Weather Codes for Faroe Islands

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Faroe Islands. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

A Steig FOXX0050
Akraberg FOXX0051
Akrar FOXX0001
Anir FOXX0002
Argir FOXX0003
Arnafjordhur FOXX0004
Avevig FOXX0052
Biskupsstodh FOXX0053
Blankskali FOXX0054
Bour FOXX0005
Dalur FOXX0055
Depil FOXX0056
Djupidalur FOXX0057
Eidi FOXX0058
Elduvik FOXX0059
Eystur FOXX0060
Famjin FOXX0061
Fodlendi FOXX0062
Fossa FOXX0063
Frodhba FOXX0064
Fuglafjordur FOXX0065
Funningsfjordhur FOXX0066
Gasadalur FOXX0067
Gerdhar FOXX0068
Gjanoyri FOXX0069
Gjogv FOXX0070
Gjogvin FOXX0071
Glyvrar FOXX0006
Gota FOXX0072
Gotueidhi FOXX0073
Gotugjogv FOXX0074
Grogv FOXX0075
Haldarsvik FOXX0076
Hamar FOXX0077
Hamrabyrgi FOXX0078
Haraldssund FOXX0007
Hattarvik FOXX0008
Hellur FOXX0079
Hestur FOXX0009
Hesturin Hai FOXX0080
Heyggjur FOXX0081
Holar FOXX0082
Hosvik FOXX0083
Hov FOXX0010
Hoyvik FOXX0011
Husar FOXX0084
Husavik FOXX0085
Hvalba FOXX0086
Hvalvik FOXX0087
Hvannasund FOXX0012
Hvitanes FOXX0013
I Botni FOXX0089
I Famara FOXX0090
I Horg FOXX0091
I Husi FOXX0092
Innan Glyvur FOXX0093
Jansagerdhi FOXX0094
Kaldbak FOXX0014
Kirkja FOXX0015
Kirkjubour FOXX0016
Kjalnes FOXX0095
Klaksvik FOXX0096
Kolbanargjogv FOXX0097
Kollafjordhur FOXX0098
Koltur FOXX0017
Krair FOXX0099
Krosslidh FOXX0100
Kunoy FOXX0101
Kvivik FOXX0018
Lambareidhi FOXX0019
Lambi FOXX0102
Langasandur FOXX0103
Leiti FOXX0104
Leynar FOXX0020
Lidhin FOXX0105
Ljosa FOXX0106
Lopra FOXX0107
Midhgerdhi FOXX0108
Midvagur FOXX0021
Mikladalur FOXX0109
Millum Gilja FOXX0171
Morskranes FOXX0022
Muli FOXX0023
Mykines FOXX0110
Myrkjanoyri FOXX0111
Nes FOXX0024
Nesidh FOXX0113
Nesvik FOXX0114
Nolsoy FOXX0025
Nordhdepil FOXX0026
Nordhoyri FOXX0027
Nordhradalur FOXX0028
Nordhragota FOXX0115
Nordhtoftir FOXX0029
Oman fyri Kirkju FOXX0116
Oravik FOXX0117
Oyndarfjordhur FOXX0118
Oyrarbakki FOXX0119
Oyrareingir FOXX0120
Oyrargjogv FOXX0121
Oyri FOXX0122
Porkeri FOXX0123
Punthavn FOXX0124
Rituvik FOXX0030
Runavik FOXX0031
Ryggur FOXX0125
Saksun FOXX0126
Saltangara FOXX0032
Saltnes FOXX0033
Sandavagur FOXX0034
Sandur FOXX0127
Sandvik FOXX0128
Selatradh FOXX0129
Sevlendi FOXX0130
Signabour FOXX0035
Sjovartoftir FOXX0131
Skaelingur FOXX0036
Skalafjordhur FOXX0132
Skalar FOXX0133
Skalatoftir FOXX0134
Skalavik FOXX0135
Skali FOXX0136
Skardh FOXX0137
Skarvanes FOXX0138
Skipanes FOXX0139
Skopun FOXX0037
Skuli FOXX0140
Skuvoy FOXX0141
Slaettanes FOXX0142
Soldarfjordhur FOXX0038
Soltuvik FOXX0143
Sorvagur FOXX0173
Stodlafjall FOXX0144
Strendur FOXX0040
Streymnes FOXX0145
Strond FOXX0146
Stykkidh FOXX0041
Suduroy FOXX0147
Sumba FOXX0042
Sund FOXX0043
Svinoy FOXX0148
Sydhradalur FOXX0149
Sydhrugota FOXX0150
Teigar FOXX0151
Thorshavn FOXX0172
Todnes FOXX0152
Toftanes FOXX0153
Toftir FOXX0154
Torkilsheyggjur FOXX0155
Torshavn FOXX0044
Tradhir FOXX0156
Trollanes FOXX0157
Trongisvagur FOXX0158
Tvoroyri FOXX0159
Uppsalir FOXX0160
Uti a Flotum FOXX0161
Vagsheygur FOXX0162
Vagur FOXX0163
Valur FOXX0164
Vatnsoyrar FOXX0045
Velbastadhur FOXX0046
Vestmanna FOXX0047
Vidh Gardh FOXX0165
Vidh Kirkjar FOXX0166
Vidh Neyst FOXX0167
Vidh Sjogv FOXX0168
Vidhareidhi FOXX0169
Vikar FOXX0170
Vikarbyrgi FOXX0048
Ytri Skali FOXX0049