Weather Codes for Egypt

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Egypt. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aba al Waqf EGXX8425
Abbij EGXX5966
Abhit EGXX0430
Abidus EGXX3301
Abistu EGXX5967
Abjij EGXX0431
Abjul EGXX5968
Abnub EGXX3020
Abnud EGXX8125
Abshish EGXX2363
Absuj EGXX4508
Abtujah EGXX8426
Abtuk EGXX3509
Abu al Gharr EGXX2368
Abu al Ghayt EGXX7792
Abu al Hidr EGXX8434
Abu al Juhud EGXX5971
Abu al Khawi EGXX3520
Abu al Matamir EGXX3521
Abu al `Abbas EGXX8435
Abu al `Abbas EGXX6339
Abu an Najah EGXX6772
Abu an Numrus EGXX6340
Abu Arta`a EGXX9325
Abu as Sir EGXX4807
Abu as Su`ud EGXX2794
Abu ash Shuqaf EGXX3523
Abu ash Shuquq EGXX0843
Abu ath Thumail EGXX9340
Abu Bakr EGXX2172
Abu Bisht EGXX8427
Abu Dahish EGXX4800
Abu Diffiyah EGXX0432
Abu Dinqash EGXX0433
Abu Dishishah EGXX4803
Abu Diyab Sharq EGXX8127
Abu Durba EGXX0042
Abu Durbah EGXX6728
Abu Durrah EGXX3511
Abu el-Khazr EGXX3524
Abu Fayid EGXX8857
Abu Fita EGXX9326
Abu Forag EGXX9327
Abu Ghalib EGXX6333
Abu Ghanim EGXX6762
Abu Ghanimah EGXX6763
Abu Ghatati EGXX4804
Abu Ghusun EGXX3452
Abu Haggag EGXX0043
Abu Halo EGXX9328
Abu Hammad EGXX0834
Abu Hamrah EGXX9329
Abu Handal EGXX0247
Abu Hawr EGXX0248
Abu Hirayz EGXX0836
Abu Hizam EGXX8128
Abu Hulayfah EGXX6627
Abu Hummus EGXX3513
Abu Hutaybah EGXX0837
Abu Jandir EGXX0434
Abu Jaridah EGXX5752
Abu Jayid EGXX6764
Abu Jirj EGXX8428
Abu Junshu EGXX0435
Abu Jurayyan EGXX9330
Abu Kabir EGXX0838
Abu Kalbush EGXX6765
Abu Kaylah EGXX6766
Abu Khalifah EGXX6628
Abu Khalil EGXX3021
Abu Kharash EGXX3514
Abu Khurs EGXX3022
Abu Kisah EGXX0436
Abu Kullus EGXX2364
Abu Kurayyim EGXX8429
Abu Libd EGXX9332
Abu Mandur EGXX6767
Abu Manjuj EGXX3515
Abu Manna Bahari EGXX0044
Abu Manna` Bahri EGXX8129
Abu Manna` Gharb EGXX8130
Abu Manna` Qibli EGXX8131
Abu Manna` Sharq EGXX8132
Abu Marawat EGXX3453
Abu Mashhur EGXX5969
Abu Mas`ud EGXX2173
Abu Mazru`a EGXX9333
Abu Mugah EGXX8858
Abu Nushshabah EGXX3516
Abu Qaltah EGXX8430
Abu Qaramit EGXX4805
Abu Qir EGXX0045
Abu Qurgas EGXX0046
Abu Qurqas EGXX8431
Abu Rabih EGXX2174
Abu Rajab EGXX0840
Abu Raqabah EGXX2365
Abu Rawwash EGXX6336
Abu Rudays EGXX6729
Abu Ruwaysh EGXX6337
Abu Saht EGXX9334
Abu Salih EGXX4509
Abu Sari EGXX6768
Abu Shahin EGXX6769
Abu Sharban EGXX4510
Abu Shunaynah EGXX8859
Abu Shushah EGXX9024
Abu Sidhum EGXX8432
Abu Simadah EGXX3517
Abu Sinbil EGXX2175
Abu Sir EGXX6338
Abu Sir al Malaq EGXX4511
Abu Sir Bana EGXX5970
Abu Sir Difinnu EGXX0437
Abu Sultan EGXX6629
Abu Sunaytah EGXX2366
Abu Sunbul EGXX0249
Abu Su`ayfah EGXX3518
Abu Tabl EGXX6770
Abu Talat EGXX2176
Abu Tamadah EGXX6771
Abu Tawwalah EGXX4806
Abu Tig EGXX0047
Abu Tij EGXX3023
Abu Tisht EGXX8133
Abu Toweela EGXX9335
Abu Tuyur EGXX9336
Abu Umuri EGXX3302
Abu Yahya EGXX3519
Abu Yasin EGXX0842
Abu Zamat EGXX9337
Abu Zanimah EGXX6730
Abu Za`bal EGXX7791
Abu Zeira EGXX2177
Abu Zenima EGXX0048
Abu `Abbud EGXX2793
Abu `Awali EGXX2367
Abu `Awayqilah EGXX9338
Abu `Azir EGXX9339
Abu `Aziz EGXX8433
Abu `Aziz EGXX9025
Abyuha EGXX8436
Abyuqa EGXX3525
Abyuqa EGXX6773
Ad Dababishah EGXX5972
Ad Dababiyah EGXX8135
Ad Dabayibah EGXX2369
Ad Daba`inah EGXX4512
Ad Dabbah EGXX8136
Ad Dabbuniyah EGXX4808
Ad Dab`ah EGXX8860
Ad Dab`iyah EGXX8134
Ad Dahasah EGXX8137
Ad Dahashinah EGXX0844
Ad Dahhar EGXX3454
Ad Dahrah EGXX5753
Ad Dahriyah EGXX3526
Ad Dahriyah EGXX4809
Ad Dahtamun EGXX0845
Ad Dakkah EGXX0252
Ad Dalatun EGXX2370
Ad Daljamun EGXX2371
Ad Damayirah EGXX6774
Ad Danabiq EGXX4810
Ad Danaqilah EGXX9026
Ad Darakisah EGXX4811
Ad Daramalliyah EGXX3527
Ad Darawiyah EGXX3528
Ad Daraziyah EGXX8861
Ad Darb al Ahmar EGXX2795
Ad Darrasah EGXX2796
Ad Dawabis EGXX8862
Ad Dawakhiliyah EGXX5973
Ad Dawaltah EGXX4513
Ad Dawaykah EGXX4812
Ad Dayr EGXX2178
Ad Dayr EGXX8138
Ad Dayr EGXX4813
Ad Dayr EGXX7793
Ad Dibah EGXX6775
Ad Dibah EGXX4814
Ad Didamun EGXX0846
Ad Dilinjat EGXX3529
Ad Dimirdash EGXX2797
Ad Dimuqrat EGXX8139
Ad Dinjuh EGXX5754
Ad Dirwatayn EGXX4815
Ad Diwan EGXX0253
Ad Diyabiyah EGXX4514
Ad Duhayr EGXX4816
Ad Duhayr EGXX9341
Ad Dukhaylah EGXX2179
Ad Dumayyin EGXX0847
Ad Duqqi EGXX6341
Ad Dur al Abyad EGXX4515
Ad Duwaykhat EGXX6777
Ad Duwayrat EGXX9027
Adindan EGXX0254
Afnish EGXX5974
Aga EGXX0050
Agalin EGXX9342
Agami EGXX9477
Agha Khan EGXX7794
Aghurmi EGXX8863
Ahmad Rami EGXX3530
Ahmad Shawqi EGXX3531
Ahmad `Urabi EGXX2181
Ain Sukhna EGXX2981
Aja EGXX4818
Ajhur al Kubra EGXX7795
Ajhur ar Raml EGXX2372
Ajhur as Sughra EGXX7796
Akhmim EGXX9028
Al Abajiyah EGXX2798
Al Abqa`ayn EGXX3532
Al Abshit EGXX5975
Al Ab`adiyah EGXX6778
Al Adabiyah EGXX2982
Al Aghannah EGXX9029
Al Ahaywah Gharb EGXX9030
Al Ahaywah Sharq EGXX9031
Al Ahmadiyah EGXX4819
Al Ahmadiyah EGXX6779
Al Ahraz EGXX7797
Al Akhmiyin EGXX7798
Al Akhmiyin EGXX0849
Al Amal EGXX3533
Al Ambir EGXX9032
Al Amiriyah EGXX7799
Al Anbutayn EGXX5976
Al Anjab EGXX2373
Al Ansar EGXX3025
Al Aqadimah EGXX3026
Al Aqalitah EGXX8140
Al Aqwaz EGXX6342
Al Arba` `Izab EGXX2182
Al Arba`in EGXX6780
Al Ashmunin EGXX8438
Al Ashraf EGXX8141
Al Ashrak EGXX3534
Al Aslab EGXX3535
Al Atarishah EGXX2374
Al Atawilah EGXX3027
Al Atlat EGXX8439
Al Awqaf EGXX6781
Al Awsat Samhud EGXX8144
Al Azbakiyah EGXX7800
Al A`lam EGXX0438
Al A`qab EGXX0255
Al A`ras EGXX0848
Al Badari EGXX3029
Al Baddalah EGXX4820
Al Badnijaniyah EGXX5977
Al Badraman EGXX8440
Al Badrashayn EGXX6343
Al Bahnasa EGXX8441
Al Bahrayn EGXX8864
Al Bahri Qamula EGXX8146
Al Bahsamun EGXX4516
Al Bajalat EGXX5755
Al Bajhur EGXX8442
Al Bajur EGXX2375
Al Bakarishah EGXX0850
Al Bakarishah EGXX6632
Al Bakatush EGXX6782
Al Bakhanis EGXX6783
Al Bakkariyah EGXX4821
Al Bakriyah EGXX6784
Al Balabish EGXX8147
Al Balad EGXX0851
Al Balakus EGXX3536
Al Balamun EGXX4822
Al Balashun EGXX0852
Al Balayzah EGXX3030
Al Ballas EGXX3305
Al Ballasi EGXX6785
Al Balyana EGXX9036
Al Banafsaj EGXX2799
Al Banawan EGXX6786
Al Bandarah EGXX5978
Al Baqliyah EGXX4823
Al Baqqashin EGXX0853
Al Barabirah EGXX0854
Al Baradi`ah EGXX7801
Al Baraghit EGXX3306
Al Barahimah EGXX8149
Al Barajil EGXX6344
Al Barajil EGXX8443
Al Baramun EGXX4824
Al Baraniqah EGXX2376
Al Baraniqah EGXX4517
Al Barba EGXX3031
Al Barnuji EGXX3537
Al Barqi EGXX8444
Al Barqi EGXX4518
Al Barrani EGXX0439
Al Barraniyah EGXX2377
Al Barsha EGXX8445
Al Barudi EGXX0855
Al Basatin EGXX2800
Al Basatin EGXX3538
Al Basayisah EGXX0856
Al Bashnayn EGXX4825
Al Basikiyah EGXX9037
Al Baslaqun EGXX3539
Al Basqalun EGXX8446
Al Basrah EGXX2183
Al Basur EGXX8865
Al Basyuniyah EGXX0440
Al Batanun EGXX2378
Al Batur EGXX9343
Al Bawarik EGXX9038
Al Bawiti EGXX6345
Al Bayad EGXX6789
Al Bayadi EGXX9039
Al Bayadiyah EGXX8150
Al Bayadiyah EGXX8447
Al Bayahu EGXX8448
Al Baydah EGXX4826
Al Bayluq EGXX4827
Al Bayrum EGXX0857
Al Bayyadiyah EGXX3035
Al Bayyum EGXX4828
Al Ba`irat EGXX8145
Al Bihay EGXX3540
Al Bila`izitayn EGXX8449
Al Bindariyah EGXX2379
Al Birashiyah EGXX5756
Al Birba EGXX9041
Al Birkah EGXX7802
Al Bitaniyah EGXX4829
Al Bitayyah EGXX0858
Al Buha EGXX4830
Al Bulaydah EGXX6346
Al Burayjat EGXX3541
Al Burdayah EGXX6790
Al Burghuthi EGXX6347
Al Burj EGXX4519
Al Burj EGXX6791
Al Burjah EGXX9344
Al Burjayah EGXX8451
Al Bursa`idiyah EGXX2185
Al Burumbul EGXX4520
Al Busaylah EGXX5757
Al Busayli EGXX3542
Al Busrat EGXX4831
Al Bustan EGXX5758
Al Butah EGXX3543
Al Butakh EGXX9042
Al Buwayb EGXX6350
Al Fadadinah EGXX0859
Al Fahmiyah EGXX0441
Al Fahmiyin EGXX6351
Al Fajjalah EGXX2984
Al Fant EGXX4521
Al Faransawiyah EGXX3544
Al Farastaq EGXX5979
Al Farrayin EGXX0860
Al Faruqiyah EGXX3037
Al Faruqiyah EGXX0861
Al Faruqiyah EGXX7803
Al Faruqiyah EGXX2801
Al Fashn EGXX4522
Al Fathiyah EGXX3545
Al Fawaqisah EGXX0862
Al Fawziyah EGXX0863
Al Fayyum EGXX0442
Al Firdan EGXX6633
Al Fir`awniyah EGXX2380
Al Fuqqa`i EGXX4523
Al Furusat EGXX4832
Al Ghabah EGXX0865
Al Ghabah EGXX0443
Al Ghabah EGXX3546
Al Ghabishah EGXX3547
Al Ghaffariyah EGXX0866
Al Ghanayim EGXX3040
Al Ghanimiyah EGXX6794
Al Gharabiwah EGXX6634
Al Gharaq EGXX0444
Al Ghardaqah EGXX3455
Al Gharizat EGXX9043
Al Gharqanah EGXX6731
Al Gharraqah EGXX4833
Al Ghawamis EGXX2802
Al Ghawasah EGXX8153
Al Ghawwabin EGXX5760
Al Ghayatah EGXX3548
Al Ghunamiyah EGXX2381
Al Ghunaymi EGXX6795
Al Ghunaymiyah EGXX9044
Al Ghunaymiyah EGXX5761
Al Ghurayyib EGXX5980
Al Ghurayyib EGXX3041
Al Ghuri EGXX2382
Al Ghuriyah EGXX2803
Al Ghusnah EGXX4834
Al Habalisah EGXX3042
Al Hadaya EGXX3043
Al Haddad EGXX5981
Al Haddadi EGXX6796
Al Haddayn EGXX3550
Al Hadiqah EGXX9045
Al Hadiqah EGXX0445
Al Hadrah EGXX2186
Al Hafir EGXX4524
Al Hafira EGXX6732
Al Hajar EGXX0446
Al Hajarisah EGXX3307
Al Hajarisah EGXX0868
Al Hajayzah EGXX4836
Al Hajir EGXX6352
Al Hajj Qandil EGXX8453
Al Hajjajiyah EGXX0869
Al Hajz Bahri EGXX0258
Al Hajz Qibli EGXX0259
Al Hakaminah EGXX4525
Al Hakimiyah EGXX4837
Al Halafi EGXX6797
Al Halamishah EGXX5982
Al Halawani EGXX3552
Al Halawat EGXX0870
Al Halfayah EGXX0447
Al Halifiah EGXX6733
Al Hallafi EGXX9046
Al Hallaqi EGXX9047
Al Hamadiyah EGXX0448
Al Hamayidah EGXX6799
Al Hamidat EGXX8155
Al Hamidiyah EGXX0871
Al Hammad EGXX6800
Al Hammad EGXX3553
Al Hammadah EGXX6635
Al Hammadiyah EGXX9048
Al Hammadiyin EGXX0874
Al Hammam EGXX0450
Al Hammam EGXX4527
Al Hammam EGXX3044
Al Hammam EGXX8866
Al Hammamiyah EGXX3045
Al Hamrah EGXX6802
Al Hamrawi EGXX6803
Al Hamul EGXX2383
Al Hamul EGXX6804
Al Hamuli EGXX0451
Al Hamymat EGXX6734
Al Handasah EGXX6805
Al Hanufil EGXX2187
Al Haradinah EGXX9049
Al Haradinah EGXX3047
Al Harafishah EGXX9050
Al Harajah Qibli EGXX9051
Al Haram EGXX6353
Al Harbi EGXX4838
Al Haridiyah EGXX9052
Al Hariri EGXX6806
Al Harrah EGXX6354
Al Harraniyah EGXX6355
Al Hasafah EGXX7804
Al Hasainah EGXX5762
Al Hasamidah EGXX9055
Al Hasanah EGXX3048
Al Hasanah EGXX9345
Al Hasaynah EGXX4839
Al Hasaynah EGXX6808
Al Hassani EGXX3049
Al Hassaniyah EGXX7805
Al Haswah EGXX0875
Al Hatahitah EGXX8454
Al Hawabir EGXX0876
Al Hawamidiyah EGXX6356
Al Hawariyah EGXX0452
Al Hawartah EGXX8455
Al Hawasiliyah EGXX8456
Al Hawatikah EGXX3050
Al Hawawish EGXX9056
Al Hawawishah EGXX4840
Al Hawawit EGXX8867
Al Hawd at Tawil EGXX0877
Al Hayatim EGXX5983
Al Haysamiyah EGXX0878
Al Hayy EGXX6357
Al Hayy al Awal EGXX2805
Al Hayy al Awwal EGXX5763
Al Hayy ar Rabi` EGXX5765
Al Hayz EGXX6358
Al Hibah EGXX3456
Al Hibsh EGXX0879
Al Hijaziyah EGXX0880
Al Hijz EGXX9057
Al Hillah EGXX8156
Al Hilmiyah EGXX0881
Al Hilmiyah EGXX7806
Al Hilmiyah EGXX6809
Al Hilwasi EGXX2384
Al Himas EGXX9059
Al Himmah EGXX6810
Al Himran EGXX8157
Al Hindaw EGXX3310
Al Hirajiyah EGXX8158
Al Hisanat EGXX8159
Al Hisaniyah EGXX8457
Al Hisaniyin EGXX6360
Al Hisar EGXX6361
Al Hisas EGXX4841
Al Hishah EGXX9060
Al Hissah EGXX7807
Al Hiwatah EGXX4842
Al Hizaniyah EGXX7808
Al Hubayl EGXX9061
Al Hudud EGXX6811
Al Hujayrat EGXX8161
Al Humah EGXX4530
Al Hurani EGXX5767
Al Hurriyah EGXX2188
Al Husayniyah EGXX5768
Al Husayniyah EGXX0882
Al Husayniyah EGXX0453
Al Husayniyyah EGXX0883
Al Hutiyah EGXX6362
Al Huwayhi EGXX3557
Al Ibrahimiyah EGXX2189
Al Ibrahimiyah EGXX3558
Al Ibrahimiyah EGXX0884
Al Ibrinji EGXX3559
Al Ibt EGXX6812
Al Ihraz EGXX0885
Al Ikhmas EGXX3560
Al Ikhsas EGXX6813
Al Ikhsas EGXX8459
Al Ikhsas EGXX0454
Al Ikhsas EGXX6363
Al Ikhyiwwah EGXX0886
Al Iman EGXX3563
Al Inshasiyah EGXX4843
Al Isdiyah EGXX0887
Al Jabalaw EGXX8163
Al Jabalawat EGXX2986
Al Jabiriyah EGXX5985
Al Jabrawah EGXX3564
Al Jadidah EGXX3311
Al Jafadun EGXX4531
Al Jalatimah EGXX6365
Al Jalawiyah EGXX9064
Al Jalaylah EGXX4844
Al Jamalah EGXX6366
Al Jamaliyah EGXX2810
Al Jamaliyah EGXX4845
Al Jamamilah EGXX4846
Al Jamayilah EGXX6814
Al Jama`at EGXX2191
Al Jamhud EGXX4532
Al Jamus EGXX3312
Al Janadilah EGXX4533
Al Jarabi` EGXX8460
Al Jarab`ah EGXX4847
Al Jaradat EGXX3565
Al Jarayisah EGXX3566
Al Jariat EGXX9346
Al Jaridat EGXX9065
Al Jarnus EGXX8461
Al Jarradin EGXX0890
Al Jarraniyah EGXX0456
Al Jawabir EGXX4848
Al Jawashinah EGXX4849
Al Jawhariyah EGXX5986
Al Jawli EGXX3051
Al Jawsaq EGXX0891
Al Jawwadiyah EGXX4850
Al Jazazirah EGXX9066
Al Jazirah EGXX0261
Al Jazirah EGXX6367
Al Jaziriyah EGXX8164
Al Ja`afirah EGXX7809
Al Ja`afirah EGXX0455
Al Ja`afirah EGXX0888
Al Ja`afirah EGXX0260
Al Ja`fariyah EGXX5984
Al Ja`fariyah EGXX0889
Al Jibab EGXX9067
Al Jiddiyah EGXX3567
Al Jimaliyah EGXX8165
Al Jizah EGXX6369
Al Jubayl EGXX6735
Al Jubayrat EGXX9068
Al Judayyidah EGXX0892
Al Jummayzah EGXX5987
Al Junaynah EGXX4851
Al Jundiyah EGXX8462
Al Kafr al Bahri EGXX6816
Al Kafr al Bahri EGXX6370
Al Kafr al Jadid EGXX4852
Al Kafr al Jadid EGXX6817
Al Kafr al Jadid EGXX3568
Al Kafr al Qadim EGXX0893
Al Kafr al Qibli EGXX6371
Al Kallahin EGXX8166
Al Kamal EGXX4853
Al Kamayishah EGXX2386
Al Kanayis EGXX3569
Al Karakat EGXX6819
Al Kardud EGXX3570
Al Karimiyah EGXX9347
Al Karnak EGXX2193
Al Karnak EGXX8424
Al Karnak EGXX8167
Al Karyun EGXX3571
Al Kashkul EGXX9348
Al Kawadi EGXX2387
Al Kawamil EGXX3458
Al Kawamil Bahri EGXX3314
Al Kawamil Qibli EGXX3315
Al Kawlah EGXX9069
Al Kawm al Ahmar EGXX6372
Al Kawm al Ahmar EGXX7810
Al Kawm al Ahmar EGXX8168
Al Kawm al Ahmar EGXX2388
Al Kawm al Ahmar EGXX9070
Al Kawm al Ahmar EGXX4536
Al Kawm al Asfar EGXX9071
Al Kawm at Tawil EGXX6822
Al Ka`mat EGXX3313
Al Khabari EGXX9349
Al Khadimiyah EGXX6823
Al Khadrah EGXX2194
Al Khalafiyah EGXX9072
Al Khalfiyin EGXX6824
Al Khalidiyah EGXX0459
Al Khalifah EGXX2811
Al Khalij EGXX4855
Al Khaliliyah EGXX3573
Al Khamasah EGXX4856
Al Khananisah EGXX9073
Al Khankah EGXX7811
Al Kharafish EGXX3316
Al Kharaniqah EGXX8169
Al Kharaqaniyah EGXX7812
Al Kharbah EGXX9350
Al Kharijah EGXX3317
Al Khashashinah EGXX4857
Al Khatatibah EGXX3574
Al Khattabi EGXX6825
Al Khattarah EGXX3318
Al Khattarah EGXX0262
Al Khawajat EGXX0460
Al Khawalid EGXX3575
Al Khawr EGXX2390
Al Khayriyah EGXX0896
Al Khayyam EGXX9074
Al Khazandariyah EGXX9075
Al Khazzan EGXX7813
Al Khilalah EGXX4858
Al Khirbah EGXX8170
Al Khirs EGXX0897
Al Khis EGXX0898
Al Khiyariyah EGXX4859
Al Khudariyah EGXX0899
Al Khudayri EGXX6826
Al Khulayfiyah EGXX5769
Al Khurman EGXX4537
Al Khushshah EGXX0900
Al Khushu`i EGXX6827
Al Khusus EGXX7814
Al Kibrit EGXX2987
Al Kifah EGXX3576
Al Kilabiyah EGXX8171
Al Kilaniyah EGXX0901
Al Kilh EGXX0263
Al Kilh Gharb EGXX0264
Al Kilh Sharq EGXX0265
Al Kirsah EGXX2391
Al Kit Kat EGXX6374
Al Kitkatah EGXX9076
Al Kubaniyah EGXX3319
Al Kubri EGXX2988
Al Kuddayah EGXX6375
Al Kunayyisah EGXX8467
Al Kuntillah EGXX9351
Al Kurama EGXX4860
Al Kurama EGXX5988
Al Kuraymat EGXX4538
Al Kurbah EGXX2812
Al Kurdi EGXX6828
Al Kurdul EGXX4862
Al Kushh EGXX9077
Al Kutamiyah EGXX2392
Al Labbani EGXX3577
Al Lahun EGXX4541
Al Lawiyah EGXX3578
Al Lisht EGXX6377
Al Lusafah EGXX9352
Al Madabigh EGXX2816
Al Madabigh EGXX3056
Al Madiq EGXX0266
Al Madmar EGXX9078
Al Madwar EGXX3057
Al Mahallah EGXX6829
Al Mahamid EGXX0267
Al Mahamidah EGXX9079
Al Mahariq EGXX3321
Al Mahasinah EGXX9080
Al Mahdi EGXX6830
Al Mahdiyah EGXX3579
Al Mahmudiyah EGXX0903
Al Mahras EGXX8470
Al Mahrusah EGXX3581
Al Mahrusah EGXX2197
Al Mahsamah EGXX0904
Al Majabirah EGXX9081
Al Majaz EGXX6831
Al Majazir EGXX7815
Al Makanah EGXX6833
Al Makhadimah EGXX8174
Al Makhzan EGXX4865
Al Maks EGXX2198
Al Maks al Bahri EGXX3322
Al Maktilah EGXX8868
Al Malahiyah EGXX4542
Al Malaqah EGXX5770
Al Malhah EGXX4866
Al Maliki EGXX0268
Al Mallahah EGXX6834
Al Manashi EGXX6379
Al Manashi EGXX3058
Al Manashilah EGXX3583
Al Manawat EGXX6380
Al Manayil EGXX7816
Al Manayyah EGXX7817
Al Mandarah EGXX4867
Al Mandarah EGXX2199
Al Mandarah EGXX0461
Al Mandurah EGXX6835
Al Manhar EGXX0905
Al Manshah EGXX9082
Al Manshi EGXX6381
Al Manshiyah EGXX5991
Al Manshiyah EGXX8869
Al Manshiyah EGXX3061
Al Manshiyah EGXX0906
Al Manshiyah EGXX0462
Al Manshiyah EGXX6836
Al Manshiyah EGXX7818
Al Manshiyah EGXX0269
Al Manshiyah EGXX2200
Al Manshiyah EGXX4868
Al Mansurah EGXX4543
Al Mansurah EGXX4869
Al Mansuriyah EGXX6382
Al Mansuriyah EGXX0270
Al Manyal EGXX4870
Al Manyal EGXX2817
Al Manyal EGXX0908
Al Manzalah EGXX7820
Al Manzilah EGXX4871
Al Maqati` EGXX2393
Al Maqdabah EGXX9353
Al Maraghah EGXX9083
Al Marasfah EGXX0909
Al Marashidah EGXX8175
Al Maraziq EGXX6383
Al Maraziqah EGXX0910
Al Maraziqah EGXX6838
Al Maris EGXX8176
Al Marj EGXX7821
Al Marwah EGXX2201
Al Masa`id EGXX9084
Al Masa`jid EGXX9354
Al Mashariqah EGXX4544
Al Mashawidah EGXX9085
Al Mashayikh EGXX5771
Al Mashay`ah EGXX3063
Al Masha`lah EGXX0911
Al Masid EGXX0912
Al Masirah EGXX6839
Al Maslub EGXX4546
Al Maslub EGXX0463
Al Masna` EGXX6840
Al Mas`udi EGXX3062
Al Mataniyah EGXX6384
Al Matariqah EGXX6841
Al Matariyah EGXX4872
Al Matariyah EGXX7822
Al Matawi`ah EGXX0913
Al Matawi`ah EGXX8476
Al Matwah EGXX4873
Al Mawaddah EGXX8477
Al Mawajid EGXX4874
Al Mawatin EGXX9086
Al Maymun EGXX4547
Al Maymunah EGXX4875
Al Mazari`ah EGXX0914
Al Mazghunah EGXX6385
Al Ma`abidah EGXX3054
Al Ma`adi EGXX2813
Al Ma`ali EGXX0902
Al Ma`allah EGXX8172
Al Ma`alwah EGXX4863
Al Ma`arri EGXX8173
Al Ma`murah EGXX2195
Al Ma`sarah EGXX8468
Al Ma`sarah EGXX4864
Al Ma`sarah EGXX3055
Al Ma`sarah EGXX2814
Al Mihi EGXX4876
Al Minasafur EGXX4877
Al Minmusiah EGXX9355
Al Minshilayn EGXX6844
Al Mintaqah Jim EGXX2818
Al Minya EGXX6386
Al Minya EGXX0464
Al Minya EGXX8478
Al Minyah EGXX5772
Al Miqallah EGXX0271
Al Miriah EGXX9356
Al Mirsah EGXX4878
Al Misah EGXX4880
Al Misandah EGXX6387
Al Misawiyah EGXX8177
Al Misin EGXX3588
Al Mitmar EGXX3066
Al Muayrib EGXX6736
Al Mufarrijiyah EGXX8178
Al Muhammadiyah EGXX5773
Al Muhammadiyah EGXX0915
Al Muhandasin EGXX6390
Al Muhandisin EGXX5774
Al Muhatanah EGXX9357
Al Muhmudiyah EGXX4548
Al Muhtanah EGXX9358
Al Mujaffaf EGXX0916
Al Mukhtalatah EGXX0465
Al Mulaqqatah EGXX0272
Al Mulayz EGXX9359
Al Munajah EGXX0917
Al Munasirah EGXX0920
Al Munayyar EGXX0921
Al Munirah EGXX7823
Al Munirah EGXX6391
Al Muqarrabiyah EGXX8179
Al Muqata`ah EGXX4883
Al Muqatifiyah EGXX6393
Al Muqatilah EGXX0466
Al Murabi`in EGXX6845
Al Murayj EGXX7824
Al Murrah EGXX9360
Al Musaylihah EGXX2394
Al Musa`adah EGXX0922
Al Muthallath EGXX3592
Al Muti`ah EGXX3067
Al Muwansah EGXX0923
Al Muwaylih EGXX9361
Al Muwayrir EGXX6737
Al Mu`addiyah EGXX3590
Al Mu`arqab EGXX6388
Al Mu`aysirah EGXX3591
Al Mu`tamadiyah EGXX6389
Al Mu`tamadiyah EGXX5993
Al Najilah EGXX9362
Al Noubareya EGXX2202
Al Qabbari EGXX2203
Al Qaddabah EGXX5995
Al Qahir EGXX3593
Al Qalaj EGXX7825
Al Qalamun EGXX3323
Al Qalashi EGXX2395
Al Qalawat EGXX3594
Al Qalyubiyah EGXX4884
Al Qal`ah EGXX8180
Al Qal`ah EGXX6394
Al Qal`ah EGXX2821
Al Qammanah EGXX8181
Al Qanatirin EGXX2396
Al Qanayat EGXX0924
Al Qantarah EGXX6641
Al Qaradah EGXX6846
Al Qarah EGXX8182
Al Qaraqrah EGXX0925
Al Qarawi EGXX3595
Al Qaraya EGXX8183
Al Qarayshah EGXX8479
Al Qarinayn EGXX2397
Al Qarinayn EGXX3596
Al Qaryah EGXX3597
Al Qasabah EGXX4550
Al Qasabi EGXX6847
Al Qashshish EGXX7827
Al Qashtah EGXX4886
Al Qasimiyah EGXX2208
Al Qasr EGXX2209
Al Qasr EGXX6395
Al Qasr EGXX3324
Al Qasr EGXX8184
Al Qasr EGXX3068
Al Qasr EGXX8871
Al Qasriyah EGXX5996
Al Qassasin EGXX0926
Al Qata EGXX6396
Al Qatafah EGXX9363
Al Qatayi` EGXX0927
Al Qatshah EGXX4887
Al Qattawiyah EGXX0928
Al Qayat EGXX8480
Al Qays EGXX8481
Al Qaytun EGXX4888
Al Qazaqizah EGXX4889
Al Qibli Qamula EGXX8186
Al Qinawiyah EGXX8187
Al Qiratiyah EGXX5997
Al Qubabat EGXX6397
Al Qubaysat EGXX9089
Al Qubbah EGXX4892
Al Qudah EGXX0929
Al Quddabi EGXX4551
Al Quhuqiyah EGXX3598
Al Qulzum EGXX7828
Al Quni EGXX6848
Al Qurashiyah EGXX3069
Al Qurashiyah EGXX5998
Al Quratiyin EGXX6398
Al Qurayn EGXX0930
Al Qurayyah EGXX9091
Al Qurmah EGXX4893
Al Qurnah EGXX3325
Al Qur`an EGXX9090
Al Qusaymah EGXX9364
Al Qusayr EGXX3070
Al Qusiyah EGXX3071
Al Qustantiniyah EGXX4894
Al Qutnah EGXX9092
Al Quturi EGXX6399
Al Sabtah EGXX9365
Al Umbarakab EGXX0273
Al Urman EGXX4895
Al Usayfir EGXX6849
Al Wadi EGXX2211
Al Wadi al Jadid EGXX3326
Al Wafaydah EGXX0931
Al Wahhal EGXX6850
Al Waili EGXX7829
Al Walaja EGXX0932
Al Walidiyah EGXX3073
Al Waqat EGXX9094
Al Waqdah EGXX9095
Al Waqf EGXX6851
Al Waqf EGXX8188
Al Waraq EGXX6852
Al Wardiyan EGXX2213
Al Wasabiyah EGXX9366
Al Wasitah EGXX4552
Al Wasta EGXX3074
Al Wasta EGXX3327
Al Wastaniyah EGXX3601
Al Wayasifah EGXX6853
Al Waziriyah EGXX6854
Al Wa`adilah EGXX3072
Al Widy EGXX6400
Al Wihdah EGXX3602
Al Wisam EGXX3603
Al Yaman EGXX2214
Al Yasiniyah EGXX3604
Al Yasmin EGXX2822
Al Yusufiyah EGXX3605
Al `Abadilah EGXX7831
Al `Abbasah EGXX0933
Al `Abbasi EGXX6855
Al `Abbasiyah EGXX5775
Al `Abbasiyah EGXX6856
Al `Abbasiyah EGXX2823
Al `Absi EGXX0935
Al `Adawi EGXX2398
Al `Adayimah EGXX8189
Al `Adiliyah EGXX5776
Al `Adl EGXX3606
Al `Adliyah EGXX0936
Al `Afadirah EGXX3075
Al `Afayrah EGXX9367
Al `Ajami EGXX2215
Al `Ajamiyin EGXX0468
Al `Ajayizah EGXX2399
Al `Ajirah EGXX3607
Al `Ajuzah EGXX6402
Al `Ajuzayn EGXX6857
Al `Akrishah EGXX3608
Al `Alamayn EGXX8872
Al `Alaqimah EGXX0937
Al `Ali EGXX3609
Al `Allamiyah EGXX6858
Al `Allamiyah EGXX3610
Al `Allaqi EGXX0274
Al `Amarinah EGXX4897
Al `Amaydah EGXX9096
Al `Amirah EGXX4898
Al `Amirah EGXX2400
Al `Amiri EGXX3076
Al `Amiriyah EGXX6000
Al `Amiriyah EGXX0469
Al `Amiriyah EGXX2216
Al `Amriyah EGXX6859
Al `Anabir EGXX6860
Al `Anbar EGXX0938
Al `Anbariyah EGXX9097
Al `Aqliyah EGXX8483
Al `Aqulah EGXX6861
Al `Araki EGXX8190
Al `Aridah EGXX3077
Al `Arin EGXX0939
Al `Arin Qibli EGXX8484
Al `Arish EGXX9368
Al `Asafirah EGXX4899
Al `Asakirah EGXX4553
Al `Asalitah EGXX2401
Al `Asasif EGXX8191
Al `Asayid EGXX0940
Al `Ashshi EGXX8192
Al `Asirat EGXX8193
Al `Asiyat EGXX8486
Al `Asluji EGXX0942
Al `Assarah EGXX3078
Al `Atabah EGXX2824
Al `Ataminah EGXX3079
Al `Atawi EGXX5777
Al `Atf EGXX2402
Al `Atf EGXX6403
Al `Atf EGXX3612
AL `Atiyat EGXX6331
Al `Atiyat EGXX8194
Al `Attarah EGXX7833
Al `Attarin EGXX2217
Al `Awadiliyah EGXX5778
Al `Awamir EGXX3460
Al `Awamir EGXX3613
Al `Awamir Bahri EGXX9099
Al `Awamir Qibli EGXX9100
Al `Awamirah EGXX0943
Al `Awanah EGXX3080
Al `Awasijah EGXX0944
Al `Awawinah EGXX4554
Al `Awfi EGXX0470
Al `Awn EGXX6864
Al `Awwamah EGXX2218
Al `Awwamiyah EGXX9101
Al `Ayyadiyah EGXX4900
Al `Ayyat EGXX6404
Al `Azab EGXX0471
Al `Azayzah EGXX3081
Al `Azazinah EGXX4901
Al `Azizah EGXX6867
Al `Aziziyah EGXX0472
Al `Aziziyah EGXX6405
Al `Aziziyah EGXX0945
Al `Aziziyah EGXX6001
Al `Idwah EGXX0946
Al `Idwah EGXX8488
Al `Idwah EGXX0473
Al `Ilwiyah EGXX0474
Al `Imarah EGXX0947
Al `Imariyah EGXX8489
Al `Imayyid EGXX4903
Al `Immah EGXX6002
Al `Iraq EGXX2219
Al `Iraqiyah EGXX2403
Al `Izab EGXX8196
Al `Izzah EGXX2221
Al `Izziyah EGXX3084
Al `Ubaydiyah EGXX5779
Al `Udar EGXX3085
Al `Udaysat EGXX8197
Al `Ujrah EGXX2825
Al `Ulayqat EGXX8198
Al `Umdah EGXX6871
Al `Umdan EGXX6872
Al `Umraniyah EGXX6406
Al `Umraniyah EGXX6873
Al `Umur EGXX9105
Al `Uqab EGXX8199
Al `Uqbiyin EGXX4904
Al `Uqdah EGXX4905
Al `Urban EGXX4906
Al `Uthmaniyah EGXX6003
Al `Uthmaniyah EGXX3086
Al `Uwaydat EGXX8200
Al `Uwaynah EGXX6407
Al `Uyun EGXX3618
Al-Qusah EGXX8201
Alam Abu Dihak EGXX8874
Alexandria EGXX0001
Ali el-Gharbiya EGXX3619
Almay EGXX2404
Almazah EGXX2826
Ama EGXX7834
Amreya EGXX9478
Amshul EGXX3087
Amyut EGXX6875
An Naghamish EGXX9106
An Nahhal EGXX8490
An Nahhariyah EGXX6004
An Najayrah EGXX4907
An Najjarin EGXX5780
An Najmah EGXX8202
An Nakharin EGXX4555
An Nakhkhas EGXX0950
An Nakhl EGXX9369
An Nakkariyah EGXX0951
An Namasa EGXX8203
An Namrut EGXX0952
An Naqidi EGXX3620
An Narjis EGXX2827
An Nasimiyah EGXX4909
An Nasir EGXX3622
An Nasirah EGXX4910
An Nasiriyah EGXX3088
An Nasiriyah EGXX0953
An Nasiriyah EGXX8491
An Nasiriyah EGXX2222
An Nasiriyah EGXX5781
An Nasiriyah EGXX0475
An Nassariyah EGXX0476
An Nattaf EGXX6877
An Nawafi`ah EGXX0954
An Nawahid EGXX3328
An Nawamis EGXX3089
An Nawamis EGXX4556
An Nawawirah EGXX9107
An Nawiyah EGXX6005
An Nazl EGXX4911
An Nazlah EGXX0955
An Nazlah EGXX3091
An Nazlah EGXX0477
An Nazlawi EGXX0478
An Na`aminah EGXX0949
An Nihayah EGXX3093
An Niqrash EGXX3623
An Nizazah EGXX9370
An Ni`na`iyah EGXX2405
An Nubariyah EGXX3624
An Nubayrah EGXX3625
An Nujaylah EGXX3626
An Nuju` EGXX8204
An Nukhaylah EGXX3094
An Nur EGXX3628
An Nuwayrah EGXX9108
An Nuwayrah EGXX4557
An Nuzhah EGXX2828
An Nu`maniyah EGXX8492
Anfoushi EGXX9479
Anza el-Qalala EGXX8875
Ar Rafay`ah EGXX4912
Ar Rafshah EGXX8206
Ar Raghamah EGXX0279
Ar Rahaminah EGXX5782
Ar Rahawi EGXX6408
Ar Rahib EGXX2406
Ar Rahibayn EGXX6006
Ar Rahmaniyah EGXX3629
Ar Rahmaniyah EGXX4913
Ar Rahmaniyah EGXX0957
Ar Rajabiyah EGXX6007
Ar Rajayibah EGXX3630
Ar Rajdiyah EGXX6008
Ar Ramadi Bahri EGXX0280
Ar Ramadi Qibli EGXX0281
Ar Ramith EGXX8876
Ar Raml EGXX2223
Ar Ramlah EGXX7835
Ar Raqabah EGXX3329
Ar Raqaqinah EGXX9109
Ar Rashidah EGXX3330
Ar Raswah EGXX4504
Ar Rawajhiyah EGXX0958
Ar Rawaqah EGXX3631
Ar Rawashidiyah EGXX0479
Ar Rawatib EGXX8208
Ar Rawdah EGXX0959
Ar Rawdah EGXX8493
Ar Rawdah EGXX0480
Ar Rayayinah EGXX6009
Ar Rayayinah EGXX8209
Ar Raydaniyah EGXX4914
Ar Rayramun EGXX8494
Ar Ridan EGXX3632
Ar Rikabiyah EGXX5783
Ar Rimali EGXX2407
Ar Riqqah EGXX6409
Ar Riyad EGXX4558
Ar Riyad EGXX6010
Ar Riyad EGXX4915
Ar Riyad EGXX6880
Ar Riyad EGXX3095
Ar Rizimat EGXX3633
Ar Rizqah EGXX8210
Ar Rubdan EGXX3634
Ar Rubiyat EGXX0482
Ar Rub` EGXX0481
Ar Rub` EGXX4916
Ar Ruwafa`ah EGXX9371
Ar Ruwayhib EGXX9112
Ar Ruwayjat EGXX3096
Ar Ruwaysat EGXX9372
Ar Ruzayqat EGXX8211
Ard al Haddad EGXX6413
Ard al Julf EGXX2830
Ard al Junaynah EGXX7837
Ard Jawhar EGXX7836
Arish EGXX0029
Armaniyah EGXX3635
Armant EGXX8212
Armant EGXX0002
Arminna EGXX0282
Arqin EGXX3331
Aryamun EGXX6881
As Sabakha EGXX4917
As Sabkhayah EGXX0284
As Sabriyah EGXX4918
As Sabriyat EGXX8214
As Sabtiyah EGXX7839
As Sab` Hatabat EGXX9374
As Sadd EGXX7840
As Safa EGXX7841
As Safasif EGXX3637
As Saff EGXX6415
As Saffayn EGXX4919
As Sahafah EGXX0964
As Sahallah EGXX8496
As Saharwah EGXX4920
As Sahil EGXX3097
As Sahil Bahri EGXX9113
As Sahil Qibli EGXX9114
As Sahlayah EGXX9375
As Sahrij EGXX3098
As Sakakini EGXX2831
As Sakhrah EGXX3638
As Salahat EGXX4921
As Salam EGXX8497
As Salam EGXX3639
As Salamuni EGXX9116
As Salatinah EGXX0965
As Salhiyah EGXX0966
As Salihiyah EGXX7842
As Salihiyah EGXX0485
As Salihiyah EGXX0967
As Salihiyah EGXX8216
As Salimat EGXX8217
As Salimiyah EGXX5787
As Salimiyah EGXX6885
As Sallum EGXX8877
As Salmani EGXX3332
As Salmaniyah EGXX7843
As Sal`a EGXX9115
As Samarah EGXX4923
As Samarinah EGXX9117
As Samata EGXX9118
As Samata EGXX8219
As Sama`inah EGXX0969
As Sanajirah EGXX0970
As Saniyah EGXX4924
As Santah EGXX6011
As Saqriyah EGXX9119
As Saraqina EGXX3099
As Saraya EGXX6886
As Saririyah EGXX8498
As Sarw EGXX5788
As Satamuni EGXX4926
As Sawafinah EGXX0486
As Sawahijah EGXX8499
As Sawahliyah EGXX8220
As Sawalih EGXX0971
As Sawalih EGXX9120
As Sawwaf EGXX3642
As Sawwan EGXX9376
As Sayyad EGXX3643
As Sayyad EGXX8221
As Sayyalah EGXX5789
As Sayyar EGXX6887
As Sa`adat EGXX0960
As Sa`aidah EGXX9373
As Sa`dah EGXX0483
As Sa`diyah EGXX8495
As Sa`diyah EGXX0961
As Sa`diyin EGXX0962
As Sa`i EGXX6882
As Sa`idah EGXX2225
As Sa`idiyah EGXX0484
As Sa`idiyah EGXX0963
As Sa`raniyah EGXX3636
As Siba`iyah EGXX0285
As Sids EGXX0972
As Sifaniyah EGXX7846
As Sihma EGXX3644
As Siliyin EGXX0487
As Similawiyah EGXX6012
As Sinaniyah EGXX5790
As Sinaytah EGXX4927
As Sinbillawayn EGXX8500
As Sinbillawayn EGXX4928
As Sinn al Asmar EGXX2833
As Sinqari EGXX0286
As Sirr EGXX9377
As Siyafa EGXX7847
As Subhah EGXX3101
As Subhiyah EGXX2226
As Subu` EGXX0287
As Sufayhah EGXX9123
As Sufiyah EGXX0973
As Sukkariyah EGXX2408
As Sultan Hasan EGXX8501
As Sultani EGXX4559
As Sunaytah EGXX0974
As Sunbat EGXX0488
As Surah EGXX0975
As Suwalim EGXX4929
As Suwayni EGXX4930
As Suwwah EGXX0976
As Suyufiyah EGXX2834
As Su`udiyah EGXX6416
Asafra EGXX9480
Asdimah EGXX6013
Asfun El-Matana EGXX0053
Ash Shabanat EGXX0977
Ash Shabasiyah EGXX6888
Ash Shabasiyah EGXX2835
Ash Shaghab EGXX8224
Ash Shaghabah EGXX3102
Ash Shaghanibah EGXX3647
Ash Shaghaniyah EGXX0978
Ash Shahamah EGXX3648
Ash Shahidi EGXX6890
Ash Shaja`ah EGXX3650
Ash Shallal EGXX0288
Ash Shallufah EGXX2989
Ash Shamariqah EGXX6891
Ash Shamasimah EGXX3651
Ash Shamiyah EGXX3103
Ash Shanabilah EGXX3104
Ash Shanaynah EGXX3105
Ash Shatibi EGXX2229
Ash Shatt EGXX2990
Ash Shawadifah EGXX0980
Ash Shawami EGXX4932
Ash Shawashinah EGXX0489
Ash Shawawlah EGXX9124
Ash Shawbak EGXX4560
Ash Shawbak EGXX7850
Ash Shawiriyah EGXX8229
Ash Shawka EGXX9125
Ash Shawkah EGXX3652
Ash Shawkah EGXX6892
Ash Shawwafin EGXX0981
Ash Shaykh Fadl EGXX8503
Ash Shaykh Sa`id EGXX0982
Ash Shaykh Shibl EGXX9131
Ash Shaykh Timay EGXX8507
Ash Shaykh Yusuf EGXX9132
Ash Shaykh Ziyad EGXX8508
Ash Shaykh `Isa EGXX8230
Ash Shaykhiyah EGXX8231
Ash Sha`alah EGXX4931
Ash Sha`rani EGXX8223
Ash Sha`rawi EGXX3646
Ash Shihabiyah EGXX6895
Ash Shilan EGXX6896
Ash Shimut EGXX7851
Ash Shin EGXX6897
Ash Shinbab EGXX6420
Ash Shinnawiyah EGXX4561
Ash Shiratun EGXX2837
Ash Shishini EGXX6898
Ash Shi`sha`i EGXX3653
Ash Shubrawayn EGXX0984
Ash Shubul EGXX4934
Ash Shuliyah EGXX0985
Ash Shuntur EGXX4562
Ash Shuqqah EGXX6899
Ash Shuqr EGXX7852
Ash Shura EGXX6900
Ash Shurafa EGXX6421
Ash Shurafah EGXX6901
Ash Shushah EGXX6902
Ash Shuwan EGXX6903
Ash Shuwayfat EGXX2838
Ash Shu`ara EGXX0983
Ash Shu`ayrah EGXX3654
Ashkit EGXX0290
Ashlim EGXX2410
Ashmun EGXX2411
Ashmun ar Rumman EGXX4935
Ashrubah EGXX8511
Ashtilah EGXX0987
Askur EGXX6422
Aslan EGXX0491
Asmaniyah EGXX3655
Asrijah EGXX2412
Aswan EGXX0003
Asyut EGXX0030
As`ad EGXX3645
At Tabarani EGXX3656
At Tabbin EGXX2839
At Tadamun EGXX2230
At Tahirah EGXX0988
At Talibiyah EGXX2413
At Talibiyah EGXX6423
At Talihat EGXX9134
At Tall EGXX4563
At Tall al Ahmar EGXX0989
At Tall al Ahmar EGXX6649
At Tall al Kabir EGXX6650
At Tallin EGXX4936
At Tamad EGXX6738
At Tanaghah EGXX3109
At Tanbawi EGXX6906
At Taramisah EGXX8232
At Tarawi EGXX6907
At Tarfayah EGXX6424
At Tarhah EGXX5793
At Tarradiyah EGXX0990
At Tarranah EGXX3658
At Tasah EGXX9378
At Tataliyah EGXX3110
At Tawabiyah EGXX8233
At Tawabiyah EGXX3111
At Tawabi`ah EGXX4937
At Tawfiqiyah EGXX8512
At Tawfiqiyah EGXX3659
At Tawfiqiyah EGXX2231
At Tawfiqiyah EGXX0492
At Tawilah EGXX0991
At Tawilah EGXX4938
At Tayifah EGXX6908
At Tayriyah EGXX3660
At Tayyibah EGXX8513
At Tayyibah EGXX0992
At Tayyibah EGXX4939
At Ta`awun Awwal EGXX6904
At Ta`awun Thani EGXX6905
At Timsahiyah EGXX3112
At Tir`ah EGXX8234
At Tud EGXX3661
At Tuwayrat EGXX3334
At Tuwaysah EGXX0291
Ataren EGXX9481
Atfih EGXX6425
Athar an Nabi EGXX2841
Atlah al Ja`airi EGXX9379
Atlamis EGXX3662
Atris EGXX6426
Aulad el-Qadi EGXX6909
Aulad el-Sheikh EGXX9136
Aulad Salimna EGXX9135
Aulad `Isa EGXX3663
Aulda Ismail EGXX0056
Awish al Hajar EGXX4940
Awlad al `Adawi EGXX1000
Awlad ash Shaykh EGXX9153
Awlad Bahij EGXX9137
Awlad Dafir EGXX6910
Awlad Dayf Allah EGXX6911
Awlad Gharib EGXX3335
Awlad Hamam EGXX5794
Awlad Hamzah EGXX9138
Awlad Hanah EGXX4941
Awlad Ibrahim EGXX3113
Awlad Ilyas EGXX3114
Awlad Isma`il EGXX9139
Awlad Jabbarah EGXX9140
Awlad Khalaf EGXX9141
Awlad Kharuf EGXX8878
Awlad Madi EGXX9142
Awlad Muhanna EGXX0993
Awlad Musa EGXX0994
Awlad Nusayr EGXX9143
Awlad Nusayr EGXX6912
Awlad Nuwayr EGXX8514
Awlad Rayiq EGXX3115
Awlad Salah EGXX6914
Awlad Salamah EGXX9144
Awlad Saqr EGXX0995
Awlad Sarhan EGXX8515
Awlad Sarrar EGXX0996
Awlad Sayf EGXX0997
Awlad Sa`id EGXX6913
Awlad Shulul EGXX9146
Awlad Siraj EGXX3116
Awlad Tawq Sharq EGXX9147
Awlad Tuq Gharb EGXX9148
Awlad `Abidin EGXX0998
Awlad `Ali EGXX8879
Awlad `Amr EGXX8237
Awlad `Azzaz EGXX9152
Awlad `Inan EGXX0999
Awsim EGXX6427
Az Zabu EGXX6428
Az Zafir EGXX3665
Az Zahayrah EGXX4942
Az Zahir EGXX2842
Az Zahiriyah EGXX6652
Az Zahiriyah EGXX2232
Az Zahwiyin EGXX7853
Az Zajam EGXX6920
Az Zamalik EGXX6429
Az Zammar EGXX4943
Az Zamruniyah EGXX4944
Az Zankalun EGXX1002
Az Zanqur EGXX9154
Az Zaqaziq EGXX1003
Az Zarabi EGXX3117
Az Zarabi EGXX4564
Az Zarah EGXX9155
Az Zaraniq EGXX9380
Az Zarqa EGXX5797
Az Zarqiyah EGXX1004
Az Zarzamun EGXX1005
Az Zawamil EGXX1006
Az Zawarah EGXX8517
Az Zawiyah EGXX3118
Az Zawiyah EGXX6921
Az Zayarah EGXX3119
Az Zaydiyah EGXX6430
Az Zaytiyah EGXX2991
Az Zaytun EGXX2843
Az Zaytun EGXX8880
Az Zayyatin EGXX6922
Az Za`aqah EGXX1001
Az Za`atirah EGXX5796
Az Za`faran EGXX6916
Az Za`faranah EGXX3461
Az Za`farani EGXX3664
Az Zibaydah EGXX6924
Az Zibdah EGXX1008
Az Zurayqi EGXX4945
Az Zurbi EGXX0494
Azarita EGXX9482
Bab al Khalq EGXX2844
Bab al Luq EGXX2845
Babil EGXX6014
Badahl EGXX4567
Badaway EGXX4946
Badr EGXX2847
Badr EGXX3666
Baghdad EGXX9381
Baghdad EGXX2233
Baha EGXX4568
Bahadah EGXX7855
Baharmis EGXX6431
Bahary EGXX9483
Bahbashin EGXX4569
Bahbit EGXX6432
Bahij EGXX8881
Bahij EGXX3120
Bahjurah EGXX8240
Bahnabay EGXX1009
Bahnamuh EGXX4570
Bahnaya EGXX4947
Bahqirah EGXX4948
Bahtim EGXX7856
Bahtit EGXX1010
Baja EGXX9160
Bakhanis EGXX8241
Bakhati EGXX2414
Bakos EGXX9484
Bakr EGXX3462
Bakus EGXX2234
Balankumah EGXX6927
Balansurah EGXX8518
Balaqs EGXX7857
Balaqtar EGXX3667
Balasfurah EGXX9161
Balat EGXX3337
Balba` EGXX3669
Balkim EGXX6015
Ballanah EGXX0292
Ballut EGXX3121
Baltim EGXX0027
Baluza EGXX6653
Bamha EGXX6434
Ban al `Alam EGXX8519
Ban El-Alam EGXX0058
Bana Abu Sir EGXX6016
Banadf EGXX1011
Banawit EGXX9162
Banayus EGXX1012
Banga EGXX0059
Banha EGXX7858
Banhaw EGXX9163
Bani Ahmad EGXX4571
Bani Ahmad EGXX8520
Bani al Hakam EGXX8544
Bani Bakhit EGXX4572
Bani Fiz EGXX3122
Bani Ghalib EGXX3123
Bani Ghani EGXX8521
Bani Ghiryan EGXX6017
Bani Ghunaym EGXX4573
Bani Hallah EGXX4574
Bani Hamad EGXX4575
Bani Hani EGXX0495
Bani Haram EGXX8522
Bani Harb EGXX9164
Bani Harun EGXX4576
Bani Hasan EGXX1013
Bani Hilal EGXX4950
Bani Hilal EGXX9165
Bani Hilal EGXX1014
Bani Hilal EGXX3124
Bani Hudayr EGXX4577
Bani Humayd EGXX8242
Bani Humayl EGXX9166
Bani Husayn EGXX3125
Bani Husayn EGXX1015
Bani Ibrahim EGXX3126
Bani Idris EGXX3338
Bani Ishbil EGXX1016
Bani Jiray EGXX1017
Bani Khalid EGXX8525
Bani Khalil EGXX4578
Bani Khilf EGXX8527
Bani Khiyar EGXX8528
Bani Madi EGXX4579
Bani Majd EGXX3127
Bani Majdul EGXX6435
Bani Mansur EGXX1018
Bani Mazar EGXX8529
Bani Minayn EGXX8530
Bani Murr EGXX3129
Bani Musa EGXX8532
Bani Musa EGXX4583
Bani Qasim EGXX4584
Bani Quraysh EGXX4951
Bani Qurrah EGXX3130
Bani Rafi` EGXX3131
Bani Razzah EGXX3132
Bani Ridwan EGXX4585
Bani Ruh EGXX8533
Bani Salamah EGXX6436
Bani Salih EGXX0496
Bani Salih EGXX1019
Bani Salih EGXX3133
Bani Samit EGXX8535
Bani Sami` EGXX3134
Bani Samraj EGXX8536
Bani Sanad EGXX3135
Bani Sa`id EGXX8534
Bani Sha`ran EGXX3136
Bani Shuqayr EGXX3339
Bani Surayd EGXX1020
Bani Suwayf EGXX4589
Bani Talib EGXX3137
Bani Wallams EGXX8537
Bani Wirkan EGXX8538
Bani Wishah EGXX9167
Bani Yahya Bahri EGXX3138
Bani Zar EGXX9168
Bani Zayd EGXX3139
Bani Zayd Buq EGXX3140
Bani `Abbad EGXX1021
Bani `Adi EGXX4591
Bani `Affan EGXX4592
Bani `Ali EGXX8539
Bani `Amir EGXX8540
Bani `Amir EGXX1022
Bani `Ammar EGXX9169
Bani `Atiyah EGXX4593
Bani `Awad EGXX4594
Bani `Aysh EGXX9170
Bani `Ayyad EGXX1023
Bani `Ubayd EGXX8542
Bani `Ubayd EGXX4952
Bani `Uthman EGXX0497
Banja EGXX9171
Banub EGXX3141
Banul EGXX3670
Baqlulah EGXX6930
Baqlulah EGXX6019
Baqsa EGXX2415
Baqur EGXX3142
Bar al Hamam EGXX6020
Barakat EGXX6739
Baramkim EGXX4953
Barashim EGXX2416
Barawah al Waqf EGXX4595
Barawi EGXX2417
Bardalah EGXX3671
Bardanuha EGXX8545
Bardis EGXX9172
Barhamtush EGXX4954
Barhim EGXX2418
Baris EGXX3342
Barkhil EGXX9173
Barmasha EGXX8547
Barnasht EGXX6437
Barnis EGXX3464
Barq al `Izz EGXX4955
Barqata EGXX7859
Barqin EGXX4956
Barramiya EGXX3465
Barraq el-Washka EGXX8882
Barrim EGXX3672
Barshum al Kubra EGXX7860
Barsiq EGXX3673
Barut EGXX4596
Basandilah EGXX4957
Basateen EGXX2848
Bashalush EGXX4958
Bashams EGXX4959
Bashbish EGXX6933
Bashtil EGXX6438
Bastarah EGXX3674
Bastat al `Ajrud EGXX2992
Basunah EGXX9174
Basus EGXX7862
Basyun EGXX6021
Bata EGXX2419
Batamdah EGXX7863
Batn Ihrit EGXX0498
Batrah EGXX4960
Bawati EGXX9382
Bawit EGXX3143
Bawiti EGXX0060
Bayad al `Arab EGXX4597
Bayad an Nasara EGXX3466
Baydif EGXX6440
Bayn as Sarayat EGXX6441
Bayt al Khuraybi EGXX9177
Bayt Dawud Sahl EGXX9175
Bayt Khallaf EGXX3343
Bayt `Allam EGXX9176
Bayy al `Arab EGXX2420
Beheira EGXX3675
Beit Dawud Sahl EGXX0061
Benha EGXX0063
Benha EGXX0062
Beni Ibrahim EGXX0064
Beni Shiqeir EGXX0065
Bianki EGXX2235
Biba EGXX4598
Biban EGXX3677
Biddin EGXX4961
Bidsah EGXX6442
Bihdal EGXX8548
Bihnay EGXX2421
Bihtah EGXX9178
Bihwash EGXX2422
Bijam EGXX7864
Bilbays EGXX0067
Bilhasah EGXX8549
Bilifya EGXX4599
Billay EGXX6022
Bilmisht EGXX2423
Bilqas Qism Tani EGXX0069
Bilshashah EGXX6935
Biltaj EGXX6023
Biltan EGXX7865
Bimam EGXX2424
Bimban EGXX3345
Bindar EGXX9179
Binufar EGXX2425
Biqayrah EGXX2426
Bir el-Hasana EGXX0071
Bir Hooker EGXX0070
Bir Shams EGXX2427
Birah al `Ajuz EGXX2428
Birak al Khiyam EGXX6443
Birimbal EGXX4963
Birinbal EGXX6936
Birkat al Fil EGXX2849
Birkat as Sab` EGXX2429
Birkat Ghitas EGXX3678
Birma EGXX6024
Birqamah EGXX3679
Birqash EGXX6444
Bisat EGXX4966
Bisfa EGXX4600
Bishat `Amir EGXX1026
Bishla EGXX4968
Bishtami EGXX2430
Bisintaway EGXX3680
Bisrah EGXX3145
Bitash EGXX2236
Bitibs EGXX2431
Biyahmu EGXX0499
Biyala EGXX0072
Bolak El Dakror EGXX6445
Bolkly EGXX9485
Budkhula EGXX0073
Bugbug EGXX8883
Bughaz Raqman EGXX9384
Buha al Balad EGXX1027
Buha al Mahattah EGXX1028
Buhat Shatanuf EGXX2432
Buhaydah EGXX4969
Buhayrat al Qinn EGXX6937
Buhut EGXX4970
Bujah EGXX8551
Bujayrim EGXX2433
Bulaq EGXX3346
Bulaq ad Dakrur EGXX6446
Buldu EGXX2237
Bulin EGXX3681
Bulkeley EGXX2238
Bulqinah EGXX6025
Bulus al Hawa EGXX6026
Bulush EGXX6938
Buq EGXX3146
Buqayrah EGXX2434
Buqbuq EGXX0074
Buqtaris EGXX4971
Bur Tawfiq EGXX2993
Burasat Ma`n EGXX9385
Burayd EGXX6940
Buraydi`ah EGXX6941
Burayj EGXX6027
Burayk al Hajar EGXX6028
Burg el-Hudud EGXX2850
Burj al `Arab EGXX8884
Burj Mughayzil EGXX6942
Burtus EGXX6447
Bush EGXX4601
Butaynah EGXX6029
Butaytah EGXX6943
Buwayt EGXX3147
Buwayt EGXX3682
Byut Fadit EGXX8886
Cairo EGXX0004
Camp Shezar EGXX9486
Cleopatra EGXX9487
Court EGXX2851
Cremenciug EGXX6448
Dabbun al Malik EGXX3684
Dabub EGXX0293
Dabud EGXX0294
Dafash EGXX8553
Daffet Rihaiya EGXX8887
Dahab EGXX0076
Dahmaru EGXX8554
Dahmasha EGXX1029
Dahrut EGXX8555
Dahshur EGXX6449
Dahturah EGXX6030
Dairab Negm EGXX1030
Dairut EGXX0077
Dakama EGXX2435
Dakkudah EGXX6031
Dalas EGXX4602
Dalga EGXX0078
Dalhamu EGXX2436
Damallij EGXX2437
Damallu EGXX2438
Damanhur EGXX3685
Damanhur EGXX3148
Damanhur Shubra EGXX6450
Damaris EGXX8557
Damas EGXX4973
Damat EGXX6033
Damatyuh EGXX3686
Damhuj EGXX2439
Damietta EGXX5799
Damru EGXX6034
Damshir EGXX8558
Damshit EGXX6035
Danasur EGXX2440
Dandana EGXX7867
Dandarah EGXX8244
Dandil EGXX4603
Dandit EGXX4974
Dandur EGXX0295
Danfiq EGXX8245
Danyal EGXX0500
Daqadus EGXX4975
Daqahlah EGXX5800
Daqalt EGXX6944
Daqduqah EGXX3687
Daqran EGXX6036
Daquf EGXX8559
Dar as Salam EGXX0501
Dar as Salam EGXX9182
Dar El Salam EGXX2852
Dar el- `Inga EGXX3688
Dar el-Salam EGXX0296
Darajil EGXX2441
Daraw EGXX0079
Darawah EGXX4976
Darawah EGXX2442
Dashlut EGXX0080
Dashtut EGXX4604
Dast al Ashraf EGXX3689
Dawwar Abu Basil EGXX2239
Dawwar Halis EGXX8891
Dawwar Hamad EGXX8892
Dawwar Hasan EGXX8893
Dawwar Jabal EGXX0502
Dawwar Juhaynah EGXX1032
Dawwar Khamis EGXX8895
Dawwar Misri EGXX2243
Dawwar Ruhayyim EGXX2244
Dawwar Saqr EGXX8901
Dawwar Siwakah EGXX8903
Dayr Abu Hinnis EGXX8560
Dayr al Barsha EGXX8565
Dayr al Jabrawi EGXX3467
Dayr al Maymun EGXX4606
Dayr al Qusayr EGXX3152
Dayr al `Azab EGXX0503
Dayr Ams EGXX3690
Dayr Barawah EGXX4605
Dayr Mawas EGXX8562
Dayr Samalut EGXX8563
Dayr Shu EGXX3150
Dayr `Atiyah EGXX8564
Dayrut EGXX3153
Dayrut EGXX3691
Deir Mawas EGXX0081
Deir Tasa EGXX3155
Dekhela EGXX9488
Dhahab EGXX6741
Dhat al Kawm EGXX6451
Dibayj EGXX4977
Dibeira Gharb EGXX0297
Dibeira Sharq EGXX0298
Dibi EGXX3692
Dibirki EGXX2443
Dibu `Awwam EGXX4978
Difinnu EGXX0504
Difrah EGXX6037
Difriyah EGXX6945
Dihmit EGXX0299
Dijwi EGXX7868
Dikiran EGXX3156
Dikirnis EGXX4979
Dilhanis EGXX4607
Dilibshan EGXX2444
Diminkah EGXX6946
Dimishli EGXX3693
Dimishqin EGXX0505
Dimishshalt EGXX4980
Dimisinah EGXX3694
Dimitnu EGXX6038
Dimnu EGXX9183
Dimru EGXX6947
Dimru Salman EGXX6948
Dimshaw Hashim EGXX8568
Dimu EGXX0506
Dimushiyah EGXX4608
Dimwah as Sibakh EGXX4981
Dinjaway EGXX4982
Dinshal EGXX3695
Dinshaway EGXX2445
Dinushar EGXX6039
Dirin EGXX6949
Dirshabah EGXX3696
Dirshay EGXX3697
Dirwa EGXX0082
Dirwah EGXX8569
Dishashah EGXX4609
Dishna EGXX0083
Disuq EGXX0084
Disya EGXX0507
Diya al Kawm EGXX2446
Diyamu EGXX1034
Diyarb al Khudr EGXX4984
Diyarb as Suq EGXX4985
Diyarb Buqtaris EGXX4983
Diyarb Hashim EGXX6040
Diyarb Najm EGXX1035
Diyast EGXX4986
Diyu al Wusta EGXX4987
Dokki EGXX6452
Dukhmays EGXX6950
Dumayrah EGXX4988
Duqmayrah EGXX6951
Durrat Miglis EGXX3468
Durunkah EGXX3157
Duwaydah EGXX1036
Duwaynah EGXX3158
Duwayr `Ayid EGXX3159
El Agra EGXX9387
El Aradat EGXX8911
El Avoa EGXX9388
El Bugura EGXX8913
El Dab A EGXX0087
El Daiqa EGXX9389
El Deir EGXX3347
El Fayoum EGXX0005
El Fitat EGXX9390
El Ghomeid EGXX8914
El Gouna EGXX3469
El Hamra EGXX8915
El Harayiq EGXX8916
El Hawata EGXX3160
EL Kharkuba EGXX9386
El Makhada EGXX9391
El Mansura EGXX0089
El Masara EGXX9392
El Ma`iz EGXX8917
El Mideiwar EGXX8918
El Minya EGXX0090
El Moneeb EGXX6453
El Qars EGXX0091
El Qawadis EGXX9393
El Rabda EGXX8919
El Ramis EGXX8920
El Ruway EGXX8921
El Shadida EGXX9394
El Sharabia EGXX7869
El Shiteirat EGXX8922
El Shorouk EGXX2853
El Sibaiya EGXX0092
El Sirir EGXX3470
El Tafla EGXX8923
El Tebbin EGXX2854
El Tor EGXX0034
El Toweel EGXX9395
El Tur EGXX0094
El Tuweiqiya EGXX8924
El Washka EGXX8925
El Zahahif EGXX8926
El `Afrag EGXX8927
El-Afran Zone EGXX3348
El-Alamein EGXX0095
El-Amadan EGXX6742
El-Aqaba EGXX6743
El-Arish EGXX0096
El-Atwaq EGXX2994
El-Ausat Qamula EGXX8246
El-Badari EGXX0097
El-Balyana EGXX0098
El-Barahma EGXX0099
El-Burg EGXX0100
El-Bustan EGXX3701
El-Dabiya EGXX0101
El-Deiqa EGXX3471
El-Deir EGXX9185
El-Deir EGXX0102
El-Dinnawiya EGXX6454
El-Dirai Zone EGXX3349
El-Dirri EGXX3472
El-Faliq EGXX3473
El-Fatnuniya EGXX8929
El-Fawayid EGXX8570
El-Firasiya EGXX9186
El-Gareigif EGXX9396
El-Gazzah EGXX2246
El-Ga`fariya EGXX7871
El-Gebai EGXX9397
El-Geneifa EGXX6744
El-Ghanayim EGXX0103
El-Gharqada EGXX9398
El-Giza EGXX0006
El-Haddadi EGXX0105
El-Hafair EGXX0106
El-Hamman EGXX0107
El-Harra EGXX0108
El-Hasaya EGXX0301
El-Huseiniya EGXX0109
El-Kafaf EGXX9400
El-Kamaliya EGXX6041
El-Kanabish EGXX8930
El-Kanayis EGXX3474
El-Karm EGXX8571
El-Kawami Bahari EGXX0111
El-Kawamil Qibli EGXX3350
El-Kharash EGXX8931
El-Kharruba EGXX9401
El-Kilh Gharb EGXX0112
El-Kola Nag EGXX9187
El-Kom el-Ahmar EGXX3161
El-Laqeita EGXX3475
El-Lassafa EGXX6745
El-Mahamid EGXX8247
El-Mahariq EGXX0114
El-Mahayir EGXX9402
El-Mahmudiya EGXX4990
El-Manshah EGXX0115
El-Masani` EGXX3703
El-Masid EGXX8248
El-Matariya EGXX0116
El-Ma`aza EGXX8572
El-Meshalfat EGXX9403
El-Mikheirta EGXX8932
El-Miqarranat EGXX8933
El-Mirbat EGXX3704
El-Mishigeiga EGXX0508
El-Misid el-Waqf EGXX8573
El-Muntali EGXX6746
El-Nasirat EGXX9188
El-Paruqiya EGXX2855
El-Qalamun EGXX0117
El-Qarawi EGXX3706
El-Qatafiya EGXX9404
El-Qeif EGXX3351
El-Qubabat EGXX0120
El-Qushlaqat EGXX9405
El-Qusiya EGXX0121
El-Raquba EGXX3707
El-Rashda EGXX0123
El-Ria EGXX3476
El-Riqa EGXX0302
El-Roda EGXX5802
El-Rub` EGXX6952
El-Saayda EGXX0124
El-Sanawi EGXX6747
El-Sawalhga EGXX8574
El-Sayeddah EGXX2856
El-Sa`aida EGXX7872
El-Sheikh Fadl EGXX0125
El-Shiha EGXX9406
El-Siga`iya EGXX6042
El-Sukkariy EGXX2447
El-Sunubrat EGXX2247
El-Suweis (Suez) EGXX0126
El-Thamad EGXX0127
El-Timsah EGXX3477
El-Tod EGXX0128
El-Tor el-Asfar EGXX6456
El-Wahhabiya EGXX6953
El-Wishka EGXX8935
El-Zarabi EGXX0129
El-Zayara EGXX3162
El-`Anabra EGXX6954
Embaba EGXX6457
Ezbet Abu Sagal EGXX9407
Ezbet Algeir EGXX0130
Ezbet el-Busa EGXX3353
Ezbet el-Gezira EGXX0133
Ezbet el-Mural EGXX3354
Ezbet Fiteima EGXX0131
Ezbet Ghabriyal EGXX2448
Ezbet Nasser EGXX0132
Faisal EGXX6458
Fanarah EGXX6654
Fanus EGXX0509
Faqus EGXX0134
Faqus al Balad EGXX1039
Farafra EGXX0035
Faraj Madi EGXX2248
Faras Gharb EGXX0303
Farashah EGXX1040
Faraskur EGXX5803
Farghan EGXX1041
Farhash EGXX3710
Faris EGXX0136
Farnawa EGXX3711
Farsh Barkat EGXX6957
Farshut EGXX0137
Farsis EGXX7874
Farsis EGXX1042
Farsis EGXX6043
Faruk EGXX1043
Fatirah EGXX0304
Faw Bahri EGXX8250
Faw Qibli EGXX8251
Fawjilay EGXX9189
Fayid EGXX0138
Fazarah EGXX3163
Fazarah EGXX3712
Fazarah EGXX4610
Fidimin EGXX0510
Fidimin al Bahri EGXX0511
Filastin EGXX2249
Fisha EGXX2449
Fisha al Jadidah EGXX3713
Fisha al Kubra EGXX2451
Fisha Bana EGXX4992
Fisha Salim EGXX2450
Flaminj EGXX2250
Flemeng EGXX9489
Fuka EGXX0139
Fukah EGXX8937
Furqus EGXX0513
Fuwah EGXX6958
Fy EGXX0305
Galal EGXX0140
Garada EGXX9408
Garawla EGXX0141
Gasrawit EGXX9409
Gebeil EGXX0142
Gemsa EGXX0007
Genel el- Zabara EGXX0306
Ghalib EGXX6959
Ghamrah EGXX2857
Ghamrin EGXX2452
Gharif al `Abd EGXX9410
Ghazalah EGXX4993
Ghazalat al Khis EGXX1045
Ghitah EGXX1046
Ghot el Qatrani EGXX8939
Ghot el Shafshaf EGXX8940
Ghot el Walu EGXX8941
Ghot el- Kanala EGXX8942
Ghot Libsas EGXX8938
Gianaclis EGXX9490
Gifei `Sa`d EGXX6655
Gilbana EGXX9413
Ginah EGXX0145
Girga EGXX0146
Girza EGXX0147
Glim EGXX9491
Gof el-Awam EGXX8943
Gomrok EGXX9492
Gorayfat Bay EGXX3478
Got el- Harf EGXX8944
Gourmashine EGXX3356
Gurmashin EGXX0148
Habakat el-Gimal EGXX8945
Hadara EGXX9493
Hafs EGXX3714
Hala EGXX4994
Halab EGXX2252
Halawa EGXX4995
Hallabah EGXX7875
Halwan EGXX0149
Hamadah EGXX8575
Hamaqah EGXX4996
Hamata EGXX3479
Hamrat Dum EGXX8252
Hanna EGXX4614
Hannun EGXX6044
Hanut EGXX6045
Hanut EGXX1047
Harabshant EGXX4615
Hararah EGXX3715
Hareeya Jet EGXX9414
Hasan Basha EGXX8576
Hash el- Gafra EGXX2996
Hativet el-Hamra EGXX8948
Hatiyet el Tarqa EGXX8949
Hatiyit el `Anaz EGXX8952
Hawd al Khayr EGXX1049
Hawd at Tarfah EGXX4997
Hawd Faris EGXX3716
Hawd Naji` EGXX1048
Hawd Qatiah EGXX9415
Hawsh `Isa EGXX3717
Hawwarah EGXX8577
Hawwarat `Adlan EGXX0514
Hayshah ad Dayza EGXX9416
Hayt EGXX2453
Hayy Abu Laylah EGXX7876
Hayy al Manakh EGXX4998
Hayy al `Arab EGXX4505
Hayy al `Urubah EGXX5805
Hayy as Sifarat EGXX2860
Hayy ash Sharq EGXX4506
Hayy az Zuhur EGXX2861
Hayy az Zuhur EGXX4999
Hayy Nasir EGXX5804
Heim EGXX1050
Heliopolis EGXX2862
Hifna EGXX1051
Hihya EGXX8578
Hihya EGXX1052
Hijazah EGXX0150
Hilliyah EGXX4616
Hinidhfa EGXX4617
Hiqab el Kheil EGXX2997
Hirriyat Raznah EGXX1053
Hissat Abar EGXX6046
Hissat ar Ruhban EGXX5000
Hissat Birma EGXX6047
Hissat Milij EGXX2454
Hissat Shabshir EGXX6048
Hiw EGXX8254
Hiwayn EGXX6049
Hor EGXX0151
Houseinat EGXX9417
Hujmin EGXX0516
Hulays EGXX6961
Hulwah EGXX8579
Hur EGXX8580
Hurayn EGXX6050
Hurbayt EGXX1054
Hurghada EGXX0008
Husein Musa EGXX6461
Ibjaj al Hatab EGXX8581
Ibkhas EGXX2455
Ibnahs EGXX2456
Ibrahemeya EGXX9494
Ibrahim Hakim EGXX5806
Ibrak Hamam EGXX3719
Ibrash EGXX1055
Ibrim EGXX0154
Ibshadat EGXX8582
Ibshadi EGXX2457
Ibshan EGXX6962
Ibshaq al Ghazal EGXX8583
Ibshaway EGXX0517
Ibtu EGXX6963
Ibwan az Zabadi EGXX8584
Ibwit EGXX4619
Ibwit al Qadimah EGXX4620
Ibyanah EGXX6964
Ibyar EGXX6052
Idfa EGXX9192
Idfina EGXX3721
Idfu EGXX0309
Idfu Qibli EGXX0310
Idku EGXX0155
Idmu EGXX8585
Idqaq al Misk EGXX8586
Idrasiyah EGXX4621
Idrijah EGXX6965
Idshay EGXX2458
Iflaqa EGXX3722
Ifwah EGXX4622
Ihnasiyah EGXX4623
Ihrit EGXX0518
Ihwah EGXX4625
Ikhtab EGXX5001
Ikingi `Osman EGXX3723
Ikinj Maryut EGXX2253
Ikrash EGXX1056
Ikwah EGXX1057
Ikwah al Hissah EGXX2459
Ikyad Dijwi EGXX7877
Imbabah EGXX6462
Imlit EGXX3724
Imri EGXX3725
Imyay EGXX7878
Industrial Park EGXX2863
Ineiba EGXX0311
Inshas EGXX1060
Iqfahs EGXX4627
Iqlit EGXX0156
Iqsas EGXX9193
Isfaht EGXX3164
Ishaqah EGXX6966
Ishlimah EGXX3726
Ishmant EGXX4628
Ishnaway EGXX6054
Ishnin an Nasara EGXX8587
Iskan al Qudah EGXX2872
Ismailia EGXX0009
Ismant EGXX8588
Ismant EGXX3357
Ismat EGXX0158
Ismu al `Arus EGXX8589
Isna EGXX0159
Isnit EGXX7879
Istanha EGXX2460
Istubari EGXX2461
Italiya EGXX6967
Itay al Barud EGXX3727
Itlidim EGXX8590
Itmidah EGXX5002
Itnih EGXX8591
Itqa EGXX8592
Itsa EGXX0519
Itsa EGXX8593
Itwab EGXX4629
Jabal an Nur EGXX4630
Jabal at Tayr EGXX8594
Jabalah EGXX0520
Jahdam EGXX3165
Jaliyah EGXX5003
Jalmuh EGXX5004
Jamasah EGXX5005
Jamjamun EGXX6968
Jamsah EGXX3480
Janaj EGXX6055
Janaklis EGXX6969
Janzur EGXX6057
Jaradu EGXX0521
Jarajus EGXX8255
Jarawan EGXX2462
Jardin Siti EGXX2875
Jarf Sarhan EGXX3166
Jarfis EGXX0522
Jarris EGXX8596
Jawadah EGXX8597
Jazirat al Ahrar EGXX7884
Jazirat al Faras EGXX1065
Jazirat al Hajar EGXX2463
Jazirat an Najdi EGXX7885
Jazirat an Nur EGXX4636
Jazirat Badran EGXX7882
Jazirat Biba EGXX4632
Jazirat Billi EGXX7883
Jazirat Mahrus EGXX9195
Jazirat Muhammad EGXX6463
Jazirat Mutayrah EGXX8256
Jazirat Nikla EGXX3732
Jazirat Sharunah EGXX8598
Jazirat Su`ud EGXX1062
Ja`ija`a EGXX9418
Jidam EGXX2464
Jimris EGXX3168
Jinah EGXX3358
Jinayfah EGXX2998
Jinbaway EGXX3733
Jirja EGXX9198
Jirzah EGXX6465
Jisfa EGXX5007
Jizayy EGXX2465
Jizzayah EGXX6466
Joz Abu Rad EGXX9420
Judaylah EGXX5008
Juhaynah EGXX9199
Jujar EGXX6970
Jurf Husayn EGXX0312
Jurji Matta EGXX1069
Ju`ayf EGXX3734
Ka Fret Rihama EGXX0161
Kabouti EGXX1070
Kafr Abazah EGXX1071
Kafr Abdu EGXX9495
Kafr Abshish EGXX2466
Kafr Abu ad Dib EGXX1108
Kafr Abu ad Dub EGXX1109
Kafr Abu al `As EGXX1111
Kafr Abu al `Izz EGXX1112
Kafr Abu an Nur EGXX1113
Kafr Abu ar Rish EGXX1114
Kafr Abu Birri EGXX5011
Kafr Abu Birri EGXX1072
Kafr Abu Dabbus EGXX5012
Kafr Abu Daqn EGXX1073
Kafr Abu Dhikri EGXX5013
Kafr Abu Dhikri EGXX2467
Kafr Abu Fawdah EGXX5014
Kafr Abu Firakh EGXX1075
Kafr Abu Habhab EGXX8953
Kafr Abu Hakim EGXX1076
Kafr Abu Hatab EGXX1077
Kafr Abu Jabal EGXX1078
Kafr Abu Jad EGXX1079
Kafr Abu Jalal EGXX1080
Kafr Abu Jalilah EGXX1081
Kafr Abu Jum`ah EGXX7886
Kafr Abu Jundi EGXX6059
Kafr Abu Kabir EGXX1082
Kafr Abu Kamil EGXX1083
Kafr Abu Laban EGXX1084
Kafr Abu Mahmud EGXX2468
Kafr Abu Mitna EGXX1085
Kafr Abu Mityas EGXX1086
Kafr Abu Nabhan EGXX5015
Kafr Abu Najah EGXX5016
Kafr Abu Najm EGXX6656
Kafr Abu Nasir EGXX5017
Kafr Abu Na`im EGXX6971
Kafr Abu Nimr EGXX1088
Kafr Abu Qawuq EGXX1089
Kafr Abu Qurah EGXX1090
Kafr Abu Radwan EGXX1091
Kafr Abu Raqabah EGXX2469
Kafr Abu Salih EGXX1092
Kafr Abu Shahbah EGXX4638
Kafr Abu Shanab EGXX0523
Kafr Abu Sir EGXX7887
Kafr Abu Sir EGXX4639
Kafr Abu Subayh EGXX1095
Kafr Abu Sultan EGXX1096
Kafr Abu Tahun EGXX1098
Kafr Abu Tariyah EGXX5021
Kafr Abu Tirhi EGXX0162
Kafr Abu Yunus EGXX1099
Kafr Abu Zahrah EGXX7888
Kafr Abu Zahrah EGXX5022
Kafr Abu Zayd EGXX1100
Kafr Abu `Abduh EGXX6972
Kafr Abu `Abiyah EGXX1101
Kafr Abu `Admah EGXX5807
Kafr Abu `Ajwah EGXX1102
Kafr Abu `Ali EGXX5023
Kafr Abu `Amir EGXX1103
Kafr Abu `Ashur EGXX6657
Kafr Abu `Awad EGXX1104
Kafr Abu `Ayyad EGXX5808
Kafr Abu `Id EGXX1105
Kafr Abu `Isa EGXX1106
Kafr Abu `Umar EGXX1107
Kafr ad Dabbusi EGXX5091
Kafr ad Dab`i EGXX6490
Kafr ad Dahaymah EGXX5818
Kafr ad Dakruri EGXX6112
Kafr ad Darrakah EGXX1232
Kafr ad Dawwar EGXX3766
Kafr ad Dawwar EGXX6113
Kafr ad Dawwar EGXX2534
Kafr ad Dayr EGXX7915
Kafr ad Dayr EGXX5092
Kafr ad Difrawi EGXX3767
Kafr ad Dihyat EGXX1238
Kafr Ahmad Salih EGXX1118
Kafr al Abhar EGXX6995
Kafr al Afandi EGXX6996
Kafr al Ahrar EGXX1240
Kafr al Akram EGXX2535
Kafr al Amshuti EGXX5095
Kafr al Arba`in EGXX7916
Kafr al Asawidah EGXX1241
Kafr al Ashqam EGXX1242
Kafr al Ashqar EGXX2536
Kafr al Ashraf EGXX1243
Kafr al Atrash EGXX5096
Kafr al A`jar EGXX5093
Kafr al A`sar EGXX1239
Kafr al Badamas EGXX5097
Kafr al Baghdadi EGXX1245
Kafr al Bahaytah EGXX5098
Kafr al Bajur EGXX2538
Kafr al Baramun EGXX5099
Kafr al Basha EGXX1247
Kafr al Batanun EGXX2539
Kafr al Batil EGXX1248
Kafr al Battikh EGXX5819
Kafr al Baz EGXX1249
Kafr al Baz EGXX5100
Kafr al Bazat EGXX1250
Kafr al Faddan EGXX1251
Kafr al Fayalah EGXX8604
Kafr al Fuqqa`i EGXX8605
Kafr al Ghayah EGXX3768
Kafr al Ghul EGXX6999
Kafr al Ghunaymi EGXX1254
Kafr al Haddadin EGXX7918
Kafr al Hadidi EGXX1255
Kafr al Hajjah EGXX3769
Kafr al Hajrasi EGXX5103
Kafr al Halabi EGXX5104
Kafr al Hamam EGXX1259
Kafr al Hamam EGXX6116
Kafr al Hamran EGXX1261
Kafr al Hanadwah EGXX6491
Kafr al Hasafah EGXX7919
Kafr al Hatabah EGXX5105
Kafr al Hawi EGXX1264
Kafr al Hayyash EGXX1265
Kafr al Hillawi EGXX6118
Kafr al Hima EGXX2543
Kafr al Hima EGXX6492
Kafr al Hinnawi EGXX3771
Kafr al Hissah EGXX7920
Kafr al Hissah EGXX7000
Kafr al Hiwalah EGXX7921
Kafr al Hurani EGXX7001
Kafr al Hurayshi EGXX0533
Kafr al Husr EGXX1266
Kafr al Isharah EGXX1267
Kafr al Jamal EGXX7922
Kafr al Jamaylah EGXX1270
Kafr al Jammalah EGXX2545
Kafr al Jarfat EGXX1271
Kafr al Jawhari EGXX5106
Kafr al Jazayir EGXX7003
Kafr al Jazirah EGXX6120
Kafr al Jazzar EGXX2546
Kafr al Jilani EGXX0534
Kafr al Jirayah EGXX1272
Kafr al Jubb EGXX0535
Kafr al Junaydi EGXX6121
Kafr al Jundi EGXX1273
Kafr al Kawadi EGXX8606
Kafr al Khadrah EGXX2548
Kafr al Khawazim EGXX7005
Kafr al Kurdi EGXX5107
Kafr al Libba EGXX1281
Kafr al Libshah EGXX1282
Kafr al Lubaydi EGXX7006
Kafr al Madawir EGXX8607
Kafr al Madinah EGXX1283
Kafr al Maghribi EGXX8608
Kafr al Mahruq EGXX6123
Kafr al Manashi EGXX4648
Kafr al Mandarah EGXX5109
Kafr al Mansurah EGXX6125
Kafr al Marj EGXX0536
Kafr al Masallat EGXX0537
Kafr al Mashhad EGXX1286
Kafr al Miqdam EGXX5110
Kafr al Qalashi EGXX2552
Kafr al Qarinayn EGXX2553
Kafr al Qasali EGXX7012
Kafr al Qassasin EGXX1290
Kafr al Qattah EGXX7013
Kafr al Qawasim EGXX1293
Kafr al Qazzazin EGXX1294
Kafr al Qibab EGXX5112
Kafr al Qibabi EGXX5113
Kafr al Qinan EGXX5114
Kafr al Qulayti EGXX1295
Kafr al Qur EGXX1296
Kafr al Walaja EGXX1298
Kafr al Waq EGXX3772
Kafr al Wasaylah EGXX1299
Kafr al Wasilin EGXX6493
Kafr al Wastani EGXX5824
Kafr al Wazir EGXX5115
Kafr al Wikalah EGXX5825
Kafr al Wisatah EGXX5116
Kafr al Wuhushah EGXX1300
Kafr al `Abadnah EGXX1303
Kafr al `Abid EGXX1304
Kafr al `Abid EGXX0538
Kafr al `Ajami EGXX7014
Kafr al `Alawi EGXX2555
Kafr al `Amirah EGXX2556
Kafr al `Amlat EGXX1307
Kafr al `Arab EGXX1309
Kafr al `Arab EGXX6128
Kafr al `Arab EGXX7015
Kafr al `Arab EGXX7923
Kafr al `Arab EGXX5826
Kafr al `Atawi EGXX5827
Kafr al `Attar EGXX1310
Kafr al `Awadi EGXX5117
Kafr al `Awadi EGXX1312
Kafr al `Awdalab EGXX0313
Kafr al `Ayid EGXX1315
Kafr al `Azzazi EGXX5118
Kafr al `Azzazi EGXX1316
Kafr al `Ilw EGXX6130
Kafr al `Ilw EGXX2878
Kafr al `Ilw EGXX5119
Kafr al `Ilwi EGXX7016
Kafr al `Imarat EGXX1317
Kafr al `Is EGXX3774
Kafr al `Iyadat EGXX1318
Kafr al `Ukl EGXX1319
Kafr al `Ulaywat EGXX1320
Kafr Amlit EGXX3735
Kafr an Nadara EGXX1322
Kafr an Nahhal EGXX1323
Kafr an Najjar EGXX1325
Kafr an Nakhkhal EGXX1326
Kafr an Nakhlah EGXX7924
Kafr an Naqah EGXX1327
Kafr an Nasara EGXX1328
Kafr an Nasara EGXX5122
Kafr an Nasiri EGXX1329
Kafr an Nasr EGXX5123
Kafr an Nasriyah EGXX2559
Kafr an Nawwamin EGXX1331
Kafr an Nazlah EGXX1332
Kafr an Na`im EGXX5121
Kafr an Nimr EGXX1333
Kafr an Ni`na`i EGXX7017
Kafr ar Rifa`i EGXX6494
Kafr ar Rijalat EGXX7925
Kafr ar Ruk EGXX5125
Kafr as Sabi EGXX3776
Kafr as Sabil EGXX7926
Kafr as Sadat EGXX2560
Kafr as Sahil EGXX2561
Kafr as Salhat EGXX5127
Kafr as Salihin EGXX8610
Kafr as Saqyah EGXX1340
Kafr as Sawaqi EGXX1343
Kafr as Sayyadin EGXX1344
Kafr as Sayyid EGXX2565
Kafr as Sa`idi EGXX1337
Kafr as Sudan EGXX7018
Kafr as Suhbi EGXX7928
Kafr as Suwayrki EGXX1349
Kafr ash Shaba` EGXX2567
Kafr ash Shahid EGXX5129
Kafr ash Shawbak EGXX7930
Kafr ash Shaykh EGXX7020
Kafr ash Shaykh EGXX1358
Kafr ash Shimakh EGXX1367
Kafr ash Shimut EGXX7934
Kafr ash Shinhab EGXX5135
Kafr ash Shinnaw EGXX5136
Kafr ash Shubaki EGXX1368
Kafr ash Shurafa EGXX5137
Kafr ash Shurafa EGXX7935
Kafr ash Shurafa EGXX1369
Kafr ash Shurafa EGXX7021
Kafr Ashlim EGXX2471
Kafr at Tamimi EGXX5138
Kafr at Taraki EGXX1373
Kafr at Tawilah EGXX5139
Kafr at Tayifah EGXX7022
Kafr at Tibn EGXX5140
Kafr at Tir`ah EGXX1374
Kafr at Tukhi EGXX6139
Kafr at Turjuman EGXX6496
Kafr Awlad Ahmad EGXX1119
Kafr Awlad Hajji EGXX1120
Kafr Awlad Zayd EGXX1124
Kafr Awlad Zayn EGXX1125
Kafr Ayyub `Awad EGXX1129
Kafr az Zand EGXX1375
Kafr az Zaydiyin EGXX1377
Kafr az Zaytun EGXX6141
Kafr az Zayyat EGXX2577
Kafr Badawi EGXX1130
Kafr Badran EGXX1131
Kafr Baldam EGXX6061
Kafr Bani Hilal EGXX3736
Kafr Bani Salim EGXX5028
Kafr Bani Zayd EGXX1132
Kafr Bani `ali EGXX4641
Kafr Bani `Alim EGXX1133
Kafr Bani `Amr EGXX1134
Kafr Barakat EGXX6470
Kafr Bata EGXX2472
Kafr Bihaydah EGXX5030
Kafr Bilmisht EGXX2473
Kafr Bisat EGXX5031
Kafr Bisharah EGXX1135
Kafr Bitibs EGXX2474
Kafr Buhut EGXX5032
Kafr Bulin EGXX3737
Kafr Buqtur Sa`d EGXX1136
Kafr Dabbus EGXX1137
Kafr Dafan EGXX1138
Kafr Dahb EGXX2475
Kafr Dahmasha EGXX1139
Kafr Dahturah EGXX6064
Kafr Damallij EGXX2476
Kafr Damatyuh EGXX3739
Kafr Damshit EGXX6067
Kafr Darwish EGXX4642
Kafr Dawud Matar EGXX5033
Kafr Difriyah EGXX6973
Kafr Dimillash EGXX5036
Kafr Dimitnu EGXX6068
Kafr Dimyan EGXX1140
Kafr Dinshaway EGXX2477
Kafr Diyama EGXX2478
Kafr Dukhmays EGXX6974
Kafr Dunuhya EGXX1141
Kafr Duqmaq EGXX2479
Kafr el Gharbawi EGXX8613
Kafr el Sheikh EGXX0164
Kafr el- Eshari EGXX2578
Kafr el-Daraka EGXX1378
Kafr el-Dauwar EGXX0010
Kafr el-Walaga EGXX1379
Kafr Fanus EGXX5038
Kafr Farouqi EGXX2876
Kafr Farsis EGXX7889
Kafr Farsis EGXX6069
Kafr Fazarah EGXX0524
Kafr Fiyala EGXX6070
Kafr Ghanim EGXX3740
Kafr Ghannam EGXX5039
Kafr Gharin EGXX3741
Kafr Ghatati EGXX6471
Kafr Ghazi EGXX2481
Kafr Ghunaym EGXX3742
Kafr Hafiz EGXX1143
Kafr Hajjaj EGXX5040
Kafr Hajji EGXX1144
Kafr Hakim EGXX6472
Kafr Halawah EGXX6473
Kafr Hamad Musa EGXX1145
Kafr Hamam EGXX6071
Kafr Hamaqah EGXX5041
Kafr Hamdi EGXX5042
Kafr Hammad EGXX1146
Kafr Hammudah EGXX1147
Kafr Hamzah EGXX7890
Kafr Hamzah EGXX6072
Kafr Hanut EGXX6073
Kafr Hasab Allah EGXX1148
Kafr Hasab Allah EGXX6075
Kafr Hasan Sa`d EGXX7891
Kafr Hashshad EGXX2482
Kafr Hassan EGXX6975
Kafr Hassan Nada EGXX1150
Kafr Hifna EGXX1151
Kafr Hijazi EGXX6474
Kafr Hijazi EGXX5043
Kafr Hijazi EGXX6076
Kafr Hijazi EGXX2483
Kafr Hijji EGXX1152
Kafr Hilal EGXX6077
Kafr Hisam EGXX3745
Kafr Hishmat EGXX0526
Kafr Humaydah EGXX5809
Kafr Humayyid EGXX6475
Kafr Hurayn EGXX6078
Kafr Hurbayt EGXX1153
Kafr Husayn EGXX6079
Kafr Ibjij EGXX4643
Kafr Ibnahas EGXX2484
Kafr Ibrahim EGXX6976
Kafr Ibrash EGXX1157
Kafr Ibri EGXX6080
Kafr Ikhsha EGXX2485
Kafr Ikyad EGXX1158
Kafr Isma`il EGXX6081
Kafr Isma`il EGXX5046
Kafr Jabbarah EGXX1160
Kafr Jabir EGXX6476
Kafr Jallu EGXX6977
Kafr Janzur EGXX2486
Kafr Ja`far EGXX6082
Kafr Jirzah EGXX6477
Kafr Jum`ah EGXX1161
Kafr Jum`ah EGXX4644
Kafr Junaydi EGXX1162
Kafr Juwayyah EGXX6083
Kafr Khalifah EGXX3746
Kafr Khalil Musa EGXX1164
Kafr Khaza`il EGXX6084
Kafr Khidr EGXX2487
Kafr Khudayr EGXX3747
Kafr Khuzam EGXX8600
Kafr Kila al Bab EGXX6085
Kafr Kishk EGXX1165
Kafr Kub `Umaya EGXX1166
Kafr Kurdi EGXX7892
Kafr Libs EGXX8601
Kafr Luhaymir EGXX3748
Kafr Mahdi EGXX8602
Kafr Mahfuz EGXX0527
Kafr Mahmud EGXX3750
Kafr Mahmud EGXX2488
Kafr Majar EGXX6979
Kafr Makkawi EGXX1169
Kafr Manaqir EGXX7893
Kafr Manawahlah EGXX2489
Kafr Mansur EGXX7894
Kafr Mansur EGXX2490
Kafr Mansur EGXX0528
Kafr Mas`ud EGXX2491
Kafr Mas`ud EGXX2877
Kafr Matbul EGXX6980
Kafr Milij EGXX2492
Kafr Minsabah EGXX4646
Kafr Mishlah EGXX2493
Kafr Mit al `Izz EGXX2498
Kafr Mit al `Izz EGXX5049
Kafr Mit Fatik EGXX5047
Kafr Mit Ghurab EGXX5048
Kafr Mit Hiway EGXX6087
Kafr Mit Siraj EGXX2495
Kafr Mit Suhayl EGXX1172
Kafr Moni EGXX1173
Kafr Muhammad EGXX2499
Kafr Muhsin EGXX1179
Kafr Mujahid EGXX2500
Kafr Mujahid EGXX3751
Kafr Musa `Umran EGXX1180
Kafr Musa`id EGXX3752
Kafr Mushrif EGXX1181
Kafr Mustanan EGXX3753
Kafr Muways EGXX7895
Kafr Nakhlah EGXX5054
Kafr Nashwah EGXX1183
Kafr Naway EGXX6089
Kafr Nawwar EGXX1184
Kafr Nikla EGXX3754
Kafr Nusayr EGXX6090
Kafr Nu`man EGXX5055
Kafr Qabtan EGXX1185
Kafr Qandil EGXX6478
Kafr Qannish EGXX5056
Kafr Qansuh EGXX5057
Kafr Qarshum EGXX2501
Kafr Qashash EGXX3755
Kafr Qashshash EGXX1186
Kafr Qasim EGXX6479
Kafr Qidrah EGXX6981
Kafr Qirtam EGXX6091
Kafr Quras EGXX2502
Kafr Quraytinah EGXX6982
Kafr Rabi` EGXX2503
Kafr Rajab EGXX5058
Kafr Ramadah EGXX7896
Kafr Rammah EGXX2504
Kafr Rashid EGXX2999
Kafr Ridwan EGXX7897
Kafr Sabbah EGXX1189
Kafr Salamah EGXX5060
Kafr Salamun EGXX3756
Kafr Salib EGXX5061
Kafr Salih EGXX1193
Kafr Salim EGXX6983
Kafr Salim EGXX3757
Kafr Salim EGXX7899
Kafr Salim EGXX6093
Kafr Salma EGXX1194
Kafr Samahah EGXX5062
Kafr Sanadid EGXX2505
Kafr Sandanhur EGXX7900
Kafr Santis EGXX3758
Kafr Saqr EGXX1195
Kafr Sarawah EGXX2506
Kafr Sarnaja EGXX5063
Kafr Sarsamus EGXX2507
Kafr Sawaris EGXX1196
Kafr Sayjar EGXX6094
Kafr Sa`d EGXX5059
Kafr Sa`d EGXX7898
Kafr Sa`d EGXX5811
Kafr Sa`d EGXX1187
Kafr Sa`dun EGXX6092
Kafr Shahin EGXX6096
Kafr Shalabi EGXX6984
Kafr Shamarah EGXX6097
Kafr Shammakh EGXX2508
Kafr Shan EGXX9421
Kafr Shanawan EGXX2509
Kafr Sharif EGXX5064
Kafr Shatanuf EGXX2510
Kafr Shawish EGXX1200
Kafr Sha`ban EGXX6095
Kafr Shibin EGXX7902
Kafr Shihatah EGXX5813
Kafr Shihatah EGXX6482
Kafr Shishta EGXX6098
Kafr Shubra Hur EGXX5065
Kafr Shubra Khit EGXX3759
Kafr Shukr EGXX2513
Kafr Shuman EGXX7903
Kafr Shunufah EGXX2515
Kafr Sibtas EGXX6101
Kafr Sinaru EGXX0529
Kafr Sinbu EGXX6102
Kafr Sindiwah EGXX7904
Kafr Sinjab EGXX5067
Kafr Sinjirj EGXX2518
Kafr Si`fan EGXX5066
Kafr Subk EGXX2519
Kafr Sulayman EGXX2520
Kafr Sulayyit EGXX6985
Kafr Sunbat EGXX6105
Kafr Sur at Tall EGXX1202
Kafr Tabluha EGXX2522
Kafr Tah Shubra EGXX2523
Kafr Tahlah EGXX7907
Kafr Tala EGXX4647
Kafr Tall `Abduh EGXX1203
Kafr Tamim EGXX5069
Kafr Tanah EGXX5070
Kafr Tanbidi EGXX2524
Kafr Tarnah EGXX6106
Kafr Thu`aylib EGXX1204
Kafr Thu`aylib EGXX5073
Kafr Tidah EGXX6986
Kafr Tilbanah EGXX5074
Kafr Tiqay EGXX5815
Kafr Tisfa EGXX5075
Kafr Tubayyikhah EGXX5816
Kafr Tuhuriyah EGXX7908
Kafr Tuhurmis EGXX6485
Kafr Turki EGXX6486
Kafr Umm Yusuf EGXX6987
Kafr Ya`qub EGXX2525
Kafr Yusif EGXX5817
Kafr Yusif EGXX5077
Kafr Yusuf EGXX6988
Kafr Yusuf Dawud EGXX6989
Kafr Yusuf Simri EGXX1207
Kafr Zahran EGXX6487
Kafr Zayn ad Din EGXX2526
Kafr Ziyadah EGXX3760
Kafr Zurqan EGXX2527
Kafr `Abbud EGXX0530
Kafr `Abd Allah EGXX1209
Kafr `Abduh EGXX2528
Kafr `Abid EGXX7909
Kafr `Ajibah EGXX1215
Kafr `Ali Badrah EGXX5082
Kafr `Ali Ghali EGXX1217
Kafr `Allam EGXX5084
Kafr `Amashah EGXX1219
Kafr `Amirah EGXX0531
Kafr `Ammar EGXX6489
Kafr `Amr EGXX0532
Kafr `Ashma EGXX2529
Kafr `Ashshush EGXX6993
Kafr `Askar EGXX6994
Kafr `Askar EGXX2530
Kafr `Askar Saft EGXX3761
Kafr `Awad EGXX1221
Kafr `Awanah EGXX3763
Kafr `Awn EGXX2532
Kafr `Azzam EGXX5088
Kafr `Azzaz EGXX3764
Kafr `Ibyan EGXX7912
Kafr `Ilwan EGXX6108
Kafr `Inan EGXX6109
Kafr `Isa EGXX1224
Kafr `Isa Qandil EGXX1225
Kafr `Isam EGXX6110
Kafr `Ubaydah EGXX5089
Kafr `Ukashah EGXX1226
Kafr `Ulaym EGXX7913
Kafr `Ulaym EGXX2533
Kafr `Ulwan EGXX7914
Kafr `Umar Kurdi EGXX1227
Kafr `Uthman EGXX1229
Kafr `Uthman EGXX3765
Kafrat al Jabal EGXX6498
Kafrat al `Arab EGXX2579
Kafrat Nassar EGXX6497
Kafrat Sabir EGXX8956
Kafret Habbuni EGXX8959
Kafret Hamdan EGXX8960
Kafret Rihama EGXX8961
Kafret Saber EGXX0167
Kahk al Bahriyah EGXX0541
Kahk al Qibliyah EGXX0542
Kalabishah EGXX0314
Kalbishu EGXX6142
Kamshish EGXX2580
Kamshush EGXX2581
Karadis EGXX1380
Kardidah EGXX1381
Kardus EGXX3169
Karm `Umran EGXX8259
Karmoz EGXX9496
Karmus EGXX2256
Kassassin EGXX1382
Katr el-Sanabsa EGXX2582
Kawm Abu al Fida EGXX3783
Kawm Abu Dira` EGXX3782
Kawm Abu Hajar EGXX3171
Kawm Abu Khallad EGXX4650
Kawm Abu Radi EGXX4651
Kawm Abu Rayyah EGXX7023
Kawm Abu Shil EGXX3172
Kawm Abu Tahun EGXX7024
Kawm ad Dab` EGXX2585
Kawm ad Dahab EGXX7028
Kawm ad Dikkah EGXX2258
Kawm ad Dirbi EGXX5145
Kawm ad Duwayr EGXX9206
Kawm al Ashraf EGXX5146
Kawm al Atrun EGXX7942
Kawm al Bijah EGXX8263
Kawm al Hajar EGXX7029
Kawm al Hajnah EGXX7030
Kawm al Hamid EGXX9207
Kawm al Hanash EGXX3789
Kawm al Hasil EGXX8616
Kawm al Jazirah EGXX7031
Kawm al Khirbah EGXX3790
Kawm al Lufi EGXX8617
Kawm al Mallahah EGXX7032
Kawm al Qasabah EGXX7033
Kawm al `Arab EGXX9208
Kawm al `Assarah EGXX4653
Kawm an Najjar EGXX6146
Kawm an Nisf EGXX7034
Kawm an Nur EGXX5147
Kawm an Nur EGXX4654
Kawm ar Rahib EGXX8619
Kawm ar Ruzz EGXX7035
Kawm as Sahayit EGXX7036
Kawm as Samn EGXX7943
Kawm as Saqyah EGXX3791
Kawm as Sa`aydah EGXX4657
Kawm ash Shahid EGXX3180
Kawm at Tarfayah EGXX3792
Kawm az Zuhayr EGXX8620
Kawm Baddar EGXX9200
Kawm Badr EGXX9201
Kawm Bani Miras EGXX5144
Kawm Battin EGXX7940
Kawm Birah EGXX6499
Kawm Buha Bahri EGXX3173
Kawm Butu EGXX7025
Kawm Dayr Shu EGXX3175
Kawm Dilinjat EGXX3784
Kawm Dimis EGXX7026
Kawm Gharib EGXX9202
Kawm Hallin EGXX1383
Kawm Hamadah EGXX3785
Kawm Idrijah EGXX4652
Kawm Injashah EGXX3176
Kawm Ishfin EGXX7941
Kawm Ishkilu EGXX9203
Kawm Ishnaway EGXX6143
Kawm Ishqaw EGXX9204
Kawm Ishu EGXX2257
Kawm Mansurah EGXX3177
Kawm Matay EGXX8614
Kawm Mazin EGXX2583
Kawm Mir EGXX8260
Kawm Shafi` EGXX8261
Kawm Sharik EGXX3786
Kawm Si`dah EGXX3179
Kawm Umbu EGXX0315
Kawm Ushim EGXX0543
Kawm Wali EGXX8615
Kawm Ya`qub EGXX8262
Kawm Zumran EGXX3787
Kawm `Abbud EGXX6144
Kawm `Ali EGXX6145
Kawm `Ayyad EGXX2584
Kawm `Azizah EGXX3788
Khabbatah EGXX6147
Khala Muhammad EGXX0544
Khalaf EGXX0545
Khalwat Rishah EGXX2587
Khamis EGXX7037
Khammarah EGXX3795
Khan al Khalili EGXX2881
Khannuf al Bahri EGXX7038
Khannuf al Qibli EGXX7039
Kharga EGXX0032
Kharifah EGXX3181
Kharifat Jirja EGXX9210
Kharij ar Raswah EGXX5829
Kharsit EGXX6148
Khawr Rahmah EGXX0316
Khilwat Dabbus EGXX1387
Khilwat Sinhirah EGXX7946
Khirbita EGXX3797
Khireimat Rabhi EGXX8966
Khosh el-Daba EGXX6749
Khunayzah EGXX3798
Khurshid EGXX2260
Khuss al Busah EGXX9212
Khuzam EGXX0170
Kiman El-Matana EGXX0171
Kiman Sa`id EGXX3182
Kirdasah EGXX6500
Kolet Fargond EGXX0317
Kom El-Deka EGXX9497
Kom el-Gamus EGXX3800
Kom Ombo EGXX0172
Kom Turuga EGXX3799
Kousa EGXX8265
Kowthaf EGXX9423
Kubri al Qubbah EGXX2882
Kudyat an Nasara EGXX3183
Kufur al Ghab EGXX5830
Kufur al `Arab EGXX7040
Kufur an Nil EGXX0546
Kufur ar Raml EGXX2590
Kufur as Suliyah EGXX8621
Kufur Bilshay EGXX2589
Kufur Hasan EGXX6659
Kunaiyiset Urein EGXX3801
Kurangu EGXX0318
Kurdumai EGXX3485
Kurum ash Shaykh EGXX9424
Kurusku EGXX3486
Kurusku EGXX0319
Kushtamnah EGXX0320
Kutamah EGXX3803
Labban EGXX9498
Laqanah EGXX3804
Lubayshah EGXX2591
Luhaymir EGXX3805
Luqin EGXX3806
Luxor EGXX0011
Maadi Cornish EGXX2884
Maamora EGXX9499
Maamoura Beach EGXX9500
Maania EGXX3807
Madinat al Ahlam EGXX7948
Madinat al Amal EGXX2886
Madinat al Iman EGXX7950
Madinat an Nasr EGXX2894
Madinat an Nur EGXX7951
Madinat as Sadat EGXX3809
Madinat as Sadat EGXX6503
Madinat Mubarak EGXX2261
Madinat Nasir EGXX0321
Madinat Zahir EGXX2885
Madiq al Jayl EGXX9425
Maghaghah EGXX0174
Maghnin EGXX3810
Mahallat Ahmad EGXX3811
Mahallat al Amir EGXX3821
Mahallat al Burj EGXX6159
Mahallat Bishr EGXX3812
Mahallat Dawud EGXX3813
Mahallat Dimnah EGXX5150
Mahallat Diyay EGXX7044
Mahallat Farnawa EGXX3814
Mahallat Hasan EGXX6153
Mahallat Inshaq EGXX5151
Mahallat Kayl EGXX3815
Mahallat Khalaf EGXX6154
Mahallat Malik EGXX7045
Mahallat Marhum EGXX6155
Mahallat Masir EGXX7046
Mahallat Minuf EGXX6156
Mahallat Musa EGXX7047
Mahallat Nasr EGXX3816
Mahallat Qays EGXX3817
Mahallat Rawh EGXX6157
Mahallat Sa EGXX3818
Mahallat Subk EGXX2592
Mahallat Thabit EGXX3819
Mahallat Zayyad EGXX6158
Mahallat `Ubayd EGXX3820
Mahallet Damana EGXX5152
Maharid Marsaga EGXX6750
Mahatet El Raml EGXX9501
Mahdiya EGXX9426
Mahdiyah EGXX8624
Mahdiyah EGXX1388
Mahmashah EGXX2899
Mahmud Galal EGXX8625
Mahmud Shaltut EGXX2263
Majid Abu Zayd EGXX8969
Makadi Bay EGXX3487
Makman el Tiyaha EGXX6751
Makman Gibril EGXX8970
Malamis EGXX1389
Malatiyah EGXX8626
Malihah EGXX3822
Mallawi EGXX0175
Manaka EGXX9427
Manakhullah EGXX5153
Manat el-Hinir EGXX3361
Manawahlah EGXX2594
Mandara EGXX9502
Mandishah EGXX6506
Manfalut EGXX0181
Manharah EGXX4660
Manhari EGXX8627
Manqabad EGXX3184
Manqarish EGXX4661
Manqatin EGXX8628
Mansafis EGXX8629
Mansheya EGXX9503
Manshiyat Fadil EGXX6507
Manshiyat Nasir EGXX2901
Manshiyat Radi EGXX3825
Manshiyat Radwan EGXX6508
Manshiyat Sabri EGXX0554
Manshiyat Shafiq EGXX1391
Manshiyat Shuman EGXX5155
Manshiyat Siddiq EGXX5156
Manshiyat Sidqi EGXX1393
Manshiyat `Aql EGXX7050
Manshiyat `Ilwan EGXX3828
Manshiyat `Izzat EGXX5158
Mansurat Namul EGXX7955
Manti EGXX7956
Mantut EGXX8631
Manyal Duwayb EGXX2598
Manyal Ghidan EGXX4663
Manyal Juwaydah EGXX2599
Manyal Musa EGXX4664
Manyal Shihah EGXX6510
Manyal `Arus EGXX2600
Manzil Hayyan EGXX1398
Manzil Maymun EGXX1399
Maqusah EGXX8632
Marakib Saq EGXX3488
Mara`i Ghurdaq EGXX0556
Mariya EGXX0323
Marma el-Daba EGXX3489
Marsa Alam EGXX0036
Marsa Matruh EGXX0177
Marsafa EGXX7957
Maryubulis EGXX3834
Marzuq EGXX8633
Masafaq al `Az EGXX9428
Masakin al `Abd EGXX2933
Masakin an Nil EGXX2934
Masakin Aydiyal EGXX2907
Masakin Sabiku EGXX2914
Masakin Shiratun EGXX2915
Masakin Zaynhum EGXX2917
Masakin `Uthman EGXX2920
Masarah EGXX3185
Mashal EGXX6165
Mashalah EGXX6166
Mashtul al Qadi EGXX1400
Mashtul as Suq EGXX1401
Masir EGXX7052
Masjid al Khidr EGXX2601
Masjid Musa EGXX6515
Masjid Wasif EGXX6167
Masra` EGXX3186
Matai EGXX0178
Matalla EGXX9429
Matay EGXX8634
Matbul EGXX7053
Matir Taris EGXX0557
Mawqif al Qays EGXX8635
Max EGXX9504
Maydum EGXX4665
Mayyanah al Waqf EGXX8636
Mazar EGXX9430
Mazatah Sharq EGXX9213
Mazinah EGXX3187
Ma`addiyat Mahdi EGXX7042
Ma`diyah EGXX3000
Ma`iz `Atiyah EGXX8968
Ma`jun EGXX0549
Ma`sarat Abu Sir EGXX4658
Ma`sarat Hajjaj EGXX8622
Ma`sarat Na`san EGXX4659
Ma`sarat Samalut EGXX8623
Ma`sarat Sawi EGXX0550
Ma`sarat `Arafah EGXX0551
Melafi EGXX9431
Mersa Matruh EGXX0012
Miami EGXX9505
Mijris EGXX3188
Mikayid EGXX3836
Milij EGXX2602
Minbal EGXX8637
Mini Court EGXX2944
Minshat Abu `Ali EGXX7054
Minshat ad Dakm EGXX0573
Minshat al Amir EGXX1408
Minshat al Hajj EGXX4673
Minshat al Kudi EGXX2610
Minshat al Misri EGXX7060
Minshat Aryamun EGXX3842
Minshat as Salam EGXX0575
Minshat az Zahwi EGXX7968
Minshat Bakhati EGXX2603
Minshat Bakir EGXX8638
Minshat Bardis EGXX9215
Minshat Basyun EGXX6168
Minshat Basyuni EGXX3843
Minshat Battah EGXX7055
Minshat Battash EGXX5162
Minshat Bisharah EGXX3844
Minshat Bulin EGXX3845
Minshat Dahshur EGXX6517
Minshat Di`bis EGXX8639
Minshat Farouq EGXX3846
Minshat Faysal EGXX0564
Minshat Ghamrin EGXX2604
Minshat Halfah EGXX8641
Minshat Halfah EGXX0565
Minshat Hammam EGXX3189
Minshat Hammur EGXX3847
Minshat Hasan EGXX6169
Minshat Hilal EGXX5163
Minshat Huwayda EGXX0566
Minshat Jalawah EGXX3848
Minshat Janzur EGXX6170
Minshat Jubran EGXX5164
Minshat Jurays EGXX2605
Minshat Kamal EGXX0567
Minshat Kassab EGXX4667
Minshat Khalbus EGXX4668
Minshat Mansur EGXX5165
Minshat Nabhan EGXX1404
Minshat Nasir EGXX1405
Minshat Nazif EGXX6171
Minshat Niyazi EGXX8642
Minshat Rabi` EGXX0568
Minshat Rahmi EGXX0569
Minshat Ruzzafah EGXX3849
Minshat Sabri EGXX2606
Minshat Safwat EGXX1407
Minshat Sahbarah EGXX5166
Minshat Salamah EGXX7056
Minshat Salih EGXX5167
Minshat Samhan EGXX8643
Minshat Shanawan EGXX2607
Minshat Shubratu EGXX7057
Minshat Sirsina EGXX0571
Minshat Sulayman EGXX2608
Minshat Sultan EGXX2609
Minshat Tahir EGXX4669
Minshat `Abbas EGXX7058
Minshat `Amir EGXX3851
Minshat `Asim EGXX5170
Minshat `Asim EGXX4671
Minshat `Utayfah EGXX0572
Mintay EGXX7970
Minuf EGXX0180
Minya al Qamh EGXX1409
Minyat al Ashraf EGXX7065
Minyat al Bandar EGXX6178
Minyat al Jid EGXX4675
Minyat al Makram EGXX1412
Minyat an Nasr EGXX5177
Minyat as Sa`id EGXX3857
Minyat as Siba` EGXX7972
Minyat as Sirij EGXX7973
Minyat Badaway EGXX5172
Minyat Bani Musa EGXX3854
Minyat Ibyar EGXX6175
Minyat Janaj EGXX7062
Minyat Masir EGXX7063
Minyat Mijahid EGXX5174
Minyat Qallin EGXX7064
Minyat Salamah EGXX3855
Minyat Salamant EGXX1410
Minyat Samannud EGXX5175
Minyat Sanata EGXX1411
Minyat Sandub EGXX5176
Minyat Shibin EGXX7971
Minyat Sultan EGXX6518
Minyat Tukh EGXX6177
Minyat `Atiyah EGXX3856
Mir EGXX3191
Mir el- Qasri EGXX5178
Miraj Julf EGXX2948
Mirbat el-Yidmih EGXX8975
Mirbat `Aza EGXX8974
Misfaq EGXX9432
Mishlah EGXX2612
Mishta EGXX9216
Misr al Qadimah EGXX2949
Mit Abu al Haris EGXX5181
Mit Abu al Kawm EGXX2614
Mit Abu Ghalib EGXX5833
Mit Abu Khalid EGXX5179
Mit Abu Shaykhah EGXX2613
Mit Abu `Ali EGXX1413
Mit Abu `Arabi EGXX5180
Mit ad Dibah EGXX7068
Mit ad Durrayj EGXX5225
Mit al Akrad EGXX5226
Mit al Bayda EGXX2627
Mit al Bizz EGXX6191
Mit al Faramawi EGXX5227
Mit al Halluj EGXX5228
Mit al Harun EGXX2628
Mit al Hufiyin EGXX2629
Mit al Khayr EGXX6192
Mit al Kiram EGXX2630
Mit al Layth EGXX6193
Mit al Mawz EGXX2631
Mit al Mawz EGXX1426
Mit al Mukhlis EGXX6196
Mit al Qasri EGXX2632
Mit al Qayid EGXX6523
Mit al Qurashi EGXX5230
Mit al Wusta EGXX2633
Mit al `Absi EGXX2634
Mit al `Amil EGXX5231
Mit al `Attar EGXX7979
Mit al `Izz EGXX2635
Mit al `Izz EGXX5232
Mit al `Izz EGXX1427
Mit an Nahhal EGXX5233
Mit an Nasara EGXX6197
Mit an Nasara EGXX5234
Mit ar Raja EGXX2636
Mit as Sarim EGXX5235
Mit as Siraj EGXX6198
Mit as Sudan EGXX5236
Mit as Sudan EGXX6199
Mit ash Shaykh EGXX6200
Mit ash Shuyukh EGXX5835
Mit Badr Halawah EGXX6179
Mit Badr Khamis EGXX5183
Mit Bashshar EGXX1414
Mit Bizzu EGXX5184
Mit Dafir EGXX5185
Mit Fadalah EGXX5187
Mit Faris EGXX2616
Mit Faris EGXX5188
Mit Ghamr EGXX5189
Mit Gharitah EGXX5190
Mit Ghazal EGXX6180
Mit Ghurab EGXX5191
Mit Habib EGXX1415
Mit Hadid EGXX5192
Mit Halfa EGXX7974
Mit Hamal EGXX1416
Mit Hashim EGXX6182
Mit Hiway EGXX6183
Mit Ishna EGXX5193
Mit Jabir EGXX1417
Mit Jarrah EGXX5194
Mit Khalaf EGXX2617
Mit Khamis EGXX5195
Mit Khayrun EGXX5196
Mit Khudayr EGXX5197
Mit Kinanah EGXX7975
Mit Lawzah EGXX5198
Mit Mahmud EGXX5199
Mit Mas`ud EGXX5200
Mit Mas`ud EGXX2619
Mit Maymun EGXX6186
Mit Mazzah EGXX5201
Mit Ma`alla EGXX1418
Mit Migahid EGXX5202
Mit Muhsin EGXX5204
Mit Musa EGXX2620
Mit Mu`anid EGXX5203
Mit Nabit EGXX5206
Mit Naji EGXX5207
Mit Nama EGXX7976
Mit Qadus EGXX6519
Mit Rabi`ah EGXX2621
Mit Radi EGXX7977
Mit Ridin EGXX1421
Mit Rikab EGXX1422
Mit Ruhaynah EGXX6520
Mit Rumi EGXX5208
Mit Salsil EGXX5210
Mit Sa`dan EGXX5209
Mit Shammas EGXX6521
Mit Sharaf EGXX5211
Mit Sharif EGXX5212
Mit Sharif EGXX6187
Mit Shihalah EGXX2622
Mit Siraj EGXX2623
Mit Suhayl EGXX1423
Mit Tahir EGXX5214
Mit Tarif EGXX5215
Mit Timamah EGXX5216
Mit Umm Salih EGXX2624
Mit Yazid EGXX6188
Mit Yazid EGXX1424
Mit Yazid EGXX3858
Mit Ya`ish EGXX5217
Mit Zafir EGXX1425
Mit Zungur EGXX5218
Mit `Abbad EGXX6189
Mit `Adlan EGXX5219
Mit `Afif EGXX2625
Mit `Afiyah EGXX2626
Mit `Ali EGXX5220
Mit `Antar EGXX5221
Mit `Asim EGXX5222
Mit `Asim EGXX7978
Mit `Assas EGXX6190
Mit `Awwam EGXX5223
Mit `Azzun EGXX5224
Mit `Ilwan EGXX7067
Mit `Uqbah EGXX6522
Mitmitni EGXX9434
Miyanah EGXX4676
Moharam Bek EGXX9506
Montaza EGXX9507
Mowasi EGXX9435
Mubashir EGXX1428
Mudiriyah EGXX0576
Muharram Bik EGXX2266
Muharraqah EGXX0324
Mujiriyah EGXX2638
Mujul EGXX7980
Mujul EGXX6201
Muna al Amir EGXX6524
Munaghisin EGXX5237
Munahirit EGXX1430
Munayhah EGXX0325
Munsa EGXX2639
Murqus EGXX3861
Murtada EGXX7071
Murwaw EGXX0326
Musaid EGXX8978
Musha EGXX3192
Mushayrif EGXX2644
Mushtahir EGXX7982
Mustafa Basha EGXX2268
Mustafa Isma`il EGXX2269
Mustafa Kamil EGXX3862
Mustafa Kamil EGXX2270
Mustay EGXX2645
Musturud EGXX7984
Mut EGXX0182
Mutubas EGXX0183
Mutul EGXX0578
Muzurah EGXX4677
Naama EGXX6753
Nabaruh EGXX7072
Nabq EGXX0013
Nabtit EGXX1436
Nadir EGXX2646
Nafishah EGXX6661
Nag el-Masri EGXX0327
Nag `Hus Hasan EGXX3193
Nagel-Gulab EGXX0186
Nag` Abu Hammad EGXX8275
Nag` Abu Hummusi EGXX8276
Nag` Abu Salim EGXX8277
Nag` Abu Sandal EGXX8278
Nag` Abu Zinad EGXX8279
Nag` Ahmad Osman EGXX8280
Nag` Ammar EGXX0328
Nag` Aulad `Amr EGXX8281
Nag` Badran EGXX3369
Nag` Bani Khalid EGXX9220
Nag` Baqluweis EGXX3370
Nag` Beni Birza EGXX8282
Nag` Bishlay EGXX8283
Nag` el Busa EGXX8293
Nag` el Faris EGXX8294
Nag` el Hish EGXX9228
Nag` el Sarabyi EGXX3375
Nag` el Tawalib EGXX3376
Nag` el Tunab EGXX0331
Nag` el `Ababda EGXX3377
Nag` el-Alfi EGXX8295
Nag` el-Attab EGXX0332
Nag` el-Balida EGXX3378
Nag` el-Bat-ha EGXX3379
Nag` el-Dib EGXX8296
Nag` el-Dib EGXX0333
Nag` el-Disa EGXX0334
Nag` el-Fuqahi EGXX3380
Nag` el-Garfiya EGXX8297
Nag` el-Gaziya EGXX8298
Nag` el-Ghaliz EGXX8299
Nag` el-Gu`lab EGXX3381
Nag` el-Hagar EGXX3382
Nag` el-Halfaya EGXX3384
Nag` el-Hammam EGXX0338
Nag` el-Hibeil EGXX8300
Nag` el-Himeidat EGXX8301
Nag` el-Hubla EGXX0340
Nag` el-Kagug EGXX0341
Nag` el-Kom EGXX8302
Nag` el-Nakhil EGXX0342
Nag` el-Naqba EGXX0343
Nag` el-Nusrab EGXX0344
Nag` el-Qabba EGXX3386
Nag` el-Qarra EGXX0345
Nag` el-Qazzaz EGXX0346
Nag` el-Ramla EGXX3388
Nag` el-Ruttag EGXX0348
Nag` el-Saqya EGXX9230
Nag` el-Sharafat EGXX9231
Nag` el-Shatb EGXX0350
Nag` el-Shibeika EGXX0351
Nag` el-Waqadab EGXX0352
Nag` el-Zarayib EGXX8306
Nag` el-Zudiya EGXX0353
Nag` el-`Idwa EGXX0354
Nag` Ghazali EGXX9221
Nag` Ghazali EGXX3371
Nag` Ghidan EGXX8653
Nag` Hamad EGXX9222
Nag` Hastantrwi EGXX9223
Nag` Himdan EGXX8284
Nag` Humret Dom EGXX8285
Nag` Khalifa EGXX9224
Nag` Naqsha EGXX8290
Nag` Qandil EGXX9225
Nag` Qarratla EGXX3372
Nag` Radwan EGXX8291
Nag` Tammam EGXX9226
Nahal Diqla EGXX9436
Nahiya EGXX6528
Nahiyat Bulaq EGXX3390
Nahiyet Bulaq EGXX3391
Nahiyet el-Ginah EGXX3392
Nahtay EGXX6207
Naja` Shabbanah EGXX9437
Najrij EGXX6208
Naj` Abu Badr EGXX8308
Naj` Abu Bisisah EGXX2271
Naj` Abu Dahi EGXX8309
Naj` Abu Ghabah EGXX8310
Naj` Abu Hayb EGXX3865
Naj` Abu Laylah EGXX9232
Naj` Abu Radwan EGXX8311
Naj` Abu Sitayt EGXX9233
Naj` Abu Yusif EGXX8312
Naj` Abu Za`fah EGXX3393
Naj` Abu `Azzuz EGXX8313
Naj` ad Dabbabah EGXX3876
Naj` ad Dawmah EGXX8337
Naj` ad Dayr EGXX9243
Naj` ad Duktur EGXX3877
Naj` ad Dumin EGXX3878
Naj` Adam Agha EGXX0355
Naj` Ahmad Sa`id EGXX3394
Naj` al Ahaywah EGXX9244
Naj` al Ahwal EGXX2275
Naj` al Barud EGXX8339
Naj` al Burj EGXX8341
Naj` al Fakhurah EGXX8342
Naj` al Fawiyah EGXX8344
Naj` al Ghabat EGXX9245
Naj` al Ghalalab EGXX3404
Naj` al Gharbawi EGXX3879
Naj` al Hami EGXX0375
Naj` al Hamidat EGXX8347
Naj` al Hamziyah EGXX8348
Naj` al Hanadi EGXX8349
Naj` al Harjah EGXX9246
Naj` al Hawis EGXX2276
Naj` al Hawsh EGXX0376
Naj` al Hawwari EGXX0377
Naj` al Hayy EGXX8351
Naj` al Hulaylah EGXX8352
Naj` al Huzayyin EGXX3880
Naj` al Jabaylah EGXX5836
Naj` al Jazirah EGXX3207
Naj` al Jidd EGXX8355
Naj` al Jur EGXX8981
Naj` al Kalh EGXX8357
Naj` al Kallahin EGXX9247
Naj` al Karnak EGXX0379
Naj` al Kawm EGXX8359
Naj` al Khawi EGXX0381
Naj` al Khismah EGXX3881
Naj` al Khutbah EGXX8361
Naj` al Madabb EGXX3406
Naj` al Madamud EGXX8363
Naj` al Mahafid EGXX3882
Naj` al Maharzah EGXX8364
Naj` al Mahattah EGXX0386
Naj` al Malayih EGXX3407
Naj` al Masa`id EGXX8365
Naj` al Ma`allat EGXX3405
Naj` al Miri EGXX3883
Naj` al Miyat EGXX3491
Naj` al Miznab EGXX8366
Naj` al Nawaflah EGXX8367
Naj` al Qannan EGXX0387
Naj` al Qarah EGXX0388
Naj` al Qarwad EGXX0389
Naj` al Qubibah EGXX8369
Naj` al Qunburah EGXX8370
Naj` al Quttah EGXX3884
Naj` al Qut`an EGXX2277
Naj` al Tud EGXX8372
Naj` al `Ababdah EGXX8374
Naj` al `Abbudi EGXX8375
Naj` al `Akrami EGXX8377
Naj` al `Amayrah EGXX9249
Naj` al `Amrab EGXX0390
Naj` al `Amrah EGXX8378
Naj` al `Aqulah EGXX8379
Naj` al `Aqulah EGXX8672
Naj` al `Arab EGXX2278
Naj` al `Arab EGXX8380
Naj` al `Arab EGXX3885
Naj` al `Arj EGXX8381
Naj` al `Assarah EGXX9250
Naj` al `Atfi EGXX3886
Naj` al `Atwani EGXX0391
Naj` al `Urban EGXX5240
Naj` al `Ushbab EGXX0393
Naj` an Nafaydah EGXX8382
Naj` an Najhiyah EGXX8383
Naj` ar Ramli EGXX8384
Naj` ar Rizqah EGXX8386
Naj` ar Rubay`at EGXX3409
Naj` ar Rubay`at EGXX8673
Naj` ar Ruzz EGXX3887
Naj` as Sabil EGXX3410
Naj` as Sa`aydah EGXX4689
Naj` as Suways EGXX8389
Naj` ash Shadid EGXX3412
Naj` ash Shaykh EGXX0398
Naj` at Tawadir EGXX9252
Naj` at Tunab EGXX8396
Naj` at Turshi EGXX8397
Naj` Awlad Bahij EGXX4678
Naj` Awlad Jabir EGXX8315
Naj` az Zaghabat EGXX3888
Naj` az Zunayqah EGXX8399
Naj` Bir `Ambar EGXX8316
Naj` Birayn EGXX0356
Naj` Birmanah EGXX9235
Naj` Buwayl EGXX3395
Naj` Buwayshi EGXX3867
Naj` Ghaydan EGXX4679
Naj` Habbun EGXX2273
Naj` Hamad EGXX9236
Naj` Hamad Allah EGXX8317
Naj` Hammadi EGXX8318
Naj` Hashim EGXX9238
Naj` Hawwarah EGXX8319
Naj` Hilal EGXX0357
Naj` Hilal EGXX9239
Naj` Idris EGXX9240
Naj` Jibril EGXX8321
Naj` Judah EGXX8322
Naj` Karim EGXX3868
Naj` Kawm Bisaw EGXX3196
Naj` Kawm Jabir EGXX8323
Naj` Khidr Hamad EGXX3197
Naj` Kibdi EGXX0360
Naj` Kuban EGXX0361
Naj` Kubush EGXX0362
Naj` Kuludul EGXX0363
Naj` Layyu EGXX3198
Naj` Mata`atish EGXX3869
Naj` Mazin EGXX9241
Naj` Mubarak EGXX8658
Naj` Qimatah EGXX8660
Naj` Qirtasi EGXX0366
Naj` Rashwan EGXX8661
Naj` Rizq Allah EGXX0367
Naj` Ruwayshid EGXX3200
Naj` Salah Nasr EGXX0368
Naj` Salamah EGXX2274
Naj` Salim Judah EGXX0369
Naj` Sallam EGXX3873
Naj` Sallam EGXX8328
Naj` Samrah EGXX8329
Naj` Sa`d EGXX3872
Naj` Sa`d EGXX8326
Naj` Sa`id EGXX8327
Naj` Shafi`i EGXX4681
Naj` Shaybah EGXX8662
Naj` Shuwaykhat EGXX8330
Naj` Sidi Dumayn EGXX3874
Naj` Sitayh EGXX8331
Naj` Thabit EGXX3201
Naj` Tinjar EGXX3399
Naj` Turki EGXX8332
Naj` Turujah EGXX3875
Naj` Uffadunya EGXX0370
Naj` `Ammar EGXX8665
Naj` `Arab EGXX4683
Naj` `Arabi EGXX8671
Naj` `Arqub EGXX6662
Naj` `Azzam EGXX8980
Naj` `Azzuz EGXX8335
Naj` `Unaybah EGXX0371
Naj` `Urabi EGXX8336
Naj` `Uways EGXX4687
Nakhl Abu Saqal EGXX9438
Namul EGXX7986
Naqadah EGXX0187
Naqalifah EGXX0580
Naqnaq EGXX9253
Nashart EGXX7073
Nashwah EGXX1441
Nasr EGXX3890
Natay EGXX6209
Naturah EGXX1442
Nawa EGXX8676
Nawa EGXX7987
Nawag EGXX6210
Nawasa al Bahr EGXX5241
Nawasa al Ghayt EGXX5242
Nawwarah EGXX0581
Nay EGXX7988
Nazali Janub EGXX3211
Nazlat Abu Salim EGXX4690
Nazlat ad Dalil EGXX8718
Nazlat ad Dib EGXX4703
Nazlat ad Duwayk EGXX9274
Nazlat al Ablaq EGXX3242
Nazlat al Ashraf EGXX9275
Nazlat al Ashtar EGXX6533
Nazlat al Azhari EGXX8720
Nazlat al Barqi EGXX4705
Nazlat al Barsha EGXX8722
Nazlat al Batran EGXX6534
Nazlat al Fulayw EGXX3243
Nazlat al Hajir EGXX8724
Nazlat al Haridi EGXX9278
Nazlat al Hilali EGXX9279
Nazlat al Labban EGXX3252
Nazlat al Malik EGXX3255
Nazlat al Qadi EGXX9280
Nazlat al Qadim EGXX3257
Nazlat al `Adrah EGXX3259
Nazlat al `Arin EGXX1445
Nazlat al `Awwam EGXX8728
Nazlat al `Ujrah EGXX4708
Nazlat an Nasara EGXX8729
Nazlat ar Ruhban EGXX4709
Nazlat Armant EGXX8400
Nazlat as Samman EGXX6536
Nazlat as Sarw EGXX8730
Nazlat as Sisi EGXX6537
Nazlat as Suq EGXX9281
Nazlat at Tall EGXX3268
Nazlat Ayyub EGXX1443
Nazlat Bahjat EGXX6529
Nazlat Bakhum EGXX3217
Nazlat Baqur EGXX3218
Nazlat Bashir EGXX0582
Nazlat Bawit EGXX3219
Nazlat Bilal EGXX3220
Nazlat Bilhasah EGXX8686
Nazlat Busaylan EGXX7990
Nazlat Dahi EGXX3221
Nazlat Dahrut EGXX8687
Nazlat Fazza` EGXX9256
Nazlat Hafiz EGXX8689
Nazlat Hamid EGXX9258
Nazlat Hamzawi EGXX8690
Nazlat Harun EGXX8692
Nazlat Hawawi EGXX7991
Nazlat Hirz EGXX8693
Nazlat Iqfahs EGXX4692
Nazlat Ismant EGXX8695
Nazlat Istal EGXX8696
Nazlat Jalf EGXX8697
Nazlat Jarris EGXX8698
Nazlat Khalaf EGXX4693
Nazlat Khalifah EGXX6530
Nazlat Khatir EGXX9259
Nazlat Khayyal EGXX1444
Nazlat Makayn EGXX8699
Nazlat Mansur EGXX9260
Nazlat Matar EGXX9261
Nazlat Ma`arik EGXX4694
Nazlat Musa EGXX8700
Nazlat Musallam EGXX9262
Nazlat Musbih EGXX3227
Nazlat Nasr EGXX9263
Nazlat Nusayr EGXX8702
Nazlat Quftan EGXX4695
Nazlat Ramadan EGXX8703
Nazlat Rayyan EGXX3229
Nazlat Rumayh EGXX3230
Nazlat Sallam EGXX6531
Nazlat Saw EGXX3231
Nazlat Saylah EGXX8704
Nazlat Sa`id EGXX4696
Nazlat Shadi EGXX8705
Nazlat Sharmukh EGXX8706
Nazlat Shawish EGXX4698
Nazlat Shihah EGXX8707
Nazlat Sirqina EGXX8708
Nazlat Tadrus EGXX8709
Nazlat Tandah EGXX8710
Nazlat Tarjam EGXX4699
Nazlat Thabit EGXX8711
Nazlat Tuma EGXX9265
Nazlat Tunah EGXX8712
Nazlat Yahya EGXX9266
Nazlat Zahir EGXX3234
Nazlat `Abbadah EGXX9267
Nazlat `Ali EGXX8714
Nazlat `Ali EGXX9269
Nazlat `Amr EGXX8715
Nazlat `Arafah EGXX4701
Nazlat `Asar EGXX8716
Nazlat `Ilyan EGXX6532
Nazlat `Imarah EGXX9272
Nazlat `Inan EGXX3239
Nazlat `Inani EGXX8717
Nazlet Abu Kalba EGXX3494
Nazlet `Imara EGXX0188
Nazzah EGXX9284
Nazzat al Hajir EGXX9285
Nazzat Qarar EGXX3269
Nebk EGXX0189
New Cairo EGXX2950
Nida EGXX9287
Nifya EGXX6211
Nikla al `Inab EGXX3891
Niklah EGXX6538
Nimrah al Basal EGXX6212
Nina EGXX4712
Niqriha EGXX3892
Nisf Atrib EGXX8002
Nisha EGXX7076
Nishil EGXX6213
Nitma EGXX3893
Nizarat al Banna EGXX3898
Nizarat al Minya EGXX3901
Nizarat Buwayt EGXX3894
Nizarat Nafrah EGXX3895
Nizarat Samadis EGXX3896
Noriet Shirif EGXX4713
Nubah EGXX1446
Nudaybah EGXX3905
Nueiba Mezeina EGXX0190
Nujum EGXX1447
Nuju` al Bus EGXX9290
Nuju` al Jazirah EGXX3413
Nuju` an Nawasir EGXX8402
Nuju` ar Raqabah EGXX3414
Nuju` Bardis EGXX9289
Nuqaytah EGXX5244
Nuqbas EGXX8004
Nuqtat Rahil EGXX8737
Nusrah EGXX7077
Obeidot EGXX9439
Ofira EGXX0191
Omrania EGXX6539
Pasha el-Mughazi EGXX3906
Port el Ghalib EGXX3495
Port Said EGXX0028
Port Taufiq EGXX0014
Qabary EGXX9508
Qabil EGXX3907
Qabr Ghatyaza EGXX0195
Qabrameir EGXX9440
Qabrit EGXX0196
Qadd el-Barud EGXX3496
Qadus EGXX3908
Qafilah EGXX3909
Qaha EGXX8005
Qahbunah EGXX1448
Qalabshu EGXX5245
Qalama EGXX8006
Qalamshah EGXX0583
Qalandul EGXX8738
Qalata al Kubra EGXX2647
Qalata as Sughra EGXX2648
Qalet el- Nakhl EGXX0197
Qalha EGXX4715
Qalhanah EGXX0584
Qalib Abyar EGXX6214
Qallin EGXX7079
Qalt Umm Disi EGXX3497
Qalyub EGXX8007
Qamhah EGXX3910
Qamrunah EGXX1449
Qantir EGXX1450
Qarah EGXX8982
Qarajah EGXX7080
Qaral Moenes EGXX3415
Qaranfil EGXX8009
Qaranshu EGXX6215
Qaraqis EGXX3911
Qarat al Murr EGXX3003
Qaret el-Aqwat EGXX8985
Qaret el-Maharib EGXX8986
Qaret Suweida EGXX8984
Qarmut al Bahw EGXX5247
Qarmut Sahbarah EGXX5246
Qarn al Jady EGXX7081
Qarqashandah EGXX8010
Qarqirah EGXX5248
Qartasa EGXX3912
Qaryah EGXX2280
Qaryah B EGXX5249
Qaryah Sittah EGXX7110
Qaryah Sittah EGXX5253
Qaryah Thalathun EGXX7113
Qaryat Abu Jalal EGXX5256
Qaryat Abu Sa`id EGXX7118
Qaryat al Amal EGXX2283
Qaryat al Atfal EGXX2951
Qaryat al Azhar EGXX1456
Qaryat al Baqah EGXX5259
Qaryat al Bayda EGXX2284
Qaryat al Faluja EGXX3944
Qaryat al Fath EGXX3945
Qaryat al Ghar EGXX1457
Qaryat al Iman EGXX3948
Qaryat al Islah EGXX3949
Qaryat al Jamil EGXX5262
Qaryat al Kifah EGXX3952
Qaryat al Majd EGXX3953
Qaryat al Malak EGXX6663
Qaryat al Mithaq EGXX2285
Qaryat al Waqqad EGXX2286
Qaryat al `Ali EGXX7128
Qaryat an Najah EGXX3957
Qaryat ar Radah EGXX9442
Qaryat as Sadat EGXX9443
Qaryat as Salah EGXX1459
Qaryat as Salam EGXX3959
Qaryat as Salam EGXX5265
Qaryat at Tahrir EGXX3962
Qaryat at Tahrir EGXX8739
Qaryat at Tall EGXX3963
Qaryat at Tawhid EGXX3964
Qaryat at Tilul EGXX9444
Qaryat az Zuhur EGXX8988
Qaryat Bahij EGXX2281
Qaryat Himaydah EGXX1452
Qaryat Jurj EGXX3921
Qaryat Khamis EGXX7120
Qaryat Mirtah EGXX3925
Qaryat Nasir EGXX3927
Qaryat Nasir EGXX7121
Qaryat Salmanah EGXX9441
Qaryat Shakush EGXX2282
Qaryat Shuruq EGXX8987
Qaryat Sinfa EGXX3933
Qaryat Tukh EGXX1455
Qaryat Umm Sabir EGXX3934
Qaryat Zayn EGXX7125
Qaryet Aqqur EGXX8989
Qaryet Gleil EGXX8990
Qaryet Tiheiw EGXX8991
Qasha EGXX1461
Qashtukh EGXX2649
Qasr Abu Lati`ah EGXX0587
Qasr al Basil EGXX0591
Qasr al Jibali EGXX0592
Qasr Baghdad EGXX2650
Qasr Bayad EGXX0588
Qasr el-Ghueita EGXX3418
Qasr Farafra EGXX0038
Qasr Hawr EGXX8740
Qasr Haydar EGXX3271
Qasr Lamlum EGXX8741
Qasr Nasr ad Din EGXX2651
Qasr Qarun EGXX0589
Qasr Rashwan EGXX0590
Qasta EGXX6217
Qastal EGXX0401
Qattaf el Amra EGXX8994
Qattah EGXX0402
Qaw Gharb EGXX9292
Qay EGXX4717
Qayqab EGXX8996
Qena EGXX0015
Qift EGXX8403
Qilfaw EGXX9293
Qilishan EGXX3965
Qillah EGXX4718
Qiman al `Arus EGXX4719
Qina EGXX8404
Qirimlah EGXX1463
Qirqaris EGXX3272
Qirsha EGXX0403
Qirshah EGXX0404
Qism Awwal Faqus EGXX1464
Qufadah EGXX8742
Quhafah EGXX0593
Quhafah EGXX6218
Qulubba EGXX8743
Qulusana EGXX8744
Qumbaniyat Luqin EGXX3967
Qunah EGXX7130
Qunaybirah EGXX5266
Qurajah EGXX1465
Quras EGXX2652
Qureishit EGXX8997
Qurta EGXX3419
Qus EGXX0201
Qusayr Bakhanis EGXX8405
Quseir EGXX0016
Qustul EGXX0405
Qusur al Banat EGXX3498
Qutur EGXX6219
Quwaysina EGXX2653
Quzman EGXX7131
Raba EGXX9446
Rab` Abu Zayd EGXX9294
Rafah EGXX9447
Rahamah EGXX9448
Ramlat al Anjab EGXX2654
Ramsis EGXX3968
Ras Abu Rudeis EGXX0203
Ras Alam el-Rum EGXX0204
Ras Banas EGXX3500
Ras el-Barr EGXX5837
Ras el-Kanayis EGXX0207
Ras Gharib EGXX0205
Ras Shu Kheir EGXX0206
Rawd al Faraj EGXX8012
Rawiat at Tarab EGXX9449
Rayhanah EGXX8745
Ridah EGXX8746
Ridan el-Hamma EGXX6664
Rifah EGXX3273
Riqab el shih EGXX8998
Risa EGXX9450
Rizqat Amay EGXX7132
Rod el- Ghurran EGXX6542
Rosetta EGXX0208
Roshdy EGXX9509
Rub` Shandid EGXX3969
Ruhayyim EGXX2290
Rumanah EGXX9451
Rus al Farkh EGXX7134
Ruwaq EGXX0594
Ruwaynah EGXX7135
Ruzzafah EGXX3970
Sa al Hajar EGXX6220
Saba Pasha EGXX9510
Sad Ghayn Alif EGXX5268
Sadaqa EGXX5269
Sadat EGXX9452
Safaga EGXX0017
Safaniyah EGXX8747
Safar EGXX9511
Safay EGXX8748
Safiyah EGXX3972
Saft Abu Jirj EGXX8749
Saft al Hinnah EGXX1468
Saft al Khammar EGXX8751
Saft al Khirsah EGXX4723
Saft al Laban EGXX6544
Saft al Laban EGXX8752
Saft al Muluk EGXX3974
Saft al `Inab EGXX3975
Saft al `Urafa EGXX4724
Saft Jidam EGXX2655
Saft Khalid EGXX3973
Saft Rashin EGXX4722
Saft Turab EGXX6221
Saft Zurayq EGXX1467
Safur EGXX5270
Sahali EGXX3976
Sahbarah EGXX1469
Sahil al Jawabir EGXX2656
Sahil Tahta EGXX9298
Said Muhammad EGXX3005
Saint Catherine EGXX0039
Sakha EGXX7138
Sakyet Meky EGXX6553
Salah a Deen EGXX9453
Salaka EGXX5273
Salakah EGXX2657
Salamant EGXX1471
Salamun EGXX5274
Salamun EGXX3977
Salamun Bahri EGXX2658
Salamun Qibli EGXX2659
Salaqus EGXX8756
Salih Rida EGXX2660
Sallam EGXX3276
Sallant EGXX5275
Sallum Plateau EGXX0026
Salwa Qibli EGXX0406
Samadis EGXX3978
Samadun EGXX2661
Samalay EGXX2662
Samalij EGXX2663
Samalut EGXX8757
Samannud EGXX6223
Samatay EGXX6224
Samhud EGXX8406
Samman EGXX2664
Samul EGXX6225
San Stefano EGXX9512
Sanabarah EGXX7140
Sanabu EGXX3277
Sanadid EGXX2665
Sanafa EGXX5276
Sanafir EGXX8022
Sanayadah EGXX3979
Sanbukht EGXX5277
Sandabast EGXX1475
Sandabast EGXX6226
Sandafa al Far EGXX8758
Sandafa El-Far EGXX0213
Sandala EGXX7141
Sandanahur EGXX1476
Sandanhur EGXX8023
Sandub EGXX5278
Sangaha EGXX0214
Sanhur EGXX3980
Sanhur EGXX0595
Sanhut al Birak EGXX1477
Sannim EGXX8759
Sannur EGXX4725
Sanqur Abu Sabah EGXX9454
Sansaft EGXX2666
Santimay EGXX7143
Saqiyat Daquf EGXX8760
Saqiyat Makki EGXX6554
Saqiyat Musa EGXX8761
Saqqarah EGXX6555
Saqr Quraysh EGXX2956
Saqulah EGXX8762
Sara Gharb EGXX0407
Sarabiyum EGXX6665
Sarabu EGXX4726
Sarawah EGXX3278
Sarawah EGXX7144
Sarawah EGXX2669
Saraya EGXX9513
Sarnaja EGXX5279
Sarsamus EGXX2670
Sarsiqah EGXX3981
Saw EGXX3279
Sawadah EGXX8763
Sawadah EGXX1478
Sawahil EGXX5839
Sawalim Abnub EGXX3280
Sawalim Tahta EGXX9302
Sayf ad Din EGXX5840
Sayyalah EGXX0408
Sa`d Allah EGXX9297
Sa`d Zaghlul EGXX3971
Semoha EGXX9514
Shabah EGXX7145
Shabas al Milh EGXX7147
Shabas `Umayyir EGXX7146
Shabramant EGXX6556
Shabshir Tamalay EGXX2671
Shabur EGXX3982
Shakshuk EGXX0598
Shalaqan EGXX8024
Shalash EGXX3281
Shalatin EGXX0246
Shalimah EGXX7149
Shallubah EGXX7150
Shalshalamun EGXX1479
Shamandil EGXX2672
Shamma EGXX2673
Shamshirah EGXX7151
Shanasha EGXX5280
Shanawan EGXX2674
Shanaway EGXX2675
Shandalat EGXX6228
Shandawil EGXX9303
Shandid EGXX3983
Shanhur EGXX8407
Shannisah EGXX5281
Shanshur EGXX2676
Shaqalqil EGXX3282
Shaqluf EGXX0599
Sharabas EGXX5841
Sharahi EGXX4727
Sharanis EGXX6557
Sharanis EGXX2677
Shararah EGXX8766
Sharm ash Shaykh EGXX6755
Sharm el Sheikh EGXX0018
Sharnub EGXX3984
Sharunah EGXX8767
Sharwidah EGXX1481
Shata EGXX5842
Shatanuf EGXX2678
Shatby EGXX9515
Shatir Zadah EGXX4728
Shatt Gireiba EGXX5844
Shatturah EGXX9304
Shaturma EGXX0409
Shawah EGXX5282
Shawbar EGXX6229
Shaybat Qashsh EGXX5283
Sha`lan EGXX0597
Sheikh el Bisri EGXX8999
Shellaq EGXX9455
Shibah EGXX5284
Shibin al Kawm EGXX2680
Shibin el-Kom EGXX0019
Shiblanjah EGXX8026
Shidmuh EGXX0600
Shifa wa Qurun EGXX6230
Shihatah Barsum EGXX3006
Shinara EGXX4729
Shinbari EGXX6558
Shinfas EGXX5286
Shinnu EGXX7154
Shinraq EGXX6232
Shirbin EGXX0217
Shirimsah EGXX5849
Shirinqash EGXX5287
Shirshabah EGXX6233
Shirshimah EGXX1485
Shishta EGXX6234
Shit al Hawa EGXX1486
Shiwah EGXX5288
Shi`sha` EGXX2679
Shods EGXX9516
Shubak Bastah EGXX1487
Shubak Ikrash EGXX1488
Shubra EGXX8027
Shubra al Bahw EGXX5296
Shubra al Yaman EGXX6246
Shubra al `Inab EGXX1490
Shubra an Namlah EGXX2690
Shubra an Nunah EGXX3989
Shubra as Salam EGXX1492
Shubra Babil EGXX6235
Shubra Balulah EGXX6236
Shubra Bas EGXX2682
Shubra Biddin EGXX5290
Shubra Bil EGXX6237
Shubra Bilulah EGXX2683
Shubra Bitush EGXX2684
Shubra Bukhum EGXX2685
Shubra el-Kheima EGXX0020
Shubra Haris EGXX8028
Shubra Hur EGXX5291
Shubra Khalfun EGXX2686
Shubra Khit EGXX3985
Shubra Malakan EGXX6239
Shubra Millis EGXX6240
Shubra Nabas EGXX6241
Shubra Nabat EGXX6242
Shubra Qas EGXX6243
Shubra Qibalah EGXX2687
Shubra Qummus EGXX1489
Shubra Ris EGXX3986
Shubra Shihab EGXX8029
Shubra Shindi EGXX5293
Shubra Surah EGXX5294
Shubra Tana EGXX6244
Shubra Tu EGXX6245
Shubra Wasim EGXX3987
Shubra Wish EGXX5295
Shubra Zinji EGXX2689
Shuha EGXX5297
Shulqam EGXX8770
Shumbatis EGXX2691
Shuni EGXX2692
Shunufah EGXX2693
Shuqruf EGXX6247
Shuri EGXX7155
Shusha EGXX0219
Shushah EGXX8771
Shushay EGXX2694
Shutb EGXX3283
Sibirbay EGXX6248
Sibtas EGXX6249
Sidfa EGXX3284
Sidi EGXX0220
Sidi al Takruri EGXX3007
Sidi Barrani EGXX0222
Sidi Bishr EGXX2292
Sidi Gaber EGXX9517
Sidi Ghazi EGXX3990
Sidi Ghazi EGXX7156
Sidi Heneish EGXX0021
Sidi Jabir EGXX2293
Sidi Kurayr EGXX2294
Sidi Mahdi EGXX0601
Sidi Mas`ud EGXX3991
Sidi Salim EGXX7157
Sidi Sanad EGXX8031
Sidmant al Jabal EGXX0602
Siflaq EGXX9305
Sihwaj EGXX2695
Sijin al Kawm EGXX6250
Siknidah EGXX3992
Silah EGXX0603
Silwa EGXX0410
Similla EGXX6251
Sinaru EGXX0604
Sinbu al Kubra EGXX6252
Sinbu Maqam EGXX5298
Sindibis EGXX8032
Sindiwah EGXX8033
Sindiyun EGXX7158
Sindiyun EGXX8034
Sindsis EGXX6253
Sinhirah EGXX8035
Sinjaha EGXX1493
Sinjilf EGXX2696
Sinjirj EGXX8772
Sinjirj EGXX2697
Sinnahwa EGXX1494
Sinnuris EGXX0605
Sintimay EGXX5299
Sintiris EGXX2698
Sintris EGXX1495
Sirkis EGXX1496
Sirqina EGXX8773
Sirs al Layyanah EGXX2699
Sirsina EGXX0606
Sirsina EGXX2700
Sirwihayt EGXX2701
Siryaqus EGXX8036
Sisah EGXX7159
Siwa EGXX0031
Siwah EGXX9001
Skaska EGXX9456
Smouha EGXX2295
Soma Bay EGXX3502
Soyof EGXX9518
Sporting EGXX9519
Subayh EGXX1497
Subk ad Dahhak EGXX2702
Subk al Ahad EGXX2703
Sudr EGXX6756
Sudud EGXX2704
Suez EGXX0022
Sufaytah EGXX1498
Suhaj EGXX9306
Suhaym EGXX6254
Sukkarah EGXX3285
Sul EGXX4731
Sumukhrat EGXX3993
Sumusta al Waqf EGXX4732
Sunbat EGXX6255
Suntays EGXX3994
Sunufar EGXX0607
Suq el-Tatat EGXX7161
Suqayl EGXX6559
Surad EGXX6256
Surayr EGXX8774
Surunbay EGXX3995
Syria EGXX4507
Taba EGXX6757
Taba EGXX0040
Tabanuha EGXX5301
Tabliyah EGXX3996
Tabluha EGXX2705
Tafhana al `Azab EGXX2706
Taftish al Awqaf EGXX7164
Taftish al Wadi EGXX6666
Taftish as Sarw EGXX5850
Taftish Idfina EGXX3999
Taftish Muhammad EGXX4000
Taftish Shalmah EGXX7163
Taftish Shukri EGXX5303
Taftish `Atiyah EGXX0411
Tah Shubra EGXX2707
Taha al A`midah EGXX8775
Taha Husayn EGXX4001
Tahlah EGXX8039
Tahnasha EGXX8776
Tahrat Humayd EGXX1499
Tahta EGXX0227
Tahway EGXX2708
Tahway EGXX5305
Taj al `Ajam EGXX6257
Taj al `Izz EGXX5306
Tala EGXX0228
Tala EGXX4736
Talbant Aja EGXX5307
Talbant Qaysar EGXX6258
Talhah EGXX6758
Talkha EGXX5308
Tall Abu Hamid EGXX6667
Tall ad Dibah EGXX1509
Tall al Hakim EGXX1510
Tall al Qadi EGXX1511
Tall al Qulzum EGXX3010
Tall at Tawil EGXX1512
Tall Az Zahirah EGXX1500
Tall Bani Tamim EGXX8040
Tall Bani `Umran EGXX8777
Tall Huwayn EGXX1501
Tall Miftah EGXX1503
Tall Muhammad EGXX1504
Tall Musmar EGXX5309
Tall Rak EGXX1505
Tall Ruzan EGXX1506
Tall Tamlikh EGXX1507
Tallah EGXX8778
Tallat EGXX0608
Tallibqa EGXX4002
Talya EGXX2709
Tamalay EGXX2710
Tamamah EGXX4003
Tamiyah EGXX0229
Tammuh EGXX6563
Tamus EGXX4004
Tana Bani Malu EGXX4738
Tanaghah EGXX3286
Tanah EGXX5310
Tanan EGXX8041
Tanbidi EGXX8779
Tanbidi EGXX2711
Tanbisha EGXX2712
Tanbu EGXX8780
Tanbul al Kubra EGXX5311
Tanda EGXX6259
Tandah EGXX8781
Tannikh EGXX7166
Tansa Bani Malu EGXX4739
Tant al Jazirah EGXX8042
Tanuf EGXX8782
Taqsim al Jundi EGXX6569
Tarabanba EGXX4005
Taranis al Bahr EGXX5312
Taranis al `Arab EGXX5313
Taranish al Bahr EGXX5314
Tarshub EGXX4741
Tartir EGXX7167
Tarut EGXX1513
Tasa EGXX3287
Tasa Junction EGXX6668
Tawahin Ikrash EGXX1514
Tawd EGXX8409
Tawilat Nashart EGXX7168
Taybah EGXX4006
Tell el-Zawaki EGXX9307
Testing EGXX2979
Tharwat EGXX9520
Thebes EGXX0023
Tibah EGXX4007
Tibah al Hun EGXX9457
Tidah EGXX7169
Tihna al Jabal EGXX8784
Tilbanah EGXX4009
Tilbanah EGXX1516
Tilbanah EGXX5315
Tilbant Abshish EGXX2713
Tilijah EGXX1517
Tilwanah EGXX2714
Tima EGXX9308
Tima Fayyum EGXX0609
Timayy al Imdid EGXX5316
Timbari EGXX7170
Tirah EGXX6260
Tirah EGXX7171
Tirsa EGXX8043
Tirsa EGXX0610
Tirsa EGXX6570
Tir`at al Awqaf EGXX1518
Tisfa EGXX5317
Tita EGXX2715
Tor EGXX6759
Toukh EGXX8044
Trabil el- Gafra EGXX2961
Tubhar EGXX0611
Tuhuriyah EGXX8045
Tukh EGXX3423
Tukh EGXX8785
Tukh al Aqlam EGXX5318