Weather Codes for Djibouti

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Djibouti. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Ada`li DJXX0096
Adoiamara DJXX0032
Adoiamara DJXX0097
Airolaf DJXX0098
Alaili Dadda` DJXX0067
Alol DJXX0099
Ambabbo DJXX0100
Ambouli DJXX0062
Askakmali DJXX0101
At`a DJXX0102
Audodo`o DJXX0033
Aydamani DJXX0068
Ayerllaye DJXX0063
Ayla`adou DJXX0103
Ayro le Gab`e DJXX0034
Badhitto DJXX0069
Badoita- Mela DJXX0070
Balbala DJXX0064
Balho DJXX0002
Bankouale DJXX0104
Bayyi DJXX0071
Bissidiro DJXX0072
Bouba DJXX0105
Dadar DJXX0106
Dakka DJXX0035
Dalha DJXX0074
Damayyi DJXX0107
Damerdjog DJXX0009
Danan DJXX0021
Dat `Ale DJXX0010
Da`an DJXX0073
Debne DJXX0036
Digri DJXX0022
Dikhil DJXX0037
Djibouti DJXX0001
Doda DJXX0108
Doho DJXX0109
Dokknoyo DJXX0038
Dorra DJXX0004
Dourba DJXX0039
Eyrolasso DJXX0110
Fada DJXX0040
Fafel DJXX0011
Fagal DJXX0005
Fodo DJXX0041
Gaba`adou DJXX0042
Gabla DJXX0013
Gafan DJXX0111
Gaherre DJXX0075
Gahro DJXX0076
Galafi DJXX0043
Galeilou DJXX0077
Gara`abbouri DJXX0044
Garra`ta DJXX0112
Ga`anka DJXX0012
Gorabous DJXX0045
Goubeto DJXX0023
Goubetto DJXX0024
Goumbar DJXX0113
Guechamale DJXX0025
Hadle-Ass DJXX0026
Hanguine DJXX0078
Hedad DJXX0079
Hilou DJXX0114
Holhol DJXX0006
Hoummasa DJXX0046
Ilhino DJXX0080
Irriba DJXX0081
Issa DJXX0027
Issa DJXX0014
Khor Angar DJXX0082
Kourbili DJXX0047
Kousseyta DJXX0115
Kouta Bouyya DJXX0048
La Plaine DJXX0066
Lafofili DJXX0049
Madima DJXX0083
Magaren DJXX0117
Mak`arrasou DJXX0118
Marka le Sarig DJXX0084
Maro DJXX0119
Ma`andiyta DJXX0116
Medeho DJXX0085
Modayto DJXX0086
Moudaoudli DJXX0087
Moudo DJXX0120
Moulhoule DJXX0088
Obock DJXX0089
Oklila`ou DJXX0015
Oleito DJXX0051
Ouadjale DJXX0016
Ouddali DJXX0090
Oue`a DJXX0121
Oue`a DJXX0017
Oul DJXX0052
Qoqob DJXX0028
Qoton DJXX0053
Randa DJXX0123
Sarba DJXX0054
Sedorre DJXX0091
Sidiha Monghella DJXX0007
Soudda DJXX0124
Tadjoura DJXX0125
Tak`il DJXX0092
Tew`o DJXX0055
Ulel DJXX0093
Vasama DJXX0029
Waddi DJXX0094
Wea DJXX0018
Yaguer DJXX0056
Yoboki DJXX0008
`Ad Orasou DJXX0057
`Adgeno DJXX0126
`Adorasou DJXX0058
`Ageddo DJXX0095
`Ali `Adde DJXX0030
`Amayle DJXX0059
`Arta DJXX0019
`As `Ela DJXX0060
`Asamo DJXX0031
`Asbahari DJXX0061