Weather Codes for Democratic Republic of the Congo

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aamba CGXX5695
Abumombazi CGXX5696
Abunakombo CGXX5697
Agbolia CGXX5698
Agrimafe CGXX1887
Agwa CGXX5699
Akambwa CGXX5700
Akete CGXX5701
Akula CGXX5702
Akusa CGXX5703
Amamba CGXX5704
Amawa CGXX5705
Amba CGXX5706
Ambalo CGXX5707
Amboma CGXX5708
Ambuma CGXX5709
Ambuma-Moke CGXX5710
Ambura I CGXX1888
Amishi CGXX9315
Angama CGXX5711
Angenga CGXX5712
Ango Ango CGXX0218
Angongo CGXX5713
Ankoro CGXX9316
Anyinga CGXX9317
Anzi CGXX5714
Apindu CGXX5715
Asisi CGXX9318
Asolongo CGXX0219
Asongo CGXX5716
Auma CGXX5717
Awele CGXX5718
Baaba CGXX1889
Baazinga CGXX5719
Baba CGXX1890
Babanjila CGXX9319
Babegwa CGXX5720
Baburu CGXX5721
Bada CGXX5722
Badegba CGXX5723
Badia CGXX5724
Badibundu CGXX1891
Badja CGXX5725
Badja Deuxieme CGXX5726
Badja Premiere CGXX5727
Bado CGXX5728
Bado-Mbamba CGXX5729
Badokwa CGXX5730
Badzombali CGXX5731
Baenga CGXX5732
Bafaka CGXX5733
Bafaki CGXX5734
Bafili CGXX5735
Bafolo CGXX5736
Baga CGXX5737
Baga Deuxieme CGXX5738
Bagaliena CGXX5739
Bagata CGXX1892
Bagato CGXX1893
Bagba CGXX5740
Bagbakadi CGXX5741
Bagbo CGXX5742
Bagerelita CGXX5743
Bagi CGXX5744
Bagilo CGXX5745
Bagilo Moke CGXX5746
Bagukugu CGXX5747
Baguma CGXX5748
Bahuma CGXX5749
Bailleux CGXX0018
Bainga CGXX5750
Baisa CGXX5751
Baka CGXX5752
Baka CGXX1894
Baka CGXX0220
Bakaala CGXX5753
Bakalua CGXX5754
Bakamba CGXX1895
Bakanga CGXX5755
Bakanga CGXX1896
Bakatanga CGXX1897
Bakele CGXX5756
Bakenda CGXX5757
Baketa CGXX5758
Bakingi CGXX5759
Bako CGXX5760
Bakoka CGXX5761
Bakongo CGXX5762
Bakoyo CGXX5763
Bakpwa CGXX5764
Baku CGXX0221
Bakula CGXX5765
Bakuludu CGXX5766
Bakumania CGXX5767
Bakungu CGXX5768
Bakuniama CGXX5769
Bakunu CGXX5770
Bala CGXX5771
Bala CGXX1898
Balabala CGXX5772
Balaka CGXX1899
Balakwa CGXX5773
Balala CGXX9320
Balambi CGXX1900
Balamo CGXX5774
Balanga CGXX9321
Balanga CGXX5775
Balangambi CGXX5776
Balangonda CGXX5777
Balangu CGXX5778
Balankole CGXX5779
Balatsoko CGXX1901
Balaw CGXX5780
Bale CGXX9322
Bale Deuxieme CGXX5781
Balendjale CGXX1902
Balenge CGXX5782
Balibe CGXX1903
Balibi CGXX1904
Baliko CGXX5783
Balinda CGXX1905
Baliomo CGXX5784
Balise CGXX5785
Ball I CGXX5786
Balo CGXX0222
Balombolombo CGXX1906
Balondo CGXX5787
Balu CGXX0223
Balumbe CGXX5788
Bamaba CGXX1907
Bamania CGXX5789
Bamata CGXX5790
Bamba CGXX1908
Bamba CGXX5791
Bamba CGXX0224
Bamba Kilenda CGXX0225
Bamba Kopo CGXX0226
Bamba-Gongo CGXX0227
Bamba-Mabula CGXX1909
Bambala CGXX0228
Bambe CGXX5792
Bambenga CGXX5793
Bambese-Baya CGXX5794
Bambi-Gangi CGXX1910
Bambili CGXX5795
Bambinga CGXX1911
Bambinga Etat CGXX1912
Bamboma CGXX0229
Bambu CGXX5796
Bambudi CGXX1913
Bambula CGXX1914
Bampumbu CGXX1915
Bampumbu-Mtinda CGXX1916
Bamu CGXX5797
Bana-Luzumu CGXX0230
Banana CGXX0231
Banda CGXX5798
Banda CGXX1917
Banda-Bakume CGXX5799
Banda-Busongo CGXX1918
Banda-Butini CGXX1919
Banda-Papi CGXX1920
Banda-Yansi CGXX1921
Bandaka CGXX5800
Bandaka Inkole CGXX5801
Bandakani CGXX0232
Bandala CGXX5802
Bandema CGXX5803
Bandembo CGXX5804
Bandi CGXX5805
Bandi I CGXX5806
Bandi II CGXX5807
Bandi-Lomi CGXX5808
Bandi-Rive CGXX5809
Bandjow-Moke CGXX1922
Bandu CGXX5810
Bandumba CGXX5811
Bandundu CGXX1923
Banfui CGXX5812
Banga CGXX1924
Banga CGXX5813
Banga CGXX0233
Banga Deuxieme CGXX5814
Banga-Ilonga CGXX5815
Banga-Kakese CGXX1925
Banga-Kete CGXX5816
Banga-Kota CGXX5817
Banga-Kotese CGXX5818
Banga-Kungu CGXX5819
Banga-Makambo CGXX5820
Banga-Moke CGXX5821
Banga-Wazu CGXX5822
Bangabola CGXX5823
Bangala CGXX5824
Bangala CGXX1926
Bangalala CGXX9323
Bangalala-Kisala CGXX1927
Bangaloko CGXX5825
Bangana CGXX5826
Bangasasi CGXX5827
Bangba CGXX5828
Bangende CGXX1928
Bangi CGXX1929
Bangi CGXX5829
Bango CGXX5830
Bangolongo CGXX5831
Bangonda CGXX5832
Bangondo CGXX5833
Bangongo CGXX1930
Bangu CGXX9324
Bangu CGXX1931
Bangu CGXX0234
Bangu-Zusi CGXX1932
Bangula CGXX9325
Bangumi CGXX1933
Bangwu CGXX1934
Bankai CGXX1935
Bankene CGXX1936
Bankoko II CGXX1937
Bankumuna CGXX1938
Bantsame II CGXX1939
Bantsham CGXX1940
Bantshione CGXX1941
Banza CGXX0235
Banza CGXX5834
Banza CGXX1942
Banza Boma CGXX0236
Banza Sansa CGXX0237
Banza-Bibambi CGXX1943
Banza-Buende CGXX0238
Banza-Bulu CGXX0239
Banza-Fioti CGXX1944
Banza-Gonda CGXX5835
Banza-Goyo CGXX0240
Banza-Kabete CGXX1945
Banza-Kamonio CGXX1946
Banza-Kasi CGXX0241
Banza-Kataba CGXX1947
Banza-Kifulu CGXX1948
Banza-Kikapa CGXX1949
Banza-Kikumba CGXX1950
Banza-Kimbuku CGXX0242
Banza-Kingulu CGXX1951
Banza-Kinzeka CGXX0243
Banza-Kipungu CGXX1952
Banza-Kombe CGXX5836
Banza-Kulu CGXX0244
Banza-Lovo CGXX0245
Banza-Lui CGXX9326
Banza-Makole CGXX1953
Banza-Makuta CGXX0246
Banza-Makwala CGXX1954
Banza-Manzashi CGXX1955
Banza-Matadi CGXX0247
Banza-Mbu CGXX0248
Banza-Moke CGXX5837
Banza-Mukululu CGXX1956
Banza-Muloshi CGXX1957
Banza-Mwembe CGXX0249
Banza-Ngoyo CGXX0250
Banza-Nzadi CGXX0251
Banza-Pangu CGXX0252
Banza-Pombo CGXX0253
Banza-Putu CGXX0254
Banza-Sanda CGXX0255
Banza-Sinda CGXX0256
Banza-Sundi CGXX0257
Banza-Tadi CGXX0258
Banza-Yidi CGXX0259
Banzama CGXX1958
Banzi CGXX1959
Banzi-Banzi CGXX1960
Baoga CGXX5838
Baolongo CGXX5839
Baomo CGXX5840
Baongo CGXX1961
Baraka CGXX0019
Baraka CGXX5841
Barakizi CGXX9328
Barata CGXX5842
Barega CGXX5843
Bari CGXX0260
Bari CGXX5844
Baringa CGXX1962
Baringa CGXX5845
Baringa Deuxieme CGXX5846
Baringa Premiere CGXX5847
Baringa-Bilala CGXX1965
Baringa-Gashi CGXX1966
Baringa-Lukuba CGXX1967
Baringa-Moke CGXX5848
Baringa-Moya CGXX1968
Baringa-Samba CGXX1969
Baro CGXX5849
Baruti CGXX9329
Basa CGXX5850
Basa Premiere CGXX5851
Basandja CGXX1970
Basankusu CGXX5852
Base CGXX5853
Baseka Okoli CGXX5854
Basekampembe CGXX5855
Baseki CGXX5856
Basekikelemba CGXX5857
Basembende CGXX5858
Basene CGXX5859
Bashove CGXX1971
Basiba CGXX1972
Baso CGXX5860
Basombo CGXX1973
Basongo CGXX5861
Basor CGXX5862
Basse CGXX5863
Bata CGXX1974
Bata CGXX0261
Bata-Bubu CGXX0262
Bata-Kimenga CGXX0263
Bata-Siala CGXX0264
Bata-Yala CGXX0265
Batanga CGXX5864
Batangu CGXX5865
Bate Wembo CGXX0266
Batelanga CGXX1975
Bati CGXX5866
Batingombe CGXX5867
Baton CGXX9330
Batongolo CGXX5868
Batshampa CGXX1976
Batshwa CGXX5869
Batsina CGXX5870
Batua CGXX1977
Batwa CGXX1978
Baulo CGXX0020
Baumo CGXX5871
Bauru CGXX5872
Bausa CGXX9331
Bauta CGXX5873
Bavu CGXX9332
Bavula CGXX0021
Baw CGXX5874
Bawa CGXX0267
Bawose CGXX1979
Baya CGXX0001
Baya CGXX5875
Baya CGXX1980
Baya-Bimi CGXX1981
Bayagaka CGXX5876
Bayange CGXX5877
Baybenge CGXX5878
Baye CGXX9333
Bayeku CGXX5879
Bayelo CGXX1982
Bayenga CGXX1983
Bayeria CGXX1984
Bayete CGXX1985
Bayo CGXX9334
Bayo-Kalala CGXX9335
Bayombwe CGXX9336
Bayon CGXX5880
Baza CGXX9337
Beala CGXX1986
Beala CGXX5881
Beambo CGXX5882
Bebe CGXX9338
Bebelunda CGXX5883
Bebentsie CGXX1987
Bebongo CGXX1988
Bediki CGXX1989
Beemba CGXX5884
Befale CGXX5885
Befeko CGXX5886
Befidji CGXX5887
Befili CGXX5888
Befori CGXX5889
Begia CGXX5890
Bego CGXX5891
Beila-Mushamba CGXX9339
Bekai CGXX5892
Bekale CGXX1990
Bekalo CGXX5893
Bekane CGXX1991
Beke CGXX5894
Beke-Balumbe CGXX5895
Beke-Bokala CGXX5896
Bekeli CGXX5897
Bekila CGXX5898
Bekili CGXX5899
Bekiri CGXX5900
Beko CGXX1992
Beko-Nseko CGXX0268
Bekokombo CGXX1993
Bekoli-Bekoli CGXX1994
Bekolongo CGXX5901
Bekoma CGXX1995
Bekombo CGXX1996
Bekomie CGXX5902
Bekondji CGXX5903
Bekonenienge CGXX1997
Bekongombolo CGXX1998
Bekungu CGXX1999
Bekungu CGXX5904
Bela-Boma CGXX2000
Belapa CGXX2001
Bele CGXX5905
Bele CGXX9340
Bele Deuxieme CGXX5906
Bele Troisieme CGXX5907
Bele-Buluem CGXX2003
Bele-Tsemba CGXX2004
Belebanga CGXX2005
Belebusongo CGXX2006
Beleka CGXX9341
Belekete CGXX5908
Beleko CGXX5909
Belemba CGXX5910
Belembe CGXX2007
Belengu CGXX5911
Belewe CGXX2008
Beliki CGXX5912
Belinga CGXX5913
Belingo CGXX2009
Belingo CGXX5914
Belo CGXX2010
Belo CGXX5915
Belo-Belo CGXX2011
Belo-Dumbu CGXX2012
Belolo CGXX5916
Belombo CGXX2013
Belondo CGXX5917
Belondo-Kundu CGXX5918
Belonge CGXX2014
Belongo CGXX5919
Bema CGXX5920
Bemba CGXX2015
Bemba CGXX0270
Bemba-Bunzi CGXX0271
Bembaku CGXX5921
Bembambo CGXX5922
Bembanga CGXX5923
Bembe CGXX5924
Bembe CGXX0272
Bembele CGXX2016
Bembele CGXX0273
Bembele-Fioti CGXX2017
Bembele-Intshum CGXX2018
Bembo CGXX0274
Bembo CGXX2019
Bemfuga CGXX2020
Bemomba CGXX2021
Bempaka CGXX5925
Bempe CGXX9342
Bempumba CGXX5926
Bena Hamba CGXX9343
Bena Tala CGXX9344
Bena-Bendi CGXX2022
Bena-Vute CGXX9345
Bende CGXX2023
Bendela CGXX2024
Bendele CGXX9346
Bendera CGXX9347
Bendere CGXX5927
Bendjefe CGXX5928
Bendji CGXX2025
Bene CGXX2026
Bene-Bongali CGXX2027
Benga CGXX2028
Bengana CGXX2029
Benge CGXX2030
Bengemba CGXX5929
Bengi CGXX5930
Bengo CGXX2032
Bengo CGXX5931
Bengu CGXX0275
Bengundju CGXX5932
Benienie CGXX2033
Benigbia CGXX5933
Benkanga CGXX5934
Benkomi CGXX5935
Benkwese CGXX5936
Beno CGXX2034
Bensami CGXX5937
Bensenge CGXX5938
Bensombo CGXX5939
Bentari CGXX2035
Benye CGXX2036
Benzale CGXX2037
Benzari Deuxieme CGXX5940
Benzari Premiere CGXX5941
Benze CGXX9348
Bero CGXX5942
Besai CGXX2038
Besako CGXX2039
Besangi CGXX5943
Besaw CGXX2040
Besefe CGXX5944
Beseli CGXX5945
Besenge CGXX2041
Besenge Batwa CGXX2042
Besiro CGXX2043
Besoie CGXX5946
Besoko CGXX5947
Besolongo CGXX5948
Besomba CGXX2044
Besombi CGXX2045
Besombo CGXX5949
Besombo-Nkasa CGXX5950
Besongo CGXX5951
Besongote CGXX5952
Besongoyolo CGXX5953
Besow CGXX5954
Besu CGXX5955
Besulu CGXX5956
Betaleo CGXX9349
Betamba CGXX5957
Betamba I CGXX5958
Betamba II CGXX5959
Betambefe CGXX5960
Bete CGXX0276
Betenkoi CGXX2046
Betenkoie CGXX2047
Bethanie CGXX2048
Betoko CGXX5961
Betumbe CGXX5962
Betumbe-Bongo CGXX2049
Beya CGXX9350
Beze CGXX5963
Bezi CGXX9351
Biaka CGXX5964
Biala CGXX5965
Biamo CGXX5966
Bianambula CGXX2050
Bianga CGXX5967
Biangala CGXX2051
Biangala CGXX5968
Biangwa CGXX9352
Biano CGXX9353
Biaranga CGXX2052
Biaro CGXX0023
Bibala CGXX2053
Bibalu CGXX0277
Bibanga CGXX0278
Bibia CGXX5969
Bibomba CGXX5970
Bida CGXX5971
Bidi CGXX0279
Bidi-Kabulo CGXX9354
Bidi-Kindamba CGXX0280
Bidia CGXX5972
Bidiko CGXX9355
Bido CGXX5973
Biendo CGXX0024
Bienga CGXX0281
Bienge CGXX2054
Bienzi CGXX2055
Bifie CGXX2056
Bigba CGXX5974
Bige CGXX5975
Bigi CGXX5976
Bigi-Nord CGXX5977
Bigobo CGXX9356
Bikaki CGXX2057
Bikoro CGXX5978
Bila CGXX9357
Bila CGXX5979
Bilali CGXX9358
Bilanga CGXX2058
Bilashi-Muzengo CGXX2059
Bilembo CGXX2060
Bili CGXX5980
Bili-Moke CGXX5981
Bilikono CGXX5982
Bilili CGXX2061
Bilima CGXX5983
Bilio CGXX5984
Biliona CGXX5985
Bilombo CGXX9359
Bilubi CGXX2062
Bilunga CGXX2063
Bimbi CGXX5986
Binanga CGXX9360
Binanga CGXX0282
Binda CGXX9361
Binda CGXX2064
Binda CGXX0283
Binda-Nseke CGXX2065
Bindakana CGXX9362
Binde CGXX2066
Bindi CGXX5987
Bindja CGXX2067
Bindja-Nord CGXX2068
Bindja-Sud CGXX2069
Bindji CGXX2070
Bindu CGXX2071
Bindungi CGXX2072
Bine CGXX5988
Binga CGXX5989
Binga CGXX0284
Binga Vula CGXX2073
Bingbe CGXX5990
Bingi CGXX5991
Bingoli CGXX5992
Binigbia CGXX5993
Binko-Musese CGXX2074
Binsa CGXX0285
Binsampala CGXX0286
Binza CGXX0287
Bionga CGXX5994
Biongo CGXX0288
Bipangu CGXX2075
Biponi CGXX2076
Bira CGXX5995
Bisadi CGXX0289
Biseka CGXX0290
Biseke CGXX0291
Bisenge CGXX2077
Bisenge CGXX5996
Biseye CGXX2078
Bisika CGXX0292
Bisima CGXX2079
Bisinza CGXX0293
Bitari CGXX2080
Bitari-Lonzo CGXX2081
Biteba CGXX9363
Biteke CGXX5997
Bitongo CGXX5998
Bitoya CGXX2082
Bitsamba CGXX2083
Bitsambele CGXX2084
Bitshambele CGXX2085
Bitupu CGXX9364
Bituta CGXX2087
Bivovolo CGXX0295
Bivuamba CGXX2088
Biwaya CGXX9365
Biwete CGXX2089
Biyi CGXX9366
Bmongo CGXX0025
Boa CGXX9367
Boabindo CGXX5999
Boala CGXX6000
Boalangombe CGXX0026
Boami CGXX0296
Boanda-Moke CGXX6001
Boanda-Munene CGXX6002
Boanga CGXX6003
Boangi CGXX6004
Boango CGXX6005
Boati CGXX6006
Boba CGXX6007
Bobabili CGXX6008
Bobademana CGXX6009
Bobadi CGXX6010
Bobadi-Moke CGXX6011
Bobadjoko-Moke CGXX6012
Bobadono CGXX6013
Bobadu CGXX6014
Bobai CGXX6015
Bobakutu CGXX6016
Bobala CGXX6017
Bobala CGXX2090
Bobala I CGXX2091
Bobala II CGXX2092
Bobalabondamo CGXX2093
Bobalama CGXX6018
Bobalia CGXX6019
Bobalingana CGXX6020
Bobamaya CGXX6021
Bobambe Deuxieme CGXX6022
Bobambe Premiere CGXX6023
Bobambu CGXX6024
Bobamere CGXX6025
Bobanda CGXX6026
Bobandje CGXX6027
Bobandu CGXX6028
Bobanga CGXX6029
Bobanganda CGXX6030
Bobangi CGXX2094
Bobangi CGXX6031
Bobani CGXX6032
Bobasongo CGXX6033
Bobaya CGXX6034
Bobei CGXX6035
Bobeka CGXX6036
Bobeke CGXX2095
Bobele CGXX6037
Bobende CGXX2096
Bobende CGXX6038
Bobetu CGXX6039
Bobi CGXX6040
Bobie CGXX6041
Bobiengele CGXX6042
Bobila CGXX6043
Bobili CGXX6044
Bobilisi CGXX6045
Bobindu CGXX6046
Bobinzale CGXX6047
Bobisi CGXX6048
Bobito CGXX6049
Bobo CGXX6050
Bobo II CGXX2097
Bobobu CGXX6051
Boboke CGXX6052
Boboko CGXX6053
Bobola CGXX9368
Bobole CGXX6054
Bobolo CGXX6055
Bobongo CGXX6056
Boboso CGXX6057
Bobua CGXX6058
Bobudu CGXX6059
Bobulamo CGXX2098
Bobulamo CGXX6060
Bobusu CGXX6061
Bobutu CGXX6062
Bobwengende CGXX6063
Bodaba CGXX6064
Bodalangi CGXX6065
Bodambuli CGXX6066
Bodangabo CGXX6067
Bodango CGXX6068
Bodanu CGXX6069
Bodara CGXX6070
Bodaragba CGXX6071
Bodarangba CGXX6072
Bodea CGXX6073
Bodeba CGXX6074
Bodebe CGXX6075
Bodede CGXX6076
Bodeme CGXX6077
Bodeme Deuxieme CGXX6078
Bodeme Premiere CGXX6079
Bodenge CGXX6080
Bodengo CGXX6081
Bodetwa CGXX6082
Bodienga CGXX6084
Bodiewa CGXX6085
Bodigia CGXX6086
Bodigina CGXX6087
Bodila CGXX0297
Bodimu CGXX2099
Bodindo CGXX6088
Bodiwa CGXX6089
Bodja CGXX2100
Bodjaba CGXX6090
Bodjakadame CGXX6091
Bodjakango CGXX6092
Bodjangele CGXX6093
Bodjelenge CGXX6094
Bodjo CGXX2101
Bodjohole CGXX6095
Bodjoki CGXX6096
Bodjokola CGXX6097
Bodjuna CGXX2102
Bodolowe CGXX6098
Bodomere CGXX6099
Bodongodare CGXX6100
Bodorofio CGXX6101
Bodoromo CGXX6102
Bodorowe CGXX6103
Bodow CGXX6104
Boduasa CGXX6105
Bodubwa CGXX6106
Bodugbu CGXX6107
Boduko CGXX6108
Boduli CGXX6109
Bodumbala CGXX6110
Bodumbili CGXX6111
Boduna CGXX6112
Bodungula CGXX6113
Bodurungbwa CGXX6114
Bodwadoro CGXX6115
Bodzame CGXX6116
Bodzinga CGXX6117
Bodzunu CGXX2103
Boeke CGXX6118
Boemili CGXX6119
Boende CGXX6120
Boende Moke CGXX6121
Boende-Moke CGXX6122
Boendjola CGXX6123
Boendu CGXX6124
Boendzola CGXX6125
Boene CGXX6126
Boenga CGXX6127
Boenge CGXX0298
Boenjola CGXX6128
Boenze CGXX0299
Bofafela CGXX6129
Bofalamboka CGXX6130
Bofandjoa CGXX6131
Bofandjua CGXX6132
Bofete CGXX6134
Bofidji CGXX6135
Bofila CGXX6136
Bofoku CGXX6137
Bofomoa CGXX6138
Bofon-Moke CGXX6139
Bofongi CGXX6140
Bofongo CGXX6141
Bofono CGXX6142
Bofoto CGXX6143
Bofulafu CGXX6144
Bofulu CGXX2104
Bofungu CGXX6145
Bogaembo CGXX6146
Bogale CGXX6147
Bogan CGXX6148
Boganda CGXX6149
Bogate CGXX6150
Bogbadi CGXX6152
Bogbafio CGXX6153
Bogbaguluma CGXX6154
Bogbaka CGXX6155
Bogbakere CGXX6156
Bogbakundu CGXX6157
Bogbakusa CGXX6158
Bogbakutu CGXX6159
Bogbala CGXX6161
Bogbambe CGXX6163
Bogbamili CGXX6164
Bogbamo CGXX6165
Bogbanda CGXX6166
Bogbando CGXX6167
Bogbanoga CGXX6168
Bogbanza CGXX6169
Bogbanza Boyeka CGXX6170
Bogbanzele CGXX6171
Bogbanzu CGXX6172
Bogbase CGXX6173
Bogbasele CGXX6174
Bogbasiko CGXX6175
Bogbasiko-Kaimba CGXX6176
Bogbasili CGXX6177
Bogbatu CGXX6178
Bogbayala CGXX6179
Bogbazima CGXX6180
Bogbazudo CGXX6181
Bogbe CGXX6182
Bogbelo CGXX6183
Bogbema CGXX6184
Bogbena-Moke CGXX6185
Bogbiminzo CGXX6186
Bogbo CGXX6187
Bogbolo CGXX6188
Bogbondjo CGXX6189
Bogbonga CGXX6190
Bogbonia CGXX6191
Bogbozo CGXX6192
Bogbukubu CGXX6193
Bogbulumu CGXX6194
Bogbwala CGXX6195
Bogbwali-Barasa CGXX6196
Bogbwindi CGXX6197
Bogene CGXX6198
Bogeze CGXX6199
Bogfafala CGXX6200
Bogfokana CGXX6201
Bogilazo CGXX6202
Bogilima CGXX6203
Bogilisi CGXX6204
Bogindi CGXX6205
Bogiraza CGXX6206
Bogo CGXX6207
Bogofo CGXX6208
Bogogo CGXX6209
Bogon CGXX6210
Bogonda CGXX6211
Bogondja CGXX6212
Bogoro CGXX6213
Bogose CGXX6214
Bogose-Boyambi CGXX6215
Bogose-Konu CGXX6216
Bogose-Mubea CGXX6217
Bogozo CGXX6218
Bogseglia CGXX6219
Bogula CGXX6220
Bogute CGXX6221
Bogwaka CGXX6222
Bogwala CGXX6223
Bogwalo CGXX6224
Bogwase CGXX6225
Bohoke CGXX6226
Bohombuli CGXX6227
Boi CGXX9369
Boimbo CGXX6228
Bojoko CGXX6229
Boka CGXX2105
Boka Indembe CGXX6230
Bokada CGXX6231
Bokada-Bangawili CGXX6232
Bokada-Bangbo CGXX6233
Bokada-Bodaton CGXX6234
Bokada-Danga CGXX6235
Bokada-Songbo CGXX6236
Bokafa CGXX6237
Bokagne CGXX2106
Bokai CGXX2107
Bokaka CGXX6238
Bokakandu CGXX6239
Bokakata CGXX6240
Bokakia CGXX6241
Bokala CGXX6242
Bokala CGXX2108
Bokala-Bolongo CGXX6243
Bokala-Dongo CGXX6244
Bokalakala CGXX2109
Bokalakiti CGXX6245
Bokalanda CGXX6246
Bokalo CGXX2110
Bokama CGXX2111
Bokamba CGXX6247
Bokamba-Moke CGXX6248
Bokamu CGXX6249
Bokandja CGXX6250
Bokandu CGXX6251
Bokangadua CGXX6252
Bokangamoi CGXX2112
Bokangandwa CGXX6254
Bokani CGXX6255
Bokapo CGXX6256
Bokapo-Rive CGXX6257
Bokapu CGXX6258
Bokata CGXX6259
Bokatola CGXX6260
Bokau CGXX6261
Bokaw CGXX6262
Bokaya CGXX6263
Bokebeni CGXX2113
Bokeka CGXX6264
Bokela CGXX6265
Bokele CGXX6266
Bokema CGXX6267
Bokembi CGXX6268
Bokena Deuxieme CGXX6269
Bokena Premiere CGXX6270
Bokenda CGXX6271
Bokende CGXX6272
Bokendela CGXX6273
Bokendola CGXX6274
Bokenga CGXX6275
Bokenge CGXX2114
Bokenge CGXX6276
Bokengeswe CGXX6277
Bokeniola CGXX6278
Boketa CGXX6279
Boki CGXX9370
Bokia CGXX6280
Bokignate CGXX2115
Bokilialuo CGXX6281
Bokilingomo CGXX6282
Bokilio CGXX6283
Bokilla CGXX6284
Boko CGXX6285
Boko CGXX0300
Boko CGXX2116
Boko Ngoi CGXX0301
Boko-Kifulama CGXX0302
Bokobomo CGXX2117
Bokode CGXX6286
Bokofa CGXX6287
Bokoka CGXX6288
Bokokole CGXX6289
Bokokolo CGXX6290
Bokolakiti CGXX6291
Bokole CGXX6292
Bokole CGXX2118
Bokolekila CGXX6293
Bokoli CGXX2119
Bokoli CGXX6294
Bokoliwango CGXX2120
Bokolo CGXX2121
Bokolo CGXX6295
Bokolonga CGXX6296
Bokolongo CGXX6297
Bokombe CGXX6298
Bokombo CGXX6299
Bokombu CGXX6300
Bokome CGXX6301
Bokona CGXX6302
Bokonda-Watuli CGXX6303
Bokondela CGXX6304
Bokondi CGXX6305
Bokondji CGXX6306
Bokondjo CGXX6307
Bokondo CGXX6308
Bokone CGXX6309
Bokonga CGXX6310
Bokonge CGXX6311
Bokongo CGXX6312
Bokongo Deuxieme CGXX6313
Bokongwa CGXX6314
Bokonkuma CGXX6315
Bokonzi CGXX6316
Bokoro CGXX2123
Bokosa CGXX6317
Bokoso CGXX6318
Bokota CGXX6319
Bokote CGXX2124
Bokote CGXX6320
Bokoto CGXX6321
Bokotokiri CGXX2125
Bokotola CGXX6322
Bokow CGXX6323
Bokoyayembe CGXX2126
Bokozo CGXX6324
Bokpalanganda CGXX6325
Bokpale CGXX6326
Bokpani CGXX6327
Boku CGXX2127
Bokuda CGXX6328
Bokuka CGXX6329
Bokuku CGXX6330
Bokula CGXX6331
Bokuli CGXX6332
Bokuma CGXX6333
Bokumbi CGXX6334
Bokumi CGXX2128
Bokumu CGXX6335
Bokunda CGXX6336
Bokunde CGXX6337
Bokundola CGXX6338
Bokundu CGXX6339
Bokungu CGXX2129
Bokungu CGXX6340
Bokungua-Leko CGXX6341
Bokungwaenga CGXX6342
Bokuono CGXX2130
Bokurubi CGXX6343
Bokuruna CGXX6344
Bokutola CGXX6345
Bokutu CGXX2131
Bokutu CGXX6346
Bokuzubu CGXX6347
Bokwale CGXX6348
Bokwankusu CGXX6349
Bokwankusu CGXX2132
Bokweli CGXX6350
Bokwole CGXX6351
Bokwonge CGXX6352
Bola CGXX6353
Bola CGXX0303
Bolafa CGXX6354
Bolaka CGXX6355
Bolakwafumba CGXX6356
Bolama CGXX6357
Bolamba CGXX6358
Bolanda CGXX6359
Bolandza CGXX6360
Bolanga CGXX6361
Bolangala CGXX6362
Bolangani CGXX2134
Bolango CGXX6363
Bolangu CGXX6364
Bolashi CGXX2135
Bolawariko-Moke CGXX6365
Bolebe CGXX6367
Bolebo CGXX6368
Boleke CGXX6369
Bolekio CGXX6370
Boleko CGXX2136
Boleko CGXX6371
Bolela CGXX9371
Bolemba CGXX0027
Bolembe CGXX6373
Bolemo CGXX6374
Bolemo Deuxieme CGXX6375
Bolena CGXX6376
Bolena-Boendjola CGXX6377
Bolena-Ifoso CGXX6378
Bolena-Loka CGXX6379
Bolende CGXX6380
Bolenga CGXX6381
Bolengambi CGXX6382
Bolengana CGXX6383
Bolenge CGXX6384
Bolengu II CGXX6385
Boleno Moke CGXX6386
Bolia CGXX2137
Bolia CGXX6387
Boliambe CGXX0028
Boliayangwa CGXX2138
Boliba CGXX6388
Boliebu CGXX6389
Bolieko CGXX2139
Bolifa-Ekofo CGXX6390
Bolikwakedji CGXX6391
Bolima CGXX6392
Bolima-Nkoko CGXX6393
Bolinda CGXX2140
Bolindo CGXX6394
Bolindongo CGXX2141
Bolinga CGXX2142
Bolingo CGXX6395
Bolingo CGXX2143
Boliompeti CGXX2144
Bolisa CGXX6396
Boliwula CGXX2145
Bolo CGXX6397
Bolo CGXX2146
Bolobo CGXX2147
Bolodja CGXX6398
Bologa CGXX6399
Boloka CGXX6400
Boloko CGXX2148
Boloko CGXX6401
Bolokwa CGXX6402
Bolokwasamba CGXX6403
Bololo CGXX2149
Bololo CGXX0304
Bolomba CGXX6405
Bolombi CGXX2150
Bolombi CGXX6406
Bolombo CGXX6407
Bolombo-Bofoku CGXX6408
Bolombo-Ikengo CGXX6409
Bolombo-Mengi CGXX6410
Bolomi CGXX6411
Bolondo CGXX2151
Bolondo CGXX6412
Bolondo Nkandja CGXX2152
Bolonga CGXX2153
Bolongama CGXX6413
Bolongela CGXX6414
Bolongi CGXX6415
Bolongo CGXX6416
Bolongo CGXX2154
Bolongo Omba CGXX2155
Bolongo-Sud CGXX6417
Bolongokele CGXX2156
Bolongombe CGXX2157
Bolongoweti CGXX2158
Bolongwankoie CGXX6418
Bolota CGXX6419
Boluka CGXX6420
Bolula CGXX2159
Bolumba CGXX6421
Bolumbe CGXX6422
Bolumboloko CGXX6423
Bolumbu CGXX6424
Bolunda CGXX2160
Bolunga CGXX6425
Bolupi CGXX6426
Boma CGXX2161
Boma CGXX9372
Boma CGXX0002
Boma I CGXX2162
Boma-Vonde CGXX0306
Boma-Zundu CGXX0307
Bomai CGXX6427
Bomalanga CGXX6428
Bomana CGXX6429
Bomandela CGXX6430
Bomandja CGXX6431
Bomandu CGXX6432
Bomanga CGXX6433
Bomanga-Fataki CGXX6434
Bomanga-Mafua CGXX6435
Bomangola CGXX6436
Bomangula CGXX2163
Bomanza CGXX6437
Bomasi CGXX6438
Bomate CGXX6439
Bomawi CGXX6440
Bomba-Tawe CGXX6441
Bombakabo CGXX6442
Bombakalo CGXX6443
Bombala CGXX6444
Bombale CGXX6445
Bombalinga CGXX6446
Bombaliswe CGXX6447
Bombana CGXX6448
Bombanda CGXX6449
Bombanga CGXX6450
Bombaolo CGXX6451
Bombasi CGXX6452
Bombati CGXX6453
Bombaworo CGXX6454
Bombawuli CGXX6455
Bombawuli-Moke CGXX6456
Bombawulidwa CGXX6457
Bombazere CGXX6458
Bombe CGXX2164
Bombe CGXX6459
Bombeka CGXX6460
Bombelenge K CGXX6461
Bombelingola CGXX2165
Bombembe CGXX6462
Bombembo CGXX6463
Bombenga CGXX6464
Bombesangi CGXX2166
Bombese CGXX6465
Bombi CGXX6466
Bombi-Bawongo CGXX2167
Bombia CGXX6467
Bombilenga CGXX6468
Bombili CGXX6469
Bombili Moke CGXX6470
Bombili Monene CGXX6471
Bombimba CGXX6472
Bombimbi CGXX6473
Bombindju CGXX6474
Bombisa CGXX6475
Bombiti CGXX6476
Bombo CGXX0308
Bombo CGXX6477
Bombo-Kasanji CGXX0030
Bombo-Makuka CGXX2168
Bomboka CGXX6478
Bombolimboka CGXX2169
Bombolo CGXX6479
Bomboma CGXX6480
Bomboma Deuxieme CGXX6481
Bombomba CGXX6482
Bombondja CGXX6483
Bomboshi CGXX2170
Bombotu CGXX6485
Bombura CGXX6486
Bombwandza CGXX6487
Bombwanza CGXX6488
Bombwe CGXX2171
Bombwe CGXX9373
Bomeka CGXX6489
Bomeka-Moke CGXX6490
Bomele CGXX6491
Bomenenge CGXX6492
Bomenge CGXX6493
Bomenjuri CGXX2172
Bomindo CGXX6494
Bominenge CGXX6495
Bominenge-Kada CGXX6496
Bomio CGXX6497
Bomoi CGXX6498
Bomole CGXX6499
Bomongiri CGXX6500
Bomongo CGXX6501
Bomotu-Moke CGXX0031
Bompanga CGXX6502
Bompela CGXX6503
Bompensole CGXX2173
Bompeta CGXX6504
Bompiele CGXX0032
Bompombo CGXX2174
Bomputu CGXX6505
Bomuna CGXX6506
Bomwele CGXX6507
Bonagbakala CGXX6508
Bonangola CGXX6509
Bondadjoro CGXX6510
Bondagi Deuxieme CGXX6511
Bondagi Premiere CGXX6512
Bondaka CGXX6513
Bondaki CGXX6514
Bondala CGXX6515
Bondama CGXX6516
Bondamba-Ikengo CGXX6517
Bondamboma CGXX6518
Bondangania CGXX6519
Bonde CGXX0309
Bondeandjoku CGXX6520
Bondenge CGXX6521
Bondia CGXX6522
Bondio CGXX6523
Bondji CGXX6524
Bondjo CGXX6525
Bondjoku CGXX6526
Bondo CGXX2175
Bondo CGXX6527
Bondo CGXX0310
Bondo-Mayoyo CGXX2176
Bondoko CGXX6528
Bondokodwa CGXX6529
Bondongele CGXX6530
Bondongo CGXX6531
Bondoro CGXX6532
Bondua CGXX6533
Bondui CGXX6534
Bonduma CGXX6535
Bondumba CGXX6536
Bondunga CGXX6537
Bonduni CGXX6538
Bonduru CGXX6539
Bondwe CGXX9374
Bonema CGXX6540
Bonga CGXX2177
Bonga CGXX6541
Bonga-Iteli CGXX6542
Bonga-Malembe CGXX2178
Bonga-Masoko CGXX2179
Bonga-Mikwati CGXX2180
Bongabo CGXX6543
Bongabo Premiere CGXX6544
Bongabola CGXX6545
Bongala CGXX6546
Bongalangwa CGXX6547
Bongale CGXX6548
Bongale II CGXX6549
Bongale-Wotolo CGXX6550
Bongali CGXX6551
Bongalua CGXX6552
Bongandanga CGXX6554
Bongandji CGXX6555
Bonganga CGXX6556
Bonganzu CGXX6557
Bongata CGXX6558
Bongbakwa CGXX6559
Bongbwalo CGXX6560
Bongbwoin CGXX6561
Bongelenza CGXX6562
Bongeli CGXX6563
Bongemba CGXX2181
Bongemba CGXX6564
Bongende CGXX2182
Bongengomo CGXX2183
Bongenye CGXX6565
Bongera CGXX6566
Bongero CGXX6567
Bongi CGXX6568
Bongidji Mpika CGXX6569
Bongidji Samba CGXX6570
Bongila CGXX6571
Bongili CGXX2184
Bongilima-Tomba CGXX6572
Bongimba CGXX2185
Bongimi CGXX6573
Bongimi Deuxieme CGXX6574
Bonginda CGXX6575
Bongindji CGXX6576
Bongkaba CGXX6577
Bongo CGXX6578
Bongo CGXX2186
Bongo II CGXX2187
Bongo Premiere CGXX6579
Bongo-Atembima CGXX6580
Bongo-Makeli CGXX2188
Bongoi CGXX6581
Bongoie CGXX6582
Bongole CGXX6583
Bongolia CGXX6584
Bongolo CGXX2189
Bongolokozo CGXX2190
Bongolu CGXX6585
Bongoma CGXX6586
Bongomba CGXX6587
Bongombe CGXX2191
Bongona CGXX6588
Bongonda CGXX6589
Bongonde CGXX6590
Bongondji CGXX6591
Bongondjo CGXX6592
Bongondo CGXX6593
Bongongo CGXX6594
Bongono CGXX2192
Bongonya CGXX6595
Bongoyampongo CGXX6596
Bongoyankoi CGXX6597
Bonguanza CGXX6598
Bongulu CGXX6599
Bonguma CGXX0033
Bongunda CGXX6601
Bongunda Waliko CGXX6602
Bongunda Wanse CGXX6603
Bongwande CGXX6604
Bongwe CGXX2193
Boninga CGXX6605
Boningo CGXX6606
Bonkamba CGXX6607
Bonkandju CGXX6608
Bonkena CGXX6609
Bonkende CGXX2194
Bonkendie CGXX6610
Bonkita CGXX2195
Bonkita CGXX6611
Bonkoi CGXX6612
Bonkole CGXX6613
Bonkonko CGXX2196
Bonkui CGXX2197
Bonkutsu CGXX6614
Bonkwankusu CGXX2198
Bonongo CGXX6615
Bonsambi CGXX6616
Bonsambo CGXX6617
Bonseke CGXX6618
Bonsoko CGXX6619
Bonsole CGXX6620
Bontole CGXX6621
Bonudana CGXX6622
Bonzale CGXX6623
Bonzia CGXX6625
Bonzila CGXX6626
Boodji CGXX6627
Booli CGXX6628
Boomba CGXX6629
Boombe CGXX6630
Boona CGXX6631
Boonde CGXX6632
Boondo CGXX2199
Boondo CGXX6633
Boonia CGXX6634
Boota CGXX2200
Bopaka-Pentana CGXX2201
Bopako CGXX6635
Bopambu CGXX2202
Bopandu CGXX6636
Bopanga CGXX6637
Bopania CGXX2203
Bopatsi CGXX6638
Bopeka-Rive CGXX6639
Bopili CGXX6640
Bopingima CGXX6641
Bopita CGXX2204
Bopoka CGXX6642
Bopolo CGXX6643
Bopoto CGXX6644
Bopulumu CGXX6645
Bopunga CGXX6646
Bopurumu CGXX6647
Borobai-Kete CGXX6648
Boroko CGXX6649
Boroto Deuxieme CGXX6650
Boroto Premiere CGXX6651
Borunu CGXX6652
Borutwa CGXX6653
Bosa CGXX6654
Bosambi CGXX6655
Bosamboda CGXX6656
Bosamwa CGXX6657
Bosandjo CGXX6658
Bosandju CGXX6659
Bosandu CGXX2205
Bosanga CGXX6660
Bosanga CGXX2206
Bosangabo CGXX6661
Bosango CGXX6662
Bosangu CGXX6663
Bosano CGXX2207
Bosasa CGXX2208
Bosawa CGXX6664
Bosebu CGXX6665
Bosegbia CGXX6666
Bosegpwana CGXX6667
Boseka CGXX6668
Bosekele CGXX6669
Boseki CGXX2209
Bosekula CGXX6670
Bosele CGXX2210
Bosele CGXX6671
Bosembwa CGXX6672
Bosende CGXX6673
Bosenduni CGXX6674
Bosenge CGXX2211
Bosenge CGXX6675
Bosenge-Olongo CGXX2212
Bosengwene CGXX6676
Bosepa CGXX6677
Bosepwanga CGXX6678
Bosete CGXX6679
Bosha CGXX2213
Boshongo CGXX2214
Boshwe CGXX2215
Bosia CGXX6680
Bosie CGXX2216
Bosiki CGXX2217
Bosilela CGXX6681
Bosio CGXX6682
Bosira CGXX6683
Bositolo CGXX6684
Boso CGXX6685
Boso-Alama CGXX6686
Boso-Amengo CGXX6687
Boso-Asuka CGXX6688
Boso-Asukomo CGXX6689
Boso-Bangba CGXX6690
Boso-Bangeli CGXX6691
Boso-Bwa CGXX6692
Boso-Bwamongo CGXX6693
Boso-Bwembu CGXX6694
Boso-Bwene CGXX6695
Boso-Dambula CGXX6696
Boso-Dandua CGXX6697
Boso-Dangbwa CGXX6698
Boso-Deni CGXX6699
Boso-Djafo CGXX6700
Boso-Djambi CGXX6701
Boso-Djikina CGXX6702
Boso-Djoke CGXX6703
Boso-Djote CGXX6704
Boso-Ebandi CGXX6705
Boso-Ebangulu CGXX6706
Boso-Eboma CGXX6707
Boso-Ebonga CGXX6708
Boso-Epanda CGXX6709
Boso-Guma CGXX6710
Boso-Gwanza CGXX6711
Boso-Isongo CGXX6712
Boso-Ituku CGXX6713
Boso-Kata CGXX6714
Boso-Kongo CGXX6715
Boso-Koni CGXX6716
Boso-Kubu CGXX6717
Boso-Kule CGXX6718
Boso-Kupe CGXX6719
Boso-Liboko CGXX6720
Boso-Libwa CGXX6721
Boso-Likala CGXX6722
Boso-Likubu CGXX6723
Boso-Likutu CGXX6724
Boso-Limbongo CGXX6725
Boso-Lite CGXX6726
Boso-Malebo CGXX6727
Boso-Mangbanda CGXX6728
Boso-Masua CGXX6729
Boso-Matombi CGXX6730
Boso-Mbifa CGXX6731
Boso-Mbila CGXX6732
Boso-Mboloko CGXX6733
Boso-Mbongo CGXX6734
Boso-Mbudi CGXX6735
Boso-Modjebo CGXX6736
Boso-Moleke CGXX6737
Boso-Molema CGXX6738
Boso-Molima CGXX6739
Boso-Mondonga CGXX6740
Boso-Monino CGXX6741
Boso-Mouki CGXX6742
Boso-Muanga CGXX6743
Boso-Mweka CGXX6744
Boso-Ngbaka CGXX6745
Boso-Pandjaka CGXX6746
Boso-Semodja CGXX6749
Boso-Sua CGXX6750
Boso-Tele CGXX6751
Boso-Zimbero CGXX6752
Bosoadu CGXX6753
Bosobamata CGXX6754
Bosobe CGXX2218
Bosobele CGXX0034
Bosobetshimi CGXX2219
Bosobolo CGXX6755
Bosobonga CGXX6756
Bosodongo CGXX6757
Bosodongopi CGXX6758
Bosoduta CGXX6759
Bosokamo CGXX6760
Bosoko CGXX2220
Bosoku CGXX6761
Bosolanga CGXX6762
Bosolengo CGXX6763
Bosoli CGXX6764
Bosoli CGXX2221
Bosolindo CGXX6765
Bosoliongo CGXX6766
Bosolo CGXX6767
Bosomba-Impoko CGXX6768
Bosombo CGXX6769
Bosombo Ngonda CGXX6770
Bosombo-Ntando CGXX6771
Bosombuma CGXX6772
Bosombwakongo CGXX6773
Bosondjo CGXX6774
Bosongbo CGXX6775
Bosongindo CGXX6776
Bosongo CGXX2222
Bosongo CGXX6777
Bosongo-Kilala CGXX2223
Bosongwolo CGXX6778
Bososama CGXX6779
Bososelembe CGXX6780
Bososomboko CGXX6781
Bosua CGXX6782
Bosua Premiere CGXX6783
Bosuadongo CGXX6784
Bosuka CGXX2224
Bosuka CGXX6785
Bosukela CGXX6786
Bosuma CGXX6787
Bosumaka CGXX6788
Bosumbari CGXX6789
Bosunono CGXX6790
Bosusalo CGXX6791
Bosusulu CGXX6792
Boswa CGXX6793
Bota CGXX0311
Botakambia CGXX6794
Botako CGXX6795
Botale CGXX6796
Botanankasa CGXX2225
Botanga CGXX6797
Botangeli CGXX2226
Botangere CGXX2227
Bote CGXX0312
Boteka CGXX6798
Boteke-Moke CGXX2228
Boteko CGXX6799
Botela CGXX6800
Botelenza CGXX6801
Botembo CGXX6802
Botemola CGXX2229
Botende CGXX6803
Botenge CGXX6804
Botere CGXX6805
Botika CGXX6806
Botike CGXX2230
Botikpo CGXX6807
Botili CGXX6808
Botitembongo CGXX2231
Boto CGXX9375
Boto CGXX6809
Botoba CGXX6810
Botoka CGXX6811
Botokama CGXX6812
Botoko CGXX2232
Botoku CGXX6813
Botola CGXX2233
Botola CGXX6814
Botoli CGXX6815
Botolongo CGXX6816
Botoma CGXX6817
Botomuna CGXX2234
Botondo CGXX6818
Botonga CGXX0313
Botongo CGXX0314
Botoro CGXX6819
Botoro II CGXX6820
Botshuni CGXX2235
Botsima CGXX6821
Botsoli CGXX6822
Botuagale CGXX6823
Botuala CGXX6824
Botuali CGXX6825
Botudua CGXX6826
Botulu CGXX2236
Botulu CGXX6827
Botumba CGXX6828
Botumbe CGXX2237
Botuna CGXX6829
Botunaolo CGXX6830
Botungu CGXX6831
Botutu CGXX6832
Botutwa CGXX6833
Botuzu CGXX6834
Boulama CGXX6835
Boumbe CGXX6836
Bounge CGXX6837
Bovula CGXX6838
Bowa CGXX0035
Bowa CGXX2238
Bowafio CGXX6839
Bowafio Deuxieme CGXX6840
Bowagboko CGXX6841
Bowakara CGXX6842
Bowanga CGXX6846
Bowanziki CGXX6847
Bowara CGXX6848
Bowasi-Tamba CGXX6849
Bowe CGXX2239
Bowe CGXX6850
Bowele CGXX6851
Bowele CGXX2240
Bowolo CGXX6852
Boya CGXX6853
Boya-Kosomba CGXX6854
Boyababanga CGXX6855
Boyabadawala CGXX6856
Boyabagia CGXX6857
Boyabanziko CGXX6858
Boyabenzo CGXX6860
Boyabo CGXX6861
Boyabo-Lofondo CGXX6862
Boyabozo CGXX6864
Boyadele CGXX6865
Boyadongonde CGXX6867
Boyafundagi CGXX6869
Boyagati CGXX6870
Boyagbabone CGXX6871
Boyagbadaka CGXX6872
Boyagbadua CGXX6873
Boyagbafeta CGXX6874
Boyagbakala CGXX6875
Boyagbangolo CGXX6876
Boyagbayola CGXX6878
Boyagbazu CGXX6880
Boyagboko CGXX6881
Boyagbokoto CGXX6882
Boyagbolongona CGXX6883
Boyagebo CGXX6884
Boyagidigba CGXX6885
Boyagoloko CGXX6886
Boyagomo CGXX6887
Boyagomodua CGXX6888
Boyagonda CGXX6889
Boyaka CGXX6891
Boyakabele CGXX6892
Boyakamba CGXX6893
Boyakana CGXX6894
Boyakea CGXX6895
Boyakifite CGXX6896
Boyakindi CGXX6897
Boyakoko CGXX6898
Boyakole CGXX6899
Boyakolokpala CGXX6900
Boyakori CGXX6901
Boyakotokala CGXX6902
Boyakpolo CGXX6903
Boyala CGXX2241
Boyalea CGXX6904
Boyalulia CGXX6905
Boyamanga CGXX6906
Boyamangana CGXX6907
Boyamatia CGXX6908
Boyamba CGXX2242
Boyambeleke CGXX6909
Boyambelema CGXX6910
Boyambi CGXX6911
Boyamzibodo CGXX6912
Boyananga CGXX6913
Boyanangele CGXX6914
Boyandawolu CGXX6915
Boyande CGXX6916
Boyandongweie CGXX6917
Boyanga CGXX6918
Boyanga CGXX2243
Boyangandi CGXX6919
Boyangawao CGXX6920
Boyangba CGXX6921
Boyangbafu CGXX6922
Boyange CGXX6923
Boyange-Moke CGXX6924
Boyange-Zelo CGXX6925
Boyangulu CGXX6926
Boyanobela CGXX6927
Boyanzenge CGXX6928
Boyanzula CGXX6929
Boyase CGXX6930
Boyasebakarawa CGXX6931
Boyasebakode CGXX6932
Boyasebakole CGXX6933
Boyasebakuda CGXX6934
Boyasebalanga CGXX6935
Boyasebego CGXX6936
Boyasedai CGXX6937
Boyasedua CGXX6938
Boyaseganu CGXX6939
Boyasegbago CGXX6940
Boyasegbali CGXX6941
Boyasegbawe CGXX6942
Boyasegwebe I CGXX6943
Boyasekandji CGXX6944
Boyasekando CGXX6945
Boyasekula CGXX6946
Boyasembeli CGXX6947
Boyasemego CGXX6948
Boyasemele CGXX6949
Boyasemo CGXX6950
Boyasengese CGXX6951
Boyasewakada CGXX6954
Boyaswe CGXX6955
Boyavele CGXX6956
Boyawambila CGXX6957
Boyawanbia CGXX6958
Boyawaza CGXX6959
Boyawaza-Kogba CGXX6960
Boyawaza-Moke CGXX6961
Boyawe CGXX6962
Boyawere CGXX6963
Boyawolosen CGXX6965
Boyawuku CGXX6966
Boyayenemo CGXX6970
Boyazala CGXX6971
Boyazamo CGXX6972
Boyazelemo CGXX6973
Boyazilifo CGXX6974
Boyazudo CGXX6975
Boyeka CGXX6976
Boyela CGXX6977
Boyele CGXX6978
Boyele-Yakamba CGXX6979
Boyenge CGXX0036
Boyera CGXX6980
Boyesagano CGXX6981
Boyeya CGXX6982
Boyoka Nord CGXX6983
Boyokoko CGXX6984
Boyolo CGXX2244
Boyombe CGXX6985
Boyombo CGXX6986
Boyondu I CGXX2245
Boyongo CGXX6987
Boyowa CGXX6988
Boyu CGXX2246
Bozade CGXX6989
Bozagapasa CGXX6990
Bozagba CGXX6991
Bozagbarata CGXX6992
Bozalawe CGXX6993
Bozamala CGXX6994
Bozamara CGXX6995
Bozatsi CGXX6996
Bozene CGXX6997
Bozoko CGXX6998
Bozoko Deuxieme CGXX6999
Bozoko-Moke CGXX7000
Bozombali CGXX7001
Bozomo CGXX7002
Brakia CGXX9377
Bu CGXX0315
Bu CGXX2247
Buaki CGXX2248
Buanza CGXX7003
Buatunda-Nsaie CGXX2249
Buatundu-Kabela CGXX2250
Buba CGXX2251
Bubanda CGXX7004
Bubayo CGXX7005
Bubu CGXX7006
Bubu CGXX9378
Buburu CGXX0037
Bubwala Deuxieme CGXX7007
Bubwala Premiere CGXX7008
Buda CGXX7010
Budi CGXX9379
Budjala CGXX7011
Budjinga CGXX7012
Budu CGXX7013
Budubulu CGXX7014
Budurungba CGXX7015
Buende CGXX0316
Bueti CGXX7016
Bugana Lumbu CGXX9380
Bugana Mwehu CGXX9381
Bugu CGXX7017
Bugumba CGXX9382
Bugunu Bugunu CGXX2252
Buila CGXX0317
Buinga CGXX0318
Buka CGXX0319
Buka CGXX2253
Buka CGXX7018
Buka-Ipangu CGXX2254
Buka-Kalow CGXX2255
Buka-Kipangu CGXX2256
Buka-Luba CGXX2257
Buka-Mwala CGXX2258
Buka-Panda CGXX2259
Buka-Pongi CGXX2260
Bukama CGXX9383
Bukandi CGXX2261
Bukanga CGXX2262
Bukanga-Tseke CGXX2264
Bukena CGXX9384
Buki CGXX9385
Buko CGXX0038
Bukondu CGXX2265
Bukonge CGXX9386
Buku CGXX7019
Buku CGXX0320
Buku Sono CGXX0321
Bukunga CGXX9387
Bukutu CGXX2266
Bula CGXX0322
Bula-Bula CGXX0039
Bula-Matabi CGXX2267
Bulaki CGXX2268
Bulama CGXX7020
Bulambemba CGXX0323
Bulambo CGXX9388
Bulambula CGXX0040
Bulanda CGXX9389
Bulangunga I CGXX2269
Bulangunga II CGXX2270
Bulembo CGXX9390
Buleya CGXX9391
Buli CGXX9392
Buli CGXX7021
Buliabu-Moke CGXX7022
Buliabu-Monene CGXX7023
Bulu CGXX2271
Bulu CGXX7024
Bulu CGXX0324
Bulu-Tumba CGXX0325
Bulu-ya-Nseke CGXX2272
Bulubaga CGXX7025
Buluem-Musiale CGXX2273
Bulugu CGXX7026
Bulukumbi I CGXX2274
Bulukumbi II CGXX2275
Bulukutu CGXX7027
Bulula CGXX2276
Bulumba CGXX9393
Bulumbu CGXX2277
Bulumukanda CGXX2278
Bulumukandi CGXX2279
Bulundu CGXX9394
Bulundu CGXX2280
Bulunga CGXX9395
Bulunga-ya-Vidye CGXX9396
Bulungu CGXX2281
Bulutsiala CGXX2282
Bulutu CGXX7028
Buma CGXX7029
Bumanima CGXX2283
Bumba CGXX7030
Bumba CGXX2284
Bumba CGXX9397
Bumba Deuxieme CGXX2285
Bumba Premiere CGXX2286
Bumba-Bonga CGXX2287
Bumba-Kaloki CGXX2288
Bumba-Kati CGXX2289
Bumba-Milimbimbi CGXX2290
Bumba-Puta CGXX2291
Bumbala CGXX7031
Bumbala Deuxieme CGXX7032
Bumbala Premiere CGXX7033
Bumbangu CGXX2292
Bumbanoanga CGXX2293
Bumbuli CGXX2294
Bumbwa CGXX7034
Bumbwada CGXX7035
Bumbwada-Shua CGXX7036
Bumbwayo CGXX7037
Buna CGXX2295
Bunda CGXX2296
Bunda-Kifilu CGXX2297
Bundala CGXX9399
Bundembi CGXX2298
Bundja CGXX7038
Bundo CGXX2299
Bunduka CGXX7039
Bundwe CGXX9400
Bunga CGXX2300
Bunga CGXX0327
Bungala-Muhila CGXX9401
Bungila CGXX2301
Bungili CGXX7040
Bungiwabo CGXX0042
Bungonkoni CGXX2302
Bungu CGXX7041
Bungu CGXX2303
Bungu CGXX0328
Bungu Bungu CGXX9402
Bungu-Tshela CGXX0329
Bungulu CGXX7042
Bungulu CGXX2304
Bunianga I CGXX2305
Bunianga II CGXX2306
Bunkeya CGXX0043
Bunkimi CGXX2307
Bunkulu CGXX2308
Bunsange CGXX2309
Bunsie CGXX2310
Buntsele CGXX2311
Buntsie CGXX2312
Bunzi CGXX2313
Bunzili CGXX2314
Bunzu CGXX2315
Buraka CGXX7043
Burundama-Moke CGXX7044
Burundan CGXX7045
Burundwe CGXX9403
Burutu CGXX7046
Busafwa-Kibedi CGXX9404
Busaka CGXX9405
Busanga CGXX9406
Busanga CGXX7047
Busanga Bokele CGXX7048
Busangu CGXX9407
Busempoto CGXX2316
Busepoka CGXX2317
Bushi CGXX2318
Bushi-Bwala CGXX2319
Bushimbi-Banze CGXX9408
Bushimina CGXX2320
Bushongo CGXX2321
Bushungu CGXX2324
Busi-Bongo CGXX2325
Busina CGXX2326
Businga CGXX7049
Busira CGXX7050
Busongo CGXX2327
Busongo CGXX9409
Busu-Abongo CGXX7051
Busu-Adula CGXX7052
Busu-Anzole CGXX7053
Busu-Bakwa CGXX7054
Busu-Bamba CGXX7055
Busu-Bita CGXX7056
Busu-Boko CGXX7057
Busu-Bolongo CGXX7058
Busu-Bombenga CGXX7059
Busu-Bombo CGXX7060
Busu-Bondi CGXX7061
Busu-Bongo CGXX7062
Busu-Bubu CGXX7063
Busu-Bulia CGXX7064
Busu-Dema CGXX7065
Busu-Dendani CGXX7066
Busu-Dengasia CGXX7067
Busu-Disi CGXX7068
Busu-Djambe CGXX7069
Busu-Djanoa CGXX7070
Busu-Djebete CGXX7071
Busu-Djo CGXX7072
Busu-Djonga CGXX7073
Busu-Djongo CGXX7074
Busu-Djumbela CGXX7075
Busu-Donda CGXX7076
Busu-Dongo CGXX7077
Busu-Dua CGXX7078
Busu-Efuta CGXX7079
Busu-Elombe CGXX7080
Busu-Futa CGXX7081
Busu-Gala CGXX7082
Busu-Gamandili CGXX7083
Busu-Gangbo CGXX7084
Busu-Gbale CGXX7085
Busu-Gbeku CGXX7086
Busu-Gbolonga CGXX7087
Busu-Gindola CGXX7088
Busu-Gobe CGXX7089
Busu-Godjo CGXX7090
Busu-Godo CGXX7091
Busu-Gombe CGXX7092
Busu-Gomu CGXX7093
Busu-Gondo CGXX7094
Busu-Gongo CGXX7095
Busu-Gope CGXX7096
Busu-Gumani CGXX7097
Busu-Gwapu CGXX7100
Busu-Gwete CGXX7101
Busu-Kode CGXX7102
Busu-Koko CGXX7103
Busu-Kolo CGXX7104
Busu-Kololo CGXX7105
Busu-Konzi CGXX7106
Busu-Kuyala CGXX7107
Busu-Kwanga CGXX7108
Busu-Lenge CGXX7109
Busu-Libombo CGXX7110
Busu-Libundu CGXX7111
Busu-Likala CGXX7112
Busu-Likolo CGXX7113
Busu-Likulu CGXX7114
Busu-Lingo CGXX7117
Busu-Mabo CGXX7118
Busu-Madzagolo CGXX7119
Busu-Maliba CGXX7120
Busu-Malumbe CGXX7121
Busu-Mandji CGXX7122
Busu-Mane CGXX7123
Busu-Mangandu CGXX7124
Busu-Mangundu CGXX7125
Busu-Masuni CGXX7126
Busu-Mayele CGXX7127
Busu-Mbengo CGXX7128
Busu-Mbongi CGXX7129
Busu-Melo CGXX7130
Busu-Mindwana CGXX7131
Busu-Mobwa CGXX7132
Busu-Modanda CGXX7133
Busu-Modimu CGXX7134
Busu-Mogbula CGXX7135
Busu-Mokiri CGXX7136
Busu-Mokodja CGXX7137
Busu-Molenge CGXX7138
Busu-Molito CGXX7139
Busu-Mondonga CGXX7140
Busu-Mopia CGXX7141
Busu-Moto CGXX7142
Busu-Mouli CGXX7143
Busu-Nalongo CGXX7144
Busu-Ndekele CGXX7145
Busu-Ndoloma CGXX7146
Busu-Ngai CGXX7147
Busu-Nganza CGXX7148
Busu-Nongoni CGXX7149
Busu-Nongu CGXX7150
Busu-Nzadi CGXX7151
Busu-Nzala CGXX7152
Busu-Nzanoa CGXX7153
Busu-Nzolo CGXX7154
Busu-Pangoli CGXX7155
Busu-Sanimi CGXX7156
Busu-Sembi CGXX7157
Busu-Sengendi CGXX7158
Busu-Simba CGXX7159
Busu-Sununi CGXX7160
Busu-Tokia CGXX7163
Busu-Twele CGXX7164
Busu-Uni CGXX7165
Busu-Wanga CGXX7166
Busu-Yele CGXX7167
Busulu CGXX7168
Busunu CGXX9410
Butadi CGXX0330
Butaho CGXX0044
Butela CGXX7169
Butombe CGXX9411
Butombige CGXX7170
Butondo CGXX9412
Butu CGXX9413
Butu CGXX7171
Butu CGXX2328
Butumweya CGXX7172
Buya CGXX7173
Buya Troisieme CGXX7174
Buya-Bwa-Dalamba CGXX9414
Buya-Kandongo CGXX9415
Buya-Mukola CGXX9416
Buyawe CGXX9417
Buyembe CGXX9418
Buyu Zao CGXX9419
Buyu-Kabusu CGXX9420
Buyulu CGXX2329
Buza CGXX9421
Buzala CGXX2330
Buzombo CGXX2331
Buzombo-Kingulu CGXX2332
Bwa CGXX2333
Bwa CGXX7177
Bwabanza CGXX7178
Bwabindu CGXX7179
Bwabongo CGXX7180
Bwadao CGXX7181
Bwado CGXX7182
Bwadow CGXX7183
Bwaha CGXX7184
Bwako CGXX7185
Bwalagulu CGXX2334
Bwalanga CGXX7186
Bwalenge CGXX2335
Bwalia CGXX9422
Bwalu CGXX2336
Bwalu CGXX7187
Bwama CGXX0045
Bwamanda CGXX7188
Bwamandele CGXX7189
Bwamandema CGXX7190
Bwamando CGXX7191
Bwamase CGXX7192
Bwamazunga CGXX7193
Bwamba CGXX7194
Bwambele CGXX7195
Bwambembo CGXX7196
Bwambonu CGXX7197
Bwampali CGXX7198
Bwana-Mutombo CGXX2337
Bwanda CGXX7199
Bwandi CGXX7200
Bwandu CGXX2338
Bwandu CGXX9423
Bwandza CGXX7201
Bwanga CGXX7202
Bwanga-Moke CGXX7203
Bwangba CGXX7204
Bwangongo CGXX2339
Bwaniamolangi CGXX7205
Bwaniangi CGXX2340
Bwanitende CGXX2341
Bwanzima CGXX2342
Bwanzoko CGXX7206
Bwapo CGXX7207
Bwasa CGXX2343
Bwasenge CGXX7208
Bwasi CGXX0331
Bwati CGXX7209
Bwatu CGXX7210
Bwatundu CGXX2344
Bwe CGXX9424
Bwehe CGXX7211
Bweka CGXX7212
Bwele CGXX2345
Bwembi CGXX2346
Bwendaki CGXX7213
Bwenze Kitumba CGXX0332
Bwete CGXX0333
Bweto CGXX2347
Bwetshi CGXX9425
Bwila CGXX0334
Bwitshi CGXX2348
Bwofa CGXX2349
Bwondo CGXX7214
Casimiri CGXX9426
Cipolat CGXX9427
Coq CGXX7216
Dage CGXX7217
Dakamba CGXX7218
Dakoko CGXX7219
Dakumba CGXX9428
Dakwa CGXX7220
Dala CGXX2350
Dalakunda CGXX2351
Dalamba CGXX9429
Dalamba-Goi CGXX9430
Dama CGXX7221
Damako CGXX7222
Damanda CGXX7223
Damba CGXX2352
Damba CGXX0335
Dambu-Mulombo CGXX2353
Damia CGXX7224
Danda CGXX7225
Dandanga CGXX0336
Dandu CGXX7226
Dangba CGXX7227
Dangu CGXX7228
Dapere CGXX7229
Dapwingo CGXX7230
Daruba CGXX2354
Dayo-Bodo CGXX7231
Degba CGXX7232
Deke CGXX7233
Deko CGXX7234
Dela-Bombwa CGXX9431
Demba CGXX0337
Demba CGXX0046
Dembi CGXX0338
Dembo CGXX0339
Demia CGXX7235
Dende CGXX0340
Dengbili CGXX7236
Dengbwe CGXX7237
Dengbwili CGXX7238
Dengesele CGXX7239
Dengo CGXX2356
Desa CGXX7240
Deya CGXX9432
Dia CGXX7241
Diadia CGXX0341
Diakuka CGXX9433
Diamba CGXX9434
Dianga CGXX0342
Diangi CGXX9435
Diba CGXX0343
Dibadi CGXX9436
Dibala CGXX9437
Dibanda CGXX2357
Dibanda CGXX9438
Dibata CGXX2358
Dibaya CGXX2359
Dibaya-Kitoko CGXX2360
Dibaya-Lubwe CGXX2361
Dibulu CGXX0344
Dibulu CGXX2362
Dibungu CGXX9439
Didiba CGXX9440
Diebo CGXX7242
Dihulu CGXX2363
Dika CGXX2364
Dika CGXX7243
Dikandika CGXX2365
Dikanza CGXX9441
Dikepa CGXX9442
Diko-Rive CGXX7244
Dikonzo CGXX9443
Dikuku CGXX9444
Dikula CGXX9445
Dikului CGXX9446
Dikumbi CGXX9447
Dikusu CGXX0047
Dila CGXX0345
Dilembe CGXX9449
Dilenge CGXX9450
Dilolo CGXX9451
Dilomba-Sikala CGXX9452
Dilulo CGXX9453
Dilumbulula CGXX9454
Dilundu CGXX9455
Dima CGXX7245
Dima CGXX2366
Dimba-Boma CGXX0346
Dimbi-Kapaya CGXX2367
Dinga CGXX2368
Dingi CGXX0347
Dingi-Sembani CGXX0348
Dingoma CGXX9456
Dininga CGXX9457
Diniz CGXX2369
Dino CGXX9458
Diobo CGXX7246
Diombo CGXX9459
Disele CGXX9460
Disese CGXX9461
Dishilingi CGXX2370
Disiloshi CGXX9462
Ditanto CGXX9463
Ditongwe CGXX9464
Ditwaye CGXX9465
Divangamene CGXX0349
Divuma CGXX9466
Diwe CGXX9467
Dizavumba CGXX9468
Dizi CGXX0350
Dizungwe CGXX9469
Djabadju CGXX2371
Djagaro CGXX7247
Djakamoba CGXX2372
Djale Djomi CGXX2373
Djaledjombo CGXX2374
Djaleompendjele CGXX2375
Djalikenga CGXX7248
Djalimboka CGXX2376
Djamba CGXX9470
Djamba CGXX2377
Djambi CGXX7249
Djampie CGXX2378
Djando CGXX7250
Djanga CGXX7251
Djefela CGXX7252
Djefera CGXX7253
Djemba CGXX7254
Djembe CGXX2379
Djembe-Kangakama CGXX2380
Djembo CGXX7255
Djembwe CGXX9471
Djemusi CGXX9472
Djendje CGXX7256
Djenge CGXX7257
Djepere CGXX7258
Djerabo CGXX7259
Djiba CGXX7260
Djidongo CGXX7261
Djieme CGXX2381
Djika-Twita CGXX9473
Djilambo CGXX9474
Djilingi CGXX7262
Djimbo CGXX2382
Djimina CGXX9475
Djoambi CGXX7263
Djobe CGXX2383
Djobo CGXX9476
Djobolia CGXX7264
Djodjimi CGXX2384
Djolomba CGXX9477
Djolongo CGXX2385
Djolu CGXX7265
Djombawuli CGXX2386
Djombo CGXX7266
Djombo II CGXX7267
Djombu-Iyafe CGXX7268
Djombu-Mondombe CGXX7269
Djombwa CGXX7270
Djonema CGXX7271
Djongo CGXX7272
Djoni CGXX9478
Djonori CGXX7273
Djori CGXX9479
Djuangole CGXX7274
Djuevo CGXX7275
Djuka CGXX7276
Djuma CGXX7277
Djuma CGXX2387
Djuma Moke CGXX7278
Djumbi CGXX7279
Djumbu CGXX7280
Djumbwampongo CGXX7281
Djumu CGXX7282
Djundu CGXX7283
Djure CGXX7284
Djuwa CGXX7285
Doba CGXX0351
Dobo CGXX7286
Dodjo CGXX7287
Dokamba CGXX7288
Dokofi CGXX7289
Dokwa CGXX7290
Dole CGXX9480
Doma CGXX7291
Dombo CGXX7292
Dominique CGXX9481
Dona CGXX9482
Donda CGXX0352
Donda Deuxieme CGXX0353
Dondji CGXX2388
Dondo CGXX7293
Dondo CGXX2389
Donga CGXX7294
Donga CGXX2390
Donga-Yoka CGXX7295
Dongboro CGXX7296
Dongela CGXX2391
Dongimana CGXX2392
Dongo CGXX7297
Dongo CGXX0354
Dongo CGXX2393
Dongo-Boloko CGXX7298
Dongo-Kete CGXX7299
Dongo-Moke CGXX7300
Dongobe CGXX0048
Dongolokwa CGXX2394
Donkese CGXX2395
Dorogia CGXX7301
Doroka CGXX7302
Dote CGXX7303
Dotsi-Elome CGXX7304
Dua CGXX9483
Dua-Gombe CGXX2396
Duama II CGXX2397
Duanema CGXX2398
Dubie CGXX9484
Dubula CGXX9485
Dubulu CGXX7305
Due CGXX2399
Due I CGXX2400
Due II CGXX2401
Due III CGXX2402
Due IV CGXX2403
Duelo CGXX2404
Dui CGXX7306
Duiapo CGXX7307
Duko Deuxieme CGXX7308
Duko Premiere CGXX7309
Duku CGXX7310
Dula CGXX7311
Dula Deuxieme CGXX7312
Duma CGXX0049
Duma I CGXX2405
Duma II CGXX2406
Dumba CGXX9486
Dumbana CGXX7313
Dumbi CGXX2407
Dumu CGXX2408
Dundji CGXX0356
Dundusana CGXX7314
Dunga CGXX2409
Dunga Deuxieme CGXX2410
Dunga-Kakenge CGXX2411
Dunga-Kasandji CGXX2412
Dunga-Mwananzita CGXX2413
Dungo-Lozo CGXX2414
Dungu CGXX0050
Dungu CGXX2415
Dungu-Ngoi CGXX0358
Duri-Mopangi CGXX2416
Durudu CGXX7315
Duzingumu CGXX0359
Dwana II CGXX2417
Dzenge CGXX7316
Dzungu CGXX2418
Dzunguluka CGXX9487
Eala CGXX7317
Eandja CGXX2419
Eandza CGXX7318
Eandza-Wamba CGXX7319
Eanza CGXX7320
Eba CGXX2420
Ebabaka CGXX2421
Ebale CGXX2422
Ebambe CGXX7321
Ebangalakata CGXX7322
Ebano CGXX7323
Ebata CGXX7324
Ebeka CGXX7325
Ebekoli CGXX2423
Ebele CGXX2424
Ebiala CGXX2425
Ebiale-Fioti CGXX2426
Ebila CGXX7326
Ebitale CGXX2427
Eboli CGXX2428
Ebonda CGXX7327
Ebonge CGXX7328
Ebongia CGXX2429
Ebongo CGXX7329
Ebongo CGXX2430
Ebubu CGXX2431
Ebudji CGXX7330
Ebuku CGXX7331
Ebungu CGXX7332
Edugulu-Libaha CGXX7333
Edungu CGXX7334
Efeka CGXX7335
Efekele CGXX7336
Efekola CGXX7337
Efele CGXX7338
Efoku CGXX7339
Efomi CGXX7340
Efonde CGXX7341
Efondjolo CGXX7342
Efumbole CGXX2432
Efuto CGXX7343
Egudumu CGXX7344
Ekabi CGXX7345
Ekafera CGXX7346
Ekama CGXX7347
Ekame CGXX7348
Ekangu CGXX7349
Ekanykate I CGXX2433
Ekasela CGXX7350
Ekata CGXX7351
Ekele CGXX7352
Ekelengene CGXX7353
Ekembera CGXX7354
Ekime CGXX2434
Ekio CGXX7355
Ekofo CGXX7356
Ekole CGXX7357
Ekolongia CGXX7358
Ekolongonio CGXX7359
Ekombe CGXX2435
Ekombe CGXX7360
Ekona CGXX7361
Ekonda CGXX7362
Ekonda Moke CGXX7363
Ekonda Monene CGXX7364
Ekondji CGXX7365
Ekongo CGXX7366
Ekoto CGXX2436
Ekoto CGXX7367
Ekotora CGXX7368
Ekubi CGXX2437
Ekukola CGXX7369
Ekuku CGXX7370
Ekuna CGXX2438
Ekuta CGXX7371
Ekwalesa CGXX2439
Ekwayolo CGXX2440
Elaka CGXX7372
Elali CGXX2441
Elambasa CGXX7373
Elanga CGXX7374
Elanga CGXX2442
Elanga-Limono CGXX7375
Elangankole CGXX2443
Elango CGXX2444
Eleke CGXX7376
Eleko CGXX7377
Eleku CGXX7378
Elema-Impata CGXX2446
Elengwa CGXX7379
Elike CGXX7380
Elikondjoku CGXX7381
Elinda CGXX7382
Elinga CGXX7383
Elingala CGXX7384
Eloa CGXX7385
Elombe CGXX2447
Elombe Moke CGXX2448
Elombekita CGXX2449
Elombembongo CGXX2450
Elome CGXX7386
Elomo CGXX2451
Elomo-Bushongo CGXX2452
Elomo-Busongo CGXX2453
Elonda CGXX7387
Elonda CGXX2454
Elonda Bokakata CGXX7388
Elonga CGXX7389
Elongo CGXX7390
Emate-Loa CGXX0051
Embe CGXX9488
Embe I CGXX7391
Embele CGXX7392
Embimi CGXX2455
Embirima CGXX2456
Embondo CGXX7393
Emengeye CGXX7394
Emmaus CGXX2457
Emolo CGXX2458
Enan CGXX2459
Endala CGXX2460
Endongele CGXX7395
Ene CGXX7396
Enga CGXX7397
Engamba CGXX7398
Engende CGXX7399
Engengele CGXX7400
Engunda CGXX7401
Engundela CGXX2461
Engundu CGXX7402
Engungu CGXX7403
Enkutu CGXX2462
Enkwa CGXX7404
Entoku CGXX2463
Enyenga CGXX7405
Enza-Ilanga CGXX7406
Eolo CGXX2464
Eome CGXX7407
Epambu CGXX2465
Epanga CGXX7408
Epepe CGXX2466
Epesa-Abali CGXX7409
Epesa-Likele CGXX7410
Epokemsambi CGXX2467
Epokenkoso CGXX2468
Eranga CGXX2469
Erangosongo CGXX2470
Erenge CGXX7411
Esaka CGXX2471
Esama CGXX7412
Esama CGXX2472
Esamo CGXX7413
Esanga CGXX7414
Esangani CGXX7415
Esangelenkoi CGXX7416
Esingelo CGXX7417
Esoi CGXX7418
Esokoenange CGXX7419
Esonga CGXX7420
Esongo CGXX7421
Esongolo CGXX7422
Esungwepe CGXX7423
Etebe CGXX2473
Etebe-Lilonga CGXX2474
Etei CGXX2475
Eto CGXX2476
Etoile CGXX0052
Etoile du Congo CGXX0053
Etongampulu CGXX7425
Etongoto CGXX7426
Etontale CGXX7427
Etontale-Batua CGXX7428
Etoo CGXX7429
Etshiko CGXX7430
Etumba CGXX2477
Euki CGXX7431
Eula-Ilome CGXX7432
Eule CGXX7433
Euli CGXX7434
Eungu CGXX7435
Ewandje CGXX2478
Ewungu CGXX2479
Eyane CGXX2480
Eyene CGXX2481
Eyenge-Maba CGXX2482
Eyengo CGXX7436
Fadiaka CGXX2483
Fadu CGXX7437
Falanga CGXX9489
Falanga CGXX7438
Fama CGXX7439
Fambomo CGXX2484
Fambonga CGXX2485
Fampana CGXX2486
Fangulu CGXX2487
Fankana CGXX2488
Fasila CGXX2489
Fataki CGXX9490
Fatunda CGXX2490
Fayala CGXX2491
Fembe CGXX9491
Feshi CGXX2492
Fikile CGXX9492
Fimbunu CGXX2493
Findu CGXX0360
Fiwa CGXX7440
Flandria CGXX7441
Fobo CGXX2494
Fornasari CGXX0361
Fota CGXX9493
Fotsho CGXX7442
Franqueti CGXX0362
Fubu CGXX0363
Fuila Mboma CGXX0364
Fuka CGXX0365
Fuke CGXX9494
Fukui CGXX9495
Fukuri CGXX2495
Fukuru CGXX7443
Fula CGXX2496
Fuler CGXX0366
Fulu CGXX7444
Fulungu CGXX9496
Fuma CGXX0367
Fuma J.V.L. CGXX0368
Fumakumbu CGXX2497
Fumba CGXX7445
Fumba CGXX2498
Fumba Tshi Tandu CGXX0369
Fumbwe CGXX9497
Fumu-Mashi CGXX2499
Fumubungu CGXX2500
Fumudimi CGXX2501
Fumukulu CGXX2502
Fumulomba CGXX2503
Fumuluvumbu CGXX9498
Fumundjoko CGXX2504
Fumutumbi CGXX2505
Funda CGXX2506
Funda Biabo CGXX9499
Fundamukanwa CGXX9500
Fundi CGXX9501
Fundu-Fundu CGXX0370
Fune CGXX9502
Fungo CGXX9503
Fungu Nzobe CGXX0371
Fungurume CGXX9504
Funika CGXX9505
Furu CGXX7446
Furu Bumbwa CGXX7447
Fuwe CGXX9506
Fwalemba CGXX2507
Fwamba CGXX0054
Fwampa CGXX9507
Fwangongo CGXX2508
Fwasamba CGXX2509
Fwatshinganda CGXX9508
Fwila CGXX9509
Gaba CGXX9510
Gaba CGXX7448
Gabenge CGXX2510
Gabia CGXX2511
Gagola CGXX7449
Gakwo CGXX7451
Galaba CGXX7452
Galala CGXX2512
Galande CGXX9511
Gale CGXX7453
Galo CGXX7454
Galu CGXX0055
Gamasa CGXX7455
Gamba CGXX2513
Gamba CGXX7456
Gamba-Fioti CGXX2514
Gambi CGXX7457
Gambo CGXX2515
Gambomi CGXX2516
Gana CGXX0056
Ganaketi CGXX2517
Ganambo CGXX2518
Ganda CGXX2519
Ganda-Kulu CGXX0372
Ganda-Sundi CGXX0373
Ganda-Tombe CGXX0374
Gandemputu CGXX2523
Gandji CGXX2524
Gandu CGXX7458
Gandu CGXX0375
Gandu CGXX9512
Ganga CGXX2526
Ganga CGXX9513
Gangala CGXX7459
Gangara CGXX7460
Gangila CGXX0376
Gangula CGXX2527
Ganie-Kasenga CGXX9514
Gankie CGXX2528
Gantoko CGXX2529
Ganza CGXX9515
Ganza CGXX2530
Ganzi CGXX7461
Gapa CGXX7462
Garaba CGXX7463
Gari CGXX2531
Gasamba CGXX7464
Gaso CGXX7465
Gatungu CGXX7466
Gaw CGXX7467
Gaya CGXX0057
Gbadolite CGXX7468
Gbale CGXX7469
Gbamaigo CGXX7470
Gbati CGXX7471
Gbede CGXX7472
Gbeti CGXX7473
Gbo-Gambo CGXX7474
Gbogbo CGXX7475
Gbonga CGXX7476
Gbosa CGXX7477
Gbosasa CGXX7478
Gboto CGXX7479
Geboko CGXX2532
Gefu-a-Lulu CGXX9516
Gela CGXX9517
Gele CGXX0058
Gele CGXX2533
Gelebanga CGXX2534
Geleka CGXX9518
Gelenkolo CGXX2535
Gembo CGXX2536
Geme CGXX7481
Gemena CGXX7482
Genda CGXX9519
Genda Deuxieme CGXX2537
Genda Premiere CGXX2538
Genda-ya-Bayoro CGXX9520
Gendenge CGXX9521
Gendi CGXX7483
Gendje CGXX7484
Gendo CGXX2539
Genge CGXX9522
Genza CGXX7485
Gerembale CGXX7486
Gi CGXX7487
Gibi CGXX7488
Gido CGXX7489
Gienge CGXX2540
Giengo CGXX2541
Giesie CGXX0377
Gigi CGXX7490
Gili CGXX7491
Gilizi CGXX7492
Gilson CGXX2542
Gimbi CGXX0378
Gimbo-Niange CGXX2543
Giri CGXX7493
Goami CGXX9523
Goba CGXX9524
Gobari CGXX2544
Gobele CGXX7494
Gobolole CGXX9525
Goda CGXX7495
Goi CGXX9526
Goi-Ganga CGXX9527
Goi-Ilunga CGXX9528
Goi-Mani CGXX9529
Goi-Matemo CGXX9530
Goi-Moba CGXX9531
Goi-Mwane CGXX9532
Goi-Putu CGXX9533
Goie-Kabanda CGXX9534
Gola CGXX7496
Gole CGXX9535
Gole I CGXX9536
Golo CGXX7497
Golobo CGXX7498
Golua CGXX9537
Goma CGXX0379
Goma CGXX2545
Gomba CGXX7499
Gomba CGXX0380
Gombe CGXX0381
Gombe CGXX9538
Gombe CGXX2546
Gombe CGXX7500
Gombe I CGXX2547
Gombe-Batua CGXX7501
Gombe-Isongo CGXX7502
Gombe-Luima CGXX0382
Gombe-Lutete CGXX0383
Gombe-Makulukulu CGXX0384
Gombe-Malala CGXX7503
Gombe-Matadi CGXX0385
Gombe-Mbeya CGXX0386
Gombe-Mwana CGXX9539
Gombe-Sud CGXX0387
Gombediko CGXX7504
Gombela CGXX9540
Gombi CGXX7505
Gombo CGXX7506
Gomo CGXX2548
Gomo CGXX7507
Gomoerenge CGXX2549
Gomopamba CGXX2550
Gonda CGXX7508
Gonde-Nsaka CGXX2551
Gondi I CGXX2552
Gondi II CGXX2553
Gondi-Masa CGXX2554
Gondji CGXX7509
Gondo CGXX2555
Gondola CGXX7510
Gonga CGXX2556
Gongo CGXX0388
Gongo CGXX2557
Gongo CGXX7511
Gongo-Mosengere CGXX2558
Gongo-Yembe CGXX2559
Gongobale CGXX7512
Gongwe CGXX9542
Gonvo CGXX7513
Gonzo CGXX9543
Gosuma CGXX7514
Goto CGXX7515
Govo CGXX7516
Goya CGXX9544
Goya-Pafu CGXX9545
Goyo CGXX0389
Gozela CGXX0390
Grand Inga CGXX0391
Guba CGXX0059
Gudengba CGXX7517
Gudi CGXX2560
Gudianganga CGXX2561
Guga CGXX7518
Gula CGXX2562
Gulamaboko CGXX2563
Gulu CGXX9546
Gulu CGXX2564
Gulube CGXX9547
Gulukulu CGXX7519
Guluma CGXX7520
Gulumbo CGXX7521
Guluna CGXX7522
Gulungu CGXX2565
Guma CGXX0060
Gumba CGXX7523
Gumba-Bondia CGXX7524
Gumba-Gumba CGXX2566
Gumbo CGXX9548
Gumu CGXX7525
Guna CGXX7526
Gunda CGXX2567
Gunda CGXX7527
Gunda CGXX0392
Gunde CGXX7528
Gundji CGXX7529
Gundu CGXX0061
Gundu-Kasangi CGXX2568
Gundu-Kindamba CGXX2569
Gunga CGXX0393
Gunga-Moke CGXX2570
Gunga-Munene CGXX2571
Gungi CGXX0394
Gungi CGXX2572
Gungu CGXX9549
Gungu CGXX2573
Gunza CGXX9550
Gunza CGXX2574
Guruku CGXX7530
Guruse CGXX7531
Guwa CGXX0395
Gwado CGXX7532
Gwagoro CGXX7533
Gwakere CGXX7534
Gwalangu CGXX7535
Gwambele CGXX7536
Gwandabula CGXX7537
Gwanga CGXX7538
Gwangobo CGXX7539
Gwapala CGXX7540
Gwara Deuxieme CGXX7541
Gwara Premiere CGXX7542
Gwasa CGXX7543
Gwaya CGXX2575
Gwele-Banza CGXX7544
Gweledje CGXX7545
Gwelenge CGXX7546
Gwemba CGXX7547
Gwemboyo CGXX7548
Gweme-Shie CGXX2576
Gwena CGXX9551
Gwendje CGXX7549
Gweni CGXX7550
Gwenzale CGXX7551
Gwesele CGXX7552
Gwi CGXX7553
Hardy CGXX0396
Hasow CGXX2577
Holo CGXX2578
Holonene CGXX2579
Homa CGXX7554
Hopele CGXX7555
Hoshi CGXX9552
Humba CGXX9553
Hurugne CGXX7556
Iba CGXX2580
Iba CGXX7557
Ibadja CGXX7558
Ibala CGXX2581
Ibali CGXX7559
Ibali-Sud CGXX2583
Ibalingongo CGXX2584
Ibamba CGXX2585
Ibamba CGXX7560
Iban CGXX2586
Ibanda CGXX2587
Ibata CGXX7561
Ibei CGXX2588
Ibeke CGXX2589
Ibeke Gembo CGXX2590
Ibeke-Bioko CGXX7562
Ibeke-Bolia CGXX2591
Ibele CGXX0397
Ibele CGXX7563
Ibeli-Bima CGXX7564
Ibenga CGXX7565
Ibenga-Botwali CGXX2592
Ibenge CGXX7566
Ibenge-Liabo CGXX7567
Ibia CGXX2593
Ibinga CGXX2594
Iboko-Bolombi CGXX7568
Iboko-Moke CGXX7569
Iboko-Monene CGXX7570
Iboma-Kete CGXX7571
Iboma-Kota CGXX7572
Ibombo CGXX2595
Ibongo CGXX7573
Ibuiti CGXX2596
Ibulu CGXX2597
Ibundji CGXX7574
Idamo CGXX7575
Idiofa CGXX2598
Idja I CGXX2599
Idja II CGXX2600
Idjako CGXX7576
Idjimi CGXX2601
Idoma CGXX7577
Ifake CGXX7578
Ifake Nkento CGXX7579
Ifambu CGXX7580
Ifanga CGXX7581
Ifeko CGXX7582
Ifoku CGXX7583
Ifomi CGXX7584
Ifulu CGXX7585
Ifumba CGXX2602
Ifumo CGXX7586
Ifuto CGXX7587
Ifuwa CGXX7588
Igbo CGXX7589
Igbo-Tembo CGXX7590
Ikabamindelo CGXX2603
Ikabandelo CGXX2604
Ikabanga CGXX2605
Ikakema CGXX7591
Ikala CGXX2606
Ikalangania CGXX7592
Ikali CGXX2607
Ikali CGXX7593
Ikandja CGXX7594
Ikanga CGXX7595
Ikari CGXX2608
Ikau CGXX7596
Ike CGXX7597
Ikela CGXX7598
Ikendji CGXX2609
Ikendze CGXX7599
Ikenge CGXX7600
Ikengia CGXX7601
Ikengo CGXX7602
Ikengolaka CGXX7603
Ikila CGXX2611
Ikili CGXX2612
Ikili CGXX7604
Ikilimoru CGXX2613
Ikindantoi II CGXX7605
Ikindo CGXX7606
Ikoko CGXX2614
Ikoko-Bonginde CGXX7607
Ikoko-Ipenge CGXX7608
Ikoko-Motaka CGXX7609
Ikoli CGXX7610
Ikolokongo CGXX2615
Ikolongo CGXX7611
Ikomba-Mulapo CGXX2616
Ikombe CGXX7612
Ikombi CGXX7613
Ikomo CGXX7614
Ikomu CGXX2617
Ikona CGXX7615
Ikondji CGXX7616
Ikonga CGXX9554
Ikonge CGXX7617
Ikongo CGXX2618
Ikongo Batwa CGXX2619
Ikongo-Moke CGXX2620
Ikongolo-Bahoto CGXX2621
Ikongolo-Batwa CGXX2622
Ikongowasa CGXX7618
Ikonia CGXX2623
Ikonongo CGXX7619
Ikoto CGXX0062
Ikotomboro CGXX7620
Ikoyo CGXX2624
Ikulumakoba CGXX2625
Ikuma CGXX2626
Ikumaloki CGXX7621
Ikwa CGXX7622
Ikwati I CGXX2627
Ilaka I CGXX7623
Ilako CGXX2628
Ilambasa CGXX7624
Ilanga CGXX2629
Ilanga CGXX7625
Ilanga Deuxieme CGXX7626
Ilanga Premiere CGXX7627
Ilanga Troisieme CGXX7628
Ilangaturi CGXX2630
Ilawa CGXX7629
Ile CGXX2631
Ilebo CGXX7630
Ilebo CGXX2632
Ilebu CGXX2633
Ilebumangala CGXX2634
Ileko CGXX2635
Ilema CGXX7631
Ilemba CGXX7632
Ilembe CGXX7633
Ilenge CGXX2636
Ilenge CGXX7634
Ilengwa CGXX2637
Ileo CGXX7635
Ilesi CGXX2638
Iliki CGXX7636
Iliko CGXX7637
Ilima CGXX7638
Ilinga CGXX2639
Ilinga CGXX7639
Ilobo CGXX2640
Iloi CGXX7640
Ilombe CGXX7641
Ilombo CGXX7642
Ilomo CGXX2642
Ilondo CGXX7643
Ilonga-Mpenge CGXX7644
Ilongalemba CGXX7645
Ilonge CGXX7646
Ilongo CGXX2643
Ilongo CGXX7647
Ilongo-Kindo CGXX7648
Ilongolo CGXX7649
Ilua CGXX2644
Ilukuantaka CGXX7650
Ilunga CGXX9555
Ilunga CGXX2645
Ilunga-Goi CGXX9556
Ilunga-Piana CGXX9557
Ilungangulu CGXX9558
Ilungu CGXX7651
Ilungu CGXX2646
Imaku CGXX2647
Imba CGXX9559
Imbasi CGXX2648
Imbe CGXX9560
Imbela CGXX2649
Imbo CGXX7652
Imbonga CGXX7653
Imbongo CGXX2650
Imbongo-Lokwa CGXX2651
Imbow CGXX7654
Imbundi CGXX2652
Imenge CGXX2653
Imese CGXX7655
Imomo CGXX7656
Impanga CGXX2654
Impashi CGXX2655
Impashi-Bulu CGXX2656
Impashi-Makanga CGXX2657
Impebe CGXX2658
Impini CGXX2659
Impini-Insi CGXX2660
Impini-Zulu CGXX2661
Impoko CGXX7657
Impwa CGXX7658
Inabanza CGXX9561
Inakibale CGXX9562
Inakiluba CGXX9563
Inako CGXX2662
Indaba CGXX2663
Indele CGXX2664
Indjolo CGXX7659
Indjolo I CGXX7660
Indolo CGXX2665
Indonga CGXX7661
Ineac CGXX0398
Inga CGXX0399
Inganda CGXX7662
Inganda-Ngonda CGXX7663
Ingandu CGXX7664
Ingende CGXX7665
Ingietshi CGXX2666
Ingimi CGXX2667
Ingonda CGXX7666
Ingondju CGXX7667
Ingonge CGXX7668
Ingundu CGXX7669
Ingundu CGXX2668
Ingungu-Esala CGXX2669
Inguo CGXX7670
Ingwa CGXX7671
Ingweme CGXX2670
Iniagi CGXX2671
Inkaka CGXX7672
Inkanamongo CGXX7673
Inkanda CGXX7674
Inkandja CGXX7675
Inkasa CGXX2672
Inkasambo CGXX2673
Inkaw CGXX2674
Inkekete CGXX7676
Inkisi CGXX0400
Inongo CGXX2675
Insaw CGXX7677
Intaka CGXX7678
Into-Pombo CGXX2676
Intshome CGXX2677
Intshomo CGXX2678
Intshueme-Esala CGXX2680
Intshueme-Mbele CGXX2681
Intshume-Ebaya CGXX2682
Intshume-Mukongo CGXX2683
Intsie CGXX2684
Intsungu CGXX2685
Inunu CGXX2686
Inyele CGXX0063
Inyongo CGXX2687
Ipabo CGXX2688
Ipaka CGXX2689
Ipaki CGXX2690
Ipamu CGXX2691
Ipandju CGXX2692
Ipanga CGXX2693
Ipei CGXX2694
Ipeke CGXX2695
Ipeko CGXX7679
Ipekwa CGXX2696
Ipitensung CGXX2697
Ipoka Nord CGXX2698
Ipoka Sud CGXX2699
Ipope CGXX2700
Ipopo CGXX2701
Irebu CGXX7680
Ireko CGXX2702
Isabe CGXX7681
Isaka CGXX7682
Isaka CGXX2703
Isaka-Ilemba CGXX7683
Isaka-Losokola CGXX7684
Isaka-Rive CGXX7685
Isake CGXX2704
Isako CGXX7686
Isala CGXX2705
Isali CGXX2706
Isambo CGXX7687
Isambo CGXX2707
Isamelia CGXX7688
Isanda CGXX2708
Isandja CGXX7689
Isanga CGXX7690
Isangankusu CGXX2710
Isangempon CGXX2711
Isangi CGXX7691
Isangi CGXX2712
Isangila CGXX0401
Isanu CGXX7692
Isanzani CGXX7693
Isato CGXX7694
Iseka CGXX7695
Iseki CGXX7696
Isekolokoto CGXX7697
Iseme CGXX2713
Isendje CGXX2714
Isenga CGXX7698
Isenge CGXX7699
Ishie CGXX2715
Ishwa CGXX2716
Isia CGXX7700
Isiala CGXX2717
Isienge CGXX2718
Isingo CGXX7701
Isoko CGXX2719
Isolu CGXX2720
Isomo CGXX7702
Isongo CGXX2721
Isongo CGXX7703
Isoyo CGXX2722
Isukaenanga CGXX7704
Isuki CGXX7705
Isulu CGXX7706
Isumba CGXX2723
Isunga CGXX2724
Isunguma CGXX7707
Iswe CGXX7708
Iswi CGXX2725
Iteke CGXX7709
Iteko CGXX7710
Itele CGXX7711
Iteli CGXX7712
Itendo CGXX2726
Itere CGXX2727
Itikala CGXX2728
Itikali CGXX7714
Itimbiri CGXX7715
Itimbiri-Moke CGXX7716
Itipo CGXX7717
Ito-Lenkoi CGXX2729
Ito-Yenge-Yenge CGXX2730
Itoma CGXX0064
Itomponga CGXX7718
Itotela CGXX7719
Itubu CGXX2731
Ituka CGXX7720
Ituku CGXX7721
Itula CGXX7722
Ituna CGXX7723
Ituna CGXX2732
Ituta CGXX7724
Iuba CGXX0402
Ivang CGXX2734
Ivua CGXX0403
Iwa CGXX2735
Iwama CGXX7725
Iwela CGXX7726
Iwoke CGXX2736
Iwungu CGXX2737
Iwungu-Nsamba CGXX2738
Iyombo CGXX2739
Izo CGXX2740
Izogo CGXX2741
Izono I CGXX2742
Jimbo CGXX9564
Ka-Kela CGXX2743
Ka-Kisoke CGXX2744
Ka-Luanzo CGXX2745
Ka-Muka CGXX2746
Ka-Ngoma CGXX2747
Ka-Ngombo CGXX2748
Ka-Nguya CGXX2749
Ka-Tanda CGXX2750
Ka-Tshiyo CGXX2751
Kaba CGXX2752
Kababa CGXX9565
Kabaga CGXX9566
Kabaii CGXX9567
Kabaka CGXX2753
Kabaka-Bangi CGXX2754
Kabaka-Tombe CGXX2755
Kabala CGXX2756
Kabalamba CGXX2757
Kabalanganga CGXX2758
Kabale CGXX9569
Kabalo CGXX2759
Kabalo CGXX9570
Kabama CGXX2760
Kabamba CGXX2761
Kabamba CGXX9572
Kabambakuku CGXX9573
Kabambata CGXX9575
Kabambi CGXX9576
Kabandji CGXX2762
Kabanga CGXX2763
Kabanga CGXX9578
Kabanga-Kasinda CGXX9579
Kabanga-Mokewu CGXX2764
Kabange CGXX9580
Kabangi CGXX2765
Kabango CGXX9581
Kabangu CGXX2766
Kabangu CGXX9582
Kabangwa CGXX9583
Kabansoko CGXX9584
Kabanza CGXX9585
Kabanze CGXX9586
Kabare CGXX9587
Kabastazia CGXX9588
Kabata CGXX2768
Kabatalata CGXX9589
Kabaye CGXX9590
Kabayele-Ntaha CGXX9591
Kabe-Balakpwa CGXX7727
Kabea CGXX2769
Kabeba CGXX9592
Kabeke CGXX9593
Kabele CGXX9594
Kabelela CGXX9595
Kabelwe CGXX9596
Kabemba CGXX2770
Kabemba CGXX9597
Kabemba Deuxieme CGXX2771
Kabemba Premiere CGXX2772
Kabemvo CGXX0404
Kabenga CGXX9598
Kabengo CGXX2773
Kabesa CGXX9599
Kabeshi CGXX9600
Kabeya CGXX9601
Kabeya Maji CGXX9602
Kabeya-Fundu CGXX2774
Kabeya-Ilunga CGXX2775
Kabeya-Kiandu CGXX0405
Kabeya-Mayj CGXX9603
Kabeya-Mbamba CGXX2776
Kabeya-Mulunga CGXX9604
Kabi CGXX9605
Kabianda CGXX9606
Kabianga CGXX2777
Kabiashia CGXX9607
Kabiawongo CGXX2778
Kabikwe CGXX9608
Kabila CGXX9609
Kabilashi CGXX9610
Kabimba CGXX9611
Kabimbi CGXX9612
Kabinda CGXX9613
Kabindi CGXX9614
Kabinga CGXX9615
Kabinga CGXX2779
Kabingandu CGXX9616
Kabiondo CGXX9617
Kabisa CGXX2780
Kabisange CGXX9618
Kabishi CGXX2781
Kabisonga CGXX9619
Kabo CGXX9620
Kabobi CGXX2782
Kabobo CGXX0065
Kaboko CGXX0066
Kabokoto CGXX9622
Kabolwe CGXX9623
Kabombo CGXX9624
Kabombolo CGXX9625
Kabombwe CGXX9626
Kabondo CGXX2783
Kabondo CGXX9627
Kabondo-Dianda CGXX9628
Kabonga CGXX9629
Kabonge CGXX9630
Kabongo CGXX2784
Kabongo CGXX9631
Kabongo-Kulutu CGXX2785
Kabonzo CGXX9632
Kabosa CGXX9633
Kaboto CGXX9634
Kabozia CGXX9635
Kabu CGXX9636
Kabua CGXX9637
Kabuanga CGXX2786
Kabuba CGXX2787
Kabubi CGXX9638
Kabudi CGXX9639
Kabuiku CGXX2788
Kabuita CGXX2789
Kabukulu CGXX2790
Kabula CGXX9640
Kabula CGXX2791
Kabula-Malunda CGXX9641
Kabule CGXX9642
Kabulembe CGXX9643
Kabulezi CGXX9644
Kabulili CGXX9645
Kabulo CGXX9646
Kabulo Tende CGXX9647
Kabulo-Kisanga CGXX9648
Kabulombo CGXX9649
Kabulu CGXX9650
Kabuma CGXX9651
Kabumba CGXX9652
Kabumbulu CGXX9653
Kabunda CGXX2792
Kabunda CGXX9654
Kabunda-Ngoji CGXX0080
Kabundi CGXX9655
Kabundi CGXX2793
Kabundi-Bodila CGXX2794
Kabundji CGXX9656
Kabundu CGXX2795
Kabundu-Mukunzu CGXX2796
Kabungulu CGXX9657
Kabutu CGXX2797
Kabutulu CGXX9658
Kabuya CGXX9659
Kabuyu CGXX9660
Kabuzi CGXX9661
Kabwala CGXX9662
Kabwalala CGXX9663
Kabwato-Mazia CGXX2798
Kabwe CGXX9664
Kabwe-Kanono CGXX9665
Kabwe-Katanda CGXX9666
Kabwebwe CGXX2799
Kabwebwe CGXX9667
Kabwekatanda CGXX9668
Kabwekese CGXX9669
Kabwela CGXX9670
Kabwema CGXX9671
Kabweye CGXX9672
Kabwibwa CGXX9673
Kabwiko CGXX7729
Kabwila CGXX2800
Kabwila CGXX9674
Kabwita CGXX9675
Kabwita-Kulu CGXX2801
Kachoma CGXX9676
Kadelenge CGXX9677
Kadia CGXX9678
Kadiata CGXX2802
Kadibwe CGXX9679
Kadiela CGXX2803
Kadilo CGXX0067
Kadima CGXX9680
Kadimbula CGXX2804
Kadiongo CGXX9681
Kadjoka CGXX0068
Kadongo CGXX9682
Kaenya CGXX9683
Kafakumba CGXX9684
Kafifi CGXX9685
Kafina CGXX9686
Kafindo CGXX9687
Kafindo Luluane CGXX9688
Kafinga CGXX9689
Kafingi-Mokomba CGXX2805
Kafiye CGXX9690
Kafubu CGXX9691
Kafufwe CGXX9692
Kafugwila CGXX9693
Kafui CGXX9694
Kafuku CGXX9695
Kafula CGXX9696
Kafulu-Ludio CGXX2806
Kafulu-Lundala CGXX2807
Kafuma CGXX9697
Kafumba CGXX2808
Kafumbata CGXX9698
Kafumbe CGXX9699
Kafumbwe CGXX9700
Kafumfu CGXX2809
Kafuna CGXX9701
Kafungo-Bayo CGXX9702
Kafungo-Dianda CGXX9703
Kafungo-Kazadi CGXX9704
Kafunko CGXX9705
Kafupa CGXX9706
Kafusa CGXX2810
Kafushia CGXX9707
Kafusie CGXX0406
Kafuta CGXX9708
Kafutshi CGXX9709
Kafutu CGXX9710
Kafwa CGXX9711
Kafwimbi CGXX9712
Kafwira CGXX9713
Kagunguje CGXX9714
Kahai-Dinoa CGXX9715
Kahako CGXX9716
Kahalanganga CGXX2811
Kahambo CGXX9717
Kahambwe CGXX9718
Kahanga CGXX2812
Kahania CGXX9719
Kahehula CGXX9720
Kahela CGXX2813
Kahele CGXX2814
Kahemba CGXX0003
Kahenda CGXX9721
Kahese CGXX9722
Kahesha CGXX9723
Kahia CGXX9724
Kahimba CGXX9725
Kahinda CGXX9726
Kahinga CGXX2816
Kahinga CGXX9727
Kahoho CGXX9728
Kahoka CGXX2817
Kahoku CGXX2818
Kahoma CGXX9729
Kahombo CGXX9730
Kahompwa CGXX9731
Kahongo CGXX9732
Kahowa CGXX9733
Kahuji CGXX2819
Kahuka CGXX2820
Kahulu CGXX9734
Kahulu CGXX2821
Kahulumbo CGXX9735
Kahunda CGXX2822
Kahunda CGXX9736
Kahundji CGXX2823
Kahundu CGXX9737
Kahungu CGXX2824
Kahungu CGXX9738
Kahungula CGXX2825
Kahungwe CGXX9739
Kahuni CGXX9740
Kahutu CGXX9741
Kai CGXX0407
Kai CGXX9742
Kai Ku Buku CGXX0408
Kai Ndunda CGXX0409
Kai Nyema CGXX0410
Kai Tshianga CGXX0411
Kai-Kole CGXX0412
Kai-Kulunga CGXX0413
Kai-Kumbi CGXX0414
Kai-Londe CGXX0415
Kai-Mbaku CGXX0416
Kai-Mbungu CGXX0417
Kai-Pelele CGXX0418
Kai-Pimbi CGXX0419
Kai-Saji CGXX9743
Kai-Tsasa CGXX0420
Kai-Tulu CGXX0421
Kai-Vemba CGXX0422
Kaienko CGXX2826
Kaifutshi CGXX9744
Kaika CGXX9745
Kailanga CGXX7730
Kaimbi CGXX9746
Kaindji CGXX9747
Kaindu CGXX9748
Kaita CGXX2827
Kaita CGXX9749
Kajiji CGXX2828
Kajika CGXX2829
Kajila CGXX9750
Kajimakaji CGXX9751
Kajimba CGXX9752
Kajimbala CGXX9753
Kajine CGXX9754
Kaka CGXX2830
Kaka CGXX0423
Kakabantu CGXX2831
Kakala CGXX9755
Kakala CGXX0424
Kakaluba CGXX2832
Kakanda CGXX9756
Kakanga CGXX9757
Kakano CGXX9758
Kakanwa CGXX9759
Kakawaya CGXX2833
Kake CGXX7731
Kakenda CGXX2834
Kakende CGXX2835
Kakenga CGXX9760
Kakenge CGXX9761
Kakenza CGXX9762
Kakera CGXX9763
Kakesa CGXX9764
Kakese CGXX2836
Kaketi CGXX0425
Kakeza CGXX9765
Kakielo CGXX9766
Kakienge CGXX9767
Kakikangu CGXX9768
Kakima CGXX2837
Kakinga CGXX9769
Kakinga CGXX2838
Kakipango CGXX9770
Kakiulu CGXX9771
Kako CGXX9772
Kakobe CGXX9773
Kakobola CGXX2839
Kakoi CGXX2840
Kakoko CGXX9774
Kakokweka CGXX9775
Kakolokoso CGXX2841
Kakolwe CGXX9776
Kakoma CGXX9777
Kakomba CGXX0070
Kakombi CGXX2842
Kakombo CGXX9778
Kakompe CGXX9779
Kakonda CGXX9780
Kakondo CGXX2843
Kakongo-Songo CGXX0426
Kakongolo CGXX9781
Kakonkobwe CGXX9782
Kakontwe CGXX9783
Kakosi CGXX9784
Kakoyolo CGXX9785
Kakugni CGXX2844
Kakuku Ii CGXX0071
Kakula CGXX9786
Kakula-Bomba CGXX9787
Kakulu CGXX9788
Kakulu Maziba CGXX9789
Kakumba CGXX9790
Kakundi CGXX2846
Kakungu CGXX2847
Kakungu CGXX9791
Kakuni CGXX9792
Kakunyi CGXX9793
Kakuyu CGXX9794
Kakwambi CGXX2848
Kakwata CGXX9795
Kakwembe-Kwembe CGXX9796
Kala CGXX7732
Kala CGXX9797
Kala CGXX0427
Kalaba CGXX9798
Kalala CGXX9799
Kalalangombe CGXX9800
Kalama CGXX0428
Kalamata CGXX9801
Kalamba CGXX0073
Kalamba CGXX9802
Kalamba CGXX0072
Kalamba-Kamule CGXX9803
Kalamba-Kashama CGXX9804
Kalambangete CGXX2849
Kalambi CGXX9805
Kalandjisa CGXX9806
Kalanga CGXX2850
Kalanga CGXX9807
Kalanga CGXX7733
Kalanganda CGXX2851
Kalasa CGXX9808
Kalaw CGXX2852
Kale CGXX9809
Kalebuta CGXX9810
Kalebwe CGXX9811
Kalela CGXX9812
Kalela-Nord CGXX9813
Kalele CGXX9814
Kalelesa CGXX2853
Kalema CGXX9815
Kalemba CGXX2854
Kalemba CGXX9816
Kalembe CGXX9817
Kalemie CGXX9818
Kalemwe CGXX9819
Kalenda CGXX2855
Kalenda CGXX9820
Kalenga CGXX9821
Kalenga ya Mai CGXX9822
Kalenga-Ntanda CGXX9823
Kalenge CGXX2856
Kalenge CGXX9824
Kalepa CGXX9825
Kalera CGXX9826
Kalewe CGXX9827
Kalibala CGXX2857
Kalifungu CGXX9828
Kalikishia CGXX9829
Kalila CGXX9830
Kalima CGXX9831
Kalimbu CGXX9832
Kalina-Kibombo CGXX9833
Kalinde CGXX9834
Kalinga CGXX9835
Kaliniki CGXX9836
Kaliombo CGXX2858
Kaliongo CGXX9837
Kalitshi CGXX9838
Kalo CGXX7734
Kaloanzo CGXX9839
Kaloba CGXX9840
Kalobe CGXX9841
Kalobwa CGXX9842
Kaloho CGXX9843
Kaloka CGXX2859
Kaloko CGXX9844
Kalole CGXX0074
Kalole CGXX9845
Kalolo CGXX2860
Kalolo CGXX9846
Kalombo CGXX2861
Kalombo CGXX9847
Kalombo-Shibanza CGXX9848
Kalombwa CGXX9849
Kalombwe CGXX9850
Kalomo CGXX9851
Kalonda CGXX2862
Kalonda CGXX9852
Kalondo CGXX2863
Kalonga CGXX9853
Kalongo CGXX9854
Kalongwana CGXX9855
Kalongwe CGXX9856
Kalu CGXX2864
Kalua CGXX7735
Kaluani CGXX9857
Kaluba CGXX9858
Kalubamba CGXX9859
Kaluila CGXX9860
Kalula CGXX9861
Kalule CGXX9862
Kalule Nord CGXX9863
Kalulu CGXX9864
Kalumbalumba CGXX9866
Kalumbami CGXX9867
Kalumbeyi CGXX9868
Kalumbi CGXX9869
Kalumbu CGXX9870
Kalumbwa CGXX9872
Kalunda-Kiala CGXX2865
Kalunda-Mukishi CGXX2866
Kalundafialo CGXX0075
Kalundu CGXX9874
Kalundwe CGXX9875
Kalunga CGXX2867
Kalunga CGXX9876
Kalunga-Banza CGXX2868
Kalunga-Mayama CGXX2869
Kalunga-Tsakala CGXX2870
Kalungo CGXX2871
Kalungu CGXX9877
Kalungu-Hululu CGXX2872
Kalungui CGXX9878
Kalunkuma CGXX9879
Kalunkumia CGXX0076
Kalusambo CGXX2873
Kalushia CGXX0077
Kalusinge CGXX9880
Kalutwa CGXX0078
Kalwa CGXX9881
Kalwe CGXX9882
Kalwite CGXX9883
Kama CGXX2874
Kama CGXX0429
Kama-Mwadi CGXX9884
Kamabwe CGXX9885
Kamadiobo CGXX9886
Kamafu CGXX2875
Kamai CGXX9887
Kamakanga CGXX9888
Kamakonde CGXX9889
Kamakundu CGXX9890
Kamalala CGXX9891
Kamalenge CGXX9892
Kamalolo CGXX9893
Kamalondo CGXX9894
Kamanda CGXX2876
Kamanda CGXX9895
Kamango CGXX9896
Kamangu CGXX2877
Kamangu CGXX9897
Kamanyefu CGXX9898
Kamapumba CGXX2878
Kamatanta CGXX9899
Kamateshi CGXX9900
Kamawe CGXX9901
Kamayala CGXX2879
Kamba CGXX0430
Kamba CGXX7736
Kamba CGXX2880
Kamba CGXX9902
Kamba Bondo CGXX0431
Kamba-Gundji CGXX2881
Kamba-Kamwanga CGXX2882
Kamba-Kibuta CGXX2883
Kamba-Lupepe CGXX2884
Kamba-Luvuka CGXX2885
Kamba-Mbongo CGXX0432
Kamba-Poko CGXX2886
Kamba-Sengo CGXX2887
Kambakala CGXX2888
Kambakese CGXX9903
Kambamba CGXX9904
Kambamba CGXX2889
Kambandi CGXX2890
Kambandja CGXX9905
Kambandji CGXX2891
Kambangi CGXX2892
Kambangu CGXX9906
Kambangu CGXX2893
Kambangundji CGXX2894
Kambanza CGXX2895
Kambanzia CGXX2896
Kambatshi CGXX2897
Kambeke CGXX2898
Kambeya CGXX9907
Kambi CGXX9908
Kambi-ya-Wima CGXX9909
Kambiaka CGXX2899
Kambila CGXX2900
Kamboi CGXX9910
Kamboma CGXX2901
Kambonde CGXX2902
Kambove CGXX0079
Kamboyi CGXX9912
Kambulu CGXX9913
Kambululu CGXX9914
Kambundi CGXX2903
Kambundi-Kitutu CGXX2904
Kambundi-Ndindi CGXX2905
Kambundi-Tombi CGXX2906
Kambundi-Tswele CGXX2907
Kambundji CGXX9915
Kambushia CGXX9916
Kambuto CGXX2908
Kambuze CGXX9917
Kambwa CGXX7737
Kambwandji CGXX2909
Kambwandji CGXX9918
Kambwenge CGXX9919
Kambwete CGXX2910
Kamena CGXX9920
Kameshi CGXX2912
Kamfwa CGXX9921
Kamfwe CGXX9922
Kamiba CGXX9923
Kamienpongo CGXX2913
Kamikosa CGXX9924
Kamilimba CGXX9925
Kamimbi CGXX9926
Kamina CGXX9927
Kamingu CGXX2914
Kamingulu CGXX2915
Kaminia CGXX2916
Kaminonga CGXX9928
Kamishipa CGXX9929
Kamola CGXX9930
Kamongo CGXX9931
Kamoto CGXX9933
Kamoyo CGXX9934
Kampalamba CGXX9935
Kampaza CGXX9936
Kampemba CGXX9937
Kampenga CGXX9938
Kampera CGXX9939
Kampila CGXX9940
Kampinda CGXX9941
Kampita CGXX9942
Kampombo CGXX9943
Kamponge CGXX9944
Kampudi CGXX9945
Kampulu CGXX9946
Kampumpa CGXX9947
Kampunda CGXX9948
Kampunga CGXX9949
Kamuania CGXX2917
Kamubangwa CGXX9950
Kamudilo CGXX9951
Kamukesa CGXX9952
Kamukonga CGXX9953
Kamulamu CGXX9954
Kamulemba CGXX9955
Kamulindwa CGXX9956
Kamulumbu CGXX9957
Kamuna CGXX9958
Kamundu CGXX9959
Kamunga CGXX2918
Kamungu CGXX9960
Kamungu CGXX2919
Kamunza-Goi CGXX9961
Kamunza-Kaluba CGXX9962
Kamuse CGXX9963
Kamusenga CGXX9964
Kamutabungu CGXX9965
Kamutompo CGXX9966
Kamutunda CGXX9967
Kamuya CGXX9968
Kamuyembe CGXX9969
Kamwabi CGXX9970
Kamwanga CGXX2920
Kamwanga CGXX9971
Kamwania CGXX9972
Kamweji CGXX9973
Kamweka CGXX9974
Kamwela CGXX9975
Kamwenze CGXX9976
Kamwesi CGXX2921
Kamwila CGXX9977
Kana-Rumba CGXX2922
Kanakashitu CGXX2923
Kanalenga CGXX9978
Kanama CGXX2924
Kanama CGXX9979
Kanampumba CGXX9980
Kananga CGXX9981
Kananga CGXX0017
Kanapumba CGXX2925
Kanda CGXX9982
Kanda CGXX7738
Kanda-Kanda CGXX9983
Kandakana CGXX0082
Kandala CGXX9984
Kandala CGXX2926
Kandale CGXX2927
Kandandji CGXX9985
Kandango CGXX0433
Kande CGXX7739
Kandeke CGXX9986
Kandende CGXX9987
Kandi CGXX2928
Kandi-Kunga CGXX2929
Kandi-Lukeni CGXX2930
Kandja CGXX2931
Kandji-Kandji CGXX2932
Kandombe CGXX2933
Kandongo CGXX2934
Kandu CGXX7740
Kandunga CGXX9988
Kandungu CGXX2935
Kaneji CGXX9989
Kanema CGXX9990
Kanene CGXX2936
Kanene CGXX9991
Kanera CGXX7741
Kanga CGXX0434
Kanga CGXX9992
Kanga CGXX2937
Kanga Dia-Mvala CGXX0435
Kangala CGXX2938
Kangalanga CGXX7742
Kangamba CGXX9993
Kangandu CGXX2939
Kangandu CGXX9994
Kangara CGXX2940
Kange CGXX9995
Kangelwe CGXX9996
Kangenze CGXX9997
Kangi CGXX9998
Kango CGXX2941
Kango CGXX9999
Kango CGXX0436
Kangu CGXX2942
Kangu CGXX0437
Kangufu CGXX2943
Kangumba CGXX2944
Kangutu CGXX2945
Kaniabonda CGXX7743
Kaniama CGXX2946
Kaniamiwu CGXX2947
Kanika CGXX2948
Kanimbi CGXX2949
Kanimbu CGXX2950
Kanka CGXX0438
Kanka CGXX2951
Kanka-Mawete CGXX0439
Kanka-Putu CGXX0440
Kanka-Zonzo CGXX0441
Kankamo CGXX2952
Kankone CGXX7744
Kanku-Milu CGXX0083
Kankuma CGXX0084
Kanosi CGXX2953
Kantula CGXX7745
Kanunga CGXX2954
Kanza CGXX2956
Kanza CGXX7746
Kanzanza CGXX2957
Kanzembe CGXX2958
Kanzenze CGXX2959
Kanzi CGXX0442
Kanzimba CGXX2960
Kanzungu CGXX2961
Kapaie-Lono CGXX2962
Kapakapaka CGXX2963
Kapakasa CGXX2964
Kapalanga CGXX2965
Kapambala CGXX2966
Kapambwe CGXX0085
Kapanda CGXX0086
Kapanga CGXX2967
Kapangu CGXX2968
Kapele CGXX2969
Kapemba CGXX2970
Kapembe CGXX2971
Kapenda Nseke CGXX2972
Kapende CGXX2973
Kapia CGXX2974
Kapita CGXX2975
Kapita-Dibungu CGXX2976
Kapita-Suka CGXX2977
Kapolowe CGXX0087
Kapose CGXX2978
Kapungu CGXX2979
Kapuwa CGXX2980
Karagbado CGXX7747
Karawa CGXX7748
Karde CGXX7749
Kasa CGXX7750
Kasaka CGXX2981
Kasakamba CGXX2982
Kasala CGXX2983
Kasamba CGXX2984
Kasanda CGXX2985
Kasandji CGXX2986
Kasandzi CGXX2987
Kasanga CGXX2988
Kasangi CGXX2989
Kasangulu CGXX0088
Kasansa CGXX2991
Kasanza Pondo CGXX2993
Kasanzi CGXX2994
Kasawenda CGXX0089
Kaseke CGXX0090
Kasele CGXX2996
Kasema CGXX2997
Kasembe CGXX2998
Kasenga CGXX0443
Kasenge CGXX2999
Kasengi CGXX3000
Kasesanga CGXX3001
Kasesi CGXX3002
Kashi CGXX3003
Kashieta CGXX3004
Kashilu CGXX3005
Kashita CGXX3006
Kashitu CGXX3007
Kasi CGXX0444
Kasia CGXX3008
Kasila-Panda CGXX3009
Kasindji CGXX3010
Kasindji Mutete CGXX3011
Kasinji CGXX3012
Kasinzi CGXX3013
Kasitu CGXX3014
Kasodi CGXX3015
Kasoma CGXX3016
Kasomba CGXX3017
Kasombo CGXX0091
Kasombo CGXX3018
Kasombo-Gelele CGXX3019
Kasonga CGXX3020
Kasongo CGXX3021
Kasongo-Dinga CGXX3022
Kasongo-Lunda CGXX3023
Kasongo-Makala CGXX3024
Kasongo-Yungu CGXX3025
Kasonso CGXX0445
Kasu CGXX0446
Kasumbalesa CGXX0092
Kasunga-Epa CGXX3026
Kata CGXX3027
Kata-Kalamba CGXX3028
Kata-Kas CGXX0447
Katabi CGXX3029
Katai CGXX3030
Katakashiala CGXX0093
Kataki CGXX7751
Katako CGXX7752
Katala CGXX3031
Katala CGXX0448
Katalaye CGXX0094
Katamba CGXX3032
Katambi CGXX3033
Katana CGXX3034
Katanda CGXX3035
Katanga CGXX3036
Katara CGXX7753
Kate CGXX7754
Kateba CGXX0095
Katebesho CGXX0096
Katelenge CGXX3037
Katemba CGXX3038
Katembo CGXX3039
Katembo-Yendo CGXX3040
Katembwe CGXX0097
Katenda CGXX3041
Katende CGXX3042
Katenga CGXX3043
Katini CGXX3044
Katoko CGXX3045
Katombo CGXX3046
Katongo CGXX3047
Katoro CGXX7755
Katsanga CGXX3048
Katshe CGXX0449
Katshiaka CGXX3049
Katua CGXX0450
Katulu CGXX3050
Katumfu CGXX3051
Katuti CGXX3052
Katwishi CGXX3053
Kavaya CGXX0451
Kavuaya CGXX0452
Kavula CGXX3054
Kavuya CGXX3055
Kawa CGXX3056
Kawadje CGXX7756
Kawai CGXX3057
Kawele CGXX7757
Kaweshi-Kibubu CGXX3058
Kaweshi-Kuku CGXX3059
Kawumba CGXX3060
Kawungu CGXX3061
Kayabi CGXX3062
Kayala CGXX0453
Kayala CGXX3063
Kayanda CGXX3064
Kayeye CGXX3065
Kayeza CGXX3066
Kayinga CGXX3067
Kayku-Zobe CGXX0454
Kayoko CGXX3068
Kayongo CGXX3069
Kaza CGXX0098
Kazamba CGXX3070
Kazamba-Kiala CGXX3071
Kazamba-Mvuye CGXX3073
Kazamba-Nguadi CGXX3074
Kazamba-Ngwangwa CGXX3075
Kazamba-Wanga CGXX3076
Kazanga CGXX3077
Kazekele CGXX3078
Kazemba CGXX3079
Kazimba CGXX3080
Kazola CGXX3081
Kazongolola CGXX3082
Kazu CGXX0455
Kazua CGXX3083
Kazui CGXX3084
Kazumba CGXX3085
Kazumba CGXX0099
Kazwanda CGXX3086
Kebakeba CGXX3087
Kebambili CGXX3088
Kebi CGXX3089
Kebo CGXX3090
Kedja CGXX7758
Keke CGXX7759
Kekior CGXX3091
Kekongo CGXX7760
Kekwa CGXX3092
Kela CGXX0456
Kelako CGXX3093
Kele-Mbu CGXX0457
Kelekele CGXX3094
Kelengo CGXX7761
Kelo CGXX7762
Kemba CGXX3095
Kemba CGXX0458
Kembali CGXX3096
Kembali-Mai CGXX3097
Kembeni II CGXX3098
Kembowala CGXX3099
Kembugunu CGXX3100
Kempa CGXX3101
Kempani CGXX3102
Kempani-Mbala CGXX3103
Kempimpi CGXX3104
Kemwa CGXX3105
Kemwane CGXX3106
Kenderogo CGXX7763
Kendi CGXX0459
Kenene CGXX3107
Kengani CGXX3108
Kengani CGXX0460
Kenge CGXX0461
Kenge CGXX3109
Kenge-Kuanza CGXX0462
Kenge-Londi CGXX0463
Kengele CGXX7765
Kengeville CGXX0464
Kengulu CGXX7766
Kenia CGXX3110
Kenia-Moke CGXX3111
Kenka CGXX0465
Kensenkwo CGXX3112
Kenza CGXX7767
Kereza CGXX7768
Kesa CGXX0466
Kese-Aval CGXX3113
Keseki CGXX3114
Kesenge CGXX3115
Kesesie CGXX3116
Keshi CGXX3117
Kesiri CGXX3118
Kezu CGXX7769
Khodo CGXX0467
Kiabweta CGXX0100
Kiadi CGXX0468
Kiadilo CGXX0469
Kiadona CGXX0470
Kiadonde CGXX0471
Kiaia CGXX0472
Kiaka CGXX3119
Kiaka-Fioti CGXX3120
Kiakia CGXX3121
Kiakongo CGXX0473
Kiala CGXX3122
Kiala CGXX0474
Kiala Deuxieme CGXX3123
Kiala-Baka CGXX3124
Kiala-Balakwilu CGXX3125
Kiala-Longo CGXX3126
Kialala CGXX3127
Kialowa CGXX0475
Kialu CGXX3128
Kiama CGXX3129
Kiamba CGXX3130
Kiambamba CGXX3131
Kiambo CGXX3132
Kiambu CGXX0476
Kiamfu CGXX3133
Kiamfu-Kiapenza CGXX3134
Kiamfu-Kinzadi CGXX3135
Kiamfu-Kuku CGXX3136
Kiana CGXX0477
Kiana CGXX3137
Kiana Simba CGXX0101
Kiando CGXX3138
Kiandu CGXX3139
Kiandu CGXX0478
Kianga CGXX0479
Kianga CGXX3140
Kianga-Kapemba CGXX3141
Kianga-Nima CGXX3142
Kiangata CGXX3143
Kiangu CGXX0480
Kianika CGXX3144
Kianika CGXX0481
Kianza CGXX3145
Kianzi CGXX3146
Kianzi CGXX0482
Kiasi CGXX0483
Kiasungua CGXX0484
Kiati CGXX3147
Kiazi CGXX0485
Kibaba CGXX3148
Kibai CGXX3149
Kibaki CGXX3150
Kibalamba CGXX3151
Kibamba CGXX3152
Kibamba CGXX0486
Kibamba-Kipzala CGXX3153
Kibambi CGXX0487
Kibambili CGXX3154
Kibambu CGXX3155
Kibandji CGXX3156
Kibangi CGXX3157
Kibangu CGXX0488
Kibangu CGXX3158
Kibangu-Koko CGXX3159
Kibangula CGXX3160
Kibansi CGXX0489
Kibanzu CGXX3161
Kibasa CGXX0490
Kibaya CGXX3162
Kibeki CGXX0491
Kibembele CGXX3163
Kibenga CGXX3164
Kibenga CGXX0492
Kibengedi CGXX3165
Kibengele CGXX3166
Kibentele CGXX0493
Kibenza-Sueka CGXX0494
Kibete CGXX0495
Kibeti CGXX3167
Kibeye CGXX3168
Kibiandu CGXX0496
Kibila CGXX3169
Kibilango CGXX0497
Kibilisa-Munipa CGXX3170
Kibinda CGXX3171
Kibinga CGXX3172
Kibinga CGXX0498
Kibinga-Fioti CGXX3173
Kibionso CGXX0499
Kibisi CGXX0500
Kibo CGXX3174
Kiboba-Matari CGXX3175
Kibobo CGXX3176
Kiboki CGXX3177
Kiboko CGXX3178
Kiboko-Mkiri CGXX3179
Kibolo CGXX3180
Kibolongo CGXX3181
Kiboma CGXX0501
Kibombo CGXX0502
Kibongo CGXX3182
Kibonza CGXX0503
Kibota CGXX0504
Kiboti CGXX3183
Kibotuka CGXX0505
Kibuanga CGXX3184
Kibuari CGXX3185
Kibubu CGXX3186
Kibueka CGXX0506
Kibuenze CGXX0507
Kibueta CGXX0508
Kibueya CGXX0509
Kibuila CGXX3187
Kibuka CGXX3188
Kibuki CGXX3189
Kibula CGXX0510
Kibulu CGXX3190
Kibunda CGXX3191
Kibunda Kayeye CGXX3192
Kibungu CGXX0511
Kibunze CGXX3193
Kibunzi CGXX0512
Kibunzi-Fioti CGXX0513
Kibunzila CGXX3194
Kibuta CGXX0514
Kibutsua CGXX0515
Kibutwa CGXX3195
Kibwanga CGXX3196
Kibwanzai CGXX3197
Kibwari CGXX3198
Kibwekele CGXX3199
Kibweta CGXX3200
Kibweya CGXX0516
Kibwika CGXX3201
Kibwimba CGXX3202
Kibwimi CGXX3203
Kidase CGXX0517
Kidesa CGXX0518
Kidiaki CGXX3204
Kidibu CGXX0519
Kidikila CGXX0520
Kidima CGXX3205
Kidima CGXX0102
Kidisia CGXX0521
Kidiungu CGXX3206
Kidula CGXX0522
Kiduma CGXX0523
Kidzweme CGXX3207
Kiehu CGXX3208
Kiela CGXX0524
Kiemba CGXX0525
Kienga CGXX0526
Kienga CGXX3209
Kienko CGXX3210
Kiesa CGXX0527
Kiesa-ka-Yenga CGXX0529
Kiesa-Kifwa CGXX0528
Kifilu CGXX3211
Kifilu-Bari CGXX3212
Kifilu-Bibwa CGXX3213
Kifitu CGXX3214
Kifua CGXX0530
Kifuakata CGXX0531
Kifuani CGXX0532
Kifudi CGXX0533
Kifuindi Buku CGXX0534
Kifuindi Tombe CGXX0535
Kifuku CGXX0536
Kifulu-Mashindu CGXX3215
Kifuma CGXX0537
Kifumunenga CGXX3216
Kifundisa CGXX3217
Kifunga CGXX3218
Kifungu CGXX3219
Kifungulu CGXX3220
Kifunsu CGXX0538
Kifuti CGXX3221
Kifutila CGXX0539
Kifutingulu CGXX0540
Kifwa CGXX0541
Kifwangi CGXX3222
Kifwanikina CGXX3223
Kifwanzondo CGXX3224
Kigala CGXX0542
Kigandu CGXX3225
Kigembi CGXX3226
Kigudi CGXX3227
Kigurwe CGXX0103
Kihambo-Kikwit CGXX3228
Kihari-Makanga CGXX3229
Kihombo CGXX3230
Kihuma CGXX3231
Kihunda CGXX3232
Kihunga CGXX3233
Kihunga-Konda CGXX3234
Kihungu CGXX3235
Kihutu CGXX3236
Kikaba CGXX0543
Kikabi-Kanika CGXX3237
Kikadi CGXX3238
Kikadulu CGXX0544
Kikaie CGXX0545
Kikaka CGXX3239
Kikakala CGXX3240
Kikalaba CGXX3241
Kikalakasa CGXX3242
Kikama CGXX3243
Kikamba CGXX3245
Kikamba-Beke CGXX0546
Kikana CGXX0547
Kikanda Premiere CGXX0548
Kikandi CGXX0549
Kikandji CGXX3246
Kikandu CGXX0550
Kikandu CGXX3247
Kikanga CGXX0551
Kikanga CGXX3248
Kikangi CGXX3249
Kikansa CGXX3250
Kikanza CGXX0552
Kikaseyena CGXX0553
Kikati CGXX0554
Kikaw CGXX3251
Kikawa CGXX3252
Kikela Mosi CGXX0555
Kikembo CGXX0556
Kikendji CGXX3253
Kikiadi CGXX0557
Kikiama CGXX0558
Kikiangala CGXX0559
Kikianika CGXX3254
Kikianika-Dango CGXX3255
Kikianika-Kapasu CGXX3256
Kikiari CGXX3257
Kikielo CGXX0560
Kikili CGXX0561
Kikinda CGXX0562
Kikindi CGXX3258
Kikindu CGXX0563
Kikinsi CGXX0564
Kikiongolo CGXX0565
Kikiosi CGXX0566
Kikiozi CGXX0567
Kikisa CGXX0568
Kikishi CGXX3259
Kikiula CGXX0569
Kiko CGXX3260
Kikoba CGXX0570
Kikobo CGXX3261
Kikodi CGXX0571
Kikofo CGXX3262
Kikoka CGXX0572
Kikoka CGXX3263
Kikola CGXX0573
Kikolo CGXX0574
Kikolo CGXX3264
Kikoma CGXX0575
Kikomba CGXX3265
Kikombo CGXX3266
Kikonda CGXX0576
Kikonde CGXX0577
Kikondji CGXX3267
Kikondji-Matuta CGXX3269
Kikondji-Muluta CGXX3270
Kikondo CGXX3271
Kikongi CGXX3272
Kikongo CGXX3273
Kikongo CGXX0578
Kikongo-Dikambi CGXX3274
Kikongo-Kalala CGXX3275
Kikongo-Lusasa CGXX3276
Kikongo-Menga CGXX0579
Kikongo-Mindanga CGXX3277
Kikongo-Mulashi CGXX3278
Kikongo-Vuamba CGXX3279
Kikongu CGXX3280
Kikonke CGXX0104
Kikonoi CGXX3281
Kikonzi CGXX3282
Kikonzi CGXX0580
Kikosa CGXX3283
Kikose CGXX3284
Kikosheni CGXX0105
Kikoshi CGXX3285
Kikosi CGXX0581
Kikoso CGXX3286
Kikoto CGXX3287
Kikuabi CGXX3288
Kikuania-Bulungu CGXX3289
Kikuanza CGXX0582
Kikuati CGXX0583
Kikubi CGXX3290
Kikuembo CGXX0584
Kikula CGXX0587
Kikula CGXX3291
Kikulukila CGXX3292
Kikulungu CGXX3293
Kikumba CGXX3294
Kikumbi CGXX0588
Kikumbi CGXX3295
Kikumi CGXX3296
Kikumu CGXX3297
Kikuna CGXX7770
Kikundika CGXX3298
Kikundu CGXX3299
Kikundula CGXX3300
Kikungila CGXX3301
Kikungu CGXX3302
Kikunza CGXX0589
Kikunzi CGXX3303
Kikuru CGXX0590
Kikusu CGXX3304
Kikusu-Bambi CGXX3305
Kikuti CGXX3306
Kikuti CGXX0592
Kikwa CGXX3307
Kikwama CGXX0593
Kikwanga CGXX3308
Kikwango CGXX3309
Kikwangu CGXX3310
Kikwanza CGXX3311
Kikwanza-Mambata CGXX3312
Kikwasi CGXX3313
Kikwati CGXX3314
Kikwatshi CGXX3315
Kikwene CGXX3316
Kikwengu CGXX3317
Kikwit CGXX3318
Kikwiti CGXX3319
Kiladi CGXX3320
Kilala CGXX3321
Kilalu CGXX0594
Kilama CGXX0595
Kilamba CGXX3322
Kilamuna CGXX0596
Kilanda CGXX0597
Kilao CGXX0598
Kile CGXX7771
Kilele CGXX0599
Kileleka CGXX0600
Kilemba CGXX3323
Kilemba CGXX0601
Kilembe CGXX3324
Kilembika CGXX0602
Kilembikisa CGXX0603
Kilembila CGXX0604
Kilemfu CGXX0605
Kilempo CGXX0606
Kilemvo CGXX0607
Kilenga CGXX0608
Kilengi CGXX0609
Kilengo III CGXX0610
Kilengula CGXX3325
Kilesa CGXX3326
Kilima CGXX3327
Kilinda CGXX3328
Kiloanda CGXX3329
Kiloango CGXX0611
Kilokoko CGXX3330
Kilolo CGXX3331
Kilombo CGXX0612
Kilombo CGXX3332
Kilombo-Mambuki CGXX3333
Kilomo CGXX3334
Kilomuana CGXX3335
Kilongo CGXX0613
Kilota CGXX0614
Kilua CGXX0615
Kiluaka CGXX0616
Kiluamba CGXX3336
Kilue CGXX0617
Kilueka CGXX0618
Kiluengo CGXX3337
Kilukulu CGXX0619
Kilulu CGXX3338
Kiluma CGXX3339
Kilumba CGXX0620
Kilumbio CGXX0621
Kilumbu CGXX0622
Kilumbu CGXX3340
Kilumbu Deuxieme CGXX0623
Kilunda CGXX3341
Kilundu CGXX3342
Kilundu Deuxieme CGXX3343
Kilunga CGXX0624
Kilungu-Djimba CGXX3344
Kiluntutu CGXX0625
Kilusu CGXX3345
Kiluvumbu CGXX0626
Kilwamba CGXX3346
Kilweka CGXX0627
Kima CGXX3347
Kima-Katenda CGXX3348
Kimadiata CGXX0628
Kimafu CGXX3349
Kimafu-Mundondo CGXX3350
Kimafwani CGXX0629
Kimafwani-Vwoka CGXX0630
Kimagalu CGXX0631
Kimagoga CGXX0632
Kimakesa CGXX0633
Kimakunga CGXX0634
Kimakusu CGXX0635
Kimalele CGXX0636
Kimalonda CGXX0637
Kimalundu CGXX0638
Kimamfu CGXX3351
Kimana CGXX0639
Kimanana CGXX0640
Kimandu CGXX3352
Kimangi CGXX0641
Kimangunu CGXX3353
Kimanzanza CGXX0642
Kimasala CGXX0643
Kimasampu CGXX0644
Kimasande CGXX0645
Kimasandi CGXX0646
Kimasaya CGXX0647
Kimasinsi CGXX0648
Kimata CGXX0649
Kimata-Manziamu CGXX0650
Kimata-Masabu CGXX0651
Kimatadi CGXX0652
Kimatanda CGXX0653
Kimatoto CGXX0654
Kimatu CGXX3354
Kimatusa CGXX0655
Kimatuta CGXX0656
Kimaw CGXX0657
Kimayala CGXX0658
Kimayata CGXX0659
Kimayenga CGXX0660
Kimaza CGXX0662
Kimazebo CGXX0663
Kimazi CGXX0664
Kimba CGXX3355
Kimba CGXX0665
Kimbadi CGXX0666
Kimbaka CGXX0667
Kimbaka CGXX3356
Kimbaku CGXX0668
Kimbala CGXX0669
Kimbala Muke CGXX0670
Kimbala Zolele CGXX0671
Kimbala-Twana CGXX3358
Kimbalataba CGXX0672
Kimbale CGXX0673
Kimbamba CGXX0674
Kimbamba CGXX3359
Kimbambi CGXX3360
Kimbambi CGXX0675
Kimbambo CGXX0676
Kimbambu CGXX0677
Kimbamuna CGXX0678
Kimbanda CGXX3361
Kimbango CGXX0679
Kimbangu CGXX0680
Kimbangu CGXX3362
Kimbanunu CGXX0681
Kimbanza CGXX3363
Kimbanza CGXX0682
Kimbao CGXX3364
Kimbari CGXX3365
Kimbasa CGXX3366
Kimbata CGXX3367
Kimbata CGXX0683
Kimbata-Finda CGXX0684
Kimbata-Luidi CGXX0685
Kimbata-Nsele CGXX0686
Kimbati CGXX3368
Kimbau CGXX3369
Kimbaza CGXX0687
Kimbegete CGXX3370
Kimbeka CGXX3371
Kimbekele CGXX3372
Kimbekwa CGXX3373
Kimbela CGXX0688
Kimbele CGXX3374
Kimbele-Ewungu CGXX3375
Kimbelo CGXX3376
Kimbemba CGXX0689
Kimbembi CGXX0690
Kimbembo CGXX0691
Kimbembo CGXX3377
Kimbenga CGXX3378
Kimbengi CGXX3379
Kimbengo CGXX0692
Kimbenza CGXX0693
Kimbenza CGXX3380
Kimbenza I CGXX0694
Kimbenza II CGXX0695
Kimbi CGXX3381
Kimbidi CGXX0696
Kimbidi CGXX3382
Kimbie CGXX3383
Kimbiki CGXX3384
Kimbilangundu CGXX3385
Kimbili CGXX3386
Kimbimbi CGXX0697
Kimbimbi CGXX3387
Kimbimbi Bumba CGXX3388
Kimbinda CGXX0698
Kimbinda-Mbamba CGXX0699
Kimbinga CGXX3389
Kimbinga-Lowala CGXX3390
Kimbini CGXX0700
Kimbo CGXX3391
Kimbo CGXX0701
Kimbokila CGXX3392
Kimboli CGXX3393
Kimbolo CGXX3394
Kimboma CGXX3395
Kimbona CGXX0702
Kimbondi-Mfumu CGXX3396
Kimbonga CGXX3397
Kimbongo CGXX3398
Kimboyo CGXX3399
Kimbu CGXX3400
Kimbuana CGXX0704
Kimbuandi CGXX0705
Kimbuanga CGXX0706
Kimbuba CGXX0707
Kimbuende CGXX3401
Kimbuete CGXX0106
Kimbuinga CGXX0708
Kimbuku CGXX0709
Kimbuku CGXX3402
Kimbuku Deuxieme CGXX0710
Kimbula CGXX3403
Kimbulu CGXX3404
Kimbulu CGXX0711
Kimbulu-Baka CGXX3405
Kimbulungu CGXX3406
Kimbuma CGXX3407
Kimbumba CGXX3408
Kimbumba CGXX0712
Kimbunda CGXX3409
Kimbundu CGXX0713
Kimbundu-Muzama CGXX3410
Kimbungu CGXX0714
Kimbwalo CGXX3411
Kimbwangi CGXX3412
Kimbwempi CGXX3413
Kimbwishi CGXX3414
Kimenga CGXX0715
Kimeso CGXX3415
Kimeso CGXX0716
Kimeya CGXX3416
Kimezu CGXX0717
Kimfinda CGXX0718
Kimfulu CGXX0719
Kimfumu-Dana CGXX3417
Kimgombe CGXX0720
Kimi CGXX7772
Kimiala CGXX0721
Kimingu CGXX0722
Kimiyala CGXX0723
Kimoanga CGXX3418
Kimofu CGXX3419
Kimoko CGXX0724
Kimolo CGXX3420
Kimombo CGXX0725
Kimomfu CGXX3421
Kimona CGXX0726
Kimongo CGXX0727
Kimongo Wolo CGXX0728
Kimono CGXX3422
Kimpaka CGXX0729
Kimpako CGXX0730
Kimpaku CGXX0731
Kimpamba CGXX0732
Kimpambu CGXX0733
Kimpamoi CGXX0734
Kimpana CGXX3423
Kimpanda CGXX0735
Kimpangala CGXX0736
Kimpangi-Kolo CGXX3425
Kimpangu CGXX0737
Kimpanguna CGXX0738
Kimpanzu CGXX0739
Kimpasa CGXX0740
Kimpasi CGXX0741
Kimpata CGXX3426
Kimpata CGXX0742
Kimpata-Iku CGXX3427
Kimpata-Koi CGXX3428
Kimpata-Lokwa CGXX3429
Kimpata-Mabaya CGXX3430
Kimpemba CGXX0743
Kimpembele CGXX3431
Kimpese CGXX0744
Kimpesi CGXX0745
Kimpete CGXX0746
Kimpevolo CGXX0747
Kimpika CGXX0748
Kimpingi CGXX0749
Kimpombo CGXX3432
Kimpompo CGXX0107
Kimpongo CGXX0750
Kimponzi CGXX3433
Kimpozia CGXX0751
Kimpudi CGXX0752
Kimpundi-Nsona CGXX0753
Kimpundu-Toiofa CGXX3434
Kimpungi CGXX0754
Kimpungu CGXX0755
Kimputu CGXX0756
Kimputu CGXX3435
Kimuako CGXX3436
Kimuanda CGXX0757
Kimuanga CGXX0758
Kimuanza CGXX3437
Kimudo CGXX0759
Kimueba CGXX0760
Kimuela CGXX0761
Kimuele CGXX3438
Kimuingulu CGXX0762
Kimuisi CGXX0763
Kimundu CGXX0764
Kimunga CGXX0765
Kimvaka CGXX0766
Kimvemba CGXX0767
Kimvidi CGXX0768
Kimvula CGXX0769
Kimvula-Kasanga CGXX0770
Kimvumu CGXX0771
Kimvungula CGXX3441
Kimvuza CGXX0772
Kimwamwa CGXX3442
Kimwana CGXX3443
Kimwangala CGXX3444
Kimwango CGXX0108
Kimwangu CGXX0773
Kimwanza CGXX3445
Kimwari CGXX3446
Kimwela CGXX3447
Kimwela-Kwai CGXX3448
Kimwengi CGXX3449
Kimwese Deuxieme CGXX3450
Kimwima CGXX3452
Kina CGXX3453
Kina-Bumba CGXX3454
Kinamba CGXX3455
Kinana CGXX3456
Kinanga CGXX0774
Kinanga-Luhulu CGXX0776
Kinasi CGXX0777
Kinata CGXX0778
Kindala CGXX3457
Kindamba CGXX3458
Kindamba CGXX0779
Kindambi CGXX3459
Kindamu CGXX3460
Kindango CGXX0780
Kindela CGXX3461
Kindele CGXX3462
Kindembe CGXX3463
Kindembo CGXX0781
Kindenda CGXX0784
Kindengo CGXX3464
Kindi CGXX3465
Kindi CGXX0785
Kindia CGXX3466
Kindimi CGXX3467
Kindinga CGXX3468
Kindinga-Kwaya CGXX3469
Kindji CGXX3470
Kindjoko CGXX3471
Kindofula CGXX0786
Kindolao CGXX0787
Kindombe CGXX0788
Kindombi CGXX3472
Kindona CGXX0789
Kindonga CGXX3473
Kindongi CGXX3474
Kindongo CGXX3475
Kindongolushi CGXX0790
Kindopolo CGXX0791
Kindua CGXX3476
Kinduli CGXX3477
Kindumba CGXX3478
Kindundu CGXX0792
Kindundu CGXX3479
Kindunga CGXX0795
Kindungula CGXX0796
Kinduti I CGXX0798
Kinduwa Premiere CGXX0799
Kinfuka CGXX0800
Kinga CGXX7773
Kinga CGXX3480
Kingalasa CGXX0801
Kingamafomo CGXX0802
Kingamba CGXX0803
Kingana CGXX0804
Kinganda CGXX3481
Kingandji CGXX3482
Kingando-Pondo CGXX3483
Kingandu CGXX0805
Kingandu CGXX3484
Kinganga CGXX0806
Kinganga CGXX3485
Kingangi CGXX3486
Kingangu CGXX3487
Kingangula CGXX0807
Kingani CGXX3488
Kinganshi CGXX3489
Kinganzi CGXX3490
Kingatsiana CGXX3491
Kingelema CGXX3492
Kingemba CGXX0808
Kingemba-Kinga CGXX0809
Kingemba-Lona CGXX0810
Kingete CGXX3493
Kingi CGXX7774
Kingila CGXX0811
Kingimbi CGXX0812
Kingino CGXX0813
Kingizi-Gangu CGXX3494
Kingo Kangi CGXX0814
Kingoi CGXX3495
Kingoi-Kisemi CGXX3496
Kingola CGXX3497
Kingolo CGXX0815
Kingoma CGXX3498
Kingoma CGXX0109
Kingoma-Ngoma CGXX3499
Kingomabanda CGXX3500
Kingombe CGXX3501
Kingombe CGXX0817
Kingombe I CGXX0818
Kingombo CGXX3502
Kingona-Sasa CGXX0819
Kingonda CGXX0820
Kingondi CGXX3503
Kingondi CGXX0821
Kingondji CGXX3504
Kingongo CGXX3505
Kingoyanakwa CGXX0822
Kingoye CGXX0823
Kingoyo CGXX0824
Kinguala CGXX0825
Kinguanda CGXX0826
Kinguangu CGXX3506
Kinguba CGXX3507
Kinguda CGXX3508
Kingudi CGXX0827
Kingudi CGXX3509
Kinguende CGXX3510
Kinguila CGXX0828
Kinguli CGXX0829
Kingulu CGXX3511
Kingulu-Kapaye CGXX3512
Kingulu-Vundu CGXX3513
Kingumba CGXX3514
Kingunda CGXX3515
Kingundu CGXX0830
Kingundu CGXX3516
Kingungi CGXX3517
Kingungu CGXX3518
Kingunu CGXX0831
Kingunu CGXX3519
Kingunzu CGXX3520
Kinguri CGXX3521
Kingushi CGXX3522
Kingusi CGXX0832
Kinguvu CGXX0833
Kingwamba CGXX3523
Kingwasa CGXX3524
Kingwaya CGXX3525
Kingwei CGXX0834
Kiniaginina CGXX3526
Kiniama CGXX3527
Kiniamba CGXX3528
Kiniangi CGXX3529
Kiniati CGXX0836
Kiniati CGXX3531
Kinienkila CGXX0837
Kiniku CGXX0838
Kinimi CGXX3532
Kinini CGXX3533
Kinioka CGXX0840
Kinitukaka CGXX0841
Kinji CGXX3534
Kinjiangu CGXX3535
Kinka CGXX3536
Kinkabanga CGXX0842
Kinkala CGXX0843
Kinkalaba CGXX0844
Kinkama CGXX3537
Kinkandu CGXX0845
Kinkanga CGXX0846
Kinkangala CGXX0847
Kinkangu CGXX0848
Kinkasa CGXX3538
Kinkasi Deuxieme CGXX0849
Kinkata CGXX3539
Kinkaw CGXX0850
Kinkayika CGXX0851
Kinkazu CGXX0852
Kinkeke CGXX0853
Kinkele CGXX0854
Kinkembele CGXX0855
Kinkenda CGXX0856
Kinkenga CGXX0857
Kinkenge CGXX0858
Kinkewa CGXX0859
Kinkia CGXX0860
Kinkiafu CGXX3540
Kinkiare CGXX3541
Kinkinsi CGXX0861
Kinko CGXX3542
Kinkoko CGXX0862
Kinkole CGXX3543
Kinkolo CGXX3544
Kinkombo CGXX0863
Kinkondo CGXX0864
Kinkonga CGXX0865
Kinkoshi CGXX3545
Kinkosi CGXX0866
Kinkoso-Nsere CGXX3546
Kinkubu CGXX3547
Kinkuku CGXX0868
Kinkumba CGXX0869
Kinkunda CGXX0870
Kinkungu CGXX0871
Kinkutu CGXX3549
Kinkutu CGXX0872
Kinkutu Deuxieme CGXX0873
Kinkuzu CGXX0875
Kinkwaki CGXX0876
Kinkwanga CGXX0877
Kinlanda CGXX0878
Kinlao CGXX0879
Kinlao-Kinimi CGXX0880
Kinlashi CGXX3550
Kinlasisa CGXX0881
Kinlele CGXX0882
Kinlengi CGXX0883
Kinlongo CGXX0884
Kinlumbu CGXX0885
Kinlungi CGXX0886
Kinoso CGXX0887
Kinsa CGXX0888
Kinsadi CGXX0889
Kinsafu CGXX0890
Kinsaka CGXX0891
Kinsako CGXX0892
Kinsaku CGXX0893
Kinsaku Lau CGXX0894
Kinsala CGXX0895
Kinsambi CGXX0896
Kinsangi CGXX0897
Kinsangu CGXX0898
Kinsansi CGXX0899
Kinsasa CGXX0900
Kinsasi CGXX0901
Kinsata CGXX0902
Kinsatshi CGXX0903
Kinsavula CGXX0904
Kinseka CGXX0905
Kinseke CGXX0906
Kinseki CGXX0907
Kinsele CGXX3551
Kinsele CGXX0908
Kinsembo CGXX0909
Kinsemi CGXX0910
Kinsende CGXX0911
Kinseni CGXX0912
Kinshasa CGXX0005
Kinshasa Nongo CGXX0913
Kinsiamo CGXX3552
Kinsiese CGXX0914
Kinsiesi CGXX0915
Kinsindu CGXX0916
Kinsinga CGXX0917
Kinsiona CGXX0918
Kinsiti CGXX0919
Kinsitu CGXX0920
Kinsoma CGXX0921
Kinsombe CGXX0922
Kinsomi CGXX3553
Kinsongi CGXX0923
Kinsongo CGXX0924
Kinsua CGXX0925
Kinsuamu CGXX0926
Kinsudi CGXX0927
Kinsuka CGXX0928
Kinsuki CGXX0929
Kinsumbu CGXX0930
Kinsumi CGXX0931
Kinsundi CGXX0932
Kinswa CGXX0933
Kintadi CGXX0934
Kintamba CGXX0935
Kintangi CGXX0936
Kintanu CGXX0937
Kintao CGXX0938
Kintata CGXX0939
Kinteke CGXX0940
Kintempe CGXX0941
Kinti CGXX0942
Kintin CGXX0943
Kintoi CGXX0944
Kintoni CGXX0945
Kintoto CGXX0946
Kintoto II CGXX0947
Kintsako-Kowa CGXX0948
Kintseka CGXX3554
Kintsua Premiere CGXX0949
Kintswe CGXX3556
Kintudi Nzuana CGXX0950
Kintumba I CGXX0951
Kintumba Ii CGXX0111
Kintumba III CGXX0952
Kintungi CGXX0953
Kintutila CGXX0954
Kintwala CGXX3557
Kinu CGXX0955
Kinua CGXX0956
Kinyembela CGXX0957
Kinyo CGXX3558
Kinzadandi CGXX0958
Kinzadi CGXX0959
Kinzadi CGXX3560
Kinzaka CGXX0960
Kinzala CGXX0961
Kinzalu CGXX0962
Kinzama CGXX3561
Kinzamba CGXX3562
Kinzamba-Mbala CGXX3563
Kinzamba-Nzombi CGXX3564
Kinzambi CGXX0963
Kinzambi CGXX3565
Kinzanda CGXX3566
Kinzandu CGXX0964
Kinzango CGXX0965
Kinzanza CGXX0966
Kinzanza CGXX3567
Kinzao CGXX0967
Kinzashi CGXX3568
Kinzau CGXX0968
Kinzau CGXX3570
Kinzau-Kitinit CGXX0969
Kinzau-Vuete CGXX0112
Kinzazi CGXX0970
Kinzazi Deuxieme CGXX0971
Kinzenga CGXX3571
Kinzenga CGXX0972
Kinzenzengo CGXX3572
Kinzeri CGXX3573
Kinzia CGXX3574
Kinzialu CGXX0973
Kinzietu CGXX0974
Kinzila CGXX0975
Kinzinga CGXX3575
Kinzinga CGXX0976
Kinzinzi CGXX3576
Kinzioto CGXX3577
Kinzoana CGXX0977
Kinzofu CGXX3578
Kinzoki CGXX0978
Kinzolo CGXX0979
Kinzomosi CGXX0980
Kinzuana CGXX0981
Kinzudi CGXX0982
Kinzuku CGXX3579
Kinzumba CGXX3580
Kinzumbu CGXX3581
Kinzundu CGXX0983
Kinzunzi CGXX0984
Kinzwanga CGXX3582
Kiobo CGXX0985
Kiobo Kuimba CGXX0986
Kiobo-Ngoi CGXX0987
Kioka CGXX0988
Kiombe CGXX0989
Kiombia CGXX0990
Kiombo CGXX3584
Kiongo CGXX0991
Kiongo CGXX3585
Kionzo CGXX0992
Kiosi CGXX0993
Kioto CGXX0994
Kiova CGXX3586
Kipa-Kapolo CGXX3587
Kipaka CGXX3588
Kipala CGXX0995
Kipala CGXX3589
Kipalanga CGXX3590
Kipalanga-Beti CGXX3591
Kipalanga-Kibai CGXX3592
Kipalanga-Koto CGXX3593
Kipalanga-Lukiri CGXX3594
Kipalanga-Mpwa CGXX3595
Kipalanga-Pua CGXX3596
Kipalanka CGXX3597
Kipalanka-Tensi CGXX3600
Kipama CGXX3601
Kipande CGXX3602
Kipandi CGXX3603
Kipanga CGXX3604
Kipanga-Kakese CGXX3605
Kipangu CGXX0996
Kipasa CGXX0997
Kipasi CGXX3606
Kipata CGXX3607
Kipata-Katika CGXX3608
Kipata-Mosasa CGXX3610
Kipaya CGXX3612
Kipele CGXX0998
Kipembe CGXX3613
Kipembele CGXX3614
Kipene CGXX0999
Kipenze CGXX1000
Kipetelo CGXX1001
Kipetoli CGXX1002
Kipfulungu CGXX1003
Kipiatu CGXX3615
Kipimba CGXX3616
Kipindi CGXX1004
Kipindji CGXX3617
Kipinzi CGXX3618
Kipita CGXX3619
Kipola CGXX3620
Kipolo CGXX3621
Kipombo CGXX3622
Kipombo CGXX1005
Kipondolo CGXX1006
Kipongi CGXX3623
Kipopo CGXX3624
Kipoto CGXX7775
Kipuanga CGXX3625
Kipuati CGXX1007
Kipuita CGXX3626
Kipuka CGXX3627
Kipuku CGXX3628
Kipukulu CGXX3629
Kipumba CGXX3630
Kipumbu Deuxieme CGXX3631
Kipundu CGXX3632
Kipungu Deuxieme CGXX3633
Kipungu Premiere CGXX3634
Kipungu-Bingila CGXX3635
Kipushi CGXX0006
Kipwala CGXX3636
Kipwanga CGXX3637
Kiri CGXX3638
Kisa CGXX3639
Kisadi CGXX1008
Kisadi CGXX3640
Kisafu CGXX1009
Kisaka CGXX1010
Kisakenda CGXX3641
Kisala CGXX3642
Kisala-Boi CGXX3643
Kisala-Kayita CGXX3644
Kisala-Kiama CGXX1011
Kisala-Mayaya CGXX3645
Kisala-Muanda CGXX1012
Kisama-Kivala CGXX1013
Kisamandjoko CGXX3646
Kisamba CGXX3647
Kisambo CGXX3648
Kisambwari CGXX3649
Kisamvi CGXX1014
Kisanda CGXX1015
Kisandji CGXX3650
Kisangani CGXX0007
Kisangi CGXX3651
Kisango Yenge CGXX3652
Kisangolu CGXX1016
Kisangu CGXX1017
Kisanguna CGXX1018
Kisania CGXX1019
Kisantere CGXX3653
Kisantu CGXX1020
Kisavu CGXX1021
Kisaye CGXX3654
Kisebula CGXX3655
Kisefu CGXX3656
Kisekani CGXX1022
Kiseke CGXX3657
Kisekwa CGXX0115
Kisembo CGXX3658
Kiseme I CGXX3659
Kisenda CGXX3660
Kisende CGXX1023
Kisenga CGXX3661
Kisenga-Pembe CGXX3662
Kisenge CGXX3663
Kisengele CGXX1024
Kisengi CGXX1025
Kisengo CGXX1026
Kisenlele CGXX3664
Kisenze CGXX3665
Kisenzele CGXX3666
Kisenzi CGXX3667
Kishia-Kambulu CGXX3668
Kishie CGXX3669
Kisia CGXX3670
Kisiaku CGXX1027
Kisiama CGXX3671
Kisiama CGXX1028
Kisielele CGXX1029
Kisieta-Kikobo CGXX3672
Kisikama CGXX3673
Kisiki CGXX1030
Kisimandjoko CGXX3674
Kisinga CGXX3675
Kisisa CGXX1031
Kislama CGXX1032
Kisoko CGXX3676
Kisoma CGXX3677
Kisonga CGXX0116
Kisonga CGXX3678
Kisongo-Mondo CGXX3679
Kisoshi CGXX0117
Kisoso CGXX3680
Kisoyo CGXX1033
Kisua CGXX3681
Kisuan CGXX1034
Kisubu CGXX3682
Kisuka CGXX3683
Kisumbu CGXX3685
Kisumka CGXX0118
Kisundi CGXX1035
Kisungu CGXX1037
Kisungu CGXX3686
Kisupa CGXX3687
Kisuti CGXX1038
Kitaba-Tune CGXX3688
Kitabe CGXX1039
Kitadi CGXX1040
Kitadila CGXX1041
Kitaka CGXX3689
Kitala CGXX1042
Kitamba-Wala CGXX1043
Kitambo CGXX7777
Kitambwe CGXX3690
Kitanda CGXX3691
Kitanda CGXX1044
Kitandu CGXX1045
Kitangu CGXX3692
Kitapa CGXX3693
Kitapi CGXX3694
Kiteke CGXX3695
Kiteke CGXX1046
Kiteki CGXX3696
Kiteko CGXX3697
Kitembo CGXX3698
Kitemeni-Kavumbi CGXX3699
Kitemeni-Milori CGXX3700
Kitemini-Bangi CGXX3701
Kitempa CGXX1047
Kitenda CGXX1048
Kitenda CGXX3702
Kitende CGXX3703
Kitende-Kamba CGXX1049
Kitenga CGXX3704
Kitenge CGXX3705
Kitengwa CGXX3706
Kitepa CGXX3707
Kitesheni CGXX0119
Kitetoro CGXX1050
Kitiodi CGXX1051
Kititi CGXX1052
Kitobo CGXX3708
Kitobola CGXX1053
Kitoi CGXX3709
Kitoke CGXX0120
Kitombadio CGXX1054
Kitombe CGXX1055
Kitombe CGXX3710
Kitombi CGXX3711
Kitombo CGXX7778
Kitombwe CGXX3712
Kitomesa CGXX1056
Kitona CGXX1057
Kitona CGXX3713
Kitondo CGXX3714
Kitondolo CGXX3715
Kitongika CGXX1058
Kitota CGXX3716
Kitota-Loange CGXX3717
Kitoto CGXX3718
Kitsakala-Panzu CGXX1059
Kitsako CGXX3719
Kitsako-Moanda CGXX1060
Kitsaku CGXX1061
Kitsala CGXX3720
Kitsamanga CGXX3721
Kitsamango CGXX3722
Kitsamba CGXX3723
Kitsema CGXX3724
Kitsenda CGXX3725
Kitshua-Nseke CGXX3726
Kitsiengo-Vungu CGXX1062
Kitsinda CGXX3727
Kitsinga CGXX3728
Kitsiola CGXX3729
Kitsona CGXX3730
Kitsongo CGXX3731
Kitsota Vuba CGXX1063
Kitsuaka CGXX3732
Kitsuka CGXX1064
Kitsumbu CGXX3733
Kitsusu CGXX3734
Kitsusu Premiere CGXX3735
Kitsutsu CGXX3736
Kituba CGXX1065
Kitubu CGXX3737
Kituenge CGXX1066
Kituia CGXX1067
Kituka CGXX1068
Kitula CGXX1069
Kitumba CGXX0121
Kitumba CGXX1070
Kitume CGXX1071
Kitundu CGXX1072
Kitundulu CGXX1073
Kitundulu CGXX3738
Kitunga CGXX1074
Kituza CGXX3739
Kitwengi CGXX1075
Kiula CGXX1076
Kiundundu CGXX3740
Kivala CGXX1077
Kivalka CGXX1078
Kivamka CGXX1079
Kivemba CGXX1080
Kivinda CGXX1081
Kivita CGXX1082
Kivonda CGXX3741
Kivonda CGXX1083
Kivuanda CGXX3742
Kivuandaba CGXX1084
Kivuangi CGXX1085
Kivuka CGXX1086
Kivulu CGXX1087
Kivunda CGXX1088
Kivunda CGXX3743
Kivunzu CGXX1089
Kivutula CGXX1090
Kivuyu CGXX1091
Kivuza CGXX1092
Kivwoka CGXX3744
Kiwa CGXX1093
Kiwala CGXX3745
Kiwala CGXX1094
Kiwamamba CGXX3746
Kiwamba CGXX3747
Kiwana CGXX3748
Kiwawa CGXX3749
Kiwembo CGXX1095
Kiwembo CGXX3750
Kiyabakana CGXX3751
Kiyala CGXX1096
Kiyana CGXX3752
Kiyanga CGXX1097
Kiyangila CGXX1098
Kiyanika CGXX1099
Kiyendu CGXX1100
Kiyenga CGXX1101
Kiyengo CGXX1102
Kiyimbi-Bingila CGXX3753
Kiyimbi-Yanga CGXX3754
Kiyombi CGXX3755
Kiyonda CGXX1103
Kizako CGXX1104
Kizamba CGXX3756
Kizamba-Kipoi CGXX3757
Kizanga CGXX3758
Kizanga-Mibala CGXX3759
Kizanza CGXX1105
Kizekezeke CGXX1106
Kizengamu CGXX3760
Kizi CGXX7779
Kizia CGXX3761
Kizika CGXX1107
Kizinga CGXX3762
Kizo CGXX1108
Kizoladio CGXX1109
Kizomba CGXX3763
Kizondo CGXX3764
Kizonzika CGXX1110
Kizu CGXX1111
Kizuao CGXX1112
Kizulu CGXX1113
Kizulu CGXX3765
Kizulukulu CGXX1114
Kizundu CGXX3766
Kizungu CGXX3767
Kobe CGXX1115
Kobo CGXX3768
Kodoko CGXX7780
Kodoro CGXX7781
Kogba CGXX7782
Kogbanga CGXX7783
Kogia CGXX7784
Kogwa CGXX7785
Koie CGXX7786
Kokanongo CGXX7787
Koko CGXX1116
Koko CGXX3769
Koko-dia-Sekula CGXX1117
Koko-Mombo CGXX3770
Kokolo CGXX3771
Kokuta CGXX7788
Kole CGXX3772
Kole CGXX7789
Kole-Kole CGXX3773
Kolekpwa CGXX7790
Koletulu CGXX3774
Kolo CGXX7791
Kolo CGXX1118
Kolo CGXX3775
Kolobeke CGXX3776
Kolofe CGXX7792
Kolokoso CGXX3777
Kolomboma CGXX3778
Kolongo CGXX7793
Kolonkema CGXX3779
Koma CGXX7794
Koma CGXX1119
Komambi CGXX3780
Komasa CGXX3781
Komba-Nzungu CGXX3782
Kombana CGXX3783
Kombe CGXX1120
Kombe CGXX7795
Kombi CGXX7796
Kombila CGXX3784
Kombo CGXX7797
Komenge CGXX7798
Komenge-Moke CGXX7799
Komolo CGXX7800
Komosi CGXX7801
Konda CGXX7802
Konda CGXX3785
Konde CGXX3786
Konde CGXX1122
Konde di Mbuma CGXX1123
Konde di Palanga CGXX1124
Konde di Vindu CGXX1125
Konde-Bamba CGXX1126
Konde-Hunga CGXX1127
Kondi CGXX3787
Kondi CGXX1128
Kondji CGXX3788
Kondo CGXX7803
Kondo CGXX1129
Kondo CGXX3789
Kondo-Kibunzi CGXX1130
Kondo-Kinzadi CGXX1131
Kondo-Malembe CGXX1132
Kondo-Wembo CGXX1133
Kongbo CGXX7805
Kongi Likeli CGXX7806
Kongi Lokombe CGXX7807
Kongila CGXX3790
Kongila-Kiamfu CGXX3791
Kongila-Ndolo CGXX3793
Konginina CGXX3794
Kongo CGXX1134
Kongo CGXX7808
Kongo dia Katshi CGXX1135
Kongo-Bayaka CGXX3796
Kongo-Botongo CGXX1136
Kongo-da-Kati CGXX1143
Kongo-da-Kilumbu CGXX1144
Kongo-Da-Luwesi CGXX1137
Kongo-Dalemba CGXX1138
Kongo-di-Kati CGXX1145
Kongo-Dia-Kati CGXX1139
Kongo-Dia-Vanga CGXX1140
Kongo-Kandi CGXX3797
Kongo-Landa CGXX3798
Kongo-Luwai CGXX3799
Kongo-Mulopo CGXX3800
Kongo-Tenta CGXX1141
Kongo-Vungu CGXX1142
Kongoyoso CGXX1147
Kongu CGXX7809
Konia CGXX7810
Koniongo CGXX7811
Konkeia CGXX3801
Kono CGXX7812
Konombo CGXX7813
Konso CGXX1148
Konza CGXX7814
Konzo CGXX1149
Konzombi CGXX3802
Kopele CGXX7815
Koriama CGXX3803
Korozo CGXX7816
Koshi CGXX3804
Koshi-Kizanga CGXX3805
Koshimbanda CGXX3807
Koshitu CGXX3808
Koso CGXX3809
Kotekonda CGXX7817
Koti CGXX3810
Koto CGXX7818
Kotobongo CGXX7819
Kotomanga CGXX7820
Kotshi CGXX3811
Kowa CGXX3812
Koyamuta CGXX7821
Koze-Bila CGXX1150
Kpotokpotua CGXX7822
Kpwala CGXX7823
Kpwetene CGXX7824
Kpwole CGXX7825
Kpwongo CGXX7826
Kuanza-Diuka CGXX1151
Kubi CGXX3813
Kubu CGXX7827
Kuda CGXX7828
Kudi CGXX3814
Kudi-Boma CGXX0122
Kugele CGXX7829
Kuidindi CGXX3815
Kuimba CGXX1152
Kuki II CGXX3816
Kuku CGXX3817
Kuku CGXX1153
Kula CGXX1154
Kulampanga CGXX7830
Kulindji CGXX3818
Kulonda CGXX3819
Kulonda-Mubote CGXX3820
Kulua CGXX1156
Kulua-Loko CGXX7831
Kuluamanza CGXX3821
Kulungu CGXX3822
Kulungu-Sengi CGXX3823
Kuluwa CGXX7832
Kuluzu CGXX1157
Kuma CGXX7833
Kumba CGXX1158
Kumba CGXX7834
Kumbakumba CGXX3824
Kumbanganda CGXX3825
Kumbati CGXX7835
Kumbele CGXX7836
Kumbi CGXX1159
Kumbi CGXX3826
Kumbi Deuxieme CGXX3827
Kumbi I CGXX3828
Kumbi II CGXX3829
Kumbi Moteba CGXX3830
Kumbi Premiere CGXX3831
Kumbi Troisieme CGXX1160
Kumbi-Makopa CGXX3832
Kumbi-Mosambi CGXX3833
Kumbu CGXX7837
Kumbu CGXX3834
Kumbu-Pweshi CGXX3835
Kumburu CGXX7838
Kumbwa CGXX0123
Kumi CGXX3836
Kumukan CGXX3837
Kumukari CGXX3838
Kumungu CGXX7839
Kunanwa CGXX0124
Kunda CGXX7840
Kunda CGXX1161
Kundi CGXX1162
Kundu CGXX7841
Kundu CGXX3839
Kundulu CGXX1163
Kunga CGXX1164
Kunga CGXX3840
Kungu CGXX7842
Kungu CGXX1165
Kungu Kiniangi CGXX3841
Kungu Lusenga CGXX1166
Kungu Yete CGXX7843
Kungu-Mbambi CGXX0125
Kuni CGXX3842
Kunzao CGXX1167
Kunzi CGXX3843
Kunzulu CGXX3844
Kurudjo CGXX7844
Kuse CGXX7845
Kusi CGXX1168
Kusu CGXX3845
Kusu-Bakali CGXX3846
Kusu-Tsai CGXX3847
Kuta CGXX3848
Kuti CGXX3849
Kutindi CGXX3850
Kutshu CGXX7846
Kutu CGXX3851
Kutu CGXX7847
Kutu-Kindia CGXX3852
Kutu-Moke CGXX3853
Kutumpai CGXX3854
Kuvi-Matanga CGXX1169
Kuvumbi CGXX0126
Kuyi CGXX1170
Kuzi CGXX1171
Kwado CGXX7848
Kwakasa CGXX3855
Kwamba CGXX3856
Kwamouth CGXX3857
Kwanga CGXX3858
Kwanga-Nganza CGXX3859
Kwanza CGXX1172
Kwanza CGXX7849
Kwata CGXX7850
Kwati CGXX3860
Kwati-Mabengi CGXX3861
Kwatiyoko CGXX3862
Kwawa CGXX7851
Kwaya CGXX3863
Kwebe CGXX3864
Kwekambo CGXX7852
Kweso CGXX3865
Kwilu CGXX1173
Kwilu-Lufuku CGXX3866
Kwilu-Ngongo CGXX1174
Kwilumpia CGXX3867
Kwimbe CGXX3868
Kwimengon CGXX3869
Kwinsin CGXX3870
Kwongolo CGXX7853
Kworoko CGXX7854
Kyende CGXX1175
Kyombia CGXX1176
Laba CGXX3871
Laba-Koko CGXX3872
Laba-Mbele CGXX3873
Ladi CGXX1177
Ladi CGXX3874
Ladzume CGXX3875
Lagba CGXX7855
Lagba Premiere CGXX7856
Lako Fioto CGXX3876
Lakoa CGXX1178
Lala CGXX1179
Lale CGXX3877
Lalu Sefu CGXX1180
Lamba CGXX3878
Lamba CGXX1181
Lambazi CGXX1182
Lambu CGXX1183
Lampa CGXX1184
Landa CGXX7857
Landa CGXX3879
Langa-Langa CGXX0127
Langalanga CGXX7858
Lanla CGXX1186
Larme CGXX3880
Lata CGXX7859
Latakemela CGXX7860
Lawu CGXX7861
Lebama CGXX3881
Lebo CGXX7862
Lebu CGXX3882
Lediba CGXX3883
Ledoma CGXX3884
Ledoma-Nkana CGXX3885
Legbobanga CGXX7863
Lekabo CGXX7864
Lekana CGXX3886
Lekei CGXX3887
Leko CGXX3888
Lekwivu CGXX3889
Lele-Sikila CGXX1187
Lelemba CGXX0128
Lemba CGXX3890
Lemba CGXX1188
Lembo CGXX7865
Lembo CGXX1189
Lembolo CGXX1190
Lembolo Mbinza CGXX1191
Lembolo Mputu CGXX1192
Lembwa CGXX1193
Lemfo CGXX1194
Lemfu CGXX3891
Lemfu CGXX1195
Lemia CGXX7866
Lemo CGXX1196
Lenga CGXX1197
Lenge CGXX7867
Lenge CGXX1198
Lengo CGXX7868
Lenko CGXX3892
Leotshi CGXX7869
Lewo CGXX3893
Liaka CGXX7870
Liango CGXX7871
Liangola CGXX7872
Libamba CGXX7873
Libanda CGXX7874
Libandi CGXX7875
Libangi CGXX7876
Libango CGXX7877
Libanza CGXX7878
Libeke CGXX7879
Libela CGXX7880
Libenga CGXX7881
Libenge CGXX0129
Libenge-Kete CGXX7882
Libindja CGXX7883
Libinza CGXX7884
Libiri CGXX7885
Libo I CGXX3894
Libobi CGXX7886
Liboko CGXX7887
Libombo CGXX7888
Libombo-Mai CGXX7889
Libona CGXX7890
Libondje CGXX7891
Libongo Djoko CGXX3895
Libute CGXX7892
Libutu CGXX7893
Lida CGXX7894
Lieke CGXX7895
Lieke-Asangu CGXX7896
Liemba CGXX7897
Liese CGXX3896
Liese CGXX7898
Lifake CGXX7899
Lifanga CGXX7900
Lifengo CGXX7901
Lifoku CGXX7902
Lifondi CGXX7903
Lifotuma CGXX7904
Lifumba CGXX7905
Lifumu CGXX7906
Lifunga CGXX7907
Lifuta CGXX7908
Ligudu CGXX7909
Ligwa CGXX7910
Likake CGXX7911
Likako CGXX7912
Likala CGXX7913
Likambo CGXX7914
Likapo CGXX7915
Likasa CGXX7916
Likasi CGXX0008
Likata CGXX7917
Likaw CGXX7918
Likaw Premiere CGXX7919
Likedji CGXX7920
Likeli CGXX7921
Liketa CGXX7922
Likete CGXX7923
Likimi CGXX7924
Likimi-Moke CGXX7925
Likoko CGXX7926
Likokombe CGXX7927
Likoli CGXX7928
Likolo CGXX7929
Likoloto CGXX7930
Likombe CGXX7931
Likondji CGXX7932
Likongo CGXX7933
Likote CGXX7934
Likuku CGXX7935
Likulu CGXX7936
Likulumkuma CGXX7937
Likulunkuma CGXX7938
Likumo CGXX7939
Likunandjoku CGXX7940
Likutu CGXX7941
Likwalo CGXX7942
Likwanda CGXX7943
Likwangbala CGXX7944
Likwangula CGXX7945
Likwangula CGXX3897
Likwelo CGXX7946
Lilanga CGXX7947
Lileke CGXX7948
Lileko CGXX7949
Lileko-Batua CGXX7950
Lilemba CGXX7951
Lilenga CGXX7952
Lilongo CGXX7953
Limandja CGXX7954
Limania CGXX7955
Limaya CGXX7956
Limbemba CGXX7957
Limbomo CGXX7958
Limboyo CGXX7959
Limbute CGXX7960
Limeme CGXX7961
Limongo CGXX7962
Limosa CGXX7963
Limpandza CGXX7964
Limpinga CGXX7965
Limpoko CGXX7966
Limume CGXX7967
Lindombo CGXX7968
Lindu CGXX1200
Line CGXX7969
Linga CGXX7970
Linganga CGXX7971
Lingatwana CGXX7972
Linginda CGXX7973
Lingite CGXX7974
Lingoma CGXX7975
Lingomo CGXX7976
Lingomo Deuxieme CGXX7977
Lingondju CGXX7978
Lingongo CGXX7979
Lingoye CGXX7980
Lingu CGXX7981
Lingunda CGXX7982
Lingundu CGXX7983
Linjamba CGXX7984
Linza CGXX7985
Linzamba CGXX7986
Linzenze CGXX1201
Liombo CGXX7988
Lionda CGXX7989
Liondo CGXX7990
Liosinga CGXX7991
Lipanga CGXX7992
Lipoko CGXX7993
Lisafa CGXX7994
Lisala CGXX7995
Lisanga CGXX1202
Lisasu CGXX7996
Lishia CGXX3898
Lisingo CGXX7997
Lisobe CGXX3899
Lisoko CGXX7998
Lisokwene CGXX7999
Lisombo CGXX8000
Litaka CGXX8001
Lite CGXX8002
Lite Indigene CGXX8003
Lite-Sobe CGXX8004
Litoka CGXX8005
Litoro CGXX8006
Lituli CGXX8007
Litumba-Djololo CGXX8008
Litumba-Ekombo CGXX8009
Liwa Deuxieme CGXX8010
Liwa Premiere CGXX8011
Liwea CGXX8012
Liyengo CGXX8013
Loadi CGXX1203
Loanda CGXX3900
Loanda CGXX1204
Loandji-Bapende CGXX3901
Loandji-Bawongo CGXX3902
Loanga CGXX8014
Loanga Mbatshi CGXX1205
Loango CGXX8015
Loango Buele CGXX1206
Loanza CGXX1207
Lobai CGXX8016
Lobaka CGXX8017
Lobalu CGXX3903
Lobeke CGXX3904
Lobolo CGXX8018
Lobongo CGXX3905
Lobu CGXX8019
Lobungu CGXX3906
Loeka CGXX8020
Loenda CGXX3907
Loende CGXX8021
Loende CGXX1208
Lofeli CGXX8022
Lofili CGXX8023
Lofili-Yongo CGXX8024
Lofima CGXX8025
Lofoi CGXX8026
Lofoli CGXX8027
Lofoloko CGXX3908
Lofoma CGXX8028
Lofonda CGXX8029
Lofondo CGXX8030
Lofongo CGXX8031
Lofori CGXX8032
Lofosola CGXX8033
Lofukia CGXX8034
Lofuko CGXX8035
Loka CGXX8036
Lokakao CGXX3909
Lokako CGXX8037
Lokalema CGXX8038
Lokali CGXX8039
Lokandu CGXX1209
Lokekia CGXX8040
Lokilibongo CGXX3910
Lokinda CGXX8041
Loko CGXX8042
Lokofa CGXX8043
Lokofa-Bokolongo CGXX8044
Lokofe CGXX8045
Lokokoloko CGXX8046
Lokola CGXX8047
Lokolama CGXX8048
Lokole CGXX8049
Lokolefeko CGXX8050
Lokolenge CGXX8051
Lokololi CGXX3912
Lokombe CGXX3913
Lokombo CGXX8052
Lokombo-Lileke CGXX8053
Lokona CGXX8054
Lokondola CGXX8055
Lokonge CGXX8056
Lokongo CGXX8057