Weather Codes for Cyprus

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Cyprus. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aghirda CYXX0337
Agridhaki CYXX0338
Agridhia CYXX0013
Agrokipia CYXX0468
Agroladhou CYXX0469
Agros CYXX0394
Akaki CYXX0014
Akanthou CYXX0671
Akapnou CYXX0395
Akhelia CYXX0783
Akhyritou CYXX0672
Akoursos CYXX0015
Akrotiri CYXX0007
Akrounda CYXX0016
Alakati CYXX0339
Alambra CYXX0470
Alaminos CYXX0627
Alekhtora CYXX0396
Alethriko CYXX0017
Alevga CYXX0471
Alithinou CYXX0018
Aloa CYXX0673
Alona CYXX0019
Aloupi CYXX0397
Amargeti CYXX0020
Ambelikou CYXX0472
Ammadhies CYXX0473
Anadhiou CYXX0784
Analjondas CYXX0474
Anaphotia CYXX0628
Anarita CYXX0785
Anavargos CYXX0786
Anayia CYXX0475
Androlikou CYXX0787
Angastina CYXX0674
Anglisidhes CYXX0629
Angolemi CYXX0476
Anoyira CYXX0398
Apesha CYXX0021
Aphania CYXX0675
Aplanda CYXX0630
Apliki CYXX0477
Apsiou CYXX0022
Aradhiou CYXX0478
Aradhippou CYXX0023
Arakapas CYXX0399
Ardhana CYXX0676
Argaka CYXX0024
Argaki CYXX0479
Armenokhori CYXX0025
Arminou CYXX0026
Armou CYXX0788
Arnadhi CYXX0677
Arsos CYXX0400
Arsos CYXX0631
Artemi CYXX0678
Asgata CYXX0401
Asha CYXX0679
Asinou CYXX0480
Askas CYXX0481
Asomatos CYXX0340
Asomatos CYXX0402
Asproyia CYXX0789
Astromeritis CYXX0027
Athalassa CYXX0482
Athienou CYXX0028
Athna CYXX0680
Athrakos CYXX0403
Avdhellero CYXX0029
Avgalidha CYXX0681
Avgorou CYXX0030
Avlona CYXX0483
Axylou CYXX0031
Ayia CYXX0682
Ayia CYXX0790
Ayia CYXX0484
Ayia Anna CYXX0032
Ayia Irini CYXX0033
Ayia Irini CYXX0485
Ayia Marina CYXX0486
Ayia Marina CYXX0791
Ayia Marinoudha CYXX0034
Ayia Napa CYXX0035
Ayia Phyla CYXX0404
Ayia Thekla CYXX0683
Ayia Trias CYXX0036
Ayia Varvara CYXX0792
Ayia Varvara CYXX0487
Ayia Varvara CYXX0341
Ayii Eliophoti CYXX0488
Ayii Trimithias CYXX0489
Ayii Vavatsinias CYXX0632
Ayion Yeorgoudhi CYXX0490
Ayios Amvrosios CYXX0203
Ayios Amvrosios CYXX0405
Ayios Andronikos CYXX0685
Ayios Athanasios CYXX0406
Ayios Dhimitrios CYXX0407
Ayios Dhometios CYXX0491
Ayios Efstathios CYXX0686
Ayios Elias CYXX0687
Ayios Epiktitos CYXX0342
Ayios Epiphanios CYXX0492
Ayios Ermolaos CYXX0343
Ayios Iakovos CYXX0688
Ayios Ioannis CYXX0408
Ayios Ioannis CYXX0493
Ayios Ioannis CYXX0794
Ayios Isidhoros CYXX0037
Ayios Khariton CYXX0689
Ayios Mamas CYXX0038
Ayios Memnon CYXX0690
Ayios Nikolaos CYXX0795
Ayios Nikolaos CYXX0494
Ayios Pavlos CYXX0410
Ayios Photios CYXX0796
Ayios Seryios CYXX0692
Ayios Sozomenos CYXX0039
Ayios Symeon CYXX0693
Ayios Theodhoros CYXX0411
Ayios Theodhoros CYXX0694
Ayios Theodhoros CYXX0633
Ayios Theodhoros CYXX0495
Ayios Therapon CYXX0040
Ayios Thomas CYXX0412
Ayios Tykhonas CYXX0413
Ayios Vasilios CYXX0496
Ayios Yeoryios CYXX0695
Ayios Yeoryios CYXX0344
Ayios Yeoryios CYXX0414
Ayios Yeoryios CYXX0497
Ayios Yeoryios CYXX0797
Baykal CYXX0696
Bellapais CYXX0345
Bey Keuy CYXX0498
Boghaz CYXX0697
Caglayan CYXX0500
Canbulat CYXX0698
Cedar Valley CYXX0501
Chakistra CYXX0041
Chatos CYXX0699
Chiftlikoudhkia CYXX0416
Delikipo CYXX0634
Dhali CYXX0042
Dhavlos CYXX0210
Dhenia CYXX0043
Dherinia CYXX0044
Dhierona CYXX0417
Dhiorios CYXX0347
Dhora CYXX0418
Dhoros CYXX0045
Dhrapia CYXX0635
Dhrinia CYXX0798
Dhromolaxia CYXX0046
Dhrousha CYXX0047
Dhrymou CYXX0048
Dhymes CYXX0419
Dhyo Potami CYXX0502
Dumlupinar CYXX0700
Elea CYXX0503
Elea CYXX0348
Eledhiou CYXX0049
Emba CYXX0050
Engomi CYXX0701
Engomi CYXX0504
Ephtagonia CYXX0420
Ephtakomi CYXX0702
Epikho CYXX0505
Episkopi CYXX0421
Episkopi CYXX0799
Episkopion CYXX0506
Ergates CYXX0507
Erimi CYXX0051
Evdhimou CYXX0220
Evretou CYXX0052
Evrykhou CYXX0053
Exometokhi CYXX0508
Eylenja CYXX0509
Famagusta CYXX0001
Gaidhouras CYXX0705
Galata CYXX0054
Galataria CYXX0800
Galatia CYXX0706
Galini CYXX0510
Galinoporni CYXX0707
Gastria CYXX0708
Geunyeli CYXX0511
Ghaziveran CYXX0512
Goshi CYXX0636
Goudhi CYXX0055
Gouphes CYXX0709
Gourri CYXX0513
Gypsos CYXX0710
Hajinikoloues CYXX0711
Halevga CYXX0349
Inia CYXX0056
Istinjon CYXX0801
Kaimakli CYXX0515
Kakopetria CYXX0057
Kalavasos CYXX0637
Kaliana CYXX0058
Kallepia CYXX0059
Kalogrea CYXX0350
Kalokhorio CYXX0230
Kalokhorio CYXX0516
Kalokhorio CYXX0638
Kalopanayiotis CYXX0060
Kalopsidha CYXX0712
Kalyvakia CYXX0517
Kambi CYXX0518
Kambia CYXX0519
Kambos CYXX0061
Kambyli CYXX0351
Kamilpasa CYXX0713
Kaminaria CYXX0062
Kandara CYXX0714
Kandou CYXX0063
Kanli CYXX0520
Kannavia CYXX0064
Kannaviou CYXX0802
Kapedhes CYXX0521
Kapilio CYXX0065
Kapoura CYXX0522
Karakol CYXX0715
Karakoumi CYXX0352
Karamoullidhes CYXX0066
Karavas CYXX0353
Karavostasi CYXX0523
Karmi CYXX0354
Karpasha CYXX0238
Kataliondas CYXX0524
Kathikas CYXX0067
Kato Akourdhalia CYXX0068
Kato Amiandos CYXX0069
Kato Arodhes CYXX0804
Kato Dheftera CYXX0525
Kato Dhikomo CYXX0356
Kato Dhrys CYXX0639
Kato Kividhes CYXX0422
Kato Kopia CYXX0526
Kato Koutraphas CYXX0527
Kato Lakatamia CYXX0528
Kato Lefkara CYXX0640
Kato Moni CYXX0529
Kato Mylos CYXX0070
Kato Panayia CYXX0805
Kato Paphos CYXX0806
Kato Phlasou CYXX0530
Kato Platres CYXX0071
Kato Polemidhia CYXX0423
Kato Pyrgos CYXX0531
Kato Yialia CYXX0807
Kato Zodhia CYXX0532
Katydhata CYXX0533
Kedhares CYXX0072
Kellaki CYXX0424
Kellia CYXX0073
Kelokedhara CYXX0808
Keumurju CYXX0357
Khalassa CYXX0074
Khaleri CYXX0534
Khandria CYXX0075
Kharcha CYXX0358
Khirokitia CYXX0641
Khlorakas CYXX0076
Kholetria CYXX0077
Kholi CYXX0809
Khoulou CYXX0810
Khrysidha CYXX0535
Khrysiliou CYXX0536
Khrysokhou CYXX0078
Kilanemos CYXX0717
Kilani CYXX0079
Kili CYXX0811
Kilinia CYXX0812
Kinousa CYXX0080
Kionia CYXX0537
Kissonerga CYXX0081
Kissousa CYXX0082
Kithasi CYXX0813
Kiti CYXX0083
Kivisil CYXX0084
Klavdhia CYXX0085
Klepini CYXX0359
Klirou CYXX0539
Klonari CYXX0425
Knodhara CYXX0718
Kochati CYXX0540
Kokkina CYXX0541
Kokkinoyia CYXX0426
Koloni CYXX0086
Kolossi CYXX0427
Koma tou Yialou CYXX0719
Komi Kebir CYXX0720
Kondea CYXX0721
Kondemenos CYXX0360
Kondovouna CYXX0428
Konia CYXX0087
Kophinou CYXX0642
Korakou CYXX0088
Kormakitis CYXX0008
Kornokipos CYXX0722
Kornos CYXX0643
Korovia CYXX0723
Korphi CYXX0429
Kosklu Ciftlik CYXX0543
Kouka CYXX0090
Kouklia CYXX0091
Kouklia CYXX0724
Kourdhali CYXX0544
Kourou Monastir CYXX0545
Kourtaka CYXX0814
Koutsovendis CYXX0361
Kridhia CYXX0725
Krini CYXX0362
Kritou Marottou CYXX0815
Kritou Terra CYXX0092
Ktima CYXX0002
Kumsal CYXX0546
Kyperounda CYXX0093
Kyra CYXX0547
Kyrenia CYXX0363
Kythrea CYXX0548
Lachi CYXX0816
Lagoudhera CYXX0094
Lania CYXX0430
Lapathos CYXX0726
Lapithiou CYXX0818
Lapithos CYXX0364
Larnaca CYXX0003
Larnaka CYXX0365
Lasa CYXX0819
Laxia CYXX0549
Layia CYXX0644
Lazania CYXX0550
Lefka CYXX0095
Lefkoniko CYXX0096
Lemba CYXX0097
Lemesos CYXX0273
Lemithou CYXX0098
Lemona CYXX0820
Leonarisso CYXX0727
Letimbou CYXX0821
Limassol CYXX0004
Limnatis CYXX0099
Limnia CYXX0728
Limnitis CYXX0551
Linou CYXX0552
Liopetri CYXX0729
Livadhi CYXX0822
Livadhia CYXX0645
Livadhia CYXX0553
Liveras CYXX0366
Lophos CYXX0100
Loukrounou CYXX0823
Loura CYXX0431
Louroujina CYXX0554
Loutros CYXX0555
Louvaras CYXX0432
Lymbia CYXX0101
Lysi CYXX0279
Lysos CYXX0824
Lythrangomi CYXX0731
Lythrodhondas CYXX0556
Maa CYXX0825
Magounda CYXX0102
Makrasyka CYXX0732
Mallia CYXX0103
Malounda CYXX0557
Mammari CYXX0558
Mamonia CYXX0104
Mamoundali CYXX0827
Mandres CYXX0733
Mandres CYXX0559
Mandria CYXX0433
Mandria CYXX0828
Mansoura CYXX0560
Maratha CYXX0734
Marathounda CYXX0105
Marathovouno CYXX0735
Marathovouno CYXX0646
Margi Chiftlik CYXX0368
Mari CYXX0647
Marki CYXX0561
Marko CYXX0562
Marmara CYXX0563
Marona CYXX0829
Maroni CYXX0648
Masari CYXX0564
Mathiatis CYXX0565
Mathikoloni CYXX0106
Mavroli CYXX0830
Mazotos CYXX0107
Media Chiftlik CYXX0566
Meladhia CYXX0108
Melanarga CYXX0736
Melandra CYXX0831
Melini CYXX0649
Meliou Chiftlik CYXX0567
Melounda CYXX0737
Melousha CYXX0650
Meneou CYXX0109
Meniko CYXX0568
Menoyia CYXX0651
Mersiniki CYXX0738
Mesa Khorio CYXX0832
Mesana CYXX0833
Mesayitonia CYXX0434
Mesoyi CYXX0110
Mia Milea CYXX0569
Milea CYXX0739
Milia CYXX0834
Milikouri CYXX0111
Miliou CYXX0112
Mitsero CYXX0570
Monagri CYXX0113
Monagroulli CYXX0435
Monarga CYXX0740
Moni CYXX0436
Moniatis CYXX0437
Mora CYXX0571
Moronero CYXX0835
Morphou CYXX0114
Mosphileri CYXX0572
Mosphiloti CYXX0652
Motidhes CYXX0369
Mousere CYXX0836
Mousoulita CYXX0741
Moutayiaka CYXX0115
Moutoullas CYXX0116
Myrtou CYXX0295
Namik Kemal CYXX0742
Nata CYXX0117
Nea Dhimmata CYXX0837
Neo Chorio CYXX0838
Neokhorio CYXX0573
Neta CYXX0743
Nicosia CYXX0005
Nikitari CYXX0118
Nikitas CYXX0119
Nikoklia CYXX0120
Nikos CYXX0121
Nisou CYXX0575
Odhou CYXX0653
Omodhos CYXX0122
Omorphita CYXX0576
Ora CYXX0654
Orga CYXX0371
Ormidhia CYXX0655
Ornithi CYXX0744
Orounda CYXX0123
Orta Keuy CYXX0577
Otoun Yiolou CYXX0745
Ovgoros CYXX0746
Ozankoey CYXX0372
Pakhna CYXX0438
Pakhyammos CYXX0578
Palekhori CYXX0579
Palekythro CYXX0580
Paleometokho CYXX0581
Paleomylos CYXX0439
Paleosophos CYXX0373
Paliambela CYXX0840
Pallouriotissa CYXX0582
Palodhia CYXX0124
Pamboula CYXX0440
Pana Kophinou CYXX0305
Panagra CYXX0374
Panayia CYXX0375
Panayia Apakou CYXX0747
Pano Akourdhalia CYXX0125
Pano Amiandos CYXX0126
Pano Arodhes CYXX0127
Pano Dheftera CYXX0583
Pano Dhikomo CYXX0376
Pano Kividhes CYXX0441
Pano Koutraphas CYXX0584
Pano Lakatamia CYXX0585
Pano Lefkara CYXX0656
Pano Panayia CYXX0306
Pano Phlasou CYXX0128
Pano Platres CYXX0129
Pano Polemidhia CYXX0130
Pano Pyrgos CYXX0131
Pano Zodhia CYXX0586
Paphos CYXX0006
Paralimni CYXX0132
Paramali CYXX0442
Paramytha CYXX0133
Parekklisha CYXX0134
Parsata CYXX0657
Patriki CYXX0748
Pedhoulas CYXX0135
Pelathousa CYXX0136
Pelendria CYXX0137
Pendakomo CYXX0443
Pendalia CYXX0842
Pendayia CYXX0587
Pera CYXX0588
Perakhorio CYXX0589
Perapedhi CYXX0444
Pergamos CYXX0749
Peristerona CYXX0750
Peristerona CYXX0321
Peristerona CYXX0843
Peristeronari CYXX0590
Perivolia CYXX0138
Pertevpasa CYXX0752
Petra CYXX0591
Petrophani CYXX0658
Peyia CYXX0139
Phalia CYXX0844
Pharmakas CYXX0593
Phasli CYXX0845
Phasoula CYXX0846
Phasoula CYXX0445
Phikardhou CYXX0594
Philani CYXX0595
Philia CYXX0596
Philousa CYXX0847
Phini CYXX0140
Phinikaria CYXX0141
Phinikas CYXX0848
Phiti CYXX0849
Phlamoudhi CYXX0753
Photta CYXX0377
Phounji Chiftlik CYXX0378
Phrenaros CYXX0142
Phterikoudhi CYXX0597
Phterykha CYXX0379
Pileri CYXX0380
Pissouri CYXX0446
Pitargou CYXX0850
Piyenia CYXX0598
Piyi CYXX0754
Platani CYXX0755
Plataniskia CYXX0447
Platanisso CYXX0756
Platanistasa CYXX0599
Platymatis CYXX0381
Plesha CYXX0382
Podhimata CYXX0448
Polemi CYXX0143
Polemidhia Camp CYXX0449
Polis CYXX0009
Politiko CYXX0600
Polystipos CYXX0144
Pomos CYXX0851
Potami CYXX0145
Potamia CYXX0146
Potamiou CYXX0147
Potamitissa CYXX0148
Potima Chiftlik CYXX0852
Prastio CYXX0450
Prastio CYXX0757
Prastio CYXX0853
Prastio Chiftlik CYXX0602
Prastion CYXX0603
Pretori CYXX0149
Prodhromi CYXX0854
Prodhromos CYXX0451
Protaras CYXX0150
Psathi CYXX0855
Psematismenos CYXX0659
Psevdhas CYXX0660
Psimolofou CYXX0604
Psyllatos CYXX0759
Pyla CYXX0661
Pyrga CYXX0760
Pyrga CYXX0662
Pyrgos CYXX0452
Pyroi CYXX0336
Rizokarpason CYXX0010
Saittas CYXX0453
Sakarya CYXX0761
Salamiou CYXX0856
Sandalaris CYXX0762
Sanidha CYXX0454
Sarama CYXX0857
Sarandi CYXX0152
Scala CYXX0663
Selemani CYXX0606
Selenias CYXX0763
Sha CYXX0607
Silikou CYXX0153
Simou CYXX0858
Sina Oros CYXX0608
Sinda CYXX0764
Sisklipos CYXX0383
Skarinou CYXX0664
Skoulli CYXX0154
Skouriotissa CYXX0609
Skylloura CYXX0610
Sophtadhes CYXX0155
Sotira CYXX0765
Sotira CYXX0455
Soularavia CYXX0456
Souni CYXX0457
Souskiou CYXX0859
Spathariko CYXX0766
Spilia CYXX0156
Spitali CYXX0157
Statos CYXX0860
Stavrokono CYXX0158
Stavros CYXX0862
Steni CYXX0863
Sterakovou CYXX0458
Strongylos CYXX0767
Stroumbi CYXX0159
Strovolos CYXX0611
Styllos CYXX0768
Sykhari CYXX0384
Sykopetra CYXX0459
Syngrasis CYXX0769
Syrianokhori CYXX0612
Tala CYXX0160
Tavros CYXX0770
Temblos CYXX0385
Tembria CYXX0613
Terra CYXX0864
Tersephanou CYXX0161
Theletra CYXX0162
Thermia CYXX0386
Timi CYXX0163
Tokhni CYXX0665
Trakhonas CYXX0614
Trakhoni CYXX0615
Trakhypedhoula CYXX0865
Trapeza CYXX0387
Tremethousha CYXX0666
Trikomo CYXX0164
Trikoukkia CYXX0460
Trimiklini CYXX0165
Trimithi CYXX0388
Trimithousa CYXX0866
Tris Elies CYXX0166
Troodos CYXX0011
Troulli CYXX0167
Trozina Chiftlik CYXX0461
Trypimeni CYXX0771
Tsadha CYXX0168
Tymbou CYXX0169
Tymvou CYXX0012
Varisha CYXX0616
Varosha CYXX0772
Vasa CYXX0462
Vasili CYXX0773
Vasilia CYXX0389
Vathylakas CYXX0774
Vatili CYXX0775
Vavatsinia CYXX0667
Vavilas CYXX0390
Vavla CYXX0668
Vikla CYXX0463
Vitsadha CYXX0776
Vokolidha CYXX0777
Vokolomandia CYXX0391
Voni CYXX0617
Voroklini CYXX0170
Vouni CYXX0171
Vouno CYXX0392
Vrecha CYXX0867
Vroisha CYXX0618
Vyzakia CYXX0172
Xeri CYXX0619
Xeros CYXX0620
Xerovounos CYXX0621
Xyliatos CYXX0622
Xylotymbou CYXX0669
Yali CYXX0778
Yenagra CYXX0779
Yeniizmir CYXX0780
Yenisehir CYXX0781
Yenisehir CYXX0623
Yerakies CYXX0624
Yerani CYXX0782
Yerasa CYXX0173
Yeri CYXX0625
Yermasoyia CYXX0464
Yerolakkos CYXX0626
Yerondas CYXX0393
Yeroskipos CYXX0868
Yerovasa CYXX0465
Yialia CYXX0869
Yialousa CYXX0174
Yiolou CYXX0175
Ypsonas CYXX0176
Zakaki CYXX0466
Zakharia CYXX0870
Zanaja CYXX0467
Zoopiyi CYXX0177
Zyyi CYXX0670