Weather Codes for Cambodia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Cambodia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Amleang CBXX3011
Angk Khleang CBXX3474
Angk Snuol CBXX1759
Angk Tasaom CBXX6261
Anlong CBXX0925
Anlong Veng CBXX4142
Antong Sar CBXX2161
Arai CBXX4729
Ba Kev CBXX5244
Ba Nev CBXX5245
Bahal CBXX5097
Bak Anlong CBXX4143
Bak Prea CBXX0002
Bamnak CBXX4730
Ban Pung CBXX6133
Ban San Keo CBXX6134
Bangkan CBXX5098
Banlung CBXX5246
Barayn CBXX3475
Bat Doeng CBXX0003
Bat Rokar CBXX6262
Bat Trang CBXX0599
Batdambang CBXX0076
Boeng Char CBXX0926
Boeng Lvea CBXX3476
Bok Kou CBXX2716
Bong Long CBXX5247
Bos Chek Prey CBXX1150
Bos Mon Leu CBXX5398
Buy Phlok CBXX4034
Chakrei Ting CBXX2717
Chambak CBXX0927
Chambak Dangkom CBXX3012
Chamkar Kaoh CBXX2162
Chamnar CBXX2163
Chantrea CBXX5399
Chbar CBXX4035
Chheb Kandal CBXX5099
Chheuteal CBXX3477
Chhlong CBXX0928
Chhnok Tru CBXX2327
Chikha CBXX2164
Chimeal CBXX2165
Chiphu CBXX0004
Chisang CBXX0077
Choam Kravien CBXX1151
Choam Ksant CBXX5100
Choam Sre CBXX5101
Choeung Ek CBXX4653
Chong Cheach CBXX1152
Chong Kal CBXX4144
Chrouy Changvar CBXX4654
Chumnoab CBXX2166
Dambe CBXX1153
Dambok Khpos CBXX3013
Dang Kda CBXX3478
Dei Roneat CBXX4731
Don Ba CBXX0078
Don Tri CBXX0079
Hat Baoh CBXX5248
Hinlat CBXX5249
Kakhoek CBXX5102
Kamchay Mea CBXX4225
Kamlot CBXX2167
Kamnom CBXX4732
Kamphun CBXX6135
Kampong Cham CBXX1154
Kampong Chhnang CBXX2328
Kampong Hluong CBXX1760
Kampong Kantuot CBXX1761
Kampong Kdei CBXX5646
Kampong Khleang CBXX0005
Kampong Krabei CBXX0929
Kampong Rou CBXX5400
Kampong Saom CBXX0006
Kampong Spoe CBXX3014
Kampong Thum CBXX3480
Kampong Trabek CBXX4226
Kampong Trach CBXX0007
Kampong Tralach CBXX2329
Kampot CBXX2718
Kamreng CBXX4733
Kamrieng Kraom CBXX0080
Kanchan Toek CBXX6136
Kaoh Kapi CBXX2168
Kaoh Mak Hvai CBXX6137
Kaoh Nhek CBXX4036
Kaoh Pao CBXX2169
Kaoh Preah CBXX6138
Kaoh Sla CBXX2719
Kaoh Tbeng CBXX6139
Kbal Damrei CBXX5104
Kbal Krabei CBXX0081
Kdol Kraom CBXX1155
Khamphoet CBXX5105
Khamphouk CBXX6140
Khlek Khlak CBXX0930
Khlong Popok CBXX2330
Khum Angkor Ban CBXX0008
Khum Ansaong CBXX4227
Khum Bak Kheng CBXX1762
Khum Barong CBXX1763
Khum Basak CBXX5401
Khum Batheay CBXX0009
Khum Bek Chan CBXX1764
Khum Chak CBXX5402
Khum Cham CBXX4228
Khum Chaomchau CBXX4655
Khum Chbar Ampou CBXX4656
Khum Chek CBXX5403
Khum Cheung Ruk CBXX3015
Khum Cheungroas CBXX3016
Khum Chheuteal CBXX5404
Khum Chibal CBXX1765
Khum Chres CBXX2331
Khum Chrey CBXX4229
Khum Chrey Loas CBXX1766
Khum Dangkao CBXX4657
Khum Dar CBXX1156
Khum Kakab CBXX4658
Khum Kambol CBXX1768
Khum Kampong Os CBXX1770
Khum Kantouk CBXX1771
Khum Kantu CBXX0082
Khum Kaoh Chen CBXX1772
Khum Kaoh Choram CBXX1773
Khum Kaoh Rokar CBXX4231
Khum Kbal Kaoh CBXX1774
Khum Khmuonh CBXX4659
Khum Khsetr CBXX5406
Khum Kouk Roka CBXX4660
Khum Krang Ampil CBXX3017
Khum Krang Lvea CBXX0010
Khum Kruos CBXX5407
Khum Lngieng CBXX1157
Khum Lumhach CBXX1775
Khum Nhor CBXX5408
Khum Peam Lvek CBXX2332
Khum Phnum Bat CBXX1776
Khum Phsar Dek CBXX1777
Khum Pram Yam CBXX1158
Khum Prasat CBXX4233
Khum Prasotr CBXX5410
Khum Pratheat CBXX4234
Khum Prek Ampil CBXX1779
Khum Prek Dambok CBXX1159
Khum Prek Hluong CBXX1780
Khum Prek Koy CBXX1781
Khum Prek Leab CBXX4662
Khum Prek Pnou CBXX4663
Khum Prek Ta Sar CBXX4235
Khum Prek Tasek CBXX4664
Khum Prek Tatin CBXX1782
Khum Prey Chho CBXX4236
Khum Prey Nheat CBXX3018
Khum Prey Puoch CBXX1783
Khum Prey Sniet CBXX4237
Khum Prey Thum CBXX5412
Khum Puk Roessei CBXX1784
Khum Reab CBXX4238
Khum Roka Ar CBXX1160
Khum Roka Kaong CBXX1786
Khum Rokar CBXX1787
Khum Rokar Kaoh CBXX3019
Khum Roleang Ken CBXX1788
Khum Rung CBXX1161
Khum Sam Yaong CBXX5414
Khum Sambuor CBXX5415
Khum Sangkhor CBXX5416
Khum Sanlung CBXX1789
Khum Sarikakev CBXX1790
Khum Sithor CBXX1791
Khum Snam Krapeu CBXX3022
Khum Snao CBXX1792
Khum Sor Kong CBXX1162
Khum Srang CBXX0011
Khum Sre Ronoung CBXX6263
Khum Svay Ampea CBXX1793
Khum Svay Angk CBXX5417
Khum Svay Chek CBXX5418
Khum Svay Chrum CBXX5419
Khum Svay Romiet CBXX1794
Khum Svay Yea CBXX5421
Khum Ta Ek CBXX1795
Khum Tang Krang CBXX1163
Khum Tbeng Khpos CBXX2333
Khum Thkov CBXX4239
Khum Thlok CBXX5422
Khum Thlok Vien CBXX2334
Khum Thma Edth CBXX2335
Khum Thma Kor CBXX1796
Khum Thmei CBXX5423
Khum Tramung CBXX1165
Khum Veal Sbov CBXX1797
Khum Voall Sa CBXX3024
Khvav CBXX5647
Kirivongs CBXX6264
Knong Ay CBXX3025
Kok Lak Nhai CBXX5250
Kokir CBXX1798
Kompong Tralach CBXX3481
Kong Khlong CBXX5251
Kouk Khpos CBXX4145
Kouk Prech CBXX0600
Kouk Reang CBXX5648
Krakor CBXX4734
Kralanh CBXX5649
Krang Teh CBXX4037
Kranhung CBXX5424
Kratie CBXX0931
Kraya CBXX3482
Kreang Skear CBXX2336
Kroch Chhmar CBXX1167
Krong Kaoh Kong CBXX2170
Krong Keb CBXX2698
Kulen CBXX5106
Lavka CBXX4038
Leach CBXX4735
Lngoem CBXX3026
Lumphat CBXX5252
Matkam CBXX2171
Meak Say CBXX0932
Memong CBXX1168
Memot CBXX1169
Mereuch CBXX4039
Moat Khla CBXX5650
Moat Preah CBXX4736
Mohar CBXX3483
Mondol Kiri CBXX4040
Moung Roessei CBXX0012
O Rang CBXX4041
O Ta Yu CBXX5651
O Tea CBXX4042
Odongk CBXX0013
Pailin CBXX0014
Pang Roloem CBXX2297
Paoy Pet CBXX0601
Peam Bang CBXX3484
Peam Chhkaok CBXX2337
Peam Chileang CBXX1170
Peam Kay CBXX2172
Peam Kreng CBXX2173
Peam Prus CBXX0015
Peng Meas CBXX1171
Phlah Andong CBXX0933
Phleu Leu CBXX5253
Phnhi Meas CBXX2174
Phnom Penh CBXX0001
Phnum Pakalei CBXX0934
Phsar Ream CBXX0017
Phum Dong CBXX2175
Phum Kong Chey CBXX1173
Phum O Poet CBXX2298
Phum Pahi CBXX2299
Phum Prek Chrei CBXX3485
Phum Sala Krau CBXX2300
Phum Ta Vav CBXX2301
Phumi Abeng CBXX5254
Phumi Ach Moan CBXX2720
Phumi Acham Kok CBXX4738
Phumi Achen CBXX0935
Phumi Ahen CBXX6141
Phumi Ak Phok CBXX0084
Phumi Ak Tieng CBXX1175
Phumi Akreach CBXX4241
Phumi Aksam CBXX5425
Phumi Aluos CBXX4242
Phumi Ampe Phnum CBXX3029
Phumi Ampe Tum CBXX6265
Phumi Ampeab CBXX3030
Phumi Ampeng CBXX2699
Phumi Ampil CBXX5652
Phumi Ampil CBXX1800
Phumi Ampil CBXX5426
Phumi Ampil CBXX4243
Phumi Ampil CBXX3489
Phumi Ampil CBXX1176
Phumi Ampil CBXX0018
Phumi Ampil CBXX3031
Phumi Ampil Kdeb CBXX5653
Phumi Ampil Krau CBXX4244
Phumi Ampil Leu CBXX1177
Phumi Ampil Rung CBXX3033
Phumi Ampil Toek CBXX2338
Phumi Ampil Toek CBXX0089
Phumi Ampil Toul CBXX4245
Phumi Ampil Tvea CBXX1179
Phumi Ampok CBXX1180
Phumi Ampor CBXX0090
Phumi Ampou CBXX3937
Phumi Ampou Chas CBXX3034
Phumi Ampou Prey CBXX2339
Phumi Ampou Prey CBXX1803
Phumi Ampou Prey CBXX5427
Phumi Ampus CBXX3490
Phumi Amre CBXX6267
Phumi An Seh CBXX3036
Phumi Anak CBXX6142
Phumi Anchanh CBXX6143
Phumi Andaot CBXX3491
Phumi Andaot CBXX1181
Phumi Andas CBXX0936
Phumi Andas CBXX5108
Phumi Andas CBXX5654
Phumi Andong CBXX3492
Phumi Andong CBXX5428
Phumi Andong CBXX1804
Phumi Andong CBXX3037
Phumi Andong CBXX0091
Phumi Andong Kor CBXX5109
Phumi Andong Tor CBXX0937
Phumi Ang Dong CBXX2724
Phumi Ang Kok CBXX4247
Phumi Angchar CBXX0938
Phumi Angk CBXX3939
Phumi Angk CBXX1188
Phumi Angk Chey CBXX1189
Phumi Angk Chruk CBXX6271
Phumi Angk Kdei CBXX6272
Phumi Angk Kdei CBXX3041
Phumi Angk Khmau CBXX3042
Phumi Angk Kroch CBXX6273
Phumi Angk Nuon CBXX4248
Phumi Angk Rokar CBXX6276
Phumi Angk Sala CBXX5433
Phumi Angk Sleng CBXX1806
Phumi Angk Svay CBXX2727
Phumi Angk Svay CBXX3049
Phumi Angk Svay CBXX5434
Phumi Angk Ta Nu CBXX6279
Phumi Angk Tapok CBXX3050
Phumi Angk Teav CBXX2728
Phumi Angk Tituy CBXX4665
Phumi Angkam CBXX1190
Phumi Angkanh CBXX3495
Phumi Angkanh CBXX4249
Phumi Angkanh CBXX4743
Phumi Angkaol CBXX1191
Phumi Angkea Bos CBXX0094
Phumi Angkeal CBXX5656
Phumi Angkon CBXX5657
Phumi Angkonh CBXX6281
Phumi Angkor CBXX2345
Phumi Angkor Ang CBXX4250
Phumi Angkor Sa CBXX4252
Phumi Angkor Yos CBXX4254
Phumi Angkoul CBXX2700
Phumi Angkrang CBXX0095
Phumi Angkrong CBXX5110
Phumi Angkrong CBXX3052
Phumi Angkrong CBXX2730
Phumi Angkrong CBXX2176
Phumi Angkrong CBXX0096
Phumi Angkrong CBXX5659
Phumi Angkrong CBXX0939
Phumi Angkrong CBXX5436
Phumi Angkunh CBXX3496
Phumi Anhchaeum CBXX1194
Phumi Anhchang CBXX6144
Phumi Anhchang CBXX5111
Phumi Anhchanh CBXX2346
Phumi Anhchanh CBXX0607
Phumi Anhchanh CBXX0940
Phumi Anhchanh CBXX3497
Phumi Anhchanh CBXX6284
Phumi Anhcheng CBXX1807
Phumi Ankea Dei CBXX4255
Phumi Anlok CBXX0608
Phumi Anlong CBXX1196
Phumi Anlong Ak CBXX2348
Phumi Anlong Kob CBXX0097
Phumi Anlong Pir CBXX5660
Phumi Anlong Rey CBXX0104
Phumi Anlong Run CBXX0105
Phumi Anlong Sa CBXX0612
Phumi Anlong San CBXX1810
Phumi Anlong Sar CBXX5663
Phumi Anlong So CBXX4257
Phumi Anlong Vil CBXX0112
Phumi Anlung Ak CBXX1201
Phumi Anlung Khe CBXX0942
Phumi Anol Kok CBXX3054
Phumi Ansa Kam CBXX4751
Phumi Ansam Chek CBXX0617
Phumi Ansaom Ak CBXX6288
Phumi Ansaong CBXX5438
Phumi Ante CBXX3507
Phumi Antek CBXX2352
Phumi Antoat CBXX2178
Phumi Antron CBXX4044
Phumi Antung CBXX5668
Phumi Antung Sa CBXX1204
Phumi Anuk CBXX5669
Phumi Anyol CBXX4045
Phumi Aoral CBXX3055
Phumi Aprak Slab CBXX5670
Phumi Araks CBXX1205
Phumi Arei CBXX0113
Phumi Asei Kaong CBXX4754
Phumi Athen CBXX5256
Phumi Au CBXX0618
Phumi Au Cheang CBXX0114
Phumi Au Loek CBXX5113
Phumi Au Mal CBXX5671
Phumi Au Mal CBXX0115
Phumi Ba Bay CBXX4046
Phumi Ba Kham CBXX5257
Phumi Ba Lay CBXX5258
Phumi Ba Nam CBXX4755
Phumi Ba Tang So CBXX2303
Phumi Ba Ya Kha CBXX2304
Phumi Babaong CBXX4258
Phumi Badaeum CBXX6151
Phumi Badin Niev CBXX2305
Phumi Baeuk Tuk CBXX4260
Phumi Bah Ke CBXX5259
Phumi Bak Dai CBXX6289
Phumi Bak Daok CBXX4261
Phumi Bak Ka CBXX3056
Phumi Bak Kdaong CBXX5114
Phumi Bak Lbet CBXX0116
Phumi Bak Mek CBXX4757
Phumi Bak Noem CBXX4148
Phumi Bak Pring CBXX4758
Phumi Bak Roneas CBXX5673
Phumi Bak Ronoas CBXX5439
Phumi Bak Roteh CBXX0117
Phumi Bak Sna CBXX4759
Phumi Bak Srei CBXX3510
Phumi Bak Tang CBXX4262
Phumi Bak Thlav CBXX4149
Phumi Bak Thmenh CBXX3057
Phumi Bak Tuk CBXX3511
Phumi Bakal CBXX1207
Phumi Bakan CBXX4760
Phumi Bakhong CBXX6290
Phumi Bakong CBXX3512
Phumi Bakur CBXX4667
Phumi Balang CBXX5674
Phumi Balang CBXX3513
Phumi Balangk CBXX0118
Phumi Balat CBXX3515
Phumi Baleng CBXX2306
Phumi Bam CBXX6291
Phumi Bamnak CBXX4761
Phumi Ban Bung CBXX6152
Phumi Ban Chung CBXX5261
Phumi Ban Chut CBXX5262
Phumi Ban Khuon CBXX5263
Phumi Ban Kon CBXX5264
Phumi Ban Lay CBXX5265
Phumi Ban Lean CBXX5676
Phumi Ban Mai CBXX6153
Phumi Ban Mai CBXX5266
Phumi Ban Muong CBXX6154
Phumi Ban Nay CBXX5267
Phumi Ban Nhai CBXX5268
Phumi Ban Phi CBXX5269
Phumi Ban Phinay CBXX5270
Phumi Ban Ponth CBXX5271
Phumi Ban Tang CBXX5272
Phumi Banam CBXX0019
Phumi Banan CBXX0120
Phumi Banchet CBXX5275
Phumi Bang Bat CBXX2734
Phumi Bang Bat CBXX0619
Phumi Bang Bay CBXX0121
Phumi Bang Kaong CBXX5677
Phumi Bang Kbal CBXX5678
Phumi Bang Kroah CBXX0620
Phumi Bang Lot CBXX5276
Phumi Bang Na CBXX3058
Phumi Bang Yay CBXX4047
Phumi Bangkang CBXX0122
Phumi Banhchoan CBXX3517
Phumi Banlach CBXX0622
Phumi Banlich CBXX1815
Phumi Banoy CBXX6292
Phumi Banpang CBXX5277
Phumi Banteay CBXX1816
Phumi Banteay CBXX6293
Phumi Bantoab CBXX3062
Phumi Baoh Khtum CBXX2738
Phumi Baoh Laok CBXX0630
Phumi Baoh Puor CBXX0126
Phumi Baos Kor CBXX4766
Phumi Baos Ngen CBXX0631
Phumi Baos Sbov CBXX0632
Phumi Baphloam CBXX1213
Phumi Baprei CBXX4264
Phumi Bar Cham CBXX6295
Phumi Bar Ku CBXX1818
Phumi Barach CBXX1819
Phumi Barang CBXX0633
Phumi Baray CBXX5441
Phumi Baray CBXX0634
Phumi Baray CBXX1214
Phumi Baray CBXX4265
Phumi Baray CBXX4151
Phumi Barayn CBXX4767
Phumi Bareach CBXX4267
Phumi Barivas CBXX2739
Phumi Barmei CBXX0127
Phumi Basen CBXX2357
Phumi Basrei CBXX1216
Phumi Bat CBXX5683
Phumi Bat Bantob CBXX2740
Phumi Bat Dai CBXX0020
Phumi Bat Haeuy CBXX0945
Phumi Bat Kong CBXX0129
Phumi Bat Lvea CBXX1820
Phumi Bat Mondol CBXX4769
Phumi Bat Pahut CBXX3523
Phumi Bat Sala CBXX0130
Phumi Bat Trang CBXX3524
Phumi Bat Trang CBXX0635
Phumi Batang Sra CBXX5279
Phumi Bati CBXX3064
Phumi Bati CBXX0132
Phumi Bating Kab CBXX5281
Phumi Batok CBXX6156
Phumi Batum CBXX3525
Phumi Baveng CBXX3526
Phumi Bavil CBXX0133
Phumi Bay Damram CBXX0134
Phumi Bay Mat CBXX5684
Phumi Bay Samnom CBXX0946
Phumi Bay Tea CBXX2742
Phumi Bay Teav CBXX3527
Phumi Bayab CBXX5442
Phumi Bayab CBXX4669
Phumi Be CBXX5115
Phumi Bei Smau CBXX3943
Phumi Bek Bak CBXX4670
Phumi Bek Chak CBXX2358
Phumi Bek Chan CBXX0637
Phumi Bek Chiem CBXX3528
Phumi Bek Dab CBXX1219
Phumi Bek Thlang CBXX0135
Phumi Benbao CBXX1821
Phumi Beng CBXX5685
Phumi Beng CBXX4152
Phumi Beng CBXX4268
Phumi Beng CBXX3529
Phumi Beng CBXX3065
Phumi Bes Phe CBXX2359
Phumi Bet Meas CBXX4269
Phumi Bet Meas CBXX5686
Phumi Boeng CBXX5687
Phumi Boeng CBXX4270
Phumi Boeng CBXX6296
Phumi Boeng CBXX5116
Phumi Boeng CBXX0639
Phumi Boeng CBXX4770
Phumi Boeng CBXX3530
Phumi Boeng Bei CBXX4772
Phumi Boeng Chak CBXX4773
Phumi Boeng Chak CBXX0137
Phumi Boeng Cham CBXX6297
Phumi Boeng Chor CBXX4271
Phumi Boeng Daol CBXX4272
Phumi Boeng Kak CBXX2362
Phumi Boeng Kak CBXX4273
Phumi Boeng Kieb CBXX0947
Phumi Boeng Kok CBXX0141
Phumi Boeng Koy CBXX1224
Phumi Boeng Krum CBXX1828
Phumi Boeng Leng CBXX4274
Phumi Boeng Leu CBXX1831
Phumi Boeng Leu CBXX4778
Phumi Boeng Mkak CBXX6299
Phumi Boeng Nam CBXX0641
Phumi Boeng Nay CBXX1225
Phumi Boeng Per CBXX3534
Phumi Boeng Prei CBXX3066
Phumi Boeng Real CBXX3537
Phumi Boeng Rey CBXX0949
Phumi Boeng Sbov CBXX3539
Phumi Boeng Sleb CBXX0150
Phumi Boeng Svay CBXX0151
Phumi Boeng Thum CBXX1834
Phumi Boeng Thum CBXX5688
Phumi Boeng Thum CBXX2745
Phumi Boeng Thum CBXX4279
Phumi Boeng Toem CBXX0153
Phumi Boeng Tras CBXX0643
Phumi Boeng Trea CBXX3067
Phumi Boeng Tuk CBXX2746
Phumi Boeng Veng CBXX1226
Phumi Boeng Veng CBXX0644
Phumi Boeng Veng CBXX4280
Phumi Boeng Veng CBXX2366
Phumi Boeng Veng CBXX5690
Phumi Boh CBXX5691
Phumi Boh Chrey CBXX4781
Phumi Boh Kroch CBXX2747
Phumi Bok Kang CBXX3068
Phumi Bok Kroch CBXX0155
Phumi Bos CBXX0022
Phumi Bos CBXX3540
Phumi Bos CBXX1227
Phumi Bos CBXX5117
Phumi Bos CBXX4153
Phumi Bos CBXX5446
Phumi Bos Chek CBXX6159
Phumi Bos Khnor CBXX1229
Phumi Bos Leav CBXX0950
Phumi Bos Lngo CBXX3541
Phumi Bos Meas CBXX2367
Phumi Bos Pey CBXX5118
Phumi Bos Pok CBXX1230
Phumi Bos Pok CBXX3542
Phumi Bos Pouthi CBXX1231
Phumi Bos Poy CBXX5282
Phumi Bos Rokar CBXX0156
Phumi Bos Sbov CBXX4154
Phumi Bos Sbov CBXX3543
Phumi Bos Sbov CBXX0645
Phumi Bos Srang CBXX3069
Phumi Bos Svay CBXX5447
Phumi Bos Ta Em CBXX1232
Phumi Bos Taret CBXX5693
Phumi Bos Te CBXX1233
Phumi Bos Thum CBXX5119
Phumi Bos Toch CBXX5448
Phumi Bos Veng CBXX3544
Phumi Bot Kong CBXX4281
Phumi Buon Mukh CBXX1837
Phumi Buor CBXX0646
Phumi Buor Chrey CBXX0157
Phumi Buor Spean CBXX0158
Phumi Cha CBXX0159
Phumi Cha CBXX4282
Phumi Cha Chrum CBXX4283
Phumi Cha Dek CBXX0160
Phumi Cha Ek CBXX0161
Phumi Cha Thnaol CBXX0952
Phumi Chab CBXX4782
Phumi Chab Pring CBXX5449
Phumi Chahuoy CBXX0162
Phumi Chak CBXX1234
Phumi Chak CBXX4284
Phumi Chak CBXX2368
Phumi Chak CBXX3546
Phumi Chak CBXX0647
Phumi Chak CBXX5694
Phumi Chak Seng CBXX0953
Phumi Chak Thum CBXX0163
Phumi Chak Toch CBXX0164
Phumi Chakam CBXX5284
Phumi Chakrang CBXX2369
Phumi Cham CBXX5285
Phumi Cham CBXX5450
Phumi Cham Srei CBXX2181
Phumi Cham Thmei CBXX4783
Phumi Cham Toal CBXX5286
Phumi Cham Yeam CBXX2182
Phumi Chambak CBXX3547
Phumi Chambak CBXX2370
Phumi Chambak CBXX2183
Phumi Chambak CBXX4286
Phumi Chambak CBXX3070
Phumi Chambak CBXX6302
Phumi Chamkar CBXX0648
Phumi Chamkar CBXX0165
Phumi Chamkar O CBXX4786
Phumi Chamlang CBXX2375
Phumi Chamnaom CBXX0651
Phumi Chamnaom CBXX6303
Phumi Chamnar CBXX3548
Phumi Champa CBXX2184
Phumi Champei CBXX6305
Phumi Champei CBXX5696
Phumi Champei CBXX3078
Phumi Chamrai CBXX2185
Phumi Chamraoh CBXX4787
Phumi Chamreh CBXX6306
Phumi Chamres CBXX5455
Phumi Chan CBXX5287
Phumi Chan Kam CBXX0652
Phumi Chan Lhang CBXX3549
Phumi Chan Mul CBXX1243
Phumi Chan Traok CBXX2376
Phumi Chang Vay CBXX0170
Phumi Changha CBXX6162
Phumi Changha CBXX0653
Phumi Changhan CBXX5288
Phumi Changho CBXX0171
Phumi Changkaeub CBXX6307
Phumi Changkieng CBXX2752
Phumi Changkrang CBXX0954
Phumi Changkrang CBXX5121
Phumi Changruk CBXX4672
Phumi Chanlang CBXX2377
Phumi Chanloh CBXX3551
Phumi Chanob CBXX5289
Phumi Chanra CBXX4293
Phumi Chant CBXX3552
Phumi Chantor CBXX2378
Phumi Chantoul CBXX4294
Phumi Chantrei CBXX5456
Phumi Chantthu CBXX2379
Phumi Chantuh CBXX3554
Phumi Chantuh CBXX6163
Phumi Chantung CBXX1247
Phumi Char CBXX5122
Phumi Char CBXX4789
Phumi Char CBXX0654
Phumi Char CBXX2380
Phumi Char CBXX6309
Phumi Char CBXX3555
Phumi Char CBXX5699
Phumi Char CBXX0023
Phumi Char Chrum CBXX3556
Phumi Char Kan CBXX4790
Phumi Char Toul CBXX4295
Phumi Charam CBXX2186
Phumi Chas CBXX5700
Phumi Chas CBXX0655
Phumi Chas CBXX3080
Phumi Chas Pak CBXX0955
Phumi Chas Yang CBXX4048
Phumi Chato Lout CBXX3557
Phumi Chay CBXX5290
Phumi Chbar Mon CBXX6310
Phumi Chbar Sla CBXX3558
Phumi Cheach CBXX1248
Phumi Chealea CBXX1249
Phumi Cheam CBXX5701
Phumi Cheang Ham CBXX5291
Phumi Chearou CBXX2382
Phumi Cheav Pdei CBXX6312
Phumi Cheay Sbai CBXX3559
Phumi Chek CBXX5702
Phumi Chek CBXX1845
Phumi Chek CBXX6313
Phumi Chek Boh CBXX5703
Phumi Chek Bos CBXX5704
Phumi Chek Chrey CBXX0657
Phumi Chen CBXX2754
Phumi Chen CBXX1846
Phumi Chen CBXX6314
Phumi Chen Sa CBXX5458
Phumi Cheng Kda CBXX0177
Phumi Cheung CBXX0658
Phumi Cheung Ek CBXX4673
Phumi Cheung Kot CBXX6316
Phumi Cheung Kou CBXX3953
Phumi Cheur CBXX4792
Phumi Chey CBXX3560
Phumi Chey Otdam CBXX1847
Phumi Chey Thum CBXX1848
Phumi Chey Toch CBXX1849
Phumi Chheb Chas CBXX5124
Phumi Chheu Am CBXX4298
Phumi Chheu Buon CBXX1851
Phumi Chheu Kach CBXX4299
Phumi Chheu Rong CBXX2388
Phumi Chheu Slab CBXX4156
Phumi Chheuteal CBXX4300
Phumi Chheuteal CBXX1256
Phumi Chheuteal CBXX2755
Phumi Chheuteal CBXX4793
Phumi Chheuteal CBXX5706
Phumi Chheuteal CBXX3561
Phumi Chheuteal CBXX6319
Phumi Chhke Kon CBXX4301
Phumi Chhke Kon CBXX0182
Phumi Chhke Ngor CBXX0183
Phumi Chhke Slab CBXX6322
Phumi Chhke Vien CBXX3084
Phumi Chhlak CBXX0184
Phumi Chhma CBXX5707
Phumi Chhma Lout CBXX4302
Phumi Chhnaot CBXX4303
Phumi Chhneng CBXX0960
Phumi Chhnuon CBXX5126
Phumi Chhnuor CBXX0659
Phumi Chhpung CBXX3562
Phumi Chhuk CBXX4157
Phumi Chhuk CBXX1260
Phumi Chhuk CBXX0660
Phumi Chhuk CBXX2756
Phumi Chhuk CBXX0186
Phumi Chhuk CBXX4795
Phumi Chhuk CBXX2389
Phumi Chhuk CBXX4304
Phumi Chhuk CBXX5708
Phumi Chhuk CBXX3563
Phumi Chhuk CBXX5127
Phumi Chhuk Sar CBXX6323
Phumi Chhuk Sar CBXX0026
Phumi Chi Ab CBXX3567
Phumi Chi Aok CBXX5128
Phumi Chi Aok CBXX3568
Phumi Chi Khneal CBXX6324
Phumi Chi Mreak CBXX6325
Phumi Chi Nok CBXX0187
Phumi Chi Tob CBXX6326
Phumi Chibao CBXX1262
Phumi Chieb Chas CBXX2390
Phumi Chihe CBXX1263
Phumi Chiheng CBXX4796
Phumi Chikhmar CBXX6327
Phumi Chikok CBXX4797
Phumi Chikreng CBXX5710
Phumi Chimeak CBXX3569
Phumi Chimoan CBXX1264
Phumi Chineang CBXX0188
Phumi Chipeang CBXX1265
Phumi Chipeay CBXX4305
Phumi Chiphoch CBXX4306
Phumi Chirou CBXX1266
Phumi Chisvan CBXX3570
Phumi Chitang CBXX3571
Phumi Chitrun CBXX1269
Phumi Chivoat CBXX0961
Phumi Choam CBXX3085
Phumi Choam CBXX1270
Phumi Choam CBXX2391
Phumi Choam CBXX3572
Phumi Choam Leu CBXX3086
Phumi Choam Mlu CBXX1273
Phumi Choam Sla CBXX2189
Phumi Choam Til CBXX5130
Phumi Choam Trav CBXX1274
Phumi Choam Tuk CBXX1276
Phumi Choan Leng CBXX3575
Phumi Chob CBXX5711
Phumi Chol Sas CBXX3576
Phumi Chon CBXX5292
Phumi Chong CBXX5293
Phumi Chong Chab CBXX0661
Phumi Chong Kaoh CBXX0962
Phumi Chong Kaoh CBXX1278
Phumi Chong Kaoh CBXX1853
Phumi Chong Kouk CBXX0662
Phumi Chong O CBXX1280
Phumi Chong Prek CBXX5460
Phumi Chong Prek CBXX1854
Phumi Chong Tuol CBXX4309
Phumi Chongda CBXX3577
Phumi Chongros CBXX4310
Phumi Chonlong CBXX1283
Phumi Chor CBXX2392
Phumi Choutreach CBXX1856
Phumi Chra CBXX2310
Phumi Chrab CBXX1284
Phumi Chrab CBXX0664
Phumi Chrab CBXX4798
Phumi Chrab CBXX2757
Phumi Chrach CBXX5131
Phumi Chrak Kov CBXX2395
Phumi Chrak Leu CBXX1285
Phumi Chrak Sdau CBXX2759
Phumi Chrak Siem CBXX2760
Phumi Chralong CBXX2398
Phumi Chralong CBXX5715
Phumi Chramas CBXX3578
Phumi Chranak CBXX3579
Phumi Chraneang CBXX5716
Phumi Chraneang CBXX1286
Phumi Chranieng CBXX3581
Phumi Chranik CBXX0190
Phumi Chranik CBXX0665
Phumi Chras CBXX1287
Phumi Chrava CBXX0965
Phumi Chre CBXX6330
Phumi Chreah CBXX5718
Phumi Chreav CBXX2191
Phumi Chreav CBXX5719
Phumi Chreng CBXX4800
Phumi Chres CBXX4675
Phumi Chres CBXX4801
Phumi Chres CBXX3087
Phumi Chres CBXX2761
Phumi Chres CBXX5463
Phumi Chres CBXX4312
Phumi Chres CBXX6331
Phumi Chrey CBXX2762
Phumi Chrey CBXX4313
Phumi Chrey CBXX3088
Phumi Chrey CBXX0192
Phumi Chrey CBXX6332
Phumi Chrey CBXX1857
Phumi Chrey CBXX5720
Phumi Chrey Bak CBXX2399
Phumi Chrey Kouk CBXX2400
Phumi Chrey Thum CBXX4317
Phumi Chrey Thum CBXX1858
Phumi Chrey Vien CBXX2401
Phumi Chring CBXX4158
Phumi Chrolong CBXX4318
Phumi Chrou CBXX4802
Phumi Chroung CBXX2192
Phumi Chrouy CBXX2193
Phumi Chrouy Kor CBXX1291
Phumi Chroy CBXX6335
Phumi Chrung CBXX0669
Phumi Chruol CBXX4319
Phumi Chruoy CBXX4804
Phumi Chub CBXX1292
Phumi Chub Kraom CBXX5724
Phumi Chub Krau CBXX1293
Phumi Chub Leu CBXX5725
Phumi Chub Saom CBXX5726
Phumi Chub Tnaot CBXX5727
Phumi Chum CBXX2403
Phumi Chum Phdau CBXX2765
Phumi Chum Srok CBXX3089
Phumi Chum Talan CBXX2197
Phumi Chumnich CBXX4805
Phumi Chumnik CBXX1294
Phumi Chumnob CBXX4806
Phumi Chuonh CBXX5133
Phumi Chuor Kom CBXX4809
Phumi Chvang CBXX4049
Phumi Da CBXX2404
Phumi Da CBXX1295
Phumi Da Krong CBXX2405
Phumi Daeum CBXX3583
Phumi Daeum Beng CBXX6337
Phumi Daeum Chan CBXX6338
Phumi Daeum Dong CBXX2767
Phumi Daeum Roes CBXX1866
Phumi Daeum Svay CBXX2768
Phumi Dai Buon CBXX1297
Phumi Dai Lvey CBXX3584
Phumi Dai Sna CBXX0971
Phumi Dak Dam CBXX4050
Phumi Dak Peang CBXX3091
Phumi Dak Peay CBXX0196
Phumi Dak Phkear CBXX5729
Phumi Dak Por CBXX3092
Phumi Dak Por CBXX6341
Phumi Dak Por CBXX1298
Phumi Dak Por CBXX5464
Phumi Dak Por CBXX2406
Phumi Dak Pouthi CBXX5730
Phumi Dak Sasar CBXX0197
Phumi Dam Sleng CBXX2769
Phumi Dam Thnam CBXX2770
Phumi Damansai CBXX4051
Phumi Dambok Sa CBXX3096
Phumi Damdek CBXX3098
Phumi Damdek CBXX5732
Phumi Damnak CBXX6342
Phumi Damphiet CBXX5134
Phumi Damreb CBXX2409
Phumi Damrei Kon CBXX5736
Phumi Damrei Kon CBXX2410
Phumi Damrei Sar CBXX4815
Phumi Dang Chev CBXX2781
Phumi Dang Kda CBXX5465
Phumi Dang Koum CBXX1874
Phumi Dang Lang CBXX4816
Phumi Dang Peng CBXX2198
Phumi Dang Run CBXX0672
Phumi Dang Trang CBXX0673
Phumi Dang Tung CBXX1875
Phumi Danghet CBXX3958
Phumi Danghet CBXX3587
Phumi Dangkao CBXX5738
Phumi Dangkao CBXX0203
Phumi Dangrong CBXX4821
Phumi Dangtong CBXX2783
Phumi Danlong CBXX3101
Phumi Daom CBXX3588
Phumi Dar CBXX5135
Phumi Dar CBXX0974
Phumi Dei Doh CBXX1876
Phumi Dei Edth CBXX1877
Phumi Dei Hoy CBXX4052
Phumi Dei Kraham CBXX6346
Phumi Dei Kraham CBXX3104
Phumi Dei Kraham CBXX5739
Phumi Dei Lo CBXX1878
Phumi Dei Sar CBXX0205
Phumi Dei Thmei CBXX0976
Phumi Dei Thoy CBXX4324
Phumi Dek CBXX4325
Phumi Dek Dol CBXX2411
Phumi Dek Kok CBXX4822
Phumi Depo CBXX5136
Phumi Doe CBXX0674
Phumi Dok Yong CBXX5294
Phumi Dol CBXX1879
Phumi Dom Khvet CBXX3105
Phumi Domrel CBXX1308
Phumi Don Am CBXX5468
Phumi Don Au CBXX0206
Phumi Don Diev CBXX5740
Phumi Don Dom CBXX1309
Phumi Don E CBXX4823
Phumi Don Em CBXX5741
Phumi Don Kay CBXX5742
Phumi Don Kev CBXX3106
Phumi Don Kev CBXX5743
Phumi Don Leb CBXX5469
Phumi Don Lei CBXX0675
Phumi Don Loy CBXX3959
Phumi Don Mea CBXX4326
Phumi Don Mea CBXX0977
Phumi Don Meas CBXX0978
Phumi Don Miev CBXX5744
Phumi Don Mul CBXX0676
Phumi Don Nea CBXX3107
Phumi Don Ngin CBXX0207
Phumi Don Noy CBXX5470
Phumi Don Noy CBXX0677
Phumi Don Ok CBXX0678
Phumi Don Ok CBXX1311
Phumi Don On CBXX5745
Phumi Don Pen CBXX1312
Phumi Don Penh CBXX5746
Phumi Don Pheu CBXX6347
Phumi Don Pouthi CBXX3108
Phumi Don Prea CBXX0208
Phumi Don Put CBXX1313
Phumi Don Reach CBXX5747
Phumi Don Roean CBXX4327
Phumi Don Sar CBXX1880
Phumi Don Sok CBXX5748
Phumi Don Sokh CBXX3109
Phumi Don Sva CBXX5749
Phumi Don Tao CBXX1314
Phumi Don Taok CBXX2785
Phumi Don Teav CBXX0209
Phumi Don Tei CBXX2412
Phumi Don Thi CBXX1315
Phumi Don Tok CBXX5750
Phumi Don Tong CBXX5471
Phumi Don Tret CBXX0210
Phumi Don Tri CBXX3110
Phumi Don Tro CBXX5751
Phumi Don Tuot CBXX0029
Phumi Don Veat CBXX2413
Phumi Don Vongs CBXX1881
Phumi Don Yay CBXX2786
Phumi Don Yu CBXX4328
Phumi Dondei CBXX1316
Phumi Dong CBXX3590
Phumi Dong CBXX0211
Phumi Dong CBXX3111
Phumi Dong CBXX0979
Phumi Dong CBXX3960
Phumi Dong CBXX4824
Phumi Dong CBXX5472
Phumi Dong CBXX4329
Phumi Dong CBXX6348
Phumi Dong CBXX1317
Phumi Dong CBXX5137
Phumi Dong Bak CBXX5295
Phumi Dong Chuor CBXX4825
Phumi Dong Huoch CBXX4053
Phumi Dong Ken CBXX4159
Phumi Dong Khiem CBXX0212
Phumi Dong Khmei CBXX2787
Phumi Dong Khpos CBXX6349
Phumi Dong Leak CBXX4827
Phumi Dong Pol CBXX4828
Phumi Dong Preah CBXX1318
Phumi Dong Preng CBXX0680
Phumi Dong Sva CBXX5752
Phumi Dong Ta Ek CBXX3591
Phumi Dontea CBXX4160
Phumi Dontei CBXX5753
Phumi Dontei CBXX1319
Phumi Duong CBXX1882
Phumi E Lech CBXX2414
Phumi Ek Chey CBXX6350
Phumi Ent Nimitt CBXX1320
Phumi Ha CBXX4677
Phumi Ha CBXX4330
Phumi Hab CBXX0213
Phumi Hab CBXX4331
Phumi Habo CBXX4332
Phumi Hai San CBXX0214
Phumi Hal Srov CBXX2415
Phumi Ham CBXX5296
Phumi Han Chey CBXX1321
Phumi Hang Savat CBXX6168
Phumi Hansriev CBXX2416
Phumi Hanuman CBXX6351
Phumi Haong CBXX3112
Phumi Hau Tul CBXX0681
Phumi Hay CBXX5297
Phumi Hin Song CBXX6169
Phumi Hong Suy CBXX2788
Phumi Hong Tnaot CBXX2417
Phumi Huoy Khen CBXX6170
Phumi Hveiya Leu CBXX5298
Phumi Ka Aol CBXX5299
Phumi Ka On CBXX5300
Phumi Ka On Khla CBXX5301
Phumi Ka Rohal CBXX0215
Phumi Ka Rolum CBXX5755
Phumi Ka Sung CBXX0682
Phumi Kab Chaor CBXX0683
Phumi Kab Chen CBXX0216
Phumi Kab Chhke CBXX1884
Phumi Kab Nuy CBXX5302
Phumi Kab Phluk CBXX1885
Phumi Kabau CBXX0684
Phumi Kachok CBXX6171
Phumi Kachut CBXX5303
Phumi Kaeut Kdei CBXX3592
Phumi Kaheng CBXX3114
Phumi Kahul CBXX2789
Phumi Kai CBXX0217
Phumi Kak CBXX5474
Phumi Kak CBXX0685
Phumi Kak Krapeu CBXX3115
Phumi Kakot CBXX0981
Phumi Kakou CBXX5756
Phumi Kal Mekh CBXX3593
Phumi Kala CBXX5304
Phumi Kalai Kala CBXX5305
Phumi Kalai Thum CBXX5308
Phumi Kalan Thum CBXX5309
Phumi Kaleng CBXX6172
Phumi Kalenta CBXX0218
Phumi Kalong Nar CBXX1322
Phumi Kam Prak CBXX0219
Phumi Kambao CBXX5757
Phumi Kambao Ar CBXX0030
Phumi Kambaor CBXX0686
Phumi Kamchang CBXX0220
Phumi Kamchat CBXX0221
Phumi Kamlang CBXX1323
Phumi Kamlek CBXX0982
Phumi Kamnab CBXX2790
Phumi Kamnab CBXX0687
Phumi Kamnab CBXX3116
Phumi Kamnab CBXX6352
Phumi Kampa Du CBXX5311
Phumi Kampaeuy CBXX3595
Phumi Kampah CBXX1324
Phumi Kampal CBXX1325
Phumi Kampang CBXX0222
Phumi Kampang CBXX4833
Phumi Kampeng CBXX6353
Phumi Kampeng CBXX4834
Phumi Kampeut CBXX3596
Phumi Kampey CBXX1326
Phumi Kamphem CBXX5758
Phumi Kamphlak CBXX1327
Phumi Kamphleanh CBXX3597
Phumi Kamphlouk CBXX0983
Phumi Kamphnieng CBXX5759
Phumi Kamping CBXX5312
Phumi Kamping CBXX0688
Phumi Kampir CBXX0984
Phumi Kampo CBXX0689
Phumi Kampoan CBXX1328
Phumi Kampong CBXX4835
Phumi Kampong La CBXX4840
Phumi Kampong O CBXX2424
Phumi Kampong Oh CBXX2425
Phumi Kampos CBXX5762
Phumi Kampoung CBXX3119
Phumi Kampout CBXX1341
Phumi Kampov CBXX0244
Phumi Kampraeus CBXX1342
Phumi Kamprak CBXX5146
Phumi Kamprang CBXX0245
Phumi Kampreal CBXX3619
Phumi Kamprem CBXX6362
Phumi Kampring CBXX0694
Phumi Kamprong CBXX2432
Phumi Kamprou CBXX4344
Phumi Kamrab CBXX2433
Phumi Kamrang CBXX4848
Phumi Kamraonh CBXX4849
Phumi Kamreng CBXX0246
Phumi Kamreng CBXX3620
Phumi Kamreng CBXX1343
Phumi Kamrieng CBXX4679
Phumi Kamrieng CBXX4850
Phumi Kamroeng CBXX5763
Phumi Kamtrach CBXX3621
Phumi Kan Deira CBXX3120
Phumi Kan Thkob CBXX0248
Phumi Kanchab CBXX4345
Phumi Kanchak CBXX6363
Phumi Kandach CBXX4346
Phumi Kandal CBXX4161
Phumi Kandal CBXX0992
Phumi Kandal CBXX0249
Phumi Kandal CBXX0696
Phumi Kandal CBXX1344
Phumi Kandal CBXX3121
Phumi Kandal CBXX2434
Phumi Kandal CBXX5481
Phumi Kandal CBXX3622
Phumi Kandal CBXX5765
Phumi Kandal Leu CBXX1900
Phumi Kandanh CBXX2803
Phumi Kandaok CBXX1901
Phumi Kandaol CBXX0697
Phumi Kandaol CBXX2202
Phumi Kandaol CBXX1346
Phumi Kandaol CBXX6364
Phumi Kandaos CBXX1902
Phumi Kandieng CBXX4851
Phumi Kandieng CBXX3123
Phumi Kang Chakr CBXX1348
Phumi Kang Cham CBXX6175
Phumi Kang Dek CBXX6177
Phumi Kang Keng CBXX3963
Phumi Kang Meas CBXX6366
Phumi Kang Meas CBXX2435
Phumi Kang Meas CBXX3623
Phumi Kang Memay CBXX6178
Phumi Kang Nak CBXX5313
Phumi Kang Neang CBXX4347
Phumi Kang Pol CBXX3624
Phumi Kanghub CBXX6179
Phumi Kangtak CBXX5314
Phumi Kanhcham CBXX0250
Phumi Kanhche CBXX1349
Phumi Kanhcheas CBXX0251
Phumi Kanhcheh CBXX4054
Phumi Kanhchhet CBXX5483
Phumi Kanhchom CBXX4348
Phumi Kanhchor CBXX0993
Phumi Kanhchor CBXX4852
Phumi Kanhchoung CBXX2436
Phumi Kaninhor CBXX5315
Phumi Kanleng CBXX1903
Phumi Kanseng CBXX5767
Phumi Kanthaor CBXX2804
Phumi Kanthean CBXX3626
Phumi Kanthum CBXX3627
Phumi Kantil CBXX4351
Phumi Kantrab CBXX5768
Phumi Kantrai CBXX0253
Phumi Kantrak CBXX5769
Phumi Kantras CBXX4853
Phumi Kantrean CBXX4352
Phumi Kantreang CBXX5770
Phumi Kantrong CBXX6368
Phumi Kantuot CBXX0698
Phumi Kantuot CBXX0254
Phumi Kantuot CBXX6369
Phumi Kantuot CBXX0994
Phumi Kantuot CBXX5771
Phumi Kantuot CBXX1350
Phumi Kanuv CBXX5316
Phumi Kaoh CBXX4854
Phumi Kaoh CBXX3127
Phumi Kaoh Andet CBXX2203
Phumi Kaoh Bor CBXX2438
Phumi Kaoh Cha CBXX0256
Phumi Kaoh Chas CBXX2204
Phumi Kaoh Chbar CBXX0995
Phumi Kaoh Chek CBXX4353
Phumi Kaoh Chen CBXX1352
Phumi Kaoh Chruk CBXX1353
Phumi Kaoh Dam CBXX3964
Phumi Kaoh Kai CBXX4855
Phumi Kaoh Kban CBXX5485
Phumi Kaoh Kert CBXX5148
Phumi Kaoh Kev CBXX2441
Phumi Kaoh Khel CBXX1907
Phumi Kaoh Khlot CBXX2807
Phumi Kaoh Ki CBXX6180
Phumi Kaoh Kob CBXX0258
Phumi Kaoh Kok CBXX4354
Phumi Kaoh Kol CBXX1355
Phumi Kaoh Kong CBXX2205
Phumi Kaoh Kosal CBXX6370
Phumi Kaoh Kou CBXX5486
Phumi Kaoh Lay CBXX2206
Phumi Kaoh Lum CBXX4856
Phumi Kaoh Luong CBXX1356
Phumi Kaoh Moan CBXX6371
Phumi Kaoh Nhang CBXX6181
Phumi Kaoh Norea CBXX4680
Phumi Kaoh Pen CBXX1357
Phumi Kaoh Phdau CBXX0998
Phumi Kaoh Piek CBXX5317
Phumi Kaoh Pnou CBXX6182
Phumi Kaoh Preal CBXX6184
Phumi Kaoh Rokar CBXX1359
Phumi Kaoh Sala CBXX4858
Phumi Kaoh Sam CBXX0999
Phumi Kaoh Sla CBXX2811
Phumi Kaoh Svan CBXX1000
Phumi Kaoh Tasai CBXX2815
Phumi Kaoh Thkov CBXX2444
Phumi Kaoh Thmei CBXX1910
Phumi Kaoh Thum CBXX2816
Phumi Kaoh Thum CBXX2445
Phumi Kaoh Tiev CBXX1912
Phumi Kaoh Tnaot CBXX2817
Phumi Kaoh Toch CBXX2818
Phumi Kaoh Toch CBXX1362
Phumi Kaoh Toch CBXX1913
Phumi Kaoh Trek CBXX0700
Phumi Kaoh Treng CBXX1363
Phumi Kaoh Trung CBXX1001
Phumi Kaoh Veng CBXX0259
Phumi Kaok Hob CBXX0701
Phumi Kaol CBXX0260
Phumi Kaong Kang CBXX0702
Phumi Kaong Kang CBXX1364
Phumi Kaong Sre CBXX4356
Phumi Kaphen CBXX3128
Phumi Kapor CBXX1002
Phumi Kar Chek CBXX1914
Phumi Kar Tis CBXX4357
Phumi Karang CBXX3629
Phumi Kat Dai CBXX1003
Phumi Kat Koy CBXX2447
Phumi Kat Phluk CBXX3129
Phumi Kat Prek CBXX2448
Phumi Kate Vat CBXX5318
Phumi Katieng CBXX5319
Phumi Katin CBXX4859
Phumi Katot CBXX6185
Phumi Kav Khle CBXX4055
Phumi Kay Bang CBXX6372
Phumi Kay Roung CBXX3130
Phumi Kbal CBXX0703
Phumi Kbal Cham CBXX5772
Phumi Kbal Chen CBXX3131
Phumi Kbal Chrum CBXX1004
Phumi Kbal Chuor CBXX1005
Phumi Kbal Duoch CBXX5774
Phumi Kbal Kaoh CBXX6186
Phumi Kbal Kaoh CBXX1916
Phumi Kbal Kaoh CBXX2450
Phumi Kbal Kaoh CBXX1366
Phumi Kbal Khla CBXX5149
Phumi Kbal Khla CBXX3631
Phumi Kbal Khla CBXX1008
Phumi Kbal Khla CBXX0262
Phumi Kbal Kou CBXX4861
Phumi Kbal Mus CBXX0264
Phumi Kbal O CBXX1368
Phumi Kbal Per CBXX1369
Phumi Kbal Phumi CBXX1370
Phumi Kbal Prek CBXX3971
Phumi Kbal Sar CBXX4162
Phumi Kbal Snuol CBXX1009
Phumi Kbal Spean CBXX0706
Phumi Kbal Taol CBXX0266
Phumi Kbal Thnal CBXX0267
Phumi Kbal Thnal CBXX3133
Phumi Kbal Thnal CBXX2452
Phumi Kbal Toek CBXX1372
Phumi Kbal Toek CBXX3134
Phumi Kbal Trach CBXX1010
Phumi Kbal Trach CBXX4863
Phumi Kbaoy CBXX0268
Phumi Kbel CBXX3632
Phumi Kbon CBXX5776
Phumi Kdak CBXX5150
Phumi Kdam Ha CBXX3633
Phumi Kdam Pir CBXX5487
Phumi Kdanh CBXX6375
Phumi Kdaoy CBXX4056
Phumi Kdat CBXX4864
Phumi Kdei Boeng CBXX1373
Phumi Kdei Dong CBXX3634
Phumi Kdei Khvav CBXX4865
Phumi Kdei Knong CBXX3635
Phumi Kdei Run CBXX5777
Phumi Kdei Sen CBXX3636
Phumi Kdei Takoy CBXX1919
Phumi Kdol CBXX6376
Phumi Kdol CBXX2453
Phumi Kdol CBXX5778
Phumi Kdol CBXX4163
Phumi Kdol CBXX0032
Phumi Kdol CBXX3136
Phumi Kdol Kraom CBXX0270
Phumi Kdol Kraom CBXX1374
Phumi Kdol Leu CBXX1375
Phumi Kdol Leu CBXX0271
Phumi Kdol Thmei CBXX2454
Phumi Kdoy CBXX1376
Phumi Kduoch CBXX3637
Phumi Ke CBXX5151
Phumi Kel CBXX5779
Phumi Keng CBXX1011
Phumi Keng Nhai CBXX6187
Phumi Ket Chang CBXX1920
Phumi Ket Moeang CBXX6188
Phumi Kev Romuol CBXX1377
Phumi Kha Bas CBXX4866
Phumi Khai Dan CBXX0708
Phumi Khaos CBXX3638
Phumi Khchang CBXX2822
Phumi Khchar CBXX5783
Phumi Khchas CBXX0709
Phumi Khchau CBXX1378
Phumi Khcheay CBXX2313
Phumi Khcheay CBXX1379
Phumi Khcheay CBXX5785
Phumi Khdol CBXX4057
Phumi Kheh Kraom CBXX6190
Phumi Kheh Leu CBXX6191
Phumi Khel Chey CBXX1381
Phumi Kherieng CBXX2210
Phumi Khilek CBXX5324
Phumi Khla CBXX5325
Phumi Khla Kaor CBXX1382
Phumi Khla Khmum CBXX5786
Phumi Khla Ngoab CBXX5489
Phumi Khlampe CBXX1013
Phumi Khlang CBXX4359
Phumi Khlang CBXX2211
Phumi Khlang Hay CBXX5787
Phumi Khlang Mil CBXX4058
Phumi Khlaong CBXX1384
Phumi Khlat CBXX5788
Phumi Khleang CBXX3137
Phumi Khleang CBXX0272
Phumi Khleang CBXX2823
Phumi Khleang CBXX1921
Phumi Khleay CBXX5789
Phumi Khlei CBXX4360
Phumi Khleng CBXX3639
Phumi Khleng Por CBXX6381
Phumi Khleng Por CBXX1385
Phumi Khleng Por CBXX2455
Phumi Khley CBXX3640
Phumi Khley CBXX2456
Phumi Khley CBXX1386
Phumi Khliech CBXX1387
Phumi Khloeng CBXX0710
Phumi Khlong CBXX5790
Phumi Khlong CBXX2314
Phumi Khlong CBXX1924
Phumi Khmen CBXX5326
Phumi Khmer Leu CBXX4681
Phumi Khna CBXX6382
Phumi Khna CBXX4361
Phumi Khna CBXX5152
Phumi Khna CBXX1925
Phumi Khna CBXX5791
Phumi Khna CBXX1389
Phumi Khna CBXX2457
Phumi Khna CBXX3138
Phumi Khna Roung CBXX6383
Phumi Khna Tiet CBXX0711
Phumi Khna Trav CBXX5794
Phumi Khnach CBXX6384
Phumi Khnach Run CBXX2826
Phumi Khnang CBXX0712
Phumi Khnang Kou CBXX6386
Phumi Khnao CBXX4362
Phumi Khnao CBXX3140
Phumi Khnaor CBXX3141
Phumi Khnar CBXX5153
Phumi Khnar CBXX3642
Phumi Khnar CBXX5795
Phumi Khnar CBXX4164
Phumi Khnat CBXX5154
Phumi Khnat CBXX5796
Phumi Khnay CBXX2827
Phumi Khnay CBXX4363
Phumi Khnay Tong CBXX3643
Phumi Khneang CBXX2460
Phumi Khnhaom CBXX3644
Phumi Khnher CBXX0713
Phumi Khnhung CBXX1393
Phumi Khnol CBXX6387
Phumi Khnong CBXX1394
Phumi Khnor CBXX5155
Phumi Khnor Kar CBXX1926
Phumi Khpob CBXX1395
Phumi Khpob CBXX4364
Phumi Khpob CBXX1927
Phumi Khpob Run CBXX2828
Phumi Khpob Svay CBXX6388
Phumi Khpob Veng CBXX2829
Phumi Khpob Veng CBXX1928
Phumi Khsa CBXX1014
Phumi Khsach CBXX5797
Phumi Khsach CBXX1929
Phumi Khsach Lob CBXX6389
Phumi Khsach Non CBXX6192
Phumi Khsach Pun CBXX3143
Phumi Khsach Sa CBXX0033
Phumi Khsach Sar CBXX2213
Phumi Khsak CBXX1398
Phumi Khsam CBXX2461
Phumi Khsan CBXX6194
Phumi Khsang CBXX4869
Phumi Khsang CBXX5156
Phumi Khsat CBXX1018
Phumi Khse Dek CBXX5490
Phumi Khse Luos CBXX0279
Phumi Khsim CBXX1019
Phumi Khsom CBXX1930
Phumi Khteah CBXX3144
Phumi Khti CBXX5327
Phumi Khtom Mon CBXX3647
Phumi Khtom Sre CBXX2462
Phumi Khtom Sre CBXX0280
Phumi Khtum CBXX4165
Phumi Khtum CBXX1399
Phumi Khtum Reay CBXX0715
Phumi Khtum Thum CBXX0717
Phumi Khun Prum CBXX5798
Phumi Khun Ream CBXX5799
Phumi Khun Roung CBXX6390
Phumi Khuoch CBXX5491
Phumi Khva CBXX4682
Phumi Khvan CBXX3648
Phumi Khvang CBXX5157
Phumi Khvang CBXX4870
Phumi Khvav CBXX2830
Phumi Khvav CBXX2704
Phumi Khvav CBXX5800
Phumi Khvav CBXX0718
Phumi Khvav CBXX5158
Phumi Khvav CBXX0281
Phumi Khvav CBXX6391
Phumi Khvek CBXX0282
Phumi Khvek CBXX5801
Phumi Khvet CBXX1401
Phumi Khvet CBXX2463
Phumi Khvet CBXX4683
Phumi Khvet Thum CBXX1402
Phumi Khvien CBXX1021
Phumi Khyang CBXX2464
Phumi Khyaok CBXX4366
Phumi Khyaong CBXX1403
Phumi Kien Chrey CBXX1404
Phumi Kien Kes CBXX0034
Phumi Kien Kraol CBXX0719
Phumi Kien Sang CBXX5159
Phumi Kien Sbov CBXX0720
Phumi Kien Srei CBXX5804
Phumi Kien Tama CBXX2466
Phumi Kien Teak CBXX3650
Phumi Kiliek CBXX0721
Phumi Kilo CBXX0284
Phumi Kimseng CBXX2214
Phumi Kirivongsa CBXX6198
Phumi Kleng Pos CBXX4871
Phumi Kngan Pong CBXX5805
Phumi Kngaok CBXX1407
Phumi Kngaok CBXX5160
Phumi Knong CBXX5328
Phumi Knong CBXX2468
Phumi Knong CBXX5806
Phumi Knong CBXX3146
Phumi Knong Prek CBXX4367
Phumi Knong Veal CBXX0285
Phumi Ko Char CBXX5807
Phumi Ko Kaong CBXX0286
Phumi Koas Kanab CBXX0287
Phumi Koas Krala CBXX0288
Phumi Kob CBXX0722
Phumi Kob Toch CBXX0723
Phumi Koch Tituy CBXX3651
Phumi Koh Bareng CBXX3652
Phumi Kok CBXX5808
Phumi Kok CBXX4369
Phumi Kok CBXX6392
Phumi Kok CBXX2831
Phumi Kok CBXX1408
Phumi Kok Khchei CBXX4872
Phumi Kok Ngun CBXX3653
Phumi Kok Poun CBXX5161
Phumi Kok Slong CBXX5809
Phumi Kok Toch CBXX4370
Phumi Kok Trang CBXX2469
Phumi Kok Tum CBXX0724
Phumi Koki CBXX3654
Phumi Koki CBXX3972
Phumi Kokir CBXX5492
Phumi Kokir Thum CBXX1410
Phumi Kokir Thum CBXX1931
Phumi Kokor CBXX1411
Phumi Kokouk CBXX3655
Phumi Kokruos CBXX3147
Phumi Kokrus CBXX3656
Phumi Kol CBXX1932
Phumi Kol Pouthi CBXX5330
Phumi Kombao CBXX5811
Phumi Komear CBXX1412
Phumi Komphea CBXX4371
Phumi Kompream CBXX5812
Phumi Kompring CBXX3657
Phumi Kon Che CBXX3973
Phumi Kon Kokir CBXX5494
Phumi Kon Krapeu CBXX1413
Phumi Kon Kreng CBXX5813
Phumi Kon Kriel CBXX4166
Phumi Kon Romeas CBXX6393
Phumi Kon Satv CBXX2832
Phumi Kon Tnaot CBXX5814
Phumi Kon Tnaot CBXX1414
Phumi Kon Trei CBXX0725
Phumi Kon Trom CBXX3148
Phumi Kong Hak CBXX0291
Phumi Kong Kdiem CBXX4874
Phumi Kong Leu CBXX2833
Phumi Kong Nang CBXX5331
Phumi Kong Noy CBXX1933
Phumi Kong Pou CBXX5333
Phumi Kong Tum CBXX0292
Phumi Kong Yaong CBXX5162
Phumi Kong Yeam CBXX3659
Phumi Kongpong CBXX5163
Phumi Konthlev CBXX0293
Phumi Kor CBXX3149
Phumi Kor CBXX2470
Phumi Kor CBXX0294
Phumi Kor CBXX1416
Phumi Kor CBXX6394
Phumi Kou Loab CBXX1022
Phumi Kou Lun CBXX4372
Phumi Kou Thmei CBXX4060
Phumi Kouch Leng CBXX2834
Phumi Kouk CBXX4167
Phumi Kouk Cha CBXX4168
Phumi Kouk Cha CBXX0726
Phumi Kouk Chan CBXX5818
Phumi Kouk Chas CBXX0727
Phumi Kouk Chas CBXX5819
Phumi Kouk Chen CBXX5820
Phumi Kouk Chhuk CBXX2472
Phumi Kouk Chor CBXX0295
Phumi Kouk Chrab CBXX0728
Phumi Kouk Dei CBXX5821
Phumi Kouk Dong CBXX0296
Phumi Kouk Dong CBXX5822
Phumi Kouk Khlor CBXX0298
Phumi Kouk Khmum CBXX0299
Phumi Kouk Khpos CBXX0300
Phumi Kouk Khpos CBXX0731
Phumi Kouk Khtum CBXX0732
Phumi Kouk Khvav CBXX0733
Phumi Kouk Kieng CBXX0734
Phumi Kouk Knong CBXX5825
Phumi Kouk Kok CBXX5826
Phumi Kouk Kong CBXX4373
Phumi Kouk Kor CBXX5827
Phumi Kouk Kral CBXX5828
Phumi Kouk Kroch CBXX5829
Phumi Kouk Lhong CBXX5830
Phumi Kouk Lolok CBXX4170
Phumi Kouk Lon CBXX0737
Phumi Kouk Louk CBXX0738
Phumi Kouk Mlu CBXX4877
Phumi Kouk Mon CBXX4171
Phumi Kouk Mon CBXX5831
Phumi Kouk Nang CBXX2473
Phumi Kouk Ngun CBXX3660
Phumi Kouk Phnou CBXX5832
Phumi Kouk Phnou CBXX4172
Phumi Kouk Pnou CBXX3150
Phumi Kouk Pol CBXX5833
Phumi Kouk Popel CBXX1936
Phumi Kouk Poun CBXX0301
Phumi Kouk Prich CBXX0743
Phumi Kouk Pring CBXX1937
Phumi Kouk Reang CBXX4175
Phumi Kouk Rohal CBXX5835
Phumi Kouk Roka CBXX6397
Phumi Kouk Rokar CBXX4374
Phumi Kouk Sdau CBXX2475
Phumi Kouk Snay CBXX3662
Phumi Kouk Snay CBXX5838
Phumi Kouk Srok CBXX3663
Phumi Kouk Ta Di CBXX5840
Phumi Kouk Tbeng CBXX4177
Phumi Kouk Tek CBXX5496
Phumi Kouk Tel CBXX5844
Phumi Kouk Thai CBXX0746
Phumi Kouk Thmei CBXX0747
Phumi Kouk Thmei CBXX5845
Phumi Kouk Tiem CBXX0749
Phumi Kouk Trab CBXX3152
Phumi Kouk Trab CBXX5497
Phumi Kouk Trach CBXX5846
Phumi Kouk Tram CBXX0302
Phumi Kouk Trang CBXX5847
Phumi Kouk Trang CBXX4879
Phumi Kouk Trea CBXX3664
Phumi Kouk Trom CBXX5848
Phumi Kouk Yeang CBXX5849
Phumi Koul CBXX3665
Phumi Koul CBXX1938
Phumi Koul CBXX0303
Phumi Koul CBXX5850
Phumi Koul CBXX4178
Phumi Koul CBXX6199
Phumi Koul CBXX2835
Phumi Koul Thmei CBXX5851
Phumi Koy CBXX0304
Phumi Krabas CBXX5498
Phumi Krabas CBXX1421
Phumi Krabau CBXX5166
Phumi Krabau CBXX0305
Phumi Krabau CBXX5852
Phumi Krabau CBXX3666
Phumi Krabau CBXX4377
Phumi Krabau CBXX2476
Phumi Krachab CBXX0306
Phumi Krachab CBXX4880
Phumi Krachab CBXX3667
Phumi Krachel CBXX6399
Phumi Krachor CBXX5853
Phumi Kraham Kar CBXX5499
Phumi Kraham Kar CBXX1023
Phumi Krahean CBXX6400
Phumi Krakaoh CBXX0036
Phumi Krakaoh CBXX0752
Phumi Krakor CBXX1024
Phumi Krakor CBXX1423
Phumi Krala CBXX1424
Phumi Krala Peah CBXX6201
Phumi Krala Peah CBXX0307
Phumi Kralanh CBXX3154
Phumi Kralanh CBXX4882
Phumi Kralanh CBXX1425
Phumi Kralaong CBXX1426
Phumi Kralaot CBXX5167
Phumi Kraleng CBXX1427
Phumi Kramol CBXX0753
Phumi Krang CBXX2836
Phumi Krang CBXX1939
Phumi Krang CBXX3668
Phumi Krang CBXX5854
Phumi Krang CBXX4379
Phumi Krang CBXX6401
Phumi Krang A Ot CBXX6402
Phumi Krang Arei CBXX3155
Phumi Krang At CBXX2215
Phumi Krang Cham CBXX6202
Phumi Krang Chan CBXX2477
Phumi Krang Chek CBXX2216
Phumi Krang Chek CBXX2837
Phumi Krang Chek CBXX3156
Phumi Krang Dong CBXX2838
Phumi Krang Dong CBXX3158
Phumi Krang Khum CBXX1941
Phumi Krang Koki CBXX3162
Phumi Krang Kor CBXX1942
Phumi Krang Kor CBXX3163
Phumi Krang Leav CBXX1944
Phumi Krang Leav CBXX3166
Phumi Krang Leav CBXX2840
Phumi Krang Leav CBXX5500
Phumi Krang Nou CBXX1945
Phumi Krang Phka CBXX3168
Phumi Krang Sbov CBXX3173
Phumi Krang Sbov CBXX2842
Phumi Krang Sdau CBXX6408
Phumi Krang Sla CBXX4380
Phumi Krang Spoe CBXX2481
Phumi Krang Spoe CBXX3174
Phumi Krang Svat CBXX0309
Phumi Krang Svay CBXX3175
Phumi Krang Svay CBXX4688
Phumi Krang Svay CBXX2843
Phumi Krang Teav CBXX3182
Phumi Krang Thum CBXX3183
Phumi Krang Thum CBXX6412
Phumi Krang Trea CBXX1946
Phumi Krang Tuot CBXX2844
Phumi Krang Veng CBXX4381
Phumi Krangaok CBXX1428
Phumi Kranh Veng CBXX3185
Phumi Kranhung CBXX6414
Phumi Kranhung CBXX3669
Phumi Kranhung CBXX5501
Phumi Kraom CBXX5334
Phumi Kraom CBXX1948
Phumi Kraom CBXX5855
Phumi Kraom Puk CBXX2217
Phumi Kraoy Vott CBXX1430
Phumi Krapeng CBXX4886
Phumi Krapeu CBXX5856
Phumi Krapeu CBXX3670
Phumi Krapeu Ha CBXX0310
Phumi Krapeu Kom CBXX0312
Phumi Krapeu Pol CBXX2483
Phumi Krasang CBXX3671
Phumi Krasang CBXX4179
Phumi Krasang CBXX2845
Phumi Krasang CBXX1431
Phumi Krasang CBXX2705
Phumi Krasang CBXX6416
Phumi Krasang CBXX1950
Phumi Krasas CBXX4888
Phumi Krasas CBXX2485
Phumi Krava CBXX3672
Phumi Kravan CBXX5860
Phumi Kraveak CBXX3188
Phumi Kravel CBXX5861
Phumi Kravien CBXX3189
Phumi Krayea CBXX3673
Phumi Kreang CBXX4383
Phumi Krek CBXX1432
Phumi Kreng CBXX3674
Phumi Kreul CBXX4384
Phumi Kreul CBXX3190
Phumi Kreul CBXX3675
Phumi Krieng CBXX1025
Phumi Kroch CBXX1434
Phumi Kroch CBXX3676
Phumi Kroch CBXX0755
Phumi Kroch CBXX4891
Phumi Kroch CBXX5505
Phumi Kroch CBXX4385
Phumi Kroch CBXX5862
Phumi Kroch CBXX1026
Phumi Kroch CBXX6419
Phumi Kroch Kor CBXX0756
Phumi Kroluk CBXX6203
Phumi Kruos CBXX1951
Phumi Kruos CBXX6420
Phumi Kruos CBXX3192
Phumi Kruos CBXX5863
Phumi Kruos CBXX3677
Phumi Kruos CBXX2489
Phumi Kruos CBXX4180
Phumi Kruos Chit CBXX0315
Phumi Krut Chheh CBXX4892
Phumi Ksem Ksant CBXX3678
Phumi Ku CBXX4181
Phumi Ku Run CBXX0316
Phumi Kuk CBXX2490
Phumi Kul CBXX5864
Phumi Kul Kub CBXX2491
Phumi Kum Ta Sok CBXX0317
Phumi Kumnum CBXX4386
Phumi Kumsei CBXX6421
Phumi Kuok Av CBXX4893
Phumi Kus CBXX6422
Phumi Kuvul CBXX4894
Phumi Kvan Tieng CBXX3679
Phumi La CBXX3193
Phumi La CBXX2492
Phumi La Edth CBXX3194
Phumi La OEn CBXX5335
Phumi Lak Noem CBXX4388
Phumi Lamdam CBXX2218
Phumi Laminh CBXX5337
Phumi Lamlong CBXX4389
Phumi Lao Tie CBXX0757
Phumi Lar CBXX3195
Phumi Lar Edth CBXX5168
Phumi Lbaeuk CBXX5865
Phumi Lbaeuk CBXX5506
Phumi Lea Ta Ong CBXX1436
Phumi Leab CBXX5507
Phumi Leab CBXX4895
Phumi Leach Leu CBXX1438
Phumi Leach Pi CBXX4896
Phumi Leak Chas CBXX6423
Phumi Lean Lve CBXX1439
Phumi Leav CBXX5868
Phumi Leav CBXX2493
Phumi Leav CBXX0320
Phumi Leng CBXX2494
Phumi Leng CBXX3681
Phumi Leu CBXX4061
Phumi Leu Nay CBXX5338
Phumi Leu Nhai CBXX5339
Phumi Leuslup CBXX6205
Phumi Li Nhun CBXX1952
Phumi Lieb CBXX4182
Phumi Lieb CBXX0758
Phumi Lieb CBXX3197
Phumi Lmes CBXX4062
Phumi Lmut CBXX1031
Phumi Lok CBXX2847
Phumi Loley CBXX5869
Phumi Lolok Sar CBXX4897
Phumi Lolum CBXX5870
Phumi Lot CBXX3682
Phumi Louk CBXX3683
Phumi Lour CBXX1440
Phumi Lpeak CBXX1441
Phumi Lpeak CBXX3684
Phumi Lum Bang CBXX5340
Phumi Lumchang CBXX6424
Phumi Lumhach CBXX1953
Phumi Lumpeang CBXX3198
Phumi Lumpek CBXX4063
Phumi Lumpuk CBXX5871
Phumi Lumtong CBXX4183
Phumi Lumtumpung CBXX2848
Phumi Lung Khung CBXX5341
Phumi Lung Thmei CBXX6206
Phumi Luong CBXX5508
Phumi Luong CBXX0759
Phumi Lve CBXX1442
Phumi Lve CBXX6425
Phumi Lvea CBXX2495
Phumi Lvea CBXX3685
Phumi Lvea CBXX6426
Phumi Lvea CBXX1443
Phumi Lvea CBXX5509
Phumi Lvea CBXX3199
Phumi Lvea Kraom CBXX0321
Phumi Lvea Kraom CBXX1954
Phumi Lvea Kraon CBXX0038
Phumi Lvea Leu CBXX0322
Phumi Lvea Leu CBXX1955
Phumi Lvea Te CBXX1445
Phumi Lvea Thum CBXX1446
Phumi Lvea Thum CBXX1032
Phumi Lvea Toung CBXX1958
Phumi Lveay CBXX3686
Phumi Ma U CBXX3975
Phumi Mak Khloea CBXX0323
Phumi Mak Prang CBXX2849
Phumi Mak Preng CBXX3976
Phumi Malik CBXX5342
Phumi Mau CBXX0760
Phumi Mdum CBXX1959
Phumi Me Chrey CBXX5874
Phumi Me Loung CBXX4391
Phumi Meak Khneu CBXX1447
Phumi Meakh CBXX1448
Phumi Meanchey CBXX0324
Phumi Meanchey CBXX3200
Phumi Meanok CBXX2496
Phumi Mebony CBXX4392
Phumi Melong CBXX6427
Phumi Meloung CBXX5510
Phumi Melum CBXX2497
Phumi Memay CBXX1449
Phumi Mepring CBXX1450
Phumi Mesam CBXX4064
Phumi Mesang CBXX4393
Phumi Mesar CBXX1451
Phumi Meunchey CBXX5511
Phumi Meunreach CBXX5169
Phumi Mi Kan CBXX4394
Phumi Mi Thmei CBXX6207
Phumi Michba CBXX0325
Phumi Mien CBXX1452
Phumi Mil Leu CBXX1033
Phumi Mittarach CBXX1453
Phumi Mkak CBXX1960
Phumi Mkak CBXX3201
Phumi Mkak CBXX1454
Phumi Mkak CBXX2219
Phumi Mkak CBXX5875
Phumi Mkak CBXX0761
Phumi Mkak CBXX6428
Phumi Mlich CBXX4898
Phumi Mlu Moen CBXX1961
Phumi Mlu Prey CBXX5170
Phumi Mlur CBXX2850
Phumi Mlur CBXX3687
Phumi Mniev CBXX3688
Phumi Moan Dab CBXX1455
Phumi Moat Boeng CBXX1962
Phumi Moat Peam CBXX5876
Phumi Moat Prey CBXX4899
Phumi Mochheay CBXX3689
Phumi Moen Puok CBXX4395
Phumi Moen Si CBXX2498
Phumi Mohar Sang CBXX3203
Phumi Mol CBXX4900
Phumi Momul CBXX4396
Phumi Mon CBXX6208
Phumi Mong Riev CBXX1457
Phumi Mong Toch CBXX5343
Phumi Mongri CBXX4901
Phumi Monoas Kal CBXX2315
Phumi Moreang CBXX4397
Phumi Moung CBXX0039
Phumi Moung CBXX4902
Phumi Moung CBXX1458
Phumi Mreah CBXX2851
Phumi Mreah Prou CBXX0326
Phumi Mreak CBXX3690
Phumi Mreak CBXX0327
Phumi Mreak Tep CBXX5512
Phumi Mreal CBXX5171
Phumi Mream Teak CBXX1459
Phumi Mrech CBXX5172
Phumi Mrech CBXX2220
Phumi Mrenh CBXX1460
Phumi Mreum CBXX1034
Phumi Msa Krang CBXX3691
Phumi Mu CBXX3978
Phumi Muk Phoh CBXX3204
Phumi Mukh Pen CBXX5877
Phumi Na Long CBXX6209
Phumi Nakachhay CBXX0762
Phumi Nam CBXX4065
Phumi Nam Tau CBXX0763
Phumi Namavang CBXX5344
Phumi Narung CBXX5173
Phumi Nava CBXX6210
Phumi Nea Pisei CBXX2221
Phumi Neak Kruor CBXX0328
Phumi Neal CBXX4184
Phumi Neang Kok CBXX2222
Phumi Neang Sav CBXX3692
Phumi Neang Teut CBXX1461
Phumi Neang Tu CBXX2852
Phumi Neareaten CBXX5513
Phumi Neari CBXX4398
Phumi Nem Yang CBXX6430
Phumi Nesat CBXX3979
Phumi Ngiev CBXX1462
Phumi Ngik Ngouk CBXX4399
Phumi Ngomeng CBXX4903
Phumi Ngon CBXX3693
Phumi Ngong CBXX1463
Phumi Ngoy CBXX2500
Phumi Nhong CBXX5174
Phumi Nhoun CBXX6211
Phumi Niel CBXX6431
Phumi Nimitt CBXX0764
Phumi Nipech CBXX3694
Phumi Nomou CBXX6432
Phumi Nu Em CBXX3695
Phumi O CBXX5880
Phumi O CBXX4904
Phumi O CBXX2853
Phumi O CBXX0765
Phumi O Akkhara CBXX1464
Phumi O Am CBXX4066
Phumi O Andeng CBXX3698
Phumi O Angkor CBXX3699
Phumi O Angkrang CBXX4905
Phumi O Anhchong CBXX4906
Phumi O Chak CBXX1465
Phumi O Chik CBXX0329
Phumi O Chipou CBXX0330
Phumi O Chrou CBXX0766
Phumi O Chrou CBXX3981
Phumi O Da CBXX0331
Phumi O Damray CBXX1466
Phumi O Doy CBXX6212
Phumi O Kak CBXX1036
Phumi O Kandal CBXX2502
Phumi O Kandaol CBXX2854
Phumi O Kanthor CBXX3700
Phumi O Kasa CBXX2706
Phumi O Kau CBXX6213
Phumi O Kdol CBXX0333
Phumi O Khsach CBXX1467
Phumi O Kok CBXX4907
Phumi O Krabau CBXX0334
Phumi O Kralanh CBXX5881
Phumi O Kraol CBXX2855
Phumi O Kraom CBXX5882
Phumi O Kraom CBXX3205
Phumi O Krasa CBXX3206
Phumi O Krasang CBXX0335
Phumi O Kroch CBXX3702
Phumi O Kruos CBXX3703
Phumi O Laeum CBXX5345
Phumi O Let CBXX5346
Phumi O Leu CBXX5883
Phumi O Mat CBXX0336
Phumi O Moha CBXX4067
Phumi O Nhor CBXX0767
Phumi O Nimitt CBXX3207
Phumi O Pak CBXX1037
Phumi O Phlong CBXX5884
Phumi O Phot CBXX6433
Phumi O Pongro CBXX3208
Phumi O Popel CBXX2856
Phumi O Popul CBXX1469
Phumi O Pou CBXX5175
Phumi O Pram CBXX1470
Phumi O Prasat CBXX0768
Phumi O Prasat CBXX0338
Phumi O Preal CBXX6434
Phumi O Preal CBXX4909
Phumi O Prek Hev CBXX0340
Phumi O Rang CBXX4068
Phumi O Ream CBXX0341
Phumi O Reang CBXX3704
Phumi O Reang Au CBXX1471
Phumi O Rey CBXX6214
Phumi O Rona CBXX4069
Phumi O Rumchek CBXX3705
Phumi O Rumchek CBXX3209
Phumi O Run CBXX2503
Phumi O Rung CBXX6435
Phumi O Sala CBXX3706
Phumi O Samre CBXX3211
Phumi O Sandan CBXX2504
Phumi O Sangke CBXX4401
Phumi O Sangke CBXX0342
Phumi O Sangke CBXX3707
Phumi O Sleng CBXX2857
Phumi O Snao CBXX3212
Phumi O Snguot CBXX0040
Phumi O Spean CBXX4910
Phumi O Sralau CBXX0343
Phumi O Srov CBXX4911
Phumi O Svay CBXX2505
Phumi O Ta Hor CBXX0344
Phumi O Ta Ki CBXX0345
Phumi O Ta Ma CBXX0769
Phumi O Ta Paong CBXX4912
Phumi O Ta Pek CBXX0346
Phumi O Ta Prok CBXX4913
Phumi O Ta Sek CBXX1473
Phumi O Ta Sek CBXX3708
Phumi O Ta Thok CBXX1474
Phumi O Tanoeng CBXX1038
Phumi O Tbong CBXX3213
Phumi O Tey CBXX5885
Phumi O Thnong CBXX1475
Phumi O Thpong CBXX3214
Phumi O Thum CBXX3709
Phumi O Thum CBXX0770
Phumi O Tnaot CBXX0771
Phumi O Totoeng CBXX2506
Phumi O Totoeng CBXX0347
Phumi O Trav CBXX3983
Phumi O Tuk CBXX5886
Phumi O Veng CBXX0772
Phumi O Veng CBXX0348
Phumi Ok Taok CBXX5347
Phumi Oknha Phek CBXX5887
Phumi Olaok CBXX1476
Phumi On CBXX5348
Phumi Ong Char CBXX2707
Phumi Os Tuk CBXX0349
Phumi Pa Lang CBXX2507
Phumi Pa Phel CBXX0350
Phumi Pachruk CBXX1040
Phumi Paeus CBXX1477
Phumi Pak Kab CBXX5350
Phumi Pak Nam CBXX1478
Phumi Pakab CBXX5351
Phumi Pakalan CBXX5352
Phumi Pama CBXX5888
Phumi Pana CBXX1479
Phumi Pang CBXX4070
Phumi Panh Nhong CBXX5514
Phumi Paoy Chas CBXX0773
Phumi Paoy Snay CBXX0774
Phumi Paoy Snuol CBXX0775
Phumi Paoy Svay CBXX0776
Phumi Paoy Svay CBXX0354
Phumi Paoy Trach CBXX0778
Phumi Paoy Yong CBXX0355
Phumi Paprak CBXX2508
Phumi Paprak CBXX1480
Phumi Paprak CBXX1041
Phumi Papreng CBXX1481
Phumi Pasoeng CBXX0356
Phumi Patat CBXX5890
Phumi Paylay CBXX4914
Phumi Peak Sneng CBXX5891
Phumi Peam CBXX2509
Phumi Peam CBXX0779
Phumi Peam Chrey CBXX2511
Phumi Peam Ek CBXX0357
Phumi Peam Hov CBXX3215
Phumi Peam Khley CBXX3216
Phumi Peam Knong CBXX1484
Phumi Peam Lvea CBXX3217
Phumi Peam Ro CBXX4403
Phumi Peam Sdei CBXX1969
Phumi Peam Sema CBXX0358
Phumi Peam Te CBXX1042
Phumi Peam Treng CBXX3710
Phumi Peam Treng CBXX2225
Phumi Peam Yeav CBXX1043
Phumi Pean Meas CBXX6436
Phumi Peang Lvea CBXX3219
Phumi Peanroung CBXX4404
Phumi Peareach CBXX2514
Phumi Peaream CBXX6437
Phumi Peareang CBXX4405
Phumi Peareang CBXX2515
Phumi Pech Ban CBXX4916
Phumi Pech Chou CBXX5893
Phumi Pech Sdong CBXX4917
Phumi Pen CBXX4918
Phumi Pen CBXX0360
Phumi Pen CBXX4406
Phumi Pes CBXX5894
Phumi Peuk CBXX1487
Phumi Peuk CBXX5176
Phumi Pey CBXX6439
Phumi Pey CBXX3713
Phumi Phabang CBXX6216
Phumi Phav CBXX5353
Phumi Phchol CBXX6217
Phumi Phdau CBXX3714
Phumi Phdau Chum CBXX1489
Phumi Phdiek CBXX3715
Phumi Phe CBXX1490
Phumi Phek CBXX3222
Phumi Phiri CBXX1970
Phumi Phiyu CBXX0780
Phumi Phka Dong CBXX1491
Phumi Phko Loan CBXX0361
Phumi Phkoam CBXX0781
Phumi Phlach CBXX5177
Phumi Phlang CBXX1971
Phumi Phlang CBXX4408
Phumi Phlas Kang CBXX0782
Phumi Phloch CBXX3716
Phumi Phlong CBXX4187
Phumi Phlong CBXX3717
Phumi Phlothum CBXX5355
Phumi Phlou Mean CBXX4919
Phumi Phlov CBXX2518
Phumi Phlov Kou CBXX3224
Phumi Phlov Meas CBXX0362
Phumi Phlov Trei CBXX1972
Phumi Phlov Tuk CBXX2519
Phumi Phluk CBXX6218
Phumi Phnen CBXX3225
Phumi Phngoas CBXX6440
Phumi Phnhi Meas CBXX2226
Phumi Phniet CBXX2520
Phumi Phniet CBXX1973
Phumi Phniet CBXX4409
Phumi Phnol CBXX4921
Phumi Phnou CBXX5899
Phumi Phnou CBXX1492
Phumi Phnou CBXX4922
Phumi Phnum CBXX6441
Phumi Phnum Asea CBXX2708
Phumi Phnum Dei CBXX1975
Phumi Phnum Dei CBXX2521
Phumi Phnum Dei CBXX5901
Phumi Phnum Dek CBXX5179
Phumi Phnum Kung CBXX4410
Phumi Phnum Leav CBXX2709
Phumi Phnum Lieb CBXX0784
Phumi Phnum Lieb CBXX0043
Phumi Phnum Reab CBXX2861
Phumi Phnum Srov CBXX5516
Phumi Phnum Thum CBXX1493
Phumi Phnum Thum CBXX2862
Phumi Phnum Thum CBXX0785
Phumi Phnum Toch CBXX5903
Phumi Phnum Toch CBXX2525
Phumi Phsa Leu CBXX4923
Phumi Phsa Takeu CBXX6446
Phumi Phsaot CBXX3719
Phumi Phsar CBXX2526
Phumi Phset CBXX4924
Phumi Phteah Kor CBXX4928
Phumi Phtoul CBXX2528
Phumi Phtoul CBXX3720
Phumi Pil Pong CBXX1976
Phumi Ping Pong CBXX0366
Phumi Ping Pong CBXX4411
Phumi Pir Lveng CBXX6447
Phumi Pnou CBXX3226
Phumi Pnou CBXX5180
Phumi Pnou CBXX3721
Phumi Pok Khchei CBXX0786
Phumi Pon CBXX4412
Phumi Pong Pos CBXX4413
Phumi Pong Toek CBXX4690
Phumi Pong Toek CBXX1977
Phumi Pong Toek CBXX2710
Phumi Pong Toek CBXX6448
Phumi Pong Toek CBXX3227
Phumi Pong Toek CBXX5517
Phumi Pong Toek CBXX4188
Phumi Pong Toek CBXX5904
Phumi Pongro CBXX1495
Phumi Pongro CBXX4189
Phumi Pongro CBXX0787
Phumi Pongro CBXX1978
Phumi Pongro CBXX3228
Phumi Pongro CBXX1046
Phumi Pongro CBXX5905
Phumi Pongror CBXX3723
Phumi Pongror CBXX4933
Phumi Pongror CBXX5907
Phumi Ponleak CBXX1496
Phumi Ponlech CBXX0788
Phumi Ponley CBXX6450
Phumi Ponley CBXX0789
Phumi Ponley CBXX1497
Phumi Ponlok CBXX0368
Phumi Ponnareay CBXX3725
Phumi Ponnareay CBXX1498
Phumi Pope CBXX1979
Phumi Popeal Key CBXX1980
Phumi Popech CBXX3726
Phumi Popel CBXX1499
Phumi Popel CBXX5908
Phumi Popel CBXX0792
Phumi Popel CBXX6452
Phumi Popel Khe CBXX0369
Phumi Popel Thum CBXX6453
Phumi Poping CBXX3727
Phumi Poplea CBXX5518
Phumi Popoes CBXX4414
Phumi Popok CBXX3728
Phumi Popok Vil CBXX2865
Phumi Popul CBXX5519
Phumi Popung CBXX2866
Phumi Pos Pong CBXX2867
Phumi Poste Chas CBXX6454
Phumi Pou CBXX5357
Phumi Pou Bak CBXX3729
Phumi Pou Mreah CBXX2529
Phumi Pou Nay CBXX5358
Phumi Pou Rodth CBXX3730
Phumi Pou Ta Su CBXX2868
Phumi Pou Young CBXX4415
Phumi Pou Yuon CBXX1981
Phumi Pouk Roves CBXX4072
Phumi Poun CBXX1047
Phumi Poun CBXX6455
Phumi Poung CBXX1500
Phumi Pout CBXX1501
Phumi Pouthi CBXX3731
Phumi Pouthi CBXX0370
Phumi Pouthi CBXX2869
Phumi Pouthi CBXX1502
Phumi Pouthi CBXX4416
Phumi Pouthi CBXX5520
Phumi Pouthi CBXX2531
Phumi Pouthi CBXX6456
Phumi Pouthi CBXX1048
Phumi Pouthi CBXX5181
Phumi Pouthi Ban CBXX1982
Phumi Pouthi Bos CBXX5910
Phumi Pouthi Doh CBXX6457
Phumi Pouthi Leu CBXX1983
Phumi Pouthi Pir CBXX4420
Phumi Pouthi Pir CBXX6458
Phumi Pouthi Te CBXX3984
Phumi Pouthi Ti CBXX4423
Phumi Poy CBXX5359
Phumi Pra CBXX5183
Phumi Pra Ling CBXX5911
Phumi Prab Mai CBXX5912
Phumi Prabos CBXX3985
Phumi Prabos CBXX1506
Phumi Prachak CBXX2532
Phumi Prachau CBXX3735
Phumi Prachum CBXX4425
Phumi Pradak CBXX5913
Phumi Pradak CBXX0796
Phumi Prahil CBXX4936
Phumi Prahut CBXX3736
Phumi Prahut CBXX4426
Phumi Prahut CBXX6459
Phumi Prak Kda CBXX2533
Phumi Prakar CBXX4691
Phumi Prakeab CBXX3737
Phumi Prakham CBXX1507
Phumi Prakhlot CBXX2534
Phumi Prakhnaor CBXX1508
Phumi Prakieb CBXX6460
Phumi Prakieb CBXX0373
Phumi Pralay CBXX3738
Phumi Pralay CBXX1985
Phumi Pralean CBXX1511
Phumi Pralech CBXX4427
Phumi Pralit CBXX3232
Phumi Prama CBXX1050
Phumi Pramaoy CBXX4938
Phumi Prame CBXX5185
Phumi Pramol Dom CBXX4429
Phumi Pramor CBXX1988
Phumi Pranaol CBXX1051
Phumi Praneak CBXX3740
Phumi Prang CBXX5360
Phumi Prangeuy CBXX4430
Phumi Praphat CBXX1512
Phumi Praphluk CBXX3741
Phumi Praphnum CBXX2870
Phumi Praprau CBXX3233
Phumi Prasal CBXX4939
Phumi Prasam CBXX1513
Phumi Prasat CBXX0797
Phumi Prasat CBXX3234
Phumi Prasat CBXX3742
Phumi Prasat CBXX1990
Phumi Prasat CBXX2537
Phumi Prasat CBXX4190
Phumi Prasat CBXX1514
Phumi Prasat CBXX4431
Phumi Prasat CBXX5524
Phumi Prasat CBXX0378
Phumi Prasat CBXX5914
Phumi Praset CBXX5916
Phumi Prasnar CBXX4432
Phumi Prasnay CBXX3744
Phumi Prasneb CBXX2538
Phumi Prasot CBXX1515
Phumi Prasotr CBXX5525
Phumi Prasre CBXX4433
Phumi Prasung CBXX6464
Phumi Prataong CBXX3745
Phumi Prateal CBXX2230
Phumi Praten CBXX1516
Phumi Pratheat CBXX5917
Phumi Pratheat CBXX1991
Phumi Pratheat CBXX5186
Phumi Pratheat CBXX1517
Phumi Pratranh CBXX4940
Phumi Prayuk CBXX1518
Phumi Prea Ampil CBXX4941
Phumi Preab CBXX4073
Phumi Preah CBXX1052
Phumi Preah CBXX0799
Phumi Preah Haoh CBXX5187
Phumi Preah Khe CBXX3237
Phumi Preah Kou CBXX5920
Phumi Preah Koul CBXX2539
Phumi Preah Mlob CBXX3238
Phumi Preah Ram CBXX2540
Phumi Preal CBXX5188
Phumi Preal CBXX4434
Phumi Prean Nil CBXX0383
Phumi Preang CBXX2231
Phumi Preav CBXX0801
Phumi Prech CBXX4435
Phumi Prech CBXX2871
Phumi Prech CBXX3749
Phumi Prei CBXX1053
Phumi Prei CBXX1522
Phumi Prei CBXX4191
Phumi Prei CBXX3239
Phumi Prei CBXX5921
Phumi Prek CBXX0384
Phumi Prek CBXX1992
Phumi Prek CBXX4943
Phumi Prek CBXX3750
Phumi Prek CBXX2541
Phumi Prek CBXX3986
Phumi Prek Achi CBXX1523
Phumi Prek Ambel CBXX1993
Phumi Prek Ampil CBXX1994
Phumi Prek Ampou CBXX3987
Phumi Prek Ati CBXX2233
Phumi Prek Bak CBXX1996
Phumi Prek Bak CBXX1525
Phumi Prek Chak CBXX2872
Phumi Prek Cham CBXX4437
Phumi Prek Cham CBXX1526
Phumi Prek Char CBXX1997
Phumi Prek Chik CBXX1998
Phumi Prek Chik CBXX4944
Phumi Prek Chik CBXX0803
Phumi Prek Chik CBXX0386
Phumi Prek Chrey CBXX1999
Phumi Prek Chrey CBXX3751
Phumi Prek Chruk CBXX4438
Phumi Prek Da CBXX6465
Phumi Prek Dach CBXX2000
Phumi Prek Dach CBXX2873
Phumi Prek Dong CBXX2003
Phumi Prek Hor CBXX2004
Phumi Prek Kak CBXX0387
Phumi Prek Kal CBXX4945
Phumi Prek Kaoh CBXX2234
Phumi Prek Kdat CBXX2874
Phumi Prek Khsay CBXX4440
Phumi Prek Khtor CBXX2006
Phumi Prek Kov CBXX1056
Phumi Prek Koy CBXX2007
Phumi Prek Kranh CBXX3990
Phumi Prek Krar CBXX4947
Phumi Prek Kreng CBXX3991
Phumi Prek Kroch CBXX4441
Phumi Prek Kroch CBXX0388
Phumi Prek Kruos CBXX2009
Phumi Prek Long CBXX4694
Phumi Prek Lvea CBXX1530
Phumi Prek Mrinh CBXX2010
Phumi Prek Norin CBXX0389
Phumi Prek Omal CBXX4948
Phumi Prek Pnou CBXX4443
Phumi Prek Pok CBXX5530
Phumi Prek Popel CBXX2239
Phumi Prek Pra CBXX2012
Phumi Prek Preah CBXX1061
Phumi Prek Prus CBXX3993
Phumi Prek Reang CBXX2544
Phumi Prek Reang CBXX4695
Phumi Prek Rey CBXX2014
Phumi Prek Run CBXX2017
Phumi Prek Saman CBXX1062
Phumi Prek Sbov CBXX3752
Phumi Prek Sdei CBXX1533
Phumi Prek Sdei CBXX2018
Phumi Prek Sleng CBXX2019
Phumi Prek Smach CBXX2875
Phumi Prek Spean CBXX2547
Phumi Prek Svay CBXX2240
Phumi Prek Ta CBXX4445
Phumi Prek Ta Am CBXX1063
Phumi Prek Ta Va CBXX2026
Phumi Prek Tabek CBXX4949
Phumi Prek Taben CBXX2027
Phumi Prek Thma CBXX2241
Phumi Prek Thon CBXX2029
Phumi Prek Thong CBXX2548
Phumi Prek Tnaot CBXX2876
Phumi Prek Tnaot CBXX4950
Phumi Prek Toal CBXX3996
Phumi Prek Toch CBXX2030
Phumi Prek Trab CBXX2549
Phumi Prek Treng CBXX2033
Phumi Prek Troap CBXX0390
Phumi Prek Vott CBXX2034
Phumi Prek Yuon CBXX2550
Phumi Prek Yuon CBXX2036
Phumi Pren CBXX3753
Phumi Prey Ampok CBXX6466
Phumi Prey Boeng CBXX5534
Phumi Prey Boeng CBXX2037
Phumi Prey Boeng CBXX3240
Phumi Prey Boeng CBXX0392
Phumi Prey Cha CBXX4449
Phumi Prey Char CBXX4452
Phumi Prey Chas CBXX0393
Phumi Prey Chas CBXX2039
Phumi Prey Chek CBXX4453
Phumi Prey Chek CBXX2878
Phumi Prey Chek CBXX0394
Phumi Prey Chhka CBXX5922
Phumi Prey Chhor CBXX1543
Phumi Prey Chor CBXX6469
Phumi Prey Chor CBXX3754
Phumi Prey Chor CBXX3242
Phumi Prey Chres CBXX3244
Phumi Prey Chrey CBXX3245
Phumi Prey Chrou CBXX2551
Phumi Prey Chruk CBXX0046
Phumi Prey Chrum CBXX4456
Phumi Prey Dom CBXX3755
Phumi Prey Kak CBXX2040
Phumi Prey Kaoh CBXX2552
Phumi Prey Kaor CBXX1544
Phumi Prey Kbeh CBXX1545
Phumi Prey Kdei CBXX3756
Phumi Prey Kdei CBXX3252
Phumi Prey Kdei CBXX6472
Phumi Prey Keab CBXX5923
Phumi Prey Keav CBXX5538
Phumi Prey Keav CBXX4460
Phumi Prey Kes CBXX2881
Phumi Prey Khla CBXX3253
Phumi Prey Khla CBXX4461
Phumi Prey Khla CBXX6473
Phumi Prey Khley CBXX2882
Phumi Prey Khlot CBXX6474
Phumi Prey Khnao CBXX4462
Phumi Prey Khnes CBXX4463
Phumi Prey Khpos CBXX0399
Phumi Prey Khpos CBXX4465
Phumi Prey Khvek CBXX4466
Phumi Prey Kiet CBXX2883
Phumi Prey Kokir CBXX5539
Phumi Prey Kou CBXX1064
Phumi Prey Kral CBXX6476
Phumi Prey Kroch CBXX5924
Phumi Prey Kub CBXX0805
Phumi Prey Kuoy CBXX4467
Phumi Prey Kuy CBXX1547
Phumi Prey Kuy CBXX3757
Phumi Prey Kuy CBXX4468
Phumi Prey Kuy CBXX6477
Phumi Prey Leab CBXX6478
Phumi Prey Leav CBXX0401
Phumi Prey Leu CBXX2884
Phumi Prey Lvea CBXX3254
Phumi Prey Mean CBXX4957
Phumi Prey Mech CBXX3255
Phumi Prey Mlu CBXX6479
Phumi Prey Mnoas CBXX5540
Phumi Prey Mri CBXX3758
Phumi Prey Mul CBXX6480
Phumi Prey Mul CBXX2556
Phumi Prey Mul CBXX4699
Phumi Prey Nhear CBXX1548
Phumi Prey Nhoek CBXX3256
Phumi Prey Nieng CBXX2885
Phumi Prey Nob CBXX2886
Phumi Prey Paoy CBXX0402
Phumi Prey Phdau CBXX5542
Phumi Prey Phdau CBXX4470
Phumi Prey Phdau CBXX3258
Phumi Prey Phdau CBXX0403
Phumi Prey Phlu CBXX3760
Phumi Prey Phumi CBXX2560
Phumi Prey Pis CBXX2561
Phumi Prey Pnou CBXX4473
Phumi Prey Popel CBXX0405
Phumi Prey Poun CBXX4474
Phumi Prey Pra CBXX5544
Phumi Prey Pras CBXX5926
Phumi Prey Preal CBXX2562
Phumi Prey Preal CBXX3762
Phumi Prey Preal CBXX6489
Phumi Prey Pring CBXX4700
Phumi Prey Prum CBXX4476
Phumi Prey Prus CBXX2887
Phumi Prey Rokar CBXX2043
Phumi Prey Rokar CBXX0407
Phumi Prey Ron CBXX6491
Phumi Prey Roung CBXX4958
Phumi Prey Run CBXX4480
Phumi Prey Rung CBXX2889
Phumi Prey Sa CBXX2563
Phumi Prey Sala CBXX3265
Phumi Prey Sar CBXX4703
Phumi Prey Say CBXX2565
Phumi Prey Sbat CBXX6495
Phumi Prey Sdau CBXX4482
Phumi Prey Sla CBXX4483
Phumi Prey Sleng CBXX4484
Phumi Prey Sloek CBXX5549
Phumi Prey Sloek CBXX6496
Phumi Prey Smach CBXX3267
Phumi Prey Snuol CBXX6497
Phumi Prey Snuol CBXX4704
Phumi Prey Spoe CBXX4705
Phumi Prey Srok CBXX2891
Phumi Prey Srol CBXX6498
Phumi Prey Sva CBXX6499
Phumi Prey Svay CBXX2892
Phumi Prey Svay CBXX0408
Phumi Prey Svay CBXX4959
Phumi Prey Svay CBXX4485
Phumi Prey Ta Ei CBXX5550
Phumi Prey Ta En CBXX2893
Phumi Prey Ta Ok CBXX3270
Phumi Prey Tamok CBXX4487
Phumi Prey Tanen CBXX4488
Phumi Prey Tay CBXX2895
Phumi Prey Tbal CBXX4489
Phumi Prey Tea CBXX3765
Phumi Prey Tean CBXX3273
Phumi Prey Thlok CBXX5552
Phumi Prey Thum CBXX2566
Phumi Prey Thum CBXX6502
Phumi Prey Thum CBXX0409
Phumi Prey Thum CBXX5927
Phumi Prey Thum CBXX2897
Phumi Prey Tob CBXX2898
Phumi Prey Toch CBXX0410
Phumi Prey Toeng CBXX4490
Phumi Prey Tovil CBXX5928
Phumi Prey Trab CBXX2045
Phumi Prey Trach CBXX4706
Phumi Prey Trom CBXX4492
Phumi Prey Tuol CBXX5555
Phumi Prey Tuol CBXX3277
Phumi Prey Veang CBXX5929
Phumi Prey Vear CBXX5556
Phumi Prey Veng CBXX3766
Phumi Prey Veng CBXX2900
Phumi Prey Veng CBXX6503
Phumi Prey Veng CBXX4707
Phumi Prey Veng CBXX5190
Phumi Prey Veng CBXX3278
Phumi Prey Volli CBXX5557
Phumi Prey Vor CBXX4493
Phumi Prey Yeang CBXX5930
Phumi Prey Yuon CBXX5558
Phumi Pring CBXX0807
Phumi Pring CBXX6504
Phumi Pring CBXX1552
Phumi Pring CBXX5191
Phumi Pring CBXX3279
Phumi Pring Chur CBXX0808
Phumi Priou CBXX3767
Phumi Prolit CBXX5931
Phumi Prot CBXX5932
Phumi Prum Rolok CBXX3280
Phumi Prum Srei CBXX3768
Phumi Prus CBXX1065
Phumi Pu Amay CBXX4074
Phumi Pu Bulu CBXX4075
Phumi Pu Char CBXX4076
Phumi Pu Chham CBXX4078
Phumi Pu Chri CBXX4079
Phumi Pu Ham CBXX4080
Phumi Pu Kes CBXX4081
Phumi Pu Khat CBXX6505
Phumi Pu Khlang CBXX4082
Phumi Pu Kle Leu CBXX4083
Phumi Pu Kong CBXX4084
Phumi Pu Kroch CBXX4085
Phumi Pu Lang CBXX4086
Phumi Pu Leng CBXX4087
Phumi Pu Luk CBXX4088
Phumi Pu Nam CBXX4089
Phumi Pu Nhai CBXX5361
Phumi Pu Nhiem CBXX4090
Phumi Pu Pal CBXX4091
Phumi Pu Phlan CBXX4092
Phumi Pu Prang CBXX4093
Phumi Pu Reang CBXX4095
Phumi Pu Roles CBXX4098
Phumi Pu Roneng CBXX4099
Phumi Pu Rotang CBXX4100
Phumi Pu Rotay CBXX4101
Phumi Pu Rotung CBXX4102
Phumi Pu Than CBXX4103
Phumi Pu Tol CBXX4104
Phumi Pu Trom CBXX4105
Phumi Pu Tru Leu CBXX4110
Phumi Pu Yi CBXX5362
Phumi Pu Yuk CBXX4111
Phumi Pum Pen CBXX0412
Phumi Puoch CBXX2242
Phumi Puok CBXX3281
Phumi Puok Chas CBXX0047
Phumi Puti CBXX4113
Phumi Putrea CBXX3282
Phumi Putrea CBXX4708
Phumi Putth Sar CBXX6506
Phumi Putyok CBXX3769
Phumi Rai CBXX5192
Phumi Raivong CBXX2243
Phumi Reak Chey CBXX4494
Phumi Ream Chea CBXX5933
Phumi Ream Chou CBXX5560
Phumi Reang CBXX5934
Phumi Reang Dek CBXX2046
Phumi Reang Khay CBXX4961
Phumi Reang Tbal CBXX0415
Phumi Reul CBXX5935
Phumi Reul CBXX1554
Phumi Rieb CBXX1066
Phumi Riel CBXX4114
Phumi Riev CBXX1555
Phumi Ro CBXX5936
Phumi Robaeuk CBXX3770
Phumi Roban CBXX2567
Phumi Robang Thi CBXX2568
Phumi Robieng CBXX5193
Phumi Rodang CBXX4115
Phumi Roessei CBXX6219
Phumi Roessei CBXX4192
Phumi Roessei CBXX5937
Phumi Roessei CBXX5194
Phumi Roha CBXX1068
Phumi Roha Til CBXX4964
Phumi Rohal CBXX5940
Phumi Rohal CBXX0048
Phumi Rohar CBXX1069
Phumi Rohat CBXX0422
Phumi Rohat Toek CBXX0811
Phumi Roka CBXX6508
Phumi Roka CBXX2050
Phumi Roka Kaong CBXX1560
Phumi Roka Khsak CBXX4501
Phumi Roka Khtum CBXX1071
Phumi Roka Koy CBXX1561
Phumi Roka Thum CBXX3286
Phumi Roka Thum CBXX2051
Phumi Roka Tong CBXX2572
Phumi Rokar CBXX3775
Phumi Rokar CBXX5941
Phumi Rokar CBXX2052
Phumi Rokar CBXX6509
Phumi Rokar Thum CBXX4502
Phumi Rokar Thum CBXX1564
Phumi Rokar Thum CBXX3287
Phumi Rokar Yea CBXX5943
Phumi Rokat Thum CBXX4965
Phumi Rokou CBXX4966
Phumi Roleab CBXX4967
Phumi Roleak CBXX2573
Phumi Roleang CBXX2905
Phumi Roleang CBXX4503
Phumi Roleang CBXX4968
Phumi Roliek CBXX6511
Phumi Roliek CBXX4504
Phumi Roloch CBXX1072
Phumi Rolum CBXX5944
Phumi Rolum Thma CBXX5196
Phumi Rolum Tuk CBXX5945
Phumi Rolum Veng CBXX4194
Phumi Roluos CBXX0424
Phumi Roluos CBXX3290
Phumi Roluos CBXX2906
Phumi Roluos CBXX1565
Phumi Roluos CBXX6512
Phumi Roluos CBXX3779
Phumi Roluos CBXX5946
Phumi Romat CBXX4116
Phumi Romeas CBXX2575
Phumi Romenh CBXX6513
Phumi Romiet CBXX4195
Phumi Romiet CBXX5947
Phumi Romon CBXX6514
Phumi Romunh CBXX5197
Phumi Roneam CBXX3780
Phumi Roneam CBXX6220
Phumi Rong Vien CBXX0813
Phumi Ronhea CBXX3781
Phumi Ronteah CBXX3782
Phumi Ropeak CBXX0814
Phumi Roteh Meas CBXX2576
Phumi Roung CBXX4505
Phumi Roung Kou CBXX5948
Phumi Roung Kou CBXX3293
Phumi Roung Kou CBXX1568
Phumi Roung Veng CBXX2907
Phumi Rout CBXX1569
Phumi Rove Kraom CBXX4117
Phumi Rovieng CBXX5949
Phumi Rovieng CBXX4969
Phumi Rovieng CBXX6516
Phumi Rovieng CBXX1570
Phumi Rovieng CBXX2577
Phumi Rovieng CBXX3294
Phumi Rumchek CBXX5950
Phumi Rumchek CBXX4970
Phumi Rumchek CBXX5199
Phumi Rumchek CBXX1571
Phumi Rumchek CBXX0425
Phumi Rumdeng CBXX5951
Phumi Rumdeng CBXX6221
Phumi Rumduol CBXX0817
Phumi Rumduol CBXX5952
Phumi Rumduol CBXX4197
Phumi Rumlech CBXX0426
Phumi Rumlech CBXX4971
Phumi Rumleung CBXX1572
Phumi Rumlich CBXX3295
Phumi Rumlong CBXX3783
Phumi Rumloung CBXX3296
Phumi Rumpe Lech CBXX6222
Phumi Rumpeak CBXX4506
Phumi Rumpeun CBXX2908
Phumi Rumpot CBXX1073
Phumi Rumpuh CBXX3784
Phumi Rumpuk CBXX1074
Phumi Run CBXX6223
Phumi Run CBXX0818
Phumi Run CBXX5953
Phumi Run CBXX0427
Phumi Run Poah CBXX5954
Phumi Rung CBXX0428
Phumi Rung CBXX5955
Phumi Rung CBXX4118
Phumi Rung CBXX3785
Phumi Rung Ampil CBXX0429
Phumi Rung Chrey CBXX0430
Phumi Sa Romeang CBXX2056
Phumi Sa Thum CBXX4973
Phumi Sabboros CBXX5956
Phumi Sabu CBXX4507
Phumi Sach Hab CBXX0432
Phumi Sach Puk CBXX4974
Phumi Sai CBXX4975
Phumi Sai Mai CBXX6517
Phumi Sak CBXX1076
Phumi Sak Anlung CBXX3298
Phumi Sak Sampou CBXX4710
Phumi Sakar Svay CBXX0819
Phumi Sakhun CBXX6224
Phumi Sakor CBXX0433
Phumi Sala CBXX5957
Phumi Sala CBXX1575
Phumi Sala CBXX4976
Phumi Sala Chas CBXX3999
Phumi Sala Khet CBXX4977
Phumi Sala Kraom CBXX0820
Phumi Sala Krau CBXX0821
Phumi Sala Thma CBXX5959
Phumi Salem CBXX4198
Phumi Salieng CBXX0822
Phumi Saliv CBXX6518
Phumi Salong CBXX6225
Phumi Sam Ang CBXX6226
Phumi Sam Nhai CBXX5363
Phumi Sama Em CBXX2580
Phumi Samar CBXX6519
Phumi Samar Leav CBXX6521
Phumi Sambat CBXX5960
Phumi Sambo CBXX1577
Phumi Sambok Ak CBXX0436
Phumi Sambor CBXX1077
Phumi Samborn CBXX3789
Phumi Sambos CBXX4979
Phumi Sambuor CBXX3299
Phumi Sambuor CBXX2057
Phumi Sambuor CBXX0823
Phumi Sambuor CBXX4980
Phumi Sambuor CBXX3790
Phumi Sambuor CBXX4508
Phumi Sambuor CBXX5961
Phumi Samdech CBXX0437
Phumi Samdei CBXX5564
Phumi Saming CBXX4509
Phumi Samit CBXX2244
Phumi Samlanh CBXX2910
Phumi Samlanh CBXX5200
Phumi Samlei CBXX5565
Phumi Samlot CBXX0438
Phumi Samnak CBXX1579
Phumi Samnak CBXX3791
Phumi Samneuy CBXX4510
Phumi Samokki CBXX4511
Phumi Sampan CBXX3300
Phumi Sampan CBXX2058
Phumi Sampan CBXX2911
Phumi Sampear CBXX6524
Phumi Samphi CBXX3792
Phumi Samponhea CBXX3793
Phumi Sampor CBXX3794
Phumi Sampor CBXX3301
Phumi Sampor CBXX2581
Phumi Sampou Lun CBXX5962
Phumi Sampouch CBXX1078
Phumi Samrab CBXX4512
Phumi Samrang CBXX5201
Phumi Samraong CBXX2912
Phumi Samraong CBXX3302
Phumi Samraong CBXX1079
Phumi Samraong CBXX2246
Phumi Samraong CBXX0439
Phumi Samraong CBXX3795
Phumi Samraong CBXX4513
Phumi Samraong CBXX1581
Phumi Samraong CBXX5566
Phumi Samraong CBXX0825
Phumi Samraong CBXX6525
Phumi Samraong CBXX4982
Phumi Samraong CBXX5963
Phumi Samraong CBXX4199
Phumi Samraong CBXX5202
Phumi Samraong CBXX2059
Phumi Samret CBXX3796
Phumi Samritthi CBXX5203
Phumi Samseb CBXX2318
Phumi Samtung CBXX5364
Phumi San CBXX4517
Phumi Sanchang CBXX0826
Phumi Sanda Leu CBXX2062
Phumi Sandan CBXX5967
Phumi Sandar Leu CBXX2063
Phumi Sandol CBXX3304
Phumi Sang CBXX4518
Phumi Sang Kdei CBXX5567
Phumi Sang Khou CBXX0440
Phumi Sang Ngiek CBXX1080
Phumi Sang Rang CBXX0441
Phumi Sangke CBXX5204
Phumi Sangke CBXX1582
Phumi Sangke CBXX5968
Phumi Sangke CBXX4519
Phumi Sangke CBXX5568
Phumi Sangkeb CBXX1081
Phumi Sangvan CBXX4521
Phumi Sangvat CBXX3797
Phumi Sanlong CBXX3306
Phumi Sanlong CBXX2584
Phumi Sanloung CBXX5970
Phumi Sanlung CBXX4984
Phumi Sanlung CBXX5206
Phumi Sanlung CBXX1585
Phumi Sanparai CBXX2585
Phumi Sansar CBXX4985
Phumi Santeam CBXX6528
Phumi Santey CBXX2586
Phumi Santey CBXX1586
Phumi Santhik CBXX5971
Phumi Santuk CBXX0445
Phumi Santung CBXX0828
Phumi Sao Huy CBXX2247
Phumi Saob Kraom CBXX1082
Phumi Saob Leu CBXX1083
Phumi Saokmaok CBXX3307
Phumi Saom CBXX6529
Phumi Saoy CBXX1587
Phumi Sapeang CBXX4986
Phumi Sapv Bang CBXX5972
Phumi Sarek CBXX6530
Phumi Sasai Pong CBXX5974
Phumi Sathear CBXX4523
Phumi Satrav CBXX4987
Phumi Satum CBXX1588
Phumi Satv Pong CBXX2915
Phumi Savan CBXX6531
Phumi Savanbav CBXX5365
Phumi Saveang CBXX4524
Phumi Say CBXX0447
Phumi Sayav CBXX3308
Phumi Sbang CBXX4988
Phumi Sbek Preal CBXX3309
Phumi Sbek Toe CBXX1589
Phumi Sbeng CBXX1590
Phumi Sbenh Char CBXX0829
Phumi Sbov Rik CBXX4989
Phumi Sdam CBXX2587
Phumi Sdau CBXX0830
Phumi Sdau CBXX1592
Phumi Sdau CBXX2064
Phumi Sdau CBXX0448
Phumi Sdau CBXX5207
Phumi Sdau Em CBXX6532
Phumi Sdau Pok CBXX5976
Phumi Sdech Non CBXX1593
Phumi Sdei CBXX0449
Phumi Sdei Kantu CBXX2588
Phumi Sdei Kaong CBXX3801
Phumi Sdok CBXX6533
Phumi Sdok CBXX2248
Phumi Sdok CBXX3310
Phumi Sdok CBXX2065
Phumi Sdok At CBXX2589
Phumi Sdok Chrey CBXX4990
Phumi Sdok Khla CBXX4991
Phumi Sdok Kraol CBXX3311
Phumi Sdok Lech CBXX2591
Phumi Sdok Prey CBXX6534
Phumi Sdok Srat CBXX3312
Phumi Sdok Svay CBXX4993
Phumi Sdok Thlok CBXX4994
Phumi Sdok Veng CBXX3313
Phumi Sedthei CBXX6535
Phumi Seh Slab CBXX2592
Phumi Seh Slab CBXX2066
Phumi Sei Sman CBXX0831
Phumi Seiha CBXX6536
Phumi Sek Yum CBXX5570
Phumi Sela CBXX6537
Phumi Sem Lun CBXX2593
Phumi Sen Ban CBXX6538
Phumi Sen Chett CBXX5977
Phumi Sen Chey CBXX4996
Phumi Sen Lang CBXX2594
Phumi Sen Pheas CBXX6539
Phumi Sen Son CBXX1594
Phumi Seng CBXX3803
Phumi Sentar CBXX5571
Phumi Sere CBXX5978
Phumi Seri Os CBXX5572
Phumi Seri Sunti CBXX1084
Phumi Setbor Leu CBXX2067
Phumi Sev CBXX1085
Phumi Siem CBXX4525
Phumi Siem CBXX0450
Phumi Siem Neang CBXX3805
Phumi Siem Reab CBXX2068
Phumi Siembaoy CBXX1595
Phumi Siembok CBXX6227
Phumi Sikok CBXX4526
Phumi Skea Kdei CBXX4527
Phumi Skea Srok CBXX4528
Phumi Sko Dach CBXX4529
Phumi Skon CBXX5979
Phumi Skon CBXX3806
Phumi Skor Kdei CBXX3807
Phumi Skov CBXX4200
Phumi Skul Kong CBXX0832
Phumi Sla CBXX4530
Phumi Sla CBXX3314
Phumi Sla CBXX1597
Phumi Sla CBXX2595
Phumi Sla CBXX6540
Phumi Sla Kram CBXX0451
Phumi Sla Slak CBXX0452
Phumi Sla Ta Aon CBXX2916
Phumi Slab Ros CBXX1598
Phumi Slak CBXX2596
Phumi Slakar CBXX3808
Phumi Slaket CBXX3809
Phumi Slaket CBXX1599
Phumi Slakhlanh CBXX0453
Phumi Slaku CBXX6541
Phumi Slapang CBXX0454
Phumi Slarom CBXX6542
Phumi Slat CBXX5980
Phumi Sleng CBXX0833
Phumi Sleng CBXX4712
Phumi Sleng CBXX5981
Phumi Sleng CBXX1600
Phumi Sleng CBXX6543
Phumi Sleng CBXX3315
Phumi Sleng Hang CBXX2069
Phumi Sleng Toul CBXX5208
Phumi Smach CBXX0834
Phumi Smach CBXX5984
Phumi Smach Deng CBXX4003
Phumi Smach Ngam CBXX2249
Phumi Smaoch At CBXX0455
Phumi Smaong CBXX6544
Phumi Smaong CBXX4531
Phumi Smaong CBXX2917
Phumi Smaonh CBXX1601
Phumi Smer CBXX1602
Phumi Smet Leu CBXX2597
Phumi Sna Ansa CBXX4997
Phumi Snam Ampil CBXX2918
Phumi Snang CBXX3316
Phumi Snao CBXX5986
Phumi Snao CBXX3811
Phumi Snao CBXX6546
Phumi Snaor CBXX3317
Phumi Snaor CBXX5987
Phumi Snaor CBXX0456
Phumi Snay CBXX2598
Phumi Snay Tuol CBXX4998
Phumi Sne Rean CBXX4532
Phumi Snhak CBXX3318
Phumi Snoeng CBXX0457
Phumi Snoeng Ti CBXX0836
Phumi Snuol CBXX5988
Phumi Snuol CBXX3319
Phumi Snuol CBXX6547
Phumi Snuol Toch CBXX2920
Phumi So Chey CBXX3814
Phumi Sochan CBXX6548
Phumi Sochey CBXX1603
Phumi Sochul CBXX3815
Phumi Sodei CBXX1604
Phumi Soeng CBXX4201
Phumi Soeng Koul CBXX2921
Phumi Soengh CBXX0837
Phumi Som Trom CBXX4999
Phumi Son Sa CBXX5989
Phumi Sopha CBXX5574
Phumi Sopheas CBXX1605
Phumi Sophi CBXX5000
Phumi Sophi CBXX3816
Phumi Sophi CBXX4533
Phumi Sopi CBXX3321
Phumi Soriya CBXX3322
Phumi Sosen CBXX1606
Phumi Sot Mon CBXX0838
Phumi Sotey CBXX1607
Phumi Sotib CBXX1608
Phumi Sotin CBXX5001
Phumi Sotin CBXX3323
Phumi Sovong CBXX3817
Phumi Sovongs CBXX2600
Phumi Sovongs CBXX3324
Phumi Spean CBXX1609
Phumi Spean CBXX2072
Phumi Spean CBXX0459
Phumi Spean Bak CBXX0460
Phumi Spean Leu CBXX0839
Phumi Spean Thma CBXX3819
Phumi Spean Tnot CBXX0050
Phumi Spoe CBXX4534
Phumi Spoe Tbong CBXX1610
Phumi Spong CBXX5002
Phumi Sra Ek CBXX6229
Phumi Srabal CBXX5210
Phumi Sraeung CBXX3820
Phumi Srah CBXX5994
Phumi Srah Chak CBXX2601
Phumi Srah Chhuk CBXX0051
Phumi Srah Kev CBXX0463
Phumi Srah Mkak CBXX5003
Phumi Srah Ngu CBXX0842
Phumi Srah Reang CBXX0843
Phumi Srah Sdech CBXX3325
Phumi Srah Srang CBXX5995
Phumi Srah Thul CBXX3326
Phumi Srak CBXX1611
Phumi Srakar CBXX5004
Phumi Sral CBXX3822
Phumi Sralau CBXX6230
Phumi Sralau CBXX1612
Phumi Sram CBXX1613
Phumi Srama CBXX6550
Phumi Srama CBXX0844
Phumi Srama Meas CBXX0465
Phumi Sramaoch CBXX4535
Phumi Sramaoch CBXX0845
Phumi Sramaoch CBXX5996
Phumi Sramar CBXX4536
Phumi Sramokh CBXX6551
Phumi Sramut CBXX5997
Phumi Sranal CBXX0466
Phumi Sranal CBXX0846
Phumi Srang CBXX5005
Phumi Srangam CBXX0467
Phumi Srangam CBXX2712
Phumi Srangam Te CBXX2602
Phumi Srange CBXX3824
Phumi Srange CBXX5999
Phumi Srange CBXX1615
Phumi Srange CBXX6552
Phumi Sraong CBXX6000
Phumi Sraong CBXX5006
Phumi Srayuv CBXX3825
Phumi Sre CBXX5211
Phumi Sre CBXX0468
Phumi Sre CBXX3826
Phumi Sre Ampil CBXX1086
Phumi Sre Andaol CBXX4119
Phumi Sre Andeng CBXX1087
Phumi Sre Boeng CBXX6553
Phumi Sre Boeng CBXX2604
Phumi Sre Chak CBXX5007
Phumi Sre Cham CBXX4004
Phumi Sre Chan CBXX2605
Phumi Sre Char CBXX6231
Phumi Sre Chea CBXX2923
Phumi Sre Cheas CBXX2074
Phumi Sre Cheng CBXX3327
Phumi Sre Chhuk CBXX5367
Phumi Sre Chipou CBXX0469
Phumi Sre Chouk CBXX3328
Phumi Sre Chrey CBXX4120
Phumi Sre Chrey CBXX1090
Phumi Sre Chrey CBXX5368
Phumi Sre Chriet CBXX2924
Phumi Sre Chruk CBXX1091
Phumi Sre Da CBXX1092
Phumi Sre Dang CBXX5008
Phumi Sre En CBXX3329
Phumi Sre Hiev CBXX4121
Phumi Sre Kak CBXX1617
Phumi Sre Kan CBXX2925
Phumi Sre Kandal CBXX2250
Phumi Sre Kandal CBXX1618
Phumi Sre Kandal CBXX2075
Phumi Sre Kes CBXX6554
Phumi Sre Khoean CBXX1094
Phumi Sre Khonh CBXX2251
Phumi Sre Khtum CBXX4122
Phumi Sre Knong CBXX1095
Phumi Sre Knong CBXX2926
Phumi Sre Kokir CBXX1096
Phumi Sre Kruos CBXX2927
Phumi Sre Kuy CBXX3331
Phumi Sre Leu CBXX5369
Phumi Sre Leu CBXX2252
Phumi Sre Leu CBXX2606
Phumi Sre Loa CBXX0847
Phumi Sre Lvea CBXX5009
Phumi Sre Memay CBXX0848
Phumi Sre Mon CBXX1098
Phumi Sre Neb CBXX4007
Phumi Sre Ngiet CBXX1099
Phumi Sre Nhor CBXX4713
Phumi Sre O CBXX3332
Phumi Sre Omprum CBXX2077
Phumi Sre Ong CBXX6234
Phumi Sre Peang CBXX5010
Phumi Sre Phumi CBXX0470
Phumi Sre Pong CBXX4123
Phumi Sre Pongro CBXX1619
Phumi Sre Popeay CBXX5011
Phumi Sre Pouthi CBXX6235
Phumi Sre Pouthi CBXX1100
Phumi Sre Pouthi CBXX6001
Phumi Sre Prang CBXX5212
Phumi Sre Prang CBXX1101
Phumi Sre Prang CBXX6002
Phumi Sre Prang CBXX4202
Phumi Sre Preah CBXX4124
Phumi Sre Prey CBXX0849
Phumi Sre Pring CBXX1102
Phumi Sre Pring CBXX3333
Phumi Sre Reach CBXX0471
Phumi Sre Ream CBXX4537
Phumi Sre Rumpib CBXX0472
Phumi Sre Sa CBXX2608
Phumi Sre Sab CBXX1105
Phumi Sre Sdech CBXX1106
Phumi Sre Siem CBXX1623
Phumi Sre Snao CBXX1107
Phumi Sre Sramar CBXX3827
Phumi Sre Svay CBXX1108
Phumi Sre Ta Pan CBXX6238
Phumi Sre Thlok CBXX3334
Phumi Sre Thmei CBXX2253
Phumi Sre Thmei CBXX6239
Phumi Sre Thum CBXX1110
Phumi Sre Thum CBXX4008
Phumi Sre Tnaot CBXX1111
Phumi Sre Tnaot CBXX4125
Phumi Sre Trabek CBXX3335
Phumi Sre Traok CBXX3336
Phumi Sre Trav CBXX4126
Phumi Sre Trea CBXX2078
Phumi Sre Treng CBXX2928
Phumi Sre Triek CBXX1112
Phumi Sre Veal CBXX6003
Phumi Sre Veal CBXX2610
Phumi Sre Veal CBXX3828
Phumi Sre Veng CBXX1624
Phumi Sret CBXX6005
Phumi Sroeng CBXX1625
Phumi Srok Chek CBXX3338
Phumi Srok Roteh CBXX1113
Phumi Srol CBXX6006
Phumi Srov CBXX5014
Phumi Srov Leu CBXX2929
Phumi Stoeng CBXX5214
Phumi Stoeng CBXX2079
Phumi Stoeng CBXX6007
Phumi Stoeng Tro CBXX1117
Phumi Suon Sla CBXX0477
Phumi Suong CBXX5215
Phumi Suor Ampou CBXX2320
Phumi Suor Sdei CBXX2321
Phumi Suos Ney CBXX3339
Phumi Suoy CBXX5371
Phumi Sva Huol CBXX6012
Phumi Sva Lout CBXX5577
Phumi Sva Pream CBXX5017
Phumi Svay CBXX0479
Phumi Svay CBXX3832
Phumi Svay CBXX2081
Phumi Svay CBXX4009
Phumi Svay CBXX2931
Phumi Svay CBXX4203
Phumi Svay CBXX6557
Phumi Svay CBXX0851
Phumi Svay CBXX6013
Phumi Svay CBXX2614
Phumi Svay At CBXX5018
Phumi Svay At CBXX2082
Phumi Svay At CBXX4541
Phumi Svay Bakav CBXX2615
Phumi Svay Cha CBXX3340
Phumi Svay Chal CBXX6559
Phumi Svay Chek CBXX6015
Phumi Svay Chek CBXX2616
Phumi Svay Chek CBXX5578
Phumi Svay Chek CBXX3833
Phumi Svay Chrum CBXX2617
Phumi Svay Chrum CBXX3341
Phumi Svay Chrum CBXX1119
Phumi Svay Chuor CBXX2618
Phumi Svay Ier CBXX3834
Phumi Svay Kab CBXX2619
Phumi Svay Kal CBXX5580
Phumi Svay Kaong CBXX5581
Phumi Svay Kham CBXX6560
Phumi Svay Khmau CBXX0852
Phumi Svay Khpos CBXX5019
Phumi Svay Koy CBXX2620
Phumi Svay Kun CBXX4544
Phumi Svay Meas CBXX2083
Phumi Svay Meas CBXX1633
Phumi Svay Msau CBXX3836
Phumi Svay Nhoek CBXX5020
Phumi Svay Pak CBXX5021
Phumi Svay Pak CBXX1634
Phumi Svay Pear CBXX6561
Phumi Svay Pis CBXX2622
Phumi Svay Pok CBXX1636
Phumi Svay Pok CBXX6016
Phumi Svay Prey CBXX0484
Phumi Svay Prey CBXX1638
Phumi Svay Prey CBXX6562
Phumi Svay Prey CBXX5023
Phumi Svay Prey CBXX6017
Phumi Svay Rieng CBXX3838
Phumi Svay Rieng CBXX6240
Phumi Svay Rolum CBXX0485
Phumi Svay Rolum CBXX5583
Phumi Svay Sar CBXX3344
Phumi Svay Sar CBXX0486
Phumi Svay Sar CBXX3839
Phumi Svay Sar CBXX5024
Phumi Svay Sar CBXX2933
Phumi Svay Sar CBXX0853
Phumi Svay Sar CBXX6018
Phumi Svay Sre CBXX0487
Phumi Svay Tani CBXX4549
Phumi Svay Teab CBXX1641
Phumi Svay Teab CBXX3840
Phumi Svay Teab CBXX4550
Phumi Svay Thum CBXX6019
Phumi Svay Thum CBXX3345
Phumi Svay Tipv CBXX1642
Phumi Svay Tmat CBXX4551
Phumi Svay Tong CBXX2934
Phumi Svay Tong CBXX2625
Phumi Svay Toung CBXX2626
Phumi Svay Treng CBXX3841
Phumi Svay Tret CBXX0489
Phumi Svay Yeaks CBXX1644
Phumi Svay Yeang CBXX5026
Phumi Svay Yu CBXX1120
Phumi Sya Kraom CBXX5027
Phumi Syatung CBXX5372
Phumi Ta Am CBXX3346
Phumi Ta Am CBXX6564
Phumi Ta Am CBXX1646
Phumi Ta Am CBXX0854
Phumi Ta An CBXX6020
Phumi Ta Aok CBXX2084
Phumi Ta Aong CBXX5373
Phumi Ta Aong CBXX3347
Phumi Ta Ar CBXX0490
Phumi Ta Ben CBXX0855
Phumi Ta Bo CBXX6565
Phumi Ta Bun CBXX0856
Phumi Ta Chab CBXX5028
Phumi Ta Cham CBXX3348
Phumi Ta Chan CBXX2935
Phumi Ta Char CBXX3349
Phumi Ta Char CBXX3842
Phumi Ta Ches CBXX2627
Phumi Ta Chet CBXX6021
Phumi Ta Chet CBXX2085
Phumi Ta Chey CBXX2086
Phumi Ta Chhor CBXX5029
Phumi Ta Chhuok CBXX4010
Phumi Ta Det CBXX3843
Phumi Ta Det CBXX2628
Phumi Ta Det CBXX0857
Phumi Ta Det CBXX6241
Phumi Ta Duol CBXX0858
Phumi Ta Ei CBXX6566
Phumi Ta Ek CBXX0859
Phumi Ta Ek CBXX6022
Phumi Ta En CBXX2936
Phumi Ta Hal CBXX0860
Phumi Ta Hean CBXX4553
Phumi Ta Hen CBXX0492
Phumi Ta Hi CBXX0494
Phumi Ta Hing CBXX2087
Phumi Ta Huy CBXX4554
Phumi Ta Kai CBXX1647
Phumi Ta Kao Leu CBXX2937
Phumi Ta Kaoh CBXX6023
Phumi Ta Koam CBXX3350
Phumi Ta Koat CBXX2088
Phumi Ta Kok CBXX4011
Phumi Ta Kol CBXX2629
Phumi Ta Koy CBXX6024
Phumi Ta Kreab CBXX4555
Phumi Ta Kream CBXX0495
Phumi Ta krei CBXX0053
Phumi Ta Kuon CBXX4556
Phumi Ta Lak CBXX3351
Phumi Ta Lam CBXX3352
Phumi Ta Lang CBXX2938
Phumi Ta Lav CBXX5376
Phumi Ta Leak CBXX6567
Phumi Ta Loeng CBXX6025
Phumi Ta Lon CBXX2089
Phumi Ta Long CBXX6568
Phumi Ta Luch CBXX6026
Phumi Ta Lus CBXX1121
Phumi Ta Mal CBXX3353
Phumi Ta Man CBXX1648
Phumi Ta Mat CBXX0496
Phumi Ta Mau CBXX1122
Phumi Ta Mau CBXX0861
Phumi Ta Meah CBXX6569
Phumi Ta Meakh CBXX2259
Phumi Ta Mean CBXX6027
Phumi Ta Meang CBXX1649
Phumi Ta Meas CBXX0862
Phumi Ta Mei CBXX5217
Phumi Ta Meng CBXX4557
Phumi Ta Meng CBXX6570
Phumi Ta Menh CBXX4558
Phumi Ta Moan CBXX2939
Phumi Ta Moas CBXX0497
Phumi Ta Moean CBXX6028
Phumi Ta Moeang CBXX6571
Phumi Ta Moen CBXX1123
Phumi Ta Mok CBXX0498
Phumi Ta Mom CBXX5586
Phumi Ta Mout CBXX6572
Phumi Ta Mum CBXX5031
Phumi Ta Mum CBXX6029
Phumi Ta Mum CBXX2940
Phumi Ta Nai CBXX5032
Phumi Ta Nal CBXX4559
Phumi Ta Neang CBXX3354
Phumi Ta Nel CBXX3355
Phumi Ta Nes CBXX2630
Phumi Ta Ney CBXX4012
Phumi Ta Ngal CBXX1650
Phumi Ta Ngan CBXX0499
Phumi Ta Ngat CBXX5377
Phumi Ta Ngen CBXX0500
Phumi Ta Ngeut CBXX2941
Phumi Ta Nguon CBXX6030
Phumi Ta Ngut CBXX4561
Phumi Ta Ni CBXX0863
Phumi Ta Nob CBXX2631
Phumi Ta Nok CBXX0502
Phumi Ta Nok CBXX4204
Phumi Ta Non CBXX6573
Phumi Ta Nong CBXX0864
Phumi Ta O CBXX0503
Phumi Ta O CBXX6574
Phumi Ta Ok CBXX6575
Phumi Ta Ok CBXX4562
Phumi Ta Ok CBXX0504
Phumi Ta Ong CBXX4013
Phumi Ta Ong CBXX0865
Phumi Ta Ong CBXX1652
Phumi Ta Ouk CBXX4563
Phumi Ta Pa CBXX4205
Phumi Ta Pang CBXX6031
Phumi Ta Pao CBXX1653
Phumi Ta Paong CBXX3845
Phumi Ta Pen CBXX4206
Phumi Ta Penh CBXX6032
Phumi Ta Phem CBXX2090
Phumi Ta Pho CBXX0868
Phumi Ta Phul CBXX6033
Phumi Ta Piem CBXX6034
Phumi Ta Ploeng CBXX1654
Phumi Ta Pok CBXX0869
Phumi Ta Pon CBXX0505
Phumi Ta Por Leu CBXX6036
Phumi Ta Pou CBXX2091
Phumi Ta Poy CBXX0052
Phumi Ta Pra CBXX2092
Phumi Ta Prach CBXX3356
Phumi Ta Prahok CBXX5033
Phumi Ta Prak CBXX2942
Phumi Ta Preah CBXX2260
Phumi Ta Preal CBXX0506
Phumi Ta Prey CBXX2943
Phumi Ta Prit CBXX3846
Phumi Ta Prok CBXX3847
Phumi Ta Prok CBXX6037
Phumi Ta Prum CBXX4564
Phumi Ta Puk CBXX2324
Phumi Ta Pung CBXX3357
Phumi Ta Ream CBXX3848
Phumi Ta Rong CBXX2093
Phumi Ta Ros CBXX6038
Phumi Ta Roung CBXX3358
Phumi Ta Sal CBXX0870
Phumi Ta Sam CBXX0871
Phumi Ta Sanh CBXX0507
Phumi Ta Saom CBXX6039
Phumi Ta Saom CBXX1124
Phumi Ta Sar CBXX1655
Phumi Ta Sar CBXX0872
Phumi Ta Sar CBXX3849
Phumi Ta Sdei CBXX5034
Phumi Ta Set CBXX6040
Phumi Ta Siev CBXX6041
Phumi Ta Skor CBXX2094
Phumi Ta Sne CBXX6042
Phumi Ta Snok CBXX5035
Phumi Ta Soeng CBXX6576
Phumi Ta Sok CBXX0873
Phumi Ta Tai CBXX6577
Phumi Ta Taok CBXX6043
Phumi Ta Taot CBXX6044
Phumi Ta Tei CBXX2261
Phumi Ta Thaong CBXX2262
Phumi Ta Theav CBXX3850
Phumi Ta Tong CBXX0874
Phumi Ta Trai CBXX0875
Phumi Ta Trak CBXX6578
Phumi Ta Trav CBXX6047
Phumi Ta Treal CBXX3851
Phumi Ta Uk CBXX0509
Phumi Ta Vai CBXX0510
Phumi Ta Veng CBXX5378
Phumi Ta Vong CBXX4565
Phumi Ta Vong CBXX0876
Phumi Ta Yin CBXX6048
Phumi Ta Yoeng CBXX6579
Phumi Ta Yong CBXX3852
Phumi Ta Yun CBXX6049
Phumi Ta Yuos CBXX2632
Phumi Tab Moan CBXX3359
Phumi Tabot CBXX4566
Phumi Tade CBXX5036
Phumi Tahang CBXX5588
Phumi Takam CBXX6050
Phumi Takao CBXX5589
Phumi Takat CBXX2263
Phumi Take CBXX3360
Phumi Takev CBXX5037
Phumi Takev CBXX4567
Phumi Takev CBXX1657
Phumi Takev CBXX2095
Phumi Takev CBXX2633
Phumi Takev CBXX6580
Phumi Takheng CBXX6581
Phumi Takoeng CBXX5590
Phumi Takrak CBXX2945
Phumi Takret CBXX1658
Phumi Talaok CBXX2946
Phumi Talat CBXX6242
Phumi Talean CBXX5591
Phumi Talok CBXX0878
Phumi Talon CBXX0511
Phumi Tama CBXX4568
Phumi Taman CBXX2264
Phumi Tamau CBXX4569
Phumi Tamkan CBXX2265
Phumi Tanat CBXX6051
Phumi Tanei CBXX2266
Phumi Tang Daeum CBXX3853
Phumi Tang Haong CBXX3362
Phumi Tang Kouk CBXX5038
Phumi Tang Kouk CBXX1659
Phumi Tang Krang CBXX3854
Phumi Tang Krong CBXX2636
Phumi Tang Kruos CBXX2637
Phumi Tang Luoch CBXX5039
Phumi Tang Lvea CBXX5040
Phumi Tang Moung CBXX3365
Phumi Tang Poun CBXX2638
Phumi Tang Prech CBXX2639
Phumi Tang Se CBXX5379
Phumi Tang Snao CBXX3369
Phumi Tang Snay CBXX4570
Phumi Tang Srei CBXX1661
Phumi Tang Sya CBXX3370
Phumi Tang Sya CBXX2640
Phumi Tang Talat CBXX3372
Phumi Tang Trak CBXX5218
Phumi Tang Treng CBXX2642
Phumi Tangel CBXX2267
Phumi Tanglang CBXX4127
Phumi Tani CBXX6052
Phumi Tani CBXX2947
Phumi Tanoeng CBXX3856
Phumi Tanon CBXX5041
Phumi Tanoy CBXX5592
Phumi Taonh CBXX1663
Phumi Tapang CBXX5593
Phumi Tapang CBXX6053
Phumi Tapao CBXX5594
Phumi Tapen CBXX4571
Phumi Tapeng CBXX2097
Phumi Tapou CBXX0054
Phumi Tapuk Leu CBXX1664
Phumi Tapung CBXX4572
Phumi Tapung CBXX2098
Phumi Tareab CBXX6583
Phumi Tareach CBXX4573
Phumi Tareach CBXX3857
Phumi Tareak CBXX5595
Phumi Tarodth CBXX2099
Phumi Tasak CBXX5596
Phumi Tasal CBXX3374
Phumi Tasei CBXX0512
Phumi Tasek CBXX5219
Phumi Tasek CBXX5597
Phumi Tasek CBXX6054
Phumi Taseng CBXX6055
Phumi Tasuos CBXX5598
Phumi Tatay CBXX5220
Phumi Tathet CBXX5599
Phumi Tathien CBXX5600
Phumi Tator CBXX6056
Phumi Tatrav CBXX1665
Phumi Tayang CBXX3375
Phumi Tbal CBXX5221
Phumi Tbeng CBXX3858
Phumi Tbeng CBXX2643
Phumi Tbeng CBXX5222
Phumi Tbeng CBXX0879
Phumi Tbeng CBXX5601
Phumi Tbeng CBXX3376
Phumi Tbeng CBXX6057
Phumi Tbeng CBXX4574
Phumi Tbiek CBXX2644
Phumi Tbong Angk CBXX3377
Phumi Tbong Kdei CBXX4576
Phumi Tei Trav CBXX5044
Phumi Tek Ke CBXX3860
Phumi Ten CBXX2101
Phumi Tet Chas CBXX1667
Phumi Teun Kraom CBXX5380
Phumi Teun Leu CBXX5381
Phumi Thang Mai CBXX2325
Phumi Thaphong CBXX5223
Phumi Theay CBXX4578
Phumi Theay CBXX2948
Phumi Thien Tri CBXX4579
Phumi Thipdei CBXX6058
Phumi Thkaol CBXX5045
Phumi Thkau Neay CBXX6586
Phumi Thkeng CBXX5224
Phumi Thkov CBXX6059
Phumi Thkov CBXX1668
Phumi Thla CBXX3861
Phumi Thlaeuk CBXX2103
Phumi Thlat CBXX6060
Phumi Thlav CBXX4580
Phumi Thlok CBXX4581
Phumi Thlok CBXX5602
Phumi Thlok CBXX5048
Phumi Thlok CBXX6061
Phumi Thlok CBXX1669
Phumi Thlok CBXX6587
Phumi Thlok Yol CBXX3380
Phumi Thlok Yul CBXX6588
Phumi Thlok Yul CBXX2949
Phumi Thma CBXX0880
Phumi Thma Bang CBXX3381
Phumi Thma Dab CBXX0881
Phumi Thma Dar CBXX1672
Phumi Thma Kev CBXX6589
Phumi Thma Kev CBXX2648
Phumi Thma Kob CBXX0055
Phumi Thma Koul CBXX2950
Phumi Thma Koul CBXX0514
Phumi Thma Koul CBXX0882
Phumi Thma Kre CBXX1126
Phumi Thma Kre CBXX5049
Phumi Thma Pean CBXX5603
Phumi Thma Pechr CBXX1674
Phumi Thma Peuk CBXX2951
Phumi Thma Pok CBXX0883
Phumi Thma Prus CBXX0516
Phumi Thma Pun CBXX1675
Phumi Thma Pun CBXX4582
Phumi Thma Reab CBXX1127
Phumi Thma Roung CBXX2952
Phumi Thma Rung CBXX2268
Phumi Thma Sa CBXX2105
Phumi Thma Sar CBXX5604
Phumi Thma Sar CBXX6245
Phumi Thma Sen CBXX0884
Phumi Thma Thum CBXX4015
Phumi Thmea CBXX5225
Phumi Thmea CBXX0517
Phumi Thmei CBXX5050
Phumi Thmei CBXX2649
Phumi Thmei CBXX2269
Phumi Thmei CBXX3383
Phumi Thmei CBXX0885
Phumi Thmei CBXX3864
Phumi Thmei CBXX2953
Phumi Thmei CBXX2106
Phumi Thmei CBXX1676
Phumi Thmei CBXX6590
Phumi Thmei CBXX1128
Phumi Thmei CBXX6064
Phumi Thmei CBXX0518
Phumi Thmei CBXX5226
Phumi Thmol CBXX5605
Phumi Thna CBXX2650
Phumi Thna CBXX5606
Phumi Thnaeung CBXX6591
Phumi Thnal CBXX2651
Phumi Thnal CBXX4208
Phumi Thnal CBXX3385
Phumi Thnal CBXX3865
Phumi Thnal CBXX6065
Phumi Thnal CBXX0888
Phumi Thnal Bak CBXX2954
Phumi Thnal Bat CBXX6592
Phumi Thnal Bat CBXX0521
Phumi Thnal Bat CBXX2955
Phumi Thnal Bek CBXX2956
Phumi Thnal Bek CBXX4584
Phumi Thnal Bek CBXX3866
Phumi Thnal Bek CBXX6593
Phumi Thnal Chas CBXX6066
Phumi Thnal Chek CBXX6067
Phumi Thnal Chey CBXX4585
Phumi Thnal Dach CBXX3386
Phumi Thnal Dach CBXX4209
Phumi Thnal Dach CBXX0889
Phumi Thnal Dach CBXX6068
Phumi Thnal Keng CBXX4586
Phumi Thnal Peam CBXX5607
Phumi Thnam CBXX0522
Phumi Thnong CBXX5609
Phumi Thnong CBXX1677
Phumi Thnong CBXX6071
Phumi Thnong CBXX0523
Phumi Thnong CBXX2270
Phumi Thnong CBXX4587
Phumi Thnong CBXX2957
Phumi Thnung CBXX0524
Phumi Thong CBXX5383
Phumi Thong Benh CBXX4588
Phumi Thonmon CBXX6596
Phumi Thonmont CBXX2108
Phumi Thum CBXX5610
Phumi Thum CBXX2109
Phumi Thum CBXX3868
Phumi Thum CBXX4589
Phumi Thvak CBXX0525
Phumi Thvang CBXX0526
Phumi Thveas CBXX6072
Phumi Thyea CBXX6597
Phumi Tieb Kaosa CBXX0892
Phumi Tien Tay CBXX5052
Phumi Ting CBXX6073
Phumi Tipou CBXX3869
Phumi Tipou CBXX5384
Phumi Tisa CBXX6598
Phumi Tita Ngeuy CBXX4590
Phumi Tituy CBXX6599
Phumi Tmat Pong CBXX2110
Phumi Tmat Pong CBXX6074
Phumi Tmat Pong CBXX0527
Phumi Tmay CBXX6246
Phumi Tnaot CBXX0528
Phumi Tnaot CBXX4210
Phumi Tnaot CBXX3870
Phumi Tnaot CBXX4591
Phumi Tnaot CBXX5611
Phumi Tnaot CBXX2958
Phumi Tnaot CBXX6600
Phumi Tnaot CBXX0893
Phumi Tnaot Bak CBXX1678
Phumi Tnaot Bak CBXX3871
Phumi Tnaot Bat CBXX5053
Phumi Tnaot Chum CBXX6601
Phumi Tnaot Chum CBXX3872
Phumi Tnaot Ley CBXX3873
Phumi Tnaot Tret CBXX4592
Phumi Toab Svay CBXX6076
Phumi Toal CBXX6247
Phumi Toam CBXX4128
Phumi Toap Baoh CBXX4714
Phumi Toap Khley CBXX2271
Phumi Toap Sdech CBXX3874
Phumi Toap Sdech CBXX4593
Phumi Toap Siem CBXX6077
Phumi Toap Siem CBXX4594
Phumi Toat Baoh CBXX2653
Phumi Toch CBXX6078
Phumi Toch CBXX2960
Phumi Toch CBXX5055
Phumi Toe Sok CBXX0058
Phumi Toear CBXX5612
Phumi Toek CBXX4129
Phumi Toek CBXX6248
Phumi Toek Chenh CBXX2654
Phumi Toek Chenh CBXX4016
Phumi Toek Chou CBXX0894
Phumi Toek Chrou CBXX1680
Phumi Toek Chum CBXX0895
Phumi Toek Dach CBXX1681
Phumi Toek Hot CBXX2656
Phumi Toek Khiev CBXX2961
Phumi Toek Khyas CBXX0532
Phumi Toek Lech CBXX6080
Phumi Toek Lech CBXX3391
Phumi Toek Long CBXX3392
Phumi Toek Noem CBXX1682
Phumi Toek Noem CBXX2112
Phumi Toek Reak CBXX0896
Phumi Toek Sab CBXX4017
Phumi Toek Sok CBXX0533
Phumi Toek Thla CBXX3395
Phumi Toek Thla CBXX4595
Phumi Toek Thla CBXX0897
Phumi Toek Thla CBXX4715
Phumi Toek Thla CBXX4018
Phumi Toek Vil CBXX2113
Phumi Toeng CBXX3876
Phumi Tol Bot CBXX0898
Phumi Tol Phteah CBXX2962
Phumi Tomroab CBXX6081
Phumi Tong Leang CBXX2963
Phumi Tong Neak CBXX4596
Phumi Tong Rong CBXX1683
Phumi Tongke CBXX6602
Phumi Tonle CBXX6603
Phumi Tonle Bati CBXX6604
Phumi Tonle Dab CBXX6082
Phumi Tonle Neam CBXX2964
Phumi Tonle Sa CBXX6083
Phumi Tonle Sa CBXX4211
Phumi Tonle Sab CBXX6084
Phumi Tonlea CBXX5056
Phumi Tonloab CBXX0536
Phumi Tonloab CBXX6085
Phumi Tonloab CBXX1684
Phumi Tonloab CBXX6605
Phumi Top Tbeng CBXX2658
Phumi Totea CBXX5613
Phumi Totea CBXX0899
Phumi Toteal CBXX0900
Phumi Totol CBXX2115
Phumi Totoul CBXX1685
Phumi Trab CBXX2659
Phumi Trab CBXX1686
Phumi Trabek CBXX2273
Phumi Trabek CBXX4214
Phumi Trabek CBXX4598
Phumi Trabek CBXX3877
Phumi Trabek CBXX1687
Phumi Trabek CBXX2661
Phumi Trabek CBXX6607
Phumi Trabiet CBXX2966
Phumi Trach CBXX4599
Phumi Trach CBXX6086
Phumi Trach CBXX3878
Phumi Trach CBXX5616
Phumi Trach Toul CBXX2116
Phumi Tradev CBXX4215
Phumi Traeung CBXX1688
Phumi Traeuy Sla CBXX2118
Phumi Trai Phoap CBXX0537
Phumi Trakao CBXX4600
Phumi Trakiet CBXX6088
Phumi Trakuon CBXX3398
Phumi Tral CBXX4601
Phumi Tralach Sa CBXX4602
Phumi Tralek CBXX3879
Phumi Tram CBXX0538
Phumi Tram Kak CBXX6610
Phumi Tram Kang CBXX3399
Phumi Tram Kang CBXX6089
Phumi Tram Krasa CBXX6090
Phumi Tram Leav CBXX6611
Phumi Tram Neak CBXX6091
Phumi Tram Sasar CBXX2968
Phumi Tram Seh CBXX0539
Phumi Tram Ta Sa CBXX6092
Phumi Tramkach CBXX4130
Phumi Tramkang CBXX6093
Phumi Tramper CBXX5058
Phumi Tranal CBXX3880
Phumi Trang CBXX6094
Phumi Trang CBXX5059
Phumi Trang CBXX3401
Phumi Trang CBXX0901
Phumi Trang CBXX0540
Phumi Trangel CBXX2662
Phumi Trangel CBXX5060
Phumi Tranh CBXX2119
Phumi Tranob CBXX3882
Phumi Traok CBXX5617
Phumi Traok CBXX2663
Phumi Traok CBXX4603