Weather Codes for Chad

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Chad. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aaba CDXX8384
Ab Achta CDXX0057
Ab Agarip CDXX0058
Ab Amdourou CDXX0059
Ab Amre CDXX0060
Ab Amsouar CDXX0061
Ab Behen CDXX0062
Ab Boda CDXX0063
Ab Bouaga CDXX0064
Ab Charami CDXX0065
Ab Charganie CDXX0066
Ab Cheikh CDXX2957
Ab Chibean CDXX0067
Ab Diguil CDXX0068
Ab Djedid CDXX0069
Ab Djidat CDXX0070
Ab Djimie CDXX0071
Ab Djoudoul CDXX2324
Ab Djouet CDXX0072
Ab Gabara CDXX0073
Ab Gara CDXX0074
Ab Garip CDXX0075
Ab Gouka CDXX0076
Ab Hodja CDXX0077
Ab Idimi CDXX0078
Ab Jidoul CDXX0079
Ab Kanfouta CDXX0080
Ab Katala CDXX0081
Ab Koura CDXX0082
Ab Kous CDXX0083
Ab Krime CDXX0084
Ab Labay CDXX0085
Ab Laoune CDXX0086
Ab Mahamat Sawa CDXX0087
Ab Makkai CDXX0088
Ab Malay CDXX0089
Ab Mar Doua CDXX0090
Ab Mondo CDXX0091
Ab Mousa CDXX0092
Ab Ragna CDXX0093
Ab Ranga CDXX0094
Ab Rania CDXX2958
Ab Roki CDXX0095
Ab Sabe CDXX0096
Ab Sioufa CDXX0097
Ab Souyouf CDXX0098
Ab Tchetchenia CDXX0099
Ab Tibne CDXX0100
Ab Touyour CDXX2325
Ab Yokho CDXX0101
Ab Zerafa CDXX0102
Ab Zobani CDXX0103
Ababot CDXX1062
Abadji CDXX7350
Abado CDXX2959
Abaher CDXX2326
Abakada CDXX1063
Abakar CDXX1064
Abakari Karoua CDXX2960
Abakenar CDXX0858
Abalagn CDXX1445
Abalagne CDXX9609
Abalagne CDXX2961
Abani CDXX3668
Abani Arak CDXX3669
Abanie Birgit CDXX8385
Abarai CDXX1446
Abari CDXX0859
Abaron CDXX8386
Abattoirs CDXX6677
Abayro CDXX3670
Abbi CDXX4958
Abchour CDXX8387
Abd el Salamanga CDXX3671
Abd er Rasoul CDXX0104
Abd Oul Ema CDXX2962
Abd Oumbour CDXX2963
Abdata CDXX8388
Abdelena CDXX2964
Abdi CDXX8389
Abdier CDXX8390
Abdilisi CDXX0105
Abdjafa CDXX1447
Abdjogana CDXX2965
Abdobo CDXX2966
Abdoro CDXX2967
Abdouel CDXX2327
Abdoulay Kaou CDXX2968
Abdourta CDXX8391
Abe CDXX5438
Abebeabo CDXX1448
Abeche CDXX8392
Abel Bassane CDXX1449
Abela CDXX9610
Abele CDXX1065
Abelrati CDXX8393
Abena CDXX1450
Abenakabre CDXX1451
Aberber CDXX1066
Abere CDXX1452
Abere Tchertcher CDXX8394
Aberei CDXX2328
Abgalouetch CDXX0106
Abgara CDXX1067
Abgarna CDXX1068
Abger CDXX2969
Abgoada CDXX0107
Abgue CDXX9611
Abharout CDXX2970
Abidjio CDXX1453
Abiet CDXX1454
Abiet CDXX1069
Abil CDXX8395
Abilay CDXX0108
Abile CDXX2971
Abilelai CDXX8396
Abilelay CDXX8397
Abilele Kebir CDXX8398
Abilele Sarer CDXX8399
Abioka CDXX1070
Abioko CDXX0109
Abirbri CDXX8400
Abirdi CDXX2972
Abisa Madala CDXX8401
Abjer CDXX8402
Abkagare CDXX0110
Abkar Djombo CDXX8403
Abkirfi CDXX0111
Abli CDXX0112
Ablogila CDXX8404
Abo Hachim CDXX8405
Abogoroum Zafay CDXX8407
Abonday CDXX8408
Abono CDXX1455
Abori CDXX7351
Abori CDXX3672
Abou CDXX1456
Abou Asal CDXX0113
Abou Bachir CDXX2973
Abou Chadra CDXX8409
Abou Charibs CDXX1071
Abou Choukouri CDXX2974
Abou Deia CDXX9612
Abou Didi Kabir CDXX1457
Abou Didi Srhir CDXX1458
Abou Digin CDXX8410
Abou Gadama CDXX8411
Abou Goulem CDXX8412
Abou Gounde CDXX2975
Abou Goye CDXX2976
Abou Gregat CDXX0114
Abou Hidjilidje CDXX2977
Abou Idjelidje CDXX1459
Abou Koma CDXX8351
Abou Koulam CDXX0115
Abou Koundaye CDXX8413
Abou Lela CDXX2978
Abou Loubia CDXX8414
Abou Magal CDXX3673
Abou Mardo CDXX2979
Abou Mbarid CDXX0116
Abou Mgargi CDXX1460
Abou Ndanan CDXX0117
Abou Rtcha CDXX8352
Abou Tile CDXX0118
Aboudeye CDXX1461
Aboudoukhan CDXX2980
Abougarga CDXX1462
Abougern CDXX1463
Abougoudam CDXX8415
Abougoui Fellata CDXX1465
Abouich CDXX9613
Abouir CDXX1072
Aboukiema CDXX3674
Aboukies CDXX2981
Aboukousoum CDXX8416
Aboulo CDXX2329
Aboulouk CDXX8417
Aboundjohol CDXX1467
Aboundourno CDXX8418
Aboundourou CDXX8419
Aboundourou CDXX2330
Aboundouroua CDXX2331
Aboundrou CDXX2982
Abouneia CDXX2332
Abounoura CDXX1073
Abour CDXX9614
Abourda Mankala CDXX0120
Abourda Ndouta CDXX2983
Abourtouno CDXX8420
Abousoko CDXX8421
About Idjelidj CDXX0121
Aboutangi CDXX8422
Aboutantara CDXX8423
Abrai CDXX2984
Abrania CDXX0122
Abrech CDXX2333
Absidere CDXX8424
Absidere Djado CDXX8425
Absorto CDXX1468
Abteta CDXX0123
Abtil CDXX1074
Abtoundjour CDXX2334
Achaba CDXX8426
Achana CDXX1469
Achana CDXX2985
Achara CDXX8427
Acheroya CDXX2986
Achigek CDXX1470
Achim CDXX2987
Achim Maldalari CDXX2988
Achkitin CDXX8428
Achoumar CDXX8429
Ad Dehera CDXX0124
Ad Dileba CDXX0125
Ad Dougoum CDXX0126
Ada CDXX8430
Adaba CDXX2989
Adabarta CDXX8431
Adai Bilinga CDXX0860
Adait CDXX1075
Adamchouari CDXX3675
Adamkouch CDXX8432
Adamti CDXX8433
Adanga CDXX2335
Adar CDXX9615
Adara CDXX2990
Adara Mbagol CDXX2991
Adateri CDXX0861
Adavouloum CDXX7352
Addara CDXX2336
Adderabi CDXX1471
Addilera CDXX0127
Ade CDXX8434
Adebib CDXX0128
Adele CDXX2337
Adeneou CDXX2992
Adeouna CDXX7353
Aderke CDXX0862
Adiabe CDXX1076
Adialti CDXX2993
Adiama CDXX1472
Adiguel CDXX1473
Adiker CDXX2994
Adikota CDXX8435
Adil CDXX7354
Adja CDXX2338
Adjabani CDXX8436
Adjaga CDXX3676
Adjama CDXX1474
Adjarai CDXX1475
Adjilele CDXX2995
Adjiloum CDXX3677
Adjiloum CDXX4431
Adjiri CDXX1476
Adjobani CDXX8437
Adjolo CDXX8438
Adjop CDXX0129
Adomakariri CDXX2996
Adorot CDXX1477
Adou CDXX4432
Adougoul CDXX2339
Adougouli CDXX0130
Adougouma CDXX2997
Adouksi CDXX8439
Adoum Saap CDXX2998
Adoungous CDXX9616
Adre CDXX8440
Adrik Akoulkouli CDXX2999
Adrik Benaouay CDXX3000
Aerom CDXX4433
Afadja CDXX8441
Afanaoudam CDXX9617
Afanin Kouka CDXX0131
Afat CDXX3001
Afata CDXX7355
Afianga Fortori CDXX3002
Afoudoko CDXX7356
Afoul CDXX8442
Afouno CDXX3678
Afous CDXX9618
Afraya CDXX7357
Afrorom CDXX3679
Afrouk CDXX3003
Agadi CDXX8443
Agadounde CDXX8444
Agafour CDXX3680
Agala CDXX4434
Agalam CDXX3004
Agan CDXX8445
Agana Bo CDXX0132
Agana Ouade CDXX0133
Agantere CDXX3681
Agar CDXX0134
Agarachi CDXX8446
Agari CDXX8447
Agarta CDXX8448
Agek CDXX8449
Agelba CDXX8450
Agil CDXX0135
Agile CDXX1077
Agnagui CDXX9914
Agolo Bende CDXX3682
Agouare CDXX9619
Agougou CDXX8451
Agoumo CDXX8452
Agoundi CDXX8453
Agoune CDXX8454
Agourbo CDXX8455
Agourme CDXX1078
Agourtoulou CDXX8456
Agrap CDXX2340
Agratiato CDXX0863
Agrep CDXX9620
Aguia CDXX9915
Aguinga CDXX1478
Ahoudi CDXX1079
Ahour Omouri CDXX1080
Ahoura CDXX1081
Aibe CDXX9621
Ainari CDXX3683
Aini CDXX7358
Aini CDXX1479
Airi CDXX3005
Aisabouli CDXX1480
Aka CDXX1082
Aka CDXX6678
Akar CDXX8457
Al Adar CDXX3006
Al Adara CDXX0136
Al Adjiri CDXX1481
Al Alouis CDXX3007
Al Amat CDXX0137
Al Anis CDXX0138
Al Ardel CDXX9622
Al Badie CDXX3008
Al Bake CDXX3009
Al Bangedit CDXX3010
Al Beda CDXX3011
Al Berike CDXX0139
Al Berit CDXX0140
Al Bet CDXX9623
Al Bidia CDXX9624
Al Biere CDXX9625
Al Biher CDXX0141
Al Bire CDXX0142
Al Boda Danraga CDXX0143
Al Bout CDXX3012
Al Boutal CDXX0144
Al Djezire CDXX0145
Al Djileha CDXX0146
Al Farch CDXX3013
Al Fas CDXX1482
Al Fatchotchoy CDXX9626
Al Frech CDXX9627
Al Gelem CDXX3684
Al Ghachghacha CDXX9628
Al Goz CDXX9629
Al Gret CDXX3014
Al Guidey CDXX0147
Al Guiesat CDXX9630
Al Guirinti CDXX0148
Al Hahadar CDXX0149
Al Hamra CDXX0150
Al Haouia CDXX0151
Al Haroup CDXX0152
Al Hedet CDXX0153
Al Hidjer CDXX3015
Al Himede CDXX3016
Al Ifen CDXX0154
Al Itein CDXX9631
Al Kaba CDXX0155
Al Karouf CDXX9632
Al Katit CDXX0156
Al Kayat CDXX0157
Al Kiaisi CDXX0158
Al Kiezi CDXX0159
Al Koubou CDXX9633
Al Koudo CDXX9634
Al Kouk CDXX3017
Al Kouk CDXX1483
Al Koukowa CDXX3685
Al Lebeid CDXX2341
Al Libedat CDXX2342
Al Mafour CDXX3018
Al Mahagar CDXX0160
Al Maloua CDXX1484
Al Massia CDXX1485
Al Mazarap CDXX3019
Al Melguerguef CDXX1486
Al Melihe CDXX1487
Al Merer CDXX8458
Al Michiga CDXX9635
Al Midodil CDXX9636
Al Moura CDXX0161
Al Moura CDXX3020
Al Mourgag CDXX3021
Al Oubana CDXX9637
Al Oudayat CDXX0162
Al Ramsa CDXX3022
Ala CDXX6679
Alabako CDXX3023
Alabidi CDXX1083
Alacha CDXX8459
Alada CDXX0163
Aladana CDXX1488
Aladjiri CDXX3024
Alagarno CDXX1489
Alai CDXX0164
Alaigeri CDXX3686
Alakao CDXX6680
Alakhebich CDXX8460
Alako CDXX6681
Alakou CDXX6682
Alala CDXX9916
Alalefou CDXX4435
Alali CDXX3025
Alali CDXX3687
Alao CDXX8461
Alaoutem CDXX7359
Alaray CDXX3688
Alay CDXX0165
Alayri CDXX3689
Alayri CDXX3026
Albakas CDXX9638
Albala CDXX1490
Albart CDXX3027
Alboy CDXX8462
Albram CDXX2343
Aldje CDXX8463
Aleati CDXX3690
Alenga CDXX0864
Alfar CDXX3028
Alfouro CDXX8464
Alga CDXX0166
Algao CDXX1491
Algileb CDXX8465
Algos el Hadid CDXX6683
Alguiez CDXX9639
Ali Bilari CDXX3691
Ali Farom CDXX4436
Ali Garga CDXX1492
Ali Manadji CDXX8466
Alia Garma CDXX1493
Aliarom CDXX4437
Alifa CDXX0167
Alifari CDXX1494
Alifari CDXX3029
Alifarom CDXX3030
Alifori CDXX3692
Alili CDXX8467
Alimede CDXX3031
Alingayri CDXX3032
Alkife CDXX1495
Alkilkil CDXX1496
Alkouk CDXX3033
Allagay CDXX3034
Allah Antana CDXX3035
Allakhedir CDXX0168
Allantana CDXX0169
Allay CDXX0170
Alma Goumna CDXX9917
Almegran CDXX3036
Almi CDXX7360
Almie Dombolai CDXX8468
Almour CDXX1498
Almour CDXX8469
Almoura CDXX3037
Alo CDXX9640
Alo CDXX8470
Aloda CDXX2344
Alogue CDXX2345
Alotogrom CDXX3693
Aloua CDXX1499
Aloua Mourki CDXX1500
Alouf CDXX2346
Aloufa CDXX3038
Aloum Omerife CDXX3694
Alouna CDXX2347
Alounde CDXX1501
Alousan CDXX3039
Alouvar CDXX9641
Alsam CDXX4959
Am Abayet CDXX0171
Am Abile CDXX0172
Am Achich CDXX3040
Am Adat CDXX8471
Am al Barka CDXX9664
Am Al Grous CDXX3041
Am Antimoun CDXX0173
Am Aradjat CDXX0174
Am Arba CDXX2348
Am Areki CDXX0175
Am Arhar Atalbe CDXX0177
Am Arhar Dalou CDXX0178
Am Arhar Iesey CDXX0179
Am Arouma CDXX1502
Am Bach CDXX8472
Am Bachakouche CDXX1503
Am Baday CDXX0181
Am Badie CDXX1504
Am Bagbadj CDXX3042
Am Bar CDXX0182
Am Baram Dadjo CDXX8473
Am Baram Garaday CDXX8474
Am Basatna CDXX3043
Am Bassakane CDXX1505
Am Bassatna CDXX1506
Am Batchay CDXX3044
Am Beldi CDXX9642
Am Belita CDXX3045
Am Beren CDXX3695
Am Berkay CDXX0183
Am Biezer CDXX0184
Am Bitek CDXX8475
Am Bitin Goz CDXX8476
Am Bitin Tine CDXX8477
Am Bolile CDXX3046
Am Bololi CDXX3047
Am Botoro CDXX9643
Am Bouati CDXX0185
Am Bougouna CDXX1507
Am Boung CDXX3048
Am Bouramat CDXX1508
Am Bourougne CDXX8478
Am Bourtounou CDXX8479
Am Bouza CDXX0186
Am Brahim CDXX0187
Am Chalakh CDXX0188
Am Chaloba CDXX8480
Am Chara CDXX8481
Am Charamit CDXX8482
Am Charma CDXX3049
Am Chechia CDXX3050
Am Chechiat CDXX3051
Am Cherma CDXX0189
Am Chibey CDXX3696
Am Chidede CDXX3052
Am Chiguek CDXX3053
Am Chioka CDXX1509
Am Dabang CDXX0190
Am Dabouga CDXX0191
Am Dachar CDXX8484
Am Dafani CDXX0192
Am Dagachi CDXX8485
Am Dagagna CDXX8486
Am Dagaguer CDXX3054
Am Dagel CDXX8487
Am Dagig CDXX8488
Am Dagik CDXX8489
Am Dalam CDXX8490
Am Dalaoua CDXX3055
Am Dam CDXX8491
Am Dam CDXX0193
Am Dam Toulouke CDXX8492
Am Dam Zeriba CDXX8493
Am Damalik CDXX3056
Am Damangat CDXX0194
Am Damania CDXX8494
Am Darangal CDXX3057
Am Debip CDXX1510
Am Deonas CDXX9644
Am Derabay CDXX8495
Am Derba CDXX3058
Am Deresa CDXX8496
Am Derese CDXX8497
Am Derias CDXX0195
Am Dichi CDXX8498
Am Diema CDXX9645
Am Digemat CDXX8499
Am Djaber CDXX9646
Am Djabora CDXX0196
Am Djan CDXX0197
Am Djebora CDXX0199
Am Djedaouit CDXX8500
Am Djederi CDXX8501
Am Djelat CDXX9647
Am Djelfe CDXX2351
Am Djemena CDXX8353
Am Djemena CDXX0200
Am Djemena CDXX9648
Am Djemena CDXX2352
Am Djemena CDXX1511
Am Djenaba CDXX0201
Am Djenene CDXX3060
Am Djer CDXX8503
Am Djer Morfein CDXX8504
Am Djer Taama CDXX8505
Am Djidad CDXX3697
Am Djimena CDXX8506
Am Djimeze CDXX8507
Am Djiouekhin CDXX8508
Am Djodour CDXX9649
Am Djoudoula CDXX0202
Am Djoufour CDXX0203
Am Djourar CDXX8509
Am Djourar Mouro CDXX8511
Am Dobak CDXX3698
Am Doma CDXX3061
Am Doron CDXX8512
Am Dourban CDXX0204
Am Douroun CDXX8513
Am Dout Goz CDXX8514
Am Doutile CDXX8515
Am Drangueul CDXX0205
Am Dringal CDXX9650
Am Eriz CDXX1084
Am es Sakin CDXX3090
Am Farao CDXX9651
Am Farat CDXX3062
Am Frerib CDXX0206
Am Gafal CDXX1085
Am Gala CDXX8516
Am Galaka CDXX8517
Am Ganabol CDXX1512
Am Gantoura CDXX3063
Am Gantoura CDXX8518
Am Gar CDXX3064
Am Garada CDXX0207
Am Gardiana CDXX0208
Am Gedaouin CDXX8519
Am Gereda CDXX8520
Am Geritie CDXX8521
Am Gewa CDXX3699
Am Goche CDXX3065
Am Gore CDXX3066
Am Gore Saker CDXX3067
Am Gou CDXX9652
Am Goudja CDXX8522
Am Goudou CDXX3700
Am Goulma Atomat CDXX0210
Am Goulma Derbo CDXX0211
Am Goulma Techer CDXX0212
Am Gourdia CDXX3068
Am Gouri CDXX8523
Am Gouson CDXX3701
Am Goz CDXX0213
Am Griti CDXX8525
Am Guerekoa CDXX0214
Am Guerine CDXX0215
Am Guifel CDXX3069
Am Habali CDXX8526
Am Habile CDXX2354
Am Habile CDXX9653
Am Habile CDXX0216
Am Habile CDXX8527
Am Habile CDXX1513
Am Habile Dia CDXX0217
Am Hadjer CDXX8528
Am Hadjer CDXX0218
Am Haraz CDXX8529
Am Hataba CDXX3070
Am Hidan CDXX8530
Am Hido CDXX8531
Am Himede CDXX2355
Am Himede CDXX0219
Am Idan CDXX8533
Am Igerib CDXX3071
Am Iteb CDXX8534
Am Jokin CDXX0220
Am Kabasna CDXX0221
Am Kabeche CDXX0222
Am Kachao CDXX0223
Am Kachaoua CDXX1514
Am Kachaway CDXX8535
Am Kachouay CDXX9654
Am Kachoum CDXX9655
Am Kadamol CDXX1515
Am Karakir CDXX2356
Am Karib CDXX0224
Am Karouba CDXX8536
Am Karouba CDXX2357
Am Karouba CDXX0225
Am Karoubay CDXX8537
Am Karouma CDXX2358
Am Kasai CDXX0226
Am Kasaye CDXX1516
Am Kharouba CDXX3072
Am Kharouba CDXX0227
Am Khoumi CDXX2359
Am Kifeou CDXX9656
Am Ko CDXX3702
Am Ko Dagechi CDXX3703
Am Ko Danga CDXX3704
Am Ko Maolinga CDXX3705
Am Koarem CDXX3073
Am Koarim CDXX0228
Am Kofe CDXX2360
Am Koloma CDXX3074
Am Kornoi CDXX0229
Am Kornoy CDXX0230
Am Kouakib CDXX3075
Am Kouchou CDXX0231
Am Kouchouk CDXX8538
Am Kouil CDXX3706
Am Kouk CDXX0232
Am Kouk CDXX8539
Am Kourbal CDXX0233
Am Kouyouk CDXX3707
Am Ladoba CDXX3076
Am Lagadip Naga CDXX2362
Am Lamena CDXX0234
Am Leimoun CDXX0235
Am Leiouna CDXX8540
Am Lemena CDXX0236
Am Leyouna CDXX8541
Am Libis CDXX3077
Am Loubia CDXX8542
Am Loubia CDXX0237
Am Loubia CDXX3078
Am Maati CDXX0238
Am Mabile CDXX3079
Am Machtoura CDXX0239
Am Malak CDXX3080
Am Maya CDXX0240
Am Meled CDXX0241
Am Nabak CDXX2363
Am Nabak CDXX1086
Am Nassar CDXX0865
Am Niedouan CDXX1517
Am Nielim CDXX0242
Am Nouren CDXX8543
Am Ouch CDXX8544
Am Ouchar CDXX8545
Am Ouled CDXX0243
Am Ourel CDXX3081
Am Ourouk CDXX0244
Am Rachim CDXX9657
Am Rakouma CDXX0245
Am Rechina CDXX3082
Am Retio CDXX9658
Am Rhibeche CDXX0246
Am Rhibeche CDXX8546
Am Rhirebi CDXX0247
Am Rhota CDXX8547
Am Riguebe CDXX1518
Am Rimele CDXX0248
Am Sabona CDXX0249
Am Sak CDXX0250
Am Sakin CDXX3083
Am Sakine CDXX1519
Am Saterna CDXX8548
Am Sayala CDXX0251
Am Sayala CDXX8549
Am Sayala Alifa CDXX0252
Am Sayala Haddad CDXX0253
Am Sayala Migedj CDXX0255
Am Seayal CDXX0256
Am Selep CDXX3708
Am Senena CDXX9659
Am Senene CDXX9660
Am Senete CDXX3085
Am Seri CDXX9661
Am Sidre CDXX0257
Am Sigan CDXX1520
Am Sigan CDXX9662
Am Siguet CDXX1521
Am Siheb CDXX8550
Am Sinete CDXX2364
Am Siteb CDXX3086
Am Sitep CDXX1522
Am Souaasil CDXX0258
Am Sounta CDXX0259
Am Tabarik CDXX0260
Am Tachouka CDXX0261
Am Talako CDXX8551
Am Talate CDXX8552
Am Talla CDXX3088
Am Tanabo CDXX1523
Am Tapou CDXX8553
Am Targay CDXX0262
Am Tchake CDXX2365
Am Tchakena CDXX8554
Am Tchilili CDXX8555
Am Tchokoro CDXX3089
Am Timaime CDXX0263
Am Timan CDXX9663
Am Times CDXX0264
Am Tolok CDXX8556
Am Yoma CDXX2366
Am Zarfai CDXX0265
Am Zarga CDXX0266
Am Zeefe CDXX0267
Am Zerega CDXX0268
Am Zet Ali CDXX0269
Am Zet Zaraoua CDXX0270
Am Ziefa CDXX0271
Am Ziefe CDXX8557
Am-Zoer CDXX1087
Ama Koulio CDXX8002
Ama Toudji CDXX8003
Amabila CDXX2367
Amabili CDXX1524
Amadi CDXX4438
Amadiara CDXX3709
Amalele CDXX1525
Amalget CDXX3091
Amana CDXX0272
Amanasis CDXX9665
Amarari CDXX1526
Amarati CDXX3092
Amarga CDXX8558
Amarouba CDXX8559
Amasala CDXX9666
Amasi CDXX2368
Amayoro CDXX1527
Ambakali CDXX8560
Ambalgna CDXX8561
Ambarat CDXX1528
Ambasadna CDXX3093
Ambasatna CDXX3094
Ambassana CDXX2369
Ambassatna CDXX1529
Ambay CDXX8562
Ambegnon CDXX8563
Ambetewa CDXX8354
Amboa CDXX4439
Ambra CDXX3710
Amdakour CDXX2370
Amdet CDXX9667
Amdja CDXX7361
Amdjaroungo CDXX1530
Amdjemana CDXX2371
Amdjemena CDXX3095
Amdjiamala CDXX1531
Amerom CDXX3096
Amgadao CDXX1532
Amgatoura CDXX2372
Amgin CDXX8564
Amgoch CDXX3097
Ami CDXX3711
Amie CDXX3712
Amifen CDXX3098
Amioune CDXX1533
Amladoba CDXX1534
Amladoba Abitcha CDXX1535
Amladoba Yana CDXX1536
Amoucheir CDXX3099
Amoud al Ridjal CDXX1537
Amoudater CDXX1538
Amoudator CDXX3100
Amoudel Morfain CDXX0273
Amoul CDXX0866
Amour CDXX0274
Amouroubou CDXX8566
Amout CDXX3713
Amout Sougour CDXX8567
Amoya CDXX7362
Amray CDXX3101
Amrir Guifer CDXX2373
Amsamka CDXX3102
Amsedere CDXX3103
Amsiba CDXX9668
Amtaladja CDXX2374
An Goudoum CDXX1539
Anaba CDXX1088
Anabaga CDXX9669
Anagourf CDXX1089
Ananim CDXX8568
Anarga CDXX1090
Anbasglao CDXX9918
Andadja Doyou CDXX8569
Andadja Sisi CDXX8570
Andamoukou CDXX8571
Andanan CDXX1091
Andarloe CDXX0275
Andi CDXX2375
Andi Garbokoum CDXX2376
Andi-Kamis CDXX2377
Andila Karib CDXX8572
Andila Saba CDXX8573
Andja Iba CDXX1540
Andjab CDXX0276
Andjamena CDXX8574
Andjemena CDXX8575
Andji CDXX4960
Andjialay CDXX3714
Andjimana CDXX6189
Andogon CDXX1092
Andokone CDXX8576
Andoro CDXX8577
Andororo CDXX8578
Andoulbin CDXX8579
Andra CDXX3715
Andrei CDXX1541
Anegato CDXX2378
Anfar CDXX8580
Anga CDXX3716
Anga CDXX1542
Angalbe CDXX0277
Angalgatou Goz CDXX8581
Angar CDXX9670
Angioro CDXX1093
Ango CDXX4440
Angolo CDXX8582
Angouma CDXX5439
Angour CDXX8583
Aniata CDXX8584
Ankar CDXX3104
Ankarouba CDXX8585
Ankhar CDXX3105
Anndoum CDXX5440
Anouara CDXX3106
Anoukinga CDXX3717
Anourgin CDXX8586
Antabasta CDXX8587
Antarena CDXX2379
Antelea CDXX3108
Anterene CDXX2380
Aole CDXX4961
Aouada CDXX8588
Aouarom CDXX3718
Aouchana CDXX8589
Aouche Yasko CDXX0867
Aoudalou CDXX3109
Aouding CDXX8590
Aoudorom CDXX4441
Aougin CDXX8591
Aouhaya CDXX7363
Aouid Ellel CDXX0278
Aouieta CDXX8592
Aouin Rado CDXX8593
Aouli CDXX8594
Aoungete CDXX3719
Aouni CDXX3110
Aouno CDXX8595
Aoura CDXX1094
Aoura Polti CDXX3720
Aourado CDXX8596
Aouri CDXX1543
Aouri CDXX9671
Aouron CDXX8597
Aousoude CDXX4442
Aouta CDXX1544
Aouye CDXX0279
Aozi CDXX0868
Aozou CDXX0869
Apaga CDXX3111
Aparia CDXX9919
Apguerean CDXX9672
Apkouta CDXX8598
Aptibeni CDXX3112
Ara CDXX8599
Arad CDXX3113
Arada CDXX3114
Aradib CDXX2381
Aradip el Achra CDXX0280
Araes CDXX8600
Arail CDXX1545
Arak Tignari CDXX8601
Araka CDXX2382
Arakay CDXX0282
Arakay CDXX3115
Arango CDXX8602
Aranha CDXX2383
Arar CDXX8603
Arare CDXX3116
Arata CDXX8604
Aray CDXX1546
Arayerou CDXX3721
Arayouro CDXX3722
Arayourou CDXX3117
Araz CDXX1547
Araza CDXX8605
Araza CDXX3118
Araza CDXX9673
Arazafodri CDXX3119
Arbane CDXX8606
Arbatire CDXX3723
Arbochi CDXX8607
Arboutchatak CDXX3120
Arboutchatak CDXX0283
Archeibedo CDXX0870
Archi CDXX1548
Archo CDXX8608
Arda CDXX0284
Arda Farat CDXX3121
Arday CDXX8609
Ardeba CDXX9674
Ardebe CDXX1096
Ardebe CDXX8610
Ardebe CDXX1549
Ardebe CDXX3122
Ardede CDXX8611
Ardeden CDXX8612
Ardef CDXX6684
Ardelik CDXX8613
Ardemat CDXX3123
Ardemi CDXX1097
Ardepalfati CDXX2385
Ardiet CDXX1550
Ardim CDXX8614
Ardo CDXX9675
Are CDXX4443
Arfa CDXX3724
Arfadiginak CDXX1551
Arfi CDXX1552
Arga CDXX2386
Argao CDXX0004
Argofa CDXX8615
Argoud Gafak CDXX8616
Argoudgafa CDXX0285
Arh CDXX4444
Arhabech CDXX8617
Ari CDXX4445
Ariani CDXX1098
Ariatjou CDXX3725
Aringa CDXX4446
Aringe CDXX8619
Arinie CDXX8620
Arioungha CDXX3726
Ariourou CDXX3124
Arkala CDXX1553
Arkenmoni CDXX0871
Arkenoki CDXX0872
Arkinde CDXX3727
Arkolo CDXX3728
Arkomou CDXX3729
Arkou CDXX8621
Arkoua CDXX1554
Arkoum CDXX8622
Arkoy CDXX8623
Arkoy Karia CDXX8624
Armetes CDXX8625
Arnab CDXX1555
Arnaya CDXX7364
Aromadi CDXX3730
Arou CDXX4447
Aroua CDXX8626
Aroumbagin CDXX8627
Arounanga CDXX3731
Arounbougin CDXX8628
Arounga CDXX4448
Arsi CDXX1556
Arsi Dabono CDXX1557
Arsidalai CDXX1558
Arti CDXX3732
Artiena CDXX3733
Artiena CDXX0873
Aryane CDXX0286
Arzat CDXX3734
Asabari Soutoa CDXX3735
Asafik CDXX0287
Asair CDXX3125
Asairom CDXX3126
Asal CDXX8629
Asan CDXX1559
Asangori CDXX8630
Asankadori CDXX4449
Asankeri CDXX3127
Asaraf CDXX2387
Asaroa CDXX3736
Asay Yooura CDXX3737
Asayalom CDXX4450
Asene CDXX0288
Asenet CDXX0289
Aseranga CDXX0874
Asidoronga CDXX4451
Asiget CDXX3128
Asinet CDXX3129
Askanga CDXX3738
Askaniete CDXX0290
Askanit CDXX8631
Askanit CDXX3130
Askanite CDXX0291
Askanite CDXX8632
Askoya CDXX3131
Asnet CDXX0292
Asouekte CDXX3132
Asromi CDXX1560
Assarte CDXX3133
Assian CDXX7365
Assouala CDXX3134
Assouet CDXX3135
Assourdje CDXX3136
Astarteni CDXX8633
Asterena CDXX8634
At Aouil CDXX0293
At Dougli CDXX0294
At Tawil CDXX0295
At Tomat CDXX0296
Atait CDXX3739
Atala CDXX0297
Atanas CDXX1099
Atao CDXX7366
Atarak CDXX8635
Ataway CDXX2388
Atche Fourta CDXX2389
Atchibanna CDXX0875
Atchinga CDXX1561
Atechan CDXX3137
Atechane CDXX8637
Atemede CDXX0298
Atetel CDXX9676
Ati CDXX0299
Ati Ardebe CDXX0300
Atia CDXX2390
Atichane CDXX8638
Atichani CDXX8639
Atilo CDXX8640
Atim CDXX8641
Atimed CDXX0301
Atinigech CDXX3740
Atirigin CDXX8642
Atoulaye CDXX7367
Atourda CDXX3138
Atourfa Dabkarin CDXX2391
Atron CDXX3741
Atron CDXX1562
Attaouil CDXX0302
Awaydoulou CDXX3742
Aya CDXX2392
Aya I CDXX2393
Ayaba CDXX3139
Ayanda CDXX8643
Ayedena CDXX7368
Ayerom CDXX4452
Ayiloum CDXX3743
Ayin CDXX8644
Aykole CDXX3744
Ayouloum CDXX3745
Ayouloumi CDXX3746
Ayte CDXX0876
Azaba CDXX3140
Azaraf CDXX0303
Azereff CDXX0304
Azi CDXX2394
Azide CDXX0305
Aziliguen CDXX3141
Azimiri CDXX7369
Aziz Djedad CDXX0306
Azoti CDXX3142
Ba CDXX4962
Ba Ili CDXX1563
Ba-Illi CDXX1564
Baa CDXX6190
Baadi CDXX7370
Baala CDXX3747
Baba Bornou CDXX0308
Baba Djimez CDXX0309
Baba Malik CDXX0310
Baba Tchioutcho CDXX0311
Babalao CDXX8005
Babao CDXX5441
Babelo CDXX9920
Babirke CDXX8645
Babna CDXX2395
Babnia CDXX2396
Babo CDXX5442
Babon CDXX6685
Babourom CDXX4453
Babrou CDXX9921
Babrr CDXX9922
Bachama CDXX0312
Bacher CDXX0313
Bachoum CDXX3143
Bada CDXX6191
Badago CDXX2397
Badal CDXX2398
Badanbe CDXX2399
Badang CDXX4963
Badanga CDXX3144
Badanga CDXX2400
Badari CDXX3748
Badbo CDXX6686
Bade CDXX4964
Bade CDXX6687
Badech CDXX1565
Badel CDXX1566
Baden CDXX9923
Baderi CDXX4454
Badgue CDXX9924
Badi CDXX6688
Badia CDXX8646
Badie CDXX9677
Badiga CDXX8006
Badila CDXX5443
Badina CDXX8647
Badine CDXX8648
Badio CDXX2401
Badje CDXX8007
Badjia CDXX3749
Badjiao CDXX2402
Badjino CDXX4965
Badjire CDXX1567
Badogo CDXX2403
Badouan CDXX8008
Badre CDXX0314
Badre CDXX2404
Bafou CDXX8009
Baga CDXX6192
Baga Kiskra CDXX4455
Baga Kouka CDXX4456
Baga Ngolia CDXX4457
Baga Sola CDXX4458
Bagachi CDXX8355
Bagada CDXX0877
Bagala CDXX4966
Bagama CDXX7371
Bagan Batran CDXX9925
Bagareye CDXX7372
Bagarin CDXX8649
Bagat CDXX1568
Bagay Deoue CDXX9926
Bagay Toua CDXX9927
Bagaye Tchilang CDXX9928
Bagdaye CDXX6193
Bagdogo CDXX4967
Bage CDXX1569
Bagodogo CDXX5444
Bagou CDXX7373
Bagoua CDXX7374
Bagoudam CDXX2405
Bagoum CDXX4968
Bagoun CDXX4969
Bagrr CDXX9929
Baguedjam CDXX4970
Baguenda CDXX8010
Baguengueul CDXX9930
Baguetia CDXX4971
Bagui CDXX7375
Baguidi CDXX9931
Bahali CDXX0878
Bahay CDXX1100
Bahima CDXX7376
Bahitra CDXX6689
Bahr Sakher CDXX3145
Baibokom CDXX5445
Baibokoum CDXX5446
Baida Baila CDXX8011
Baida Bara CDXX8012
Baida Djerassim CDXX8013
Baidoum CDXX8014
Baiganda CDXX5447
Baikon CDXX8650
Baikore CDXX9678
Baikoro CDXX5448
Baila Laote CDXX4972
Baila Nkankel CDXX4973
Baila-Kali CDXX4974
Baila-Loutoi CDXX4975
Baimbayam CDXX6194
Bain CDXX9932
Baingan CDXX1570
Baintam CDXX4976
Baisapoke CDXX5449
Baitandi CDXX5450
Baka CDXX2406
Bakaba CDXX5451
Bakaki CDXX8651
Bakala CDXX7377
Bakao CDXX2407
Bakao CDXX7378
Bakaore CDXX1101
Bakari CDXX1571
Bakasao CDXX1572
Bakassa CDXX5452
Bakchoro CDXX9933
Bake CDXX5453
Bakemai CDXX8015
Bakes Soulis CDXX1573
Baki Malaram CDXX7379
Bakinia CDXX8652
Baklandjia CDXX9934
Bakmal CDXX8016
Bakna CDXX7380
Bakou CDXX8653
Bakoua CDXX5454
Bakouadenedje CDXX5455
Bakoul CDXX4977
Bakourou CDXX1574
Bala CDXX4459
Bala CDXX4978
Bala CDXX6690
Bala Bogolo CDXX9935
Bala Kaye CDXX9936
Balaba CDXX3750
Balaia CDXX3146
Balakiousi CDXX3751
Balakoloula CDXX3752
Balal CDXX0315
Balala CDXX1575
Balama CDXX7381
Balamoun CDXX1102
Balangosi CDXX8654
Balangoti CDXX8655
Balani CDXX7382
Balao CDXX1576
Balao CDXX7383
Balao Badjoda CDXX1577
Balarahi CDXX2409
Balaray CDXX1578
Balarti CDXX0316
Balasi Toulo CDXX4460
Balaya CDXX3753
Balbout CDXX3754
Balday CDXX1579
Baldjie CDXX2410
Bale CDXX6691
Bale I CDXX6195
Bale II CDXX6692
Baleiniere CDXX1580
Balekolo CDXX6693
Balekoutou CDXX0005
Balemani CDXX6694
Balembanga CDXX6695
Baletoundou CDXX6696
Balga CDXX1581
Balgue CDXX1582
Bali CDXX8656
Bali CDXX1103
Balianka CDXX8017
Balili CDXX2411
Balimba CDXX6697
Balinga CDXX7384
Balisako CDXX6698
Balkabra CDXX0006
Ballam CDXX7385
Balmassi CDXX9937
Balnaka CDXX6699
Balnimiri CDXX3147
Balo CDXX1583
Balouay CDXX6700
Baltoua CDXX1584
Baltoubay CDXX6701
Bam CDXX0007
Bam Bodo CDXX5456
Bamann CDXX4979
Bambale CDXX7386
Bambam CDXX7387
Bambara CDXX6702
Bambo CDXX6703
Bamdi CDXX7388
Ban Djedid CDXX0317
Bana Ngoto CDXX9938
Banabodour CDXX0318
Banala CDXX2412
Banama CDXX2413
Banate CDXX1585
Banatil CDXX8657
Banda CDXX1586
Banda CDXX6704
Banda CDXX2414
Banda II CDXX6705
Banda Madja CDXX2415
Bandar CDXX8658
Bandar CDXX0319
Bandaray CDXX8659
Bandaro CDXX2416
Bandaye CDXX7389
Bandesongoye CDXX2417
Bandjafe CDXX1587
Bandjedid CDXX0320
Bandji CDXX5457
Bang CDXX8018
Banga CDXX0321
Banga CDXX9939
Banga CDXX5458
Bangao CDXX1588
Bangas CDXX3148
Bangaye CDXX5459
Bangdo CDXX6706
Bangdogo CDXX6196
Bangneu CDXX9940
Bango CDXX1589
Bangoinja CDXX1590
Bangonia CDXX4980
Bangoul CDXX6197
Bangsi Laygue CDXX8019
Banguira CDXX5460
Banguissa CDXX5461
Bani CDXX9941
Bani CDXX4981
Bani Asan CDXX0322
Banibi CDXX5462
Banker CDXX6707
Bankeri CDXX1591
Banki Tchokoto CDXX3149
Bantala CDXX1592
Bantere CDXX7390
Bao CDXX4982
Bao CDXX1593
Bao I CDXX5463
Bao II CDXX5464
Baoare CDXX8020
Baoda CDXX0323
Baogarada CDXX1594
Baokoudou CDXX4983
Baonay CDXX5465
Baouda CDXX8660
Baouda CDXX0324
Baoude CDXX0879
Baoudjoro CDXX5466
Baoul CDXX9942
Baoul Saoudji CDXX9943
Baoun CDXX4984
Baourga CDXX7391
Baouyat CDXX2418
Bar CDXX6708
Bar CDXX2419
Bara CDXX5467
Bara CDXX1595
Bara CDXX3755
Bara CDXX6198
Bara CDXX7392
Bara CDXX4985
Bara CDXX8661
Bara CDXX2420
Bara CDXX6709
Bara I CDXX6199
Bara II CDXX6200
Barakala CDXX8662
Barama CDXX2421
Baranga CDXX6710
Baranga CDXX1596
Barao CDXX6711
Barati CDXX4461
Barbina CDXX4986
Barda CDXX9679
Bardai CDXX0880
Barde CDXX8663
Barde CDXX0325
Barde CDXX1597
Bardobade CDXX4987
Bare CDXX0326
Barena CDXX9680
Barenge CDXX1104
Bargad CDXX1105
Bari CDXX9944
Bari CDXX4462
Bari CDXX1598
Bari Kolom CDXX4463
Baria CDXX1599
Baridondo CDXX4464
Barima CDXX7393
Barintie CDXX0327
Barjam CDXX7394
Barka CDXX7395
Barkabolou CDXX3756
Barkad CDXX8664
Barkala CDXX8665
Barkaya CDXX7396
Barkevarba I CDXX7397
Barkevarba II CDXX7398
Barkmal CDXX8021
Barle CDXX1600
Barlo CDXX2422
Barnon CDXX4988
Baro CDXX2423
Baroua CDXX1106
Baroual CDXX2424
Baroud CDXX8666
Baroun CDXX8667
Barouya CDXX8668
Barwala Asil CDXX0329
Barwala Haraz CDXX0330
Basa CDXX1601
Basao CDXX5468
Basar CDXX8669
Baskilin CDXX7399
Baslo CDXX1602
Bassa CDXX1603
Bassengui CDXX9945
Bassi CDXX7400
Bata CDXX6201
Bata CDXX1604
Bata I CDXX4465
Bata II CDXX4466
Bata III CDXX3757
Bata III CDXX4467
Batal CDXX4989
Batalay CDXX1605
Batalla CDXX8022
Batangam CDXX8670
Batara CDXX6712
Bataral CDXX8671
Batchaoua CDXX7401
Batcher CDXX9946
Bateba CDXX6713
Batieri CDXX1606
Batifogora CDXX1607
Batikam CDXX1608
Batimere Rounga CDXX9681
Batimere Sara CDXX9682
Batiri CDXX4468
Batna CDXX8023
Batodou CDXX9947
Batoua CDXX4469
Batoubo CDXX9948
Batoum Am Mak CDXX3150
Batouma CDXX8672
Batri CDXX1609
Baya CDXX9949
Baya CDXX0331
Baya Koulbo CDXX2425
Bayakababa CDXX9950
Bayam CDXX4990
Bayan CDXX9951
Bayanga CDXX3758
Baydam CDXX4991
Bayem CDXX1610
Bayfili CDXX3151
Bayo CDXX9952
Bayo CDXX2426
Bayoro CDXX3152
Bayorom CDXX3153
Baytomou CDXX4992
Be Aima CDXX0332
Be Bobranga CDXX0333
Be Doumo CDXX9953
Be Kordou CDXX9954
Be Mangara CDXX9955
Be Mangra CDXX5469
Be Mia CDXX9956
Be Moula CDXX9957
Be Ouala CDXX9958
Bea CDXX6714
Beakague CDXX5470
Beama CDXX5471
Beamongo CDXX5472
Bebad CDXX4993
Bebal CDXX4994
Bebal CDXX5473
Bebala CDXX6715
Bebala CDXX5474
Bebala CDXX6202
Bebala I CDXX6716
Bebala II CDXX6717
Bebala-Tamanti CDXX5475
Bebalem CDXX4995
Bebanassa CDXX5476
Bebanda CDXX8024
Bebandja CDXX5477
Bebane CDXX4996
Bebanga CDXX5478
Bebangueur CDXX5479
Bebann CDXX5480
Bebe CDXX5481
Bebe Bilbil CDXX9959
Bebe Labi CDXX9960
Bebedja CDXX0009
Bebekass CDXX4997
Bebelem I CDXX5482
Bebelem II CDXX5483
Bebelme CDXX5484
Bebemdi CDXX5485
Bebemkandji CDXX5486
Bebian CDXX6203
Bebiladoro CDXX4998
Bebinda CDXX5487
Bebinga CDXX6718
Bebo CDXX6204
Bebo CDXX4999
Bebo Pen CDXX6205
Bebokasi CDXX5000
Bebolo CDXX6719
Bebomo CDXX6206
Bebonboura CDXX5489
Bebongay CDXX5490
Beboni CDXX5491
Beboro CDXX6207
Beboto CDXX5492
Beboto Kabeti CDXX5493
Bebou CDXX5494
Bebougai CDXX5495
Bebouinda CDXX5001
Beboukata CDXX6208
Bebouladji I CDXX5496
Bebouladji II CDXX5497
Beboura CDXX5498
Bebourou CDXX5499
Bebourtabe CDXX1107
Beboy CDXX5500
Beboye CDXX5501
Bebwayo CDXX5502
Bechebi CDXX0881
Bechirom CDXX3759
Becon Djoro CDXX5503
Beda CDXX5504
Bedaidoura CDXX5505
Bedakoussang CDXX5506
Bedam CDXX3154
Bedamoundou CDXX5507
Bedan CDXX6209
Bedan I CDXX6210
Bedan II CDXX6211
Bedandie CDXX5508
Bedane CDXX5509
Bedanga CDXX6212
Bedann CDXX5510
Bedanta CDXX6213
Bedaoyo CDXX5511
Bedara CDXX5512
Bedara Lal CDXX5513
Bedat CDXX1611
Bedaya CDXX6214
Bedaya CDXX5514
Bedaya CDXX6720
Bede CDXX5515
Bede CDXX3760
Bede Dioul CDXX3761
Bedegagra CDXX6215
Bedege CDXX6216
Bedegue CDXX6217
Bedeine CDXX3155
Bedele CDXX9961
Bedem CDXX7402
Bedem Sira CDXX7403
Bedena CDXX9683
Bedere CDXX6218
Bedey CDXX3762
Bedi CDXX2427
Bedia CDXX0010
Bediga CDXX2428
Bedigri CDXX5517
Bedin CDXX8673
Bedine CDXX0334
Bedinga CDXX6721
Bedio CDXX5518
Bediondo CDXX6219
Bediondouli CDXX5519
Bedissa CDXX5520
Bedja CDXX5521
Bedjal CDXX5522
Bedjamnia CDXX5523
Bedjo CDXX6722
Bedjo CDXX6220
Bedjo II CDXX6221
Bedjomo CDXX6222
Bedoada CDXX5524
Bedoba CDXX5525
Bedobouyou CDXX6223
Bedodan CDXX6224
Bedogo CDXX5526
Bedogo I CDXX6225
Bedogo II CDXX6226
Bedogo III CDXX6227
Bedogo Nanga CDXX5527
Bedok CDXX5528
Bedokassa CDXX5529
Bedoko CDXX5002
Bedoli CDXX5530
Bedonang CDXX5531
Bedondouli CDXX5532
Bedongui CDXX5533
Bedono CDXX5003
Bedonro CDXX5534
Bedoro CDXX5535
Bedotoumba CDXX6228
Bedotoumba II CDXX6229
Bedoua CDXX6230
Bedoumia CDXX5536
Beendou CDXX1612
Begada CDXX5537
Begadoua CDXX5538
Begague CDXX5539
Begala CDXX5540
Begamoundou CDXX5541
Beganbian CDXX5542
Begangbe I CDXX5543
Begangbe II CDXX5544
Begangber CDXX5545
Begaouay CDXX5546
Begara Daye CDXX6231
Begara Mbaye CDXX6232
Begna CDXX5004
Begoko CDXX5547
Begolbe CDXX5548
Begole CDXX5549
Begon CDXX5550
Begone CDXX5551
Begore CDXX5552
Begosso CDXX6723
Begou CDXX6724
Begoumara CDXX5005
Begouri CDXX6233
Begourou CDXX6234
Begoyon CDXX5553
Begue CDXX6725
Begueli CDXX5554
Beguelkar CDXX5555
Beguere CDXX5556
Beguetibe CDXX5557
Beguia CDXX9962
Beguide CDXX6726
Beguigui CDXX6727
Behelmia CDXX5558
Behi CDXX5006
Beida CDXX9684
Beide CDXX2429
Beide II CDXX9963
Beido CDXX5559
Beinamar CDXX0011
Beisoua CDXX9964
Beissa CDXX0012
Beissa II CDXX5007
Beito CDXX5560
Bekain CDXX6235
Bekamba CDXX6236
Bekamba I CDXX6237
Bekamba II CDXX6238
Bekamba III CDXX6239
Bekambare CDXX6240
Bekambe CDXX5008
Bekamna I CDXX5561
Bekamna II CDXX5562
Bekandjia CDXX5563
Bekane CDXX5564
Bekao CDXX5565
Bekao I CDXX5566
Bekao II CDXX5567
Bekaotal CDXX5568
Bekar CDXX5569
Bekassa CDXX5009
Bekeni CDXX5570
Bekessi CDXX6241
Beketati CDXX5571
Bekete CDXX1613
Bekia CDXX5010
Bekibi CDXX5573
Bekibi I CDXX5574
Bekibi II CDXX5575
Bekigui CDXX5011
Bekila CDXX5576
Bekinedo CDXX5577
Bekiri CDXX5012
Bekiro CDXX6728
Bekita CDXX6729
Beklbi CDXX5578
Beko CDXX6242
Beko I CDXX6243
Beko II CDXX6244
Bekodo CDXX5579
Bekodo I CDXX5580
Bekodo II CDXX5581
Bekole CDXX5582
Bekolo CDXX5583
Bekombe CDXX5584
Bekondjio CDXX6731
Bekondjo CDXX5585
Bekone CDXX2430
Bekoninga CDXX5586
Bekonn CDXX5587
Bekono CDXX6245
Bekono CDXX6732
Bekor CDXX5588
Bekor-Daba CDXX5589
Bekorbo CDXX5590
Bekoro CDXX5591
Bekoro CDXX6246
Bekoule CDXX5592
Bekoumbo CDXX6247
Bekoura CDXX5593
Bekourou CDXX6248
Bekourou II CDXX6249
Bekoutoumani CDXX5594
Bekoye CDXX5595
Bela CDXX5596
Belaba CDXX5013
Belaberim CDXX3763
Beladjia CDXX5014
Belakiri CDXX3156
Belalo CDXX8674
Belama CDXX5597
Belanga CDXX5015
Beldou CDXX2431
Bele CDXX7404
Bele CDXX2432
Bele CDXX9965
Belede Madouan CDXX1614
Belegue CDXX5598
Beleke CDXX5599
Belem CDXX7405
Beli CDXX9966
Belia CDXX5600
Belil Ardebe CDXX0335
Belil Doungous CDXX2433
Belimdi CDXX9967
Belkara CDXX5601
Belli CDXX8025
Belli Iousoumia CDXX0882
Bello CDXX1615
Belobo CDXX6250
Belpoko CDXX5602
Bem Bem CDXX3764
Bemaga CDXX5603
Bemal CDXX5604
Bemana CDXX5605
Bemangara I CDXX5016
Bemangara II CDXX5017
Bemara CDXX5606
Bemati CDXX5018
Bemato CDXX6733
Bemaye CDXX9968
Bembadal CDXX6251
Bembaida CDXX5607
Bembaida I CDXX5608
Bembaida II CDXX5609
Bembaida Nya CDXX5610
Bembaidi CDXX5611
Bembaido CDXX5019
Bembaigann CDXX5020
Bembainda CDXX5612
Bembaindi CDXX5613
Bembar CDXX5614
Bembaranga CDXX5615
Bembare CDXX5616
Bembaya CDXX6734
Bembaya CDXX5617
Bembe CDXX6735
Bembem CDXX3765
Bembene CDXX5618
Bembi CDXX5021
Bembindi CDXX5619
Bemboro CDXX6736
Bemboura CDXX5620
Bemenon CDXX6737
Bemia CDXX5022
Bemia CDXX9969
Bemia CDXX5621
Bemio CDXX5622
Bemira CDXX5623
Bemira CDXX5023
Bemoa CDXX5624
Bemotinnti CDXX5625
Bemou CDXX5626
Bemoulati CDXX5627
Bemouli CDXX6738
Bemouli CDXX5628
Bemouli Kembita CDXX6739
Bemrang CDXX5024
Ben Alba CDXX8675
Benabo CDXX2434
Benalba CDXX0336
Benamsara CDXX5629
Benaoui CDXX8026
Benasse CDXX5630
Benassi CDXX5631
Benawil CDXX8027
Bendana CDXX0013
Bendanga CDXX6253
Bende CDXX5632
Bendi CDXX6254
Bendioui CDXX3157
Bendja I CDXX5633
Bendja II CDXX5634
Bendjiamonn CDXX5025
Bendo CDXX5635
Bendodjo CDXX6255
Bendouba CDXX6256
Benena CDXX1108
Benga Kindonion CDXX6257
Bengabou CDXX5636
Bengada CDXX6258
Bengadoua CDXX5637
Bengafo CDXX5638
Bengaida CDXX5639
Bengakor CDXX5640
Bengala CDXX7406
Bengamia CDXX5641
Benganga CDXX5642
Bengaoda CDXX5643
Bengar I CDXX5644
Bengar II CDXX5645
Bengar Sao CDXX5646
Bengassa CDXX5647
Bengo CDXX5026
Bengo CDXX6259
Bengokar CDXX5648
Bengon CDXX5649
Bengono CDXX6740
Bengono CDXX6260
Bengor CDXX5650
Bengore CDXX6741
Bengoro CDXX6261
Benguebe CDXX6742
Benguesse CDXX6262
Beni CDXX2435
Benibo CDXX5027
Benim CDXX5651
Bennbann CDXX5652
Benouna CDXX7407
Benoy CDXX5028
Benoybeur CDXX5029
Benoyin CDXX5653
Bentam CDXX5654
Bentay CDXX1616
Bentiri Kangara CDXX3766
Beo Mo CDXX6263
Beongo CDXX5655
Beoro CDXX5656
Beouala CDXX5657
Beouangure CDXX2436
Beoulou CDXX6744
Bepan CDXX6264
Bepana CDXX5658
Bepana CDXX6265
Bepara CDXX5659
Bepia CDXX5030
Bepikas CDXX5031
Bepili CDXX6266
Beporo CDXX5660
Beptongo CDXX0337
Ber Beissa CDXX5032
Ber Laoukas CDXX0037
Beraba CDXX5661
Beraya CDXX5662
Berbera CDXX8676
Berbere CDXX8677
Berbere CDXX1617
Berdelep Erbey CDXX3767
Berdena CDXX7408
Berdie CDXX8678
Berdoba CDXX0883
Bere CDXX5033
Bere CDXX0014
Bere CDXX5663
Bere Gongolo CDXX6267
Beredjang CDXX8679
Bereguit CDXX9685
Berekin CDXX1618
Berem Dikna CDXX7409
Berem Guebelsou CDXX7410
Berem Ham CDXX7411
Berem Mbasa CDXX9970
Bereta CDXX8680
Beretan CDXX2437
Berete CDXX7412
Berete CDXX2438
Berete CDXX9971
Berfeti CDXX1109
Bergue CDXX1619
Beri CDXX5034
Beria CDXX5035
Beriame CDXX7413
Berigui CDXX6268
Berliang CDXX8028
Berme CDXX7414
Berne CDXX0338
Bero CDXX5664
Bero CDXX9972
Bero Koumde CDXX9973
Bero Mola CDXX9974
Bero Ndigou CDXX9975
Bero Yao CDXX9976
Beromana CDXX5665
Berome CDXX5666
Berouet CDXX2439
Berre CDXX5667
Berte CDXX8681
Besa CDXX3768
Beseme CDXX0884
Besi Bourou CDXX5036
Besme CDXX9977
Bessa CDXX6269
Bessada CDXX6745
Bessah CDXX6270
Bessama CDXX6271
Bessama CDXX5668
Bessanah CDXX6272
Bessao CDXX5669
Bessao I CDXX5670
Bessao III CDXX5671
Bessara CDXX6273
Bessei CDXX5672
Besseme CDXX5673
Bessey CDXX5037
Bessey I CDXX5038
Bessey II CDXX5039
Bessigri CDXX5040
Bessira CDXX6746
Besso CDXX6274
Bessoum CDXX5041
Betabar CDXX5674
Betabar II CDXX5675
Betabar Logone CDXX5676
Betakia CDXX5042
Betam CDXX5677
Betana CDXX6747
Betariti CDXX5678
Beteje CDXX5679
Betendil CDXX5680
Beter CDXX5043
Beteti CDXX5681
Beti CDXX6748
Beti CDXX5682
Betian CDXX5683
Betie CDXX2440
Betigadjia CDXX6275
Betikandjia CDXX6276
Betikanjia CDXX6277
Betimongo CDXX5684
Betissa CDXX5685
Beto CDXX5686
Betol CDXX5687
Betolo CDXX6749
Betolo CDXX5688
Betor CDXX5689
Betoro CDXX5690
Betotele CDXX5044
Betoubi CDXX5691
Betoum CDXX5692
Beugre CDXX5045
Beurso CDXX1620
Bewaidou CDXX9978
Bewangue CDXX2441
Beyada CDXX5693
Beyadi CDXX9686
Beyama CDXX5694
Beyara CDXX5695
Beyer CDXX5696
Beynani CDXX9979
Beyon CDXX5697
Bezme CDXX9980
Bezme Kolon CDXX9981
Bi CDXX5698
Bia CDXX3769
Biabo CDXX5699
Biakongo CDXX5700
Bianke CDXX8029
Bibakor CDXX5701
Biban CDXX8030
Bibane CDXX8031
Bibien CDXX9687
Bibou CDXX8032
Biboul CDXX4470
Bichara CDXX0885
Bidadi CDXX9982
Bidakaride CDXX9983
Bidakiro CDXX9984
Bidamay CDXX5046
Bidanasso CDXX7415
Bidanga CDXX5702
Bide-Oudi CDXX0886
Biden Kalak CDXX8682
Bideyat CDXX0887
Bidia I CDXX9688
Bidimene CDXX7416
Bidin CDXX8683
Bidine CDXX8684
Bidingay CDXX4471
Bidjil CDXX9689
Bidjir CDXX2442
Bidougou CDXX5047
Bidri CDXX1621
Bidri II CDXX1622
Biecou CDXX9985
Biere CDXX2443
Biere CDXX9690
Biere CDXX1623
Biere Am Gena CDXX8685
Biere Am Kindoue CDXX8686
Biere Djakana CDXX8687
Biere Micheige CDXX8688
Biere Saraf CDXX8689
Bifou Kengela CDXX4472
Biga CDXX2444
Bigli CDXX3158
Bigue CDXX1624
Bigui Amoula CDXX9986
Bigui Negue CDXX9987
Bihambai CDXX7417
Bihet CDXX2445
Bihia CDXX1625
Bikbere CDXX7418
Bikhese CDXX3159
Bikoro CDXX5703
Bikoua CDXX5704
Bikouloum CDXX8033
Bila CDXX4473
Bilabou CDXX1626
Bilaka Keni CDXX9988
Bilama Issen CDXX3160
Bilamtou CDXX1627
Bilanda CDXX5705
Bilanga CDXX3770
Bilasari CDXX3771
Bilayo CDXX9691
Bilbo CDXX5706
Bile CDXX1628
Bile Arkoumanga CDXX3773
Bile Choukouri CDXX3774
Bile Dokora CDXX3775
Bile Goani CDXX3776
Bile Omara CDXX3777
Bilere CDXX1629
Bili CDXX4474
Bili CDXX6278
Biliam Oursi CDXX7419
Biliam Oursi II CDXX7420
Bilibeni CDXX5048
Bilibili CDXX9692
Bilikim CDXX9989
Bilingam CDXX3778
Billa CDXX3779
Bilma CDXX9990
Bilo CDXX1631
Bilou CDXX7421
Bilou CDXX0339
Biltine CDXX1110
Bim CDXX5707
Bimanga CDXX0340
Bimbague CDXX6279
Bimbaitada CDXX5708
Bimban-Guer CDXX5709
Bimi CDXX0341
Bimi Koubo CDXX0342
Bimourbare CDXX8034
Binam CDXX4475
Binda CDXX3780
Bindanga CDXX6280
Binder CDXX8035
Binder Nairi CDXX8036
Bindjom CDXX8037
Bindoye CDXX5710
Binedir CDXX8690
Biney CDXX8691
Binga CDXX2446
Bingala CDXX5711
Bingamara CDXX5712
Binganele CDXX6281
Bingere CDXX7422
Bingo CDXX5713
Bingo CDXX5049
Bingor CDXX5714
Binguele CDXX5715
Bingueli CDXX6750
Binie CDXX3161
Binjom CDXX8038
Binndo CDXX5051
Binngambre CDXX5716
Binouara CDXX3781
Bio CDXX9991
Bio CDXX6751
Biobe CDXX6752
Biosako CDXX6753
Bipare CDXX8039
Bir Abzet CDXX3162
Bir al Arab CDXX1632
Bir Alali CDXX3782
Bir Barka CDXX3163
Bir Basar CDXX3783
Bir Boulo CDXX3784
Bir Daout CDXX3785
Bir Dek CDXX3164
Bir Douan CDXX1111
Bir Dout CDXX3786
Bir el Garap CDXX1633
Bir el Ghala CDXX9695
Bir el Tibin CDXX0344
Bir Fas CDXX3787
Bir Gara CDXX3788
Bir Inkele CDXX1112
Bir Kandji CDXX8692
Bir Kebich CDXX8693
Bir Kedouas CDXX8694
Bir Kerala CDXX3165
Bir Ket Fatime CDXX0343
Bir Louri CDXX3789
Bir Mafi CDXX3790
Bir Malik CDXX8695
Bir Meran CDXX8696
Bir Outouk CDXX8697
Bir Sale CDXX8698
Bir Somo CDXX3791
Bir Taguel CDXX9693
Bir Taouil CDXX8699
Bir Tere CDXX1113
Bir Yoyo CDXX8700
Bir Zaraf CDXX9694
Biragoutou CDXX6754
Biraguirkou CDXX5052
Birak CDXX1114
Birak Harouba CDXX1115
Biramanda CDXX5053
Birbasim CDXX1116
Birboti CDXX6755
Birdam CDXX8701
Bire CDXX2447
Biregue CDXX0345
Birekat CDXX8702
Birem Bollossou CDXX7423
Biren Amsalat CDXX2448
Biren Andaraba CDXX2449
Biren Beni Alba CDXX8703
Biren Garday CDXX2450
Biri Dangabouale CDXX6756
Birikodjo CDXX6757
Birim CDXX7424
Birke Tania CDXX3166
Birkel Beida CDXX1634
Birkeli CDXX8704
Birket Fatime CDXX0346
Birni CDXX0347
Birzaf CDXX3792
Biseo I CDXX7425
Bisi CDXX7426
Biske CDXX8705
Biske Djimeze CDXX8706
Biske Djoudiata CDXX8707
Bisney CDXX3167
Bisouadog CDXX5054
Bissale CDXX8040
Bisseo II CDXX7427
Bissi CDXX3168
Bissi CDXX7428
Bissi Keda CDXX8041
Bissi Mafou CDXX8042
Bissi Yelsina CDXX8043
Bissimangou CDXX5717
Bisso CDXX8044
Bissouadok CDXX5055
Bita CDXX3169
Bita-Ndololo CDXX5056
Bitadouna CDXX5057
Bitakara CDXX5058
Bitalbagara CDXX1635
Bitanda CDXX5718
Bitanda CDXX5059
Bitao CDXX5719
Bitchei CDXX1636
Bitchilom CDXX4476
Bitenda CDXX5720
Biti CDXX0888
Bitkine CDXX2454
Bitoi I CDXX5721
Bitoi II CDXX5722
Bizimou CDXX7429
Bladjil CDXX3793
Bladjiri CDXX3794
Bladjoyo CDXX3795
Blaganamiril CDXX4477
Blari CDXX3796
Blarigi CDXX4478
Blatougli CDXX3797
Bledega CDXX3170
Bo CDXX6282
Bo CDXX2455
Boa CDXX7430
Boandja CDXX5723
Boari CDXX6758
Boay CDXX1637
Bobech Kabir CDXX9696
Bobech Sagher CDXX9697
Bobemain CDXX5724
Bobi CDXX5725
Bobo CDXX2456
Bobodjen CDXX8709
Bobok CDXX1117
Bobokore CDXX1118
Bobri CDXX1119
Bobwil Karoua CDXX3798
Bocha CDXX3171
Bocha CDXX1638
Bochedouanga CDXX3799
Boda CDXX1639
Bodagole CDXX1640
Bodene CDXX3172
Boderom CDXX4479
Bodesi CDXX9992
Bodianga CDXX3800
Bodiri CDXX3801
Bodjama CDXX5726
Bodji CDXX4480
Bodo CDXX5727
Bodo CDXX6283
Bodo CDXX1641
Bodo Kakray CDXX9993
Bodo Mandal CDXX9994
Bodobara CDXX6759
Bodom CDXX2457
Bodongol CDXX7431
Bodor CDXX1642
Bodoro CDXX8045
Bodou Bourboura CDXX4481
Bodou Koura CDXX4482
Bodou Manga CDXX4483
Bodou Sailay CDXX4484
Bodougour CDXX1643
Bodoumey CDXX7432
Bodourr CDXX9995
Bogand CDXX9698
Bogdjo CDXX6760
Bogey CDXX3803
Bogi Kouroumanga CDXX3804
Bogo CDXX7433
Bogo CDXX0348
Bogodji CDXX6761
Bogodo CDXX7434
Bogole CDXX3805
Bogoley CDXX3806
Bogoli CDXX3807
Bogom CDXX1644
Bogomia I CDXX5728
Bogomia II CDXX5729
Bogomoro CDXX1645
Bogoro CDXX9996
Bogoude CDXX1646
Bogoudoube CDXX5730
Bogoy CDXX1120
Bogoye CDXX7435
Bogre CDXX5731
Bogron CDXX2458
Bogroun CDXX1647
Bohe CDXX6762
Bohobe CDXX6763
Boholo CDXX3173
Boitou CDXX9997
Bokalgue CDXX6284
Bokare CDXX2459
Bokari CDXX1648
Bokery CDXX1649
Bokie CDXX1650
Bokodje CDXX5060
Bokoro CDXX3174
Bokoyo CDXX6764
Bokoyo CDXX1651
Bokrom CDXX1652
Bol CDXX5732
Bol CDXX4485
Bol CDXX7436
Bol Gini CDXX4486
Bola CDXX1653
Bolati I CDXX6765
Bolbe CDXX6766
Bolbissi CDXX6767
Boleati CDXX3175
Bolgaba CDXX6768
Bolgue CDXX7437
Boli CDXX4487
Boli CDXX6769
Boli CDXX2461
Bolo CDXX9998
Boloanda CDXX4488
Bolobo CDXX5733
Bologadjia CDXX6770
Bologo CDXX9999
Bolok CDXX8710
Boloko CDXX7438
Bolong CDXX2462
Bolongo CDXX3808
Boloro CDXX8046
Bolorom CDXX4489
Bolosidi CDXX4490
Bolou CDXX1121
Boltini CDXX3809
Boltirom CDXX4491
Boltrom CDXX3176
Bomala CDXX5734
Bombom CDXX3177
Bombouri CDXX2463
Bomboyo CDXX1654
Bomele CDXX7439
Bomolo CDXX5735
Bon CDXX2464
Bona CDXX5736
Bonako CDXX9699
Bonderi CDXX3178
Bondjoule CDXX1655
Bondo CDXX5061
Bondoro CDXX9700
Bongmara CDXX5737
Bongo CDXX6285
Bongor CDXX7440
Bongor Guien CDXX7441
Bongor Hahanga CDXX7442
Bongor Sieke CDXX7443
Bongorey CDXX3810
Bongori CDXX3811
Bongourse CDXX7444
Bonguigni CDXX5062
Bonio-Komi CDXX2465
Boobrie CDXX3179
Bor CDXX7445
Bora CDXX1122
Bora CDXX3812
Borbouay CDXX5738
Borgoto CDXX6771
Bori CDXX8711
Bori CDXX4492
Borizaria CDXX3180
Borlo CDXX8712
Borlolo CDXX0349
Bormane CDXX6772
Bornodoukoume CDXX1123
Boro CDXX6286
Boro CDXX5739
Boro CDXX6773
Boro CDXX0889
Boro CDXX8713
Boro Adjous CDXX8714
Boro Kateltek CDXX8715
Borofani CDXX2466
Boroiam CDXX3813
Borom CDXX6774
Borom II CDXX5740
Bororik CDXX0350
Bororodji CDXX8047
Borota CDXX8716
Borotche CDXX1656
Borou CDXX0890
Borouba CDXX1124
Boroy CDXX5063
Bose CDXX2467
Bosowari CDXX3814
Bota CDXX0351
Bote CDXX2468
Botiou CDXX5741
Boto CDXX1125
Botoa CDXX3815
Botoa CDXX4493
Botolbo CDXX5742
Boton el Fil CDXX0352
Bou Lange CDXX3816
Bou Loulou CDXX3181
Boua CDXX4494
Bouabir CDXX8717
Bouado CDXX5743
Bouado CDXX5064
Bouakague CDXX5744
Bouam CDXX7446
Bouamar CDXX5065
Bouane CDXX6775
Bouanhii CDXX5066
Bouariguem CDXX5067
Bouassala CDXX7447
Boubagorgel CDXX1657
Boubo CDXX6287
Boubou CDXX9701
Boubou CDXX2469
Boubour CDXX1658
Boudabogo Bornou CDXX1659
Boudadjoujou CDXX1662
Boudamasa CDXX1663
Boudia CDXX2470
Boudjoul CDXX8719
Boudordjo CDXX1664
Boudou CDXX2471
Boudougour CDXX7448
Boudoute CDXX3817
Boufouta CDXX8720
Bouga CDXX5745
Bougal CDXX1665
Bougaraou CDXX8048
Bougarou CDXX5068
Bougou CDXX2472
Bougouda CDXX1666
Bougoumasa CDXX1667
Bougoumen CDXX1668
Bougoumene CDXX1669
Bougoumoro CDXX1670
Bougouna CDXX7449
Bougouna CDXX1671
Bougounou CDXX2473
Bougour CDXX1672
Bougouradi CDXX1126
Bougourmari CDXX1673
Bougourmi CDXX4495
Bougourou CDXX4496
Bougui CDXX7451
Boui CDXX4497
Boukal CDXX1674
Boukas CDXX8721
Boukboukou CDXX8722
Boukem CDXX1675
Boukenaoua CDXX6288
Boukenaoua I CDXX6289
Boukenaoua II CDXX6290
Boukouyou CDXX2474
Boukta CDXX1676
Boul CDXX2475
Boul CDXX4498
Boula CDXX3818
Boula Bilim CDXX3819
Boula Bouda CDXX1677
Boula Bousou CDXX3820
Boula Bousou CDXX3182
Boula Fodou CDXX3821
Boula Kouka CDXX3183
Boula Kroui CDXX3822
Boula Ngara CDXX3823
Boula Soula CDXX3824
Boula Tambala CDXX3184
Boula Toukouli CDXX3825
Boula Yorde CDXX3826
Boulaboro CDXX3827
Boulaboumtoko CDXX1678
Boulala CDXX0353
Boulamid CDXX1679
Boulangou Drouna CDXX3828
Boulare CDXX8049
Boulbire CDXX3829
Boulembali CDXX7452
Boulen CDXX4499
Boulkoa CDXX3830
Boulkonoro CDXX0354
Boulo Gayemi CDXX3831
Boulokale CDXX3832
Boulongoa CDXX3833
Boulongwa CDXX4500
Boulonkou Yako CDXX4501
Boulou CDXX4502
Boulou II CDXX4503
Bouloul CDXX3834
Bouloum Bouloum CDXX7453
Bouloumi CDXX3185
Boulounkou CDXX3835
Boultoa CDXX3836
Boum Kabir CDXX6776
Boum Sagher CDXX6777
Boumdel CDXX1127
Boumou CDXX6291
Boumou CDXX0015
Bouna CDXX6292
Bouna Kaba CDXX6293
Bounanay CDXX4504
Bounati CDXX4505
Boundoum CDXX2476
Boungoulti CDXX1680
Boungoum CDXX1681
Boungtabe CDXX1682
Bouni CDXX6778
Bounjole CDXX1683
Bouola CDXX1684
Boura CDXX5746
Bouram CDXX1685
Bouraro CDXX3186
Bourbari CDXX1686
Bourbe CDXX6294
Bourbeyde CDXX8356
Bourbo CDXX6779
Bourboura CDXX4506
Bourdiou CDXX7454
Bourdoutoumou CDXX0891
Bouri CDXX5069
Bourio CDXX0355
Bourkele CDXX1128
Bourkil CDXX1129
Bourkouman CDXX8723
Bourkri CDXX3837
Bourlo CDXX7455
Bourmanga CDXX3838
Bourmataguil CDXX9702
Bournak CDXX3839
Bourndeen CDXX6780
Bourni CDXX3187
Bourni CDXX3840
Bournoul CDXX7456
Bouro CDXX0892
Bourom CDXX4507
Bourou CDXX6295
Bourou CDXX1687
Bourou II CDXX5071
Bouroua CDXX3841
Bouroube CDXX6296
Bouroudou CDXX3842
Bouroukou CDXX8724
Bouroula CDXX3843
Bouroum I CDXX5747
Bourrou CDXX5072
Bourtail CDXX8725
Bourtay Ganoun CDXX8726
Bourtay Zaoue CDXX8727
Bourtille CDXX2477
Bourtoutou CDXX8728
Bourzan CDXX2478
Bousayidi CDXX4508
Bousgouyanga CDXX8729
Boussemou CDXX7457
Bousso CDXX1688
Boussono CDXX8050
Bout el Fil CDXX3188
Bout el Wali CDXX8357
Bouta Moko CDXX1689
Boutadoulba CDXX1690
Boutou CDXX6297
Boutoukoli CDXX3844
Boutouloum CDXX1691
Boutounoukou CDXX3845
Bouya CDXX3846
Boyama CDXX6781
Boye CDXX5748
Boye CDXX6782
Boyegue I CDXX6783
Boyegue II CDXX6784
Boyinti CDXX4509
Boyo CDXX0356
Bragoldou CDXX5749
Brahoune CDXX1130
Brakaba CDXX6298
Brandal CDXX4510
Brayarom CDXX3189
Brea CDXX4511
Bredjil CDXX8730
Brege CDXX8731
Bregue Kebir CDXX0357
Bregue Serir CDXX0358
Brere CDXX0359
Brerie CDXX3190
Bricha Romala CDXX8732
Brikete CDXX7458
Brim CDXX1692
Britou CDXX3847
Bronkoul CDXX1131
Broudou CDXX4512
Brouma CDXX7459
Broumbia CDXX4513
Brounkoun CDXX1132
By CDXX3848
Bzahinmi CDXX0893
Cahet CDXX0360
Carre de Sana CDXX6301
Carre Koldaga CDXX6299
Carre Ndjou CDXX5750
Ce I CDXX5751
Cese CDXX2479
Chabakari CDXX3191
Chabalo CDXX0361
Chaele CDXX3192
Chafok CDXX0362
Chagoua CDXX8358
Chaib CDXX8733
Chakarnaba CDXX8734
Chakoura CDXX8735
Chalfat CDXX3849
Chalkandie CDXX8736
Chamata CDXX9703
Chambere CDXX1693
Chambol CDXX8737
Chamie CDXX0363
Chamir CDXX8738
Chandjone CDXX0364
Chankrous CDXX8359
Chaorang CDXX2480
Chaoua CDXX1694
Chaoua CDXX0365
Charakeyer CDXX5752
Charambala CDXX8739
Charati Bobo CDXX9704
Charati Gato CDXX9705
Charati Selimie CDXX9706
Chari CDXX0366
Charkaya CDXX3193
Chaten CDXX2481
Chaway CDXX3850
Chaway CDXX3194
Chebaya CDXX3195
Chechan CDXX8740
Cheddra CDXX3851
Chedide CDXX2482
Chedide CDXX3196
Chefer CDXX8741
Chehefe CDXX0367
Chek Brahim CDXX3852
Chek Falata CDXX0368
Cheke CDXX3197
Chele CDXX8742
Chellala CDXX0369
Chemite CDXX0370
Chemite Ab Garfa CDXX0371
Chemite Kormol CDXX0372
Chene CDXX3198
Cherafa CDXX0373
Cherap CDXX3853
Cherganie CDXX8743
Cherif CDXX1695
Cherim CDXX0374
Chibina CDXX3200
Chibina CDXX1696
Chibina CDXX0375
Chige CDXX3854
Chigege CDXX0376
Chignet CDXX2483
Chiguek CDXX0377
Chileke CDXX3855
Chilo CDXX1697
Chilongoro CDXX3856
Chingeat CDXX2484
Chinguil CDXX2485
Chinini CDXX8744
Chiotak CDXX8745
Chiotak Katelke CDXX8746
Chioum Hidjer CDXX8748
Chireribe CDXX0378
Chitati CDXX3857
Chobo CDXX2486
Chokan CDXX8749
Chokolki CDXX8750
Chokoyan CDXX8751
Chouarom CDXX3201
Choudran CDXX0379
Choukhara CDXX8752
Choukirom CDXX3858
Choutak CDXX8753
Cotonfran CDXX9707
Cotonfranc CDXX5753
Da CDXX6302
Da CDXX4514
Daalou CDXX8754
Daba CDXX8051
Daba CDXX6785
Daba CDXX7460
Daba CDXX0380
Daba Asi Fera CDXX0381
Dabaka CDXX2487
Dabakaray CDXX3202
Dabakay Sofera CDXX2488
Dabakay Zarga CDXX2489
Dabana CDXX7461
Dabangat CDXX8755
Dabara CDXX2490
Dabazin CDXX2491
Dabdabaya CDXX9708
Dabela CDXX7462
Daberti CDXX8756
Dabkaray CDXX3203
Dabla CDXX7463
Dabokay CDXX2492
Dabou CDXX4515
Daboua CDXX4516
Dabourom CDXX4517
Daboutou CDXX6303
Daday CDXX1698
Dadi CDXX8052
Dadjile CDXX5073
Dadjile II CDXX5074
Dadouar CDXX2493
Dafa CDXX7464
Dafade CDXX0382
Dafra CDXX2494
Daga CDXX2495
Daga CDXX0383
Dagaga CDXX1133
Dagagnar CDXX8758
Dagana CDXX3859
Dagana Kanfa CDXX3204
Dagari CDXX8759
Dagbao CDXX5754
Dage CDXX3860
Dagesa CDXX8760
Dagigona CDXX6786
Dagilom CDXX4518
Dagoka CDXX1699
Dagori CDXX3205
Dagoti CDXX6304
Dagour CDXX9709
Daguela CDXX2497
Daguile CDXX6305
Daguirki CDXX8053
Dahili CDXX6306
Dai CDXX7465
Daibo CDXX6307
Daibo CDXX5755
Daire CDXX4519
Dajel CDXX9710
Daka CDXX3206
Dakaiko CDXX8761
Dakono CDXX6308
Dakouri CDXX5756
Dakoutour CDXX9711
Dalak CDXX3207
Dalakena I CDXX0384
Dalakena II CDXX0385
Dalakina CDXX0386
Dalala CDXX8762
Dalala CDXX0387
Dalala CDXX1700
Dalalinya CDXX4520
Dalame CDXX1134
Dalan CDXX2498
Dalao CDXX8054
Dalao CDXX2499
Dalatre CDXX0388
Dalborno CDXX1701
Daldouri CDXX3208
Dalihada CDXX1702
Dalinia CDXX8763
Dalmadou CDXX8055
Dalok CDXX3861
Daloual CDXX1135
Dam CDXX7466
Dam CDXX5075
Dam CDXX8056
Dam Dam CDXX1136
Dama CDXX8764
Damaki CDXX1703
Damala CDXX6787
Damala CDXX5757
Damao CDXX5758
Damare CDXX8765
Damarit Bornou CDXX8766
Damarma CDXX1704
Dambe CDXX8360
Dambere CDXX7467
Dambolo CDXX4521
Damboro CDXX2500
Dambri CDXX8057
Damere CDXX1137
Damire Kochola CDXX8767
Damranga CDXX0389
Damraou CDXX6788
Damre CDXX8768
Damrebournou CDXX8769
Damtar CDXX6789
Dan Manga CDXX0390
Dana CDXX7468
Dana CDXX0391
Danamadja CDXX6790
Danamadji CDXX6309
Danbrin CDXX7469
Danda CDXX6310
Dandira CDXX6311
Dandomo CDXX0392
Dandro CDXX2501
Dane Kone CDXX4522
Dang CDXX8058
Dangaba CDXX6791
Dangaberi CDXX6792
Dangabouta CDXX6793
Dangadjaye CDXX6794
Dangai CDXX3209
Dangala CDXX8770
Dangande CDXX6312
Danganjin CDXX6795
Dangaousi CDXX9712
Dangare CDXX0393
Dangasti CDXX9713
Dangay CDXX0394
Dangda CDXX5759
Dangdar CDXX7470
Dangde CDXX5760
Dangdil CDXX5761
Dangi CDXX8771
Dangoma CDXX0395
Dangoro CDXX6796
Dangoulou CDXX6313
Dangoum CDXX5762
Dangtoli CDXX6797
Dangui CDXX9714
Dankala CDXX0396
Danki CDXX2502
Dankian CDXX6798
Dankou CDXX1138
Dankouch CDXX0397
Dankoutch CDXX0398
Dankoutch CDXX2503
Dankouy CDXX8772
Danmadjia CDXX6314
Danou CDXX5763
Danouala CDXX5764
Danouli CDXX7471
Danranga CDXX0399
Dansama CDXX6315
Danzekere CDXX5076
Daori CDXX5765
Daoua CDXX7472
Daoua CDXX6316
Daoua CDXX6799
Daouare CDXX7473
Daouay CDXX8773
Daoula CDXX3210
Dapkaraia CDXX1705
Dapkaray CDXX8774
Daporpouti CDXX6317
Dar CDXX6800
Dar el Ech CDXX9715
Dar Gazal CDXX1706
Dar Kouka CDXX0400
Dar Oumar CDXX2504
Dara CDXX2505
Daraba CDXX8775
Daradia-Kabe CDXX1707
Daradje Dole CDXX1708
Darambde CDXX0401
Darangala CDXX8776
Darazaz CDXX0402
Darbe CDXX7474
Dard CDXX7475
Darda CDXX1709
Dardalia CDXX1710
Dardiga CDXX8777
Darele CDXX2506
Darelech CDXX9716
Dari CDXX2507
Dari CDXX8059
Darkafia CDXX3211
Darki CDXX7476
Darmasa CDXX0403
Darmoli CDXX0404
Darmout CDXX0405
Darna CDXX8778
Darnane CDXX1139
Darongol CDXX8779
Dasingue CDXX2508
Dassik CDXX1711
Dassoro CDXX5766
Datibo CDXX6318
Day Nangda CDXX6801
Daya CDXX5767
Daya Abou Ache CDXX3212
Daye CDXX5768
Dayem CDXX8780
Daykapra CDXX7477
Debada CDXX3213
Debalem CDXX5769
Debangou CDXX7478
Debasan CDXX0894
Debdouk CDXX1712
Debekre CDXX0406
Debir CDXX2509
Dedan Boulanga CDXX4523
Dedaye CDXX5770
Dede CDXX2510
Dedehech CDXX3214
Defafin CDXX2511
Dege CDXX1140
Degila CDXX4524
Dehe CDXX0407
Deheche CDXX0408
Deher CDXX2512
Dej CDXX9717
Dekati CDXX9718
Deker CDXX1141
Dekoite CDXX8781
Dela Kelima CDXX3862
Dela Soula CDXX3863
Delagoum CDXX2513
Delasa CDXX4525
Delatagam CDXX3864
Delban CDXX1713
Delebe CDXX0409
Delebe CDXX3865
Delefianga CDXX3866
Deleiba CDXX9719
Deleima CDXX9720
Delekena CDXX3215
Delema CDXX3216
Deleng CDXX2514
Delep CDXX2515
Delep Doroso CDXX3867
Delep Tourkou CDXX3868
Delfin Bornou CDXX1714
Delfin Sara CDXX1715
Delhou CDXX8060
Delhou Soule CDXX8061
Deli CDXX0016
Delingala CDXX6319
Delniom CDXX3217
Delou CDXX1716
Dembe CDXX8782
Dembo CDXX6320
Demi CDXX3869
Demi Konga CDXX8783
Demia CDXX6802
Demimatra CDXX6321
Demwolki CDXX2516
Denambo CDXX6803
Dendala CDXX0410
Dendene CDXX5771
Dendji CDXX5077
Dene CDXX6804
Deneboia CDXX3218
Deneyo CDXX6322
Dengao CDXX6805
Dengui CDXX9721
Deni CDXX6806
Deni CDXX1142
Deniese CDXX8784
Deopossa CDXX8062
Deouare CDXX8785
Dera CDXX9722
Derader CDXX9723
Deraia CDXX1717
Derbano Boua CDXX8786
Derbelaban CDXX3870
Deredia CDXX1718
Derehite CDXX0411
Derehite Dadjo CDXX0412
Derehite Koulou CDXX0413
Deresna CDXX9724
Deressa CDXX8787
Dereta CDXX8788
Deretina CDXX1143
Derguigui CDXX6807
Derguigui I CDXX6324
Derguigui II CDXX6325
Derguimi CDXX6326
Derkatie CDXX2517
Derkole CDXX1144
Derota CDXX3219
Dersse CDXX6327
Derta CDXX1145
Deviye CDXX7479
Deye CDXX8789
Dguidame CDXX1719
Di CDXX7480
Diaami CDXX3871
Diafal CDXX2518
Diafra CDXX7481
Diagma CDXX2519
Diagran CDXX3872
Diai CDXX6808
Diakak CDXX0414
Diala Banga CDXX3873
Dialko CDXX1720
Diamele CDXX8063
Diamor CDXX0415
Dianbie CDXX8064
Dianga CDXX4527
Diangalimi CDXX3874
Diangoul CDXX9725
Diao CDXX7482
Diao Margass CDXX7483
Diaouni CDXX4528
Diaptoukero CDXX7484
Diara CDXX3875
Diara CDXX2520
Diara CDXX0416
Diari CDXX3876
Diarkouloula CDXX3220
Diarom CDXX4529
Diatalari CDXX3877
Diba CDXX5772
Dibaea CDXX4530
Dibal CDXX7485
Dibebe CDXX3221
Dibekir CDXX3222
Dibekra CDXX1721
Dibekre CDXX3223
Dibere CDXX8065
Dibindi Al Aya CDXX3224
Dibindi al Kour CDXX3226
Dibindi Aras CDXX3225
Dibinintchi CDXX4531
Dibino Fouli CDXX4532
Dibis CDXX8790
Dibod CDXX9726
Diboul Boul CDXX4533
Didjamba CDXX0417
Dido CDXX5773
Diep CDXX7486
Dieye CDXX6809
Difi CDXX3878
Difir CDXX9727
Digangali CDXX8361
Digangan CDXX1722
Digdobo CDXX5078
Digelaba CDXX3879
Digeur CDXX0895
Digidmafi CDXX3880
Digirne CDXX3881
Diguindeti CDXX9728
Diguini CDXX7487
Dik CDXX6810
Dik Dik CDXX5079
Diko CDXX2521
Dikta CDXX8791
Dilabirti CDXX6328
Dilala CDXX4534
Dilanba CDXX8792
Dilbigni CDXX3227
Dile CDXX2522
Dile CDXX3882
Dileb CDXX8793
Dilebat CDXX8794
Dilema CDXX8795
Dilga CDXX1723
Dili CDXX4535
Dili CDXX6329
Dilibodo CDXX6811
Dilindri CDXX3228
Dilit Arip CDXX8796
Dilit Soba CDXX8797
Dilka CDXX7488
Dille CDXX1724
Dilouko CDXX2523
Dima CDXX7489
Dimed CDXX0418
Dimeza CDXX1146
Dinaba CDXX6330
Dinahou CDXX4536
Dinakam CDXX4537
Dinakobo CDXX6331
Dinam CDXX4538
Dinambo Mandoul CDXX6332
Dindere CDXX1725
Dindji CDXX4539
Dindoum CDXX1726
Dine CDXX1727
Dinegis CDXX3229
Dingadili CDXX6333
Dingamdili CDXX6334
Dingangali CDXX1728
Dingilerou CDXX8798
Dinguil CDXX2524
Dini CDXX0419
Diniti CDXX3230
Dio CDXX1729
Diogoromo CDXX3883
Diogou CDXX2525
Diokana CDXX1730
Diokana CDXX3231
Diokana Anga CDXX1731
Diokana Bao CDXX1732
Diomoy CDXX3884
Dioran CDXX9729
Dioroko CDXX8799
Dioudiowa CDXX3885
Dioudoul CDXX3886
Diougoulgouli CDXX2526
Dioukop CDXX0420
Dioundouseria CDXX4540
Diour CDXX8800
Dioura CDXX3887
Diouroup CDXX3232
Diousoukoun CDXX1733
Dipkir CDXX9730
Dira CDXX6812
Dirango CDXX8801
Dirbati CDXX3233
Dirbeye CDXX2527
Dirdir CDXX2528
Direite CDXX8802
Direk CDXX6813
Diri CDXX8803
Diridangara CDXX3234
Dirki CDXX7490
Dirkou CDXX5080
Diseyre CDXX0421
Disou CDXX7491
Dissing CDXX8066
Dissoua CDXX5081
Ditila CDXX4541
Ditoli CDXX1147
Djabel CDXX8804
Djabelo CDXX5082
Djabi CDXX5083
Djadama CDXX7492
Djadja CDXX6814
Djaga CDXX4542
Djagala CDXX2529
Djagzay CDXX5774
Djaha CDXX6815
Djaharin CDXX0422
Djaitou CDXX8067
Djajire CDXX0423
Djaka CDXX7493
Djakatoutou CDXX8805
Djako CDXX5084
Djakoua CDXX0424
Djalara CDXX5775
Djalingo CDXX8068
Djam CDXX3888
Djam I CDXX5085
Djam II CDXX5086
Djamadi CDXX3235
Djamal Himede CDXX8806
Djamali CDXX6816
Djamam CDXX3236
Djamam Nabagay CDXX3237
Djamaniz CDXX0425
Djamar CDXX1148
Djamara CDXX3238
Djambalbar CDXX1734
Djamboutou CDXX8069
Djamdori CDXX1736
Djamena CDXX2530
Djamena CDXX3239
Djamena CDXX1737
Djamena Borkou CDXX1738
Djamena Chip CDXX1739
Djamilasite CDXX8807
Djamno CDXX5087
Djamoussa CDXX2531
Djan CDXX5776
Djan CDXX6335
Djana CDXX5777
Djana CDXX2532
Djana Ibet CDXX2533
Djana Mougmo CDXX2534
Djana Moura CDXX2535
Djana Tidjani CDXX2536
Djanehane CDXX8808
Djanga CDXX5778
Djange CDXX1149
Djangoul CDXX8811
Djangoun CDXX2537
Djangta CDXX1740
Djankta CDXX1741
Djaolani CDXX8070
Djaouame CDXX8812
Djaouinde CDXX8813
Djaouit CDXX9731
Djaour el Goz CDXX3240
Djaouri CDXX2538
Djar CDXX7494
Djar Konkia CDXX3241
Djarao Baydou I CDXX7495
Djarao Baydou II CDXX7496
Djarao Boro Bay CDXX7497
Djarao Boro I CDXX7498
Djarao Boro II CDXX7499
Djarao Boro III CDXX7500
Djarao Golo I CDXX7501
Djarao Golo II CDXX7502
Djarao Golo III CDXX7503
Djari CDXX2539
Djarkene CDXX8814
Djaroua I CDXX6336
Djaroua II CDXX6337
Djarouaye CDXX7504
Djati CDXX8815
Djavou CDXX8071
Djay CDXX5088
Djaya CDXX2540
Djebe CDXX8816
Djeberanding CDXX8817
Djebren CDXX2541
Djedaa CDXX0426
Djedid CDXX1150
Djedida CDXX9732
Djedide CDXX8818
Djeguerankas CDXX5089
Djeguerenn Doul CDXX5090
Djeguerenn Kaze CDXX5091
Djeho CDXX7505
Djeke Djeke CDXX6338
Djekeme CDXX3242
Djekine CDXX3243
Djeler CDXX1151
Djeli CDXX8819
Djember CDXX6817
Djemelma CDXX1742
Djemena CDXX9733
Djemena CDXX3889
Djemena Guide CDXX1743
Djemilasit CDXX8820
Djenda CDXX9734
Djene CDXX8821
Djeneine CDXX1744
Djerangeli CDXX8822
Djerao CDXX8072
Djeras CDXX9735
Djerat CDXX2542
Djerat CDXX8823
Djerbe CDXX2543
Djerebana CDXX3245
Djerena CDXX8824
Djerid CDXX9736
Djerinna CDXX1745
Djerkene CDXX8825
Djerma Haroun CDXX3246
Djermaya CDXX3247
Djernao CDXX8073
Djeroua CDXX8826
Djeu CDXX5779
Djeulou CDXX3890
Djeulou Amadou CDXX3891
Djiagalaba CDXX1152
Djianga CDXX2544
Djib Djoumalek CDXX0427
Djibne CDXX3248
Djiboutou CDXX1746
Djidada CDXX3249
Djidada CDXX1747
Djidami CDXX3892
Djidat CDXX1748
Djidi Bagay CDXX7506
Djidi Bagaye CDXX7507
Djidja CDXX4543
Djierna CDXX1153
Djigare CDXX3893
Djiguete CDXX7508
Djiha CDXX7509
Djikei CDXX8074
Djila CDXX4544
Djilabi CDXX1749
Djilakam CDXX1750
Djilime CDXX1154
Djillali CDXX1751
Djilli CDXX2545
Djilmi CDXX2546
Djimadoul CDXX5092
Djimes CDXX2547
Djimesse CDXX2548
Djimez CDXX9737
Djimez CDXX3250
Djimez CDXX8827
Djimez Arourou CDXX8828
Djimeze CDXX1752
Djimeze CDXX2549
Djimeze CDXX8829
Djimeze CDXX3251
Djiminofou CDXX8830
Djimtilo CDXX3252
Djindere CDXX1753
Djindi CDXX9738
Djindjibo CDXX6818
Djindjikono CDXX6819
Djinekir CDXX2550
Djinere CDXX1754
Djiodat CDXX9739
Djiogi CDXX1155
Djiour CDXX1755
Djipdjoumalak CDXX3253
Djire CDXX0428
Djiria CDXX4545
Djiro CDXX0429
Djoame CDXX8831
Djoaro CDXX8832
Djoda CDXX0430
Djodjar CDXX3255
Djodo Bisara CDXX7510
Djodo Gasa CDXX7511
Djodo Yakoumba CDXX7512
Djogo CDXX9740
Djogolo CDXX0431
Djogoundo CDXX7513
Djogue CDXX1756
Djoguidjoro CDXX1757
Djoka CDXX3256
Djokaidjodi CDXX1758
Djokan CDXX0432
Djoke CDXX1759
Djoke Amadou CDXX1760
Djokhan CDXX0433
Djokhana CDXX1761
Djokhana CDXX0434
Djokhine CDXX1762
Djoko CDXX3258
Djokodji CDXX1763
Djola I CDXX6339
Djola II CDXX6340
Djolbo CDXX5093
Djoli CDXX6820
Djomal CDXX6821
Djombo CDXX0435
Djombo Fakara CDXX8833
Djombo Kibbit CDXX0436
Djomegue CDXX6822
Djomina CDXX1764
Djomirom CDXX4546
Djon CDXX7514
Djondjol CDXX2552
Djoramadou CDXX1765
Djorkdi CDXX8075
Djorlo CDXX8834
Djorlo CDXX2553
Djoro CDXX5780
Djorom CDXX4547
Djou CDXX4548
Djoua CDXX0437
Djoua CDXX8835
Djoubak CDXX0438
Djoubar CDXX0439
Djoubdjoumala CDXX0440
Djoubo CDXX8836
Djouboulalou CDXX0896
Djouganta CDXX8837
Djougena CDXX3259
Djougondi CDXX2554
Djougou CDXX4549
Djougou II CDXX3894
Djougoule Adjous CDXX9741
Djoukha CDXX8838
Djoukouloum CDXX8839
Djoukoutou CDXX4550
Djouloum CDXX7515
Djoulout CDXX0441
Djoumal CDXX3260
Djouman CDXX7516
Djouman Landou CDXX7517
Djoumanga CDXX1766
Djoumarti CDXX3261
Djoumboul CDXX1767
Djoumour CDXX1768
Djouna CDXX9742
Djoungotoli CDXX1769
Djounia CDXX0442
Djouno CDXX7518
Djour-Ddjoura CDXX0443
Djoura CDXX3895
Djourme CDXX2555
Djourou Gouma CDXX1770
Djouroudji CDXX3262
Djourouke CDXX1771
Djouroundou CDXX0444
Djoy CDXX5094
Djoy I CDXX5095
Djoy II CDXX5096
Djoy III CDXX5097
Do CDXX6341
Do CDXX6823
Doap CDXX5781
Doba CDXX6342
Doba CDXX5098
Doba Kourangati CDXX5783
Doba-Dena CDXX6343
Dobadena CDXX6825
Dobadene CDXX6344
Dobadene I CDXX6345
Dobadene III CDXX6346
Dobadene V CDXX6347
Dobagala CDXX5099
Dobam CDXX5100
Dobama CDXX5784
Dobanene CDXX6348
Dobar Bani CDXX8076
Dobara CDXX5101
Dobe CDXX5102
Dobembe CDXX6826
Dobemmiti CDXX5785
Dobengue CDXX6827
Dobeni CDXX5103
Dobeni II CDXX5104
Dobien Laogama CDXX8077
Dobienn CDXX8078
Dobin CDXX5786
Dobin Betian CDXX5787
Dobiti CDXX5788
Dobo CDXX6828
Dobo CDXX6349
Dobor CDXX5105
Doborti CDXX5789
Dobou CDXX8840
Dobouroum CDXX5790
Dobtou CDXX5791
Dodang I CDXX5792
Dodang II CDXX5793
Dodi CDXX5106
Dodikas CDXX5107
Dodinnda CDXX5108
Dodjigui CDXX5109
Dodjigui CDXX5794
Dodjore CDXX8841
Dodorok CDXX8842
Dodou CDXX5110
Dodoula CDXX3896
Dodoum CDXX5795
Dogafoley CDXX3897
Doge CDXX0897
Doglgi CDXX5111
Dogmaye CDXX6829
Dogo CDXX0445
Dogoeninga CDXX5112
Dogolo CDXX1772
Dogolo el Hadj CDXX3264
Dogolo Gada CDXX3263
Dogom CDXX2556
Dogorerom CDXX4551
Dogoumbo CDXX1773
Dogourou CDXX6350
Dogouti CDXX5796
Dogoya CDXX1774
Dogueni CDXX5113
Doguere CDXX6830
Doguere CDXX6351
Doguere Moissala CDXX6831
Doguigui CDXX6832
Doguinndi CDXX0017
Doguiti CDXX2557
Doher CDXX0018
Doholo CDXX5116
Doholo CDXX5797
Dohoulou CDXX5117
Doindopina CDXX8079
Doinga CDXX0898
Dokaba CDXX5118
Dokabi CDXX5798
Dokagade CDXX5799
Dokagaye CDXX5800
Dokague CDXX5801
Dokague II CDXX5802
Dokan CDXX8843
Dokapti CDXX5803
Dokapti CDXX5119
Dokassi CDXX6833
Dokaydil CDXX5804
Dokhane CDXX0446
Doko CDXX6352
Dokolo CDXX6834
Dokora CDXX3898
Dokora CDXX2558
Dokore CDXX1156
Dokori CDXX4552
Dokoro CDXX6835
Dokotchi CDXX0447
Dokou CDXX5120
Dokou CDXX5805
Dokou CDXX6353
Dokou CDXX6836
Dokoura CDXX5806
Dokoutou CDXX5807
Dokoutou CDXX5121
Dokoya CDXX1775
Dokrio CDXX2559
Doktoro CDXX6354
Dol CDXX8844
Dol CDXX1776
Dola CDXX3899
Dola CDXX4553
Dola CDXX5122
Dolam CDXX5808
Dolao CDXX5809
Dolao CDXX5123
Doldoki CDXX3265
Dole CDXX8845
Dole CDXX2560
Dole CDXX7519
Dole CDXX4554
Dolena CDXX5124
Doleri CDXX1777
Doli CDXX2561
Dolienn CDXX5125
Doligna CDXX5126
Dolioko CDXX1778
Dolko CDXX0448
Dolori CDXX1779
Dolougou CDXX5127
Doloumba CDXX2562
Dom CDXX7520
Domai CDXX7521
Domane CDXX5810
Domane CDXX5128
Domann CDXX5129
Domann I CDXX5130
Domann II CDXX5131
Domannbeidaye CDXX8080
Dombali CDXX5811
Domballa CDXX5132
Dombao CDXX8081
Dombaye CDXX1780
Dombogolo CDXX5812
Domboli CDXX8846
Domboli Djado CDXX8847
Domboti CDXX2563
Domboul CDXX8848
Dombouri CDXX3900
Dombourou CDXX1781
Domenda CDXX5813
Domey CDXX7522
Dominga CDXX6355
Domkasse CDXX5814
Domkouch CDXX1157
Domo CDXX1782
Domo Baira CDXX7523
Domo Bara CDXX7524
Domo Bargay CDXX7525
Domo Dagada CDXX7526
Domo Dalao CDXX7527
Domo Danbale CDXX7528
Domo Dongogo CDXX7529
Domo Doumba CDXX7530
Domo Galao CDXX7531
Domo Goera CDXX7532
Domo So CDXX7533
Domo Taria CDXX7534
Domo Teguede CDXX7535
Domolo CDXX1783
Domou CDXX5815
Don CDXX5816
Don Ayebaha CDXX7536
Don-i-Baa CDXX7537
Donakesse CDXX5817
Donangra CDXX5133
Donankas CDXX5818
Donda CDXX5134
Dondati CDXX5819
Dondiegre CDXX5135
Dondo CDXX5136
Dondoua CDXX5820
Dondouba CDXX5821
Dondounga CDXX5137
Donedo CDXX5138
Dongo CDXX6837
Dongokonious CDXX3266
Dongoma CDXX2564
Dongoro CDXX1784
Dongoro CDXX5822
Dongoro CDXX3267
Dongoukou CDXX5823
Dongoulou CDXX2565
Donia CDXX0019
Doninga CDXX6356
Donio CDXX6838
Donkaze CDXX5824
Donkouch CDXX8849
Donnta CDXX5825
Dono CDXX5139
Doouada CDXX6839
Dooual CDXX5140
Dooulo CDXX5141
Dopdopdop CDXX0450
Dorbi CDXX3901
Dordogo CDXX0451
Dordom CDXX3902
Dordom Soutoa CDXX3903
Dordon CDXX3268
Dore CDXX7538
Dorgoy CDXX1158
Dori Kalam CDXX0452
Doring CDXX8850
Dorkoli CDXX6840
Dorli Barandifa CDXX2566
Dorno Albos CDXX8851
Dorno Djoutougue CDXX8852
Dornoyon CDXX6841
Doro CDXX6357
Doro CDXX6842
Doroba Togrou CDXX1159
Doromane CDXX5826
Dorondo CDXX8853
Dorota CDXX8854
Dorote CDXX8855
Dorote I CDXX8856
Dorote II CDXX8857
Dosam CDXX8082
Dossaiti CDXX5827
Dosse CDXX5828
Dotchon CDXX2568
Dotogo CDXX5142
Dotogou CDXX5829
Dotoumadi CDXX5143
Doua CDXX5144
Douala CDXX3269
Douala CDXX5145
Douas CDXX8858
Douay CDXX1160
Douba Sama CDXX5830
Doubadobo CDXX6358
Douban CDXX8859
Doubeida CDXX5831
Douboula CDXX8083
Douboulao CDXX8084
Douchi CDXX0899
Doudei CDXX9743
Doudoun CDXX1161
Doudour CDXX4555
Doue CDXX8085
Doueur CDXX5146
Doufan CDXX7539
Doufong CDXX6843
Dougaga CDXX8860
Dougay CDXX8861
Dougi CDXX3270
Dougi CDXX8862
Dougia CDXX0020
Dougne CDXX9744
Dougolna CDXX1785
Dougolos CDXX2569
Dougoul CDXX2570
Dougoula CDXX4556
Dougoularom CDXX4557
Dougouli CDXX3904
Dougouma CDXX0453
Dougoun CDXX1162
Dougourou CDXX5147
Dougoye CDXX8086
Dougui Al Aha CDXX3271
Dougui Chikhet CDXX3272
Dougui Magueta CDXX3273
Dougui Tibite CDXX3274
Douhane CDXX0454
Douhoko CDXX5148
Doui CDXX0900
Douiaoui CDXX0901
Douida CDXX8087
Douinng Aha CDXX0902
Doukambe CDXX5832
Doukoa CDXX3905
Doukoumkoum CDXX1786
Doukour CDXX8863
Doukousa CDXX1163
Doul CDXX3906
Doula CDXX8864
Doulba CDXX1787
Doulba Malmana CDXX1788
Douldjaya CDXX0455
Doulfi CDXX2571
Doulie CDXX3275
Doulko CDXX3907
Doulou Dereti CDXX3908
Doulouk CDXX3276
Doulouk CDXX1789
Doulouma CDXX3909
Doulousa CDXX8865
Doum Doum CDXX4558
Doum Doumou CDXX3277
Doum-Doum CDXX1790
Douma Charafa CDXX8866
Douma Dadjo CDXX8867
Doumane CDXX9746
Doumbane CDXX9747
Doumboula CDXX4559
Doumbour CDXX3910
Doumgui CDXX7540
Doumka CDXX0456
Doumsa CDXX3278
Douna Yari CDXX3911
Dounambo CDXX6359
Doundere CDXX1791
Doungabo CDXX5833
Doungandi CDXX5834
Doungous CDXX0457
Doungous CDXX9748
Dounou CDXX7541
Doura CDXX7542
Dourana CDXX0458
Dourbali CDXX1792
Dourdafo CDXX1164
Dourdigi CDXX0459
Dourdoura CDXX9749
Dourdoura CDXX8868
Dourdoure CDXX1165
Dourkoule CDXX1166
Dourloukou CDXX1793
Dourmame CDXX0460
Dourmane CDXX0461
Dourna CDXX1167
Dourninge CDXX1168
Dournoan CDXX8869
Douroubari CDXX8870
Dourouga CDXX2572
Douroumbedat CDXX9750
Douroungoulou CDXX0462
Dourti CDXX8871
Dourti Souar CDXX8872
Dousa CDXX6844
Douvelloum CDXX8088
Douvoul CDXX1794
Douyou CDXX6845
Douziat CDXX2573
Dowadel CDXX5835
Dowel CDXX5836
Doy CDXX5149
Doyaba CDXX6846
Doyer CDXX5150
Doyo CDXX2574
Dozinngaze CDXX8089
Dozza CDXX0903
Dra CDXX4560
Drahou CDXX7543
Dram CDXX7544
Dram Kichlna CDXX2575
Drarom CDXX4561
Dressa CDXX1795
Dro Gana CDXX3279
Droumaz CDXX9751
Dulotiaya CDXX0463
Duniann CDXX5151
Dzingue CDXX5837
Eban CDXX9752
Ebaygane CDXX5838
Ebe CDXX2576
Ebe CDXX3280
Ebe CDXX8873
Ebeday CDXX3912
Eberia Broua CDXX3913
Echbara CDXX8874
Echbara Sarer CDXX8875
Ed Djezire CDXX0464
Edaka CDXX8090
Edere CDXX1169
Edimpi CDXX0904
Efele CDXX1796
Effeta CDXX3914
Efne CDXX1797
Egey CDXX3915
Eglei Yoroso CDXX3916
Ehi Gounouma CDXX0905
Ehi Koui CDXX0906
Ehine Sata CDXX0907
Eke Rhoan CDXX0908
Ekelou CDXX8091
Ekon CDXX8876
El Adjiri CDXX3917
El Amadji CDXX3281
El Arba CDXX0021
El Bakhas CDXX3282
El Bedia CDXX3918
El Bieda CDXX0465
El Biher CDXX8877
El Birke CDXX1798
El Bouk CDXX0466
El Guidi CDXX3283
El Hamadi CDXX0467
El Haouich CDXX3284
El Harr CDXX3919
El Heour CDXX0468
El Hidjer CDXX9753
El Khienis CDXX3285
El Kop Ek CDXX1171
El Kop Krik CDXX1172
El Kouk CDXX9754
El Mada CDXX0469
El Madie CDXX0470
El Maksoum Moza CDXX3286
El Mayami CDXX0471
El Mazabre CDXX1799
El Moura CDXX3288
El Mreir CDXX3289
El Ngueto el Goz CDXX1800
El Ogna CDXX9755
El Rehir CDXX3290
Elanbarout CDXX8878
Elbore CDXX8092
Elbore Petel CDXX8093
Eli CDXX1801
Elilenge CDXX1173
Eliwenama CDXX0909
Elsion CDXX8094
Emaka CDXX1174
Emte Ragay CDXX0472
Enme CDXX1175
Er CDXX1176
Er Rala CDXX3291
Erde CDXX8095
Erdebe CDXX0473
Erdebe CDXX8879
Erdebe Dondonta CDXX8880
Erdingi CDXX1177
Ere CDXX7545
Ere CDXX1178
Ere CDXX8881
Eref CDXX2577
Ereganga CDXX3920
Erere CDXX1802
Erge CDXX3921
Ergechir CDXX3292
Ergourdi CDXX8882
Erguey CDXX1803
Eri CDXX1179
Eri CDXX3922
Eri el Messir CDXX3926
Eri Gisounga CDXX3923
Eri Kizoumba CDXX3924
Eri Olanga CDXX3925
Erinda CDXX5839
Erinda II CDXX5840
Eringi CDXX0910
Eritoukouli CDXX3927
Erize CDXX1804
Erkie CDXX1180
Erkou CDXX0911
Erla CDXX3293
Erne CDXX1181
Ernimek CDXX8883
Eroua CDXX1805
Eroua CDXX8884
Erte CDXX8885
Es Senit CDXX0474
Es Sit CDXX0475
Esere CDXX0476
Esterena CDXX8886
Et Taouil CDXX1806
Etechan CDXX8887
Eteta CDXX8888
Facha CDXX8889
Fada CDXX0912
Fadalari CDXX3928
Fadia CDXX3294
Fadie CDXX3295
Fadjalala CDXX8890
Fadjaoa CDXX3296
Fadje CDXX3297
Fadje CDXX1807
Fadje Bouchara CDXX1808
Fadje Lhala CDXX0477
Fadje Mousa CDXX1809
Fadjialala CDXX2578
Fadra CDXX4562
Fafaldji CDXX3929
Fafalko CDXX8891
Fafoul CDXX8892
Fagire CDXX1182
Fahat CDXX3298
Fairom CDXX4563
Faki Dout CDXX0478
Fakir CDXX8893
Fala CDXX0479
Fala CDXX1810
Fale CDXX3299
Falele CDXX8894
Falga CDXX2579
Falgue CDXX6847
Faligui CDXX1811
Falirom CDXX3300
Falla-Koubi CDXX2580
Fama CDXX7546
Fandjalla CDXX2581
Fankacha CDXX3930
Fankacha Arkouma CDXX3931
Fanta CDXX3301
Fantairom CDXX4564
Faouat CDXX1812
Fara CDXX1813
Faradjalari CDXX3302
Faral CDXX8895
Farale CDXX2582
Faranga CDXX8896
Faraye CDXX3933
Farbana CDXX0480
Farcha CDXX3303
Farcha CDXX8362
Fardakala CDXX8897
Fardjia CDXX8898
Farerik CDXX2583
Farfara CDXX7547
Fargo CDXX2584
Faria CDXX7548
Faridji CDXX1814
Farkil CDXX9756
Faroua CDXX8899
Faroudj CDXX1815
Faroweli CDXX0481
Farsay CDXX8900
Fasalodioul CDXX3934
Fasoda CDXX0482
Fat Ronyan CDXX3304
Fatata CDXX8363
Fatoumata CDXX8901
Faya CDXX0002
Faya CDXX3935
Fayadinga CDXX4565
Fayala CDXX3936
Fayay CDXX3937
Fazara CDXX1816
Fefe CDXX3938
Fegue I CDXX7549
Fegue II CDXX7550
Fehine CDXX1183
Felemoa CDXX3939
Femi CDXX4566
Fene CDXX8902
Ferdagai CDXX1817
Feride CDXX8903
Feridinga CDXX3940
Ferimounga CDXX3941
Ferkele CDXX8904
Ferme de Deli CDXX5152
Feromasankale CDXX4567
Fesladjili CDXX3943
Fianga CDXX7551
Fida CDXX8905
Fidame CDXX4568
Fielme CDXX2585
Fieng CDXX7552
Fierom CDXX4569
Fil CDXX2586
Fila CDXX1184
File CDXX0483
Filet CDXX8906
Filzale CDXX8096
Finaki CDXX7553
Finay CDXX8907
Firaseayal CDXX0484
Fircha CDXX8908
Fire CDXX3944
Fitchari CDXX2587
Fitine CDXX8909
Fitourkan CDXX1185
Fitra CDXX4570
Fizigi CDXX3945
Fizigi Konkia CDXX3946
Fodio CDXX0485
Fofede CDXX0913
Fofolko CDXX8910
Fogola CDXX0486
Foji CDXX8911
Fokfoge CDXX8912
Fokioure CDXX0914
Foldia CDXX4571
Folich CDXX3947
Folmay CDXX7554
Folou CDXX8913
Fongousso CDXX8914
Forchana CDXX8915
Forele CDXX4572
Fori CDXX4573
Fori CDXX3948
Forkoumay CDXX7555
Foro CDXX3305
Forom CDXX3306
Foromanga CDXX3949
Fort Foureau CDXX8364
Fouda CDXX0487
Foudon CDXX8097
Foufoua CDXX3951
Fouga CDXX3307
Foukie CDXX0488
Foul CDXX1818
Foul Barfou CDXX8098
Foul Plantegouin CDXX8099
Foul Touare CDXX8100
Foulambare CDXX8101
Fouldoue CDXX8102
Foulga CDXX3308
Foulgouin CDXX7556
Fouli CDXX3309
Fouli CDXX8103
Fouli CDXX7557
Fouli Kounounou CDXX4574
Fouli Koura CDXX4575
Fouli Yakobo CDXX8104
Foulkara CDXX4576
Foulkaya CDXX3310
Foulkonkia CDXX3952
Fouloulou CDXX0489
Foulounga CDXX9757
Foulounga Lunion CDXX9758
Foundou CDXX8916
Foundouk CDXX8917
Foungi CDXX8918
Founo CDXX8919
Fourdougoul CDXX8920
Fourkoulom CDXX4577
Fourkouma CDXX0490
Fouromi CDXX3953
Fourra CDXX2588
Fouskay CDXX3954
Fouti CDXX0491
Frama Erougna CDXX3955
Freing CDXX7558
Fressou CDXX7559
Gabasour CDXX8921
Gabat CDXX8922
Gabgamsa CDXX0492
Gabgoto CDXX6848
Gabian CDXX6360
Gabil CDXX2589
Gabin CDXX8923
Gabina CDXX8924
Gabiney CDXX3956
Gaboul CDXX2590
Gaboulo CDXX6849
Gabra CDXX7560
Gabre CDXX5153
Gabri Ngolo CDXX0023
Gadakaral CDXX1819
Gadampti CDXX9759
Gadan CDXX8105
Gadang CDXX1820
Gadang Kiao CDXX1821
Gadang-Gougouri CDXX1822
Gadarif CDXX8925
Gadarte CDXX7561
Gadey Toulo CDXX4578
Gadigin CDXX8926
Gadim CDXX3311
Gadisou CDXX7562
Gadjbe CDXX6850
Gadjibian CDXX5841
Gadjimata CDXX6361
Gadjimbati CDXX6851
Gado CDXX1824
Gadoum CDXX8927
Gadoumki CDXX1825
Gaeda CDXX0915
Gafala CDXX0493
Gafalai CDXX3312
Gafoutchou CDXX1826
Gagal CDXX8106
Gagnanta CDXX8928
Gagne CDXX2591
Gagougou CDXX6852
Gagoyo CDXX6362
Gahui CDXX1827
Gaibi CDXX8107
Gainga CDXX6853
Gainga Golkaba CDXX6854
Gainga I CDXX6855
Gakedje CDXX6856
Gakorio CDXX6363
Gal CDXX4579
Gala CDXX3957
Gala CDXX2592
Gala Baltay CDXX4580
Gala Goa CDXX4581
Gala II CDXX4582
Gala Konoa CDXX4583
Gala Magerne CDXX4584
Gala Mayelo CDXX4585
Gala Medey CDXX4586
Gala Ndialia CDXX4587
Gala Ngodoum CDXX4588
Gala Ngourtoula CDXX4589
Gala Sangada CDXX4590
Gala Tioulou CDXX4591
Galaba CDXX5842
Galam CDXX1828
Galaro CDXX2593
Galbasa CDXX8929
Gale CDXX7563
Galgas CDXX8930
Gali CDXX4592
Galianga CDXX3958
Galigali CDXX2594
Galimbe CDXX6857
Galin CDXX7564
Galis CDXX8931
Galo CDXX0495
Gama CDXX6858
Gama-Massa CDXX7565
Gamadji CDXX5843
Gamakoro CDXX0496
Gamal CDXX1829
Gamalou CDXX1830
Gamamia CDXX5154
Gamandou CDXX8108
Gamar CDXX8932
Gamara CDXX1831
Gamara CDXX1186
Gamargue CDXX7566
Gamassere CDXX8109
Gamaya CDXX6859
Gamba CDXX7567
Gambaraou CDXX3960
Gamdi CDXX7568
Game CDXX2595
Gameli CDXX6364
Gamere CDXX8933
Gamgay CDXX7569
Gaminia CDXX8934
Gamkoul CDXX6860
Gamouli CDXX5844
Gamsa CDXX0497
Gamsaye CDXX7570
Gamsous CDXX3314
Gana CDXX8935
Ganaer CDXX2596
Ganasanga CDXX3961
Ganatere CDXX0498
Ganatir CDXX3315
Ganatir CDXX4593
Ganatir CDXX9760
Ganbagde CDXX5845
Ganboke CDXX8110
Ganboro CDXX6365
Gandagire CDXX8936
Gandapa CDXX6861
Ganday CDXX5155
Gandaye II CDXX5156
Gandigine CDXX8937
Gandili CDXX6862
Gandissi CDXX6366
Gandjaye CDXX6367
Gandjoubou CDXX6863
Gandou CDXX6864
Ganga CDXX4594
Gangala CDXX7571
Gangan CDXX1832
Gangara CDXX6865
Gangi CDXX1833
Gangli CDXX6866
Gango CDXX6867
Gangouali CDXX6868
Gangue CDXX2597
Ganhou CDXX7572
Gania CDXX3962
Ganka CDXX5846
Gankoro CDXX6368
Ganlan CDXX7573
Ganli CDXX8111
Ganmbasa CDXX8938
Ganoma Halio CDXX3316
Ganourou CDXX6369
Ganre CDXX7574
Gansila CDXX6370
Gansouza CDXX3318
Gantou CDXX3963
Gantouch CDXX8939
Gantour CDXX0499
Gantour CDXX3964
Gantoura CDXX2598
Ganye Fourounga CDXX8940
Ganyinga CDXX8941
Gao Dem Kagti CDXX5847
Gaoua CDXX7575
Gaoua CDXX6371
Gaouaille CDXX7576
Gaouay Delo CDXX7577
Gaouaya CDXX3319
Gaoumar CDXX5157
Gaouyan Farsia CDXX7578
Gaouyan Mitna CDXX7579
Gara CDXX8942
Gara Karoua CDXX3966
Garada CDXX3320
Garaday CDXX3321
Garak CDXX1187
Garam CDXX8112
Garamosso CDXX7580
Garanda CDXX3967
Garatalata CDXX3322
Garbey CDXX7581
Garda CDXX5848
Garday CDXX0500
Gardjim CDXX6869
Gardogo CDXX3323
Gare CDXX0501
Garfa CDXX8944
Garfa CDXX0502
Garfa Mail CDXX0503
Gargamoto CDXX1835
Gargoto CDXX1836
Gargougou CDXX1837
Gargounyou CDXX8945
Gari CDXX5158
Garindji CDXX9761
Garn el Ghazal CDXX0504
Garna Kabich CDXX3968
Garnal Ghazal CDXX2599
Garniengo CDXX0505
Garnisa CDXX2600
Garo CDXX5159
Garou CDXX6870
Garoua I CDXX5160
Garoua II CDXX5161
Gas el Naal CDXX3324
Gasama CDXX0506
Gase CDXX7582
Gaser CDXX3325
Gasire CDXX8946
Gasri CDXX3969
Gassa CDXX1838
Gassi CDXX8365
Gataka Digeda CDXX0916
Gato CDXX3326
Gatouambassa CDXX5849
Gatouambele CDXX5850
Gatounou CDXX6871
Gaya CDXX3970
Gaya CDXX7583
Gaya CDXX4595
Gaya Ganbi CDXX7584
Gaya Toungane CDXX7585
Gayak CDXX1839
Gayam CDXX0024
Gayam Kemdila CDXX6872
Gaydog CDXX5162
Gayey CDXX3971
Gayoro CDXX1840
Gazigomar CDXX5163
Gazira CDXX2601
Gazouz CDXX3327
Gbembaya CDXX5851
Gboima CDXX6873
Gederne CDXX1188
Gedoum CDXX3328
Gefela CDXX3329
Geger CDXX3330
Gegere CDXX0917
Gegie CDXX1841
Geileri CDXX3972
Gela CDXX0507
Geladinga CDXX3973
Geladinga Adad CDXX4596
Geladinga Fodou CDXX4597
Gele Midinga CDXX4598
Gelember CDXX8947
Geleri CDXX3331
Geletie CDXX3332
Gelgel CDXX8948
Geltra CDXX3974
Gemel CDXX0508
Genamari CDXX3975
Gendaker CDXX8949
Genderbisi CDXX0509
Gendour CDXX8950
Gengen CDXX8951
Genitoulo CDXX3976
Genitroma CDXX3977
Genyange CDXX8952
Gerdout CDXX8953
Gerede CDXX0918
Geredi CDXX8954
Gerere CDXX8955
Geresang CDXX8956
Geri CDXX8957
Geri Gaybang CDXX8958
Geria CDXX2602
Geria CDXX0510
Geringa CDXX1189
Gerle CDXX1842
Gerli CDXX8959
Germana CDXX3333
Gernye CDXX8960
Geseali CDXX3978
Getetat CDXX8961
Getgere CDXX8962
Geti CDXX0511
Gezenti CDXX0919
Ghadjergui CDXX9762
Ghichghich CDXX9763
Ghijan CDXX9764
Gifele CDXX8963
Gihese CDXX8964
Gilako CDXX6874
Gile CDXX2603
Gilele CDXX3334
Gilelidjia CDXX4599
Gilim CDXX8965
Gilin CDXX8966
Gilte CDXX8967
Gim CDXX4600
Gimey CDXX8366
Ginda CDXX8968
Gindakain CDXX8969
Gindesa CDXX8970
Gindi CDXX8971
Gindikain CDXX8972
Gindita CDXX8973
Ginedile CDXX8974
Gini CDXX3979
Giolos CDXX8975
Girbe CDXX3335
Giriakaga CDXX1843
Girindik CDXX8976
Girli CDXX1844
Girlie CDXX8977
Girnit CDXX1190
Gisese CDXX8978
Gizi Ouni CDXX0920
Gna CDXX8113
Gnamkili CDXX4601
Gnamkili CDXX3336
Gneoukilirom CDXX3980
Gneoukoulirom CDXX3337
Gnoro CDXX8979
Go CDXX7586
Go Valna CDXX7587
Goa CDXX7588
Goala CDXX7589
Gobna CDXX1845
Gobo CDXX6875
Goboro CDXX2605
Goboro Bara CDXX2606
Godalia CDXX5852
Godbouria CDXX2607
Goderam CDXX5853
Godere CDXX7590
Godhe CDXX1846
Godjubero CDXX1847
Godlodo CDXX1848
Gododige CDXX8980
Godoeur CDXX5164
Godopo CDXX7591
Gofa CDXX1849
Gofena CDXX1850
Gogmi CDXX2608
Gogo CDXX3338
Goguena CDXX1851
Gohon CDXX7592
Goiloum CDXX8114
Goka CDXX6372
Golala CDXX3339
Golaou CDXX2609
Golbao CDXX1852
Gole CDXX7593
Gole CDXX2610
Gole CDXX1853
Gole Assane CDXX1854
Gole Toulbo CDXX1855
Goli Hanhama CDXX7594
Golili CDXX6876
Golio CDXX7595
Golo CDXX6373
Golo CDXX7596
Golo CDXX0512
Golodji CDXX9765
Golodorom CDXX3981
Golohana CDXX7597
Golomdomo CDXX7598
Golonguili CDXX7599
Golonguini CDXX7600
Golonloubou CDXX7601
Golonti CDXX2611
Golt CDXX6877
Gomaga CDXX1856
Gomana CDXX6878
Gomango CDXX8115
Gombe CDXX6374
Gombou CDXX4602
Gomeye Iddi CDXX7602
Gomsou CDXX3982
Gon CDXX6375
Gona CDXX1191
Gonari CDXX1857
Gonbe CDXX6879
Gonbe CDXX6376
Gonbo CDXX0513
Gondala CDXX6880
Gondana CDXX6377
Gondey CDXX6881
Gondi I CDXX6882
Gondi II CDXX6883
Gondiko CDXX6884
Gondjio CDXX6885
Gondolo CDXX2612
Gondonian CDXX8981
Gone CDXX2613
Gonebe CDXX6378
Gong CDXX6379
Gonglonk CDXX7603
Gongo CDXX6886
Gongo CDXX6380
Gongo II CDXX6381
Gongolong CDXX7604
Gongonodjio CDXX6382
Gongoro I CDXX6887
Gongoro II CDXX6888
Gongorodjio CDXX6383
Gongoron CDXX8983
Gongti CDXX5854
Gongti CDXX6384
Gongtou CDXX5855
Gonhongon CDXX6385
Goni Goni CDXX3983
Goniori CDXX1858
Gonjita CDXX6889
Gonkargue CDXX6386
Gonkira CDXX6387
Gono CDXX7605
Gono CDXX3340
Gono CDXX8984
Gonogono CDXX7606
Gonou Poursou CDXX7607
Gonougotor CDXX3984
Gop CDXX6890
Gopala CDXX7609
Gorang CDXX1192
Gordenn CDXX5165
Gore CDXX5856
Gore CDXX6388
Gore CDXX3341
Gore I CDXX5166
Gore II CDXX5167
Gori CDXX6891
Gori CDXX4603
Goria CDXX1859
Gorko CDXX0514
Gormolo Am Ziefe CDXX2614
Gormolo Doungous CDXX2615
Gormongo CDXX6389
Gorno CDXX8985
Goro CDXX6390
Goro CDXX6892
Goro-Goro CDXX6893
Gorobaya CDXX5857
Gorodoroso CDXX3985
Gorokolon CDXX1860
Goromoura CDXX6894
Goron CDXX1193
Gorone CDXX8986
Goroumba CDXX8987
Gorro CDXX5858
Gorro CDXX6895
Gorro Ndila CDXX6896
Gosbeta CDXX2616
Gosondoum CDXX2617
Gosrom CDXX3986
Gotekedi CDXX6391
Goto Benicha CDXX6897
Gotobe Biri CDXX6898
Gotoberi CDXX6899
Gotokembe I CDXX6900
Gotokembe II CDXX6901
Gou CDXX7610
Gou CDXX6902
Goua CDXX3342
Gouam CDXX6903
Gouama CDXX7611
Gouamar CDXX5168
Gouangala CDXX1861
Gouatefenet CDXX9766
Gouaye CDXX6904
Gouaye Loura CDXX7613
Goubago CDXX3343
Goubeti CDXX5859
Goubichou CDXX0515
Goubirti CDXX2618
Goubone CDXX0921
Goubourte CDXX1194
Goubousia CDXX7614
Goudak CDXX1862
Goudam CDXX8988
Goudami CDXX2619
Goudboul CDXX2620
Goudirta CDXX3987
Goudja CDXX1863
Goudji CDXX8367
Goudjougou CDXX1864
Goudorom CDXX4604
Goudoum CDXX7615
Goudoum Goudoum CDXX7616
Goudoumi CDXX0516
Goudoumi CDXX8989
Gouefete CDXX7617
Gouele CDXX7618
Goueygoudoum CDXX7619
Goufo CDXX8990
Goufou CDXX7620
Gougn Fourgue CDXX0517
Gougoum CDXX1866
Gougue CDXX2621
Gouhamma CDXX7621
Goui CDXX4605
Gouin CDXX8118
Gouin Lara CDXX8119
Gouin Pataguey CDXX8120
Gouiri CDXX3988
Gouko CDXX6905
Goukoa CDXX6906
Goukode CDXX6907
Goukoure CDXX1195
Goul CDXX8121
Goulaga CDXX1867
Goulang CDXX7622
Goulda CDXX7623
Goulema CDXX7624
Goulfey CDXX0025
Gouli CDXX3989
Gouliou Seeli CDXX3990
Goulkosso CDXX5860
Goulmoun CDXX7625
Goulo CDXX6392
Goulol CDXX6908
Gouloumoun CDXX7626
Gouloumoun Afata CDXX7627
Goum CDXX4606
Goumadji CDXX8122
Goumadji Kouta CDXX4607
Goumbala CDXX6393
Goumbanga CDXX6394
Goumbatou CDXX8991
Goumboul CDXX8123
Goumboul CDXX6909
Goume CDXX2622
Goumeur CDXX0922
Goumga CDXX6910
Goumi CDXX2623
Goumie CDXX0518
Goumoulke CDXX8992
Goumoumanga CDXX6395
Goumsal CDXX4608
Goumsi CDXX3991
Gouna CDXX5169
Gouna Ndoul CDXX5170
Gounboutou CDXX8993
Goundang CDXX8994
Gounday CDXX8124
Gounde CDXX5861
Goundi CDXX6911
Goundi I CDXX6912
Goundiang CDXX8995
Goundigine CDXX8996
Goundo CDXX8997
Goundogin CDXX8998
Goundourou CDXX5171
Goungour CDXX8999
Gounkira CDXX6396
Gounou Djouman CDXX7628
Gounou Dogom CDXX7629
Gounou Gale CDXX7630
Gounou Gan CDXX7631
Gounou Gaskala CDXX7632
Gounou Gaya CDXX7633
Gounou Hobo CDXX7634
Gounou Kodegue CDXX7635
Gounou Ndolo CDXX7636
Gounou Seme CDXX7637
Gounou Soulok CDXX7638
Gounou Tougoni CDXX7641
Gour CDXX5172
Gour CDXX6913
Goura CDXX5173
Gouradrousou CDXX3992
Gourara CDXX2624
Gourba CDXX2625
Gourbou Sourando CDXX0923
Gourdat CDXX9000
Gourderi CDXX3993
Gourdjaka CDXX0519
Goure CDXX6914
Gourfaye CDXX7642
Gourfoul CDXX3345
Gourfoumara CDXX1196
Gourfounogo CDXX1197
Gourgal CDXX9001
Gourgare CDXX1868
Gourgo CDXX9002
Gourgoudji CDXX9003
Gourgouloumou CDXX0520
Gourgoumo CDXX1198
Gourgoutch CDXX2626
Gouri CDXX6915
Gouri CDXX6397
Gouri CDXX5862
Gouri CDXX5174
Gouria CDXX3994
Gouria Bongouri CDXX3995
Gourle CDXX1869
Gourmadjo CDXX8368
Gourmey CDXX7643
Gourmi CDXX5175
Gourmoga CDXX1199
Gouro CDXX0924
Gourou CDXX8126
Gourou CDXX5176
Gourou CDXX6916
Gourou CDXX6398
Gouroudou CDXX5177
Gourouf CDXX9004
Gourouf CDXX1200
Gouroufa CDXX2627
Gourougoulounga CDXX3996
Gouroumti CDXX6399
Gouroumtou CDXX6400
Gouroungal CDXX9767
Gourounten CDXX6401
Gourourou CDXX2628
Gouroutou CDXX3346
Gousamsi CDXX7644
Gousara II CDXX1870
Gousay CDXX9768
Goussemoun CDXX7645
Goutre CDXX1871
Gouyou CDXX7646
Gowa CDXX4609
Goy CDXX7647
Goz CDXX9005
Goz CDXX9769
Goz CDXX3997
Goz Abou Danap CDXX9770
Goz Achie CDXX9006
Goz al Himet CDXX9777
Goz Amdiere CDXX3347
Goz Ardeb CDXX9007
Goz Bagar CDXX9008
Goz Banat CDXX9009
Goz Beida CDXX9010
Goz Beida CDXX0521
Goz Bese CDXX0522
Goz Chobou CDXX0523
Goz Djerat CDXX9771
Goz Djerat CDXX9011
Goz el Kanado CDXX3349
Goz Foum CDXX9772
Goz Kosadoumba CDXX9773
Goz Koursi CDXX0524
Goz Leben CDXX9012
Goz Louban CDXX9013
Goz Malik CDXX9014
Goz Mara CDXX9015
Goz Merem CDXX9016
Goz Morfain CDXX9774
Goz Na am CDXX3348
Goz Oulmet CDXX9017
Goz Togoula I CDXX9775
Goz Togoula II CDXX9776
Gozamra CDXX9018
Graeff CDXX0525
Graerom CDXX4610
Grand Goulmoun CDXX7648
Grand Saika CDXX7649
Grand Tougoude CDXX7650
Graoudou CDXX3998
Grea CDXX0526
Greda CDXX1872
Greda Loubia CDXX2629
Gredaya CDXX1873
Grefa CDXX0527
Grehine CDXX2630
Gremari CDXX3999
Gribi CDXX0925
Grihon CDXX5863
Grin CDXX7651
Grin I CDXX7652
Grin II CDXX7653
Grintie CDXX2631
Grintie CDXX4000
Griouali CDXX1874
Grokoy CDXX0528
Grong CDXX8127
Gue CDXX6403
Gue CDXX7654
Guebane CDXX8128
Guedang CDXX8129
Guederi CDXX1875
Guedjengue CDXX6404
Guefa CDXX2632
Guegou CDXX8130
Guelba CDXX9778
Guelberim CDXX5178
Guelbodan CDXX6917
Gueldobo CDXX5179
Guele CDXX6918
Gueledi CDXX5180
Guelehe CDXX6919
Guelemo CDXX6920
Guelendeng CDXX7655
Guelkeb CDXX5181
Guelkep CDXX5182
Guelkol CDXX5183
Guelkor CDXX5184
Guelkou CDXX5185
Guelo CDXX8131
Guelouel CDXX5186
Guelsao CDXX5187
Gueltala CDXX5188
Guemou CDXX8132
Guemoundang CDXX8133
Guendoumou CDXX6405
Guene I CDXX7656
Guene II CDXX7657
Guenebor CDXX8369
Guere CDXX8134
Guereda CDXX1201
Guereday CDXX0529
Guerfen CDXX2633
Guerguer CDXX1876
Guerie CDXX1877
Guerlngue CDXX6406
Guermari CDXX3350
Guernes CDXX0530
Guero CDXX5864
Guersale CDXX8135
Guesker CDXX1878
Guessangolo CDXX6407
Guetale CDXX8136
Guia CDXX7658
Guiao CDXX7659
Guiba CDXX7660
Guida CDXX7661
Guida el Goz CDXX1879
Guidan CDXX1880
Guidgada CDXX1881
Guidiba CDXX1882
Guidikou CDXX5865
Guidikouti CDXX6408
Guidimanti CDXX6409
Guiditi CDXX6921
Guidlolo CDXX6922
Guidoboula CDXX6923
Guien CDXX7662
Guies Zatalborno CDXX0531
Guifa CDXX7663
Guifou CDXX1883
Guila Gondere CDXX6924
Guilari CDXX7664
Guim CDXX2634
Guimassa CDXX6925
Guindi CDXX5866
Guindou CDXX5867
Guinera CDXX1884
Guinguini CDXX6926
Guira CDXX6410
Guiri CDXX1885
Guirim CDXX2635
Guirkaga CDXX6411
Guirkian CDXX6412
Guirli CDXX1886
Guirou CDXX7665
Guisin CDXX7666
Guissede CDXX7667
Guldikouti CDXX6413
Haba CDXX0532
Habil CDXX1202
Habile CDXX9019
Hachaba CDXX1887
Hachaba CDXX3351
Hadid CDXX2636
Hadir CDXX0533
Hadjalidj CDXX0534
Hadjelidje CDXX9020
Hadjer Bandala CDXX9779
Hadjer Beid CDXX9021
Hadjer Beida CDXX9022
Hadjer Debdabani CDXX3352
Hadjer el Hamis CDXX3354
Hadjer Fana CDXX9023
Hadjer Fi CDXX3353
Hadjer Hadid CDXX9024
Hadjer Kele CDXX9025
Hadjer Meram CDXX9780
Hadjera CDXX9781
Hadjerat CDXX1203
Hadjere CDXX1888
Hadjernam CDXX1204
Hadjernoga CDXX9026
Hadjilidje CDXX9027
Hagoto CDXX0926
Halola CDXX3355
Ham CDXX7668
Ham CDXX4001
Hamdja CDXX7669
Hamdouadi CDXX1889
Hame CDXX1205
Hamena CDXX1206
Hamin CDXX9028
Hamoud Dalla CDXX3356
Hamoud el Hassi CDXX3357
Hamra CDXX2637
Handi CDXX6927
Hania CDXX6928
Haouich CDXX9029
Hara CDXX7670
Haraz CDXX0535
Haraz CDXX9030
Harazai CDXX3358
Haraze CDXX9031
Haraze CDXX3359
Haraze CDXX9782
Harbogo CDXX7671
Hari CDXX2638
Harouba CDXX1207
Haskanit CDXX0536
Hatab Djimeze CDXX9032
Hazele CDXX1208
Hebede CDXX5868
Helikede CDXX1209
Hellibongo CDXX0026
Her CDXX1891
Herel CDXX9033
Hiam CDXX6929
Hid el Goz CDXX3360
Hidjelidj CDXX1892
Hidjelidj CDXX0537
Hidjelidje CDXX9034
Hidjelidje CDXX3361
Hidjer CDXX2639
Hidjer Dout CDXX9784
Hidjer Leben CDXX9035
Hidjerat CDXX9036
Hidjilidje CDXX1893
Hidjilidje Kele CDXX3363
Hidjir CDXX0538
Hieda CDXX0539
Hihi CDXX6930
Hilele CDXX1894
Hili CDXX0927
Hilit CDXX1210
Hille Ouaddai CDXX9037
Hille Talbornou CDXX9038
Hilleket CDXX9039
Hillele CDXX0540
Hima CDXX6931
Himede CDXX1895
Himede CDXX9040
Himede Amgar CDXX3365
Himemit CDXX3366
Himemle CDXX1896
Himeur al Goz CDXX8370
Himmedie CDXX0541
Hirim CDXX7672
Hobe CDXX5869
Hoho CDXX7673
Hol CDXX6932
Hollom CDXX1897
Hollom I CDXX7674
Hollom II CDXX7675
Hollom III CDXX7676
Homba CDXX1211
Hore CDXX2640
Horey el Meina CDXX7678
Horey Suildoulna CDXX7677
Hori CDXX2641
Hori CDXX6933
Houlougou CDXX7679
Hour CDXX1898
Hourel CDXX3367
Houwa CDXX0928
Iala CDXX6934
Iama CDXX1899
Ibele CDXX3368
Ibeyde CDXX1212
Ibinda CDXX2642
Ibir CDXX2643
Ibn del Ralam CDXX9041
Ibo CDXX4611
Iboy CDXX4002
Ibroum CDXX4612
Id Del CDXX0542
Id el Bagar CDXX0543
Id el Bir CDXX0544
Id el Gara CDXX9042
Id el Gouran CDXX0545
Id el Har CDXX9043
Id el Nimer CDXX0546
Id el Outouk CDXX0547
Idater CDXX9785
Ideba CDXX9044
Idedout CDXX2644
Idel Asat Saba CDXX9045
Idel Bagar CDXX9046
Idel Goz CDXX2645
Ideloi CDXX3369
Idibo CDXX2646
Idjelidj CDXX4003
Idjelidje CDXX2647
Idjelidje CDXX3370
Idjelidje CDXX1900
Idjelidje CDXX9047
Idjerleben CDXX9048
Idjeyne CDXX9049
Idjilidj CDXX3371
Iere CDXX7680
Ifenat CDXX0548
Iga CDXX4613
Igeme CDXX9050
Igene CDXX2648
Iger Leben CDXX9051
Iguile Kebir CDXX0549
Iguile Serir CDXX0550
Ihan CDXX7681
Iledjid CDXX9052
Ilele CDXX2649
Ilelif CDXX3372
Ilili CDXX9053
Ilili CDXX4004
Illelt al Koro CDXX0551
Illi CDXX7682
Illia CDXX7683
Iloue CDXX1901
Ilouwe CDXX4005
Ilta el Khanain CDXX3373
Iltab CDXX9054
Imar Djedid CDXX9055
Imede CDXX9056
Imemit CDXX9786
Imer CDXX4006
Imera CDXX3374
Imet CDXX2650
Inchiboula CDXX4007
Indine CDXX1213
Inede CDXX9057
Ingine CDXX1214
Ininge CDXX1215
Iningwa CDXX1216
Inndenn CDXX5870
Iooudinga CDXX4008
Ir CDXX4614
Ira CDXX4615
Irbi Tandja CDXX1902
Irbou CDXX4616
Irebi CDXX3375
Irebich CDXX1903
Iredibe CDXX9058
Iredibo CDXX3376
Iredja CDXX0552
Iredja CDXX3377
Iredja Seghir CDXX3378
Iregat CDXX9059
Ireke CDXX3379
Irena CDXX6414
Ireyge Kebir CDXX2651
Iri CDXX7684
Iri CDXX5871
Iri Tchoukou CDXX4617
Iriba CDXX1217
Iringe CDXX1218
Iriri CDXX3380
Ironga CDXX4009
Iroua CDXX1904
Iroukoria CDXX4010
Irtou CDXX4618
Isab CDXX4011
Isako CDXX6415
Iseirom CDXX4619
Iseni CDXX3381
Isere CDXX9060
Isikta CDXX9061
Iski CDXX4012
Isoufa CDXX1905
Issani CDXX1906
Issara CDXX2652
Itchoua CDXX7685
Itehim CDXX9062
Ites CDXX9063
Itete CDXX9064
Itike CDXX9065
Iyipi CDXX4013
Izeni CDXX3382
Jakoua CDXX5872
Jamy CDXX5873
Jaradi CDXX1907
Jibrin Katiga CDXX0929
Jingana CDXX6416
Kaakou CDXX8137
Kaalom CDXX4620
Kaara CDXX4014
Kaba CDXX1908
Kaba CDXX0028
Kaba CDXX1219
Kaba CDXX6417
Kaba CDXX0027
Kaba CDXX6935
Kaba I CDXX6418
Kaba III CDXX6419
Kaba IV CDXX6420
Kaba Kibi CDXX6421
Kaba V CDXX6422
Kaba VI CDXX6423
Kaba VII CDXX6424
Kaba VIII CDXX6425
Kabaisa CDXX9066
Kabakoutou CDXX6426
Kabalai CDXX1909
Kabalai CDXX6427
Kabanda CDXX5875
Kabara CDXX0553
Kabas CDXX9067
Kabbi CDXX8138
Kabde CDXX5189
Kabga CDXX1220
Kabolo CDXX5876
Kaboro CDXX7686
Kabra CDXX6936
Kabri CDXX5877
Kabro CDXX0554
Kach Kachay CDXX1910
Kacha CDXX9068
Kachako Guemis CDXX0555
Kache CDXX9787
Kachelanga CDXX4621
Kada CDXX4622
Kadam CDXX2653
Kadamalia CDXX3383
Kadamdon CDXX3384
Kadana CDXX9069
Kadar CDXX4015
Kadara CDXX9070
Kadaya CDXX6937
Kadegam CDXX2654
Kadekouti CDXX6428
Kademari CDXX6938
Kadige CDXX9071
Kadili CDXX9072
Kadinkan CDXX1221
Kaditaya CDXX6429
Kadjala CDXX9073
Kadjangare CDXX9788
Kadjeske CDXX9074
Kadji CDXX9789
Kadjila CDXX4623
Kadjinga CDXX6939
Kadjire CDXX2655
Kadkali CDXX1222
Kadkarir CDXX1223
Kado CDXX9075
Kadouiti CDXX6940
Kadoulou CDXX4624
Kadouma CDXX9076
Kadoumki CDXX1911
Kadouna CDXX1912
Kadounga CDXX5878
Kadour CDXX1224
Kafala CDXX9077
Kaferek CDXX9078
Kafia CDXX3385
Kafia CDXX4625
Kaga CDXX5190
Kaga CDXX6941
Kaga CDXX5879
Kaga CDXX6430
Kaga I CDXX5191
Kaga II CDXX5192
Kaga III CDXX5193
Kagala CDXX6431
Kagmanian CDXX6432
Kagnel CDXX6942
Kagni CDXX2656
Kagoe CDXX5880
Kagopal CDXX5881
Kagorey CDXX5882
Kagounmi CDXX8140
Kagouri CDXX1913
Kagroue CDXX5883
Kagroy CDXX5194
Kagtao CDXX5884
Kagueroy CDXX5195
Kaguetao CDXX5885
Kaguibe CDXX6433
Kahabo CDXX7687
Kaheroy CDXX5196
Kaidi CDXX4626
Kaidilbache CDXX0556
Kaidili CDXX5197
Kaiga CDXX4627
Kaignan CDXX9079
Kaikounda CDXX5198
Kaikourou CDXX5199
Kaingam CDXX9080
Kaio CDXX9081
Kaira CDXX5200
Kaira CDXX5886
Kaira Fete CDXX4628
Kaira Gidi CDXX4629
Kairi CDXX3386
Kairom CDXX4630
Kaitia CDXX5887
Kakalanba CDXX1225
Kakale CDXX7688
Kakali CDXX4016
Kakanon CDXX2657
Kakaraka CDXX0557
Kakay CDXX4017
Kakerti CDXX6943
Kakinga CDXX5888
Kakninga CDXX8141
Kako CDXX6944
Kakode CDXX6945
Kakoli CDXX6946
Kakoma CDXX1914
Kakoro CDXX5889
Kakoyo CDXX6947
Kakoyo CDXX5890
Kal CDXX9790
Kala CDXX4631
Kala CDXX2658
Kala Bo CDXX4018
Kala Kalalou CDXX4632
Kalaga CDXX9082
Kalaga Boudo CDXX9083
Kalaga Serir CDXX9084
Kalagi CDXX1226
Kalahaki CDXX7689
Kalaka CDXX9085
Kalala CDXX4019
Kalali CDXX4633
Kalam-Kalam CDXX1915
Kalama CDXX4634
Kalambari CDXX1916
Kalamina CDXX4635
Kalankara CDXX9086
Kalari CDXX4020
Kalatek CDXX9087
Kalati CDXX4636
Kalatio CDXX4021
Kalay CDXX4022
Kalbani CDXX6948
Kalderom CDXX4023
Kale CDXX3387
Kale CDXX1917
Kale Ayerom CDXX4024
Kaleki CDXX1918
Kalekokori CDXX4025
Kalekokori CDXX3388
Kalemayri CDXX3389
Kalerom CDXX4637
Kalerom CDXX3390
Kalfoure CDXX1919
Kalgoa CDXX1920
Kali CDXX4026
Kalia CDXX4027
Kalia Faz CDXX4028
Kalimba CDXX4638
Kalina CDXX4029
Kalite CDXX6949
Kalkala CDXX4030
Kalkoloum CDXX1921
Kalmouna CDXX6950
Kalo Ouoli CDXX4639
Kaloubou CDXX7690
Kaloula CDXX3391
Kama CDXX3392
Kamadaloua CDXX9088
Kamaday CDXX9791
Kamai CDXX0930
Kamala CDXX4031
Kamanay CDXX9792
Kamanga CDXX6951
Kamarkebe CDXX7691
Kamasse CDXX6952
Kamasse CDXX6434
Kamata CDXX6435
Kamato CDXX1227
Kamba Belim CDXX4640
Kambikir CDXX2659
Kambita CDXX6436
Kambol CDXX9793
Kamda CDXX7692
Kamdom CDXX4641
Kame Dati CDXX5891
Kamere CDXX9089
Kameron CDXX3393
Kameron Guini CDXX3394
Kamerone CDXX4642
Kamgorio CDXX5201
Kamila CDXX4643
Kamina CDXX9090
Kamkapti CDXX6437
Kamkassa CDXX5202
Kamkia CDXX6438
Kamkiel CDXX5203
Kamkigna CDXX6953
Kamla CDXX5204
Kamnagan CDXX9091
Kamo CDXX5892
Kamourou CDXX9092
Kamoutcho CDXX0558
Kamoutio CDXX0559
Kampamari CDXX4032
Kampkian CDXX6439
Kamro CDXX5893
Kan CDXX4644
Kana I CDXX5205
Kana II CDXX5206
Kana III CDXX5207
Kanbanla CDXX8142
Kandabor CDXX1228
Kandarang CDXX9093
Kandea CDXX4645
Kandela CDXX3395
Kandia CDXX2660
Kandili CDXX6954
Kandje CDXX6955
Kane CDXX2661
Kane CDXX6956
Kanem Leloa CDXX4033
Kang-Kang CDXX1922
Kanga Kouroua CDXX4034
Kangalom CDXX4646
Kangama CDXX4035
Kangar Kangara CDXX4036
Kangara CDXX4037
Kangara CDXX4647
Kangara CDXX3396
Kangara Arouna CDXX4038
Kangara Bouloa CDXX4039
Kangara Kararom CDXX4040
Kangara Kouroua CDXX4041
Kangarater CDXX4042
Kangaye CDXX7693
Kangberi CDXX6957
Kangoro CDXX6958
Kangte I CDXX6959
Kangte II CDXX6960
Kangue CDXX6961
Kania CDXX5208
Kaninga CDXX6440
Kanio Bombi CDXX6962
Kanirom CDXX0029
Kankara Kararom CDXX3398
Kankouri CDXX3399
Kano CDXX5209
Kanoua CDXX1229
Kantara CDXX4043
Kantirom CDXX4044
Kaoda CDXX4045
Kaoharam CDXX8143
Kaokawa CDXX9094
Kaoko CDXX3400
Kaora CDXX7694
Kaoran CDXX7695
Kaoran II CDXX7696
Kaore CDXX9095
Kaore Adjous CDXX9096
Kaore Oulad Tao CDXX9100
Kaorom CDXX3401
Kaouey CDXX5894
Kaouissene CDXX1923
Kaoulay CDXX4046
Kaoyi CDXX0931
Kap CDXX5210
Kapba CDXX9794
Kapka Djeme CDXX1230
Kapka Geni CDXX1231
Kaptal CDXX5895
Kar Kay CDXX5211
Kara CDXX6963
Kara CDXX5896
Kara CDXX1924
Karabo CDXX5897
Karaga CDXX4649
Karaka CDXX9795
Karakre CDXX0560
Karal CDXX3402
Karala CDXX4650
Karam CDXX4651
Karamalia CDXX4047
Karamgoboua CDXX4652
Karandeti CDXX9796
Karandom CDXX4048
Karandom CDXX3403
Karang CDXX5898
Karangala CDXX9101
Kararom CDXX3404
Karaska CDXX1925
Karasoua CDXX3405
Karassina CDXX3406
Karay CDXX0561
Karay CDXX2662
Kardan CDXX2663
Karderi CDXX3407
Kare CDXX9797
Kare Njoro CDXX4653
Kareba CDXX6964
Karemirom CDXX4654
Karengoye CDXX5899
Karfan CDXX9102
Karfi CDXX9103
Karfisso CDXX2664
Kargeuni CDXX5212
Kargo CDXX7697
Kari CDXX1926
Karia Mbassa CDXX5213
Karia Ngolo CDXX5214
Kariao CDXX0562
Karka CDXX1232
Karka CDXX4049
Karkadio CDXX0563
Karkagnan CDXX0564
Karkagne CDXX2665
Karkam CDXX1927
Karkebou CDXX7698
Karkoubo CDXX5215
Karkour CDXX0565
Karlongo CDXX2666
Karma CDXX9104
Karme CDXX3408
Karme Zouna CDXX3409
Karna CDXX0932
Karna CDXX4050
Karnak CDXX9105
Karnak CDXX2667
Karno CDXX0566
Karnouk CDXX2668
Karnoy CDXX9106
Karo CDXX2669
Karo CDXX9107
Karoayan CDXX6965
Karou CDXX6966
Karoua CDXX5900
Karoua CDXX3410
Karoua CDXX4051
Karoua CDXX4655
Karoua CDXX5216
Karouadji CDXX9108
Karoual CDXX7699
Karoub CDXX9109
Karouori CDXX3411
Karoup CDXX9110
Karouzenia CDXX4052
Karsam CDXX5217
Kartari CDXX4656
Kartchia CDXX4657
Kartie CDXX1929
Kasaba CDXX0567
Kasara CDXX3412
Kasara CDXX1233
Kasem CDXX3413
Kaseri CDXX1930
Kasinye CDXX6967
Kasira CDXX2670
Kaski CDXX7700
Kasmadjieni CDXX1234
Kasobon CDXX9798
Kasogon CDXX4053
Kasorom CDXX3414
Kassay CDXX6968
Kasseouina CDXX7701
Kassinda CDXX6969
Kassine CDXX1235
Kata CDXX1931
Kata Droup CDXX0568
Katafa CDXX9111
Kataferita CDXX9112
Katagane CDXX9113
Katakar CDXX9114
Katala CDXX0569
Katalui CDXX4054
Kataouare CDXX9115
Katarfa CDXX9116
Katarfou CDXX4055
Katarnandou CDXX4056
Katchalong CDXX9117
Katche CDXX1934
Katekan CDXX9799
Katelke CDXX9118
Katemaya CDXX1935
Katemtechi CDXX0933
Kati CDXX9800
Katia CDXX6970
Katiarom CDXX4057
Kationa CDXX3415
Kato CDXX5901
Kato I CDXX5902
Kato II CDXX5903
Katoa CDXX7702
Katoua CDXX7703
Katsoro CDXX0570
Kawa CDXX9119
Kawalke CDXX7704
Kay Boula CDXX4058
Kay Kiro CDXX5218
Kay Manemba CDXX6971
Kaya CDXX5219
Kaya CDXX9120
Kaya CDXX4658
Kaya Guini CDXX4659
Kaya Loli CDXX5220
Kayam CDXX7705
Kayam-Fefey CDXX4059
Kayara CDXX4660
Kaydi CDXX4661
Kaye CDXX5904
Kaye Kaye CDXX7706
Kayena CDXX7707
Kayengo CDXX0030
Kayeouang CDXX7708
Kayewa CDXX4060
Kayioua CDXX4662
Kaykomala CDXX9121
Kayo CDXX4663
Kayoua CDXX3416
Kayra CDXX5905
Kayra I CDXX5221
Kayra II CDXX5222
Kayrati CDXX5906
Kayre CDXX5907
Kayri CDXX3417
Kaywa CDXX4061
Kaywa CDXX9122
Kaywa Mombou CDXX4062
Kaywa Sangaro CDXX4664
Kazam CDXX0571
Kecherda CDXX4063
Kededese CDXX1936
Kedet CDXX9123
Kedete CDXX7709
Kedi Kedi CDXX4665
Kedili CDXX2671
Kediouem CDXX5908
Kedjabijin CDXX9124
Kedoua CDXX7710
Kef CDXX2672
Keikiro CDXX8144
Keira CDXX5223
Keke CDXX3418
Keke Arazai CDXX3419
Kekerke CDXX1236
Kelam-Bogori CDXX1937
Kelang CDXX9125
Kelani CDXX0572
Kelankia CDXX4666
Kelboua CDXX4667
Kele CDXX7711
Kelefiley CDXX4064
Kelekele CDXX3420
Kelekele Doulou CDXX4065
Kelekele Kouka CDXX3421
Keleli CDXX4066
Kelemara CDXX1938
Kelembo CDXX6972
Kelep CDXX4067
Kelerom CDXX4068
Keletoa CDXX4069
Kelgouli Adia CDXX1237
Keliba CDXX6973
Keliganga CDXX4070
Kelige CDXX1238
Kelignata CDXX0573
Kelkele CDXX3423
Kelki CDXX1239
Keloual CDXX5224
Kemando CDXX6441
Kemassia CDXX6974
Kemata CDXX6975
Kemata CDXX6442
Kemata I CDXX0031
Kemata II CDXX6976
Kembide CDXX6977
Kembila CDXX1240
Kembita CDXX6443
Kembolo CDXX6978
Kembourou CDXX6444
Kemdere CDXX6979
Kemdere CDXX6445
Kemdila CDXX6980
Kemdili CDXX6981
Kemdili CDXX6446
Keme CDXX0934
Kemeur CDXX5225
Kemgo CDXX6982
Kemgo I CDXX6447
Kemkaba CDXX6448
Kemkaba CDXX6983
Kemkada CDXX6984
Kemkaga CDXX6449
Kemkaga CDXX6985
Kemkamba CDXX6986
Kemkia CDXX6987
Kemkoura CDXX6988
Kemongo CDXX6989
Kemrembe CDXX6990
Kemrimbe CDXX6991
Kenam CDXX9126
Kendegue CDXX2673
Kendem CDXX1241
Kenga CDXX0574
Kengala CDXX9127
Kenguele CDXX6992
Keni Berim CDXX5226
Kenika CDXX6450
Kenodjou CDXX6451
Kenoual CDXX9128
Keoueka Adam CDXX9129
Keoueka Mousa CDXX9130
Kerakono CDXX6993
Keram CDXX6452
Kerce CDXX1939
Kere CDXX5227
Kere CDXX0575
Kerebo CDXX1940
Kerege CDXX0576
Kerende CDXX9131
Kerenife CDXX3424
Kererip CDXX0577
Kereta CDXX9132
Keretchou CDXX2674
Kerezo CDXX0578
Kerfe CDXX0579
Keri CDXX4071
Keringa CDXX4072
Kerkafa CDXX0580
Kerke CDXX0581
Kerkebe CDXX1242
Kerkena CDXX2675
Kerkere CDXX9134
Kerkeredanga CDXX0935
Keroum CDXX5228
Kertiefil CDXX4073
Kete CDXX1243
Keteltek CDXX9135
Keuni CDXX5229
Keuni CDXX8145
Keuni Damongay CDXX8146
Keykague CDXX5230
Keyramara CDXX1244
Kezaye CDXX8147
Kezen Wonga CDXX0936
Khach Khach CDXX0582
Kharcha CDXX0583
Khebeche CDXX0584
Khebena CDXX0585
Kherega CDXX0586
Kherkatir CDXX0587
Khibebich CDXX0588
Khibeche CDXX9137
Khichemak CDXX3425
Khoumi CDXX9138
Khoundoumah CDXX1941
Kiadopto CDXX9801
Kiagor CDXX5231
Kiaskarkongia CDXX4668
Kiati CDXX5232
Kibde CDXX9139
Kibet CDXX9802
Kichina CDXX0589
Kidegin CDXX9140
Kidenga CDXX1942
Kideo CDXX3426
Kideyde CDXX9141
Kidi CDXX5909
Kidikoutou CDXX6453
Kidjiri CDXX1245
Kidjokadi CDXX6994
Kidoue Labit CDXX4074
Kie CDXX6995
Kieke CDXX2678
Kieke CDXX9803
Kiemgama CDXX6996
Kiemkaba CDXX6997
Kihangala CDXX6998
Kika CDXX4669
Kikila CDXX4075
Kikwey CDXX6999
Kilabouga CDXX1943
Kilakor CDXX8148
Kilanga CDXX5910
Kilarom CDXX3427
Kilato CDXX9142
Kiledji CDXX0590
Kilekli CDXX0591
Kilela CDXX8149
Kilgimi CDXX0592
Kilgnata CDXX2679
Kili CDXX4670
Kiligen CDXX9143
Kilim CDXX2680
Kilimi CDXX7000
Kilkak CDXX5233
Kilmakari CDXX9144
Kimbil CDXX9804
Kimeni CDXX7001
Kimi CDXX4671
Kimikimi CDXX4076
Kina Kimeram CDXX4672
Kinanao CDXX7712
Kinda CDXX7002
Kindi-Kaye CDXX2681
Kindiera CDXX4673
Kindila CDXX3428
Kindilia CDXX4077
Kindiri CDXX7003
Kinditchi CDXX4078
Kindji CDXX3429
Kindjia CDXX7004
Kindjiri CDXX4674
Kindjiri Malorom CDXX3430
Kindoultie CDXX4675
Kindue Mesmedje CDXX0593
Kineda CDXX1246
Kinedi CDXX0594
Kingabila CDXX6454
Kinin CDXX9145
Kinjerti CDXX3431
Kinji CDXX5911
Kinteday CDXX4676
Kioua CDXX4677
Kiougere CDXX9146
Kipdelfi CDXX9147
Kira CDXX6455
Kira CDXX7005
Kirambo CDXX7006
Kiran CDXX6456
Kirana CDXX9148
Kirbi CDXX0595
Kirbia CDXX4678
Kirbil CDXX4079
Kirdiourom CDXX4080
Kiregan CDXX2682
Kirekir CDXX2683
Kirenik CDXX9805
Kirey CDXX9149
Kiri CDXX1944
Kiri CDXX0937
Kiri CDXX4679
Kiria CDXX4680
Kiriamarimou CDXX4081
Kirikasam CDXX4082
Kirio CDXX1247
Kirirom CDXX4681
Kiritia CDXX4682
Kirom CDXX4083
Kirou CDXX7713
Kiroungou CDXX7007
Kirzim CDXX1248
Kisele CDXX1249
Kisikita CDXX9150
Kiskawa CDXX4683
Kiski CDXX4084
Kisrae CDXX1945
Kissere CDXX6457
Kissimi CDXX7008
Kissinga CDXX7009
Kitchan CDXX1946
Klessoum CDXX1947
Knach Knach CDXX0596
Ko Mbo CDXX6458
Koalenda CDXX7010
Koalia CDXX0938
Koanie CDXX9806
Koba CDXX1250
Kobdogue CDXX6459
Kobegueri CDXX7011
Kobo CDXX5912
Kobo CDXX7012
Kobo CDXX1948
Kobolko CDXX9151
Koboro CDXX0597
Kochebou CDXX3432
Kochokor CDXX9152
Kodbo I CDXX2684
Kodbouga CDXX6460
Kodele CDXX9153
Kodiala CDXX5913
Kodio CDXX6461
Kodioumbrang CDXX9807
Kodjal I CDXX5914
Kodjan CDXX9154
Kodjo CDXX9808
Kodjoguila CDXX7013
Kodjoko CDXX9809
Kodok CDXX1251
Kodolok CDXX9155
Kodomeli CDXX4085
Kodomoro CDXX9156
Kodona CDXX9157
Kodouyoloso CDXX4086
Kodrok CDXX1252
Kofe CDXX7014
Kofilo CDXX2685
Kogogue CDXX6462
Kogol CDXX7015
Kohaye CDXX7714
Kohe CDXX7016
Koho CDXX7017
Koibo CDXX9158
Koikoidjou CDXX8150
Koilele CDXX5915
Koima CDXX9159
Koirom CDXX3433
Koirom CDXX4684
Kokabri CDXX6463
Kokabri I CDXX6464
Kokabri II CDXX6465
Kokaga CDXX7018
Kokandi CDXX0598
Kokandje CDXX1949
Kokanti CDXX5916
Kokara CDXX7019
Kokarti CDXX7020
Kokarti CDXX6466
Kokati CDXX5917
Kokine CDXX2686
Kokinio CDXX7021
Koko CDXX5918
Koko CDXX7022
Koko CDXX9160
Kokode CDXX4087
Kokodjo CDXX9810
Kokole Karpay CDXX5234
Kokolo CDXX5919
Kokor CDXX1253
Kokorko CDXX9161
Kokormele CDXX1254
Kol CDXX7023
Kol CDXX5235
Kola CDXX4685
Kola Kola CDXX4088
Koldaga CDXX6467
Kole CDXX1950
Kole CDXX3434
Kole CDXX2687
Kole Akere CDXX1951
Kolekos CDXX1952
Kolekouya CDXX4686
Kolel CDXX1953
Kolem CDXX1954
Kolerom CDXX4089
Koley CDXX4687
Koli CDXX7025
Koli I CDXX7026
Kolia CDXX4688
Kolinge CDXX9163
Kolirom CDXX4090
Kolka CDXX1255
Kolkaha CDXX7027
Kolkol CDXX0599
Kolkounga CDXX4091
Kolmon CDXX6468
Kolo CDXX6469
Kolobo CDXX7715
Kolobo Mbouro CDXX7716
Kolodjine CDXX0600
Kolokosso CDXX6470
Kololo CDXX5920
Kolomara CDXX7717
Kolon CDXX7718
Kolou CDXX4092
Koloula CDXX3435
Koloulay CDXX4689
Koloum CDXX5236
Koloum CDXX4093
Koloy CDXX9164
Koloyeurte CDXX0939
Kolten CDXX9165
Kom CDXX7028
Koma CDXX2688
Komade CDXX2689
Komaioua CDXX7719
Komba CDXX5921
Kombara CDXX8151
Kombe CDXX5922
Kombogori CDXX4094
Komboli CDXX4095
Komde CDXX7029
Kome CDXX5923
Komena CDXX7030
Komkola CDXX7720
Komo CDXX2690
Komoitou CDXX5924
Komoske CDXX9166
Komoto CDXX6471
Konada CDXX9167
Konasse CDXX5237
Konay CDXX4096
Konda CDXX2691
Konde CDXX5925
Kondia CDXX4690
Kondjigin CDXX9168
Kondobor CDXX1256
Kondoko CDXX1257
Kondore CDXX7721
Kondou I CDXX4691
Kondou II CDXX4692
Kone CDXX7031
Kongiklia CDXX3436
Kongo CDXX9169
Kongour CDXX9170
Kongourom CDXX4693
Konidiobolo CDXX9811
Koniereta CDXX9171
Konk CDXX1258
Konkedoui CDXX4097
Konkia CDXX3437
Konkia CDXX4098
Konkioudouwi CDXX4099
Konkolo CDXX7722
Konkoundja CDXX5238
Konkouri CDXX3438
Konne CDXX5926
Kontjala CDXX5927
Kontondola CDXX4100
Kooula CDXX0940
Kor CDXX5928
Kora CDXX1259
Kora CDXX0941
Koran CDXX0942
Koran CDXX2692
Korau CDXX5239
Korbo CDXX2693
Korbol CDXX7032
Korde CDXX0601
Kordo CDXX9172
Kordo CDXX8152
Kordogolo CDXX0943
Kore CDXX9173
Kore CDXX1260
Kore CDXX7723
Kore I CDXX5929
Kore II CDXX5930
Koremanga CDXX4101
Koremirom CDXX4694
Koret Koret CDXX2694
Koreyourom CDXX4695
Korgo CDXX1261
Korinjoe CDXX0602
Korio CDXX9174
Korio CDXX7724
Korkor CDXX2695
Korkoro CDXX9175
Korkorodje CDXX1955
Korkosse CDXX6472
Kormododo CDXX9176
Kormol CDXX2696
Kornay CDXX9177
Korne CDXX9178
Korno CDXX2697
Korno Dele CDXX2698
Korno Djigdjig CDXX2699
Kornoe CDXX0603
Kornoy CDXX1262
Koro CDXX7033
Koro CDXX5240
Koro CDXX4102
Koro I CDXX5241
Koro II CDXX5242
Koro Ouolo CDXX7034
Koro Toro CDXX0944
Koro-Ngara CDXX5931
Korodom CDXX9179
Korodrakassa CDXX6473
Korofi CDXX4103
Korofou CDXX4104
Korok CDXX1263
Korokou CDXX0945
Korom CDXX4696
Korom Kolom CDXX3439
Korombaital CDXX1264
Koronboue CDXX1265
Korongha CDXX7725
Kororak CDXX3440
Kororak CDXX9180
Kororok CDXX9181
Korou CDXX0946
Korouba CDXX1266
Koroum CDXX4105
Koroy CDXX4697
Kortchalo CDXX2700
Kortcho CDXX4698
Kortota CDXX1956
Korwei CDXX1957
Koschmolo CDXX9182
Kose CDXX0604
Kose Djamena CDXX1959
Koseat CDXX2701
Koseat CDXX0605
Koseinga CDXX4699
Koso CDXX2702
Kosokobo I CDXX7035
Kosokobo II CDXX7036
Kosokobo Ndele CDXX7037
Kosonga CDXX0947
Kosoum Tiollo CDXX0948
Kosse CDXX0606
Kosselili CDXX2703
Kossia CDXX5932
Kossian CDXX5933
Kossigne CDXX7038
Kosso CDXX2704
Kossoma Trama CDXX0949
Koto CDXX5243
Koto Koulou CDXX7039
Kotofa CDXX1960
Kotoko CDXX1267
Kotokorom CDXX4700
Kotongoro CDXX6474
Kotongoro I CDXX7040
Kotongoro Ii CDXX0032
Kotongoro II CDXX7041
Kotoyo CDXX5934
Kotro CDXX9183
Kou CDXX2705
Kou CDXX6475
Kou CDXX9812
Kou Mandoul CDXX6476
Koua CDXX9184
Kouaba CDXX7042
Kouaban CDXX7043
Kouaimbi CDXX8153
Kouale CDXX4106
Kouam CDXX7044
Kouang-Gougour CDXX1961
Kouankia CDXX3441
Kouare CDXX2706
Kouba Modounga CDXX0950
Kouba Olanga CDXX0951
Koubala CDXX7045
Koubalo CDXX2707
Koubao CDXX5244
Koubao Tar CDXX5245
Koubatiembi CDXX7046
Koubey CDXX4107
Koubi CDXX2708
Koubiann CDXX5246
Koubigou CDXX9185
Koubo Abou Azrak CDXX9813
Koubo Abou Gara CDXX9814
Koubo Fayala CDXX0607
Koubo Kadade CDXX0608
Koubouga CDXX5935
Koubounda CDXX7047
Koubourou CDXX5936
Koubourtou CDXX2709
Koubuer CDXX5247
Kouchagin CDXX9186
Kouchoulou CDXX9187
Koudangui CDXX5248
Kouday CDXX5937
Koudi Kanoua CDXX3442
Koudigi CDXX1268
Koudiomera CDXX9188
Koudioure CDXX1269
Koudjan Itele CDXX9189
Koudjan Kodolo CDXX9190
Koudmorio CDXX1962
Koudoti CDXX6477
Koudou CDXX0609
Koudou Mechri CDXX1963
Koudoubida CDXX5938
Koudouboul CDXX4701
Koudoudou CDXX5939
Koudougou CDXX7726
Koudougou CDXX4702
Koudougouli CDXX1964
Koudougous CDXX9191
Koudoumoro CDXX1965
Koudouna CDXX3443
Koudroua CDXX1966
Koue CDXX5940
Koueke CDXX1967
Kouendok CDXX7048
Koufaki CDXX7727
Koufi CDXX0952
Kouga CDXX9815
Koughekja CDXX1968
Koughon CDXX7728
Kougoui CDXX5941
Kougouloumadinga CDXX4703
Kougouna CDXX3444
Kouin CDXX7049
Kouinkelama CDXX1969
Kouka CDXX3445
Kouka CDXX0610
Kouka Marnie CDXX2710
Koukar CDXX7050
Koukaya CDXX3446
Kouki CDXX0611
Koukou CDXX9192
Koukou Angarana CDXX9193
Koukou Bornou CDXX9194
Koukoua CDXX3447
Koukouay CDXX3448
Koukoulaye CDXX9195
Koukourbe CDXX1270
Koul Lao CDXX5249
Koulaka CDXX5942
Koulalange CDXX1271
Koulanga CDXX3449
Koulao CDXX5250
Koulay CDXX0612
Koulbarak CDXX1272
Koulbo CDXX9196
Koulbo CDXX2711
Kouldi CDXX9197
Koule CDXX9198
Koulfa Kama CDXX4704
Koulga CDXX0613
Kouli CDXX4705
Kouli CDXX5943
Kouli CDXX7051
Kouli-Kouli CDXX5251
Koulia CDXX2712
Koulidina CDXX0953
Koulidirom CDXX4108
Koulima CDXX7052
Koulka CDXX2713
Koulkoula CDXX9199
Koulkoulay CDXX2714
Koulkoule CDXX3450
Koulkouli CDXX1970
Koulkoulia CDXX4109
Koulnia CDXX0614
Koulo CDXX7729
Kouloa CDXX4706
Koulom CDXX4707
Koulou CDXX7730
Koulou CDXX2717
Koulouan CDXX7053
Kouloudia CDXX3451
Kouloufi CDXX4110
Kouloufou CDXX4708
Kouloufou Laorom CDXX3452
Koulougia CDXX4709
Kouloukrou CDXX4710
Kouloula CDXX3453
Kouloula CDXX4711
Kouloulia CDXX4712
Kouloulirom CDXX4111
Kouloulou CDXX5944
Kouloulouchi CDXX4112
Kouloungoule CDXX1273
Koulouo CDXX4114
Koulourom CDXX4713
Koultime CDXX4714
Koum Koum CDXX4115
Kouma CDXX7731
Kouma CDXX5945
Kouma CDXX0615
Kouma Kayam CDXX7732