Weather Codes for Fiji

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Fiji. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Ahau FJXX0884
Ambatha FJXX0934
Arua FJXX0400
Atopisi FJXX0885
Avea FJXX0401
Ba FJXX0935
Ekumbu FJXX0936
Elsio FJXX0887
Emuri FJXX0937
Eveve FJXX0888
Fafaisina FJXX0889
Fapufa FJXX0890
Feavai FJXX0891
Feavarere FJXX0892
Haga FJXX0893
Hofvea FJXX0894
Hua FJXX0895
Iavuki FJXX0011
Itumuta FJXX0896
Jolmea FJXX0897
Juju FJXX0898
Kalambo FJXX0079
Kalokolevu FJXX0080
Kalvaka FJXX0899
Kambariki FJXX0402
Kambisi FJXX0938
Kana FJXX0403
Kanathea FJXX0603
Kandavu FJXX0404
Kande FJXX0405
Karoko FJXX0604
Kasavu FJXX0012
Kavala FJXX0406
Kavula FJXX0605
Keiyasi FJXX0939
Kendra FJXX0606
Kese FJXX0940
Ketei FJXX0407
Keteira FJXX0408
Keua FJXX0900
Kiombo FJXX0607
Kiuva FJXX0081
Komave FJXX0941
Koro FJXX0942
Koroinasolo FJXX0608
Koroivonu FJXX0609
Koroiyatha FJXX0943
Korokula FJXX0944
Korolevu FJXX0945
Korolevu FJXX0082
Koromathi FJXX0409
Koronatonga FJXX0611
Koronggangga FJXX0946
Koronisangana FJXX0947
Korosi FJXX0612
Korosuli FJXX0013
Korotasere FJXX0613
Korothirithiri FJXX0083
Korotolu FJXX0410
Korotongo FJXX0948
Korotumbu FJXX0614
Korovatu FJXX0084
Korovisilou FJXX0085
Korovou FJXX0615
Korovou FJXX0949
Korovou FJXX0411
Korovou FJXX0014
Korovuli FJXX0616
Korovuto FJXX0950
Korowiri FJXX0617
Kothoma FJXX0618
Kumbuna FJXX0951
Kumi FJXX0087
Lakemba FJXX0619
Lakemba FJXX0078
Lalati FJXX0015
Lambasa FJXX0620
Lambasa River FJXX0621
Lami FJXX0088
Lamini FJXX0622
Lamiti FJXX0412
Langgere FJXX0089
Langi FJXX0623
Lasakau FJXX0090
Laselase FJXX0952
Laselevu FJXX0091
Lau FJXX0901
Lauthala FJXX0092
Lauthala FJXX0624
Lauthala Bay FJXX0093
Lautoka FJXX0016
Lauwaki FJXX0413
Lauwaki FJXX0953
Lavena FJXX0625
Lawai FJXX0954
Lawaki FJXX0094
Lawangga FJXX0955
Lekanai FJXX0415
Lekutulevu FJXX0626
Levuka FJXX0095
Levuka FJXX0017
Levukaindaku FJXX0417
Levukana FJXX0418
Lewa FJXX0956
Leya FJXX0627
Liku FJXX0419
Lindiasinga FJXX0628
Lingau FJXX0629
Lingaulevu FJXX0630
Loa FJXX0631
Lokia FJXX0096
Lomai FJXX0097
Lomainasau FJXX0098
Lomaji FJXX0420
Lomaloma FJXX0421
Lomanikaya FJXX0957
Lomanikoro FJXX0099
Lomanikoro FJXX0422
Lomati FJXX0423
Lomawai FJXX0018
Lombau FJXX0100
Lomolomo FJXX0958
Londoni FJXX0101
Longani FJXX0102
Lopo FJXX0902
Losa FJXX0903
Lovoni FJXX0424
Lovoninggai FJXX0632
Lovonivonu FJXX0633
Lovu FJXX0425
Lutu FJXX0103
Lutukina FJXX0634
Luvunivuaka FJXX0104
Maftoa FJXX0904
Makolei FJXX0635
Makomako FJXX0636
Makongai FJXX0019
Mala FJXX0959
Malaka FJXX0426
Malakati FJXX0960
Malake FJXX0961
Malake FJXX0637
Malambi FJXX0105
Malau FJXX0638
Malawai FJXX0427
Malevu FJXX0962
Maloku FJXX0428
Malomalo FJXX0963
Mambula FJXX0429
Manu FJXX0106
Manuku FJXX0430
Marama FJXX0906
Marou FJXX0964
Matai FJXX0107
Matailambasa FJXX0639
Matailombau FJXX0108
Matainananu FJXX0965
Matainasau FJXX0109
Matainimoli FJXX0110
Matainotho FJXX0111
Mataleka FJXX0112
Matalolo FJXX0640
Matamaivere FJXX0113
Matanangata FJXX0966
Mataniwai FJXX0641
Matanuku FJXX0431
Matasawalevu FJXX0020
Mataso FJXX0432
Matathauthau FJXX0114
Matathawalevu FJXX0967
Matathula FJXX0115
Mataveikai FJXX0968
Matavuralevu FJXX0116
Matawailevu FJXX0117
Matawailevu FJXX0969
Matayalevu FJXX0970
Mathuata-i-Wai FJXX0642
Matokana FJXX0433
Matokana FJXX0971
Matuku FJXX0007
Mau FJXX0118
Maumi FJXX0119
Mavana FJXX0434
Mavua FJXX0972
Mba FJXX0973
Mbaindamundamu FJXX0435
Mbalekinanga FJXX0974
Mbalenambelo FJXX0975
Mbalesere FJXX0976
Mbalevuto FJXX0977
Mbangasau FJXX0643
Mbangata FJXX0644
Mbanikea FJXX0645
Mbarotu FJXX0978
Mbatimaoli FJXX0979
Mbatinikama FJXX0646
Mbatiri FJXX0022
Mbatiri FJXX0647
Mbaulevu FJXX0120
Mbavu FJXX0980
Mbemana FJXX0981
Mbengga FJXX0121
Mbiaungunu FJXX0648
Mbiausevu FJXX0982
Mboitathi FJXX0436
Mbotenaulu FJXX0122
Mbouma FJXX0649
Mbouwangga FJXX0983
Mbua FJXX0650
Mbukama FJXX0984
Mbukuya FJXX0023
Mbulileka FJXX0651
Mbuliya FJXX0437
Mbunduna FJXX0123
Mburelevu FJXX0124
Mburelevu FJXX0024
Mburelevu FJXX0985
Mburembasanga FJXX0125
Mburenitu FJXX0986
Mburenivalu FJXX0126
Mburerua FJXX0127
Mburetu FJXX0128
Mbusa FJXX0438
Mbutha FJXX0652
Mbuthalevu FJXX0653
Mea FJXX0907
Melimeli FJXX0129
Moala FJXX0987
Mofmanu FJXX0908
Mokani FJXX0130
Mokoisa FJXX0439
Momi FJXX0988
Motusa FJXX0909
Mouta FJXX0654
Mua FJXX0440
Muaira FJXX0989
Muaivuso FJXX0131
Mualevu FJXX0441
Muamua FJXX0442
Muamua FJXX0132
Muana FJXX0655
Muana FJXX0133
Muana-i-Ra FJXX0443
Muana-i-Thake FJXX0444
Muanaira FJXX0134
Muanaithake FJXX0135
Muani FJXX0445
Muanikau FJXX0136
Muaninuku FJXX0446
Muanisolo FJXX0447
Muanivatu FJXX0137
Mundu FJXX0448
Murimuri FJXX0449
Na Vasi FJXX0138
Nadi FJXX0001
Naevuevu FJXX0990
Naiiviivi FJXX0656
Naikawangga FJXX0139
Naikorokoro FJXX0026
Naila FJXX0140
Nailanga FJXX0027
Nailawa FJXX0991
Nailenga FJXX0141
Naililili FJXX0142
Nailou FJXX0657
Nailuva FJXX0992
Naimalavau FJXX0143
Naimasimasi FJXX0144
Naimbalembale FJXX0993
Naimbalembale FJXX0658
Naimbita FJXX0145
Naimborembore FJXX0146
Naindi FJXX0028
Naindiri FJXX0994
Naingani FJXX0451
Naingani FJXX0147
Naingganggi FJXX0659
Naioti FJXX0452
Nairukuruku FJXX0148
Naisaumbua FJXX0149
Naisausau FJXX0150
Naiserelangi FJXX0995
Naisonggo FJXX0151
Naisongovau FJXX0152
Naitauvoli FJXX0153
Naithambethambe FJXX0453
Naitonitoni FJXX0029
Naitutu FJXX0154
Naivaka FJXX0660
Naivakarauniniu FJXX0454
Naivakathau FJXX0155
Naivikisara FJXX0156
Naivilatha FJXX0157
Naivilathalatha FJXX0661
Naiviteitei FJXX0455
Naivithula FJXX0158
Naivotho FJXX0996
Naivuruvuru FJXX0159
Naivuthini FJXX0160
Naivutu FJXX0997
Naivuvuni FJXX0998
Naiyalayala FJXX0161
Nakaile FJXX0162
Nakalavo FJXX0999
Nakalawatha FJXX0163
Nakama FJXX0662
Nakambuta FJXX1000
Nakanakana FJXX0663
Nakanathangi FJXX0664
Nakarambo FJXX0665
Nakasa FJXX0666
Nakaungasele FJXX0456
Nakavika FJXX0164
Nakavu FJXX0030
Nakavu FJXX1001
Nakawakawa FJXX0667
Nakawanga FJXX0668
Nakelikoso FJXX0669
Nakelo FJXX0165
Nakini FJXX0166
Nakombo FJXX0670
Nakondu FJXX0457
Nakoro FJXX0458
Nakoro FJXX1002
Nakoroivau FJXX0167
Nakorokula FJXX1003
Nakoronawa FJXX0459
Nakorotiki FJXX0671
Nakoroutari FJXX0672
Nakorovou FJXX0168
Nakorowaiwai FJXX0169
Nakoso FJXX0673
Nakuku FJXX0674
Nakula FJXX0675
Nakuriwai FJXX0170
Nalalawa FJXX1004
Nalase FJXX0171
Nalauwaki FJXX1005
Naleile FJXX0460
Nalele FJXX1006
Nalembalemba FJXX1007
Naloaloa FJXX0676
Nalotawa FJXX1008
Naloto FJXX0172
Nalotu FJXX0031
Nalutu FJXX0677
Naluwai FJXX0173
Namaka FJXX1009
Namalata FJXX0678
Namalata FJXX0461
Namama FJXX0679
Namanda FJXX1010
Namandi FJXX0174
Namanggumanggua FJXX0175
Namanusa FJXX0462
Namara FJXX0463
Namara FJXX1011
Namarai FJXX1012
Namata FJXX0176
Namatakula FJXX0177
Namatana FJXX0464
Namathu FJXX0465
Namatiu FJXX0466
Nambaitavo FJXX0178
Nambalambala FJXX1013
Nambalembale FJXX0680
Nambathi FJXX0681
Nambau FJXX1014
Nambauto FJXX0682
Nambavatu FJXX0683
Nambekavu FJXX0684
Nambena FJXX0179
Nambila FJXX1015
Nambiti FJXX0685
Nambitu FJXX0180
Nambouono FJXX0686
Nambouthiwa FJXX0181
Namboutini FJXX0687
Namboutini FJXX0182
Namboutini FJXX1016
Nambouva FJXX0183
Nambouwalu FJXX0184
Nambouwalu FJXX0002
Nambouwangga FJXX0033
Nambua FJXX0185
Nambua FJXX0688
Nambukaluka FJXX0186
Nambukandongo FJXX0689
Nambukandra FJXX1017
Nambukavesi FJXX0187
Nambukelevu FJXX0188
Nambukelevuira FJXX0034
Nambukeru FJXX1018
Nambuli FJXX0189
Nambulini FJXX0190
Nambumbu FJXX0690
Nambuna FJXX0691
Nambuna FJXX0467
Nambuna FJXX1019
Nambundrau FJXX0191
Nambuyasa FJXX1020
Nameka FJXX0192
Namoala FJXX0468
Namoli FJXX0692
Namoli FJXX1021
Namono FJXX0193
Namosi FJXX0194
Namotomoto FJXX1023
Namuaimanda FJXX1024
Namuamua FJXX0195
Namuana FJXX0469
Namuavoivoi FJXX0693
Namuka FJXX0196
Namuka FJXX0470
Namukalau FJXX0694
Namulomulo FJXX1025
Namuriwai FJXX1026
Nananivatu FJXX0197
Nananu FJXX1027
Nananu FJXX0198
Nandakuni FJXX0199
Nandali FJXX0200
Nandarathi FJXX0695
Nandarivatu FJXX1028
Nandaro FJXX0201
Nandawa FJXX1029
Nandele FJXX1030
Nandevo FJXX1031
Nandi FJXX0035
Nandilo FJXX0696
Nandiondio FJXX0697
Nandivakarua FJXX0698
Nandoi FJXX0202
Nandoli FJXX0203
Nandongo FJXX0699
Nandoria FJXX0204
Nandrala FJXX1032
Nandrau FJXX1033
Nandroumai FJXX1034
Nandrungu FJXX1035
Nandua FJXX0700
Nanduna FJXX0205
Nanduri FJXX1036
Nanduri FJXX0036
Nanduru FJXX0206
Nanduruyasi FJXX0207
Nangandoa FJXX0701
Nangatangata FJXX1037
Nangavungavu FJXX0208
Nanggaindamu FJXX0471
Nanggainggai FJXX0702
Nanggali FJXX0209
Nanggalotu FJXX0472
Nanggara FJXX0037
Nanggarani FJXX0210
Nanggaravutu FJXX0703
Nanggarawai FJXX0211
Nanggelewai FJXX1038
Nanggia FJXX0212
Nanggumu FJXX0704
Nangingi FJXX0705
Nanivunda FJXX0706
Nanoko FJXX1039
Nanokonoko FJXX1040
Nanuku FJXX1041
Nanukuloa FJXX0038
Nanutha FJXX0707
Naothombau FJXX1042
Naraiyawa FJXX0213
Narara FJXX1043
Nararavou FJXX1044
Narata FJXX1045
Naravuka FJXX0039
Narewa FJXX0040
Narikoso FJXX1047
Narikoso FJXX0473
Nariri FJXX1048
Naroi FJXX0474
Narokorokoyawa FJXX0214
Naroro FJXX1049
Narothake FJXX0215
Narothivo FJXX0475
Narothivo FJXX0216
Narukua FJXX0476
Naruwai FJXX0041
Nasaimbitu FJXX0217
Nasaiyani FJXX1050
Nasalia FJXX0218
Nasama FJXX1051
Nasanga FJXX0477
Nasanggalau FJXX0478
Nasarowangga FJXX0708
Nasasa FJXX0709
Nasasaivua FJXX0710
Nasau FJXX0479
Nasau FJXX0711
Nasau FJXX0219
Nasau FJXX1052
Nasaumatua FJXX0480
Nasauthoko FJXX1053
Nasautoka FJXX0220
Nasauvere FJXX0221
Nasauvuki FJXX0481
Nasava FJXX0222
Nasavu FJXX0712
Nasavu FJXX0223
Nasawana FJXX0713
Nasea FJXX0714
Nasealevu FJXX0715
Nasekula FJXX0716
Naselai FJXX0224
Naselesele FJXX0717
Nasengai FJXX0482
Nasesara FJXX0483
Nasese FJXX0225
Nasese FJXX0718
Naseuvou FJXX0226
Naseva FJXX0227
Nasilai FJXX0228
Nasingasinga FJXX0719
Nasinu FJXX0720
Nasinu FJXX0229
Nasinu FJXX0484
Nasiriti FJXX0230
Nasirotu FJXX0231
Nasivikoso FJXX1054
Nasoki FJXX0485
Nasoli FJXX0232
Nasolo FJXX1055
Nasolo FJXX0721
Nasomo FJXX1056
Nasonggo FJXX0233
Nasovatava FJXX1057
Nasovivi FJXX0722
Nasukamai FJXX1058
Nasuva FJXX0723
Natalau FJXX0042
Nataleira FJXX0234
Natambua FJXX1059
Nataria FJXX0724
Natauloa FJXX0486
Nataveya FJXX0235
Natawa FJXX1060
Natewa FJXX0725
Natewa FJXX1061
Nathamaki FJXX0487
Nathaurokovi FJXX0726
Nathavanandi FJXX0488
Nathavanandi FJXX0727
Nathekoro FJXX0728
Natheva FJXX0236
Natheva FJXX0489
Nathokaika FJXX0237
Nathokula FJXX0238
Nathokulati FJXX0729
Nathombo FJXX0490
Nathomoto FJXX0491
Nathovu FJXX0239
Nathula FJXX0730
Nathula FJXX1062
Nathuru FJXX0240
Natia FJXX1063
Nativi FJXX1064
Natoaika FJXX0241
Natokalau FJXX0731
Natokalau FJXX0242
Natokalau FJXX0492
Natongandravo FJXX0243
Natua FJXX0732
Natuatuathoko FJXX1065
Natumua FJXX0493
Natunuku FJXX1066
Naturu FJXX0494
Natutu FJXX1067
Natuva FJXX0244
Natuvu FJXX0733
Naua FJXX0734
Naulu FJXX0245
Nauluvatu FJXX0246
Nauouo FJXX0495
Nauria FJXX1068
Nausori FJXX0005
Nausori FJXX1069
Nauthiwai FJXX0496
Navai FJXX0044
Navaka FJXX0247
Navakaka FJXX0735
Navakasali FJXX0736
Navakasombu FJXX0737
Navakathoa FJXX0738
Navakawau FJXX0739
Navakuru FJXX0740
Navala FJXX1070
Navanga FJXX0497
Navata FJXX0741
Navatu FJXX0498
Navatuyamba FJXX0248
Navaundra FJXX0249
Navave FJXX0743
Naveimavu FJXX0250
Naveindrendre FJXX0744
Naveithovatu FJXX0251
Navetau FJXX0745
Naveyango FJXX1072
Navilawa FJXX1073
Navindamu FJXX0045
Navindamu FJXX0499
Navinggiri FJXX0746
Navitilevu FJXX1074
Naviyango FJXX1075
Navolau FJXX0252
Navolau FJXX1076
Navora FJXX0500
Navotua FJXX1077
Navua FJXX0253
Navuatu FJXX0501
Navukailangi FJXX0502
Navukembuli FJXX0747
Navuloa FJXX0503
Navunievu FJXX0748
Navuniivi FJXX1078
Navunikambi FJXX0255
Navunimono FJXX0256
Navunisole FJXX0257
Navuniyaro FJXX0258
Navuniyasi FJXX0259
Navurevure FJXX0260
Navuso FJXX0261
Navuti FJXX0504
Navuto FJXX0262
Navutu FJXX1079
Navutulevu FJXX0263
Nawailevu FJXX0046
Nawaindo FJXX0749
Nawairambe FJXX1080
Nawaka FJXX1081
Nawala FJXX0264
Nawamangi FJXX1082
Nawanggambena FJXX0265
Nawanggandamu FJXX0047
Nawanggarua FJXX1083
Nawatha FJXX0750
Nawau FJXX1084
Naweni FJXX0751
Nawi FJXX0752
Nayarailangi FJXX0753
Nayarambale FJXX0754
Nayaulevu FJXX1085
Nayavuira FJXX1086
Nayavutoka FJXX1087
Nayawa FJXX0048
Ndaku FJXX0505
Ndaku FJXX0266
Ndakuiloa FJXX0506
Ndakuilomaloma FJXX0507
Ndakuimbengga FJXX0049
Ndakuinuku FJXX0267
Ndakuirase FJXX0508
Ndakuivuna FJXX0268
Ndakundaku FJXX0755
Ndakuni FJXX0269
Ndakunimba FJXX0756
Ndalithe FJXX0509
Ndalomo FJXX1088
Ndalomo FJXX0050
Ndama FJXX0757
Ndama FJXX1089
Ndangai FJXX0510
Ndaria FJXX0051
Ndatithoni FJXX0511
Ndavinggele FJXX0512
Ndawa FJXX0758
Ndawara FJXX0052
Ndawasamu FJXX0270
Ndelailasakau FJXX0271
Ndelaitonga FJXX0272
Ndelaivandra FJXX0759
Ndelaiyandua FJXX0273
Ndelakando FJXX0274
Ndelandamanu FJXX0275
Ndenimanu FJXX0760
Ndevoira FJXX0276
Ndiloi FJXX0761
Ndoi FJXX0513
Ndomokavu FJXX0762
Ndongoloa FJXX1090
Ndongotuki FJXX0763
Ndongowali FJXX0277
Ndraimba FJXX0053
Ndraimba FJXX0514
Ndraumbuta FJXX1091
Ndraumbuta FJXX0278
Ndrauniivi FJXX1092
Ndraunindakua FJXX0279
Ndravo FJXX0280
Ndravuni FJXX0515
Ndravuni FJXX0281
Ndravuwalu FJXX0516
Ndrekena FJXX0282
Ndrekeniwai FJXX0283
Ndrekeniwai FJXX0764
Ndreketi FJXX0765
Ndreketilailai FJXX0766
Ndriti FJXX0767
Ndromuna FJXX0284
Ndromuninuku FJXX0768
Ndrue FJXX0517
Ngalingali FJXX0518
Ngaloa FJXX0285
Ngaloa FJXX0519
Ngaloa FJXX0769
Ngasauva FJXX0770
Ngasele FJXX0520
Nggaliira FJXX0521
Nggalikarua FJXX0522
Nggarani FJXX0523
Nggaranivai FJXX0771
Nggathavulu FJXX0772
Nggelekuro FJXX0286
Nggelemumu FJXX0773
Nggelendamu FJXX0287
Nggeleni FJXX1093
Nggelethimbi FJXX1094
Nggelewara FJXX0775
Nggilai FJXX0288
Nggoma FJXX0054
Ngunu FJXX1095
Ngusuitoto FJXX0289
Nia Vakamothe FJXX0290
Niumbasanga FJXX0524
Niundua FJXX0525
Niurua FJXX0776
Niutoto FJXX0910
Noatau FJXX0911
Nondaulau FJXX1096
Nuku FJXX0291
Nuku FJXX0526
Nukui FJXX0292
Nukuilau FJXX1097
Nukulau FJXX1098
Nukuloa FJXX0527
Nukumbalavu FJXX0777
Nukundamu FJXX0778
Nukunuku FJXX0528
Nukusa FJXX0779
Nukusere FJXX0294
Nukutothia FJXX0529
Nukutumbu FJXX0295
Nukuvou FJXX0530
Numbu FJXX0780
Numbumakita FJXX1099
Numbuniyavula FJXX0781
Numbutautau FJXX1100
Numbutumbutu FJXX0782
Numbuyani FJXX0783
Numbuyanitu FJXX1101
Ohu FJXX0912
Oinafa FJXX0913
Olosenga FJXX0784
Ongea FJXX0531
Ono Levu FJXX0532
Ono-I-Lau FJXX0008
Ovalau FJXX1102
Ovea FJXX0296
Pangai FJXX0785
Paolo FJXX0914
Paptea FJXX0915
Pephahua FJXX0916
Poiva FJXX0917
Rairaiwangga FJXX0297
Raiwai FJXX0298
Raiwangga FJXX1103
Rakiraki FJXX0533
Rakiraki FJXX0056
Raksawa FJXX0918
Rambulu FJXX1104
Raralevu FJXX0299
Rarama FJXX0534
Raranimbulumbulu FJXX0786
Rararua FJXX1105
Rauriko FJXX0787
Raviravi FJXX0788
Raviravi FJXX0300
Raviravi FJXX1106
Rewasa FJXX1107
Rewasau FJXX0301
Rokovuaka FJXX1108
Rukua FJXX0302
Rukuruku FJXX0303
Rukurukulevu FJXX1109
Saivou FJXX0789
Salevukoso FJXX0790
Salia FJXX0536
Salia FJXX0791
Salialevu FJXX0792
Saliandrau FJXX0304
Salvaka FJXX0919
Samambula East FJXX0305
Samambula North FJXX0306
Sambata FJXX0307
Sanasana FJXX1110
Sandro FJXX0308
Sanggani FJXX0793
Saolei FJXX0920
Saolo FJXX0794
Sarava FJXX0309
Saru FJXX1111
Sasa FJXX1112
Sasa FJXX0795
Satulaki FJXX0796
Saukama FJXX0921
Saumakia FJXX0310
Saunaka FJXX1113
Sauniviuto FJXX0311
Sautambu FJXX1114
Sautiki FJXX0797
Sauvakarua FJXX1115
Savu FJXX0312
Savuna FJXX0537
Savusavu FJXX0058
Savusavu FJXX0057
Savusavuitangga FJXX0798
Sawa FJXX0313
Sawaieke FJXX0059
Sawakasa FJXX0314
Sawani FJXX0315
Sawani FJXX0799
Sawanikula FJXX0316
Saweni FJXX0060
Seavathi FJXX0800
Semo FJXX1116
Serea FJXX0317
Serua FJXX0318
Sese FJXX0801
Seseninga FJXX0802
Sigatoka FJXX1117
Sikituru FJXX1118
Silana FJXX0319
Singatoka FJXX1119
Singatoka FJXX0320
Sinuvatha FJXX0538
Sisili FJXX1120
Soa FJXX1121
Solevu FJXX0803
Solevu FJXX1122
Solondamu FJXX0539
Solotavui FJXX0540
Somosomo FJXX1123
Somosomo FJXX0804
Somosomo FJXX0541
Songombiau FJXX0805
Sorokomba FJXX1124
Soso FJXX0542
Soso FJXX0061
Sote FJXX0321
Sueni FJXX0806
Suliyanga FJXX0322
Sumi FJXX0922
Suva FJXX0009
Suvalailai FJXX0323
Suvavou FJXX0324
Tai FJXX0543
Talaulia FJXX0544
Talethake FJXX1125
Tamavua FJXX0325
Tamavua Heights FJXX0326
Tambalei FJXX1126
Tambia FJXX0807
Tambungguto FJXX1127
Tambuya FJXX0545
Tamura FJXX0923
Tamusua FJXX1128
Tangangge FJXX1129
Tarakua FJXX0546
Tathi FJXX0327
Tathilau FJXX0808
Tathilevu FJXX0809
Tau FJXX1130
Taulevu FJXX0328
Taunovo FJXX1131
Tavea FJXX0810
Taviya FJXX0547
Tavua FJXX0063
Tavuki FJXX0811
Tavuki FJXX0549
Tavulomo FJXX0812
Tawake FJXX0813
Tawatawandi FJXX1133
Tawava FJXX0550
Tethi FJXX0064
Thakova FJXX0551
Thalia FJXX0329
Thaumbati FJXX0330
Thautata FJXX0065
Thavanga FJXX0814
Thawandevo FJXX0815
Thawaro FJXX0816
The Domain FJXX0331
Thevai FJXX0552
Thikombia FJXX0553
Tholoisuva FJXX0332
Thongea FJXX0817
Thulanuku FJXX0333
Thuvu FJXX1134
Tia FJXX0924
Tiliva FJXX0818
Tiliva FJXX0066
Tilivalevu FJXX1135
Tioma FJXX0554
Tokala FJXX0555
Tokalau FJXX0556
Toki FJXX0557
Toko FJXX1136
Tokou FJXX0558
Tombu FJXX1137
Tonga FJXX1138
Tonge FJXX1139
Tongovere FJXX1140
Tongowere FJXX1141
Tonuve FJXX1142
Toorak FJXX0334
Tore FJXX1143
Totongo FJXX0819
Tovu FJXX0559
Tovulailai FJXX0560
Tovutovu FJXX0335
Tuai FJXX0925
Tuakoi FJXX0926
Tuapona FJXX0927
Tuatua FJXX0561
Tukavesi FJXX0820
Tumavia FJXX0336
Tumbairata FJXX1144
Tumbalevu FJXX0337
Tumbenasolo FJXX1145
Tumbou FJXX0562
Tuvu FJXX1146
Tuvutha FJXX0563
Uanheta FJXX0928
Ujia FJXX0929
Uluimbau FJXX0564
Undu FJXX0565
Upu FJXX0930
Urata FJXX0821
Uruone FJXX0566
Uthunivanua FJXX0338
Uto FJXX1147
Utu FJXX0931
Ututu FJXX0932
Vaileka FJXX1148
Vaindoko FJXX1149
Vairama FJXX0933
Vakambuli FJXX1150
Vakano FJXX0567
Vakativa FJXX0822
Valeni FJXX0823
Valovoni FJXX0825
Vambea FJXX0067
Vandra FJXX0568
Vandrai FJXX0339
Vandrakula FJXX0340
Vandravandra FJXX1151
Vandravandra FJXX0569
Vangai FJXX0826
Vangandathe FJXX0570
Vangandra FJXX1152
Vanua Mbalavu FJXX0010
Vanuakula FJXX1153
Vanuakula FJXX0341
Vanualevu FJXX1154
Vanualevu FJXX0342
Vanuandina FJXX0343
Vanuaso FJXX0571
Vanuavatu FJXX0572
Vanuavou FJXX0827
Varoka FJXX0069
Vatani FJXX0344
Vathaleya FJXX0573
Vatoa FJXX0828
Vatoa FJXX0574
Vatoa FJXX0345
Vatolotolo FJXX0829
Vatu FJXX0830
Vatukalo FJXX0575
Vatukarasa FJXX1155
Vatukarasa FJXX0346
Vatukathevatheva FJXX1156
Vatukoula FJXX0070
Vatukutha FJXX0831
Vatulele FJXX0832
Vatulele FJXX0576
Vatulovona FJXX0833
Vatumbalavu FJXX1157
Vaturua FJXX0347
Vatuseikiyasawa FJXX1158
Vatusongosongo FJXX0834
Vatutandova FJXX0835
Vatutavui FJXX1159
Vatutu FJXX1160
Vatuvonu FJXX0836
Vatuvula FJXX0348
Vatuwangga FJXX0349
Vaua FJXX0577
Vavalangi FJXX0837
Veindrala FJXX1161
Veinungga FJXX0350
Veiuto FJXX0351
Veivatuloa FJXX0352
Verata FJXX0353
Verevere FJXX1162
Vesi FJXX0838
Viani FJXX0839
Vianutha FJXX0840
Vindawa FJXX0841
Vione FJXX0578
Viria FJXX0354
Visa FJXX0355
Visama FJXX0356
Viseisei FJXX1163
Visonggo FJXX0842
Visoto FJXX0579
Vitawa FJXX1164
Vitina FJXX0843
Vitongo FJXX1165
Vivili FJXX0844
Viwa FJXX0357
Viwa Island FJXX0004
Volinangerua FJXX1166
Volivoli FJXX1167
Vorovoro FJXX0358
Votua FJXX1168
Votua FJXX0845
Votualailai FJXX1169
Voua FJXX0072
Vuake FJXX1170
Vuandomo FJXX0846
Vuinakawakawa FJXX0847
Vuinandi FJXX0848
Vuinanggalutu FJXX0849
Vuiranggilai FJXX0850
Vukavu FJXX0580
Vuluna FJXX0581
Vuma FJXX0582
Vunambua FJXX1171
Vunamoli FJXX1172
Vunanggoru FJXX1173
Vunaniu FJXX0359
Vunatoto FJXX1174
Vunatovau FJXX1175
Vunavutu FJXX1176
Vunayasi FJXX1177
Vunayawa FJXX1178
Vuniivisavu FJXX0583
Vunikondi FJXX0851
Vunikura FJXX0852
Vunilangi FJXX0853
Vunimanggo FJXX0360
Vunimbau FJXX0361
Vunimoli FJXX1179
Vunimoli FJXX0854
Vunimono FJXX0362
Vunindamoli FJXX0855
Vunindawa FJXX0073
Vunindongoloa FJXX1180
Vunindumba FJXX0363
Vuniniundrovu FJXX0364
Vunisea FJXX0857
Vunisea FJXX1181
Vunisea FJXX0006
Vunisei FJXX0584
Vunisinga FJXX0366
Vunisinu FJXX0367
Vunisotho FJXX0368
Vunivaivai FJXX0369
Vunivau FJXX0858
Vunivesi FJXX0859
Vunivota FJXX0860
Vunivuthea FJXX0861
Vunivutu FJXX0862
Vuniwai FJXX0863
Vuniyaumunu FJXX1182
Vunuku FJXX0585
Vunuku FJXX0370
Vuo FJXX0864
Vusama FJXX1183
Vusaratu FJXX0865
Vusasivo FJXX0866
Vuthi FJXX0371
Vutuna FJXX0586
Vuya FJXX0867
Waikama FJXX0868
Waikama FJXX0587
Waikete FJXX0372
Waikumbukumbu FJXX1184
Wailevu FJXX0869
Wailevu FJXX0588
Wailoku FJXX0374
Wailotua FJXX0375
Waimbalavu FJXX0376
Waimbasanga FJXX0377
Waimbongi FJXX0378
Wainandiro FJXX0379
Wainawangga FJXX0380
Waindrathia FJXX0381
Waingganaki FJXX0382
Wainggori FJXX0589
Wainika FJXX0870
Wainikia FJXX0383
Wainilotulevu FJXX0384
Wainimakutu FJXX0385
Wainingandru FJXX0871
Wainisikia FJXX0386
Wainiyambia FJXX0387
Wairiki FJXX0872
Wairuarua FJXX0075
Wairuku FJXX1185
Waisa FJXX0388
Waisa FJXX0873
Waisali FJXX0874
Waisomo FJXX0076
Waisomo FJXX0590
Waitambu FJXX0875
Waitambu FJXX0591
Waithoka FJXX0390
Waito FJXX0391
Waitonga FJXX0592
Waitovu FJXX0593
Waivaka FJXX0392
Waivou FJXX0393
Waivunia FJXX0876
Waivunu FJXX0394
Waiyanitu FJXX0395
Waiyevo FJXX0877
Walu Bay FJXX0396
Wanosi FJXX1186
Warua FJXX0397
Wathiwathi FJXX0594
Wavu FJXX0878
Wayalevu FJXX1187
Welangi FJXX0879
Yakani FJXX1188
Yakita FJXX0595
Yako FJXX1189
Yalava FJXX0880
Yaloku FJXX1190
Yalombi FJXX1191
Yandrana FJXX0596
Yandua FJXX1192
Yangganga FJXX0077
Yanutha FJXX0398
Yanutha FJXX0881
Yanutha FJXX0598
Yanuya FJXX1193
Yarawa FJXX0399
Yaro FJXX0599
Yaro FJXX1194
Yaroi FJXX0882
Yarovundi FJXX0600
Yasawa FJXX0883
Yasawa-I-Rara FJXX0003
Yasawairara FJXX1195
Yavitu FJXX0601
Yavu FJXX0602
Yavulo FJXX1196
Yavuna FJXX1197
Yavusania FJXX1198