Weather Codes for Canada

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Canada. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

100 Mile House CAXX2573
150 Mile House CAXX2574
70 Mile House CAXX0006
Abbey CAXX1001
Abbeydale CAXX4895
Abbotsford CAXX0001
Abbottsfield CAXX4896
Abee CAXX1002
Aberdeen CAXX1003
Abernethy CAXX2576
Abilene CAXX4897
Abound CAXX2577
Aboushagan Road CAXX9016
Academy CAXX4898
Acadia Valley CAXX1004
Acamac CAXX9017
Acheson CAXX4899
Acme CAXX1005
Acton CAXX9018
Acton CAXX1006
Acton Vale CAXX1007
Adams Lake CAXX4444
Adams Landing CAXX4900
Adamsville CAXX9019
Aden CAXX4901
Admiral CAXX2579
Advocate Harbour CAXX1008
Aerial CAXX4902
Aero CAXX4518
Aetna CAXX4903
Agassiz CAXX0002
Agate CAXX6360
Agatha CAXX4904
Aggie CAXX4905
Aghaming CAXX7807
Aguanish CAXX1009
Ahousat CAXX0003
Aillik CAXX4445
Ailsa Craig CAXX2582
Ainsworth CAXX6361
Airdrie CAXX0004
Aiyansh CAXX6362
Ajax CAXX0005
Akenside CAXX4906
Akinsdale CAXX4907
Aklavik CAXX1010
Alainville CAXX9020
Alameda CAXX1011
Alamo CAXX6363
Albanel CAXX1012
Albas CAXX6364
Alberni CAXX6365
Albert CAXX9021
Albert Beach CAXX7808
Albert Canyon CAXX2584
Albert Head CAXX6367
Albert Mines CAXX9022
Albert Park CAXX4908
Alberta Avenue CAXX4909
Alberta Beach CAXX4520
Alberton CAXX1013
Albertville CAXX0007
Albion CAXX6368
Albreda CAXX2586
Albright CAXX4446
Albrights Corner CAXX9023
Alcomdale CAXX4447
Alcona CAXX4521
Alcurve CAXX4912
Alder Creek CAXX6369
Alder Flats CAXX4913
Aldergrove CAXX2558
Alderson CAXX4915
Aldersyde CAXX2590
Aldouane CAXX9024
Alert CAXX0829
Alert Bay CAXX1014
Alexander CAXX1015
Alexander CAXX4916
Alexandria CAXX1016
Alexandria CAXX6370
Alexandrina CAXX9025
Alexis CAXX4917
Alexis Creek CAXX1017
Alexo CAXX4918
Aleza Lake CAXX2591
Alfred CAXX1018
Algar CAXX7809
Algonquin Park CAXX0640
Algonquin Park CAXX7810
Alhambra CAXX4448
Alice Arm CAXX2593
Alice Siding CAXX6371
Alida CAXX1019
Alix CAXX1020
Alkali Lake CAXX1021
Allan CAXX1022
Allan Cot CAXX9026
Allandale CAXX9027
Allegra CAXX7812
Allenford CAXX2594
Alliance CAXX1023
Alliford Bay CAXX4522
Allingham CAXX4921
Allison CAXX9028
Allison Lake CAXX6372
Alliston CAXX0641
Alma CAXX9029
Almdals Cove CAXX7813
Almond Gardens CAXX6373
Almonte CAXX1026
Alness CAXX4922
Alonsa CAXX1027
Alpen CAXX4923
Alpen Siding CAXX4924
Alpine CAXX7814
Alpine Meadows CAXX6374
Alsask CAXX1028
Alsike CAXX4925
Altadore CAXX4926
Altamont CAXX2596
Altamont CAXX6375
Altario CAXX2597
Altbergthal CAXX7815
Alticane CAXX2598
Altona CAXX1029
Altona CAXX6376
Alvena CAXX1030
Alvin CAXX6377
Alward CAXX9030
Amaranth CAXX7816
Amber Valley CAXX4927
Ambleside CAXX6378
Ameer CAXX7817
Amelia CAXX4928
Amery CAXX2599
Amesbury CAXX2600
Amesdale CAXX4523
Amherst CAXX0008
Amherstburg CAXX0009
Amisk CAXX2602
Ammon CAXX9031
Amos CAXX1031
Amqui CAXX0745
Amsbury CAXX6379
Amulet CAXX2603
Amyot CAXX2604
Anaconda CAXX6380
Anagance CAXX9032
Anagance Ridge CAXX9033
Anahim Lake CAXX6381
Analta CAXX4930
Anastasia CAXX4931
Ancona CAXX4932
Anderson CAXX6382
Andersonville CAXX9034
Andimaul CAXX6383
Andrew CAXX1032
Aneroid CAXX2605
Angels Cove CAXX2606
Anglemont CAXX2607
Angliers CAXX0788
Angling Lake CAXX4449
Angus CAXX1033
Angusmac CAXX6384
Angusville CAXX4450
Anjou CAXX1034
Ankerton CAXX4933
Anmore CAXX6385
Annacis CAXX6386
Annapolis Royal CAXX1035
Annaville CAXX2610
Annidale CAXX9035
Annis CAXX6388
Anola CAXX7818
Ansell CAXX4934
Anselmo CAXX4935
Anthonys Cove CAXX9036
Anthracite CAXX2611
Antigonish CAXX0754
Antler CAXX4586
Anton Lake CAXX4936
Antonio CAXX4937
Antross CAXX4938
Anyox CAXX2613
Anzac CAXX6389
Anzac CAXX0010
Apohaqui CAXX9037
Appledale CAXX2614
Applegrove CAXX4587
Applewood Park CAXX4939
Apsley CAXX1036
Aquadeo CAXX4588
Arbakka CAXX7819
Arborfield CAXX1037
Arborg CAXX0011
Arbour Lake CAXX4940
Arbutus Ridge CAXX6390
Arcadia CAXX4589
Arcola CAXX1038
Arctic Bay CAXX1039
Ardbeg CAXX2618
Arden CAXX4590
Arden Park CAXX6391
Ardenode CAXX4591
Ardenville CAXX4941
Ardley CAXX4592
Ardmore CAXX2622
Ardmore CAXX6392
Ardrossan CAXX1040
Arelee CAXX2623
Argenta CAXX2624
Argentia CAXX0596
Argentia Beach CAXX4942
Argue CAXX7820
Argyle CAXX7821
Argyle CAXX1041
Argyll CAXX4943
Arichat CAXX1042
Arizona CAXX7822
Armagh CAXX1043
Armena CAXX4944
Armit CAXX4451
Arms CAXX4524
Armstrong CAXX0675
Armstrongs Point CAXX7823
Arnaud CAXX7824
Arnes CAXX2628
Arneson CAXX4946
Arnot CAXX7825
Arnprior CAXX1046
Arnstein CAXX2629
Arntfield CAXX1047
Aroland CAXX4452
Aroostook CAXX2631
Arran CAXX4453
Arras CAXX2633
Arrow Creek CAXX4593
Arrow Park CAXX6394
Arrow River CAXX7826
Arrowhead CAXX6395
Arrowsmith CAXX6396
Arrowwood CAXX4947
Arthabaska CAXX2635
Arthur CAXX1048
Arviat CAXX1049
Arvilla CAXX4594
Asbestos CAXX1050
Ascot Corner CAXX0012
Asham Point CAXX7827
Ashbury CAXX7828
Ashcroft CAXX1051
Ashern CAXX1052
Ashmont CAXX1053
Ashton-Jonction CAXX4595
Ashville CAXX0013
Asinkaanumevatt CAXX7829
Askikkapit CAXX7830
Aspen Beach CAXX4948
Aspen Gardens CAXX4949
Aspen Grove CAXX4596
Aspen Park CAXX7831
Aspen Woods CAXX4950
Asquith CAXX1054
Assineau CAXX4951
Assiniboia CAXX0820
Assiniboia CAXX7833
Assiniview Park CAXX7835
Assumption CAXX4952
Atbara CAXX6399
Athabasca CAXX1055
Athalmer CAXX2639
Athapap CAXX7836
Atik CAXX7837
Atikameg CAXX2640
Atikameg Lake CAXX7838
Atikokan CAXX0014
Atlee CAXX1056
Atlin CAXX1057
Atluck CAXX6401
Atmore CAXX4454
Atnarko CAXX6402
Attachie CAXX4455
Atwater CAXX2643
Aubigny CAXX7839
Auburn Bay CAXX4954
Auburndale CAXX4955
Auburnton CAXX2644
Auden CAXX2645
Aurora CAXX1059
Austin CAXX1060
Austin Heights CAXX6403
Australian CAXX2646
Authier CAXX1061
Authier-Nord CAXX1062
Avenir CAXX4956
Avola CAXX1063
Avon CAXX9038
Avonlea CAXX1064
Aweme CAXX7840
Aylesbury CAXX2647
Aylesford CAXX0015
Aylmer CAXX0016
Aylmer Sound CAXX2648
Aylsham CAXX2649
Ayr CAXX1066
Ayton CAXX1067
Azilda CAXX4525
Azouzetta CAXX6404
Azu Ski Village CAXX6405
Azure CAXX4958
Babbitt CAXX9039
Babcock CAXX7841
Back CAXX7842
Back Bay CAXX9040
Back Clarendon CAXX9041
Bacon Ridge CAXX7843
Bad Heart CAXX4959
Baddeck CAXX1068
Baden CAXX7844
Baden CAXX0017
Badger CAXX0580
Badger CAXX7845
Badgerville CAXX4456
Bagdad CAXX9042
Bagot CAXX7846
Bagotville CAXX0018
Baie St. Paul CAXX7847
Baie Verte CAXX1069
Baie Verte CAXX9043
Baie Verte Road CAXX9044
Baie-Comeau CAXX0019
Baie-Des-Sables CAXX1071
Baie-Saint-Paul CAXX0020
Baie-Trinite CAXX2541
Bailey CAXX9045
Baillie CAXX9046
Bain CAXX4960
Bains Corner CAXX9047
Baintree CAXX4961
Baker Creek CAXX6406
Baker Lake CAXX0021
Bakers Brook CAXX2654
Bala CAXX0022
Balaton Beach CAXX7848
Balcarres CAXX1073
Baldonnel CAXX6407
Baldur CAXX1074
Baldwin CAXX2655
Baldy CAXX7849
Baldy Hughes CAXX6408
Balfour CAXX1075
Baljennie CAXX4457
Balla Philip CAXX9048
Ballantine CAXX4962
Ballater CAXX4963
Balm CAXX4964
Balmertown CAXX2657
Balmoral CAXX7850
Balmoral Beach CAXX6410
Balmy Beach CAXX7851
Balsam Bay CAXX7852
Balsam Creek CAXX2658
Balsam Harbour CAXX7853
Baltimore CAXX9049
Balzac CAXX4966
Bamberton CAXX6411
Bamfield CAXX1076
Bancroft CAXX0666
Banff CAXX0023
Banff Trail CAXX4967
Bangor CAXX4458
Bank Bay CAXX4968
Bankeir CAXX6412
Banko Junction CAXX4969
Bankview CAXX4970
Bannerman CAXX4971
Bantry CAXX4972
Baptiste Lake CAXX4973
Baptiste River CAXX4974
Bar Road CAXX9050
Barachois CAXX0024
Barachois CAXX9052
Barber Dam CAXX9053
Bardo CAXX4976
Bargrave CAXX4977
Barich CAXX4978
Barkers Point CAXX9054
Barkerville CAXX6414
Barkfield CAXX7854
Barlee Junction CAXX4979
Barlow CAXX6415
Barlow Creek CAXX6416
Barnaby River CAXX9055
Barnegat CAXX4980
Barnesville CAXX9056
Barnet CAXX6417
Barnettville CAXX9057
Barnhartvale CAXX6418
Barnsley CAXX7855
Barnston Island CAXX6419
Barons CAXX1077
Barony CAXX9058
Barraute CAXX1078
Barrett CAXX6420
Barrett Lake CAXX6421
Barrhead CAXX1079
Barrie CAXX0025
Barrieau CAXX9059
Barrier Bay CAXX7856
Barriere CAXX1080
Barrows CAXX2661
Barrowtown CAXX6422
Bartholomew CAXX9060
Bartibog CAXX9061
Bartstow CAXX4981
Barwick CAXX1082
Bas-Cap-Pele CAXX9063
Basford CAXX6423
Bashaw CAXX1083
Basque CAXX6424
Bass River CAXX9064
Bassano CAXX1084
Basswood CAXX4459
Basswood Ridge CAXX9067
Bastarache CAXX9068
Bastion Bay CAXX6425
Batchawana Bay CAXX2665
Batchewana CAXX2666
Batemans Mills CAXX9069
Bath CAXX1085
Bathurst CAXX0642
Batiscan CAXX1086
Batteau CAXX1087
Batter Junction CAXX4982
Battle Bend CAXX4983
Battle Harbour CAXX1088
Battle Heights CAXX2667
Battle Lake CAXX4984
Battle River CAXX4985
Battleford CAXX1089
Baturyn CAXX4986
Bauline CAXX1090
Baxters Corner CAXX9070
Bay Bulls CAXX1091
Bay De Verde CAXX1092
Bay Road CAXX9071
Bay Roberts CAXX1093
Bay Tree CAXX2670
Bay View CAXX9073
Bayard CAXX9074
Bayend CAXX7858
Bayfield CAXX0026
Bayfield CAXX9075
Baynes Lake CAXX4526
Baynham CAXX7859
Bayswater CAXX9076
Beach Corner CAXX4527
Beach Grove CAXX6427
Beach Junction CAXX7860
Beachburg CAXX1094
Beachcomber Bay CAXX6428
Beacon Corner CAXX4988
Beacon Heights CAXX4989
Beaconia CAXX7861
Beaconsfield CAXX9077
Beaconsfield CAXX0825
Beamsville CAXX0027
Bear Camp CAXX6429
Bear Canyon CAXX4990
Bear Cove CAXX2673
Bear Flat CAXX4460
Bear Island CAXX9078
Bear Lake CAXX1095
Bear Lake CAXX4991
Bear River CAXX1096
Bearberry CAXX4992
Beardmore CAXX1097
Bearn CAXX1098
Bearskin Lake CAXX1099
Beasley CAXX6430
Beaton CAXX2675
Beatton CAXX6431
Beatton Ranch CAXX6432
Beaubier CAXX4528
Beauceville CAXX0760
Beaudry CAXX7862
Beauharnois CAXX1100
Beaumaris CAXX4993
Beaumont CAXX9079
Beaumont CAXX4994
Beaumont CAXX7863
Beaumont CAXX1101
Beauport CAXX0028
Beaupre CAXX0759
Beausejour CAXX0029
Beauval CAXX1102
Beauvallon CAXX4529
Beaver CAXX7864
Beaver Brook CAXX9080
Beaver Cove CAXX0030
Beaver Creek CAXX7865
Beaver Creek CAXX0685
Beaver Crossing CAXX4995
Beaver Dam CAXX9081
Beaver Falls CAXX6434
Beaver Harbour CAXX9082
Beaver Island CAXX0824
Beaver Lake CAXX4996
Beaver Mines CAXX2678
Beaver Point CAXX6436
Beaver River CAXX4997
Beaver Valley CAXX4530
Beaverdam CAXX4998
Beaverdell CAXX2681
Beaverhill CAXX4999
Beaverley CAXX6437
Beaverlodge CAXX1103
Beavermouth CAXX6438
Beaverton CAXX1104
Beazer CAXX5000
Becancour CAXX0031
Becher House CAXX6439
Bede CAXX7866
Bedec CAXX9083
Bedford CAXX0032
Bedford CAXX7867
Bedwell Harbour CAXX6440
Beech Hill CAXX9085
Beechwood CAXX6441
Beechy CAXX1106
Beersville CAXX9086
Begin CAXX2682
Behan CAXX5002
Beiseker CAXX1107
Belair CAXX9087
Belair CAXX7868
Belbutte CAXX4461
Belcarra CAXX6442
Belcher CAXX7869
Belcourt CAXX0033
Belgravia CAXX5004
Bell II CAXX6443
Bell Island CAXX1108
Bell Rock CAXX4462
Bella Bella CAXX1109
Bella Coola CAXX1110
Bellburns CAXX4463
Belle Rive CAXX5005
Belle River CAXX1111
Belleisle Creek CAXX9088
Belleoram CAXX1112
Belleterre CAXX4531
Belleview CAXX7870
Belleview CAXX6444
Belleville CAXX0034
Bellevue CAXX5006
Bellevue CAXX1113
Bellis CAXX2687
Bellos CAXX6445
Belloy CAXX2688
Bells Mills CAXX9090
Bellshill CAXX5007
Bellsite CAXX7871
Belmont CAXX7872
Belmont CAXX0035
Belmont CAXX9091
Belmont CAXX5008
Belmont Park CAXX6446
Beloeil CAXX1115
Beltline CAXX5009
Belvedere CAXX6447
Belyeas Cove CAXX9092
Ben Lomond CAXX9093
Ben-My-Chree CAXX2689
Benalto CAXX4597
Benard CAXX7873
Benbow CAXX5010
Benchlands CAXX5011
Bend CAXX6448
Bender CAXX7874
Bengough CAXX1116
Benito CAXX1117
Benledi CAXX6449
Bennett CAXX5012
Bennett CAXX2691
Benson CAXX4532
Benson Corner CAXX9094
Benson Lake CAXX6450
Bentley CAXX1118
Benton CAXX4598
Benton CAXX4533
Benton Station CAXX5013
Benvoulin CAXX6451
Berdinskies CAXX5014
Berens River CAXX1119
Beresford CAXX9095
Beresford CAXX6452
Beresford CAXX7875
Bergen CAXX0723
Bergen CAXX7876
Bergman CAXX5015
Bergs CAXX6453
Berkinshaw CAXX5016
Berlo CAXX7877
Bernic Lake CAXX7878
Bernice CAXX7879
Berry Creek CAXX5017
Berry Mills CAXX9096
Berrymoor CAXX5018
Berryton CAXX9098
Berthierville CAXX1120
Berwick CAXX9099
Berwick CAXX1121
Berwyn CAXX1122
Beryl Prairie CAXX6454
Berylvale CAXX2695
Bessborough CAXX6455
Bestwick CAXX6456
Bethany CAXX7880
Bethany CAXX1123
Bethel CAXX9100
Bethune CAXX1124
Betsiamites CAXX1125
Betula Beach CAXX5019
Betula Lake CAXX7881
Beulah CAXX1126
Beulah CAXX9101
Bevens River CAXX4599
Beverly Heights CAXX5020
Bezanson CAXX2697
Bible Hill CAXX2698
Bickerdike CAXX5021
Bickerton West CAXX2699
Bield CAXX4600
Bienfait CAXX1127
Big Bar Creek CAXX2701
Big Bay CAXX6458
Big Beaver CAXX4601
Big Black River CAXX2703
Big Brook CAXX0036
Big Coulee CAXX5022
Big Cove CAXX9102
Big Creek CAXX6459
Big Island Lake CAXX7882
Big Lake Ranch CAXX2704
Big Meadow CAXX5023
Big Pond CAXX4602
Big River CAXX1128
Big Slough CAXX5024
Big Stone CAXX5025
Big Trout Lake CAXX0604
Big Valley CAXX1130
Big White Ski CAXX6461
Big Woody CAXX7885
Biggar CAXX1131
Bigwin CAXX4603
Bilby CAXX5026
Billings CAXX6462
Billings Bay CAXX6463
Bilodeau CAXX4604
Bindloss CAXX1132
Bingley CAXX5027
Binney CAXX7886
Binscarth CAXX1133
Birch Bay CAXX7887
Birch Cove CAXX5028
Birch Hills CAXX0037
Birch Island CAXX1134
Birch Island CAXX6464
Birch River CAXX4605
Bircham CAXX2709
Birchbank CAXX6465
Birchcliff CAXX5029
Birchdale CAXX6466
Birchland Manor CAXX6467
Birchview CAXX7888
Birchwood CAXX7889
Birchy Bay CAXX1135
Bird CAXX2710
Bird Cove CAXX4606
Bird River CAXX4607
Birdinia CAXX7890
Birds Hill CAXX7891
Birdtail CAXX7892
Birdtail Sioux CAXX7893
Birdton CAXX9104
Birken CAXX0038
Birnie CAXX7894
Birsay CAXX1136
Birtle CAXX1137
Biscotasing CAXX1138
Bishop Falls CAXX4608
Bison Lake CAXX5030
Bissett CAXX1139
Bittern Lake CAXX2714
Bitumount CAXX2715
Black Beach CAXX9105
Black Creek CAXX1140
Black Diamond CAXX1141
Black Duck CAXX4609
Black Lake CAXX1142
Black Pines CAXX6469
Black River Road CAXX9106
Blackdale CAXX7895
Blackfalds CAXX1143
Blackfoot CAXX5032
Blackie CAXX1144
Blackies Landing CAXX9107
Blackland CAXX9108
Blackloam CAXX6470
Blacks Harbour CAXX9109
Blacks Point CAXX7896
Blackville CAXX1145
Blackwater CAXX6472
Blaeberry CAXX6473
Blagdon CAXX9110
Blaine Lake CAXX1146
Blairmore CAXX2717
Blairs CAXX9111
Blake CAXX6474
Blakeburn CAXX6475
Blanc-Sablon CAXX0597
Blaney Ridge CAXX9112
Blenheim CAXX1148
Blewett CAXX6476
Blind Bay CAXX6477
Blind Channel CAXX2718
Blind River CAXX1149
Bliss Landing CAXX4610
Blissfield CAXX9113
Blissville CAXX4611
Bloedel CAXX0039
Bloodvein CAXX7897
Bloodvein River CAXX7898
Bloom CAXX7899
Bloomfield CAXX4612
Bloomfield CAXX9114
Bloomfield Ridge CAXX9115
Bloomsbury CAXX2722
Blowhole CAXX6478
Blubber Bay CAXX2723
Blucher Hall CAXX6479
Blue Hills CAXX6480
Blue Quill CAXX5033
Blue Ridge CAXX1150
Blue River CAXX0707
Blue River East CAXX6481
Blue River West CAXX6482
Blue Springs CAXX6483
Blueberry Creek CAXX6484
Blueridge CAXX6485
Bluesky CAXX5035
Bluff Creek CAXX7900
Bluffton CAXX4613
Blumenfeld CAXX7901
Blumengart CAXX7902
Blumenhof CAXX2726
Blumenort CAXX7903
Blumenort South CAXX7904
Boat Basin CAXX2727
Boat Harbour CAXX6486
Bob Quinn Lake CAXX6487
Bobcaygeon CAXX1151
Bocabec CAXX9117
Bocabec Cove CAXX9118
Bodo CAXX2728
Boggy Creek CAXX2729
Boggy Hall CAXX5036
Boian CAXX5037
Boiestown CAXX1152
Boileau CAXX2730
Bois-Des-Filion CAXX1153
Boischatel CAXX1154
Boisdale CAXX1155
Boissevain CAXX1156
Bold Point CAXX2731
Bolton CAXX1157
Bon Accord CAXX9120
Bon Accord CAXX1158
Bon-Secours CAXX9121
Bonanza CAXX2732
Bonar CAXX5038
Bonaventure CAXX1159
Bonavista CAXX0576
Bonavista Downs CAXX5040
Bond CAXX2733
Bondiss CAXX5041
Bonilla Island CAXX4853
Bonlea CAXX5042
Bonnard CAXX2526
Bonnet Hill CAXX6488
Bonney Road CAXX9122
Bonnie Doon CAXX5043
Bonnington Falls CAXX2734
Bonny River CAXX9123
Bonnyville CAXX1160
Bonnyville Beach CAXX5044
Boom Road CAXX9124
Boon CAXX2735
Boothroyd CAXX6489
Borden CAXX1161
Boring Ranch CAXX6490
Borradaile CAXX5045
Boston Bar CAXX4614
Boston Creek CAXX2737
Boston Flats CAXX6491
Boswell CAXX1162
Botha CAXX2738
Botsford CAXX9125
Botsford Portage CAXX9126
Botten CAXX5047
Bottrel CAXX5048
Botwood CAXX1163
Boucherville CAXX0040
Bouchette CAXX2739
Bouchie Lake CAXX6492
Boudreau CAXX9127
Boulder CAXX6493
Boulder City CAXX6494
Boundary Bay CAXX4615
Boundary Creek CAXX9129
Boundary Falls CAXX6495
Boundary Road CAXX6496
Bounty CAXX2741
Bourgeois Mills CAXX9131
Bourget CAXX4616
Bourkes CAXX2743
Bournemouth CAXX4617
Bow City CAXX5049
Bow Island CAXX0729
Bowden CAXX1164
Bowell CAXX5050
Bowen Bay CAXX6497
Bowmanton CAXX5051
Bowmanville CAXX0041
Bowness CAXX5052
Bowser CAXX1165
Bowsman CAXX2745
Box Lake CAXX6498
Boyd CAXX7906
Boyer CAXX5053
Boyle CAXX1166
Boyle Street CAXX5054
Boyne Lake CAXX5055
Braaten CAXX5056
Bracebridge CAXX0042
Bracken CAXX2746
Brackendale CAXX4618
Bradford CAXX1167
Bradner CAXX6499
Bradwardine CAXX7907
Brady Ranch CAXX6500
Braeburn CAXX5057
Braeloch CAXX6501
Braemar Heights CAXX6502
Braeside CAXX1168
Braeside CAXX6503
Braeside CAXX7908
Brainard CAXX5058
Brainerd CAXX7909
Bralorne CAXX2748
Brampton CAXX0043
Branch CAXX1169
Brander Gardens CAXX5059
Brandon CAXX6504
Brandon CAXX0044
Brandon Hills CAXX7910
Brandon North CAXX7911
Brandywine CAXX6505
Brant CAXX5060
Brantford CAXX0045
Brazeau CAXX5061
Brazeau Dam CAXX5062
Breau Creek CAXX9132
Breau-Village CAXX9133
Brechin CAXX1170
Bredenbury CAXX1171
Bredin CAXX5063
Breezy Point CAXX7912
Brem River CAXX4619
Bremner CAXX2750
Brent CAXX2751
Brentwood CAXX5064
Brentwood Park CAXX6506
Brereton Lake CAXX7913
Brest CAXX9134
Bretagneville CAXX9135
Breton CAXX1172
Breton Cove CAXX2752
Brevoort Island CAXX2569
Brew Bay CAXX6507
Brewers Mills CAXX9136
Brewster Bay CAXX7914
Brexton CAXX6508
Breynat CAXX4620
Briar Ridge CAXX4621
Bridal Falls CAXX6509
Bridesville CAXX2755
Bridgar CAXX7915
Bridge CAXX6510
Bridge Lake CAXX1173
Bridgedale CAXX9137
Bridgeland CAXX5065
Bridgetown CAXX1174
Bridgeview CAXX6512
Bridgeview CAXX5066
Bridgewater CAXX1175
Bridlewood CAXX5067
Briercrest CAXX1176
Briereville CAXX5069
Brigade Lake CAXX6513
Briggs CAXX5070
Briggs Corner CAXX9138
Briggs Spur CAXX7916
Brighouse CAXX6514
Brightbank CAXX5071
Brighton CAXX0046
Brighton Beach CAXX6516
Brightstone CAXX7918
Brightview CAXX5072
Brigus CAXX1177
Brilliant CAXX4622
Brintnell CAXX5073
Brisco CAXX2757
Bristol CAXX7919
Bristol CAXX2758
Britannia CAXX5074
Britannia Beach CAXX1178
Britle CAXX2759
Britt CAXX1179
Broad Valley CAXX7920
Broadmoor CAXX6518
Broadview CAXX0607
Broadview CAXX6519
Brochet CAXX1181
Brock CAXX2760
Brocket CAXX0735
Brocklehurst CAXX6520
Brockville CAXX0677
Brockway CAXX2761
Broderick CAXX2762
Brokenhead CAXX7921
Bromhead CAXX4623
Bromont CAXX0818
Bromptonville CAXX0047
Bronson CAXX9139
Bronx CAXX7923
Brookdale CAXX7924
Brookfield CAXX1182
Brookfield CAXX7925
Brooklands CAXX7926
Brooklyn CAXX9140
Brooklyn Road CAXX9141
Brookmere CAXX2764
Brooks CAXX0715
Brooks Brook CAXX2765
Brookside CAXX5076
Brookvale CAXX9142
Broomhill CAXX2766
Brossard CAXX1183
Brosseau CAXX2767
Broughton Island CAXX2571
Brouse CAXX6521
Brown CAXX7927
Brown Industrial CAXX5077
Brownfield CAXX5078
Browning CAXX2768
Browns Cove CAXX4624
Browns Flat CAXX9144
Browns Yard CAXX9145
Brownsville CAXX6522
Brownvale CAXX1185
Bruce CAXX5079
Bruce Mines CAXX0048
Bruderheim CAXX5080
Brule CAXX5081
Brule Mines CAXX5082
Brumlie CAXX7929
Brunette Creek CAXX6523
Brunkild CAXX4625
Bruno CAXX1186
Brunswick CAXX9146
Brunswick Beach CAXX6525
Brussels CAXX4626
Bruxelles CAXX7930
Bryan CAXX5083
Bryants Corner CAXX9147
Bryd CAXX7931
Bryenton CAXX9148
Bryn CAXX6526
Bryson CAXX1187
Buccaneer Bay CAXX6527
Buchanan CAXX1188
Buchans CAXX1189
Buchans Junction CAXX2772
Buck Creek CAXX4627
Buck Lake CAXX5084
Buckhorn CAXX6528
Buckhorn CAXX1190
Buckingham CAXX1191
Buckley Bay CAXX6531
Buctouche-Sud CAXX9149
Budd CAXX7932
Buffalo CAXX4628
Buffalo Creek CAXX4629
Buffalo Gap CAXX2776
Buffalo Lake CAXX5085
Buffalo Narrows CAXX0561
Buffalo Point CAXX7933
Buffalo View CAXX5086
Bulkley Canyon CAXX4630
Bulkley House CAXX6532
Bull Harbour CAXX2779
Bull Moose Hill CAXX9150
Bull River CAXX4631
Bullhead CAXX7934
Bullpound CAXX5088
Bullshead CAXX5089
Bulwark CAXX5090
Bunclody CAXX7935
Bungalow G CAXX6533
Buntzen Bay CAXX6534
Buoyant CAXX5091
Burchell Lake CAXX2781
Burchills Flats CAXX9151
Burdett CAXX2545
Bures CAXX4632
Burgeo CAXX0575
Burin CAXX0049
Burke Road CAXX6535
Burkeville CAXX6536
Burlington CAXX0050
Burmis CAXX2783
Burnaby CAXX0051
Burnaby Heights CAXX6537
Burns Lake CAXX0785
Burnside CAXX7936
Burnside Heights CAXX5093
Burnstick Lake CAXX5094
Burnt Creek CAXX2784
Burnt Hill CAXX9152
Burnt Islands CAXX2785
Burpee CAXX9153
Burpees Corner CAXX9154
Burquitlam CAXX6538
Burrtts Corner CAXX4633
Burstall CAXX1193
Burton CAXX2787
Burtonsville CAXX5095
Burtts Corner CAXX9155
Burwash Landing CAXX0683
Bury CAXX4634
Bushell CAXX4635
Butler CAXX7937
Butte CAXX5097
Button CAXX7938
Buttonville CAXX2572
Buttress CAXX2790
Byemoor CAXX4636
Bylot CAXX0052
Byng Inlet CAXX4637
Cabano CAXX1194
Cabot CAXX7939
Cabri CAXX1195
Cache Creek CAXX1196
Cacouna CAXX0053
Cadboro Bay CAXX6541
Caddy Lake CAXX2793
Cadillac CAXX2794
Cadillac CAXX4638
Cadman Corner CAXX9156
Cadogan CAXX5098
Cadomin CAXX4639
Cadotte Lake CAXX5099
Cadurcis CAXX7940
Caernarvon CAXX5100
Caesars CAXX6542
Cahilty CAXX6543
Cails Mills CAXX9157
Caissie Cape CAXX9158
Caissie-Village CAXX9159
Caithness CAXX6544
Caithness CAXX9160
Calabogie CAXX0808
Calahoo CAXX5101
Calais CAXX2797
Calder CAXX1199
Calders Dock CAXX7941
Caledon CAXX1200
Caledon East CAXX1201
Caledonia CAXX1202
Calgary CAXX0054
Calhoun CAXX9162
Caliento CAXX7942
Caliper Lake CAXX4640
Callander CAXX0055
Calling Lake CAXX1203
Calling River CAXX5103
Callison Ranch CAXX6546
Callum CAXX2799
Calmar CAXX1204
Calrin CAXX7943
Calthorpe CAXX5106
Cambie CAXX6547
Camborne CAXX4641
Cambria CAXX5107
Cambridge CAXX9163
Cambridge CAXX0056
Cambridge Bay CAXX1205
Cameron CAXX7944
Cameron Falls CAXX4642
Cameron Heights CAXX6548
Cameron Lake CAXX2802
Camerons Mill CAXX9165
Camp Artaban CAXX6550
Camp Creek CAXX5109
Camp Gagetown CAXX9166
Camp McKinney CAXX6551
Camp Morton CAXX7945
Camp Wegesegum CAXX9167
Campbell Creek CAXX2803
Campbell Island CAXX0718
Campbell Park CAXX5110
Campbell River CAXX0057
Campbell Road CAXX6552
Campbellford CAXX1206
Campbellton CAXX6553
Campbellton CAXX0058
Camper CAXX7946
Camperville CAXX1208
Campobello CAXX9169
Campsie CAXX5111
Camrose CAXX1209
Canaan CAXX9170
Canaan Forks CAXX9171
Canaan Rapids CAXX9172
Canaan Road CAXX9173
Canada Harbour CAXX2805
Canadian Heights CAXX9174
Canal CAXX9175
Canal Flats CAXX1210
Canaport CAXX2806
Candiac CAXX1211
Candle Lake CAXX2807
Cando CAXX2808
Canford CAXX6554
Canim Lake CAXX6556
Canmore CAXX0059
Canning CAXX4534
Canning CAXX9176
Cannington CAXX1212
Canoe CAXX4643
Canoe Narrows CAXX1213
Canoe River CAXX4644
Canol CAXX4645
Canoose CAXX9177
Canopus CAXX2813
Canora CAXX5112
Canora CAXX1214
Canossa CAXX5113
Canso CAXX0767
Canterbury CAXX9178
Canterbury Park CAXX7947
Cantor CAXX9179
Canwood CAXX1215
Canyon CAXX2814
Canyon Alpine CAXX6557
Canyon Creek CAXX2815
Canyon Heights CAXX6558
Canyon Meadows CAXX5114
Cap-Aux-Meules CAXX1216
Cap-Brule CAXX9180
Cap-Chat CAXX0060
Cap-de-Cocagne CAXX9183
Cap-des-Caissie CAXX9185
Cap-des-Rosiers CAXX0062
Cap-Lumiere CAXX9181
Cap-Pele CAXX9182
Cap-Rouge CAXX1218
Cap-Saint-Ignace CAXX2816
Cap-Seize CAXX2817
Cape Breton CAXX9186
Cape Broyle CAXX1219
Cape Dorset CAXX0617
Cape Dyer CAXX2570
Cape Enrage CAXX9187
Cape George CAXX4535
Cape Hooper CAXX4854
Cape Kakkiviak CAXX4855
Cape Mercy CAXX4856
Cape Parry CAXX2562
Cape Peel CAXX4857
Cape Race CAXX0755
Cape Ray CAXX4646
Cape Saint James CAXX2531
Cape Scott Light CAXX4858
Cape Spear CAXX9188
Cape Spencer CAXX9189
Cape Station CAXX9190
Cape Tormentine CAXX9191
Capitol Hill CAXX5116
Capitol Hill CAXX6561
Caplan CAXX1220
Cappahayden CAXX2821
Cappon CAXX5117
Capreol CAXX1221
Caprona CAXX5118
Caramat CAXX1222
Caraquet CAXX1223
Carberry CAXX1224
Carbon CAXX5119
Carbondale CAXX5120
Carbonear CAXX1225
Carcajou CAXX2822
Carcross CAXX0063
Cardale CAXX4464
Cardiff CAXX5121
Cardigan CAXX9192
Cardigan CAXX1226
Cardinal CAXX2825
Cardinal CAXX2824
Cardross CAXX2826
Cardston CAXX0777
Carey CAXX7948
Cargill CAXX1228
Cariboo Meadows CAXX6563
Caribou Island CAXX2524
Caribou Landing CAXX7949
Carievale CAXX2827
Carleton CAXX2828
Carleton Place CAXX1229
Carlin CAXX6564
Carlisle CAXX5123
Carlos CAXX5124
Carlowrie CAXX7950
Carlson CAXX6565
Carlson Landing CAXX4647
Carlton CAXX2830
Carlton CAXX5125
Carlyle CAXX1230
Carmacks CAXX1231
Carman CAXX0778
Carman Junction CAXX7951
Carmangay CAXX2831
Carmanville CAXX1232
Carmi CAXX2832
Carnaby CAXX6566
Carnduff CAXX1233
Carnegie CAXX7952
Carnwood CAXX5126
Caroline CAXX1234
Carolside CAXX5127
Caronport CAXX0064
Carp CAXX0065
Carpenter CAXX9194
Carraholly CAXX6568
Carrick CAXX7953
Carroll CAXX7954
Carroll Ridge CAXX9195
Carrolls Cove CAXX2833
Carrot Creek CAXX5128
Carrot River CAXX1235
Carrs CAXX6569
Carruthers CAXX4648
Carseland CAXX1236
Carsonville CAXX9196
Carstairs CAXX1237
Carters Point CAXX9197
Cartier CAXX1238
Cartwright CAXX7955
Cartwright CAXX0601
Caruso CAXX5129
Carvel CAXX4649
Carvel Corner CAXX5130
Cascade CAXX4537
Cascade Heights CAXX6570
Casey CAXX2837
Casino CAXX6571
Caslan CAXX4538
Casselman CAXX5131
Casselman CAXX1240
Cassiar CAXX6572
Cassidy CAXX6574
Cassilis CAXX9198
Cassils CAXX5132
Cassin CAXX6575
Castalia CAXX9199
Castaway CAXX9200
Castle Island CAXX5133
Castle Mountain CAXX5134
Castle Rock CAXX4465
Castledale CAXX6576
Castlegar CAXX0066
Castleridge CAXX5135
Castor CAXX0067
Caswell CAXX6577
Cat Lake CAXX1241
Catalina CAXX1242
Catamount CAXX9201
Cathedral CAXX6578
Caulfeild CAXX6579
Causapscal CAXX1243
Cavendish CAXX4466
Cawston CAXX2841
Caycuse CAXX2842
Caye CAXX7956
Cayer CAXX7957
Cayley CAXX1244
Cecil CAXX5136
Cecil Lake CAXX4650
Cedar Camp CAXX9202
Cedar Grove CAXX6581
Cedarbrae CAXX5137
Cedardale CAXX6583
Cedarside CAXX6584
Cedarvale CAXX2844
Cedoux CAXX2845
Ceepeecee CAXX4539
Celista CAXX4651
Centennial Place CAXX9203
Central Butte CAXX4652
Central Norton CAXX9209
Centralia CAXX1245
Centre Village CAXX9211
Centre-Acadie CAXX9212
Centreton CAXX9213
Centreville CAXX6585
Centreville CAXX1246
Cereal CAXX1247
Certi-Guard CAXX5139
Cessford CAXX4653
Ceylon CAXX1248
CFB Chilliwack CAXX6540
Chaatl CAXX6586
Chalet Beach CAXX7958
Chalk River CAXX1249
Chamberlain CAXX4654
Chambery CAXX5140
Chambly CAXX1250
Chambord CAXX0068
Chambres Corner CAXX9215
Chamcook CAXX9216
Chamiss Bay CAXX4655
Chamouchouane CAXX4859
Champagne CAXX0069
Champdore CAXX9218
Champion CAXX1251
Champlain CAXX1252
Champlain CAXX9219
Champneuf CAXX2852
Chance Cove CAXX4656
Chance Harbour CAXX9221
Chancellor CAXX5141
Chandler CAXX1253
Change Islands CAXX1254
Channing CAXX7959
Chapais CAXX0070
Chaparral CAXX5142
Chapel Arm CAXX1256
Chapleau CAXX0643
Chaplin CAXX1257
Chapman Camp CAXX6587
Chapman Corner CAXX9223
Chapmans CAXX6588
Chapmans Corner CAXX9224
Chard CAXX5143
Charella Garden CAXX6589
Charlebois CAXX2854
Charlemagne CAXX1258
Charles CAXX7960
Charles CAXX6590
Charlesbourg CAXX0071
Charleswood CAXX7961
Charlevoix CAXX0644
Charlie Lake CAXX0072
Charlo CAXX4657
Charlotte CAXX9225
Charlotte Lake CAXX6591
Charlottetown CAXX0073
Charlton CAXX1260
Charny CAXX1261
Chartersville CAXX9226
Chase CAXX1262
Chase River CAXX6592
Chasm CAXX4658
Chateauguay CAXX1263
Chateh CAXX5144
Chater CAXX4659
Chatfield CAXX7962
Chatham CAXX0074
Chatham CAXX0768
Chatsworth CAXX1264
Chaumox CAXX6593
Chauvin CAXX1265
Cheadle CAXX2858
Chedderville CAXX5145
Cheecham CAXX5146
Cheekye CAXX6595
Chelmsford CAXX1266
Chelmsford CAXX9228
Chemainus CAXX1267
Chemical Road CAXX9229
Cheneka CAXX5147
Cherhill CAXX2859
Cherry Hill CAXX9231
Cherry Point CAXX7963
Cherry Point CAXX4660
Cherryfield CAXX9232
Cherryvale CAXX9233
Cherryville CAXX2861
Cheslatta CAXX2862
Chesley CAXX1268
Chesnaye CAXX2863
Chester CAXX1269
Chestermere CAXX5149
Chetarpe CAXX6597
Cheticamp CAXX0781
Chetwynd CAXX0695
Cheverie CAXX1274
Chevery CAXX0717
Chezacut CAXX4467
Chibougamau CAXX0075
Chicoutimi CAXX0076
Chief Mountain CAXX5150
Chigwell CAXX4661
Chilanko Forks CAXX6598
Chilcotin Forest CAXX6599
Chilliwack CAXX0077
Chillon CAXX7964
Chimney Cove CAXX2866
Chimo Resort CAXX7965
Chin CAXX5151
China Bar CAXX6600
Chinook CAXX4468
Chinook Cove CAXX4662
Chinook Park CAXX5153
Chinook Valley CAXX5154
Chip Lake CAXX5155
Chipewyan Lake CAXX5156
Chipman CAXX2870
Chipman CAXX2869
Chisel Lake CAXX7966
Chisholm CAXX4663
Chisholm Mills CAXX5157
Chitek CAXX2872
Chitek Lake CAXX2873
Choate CAXX4664
Chockpish CAXX9234
Chocolate Cove CAXX9235
Choiceland CAXX4469
Chokio CAXX5158
Chomedey CAXX1277
Chortitz CAXX7967
Christian Valley CAXX2876
Christie Park CAXX5159
Christie Ridge CAXX9236
Christina CAXX4665
Christina Lake CAXX6602
Christmas Island CAXX2878
Chu Chua CAXX2879
Chumah CAXX7968
Church Hill CAXX9237
Church House CAXX6603
Churchbridge CAXX4666
Churchill CAXX0078
Churchill Falls CAXX0574
Churchland Road CAXX9239
ChurchsCorner CAXX9240
Chute Lake CAXX6604
Chute-des-Passes CAXX0744
Chute-Rouge CAXX2881
Chute-Saint-Paul CAXX4540
Cinema CAXX2884
Cinnabar Valley CAXX6605
Cinnamon Hills CAXX5161
Cisco CAXX6606
Citadel CAXX5162
City Centre CAXX7969
Claire-Fontaine CAXX9241
Clairmont CAXX0080
Clairmont CAXX6607
Clairville CAXX9242
Clandeboye CAXX7970
Clandonald CAXX2885
Clanwilliam CAXX7971
Clanwilliam CAXX6608
Clapperton CAXX6609
Clarence Ridge CAXX9243
Clarenville CAXX1278
Claresholm CAXX0737
Clarke City CAXX0081
Clarkleigh CAXX7972
Clarks Corners CAXX9244
Clarks Harbour CAXX4667
Clarkson Valley CAXX5164
Clattice Harbour CAXX2888
Claw Lake CAXX7973
Claydon CAXX4543
Clayhurst CAXX2890
Clayoquot CAXX4668
Claysmore CAXX5165
Clear Hills CAXX2892
Clear Prairie CAXX4669
Clear Springs CAXX7974
Clearbrook CAXX5166
Cleardale CAXX2519
Clearwater CAXX7975
Clearwater CAXX1279
Clearwater Lake CAXX4544
Clematis CAXX7976
Clemina East CAXX6612
Clemina West CAXX6613
Clemretta CAXX4545
Clericy CAXX1280
Clermont CAXX1281
Cleveland Park CAXX6614
Cliff Bungalow CAXX5167
Cliffside CAXX6615
Climax CAXX1282
Cline River CAXX5168
Clinton CAXX0719
Clinton CAXX0082
Clinton Creek CAXX4670
Clivale CAXX5169
Clive CAXX1283
Clo-oose CAXX2897
Cloan CAXX2898
Clode CAXX6616
Cloridorme CAXX1284
Clova CAXX1285
Clover Bar CAXX5170
Clover Hill CAXX9246
Cloverdale CAXX5171
Cloverdale CAXX7977
Cloverdale CAXX6617
Cloverleaf CAXX7978
Cluny CAXX5172
Clyde CAXX2899
Clyde River CAXX1286
Coach Hill CAXX5173
Coal Branch CAXX9247
Coal Creek CAXX9248
Coal Harbour CAXX0083
Coal River CAXX6618
Coal Valley CAXX4672
Coaldale CAXX0084
Coalmont CAXX0790
Coalspur CAXX5174
Coates Mills CAXX9249
Coaticook CAXX1287
Cobalt CAXX1288
Cobble Hill CAXX1289
Cobden CAXX0085
Coboconk CAXX1290
Cobourg CAXX0656
Coburg CAXX9250
Coburn CAXX9251
Cocagne CAXX9252
Cocagne Cove CAXX9253
Cocagne-Nord CAXX9254
Cocagne-Sud CAXX9255
Cochin CAXX0797
Cochrane CAXX0086
Cochrane Corner CAXX9256
Coderre CAXX1292
Codesa CAXX2904
Codiac Heights CAXX9257
Codner CAXX2905
Codroy CAXX0087
Codroy Pond CAXX4673
Cody CAXX6619
Codys CAXX9258
Coe Hill CAXX1293
Coghill CAXX5175
Cokato CAXX6620
Colborne CAXX0088
Colby CAXX7979
Colchester CAXX1294
Cold Lake CAXX0089
Coldbrook CAXX9259
Coldspring House CAXX6621
Coldstream CAXX4470
Coldwater CAXX0809
Coldwell CAXX2908
Coldwell Beach CAXX6622
Colebank CAXX6623
Colebrook CAXX6624
Coleman CAXX0734
Coleraine CAXX9260
Coleville CAXX1295
Colfax CAXX2909
Colinton CAXX4674
College Bridge CAXX9261
College Heights CAXX5176
College Heights CAXX6625
Collette CAXX9262
Collette-Village CAXX9263
Collettville CAXX6626
Colleymount CAXX4675
Collicutt CAXX5177
Colliers CAXX1296
Collina CAXX9264
Collingwood CAXX0090
Collins CAXX2912
Collins Bay CAXX0091
Colombourg CAXX4546
Colonsay CAXX1297
Colpitts CAXX9265
Colquitz CAXX6627
Columbia Gardens CAXX4676
Colvalli CAXX6628
Colville Lake CAXX1298
Comber CAXX1299
Combermere CAXX4677
Come By Chance CAXX1300
Comeau CAXX7981
Comeau Point CAXX9266
Comer CAXX6629
Comet CAXX5178
Commanda CAXX1301
Comox CAXX0092
Compeer CAXX2916
Conche CAXX1303
Condor CAXX2917
Coney Arm CAXX2918
Congresbury CAXX5179
Coniston CAXX0093
Conjuring Creek CAXX5180
Conklin CAXX1304
Conlin Lake Camp CAXX7982
Connaught CAXX1305
Connemara CAXX5181
Conners CAXX2919
Connor Creek CAXX5182
Conquest CAXX1306
Conrad CAXX6635
Conrad CAXX0842
Consort CAXX1307
Consul CAXX2921
Contour CAXX7983
Contrecoeur CAXX1308
Control CAXX5183
Cooking Lake CAXX2922
Cooks Brook CAXX9268
Cooks Creek CAXX7984
Cookshire CAXX1309
Cookson CAXX2924
Cookville CAXX9269
Coolidge CAXX5184
Coombe CAXX6636
Coombs CAXX0851
Cooper Creek CAXX6637
Coppell CAXX2926
Copper Cliff CAXX0094
Copper Creek CAXX0095
Copper Mountain CAXX2927
Coppermine CAXX1310
Coquihalla CAXX6638
Coquitlam CAXX1311
Coral CAXX2928
Coral Harbour CAXX0618
Coral Springs CAXX5185
Corbett Creek CAXX5186
Corbin CAXX6639
Cordel CAXX5187
Cordova CAXX7985
Cordova Bay CAXX2929
Cork CAXX9270
Cormack CAXX2930
Cormier Cove CAXX9271
Cormier-Village CAXX9272
Cormierville CAXX9273
Cormorant CAXX0096
Corner Brook CAXX0097
Cornhill CAXX9274
Cornhill East CAXX9275
Corning CAXX2931
Cornwall CAXX0671
Cornwall CAXX0764
Coronach CAXX0738
Coronado CAXX5188
Coronation CAXX0098
Corra Linn CAXX6640
Cortes Bay CAXX6641
Cosine CAXX2932
Cosmo CAXX5191
Cosway CAXX5192
Cosy Cove CAXX6642
Cote-Saint-Luc CAXX1312
Cote-Sainte-Anne CAXX9276
Cotes Landing CAXX7986
Cottam CAXX1313
Cottonwood CAXX0872
Cottonwood Flats CAXX6643
Cottonwoods CAXX7987
Cottrell CAXX9278
Cotwood CAXX6644
Coughlan CAXX9279
Coulter CAXX7988
Countess CAXX5193
Country Hills CAXX5194
Courcelles CAXX2934
Courtenay CAXX0099
Courtright CAXX0100
Coutlee CAXX6645
Coutts CAXX1314
Cove Cliff CAXX6646
Covered Bridge CAXX9280
Cow Head CAXX1315
Cowan CAXX0879
Cowansville CAXX1316
Cowichan Bay CAXX1317
Cowichan Station CAXX6649
Cowley CAXX1318
Cox Point CAXX9281
Coykendahl CAXX6650
Coyle CAXX6651
Coytown CAXX9282
Crabtree CAXX1319
Cracknell CAXX7989
Cracroft CAXX0886
Craddock CAXX5197
Craigdhu CAXX5198
Craigellachie CAXX6652
Craigend CAXX5199
Craigmillar CAXX5200
Craigmyle CAXX1320
Craigsford CAXX7990
Craigville CAXX9284
Craik CAXX0888
Crammond CAXX5201
Cranberry CAXX6653
Cranbrook CAXX0102
Crandall CAXX7991
Crane River CAXX7992
Crane Valley CAXX0891
Cranford CAXX2940
Cranmer CAXX7993
Cranston CAXX5202
Crawford Bay CAXX0893
Crawford Park CAXX7994
Crawford Plains CAXX5203
Crediton CAXX1321
Creek Road CAXX9285
Creekland CAXX5204
Creekside CAXX6656
Creelman CAXX0895
Creemore CAXX1322
Creighton Valley CAXX6657
Cremona CAXX1323
Crescent CAXX6658
Crescent Bay CAXX7995
Crescent Bay CAXX0898
Crescent Heights CAXX5205
Crescent Park CAXX7997
Crescent Spur CAXX6659
Crescent Valley CAXX6660
Crescentwood CAXX7998
Cressday CAXX2944
Creston CAXX0733
Crimson Lake CAXX5206
Crippsdale CAXX5207
Criss Creek CAXX6661
Crocker Hill CAXX9286
Crockets Corner CAXX9287
Crocus CAXX7999
Crofton CAXX6662
Croll CAXX8000
Cromarty CAXX2945
Cromdale CAXX5208
Cromer CAXX2946
Cromwell CAXX8001
Crooked Creek CAXX2947
Crooked River CAXX0905
Crooked Turn CAXX8002
Croque CAXX0906
Cross Lake CAXX1324
Crossfield CAXX1325
Crow Harbour CAXX9288
Crowchild CAXX5209
Crowell CAXX5210
Crowfoot CAXX5211
Crowsnest CAXX2952
Crowsnest Pass CAXX5212
Croydon CAXX6663
Crysdale CAXX6664
Crystal Beach CAXX1326
Crystal Beach CAXX9289
Crystal City CAXX1327
Crystal Springs CAXX5213
Cudworth CAXX1328
Culp CAXX5214
Culross CAXX8003
Cultus Lake CAXX6665
Culver CAXX8004
Cumberland CAXX0103
Cumberland CAXX5215
Cumberland Bay CAXX9290
Cumberland House CAXX1329
Cummings Cove CAXX9291
Cumshewa CAXX6666
Cupar CAXX1330
Curlew CAXX5216
Currie Barracks CAXX5217
Curtis CAXX8005
Curzon CAXX6667
Cut Knife CAXX0104
Cutts CAXX8006
Cygnet CAXX5218
Cynthia CAXX2954
Cypress Park CAXX6668
Cypress River CAXX1331
Czar CAXX1332
Dacotah CAXX8007
Dacre CAXX0924
Dafoe CAXX0105
Dakota Crossing CAXX8008
Dakota Plains CAXX8009
Dakota Tipi CAXX8010
Dalehurst CAXX5219
Dalemead CAXX2957
Dalhousie CAXX5220
Dalhousie CAXX0106
Dallas CAXX6670
Dallas CAXX0928
Dalmeny CAXX1333
Dalmuir CAXX5221
Dalny CAXX8011
Dalroy CAXX5222
Dalton CAXX2959
Dalton Mills CAXX2960
Dalum CAXX5223
Damascus CAXX9293
Danbury CAXX2961
Dand CAXX8012
Danskin CAXX2963
Danube CAXX5225
Danville CAXX1334
Daphne CAXX2964
Dapp CAXX1335
Darcy CAXX0938
Darfield CAXX2966
Dark Cove CAXX2967
Darlingford CAXX2968
Darrell Bay CAXX6671
Dartmouth CAXX0107
Darwell CAXX0943
Darwin CAXX8013
Dashwood CAXX0944
Dauphin CAXX0108
Dauphin River CAXX8015
Davangus CAXX0946
Davidson CAXX6673
Davidson CAXX1336
Davidson Lake CAXX9294
Davin CAXX0949
Davis Bay CAXX6674
Davis Point CAXX8016
Dawson CAXX0109
Dawson Bay CAXX8017
Dawson Creek CAXX0110
Dawson Landing CAXX0952
Dawsons Landing CAXX6675
Day Hill CAXX9295
Days Corner CAXX9296
Days Landing CAXX9297
Days Ranch CAXX6676
Daysland CAXX1337
Dayton CAXX2974
De Winton CAXX2975
Deacon CAXX8018
Deacons Corner CAXX8019
Dead Creek CAXX9299
Deadman Valley CAXX4860
Deadmans Harbour CAXX9300
Deadwood CAXX2976
Deadwood CAXX6677
Dease Lake CAXX0694
Debden CAXX1338
Debec CAXX1339
Debert CAXX0111
Debolt CAXX2977
Decimal CAXX2978
Decker CAXX2979
Decker Lake CAXX2980
Decoigne CAXX5230
Decrene CAXX5231
Deep Bay CAXX6678
Deep Cove CAXX9301
Deep Cove CAXX6679
Deep Creek CAXX5232
Deep Creek CAXX6680
Deep River CAXX2981
Deepdale CAXX0966
Deer CAXX8020
Deer Hill CAXX5233
Deer Lake CAXX0112
Deer Lake CAXX9302
Deer Lodge CAXX8021
Deer Park CAXX6681
Deerholme CAXX6682
Deerhorn CAXX8022
Deerland CAXX5235
Deerwood CAXX8023
Defot CAXX6683
Degelis CAXX0782
Deka Lake CAXX6684
Del Bonita CAXX0748
Delacour CAXX0970
Delaney CAXX5236
Delbrook CAXX6685
Delburne CAXX1341
Deleau CAXX0972
Delhi CAXX0113
Delia CAXX0974
Deline CAXX1342
Delisle CAXX0976
Delkatla CAXX6686
Delmas CAXX2987
Deloraine CAXX1345
Delph CAXX5237
Delson CAXX1346
Delta CAXX2556
Delta Beach CAXX0981
Delton CAXX5238
Delwood CAXX5239
Demay CAXX5240
Demean CAXX6688
Demmitt CAXX2989
Demoiselle Creek CAXX9303
Denard CAXX5241
Denare Beach CAXX0983
Denbeigh Point CAXX8024
Denbigh CAXX1347
Denbow CAXX8025
Dencross CAXX8026
Denfield CAXX0114
Denhart CAXX5242
Denholm CAXX0115
Denman Island CAXX2991
Dennis CAXX5243
Dennis Lake CAXX8027
Dentville CAXX6689
Denwood CAXX5244
Denzil CAXX1348
Departure Bay CAXX6690
Depot-Rowanton CAXX2992
Derby Junction CAXX9304
Dering CAXX8028
Deroche CAXX0116
Derrys Corner CAXX9305
Derwent CAXX2993
Desbarats CAXX1349
Desbiens CAXX1350
Deseronto CAXX1352
Desherbiers CAXX9306
Desjarlais CAXX5245
Despres-Village CAXX9307
Destruction Bay CAXX1353
Detah CAXX0997
Deux-Montagnes CAXX1354
Deux-Rivieres CAXX2995
Devenish CAXX5246
Deville CAXX5247
Devine CAXX2996
Devine Corner CAXX9308
Devon CAXX9309
Devon CAXX0117
Devona CAXX2997
Dewar Lakes CAXX2566
Dewberry CAXX2998
Dewdney CAXX2999
Dewey CAXX6691
Dezadeash CAXX3000
Diamond CAXX8029
Diamond City CAXX5248
Diamond Cove CAXX5249
Dickie Mountain CAXX9310
Dickson CAXX3001
Dickstone CAXX8030
Didgeguash CAXX9311
Didsbury CAXX1355
Dieppe CAXX0118
Digby CAXX1356
Digby Island CAXX6692
Digdeguash CAXX9312
Digges CAXX0119
Dilke CAXX3002
Dillon CAXX1357
Dimsdale CAXX5250
Dina CAXX5251
Dinant CAXX5252
Dingwall CAXX1358
Dinorwic CAXX3003
Dinosaur CAXX5253
Dinsmore CAXX1359
Discovery CAXX3004
Discovery Ridge CAXX5254
Disley CAXX3005
Disraeli CAXX1360
Diss CAXX5255
Ditch Lake CAXX8031
Dixonville CAXX1361
Doaktown CAXX1362
Doan CAXX5256
Dobbinton CAXX3006
Dobsons Corner CAXX9314
Dodds CAXX5257
Dodsland CAXX1363
Doe River CAXX4471
Dog Creek CAXX8032
Dog Creek CAXX3008
Dogpound CAXX3009
Dogwood Valley CAXX6693
Doig River CAXX6694
Dokie CAXX6695
Dokie Siding CAXX6696
Dolbeau CAXX3010
Dollarton CAXX6697
Dolly Bay CAXX8033
Dolphin Beach CAXX6698
Domain CAXX8034
Dome Creek CAXX6699
Dominion CAXX0120
Dominion City CAXX1365
Domremy CAXX1366
Donald CAXX6700
Donald Landing CAXX6701
Donalda CAXX1367
Donatville CAXX5259
Donavon CAXX3011
Donnacona CAXX1368
Donnelly CAXX1369
Donnely Landing CAXX6702
Dorchester CAXX9315
Dorchester Cape CAXX9316
Dorenlee CAXX5260
Dorintosh CAXX3012
Doris CAXX5261
Doriston CAXX6703
Dorn Ridge CAXX9317
Dorothy CAXX5262
Dorothy Lake CAXX8035
Dorreen CAXX3013
Dorrington Hill CAXX9318
Dorscheid CAXX5263
Dorset CAXX1370
Dorval CAXX1371
Dosquet CAXX3014
Dot CAXX6704
Douglas CAXX8036
Douglas Glen CAXX5264
Douglas Harbour CAXX9319
Douglas Lake CAXX1372
Douglas Station CAXX8037
Douglasfield CAXX9320
Douglastown CAXX0121
Dover CAXX9321
Dover CAXX5266
Dover CAXX1373
Dowling CAXX5267
Dowling Lake CAXX5268
Downie CAXX6706
Doyles CAXX3015
Doyles Brook CAXX9322
Dragon CAXX3016
Drake CAXX3017
Draper CAXX5269
Drayton Valley CAXX1374
Dreau CAXX5270
Dresden CAXX1375
Drewry CAXX6707
Drifting River CAXX8038
Driftpile CAXX5271
Driftwood Creek CAXX3018
Drinkwater CAXX3019
Drinnan CAXX3020
Drisdelle CAXX9323
Dropmore CAXX8039
Drumbo CAXX1376
Drumheller CAXX0721
Drummondville CAXX0672
Drury Cove CAXX9324
Drurys Cove CAXX9325
Dry River CAXX8040
Drybrough CAXX4678
Dryden CAXX0678
Drynoch CAXX6709
Drywood CAXX5272
Duagh CAXX5273
Dublin CAXX3022
DuBose CAXX6710
Dubuc CAXX3023
Dubuisson CAXX1377
Duchess CAXX1378
Duck Bay CAXX3024
Duck Cove CAXX9326
Duck Lake CAXX1379
Duck Lake Post CAXX8041
Duck Range CAXX6711
Duck River CAXX8042
Duff CAXX3025
Dufferin CAXX6712
Duffield CAXX3026
Duffys Corner CAXX9327
Dufourville CAXX9328
Dufresne CAXX8043
Dufrost CAXX3027
Dugald CAXX8044
Dugan Lake CAXX6713
Duggan CAXX5274
Duhamel CAXX5275
Dummer CAXX3028
Dunbar CAXX5276
Dunbar CAXX6714
Dunblane CAXX3029
Duncan CAXX1380
Duncan Bay CAXX6715
Duncanby Landing CAXX6716
Dundalk CAXX1381
Dundarave CAXX6717
Dundas CAXX0122
Dundonald CAXX8045
Dundurn CAXX1382
Dunkley CAXX3030
Dunlop CAXX8046
Dunluce CAXX5277
Dunmore CAXX0123
Dunn CAXX5278
Dunnottar CAXX3031
Dunnville CAXX1383
Dunphy CAXX5279
Dunrea CAXX8047
Dunsford CAXX1384
Dunshalt CAXX5280
Dunsinane CAXX9329
Dunsmuir CAXX3032
Dunstable CAXX3033
Dunster CAXX1385
Dunvegan CAXX5281
Dunvegan Yards CAXX5282
Dunville CAXX3034
Duparquet CAXX1386
Dupuis Corner CAXX9330
Dupuy CAXX1387
Durban CAXX4472
Durham CAXX1388
Durham Bridge CAXX3036
Durieu CAXX6719
Durlingville CAXX5283
Durward CAXX5284
Dutch Valley CAXX9331
Duthil CAXX5285
Dutton CAXX8048
Duval CAXX3037
Duvernay CAXX5286
Duvernay CAXX1389
Dyce CAXX8049
Eagle Bay CAXX6720
Eagle Bluff CAXX6721
Eagle Butte CAXX5287
Eagle Creek CAXX6722
Eagle Harbour CAXX6723
Eagle Heights CAXX6724
Eagle Hill CAXX5288
Eagle Ridge CAXX6725
Eagle Ridge CAXX5289
Eagle River CAXX1390
Eagle Run CAXX6726
Eaglesham CAXX1391
Ear Falls CAXX0645
Earchman CAXX8050
Earl Grey CAXX4473
Earle Wharf CAXX9332
Earls Cove CAXX6727
Earlton CAXX5290
Earlton CAXX0628
Early Gardens CAXX5291
East Angus CAXX1392
East Arrow Park CAXX3040
East Bay CAXX8051
East Braintree CAXX4548
East Branch CAXX9333
East Collette CAXX9334
East Coulee CAXX1393
East Edmonton CAXX5292
East Elmwood CAXX8052
East End CAXX8053
East Galloway CAXX9335
East Gate CAXX6728
East Kelowna CAXX6729
East Kildonan CAXX8055
East Osoyoos CAXX6730
East Pine CAXX1394
East Point CAXX0124
East Poplar CAXX1105
East Selkirk CAXX4474
East Shediac CAXX9337
East Sooke CAXX6731
East Springbank CAXX5293
East St. Paul CAXX8058
East Trail CAXX6732
East Village CAXX5294
East Wellington CAXX6733
Eastbourne CAXX6734
Eastburg CAXX5295
Eastburn CAXX6735
Eastend CAXX1395
Eastend Cypress CAXX0569
Eastern Passage CAXX1396
Easterville CAXX4550
Eastgate CAXX6736
Eastgate CAXX5296
Eastmain CAXX1397
Eastman CAXX1398
Eastport CAXX1399
Eastwood CAXX5297
Easyford CAXX5298
Eatonia CAXX3046
Eatonville CAXX3047
Eau Claire CAXX5299
Eaux Claires CAXX5300
Ebb and Flow CAXX8059
Eberts CAXX3048
Ebor CAXX8060
Echo Bay CAXX0125
Echo Bay CAXX6737
Eckville CAXX3049
Eclipse CAXX8061
Ecoole CAXX6738
Ecum Secum CAXX1400
Edam CAXX1401
Edberg CAXX3050
Eddies Cove CAXX4679
Eddies Cove West CAXX3052
Eddontenajon CAXX6739
Eddy CAXX6740
Eddystone CAXX4680
Edelweiss CAXX6741
Eden CAXX4681
Eden Lake CAXX8062
Edenburg CAXX8063
Edenwold CAXX3055
Edgemont CAXX5302
Edgerton CAXX1402
Edgetts Landing CAXX9339
Edgewater CAXX3056
Edgewood CAXX1129
Edgeworth CAXX3058
Edillen CAXX8064
Edmonton CAXX0126
Edmundston CAXX0127
Edrans CAXX8065
Edson CAXX0128
Edwand CAXX5304
Edwards Corner CAXX9340
Edwin CAXX8066
Edzo CAXX1403
Eel Ground CAXX9341
Eel River Lake CAXX9342
Eganville CAXX1404
Egg Island CAXX4861
Egmont CAXX6742
Egremont CAXX3059
Ehatisaht CAXX6743
Eholt CAXX6744
Eight Foot Falls CAXX8067
Ekati CAXX4862
Ekins Point CAXX6745
Eladesor CAXX5306
Elbow CAXX1405
Elbow Park CAXX5307
Elbridge CAXX5309
Eldon CAXX5310
Eldorena CAXX5311
Elfros CAXX3060
Elgin CAXX6748
Elgin CAXX1406
Elgin CAXX9343
Elie CAXX3061
Elk Bay CAXX3062
Elk Island CAXX5312
Elk Lake CAXX1407
Elk Point CAXX1408
Elk Prairie CAXX6749
Elk Ranch CAXX8068
Elkford CAXX6750
Elkhorn CAXX1409
Elko CAXX1410
Elkton CAXX3063
Elkview CAXX6751
Elkwater CAXX5313
Ellerslie CAXX5314
Elliot Lake CAXX0129
Ellison CAXX6753
Elliston CAXX1411
Ellscott CAXX5315
Elm Brook CAXX9344
Elm Creek CAXX1412
Elm Hill CAXX9345
Elm Park CAXX8069
Elma CAXX8070
Elmhurst CAXX8071
Elmhurst CAXX9346
Elmira CAXX1413
Elmsdale CAXX0130
Elmsville CAXX9347
Elmtree CAXX9348
Elmvale CAXX1414
Elmwood CAXX5316
Elmwood CAXX3064
Elmwood Estates CAXX9349
Elmwood Park CAXX5317
Elmworth CAXX4682
Elnora CAXX4683
Elora CAXX1415
Elphinstone CAXX6754
Elphinstone CAXX3067
Elrose CAXX1416
Elsa CAXX3068
Elsinore CAXX5318
Elspeth CAXX5319
Elstow CAXX4684
Eltham CAXX5320
Elva CAXX8073
Embarras CAXX3070
Embarras Portage CAXX4685
Emblem CAXX8074
Embrun CAXX3072
Emerson CAXX0749
Emerson CAXX9350
Emerson Junction CAXX8075
Emesville CAXX8076
Empress CAXX1418
Emsdale CAXX1419
Enchant CAXX1420
Encombe CAXX6755
Endako CAXX6756
Endcliffe CAXX8077
Enderby CAXX0131
Endiang CAXX4686
Engen CAXX6757
Engineer CAXX6758
Englee CAXX0716
Englehart CAXX1421
English River CAXX3074
Enilda CAXX3075
Ennadai CAXX1423
Enniskillen CAXX9351
Ensign CAXX5322
Ensleigh CAXX5323
Enterprise CAXX1180
Enterprise CAXX4687
Enterprise CAXX4688
Entice CAXX5324
Entrance CAXX3079
Entwistle CAXX4689
Epworth Park CAXX9352
Equis Beach CAXX3081
Equity CAXX5325
Erickson CAXX4690
Erickson CAXX3083
Erie CAXX3084
Erieau CAXX1426
Eriksdale CAXX1427
Erin CAXX1428
Erin Lodge CAXX5326
Erin Ridge CAXX5327
Erinview CAXX8078
Erith CAXX3085
Ermineskin CAXX5328
Ernsdale CAXX3086
Errington CAXX4691
Erskine CAXX5329
Ervick CAXX5330
Erwood CAXX3088
Esler CAXX6759
Espanola CAXX1429
Esperanza CAXX6760
Esquimalt CAXX0132
Essex CAXX0133
Essondale CAXX6762
Estaire CAXX1430
Esterhazy CAXX1432
Estevan CAXX0134
Estevan Point CAXX0612
Esther CAXX0724
Eston CAXX1433
Estuary CAXX3089
Etamamiou CAXX1207
Ethel Lake CAXX5331
Ethelbert CAXX0135
Etobicoke CAXX0136
Ettington CAXX4692
Etzikom CAXX1434
Eugenia CAXX1435
Eureka CAXX2567
Eureka River CAXX3092
Evandale CAXX9354
Evangeline CAXX9355
Evans CAXX6763
Evansburg CAXX5332
Evansdale CAXX5333
Evarts CAXX5334
Evelyn CAXX3093
Ewart CAXX8079
Ewing CAXX6764
Excel CAXX5336
Excelsior CAXX5337
Exeter CAXX6765
Exeter CAXX1437
Exira CAXX8080
Exlou CAXX6766
Exmoor CAXX9357
Exploits CAXX4693
Exshaw CAXX3095
Exstew CAXX6767
Extension CAXX6768
Eyebrow CAXX1438
Fabre CAXX1439
Fabreville CAXX1440
Fabyan CAXX5338
Fair Harbour CAXX6769
Fair View CAXX9358
Fairbridge CAXX6770
Fairfax CAXX8081
Fairfield Park CAXX8082
Fairford CAXX8083
Fairford Reserve CAXX8084
Fairhaven CAXX9359
Fairholme CAXX3096
Fairmont CAXX6771
Fairvale CAXX9360
Fairview CAXX0701
Fairview CAXX8085
Fairview Knoll CAXX9361
Fairydell CAXX5339
Falcon Beach CAXX8086
Falcon Lake CAXX3097
Falconbridge CAXX0138
Falconridge CAXX5340
Falher CAXX5341
Falkland CAXX4475
Fallis CAXX4694
Fallison CAXX8087
Falls CAXX6772
Falls Creek CAXX6773
Faloma CAXX8088
False Bay CAXX6774
Falun CAXX5342
Fanny Bay CAXX4695
Fannystelle CAXX8089
Farmington CAXX3101
Farnham CAXX1441
Faro CAXX0689
Farrant CAXX5343
Farrell Creek CAXX3102
Farrow CAXX5344
Faulder CAXX6777
Faulkner CAXX8090
Fauquier CAXX3103
Fauquier CAXX4551
Faust CAXX1444
Fawcett CAXX9363
Fawcett CAXX3105
Fawcett Hill CAXX9364
Fawn Lake CAXX5345
Fay Lake CAXX8091
Federal CAXX5346
Federal Ranch CAXX6778
Fedorah CAXX5347
Felix Cove CAXX3106
Fellers Heights CAXX3107
Fenelon Falls CAXX1445
Fenn CAXX5348
Fentons CAXX9365
Fenwick CAXX6779
Fenwood CAXX3108
Fergus CAXX1446
Ferguson CAXX3109
Ferintosh CAXX1447
Ferland CAXX3110
Ferlow Junction CAXX5349
Ferme-Neuve CAXX1448
Fermeuse CAXX1449
Fern Creek CAXX5350
Fern Ridge CAXX6780
Ferndale CAXX6781
Ferndale CAXX8092
Fernie CAXX0802
Fernlee CAXX6782
Fernmount CAXX9367
Fernwood CAXX6783
Ferrier CAXX3111
Ferryland CAXX4696
Fidler CAXX5352
Field CAXX3114
Field CAXX3113
Fielding CAXX3115
Fife CAXX6784
Fife Lake CAXX3116
Fifth Cabin CAXX6785
Fifth Meridian CAXX3117
Fill CAXX6786
Fillmore CAXX1452
Finch CAXX1453
Findlay CAXX8093
Fingal CAXX1454
Finger CAXX8094
Finmark CAXX4552
Finmoore CAXX3119
Finnegan CAXX3120
Finns CAXX8095
Fintry CAXX6787
Firdale CAXX8096
Fireside CAXX6788
Firvale CAXX4697
Fischells CAXX4698
Fisher Bay CAXX3123
Fisher Branch CAXX0726
Fisher Home CAXX5353
Fisherton CAXX8098
Fishing River CAXX8099
Fiske CAXX0139
Fitzallen CAXX5354
Fitzgerald CAXX1270
Fitzsimmons CAXX5355
Fitzwilliam CAXX6789
Five Corners CAXX9368
Five Corners CAXX8100
Five Fathom Hole CAXX9369
Five Mile CAXX6790
Flanders CAXX1455
Flat Creek CAXX6791
Flat Creek CAXX1272
Flat Lake CAXX5356
Flat Landing CAXX9370
Flatbush CAXX1456
Flathead CAXX4699
Flatrock CAXX6792
Flaxcombe CAXX0140
Flee Island CAXX8101
Fleet CAXX5357
Fleetwood CAXX6793
Fleming CAXX1457
Fleming CAXX6794
Flesherton CAXX1458
Fleur De Lys CAXX1459
Flin Flon CAXX0141
Flintoft CAXX3129
Floods CAXX6795
Floors CAXX8103
Floral CAXX0142
Florence CAXX3130
Florenceville CAXX3131
Florze CAXX8104
Flowers Cove CAXX9371
Flowers Cove CAXX4701
Flume Ridge CAXX9372
Flying U CAXX6796
Foam Lake CAXX1460
Fogo CAXX1461
Foisy CAXX5358
Foley CAXX8105
Foleyet CAXX1462
Fond-Du-Lac CAXX1463
Fontaine CAXX9373
Fontas CAXX6797
Fontenelle CAXX3133
Foothills CAXX1291
Footner Lake CAXX5360
Ford Bank CAXX9374
Forde CAXX6798
Fording CAXX6799
Fords Mills CAXX9375
Foreman CAXX6800
Foremost CAXX1464
Forest CAXX1465
Forest City CAXX9376
Forest Grove CAXX6801
Forest Hill CAXX9377
Forest Hills CAXX6802
Forest Hills CAXX9378
Forest Knolls CAXX6803
Forestburg CAXX1466
Forestdale CAXX4476
Forestville CAXX1467
Forget CAXX3136
Fork Lake CAXX5362
Fork River CAXX8106
Forks Stream CAXX9379
Forrest CAXX8107
Forshee CAXX3137
Fort Albany CAXX1468
Fort Alexander CAXX3138
Fort Assiniboine CAXX1469
Fort Babine CAXX6804
Fort Chipewyan CAXX0620
Fort Churchill CAXX8108
Fort Erie CAXX0143
Fort Frances CAXX0144
Fort Franklin CAXX0691
Fort Fraser CAXX1470
Fort Good Hope CAXX1471
Fort Hall CAXX8110
Fort Hope CAXX1472
Fort Kent CAXX5363
Fort la Reine CAXX8114
Fort Liard CAXX1473
Fort MacKay CAXX0145
Fort Macleod CAXX1474
Fort McMurray CAXX0146
Fort McPherson CAXX0687
Fort Nelson CAXX0147
Fort Norman CAXX4702
Fort Providence CAXX1475
Fort Reliance CAXX0560
Fort Resolution CAXX1477
Fort Richmond CAXX8111
Fort Rouge CAXX8112
Fort Saint John CAXX0148
Fort Severn CAXX1478
Fort Simpson CAXX0624
Fort Smith CAXX0621
Fort St. James CAXX6806
Fort Steele CAXX0150
Fort Vermilion CAXX1480
Fort Whyte CAXX8113
Fort-Coulonge CAXX3140
Forteau CAXX3141
Forth CAXX5365
Fortier CAXX8115
Fortierville CAXX1482
Fortune CAXX1483
Foss CAXX6807
Fosston CAXX3142
Foster CAXX6808
Fosterville CAXX9380
Fosthall CAXX6809
Fountain CAXX6810
Fountain Valley CAXX4703
Four Corners CAXX9381
Fourchu CAXX4704
Fourth Cabin CAXX6811
Fowler CAXX4705
Fowlers Corner CAXX9382
Fowlers Corners CAXX9383
Fox Creek CAXX5366
Fox Creek CAXX9384
Fox Hill CAXX9385
Fox Island River CAXX3146
Fox Lake CAXX5367
Fox Mine CAXX8116
Fox Valley CAXX1484
Foxwarren CAXX4706
Foymount CAXX1485
Frains CAXX5368
Frames CAXX6813
Framnes CAXX8117
Frampton CAXX1343
Franchere CAXX5369
Francis CAXX1486
Francois Lake CAXX4707
Frank CAXX5370
Frankford CAXX1487
Franklin CAXX8118
Franklin Camp CAXX6814
Franz CAXX4708
Fraser CAXX6815
Fraser CAXX5371
Fraser Heights CAXX6816
Fraser Lake CAXX1488
Fraser Mills CAXX6817
Fraserdale CAXX4709
Fraserview CAXX6819
Fraspur CAXX5372
Frater CAXX3153
Fredensthal CAXX8120
Fredericton CAXX0151
Freedale CAXX8122
Freedom CAXX5373
Freeman River CAXX5374
Freemont CAXX4710
Freeport CAXX0784
Fremont CAXX3155
French Creek CAXX6821
French Lake CAXX9387
French Village CAXX1490
Frenchman Butte CAXX3156
Frenchmans Creek CAXX9388
Frenchville CAXX4554
Freshford CAXX0152
Freshwater CAXX1491
Freshwater Bay CAXX3159
Fresnoy CAXX5375
Friedensfeld CAXX8124
Friedensruh CAXX8126
Friedenstal CAXX5376
Frobisher CAXX1492
Frog Lake CAXX9389
Frog Lake CAXX5377
Frontier CAXX3160
Frosty Hollow CAXX9390
Fruitvale CAXX1493
Fry Creek CAXX6822
Fulford Harbour CAXX6823
Fulton CAXX8127
Fulton Place CAXX5378
Fundy Heights CAXX9391
Furman CAXX4711
Furry Creek CAXX6824
Fusilier CAXX3162
Gabarus CAXX1494
Gabriola CAXX1495
Gadsby CAXX1496
Gage CAXX4477
Gagetown CAXX1497
Gahern CAXX5380
Gainford CAXX3164
Gainsborough CAXX1498
Galahad CAXX1499
Galarneauville CAXX5382
Galena CAXX6825
Galena Bay CAXX6826
Galiano CAXX6827
Galiano Island CAXX6828
Gallagher Ridge CAXX9392
Gallants CAXX3165
Gallix CAXX2546
Galloway CAXX9393
Galloway CAXX5383
Galloway CAXX4712
Galt CAXX1500
Gambier Bay CAXX6829
Gambier Harbour CAXX6830
Gambler CAXX8128
Gambo CAXX0153
Gameland CAXX3167
Gamier Inlet CAXX6831
Gananoque CAXX0154
Gander CAXX0155
Gang Ranch CAXX4478
Ganges CAXX1501
Gap CAXX5384
Garbitt CAXX6832
Garden Bay CAXX6833
Garden City CAXX8129
Garden Creek CAXX9394
Garden Grove CAXX8130
Garden Hill CAXX8131
Garden Plain CAXX5385
Garden River CAXX1502
Garden Road CAXX9395
Garden Village CAXX6834
Gardenton CAXX3169
Gardenview CAXX5386
Gardner Creek CAXX9396
Garfield CAXX5387
Garibaldi CAXX0156
Gariepy CAXX5388
Garland CAXX3170
Garneau CAXX5389
Garnet Valley CAXX6837
Garnish CAXX1503
Garrick CAXX4479
Garrington CAXX5390
Garrison Woods CAXX5391
Garson CAXX8132
Garson CAXX1504
Garson Quarry CAXX8133
Garth CAXX5393
Gartly CAXX5394
Gascons-Ouest CAXX4555
Gaspe CAXX0157
Gaspereau Forks CAXX9397
Gates CAXX6838
Gateway CAXX6839
Gatine CAXX5395
Gatineau CAXX0158
Gaultois CAXX1505
Gautreau Village CAXX9398
Gayford CAXX5396
Gaytons CAXX9399
Geary CAXX9400
Geikie CAXX5397
Gellatly CAXX6840
Gem CAXX5398
Genelle CAXX4556
Genesee CAXX4713
Genier CAXX3175
Genoa Bay CAXX6841
George Island CAXX2523
George River CAXX6842
Georgetown CAXX4714
Georgetown Mills CAXX3177
Gerald CAXX4715
Geraldton CAXX0159
Germantown CAXX9401
Germany CAXX9402
Gerrard CAXX3179
Geyser CAXX8135
Ghost Lake CAXX5399
Ghost Pine Creek CAXX5400
Gibbon CAXX9403
Gibbons CAXX3180
Gibbs CAXX6844
Gibraltar CAXX6845
Gibson Creek CAXX6846
Gibsons CAXX1508
Gifford CAXX6847
Gift Lake CAXX4716
Gilbert Plains CAXX1509
Gilberts Corner CAXX9404
Gilby CAXX5401
Gillam CAXX0160
Gilmans Corner CAXX9405
Gilmour CAXX1510
Gilpin CAXX6848
Gilt Edge CAXX5402
Gilwell Estates CAXX8136
Gilwood CAXX5403
Gimli CAXX0161
Ginew CAXX8138
Gingolx CAXX6849
Girouardville CAXX9406
Giroux CAXX8139
Girouxville CAXX1511
Girvin CAXX1417
Giscome CAXX3183
Gitanyow CAXX6850
Gitwinksihlkw CAXX6852
Gjoa Haven CAXX1512
Glace Bay CAXX0162
Glacier CAXX4717
Glade CAXX6853
Gladeside CAXX9407
Gladmar CAXX3185
Gladstone CAXX1513
Gladstone CAXX9408
Gladwin CAXX6854
Gladys CAXX5405
Glamorgan CAXX5406
Glanworth CAXX3186
Glaslyn CAXX1514
Glasnevin CAXX3187
Glass CAXX8140
Glassville CAXX1515
Glaude CAXX9409
Gleam CAXX6855
Gleichen CAXX1516
Glen Afton CAXX3188
Glen Bay CAXX8141
Glen Buell CAXX3189
Glen Cairn CAXX9411
Glen Elmo CAXX8142
Glen Ewen CAXX3190
Glen Falls CAXX9412
Glen Lake CAXX6857
Glen Leslie CAXX5407
Glen McPherson CAXX3191
Glen Park CAXX9413
Glen Park CAXX5408
Glen Robertson CAXX1517
Glen Valley CAXX6858
Glen Vowell CAXX6859
Glenannan CAXX6860
Glenbank CAXX6861
Glenboro CAXX1518
Glenbow CAXX5409
Glenbrook CAXX5410
Glenbrooke North CAXX6862
Glenbush CAXX3192
Glencairn CAXX8143
Glencoe CAXX1519
Glencoe CAXX5411
Glencross CAXX8144
Glendale CAXX3193
Glendale CAXX6863
Glendale School CAXX5414
Glendon CAXX1520
Gleneagles CAXX6864
Gleneden CAXX6865
Glenelg CAXX9414
Glenella CAXX3194
Glenemma CAXX6866
Glenevis CAXX4718
Glenford CAXX5415
Glenforsa CAXX8145
Glengarry CAXX5416
Glenister CAXX5417
Glenlawn CAXX8146
Glenlea CAXX8147
Glenlily CAXX6867
Glenlochar CAXX8148
Glenmerry CAXX6868
Glenmoor CAXX8149
Glenmore CAXX6869
Glenn CAXX8150
Glenogle CAXX6870
Glenora CAXX8151
Glenora CAXX6871
Glenrosa CAXX6872
Glenside CAXX3196
Glentanna CAXX1443
Glentworth CAXX4557
Glenwater CAXX3199
Glenwood CAXX0163
Glenwood CAXX5420
Glidden CAXX3200
Glossop CAXX8152
Gloucester CAXX6873
Glovertown CAXX1522
Gnadenfeld CAXX8153
Gnadenthal CAXX8154
Goan CAXX9416
Goat River CAXX6874
Goatfell CAXX6875
Godbout CAXX0164
Goddard CAXX5421
Goderich CAXX0165
Godreau CAXX0166
Gods Lake CAXX8155
Gods River CAXX8157
Gogama CAXX1523
Gold Bar CAXX5422
Gold Bridge CAXX1524
Gold River CAXX4558
Gold Rock CAXX3202
Gold Spur CAXX5423
Goldboro CAXX1525
Golden CAXX0167
Golden Bay CAXX8158
Golden Days CAXX5424
Golden Grove CAXX9417
Golden Lake CAXX1526
Golden Prairie CAXX3203
Golden Ridge CAXX3204
Golden Spike CAXX5425
Goldpines CAXX3205
Gondola Point CAXX9418
Gonor CAXX8160
Gonor Station CAXX8161
Good Harbour CAXX8162
Good Hope CAXX5426
Good Hope CAXX6878
Good Hope Lake CAXX6879
Gooderham CAXX1527
Goodeve CAXX3206
Goodfare CAXX5427
Goodfish Lake CAXX4719
Goodlands CAXX4720
Goodlow CAXX6880
Goodridge CAXX5428
Goodsoil CAXX1528
Goodwater CAXX4559
Goodwin CAXX5429
Goose Arm CAXX3210
Goose Bay CAXX0168
Goose Cove CAXX4721
Goose Creek CAXX8163
Gooseberry Cove CAXX9419
Gordon CAXX8164
Gordon Head CAXX6881
Gordon Landing CAXX3212
Gordon River CAXX3213
Gordondale CAXX4722
Gore Bay CAXX0595
Gort CAXX9420
Goshen CAXX1529
Gosnell CAXX6882
Goudalie CAXX9421
Goudreau CAXX4723
Goulais River CAXX3216
Goulbourne CAXX8165
Govan CAXX1530
Govenlock CAXX3217
Gowganda CAXX1531
Gowland Mountain CAXX9422
Grace Lake CAXX8166
Gracefield CAXX0169
Grady Harbour CAXX4724
Graham CAXX8167
Graham CAXX4725
Graham CAXX6883
Graham Corner CAXX9423
Grahamdale CAXX8168
Grainfield CAXX9424
Grainger CAXX5432
Graminia CAXX5433
Gramsons CAXX6884
Granada CAXX5434
Grand Bank CAXX1532
Grand Bay CAXX0170
Grand Beach CAXX1533
Grand Bend CAXX1534
Grand Bruit CAXX4560
Grand Centre CAXX0171
Grand Coulee CAXX0172
Grand Etang CAXX0753
Grand Falls CAXX0173
Grand Forks CAXX1536
Grand Harbour CAXX9426
Grand Haven CAXX6885
Grand Manan CAXX9427
Grand Metis CAXX4561
Grand Narrows CAXX1537
Grand Rapids CAXX6886
Grand Rapids CAXX0774
Grand River CAXX4562
Grand Valley CAXX1538
Grand View CAXX0174
Grand-Ruisseau CAXX4563
Grand-Sault CAXX1539
Grande Cache CAXX3225
Grande Pointe CAXX8170
Grande Prairie CAXX0175
Grande-Aldouane CAXX9428
Grande-Anse CAXX9429
Grande-Clairiere CAXX8171
Grande-Digue CAXX9430
Grande-Entree CAXX1540
Grande-Riviere CAXX1541
Grande-Vallee CAXX1542
Grandes-Piles CAXX1544
Granduc CAXX6888
Grandview CAXX5435
Grandview CAXX6889
Grandview Bench CAXX6890
Grangeville CAXX9432
Granisle CAXX4726
Granite Bay CAXX4727
Granite Falls CAXX6893
Granite Hill CAXX9433
Grant CAXX4728
Grant Brook CAXX6894
Grant Park CAXX8172
Grantham CAXX5437
Grantham CAXX6895
Granum CAXX3230
Granville CAXX3231
Granville Island CAXX6897
Grasmere CAXX4729
Grass River CAXX8174
Grassland CAXX1545
Grassy Lake CAXX1546
Grassy Plains CAXX1547
Grates Cove CAXX1548
Grave Flats CAXX5438
Gravelbourg CAXX1549
Gravelle Ferry CAXX6898
Gravenhurst CAXX0176
Gray Creek CAXX6899
Grays Mills CAXX9435
Grayson CAXX3233
Graysville CAXX8175
Great Brehat CAXX4730
Great Central CAXX6900
Great Falls CAXX3235
Great Village CAXX1550
Greata CAXX6901
Greeley CAXX6902
Green Bay CAXX8176
Green Court CAXX4731
Green Cove CAXX6903
Green Glade CAXX5439
Green Lake CAXX1551
Green Mountain CAXX9436
Green Oak CAXX8177
Green Ridge CAXX8178
Green River CAXX6904
Green Valley CAXX4732
Greenacres CAXX8179
Greenan CAXX3240
Greenbank CAXX3241
Greendale CAXX9437
Greendale CAXX6905
Greenfarm CAXX8180
Greenfield Park CAXX1552
Greenhills CAXX6906
Greening CAXX4733
Greening CAXX6907
Greenland CAXX8181
Greenock CAXX9438
Greens Landing CAXX9439
Greens Point CAXX9440
Greenshields CAXX5441
Greenspond CAXX1553
Greenstreet CAXX3243
Greenwald CAXX8182
Greenway CAXX8183
Greenwich CAXX9441
Greenwich Hill CAXX9442
Greenwood CAXX0177
Greenwood CAXX9443
Greenwood CAXX6908
Gregg CAXX8184
Gregorys Mill CAXX8185
Grenfell CAXX1555
Grenville CAXX1556
Gretna CAXX0653
Grey CAXX5442
Grey River CAXX3245
Griffin CAXX3246
Griffin Creek CAXX5443
Griffith CAXX6909
Grifton CAXX8186
Grimsby CAXX0178
Grimshaw CAXX1557
Grindrod CAXX0179
Grise Fiord CAXX4734
Griswold CAXX8187
Grizzly CAXX5444
Gronlid CAXX4735
Gros-Morne CAXX4564
Grosmont CAXX5445
Grosse Isle CAXX0180
Grosses-Roches CAXX3250
Grouard CAXX5446
Grouard Mission CAXX3251
Groundbirch CAXX3252
Grove Hill CAXX9445
Grovedale CAXX5447
Grovenor CAXX5448
Grub Road CAXX9446
Grund CAXX8188
Grunthal CAXX8189
Guelph CAXX0181
Guernsey CAXX4481
Guigues CAXX1558
Guildford CAXX6910
Guimond-Village CAXX9447
Gull Bay CAXX3254
Gull Harbour CAXX8190
Gull Lake CAXX1559
Gull Lake CAXX8191
Gull Lake CAXX5449
Gundy CAXX6911
Gunn CAXX4482
Gunnar CAXX4483
Gunningsville CAXX9448
Gunnworth CAXX4484
Gurneyville CAXX5450
Gutah CAXX6912
Guy CAXX4485
Guysborough CAXX1560
Gwynne CAXX5451
Gyproc CAXX6913
Gypsumville CAXX1561
Habay CAXX5452
Hacienda CAXX8193
Hackett CAXX5453
Hadashville CAXX8194
Haddock CAXX5454
Hafford CAXX1562
Hagensborg CAXX4486
Hagersville CAXX1563
Haggertys Cove CAXX9449
Hague CAXX0182
Hagwilget CAXX6914
Haig CAXX6915
Haight CAXX5456
Haileybury CAXX0657
Haina CAXX6916
Haines Junction CAXX0770
Hairsine CAXX5457
Hairy Hill CAXX5458
Haisla CAXX6917
Hakai CAXX6918
Halach CAXX5459
Halbrite CAXX3260
Halbstadt CAXX8195
Halcomb CAXX9450
Halcourt CAXX5460
Halcreek CAXX5461
Halcrow CAXX8196
Halcyon Cove CAXX8197
Haldimand County CAXX2551
Half Island Cove CAXX4565
Half Moon Bay CAXX5462
Halfmoon Bay CAXX3263
Halfway Lake CAXX5463
Halfway Point CAXX1579
Halfway Ranch CAXX6919
Haliburton CAXX0646
Halicz CAXX8198
Halifax CAXX0183
Halkirk CAXX1564
Hall CAXX6920
Hall Beach CAXX2564
Hallboro CAXX8199
Hallebourg CAXX4566
Halliday CAXX6921
Halls Hill CAXX9451
Halsbury CAXX5464
Halton CAXX3266
Ham-Nord CAXX3267
Hamburg CAXX8200
Hamilton CAXX0184
Hamilton Heights CAXX8201
Hamiota CAXX1565
Hamlet CAXX5465
Hamlin CAXX5466
Hammond CAXX9452
Hammond River CAXX9453
Hammondvale CAXX9454
Hampden CAXX0185
Hampton CAXX0186
Hampton Station CAXX9456
Hamptons CAXX5467
Hamtown Corner CAXX9457
Handel CAXX4487
Handsworth CAXX4567
Haney CAXX4568
Haneytown CAXX9458
Hanford Brook CAXX9459
Hanley CAXX1566
Hanlon CAXX5468
Hanna CAXX0187
Hanover CAXX1567
Hansard CAXX3271
Hanson Island CAXX6922
Hantsport CAXX1568
Hanwell CAXX9460
Happy Hollow CAXX5469
Happy Valley CAXX6923
Harbour Breton CAXX1569
Harbour Chines CAXX6924
Harbour Grace CAXX1570
Harcourt CAXX9461
Harcus CAXX8203
Hardieville CAXX5470
Harding CAXX8204
Hardings Point CAXX9462
Hardingville CAXX9463
Hardisty CAXX1571
Hardwicke CAXX9464
Hardwicke Island CAXX3272
Hardwood Ridge CAXX9465
Hardy CAXX9466
Hare Bay CAXX0188
Harewood CAXX9467
Hargrave CAXX8205
Hargwen CAXX5471
Harlech CAXX5472
Harley Road CAXX9468
Harlington CAXX8206
Harlow CAXX5473
Harmac CAXX6926
Harmattan CAXX4488
Harmer CAXX6927
Harmon Valley CAXX3274
Harmsworth CAXX8207
Harperville CAXX8208
Harptree CAXX4569
Harris CAXX3276
Harrison Mills CAXX3277
Harriston CAXX1573
Harrogate CAXX3278
Harrop CAXX1616
Harrow CAXX1574
Harrowby CAXX8209
Hart CAXX4571
Hart Highlands CAXX6929
Harte CAXX8210
Hartell CAXX3282
Hartland CAXX1575
Hartley Bay CAXX1576
Hartleyville CAXX5474
Hartney CAXX1577
Hartney Junction CAXX8211
Hartshorn CAXX5475
Harve-St-Pierre CAXX0713
Harvest Hills CAXX5476
Harvey CAXX6930
Harvey CAXX3283
Harvey Bank CAXX9470
Harvey Station CAXX9471
Harvie Heights CAXX5477
Harwill CAXX4489
Haskett CAXX3285
Hasler Flat CAXX6931
Hastings CAXX1578
Hastings-Sunrise CAXX6932
Hat Island CAXX4863
Hatfield Point CAXX9472
Hattonford CAXX5478
Hatzic CAXX4572
Haute CAXX8212
Haute-Aboujagane CAXX9474
Havelock CAXX4573
Havelock CAXX9475
Havre-Aubert CAXX1581
Hawarden CAXX1583
Hawk Hills CAXX5480
Hawk Junction CAXX0189
Hawk Lake CAXX0190
Hawkesbury CAXX0658
Hawkeye CAXX4491
Hawkins CAXX5481
Hawks CAXX6933
Hawkshaw CAXX3290
Hawkwood CAXX5482
Hay Camp CAXX4492
Hay Lakes CAXX1584
Hay River CAXX0622
Hayfield CAXX8213
Hayfield CAXX5483
Hayland CAXX8214
Hayman Hill CAXX9476
Haynes CAXX3292
Hays CAXX4493
Haysboro CAXX5484
Haysport CAXX3294
Hayter CAXX5485
Hayward CAXX6934
Haywood CAXX8215
Hazeldean CAXX5486
Hazeldine CAXX5487
Hazelglen CAXX8217
Hazell CAXX5488
Hazelmere CAXX5489
Hazelridge CAXX8218
Hazelton CAXX1585
Hazlet CAXX4494
Headquarters CAXX6936
Health Bay CAXX6937
Hearne CAXX4495
Hearst CAXX0647
Heart Lake CAXX5490
Heart River CAXX5491
Hearts Hill CAXX3297
Heaslip CAXX8220
Heatburg CAXX5493
Heath CAXX5494
Heath Point CAXX4864
Heatherdown CAXX5495
Heathland CAXX9478
Hebert CAXX9479
Hebertville CAXX1588
Hebron CAXX0191
Hecate CAXX4574
Hecla CAXX4496
Hector CAXX6938
Hedley CAXX1589
Heffley Creek CAXX6939
Heinsburg CAXX1590
Heisler CAXX1591
Heldar CAXX5496
Helina CAXX5497
Hells Gate CAXX6940
Helston CAXX8221
Hemaruka CAXX3300
Heming Lake CAXX8222
Hemlo CAXX1661
Hemlock Valley CAXX6942
Hemmingford CAXX1592
Henday CAXX5499
Hendon CAXX3302
Hendrix Lake CAXX6943
Henley Harbour CAXX4497
Henry House CAXX5500
Hensall CAXX1593
Hepburn CAXX3304
Herb Lake CAXX8223
Herbert CAXX1594
Herchmer CAXX8225
Heriot Bay CAXX6944
Heritage Park CAXX8226
Hermit Lake CAXX5502
Hermitage CAXX3305
Heron Bay CAXX3306
Herriot CAXX3307
Herronton CAXX4498
Herschel CAXX1595
Herschel Island CAXX4865
Hersey Corner CAXX9481
Hervey-Jonction CAXX4575
Hesketh CAXX5503
Hespeler CAXX1596
Hespero CAXX3310
Hesquiat CAXX3311
Hewitt CAXX9483
Heydon Bay CAXX6945
Hickethier Ranch CAXX6946
Hickey CAXX8227
Hicks CAXX6947
Hicksville CAXX9484
Hidden Valley CAXX5504
High Level CAXX0630
High Prairie CAXX1597
High River CAXX1598
Highfield CAXX9485
Highfield CAXX5507
Highland Glen CAXX8228
Highland Park CAXX4499
Highland Park CAXX8229
Highland Ranch CAXX5508
Highlands CAXX5509
Highlands CAXX4576
Highridge CAXX5510
Highrock CAXX8230
Highvale CAXX5511
Highway CAXX5512
Highwood CAXX5513
Hilbre CAXX8231
Hilda CAXX1599
Hill Spring CAXX5514
Hillbank CAXX6949
Hillcrest CAXX6950
Hillcrest CAXX5515
Hillcrest Mines CAXX5516
Hillhurst CAXX9489
Hillhurst CAXX5517
Hilliard CAXX3315
Hilliers CAXX6951
Hillmond CAXX4500
Hills CAXX4501
Hillsborough CAXX1600
Hillsdale CAXX9490
Hillsdown CAXX5518
Hillside CAXX9491
Hillside Beach CAXX8232
Hilltop CAXX8233
Hilton CAXX8234
Hilton Beach CAXX4577
Hines Creek CAXX1601
Hinton CAXX1602
Hinton Trail CAXX5520
Hippa CAXX6952
Hirsch CAXX4578
Hiusta Meadow CAXX6953
Hixon CAXX1603
Hkusam CAXX3320
Hnausa CAXX8235
Hoadley CAXX3321
Hobbema CAXX1604
Hochfeld CAXX8236
Hochstadt CAXX8237
Hoctor CAXX8239
Hodda CAXX6954
Hodgeville CAXX1605
Hodgson CAXX3322
Hoff CAXX5521
Holberg CAXX1606
Holborn CAXX5522
Holden CAXX1607
Holderville CAXX9492
Holdfast CAXX3323
Holland CAXX3324
Hollick Kenyon CAXX5523
Hollow Lake CAXX5524
Hollow Water CAXX4502
Holman CAXX1608
Holmes Crossing CAXX5526
Holmfield CAXX8240
Holmwood CAXX6955
Holyoke CAXX5527
Holyrood CAXX5528
Holyrood CAXX1609
Homebrook CAXX8241
Homeglen CAXX5529
Homestead CAXX5530
Homesteader CAXX5531
Homewood CAXX3326
Homfray Creek CAXX4736
Hondo CAXX4737
Hone CAXX3329
Honeydale CAXX9493
Honeymoon Bay CAXX6956
Hoosier CAXX3330
Hope CAXX0192
Hopedale CAXX0700
Hopetown CAXX6958
Hopewell CAXX1610
Hopewell CAXX9494
Hopewell Cape CAXX9495
Hopewell Hill CAXX9496
Hopington CAXX6959
Hopkins Landing CAXX3331
Horburg CAXX5532
Horen CAXX5533
Hornbeck CAXX4579
Hornby Island CAXX6960
Hornepayne CAXX1611
Hornwood CAXX4738
Horod CAXX8243
Horse Creek CAXX6961
Horse Hill CAXX5534
Horsefly CAXX1612
Horseshoe Bay CAXX5535
Horseshoe Bay CAXX3334
Horseshoe Lake CAXX5536
Horsham CAXX4503
Hoselaw CAXX5537
Hosmer CAXX3336
Hospital Hill CAXX6962
Hot Springs Cove CAXX4580
Hotchkiss CAXX2538
Houston CAXX1613
Houterive CAXX3338
Howard CAXX9497
Howden CAXX8244
Howick CAXX1614
Howie CAXX5538
Howley CAXX0193
Howser CAXX4504
Hoyle CAXX4581
Hoyt CAXX9498
Hubalta CAXX5539
Hubbard CAXX3341
Hubbards CAXX1615
Huble CAXX6963
Hudson CAXX5540
Hudson Bay CAXX0609
Huggett CAXX5542
Hughenden CAXX3343
Hughes CAXX8245
Hughes Lake CAXX8246
Hughton CAXX4506
Hulatt CAXX6965
Hulcross CAXX6966
Hull CAXX0194
Hullcar CAXX6967
Humboldt CAXX1618
Hummerston CAXX8247
Humphrey CAXX9500
Humphrey Corner CAXX9501
Humphreys Mills CAXX9502
Hunta CAXX3345
Hunter River CAXX1619
Hunters Home CAXX9503
Huntingdon CAXX1620
Huntington CAXX6968
Huntington Hills CAXX5543
Huntoon CAXX4582
Huntsville CAXX0648
Hupel CAXX6969
Hurdy CAXX5544
Hurley Corner CAXX9505
Huronian CAXX3347
Husavik CAXX8248
Huscroft CAXX6970
Huskisson CAXX9506
Hussar CAXX1621
Hutch Lake CAXX5545
Hutchison CAXX6971
Hutton CAXX5546
Hutton CAXX6972
Huxley CAXX3348
Hyas CAXX4507
Hybord CAXX8249
Hydraulic CAXX6974
Hydro CAXX6975
Hyland Post CAXX6976
Hyland Ranch CAXX6977
Hylo CAXX4508
Hythe CAXX1622
Iberville CAXX1623
Idamay CAXX5547
Iddesleigh CAXX5548
Ideal CAXX8250
Idylwylde CAXX5549
Igloolik CAXX4509
Ignace CAXX0195
Ikaluit CAXX3351
Ile des Chenes CAXX4583
Ile-A-La-Crosse CAXX1624
Ilford CAXX0197
Illecillewaet CAXX6978
Illingworth CAXX5550
Imperial Mills CAXX5551
Indian Bay CAXX4584
Indian Birch CAXX8251
Indian Cabins CAXX5552
Indian Head CAXX1625
Indian Island CAXX9507
Indian Mountain CAXX9508
Indian Springs CAXX8252
Indian village CAXX4510
Indiantown CAXX9509
Indigo CAXX8253
Indus CAXX4511
Ingalls Head CAXX9510
Ingelow CAXX8254
Ingenika Mine CAXX6979
Ingersoll CAXX0198
Ingleside CAXX1626
Ingleside CAXX9511
Inglis CAXX4512
Ingonish CAXX0752
Inkerman CAXX9513
Inkitsaph CAXX6981
Inland CAXX5554
Innisfail CAXX0199
Innisfree CAXX3358
Insinger CAXX4513
Interlakes CAXX6982
Intervale CAXX9514
Inukjuak CAXX0616
Inuvik CAXX0632
Inverlake CAXX5555
Invermay CAXX3360
Invermere CAXX0201
Inverness CAXX3361
Inwood CAXX1629
Ioco CAXX6983
Iona CAXX3362
Ipswich CAXX8256
Iqaluit CAXX0202
Iracard CAXX6984
Irishtown CAXX9515
Irma CAXX1630
Iron Bay CAXX6985
Iron Bound Cove CAXX9516
Iron River CAXX5556
Iron Springs CAXX2521
Iroquois CAXX1631
Iroquois Falls CAXX1632
Irricana CAXX1633
Irvine CAXX6986
Irvine CAXX0203
Irvines Landing CAXX3363
Isabella CAXX8257
Isaiah Corner CAXX9517
Isham CAXX4514
Iskut CAXX6987
Island Beach CAXX8258
Island Cache CAXX6988
Island Falls CAXX1634
Island Harbour CAXX1635
Island Lake CAXX5557
Island Lake CAXX0573
Island Lakes CAXX8259
Islay CAXX3365
Isle aux Morts CAXX0204
Isle Pierre CAXX3366
Ispas CAXX5559
Itaska Beach CAXX5560
Ituna CAXX1636
Jacam CAXX8260
Jackfish CAXX3367
Jackfish River CAXX5561
Jackhead CAXX8261
Jackhead Harbour CAXX3368
Jackman CAXX6989
Jackson CAXX5562
Jackson Bay CAXX3369
Jackson Heights CAXX5563
Jacksons CAXX6990
Jackville CAXX5564
Jacquet River CAXX1638
Jade City CAXX6991
Jaffray CAXX3371
Jailletville CAXX9520
Jaleslie CAXX6992
Jalna CAXX5565
James Bay CAXX6993
Jamestown CAXX1639
Janet CAXX5567
Jansen CAXX1640
Jardineville CAXX9521
Jaroslaw CAXX8262
Jarrow CAXX5568
Jarvie CAXX1641
Jarvis Bay CAXX5569
Jasper CAXX0205
Jasper Park CAXX5570
Jayem CAXX6994
Jean Cote CAXX3372
Jean Marie River CAXX1642
Jedburgh CAXX3373
Jedway CAXX3374
Jefferson CAXX5572
Jeffrey CAXX5573
Jeffries Corner CAXX9522
Jellicoe CAXX6995
Jellicoe CAXX0206
Jenner CAXX1643
Jenpeg CAXX3375
Jensen CAXX5574
Jensen Creek CAXX3376
Jersey CAXX6996
Jesmond CAXX3377
Jetait CAXX8263
Jeune Landing CAXX6997
Jimmy Lake CAXX2559
Joffre CAXX4515
Joggins CAXX1644
Jogues CAXX3380
Johnson Croft CAXX9525
Johnson Heights CAXX6998
Johnsonkank CAXX8264
Johnsons Landing CAXX6999
Johnston CAXX9527
Jolicure CAXX9529
Joliette CAXX0207
Joliffs Brook CAXX9530
Jones CAXX3382
Jones Crossing CAXX9531
Jones Forks CAXX9532
Jonquiere CAXX0208
Jordan CAXX8265
Jordan Mountain CAXX9533
Jordan River CAXX7000
Josephburg CAXX5576
Joussard CAXX1645
Judah CAXX5577
Judson CAXX5578
June CAXX5579
Juniper CAXX3383
Juniper Ridge CAXX7001
Juno CAXX5580
Juno CAXX8266
Junor CAXX3384
Jura CAXX3385
Juskatla CAXX4516
Justasons Corner CAXX9534
Justice CAXX8267
Kacheposit CAXX8268
Kagawong CAXX3387
Kahntah CAXX7002
Kahwin CAXX5581
Kaisun CAXX7003
Kakabeka Falls CAXX0209
Kakapawanis CAXX8269
Kakawis CAXX0210
Kakisa CAXX1646
Kaladar CAXX4739
Kalamalka CAXX7004
Kaleden CAXX7005
Kaleida CAXX8270
Kaleland CAXX5582
Kallum CAXX7006
Kalukwees CAXX7007
Kamaskawak CAXX8271
Kameyosek CAXX5583
Kamloops CAXX0211
Kamsack CAXX1647
Kanaka CAXX7010
Kanaka Bar CAXX7011
Kananaskis CAXX0800
Kanata CAXX0212
Kane CAXX8272
Kangiqsualujjuaq CAXX3389
Kangirsuk CAXX3390
Kapasiwin CAXX5585
Kapeeseewinik CAXX8274
Kapuskasing CAXX0213
Kapuskaypachik CAXX8275
Kars CAXX3391
Kasha CAXX5586
Kashabowie CAXX4585
Kaslo CAXX3393
Kathleen CAXX3394
Kathyrn CAXX5587
Katrime CAXX8276
Katz CAXX7012
Kavanagh CAXX3395
Kawene CAXX3396
Kaybob CAXX5588
Kayville CAXX3397
Keating CAXX7013
Keatings Corner CAXX9535
Keats Island CAXX7014
Keats Point CAXX4866
Kedgwick CAXX1648
Kedleston CAXX7015
Keefers CAXX3398
Keeler CAXX3399
Keenan Siding CAXX9536
Keene CAXX0214
Keephills CAXX3400
Keeseekoowenin CAXX8277
Keewatin CAXX0215
Keg River CAXX1649
Kegaska CAXX3401
Keheewin CAXX5589
Keirsteadville CAXX9537
Keith-Lynn CAXX7016
Keithley Creek CAXX7017
Keld CAXX8278
Kelfield CAXX4740
Kellett CAXX8279
Kelliher CAXX1650
Kelloe CAXX8280
Kelly Lake CAXX3404
Kelowna CAXX0216
Kelsey CAXX8281
Kelsey CAXX5591
Kelsey Bay CAXX3405
Kelvin CAXX7018
Kelvin Grove CAXX5592
Kelvington CAXX1651
Kelwood CAXX3406
Kemano CAXX7019
Kemano Beach CAXX7020
Kemnay CAXX0217
Kemp River CAXX5593
Kemptville CAXX0783
Kenabeek CAXX3407
Kenaston CAXX1652
Kendal CAXX3408
Kendrick Camp CAXX7021
Kenilworth CAXX5594
Kennedy CAXX1653
Kennetcook CAXX1654
Kenny Woods CAXX5596
Keno Hill CAXX3409
Kenogami Lake CAXX3410
Kenora CAXX0218
Kenosee Lake CAXX3411
Kensington CAXX1655
Kent CAXX9539
Kent Junction CAXX3412
Kent Lake CAXX9540
Kent Lake Siding CAXX9541
Kenton CAXX8283
Kentville CAXX0219
Kenville CAXX3413
Kenville West CAXX8284
Kenzie CAXX3414
Kenzieville CAXX3415
Keoma CAXX3416
Keremeos CAXX1656
Kerensky CAXX5597
Kergwenan CAXX8285
Kern Park CAXX8286
Kernohan CAXX5598
Kerr Creek CAXX7023
Kerrisdale CAXX7024
Kerrobert CAXX1657
Kerrs Lake CAXX8287
Kerrs Ridge CAXX9542
Kerry CAXX8288
Kersey CAXX5599
Kersley CAXX3417
Keswick CAXX0220
Keswick CAXX9543
Keswick Ridge CAXX9544
Kettle Rapids CAXX3418
Kettle Valley CAXX3419
Kevisville CAXX5600
Kew CAXX5601
Key Lake CAXX2561
Keyes CAXX8289
Keystone CAXX5602
Kiamika CAXX1659
Kikino CAXX3420
Kil-cona Park CAXX8290
Kilbella Bay CAXX7026
Kildala Arm CAXX3421
Kildare CAXX5603
Kildonan CAXX8291
Kildonan CAXX0221
Kilgard CAXX7027
Kilkenny CAXX8292
Kilkenny CAXX5604
Kilkerran CAXX7028
Killaloe CAXX3422
Killaly CAXX3423
Killam CAXX1660
Killams Mills CAXX9547
Killarney CAXX0750
Killarney CAXX8293
Killarney CAXX7029
Killarney Lake CAXX5606
Killarney Road CAXX9548
Killdeer CAXX3424
Kilman CAXX8294
Kilsyth CAXX5607
Kimball CAXX3425
Kimberley CAXX0222
Kimsquit CAXX7032
Kincaid CAXX1662
Kincardine CAXX0223
Kincolith CAXX1663
Kincora CAXX5608
Kindakun Rocks CAXX0587
Kindersley CAXX0224
King City CAXX1664
King Kirkland CAXX4741
Kingcome CAXX3428
Kingcome Inlet CAXX7033
Kingfisher CAXX3429
Kingman CAXX5610
Kings CAXX9549
Kings Mines CAXX9550
Kings Park CAXX8295
Kingsclear CAXX9551
Kingsland CAXX5611
Kingsley CAXX9552
Kingsley CAXX8296
Kingston CAXX0225
Kingston Corner CAXX9553
Kingsvale CAXX3430
Kingsville CAXX1665
Kinikinik CAXX5613
Kininvie CAXX5614
Kinistino CAXX1666
Kinmount CAXX1667
Kinnaird CAXX7034
Kinosis CAXX5615
Kinosota CAXX8298
Kinsella CAXX3431
Kinusisipi CAXX8299
Kinuso CAXX0226
Kiosk CAXX4742
Kipawa CAXX1668
Kipling CAXX3433
Kipp CAXX5616
Kirkcaldy CAXX5617
Kirkella CAXX3434
Kirkfield Park CAXX8301
Kirkland CAXX9554
Kirkland Lake CAXX0659
Kirkness CAXX8302
Kirkness CAXX5618
Kirkpatrick CAXX5619
Kirkwood CAXX9555
Kiron CAXX5620
Kirriemuir CAXX5621
Kisbey CAXX1669
Kiskatinaw CAXX7035
Kissick CAXX7037
Kitamaat Village CAXX3435
Kitchener CAXX7038
Kitchener CAXX0227
Kitchisakik CAXX8305
Kitigan CAXX3436
Kitimat CAXX1670
Kitkatla CAXX7039
Kitsault CAXX7040
Kitscoty CAXX0228
Kitseguecla CAXX3437
Kitselas CAXX3438
Kitsilano CAXX7041
Kitsumkalum CAXX7042
Kitwanga CAXX1671
Kiusta CAXX7043
Klarvatten CAXX5622
Kleecoot CAXX3439
Kleefeld CAXX8306
Kleinburg CAXX3440
Kleindale CAXX7045
Klemtu CAXX1672
Kleskun Hill CAXX5623
Klua CAXX7046
Knee Hill Valley CAXX5624
Kneehill CAXX5625
Knight CAXX5626
Knightville CAXX9556
Knob Hill CAXX5627
Knowlton CAXX1673
Knox CAXX8307
Knutsford CAXX7048
Kobes CAXX7049
Koidern CAXX3441
Kokish CAXX3442
Koksilah CAXX7050
Kola CAXX8309
Komakuk Beach CAXX4869
Komarno CAXX8310
Komo CAXX7051
Kootenay CAXX7052
Kootenay Bay CAXX7053
Kootenay Landing CAXX7056
Kosapechekanesik CAXX8312
Koster CAXX7058
Kouchibouguac CAXX9557
Kowkash CAXX3443
Kragmont CAXX7059
Krakow CAXX5628
Krestova CAXX7060
Kronau CAXX3444
Kronsgart CAXX8313
Kronsthal CAXX8314
Krydor CAXX3445
Ksituan CAXX5629
Kugaaruk CAXX1674
Kugluktuk CAXX1675
Kulish CAXX8315
Kung CAXX7062
Kuroki CAXX3446
Kuskonook CAXX7063
Kuujjuaq CAXX0615
Kuujjuarapik CAXX0614
Kuusamo CAXX5630
Kwinitsa CAXX7064
Kyle CAXX3448
Kyuquot CAXX7065
L Alverne CAXX4743
L Anse-a-Valleau CAXX3450
L Anse-au-Loup CAXX3452
La Baie CAXX0229
La Barriere CAXX8316
La Corey CAXX0230
La Corne CAXX3456
La Coulee CAXX8318
La Glace CAXX3457
La Grande CAXX0231
La Guadeloupe CAXX1681
La Hetriere CAXX9558
La Loche CAXX1682
La Macaza CAXX3458
La Malbaie CAXX0232
La Martre CAXX3459
La Minerve CAXX3460
La Motte CAXX3461
La Perle CAXX5631
La Perouse CAXX8319
La Poile CAXX3462
La Redemption CAXX3463
La Reine CAXX1683
La Riviere CAXX0807
La Rochelle CAXX8320
La Ronge CAXX0233
La Salle CAXX0234
La Sarre CAXX1684
La Scie CAXX1685
La Tuque CAXX0649
Labarre CAXX3465
Labelle CAXX1686
Labrador City CAXX0235
Labuma CAXX5632
Lac Bellevue CAXX5633
Lac Benoit CAXX4870
Lac Brochet CAXX8321
Lac des Arcs CAXX5636
Lac Du Bonnet CAXX1687
Lac Eon CAXX4871
Lac La Biche CAXX0619
Lac la Hache CAXX3466
Lac La Martre CAXX3467
Lac la Nonne CAXX3469
Lac Le Jeune CAXX7066
Lac Seul CAXX1688
Lac St. Pierre CAXX0577
Lac Ste. Anne CAXX3468
Lac Ste. Marie CAXX0813
Lac-a-la-Tortue CAXX3478
Lac-Allard CAXX3470
Lac-Au-Saumon CAXX1689
Lac-Aux-Sables CAXX1690
Lac-Baker CAXX4745
Lac-Bouchette CAXX1691
Lac-Chat CAXX4746
Lac-Edouard CAXX4747
Lac-Etchemin CAXX3474
Lac-Megantic CAXX1692
Lac-Nominingue CAXX4748
Lac-Saint-Paul CAXX3476
Lac-Vert CAXX3477
Lachine CAXX0236
Lachute CAXX1693
Lacolle CAXX1694
Lacombe CAXX0237
Lacombe Park CAXX5637
Lacorey CAXX3480
Ladle Cove CAXX1695
Ladysmith CAXX8322
Ladysmith CAXX1696
Ladywood CAXX8323
Laferte CAXX3552
Lafleche CAXX1697
Lafond CAXX5638
Lafontaine CAXX1698
Laforce CAXX4749
Laforest CAXX3482
Lago Lindo CAXX5639
Laguna Beach CAXX8324
Lahaieville CAXX5640
Laidlaw CAXX3483
Laird CAXX1699
Lake Alma CAXX1700
Lake Audy CAXX8325
Lake Bonavista CAXX5641
Lake Buntzen CAXX7068
Lake Cowichan CAXX1701
Lake Eliza CAXX5642
Lake Errock CAXX7069
Lake Forest CAXX8326
Lake Francis CAXX3484
Lake Harbour CAXX0699
Lake Hill CAXX7070
Lake Isle CAXX5643
Lake Kathlyn CAXX7071
Lake Lenore CAXX1702
Lake Louise CAXX0238
Lake Majeau CAXX5645
Lake Saint Peter CAXX3485
Lake Saskatoon CAXX5646
Lake St. Andrew CAXX8327
Lake St. George CAXX8328
Lake St. Martin CAXX8329
Lakeburn CAXX9560
Lakedell CAXX5647
Lakefield CAXX0239
Lakeland CAXX9561
Lakeland CAXX8330
Lakelse CAXX7073
Lakelse Lake CAXX3486
Lakenheath CAXX3487
Lakeside CAXX9562
Lakeside Meadows CAXX8332
Laketon CAXX9563
Laketon CAXX2051
Lakeview CAXX5648
Lakeview Heights CAXX7074
Lakeville CAXX9564
Lakeville Corner CAXX9565
Lakewood CAXX9566
Lakewood Heights CAXX9567
Lamaline CAXX0240
Lamartine CAXX3489
Lamberts Cove CAXX9568
Lambertville CAXX9569
Lambton CAXX3490
Lambton Park CAXX5651
Lambton Shores CAXX2549
Lameque CAXX9570
Lamerton CAXX5652
Lamming Mills CAXX7075
Lamont CAXX1703
Lamoureux CAXX5653
Lampman CAXX1704
Lamprey CAXX3491
Lanark CAXX3492
Lancaster CAXX1705
Lancaster Park CAXX5654
Lancer CAXX3493
Landis CAXX1706
Landmark CAXX8334
Landrienne CAXX1707
Lands End CAXX9571
Landseer CAXX8335
Lanfine CAXX5655
Lang CAXX1708
Langara CAXX0613
Langdale CAXX7077
Langdon CAXX5656
Langenburg CAXX1709
Langford Park CAXX5657
Langham CAXX0241
Langley CAXX1710
Langruth CAXX1711
Langs Crossing CAXX8336
Laniel CAXX1712
Lanigan CAXX1713
Lanoraie CAXX1714
Lansdowne CAXX5658
Lansdowne House CAXX0605
Lantzville CAXX3494
Laporte CAXX3495
Larchwood CAXX3496
Lardeau CAXX3497
Larder Lake CAXX1715
Largs CAXX8337
Lark Harbour CAXX1716
Larkhall CAXX8338
Larkhill CAXX8339
Larkin CAXX7078
Larkspur CAXX5659
Larrys River CAXX1717
Larsons Landing CAXX7079
Lashburn CAXX0242
Lasqueti CAXX4750
Last Lake CAXX5660
Latchford CAXX1718
Laterriere CAXX3501
Lathom CAXX5661
Latimer Lake CAXX9572
Latornell CAXX5662
Latulipe CAXX3502
Lauder CAXX3503
Lauderdale CAXX5663
Launay CAXX3504
Laura CAXX4751
Laurenceton CAXX3506
Laurentia Beach CAXX8340
Laurentides CAXX3507
Lauretta CAXX7082
Laurie River CAXX4752
Laurier CAXX4753
Laurier Heights CAXX5664
Lauvergot CAXX9573
Laval CAXX0243
Laval-Ouest CAXX1721
Lavaltrie CAXX1722
Lavenham CAXX8341
Laverlochere CAXX1723
Lavesta CAXX5665
Lavillette CAXX9574
Lavington CAXX7083
Lavinia CAXX8342
Lavoy CAXX1724
Lawledge CAXX8343
Lawn CAXX0244
Lawnhill CAXX4754
Lawrence Station CAXX9575
Lawson CAXX3511
Lawsonburg CAXX5666
Lawton CAXX5667
Layland CAXX8344
Lazo CAXX7085
Le Lac CAXX9576
Le Pensie CAXX8345
Lea Park CAXX5668
Leader CAXX0725
Leaf Rapids CAXX8346
Leahurst CAXX5669
Leaman CAXX5670
Leamington CAXX0667
Leanchoil CAXX7086
Learys CAXX8347
Leaside Beach CAXX8348
Leask CAXX3514
Leavitt CAXX5671
Lebahdo CAXX7087
LeBlanc CAXX9577
LeBlancville CAXX9578
Leddy CAXX5672
Leduc CAXX1725
Ledwyn CAXX8349
Lee Creek CAXX7088
Lee Ridge CAXX5673
Lee River CAXX8350
Lee River Falls CAXX8351
Leechtown CAXX3515
Leedale CAXX3516
Lees Corner CAXX7089
Leeshore CAXX5674
Lefroy CAXX1726
Legal CAXX1727
Legend CAXX5675
Legerville CAXX9579
Legrand CAXX7090
Lehigh CAXX5676
Leicester CAXX5677
Leifur CAXX8352
Leighmore CAXX5678
Leighton CAXX8353
Leinan CAXX4756
Leipzig CAXX4757
Leismer CAXX5679
Lejac CAXX7091
Lemberg CAXX1728
Lemoray CAXX7093
Lempriere CAXX7094
Lemsford CAXX3519
Lena CAXX8354
Lenarthur CAXX5680
Lendrum Place CAXX5681
Lennard CAXX8355
Lennoxville CAXX0245
Lenore CAXX3520
Lenswood CAXX3521
Leo CAXX5682
Leo Creek CAXX7095
Leonardville CAXX9580
Leoville CAXX1729
Lepage CAXX3522
Leroy CAXX4758
Lery CAXX1730
Les Escoumins CAXX1731
Les Etroits CAXX4759
Les Mechins CAXX1732
Leslieville CAXX1733
Less Crossing CAXX8356
Lessard CAXX5683
Lester Beach CAXX8357
Lestock CAXX4761
Letang CAXX9581
Letellier CAXX8358
Letete CAXX9582
Lethbridge CAXX0246
Levack CAXX1734
Leven CAXX8359
Leverville CAXX9583
Levine CAXX8360
Levis CAXX0247
Lewis CAXX3527
Lewis Mountain CAXX9584
Lewisporte CAXX1735
Lewisville CAXX9585
Lewvan CAXX3528
Lexau Ranch CAXX7096
Leyland CAXX5684
Liard River CAXX7097
Libau CAXX8361
Liberty CAXX4762
Lido Plage CAXX8362
Lidstone CAXX8363
Liebenthal CAXX3530
Liersch CAXX7098
Lighthouse Point CAXX7099
Likely CAXX3531
Lilac CAXX4763
Lillesve CAXX8364
Lillooet CAXX1736
Lily Bay CAXX8365
Lily Lake CAXX7101
Lilyfield CAXX8366
Lime CAXX7102
Limerick CAXX1737
Limestone CAXX8367
Limoges CAXX4764
Linaria CAXX5686
Lincoln CAXX5687
Lincoln Park CAXX7103
Lincoln Park CAXX5688
Lindale CAXX4765
Lindberg Landing CAXX4872
Lindbrook CAXX5689
Lindell CAXX7104
Lindell Beach CAXX7105
Lindeman CAXX7106
Linden CAXX8368
Linden CAXX3535
Linden Lanes CAXX8369
Linden Woods CAXX8370
Lindsay CAXX0660
Lindys CAXX9586
Line Creek CAXX7107
Lingley CAXX9587
Linklater CAXX8371
Lintlaw CAXX1738
Linton CAXX4766
Lions Head CAXX0248
Lipton CAXX1739
Lisburn CAXX3537
Lisieux CAXX3538
Lister CAXX3540
Listowel CAXX1740
Little Bay CAXX4767
Little Britain CAXX8373
Little Buffalo CAXX5690
Little Burnt Bay CAXX1741
Little Current CAXX1742
Little Dover CAXX9589
Little Fishery CAXX4768
Little Fort CAXX1743
Little Gem CAXX5691
Little Lake CAXX9590
Little Lepreau CAXX9591
Little Red River CAXX5692
Little Ridge CAXX8374
Little Ridge CAXX9592
Little River CAXX9593
Little River CAXX7108
Little Salmon CAXX4771
Little Shemogue CAXX9594
Little Smoky CAXX4772
Livelong CAXX3548
Lively CAXX0250
Liverpool CAXX1745
Liverpool Bay CAXX0821
Livingstone CAXX7109
Lizotte CAXX3539
Lloydminster CAXX0610
Lloydminster CAXX0251
Lloyds Hill CAXX5693
Lobbville CAXX8376
Lobstick CAXX5694
Loch Lomond CAXX9595
Loch Woods CAXX8377
Lochalsh CAXX0252
Lochearn CAXX5695
Lochinvar CAXX5696
Lockeport CAXX7110
Lockeport CAXX1747
Lockhart CAXX5697
Lockport CAXX8378
Lockstead CAXX9596
Lockwood CAXX4773
Lodge CAXX5698
Lodge Bay CAXX4774
Lodgepole CAXX4775
Log Cabin CAXX7111
Logan Lake CAXX7112
Loggiecroft CAXX9597
Loggieville CAXX0253
Lombell CAXX5699
Lomond CAXX5700
Lomond CAXX0254
London CAXX0255
Londonderry CAXX9598
Lone Butte CAXX3554
Lone Pine CAXX4776
Lone Prairie CAXX7113
Lone Rock CAXX4777
Lone Spruce CAXX8379
Lonebutte CAXX5701
Lonely Lake CAXX8380
Lonesand CAXX8381
Long Beach CAXX4778
Long Body Creek CAXX8382
Long Creek CAXX9599
Long Harbour CAXX7114
Long Lake CAXX5702
Long Lake CAXX3559
Long Plain CAXX8383
Long Point CAXX8384
Long Point CAXX9600
Long Reach CAXX9601
Long Sault CAXX1749
Long Spruce CAXX8385
Longbeach CAXX7115
Longburn CAXX8386
Longlac CAXX0256
Longs Creek CAXX9602
Longstaff Bluff CAXX4873
Longueuil CAXX0257
Longview CAXX3560
Longworth CAXX7116
Loni Beach CAXX8387
Lonira CAXX5703
Looma CAXX5704
Loomis CAXX4780
Loon CAXX3562
Loon Lake CAXX7117
Loon Lake CAXX1750
Loon Lake CAXX5705
Loon Straits CAXX8388
Loos CAXX1751
Loran CAXX3563
Lord Selkirk CAXX8389
Lords Cove CAXX9603
Loreburn CAXX4781
Lorelei CAXX5706
Loretteville CAXX0258
Lorneville CAXX9604
Lorraine CAXX5707
Lotbiniere CAXX1752
Lothrop CAXX5708
Lougheed CAXX1753
Louis Creek CAXX4782
Louisbourg CAXX1754
Louiseville CAXX1755
Lourdes CAXX1756
Lousana CAXX4784
Love CAXX3569
Loverna CAXX3570
Lovettville CAXX5709
Low CAXX1757
Lowe Farm CAXX8392
Lower Barnaby CAXX9605
Lower Burton CAXX9606
Lower Cambridge CAXX9607
Lower Cape CAXX9608
Lower Cove CAXX9609
Lower Derby CAXX9611
Lower Durham CAXX9612
Lower Jemseg CAXX9614
Lower Kars CAXX9615
Lower Kingston CAXX9616
Lower Laberge CAXX3571
Lower Lincoln CAXX9617
Lower Lonsdale CAXX7119
Lower Main River CAXX9620
Lower Mainland CAXX7120
Lower Midland CAXX9621
Lower Nicola CAXX7121
Lower Norton CAXX9623
Lower Perth CAXX9624
Lower Post CAXX1759
Lower Queensbury CAXX9626
Lower Ridge CAXX9627
Lower Rockport CAXX9628
Lower St. Marys CAXX9630
Lower Stoneridge CAXX9631
Lower Tower Hill CAXX9632
Lowland CAXX8393
Lowther CAXX3572
Loyalist CAXX5711
Lubicon Lake CAXX5712
Lubin CAXX7122
Lucan CAXX0259
Lucas CAXX7123
Lucerne CAXX7124
Luceville CAXX0260
Lucknow CAXX1760
Lucky Lake CAXX1761
Lucy Island CAXX4874
Luke CAXX8394
Lumberton CAXX7125
Lumby CAXX1762
Lumby Junction CAXX7126
Lumsden CAXX0261
Lund CAXX0262
Lundar CAXX8395
Lundar Beach CAXX8396
Lundbreck CAXX5713
Lunenburg CAXX0766
Lunnford CAXX5714
Lupin CAXX0771
Lure CAXX5715
Luscar CAXX4785
Luseland CAXX1764
Lushes Bight CAXX3574
Luskville CAXX1765
Lutes Mountain CAXX9634
Lutose CAXX5716
Luxor CAXX7127
Luxton CAXX7128
Luzan CAXX5717
Lyalta CAXX3575
Lyddal CAXX8397
Lydiatt CAXX8398
Lyleton CAXX3576
Lymburn CAXX3577
Lynch Corner CAXX9636
Lynn Lake CAXX0562
Lynn Valley CAXX7129
Lynnfield CAXX9637
Lynnmour CAXX7130
Lynnwood CAXX5718
Lynton CAXX5719
Lynwood CAXX5720
Lynx Creek CAXX7131
Lyster CAXX1766
Lyttleton CAXX9638
Lytton CAXX0611
Ma-me-o Beach CAXX3579
Mabel Lake CAXX7132
Mabella CAXX3580
Mabou CAXX1767
MacAlister CAXX0263
Macamic CAXX1768
MacArthur Siding CAXX5721
MacCan CAXX0264
Macdiarmid CAXX1769
Macdonald CAXX7134
Macdonald CAXX3581
MacDonalds Point CAXX9639
MacDougall CAXX9640
MacDowall CAXX0265
Maces Bay CAXX9641
MacEwan CAXX5722
Macgregor CAXX1770
Mackay CAXX4786
Mackenzie CAXX0696
MacKenzie CAXX0266
MacKenzie Lake CAXX5723
Mackin CAXX7135
Macklin CAXX1771
Macmillan Pass CAXX4875
MacNeill CAXX7133
Macnutt CAXX3583
Macoun CAXX3584
Macpes CAXX3585
Macrorie CAXX4787
Macson CAXX5724
Mactaquac CAXX9642
Mactier CAXX1772
Madawaska CAXX4788
Madden CAXX3588
Madeira Park CAXX7136
Madeleine-Centre CAXX0731
Madison CAXX3589
Madoc CAXX1773
Madsen CAXX1774
Mafeking CAXX1775
Maginot CAXX8400
Magna Bay CAXX4789
Magnet CAXX8401
Magnetawan CAXX1776
Magnetic Hill CAXX9645
Magnolia CAXX5725
Magnolia Bridge CAXX5726
Magnum Mine CAXX7137
Magog CAXX0267
Magpie CAXX4790
Magrath CAXX0268
Magundy CAXX9646
Mahaska CAXX5727
Mahatta River CAXX4791
Mahone Bay CAXX1777
Mahood Falls CAXX7138
Maidstone CAXX1778
Maillard CAXX3593
Maillardville CAXX7139
Main Brook CAXX3594
Main Centre CAXX4792
Main-a-Dieu CAXX4793
Mainland CAXX3597
Maitland CAXX0269
Majestic CAXX5728
Major CAXX3598
Majorville CAXX5729
Makaroff CAXX4794
Makepeace CAXX5730
Makinak CAXX3600
Makinson CAXX7140
Makkovik CAXX1779
Makwa CAXX4795
Malachi CAXX4796
Malahat CAXX1780
Malakoff CAXX9647
Malakwa CAXX3603
Malartic CAXX0270
Malden CAXX9648
Maleb CAXX5731
Malibu CAXX7142
Maliotenam CAXX2547
Mallaig CAXX4797
Mallard CAXX8402
Mallow CAXX5732
Malmo CAXX5733
Malmo Plains CAXX5734
Malonton CAXX8403
Malton CAXX0271
Mamalilaculla CAXX4798
Manchester CAXX5735
Mandalay West CAXX8404
Manhattan Beach CAXX8405
Manibridge CAXX8406
Manigotagan CAXX1781
Manir CAXX5736
Manitou CAXX1782
Manitouwadge CAXX1783
Manitowaning CAXX1784
Maniwaki CAXX0272
Mankota CAXX1785
Manlius CAXX8407
Manly CAXX5737
Manly Corner CAXX5738
Mann Siding CAXX4799
Mannhurst CAXX9649
Manning CAXX2536
Manning CAXX7143
Mannville CAXX1786
Manola CAXX5739
Manor CAXX1787
Manouane CAXX1788
Manouane-Est CAXX4876
Manseau CAXX1789
Manson CAXX8408
Manson Creek CAXX7144
Mansons Landing CAXX4800
Mansonville CAXX0817
Mantario CAXX4801
Manyberries CAXX1790
Mapes CAXX7145
Maple Bay CAXX3609
Maple Creek CAXX0730
Maple Grove CAXX1791
Maple Ridge CAXX2557
Maples CAXX8409
Mapleton Place CAXX9651
Mapova CAXX5740
Maquapit Lake CAXX9652
Mara CAXX3610
Marathon CAXX0661
Marblehead CAXX4802
Marcelin CAXX1792
Marcelville CAXX9653
Marchand CAXX3612
Marco CAXX8410
Marda Loop CAXX5741
Marengo CAXX4803
Margaree Forks CAXX2328
Margaree Harbour CAXX3615
Margaret Bay CAXX4804
Margaret Lake CAXX4877
Margaret Park CAXX8412
Margie CAXX5742
Margo CAXX4805
Marguerite CAXX3618
Maria CAXX3619
Mariana Lake CAXX5743
Mariapolis CAXX4806
Marie-Reine CAXX5744
Marieval CAXX3621
Marieville CAXX1793
Marigold CAXX7146
Marilla CAXX4807
Marina CAXX5745
Marion Bridge CAXX4808
Marius CAXX8413
Mark Hill CAXX9655
Markdale CAXX1794
Markerville CAXX5746
Markham CAXX0273
Markhamville CAXX9656
Markland CAXX8414
Markstay CAXX1795
Marktosis CAXX3624
Marlboro CAXX0274
Marmora CAXX1796
Marne CAXX7147
Marne CAXX9657
Marpole CAXX7148
Marquette CAXX8415
Marron Valley CAXX7149
Marrtown CAXX9658
Marsden CAXX4809
Marsh Junction CAXX9659
Marshall CAXX4810
Marsoui CAXX3627
Martel CAXX7150
Marten River CAXX5748
Marten River CAXX4811
Martin CAXX3629
Martin Prairie CAXX7152
Martindale CAXX5749
Martinon CAXX9660
Martinson CAXX7153
Marwayne CAXX1797
Mary Hill CAXX7154
Maryfield CAXX1798
Marystown CAXX1799
Marysville CAXX7155
Marysville CAXX0275
Mascarene CAXX9661
Mascouche CAXX2552
Masefield CAXX3631
Maskawata CAXX8416
Maskinonge CAXX1800
Mason Creek CAXX7156
Masset CAXX1801
Massey CAXX0276
Massive CAXX5750
Masson CAXX3632
Matachewan CAXX1802
Matador CAXX4813
Matagami CAXX0602
Matago CAXX8417
Matamec CAXX3634
Matane CAXX0277
Matapedia CAXX0278
Matawa Place CAXX8418
Matawak CAXX8419
Mates Corner CAXX9662
Mather CAXX8420
Matheson CAXX1803
Matheson Island CAXX4814
Matilpi CAXX7157
Matsqui CAXX7158
Matt Berry CAXX5751
Mattawa CAXX1804
Matthews CAXX9663
Mattice CAXX0279
Matzhiwin CAXX5753
Mawer CAXX3636
Maxim CAXX3637
Maxstone CAXX4815
Maxville CAXX1805
Maxwell CAXX9664
Maxwell Crossing CAXX9665
Maybank CAXX8422
Maycroft CAXX5754
Mayerthorpe CAXX5755
Mayfair CAXX7159
Mayfair CAXX5756
Mayfeld CAXX8423
Mayfield CAXX9666
Mayland Heights CAXX5758
Mayliewan CAXX5759
Maymont CAXX1806
Mayne CAXX7160
Maynooth CAXX1807
Mayo CAXX0682
Mayton CAXX5760
Mazenod CAXX3639
Mazeppa CAXX2382
Mc Givney CAXX3641
Mc Intosh CAXX3642
Mc Munn CAXX3643
McAbee CAXX7162
McAdam CAXX0751
McAlpines CAXX9667
McArthur Falls CAXX8424
McAuley CAXX4816
Mcbride CAXX1808
McCabe CAXX7163
McCabe Creek CAXX3645
McCall CAXX7164
McCalls Landing CAXX7165
McCallum CAXX3646
McCann CAXX9668
McCauley CAXX5761
McConnel CAXX4817
McCracken CAXX7166
Mccreary CAXX1809
McCulloch CAXX7167
McCully CAXX9669
McDame CAXX7168
McDonald CAXX8427
McDonald Corner CAXX9670
McDougall Mills CAXX3648
McGee CAXX3649
McGillivray CAXX7170
McGinleys Corner CAXX9671
McGowans Corner CAXX9672
McGregor CAXX0280
McGregor CAXX7171
McGregor Bay CAXX4818
Mcinnes Island CAXX4878
McKague CAXX3651
McKearney Ranch CAXX7172
McKeens Corner CAXX9674
McKees Mills CAXX9675
McKenzie Towne CAXX5763
McKernan CAXX5764
McKinleyville CAXX9676
McLaughlin CAXX5765
McLean Ranch CAXX7174
McLeese Lake CAXX3652
Mclennan CAXX1810
McLeod CAXX7175
McLeod CAXX5766
McLeod Hill CAXX9677
Mcleod Lake CAXX1811
McLeod River CAXX5767
McLeod Valley CAXX5768
McLure CAXX3653
Mcmasterville CAXX1812
McMinn CAXX9678
McMurdo CAXX7176
McMurphy CAXX7177
McNab CAXX5769
McNab Creek CAXX7178
McNairn CAXX9679
McNeill CAXX5771
McQuade CAXX9681
McQueen CAXX5772
McRae CAXX5773
McTaggart CAXX3654
McTavish CAXX8429
McVeigh CAXX4819
Meacham CAXX1813
Meachen CAXX3656
Mead CAXX4820
Meadow Brook CAXX9683
Meadow Creek CAXX7180
Meadow Lake CAXX0568
Meadow Lea CAXX8430
Meadow Portage CAXX8431
Meadowbrook CAXX5774
Meadowbrook CAXX7181
Meadowland Park CAXX5775
Meadowlands CAXX8432
Meadowlark Park CAXX5777
Meadowood CAXX8433
Meadows CAXX4821
Meadows West CAXX8434
Meadowvale CAXX8435
Meadowview CAXX5778
Meaford CAXX0281
Meander River CAXX1814
Meanook CAXX3659
Mearns CAXX3660
Mears CAXX8436
Meath Park CAXX1815
Medard CAXX8437
Medicine Hat CAXX0282
Medicine Lodge CAXX5780
Medika CAXX8438
Medley CAXX5781
Medora CAXX4822
Medstead CAXX4823
Meductic CAXX1816
Meem Quam Leese CAXX7182
Meenans Corner CAXX9684
Meeting Creek CAXX4824
Meharry CAXX8439
Melbourne CAXX8440
Meldrum CAXX7183
Meldrum Bay CAXX3664
Meldrum Creek CAXX7184
Meleb CAXX4825
Melfort CAXX0706
Melita CAXX0586
Mellenville CAXX8441
Mellowdale CAXX5782
Melnice CAXX8442
Melocheville CAXX1817
Melrose CAXX9685
Melrose CAXX4826
Melrose CAXX8443
Melville CAXX1818
Memramcook CAXX0283
Memramcook East CAXX9686
Memramcook West CAXX9687
Menaik CAXX5783
Menisa CAXX5784
Menisino CAXX8444
Menteith CAXX8445
Mentmore CAXX8446
Meota CAXX3667
Mercoal CAXX4827
Merigomish CAXX1819
Merrickville CAXX1820
Merridale CAXX8448
Merritt CAXX0830
Merryflat CAXX3669
Merton CAXX7185
Merville CAXX0284
Mervin CAXX3670
Mesachie Lake CAXX3671
Meskanaw CAXX4828
Messines CAXX0285
Messiter CAXX7186
Metchosin CAXX4829
Meteghan CAXX1822
Methven CAXX8449
Metigoshe CAXX3674
Metikewap CAXX8450
Metis CAXX5785
Metiskow CAXX4830
Metlakatla CAXX2447
Metrotown CAXX7188
Mewassin CAXX5786
Mewatha Beach CAXX5787
Meyokumin CAXX5788
Meyonhk CAXX5789
Miami CAXX0780
Mica Creek CAXX4831
Michael Park CAXX5790
Michichi CAXX3678
Midale CAXX0286
Middle Bay CAXX4832
Middle Coverdale CAXX9688
Middle Creek CAXX5791
Middle Lake CAXX3680
Middle River CAXX7190
Middle Sackville CAXX9690
Middlebro CAXX8451
Middlechurch CAXX8452
Middlegate CAXX7191
Middlesex CAXX9692
Middleton CAXX0287
Middleton CAXX9693
Midgic CAXX9694
Midhurst CAXX0288
Midland CAXX0663
Midnapore CAXX5792
Midway CAXX9695
Midway CAXX1823
Midwood CAXX9696
Miette CAXX5793
Miklavik CAXX8453
Milden CAXX1824
Mildmay CAXX1825
Mildred CAXX3681
Milestone CAXX4833
Milford CAXX9697
Milk River CAXX0786
Milkish CAXX9698
Mill Bay CAXX3683
Mill Cove CAXX9699
Mill Road CAXX9700
Mill Woods Park CAXX5796
Millarville CAXX5797
Millbrook CAXX8454
Millbrook CAXX1826
Millerand CAXX4834
Millerfield CAXX5798
Millers Landing CAXX7192
Millerton CAXX9701
Millertown CAXX1827
Millet CAXX1828
Millhaven CAXX1829
Millicent CAXX5799
Millidgeville CAXX9702
Million CAXX8455
Millrise CAXX5800
Millstream CAXX7193
Millville CAXX1830
Millwater CAXX8456
Millwood CAXX8457
Milner CAXX4835
Milner Ridge CAXX3688
Milnerton CAXX5801
Milnes Landing CAXX7194
Milo CAXX1831
Milton Heights CAXX0289
Milverton CAXX1832
Minaki CAXX0290
Minaret CAXX5802
Minaty Bay CAXX7195
Minburn CAXX3689
Minchau CAXX5803
Minden CAXX1833
Mine Centre CAXX0291
Mingan CAXX3690
Miniota CAXX1834
Minitonas CAXX4836
Mink Brook CAXX9703
Mink Creek CAXX8458
Minnedosa CAXX0292
Minnedosa Beach CAXX8459
Minnewakan CAXX8460
Minowukaw Beach CAXX4837
Minstrel Island CAXX4838
Mintlaw CAXX5804
Minto CAXX1835
Minto CAXX9704
Minto Bridge CAXX0681
Minto Landing CAXX7196
Minton CAXX1836
Miocene CAXX4839
Mirabel CAXX0650
Miracle Valley CAXX7197
Miramichi CAXX0293
Mirror CAXX3695
Mirror Lake CAXX3696
Miscou Centre CAXX9706
Miscou Island CAXX0594
Mispec CAXX9707
Missanabie CAXX1837
Missinipe CAXX3697
Mission CAXX0294
Mission Beach CAXX5805
Mississauga CAXX0295
Mistassini CAXX3698
Mistatim CAXX1838
Mistuhekasookun CAXX8462
Mitchell CAXX8463
Mitchell CAXX1839
Mitchell Bay CAXX7198
Mitchells Corner CAXX9708
Mitchellton CAXX3699
Mitford CAXX5807
Mitsue CAXX5808
Miworth CAXX7199
Moak Lake CAXX3700
Moberly CAXX7200
Moberly Lake CAXX4840
Mobert CAXX3702
Model Farm CAXX9709
Moffat CAXX7201
Moha CAXX3703
Mohannes CAXX9710
Moisie CAXX0296
Molanosa CAXX4841
Moline CAXX8464
Molson CAXX4842
Molus River CAXX9711
Monarch CAXX5809
Monastery CAXX4843
Moncton CAXX0297
Moncton Road CAXX9712
Monias CAXX7202
Monitor CAXX3707
Monkland CAXX3708
Monkstown CAXX3709
Mons CAXX7203
Mont Nebo CAXX4844
Mont-Joli CAXX0299
Mont-Laurier CAXX0300
Mont-Louis CAXX1840
Mont-Royal CAXX1841
Mont-Tremblant CAXX0811
Montague CAXX1843
Montague Harbour CAXX7204
Monte Creek CAXX0298
Monte Lake CAXX4845
Monteagle CAXX9713
Montebello CAXX1844
Monterey Park CAXX5810
Montgomery CAXX5811
Montmagny CAXX1845
Montmartre CAXX1846
Montney CAXX1847
Montreal CAXX0301
Montreal Lake CAXX4846
Montreal-Est CAXX1848
Montreal-Nord CAXX1849
Montreal-Ouest CAXX1850
Montrose CAXX4847
Monument CAXX9714
Moodie CAXX8465
Moon Lake CAXX5813
Moonbeam CAXX0302
Moore Dale CAXX8466
Moore Park CAXX8467
Moores Mills CAXX3714
Mooretown CAXX0303
Moose Bay CAXX8468
Moose Factory CAXX0304
Moose Heights CAXX0703
Moose Jaw CAXX0305
Moose Lake CAXX0306
Moose Portage CAXX5814
Moose River CAXX0307
Moose Wallow CAXX5815
Moosehide CAXX4517
Moosehorn CAXX8469
Moosomin CAXX1851
Moosonee CAXX0308
Mooyah Bay CAXX7205
Moran CAXX7206
Morden CAXX0740
Morehouse Corner CAXX9715
Moreland CAXX3716
Morell CAXX1852
Moresby Camp CAXX7207
Morey CAXX7208
Moricetown CAXX4849
Morin Industrial CAXX5817
Morinville CAXX0309
Morley CAXX1853
Morley River CAXX3719
Morna CAXX9716
Morna Heights CAXX9717
Morningside CAXX3720
Morrin CAXX1854
Morris CAXX1855
Morrisburg CAXX1856
Morrisdale CAXX9718
Morrissey CAXX7209
Morse CAXX4850
Morson CAXX1857
Mortimer CAXX9719
Mortlach CAXX1858
Morweena CAXX8471
Moss Glen CAXX9720
Moss Spur CAXX8472
Mossbank CAXX1859
Mosside CAXX5819
Mossleigh CAXX4851
Mound CAXX5820
Mount Baldy CAXX7210
Mount Carmel CAXX2578
Mount Currie CAXX3723
Mount Forest CAXX0670
Mount Gardner CAXX7211
Mount Hebron CAXX9721
Mount Hope CAXX9722
Mount Lehman CAXX7212
Mount MacDonald CAXX3724
Mount Middleton CAXX9723
Mount Norquay CAXX5821
Mount Pearl CAXX0310
Mount Pisgah CAXX9724
Mount Pleasant CAXX7213
Mount Pleasant CAXX1860
Mount Prospect CAXX9725
Mount Robson CAXX7214
Mount Stewart CAXX0311
Mount Timothy CAXX7215
Mount Uniacke CAXX1861
Mount Valley CAXX5824
Mount View CAXX9726
Mount Washington CAXX0803
Mount Whatley CAXX9727
Mountain House CAXX5825
Mountain Park CAXX5826
Mountain Road CAXX8473
Mountain Station CAXX7217
Mountain View CAXX3725
Mountainside CAXX8474
Mountville CAXX9728
Mouth of Keswick CAXX9729
Mowbray CAXX8475
Moyie CAXX1862
Mud River CAXX0312
Muenster CAXX2580
Muir CAXX8476
Muirkirk CAXX2581
Mulgrave CAXX1863
Mullingar CAXX2583
Mulvihill CAXX8477
Muncho Lake CAXX7218
Mundare CAXX0704
Mundleville CAXX9730
Munk CAXX8478
Munro CAXX7219
Munroe CAXX7220
Munroe CAXX8479
Munson CAXX5829
Murdale CAXX2585
Murdochville CAXX1864
Muriel CAXX5830
Muriel Lake CAXX5831
Murray Corner CAXX9731
Murray Park CAXX8481
Murray Road CAXX9732
Musgrave Harbour CAXX2588
Musgrave Landing CAXX7221
Musgravetown CAXX2587
Musidora CAXX5832
Muskeg River CAXX2589
Muskoka CAXX0651
Muskoka Falls CAXX1865
Muskwa CAXX2592
Musquash CAXX9733
Mutton Bay CAXX1867
Myra CAXX8482
Myra CAXX2595
Myrnam CAXX1868
Myrtle CAXX8483
Myrtle Point CAXX7222
Mystery Lake CAXX5833
Nackawic CAXX9734
Nacmine CAXX5836
Naco CAXX5837
Nagagami CAXX0822
Nahanni Butte CAXX1869
Nahmint CAXX7223
Nahun CAXX7224
Naicam CAXX1870
Nain CAXX1871
Nairn CAXX3736
Nakamun CAXX5838
Nakamun Park CAXX5839
Nakina CAXX1872
Nakusp CAXX0714
Nalos Landing CAXX7225
Namaka CAXX2532
Namao CAXX1873
Nampa CAXX1874
Namu CAXX7226
Nanaimo CAXX0313
Nanisivik CAXX2608
Nanoose Bay CAXX2609
Nanticoke CAXX0314
Nanton CAXX1875
Naongashing CAXX2612
Napanee CAXX1876
Napierville CAXX1877
Napinka CAXX2615
Naples CAXX5840
Naramata CAXX2616
Narcisse CAXX2617
Narcosli Creek CAXX7228
Narol CAXX8484
Nashwaak CAXX9735
Nashwaak Bridge CAXX9736
Nashwaaksis CAXX9738
Nass Camp CAXX7229
Natal CAXX7230
Natashquan CAXX0598
Natuk(abandoned) CAXX2619
Nauwigewauk CAXX9740
Navarre CAXX5841
Navin CAXX8486
Nazko CAXX7231
Neapolis CAXX5842
Nechako Centre CAXX7232
Needles CAXX2620
Needley CAXX7233
Neelin CAXX2621
Neepawa CAXX1878
Neerlandia CAXX5843
Negginan CAXX8487
Neguac CAXX1879
Neidpath CAXX1880
Neilburg CAXX1881
Neils Harbour CAXX2626
Neketawak CAXX8488
Nellie Lake CAXX2627
Nelson CAXX9741
Nelson CAXX0315
Nelson Forks CAXX7234
Nelson House CAXX0316
Nelson Junction CAXX9742
Nelson-Miramichi CAXX9743
Nelway CAXX7236
Nemaiah Valley CAXX7237
Nemegos CAXX2630
Nemiscau CAXX1882
Nemiskam CAXX5844
Neptune CAXX2632
Nerepis CAXX9744
Nesbitt CAXX8489
Ness Country CAXX8490
Nestor Falls CAXX2634
Netherhill CAXX3751
Netley CAXX3752
Netook CAXX5845
Neuanlage CAXX3753
Neubergthal CAXX8492
Neudorf CAXX1883
Neuenburg CAXX8493
Neuhorst CAXX8494
Neutral Hills CAXX5846
Neutral Valley CAXX5847
Neuville CAXX1884
Neveton CAXX8495
Neville CAXX2641
Nevis CAXX5848
Nevis Junction CAXX5849
New Aiyansh CAXX7238
New Avon CAXX9745
New Bandon CAXX9746
New Bothwell CAXX8496
New Brigden CAXX2642
New Brighton CAXX5850
New Brighton CAXX7239
New Carlisle CAXX0742
New Clew CAXX7240
New Dayton CAXX1885
New Denver CAXX1886
New Fish Creek CAXX5851
New Germany CAXX1887
New Glasgow CAXX0655
New Hamburg CAXX1888
New Harbour CAXX1889
New Hazelton CAXX3756
New Horton CAXX9748
New Kiew CAXX5852
New Line Road CAXX9749
New Liskeard CAXX1890
New Lunnon CAXX5853
New Maryland CAXX9750
New Norway CAXX2652
New Perlican CAXX1891
New Richmond CAXX1892
New River CAXX9751
New River Beach CAXX9752
New Rosa CAXX8497
New Ross CAXX1893
New Sarepta CAXX3758
New Scotland CAXX9753
New Waterford CAXX0317
New Westminster CAXX0318
New Zion CAXX9754
Newboro CAXX3759
Newbrook CAXX1894
Newburgh CAXX1895
Newcastle CAXX7242
Newcastle CAXX0319
Newcastle Bridge CAXX9755
Newcastle Centre CAXX9756
Newcastle Mine CAXX5854
Newdale CAXX1897
Newgate CAXX7244
Newlands CAXX3760
Newmarket CAXX0664
Newmarket CAXX9758
Newport CAXX1898
Newton CAXX7245
Newton CAXX5855
Newton CAXX8499
Newtown CAXX9759
Nezah CAXX0320
Niagara CAXX7246
Niagara Falls CAXX0321
Niakwa Park CAXX8500
Nichol CAXX7247
Nichols CAXX7248
Nicholson CAXX7249
Nicholson CAXX3761
Nicola CAXX2672
Nicolet CAXX0322
Nicomen CAXX7250
Nier CAXX5856
Nig CAXX7251
Night CAXX5857
Nightingale CAXX2674
Nilrem CAXX5858
Nimpkish CAXX7252
Nimpkish Heights CAXX7253
Nimpo Lake CAXX7254
Nine Mile River CAXX3764
Ninette CAXX2677
Ninga CAXX8502
Ninstints CAXX7255
Nipawin CAXX1900
Nipigon CAXX0323
Nipissing CAXX2680
Nippers Harbour CAXX1901
Nisbet CAXX5859
Nisku CAXX1902
Niteal CAXX7256
Nitinat CAXX2683
Niton CAXX2684
Niton Junction CAXX2685
Niverville CAXX8503
Nixon CAXX9760
Nixon CAXX3770
Nobel CAXX0324
Noble Lake CAXX8504
Nobleford CAXX1903
Noelville CAXX1904
Noinville CAXX9761
Nojack CAXX2690
Nokomis CAXX1905
Nolan CAXX5860
Nonsuch CAXX8505
Nootka CAXX3772
Nora CAXX2693
Noral CAXX5861
Noralee CAXX3774
Norberry CAXX8506
Norbuck CAXX5862
Norcran CAXX8507
Nordegg CAXX1906
Norfolk CAXX5864
Norgate CAXX7258
Norgate CAXX8508
Norglenwold CAXX5865
Norland CAXX3775
Norma CAXX5866
Norman CAXX8509
Norman Wells CAXX0684
Normand Park CAXX8510
Normandeau CAXX5867
Normandie CAXX9763
Normandin CAXX1907
Normandville CAXX5868
Normetal CAXX1908
Norquay CAXX3776
Norris Arm CAXX1909
Norris Beach CAXX5869
Norris Lake CAXX8511
Norris Point CAXX3777
North Battleford CAXX0325
North Bay CAXX0326
North Bend CAXX7260
North Bonaparte CAXX7261
North Branch CAXX9764
North Bulkley CAXX7262
North Cowichan CAXX7264
North Devon CAXX9765
North Edmonton CAXX5871
North End CAXX8512
North Esk Boom CAXX9766
North Flats CAXX5872
North Forks CAXX9767
North Galiano CAXX7266
North Glenora CAXX5874
North Harbour CAXX3779
North Head CAXX3780
North Junction CAXX8513
North Kamloops CAXX7267
North Kildonan CAXX8514
North Knife Lake CAXX8515
North Lonsdale CAXX7268
North Main CAXX8516
North Minto CAXX9768
North Nechako CAXX7269
North Pine CAXX3781
North Point CAXX0823
North Poplar CAXX7270
North Portal CAXX1910
North Red Deer CAXX5876
North Renous CAXX9769
North River CAXX2711
North River CAXX8518
North Saanich CAXX7271
North Star CAXX3784
North Star CAXX7273
North Sydney CAXX0327
North Tay CAXX9772
North Transcona CAXX8521
North Vancouver CAXX0328
North West River CAXX0329
North Woodlands CAXX7274
North York CAXX0330
Northbank CAXX5877
Northcliffe CAXX5878
Northern Harbour CAXX9773
Northern Valley CAXX5879
Northesk CAXX9774
Northfield CAXX9775
Northfield CAXX7275
Northleigh CAXX5880
Northmark CAXX5881
Northmount CAXX5882
Northridge CAXX7276
Northrups Corner CAXX9776
Northside CAXX2719
Northumberland CAXX9777
Northville CAXX3787
Northwest Point CAXX8522
Norton CAXX7277
Norton CAXX9779
Norway Bay CAXX2721
Norway House CAXX0572
Norwich CAXX1911
Norwood CAXX8523
Norwood CAXX1912
Norwood East CAXX8524
Norwood West CAXX8525
Notch Hill CAXX3789
Notigi CAXX8526
Notikewin CAXX2537
Notre-Dame CAXX9780
Nourse CAXX8528
Nouvelle CAXX1916
Novra CAXX8529
Nowlanville CAXX9781
Noyes Crossing CAXX5884
Nuchatlitz CAXX3790
Nugent CAXX5885
Nukko Lake CAXX7278
Nulki CAXX7279
Nunalla CAXX8530
Nursery CAXX7280
Nutimik Lake CAXX8531
Oak Bay CAXX0332
Oak Bluff CAXX8534
Oak Brae CAXX8535
Oak Haven CAXX9784
Oak Hills CAXX7283
Oak Lake CAXX1918
Oak Lake Beach CAXX8536
Oak Lake Reserve CAXX8537
Oak Point CAXX3791
Oak Point CAXX9786
Oak River CAXX8538
Oakbank CAXX8539
Oakburn CAXX8540
Oakland CAXX8541
Oakmont CAXX5887
Oakner CAXX8542
Oako Beach CAXX8543
Oakridge CAXX5888
Oakridge CAXX7284
Oakview CAXX8544
Oakville CAXX0333
Oakville CAXX8545
Oasis CAXX3792
Oba CAXX1919
Obed CAXX2744
Oberlin CAXX5889
Oberon CAXX8546
Ocean Falls CAXX1920
Ocean Grove CAXX7285
Ocean Park CAXX7286
Ochre Beach CAXX8547
Ochre River CAXX1921
Odessa CAXX2747
Odhill CAXX8548
Odlum Junction CAXX9787
Ogden CAXX7287
Ogden Mill CAXX9788
Ogema CAXX1922
Ogilvie CAXX8549
Ohaton CAXX3795
Oka CAXX1924
Okanagan CAXX7288
Okanagan Centre CAXX7289
Okanagan Falls CAXX7290
Okanagan Landing CAXX0334
Oke CAXX5891
Okno CAXX8550
Okotoks CAXX0335
Olalla CAXX3796
Old Bella Bella CAXX7292
Old Bonaventure CAXX2754
Old Crow CAXX0680
Old England CAXX8552
Old Entrance CAXX5892
Old Fort CAXX5893
Old Fort Nelson CAXX3798
Old Hogem CAXX7293
Old Kildonan CAXX8553
Old Massett CAXX7294
Old Perlican CAXX1925
Old Remo CAXX7295
Old Ridge CAXX9790
Old Strathcona CAXX5894
Old Town CAXX7296
Old Tuxedo CAXX8554
Oldenberg CAXX8555
Olds CAXX1926
Olha CAXX8556
Oliver CAXX0336
Oliver CAXX5895
Olson CAXX7298
Omemee CAXX0337
Omerville CAXX1927
Omineeseenowenik CAXX8557
Onah CAXX8558
Onanole CAXX2763
Onatchiway CAXX2527
Onefour CAXX1928
Ononette CAXX9791
Onoway CAXX1929
Onward CAXX7299
Oona River CAXX3800
Ootischenia CAXX7300
Ootsa Lake CAXX3801
Opal CAXX3802
Opasatika CAXX0339
Opekamank CAXX8559
Ophir CAXX3803
Ophir CAXX8560
Opitsat CAXX2774
Optic Lake CAXX3805
Orange Hill CAXX9792
Orangeville CAXX0662
Orford CAXX0815
Orient Bay CAXX2778
Orillia CAXX0340
Orion CAXX3807
Orleans CAXX1930
Orlomah Beach CAXX7301
Ormiston CAXX2782
Ormsby Place CAXX5897
Ormstown CAXX1931
Orok CAXX8561
Oromocto CAXX0341
Oromocto West CAXX9793
Orrville CAXX1932
Osage CAXX2786
Osborn CAXX7302
Osborn Bay CAXX7303
Osborne CAXX8562
Osborne Lake CAXX8563
Osborne Village CAXX8564
Oshawa CAXX0342
Oskelaneo CAXX2788
Osland CAXX2789
Osoyoos CAXX0826
Osprey Lake CAXX7305
Ostenfeld CAXX3812
Osterwick CAXX8565
Oswald CAXX8566
Othello CAXX7306
Otosquen CAXX3813
Ottawa CAXX0343
Otter CAXX5898
Otter Cove CAXX9795
Otter Falls CAXX8567
Otter Lake CAXX8568
Otterburn Park CAXX1933
Otterburne CAXX8569
Ottertail CAXX7309
Ottewell CAXX5899
Otto CAXX8570
Otty Glen CAXX9796
Otway CAXX2795
Otway CAXX5900
Oungre CAXX3815
Outlook CAXX1934
Outram CAXX2798
Outremont CAXX0344
Overlanders CAXX5901
Overlea CAXX5902
Overstoneville CAXX8572
Overton CAXX8573
Owakonze CAXX2800
Oweekeno CAXX7310
Owen CAXX5903
Owen Bay CAXX2801
Owen Sound CAXX0345
Owendale CAXX5904
Owl River CAXX5905
Owlseye CAXX5906
Oxbow CAXX1935
Oxdrift CAXX1936
Oxford CAXX1937
Oxford CAXX5907
Oxford Heights CAXX7311
Oxford House CAXX1938
Oxville CAXX5908
Oyama CAXX0346
Oyen CAXX3819
Oyster River CAXX7313
Ozada CAXX5909
Ozerna CAXX5910
Ozerna CAXX8574
Pabos CAXX3820
Pachena Beach CAXX2811
Pacific CAXX2812
Pacific Junction CAXX9797
Packs Harbour CAXX1939
Pacquet CAXX1940
Paddle Prairie CAXX5911
Paddockwood CAXX1941
Padstow CAXX5912
Pageant CAXX5913
Painsec CAXX9798
Painsec Junction CAXX9799
Paint Lake CAXX8575
Paisley CAXX1942
Pakan CAXX5914
Pakenham CAXX1943
Pakesley CAXX3823
Pakitahokansik CAXX8576
Pakowki CAXX3824
Paldi CAXX7314
Palling CAXX3825
Palliser CAXX5915
Palliser CAXX7315
Palmarolle CAXX1944
Palmer CAXX7316
Palmerston CAXX1945
Pamdenec CAXX9800
Pangburn CAXX9801
Pangman CAXX3826
Pangnirtung CAXX0698
Panorama CAXX0804
Panorama Hills CAXX5916
Panorama Park CAXX7317
Panorama Ridge CAXX7318
Pansy CAXX8577
Papineauville CAXX0758
Paradise Cove CAXX1946
Paradise Hill CAXX1947
Paradise Point CAXX7319
Paradise River CAXX3827
Paradise Valley CAXX7320
Paradise Valley CAXX1948
Paradise Village CAXX8578
Parent CAXX0779
Parham CAXX1949
Paris CAXX1950
Park Court CAXX5918
Park Farm CAXX5919
Park Royal CAXX7321
Park Siding CAXX2834
Parkallen CAXX5920
Parkbend CAXX5921
Parkdale CAXX8580
Parkdale CAXX5922
Parkdale Gardens CAXX7322
Parkdale Heights CAXX8581
Parkers Cove CAXX3829
Parkerview CAXX3830
Parkhill CAXX5923
Parkhill CAXX1951
Parkindale CAXX9802
Parkinson CAXX2838
Parkland CAXX2839
Parkland CAXX7323
Parkland Beach CAXX5924
Parkmount CAXX8582
Parks Corner CAXX8583
Parkside CAXX3833
Parksville CAXX0347
Parkview CAXX5925
Parlee CAXX8584
Parlee Brook CAXX9803
Parleeville CAXX9804
Parrsboro CAXX1952
Parry CAXX2843
Parry Sound CAXX0348
Parson CAXX0349
Partridge Valley CAXX9805
Pas Trail CAXX2847
Pasadena CAXX3837
Pascal CAXX2849
Pascalis CAXX3839
Pascobac CAXX9806
Pasley Island CAXX7324
Paspebiac CAXX2851
Pasqua CAXX0350
Pass Creek CAXX7325
Pass Creek CAXX5928
Pass Island CAXX2853
Pass Lake CAXX1953
Passekeag CAXX9807
Passmore CAXX2855
Passmore CAXX9808
Paterson CAXX8585
Pathlow CAXX2856
Patience CAXX5929
Patricia CAXX3844
Patterson CAXX5931
Patterson CAXX9809
Pauingassi CAXX8586
Paulson CAXX7326
Pavey CAXX7327
Pavilion CAXX3845
Pawistik CAXX8587
Paxson CAXX5932
Paynton CAXX1954
Payuk Lake CAXX8588
Peace Grove CAXX5933
Peace Point CAXX5934
Peace River CAXX0631
Peachland CAXX0351
Peacock CAXX5935
Pearce CAXX3846
Pearl CAXX2865
Pearsonville CAXX9810
Peavey CAXX5936
Peavine CAXX5937
Peawanuck CAXX2560
Pebble Beach CAXX8589
Pecten CAXX5938
Pedley CAXX5939