Weather Codes for Croatia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Croatia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abdovnici HRXX4923
Abram HRXX5325
Abramovici HRXX5326
Acas HRXX4170
Ada HRXX4171
Ada Lukacka HRXX7966
Adamovec HRXX0026
Adamovici HRXX6635
Adici HRXX3104
Adolfovac HRXX7967
Adolfovo HRXX7968
Adzamovci HRXX0606
Adzije HRXX3105
Agbabe HRXX3106
Ajderovac HRXX8726
Ajduci HRXX5327
Ajdukovic Brdo HRXX8727
Ajdukovici HRXX8728
Akmadzici HRXX5328
Akrap HRXX5329
Alaginacko Polje HRXX4924
Alaginci HRXX4925
Alan HRXX3107
Alan HRXX4575
Alavanja HRXX8729
Albertinovac HRXX4172
Aleksici HRXX8730
Aleksici HRXX1096
Aleksinica HRXX3108
Alerici HRXX5330
Alic HRXX8731
Alilovci HRXX4927
Alivojvodici HRXX3109
Aljmas HRXX4173
Amalijino Polje HRXX4174
Amatovci HRXX4928
Amizici HRXX5331
Ancici HRXX5332
Andelici HRXX1097
Andrasevec HRXX0027
Andrijasevci HRXX0028
Andrilovec HRXX8333
Anic HRXX8732
Anica Glavica HRXX7382
Anici HRXX3110
Anita HRXX1741
Anta-Majur HRXX4175
Antenal HRXX1742
Antici HRXX3111
Antin HRXX0029
Antinovica HRXX3112
Antolovec HRXX8151
Antonci HRXX1743
Antovo HRXX4576
Antunovac HRXX0030
Antunovac HRXX4929
Apatija HRXX7383
Apatija HRXX8152
Apatovac HRXX8153
Apsevci HRXX7732
Aracici HRXX5333
Arambasici HRXX5334
Arapov Dol HRXX3113
Arapovac HRXX2573
Arapovac HRXX0607
Arbanasi HRXX8733
Arbanasi HRXX1098
Arbanija HRXX5335
Arbutine HRXX6636
Ardusevac HRXX4176
Arule HRXX7384
Arzano HRXX5336
Asanovac HRXX8734
Asikovci HRXX4930
Augustanovac HRXX8334
Babajici HRXX5337
Babani HRXX5338
Babica Most HRXX3114
Babici HRXX8735
Babici HRXX1744
Babici HRXX3115
Babici HRXX5339
Babici HRXX7385
Babici HRXX2574
Babin Dol HRXX0608
Babin Kraj HRXX8737
Babina HRXX1099
Babina Greda HRXX0031
Babina Meda HRXX7733
Babina Rijeka HRXX6638
Babinac HRXX0848
Babinac Ivanski HRXX0849
Babindub HRXX2575
Babino Polje HRXX1100
Babjak HRXX4177
Babotok HRXX0850
Babulj HRXX3116
Bacev Do HRXX1101
Bacevac HRXX7970
Bacic Duliba HRXX3117
Bacin HRXX6639
Bacin-Dol HRXX0609
Bacina HRXX0299
Bacinac HRXX3118
Bacino HRXX7734
Backovica HRXX0851
Bacun HRXX2202
Bacva HRXX1745
Bacvica HRXX3119
Baderna HRXX1746
Badinec HRXX8335
Badlican HRXX4087
Badljevina HRXX0852
Badovinci HRXX8336
Badzinovac HRXX8738
Badzula HRXX1102
Bagalovici HRXX1103
Bair HRXX6640
Baja Falva HRXX4178
Bajagic HRXX5340
Bajcici HRXX4577
Bajica Glavica HRXX5341
Bajici HRXX8739
Bajici HRXX2576
Bajici HRXX6641
Bajici HRXX5342
Bajici HRXX7386
Bajlo HRXX5343
Bajnice HRXX5344
Bajto HRXX5345
Bakar HRXX0032
Bakarac HRXX4578
Baketici HRXX3120
Bakic HRXX7971
Bakici HRXX1104
Bakici HRXX6642
Bakovac HRXX3121
Bakovcica HRXX2395
Bakovici HRXX5346
Bakrac HRXX8740
Balac HRXX7387
Balaceva Lisina HRXX3123
Balajic Marmun HRXX5347
Balanovici HRXX1105
Baldasan HRXX1106
Baldasi HRXX1747
Bale HRXX1748
Balena Plana HRXX3124
Balenija HRXX3125
Balenska Draga HRXX3126
Baleta HRXX1107
Baletici HRXX5348
Baletine HRXX1108
Balici HRXX5349
Balinac HRXX6643
Balinci HRXX7972
Balja HRXX6644
Baljci HRXX7388
Baljevac HRXX3127
Baljkusa HRXX3128
Balte HRXX5350
Bande HRXX2577
Bandica HRXX5351
Bandici HRXX8741
Bandici HRXX5352
Bandove HRXX5353
Bandovi HRXX5354
Bangurina HRXX8337
Bani HRXX1109
Bani HRXX5355
Banic HRXX8742
Banicevac HRXX4931
Banici HRXX1110
Banici HRXX5356
Banj HRXX8743
Banj HRXX5357
Banja HRXX1111
Banjanci HRXX6645
Banjani HRXX3129
Banjanin HRXX3130
Banjaselo HRXX8339
Banjeglavi HRXX3131
Banjevci HRXX8745
Banjlovec HRXX2203
Banjol HRXX0033
Banjole HRXX0034
Bankovci HRXX7973
Bankovci Pozeski HRXX4932
Banova Jaruga HRXX6646
Banovci HRXX7735
Banovcic HRXX7736
Banovici HRXX5359
Banovina HRXX4579
Banovke HRXX4933
Banscica HRXX2204
Banska Selnica HRXX2578
Banski Kovacevac HRXX2579
Banski Moravci HRXX2580
Bapska HRXX7737
Bara HRXX1112
Bara HRXX7738
Baraba HRXX8746
Baraci HRXX5360
Baraci HRXX8747
Baraci HRXX1113
Baranovac HRXX1114
Barat HRXX1749
Barban HRXX1750
Barbat na Rabu HRXX4580
Barbici HRXX1751
Barbijerici HRXX1115
Barbiri HRXX5361
Barci HRXX4581
Bare HRXX4180
Bare HRXX1116
Baren HRXX5362
Baretici HRXX4582
Baric Draga HRXX3132
Baric Selo HRXX2581
Barica HRXX0853
Baricevic HRXX8748
Baricevici HRXX3133
Barici HRXX2582
Barici HRXX5363
Barilovic HRXX2583
Barlete HRXX3134
Barnjaca HRXX6648
Bartolici HRXX1752
Bartolovac HRXX4181
Bartolovci HRXX0035
Bartolovec HRXX8154
Bartulci HRXX3135
Bartulovici HRXX5364
Barusic HRXX4583
Barusici HRXX1753
Barutana HRXX5365
Basanija HRXX1754
Basara HRXX6649
Basare HRXX6650
Basarica Draga HRXX3136
Basarici HRXX3137
Basce HRXX4934
Base HRXX7389
Baselovici HRXX7390
Basic HRXX8749
Basic Poljana HRXX3138
Basici HRXX6651
Basici HRXX1755
Basici HRXX5366
Basina HRXX5367
Basinci HRXX5368
Basini HRXX5369
Baska HRXX0036
Baska Voda HRXX0037
Baskc HRXX0017
Baske Ostarije HRXX3139
Bast HRXX5370
Basta HRXX8750
Bastajski Brdani HRXX0854
Bastasko Selo HRXX3140
Baste HRXX6652
Baste HRXX3141
Batajne HRXX4584
Batakovina HRXX1117
Batalaza HRXX8751
Batalazi HRXX8752
Batalici HRXX5371
Batalovka HRXX6653
Batarali HRXX5372
Batarelo HRXX5373
Batina HRXX6654
Batina HRXX4182
Batinici HRXX5374
Batinova Kosa HRXX6655
Batinovac HRXX3142
Batinovica HRXX3143
Batinska HRXX2396
Batlan HRXX5375
Batlug HRXX1756
Batnoga HRXX2584
Batomalj HRXX4585
Batori HRXX8753
Batovic HRXX8754
Batrina HRXX0611
Batva HRXX5376
Bautovici HRXX1118
Bazici HRXX5377
Bazjas HRXX7739
Bazovac HRXX4936
Beare HRXX5378
Bebici HRXX1119
Bebrina HRXX0612
Becevi HRXX4937
Becic HRXX0613
Bedekovcina HRXX0038
Bedenec HRXX8155
Bedenica HRXX2205
Bedenicka HRXX0856
Bedenik HRXX0857
Beder HRXX8340
Bednja HRXX8156
Beg-Lug HRXX4938
Begliska Bara HRXX7740
Begonici HRXX8755
Begonje HRXX7391
Begovac HRXX2585
Begovaca HRXX0858
Begove Drage HRXX5379
Begovic HRXX3145
Begovici HRXX6656
Begovo Brdo HRXX2587
Begovo Razdolje HRXX4586
Bekavci HRXX5380
Beke HRXX6657
Beketinci HRXX4184
Beketinec HRXX2397
Bektez HRXX4939
Bela Gorica HRXX8341
Bela Gorica HRXX2206
Bela Loza HRXX4185
Belaici HRXX5381
Belaj HRXX2588
Belandzic HRXX5382
Belasi HRXX3146
Belavici HRXX2589
Belec HRXX2207
Belej HRXX4587
Beleticev Breg HRXX1757
Beletinec HRXX0039
Belgrad HRXX4588
Beli HRXX4589
Beli Manastir HRXX0309
Belica HRXX0040
Belinovaca HRXX5383
Belisce HRXX4186
Beljevina HRXX7974
Belo Selo HRXX4590
Belovar HRXX8342
Benazici HRXX1758
Bencani HRXX1759
Bencetici HRXX2590
Bencici HRXX1760
Benicanci HRXX4187
Benkovac HRXX0311
Berak HRXX7741
Beram HRXX1761
Berava HRXX7742
Beravci HRXX0615
Berek HRXX0859
Berek HRXX4188
Beretin Miolovic HRXX8756
Beretinec HRXX8157
Berinovac HRXX5384
Bertelovci HRXX4940
Besici HRXX3147
Besinci HRXX4941
Besiri HRXX3148
Beslinac HRXX6658
Beslinec HRXX6659
Bestovje HRXX0041
Bestrma HRXX6660
Beter HRXX8343
Betin Dvor HRXX4189
Betina HRXX7392
Beusi HRXX5385
Bezboge HRXX1120
Bezdan HRXX4190
Bezenica HRXX4191
Bezeri HRXX1121
Bezgova Greda HRXX6661
Bezina HRXX5386
Bezjaki HRXX4592
Bezovina HRXX2208
Bezunje HRXX1122
Bibali HRXX1762
Bibici HRXX1763
Bibinje HRXX0042
Bicici HRXX1764
Bicine HRXX7393
Bicko Selo HRXX0616
Bidrovec HRXX2209
Bige HRXX3149
Bigina Poljana HRXX3150
Bijader HRXX5387
Bijanko HRXX8758
Bijela HRXX0860
Bijela Stijena HRXX0617
Bijelci HRXX2591
Bijele Klade HRXX4192
Bijele Vode HRXX6662
Bijele Zemlje HRXX1765
Bijeli Potok HRXX6663
Bijeli Vir HRXX1123
Bijelici HRXX7394
Bijelici HRXX1124
Bijeljevina HRXX6664
Bijelnik HRXX6665
Bijelo Brdo HRXX0043
Bijelo Brdo HRXX8759
Bijenik HRXX1674
Bila Vlaka HRXX8760
Bilaj HRXX3151
Bilajsko HRXX3152
Bile HRXX4593
Bile Vode HRXX4942
Bileni HRXX3153
Bili Brig HRXX5388
Bilica Gradina HRXX5389
Bilica Selo HRXX3154
Bilice HRXX0044
Bilice HRXX7395
Bilici HRXX5390
Bilin HRXX5391
Bilis HRXX4943
Bilisane HRXX8761
Bilisane Donje HRXX8762
Bilje HRXX4193
Biljevina HRXX4594
Biljevine HRXX3155
Bilo Cetinsko HRXX2592
Bilokapici HRXX5392
Bilopavlovici HRXX5393
Bilopolje HRXX3156
Bilosi HRXX5394
Biluca HRXX3157
Bilusic HRXX5395
Biocic HRXX7396
Biograd HRXX0016
Biorine HRXX5396
Biovicino Selo HRXX8763
Biraci HRXX6666
Birovaca HRXX8764
Bisag HRXX8158
Bisera HRXX0619
Bisevo HRXX0045
Bisko HRXX5397
Biskupci HRXX4944
Biskupec HRXX8159
Biskupici HRXX3158
Biskupija HRXX7397
Bistrac HRXX6667
Bistrica HRXX7976
Bistrinci HRXX4194
Bitange HRXX5398
Bitunjac HRXX5399
Bitunjski Pod HRXX5400
Bizanj HRXX1125
Bizikovica HRXX7398
Bizovac HRXX0046
Bjelajci HRXX4945
Bjelanovac HRXX0620
Bjelici HRXX7399
Bjelici HRXX2593
Bjelina HRXX8765
Bjelisevac HRXX4946
Bjelje HRXX7400
Bjeljevine HRXX3159
Bjelkovac HRXX7977
Bjelo Polje HRXX3160
Bjelobaba HRXX8766
Bjelobabe HRXX3161
Bjelobabe HRXX8767
Bjelonovo HRXX1126
Bjelopolje HRXX3162
Bjelovar HRXX0320
Blaca HRXX5401
Blace HRXX1127
Blacko HRXX4947
Blacko-Jaksic HRXX4948
Blagorodovac HRXX0861
Blagusa HRXX2211
Blainica HRXX2594
Blanje HRXX4195
Blanka HRXX2595
Blanuse HRXX2596
Blanuse HRXX8768
Blaskovec HRXX8344
Blata HRXX2597
Blatna Vas HRXX1766
Blatnica HRXX0862
Blatnice HRXX1128
Blatnjace HRXX4949
Blato HRXX1675
Blato HRXX0321
Blato HRXX5402
Blato na Cetini HRXX5403
Blatusa HRXX6668
Blazani HRXX3163
Blazevdol HRXX8345
Blazevica Dol HRXX0621
Blazevici HRXX5404
Blazevo HRXX1130
Blebici HRXX5405
Blecici HRXX3165
Blinja HRXX6669
Blinjski Kut HRXX6670
Blizanci HRXX3166
Blizna HRXX7401
Bljaici HRXX8769
Boban HRXX5406
Bobanci HRXX5407
Bobani HRXX5408
Bobere HRXX6671
Bobici HRXX3167
Bobodol HRXX7402
Bobota HRXX0047
Bobovac HRXX6672
Bobovica HRXX8346
Bobovisce HRXX5409
Boboviste HRXX1131
Bocanjevci HRXX4196
Bockinci HRXX4197
Bockovci HRXX4198
Bodegraji HRXX0622
Bodovaljci HRXX0623
Bodrozici HRXX5410
Bogaljevci HRXX4199
Bogatic HRXX7403
Bogatnik HRXX8770
Bogdani HRXX5411
Bogdanic HRXX3168
Bogdanici HRXX3169
Bogdanovci HRXX0048
Bogdanovec HRXX4088
Bogdanovic HRXX8771
Bogdanovici HRXX3170
Bogdasic HRXX4950
Bogdinci HRXX4951
Bogevici HRXX6673
Bogicevici HRXX1132
Bogomolje HRXX5412
Bogovici HRXX6674
Bogovolja HRXX2600
Bogunica HRXX3171
Bogunovici HRXX2601
Bojana HRXX5413
Bojana HRXX0863
Bojane HRXX5414
Bojanici HRXX2602
Bojic HRXX5415
Bojici HRXX6675
Bojina Bara HRXX7743
Bojna HRXX6676
Bok HRXX7744
Bok HRXX6677
Bokane HRXX7978
Bokani HRXX8772
Bokanjac HRXX8773
Boko HRXX5416
Bokorda HRXX4200
Bokordici HRXX1767
Boksic HRXX7745
Boksic HRXX7979
Boksic Lug HRXX7980
Boksici HRXX5417
Bol HRXX5418
Bolc HRXX8347
Bolevic HRXX8774
Bolfan HRXX8160
Boljara HRXX7981
Boljenovici HRXX1133
Boljun HRXX1768
Bolman HRXX4201
Bolomace HRXX4952
Bonaci HRXX1769
Bonaparte HRXX3172
Boraja HRXX7404
Borcici HRXX3173
Borica Seliste HRXX3174
Boricevac HRXX8775
Boricevci HRXX4953
Borici HRXX3176
Borik HRXX2603
Borinci HRXX7746
Borinici HRXX1770
Borje HRXX1134
Borkovec HRXX2212
Borkovici HRXX5419
Borojeva Meda HRXX4202
Borojevci HRXX4203
Borojevici HRXX6678
Borongaj HRXX1676
Borova HRXX7982
Borova Kosa HRXX0864
Borovac HRXX0624
Borovci HRXX5420
Borovci HRXX3177
Borovci HRXX1135
Borovici HRXX3178
Borovici HRXX7405
Borovik HRXX4204
Borovnice HRXX7406
Borovo HRXX0049
Borovo Naselje HRXX7747
Borovo Selo HRXX7748
Borovska Cesta HRXX7749
Borut HRXX1771
Bosanci HRXX2604
Bosancici HRXX5421
Bosanka HRXX1136
Bosiljevo HRXX2605
Boskari HRXX1772
Bosna HRXX2213
Bosnici HRXX7407
Bosnjaci HRXX4954
Bosnjaci HRXX5422
Bosnjaci HRXX6679
Bosnjaci HRXX0050
Bote HRXX5423
Botic HRXX5424
Botice HRXX5425
Botici HRXX5426
Boticin Dol HRXX5427
Botinac HRXX0866
Botinec HRXX1677
Botinovec HRXX2398
Botovo HRXX2399
Boturi HRXX6680
Bovic HRXX6681
Bozava HRXX8776
Bozdaric HRXX8777
Bozic HRXX8778
Bozic HRXX1773
Bozic Brdo HRXX2606
Bozici HRXX6682
Bozici HRXX2607
Bozici HRXX3179
Bozickovic Draga HRXX3180
Bozickovici HRXX3181
Bozin Grob HRXX4955
Bozinovici HRXX5428
Bozjakovina HRXX8348
Bracevci HRXX4205
Bracevic HRXX7408
Braculji HRXX5429
Bradarici HRXX5430
Brajakovo Brdo HRXX2608
Brajdica HRXX4595
Brajdici HRXX2609
Brajinovici HRXX6683
Brajkovici HRXX1137
Brajkovici HRXX1774
Brajkovici HRXX3182
Brajnovici HRXX8779
Brakusi HRXX3183
Brakusova Celina HRXX3184
Brakusova Draga HRXX3185
Bralici HRXX5431
Bralusa HRXX5432
Brana HRXX5433
Branesci HRXX4956
Branilovici HRXX1138
Branjin Vrh HRXX4206
Branjina HRXX4207
Braovici HRXX5434
Brasina HRXX1139
Braslovje HRXX8349
Bratina HRXX8350
Bratiskovici HRXX7409
Bratitovo HRXX1140
Bratljevac HRXX0625
Bratovanci HRXX2610
Bratuljevci HRXX4957
Bravarica HRXX8780
Bravcev Dolac HRXX5435
Bravici HRXX5436
Brbinj HRXX8781
Brcevec HRXX8351
Brcici HRXX5437
Brcino HRXX0626
Brckovljani HRXX8352
Brdani HRXX4958
Brdani HRXX6684
Brdani HRXX0627
Brdani Bastajski HRXX0867
Brdani Cesta HRXX6685
Brdani Samaricki HRXX6686
Brdari HRXX5438
Brdasce HRXX6687
Brdo HRXX3186
Brdo HRXX6688
Brdo HRXX1775
Brdo HRXX1141
Brdo Dragasevo HRXX3187
Brdo Paunovo HRXX3188
Brdo Vejnovica HRXX3189
Brdoti HRXX3190
Brdovec HRXX0051
Brebernica HRXX8353
Brebrovac HRXX8354
Brecevici HRXX1776
Brecici HRXX1142
Breg HRXX1777
Breg HRXX3191
Bregana HRXX0052
Bregi Kostelski HRXX2214
Bregi Radobojski HRXX2215
Brekinska HRXX4959
Bresce HRXX4208
Bresnica Pozeska HRXX4960
Brest HRXX1778
Brest HRXX4961
Brest Pokupski HRXX6689
Brestaca HRXX6690
Brestane HRXX3192
Brestanovci HRXX7983
Brestica HRXX1143
Brestik HRXX6691
Brestje HRXX1678
Brestova Draga HRXX4596
Brestovac HRXX4962
Brestovaca HRXX7750
Brestovec HRXX2216
Brestovo HRXX7751
Brevozo Polje HRXX3193
Breza HRXX4597
Breza HRXX0869
Brezak HRXX3194
Brezani HRXX2612
Brezani HRXX8355
Brezani HRXX2400
Brezici HRXX4963
Brezik HRXX7984
Brezik HRXX4209
Brezik HRXX3195
Brezik Nasicki HRXX4210
Brezine HRXX4964
Brezine HRXX8782
Brezje HRXX2217
Brezje HRXX0053
Brezje Dubravsko HRXX8356
Brezje Miholecko HRXX8161
Breznica HRXX2218
Breznica Nasicka HRXX4212
Breznik HRXX2613
Brezno Dreznicko HRXX2614
Brezno-gora HRXX2219
Brezova Glava HRXX2615
Brezovac HRXX0054
Brezovac HRXX2616
Brezovac HRXX3196
Brezovac Subocki HRXX4965
Brezovec HRXX2220
Brezovica HRXX1679
Brezovica HRXX4213
Brezovljani HRXX7985
Brezovljani HRXX2401
Brezovljani HRXX6693
Brezovo Polje HRXX6694
Brgud HRXX8784
Brgudac HRXX1779
Brgulje HRXX8785
Brhaji HRXX1780
Bribir HRXX7410
Bribir HRXX0055
Bricin Bunar HRXX4214
Brig HRXX1781
Brig HRXX8786
Brijeg HRXX1144
Brijest HRXX7752
Brijest HRXX0056
Brijesta HRXX1145
Brijuni HRXX1782
Brikva HRXX5439
Brinjani HRXX0870
Brinje HRXX3197
Brisevo HRXX8787
Brist HRXX1146
Bristane HRXX7411
Bristivica HRXX5440
Bristova Doca HRXX1147
Bristovac HRXX3198
Britanski trg HRXX1680
Brizovka HRXX4966
Brkac HRXX1783
Brkic HRXX8788
Brkici HRXX5441
Brkisevina HRXX6695
Brkljaci HRXX8789
Brkljacic HRXX3199
Brkljacici HRXX3200
Brlekovo HRXX2221
Brlenic HRXX8357
Brljevici HRXX5442
Brlog HRXX3201
Brlog Placa HRXX3202
Brlog Stacija HRXX3203
Brloska Dubrava HRXX3204
Brloska Kosa HRXX3205
Brna HRXX1148
Brnasi HRXX5443
Brnaze HRXX5444
Brnistrova HRXX1149
Brnjeuska HRXX6696
Brnjica HRXX7412
Brnjici HRXX5445
Brocanac HRXX2617
Broce HRXX1150
Brocice HRXX6697
Brod Moravice HRXX4598
Brod na Kupi HRXX4599
Brodanci HRXX4215
Brodani HRXX2618
Brodarica HRXX8790
Brodarica HRXX0057
Brodski Stupnik HRXX0628
Brodski Varos HRXX0629
Brodski Zdenci HRXX0630
Brodsko Brdo HRXX0631
Brotnice HRXX1151
Brotnja HRXX8791
Brovinje HRXX1784
Brsadin HRXX7753
Brsec HRXX1785
Brsecine HRXX0333
Brstanovo HRXX5446
Brtonigla HRXX0058
Brubno HRXX6698
Brujici HRXX3206
Brusane HRXX3207
Brusici HRXX4600
Brusini HRXX1786
Brusje HRXX5447
Bruska HRXX8792
Bruvaca HRXX3208
Bruvno HRXX8793
Brzac HRXX4601
Brzaja HRXX7986
Bubale HRXX3209
Buban HRXX4216
Bubani HRXX1787
Bubinka HRXX3210
Bubni HRXX5448
Bubnjare HRXX0632
Bubonje HRXX7413
Bucani HRXX5449
Bucic HRXX8794
Bucicka Slatina HRXX6699
Bucje HRXX4967
Bucje Gorjansko HRXX4217
Budaci HRXX3211
Budacka Rijeka HRXX2619
Budak HRXX8795
Budak HRXX3212
Budalici HRXX5450
Budancevica HRXX2402
Budanica HRXX7987
Budanovi HRXX8796
Budasevo HRXX0059
Budici HRXX5451
Budim HRXX7414
Budimci HRXX4218
Budimir HRXX5452
Budimir Bekan HRXX5453
Budimiri HRXX8797
Budimlje HRXX2620
Budinjak HRXX8358
Budinscina HRXX2222
Budisavljevici HRXX3213
Budrovac HRXX2403
Budrovac Lukacki HRXX7988
Budrovacki Lug HRXX4219
Budrovacki Pisak HRXX4220
Budrovci HRXX4221
Budzak HRXX7754
Budzak HRXX0060
Bugarini HRXX5454
Buhaca HRXX6700
Buici HRXX1152
Bujadnice HRXX8798
Bujavica HRXX4968
Buje HRXX0024
Bujinja HRXX6701
Buk HRXX4969
Buk HRXX3215
Bukarica HRXX8799
Bukarica HRXX7415
Bukevje HRXX8359
Buklijasi HRXX5455
Bukov Vrh HRXX4602
Bukovac HRXX8800
Bukovac HRXX4970
Bukovac HRXX8360
Bukovac HRXX3216
Bukovcani HRXX4971
Bukovci HRXX3217
Bukovec Zelinski HRXX8361
Bukovic HRXX8801
Bukovje HRXX3218
Bukovlje HRXX0061
Bukurovici HRXX7416
Bulati HRXX6703
Bulati HRXX5456
Bulic HRXX8802
Buliga HRXX5457
Bulinac HRXX0871
Bulja HRXX5458
Buljani HRXX5459
Buljet HRXX8803
Bulji HRXX8804
Buljmize HRXX3219
Buljubasici HRXX5460
Bulovici HRXX5461
Bundalo HRXX8805
Bunic HRXX3220
Bunica HRXX1153
Bunja HRXX5462
Bunjani HRXX6704
Burazin Donji HRXX5463
Burazin Gornji HRXX5464
Buric Klanac HRXX3221
Burici HRXX1788
Burici HRXX5465
Burin HRXX1154
Burnjak HRXX3222
Buroli HRXX1789
Buselici HRXX5466
Busetina HRXX0062
Busevec HRXX8363
Buskovici HRXX1155
Buslete HRXX8806
Busljeta HRXX8807
Busnovi HRXX4972
Buterin HRXX8808
Buti HRXX8364
Butige HRXX5467
Butijeri HRXX1156
Butina HRXX5468
Butkovici HRXX1790
Butkovici HRXX3223
Butkovine HRXX1157
Butoniga HRXX1791
Butorci HRXX2622
Buzadovac HRXX2405
Buzak HRXX3224
Buzdohanj HRXX4603
Buzdovacici HRXX5469
Buzet HRXX1792
Buzeta HRXX6705
Buzim HRXX3225
Buzim HRXX6706
Buzin HRXX1681
Buzinija HRXX1793
Bzenica HRXX4973
Cabalak HRXX4222
Cabar HRXX0063
Cabdin HRXX8365
Cabraji HRXX2406
Cabrunici HRXX1794
Cabuna HRXX7990
Cacic-Draga HRXX3226
Cacici HRXX3227
Cacijin Dolac HRXX5470
Cacinci HRXX7991
Cacvina HRXX5471
Cadavac HRXX0872
Cadavica HRXX7992
Cage HRXX0633
Caglin HRXX4974
Caire HRXX0873
Cajire HRXX6707
Cajkovci HRXX0634
Cajkovica HRXX1158
Cajkovici HRXX1159
Cakovci HRXX7755
Cakovec HRXX0064
Cale HRXX5472
Calete HRXX5473
Calic HRXX7756
Calic HRXX8809
Calici HRXX8810
Camagajevci HRXX4223
Camerovac HRXX2623
Canak HRXX3228
Cangerovac HRXX4975
Canjevo HRXX8162
Cankovi Stan HRXX3229
Cankovic Selo HRXX3230
Capacusa HRXX3231
Capetino HRXX1160
Capini HRXX5474
Caporice HRXX5475
Caprag HRXX6709
Caprginci HRXX0635
Cara HRXX1161
Carapine HRXX1162
Carevdar HRXX2407
Carevic Selo HRXX2624
Carevici HRXX5476
Carica Brdo HRXX6711
Carici HRXX5477
Carski Breg HRXX8366
Caska HRXX3232
Catrnja HRXX5478
Cavle HRXX0065
Cavlovica HRXX6712
Cavoglave HRXX7417
Cavri HRXX5479
Cavtat HRXX0066
Cazma HRXX0874
Cecavac HRXX4976
Ceglje HRXX8367
Cehovec HRXX4089
Cekolici HRXX5480
Celani HRXX5481
Celari HRXX5482
Celikovici HRXX0636
Celina HRXX8811
Celina HRXX5483
Celine HRXX8368
Celine HRXX5484
Celinjaca HRXX0637
Celj HRXX5485
Celopeci HRXX1163
Celopek HRXX1164
Cemernica HRXX6713
Cemin HRXX4224
Ceminac HRXX4225
Cemprijesi HRXX1165
Cengici HRXX8812
Cenkovec HRXX2408
Cenkovo HRXX4226
Cepelis HRXX6715
Cepelovac HRXX2409
Cepic HRXX1795
Cepidlak HRXX2410
Cepikuce HRXX1166
Cepin HRXX0067
Cepljani HRXX1796
Ceprljanda HRXX8814
Cera HRXX7418
Cera Pusica HRXX5486
Ceralije HRXX7993
Ceravac HRXX2626
Cere HRXX1797
Ceremosnjak HRXX4228
Cerenpolje HRXX5487
Ceric HRXX4229
Ceric HRXX0068
Cerik HRXX4977
Cerik HRXX4230
Cerina HRXX8369
Cerisnjevica HRXX1798
Cerjan HRXX1167
Cerje HRXX0638
Cerje HRXX1682
Cerje HRXX1799
Cerje Nebojse HRXX8163
Cerje Vrbovecko HRXX8371
Cerna HRXX0069
Cernik HRXX4604
Cernik HRXX0639
Cerovac HRXX4231
Cerovac HRXX0640
Cerovac Jaksicki HRXX4978
Cerovci HRXX7419
Cerovica HRXX1800
Cerovlje HRXX1801
Cerovnik HRXX2629
Cerovski Vrh HRXX8372
Ceruvija HRXX2630
Cervar-Porat HRXX1802
Cesarica HRXX3233
Cesko Selo HRXX6717
Cesljakovci HRXX4979
Cesljuge HRXX4980
Cesnja HRXX4232
Cestica HRXX8164
Cesvinica HRXX1168
Cetekovac HRXX7994
Cetina HRXX5488
Cetingrad HRXX2631
Cetinovec HRXX2223
Cetinski Varos HRXX2632
Cetvrtkovac HRXX6718
Cevejusa HRXX1169
Cibaca HRXX1170
Ciboghat HRXX4233
Cica HRXX5489
Cice HRXX8816
Cicevac HRXX8817
Cicevic HRXX8818
Cicici HRXX6719
Cicin Most HRXX2633
Cicino Brdo HRXX6720
Cickovina HRXX8165
Cicvare HRXX8819
Cicvarevac HRXX4981
Cidovic HRXX5490
Ciganka HRXX7995
Ciglena HRXX0875
Ciglenica HRXX6721
Ciglenica HRXX0876
Ciglenik HRXX4982
Ciglenik HRXX0641
Cigoc HRXX6722
Cijuk HRXX8820
Cikare HRXX2634
Cikoji HRXX5491
Cikota HRXX5492
Cikote HRXX4983
Cilasi HRXX7420
Cilipi HRXX0070
Cimburi HRXX7421
Cimera HRXX8821
Cindrici HRXX2635
Ciovo HRXX5493
Cipri HRXX1803
Cirina Bara HRXX4234
Ciritez HRXX1804
Cirkovljan HRXX4090
Cirkvena HRXX2411
Cisla HRXX5494
Cista HRXX1172
Cista Mlaka HRXX8373
Cista Provo HRXX5495
Cisto HRXX7757
Citluk HRXX5496
Citluk HRXX7422
City of Milna HRXX5497
City of Trogir HRXX5498
City of Vis HRXX5499
Civljane HRXX5500
Cizici HRXX4605
Cojluk HRXX8822
Cokadinci HRXX4235
Coki HRXX1805
Colaci HRXX7423
Colici HRXX7424
Copici HRXX8823
Corbica Nuga HRXX5501
Corbici HRXX5502
Corci HRXX3234
Core HRXX6723
Corici HRXX5503
Corici HRXX6724
Corkova Uvala HRXX2636
Cortani HRXX3235
Cosici HRXX5504
Cosinci HRXX4984
Cosino HRXX8824
Coso HRXX5505
Coso HRXX8825
Covac HRXX0643
Covic HRXX5506
Covici HRXX0348
Covici HRXX5507
Covini HRXX0349
Crecan HRXX4091
Cremusina HRXX7996
Cremusnica HRXX6725
Cres HRXX0019
Cret Bizovacki HRXX4236
Cret Viljevski HRXX4237
Cretno HRXX8166
Crevare HRXX7758
Crikvenica HRXX0071
Crip HRXX5508
Crivac HRXX7425
Crklada HRXX1806
Crkvari HRXX7997
Crkveni Bok HRXX6726
Crkveni Pribic HRXX8374
Crkveno Polje HRXX4985
Crkvice HRXX1173
Crkvina HRXX2637
Crkvine HRXX6727
Crljena HRXX6728
Crljenci HRXX4986
Crljeni HRXX5509
Crljenice HRXX6729
Crna Bara HRXX7760
Crna Gora HRXX1174
Crna Gora HRXX5510
Crna Vlast HRXX3236
Crna Voda HRXX2224
Crnac HRXX7998
Crnac Polje HRXX0644
Crnec Biskupecki HRXX8167
Crnec Rugvicki HRXX8375
Crni Dabar HRXX3237
Crni Dolac HRXX1175
Crni Kal HRXX4606
Crni Kal HRXX3238
Crni Lazi HRXX4607
Crni Lug HRXX4608
Crni Lug HRXX8826
Crni Padez HRXX3239
Crni Potok HRXX6730
Crni Zaton HRXX7999
Crnibek HRXX1807
Crnica HRXX7426
Crnica HRXX1808
Crnjak HRXX3240
Crnjatkusa HRXX3241
Crnjegovina HRXX1176
Crnkovci HRXX4238
Crnkovec HRXX8376
Crno HRXX8827
Crnobrnje HRXX6731
Crnogorci HRXX5511
Crnogorci HRXX7427
Crnomerec HRXX1683
Crvar HRXX1809
Crvena Luka HRXX8828
Crveni Vrh HRXX1810
Cubanici HRXX1811
Cubelici HRXX8829
Cubelici HRXX5512
Cubici HRXX5513
Cubinec HRXX2412
Cubrica Stan HRXX3242
Cubrice HRXX5514
Cucci HRXX3243
Cucerje HRXX1684
Cucerski Vidovec HRXX2225
Cuci HRXX5515
Cuckovo Brdo HRXX6732
Cudici HRXX3244
Cuglji HRXX6733
Cugovec HRXX8377
Cugura HRXX5516
Cuic Brdo HRXX2638
Cujica Krcevina HRXX3245
Cujici HRXX5517
Cuk HRXX7428
Cuke HRXX2639
Cukovac HRXX3246
Cukovec HRXX8168
Cukovec HRXX4092
Cukovi HRXX8830
Cukrici HRXX1812
Cukusici HRXX5518
Culari HRXX7429
Culavi HRXX5519
Culibrci HRXX2640
Culici HRXX5520
Culina HRXX8831
Culinec HRXX1685
Culisic HRXX7430
Cunski HRXX4609
Cupar HRXX8832
Cupici HRXX7431
Cuprelije HRXX0646
Curci HRXX7432
Curkovic HRXX8833
Curkovici HRXX5521
Curlini HRXX5522
Curlinova Ograda HRXX5523
Curlovac HRXX2413
Cusi HRXX3247
Cusici HRXX3248
Cutici HRXX3249
Cveticko Selo HRXX2641
Cvetkovec HRXX8169
Cvetkovic HRXX8378
Cvetlin HRXX8170
Cvetojevici HRXX6734
Cvijanovic Brdo HRXX2642
Cvijanovici HRXX8834
Cvijica Klanac HRXX6735
Cvijici HRXX5524
Cvitanovici HRXX5525
Cvitkovac HRXX4987
Cvitkovici HRXX2643
Cvitkovici HRXX5526
Cvitkovici HRXX3250
Cvitovic HRXX2644
Cvitusa HRXX3251
Cvjetkovic HRXX8835
Cvjetkovici HRXX8836
Cvjetno naselje HRXX4239
Cvrljevo HRXX7433
Dabar HRXX5527
Dabasnica HRXX8837
Dabici HRXX6736
Dabove HRXX3253
Dabrina HRXX6737
Dadici HRXX5528
Dajaci HRXX5529
Dajla HRXX1813
Dakovac HRXX0877
Dakovacki Pisak HRXX4240
Dakovici HRXX3254
Dakovo HRXX0352
Dalj HRXX4241
Dancanje HRXX1177
Dane HRXX1814
Danguba HRXX6738
Dangube HRXX1178
Danijeli HRXX1815
Danilo Biranj HRXX7434
Danojlici HRXX5530
Daranovci HRXX4988
Darda HRXX4242
Dardin HRXX1179
Darkovac HRXX4989
Daruvar HRXX0072
Daskatica HRXX0878
Dautan HRXX0879
Davor HRXX0647
Davorski Bokovi HRXX0648
Dazlina HRXX8838
Deanovec HRXX6739
Debela Kosa HRXX6740
Debeli Brig HRXX1180
Debelice HRXX7435
Debeljak HRXX0073
Debeljak HRXX4990
Debelo Brdo HRXX3255
Dedina HRXX2414
Dedovici HRXX1181
Dejanovic Kriz HRXX6741
Dejanovici HRXX6742
Dekanovec HRXX4093
Dekovici HRXX1182
Delaci HRXX2645
Delekovec HRXX2415
Deletovci HRXX7761
Delic Poljana HRXX2646
Delici HRXX3256
Delnice HRXX4610
Delovi HRXX2416
Delovi HRXX2226
Deminjak HRXX8839
Dereci HRXX5531
Dereza HRXX4991
Derezani HRXX6743
Deringaj HRXX8840
Dervisaga HRXX4992
Desinic HRXX2227
Desisevici HRXX5532
Desmerice HRXX2647
Desne HRXX1183
Desni Degoj HRXX6745
Desni Dubrovcak HRXX6746
Desni Stefanki HRXX6747
Desnice HRXX8841
Desno Sredicko HRXX6748
Desno Trebarjevo HRXX6749
Desno Zeljezno HRXX6750
Despot HRXX8842
Despoti HRXX5533
Detkovac HRXX8000
Devcici HRXX3257
Devetaci HRXX6751
Devic HRXX8843
Devici HRXX2648
Devici HRXX6752
Devrske HRXX7436
Dezanovac HRXX0074
Dezevci HRXX4993
Dicmo HRXX5534
Dijanes HRXX8379
Dijankovec HRXX2417
Dijelka HRXX8001
Diklici HRXX3258
Diklici HRXX1184
Diklici HRXX2649
Diklo HRXX8844
Dilke HRXX4994
Dilovi HRXX4995
Diminici HRXX1816
Din HRXX5535
Dinjevac HRXX2418
Dinjiska HRXX8845
Dipalo HRXX2650
Dipalo HRXX5536
Dipici HRXX5537
Disinac HRXX7762
Disnik HRXX0880
Divici HRXX5538
Divjake HRXX4611
Divljakinja HRXX5539
Divojevici HRXX7437
Divos HRXX4243
Divoselo HRXX3259
Divosevci HRXX0649
Divsici HRXX1817
Divulje HRXX5540
Divusa HRXX6753
Djedina Rijeka HRXX4996
Djetelovac HRXX4997
Djurdjic HRXX2419
Dmiovic HRXX8847
Dmitrasinovici HRXX3260
Dmitrovici HRXX8848
Dmitrovici HRXX6754
Dnopolje HRXX8849
Dobranje HRXX5541
Dobranje HRXX1185
Dobrazemlja HRXX4244
Dobric HRXX8002
Dobric HRXX1186
Dobrica HRXX3261
Dobrici HRXX8850
Dobrinj HRXX4612
Dobro Polje HRXX4245
Dobrodol HRXX1686
Dobrogosce HRXX4246
Dobropoljana HRXX8851
Dobropoljci HRXX8852
Dobroselo HRXX8853
Dobrovac HRXX4998
Dobrovic HRXX8003
Dobrusa HRXX1187
Doci HRXX8854
Doci HRXX5542
Dodig HRXX5543
Dodosi HRXX6755
Doga HRXX0650
Dogici HRXX5544
Dograde HRXX5545
Dojcina HRXX7763
Dojcine HRXX3262
Dokozic HRXX8855
Dokozici HRXX3263
Dol HRXX8380
Dol HRXX5546
Dolac HRXX5547
Dolac HRXX8856
Dolac HRXX4999
Dolac HRXX7438
Dolac Brkic HRXX8857
Dolac Segotic HRXX8858
Dolanec HRXX6756
Dolcani HRXX6757
Dolci HRXX3264
Dolci HRXX8004
Dolenja Vas HRXX1818
Doli HRXX1188
Dolici HRXX5548
Dolina HRXX0651
Dolina HRXX1189
Doline HRXX8859
Doljanci HRXX5000
Doljanec HRXX2420
Doljani HRXX0881
Doljani HRXX5549
Doljanovci HRXX5001
Doljanski Bubanj HRXX8860
Dolje HRXX8381
Dolje HRXX7764
Dolonga HRXX5550
Dolovi HRXX5002
Dolovi HRXX6758
Dolovi HRXX5551
Dolovi HRXX8861
Domagovic HRXX8382
Domahovo HRXX2228
Domaji HRXX2421
Doman HRXX7765
Domanjkus HRXX0882
Domasinec HRXX4094
Domaslovec HRXX8383
Domazeti HRXX5552
Dombe HRXX7766
Dombok HRXX4247
Domijancici HRXX4613
Domine HRXX3265
Dominikovici HRXX1190
Dominkovica HRXX0883
Domjanovici HRXX5553
Donja Bacuga HRXX6759
Donja Bakovcica HRXX2422
Donja Batina HRXX2229
Donja Bebrina HRXX0652
Donja Bistra HRXX8384
Donja Brckovcina HRXX2423
Donja Brela HRXX0075
Donja Brusovaca HRXX6760
Donja Bucica HRXX6761
Donja Budicina HRXX6762
Donja Bukovica HRXX8005
Donja Cemernica HRXX6763
Donja Draga HRXX4614
Donja Dubrava HRXX4095
Donja Dubrava HRXX3266
Donja Glavina HRXX5554
Donja Glina HRXX2652
Donja Gracenica HRXX6764
Donja Greda HRXX8385
Donja Jagodnja HRXX8862
Donja Jelenska HRXX6765
Donja Kamenica HRXX3267
Donja Klada HRXX3268
Donja Komora HRXX6766
Donja Konjscina HRXX2231
Donja Korita HRXX5555
Donja Kovacica HRXX0884
Donja Kupcina HRXX8386
Donja Letina HRXX6767
Donja Ljubina HRXX6768
Donja Ljuta HRXX1191
Donja Lomnica HRXX8387
Donja Lucelnica HRXX8388
Donja Mala HRXX5556
Donja Mlinoga HRXX6769
Donja Mocila HRXX2653
Donja Moticina HRXX4248
Donja Obreska HRXX8389
Donja Obrijez HRXX5003
Donja Omsica HRXX8863
Donja Oraovica HRXX6770
Donja Pacetina HRXX2232
Donja Pastusa HRXX6771
Donja Perjasica HRXX2654
Donja Petricka HRXX0885
Donja Pila HRXX0076
Donja Pistana HRXX8006
Donja Ploca HRXX3269
Donja Poljana HRXX8171
Donja Pusca HRXX8390
Donja Rasenica HRXX0886
Donja Rosca HRXX5557
Donja Selnica HRXX2234
Donja Slavica HRXX4616
Donja Socanica HRXX6772
Donja Ssnjara HRXX0887
Donja Stinica HRXX3270
Donja Stubica HRXX2235
Donja Stupnica HRXX6773
Donja Sumetlica HRXX5004
Donja Suvaja HRXX8864
Donja Svica HRXX3271
Donja Tijarica HRXX5558
Donja Toplicica HRXX2236
Donja Trebinja HRXX2655
Donja Trstenica HRXX6774
Donja Vala HRXX5559
Donja Velesnja HRXX6775
Donja Velika HRXX2424
Donja Visnjica HRXX8172
Donja Voca HRXX8173
Donja Vrba HRXX0653
Donja Vrijeska HRXX0888
Donja Vrucica HRXX1192
Donja Zdencina HRXX8391
Donja Zecevina HRXX5561
Donja Zelina HRXX8392
Donja Zrvnica HRXX2656
Donja Zupa HRXX5562
Donjani HRXX0654
Donje Bakote HRXX5563
Donje Baredine HRXX1819
Donje Bazje HRXX8007
Donje Biljane HRXX8865
Donje Bukovlje HRXX2657
Donje Celo HRXX1193
Donje Ceranje HRXX8866
Donje Cjepidlake HRXX8008
Donje Dubrave HRXX2658
Donje Gredice HRXX2237
Donje Jesenje HRXX2238
Donje Komarevo HRXX6776
Donje Kricke HRXX5005
Donje Kusonje HRXX8009
Donje Ladanje HRXX8174
Donje Makojisce HRXX2239
Donje Novo Selo HRXX7767
Donje Obuljeno HRXX1194
Donje Ogorje HRXX5564
Donje Oresje HRXX8393
Donje Pazariste HRXX3272
Donje Podotocje HRXX8394
Donje Pokuplje HRXX2660
Donje Poljice HRXX8867
Donje Postinje HRXX5565
Donje Predrijevo HRXX8010
Donje Prekrizje HRXX8395
Donje Prilisce HRXX2661
Donje Psarjevo HRXX2240
Donje Rascane HRXX5566
Donje Seliste HRXX6777
Donje Selo HRXX1195
Donje Selo HRXX8868
Donje Selo HRXX3273
Donje Sitno HRXX5568
Donje Stative HRXX2662
Donje Taboriste HRXX6778
Donje Utore HRXX7439
Donje Vinovo HRXX7440
Donje Vratno HRXX8175
Donje Zagorje HRXX2663
Donje Zdelice HRXX2425
Donji Alebici HRXX5569
Donji Andrijevci HRXX0655
Donji Anici HRXX5570
Donji Arambasici HRXX5571
Donji Babici HRXX1820
Donji Begovici HRXX5572
Donji Bilandzici HRXX5573
Donji Bileni HRXX3275
Donji Bitelic HRXX5574
Donji Bjelovac HRXX6779
Donji Bogicevci HRXX0656
Donji Borki HRXX0889
Donji Bratovici HRXX1821
Donji Brgat HRXX1196
Donji Budacki HRXX2664
Donji Bukovac HRXX3276
Donji Bukovec HRXX1687
Donji Buljani HRXX5575
Donji Caglic HRXX5006
Donji Cehi HRXX1688
Donji Cerovljani HRXX6780
Donji Crnogovci HRXX0657
Donji Dapici HRXX5576
Donji Daruvar HRXX0077
Donji Desinec HRXX8396
Donji Dobretin HRXX6781
Donji Dolac HRXX5577
Donji Doljani HRXX3277
Donji Dragonozec HRXX8397
Donji Durinici HRXX1197
Donji Emovci HRXX5007
Donji Ervenik HRXX7441
Donji Filipovici HRXX3278
Donji Frkasic HRXX3279
Donji Furjan HRXX2665
Donji Gnojnice HRXX2666
Donji Gornjani HRXX5578
Donji Grad HRXX4249
Donji Gucani HRXX5009
Donji Hrascan HRXX4096
Donji Hrastovac HRXX6782
Donji Hrusevec HRXX8398
Donji Humac HRXX5579
Donji Jasik HRXX5010
Donji Javoranj HRXX6783
Donji Josan HRXX3280
Donji Jukici HRXX5580
Donji Jurisici HRXX5581
Donji Karin HRXX8869
Donji Kasic HRXX8870
Donji Klasnic HRXX6784
Donji Kneginec HRXX8176
Donji Koblijak HRXX6785
Donji Koncovcak HRXX4097
Donji Kraj HRXX1198
Donji Kraj HRXX5011
Donji Kraj HRXX8399
Donji Kraljevec HRXX4098
Donji Kraljevec HRXX2241
Donji Kucan HRXX8177
Donji Kukuruzari HRXX6786
Donji Kunci HRXX5583
Donji Labusi HRXX8871
Donji Ladevac HRXX2667
Donji Laduc HRXX8400
Donji Lapac HRXX8872
Donji Legci HRXX3281
Donji Lepuri HRXX8873
Donji Lipovac HRXX0658
Donji Lipovac HRXX2668
Donji Lipovcani HRXX0890
Donji Lovic HRXX2669
Donji Lulici HRXX3282
Donji Majkovi HRXX1199
Donji Maljevac HRXX6787
Donji Marinkovac HRXX8401
Donji Markovac HRXX8402
Donji Maslarec HRXX2426
Donji Mekinjar HRXX3283
Donji Meljani HRXX8011
Donji Mihaljevec HRXX4099
Donji Miholiac HRXX0359
Donji Miholjac HRXX4250
Donji Miklous HRXX0891
Donji Mitrovac HRXX5012
Donji Mosti HRXX2427
Donji Muc HRXX5584
Donji Obod HRXX1200
Donji Okrug HRXX5585
Donji Okucani HRXX0659
Donji Ostrc HRXX8403
Donji Pedalj HRXX6788
Donji Poloj HRXX2670
Donji Popovac HRXX2671
Donji Prnjarovec HRXX6789
Donji Prolozac HRXX5586
Donji Prozor HRXX3284
Donji Radmani HRXX5587
Donji Radosic HRXX5588
Donji Radovcici HRXX1201
Donji Rajic HRXX0660
Donji Ravlici HRXX5589
Donji Rebic HRXX3285
Donji Rogolji HRXX5013
Donji Rukavac HRXX4617
Donji Sajn HRXX4618
Donji Sarampov HRXX6790
Donji Seget HRXX5590
Donji Selaci HRXX5591
Donji Selkovac HRXX6791
Donji Selo HRXX3286
Donji Sjenicak HRXX2672
Donji Slatinik HRXX0661
Donji Srb HRXX8874
Donji Sredani HRXX0892
Donji Strpci HRXX3287
Donji Tabak HRXX5592
Donji Tkalec HRXX8404
Donji Trpuci HRXX8405
Donji Vaganac HRXX3288
Donji Varos HRXX8875
Donji Velemeric HRXX2673
Donji Vidovec HRXX4100
Donji Vinjani HRXX5593
Donji Vrkici HRXX8876
Donji Vukojevac HRXX6792
Donji Vuksinac HRXX8406
Donji Zagari HRXX4619
Donji Zagon HRXX4620
Donji Zaklopac HRXX8877
Donji Zebanec HRXX4101
Donji Zemunik HRXX8878
Donji Zirovac HRXX6793
Donji Zmiric HRXX5594
Donji Zvecaj HRXX2674
Donta Doli HRXX1202
Dopsin HRXX4251
Dopude HRXX3289
Dordev Dvor HRXX4252
Dornji Kremen HRXX2675
Dorontici HRXX3290
Dosani HRXX2676
Dosen-Dabar HRXX3291
Dosen-Duliba HRXX3292
Dosen-Plana HRXX3293
Dosen-Ruja HRXX3294
Doseni HRXX3295
Doseni HRXX8879
Dozetova Draga HRXX3296
Dracan HRXX8880
Drace HRXX1203
Drace HRXX6794
Draceva Luka HRXX1204
Dracevac HRXX1822
Dracevac Ninski HRXX8881
Dracevica HRXX5595
Dracevo Selo HRXX1205
Dracina HRXX8883
Draga HRXX5014
Draga HRXX8884
Draga HRXX4621
Draga Bascanska HRXX4622
Draga Pozeska HRXX5015
Dragalic HRXX0663
Dragan-Lug HRXX5016
Draganci HRXX2428
Dragani HRXX5596
Draganici HRXX8407
Draganje-Selo HRXX8408
Draganovac HRXX2429
Draganovci HRXX7768
Dragasi HRXX2677
Dragasi HRXX7442
Dragasov HRXX8885
Drage HRXX2678
Drage HRXX8886
Drage HRXX3297
Dragic HRXX6796
Dragicevic HRXX8887
Dragicevica Pod HRXX3298
Dragicevici HRXX5597
Dragici HRXX2679
Dragici HRXX6797
Dragljane HRXX5598
Dragljenovac HRXX0664
Dragnusa HRXX3299
Dragojevici HRXX2680
Dragosavci HRXX8888
Dragosicka HRXX8409
Dragotin HRXX4253
Dragotina HRXX6798
Dragovci HRXX5017
Dragove HRXX8889
Dragovic HRXX5018
Dragovici HRXX2681
Dragovici HRXX5599
Dragovija HRXX1206
Dragozetici HRXX4623
Draguc HRXX1823
Drakule HRXX3300
Drakulica Rijeka HRXX3301
Dramalj HRXX4624
Drasci Vrh HRXX8410
Drase HRXX2242
Draskovac HRXX6799
Draskovec HRXX4102
Draskovic HRXX8178
Draskovici HRXX3302
Drasnice HRXX5600
Draz HRXX4254
Drazenovici HRXX3303
Drazevitici HRXX5601
Drazica HRXX0893
Drazica HRXX3304
Drazice HRXX0078
Drazici HRXX3305
Drca HRXX8890
Drce HRXX8891
Dren HRXX7769
Drenar HRXX2682
Drenje HRXX4255
Drenje HRXX1824
Drenov Bok HRXX6800
Drenov Klanac HRXX3306
Drenova HRXX4625
Drenovac HRXX5019
Drenovac HRXX6801
Drenovac HRXX2683
Drenovac HRXX8892
Drenovac Raducki HRXX3307
Drenovaca HRXX8893
Drenovci HRXX7770
Drenovci HRXX8894
Drenovec HRXX8179
Drenovica HRXX2430
Dreznik HRXX0665
Dreznik Grad HRXX2684
Drinje HRXX7771
Drinovci HRXX7443
Drivenik HRXX4626
Drivisica HRXX3308
Drlez HRXX0894
Drliceve Kuce HRXX8895
Drljaca HRXX6802
Drljace HRXX6803
Drljanovac HRXX0895
Drnis HRXX0361
Drnje HRXX2431
Dronjci HRXX8896
Dronjci HRXX7444
Dropci HRXX8897
Dropkovec HRXX8180
Dropulici HRXX5602
Dropulici HRXX1207
Dropuljici HRXX5603
Drsci HRXX5604
Drskovci HRXX5020
Drum HRXX5605
Drumovi HRXX6804
Druskovec HRXX8181
Druzbinec HRXX8182
Druzijanici HRXX5606
Druzijanici HRXX1208
Drvenik HRXX1209
Drvenik HRXX5607
Drvenjak HRXX3309
Drzanica HRXX4256
Drzimurec HRXX4103
Duba HRXX1210
Duba Konavoska HRXX1211
Duba Stonska HRXX1212
Dubac HRXX1213
Dubocac HRXX0666
Dubocnjak HRXX5021
Duboka HRXX3310
Duboka HRXX1214
Duboka HRXX5022
Duboka HRXX5608
Duboki HRXX3311
Duboki Dol HRXX8898
Dubokolje HRXX3312
Dubosevica HRXX4257
Dubovac HRXX2685
Dubovec HRXX2432
Dubovec HRXX2243
Dubovica HRXX8183
Dubovik HRXX0668
Dubraja HRXX8899
Dubranec HRXX8411
Dubrava HRXX3313
Dubrava HRXX8412
Dubrava HRXX5609
Dubrava HRXX7445
Dubrava HRXX1689
Dubrava HRXX8900
Dubrave HRXX2686
Dubrave HRXX1216
Dubravec HRXX8184
Dubravica HRXX1217
Dubravica HRXX2244
Dubravice HRXX7446
Dubravka HRXX1218
Dubrovcan HRXX0079
Dubrovcani HRXX2687
Dubrovnik HRXX0001
Duce HRXX5610
Dudici HRXX3314
Dudici HRXX5611
Dudunici HRXX6805
Duga Brazda HRXX5023
Duga Gora HRXX2688
Duga Meda HRXX8012
Duga Resa HRXX2689
Duga Rijeka HRXX8185
Duge Njive HRXX5612
Duge Njive HRXX7772
Dugi Do HRXX3315
Dugi Rat HRXX5613
Dugo HRXX7773
Dugo Selo HRXX0364
Dugobabe HRXX5614
Dugopolje HRXX0080
Dugovac HRXX0669
Dugumi HRXX5615
Duhovi HRXX0896
Dujici HRXX7447
Dujkici HRXX5616
Dujmici HRXX5617
Dujmina HRXX5618
Dujmisici HRXX3316
Dujmovici HRXX3317
Dujmovici HRXX5619
Dukati HRXX1220
Dukici HRXX8901
Dukici HRXX5620
Dukici HRXX6807
Dukinci HRXX7774
Duliba HRXX3318
Dulibe HRXX3319
Duljine HRXX5024
Dulovac HRXX8014
Dumace HRXX6808
Dumanac HRXX1221
Dumici HRXX5621
Dumovec HRXX1690
Dunave Krajnje HRXX1222
Dundovici HRXX3320
Dunjak HRXX6809
Dunjevac HRXX3321
Dunjkovec HRXX0081
Dunovica Podi HRXX3322
Dupale HRXX6810
Dupori HRXX8902
Duracici HRXX1223
Durak HRXX5025
Duralovici HRXX1224
Durasinovici HRXX6811
Durdanci HRXX4258
Durdekovec HRXX1691
Durdenovac HRXX4259
Durdevac HRXX2433
Durdevo Polje HRXX4260
Durdic HRXX0897
Duretina HRXX2434
Durici HRXX7448
Durici HRXX8903
Durici HRXX2690
Durici HRXX7775
Duricic HRXX8015
Durinici HRXX1225
Durinovec HRXX8186
Durjani HRXX1226
Durmanec HRXX0367
Durovici HRXX1227
Dusic HRXX8904
Dusikrav HRXX3323
Dusina HRXX5622
Duzani HRXX1228
Duzeli HRXX5624
Duzica HRXX6813
Duzluk HRXX8016
Duznice HRXX7776
Dvor HRXX6814
Dvoranci HRXX8413
Dvori HRXX5625
Dvorine HRXX5626
Dvorine HRXX0670
Dvorisce HRXX2691
Dvoriste HRXX6815
Dvozderi HRXX5627
Dzaja HRXX5628
Dzakule HRXX3324
Dzaperovac HRXX6816
Dzeletini HRXX1229
Dzepine HRXX7449
Dzolici HRXX5629
Dzombara HRXX4261
Dzudzelici HRXX5630
Egeljac HRXX3325
Ekonomija HRXX7777
Eminovci HRXX5026
Emovacki Lug HRXX5027
Eraci HRXX1230
Ercegi HRXX6817
Ercegovci HRXX7450
Ercezi HRXX5632
Erdelj HRXX2692
Erdovec HRXX2435
Erdut HRXX4262
Eremije HRXX6818
Erkovcici HRXX1825
Ermenta HRXX7778
Ernestinovo HRXX0082
Erpedej HRXX4263
Ervenica HRXX7779
Ervenik HRXX2245
Ervenik HRXX7451
Esapovici HRXX2693
Ezgete HRXX5633
Fabci HRXX1826
Fadljevici HRXX3326
Farini HRXX1827
Farkas Meda HRXX7780
Farkasevac HRXX8415
Fazana HRXX0083
Ferdinandovac HRXX2436
Ferenci HRXX1828
Fericanci HRXX8017
Ferketinec HRXX4104
Ferlini HRXX1829
Ferovac HRXX5028
Festinec HRXX2437
Filakovi HRXX4264
Filipac HRXX1830
Filipana HRXX1831
Filipovica HRXX5029
Filipovici HRXX5634
Filozici HRXX4627
Fiorini HRXX1832
Fistanici HRXX5635
Fizela HRXX1833
Flengi HRXX1834
Fodrovec Rijecki HRXX8187
Foli HRXX1835
Fondole HRXX1836
Fontana HRXX1837
Forkusevci HRXX4265
Fortica HRXX3327
Frajga HRXX1231
Francikovac HRXX3328
Franicevici HRXX5636
Franjevica HRXX8905
Frast HRXX0671
Frata HRXX1838
Fratrovic HRXX8906
Frkasic HRXX3329
Frketic HRXX2694
Frkljevci HRXX5030
Fuka HRXX8416
Fumici HRXX3330
Funtana HRXX2695
Funtana HRXX1839
Furjan HRXX2696
Fuskulin HRXX1840
Fuzine HRXX0084
Gabelice HRXX5637
Gabonjin HRXX4628
Gabos HRXX7781
Gabric Mali HRXX0672
Gabricevic HRXX5638
Gabrici HRXX5639
Gabrili HRXX1232
Gacelezi HRXX7452
Gaci HRXX5640
Gacice HRXX8188
Gacici HRXX5641
Gaciste HRXX8018
Gacka HRXX7782
Gacke Njive HRXX7783
Gacko Polje HRXX3331
Gadsko Polje HRXX4266
Gage HRXX6819
Gager HRXX3332
Gagici HRXX8907
Gaic HRXX5031
Gaj HRXX7784
Gaj HRXX3333
Gaj HRXX5032
Gaj Vrbovecki HRXX8417
Gajana HRXX1841
Gaje HRXX6820
Gajic HRXX4267
Gajici HRXX6821
Gajici HRXX3334
Gajine HRXX8908
Gakovo HRXX8019
Gala HRXX5642
Galgovo HRXX8418
Galici HRXX5643
Galici HRXX8189
Galicijani HRXX0673
Galijasi HRXX6822
Galijasica HRXX4268
Galin HRXX8419
Galinec HRXX8190
Galinicici HRXX5644
Galinka HRXX3335
Galizana HRXX1842
Galovac HRXX0085
Galovac HRXX0898
Galovic-Selo HRXX2697
Galovici HRXX8909
Galovici HRXX1233
Galzina HRXX5645
Gambiroza HRXX7453
Gamboci HRXX1843
Gambrija HRXX6823
Garci HRXX5646
Garcin HRXX0086
Gardijani HRXX7454
Gardinovec HRXX4105
Gardun HRXX5647
Gardun HRXX0674
Garesnica HRXX0373
Garica HRXX4629
Garista HRXX5648
Garjak HRXX5649
Garmazi HRXX5650
Garvan HRXX1234
Gasinci HRXX4269
Gaspari HRXX5651
Gat HRXX4270
Gata HRXX5652
Gavran HRXX3336
Gavrani HRXX3337
Gavranovac HRXX7785
Gavranovici HRXX5653
Gazije HRXX8020
Gdinj HRXX0374
Gecet HRXX3338
Gedici HRXX1844
Gegant HRXX5033
Gejkovac HRXX6824
Genda Vuckovici HRXX8910
Generalski Stol HRXX2698
Gerici HRXX3339
Gerovo HRXX4630
Gerovo Selo HRXX3340
Gerovo Tounjsko HRXX2699
Gerovski Kraj HRXX4631
Gibaljste HRXX8021
Giletinci HRXX0675
Gilici HRXX5654
Gizdavac HRXX5655
Gizdici HRXX5656
Glaurdici HRXX5657
Glavace HRXX3341
Glavan HRXX8911
Glavani HRXX1845
Glavas HRXX7455
Glavasi HRXX3342
Glavasi HRXX5658
Glavica HRXX5659
Glavica HRXX5034
Glavicani HRXX6826
Glavice HRXX1235
Glavice HRXX8912
Glavice HRXX5660
Glavina HRXX5661
Glavina Srednja HRXX5662
Glavnica Donja HRXX2246
Glavnicica HRXX8421
Glavnik HRXX7786
Glavote HRXX5663
Glavurdici HRXX5664
Glibodol HRXX2700
Glibote HRXX5665
Gligici HRXX7456
Glina HRXX6827
Glina Veljunska HRXX2701
Glinica HRXX2702
Glinska Poljana HRXX6828
Glinsko Vrelo HRXX2703
Gljev HRXX5666
Gljuscici HRXX1846
Globucak HRXX6829
Glogovac HRXX2438
Glogovac HRXX5035
Glogovac HRXX4271
Glogovica HRXX0676
Glogovnica HRXX2439
Glogovo HRXX8913
Glomac HRXX4272
Gloseta HRXX1236
Glovac HRXX0677
Glozanci HRXX0678
Glozde HRXX4273
Glozde HRXX5036
Gloznik HRXX5037
Glumacko Selo HRXX3343
Gluncusa HRXX3344
Glusci HRXX8914
Gluvici HRXX5667
Gnjatovici HRXX6830
Gnjeci HRXX1238
Gnojnice HRXX2704
Godinjak HRXX0679
Goisovici HRXX2705
Gojak HRXX2706
Gojanec HRXX8191
Gojevici HRXX7457
Gojilce HRXX6831
Gojkovac HRXX2707
Gojlo HRXX6832
Gola HRXX2440
Golas HRXX1847
Golemi HRXX5668
Goles Makarska HRXX8915
Goli Breg HRXX1692
Goli Vrh HRXX8422
Golici HRXX3345
Golinci HRXX4274
Golinja HRXX8916
Golinjevo HRXX5669
Goljak HRXX8423
Goljak HRXX2708
Goljak HRXX3346
Golo Brdo HRXX5038
Golobrdci HRXX5039
Gologorica HRXX1848
Golosmreke HRXX3347
Golubic HRXX8917
Golubic HRXX7458
Golubinjak HRXX0899
Golubovec HRXX2247
Gomila HRXX5670
Gomirje HRXX4632
Gonji Popovac HRXX2709
Gora HRXX6834
Goraci HRXX4633
Goracici HRXX1239
Goranec HRXX2248
Goravice HRXX1240
Gorenja Vas HRXX1849
Gorica HRXX8192
Gorica HRXX5671
Gorica HRXX8918
Gorica HRXX1241
Gorica HRXX0087
Gorica Jamnicka HRXX8424
Gorica Miholecka HRXX2441
Gorican HRXX4106
Gorice HRXX7459
Gorice HRXX0680
Gorici HRXX3348
Goricka HRXX6835
Goricko HRXX2442
Goris HRXX7460
Gorjakovo HRXX2249
Gorjani HRXX4276
Gornja Bacuga HRXX6836
Gornja Batina HRXX2250
Gornja Bebrina HRXX0681
Gornja Biljevina HRXX0316
Gornja Bistra HRXX8426
Gornja Brela HRXX5672
Gornja Brusovaca HRXX6837
Gornja Bucica HRXX6838
Gornja Budicina HRXX6839
Gornja Bukovica HRXX8022
Gornja Cemernica HRXX6840
Gornja Dreznica HRXX2710
Gornja Dubrava HRXX3349
Gornja Dubrava HRXX1242
Gornja Dubrava HRXX4107
Gornja Garesnica HRXX0900
Gornja Glavina HRXX5673
Gornja Glavnica HRXX2252
Gornja Glina HRXX2711
Gornja Gracenica HRXX6841
Gornja Greda HRXX8427
Gornja Jagodnja HRXX8919
Gornja Jelenska HRXX6842
Gornja Kamenica HRXX3350
Gornja Klada HRXX3351
Gornja Komora HRXX6843
Gornja Konjscina HRXX2253
Gornja Korita HRXX5674
Gornja Kovacica HRXX0901
Gornja Kupcina HRXX8428
Gornja Letina HRXX6844
Gornja Ljubina HRXX6845
Gornja Ljuta HRXX1243
Gornja Lomnica HRXX8429
Gornja Lovca HRXX6846
Gornja Lucelnica HRXX8430
Gornja Mala HRXX5675
Gornja Meminska HRXX6847
Gornja Mlinoga HRXX6848
Gornja Mocila HRXX2712
Gornja Moticina HRXX4277
Gornja Nugla HRXX1850
Gornja Obreska HRXX8431
Gornja Obrijez HRXX5040
Gornja Omsica HRXX8920
Gornja Oraovica HRXX6849
Gornja Pacetina HRXX2254
Gornja Petricka HRXX0902
Gornja Pistana HRXX8023
Gornja Ploca HRXX3352
Gornja Poljana HRXX8193
Gornja Pusca HRXX8432
Gornja Rasenica HRXX0903
Gornja Rijeka HRXX8194
Gornja Rosca HRXX5676
Gornja Selnica HRXX2256
Gornja Socanica HRXX6850
Gornja Stubica HRXX2257
Gornja Stupnica HRXX6851
Gornja Suma HRXX2444
Gornja Sumetlica HRXX5041
Gornja Susnjara HRXX0904
Gornja Suvaja HRXX8921
Gornja Svica HRXX3353
Gornja Tijarica HRXX5678
Gornja Toplicica HRXX8433
Gornja Trebinja HRXX2714
Gornja Trnava HRXX0682
Gornja Trstenica HRXX6852
Gornja Vala HRXX5679
Gornja Velesnja HRXX6853
Gornja Velika HRXX0905
Gornja Visnjica HRXX8195
Gornja Visnjica HRXX5680
Gornja Voca HRXX8196
Gornja Vodovoda HRXX1244
Gornja Vrba HRXX0683
Gornja Vrijeska HRXX0906
Gornja Vrucica HRXX1245
Gornja Zdencina HRXX8434
Gornja Zecevina HRXX5681
Gornja Zrvnica HRXX2715
Gornjani HRXX6854
Gornje Bakote HRXX5682
Gornje Baredine HRXX1851
Gornje Bazje HRXX8024
Gornje Biljane HRXX8922
Gornje Bukovlje HRXX2716
Gornje Celo HRXX1246
Gornje Ceranje HRXX8923
Gornje Danilo HRXX7461
Gornje Dubrave HRXX2717
Gornje Gnojnice HRXX2718
Gornje Grici HRXX2719
Gornje Igrane HRXX5683
Gornje Jelenje HRXX4635
Gornje Jesenje HRXX2258
Gornje Komarevo HRXX6855
Gornje Kuce HRXX8435
Gornje Kusonje HRXX8026
Gornje Ladanje HRXX8197
Gornje Makojisce HRXX8198
Gornje Mekusje HRXX2720
Gornje Obuljeno HRXX1247
Gornje Ogorje HRXX5684
Gornje Oresje HRXX8436
Gornje Pazariste HRXX3354
Gornje Petrcane HRXX8924
Gornje Plavnice HRXX0907
Gornje Podotocje HRXX8437
Gornje Pokupje HRXX2721
Gornje Polje HRXX5042
Gornje Postinje HRXX5685
Gornje Prekrizje HRXX8438
Gornje Prilisce HRXX2722
Gornje Psarjevo HRXX2259
Gornje Rascane HRXX5686
Gornje Rogolje HRXX5043
Gornje Seliste HRXX6856
Gornje Selo HRXX3355
Gornje Selo HRXX5687
Gornje Selo HRXX1248
Gornje Sitno HRXX5688
Gornje Soce HRXX1249
Gornje Sredice HRXX0908
Gornje Stative HRXX2723
Gornje Taboriste HRXX6857
Gornje Taboriste HRXX2724
Gornje Utore HRXX7462
Gornje Viljevo HRXX8028
Gornje Vinovo HRXX7463
Gornje Vrapce HRXX8439
Gornje Vratno HRXX8199
Gornje Vrhovine HRXX3356
Gornje Zagorje HRXX2725
Gornje Zaton HRXX1250
Gornje Zdelice HRXX0909
Gornji Alebici HRXX5689
Gornji Babici HRXX1852
Gornji Begovici HRXX5691
Gornji Bileni HRXX3358
Gornji Bitelic HRXX5693
Gornji Bjelovac HRXX6858
Gornji Bogicevci HRXX0685
Gornji Borki HRXX0910
Gornji Brgat HRXX1251
Gornji Budacki HRXX2726
Gornji Bukovec HRXX1693
Gornji Buljani HRXX5694
Gornji Caglic HRXX5044
Gornji Crnogovci HRXX0686
Gornji Dapici HRXX5695
Gornji Daruvar HRXX0911
Gornji Desinec HRXX8440
Gornji Dingac HRXX1252
Gornji Dobretin HRXX6860
Gornji Dolac HRXX5696
Gornji Doljani HRXX3359
Gornji Draganec HRXX0912
Gornji Dubovec HRXX2446
Gornji Durinici HRXX1253
Gornji Emovci HRXX5045
Gornji Ervenik HRXX7464
Gornji Furjan HRXX2727
Gornji Galici HRXX5698
Gornji Gornjani HRXX5699
Gornji Grad HRXX4278
Gornji Gucani HRXX5047
Gornji Hrascan HRXX4108
Gornji Hrastovac HRXX6861
Gornji Hrusevec HRXX8442
Gornji Humac HRXX0012
Gornji Jasik HRXX5048
Gornji Javoranj HRXX6862
Gornji Javornik HRXX8925
Gornji Josan HRXX3361
Gornji Jukici HRXX5700
Gornji Jurisici HRXX5701
Gornji Karin HRXX8926
Gornji Klasnic HRXX6863
Gornji Kneginec HRXX8200
Gornji Koncovcak HRXX4109
Gornji Kosinj HRXX3362
Gornji Kraj HRXX5049
Gornji Kraj HRXX1254
Gornji Kraj HRXX5702
Gornji Kraj HRXX2260
Gornji Kraljevec HRXX2261
Gornji Kraljevec HRXX4110
Gornji Kremen HRXX2728
Gornji Kriz HRXX2447
Gornji Kucan HRXX8201
Gornji Kunci HRXX5703
Gornji Labusi HRXX8927
Gornji Ladevac HRXX2729
Gornji Laduc HRXX8443
Gornji Lapac HRXX8928
Gornji Lepuri HRXX8929
Gornji Lipovac HRXX2730
Gornji Lipovac HRXX5050
Gornji Lovic HRXX2731
Gornji Lulici HRXX3363
Gornji Majkovi HRXX1255
Gornji Maljevac HRXX6864
Gornji Maslarec HRXX2448
Gornji Mekinjar HRXX3364
Gornji Meljani HRXX8029
Gornji Meteri HRXX5704
Gornji Miholjac HRXX8030
Gornji Miklous HRXX0913
Gornji Mitrovac HRXX5051
Gornji Mosti HRXX0914
Gornji Muc HRXX5705
Gornji Muslimi HRXX5706
Gornji Obod HRXX1256
Gornji Ostrc HRXX8445
Gornji Pedalj HRXX6865
Gornji Poloj HRXX2732
Gornji Prolozac HRXX5707
Gornji Prozor HRXX3365
Gornji Radmani HRXX5708
Gornji Radosic HRXX5709
Gornji Radovcici HRXX1257
Gornji Rajic HRXX6867
Gornji Ravlici HRXX5710
Gornji Rebic HRXX3366
Gornji Rukavac HRXX4636
Gornji Sajn HRXX4637
Gornji Sarampov HRXX6868
Gornji Seget HRXX5711
Gornji Selaci HRXX5712
Gornji Selkovac HRXX6869
Gornji Sinac HRXX3367
Gornji Sjenicak HRXX2733
Gornji Skrnik HRXX2262
Gornji Slatinik HRXX0687
Gornji Srb HRXX8930
Gornji Sredani HRXX0915
Gornji Starigrad HRXX3368
Gornji Strpci HRXX3369
Gornji Stupnik HRXX1694
Gornji Tabak HRXX5713
Gornji Tkalec HRXX2449
Gornji Trpuci HRXX8446
Gornji Uljanik HRXX0916
Gornji Vaganac HRXX3370
Gornji Varos HRXX0688
Gornji Velemeric HRXX2734
Gornji Vidusevac HRXX6870
Gornji Vikici HRXX8931
Gornji Vranjesi HRXX5714
Gornji Vrhovci HRXX5052
Gornji Vukojevac HRXX6871
Gornji Vuksinac HRXX8447
Gornji Zagari HRXX4638
Gornji Zaklopac HRXX8932
Gornji Zebanec HRXX4113
Gornji Zemunik HRXX8933
Gornji Zirovac HRXX6872
Gornji Zvecaj HRXX2735
Gorsa HRXX3371
Gorusenjak HRXX8203
Gospa HRXX1258
Gospic HRXX8934
Gospic HRXX0088
Gospicka HRXX3372
Gostinjac HRXX4639
Gostovaca HRXX3373
Gotalovo HRXX2450
Govedari HRXX1259
Govede Polje HRXX0917
Grab HRXX5715
Grab HRXX8935
Grabac HRXX3374
Grabanovac HRXX7787
Grabar HRXX8448
Grabarje HRXX5053
Grabarje Brodsko HRXX0689
Grabarska HRXX2736
Graberec HRXX8449
Graberje HRXX6873
Grabic HRXX8031
Grabina HRXX7788
Graborac HRXX5716
Grabostani HRXX6875
Grabova Lokva HRXX3375
Grabovac HRXX5717
Grabovac HRXX4279
Grabovac HRXX5054
Grabovac HRXX2737
Grabovac Banski HRXX6876
Grabovci HRXX7465
Grabovi Klanac HRXX8936
Grabovica HRXX6877
Graboviste HRXX5055
Grabovnica HRXX0918
Grabovo HRXX7789
Grabrk HRXX2738
Grabrov Potok HRXX6878
Grabrovica HRXX4640
Grabrovnica HRXX2451
Grabrovnik HRXX4114
Grabusic HRXX3376
Gracac HRXX7466
Gracac HRXX0378
Gracacki Dolovi HRXX8937
Gracani HRXX0089
Gracanica HRXX6879
Gracec HRXX8451
Graci HRXX1260
Gracisce HRXX1853
Grad HRXX5718
Gradac HRXX8452
Gradac HRXX2740
Gradac HRXX7467
Gradac HRXX4641
Gradac HRXX7790
Gradac HRXX1261
Gradac HRXX5056
Gradac Nasicki HRXX4280
Gradec HRXX0090
Gradec HRXX9509
Gradici HRXX0091
Gradina HRXX1854
Gradina HRXX3377
Gradina HRXX5057
Gradina HRXX8938
Gradina HRXX5719
Gradina HRXX7791
Gradina Mateljci HRXX1262
Gradine HRXX1263
Gradine HRXX7468
Gradinje HRXX1855
Gradisce HRXX2741
Gradisce HRXX1856
Gradiste HRXX0092
Gradsko Selo HRXX3378
Gradusa Posavska HRXX6880
Grahovcevo Selo HRXX3379
Gramace HRXX3380
Grancari HRXX1695
Grancici HRXX5720
Grandici HRXX1857
Granesina HRXX1696
Granice HRXX4281
Granici HRXX5721
Granicici HRXX5722
Granje HRXX5059
Graoina HRXX1264
Graovci HRXX3381
Graovci HRXX7469
Graovo HRXX8939
Grbasevac HRXX2452
Grbava HRXX5723
Grbavac HRXX1265
Grbavac HRXX0919
Grbavci HRXX5724
Grbe HRXX8940
Grbic HRXX1266
Grbici HRXX3382
Grbici HRXX8941
Grbljava HRXX1267
Grcici HRXX6881
Grcici HRXX5725
Grdak HRXX2453
Grdevica HRXX5060
Grdoselo HRXX1858
Grebastica HRXX0093
Greda HRXX6882
Greda HRXX5726
Greda Peskovecka HRXX8453
Greda Sunjska HRXX6883
Gredani HRXX0690
Gredani HRXX6884
Gredica HRXX0691
Greguric Breg HRXX8454
Gregurovec HRXX2454
Grepcine HRXX5727
Grepe HRXX5728
Grezina HRXX3383
Grgetic HRXX2742
Grgetici HRXX5729
Grgici HRXX7470
Grgici HRXX5730
Grginac HRXX0920
Grgomicic HRXX8942
Grgovici HRXX1268
Grgurevici HRXX0692
Grgurica HRXX8943
Grgurici HRXX1269
Grice HRXX2743
Grimalda HRXX1859
Griva HRXX5731
Grive HRXX6885
Griza HRXX5732
Grizane HRXX4642
Grizici HRXX0693
Grkavescak HRXX4115
Grkovac HRXX0694
Grljusici HRXX5733
Grlo Klis HRXX5734
Grma HRXX1270
Grmani HRXX4643
Grmljani HRXX5735
Grmusani HRXX6886
Grncenik HRXX1271
Grobnik HRXX4644
Grohote HRXX5736
Gromaca HRXX1272
Gromace HRXX3384
Gromacnik HRXX0695
Gromnik HRXX1860
Grovisce HRXX4282
Grozdanici HRXX3385
Groznjan HRXX0094
Grubacevo Polje HRXX8944
Grubecici HRXX2744
Grubic HRXX8945
Grubici HRXX7471
Grubine HRXX5737
Grubisi HRXX1861
Grubisici HRXX8946
Grubisici HRXX5738
Grubisno Polje HRXX0921
Grubori HRXX3386
Gruda HRXX0385
Grujici HRXX7472
Grulovici HRXX7473
Grusi HRXX8947
Grusici HRXX1273
Gruz HRXX1274
Grzici HRXX1862
Gubavica HRXX5739
Guce Selo HRXX4645
Guci HRXX5740
Gudci HRXX8455
Gudelj HRXX5741
Gudelj Velaga HRXX5742
Gudelji HRXX5743
Gudovac HRXX0922
Gudura HRXX7792
Guge HRXX7474
Gugici HRXX5744
Gugleta HRXX8948
Gulic HRXX8949
Gulici HRXX5745
Gulin HRXX7475
Gumanca HRXX1275
Gumanci HRXX5746
Gundinci HRXX0696
Gunja HRXX7793
Gunjace HRXX5747
Gunjavci HRXX0697
Gunjevac HRXX6888
Gunjina HRXX1276
Gurakovec HRXX2263
Gusce HRXX6889
Gusce Cepinsko HRXX4283
Guscerovec HRXX2455
Gusici HRXX5748
Gustelnica HRXX8456
Gustirna HRXX5749
Gutici HRXX5750
Guvnine HRXX3387
Gverici HRXX5751
Gvozd HRXX6890
Gvozdansko HRXX6891
Gvozdici HRXX2745
Gvozdna HRXX6892
Habjanovac HRXX8457
Habjanovci HRXX4284
Hader HRXX6893
Haganj HRXX8458
Hajduk HRXX5753
Hajdukovici HRXX5754
Hampovica HRXX2456
Han HRXX5755
Harambasic HRXX7476
Harkanovci HRXX4285
Harmica HRXX8459
Hartje HRXX8460
Hecimovici HRXX3388
Heki HRXX1863
Helena HRXX2457
Hemusevec HRXX4116
Henrikovci HRXX7794
Hercan HRXX5061
Hercegovac HRXX0095
Hercegovina HRXX7795
Heresin HRXX2458
Hinici HRXX3389
Hlapicina HRXX4117
Hlebine HRXX2459
Hlevci HRXX4646
Hlevnica HRXX2264
Hobar HRXX3390
Hobolici HRXX8461
Hodak HRXX3391
Hodilje HRXX1277
Hodosan HRXX4118
Homer HRXX4647
Homoljac HRXX3392
Horvati HRXX1697
Horvati HRXX8462
Hosti HRXX4648
Hotnja HRXX8463
Hrahoric HRXX4649
Hramina HRXX7477
Hrascina HRXX2265
Hrasno HRXX1278
Hrastelnica HRXX0096
Hrastin HRXX4286
Hrastje HRXX8464
Hrastovac HRXX0923
Hrastovac HRXX5062
Hrastovica HRXX6894
Hrastovljan HRXX8205
Hrastovsko HRXX8206
Hrboki HRXX1864
Hrelici HRXX1699
Hreljici HRXX1865
Hreljin HRXX0097
Hrgovec HRXX8207
Hrgovici HRXX5756
Hrgovljani HRXX0924
Hrib HRXX4650
Hristici HRXX5757
Hrkalovici HRXX3394
Hrmotine HRXX3395
Hrnjaci HRXX3396
Hrnjanec HRXX8465
Hrnjevac HRXX5063
Hromec HRXX2266
Hrsina HRXX2747
Hrsovo HRXX0925
Hrtic HRXX6895
Hruscica HRXX8466
Hruskovec HRXX8467
Hruskovica HRXX8468
Hrvace HRXX5758
Hrvatini HRXX1866
Hrvatska Dubica HRXX6896
Hrvatski Blagaj HRXX2748
Hrvatski Cuntic HRXX6898
Hrvatsko Selo HRXX6899
Hrvojevici HRXX2749
Hrzenica HRXX0098
Hrzenik HRXX8469
Hudi Bitek HRXX1701
Hudovljani HRXX2460
Hudovo HRXX8470
Hum HRXX1867
Hum HRXX8032
Hum Breznicki HRXX8208
Hum na Sutli HRXX2269
Hum Stubicki HRXX2267
Hum Zabocki HRXX2268
Hum-Varos HRXX8033
Hum-Zabocki HRXX2270
Humljani HRXX8034
Husain HRXX6900
Husinec HRXX2271
Hvar HRXX0099
Icevo HRXX7478
Icici HRXX4651
Igar HRXX5759
Igrane HRXX5760
Igrisce HRXX2272
Igriste HRXX5761
Ika HRXX4652
Ilaca HRXX0391
Ilici HRXX5762
Ilici HRXX3397
Ilijanska Suma HRXX0698
Ilinac HRXX3398
Ilok HRXX7796
Ilova HRXX6901
Ilovacak HRXX6902
Ilovacki Lug HRXX0926
Ilovik HRXX4653
Imbrijevci HRXX4289
Imbrijovec HRXX2461
Imotski HRXX5763
Imsovac HRXX0927
Indici HRXX8950
Inkejovica HRXX4119
Iotici HRXX3399
Irinovac HRXX2750
Iskisli HRXX1279
Islam Grcki HRXX8951
Islam Latinski HRXX8952
Ispod Crkve HRXX5764
Ispodljut HRXX8953
Ist HRXX8954
Istocna Plina HRXX1280
Ivacici HRXX5765
Ivan Brijeg HRXX8035
Ivan Dolac HRXX5766
Ivan-Dol HRXX5064
Ivanbegovina HRXX5767
Ivanbrijeg HRXX8036
Ivancani HRXX8471
Ivancec HRXX8210
Ivancevici HRXX3400
Ivanci HRXX7797
Ivancici HRXX8472
Ivandici HRXX5768
Ivanec HRXX0392
Ivanec HRXX2462
Ivanec Gornji HRXX8474
Ivanec Ludbreski HRXX8211
Ivanic Miljanski HRXX2273
Ivanic-Grad HRXX6903
Ivanici HRXX8955
Ivanicici HRXX1868
Ivanin Dvor HRXX5065
Ivanisevica HRXX8956
Ivanisevici HRXX3401
Ivanja Reka HRXX1702
Ivanje HRXX4654
Ivanjski Bok HRXX6904
Ivankovic Selo HRXX2751
Ivankovici HRXX5769
Ivankovici HRXX8957
Ivankovo HRXX0100
Ivanovac HRXX4290
Ivanovcani HRXX0928
Ivanovci HRXX4291
Ivanovci Pozeski HRXX5066
Ivanovec HRXX0101
Ivanovici HRXX5770
Ivanovo Polje HRXX0929
Ivanovo Selo HRXX0930
Ivanska HRXX0102
Ivcevic Kosa HRXX3402
Ivetici HRXX3403
Ivosevci HRXX7479
Ivosevic Selo HRXX2752
Ivusici HRXX1281
Iz Mali HRXX8958
Izimje HRXX8475
Jablan HRXX4655
Jablanac HRXX3404
Jablanovec HRXX0103
Jabuceta HRXX2464
Jabucice HRXX5067
Jabuka HRXX8959
Jabuka HRXX5771
Jabukovac HRXX8960
Jabukovac HRXX6905
Jadovno HRXX3406
Jadranovo HRXX0104
Jadreski HRXX1869
Jadrici HRXX5772
Jadrici HRXX2753
Jadrija HRXX7480
Jadrijevici HRXX5773
Jadrtovac HRXX7481
Jagetici HRXX2754
Jagnjedovac HRXX2465
Jagnjedovec HRXX2466
Jagnjici HRXX5774
Jagodnjak HRXX4293
Jagodnje HRXX3407
Jagodno HRXX8476
Jagrovac HRXX6906
Jaguplije HRXX5068
Jakacina Mala HRXX0700
Jakici HRXX5775
Jakici HRXX1282
Jakici HRXX1870
Jakisnica HRXX3408
Jakobovac HRXX7798
Jakobovac HRXX4294
Jakovala HRXX4295
Jakovine HRXX5776
Jakovlje HRXX0105
Jakovljevici HRXX3409
Jakovljevici HRXX8961
Jaksic HRXX8962
Jaksic HRXX5069
Jaksici HRXX8963
Jaksici HRXX1871
Jakuevec HRXX9510
Jakusevec HRXX1703
Jalkovec HRXX0106
Jalsevec HRXX1704
Jalsovec HRXX4120
Jalzabet HRXX0107
Jamarica HRXX6907
Jamarje HRXX2755
Jame HRXX2756
Jamno HRXX2274
Janja Gora HRXX2757
Janja Lipa HRXX5070
Janjce HRXX3410
Janjina HRXX1283
Janjisi HRXX5777
Jankomir HRXX1705
Jankovici HRXX5778
Janoseva Ada HRXX4296
Januzi HRXX6908
Januzovici HRXX6909
Japundzici HRXX8964
Jarak HRXX6910
Jarebinjak HRXX7482
Jarek Bisaski HRXX2275
Jargovo HRXX4656
Jarki HRXX8212
Jarkoviste HRXX5779
Jarmina HRXX0108
Jarnevici HRXX2758
Jarosoni HRXX6911
Jaruge HRXX0701
Jarun HRXX9511
Jarusje HRXX8479
Jasalnik HRXX0702
Jasena Majici HRXX5780
Jasenak HRXX5781
Jasenak HRXX2759
Jasenas HRXX8037
Jasenice HRXX0109
Jasenik HRXX2468
Jasenovac HRXX4297
Jasenovac HRXX5782
Jasenovac HRXX6912
Jasenovaca HRXX3411
Jasenovica HRXX1872
Jasenovica HRXX2760
Jasensko HRXX5783
Jasetici HRXX2761
Jasikovac HRXX3412
Jasikovac HRXX5071
Jaskovo HRXX2762
Jastrebarsko HRXX8480
Jatare HRXX8965
Jatare HRXX3413
Javanovic Padez HRXX3414
Javnica HRXX6913
Javnik HRXX6914
Javorek HRXX8481
Javorine HRXX3415
Javorje HRXX8482
Javorje HRXX4657
Javornik HRXX6915
Javornik Suma HRXX8966
Javorovici HRXX8967
Jazavica HRXX6916
Jazavice HRXX4298
Jazbac HRXX2763
Jazici HRXX5784
Jazmaci HRXX5072
Jazvaci HRXX8483
Jazvenik HRXX6917
Jecmiste HRXX0110
Jehnici HRXX1873
Jejici HRXX1284
Jelace HRXX8968
Jelacicevo HRXX2469
Jelacici HRXX3416
Jelasci HRXX5785
Jelasi HRXX5786
Jelavici HRXX5787
Jelcici HRXX8969
Jelenje HRXX4658
Jelici HRXX2764
Jelici HRXX3417
Jelicici HRXX5788
Jelik HRXX0703
Jelincici HRXX5789
Jelinici HRXX3418
Jelisavac HRXX4299
Jelkovec HRXX1706
Jelova Kosa HRXX6918
Jelovac HRXX3419
Jelovac HRXX8970
Jelovac HRXX5073
Jelovci HRXX3420
Jelovec HRXX2276
Jelovice HRXX1874
Jelsa HRXX5790
Jelvica HRXX3421
Jerbic Brdo HRXX3422
Jerkovic HRXX5791
Jerkovici HRXX5792
Jerkovici HRXX1285
Jerkovici HRXX8971
Jerkovici HRXX2765
Jerkovici HRXX7484
Jerovec HRXX8215
Jertovec HRXX2277
Jesenice HRXX5793
Jesenice HRXX8972
Jesenovec HRXX2278
Jesevac HRXX5074
Jezdovec HRXX0111
Jezera HRXX2766
Jezera HRXX7485
Jezerane HRXX3423
Jezerce HRXX3424
Jezerine HRXX8484
Jezernice HRXX8485
Jezero HRXX3425
Jezero HRXX2767
Jezero HRXX5794
Jezero Posavsko HRXX6919
Jezevac HRXX7799
Jezevic HRXX5795
Jezevik HRXX0704
Jezevo HRXX8486
Jezovec HRXX2279
Johovac HRXX6920
Jojic HRXX2768
Jolici HRXX3426
Jonjici HRXX5796
Jorgic HRXX8038
Josan HRXX3427
Josane HRXX8973
Josavica HRXX6921
Josevica HRXX6922
Josic HRXX8975
Josine HRXX7800
Josipdol HRXX0112
Josipdol HRXX6923
Josipovac HRXX0113
Jotlusa HRXX3428
Jovac HRXX6924
Jovac HRXX2769
Jovancevici HRXX8976
Jovanici HRXX8977
Jovanovac HRXX4301
Jovanovic Draga HRXX3429
Jovanovici HRXX3430
Jovcicev Salas HRXX4303
Jovici HRXX2770
Jovici HRXX3431
Jovici HRXX5797
Jovici HRXX7486
Jovici Mucki HRXX5798
Jozetine HRXX1286
Jucic HRXX2771
Jujnovici HRXX5799
Jukic HRXX8979
Jukica Kotlina HRXX5800
Jukici HRXX2772
Jukici HRXX5801
Jukici HRXX6925
Juradi HRXX1875
Jural HRXX1876
Juran-Dvor HRXX4659
Jurandvor HRXX4660
Jurasi HRXX1877
Jurasovic HRXX3432
Jurati HRXX1878
Jurcevec HRXX4121
Jurcevici HRXX5802
Jurcic Dolac HRXX3433
Jurdani HRXX4661
Jurele HRXX5803
Juricani HRXX1879
Juricev Kal HRXX1880
Jurici HRXX1881
Jurici HRXX5804
Juricici HRXX5805
Juricina HRXX8980
Jurilji HRXX5806
Jurisici HRXX5807
Jurisici HRXX3434
Jurjevic HRXX8981
Jurjevic HRXX1287
Jurjevici HRXX5808
Jurjevo HRXX3435
Jurkovac HRXX5075
Jurkove HRXX5809
Jurkovic HRXX1288
Jurkovic Do HRXX3436
Jurkovici HRXX3437
Jurkusa HRXX3438
Jurlina HRXX8982
Jurovski Brod HRXX2773
Jursici HRXX1882
Jusici HRXX4662
Juzbasici HRXX2774
Juzni Skugori HRXX7487
Kabal HRXX8487
Kabalna HRXX4305
Kabici HRXX7488
Kablar HRXX2775
Kablari HRXX7489
Kabolovi Dvori HRXX1883
Kacunko HRXX5810
Kadanovci HRXX5076
Kadina Glavica HRXX7490
Kagovac HRXX5077
Kajgana HRXX0931
Kajzerica HRXX9512
Kakinac HRXX0932
Kakma HRXX8983
Kalac HRXX8984
Kalajdzici HRXX5811
Kalanj HRXX3439
Kalanji HRXX3440
Kalapac HRXX8985
Kaldanija HRXX1884
Kaldir HRXX1885
Kalebovac HRXX3441
Kalemberi HRXX3442
Kali HRXX0114
Kalina HRXX5812
Kalinic HRXX8986
Kalinovac HRXX2470
Kalinovaca HRXX3443
Kalinovica HRXX8488
Kalje HRXX8489
Kalk HRXX4663
Kalnik HRXX8216
Kaluder HRXX7802
Kaluderovac HRXX3444
Kaludrica HRXX1289
Kamanje HRXX2776
Kamber HRXX5813
Kamen HRXX0115
Kamenac HRXX4306
Kamenac HRXX5079
Kamenica HRXX2777
Kamenica HRXX8217
Kamenica HRXX4307
Kamenica HRXX7803
Kamenice HRXX7804
Kamenik HRXX5080
Kamenik HRXX6926
Kamenito Poljice HRXX8987
Kamenjaca HRXX5081
Kamenjak HRXX4664
Kamenjusa HRXX3445
Kamenmost HRXX5814
Kamenski Vucjak HRXX5082
Kamensko HRXX2779
Kamesnica HRXX6927
Kamesnica HRXX8219
Kampici HRXX2780
Kampor HRXX0116
Kanaeti HRXX5816
Kanal HRXX9513
Kanat HRXX3446
Kanaziri HRXX7491
Kandic HRXX8988
Kanfanar HRXX0117
Kangrge HRXX3447
Kaniska Iva HRXX0933
Kaniza HRXX0118
Kaniza HRXX3448
Kanjane HRXX7492
Kanlije HRXX5084
Kanovci HRXX7805
Kantarovci HRXX5085
Kaocine HRXX7493
Kapan HRXX8039
Kapec HRXX5817
Kapela HRXX5818
Kapela HRXX0934
Kapela Kalnicka HRXX8220
Kapela Korenicka HRXX3449
Kapela Podravska HRXX8221
Kapela Ravenska HRXX2471
Kapelec HRXX8222
Kapelica HRXX0935
Kapelna HRXX4308
Kapelski Vrh HRXX2280
Kapetan stan HRXX8989
Kapetanovo Polje HRXX0936
Kapinci HRXX8040
Kapljuv HRXX2781
Kapovici HRXX5819
Kaprije HRXX7494
Kaptol HRXX5086
Kaptol HRXX9514
Kapuilice HRXX5820
Karadze HRXX5821
Karadzicevo HRXX7806
Karajlovichi HRXX2782
Karakas HRXX3450
Karakasica HRXX5822
Karamanovac HRXX5823
Karamatici HRXX1290
Karanac HRXX4309
Karane HRXX2472
Karas HRXX2473
Karasovici HRXX1291
Karaula HRXX8990
Karaule HRXX3451
Karavla HRXX3452
Karici HRXX3453
Karigador HRXX1886
Karini HRXX5824
Karlica HRXX6928
Karlobag HRXX3454
Karlovac HRXX4310
Karlovac HRXX0002
Karoca HRXX4311
Karoglani HRXX5825
Karojba HRXX0119
Karpinjan HRXX1887
Karsete HRXX1888
Kasaba HRXX5826
Kasali HRXX5827
Kasar HRXX3455
Kascerga HRXX1889
Kasic HRXX8991
Kasin Okrajak HRXX5828
Kasina HRXX0120
Kasljavac HRXX0937
Kast HRXX2783
Kastav HRXX0121
Kastel HRXX1890
Kastel HRXX3456
Kastel Gomilica HRXX5829
Kastel Luksic HRXX5832
Kastel Novi HRXX5833
Kastel Stafilic HRXX5834
Kastel Stari HRXX5835
Kastel Sucurac HRXX5836
Kastel Zegarski HRXX8992
Kastelanec HRXX8224
Kastelina HRXX8993
Kastelir HRXX1891
Kasumovici HRXX3457
Katarine HRXX6929
Katavici HRXX5838
Katici HRXX6930
Katici HRXX2784
Katici HRXX5839
Katinci HRXX8041
Katino HRXX1292
Katinovac HRXX6931
Katun HRXX1893
Katun Gracanski HRXX1894
Katun Lindarski HRXX1895
Katuni HRXX5840
Katusa HRXX8994
Kavran HRXX1896
Kavurici HRXX3458
Kebel HRXX2281
Kece HRXX8995
Kegljevac HRXX0939
Keglji HRXX5841
Kejic HRXX2785
Kelave HRXX5842
Kelebude HRXX6933
Kelemen HRXX8225
Keleminovec HRXX8490
Kelesinka HRXX4312
Kelji HRXX5843
Kepcije HRXX6934
Kerestinec HRXX0122
Kervez HRXX7807
Keserovka HRXX5087
Kesici HRXX7495
Kesici HRXX8996
Kesinci HRXX4313
Kestenje HRXX2786
Kestenova Korita HRXX3459
Kestenovac HRXX6935
Kevezdin HRXX7808
Kevici HRXX5844
Kijani HRXX8997
Kijevo HRXX7496
Kik HRXX3460
Kikovac HRXX0705
Kikovica HRXX4666
Kila HRXX5845
Kilici HRXX5846
Kiljer HRXX3461
Kindrovo HRXX0706
Kinjacka HRXX6936
Kip HRXX0940
Kipanska Draga HRXX3462
Kirin HRXX6937
Kirini HRXX3463
Kirisnica HRXX6938
Kirmenjak HRXX1897
Kiserde HRXX4314
Kismeal HRXX4315
Kiso HRXX5847
Kistanje HRXX7497
Kiuci HRXX6939
Kiurinsko Selo HRXX2787
Klacina HRXX5848
Klacina HRXX1293
Klada HRXX3464
Kladare HRXX2474
Klade HRXX1294
Kladje HRXX8491
Kladnice HRXX7498
Kladovac HRXX7809
Klaici HRXX1295
Klakar HRXX0707
Klake HRXX8492
Klana HRXX0123
Klanac HRXX3465
Klanacko Polje HRXX3466
Klancovac HRXX8998
Klanfari HRXX4667
Klanjec HRXX0124
Klapavica HRXX8999
Klaric Kukuz HRXX5850
Klaricevac HRXX3467
Klarici HRXX9001
Klarici HRXX5851
Klarici HRXX1898
Klasije HRXX5088
Klasnjica HRXX3468
Klecaci HRXX1296
Klek HRXX1297
Klekovic HRXX8493
Klenovac HRXX3469
Klenovica HRXX4668
Klenovnik HRXX8226
Klenovscak HRXX1899
Klenski Put HRXX7810
Klima HRXX5852
Klimno HRXX4669
Klin HRXX5089
Klinca Sela HRXX8494
Klipino Brdo HRXX2789
Klis HRXX0125
Klis Kosa HRXX5853
Klis Varos HRXX5854
Klisa HRXX4316
Klisa Pozeska HRXX5090
Klise HRXX4317
Klisevo HRXX1298
Kliske HRXX3470
Klizavac HRXX2790
Kljaic Brdo HRXX2791
Kljajici HRXX3471
Kljake HRXX7499
Kljenak HRXX5855
Kljetine HRXX1299
Kljuc HRXX8227
Kljuc HRXX4318
Kljuc Brdovecki HRXX8495
Kljucar HRXX6940
Kljucic Brdo HRXX8496
Kljunak HRXX1300
Klobucare HRXX3472
Klobucari HRXX3473
Klokoc HRXX6941
Klokocevac HRXX0941
Klokocevci HRXX4319
Klokocevik HRXX0708
Klostar HRXX1900
Klostar Ivanic HRXX6942
Kluni HRXX1901
Klupica HRXX6943
Klupnica HRXX5091
Kmeti HRXX1902
Kmezina Poljana HRXX3474
Kneija HRXX9515
Knez HRXX5856
Knez HRXX9002
Knez Gorica HRXX2792
Knezci HRXX5092
Knezevac HRXX4320
Knezevic HRXX2793
Knezevic-Kosa HRXX6944
Knezevica Varos HRXX3475
Knezevici HRXX7501
Knezevici HRXX2794
Knezevici HRXX9004
Knezevici HRXX3476
Knezevo HRXX4322
Knezica HRXX1301
Knezice HRXX5857
Knezovici HRXX5858
Knezovljani HRXX6945
Knin HRXX0420
Kninsko Polje HRXX7502
Kobas HRXX1302
Kobasicari HRXX0943
Kobilic HRXX8497
Kobiljaca HRXX1303
Kobiljak HRXX6946
Kobranj Do HRXX1304
Kocicin HRXX4670
Kod Mula HRXX9005
Kodzomani HRXX5859
Kojcin Gaj HRXX4323
Kojic HRXX9006
Kojin Dolac HRXX9007
Kokan HRXX5860
Kokani HRXX5861
Kokanova Kosa HRXX6947
Kokic HRXX9008
Kokinac HRXX0944
Kokirevo HRXX6948
Kokocak HRXX8042
Kokorici HRXX5862
Kokoti HRXX1305
Kokuletovica HRXX1903
Kolaci HRXX3477
Kolaci HRXX5863
Kolakovica HRXX3478
Kolakovici HRXX3479
Kolan HRXX9009
Kolarec HRXX8228
Kolarevo Selo HRXX0945
Kolari HRXX3480
Kolaric HRXX6949
Kolarine HRXX9010
Kolariste HRXX5093
Kolarovec HRXX8229
Kolasac HRXX9011
Kolcak HRXX9012
Koledinec HRXX8230
Kolednik HRXX5864
Kolenovac HRXX2795
Kolibrate HRXX5865
Kolic HRXX5866
Kolici HRXX1306
Kolivrat HRXX1307
Koljane HRXX5867
Kolocep HRXX1308
Kolodvar HRXX4324
Kolombera HRXX1904
Kolonija HRXX0709
Koloperici HRXX1309
Kolovrat HRXX5868
Kolovrati HRXX5869
Koludzici HRXX9013
Kolumbera HRXX1905
Kolundzici HRXX9014
Kom HRXX9015
Komadine HRXX2796
Komaji HRXX1310
Komalic HRXX7503
Komanda HRXX6950
Komarna HRXX1311
Komarnica HRXX0710
Komarovac HRXX4325
Komarovci HRXX5094
Komazeci HRXX9016
Komesarac HRXX2797
Kometnik HRXX8043
Komic HRXX9017
Komin HRXX0126
Komin HRXX8498
Komiza HRXX5870
Komletinci HRXX7811
Komogovina HRXX6951
Komolac HRXX1312
Komora HRXX6952
Komorica HRXX5095
Kompator HRXX6953
Kompolje HRXX3481
Komusevci HRXX0946
Komusina HRXX5096
Koncanica HRXX0127
Koncarev Kraj HRXX3482
Koncari HRXX9018
Koncari HRXX3483
Koncarovic HRXX7504
Koncul HRXX5871
Kondric HRXX4326
Konjevrate HRXX7505
Konjicici HRXX5872
Konjscica HRXX8499
Konjsko HRXX5873
Konjsko HRXX3484
Konjsko Brdo HRXX3485
Konjuh HRXX1313
Konscani HRXX6954
Konstari HRXX1314
Kontic HRXX9019
Kopacevo HRXX4327
Kopinjovac HRXX7506
Kopranj HRXX9020
Koprivna HRXX4328
Koprivna HRXX5097
Koprivnica HRXX5098
Koprivnica HRXX0423
Koprivno HRXX5874
Koprno HRXX7507
Koraci HRXX3486
Korana HRXX2798
Korcula HRXX0020
Kordon HRXX2799
Kordum HRXX9021
Kordusevci HRXX0711
Korelici HRXX1906
Koren HRXX3487
Korenica HRXX0712
Korenicani HRXX0947
Korenici HRXX1907
Koreniki HRXX1908
Korensko HRXX4671
Koresnica HRXX5875
Korija HRXX5099
Korita HRXX2800
Korita HRXX5100
Korita HRXX1315
Korita Lapacka HRXX3488
Koritinja HRXX2801
Koritna HRXX8500
Koritna HRXX4329
Koritnjaca HRXX7812
Korizme HRXX6955
Korlat HRXX9022
Kormanovac HRXX5101
Kornic HRXX4672
Korod HRXX7813
Korolije HRXX7508
Koromacina HRXX3489
Koromacna HRXX7509
Koromacno HRXX1909
Koromani HRXX1910
Korta HRXX1316
Koruge HRXX3490
Korusce HRXX5877
Kosa HRXX5878
Kosa HRXX2802
Kosa HRXX4673
Kosa Janjacka HRXX3491
Kosanovic Gaj HRXX9023
Kosanovici HRXX2803
Koscice HRXX7510
Kosici HRXX1911
Kosijersko Selo HRXX2804
Kosinj Most HRXX3492
Kosinjski HRXX3493
Kosinozici HRXX1912
Kosiri HRXX5879
Kosirisce HRXX5880
Koska HRXX4330
Kosljun HRXX9024
Kosna HRXX6956
Kosnica HRXX2282
Kosnica HRXX8501
Kosova Buljina HRXX3494
Kosovici HRXX5881
Kosovo HRXX4331
Kosovo HRXX7511
Kostanje HRXX8502
Kostanje HRXX5882
Kostanjevac HRXX8503
Kostanjevac HRXX0948
Kostanjica HRXX1913
Kostel HRXX2283
Kostelcevo Selo HRXX3495
Kostelj HRXX4674
Kostice HRXX9025
Kostici HRXX7512
Kostrcani HRXX1914
Kostrena HRXX4675
Kostrici HRXX5883
Kostrici HRXX6957
Kostur HRXX1317
Kosutarica HRXX6958
Kosute HRXX5884
Kotarci HRXX5885
Kotezi HRXX1318
Kotezi HRXX5886
Kotisina HRXX5887
Kotlenice HRXX5888
Kotli HRXX1915
Kotlic HRXX5889
Kotlina HRXX4332
Kotoca HRXX1319
Kotoriba HRXX0128
Kovacevac HRXX0713
Kovacevac HRXX7814
Kovacevic HRXX5890
Kovacevici HRXX9026
Kovacevici HRXX6959
Kovacevici HRXX5891
Kovaci HRXX5892
Kovacic HRXX7514
Kovacic HRXX5102
Kovacici HRXX1320
Kovacici HRXX3497
Kovacine HRXX5893
Kovici HRXX7515
Kozak HRXX6960
Kozaperovica HRXX6961
Kozara HRXX6962
Kozarac HRXX4333
Kozarac HRXX6963
Kozarevac HRXX2479
Kozarica HRXX1321
Kozarice HRXX6964
Kozibrod HRXX6965
Kozica HRXX5894
Kozice HRXX8044
Kozina HRXX5895
Kozino HRXX9027
Kozinscak HRXX8505
Kozjaca HRXX8506
Kozjaca HRXX9028
Kozjak HRXX4334
Kozjan HRXX3498
Kozji Vrh HRXX4676
Kozline HRXX2805
Kozljak HRXX1916
Kozlovac HRXX9029
Kozlovine HRXX4335
Kozul HRXX9030
Kozulj HRXX9031
Kraguj HRXX5103
Kraj HRXX9032
Kraj HRXX5896
Kraj HRXX4677
Krajacici HRXX0714
Krajina HRXX8045
Krajnovici HRXX9033
Krajska Ves HRXX2284
Krakar HRXX2806
Krakatica HRXX5104
Krakovac HRXX3499
Kralici HRXX3500
Kraljev Vrh HRXX2285
Kraljeva Velika HRXX6966
Kraljevac HRXX3501
Kraljevcani HRXX6967
Kraljevec HRXX2286
Kraljevica HRXX0129
Kraljevici HRXX5897
Kraljice HRXX7516
Kraljici HRXX5898
Kranjcevici HRXX3502
Kranjci HRXX4678
Kranjsko Seliste HRXX3503
Krapan HRXX1917
Krapanj HRXX7517
Krapina HRXX2288
Krapje HRXX6968
Kras HRXX4679
Krasa HRXX1918
Krase HRXX1919
Krasic HRXX8508
Krasica HRXX1920
Krasica HRXX0130
Kraskovic HRXX8046
Krasno Polje HRXX3504
Krasovcevo Selo HRXX3505
Krastici HRXX1921
Kratecko HRXX6969
Kratelji HRXX5105
Kravarsko HRXX8509
Kravice HRXX4336
Kravljacica HRXX7518
Kravljak HRXX8510
Kravlje HRXX4337
Krbava HRXX3506
Krbavica HRXX3507
Krbavsko Polje HRXX3508
Krbune HRXX1922
Krc HRXX5899
Krc HRXX3509
Krcenik HRXX0715
Krcevine HRXX0716
Krcevine HRXX3510
Krcic HRXX7519
Krculj HRXX7520
Krecaves HRXX8511
Kreketnjak HRXX4338
Krekovac HRXX5106
Kremena HRXX1322
Kremenici HRXX4680
Kremenje HRXX1923
Krenica HRXX5900
Kresevine HRXX0953
Kresevo HRXX5901
Kresici HRXX1323
Kresovici HRXX9034
Krestelovac HRXX0954
Krge HRXX3511
Kricina HRXX4681
Kricke HRXX7521
Kricke HRXX6970
Kricke Zabrdske HRXX5107
Krilo HRXX5902
Kringa HRXX1924
Krisci HRXX6971
Kristanovec HRXX4122
Kriva HRXX4682
Kriva Bara HRXX7815
Kriva Grana HRXX6972
Krivaj HRXX6973
Krivaj Sunjski HRXX6974
Krivaja HRXX2807
Krivaja HRXX8048
Krivaja HRXX0955
Krivaja Pozeska HRXX5108
Krivaja Vojnicka HRXX6975
Krivaje HRXX6976
Krivi Dolac HRXX5903
Krivi Put HRXX3512
Krivici HRXX5904
Krivosije HRXX9035
Kriz HRXX6977
Kriz HRXX3513
Kriz Dravski HRXX4123
Kriz Hrastovicki HRXX6978
Krizajica HRXX3514
Krizanac HRXX5905
Krizance HRXX8232
Krizanci HRXX8233
Krizani HRXX5906
Krizanici HRXX1925
Krizevcec HRXX8512
Krizevci HRXX0025
Krizic HRXX0956
Krizisce HRXX4683
Krizovec HRXX4124
Krizpolje HRXX3515
Krk HRXX4684
Krka HRXX5907
Krkac HRXX8513
Krmari HRXX2808
Krmcina HRXX9036
Krmed HRXX1926
Krmpote-Vodice HRXX4685
Krnad HRXX0717
Krnce HRXX5109
Krndija HRXX6979
Krndija HRXX4339
Krnesa HRXX9037
Krnete HRXX7522
Krnete HRXX9038
Krnica HRXX1927
Krnjadusa HRXX2809
Krnjajici HRXX6980
Krnjajski Potok HRXX6981
Krnjak HRXX2810
Krnjaloza HRXX1928
Krnjeza HRXX7816
Krolo HRXX5908
Krpani HRXX3516
Krs HRXX9039
Krs HRXX3517
Krsan HRXX1929
Krseuine HRXX0957
Krsikla HRXX1930
Krsinci HRXX4340
Krslje HRXX8514
Krst HRXX3518
Krstac HRXX1324
Krstaca HRXX7523
Krstace HRXX9040
Krstatice HRXX5909
Krstinja HRXX6982
Krstovici HRXX9041
Krtinici HRXX9042
Krucica HRXX1325
Kruge HRXX3519
Kruncici HRXX1931
Krunici HRXX5910
Krunoslavje HRXX4341
Krupa HRXX9043
Kruscica HRXX9044
Kruscica HRXX3520
Krusevac HRXX5911
Krusevica HRXX0718
Krusevo HRXX1326
Krusevo HRXX9045
Krusevo HRXX5110
Krusevo HRXX7524
Kruske HRXX1327
Kruskovac HRXX9046
Kruskovac HRXX3521
Kruskovaca HRXX2811
Kruskovace HRXX9047
Krusljevec HRXX2480
Krusljevec HRXX8234
Krusljevo Selo HRXX2290
Krusvar HRXX5912
Kruzi HRXX5111
Krvavac HRXX1328
Krvavica HRXX5913
Krvavice HRXX7525
Krzanici HRXX5914
Krznarici HRXX3522
Kubati HRXX9048
Kuberton HRXX1932
Kuburici HRXX9049
Kucan Ludbreski HRXX8235
Kucan Marof HRXX0131
Kucanci HRXX4342
Kuce HRXX8515
Kucevic HRXX7526
Kucevice HRXX2812
Kucibreg HRXX1933
Kucice HRXX5915
Kucici HRXX1934
Kucilovina HRXX2291
Kucine HRXX5916
Kucinic HRXX2813
Kucinic Selo HRXX2814
Kucinic-Selo HRXX2815
Kucista HRXX3523
Kuciste HRXX0719
Kuciste HRXX3524
Kuciste HRXX1329
Kuduzi HRXX5917
Kugici HRXX3525
Kugin Gaj HRXX9050
Kugina Kuca HRXX3526
Kujici HRXX5918
Kujnik HRXX0720
Kujnik Pozeski HRXX5112
Kuk HRXX2816
Kukavice HRXX5919
Kukerda HRXX9051
Kukici HRXX6983
Kukjic HRXX3527
Kukljic HRXX3528
Kukljica HRXX9052
Kuko HRXX5920
Kukuljani HRXX4686
Kukuljanovo HRXX0132
Kukunjevac HRXX5113
Kula HRXX5921
Kula HRXX5114
Kula HRXX3529
Kula HRXX1330
Kula Atlagic HRXX9053
Kula Norinska HRXX1331
Kulica HRXX3530
Kulici HRXX5922
Kulina HRXX1332
Kulista HRXX6984
Kuljane HRXX5923
Kuljani HRXX6985
Kulundzije HRXX7527
Kumazeceva Draga HRXX9054
Kumrovec HRXX2292
Kuna Konavoska HRXX1333
Kuna Peljeska HRXX1334
Kuncani HRXX2817
Kuncevi HRXX5924
Kundid HRXX5925
Kundidi HRXX5926
Kundrici HRXX3531
Kunic HRXX1335
Kunic HRXX2818
Kunisinci HRXX4344
Kunj HRXX1935
Kunja Ljut HRXX1336
Kunovac HRXX9055
Kunovci HRXX5115
Kunovec HRXX2481
Kupa HRXX4687
Kupari HRXX1337
Kupcina HRXX8516
Kupina HRXX0721
Kupinec HRXX8517
Kupinovac HRXX0958
Kupinovac HRXX1338
Kupirovo HRXX9057
Kupjak HRXX4688
Kupljenovo HRXX8518
Kupljensko HRXX6986
Kurajice HRXX7528
Kurbalije HRXX7529
Kurdelici HRXX5927
Kurdum HRXX5928
Kurili HRXX1936
Kurilji HRXX5929
Kurilovec HRXX8519
Kurjacara HRXX4345
Kurjak HRXX9058
Kurjavici HRXX1937
Kurlani HRXX5930
Kursanec HRXX0133
Kursani HRXX5931
Kurtovici HRXX5932
Kusaja HRXX6987
Kusanovec HRXX8520
Kuselj HRXX2819
Kusevac HRXX4346
Kusici HRXX2820
Kusonje HRXX5116
Kustici HRXX3532
Kustre HRXX5933
Kustrevac HRXX5117
Kut HRXX3533
Kut HRXX5934
Kuta HRXX1339
Kutac HRXX5935
Kutanja HRXX2821
Kute HRXX5936
Kuterevo HRXX3534
Kuterovac HRXX2822
Kuti HRXX1340
Kuti Trnjanski HRXX0722
Kutina HRXX6988
Kutinica HRXX0959
Kutinska Slatina HRXX6989
Kutinske Caire HRXX0960
Kutjev Put HRXX5118
Kutjevo HRXX5119
Kutlesa HRXX5937
Kutlese HRXX5938
Kutnjak HRXX8236
Kutovi HRXX8049
Kuzelj HRXX4689
Kuzici HRXX1341
Kuzma HRXX8050
Kuzmica HRXX5120
Kuzminec HRXX8237
Kuznjak HRXX5939
Kvarte HRXX3535
Kvartir HRXX7530
Kvaternikov trg HRXX1709
Labanovke HRXX5121
Labin HRXX5940
Labin HRXX0023
Labinci HRXX1938
Labrovici HRXX5941
Labudovaca HRXX7817
Lacici HRXX5942
Lacici HRXX4347
Lackovici HRXX8521
Ladanska HRXX4348
Ladevac HRXX0723
Ladevci HRXX9059
Ladici HRXX1939
Ladimirevci HRXX4349
Ladina HRXX8522
Ladinec HRXX2482
Ladisici HRXX3536
Ladislav HRXX2483
Ladislav HRXX0961
Ladislavec HRXX2294
Ladiste HRXX1342
Ladnice HRXX1343
Ladrovici HRXX1940
Ladvenjak HRXX2824
Ladvic HRXX9060
Lagator HRXX5943
Laguna HRXX1344
Lainici HRXX3537
Lake HRXX7531
Lakic HRXX9061
Lakmartin HRXX4690
Lakoselci HRXX1941
Laktac HRXX5944
Laktec HRXX8523
Lakusije HRXX5122
Lalici HRXX3538
Lanisce HRXX1942
Lanite HRXX9516
Lanka Lesevo HRXX8051
Lapad HRXX1345
Lapat HRXX2825
Lapovci HRXX4350
Lapsina HRXX4125
Lasci HRXX5123
Lasci HRXX1943
Lasici HRXX3539
Lasici HRXX5945
Lasinja HRXX8524
Lasinja HRXX6990
Laskarini HRXX3540
Laslovo HRXX4351
Lasovac HRXX0962
Lastovo HRXX0433
Latasi HRXX2826
Latin HRXX2827
Latinovac HRXX5124
Latkovici HRXX5946
Lavsa HRXX7532
Laz HRXX7818
Laz Bistricki HRXX2295
Laz Stubicki HRXX2296
Lazaret HRXX0134
Laze HRXX0724
Laze Cosine HRXX5125
Laze Prnjavor HRXX5126
Laze Vasine HRXX5127
Lazete HRXX5947
Lazici HRXX1346
Lazici HRXX5948
Lazina HRXX8525
Lazine HRXX0725
Lazine HRXX5128
Lazine HRXX1347
Lazine Baste HRXX7819
Laznjak HRXX5129
Lecevica HRXX7533
Ledenice HRXX4691
Ledenik HRXX4352
Ledenik HRXX3541
Ledina HRXX5949
Ledina HRXX2484
Ledinice HRXX5950
Ledinici HRXX1348
Legovici HRXX1944
Legrad HRXX0435
Lekci HRXX3542
Leke HRXX5951
Lekenik HRXX0135
Lekenik Erdedski HRXX6991
Lekici HRXX4353
Lekneno HRXX8526
Lemaici HRXX3543
Lemes HRXX2485
Lemes Krizevacki HRXX2486
Lemic Dolac HRXX3544
Lendici HRXX5952
Lepa Ves HRXX2297
Lepajci HRXX2298
Lepavina HRXX2487
Lepenica HRXX7534
Lepoglava HRXX0136
Lepoglava HRXX5130
Leprovica HRXX8527
Lergovic HRXX9062
Lerotici HRXX5953
Leskova Greda HRXX7820
Leskovaca HRXX0726
Leskur HRXX7535
Lestakovec HRXX8239
Letaj HRXX1945
Leticani HRXX0963
Letinac HRXX3545
Leto HRXX5954
Letovanci HRXX6993
Letovanic HRXX6994
Levanjska Varos HRXX4354
Levari HRXX3546
Levinovac HRXX8052
Levkusje HRXX2829
Levnajici HRXX3547
Lezaja HRXX9063
Lezane HRXX5131
Lic HRXX4692
Licani HRXX4355
Licine HRXX6995
Licine HRXX3548
Licka Jesenica HRXX2830
Licke Kuce HRXX6996
Licki Citluk HRXX3549
Licki Novi HRXX3550
Licki Osik HRXX3551
Licki Ribnik HRXX3552
Licko Cerje HRXX3553
Licko Lesce HRXX3554
Licko Novo Selo HRXX4356
Licko Polje HRXX3556
Liget HRXX7821
Lijeva Luka HRXX6997
Lijevi Degoj HRXX8528
Lijevi Dubravcak HRXX6999
Lijevi Stefanki HRXX8529
Lijevo Sredicko HRXX8530
Lijevo Zeljezno HRXX7001
Lijici HRXX5955
Lila HRXX4357
Linardici HRXX4693
Lindar HRXX1946
Linici HRXX3557
Linija HRXX7002
Linjaci HRXX0137
Liovici HRXX5956
Lipa HRXX2831
Lipa HRXX4694
Lipe HRXX3558
Lipica HRXX7822
Lipice HRXX3559
Lipik HRXX5132
Lipine HRXX4358
Lipine HRXX5133
Lipje HRXX2832
Liplje HRXX4695
Lipnica HRXX8531
Lipnik HRXX2833
Lipova Glavica HRXX3560
Lipovac HRXX7823
Lipovac HRXX5134
Lipovac HRXX1349
Lipovac HRXX4359
Lipovaca HRXX7824
Lipovaca HRXX2834
Lipovacki Put HRXX7825
Lipovljani HRXX0439
Lipovlje HRXX3561
Lipovo Brdo HRXX0964
Lisac HRXX4696
Lisac HRXX1350
Lisane Tinjske HRXX9065
Lisicici HRXX9066
Lisicine HRXX8053
Lisina HRXX3563
Lisina HRXX9067
Liska HRXX5957
Liska HRXX4697
Liski HRXX4698
Liskovac HRXX3564
Liskovaca HRXX5958
Lisnjak HRXX7536
Lisnjici HRXX5959
Livadani HRXX5135
Livade HRXX1947
Livadski Lug HRXX7826
Livajici HRXX5960
Livana HRXX4360
Liveli HRXX5961
Lividraga HRXX4699
Lizatovici HRXX5962
Liznjan HRXX0138
Ljeskovac HRXX7827
Ljeskovac HRXX7004
Ljetiste HRXX5963
Ljiljci HRXX7005
Ljubac HRXX1351
Ljubac HRXX9068
Ljubec HRXX5964
Ljubescica HRXX0139
Ljubezina HRXX3565
Ljubicici HRXX9069
Ljubicici HRXX5965
Ljubina HRXX7006
Ljubina Poljana HRXX9070
Ljubisici HRXX7007
Ljubitovica HRXX7537
Ljubljanica HRXX7008
Ljubosina HRXX4700
Ljubostinje HRXX7538
Ljubotic HRXX3566
Ljubotic HRXX7539
Ljubotine HRXX3567
Ljubovo HRXX9071
Ljudevitno Selo HRXX0965
Ljune HRXX9072
Ljupina HRXX0727
Ljustine HRXX2835
Ljustinova Draga HRXX3569
Ljuta HRXX1352
Ljutaca HRXX3570
Ljutoholje HRXX5966
Lobor HRXX2300
Loborika HRXX1948
Logor HRXX4361
Lokmeri HRXX3571
Lokosin Dol HRXX8532
Lokva HRXX3572
Lokva HRXX5967
Lokve HRXX5968
Lokve HRXX4701
Lokvica HRXX3573
Lokvicic HRXX5969
Lokvicici HRXX5970
Lokvina HRXX5971
Lolici HRXX5972
Loncan HRXX9073
Loncani HRXX5973
Loncar HRXX9074
Loncari HRXX5974
Loncari HRXX7009
Loncari HRXX3574
Loncaric HRXX9075
Loncarica HRXX8054
Loncarici HRXX2836
Loncine HRXX7540
Londzica HRXX4362
Lonici HRXX9076
Lonja HRXX7010
Lonjica HRXX8533
Lonjsko Polje HRXX7011
Lopar HRXX0140
Loparna HRXX8055
Lopatinec HRXX0141
Lopci HRXX3575
Lopud HRXX1353
Lopuze HRXX7541
Losischie HRXX5975
Loskun HRXX3576
Loskunja HRXX7012
Lotine HRXX7013
Lovakovci HRXX7828
Lovas HRXX7829
Lovca HRXX7014
Lovcic HRXX0728
Lovinac HRXX9077
Lovinac HRXX3577
Loviste HRXX1354
Lovorje HRXX1355
Lovorno HRXX1356
Lovornovo HRXX1357
Lovran HRXX0142
Lovranska Draga HRXX4702
Lovrec HRXX5976
Lovrecan HRXX2301
Lovrecica HRXX1949
Lovrica Dolac HRXX5977
Lovrici HRXX7015
Lovrici HRXX2837
Lovrici HRXX5978
Lovrinici HRXX1950
Lovska HRXX5136
Lozan HRXX8056
Lozancici HRXX5979
Lozica HRXX1358
Lozice HRXX9078
Lozici HRXX5980
Lozine HRXX5981
Loznati HRXX4703
Loznica HRXX1359
Loznica HRXX5137
Lozovac HRXX7542
Luban HRXX4704
Lubenice HRXX4705
Luc HRXX4363
Lucane HRXX5982
Lucelnica HRXX8534
Lucic HRXX1360
Lucica HRXX7543
Lucica HRXX2838
Lucice HRXX4706
Lucici HRXX5983
Lucinci HRXX5138
Lucka HRXX5984
Lucko HRXX0143
Ludbreg HRXX8241
Ludinica HRXX7016
Ludvinci HRXX7830
Luetici HRXX5985
Lug HRXX7831
Lug HRXX3578
Lug HRXX4364
Lug Koranski HRXX2839
Lug Suboticki HRXX4365
Lugovi HRXX5139
Lujic HRXX5986
Luka HRXX9079
Luka HRXX3579
Luka HRXX0144
Luka HRXX1361
Luka HRXX5987
Luka Desna HRXX7017
Luka Krmpotska HRXX4708
Luka Ludbreska HRXX8242
Luka Vrbovecka HRXX8535
Lukac HRXX8057
Lukac Pozeski HRXX5140
Lukacevici HRXX5988
Lukar HRXX7544
Lukasevica Draga HRXX3580
Lukavac HRXX8058
Lukavec HRXX8536
Lukavec Posavski HRXX7018
Luke HRXX5989
Luketic Selo HRXX2840
Lukezi HRXX4709
Lukici HRXX3581
Lukici HRXX9080
Lukinic Brdo HRXX8537
Lukinic Senovec HRXX8538
Lukinici HRXX7019
Lukoran HRXX9081
Lukovcak HRXX2304
Lukovdol HRXX4710
Lukovo HRXX3582
Lukovo Lovrecko HRXX8539
Lukovo Sugarje HRXX3583
Luksic HRXX8540
Lulic HRXX8541
Lulici HRXX3584
Lumbarda HRXX1362
Lumbardenik HRXX2841
Lun HRXX3585
Luncijata HRXX1363
Lunjkovec HRXX8243
Lupinjak HRXX2305
Lupoglav HRXX8542
Lupoglav HRXX1951
Lusare HRXX4711
Luscani HRXX7020
Lusetici HRXX1952
Lutovije HRXX5990
Luzac HRXX7832
Luzan HRXX8543
Luzan Biskupecki HRXX8244
Luzani HRXX0729
Macani HRXX5991
Mace HRXX2306
Macesici HRXX2842
Macinec HRXX4126
Mackovac HRXX0730
Mackovac HRXX8059
Mackovec HRXX0145
Mackovo Selo HRXX7021
Macure HRXX9082
Macute HRXX8060
Madaros HRXX7833
Madnovic HRXX7022
Madzarci HRXX7023
Madzarevo HRXX0146
Madzari HRXX7024
Maganjici HRXX5992
Magarusa HRXX3586
Magas HRXX9083
Magic Mala HRXX0731
Maglenca HRXX0966
Maglici HRXX5993
Maglovi HRXX7545
Mahicno HRXX2843
Mahovo HRXX7025
Maici HRXX5994
Maja HRXX7026
Majar HRXX2844
Majar HRXX4366
Majcinovac HRXX1364
Majdan HRXX7027
Majerje HRXX8245
Majici HRXX5995
Majkovec HRXX8544
Majkusi HRXX1953
Majske Mede HRXX4367
Majske Poljane HRXX7028
Majstorovici HRXX3587
Majstorovici HRXX7029
Majstorovici HRXX5996
Majstorovici HRXX9084
Majstrovic HRXX9085
Majur HRXX7030
Majurec HRXX2488
Makar HRXX0147
Makarska HRXX0148
Maklosevac HRXX4368
Maklovac HRXX3588
Makose HRXX1365
Makov Hrib HRXX0149
Makovac HRXX5997
Makovac HRXX9086
Makovci HRXX1954
Makoviste HRXX0732
Maksimir HRXX1710
Mala HRXX5998
Mala Babina Gora HRXX8062
Mala Barna HRXX0150
Mala Brajinska HRXX2489
Mala Branjevina HRXX4369
Mala Brsljanica HRXX0968
Mala Buna HRXX8545
Mala Cista HRXX9087
Mala Cresnjevica HRXX2490
Mala Dapcevica HRXX0969
Mala Duba HRXX5999
Mala Elsa HRXX2845
Mala Erpenja HRXX2307
Mala Gora HRXX4712
Mala Gorica HRXX7031
Mala Gorica HRXX8546
Mala Gospa HRXX9088
Mala Gradusa HRXX7032
Mala Gudara HRXX9089
Mala Hrastilnica HRXX7033
Mala Ivanca HRXX3589
Mala Kapela HRXX2846
Mala Kopanica HRXX0733
Mala Lesnica HRXX4713
Mala Ludina HRXX7034
Mala Milesina HRXX6000
Mala Mlaka HRXX1711
Mala Mlinska HRXX0970
Mala Ostrna HRXX8548
Mala Paka HRXX2847
Mala Paukova HRXX7035
Mala Peratovica HRXX0971
Mala Pisanica HRXX0972
Mala Plaha HRXX3590
Mala Polaca HRXX7546
Mala Popina HRXX9090
Mala Rakovica HRXX8549
Mala Rava HRXX9091
Mala Solina HRXX7036
Mala Subotica HRXX4127
Mala Svarca HRXX2848
Mala Trnovitica HRXX0973
Mala Ucka HRXX1955
Mala Velika HRXX5141
Mala Vranovina HRXX7037
Malarm HRXX0151
Malbasa HRXX9092
Male Brisnice HRXX3591
Male Drage HRXX4714
Male Kuknjare HRXX6001
Male Mune HRXX1956
Male Sesvete HRXX2491
Male Sredice HRXX0974
Malenice HRXX6002
Malenjive HRXX7834
Malesi HRXX6003
Maletic HRXX2849
Mali Bastaji HRXX0975
Mali Bilac HRXX5142
Mali Bolc HRXX8550
Mali Bubanj HRXX9093
Mali Bukovec HRXX8246
Mali Cukur HRXX7038
Mali Didovici HRXX6004
Mali Dol HRXX4715
Mali Drvenik HRXX6005
Mali Erjavec HRXX2850
Mali Gaj HRXX5143
Mali Godinj HRXX6006
Mali Gorenec HRXX8247
Mali Gradac HRXX7039
Mali Grdevac HRXX0976
Mali Halan HRXX9094
Mali Halmac HRXX4716
Mali Iz HRXX9095
Mali Jadrc HRXX4717
Mali Jezenj HRXX1957
Mali Komor HRXX2308
Mali Koritnjak HRXX4370
Mali Korpas HRXX4371
Mali Kraj HRXX3592
Mali Ledenik HRXX9096
Mali Lipovac HRXX4372
Mali Lipovec HRXX8551
Mali Losinj HRXX0022
Mali Lovrecan HRXX8248
Mali Lug HRXX4718
Mali Maj HRXX1958
Mali Miletinac HRXX8063
Mali Mlun HRXX1959
Mali Modruspotok HRXX2851
Mali Nebrizevac HRXX6007
Mali Obljaj HRXX7040
Mali Otok HRXX2492
Mali Pasijan HRXX0977
Mali Pasman HRXX9097
Mali Podol HRXX4719
Mali Poganac HRXX2493
Mali Pomocin HRXX4373
Mali Potocec HRXX2494
Mali Potok HRXX0152
Mali Prolog HRXX1366
Mali Rastovac HRXX8064
Mali Rastovac HRXX4374
Mali Raven HRXX2495
Mali Ston HRXX0021
Mali Turini HRXX1960
Mali Vaganac HRXX9098
Mali Vareski HRXX1961
Mali Voz HRXX1367
Mali Vukovic HRXX2853
Mali Zdenci HRXX0978
Mali Zitnik HRXX3593
Malic HRXX9099
Malice HRXX0734
Malicka HRXX7041
Maliniste HRXX3594
Malinjak HRXX9100
Malino HRXX0735
Malinska HRXX4720
Maljevac HRXX7042
Maljkovici HRXX3595
Maljkovici HRXX7043
Maljkovo HRXX6008
Malo Budasevo HRXX7044
Malo Grablje HRXX6009
Malo Knezevo HRXX4375
Malo Korenovo HRXX0979
Malo Nabrde HRXX4376
Malo Polje HRXX3596
Malo Selo HRXX1368
Malo Selo HRXX3597
Malo Selo HRXX4721
Malo Seoce HRXX3598
Malo Svinjicko HRXX7045
Malo Trojstvo HRXX0980
Malo Vukovje HRXX0981
Malobabici HRXX7046
Malondza HRXX4377
Malotija HRXX1962
Malovan HRXX9101
Malovani HRXX6010
Malta HRXX9102
Malunje HRXX8552
Mamac HRXX3599
Mamule HRXX4722
Mamut HRXX6011
Mance HRXX3600
Mandaci HRXX6012
Mandaljena HRXX1369
Mandarici HRXX6013
Mandekic HRXX3601
Mandic HRXX9103
Mandic HRXX7547
Mandic Dol HRXX9104
Mandica Draga HRXX9105
Mandicevac HRXX4378
Mandici HRXX9106
Mandici HRXX3602
Mandici HRXX6014
Mandli HRXX4723
Mandre HRXX9107
Manestri HRXX4724
Manita Draga HRXX3603
Manjadvorci HRXX1963
Manjavas HRXX8553
Manjerovici HRXX2854
Manojlovici HRXX9108
Manojlovici HRXX7548
Maovice HRXX6015
Marama HRXX3604
Marana HRXX1964
Maranovici HRXX1370
Maras HRXX6016
Marasi HRXX1965
Marasi HRXX6017
Marasi HRXX3605
Marasovac HRXX6018
Marasovic HRXX9109
Marasovici HRXX3606
Marasovici HRXX9110
Marasovici HRXX6019
Marasovine HRXX7549
Marcan HRXX8249
Marcana HRXX0153
Marcani HRXX7047
Marcelji HRXX0154
Marcenegla HRXX1966
Marceta HRXX6020
Marcetici HRXX6021
Marcici HRXX4725
Maretic HRXX2309
Maretici HRXX6022
Marevine HRXX1371
Margecani HRXX8250
Margete HRXX6023
Margit Polje HRXX4379
Maricevici HRXX9111
Marici HRXX1967
Marici HRXX1372
Marici HRXX7550
Marici HRXX6024
Marici HRXX7835
Marici HRXX3607
Maricici HRXX9112
Marija Bistrica HRXX0155
Marija Gorica HRXX8554
Marija na Krasu HRXX1968
Marija na Muri HRXX4128
Marija Trost HRXX4726
Marijanovici HRXX6025
Marin Dvor HRXX5144
Marina HRXX0015
Marinbrod HRXX7048
Marinci HRXX0736
Marinci HRXX7836
Marincici HRXX1969
Marindolsko Brdo HRXX2855
Marinica HRXX1373
Marinici HRXX6027
Marinici HRXX0156
Marinkovic HRXX9113
Marino Selo HRXX5145
Marinovci HRXX4380
Marinovic HRXX9114
Marinovici HRXX9115
Marinovici HRXX6028
Marjancaci HRXX4381
Marjanci HRXX4382
Marjani HRXX3608
Marketici HRXX6029
Marko HRXX1970
Markote HRXX6030
Markoti HRXX1374
Markovac HRXX1971
Markovac HRXX0982
Markovac HRXX3609
Markovac HRXX5146
Markovac HRXX7551
Markovac Nasicki HRXX4384
Markovac Pozeski HRXX5147
Markovci HRXX5148
Markovicevo Selo HRXX3610
Markovici HRXX6031
Markovo Selo HRXX3612
Markulin HRXX6032
Markusevec HRXX2310
Markusica HRXX7837
Marof HRXX4129
Marosi HRXX6033
Marovici HRXX6034
Marsici HRXX6035
Martijanec HRXX8251
Martin HRXX4385
Martina HRXX1972
Martinac HRXX0985
Martinec HRXX2496
Martinic HRXX8252
Martinisce HRXX2314
Martinovci HRXX0737
Martinovici HRXX1375
Martinovici HRXX7049
Martinscica HRXX4727
Martinscina HRXX2315
Martinski HRXX1973
Marunica HRXX6036
Marunice HRXX6037
Marusevec HRXX8253
Marusic HRXX6038
Marusici HRXX1974
Maruzini HRXX1975
Masic HRXX0738
Masica Budzak HRXX3613
Masici HRXX3614
Maslenica HRXX9116
Maslikose HRXX3615
Masline HRXX1376
Maslinica HRXX6039
Maslovara HRXX9117
Mastrinka HRXX6040
Masvina HRXX2856
Mataci HRXX9118
Matanic HRXX2857
Matasici HRXX3616
Matenci HRXX2316
Matende HRXX6041
Materada HRXX1976
Materada-Maj HRXX1977
Matesi HRXX2858
Matesic HRXX3617
Matesici HRXX2859
Matesici HRXX9119
Matesko Selo HRXX2860
Matic Podi HRXX3618
Matici HRXX6042
Matici HRXX2861
Matici HRXX9120
Matijasevici HRXX6043
Matijevic HRXX3619
Matijevici HRXX7050
Matijevici HRXX1377
Matinac HRXX7838
Matisici HRXX6044
Matjasica HRXX9122
Matkovic Mala HRXX0739
Matkovici HRXX6045
Matohanci HRXX1978
Matosovici HRXX1979
Matulini HRXX1980
Matulji HRXX0157
Maun HRXX9123
Mazin HRXX9124
Mazinsko Polje HRXX9125
Mazurani HRXX3620
Mazurija HRXX1981
Mazurin HRXX6046
Mece HRXX4386
Mecencani HRXX7051
Mecet HRXX9126
Meda HRXX2497
Medaci HRXX6047
Medak HRXX3621
Medaki HRXX1982
Medakovici HRXX7552
Medakovici HRXX7052
Medari HRXX0740
Medarovine HRXX1378
Mededak HRXX9127
Mededi HRXX2863
Medenik HRXX5149
Medic HRXX9128
Medica HRXX1379
Medici HRXX9129
Medici HRXX6048
Medinci HRXX8066
Medino Polje HRXX5150
Mednik HRXX7839
Mednjan HRXX1983
Medovdolac HRXX6049
Medsave HRXX8557
Medulin HRXX0158
Medumajdan HRXX7053
Medumurje HRXX4130
Meduraca HRXX0987
Meduric HRXX7054
Medustrugovi HRXX0741
Meduvode HRXX3622
Medvedicka HRXX2498
Medveja HRXX4728
Medvida HRXX9130
Medvidovici HRXX6050
Megic HRXX9131
Meja Gaj HRXX4729
Mekote HRXX9132
Mela HRXX7840
Melah HRXX9133
Melinovac HRXX3623
Melnica HRXX1984
Melnice HRXX3624
Menicani HRXX7055
Merag HRXX4730
Merhatovec HRXX4131
Merisce HRXX1985
Mernovac HRXX5151
Mestrovici HRXX6051
Metajna HRXX3625
Metala HRXX5152
Metale HRXX1380
Metaliste HRXX7841
Metkovic HRXX1381
Metohija HRXX1382
Mezinovac HRXX3626
Micetinac HRXX2499
Micevec HRXX0159
Mickovici HRXX7056
Migalovci HRXX5153
Mihajlije HRXX5154
Mihajlovici HRXX7057
Mihalj HRXX1383
Mihaljevac HRXX3627
Mihaljevci HRXX5155
Mihaljevici HRXX0743
Mihaljevici HRXX6052
Mihanici HRXX1384
Mihatovici HRXX1385
Miholascica HRXX4731
Miholec HRXX2500
Miholjacki Porec HRXX4387
Miholjanec HRXX2501
Miholjsko HRXX7058
Mihovljan HRXX4132
Mihovljan HRXX2317
Mijaca HRXX6053
Mijaci HRXX5156
Mijakovic HRXX9134
Mijedrazi HRXX7059
Mijici HRXX6054
Mikici HRXX2864
Mikicka HRXX0744
Miklavec HRXX4133
Mikleus HRXX8067
Mikleuska HRXX7060
Miklozan HRXX4732
Miklusevci HRXX7842
Mikulici HRXX8558
Miladini HRXX8559
Milakovci HRXX7061
Milan HRXX6055
Milan-Lug HRXX5157
Milanci HRXX9135
Milanezi HRXX1986
Milankovici HRXX7062
Milanovac HRXX8068
Milanovici HRXX3628
Milanovici HRXX6056
Milardovici HRXX6057
Milasevci HRXX0988
Milasi HRXX6058
Miletici HRXX7063
Miletici HRXX9136
Miletina Rijeka HRXX5158
Milevci HRXX7843
Milhovilovici HRXX6059
Milica Kraj HRXX3629
Milica Selo HRXX2865
Milicani HRXX2502
Milicevici HRXX7064
Milici HRXX9137
Milici HRXX7065
Milici HRXX7553
Milinac HRXX4388
Milinkovica Nuga HRXX3630
Milisavci HRXX0745
Milisinovac HRXX6060
Milivojevci HRXX5159
Milivojevici HRXX7554
Miljac HRXX7844
Miljaca HRXX3631
Miljacici HRXX1387
Miljak HRXX6061
Miljana HRXX2318
Miljanovac HRXX0989
Miljanovici HRXX7066
Miljasi HRXX1388
Miljci HRXX6062
Miljen HRXX6063
Miljevac HRXX2866
Miljevci HRXX8069
Miljevici HRXX7067
Miljkovaca HRXX6064
Miljkovici HRXX3632
Miljkovici HRXX7068
Miljus HRXX9138
Miljusi HRXX9139
Milkovica Varos HRXX3633
Milkovici HRXX3634
Milna HRXX6066
Milohnici HRXX4733
Milosevic HRXX1389
Milosici HRXX6067
Milosici Polje HRXX6068
Milotski Breg HRXX1987
Milovac HRXX9140
Milun HRXX6069
Mimice HRXX6070
Miocevici HRXX6071
Mioci HRXX1390
Miocic HRXX9141
Miocic HRXX7555
Miocinovici HRXX7069
Miodraz HRXX9142
Miranje HRXX9143
Miranje Donje HRXX9144
Miranje Gornje HRXX9145
Mirce HRXX6072
Miric HRXX6073
Mirici HRXX3635
Mirkovac HRXX4389
Mirkovci HRXX0160
Mirkovec HRXX2319
Mirkovic HRXX9146
Mirkovica HRXX5160
Mirkovici HRXX3636
Mirkovici HRXX6074
Mirkovici HRXX7556
Mirlovic Zagora HRXX7557
Mirlovic-Polje HRXX7558
Mirnovec HRXX8560
Mirt HRXX6075
Miscevici HRXX3637
Miscevici HRXX2867
Misetino Selo HRXX6076
Misic HRXX7845
Misici HRXX9147
Misinci HRXX2868
Misinka HRXX7070
Miskovici HRXX3638
Miskovici HRXX9148
Miskulin HRXX3639
Miskulini HRXX3640
Misletici HRXX1391
Mislina HRXX1392
Misljenovac HRXX3641
Mitlo HRXX7559
Mitrovac HRXX4390
Mitrovacko Polje HRXX5161
Mitrovici HRXX1393
Mizdraci HRXX7560
Mjekov Tor HRXX1394
Mjenovici HRXX1395
Mlada Nedelja HRXX3642
Mlada Vodica HRXX0746
Mladi Gaj HRXX5162
Mladica HRXX5163
Mladina HRXX6077
Mladine HRXX6078
Mlaka HRXX8071
Mlaka HRXX0747
Mlaka Rakovecka HRXX8561
Mlake HRXX4391
Mlakva HRXX3643
Mlatinje HRXX1396
Mlikotici HRXX6079
Mlinarevici HRXX7561
Mlinari Vucinci HRXX4734
Mlinci HRXX0748
Mlini HRXX0161
Mliniste HRXX3644
Mliniste HRXX1398
Mocici HRXX1399
Mocila HRXX7846
Mocile HRXX4735
Mocilski Breg HRXX2503
Modrici HRXX3645
Modrino Selo HRXX9149
Modro Oko HRXX1400
Modrus HRXX2869
Modrusani HRXX1988
Mofardini HRXX1989
Mogoric HRXX3646
Mohovo HRXX7847
Mojanka HRXX6080
Mokosica HRXX0162
Mokres HRXX4392
Mokro Polje HRXX7562
Mokro Polje HRXX7848
Molat HRXX9150
Moljva HRXX6081
Molunat HRXX1401
Molve HRXX2504
Molvice HRXX8562
Momcilovici HRXX2870
Momcilovici HRXX7071
Momcilovici HRXX3647
Momici HRXX7563
Momici HRXX1402
Momjan HRXX1990
Montizana HRXX1991
Montrin HRXX1992
Moracni Do HRXX1403
Moravce HRXX2320
Morica HRXX4393
Moscenica HRXX7072
Moscenice HRXX4736
Moscenicka Draga HRXX4737
Mosec HRXX7564
Mostanica HRXX7075
Mostanje HRXX2871
Mostar HRXX9151
Mostari HRXX8563
Mostina HRXX1404
Motovun HRXX0163
Movrac HRXX2321
Mozdenec HRXX8255
Mracaj HRXX6082
Mracaj HRXX7076
Mracelj HRXX7078
Mracin HRXX2872
Mraclin HRXX0164
Mrakovo HRXX8564
Mramorsko Polje HRXX0749
Mratovo HRXX7565
Mravince HRXX0165
Mravinjac HRXX1405
Mravinjci HRXX7079
Mravnica HRXX1406
Mravnica HRXX7566
Mrcela HRXX6083
Mrcevo HRXX1407
Mrdalj HRXX7567
Mrdenovici HRXX7080
Mrdeze HRXX7568
Mreznica HRXX2873
Mrgan HRXX2874
Mrgani HRXX1993
Mrkelnje HRXX9152
Mrkonja HRXX2875
Mrkonjici HRXX6084
Mrkonjici HRXX9153
Mrkopalj HRXX4738
Mrkopolje HRXX5164
Mrksici HRXX7081
Mrkucevac HRXX4394
Mrljane HRXX9154
Mrsici HRXX6085
Mrsici HRXX9155
Mrsinj HRXX3648
Mrvica Jarciste HRXX6086
Mrvici HRXX6087
Mrvosi HRXX2876
Mrzla Vodica HRXX4739
Mrzli Dol HRXX3649
Mrzljaki HRXX2877
Mrzlo Polje HRXX2878
Mrzovic HRXX4395
Mucel HRXX9156
Mucici HRXX4740
Mudnici HRXX6088
Mudric Selo HRXX2879
Mugeba HRXX1994
Muharev Brijeg HRXX3650
Mukinje HRXX3651
Muna HRXX7569
Munci HRXX1995
Mundanije HRXX0166
Municirije HRXX7570
Munije HRXX0990
Munivrane HRXX6089
Munjava HRXX2880
Muntic HRXX1996
Muntrilj HRXX1997
Murage HRXX1998
Murati HRXX6090
Muratovac HRXX7082
Murdici HRXX2881
Murgici HRXX3652
Murine HRXX1999
Mursko Sredisce HRXX0472
Murter HRXX7571
Murtovnik HRXX4741
Murvica HRXX9157
Murvica HRXX6091
Musalez HRXX2000
Musaluk HRXX3653
Musapstan HRXX9158
Music HRXX4396
Musinac HRXX6092
Muskovci HRXX9159
Mustafina Klada HRXX7083
Mustapici HRXX6093
Musterici HRXX6094
Musulinski Potok HRXX2882
Mutilic HRXX9160
Mutnicko HRXX0750
Mutvoran HRXX2001
Muve HRXX5165
Muzerovici HRXX6095
Muzilovcica HRXX7084
Muzine HRXX1408
Na Stanu HRXX6096
Nabrote HRXX4397
Nadin HRXX9161
Nadisevci HRXX7849
Nadurljaj HRXX9162
Nadvrelo HRXX9163
Naglani HRXX6097
Nakici HRXX7572
Nakovanj HRXX1409
Naprte HRXX3654
Narancici HRXX3655
Narandzici HRXX3656
Nard HRXX4398
Nart Savski HRXX8566
Narta HRXX0991
Nartice HRXX1410
Nasap HRXX7850
Nasice HRXX4399
Naske Bare HRXX7851
Naudovac HRXX8072
Nazlici HRXX6098
Nebljusi HRXX3657
Nebojan HRXX7085
Necaj HRXX6099
Necujam HRXX6100
Nedelisce HRXX4134
Nedeljanec HRXX0167
Nedescina HRXX2002
Negar HRXX7852
Negoslavci HRXX0168
Negovec HRXX8567
Nehaj HRXX3658
Nekic HRXX9164
Nemcevec HRXX2505
Nemetin HRXX4400
Nenadic HRXX6101
Nenadici HRXX3659
Neoric HRXX6102
Neralici HRXX2883
Nerezine HRXX4742
Nerezisce HRXX6103
Nerlovici HRXX6104
Nespes HRXX2322
Nesvanulice HRXX7086
Neteca HRXX8073
Neteka HRXX9165
Netretic HRXX2884
Nevest HRXX7573
Nevidane HRXX9166
Nevinac HRXX0992
Nevoljici HRXX6105
Nezice HRXX7853
Nijemci HRXX7854
Nikolici HRXX2885
Nikolici HRXX6106
Niksica Most HRXX3660
Niksici HRXX3661
Niksin Lug HRXX7855
Nin HRXX0169
Ninski Stanovi HRXX9168
Nisevici HRXX7087
Nisko HRXX7574
Niza HRXX4401
Nizici HRXX6107
Njegosevac HRXX4402
Njegus HRXX9169
Njezici HRXX5166
Njive HRXX7856
Njivice HRXX0170
Njivice HRXX6108
Nogale HRXX6109
Nogonjici HRXX3662
Nokovici HRXX9170
Norma HRXX4403
Norsic- Selo HRXX8568
Nos Kalik HRXX7575
Noskovci HRXX8074
Nova HRXX0171
Nova Brezovica HRXX8075
Nova Bukovica HRXX8076
Nova Diklenica HRXX2506
Nova Gradina HRXX8077
Nova Gradiska HRXX0478
Nova Josava HRXX8078
Nova Kapela HRXX0751
Nova Kapela HRXX8569
Nova Krivaja HRXX0993
Nova Krslja HRXX2886
Nova Lipa HRXX5167
Nova Ljeskovica HRXX5168
Nova Marca HRXX0994
Nova Ploscica HRXX0995
Nova Raca HRXX0996
Nova Sela HRXX1411
Nova Sela HRXX6110
Nova Subocka HRXX7088
Nova Vas HRXX2003
Nova Ves HRXX8256
Nova Ves HRXX9517
Novacka HRXX2507
Novak HRXX7089
Novak HRXX6111
Novak HRXX7857
Novaki HRXX8079
Novaki HRXX8570
Novaki HRXX2887
Novaki Bizovacki HRXX4404
Novaki Oborovski HRXX8572
Novaki Pazinski HRXX2005
Novaki Ravenski HRXX8573
Novakova Bara HRXX4405
Novakovec HRXX4135
Novakovici HRXX9171
Novakovici HRXX3663
Novalja HRXX3664
Novi Besinci HRXX5169
Novi Bezdan HRXX4406
Novi Bolman HRXX4407
Novi Bosnjani HRXX2508
Novi Budakovac HRXX8080
Novi Cakovci HRXX7858
Novi Ceminac HRXX4408
Novi Erdut HRXX4409
Novi Farkasic HRXX7090
Novi Golubovec HRXX2323
Novi Grabovac HRXX7091
Novi Gradac HRXX8081
Novi Hrkanovci HRXX4410
Novi Jagodnjak HRXX4411
Novi Jankovci HRXX7859
Novi Kobas HRXX0752
Novi Kot HRXX4743
Novi Lazi HRXX4744
Novi Marof HRXX8259
Novi Mihaljevci HRXX5170
Novi Mikanovci HRXX7860
Novi Pavljani HRXX0997
Novi Perkovci HRXX4412
Novi Seles HRXX4413
Novi Skucani HRXX0998
Novi Stafilic HRXX6112
Novi Varos HRXX0753
Novi Vinodolski HRXX4745
Novi Zagreb HRXX1713
Novi Zdenkovac HRXX4414
Novi Zoljan HRXX4415
Novigrad HRXX2006
Novigrad na Savi HRXX0754
Novkovici HRXX7092
Novkovici HRXX3665
Novo Brdo HRXX8576
Novo Brdo HRXX7093
Novo Cice HRXX8577
Novo Crkviste HRXX7861
Novo Mjesto HRXX8578
Novo Naselje HRXX1412
Novo Naselje HRXX4416
Novo Naselje HRXX6113
Novo Nevesinje HRXX4417
Novo Obilicevo HRXX8082
Novo Seliste HRXX7094
Novo Selo HRXX2889
Novo Selo HRXX7862
Novo Selo HRXX6114
Novo Selo HRXX5171
Novo Selo HRXX3666
Novo Selo Rok HRXX4136
Novo Topolje HRXX0755
Novoselci HRXX9173
Novoselec HRXX7097
Novoselija HRXX3667
Novoseljani HRXX0999
Novoselo HRXX3668
Novska HRXX0479
Nozice HRXX7863
Nozinici HRXX7098
Nuga HRXX1413
Nuici HRXX6115
Nunic HRXX9174
Nurkovac HRXX5174
Nustar HRXX0172
Obedisce HRXX7099
Obilje HRXX3670
Obljaj HRXX9175
Obljajac HRXX3671
Obod HRXX8580
Oborovo HRXX8581
Oborovo HRXX7100
Obradovci HRXX8083
Obradovici HRXX9176
Obranca HRXX7864
Obrankovec HRXX8261
Obrez HRXX1714
Obrez HRXX8262
Obrez Kalnicki HRXX8263
Obrez Stupnicki HRXX1715
Obrezina HRXX8582
Obrovac HRXX9177
Obrovac Sinjski HRXX6116
Obrovcevmost HRXX2890
Obrovci HRXX2891
Obrovnica HRXX1000
Obrvani HRXX1415
Obsenica HRXX3672
Obucine HRXX3673
Obuljeno HRXX1416
Ocestovo HRXX7577
Ocinjak HRXX6117
Odra HRXX0173
Odra Sisacka HRXX7101
Odrljani HRXX6118
Odza HRXX6119
Odzak HRXX1417
Odzakovci HRXX5175
Ognilo HRXX3674
Ognjanovas HRXX2892
Ognjenovici HRXX3675
Ograd HRXX1418
Ogradak HRXX2893
Ograde HRXX1419
Ogradenica HRXX5176
Ogradenice HRXX9178
Ogradice HRXX5177
Ogrebici HRXX6120
Ogulin HRXX0174
Ogulinec HRXX8583
Okesinec HRXX7102
Okic HRXX2894
Oklaj HRXX7578
Okljucna HRXX6121
Okmadzici HRXX6122
Okoli HRXX7103
Okreti HRXX2007
Okrivje HRXX4746
Okrug HRXX8584
Okrug Gornji HRXX6123
Okrugli Dolac HRXX3676
Okrugli Vrh HRXX4138
Okruglica HRXX6124
Okruglica HRXX7579
Okrugljaca HRXX8084
Okruglo HRXX7865
Okucani HRXX0756
Okuje HRXX8585
Okuklje HRXX1420
Okunscak HRXX8586
Old post office HRXX6634
Olib HRXX0483
Oljasi HRXX5178
Oljubine HRXX3677
Oltari HRXX3678
Oluici HRXX9179
Omanovac HRXX5179
Omar HRXX4747
Omis HRXX6125
Omisalj HRXX0175
Omsica HRXX9180
Ondic HRXX9181
Opacica Dolina HRXX9182
Opacici HRXX9183
Opacki HRXX6126
Opalic HRXX9184
Opaljene Klade HRXX3679
Opanci HRXX6127
Opatija HRXX8587
Opatija HRXX0176
Opatijski Torovi HRXX9185
Opatinec HRXX7104
Opatovac HRXX7866
Opatovac HRXX5180
Opolenac HRXX7867
Oporovec HRXX4139
Oprisavci HRXX0757
Oprtalj HRXX2009
Opsenjak HRXX6128
Opuzen HRXX0177
Orah HRXX6129
Orahovica HRXX8085
Orahovlje HRXX6130
Oraovac HRXX9186
Orasac HRXX1421
Orasje HRXX7580
Orasje HRXX7868
Oraslje HRXX7869
Oravac HRXX3680
Orbanici HRXX2010
Ordanja HRXX4419
Orebic HRXX1422
Orehov Hrib HRXX4748
Orehovec HRXX2510
Orehovica HRXX2324
Orehovica HRXX4749
Orehovica HRXX0178
Orepak HRXX1423
Oresac HRXX8086
Oresje HRXX0179
Oreskovici HRXX3681
Oresnjak HRXX8087
Orihi HRXX2011
Orije HRXX3682
Oriovac HRXX0758
Oriovcic HRXX0759
Orle HRXX8588
Orlec HRXX4750
Orlic HRXX7581
Orlinjak HRXX7870
Orljak HRXX9187
Orljavac HRXX5181
Orlovac HRXX2895
Orlovac HRXX1001
Orlovac HRXX6131
Orlovaca HRXX7871
Orlovic HRXX3683
Orlovici HRXX3684
Orlovnjak HRXX4420
Ornice HRXX3685
Orolik HRXX7872
Oroslavje HRXX0180
Orovac HRXX3686
Orovac HRXX1002
Orubica HRXX0760
Osekovo HRXX7105
Osijek HRXX0003
Oskorus HRXX2012
Oskorusno HRXX1424
Oskrusnica HRXX1425
Oslje HRXX1426
Osobjava HRXX1427
Osoje HRXX6132
Osojnik HRXX4751
Osojnik HRXX1428
Osor HRXX4752
Osredak HRXX5182
Osredak HRXX3687
Osredci HRXX9188
Osredina HRXX1429
Ostarije HRXX0181
Ostarski Stanovi HRXX2896
Ostojici HRXX7106
Ostojici HRXX9189
Ostra HRXX3688
Ostri Vrh HRXX0761
Ostri Zid HRXX1003
Ostric HRXX9190
Ostrice HRXX8265
Ostrobradic HRXX4753
Ostrogasica HRXX7582
Ostrosinci HRXX4421
Ostrovac HRXX4422
Ostrovica HRXX9191
Ostrovica HRXX4754
Ostrovo HRXX7873
Ostrozin HRXX7107
Ostruljevina HRXX6133
Ostrvica HRXX3689
Ostrvica HRXX6134
Otan HRXX9192
Otavice HRXX7583
Otes HRXX3690
Otisic HRXX6135
Otisina HRXX9193
Otocac HRXX3691
Otok HRXX0182
Otok HRXX4140
Otok HRXX6136
Otok HRXX1430
Otok na Dobri HRXX2898
Otok Ostarijski HRXX2897
Otok Staje HRXX6137
Otok Trn HRXX1431
Otolinac HRXX7874
Otomis HRXX9194
Oton HRXX7584
Otric HRXX9195
Otrici HRXX6138
Otrovanec HRXX2511
Otrusevec HRXX8589
Ovcara HRXX5183
Ovcara HRXX7875
Ovcara HRXX0183
Ovrlje HRXX6139
Ozakovic HRXX9196
Ozalj HRXX0184
Ozegovci HRXX5184
Ozic Basici HRXX6140
Ozici HRXX6141
Ozrna HRXX6142
Pacetin HRXX7876
Padaliste HRXX2899
Padene HRXX7585
Padez HRXX5185
Padez HRXX7877
Pag HRXX0014
Paganor HRXX2013
Pagubice HRXX2014
Pajici HRXX6143
Paka HRXX4423
Paklaric HRXX9197
Paklenica HRXX7108
Paklenik HRXX0762
Paklina HRXX6144
Pakostane HRXX9198
Pakovo Selo HRXX7586
Pakrac HRXX5186
Pakrani HRXX1004
Palaca HRXX7878
Palaca HRXX4424
Palancani HRXX1005
Palanjek HRXX7109
Palanka HRXX7587
Palanka HRXX7879
Palcic HRXX3692
Palesko HRXX6145
Palesnik HRXX1006
Palinovec HRXX4141
Paliski HRXX2015
Palje Brdo HRXX1432
Paljevina HRXX4425
Paljevine HRXX1007
Paljugi HRXX8590
Paljuv HRXX9199
Palovec HRXX4142
Pamici HRXX2016
Pandzici HRXX6146
Pandzinac HRXX3693
Panici HRXX9200
Panjani HRXX7111
Panjenovici HRXX3694
Panjici HRXX2900
Panjik HRXX7880
Pantovcak HRXX9518
Papici HRXX6147
Papici HRXX7112
Papicic Selo HRXX3695
Papini HRXX2017
Papuca HRXX3696
Papucici HRXX6148
Parcic HRXX9201
Parcici HRXX3697
Parhavac HRXX4755
Paripovici HRXX3698
Parlovi HRXX6149
Parmakovac HRXX5187
Paruni HRXX3699
Paruzevec HRXX8591
Pasac HRXX4756
Pasadur HRXX1433
Pasici HRXX2902
Pasicina HRXX1434
Pasikovci HRXX5188
Pasin Potok HRXX2903
Pasina Luka HRXX3700
Pasjace HRXX5189
Pasjak HRXX4757
Paskovac HRXX4426
Pasman HRXX9202
Patkovac HRXX1008
Patrlji HRXX6150
Paucje HRXX4427
Paukovac HRXX7113
Paukovec HRXX8592
Paulici HRXX2904
Paulin Dvor HRXX4428
Paunovac HRXX7114
Paunovac HRXX2512
Pausinci HRXX8088
Pavela HRXX6151
Pavelici HRXX3701
Pavic HRXX6152
Pavici HRXX6153
Pavicici HRXX3702
Pavicici HRXX2905
Pavicici HRXX6154
Pavicini HRXX2018
Pavkovici HRXX2906
Pavlanci HRXX2513
Pavlascak HRXX0763
Pavlicani HRXX1009
Pavlice HRXX3703
Pavlin Klostar HRXX1010
Pavlinovici HRXX6155
Pavlinusici HRXX6156
Pavlovac HRXX3704
Pavlovac HRXX1011
Pavlovac HRXX7881
Pavlovci HRXX5190
Pavlovci Pozeski HRXX5191
Pavlovec-Zabocki HRXX2325
Pavlovici HRXX6157
Pavucnjak HRXX8594
Paz HRXX2019
Pazin HRXX0186
Pcelic HRXX8089
Pecane HRXX3705
Pecani HRXX3706
Pece HRXX8266
Pecina HRXX3707
Pecina HRXX9203
Pecina HRXX2907
Pecka HRXX9204
Pecki HRXX7116
Pecno HRXX8595
Pedalj HRXX7117
Pedic HRXX9205
Pedinka HRXX9206
Pejakusa HRXX3708
Pejici HRXX9207
Pejkovici HRXX6158
Pejnovici HRXX3709
Pekeci HRXX2908
Pekici HRXX6159
Peklenica HRXX4143
Pelegrin HRXX2020
Peljica HRXX3710
Pende HRXX1435
Penici HRXX2909
Pepelana HRXX8090
Pepelane HRXX5192
Peracko Blato HRXX1436
Peragino Polje HRXX3711
Peraki HRXX2910
Peranovici HRXX1437
Perenci HRXX5193
Peresiji HRXX2021
Peric HRXX6161
Perica Stan HRXX3712
Perici HRXX3713
Perici HRXX6162
Perici HRXX1438
Pericici HRXX6163
Perina Bara HRXX4429
Perinovici HRXX3714
Perisi HRXX6164
Perisici HRXX6165
Perisici HRXX3715
Perisina Baraka HRXX3716
Perjasica HRXX2912
Perka HRXX1439
Perkovic HRXX7588
Perkovici HRXX6166
Perkovici HRXX2022
Perkovici HRXX3717
Permani HRXX4758
Perna HRXX7118
Pernat HRXX4759
Peroj HRXX2023
Persaves HRXX2326
Pertenjaca HRXX9208
Peruca HRXX6167
Perusi HRXX6168
Perusic HRXX0187
Peruski HRXX2024
Pervani HRXX6169
Pesa HRXX6170
Pescenica HRXX8596
Pescenik HRXX2514
Pesceno HRXX2327
Pese HRXX6171
Pesici HRXX6172
Peski HRXX4760
Peskovec HRXX8597
Peskovi HRXX8091
Pestovic HRXX9210
Pesuti HRXX2913
Petanovic Brdo HRXX3718
Petar Ogulinski HRXX2914
Petehi HRXX2025
Peteranec HRXX2515
Petina HRXX8598
Petkovac HRXX7119
Petkovici HRXX9211
Petlovac HRXX4430
Petomavar HRXX6173
Petraca HRXX1440
Petrakovi HRXX0764
Petranovci HRXX1012
Petranovic HRXX9212
Petranovic HRXX3719
Petravec HRXX8599
Petrcane HRXX9213
Petricevici HRXX6174
Petrici HRXX2026
Petricko Selo HRXX8600
Petrijanec HRXX0188
Petrijevci HRXX4431
Petrinic Polje HRXX3720
Petrinja HRXX0189
Petrinjci HRXX7120
Petrlici HRXX3721
Petrova Crkva HRXX9214
Petrova Poljana HRXX7121
Petrova Slatina HRXX4432
Petrovacka Mlaka HRXX7882
Petrovci HRXX0765
Petrovci HRXX0190
Petrovec HRXX7122
Petrovici HRXX7123
Petrovici HRXX9215
Petrovici HRXX6175
Petrovija HRXX2027
Petrovina HRXX8601
Petrovo Selo HRXX1441
Petrovsko HRXX2328
Petrusevec HRXX1716
Petrusevec HRXX2329
Petstopet HRXX3722
Peurace HRXX7124
Pezelj HRXX6176
Pical HRXX2028
Pican HRXX2029
Piceti HRXX1442
Picici HRXX1443
Pifari HRXX2030
Pihovec HRXX8267
Pijavice HRXX1444
Pijavicino HRXX1445
Pilar HRXX3723
Pilatovci HRXX2915
Pile HRXX1446
Pilipovici HRXX9216
Pilje HRXX9217
Piljenice HRXX7125
Pinezici HRXX2031
Pinizelic HRXX7589
Piplica HRXX3724
Piramatovci HRXX7590
Pireviste HRXX9218
Pirovac HRXX7591
Piroviste HRXX3725
Piroviste HRXX4761
Pisak HRXX6177
Pisarovina HRXX8604
Piscetke HRXX2916
Piskorevci HRXX4433
Pistelek HRXX6178
Pistenica HRXX2917
Pistet HRXX9219
Pistet HRXX6179
Pitoma HRXX7883
Pitomaca HRXX0191
Pitovska Plaza HRXX6180
Pitve HRXX6181
Pivare HRXX0766
Pivarnica HRXX4434
Pivci HRXX6182
Pivnica HRXX8093
Pizin HRXX4762
Piznovac HRXX1447
Pjescani Zaton HRXX8094
Pjescanica HRXX7126
Plana HRXX6183
Plana HRXX8095
Plane HRXX4435
Planina HRXX2330
Planinkovac HRXX3726
Planjane HRXX7592
Plano HRXX6184
Plascica HRXX3727
Plase HRXX4763
Plaski HRXX2918
Plastovo HRXX7593
Plat HRXX1448
Platak HRXX4764
Plava Laguna HRXX2032
Plavca-Draga HRXX2919
Plavic HRXX2331
Plavnik HRXX4765
Plavno HRXX7594
Plavsici HRXX7595
Plavsinac HRXX2516
Plazibat HRXX6185
Plecasi HRXX1449
Plecasi HRXX9220
Pleici HRXX6186
Plemenitas HRXX4766
Ples HRXX8268
Plesce HRXX4767
Plesevo Selo HRXX2920
Plesivica HRXX8605
Pleskovec HRXX4144
Plesmo HRXX7127
Pleso HRXX0192
Plesteni HRXX6187
Pleteno HRXX4768
Pleternica HRXX5194
Pletikosic HRXX6188
Pletikosici HRXX6189
Plisici HRXX3728
Pliskovo HRXX7596
Plitka Draga HRXX3729
Plitvica HRXX2921
Plitvina HRXX1450
Pljovare HRXX4436
Ploca HRXX1451
Ploce HRXX1452
Ploce HRXX9221
Plocice HRXX1453
Plomin HRXX2033
Plosna HRXX4769
Plostine HRXX5195
Plovanija HRXX2034
Pluznice HRXX4770
Pobjenik HRXX1013
Pobrdani HRXX2517
Pobrde HRXX1454
Pobrezje HRXX1455
Pocitelj HRXX3731
Pocrnici HRXX3732
Pocrnja HRXX6190
Pocrnje HRXX6191
Pocucici HRXX3733
Pod HRXX3734
Pod Debeljacom HRXX9222
Pod Kotlom HRXX9223
Pod Obale HRXX7128
Podabljai HRXX3735
Podaca HRXX6192
Podadraga HRXX6193
Podastine HRXX6194
Podastrana HRXX9224
Podastrana HRXX3736
Podbablje HRXX6195
Podbilo HRXX3737
Podbrde HRXX7129
Podbrdo HRXX3738
Podbrest HRXX4145
Podbrezje HRXX2922
Podbrijest HRXX1456
Podcetin HRXX2923
Podcrkavlje HRXX0767
Podevcevo HRXX0193
Podgace HRXX2035
Podgaj HRXX1457
Podgajec HRXX2518
Podgaric HRXX1015
Podglavica HRXX7597
Podglogovnik HRXX6196
Podgora HRXX6197
Podgora HRXX1458
Podgora HRXX3739
Podgorac HRXX4438
Podgorci HRXX3740
Podgorci HRXX1016
Podgorje HRXX2332
Podgorje Pozesko HRXX5196
Podgrab HRXX7598
Podgrade HRXX6198
Podgrade HRXX7885
Podgrade HRXX9225
Podgradina HRXX1459
Podgreben HRXX7599
Podgreda HRXX6199
Podgrede HRXX1460
Podhum HRXX0194
Podi HRXX6200
Podic HRXX3741
Podimoc HRXX1461
Podinarje HRXX7600
Podjales HRXX8607
Podjaram HRXX6201
Podjasle HRXX9226
Podjelar HRXX3742
Podkilavac HRXX4772
Podklisa HRXX3743
Podkokirna HRXX9227
Podkonje HRXX7601
Podkoren HRXX3744
Podkosa HRXX9228
Podkosa HRXX7130
Podkraj HRXX3745
Podkrajnica HRXX6202
Podkuk HRXX9229
Podlapac HRXX3746
Podlapaca HRXX3747
Podljut HRXX9230
Podlug HRXX9231
Podluzan HRXX8608
Podluzine HRXX5197
Podmelnica HRXX2924
Podmelnik HRXX4773
Podmetlom HRXX9232
Podmila HRXX9233
Podobuce HRXX1462
Podogradak HRXX9234
Podolje HRXX4440
Podorjak HRXX9235
Podorljak HRXX7602
Podosmina HRXX6203
Podosoje HRXX6204
Podosojnik HRXX1463
Podotavac HRXX9236
Podprag HRXX9237
Podprodan HRXX4774
Podravina HRXX2519
Podravlje HRXX4441
Podrinje HRXX7886
Podrovec HRXX2521
Podrudinci HRXX3748
Podrug HRXX6205
Podrujnica HRXX1464
Podrute HRXX8269
Podrvanj HRXX4775
Podselje HRXX6206
Podselo HRXX9238
Podspilje HRXX6207
Podsrece HRXX5198
Podstijene HRXX1465
Podstrana HRXX0195
Podstrazje HRXX6208
Podstup HRXX1466
Podsused HRXX1717
Podturen HRXX4146
Poduba HRXX6209
Poduciji Brig HRXX1467
Podum HRXX3749
Podumac HRXX6210
Podumci HRXX7603
Podunavci HRXX7131
Podunavlje HRXX4443 <