Weather Codes for Georgia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Georgia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abaakhuda GGXX0114
Abaant-Kure GGXX2131
Abaazhvakhu GGXX0115
Abakhuamtsa GGXX0116
Abano GGXX3220
Abano GGXX2620
Abanostavi GGXX2132
Abanotubani GGXX5261
Abanoyeti GGXX3221
Abari GGXX3222
Abasha GGXX0006
Abashispiri GGXX4690
Abastumani GGXX0007
Abastumani GGXX4692
Abats GGXX0593
Abazadag GGXX0117
Abdalo GGXX2276
Abeliani GGXX2277
Abgara GGXX0118
Abgavera GGXX0119
Abgigdara GGXX0121
Abi GGXX3518
Abisi GGXX3791
Abisistavi GGXX3792
Ablukhvara GGXX0122
Abrameti GGXX2278
Abrevi GGXX3793
Abuketi GGXX0718
Abukhalo GGXX3794
Abuli GGXX3519
Abutvani GGXX1242
Abzhaaptra GGXX0123
Abzhaqva GGXX0124
Achadara GGXX0008
Achandara GGXX0130
Achara GGXX3223
Acharkete GGXX0131
Ache GGXX2622
Achekha GGXX2623
Achirkha GGXX0132
Adadzeebi GGXX0723
Adigeni GGXX3520
Adishi GGXX4694
Adlia GGXX0724
Adzhakhu GGXX0134
Adzhampazra GGXX0135
Adzhazhv GGXX0136
Adzhiis-Kendi GGXX2279
Adzhira GGXX0595
Adzhra GGXX0137
Adzibzhara GGXX0138
Adzigezhi GGXX0139
Adzkhida GGXX0140
Adzlagara GGXX0141
Adzubzha GGXX0009
Adzusta GGXX0142
Adzvi GGXX3795
Adzvistavi GGXX3796
Adzybzhara GGXX0143
Afyushra-Khu GGXX0144
Agana GGXX3521
Agara GGXX3522
Agara GGXX0725
Agara GGXX3224
Agara GGXX0010
Agaraki GGXX2624
Agaraki GGXX0145
Agaraki GGXX1035
Agarebi GGXX3798
Agatkau GGXX2625
Agbulagi GGXX1827
Agburun GGXX2586
Agdgomelaantkari GGXX2626
Aghaiani GGXX3799
Aghamedli GGXX2280
Aghdara GGXX0146
Agishi GGXX0147
Agota GGXX0726
Agubedia GGXX0148
Agudzera GGXX0149
Agvavera GGXX0151
Aibga GGXX0152
Ait Lachleb GGXX0153
Ajkhakhara GGXX0155
Ajmatvara GGXX0156
Akalamra GGXX0159
Akapa GGXX0161
Akarmara GGXX0162
Akh-Mamadlo GGXX2283
Akha GGXX2284
Akhadi GGXX2627
Akhalbediseuli GGXX1243
Akhaldaba GGXX0727
Akhaldaba GGXX0163
Akhaldaba GGXX1244
Akhaldaba GGXX2628
Akhalgori GGXX3801
Akhali Akvaskia GGXX0164
Akhali Burguli GGXX2629
Akhali Kadoyeti GGXX2630
Akhali Khaishi GGXX2285
Akhali Khibula GGXX4696
Akhali Kindghi GGXX0166
Akhali Marabda GGXX2286
Akhali Samgori GGXX2287
Akhali Sviri GGXX1245
Akhali Ulianovka GGXX2288
Akhali-Gagra GGXX0167
Akhali-Khulgumo GGXX3523
Akhali-Kindgi GGXX0011
Akhali-Lalalo GGXX2289
Akhali-Mamudlo GGXX2290
Akhali-Nichbisi GGXX3803
Akhali-Osebi GGXX2631
Akhali-Pantiani GGXX2291
Akhali-Ubani GGXX2133
Akhali-Zirbiti GGXX2292
Akhaliki GGXX2293
Akhalisa GGXX3804
Akhalkalaki GGXX0012
Akhalsheni GGXX2294
Akhalsheni GGXX0013
Akhalsheni GGXX3525
Akhalsheni GGXX1247
Akhalsheni GGXX0728
Akhalsheni GGXX2632
Akhalsheni GGXX3806
Akhalsopeli GGXX4699
Akhalsopeli GGXX3225
Akhalsopeli GGXX0014
Akhalsopeli GGXX1249
Akhalsopeli GGXX2634
Akhalsopeli GGXX0729
Akhalsopeli GGXX3808
Akhaltsikhe GGXX0015
Akhaltskaro GGXX5242
Akhalubani GGXX3810
Akhalubani GGXX2636
Akhalubani GGXX1250
Akhasheni GGXX1829
Akhatani GGXX2637
Akhateli GGXX1830
Akhieli GGXX2638
Akhitara GGXX0598
Akhmadzhi GGXX3811
Akhmeta GGXX0016
Akho GGXX3812
Akho GGXX0730
Akho GGXX2639
Akhrisi GGXX3813
Akhsargina GGXX3226
Akhsargina GGXX3814
Akhshani GGXX1831
Akhshnisvelebi GGXX1832
Akhubati GGXX3815
Akhutsa GGXX0169
Akhvadzha GGXX0170
Akhytara GGXX0017
Akhyvaa GGXX0171
Akqulari GGXX2297
Akui GGXX0172
Akura GGXX1833
Akusho GGXX2640
Akutsa GGXX0731
Akvacharkhu GGXX0173
Akvara GGXX0174
Akvarash GGXX0175
Akvaskia GGXX0177
Alachani GGXX2641
Alahashkhu GGXX0178
Alakhadzi GGXX0179
Alambari GGXX0732
Alapankvara GGXX0180
Alasharash GGXX0600
Alasharigu GGXX0601
Alastani GGXX3527
Alatubani GGXX3528
Alavar GGXX2298
Alaverdi GGXX1251
Alaverdi GGXX1834
Alazanges GGXX1835
Aldzikhi GGXX0181
Alekseyevka GGXX0183
Alerti GGXX4701
Alevi GGXX3818
Ali GGXX3819
Alibari GGXX3820
Alioni GGXX4702
Alisubani GGXX1252
Almasiani GGXX2642
Almati GGXX1836
Aloti GGXX2643
Alpana GGXX3227
Alpiiskoe GGXX0185
Alra GGXX0186
Amaghleba GGXX1253
Amamlo GGXX2301
Amba-Rykhutsa GGXX0187
Ambara GGXX0188
Ambarikhutsa GGXX0189
Ambarovka GGXX2302
Ambartafa GGXX2303
Ambeti GGXX3821
Ambrolauri GGXX3228
Amga GGXX2644
Amkheri GGXX3529
Amlevi GGXX2304
Amparaarkhu GGXX0190
Amsaisi GGXX1254
Amtkel GGXX0191
Amzara GGXX0193
Amzhulyara GGXX0603
Anaga GGXX1837
Anaklia GGXX4703
Ananuri GGXX0018
Anara GGXX0604
Anaseuli GGXX1039
Anda GGXX3530
Andezit GGXX3531
Andeziti GGXX2646
Andisi GGXX3822
Andoreti GGXX3823
Andriatsminda GGXX3532
Androu GGXX0194
Angisa GGXX0733
Ani GGXX3533
Ankara GGXX3229
Antoki GGXX1838
Antoria GGXX1255
Anuaarkhu GGXX0196
Anukhva GGXX0197
Aosyrkhva GGXX0199
Apelakhpara GGXX0605
Apiyeti GGXX3535
Apshankhvara GGXX0202
Apsta GGXX0606
Aqneli GGXX2648
Aradeti GGXX3824
Aradu GGXX0206
Aragva GGXX3536
Arakhidzha GGXX2649
Arakhlo GGXX2306
Arali GGXX3537
Aranisi GGXX2651
Arasadzikh GGXX0208
Arasadzykh GGXX0209
Arasara GGXX0210
Arashakhu GGXX0211
Arashenda GGXX1840
Arashenda GGXX2652
Arashenda GGXX3825
Arazhpara GGXX0212
Arbo GGXX3826
Arboshiki GGXX1841
Arboyeti GGXX2654
Archeuli GGXX1040
Archilo GGXX2655
Ardesti GGXX3230
Ardisi GGXX3827
Ardisubani GGXX2307
Ardoti GGXX2656
Areulebi GGXX2657
Arghunia GGXX0213
Argokhi GGXX1843
Arguni GGXX2658
Argveta GGXX1257
Argvitsi GGXX3828
Aripsta GGXX0214
Arjevan-Sarvani GGXX2308
Arkhibili GGXX3829
Arkhiloskalo GGXX1844
Arkhoti GGXX2309
Arkhva GGXX0215
Arkneti GGXX3831
Armazi GGXX3832
Arnauti GGXX2310
Arpalo GGXX2311
Arsenauli GGXX0734
Arsha GGXX2659
Artsevi GGXX3834
Artskheli GGXX4704
Arzne GGXX3538
Asankhojalo GGXX2312
Asano GGXX3835
Asanuri GGXX1846
Ashaturi GGXX3836
Ashi GGXX2661
Ashkala GGXX2313
Ashulashara GGXX0607
Ashvyrakhu GGXX0608
Askana GGXX1041
Askaro Tsili GGXX2587
Askilauri GGXX2662
Asmalari GGXX2314
Aspindza GGXX3540
Astaukag-Sba GGXX3837
Atabe GGXX2664
Atarba-Ikhusta GGXX0221
Atarbekovka GGXX0222
Atishadu GGXX0223
Atmiani GGXX2134
Atskuri GGXX1847
Atsquri GGXX3541
Atsqvita GGXX3542
Atsriskhevi GGXX3839
Attarkhabla GGXX0225
Atutulak GGXX2588
Audzkha GGXX0227
Avchala GGXX0019
Avenisi GGXX2665
Avketi GGXX3840
Avlabari GGXX5262
Avlevi GGXX3841
Avnevi GGXX3842
Avranlo GGXX2316
Avzhanda GGXX0735
Ayazmi GGXX2317
Aymara GGXX0228
Ayudrkha GGXX0609
Azhamsa GGXX0230
Azhidere GGXX2589
Azmana GGXX3544
Azyntkhara GGXX0610
Baalarkhva GGXX0231
Babaneuri GGXX1848
Babares Tsveri GGXX2135
Babi GGXX1258
Babkhiskhevi GGXX2666
Baboti GGXX1259
Babus-Bina GGXX2136
Babushara GGXX0232
Bachali GGXX2667
Badiauri GGXX1849
Badzhi GGXX3231
Badzhikhevi GGXX3232
Badzhiti GGXX1260
Badzhygata GGXX3843
Baga GGXX2668
Bagdadi GGXX1043
Bagdadi GGXX1850
Bagdanovka GGXX0020
Bagebi GGXX5243
Bageti GGXX1262
Baghleti GGXX1044
Baghmarani GGXX0235
Baghnari GGXX0236
Bagiata GGXX3844
Bagimi GGXX3845
Bagineti GGXX1263
Baglan GGXX0237
Bagmarani GGXX4705
Bagvdanari GGXX4706
Baidari GGXX2319
Baisubani GGXX1851
Bakhani GGXX2669
Bakhchalari GGXX2320
Bakhioti GGXX1264
Bakhrikani GGXX2137
Bakhtrioni GGXX1852
Bakhvi GGXX1046
Bakkhiya GGXX2670
Bako GGXX0736
Bakuriani GGXX0021
Bakurkhevi GGXX2671
Balaani GGXX3846
Baladzeebi GGXX0737
Balan GGXX0238
Balba-Kuduri GGXX2138
Balebiskhevi GGXX2672
Balghojiani GGXX1854
Bali GGXX0239
Balichi GGXX2321
Baliskhidi GGXX3847
Balkho GGXX3548
Balovani GGXX3848
Balta GGXX1855
Bambonash GGXX0611
Bandza GGXX4707
Bangveti GGXX1265
Bani GGXX3850
Banoja GGXX1266
Bantsurtkari GGXX2674
Baqilovani GGXX1856
Baratauli GGXX0022
Bardnala GGXX3233
Bardubani GGXX1267
Bareuli GGXX3234
Barimkali GGXX2139
Barisakho GGXX2675
Bariti GGXX1268
Barjashi GGXX4708
Barkha GGXX4709
Barmishi GGXX0240
Barnabiantkari GGXX3851
Barshi GGXX4710
Barsi GGXX3852
Bartskhana GGXX0738
Bash-Gamamly GGXX2322
Bashi GGXX4711
Bashi GGXX1269
Bashkabsara GGXX5192
Basileti GGXX1047
Batakh GGXX0612
Batikhlo GGXX2324
Batsara GGXX1857
Batumi GGXX0005
Bavari GGXX3235
Bavra GGXX3550
Baytalo GGXX2325
Bazuani GGXX3854
Bebnisi GGXX3855
Beburiani GGXX1858
Becho GGXX4713
Bedia GGXX0241
Bediani GGXX2326
Bedoni GGXX2678
Begela GGXX1859
Beghleti GGXX0740
Beghleti GGXX1271
Beghlevi GGXX1272
Beitarapchi GGXX2327
Bekami GGXX1273
Bekhkan GGXX0242
Bekmari GGXX3856
Bekot-Kari GGXX2679
Bektakari GGXX2328
Benara GGXX3551
Benderi GGXX3858
Berbuki GGXX3859
Berdzenauli GGXX3860
Berdzeni GGXX1860
Beretisa GGXX1275
Beridzhvari GGXX3861
Berkote GGXX3862
Berula GGXX3864
Beselashvilebi GGXX0741
Beshta GGXX0614
Beshtasheni GGXX0024
Besiauri GGXX1276
Beslakhuba GGXX0243
Betlevi GGXX3236
Betsentsurebi GGXX2682
Bevreti GGXX3865
Bezaklo GGXX2330
Bezet GGXX3866
Bezhaantkari GGXX3867
Bezhano GGXX3552
Bezhatubani GGXX1277
Bgardvani GGXX0245
Bgikuara GGXX0615
Bia GGXX4715
Bia-Sashonio GGXX4716
Bibiliani GGXX2683
Bichingaurtkari GGXX2684
Bidzhnisi GGXX1278
Biga GGXX1279
Biisi GGXX3868
Bikurta GGXX1861
Bindilaurta GGXX2685
Birja GGXX0248
Birkiani GGXX1862
Birliki GGXX2331
Biso GGXX2686
Bitetikau GGXX3237
Bitsmendi GGXX2687
Biyeti GGXX3869
Blaburkhva GGXX0025
Blo GGXX2688
Blordza GGXX3553
Bnavisi GGXX3870
Bobnevi GGXX3871
Boboti GGXX4717
Boboti GGXX1280
Bochorishvilebi GGXX1281
Bochorma GGXX2689
Bodakheva GGXX2690
Bodavi GGXX2691
Bodbiskhevi GGXX1863
Bodorna GGXX2692
Bodzauri GGXX0743
Bodziyeli GGXX1864
Boga GGXX3554
Bogdanovka GGXX1865
Bogili GGXX1048
Bogiris-Khevi GGXX2140
Bogreshi GGXX4718
Bogvi GGXX2332
Bokhvauri GGXX1049
Bokoni GGXX2694
Bokva GGXX3238
Bokviani GGXX2141
Bolajuri GGXX3555
Bolnisi GGXX0026
Bolokiani GGXX1866
Bombora GGXX0250
Borbalo GGXX2333
Bordzhnis GGXX3872
Bori GGXX1282
Borikota GGXX3873
Borjomi GGXX0027
Borogaya GGXX2142
Bortso GGXX3239
Bortsvana GGXX3874
Bosela GGXX1284
Boseli GGXX2696
Boslebi GGXX2334
Bostana GGXX3240
Botisi GGXX3876
Botko GGXX2697
Bozali GGXX3556
Bozhami GGXX3877
Bredza GGXX3878
Brili GGXX0744
Brili GGXX3880
Britata GGXX3881
Broliskedi GGXX1285
Brotseula GGXX0028
Brotsleti GGXX3882
Buchqinta GGXX2700
Buduki GGXX0251
Budzguri GGXX0252
Bugasheni GGXX3557
Bugaura GGXX3883
Bugeuli GGXX3241
Bughaani GGXX1867
Bugnara GGXX1050
Bukhrebi GGXX2701
Bukhurta GGXX1868
Buknari GGXX1052
Buknari GGXX0745
Buksieti GGXX1053
Bulaga GGXX5193
Bulalaurta GGXX2703
Bulanchi GGXX2143
Bulbulistsikhe GGXX1286
Buleshi GGXX3242
Bulishi GGXX4719
Bulishkhindzhi GGXX0253
Bulitsqu GGXX4721
Bunikauri GGXX1287
Burdadzori GGXX2335
Burdiani GGXX1869
Buriani GGXX2704
Burilo GGXX2705
Burmasigi GGXX2706
Burnasheti GGXX2336
Burnati GGXX1054
Bursachiri GGXX2707
Busachir GGXX2708
Busheti GGXX1870
Buyeti GGXX1288
Buzala GGXX3884
Buzaveti GGXX3559
Bzana GGXX0254
Bzhinevi GGXX1289
Bzholieti GGXX1055
Bziauri GGXX1290
Bzikurt Kari GGXX2709
Bziskhevi GGXX1291
Chabarukhi GGXX2722
Chabinaani GGXX1875
Chabukiani GGXX1876
Chaburta GGXX4730
Chachamuri GGXX3888
Chachiyeti GGXX1061
Chachubeti GGXX3889
Chaduniani GGXX1877
Chagan-Chkvishi GGXX1295
Chagani GGXX1296
Chailo GGXX4529
Chaisubani GGXX1062
Chaisubani GGXX0755
Chakvi GGXX0756
Chakvistavi GGXX0757
Chala GGXX1297
Chala GGXX0263
Chala GGXX3245
Chala GGXX0758
Chala-Gube GGXX2144
Chaladidi GGXX4732
Chalatke GGXX1299
Chale GGXX4733
Chali GGXX0264
Chaliani GGXX2145
Chalisubani GGXX3890
Chalkeyeti GGXX1300
Chalovani GGXX1301
Chanadirtkari GGXX2724
Chanakhchi GGXX2339
Chanchakha GGXX3891
Chanchati GGXX1063
Chancheti GGXX1064
Chanchkharo GGXX3892
Chandari GGXX1878
Chandari GGXX2725
Chanderbis-Bolo GGXX2146
Chandrebi GGXX3893
Changilari GGXX3894
Chaniyeturi GGXX1066
Chankaati GGXX1879
Chao GGXX0759
Chapayevka GGXX2340
Charebi GGXX3895
Charekauli GGXX1880
Chartali GGXX1302
Chasha GGXX2728
Chashleti GGXX1303
Chatakhi GGXX2341
Chatsvkyt GGXX0265
Chayat GGXX0617
Chechketi GGXX2729
Chechla GGXX3564
Chedymskoye GGXX0618
Chegem GGXX0266
Chekkari GGXX5194
Chela GGXX3565
Cheliaghele GGXX3247
Cheliata GGXX3896
Cheliri GGXX4734
Cheplakh GGXX0619
Cheremi GGXX1881
Chernaya Skala GGXX0621
Chernigovka GGXX0267
Chero GGXX1882
Cheshe GGXX2730
Chesho GGXX1883
Chetar GGXX3897
Chiaant-Tke GGXX2147
Chiatura GGXX0029
Chiaura GGXX2731
Chiauri GGXX2148
Chibiskha GGXX0622
Chibrevi GGXX3248
Chidale GGXX2733
Chie GGXX2734
Chigladzisubani GGXX3898
Chigo GGXX1885
Chigripsh GGXX0268
Chikaani GGXX2735
Chikaani GGXX1886
Chikat-Kari GGXX2736
Chikharula GGXX3566
Chikhori GGXX1305
Chikhu GGXX4736
Chikhurtash GGXX0993
Chikuneti GGXX0760
Chilaantkari GGXX2737
Chilurti GGXX2738
Chimas GGXX3899
Chimasi GGXX3900
Chimga GGXX2739
Chinareti GGXX3901
Chinati GGXX1067
Chincharaantkari GGXX2740
Chinchkeri GGXX0623
Chinchriani GGXX2342
Chiora GGXX3249
Chiotantkari GGXX2741
Chirdili GGXX2743
Chista GGXX3250
Chitakhevi GGXX3567
Chitatskari GGXX4738
Chitaurebi GGXX2744
Chivchavi GGXX2343
Chkebzeni GGXX5195
Chkharauli GGXX3902
Chkharetseri GGXX1306
Chkhatana GGXX1887
Chkheri GGXX1307
Chkhirauli GGXX1308
Chkhortoli GGXX0270
Chkhoushi GGXX4739
Chkhuteli GGXX3251
Chkonkhumla GGXX0271
Chkopiani GGXX3903
Chkumi GGXX3252
Chkuni GGXX1068
Chkvediye GGXX5196
Chkvishi GGXX1309
Chkvishi GGXX3253
Chlou GGXX0272
Chobiskhevi GGXX3569
Chognari GGXX1310
Chokhata GGXX2150
Cholabargi GGXX1069
Cholashi GGXX4740
Cholevi GGXX1311
Cholmani GGXX2344
Choloki GGXX0994
Cholur GGXX3254
Chometi GGXX1312
Choniskhevi GGXX2745
Chontili GGXX2746
Chonto GGXX1313
Choporti GGXX2747
Chorbauli GGXX3904
Chorchani GGXX3905
Chorchokhi GGXX3906
Chordi GGXX3255
Chormeshavi GGXX2748
Chortisa GGXX1314
Chorvila GGXX1315
Chotiaani GGXX2151
Chotori GGXX1888
Chqonagora GGXX1070
Chrdileti GGXX3907
Chrdili GGXX4530
Chrdili GGXX1316
Chrdilo GGXX3908
Chrdilo-Chiprani GGXX3909
Chrebalo GGXX3256
Chubari GGXX4741
Chubiniantkari GGXX2749
Chuburkhinji GGXX0273
Chugra GGXX4532
Chukuli GGXX3257
Chumateleti GGXX3910
Chuneshi GGXX1317
Churchelaurebi GGXX2750
Churnali GGXX1318
Churta GGXX3912
Chvabiani GGXX4742
Chvebari GGXX3258
Chvele GGXX4743
Chveletana GGXX4744
Chvelieri GGXX3259
Chvelpi GGXX3260
Chvibiani GGXX4745
Chvinari GGXX5197
Chvinta GGXX3570
Chvrinisi GGXX3913
Daba GGXX3571
Dabadzveli GGXX0761
Dabadzveli GGXX1319
Dablagomi GGXX1320
Dabnia GGXX3572
Dacha GGXX0274
Dadeshi GGXX3573
Dagarukhlo GGXX2345
Dagva GGXX0762
Dallag-Roki GGXX3916
Dalyari GGXX2347
Damala GGXX3574
Damchkhreula GGXX3917
Damia GGXX2348
Damia Giaurarkhi GGXX2349
Damkali GGXX3575
Dampala GGXX2751
Dampaleti GGXX3918
Dandalo GGXX0763
Danilovka GGXX2350
Dano GGXX1889
Dapnari GGXX1321
Darakoi GGXX2351
Darba GGXX2152
Darbakhevi GGXX3167
Darbazaani GGXX2153
Darbazi GGXX2352
Darcheti GGXX1890
Darchidzeebi GGXX0765
Daredzhana GGXX2752
Darka GGXX1322
Darkveti GGXX1323
Dashbashi GGXX2353
Dashtapa GGXX2354
Davberi GGXX4747
Davitiani GGXX4748
Dedabera GGXX1324
Dedalauri GGXX1325
Dedukepta GGXX0275
Degeula GGXX3920
Degirmandere GGXX2590
Deisi GGXX1326
Dekanashvilebi GGXX0766
Dekhviri GGXX3261
Dekiani GGXX4533
Delkani GGXX2755
Deltasubani GGXX1327
Demurlo GGXX2355
Depegindze GGXX0277
Derekhokhna GGXX0767
Desi GGXX2756
Devenaantkhevi GGXX2757
Devra GGXX4749
Dgamsh GGXX0278
Dghnorisa GGXX3262
Dghvana GGXX4750
Dghvani GGXX0768
Dgnali GGXX2758
Dgvaba GGXX4751
Dgvari GGXX3577
Dgvoisi GGXX3921
Diakonidzeebi GGXX0769
Didachara GGXX0770
Didebaani GGXX2759
Didgal GGXX0624
Didghele GGXX0771
Didgori GGXX2760
Didgvabuna GGXX1329
Didi Ateni GGXX3922
Didi Chqoni GGXX4752
Didi Dmanisi GGXX2356
Didi Durnuki GGXX2357
Didi Garejvari GGXX3923
Didi Ghromi GGXX3924
Didi Gondrio GGXX3579
Didi Gubi GGXX1330
Didi Jikhaishi GGXX1331
Didi Khalebi GGXX3926
Didi Khavleti GGXX3927
Didi Khorshi GGXX4754
Didi Kldeisi GGXX2359
Didi Kukhi GGXX1332
Didi Lilo GGXX2761
Didi Mitarbi GGXX3581
Didi Mughanlo GGXX2360
Didi Nedzi GGXX4755
Didi Pamaji GGXX3582
Didi Sakhvlari GGXX1334
Didi Shiraki GGXX1895
Didi Smada GGXX3583
Didi-Beglari GGXX2361
Didi-Bekami GGXX3930
Didi-Chkanti GGXX2154
Didi-Chordzho GGXX3263
Didi-Chvarebi GGXX3931
Didi-Golisi GGXX1335
Didi-Goridzhvari GGXX3932
Didi-Iraga GGXX2362
Didi-Keleti GGXX3933
Didi-Khurvaleti GGXX3934
Didi-Kvatana GGXX4757
Didi-Mindori GGXX2155
Didi-Nedzi GGXX4758
Didi-Samsari GGXX3584
Didi-Sative GGXX3935
Didi-Tkhinala GGXX3936
Didi-Tsereti GGXX3937
Didi-Tsikhiata GGXX3938
Didi-Vani GGXX1073
Didikurta GGXX1896
Didinastskhlari GGXX2156
Didkuri GGXX2157
Didmukha GGXX3939
Didnauri GGXX1897
Didtavi GGXX3940
Didtsipela GGXX1336
Didvake GGXX3941
Didvela GGXX1337
Dighomi GGXX2762
Dikhagudzba GGXX0279
Dikhagudzuba GGXX4759
Dikhaguzba GGXX5198
Dikhashkho GGXX1338
Dikhazurga GGXX0280
Diklo GGXX1898
Dilikauri GGXX1339
Dilipi GGXX3585
Diliska GGXX3586
Dimi GGXX1340
Dioknisi GGXX0772
Dirbi GGXX3942
Disevi GGXX3943
Dizi GGXX4760
Dmanisi GGXX0030
Dmenisi GGXX3945
Dmitriyevka GGXX0281
Doberazeni GGXX4761
Dobiro GGXX1341
Dochu GGXX1899
Dodlan GGXX0282
Dodot GGXX3946
Dodota GGXX3947
Doesi GGXX3948
Doghlauri GGXX0773
Doglauri GGXX3949
Dologani GGXX0774
Dolosha GGXX2765
Dopoukyt GGXX0283
Doreulebi GGXX2766
Doshaqe GGXX4763
Dovleti GGXX1342
Dranda GGXX0284
Drbo GGXX1343
Dre GGXX2365
Dre GGXX3951
Dubovaya Polyana GGXX0625
Dudaiti GGXX3952
Dudaurebi GGXX2767
Duduzaurebi GGXX2768
Duisi GGXX0031
Dumasturi GGXX1900
Dumatskho GGXX2769
Dumatskhovi GGXX3953
Dunta GGXX1344
Dunusi GGXX2366
Duodonasto GGXX3954
Durashi GGXX3264
Durevi GGXX1345
Durghena GGXX4764
Duryakhuna GGXX1199
Dutskhuni GGXX1346
Duzagrama GGXX1901
Dvabzu GGXX1074
Dvaliantkari GGXX3955
Dvani GGXX3956
Dviri GGXX3587
Dykelya GGXX2771
Dzalantkhevi GGXX2772
Dzalisi GGXX2773
Dzarchemi GGXX3959
Dzari GGXX3960
Dzebniaurebi GGXX2774
Dzeglevi GGXX3961
Dzeglevi GGXX3265
Dzegvi GGXX2776
Dzevera GGXX3962
Dzevri GGXX1348
Dzhagaraantkari GGXX3963
Dzhakismani GGXX3588
Dzhal GGXX0286
Dzhal-Apsua GGXX0287
Dzhalabeti GGXX3964
Dzhandari GGXX2367
Dzhankhoshi GGXX2368
Dzhapana GGXX1075
Dzhaparauli GGXX1349
Dzhaparlo GGXX2369
Dzhariasheni GGXX3965
Dzhavakhiantkari GGXX2777
Dzhebiri GGXX3966
Dzhentukha GGXX0288
Dzhervalidzeyebi GGXX2778
Dzhgerda GGXX0289
Dzhgeriani GGXX0290
Dzhgilati GGXX1350
Dzhigaura GGXX2779
Dzhikhandzhiri GGXX1076
Dzhikuraultkari GGXX2780
Dzhimastaro GGXX1351
Dzhinchvisi GGXX3266
Dzhinisi GGXX2370
Dzhitaku GGXX0626
Dzhobria GGXX0291
Dzhogiani GGXX2160
Dzhokoyeti GGXX1352
Dzholevi GGXX4765
Dzholkheti GGXX1353
Dzhonia GGXX1354
Dzhortisi GGXX3967
Dzhria GGXX3968
Dzhudari GGXX3267
Dzhvara GGXX2161
Dzhvarboseli GGXX1902
Dzhvareti GGXX3969
Dzhvari GGXX0032
Dzhvarisubani GGXX2781
Dzhvartmukha GGXX3970
Dzibakhevi GGXX1903
Dzibziri GGXX0292
Dziguri GGXX4766
Dziguta GGXX0293
Dziki GGXX3971
Dzirageuli GGXX3268
Dziridzhumati GGXX1078
Dzirkhvniani GGXX2782
Dzirkoka GGXX1904
Dzirkvadzeebi GGXX0776
Dzirovani GGXX1355
Dzirula GGXX1356
Dzlevisjvari GGXX3972
Dzmagula GGXX0777
Dzmuisi GGXX1357
Dzou GGXX0627
Dzuar-Gakh GGXX4534
Dzulukhi GGXX1358
Dzuqnuri GGXX1359
Dzvelanaga GGXX1905
Dzveli GGXX3589
Dzveli Abasha GGXX4767
Dzveli Burghuli GGXX2783
Dzveli Gavazi GGXX1906
Dzveli Kanda GGXX2784
Dzveli Khibula GGXX4768
Dzveli Osebi GGXX2785
Dzveli Sakramulo GGXX2786
Dzveli Senaki GGXX4769
Dzveli-Marabda GGXX2372
Dzveli-Vedzisi GGXX2787
Dzvilant-Kari GGXX2788
Dzyshra GGXX0628
Ebnisi GGXX2789
Ebrayelebi GGXX3975
Ebudi GGXX4770
Edisa GGXX3976
Ekadia GGXX1079
Ekaldidi GGXX1200
Ekhvesto GGXX0629
Eldzarta GGXX3977
Eliagza GGXX2790
Eliatsminda GGXX3590
Eloiani GGXX3978
Elontkau GGXX3979
Enageti GGXX2374
Endzeba GGXX1908
Eniseli GGXX1909
Ereda GGXX2791
Ereda GGXX3980
Eredvi GGXX3981
Ereta GGXX1360
Erge GGXX0778
Ergeta GGXX4772
Ergneti GGXX3982
Erinja GGXX3592
Eristsqali GGXX4773
Erkota GGXX3593
Ertishi GGXX5199
Ertisi GGXX2375
Ertso GGXX3984
Eshera GGXX0295
Eshtakis-Kuri GGXX2162
Estecho GGXX2793
Estonka GGXX0296
Eto GGXX1361
Etseri GGXX0297
Etseri GGXX1363
Etseri GGXX4775
Etvalisi GGXX2794
Evzhenti GGXX2795
Ezati GGXX3985
Farazi GGXX3986
Fars-Karzakh GGXX4535
Fayerakh GGXX4536
Ferma GGXX3987
Gachedili GGXX4777
Gadamshi GGXX3269
Gadidi GGXX1364
Gaghma Boslevi GGXX1366
Gaghma Dobiri GGXX1081
Gaghma Dvabze GGXX1082
Gagida GGXX0298
Gagma-Kanata GGXX4780
Gagma-Kodori GGXX4781
Gagma-Noga GGXX1367
Gagma-Vani GGXX1368
Gagra GGXX0299
Gagulechi GGXX3270
Gaguri GGXX1083
Gaiboteni GGXX2796
Gakhomela GGXX4784
Galavani GGXX2797
Galdarana GGXX4537
Gali GGXX0034
Galuata GGXX3988
Gamardzhveba GGXX1912
Gamarjveba GGXX2376
Gamarjveba GGXX1913
Gamlistsqaro GGXX3989
Gamoghma Boslevi GGXX1369
Gamogma GGXX1370
Gamogma-Kariata GGXX4787
Gamogma-Kodori GGXX4788
Gamogma-Noga GGXX1371
Gamogma-Zanati GGXX4789
Gamsi GGXX2798
Ganakhleba GGXX0302
Ganakhleba GGXX0779
Ganakhleba GGXX4790
Ganakhleba GGXX2377
Ganakhleba GGXX1084
Ganatleba GGXX1914
Ganatlebiskari GGXX4791
Gandzani GGXX3595
Gandzhala GGXX1915
Gandzilebi GGXX3990
Gantiadi GGXX0780
Gantiadi GGXX4792
Gantiadi GGXX1085
Gantsishi GGXX4793
Garakha GGXX4794
Garbani GGXX2799
Garbuti GGXX1916
Gardabani GGXX2379
Gardateni GGXX3991
Gargali GGXX3992
Gargushant-Mta GGXX4538
Gari GGXX3271
Gariqula GGXX3993
Garis-Tskaro GGXX2800
Garistavi GGXX3994
Garpi GGXX0305
Garubani GGXX3995
Garuyeti GGXX3996
Gashperdi GGXX4795
Gatopa GGXX1201
Gautskinari GGXX4796
Gavazi GGXX3997
Gavra GGXX0306
Gdu GGXX3998
Gduleti GGXX3999
Gebi GGXX0035
Gedagdagi GGXX2380
Gedaklari GGXX2381
Gedsamania GGXX1374
Gega GGXX0630
Gegelidzeebi GGXX0781
Gekhavi GGXX4000
Geladzeebi GGXX0782
Gelati GGXX1918
Gelaura GGXX0783
Gelauri GGXX4001
Gelaveri GGXX1377
Gembuli GGXX3272
Gendushi GGXX3273
Genikey GGXX0307
Georgievskoe GGXX0308
Gergabay GGXX0631
Gergemishi GGXX0309
Gergeti GGXX2801
Geri GGXX4002
Gesdania GGXX2382
Geshderi GGXX4798
Gezati GGXX4799
Ghadishi GGXX3274
Ghado GGXX3596
Ghaniri GGXX1378
Gharta GGXX4004
Ghebi GGXX3275
Ghelisvake GGXX2802
Ghordze GGXX3597
Ghoresha GGXX1379
Ghorjomi GGXX0784
Ghreli GGXX3598
Ghrmaghele GGXX1086
Ghulelebi GGXX2803
Ghvada GGXX0310
Ghvashigvgrdi GGXX0717
Ghvlevi GGXX4005
Ghvria GGXX4006
Gibzha Pervaya GGXX0632
Gibzha Vtoraya GGXX0633
Gigantis-Alagi GGXX2591
Gigaurebi GGXX4008
Gimara GGXX2804
Gimozgonjili GGXX4800
Ginturi GGXX3599
Giorgitsminda GGXX3600
Giorgitsminda GGXX2805
Giorgitsminda GGXX1920
Girevi GGXX1921
Gldani GGXX2806
Glola GGXX3276
Gnugi GGXX4009
Gobi GGXX3277
Gobroneti GGXX0786
Godgadzeebi GGXX0787
Godogani GGXX4801
Godogani GGXX1382
Godora GGXX1383
Godzhiaanebi GGXX2807
Gogadzeebi GGXX0788
Gogasheni GGXX3601
Gogeti GGXX4010
Gogianti GGXX4539
Gogiantkari GGXX4540
Goginauri GGXX0789
Gogiyeti GGXX1087
Goglurta GGXX1922
Gogmachauri GGXX0790
Gognauri GGXX2808
Gogni GGXX1384
Gogoladzeyebi GGXX1385
Gogolesubani GGXX1088
Gogoleti GGXX3278
Gogoreti GGXX1089
Gogoti GGXX4011
Gogouri GGXX1386
Gokhnari GGXX2383
Gokio GGXX3602
Golaskuri GGXX4802
Golatubani GGXX1387
Golovani GGXX2384
Gomani GGXX3603
Gomarduli GGXX0791
Gomaro GGXX3604
Gombori GGXX1923
Gombori GGXX4012
Gometsari GGXX2810
Gomi GGXX4013
Gomi GGXX1388
Gomi GGXX3279
Gomi GGXX1090
Gomisdzhvari GGXX4014
Gomna GGXX3605
Gomta GGXX4541
Gomurni GGXX2811
Gona GGXX1389
Gonebiskari GGXX1091
Gonio GGXX0792
Gora GGXX2386
Goraberezhouli GGXX1092
Goraka GGXX4015
Gorana GGXX2812
Gorana GGXX1924
Gorana GGXX0311
Goratkhevi GGXX1925
Gordi GGXX1390
Gorebi GGXX2163
Gorelovka GGXX3606
Goretis-Mta GGXX4542
Gorga GGXX4543
Gorgadzeebi GGXX0793
Gorgasheni GGXX4016
Gorgiani GGXX4544
Gorguli GGXX3607
Gori GGXX0001
Gori GGXX3280
Goriana GGXX0312
Gorisa GGXX1391
Gorisubani GGXX3281
Gormaghali GGXX1392
Gornyatskiy GGXX0313
Gorovani GGXX2814
Gortubani GGXX3608
Goubani GGXX2387
Goyata GGXX4017
Gozo GGXX4018
Gradur GGXX3282
Grakali GGXX4019
Grdzeli Chala GGXX1926
Grdzeli-Korugebi GGXX2164
Grdzeli-Mindori GGXX2165
Grdzelis-Gora GGXX2166
Grdzelzelebi GGXX1927
Grebeshoki GGXX0314
Grecheskoye GGXX0315
Gremi GGXX1928
Grib GGXX0634
Grigolaantkari GGXX2815
Grigoleti GGXX1093
Grigolishi GGXX4803
Grmagele GGXX2816
Gru GGXX4020
Grubela GGXX4021
Gruzinskiy Most GGXX0316
Gruzmagnetit GGXX1094
Gu GGXX3283
Gubistsqali GGXX1394
Guda GGXX4022
Gudaant-Kari GGXX4023
Gudaleti GGXX4024
Gudanelebi GGXX2817
Gudani GGXX2818
Gudanta GGXX1929
Gudarakhi GGXX2819
Gudarekhi GGXX2388
Gudasakho GGXX0794
Gudatsveri GGXX4025
Gudatubani GGXX1395
Gudauri GGXX2820
Gudisi GGXX4026
Gudita GGXX4027
Gudrukhi GGXX2821
Gudzhareti GGXX1930
Gugunyrkhva GGXX0320
Gugutiantkari GGXX4028
Gular GGXX2390
Gulaveri GGXX2391
Gulbagi GGXX2392
Gulebi GGXX0795
Guleykari GGXX4804
Gulgula GGXX1931
Guli GGXX2822
Guliani GGXX1095
Gulianta GGXX3284
Gulida GGXX3285
Gulikami GGXX3610
Gulkhandisi GGXX4029
Gulukheti GGXX4805
Guma GGXX0322
Gumatiges GGXX1396
Gumbra GGXX1397
Gumurkhna GGXX0635
Gunda GGXX3286
Gundauri GGXX0796
Gundayeti GGXX1398
Guniaqala GGXX2394
Gupta GGXX4030
Gurchkh GGXX0326
Gurdzauli GGXX0797
Gurdzhaani GGXX0037
Gurgalveli GGXX2823
Gurgeniani GGXX1932
Gurgenis-Akho GGXX2167
Guristqe GGXX1097
Gurjaani GGXX1933
Gurkeli GGXX3611
Gurna GGXX1399
Guro GGXX2824
Gurshevi GGXX3287
Gurtsinikau GGXX4031
Gurzuli GGXX0327
Gvada-Akhutsa GGXX0328
Gvalyaya GGXX5201
Gvandra GGXX0329
Gvara GGXX0798
Gvarda GGXX0330
Gvarebi GGXX4032
Gvashigberdi GGXX0331
Gvashtkhva GGXX0636
Gvazauri GGXX1400
Gvebaldi GGXX4806
Gvebra GGXX4807
Gvedi GGXX1401
Gvedreti GGXX4033
Gveleti GGXX2826
Gverdisubani GGXX4034
Gverdzineti GGXX4035
Gverki GGXX1402
Gverteti GGXX4036
Gveso GGXX3288
Gvevi GGXX2395
Gviara GGXX3289
Gvimaroni GGXX4808
Gvimbalauri GGXX1099
Gvimbrala GGXX3290
Gvimralauri GGXX1100
Gvimriani GGXX1934
Gvindzhina GGXX4037
Gvirgvina GGXX4038
Gvishtibi GGXX1403
Hmashi-Totaleshi GGXX4809
Iakobauri GGXX0799
Iakublo GGXX2396
Ianeti GGXX1101
Ianeuli GGXX1102
Iaradzhulebi GGXX2828
Ibtsokhi GGXX1935
Idleti GGXX4039
Idliani GGXX4810
Idumala GGXX3613
Ieli GGXX4811
Ienishi GGXX4812
Ikefta GGXX0637
Ikhtila GGXX3615
Ikisuarasi GGXX2168
Ikoti GGXX4042
Ikvlivgorana GGXX1936
Ikvnevi GGXX4043
Ildazho GGXX2169
Ilemi GGXX1405
Ilmazlo GGXX2397
Ilorgani GGXX0332
Ilori GGXX0333
Iltoza GGXX2829
Ilurta GGXX1937
Imeni Kirova GGXX1103
Imer-Ukhuti GGXX1406
Imera GGXX2398
Imerkhevi GGXX0334
Imerkhevi GGXX4044
Imirasani GGXX2399
Imiri GGXX2400
Inasharidzeebi GGXX0800
Inashauri GGXX1407
Inauri GGXX4046
Indusa GGXX3616
Indzhaogly GGXX2401
Ingiri GGXX4813
Ingurges GGXX4814
Ino GGXX2830
Intabuyeti GGXX1104
Intsoba GGXX1939
Iori GGXX2831
Iormughanlo GGXX0038
Ipkhi GGXX4815
Ipnara GGXX4047
Ipnari GGXX2402
Ipnisgora GGXX1940
Iprari GGXX4816
Iremadzeebi GGXX0802
Iremiant-Kar GGXX2832
Irgani GGXX2403
Iri GGXX3291
Irmissatamasho GGXX2170
Irtavaza GGXX1408
Isakkau GGXX4048
Iskari GGXX4817
Isli GGXX4818
Ispani GGXX0995
Isriti GGXX1409
Isroliskhevi GGXX4049
Isula GGXX4819
Isunderi GGXX3292
Itrapisi GGXX4050
Itria GGXX4051
Itsa GGXX3293
Itskisi GGXX1411
Iukho GGXX2833
Ivandidi GGXX1412
Ivaneuli GGXX1413
Ivanovka GGXX2404
Ivlita GGXX3617
Ivreti GGXX4052
Jabnidzeebi GGXX0803
Jaghira GGXX4820
Jaghmiani GGXX2834
Jalabashvile GGXX0804
Jampali GGXX0337
Jandari GGXX2405
Java GGXX4053
Javakhi GGXX2406
Jgali GGXX4821
Jgerda GGXX0338
Jgidirkhva GGXX0339
Jigrasheni GGXX2407
Jigrasheni GGXX3618
Jikha GGXX4822
Jikhaskari GGXX4823
Jirkhva GGXX0340
Joqolo GGXX1944
Jorjiashvili GGXX2408
Jria GGXX1415
Jugaani GGXX1945
Jughisi GGXX2836
Julgha GGXX3619
Jumi GGXX4824
Jumushauri GGXX0805
Juqmuri GGXX0341
Jvari GGXX4826
Jvari GGXX1416
Jvarisa GGXX1417
Kabali GGXX1958
Kaburi GGXX0040
Kabuzta GGXX4081
Kachagoni GGXX0041
Kachayeti GGXX3309
Kachev GGXX2851
Kada GGXX0355
Kadagali GGXX4834
Kadari GGXX0356
Kadari GGXX4835
Kadasar GGXX4082
Kadistavi GGXX2171
Kadoyeti GGXX2852
Kadurakh GGXX4545
Kadzhikh GGXX0638
Kagubovka GGXX0357
Kaibani GGXX2172
Kaibaniye-Tke GGXX2173
Kaishaurni GGXX2853
Kakabauri GGXX1453
Kakatikau GGXX4083
Kakhati GGXX4837
Kakhoianebi GGXX2854
Kakhura GGXX3310
Kakhuri GGXX1118
Kakliani GGXX2421
Kakuti GGXX0828
Kala Kadagauri GGXX1119
Kalabali GGXX4838
Kalagoni GGXX1454
Kalaki GGXX1961
Kalamuna GGXX1202
Kalashi GGXX4839
Kalauri GGXX1962
Kalauri GGXX1455
Kaldakhvara GGXX0358
Kaleti GGXX4084
Kalinino GGXX3626
Kalinino GGXX2422
Kalinovka GGXX1963
Kalinovka GGXX2423
Kalkva-Namesrali GGXX1964
Kalkvis-Mindori GGXX2174
Kalvata GGXX1456
Kamani GGXX0359
Kamarlo GGXX2424
Kamishlo GGXX2425
Kamkhi GGXX2855
Kamysh GGXX0640
Kanak-Gugom GGXX4546
Kanatia GGXX2856
Kanobi GGXX2857
Kapitanovka GGXX0360
Kaprashiani GGXX4085
Kapuchi GGXX1965
Kara GGXX4086
Karadashi GGXX2426
Karadzhala GGXX1966
Karagadzhi GGXX4087
Karakomi GGXX2427
Karatikani GGXX2428
Karatkau GGXX2858
Karbi GGXX4089
Karchiti GGXX4090
Kardanakhi GGXX1967
Kareli GGXX0042
Kariaultkari GGXX2859
Karkushaani GGXX2861
Karsani GGXX2862
Karsimaantkari GGXX2863
Karsubani GGXX1968
Karsunani GGXX0043
Kartikami GGXX3627
Kartisi GGXX4091
Kartofelis-Gora GGXX2175
Kartsakhi GGXX0044
Kartsaulta GGXX2864
Kartvani GGXX4841
Karzman GGXX1457
Kasagini GGXX3311
Kasatikay GGXX4092
Kashadepa GGXX4842
Kashveti GGXX4843
Kashveti GGXX4093
Kaspi GGXX0045
Kasristsqali GGXX1970
Kasumlo GGXX2429
Katnatu GGXX3628
Katsalkhevi GGXX2865
Katsikhabla GGXX0361
Katskhi GGXX4844
Kaulder GGXX4845
Kaurma GGXX3629
Kavshiri GGXX1971
Kavtaraani GGXX2866
Kazakh GGXX4846
Kazlari GGXX1972
Kazlary-Khevi GGXX2176
Kbilauri GGXX1459
Kebaani GGXX4095
Keda GGXX0829
Kedani GGXX4847
Kedeli GGXX1973
Kedeloba GGXX2867
Kedigora GGXX4096
Kedisubani GGXX3312
Kedkedi GGXX0830
Kedlebi GGXX0831
Kedura GGXX4547
Kekhijvari GGXX4097
Kekhovani GGXX3630
Kekhvi GGXX4098
Kela GGXX1120
Kelasuri GGXX0362
Kelisa GGXX4548
Kelktseuli GGXX4099
Kemperi GGXX4100
Kenashi GGXX3313
Kenchaklde GGXX2868
Kerana GGXX2869
Kere GGXX4101
Kerken GGXX0363
Kervanka GGXX0642
Kesalo GGXX0046
Keshkili GGXX4848
Ketilauri GGXX1460
Ketrisi GGXX2870
Kevkhiani GGXX1974
Kevliani GGXX2871
Khabelashvilebi GGXX0832
Khabiu GGXX0364
Khabume GGXX4850
Khadabunebi GGXX2177
Khadiki GGXX2432
Khadori GGXX1975
Khadoyelebi GGXX2872
Khadzhalia GGXX1121
Khaishi GGXX4851
Khaisho GGXX2873
Khakhabo GGXX1976
Khakhabo GGXX2874
Khakheti GGXX1461
Khaki GGXX3631
Khala GGXX0833
Khalde GGXX4852
Khalikvara GGXX0365
Khalipauri GGXX1462
Khalivdon GGXX4102
Khamisquri GGXX4853
Khampalgomi GGXX4103
Khamusha GGXX2876
Khandisi GGXX4104
Khando GGXX2433
Khandzhi-Gazlo GGXX2434
Khani GGXX1463
Khantski GGXX4854
Khapshira GGXX0366
Kharagauli GGXX1464
Kharaula GGXX0834
Kharavi GGXX4105
Kharbali GGXX4106
Khardisari GGXX3315
Khardzhami GGXX3633
Kharistvali GGXX3317
Kharkelani GGXX4107
Kharnaul GGXX2878
Khartisho GGXX2879
Khashari GGXX2880
Khashmi GGXX1977
Khashuri GGXX0047
Khatis-Ukan GGXX4549
Khe GGXX4855
Kheghru GGXX0835
Khegru GGXX0836
Kheiti GGXX3318
Kheiti GGXX4108
Kheitis GGXX4109
Kheivani GGXX0368
Khekhyantapa GGXX2178
Khekordzi GGXX4110
Khelchua GGXX4111
Kheledi GGXX3319
Khelra GGXX4856
Khelvachauri GGXX0837
Khemagali GGXX1465
Kheoba GGXX4113
Kheoba GGXX2881
Kherkhvashi GGXX4857
Khertvisi GGXX0838
Kheta GGXX4858
Khevasheni GGXX3637
Khevi GGXX1122
Khevi GGXX0370
Khevi GGXX1466
Khevischala GGXX1978
Khevsha GGXX2882
Khezneuli GGXX4115
Khiblar GGXX1467
Khichgvara GGXX0643
Khidari GGXX1468
Khideshlebi GGXX3320
Khidi GGXX1469
Khidiskuri GGXX4116
Khidmaghala GGXX1124
Khikhadziri GGXX0839
Khikhata GGXX4118
Khiliana GGXX2884
Khilnaki GGXX2885
Khimshi GGXX3321
Khimsul GGXX0644
Khinchebi GGXX2886
Khino GGXX0840
Khipsta GGXX0645
Khirausha GGXX2887
Khirkhonisi GGXX3322
Khiso GGXX1979
Khitale GGXX2888
Khizabavra GGXX1980
Khizabavra GGXX3638
Khizarukha GGXX0371
Khiznebi GGXX2889
Khobi GGXX4860
Khodabula GGXX4119
Khodzhabegi GGXX3639
Khodzhi GGXX3323
Khodzi GGXX4120
Khojorni GGXX2435
Khokhmeli GGXX2436
Khole GGXX0372
Khomi GGXX2890
Khomuli GGXX1470
Khonchiori GGXX3324
Khone GGXX2891
Khoni GGXX1471
Khonischala GGXX2892
Khopisi GGXX2437
Khopsa GGXX2893
Khoranaula GGXX2894
Khorbalo GGXX1981
Khorchana GGXX1472
Khorenia GGXX3640
Khoreti GGXX1125
Khoriti GGXX1473
Khorkheli GGXX1982
Khorkhi GGXX0646
Khoshara GGXX2895
Khoshatiani GGXX1983
Khoshuri GGXX4121
Khospio GGXX3641
Khotevi GGXX3326
Khovle GGXX4122
Khoza GGXX2896
Khozvrari GGXX4861
Khramistsqaro GGXX4124
Khresili GGXX1475
Khrialeti GGXX1126
Khrikhriani-Tke GGXX2180
Khubdidi GGXX1203
Khuberi GGXX4862
Khudaliani GGXX4126
Khudoni GGXX4863
Khugata GGXX3327
Khulgumo GGXX3642
Khulo GGXX0841
Khumeni-Natopuri GGXX0375
Khumkhoveti GGXX4127
Khumushkuri GGXX0377
Khundisubani GGXX4128
Khundzhulouri GGXX4864
Khunevi GGXX1476
Khurcha GGXX0378
Khuruti GGXX3328
Khutia GGXX0379
Khutsubani GGXX0843
Khvanchkara GGXX3329
Khvani GGXX1477
Khvarbeti GGXX1127
Khvidishi GGXX3330
Khviti GGXX4130
Khvitismshobeli GGXX3643
Khvtishobeli GGXX4550
Khvtse GGXX4131
Kianeti GGXX2439
Kichkhuldashi GGXX4865
Kidobanis-Perda GGXX4551
Kiduka GGXX2181
Kidzinidzeebi GGXX0844
Kikibo GGXX3644
Kikineti GGXX3645
Kilda GGXX3646
Kimaantkari GGXX4132
Kimbariani GGXX2898
Kimotesubani GGXX3647
Kinchkha GGXX1479
Kinchkha-Perdi GGXX1480
Kindghi GGXX0380
Kindzati GGXX4133
Kinkisha GGXX0845
Kinoti GGXX1481
Kinta GGXX2899
Kintsvisi GGXX4134
Kinuakutkhe GGXX1482
Kipirdzhiki GGXX2441
Kirach-Muganlo GGXX2442
Kirbali GGXX4135
Kirbalis-Namkala GGXX4552
Kirchis-Mitsa GGXX4553
Kirguli GGXX0381
Kirikhlo GGXX2443
Kirnati GGXX0846
Kirov GGXX4866
Kirovakani GGXX3648
Kirovi GGXX3331
Kirovi GGXX1483
Kirovisi GGXX2444
Kirtskhi GGXX4867
Kishkhevi GGXX2900
Kisiani GGXX2901
Kisiskhevi GGXX1984
Kistani GGXX2902
Kitaani GGXX1985
Kitokhi GGXX2903
Kitriuli GGXX4136
Kitsia GGXX4868
Kitsina GGXX4137
Kitskhis-Igoreti GGXX1487
Kizil-Kilisa GGXX2445
Kiziltoprakhi GGXX0847
Klarsi GGXX4138
Klde GGXX3649
Kldekari GGXX0382
Kldiani GGXX0383
Kldisbina GGXX2182
Kldistskaro GGXX4139
Kldisubani GGXX0848
Kldisubani GGXX3332
Kldu GGXX4140
Klivana GGXX4141
Knolevi GGXX4142
Kobadze GGXX1986
Kobalauri GGXX0849
Kobeota GGXX3333
Kobesaantubani GGXX4143
Kobeti GGXX3334
Kobi GGXX4144
Kobiantkari GGXX2906
Kobuleti GGXX0048
Kochani GGXX4145
Kochbaani GGXX2907
Kochio GGXX3650
Kochulo GGXX2446
Koda GGXX0049
Koda GGXX4146
Koda GGXX2183
Kodalo GGXX1987
Kodavardisubani GGXX4147
Kodibina GGXX4148
Kodidzhvari GGXX2908
Kodistskali GGXX1488
Kodistskaro GGXX4149
Kodistskaro GGXX2447
Kodistsqaro GGXX4150
Kodmani GGXX4151
Koduant-Ukan GGXX4554
Kodzhoglis-Tsili GGXX5256
Kodzhori GGXX1988
Kojori GGXX2448
Koka GGXX1489
Kokastskali GGXX1490
Kokati GGXX1128
Kokhati GGXX4152
Kokhiant GGXX2909
Kokhnari GGXX1129
Kokhora GGXX0384
Koki GGXX4869
Kokliani GGXX3169
Kokoleti GGXX0850
Kokotauri GGXX0851
Kola GGXX4153
Kolagi GGXX1990
Kolagiri GGXX2449
Kolashi GGXX4870
Kolevi GGXX1491
Kolkhida GGXX0385
Koloti GGXX4154
Komandeli GGXX3335
Konchkati GGXX1130
Kondidi GGXX0852
Kondoli GGXX1991
Kontuati GGXX1492
Kopcha GGXX2910
Kopitnari GGXX1204
Korakhunt GGXX3336
Korant-Kari GGXX2911
Korasi GGXX0386
Korbouli GGXX1493
Kordi GGXX4155
Koreyeti GGXX1494
Korishi GGXX1495
Korkhi GGXX3651
Korkula GGXX4555
Korkvali GGXX4872
Korogo GGXX2912
Korsavi GGXX2913
Korsevi GGXX4157
Korsha GGXX2914
Korta GGXX3337
Kortabude GGXX1992
Korti GGXX3338
Kortskheli GGXX4874
Korubani GGXX1993
Koruge GGXX2184
Korugi GGXX2185
Korugi GGXX4158
Koruldashi GGXX3339
Koshka GGXX4159
Koshkaskeli GGXX2915
Kosopeli GGXX0853
Kotaani GGXX1994
Kotamzvare GGXX2916
Kotanto GGXX4160
Kotianeti GGXX4875
Kotishi GGXX2450
Kotoraantkari GGXX2917
Krasnogorski GGXX1995
Krobani GGXX4161
Kroli GGXX1496
Kroza GGXX4162
Krtsanisi GGXX2451
Ksiani GGXX4556
Ksiyeleb GGXX1996
Ksovreti GGXX2452
Kubriantkari GGXX2918
Kuchatani GGXX1997
Kuchecha GGXX2919
Kuchkisabano GGXX1131
Kudatke GGXX4163
Kudo GGXX2920
Kudoti GGXX1497
Kuduri GGXX2186
Kukheshi GGXX4876
Kulalisi GGXX3653
Kulashi GGXX1498
Kulbaki GGXX3340
Kulbiti GGXX4164
Kultibani GGXX0387
Kulukhta GGXX4165
Kumisi GGXX2453
Kumistavi GGXX1499
Kumurdo GGXX3654
Kuniashta GGXX0647
Kupriantkari GGXX2921
Kurashi GGXX4877
Kurcha GGXX4878
Kurdghelauri GGXX1998
Kurdo GGXX2454
Kurduli GGXX0854
Kure GGXX2187
Kurkuma-Dzo GGXX0648
Kurort Akhtala GGXX1999
Kursebi GGXX1500
Kurzu GGXX4879
Kushchi GGXX2456
Kushkhevi GGXX2922
Kushubauri GGXX1501
Kusireti GGXX4166
Kutaisi GGXX0050
Kutauri GGXX0855
Kutidzra GGXX0388
Kutkhi GGXX2923
Kutoli GGXX0389
Kutsakhta GGXX2000
Kutyku GGXX0649
Kutyshkha GGXX0390
Kuzhba-Yashta GGXX0650
Kvabisgverdi GGXX0996
Kvabiskhevi GGXX3655
Kvachalati GGXX1132
Kvadaura GGXX1502
Kvaisi GGXX3341
Kvaiti GGXX4880
Kvakhadzheleti GGXX1503
Kvakhchiri GGXX1504
Kvakude GGXX1505
Kvana GGXX4881
Kvanapa GGXX0391
Kvanchianari GGXX4882
Kvara GGXX2924
Kvarchkhigali GGXX4883
Kvarkhiti GGXX4167
Kvasatali GGXX4168
Kvatetri GGXX4169
Kvauti GGXX4884
Kvavlo GGXX2001
Kveda Agara GGXX0857
Kveda Bzubzu GGXX0858
Kveda Dagva GGXX0860
Kveda Mamati GGXX1133
Kveda Sameba GGXX0863
Kveda Vedi GGXX4886
Kveda-Bashi GGXX1506
Kveda-Ipari GGXX4887
Kveda-Kvitiri GGXX1507
Kveda-Maglaki GGXX1508
Kveda-Tsmani GGXX1509
Kveletubani GGXX1510
Kvemi-Kedi GGXX0052
Kvemo Alevi GGXX4170
Kvemo Boshuri GGXX4171
Kvemo Khvedureti GGXX4172
Kvemo Marghi GGXX4888
Kvemo Rieti GGXX4173
Kvemo Vashlovani GGXX0866
Kvemo-Achabeti GGXX4174
Kvemo-Adzvisi GGXX4175
Kvemo-Akhkalapa GGXX2457
Kvemo-Ambreti GGXX4177
Kvemo-Amirni GGXX2925
Kvemo-Artsevi GGXX4178
Kvemo-Bagebi GGXX4179
Kvemo-Bakarda GGXX4180
Kvemo-Boli GGXX4181
Kvemo-Bolkvi GGXX2002
Kvemo-Bozha GGXX3344
Kvemo-Brolosani GGXX4182
Kvemo-Chaparukhi GGXX4557
Kvemo-Chelyat GGXX4183
Kvemo-Chibati GGXX0053
Kvemo-Chocheti GGXX4184
Kvemo-Desi GGXX2926
Kvemo-Dodoti GGXX4185
Kvemo-Ermani GGXX4558
Kvemo-Fundukluk GGXX0392
Kvemo-Goreti GGXX4186
Kvemo-Gostibe GGXX4187
Kvemo-Gru GGXX4188
Kvemo-Gulripsh GGXX0054
Kvemo-Gumurishi GGXX0393
Kvemo-Ikorta GGXX4189
Kvemo-Kharaba GGXX2459
Kvemo-Kharavli GGXX0997
Kvemo-Khechili GGXX2003
Kvemo-Khorkhi GGXX2927
Kvemo-Khviti GGXX4190
Kvemo-Klivana GGXX4191
Kvemo-Kolkhida GGXX0055
Kvemo-Korkula GGXX4192
Kvemo-Koshka GGXX4193
Kvemo-Leteti GGXX4194
Kvemo-Lisi GGXX2928
Kvemo-Machkhara GGXX4195
Kvemo-Makhisi GGXX4196
Kvemo-Merkheuli GGXX0394
Kvemo-Mna GGXX2929
Kvemo-Monasteri GGXX4197
Kvemo-Mskhalgori GGXX2004
Kvemo-Nashovari GGXX2005
Kvemo-Okona GGXX4198
Kvemo-Okrokana GGXX2930
Kvemo-Osiauri GGXX4199
Kvemo-Otrevi GGXX4200
Kvemo-Rekha GGXX4201
Kvemo-Rene GGXX4202
Kvemo-Samtskaro GGXX4203
Kvemo-Sarabuki GGXX4204
Kvemo-Sarali GGXX2461
Kvemo-Sba GGXX4205
Kvemo-Sharakhevi GGXX2931
Kvemo-Snekvi GGXX4207
Kvemo-Sobisi GGXX4208
Kvemo-Teleti GGXX5244
Kvemo-Tsiri GGXX4209
Kvemo-Tskhiloni GGXX4210
Kvemo-Tsolda GGXX4211
Kvemo-Tsubeni GGXX4212
Kvemo-Yermani GGXX4213
Kvemo-Zonkari GGXX4214
Kvenakeli GGXX2006
Kvenaplavi GGXX4215
Kvenobani GGXX0395
Kvereti GGXX1511
Kvernaula GGXX2932
Kvetera GGXX2007
Kveto-Bytaga GGXX0396
Kvichori GGXX1512
Kviratskhoveli GGXX2188
Kviriaskhevi GGXX2933
Kvirike GGXX1513
Kvish GGXX5202
Kvishanchala GGXX4889
Kvishari GGXX3345
Kvishona GGXX0397
Kvitkiristskaro GGXX2934
Kvitouli GGXX0398
Labaidzeebi GGXX0867
Labechina GGXX3346
Labra GGXX0399
Labrialdashi GGXX3347
Labskaldi GGXX4890
Lachepita GGXX1514
Lachina-Khevi GGXX5257
Lachta GGXX3348
Ladreri GGXX4891
Ladzhana GGXX3349
Ladzhanurges GGXX3350
Lagami GGXX4892
Lagaziani GGXX2935
Lagodekhi GGXX0056
Lagvanta GGXX3351
Lailashi GGXX3352
Laili GGXX4893
Laituri GGXX1136
Lajanurhesi GGXX3353
Lakhamula GGXX4894
Lakhani GGXX4895
Lakhato GGXX2937
Lakhepa GGXX3354
Lakhiri GGXX4896
Lakhundara GGXX1515
Lakhushdi GGXX4897
Lakoba GGXX0400
Lakorozi-Otats GGXX0652
Lalisquri GGXX2008
Lalkhori GGXX4898
Lamanashur GGXX3355
Lambalo GGXX2009
Lami GGXX2938
Lamisqana GGXX4216
Lamkheri GGXX4899
Lamovani GGXX2939
Lanchkhuti GGXX0057
Lanchvali GGXX4900
Landzhishi GGXX4901
Lapeti GGXX1516
Lapniani GGXX2011
Lara GGXX4904
Larchvali GGXX3356
Largvisi GGXX4217
Larilari GGXX4906
Larkiamkid GGXX4559
Lashe GGXX1517
Lashe GGXX4218
Lashis-Igoreti GGXX1518
Lashisghele GGXX1138
Lashkhrashi GGXX4907
Lashkhreri GGXX4908
Lashtkhveri GGXX4909
Laskhana GGXX3357
Lastistsikhe GGXX2941
Lasuriashi GGXX3358
Latli GGXX2942
Latsoria GGXX3359
Lausha GGXX2943
Leakhale GGXX4910
Lebaiskari GGXX2944
Lebarde GGXX3360
Leberis GGXX4912
Leburtskhila GGXX4913
Lechariye GGXX0403
Lechitine GGXX4914
Ledarsale GGXX4915
Ledgebe GGXX4916
Ledzadzame GGXX4917
Ledzhike GGXX4918
Legakhare GGXX4919
Legersame GGXX4920
Leghva GGXX0869
Leghvani GGXX1519
Legogie GGXX4921
Legva GGXX1520
Lejolikhe GGXX4923
Lekalmakhi GGXX4928
Lekhaindravo GGXX4929
Lekhera GGXX4931
Lekhidristavi GGXX1521
Lekhtagi GGXX4932
Lekhuri GGXX4220
Lekokaiye GGXX4933
Lekosandi GGXX3362
Lekukhona GGXX0404
Leladziseuli GGXX1522
Leliani GGXX2013
Lelobi GGXX4221
Lelovani GGXX2945
Lelovani GGXX3656
Lelubani GGXX2946
Lemshveniera GGXX2462
Lemsia GGXX4934
Lemzagori GGXX3363
Leningori GGXX0058
Leninisi GGXX2947
Lenino GGXX2463
Lenino GGXX0405
Leninovka GGXX2014
Lentekhi GGXX0059
Lepisi GGXX3657
Lepochkhuye GGXX4935
Lepona GGXX0406
Lertsam-Kuri GGXX2189
Les-Kalganka GGXX2190
Lesa GGXX0060
Lesajaie GGXX4936
Lesale GGXX4937
Leselidze GGXX0407
Lesema GGXX3364
Leshamude GGXX4938
Leshukvi GGXX4939
Lesichine GGXX4940
Lesindi GGXX3365
Leskhulukhe GGXX4941
Leti GGXX3366
Letnik Kobi GGXX4222
Letsave GGXX4943
Letsitskhvaiye GGXX1523
Letsperi GGXX4944
Letsurtsume GGXX4945
Letykhi GGXX3367
Leusheri GGXX3368
Levakhane GGXX4946
Levaya Atsgara GGXX0408
Levitana GGXX4223
Lezgara GGXX4947
Lezhbadini GGXX2464
Lia GGXX4948
Libani GGXX3658
Lichanuri GGXX2948
Lidzava GGXX0061
Likhauri GGXX1139
Likhni GGXX0409
Likoki GGXX2949
Lilo GGXX2465
Linda GGXX0410
Lipazluk GGXX0653
Lipi GGXX2466
Lipodi GGXX2950
Lisa GGXX4224
Lisho GGXX2951
Lisi GGXX2952
Litsi GGXX4225
Livadi GGXX2467
Liya GGXX4949
Logoshetiye-Tke GGXX4560
Lokdzhandari GGXX2468
Lomanauri GGXX0870
Lomisi GGXX4226
Lomiskhevi GGXX2953
Lopani GGXX4227
Lozhua GGXX3370
Lugela GGXX4950
Luki GGXX3371
Lukubutska GGXX0654
Luli GGXX4229
Lurdzhmakvlebi GGXX2191
Machara GGXX0411
Macharashvilebi GGXX1525
Machatia GGXX3661
Machitauri GGXX1526
Machkhara GGXX4230
Machkhauri GGXX2192
Magardeli GGXX4951
Magaro GGXX2955
Magharoskari GGXX2956
Maghlaki GGXX1527
Maghraani GGXX2015
Maghraani GGXX2957
Maghrani GGXX2958
Magi GGXX4231
Maidani GGXX4952
Maisauri GGXX1528
Makarta GGXX2960
Makatubani GGXX1529
Makhaant-Kure GGXX2193
Makhalakauri GGXX0874
Makharadze GGXX2016
Makharadze GGXX0062
Makharia GGXX4953
Makhashi GGXX3372
Makhatauri GGXX1530
Makhati GGXX4954
Makhinjauri GGXX0875
Makhisi GGXX4561
Makhisis-Mta GGXX4562
Makho GGXX0876
Makhunjia GGXX0412
Makhura GGXX3373
Makhvilauri GGXX0878
Malagura GGXX4563
Malda GGXX4233
Maloye Opudzhe GGXX0655
Malvata GGXX1531
Malyye Dumasturi GGXX2018
Mamadaanebi GGXX2961
Mamastariya GGXX2962
Mamatsminda GGXX1532
Mami GGXX3374
Mamijirkhva GGXX0413
Mamishlo GGXX2469
Mamkhmara GGXX1205
Mamkoda GGXX2963
Mamlosopeli GGXX2470
Mamtsvara GGXX3662
Mamulaani GGXX2964
Mamulari GGXX1533
Mananauri GGXX3375
Manaseuri GGXX2965
Manavi GGXX2019
Mandikori GGXX1535
Manglisi GGXX0063
Maradidi GGXX0880
Maraleti GGXX4234
Marana GGXX4235
Maranchala GGXX4955
Marani GGXX4956
Marani GGXX0414
Marauli GGXX2966
Mardakhuch GGXX0415
Marelisi GGXX1536
Margiant-Kari GGXX4236
Margvishi GGXX3376
Mariamdzhvari GGXX2020
Marjvena Ptishi GGXX0417
Marjvena Rkvia GGXX1537
Marmazeti GGXX4237
Marneuli GGXX0064
Martiani GGXX4238
Martkopi GGXX0065
Martotubani GGXX1538
Martuni GGXX3663
Martvili GGXX4957
Masauri GGXX0881
Mashavera GGXX2472
Mashnaari GGXX2021
Matani GGXX2022
Matsevani GGXX2473
Matsimi GGXX2023
Matskhvarishi GGXX4958
Mayakovskiy GGXX0066
Maydani GGXX3377
Maydros-Aylya GGXX0420
Mayram GGXX4239
Mazandara GGXX4959
Mazashi GGXX3378
Mazeri GGXX4960
Mazhaloiana GGXX2968
Mazhiyeti GGXX3379
Mazikhva GGXX0421
Mazitani GGXX2969
Mchadijvari GGXX2970
Mebetsi GGXX3380
Mechkheri GGXX1542
Medani GGXX4961
Medoita GGXX4240
Medzhudispiri GGXX4241
Medzibna GGXX0884
Megvrekisi GGXX4242
Mejilaurni GGXX2971
Mekhelashvilebi GGXX0887
Mekheti GGXX4243
Mekobaurebi GGXX2972
Melaani GGXX2024
Melanis-Mitsebi GGXX2194
Melauri GGXX1544
Mele GGXX3381
Meliaskhevi GGXX2973
Melura GGXX3382
Melusheti GGXX1545
Mendeleyevo GGXX0422
Mendzhi GGXX4962
Meneso GGXX2974
Meore Akvaga GGXX0423
Meore Balda GGXX4963
Meore Chogha GGXX4964
Meore Gudava GGXX0424
Meore Gurdzemi GGXX4965
Meore Guripuli GGXX4966
Meore Khobi GGXX4967
Meore Kitsia GGXX4968
Meore Kopiti GGXX0425
Meore Shesheleti GGXX0426
Meore Sviri GGXX1547
Meore Tola GGXX3383
Meore-Etseri GGXX4969
Meore-Kesalo GGXX2475
Meore-Lesichine GGXX4970
Meore-Mokhashi GGXX4971
Meore-Okhurey GGXX0427
Meore-Ontopo GGXX4972
Meore-Otobaya GGXX0428
Meore-Taia GGXX4973
Merenia GGXX3664
Merevi GGXX1548
Mergdzela GGXX1206
Meria GGXX1144
Meria GGXX5245
Meria GGXX4564
Merisi GGXX0888
Merjevi GGXX1549
Merkheuli GGXX0429
Merkula GGXX0430
Mesame-Balda GGXX4974
Mesame-Shamta GGXX2476
Mestia GGXX4975
Metekhi GGXX5263
Metekhi GGXX4245
Metelevka GGXX0431
Metsiyeti GGXX1145
Metsneri GGXX4246
Metsqeri GGXX4247
Mgelattsikhe GGXX2975
Mgliani GGXX2976
Mgvimevi GGXX1550
Mhgebriani GGXX4248
Miasnikiani GGXX3665
Midelaani GGXX4249
Midelaurni GGXX2977
Migirlo GGXX2477
Miguda GGXX2979
Mikava GGXX4976
Mikeleponi GGXX1551
Mikeliani GGXX2980
Mikeltskaro GGXX4250
Mikeltsminda GGXX3666
Mikha-Tskhakaya GGXX0067
Mikhaylovka GGXX2478
Milakhvriantkari GGXX2981
Milisi GGXX0889
Milistskaro GGXX2982
Minadze GGXX3667
Minda GGXX0890
Mindadzeyebi GGXX0891
Minsazkendi GGXX2479
Mintadzeebi GGXX0892
Mipareti GGXX4251
Miriani GGXX4252
Mirskiseuli GGXX2025
Mirtgadzhin GGXX3384
Mirveti GGXX0893
Mirzaani GGXX2026
Misakhe GGXX2984
Mishveli GGXX0433
Mitsabogira GGXX1552
Mitsobi GGXX4253
Miusera GGXX0434
Mlashe GGXX2985
Mlashe GGXX3668
Mlashebi GGXX2195
Mna GGXX2986
Mnatobi GGXX0894
Mochaleti GGXX4254
Modega GGXX3669
Modinakhe GGXX4977
Modzvi GGXX1554
Moedani GGXX1146
Mogiri GGXX4978
Moidanakhe GGXX4979
Mokhashi GGXX4980
Mokhe GGXX3670
Mokhisi GGXX4255
Mokhisi GGXX2480
Mokhorotubani GGXX1555
Mokhva GGXX1556
Mokhveuli GGXX1557
Molaogly GGXX2481
Moliani GGXX1207
Moliti GGXX1558
Molouri GGXX1559
Monasteri GGXX4256
Monasteri GGXX2987
Mongiri GGXX4981
Morbedaani GGXX4257
Morgo GGXX4258
Mosabruni GGXX2988
Mosiashvilebi GGXX0897
Mosorna GGXX2196
Motkiari GGXX3385
Motsameta GGXX1562
Motsmao GGXX2989
Motsvnari GGXX1147
Mramba GGXX0436
Mravaldzali GGXX3386
Mshralkhevi GGXX2990
Mshvidobiani GGXX2027
Mskhaldidi GGXX2991
Mskhlebi GGXX4260
Mta Samkhria GGXX0902
Mtisdziri GGXX2482
Mtiskalta GGXX3387
Mtisubani GGXX0439
Mtiultubani GGXX4261
Mtskheta GGXX0068
Mudzhireti GGXX1566
Mughanlo GGXX2483
Mughure GGXX2994
Mugrisi GGXX4262
Muguda GGXX2995
Mugudzirkhva GGXX0440
Muguti GGXX4263
Mujukhi GGXX4264
Mukhashura GGXX4982
Mukhatgverdi GGXX2997
Mukhauri GGXX4265
Mukhiani GGXX2197
Mukhiani GGXX1567
Mukhileti GGXX4266
Mukhli GGXX3388
Mukhnari GGXX0441
Mukhran-Teleti GGXX5246
Mukhrani GGXX0069
Mukhrovani GGXX2029
Mukhura GGXX1568
Mukhurcha GGXX4983
Mukhuri GGXX4984
Mukhuri GGXX0442
Mukuzani GGXX2030
Muldarta GGXX4267
Mumlaantkari GGXX4268
Mundi GGXX3389
Muntskva GGXX4985
Murkmeli GGXX4986
Murknistskaro GGXX4269
Murshkeli GGXX4987
Mushevani GGXX2485
Muskhi GGXX3674
Musopriani GGXX2486
Muzhava GGXX4988
Myasinovka GGXX0443
Mzakhva GGXX0444
Mzhavisi GGXX2487
Mziani GGXX1150
Mziseuli GGXX0445
Mziskana GGXX2999
Mziuri GGXX0446
Mzoreulatke GGXX4565
Mzvare GGXX4566
Mzvarebi GGXX4567
Mzvareti GGXX4270
Naa GGXX0447
Nabada GGXX4989
Nabakevi GGXX0448
Nabakevi GGXX1569
Nabakevi GGXX4271
Nabakhevi GGXX1208
Nabakhtevi GGXX4272
Nabeghlavi GGXX1151
Nabogrebi GGXX2198
Naboslevi GGXX1570
Nabzhou GGXX0449
Nachkadu GGXX0450
Nadaburi GGXX1571
Nadaburi GGXX4273
Nadarbazevi GGXX4274
Nadarbazevi GGXX3390
Nadarbazi GGXX4275
Nadardazi GGXX3391
Nadibaani GGXX3000
Nadikvari GGXX2031
Nadkokra GGXX3001
Nadkorvali GGXX4991
Nadugnari GGXX2592
Nadzhakhavo GGXX4992
Nadzhikhuri GGXX0451
Nadzva GGXX1572
Naesakao GGXX4993
Nafantebi GGXX2200
Nagarevi GGXX1573
Nageberao GGXX4994
Nagebi GGXX2201
Naghobilevi GGXX1152
Naghomvari GGXX0907
Naghorevi GGXX3003
Naghvarevi GGXX0908
Naghvarevi GGXX2488
Nagliantkari GGXX3004
Nagomari GGXX1153
Nagomevi GGXX3005
Nagomrebi GGXX4568
Nagomrebis-Tavi GGXX2202
Nagomrulevi GGXX2032
Naguru GGXX4995
Nagutni GGXX4276
Nagvalou GGXX0452
Nagvazu GGXX4996
Najakhavo GGXX4997
Nakachebi GGXX2203
Nakaduli GGXX0453
Nakaduli GGXX1154
Nakalakevi GGXX0070
Nakalakis-Mta GGXX4569
Nakalesavi GGXX3006
Nakalevi GGXX4999
Nakamechevi GGXX5203
Nakargali GGXX0454
Nakhakhu GGXX1574
Nakharebavo GGXX5000
Nakhari GGXX0455
Nakhidi GGXX4277
Nakhingu GGXX0456
Nakhriauli GGXX3007
Nakhshira GGXX0457
Nakhshirghele GGXX1575
Nakhshiri GGXX2204
Nakhunavo GGXX5001
Nakhurzou GGXX0458
Nakhvamli GGXX5204
Naki GGXX5003
Nakiani GGXX5004
Nakipari GGXX5005
Nakiyeti GGXX3392
Nakreba GGXX3393
Nakuraleshi GGXX3394
Nakurdevi GGXX3677
Nakvetaurebi GGXX3008
Nalepsavo GGXX5006
Namanevi GGXX3395
Namgalauri GGXX3009
Namikolavo Meore GGXX5007
Namlisevi GGXX0909
Namniauri GGXX3678
Namokhvani GGXX1576
Nanari GGXX3396
Naniani GGXX2033
Naniauri GGXX4278
Naochi GGXX0459
Naokhrebi GGXX3679
Naosari GGXX2489
Napachtari GGXX2205
Napagauri GGXX1577
Napichknou GGXX5012
Napilnari GGXX2490
Narazeni GGXX5013
Nardevani GGXX2491
Nardzhkheu GGXX0460
Nargizis-Khevi GGXX2593
Nariani GGXX3680
Narishani GGXX2206
Naruja GGXX1155
Nasamkhrali GGXX2035
Nashamuau GGXX5014
Nashtkoli GGXX5015
Naskidoba GGXX2207
Nasomkhari GGXX3010
Nasperi GGXX3397
Natabagebi GGXX1209
Natakhtari GGXX3011
Natbeuri GGXX4279
Natobiani GGXX3012
Natornali GGXX1210
Natrusa GGXX2208
Natsargora GGXX4280
Natsatu GGXX5016
Natsikhari GGXX2036
Natsil-Opeti GGXX1578
Natsilmtsemeli GGXX4281
Natsiskvilari GGXX2037
Natsuli GGXX3398
Natsuluku GGXX5017
Naurdvali GGXX2209
Navardzeti GGXX1579
Navat-Murevi GGXX4283
Navazi GGXX3013
Navdaraantkari GGXX3014
Navenakhevi GGXX1580
Navikhevi GGXX4284
Navtiani GGXX2492
Nayendrovali GGXX2038
Nazarlo GGXX2493
Nazigina GGXX4285
Nazigino GGXX4286
Nazrebi GGXX2210
Nazvrebi GGXX2211
Nebiyereti GGXX1581
Nebodziri GGXX1582
Nedzikhi GGXX3015
Negakhashi GGXX5018
Nenia GGXX0912
Nenkvash GGXX5019
Nesguni GGXX5020
Nhoga GGXX1584
Niabauri GGXX1157
Niabi GGXX4287
Nigavzebi GGXX3399
Nigazeuli GGXX0913
Nigoiti GGXX1158
Nigorzgva GGXX1585
Nigoza GGXX4288
Nigvzara GGXX1587
Nigvziani GGXX1159
Nigvznara GGXX3400
Nikortsminda GGXX3401
Nikuant-Mitsa GGXX4570
Ninia GGXX4289
Ninigori GGXX2039
Ninisi GGXX1588
Ninoshvili GGXX1160
Ninotsminda GGXX3681
Ninotsminda GGXX2040
Ninua-Kutkhe GGXX1589
Nishtsa GGXX0657
Nizhnaia Mtsara GGXX0461
Nizhniye Ganisi GGXX3017
Nizhniye Laty GGXX0464
Nizhniye Sochi GGXX4290
Nizhniye Tvalivi GGXX3018
Nobulevi GGXX5021
Nochkhoni GGXX5022
Nodashi GGXX5023
Nodzha GGXX3019
Nodzhiketi GGXX3020
Nodzhikhevi GGXX0466
Noga GGXX5024
Nogkau GGXX4291
Nogkau GGXX3021
Nojikhevi GGXX5025
Norio GGXX5026
Norio GGXX2495
Nosiri GGXX5027
Noste GGXX4292
Notsvenashi GGXX5205
Novo-Mikhaylovka GGXX2041
Novyye Grigoleti GGXX1161
Nukriani GGXX2042
Nuli GGXX4293
Nunisi GGXX1591
Obcha GGXX1592
Obuji GGXX5028
Ochamchira GGXX0071
Ochara GGXX1211
Oche GGXX5030
Ochkhamuri GGXX0914
Ochopa-Gvimrala GGXX1593
Ochubure GGXX0468
Odeti GGXX3682
Odilauri GGXX1594
Odishi GGXX5031
Odishi GGXX0469
Odzhibina GGXX0470
Odzisi GGXX3022
Oglauri GGXX0915
Ogrobi GGXX4294
Oireme GGXX5032
Ojola GGXX1595
Okami GGXX4295
Okami GGXX3683
Okhera GGXX4296
Okherkhevi GGXX3023
Okhery GGXX4297
Okhiri GGXX4298
Okhodzha GGXX0474
Okhomira GGXX1596
Okhurey GGXX0475
Okhvamekari GGXX5034
Okiani GGXX4299
Okinkile GGXX1597
Okona GGXX1598
Okrokana GGXX5248
Okroskedi GGXX1162
Okrosopeli GGXX4300
Okruvani GGXX3024
Oktemberi GGXX1599
Oktomberi GGXX1600
Okumi GGXX0476
Oladauri GGXX0920
Olaverdi GGXX3684
Oldveta GGXX1601
Oliangi GGXX2496
Olori GGXX5035
Olozi GGXX4301
Omalo GGXX2044
Omaraani GGXX3025
Omarishara GGXX0072
Ompareti GGXX1163
Onanuri GGXX2045
Onchevi GGXX3403
Ondanirkhva GGXX0477
Ondzhokheti GGXX1602
Oni GGXX3404
Onoghia GGXX5036
Opachkhapu GGXX5037
Opitara GGXX1605
Oqureshi GGXX3405
Oragve GGXX1164
Oragveti GGXX1606
Orali GGXX3685
Orbeli GGXX3406
Orbeulta GGXX3026
Orbodzala GGXX4302
Orchosani GGXX4303
Ordzhonikidze GGXX2046
Orekhovo GGXX0478
Orgokhi GGXX2212
Orgora GGXX3686
Orja GGXX3687
Orjonikidze GGXX2499
Orka GGXX5038
Orkhevi GGXX3027
Orkhevi GGXX3407
Orlovka GGXX3688
Ormasheni GGXX2500
Ormeti GGXX1165
Ormoiani GGXX3170
Ormotsi GGXX4304
Orojolari GGXX3689
Orpiri GGXX1607
Orpola GGXX3690
Orsantia GGXX5039
Orsha-Balagan GGXX0658
Ortevi GGXX4306
Ortsva GGXX0921
Orulu GGXX5040
Oshora GGXX3691
Osiauri GGXX2047
Ostelok Mirzaani GGXX2050
Osunela GGXX1608
Ota GGXX3692
Otaraani GGXX2051
Otarsheni GGXX4307
Otatykau GGXX4308
Otorondzhia GGXX0481
Otradnoe GGXX0482
Otria GGXX1609
Otsartse GGXX0483
Otsindale GGXX5041
Oyukhlitepesi GGXX2594
Ozaani GGXX2052
Ozerki GGXX0659
Ozhio GGXX2053
Ozhora GGXX4309
Ozni GGXX2501
Pachkha GGXX0926
Padgu GGXX0491
Pakhulani GGXX5047
Paki GGXX3409
Paldo GGXX2056
Paledi GGXX5048
Paluri GGXX5049
Pampaleti GGXX1167
Panaga GGXX3410
Pandzhoki GGXX2595
Paniaani GGXX2058
Panta GGXX0492
Pantiani GGXX2502
Pantiani GGXX2059
Pantnauri GGXX4317
Papari GGXX3033
Paposhvilebi GGXX0927
Paptsva GGXX0493
Paravneshi GGXX3411
Parekhi GGXX2060
Parikhisiya GGXX2503
Parsma GGXX2061
Partonokhovi GGXX0494
Pashiani GGXX4318
Patara Ateni GGXX4320
Patara Dmanisi GGXX2504
Patara Etseri GGXX1615
Patara Gondrio GGXX3699
Patara Iraga GGXX2505
Patara Jikhaishi GGXX1616
Patara Kanda GGXX3034
Patara Lilo GGXX3035
Patara Pamaji GGXX3701
Patara Rokhi GGXX1618
Patara Smada GGXX3702
Patara-Akhmedlo GGXX2507
Patara-Arakali GGXX3703
Patara-Beglari GGXX2508
Patara-Bekami GGXX4321
Patara-Chordzho GGXX3412
Patara-Chvarebi GGXX4322
Patara-Durnuki GGXX2509
Patara-Gantiadi GGXX1620
Patara-Gezati GGXX5052
Patara-Golisi GGXX1621
Patara-Gomareti GGXX2510
Patara-Gori GGXX2063
Patara-Gromi GGXX4325
Patara-Gubi GGXX1622
Patara-Gupta GGXX4326
Patara-Inchkhuri GGXX5053
Patara-Keleti GGXX4327
Patara-Kldeisi GGXX2511
Patara-Kukhi GGXX1623
Patara-Kvatana GGXX5054
Patara-Muganlo GGXX2512
Patara-Oni GGXX3413
Patara-Plevi GGXX4330
Patara-Samsari GGXX3704
Patara-Sative GGXX4331
Patara-Shiraki GGXX2064
Patara-Tamakoni GGXX5055
Patara-Tapa GGXX2065
Patara-Tsikhiata GGXX4332
Patara-Vardzia GGXX1624
Patara-Zana GGXX5056
Patara-Zhinota GGXX5057
Patardzeuli GGXX0073
Patashuri GGXX3036
Pateleseuli GGXX1625
Patkineti GGXX4333
Patrakhutsa GGXX0495
Patsa GGXX4334
Pavleuri GGXX3037
Pavliani GGXX4335
Pavlovskoe GGXX0496
Peli GGXX4336
Perevi GGXX1627
Perevisa GGXX1628
Peria GGXX0928
Pertuli GGXX5058
Pervyy Kopyt GGXX0498
Petriani GGXX3038
Petrovskoe GGXX0499
Pichidzhina GGXX4337
Pichkhis-Bogiri GGXX2066
Pichviani GGXX3039
Pikali GGXX2067
Pilati GGXX4338
Pirmisaani GGXX3040
Pirveli Akvagha GGXX0500
Pirveli Balda GGXX5059
Pirveli Chogha GGXX5060
Pirveli Gurdzemi GGXX5061
Pirveli Kitsia GGXX5062
Pirveli Maisi GGXX1629
Pirveli Okhurei GGXX0501
Pirveli Otobaia GGXX0502
Pirveli-Etseri GGXX5064
Pirveli-Gudava GGXX0503
Pirveli-Guripuli GGXX5065
Pirveli-Kesalo GGXX2513
Pirveli-Nosiri GGXX5066
Pirveli-Tola GGXX3415
Pirvili Sviri GGXX1632
Pitareti GGXX2514
Pitavi GGXX3041
Pitnara GGXX4339
Pitsardis-Mta GGXX4573
Pitsrischala GGXX2214
Pkhoveli GGXX2068
Pkhundavi GGXX3042
Pkhvenisi GGXX4340
Plate GGXX3705
Plavismani GGXX4341
Podaani GGXX2069
Podagora GGXX2215
Pokhapa GGXX4574
Polyana GGXX2515
Pona GGXX1633
Potaro GGXX0929
Poti GGXX0074
Potskho GGXX0075
Prasiani GGXX2071
Prezeti GGXX3043
Prialoura GGXX1634
Pridonaantkari GGXX3044
Primorsk GGXX0506
Primorskoe GGXX0507
Prinachatkari GGXX4575
Prinevi GGXX4342
Prisi GGXX4343
Priyut Babash GGXX5068
Pshauri GGXX0508
Pshavlebi GGXX3045
Pshitsa GGXX0661
Pskal GGXX0509
Psori GGXX3416
Ptena GGXX3706
Ptitsefabrika GGXX0510
Puchnari GGXX4344
Pudznari GGXX3046
Pukhantubani GGXX4345
Purashi GGXX5069
Puriliani GGXX2216
Putiyeti GGXX3417
Putskuri GGXX0511
Pyv GGXX0662
Pzarma GGXX4346
Qaraghaji GGXX2072
Qarajala GGXX2073
Qarajalari GGXX2517
Qari GGXX5070
Qizilajalo GGXX2519
Qizilajlo GGXX2520
Qornisi GGXX4352
Qudro GGXX3047
Qulanurkhva GGXX0513
Qulevi GGXX5072
Qulishkari GGXX5073
Qumuri GGXX1635
Qvaduashi GGXX5074
Qvareli GGXX0051
Qvareltsqali GGXX2074
Qvavili GGXX3048
Qvedreshi GGXX3418
Qvelani GGXX3049
Qvibisi GGXX3708
Rachisubani GGXX2522
Rakvta GGXX0934
Rami GGXX5075
Raro GGXX4353
Ratevani GGXX2523
Rbona GGXX4356
Reka GGXX0516
Reka GGXX5076
Rekha GGXX2524
Rekhis-Mta GGXX4576
Rekomi GGXX4577
Rekva GGXX0517
Reshevie GGXX0519
Resi GGXX3050
Revaziantkari GGXX4357
Rgani GGXX1636
Rgvalichala GGXX4358
Rikhva GGXX0663
Rikza GGXX0521
Rioni GGXX1637
Riqe GGXX5077
Ritsa GGXX0522
Rodinauli GGXX1638
Rodionovka GGXX3709
Rokata GGXX4359
Rokhi GGXX1639
Romaneti GGXX1641
Rondishi GGXX1642
Roro GGXX4360
Roshka GGXX3051
Rtskhilati GGXX1643
Rudzhuli GGXX1212
Ruisbolo GGXX2525
Ruisi GGXX4361
Ruispiri GGXX2075
Rukhi GGXX5078
Rusaantubani GGXX4362
Rusiani GGXX2076
Rustavi GGXX0003
Rustavi GGXX4363
Rveli GGXX1645
Rybnaya Balka GGXX0664
Rybzavod GGXX0523
Saadamio GGXX5079
Saadanaio GGXX5080
Saakadze GGXX2527
Saatlo GGXX2528
Sabaduri GGXX1213
Sabalakhe GGXX2217
Sabazho GGXX0078
Sabe GGXX1646
Saberio GGXX0525
Sabero GGXX2077
Sabertse GGXX3052
Sabeselio GGXX5083
Sabokuchao GGXX5084
Saboloke GGXX4365
Sabolone GGXX4366
Sabue GGXX2078
Sabukio GGXX5085
Sabulio GGXX5086
Saburtalo GGXX5251
Sabutbaio GGXX0527
Sabuye GGXX2079
Sabuzara GGXX3712
Sachachkhalia GGXX0528
Sachekhi GGXX3420
Sachigolo GGXX2081
Sachikobao GGXX5087
Sachino GGXX0936
Sachino GGXX0529
Sachino GGXX5088
Sachkhere GGXX0079
Sachochuo GGXX5089
Sachure GGXX3054
Sachurgulio GGXX5090
Sadakhlo GGXX2530
Sadarokhi GGXX1649
Sadgeri GGXX3713
Sadmeli GGXX3421
Sadzeli GGXX3714
Sadzha GGXX2531
Sadzheirno GGXX3171
Sadzhia GGXX4368
Sadzhukha GGXX2218
Sadzhvare GGXX4369
Saesebuo GGXX5091
Sagabeskirio GGXX5092
Sagamo GGXX3715
Sagaredzho GGXX0080
Sagarejo GGXX2082
Sagartskio GGXX0530
Saghandzile GGXX1650
Saghrasheni GGXX2532
Saghrdze GGXX3716
Sagolasheni GGXX4370
Sagoris-Tvali GGXX1214
Sagrigolio GGXX5094
Sagugunao GGXX5095
Sagugunavo GGXX5096
Sagunio GGXX5097
Saguramo GGXX3055
Sagvazavo GGXX5098
Saimedo GGXX1651
Sairkhe GGXX1652
Sairme GGXX1653
Sajavakho GGXX1654
Sakanapo GGXX4371
Sakanapura GGXX1655
Sakankao GGXX5101
Sakao GGXX3423
Sakara GGXX1656
Sakaraulo GGXX4372
Sakarikedi GGXX1657
Sakasheti GGXX4373
Sakasria GGXX1658
Sakatmis-Zurgi GGXX2219
Sakbula GGXX1659
Sakeni GGXX0531
Sakere GGXX3058
Sakerpe GGXX3059
Sakervake GGXX0998
Saketsia GGXX3424
Sakhakhubio GGXX0532
Sakhalvasho GGXX0937
Sakharbedio GGXX5102
Sakhberaya GGXX0081
Sakhocholavo GGXX5103
Sakhortse GGXX4374
Sakire GGXX3718
Sakire GGXX4375
Sakire GGXX2533
Sakirio GGXX5104
Sakobiano GGXX2084
Sakobo GGXX2220
Sakobzeti GGXX0999
Sakokhia GGXX1660
Sakore GGXX3060
Sakorintlo GGXX4376
Sakorkio GGXX5105
Sakorne GGXX2221
Sakramulo GGXX3061
Sakraula GGXX1661
Sakrechio GGXX3062
Sakukao GGXX5106
Sakurtkhisi GGXX4377
Sakurtse GGXX1662
Sakvikvinio GGXX5107
Sakvirao GGXX1663
Sakvireti GGXX4378
Salajuri GGXX3063
Salamaleyko GGXX2534
Salatario GGXX5108
Salbieri GGXX3064
Salebeli GGXX2085
Saletodiano GGXX3425
Salibauri GGXX0938
Salikauri GGXX4578
Salkhino GGXX1665
Salkhino GGXX0533
Salkhino GGXX5109
Salme GGXX0534
Salome GGXX4379
Salominao GGXX1666
Samarkvalo GGXX0535
Sameba GGXX0939
Sameba GGXX1168
Samegrelos-Tke GGXX5206
Samelano GGXX0536
Sameskhio GGXX5110
Samgori GGXX2536
Samochala GGXX4381
Samolozno GGXX2222
Samqure GGXX3719
Samshvilde GGXX2537
Samshvle GGXX2223
Samtela GGXX4579
Samtisi GGXX3426
Samtredia GGXX0082
Samtserisi GGXX4383
Samtsevrisi GGXX2538
Sanachkebio GGXX5112
Sanakhshire GGXX1667
Sanamer GGXX2539
Sanavardo GGXX2087
Sanebeli GGXX4384
Sangali GGXX4580
Saniore GGXX2088
Sanorchi GGXX3427
Santa GGXX2540
Sapartsvanno GGXX5113
Sapatsero GGXX5207
Sapesheti GGXX4581
Saprasia GGXX1668
Saputkhrebi GGXX2224
Saputkre GGXX3066
Saqavre GGXX4385
Saqdari GGXX3428
Saqdrioni GGXX3067
Saqudabeli GGXX3720
Saqulia GGXX1669
Sar GGXX3068
Sarabu GGXX4386
Sarago GGXX0665
Sarakoni GGXX5114
Saralari GGXX2544
Sarbevi GGXX1670
Sarchobi GGXX1000
Sardakano GGXX5115
Sareki GGXX1671
Sargveshi GGXX1672
Saribari GGXX4387
Saridere GGXX2596
Saristavi GGXX4388
Saritata GGXX4389
Sarkveletubani GGXX1674
Sarma-Khussar GGXX4582
Saro GGXX3722
Saruso GGXX2225
Sasadilo GGXX3069
Sasashi GGXX3429
Sashaburo GGXX3070
Sashamugio GGXX0539
Sashevardno GGXX3071
Sashurghaio GGXX5116
Sasireti GGXX4393
Saskhori GGXX4394
Saskoshtario GGXX5117
Sataguri GGXX4395
Satemo GGXX3172
Satemo GGXX4396
Satibebi GGXX4397
Satikhari GGXX4398
Satiknis GGXX1215
Satordio GGXX5118
Satovle GGXX4399
Satsable GGXX1675
Satsikhuri GGXX0941
Satsikhuri GGXX4401
Satsire GGXX1676
Satsiskvilo GGXX1677
Satskhavatlo GGXX3072
Satskhenisi GGXX3073
Satskhovria GGXX0942
Satskhvitao GGXX5120
Satsuleiskiro GGXX5121
Satuto-Gora GGXX2226
Savane GGXX1678
Savaneti GGXX3173
Savekuo GGXX5122
Sayeliavo GGXX5123
Sazano GGXX1679
Sazeleti GGXX4402
Seidkhodzhalo GGXX2546
Semenli GGXX0541
Senaki GGXX5124
Senebi GGXX2547
Serbaisi GGXX1680
Serebrianoe GGXX0542
Serodani GGXX2090
Seva GGXX3430
Sgobuldi GGXX5127
Sgurishi GGXX5128
Shabashkha GGXX0666
Shakhmarlo GGXX2548
Shakhvetila GGXX3076
Shakshaketa GGXX4403
Shalaknabuzari GGXX2227
Shalauri GGXX1681
Shalbuzlo GGXX2549
Shaliantkari GGXX4404
Shalikiantkari GGXX3077
Shalosheti GGXX3724
Shamadela GGXX5129
Shamgona GGXX5130
Shamta GGXX2550
Shankevani GGXX3078
Sharabidzeebi GGXX0943
Shardometi GGXX3431
Sharumiani GGXX3079
Shashiani GGXX2093
Shashikvara GGXX0545
Shashukant-Kari GGXX3080
Shatili GGXX3081
Shaumyanovka GGXX0546
Shavi-Gele GGXX1216
Shavsakdari GGXX2551
Shavshvebi GGXX4405
Shavsopeli GGXX4406
Shazhiyeti GGXX3432
Shdikhiri GGXX5131
Shekhvetila GGXX2552
Shekhvetili GGXX1169
Shekouli GGXX1682
Sheleuri GGXX4407
Shembuli GGXX3433
Shertuli GGXX4408
Sheubani GGXX3434
Shevaburi GGXX0944
Shevardeni GGXX3082
Sheyerteba GGXX2095
Shibaa GGXX0668
Shibliani GGXX2096
Shikhanturi GGXX4409
Shikhilo GGXX2553
Shilda GGXX2097
Shindara GGXX4410
Shindisi GGXX5252
Shindisi GGXX4411
Shindlari GGXX2554
Shipyaki GGXX2555
Shitskvara GGXX0547
Shkaleri GGXX5132
Shkashisuki GGXX0548
Shkedeldashi GGXX3436
Shkedi GGXX3437
Shkedi GGXX5133
Shkhepi GGXX5134
Shkhivana GGXX3438
Shkvana GGXX0549
Shlara GGXX0550
Shmati GGXX0551
Shoka GGXX3725
Shorakani GGXX2228
Shorapani GGXX1684
Shoraveli GGXX3726
Shroma GGXX2098
Shroma GGXX3439
Shroma GGXX1171
Shroma GGXX0552
Shromiskari GGXX5135
Shromisubani GGXX1172
Shrosha GGXX1685
Shtrolta GGXX2099
Shtvili GGXX3441
Shua Alevi GGXX4412
Shua Bashi GGXX1687
Shua Ganakhleba GGXX1173
Shua Gezruli GGXX1688
Shua Khorshi GGXX5136
Shua Nosiri GGXX5137
Shua Partskhma GGXX1174
Shua Skhvava GGXX3442
Shua Surebi GGXX1175
Shua Zakhori GGXX4413
Shua-Agvi GGXX3443
Shua-Bakhvi GGXX1176
Shua-Gora GGXX1690
Shua-Gubi GGXX1691
Shua-Khalatsani GGXX2100
Shua-Kharaba GGXX2556
Shua-Krikhi GGXX3444
Shua-Kvatetri GGXX4414
Shua-Makhisi GGXX4415
Shua-Samtskaro GGXX4416
Shua-Tsiri GGXX4417
Shua-Tskhviri GGXX4418
Shua-Tsubeni GGXX4419
Shua-Yermani GGXX4420
Shuachala GGXX3445
Shuaghele GGXX0945
Shuakhevi GGXX0946
Shuamta GGXX0553
Shuasopeli GGXX0947
Shubani GGXX0948
Shubani GGXX1177
Shubani GGXX1693
Shukeri GGXX1695
Shulauri GGXX4421
Shulaveri GGXX0083
Shurdo GGXX3727
Shvindadze GGXX3084
Sianami GGXX3085
Sida GGXX0554
Sidianari GGXX5138
Sighnaghi GGXX2101
Sijanaani GGXX3086
Sikhalidzeebi GGXX0949
Sikhta GGXX4422
Silauri GGXX1179
Silibauri GGXX0950
Simoneti GGXX0951
Sinaguri GGXX1698
Sindieti GGXX0952
Sinirkhva GGXX0555
Sinobiani GGXX2102
Sintbadan GGXX4423
Sioni GGXX2558
Sioni GGXX0084
Sionmsheni GGXX3089
Siontgori GGXX3090
Sirabidzeebi GGXX0953
Siriachkoni GGXX5139
Sirkhautikau GGXX4424
Sirkva GGXX3728
Siskala GGXX2559
Siskhlisvake GGXX3174
Skande GGXX1700
Skhaltba GGXX3091
Skhanari GGXX3446
Skhartali GGXX3447
Skhiyeri GGXX3448
Skhliti GGXX4425
Skhliti GGXX1701
Skhlovani GGXX3092
Skhvava GGXX3449
Skhvilisi GGXX3729
Skhvitori GGXX1702
Skindori GGXX1703
Skra GGXX4426
Skurdi GGXX5143
Skurdidi GGXX0957
Skurdzhinskiy GGXX0556
Skuria GGXX5144
Sleytsurkhara GGXX0670
Sno GGXX3093
Soboga GGXX5145
Sodeve GGXX3094
Sogutlo GGXX2560
Sokhumi GGXX0085
Soli GGXX5146
Sologas-Tsili GGXX2597
Somitso GGXX3450
Soncho GGXX3095
Sonda GGXX3096
Sondisvela GGXX3097
Soplioni GGXX3098
Sorelti GGXX3451
Sorgiti GGXX3452
Sori GGXX3453
Sormoni GGXX1705
Sosinis-Tskaro GGXX2229
Souakvara GGXX0557
Spasovka GGXX3730
Spatagori GGXX3454
Starushkino GGXX0559
Stsropavi GGXX3100
Sujuna GGXX5147
Sukhcha GGXX1707
Sukiti GGXX4427
Sulda GGXX3731
Sulevo GGXX0560
Sulori GGXX1708
Suni GGXX0561
Sunisi GGXX4428
Suotnani GGXX3102
Supsa GGXX0086
Surami GGXX4429
Surebi GGXX1181
Surmushi GGXX3455
Svaneti GGXX5148
Sveri GGXX1709
Svetmagali GGXX1710
Sviana-Rostiani GGXX3103
Svideba GGXX2103
Svinaya Balka GGXX0671
Svipi GGXX5149
Sviri GGXX1711
Sviri GGXX3732
Svobodnoye GGXX2104
Ta-Borgu Quarry GGXX0565
Tabagrebi GGXX1716
Tabakhmela GGXX5253
Tabakhmela GGXX0966
Tabakini GGXX1717
Tabanati GGXX1183
Tabaruki GGXX4442
Tabatsquri GGXX3737
Tabori GGXX3459
Tadzrisi GGXX3738
Tago GGXX0967
Taia GGXX5156
Taiovi GGXX4443
Takhcha GGXX3739
Takhtisdziri GGXX4444
Tamagini GGXX3460
Tamarasheni GGXX4445
Tambovka GGXX3740
Tami GGXX4446
Tamishi GGXX0566
Tandilaantkari GGXX3108
Tanditskaro GGXX4447
Tandzia GGXX2566
Taniantkari GGXX3109
Tapankau GGXX4448
Taraki GGXX2108
Targameuli GGXX5157
Taribani GGXX2109
Tarsoni GGXX2567
Tashiskari GGXX1718
Tashli-Kishla GGXX3741
Tashtikulari GGXX2568
Tatalandere GGXX2598
Tatanaantubani GGXX4449
Tatanisi GGXX3742
Tavasa GGXX1719
Tavatdere GGXX2599
Tavkheoba GGXX4450
Tavpanta GGXX1184
Tavrali GGXX5158
Tavsurebi GGXX1185
Tazakendi GGXX2569
Tazakharaba GGXX2570
Tbeti GGXX4451
Tbeti GGXX3461
Tbilisi GGXX0004
Tbisi GGXX2571
Tedzhisi GGXX2572
Tedzmiskhevi GGXX4452
Tegeraanebi GGXX3110
Tekhi GGXX0569
Tela GGXX2110
Teladzhini GGXX4453
Telagin GGXX4454
Telagina GGXX4455
Telepa GGXX1720
Teliani GGXX2230
Telmani GGXX1186
Telovani GGXX3111
Temurushagnineri GGXX2231
Teregvani GGXX4456
Tergvisi GGXX4457
Tetrakheva GGXX3113
Tetri-Tskaro GGXX0090
Tetrikhevges GGXX3114
Tetrivake GGXX3175
Tevresho GGXX3462
Tezami GGXX3115
Tezeri GGXX1721
Tezi GGXX4458
Tianeti GGXX0091
Tibaani GGXX2111
Tikeria GGXX1001
Tikilisa GGXX2573
Tikori GGXX5159
Tiniskhidi GGXX4459
Tirdznisi GGXX4460
Tiri GGXX4461
Tirkna GGXX3743
Tita GGXX5160
Titvinistskaro GGXX4462
Tivi GGXX2112
Tkarsheti GGXX3117
Tkaya GGXX5161
Tkelvani GGXX1722
Tkemala GGXX4463
Tkhela GGXX4464
Tkhilagani GGXX1723
Tkhilistskaro GGXX2113
Tkhilovani GGXX3118
Tkhiltatskaro GGXX1724
Tkhinashkari GGXX0570
Tkhinlara GGXX4465
Tkhinvali GGXX2574
Tkhinvali GGXX1187
Tkhinvali GGXX3119
Tkhmori GGXX3463
Tkhnoishi GGXX5162
Tkhubun GGXX0571
Tkibulges GGXX1725
Tkiri GGXX5163
Tkispiri GGXX2575
Tkotsa GGXX4466
Tkvarcheli GGXX0093
Tkviri GGXX5164
Tli GGXX4467
Tlia GGXX4468
Tliakana GGXX4469
Tmogvi GGXX3744
Tnusi GGXX2576
Tobanieri GGXX1726
Tobati GGXX1188
Todogauri GGXX0968
Tofaloglebi GGXX0969
Tokholcha GGXX3120
Tolatsopeli GGXX3121
Tolebi GGXX1189
Tolosha GGXX2114
Toloshi GGXX3745
Tomashvili-Tsili GGXX2232
Toncha GGXX3122
Tontobeti GGXX4470
Tori GGXX3746
Toria GGXX3747
Tormaneuli GGXX4471
Tortiza GGXX4472
Totani GGXX5165
Toti GGXX3123
Totsaurni GGXX3124
Toumysh GGXX0572
Tqemlana GGXX3748
Tqemlovana GGXX1728
Tqibuli GGXX0092
Tqlapivake GGXX1729
Tqviavi GGXX4473
Trani GGXX3125
Trekhvi GGXX4474
Trviri GGXX5166
Tsabaurta GGXX3130
Tsablana GGXX0979
Tsablares Khevi GGXX1736
Tsabliani GGXX0578
Tsablovana GGXX4481
Tsachkhuri GGXX5171
Tsagata GGXX4482
Tsagati GGXX4584
Tsagatikau GGXX4483
Tsagera GGXX3468
Tsageri GGXX0094
Tsaghveri GGXX3751
Tsagvli GGXX4484
Tsakhani GGXX3752
Tsakhnistskaro GGXX3753
Tsakva GGXX1737
Tsalanari GGXX5172
Tsalasquri GGXX5254
Tsaldashi GGXX5173
Tsalenjikha GGXX5174
Tsaleri GGXX5176
Tsalka GGXX0095
Tsalkoti GGXX0579
Tsalugelaantkari GGXX3131
Tsamadi GGXX4485
Tsanashi GGXX3469
Tsangala GGXX4585
Tsanigvarta GGXX0580
Tsarita GGXX4486
Tsasri GGXX1738
Tsavkisi GGXX5255
Tsdo GGXX3132
Tsebelda GGXX0096
Tsedani GGXX4487
Tsedisi GGXX3470
Tsedisi GGXX4488
Tsemi GGXX3755
Tseronisi GGXX4489
Tserovani GGXX3133
Tsesi GGXX3471
Tseva Verkhnyaya GGXX1739
Tsiaghubani GGXX1740
Tsiara GGXX4490
Tsifgina GGXX4491
Tsigati GGXX4586
Tsigriantkari GGXX3134
Tsikhe GGXX4587
Tsikhebdavi GGXX3135
Tsikhia GGXX1741
Tsikhisdziri GGXX0981
Tsikhisdziri GGXX3136
Tsikhisperdi GGXX1194
Tsikhisubani GGXX3756
Tsikhna GGXX4492
Tsiklauri GGXX3137
Tsikmaani GGXX2233
Tsilkani GGXX3139
Tsilori GGXX5177
Tsinagari GGXX4493
Tsinagola GGXX5178
Tsinakverkve GGXX5179
Tsinamkhari GGXX3141
Tsinandali GGXX2116
Tsinarekhi GGXX4494
Tsinkhadu GGXX3142
Tsinkobani GGXX3143
Tsintsqaro GGXX0097
Tsinubani GGXX3757
Tsinubani GGXX2117
Tsipa GGXX5208
Tsipanasgura GGXX5209
Tsipi GGXX1744
Tsiplebi GGXX2234
Tsiplistskaro GGXX2118
Tsiplistskaro GGXX4497
Tsiplovani GGXX0582
Tsipnari GGXX1217
Tsipori GGXX4498
Tsiporis-Kedi GGXX4588
Tsira GGXX3758
Tsirkoli GGXX4499
Tsirpashi GGXX3474
Tsitelgori GGXX2121
Tsiteli GGXX2235
Tsiteli-Mitsa GGXX1002
Tsiteli-Tskaro GGXX0098
Tsitelsopeli GGXX1747
Tsitelubani GGXX3147
Tsitelvarskvlavi GGXX1748
Tsitliani GGXX3148
Tsitsagiantkari GGXX4501
Tsitsamura GGXX3149
Tsitsamuri GGXX3150
Tsitskhvari GGXX5180
Tsitsmatiani GGXX2123
Tsivitskali GGXX1749
Tsivtskaro GGXX4502
Tsizeti GGXX5181
Tskadisi GGXX3475
Tskalshavi GGXX1750
Tskaltsminda GGXX4503
Tskava GGXX1218
Tskavashi GGXX5182
Tskere GGXX3151
Tskhami GGXX1752
Tskhanari GGXX3476
Tskhaveri GGXX4504
Tskhemalovani GGXX0983
Tskhemlisi GGXX0984
Tskhemna GGXX0985
Tskhenis-Tskali GGXX0583
Tskhetisdzhvari GGXX4505
Tskhilgorga GGXX4506
Tskhinvali GGXX0099
Tskhiri GGXX0584
Tskhmori GGXX3477
Tskhmorisi GGXX0986
Tskhrapona GGXX0987
Tskhratskaro GGXX4589
Tskhrukveti GGXX1753
Tskhukusheri GGXX3478
Tskhumaldi GGXX3479
Tskhvareshi GGXX3480
Tsklebi GGXX4590
Tsknori GGXX1754
Tskrysh GGXX0585
Tslunkaani GGXX2124
Tsmendauri GGXX3481
Tsnagverti GGXX1003
Tsnelisi GGXX4507
Tsnisi GGXX3759
Tsnori GGXX0100
Tsodianebi GGXX2236
Tsodoreti GGXX3152
Tsoisi GGXX1755
Tsokhtevi GGXX3760
Tsola GGXX3482
Tsona GGXX3483
Tsopi GGXX2580
Tsorbisi GGXX4508
Tsotaguri GGXX4509
Tsotsolta GGXX3153
Tsqaltsminda GGXX1195
Tsqaltubo GGXX1757
Tsqemi GGXX5183
Tsqnarabano GGXX2581
Tsqordza GGXX3762
Tsqoushi GGXX5184
Tsqurgili GGXX0587
Tsre GGXX3764
Tsriokhi GGXX3765
Tsromi GGXX4510
Tsru GGXX4511
Tsulukidze GGXX0101
Tsunaris-Arknet GGXX4512
Tsuskugomi GGXX4513
Tsutskunauri GGXX3155
Tsvane GGXX5185
Tsveri GGXX4514
Tsveti GGXX4515
Tsvinian-Kari GGXX4591
Tsvirmi GGXX5186
Tsvisharkhu GGXX0588
Tsvkvara GGXX0589
Tsvriliani GGXX2237
Tsvyndyrta GGXX0590
Tubat GGXX4516
Tulari GGXX2126
Tungovyy GGXX0988
Turiantkaluebi GGXX2127
Tushelunalty GGXX2238
Tushurebi GGXX3156
Tusrebi GGXX2582
Tvaladi GGXX4517
Tvalivi GGXX3157
Tvanaarkhu GGXX0591
Tvaurebi GGXX4518
Tvebishi GGXX5187
Tvishi GGXX3484
Tynva GGXX0672
Uazabaa GGXX0592
Ubani GGXX3158
Ubiati GGXX4519
Ubisi GGXX1758
Uchameti GGXX1759
Uchashona GGXX5188
Uchkhiti GGXX0989
Uchkho GGXX0990
Udabno GGXX2128
Ude GGXX3767
Udzhmana GGXX3768
Udzlouri GGXX1760
Ugardanta GGXX4520
Ugeltekhi GGXX4521
Ughvali GGXX5189
Ujarma GGXX2129
Ukanakho GGXX3160
Ukanamkhari GGXX4522
Ukanapshavi GGXX0102
Ukanaubani GGXX4523
Ukaneti GGXX1761
Ukangora GGXX2583
Ukankhadu GGXX3162
Ukantekhikh GGXX1004
Ukeshi GGXX3485
Ukuleshi GGXX3486
Ulashlo GGXX2585
Ulianovka GGXX2130
Ulumba GGXX1763
Uluria GGXX5190
Unagera GGXX1197
Undilaantkari GGXX3164
Untsa GGXX3769
Uokhvtskia GGXX0673
Uplistsikhe GGXX4524
Upper Svaneti GGXX5191
Upureti GGXX3165
Uraveli GGXX3770
Uravi GGXX3487
Urbnisi GGXX4525
Urdili GGXX4593
Urekhi GGXX0992
Uriuli Nizhniye GGXX4526
Urmi GGXX3166
Urnuli GGXX4527
Urta GGXX0675
Urtkhva GGXX4599
Uruna GGXX1764
Usakhelo GGXX1765
Useinkendi GGXX2601
Usgviri GGXX5212
Usharni GGXX3176
Ushguli GGXX5214
Ushkhvanari GGXX5215
Usholta GGXX3489
Uskubani GGXX1219
Utsera GGXX0103
Utskheri GGXX3490
Utslevi GGXX4600
Utuori GGXX5210
Uzunta GGXX1766
Uzuntala GGXX2241
Vachevi GGXX1767
Vaio GGXX1007
Vake GGXX0676
Vake GGXX2602
Vake GGXX1221
Vake GGXX4601
Vake GGXX2239
Vakevisa GGXX1768
Vakha GGXX5216
Vakhani GGXX1769
Vakhtana GGXX4602
Vakijvari GGXX1222
Vakisa GGXX1770
Vakisdziri GGXX2244
Vakistsikhe GGXX3177
Valanda GGXX1771
Vale GGXX0104
Valita GGXX4603
Vallikau GGXX4604
Vametkau GGXX4605
Vanadzeebi GGXX1008
Vaneli GGXX4607
Vaneti GGXX2603
Vani GGXX1009
Vani GGXX1223
Vani GGXX3772
Vani GGXX0105
Vanischala GGXX3491
Vaniskedi GGXX1224
Vankhevi GGXX3178
Vanta GGXX2245
Vanuri GGXX4608
Vaqa GGXX4609
Varcha GGXX0677
Vardevani GGXX3773
Vardgineti GGXX3774
Vardigora GGXX1773
Vardisubani GGXX2604
Vardisubani GGXX0106
Vardisubani GGXX3179
Vardzia GGXX3775
Vardzia GGXX1774
Varevani GGXX3776
Vargavi GGXX3777
Variani GGXX4610
Varjanauli GGXX1010
Varjanisi GGXX1011
Varketili GGXX5258
Varkhani GGXX3778
Varkhuno GGXX2605
Varneti GGXX3779
Varsimaani GGXX3180
Vartsla GGXX3181
Vashakmadzeyebi GGXX1012
Vashladzhvari GGXX3182
Vashlevi GGXX1776
Vashliani GGXX3183
Vashlobi GGXX3184
Vashlovani GGXX0678
Vashlovani GGXX4611
Vashlovani GGXX2606
Vashlovani GGXX2247
Vaziani GGXX3185
Vaziani GGXX2607
Vazisubani GGXX5259
Vazisubani GGXX2248
Vazisubani GGXX1777
Vedidkari GGXX5217
Vedrauli GGXX3186
Vedreba GGXX4612
Vedzatkheva GGXX3187
Vedzatkhevi GGXX3188
Vedzebi GGXX3189
Vedziskhevi GGXX2249
Vejini GGXX2250
Velebi GGXX4613
Velevi GGXX3492
Veleyebi GGXX4614
Veli GGXX0679
Velisa GGXX4615
Velispiri GGXX2608
Velistsikhe GGXX4616
Velistsikhe GGXX0107
Veltaurtkari GGXX3190
Velura GGXX4617
Verkhnaia Mtsara GGXX0680
Verkhniye Laty GGXX0684
Verkhniye Sochi GGXX4619
Verkhnyaya GGXX4620
Verkhovani GGXX2253
Verkhvani GGXX1779
Verkhveli GGXX3191
Verkhviani GGXX2254
Verkhvis-Mindori GGXX2255
Vernebi GGXX1013
Verona GGXX2256
Vertkvichala GGXX1780
Vertqvila GGXX1781
Veshagurni GGXX3192
Vesiolovka GGXX0686
Vestmo GGXX2257
Vestomta GGXX2258
Vezuri GGXX3493
Vichnashi GGXX5218
Visto GGXX4621
Vizirovka GGXX2609
Vladimirovka GGXX0687
Volodarskoye GGXX0688
Voneli GGXX4622
Vuallag-Erman GGXX4623
Vuallag-Gudisi GGXX4624
Vuallag-Khvtse GGXX4625
Yagyldzha GGXX2600
Yefteluk GGXX0691
Yelbakita GGXX4626
Yeloiani GGXX4627
Yeltura GGXX4628
Yenikendi GGXX2610
Yermolovskaya GGXX3193
Yertoba GGXX2611
Yuzhnyy Priyut GGXX0693
Zadiantkari GGXX4629
Zagan GGXX0694
Zagari GGXX5219
Zahesi GGXX3194
Zakaro GGXX3196
Zakharovka GGXX0695
Zakvi GGXX3781
Zalda GGXX4630
Zalda-lrag GGXX4631
Zamleti GGXX1014
Zamtareti GGXX3494
Zamtreuli GGXX3197
Zana GGXX5220
Zanavi GGXX3782
Zanavi GGXX1782
Zanduki GGXX3198
Zaragula GGXX3495
Zarani GGXX1783
Zardiantkari GGXX4632
Zardlashi GGXX5221
Zaridzeebi GGXX3199
Zarnadzeyebi GGXX1785
Zartsupa GGXX0696
Zarzma GGXX3783
Zavishi GGXX3496
Zebakura GGXX4595
Zeda Agara GGXX1016
Zeda Aghvi GGXX3497
Zeda Akhalsheni GGXX1017
Zeda Alisubani GGXX1786
Zeda Bakhvi GGXX1226
Zeda Bzubzu GGXX1018
Zeda Chqvishi GGXX3498
Zeda Dagva GGXX1020
Zeda Dimi GGXX1787
Zeda Etseri GGXX5222
Zeda Lia GGXX5223
Zeda Makhuntseti GGXX1022
Zeda Sairme GGXX3499
Zeda Sameba GGXX1023
Zeda Tkhilnari GGXX1024
Zeda Tsirmindi GGXX5224
Zeda Vardzia GGXX3784
Zeda Vedi GGXX5225
Zeda Zegani GGXX1791
Zeda-Bashi GGXX1792
Zeda-Beretisa GGXX1793
Zeda-Bzvani GGXX1794
Zeda-Chalovani GGXX1795
Zeda-Chkepi GGXX1796
Zeda-Etseri GGXX1798
Zeda-Gora GGXX1799
Zeda-Gordi GGXX1800
Zeda-Gvardia GGXX3500
Zeda-Gvirishi GGXX3501
Zeda-Ilemi GGXX1801
Zeda-Itkhvisi GGXX1802
Zeda-Kinchkha GGXX1803
Zeda-Kondidi GGXX1025
Zeda-Kvaliti GGXX1804
Zeda-Lukhvano GGXX3502
Zeda-Maglaki GGXX1805
Zeda-Mukedi GGXX1806
Zeda-Oncheishi GGXX1807
Zeda-Orguli GGXX1808
Zeda-Rgani GGXX1809
Zeda-Shavra GGXX3503
Zeda-Sorta GGXX5226
Zeda-Tlugi GGXX3504
Zeda-Tsiplavake GGXX1811
Zeda-Uchkhubi GGXX1228
Zeda-Vani GGXX1812
Zedavala GGXX4596
Zedubani GGXX1813
Zedubani GGXX2259
Zegaani GGXX2260
Zegani GGXX5227
Zegani GGXX0697
Zegarda GGXX4633
Zeindari GGXX1814
Zekari GGXX1815
Zekota GGXX1816
Zeldoba GGXX4597
Zemo Abasha GGXX1817
Zemo Amirni GGXX3201
Zemo Artani GGXX3202
Zemo Azhara GGXX0698
Zemo Bagebi GGXX4636
Zemo Bari GGXX3505
Zemo Biqari GGXX4637
Zemo Eshera GGXX0700
Zemo Ghumurishi GGXX0701
Zemo Gulaveri GGXX2612
Zemo Khalatsani GGXX2262
Zemo Khandaki GGXX4639
Zemo Khevi GGXX1027
Zemo Khevi GGXX0703
Zemo Khodasheni GGXX2263
Zemo Khorkhi GGXX3203
Zemo Kodistsqaro GGXX3204
Zemo Kozi GGXX3506
Zemo Kvaloni GGXX5228
Zemo Leteti GGXX4641
Zemo Marghi GGXX5229
Zemo Nagvazavo GGXX5230
Zemo Natanebi GGXX1233
Zemo Noga GGXX1818
Zemo Osiauri GGXX4643
Zemo Qarabulakhi GGXX2613
Zemo Rekha GGXX4644
Zemo Rene GGXX4645
Zemo Roka GGXX4646
Zemo Sharakhevi GGXX3207
Zemo Shuakhevi GGXX3208
Zemo Skhvilisi GGXX3787
Zemo Surebi GGXX1234
Zemo Tsiri GGXX4648
Zemo Tsolda GGXX4649
Zemo Tsubeni GGXX4650
Zemo Ubani GGXX3209
Zemo Vilda GGXX4651
Zemo Zakhori GGXX4652
Zemo Zonkari GGXX4653
Zemo-Achabeti GGXX4654
Zemo-Adzvisi GGXX4655
Zemo-Aketi GGXX1235
Zemo-Akhkalapa GGXX2614
Zemo-Alvani GGXX0108
Zemo-Ambreti GGXX4656
Zemo-Avchala GGXX3210
Zemo-Azhara GGXX0707
Zemo-Barghebi GGXX0708
Zemo-Bia GGXX5231
Zemo-Bodbe GGXX2265
Zemo-Boli GGXX4657
Zemo-Bolkvi GGXX2266
Zemo-Boshuri GGXX4658
Zemo-Brolosani GGXX4659
Zemo-Chaparukhi GGXX4598
Zemo-Chkhortoli GGXX0709
Zemo-Chocheti GGXX4660
Zemo-Desi GGXX3211
Zemo-Dodoti GGXX4661
Zemo-Dvani GGXX4662
Zemo-Gerati GGXX1005
Zemo-Goreti GGXX4663
Zemo-Gru GGXX4664
Zemo-Jomagha GGXX4665
Zemo-Kandaura GGXX2267
Zemo-Karzmani GGXX1819
Zemo-Kedi GGXX0109
Zemo-Kere GGXX4666
Zemo-Kharavli GGXX1006
Zemo-Khechili GGXX2268
Zemo-Kheti GGXX1820
Zemo-Khiza GGXX2269
Zemo-Khuntsi GGXX5232
Zemo-Khviti GGXX4667
Zemo-Korkula GGXX4668
Zemo-Koshakilisi GGXX2615
Zemo-Koshka GGXX4669
Zemo-Krikhi GGXX3507
Zemo-Ksovrisi GGXX4670
Zemo-Kulari GGXX2616
Zemo-Kuri GGXX4671
Zemo-Kvatetri GGXX4672
Zemo-Machara GGXX0710
Zemo-Machkhara GGXX4673
Zemo-Magaro GGXX2270
Zemo-Makhisi GGXX4674
Zemo-Monasteri GGXX4675
Zemo-Mskhalgori GGXX2271
Zemo-Nashovari GGXX2272
Zemo-Nikozi GGXX4676
Zemo-Okona GGXX4677
Zemo-Okrokana GGXX3212
Zemo-Onchiketi GGXX1236
Zemo-Orozmani GGXX2617
Zemo-Otrevi GGXX4678
Zemo-Riyeti GGXX4679
Zemo-Sarabuki GGXX4680
Zemo-Sarali GGXX2618
Zemo-Shakshaketi GGXX4681
Zemo-Shukhuti GGXX1238
Zemo-Skhvava GGXX3508
Zemo-Snekvi GGXX4682
Zemo-Sobisi GGXX4683
Zemo-Tianeti GGXX3213
Zemo-Tsiri GGXX4684
Zemo-Zhoshkha GGXX3509
Zemokheti GGXX1821
Zenadrisi GGXX4685
Zenamkhari GGXX3214
Zendidi GGXX1028
Zeni GGXX0711
Zeniti GGXX1029
Zenobani GGXX0712
Zenobani GGXX1239
Zenubani GGXX3215
Zeraboseli GGXX1030
Zerti GGXX4686
Zeskho GGXX3510
Zesopeli GGXX1031
Zestaponi GGXX0110
Zeubani GGXX3788
Zghuderi GGXX4687
Zgubiri GGXX4688
Zhabeshi GGXX5234
Zhabna GGXX0713
Zhakhunderi GGXX3511
Zhamushi GGXX5235
Zhanivri GGXX1032
Zhashkva GGXX3512
Zhdanovi GGXX3789
Zhebota GGXX3216
Zhibiani GGXX5236
Zhinvali GGXX3217
Zhirgalishka GGXX0714
Zhozhoni GGXX3218
Zhushki GGXX5238
Zhvelurta GGXX2273
Ziari GGXX2274
Zikiliya GGXX3790
Zima GGXX0715
Zinda GGXX5239
Zirbiti GGXX2619
Znakva GGXX3513
Znauri GGXX0111
Zodekhi GGXX4689
Zodi GGXX1824
Zomleti GGXX1240
Zoti GGXX1241
Zotikiantkari GGXX3219
Zubi GGXX3514
Zudali GGXX3515
Zugdidi GGXX0112
Zumi GGXX5241
Zundaga GGXX1033
Zurga GGXX1220
Zurzutebi GGXX2275
Zvare GGXX1034
Zvare GGXX1826
Zvareti GGXX3516