Weather Codes for Curaçao

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Curaçao. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Ararat UCXX0031
Australie UCXX0032
Barber UCXX0033
Berg Altena UCXX0034
Blomonte UCXX0035
Boca St. Michiel UCXX0036
Boka Sami UCXX0037
Bona Vista UCXX0038
Bonavista UCXX0039
Brievengat UCXX0041
Buena Vista UCXX0042
Bullenbaai UCXX0043
Cher Asile UCXX0044
Colon UCXX0045
Cornet UCXX0047
Curacao Island UCXX0001
De Hoop UCXX0048
Domi UCXX0049
Dominguito UCXX0050
Dorp Soto UCXX0053
Dorp Westpunt UCXX0054
Emmastad UCXX0055
Fleur de Marie UCXX0056
Fontein UCXX0057
Fortuna Abou UCXX0058
Gato UCXX0059
Groot Kwartier UCXX0060
Habai UCXX0061
Jan Doret UCXX0062
Jan Thiel UCXX0063
Janwe UCXX0064
Juan Domingo UCXX0065
Julianadorp UCXX0066
Kas Chikitu UCXX0067
Kolontjie UCXX0068
Kortijn UCXX0069
Krakeel UCXX0070
Kunuku Abou UCXX0071
Kura Juri UCXX0072
Lagun UCXX0073
Libie UCXX0074
Marchena UCXX0075
Mari Pompun UCXX0076
Morgenster UCXX0078
Motet UCXX0079
Mundo UCXX0080
Mundo Nobo UCXX0081
Newport UCXX0082
Nieuw Nederland UCXX0083
Nobo UCXX0084
Otrabanda UCXX0085
Paradijs UCXX0086
Parera UCXX0087
Pietermaai UCXX0089
Piscadera UCXX0090
Punda UCXX0091
Rancho UCXX0092
Roosendaal UCXX0093
Rust en Vrede UCXX0094
Sabana Westpunt UCXX0028
Salina UCXX0095
Salina Abou UCXX0096
San Pedro UCXX0097
Santa Catharina UCXX0030
Santa Krus UCXX0099
Santa Maria UCXX0100
Santa Rosa UCXX0101
Scharloo UCXX0102
Seritu UCXX0104
Sint Jago UCXX0105
Sint Jozefsdal UCXX0106
Slangenbaai UCXX0108
Steenrijk UCXX0109
Su Casa UCXX0110
Suffisant Dorp UCXX0111
Suriname Dorp UCXX0112
Valentijn UCXX0113
Vianen UCXX0114
Vredeberg UCXX0115
Weis UCXX0116
Welgelegen UCXX0117
Willemstad UCXX0118
Wishi UCXX0119
Zeelandia UCXX0120
Zorgvliet UCXX0121