Weather Codes for Czech Republic

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Czech Republic. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abaschin EZXX8122
Abertamy EZXX0050
Adamov EZXX7211
Adamov EZXX0051
Adrspach EZXX0052
Alber EZXX5568
Alberice EZXX8123
Alberov EZXX8124
Albrechtice EZXX9997
Albrechtice EZXX5569
Albrechtice EZXX9471
Albrechticky EZXX9999
Albrechtovice EZXX5570
Alenina Lhota EZXX5571
Alexovice EZXX7212
Alsovice EZXX9472
Amerika EZXX5572
Amongsgruen EZXX8125
Andelka EZXX9473
Andelska Hora EZXX0055
Andelska Hora EZXX9474
Anenska Ves EZXX8126
Annovice EZXX5573
Antoninov EZXX9475
Antoninovo Udoli EZXX8644
Archlebov EZXX7213
Arnestovice EZXX0056
Arnoldov EZXX8127
Arnolec EZXX5574
Arnoltice EZXX9476
Arnoltice EZXX2781
Arnoltov EZXX8128
Arnostka EZXX5575
Arnostov EZXX8645
Arnostov EZXX5576
Arnultovice EZXX9477
Arnultovice EZXX8646
Artolec EZXX5577
As EZXX0058
Ava EZXX8129
Babcice EZXX5578
Babi EZXX8647
Babice EZXX7215
Babice EZXX5579
Babice EZXX0059
Babice EZXX8130
Babice u Rosic EZXX7217
Babolky EZXX7218
Babylon EZXX0060
Bacalky EZXX0061
Bacetin EZXX0062
Backov EZXX0063
Bacov EZXX7219
Bacov EZXX8648
Bahna EZXX7220
Bakov EZXX8649
Balkova Lhota EZXX0065
Banovice EZXX5580
Bantice EZXX7221
Barchov EZXX0066
Barchovice EZXX0067
Barchuvek EZXX8650
Bartosovice EZXX8651
Bartousov EZXX8652
Basnice EZXX0068
Batin EZXX8653
Batnovice EZXX0070
Bavorov EZXX0071
Bavorovice EZXX5581
Bavory EZXX7222
Bavoryne EZXX0072
Bazantnice EZXX7223
Bdeneves EZXX0073
Bdin EZXX0074
Becharky EZXX8654
Bechary EZXX0075
Bechlin EZXX0076
Bechyne EZXX0077
Bechynska Smolec EZXX5582
Becice EZXX0078
Beckov EZXX8655
Becov EZXX0079
Becov nad Teplou EZXX0080
Becvary EZXX0081
Bednare EZXX5584
Bednarec EZXX0082
Bednarecek EZXX5585
Bedovice EZXX8656
Bedrichov EZXX5586
Bedrichov EZXX0083
Bedrichov EZXX7224
Bedrichov EZXX8657
Bedrichovice EZXX7225
Bedrichovka EZXX9478
Bedrichovka EZXX8658
Beharov EZXX0084
Beharovice EZXX7226
Bela EZXX9479
Bela EZXX0085
Bela EZXX5587
Bela EZXX8659
Bela u Pecky EZXX8660
Belcice EZXX0088
Belcovice EZXX5588
Belec EZXX0089
Belec EZXX5589
Belec nad Orlici EZXX0090
Belecska Lhota EZXX5590
Belen EZXX5591
Beloky EZXX0091
Beloves EZXX8661
Belun EZXX8662
Belusice EZXX0092
Belvedere EZXX7228
Bely EZXX8663
Benatky EZXX0093
Bencice EZXX5592
Bendovo Zahori EZXX5593
Benecko EZXX9480
Benesov EZXX8665
Benesov EZXX7229
Benesov EZXX0095
Benesov u Semil EZXX0098
Benesova Hora EZXX5594
Benesovice EZXX9481
Benesovice EZXX0099
Benikovice EZXX5595
Beranov EZXX8131
Beranova Lhota EZXX5596
Beranovka EZXX8132
Bernardov EZXX0100
Bernartice EZXX8666
Bernartice EZXX0101
Bernov EZXX8133
Beroun EZXX0001
Beroun EZXX8134
Berovice EZXX0102
Berunice EZXX0103
Besedice EZXX9482
Besednice EZXX0104
Besiny EZXX0105
Beskov EZXX9483
Bestin EZXX0106
Bestvina EZXX0107
Bestviny EZXX8667
Bezdecin EZXX9484
Bezdecin EZXX5597
Bezdedovice EZXX0108
Bezdekov EZXX8135
Bezdekov EZXX8668
Bezdekov EZXX0109
Bezdekov EZXX5598
Bezdez EZXX9485
Bezdruzice EZXX0112
Bezerovice EZXX5599
Bezkov EZXX7231
Beznik EZXX8669
Bezno EZXX0113
Bezverov EZXX0114
Bezverov EZXX8136
Bierbruck EZXX5600
Bila EZXX0115
Bila Hlina EZXX0116
Bila Hurka EZXX5601
Bila Tremesna EZXX0117
Bile Podoli EZXX0118
Bile Policany EZXX0119
Bilence EZXX0120
Bilichov EZXX0121
Bilina EZXX0122
Bilina EZXX5602
Bilina Kyselka EZXX0123
Bilinka EZXX5603
Bilkov EZXX5604
Bilkovice EZXX0124
Bilov EZXX0125
Bilovice EZXX5605
Bilsko EZXX0126
Bilsko EZXX8670
Bily Dvur EZXX5606
Bily Potok EZXX0128
Bily Ujezd EZXX0129
Biskoupky EZXX7233
Bitouchov EZXX9486
Bitov EZXX5607
Bitov EZXX7234
Blahonov EZXX7235
Blanice EZXX5608
Blanicka EZXX5609
Blanne EZXX7236
Blansko EZXX5610
Blansko EZXX2863
Blata EZXX8671
Blatce EZXX0130
Blatec EZXX9487
Blatec EZXX5611
Blatecky EZXX9488
Blatenka EZXX5612
Blatiny EZXX5613
Blatna EZXX0131
Blatnice EZXX7238
Blatnice EZXX0132
Blatnice EZXX5615
Blatnicka EZXX7239
Blatno EZXX0133
Blato EZXX5616
Blazejov EZXX0134
Blazejovice EZXX5617
Blazejovice EZXX0135
Blazim EZXX0136
Blazkov EZXX5618
Blazkov EZXX8672
Blazovice EZXX7240
Blehov EZXX5619
Blesno EZXX0137
Blevice EZXX0138
Blizejov EZXX0139
Blizevedly EZXX0140
Blizkovice EZXX7241
Blizna EZXX5620
Blizsi Lhota EZXX5621
Blovice EZXX0141
Blsany EZXX0142
Blucina EZXX7242
Bludna EZXX8137
Bobnice EZXX0143
Bobovec EZXX5622
Bobr EZXX8673
Boc EZXX8138
Bochov EZXX0144
Boden EZXX8139
Bohanka EZXX0145
Boharyne EZXX8674
Bohate Malkovice EZXX7243
Bohatice EZXX8140
Bohatice EZXX0146
Bohdalice EZXX7244
Bohdalin EZXX0147
Bohdalovice EZXX9489
Bohdalovice EZXX0148
Bohdanec EZXX0149
Bohdasin EZXX0150
Bohostice EZXX0151
Bohouskovice EZXX5623
Bohumilec EZXX9490
Bohumilice EZXX5624
Bohumilice EZXX7245
Bohunice EZXX7246
Bohunice EZXX0152
Bohunovsko EZXX9491
Bohuslav EZXX8141
Bohuslav EZXX9492
Bohuslavice EZXX7247
Bohuslavice EZXX0153
Bohutice EZXX7248
Bohutin EZXX0155
Bohy EZXX0156
Bojanov EZXX0157
Bojanovice EZXX7249
Bojanovice EZXX0158
Bojenice EZXX5626
Bojesice EZXX5627
Bojiste EZXX0159
Bojiste EZXX8677
Bolebor EZXX0160
Boleradice EZXX7250
Boleslav EZXX9493
Boletice EZXX5628
Bolikov EZXX5629
Bolikovice EZXX5630
Bolkov EZXX8679
Bolkov EZXX0162
Boly EZXX5631
Bor EZXX5632
Bor EZXX0163
Bor EZXX8142
Borac EZXX7251
Boranovice EZXX0164
Borcice EZXX5633
Borec EZXX0165
Borecek EZXX9494
Borecnice EZXX5634
Borejov EZXX9495
Borek EZXX8143
Borek EZXX8680
Borek EZXX9496
Borek EZXX0166
Boretice EZXX7252
Boretin EZXX0167
Boretin EZXX5636
Boretin EZXX9497
Borice EZXX5637
Borice EZXX0168
Borislav EZXX0169
Boritov EZXX7253
Borkov EZXX9498
Borkovany EZXX7254
Borkovice EZXX5638
Borohradek EZXX0170
Borotice EZXX7255
Borotin EZXX7256
Borotin EZXX0171
Borova EZXX0172
Borova EZXX5639
Borova Lada EZXX0173
Borovany EZXX0174
Borovice EZXX8681
Borovnice EZXX0175
Borovnice EZXX8682
Borovnicka EZXX0176
Borovnik EZXX7258
Borovno EZXX0177
Borovy EZXX0178
Borsikov EZXX5642
Borsov EZXX7259
Borsov EZXX5643
Bosen EZXX0179
Bosice EZXX0180
Bosilec EZXX0181
Bosirany EZXX8144
Boskovice EZXX2916
Boskovstejn EZXX7260
Boskuvky EZXX7261
Bosonohy EZXX7262
Bosovice EZXX7263
Bosovice EZXX5645
Bostov EZXX5646
Boubska EZXX5647
Bouci EZXX8145
Boudy EZXX7264
Boudy EZXX0182
Bousov EZXX0183
Bozanov EZXX0184
Bozdova Lhota EZXX5648
Bozejov EZXX5649
Bozejovice EZXX5650
Bozetice EZXX0185
Bozetin EZXX8146
Bozi Dar EZXX0186
Bozicany EZXX8147
Bozice EZXX7265
Bozikov EZXX9499
Bozkovska EZXX0187
Brabec EZXX5651
Brada EZXX8683
Bradacov EZXX5652
Bradlec EZXX0188
Bradlecka Lhota EZXX0189
Brambory EZXX0190
Brandlin EZXX5653
Brandov EZXX0191
Brandysek EZXX0193
Branice EZXX0194
Braniskov EZXX7266
Branisov EZXX8148
Branisov EZXX0195
Branisovice EZXX7267
Branisovice EZXX5655
Brankovice EZXX7268
Branna EZXX5656
Branov EZXX0196
Braskov EZXX0197
Brasy EZXX0198
Bratcice EZXX7269
Bratcice EZXX0199
Bratkovice EZXX0200
Bratrice EZXX0201
Bratrikov EZXX9500
Bratrinov EZXX0202
Bratronice EZXX5657
Bratronice EZXX0203
Bratrouchov EZXX9501
Brazec EZXX8149
Brazec EZXX8684
Brdo EZXX8685
Breclav EZXX0035
Brehov EZXX0204
Brehy EZXX0205
Brehy EZXX5658
Brejle EZXX5659
Brenna EZXX9502
Brevniste EZXX5660
Brevniste EZXX9503
Brezany EZXX7270
Brezany EZXX0206
Brezhrad EZXX8686
Brezi EZXX0207
Brezi EZXX7271
Brezi EZXX5661
Brezina EZXX7272
Brezina EZXX0208
Brezina EZXX8687
Brezka EZXX8688
Breznice EZXX0209
Breznice EZXX5662
Brezno EZXX0210
Brezova EZXX0211
Brezova EZXX8689
Brezova EZXX9504
Brezovice EZXX0212
Brezovice EZXX8690
Brezovice EZXX5663
Brezovik EZXX5664
Bridlova EZXX8152
Brilice EZXX5665
Bristev EZXX8692
Bristvi EZXX0213
Brixuv Dvur EZXX5666
Briza EZXX0214
Briza EZXX8153
Briza EZXX8693
Brloh EZXX5667
Brloh EZXX0215
Brlozec EZXX8154
Brna EZXX8694
Brnany EZXX0216
Brnany EZXX7273
Brnirov EZXX0217
Brniste EZXX9505
Brno EZXX0002
Brno stred EZXX7275
Brocna EZXX8695
Brod nad Dyji EZXX7276
Brodce EZXX0218
Brodec EZXX0219
Brodek EZXX7277
Brodek EZXX8697
Brodeslavy EZXX0220
Brouckova Lhota EZXX5668
Broumov EZXX0221
Broumy EZXX0222
Brtec EZXX5669
Brtev EZXX8698
Brtna EZXX8156
Brumov EZXX7279
Bruntal EZXX2960
Brusna EZXX7281
Brusna EZXX5670
Brusnice EZXX8699
Brusy EZXX5671
Brvany EZXX0223
Brzanky EZXX0224
Brzice EZXX0225
Bublava EZXX0226
Bubovice EZXX0227
Buci EZXX0228
Bucnice EZXX8700
Bucovice EZXX7282
Budakov EZXX5672
Budceves EZXX0229
Budec EZXX5673
Budicovice EZXX5674
Budikov EZXX9506
Budilov EZXX5675
Budimerice EZXX0230
Budin EZXX8701
Budiskovice EZXX5676
Budislav EZXX0231
Budkov EZXX0232
Budkovice EZXX7283
Budov EZXX8157
Budweis EZXX0030
Budyne EZXX0233
Budyne nad Ohri EZXX0234
Bujanov EZXX0235
Buk EZXX0236
Bukova EZXX5679
Bukova EZXX0237
Bukovany EZXX9507
Bukovany EZXX7284
Bukovany EZXX0238
Bukovec EZXX0239
Bukovec EZXX9508
Bukovice EZXX0240
Bukovice EZXX7285
Bukovina EZXX7286
Bukovina EZXX8158
Bukovina EZXX8702
Bukovina EZXX9509
Bukovina u Ciste EZXX0241
Bukovina u Pecky EZXX8703
Bukovinka EZXX7287
Bukovka EZXX5680
Bukovka EZXX0242
Bukovnik EZXX0243
Bukovno EZXX0244
Bukovsko EZXX5681
Bukovy EZXX8704
Bukvice EZXX0245
Bukvice EZXX5682
Bulhary EZXX7288
Bulovka EZXX0246
Burany EZXX9510
Burkersdorf EZXX8705
Bus EZXX0247
Busanovice EZXX0248
Bustehrad EZXX0249
Butoves EZXX0250
Buzice EZXX0251
Buzkov EZXX5683
Bychory EZXX0252
Byckovice EZXX0253
Bydzovska Lhotka EZXX8706
Bykev EZXX0254
Bykos EZXX0255
Bykovice EZXX7289
Bylany EZXX0256
Bynov EZXX5684
Bysice EZXX0257
Bystra EZXX9511
Bystrany EZXX0260
Bystrc EZXX7290
Bystre EZXX0261
Bystrice EZXX0262
Bystrina EZXX8159
Byzhradec EZXX0263
Bzany EZXX0264
Bzenec EZXX7291
Bzi EZXX9512
Bzi EZXX5685
Bzova EZXX0265
Bzova EZXX5686
Cabuze EZXX5687
Cachovice EZXX0266
Cachrov EZXX0267
Cakov EZXX0268
Cakovec EZXX5688
Cakovicky EZXX0269
Calovice EZXX8709
Canka EZXX8710
Cankov EZXX8160
Caslav EZXX0270
Caslavky EZXX8711
Castkov EZXX0271
Castolovice EZXX0272
Castolovice EZXX9513
Casy EZXX0273
Cavyne EZXX5689
Cebin EZXX7292
Cebiv EZXX0274
Cecelovice EZXX0275
Cechtice EZXX0276
Cechyne EZXX7293
Ceckovice EZXX0277
Cecovice EZXX0278
Cehnice EZXX0279
Cejc EZXX7294
Cejetice EZXX0280
Cejkovice EZXX8713
Cejkovice EZXX0281
Cejkovice EZXX7295
Cejsice EZXX5690
Cekanice EZXX5691
Celadice EZXX7296
Celakovice EZXX0282
Celkovice EZXX5692
Celoznice EZXX7297
Cenice EZXX8714
Cenkov EZXX5693
Cenkov EZXX0283
Cep EZXX0284
Ceperka EZXX0285
Ceprovice EZXX0286
Ceradice EZXX0287
Ceraz EZXX5694
Cercany EZXX0288
Cerejov EZXX5695
Cerekvice EZXX8715
Cerhenice EZXX0289
Cerhonice EZXX0290
Cermakovice EZXX7298
Cermna EZXX0291
Cerna EZXX9514
Cerna EZXX8161
Cerna Hora EZXX8716
Cerna Hora EZXX7299
Cerna Lada EZXX5696
Cerna Novina EZXX9515
Cerna Pole EZXX7300
Cerna Ricka EZXX9516
Cerna v Posumavi EZXX0292
Cerna Voda EZXX8717
Cernava EZXX0293
Cerncice EZXX0294
Cerncice EZXX8718
Cerncin EZXX7301
Cerne Udoli EZXX5697
Cerne Voderady EZXX0295
Cernetice EZXX5698
Cerneves EZXX5699
Cernice EZXX5700
Cernikov EZXX0296
Cernikov EZXX5701
Cernikovice EZXX0297
Cernikovice EZXX8719
Cerniky EZXX0298
Cernilov EZXX0299
Cernin EZXX7302
Cerniny EZXX0300
Cerniv EZXX0301
Cernivsko EZXX5702
Cernolice EZXX0302
Cernosice EZXX0303
Cernosin EZXX0304
Cernoucek EZXX0305
Cernousy EZXX9517
Cernovice EZXX7303
Cernovice EZXX0306
Cernozice EZXX0307
Cernuc EZXX0308
Cernvir EZXX7304
Cerny Dub EZXX5703
Cerny Dul EZXX0309
Cerny Les EZXX5704
Cernysovice EZXX0310
Certuv Dul EZXX8720
Certyne EZXX5705
Cervena EZXX5706
Cervena EZXX0027
Cervena Hora EZXX2778
Cervena Lhota EZXX5707
Cervena Tremesna EZXX2779
Cervene Janovice EZXX0313
Cervene Pecky EZXX0314
Cervene Zahori EZXX5708
Cerveneves EZXX8721
Cerveny Hradek EZXX5709
Cerveny Kostelec EZXX0315
Cerveny Ujezd EZXX0316
Cerveny Ujezdec EZXX5710
Ceska EZXX7305
Ceska Briza EZXX0317
Ceska Cermna EZXX0318
Ceska Kamenice EZXX0319
Ceska Kubice EZXX0320
Ceska Lhota EZXX5711
Ceska Lipa EZXX0321
Ceska Metuje EZXX0322
Ceska Olesna EZXX5712
Ceska Prosec EZXX8722
Ceska Skalice EZXX8723
Ceska Trebova EZXX3063
Ceska Ves EZXX9518
Ceske Budejovice EZXX0323
Ceske Chaloupy EZXX5713
Ceske Kridlovice EZXX7306
Ceske Lhotice EZXX0324
Ceske Mezirici EZXX8724
Ceske Velenice EZXX0325
Ceske Vrbne EZXX5714
Ceske Zleby EZXX5715
Cesky Brod EZXX0326
Cesky Chloumek EZXX8162
Cesky Dub EZXX0327
Cesky Herslak EZXX5716
Cesky Jiretin EZXX0328
Cesky Krumlov EZXX0329
Cesky Rudolec EZXX5717
Cesky Sternberk EZXX0330
Cesky Tesin EZXX0003
Cesnovice EZXX5718
Cesov EZXX0331
Cestice EZXX8725
Cestice EZXX0332
Cestin EZXX0333
Cestlice EZXX0334
Cetenov EZXX9519
Cetkovice EZXX7307
Cetnov EZXX8163
Cetoraz EZXX0335
Cetviny EZXX5719
Cetyne EZXX0336
Chabarovice EZXX0337
Chaberice EZXX0338
Chabicovice EZXX5720
Chabory EZXX8726
Chabrovice EZXX5721
Chaloupky EZXX0339
Chaloupky EZXX8164
Chaloupky EZXX5722
Chanovice EZXX0340
Charbuzice EZXX8727
Charovice EZXX0341
Charvatce EZXX0342
Chbany EZXX0343
Cheb EZXX0017
Chelcice EZXX0344
Cheznovice EZXX0345
Chlaponice EZXX5723
Chlebov EZXX5724
Chleby EZXX0346
Chleny EZXX8728
Chlistov EZXX9520
Chlistov EZXX0347
Chlistov EZXX8729
Chlistov EZXX5725
Chlivce EZXX8730
Chloumek EZXX9521
Chloumek EZXX8731
Chlum EZXX0348
Chlum EZXX8165
Chlum EZXX5726
Chlum EZXX8732
Chlum EZXX7309
Chlum Svate Mari EZXX0349
Chlum u Trebone EZXX0350
Chlumany EZXX0351
Chlumcany EZXX0352
Chlumec EZXX0353
Chlumec EZXX5728
Chlumecek EZXX5729
Chlumecek EZXX8166
Chlumek EZXX5730
Chlumin EZXX0355
Chlupice EZXX7310
Chlustina EZXX0356
Chmelna EZXX0357
Chmelna EZXX5731
Chmelovice EZXX8733
Chobot EZXX0358
Chocerady EZXX0359
Chocholata Lhota EZXX5732
Chocnejovice EZXX0360
Chocov EZXX5733
Chodoun EZXX0361
Chodouny EZXX0362
Chodov EZXX0363
Chodova Plana EZXX0364
Chodovice EZXX0365
Chodovlice EZXX0366
Chodska Lhota EZXX0367
Cholenice EZXX0368
Chomle EZXX0369
Chomutice EZXX8734
Chomuticky EZXX8735
Chomutov EZXX0044
Choratice EZXX0370
Chorusice EZXX0371
Chotciny EZXX5735
Choteborky EZXX8736
Chotec EZXX8737
Chotec EZXX0374
Chotelice EZXX8738
Chotemice EZXX0375
Chotenov EZXX8169
Chotesice EZXX0376
Chotesov EZXX0377
Chotetov EZXX0378
Chotevice EZXX0379
Chotikov EZXX8170
Chotilsko EZXX0380
Chotimer EZXX0381
Chotineves EZXX0382
Chotiv EZXX8739
Chotovice EZXX0383
Chotoviny EZXX0384
Chotusice EZXX0385
Chotutice EZXX0386
Chotycany EZXX0387
Chotyne EZXX9523
Chotysany EZXX0388
Choustnik EZXX5736
Chozov EZXX0390
Chraberce EZXX0391
Chranisov EZXX8171
Chrast EZXX0392
Chrast EZXX5737
Chrastava EZXX0395
Chrastavice EZXX0396
Chrastice EZXX0397
Chrastiny EZXX5738
Chrastna EZXX9524
Chrbonin EZXX0398
Chrenovice EZXX0399
Chriblice EZXX8740
Chribska EZXX0400
Chric EZXX0401
Chrlice EZXX7311
Chroboly EZXX0402
Chroustov EZXX0403
Chroustov EZXX8741
Chrtnic EZXX0404
Chrudichromy EZXX7312
Chrudim EZXX0405
Chrustenice EZXX0406
Chrzin EZXX0407
Chuchelna EZXX0408
Chudcice EZXX7313
Chudejov EZXX5740
Chudenice EZXX0409
Chudenin EZXX0410
Chuderice EZXX0411
Chuderov EZXX0412
Chudir EZXX0413
Chudonice EZXX8742
Chudoslavice EZXX0414
Churanov EZXX0019
Chvalatice EZXX7314
Chvalcovice EZXX9525
Chvalec EZXX0415
Chvalenice EZXX0416
Chvalesovice EZXX5741
Chvaletice EZXX5742
Chvaletice EZXX0417
Chvaletin EZXX5743
Chvalin EZXX5744
Chvalina EZXX8743
Chvalkov EZXX5745
Chvalkovice EZXX0418
Chvalkovice EZXX7315
Chvalkovice EZXX5746
Chvalovice EZXX0419
Chvalovice EZXX7316
Chvalsiny EZXX0420
Chvalsovice EZXX5747
Chvateruby EZXX0421
Chvojenec EZXX0422
Chyjice EZXX8744
Chylice EZXX8172
Chynava EZXX0423
Chyne EZXX0424
Chynice EZXX0425
Chynov EZXX0426
Chyse EZXX0427
Chysky EZXX0428
Chysky EZXX8173
Chysna EZXX0429
Chystovice EZXX0431
Chytalky EZXX7317
Cibuz EZXX8745
Cicenice EZXX0432
Cichalov EZXX0433
Cichorice EZXX8174
Cichtice EZXX5748
Cicova EZXX8746
Cidlina EZXX8747
Cihan EZXX0434
Cihana EZXX8175
Cihani EZXX8176
Cihelny EZXX8177
Cikar EZXX5749
Cikvasky EZXX9526
Cilec EZXX0436
Cim EZXX0437
Cimelice EZXX0438
Cimer EZXX0439
Cimice EZXX0440
Cimysl EZXX8748
Cinov EZXX8178
Cipin EZXX5750
Cirhan EZXX5751
Cirkvice EZXX0441
Cista EZXX9527
Cista EZXX8749
Cista EZXX0442
Cista EZXX8179
Cista Voda EZXX8750
Cisteves EZXX0443
Citice EZXX0444
Citoliby EZXX0445
Citonice EZXX7318
Citov EZXX0446
Cizice EZXX0447
Cizkov EZXX0448
Cizkrajice EZXX5752
Cizkrajov EZXX5753
Cizky EZXX7319
Cizova EZXX0449
Ckyne EZXX0450
Clunek EZXX0451
Crhov EZXX7320
Ctibor EZXX0452
Ctidruzice EZXX7321
Ctimerice EZXX0453
Ctineves EZXX0454
Ctverin EZXX0455
Ctyri Dvory EZXX5754
Ctyrkoly EZXX0456
Cucice EZXX7322
Cudrovice EZXX5755
Cunkov EZXX5756
Cvikov EZXX0457
Cvrcovice EZXX7323
Cvrcovice EZXX0458
Dachov EZXX5757
Dachovy EZXX8751
Dacice EZXX5758
Daleke Popelice EZXX5759
Dalesice EZXX0459
Dalimerice EZXX9528
Dalovice EZXX0460
Dalsi Lhota EZXX5760
Damborice EZXX7324
Damice EZXX8180
Damnice EZXX7325
Dancovice EZXX5761
Dasice EZXX0461
Dasnice EZXX0462
Dasnyy EZXX5762
Davidov EZXX8181
Deblin EZXX7326
Debolin EZXX5763
Debrece EZXX8752
Debrne EZXX8753
Debrnik EZXX5764
Decin EZXX0463
Dedice EZXX5765
Dedov EZXX8754
Dedovice EZXX5766
Dehtare EZXX5767
Dehtary EZXX9529
Dekanske Skaliny EZXX5768
Dekov EZXX0464
Depoltovice EZXX0465
Derflice EZXX7328
Desenice EZXX0466
Desky EZXX5769
Desna EZXX0467
Desna EZXX5770
Destna EZXX9530
Destna EZXX0468
Destna EZXX7329
Destne EZXX8755
Destnice EZXX0469
Detenice EZXX0470
Detkovice EZXX7330
Detrichov EZXX0471
Detrichovec EZXX9531
Devet Mlynu EZXX7331
Devin EZXX8182
Dilce EZXX0472
Dily EZXX0473
Dirna EZXX0474
Divaky EZXX7332
Divci Kopy EZXX0475
Divcice EZXX0476
Divec EZXX8756
Divisov EZXX0477
Dlazkovice EZXX0478
Dlazov EZXX0479
Dlouha EZXX8183
Dlouha Lhota EZXX0480
Dlouha Lhota EZXX5771
Dlouha Lhota EZXX7333
Dlouha Lomnice EZXX8184
Dlouha Stropnice EZXX5772
Dlouha Ves EZXX8757
Dlouha Ves EZXX8185
Dlouha Ves EZXX5773
Dlouha Ves EZXX0481
Dlouhe EZXX8758
Dlouhe Dvory EZXX8759
Dlouhopolsko EZXX0482
Dlouhy EZXX9532
Dlouhy Bor EZXX5774
Dlouhy Luh EZXX8186
Dlouhy Most EZXX0483
Dlouhy Ujezd EZXX0484
Dluhoste EZXX5775
Dmystice EZXX5776
Dnesice EZXX0485
Dobcice EZXX5777
Dobechov EZXX5778
Dobelice EZXX7334
Dobes EZXX8760
Dobesice EZXX5779
Dobkovice EZXX0486
Dobra EZXX5780
Dobra Voda EZXX5781
Dobra Voda EZXX8187
Dobranov EZXX9533
Dobrany EZXX8761
Dobrany EZXX0487
Dobre EZXX0488
Dobre Pole EZXX7335
Dobrejice EZXX5782
Dobrejovice EZXX0489
Dobrejovice EZXX5783
Dobremilice EZXX5784
Dobren EZXX0490
Dobrenice EZXX0491
Dobrichov EZXX0492
Dobrichovice EZXX0493
Dobrikovec EZXX8762
Dobrin EZXX0494
Dobrinsko EZXX7336
Dobris EZXX0495
Dobriv EZXX0496
Dobrkov EZXX5785
Dobrkovice EZXX5786
Dobrna EZXX0497
Dobrne EZXX5787
Dobrny EZXX5788
Dobrockov EZXX5789
Dobrockovice EZXX7337
Dobrocovice EZXX0498
Dobromerice EZXX0499
Dobronice EZXX7338
Dobronice EZXX5791
Dobrosov EZXX5792
Dobrosov EZXX8763
Dobrosov EZXX8188
Dobrotin EZXX5793
Dobrovice EZXX0500
Dobrovitov EZXX0501
Dobroviz EZXX0502
Dobrs EZXX5794
Dobrsin EZXX0503
Dobruska EZXX0504
Dobsice EZXX7339
Dobsice EZXX5795
Dobsice EZXX0505
Dobsice EZXX8764
Dobsin EZXX0506
Dohalice EZXX0507
Dohalicky EZXX8765
Doksany EZXX0508
Doksy EZXX0509
Doksy EZXX9534
Dolanky EZXX9535
Dolanky EZXX8189
Dolany EZXX8766
Dolany EZXX0510
Dolany EZXX5796
Dolce EZXX0511
Doleni Paseky EZXX9536
Dolenice EZXX7340
Dolina EZXX8190
Doliny EZXX5797
Dolni Adrspach EZXX8767
Dolni Alberice EZXX8768
Dolni Bela EZXX0512
Dolni Berkovice EZXX0513
Dolni Bojanovice EZXX7341
Dolni Borkova EZXX5798
Dolni Branna EZXX0514
Dolni Brusnice EZXX0515
Dolni Brzotice EZXX5799
Dolni Bukovsko EZXX0516
Dolni Castkov EZXX8191
Dolni Cernilov EZXX0517
Dolni Cernutky EZXX8769
Dolni Chrastava EZXX9538
Dolni Chvatliny EZXX0518
Dolni Dehtov EZXX8770
Dolni Dlouha EZXX5801
Dolni Dobra Voda EZXX8771
Dolni Drkolna EZXX5802
Dolni Dubnany EZXX7342
Dolni Dunajovice EZXX7343
Dolni Dusnice EZXX9540
Dolni Dvoriste EZXX0519
Dolni Dvory EZXX8192
Dolni Dvur EZXX0520
Dolni Frauenhof EZXX5803
Dolni Habartice EZXX0521
Dolni Hanychov EZXX9541
Dolni Hbity EZXX0522
Dolni Herspice EZXX7344
Dolni Hluboka EZXX8193
Dolni Horice EZXX0523
Dolni Hrachovice EZXX0524
Dolni Hranicna EZXX8194
Dolni Javori EZXX8773
Dolni Jilovice EZXX5804
Dolni Kaliste EZXX5805
Dolni Kalna EZXX0525
Dolni Knezeklady EZXX5806
Dolni Kounice EZXX7345
Dolni Kouty EZXX5807
Dolni Kozli EZXX5808
Dolni Kralovice EZXX0526
Dolni Krupa EZXX0527
Dolni Lanov EZXX0528
Dolni Lazany EZXX8195
Dolni Lazy EZXX8196
Dolni Lhota EZXX5809
Dolni Lhota EZXX7346
Dolni Lhotka EZXX5810
Dolni Libchava EZXX9542
Dolni Lipina EZXX8197
Dolni Lochov EZXX0529
Dolni Lomany EZXX8198
Dolni Lomnice EZXX8199
Dolni Loucky EZXX7347
Dolni Luby EZXX8200
Dolni Lukavice EZXX0530
Dolni Lyseciny EZXX8774
Dolni Mala Upa EZXX8775
Dolni Markschlag EZXX5811
Dolni Maxov EZXX9543
Dolni Miletin EZXX5812
Dolni Nemcice EZXX5814
Dolni Nemojov EZXX8776
Dolni Nerestce EZXX5815
Dolni Nivy EZXX0531
Dolni Nova Ves EZXX8777
Dolni Novina EZXX9544
Dolni Novosedly EZXX0532
Dolni Okna EZXX9545
Dolni Okoli EZXX5816
Dolni Oldris EZXX9546
Dolni Olesnice EZXX0533
Dolni Ostrovec EZXX5817
Dolni Paseky EZXX8201
Dolni Pelhrimov EZXX8202
Dolni Pena EZXX0534
Dolni Pertoltice EZXX9547
Dolni Pestrice EZXX5818
Dolni Plane EZXX5819
Dolni Podluzi EZXX0535
Dolni Police EZXX9548
Dolni Polubny EZXX9549
Dolni Porici EZXX7348
Dolni Porici EZXX5820
Dolni Poustevna EZXX0536
Dolni Pribrani EZXX5821
Dolni Prim EZXX0537
Dolni Prisahov EZXX5822
Dolni Prysk EZXX9550
Dolni Radechova EZXX0538
Dolni Radikov EZXX5823
Dolni Radoun EZXX5824
Dolni Rasnice EZXX9551
Dolni Redice EZXX0539
Dolni Rimov EZXX5825
Dolni Rokytnany EZXX8778
Dolni Rokytnice EZXX9552
Dolni Rokytnice EZXX8779
Dolni Roven EZXX0540
Dolni Rozmysl EZXX8203
Dolni Rybniky EZXX8780
Dolni Rychnov EZXX0541
Dolni Sedlo EZXX9553
Dolni Skrychov EZXX5826
Dolni Slivno EZXX0542
Dolni Slovenice EZXX5827
Dolni Smrzov EZXX7349
Dolni Snezna EZXX5828
Dolni Spaleniste EZXX8781
Dolni Stakory EZXX0543
Dolni Stare Buky EZXX8782
Dolni Stepanice EZXX9554
Dolni Stropnice EZXX5829
Dolni Sucha EZXX9555
Dolni Svetla EZXX9556
Dolni Svetla EZXX5830
Dolni Svince EZXX5831
Dolni Sytova EZXX9557
Dolni Teplice EZXX8784
Dolni Trebonin EZXX0544
Dolni Valov EZXX8204
Dolni Vestonice EZXX7350
Dolni Vitkov EZXX9558
Dolni Vlckovice EZXX8786
Dolni Vltavice EZXX5832
Dolni Zahori EZXX5833
Dolni Zalezly EZXX0545
Dolni Zandov EZXX0546
Dolni Zimor EZXX0548
Dolni Zitna EZXX8206
Dolsko EZXX8788
Domamysl EZXX5834
Domanice EZXX5835
Domanin EZXX7351
Domanin EZXX0549
Domanovice EZXX0550
Domasice EZXX9559
Domasin EZXX5836
Domasin EZXX8789
Domasin EZXX8207
Domasov EZXX7352
Domazlice EZXX0551
Domcice EZXX7353
Domkov EZXX8790
Domoradice EZXX5837
Domoraz EZXX0552
Domoslavice EZXX8791
Domousice EZXX0553
Domousnice EZXX0554
Donin EZXX9560
Donin EZXX8208
Donov EZXX0555
Dormazlice EZXX0040
Doubek EZXX0556
Doubi EZXX9561
Doubi EZXX5838
Doubi EZXX8209
Doubrava EZXX8210
Doubrava EZXX5839
Doubrava EZXX8792
Doubravcice EZXX0557
Doubravice EZXX0558
Doubravice EZXX8793
Doubravice EZXX9562
Doubravicka EZXX0559
Doubravka EZXX5841
Doubravnik EZXX7355
Doudleby EZXX0560
Doupata EZXX5842
Doupov EZXX8211
Drachkov EZXX0562
Drachov EZXX0563
Drahelcice EZXX0564
Drahenice EZXX0565
Drahenicky EZXX5843
Drahkov EZXX0566
Drahlin EZXX0567
Drahnetice EZXX5845
Drahnovice EZXX0568
Drahobudice EZXX0569
Drahobuz EZXX0570
Drahonice EZXX0571
Drahonin EZXX7356
Drahonovice EZXX9563
Drahonuv Ujezd EZXX0572
Drahoraz EZXX8795
Drahotesice EZXX0573
Drahotin EZXX0574
Drahous EZXX0575
Drahov EZXX5846
Drahovice EZXX8213
Drasov EZXX7357
Drasov EZXX0576
Drazejov EZXX9564
Drazejov EZXX5847
Drazen EZXX0577
Drazenov EZXX0578
Drazic EZXX0579
Drazice EZXX0580
Drazicky EZXX0581
Drazov EZXX0582
Drazov EZXX8214
Drazovice EZXX0583
Drazovice EZXX7358
Drazuvky EZXX7359
Drbalov EZXX8796
Drchlava EZXX9565
Drenice EZXX8215
Dresin EZXX5848
Dresinek EZXX5849
Dretovice EZXX0584
Drevcice EZXX9566
Drevcice EZXX0585
Drevenice EZXX0586
Drevniky EZXX0587
Drevohryzy EZXX8216
Drhovice EZXX0588
Drhovle EZXX0589
Drhovy EZXX0590
Drinov EZXX0591
Dris EZXX8797
Drisy EZXX0592
Driten EZXX0593
Drmoul EZXX0594
Drnek EZXX0595
Drnholec EZXX7360
Drnovec EZXX9567
Drnovice EZXX7361
Drobovice EZXX0596
Drochov EZXX5850
Drouzetice EZXX0597
Drouzkovice EZXX0598
Drozdov EZXX0599
Drslavice EZXX0600
Drsny Chlum EZXX8217
Drunce EZXX0601
Druzcov EZXX9568
Druzec EZXX0602
Drvalovice EZXX7362
Drysice EZXX7363
Drzkov EZXX0603
Drzkrajov EZXX5851
Drzov EZXX5852
Dub EZXX8798
Dub EZXX0604
Duba EZXX0605
Dubany EZXX0606
Dubenec EZXX0607
Dubenec EZXX5854
Dubi EZXX0608
Dubi EZXX8799
Dubi Hora EZXX5855
Dubice EZXX9569
Dubicne EZXX5856
Dubina EZXX8218
Dublovice EZXX0609
Dubnany EZXX7364
Dubne EZXX0610
Dubnice EZXX9570
Dubno EZXX0611
Dubova EZXX5857
Dubovice EZXX5858
Dubska Lhota EZXX5859
Dudov EZXX5860
Dul EZXX0612
Dul EZXX5861
Dunajovice EZXX0613
Dunovice EZXX5862
Dusniky EZXX0614
Dvakacovice EZXX0615
Dvorce EZXX5863
Dvorce EZXX8800
Dvorec EZXX8219
Dvorec EZXX5864
Dvoreccek EZXX5865
Dvorecna EZXX5866
Dvorek EZXX8220
Dvoretice EZXX5867
Dvoretin EZXX5868
Dvoriste EZXX7365
Dvorska EZXX7366
Dvory EZXX5869
Dvory EZXX8221
Dvory EZXX0616
Dyjakovice EZXX7367
Dyjakovicky EZXX7368
Dyjice EZXX5870
Dymokury EZXX0619
Dynin EZXX0620
Dzbanice EZXX7369
Ehrlich EZXX8222
Elbancice EZXX5871
Emanuelshof EZXX8223
Erpuzice EZXX0621
Es EZXX0622
Eulenberg EZXX8801
Evan EZXX0623
Federhauseln EZXX8224
Felbabka EZXX0624
Ferdinandov EZXX9571
Ferdinandov EZXX8802
Filipin EZXX8803
Filipka EZXX9572
Filipov EZXX5872
Filipov EZXX9573
Filipovice EZXX7370
Filipovka EZXX9574
Fiserak EZXX5874
Fojtka EZXX9575
Fojtov EZXX8225
Fort EZXX8804
Frahelz EZXX0625
Frantiskov EZXX5875
Frantiskov EZXX7371
Frantiskov EZXX9576
Frantoly EZXX5876
Frydava EZXX5877
Frydek EZXX0004
Frydlant EZXX0628
Frydstejn EZXX0629
Frymburk EZXX0630
Gabrielka EZXX5878
Galgendorf EZXX8226
Golcuv Jenikov EZXX0631
Gorsbach EZXX9577
Gottwaldov EZXX3380
Grabstejn EZXX9578
Greslove Myto EZXX7372
Grunta EZXX0632
Habartice EZXX0633
Habartov EZXX0634
Habri EZXX0635
Habrina EZXX0636
Habrovany EZXX0637
Habrovany EZXX7373
Habruvka EZXX7374
Habry EZXX0638
Haid EZXX5879
Haidberg EZXX5880
Haj EZXX9579
Haj EZXX8227
Haj u Duchcova EZXX0640
Hajanky EZXX7375
Hajany EZXX7376
Hajany EZXX0641
Haje EZXX9580
Haje EZXX8228
Haje EZXX0642
Hajek EZXX5881
Hajek EZXX7377
Hajek EZXX0643
Hajek EZXX8805
Hajemstvi EZXX8806
Hajky EZXX5882
Hajmin EZXX5883
Hajnice EZXX0644
Hajniste EZXX9581
Hajska EZXX5884
Haklovy Dvory EZXX5885
Halamky EZXX5886
Halze EZXX0645
Hamernice EZXX8807
Hamiltony EZXX7378
Hamr EZXX0646
Hamr EZXX9582
Hamrstejn EZXX9583
Hanicka EZXX8808
Hanov EZXX5888
Hanusov EZXX8809
Haratice EZXX9584
Harcov EZXX8810
Harrachov EZXX0647
Hartmanice EZXX5889
Hartmanice EZXX0648
Hartmanov EZXX8229
Hartousov EZXX8230
Hartunkov EZXX5890
Hartvikov EZXX5891
Haskovcova Lhota EZXX0649
Haslovice EZXX5892
Hate EZXX7379
Hatin EZXX0650
Havel EZXX5893
Havirna EZXX7380
Havirna EZXX9585
Havlickuv Brod EZXX3400
Havlov EZXX5894
Havlovice EZXX9586
Havlovice EZXX8811
Havran EZXX0651
Havrani EZXX9587
Havraniky EZXX7381
Hazlov EZXX0652
Hejdlov EZXX5895
Hejlov EZXX9588
Hejnice EZXX9589
Hejtmankovice EZXX0653
Helkovice EZXX9590
Hennberg EZXX5896
Herbertov EZXX5897
Herink EZXX0654
Herman EZXX0655
Hermanec EZXX5899
Hermanice EZXX0656
Hermanicky EZXX9592
Hermankovice EZXX0657
Hermannschlag EZXX5900
Hermanov EZXX8231
Hermanov EZXX0658
Hermanov EZXX7382
Hermanuv Mestec EZXX0660
Heroltice EZXX7383
Herspice EZXX7384
Herstosice EZXX8232
Hertvikovice EZXX8814
Hevlin EZXX7385
Hladna EZXX5901
Hlasivko EZXX5902
Hlasivo EZXX0661
Hlaska EZXX8815
Hlaska EZXX5903
Hlasna EZXX5904
Hlasna Lhota EZXX8816
Hlasna Lhota EZXX5905
Hlasna Treban EZXX0662
Hlavatce EZXX0663
Hlavatec EZXX5906
Hlavecnik EZXX0664
Hlavenec EZXX0665
Hlavica EZXX9594
Hlavno EZXX8233
Hlavnov EZXX8817
Hlavnovice EZXX0666
Hlemyzdi EZXX9595
Hlina EZXX7386
Hlince EZXX0667
Hlincova Hora EZXX0668
Hlinec EZXX8234
Hlinice EZXX5907
Hlinky EZXX8235
Hlinna EZXX0669
Hlinne EZXX8818
Hlinov EZXX5908
Hlinova EZXX8236
Hlinsko EZXX5909
Hlizov EZXX0670
Hlodacky EZXX5910
Hlohova EZXX0671
Hlohovcice EZXX0672
Hlohovec EZXX7387
Hlubocany EZXX7388
Hluboka EZXX5911
Hluboka EZXX8237
Hluboke EZXX7389
Hluboke Masuvky EZXX7390
Hluboky EZXX8238
Hlubos EZXX0674
Hluky EZXX8819
Hlupin EZXX5912
Hlusice EZXX0675
Hlusicky EZXX8820
Hnacov EZXX0676
Hnanice EZXX7391
Hnanice EZXX9597
Hnevanice EZXX5913
Hnevanov EZXX5914
Hnevceves EZXX0677
Hnevin EZXX8239
Hnevkov EZXX5915
Hnevkovice EZXX0678
Hnevnice EZXX0679
Hnizdo EZXX7392
Hnojna Lhotka EZXX5917
Hobsovice EZXX0680
Hodecin EZXX8821
Hodejice EZXX7393
Hodejov EZXX5918
Hodejovice EZXX5919
Hodetin EZXX0681
Hodkovice EZXX8822
Hodky EZXX9598
Hodnov EZXX5920
Hodon EZXX5921
Hodonice EZXX5922
Hodonice EZXX7394
Hodonin EZXX0036
Hodslav EZXX5923
Hodussin EZXX5924
Hoja EZXX7396
Hojanovice EZXX0683
Hojna Voda EZXX5925
Hojovice EZXX0684
Holany EZXX0685
Holasice EZXX7397
Holasky EZXX7398
Holasovice EZXX5926
Holedec EZXX0686
Holenice EZXX0687
Holesice EZXX5927
Holesin EZXX7399
Holesov EZXX0028
Holetice EZXX8240
Holice EZXX0688
Holicky EZXX9599
Holin EZXX0689
Holkov EZXX5928
Hollenhauser EZXX8823
Holohlavy EZXX8824
Holotin EZXX0690
Holoubkov EZXX0691
Holovousy EZXX0692
Holstejn EZXX7400
Holubice EZXX7401
Holubov EZXX5929
Holubovska Basta EZXX5930
Holusice EZXX5931
Holysov EZXX0693
Homole EZXX0694
Homyle EZXX8825
Honbice EZXX0695
Honezovice EZXX0696
Honsa EZXX5932
Hony EZXX8826
Hora EZXX8241
Horakova Lhota EZXX7402
Horany EZXX0700
Horatev EZXX0701
Horcapsko EZXX0703
Horejsi Vrchlabi EZXX8827
Horeni Paseky EZXX9600
Horenice EZXX0704
Horensko EZXX9601
Horepnik EZXX0705
Horesedly EZXX0706
Horesovice EZXX0707
Horesovicky EZXX0708
Horice EZXX0709
Horice EZXX7403
Horice na Sumave EZXX0710
Horicky EZXX0711
Horicky EZXX5933
Horikovice EZXX5934
Horin EZXX0712
Horineves EZXX0713
Horipna EZXX5935
Horka EZXX8242
Horky EZXX0715
Horky EZXX7404
Horky EZXX5936
Horky EZXX9602
Horni Adrspach EZXX8828
Horni Alberice EZXX8829
Horni Bela EZXX0717
Horni Berkovice EZXX0718
Horni Bezdekov EZXX0719
Horni Blatna EZXX8243
Horni Bojanovice EZXX7405
Horni Borkova EZXX5937
Horni Branna EZXX0720
Horni Breckov EZXX7406
Horni Briza EZXX0721
Horni Brusnice EZXX0722
Horni Brzotice EZXX5938
Horni Bukovina EZXX0723
Horni Bukovsko EZXX5939
Horni Castkov EZXX8244
Horni Cernilov EZXX8830
Horni Cernutky EZXX8831
Horni Chrastava EZXX9604
Horni Debrne EZXX8832
Horni Dehtov EZXX8833
Horni Dlouha EZXX5941
Horni Dobra Voda EZXX8834
Horni Dobrejov EZXX5942
Horni Dohalice EZXX8835
Horni Drevic EZXX8836
Horni Drkolna EZXX5943
Horni Dubnany EZXX7407
Horni Dunajovice EZXX7408
Horni Dusnice EZXX9605
Horni Dvorce EZXX5944
Horni Dvoriste EZXX5945
Horni Dvory EZXX8245
Horni Habartice EZXX0724
Horni Hanychov EZXX9606
Horni Herspice EZXX7409
Horni Horice EZXX5946
Horni Hrachovice EZXX5947
Horni Hrad EZXX8246
Horni Hranicna EZXX8247
Horni Javori EZXX8837
Horni Jeleni EZXX0725
Horni Jilovice EZXX5948
Horni Jiretin EZXX0726
Horni Kaliste EZXX5949
Horni Kalna EZXX8838
Horni Kamenice EZXX0727
Horni Knezeklady EZXX0728
Horni Kostelec EZXX8839
Horni Kounice EZXX7410
Horni Kouty EZXX5950
Horni Kozli EZXX5951
Horni Kozolupy EZXX0729
Horni Kramoli EZXX8248
Horni Krupa EZXX9607
Horni Kruty EZXX0730
Horni Lanov EZXX8840
Horni Lazany EZXX8249
Horni Lazy EZXX8250
Horni Lhota EZXX7411
Horni Lhota EZXX5952
Horni Libchava EZXX0731
Horni Lipina EZXX8251
Horni Lochov EZXX8841
Horni Lomany EZXX8252
Horni Lomnice EZXX8253
Horni Loucky EZXX7412
Horni Luby EZXX8254
Horni Lukavice EZXX0732
Horni Lyseciny EZXX8842
Horni Mala Upa EZXX8843
Horni Maxov EZXX9608
Horni Meziricko EZXX5953
Horni Miletin EZXX5954
Horni Nemcice EZXX5956
Horni Nemojov EZXX8844
Horni Nerestce EZXX5957
Horni Nivy EZXX8255
Horni Nova Ves EZXX8845
Horni Novosedly EZXX5958
Horni Okoli EZXX5959
Horni Olesna EZXX5960
Horni Olesnice EZXX0733
Horni Ostrovec EZXX5961
Horni Otaslavice EZXX7413
Horni Paseka EZXX0734
Horni Paseky EZXX8256
Horni Pelhrimov EZXX8257
Horni Pena EZXX0735
Horni Pertoltice EZXX9609
Horni Pestrice EZXX5962
Horni Plana EZXX5963
Horni Plane EZXX5964
Horni Pocaply EZXX0736
Horni Pole EZXX5965
Horni Police EZXX0738
Horni Polubny EZXX9610
Horni Porici EZXX7414
Horni Porici EZXX0739
Horni Pribrani EZXX5966
Horni Prim EZXX8846
Horni Prisahov EZXX5967
Horni Prysk EZXX9611
Horni Radechova EZXX0740
Horni Radikov EZXX5968
Horni Radoun EZXX0741
Horni Rasnice EZXX0742
Horni Repcice EZXX0743
Horni Rimov EZXX5969
Horni Rokytnany EZXX8847
Horni Rokytnice EZXX9612
Horni Rokytnice EZXX8848
Horni Rozmysl EZXX8258
Horni Ruzodol EZXX9613
Horni Rybniky EZXX8849
Horni Sedlo EZXX9614
Horni Skrychov EZXX0744
Horni Slatina EZXX5970
Horni Slavkov EZXX0745
Horni Slivno EZXX0746
Horni Slovenice EZXX5971
Horni Smrzov EZXX7415
Horni Snezna EZXX5972
Horni Spaleniste EZXX8850
Horni Stare Buky EZXX8851
Horni Stepanice EZXX9615
Horni Stritez EZXX5973
Horni Stropnice EZXX0747
Horni Svetla EZXX9616
Horni Svince EZXX5975
Horni Sytova EZXX9617
Horni Teplice EZXX8853
Horni Trebonin EZXX5976
Horni Valov EZXX8259
Horni Vestonice EZXX7416
Horni Vitkov EZXX9618
Horni Vlckovice EZXX8855
Horni Vltavice EZXX0748
Horni Zablati EZXX5977
Horni Zahori EZXX5978
Horni Zandov EZXX8261
Horni Zitna EZXX8263
Hornosin EZXX0749
Horomerice EZXX0750
Horosedly EZXX0751
Horousany EZXX0752
Horouty EZXX5981
Horovicky EZXX0753
Horsice EZXX0754
Horska Kamenice EZXX9619
Horska Kvilda EZXX0755
Horsov EZXX5982
Horsovsky Tyn EZXX0756
Horusice EZXX0757
Horusice EZXX5983
Hory EZXX5984
Hory EZXX0758
Hosin EZXX0759
Hoslovice EZXX0760
Hospozin EZXX0761
Hospriz EZXX0762
Hostec EZXX8265
Hostejeves EZXX5985
Hostenice EZXX7417
Hosteradice EZXX7418
Hosteradky EZXX7419
Hosteradky-Resov EZXX7420
Hostice EZXX7421
Hostice EZXX0765
Hostim EZXX7422
Hostin EZXX0766
Hostinka EZXX8857
Hostinne EZXX0767
Hostinov EZXX5987
Hostinova Lhota EZXX5988
Hostivice EZXX0768
Hostkovice EZXX5989
Hostomice EZXX0769
Hostoun EZXX0770
Hostovice EZXX0771
Hostovlice EZXX0772
Hosty EZXX0773
Houdkovice EZXX8858
Houska EZXX9620
Housko EZXX7423
Houzna EZXX5990
Hovorany EZXX7424
Hrabacov EZXX9621
Hrabesin EZXX0774
Hrabetice EZXX9622
Hrabetice EZXX7425
Hrabice EZXX5991
Hrabri EZXX5992
Hracholusky EZXX0775
Hrachoviste EZXX0776
Hrachovy Hory EZXX5993
Hradcany EZXX0777
Hradcany EZXX5994
Hradcany EZXX9623
Hradec EZXX5995
Hradec EZXX0778
Hradec Kralove EZXX0779
Hradecka EZXX8266
Hradecno EZXX0780
Hradek EZXX0781
Hradek EZXX7427
Hradek EZXX5996
Hradek EZXX8859
Hradek EZXX8267
Hradek nad Nisou EZXX0782
Hradesice EZXX0783
Hradesin EZXX0784
Hradisko EZXX8860
Hradiste EZXX5998
Hradiste EZXX0785
Hradkov EZXX7429
Hradovy EZXX5999
Hranice EZXX9624
Hranice EZXX0786
Hranicna EZXX9625
Hrastice EZXX8862
Hraz EZXX9626
Hrazanky EZXX6001
Hrazany EZXX0787
Hrbov EZXX6002
Hrdejovice EZXX0788
Hrdliv EZXX0789
Hrdlorezy EZXX0790
Hrdlorezy EZXX6003
Hrdonov EZXX6004
Hrdonovice EZXX8863
Hrebec EZXX0791
Hrebecna EZXX8268
Hrebecniky EZXX0792
Hredle EZXX0793
Hrejkovice EZXX6005
Hrensko EZXX0794
Hribiny EZXX8864
Hribojedy EZXX0795
Hribsko EZXX8865
Hridelec EZXX8866
Hrimezdice EZXX0796
Hrisice EZXX6006
Hriskov EZXX0797
Hrivice EZXX0798
Hrivinov EZXX8269
Hrmenin EZXX8867
Hrncire EZXX6007
Hrob EZXX0799
Hrobce EZXX0800
Hrobicany EZXX8868
Hrobice EZXX0801
Hroby EZXX6008
Hrochuv Tynec EZXX0802
Hromnice EZXX0803
Hronov EZXX0804
Hroska EZXX8869
Hroznejovice EZXX6009
Hroznetin EZXX8270
Hroznova Lhota EZXX7430
Hruba Horka EZXX9627
Hruba Skala EZXX0805
Hruba Vrbka EZXX7431
Hrubsice EZXX7432
Hruby Jesenik EZXX0806
Hruby Lesnov EZXX9628
Hruby Rohozec EZXX9629
Hrudkov EZXX6010
Hrusice EZXX0807
Hruskova EZXX8271
Hrusky EZXX7433
Hrusov EZXX6011
Hrusov EZXX0808
Hrusova Lhota EZXX6012
Hrusovany EZXX0809
Hrusovany u Brna EZXX7435
Hrustice EZXX6013
Hrutkov EZXX6014
Hrutov EZXX6015
Hrzin EZXX8272
Hubalov EZXX8870
Hubenice EZXX8871
Hubenov EZXX6016
Hubiles EZXX8872
Hubojedy EZXX8873
Hubov EZXX6017
Hudcice EZXX0810
Hudlice EZXX0811
Hulice EZXX0812
Humburky EZXX0813
Humenice EZXX6018
Humnice EZXX8273
Huntirov EZXX0814
Huntirov EZXX8874
Huntirov EZXX9630
Hurka EZXX8274
Hurka EZXX6019
Hurky EZXX8275
Hurky EZXX0815
Hurky EZXX6020
Hury EZXX6021
Husi Lhota EZXX0816
Husinec EZXX6022
Husinec EZXX0817
Husle EZXX7436
Husovice EZXX7437
Hustirany EZXX8875
Hustopece EZXX3570
Hute EZXX6023
Hute EZXX8876
Hutsky Dvur EZXX6024
Hvezda EZXX9632
Hvezda EZXX8877
Hvezdonice EZXX0818
Hvezdov EZXX9633
Hvozd EZXX0819
Hvozd EZXX6025
Hvozdec EZXX7438
Hvozdec EZXX0821
Hvozdec EZXX6027
Hvozdnice EZXX0822
Hvozdnice EZXX8878
Hvozdno EZXX6028
Hyncice EZXX0823
Hyskov EZXX0824
Hysly EZXX7439
Ivan EZXX7440
Ivancice EZXX7441
Ivanovice u Brna EZXX7443
Jabkenice EZXX0825
Jablonany EZXX7444
Jablonec EZXX6029
Jablonec EZXX9634
Jablonna EZXX0828
Jablonna EZXX8276
Jachymov EZXX9636
Jachymov EZXX0830
Jachymov EZXX6030
Jacklovo Udoli EZXX9637
Jadrna EZXX8879
Jahodov EZXX8880
Jakubov EZXX8277
Jakule EZXX6031
Jalovisko EZXX7445
Jama EZXX6032
Jamne EZXX7446
Jamne EZXX6033
Jamnik EZXX6034
Jamny EZXX6035
Jamolice EZXX7447
Jamy EZXX6036
Janatov EZXX8881
Jankov EZXX6037
Jankov EZXX0831
Jankovice EZXX0832
Jankovice EZXX8278
Janov EZXX8882
Janov EZXX6038
Janov EZXX0833
Janov EZXX9638
Janov nad Nisou EZXX9639
Janova Ves EZXX6039
Janovice EZXX8883
Janovice EZXX9640
Janovicky EZXX8884
Janovka EZXX6040
Janska EZXX0835
Janske Lazne EZXX0836
Janske Udoli EZXX6041
Januv Dul EZXX9641
Jarohnevice EZXX7448
Jaromer EZXX6042
Jaromer EZXX0032
Jaronice EZXX6043
Jaronin EZXX6044
Jaroskov EZXX6045
Jaroslav EZXX8885
Jaroslavice EZXX6046
Jarotice EZXX6047
Jarov EZXX0839
Jarpice EZXX0840
Jasanky EZXX6048
Jasenna EZXX0841
Jasinov EZXX7450
Javor EZXX8886
Javorek EZXX9642
Javori EZXX6049
Javorna EZXX8279
Javornice EZXX6050
Javornice EZXX8887
Javornik EZXX7451
Javornik EZXX0842
Javornik EZXX8888
Javornik EZXX6051
Javurek EZXX7452
Jazovice EZXX7453
Jedla EZXX0843
Jedlany EZXX0844
Jedlicna EZXX9644
Jedlova EZXX8280
Jednota EZXX6053
Jedomelice EZXX0845
Jedousov EZXX0846
Jedovary EZXX6054
Jedovnice EZXX7454
Jedraz EZXX6055
Jehlice EZXX8890
Jehlicna EZXX8281
Jehnedno EZXX6056
Jehnedsko EZXX6057
Jehnice EZXX7455
Jelemek EZXX6058
Jeleni EZXX8282
Jelm EZXX6060
Jelmo EZXX6061
Jemcina EZXX6062
Jemnice EZXX6063
Jemniky EZXX0847
Jencice EZXX0848
Jenec EZXX0849
Jenec EZXX7456
Jenickova Lhota EZXX6064
Jenikov EZXX0850
Jenikovice EZXX0851
Jenin EZXX6065
Jenisov EZXX8283
Jenisov EZXX6066
Jenisovice EZXX0852
Jenstejn EZXX0853
Jeren EZXX8284
Jerice EZXX0854
Jericky EZXX8891
Jerisno EZXX0855
Jermaly EZXX6067
Jermanice EZXX0856
Jersice EZXX6068
Jesen EZXX8285
Jesenice EZXX8286
Jesenice EZXX0857
Jesenik EZXX0037
Jesenny EZXX0858
Jesetice EZXX0859
Jesiky EZXX8287
Jeskov EZXX6069
Jestetice EZXX8892
Jestrabi EZXX9645
Jestrabi Lhota EZXX0860
Jestrebi EZXX0861
Jestrebi EZXX7457
Jestrebi EZXX8893
Jestrebice EZXX6070
Jetetice EZXX0862
Jetisov EZXX6071
Jetrichov EZXX0863
Jetrichovice EZXX0864
Jevany EZXX0865
Jevineves EZXX0866
Jevisovice EZXX7458
Jevisovka EZXX7459
Jezbiny EZXX8894
Jezborice EZXX0867
Jezera EZXX7460
Jezerany EZXX7461
Jezkovice EZXX8895
Jezkovice EZXX7462
Jeznice EZXX6072
Jezov EZXX7463
Jezov EZXX0868
Jezova EZXX9646
Jezovy EZXX0869
Jezve EZXX9647
Jezviny EZXX6073
Jicin EZXX0031
Jicineves EZXX0870
Jickovice EZXX0871
Jihlava EZXX3627
Jikev EZXX0872
Jilem EZXX0873
Jilem EZXX6074
Jilem EZXX9648
Jilemnice EZXX0874
Jilmovi EZXX7464
Jilove EZXX9649
Jilove EZXX0875
Jilove u Drzkova EZXX0876
Jilovice EZXX8896
Jilovice EZXX0877
Jimlikov EZXX8288
Jimlin EZXX0878
Jinacovice EZXX7465
Jince EZXX0879
Jindrichov EZXX9650
Jindrichov EZXX8289
Jindrichovice EZXX6075
Jindrichovice EZXX0880
Jindris EZXX6076
Jinin EZXX6077
Jinocany EZXX0882
Jinolice EZXX0883
Jiretice EZXX6078
Jirice EZXX0886
Jirice EZXX7466
Jirice EZXX6079
Jirickov EZXX9651
Jirikov EZXX0887
Jirikovice EZXX7467
Jirikovo Udoli EZXX6080
Jirkov EZXX9652
Jirov EZXX8290
Jirsko EZXX9653
Jirsky Dul EZXX8897
Jistebnice EZXX0888
Jistebnik EZXX6081
Jiterni Ves EZXX6082
Jitra EZXX6083
Jitrava EZXX9654
Jivany EZXX8898
Jivina EZXX9655
Jivina EZXX0889
Jivka EZXX0890
Jivno EZXX0891
Jizbice EZXX0892
Jizbice EZXX8899
Jizerka EZXX9656
Jizerni Vtelno EZXX0893
Jizna EZXX6084
Jobova Lhota EZXX7468
Jodlovy Chalupy EZXX6085
Josefodol EZXX6086
Josefov EZXX8900
Josefov EZXX7469
Josefov EZXX0894
Josefska Vysina EZXX8901
Josefsko EZXX6087
Josefuv Dul EZXX6088
Josefuv Dul EZXX0895
Juchle EZXX8291
Juliovka EZXX9657
Jundrov EZXX7470
Jungwirth EZXX6089
Kacakova Lhota EZXX0896
Kacanovy EZXX9658
Kacerov EZXX8902
Kacerov EZXX0897
Kaclehy EZXX0898
Kacov EZXX0899
Kadan EZXX0900
Kadov EZXX0901
Kadov EZXX7471
Kaferhauser EZXX6090
Kahov EZXX6091
Kajetin EZXX6092
Kajov EZXX0902
Kakovice EZXX6093
Kal EZXX8903
Kalek EZXX0903
Kalenice EZXX0904
Kaliste EZXX0905
Kaliste EZXX6094
Kalivody EZXX0906
Kalna Voda EZXX8904
Kaly EZXX7472
Kamen EZXX0907
Kamen EZXX8292
Kamenec EZXX8905
Kamenec EZXX0908
Kamenec EZXX9659
Kameni EZXX9660
Kamenice EZXX0909
Kamenice EZXX8906
Kamenice EZXX9661
Kamenicky Senov EZXX9662
Kamenna EZXX0910
Kamenna Lhota EZXX6096
Kamenna Lhota EZXX0911
Kamenne Zbozi EZXX0912
Kamenny Dvur EZXX8295
Kamenny Malikov EZXX0914
Kamenny Mlyn EZXX7473
Kamenny Most EZXX0915
Kamenny Privoz EZXX0916
Kamenny Ujezd EZXX0917
Kanice EZXX7474
Kanice EZXX8907
Kanicky EZXX0919
Kanina EZXX0920
Kaplice EZXX0921
Kaplicky EZXX6098
Kapounata EZXX7475
Kaproun EZXX6099
Kapsova Lhota EZXX6100
Karanice EZXX8908
Karasy EZXX9663
Kardasova Recice EZXX6102
Karez EZXX0922
Karizek EZXX0923
Karlik EZXX0924
Karlin EZXX7476
Karlinky EZXX9664
Karlov EZXX6103
Karlov EZXX9665
Karlov EZXX7477
Karlov-Nepomuk EZXX6104
Karlovice EZXX0925
Karlovka EZXX8910
Karlovy Vary EZXX0045
Karlstejn EZXX0926
Karolin EZXX8911
Karvina EZXX0005
Kasarna EZXX7479
Kasejovice EZXX0927
Kasenec EZXX7480
Kasina Hora EZXX6105
Kasnice EZXX7481
Kasov EZXX8912
Kasovice EZXX6106
Kasparova Hora EZXX8913
Kasperske Hory EZXX0928
Katerina EZXX8296
Katerinky EZXX9667
Katov EZXX0929
Katov EZXX7482
Katovice EZXX0930
Kaznejov EZXX0931
Kbel EZXX0932
Kbelany EZXX0933
Kbelnice EZXX0934
Kbelnice EZXX6107
Kdanice EZXX8914
Kdyne EZXX0935
Keblany EZXX6108
Keblice EZXX0936
Keblov EZXX0937
Kejnice EZXX0938
Kelcany EZXX7483
Keten EZXX8915
Ketkovice EZXX7484
Kfely EZXX8297
Klabava EZXX0939
Kladenske Rovne EZXX6109
Kladiny EZXX6110
Kladne EZXX6111
Kladno EZXX0006
Kladoruby EZXX7485
Kladrub EZXX0940
Kladruby EZXX8916
Kladruby EZXX6112
Kladruby EZXX8298
Kladruby EZXX0941
Klamos EZXX0942
Klamovka EZXX7486
Klaster EZXX8299
Klaster EZXX6113
Klaster EZXX0943
Klasterec EZXX6114
Klasterska Lhota EZXX0946
Klatovy EZXX0041
Klazary EZXX6115
Klebs EZXX8918
Klec EZXX0947
Klecany EZXX0948
Klecaty EZXX6116
Kleckov EZXX8919
Klemov EZXX7487
Klenec EZXX0950
Kleni EZXX6117
Klenice EZXX8920
Klenov EZXX6118
Klenova EZXX0951
Klenova EZXX6119
Klenovice EZXX0952
Klentnice EZXX7488
Kleny EZXX8921
Klepacov EZXX7489
Klepna EZXX6121
Klesice EZXX0953
Klest EZXX8300
Klestin EZXX6122
Klevetov EZXX7490
Klicany EZXX0954
Klicnov EZXX9668
Klikov EZXX6123
Klimentov EZXX8301
Klinovice EZXX6124
Kliny EZXX0955
Klisin EZXX6125
Klisinec EZXX6126
Kloboucky EZXX7491
Klobouky EZXX7492
Klobuky EZXX0956
Klokoci EZXX0957
Klokoci EZXX7493
Klokocna EZXX0958
Klokocov EZXX0959
Klokocov EZXX6127
Klokoty EZXX6128
Klopanov EZXX6129
Kloub EZXX6130
Klouzovice EZXX6131
Klucky EZXX9669
Klucov EZXX0960
Kluk EZXX9670
Kluky EZXX0961
Kluky EZXX8922
Kmetineves EZXX0962
Knezdub EZXX7494
Knezeves EZXX0963
Knezeves EZXX7495
Knezevisko EZXX7496
Knezice EZXX0964
Knezicky EZXX9672
Knezicky EZXX0965
Knezmost EZXX0966
Kneznice EZXX0967
Knezske Dvory EZXX6133
Knin EZXX6134
Kninice EZXX8302
Kninicky EZXX7498
Knizeci Plane EZXX6135
Knoviz EZXX0968
Kobelec EZXX8303
Koberice EZXX7499
Koberovice EZXX0969
Koberovy EZXX0970
Kobyle EZXX8304
Kobyli EZXX7500
Kobylice EZXX0971
Kobylnice EZXX6136
Kobylnice EZXX7501
Kobylnice EZXX0972
Kobyly EZXX0973
Kocanda EZXX6137
Kocbere EZXX0974
Kocelovice EZXX0021
Kochanky EZXX0975
Kochov EZXX7502
Koci EZXX0976
Kocin EZXX6138
Kocin EZXX0977
Koclerov EZXX8924
Koclov EZXX6139
Kohoutov EZXX0978
Kohoutovice EZXX7503
Kohoutovice EZXX9673
Kojakovice EZXX6140
Kojatky EZXX7504
Kojecin EZXX6141
Kojetice EZXX0979
Kojice EZXX0980
Kojsovice EZXX8305
Kokasice EZXX0981
Kokonin EZXX9674
Kokorin EZXX0982
Kokotin EZXX6142
Kolaje EZXX0983
Kolava EZXX8925
Kolec EZXX0984
Kolence EZXX6143
Kolesov EZXX8306
Kolesov EZXX0985
Kolesovice EZXX0986
Kolin EZXX0007
Kolinec EZXX0987
Kolisov EZXX6144
Kolne EZXX9675
Kolny EZXX6145
Kolomerice EZXX6147
Kolomuty EZXX0988
Kolova EZXX0989
Kolovec EZXX0990
Komarice EZXX0991
Komarov EZXX6148
Komarov EZXX0992
Komarov EZXX8307
Komarov EZXX9676
Komarov EZXX7505
Komarov EZXX8926
Komin EZXX7506
Komorany EZXX7507
Komorov EZXX7508
Konarovice EZXX0993
Konciny EZXX9677
Konciny EZXX8927
Kondrac EZXX0994
Kondrac EZXX6149
Kondratice EZXX6150
Konecchlumi EZXX0995
Koneprusy EZXX0996
Konetopy EZXX0997
Konice u Znojma EZXX7509
Konojedy EZXX0998
Konopiste EZXX6151
Konopiste EZXX0999
Konrac EZXX6152
Konradov EZXX9678
Konratice EZXX6153
Konratov EZXX6154
Kopacov EZXX8308
Kopanina EZXX8309
Kopaniny EZXX8928
Kopaniny EZXX8310
Kopidlno EZXX1001
Kopidlo EZXX1002
Korce EZXX9679
Kordula EZXX7510
Korenec EZXX7511
Korenice EZXX1003
Korenny EZXX6155
Korenov EZXX1004
Korkyne EZXX1005
Kornatice EZXX1006
Korno EZXX1007
Korolupy EZXX7512
Koroseky EZXX6157
Korozluky EZXX1008
Korunka EZXX8929
Korunni EZXX8311
Koryta EZXX1009
Koryta EZXX6158
Koryta EZXX8930
Koryto EZXX6159
Kosetice EZXX1010
Kosice EZXX8931
Kosice EZXX1011
Kosicky EZXX1012
Kosik EZXX1013
Kosin EZXX1014
Kosmo EZXX6160
Kosmonosy EZXX1015
Kosmova EZXX8312
Kosorice EZXX1016
Kosov EZXX9680
Kosov EZXX6161
Kosova Hora EZXX1017
Kostelec EZXX8932
Kostelec EZXX6162
Kostelec EZXX7513
Kostelecka Lhota EZXX8933
Kostelecke Brehy EZXX6163
Kostelecke Horky EZXX8934
Kostelni EZXX8313
Kostelni Briza EZXX8314
Kostelni Hlavno EZXX1025
Kostelni Lhota EZXX1026
Kostelni Myslova EZXX0024
Kostelni Radoun EZXX1027
Kostelni Vydri EZXX6164
Kostenice EZXX1028
Kostice EZXX1029
Kostice EZXX7514
Kostomlaty EZXX1030
Kostrcany EZXX8315
Kotel EZXX9681
Kotelsko EZXX9682
Kotencice EZXX1033
Kotopeky EZXX1034
Kotovice EZXX1035
Kotvrdovice EZXX7515
Kotyrina EZXX6165
Koudelka EZXX6166
Kounice EZXX1036
Kounov EZXX8936
Kounov EZXX1037
Koupe EZXX1038
Kourim EZXX1039
Kout na Sumave EZXX1040
Kouty EZXX8937
Kouty EZXX1041
Kovac EZXX8938
Kovalovice EZXX7516
Kovan EZXX1042
Kovanec EZXX1043
Kovanice EZXX1044
Kovanin EZXX6167
Kovarov EZXX1045
Kovarov EZXX8316
Kovarovice EZXX6169
Kovarska EZXX1046
Kozakov EZXX9683
Kozarov EZXX7517
Kozarovice EZXX1047
Kozin EZXX6170
Kozlany EZXX1048
Kozlany EZXX7518
Kozli EZXX6171
Kozli EZXX1049
Kozli u Cizove EZXX6172
Kozli u Orlika EZXX6173
Kozlov EZXX1050
Kozlov EZXX6174
Kozlov EZXX8317
Kozlovice EZXX1051
Kozly EZXX8318
Kozly EZXX1052
Kozmice EZXX1053
Kozmice EZXX6175
Kozodry EZXX8939
Kozojedy EZXX1054
Kozojedy EZXX8940
Kozojidky EZXX8941
Kozojidky EZXX7519
Kozolupy EZXX1055
Kozomin EZXX1056
Kozsky EZXX6176
Kozusice EZXX7520
Krabcice EZXX1057
Krabcice EZXX8942
Krabonos EZXX6177
Kraborovice EZXX1058
Kracmanov EZXX9684
Krahulci EZXX8943
Krajkova EZXX1059
Krajnicko EZXX1060
Krakov EZXX1061
Krakovany EZXX1062
Krakovcice EZXX6178
Krakovec EZXX1063
Kraliky EZXX1064
Kralova Lhota EZXX8944
Kralova Lhota EZXX1065
Kralovec EZXX8945
Kralovice EZXX6179
Kralovice EZXX1066
Kralovo Pole EZXX7521
Kralovske Porici EZXX1067
Kraluv Dvur EZXX1069
Kramolin EZXX6180
Kramolin EZXX1070
Kramolna EZXX1071
Krampachy EZXX6181
Krapice EZXX8319
Krasejovka EZXX6182
Kraselov EZXX1072
Krasensko EZXX7523
Krasetin EZXX6183
Kraslice EZXX1073
Kraslovice EZXX1074
Krasna EZXX9685
Krasna EZXX1075
Krasna Lipa EZXX8321
Krasna Lipa EZXX1077
Krasna Pole EZXX6184
Krasna Studanka EZXX9686
Krasna Ves EZXX1078
Krasne Udoli EZXX1079
Krasno EZXX1080
Krasny Dvur EZXX1081
Krasny Lan EZXX8322
Krasny Les EZXX1082
Krasny Les EZXX8323
Krasova EZXX7524
Krasovice EZXX6185
Krasovice EZXX1083
Kratochvile EZXX6186
Kratochvilka EZXX7525
Kratonohy EZXX1084
Kratosice EZXX1085
Kratusin EZXX1086
Krausovy Boudy EZXX8947
Kravare EZXX1087
Kravsko EZXX7526
Krby EZXX9687
Krc EZXX6187
Krchleby EZXX1088
Krchleby EZXX8948
Krchova Lomna EZXX6188
Krcin EZXX8949
Krcin EZXX6189
Krckovice EZXX9688
Krcmov EZXX8950
Krec EZXX1089
Kreckov EZXX1090
Kreckovice EZXX7527
Krecovice EZXX9689
Krecovice EZXX1091
Krejcovice EZXX6190
Krejnice EZXX1092
Krekovice EZXX6191
Krelina EZXX8951
Krelovice EZXX1093
Kremenita EZXX8324
Kremze EZXX1094
Krenek EZXX1095
Krenice EZXX1096
Krenov EZXX8952
Krenov EZXX6192
Krenov EZXX9690
Krenovice EZXX7528
Krenovice EZXX1097
Krenovy EZXX1098
Krenovy EZXX9691
Krenuvky EZXX7529
Krepenice EZXX1099
Krepice EZXX7530
Krepice EZXX6194
Krepkovice EZXX8325
Kreplice EZXX6195
Kreptov EZXX7531
Kresanov EZXX6196
Kresetice EZXX1100
Kresice EZXX8953
Kresice EZXX1101
Kresice EZXX6197
Kresin EZXX1102
Kretin EZXX7532
Krhanice EZXX1103
Krhovice EZXX7534
Kricen EZXX1104
Kricov EZXX8954
Krida EZXX9692
Krida EZXX6198
Kridluvky EZXX7535
Krimov EZXX1105
Krinice EZXX1106
Kristianov EZXX9693
Krivice EZXX8955
Krivoklat EZXX1108
Krivosin EZXX6200
Krivsoudov EZXX1109
Krizanov EZXX1110
Krizanov EZXX8956
Krizanovice EZXX1111
Krizanovice EZXX7536
Krizany EZXX1112
Krizinkov EZXX7537
Krizkovy Ujezdec EZXX1113
Krizlice EZXX9694
Krizovatka EZXX1114
Krizovice EZXX6201
Krizovice EZXX7538
Krkavec EZXX6202
Krnany EZXX1115
Krnin EZXX6203
Krnov EZXX3880
Krnovice EZXX8957
Krnsko EZXX1116
Kroclov EZXX6204
Kromeriz EZXX3882
Krompach EZXX1117
Krondorf Kyselka EZXX8326
Krouzek EZXX7539
Krovice EZXX8958
Krsice EZXX6205
Krsmol EZXX8959
Krtely EZXX6206
Krtenov EZXX7540
Krtenov EZXX6207
Krtenovice EZXX6208
Krtetice EZXX6209
Krtiny EZXX7541
Krtov EZXX1119
Krty EZXX6210
Krty EZXX1120
Kruh EZXX7542
Kruh EZXX1121
Krumvir EZXX7543
Krupa EZXX1122
Krupka EZXX1123
Kruplov EZXX6211
Kruslov EZXX6212
Krusovice EZXX1124
Krychnov EZXX1125
Kryry EZXX1126
Krystofovo Udoli EZXX1127
Krystofovy Hamry EZXX1128
Ksice EZXX1129
Ktis EZXX1130
Ktiska EZXX6213
Ktova EZXX1131
Kublov EZXX1132
Kubsice EZXX7544
Kucer EZXX6214
Kucerov EZXX7545
Kucharovice EZXX7546
Kukleny EZXX8960
Kuklov EZXX6216
Kuks EZXX1133
Kulirov EZXX7547
Kumbursky Ujezd EZXX8961
Kuncice EZXX1134
Kuncina Ves EZXX8963
Kuncina Ves EZXX7548
Kundratice EZXX9696
Kundratice EZXX6217
Kunejov EZXX6218
Kunejovice EZXX1135
Kunemil EZXX1136
Kunetice EZXX1137
Kunice EZXX7549
Kunice EZXX1138
Kunicky EZXX7550
Kunovice EZXX1139
Kunratice EZXX1140
Kunsach EZXX6219
Kunstat EZXX8964
Kunstat EZXX7551
Kunzak EZXX1141
Kuparovice EZXX7552
Kurdejov EZXX7553
Kurim EZXX7554
Kurimany EZXX1142
Kurivody EZXX9698
Kutna Hora EZXX1143
Kutrovice EZXX1144
Kuzelov EZXX7557
Kvasejovice EZXX6220
Kvasiny EZXX1145
Kvaskovice EZXX1146
Kvasnovice EZXX1147
Kvetna EZXX6222
Kvetna EZXX8327
Kvetnice EZXX1148
Kvetnova EZXX8328
Kvetonov EZXX6223
Kvetov EZXX1149
Kvetus EZXX6224
Kvetusin EZXX6225
Kvicala EZXX8965
Kvicovice EZXX1150
Kvilda EZXX1151
Kvilice EZXX1152
Kvitkov EZXX1153
Kvitkovice EZXX1154
Kyje EZXX1155
Kyjov EZXX7558
Kynice EZXX1156
Kyselka EZXX1158
Kyselov EZXX6226
Kysibl Kyselka EZXX8329
Kysice EZXX1159
Kyskovice EZXX1160
Kytin EZXX1161
Kytlice EZXX8330
Kytlice EZXX1162
Laboun EZXX8967
Labska Stran EZXX1163
Labuty EZXX7560
Lachov EZXX8968
Lachovice EZXX6227
Lachovice EZXX8331
Lacina EZXX6228
Lacnov EZXX7561
Lada EZXX9699
Ladna EZXX7562
Lahost EZXX1164
Lahovice EZXX1165
Lahrovy Boudy EZXX8969
Lamberk EZXX7563
Lampertice EZXX1166
Lancov EZXX7564
Lany EZXX8970
Lany EZXX1167
Lany u Dasic EZXX1168
Lanzhot EZXX7565
Lanzov EZXX1169
Lasenice EZXX1170
Lasovice EZXX6230
Lasovice EZXX1171
Lasvice EZXX9700
Lavice EZXX1172
Laz EZXX6231
Lazaanky EZXX7566
Lazanky EZXX1173
Lazanky EZXX7567
Lazany EZXX7568
Lazany EZXX8332
Lazany EZXX1174
Lazany EZXX6232
Lazec EZXX6233
Lazinov EZXX7569
Laziste EZXX1175
Lazne Belohrad EZXX1176
Lazne Bohdanec EZXX1177
Lazne Kundratice EZXX9702
Lazne Kynzvart EZXX1178
Lazne Libverda EZXX1179
Lazovice EZXX1180
Lazsko EZXX1181
Lcovice EZXX1182
Lechovice EZXX7570
Ledce EZXX8971
Ledce EZXX1183
Ledce EZXX7571
Ledcice EZXX1184
Ledecko EZXX1186
Ledenice EZXX1187
Ledkov EZXX8972
Lednice EZXX7572
Ledvice EZXX1188
Lejckov EZXX6237
Lejsovka EZXX1189
Lekarova Lhota EZXX6238
Lelekovice EZXX7573
Lenesice EZXX1190
Leno EZXX8333
Lenora EZXX1191
Leopold EZXX8973
Leopoldov EZXX6239
Leopoldovy Hamry EZXX8334
Leptac EZXX6240
Lesany EZXX1192
Lesetice EZXX1193
Lesik EZXX8335
Leskovice EZXX6241
Leskovice EZXX1194
Lesna EZXX1195
Lesna EZXX7574
Lesna EZXX8336
Lesna EZXX9703
Lesni Chalupy EZXX6242
Lesni Hluboke EZXX7575
Lesnovek EZXX9704
Lesonice EZXX7576
Lesov EZXX8337
Lestina EZXX8974
Lestina EZXX6243
Lestkov EZXX1196
Lestkov EZXX9705
Lestnice EZXX6244
Letarovice EZXX9706
Letiny EZXX1197
Letkov EZXX1198
Letkovice EZXX7577
Letonice EZXX7578
Letosov EZXX7579
Letovice EZXX7580
Lety EZXX1199
Levin EZXX6245
Levin EZXX1200
Levin EZXX8975
Leznice EZXX8338
Leznicka EZXX8339
Lhan EZXX8976
Lhenice EZXX1202
Lhota EZXX6246
Lhota EZXX8977
Lhota EZXX7581
Lhota EZXX9707
Lhota pod Horami EZXX6249
Lhota pod Radcem EZXX1205
Lhota pod Strani EZXX8978
Lhota Rapotina EZXX7582
Lhota Samoty EZXX6247
Lhota u Dobrusky EZXX8979
Lhota u Letovic EZXX7583
Lhota u Lysic EZXX7584
Lhota u Olesnice EZXX7585
Lhota u Pecky EZXX8980
Lhota u Pribrame EZXX1206
Lhotice EZXX6250
Lhotka EZXX1207
Lhotka EZXX9708
Lhotka EZXX6251
Lhotka EZXX8982
Lhotka nad Labem EZXX1208
Lhotky EZXX1209
Lhuta EZXX1210
Lhysov EZXX6252
Liba EZXX1211
Liban EZXX1212
Libava EZXX8340
Libavske Udoli EZXX1213
Libcany EZXX1214
Libceves EZXX1215
Libchyne EZXX1216
Libec EZXX8984
Libechov EZXX1218
Libedice EZXX1219
Libejice EZXX1220
Libejovice EZXX1221
Libel EZXX1222
Liben EZXX8985
Libenice EZXX1223
Libenice EZXX6254
Liber EZXX1224
Liberec EZXX0023
Liberk EZXX8986
Libesice EZXX1225
Libesice EZXX8987
Libetice EZXX1226
Libic EZXX9709
Libin EZXX8988
Libin EZXX1228
Libinske Sedlo EZXX6255
Libis EZXX1229
Libisany EZXX1230
Libiv EZXX6256
Libkov EZXX1231
Liblice EZXX1233
Liblin EZXX1234
Libna EZXX8989
Libnatov EZXX1235
Libnic EZXX1236
Libnikovice EZXX1237
Libnov EZXX8341
Liboc EZXX8342
Libocany EZXX1238
Libochovice EZXX1239
Libochovicky EZXX1240
Libodrice EZXX1241
Libomerice EZXX1242
Libomysl EZXX1243
Liborezy EZXX6257
Liborice EZXX1244
Libosovice EZXX1245
Libotenice EZXX1246
Libotov EZXX8990
Libotyne EZXX6258
Libouchec EZXX1247
Libovice EZXX1248
Librantice EZXX8991
Librice EZXX1249
Libstat EZXX1250
Libun EZXX1251
Libunec EZXX8992
Libusin EZXX1252
Liciborice EZXX1253
Licno EZXX1254
Licov EZXX6259
Liderovice EZXX6260
Liderovice EZXX7586
Lidice EZXX1255
Lidman EZXX1256
Lidmerice EZXX7587
Lidmovice EZXX6261
Linda EZXX6262
Lindava EZXX9710
Lindske Chalupy EZXX6263
Line EZXX1257
Lipa EZXX8994
Lipanovice EZXX6264
Lipec EZXX1258
Lipi EZXX8995
Lipi EZXX1259
Lipiny EZXX8996
Lipka EZXX6265
Lipna EZXX8343
Lipnice EZXX8997
Lipnice EZXX6266
Lipnice EZXX8344
Lipnik EZXX1260
Lipno EZXX1261
Lipolec EZXX6267
Lipoltov EZXX8345
Lipov EZXX7588
Lipova EZXX1263
Lipova EZXX6268
Lipova EZXX8346
Lipovec EZXX1264
Lipovec EZXX7589
Lipovice EZXX1265
Lipovka EZXX8998
Lipovka EZXX6269
Lipovky EZXX6270
Lipuvka EZXX7590
Lisany EZXX1266
Lisci Kopec EZXX8999
Lisen EZXX7591
Lisice EZXX9000
Lisicky EZXX9001
Lisina EZXX1267
Liskova EZXX8347
Liskovec EZXX7592
Liskovice EZXX9002
Lisky EZXX6271
Lisky EZXX9711
Lisna EZXX1268
Lisnice EZXX1269
Lisnice EZXX6272
Lisny EZXX1270
Lisov EZXX1271
Litava EZXX7593
Litbratrice EZXX7594
Lite EZXX1272
Liten EZXX1273
Litic EZXX1274
Litice EZXX9712
Litichovice EZXX1275
Litobor EZXX1276
Litochovice EZXX1277
Litohlavy EZXX1278
Litohrady EZXX9003
Litoltov EZXX8348
Litomerice EZXX1279
Litoradlice EZXX6273
Litosice EZXX1280
Litostrov EZXX7595
Litov EZXX8349
Litrbachy EZXX8350
Litvinov EZXX1281
Litvinovice EZXX1282
Lkan EZXX1283
Lnare EZXX1284
Lnarsky Malkov EZXX6274
Lniste EZXX6275
Lobec EZXX1285
Lobendava EZXX1286
Lobzy EZXX8351
Locenice EZXX6276
Lochenice EZXX1287
Lochotin EZXX8352
Lochousice EZXX1288
Lochovice EZXX1289
Lodenice EZXX7596
Lodherov EZXX1290
Lodin EZXX1291
Lojzova Paseka EZXX6277
Loket EZXX1292
Loktuse EZXX9713
Lom EZXX1293
Lom u Mostu EZXX1294
Lomec EZXX6279
Lomec EZXX1295
Lomek EZXX6280
Lomnice EZXX1296
Lomnicka EZXX7598
Lomy EZXX6281
Lomy EZXX9004
Londyn EZXX6282
Lopatne EZXX6283
Losany EZXX1299
Losina EZXX1300
Losy EZXX6284
Loucej EZXX6285
Loucen EZXX1301
Loucka EZXX1302
Loucky EZXX1303
Loucky EZXX8353
Loucna EZXX9715
Loucna EZXX8354
Loucna Hora EZXX9005
Loucovice EZXX1304
Louka EZXX6287
Louka EZXX7600
Louka EZXX8355
Loukov EZXX9716
Loukov EZXX1305
Loukovec EZXX1306
Lounova EZXX1307
Lounovice EZXX1308
Louny EZXX1309
Loutka EZXX6288
Louznice EZXX1310
Lovcice EZXX7601
Lovcice EZXX1311
Lovcicky EZXX7602
Lovec EZXX9006
Loveckovice EZXX1312
Lovesice EZXX6289
Lovesicke Rovne EZXX6290
Lovetin EZXX6291
Loza EZXX1313
Lsteni EZXX1314
Lsteni EZXX6292
Lstin EZXX6293
Lube EZXX7603
Lubenec EZXX1315
Lubna EZXX1316
Lubne EZXX7604
Lubnice EZXX7605
Lubno EZXX9007
Luby EZXX1317
Lucany nad Nisou EZXX1318
Lucenice EZXX6294
Lucice EZXX9008
Luckovice EZXX6295
Ludikov EZXX7606
Ludvicke Hory EZXX6296
Ludvikovice EZXX1319
Luh EZXX9718
Luh EZXX6297
Luh nad Svatavou EZXX8357
Luhov EZXX8358
Luhov EZXX9719
Luhy EZXX8359
Luisino Udoli EZXX9009
Luka EZXX1320
Luka EZXX8360
Lukasov EZXX9720
Lukavec EZXX1321
Lukavec u Horic EZXX1322
Lukavice EZXX9010
Lukov EZXX1323
Lukov EZXX7607
Lukova EZXX9011
Lukovany EZXX7608
Lulec EZXX7609
Lupenice EZXX9012
Lustenice EZXX1324
Lutova EZXX6298
Luzanky EZXX6299
Luzany EZXX9013
Luzany EZXX1325
Luzce EZXX1326
Luzec EZXX9721
Luzec EZXX8361
Luzenicky EZXX1329
Luzice EZXX7610
Luzice EZXX6300
Luzice EZXX1330
Luzna EZXX6301
Luzna EZXX8362
Luzna EZXX1331
Luznice EZXX1332
Lvova EZXX9722
Lysa Hora EZXX0029
Lysa nad Labem EZXX1333
Lysice EZXX7611
Lysovice EZXX7612
Lzin EZXX6303
M-Centrum EZXX7613
Machnin EZXX9723
Machov EZXX1334
Machovice EZXX6304
Machovska Lhota EZXX9014
Mackov EZXX1335
Mackov EZXX9015
Mackova Lhota EZXX6305
Mackovice EZXX7614
Mahous EZXX1336
Majdalena EZXX1337
Makarov EZXX6306
Makotrasy EZXX1338
Makov EZXX6307
Mala Horka EZXX9724
Mala Hrastice EZXX1339
Mala Ledhuje EZXX9018
Mala Ledska EZXX9019
Mala Lesna EZXX8364
Mala Lhota EZXX9020
Mala Lhota EZXX7616
Mala Rosicka EZXX6308
Mala Roudka EZXX7617
Mala Sitbor EZXX8365
Mala Skala EZXX1340
Mala Skalice EZXX9021
Mala Strana EZXX6309
Mala Strana EZXX9022
Mala Turna EZXX6310
Mala Viska EZXX1341
Mala Vrbka EZXX7618
Malcice EZXX9725
Malcice EZXX6311
Male Bilsko EZXX9023
Male Brezno EZXX1342
Male Krasne EZXX8366
Male Kysice EZXX1343
Male Nepodrice EZXX6313
Male Porici EZXX9024
Male Pritocno EZXX1344
Male Strazne EZXX6314
Male Svatonovice EZXX9025
Male Vykleky EZXX1345
Male Zernoseky EZXX1346
Malec EZXX6315
Malechovice EZXX9026
Malenice EZXX1347
Males EZXX8367
Malesice EZXX6316
Malesin EZXX6317
Malesovice EZXX7619
Maletice EZXX6318
Malhostovice EZXX7620
Malic EZXX1348
Malikovice EZXX1349
Malinky EZXX7621
Malkov EZXX1350
Malobratrice EZXX9027
Malomerice EZXX7622
Malonin EZXX6320
Malonty EZXX1351
Malotice EZXX1352
Malotin EZXX6321
Malovice EZXX1353
Malovicky EZXX6322
Malsice EZXX1354
Malsin EZXX1355
Malsova Lhota EZXX9028
Malsovice EZXX1356
Malsovice EZXX9029
Maly Bor EZXX6323
Maly Bor EZXX9726
Maly Chuchelec EZXX6324
Maly Dub EZXX9727
Maly Hlavakov EZXX8368
Maly Hrzin EZXX8369
Maly Jenikov EZXX6325
Maly Jezov EZXX6326
Maly Jindrichov EZXX6327
Maly Pecin EZXX6328
Maly Ratmirov EZXX6329
Maly Rohozec EZXX9728
Maly Trebesov EZXX9030
Maly Uhrinov EZXX9031
Manava EZXX6330
Manavka EZXX6331
Manerov EZXX7623
Manesovice EZXX6332
Manova EZXX7624
Manovice EZXX1357
Manusice EZXX9729
Marcovice EZXX6333
Marefy EZXX7625
Marenice EZXX1358
Marenicky EZXX9730
Marianin EZXX7626
Marianska EZXX8370
Marianska Hora EZXX9731
Marianske Lazne EZXX1359
Maries EZXX6334
Marketa EZXX6335
Markousovice EZXX9033
Markov EZXX6336
Markvarec EZXX6337
Markvarec EZXX8371
Markvartice EZXX9034
Markvartice EZXX1361
Markvartice EZXX9732
Markvartice EZXX6338
Maroltov EZXX8372
Marov u Upice EZXX9035
Marsov EZXX6339
Marsov EZXX9036
Marsov EZXX7627
Marsov IV EZXX9037
Marsovice EZXX7628
Marsovice EZXX9733
Marsovice EZXX1362
Martice EZXX8373
Martineves EZXX1363
Martinice EZXX9734
Martinice EZXX7629
Martinkov EZXX6340
Martinkovice EZXX1365
Masakova Lhota EZXX6341
Maschko EZXX6342
Maslojedy EZXX1366
Maslovice EZXX1367
Masojedy EZXX1368
Masov EZXX9735
Masovice EZXX6343
Masovice EZXX7630
Masty EZXX9039
Matejovec EZXX6344
Materov EZXX1370
Matna EZXX6345
Maxov EZXX9736
Mazelov EZXX1371
Mazice EZXX1372
Meceriz EZXX1373
Mechenice EZXX1374
Mecholupy EZXX1375
Mechov EZXX8375
Mecichov EZXX1376
Mecin EZXX1377
Meclov EZXX1378
Medenec EZXX1379
Medenice EZXX6346
Medlanky EZXX7631
Medlice EZXX7632
Medlov EZXX7633
Medlovice EZXX7634
Medonosy EZXX1380
Medovy Ujezd EZXX1381
Meisetschlag EZXX6347
Mekynec EZXX1382
Melcany EZXX9040
Melcany EZXX7635
Melnicke Vtelno EZXX1383
Melnik EZXX1384
Melnik EZXX8376
Menany EZXX1385
Menik EZXX9041
Menin EZXX7636
Merboltice EZXX1386
Merklin EZXX1387
Merklovice EZXX9042
Merunice EZXX1388
Mesice EZXX1389
Mesice EZXX6348
Mesovice EZXX7637
Mestec EZXX9043
Mestec Kralove EZXX1390
Mestecko EZXX1391
Mesto EZXX1392
Mesto Kynzvart EZXX8377
Mesto Touskov EZXX1393
Mestska Lhotka EZXX6349
Mestys Zirec EZXX9044
Metikalov EZXX8378
Metly EZXX6350
Metujka EZXX9045
Mezibori EZXX1394
Mezihori EZXX1395
Mezihorska EZXX8379
Mezileci EZXX1396
Mezilesi EZXX1397
Meziluzi EZXX9046
Meziluzi EZXX6352
Mezimesti EZXX1398
Mezina EZXX9047
Mezipotoci EZXX6354
Mezirici EZXX1399
Meziricko EZXX7639
Meziroli EZXX8380
Mezna EZXX1400
Mezno EZXX1401
Mezny EZXX6355
Mezoun EZXX1402
Michnice EZXX6357
Michnicky EZXX6358
Michnovka EZXX9048
Michov EZXX7640
Michovka EZXX9737
Micmanice EZXX7641
Micovice EZXX1403
Mikoly EZXX6359
Mikulasovice EZXX1404
Mikulcice EZXX7642
Mikulov EZXX6360
Mikulov EZXX7643
Mikulov EZXX1405
Mikulovice EZXX1406
Mikulovice EZXX7644
Milcice EZXX6361
Milec EZXX1407
Milejovice EZXX6362
Milenovice EZXX6363
Milesice EZXX6364
Milesov EZXX8381
Milesov EZXX1408
Milesovice EZXX7645
Milesovka EZXX0020
Miletin EZXX1409
Miletinky EZXX6365
Milevsko EZXX1410
Milfron EZXX7646
Milhostov EZXX1411
Miliceves EZXX9049
Milicovice EZXX7647
Milikov EZXX1412
Milikovice EZXX6366
Milin EZXX1413
Milinov EZXX1414
Milire EZXX1415
Milire EZXX8383
Milire EZXX9738
Milna EZXX6367
Milonice EZXX7649
Milonovice EZXX1416
Milostin EZXX1417
Milotice EZXX7650
Milov EZXX6368
Milovice EZXX9050
Milovice EZXX7651
Milovice EZXX1418
Mily EZXX1419
Mimon EZXX1420
Minice EZXX1421
Minkovice EZXX9739
Mirec EZXX6369
Mirejov EZXX9051
Mirejovice EZXX1422
Miretice EZXX1423
Miretice EZXX6370
Mirkov EZXX1424
Mirkovice EZXX1425
Mirochov EZXX6371
Miroslav EZXX7652
Mirosov EZXX1426
Mirosovice EZXX1427
Mirotice EZXX6372
Mirotice EZXX8384
Mirovice EZXX1428
Miskolezy EZXX9052
Miskov EZXX9053
Miskovice EZXX1429
Misov EZXX1430
Misovice EZXX7654
Misovice EZXX1431
Misto EZXX1432
Mistrin EZXX7655
Mistrovice EZXX9740
Mitrovice EZXX7656
Mitterberg EZXX6373
Mlada Boleslav EZXX1433
Mlada Vozice EZXX1434
Mlade EZXX6374
Mlade Buky EZXX1435
Mladejov EZXX1436
Mladejovice EZXX6375
Mladkov EZXX7657
Mladonov EZXX6376
Mladonovice EZXX1437
Mladosovice EZXX1438
Mladostov EZXX9741
Mladotice EZXX6377
Mladotice EZXX1439
Mlady Smolivec EZXX1440
Mlaka EZXX6378
Mlaky EZXX6379
Mlazovice EZXX1441
Mlckov EZXX6380
Mlecice EZXX1442
Mlekojedy EZXX1443
Mlekosrby EZXX1444
Mlynany EZXX8385
Mlynarovice EZXX6381
Mlynec EZXX9054
Mlynek EZXX8386
Mlynice EZXX9742
Mlynky EZXX7658
Mlynska EZXX6382
Mlynska EZXX8387
Mlyny EZXX6383
Mnetes EZXX1445
Mnich EZXX1446
Mnich EZXX6384
Mnichov EZXX6385
Mnichov EZXX1447
Mnichova EZXX9055
Mnichovice EZXX6386
Mnichovice EZXX1448
Mnisek EZXX1450
Mnisek EZXX6387
Mnisek pod Brdy EZXX1451
Mocerady EZXX6388
Mochov EZXX1452
Mochtin EZXX1453
Mocidlec EZXX8389
Mocovice EZXX1454
Modlany EZXX1455
Modlesovice EZXX6389
Modletice EZXX1456
Modletice EZXX6390
Modlibohov EZXX9743
Modlikov EZXX6391
Modra Hurka EZXX1457
Modrice EZXX7659
Modrisice EZXX1458
Modrovice EZXX1459
Mohelnice EZXX1460
Mohurice EZXX6392
Mojkov EZXX6393
Mojne EZXX1462
Mokra EZXX6394
Mokra EZXX8390
Mokra Hora EZXX7660
Mokra Horakov EZXX7661
Mokre EZXX6395
Mokre EZXX1463
Mokrina EZXX8391
Mokriny EZXX8392
Mokrosuky EZXX1464
Mokrouse EZXX1465
Mokrovousy EZXX1466
Mokry Lom EZXX1467
Moldava EZXX1468
Molenburk EZXX7662
Morasice EZXX1469
Morasice EZXX7663
Morasov EZXX6396
Moravany EZXX7664
Moravany EZXX1470
Moravcice EZXX9056
Moravec EZXX1471
Moravec EZXX6397
Moravice EZXX6398
Moravske Branice EZXX7666
Moravske Kninice EZXX7667
Moravske Prusy EZXX7669
Moravsko EZXX9057
Moravsky Beroun EZXX4241
Moravsky Krumlov EZXX7670
Moravsky Pisek EZXX7671
Moravsky Zizkov EZXX7672
Morcinov EZXX9744
Moricov EZXX8393
Morina EZXX1472
Morinka EZXX1473
Morkuvky EZXX7673
Mosna EZXX6399
Mosnov EZXX2780
Most EZXX1474
Mostec EZXX8394
Mostecke Lazne EZXX9058
Mostecny EZXX6400
Mostek EZXX6401
Mostek EZXX1475
Mostek EZXX8395
Mostky EZXX6402
Mostov EZXX8396
Mosty EZXX6403
Mouchnice EZXX7674
Mourinov EZXX7675
Moutnice EZXX7676
Mozolov EZXX6404
Mrac EZXX1476
Mracov EZXX6405
Mrakov EZXX1477
Mramotice EZXX7677
Mratin EZXX1478
Mrazov EZXX8397
Mric EZXX6406
Mricna EZXX9745
Mrklov EZXX9746
Mrkvojedy EZXX9059
Mrtnik EZXX1479
Mrzky EZXX1480
Msec EZXX1481
Msecke Zehrovice EZXX1482
Mseno EZXX1483
Mseno nad Nisou EZXX9747
Msice EZXX7678
Mstetin EZXX9060
Muckenschlag EZXX6407
Muckov EZXX6408
Muelln EZXX8398
Muhlberg EZXX6409
Mukarov EZXX9748
Mukarov EZXX1484
Munice EZXX6410
Musov EZXX7679
Mutejovice EZXX1485
Mutenice EZXX7680
Mutenice EZXX1486
Mutenin EZXX1487
Mutice EZXX6411
Mutisov EZXX6412
Mutna EZXX6413
Mutyneves EZXX6414
Muzetice EZXX6415
Mydlovary EZXX1488
Mysenec EZXX6416
Myslin EZXX1489
Myslinka EZXX1490
Myslivecke Udoli EZXX6417
Myslivny EZXX8399
Myslkovice EZXX1491
Myslovice EZXX1492
Mysteves EZXX9061
Mystice EZXX6418
Mytina EZXX8400
Mytina EZXX6419
Mytinka EZXX8401
Mytiny EZXX6420
Myto EZXX1493
Myto EZXX6421
Mzany EZXX1494
Na Familiich EZXX7681
Na Karlove EZXX7682
Na Kohoute EZXX6422
Na Kopecku EZXX6423
Na Muslove EZXX7683
Na Parezu EZXX6424
Na Rozkosi EZXX9749
Nabocany EZXX1495
Naceradec EZXX1496
Naceratice EZXX7684
Nacesice EZXX1497
Nachod EZXX0047
Nachod EZXX6425
Nachodsko EZXX9062
Nad Horou EZXX9063
Nad Vitkou EZXX9750
Nadeje EZXX9751
Nadejkov EZXX6426
Nadlesi EZXX8402
Nadryby EZXX1498
Nadslav EZXX9064
Nahlov EZXX6427
Nahlov EZXX9752
Nahon EZXX9065
Nahorany EZXX6428
Nahorany EZXX1499
Nahosin EZXX6429
Najdek EZXX6430
Nakolice EZXX6431
Nakri EZXX1500
Nalesi EZXX6432
Nalzovice EZXX1501
Nancy EZXX8403
Nantiskov EZXX9753
Narysov EZXX1502
Nasavrky EZXX1503
Nasedlovice EZXX7685
Nasimerice EZXX7686
Navarov EZXX9754
Navary EZXX6433
Nazidla EZXX6434
Nebahovy EZXX1504
Nebanice EZXX1505
Nebesa EZXX8404
Nebeska Rybna EZXX9066
Nebilovy EZXX1506
Nebovidy EZXX1507
Nebovidy EZXX7687
Nebrehov EZXX6435
Nebrehovice EZXX1508
Nebuzely EZXX1509
Necas EZXX9067
Nechanice EZXX1510
Nechov EZXX6436
Nechvalice EZXX1511
Nechvalin EZXX7688
Necin EZXX1512
Nectiny EZXX1513
Nedabyle EZXX1514
Nedamov EZXX9755
Nedariz EZXX9756
Nedeliste EZXX1515
Nedrahovice EZXX1516
Nedvedice EZXX7689
Nedvezi EZXX9757
Nedvezi EZXX9068
Nehodiv EZXX1517
Nehvizdy EZXX1518
Nejda EZXX8405
Nejdek EZXX7690
Nejdek EZXX1519
Nekmir EZXX1520
Nekrasin EZXX6437
Nekvasovy EZXX1521
Nelepec EZXX7691
Nemanice EZXX9069
Nemanice EZXX1522
Nemanice EZXX6438
Nemcany EZXX7692
Nemce EZXX6440
Nemcice EZXX7693
Nemcice EZXX1523
Nemcice EZXX6441
Nemcicky EZXX7694
Nemcovice EZXX1524
Nemecky Chloumek EZXX8406
Nemejice EZXX6442
Nemetice EZXX6443
Nemiz EZXX1525
Nemochovice EZXX7695
Nemojany EZXX7696
Nemojov EZXX1526
Nemotice EZXX7697
Nemyceves EZXX1527
Nemysl EZXX1528
Nemyslovice EZXX1529
Nenacovice EZXX1530
Nenkovice EZXX7698
Nepasice EZXX9070
Neplachov EZXX1531
Nepolisy EZXX1532
Nepomerice EZXX1533
Nepomuk EZXX6444
Nepomuk EZXX1534
Nepomysl EZXX1535
Neprevazka EZXX1536
Neprivec EZXX9071
Neprobylice EZXX1537
Neradov EZXX6445
Neratov EZXX9072
Neratov EZXX1538
Neratovice EZXX1539
Nerosov EZXX9073
Nesachleby EZXX7699
Neslovice EZXX7700
Nesmen EZXX6446
Nesovice EZXX7701
Nespeky EZXX1540
Nespice EZXX6447
Nesselbach EZXX6448
Nestanice EZXX6449
Nesuchyne EZXX1541
Nesvacilka EZXX7702
Nesvacily EZXX1542
Nesyta EZXX9074
Netechovice EZXX6450
Netolice EZXX1543
Netonice EZXX6451
Netrebice EZXX1544
Netunice EZXX1545
Neumer EZXX1546
Neumerice EZXX1547
Neumetely EZXX1548
Neurazy EZXX1549
Neusluzice EZXX6452
Neustupov EZXX1550
Neveklov EZXX1551
Neveklovice EZXX1552
Nevezice EZXX1553
Nevojice EZXX7704
Nevolice EZXX1554
Nevratice EZXX1555
Nevren EZXX1556
Nevzelice EZXX6453
Nezabudice EZXX1557
Nezamyslice EZXX1558
Nezbavetice EZXX1559
Nezdice EZXX1560
Nezdrev EZXX1561
Nezetice EZXX6454
Nezichov EZXX8407
Neznasov EZXX9076
Neznasov EZXX6455
Nezovice EZXX6456
Nezvestice EZXX1562
Nicov EZXX6457
Nihosovice EZXX1563
Nihov EZXX7705
Nikolcice EZXX7706
Nikovice EZXX6458
Nimerice EZXX1564
Nisovice EZXX1565
Nitovice EZXX6459
Nivy EZXX8408
Nizbor EZXX1566
Nizka Srbska EZXX9077
Nizkovice EZXX7707
Nizky Drevic EZXX9078
Nosalov EZXX1567
Nosalovice EZXX7708
Nosetin EZXX6460
Nosislav EZXX7709
Noskov EZXX6461
Nouzin EZXX9079
Nouzka EZXX7710
Nouzov EZXX9080
Nova Bystrice EZXX1568
Nova Cerekev EZXX1569
Nova Chodovska EZXX8409
Nova Dobev EZXX6462
Nova Hlina EZXX6463
Nova Lhota EZXX7711
Nova Lhota EZXX6465
Nova Oleska EZXX9758
Nova Olesna EZXX6466
Nova Paka EZXX1570
Nova Pec EZXX1571
Nova Polka EZXX6467
Nova Role EZXX1572
Nova Skalka EZXX9759
Nova Skrener EZXX9081
Nova Starost EZXX9760
Nova Telib EZXX1573
Nova Teplice EZXX8410
Nova Vcelnice EZXX6468
Nova Ves EZXX1574
Nova Ves EZXX6469
Nova Ves EZXX8411
Nova Ves EZXX9082
Nova Ves EZXX7712
Nova Ves EZXX9761
Nova Viska EZXX8412
Nova Viska EZXX6470
Nova Viska EZXX9762
Nova Vraz EZXX6471
Nove Branice EZXX7713
Nove Chalupy EZXX8413
Nove Chalupy EZXX6472
Nove Domky EZXX9763
Nove Domy EZXX8414
Nove Dvory EZXX6474
Nove Dvory EZXX9083
Nove Dvory EZXX1581
Nove Dvory EZXX9764
Nove Hamry EZXX1582
Nove Hobzi EZXX6475
Nove Hory EZXX8415
Nove Hrady EZXX1583
Nove Hute EZXX1584
Nove Hvezdlice EZXX7714
Nove Kestrany EZXX6477
Nove Kocbere EZXX9084
Nove Kounice EZXX8416
Nove Lany EZXX6478
Nove Mesto EZXX1585
Nove Mesto EZXX8417
Nove Mitrovice EZXX1588
Nove Mlyny EZXX7715
Nove Pavlovice EZXX9765
Nove Sady EZXX6479
Nove Sedlo EZXX1589
Nove Smrkovice EZXX9085
Nove Stanovice EZXX8418
Nove Strakonice EZXX6480
Nove Straseci EZXX1590
Nove Tuhnice EZXX8419
Nove Udoli EZXX6481
Nove Voletiny EZXX9086
Nove Zabori EZXX9087
Nove Zakupy EZXX9766
Nove Zamky EZXX9088
Nove Zamky EZXX7717
Novici EZXX7718
Novina EZXX8420
Novosedlice EZXX1592
Novosedlo EZXX9768
Novosedly EZXX1593
Novosedly EZXX7719
Novosedly EZXX8421
Novy Bor EZXX1595
Novy Bozdechov EZXX6483
Novy Bydzov EZXX1596
Novy Drahov EZXX8422
Novy Dum EZXX1597
Novy Dvur EZXX9089
Novy Dvur EZXX6484
Novy Dvur EZXX7720
Novy Dvur EZXX1598
Novy Dvur EZXX8423
Novy Etynk EZXX6485
Novy Harcov EZXX9769
Novy Hlavnov EZXX6486
Novy Hradek EZXX1599
Novy Hroznatov EZXX8424
Novy Jachymov EZXX1600
Novy Knin EZXX1601
Novy Kostel EZXX1602
Novy Kostelec EZXX6487
Novy Kramolin EZXX1603
Novy Liskovec EZXX7721
Novy Lokot EZXX9091
Novy Luhov EZXX9770
Novy Oldrichov EZXX1604
Novy Parezov EZXX1605
Novy Petrin EZXX7722
Novy Ples EZXX1606
Novy Poddvorov EZXX7723
Novy Prerov EZXX7724
Novy Prim EZXX9092
Novy Radostov EZXX9093
Novy Rokytnik EZXX9094
Novy Saldorf EZXX7725
Novy Sidlov EZXX9771
Novy Spicak EZXX6488
Novy Starost EZXX9772
Novy Svet EZXX6489
Novy Svet EZXX9773
Novy Vestec EZXX1607
Novy Zdar EZXX8425
Nucice EZXX1608
Nudvojovice EZXX9774
Nupaky EZXX1609
Nussdoerfl EZXX6490
Nuzbely EZXX6491
Nuzice EZXX6492
Nuzin EZXX6493
Nuzirov EZXX7726
Nuzov EZXX6494
Nymburk EZXX1610
Nyrany EZXX1611
Nyrov EZXX7727
Nyrsko EZXX1612
Obec EZXX6495
Obecnice EZXX1613
Obedovice EZXX9095
Obilna EZXX8426
Oblajovice EZXX6496
Oblanov EZXX9096
Oblekovice EZXX7728
Obora EZXX1614
Obora EZXX8427
Obora EZXX6497
Obora EZXX9775
Obora EZXX7729
Obora EZXX9097
Oboriste EZXX1615
Obory EZXX1616
Obrany EZXX7730
Obratan EZXX1617
Obratice EZXX6499
Obristvi EZXX1618
Obrnice EZXX1619
Obrok EZXX9776
Obrovice EZXX8428
Obrubce EZXX9777
Obytce EZXX1620
Ocelice EZXX9098
Ochoz EZXX9099
Ochoz EZXX6500
Ochoz u Tisnova EZXX7732
Ocihov EZXX1621
Oder EZXX8429
Odolena Voda EZXX1622
Odolenovice EZXX8430
Odolenovice EZXX9778
Odolov EZXX9100
Odrava EZXX1623
Odrepsy EZXX1624
Odrovice EZXX7733
Odruvky EZXX7734
Ohar EZXX6501
Ohare EZXX1625
Oharice EZXX1626
Ohavec EZXX9101
Ohnisov EZXX1627
Ohrada EZXX6502
Ohrazeni EZXX6503
Ohrazenice EZXX1629
Ohrazenice EZXX6504
Ohrazenicko EZXX6505
Ohrobec EZXX1630
Okna EZXX1631
Okor EZXX1632
Okounov EZXX1633
Okresanec EZXX1634
Okresice EZXX9780
Okrinek EZXX1635
Okrouhla EZXX7735
Okrouhla EZXX6506
Okrouhla EZXX1636
Okrouhla Radoun EZXX1637
Okrouhlik EZXX7736
Okrouhlo EZXX1638
Olbramkostel EZXX7737
Olbramovice EZXX7738
Oldrichov EZXX8431
Oldrichov EZXX1639
Oldris EZXX6508
Oldris EZXX8432
Oldrisska EZXX8433
Oleksovice EZXX7739
Oleksovicky EZXX7740
Oleska EZXX8434
Oleska EZXX1641
Olesko EZXX1642
Olesna EZXX7741
Olesna EZXX6509
Olesna EZXX1643
Olesnice EZXX9782
Olesnice EZXX7742
Olesnice EZXX1644
Olesnik EZXX1645
Olomouc EZXX0038
Olomucany EZXX7743
Olovi EZXX1646
Olovnice EZXX1647
Olsany EZXX7744
Olsany EZXX6511
Olsi EZXX6512
Olsi EZXX7745
Olsina EZXX9783
Olsina EZXX6513
Olsova Vrata EZXX8435
Olsovice EZXX1648
Oltyne EZXX6514
Omice EZXX7746
Omlenice EZXX1649
Omlenicka EZXX6515
Ondrejov EZXX6516
Ondrejov EZXX8436
Onomysl EZXX1650
Onsov EZXX7747
Onsovice EZXX6517
Opalice EZXX6518
Oparany EZXX1651
Opatov EZXX9103
Opatov EZXX8437
Opatovice EZXX7748
Opatovice EZXX6519
Opatovice Predni EZXX1652
Opava EZXX0008
Oplany EZXX1654
Oplot EZXX1655
Opocnice EZXX1656
Opocno EZXX1657
Opolanky EZXX9104
Opolany EZXX1658
Oppach EZXX6520
Oracov EZXX1659
Orech EZXX1660
Orechov EZXX7749
Orechovicky EZXX7750
Orel EZXX1661
Oresin EZXX7751
Orlik EZXX6521
Orlov EZXX6522
Orlovice EZXX7752
Osecek EZXX1662
Osecna EZXX1663
Osecnice EZXX1664
Osek EZXX9105
Osek EZXX6523
Osek EZXX1665
Oseky EZXX6524
Oselce EZXX1666
Osenice EZXX9106
Osi EZXX6525
Osice EZXX1667
Osicky EZXX1668
Osikovec EZXX6526
Osiky EZXX7753
Oskorinek EZXX1669
Oslavany EZXX7754
Osletin EZXX6527
Oslnovice EZXX7755
Oslov EZXX6528
Oslovice EZXX9784
Osov EZXX1670
Ostasov EZXX9785
Ostasovice EZXX9107
Ostojkovice EZXX6529
Ostopovice EZXX7756
Ostra Hora EZXX6530
Ostrava EZXX0009
Ostre EZXX8438
Ostredek EZXX1671
Ostresany EZXX1672
Ostretice EZXX1673
Ostretin EZXX1674
Ostroh EZXX8439
Ostromer EZXX1676
Ostrov EZXX1677
Ostrov EZXX7757
Ostrov EZXX6531
Ostrov EZXX9108
Ostrov u Macochy EZXX7758
Ostrovacice EZXX7759
Ostrovanky EZXX7760
Ostruzno EZXX1678
Ostry EZXX6532
Osvinov EZXX8441
Osvracin EZXX1679
Otesice EZXX1680
Otevek EZXX6533
Otice EZXX6534
Otin EZXX6535
Otmanka EZXX6536
Otmarov EZXX7761
Otmice EZXX1681
Otnice EZXX7762
Otov EZXX6537
Otov EZXX1682
Otovice EZXX9109
Otovice EZXX1683
Otrocin EZXX1684
Otrocineves EZXX1685
Otvice EZXX1686
Otvovice EZXX1687
Oubenice EZXX1688
Ounuz EZXX6538
Ovcarna EZXX8442
Ovcary EZXX1689
Ovesna EZXX6539
Ovesna Lhota EZXX1690
Ovesne EZXX6540
Ovesne Kladruby EZXX1691
Pabenice EZXX1692
Pacejov EZXX1693
Pacelice EZXX6541
Pacerice EZXX1694
Pacov EZXX1695
Padarov EZXX6542
Padochov EZXX7763
Palec EZXX1696
Palic EZXX8443
Palohlavy EZXX9786
Palupin EZXX6543
Pametice EZXX6544
Pametice EZXX7764
Pametnik EZXX9110
Panenska EZXX6545
Panenska Hurka EZXX9787
Panenske Brezany EZXX1697
Panensky Tynec EZXX1698
Panosi Ujezd EZXX1699
Panska Habrova EZXX9111
Panska Ves EZXX9788
Panske Pole EZXX9112
Paracov EZXX6546
Pardubice EZXX0034
Parezi EZXX6547
Parezovice EZXX7765
Parezska Lhota EZXX9113
Pariz EZXX6548
Pasecnice EZXX1700
Paseka EZXX8444
Paseka EZXX6549
Paseky EZXX1701
Pasice EZXX6551
Pasinka EZXX1703
Pasinovice EZXX6552
Pasohlavky EZXX7766
Pasovary EZXX6553
Pasovice EZXX6554
Pastuchovice EZXX1704
Pastviny EZXX8445
Pastviny EZXX9116
Pastvisko EZXX7767
Patek EZXX1705
Patokryje EZXX1706
Pavice EZXX8446
Pavlice EZXX7768
Pavlicky EZXX9789
Pavlikov EZXX1707
Pavlisov EZXX9117
Pavlov EZXX7769
Pavlov EZXX1708
Pavlovice EZXX9790
Pavlovice EZXX7770
Pavlovice EZXX1709
Pazderna EZXX7771
Pchery EZXX1710
Pec EZXX1711
Pec EZXX6555
Pec pod Snezkou EZXX1712
Pechova Lhota EZXX6556
Pecice EZXX1713
Pecin EZXX9118
Pecka EZXX1714
Peckovice EZXX8447
Pecky EZXX1715
Pecnov EZXX1716
Pejskov EZXX7772
Pekarka EZXX9791
Peklo EZXX8448
Peklo EZXX9792
Pekloves EZXX9121
Pekna EZXX6557
Pekov EZXX9122
Pekovice EZXX8449
Pele EZXX6558
Pelechov EZXX9793
Pelechy EZXX1717
Pelejovice EZXX6559
Pelesany EZXX9123
Pelesov EZXX9124
Pelikovice EZXX9794
Pencin EZXX1718
Pendrov EZXX7773
Perimov EZXX9796
Perlovice EZXX6560
Perna EZXX7774
Pernarec EZXX1719
Pernek EZXX6561
Pernink EZXX1720
Pernstejn EZXX7775
Perslak EZXX6562
Perstejn EZXX1721
Pertoltice EZXX1722
Peruc EZXX1724
Pesvice EZXX1725
Petihosty EZXX1726
Petikozly EZXX1727
Petipsy EZXX1728
Petkovy EZXX1729
Petrejov EZXX6563
Petrikov EZXX6564
Petrikov EZXX1730
Petrikovice EZXX9125
Petroupim EZXX1731
Petrov EZXX8450
Petrov EZXX7777
Petrovice EZXX7778
Petrovice EZXX1732
Petrovice EZXX9797
Petrovice EZXX6566
Petrovice EZXX9126
Petrovice Druha EZXX1733
Petrovice Predni EZXX1734
Petrovicky EZXX1735
Petruv Dvur EZXX6567
Piessnig EZXX9798
Pihel EZXX9799
Pihlov EZXX6568
Pikov EZXX6569
Pila EZXX1736
Pilar EZXX6570
Piletice EZXX9128
Pilinkov EZXX9800
Pilnikov EZXX9129
Pilsen EZXX0010
Pipice EZXX9801
Pisarky EZXX7779
Pisecka Smolec EZXX6571
Pisecne EZXX6572
Pisek EZXX9130
Pisek EZXX0011
Piskova Lhota EZXX1738
Pistin EZXX1740
Pistina EZXX1741
Pistovice EZXX7780
Pisty EZXX1742
Pivkovice EZXX1743
Pivovary EZXX6573
Placice EZXX9131
Placky EZXX9132
Placovice EZXX6574
Plana EZXX6575
Plana EZXX1744
Planany EZXX1746
Plane EZXX6576
Plane EZXX1747
Planeruv Dvur EZXX6577
Planice EZXX1748
Planicka EZXX6578
Planina EZXX6579
Planska EZXX6580
Plasna EZXX6581
Plasnice EZXX9133
Plastovice EZXX6582
Plasy EZXX1749
Plav EZXX1750
Plavec EZXX7781
Plavno EZXX8452
Plavsko EZXX1751
Plavy EZXX1752
Plch EZXX1753
Plchov EZXX1754
Plenkovice EZXX7782
Plese EZXX1755
Plesivec EZXX9802
Plesivec EZXX8453
Plesivec EZXX6583
Plesna EZXX1756
Plesnice EZXX1757
Plesovice EZXX6584
Pleteny Ujezd EZXX1758
Plhov EZXX9134
Pliskov EZXX1759
Pliskovice EZXX6585
Ploneruv Dvur EZXX6586
Ploskovice EZXX1760
Ploukonice EZXX9803
Plouznice EZXX9804
Pluzna EZXX1761
Plzen EZXX1762
Pnetluky EZXX1763
Pnovany EZXX1764
Pobezovice EZXX1765
Pocaply EZXX1766
Pocatky EZXX8454
Pocedelice EZXX1767
Pocepice EZXX1768
Pocerny EZXX8455
Pochlovice EZXX8456
Pochvalov EZXX1769
Pocinovice EZXX1770
Podborany EZXX1772
Podbori EZXX6588
Podborky EZXX9136
Podbrdy EZXX1773
Podbrezi EZXX1774
Podbrezice EZXX7783
Podchlumi EZXX9137
Podchysska Lhota EZXX6589
Poderiste EZXX6590
Podhaji EZXX6591
Podhaji EZXX9805
Podhori EZXX8457
Podhorni Ujezd EZXX9138
Podhrad EZXX8458
Podhradi EZXX1775
Podhradi EZXX8459
Podhuri EZXX9140
Podilna EZXX8460
Podivice EZXX7785
Podivin EZXX7786
Podkost EZXX9141
Podlesi EZXX6592
Podlesi EZXX9142
Podlesi EZXX1776
Podlesin EZXX1777
Podlevin EZXX9143
Podluhy EZXX1778
Podmoklice EZXX9806
Podmokly EZXX1779
Podmoky EZXX1780
Podmoli EZXX7787
Podmyce EZXX7788
Podol EZXX6593
Podoli EZXX7789
Podoli EZXX1781
Podoli EZXX9144
Podoli Druhe EZXX6595
Podoliby EZXX9145
Podolsko EZXX6596
Podomi EZXX7790
Podruhli EZXX6597
Podsedice EZXX1782
Podspalov EZXX9807
Podsrp EZXX6598
Podstely EZXX8462
Podulsany EZXX1783
Podulsi EZXX9146
Podveky EZXX1784
Podvori EZXX6599
Podzamci EZXX9147
Pohnanec EZXX1785
Pohnani EZXX1786
Pohorelice EZXX7791
Pohori EZXX6600
Pohori EZXX1787
Pohori EZXX9808
Pohori na Sumave EZXX6601
Pohorovice EZXX1788
Pohurka EZXX6602
Pojbuky EZXX1789
Pokovy Hute EZXX6603
Polanka EZXX7792
Polanka EZXX6604
Polanka EZXX1790
Poldovka EZXX6605
Pole EZXX9809
Pole EZXX6606
Polecnice EZXX6607
Polen EZXX1791
Polepy EZXX1792
Polerady EZXX1793
Polesi EZXX9810
Polevsko EZXX1794
Policka EZXX4573
Polikno EZXX8463
Polizy EZXX9149
Polka EZXX6609
Polna EZXX8464
Polni Chrcice EZXX1796
Polni Voderady EZXX1797
Polom EZXX9150
Polom EZXX8465
Polste EZXX1798
Polubny EZXX9811
Polzov EZXX6610
Pomezi EZXX6611
Pomezi nad Ohri EZXX1799
Pomezna EZXX8466
Pomeznice EZXX9152
Ponava EZXX7793
Ponedraz EZXX6612
Ponedrazka EZXX1800
Ponesice EZXX6613
Ponetovice EZXX7794
Ponikla EZXX1801
Popelin EZXX6614
Popelna EZXX7795
Popelov EZXX9153
Popice EZXX7796
Popluzi EZXX9154
Popov EZXX8467
Popovec EZXX6615
Popovice EZXX6616
Popovice EZXX7797
Popovice EZXX8468
Popovice EZXX1802
Popovice EZXX9155
Popovicky EZXX1803
Popuvky EZXX7798
Poresin EZXX6617
Poresinec EZXX6618
Porezanky EZXX6619
Porezany EZXX6620
Poricany EZXX1804
Porici EZXX9156
Porin EZXX6622
Poritsch EZXX8469
Posadov EZXX9157
Posec EZXX8470
Poslak EZXX6623
Posna EZXX1806
Postoloprty EZXX1807
Postorna EZXX7799
Postovice EZXX1808
Postrekov EZXX1809
Postrelna EZXX9812
Postrizin EZXX1810
Postupice EZXX1811
Posudov EZXX6624
Potehy EZXX1812
Potociste EZXX8471
Potstejn EZXX9158
Potucek EZXX6625
Potucky EZXX1813
Potvorov EZXX1814
Pouchov EZXX9159
Poustka EZXX1815
Poustka EZXX9813
Poutnov EZXX8473
Pouzdrany EZXX7800
Povrly EZXX1816
Pozden EZXX1817
Pozorice EZXX7801
Pozorka EZXX8474
Prace EZXX7802
Pracejovice EZXX1818
Prachatice EZXX1819
Prachen EZXX9814
Prachomety EZXX8475
Prachov EZXX9160
Prachovice EZXX1820
Prackov EZXX9815
Pracov EZXX6626
Pradlo EZXX1822
Prague EZXX0012
Praha-Libus EZXX0022
Prameny EZXX8476
Prasek EZXX1823
Prasetin EZXX6627
Prasily EZXX1824
Praskacka EZXX1825
Praskolesy EZXX1826
Pravetin EZXX6628
Pravetinska Lada EZXX6629
Pravice EZXX7803
Pravlov EZXX7804
Pravonin EZXX1827
Pravy EZXX1828
Prazacka EZXX6630
Prazak EZXX6631
Preborov EZXX1829
Preborovice EZXX6632
Prebuz EZXX1830
Prebytek EZXX9816
Prechovice EZXX1831
Precin EZXX6633
Predboj EZXX1832
Predbor EZXX6634
Predborice EZXX6635
Predcice EZXX6636
Predenice EZXX6637
Predenice EZXX1833
Predklasteri EZXX7805
Predlance EZXX9817
Predmir EZXX1835
Predni Labska EZXX9163
Predni Ptakovice EZXX6638
Predni Vyton EZXX6639
Predni Zborovice EZXX1836
Predni Zdirnice EZXX9164
Predni Zvonkova EZXX6640
Predotice EZXX1837
Predslav EZXX1838
Predslavice EZXX1839
Prehorov EZXX1840
Prehvozdi EZXX1841
Prehysov EZXX1842
Prekazka EZXX6641
Prelic EZXX1843
Prelouc EZXX1844
Prelovice EZXX1845
Prelstice EZXX6642
Prepere EZXX9818
Prepere EZXX1846
Prepychy EZXX1847
Prerov EZXX0057
Prerov nad Labem EZXX1848
Prerubenice EZXX1849
Preseka EZXX6643
Preskace EZXX7806
Prestani EZXX8477
Prestanov EZXX1850
Prestavlky EZXX9165
Prestavlky EZXX1851
Prestenice EZXX6645
Prestice EZXX1852
Prevysov EZXX1853
Prezletice EZXX1854
Pribice EZXX7807
Pribram EZXX7808
Pribram EZXX1855
Pribraz EZXX6646
Pribyslav EZXX9166
Pribyslav EZXX6647
Pribyslav EZXX0025
Pribyslavice EZXX9819
Pribyslavice EZXX7809
Prichovice EZXX1857
Prichovice EZXX9820
Prichvoj EZXX9167
Pricina EZXX1858
Pricovy EZXX1859
Pridoli EZXX1860
Priesern EZXX6648
Prikazy EZXX9168
Prikosice EZXX1861
Prikry EZXX1862
Prilepov EZXX6649
Prilepy EZXX1863
Prilezy EZXX8478
Prim EZXX9169
Primda EZXX0018
Primetice EZXX7810
Prisecna EZXX1864
Prisimasy EZXX1865
Prislop EZXX6650
Prisnotice EZXX7811
Prisov EZXX1866
Prisovice EZXX1867
Pristoupim EZXX1868
Pritluky EZXX7812
Privlaka EZXX9821
Prizrenice EZXX7814
Prkenny Dul EZXX9170
Prkosin EZXX6651
Probluz EZXX9171
Probostov EZXX1869
Probulov EZXX1870
Probylov EZXX6652
Prohor EZXX8479
Prokopov EZXX7815
Proloh EZXX9172
Promina EZXX7816
Proruby EZXX9173
Prosatin EZXX7817
Prosec EZXX9822
Prosec EZXX7818
Prosec EZXX1871
Prosec nad Nisou EZXX9823
Prosecne EZXX1872
Prosenicka Lhota EZXX1873
Prosicka EZXX9824
Prosimerice EZXX7819
Prostejov EZXX0049
Prostibor EZXX1874
Prostredni Lanov EZXX9174
Prostredni Vydri EZXX6654
Protivec EZXX8480
Protivec EZXX6655
Protivin EZXX1875
Provodice EZXX6656
Provodin EZXX1876
Provodov EZXX9179
Provoz EZXX9180
Prstice EZXX7821
Prudice EZXX6657
Pruhonice EZXX1877
Prusanky EZXX7822
Prusice EZXX1878
Pruty EZXX9181
Psanky EZXX1879
Psare EZXX1880
Psarov EZXX1881
Psary EZXX1882
Psenice EZXX6658
Pseves EZXX9182
Psinice EZXX9183
Psov EZXX1883
Psovlky EZXX1884
Pstruzi EZXX8481
Ptaci EZXX8482
Ptenin EZXX1885
Ptice EZXX1886
Puchlovice EZXX1887
Puclice EZXX1888
Puknov EZXX6659
Pulecny EZXX9825
Pulice EZXX9184
Pulicky EZXX9185
Pulovice EZXX8483
Purkarec EZXX6660
Purkrabka EZXX7823
Purkratice EZXX6661
Pusta Prosec EZXX9186
Puste Skaliny EZXX6662
Pustimer EZXX7824
Pustiny EZXX9187
Pustiny EZXX9826
Pustovety EZXX1889
Putim EZXX1890
Putkov EZXX6663
Putschen EZXX6664
Pychov EZXX6665
Pysely EZXX1891
Rab EZXX6666
Rabakov EZXX1892
Rabi EZXX1893
Raby EZXX1895
Rabyne EZXX1896
Racetice EZXX1897
Raci EZXX6667
Racice EZXX7826
Racice EZXX1898
Racin EZXX6668
Radcice EZXX1900
Radcice EZXX6669
Radec EZXX9188
Radec EZXX9828
Radejov EZXX7827
Radejovice EZXX1901
Radenin EZXX1902
Radesov EZXX6670
Radesov EZXX9189
Radetice EZXX1903
Radhostice EZXX1904
Radic EZXX1905
Radikovy EZXX6672
Radim EZXX9190
Radim EZXX1906
Radimov EZXX6673
Radimovice EZXX9829
Radkov EZXX1909
Radkovice EZXX1910
Radkyne EZXX9191
Radlice EZXX6674
Radlo EZXX1911
Radnice EZXX8484
Radobytce EZXX6675
Radomilice EZXX6676
Radomysl EZXX1912
Radonice EZXX6677
Radonice EZXX1913
Radonovice EZXX9830
Radoskov EZXX7828
Radosov EZXX8485
Radosovice EZXX1914
Radostice EZXX7829
Radostice EZXX6679
Radostin EZXX9831
Radostovice EZXX9192
Radostovice EZXX6680
Radotin EZXX8486
Radounka EZXX6681
Radovesice EZXX1915
Radslav EZXX6682
Radslavice EZXX7830
Radslavicky EZXX7831
Radvanec EZXX1916
Radvanice EZXX1917
Radvanice EZXX9832
Radvanov EZXX6683
Radvanov EZXX8487
Radvanovice EZXX9833
Radvanovice EZXX6684
Radyne EZXX8488
Raj EZXX9834
Rajec EZXX8489
Rajec EZXX9193
Rajec-Jestrebi EZXX7832
Rajecko EZXX7833
Rajhrad EZXX7834
Rajhradice EZXX7835
Rajov EZXX8490
Rakousy EZXX1918
Rakov EZXX6686
Rakov EZXX9194
Rakova EZXX1919
Rakove EZXX7836
Rakovice EZXX1920
Rakovnik EZXX1921
Raksice EZXX7837
Rakvice EZXX7838
Rampuse EZXX9195
Rana EZXX1922
Rancice EZXX6687
Rancirov EZXX6688
Rane EZXX9835
Rankovice EZXX8491
Rapotice EZXX6690
Rapsach EZXX1923
Rasin EZXX1924
Rasnice EZXX9836
Rasnice EZXX6691
Rasosky EZXX1925
Rasov EZXX7839
Rasovice EZXX9196
Rasovice EZXX6692
Rasovice EZXX7840
Rasovka EZXX9837
Raspenava EZXX1926
Rastory EZXX6693
Rataje EZXX1927
Ratbor EZXX1929
Ratenice EZXX1930
Ratibor EZXX1931
Ratibor EZXX8492
Ratiborice EZXX6695
Ratiborova Lhota EZXX6696
Ratiborske Hory EZXX6697
Ratiskovice EZXX7841
Ratisovice EZXX7842
Raven EZXX6698
Razice EZXX1932
Raztely EZXX6699
Rebesovice EZXX7843
Recany nad Labem EZXX1933
Recice EZXX9197
Recice EZXX6700
Reckerberg EZXX6701
Reckovice EZXX7844
Rednice EZXX8493
Rehec EZXX9198
Rehenice EZXX1934
Rehlovice EZXX1935
Rehorinky EZXX6702
Reichersdorf EZXX8494
Reiterschlag EZXX6703
Rejdice EZXX9838
Rejsikov EZXX6704
Rejstejn EZXX1936
Rejta EZXX6705
Remicov EZXX1937
Rence EZXX1938
Rendejov EZXX1939
Rendez-vous EZXX7845
Renkov EZXX6706
Repec EZXX6707
Repechy EZXX7846
Repesin EZXX6708
Repice EZXX1940
Repin EZXX1941
Repka EZXX7847
Repov EZXX1942
Rerichy EZXX1943
Rerisny EZXX9199
Resetova Lhota EZXX9200
Resice EZXX7848
Restoky EZXX1944
Retec EZXX6709
Retenice EZXX6710
Revnice EZXX1945
Revnicov EZXX1946
Revnov EZXX6711
Revnovice EZXX6712
Rez EZXX1947
Reznovice EZXX7849
Ricany EZXX7850
Ricany EZXX1948
Ricky EZXX9201
Ricky EZXX7851
Ricmanice EZXX7852
Rihov EZXX6713
Rikonin EZXX7853
Rikov EZXX1949
Rimov EZXX6714
Rimovice EZXX1950
Ripec EZXX1951
Riste EZXX6715
Risuty EZXX1952
Ritka EZXX1953
Ritonice EZXX1954
Roblin EZXX1955
Robousy EZXX9202
Rochlov EZXX1956
Rochov EZXX1957
Rodna EZXX1958
Rodov EZXX9203
Rodvinov EZXX1959
Rohanov EZXX6716
Rohatec EZXX7854
Rohatsko EZXX1960
Rohenice EZXX1961
Rohenicky EZXX9204
Rohovladova Bela EZXX1962
Rohozec EZXX1963
Rohozec EZXX7855
Rohozna EZXX6717
Rohoznice EZXX1964
Rohy EZXX6718
Rojetin EZXX7856
Rojice EZXX6719
Rojov EZXX6720
Rojsin EZXX6721
Rokle EZXX1965
Rokycany EZXX1966
Rokytna EZXX7857
Rokytnice EZXX9840
Rokytnik EZXX9206
Rokytno EZXX9841
Rokytno EZXX1968
Rokytovec EZXX1969
Rolava EZXX8495
Rollessengrun EZXX8496
Romava EZXX6722
Roprachtice EZXX9842
Rosec EZXX6723
Rosice EZXX0013
Rosicka u Destne EZXX6724
Roskopov EZXX9207
Rosnice EZXX9208
Rosovice EZXX1971
Rostenice EZXX7858
Rotava EZXX1972
Rotstejn EZXX9843
Roubanina EZXX7859
Roudna EZXX1973
Roudne EZXX1974
Roudnice EZXX9844
Roudnice EZXX9209
Roudnicka EZXX9210
Roudny EZXX9845
Roupov EZXX1976
Rousinov EZXX9846
Rousinov EZXX7860
Rousinovec EZXX7861
Roven EZXX9211
Roven EZXX9847
Rovence EZXX6725
Rovna EZXX1978
Rovna EZXX6726
Rovnacov EZXX9848
Rovne EZXX9212
Rozarin EZXX7862
Rozberice EZXX9213
Rozdrojovice EZXX7863
Rozhovice EZXX1980
Rozhrani EZXX8497
Rozkos EZXX9214
Rozkos EZXX7864
Rozmital EZXX9215
Roznov EZXX6727
Roznov EZXX1984
Rozpouti EZXX6728
Rozsicka EZXX7866
Rozstani EZXX9849
Roztoky EZXX1985
Roztoky EZXX9216
Roztoky EZXX9850
Rozvadov EZXX1986
Rpety EZXX1987
Rtyne EZXX9217
Rubinovice EZXX9218
Ruda EZXX1989
Rudice EZXX7867
Rudka EZXX7868
Rudlice EZXX7869
Rudna EZXX1990
Rudne EZXX8498
Rudnik EZXX7870
Rudnik EZXX9219
Rudolec EZXX8499
Rudolfov EZXX9220
Rudolfov EZXX1991
Rudolfov EZXX9852
Rukavec EZXX6729
Rumburk EZXX1992
Ruprechtice EZXX9221
Ruprechtice EZXX9853
Ruprechtov EZXX8500
Rusek EZXX9222
Rusinov EZXX1993
Ruzek EZXX9854
Ruzodol EZXX9855
Ruzov EZXX6730
Ruzova EZXX1994
Ruzova EZXX8501
Ruzove EZXX9856
Ruzovka EZXX9223
Ruzovy Vrch EZXX6731
Rvacov EZXX9857
Rybare EZXX6732
Rybare EZXX8502
Rybitvi EZXX1995
Rybna EZXX8503
Rybne EZXX6733
Rybnice EZXX9858
Rybnice EZXX1996
Rybnicek EZXX1997
Rybnicek EZXX7872
Rybnicek EZXX9225
Rybnicky EZXX9226
Rybnicna EZXX8504
Rybnik EZXX6734
Rybnik EZXX1998
Rybniky EZXX7873
Rybniky EZXX1999
Rybniste EZXX2000
Rybova Lhota EZXX6735
Rychmanov EZXX7874
Rychnov EZXX9859
Rychnovek EZXX2001
Rychnuvek EZXX6738
Rychory EZXX9228
Rychtarov EZXX6739
Rychtarov EZXX7875
Rydkerov EZXX8505
Rydvaltice EZXX9860
Ryjice EZXX2002
Rynek EZXX9229
Rynholec EZXX2003
Rynoltice EZXX2004
Rynovice EZXX9861
Ryse EZXX9230
Rytirova Lhota EZXX9231
Ryzoviste EZXX9862
Ryzovna EZXX8506
Rzava EZXX6740
Saar EZXX8507
Sabina EZXX2005
Sach EZXX6741
Sachov EZXX9232
Sadek EZXX2006
Sadlno EZXX6742
Sadov EZXX2007
Sadova EZXX2008
Sadska EZXX2009
Saflerov EZXX6743
Safov EZXX7876
Sajba EZXX6744
Sajtava EZXX9233
Sakvice EZXX7877
Salacova Lhota EZXX2010
Saladin EZXX6745
Salajna EZXX8508
Salerberg EZXX8509
Salmanovice EZXX6746
Samonice EZXX6747
Samopse EZXX2011
Samosoly EZXX6748
Samoty EZXX6749
Samsin EZXX2012
Samsina EZXX2013
San EZXX9863
Sance EZXX6750
Sanov EZXX7878
Sany EZXX2014
Saplava EZXX2015
Saratice EZXX7879
Sardice EZXX7880
Sarovcova Lhota EZXX2016
Sasina EZXX7881
Satov EZXX7882
Savlova Lhota EZXX6751
Sazava EZXX2017
Sber EZXX9234
Scheibenreuth EZXX8510
Schenkenhahn EZXX9864
Schlag EZXX6752
Schobruv Dvur EZXX6753
Schonburg EZXX8511
Schorov EZXX2018
Sebanov EZXX6754
Sebecice EZXX2019
Sebenbach EZXX8512
Sebestenice EZXX2020
Sebetov EZXX7883
Sebirov EZXX2021
Sebranice EZXX7884
Sebrov EZXX7885
Sebuc EZXX9235
Sec EZXX2022
Sediviny EZXX9236
Sedlcany EZXX2023
Sedlce EZXX6755
Sedlec EZXX2024
Sedlec EZXX8513
Sedlec EZXX7886
Sedlec EZXX6756
Sedlec EZXX9237
Sedlecko EZXX8514
Sedlesovice EZXX7887
Sedletin EZXX2025
Sedlice EZXX9238
Sedlice EZXX2026
Sedlikov EZXX6759
Sedlikovice EZXX6760
Sedlisko EZXX9865
Sedliste EZXX2027
Sedliste EZXX9239
Sedliste EZXX6761
Sedlo EZXX8515
Sedlo EZXX6762
Sedlonov EZXX2028
Sedlovice EZXX6763
Sedm Chalup EZXX6764
Sedmihorky EZXX9867
Seichenreuth EZXX8516
Sejby EZXX6765
Sejfy EZXX6766
Sekerice EZXX9240
Sekerkovy Loucky EZXX9868
Sekerske Chalupy EZXX8517
Sekyrka EZXX9241
Seletice EZXX2029
Selibov EZXX6767
Selmberk EZXX6768
Selty EZXX9869
Semcice EZXX2030
Semechnice EZXX2031
Semenec EZXX6769
Semice EZXX2032
Semice EZXX6770
Semily EZXX2033
Semin EZXX2034
Seminova Lhota EZXX9242
Semnevice EZXX2035
Semnice EZXX2036
Semonice EZXX9243
Semtes EZXX8518
Semtes EZXX2037
Sendraz EZXX2038
Sendrazice EZXX2039
Senec EZXX2040
Senetarov EZXX7888
Senice EZXX2041
Seniky EZXX6771
Senohraby EZXX2042
Senorady EZXX7889
Senotin EZXX6772
Senozaty EZXX6773
Sentice EZXX7890
Sepekov EZXX2043
Serava EZXX6774
Serec EZXX9244
Serkov EZXX6775
Serkovice EZXX7891
Serles EZXX8519
Serlich EZXX9245
Sestajovice EZXX2044
Sestajovice EZXX9246
Setechovice EZXX6776
Setejovice EZXX2045
Setun EZXX6777
Sevetin EZXX2046
Sezemice EZXX2047
Sezimky EZXX9870
Sezimovo Usti EZXX2048
Shon EZXX6778
Sibrina EZXX2049
Sichova Vesec EZXX6779
Silberstejn EZXX9247
Silnicna EZXX7892
Siluvky EZXX7893
Simek EZXX6780
Simonovice EZXX2050
Sindelova EZXX2051
Sindlov EZXX6781
Sindlovy Dvory EZXX6782
Sipluv Dvur EZXX6783
Sipoun EZXX6784
Sira EZXX2052
Sirejovice EZXX2053
Sirociny EZXX6785
Sitborice EZXX7894
Sitiny EZXX6786
Sitiny EZXX8520
Sivice EZXX7895
Skala EZXX9248
Skalany EZXX9871
Skalicany EZXX6787
Skalice EZXX2054
Skalice EZXX7896
Skalice EZXX6788
Skalice EZXX9872
Skalicka EZXX9249
Skalicka EZXX7898
Skalka EZXX6789
Skalka EZXX8521
Skalka EZXX9873
Skalka EZXX7899
Skalka EZXX9250
Skalna EZXX2055
Skalsko EZXX2056
Skaly EZXX2057
Skaly EZXX9251
Skarez EZXX6791
Skasov EZXX2058
Skelne Hute EZXX9874
Skelne Hute EZXX8522
Sklare EZXX6793
Sklena EZXX8524
Sklenarice EZXX9875
Sklenarovice EZXX9252
Skochovice EZXX9253
Skocice EZXX2059
Skocova Lhota EZXX7901
Skodejov EZXX9876
Skomelno EZXX2060
Skopytce EZXX6794
Skorice EZXX2061
Skorkov EZXX2062
Skoronice EZXX7902
Skrchov EZXX7903
Skrib EZXX7904
Skridla EZXX6795
Skrinerov EZXX6796
Skripel EZXX2063
Skripova EZXX8526
Skrivany EZXX2064
Skrsice EZXX9254
Skrsin EZXX2065
Skrychov EZXX6797
Skryje EZXX2066
Skryje EZXX7905
Skubice EZXX6798
Skudra EZXX6799
Skuhrov EZXX2067
Skupecne EZXX6800
Skurina EZXX9256
Skvorec EZXX2068
Skvoretice EZXX2069
Skvrnov EZXX2070
Slabce EZXX2071
Slabcice EZXX6801
Slagles EZXX6802
Slana EZXX9877
Slanik EZXX2072
Slany EZXX2073
Slap EZXX9878
Slapanice EZXX7906
Slapanice EZXX2074
Slapsko EZXX2075
Slapy EZXX6803
Slapy EZXX2076
Slatina EZXX2077
Slatina EZXX7907
Slatina EZXX6804
Slatina EZXX9257
Slatina nad Upou EZXX2078
Slatinka EZXX7908
Slatinky EZXX9259
Slatiny EZXX2079
Slavce EZXX6805
Slavetice EZXX6806
Slavetin EZXX9260
Slavetin EZXX2080
Slavhostice EZXX2082
Slavikovice EZXX7909
Slavkov EZXX6808
Slavkov u Brna EZXX0014
Slavkovice EZXX6809
Slavnovice EZXX6810
Slavny EZXX9262
Slavonice EZXX6811
Slavonov EZXX6812
Slavonov EZXX2083
Slavosov EZXX2084
Slavosovice EZXX6813
Slemeno EZXX9263
Slepotice EZXX2085
Slikova Ves EZXX9264
Slivonice EZXX6814
Slotov EZXX9265
Sloucin EZXX6815
Sloup EZXX9879
Sloup EZXX7910
Sloupno EZXX2086
Slovec EZXX2087
Slubice EZXX6816
Sluhy EZXX2088
Slunecna EZXX2089
Slunecna EZXX6817
Slup EZXX7911
Slupecna EZXX6818
Slupenec EZXX6819
Slustice EZXX2090
Sluzatky EZXX2091
Sluzetin EZXX8528
Smecno EZXX2092
Smedec EZXX6820
Smedecek EZXX6821
Smelcovna EZXX7912
Smetanova Lhota EZXX2093
Smidarska Lhota EZXX9266
Smidary EZXX9267
Smilkov EZXX2094
Smilov EZXX8529
Smilovice EZXX2095
Smilovice EZXX6822
Smilovy Hory EZXX2096
Smiradice EZXX6823
Smirice EZXX2097
Smitka EZXX6824
Smolin EZXX7913
Smolna EZXX8530
Smolne Pece EZXX2098
Smolnice EZXX8531
Smolotely EZXX2099
Smrci EZXX9880
Smrcina EZXX8532
Smrhov EZXX6825
Smrkov EZXX6826
Smrkovec EZXX8533
Smrkovice EZXX6827
Smrzov EZXX9881
Smrzov EZXX2100
Smrzovka EZXX2101
Smyslov EZXX6829
Snedovice EZXX2102
Snehov EZXX9882
Sneky EZXX8534
Snet EZXX2103
Snezna EZXX8535
Snezne EZXX2104
Snovidky EZXX7914
Sobakov EZXX9883
Sobcice EZXX2105
Sobedraz EZXX6830
Sobehrdy EZXX2106
Sobekury EZXX2107
Sobenov EZXX6832
Soberaz EZXX2108
Soberle EZXX9268
Sobesice EZXX6833
Sobesice EZXX7915
Sobesice EZXX2109
Sobesin EZXX2110
Sobeslav EZXX2111
Sobeslavice EZXX2112
Sobetice EZXX6834
Sobetuchy EZXX2113
Sobetus EZXX9269
Sobotka EZXX9270
Sobotovice EZXX7916
Sobulky EZXX7917
Sochovice EZXX6835
Sohorz EZXX6836
Sokolec EZXX2114
Sokolnice EZXX7918
Sokolov EZXX2115
Solna Lhota EZXX6837
Solnice EZXX2116
Sonov EZXX2117
Soprec EZXX2118
Sosnova EZXX2119
Sosuvka EZXX7919
Soudna EZXX9272
Sounov EZXX2120
Sousedovice EZXX6838
Soutice EZXX2121
Souvlastni EZXX9273
Sovetice EZXX2122
Sovinky EZXX2123
Sovolusky EZXX8536
Sovolusky EZXX2124
Spalene Porici EZXX2125
Spalenec EZXX6839
Spalov EZXX9884
Spanov EZXX2126
Sparence EZXX9275
Spesov EZXX7920
Spindleruv Mlyn EZXX2127
Spojil EZXX2128
Spoli EZXX6840
Spomysl EZXX8537
Spomysl EZXX2129
Sporice EZXX2130
Spravcice EZXX9276
Spy EZXX9277
Spysova EZXX9278
Spyta EZXX9279
Srbec EZXX2131
Srbice EZXX2132
Srbska EZXX9885
Srbska Kamenice EZXX2133
Srby EZXX2134
Srch EZXX2135
Srlin EZXX6841
Srni EZXX9886
Srni EZXX8538
Srni EZXX2136
Srnin EZXX2137
Srnojedy EZXX2138
Srubec EZXX2139
Stachy EZXX2141
Stadlec EZXX2142
Stajka EZXX6842
Stalkov EZXX6843
Stalky EZXX7921
Stanimerice EZXX6844
Stankov EZXX2143
Stankov EZXX6845
Stankov EZXX9280
Stankova Lhota EZXX9281
Stankovice EZXX2144
Stanovice EZXX9282
Stanovice EZXX2145
Stanoviste EZXX8539
Stanoviste EZXX7922
Stanovy EZXX9887
Stara EZXX8540
Stara Chodovska EZXX8541
Stara Dobev EZXX6846
Stara Hlina EZXX6847
Stara Hut EZXX6848
Stara Lipa EZXX9888
Stara Lysa EZXX2147
Stara Paka EZXX9283
Stara Role EZXX8542
Stara Skalka EZXX9889
Stara Skrener EZXX9284
Stara Ves EZXX9890
Stara Ves EZXX8543
Stara Voda EZXX2148
Stara Voda EZXX9285
Stara Vozice EZXX6850
Stara Vraz EZXX6851
Starcova Lhota EZXX6852
Stare Brno EZXX7923
Stare Buky EZXX9286
Stare Hobzi EZXX6853
Stare Hradiste EZXX2149
Stare Hrady EZXX2150
Stare Hute EZXX6854
Stare Hvezdlice EZXX7924
Stare Kestrany EZXX6855
Stare Krecany EZXX2151
Stare Lany EZXX6856
Stare Lomnice EZXX9891
Stare Mesto EZXX6857
Stare Misto EZXX2152
Stare Nechanice EZXX2153
Stare Pavlovice EZXX9892
Stare Prachatice EZXX6858
Stare Sedliste EZXX2154
Stare Sedlo EZXX6859
Stare Sedlo EZXX2155
Stare Smrkovice EZXX2156
Stare Splavy EZXX9893
Stare Zdanice EZXX2157
Starkoc EZXX9288
Starkoc EZXX2158
Starkov EZXX2159
Starost EZXX8545
Starostin EZXX9290
Starov EZXX6860
Starovice EZXX7925
Starovicky EZXX7926
Stary Bozdechov EZXX6861
Stary Breclav EZXX7927
Stary Bydzov EZXX2161
Stary Dub EZXX9894
Stary Harcov EZXX9895
Stary Hlavnov EZXX6862
Stary Hroznatov EZXX8546
Stary Kolin EZXX2162
Stary Parezov EZXX2163
Stary Petrin EZXX7928
Stary Ples EZXX9291
Stary Poddvorov EZXX7929
Stary Radostov EZXX9292
Stary Rokytnik EZXX9293
Stary Rybnik EZXX8547
Stary Sachov EZXX2164
Stary Saldorf EZXX7930
Stary Sedlonov EZXX9294
Stary Sidlov EZXX9896
Stary Spicak EZXX6863
Statenice EZXX2165
Stav EZXX9295
Stavesice EZXX7931
Steblova EZXX2166
Steblovice EZXX9296
Stebnice EZXX8548
Stebno EZXX9897
Stebno EZXX2167
Stechov EZXX7932
Stechovice EZXX6864
Stechovice EZXX2168
Stedra EZXX2169
Stedronin-Plasy EZXX6865
Stehelceves EZXX2170
Stehlovice EZXX2171
Steingrub EZXX8549
Steinpohl EZXX8550
Steken EZXX2172
Stekre EZXX6866
Stenkov EZXX9297
Stenovice EZXX2173
Stenovicky Borek EZXX2174
Stepanicka Lhota EZXX9898
Stepanovice EZXX7933
Stepanovice EZXX9899
Stepanovice EZXX2175
Stepanovsko EZXX9298
Sternberk EZXX4961
Steti EZXX2176
Stetice EZXX6867
Stetkovice EZXX2177
Stezerov EZXX6868
Stezery EZXX9299
Stezirky EZXX9300
Stichluv Mlyn EZXX8551
Stichov EZXX2178
Stichovice EZXX2179
Stidla EZXX9301
Stihlice EZXX2180
Stikov EZXX9302
Stipoklasy EZXX2181
Stipoklasy EZXX6869
Stipton EZXX6870
Stit EZXX9303
Stitary EZXX8552
Stitary EZXX7934
Stitkov EZXX6871
Stitov EZXX2182
Stochov EZXX2183
Stod EZXX2184
Stodola EZXX8553
Stodulky EZXX6872
Stojecin EZXX6873
Stojice EZXX2185
Stojslavice EZXX6874
Stoklasna Lhota EZXX6875
Stolany EZXX2186
Stolin EZXX9304
Stoupno EZXX9900
Stoutov EZXX8554
Stozec EZXX2187
Stozice EZXX2188
Strachotice EZXX7936
Strachotin EZXX7937
Strachovice EZXX6876
Stracov EZXX2189
Stracovska Lhota EZXX9305
Stradonice EZXX2190
Stradov EZXX6877
Strakonice EZXX0042
Straky EZXX2191
Stran EZXX8555
Stranany EZXX6878
Strancice EZXX2192
Stranice EZXX7938
Stranka EZXX2193
Stranny EZXX2194
Stranovice EZXX6879
Strasice EZXX6880
Strasin EZXX2195
Strasnov EZXX2196
Strasov EZXX2197
Stratov EZXX2198
Straz EZXX8556
Straz EZXX2199
Straz EZXX6881
Straz nad Nisou EZXX2200
Straziste EZXX2202
Strazka EZXX6883
Strazkovice EZXX9306
Strazkovice EZXX2203
Strazne EZXX2204
Straznice EZXX7939
Strazny EZXX2205
Strazov EZXX2206
Strazovice EZXX6884
Strazovice EZXX7940
Stredokluky EZXX2207
Strela EZXX6885
Strelec EZXX9307
Strelice EZXX2208
Strelice EZXX7941
Strelske Hostice EZXX2209
Stremchovi EZXX7942
Stremily EZXX6887
Stremy EZXX2210
Strenice EZXX2211
Strevac EZXX2212
Strevelna EZXX9902
Strezetice EZXX9308
Strezimerice EZXX9309
Strezimir EZXX2213
Strhare EZXX7943
Stribrec EZXX2214
Stribrna EZXX2215
Stribrne Hute EZXX6889
Stribrnice EZXX9310
Stribro EZXX2216
Stridka EZXX6890
Stritez EZXX2217
Strizov EZXX2218
Strizovice EZXX9903
Strizovice EZXX6892
Strizovice EZXX2219
Strkov EZXX6893
Strmilov EZXX6894
Stromkovice EZXX9904
Strouhy EZXX6895
Strpi EZXX6896
Struharov EZXX2220
Strupcice EZXX2223
Struzinec EZXX2224
Struzinec EZXX6897
Struzna EZXX2225
Struznice EZXX2226
Strycice EZXX6898
Studanka EZXX8557
Studanka EZXX2227
Studanky EZXX6899
Studena EZXX9905
Studena EZXX6900
Studenany EZXX9312
Studenec EZXX2228
Studenec EZXX8558
Studenec EZXX9313
Studenec EZXX6901
Studeneves EZXX2229
Studenka EZXX9314
Studne EZXX6902
Studnice EZXX9315
Studnice EZXX6903
Studnice EZXX7944
Stupesice EZXX7945
Stupka EZXX6904
Stupna EZXX9316
Stupna EZXX6905
Stvolinky EZXX2230
Styrice EZXX7946
Sucha EZXX8559
Sucha EZXX9317
Suchdol EZXX6906
Suchdol EZXX2231
Suchdol EZXX7947
Suche Vrbne EZXX6907
Suchodol EZXX2233
Suchohrdly EZXX7948
Suchov EZXX7949
Suchovrsice EZXX2234
Suchy EZXX7950
Suchy Dul EZXX2235
Sudejov EZXX2236
Sudice EZXX7951
Sudin EZXX9319
Sudkovice EZXX6908
Sudomer EZXX2237
Sudomer EZXX6909
Sudomerice EZXX7952
Sudovo Hlavno EZXX2238
Sudslavice EZXX6911
Sukorady EZXX9320
Sukorady EZXX2239
Sulejovice EZXX2240
Sulikov EZXX7953
Sulislav EZXX2241
Sumavske Hostice EZXX6912
Sumice EZXX7954
Sumna EZXX7955
Sumperk EZXX0048
Sumrakov EZXX6913
Sus EZXX6914
Sute Brehy EZXX9321
Svabenice EZXX7956
Svaby EZXX9908
Svachova Lhotka EZXX6915
Svankov EZXX6916
Svarov EZXX9909
Svarov EZXX7957
Svarov EZXX2242
Svarysov EZXX6917
Svata EZXX2243
Svata Anna EZXX6918
Svata Katerina EZXX7958
Svata Magdalena EZXX6919
Svata Mari EZXX2244
Svatava EZXX2245
Svate Pole EZXX2246
Svatkovice EZXX6921
Svatobor EZXX8561
Svatoborice EZXX7959
Svatonice EZXX6922
Svatonina Lhota EZXX6923
Svatonovice EZXX9910
Svatoslav EZXX7960
Svaty Jan EZXX2248
Svaty Mikulas EZXX2251
Svaty Petr EZXX9322
Svaty Tomas EZXX2252
Svaty Vojtech EZXX8562
Svazec EZXX8563
Svebohy EZXX6924
Sveborice EZXX9911
Svemyslice EZXX2253
Sveradice EZXX2254
Sveraz EZXX6925
Svetce EZXX2255
Svetec EZXX2256
Sveti EZXX2257
Svetice EZXX2258
Svetla EZXX6926
Svetla EZXX7961
Svetla EZXX9323
Svetlik EZXX6927
Svetvi EZXX6928
Sviba EZXX6929
Svidnice EZXX9324
Svihov EZXX6930
Svihov EZXX2261
Svijansky Ujezd EZXX2262
Svijany EZXX2263
Svinare EZXX2264
Svinarky EZXX9325
Svinarov EZXX2265
Svinary EZXX9326
Svinetice EZXX6931
Svinky EZXX6932
Svinna EZXX9328
Svinna Lada EZXX6933
Svinosice EZXX7962
Svinov EZXX8564
Svinovice EZXX6934
Sviny EZXX6935
Svitanov EZXX6936
Svitava EZXX9912
Svitavka EZXX7963
Svitavy EZXX5054
Svoboda nad Upou EZXX2266
Svobodna Ves EZXX9913
Svobodne EZXX9329
Svobodne Dvory EZXX9330
Svojek EZXX9914
Svojetice EZXX2267
Svojetin EZXX2268
Svojkov EZXX2269
Svojkovice EZXX2270
Svojnice EZXX6938
Svojsice EZXX2271
Svojsin EZXX2272
Svor EZXX9915
Svoriz EZXX6939
Svrabov EZXX2273
Svrkyne EZXX2274
Svucice EZXX6940
Sychotin EZXX7964
Sychrov EZXX9331
Sychrov EZXX2275
Sykorice EZXX2276
Sylvarov EZXX9332
Sylvaruv Ujezd EZXX9333
Synalov EZXX7965
Synkov EZXX9334
Syrenov EZXX2277
Syrov EZXX2278
Syrovatka EZXX2279
Syrovice EZXX7966
Syrovin EZXX7967
Sytno EZXX2280
Tabor EZXX0015
Tachlovice EZXX2281
Tachov EZXX9916
Tachov EZXX2282
Talinske Kukle EZXX2283
Tample EZXX9917
Tanvald EZXX2284
Tasov EZXX2285
Tasov EZXX7968
Tasovice EZXX7969
Tasovice EZXX8566
Tatce EZXX2286
Tatina EZXX2287
Tatobity EZXX9918
Tatrovice EZXX2288
Tatry EZXX6941
Tavikovice EZXX7970
Tazovice EZXX6942
Tchorovice EZXX2289
Techarovice EZXX2290
Techlovice EZXX9335
Techlovice EZXX2291
Techoraz EZXX6943
Techov EZXX7971
Tehov EZXX2292
Telcov EZXX8567
Telec EZXX8568
Telnice EZXX2293
Telnice EZXX7972
Temelin EZXX2294
Temelinec EZXX6944
Temesvar EZXX2295
Temice EZXX7973
Temice EZXX2296
Temny Dul EZXX9336
Tene EZXX2297
Tepere EZXX9919
Teplice EZXX2298
Teplicka EZXX2300
Teplysovice EZXX2301
Terci Ves EZXX6946
Teresov EZXX2302
Teresov EZXX7974
Terezin EZXX6947
Terezin EZXX2303
Terezin EZXX7975
Tereziny Dary EZXX9338
Tes EZXX8569
Tesany EZXX7976
Tesetice EZXX7977
Tesetice EZXX8570
Tesice EZXX7978
Tesin EZXX9339
Tesinov EZXX6948
Teskov EZXX2304
Tesov EZXX8571
Tesovice EZXX2305
Tesovice EZXX8572
Tetcice EZXX7979
Tetin EZXX2306
Tetin EZXX9340
Tetov EZXX2307
Theimhof EZXX7980
Thurn EZXX8573
Ticha EZXX6949
Tichonice EZXX2308
Tikovice EZXX7981
Tis EZXX9342
Tis u Luk EZXX8574
Tisa EZXX2309
Tisem EZXX2310
Tisice EZXX2311
Tismice EZXX2312
Tisnov EZXX7982
Tisov EZXX6950
Tisova EZXX8575
Tisova EZXX2313
Tisovec EZXX9343
Tisovka EZXX6951
Tlucna EZXX2314
Tlumacov EZXX2315
Tlustce EZXX9920
Tlustice EZXX2316
Tman EZXX2317
Tochovice EZXX2318
Tocov EZXX8576
Todne EZXX6952
Tojice EZXX2319
Tomice EZXX2320
Topelec EZXX6953
Topolany EZXX7984
Tosov EZXX9344
Toubor EZXX7985
Tourov EZXX6954
Tousice EZXX2321
Touskov EZXX6955
Touzetin EZXX2322
Touzim EZXX2323
Touzin EZXX6956
Travcice EZXX2324
Travnicek EZXX9921
Travnik EZXX7986
Travnik EZXX9922
Trbousany EZXX7987
Trckov EZXX9346
Trebanice EZXX6957
Trebcice EZXX2325
Trebec EZXX6958
Trebejice EZXX2327
Trebelice EZXX6959
Treben EZXX2328
Trebenice EZXX2329
Trebes EZXX9347
Trebesice EZXX2330
Trebesov EZXX2331
Trebestovice EZXX2332
Trebetice EZXX6960
Trebetin EZXX2333
Trebetin EZXX7988
Trebic EZXX0033
Trebichovice EZXX2334
Trebicko EZXX6961
Trebin EZXX6962
Trebiste EZXX6963
Trebivlice EZXX2336
Trebiz EZXX2337
Trebkov EZXX6964
Trebnouseves EZXX2338
Treboc EZXX2339
Trebohostice EZXX6965
Trebomyslice EZXX7989
Trebon EZXX2340
Trebonin EZXX2341
Trebosice EZXX2342
Trebotov EZXX2343
Trebotovice EZXX6966
Treboun EZXX8577
Trebovetice EZXX9348
Trebovice EZXX6967
Trebovle EZXX2344
Trebsko EZXX2345
Trebusice EZXX2346
Trebusin EZXX2347
Tremesna EZXX6968
Tremesne EZXX2348
Tremosna EZXX2349
Tremosnice EZXX2350
Tresice EZXX9349
Tresne EZXX6969
Tresnovice EZXX6970
Tresnovy Ujezdec EZXX6971
Tresovice EZXX2351
Tresovice EZXX6972
Trestnice EZXX9350
Trhanov EZXX2352
Trhove Dusniky EZXX2353
Trhove Sviny EZXX6973
Trhovy Stepanov EZXX2354
Tri Dvory EZXX2355
Tri Facky EZXX6974
Tri Sekery EZXX2356
Tribrichy EZXX2357
Tric EZXX9923
Tridomi EZXX8580
Triklasovice EZXX6975
Trisov EZXX6976
Tritim EZXX6977
Trmice EZXX2358
Trmova EZXX8581
Trnava EZXX9351
Trnavka EZXX2359
Trnov EZXX2360
Trnova EZXX2361
Trnovany EZXX2362
Trnove Pole EZXX7990
Trocnov EZXX6978
Trojanky EZXX9924
Trojany EZXX6979
Trojmezi EZXX8582
Trokavec EZXX2363
Troskotovice EZXX7991
Troskovice EZXX2364
Trotina EZXX2365
Troubsko EZXX7992
Trouznice EZXX7993
Trpin EZXX6980
Trpisovice EZXX2366
Trpisty EZXX2367
Trpnouze EZXX6981
Trsnice EZXX8583
Trstenice EZXX2368
Trstenice EZXX7994
Trtenice EZXX2369
Trti EZXX9925
Trtice EZXX2370
Trubejov EZXX9353
Truskovice EZXX6982
Trusnov EZXX2371
Trutnov EZXX0046
Tuboz EZXX9926
Tucapy EZXX6983
Tucapy EZXX7995
Tuchlovice EZXX2372
Tuchomerice EZXX2373
Tuchonice EZXX6984
Tuchoraz EZXX2374
Tuchorice EZXX2375
Tuhan EZXX9927
Tuhan EZXX2376
Tuhanec EZXX9928
Tuhnice EZXX8584
Tuklaty EZXX2377
Tulesice EZXX7996
Tune EZXX9354
Tunechody EZXX2378
Tunkov EZXX8585
Tupadly EZXX2379
Tupesy EZXX6986
Tur EZXX2380
Turany EZXX2381
Turany EZXX7997
Turec EZXX8586
Turkovice EZXX2382
Turnov EZXX0043
Turovec EZXX6987
Tursko EZXX2383
Tusovice EZXX2384
Tutleky EZXX2385
Tuzice EZXX2386
Tuzin EZXX9355
Tvarozna EZXX7998
Tvarozna Lhota EZXX7999
Tvorihraz EZXX8000
Tvrdonice EZXX8001
Tvrzice EZXX2387
Tycek EZXX2388
Tymov EZXX8587
Tyn EZXX8588
Tyn EZXX9929
Tyn nad Vltavou EZXX2389
Tynec EZXX2390
Tynec EZXX8002
Tynec nad Labem EZXX2391
Tynice EZXX6989
Tyniste EZXX2393
Tyniste EZXX8589
U Beranka EZXX6990
U Bicku EZXX6991
U Bindnera EZXX6992
U Blazku EZXX6993
U Martinka EZXX6994
U Matousku EZXX6995
U Mostu EZXX6996
U Noveho Mostu EZXX9930
U Pichu EZXX6997
U Riedlu EZXX6998
U Skalniku EZXX6999
U Stribrne Kule EZXX8003
U Svateho Kamene EZXX7000
U Tikalskych EZXX7001
U Vojtu EZXX7002
Ubislav EZXX7003
Ubislavice EZXX2395
Uboc EZXX2396
Udlice EZXX2397
Udoli EZXX8590
Udoli EZXX7004
Udraz EZXX7005
Udritsch EZXX8591
Udrnice EZXX2398
Udrnicka Lhota EZXX9356
Uhelna EZXX9931