akrofunso GHXX3678
Asenyebun GHXX0919
Aserim GHXX8200
Aserima GHXX3679
Aserowedi GHXX8201
Asesewa GHXX3680
Asesieso GHXX3681
Asesua GHXX0920
Ashaiman GHXX0286
Ashalaja GHXX0287
Ashalebotwe GHXX0288
Ashalianan GHXX0289
Ashanti Kpoeta GHXX5981
Ashebre GHXX7005
Ashenawuru GHXX2648
Ashiam GHXX8202
Ashiem GHXX8203
Ashienso GHXX8204
Ashimi GHXX3682
Ashonman GHXX0290
Ashwenanmo GHXX0291
Asiakwa GHXX3683
Asiakwa GHXX2649
Asibi GHXX3684
Asidowui GHXX0292
Asiekrom GHXX8205
Asiempong GHXX0921
Asikabiu GHXX3685
Asikaisu GHXX3686
Asikaso GHXX0922
Asikawa GHXX0923
Asikeri GHXX8206
Asikuma GHXX2650
Asikuma GHXX8207
Asikuma GHXX0022
Asikwa GHXX2651
Asimasi GHXX2652
Asimisimiwu GHXX3687
Asimpa GHXX8208
Asin GHXX8209
Asin Bereku GHXX2653
Asin Kumasi GHXX2654
Asin Nyankumasi GHXX2655
Asine GHXX8210
Asinua GHXX0924
Asiri GHXX1981
Asisiriwa GHXX0925
Asiti GHXX3688
Asiwa GHXX0926
Asoboa GHXX3689
Asofa GHXX0293
Asogo GHXX5982
Asokore GHXX0927
Asokori GHXX3690
Asokori GHXX0928
Asokori Mampong GHXX0929
Asokrochona GHXX0294
Asomanku GHXX2656
Asomasi GHXX8211
Asomori GHXX0930
Asong GHXX7006
Asonomaso GHXX0931
Asoso GHXX0932
Asotodji GHXX5983
Aspei GHXX8212
Asrema GHXX3691
Asrimaso GHXX0933
Asrunumsu GHXX2657
Asrunun GHXX8213
Asuaba GHXX0295
Asuabua GHXX0934
Asuadai GHXX0935
Asuafu GHXX1982
Asuakaw GHXX1983
Asuakwa GHXX1984
Asuampa GHXX8214
Asuansi GHXX2658
Asuanta GHXX8215
Asuasi GHXX0936
Asuaso GHXX3692
Asuasu GHXX0023
Asuaye GHXX1985
Asuboa GHXX2659
Asuboa GHXX3693
Asuboi GHXX8216
Asuboi GHXX2660
Asuboi GHXX3694
Asubompang GHXX0937
Asubon GHXX0938
Asuboni GHXX3695
Asuboni Station GHXX3696
Asubonpani GHXX2661
Asuboswaso GHXX8217
Asubrempong GHXX3697
Asubua GHXX0939
Asubuokrom GHXX0940
Asuchuali GHXX3698
Asuchwi GHXX0941
Asudom GHXX3699
Asuenyum GHXX0942
Asukawkaw GHXX2662
Asukawkaw GHXX0943
Asukese GHXX1986
Asukwa GHXX2663
Asumen GHXX2664
Asumen GHXX0944
Asuminem GHXX8218
Asuminem GHXX0945
Asuminya GHXX0946
Asumjwi GHXX0947
Asumkrom GHXX0948
Asumpa GHXX3700
Asunafo GHXX0949
Asunafo GHXX3701
Asunaso GHXX2665
Asundi GHXX8219
Asundwia GHXX8220
Asunso GHXX2666
Asunso GHXX1987
Asuoanjo GHXX2667
Asuobonta GHXX2668
Asuofia GHXX0950
Asuofri GHXX1988
Asuohiami GHXX8221
Asuoja GHXX0951
Asuoja GHXX8222
Asuoja GHXX1989
Asuokaw GHXX3702
Asuokaw Aboi GHXX0952
Asuokawso GHXX3703
Asuom GHXX0296
Asuom GHXX3704
Asuoti GHXX8223
Asuotia GHXX1990
Asuowaso GHXX0024
Asuoya GHXX3705
Asuswaso GHXX8224
Atababo GHXX8225
Atabadzi GHXX2669
Atabireso GHXX0953
Atabrakaswaso GHXX8226
Atabu GHXX5984
Atachera GHXX2670
Atafram GHXX0954
Ataglokope GHXX5985
Atakofikrom GHXX0955
Atakroasi GHXX2671
Atakrom GHXX0956
Atakwa GHXX2672
Atame GHXX5986
Atamvekofe GHXX5987
Ataniata GHXX3706
Atara GHXX0957
Atarakom GHXX7007
Ataraso GHXX8227
Atasi GHXX0958
Atasi GHXX8228
Atasi Nkwanta GHXX0959
Atasomanso GHXX0960
Atatem GHXX0961
Atawbrakrom GHXX0962
Atawtawkope GHXX0297
Atawtrobenya GHXX3707
Atebiasane GHXX8229
Atebubu GHXX1991
Atechem GHXX8230
Atechem GHXX2673
Ateiku GHXX8231
Ateitu GHXX2674
Atem GHXX0963
Atentang GHXX2675
Ateplo GHXX2676
Atesikrom GHXX1992
Ateso GHXX8232
Atiakrom GHXX8233
Atiandi GHXX2677
Atiankama GHXX3708
Atiavi GHXX5988
Atibie GHXX3709
Atidje GHXX5989
Atiglime GHXX5990
Atihwi GHXX5991
Atijive GHXX5992
Atikpui GHXX5993
Atimatim GHXX3710
Atimpoko GHXX3711
Atimpoku GHXX3712
Atinchin GHXX8234
Atinyave GHXX5994
Atitekpe GHXX5995
Atitekpo GHXX5996
Atiteti GHXX5997
Atititi GHXX5998
Atito GHXX5999
Atiyoro GHXX7008
Ato GHXX6000
Atoabasa GHXX2678
Atoabo GHXX8235
Atoalima GHXX0964
Atobiasi GHXX0965
Atobiasi GHXX8236
Atobriso GHXX3713
Atofroso GHXX2679
Atoko GHXX6001
Atokobaka GHXX8237
Atokogblefo GHXX6002
Atokoso GHXX8238
Atom GHXX1993
Atoman GHXX3714
Atonko GHXX6003
Atonso GHXX3715
Atonso GHXX0966
Atonsu GHXX0967
Atonsu GHXX2680
Atopiasi GHXX8239
Atotrem GHXX0968
Atrabasa GHXX8240
Atrakaso GHXX8241
Atrama GHXX0969
Atrankwa GHXX2681
Atravenu GHXX6004
Atroni GHXX1994
Atropo GHXX0298
Atruinso GHXX8242
Atsame GHXX6005
Atsiati GHXX6006
Atsime GHXX6007
Atsivuta GHXX6008
Atsuakrom GHXX2682
Atsukofe GHXX6009
Atsukope GHXX6010
Atuabo GHXX8243
Atuabu GHXX8244
Atukrom GHXX3716
Atuna GHXX1995
Atunde GHXX6011
Atunso GHXX0970
Atunsuso GHXX0971
Aturunso GHXX1996
Atutuma GHXX0972
Atwidie GHXX0973
Atwirebuanda GHXX2683
Atwitanso GHXX8245
Auchiri GHXX8246
Augustinesborg GHXX0299
Aunto GHXX6012
Aurabo GHXX8247
Aurapong GHXX0974
Auraso GHXX8248
Ausakrom GHXX8249
Avaflakpota GHXX6013
Avakorme GHXX6014
Avakpe GHXX6015
Avakpodomi GHXX6016
Avalavi GHXX6017
Avanime GHXX6018
Avapo GHXX3717
Avata GHXX6019
Avedjeme GHXX6020
Avedo GHXX0025
Avedzi GHXX6021
Avega GHXX6022
Avegagome GHXX0300
Avegoeme GHXX0301
Aveha GHXX6023
Aveji GHXX3718
Avelagbe GHXX6024
Avele GHXX6025
Avelete GHXX6026
Aveli GHXX6027
Avema GHXX6028
Avemafe GHXX6029
Avenaw GHXX0302
Avenofeme GHXX6030
Avenong GHXX6031
Avenong GHXX3719
Avenopedu GHXX6032
Avenui GHXX6033
Avenwi GHXX6034
Avenya GHXX6035
Avergi GHXX6036
Avesive GHXX6037
Aveta GHXX6038
Avetakpo GHXX6039
Avetile GHXX6040
Avetome GHXX6041
Avevi GHXX6042
Avewi GHXX6043
Aveyime GHXX0026
Aviefe GHXX6044
Aviepe GHXX6045
Avikope GHXX0303
Avlato GHXX6046
Avlime GHXX6047
Avliun Ahonozo GHXX8250
Avoeme Kpotame GHXX6048
Avokpo GHXX6049
Avome GHXX6050
Avuglakofe GHXX6051
Avuglanpu GHXX6052
Avume GHXX6053
Avunu GHXX6054
Avuto GHXX6055
Avuvu GHXX6056
Awa GHXX7009
Awaham GHXX3720
Awaham GHXX0975
Awahame GHXX6057
Awalka GHXX8251
Awareke GHXX4328
Awaso GHXX8252
Awate Todzi GHXX6058
Awatonya GHXX3721
Awawaso GHXX3722
Awawom GHXX2684
Awbum GHXX3723
Awchioma GHXX0304
Awenadi GHXX3724
Awenare GHXX3725
Aweyam GHXX1997
Awhiabam GHXX2685
Awiabo GHXX8253
Awiakrom GHXX0976
Awiam GHXX1998
Awiaso GHXX8254
Awiaso GHXX6059
Awina GHXX7010
Awireja GHXX3726
Awisem GHXX3727
Awlime GHXX6060
Awobiso GHXX3728
Awofa GHXX2686
Awomaso GHXX0977
Awomiro GHXX2687
Aworoso GHXX0978
Awrata GHXX1999
Awrawgu GHXX4329
Awroso GHXX8255
Awu GHXX6061
Awuaya GHXX2688
Awudua GHXX8256
Awuku GHXX0305
Awukugua GHXX3729
Awukujekofe GHXX6062
Awunakrom GHXX8257
Awunakrom GHXX3730
Awunu GHXX6063
Awuransa GHXX0979
Awuransua GHXX3731
Awuraso GHXX0980
Awurawa GHXX2000
Awurawso GHXX0981
Awusenu GHXX8258
Awusiejo GHXX8259
Awusikrom GHXX2689
Awuyeso GHXX0982
Axim GHXX0027
Ayaboi GHXX8260
Ayakomaso GHXX2001
Ayamadjikofe GHXX6064
Ayambare GHXX7011
Ayanfuri GHXX2690
Ayaso GHXX0306
Ayebo GHXX0983
Ayeduasi GHXX0984
Ayeim GHXX0985
Ayeldu GHXX2691
Ayensua Fufuo GHXX0986
Ayensua Kawkaw GHXX0987
Ayensuadzi GHXX2692
Ayensuako GHXX2693
Ayensuhu GHXX3732
Ayensuso GHXX3733
Ayeopian GHXX7012
Ayiakrom GHXX2694
Ayiasi GHXX0988
Ayido GHXX0307
Ayidopwe GHXX6065
Ayiem GHXX8261
Ayija GHXX0989
Ayinaso GHXX3734
Ayingbe GHXX6066
Ayinwofi GHXX0990
Ayirebi GHXX3735
Ayirehuma GHXX2695
Ayitepa GHXX0308
Ayitohwinu GHXX6067
Ayiwasi GHXX2696
Ayoma GHXX6068
Ayongkura GHXX0992
Ayonukope GHXX0309
Ayowahu GHXX0993
Ayuafutu GHXX0994
Ayumaso GHXX2002
Azame GHXX6069
Azantole GHXX7013
Azanukofe GHXX6070
Azavokofe GHXX6071
Azengazo GHXX8262
Aziave GHXX6072
Azizanu GHXX6073
Azizanya GHXX0310
Azunkuli GHXX4330
Azupunpun GHXX7014
Azuwera GHXX7015
Ba GHXX2697
Bababra GHXX0995
Babafa GHXX2698
Babaraso GHXX6074
Babaso GHXX0996
Babato GHXX4331
Babianiha GHXX0028
Babile GHXX7557
Babili GHXX7016
Babujan GHXX7558
Bachin Gulubi GHXX4332
Badam GHXX2699
Badasi GHXX6075
Bado GHXX7017
Badoa GHXX2700
Badu GHXX2004
Badukrom GHXX0997
Baduri GHXX4333
Bagabila GHXX4334
Bagale GHXX4335
Bagapi GHXX4336
Bagbiapi GHXX4337
Bagble GHXX6076
Baghari GHXX7559
Bagjamse GHXX6077
Baglo GHXX0029
Bagoso GHXX8264
Baguli GHXX4338
Bagurugu GHXX4339
Baha GHXX2701
Bahalahi GHXX4340
Bahobi GHXX8265
Baika GHXX6078
Baire GHXX8266
Baire GHXX7560
Bajwi GHXX0998
Baka GHXX4341
Bakacheri GHXX8267
Bakanta GHXX8268
Bakapa GHXX0999
Bakoniaba GHXX1000
Bakpa GHXX6079
Bakpaba GHXX4342
Bakpo GHXX6080
Bakpoli GHXX4343
Bakrom GHXX8269
Baku GHXX2702
Bakua GHXX2703
Bakukrom GHXX8270
Bakuli GHXX4344
Bakunchirako GHXX8271
Bakundiba GHXX4345
Bakuyeya GHXX8272
Bakwa GHXX6081
Bala GHXX6082
Balafile GHXX7561
Balahi GHXX4346
Balai GHXX4347
Balakpodji GHXX6083
Balansa GHXX7018
Bale GHXX4348
Balenya GHXX6084
Bali GHXX4349
Balie GHXX7562
Baliga GHXX4350
Ballongpiong GHXX4351
Balo GHXX4352
Balonkura GHXX4353
Balungo GHXX7019
Balungu GHXX7020
Balure GHXX7021
Bamang GHXX1001
Bamao GHXX4354
Bamariba-Tinga GHXX4355
Bambea GHXX4356
Bamboi GHXX4357
Bambuli GHXX4358
Bame GHXX6085
Bamiankaw GHXX8273
Bamiankaw GHXX1002
Bamkpoma GHXX7563
Bamle GHXX2005
Bampaha GHXX4359
Bamparasi GHXX1003
Bamslaw GHXX2704
Bamvim GHXX4360
Banahenekrom GHXX2705
Banaso GHXX8274
Banavekope GHXX0311
Banda GHXX0030
Banda GHXX4361
Banda Nkwanta GHXX0031
Bandali GHXX4362
Bandawaso GHXX8275
Bandinya GHXX4363
Bandiyili GHXX4364
Bando GHXX2706
Bandown GHXX4365
Bangbale GHXX4366
Bangmani GHXX4367
Bangne GHXX4368
Bango GHXX7022
Bango GHXX4369
Bangpe GHXX4370
Bangwon GHXX7564
Baniatwi GHXX2006
Baniekrom GHXX1004
Banjanin GHXX4371
Banjekrom GHXX8276
Banjora GHXX4372
Banka GHXX1005
Bankali GHXX4373
Bankama GHXX2007
Bankamba GHXX4374
Bankame GHXX1006
Banko GHXX2707
Banko GHXX1007
Banko GHXX7565
Bankoe GHXX6086
Bankrumisa GHXX8277
Bankuda GHXX4375
Banla GHXX7566
Bannayili GHXX4376
Banofuo GHXX2008
Banosan GHXX7567
Banpewa GHXX4377
Banshi GHXX7023
Banso GHXX3736
Banso GHXX8278
Banso GHXX1008
Bantala GHXX7568
Bantama GHXX1009
Bantama GHXX8279
Bantama GHXX3737
Bantama GHXX2009
Bantambari GHXX4378
Bantamfarigu GHXX7024
Bantirago GHXX7025
Bantuma GHXX2709
Banu GHXX7569
Banu GHXX2010
Banvum GHXX4379
Baraboko GHXX7026
Barache GHXX2011
Baraluan GHXX4380
Barbia GHXX4381
Barelawn GHXX4382
Barewon GHXX7570
Bari GHXX1010
Bari Kese GHXX1011
Baribari GHXX7028
Barimanso GHXX8280
Barrayiri GHXX4383
Barubi GHXX6087
Basa GHXX2012
Basabli GHXX7571
Basachia GHXX8281
Basaka GHXX8282
Basampa GHXX4384
Base GHXX7572
Basiasan GHXX7573
Baso GHXX4385
Bata GHXX6088
Batabe GHXX3738
Batani GHXX4386
Batanpemniba GHXX1013
Batawkobnakope GHXX6089
Batefe GHXX6090
Batenya GHXX2710
Bato GHXX4387
Batokope GHXX6091
Bator GHXX6092
Batowuguji GHXX6093
Bau GHXX4388
Bavugunia GHXX7029
Bawaleshi GHXX0312
Bawalishi GHXX0313
Bawbawbreden GHXX2711
Bawbinso GHXX1014
Bawbu GHXX1015
Bawdah GHXX2013
Bawdia GHXX8283
Bawdiama GHXX2712
Bawdiasi GHXX1016
Bawdiwakro GHXX8284
Bawdua GHXX3739
Bawgo GHXX4389
Bawhiankwa GHXX1017
Bawjaso GHXX8285
Bawjiasi GHXX0032
Bawjwiasi GHXX1018
Bawkolo GHXX7574
Bawku GHXX0033
Bawkuye GHXX4390
Bawkuzua GHXX7030
Bawmkawkaw GHXX1019
Bawmkuswaso GHXX8286
Baworo GHXX1020
Bayime GHXX6094
Bayive GHXX6095
Baziengo GHXX7031
Bazua GHXX7032
Bazunde GHXX7033
Beahun GHXX8287
Bebianiha GHXX3740
Bebianiha GHXX8288
Bebianiha GHXX2713
Bebianiha GHXX0314
Bebu GHXX1021
Bechaunsi GHXX7034
Bechem GHXX0034
Bechembeli GHXX7575
Bechikrom GHXX1022
Bechisi GHXX7035
Bedabuokrom GHXX1023
Bedaji GHXX6096
Bedeku GHXX0315
Bediako GHXX4391
Bediakukrom GHXX2014
Bediedua GHXX2714
Bediesi GHXX3741
Bedifi GHXX1024
Bedomasi GHXX1025
Bedukrom GHXX8289
Bedum GHXX2715
Beduri GHXX4392
Befikrom GHXX2716
Befwe GHXX1026
Begbi GHXX6097
Beglebelia GHXX7576
Begoro GHXX3742
Beigbunde GHXX4393
Bejei GHXX8290
Bejim GHXX4394
Bejiwahum GHXX3743
Bejuasi GHXX1027
Bekapa GHXX1028
Bekoasi GHXX3744
Bekpo GHXX6098
Beku GHXX8291
Bekwai GHXX0035
Bekwai GHXX8292
Bekwami GHXX1029
Bekwasi GHXX2717
Belagu GHXX7036
Belamano GHXX4395
Belambusi GHXX7037
Bele GHXX4396
Belempinse GHXX7038
Belibangra GHXX8293
Bellu GHXX7577
Beluo GHXX7039
Bembisi GHXX7040
Bembla GHXX6099
Beme GHXX6100
Benapiakrom GHXX8294
Benawa GHXX4397
Benchema GHXX8295
Bende GHXX7578
Bende GHXX4398
Bende-Gbloku GHXX4399
Bendinsuguru GHXX4400
Benebise GHXX7579
Benguri GHXX7041
Beni GHXX3745
Beniejan GHXX7580
Benim GHXX1030
Benin GHXX2718
Benja GHXX4401
Benkwakwa GHXX1031
Bensi GHXX7042
Benso GHXX0036
Benso Dada GHXX8297
Bensuaso GHXX1032
Bentinasi GHXX8298
Bentiniboa GHXX8299
Bentiri GHXX3746
Bentripe GHXX4402
Benua GHXX6101
Benufokrom GHXX8300
Benyadzi GHXX2719
Bepasi GHXX1033
Bepawso GHXX1034
Bepawso GHXX3747
Bepoakaw GHXX2720
Bepoasi GHXX8301
Bepoasi GHXX1035
Bepoasi GHXX2015
Bepoben GHXX2721
Bepokawkaw GHXX2722
Bepong GHXX3748
Beposo GHXX8302
Beposo GHXX2016
Beposo GHXX1036
Bepotifi GHXX1037
Berab GHXX4403
Berafe GHXX6102
Berasi GHXX2723
Berekum GHXX0037
Berekuso GHXX0316
Berem GHXX1038
Beremfio GHXX4404
Beremi GHXX1039
Beretum GHXX0317
Berinukrom GHXX8303
Beriyem GHXX7581
Beryimadi GHXX8304
Besakofe GHXX6103
Besedan GHXX2017
Besiasi GHXX1040
Besiasi GHXX2724
Besibrema GHXX8305
Besidroasi GHXX2725
Beswaswaso GHXX8306
Betebon GHXX8307
Betei GHXX4405
Betekpo GHXX6104
Betenya GHXX3749
Betimanahun GHXX8308
Betinasi GHXX2726
Betinasi GHXX8309
Betinasi GHXX1041
Betinko GHXX1042
Betinku GHXX1043
Beto GHXX3750
Betsima GHXX6105
Betyikpo GHXX6106
Bewasi GHXX3751
Beweahaha GHXX1044
Bewele GHXX2018
Bewia GHXX8310
Beyeden GHXX2727
Beyin GHXX8311
Bezune GHXX7043
Biadani GHXX2019
Biakoyekrom GHXX1045
Biakpa GHXX6107
Biama GHXX2020
Biama GHXX4406
Biambigi GHXX4407
Biankuri GHXX7044
Biano GHXX8312
Biapiakroa GHXX8313
Biaso GHXX2021
Biasua GHXX1046
Bibiani GHXX8314
Bidema GHXX7045
Biden GHXX2728
Bidima GHXX4408
Bidwadzi GHXX2729
Bieka GHXX7046
Bielepong GHXX7582
Biemso GHXX1047
Biemsokora GHXX1048
Biemtatata GHXX1049
Bienda GHXX4409
Biene GHXX3752
Bienya GHXX7583
Big Ada GHXX0318
Biko GHXX6108
Bilige GHXX4410
Bilinsa GHXX7047
Bilisinga GHXX4411
Billaw GHXX7584
Bima GHXX2022
Bima GHXX4412
Bima GHXX1050
Bimbago GHXX4413
Bimbila GHXX4414
Bimbini GHXX4415
Bimbirooili GHXX4416
Bimi GHXX1051
Bimpeila GHXX7048
Bimpielega GHXX7049
Bimponso GHXX2730
Binaba GHXX7050
Binayili GHXX4417
Bindanacho GHXX4418
Bindure GHXX4419
Binduri GHXX4420
Binduri GHXX7051
Bingbiriga GHXX4421
Binjai GHXX4422
Bintumkrom GHXX2731
Binwoko GHXX7052
Biong GHXX7053
Bionso GHXX2732
Bioyili GHXX4423
Bipoa GHXX1052
Birekrom GHXX1053
Biri GHXX2023
Biribiwomang GHXX1054
Birimpotia GHXX1055
Biringo GHXX7054
Birisa GHXX1056
Biriwa GHXX8315
Biriwa GHXX2733
Bisa GHXX3753
Bisade GHXX2734
Bisakrom Jedua GHXX8316
Bisaso GHXX8317
Bisayem GHXX4424
Biseasi GHXX2735
Bisiasi GHXX3754
Bisiasi GHXX1057
Bisiasi GHXX2736
Bisigu GHXX4425
Bisikan GHXX7585
Bisikrom GHXX3755
Bisitinga GHXX4426
Biu GHXX7055
Biuasi GHXX2737
Biung GHXX7056
Biyemba GHXX4427
Bla GHXX6109
Blachoni GHXX4428
Bladjai GHXX4429
Blagpadu GHXX6110
Blahogo GHXX4430
Blalogele GHXX4431
Bleamezado GHXX6111
Blebage GHXX4432
Blekrom GHXX8318
Blekusu GHXX6112
Bleman GHXX2738
Bleman GHXX3756
Blikatako GHXX3757
Blinkpale GHXX4433
Blonya GHXX6113
Bludo GHXX6114
Bo GHXX7586
Boaben GHXX2024
Boachiswaso GHXX8319
Boadikrom GHXX8320
Boakipe GHXX4434
Boamang GHXX1058
Boanim GHXX1059
Boankra GHXX1060
Boapakan GHXX3758
Boashe GHXX4435
Boasi GHXX3759
Boasi GHXX2739
Boaso GHXX1061
Boatenkrom GHXX1062
Bobikuma GHXX2740
Bobinasi GHXX1063
Bobuabo GHXX1064
Bobunu GHXX2025
Bodere GHXX4436
Bodi GHXX8322
Bodomasi GHXX0319
Bodomasi GHXX1065
Bodome GHXX6115
Bodweseanwo GHXX1066
Boe GHXX0038
Boedukwa GHXX2741
Boedum GHXX2742
Boete GHXX6116
Boewi GHXX8323
Bofe GHXX2026
Bofiama GHXX7587
Bogame GHXX6117
Bogaso GHXX4437
Bogoda GHXX4438
Bogorogo GHXX7057
Bogoso GHXX8324
Bogoyili GHXX4439
Bogwabo GHXX0320
Bohinikrom GHXX8325
Boi GHXX0321
Boifi GHXX2743
Boinso GHXX8326
Boinso GHXX2027
Boinyongasi GHXX4440
Boinzan GHXX8327
Boiya GHXX1067
Boiya GHXX7058
Boiyeni GHXX4441
Bojawi GHXX1068
Boju GHXX7588
Bojwanu GHXX2744
Boka GHXX2745
Bokakre GHXX8328
Bokanchi GHXX1069
Bokaso GHXX8329
Bokaukre GHXX8330
Bokaw GHXX6118
Boko GHXX7059
Bokobokokrom GHXX8331
Bokokre GHXX8332
Bokpo GHXX6119
Bokpo GHXX3760
Bokro GHXX8333
Bokrom GHXX8334
Boku GHXX2028
Boku GHXX7060
Boku GHXX4442
Bokukrua GHXX2029
Bokuve GHXX6120
Bokwemi GHXX6121
Bolalagole GHXX4443
Bole GHXX0039
Bolgatanga GHXX7061
Boli GHXX7589
Bolie GHXX7590
Bolonyigbi GHXX6122
Boluan GHXX8335
Boma GHXX2030
Boma GHXX4444
Boma GHXX3761
Bomakpole GHXX8336
Bomasi GHXX3762
Bomasi Tenya GHXX3763
Bomasi Zome GHXX3764
Bombila GHXX4445
Bombine GHXX4446
Bombokrom GHXX8337
Bomburi GHXX4447
Bomfa GHXX1070
Bomhu GHXX1071
Bomigo GHXX6123
Bomini GHXX2031
Bomli GHXX6124
Bomodin GHXX8338
Bompata GHXX1072
Bompieso GHXX8339
Bompoi GHXX2032
Bomso GHXX1073
Bomso GHXX3765
Bonaso GHXX8340
Bonboli GHXX4448
Bondai GHXX8341
Bondakile GHXX2033
Bondari GHXX7062
Bondo GHXX2746
Bonesue GHXX8342
Bong GHXX4449
Bongo GHXX0040
Bongo-Da GHXX0041
Bongodabila GHXX4450
Bongpulugu GHXX0042
Boni GHXX1074
Bonieso GHXX8343
Bonipe GHXX4451
Boniso GHXX1075
Bonkoni GHXX2034
Bonkro GHXX1076
Bonkrom GHXX1077
Bonkrom GHXX3766
Bonkwaso GHXX1078
Bonome GHXX6125
Bonsa-Abawye GHXX8344
Bonsaiso GHXX1079
Bonsaso GHXX8345
Bonsawire GHXX8346
Bonsokrom GHXX8347
Bonsua Kawkaw GHXX1080
Bonsuaso GHXX1081
Bonte GHXX2035
Bonteso GHXX1082
Bontodiasi GHXX3767
Bontomruso GHXX1083
Bontrasi GHXX2747
Bonweri GHXX1084
Bonyeri GHXX8348
Bopa GHXX8349
Bopo GHXX8350
Bopoakaw GHXX2748
Bopoakaw GHXX8351
Bopoasi GHXX3768
Bora GHXX6126
Borada GHXX6127
Borae GHXX6128
Boreso GHXX2036
Bornaiyili GHXX4452
Boro GHXX7591
Bortupure GHXX4453
Bosafo GHXX1085
Bosenaire GHXX4454
Boso GHXX6129
Bosoni GHXX4455
Bosoro GHXX1086
Bosotwi GHXX3769
Bosuaba GHXX2037
Bosuama GHXX2038
Bosuma GHXX1087
Bosumadwi GHXX2749
Bosumasi GHXX8352
Bosumcheche GHXX1088
Bosumpiribrum GHXX3770
Bosumponso GHXX1089
Bosumuoso GHXX8353
Bosuso GHXX3771
Botamfa GHXX2750
Botawjwina GHXX8354
Boti GHXX7592
Botianaw GHXX0322
Botiso GHXX8355
Botoku GHXX6130
Botokura GHXX0323
Botrung GHXX4456
Botugu GHXX4457
Bou GHXX8356
Bowamoden GHXX2751
Bowena GHXX4458
Bowenum GHXX2752
Bowohumodeng GHXX8357
Boyawso GHXX2753
Brabade GHXX2754
Brabuo GHXX1090
Brachire GHXX2755
Brahababumi GHXX2756
Brahababumi GHXX1091
Brahabebumi GHXX8358
Braho GHXX2039
Brakwa GHXX2757
Branam GHXX2040
Brawhani GHXX2041
Brawsanko GHXX1092
Brayenda GHXX2758
Brebia GHXX2759
Brebianu GHXX2760
Brejimakrom GHXX3772
Breman GHXX2761
Bremang GHXX8359
Bremang GHXX1093
Brenasi GHXX3773
Breniasi GHXX6131
Brenu Achinum GHXX2763
Brenyakrom GHXX1094
Brepaw GHXX3774
Brepaw GHXX1095
Breponsu GHXX3775
Bresua GHXX1096
Bresuanu GHXX2042
Breyue GHXX2764
Bribon GHXX3776
Brimbrimso GHXX2765
Brisaukrom GHXX1097
Brobriasi GHXX1098
Brodekwano GHXX1099
Brodi GHXX2043
Brodiasi GHXX3777
Brodikrom GHXX3778
Brofoyedru GHXX0043
Brofoyedru GHXX3779
Brofoyedru GHXX2766
Brofoyedru GHXX8360
Brofuyedru GHXX2767
Bromami GHXX8361
Bronikrom GHXX1101
Bronikrom GHXX8362
Brosankro GHXX2045
Broso GHXX8363
Bruburam GHXX2768
Bruma GHXX4459
Brumasi GHXX8364
Brumasi GHXX4460
Brunibuma GHXX2769
Brunikrom GHXX8365
Brunkum GHXX1102
Brusheng GHXX2770
Buabakrom GHXX8366
Buaben GHXX1103
Buabin GHXX2771
Buabinso GHXX2772
Buadosi GHXX3780
Buafori GHXX6132
Buaku GHXX8367
Buaku GHXX0324
Buaku Nkwanta GHXX8368
Buamadumasi GHXX1104
Buanfo GHXX0044
Buawoma GHXX2773
Bubu GHXX2774
Buda GHXX1105
Budu GHXX3781
Budubudu GHXX6133
Budukwa GHXX2775
Bugade GHXX7064
Bugay GHXX4461
Bugbala GHXX6134
Bugbuboi GHXX7593
Bugbumi GHXX6135
Bugeya GHXX4462
Bugori GHXX7065
Bugri GHXX7066
Bugu GHXX0045
Bugula GHXX7067
Bugulugu GHXX4463
Buguwia GHXX7068
Bui GHXX2046
Buipe GHXX4464
Bujan GHXX7594
Bukere GHXX7069
Buko GHXX2047
Bukrom GHXX3782
Bukruso GHXX8369
Bukruso GHXX2776
Buku GHXX1106
Buku GHXX2048
Bukunaw GHXX3783
Bukuruwa GHXX3784
Bukuso GHXX3785
Bukwaman GHXX1107
Bulawn GHXX4465
Bulibia GHXX4466
Bulinga GHXX0046
Bulkwere GHXX4467
Bulomon GHXX6136
Bulpiela GHXX4468
Bulpielesi GHXX7070
Bulpielise GHXX7071
Bulugu GHXX4469
Bulugu GHXX7072
Bulunga GHXX7073
Buma GHXX2049
Bumbuazio GHXX4470
Bumbuna GHXX4471
Bume GHXX6137
Bunaso GHXX1108
Bunbon GHXX4472
Bundure GHXX4473
Bung GHXX4474
Bungasi GHXX2050
Bungbonkurugu GHXX4475
Bunglung GHXX4476
Bungweli GHXX0047
Buni GHXX2051
Bunikoshikope GHXX0325
Bunkpurugu GHXX0048
Bunmu GHXX0326
Bunso GHXX3786
Bunsu GHXX3787
Bunuso GHXX3788
Bunyama GHXX8371
Bunyum GHXX1109
Buokrom GHXX3789
Buokrom GHXX2052
Buokrom GHXX1110
Buokwadjo GHXX2777
Buoso GHXX2053
Buoyem GHXX2054
Bupoasi GHXX3790
Burai GHXX6138
Buramamate GHXX4477
Burbulakofe GHXX6139
Burma Camp GHXX0327
Buruata GHXX2778
Burufu GHXX7595
Burugu GHXX4478
Burumani GHXX4479
Busa GHXX7596
Busafakrom GHXX8372
Busane GHXX7597
Busie GHXX0049
Busomabina GHXX2779
Busua GHXX8373
Busunu GHXX4481
Busunya GHXX2055
Bute GHXX1111
Butie GHXX4482
Butoe GHXX4483
Butre GHXX8374
Butu GHXX2780
Butuasi GHXX1112
Buya GHXX4484
Buzulungu GHXX4485
Bwania GHXX7074
Bwetakope GHXX0328
Cape Coast GHXX2781
Carpenter GHXX4486
Casave GHXX6140
Chache GHXX4487
Chachukope GHXX0329
Chagbanga GHXX4488
Chago GHXX7598
Chaiso GHXX6141
Chakoja GHXX4489
Chakori GHXX4490
Chakotinge GHXX4491
Chakpo GHXX6142
Chaksia GHXX7599
Chala GHXX7600
Chama GHXX4492
Chamba GHXX4493
Chameyi GHXX6143
Chamimensakura GHXX2782
Chana GHXX7075
Chanbulugu GHXX4494
Chanchango GHXX4495
Chandayili GHXX4496
Chang GHXX7601
Changanesi GHXX7076
Changbuni GHXX4497
Chango GHXX7602
Chania GHXX7077
Chansia GHXX7078
Chantan GHXX0330
Chantendi GHXX4498
Chantung GHXX4499
Chapuri GHXX7603
Chareso GHXX6144
Charia GHXX7604
Charingu GHXX7605
Chasia GHXX4500
Chato GHXX7606
Chavun GHXX8375
Chawuli GHXX7607
Chaza GHXX7079
Chebagga GHXX7608
Chebi GHXX2783
Chebi GHXX6145
Chebi GHXX1113
Chechepwe GHXX6146
Checherebuaso GHXX1114
Chechewere GHXX2784
Chechuamwa GHXX1115
Chegbani GHXX4501
Cheggo GHXX4502
Cheikrom GHXX2785
Chelli GHXX4503
Chema GHXX4504
Cheme GHXX6147
Chemfe GHXX3791
Chempaw GHXX1116
Chempaw Praso GHXX1117
Chemraso GHXX2056
Chemuso GHXX8376
Chenchenasi GHXX1118
Chenkudebi GHXX3792
Cheogu GHXX4505
Chere GHXX4506
Chere-Drakankanu GHXX4507
Cherebuana GHXX1119
Cherebuana GHXX2786
Cherepon GHXX7609
Chereponi GHXX0050
Cheriasi GHXX1120
Chesa GHXX7610
Chia GHXX3793
Chia GHXX4508
Chiaka GHXX2787
Chiakasi GHXX4509
Chiakaw GHXX2788
Chiamekrom GHXX8377
Chiapiasi GHXX3794
Chiasi GHXX3795
Chibukofe GHXX6148
Chichari GHXX4510
Chichekope GHXX0331
Chichibiasi GHXX1121
Chichibon GHXX1122
Chichibong GHXX3796
Chichiklakpo GHXX6149
Chichiwere GHXX3797
Chichiwere GHXX1123
Chichiwere GHXX2789
Chigbeni GHXX6150
Chikpe GHXX3798
Chinankama GHXX2790
Chinaso GHXX2791
Chincha GHXX7611
Chinchinku GHXX3799
Chindiri GHXX6151
Chinow GHXX6152
Chinsa GHXX2792
Chinso GHXX2793
Chira GHXX2057
Chiradeso GHXX2058
Chiranam GHXX8379
Chiranda GHXX2059
Chirano GHXX8380
Chirapatre GHXX1124
Chirayaso GHXX1125
Chireayowa GHXX1126
Chirebraso GHXX2794
Chirebroso GHXX1127
Chirebunge GHXX7612
Chirehi GHXX2060
Chiremasinashia GHXX2795
Chirembo GHXX2061
Chirenkumso GHXX2796
Chirewu GHXX8381
Chiriamang GHXX8382
Chiriboja GHXX2062
Chiribrino GHXX2063
Chiribuanda GHXX2797
Chirifoyiri GHXX4511
Chirigoni GHXX6153
Chirimfaso GHXX1128
Chirin GHXX2798
Chirinbindasi GHXX2064
Chirinyenyim GHXX8383
Chiripon GHXX3800
Chirive GHXX6154
Chivania GHXX6155
Chive GHXX6156
Chiyinu GHXX6157
Chokome GHXX0332
Chomina GHXX0333
Chondawnya GHXX3801
Chowula GHXX6158
Chremankuma GHXX8384
Chremekrom GHXX2799
Christiansborg GHXX0335
Chrobo GHXX8385
Chuana GHXX0336
Chuanka GHXX2800
Chuansi GHXX8386
Chuaso GHXX1129
Chuchiliga GHXX0051
Chuim GHXX0337
Chum GHXX3802
Chumabin GHXX1130
Chunbawso GHXX4512
Chung GHXX7613
Chungasi GHXX4513
Chunkpo GHXX3803
Chutadi GHXX4514
Chwapiasi GHXX8387
Chwapiasi GHXX2801
Chwerebuana GHXX3804
Chwerebuana GHXX0338
Chwiapiasue GHXX2065
Chwibia GHXX2066
Chwibiri GHXX2067
Chwinto GHXX0339
Chwiwaho GHXX2068
Cocoatown GHXX8388
Da GHXX1131
Da GHXX8389
Daa GHXX1132
Daba GHXX1133
Dabadini GHXX4515
Dabala GHXX6159
Dabenda GHXX2802
Dabeyin GHXX2803
Dabia GHXX7080
Daboasi GHXX8390
Dabopi GHXX4516
Dabori GHXX0052
Daboya GHXX1134
Daboya GHXX4517
Dabri GHXX2804
Dadame GHXX6160
Dadehnovinya GHXX3805
Dadiasi GHXX8391
Dadiasi GHXX1135
Dadiaso GHXX8392
Dadiem GHXX2069
Dadieso GHXX2805
Dadiesoaba GHXX2070
Dadija GHXX2806
Dadipedo GHXX6162
Dadobui GHXX6163
Dadome GHXX6164
Dadomi GHXX6165
Dafawmyame GHXX6166
Dafiama GHXX7614
Dafo GHXX6167
Dafo GHXX2071
Dafon GHXX6168
Dagadukofe GHXX6169
Dagago GHXX4518
Dagatikrom GHXX1136
Dagbalekofe GHXX6170
Dagbiribore GHXX4519
Dagonkade GHXX4520
Dagueri GHXX7615
Daho GHXX1137
Dahum GHXX2807
Dahumekofe GHXX6171
Dain GHXX6172
Dajwin GHXX8393
Dakabuoso GHXX1138
Dakakuma GHXX8394
Dakawhu GHXX1139
Dakekome GHXX3806
Dakiu GHXX7081
Dakongwamso GHXX1140
Dakpa GHXX6173
Dakrenia GHXX7082
Dakrubongo GHXX4521
Daku GHXX1141
Daku GHXX7616
Dakuyau GHXX2808
Dalapue GHXX6174
Dalikofe GHXX6175
Dalive GHXX6176
Dallung GHXX4522
Damang GHXX2809
Damang GHXX0053
Damaoko GHXX3807
Damawaku GHXX2810
Damba GHXX0340
Dambrunsi GHXX7083
Dambu GHXX4523
Damdabole GHXX4524
Damdu GHXX4525
Damongo GHXX0054
Dampong GHXX1142
Danchira GHXX0341
Danehemoso GHXX8396
Danfa GHXX0342
Danguna GHXX7084
Danko GHXX2811
Dankranya GHXX1143
Dankwakrom GHXX2812
Danome GHXX6177
Dansami GHXX2813
Danso GHXX1144
Dansukrom GHXX8397
Dantano GHXX2072
Dantasi GHXX2815
Danugu GHXX7085
Danukofe GHXX6178
Danvorga GHXX7086
Danyame GHXX1145
Danyigba GHXX6179
Danyo GHXX4526
Dapa GHXX6180
Dapali GHXX4527
Dareba GHXX4528
Darege GHXX6181
Dariyiri GHXX7617
Dasang GHXX4529
Dasasi GHXX3808
Dasima GHXX0055
Dasubansi GHXX7087
Dasuri GHXX7618
Datano GHXX8398
Datekope GHXX6182
Datem GHXX6183
Datoko GHXX7088
Datroko GHXX3809
Daulo GHXX6184
Dauve GHXX6185
Dawa GHXX0056
Dawa Amanfro GHXX3810
Dawa Jakoru GHXX3811
Dawa Trim GHXX3812
Dawadawa GHXX2073
Dawhe GHXX3813
Dawhwenya GHXX0057
Dawireso GHXX1147
Dawkplame GHXX6186
Dawmelan GHXX6187
Dawsi GHXX3814
Dawsikom GHXX7089
Dawtiem GHXX1148
Dawurampong GHXX2816
Dawusaso GHXX1149
Dayinu GHXX6188
Deabenekrom GHXX8399
Deba GHXX4530
Debari GHXX4531
Debibi GHXX2074
Debisa GHXX2817
Debiso GHXX8400
Debiso GHXX2818
Deble GHXX4532
Deboko GHXX4533
Deboni GHXX4534
Dechawome GHXX6189
Dechi GHXX8401
Dechiwa GHXX1150
Dedabtakope GHXX6190
Dedekope GHXX0343
Dedeman GHXX0344
Dedemede GHXX2819
Dedeso GHXX3815
Dedesua GHXX1151
Dedo GHXX0345
Deduako GHXX1152
Dedukope GHXX3816
Deflemkpa GHXX6191
Dega GHXX7090
Degbawa GHXX4535
Degedege GHXX2075
Degwiwu GHXX4536
Deigo GHXX3817
Deikrom GHXX1153
Dejanso GHXX1154
Dekpo GHXX6192
Dekpota GHXX0346
Dekpunga GHXX4537
Dekpwe GHXX6193
Dekulga GHXX7091
Delanyin GHXX4538
Demakope GHXX6194
Deme GHXX6195
Demete GHXX6196
Demon GHXX4539
Demuso GHXX3818
Denbuli GHXX4540
Denchem Buoso GHXX1155
Denchera GHXX8402
Dencherakuso GHXX3819
Denchinua GHXX2820
Denchira GHXX2821
Dendo GHXX6197
Denie GHXX4541
Denjwa GHXX2076
Denkerepe GHXX4542
Denma GHXX2077
Densubon GHXX1156
Densuso GHXX3820
Denteso GHXX1157
Dentia GHXX2078
Dentibaso GHXX8403
Dentin GHXX1158
Dentokrom GHXX8404
Dentu GHXX3821
Dentu GHXX6198
Denu GHXX6199
Denyamiso GHXX1159
Denyansakrom GHXX1160
Denyasi GHXX8405
Denyiasi GHXX1161
Depo GHXX0347
Desakwe GHXX0348
Deta GHXX6200
Detiedi GHXX1162
Detieso GHXX1163
Deto GHXX6201
Detom GHXX6202
Deve GHXX6203
Deveme GHXX3822
Deveme GHXX6204
Devenu GHXX6205
Devergu GHXX6206
Dewiri GHXX2079
Dewu GHXX1164
Dewu Asaman GHXX3823
Dia GHXX7619
Diabakrom GHXX2080
Diamos GHXX8406
Diana GHXX4543
Dianda GHXX6207
Diani GHXX4544
Diari GHXX4545
Diaso GHXX2822
Diawuoso GHXX1165
Dibere GHXX4546
Dibisi GHXX4547
Dibulo GHXX4548
Dida GHXX1166
Diditiasi GHXX1167
Didjo GHXX4549
Didokogli GHXX6208
Dienyamibeka GHXX1168
Difa GHXX4550
Digma GHXX4551
Digongo GHXX7092
Dikan GHXX1169
Dikpwie GHXX7620
Dimalla GHXX4552
Dime GHXX4553
Dimosan GHXX7621
Dinchinso GHXX1170
Dindane GHXX4554
Dindindusi GHXX1171
Dindini GHXX4555
Dinga GHXX4556
Dingoni GHXX4557
Dintige GHXX4558
Dinyogo GHXX4559
Disiga GHXX4560
Disuaboi GHXX8407
Disuanu GHXX8408
Ditane GHXX4561
Ditimbule GHXX7093
Diwoye GHXX8409
Dixcove GHXX8410
Diziri GHXX4562
Djadjefe GHXX6209
Djagbemba GHXX4563
Djagugu GHXX4564
Djaguhuga GHXX4565
Djaleba GHXX4566
Djankrom GHXX3824
Djaremave GHXX6210
Djarwia GHXX7622
Djave GHXX6211
Djayime GHXX6212
Djega GHXX6213
Djeme GHXX6214
Djeve GHXX6215
Djigbe GHXX6216
Djikome GHXX6217
Djimbele GHXX4567
Djo GHXX4568
Djogbefeme GHXX6218
Djokpe GHXX6219
Djonajile GHXX4569
Djopo GHXX6220
Djotefekofe GHXX6221
Djun GHXX4570
Doba GHXX7094
Dobinyetaw GHXX4571
Dobo GHXX7623
Dobo GHXX2081
Dobone GHXX4572
Doboro GHXX0349
Doboro GHXX3825
Doborogonno GHXX0350
Dochi GHXX3826
Dodi GHXX1172
Dodi Papase GHXX6222
Dodjankpo GHXX6223
Dodo GHXX6224
Dodo Amanfro GHXX6225
Dodo-Iri GHXX7624
Dodosua GHXX2082
Dodowa GHXX0351
Dodukpo GHXX6226
Dogbale GHXX7095
Dogbam GHXX4573
Dogbekope GHXX6227
Dogberri GHXX0058
Doglobo GHXX6228
Dogo GHXX0352
Dogobom GHXX0353
Dogokrom GHXX2083
Doguba GHXX7625
Dogutetiego GHXX4574
Dokofe GHXX6229
Dokpe GHXX0354
Dokrochiwa GHXX3827
Dokrowoba GHXX1173
Dokrupe GHXX4575
Dolbizan GHXX7626
Dole GHXX4576
Dom GHXX0355
Domasi GHXX1174
Dome GHXX6230
Domeabra GHXX6231
Domeabra GHXX3828
Domefe GHXX6232
Domenasi GHXX8411
Domenasi GHXX1175
Domenasi GHXX2823
Domenasi GHXX2084
Domfase GHXX0356
Domfete GHXX2085
Domi GHXX3829
Domi GHXX1176
Domi GHXX8412
Domi Beposo GHXX1177
Domi Keniago GHXX1178
Domiabo GHXX8413
Domiabra GHXX1179
Domiabra GHXX2824
Domiabra GHXX0357
Domiabra GHXX2086
Domiabra GHXX3830
Domiabra Amanfro GHXX3831
Dominasi GHXX2825
Dominebo GHXX8415
Dompa GHXX1181
Dompasi GHXX8416
Dompe GHXX4577
Dompem GHXX8417
Dompem GHXX2826
Dompim GHXX8418
Dompimkwanta GHXX8419
Dompin GHXX2827
Dompoasi GHXX1182
Domrebo GHXX3832
Domun GHXX8420
Dondonne GHXX4578
Dongwam GHXX0358
Donikrom GHXX8421
Doninga GHXX0059
Donkompi GHXX4579
Donkorkrom GHXX3833
Donkoro Nkwanta GHXX2087
Donkoto GHXX1183
Donomadi GHXX6233
Dononso GHXX2088
Donuaso GHXX1184
Donukope GHXX6234
Donweni GHXX7627
Donyina GHXX1185
Doreguayiri GHXX7628
Dorenyirige GHXX7096
Dorimon GHXX0060
Dorinsa GHXX7097
Dorko GHXX7629
Dormaa Ahenkro GHXX2089
Dormabin GHXX6235
Dorungu GHXX7098
Dotawasi GHXX1186
Dotoba GHXX2090
Dotokofe GHXX6236
Dotom GHXX1187
Dotsokofe GHXX6237
Dotum GHXX1188
Doung GHXX7630
Dounjang GHXX7631
Dove GHXX6238
Doveme GHXX6239
Dovi GHXX6240
Doyakope GHXX6241
Doyea GHXX6242
Doyum GHXX0359
Dra GHXX6243
Drabon GHXX1189
Drabonso GHXX1190
Drakofe GHXX6244
Drefe GHXX6245
Drobongma GHXX1191
Droboso GHXX2091
Droma GHXX2092
Droma-Kuma GHXX2093
Du GHXX7632
Du GHXX4580
Dua GHXX7099
Dua-Apuongo GHXX7100
Duaboni GHXX6246
Duaboni GHXX2828
Duaboni GHXX2094
Duachimiase GHXX2829
Duadaso GHXX0061
Duafa GHXX2830
Duagbine GHXX4581
Duahworadu GHXX8422
Duakobin GHXX1192
Duakwa GHXX2831
Duala GHXX8423
Duamimu GHXX8424
Duampompo GHXX1193
Duankontwi GHXX1194
Duaponkaw GHXX1195
Duase GHXX6247
Duasi GHXX1196
Duasidani GHXX2095
Duayaw Nkwanta GHXX2096
Duayeden GHXX0360
Dubenokrom GHXX8425
Dubia GHXX7633
Dublinbo GHXX8426
Duboni GHXX4582
Dubrim GHXX1197
Ducie GHXX7634
Dudawge GHXX4583
Dudongo GHXX4584
Dudu GHXX6248
Dudungo GHXX7101
Duepe GHXX6249
Duetu GHXX2832
Dufo GHXX3834
Dufoasi GHXX8427
Duga GHXX6250
Dukoto GHXX8428
Dukubaka GHXX8429
Dukuma GHXX6251
Dukurom GHXX8430
Dukusen GHXX0062
Dulnayinga GHXX4585
Dulugu GHXX7102
Dumakwai GHXX1198
Dumakwai GHXX2833
Dumama GHXX8431
Dumanafo GHXX1199
Dumankumawudua GHXX1200
Dumasua GHXX2097
Dumbai GHXX6252
Dumboli GHXX2098
Dumechino GHXX1201
Dumienu GHXX1202
Dumisua GHXX1203
Dumpo GHXX2099
Dumpon GHXX3835
Dumposo GHXX1204
Dumprara GHXX2834
Dumso GHXX2100
Duna GHXX4586
Dunchie GHXX1205
Dunchirikope GHXX6253
Dungu GHXX4587
Duni GHXX4588
Dunjocho GHXX4589
Dunkra GHXX1206
Dunkwa GHXX2835
Dunkwa GHXX8432
Dunkwa-on-Ofin GHXX2836
Dununual GHXX7635
Dupenasi GHXX3836
Duri GHXX7636
Duri GHXX7103
Dusabluga GHXX7104
Dushe GHXX7105
Dusibuliga GHXX7106
Dussani GHXX4590
Duta GHXX6254
Dutayingbe GHXX6255
Dutukpene GHXX6256
Duwakrom GHXX8433
Duwurampong GHXX8434
Dwan GHXX2101
Dwija GHXX2102
Dwinasi GHXX8435
Dwinyaikwanta GHXX1207
Dwinyama GHXX1208
Dzablikope GHXX6257
Dzadekope GHXX6258
Dzagbedze GHXX6259
Dzake GHXX6260
Dzakpo GHXX6261
Dzefe GHXX6262
Dzelukofe GHXX6263
Dzigakofe GHXX6264
Dzigbe GHXX6265
Dzita GHXX6266
Dzodze GHXX0063
Dzogbe GHXX6267
Dzogbetu GHXX6268
Dzogbove GHXX6269
Dzolokpuita GHXX6270
Dzolu GHXX6271
Dzrokofe GHXX6272
Ebi GHXX8436
Ebin GHXX8437
Ebira GHXX1209
Ebiram GHXX2837
Ebiram GHXX0064
Ebiramkrom GHXX2838
Ebiramkwa GHXX2839
Ebisua GHXX1210
Eborabo GHXX8438
Ebron GHXX0361
Ebu GHXX2840
Ebunaso GHXX8439
Ebunuso GHXX1211
Eburaso GHXX1212
Ebutia GHXX2841
Ebutumtumso GHXX1213
Ebwazo GHXX8440
Echei GHXX8441
Echiasi GHXX2842
Echieso GHXX1214
Echifikwa GHXX2843
Echwa GHXX2844
Echwiechire GHXX2845
Eda GHXX8442
Edianu GHXX8443
Edibrim GHXX1215
Edijwan GHXX1216
Edokrom GHXX8444
Edrawso GHXX8445
Edu GHXX8446
Edu Womasi GHXX1217
Eduacheremu GHXX2103
Eduadin GHXX1218
Eduafu GHXX2846
Eduakwa GHXX2847
Eduam GHXX1219
Eduamuyao GHXX1220
Eduanim GHXX2848
Eduaniyede GHXX1221
Edubia GHXX3837
Edubia GHXX1222
Edubiasi GHXX1223
Edubiasi GHXX2849
Edubiaso GHXX1224
Eduikrom GHXX8447
Edukroba GHXX1225
Edum GHXX1226
Edumang GHXX1227
Edumasa GHXX2850
Edumasa GHXX3838
Edumasa GHXX1228
Edumasi GHXX8448
Edumasin GHXX3839
Edumata GHXX2851
Edumenu GHXX2852
Edumfa GHXX2853
Edumtu GHXX2854
Edwinasi GHXX1229
Efeko GHXX6273
Efesu GHXX8449
Effiduase GHXX1230
Efia GHXX8450
Efia Nkwanta GHXX8451
Efiamuakrom GHXX1231
Efiduasi GHXX3840
Efiduasi GHXX1232
Efiefi GHXX3841
Efiena GHXX8452
Efuenta GHXX8453
Efuma GHXX2104
Efumkrom GHXX8454
Efumkrom GHXX2855
Efutu GHXX2856
Efwhia GHXX8455
Eguafo GHXX2857
Ehiahianda GHXX8456
Ehiaminchini GHXX1233
Ehiansheda GHXX8457
Ehie GHXX6274
Ehima GHXX1234
Ehwia GHXX2858
Eibokrom GHXX8458
Eikwe GHXX8459
Einado GHXX2859
Eipe GHXX2860
Eisam GHXX2861
Eja GHXX2862
Ejaa GHXX2863
Ejaku Kwa GHXX2864
Ejan GHXX8460
Ejeinu GHXX8461
Ejeman GHXX1236
Ejenem GHXX2105
Ejian GHXX1237
Ejife GHXX2865
Ejinasi GHXX8462
Ejisu GHXX1238
Ejisu GHXX2866
Ejuman GHXX2867
Ejumon GHXX1239
Ejura GHXX0065
Ejuratia GHXX1240
Ejwinasi GHXX1241
Ekaonidamfo GHXX2868
Ekawso GHXX3842
Ekowansero GHXX8463
Ekpopawnu GHXX6275
Ekrafu GHXX2869
Ekrawfo GHXX2870
Ekrobi GHXX2106
Ekroful GHXX2871
Ekuasi GHXX8464
Ekumdipe GHXX4591
Ekumpuanu GHXX2872
Ekutsi GHXX2873
Ekwamkrom GHXX2874
Elavanyo GHXX0362
Eleme GHXX6276
Elmina GHXX2875
Elobankata GHXX8465
Eluado GHXX8466
Elubo GHXX8467
Emim GHXX3843
Emisari GHXX1242
Emli GHXX6277
Emoana GHXX8468
Enama GHXX1243
Enchi GHXX0066
Enenide GHXX8469
Enianti GHXX1244
Eniaye GHXX2876
Enikawkaw GHXX8470
Enikawkawso GHXX8471
Enikawso GHXX1246
Enimniechiri GHXX8472
Enitimfi GHXX2877
Enjua GHXX2878
Ensonyamiye GHXX2879
Entumbil GHXX2880
Enuensuso GHXX8473
Enuwanti GHXX2881
Enyan Denkyira GHXX2882
Enyanmem GHXX2883
Enyeme GHXX2884
Enyinawonsu GHXX1247
Enyiresi GHXX3844
Epamso GHXX3845
Epieso GHXX8474
Epoko GHXX8475
Eprokumasi GHXX3846
Epum GHXX8476
Epumakura GHXX2885
Epung GHXX8477
Epunsa GHXX8478
Epunwanta GHXX8479
Esabro GHXX2886
Esadzi GHXX2887
Esamang GHXX0067
Esamang GHXX2888
Esambolo GHXX8481
Esase GHXX1248
Esasi GHXX1249
Esasi GHXX2889
Esaso GHXX1250
Esaso GHXX3848
Esem GHXX8482
Esen GHXX1251
Eshiem GHXX3849
Eshiem GHXX2890
Eshiro GHXX2891
Eshwenyami GHXX2892
Esiako GHXX8483
Esiam GHXX2893
Esiama GHXX0068
Esiamakrom GHXX1252
Esiamang GHXX8484
Esiankwanta GHXX1253
Esiem GHXX3850
Esienchem GHXX2894
Esienkrom GHXX8485
Esikado GHXX8486
Esikaso GHXX2896
Esikaso GHXX2107
Esikofokrom GHXX1254
Esikuma GHXX2897
Esileso GHXX8487
Esiwukroa GHXX2898
Essuowin GHXX1255
Esuabra GHXX3851
Esuadai GHXX2899
Esuanaw GHXX2108
Esuansa GHXX3852
Esuaso GHXX8488
Esuawua GHXX8489
Esuehie GHXX2900
Esujo GHXX8490
Esukawkaw GHXX2901
Esumeja GHXX1256
Esuochi GHXX3853
Esuochwi GHXX3854
Esuoja GHXX2902
Esuomi GHXX8491
Esuoti GHXX8492
Esushiae GHXX2109
Esuyawnfuo GHXX2903
Etia GHXX1257
Etibedu GHXX2904
Etinasi GHXX8493
Etoe GHXX6278
Etoi GHXX6279
Etsame GHXX6280
Evenu GHXX6281
Eviema GHXX8494
Ewhemasi GHXX1258
Ewihu GHXX8495
Ewisa GHXX2110
Ewisa GHXX3855
Ewisem GHXX2905
Ewuku GHXX8496
Ewuoanyem GHXX8497
Ewurahai GHXX3856
Ewurukwa GHXX2906
Ewusi GHXX2907
Ezuriti GHXX8498
Fahiakobo GHXX8499
Fahiakochire GHXX2908
Fahiakoho GHXX6282
Faimaiya GHXX2909
Faisa GHXX4592
Fajiemohe GHXX0363
Fakpoe GHXX6283
Falu GHXX7637
Faman GHXX2910
Famaya GHXX8500
Famaye GHXX2911
Famayo GHXX8501
Famisa GHXX4593
Fanchenebra GHXX8502
Fanchiniko GHXX0364
Fanchirinko GHXX6284
Fanchuma GHXX3857
Fankyeneko GHXX3858
Fanti Nyankumasi GHXX2912
Fanti Village GHXX8503
Fantivikope GHXX0365
Faohiakawbaw GHXX1259
Faotri Kosie GHXX3859
Faraga GHXX7107
Farensa GHXX7108
Farifari GHXX7109
Fase GHXX8504
Faso GHXX3860
Fatchio GHXX7638
Fawji GHXX3861
Fawkpi GHXX3862
Fawle GHXX4594
Fawmang GHXX8505
Fawohoyeden GHXX2111
Fawotriche GHXX1260
Fawtrikawsie GHXX3863
Fawubawari GHXX1261
Fawuman GHXX1262
Fawumang GHXX1263
Fawumanye GHXX2913
Fawumaye GHXX8506
Fawumaye GHXX2914
Fawutrikosie GHXX1264
Febi GHXX2112
Fefehoe GHXX6285
Fenyami GHXX1265
Fenyi Achagome GHXX6286
Fenyi Hata GHXX6287
Fenyi Yokoe GHXX6288
Fenyigago GHXX6289
Fenyiko GHXX6290
Feo Nabisi GHXX7110
Fesi GHXX6291
Fete GHXX2915
Fetekoro GHXX8507
Fetenta GHXX2113
Feteyano GHXX2114
Fetiga GHXX7111
Feyiasi GHXX1266
Fia GHXX8508
Fiafe GHXX6292
Fiagbedukofe GHXX6293
Fiahaw GHXX6294
Fiakonya GHXX0366
Fiakpole GHXX8509
Fiakwai GHXX3864
Fiakwasa GHXX2115
Fialenyigban GHXX6295
Fian GHXX7639
Fianko GHXX2916
Fiankuma GHXX1267
Fiapri GHXX2116
Fiasi GHXX3865
Fiave GHXX0367
Fiefienon GHXX3866
Fiekbe GHXX6296
Fielmon GHXX7640
Fiema GHXX2117
Fieniti GHXX4595
Fieso GHXX4596
Fietole GHXX4597
Fieve GHXX6297
Fina GHXX7641
Finaso GHXX1268
Finte GHXX3867
Fisa GHXX7112
Fise GHXX0368
Fishila GHXX4598
Fiu GHXX4599
Fiusoanua GHXX4600
Flagbo GHXX6298
Floto GHXX6299
Flunkakpe GHXX3868
Foamang GHXX2118
Fobenso GHXX2917
Fodome GHXX6300
Fodome Xelu GHXX6301
Fofe GHXX6302
Fohiakawbaw GHXX1269
Fojoku GHXX3869
Fokbe GHXX6303
Folikope GHXX0369
Fomangkuma GHXX3870
Fomena GHXX2918
Fomena GHXX1270
Fopu GHXX6304
Forifori GHXX3871
Forikrom GHXX2119
Forinsa GHXX7113
Foshogo GHXX4601
Fosime GHXX6305
Foso GHXX2919
Foso Odumasi GHXX2920
Fosua GHXX2921
Fosuansa GHXX2922
Fotobi GHXX3872
Fourteen GHXX2923
Fradaka GHXX3873
Frafraso GHXX2120
Frago GHXX4602
Framasi GHXX2924
Framasi GHXX3874
Frami GHXX2925
Frankadua GHXX3875
Frantin GHXX2926
Fremoko GHXX6306
Frobohu GHXX8510
Froduayie GHXX2927
Fryfusu GHXX4603
Fu GHXX6307
Fuchmbluma GHXX4604
Fufulso GHXX4605
Fufuo GHXX1271
Fulanikrom GHXX2121
Fule GHXX4606
Fumbisi GHXX7114
Fumbo GHXX4607
Fume GHXX6308
Fumisua GHXX1272
Fumso GHXX1273
Fumso GHXX3876
Funga GHXX4608
Fungu GHXX4609
Funko GHXX8511
Funsi GHXX0069
Funtumasi GHXX1274
Fuo GHXX4610
Fupiri GHXX8512
Furaboi GHXX8513
Fure GHXX8514
Furel GHXX4611
Furu GHXX7642
Futa GHXX8515
Fwefwe GHXX3877
Fwenyami GHXX2928
Fwere-Boi GHXX1275
Fwereso GHXX1276
Fweyiye GHXX8516
Fwidiem GHXX1277
Fwiraso GHXX3878
Fwiriem GHXX2122
Ga GHXX0070
Ga GHXX4612
Gabarakofe GHXX6309
Gabawni GHXX4613
Gabi GHXX6310
Gabogo GHXX4614
Gabuliga GHXX7115
Gabuluga GHXX7116
Gadasukofe GHXX6311
Gadem GHXX7117
Gaga GHXX7118
Gagbefe GHXX6312
Gago GHXX7119
Gakuon GHXX4615
Galabisi GHXX4616
Galaka GHXX7120
Galo GHXX6313
Galotse GHXX6314
Gamado GHXX6315
Gamadzra GHXX6316
Gambaga GHXX4617
Gambibigo GHXX7121
Gambo GHXX4618
Gamborongo GHXX7122
Gamendu GHXX6317
Gamokofe GHXX6318
Gandalagayili GHXX4619
Gangari GHXX7123
Gango GHXX7124
Gangoboka GHXX7125
Gani GHXX7126
Garadima GHXX2123
Gari GHXX7127
Garin Dade GHXX4620
Garin Dogo GHXX4621
Gariwe GHXX4622
Garu GHXX0071
Garu Natinga GHXX7128
Gatsikope GHXX6319
Gavashikofe GHXX6320
Gavokofe GHXX6321
Gawso GHXX2124
Gbadagokofe GHXX6322
Gbadjeme GHXX6323
Gbadoli GHXX4623
Gbalga GHXX4624
Gbambu GHXX4625
Gbandi GHXX4626
Gbando GHXX4627
Gbane GHXX4628
Gbangale GHXX4629
Gbangbom GHXX4630
Gbankuoni GHXX4631
Gbantirigo GHXX7129
Gbantongo GHXX7130
Gbanu GHXX6324
Gbara GHXX4632
Gbari GHXX7643
Gbateto GHXX4633
Gbawe GHXX0370
Gbedjame GHXX6325
Gbedjeve GHXX6326
Gbedjikofe GHXX6327
Gbega GHXX7131
Gbegbe GHXX0371
Gbegbekope GHXX6328
Gbegbenshona GHXX0372
Gbegboetu GHXX6329
Gbego GHXX7132
Gbeleme GHXX6330
Gbemokofe GHXX6331
Gbemsi GHXX4634
Gbeni GHXX4635
Gbenjaga GHXX4636
Gbenjaga-Binduri GHXX4637
Gbenshe GHXX0072
Gbeogo GHXX4638
Gbeogo GHXX7133
Gberi GHXX7644
Gbetuinu GHXX6332
Gbindire GHXX0073
Gblede GHXX6333
Gblefedo GHXX6334
Gblenko GHXX6335
Gbo GHXX7645
Gbodome GHXX6336
Gbodrafo GHXX6337
Gbogame GHXX6338
Gbogbojiri GHXX0373
Gbogo GHXX4639
Gbohome GHXX6339
Gbokofe GHXX6340
Gbong GHXX4640
Gbongbanre GHXX7134
Gbongbon GHXX4641
Gbongbonyah GHXX2125
Gbonkukuo GHXX4642
Gbonlua GHXX4643
Gborok GHXX4644
Gbota GHXX6341
Gbungbalaga GHXX4645
Ge GHXX6342
Gedekope GHXX6343
Gedematukope GHXX0374
Gefia GHXX6344
Gegempwe GHXX7646
Gelencon GHXX4646
Genguna GHXX4647
Genui GHXX6345
Ghwiakrom GHXX2929
Giadema GHXX4648
Giana GHXX4649
Gida Wichie GHXX4650
Gidisukofe GHXX6347
Gieji GHXX4651
Gienni GHXX4652
Gigiduku GHXX0375
Gili GHXX7647
Gindabo GHXX4653
Gindel GHXX4654
Gingare GHXX7648
Gitase GHXX4655
Gjoe GHXX4656
Glamave GHXX6348
Glameke GHXX6349
Glevime GHXX6350
Glidza GHXX6351
Glimate GHXX6352
Glime GHXX6353
Glinikula GHXX0074
Globakpa GHXX6354
Glume GHXX0376
Gnani GHXX4657
Go GHXX7135
Goabuluga GHXX4658
Goagbiang GHXX4659
Gobasa GHXX7136
Gochunia GHXX3879
Godawkofe GHXX6355
Gode GHXX7137
Godemblissa GHXX7138
Godobuneto GHXX6356
Godovi GHXX6357
Goefe GHXX6358
Gogo GHXX7139
Gogoikrom GHXX1278
Gogonga GHXX4660
Gogoso GHXX8517
Gohome GHXX6359
Goi GHXX0377
Goka GHXX2126
Gokofe GHXX6360
Gokoron GHXX6361
Golokope GHXX6362
Golokuati GHXX6363
Golovuto GHXX6364
Gomoa Akroful GHXX2930
Gomoa Asin GHXX2931
Gomoa Brofo GHXX2932
Gomoamem GHXX2933
Gonggo GHXX7649
Gongo GHXX7140
Gonre GHXX7141
Gonse GHXX0378
Gonu GHXX6365
Gonyokofe GHXX6366
Gordi GHXX4661
Goreba GHXX4662
Gorogu GHXX7142
Goroso GHXX2127
Gorugu GHXX4663
Goruku GHXX7143
Goruma GHXX7144
Gotakofe GHXX6367
Gotisalaga GHXX7145
Govenu GHXX6368
Govope GHXX6369
Gowenu GHXX6370
Gowenu GHXX3880
Goziesi GHXX7146
Gradaw GHXX2128
Gramata GHXX6371
Grantikrom GHXX8518
Greenhill GHXX0379
Grefi GHXX0380
Grube GHXX6372
Gruma GHXX7650
Grumakroa GHXX8519
Grumesa GHXX1279
Grumisa GHXX8520
Grunshi Zongo GHXX4664
Grunyu GHXX4665
Grupe GHXX4666
Gua GHXX4667
Guaman GHXX6373
Gui GHXX6374
Gula GHXX4668
Gulugu GHXX4669
Gulumpe GHXX2129
Gumaketere GHXX7147
Gumani GHXX4670
Gumbare GHXX7148
Gumbari GHXX7149
Gumbo GHXX7150
Gumne GHXX7151
Gumon GHXX4671
Gumshe GHXX7152
Gunasua GHXX2130
Gunayiri GHXX4672
Gunda GHXX4673
Gundo GHXX4674
Gundogo GHXX4675
Gungoresi GHXX7153
Gungula GHXX4676
Gungwia GHXX7154
Guni GHXX7651
Guntassi GHXX4677
Gunyioko GHXX7155
Guohe GHXX7156
Gupanalgo GHXX4678
Gupome GHXX6375
Gure GHXX4679
Guropisi GHXX7652
Gurugu GHXX4680
Gurugu GHXX7157
Gurumbele GHXX7653
Gushe GHXX7654
Gushiago GHXX4681
Gushie GHXX4682
Guziesi GHXX7158
Guzongo GHXX7159
Gwakudo GHXX4683
Gwal GHXX7655
Gwalingga GHXX4684
Gwalo GHXX4685
Gwasi GHXX7656
Gwenia GHXX7160
Gwenshi GHXX4686
Gwintinli GHXX4687
Gwira GHXX8521
Gwira Achinum GHXX2936
Gwo GHXX7657
Gwolu GHXX7658
Gworiri GHXX7659
Gwosheshi GHXX7161
Gwosi GHXX7162
Gwotori GHXX7163
Gyabeso GHXX8522
Gyafo GHXX4688
Gyagoto GHXX6376
Gyakiti GHXX3881
Gyanasi GHXX7164
Haglakofe GHXX6377
Hake GHXX6378
Halagbe GHXX0381
Halembei GHXX7660
Halemboi GHXX7661
Half Assini GHXX0075
Hamadonko GHXX2937
Hamakwa GHXX2938
Hamale GHXX7662
Hamanani GHXX6379
Hamanukofe GHXX6380
Hamapanasi GHXX1280
Hamaporiwa GHXX3882
Hamoro GHXX7663
Han GHXX0076
Hani GHXX2131
Hanya GHXX0382
Hapa GHXX7664
Hasowudi GHXX2939
Hasuwodi GHXX2940
Hatogodo GHXX6381
Hautopo GHXX8523
Have GHXX6382
Have Tsebi GHXX6383
Havedome GHXX6384
Havenu GHXX6385
Havi GHXX6386
Hawlawji GHXX6387
Hawti GHXX6388
Hedeglokofe GHXX6389
Hedohekumi GHXX3883
Hedzanawo GHXX6390
Heil GHXX7665
Helekpe GHXX6391
Helimele GHXX6392
Heluvi GHXX6393
Hemakrom GHXX1281
Hemang GHXX8524
Hemang GHXX1282
Hemang GHXX2941
Hemanso GHXX8525
Heme GHXX6394
Hesuworkope GHXX6395
Heti GHXX6396
Hevi GHXX6397
Hevite GHXX6398
Hia GHXX1283
Hiaheda GHXX2942
Hiaka GHXX2943
Hiakwasi GHXX1284
Hiakwesi GHXX1285
Hiamenkwa GHXX1286
Hiamenkwan GHXX1287
Hiaminkwa GHXX1288
Hiamitu GHXX8526
Hianimgwasi GHXX1289
Hianye GHXX8527
Hiawa GHXX2944
Hiawa GHXX8528
Hiawohu GHXX1290
Hihirape GHXX6399
Himakrom GHXX8529
Himang GHXX1291
Hini GHXX2945
Hinimang GHXX1292
Hirenve GHXX6400
Hlave GHXX6401
Hloma GHXX6402
Hlonve GHXX6403
Hlototo GHXX6404
Hlove GHXX6405
Hlum GHXX3884
Ho GHXX6406
Hode GHXX6407
Hodikukope GHXX6408
Hodjokofe GHXX6409
Hodzoga GHXX6410
Hoe GHXX6411
Hoeme GHXX6412
Hohoe GHXX6413
Hokpo GHXX6414
Hokpoe GHXX6415
Holeve GHXX6416
Holukofe GHXX6417
Homakromua GHXX8530
Homasi GHXX1293
Home GHXX6418
Homuamekope GHXX6419
Honi GHXX0383
Honiachim GHXX0384
Honise GHXX0385
Hontagba GHXX6420
Honuta GHXX6421
Hoto GHXX6422
Hotonyigbe GHXX6423
Hoviofe GHXX6424
Hretologu GHXX6425
Hrife GHXX6426
Huakpo GHXX0386
Huananaoba GHXX8531
Hudukpo GHXX6427
Hufe GHXX6428
Huhunya GHXX3885
Huime GHXX6429
Huipo GHXX6430
Huitimbo GHXX8532
Humaben GHXX1294
Humachem GHXX1295
Humakromua GHXX8533
Humakromua GHXX2946
Humjibre GHXX8534
Humjibre GHXX2132
Hun GHXX0077
Huni Valley GHXX8536
Huniaboi GHXX8537
Huniso GHXX8538
Hunsukofe GHXX6431
Huntado GHXX8539
Huntado GHXX1296
Huntaitai GHXX1297
Hutawpodo GHXX6432
Huve GHXX6433
Hwapa GHXX3886
Hweremasi GHXX1298
Hwibang GHXX1299
Hwida GHXX2947
Hwidiem GHXX2133
Hwinido GHXX8540
Hwintado GHXX1300
Hwiremuasi GHXX1301
Ianiama GHXX3887
Ibriso GHXX2948
Ibum GHXX2949
Idonia GHXX7165
Idua GHXX4689
Ifakrom GHXX8541
Igentu GHXX7666
Ikenyakope GHXX0387
Imbraim GHXX2950
Impatasia GHXX2134
Inchaban GHXX8542
Initamfi GHXX2951
Inkubeta GHXX1302
Insu GHXX8544
Isakakrom GHXX2952
Isasi GHXX8545
Isasi GHXX2953
Ischie GHXX4690
Isiasi GHXX4691
Issa GHXX7667
Itele GHXX4692
Iyecheri GHXX8546
Izabisi GHXX4693
Iziri GHXX7668
Jabinkwa GHXX2954
Jabo GHXX8547
Jabrekrom GHXX8548
Jabukpo GHXX6434
Jabunakrom GHXX2135
Jaburu GHXX4694
Jachi GHXX1304
Jachui GHXX3888
Jadam GHXX1305
Jadankaw GHXX3889
Jadiako GHXX0078
Jagere GHXX4695
Jagogo GHXX4696
Jagos GHXX4697
Jahadzi GHXX2955
Jaheta GHXX6435
Jaimanhu GHXX2956
Jajukrom GHXX1306
Jakai GHXX2957
Jakasi GHXX4698
Jakobkrom GHXX2958
Jakobswaso GHXX8549
Jakobu GHXX1307
Jakpa GHXX4699
Jakpari GHXX4700
Jakpele GHXX4701
Jaktende GHXX4702
Jakugu GHXX4703
Jakwa GHXX8550
Jakwa GHXX4704
Jakwansatambia GHXX7166
Jama GHXX4705
Jamalega GHXX4706
Jaman GHXX2959
Jaman GHXX3890
Jamang GHXX8551
Jamang GHXX2960
Jamasi GHXX1308
Jambo GHXX6436
Jamdere GHXX2136
Jamfoyili GHXX4707
Jamo GHXX4708
Jamra GHXX2137
Jamra GHXX2961
Jamsidie GHXX1309
Jana GHXX6437
Janakura GHXX2962
Janania GHXX7167
Janbakope GHXX3891
Jang GHXX7669
Jang GHXX4709
Janga GHXX4710
Jangandele GHXX4711
Jangbana GHXX4712
Janguasi GHXX7670
Jani GHXX2963
Janko GHXX7671
Jankoba GHXX1310
Jankonyili GHXX4713
Jankpinhi GHXX4714
Jankru GHXX2138
Jankubowu GHXX2964
Jankufa GHXX2139
Janman GHXX0388
Jansa GHXX1311
Jantikrom GHXX8552
Jantilla GHXX4715
Jantong GHXX4716
Jantoo Kuko GHXX4717
Janvori GHXX7672
Janyuni GHXX4718
Japa GHXX8553
Japara GHXX4719
Japekrom GHXX2140
Jaragolili GHXX4720
Jasa GHXX7168
Jasikan GHXX0079
Jata GHXX7169
Jato Zongo GHXX2141
Jave GHXX6438
Jawani GHXX4721
Jaware GHXX2965
Jawpanya GHXX0389
Jayiri GHXX0080
Jebo GHXX4722
Jebrajo GHXX4723
Jedem GHXX3892
Jedua GHXX8554
Jedukrom GHXX2966
Jeffisi GHXX7673
Jegori GHXX4724
Jegwa GHXX4725
Jeikrodrua GHXX2967
Jeinsuso GHXX2142
Jejeti GHXX3893
Jelekologo GHXX7170
Jellin-Iri GHXX7674
Jema GHXX2143
Jema GHXX0081
Jemaka GHXX4726
Jemaka-Tindon GHXX4727
Jembogo GHXX7675
Jempaigo GHXX4728
Jenahaw GHXX0390
Jenfikrom GHXX1312
Jengendere GHXX4729
Jeniaju GHXX1313
Jeniso GHXX1314
Jenjemeraja GHXX2144
Jensoso GHXX2145
Jensui GHXX8555
Jentega GHXX7171
Jentidua GHXX2146
Jentilpe GHXX4730
Jerbuga GHXX7676
Jerigo GHXX4731
Jerusalem GHXX8556
Jesi GHXX2968
Jesikrom GHXX1315
Jetini GHXX4732
Jetokwe GHXX0391
Jetua GHXX1316
Jetuakrom GHXX2970
Jetukrom GHXX8557
Jewi GHXX8558
Jewi Ahonozo GHXX8559
Jeyiri GHXX4733
Jiakpole GHXX8560
Jiasi GHXX1317
Jibliga GHXX4734
Jidanyile GHXX4735
Jijan GHXX0082
Jijian GHXX7677
Jikame GHXX6439
Jilig GHXX4736
Jimachi GHXX1318
Jimam GHXX4737
Jimarian GHXX4738
Jimbala GHXX4739
Jimbale GHXX4740
Jimbegele GHXX4741
Jimbupe GHXX4742
Jimija GHXX1319
Jiminafwe GHXX3894
Jimiso GHXX1320
Jimisokakraba GHXX1321
Jimle GHXX4743
Jimpomani GHXX3895
Jinankuma GHXX2971
Jinfronu GHXX4744
Jingbang GHXX4745
Jingere GHXX7172
Jiniagba GHXX6440
Jiningsa GHXX7173
Jinini GHXX2147
Jinjini GHXX2148
Jinkrom GHXX4746
Jinlo GHXX4747
Jintinga GHXX4748
Jinwol GHXX4749
Jinyasi GHXX1322
Jirapa GHXX7678
Jirate GHXX6441
Jirawde GHXX3896
Jireso GHXX2149
Jirewuo GHXX8561
Jirima GHXX4750
Jirimbale GHXX4751
Jiripansi GHXX7679
Jisakope GHXX6442
Joasi GHXX3897
Jobafi GHXX6443
Jobati GHXX6444
Jodemla GHXX6445
Jogboi GHXX4752
Jogladsi GHXX6446
Jogoli GHXX0083
Johnsonkrom GHXX8562
Jokokrom GHXX8563
Jolo GHXX4753
Joma GHXX0392
Jomo GHXX8564
Jompong GHXX3898
Jomuro GHXX8565
Jongase GHXX4754
Jonjoso GHXX8566
Jonkobri GHXX0393
Jonwara GHXX4755
Jonyoso GHXX1323
Jopo GHXX3899
Jowainia GHXX3900
Juaben GHXX1324
Juaben GHXX8567
Juabin GHXX2972
Juafoakwa GHXX3901
Juahaw GHXX1325
Juahu GHXX1326
Juamang GHXX1327
Juansa GHXX1328
Juasi GHXX1329
Juaso GHXX0084
Juaso GHXX2973
Juasohenekrom GHXX1330
Jugajikope GHXX3902
Jujungo GHXX4756
Jukuku GHXX4757
Jukwa GHXX8568
Jukwa GHXX2974
Jumako GHXX1331
Jumakro GHXX1332
Jumapo GHXX3903
Jumo GHXX7680
Jumwa GHXX2150
Junjungo GHXX4758
Jwaben GHXX8569
Jwehen GHXX1333
Jwenjweasi GHXX1334
Jwenuabadzi GHXX2975
Jwewuhu GHXX2976
Jwinase GHXX2977
Jwinasi GHXX1335
Ka GHXX4759
Ka GHXX7681
Kabache GHXX4760
Kabaha GHXX7682
Kabako GHXX4761
Kabalibe GHXX4762
Kabalima GHXX4763
Kabanpe GHXX0085
Kabengo GHXX7174
Kabensiri GHXX8570
Kabenu GHXX6447
Kabeso GHXX4764
Kablani GHXX4765
Kable GHXX4766
Kablevu GHXX0394
Kabo GHXX3905
Kaboku GHXX8571
Kabona GHXX7175
Kabonwele GHXX4767
Kabre GHXX7176
Kabri GHXX2151
Kabrunu GHXX2152
Kabulembu GHXX4768
Kabuteti GHXX6448
Kabutukope GHXX6449
Kachanki GHXX4769
Kachauasi GHXX2153
Kacherasse GHXX4770
Kachumangajan GHXX7683
Kadabwenso GHXX4771
Kadakofe GHXX6450
Kadare GHXX7177
Kade GHXX3906
Kadelso GHXX2154
Kadema GHXX7178
Kadengel GHXX4772
Kadewaso GHXX3907
Kadjebi GHXX6451
Kado GHXX7179
Kadoli GHXX7684
Kadoro GHXX7180
Kadue GHXX2155
Kafaba GHXX4773
Kafodidi GHXX1336
Kafodzidzi GHXX2978
Kafudidi GHXX8573
Kagani GHXX4774
Kagape GHXX6452
Kagbiri GHXX7181
Kaha GHXX7685
Kahinibuoso GHXX8574
Kaireku GHXX8575
Kaiyong GHXX4775
Kaiyoro-Uru GHXX7182
Kaja GHXX0395
Kajai GHXX2156
Kajaji GHXX2157
Kajanya GHXX3908
Kajasi GHXX4776
Kajau GHXX4777
Kajawarasi GHXX1337
Kaka GHXX2158
Kakabo GHXX8576
Kakali GHXX4778
Kakoshi GHXX4779
Kakpanjag GHXX4780
Kakumdu GHXX2979
Kalamanikofe GHXX3909
Kalamoago GHXX4781
Kalande GHXX4782
Kalba GHXX0086
Kalbiongo GHXX7183
Kalboka GHXX7184
Kale GHXX4783
Kaleo GHXX0087
Kalesesi GHXX7185
Kalevio GHXX7186
Kalonso GHXX4784
Kalsara GHXX7686
Kaluri GHXX7687
Kama GHXX8577
Kamabuie GHXX4785
Kamasakofe GHXX6453
Kambago GHXX4786
Kambale GHXX7688
Kambetiak GHXX4787
Kamboshia GHXX4788
Kame GHXX6454
Kamega GHXX7187
Kamfakrom GHXX8578
Kamiaktom GHXX8579
Kamokrom GHXX8580
Kamompa GHXX2159
Kampaha GHXX7689
Kampriso GHXX1338
Kamsango GHXX7188
Kamsori GHXX7189
Kamuo GHXX2980
Kanangkule GHXX4789
Kananto GHXX4790
Kanchabo GHXX8581
Kandea GHXX7690
Kandem GHXX7190
Kandiau GHXX7691
Kandiga GHXX7191
Kandige GHXX2160
Kandinga GHXX4791
Kandomene GHXX7692
Kanga GHXX7192
Kangan GHXX8582
Kangberigu GHXX7193
Kangwol GHXX7693
Kanigufo GHXX2981
Kanjaga GHXX0088
Kanka GHXX2161
Kanka GHXX2982
Kankadina GHXX4792
Kankamkrom GHXX1339
Kankan GHXX2162
Kankanfriasi GHXX1340
Kankang GHXX3910
Kankanjia GHXX7694
Kanoweli GHXX6455
Kansakrom GHXX8583
Kansawurado GHXX8584
Kanshegaw GHXX4793
Kansinga GHXX7194
Kansiri GHXX1341
Kansongo GHXX7195
Kantanbuguri GHXX4794
Kantankufri GHXX6456
Kantinkronu GHXX1342
Kanvile GHXX4795
Kanyanga GHXX4796
Kanyankaw GHXX8585
Kanyanko GHXX2983
Kanyasi GHXX1343
Kanyinguasi GHXX7695
Kanyini GHXX7696
Kaogo GHXX7196
Kaotrihue GHXX1344
Kapachuhu GHXX7697
Kaple GHXX3911
Kapro GHXX1345
Kapro GHXX2163
Kaptun GHXX4797
Kapua GHXX2164
Kapulima GHXX7698
Karaga GHXX4798
Karamenga GHXX4799
Kararaga GHXX4800
Kare GHXX7197
Kare GHXX7699
Kari GHXX7700
Karni GHXX7701
Karo GHXX8586
Kasa GHXX2165
Kasaim GHXX1346
Kasale GHXX4801
Kasalgo GHXX4802
Kasampwi GHXX4803
Kasanga GHXX2166
Kasanongo GHXX7198
Kasanpari GHXX7702
Kasanwere GHXX3912
Kasape GHXX4804
Kasaw GHXX8587
Kase GHXX1347
Kase GHXX0396
Kasi GHXX7199
Kasi GHXX1348
Kasiele GHXX4805
Kasisa GHXX7200
Kasoa GHXX2984
Kasoveko GHXX6457
Kassane GHXX7703
Kasunya GHXX3913
Kasuri GHXX4806
Kasuridaborshi GHXX4807
Katachiasi GHXX2985
Katachiwa GHXX1349
Katakwo GHXX8588
Katamanso GHXX0397
Katanbule GHXX4808
Katange GHXX4809
Katani GHXX4810
Katansiga GHXX7201
Katechiekrom GHXX2167
Katekunu GHXX7704
Katenchi GHXX2986
Katengule GHXX4811
Katiajeli GHXX4812
Katie GHXX0089
Katigiri GHXX4813
Katinia GHXX7705
Katiyensua GHXX3914
Kato GHXX2168
Katrim GHXX8589
Katua GHXX7706
Katuo GHXX7707
Kaukurugi GHXX4814
Kausaungo GHXX7202
Kauwenia GHXX7203
Kauwilia GHXX7708
Kave GHXX6458
Kawbedi GHXX2169
Kawbin GHXX1350
Kawdiabe GHXX6459
Kawelekawele GHXX1351
Kawjuokrom GHXX1352
Kawkawbo GHXX1353
Kawkawdei GHXX1354
Kawkawti GHXX1355
Kawkawtisem GHXX1356
Kawkrugu GHXX4815
Kawlogo GHXX7204
Kawmaka GHXX7205
Kawniaba GHXX2987
Kawonsro GHXX2988
Kawrawra GHXX7709
Kawsan GHXX2170
Kawsisa GHXX2989
Kawteigo GHXX8590
Kayensiri GHXX2990
Kayoro GHXX7206
Kbolebi GHXX4816
Kdieresu GHXX4817
Kedia GHXX4818
Kedjebi GHXX6460
Kedzi GHXX6461
Kehienkodu GHXX2991
Kekenikekofe GHXX6462
Kekwo GHXX6463
Kelikaw GHXX6464
Kenaw GHXX0398
Keniago GHXX1357
Kenseri GHXX1358
Kensiri GHXX1359
Kensre GHXX1360
Kente GHXX1361
Kenya GHXX0399
Kenyasi Mohu GHXX2171
Keri GHXX6465
Kerikofe GHXX6466
Keshago GHXX4820
Keta GHXX0090
Kete GHXX2992
Kete Krachi GHXX6467
Ketekrom GHXX8591
Ketiu GHXX7207
Keyilo GHXX7208
Keyumi GHXX3915
Kiape GHXX4821
Kiau GHXX7209
Kibi GHXX0091
Kikam GHXX8592
Kikaziegu GHXX7210
Kilinga GHXX6468
Kinkele GHXX7710
Kinkongo GHXX4822
Kino GHXX4823
Kintampo GHXX2172
Kiong GHXX4824
Kirepo GHXX6469
Kisheggo GHXX4825
Kisi GHXX0092
Kisi Kwanta GHXX8593
Kitare GHXX4826
Kitasi GHXX3916
Kitempe GHXX4827
Kiyinchingu GHXX7211
Klave GHXX6470
Klebwenya GHXX3917
Kledjo GHXX6471
Klenomadi GHXX6472
Klenumedi GHXX6473
Klepo GHXX6474
Klikpo GHXX6475
Klodosukofe GHXX6476
Kloe GHXX6477
Klomikpota GHXX6478
Klopuatek GHXX4828
Kluajon GHXX4829
Klugbani GHXX4830
Klukpanga GHXX4831
Klukpe GHXX6479
Klukpo GHXX6480
Kluma GHXX6481
Koasi GHXX2173
Kobali GHXX4832
Koben GHXX1362
Kobi GHXX1363
Kobiele GHXX4833
Kobinagurakrom GHXX2993
Koblakope GHXX0400
Kobnakrom GHXX8594
Kobnaswaso GHXX8595
Kobo GHXX8596
Koboedi GHXX2994
Kobraw GHXX1364
Kobreso GHXX1365
Kobriso GHXX3918
Kobuaso GHXX1366
Kodajwen GHXX2995
Kodengu GHXX4834
Kodiabe GHXX3919
Kodiabe GHXX0401
Kodidi GHXX3920
Kodje GHXX6482
Kodjobi GHXX6483
Kodregbuni GHXX4835
Kodzi GHXX6484
Koenimakrom GHXX2996
Koeta GHXX6485
Kofe Djan GHXX2174
Kofega GHXX6486
Koferakwi GHXX6487
Kofeyi GHXX6488
Kofi Aiyaura GHXX8597
Kofi Pare GHXX3921
Kofianumakrom GHXX1367
Kofiasaa GHXX2175
Kofiase GHXX1368
Kofiayekrom GHXX1369
Kofibankikrom GHXX8598
Kofidede GHXX3922
Kofijaberakrom GHXX2997
Kofikope GHXX0402
Kofikrom GHXX8599
Kofikrom GHXX1370
Kofikrom GHXX2998
Kofime GHXX2999
Kofiogu GHXX8600
Koforidua GHXX3923
Koforidua GHXX3000
Kofuka GHXX8601
Kogo GHXX7212
Kohorokosha GHXX8602
Kohuri GHXX8603
Kojei GHXX2176
Kojima GHXX8604
Kojimakrom GHXX8605
Kojina GHXX8606
Kojo Fanchuma GHXX3924
Kojoaferei GHXX1371
Kojoashon GHXX0403
Kojobil GHXX8607
Kojobinekrom GHXX1372
Kojobonipe GHXX4836
Kojobukokrom GHXX1373
Kojofisukrom GHXX2177
Kojokope GHXX3925
Kojokrom GHXX3926
Kojokrom GHXX3001
Kojokrom GHXX8608
Kojokuma GHXX8609
Kojoman GHXX0404
Kojonyamkrom GHXX3002
Kojovikofe GHXX6489
Kojwirakrom GHXX1374
Koklokome GHXX6490
Kokoasi GHXX3927
Kokoben GHXX3003
Kokobin GHXX1375
Kokobin GHXX3928
Kokobiriko GHXX1376
Kokode GHXX1377
Kokodie GHXX1378
Kokofri GHXX8610
Kokofu GHXX3004
Kokofu GHXX1379
Kokofu Kakraba GHXX8612
Kokole GHXX7213
Kokolubu GHXX7711
Kokomlemle GHXX0405
Kokora GHXX6491
Kokorasua GHXX2179
Kokorokrom GHXX8613
Kokosachi GHXX1380
Kokosanfu GHXX8614
Kokoso GHXX3005
Kokosua GHXX2180
Kokotiesua GHXX1381
Kokotintin GHXX3929
Kokotintin GHXX1382
Kokotru GHXX1383
Kokoum GHXX8615
Kokpelibobgu GHXX4837
Kokpogele GHXX4838
Kokraso GHXX3930
Kokrobite GHXX0406
Kokroboti GHXX3931
Kokronpe GHXX3932
Kokua GHXX1384
Kokua GHXX2181
Kokum GHXX8616
Kokuma GHXX2182
Kokunuru GHXX3933
Kokuo GHXX4839
Kokuruge GHXX4840
Kokwadu GHXX8617
Kolayili GHXX4841
Kolbugu GHXX4842
Koleman GHXX0407
Koliki GHXX4843
Kolikope GHXX0408
Kolinva GHXX4844
Kolitsogo GHXX4845
Kolobo GHXX4846
Kolobore GHXX7214
Koloenu GHXX6492
Kologo GHXX7215
Kologo Kanvawya GHXX7216
Koloidaw GHXX0409
Kolokpo GHXX6493
Kolomvaga GHXX7217
Kolsabulga GHXX7218
Koltanga GHXX7219
Kolufu GHXX4847
Koma GHXX7712
Komayili GHXX4848
Komba GHXX4849
Kombonayili GHXX4850
Kome GHXX4851
Kome GHXX6494
Komenda GHXX3006
Komfeku GHXX8618
Komfoama GHXX3934
Komfokrom GHXX2183
Komia GHXX4852
Komikrom GHXX3007
Komlakofe GHXX6495
Kona GHXX1385
Konakohwe GHXX3935
Konda GHXX6496
Kondzua GHXX7220
Kong GHXX4853
Kongkongso GHXX3008
Kongo GHXX7221
Kongoja GHXX2184
Kongolo GHXX7713
Koni GHXX0410
Koniyao GHXX1386
Konkere GHXX7714
Konko GHXX3936
Konkoja GHXX1387
Konkoma GHXX1388
Konkone Abetima GHXX3937
Konkonjani GHXX4854
Konkonsi GHXX2185
Konkori GHXX4855
Konkori GHXX1389
Konkoro GHXX4856
Konkromasi GHXX1390
Konkromaso GHXX3938
Konkrompe GHXX2186
Konokofe GHXX6497
Konongo GHXX0093
Kontomrekrom GHXX1391
Kontrajeso GHXX2187
Kontromfikrom GHXX1392
Konuasi GHXX1393
Kopalli GHXX4857
Kopasi GHXX2188
Kopehem GHXX0411
Kopela GHXX7222
Kopielga GHXX7223
Kopiong GHXX4858
Kopodaw GHXX0412
Kopota GHXX4859
Koradekofe GHXX6498
Koranchi GHXX3939
Koransang Dedewa GHXX3940
Korantai GHXX6499
Koraso GHXX2189
Korinyiri GHXX7715
Korle Gonno GHXX0413
Korogadoni GHXX7224
Korro GHXX7716
Kosa GHXX4860
Koshea GHXX3009
Koshikofe GHXX6500
Kosigakofe GHXX6501
Kosikope GHXX6502
Kosilala GHXX6503
Kosokakofe GHXX6504
Kotabebi GHXX8619
Kotai GHXX1394
Kotajile GHXX4861
Kotala GHXX4862
Kotei GHXX1395
Kotiaboa GHXX8620
Kotiko GHXX4863
Kotiyim GHXX3941
Kotoa GHXX4864
Kotobebe GHXX0414
Kotobebi GHXX3010
Kotobong GHXX1396
Kotochere GHXX8621
Kotoko GHXX3942
Kotokrom GHXX8622
Kotokuom GHXX3943
Kotokuom GHXX1397
Kotrope GHXX3944
Kotukrom GHXX3011
Kotuo GHXX2190
Koue GHXX6505
Kove GHXX6506
Kovedji GHXX6507
Kovenu GHXX6508
Kowu GHXX7717
Kpabi GHXX4865
Kpabia GHXX4866
Kpabogu GHXX4867
Kpabuga GHXX7225
Kpajaba GHXX4868
Kpajakope GHXX0415
Kpakalga GHXX4869
Kpakpiri GHXX4870
Kpakrubongo GHXX4871
Kpala GHXX7718
Kpalaga GHXX7226
Kpalamboni GHXX4872
Kpale GHXX6509
Kpale GHXX7227
Kpalesoko GHXX7228
Kpalime GHXX6510
Kpalisako GHXX7229
Kpalon GHXX4873
Kpalpulga GHXX4874
Kpalsako GHXX7230
Kpalsako GHXX4875
Kpalsawgaw GHXX4876
Kpalvaka GHXX4877
Kpananbogu GHXX4878
Kpanashie GHXX4879
Kpanchedaw GHXX3945
Kpandae GHXX4880
Kpandana GHXX4881
Kpandele GHXX4882
Kpandu GHXX6511
Kpangjehae GHXX4883
Kpani GHXX4884
Kpanjamba GHXX4885
Kpankpan GHXX4886
Kpanlore GHXX4887
Kpansera GHXX4888
Kpantogli GHXX4889
Kpanu GHXX6512
Kpari GHXX7719
Kparugu GHXX4890
Kpata GHXX7720
Kpatani GHXX4891
Kpatia GHXX4892
Kpatinga GHXX4893
Kpatove GHXX6513
Kpatua GHXX7231
Kpatuse GHXX4894
Kpawula GHXX6514
Kpebe GHXX6515
Kpebongo GHXX4895
Kpedekpo GHXX6516
Kpedohoe GHXX6517
Kpedome GHXX6518
Kpedze GHXX6519
Kpedzeglo GHXX0094
Kpegbe GHXX6520
Kpehe GHXX0416
Kpeidi GHXX4896
Kpeigbaw GHXX3946
Kpekpo GHXX6521
Kpelaho GHXX6522
Kpelesawgu GHXX4897
Kpemale GHXX4898
Kpembe GHXX4899
Kpembik GHXX4900
Kpeme GHXX6523
Kpenduli GHXX4901
Kpengnu GHXX6524
Kpenoe GHXX6525
Kpesenyuni GHXX4902
Kpetabon GHXX7232
Kpetchu GHXX6526
Kpete GHXX6527
Kpetebu GHXX4903
Kpetinga GHXX4904
Kpetoe GHXX6528
Kpetonu GHXX6529
Kpetsu GHXX6530
Kpetsupanya GHXX0417
Kpeve GHXX6531
Kpeveko GHXX6532
Kpevenu GHXX6533
Kpevikpo GHXX6534
Kpierenko GHXX4905
Kpinjingo GHXX4906
Kpintao GHXX4907
Kpoata GHXX6535
Kpochun GHXX0418
Kpodiwuro GHXX6536
Kpodji GHXX6537
Kpodove GHXX6538
Kpodui GHXX6539
Kpodzi GHXX6540
Kpogawme GHXX6541
Kpogedi GHXX6542
Kpogli GHXX6543
Kpoglo GHXX6544
Kpohagakofe GHXX6545
Kpoime GHXX6546
Kpokofe GHXX6547
Kpokparago GHXX7233
Kpokpawgbini GHXX4908
Kpokukofe GHXX6548
Kpomkpo GHXX0419
Kponchiga GHXX4909
Kpone GHXX0420
Kpong GHXX3947
Kponguno GHXX0421
Kpordorve GHXX6549
Kposem GHXX0422
Kposi GHXX0423
Kpota GHXX6550
Kpotafuta GHXX6551
Kpotavi GHXX6552
Kpotichekope GHXX0424
Kpotsikope GHXX6553
Kpovi GHXX6554
Kpoviaji GHXX6555
Kpovikofe GHXX6556
Kpoyadji GHXX6557
Kpoyino GHXX6558
Kpukpalgu GHXX4910
Kpuloti GHXX4911
Kpumboie GHXX4912
Kpunkparabago GHXX4913
Kpunpareyeni GHXX7234
Krabo GHXX3948
Kraboa Coaltar GHXX3949
Kraboahebrom GHXX3950
Krabonso GHXX2191
Krachikrom GHXX2192
Kradente GHXX6559
Krakosua GHXX2193
Kram GHXX3012
Kramokorasi GHXX3013
Kramokrom GHXX8623
Krampakrom GHXX3014
Krampo GHXX4914
Kranka GHXX2194
Krapakese GHXX1398
Krawbaw GHXX2195
Kregeto GHXX4915
Krisan GHXX8624
Krobo GHXX3951
Krobo GHXX2196
Krobo GHXX3015
Krobo GHXX0095
Krobo GHXX1399
Krobodi GHXX3952
Krobuasi GHXX3016
Krochuano GHXX3017
Krodua GHXX3953
Krodua GHXX1400
Krodua GHXX8626
Krofa GHXX1401
Krofofro GHXX1402
Krofu GHXX3018
Krohodi GHXX3954
Krokohwe GHXX0425
Krokosue GHXX8627
Krom Ajuafo GHXX1403
Kromanti GHXX8628
Kromasi GHXX6560
Kromem GHXX3019
Krua GHXX3020
Krukruba GHXX4916
Krumabla GHXX4917
Kruwi GHXX1404
Kuanu-Nansoni GHXX4918
Kubalem GHXX4919
Kubba Long GHXX4920
Kubease GHXX1405
Kubeasi GHXX0096
Kubekro GHXX8629
Kubekro GHXX0426
Kubekrom GHXX1407
Kubeng GHXX4921
Kubi GHXX1408
Kubiekun GHXX8630
Kubiko GHXX4922
Kubikope GHXX0427
Kuboko GHXX7235
Kubonga GHXX7236
Kubongo GHXX7237
Kubore GHXX4923
Kubra GHXX4924
Kuchiji GHXX6561
Kuchinu GHXX6562
Kuchiyi GHXX6563
Kudali GHXX4925
Kudani GHXX4926
Kudaokofe GHXX6564
Kudjawen GHXX4927
Kudje GHXX6565
Kudu GHXX7238
Kududaw GHXX6566
Kuduli GHXX4928
Kudzra GHXX6567
Kugia GHXX7721
Kugnani GHXX4929
Kugpela GHXX7239
Kugri GHXX0097
Kugri Natinga GHXX7240
Kugure GHXX7241
Kuguri GHXX4930
Kuguriziegu GHXX7242
Kugusabliga GHXX7243
Kuguzua GHXX7244
Kugwigu GHXX4931
Kuiahum GHXX3955
Kuiahun GHXX3956
Kujetukope GHXX0428
Kujopere GHXX0098
Kuka GHXX7245
Kukdabodi GHXX7246
Kukoadu GHXX3021
Kukobila GHXX4932
Kukosi GHXX7247
Kukosu GHXX3957
Kukowa GHXX7248
Kukpaligu GHXX4933
Kukpanga GHXX4934
Kukpoku GHXX4935
Kukrubua GHXX1409
Kukua GHXX7249
Kukuado GHXX1410
Kukuadu GHXX3022
Kukuo GHXX4936
Kukuom GHXX2197
Kukurantumi GHXX6568
Kukurantumi GHXX3958
Kukurizoga GHXX7250
Kukwa GHXX4937
Kula GHXX4938
Kulago GHXX7251
Kulasi GHXX6569
Kulbia GHXX7252
Kulenpiyo GHXX4939
Kuli GHXX6570
Kuli GHXX4940
Kuliyawgo GHXX7253
Kulkarni GHXX7722
Kulkwe GHXX7723
Kulmasa GHXX0099
Kulobotukope GHXX6571
Kuloko GHXX7254
Kulonaba GHXX7255
Kulpielegu GHXX7256
Kultamise GHXX7257
Kulufu GHXX7724
Kulugu GHXX4941
Kuluguana GHXX4942
Kulugungu GHXX7258
Kulukpengo GHXX7259
Kulumasa GHXX7260
Kulun GHXX7725
Kulunga GHXX4943
Kulupene GHXX4944
Kulupi GHXX4945
Kulupielugu GHXX7261
Kuluwoko GHXX7262
Kuma Kuma GHXX3959
Kumadekope GHXX6572
Kumahayiri GHXX4946
Kumangeli GHXX8631
Kumasi GHXX3023
Kumasi GHXX6573
Kumasi GHXX0003
Kumasi GHXX8632
Kumau GHXX3960
Kumawu GHXX0101
Kumbilnia GHXX7263
Kumbilungu GHXX7264
Kumbosugu GHXX7265
Kumbude GHXX7266
Kumbungu GHXX4947
Kumenayili GHXX4948
Kumeso GHXX0102
Kumfia GHXX2198
Kumikope GHXX0429
Kumkumso GHXX3024
Kumperi GHXX7726
Kumpese GHXX1411
Kumun GHXX4949
Kumwensia GHXX8633
Kumyemua GHXX1412
Kunajigu GHXX4950
Kunari GHXX4951
Kunchalum GHXX4952
Kunche GHXX7727
Kunda GHXX6574
Kundungu GHXX7728
Kunfabela GHXX7729
Kunfoli GHXX4953
Kunfore GHXX4954
Kunfosi GHXX4955
Kunga GHXX6575
Kungabnia GHXX7267
Kungbo GHXX0430
Kungongo GHXX7268
Kunguri GHXX4956
Kunkoa GHXX7269
Kunkomadaga GHXX7270
Kunkome GHXX2199
Kunkunso GHXX8634
Kunkunu GHXX3961
Kunkuzei GHXX7271
Kunkwa GHXX4957
Kunkwa GHXX7272
Kunkweyeso GHXX8635
Kunsimua GHXX1413
Kunso GHXX1414
Kunso GHXX2200
Kunsolo GHXX7730
Kuntanase GHXX3025
Kuntanasi GHXX1415
Kuntrasi GHXX1416
Kuntu GHXX3026
Kuntulo GHXX7731
Kuntumakware GHXX4958
Kuntumin GHXX3027
Kuntunso GHXX2201
Kunu GHXX6576
Kunvi GHXX8636
Kunyebin GHXX7732
Kunyenya GHXX0431
Kupaligogo GHXX7273
Kupelugu GHXX4959
Kurakan GHXX1417
Kurakan GHXX3962
Kuranti GHXX8637
Kurasi GHXX2202
Kurasi GHXX6577
Kurasi GHXX1418
Kurawgo GHXX7274
Kurawnkaw GHXX1419
Kuronum GHXX1420
Kurrumbo GHXX4960
Kurubeli GHXX7733
Kurufuyayiri GHXX4961
Kusala GHXX7734
Kusawgu GHXX4962
Kusebi GHXX4963
Kusi GHXX3963
Kusiakrom GHXX3028
Kusiasi GHXX2203
Kusibaw GHXX4964
Kusinaba GHXX7275
Kusobo GHXX4965
Kutikpema GHXX7276
Kutime GHXX6578
Kutire GHXX2204
Kuto GHXX4966
Kutong GHXX4967
Kutremom GHXX2205
Kutuasi GHXX1421
Kutukrom GHXX8638
Kutung GHXX4968
Kutunu GHXX6579
Kuve GHXX6580
Kuyine GHXX4969
Kwaban GHXX3964
Kwabedu GHXX8639
Kwaben GHXX8640
Kwabena-Ntumi GHXX3029
Kwabenansa GHXX3030
Kwabenanti GHXX3965
Kwabenaponsakrom GHXX1422
Kwabenaso GHXX1423
Kwabenatawiakrom GHXX8641
Kwabeng GHXX3966
Kwabenyan GHXX0432
Kwabia GHXX3967
Kwabidem GHXX7277
Kwabin GHXX1424
Kwabinakesekrom GHXX1425
Kwabinato GHXX3968
Kwablano GHXX3031
Kwaboanta GHXX3969
Kwaboanta Ada GHXX3970
Kwachekrom GHXX3032
Kwachemang GHXX1426
Kwachere GHXX2206
Kwadajin GHXX8642
Kwadaso GHXX1427
Kwadia GHXX1428
Kwadia Kuma GHXX1429
Kwadjobri GHXX6581
Kwadjokrom GHXX2207
Kwadobaka GHXX8643
Kwadoja GHXX3033
Kwadum GHXX3034
Kwae GHXX3971
Kwahu Oda GHXX3972
Kwahu Praso GHXX3973
Kwahu Tafo GHXX3974
Kwaihunu GHXX2208
Kwaikesim GHXX1430
Kwajansa GHXX8644
Kwajo Nkwanta GHXX1431
Kwajoenya GHXX3975
Kwajokesekrom GHXX2209
Kwajowusu GHXX3976
Kwajude GHXX3977
Kwakawkaw GHXX1432
Kwakrom GHXX3035
Kwakuadjeikrom GHXX8645
Kwakuafum GHXX3978
Kwakubuokrom GHXX8646
Kwakudruyekrom GHXX1433
Kwakukrom GHXX3036
Kwakumensakrom GHXX8647
Kwakumkwa GHXX3037
Kwakuprakrom GHXX8648
Kwakuprakrom GHXX3979
Kwakuse GHXX3980
Kwakusesiem GHXX2210
Kwakutainikrom GHXX1434
Kwakutiakrom GHXX8649
Kwakutikrom GHXX8650
Kwakuyonwakrom GHXX8651
Kwala GHXX7735
Kwaman GHXX3038
Kwamang GHXX3039
Kwamang GHXX1435
Kwamang GHXX8652
Kwamante GHXX3981
Kwamapi GHXX4970
Kwambikrom GHXX8653
Kwame Danso GHXX2211
Kwamechekrom GHXX1436
Kwamen Kwesi GHXX4971
Kwamfokwa GHXX3040
Kwamfukrom GHXX8654
Kwami Chwika GHXX3041
Kwamianum GHXX0433
Kwamiata GHXX3042
Kwamiatekrom GHXX3982
Kwamiduadukrom GHXX8655
Kwamidurokrom GHXX1437
Kwamiesua GHXX2212
Kwamifosukrom GHXX1438
Kwamikrom GHXX6582
Kwamikrom GHXX3043
Kwamikrom GHXX8656
Kwamikuma GHXX3983
Kwamintintin GHXX8657
Kwamitiakrom GHXX3984
Kwamkrom GHXX8658
Kwamponkrom GHXX1439
Kwamteyakrom GHXX8659
Kwamu GHXX1440
Kwanchiabo GHXX1441
Kwandoswaso GHXX8660
Kwankwanua GHXX1442
Kwanopado GHXX3044
Kwansakrom GHXX3045
Kwansimakrom GHXX3046
Kwanta GHXX6583
Kwanta GHXX3985
Kwantumabre GHXX3047
Kwanwuma GHXX1443
Kwanyako GHXX3048
Kwanyaku GHXX3049
Kwao GHXX1444
Kwaonketiakrom GHXX8661
Kwaotakope GHXX0434
Kwapeni GHXX1445
Kwapon GHXX2213
Kwapra GHXX1446
Kwaprakwa GHXX3050
Kwapro GHXX3051
Kwapum GHXX3986
Kwapun GHXX7736
Kwarania GHXX7278
Kwari GHXX4972
Kwasama GHXX3052
Kwasero Daboshi GHXX4973
Kwashinaiyiri GHXX4974
Kwasiapiakrom GHXX1447
Kwasibuokrom GHXX2214
Kwasikrom GHXX8662
Kwasiman GHXX0435
Kwasivi GHXX6584
Kwasizukope GHXX0436
Kwaso GHXX2215
Kwaso GHXX1448
Kwata GHXX3053
Kwatakrom GHXX3054
Kwatechi GHXX3055
Kwatia GHXX7279
Kwatiakwa GHXX3987
Kwatinkura GHXX3056
Kwatiri GHXX2216
Kwatirija GHXX2217
Kwau GHXX8663
Kwawu GHXX6585
Kwayasi GHXX2218
Kwedonu GHXX0437
Kwekrom GHXX3057
Kweku Adaikrom GHXX1449
Kwekuanya GHXX2219
Kwekudompokrom GHXX1450
Kwekuni GHXX1451
Kwekuntikrom GHXX1452
Kwelejan GHXX7737
Kweman GHXX0438
Kwenu GHXX3988
Kwenue GHXX3058
Kwenyako GHXX3989
Kweri GHXX7280
Kwesakrom GHXX8664
Kwesiadai GHXX3990
Kwesiadaikroa GHXX8665
Kwesiadeikrom GHXX1454
Kwesiansa GHXX3059
Kwesiapiakrom GHXX3060
Kwesibawnakrom GHXX8666
Kwesibedukrom GHXX8667
Kwesibinkrom GHXX1455
Kwesibodua GHXX3991
Kwesichukwa GHXX3061
Kwesikra GHXX8668
Kwesikrom GHXX8669
Kwesimensakrom GHXX1456
Kwesimensakurasi GHXX3062
Kwesimintim GHXX8670
Kwesinimpa GHXX8671
Kwintalaga GHXX4975
Kwisa GHXX1457
Kwisini GHXX4976
Kwomnafaw GHXX4977
Kwonyonkwon GHXX7738
Kwotingli GHXX4978
Kwrado GHXX3063
Kwunchogaw GHXX0103
Kyanshiogo GHXX4979
Kyekyewere GHXX1458
Labadi GHXX0439
Labanga GHXX4980
Labun GHXX2220
Lachea GHXX4981
Ladam GHXX4982
Lafiaru GHXX2221
Laganya GHXX4983
Lagatango GHXX0104
Lagbo GHXX6586
Lago GHXX4984
Lagogbani GHXX4985
Lagos GHXX1459
Lahago GHXX4986
Lahi GHXX4987
Laja GHXX4988
Lakluivikope GHXX6587
Lakpa GHXX3992
Lala GHXX4989
Lalak GHXX4990
Lamassa GHXX4991
Lambari GHXX7281
Lambo GHXX4992
Lamboya GHXX0105
Lambussie GHXX0106
Lamirem GHXX4993
Lampol GHXX4994
Lampurga GHXX4995
Lamu GHXX2222
Lanaw GHXX3993
Landua GHXX4996
Langa GHXX4997
Langasi GHXX2223
Langbalanga GHXX4998
Langbinsi GHXX4999
Langbwina GHXX5000
Lankatere GHXX5001
Lanobe GHXX5002
Lantarni GHXX5003
Lanto GHXX5004
Lanvi GHXX6588
Lapelik GHXX5005
Lapliga GHXX5006
Lapliki GHXX5007
Larabanga GHXX0107
Larekago GHXX5008
Larga GHXX6589
Larteh Aheneasi GHXX3994
Larteh Kubeasi GHXX0440
Larterbiokorshie GHXX0441
Lasaga GHXX7282
Lasivenu GHXX6590
Latare Nayiri GHXX5009
Latare Sempayiri GHXX5010
Latebibio GHXX3995
Latekofe GHXX6591
Latel GHXX5011
Latele GHXX5012
Lateman GHXX0442
Latinkpa GHXX5013
Latriku GHXX3996
Laura GHXX2224
Lava GHXX6592
Lave GHXX6593
Lawgawre GHXX5014
Lawgawre GHXX7283
Lawlawvaw GHXX0443
Lawoashime GHXX6594
Lawra GHXX0108
Lebuni GHXX5015
Ledze GHXX6595
Legale GHXX5016
Legon GHXX0444
Legos GHXX3997
Legu GHXX3064
Lekpogele GHXX5017
Lekponguno GHXX0445
Lepusi GHXX5018
Lesi GHXX2225
Levi GHXX6596
Lifiti GHXX6597
Lilixia GHXX7739
Limme GHXX5019
Lissa GHXX7740
Live GHXX6598
Lobi GHXX2226
Lobia GHXX5020
Lodgekonkrugu GHXX7284
Lofito GHXX6599
Lofortoe GHXX6600
Lofutsume GHXX6601
Loggo GHXX0109
Logodi GHXX7285
Logote GHXX6602
Logove GHXX6603
Logri GHXX5021
Lokoe GHXX6604
Lokofe GHXX6605
Lokokofe GHXX6606
Lolobi Ashiambi GHXX6607
Lolobi Kumasi GHXX6608
Lolonya GHXX0446
Lome GHXX3065
Lomen GHXX3998
Lomwi GHXX6609
Longo GHXX7286
Longoro GHXX2227
Longsa GHXX7287
Loni GHXX5022
Lonwiri GHXX5023
Lota GHXX0447
Lotakor GHXX6610
Lotame GHXX6611
Lotaw GHXX6612
Loye GHXX3066
Luari GHXX5024
Luchubwe GHXX0448
Luepunya GHXX3999
Lufenya GHXX0449
Luho GHXX0450
Lulu GHXX7741
Luluga GHXX5025
Lume GHXX6613
Lungbunga GHXX5026
Lungni GHXX5027
Lungsa GHXX7288
Luom GHXX4000
Luomba GHXX5028
Luponya GHXX4001
Lupunya GHXX4002
Maase GHXX4003
Mabai GHXX1460
Mabang GHXX1461
Mabeduam GHXX1462
Macheliyili GHXX5029
Madam GHXX4004
Madina GHXX0451
Madjefo GHXX5030
Mado GHXX6614
Mafanga GHXX5031
Mafia GHXX8672
Mafukrom GHXX4005
Maga GHXX5032
Magbomada GHXX0452
Mahame GHXX8673
Mahame GHXX1463
Mahami GHXX1464
Mahamiti GHXX3067
Mahotanga GHXX7742
Mahuyefi GHXX4006
Maijaw GHXX0453
Maiyera GHXX0454
Maje GHXX5033
Makodroasi GHXX1465
Makongo GHXX5034
Makuche GHXX0455
Malenoli GHXX5035
Malgone GHXX5036
Malijaw GHXX0456
Mallam GHXX0457
Maluwe GHXX5037
Mamangso GHXX4007
Mamanhu GHXX8674
Mamayili GHXX5038
Mambanbole GHXX5039
Mambuen GHXX8675
Mamfam GHXX3068
Mamfe GHXX4008
Mamfi GHXX1466
Mamidede GHXX4009
Mamime GHXX6615
Mamobi GHXX0458
Mamomom GHXX0459
Mampamhwe GHXX1467
Mampehia GHXX0460
Mampoma GHXX3069
Mampong GHXX0110
Mampong GHXX4010
Mampong GHXX3070
Mampong GHXX8676
Mampong Akrofoso GHXX1468
Mamponso GHXX8677
Mamprobi GHXX0461
Manasi GHXX6616
Mancha GHXX7743
Manchekope GHXX0462
Manchiman GHXX0463
Manda GHXX5040
Mandara GHXX5041
Mando GHXX3071
Mandu GHXX3072
Mandugu GHXX7289
Manepele GHXX7744
Manesuso GHXX1469
Manfide GHXX6617
Manfo GHXX1470
Manfuli GHXX5042
Manga GHXX7290
Manga GHXX5043
Mangba GHXX5044
Mangbiri GHXX5045
Mangoasi GHXX4011
Mangoasi GHXX1471
Mangoasi Ekuto GHXX3073
Mangochonya GHXX0464
Mangochunia GHXX0465
Mangosi GHXX6618
Mangpa GHXX5046
Mangpontin GHXX1472
Mangu GHXX7745
Mangwala GHXX5047
Manhaim GHXX4012
Manhia GHXX0466
Manhia GHXX1473
Manhusa GHXX1474
Mania GHXX6619
Maniayoiyim GHXX4013
Manie GHXX5048
Manjia GHXX8678
Mankariga GHXX5049
Mankawnahugono GHXX1475
Mankese GHXX0467
Mankesim GHXX3074
Mankrangso GHXX0111
Mankron GHXX3075
Mankron GHXX4014
Mankrong Nkwanta GHXX3076
Mankuma GHXX0112
Mankwadzi GHXX3077
Manoakrom GHXX8680
Manokwa GHXX3078
Mansi GHXX8681
Mansia GHXX2228
Mansiso GHXX8682
Mansiso GHXX3079
Manso GHXX8683
Manso GHXX4015
Manso Amenfi GHXX8684
Manso Nkwanta GHXX1478
Mante GHXX4016
Mantiwari GHXX2229
Mantraim GHXX8685
Mantukwa GHXX1479
Mantukwa GHXX2230
Manwie GHXX7746
Manyantoi GHXX8686
Manyenu GHXX6620
Manyoro GHXX7291
Manyukpowuno GHXX4017
Maon GHXX5050
Marijaire GHXX5051
Marone GHXX5052
Masaka GHXX5053
Mase GHXX7747
Masi GHXX1480
Masi GHXX8687
Masidjun GHXX5054
Maso GHXX2231
Masowawchi GHXX5055
Mataheko GHXX0468
Mate GHXX6621
Matinga GHXX8688
Mawari GHXX7748
Mawbonyo GHXX3081
Mawchikrom GHXX8689
Mawgo GHXX5056
Mawjiso GHXX1481
Mawkunso GHXX1482
Mawnaw GHXX1483
Mawnaw GHXX8690
Mawni GHXX8691
Mawso GHXX1484
Mawujingwa GHXX0469
Mayara GHXX2232
Mayefugo GHXX5057
Mayera GHXX1485
Mayimbongo GHXX5058
Mbeam GHXX3082
Mbeasi-Nsuta GHXX8692
Mbem GHXX3083
Mbon GHXX5059
Mbosumbo GHXX5060
Mbroboto GHXX3084
Mebududuoso GHXX1486
Mechaw GHXX7749
Medaluvaw GHXX0470
Medovunu GHXX0471
Meduma GHXX1487
Mefe GHXX6622
Mefiwuguji GHXX6623
Mehami GHXX8693
Mehami GHXX2233
Meikpo GHXX6624
Melibog GHXX7292
Melshegaw GHXX5061
Mem GHXX8694
Mem GHXX1488
Memimaso GHXX1489
Memonya GHXX4018
Memrewa GHXX1490
Menam GHXX1491
Mengyam GHXX7293
Menhia GHXX1492
Menibriba GHXX1493
Menji GHXX0113
Mensa GHXX1494
Mensakrom GHXX8695
Mensakrom GHXX4019
Mensakrom GHXX3085
Mensakrom GHXX1495
Mensakwa GHXX3086
Mensawnso GHXX1496
Menseso GHXX8696
Mensin GHXX2234
Mensin GHXX8697
Mensinasi GHXX1497
Mentukua GHXX1498
Menukrom GHXX1499
Menumsu GHXX1500
Menusu GHXX6625
Mepom GHXX0114
Mereadan GHXX3087
Merechuso GHXX3088
Merehwe GHXX1501
Meremano GHXX2235
Merewa GHXX8698
Meriche GHXX5062
Mesokram GHXX8699
Mesuromehu GHXX3089
Metamano GHXX8700
Metaw GHXX7750
Metefekofe GHXX6626
Metekpo GHXX4020
Metemano GHXX4021
Metemanu GHXX1502
Metika GHXX8701
Metima GHXX1503
Mewua GHXX8702
Meyeyemengi GHXX8703
Mfakamfahu GHXX1505
Mfensi GHXX1506
Mfojoboating GHXX0472
Mframanyo GHXX1507
Mfranta GHXX4022
Miantele GHXX5063
Miaoni GHXX4023
Miawone GHXX6627
Mibuamihu GHXX3091
Midie GHXX0473
Mielega GHXX7294
Miemia GHXX8704
Mien GHXX8705
Mienbla GHXX5064
Milegbakope GHXX6628
Milichakpo GHXX0474
Mim GHXX2236
Mim GHXX1508
Mim Mohu GHXX2237
Mimibriba GHXX3092
Mimima GHXX5065
Minkumidie GHXX4024
Minta GHXX3093
Minta GHXX8706
Minti GHXX1509
Mintimi GHXX2238
Minya GHXX0475
Minyinasi GHXX3094
Miocho GHXX0476
Miradani GHXX1510
Miribini GHXX8707
Mirigabong GHXX7295
Mirigu GHXX7296
Mishuo GHXX5066
Misiga GHXX7297
Misikrom GHXX4025
Misrenyame GHXX3095
Miyabo GHXX8708
Mlefi GHXX6629
Mlichakpo GHXX0477
Moago GHXX5067
Moano GHXX1511
Moboli GHXX0478
Mobuaso GHXX1512
Mofrafajwen GHXX1513
Moframfadjini GHXX4026
Moframfajwini GHXX4027
Mofranfajwini GHXX1514
Mogonori GHXX7298
Mogwiye GHXX3096
Moiri GHXX7751
Mojina GHXX5068
Mokwa GHXX3097
Molume GHXX6630
Momo GHXX5069
Mompotunbego GHXX5070
Moninta GHXX4028
Monja GHXX5071
Monkra GHXX6631
Monojan GHXX7752
Montosua GHXX1515
Mopawta GHXX1516
Mopti GHXX4029
Mopulima GHXX7753
Morawtuo GHXX1517
More GHXX2239
Morla GHXX5072
Morno GHXX5073
Moromora GHXX4030
Moseaso GHXX8709
Moseaso GHXX1518
Moseaso GHXX3098
Moshi GHXX7299
Moshiegu GHXX5074
Mosiaso GHXX4031
Mosikrom GHXX1519
Motigu GHXX0115
Mouri GHXX3099
Mowire GHXX1520
Moyer GHXX5075
Moyi GHXX6632
Moyogogo GHXX7300
Moziogo GHXX5076
Mpaguom GHXX1521
Mpaha GHXX5077
Mpancherene GHXX4032
Mpantuasi GHXX1522
Mparekrom GHXX1523
Mpasem GHXX8711
Mpata GHXX3100
Mpataba GHXX8712
Mpatampa GHXX1524
Mpatano GHXX8713
Mpatasi GHXX8714
Mpatasie GHXX1525
Mpatuam GHXX1526
Mpeasem GHXX3101
Mpeasem GHXX6633
Mpeasem GHXX1527
Mpeasem GHXX8715
Mpehi GHXX1528
Mpehin GHXX8716
Mpehuasem GHXX4034
Mpehuasem GHXX0479
Mpeim GHXX2240
Mpein GHXX8717
Mpeinyasa GHXX8718
Mpekadam GHXX4035
Mpem GHXX8719
Mpeniasa GHXX8720
Mpenkro GHXX8721
Mpenkro GHXX0116
Mpenkrom GHXX3102
Mpenkuro GHXX3103
Mpentembua GHXX1529
Mpesaso GHXX1530
Mpesedadi GHXX3104
Mpesetia GHXX0117
Mpeyo GHXX8722
Mpiasem GHXX8723
Mpinti GHXX8724
Mpobi GHXX1531
Mpoho GHXX8725
Mpokuasi GHXX8726
Mposo GHXX1532
Mpradan GHXX4036
Mpraem GHXX8727
Mpraeso GHXX4037
Mprajo GHXX3105
Mpraniasi GHXX1533
Mprenchi GHXX3106
Mprim GHXX1534
Mprumem GHXX3107
Mpuase GHXX0480
Mradan GHXX3108
Mrekro GHXX8728
Mresachi GHXX3109
Muakro GHXX3110
Muanu GHXX8729
Muawanu GHXX3111
Muawso GHXX1535
Muete GHXX4038
Mufriso GHXX8730
Muhamamo GHXX8731
Mumanbore GHXX7301
Mumford GHXX3112
Mumikofe GHXX6634
Muna GHXX3113
Mungraw GHXX8732
Munia GHXX5078
Munianu GHXX3114
Munsia GHXX4039
Munweneohedi GHXX5079
Muogo GHXX7302
Muohu GHXX1536
Muoso GHXX4040
Murathu GHXX7754
Muronem GHXX1537
Murugu GHXX5080
Musakope GHXX6635
Musunkwa GHXX3115
Mutrakni GHXX8733
Muwua GHXX8734
Muziago GHXX5081
Mwarigo GHXX7303
Myejina GHXX8735
Nababawri GHXX5082
Nababiri GHXX5083
Nabal GHXX5084
Nabale GHXX5085
Nabango GHXX7304
Nabansong GHXX5086
Nabari GHXX5087
Nabba GHXX5088
Nabengu GHXX5089
Nabeyin GHXX5090
Nabiago GHXX5091
Nabijako GHXX5092
Nabila GHXX5093
Nabio GHXX7305
Nabisi GHXX7306
Naboai GHXX5094
Naboale GHXX5095
Nabogani GHXX7755
Nabogo GHXX5096
Nabolo GHXX7756
Nabon GHXX5097
Nabori GHXX5098
Nabruk GHXX5099
Nabrunjan GHXX7757
Nabugobeli GHXX7758
Nabukpeni GHXX5100
Nabule GHXX5101
Nabuluga GHXX5102
Nabulugu GHXX5103
Nabuom GHXX5104
Nabure GHXX5105
Nachago GHXX5106
Nachiam GHXX5107
Nachiem GHXX5108
Nachiko GHXX5109
Nachikongo GHXX5110
Nachimbiya GHXX5111
Nachiu GHXX5112
Nachive GHXX6636
Nadabare GHXX5113
Nadawli GHXX7759
Nadegre GHXX7307
Nadere GHXX5114
Nadjon GHXX5115
Nadogo GHXX5116
Nadukawn GHXX5117
Nadumbali GHXX5118
Nadune GHXX5119
Nafkuliga GHXX7308
Naga GHXX0118
Nagai GHXX5120
Nagalakinia GHXX7309
Nagale GHXX5121
Nagbiegu GHXX5122
Nagbo GHXX0119
Nagbruguni GHXX5123
Nagpeo GHXX5124
Nahari GHXX5125
Nahing GHXX1538
Naiagnia GHXX7310
Nairi GHXX5126
Naiyo GHXX4041
Naiyoko GHXX7311
Naja GHXX5127
Najigo GHXX7312
Najiri GHXX5128
Najon Go GHXX5129
Nakago GHXX5130
Nakamboro GHXX5131
Nakawura GHXX1539
Nakoli GHXX5132
Nakom GHXX7313
Nakong-Atinia GHXX0120
Nakora GHXX7760
Nakpa GHXX5133
Nakpabia GHXX7761
Nakpabone GHXX5134
Nakpala GHXX7762
Nakpali GHXX5135
Nakpaliga GHXX5136
Nakpanduri GHXX0121
Nakpansong GHXX5137
Nakpasala GHXX5138
Nakpe GHXX6637
Nakpenyeraga GHXX5139
Nakpeya GHXX5140
Nakpiok GHXX5141
Nakpok GHXX0122
Nakundugu GHXX5142
Nakurugu GHXX5143
Nakwa GHXX3116
Nakwaby GHXX5144
Nakwayele GHXX5145
Nalambuom GHXX5146
Nalerigu GHXX5147
Nalogo GHXX5148
Nalole GHXX5149
Naloli GHXX5150
Nalolli GHXX5151
Nalong GHXX5152
Nalori GHXX5153
Nalugu GHXX5154