Weather Codes for Gabon

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Gabon. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abaga GBXX0858
Abam GBXX3574
Abame GBXX3575
Abana GBXX3576
Abandou GBXX1501
Abang GBXX3577
Abang I GBXX3578
Abang II GBXX3579
Abang III GBXX3580
Abang-Ayo GBXX3581
Abang-Melem GBXX3582
Abang-Si GBXX3583
Abas GBXX0859
Abe GBXX3584
Abebea GBXX1502
Abega GBXX3585
Abel GBXX3586
Abelago GBXX3376
Abeme GBXX3587
Abena GBXX3037
Abenelan GBXX0860
Abenelang GBXX1503
Abenelang GBXX0861
Abeng GBXX2744
Abenilam GBXX3588
Abian Minfakh GBXX0862
Abiane GBXX3589
Abong Ahoun GBXX3590
Abong-Miang I GBXX3591
Abong-Miang II GBXX3592
Abor GBXX2745
Abor-Tikame GBXX1504
Aboto GBXX1210
Aboukoua GBXX2089
Aboume GBXX0863
Abouna GBXX0864
Abounaviri GBXX3377
Abouyi GBXX1211
Achanga GBXX3378
Achouka GBXX1505
Achouka GBXX3379
Ackok GBXX1506
Adamenzork GBXX0865
Adanhe GBXX1507
Adjouma GBXX3593
Adole GBXX1508
Adoue GBXX0012
Adouma GBXX1509
Adoume GBXX1510
Adza GBXX0866
Adzabassi GBXX3594
Adzabikat I GBXX3595
Adzabikat II GBXX3596
Adzabikat III GBXX3597
Adzabilone GBXX3598
Adzabilone GBXX0867
Adzak GBXX1511
Adzap GBXX3599
Adzap I GBXX3600
Adzap II GBXX3601
Adzebe GBXX0868
Adzebe I GBXX3602
Adzebe II GBXX3603
Adzo GBXX2747
Afagayong GBXX0869
Afagenzork GBXX0870
Afak-Medzim GBXX3604
Afakazock GBXX3605
Afakma GBXX0871
Afan Nzogh GBXX0872
Afane-Mendone GBXX0873
Afangombona GBXX3380
Afema GBXX3607
Afia GBXX3608
Afogho Bizi GBXX1512
Afouma-adzo GBXX2748
Afouni GBXX3609
Afrik GBXX0874
Agonga GBXX3381
Agonzork GBXX0875
Agouma GBXX2090
Agouma GBXX0876
Ahdok Fala GBXX0877
Akaga GBXX1212
Akagakoa GBXX0878
Akak GBXX3610
Akaka GBXX3382
Akako Mekak GBXX3611
Akaktane GBXX3612
Akam GBXX3613
Akam I GBXX3614
Akam II GBXX3615
Akam III GBXX3616
Akamsi-Effak GBXX3617
Akan GBXX3618
Akana GBXX2749
Akana-Bour GBXX0879
Akanabour GBXX0880
Akane GBXX3619
Akaraba GBXX1213
Akelayong GBXX3620
Akelayong GBXX0881
Akernengoule GBXX0882
Akieni GBXX0013
Akighe Nlam GBXX1513
Akighilam GBXX2750
Akigname GBXX0883
Akineyon GBXX3621
Akinitom GBXX3622
Ako-Name GBXX0884
Akoba GBXX2751
Akobie GBXX1514
Akog-Avop GBXX3623
Akoga GBXX3624
Akoghe GBXX1515
Akok GBXX0014
Akok GBXX3625
Akoki GBXX1215
Akom GBXX0015
Akom Essakotam GBXX3627
Akomba GBXX1516
Akome GBXX3628
Akome I GBXX3629
Akome II GBXX3630
Akonadem GBXX3631
Akondjo GBXX0885
Akore GBXX1517
Akork GBXX2752
Akorriyen GBXX1518
Akou GBXX3632
Akouaka GBXX1216
Akouata GBXX1217
Akougoubilye GBXX2753
Akoul GBXX3633
Akoulazork GBXX3634
Akoum GBXX3635
Akoumar GBXX0886
Akoumassi GBXX3636
Akoumouno GBXX3383
Akoumounou GBXX3384
Akounilen GBXX0887
Akountam GBXX1519
Akour-Kok GBXX3637
Akourman GBXX3638
Akourman GBXX0888
Akourmane GBXX0889
Akourmar GBXX3639
Akourname GBXX0890
Alang GBXX3640
Alanga I GBXX1218
Alanga II GBXX1219
Alarmake GBXX0891
Alarmakei GBXX0892
Alarmintang GBXX2754
Alarmitang GBXX0893
Alarmitang GBXX3641
Alat GBXX3642
Alat GBXX1520
Alembe GBXX1521
Alembetogo GBXX3385
Alen GBXX0894
Alen Effak GBXX3644
Alen Esseng GBXX3645
Alen Nkogadza GBXX0895
Alen Nkok-Aza GBXX0896
Alen-Abanga GBXX0897
Alen-Como GBXX0898
Alenakiri GBXX0899
Alenass GBXX3646
Alenassi GBXX3647
Alene GBXX3648
Alene GBXX2755
Alene GBXX0900
Alene GBXX1522
Alene Bissouma GBXX3649
Alene Koraza GBXX0901
Alene Makora GBXX0902
Alieme GBXX1220
Allar Mourkevock GBXX2756
Allego GBXX1523
Allele GBXX1221
Allem I GBXX3650
Allem II GBXX3651
Allem III GBXX3652
Alleum GBXX3653
Allum GBXX3654
Alomba GBXX1524
Alona GBXX0903
Along GBXX1525
Alonha GBXX1526
Alos GBXX0904
Aloum GBXX0905
Alouma GBXX1222
Aloume GBXX3655
Aloun GBXX1527
Aloune GBXX3656
Ambinda GBXX1223
Amboki GBXX1528
Amboki GBXX3386
Amboumi GBXX1224
Ambowe GBXX0906
Ambroise GBXX3387
Amendje GBXX3388
Amengamona GBXX3389
Amengouingani GBXX1529
Amoin GBXX0907
Amposso GBXX1225
Amvam GBXX3657
Amvame GBXX3658
Amvani GBXX3659
Amveme GBXX3660
Amyere GBXX2757
Anameyong GBXX1530
Ancien Andok GBXX1531
Ancien Founa GBXX1532
Ancien Kandjama GBXX2758
Ancien Matica GBXX2091
Ancien Metark GBXX3661
Ancien Okaka GBXX2759
Andagh GBXX1534
Andem GBXX0908
Andem I GBXX1535
Andem II GBXX1536
Andem III GBXX1537
Andeme GBXX0909
Andjogo GBXX1226
Andock GBXX1538
Andok GBXX2760
Andok GBXX3662
Andoka GBXX1539
Andokas GBXX3663
Andokasi GBXX3664
Andokh Nfang GBXX0910
Andom GBXX3665
Andom I GBXX3666
Andom II GBXX3667
Andoma I GBXX3668
Andoma II GBXX3669
Andoma III GBXX3670
Andome GBXX3671
Andome I GBXX3672
Andome II GBXX3673
Andon GBXX3674
Andouako GBXX0911
Andoume GBXX0912
Andoumeze GBXX3675
Anelakici GBXX0913
Angale GBXX3676
Angane GBXX3677
Angare GBXX0914
Ango GBXX0915
Angonde GBXX3038
Angone GBXX3678
Angone Efira GBXX3679
Angone I GBXX3680
Angone II GBXX3681
Angone III GBXX3682
Angonenzork GBXX0916
Angonogo GBXX1227
Angoss GBXX3683
Angouane GBXX3684
Angoum GBXX3685
Angouma GBXX2761
Angouma GBXX3686
Angoune GBXX0917
Angounesiste GBXX3687
Anguie GBXX3688
Aniane GBXX3689
Aniane I GBXX3690
Aniane II GBXX3691
Aniezok GBXX3692
Aniezork GBXX3693
Aningue GBXX3390
Anonebere GBXX1540
Anongomiani GBXX0918
Anubi GBXX3694
Anzem GBXX0919
Anzogobe GBXX3695
Aoua GBXX3696
Aouega GBXX3697
Aouela GBXX3698
Aouta GBXX3391
Apari GBXX3392
Apomande GBXX3393
Aranga GBXX3394
Aromba GBXX1541
Assan GBXX3699
Assas GBXX3700
Assen GBXX3701
Asseng I GBXX1542
Asseng II GBXX1543
Assengama GBXX3702
Assengasi GBXX3703
Assengassi GBXX3704
Asseve GBXX3395
Assi GBXX3705
Assia GBXX3706
Assibouka GBXX2092
Asso GBXX3707
Assok GBXX0029
Assok-Begue GBXX3709
Assok-Boleu GBXX3710
Assok-Ngoum GBXX3711
Assok-Ngoum I GBXX3712
Assok-Ngoum II GBXX3713
Assok-Nye GBXX3714
Assok-Seng GBXX3715
Assoka GBXX0920
Assongnive GBXX3716
Assora-Massona GBXX0921
Assore GBXX0922
Assougoula Emo GBXX0923
Assoum Mabiala GBXX0924
Assue GBXX3717
Atadi GBXX1544
Atale Eloun GBXX0925
Atem GBXX0926
Atenda-Simba GBXX0927
Atene GBXX3718
Atengame GBXX1545
Atonda-Simba GBXX0928
Atongo GBXX1228
Atongoouania GBXX3396
Atouda-Simba GBXX0929
Atouk GBXX3719
Atoum GBXX0930
Atoumassi GBXX3720
Atoute GBXX3721
Atsombial GBXX2762
Atyglam GBXX2763
Avane GBXX3722
Avang GBXX3723
Avang-Biloug GBXX0931
Avegombori GBXX3397
Avegoumbiri GBXX3398
Avelayong GBXX0932
Aveng GBXX3724
Averoma GBXX0933
Avil-Boumba GBXX2764
Avil-Chicago GBXX2765
Avo GBXX3725
Avom GBXX3726
Avora GBXX0934
Avore Bamba GBXX0935
Avormitok GBXX1546
Awegane GBXX3727
Ayambi GBXX1547
Ayane GBXX3728
Ayang GBXX3729
Ayebe GBXX1548
Ayeghe GBXX0936
Ayeghele-Mindock GBXX1549
Ayeghening GBXX2766
Ayeguening GBXX3730
Ayeguening GBXX0937
Ayeguening II GBXX3731
Ayem GBXX2767
Ayem GBXX0938
Ayeme GBXX0939
Ayenabour GBXX0940
Ayengueni GBXX3732
Ayenguening GBXX3733
Ayoeroebe GBXX2768
Ayol GBXX3734
Ayong GBXX3735
Ayoumba GBXX1550
Ayoumba GBXX2093
Ayoumbi GBXX2094
Azap GBXX3736
Azebe GBXX0941
Azegue GBXX3399
Azeriba GBXX1551
Azo I GBXX1552
Azo II GBXX1553
Azongbeu GBXX3737
Azongho GBXX3738
Babaousa GBXX3039
Babili GBXX3040
Babini GBXX2095
Badi GBXX2769
Badiabiki GBXX3041
Badouma GBXX3042
Bafounou GBXX1229
Bafounou I GBXX1230
Bafounou II GBXX1231
Bagny GBXX2096
Bai GBXX1232
Bakale GBXX2097
Bakamba GBXX2098
Bakoli GBXX3400
Bakoumba GBXX1233
Balamboula GBXX2099
Balemba I GBXX2770
Balemba II GBXX2771
Bama GBXX2100
Bambari GBXX2101
Bambaza I GBXX2772
Bambecan GBXX3043
Bambera-Biyoko GBXX3044
Bambila GBXX2773
Bambo GBXX2774
Bambora GBXX3045
Bambous GBXX3401
Bame GBXX3739
Bamvomo GBXX1554
Bana GBXX1762
Banda Namba GBXX1763
Bandangala GBXX3046
Bandegue GBXX1234
Bandoungou GBXX2102
Bang GBXX3740
Bangadi GBXX3047
Bangakie GBXX2775
Bangassou GBXX3048
Bangassou GBXX1235
Bangene GBXX1236
Banginga GBXX2103
Bango GBXX3402
Bangodecahoye GBXX2776
Bangola GBXX1764
Bangondji GBXX2104
Bangondo GBXX3049
Bangou GBXX2777
Bangwegne GBXX1237
Baniati GBXX3050
Banoi GBXX2106
Baposo GBXX2107
Baposso GBXX3051
Bapouno GBXX3052
Baraka GBXX0942
Bassaki GBXX3053
Bassegua GBXX3054
Bassitobalangoye GBXX2778
Batanga GBXX1555
Batanga GBXX0046
Batoala GBXX2779
Batouala GBXX0047
Baya GBXX2780
Baya GBXX1238
Bayadi GBXX1765
Bayoukou GBXX2108
Be GBXX3741
Beau Village GBXX2109
Bedira GBXX1239
Bedounou GBXX2781
Befie GBXX1556
Beka-Beka GBXX0058
Bekaba-Landji GBXX3055
Bekemi GBXX1240
Bekomi GBXX1241
Bekou-Bekou GBXX2782
Bekouye GBXX2783
Belakembe GBXX2784
Bele GBXX2785
Belem GBXX2786
Belinga GBXX2787
Belleville GBXX1557
Bellevue GBXX1558
Belliessi GBXX3742
Bembelie GBXX1559
Bemve GBXX3743
Bendia GBXX1242
Bendje GBXX3744
Benga GBXX3745
Benga GBXX1767
Bengiaga GBXX3746
Bengiyoe GBXX2788
Bengoue GBXX2789
Bengoue GBXX3404
Bengoye II GBXX3747
Bengui GBXX3405
Bengui GBXX3748
Beni Bantou GBXX1768
Beniomi I GBXX1243
Beniomi II GBXX1244
Benjiaga GBXX3749
Benvaga GBXX2790
Benvelle GBXX1560
Benvoghe GBXX1561
Benza GBXX2110
Benze GBXX2111
Benzo GBXX2112
Benzork GBXX3750
Bepila GBXX1245
Bere GBXX1562
Biamani GBXX2113
Biba GBXX3751
Biba Melene GBXX3752
Bibaga GBXX3753
Bibamvie GBXX3754
Bibassa I GBXX1246
Bibasse GBXX3755
Bibe GBXX3756
Bibe GBXX0943
Bibiara GBXX0944
Bibioe GBXX2791
Bibolo GBXX3757
Bibonga GBXX1769
Bibora GBXX1770
Biboulman GBXX1563
Bichouin GBXX2114
Bidiabiki GBXX3056
Bidzima GBXX3758
Biello GBXX1771
Bienam GBXX0946
Biezok GBXX3759
Bifame I GBXX3760
Bifame II GBXX3761
Bifoun GBXX0066
Bignendzi GBXX1772
Bigouenya GBXX0067
Bihindou GBXX1773
Bikamba GBXX1774
Bikang GBXX3762
Bikas Effek GBXX3763
Bikas Essangui GBXX3764
Bikas Esseng GBXX3765
Bikele GBXX0947
Bikendzi GBXX1775
Bikobizork GBXX3766
Bikogo GBXX3767
Bikogo GBXX1247
Bikondomo GBXX3768
Bikoromama GBXX3769
Bikouala GBXX3057
Bikougou GBXX3770
Bikoumou GBXX3771
Bila Gouambi GBXX1776
Bilamba GBXX2115
Bilanga GBXX1777
Bilanzambi GBXX2116
Bilebidoua GBXX3772
Bilemba GBXX1778
Bilengui GBXX1779
Biliba GBXX0948
Billanda GBXX3058
Billengue GBXX2117
Billengui GBXX2118
Billengui I GBXX2119
Billengui II GBXX2120
Billengui III GBXX2121
Billy I GBXX3773
Billy II GBXX3774
Billy III GBXX3775
Bilo GBXX3776
Bilolo GBXX2122
Bilombi GBXX1780
Bilombika Keri GBXX2123
Bilossi GBXX3777
Bimbin GBXX3778
Bimbiole GBXX1564
Bimogon GBXX2124
Bimveme GBXX3779
Binambi GBXX2125
Binanga GBXX3059
Binda GBXX2126
Bindaba GBXX2792
Bindama GBXX3780
Bindeli GBXX2127
Bindomo GBXX3781
Bindoumessang GBXX3782
Bine GBXX1565
Bingamingami GBXX1566
Bingamingami I GBXX1567
Bingong GBXX0949
Bingoungou GBXX1568
Binguilinguen GBXX0950
Binienzi GBXX2128
Binok GBXX3783
Binong GBXX2793
Biogou GBXX2129
Birenki GBXX1781
Birouki GBXX1782
Bisobilam GBXX3784
Bisono GBXX3785
Bissam GBXX3786
Bissaninane GBXX3787
Bissassa GBXX1248
Bissiba GBXX3060
Bissobilam GBXX1569
Bissobilam GBXX3788
Bissobilam GBXX0951
Bissobilan GBXX2794
Bissobimane GBXX0952
Bissobinam GBXX3789
Bissobinam GBXX1570
Bissobiname GBXX0954
Bissok I GBXX3790
Bissok II GBXX3791
Bissominam GBXX3792
Bissoubilam GBXX2795
Bissoubilam GBXX1571
Bissoubinlam GBXX1572
Bitam GBXX0006
Bitom GBXX3793
Bitono GBXX1249
Bitouga GBXX3794
Bitsambanga GBXX3061
Bittolo GBXX3062
Bivanga GBXX1783
Bivebinzogh GBXX0955
Bivene I GBXX3795
Bivene II GBXX3796
Bivene III GBXX3797
Bivene IV GBXX3798
Bivinde GBXX3063
Biyemane GBXX3799
Biyen GBXX3800
Biyene GBXX3801
Bizang GBXX3802
Bizango-Bibere GBXX0956
Boali GBXX2130
Bogno Beazini GBXX3803
Bogofala GBXX0957
Bogotang GBXX0958
Boka GBXX3407
Bokaboka GBXX2796
Bokolo GBXX3408
Bola Pessou GBXX3064
Bola-Pessou GBXX2131
Boleko GBXX2797
Bolendjo GBXX0959
Bolobilembe GBXX2132
Boma GBXX1250
Bomo Komo I GBXX1251
Bomo Komo II GBXX1252
Bongo GBXX1253
Bongo GBXX3409
Bongo-Badouma GBXX1254
Bonneville GBXX1574
Bonneville GBXX3804
Booue GBXX2798
Bordeaux GBXX1575
Bordeaux GBXX1255
Bordou GBXX2133
Bouala GBXX1256
Bouale GBXX1576
Bouali GBXX2134
Bouatou GBXX2135
Bouboulou GBXX2136
Boucama GBXX0080
Boucanga GBXX2137
Bouda GBXX1784
Boudela GBXX3065
Boudianguila GBXX2138
Boudiombi GBXX1785
Boudouga GBXX3066
Boudoumbou GBXX3067
Boudzoumba GBXX3068
Boueka GBXX3069
Bougoulou GBXX1786
Bouhoulou GBXX2139
Bouimi GBXX1257
Boukagni GBXX1787
Boukandi GBXX2140
Boukou GBXX2141
Boulamba GBXX2142
Boulamboula GBXX2143
Boulemba GBXX3070
Boulembi GBXX1789
Boulembo GBXX2144
Bouloula GBXX2146
Bouloulou GBXX2147
Bouma GBXX0960
Bouma-Makaya GBXX1258
Boumabango GBXX3071
Boumaga GBXX2148
Boumango GBXX1259
Boumbakari GBXX2799
Boumbazokou GBXX2800
Boumbazokou II GBXX2801
Boumi GBXX2149
Bounbinda GBXX2802
Boundgi GBXX3072
Boundji GBXX3073
Boundzoukou GBXX2150
Bouneni GBXX1790
Boungaloundou GBXX2803
Boungolo GBXX2151
Boungou GBXX2152
Boungou Bouliba GBXX1791
Boungoumana GBXX2153
Boungounga GBXX2154
Bounzoukou GBXX3075
Boupounza GBXX2155
Bouroumba GBXX2156
Boussa GBXX3076
Boussimbi GBXX3077
Boussoka GBXX3078
Boussouka GBXX2157
Boussouniabamba GBXX3079
Boutala GBXX3080
Boutemba GBXX3081
Boutica GBXX0961
Boutijobo GBXX2158
Boutombi GBXX2159
Bouvinga GBXX3082
Bouyanga GBXX1792
Bouyangoula GBXX3083
Buey GBXX3805
Bumba GBXX0962
Byemane GBXX3806
Byene GBXX1577
Camba Mongo GBXX2160
Cameroun GBXX2161
Camp de Banga GBXX2162
Camp de Doungo GBXX2163
Camp de Ekoua GBXX2164
Camp de Moumba GBXX2165
Camp de Mouramda GBXX2166
Camp de Obaka GBXX2167
Canda GBXX2168
Caye GBXX1793
Chinchoua GBXX0963
Clainbanego GBXX1578
Cocobeach GBXX0964
Cocofili GBXX2804
Cocomacala GBXX2805
Comi GBXX3085
Comi GBXX2169
Comilog GBXX1260
Commanda GBXX3086
Condafala GBXX3410
Conicoue GBXX0965
Coniquet GBXX0966
Cougni GBXX2170
Cougny GBXX2171
Dakar GBXX1579
Dambi GBXX3087
Dambo GBXX3088
Dame GBXX0967
Dangui GBXX2172
Debiang GBXX2806
Degueli GBXX2173
Degueri GBXX2174
Dekabalandji GBXX3089
Dende GBXX1794
Dessima GBXX1580
Diaba GBXX3411
Diabeta GBXX3412
Diamongo GBXX3413
Dianga GBXX2175
Diangui GBXX2176
Dianza GBXX2177
Dibagni GBXX2178
Dibamba GBXX2179
Dibandi GBXX2180
Dibangama GBXX3090
Dibimba GBXX2181
Dibotinefata GBXX2182
Dibouangni GBXX2183
Dibouangui GBXX2184
Dibouatinafala GBXX3414
Dibouengui GBXX2185
Diboueta GBXX1795
Diboufou GBXX1796
Dibouka GBXX3091
Diboumba GBXX1797
Diboumba GBXX2186
Diboundi GBXX2187
Diboussou GBXX1581
Diekoke GBXX2188
Diela Vievi GBXX3415
Diengue GBXX2189
Diere GBXX1261
Difounda GBXX1798
Digaba GBXX2190
Digambo GBXX2191
Digayi GBXX1799
Dignietoumba GBXX2192
Digoba GBXX1800
Digondji GBXX1801
Digongo GBXX1802
Digoumbi GBXX2193
Digoungou GBXX1803
Diguela GBXX2194
Dikassa I GBXX1804
Dikoka GBXX2195
Dikouka GBXX2196
Dikoulou Dimossi GBXX1805
Dikoundou GBXX1806
Dikouta GBXX1807
Dilalou GBXX2197
Dilanda GBXX2198
Dilemba GBXX1808
Dilienga GBXX1809
Dilolo GBXX2199
Dimba GBXX2200
Dimbou GBXX0188
Dimbou GBXX3092
Dimbougui GBXX2201
Dimina GBXX2202
Dingui GBXX3093
Dingui GBXX1582
Dinguilila GBXX1810
Diolo GBXX2203
Diombi GBXX2204
Dipouya GBXX2205
Dirembo GBXX2206
Disofou GBXX1811
Dissala GBXX0192
Dissango GBXX2207
Dissegui GBXX2208
Dissengui GBXX2209
Dissiala GBXX1812
Ditadi GBXX2210
Ditoumba Nzambi GBXX1813
Ditounga GBXX2211
Divangui GBXX1814
Divangui GBXX2212
Divelo GBXX2213
Divevi GBXX2214
Diveya GBXX1815
Divina GBXX1816
Divinda GBXX2215
Divinde GBXX2216
Divinou GBXX3418
Divoko GBXX1817
Djabeta GBXX2807
Djamiti GBXX1262
Djangatebe GBXX1263
Djaouri GBXX1818
Djassone GBXX2808
Djema GBXX1819
Djiba GBXX1264
Djiba I GBXX1265
Djiba II GBXX1266
Djima GBXX1267
Djoakaye I GBXX1268
Djoakaye II GBXX1269
Djoconamoye GBXX3094
Djogeboat GBXX0968
Djokala GBXX3095
Djokoloudja I GBXX2809
Djokoloudja II GBXX2810
Djokonamoi GBXX2811
Djokonamoyo GBXX3096
Djokoroundja GBXX1270
Djokossana GBXX2812
Djondi GBXX3097
Djongo GBXX3098
Djongo II GBXX3099
Djoukou GBXX1271
Djoum GBXX3807
Djoum II GBXX3808
Djoutou GBXX1272
Doan GBXX3809
Dola GBXX1820
Dolle GBXX2813
Domassi GBXX3100
Dondo GBXX2217
Dondo I GBXX2218
Donguila GBXX0969
Doua GBXX3810
Douanga GBXX1821
Douaniang GBXX0502
Doubagni GBXX1822
Doubagni GBXX2219
Doubambi GBXX2220
Doubani GBXX2221
Doubi GBXX2222
Doubogno GBXX1823
Douboumo GBXX1824
Doufouma GBXX1825
Dougandou I GBXX1826
Dougandou II GBXX1827
Dougayi GBXX2223
Dougou Mamba GBXX1828
Douigny GBXX1829
Doukaki GBXX1830
Doukanga GBXX2224
Doukendema GBXX1831
Doukoumou GBXX1832
Douli GBXX1833
Doum GBXX3811
Doumai GBXX1273
Doumamango GBXX3101
Doumandzou GBXX3812
Doumanzo GBXX3813
Doumassi GBXX3814
Doumatsengue GBXX3102
Doumboukombi GBXX3103
Doume GBXX3104
Doungou GBXX1834
Doungounene GBXX2814
Dounguila GBXX2225
Dounvou GBXX1835
Douradzum GBXX2815
Doussoundzi GBXX1836
Dovoyi GBXX1837
Dubendji GBXX3105
Duma GBXX0970
Duradzoma GBXX2816
Dyanga GBXX2226
Dyelessi GBXX1583
Dzamossi GBXX3815
Dzibe GBXX0971
Dzoguengone GBXX0972
Ebamayong GBXX0973
Ebamou GBXX0974
Ebandaga GBXX2817
Ebando GBXX2227
Ebang GBXX3816
Ebango GBXX3817
Ebaredo GBXX2818
Ebe GBXX0975
Ebea GBXX1584
Ebea GBXX3818
Ebea-Akork GBXX2819
Ebegnakok GBXX0976
Ebei GBXX3819
Ebeigne GBXX3820
Ebel GBXX1585
Ebeneyong I GBXX3821
Ebeneyong II GBXX3822
Ebengon GBXX3823
Ebengone GBXX3824
Ebiane GBXX3825
Ebiane GBXX0977
Ebiani GBXX3826
Ebobogo GBXX3827
Ebolahon GBXX2820
Eboman GBXX3828
Ebon GBXX3829
Ebor GBXX3830
Ebori GBXX1274
Eboro GBXX3831
Ebot GBXX3832
Eboundji GBXX2228
Ebounfaga GBXX3833
Ebsame II GBXX3834
Ebyegn GBXX2821
Echira GBXX3419
Econe GBXX3835
Eda GBXX3836
Edabour GBXX2822
Edok GBXX2823
Edouangani I GBXX0978
Edouangani II GBXX0979
Edouma GBXX0980
Edoume GBXX3837
Edoung Alangha GBXX3838
Edzamangen GBXX2824
Edzedzen II GBXX1586
Effande GBXX2825
Efot GBXX3839
Efoulane GBXX3840
Egmounga GBXX2229
Egnounga GBXX0212
Ego GBXX2826
Egoumbi GBXX2230
Ehanzo GBXX2827
Ehong GBXX3841
Ekala GBXX1275
Ekalla GBXX1276
Ekan GBXX3842
Ekarelon GBXX3843
Ekarelong GBXX2828
Ekata GBXX2829
Ekaye GBXX1277
Ekeka GBXX2231
Ekengue GBXX2232
Ekeoua GBXX3420
Ekika GBXX2233
Ekododo GBXX0981
Ekohong GBXX3844
Ekok GBXX2830
Ekong GBXX3845
Ekoniedoume GBXX3846
Ekoredor I GBXX1587
Ekorekie GBXX3847
Ekorridou GBXX1588
Ekoua GBXX2831
Ekouass GBXX3848
Ekoui GBXX3849
Ekoum-Ebel GBXX0982
Ekoumaniambi GBXX2832
Ekoumevong GBXX3850
Ekoungou GBXX1278
Ekowong GBXX2833
Ekwy GBXX0213
Elane GBXX0983
Elanh-Bemvoum GBXX2834
Elarmilon GBXX3851
Elarmitang GBXX3852
Elata Bakota GBXX2835
Elebe GBXX1279
Eleko GBXX1280
Elelem GBXX1589
Elelem GBXX0984
Elibere GBXX2836
Eliva GBXX3421
Ellela GBXX2837
Ellelem GBXX3853
Ellem GBXX3854
Elomba GBXX3422
Elombe GBXX1590
Elong Eko GBXX0985
Elong-Eko GBXX0986
Elong-Eko GBXX3855
Elong-Eko GBXX1591
Elope GBXX3856
Eloum GBXX1592
Elouma GBXX2838
Elouzanzoko GBXX3106
Emanagouga GBXX3423
Embadaga GBXX2839
Emone GBXX0987
Empoussa GBXX1281
Emvouhna GBXX1593
Endama GBXX3857
Endendang GBXX0988
Endjoumou GBXX1282
Endoma GBXX3858
Endome GBXX3859
Endome I GBXX3860
Endome II GBXX3861
Engang GBXX3862
Engasse GBXX3863
Engeng GBXX3864
Engo GBXX3865
Engo Effak GBXX3866
Engogone GBXX3867
Engong GBXX3868
Engoumou GBXX1283
Engoung GBXX0990
Enieng GBXX3869
Eniengmelene I GBXX3870
Eniengmelene II GBXX3871
Enientang GBXX3872
Enkassa GBXX1284
Entsaka GBXX1285
Enyonga GBXX3424
Eourouzork GBXX3873
Eparga GBXX1594
Equata GBXX0992
Erogoue GBXX3425
Esende GBXX3426
Esissie GBXX0993
Esong GBXX3874
Essa GBXX3875
Essamvegne GBXX0994
Essanang GBXX0995
Essangui GBXX3876
Essanvougha GBXX1595
Essendjoum GBXX3877
Essogongone GBXX3878
Essomilang GBXX3879
Essone GBXX3880
Essone Bizang GBXX3881
Essong GBXX3882
Essong Abam I GBXX3883
Essong Abam III GBXX3884
Essong I GBXX3885
Essong II GBXX3886
Essonia GBXX3887
Essono GBXX3888
Essoua GBXX0996
Essoukou GBXX2234
Essoun-Alem GBXX3889
Etaba GBXX2235
Etakangai GBXX2840
Etakaniabe GBXX2841
Etamayong GBXX0997
Etametang GBXX3890
Etchougou GBXX1286
Eteing GBXX1596
Eteke GBXX2236
Etiala GBXX2842
Etogou GBXX3891
Etouk GBXX1597
Etouk GBXX3892
Etsame I GBXX3893
Evamba GBXX0998
Evameyonga GBXX1598
Eves GBXX1599
Eves GBXX3894
Eveula GBXX3895
Eviename GBXX0999
Evinayong GBXX1000
Evone GBXX3896
Evoredoule GBXX1001
Evoredouleux GBXX1002
Evormakok GBXX3897
Evormakok GBXX1003
Evormbile GBXX3898
Evormitok GBXX2843
Evoula GBXX1004
Evoung-Voung GBXX1600
Evouta GBXX2237
Evouta II GBXX2238
Eweme GBXX3899
Ex-case Boyer GBXX1005
Eya Nioy GBXX2239
Eyamayong GBXX3900
Eyamayong GBXX1006
Eyameyene GBXX3901
Eyameyong GBXX1007
Eyameyong GBXX2844
Eyane GBXX3902
Eyeme GBXX1008
Eyene GBXX2845
Eyene GBXX3903
Eyinane GBXX3904
Eyouga GBXX1287
Eyouga II GBXX1288
Eyoumbi GBXX2240
Ezamkang GBXX3905
Ezango GBXX3427
Fala GBXX2241
Fala-Nzamata GBXX1601
Falaba GBXX3428
Febezok GBXX3906
Feme GBXX3907
Feng GBXX3908
Fera GBXX2242
Fernan Vaz GBXX1602
Foloe GBXX2846
Fone GBXX3909
Fouala GBXX3107
Fouanga GBXX1009
Foubenzok GBXX2847
Fouelou GBXX2243
Fougamou GBXX0251
Foula GBXX3910
Foula GBXX1010
Foula Fieng GBXX2848
Foulamayong GBXX3429
Foulameyong GBXX1603
Foulassi GBXX3911
Foulayong GBXX1011
Foulebeng I GBXX3912
Foulebeng II GBXX3913
Foulenzem GBXX1012
Foundou GBXX3430
Foundou Nzambi GBXX1838
Fouramouanga GBXX2245
Fouroumanga GBXX2246
Franceville GBXX0001
Gabeta GBXX1604
Galoua GBXX2247
Gamba GBXX3431
Ganzi GBXX2849
Gazo GBXX2850
Gikiba GBXX2248
Gnali GBXX1839
Gnaname GBXX3914
Gnazang GBXX3915
Gnienzi GBXX3108
Gobini GBXX1840
Gondzi GBXX1841
Gongoue GBXX0260
Gouale GBXX1013
Gouamba GBXX3109
Gouassa GBXX2249
Goudou-Fouala GBXX1605
Goudoumayou GBXX3432
Goulougai GBXX2250
Goumbou GBXX1842
Gounda GBXX1289
Goundiman GBXX1606
Goungui GBXX3110
Grand Massengo GBXX1290
Grand Mobigou GBXX2251
Grand Village GBXX1607
Gueme GBXX3111
Guiabeta GBXX2252
Guidiba GBXX2253
Guidouma GBXX2254
Guiessebe GBXX2851
Guilingono GBXX2255
Guisse GBXX2256
Hublin GBXX3433
Huy I GBXX3916
Huy II GBXX3917
Iantsi GBXX1843
Ibaga GBXX2257
Ibakodia GBXX2852
Ibala GBXX3112
Ibamba GBXX0342
Ibamba GBXX3113
Ibanga GBXX1844
Ibega GBXX3434
Ibela GBXX2853
Ibembo GBXX2258
Ibinga GBXX2854
Ibomo GBXX2855
Iboundji GBXX2259
Iboundji GBXX1014
Icoumba GBXX2260
Idamba GBXX3114
Idemba GBXX2261
Idemba GBXX1845
Idemba I GBXX2262
Idemba II GBXX2263
Idembe GBXX3115
Idembe GBXX2264
Idiata GBXX2265
Idiba GBXX3116
Idimba GBXX0343
Idokogo GBXX1015
Idolo GBXX1016
Idouma GBXX2266
Idoumi GBXX2267
Idounda GBXX2268
Igala GBXX1846
Igning-Melene GBXX1017
Ignol GBXX3918
Igolani GBXX2269
Igouba GBXX0345
Igoudi GBXX2270
Igouma GBXX3117
Igoumbi GBXX3118
Igouna GBXX2271
Iguela GBXX3435
Iguendjo GBXX1608
Iguene GBXX3436
Ikanga GBXX3119
Ikassa GBXX3437
Ikembele GBXX3120
Ikengue GBXX3438
Ikeoue GBXX3439
Ikeri Issiana GBXX1847
Ikie GBXX2856
Ikika GBXX2272
Iko GBXX2857
Ikoli GBXX1848
Ikone GBXX2273
Ikongo GBXX3440
Ikore GBXX3441
Ikouka GBXX2274
Ikoulam-Vam GBXX1609
Ikoya GBXX2275
Ilala GBXX2276
Ilande GBXX3442
Ileka GBXX0346
Ilelo GBXX2277
Ilendo GBXX2278
Ilendo GBXX1849
Ilendou GBXX2279
Iloba Songui GBXX1850
Iloga Magounga GBXX1851
Ilogo GBXX1852
Iloneyon-Sekioni GBXX1018
Ilongo GBXX3443
Ilou GBXX1019
Imboko GBXX1854
Imbong GBXX2858
Imeno GBXX3121
Imeno GBXX2280
Imeno GBXX3919
Imeno-Mbila GBXX2281
Imono GBXX3122
Inanga GBXX2282
Inanga GBXX1855
Inanie GBXX3444
Indamba GBXX2283
Indende GBXX2284
Indimba GBXX2285
Indombo GBXX2859
Indoue GBXX2860
Indoume GBXX3920
Indzanza GBXX2861
Ineni Magno GBXX1856
Ingasse GBXX3921
Ingolandjondjo I GBXX2862
Ingonda GBXX2864
Ingong GBXX0349
Ingong GBXX3922
Ingounda GBXX2286
Inguei GBXX3923
Iniounga GBXX2287
Inominomio GBXX1857
Inongo GBXX3445
Inongo-Aile GBXX3446
Intogo GBXX1291
Inzamba GBXX3123
Inzambo GBXX3124
Inze GBXX2865
Inzombo GBXX3125
Iouasso I GBXX3126
Iouasso II GBXX3127
Iouatchi GBXX3128
Ipamboua GBXX2288
Ipedie GBXX3447
Ipoungou GBXX2289
Ipoungou GBXX3129
Irandou GBXX1858
Irendou GBXX1859
Ireva GBXX3448
Irogo GBXX2290
Irougou GBXX2291
Iroungou GBXX1860
Isogni Salou GBXX1861
Issac GBXX1610
Issadoumongo GBXX3924
Issala GBXX2292
Issangafoum GBXX1020
Issiamboula GBXX2293
Issiapi GBXX2294
Issiari Mandifou GBXX3449
Issibou GBXX1862
Issigou GBXX1863
Issinga GBXX1611
Issinga GBXX3450
Issinga GBXX2295
Issohingon GBXX3926
Issoloue GBXX1612
Issoung I GBXX1613
Issoung II GBXX1614
Itaba GBXX2296
Itala GBXX2297
Italatala GBXX3130
Itava GBXX2298
Itebe I GBXX2866
Itebe II GBXX2867
Itebe III GBXX2868
Iteke GBXX2869
Itogo GBXX2299
Itoko GBXX1292
Itoughi GBXX2300
Itougou GBXX2301
Itougui GBXX2302
Itsanga GBXX2303
Itsango GBXX2304
Itsigou GBXX2305
Itsila GBXX2306
Itsouadi GBXX3131
Ivanga GBXX2307
Ivete GBXX0352
Ivicou GBXX3132
Ivoumounou GBXX1864
Ivoundou GBXX1865
Ivouta GBXX2308
Iyantzi GBXX1866
Joctane GBXX1615
Junokville GBXX1616
Kabaga I GBXX1293
Kabaga II GBXX1294
Kabala GBXX1295
Kabi GBXX1867
Kabo Nzambi GBXX2309
Kafele GBXX1021
Kaga I GBXX2310
Kaga II GBXX2311
Kaka GBXX1868
Kaki GBXX1869
Kalami GBXX1296
Kaleton GBXX1022
Kalingoue GBXX2312
Kam GBXX1023
Kamalete GBXX3133
Kamba GBXX2313
Kamba GBXX1870
Kamba I GBXX2314
Kambala GBXX1871
Kan-Kan GBXX2870
Kanapo GBXX1872
Kanda GBXX0355
Kandjama Bika GBXX2871
Kandjama Simba GBXX2872
Kandouo GBXX1297
Kanga GBXX2316
Kangala GBXX2873
Kango GBXX1024
Kantsaga GBXX1298
Kara GBXX1299
Karamaien GBXX1025
Kassiami I GBXX1300
Kassiami II GBXX1301
Katamoba GBXX2874
Kaya-Kaya GBXX1302
Kayes Congo GBXX1873
Kaze GBXX3451
Kebili GBXX1874
Kedi GBXX2317
Kekele GBXX2875
Keleba GBXX1875
Kelili GBXX1876
Kelle I GBXX1303
Kelle II GBXX1304
Kembele GBXX2318
Kemboma GBXX2876
Kendie GBXX0356
Kendje GBXX3452
Kendo GBXX2877
Keng-Akok GBXX3927
Kenibei GBXX2319
Keno GBXX3453
Kenze GBXX2320
Kenzo GBXX2321
Kepa GBXX3454
Kera-Kera GBXX3134
Keri GBXX1877
Keri GBXX1617
Keri GBXX2322
Keri II GBXX2323
Keri Nzambi GBXX1878
Kerye GBXX1618
Kessala GBXX1305
Kessetchi GBXX3135
Kessipougou GBXX3136
Kewaga GBXX1306
Kiagui GBXX2324
Kimene GBXX1026
Kobekobe GBXX0380
Kogh-Ebele GBXX1027
Koho-Bono GBXX1619
Koko GBXX2878
Koko Magoma GBXX1879
Koko Maguema GBXX2325
Kokolo GBXX2326
Kokomingheli GBXX3137
Kolimboung GBXX2327
Koma GBXX2328
Komadeke GBXX2329
Kombani GBXX2879
Kombitoumba GBXX3455
Kombo GBXX0381
Komi GBXX2330
Konako GBXX3456
Konanadembe GBXX3138
Konda GBXX3139
Kondakoko GBXX3140
Kondiri GBXX2331
Kondzi GBXX1880
Kong GBXX3928
Kongo Boumba GBXX2880
Kongo-Godafala GBXX3141
Kongou GBXX3142
Kono GBXX3929
Kos GBXX3930
Koto GBXX2881
Kotto GBXX2332
Kouadembe GBXX3143
Kouagna GBXX2333
Kouagna GBXX1620
Koualessis GBXX3931
Kouame GBXX1028
Kouangata GBXX2882
Kouango GBXX1881
Kouangou GBXX2334
Kouanou GBXX3144
Koubala GBXX3145
Kougouleu GBXX1029
Kougouri GBXX2335
Koula-Moutou GBXX1621
Koula-Okak GBXX2883
Koulamoutou GBXX0002
Koumala GBXX2336
Koumamala GBXX3146
Koumameyong GBXX2884
Koumaniabe GBXX2885
Koumassi GBXX3932
Koumatza GBXX3933
Koumba GBXX2337
Koumbanou GBXX2338
Koume GBXX3934
Koumiki GBXX1030
Koumou GBXX3147
Koumoue GBXX3457
Koumougani GBXX1882
Koumougari GBXX1883
Kounadembe GBXX3148
Kounamoutou GBXX2886
Kounda GBXX1307
Koundakoua GBXX3458
Koundou GBXX2339
Koungou GBXX2340
Koungoua GBXX1622
Kouri GBXX1884
Kousou GBXX2341
Kouta GBXX3149
Kouya GBXX2342
Kringer GBXX1031
Kroussou GBXX2343
Laboka GBXX2887
Lafond GBXX1032
Lalala GBXX1033
Lalara GBXX3935
Lama GBXX1034
Lamba GBXX1035
Lambarene GBXX2344
Lambarene GBXX2888
Lambarene GBXX0008
Lambarene GBXX3150
Lambarene GBXX3459
Lambassi GBXX2889
Lasiko GBXX3460
Lassonie GBXX3461
Lastoursville GBXX0003
Lata-Bengoue GBXX2890
Latanamitaga GBXX2891
Latanda GBXX2345
Latsa GBXX1885
Leba GBXX2346
Lebagni GBXX3151
Lebagny GBXX2347
Lebaladouba GBXX1308
Lebamba GBXX0394
Lebasa GBXX2348
Lebaye GBXX1309
Lebba GBXX1310
Lebba II GBXX1311
Lebba III GBXX1312
Lebe GBXX1036
Lebengo GBXX2349
Lebiayou GBXX3152
Lebinga I GBXX1313
Lebingue GBXX1314
Lebiri GBXX1315
Lebongui GBXX3153
Lecagna GBXX3154
Lecole GBXX3155
Ledoumou GBXX3156
Legala GBXX2350
Leka GBXX3157
Lekaba GBXX3158
Lekadouba GBXX1316
Lekala GBXX3159
Lekala GBXX2351
Lekamba GBXX1317
Lekamba GBXX3160
Lekegni GBXX3161
Lekei I GBXX1318
Lekei Ii GBXX0398
Lekei III GBXX1319
Lekengue GBXX2352
Lekila GBXX1320
Lekimbou GBXX2353
Lekindou GBXX2354
Lekolo GBXX1321
Lekoni GBXX1322
Lekori GBXX1323
Lekoumba GBXX1324
Lekoussaga GBXX1325
Lelende GBXX2355
Lelongo GBXX2356
Lemagna GBXX3162
Lemanga GBXX2357
Lemba GBXX2358
Lembayoungou GBXX2359
Lembe GBXX1886
Lembodouma GBXX2360
Lemboudouma GBXX2361
Lemboumbou GBXX2362
Leme GBXX1037
Lemingue GBXX3163
Lendabengui GBXX2363
Lendama GBXX1038
Lendoundoungou GBXX1326
Lengori GBXX1327
Lengounga GBXX1328
Leniombi I GBXX1329
Leniombi II GBXX1330
Lenzongo GBXX2364
Leoinga II GBXX1331
Lepaka GBXX1332
Lepepe GBXX2365
Lepouya GBXX1333
Les Bambous GBXX1039
Lesoka GBXX3164
Lessabou GBXX2366
Lessasso GBXX3165
Letamba GBXX3166
Letembe GBXX2367
Letoubou GBXX1334
Levama GBXX2368
Levayou GBXX2369
Leveve GBXX2370
Levika GBXX3167
Levinda GBXX2371
Lewai GBXX1335
Lewou GBXX1336
Leyassa GBXX3168
Leyimba GBXX3169
Leyounga GBXX2372
Liandza GBXX3170
Libaladouba GBXX0401
Libamba GBXX3171
Libela GBXX3172
Libena GBXX3173
Libreville GBXX0004
Licocodjiba GBXX3174
Licoko-Kaliakali GBXX3175
Lidiambou GBXX3176
Lidiata GBXX3177
Lidiembo GBXX2373
Lieben GBXX3936
Liembo Douma GBXX2374
Lifouta GBXX3178
Lihouma GBXX3179
Lihouvima GBXX3180
Likila GBXX2375
Likokou GBXX0403
Likouala GBXX3182
Likoye GBXX2376
Limbenga GBXX3183
Lindeba-Combi GBXX3184
Lindeba-Sika GBXX3185
Lindembe GBXX3186
Lingara GBXX3187
Lingomo GBXX3188
Lingoy GBXX3189
Lingoye GBXX3190
Lingoye GBXX2377
Linze GBXX2892
Lipopa GBXX3191
Lissoka-Mabeka GBXX3192
Lissoka-Micouca GBXX3193
Lissouka GBXX3194
Litouga GBXX2378
Litsegue GBXX3195
Livikou GBXX2379
Liyami GBXX1337
Liyembi GBXX3196
Loanda GBXX3462
Loandou GBXX1623
Lobo GBXX2893
Londe GBXX3463
Londen GBXX1624
Londo GBXX3197
Longa GBXX1338
Longoue GBXX1625
Louango GBXX2380
Louango GBXX1887
Louangou GBXX1888
Louba GBXX2381
Louis GBXX1040
Loukaba GBXX2382
Loukila GBXX2383
Loulou GBXX2384
Lounalou GBXX2385
Loundzou GBXX2386
Lounga GBXX2894
Loungou Zambi GBXX1889
Lyodia GBXX2895
Maba GBXX1339
Mabagou GBXX1890
Mabala GBXX1891
Mabang GBXX3937
Mabang I GBXX3938
Mabang II GBXX3939
Mabanga GBXX2387
Mabangui GBXX2388
Mabele GBXX1626
Mabemandouma GBXX2896
Mabenda GBXX3198
Mabendj GBXX1041
Mabengo GBXX2389
Mabengo GBXX3199
Mabili GBXX1892
Mabinga GBXX1340
Maboka GBXX1893
Mabonkori GBXX3200
Mabou GBXX1894
Mabouma GBXX1895
Mabounda GBXX3201
Mabounga GBXX1896
Mabouriga GBXX1897
Mabouya GBXX3202
Mabvounoungou GBXX1341
Macadium GBXX2897
Macadium GBXX0440
Macouma GBXX1042
Macoungouloa GBXX3203
Macouti GBXX2390
Macouzca GBXX2898
Madaga GBXX1043
Madangou GBXX2391
Madankogo GBXX1627
Madekele GBXX1044
Madianza GBXX3204
Madiba GBXX1342
Madiba GBXX2392
Madiela GBXX2393
Madinga GBXX3205
Madioumba GBXX2394
Madjaye GBXX3206
Madjingo GBXX2899
Madonga GBXX1898
Madzaya GBXX1343
Mafak GBXX3940
Mafou GBXX1045
Mafouka GBXX2900
Mafouka I GBXX2901
Mafouka II GBXX2902
Magabica GBXX1899
Magabiga GBXX1900
Magabika GBXX1901
Magagana GBXX2395
Magama GBXX1344
Magassiala GBXX1902
Magname GBXX3941
Magnigma-Mbomo GBXX3207
Magnima GBXX1345
Magnimba GBXX2903
Magnon GBXX2904
Magnon GBXX1628
Magombolala GBXX3208
Magonga GBXX1903
Magouanga GBXX2396
Magoumba GBXX1904
Magounga GBXX2397
Magueni GBXX2398
Maguidou GBXX2399
Mahengyedi II GBXX2905
Mahibore GBXX2906
Mahinda GBXX2907
Mahouna GBXX3209
Mahounda GBXX2400
Mahounda GBXX3210
Mahounga GBXX2401
Maila GBXX1346
Makaa GBXX3942
Makaba Ndilo GBXX1905
Makabana GBXX2402
Makabana GBXX1906
Makaga GBXX3943
Makakou GBXX2908
Makala GBXX1629
Makana GBXX2403
Makana GBXX2909
Makana GBXX1347
Makanana GBXX1907
Makanda GBXX2404
Makanda GBXX1908
Makaneni GBXX3944
Makanga GBXX1909
Makanga GBXX3945
Makangonio GBXX2405
Makao GBXX2910
Makatamagoye GBXX1348
Makebe GBXX2911
Makegni GBXX2406
Makiena GBXX1910
Makina-Bouissi GBXX1911
Makoko GBXX3211
Makokou GBXX2912
Makokoue GBXX1630
Makombo GBXX2407
Makondzi GBXX2408
Makoubou GBXX2913
Makoui GBXX2914
Makoungoulou GBXX3212
Makounou GBXX1912
Mala GBXX1046
Malaba GBXX2409
Malaba GBXX0446
Malabilila GBXX2410
Malanga GBXX1913
Malanga GBXX2411
Malanga GBXX0447
Malare GBXX2915
Malari GBXX1631
Maleba GBXX2916
Maleba GBXX1632
Malembe GBXX2917
Malembe GBXX3213
Malembo GBXX3214
Malende GBXX3215
Malene GBXX3946
Malene Bibolo GBXX1633
Malenzi GBXX2918
Malessi GBXX2412
Malimba GBXX1914
Malimba GBXX1634
Malimba GBXX2413
Malinga GBXX2414
Mallebe GBXX2415
Mallembe GBXX1915
Mallima GBXX1349
Malolo GBXX1916
Malondo GBXX2919
Malongo GBXX3216
Malongo-Mobei GBXX2416
Mamagnia GBXX3217
Mamania GBXX2417
Mamaososi GBXX2418
Mambaza GBXX2920
Mambelo GBXX3218
Mambi GBXX2419
Mamboukou GBXX2420
Mambounga GBXX2421
Mamboungou GBXX2422
Mameni I GBXX3947
Mameni II GBXX3948
Mamidi GBXX0448
Mamidi GBXX1350
Mamogo GBXX1635
Mamondo GBXX3220
Mandaganga GBXX3464
Mandi GBXX2423
Mandilou GBXX2424
Mandji GBXX2921
Mandji GBXX3221
Mandji GBXX1636
Mandji GBXX2425
Mandji GBXX3465
Mandji-Kili GBXX2426
Mandombo GBXX2922
Mandzi GBXX2427
Manega GBXX3466
Manenga GBXX3222
Mangala GBXX1047
Mangama GBXX1637
Mangara GBXX3223
Mangoma GBXX2923
Mangono GBXX1048
Mangoubou GBXX2428
Mangoumbou I GBXX2429
Mangounga GBXX1917
Mangoungou GBXX1351
Manguene GBXX1638
Manguikoume GBXX1639
Manin-Manin GBXX3224
Manioc GBXX1640
Manogo GBXX1352
Mantoua GBXX2924
Manyal GBXX2925
Manzilo GBXX3467
Maoukafan GBXX2926
Maoumba GBXX1918
Mapanga GBXX2430
Mapapa GBXX3225
Mapfongui GBXX3226
Mapika GBXX3227
Mapinga-Vouvou GBXX3228
Mapouti GBXX1641
Maranda GBXX3229
Maremba GBXX2431
Masoui GBXX2432
Masoukou GBXX3230
Massa GBXX3468
Massaa GBXX2927
Massaba II GBXX2928
Massai GBXX1049
Massako GBXX2929
Massama GBXX3949
Massana GBXX2433
Massandze GBXX2434
Massane GBXX3950
Massanga GBXX1642
Massanga GBXX1919
Massanga I GBXX1920
Massanga II GBXX1921
Massanga III GBXX1922
Massanga IV GBXX1923
Massaya GBXX2435
Massayi GBXX3469
Masse GBXX1050
Masse GBXX2930
Masseb GBXX2931
Massegue GBXX2436
Massendjo GBXX2437
Massenega GBXX2932
Massengo I GBXX1353
Massengo II GBXX1354
Massengo III GBXX1355
Massi-Massi GBXX3231
Massika GBXX1643
Massika GBXX2438
Massima GBXX2439
Massimangouandja GBXX3232
Massimbou GBXX2440
Massiya GBXX3233
Massoli Oubala GBXX1924
Massombo GBXX2933
Massoro GBXX1051
Massoti GBXX1925
Massouka GBXX1644
Massoukou GBXX0457
Matchinamana GBXX3235
Matchiti GBXX1926
Matembele GBXX2442
Matemo GBXX3236
Matete GBXX1645
Matongo GBXX3237
Matora GBXX2934
Matoro GBXX3238
Matote I GBXX2935
Matote II GBXX2936
Matoulou GBXX1646
Matoumba GBXX3239
Matoungou GBXX1927
Matsanfou GBXX1928
Matsingou GBXX2443
Matsioumba GBXX2444
Matsoumba GBXX1929
Mavaco GBXX2445
Mavene GBXX2937
Mavindji-Posso GBXX1356
Mavou GBXX2446
Mavouama GBXX1357
Mavoul GBXX1052
Mavoula GBXX2447
Mayabi GBXX3240
Mayamba GBXX1930
Mayamba GBXX3241
Mayani GBXX2448
Mayaya GBXX1053
Mayazaipepa GBXX2938
Mayebout GBXX0459
Mayela GBXX3242
Mayeliga GBXX1647
Mayemba GBXX3243
Mayene GBXX1648
Mayene II GBXX2939
Mayenga GBXX2449
Mayengone GBXX1054
Mayengue GBXX0460
Mayengue GBXX1649
Mayenguele GBXX3244
Mayiga GBXX2940
Mayingue GBXX2450
Mayoba GBXX3245
Mayombo GBXX1931
Mayumba GBXX1932
Mayumba et Lebe GBXX2451
Mazinga GBXX2452
Mba GBXX3951
Mbadi GBXX2453
Mbafan GBXX1055
Mbafane GBXX3952
Mbalene GBXX1056
Mbam GBXX3953
Mbama GBXX2454
Mbamayong GBXX1057
Mbang-Ele GBXX3954
Mbas GBXX3955
Mbaya GBXX2455
Mbe Ayo GBXX3956
Mbebengui GBXX2941
Mbekila GBXX1933
Mbela GBXX2942
Mbelatem GBXX3957
Mbele GBXX2943
Mbeligui GBXX3958
Mbembam GBXX2944
Mbengue GBXX2456
Mbengui GBXX3470
Mbey GBXX2945
Mbeza GBXX2946
Mbia GBXX1358
Mbidiga GBXX1934
Mbie GBXX1359
Mbigou GBXX2457
Mbigou GBXX3246
Mbigou GBXX1650
Mbila Nzambi GBXX2458
Mbilatem GBXX1651
Mbimba GBXX2459
Mbina Letembe GBXX2460
Mbinda GBXX3471
Mbinga GBXX2461
Mbingal GBXX3247
Mbira I GBXX3472
Mbira II GBXX3473
Mbissa GBXX3959
Mbissi GBXX1935
Mbizo GBXX2947
Mbo GBXX3960
Mboa GBXX2948
Mboga GBXX3474
Mbogha GBXX1058
Mbojo GBXX2462
Mboki GBXX1360
Mbolen-Nzork GBXX1059
Mbolendzork GBXX3961
Mbolenzo GBXX3962
Mbolonzok GBXX3963
Mboma GBXX1936
Mboma GBXX1361
Mboma GBXX3964
Mboma-Makama GBXX1362
Mbomao GBXX2949
Mbomo GBXX1363
Mbomo GBXX2950
Mbomo GBXX3965
Mbomo GBXX3248
Mbomo I GBXX3966
Mbomo II GBXX3967
Mbonde GBXX3475
Mbondo GBXX3249
Mbondo Malonge GBXX2951
Mbone GBXX1060
Mbong-Ele GBXX3968
Mbonha GBXX3250
Mboua GBXX1364
Mbouda GBXX2463
Mbouda II GBXX2464
Mboudou GBXX3476
Mbougou GBXX3251
Mbouissi GBXX1937
Mboukou GBXX2465
Mboukou GBXX1938
Mboula GBXX2952
Mboula GBXX1939
Mboulet GBXX2953
Mboum GBXX3969
Mboumba GBXX3477
Mboundou GBXX2954
Mbounga GBXX1365
Mboungou GBXX0462
Mbourandou GBXX3478
Mebama GBXX3970
Mebana GBXX3971
Mebang GBXX2955
Mebaza GBXX3972
Mebba I GBXX1061
Mebba II GBXX1062
Meben I GBXX3973
Meben II GBXX3974
Mebeu GBXX3975
Meboko GBXX3976
Mebolo GBXX3977
Mebolo II GBXX3978
Mechui GBXX1063
Meconga GBXX2956
Medegue GBXX1064
Medjong GBXX3979
Medoumou GBXX3980
Medoumou I GBXX3981
Medoumou II GBXX3982
Medoumou III GBXX3983
Medoung GBXX3984
Medzem I GBXX3985
Medzem II GBXX3986
Medzui GBXX3987
Mefana GBXX3988
Mefia GBXX1065
Meka GBXX3989
Mekaga GBXX3990
Mekak GBXX3991
Mekambo GBXX2957
Mekamenzogh GBXX1066
Meke-Meke GBXX1652
Mekina GBXX1067
Meko GBXX2958
Mekob GBXX2959
Mekoga GBXX3992
Mekok GBXX3993
Mekome GBXX3994
Mekomo GBXX3995
Mekomo Esseng GBXX3996
Mekomo I GBXX3997
Mekomo II GBXX3998
Mekomo III GBXX3999
Mekonaname GBXX1068
Mekone GBXX4000
Mekongo GBXX4001
Mekoue GBXX4002
Melagni GBXX2960
Melane GBXX2961
Meleme GBXX4003
Melen GBXX4004
Melen GBXX1069
Melene GBXX4005
Melene I GBXX4006
Melene II GBXX4007
Melep GBXX4008
Meli GBXX2466
Melole GBXX3252
Melongo GBXX2962
Memba GBXX2467
Membang GBXX4009
Memboum GBXX4010
Mempolo GBXX1653
Memveme GBXX1654
Menai GBXX1366
Mendock GBXX4012
Mendomo GBXX4013
Mendouga GBXX1070
Mendoum GBXX4014
Mendoung GBXX4015
Menenga GBXX3253
Mengang I GBXX4016
Mengang II GBXX4017
Mengue-Miloba GBXX3254
Menguele GBXX3479
Mengui GBXX3480
Menkoga GBXX4018
Menoue GBXX4019
Mesonkore GBXX1655
Messama GBXX4020
Messami I GBXX1367
Messami II GBXX1368
Messana GBXX2468
Messang GBXX4021
Messang GBXX1071
Messon Effak GBXX4022
Messoum GBXX1072
Metala GBXX1073
Meteo GBXX1369
Methui GBXX4023
Metomo I GBXX4024
Metomo II GBXX4025
Metomo III GBXX4026
Metou GBXX4027
Metui GBXX4028
Metunga GBXX2963
Mevang GBXX1656
Meyo GBXX4029
Meyo Eba GBXX4030
Meyo I GBXX4031
Meyo II GBXX4032
Meyo-Kye GBXX4033
Meyong GBXX1657
Meyos I GBXX4034
Meyos II GBXX4035
Mezata GBXX4036
Mfagne I GBXX4037
Mfagne II GBXX4038
Mfang GBXX1074
Mfaye GBXX4039
Mfeme GBXX1075
Mfoa GBXX1076
Mfoa-Arebe GBXX1077
Mfoua GBXX1658
Mfoua-Avebe GBXX1078
Mfoubou GBXX2469
Mfoukoualou GBXX1940
Mfoul GBXX4040
Mfoul Mengoma GBXX1079
Mfoulayong GBXX1080
Mfoulenzem GBXX1081
Mfoume GBXX1659
Mfoumou I GBXX4041
Mfoumou II GBXX4042
Mful I GBXX4043
Mful II GBXX4044
Miare GBXX4045
Mibaka GBXX3255
Mibang I GBXX4046
Mibang II GBXX4047
Mibene GBXX4048
Mibeng GBXX4049
Mibengue GBXX3256
Mibili GBXX1941
Miboko GBXX3257
Miboue GBXX4050
Mibouka GBXX2470
Micouca GBXX3258
Micouma GBXX2471
Micoungala GBXX3259
Midimba GBXX3260
Midouma GBXX1942
Migamba GBXX1943
Migele GBXX4051
Migola GBXX2472
Migoma GBXX1944
Miguengui GBXX1945
Mihoumbi GBXX2473
Mikaga GBXX4052
Mikanda GBXX1946
Mikanga GBXX1947
Mikengue GBXX2474
Mikengue GBXX3262
Mikidou GBXX2475
Mikoko GBXX1948
Mikolongo GBXX1082
Mikonga GBXX4053
Mikongo GBXX2964
Mikonibe GBXX4054
Mikoro Missong GBXX1660
Mikouagni GBXX1370
Mikouandza II GBXX2476
Mikouka GBXX3263
Mikouma GBXX3264
Mikoumou GBXX2478
Mikouya GBXX3265
Milando GBXX1949
Milandou GBXX1950
Miledi GBXX3266
Milembie GBXX1083
Milolo GBXX1951
Mimba GBXX2479
Mimbale-Mibe GBXX1661
Mimbalimbe GBXX1662
Mimbanda GBXX2480
Mimbang GBXX4055
Mimbi GBXX1084
Mimbong GBXX4056
Mimongo GBXX2481
Mimvoul GBXX2965
Mina GBXX2966
Mina GBXX1371
Mina-Mina GBXX3268
Mindala GBXX2482
Mindara GBXX1663
Mindemba GBXX2967
Mindili-Elebe GBXX1372
Mindomo GBXX4057
Mindoube GBXX1085
Mindoubi GBXX2483
Mindoumou GBXX4058
Mindzi GBXX4059
Minganga GBXX2484
Mingara GBXX1373
Mingola GBXX2485
Mingondza GBXX3269
Mingouni GBXX1374
Minguengue GBXX1952
Minkebe GBXX4060
Minkene GBXX4061
Minko Mibe GBXX4062
Minkokmisseng GBXX4063
Minkone GBXX4064
Minte GBXX2968
Mintebe GBXX4065
Mintoum GBXX2969
Minvoul GBXX0479
Minziandzi GBXX1953
Minzimitome GBXX4066
Miongo GBXX2486
Miporapoussa GBXX3270
Mipoundi GBXX1375
Mipoundi I GBXX1376
Mipoundi II GBXX1377
Mipoundi III GBXX1378
Mirendi GBXX1954
Misonyi GBXX2487
Missala GBXX3271
Missassa GBXX1955
Misseghe GBXX1086
Missele GBXX4067
Missigou GBXX1956
Missigou GBXX2488
Missoti GBXX1957
Mitende GBXX2970
Mitingou GBXX2489
Mitoundoulou GBXX2490
Mitoungou GBXX0480
Mitsaga GBXX2971
Mitsang GBXX2972
Mitsangou GBXX2492
Mitsangui GBXX2493
Mitsiengui GBXX2494
Mittone GBXX1664
Mitzic GBXX4068
Mivangiri GBXX1958
Mivengui GBXX1959
Mivoka GBXX1960
Mivoue GBXX4069
Miyanga GBXX2495
Miyoumba GBXX2496
Moabi GBXX1961
Moabi Koudou GBXX1962
Moabi-Tsao GBXX1963
Moanda GBXX0007
Mobigou GBXX2497
Mobouka GBXX2498
Modjoko GBXX2973
Mogabo GBXX3272
Mogno Souka GBXX1964
Mogombofala GBXX3273
Mogondzo GBXX3274
Mogoudi GBXX3275
Mogoumou GBXX2499
Mokaba-Ngaou GBXX1379
Mokoga GBXX4070
Mokomo-Sanvogo GBXX4071
Molessi-Lekegni GBXX3276
Molito GBXX1965
Molongo GBXX1380
Momanga GBXX1381
Mombaza GBXX2974
Mombi GBXX2500
Momo GBXX4072
Monda GBXX1087
Mondo GBXX2975
Mondo II GBXX2501
Mondok GBXX4073
Mondorobe GBXX3482
Mondou GBXX2502
Mondzeye GBXX1382
Mongadi GBXX3277
Mongo Milando GBXX1966
Mongos GBXX4074
Monkendjoko GBXX1383
Monzogh GBXX1088
Mooba GBXX2976
Mopata GBXX1384
Mopia GBXX1385
Mopia II GBXX1386
Mopoumba GBXX3278
Mopounga GBXX2503
Mopounga GBXX1387
Mopounga I GBXX1388
Mopounga II GBXX1389
Mora GBXX1665
Mossamala GBXX1967
Mossete GBXX1390
Motobo GBXX1391
Motobo I GBXX1392
Motobo II GBXX1393
Mouamba GBXX2504
Moubaga GBXX2505
Moubana GBXX2506
Moubassi GBXX3279
Moubidou GBXX3280
Moubigou GBXX2507
Moubili GBXX3281
Moubou GBXX1968
Mouboukou GBXX2508
Mouboumboulou GBXX2509
Mouboungou GBXX0493
Moucouagna GBXX3282
Moucouna GBXX2510
Moudiapoula GBXX2511
Moudimba GBXX2512
Moudiombi GBXX2513
Moudjina GBXX2514
Moudouma GBXX2515
Moudoungou GBXX3283
Moueke GBXX2516
Mouenda GBXX1969
Mouetji GBXX1970
Mougambi GBXX2517
Mougando Dimbo GBXX1971
Mougandza GBXX1972
Moughiba GBXX2518
Mougnegou GBXX2519
Mougnigou GBXX1973
Mougnigou GBXX1666
Mougnigou II GBXX1974
Mougnimbou GBXX1975
Mougnygou GBXX2520
Mougoko GBXX2521
Mougombo GBXX3284
Mougomibo GBXX2522
Mougomou GBXX3285
Mougonga GBXX2523
Mougongo GBXX3286
Mougonzo GBXX3287
Mougouango GBXX1394
Mougouango II GBXX1395
Mougoubou GBXX3288
Mougoudi GBXX1976
Mougouma GBXX1977
Mougoumou GBXX2524
Mougounda GBXX2525
Mouila GBXX2526
Mouila GBXX3289
Mouinga GBXX1396
Moukaba GBXX2527
Moukaba GBXX3290
Moukaba Neny GBXX1978
Moukabou GBXX2528
Moukakala GBXX2529
Moukamba GBXX2530
Moukambo GBXX1979
Moukandi GBXX2531
Moukangi GBXX1980
Moukanza GBXX2532
Moukenja GBXX1981
Moukiba II GBXX2533
Moukidi GBXX2534
Moukimbi GBXX2535
Moukinga GBXX2536
Moukoko Mayani GBXX3291
Moukombo GBXX2537
Moukondo GBXX1982
Moukongo Ndende GBXX1983
Moukoro GBXX2538
Moukoua GBXX2539
Moukouagna GBXX3292
Moukouagna GBXX2540
Moukouagna I GBXX2541
Moukouanga GBXX2542
Moukoubango GBXX2543
Moukoumamadi GBXX2544
Moukoumbi GBXX3293
Moukoumou GBXX2545
Moukouna GBXX2547
Moukounangoye GBXX3294
Moukoundou GBXX2548
Moukoundza GBXX2549
Moulaba GBXX2550
Moulagasiala GBXX1984
Moulamba GBXX1985
Moulamba GBXX2551
Moulandou GBXX1986
Moulandou Fouala GBXX2552
Moulemba GBXX3483
Moulessi GBXX3295
Mouliangoula GBXX2553
Moulobi GBXX3296
Moulombo GBXX3297
Moulonda GBXX1987
Moulondo GBXX1988
Moulongo I GBXX1397
Moulongo II GBXX1398
Moulounda GBXX2554
Mouloundou GBXX3298
Moumba GBXX2555
Moumbou GBXX2556
Moumou Boumba GBXX1989
Mounana GBXX1399
Mounana I GBXX1400
Mounana II GBXX1401
Mounanga GBXX1990
Mounanga GBXX2557
Moundou GBXX2558
Moundouma GBXX2559
Moundounga GBXX2560
Mounenga GBXX2561
Moungale GBXX1991
Moungoundi GBXX1992
Mounguembi GBXX2562
Mounianga GBXX2563
Mouniegou GBXX2564
Mounongo GBXX3299
Mounongo GBXX2565
Moupaka GBXX2566
Moupata GBXX2567
Moupeyou GBXX3301
Mouponou GBXX2568
Moupossi GBXX2569
Moupoundi GBXX2570
Moupoungou GBXX2571
Moupoupa GBXX3302
Moupoupa GBXX2572
Mouralou GBXX1993
Mourambo Kata GBXX1994
Mourima GBXX1995
Mourimbo GBXX2573
Mouroungouya GBXX1997
Mouroussi GBXX2574
Mouseye GBXX2977
Moussa-Moukougou GBXX1667
Moussamba GBXX2575
Moussambo GBXX2576
Moussamo Niambi GBXX1998
Moussamou GBXX2577
Moussamou GBXX3484
Moussamou Kougou GBXX1999
Moussamou Ygoyo GBXX2000
Moussamoukogo GBXX3485
Moussangala GBXX2001
Moussemo GBXX2578
Moussigue GBXX2579
Moussima GBXX2580
Moussitou GBXX2581
Moussitou GBXX2002
Moussitoulela GBXX2003
Moussombi GBXX2582
Moussonga GBXX2583
Moussoudou GBXX2584
Moutambi GBXX2585
Moutassou GBXX0496
Mouteti GBXX1668
Mouteti GBXX2586
Moutoumba GBXX2004
Moutoungou GBXX2005
Moutsima GBXX2587
Mouvanga GBXX2006
Mouvanga-Panza GBXX2007
Mouvangue GBXX3304
Mouvindou GBXX2588
Mouyabi GBXX1402
Mouyamba GBXX2008
Mouyamba GBXX3486
Mouyamba GBXX2589
Mouyombi GBXX2590
Mouyombi-Tali GBXX2009
Mouyomfi GBXX3487
Mouyondzi GBXX2591
Mouyoumbi GBXX2592
Mouyoungou GBXX2010
Mouzoume GBXX2593
Movous I GBXX4075
Movous II GBXX4076
Moyabi GBXX1403
Moyabi I GBXX1404
Moyabi II GBXX1405
Moyenou GBXX2594
Mpaga GBXX3488
Mpando GBXX3489
Mpembe GBXX3490
Mpere GBXX3491
Mpiala GBXX1089
Mpilou GBXX1090
Mpouma GBXX2978
Mtom GBXX1669
Mvadi GBXX2979
Mvagne GBXX4077
Mvam GBXX1091
Mvan GBXX4078
Mvanayem GBXX1092
Mvanayeme GBXX1093
Mvanayeme GBXX1670
Mvanayong GBXX1094
Mvane GBXX4079
Mvane I GBXX4080
Mvane II GBXX4081
Mvang GBXX1671
Mvang GBXX1095
Mvang-Ayong GBXX1096
Mvanha GBXX4082
Mvanzama GBXX1672
Mve Metol GBXX4083
Mveign GBXX4084
Mvemezok GBXX4085
Mveng GBXX4086
Mvengue GBXX1406
Mveyassi GBXX1673
Mvolo GBXX4087
Mvomayop GBXX4088
Mvomayop II GBXX4089
Mvomayop III GBXX4090
Mvomenzogh GBXX1097
Mvomo GBXX1098
Mvone GBXX1099
Mvoua Mitana GBXX4091
Mvoubingome GBXX1674
Mvoulenzogh GBXX1100
Mvoulessi GBXX4092
Mvoulie GBXX1675
Mvoungha GBXX2980
Myana GBXX1676
Myang GBXX1101
Myanga GBXX2595
Mzale GBXX1677
Na GBXX4093
Nabigou GBXX3492
Namba GBXX2596
Nangha GBXX2597
Nango GBXX1102
Nazareth GBXX1678
Nchoulou GBXX1407
Ndambi GBXX3305
Ndame-Bene GBXX4094
Ndanda GBXX3306
Ndangang GBXX4095
Ndende GBXX0501
Ndende GBXX0500
Ndendi Gabon GBXX1679
Ndengoue GBXX2981
Ndes GBXX4096
Ndindi GBXX2599
Ndinga Lebala GBXX2600
Ndinghi GBXX2601
Ndingui GBXX2602
Ndjakonamoye GBXX3307
Ndjambalika GBXX1680
Ndjanga GBXX1408
Ndjole GBXX3493
Ndjole GBXX2603
Ndjole GBXX1681
Ndjoue GBXX1103
Ndjouli GBXX3308
Ndogo GBXX2604
Ndoiny GBXX1682
Ndombo GBXX1104
Ndondzi GBXX3309
Ndong GBXX1683
Ndong-Guema GBXX1684
Ndoua GBXX1105
Ndouani GBXX3494
Ndoubi GBXX2605
Ndoubi GBXX3310
Ndoubi GBXX1409
Ndougou GBXX3495
Ndougou GBXX2606
Ndouma GBXX2607
Ndoumala GBXX2982
Ndoumantana GBXX1685
Ndoumba GBXX3496
Ndoumbou GBXX3311
Ndoundouma GBXX2983
Ndoungou GBXX2608
Ndounou GBXX1410
Nendja GBXX3497
Nendja GBXX1686
Nenga Bembe GBXX3498
Nengue Dioni GBXX2609
Neumbedouma GBXX1687
Nfagne GBXX4097
Nfigou GBXX2012
Nfoulameyong GBXX1106
Ngaina GBXX1411
Ngalipana GBXX2984
Ngamemzorek GBXX4098
Nganda GBXX2610
Nganda GBXX1412
Ngando GBXX2985
Nganga GBXX2611
Ngo GBXX4099
Ngoasso GBXX2612
Ngobounda GBXX1413
Ngogalen GBXX4100
Ngoguina I GBXX2613
Ngoguina II GBXX2614
Ngola GBXX3499
Ngola I GBXX4101
Ngola II GBXX4102
Ngole GBXX1688
Ngoma GBXX1414
Ngoma GBXX3312
Ngomane GBXX4103
Ngomane-Sele GBXX4104
Ngombi GBXX2615
Ngomessi GBXX4105
Ngomgom GBXX1690
Ngomo GBXX2616
Ngomo GBXX1691
Ngomo Boulango GBXX2617
Ngon GBXX4106
Ngondi GBXX2013
Ngondo GBXX2618
Ngondzi GBXX2619
Ngone GBXX4107
Ngoneki GBXX4108
Ngonga GBXX3313
Ngongo GBXX1415
Ngoreki GBXX2986
Ngorondzaye GBXX1107
Ngoss GBXX1692
Ngossi GBXX2620
Ngosso GBXX2987
Ngota GBXX3314
Ngou GBXX1108
Ngou GBXX4109
Ngoua Bikoka GBXX2621
Ngouabilaga GBXX1693
Ngouanie GBXX1109
Ngouassa GBXX2622
Ngouaviri GBXX3500
Ngoubessi GBXX4110
Ngoubounambougou GBXX2624
Ngoudou GBXX2625
Ngouema GBXX4111
Ngouengoue GBXX2988
Ngoula GBXX2014
Ngoulabona GBXX3501
Ngoulemve GBXX1110
Ngoum GBXX4112
Ngoumbi GBXX3502
Ngoumbi I GBXX2626
Ngoumbi II GBXX2627
Ngoumou GBXX2628
Ngounda GBXX1416
Ngoundou GBXX2629
Ngoundzi GBXX2630
Ngoungou GBXX2015
Ngoungou GBXX3315
Ngoungui GBXX2631
Ngoussou GBXX2016
Ngoussou GBXX2632
Ngoyo GBXX2633
Ngozok GBXX4113
Ngueke GBXX3316
Nguenda GBXX2634
Nguenda Pahilo GBXX2017
Nguenza GBXX2635
Nguiabeta GBXX3503
Ngwoni GBXX1417
Nia Name GBXX1111
Niali GBXX2636
Niallabe GBXX2989
Niamanbaye GBXX2990
Niamba GBXX3317
Niamigodi GBXX3318
Nianam GBXX1112
Nianam I GBXX1113
Nianam II GBXX1114
Nianga GBXX2637
Niatazokou GBXX2991
Niavangina GBXX3319
Nieguianou GBXX2638
Niembipanga GBXX2639
Niendze GBXX3320
Niengo GBXX2018
Nienzi Mogne GBXX2019
Niffangou Nkam GBXX1115
Ningoranga GBXX3504
Nintouma GBXX1694
Niole GBXX2640
Niolokoue GBXX3505
Niongo GBXX3506
Niongue GBXX2641
Niongui GBXX2642
Nioungou GBXX3507
Nioungou Goumbi GBXX3508
Njobermitang GBXX1116
Njole GBXX3321
Njoukou GBXX3322
Nka GBXX4114
Nkamenvi GBXX4115
Nkan GBXX0521
Nkane GBXX4116
Nkang GBXX4117
Nkangue GBXX1695
Nkar I GBXX4118
Nkar II GBXX4119
Nkarenzork GBXX4120
Nkaretom GBXX2993
Nkenga-Mbya GBXX1696
Nkey GBXX4121
Nkie GBXX4122
Nkiga GBXX1418
Nkimen GBXX4123
Nkin GBXX2994
Nko GBXX4124
Nko I GBXX4125
Nko II GBXX4126
Nkodzoe GBXX4127
Nkog Ebel GBXX1118
Nkogakom GBXX4128
Nkogalene GBXX4129
Nkogassie GBXX4130
Nkogo-Bessek GBXX4131
Nkogomang GBXX4132
Nkogomesseng GBXX4133
Nkoguebe GBXX4134
Nkok GBXX1697
Nkok GBXX1119
Nkok Ngem GBXX4135
Nkok-Loe GBXX4136
Nkoksi GBXX4137
Nkolabona GBXX4138
Nkolayop GBXX4139
Nkolessong GBXX4140
Nkolmengoa GBXX4141
Nkolmessas GBXX4142
Nkoltang GBXX1120
Nkolvem GBXX4143
Nkombeguinoguia GBXX3509
Nkomelene GBXX4144
Nkomi GBXX1121
Nkomo GBXX4145
Nkong GBXX1122
Nkoto I GBXX4146
Nkoto II GBXX4147
Nkoua GBXX1123
Nkouara GBXX4148
Nkougou GBXX4149
Nkoulamvan GBXX1124
Nkoule GBXX1698
Nkoulengong GBXX1125
Nkoum GBXX4150
Nkoumadza GBXX4151
Nkoumazo GBXX1699
Nkoumazza GBXX1126
Nkoumedoum GBXX4152
Nkoumeti GBXX1127
Nkoumiti GBXX1700
Nkoung GBXX4153
Nkourneki GBXX1128
Nkourou GBXX1129
Nkout GBXX4154
Nkouta GBXX2995
Nlan GBXX4155
Nlang-Mbeng GBXX1130
Nlovila GBXX1701
Nnangbeng GBXX4156
Nnifala GBXX4157
Noanatoute GBXX4158
Noayong GBXX1131
Nomba GBXX1132
Nombo GBXX3510
Nongzork GBXX4159
Nouako GBXX1133
Noumbou GBXX2020
Nsak GBXX4160
Nsakalano GBXX3511
Nsang GBXX4161
Nseng-Afoun GBXX1134
Nseng-Mitang GBXX4162
Nseng-Mitang GBXX1135
Nsimi GBXX4163
Nsiono GBXX3324
Ntambe GBXX1702
Ntanha-Tele GBXX2996
Ntchatanga GBXX1703
Ntchengue GBXX3512
Ntchogo GBXX1136
Nto GBXX4164
Ntom I GBXX4165
Ntom II GBXX4166
Ntong GBXX4167
Ntoua GBXX2997
Ntoum GBXX1137
Ntoum GBXX4168
Ntsangou-Dimbou GBXX1704
Ntsap GBXX1705
Ntsibelong GBXX2998
Ntsimbi GBXX1138
Ntsini GBXX1139
Ntyeng GBXX2999
Nvanayem GBXX1140
Nvanayeme GBXX1141
Nvounda GBXX2021
Nyambipanga GBXX2643
Nyamegong GBXX4170
Nyamo GBXX2644
Nyanga GBXX2645
Nyanga GBXX3513
Nyanga GBXX2022
Nyanga II GBXX2646
Nyanga Moubighou GBXX0537
Nyanga-Vembe GBXX2023
Nyembo GBXX2647
Nyoungou GBXX2648
Nzafieng GBXX3000
Nzagha GBXX1706
Nzagobibere GBXX1707
Nzai GBXX2649
Nzakoumenga GBXX2650
Nzamakelene GBXX1708
Nzamalighe GBXX1142
Nzamaligue GBXX1143
Nzamalique GBXX1144
Nzamanene GBXX1145
Nzamata GBXX1146
Nzamba GBXX3001
Nzambi GBXX1419
Nzambi GBXX3325
Nzambi GBXX2651
Nzambi-Minongo GBXX2652
Nzamene GBXX3514
Nzamou GBXX1147
Nzang-Ayong GBXX1148
Nzanza GBXX2024
Nzao GBXX2653
Nzebe GBXX1710
Nzebene GBXX4171
Nzebere GBXX1149
Nzeberre GBXX1711
Nzeck GBXX4172
Nzeck GBXX1712
Nzeguebegne GBXX4173
Nzeik I GBXX4174
Nzeik II GBXX4175
Nzela GBXX3002
Nzela GBXX3326
Nzembi GBXX2654
Nzeng-Boun GBXX1713
Nzeng-Bour GBXX1150
Nzeng-Meyong GBXX1151
Nzeng-Miana GBXX1152
Nzenzele GBXX3327
Nzenzila GBXX2025
Nzibobouya GBXX3003
Nzila-Kala GBXX2656
Nzimayong GBXX1153
Nzing-Ayong GBXX1154
Nzinga GBXX2026
Nzinga GBXX3328
Nzinga GBXX3004
Nzinga Tchi GBXX2027
Nzinga-Nzinga GBXX3329
Nzingayong GBXX1155
Nzingmeyong GBXX3005
Nzingui GBXX2657
Nzoghe-Mintang GBXX1156
Nzoghebour GBXX1157
Nzoghengom GBXX1714
Nzoghengone GBXX3006
Nzoghengone GBXX1158
Nzoghi GBXX1715
Nzogho-Mintang GBXX1159
Nzogmayong GBXX4176
Nzogmitang GBXX4177
Nzogmitang GBXX1160
Nzognimintana GBXX1716
Nzogobeyork GBXX1161
Nzogomitang GBXX1162
Nzome GBXX1717
Nzomo GBXX1163
Nzong GBXX1164
Nzong Bour GBXX1165
Nzong Zeme GBXX1166
Nzong-Ayong GBXX1167
Nzong-Meyond GBXX1168
Nzongomintangui GBXX1718
Nzonguebourg GBXX1169
Nzorengone GBXX4178
Nzork GBXX4179
Nzork GBXX1170
Nzork Angonenye GBXX4180
Nzoro Bindzene GBXX1171
Nzoro Bissone GBXX4181
Nzoro Mitang GBXX1172
Nzoua GBXX4182
Nzoua GBXX1173
Nzoudi GBXX2658
Nzoum GBXX3007
Nzoumou GBXX4183
Nzourk GBXX4184
Obala GBXX1420
Obana GBXX1421
Obando GBXX3515
Obang GBXX4185
Obegue I GBXX1422
Obegue II GBXX1423
Obele GBXX0540
Obelo GBXX1174
Obenzi I GBXX1719
Obenzi II GBXX1720
Oberting GBXX0541
Obeye GBXX2659
Obia I GBXX1424
Obia II GBXX1425
Obidi GBXX3008
Obili GBXX1426
Obinamboum GBXX1175
Obiro GBXX3516
Oboi GBXX2660
Obori GBXX1427
Obori-Lekoussa GBXX1428
Oboui GBXX4186
Obour GBXX1176
Obout I GBXX4187
Obout II GBXX4188
Obout III GBXX4189
Obwo GBXX1429
Odende GBXX3517
Odimba GBXX3518
Odimba GBXX1722
Odjingoto GBXX4190
Odowo GBXX3519
Odowwenga GBXX3520
Odzala GBXX1430
Offos GBXX4191
Ogoga GBXX3521
Ogoumalanga GBXX1723
Okala GBXX1431
Okala GBXX4192
Okan GBXX1177
Okano GBXX3009
Okara GBXX1432
Okila GBXX0544
Okogayo GBXX4193
Okok GBXX4194
Okola GBXX1178
Okolo GBXX3522
Okondja GBXX2661
Okondja GBXX1433
Okouba GBXX1434
Okouba I GBXX1435
Okouba II GBXX1436
Okouma GBXX1437
Okoumbi GBXX1438
Olam-Nze GBXX4195
Olamba GBXX3523
Olango GBXX3524
Olina GBXX1439
Olong GBXX4196
Olongo GBXX1440
Olongo II GBXX1441
Oloumi GBXX2662
Olounga GBXX1442
Olounga-Omvouri GBXX1443
Oma GBXX1444
Omanga GBXX1445
Ombala GBXX3010
Ombelle GBXX1446
Ombila GBXX2028
Ombili GBXX1447
Ombou GBXX1448
Omboue GBXX3525
Omengo GBXX3526
Omoana GBXX1449
Omoi GBXX3330
Omoi GBXX1450
Omoi I GBXX1451
Omoi II GBXX1452
Ompomouena GBXX1724
Ompouyi GBXX1453
Omvane GBXX1179
Ondama GBXX1454
Ondili GBXX1455
Ondondo GBXX4197
Ondouama GBXX1456
Ondouma GBXX3527
Ondwo GBXX1457
Ondzeye GBXX1458
Ongam GBXX1180
Ongo GBXX4198
Ongongo GBXX4199
Ongouangoubou GBXX1459
Ongouendjo GBXX3528
Onguendjo GBXX3529
Onguia GBXX1460
Onia GBXX1461
Onie GBXX4200
Onkara GBXX1462
Onkoua GBXX1463
Opakelle GBXX1464
Opinda GBXX1465
Opoungou GBXX1466
Orali GBXX3530
Oronga GBXX1725
Ossa GBXX1726
Ossagui GBXX1467
Ossala GBXX1468
Ossamoudembou GBXX3531
Ossas GBXX4201
Ossele GBXX1469
Ossiandjobo GBXX1470
Ossinga II GBXX1471
Osso GBXX1727
Ossouele GBXX1472
Otala GBXX1473
Otanda GBXX1728
Otcouandjoko GBXX1474
Otouma GBXX3011
Otoundou GBXX1475
Ottouma GBXX4202
Ouaka GBXX2663
Oualla GBXX1476
Ouassi GBXX4203
Oubendji GBXX3331
Oucha GBXX1729
Oueliga GBXX2664
Oueliga GBXX2029
Oueligha GBXX2030
Oukoussa GBXX3332
Ouniongo GBXX3333
Ouo II GBXX4204
Ouol GBXX4205
Ouongue GBXX1730
Oussourfan GBXX1181
Outavou GBXX2665
Ovan GBXX3012
Ovane Bibang GBXX1182
Ovang GBXX4206
Ovel Kol GBXX1183
Ovena GBXX1731
Oveng GBXX1184
Oveng GBXX4207
Oveng Abe GBXX4208
Oveng Abe II GBXX4209
Oveng I GBXX4210
Oveng-Mendong GBXX4211
Ovine GBXX4212
Ovok-Sone GBXX1185
Ovolondzam GBXX1186
Ovon GBXX4213
Owendo GBXX1187
Oyabe GBXX3013
Oyabi GBXX1477
Oyali GBXX1478
Oyam GBXX1732
Oyan GBXX1188
Oyane GBXX1189
Oyanza GBXX1479
Oyem GBXX4214
Oyendze GBXX1480
Oyingo GBXX1733
Oyou GBXX1481
Oyouga GBXX1482
Oyouma GBXX1483
Oyouma GBXX3014
Ozakong GBXX4215
Ozomboua GBXX3532
Ozouri GBXX3533
Pabo Nzambi GBXX2031
Paga GBXX2666
Paga GBXX1734
Paga-Dianzi GBXX2667
Paguignambi GBXX2668
Paguilou GBXX3534
Pahilou GBXX2032
Pahon-Pira GBXX3334
Pahou-Youngou GBXX3335
Pahouzambi GBXX2033
Pana GBXX3336
Pananga GBXX2034
Panepo GBXX3535
Panga GBXX2669
Pangani GBXX3337
Papatsegue GBXX3338
Paris GBXX1735
Paris GBXX3339
Passeur GBXX2036
Pata GBXX3340
Pegny Ivolo GBXX2670
Pegny-Sampana GBXX2671
Pekie GBXX2672
Pemba-Niambe GBXX3536
Pembi GBXX2037
Pembimbe GBXX3341
Pemo GBXX2038
Peni Gnoundou GBXX2039
Peti GBXX2673
Petialongo GBXX3015
Petit Dondo GBXX2674
Petit Loango GBXX3537
Petit Mandilou GBXX2675
Petit Mapfoungui GBXX3342
Petit Masango GBXX2676
Petit Mobigou GBXX2677
Petit Ndambi GBXX3343
Petit Paris GBXX1736
Petit-Denis GBXX1190
Petite Elise GBXX1737
Petite Silang GBXX1738
Pingo GBXX2678
Pingou GBXX3344
Pingou GBXX2679
Piti Massango GBXX2680
Plustard GBXX1739
Pointe Claire GBXX3538
Pointe Denis GBXX1191
Pointe Pongara GBXX0577
Pointe-Noire GBXX1740
Poka GBXX2040
Polo Mbya GBXX2681
Polombya GBXX2041
Poloumbia GBXX2682
Popa GBXX0583
Porro GBXX2042
Port-Gentil GBXX0005
Posso GBXX1484
Poubi GBXX3345
Poudi GBXX2683
Poudi GBXX2043
Poumbou GBXX2684
Pounga GBXX2685
Pounga-Nganda GBXX2044
Poungi GBXX3346
Poungo GBXX3347
Poungou GBXX3348
Poungou GBXX2686
Poungou I GBXX2687
Poungou II GBXX2688
Poungui GBXX2689
Poupa GBXX3349
Povo GBXX2045
Quaben GBXX1192
Ramba GBXX3350
Randi I GBXX2046
Randi II GBXX2047
Rechenman GBXX1741
Regnault GBXX1193
Ribe GBXX4216
Rigoho GBXX1194
Rima Nzala GBXX2048
Rinanzala GBXX1742
Riranzala GBXX2049
Roungassa GBXX3351
Saguinanga GBXX3539
Sahoue GBXX0621
Saille GBXX3540
Saint Jean GBXX1743
Saint-Francois GBXX1744
Saint-Louis GBXX1745
Saint-Paul GBXX1746
Saint-Thomas GBXX3541
Sainte Benoit GBXX1747
Sainte-Croix GBXX1748
Sainte-Marie GBXX2050
Saira GBXX1749
Sakamikanda GBXX3352
Sake I GBXX4217
Sake II GBXX4218
Salaganga GBXX3542
Salamou GBXX2690
Salangoue GBXX1750
Salano GBXX2691
Salanou GBXX3543
Sallanou GBXX3544
Salo GBXX3016
Sam GBXX4219
Sam II GBXX4220
Samba GBXX2692
Sambinanga GBXX3545
Samkita GBXX1751
Samouganga GBXX2693
Sanda GBXX2051
Sandoundou GBXX3353
Sanga GBXX2052
Sanga Foret GBXX2053
Sanga I GBXX2694
Sanga II GBXX2695
Sanga-Plaine GBXX2054
Sangala GBXX0630
Sangatane GBXX1752
Sangatanga GBXX3546
Sangha GBXX2696
Sanghalam GBXX3017
Sangoua Boma GBXX1753
Sangoue GBXX1485
Sangouronda GBXX3547
Sangourouma GBXX3548
Sapina-Wata GBXX2697
Saye GBXX1486
Sele GBXX4221
Seme GBXX4222
Sengui GBXX2698
Sette Banda GBXX2055
Sette Cama GBXX2699
Sette Cama GBXX3549
Sette-Cama GBXX2700
Seyiang GBXX4223
Seyland GBXX4224
Seylang GBXX4225
Siba GBXX2701
Sibang GBXX1195
Sibbi GBXX1487
Sibi GBXX1488
Sifala GBXX1196
Silakout GBXX4226
Simani GBXX3550
Simintang GBXX3018
Sindara GBXX0652
Singa Plaine GBXX2056
Singna GBXX2057
Siran-Zangou GBXX1754
Sizakang GBXX1197
Soangui GBXX2058
Soangui GBXX2702
Soga GBXX2703
Soga II GBXX2704
Sola GBXX3354
Song GBXX4227
Sosotsanda GBXX3355
Soubba GBXX1489
Sougalam-Fekele GBXX3019
Sougoudzap GBXX4228
Souka GBXX3356
Soukila GBXX2059
Soulfane GBXX1198
Sounga GBXX2705
Sounga GBXX3551
Sounga-Milare GBXX1199
Takamondzikou GBXX2706
Taki GBXX2707
Tamba GBXX2708
Tando Filou GBXX2060
Tandou Filou GBXX2709
Tarangone GBXX4229
Tassi GBXX3552
Tchad GBXX1755
Tchangombini GBXX3553
Tchangonivi GBXX3554
Tchatamba GBXX3555
Tchengue GBXX2710
Tchengue-Paga GBXX2711
Tchibanga GBXX3556
Tchibanga GBXX2061
Tchigana GBXX2062
Tchimazok GBXX4230
Tchimbia GBXX2063
Tchingondo GBXX2064
Tchioumbi I GBXX2712
Tchioumbi II GBXX2713
Tchitende GBXX2065
Tchongorove GBXX3557
Tchouka GBXX1756
Tebe GBXX1490
Tebe I GBXX1491
Tebe II GBXX1492
Tegha GBXX1757
Tem GBXX1200
Tendi GBXX2714
Tha GBXX4231
Tho GBXX4232
Thol GBXX1758
Tia GBXX2066
Tietie GBXX3020
Tinga-Tsenge GBXX2715
Toco Tsiala GBXX2067
Tok GBXX4233
Tom GBXX4234
Tomassi GBXX4235
Tono GBXX2068
Tono Sangana GBXX2069
Tonokamba GBXX2070
Tornebeim GBXX1201
Touassi GBXX3357
Toubaganga GBXX2716
Toubaghengui GBXX2717
Toukoue GBXX3021
Toulo GBXX3022
Toulougaba GBXX2071
Toumba GBXX2072
Toumbi I GBXX3023
Toumbi II GBXX3024
Toungounamba I GBXX3558
Toungounamba II GBXX3559
Tourounessol GBXX4236
Tourouvaya GBXX3025
Tsade GBXX2718
Tsamba GBXX2719
Tsamba GBXX3358
Tsambalingue GBXX3359
Tsambou GBXX2720
Tsanda GBXX3360
Tsandi GBXX3361
Tsanga GBXX1493
Tsangui GBXX2721
Tsati GBXX3362
Tsegnou Bila GBXX2073
Tsenguenabela GBXX3363
Tsengui GBXX2722
Tsiengui Panga GBXX2723
Tsienguifala GBXX2724
Tsifala GBXX2725
Tsimbili GBXX4237
Tsingue GBXX3364
Tsingui GBXX3365
Tsogni GBXX2074
Tsogui GBXX2075
Tsongo Malongo GBXX3560
Tsotonzala GBXX3366
Tsouka GBXX2076
Tsoumbi GBXX2726
Vama GBXX4238
Vanayeme GBXX1202
Vandarene Echira GBXX3561
Vanguenengue GBXX3563
Vedi GBXX2727
Vema GBXX4239
Venelle GBXX3026
Vengue GBXX1494
Vera GBXX3564
Veyrie GBXX3565
Viafe GBXX1759
Viafe GBXX4240
Ville GBXX3367
Viong GBXX3027
Vivane GBXX4241
Vombie GBXX1203
Vonmozel GBXX1204
Voulougandou GBXX2077
Voumvou GBXX2078
Vouta GBXX2728
Vouvi GBXX2729
Welle GBXX1495
Woumou GBXX4242
Yabala GBXX2079
Yaffa GBXX4243
Yamba GBXX2730
Yamba GBXX1496
Yamba Boualou GBXX2731
Yamba II GBXX2732
Yamba III GBXX2733
Yamemve GBXX4244
Yameyang GBXX1205
Yandji GBXX2080
Yanebot GBXX4245
Yanibour GBXX4246
Yaraka GBXX1760
Yello GBXX2734
Yelo GBXX2735
Yen GBXX4247
Yendji GBXX2081
Yene GBXX1497
Yeng GBXX3028
Yengue GBXX2736
Yengui GBXX2737
Yeno GBXX2738
Yeno GBXX3566
Yetsou GBXX2739
Yetsou I GBXX2740
Yetsou Ii GBXX0856
Yeye GBXX1498
Yeyena GBXX2082
Yianamassok GBXX4248
Yinanessogo GBXX4249
Yinassessogo GBXX4250
Yobomamba GBXX3368
Yoko GBXX3029
Yombe GBXX1206
Yombe GBXX3567
Yombe I GBXX3568
Yombe II GBXX3569
Yombi GBXX0857
Yong GBXX1207
Yongo GBXX2742
Yongo GBXX2083
Yongodoulongo GBXX3570
Yongulssa GBXX2743
Yoss I GBXX4251
Yoss II GBXX4252
Yosse GBXX4253
Yougou GBXX3571
Youko GBXX3030
Youlandzambi GBXX3369
Youlou GBXX3370
Youlou GBXX1499
Youma GBXX1500
Youmbou GBXX2084
Younga-Younga GBXX3371
Yoyo GBXX2085
Zalakouka GBXX3372
Zamanene GBXX1208
Zamata GBXX1761
Zambi Zanza GBXX2086
Zambounie GBXX3572
Zamelen I GBXX4254
Zamelen II GBXX4255
Zanangoue GBXX4256
Zangame GBXX4257
Zangui Mamba GBXX2087
Zembi-Zanza GBXX2088
Zilmac GBXX3573
Zindzele GBXX3373
Zoanki GBXX3031
Zobermitang GBXX4258
Zobete GBXX4259
Zogogone GBXX4260
Zogomitang GBXX4261
Zogueloumou GBXX4262
Zokokota GBXX3032
Zokoma GBXX3033
Zokosoa GBXX3034
Zoolende GBXX3035
Zorengone GBXX4263
Zoua GBXX4264
Zougouani GBXX3374
Zoula GBXX3036
Zoulameyong GBXX1209
Zoungui GBXX3375