Weather Codes for Burundi

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Burundi. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Akimpama BYXX4967
Bahanza BYXX2392
Bahizi BYXX2034
Bakashi BYXX1562
Bake BYXX4968
Bamba BYXX0505
Bamba BYXX3325
Bamba BYXX4627
Bambo BYXX1284
Bambu BYXX1285
Banda BYXX3539
Banda BYXX3082
Banda BYXX2393
Banda BYXX3797
Bandaga BYXX2726
Bandage BYXX0506
Bandaguro BYXX1563
Banga BYXX2727
Bangwe BYXX3083
Banza BYXX0507
Barega BYXX4628
Bareremba BYXX4629
Bariro BYXX4630
Bariza BYXX3540
Bartye BYXX4969
Bartye BYXX0508
Basaro BYXX2035
Batamba BYXX4631
Batsimba BYXX4632
Bayaga BYXX4633
Bayumbu BYXX4634
Baziro BYXX3541
Baziro BYXX0509
Baziro BYXX3084
Baziro BYXX2036
Baziro BYXX1564
Benga BYXX4970
Benga BYXX2728
Benga BYXX0196
Benja BYXX3542
Bibara BYXX2394
Bibare BYXX0197
Bibate BYXX1565
Bibuye BYXX0198
Biduda BYXX2037
Bidumu BYXX2729
Bigabiro BYXX4971
Bigamba BYXX0510
Biganda BYXX3326
Bigarama BYXX0974
Bigaza BYXX3543
Bigenama BYXX0975
Bigera BYXX1566
Bigera BYXX2038
Bigera BYXX1286
Bigera BYXX0511
Bigeri BYXX1287
Bigikura BYXX4972
Bigina BYXX4635
Bigoma BYXX0199
Bigombo BYXX4973
Bigondo BYXX0976
Bigoti BYXX0512
Bigugo BYXX2395
Bigugo BYXX3544
Bigugo BYXX4636
Bigwana BYXX3327
Bihahe BYXX1567
Bihanga BYXX0513
Bihanga BYXX0977
Bihanga BYXX1568
Bihanga BYXX4223
Bihangare BYXX4224
Bihari BYXX0514
Bihemba BYXX3798
Bihemba BYXX2396
Bihemba BYXX4225
Bihembe BYXX4637
Bihembe BYXX0012
Bihembe BYXX2397
Bihera BYXX4974
Biherwa BYXX2398
Bihindi BYXX0200
Bihinge BYXX0201
Bihogana BYXX2399
Bihoge BYXX0978
Bihogo BYXX3799
Bihomvora BYXX1569
Bihomvora BYXX3545
Bihororo BYXX1570
Bihunge BYXX2730
Bijo BYXX1571
Bikanka BYXX0202
Bikinga BYXX1572
Bikinga BYXX2400
Bikingi BYXX1573
Bikingi BYXX3085
Bikobe BYXX4975
Binyuro BYXX0515
Binzagara BYXX3086
Birambi BYXX4226
Biravumu BYXX2039
Birayi BYXX2040
Biriba BYXX3800
Birimba BYXX0516
Birohe BYXX1574
Birongozi BYXX4638
Bisaka BYXX0517
Bisenga BYXX4976
Bisha BYXX2731
Bisha BYXX3546
Bishikuzi BYXX4977
Bishuri BYXX4227
Bishuri BYXX2732
Bisibe BYXX3801
Bisigo BYXX4228
Bisinde BYXX4978
Bisiza BYXX1288
Bisoro BYXX3547
Bisoro BYXX3087
Bitagazwa BYXX4229
Bitagodoka BYXX3802
Bitambi BYXX2401
Bitare BYXX0518
Bitare BYXX4639
Bitare BYXX1575
Bitare BYXX1289
Bitare BYXX2402
Bitega BYXX1290
Bitege BYXX4640
Biteka BYXX0519
Bitezi BYXX0520
Bitwe BYXX0204
Biyorwa BYXX3803
Biyorwa BYXX4979
Biziya BYXX1576
Bogogwa BYXX3088
Bogora BYXX0013
Bomba BYXX4230
Bona BYXX0205
Bonero BYXX2403
Bonero BYXX3804
Bubaji BYXX0206
Bubaji BYXX1577
Bubaji BYXX3548
Bubanda BYXX3328
Bubanga BYXX3805
Bubanga BYXX4641
Bubanza BYXX0207
Bubanza BYXX0014
Bubari BYXX3549
Bubenga BYXX1578
Bubenga BYXX0015
Bubenga BYXX1291
Bubera BYXX0521
Bubezi BYXX2733
Bubogora BYXX2734
Bubu BYXX3329
Bubunga BYXX0522
Bucahana BYXX2041
Bucamihigo BYXX4231
Bucamihigo BYXX3806
Bucana BYXX1579
Bucana BYXX2042
Bucanda BYXX0016
Bucarenga BYXX3807
Bucuzi BYXX1292
Budaga BYXX2404
Budahigwa BYXX0017
Budahuga BYXX0980
Budahunga BYXX2043
Budajunikwa BYXX1580
Budatekwa BYXX3090
Budida BYXX1581
Budonde BYXX0208
Buga BYXX1582
Bugabira BYXX2044
Bugabiro BYXX0981
Bugagi BYXX3808
Buganda BYXX4642
Buganda BYXX3809
Buganda BYXX1293
Buganda BYXX3091
Buganuka BYXX4232
Bugarama BYXX4643
Bugarama BYXX0209
Bugarama BYXX2735
Bugarama BYXX4980
Bugarama BYXX3330
Bugari BYXX2045
Bugarure BYXX2046
Bugega BYXX1583
Bugendajoro BYXX0982
Bugendana BYXX1584
Bugeni BYXX3092
Bugeni BYXX0523
Bugenyuzi BYXX2405
Bugera BYXX3550
Bugera BYXX2047
Bugesera BYXX2048
Bugiga BYXX4644
Bugobora BYXX1294
Bugogo BYXX4233
Bugogo BYXX4981
Bugogo BYXX0983
Bugoma BYXX0210
Bugoma BYXX3810
Bugomba BYXX0211
Bugombe BYXX4645
Bugondo BYXX4646
Bugondo BYXX1585
Bugongo BYXX2049
Bugongo BYXX0212
Bugongo I BYXX4647
Bugongo II BYXX4648
Bugonza BYXX3811
Bugorora BYXX3812
Bugorora BYXX2736
Bugorora BYXX3551
Bugorora BYXX4234
Bugumbasha BYXX1586
Bugume BYXX0018
Bugunga BYXX4649
Bugungu BYXX3813
Buguye BYXX0213
Bugwana BYXX2050
Buhabwa BYXX3552
Buhagara BYXX4650
Buhama BYXX4235
Buhana BYXX0524
Buhanda BYXX2737
Buhanda BYXX4982
Buhanda BYXX1587
Buhandagaza BYXX0019
Buhanga BYXX1588
Buhangara BYXX3814
Buhangura BYXX3331
Buhangwa BYXX2051
Buhanza BYXX3815
Buhanza BYXX0525
Buharagata BYXX3332
Buhasa BYXX2407
Buhayira BYXX1295
Buhemba BYXX3816
Buheranyi BYXX3817
Buhevyi BYXX4983
Buhevyi BYXX2052
Buhevyi BYXX1589
Buhiga BYXX4984
Buhiga BYXX2409
Buhigiranka BYXX4236
Buhigwe BYXX4985
Buhimba BYXX2053
Buhina BYXX0214
Buhinda BYXX2410
Buhinda BYXX4986
Buhinda BYXX0215
Buhindo BYXX1296
Buhindye BYXX2411
Buhinga BYXX0526
Buhinyuza BYXX0216
Buhinyuza BYXX2412
Buhinyuza BYXX0527
Buhinyuza BYXX0984
Buhinyuza BYXX1591
Buhinyuza BYXX3818
Buhogo BYXX4651
Buhogo BYXX4987
Buhomba BYXX0217
Buhonga BYXX0218
Buhonga BYXX4988
Buhongegwa BYXX4989
Buhorana BYXX3819
Buhoro BYXX1297
Buhoro BYXX4237
Buhoro BYXX0985
Buhoro BYXX1592
Buhoro BYXX2054
Buhoro BYXX0219
Buhoro BYXX0020
Buhororo BYXX0220
Buhororo BYXX4990
Buhororo BYXX0021
Buhorwa BYXX3333
Buhoyo BYXX3553
Buhu BYXX4991
Buhuma BYXX3820
Buhumbi BYXX4652
Buhurana BYXX2413
Buhurika BYXX0022
Buhwamyi BYXX4653
Bujaga BYXX2055
Bujumbura BYXX0001
Bukamba BYXX4992
Bukanda BYXX0528
Bukanya BYXX2414
Bukanya BYXX4993
Bukanya BYXX2738
Bukanya BYXX3821
Bukemba BYXX4654
Bukera BYXX1298
Bukeye BYXX3093
Bukeye BYXX3334
Bukinanyana BYXX1299
Bukinga BYXX2056
Bukinga BYXX4994
Bukinga BYXX0986
Bukinga BYXX3822
Bukinga BYXX1593
Bukinga BYXX0023
Bukinisha BYXX3823
Bukinisha BYXX2415
Bukinja BYXX3824
Bukiramvyiro BYXX3825
Bukiranzuki BYXX0003
Bukirasazi BYXX0529
Bukirasazi BYXX1594
Bukobe BYXX3827
Bukoro BYXX1595
Bukorora BYXX1300
Bukuba BYXX2057
Bukuba BYXX0987
Bukurana BYXX0988
Bukwavu BYXX3335
Bukwazo BYXX1597
Bukweto BYXX3336
Bukwiye BYXX3828
Bumba BYXX4995
Bumba BYXX2739
Bumba BYXX1301
Bumba BYXX4238
Bumba BYXX1598
Bumbiri BYXX1302
Bungere BYXX1599
Bungozi BYXX2740
Buniha BYXX2416
Buniha BYXX3337
Bunogera BYXX4239
Bunorana BYXX3829
Bunya BYXX4655
Bunyambo BYXX4996
Bunyange BYXX3554
Bunyarukiga BYXX3830
Bunyuka BYXX1600
Bunyuro BYXX0989
Bunywana BYXX4240
Bunywera BYXX2058
Bupfizi BYXX4997
Bupfunda BYXX3338
Bura BYXX0530
Buraga BYXX3831
Buragane BYXX3094
Buramata BYXX0024
Buramba BYXX1601
Burambana BYXX3339
Burambi BYXX0531
Burambi BYXX3340
Burambira BYXX3095
Burambira BYXX3832
Buranga BYXX3096
Buranga BYXX4998
Burangwa BYXX0221
Buraniro BYXX0222
Buraniro BYXX2741
Burara BYXX3833
Burara BYXX2059
Burarana BYXX0533
Burarana BYXX3555
Burarana BYXX2742
Burarana BYXX1602
Burarana BYXX2060
Burarana BYXX2417
Burarana BYXX0223
Buraruka BYXX0534
Burasira BYXX3556
Burasira BYXX3834
Burasira BYXX1603
Buraza BYXX1604
Burazi BYXX0224
Burazi BYXX2418
Burembera BYXX2419
Burembera BYXX0225
Burenge BYXX4241
Burengo BYXX2743
Burenza BYXX3835
Burenza BYXX0535
Burenza BYXX3342
Burenza BYXX4999
Burenza BYXX2420
Burenza BYXX2061
Burenza BYXX2744
Burenza I BYXX4242
Burenza II BYXX4243
Buriba BYXX5000
Burima BYXX3836
Burima BYXX0226
Burima BYXX3097
Burimbi BYXX1303
Burindi BYXX3344
Burindira BYXX2062
Buringa BYXX0227
Buringa BYXX3837
Buringa BYXX0025
Buringanire BYXX2063
Buriza BYXX1605
Buruhukiro BYXX3345
Buruhukiro BYXX3557
Buruhukiro BYXX0536
Burume BYXX4656
Burunga BYXX1606
Burunga BYXX0537
Bururi BYXX0538
Busabe BYXX4657
Busaga BYXX0539
Busaga BYXX4658
Busaga BYXX1304
Busaka BYXX2421
Busambo BYXX2745
Busangana BYXX3346
Busangira BYXX3838
Busango BYXX4659
Busanza BYXX4244
Busarira BYXX3839
Busaro BYXX3840
Busaro BYXX5001
Busasa BYXX3841
Busasa BYXX1305
Busekera BYXX3347
Busenge BYXX0228
Busenyi BYXX2064
Busesa BYXX0540
Busesamvu BYXX0026
Bushabashi BYXX1607
Bushembo BYXX2065
Bushikira BYXX3842
Bushirambeho BYXX2422
Bushoka BYXX2746
Busiga BYXX4245
Busigo BYXX4660
Busimba BYXX3348
Businde BYXX5002
Businde BYXX3349
Busokoza BYXX2747
Busongoye BYXX2066
Busoni BYXX2067
Busoni BYXX4246
Busoro BYXX4247
Busoro BYXX4661
Busoro BYXX2748
Busoro BYXX0990
Busoza BYXX2423
Busumanyi BYXX0991
Busura BYXX0541
Busyana BYXX0992
Buta BYXX0542
Buta BYXX4662
Butaganda BYXX3843
Butaganzwa BYXX2749
Butaganzwa BYXX5003
Butagazwa BYXX0229
Butaha BYXX4663
Butaha BYXX0993
Butaha BYXX0027
Butaha BYXX4248
Butaha BYXX2424
Butahana BYXX2068
Butahana BYXX1306
Butambara BYXX5004
Butambuka BYXX3844
Butamenwa BYXX0028
Butamenwa BYXX2425
Butamuheba BYXX1608
Butana BYXX3845
Butanganika BYXX4249
Butangaza BYXX2426
Butanuka BYXX0029
Butanya BYXX4664
Butanyerera BYXX0030
Butara BYXX1307
Butaramuka BYXX3846
Butarangira BYXX5005
Butare BYXX2069
Butare BYXX0994
Butare BYXX5006
Butare BYXX1609
Butaro BYXX0543
Butarugera BYXX3847
Butarumanga BYXX3848
Butavuka BYXX0031
Butazi BYXX3558
Butebe BYXX0995
Butega BYXX0032
Butega BYXX3098
Butega BYXX0230
Butega BYXX2750
Butegama BYXX3559
Butegana BYXX1610
Butegana BYXX2751
Butegana BYXX2070
Butemba BYXX1611
Butembe BYXX0033
Buterama BYXX1612
Buteyege BYXX3560
Butezi BYXX1613
Butezi BYXX4250
Butezi BYXX2752
Butihinda BYXX3849
Butihinda BYXX2071
Butimbo BYXX4665
Butimbo BYXX3350
Butirabura BYXX3850
Butobwe BYXX0544
Butobwe BYXX1614
Butoga BYXX3851
Butora BYXX3561
Butsimba BYXX2072
Butuhurana BYXX2753
Butuhurana BYXX0034
Bututsi BYXX0545
Butwe BYXX0546
Butwe BYXX3351
Butwe BYXX2754
Buvumbi BYXX2073
Buvumo BYXX2755
Buvumo BYXX5007
Buvuzo BYXX3562
Buvyuko BYXX0035
Buyaga BYXX3352
Buyaga BYXX4666
Buyagara BYXX2074
Buyagira BYXX3099
Buye BYXX1308
Buye BYXX4251
Buyenzi BYXX0547
Buyenzi BYXX0231
Buyenzu BYXX4252
Buyimba BYXX0232
Buyogoma BYXX5008
Buyogora BYXX2428
Buyongwe BYXX0996
Buyori BYXX3353
Buyumpu BYXX2756
Buzamana BYXX0548
Buzige BYXX0233
Buzigo BYXX2075
Buziracanda BYXX3354
Buziragahama BYXX4253
Buziraguhindwa BYXX2757
Buziraguhindwa BYXX0036
Buziramabinga BYXX0997
Buzirambenga BYXX1615
Buzirampfunya BYXX2758
Buziramugayo BYXX3852
Buzirawangwe BYXX3853
Bveru BYXX3854
Bwakira BYXX3563
Bwambarangwe BYXX2076
Bwasale BYXX3855
Bwasare BYXX1309
Bwasare BYXX2429
Bwashisha BYXX3856
Bwatemba BYXX0549
Bwato BYXX3564
Bwayi BYXX2759
Bwayi BYXX0998
Bwegera BYXX1310
Bwena BYXX1616
Bwera BYXX4667
Bweru BYXX1617
Bweru BYXX5009
Bwica BYXX3857
Bwinjira BYXX1618
Bwinyana BYXX2077
Bwirakare BYXX4255
Bwire BYXX1619
Bwisange BYXX2760
Bwisha BYXX3858
Bwitoyi BYXX4256
Bwiza BYXX2078
Bwiza BYXX1620
Bwiza BYXX0234
Bwiza-Bweranka BYXX4257
Bwoga BYXX1621
Bwome BYXX5010
Bwona BYXX3565
Bwonko BYXX0999
Bwumanyi BYXX5011
Cabira BYXX0037
Cabumba BYXX1622
Caga BYXX4258
Cagizo BYXX3859
Cagura BYXX4259
Cagwa BYXX4260
Cahi BYXX4261
Cakaka BYXX3566
Camazi BYXX4262
Camazi BYXX1000
Cambogwe BYXX0550
Camizi BYXX2761
Campazi BYXX2762
Camugani BYXX4263
Camumandu BYXX3355
Cana BYXX1623
Canamo BYXX4264
Canda BYXX0235
Cangugu BYXX1311
Cangwe BYXX0551
Canika BYXX2079
Canika BYXX1001
Canika BYXX0552
Canzara BYXX2763
Canzikiro BYXX2430
Canzu BYXX1624
Caragata BYXX5013
Caranka BYXX0236
Caratsi BYXX2764
Cari BYXX1625
Carire BYXX1626
Carire BYXX2431
Carubambo BYXX2080
Cashi BYXX0237
Cayi BYXX4265
Cendajuru BYXX2081
Cendajuru BYXX1002
Cendajuru BYXX4266
Cera BYXX4267
Ceramunda BYXX2765
Cero BYXX4668
Ceru BYXX4669
Ceru BYXX1627
Ceru BYXX2766
Ceru BYXX2082
Cewe BYXX2083
Cewe BYXX0553
Ceyerezi BYXX2767
Cezi BYXX2432
Cibari BYXX3860
Cibitoke BYXX0238
Cibwire BYXX0554
Cigati BYXX2433
Cigome BYXX0555
Cigumije BYXX4268
Cihisho BYXX1003
Cihonda BYXX4269
Cihonda BYXX3861
Cimabare BYXX0556
Cimba BYXX1628
Cimo BYXX2084
Cinga BYXX2768
Cingwa BYXX2434
Cingwe-Nyamata BYXX2085
Cinywera BYXX1004
Cirambo BYXX2435
Ciri BYXX4270
Cirisha BYXX3356
Cishwa BYXX2769
Cishwa BYXX1629
Civugiza BYXX2770
Ciya BYXX0038
Ciyando BYXX5014
Ciyubake BYXX1630
Coga BYXX0239
Coganyi BYXX3357
Cogo BYXX1631
Cogo BYXX2436
Coma BYXX0557
Cona BYXX0039
Condi BYXX0558
Conga BYXX4670
Congori BYXX4271
Cowe BYXX3100
Cuba BYXX2437
Cugaro BYXX3567
Cugaro BYXX2438
Cugaro BYXX3862
Cugi BYXX5015
Cuhu BYXX4671
Cukiro BYXX2771
Cumba BYXX0240
Cumba BYXX3863
Cumba BYXX4272
Cumba BYXX3358
Cumba BYXX2086
Cumva BYXX2087
Cunamwe BYXX3101
Cunda BYXX4672
Cunguza BYXX1632
Cunyu BYXX1312
Cunywe BYXX1633
Cura BYXX3864
Curabugufi BYXX5016
Curiza BYXX1634
Cuzwe BYXX1313
Dabambe BYXX4673
Dangara BYXX1635
Donge-Burasira BYXX0559
Donge-Ruzi BYXX0560
Donzi BYXX0561
Duhiro BYXX1005
Duli BYXX0562
Dunga BYXX3102
Dunga BYXX0241
Dusasa BYXX2772
Dutwaro BYXX1636
Foko BYXX2088
Fota BYXX3568
Fuku BYXX0563
Funzwe BYXX5017
Gabaniro BYXX0242
Gabuke BYXX1637
Gacabwoya BYXX2089
Gacaca BYXX3359
Gacaca BYXX3865
Gacaca BYXX2090
Gacamihigo BYXX2091
Gacokwe BYXX3866
Gacokwe BYXX2773
Gacokwe BYXX5018
Gaconge BYXX3867
Gacu BYXX3868
Gacu BYXX2774
Gacuba BYXX0040
Gafunzo BYXX2439
Gafuri BYXX5019
Gahabura BYXX1314
Gahabwa BYXX1315
Gahaga BYXX3360
Gahagaze BYXX0564
Gahago BYXX0565
Gahahe BYXX3361
Gahahe BYXX2440
Gahama BYXX3870
Gahama BYXX3103
Gahama BYXX4674
Gahama BYXX1006
Gahama BYXX0566
Gahama BYXX5020
Gahanda BYXX0567
Gahandu BYXX3104
Gahanga BYXX2441
Gahanga BYXX2092
Gahanga BYXX5021
Gahara BYXX3105
Gahara BYXX2093
Gahararo BYXX3871
Gaharata BYXX2094
Gaharo BYXX2442
Gaharo BYXX2095
Gaharo BYXX2776
Gaharo BYXX3362
Gaharo BYXX1316
Gahashi BYXX2443
Gahe BYXX2444
Gahe BYXX1639
Gaheba BYXX4273
Gaheka BYXX4274
Gahembe BYXX1640
Gahembe BYXX4675
Gahengeri BYXX4275
Gahera BYXX3569
Gahera BYXX1007
Gahera BYXX2445
Gahetsi BYXX3570
Gahinasazi BYXX0041
Gahinda BYXX5022
Gahinda BYXX0568
Gahini BYXX4276
Gahise BYXX0042
Gahisi BYXX3363
Gahisi BYXX2777
Gaho BYXX2446
Gahogo BYXX3872
Gahoko BYXX1008
Gahoma BYXX1317
Gahombo BYXX2778
Gahondo BYXX3571
Gahondo BYXX5023
Gahongore BYXX0043
Gahororo BYXX4676
Gahororo BYXX2779
Gahororo BYXX4277
Gahororo BYXX3873
Gahororo BYXX2447
Gahororo BYXX3106
Gahosha BYXX3107
Gahuma BYXX2780
Gahumba BYXX2448
Gahuna BYXX4677
Gahuni BYXX4678
Gahuni BYXX0244
Gahuro BYXX3572
Gahuru BYXX1318
Gahwazi BYXX4278
Gahwazi BYXX0044
Gahwenzi BYXX2781
Gahweza BYXX3364
Gahwije BYXX2097
Gakana BYXX2098
Gakangaga BYXX5024
Gakangaga BYXX1009
Gakara BYXX0245
Gakara BYXX3108
Gakarakara BYXX4279
Gakaranka BYXX0569
Gakaze BYXX5025
Gakeceri BYXX4280
Gakenke BYXX4281
Gakere BYXX4282
Gakindo BYXX0045
Gakobe BYXX4679
Gakoko BYXX1319
Gakombe BYXX4680
Gakombe BYXX3874
Gakombe BYXX0570
Gakombe BYXX1010
Gakombe BYXX3109
Gakombero BYXX0246
Gakome BYXX1320
Gakome BYXX4681
Gakomero BYXX1321
Gakoni BYXX3875
Gakoni BYXX2099
Gakonko BYXX5026
Gakonko BYXX0571
Gakore BYXX5027
Gakowe BYXX0046
Gakuba BYXX1641
Gakungu BYXX1322
Gakungu BYXX4682
Gakungwe BYXX0247
Gakuro BYXX2782
Gakuyo BYXX0248
Gakuza BYXX0572
Gakwende BYXX4683
Gamba BYXX0047
Ganga BYXX0249
Ganigwa BYXX2449
Gasabira BYXX2783
Gasabo BYXX1011
Gasagara BYXX1642
Gasaka BYXX3110
Gasaka BYXX1012
Gasakuza BYXX4684
Gasamba BYXX0573
Gasana BYXX3111
Gasanda BYXX5028
Gasanda BYXX0574
Gasanga BYXX0575
Gasange BYXX2100
Gasange BYXX3112
Gasange BYXX4685
Gasaraga BYXX1643
Gasarara BYXX4686
Gasare BYXX2784
Gasarende BYXX4687
Gasaro BYXX0576
Gasarwe BYXX0250
Gasasa BYXX4688
Gasasa BYXX2451
Gasasa BYXX3113
Gasasa BYXX1013
Gasasa BYXX5029
Gasasa BYXX1644
Gasasa BYXX3876
Gasasira BYXX0251
Gasate BYXX4283
Gasave BYXX2452
Gasave BYXX3573
Gasave BYXX2785
Gasave BYXX3877
Gasebeye BYXX2101
Gasebeyi BYXX4284
Gasebeyi BYXX0252
Gasegerwa BYXX4285
Gasegwa BYXX4286
Gasekanya BYXX4287
Gasekanya BYXX2453
Gasekebuye BYXX0253
Gasekera BYXX2454
Gasema BYXX0577
Gasema BYXX5030
Gaseme BYXX2102
Gaseme BYXX3878
Gasemo BYXX3879
Gasenga BYXX3114
Gasenyi BYXX3880
Gasenyi BYXX2786
Gasenyi BYXX1323
Gasenyi BYXX5031
Gasenyi BYXX1014
Gasenyi BYXX0254
Gasenyi BYXX2103
Gasenyi BYXX2455
Gasenyi BYXX4288
Gaserege BYXX2787
Gaseri BYXX4690
Gaseru BYXX0255
Gasezerwa BYXX4289
Gashanga BYXX1645
Gashara BYXX2104
Gashara BYXX4290
Gashasha BYXX0578
Gashashara BYXX0048
Gashawe BYXX5032
Gasheke BYXX1324
Gashibuka BYXX2789
Gashiha BYXX3574
Gashikanwa BYXX2105
Gashikanwa BYXX4291
Gashinga BYXX4691
Gashinge BYXX1646
Gashinge BYXX0049
Gashingi BYXX0050
Gashingura BYXX1647
Gashingwa BYXX2106
Gashingwa BYXX3365
Gashingwe BYXX1648
Gashirwe BYXX4692
Gashoho BYXX3881
Gashoka BYXX2107
Gashoka BYXX2790
Gashonge BYXX3882
Gashubi BYXX4292
Gashubi BYXX2108
Gashwi BYXX2791
Gasi BYXX0256
Gasibe BYXX0579
Gasigati BYXX5033
Gasigati BYXX0580
Gasigwa BYXX1649
Gasivya BYXX2457
Gasivya BYXX3575
Gasobane BYXX3883
Gasongati BYXX2109
Gasongati BYXX2458
Gasongati BYXX1650
Gasorwe BYXX3884
Gasozi BYXX4693
Gasozwa BYXX1651
Gasumba BYXX1015
Gasumo BYXX1652
Gasunu BYXX5034
Gasunu BYXX4694
Gasura BYXX0581
Gasuru BYXX5035
Gasuru BYXX2111
Gasuru BYXX0257
Gasuru BYXX3366
Gasuru BYXX2792
Gasurubwe BYXX1325
Gaswera BYXX2459
Gasyangiri BYXX5036
Gataba BYXX5037
Gataba BYXX1653
Gatabo BYXX0582
Gatabo BYXX2460
Gatabo BYXX1016
Gatabo BYXX5038
Gatabo BYXX3115
Gataka BYXX0583
Gatakazi BYXX2112
Gatakazi BYXX4695
Gatanga BYXX3116
Gatanganikwa BYXX2461
Gatara BYXX2793
Gatare BYXX5039
Gatare BYXX2462
Gatare BYXX2794
Gatare BYXX1017
Gatare BYXX4696
Gatare BYXX0051
Gatare BYXX3577
Gatare BYXX3367
Gatare-Gasenyi BYXX5040
Gataro BYXX2113
Gatebe BYXX3368
Gatega BYXX1654
Gateke BYXX4293
Gateko BYXX2795
Gatemere BYXX2114
Gaterera BYXX5041
Gateri BYXX1326
Gatete BYXX1018
Gatete BYXX0584
Gatika BYXX4294
Gatimbiri BYXX5042
Gatobo BYXX0585
Gatoke BYXX3887
Gatoke BYXX5043
Gatoke BYXX1327
Gatoke BYXX2115
Gatonde BYXX2463
Gatonde BYXX1655
Gatonga BYXX3888
Gatonganika BYXX0586
Gatongati BYXX3578
Gatongati BYXX3369
Gatongati BYXX4697
Gatongati BYXX2796
Gatongati BYXX2116
Gatongati BYXX3889
Gatongati BYXX1328
Gatongo BYXX4295
Gatongo BYXX1656
Gatonyangira BYXX3117
Gatoza BYXX1657
Gatozo BYXX2797
Gatsinda BYXX4296
Gatsinga BYXX3579
Gatsiro BYXX1658
Gatukuza BYXX3370
Gatumba BYXX0052
Gatumba BYXX0258
Gatumbura BYXX4698
Gatumbuzi BYXX2798
Gatungaboro BYXX4298
Gatunguru BYXX1659
Gatunguru BYXX5044
Gatungurwe BYXX1019
Gatuntu BYXX1020
Gatura BYXX5045
Gatura BYXX0053
Gatura BYXX2799
Gaturanda BYXX2117
Gatutwe BYXX3890
Gatwa BYXX5046
Gatwaro BYXX4299
Gatwaro BYXX1021
Gatwaro BYXX3580
Gatwaro BYXX3371
Gatwe BYXX3372
Gatwe BYXX0587
Gatwe BYXX2118
Gatwe BYXX3118
Gatwe BYXX4300
Gatwenge BYXX0588
Gatwenzi BYXX0259
Gendo BYXX0589
Gerangabo BYXX1660
Gerero BYXX1022
Gerero BYXX2119
Gicaca BYXX1329
Gicaca BYXX5047
Gicike BYXX5048
Gicombe BYXX2120
Gicu BYXX4301
Gicumbi BYXX4302
Gicumbi BYXX3581
Gicumbi BYXX4699
Gicumbi BYXX1661
Gicumboro BYXX1023
Gicungwe BYXX0590
Gifugutu BYXX0591
Gifunzo BYXX2464
Gifunzo BYXX5049
Gifurwe BYXX0054
Gihama BYXX2121
Gihama BYXX4303
Gihamagara BYXX1662
Gihamagara BYXX2465
Gihamba BYXX1663
Gihambwe BYXX5050
Gihanga BYXX0592
Gihanga BYXX0055
Gihanga BYXX3373
Gihanga BYXX2122
Gihanga BYXX4700
Gihanga BYXX2466
Gihango BYXX1664
Gihango BYXX1330
Gihanjo BYXX0593
Giharo BYXX4701
Gihasha BYXX4702
Gihehe BYXX1665
Giheko BYXX4703
Gihera BYXX4704
Gihere BYXX4304
Gihero BYXX3119
Giheru BYXX3892
Giheta BYXX4705
Giheta BYXX0594
Giheta BYXX4305
Gihigi BYXX3893
Gihinda BYXX1025
Gihindwe BYXX4306
Gihinga BYXX2123
Gihinga BYXX4706
Gihinga BYXX3582
Gihinga BYXX0056
Gihingo BYXX3894
Gihitansi BYXX3895
Gihiza BYXX1667
Gihofi BYXX4707
Gihofi-Bareremba BYXX3120
Gihogazi BYXX2467
Gihohe BYXX2124
Gihoma BYXX3896
Gihoma BYXX3583
Gihondo BYXX0260
Gihongo BYXX3897
Gihongoro BYXX3121
Gihoro BYXX0595
Gihoro BYXX1668
Gihororo BYXX4307
Gihororo BYXX5051
Gihororo BYXX2468
Gihosha BYXX2125
Gihosho BYXX0261
Gihovu BYXX1669
Gihuga BYXX1670
Gihungwe BYXX0057
Gihushi BYXX2126
Gikama BYXX3898
Gikana BYXX0596
Gikangaga BYXX0262
Gikarama BYXX5052
Gikebuka BYXX3584
Gikende BYXX4708
Gikinga BYXX4709
Gikingo BYXX2127
Gikingo BYXX2800
Giko BYXX0058
Gikobe BYXX2469
Gikokoma BYXX0597
Gikokora BYXX2470
Gikombe BYXX2471
Gikombe BYXX4308
Gikombe BYXX1026
Gikomero BYXX4309
Gikomero BYXX2801
Gikomero BYXX2129
Gikonge BYXX3374
Gikongo BYXX1027
Gikongoro BYXX0263
Gikonko BYXX2472
Gikore BYXX4310
Gikoto BYXX0264
Gikuka BYXX1671
Gikundamvura BYXX4311
Gikungere BYXX2802
Gikunu BYXX2473
Gikurazo BYXX3122
Gikuyo BYXX2130
Gikuzi BYXX3123
Gikwazo BYXX0598
Gikwiye BYXX3900
Gikwiye BYXX5054
Gipfizi BYXX0599
Gipfuvya BYXX2803
Gisaba BYXX1331
Gisabazuba BYXX3901
Gisagara BYXX4710
Gisagara BYXX0265
Gisagara BYXX1672
Gisagara BYXX1028
Gisagazuba BYXX0600
Gisanze BYXX3902
Gisanze BYXX0601
Gisanze BYXX1029
Gisanze-Muzingi BYXX3903
Gisanze-Rugerero BYXX3904
Gisara BYXX2804
Gisarwe BYXX0266
Gisasa BYXX1030
Gisasa BYXX4711
Gisasa BYXX1673
Gisatura BYXX0602
Gisebeyi BYXX3905
Gisebuzi BYXX1674
Gisegwa BYXX3124
Giseke BYXX1031
Gisekuro BYXX4312
Gisenga BYXX3125
Gisenga BYXX1032
Gisenga BYXX2131
Gisenga BYXX5055
Giseno BYXX1332
Gisenyi BYXX2474
Gisenyi BYXX0267
Gisenyi BYXX3126
Gisenyi BYXX3375
Gisenyi BYXX2132
Gisenyi BYXX0603
Gisenyi BYXX3906
Gisenyi BYXX2805
Giserama BYXX1333
Giseza BYXX0059
Gisezerwa BYXX2133
Gisezerwa BYXX4313
Gisha BYXX4314
Gishambusha BYXX3907
Gishami BYXX1033
Gishanga BYXX4712
Gishehe BYXX2134
Gishenyi BYXX3908
Gishiha BYXX0604
Gishiha BYXX3127
Gishikanwa BYXX2475
Gishingano BYXX0268
Gishinge BYXX0269
Gishingwe BYXX5056
Gishirwe BYXX0605
Gishirwe BYXX0270
Gishishima BYXX0606
Gishubi BYXX1675
Gishubi BYXX3376
Gishubi BYXX4713
Gishubi BYXX2806
Gishuha BYXX3909
Gishuha BYXX1676
Gishungo BYXX1034
Gishunzi BYXX4315
Gishurushuru BYXX0607
Gisibe BYXX4714
Gisikara BYXX1677
Gisimbawaga BYXX2476
Gisirtye BYXX3585
Gisisye BYXX0608
Gisitwe BYXX2135
Gisivya BYXX3910
Gisiza BYXX4316
Gisizi BYXX0609
Gisogwe BYXX0271
Gisoko BYXX3911
Gisoko BYXX2136
Gisoma BYXX1678
Gisonzoka BYXX4317
Gisoro BYXX4715
Gisoro BYXX1679
Gisoro BYXX5058
Gisorora BYXX5059
Gisorwe BYXX0610
Gisovu BYXX0272
Gisovu BYXX1334
Gisovu BYXX0060
Gisozi BYXX3586
Gisuka BYXX4318
Gisuma BYXX4319
Gisuma BYXX1035
Gisuma BYXX4716
Gisuma BYXX3128
Gisura BYXX4320
Gisura BYXX1680
Gisure BYXX0611
Gisuriro BYXX4717
Gisuriro BYXX5060
Gisuru BYXX1036
Gisuru BYXX1681
Gisuru BYXX5061
Gisyo BYXX2808
Gitaba BYXX3587
Gitaba BYXX1335
Gitaba BYXX3377
Gitaba BYXX3129
Gitaba BYXX2477
Gitaba BYXX0612
Gitabi BYXX4719
Gitambutso BYXX4720
Gitamo BYXX1682
Gitamo BYXX4321
Gitamo BYXX2809
Gitandu BYXX2478
Gitanga BYXX1336
Gitanga BYXX3378
Gitanga BYXX2479
Gitanga BYXX0614
Gitanganika BYXX0615
Gitangaro BYXX2810
Gitara BYXX3130
Gitara BYXX3588
Gitara BYXX0616
Gitarama BYXX4722
Gitaramuka BYXX0273
Gitaramuka BYXX1037
Gitaramuka BYXX3379
Gitaramuka BYXX5062
Gitaramuka BYXX2480
Gitare BYXX4322
Gitare BYXX4723
Gitaro BYXX4323
Gitaro BYXX2137
Gitarurwa BYXX3589
Gitasi BYXX4324
Gitaza BYXX0274
Gitebe BYXX1337
Gitega BYXX1039
Gitega BYXX4724
Gitega BYXX3380
Gitega BYXX4325
Gitega BYXX3912
Gitega BYXX0275
Gitema BYXX5063
Gitemba BYXX3381
Gitemezi BYXX4326
Gitenga BYXX1683
Gitenga BYXX0276
Gitengeri BYXX3382
Gitera BYXX1338
Giterama BYXX5064
Giteranyi BYXX3913
Gitete BYXX2138
Gitezi BYXX0617
Gitezi BYXX0277
Gitibiza BYXX3131
Gitibu BYXX1040
Gitibu BYXX2481
Gitibu BYXX2811
Gitobe BYXX4327
Gitobe BYXX2139
Gitobo BYXX0618
Gitobwe BYXX2812
Gitohera BYXX1339
Gitohwe BYXX3590
Gitohwe BYXX1041
Gitondo BYXX5065
Gitonganikwa BYXX0063
Gitongo BYXX3132
Gitongo BYXX0619
Gitongo BYXX1684
Gitongwe BYXX3914
Gitongwe BYXX0620
Gitora BYXX1685
Gitovu BYXX1042
Gitsiro BYXX5066
Gituguta BYXX3133
Gitukura BYXX1340
Gitundo BYXX0279
Gitundwe BYXX4328
Gitunga BYXX3591
Gitunguru BYXX3134
Gitunguru BYXX5067
Gitura BYXX1043
Giturwe BYXX4329
Gitwa BYXX2140
Gitwa BYXX4725
Gitwa BYXX3915
Gitwa BYXX2813
Gitwaro BYXX0621
Gitwaro BYXX0280
Gitwe BYXX0281
Gitwe BYXX5068
Gitwe I BYXX0622
Gitwe II BYXX0623
Gitwenge BYXX2815
Gitwenge BYXX1044
Gitwenzi BYXX2141
Goga BYXX1686
Gogoma BYXX5069
Gomba BYXX3916
Gomba BYXX2142
Gomvyi BYXX0282
Gozi BYXX0624
Gukamba BYXX4330
Gungu BYXX3592
Gutundere BYXX1341
Gwagongwe BYXX5070
Gwahona BYXX3135
Gwanira BYXX1342
Gwaniro BYXX1343
Gwaniro BYXX2482
Gwanumpu BYXX4726
Gwasanga BYXX0625
Gwingiri BYXX1687
Gwingwa BYXX1045
Gwiri BYXX2816
Gwiti BYXX1046
Gwiyagiro BYXX0626
Gwiyange BYXX2483
Haga BYXX2143
Hangarizo BYXX4331
Hangarizo BYXX3383
Hayi BYXX0627
Hayiro BYXX4332
Hayiro BYXX3384
Higiro BYXX3385
Higiro BYXX0283
Higiro BYXX0628
Higiro BYXX3136
Higiro BYXX4333
Higiro BYXX3917
Higiro BYXX1688
Hina BYXX4334
Hindaniro BYXX1344
Horezo BYXX0629
Humure BYXX1047
Ibuga BYXX5071
Ihangiro BYXX5072
Ijenda BYXX0284
Ijuru BYXX0630
Imbo BYXX0064
Impare BYXX2817
Ingwa BYXX1048
Intamba BYXX2484
Irimwa BYXX3593
Isale BYXX0285
Isigi BYXX0286
Itaba BYXX5073
Itaba BYXX3386
Itahe BYXX5074
Itwe BYXX3594
Ivi BYXX1689
Iyogera BYXX5075
Jabiro BYXX2145
Janda BYXX0287
Janga BYXX3387
Jani BYXX3918
Janja BYXX1690
Jarama BYXX3919
Jenda BYXX3137
Jenda BYXX4727
Jenda BYXX0631
Jenda BYXX1691
Jene BYXX2818
Jerama BYXX1692
Jerama BYXX0632
Jimbi BYXX2819
Jimbi BYXX1693
Jimbi BYXX3138
Jobe BYXX4728
Jogo BYXX2485
Jomati BYXX4729
Jongwe BYXX3139
Jugwe BYXX1694
Jungwe BYXX0633
Jurugati BYXX4730
Kababi BYXX1049
Kabagabaga BYXX1050
Kabagara BYXX0634
Kabagari BYXX1051
Kabago BYXX4731
Kabakuro BYXX5076
Kabamba BYXX3920
Kabamba BYXX3388
Kabamba BYXX4336
Kabande BYXX2486
Kabanga BYXX5077
Kabanga BYXX1695
Kabanga BYXX2147
Kabanga BYXX0065
Kabangira BYXX2487
Kabaniganyi BYXX1696
Kabarabara BYXX4337
Kabarambi BYXX0635
Kabarazaga BYXX3141
Kabaremera BYXX4338
Kabari BYXX1052
Kabari BYXX4339
Kabarimbi BYXX2820
Kabarore BYXX2821
Kabasa BYXX0636
Kabasazi BYXX4340
Kabashi BYXX2488
Kabata BYXX1345
Kabatwa BYXX2822
Kabayanda BYXX2823
Kabazana BYXX4341
Kabazo BYXX0637
Kabebe BYXX1053
Kabenga BYXX2824
Kabenga BYXX3389
Kabenga BYXX2148
Kabere BYXX4342
Kaberenge BYXX0638
Kabeza BYXX1055
Kabeza BYXX2825
Kabezi BYXX0639
Kabezi BYXX0004
Kabimba BYXX3595
Kabingo BYXX3921
Kabingo BYXX4732
Kabingo BYXX0640
Kabingo BYXX5078
Kabingo BYXX2489
Kabingo BYXX1346
Kabira BYXX2149
Kabira BYXX3922
Kabirizi BYXX4733
Kabirumba BYXX3390
Kabizi BYXX2490
Kabo BYXX0641
Kabogi BYXX1697
Kabogo BYXX3923
Kabogora BYXX0642
Kabogoye BYXX1056
Kabombo BYXX3924
Kabonaburundi BYXX1057
Kabonde BYXX2150
Kabondo BYXX1347
Kabonga BYXX3143
Kaboro BYXX0643
Kaboza BYXX1348
Kaboza BYXX3596
Kabuga BYXX2826
Kabugu BYXX2491
Kabuguzo BYXX3392
Kabukaro BYXX1698
Kabumba BYXX5079
Kabumba BYXX0288
Kabumbe BYXX1699
Kabundugu BYXX1700
Kabungere BYXX1701
Kabungere BYXX2492
Kabungo BYXX4734
Kabungo BYXX2827
Kaburanjwiri BYXX5080
Kaburantwa BYXX1349
Kaburantwa BYXX4343
Kaburanzwiri BYXX3925
Kabureye BYXX2828
Kaburi BYXX3144
Kaburire BYXX5081
Kaburungu BYXX3597
Kabuturiro BYXX1350
Kabuye BYXX3145
Kabuye BYXX1351
Kabuye BYXX5082
Kabuye BYXX3598
Kabuye BYXX2151
Kabuye BYXX0289
Kabuye BYXX4344
Kabuye BYXX0644
Kabuye BYXX1058
Kabuye BYXX2829
Kabuye BYXX0066
Kabuye-Gitanga BYXX2152
Kabuye-Shororo BYXX2153
Kabuyekere BYXX0067
Kabuyenge BYXX5083
Kabuyenge BYXX2154
Kabuyogoma BYXX3926
Kabwayi BYXX0645
Kabweru BYXX3927
Kabwira BYXX3928
Kabwira BYXX2493
Kabwirika BYXX3393
Kabwitika BYXX0068
Kadende BYXX0646
Kadimbagu BYXX4345
Kadina BYXX0647
Kaduha BYXX1059
Kagamba BYXX3599
Kaganda BYXX4346
Kaganda BYXX1702
Kaganda BYXX2494
Kagano BYXX3929
Kagano BYXX3394
Kagano BYXX5084
Kagano BYXX3600
Kaganza BYXX0648
Kagarama BYXX2155
Kagarama BYXX4347
Kagari BYXX4348
Kagari BYXX4735
Kagari BYXX1703
Kagari BYXX1352
Kagari BYXX3930
Kagari BYXX2495
Kagaruka BYXX2830
Kagarura BYXX4349
Kagati BYXX3601
Kagazo BYXX2831
Kagege BYXX3146
Kagege BYXX1704
Kagendo BYXX0290
Kagera BYXX0649
Kagera BYXX4736
Kagera BYXX5085
Kageruke BYXX0291
Kageyo BYXX1060
Kageyo BYXX3395
Kagezi BYXX3931
Kagimbu BYXX0650
Kagina BYXX4350
Kagina BYXX3932
Kagiraconi BYXX2157
Kagogo BYXX1353
Kagoma BYXX0651
Kagoma BYXX4737
Kagoma BYXX2832
Kagoma BYXX1705
Kagoma BYXX3933
Kagoma BYXX3602
Kagoma BYXX1061
Kagoma BYXX4351
Kagomogomo BYXX1062
Kagomogomo BYXX2496
Kagona BYXX0292
Kagondo BYXX1063
Kagongo BYXX3396
Kagongoro BYXX5086
Kagote BYXX4352
Kagoti BYXX0293
Kagoti BYXX1354
Kagozi BYXX4353
Kagugo BYXX3934
Kaguhu BYXX3935
Kagunga BYXX4738
Kagunguma BYXX4354
Kagunguzi BYXX0652
Kagunuzi BYXX1355
Kagurutsi BYXX1356
Kagurwe BYXX3936
Kagwema BYXX5087
Kagwema BYXX2497
Kagwema BYXX3937
Kagwena BYXX0069
Kajabure BYXX0653
Kajaga BYXX0294
Kajaga BYXX2158
Kajaga BYXX4355
Kajego BYXX2159
Kajeke BYXX0070
Kajeri BYXX2498
Kajondi BYXX0654
Kajumba BYXX1357
Kakumu BYXX2499
Kamahijo BYXX0071
Kamakoko BYXX3603
Kamanga BYXX1706
Kamaramagambo BYXX4739
Kamaramagambo BYXX3938
Kamayi BYXX2160
Kambati BYXX4356
Kame BYXX1707
Kame BYXX0655
Kamenya BYXX2161
Kamesa BYXX0295
Kamigara BYXX4357
Kamigisha BYXX4358
Kamira BYXX4359
Kamiranzogera BYXX2162
Kamisave BYXX0296
Kamonge BYXX0656
Kamonge BYXX2500
Kamonyi BYXX1708
Kamonyi BYXX1064
Kamoye BYXX1709
Kampezi BYXX1710
Kampunga BYXX5088
Kamukike BYXX3397
Kamuna BYXX5089
Kamusase BYXX1711
Kamusenyi BYXX2501
Kamushiha BYXX3604
Kamvumvu BYXX0657
Kanabugiri BYXX2163
Kanama BYXX0072
Kanangu BYXX4360
Kananira BYXX0297
Kananira BYXX4361
Kanazi BYXX2502
Kandaro BYXX4362
Kanegwa BYXX3398
Kanenga BYXX0073
Kangange BYXX0658
Kange BYXX3147
Kangoma BYXX3605
Kangozi BYXX1712
Kaniga BYXX0005
Kaniga BYXX1065
Kaniha BYXX1066
Kanindi BYXX3399
Kaniro BYXX5090
Kanka BYXX3606
Kankima BYXX0298
Kanonora BYXX0074
Kanoso BYXX1067
Kanumba BYXX3939
Kanunga BYXX4363
Kanyabitumwe BYXX0659
Kanyamazi BYXX0299
Kanyami BYXX1713
Kanyami BYXX2503
Kanyamiyoka BYXX0660
Kanyange BYXX2504
Kanyange BYXX2834
Kanyangwe BYXX2164
Kanyankuru BYXX2835
Kanyegenyege BYXX2165
Kanyembwa BYXX2505
Kanyenumbu BYXX5091
Kanyeregete BYXX4364
Kanyererwe BYXX4740
Kanyereza BYXX3940
Kanyinya BYXX2166
Kanyinya BYXX3941
Kanyinya BYXX3607
Kanyinya BYXX0300
Kanyinya BYXX3148
Kanyinya BYXX0661
Kanyomvyi BYXX4365
Kanyonga BYXX2506
Kanyonga BYXX1714
Kanyosha BYXX0301
Kanyundo BYXX2836
Kanyunya BYXX0302
Kanyuzwa BYXX0662
Kanzege BYXX3149
Kara BYXX3942
Karagabazi BYXX3150
Karagara BYXX0663
Karago BYXX1068
Karahura BYXX2837
Karama BYXX1069
Karama BYXX2167
Karama BYXX4741
Karama BYXX4366
Karama BYXX3943
Karama BYXX0664
Karama BYXX1715
Karama BYXX3151
Karama BYXX5092
Karamagi BYXX2168
Karamba BYXX2169
Karamba BYXX2507
Karamba BYXX1359
Karamba BYXX0075
Karamba BYXX4367
Karambi BYXX5093
Karambi BYXX3944
Karambi BYXX1070
Karambi BYXX2508
Karambi BYXX4368
Karambi BYXX1360
Karambira BYXX0076
Karambira BYXX0303
Karangara BYXX3152
Kararanama BYXX3945
Karari BYXX5094
Kararire BYXX4369
Kararire BYXX2170
Kararo BYXX0665
Kararo BYXX2509
Kararo BYXX4742
Karasabuye BYXX1361
Karavyi BYXX2838
Karehe BYXX0666
Karehe BYXX3400
Karehe BYXX2839
Karehe BYXX2171
Karemba BYXX1716
Karembwe BYXX0667
Karemera BYXX3946
Karemera BYXX3608
Karemera BYXX2510
Karemera BYXX4743
Karenda BYXX1717
Karenga BYXX3609
Karengera BYXX1362
Karera BYXX1718
Karera BYXX5095
Karera I BYXX4744
Karera II BYXX4745
Kariba BYXX2840
Kariba BYXX3153
Kariba BYXX0668
Kariba BYXX3610
Karidonzi BYXX5096
Kariga BYXX2841
Karimbi BYXX3947
Karimbi BYXX0669
Karimbi BYXX4746
Karimo BYXX4370
Karindo BYXX4747
Karindo BYXX5097
Karingara BYXX1071
Karinzi BYXX0670
Karinzi BYXX3154
Karinzi BYXX4748
Karinzi BYXX0077
Karinzi BYXX3948
Karira BYXX2511
Karira BYXX3949
Karirimvya BYXX0671
Karirisi BYXX1073
Karisha BYXX2172
Karo BYXX3611
Karoba BYXX1719
Karonda BYXX0672
Karonge BYXX0078
Karonge BYXX0673
Karongwe BYXX3950
Karongwe BYXX3155
Karorero BYXX4749
Karubanga BYXX3612
Karubati BYXX1074
Karugajo BYXX1075
Karugamba BYXX0304
Karugunda BYXX3951
Karuhera BYXX2512
Karukona BYXX1720
Karunga BYXX0305
Karungura BYXX4371
Karunyinya BYXX1721
Karunyinya BYXX2842
Karunyinya BYXX5098
Karunyinya BYXX2513
Karurama BYXX1363
Karuri BYXX2514
Karurusi BYXX2843
Karusabo BYXX2844
Karutoke BYXX2173
Karuzi BYXX2515
Karwuma BYXX4372
Kashubi BYXX0674
Kataraza BYXX2174
Katazimiza BYXX3613
Kato BYXX4373
Kato BYXX2175
Kato BYXX1364
Kato BYXX0675
Katoke BYXX3952
Kavimvira BYXX0676
Kavo BYXX2176
Kavoga BYXX2845
Kavomo BYXX2177
Kavugangoma BYXX3953
Kavumu BYXX3156
Kavumu BYXX4750
Kavumu BYXX3401
Kavumu BYXX2516
Kavumu BYXX0306
Kavumu BYXX0677
Kavumu BYXX2178
Kavumwe BYXX5099
Kavuruga BYXX3954
Kavuvuma BYXX2846
Kavya BYXX3402
Kavyege BYXX1076
Kavyi BYXX4374
Kavyirame BYXX0307
Kayabazi BYXX0678
Kayaga BYXX4375
Kayanga BYXX3955
Kayanga BYXX4376
Kayange BYXX1365
Kayange BYXX3403
Kayange-Buvyuko BYXX0079
Kayanza BYXX2847
Kayanza BYXX4377
Kayenzi BYXX3956
Kayenzi BYXX5100
Kayenzi BYXX0679
Kayenzi BYXX1722
Kayero BYXX4751
Kayige BYXX4752
Kayigi BYXX4753
Kayigi BYXX1077
Kayoba BYXX3157
Kayogoro BYXX5101
Kayogoro BYXX1723
Kayogoro BYXX3957
Kayogoro BYXX3158
Kayogoro BYXX3404
Kayokwe BYXX3614
Kayombe BYXX0308
Kayongozi BYXX5102
Kayonza BYXX0680
Kayove BYXX3958
Kayoyo BYXX0309
Kayuki BYXX4754
Kayumpu BYXX1366
Kaziga BYXX1724
Kazigana BYXX3959
Kazimya BYXX5103
Kazinga BYXX3405
Kazirabageni BYXX3159
Kaziranzira BYXX4378
Kazuga BYXX3406
Kebuko BYXX3960
Kebuko BYXX5104
Kejari BYXX1725
Kerera BYXX3961
Kerera BYXX1726
Keru BYXX0310
Kesha BYXX0681
Keza BYXX5105
Kibagara BYXX1727
Kibago BYXX3160
Kibakwe BYXX2848
Kibambwe BYXX0080
Kibanda BYXX4755
Kibanda BYXX5106
Kibande BYXX3615
Kibande BYXX3962
Kibande BYXX5107
Kibande BYXX1367
Kibande BYXX2517
Kibande BYXX1078
Kibande BYXX0682
Kibango BYXX0683
Kibangu BYXX0081
Kibari BYXX5108
Kibari BYXX1728
Kibaribari BYXX2849
Kibaru BYXX1079
Kibatama BYXX3616
Kibati BYXX1368
Kibati BYXX2850
Kibavu BYXX2851
Kibaya BYXX2852
Kibaya BYXX1369
Kibayi BYXX2853
Kibazo BYXX0311
Kibeba BYXX3407
Kibenga BYXX1729
Kibenga BYXX0312
Kibenga BYXX0684
Kibenga BYXX2854
Kibenga BYXX2518
Kibenga BYXX3963
Kibesani BYXX2179
Kibezi BYXX2519
Kibezi BYXX0685
Kibezi BYXX4379
Kibimba BYXX2855
Kibimba BYXX3618
Kibindi BYXX4380
Kibingo BYXX0313
Kibingo BYXX2856
Kibingwe BYXX3161
Kibira BYXX0314
Kibira BYXX3162
Kibiri BYXX1730
Kibirizi BYXX3163
Kibishuri BYXX4381
Kibogoye BYXX3408
Kibogoye BYXX3164
Kibogoye BYXX3964
Kibogoye BYXX1080
Kibombeka BYXX3965
Kibonangoma BYXX5109
Kibonde BYXX2180
Kibonobono BYXX4756
Kibonobono BYXX1731
Kibuba BYXX2857
Kibuba BYXX3619
Kibuburu BYXX2181
Kibugazi BYXX1732
Kibumba BYXX4757
Kibumbu BYXX3409
Kibumbu BYXX3620
Kibumbu BYXX4382
Kibunda BYXX3966
Kibungo BYXX0686
Kibungo BYXX3621
Kibungo BYXX1733
Kibungo BYXX1081
Kibuye BYXX3165
Kibuye BYXX2182
Kibuye BYXX1734
Kibuye BYXX0687
Kibuye BYXX0082
Kibuye BYXX5110
Kibuye BYXX1082
Kibuye BYXX2520
Kibwebwe BYXX5111
Kibwija BYXX1735
Kidagarazi BYXX3166
Kidahanwa BYXX4384
Kidahe BYXX0688
Kidahwe BYXX2521
Kidasha BYXX3410
Kidasha BYXX3967
Kidatemba BYXX5112
Kidatemba BYXX2522
Kiderege BYXX3167
Kididaguzo BYXX1370
Kididiri BYXX4385
Kidiha BYXX1736
Kidobori BYXX4386
Kidogo BYXX5113
Kidogodogo BYXX2523
Kiduguda BYXX2524
Kidumbagu BYXX3411
Kidumbugo BYXX0083
Kidumbugu BYXX1083
Kidunduri BYXX2858
Kidundwa BYXX0689
Kiga BYXX3622
Kigabiro BYXX3412
Kigabiro BYXX3623
Kigabo BYXX5114
Kigaga BYXX2183
Kigaga BYXX3968
Kigage BYXX5115
Kigamba BYXX5116
Kigamba BYXX3168
Kigamba BYXX1085
Kiganda BYXX3413
Kigandu BYXX0084
Kiganga BYXX5117
Kiganga BYXX2859
Kigangabuko BYXX5118
Kiganza BYXX0691
Kigara BYXX1737
Kigarama BYXX3624
Kigarama BYXX2525
Kigarama BYXX1086
Kigarama BYXX0315
Kigarama BYXX4388
Kigarama BYXX3969
Kigarama BYXX2860
Kigaramango BYXX0316
Kigari BYXX2184
Kigari BYXX3970
Kigarika BYXX1087
Kigarika BYXX4758
Kigarika BYXX3414
Kigarika BYXX5119
Kigasare BYXX3625
Kigati BYXX1088
Kigaza BYXX3169
Kigazi BYXX1371
Kigazo BYXX2527
Kigazura BYXX1372
Kigembezi BYXX3170
Kigeme BYXX1089
Kigenda BYXX5120
Kigende BYXX1090
Kigera BYXX0085
Kigera BYXX1091
Kigera BYXX1738
Kigera BYXX5121
Kigereka BYXX0086
Kigereka BYXX3415
Kigeri BYXX2861
Kigerura BYXX0087
Kigeyo BYXX2528
Kigezi BYXX0317
Kigina BYXX4389
Kigina BYXX2529
Kigina BYXX0692
Kigina BYXX3971
Kigina BYXX3626
Kigina BYXX3416
Kigina BYXX1092
Kiginga BYXX0088
Kigo BYXX2530
Kigo BYXX5122
Kigobe BYXX2185
Kigobe BYXX0318
Kigoganya BYXX3972
Kigogo BYXX4759
Kigogo BYXX4390
Kigoma BYXX2186
Kigoma BYXX4391
Kigombe BYXX3171
Kigomera BYXX1093
Kigomera BYXX1739
Kigomero BYXX4392
Kigomero BYXX3973
Kigomero BYXX2187
Kigomero BYXX0089
Kigora BYXX2531
Kigora BYXX2862
Kigoti BYXX0693
Kigozi BYXX2532
Kigozi BYXX2188
Kigufi BYXX5123
Kigufi BYXX1740
Kigufi BYXX3974
Kigugo BYXX1373
Kigugo BYXX1094
Kiguhu BYXX4760
Kigume BYXX2863
Kigume BYXX5124
Kigunda BYXX4761
Kigunga BYXX0320
Kiguriro BYXX5125
Kiguruka BYXX2864
Kiguruka BYXX3172
Kiguruka BYXX3975
Kiguruka BYXX2534
Kiguruka BYXX3627
Kigutu BYXX0694
Kigutu BYXX3628
Kigwandi BYXX2865
Kigwati BYXX0090
Kigwena BYXX0695
Kigwena BYXX3976
Kije BYXX3173
Kijima BYXX0696
Kijugu BYXX0697
Kijuri BYXX2866
Kimagara BYXX4393
Kimanamana BYXX1741
Kimanda BYXX0321
Kimanga BYXX3977
Kimanga BYXX1095
Kimanga BYXX4762
Kimani BYXX2535
Kimati BYXX3978
Kimenyi BYXX4394
Kimerajana BYXX4395
Kimina BYXX0322
Kimiranzovu BYXX0698
Kimongozi BYXX0699
Kimpotera BYXX3979
Kinaba BYXX4763
Kinama BYXX0091
Kinama BYXX3980
Kinama BYXX1742
Kinama BYXX3417
Kinama BYXX0323
Kinama BYXX2867
Kinama BYXX0700
Kinama BYXX1374
Kinani BYXX4764
Kinani BYXX2536
Kinani BYXX3629
Kinanira BYXX1375
Kinanira BYXX5126
Kinanira BYXX0324
Kinazi BYXX1376
Kinazi BYXX5127
Kinazi BYXX3981
Kinga BYXX2868
Kinganda BYXX4765
Kingari BYXX4396
Kingoro BYXX5128
Kingoro BYXX1096
Kingu BYXX3630
Kinihura BYXX2537
Kinkwavu BYXX3982
Kinoga BYXX1097
Kinombe BYXX5129
Kinombe BYXX4766
Kinombe BYXX1377
Kinonko BYXX0325
Kinonora BYXX3983
Kinoso BYXX3174
Kinubanya BYXX1743
Kinuma BYXX2189
Kinunga BYXX2190
Kinwa BYXX4397
Kinwa BYXX4767
Kinwa BYXX0701
Kinyambo BYXX2191
Kinyame BYXX1744
Kinyami BYXX3418
Kinyami BYXX0326
Kinyami BYXX3175
Kinyamugera BYXX3419
Kinyamukizi BYXX2869
Kinyangoma BYXX4768
Kinyangurube BYXX2192
Kinyanza BYXX4769
Kinyasheshe BYXX0092
Kinyeregete BYXX1745
Kinyeregeti BYXX4770
Kinyiganyiga BYXX3176
Kinyinya BYXX1746
Kinyinya BYXX0702
Kinyinya BYXX5130
Kinyinya BYXX0327
Kinyonga BYXX2870
Kinyoni BYXX5131
Kinyoni BYXX3420
Kinyoni BYXX0703
Kinyonza BYXX1747
Kinyonzo BYXX0704
Kinyonzo BYXX1748
Kinyota BYXX2538
Kinyovu BYXX0328
Kinyovu BYXX4771
Kinyovu BYXX2193
Kinyovu BYXX3631
Kinyuku BYXX3985
Kinzanza BYXX4772
Kinzerere BYXX1749
Kinzobe BYXX2871
Kinzuki BYXX4398
Kiraba BYXX0093
Kirabo BYXX5132
Kirabuke BYXX0705
Kirama BYXX0706
Kirama BYXX3177
Kirama BYXX3421
Kiramahira BYXX2872
Kiramata BYXX2194
Kirambi BYXX2873
Kirambi BYXX5133
Kirambi BYXX1750
Kirambi BYXX2539
Kirambira BYXX2540
Kiramvya BYXX3178
Kiramvya BYXX4773
Kiranda BYXX2541
Kirangara BYXX5134
Kirare BYXX0329
Kirare BYXX3179
Kiraro BYXX2195
Kirasa BYXX0330
Kirasira BYXX5135
Kiravumba BYXX2196
Kirba BYXX1751
Kirehe BYXX2874
Kirehe BYXX3987
Kirehe BYXX2197
Kirehe BYXX3632
Kirehera BYXX5136
Kirehi BYXX2875
Kireka BYXX5137
Kireka BYXX4774
Kirekura BYXX0331
Kiremba BYXX4775
Kiremba BYXX2542
Kiremba BYXX1753
Kiremba BYXX3988
Kiremba BYXX0707
Kiremba BYXX4399
Kiremba BYXX3180
Kirembera BYXX3422
Kiremera BYXX4400
Kiremera BYXX3633
Kiremera BYXX1754
Kiremera BYXX3989
Kirenga BYXX1378
Kirengane BYXX0094
Kirerama BYXX1379
Kirerama BYXX1099
Kirerama BYXX3423
Kiri BYXX2198
Kiriba BYXX3634
Kiriba BYXX2199
Kiribata BYXX1755
Kirika BYXX3635
Kirika BYXX3424
Kirima BYXX2200
Kirima BYXX1756
Kirimanyundo BYXX5138
Kirimba BYXX4401
Kirimbi BYXX1757
Kirimbi BYXX3636
Kirimiro BYXX1758
Kirimpungu BYXX1380
Kirimvi BYXX1381
Kiringanire BYXX4402
Kirinzi BYXX1759
Kirinzi BYXX0709
Kirinzi BYXX0333
Kiripinga BYXX1382
Kiriri BYXX3425
Kiririsi BYXX0710
Kiriza BYXX0711
Kirogorya BYXX0712
Kirogorya BYXX3181
Kiroha BYXX0713
Kironga BYXX2876
Kirugungu BYXX5139
Kiruhura BYXX4403
Kirumura BYXX1383
Kirundo BYXX0334
Kirundo BYXX2201
Kirunduzi BYXX2202
Kirungu BYXX3182
Kirungu BYXX2203
Kirungu BYXX5140
Kirungu BYXX0714
Kiruri BYXX0715
Kiruri BYXX4404
Kirwa BYXX2877
Kiryama BYXX1101
Kiryama BYXX1760
Kiryama BYXX2204
Kiryama BYXX5141
Kiryama BYXX0716
Kiryama BYXX2878
Kiryame BYXX2879
Kisabi BYXX1384
Kisanze BYXX4776
Kisizwa BYXX0335
Kitara BYXX3183
Kitugamwa BYXX0717
Kituma BYXX2544
Kivoga BYXX3991
Kivoga BYXX4777
Kivoga BYXX5142
Kivoga BYXX3637
Kivoga BYXX0006
Kivogera BYXX0718
Kivogero BYXX0336
Kivogero BYXX3426
Kivoma BYXX4778
Kivomwa BYXX3638
Kivubo BYXX0719
Kivumu BYXX3184
Kivumu BYXX4405
Kivumu BYXX3427
Kivumu BYXX3992
Kivumu BYXX2205
Kivumvu BYXX1385
Kivungwe BYXX0337
Kivurira BYXX0338
Kivuruga BYXX0720
Kivuruga BYXX2880
Kivuruga BYXX1386
Kivurugu BYXX3639
Kivuvu BYXX2881
Kivuvu BYXX1762
Kivuvuma BYXX2882
Kivuzo BYXX2883
Kivuzo BYXX3640
Kivuzo BYXX1387
Kivyeyi BYXX3428
Kivyibusha BYXX1763
Kivyibusha BYXX5143
Kivyihusha BYXX0095
Kivyiru BYXX0096
Kiwanda BYXX0097
Kiyabu BYXX5144
Kiyaga BYXX2206
Kiyagara BYXX5145
Kiyagayaga BYXX0721
Kiyange BYXX5146
Kiyange BYXX1764
Kiyange BYXX2207
Kiyange BYXX2546
Kiyange BYXX4406
Kiyange BYXX1102
Kiyange BYXX2884
Kiyanza BYXX2208
Kiyaya BYXX3993
Kiyaya BYXX1765
Kiyazi BYXX3185
Kiyege BYXX3641
Kiyenzi BYXX0339
Kiyonga BYXX4779
Kiyonza BYXX2209
Kiyonzo BYXX0722
Kizabenda BYXX1104
Kizama BYXX1766
Kizenga BYXX4780
Kizenga BYXX4407
Kizenga BYXX3429
Kizi BYXX3642
Kizi BYXX3994
Kiziba BYXX4408
Kiziba BYXX4781
Kiziba BYXX3995
Kiziba BYXX2210
Kiziba BYXX1767
Kiziba BYXX2547
Kiziba BYXX5147
Kiziba BYXX0340
Kiziba BYXX2885
Kiziba BYXX3430
Kizigama BYXX5148
Kiziguro BYXX3431
Kiziguro BYXX2886
Kizinga BYXX1388
Kizingoma BYXX3186
Kizingoma BYXX2548
Kizuga BYXX0723
Kizuga BYXX0341
Kizuka BYXX0724
Kobero BYXX4409
Kobero BYXX5149
Kobero BYXX4782
Kobero BYXX3996
Koka BYXX3187
Korane BYXX1768
Koroka BYXX3432
Kubahima BYXX4783
Kubaniro BYXX2211
Kubaremba BYXX4784
Kugaro BYXX3997
Kukintama BYXX2887
Kukungu BYXX3998
Kumana BYXX5150
Kumana BYXX4785
Kumana BYXX2212
Kumana BYXX1105
Kumparo BYXX1389
Kumubanga BYXX5151
Kumubuga BYXX5152
Kumugina BYXX3433
Kumuhafu BYXX4786
Kumuhera BYXX2549
Kumuhuma BYXX0342
Kumuka BYXX0725
Kumumbiri BYXX3999
Kumurago BYXX4000
Kumuserege BYXX1390
Kumusha BYXX5153
Kumutende BYXX2550
Kumuvumu BYXX1391
Kumuvumu BYXX4787
Kumuvumu BYXX2888
Kumuvumu BYXX5154
Kumuyange BYXX3188
Kumuzu BYXX1106
Kungoma BYXX4001
Kunkubi BYXX4410
Kuntunda BYXX4411
Kunyange BYXX0098
Kurasiro BYXX1107
Kurigitari BYXX1392
Kurinzi BYXX2889
Kurubuye BYXX5155
Kurugabano BYXX5156
Kurugina BYXX1769
Kurunyinya BYXX4788
Kuruzu BYXX5157
Kuwankero BYXX5158
Kuwico BYXX4412
Kuwigaro BYXX0726
Kuwigitabu BYXX2551
Kuwimpfizi BYXX3434
Kuwingwa BYXX0727
Kuwintaba BYXX0099
Kuwisovu BYXX1108
Kwibimba BYXX4789
Kwibuka BYXX1770
Kwibuye BYXX4002
Kwigere BYXX0343
Kwihigiro BYXX3189
Kwihigiro BYXX4003
Kwimanume BYXX1109
Kwinzero BYXX1771
Kwiramba BYXX1110
Kwirarire BYXX0100
Kwiraro BYXX1393
Kwisabe BYXX1111
Kwishwi BYXX0728
Kwisigu BYXX2213
Kwisongore BYXX4413
Kwisumo BYXX5159
Kwitaba BYXX2552
Kwitaba BYXX0101
Kwitaba BYXX1112
Kwituro BYXX2214
Mabamba BYXX2215
Mabamba BYXX4004
Mabanda BYXX3190
Mabanza BYXX0729
Mabawe BYXX4790
Mabaya BYXX3643
Mabaya BYXX2553
Mabayi BYXX1394
Mabinga BYXX4005
Mabuga BYXX0730
Mabumba BYXX2216
Mabuye BYXX2217
Mabuye BYXX1395
Macamba BYXX4414
Macorwe BYXX2890
Macu BYXX1772
Mafu BYXX4415
Mafuro BYXX4416
Magabo BYXX5160
Magage BYXX4006
Magamba BYXX3644
Magamba BYXX2554
Magana BYXX0731
Magana BYXX4417
Maganahe BYXX4791
Maganahe-Giheta BYXX4792
Maganahe-Runyoni BYXX4793
Magara BYXX0344
Magara BYXX4418
Magarama BYXX0732
Magarama BYXX1773
Magaramango BYXX2218
Magarure BYXX0345
Magarure BYXX1113
Magembe BYXX4007
Magenge BYXX4419
Mageni BYXX4420
Magera BYXX5161
Mageregere BYXX4008
Mageyo BYXX5162
Mageyo BYXX1396
Mago BYXX3645
Mago BYXX5163
Magongo BYXX4421
Magoro BYXX3646
Maguge BYXX0733
Maguruka BYXX3191
Mahande BYXX1397
Mahando BYXX0734
Mahanga BYXX3192
Mahango BYXX0735
Mahanya BYXX2555
Mahara BYXX5164
Mahembe BYXX4422
Mahembe BYXX3193
Mahinda BYXX3194
Mahinga BYXX4794
Mahonda BYXX3647
Mahonda BYXX4009
Mahore BYXX2892
Mahwa BYXX1774
Mahwane BYXX0736
Majambere BYXX0102
Majombe BYXX0346
Majuri BYXX4423
Makaba BYXX0737
Makaka BYXX3195
Makakwe BYXX4795
Makamba BYXX3196
Makara BYXX0738
Makebuko BYXX1775
Makembera BYXX4424
Makera BYXX1776
Makira BYXX4425
Makombe BYXX0347
Makombe BYXX5165
Makombe BYXX2219
Makombe BYXX4010
Makombe BYXX1114
Makoronkwe BYXX3197
Makoto BYXX0739
Makubiro BYXX1398
Mamande BYXX3648
Mamfu BYXX2220
Mananga BYXX0740
Manda BYXX0741
Manege BYXX5166
Manege BYXX1399
Manenge BYXX1777
Manga BYXX0742
Manga BYXX0348
Manga BYXX2893
Mangoma BYXX4011
Manini BYXX2894
Manogo BYXX1778
Manyani BYXX5167
Manyoni BYXX2895
Manyoni BYXX0743
Mara BYXX3198
Marambi BYXX1779
Maramuya BYXX0744
Maramvya BYXX2556
Maramvya BYXX4427
Maramvya BYXX3649
Maramvya BYXX5168
Maramvya BYXX4012
Maramvya BYXX0349
Maramvya BYXX1400
Maramvya BYXX1780
Maramvya BYXX0745
Maramya BYXX5169
Maranga BYXX1401
Marangamiza BYXX1402
Marangara BYXX4428
Maranvya BYXX4429
Marari BYXX1781
Mararo BYXX3435
Maremba BYXX1782
Marembo BYXX1115
Marembo BYXX2221
Marembo BYXX5170
Marembo BYXX3650
Mariba BYXX5171
Marimbi BYXX2558
Marindye BYXX3199
Mariza BYXX2222
Mariza BYXX1784
Marizi BYXX3200
Martyazo BYXX3436
Martyazo BYXX1785
Martyazo BYXX2223
Martyazo BYXX0350
Martyazo BYXX4430
Martyazo BYXX3201
Martyazo BYXX4013
Marumane BYXX3437
Marumpu BYXX1403
Maruri BYXX2896
Maruri BYXX2560
Maruri BYXX4014
Maruri BYXX4431
Masabo BYXX2561
Masabo BYXX2897
Masaka BYXX4015
Masake BYXX5172
Masam BYXX2562
Masama BYXX0351
Masama BYXX5173
Masama BYXX3438
Masama BYXX0103
Masama-Buhiga BYXX4432
Masama-Burima BYXX4433
Masango BYXX0746
Masango BYXX1404
Masango BYXX1786
Masango BYXX1116
Masango BYXX5174
Masango BYXX3651
Masango BYXX3439
Masanze BYXX2898
Masara BYXX0352
Masare BYXX0104
Masasu BYXX4017
Masasu BYXX4434
Masasu BYXX1787
Masaswe BYXX3202
Masazi BYXX5175
Masenga BYXX3652
Masenga BYXX0353
Masenga BYXX1788
Masha BYXX1405
Masha BYXX3653
Masha BYXX0105
Mashenyo BYXX4018
Mashiga BYXX1117
Mashishi BYXX1789
Mashitsi BYXX4435
Mashunzi BYXX3654
Masibe BYXX4019
Masinzo BYXX4020
Masoro BYXX4436
Masuma BYXX0354
Mata BYXX1118
Mataba BYXX1406
Matana BYXX0747
Matara BYXX0355
Matarure BYXX2899
Matayinyana BYXX1790
Materwa BYXX3203
Matongo BYXX2900
Matongo BYXX3655
Matore BYXX2224
Matutu BYXX1791
Matutu BYXX2901
Matutu BYXX4796
Mavubi BYXX2563
Mayange BYXX3204
Mayanza BYXX5176
Mayanzo BYXX0748
Mayemba BYXX0356
Mayenzi BYXX0106
Mayenzi BYXX2564
Mayuki BYXX1407
Mayumba BYXX2225
Mayuyu BYXX0357
Maza BYXX1792
Mazakinde BYXX4021
Mazege BYXX0749
Mazinga BYXX0750
Mazingi BYXX1119
Mazita BYXX2565
Mazuru BYXX3205
Mbaba BYXX4437
Mbare BYXX0358
Mbariza BYXX0751
Mbasi BYXX4438
Mbasi BYXX2226
Mbiribiri BYXX4797
Mbiriko BYXX3656
Mbirizi BYXX2902
Mbizi BYXX4022
Mbizi BYXX2903
Mbizi BYXX4798
Mbizi BYXX3206
Mbizi BYXX2227
Mbogora BYXX3657
Mbogwe BYXX2904
Mbote BYXX1793
Mboza BYXX0359
Mbuga BYXX1120
Mbuga BYXX0752
Mbundura BYXX2566
Mburabuturo BYXX2228
Mburamazi BYXX3440
Mburi BYXX1121
Mbuyabuye BYXX1122
Mbuye BYXX3441
Mbuye BYXX2905
Mbuza BYXX4799
Mbuzi BYXX5177
Megemege BYXX4800
Mena BYXX0360
Mibaga BYXX0753
Mibakwe BYXX4023
Mibanda BYXX0754
Mibanga BYXX4439
Mibanga BYXX3207
Mibare BYXX1123
Mibazi BYXX2906
Mibazo BYXX3208
Mibindi BYXX2567
Miboga BYXX4440
Miciro BYXX1124
Midodo BYXX0755
Miduha BYXX1408
Migano BYXX1794
Migarika BYXX4801
Migege BYXX2907
Migende BYXX4441
Migende BYXX3658
Migende BYXX0107
Migende BYXX0756
Migende BYXX4802
Migera BYXX3659
Migera BYXX1795
Migera BYXX0757
Migera BYXX3442
Migereka BYXX4442
Migereka BYXX4024
Migereka BYXX2229
Migereka BYXX2908
Migerere BYXX0758
Migerero BYXX4803
Migezi BYXX4804
Migezi BYXX5178
Migezi BYXX1796
Migezi BYXX3209
Migezi BYXX0362
Migezi BYXX4025
Migezi-Mbuye BYXX3443
Migezi-Nete BYXX3444
Migina BYXX1125
Migina BYXX2568
Migirye BYXX2230
Migongo BYXX3210
Migunga I BYXX4026
Migunga II BYXX4027
Miguruka BYXX1126
Mihama BYXX5180
Mihama BYXX4805
Mihama BYXX4028
Mihana BYXX4029
Mihare BYXX3445
Mihashu BYXX1409
Miheno BYXX3211
Miheno BYXX5181
Miheto BYXX0108
Mihigina BYXX0363
Mihigo BYXX2231
Mihigo BYXX4030
Mihiza BYXX1410
Mihiza BYXX5182
Mihogoro BYXX0364
Mihogoro BYXX0759
Mihongo BYXX3212
Mihoro BYXX4031
Mija BYXX3446
Mika BYXX4032
Mikamba BYXX2909
Mikangara BYXX3660
Mikanira BYXX5183
Mikimba BYXX4033
Mikingu BYXX2569
Mikingu BYXX4443
Mikingu BYXX5184
Mikinya BYXX2570
Mikobe BYXX1127
Mikoni BYXX2910
Mikoni BYXX1411
Mikore BYXX1128
Mikore BYXX2571
Mikore BYXX1797
Mikore BYXX2232
Mikuba BYXX2911
Mikuku BYXX1129
Mikungu BYXX1412
Mikwaro BYXX1798
Mikwayo BYXX3661
Minago BYXX0760
Minagure BYXX1799
Minyago BYXX2233
Minyare BYXX1130
Mirama BYXX0365
Mirambi BYXX1413
Mirango BYXX1800
Mirayi BYXX2912
Mirehe BYXX1801
Mirehe BYXX5185
Mirehe BYXX4807
Miremera BYXX4808
Miremera BYXX0762
Miremera BYXX4444
Mirenda BYXX1802
Mirenga BYXX2913
Mirengane BYXX1803
Mirinzi BYXX3447
Mirombero BYXX1414
Mirudi BYXX1415
Mirwa BYXX4034
Mirwa BYXX0109
Miryoryo BYXX4809
Misasa BYXX5186
Misasa BYXX2914
Misasa BYXX3213
Mishehe BYXX1804
Mishiha BYXX1131
Mishindwe BYXX2572
Misugi BYXX1132
Misugi BYXX5187
Mitaha BYXX4035
Mitakataka BYXX0110
Mitanga BYXX0763
Mitegwe BYXX0764
Miterama BYXX3662
Mitoza BYXX4036
Mivo BYXX4445
Mivo BYXX0765
Mivumanyi BYXX5188
Miyebe BYXX1133
Mizenga BYXX1805
Mizigo BYXX0766
Mizuga BYXX4037
Monge BYXX5189
Monyi BYXX5190
Monyi BYXX2915
Mpama BYXX1806
Mpamarugamba BYXX4038
Mpame BYXX5191
Mpanda BYXX0111
Mpanga BYXX2916
Mpanuka BYXX3663
Mpara BYXX0767
Mparambo I BYXX1416
Mparambo II BYXX1417
Mparamirundi BYXX4446
Mparo BYXX2917
Mpemba BYXX2918
Mpete BYXX4039
Mpinga BYXX2235
Mpinga BYXX2919
Mpinga BYXX3448
Mpinga BYXX4810
Mpinga BYXX0768
Mpinga BYXX3214
Mpinga-Kayove BYXX4811
Mpingwe BYXX1807
Mpingwe BYXX0366
Mpirye BYXX4447
Mpombo BYXX4812
Mpomvu BYXX4813
Mpondogoto BYXX2920
Mponyi BYXX1808
Mpumbu BYXX3664
Mpumyu BYXX1418
Mpunge BYXX1809
Mpungenge BYXX2921
Mpungwe BYXX5192
Mpunju BYXX1810
Mubanga BYXX1419
Mubanga BYXX0112
Mubanga BYXX1811
Mubanga BYXX3665
Mubanga BYXX0367
Mubanga BYXX0769
Mubanga BYXX2573
Mubanga BYXX4448
Mubaragaza BYXX2574
Mubari BYXX2236
Mubavu BYXX5193
Mubihembe BYXX2922
Mubimbi BYXX0368
Mubira BYXX4449
Mubira BYXX0770
Mubira BYXX5194
Mubira BYXX3449
Mubogora BYXX2923
Mubondo BYXX3215
Mubone BYXX0369
Mubuga BYXX3216
Mubuga BYXX2924
Mubuga BYXX1812
Mubuga BYXX0771
Mubuga BYXX0113
Mubuga BYXX4450
Mubukanye BYXX1134
Mubungere BYXX0114
Muburiba BYXX2238
Mubwiga BYXX2575
Mubwiza BYXX1135
Mucagara BYXX1420
Mucamo BYXX3666
Mucamo BYXX4040
Muciro BYXX4814
Muciro BYXX2925
Mucogorogo BYXX1136
Mucori BYXX1137
Mudahandwa BYXX0772
Mudahanga BYXX2576
Mudahera BYXX3217
Mudahwera BYXX4815
Mudaraza BYXX0773
Mudaturwa BYXX1813
Mudaturwa BYXX3218
Mudende BYXX0774
Mudende BYXX0115
Mudida BYXX4041
Mudubugu BYXX0116
Mudusi BYXX2926
Mudusozi BYXX5195
Mufigi BYXX4451
Mufunya BYXX2927
Mugabomure BYXX5196
Mugabomure BYXX3450
Mugaharawe BYXX1138
Mugamba BYXX3451
Mugamba BYXX0775
Mugano BYXX4042
Muganza BYXX5197
Muganza BYXX1139
Mugara BYXX0776
Mugaragara BYXX1421
Mugarama BYXX4818
Mugaranzura BYXX0777
Mugaruro BYXX1814
Mugaruro BYXX0117
Mugaruro BYXX5198
Mugaruro BYXX0370
Mugatare BYXX1140
Mugate BYXX0778
Mugazi BYXX4452
Mugege BYXX5199
Mugenda BYXX1141
Mugende BYXX2577
Mugendo BYXX2239
Mugendo-Ndengo BYXX0779
Mugendo-Ruko BYXX0780
Mugeni BYXX3219
Mugera BYXX1142
Mugera BYXX2928
Mugere BYXX0781
Mugere BYXX3452
Mugeregere BYXX3220
Mugerema BYXX3221
Mugerero BYXX1422
Mugerero BYXX4043
Mugerero BYXX5200
Mugeri BYXX1423
Mugero BYXX1424
Mugero BYXX2578
Mugero BYXX3667
Mugi BYXX4819
Mugikuyo BYXX2579
Mugimbu BYXX1425
Mugina BYXX2240
Mugina BYXX2580
Mugina BYXX4044
Mugina BYXX1426
Mugina BYXX3222
Mugirampeke BYXX4454
Mugitega BYXX1816
Mugobe BYXX5201
Mugobe BYXX4045
Mugoboka BYXX3223
Mugoboka BYXX2581
Mugoboka BYXX1817
Mugobwe BYXX5202
Mugobweka BYXX5203
Mugoga BYXX2582
Mugogo BYXX5204
Mugogo BYXX1143
Mugogo BYXX2583
Mugoma BYXX0118
Mugombarima BYXX0119
Mugombe BYXX0371
Mugomera BYXX3453
Mugomera BYXX4455
Mugomera BYXX0782
Mugomera BYXX1818
Mugomere BYXX0783
Mugomere BYXX3454
Mugomero BYXX1144
Mugomgwa BYXX0120
Mugomvyi BYXX5205
Mugona BYXX2929
Mugondo BYXX4820
Mugonga BYXX4046
Mugongo BYXX1427
Mugongo BYXX4821
Mugongo BYXX0784
Mugongo BYXX0372
Mugongo BYXX2930
Mugongomanga BYXX0373
Mugongora BYXX4047
Mugotora BYXX0785
Mugoyi BYXX0374
Mugoyi BYXX2931
Mugozi BYXX4456
Mugozi BYXX0786
Mugozi BYXX1819
Mugu BYXX3224
Mugumira BYXX0121
Mugumya BYXX0787
Muguramo BYXX1820
Muguruka BYXX5206
Mugutu BYXX1821
Mugutu BYXX3225
Mugweji BYXX3226
Muhabura BYXX1428
Muhafu BYXX4822
Muhaganya BYXX3668
Muhagaze BYXX2932
Muhagaze BYXX1822
Muhago BYXX2584
Muhama BYXX4823
Muhama BYXX4457
Muhama BYXX3227
Muhanda BYXX0788
Muhanda BYXX0375
Muhandamure BYXX1429
Muhanga BYXX2933
Muhanga BYXX3669
Muhanza BYXX0122
Muharara BYXX4458
Muhare BYXX1823
Muharuro BYXX4048
Muharuro BYXX4459
Muharuro BYXX2585
Muheka BYXX0789
Muhene BYXX5207
Muhenja BYXX4460
Muhera BYXX2586
Muhero BYXX2242
Muheweza BYXX0790
Muhigira BYXX4049
Muhindo BYXX3670
Muhingamo BYXX1146
Muhingira BYXX2934
Muhingo BYXX1430
Muhingo BYXX2243
Muhingo BYXX4824
Muhingo BYXX4050
Muhira BYXX1431
Muhoma BYXX0376
Muhoroge BYXX1432
Muhororo BYXX2587
Muhororo BYXX0377
Muhororo BYXX3455
Muhoza BYXX1824
Muhuhure BYXX2244
Muhumya BYXX1825
Muhungu BYXX1433
Muhurika BYXX1826
Muhuta BYXX0378
Muhuta BYXX4825
Muhuza BYXX2245
Muhuzo BYXX4461
Muhuzu BYXX1827
Muhuzu BYXX0791
Muhwanya BYXX2935
Muhwanya BYXX0792
Muhwaza BYXX4462
Muhwazi BYXX5208
Muhwazi BYXX4051
Muhweza BYXX2936
Muhweza BYXX2588
Muhweza BYXX0379
Muhweza BYXX1828
Muhweza BYXX1147
Mujejuru BYXX0007
Mujenjero BYXX4826
Mujenjero BYXX3671
Mujenjwa BYXX2589
Muka BYXX0793
Mukabarangara BYXX0380
Mukabarangara BYXX1829
Mukamano BYXX5209
Mukanda BYXX1830
Mukarakara BYXX3672
Mukarimbi BYXX3228
Mukaroba BYXX1148
Mukenke BYXX0381
Mukenke BYXX2246
Mukerwa BYXX2247
Mukibingo BYXX4827
Mukiduguru BYXX4052
Mukike BYXX0794
Mukike BYXX0382
Mukike BYXX4053
Mukindu BYXX0123
Mukingiro BYXX3673
Mukingiro BYXX1434
Mukingiro BYXX2248
Mukinya BYXX3674
Mukirambi BYXX4054
Mukisabi BYXX1149
Muko BYXX4055
Mukobe BYXX1150
Mukobe BYXX1831
Mukobwe BYXX0383
Mukogabami BYXX2937
Mukoma BYXX1435
Mukoni BYXX4463
Mukoni BYXX2590
Mukoni BYXX3456
Mukonko BYXX0384
Mukoranya BYXX0385
Mukoro BYXX1832
Mukoro BYXX2938
Mukubano BYXX3229
Mukugu BYXX0124
Mukungu BYXX3675
Mukungu BYXX3230
Mukungugu BYXX1833
Mukuyo BYXX1151
Mukuzanyana BYXX4464
Mumana BYXX2249
Mumasumo BYXX1152
Mumbanza BYXX1436
Mumbizi BYXX4056
Mumbuga BYXX1437
Mumigende BYXX4465
Mumigereka BYXX4057
Mumigogo BYXX4058
Mumihindo BYXX2250
Mumivo BYXX3231
Mumivo BYXX1834
Mumpame BYXX2591
Mumpfupfu BYXX5210
Mumpwishi BYXX4059
Mumuri BYXX1835
Mumwango BYXX4828
Munagano BYXX4060
Munagano BYXX4466
Munago BYXX3676
Munanira BYXX3677
Munanira BYXX2939
Munanira BYXX2592
Munanira BYXX3457
Munanira BYXX0125
Munazi BYXX1153
Munazi BYXX2251
Munazi BYXX5211
Munazi BYXX4061
Munazi Il BYXX5212
Munege BYXX0795
Munege BYXX2940
Mungaji BYXX4062
Mungati BYXX4063
Mungere BYXX4467
Mungugo BYXX2593
Munguko BYXX2252
Mungwa BYXX5213
Mungwa BYXX1836
Munini BYXX3678
Munini BYXX1154
Munini BYXX0386
Munini BYXX0796
Munkorero BYXX2594
Munonotsi BYXX3232
Muntamba BYXX4064
Muntebe BYXX1438
Muntembe BYXX4065
Munterana BYXX5214
Muntita BYXX0797
Muntwana BYXX4829
Munyange BYXX4468
Munyegeshi BYXX2595
Munyeregete BYXX4066
Munyeri BYXX4830
Munyika BYXX4831
Munyika BYXX5215
Munyika II BYXX1439
Munyinya BYXX2596
Munyinya BYXX5216
Munyinya BYXX1155
Munyinya BYXX3458
Munyinya BYXX4067
Munyo BYXX3679
Munyuro BYXX5217
Munywero BYXX4832
Munzaga BYXX4833
Munzenze BYXX1156
Munzugu BYXX4469
Mupfiki BYXX4470
Mura BYXX4834
Murago BYXX1157
Murago BYXX0387
Murago BYXX2597
Murago BYXX0798
Murama BYXX3680
Murama BYXX3459
Murama BYXX1441
Murama BYXX4835
Murama BYXX2598
Muramba BYXX4471
Muramba BYXX3233
Muramba BYXX4068
Muramba BYXX0799
Muramba BYXX2599
Muramba BYXX0126
Murambagize BYXX1442
Murambi BYXX4836
Murambi BYXX3681
Murambi BYXX3234
Murambi BYXX4069
Murambi BYXX1443
Murambi BYXX5219
Murambi BYXX0388
Murambo BYXX4070
Murambo BYXX3235
Muramvya BYXX0389
Muramvya BYXX4472
Muranga BYXX1444
Murangara BYXX2941
Murangara BYXX5220
Murangara BYXX0800
Murango BYXX3236
Murango BYXX0801
Murangu BYXX1158
Murara BYXX4837
Murarambwe BYXX2254
Murayi BYXX1837
Mureba BYXX3682
Mureba BYXX5221
Murehe BYXX1445
Murehe BYXX4071
Murehe BYXX2255
Murehe BYXX0802
Murehe BYXX5222
Murehe BYXX4838
Murehe BYXX3460
Murehe BYXX1159
Mureke BYXX4474
Murembera BYXX4839
Muremera BYXX3461
Muremera BYXX1160
Muremera BYXX5223
Muremure BYXX3237
Murenda BYXX0803
Murenda BYXX1839
Murenge BYXX1161
Murenge BYXX0804
Murengezi BYXX0127
Murenguko BYXX2600
Murenguko BYXX3462
Muresi BYXX3238
Murima BYXX2943
Murima BYXX4475
Murima BYXX4073
Murinda BYXX0805
Murinda BYXX3239
Murindwe BYXX5224
Muringa BYXX1840
Murinzi BYXX3463
Murira BYXX0128
Muririmbo BYXX2601
Muririmbo BYXX1841
Muririnda BYXX5225
Murirwe BYXX1842
Muriza BYXX5226
Murogwe BYXX1843
Murore BYXX1162
Murubi BYXX4074
Murukaramu BYXX0390
Murunazi BYXX1163
Murunga BYXX0391
Murungurira BYXX2257
Murungurira BYXX3683
Murunyinya BYXX1164
Mururi BYXX2602
Mururinzi BYXX1165
Muruta BYXX4075
Muruta BYXX2944
Murutamba BYXX2258
Murutuntu BYXX1166
Murwa BYXX0806
Murwampore BYXX3684
Murwange BYXX5227
Murwanzu BYXX4840
Murwi BYXX1446
Murwirambo BYXX2603
Murwoga BYXX4076
Muryakiyago BYXX1844
Muryamvubu BYXX4077
Muryankuru BYXX1167
Muryaruyigi BYXX5228
Musabagi BYXX3464
Musaga BYXX1447
Musaga BYXX0392
Musaga-Kamesa BYXX0393
Musagara BYXX2946
Musagara BYXX0807
Musagara BYXX4476
Musagara BYXX1845
Musagara BYXX3465
Musakazi BYXX4477
Musama BYXX0808
Musama BYXX3685
Musama BYXX2947
Musama BYXX4078
Musamo BYXX3686
Musanga BYXX3240
Musanga BYXX4479
Musanga BYXX0809
Musarazi BYXX2604
Musasa BYXX2948
Musasa BYXX1846
Musasa BYXX3241
Musaswe BYXX3242
Musave BYXX0810
Musave BYXX2259
Musave BYXX3466
Musave BYXX2949
Musavu BYXX2605
Musebeyi BYXX1847
Musebeyi BYXX1448
Musebeyi BYXX5229
Musema BYXX2950
Musemo BYXX1168
Musenga BYXX1169
Musenga BYXX4080
Musenga BYXX5230
Musenga BYXX2606
Musenge BYXX0394
Museno BYXX4841
Museno BYXX1848
Musenyi BYXX0395
Musenyi BYXX4481
Musenyi BYXX5231
Musenyi BYXX0129
Musenyi BYXX3243
Musenyi BYXX3467
Musenyi BYXX4081
Musenyi BYXX1170
Musezero BYXX4482
Musha BYXX0396
Mushanga BYXX2260
Mushara BYXX3244
Mushasha BYXX1849
Mushihi BYXX0811
Mushikamo BYXX3468
Mushikanwa BYXX2607
Mushikanwa BYXX1850
Mushishi BYXX0812
Mushishi BYXX3687
Mushishwa BYXX0130
Mushitsi BYXX4483
Musho BYXX0813
Mushonge BYXX4484
Mushonji BYXX3688
Mushonzi BYXX0131
Mushora BYXX4485
Musigati BYXX0132
Musimbwe BYXX3689
Musivya BYXX0814
Musivya BYXX4842
Musivya BYXX2608
Musivya BYXX3245
Musivya BYXX3690
Musokera BYXX4843
Musongati BYXX0815
Musongati BYXX4844
Musongati BYXX3691
Musongati BYXX1171
Musonge BYXX2951
Musorora BYXX0816
Musugi BYXX0397
Musumba BYXX1449
Musumba BYXX0817
Musuti BYXX0818
Mutabo BYXX1172
Mutaho BYXX3469
Mutakura BYXX4082
Mutakura BYXX0398
Mutambu BYXX0399
Mutanga BYXX1852
Mutanga BYXX0400
Mutangaro BYXX0819
Mutara BYXX4486
Mutara BYXX4845
Mutara BYXX0820
Mutara BYXX2261
Mutara BYXX2609
Mutare BYXX3246
Mutarishwa BYXX2262
Mutegeka BYXX5232
Mutenza BYXX4083
Muterama BYXX3247
Muterema BYXX1173
Mutimbuzi BYXX0401
Mutimire BYXX1853
Mutobo BYXX3692
Mutobo BYXX0821
Mutobo BYXX1174
Mutobo BYXX3248
Mutobo BYXX1854
Mutoha BYXX0134
Mutonga BYXX5233
Mutoyi BYXX0822
Mutoyi BYXX3693
Mutoza BYXX2264
Mutsinda BYXX4488
Mutsinda BYXX5234
Mutsindo BYXX4084
Mutsindo BYXX3249
Mutsinga BYXX1175
Mutukura BYXX1855
Mutukura BYXX4846
Mutukura BYXX2610
Mutumba BYXX2611
Mutumba BYXX0403
Mutumba BYXX1450
Mutumba BYXX3694
Mutuntu BYXX3250
Mutuntu BYXX0823
Muturura BYXX4085
Mutwana BYXX4847
Mutwankoma BYXX4848
Mutwazi BYXX3251
Mutwenzi BYXX1176
Muvugangoma BYXX5235
Muvugo BYXX2266
Muvumero BYXX1856
Muvumu BYXX3252
Muvumu BYXX1857
Muvumu BYXX2612
Muvumu BYXX3470
Muvumu BYXX1177
Muvunyi BYXX2267
Muvyiru BYXX4086
Muvyuko BYXX2268
Muyabara BYXX0404
Muyaga BYXX0824
Muyaga BYXX3253
Muyaga BYXX2613
Muyaga BYXX1178
Muyaga BYXX4087
Muyama BYXX0825
Muyange BYXX0405
Muyange BYXX3254
Muyange BYXX1451
Muyange BYXX3695
Muyange BYXX0135
Muyange BYXX5236
Muyange BYXX2614
Muyange BYXX2953
Muyange BYXX4088
Muyange BYXX4489
Muyange BYXX3472
Muyange BYXX1179
Muyange-Gashoho BYXX4089
Muyange-Kavumu BYXX0826
Muyebe BYXX5237
Muyebe BYXX0136
Muyebe BYXX3696
Muyebe BYXX2269
Muyebe BYXX4490
Muyinga BYXX4090
Muyinza BYXX2270
Muyira BYXX0406
Muyogoro BYXX3697
Muyogoro BYXX0827
Muyogoro BYXX1858
Muyogoro BYXX4849
Muyogoro BYXX4491
Muyombwe BYXX4850
Muyuga BYXX0828
Muyuga BYXX1859
Muzazi BYXX0407
Muzebga I BYXX1860
Muzenga BYXX3698
Muzenga BYXX1452
Muzi BYXX4091
Muzi BYXX0829
Muzi BYXX0408
Muzi BYXX2954
Muzibaziba BYXX4851
Muzima BYXX4492
Muzima BYXX0830
Muzima BYXX1861
Muzima BYXX3699
Muzimu BYXX1453
Muzimu BYXX0831
Muzinda BYXX0137
Muzingi BYXX4092
Muzirangerera BYXX1180
Muzire BYXX1181
Muzuga BYXX3473
Muzuga BYXX3700
Muzuga BYXX2955
Muzumure BYXX1182
Muzura BYXX0832
Muzye BYXX4852
Mvugo BYXX3701
Mvumvu BYXX2956
Mvungerumwe BYXX0833
Mwakiro BYXX4093
Mwamira BYXX1862
Mwanda BYXX0138
Mwandaro BYXX0834
Mwange BYXX0835
Mwanike BYXX1454
Mwanzari BYXX1863
Mwarangabo BYXX1455
Mwaro BYXX3702
Mwaro Mavuvu BYXX1864
Mwaro Ngundu BYXX1865
Mwarusi BYXX0836
Mwayi BYXX4853
Mwaza BYXX0409
Mwebeya BYXX4854
Mwegera BYXX3474
Mwegera BYXX3703
Mwendo BYXX1866
Mwendo BYXX3255
Mwenene BYXX1867
Mwenene BYXX1183
Mwenya BYXX2271
Mweya BYXX1868
Mwibanda BYXX3475
Mwibanda BYXX4493
Mwibu BYXX4094
Mwibumba BYXX1184
Mwiburaniro BYXX1185
Mwibuya BYXX1186
Mwico BYXX0410
Mwigagi BYXX3256
Mwigamba BYXX2615
Mwihayiro BYXX1869
Mwihero BYXX4095
Mwika BYXX4494
Mwimbiro BYXX3257
Mwingo BYXX3476
Mwirango BYXX2957
Mwiri BYXX4855
Mwirtyazo BYXX4096
Mwiruzi BYXX1187
Mwishorero BYXX2616
Mwitaba BYXX2617
Mwiteka BYXX3704
Mwiteka BYXX2272
Mwiteka BYXX4495
Mwititi BYXX4856
Mwiyora BYXX3477
Mwizinga BYXX3478
Mwoga BYXX3258
Mwokora BYXX2958
Mwoya BYXX2618
Mwumba BYXX4496
Mwumba BYXX0837
Mwunba BYXX1870
Mwungere BYXX4497
Mwungo BYXX2619
Mwura BYXX0412
Mwurire BYXX0838
Mwurire BYXX1871
Mwuzumure BYXX2959
Myugariro BYXX5238
Myugariro BYXX2960
Myukwe BYXX2620
Myuyente BYXX2961
Namba BYXX0839
Namiko BYXX1872
Nanira BYXX0840
Ncanyi BYXX3259
Ncaramba BYXX1873
Nciri BYXX2273
Ncunda BYXX5239
Ndagano BYXX2274
Ndagano BYXX0841
Ndago BYXX0842
Ndago BYXX3479
Ndaro BYXX1874
Ndaro BYXX3705
Ndava BYXX2275
Ndava BYXX0139
Ndava BYXX4097
Ndava BYXX3706
Ndava BYXX1875
Ndava BYXX1456
Ndava BYXX2962
Ndawa BYXX3707
Ndayi BYXX0413
Ndege BYXX5240
Ndego BYXX2963
Ndemeka BYXX5241
Ndengane BYXX4498
Ndengane BYXX2276
Ndera BYXX4098
Nderama BYXX1457
Ndihwe BYXX4499
Ndimo BYXX1876
Ndiza BYXX2964
Ndoba BYXX3261
Ndogomba BYXX1458
Ndonde BYXX0140
Ndora BYXX1459
Nduba BYXX2277
Negene BYXX1460
Nemba BYXX2965
Nemba BYXX4857
Ngagara BYXX0414
Ngage BYXX1188
Ngambwe BYXX0415
Ngangwe BYXX5242
Nganji BYXX5243
Nganzu BYXX3262
Ngara BYXX3708
Ngara BYXX4099
Ngara BYXX2966
Ngara BYXX2278
Ngara BYXX1461
Ngara BYXX3480
Ngara BYXX0141
Ngaragu BYXX2279
Ngarama BYXX5244
Ngati BYXX5245
Ngayane BYXX2621
Ngaza BYXX4100
Ngemwe BYXX4859
Ngendo BYXX2967
Ngendo BYXX4500
Ngendombi BYXX5246
Ngeramigongo BYXX4501
Ngere BYXX4502
Ngere BYXX4101
Ngere BYXX2280
Ngere BYXX2968
Ngeri BYXX1189
Ngiga BYXX2622
Ngina BYXX4860
Ngobeke BYXX1877
Ngobwe BYXX1878
Ngogomo BYXX4103
Ngoma BYXX2281
Ngoma BYXX0416
Ngoma BYXX1462
Ngoma BYXX1190
Ngoma BYXX5247
Ngoma BYXX0843
Ngoma BYXX4862
Ngomante BYXX4863
Ngomiraronka BYXX2282
Ngomo BYXX4104
Ngonga BYXX2969
Ngonyi BYXX0142
Ngoro BYXX1879
Ngoro BYXX4503
Ngoro BYXX3481
Ngorore BYXX3709
Ngozi BYXX4504
Ngozi BYXX1880
Ngugo BYXX1881
Ngundusi BYXX1191
Nimba BYXX1463
Ninga BYXX0143
Ningwe BYXX4864
Nini BYXX5248
Nini BYXX4505
Njugu BYXX0844
Nkamba BYXX4105
Nkambasi BYXX0845
Nkanda BYXX2623
Nkanda BYXX1882
Nkanda BYXX5249
Nkandansi BYXX4865
Nkanga BYXX0846
Nkango BYXX2971
Nkanka BYXX4866
Nkara BYXX0847
Nkati BYXX4867
Nkavyi BYXX5250
Nkayamba BYXX0848
Nkekema BYXX4106
Nkenga BYXX0417
Nkenke BYXX0849
Nkero BYXX4506
Nkeyuke BYXX4868
Nkima BYXX1883
Nkingo BYXX3710
Nkingu BYXX2972
Nkingu BYXX1884
Nkingu BYXX0850
Nkiranyi BYXX3711
Nkizi BYXX0851
Nkohwa BYXX4107
Nkoma BYXX3712
Nkomera BYXX4507
Nkomero BYXX0852
Nkomero BYXX2283
Nkomero BYXX1192
Nkomwe BYXX3482
Nkondo BYXX3483
Nkondo BYXX3263
Nkondo BYXX2284
Nkonge BYXX2973
Nkongwe BYXX5251
Nkonyovu BYXX3484
Nkoro BYXX1193
Nkoronko BYXX4108
Nkoronko BYXX5252
Nkoronko BYXX2285
Nkotsi BYXX4508
Nkoyoyo BYXX4109
Nkuba BYXX1886
Nkuba BYXX3264
Nkuba BYXX0418
Nkuba BYXX2974
Nkukwe BYXX0853
Nkukwe BYXX3713
Nkuna BYXX1464
Nkuna BYXX0419
Nkundusi BYXX3714
Nkungu BYXX4110
Nkuri BYXX0420
Nkuruba BYXX1887
Nkurunzi BYXX3715
Nkurye BYXX4869
Noge BYXX4111
Nombe BYXX5253
Nombe BYXX3716
Nonwe BYXX4112
Ntabandwa BYXX2975
Ntabarwe BYXX0144
Ntaboroga BYXX2624
Ntabwome BYXX3485
Ntaganzwa BYXX1194
Ntaho BYXX4509
Ntaho BYXX4870
Ntaho BYXX2286
Ntamba BYXX2625
Ntamba BYXX4113
Ntanda BYXX2626
Ntanganwa BYXX1465
Ntangaro BYXX4510
Ntarambo BYXX2976
Ntarika BYXX2627
Ntaro BYXX1466
Ntaruka BYXX4511
Ntasenyera BYXX1195
Ntatemwa BYXX2628
Ntawantunze BYXX0854
Ntebe BYXX0421
Ntega BYXX0855
Ntega BYXX2287
Nteko BYXX2977
Nteko BYXX3486
Nteko BYXX5254
Ntembagare BYXX4114
Ntembe BYXX2288
Ntende BYXX5255
Ntenderi BYXX1888
Ntentamaza BYXX0856
Nterakanonko BYXX1889
Nterama BYXX4115
Nterana BYXX2629
Nterema BYXX3265
Ntiba BYXX4513
Ntirwonza BYXX4871
Ntita BYXX2289
Ntita BYXX1890
Ntobo BYXX4872
Ntobo BYXX0422
Ntobwe BYXX2630
Ntonde BYXX1196
Ntove BYXX4873
Ntozi BYXX4874
Ntuku BYXX4875
Ntunda BYXX1892
Ntunda BYXX1197
Ntwago BYXX2290
Ntwaro BYXX2291
Numbi BYXX3266
Numbwe BYXX0857
Nunga BYXX5256
Nunga BYXX4876
Nyabagase BYXX0858
Nyabagome BYXX1467
Nyabahuzu BYXX3717
Nyabakara BYXX4877
Nyabaranda BYXX0423
Nyabibondo BYXX0424
Nyabibugo BYXX5257
Nyabibugu BYXX3718
Nyabibugu BYXX2292
Nyabibuye BYXX4514
Nyabibuye BYXX2631
Nyabibuye BYXX4116
Nyabibuye BYXX5258
Nyabiduha BYXX3719
Nyabigabiro BYXX5259
Nyabiganba BYXX4878
Nyabigati BYXX0425
Nyabigati BYXX2978
Nyabigina BYXX3267
Nyabigonzi BYXX0859
Nyabigozi BYXX1198
Nyabigozi BYXX4879
Nyabigugu BYXX1199
Nyabigura BYXX4880
Nyabihanga BYXX1468
Nyabihanga BYXX4117
Nyabihanga BYXX3720
Nyabihanga BYXX4515
Nyabihanga BYXX0860
Nyabihanga BYXX2979
Nyabihange BYXX4881
Nyabihogo BYXX2980
Nyabihuru BYXX5260
Nyabikaranka BYXX2981
Nyabikenke BYXX4882
Nyabikenke BYXX4516
Nyabikenke BYXX0426
Nyabikere BYXX2632
Nyabikere BYXX5261
Nyabikinja BYXX1893
Nyabikomo BYXX2633
Nyabikona BYXX1469
Nyabikona BYXX0427
Nyabikonge BYXX0861
Nyabiraba BYXX0428
Nyabiraba BYXX1894
Nyabirembe BYXX2293
Nyabisabo BYXX0146
Nyabisagara BYXX1895
Nyabisaka BYXX3721
Nyabisaka BYXX2634
Nyabisaka BYXX0429
Nyabisazi BYXX0862
Nyabishinowi BYXX4883
Nyabisiga BYXX0863
Nyabisiga BYXX3268
Nyabisiga BYXX4517
Nyabisinda BYXX4118
Nyabisindu BYXX2294
Nyabisindu BYXX2635
Nyabisindu BYXX1200
Nyabisuri BYXX3269
Nyabitabo BYXX3270
Nyabitaka BYXX5262
Nyabitaka BYXX0147
Nyabitanga BYXX1896
Nyabitare BYXX2636
Nyabitare BYXX5263
Nyabitare BYXX2295
Nyabitsinda BYXX5264
Nyabitsindu BYXX3271
Nyabitwe BYXX1897
Nyabitwe BYXX2982
Nyabiyogi BYXX2983
Nyabizimu BYXX2296
Nyabizinu BYXX4518
Nyabobo BYXX1201
Nyabubuye BYXX1470
Nyabucokwe BYXX0864
Nyabugeni BYXX2297
Nyabugete BYXX0430
Nyabugimbu BYXX1471
Nyabugongo BYXX1472
Nyabugoye BYXX0148
Nyabuhuna BYXX1473
Nyabukoziri BYXX1474
Nyabukwi BYXX1202
Nyabumwe BYXX3724
Nyabungere BYXX0431
Nyabungere BYXX1475
Nyabunigu BYXX2637
Nyabunya BYXX1898
Nyaburondwe BYXX5265
Nyabusaro BYXX4884
Nyabushishi BYXX1899
Nyabutare BYXX3272
Nyabutere BYXX3273
Nyabututsi BYXX1900
Nyabutwo BYXX2984
Nyabuyonga BYXX1476
Nyabuziba BYXX2298
Nyabwayi BYXX0432
Nyabweru BYXX4885
Nyacambuko BYXX0865
Nyacufe BYXX3725
Nyadembwe BYXX0433
Nyagahanda BYXX5266
Nyagaharo BYXX3274
Nyagahoro BYXX5267
Nyagahwabare BYXX3726
Nyagakaranka BYXX2985
Nyagakobe BYXX5268
Nyagasaka BYXX0866
Nyagasanda BYXX5269
Nyagasasa BYXX3727
Nyagasebeyi BYXX4519
Nyagaseke BYXX1477
Nyagasenge BYXX4886
Nyagasha BYXX5270
Nyagashanga BYXX3728
Nyagashiha BYXX3729
Nyagashiha BYXX0867
Nyagasozi BYXX1901
Nyagatobo BYXX0149
Nyagatobo BYXX3730
Nyagatoke BYXX3275
Nyagatovu BYXX4520
Nyagatovu BYXX3731
Nyagatovu BYXX2986
Nyagatovu BYXX3276
Nyagatovu BYXX1902
Nyagatwe BYXX0868
Nyagicaca BYXX5271
Nyagifu BYXX1903
Nyagikenke BYXX4521
Nyagisambwe BYXX4887
Nyagisenyi BYXX1904
Nyagishiha BYXX0869
Nyagishiru BYXX4120
Nyagisindu BYXX1905
Nyagisovu BYXX5272
Nyagisovu BYXX1203
Nyagisozi BYXX2300
Nyagisozi BYXX3487
Nyagiti BYXX4888
Nyagitika BYXX4522
Nyagitika BYXX5273
Nyagitongati BYXX3732
Nyagitongati BYXX0434
Nyagitwenzi BYXX0870
Nyagitwenzi BYXX0435
Nyagoba BYXX2638
Nyagonda BYXX1478
Nyagonga BYXX5274
Nyagonga BYXX4523
Nyagugo BYXX1906
Nyaguhaga BYXX5275
Nyaho BYXX4889
Nyakabanda BYXX4890
Nyakabanda BYXX4524
Nyakabenga BYXX0871
Nyakabiga BYXX0436
Nyakabindi BYXX2987
Nyakabingo BYXX4525
Nyakabingo BYXX0872
Nyakabingo BYXX1907
Nyakabugu BYXX2639
Nyakabuye BYXX5276
Nyakagano BYXX4526
Nyakagezi BYXX2640
Nyakagonda BYXX4891
Nyakanazi BYXX1908
Nyakarago BYXX2988
Nyakarama BYXX2301
Nyakarambi BYXX3488
Nyakarambo BYXX3733
Nyakarara BYXX5277
Nyakararo BYXX3489
Nyakararo BYXX3734
Nyakararo BYXX4527
Nyakarenda BYXX1909
Nyakatsi BYXX1204
Nyakavomo BYXX4892
Nyakayi BYXX5278
Nyakazu BYXX4893
Nyakerera BYXX5279
Nyakeru BYXX1910
Nyakibaka BYXX4894
Nyakibanda BYXX1479
Nyakibanda BYXX2302
Nyakibande BYXX0437
Nyakibari BYXX3735
Nyakibereko BYXX1205
Nyakibingo BYXX1912
Nyakibingo BYXX5280
Nyakibingo BYXX4528
Nyakibugwe BYXX0873
Nyakibuye BYXX4895
Nyakibuye BYXX0874
Nyakibuye BYXX0438
Nyakigano BYXX3736
Nyakigati BYXX1913
Nyakigezi BYXX3277
Nyakigezi BYXX2304
Nyakigi BYXX0875
Nyakigina BYXX1914
Nyakigina BYXX3490
Nyakijwira BYXX3491
Nyakime BYXX3492
Nyakimonyi BYXX0876
Nyakinazi BYXX2989
Nyakinoso BYXX4896
Nyakirango BYXX0439
Nyakirehe BYXX1206
Nyakirera BYXX1207
Nyakirera BYXX1915
Nyakirunga BYXX4897
Nyakirwa BYXX3737
Nyakivumu BYXX1916
Nyakivumu BYXX5281
Nyakiyonga BYXX5282
Nyakuguma BYXX1917
Nyakuguma BYXX0877
Nyakumba BYXX1918
Nyakungo BYXX0878
Nyakuremba BYXX5283
Nyakwaga BYXX2990
Nyamabega BYXX2641
Nyamabere I BYXX0150
Nyamabere II BYXX0151
Nyamaboko BYXX0440
Nyamaborogo BYXX5284
Nyamabuye BYXX1919
Nyamabuye BYXX4899
Nyamabuye BYXX3738
Nyamagana BYXX0879
Nyamagana BYXX1920
Nyamagana BYXX4900
Nyamagandika BYXX1921
Nyamagazi BYXX4529
Nyamagegera BYXX3278
Nyamahongwe BYXX3279
Nyamakaraba BYXX1480
Nyamaramba BYXX1481
Nyamarenge BYXX1482
Nyamarobe BYXX4530
Nyamasaka BYXX4121
Nyamasase BYXX1922
Nyamasenga BYXX5285
Nyamashongore BYXX2642
Nyamateke BYXX2643
Nyamayenzi BYXX0880
Nyamazi BYXX3493
Nyamazi BYXX1923
Nyambaba BYXX3739
Nyambaragasa BYXX5286
Nyambaragasa BYXX1208
Nyambeho BYXX3280
Nyambeho BYXX3740
Nyambo BYXX3494
Nyambo BYXX4531
Nyambuye BYXX0441
Nyamibanda BYXX4532
Nyamibanga BYXX1209
Nyamibara BYXX2644
Nyamifumba BYXX2991
Nyamigende BYXX3742
Nyamigene BYXX4122
Nyamigina BYXX5287
Nyamigogo BYXX3743
Nyamigongo BYXX0442
Nyamihana BYXX1483
Nyamihanda BYXX4901
Nyamihanda BYXX1210
Nyamihigima BYXX5288
Nyamihoma BYXX1484
Nyamihondi BYXX4123
Nyamihwa BYXX4902
Nyamikungugu BYXX2992
Nyamirama BYXX1924
Nyamirama BYXX4533
Nyamirambo BYXX3495
Nyamirambo BYXX0881
Nyamirambo BYXX2645
Nyamirambo BYXX4124
Nyamirambo BYXX4903
Nyamirambo BYXX1925
Nyamirande BYXX3281
Nyamirinzi BYXX3282
Nyamisagara BYXX2305
Nyamisebo BYXX4534
Nyamishiba BYXX1926
Nyamisoma BYXX1211
Nyamisure BYXX1927
Nyamitakare BYXX3283
Nyamitanga BYXX2994
Nyamitare BYXX0882
Nyamitore BYXX3744
Nyamitotoma BYXX2995
Nyamitwenzi BYXX3496
Nyamivo BYXX0152
Nyamiyaga BYXX5289
Nyamiyaga BYXX4126
Nyamiyaga BYXX4904
Nyamiyaga BYXX1485
Nyamiyaga BYXX2646
Nyamiyogoro BYXX2996
Nyamonde BYXX2997
Nyampehe BYXX5290
Nyampereza BYXX4905
Nyamubenga BYXX1486
Nyamubuye BYXX0443
Nyamugari BYXX0444
Nyamugari BYXX1212
Nyamugari BYXX5291
Nyamugari BYXX4127
Nyamugari BYXX2647
Nyamugari BYXX1487
Nyamugari BYXX4906
Nyamugari BYXX0883
Nyamugari BYXX4535
Nyamugari BYXX2998
Nyamugerera BYXX4536
Nyamugongo BYXX4907
Nyamuhanga BYXX0884
Nyamuhogoti BYXX1928
Nyamuhunba BYXX1488
Nyamunazi BYXX5292
Nyamunzugwe BYXX0885
Nyamure BYXX2999
Nyamure BYXX4908
Nyamurenge BYXX1929
Nyamurenge BYXX4537
Nyamurenge BYXX5293
Nyamurenge BYXX3745
Nyamurenza BYXX4538
Nyamurima BYXX2306
Nyamurunga BYXX0886
Nyamurungu BYXX5294
Nyamusasa BYXX5295
Nyamusenga BYXX1213
Nyamusenyi BYXX0445
Nyamusenyi BYXX1489
Nyamusoma BYXX4909
Nyamusunzu BYXX3284
Nyamutobo BYXX5296
Nyamutobo BYXX1930
Nyamutukura BYXX1214
Nyamuyaga BYXX5297
Nyamuyenzure BYXX5298
Nyamuzi BYXX0446
Nyamvuzo BYXX3746
Nyamwera BYXX0447
Nyamwera BYXX3000
Nyamweru BYXX1931
Nyamyeha BYXX1490
Nyamyotsi BYXX1215
Nyamyumba BYXX5299
Nyamyumba BYXX2307
Nyanderama BYXX1491
Nyando BYXX4539
Nyanga BYXX1932
Nyanganda BYXX4910
Nyangati BYXX2648
Nyangazi BYXX4911
Nyange BYXX0887
Nyange BYXX0448
Nyange BYXX4540
Nyange BYXX2308
Nyange BYXX4912
Nyange BYXX4128
Nyange BYXX5300
Nyangungu BYXX1933
Nyangunzu BYXX3747
Nyangurube BYXX5301
Nyangushwa BYXX0449
Nyangwa BYXX0888
Nyangwa BYXX1934
Nyangwe BYXX4129
Nyangwe BYXX3002
Nyangwe BYXX1935
Nyangwe BYXX5302
Nyangwe BYXX1492
Nyankanda BYXX5303
Nyankara BYXX3286
Nyankende BYXX5304
Nyankere BYXX0450
Nyankere BYXX1216
Nyankoba BYXX1217
Nyankoba BYXX0153
Nyankorogo BYXX1218
Nyankubati BYXX1493
Nyankubushi BYXX1494
Nyankurazi BYXX4541
Nyankurazo BYXX4130
Nyansagarare BYXX1495
Nyantakara BYXX3287
Nyantunwa BYXX4131
Nyanturagara BYXX1496
Nyanza BYXX0889
Nyanza BYXX4132
Nyanza BYXX4913
Nyanza Tubiri BYXX4542
Nyanza-Lac BYXX0008
Nyanzega BYXX5305
Nyanzogera BYXX3288
Nyanzuki BYXX4914
Nyanzurwe BYXX0890
Nyari BYXX0154
Nyarubabi BYXX3748
Nyarubabi BYXX5306
Nyarubanda BYXX3749
Nyarubanga BYXX1936
Nyarubanga BYXX3289
Nyarubano BYXX3290
Nyarubari BYXX3497
Nyarubaye BYXX1937
Nyarubayi BYXX3750
Nyarubenga BYXX1938
Nyarubimba BYXX4915
Nyarubimba BYXX1939
Nyarubongo BYXX1940
Nyarubugu BYXX1497
Nyarubunyo BYXX1941
Nyarubuye BYXX1942
Nyarucamo BYXX3003
Nyarucamo BYXX1498
Nyarucamo BYXX3751
Nyarucamo BYXX3498
Nyarudehe BYXX2649
Nyaruganda BYXX5307
Nyarugati BYXX5308
Nyarugati BYXX0451
Nyarugati BYXX4543
Nyarugegene BYXX0891
Nyarugenge BYXX2309
Nyarugera BYXX0892
Nyarugongo BYXX4916
Nyarugunda BYXX4133
Nyaruhamba BYXX3004
Nyaruhengeri BYXX2310
Nyaruhinda BYXX2650
Nyaruhombo BYXX3752
Nyaruhunge BYXX1219
Nyarukenke BYXX3499
Nyarukere BYXX0452
Nyarumanga BYXX5309
Nyarumanga BYXX1943
Nyarumanga BYXX3753
Nyarumanga BYXX3005
Nyarumanga BYXX0453
Nyarumashi BYXX4134
Nyarumihari BYXX0155
Nyarumonyi BYXX4135
Nyarumpongo BYXX0454
Nyarumuri BYXX5310
Nyarumuri BYXX1220
Nyarunazi BYXX1221
Nyarunazi BYXX1944
Nyarunazi BYXX2651
Nyarunazi BYXX2311
Nyarunazi BYXX3500
Nyarunazi BYXX5311
Nyarunazi I BYXX4137
Nyarunazi II BYXX4138
Nyarurama BYXX1945
Nyarurama BYXX3006
Nyarurambi BYXX2652
Nyarurambi BYXX1946
Nyarurambi BYXX0893
Nyarurambi BYXX4544
Nyarurambi BYXX4139
Nyarurambi BYXX0157
Nyarurazi BYXX1499
Nyarure BYXX1947
Nyarure BYXX2653
Nyaruronga BYXX0158
Nyaruruma BYXX1222
Nyarusabagi BYXX5312
Nyarusagamba BYXX1223
Nyarusagare BYXX0159
Nyarusange BYXX1948
Nyarusange BYXX3007
Nyarusange BYXX5313
Nyarusange BYXX4545
Nyarusange BYXX0160
Nyarusange BYXX4140
Nyarusange BYXX2654
Nyarusebeyi BYXX1500
Nyarushanga BYXX0455
Nyarushushu BYXX0456
Nyaruswanga BYXX1949
Nyarutambika BYXX2655
Nyarutana BYXX4546
Nyarutanga BYXX0457
Nyaruteza BYXX2312
Nyarutiti BYXX1224
Nyarutiti BYXX5314
Nyarutongo BYXX4141
Nyarutovu BYXX2656
Nyarutovu BYXX1501
Nyarutumba BYXX0894
Nyarutwenzi BYXX3755
Nyaruvumbu BYXX1225
Nyaruyaga BYXX0161
Nyaruyange BYXX5315
Nyaruzwa BYXX1950
Nyarwaga BYXX0895
Nyarwedeka BYXX0458
Nyarwetete BYXX1951
Nyarwonga BYXX0459
Nyarwonga BYXX4142
Nyarwonga BYXX1952
Nyarwumba BYXX1502
Nyaryakirubi BYXX1503
Nyatubuye BYXX0896
Nyavyamo BYXX0897
Nyawaga BYXX4917
Nyazuba BYXX0898
Nyemanga BYXX3292
Nyembuye BYXX4918
Nyemera BYXX2313
Nyempongo BYXX4919
Nyendago BYXX0162
Nyenkarange BYXX0163
Nyentambwe BYXX1953
Nyenzi BYXX2314
Nyenzi BYXX2657
Nyesasa BYXX4920
Nyeshanga BYXX0164
Nyeshenza BYXX1504
Nyesinzo BYXX1505
Nyesoko BYXX4921
Nyetasha BYXX0899
Nyetongwe BYXX3293
Nyinya BYXX4547
Nyobwe BYXX4922
Nyogoro BYXX2658
Nyomvyi BYXX0165
Nyundo BYXX0900
Nyundwe BYXX5316
Nyungu BYXX4143
Nyunzwe BYXX4548
Nyunzwe BYXX0166
Nzara BYXX4144
Nzewe BYXX3008
Nzibariba BYXX2659
Nzibu BYXX2315
Nzigi BYXX1954
Nzigigwa BYXX2660
Nzobe BYXX2316
Nzobe BYXX3009
Nzobe BYXX4549
Nzokande BYXX4923
Nzove BYXX4550
Nzove BYXX1955
Nzove BYXX4145
Nzunga BYXX4551
Nzuruma BYXX0167
Pfunyangeso BYXX1956
Rabiro BYXX0168
Rabiro BYXX3010
Rabiro BYXX1957
Rabiro BYXX1226
Rabiro BYXX5317
Rabiro BYXX2661
Rabiro BYXX4146
Rabiro BYXX3756
Ragwe BYXX4552
Rama BYXX3011
Ramba BYXX2662
Ramba BYXX2317
Ramba BYXX0460
Rambwe BYXX0169
Ramvya BYXX3294
Ramvya BYXX1227
Ramvya BYXX4924
Randa BYXX3012
Ranga BYXX2663
Rangare BYXX5318
Rangi BYXX5319
Rangira BYXX1506
Rango BYXX3501
Rango BYXX3757
Rango BYXX4147
Rango BYXX3013
Rango BYXX1958
Rarire BYXX0901
Rasa BYXX4925
Remba BYXX1507
Remba BYXX5320
Remera BYXX3014
Remera BYXX4553
Remera BYXX0461
Remera BYXX3502
Remera BYXX1228
Remera BYXX1508
Remera BYXX1959
Renda BYXX2318
Renga BYXX2319
Renga BYXX1509
Renga BYXX3503
Rimiro BYXX4554
Ringira BYXX0902
Ritendeye BYXX0170
Rohe BYXX0462
Rohero BYXX0463
Rongero BYXX4926
Rongero BYXX3295
Rongozi BYXX4927
Rorero BYXX3015
Rorero BYXX4928
Rtyazo BYXX0464
Rtyazo BYXX1510
Rtye BYXX1960
Rubabara BYXX1229
Rubagabaga BYXX1961
Rubaho BYXX4929
Rubambagire BYXX5321
Rubamvye BYXX3758
Rubanda BYXX0465
Rubande BYXX5322
Rubande BYXX1962
Rubanga BYXX5323
Rubanga BYXX0903
Rubanga BYXX3017
Rubanga BYXX4930
Rubanga BYXX0171
Rubangabanga BYXX1230
Rubango BYXX1231
Rubangu BYXX1232
Rubara BYXX4931
Rubarasi BYXX1963
Rubari BYXX4555
Rubaribari BYXX3018
Rubavu BYXX2664
Rubavu BYXX5324
Rubavyi BYXX1964
Rubaya BYXX0466
Rubimba BYXX4557
Rubimba BYXX3296
Rubimba BYXX0904
Rubimba BYXX4148
Rubimba BYXX5325
Rubindi BYXX3759
Rubirizi BYXX0467
Rubirizi BYXX3019
Rubirizi BYXX1233
Rubirizi BYXX0905
Rubirizi BYXX3504
Rubirizi BYXX1511
Rubizi BYXX0468
Rubonde BYXX4149
Rubonwe BYXX0906
Rubuga BYXX2320
Rubuga BYXX3760
Rubuga BYXX3297
Rubuga BYXX2665
Rubugurizo BYXX4558
Rubumba BYXX3505
Rubungu BYXX3020
Rubura BYXX0469
Rubura BYXX1512
Rubuye BYXX1513
Rucaca BYXX4150
Ruce BYXX0172
Ruce BYXX3506
Rucu BYXX0907
Rucunda BYXX3761
Rudagari BYXX3507
Rudaraza BYXX2666
Rudari BYXX3022
Rudasumirwa BYXX3508
Rudegwe BYXX0908
Rudehe BYXX3023
Rufunzwe BYXX4933
Rufuri BYXX1514
Rugabo BYXX1965
Rugabo BYXX2667
Rugaga BYXX4934
Rugaga BYXX5326
Rugajo BYXX1515
Rugajo BYXX4151
Rugaju BYXX2668
Rugamba BYXX3024
Rugamirwa BYXX4152
Ruganda BYXX1234
Ruganda BYXX1966
Ruganira BYXX2669
Ruganirwa BYXX4153
Rugano BYXX1235
Rugano BYXX1516
Ruganza BYXX3025
Rugarama BYXX3026
Rugarama BYXX4559
Rugarama BYXX4154
Rugari BYXX4155
Rugari BYXX5327
Rugari BYXX2322
Rugari BYXX0909
Rugari BYXX4560
Rugari BYXX1967
Rugaruye BYXX0470
Rugasari BYXX1968
Rugata BYXX5328
Rugazandaro BYXX1517
Rugazi BYXX2670
Rugazi BYXX4156
Rugazi BYXX3027
Rugembe BYXX0471
Rugenegene BYXX1969
Rugenge BYXX2671
Rugenge BYXX1236
Rugenge BYXX1518
Rugenge BYXX3028
Rugera BYXX0009
Rugeregere BYXX1519
Rugerero BYXX4561
Rugerero BYXX2672
Rugerero BYXX3029
Rugerero BYXX1237
Rugeri BYXX2323
Rugero BYXX2324
Rugese BYXX2325
Rugese BYXX4157
Rugeyo BYXX0173
Rugi BYXX3298
Rugina BYXX4158
Rugobe BYXX0472
Rugobwe BYXX2673
Rugogwe BYXX4159
Rugojo BYXX5329
Rugoma BYXX2326
Rugoma BYXX1520
Rugoma BYXX3030
Rugoma BYXX1970
Rugoma BYXX5330
Rugoma BYXX1238
Rugomba BYXX4562
Rugombero BYXX0473
Rugombo BYXX1521
Rugombo BYXX4935
Rugomero BYXX1239
Rugomero BYXX2327
Rugomero BYXX4160
Rugomero BYXX4563
Rugomo BYXX4161
Rugonga BYXX4936
Rugongo BYXX4162
Rugongo BYXX1240
Rugongwe BYXX4937
Rugori BYXX4564
Rugoti BYXX1522
Rugoti BYXX5331
Rugoti BYXX4565
Rugoza BYXX3031
Rugoza BYXX3762
Rugumye BYXX3509
Rugunga BYXX4938
Rugunga BYXX0174
Rugungu BYXX2674
Ruguzwe BYXX3032
Rugwiza BYXX1523
Rugwiza BYXX2675
Ruhagarika BYXX1524
Ruhama BYXX4163
Ruhama BYXX4566
Ruhande BYXX1971
Ruhando BYXX0911
Ruhanga BYXX1525
Ruhanura BYXX5332
Ruharo BYXX2676
Ruharo BYXX3034
Ruharo BYXX1972
Ruhata BYXX4567
Ruhata BYXX2677
Ruhefu BYXX3510
Ruheha BYXX2328
Ruhehe BYXX2329
Ruhembe BYXX3763
Ruhengama BYXX4939
Ruhengeri BYXX4568
Ruhengeri BYXX3035
Ruhesu BYXX3299
Ruhinda BYXX1973
Ruhinga BYXX1526
Ruhinga BYXX4164
Ruhinga BYXX3764
Ruhinga BYXX3036
Ruhinga BYXX1242
Ruhita BYXX2330
Ruhogwe BYXX1527
Ruhoha BYXX4165
Ruhona BYXX1974
Ruhondo BYXX0175
Ruhongore BYXX4569
Ruhongore BYXX0912
Ruhongoro BYXX5334
Ruhoro BYXX5335
Ruhorongo BYXX2331
Ruhororo BYXX3037
Ruhororo BYXX4570
Ruhororo BYXX1528
Ruhuba BYXX2678
Ruhuha BYXX4166
Ruhuha BYXX0474
Ruhuma BYXX0913
Ruhuma BYXX1243
Ruhuma BYXX2679
Ruhumetsi BYXX1529
Ruhuna BYXX3038
Ruhuza BYXX2332
Ruhwago BYXX4167
Ruhwago BYXX5336
Rujeni BYXX1530
Rujungu BYXX1244
Rukago BYXX3039
Rukamba BYXX2680
Rukambati BYXX1245
Rukambura BYXX3040
Rukana BYXX1531
Rukanda BYXX0914
Rukanka BYXX0915
Rukanu BYXX3041
Rukara BYXX2681
Rukarangwa BYXX0176
Rukashi BYXX4168
Rukaza BYXX1246
Rukeco BYXX4571
Rukenesha BYXX5337
Rukenke BYXX4169
Rukenuke BYXX1975
Rukere BYXX3765
Rukere BYXX0475
Rukere BYXX3042
Rukiga BYXX1976
Rukina BYXX0916
Rukindo BYXX2333
Rukindu BYXX2682
Rukinga BYXX2683
Rukinga BYXX0917
Rukingiro BYXX0477
Rukingu BYXX2684
Rukinya BYXX1977
Rukinzo BYXX4170
Rukira BYXX4171
Ruko BYXX0918
Rukoba BYXX1978
Rukobe BYXX4172
Rukobe BYXX1979
Rukobero BYXX4173
Rukobero BYXX2334
Rukoki BYXX1980
Rukoko BYXX5338
Rukoma BYXX3300
Rukombe BYXX1247
Rukondokondo BYXX2335
Rukongwa BYXX4572
Rukoni BYXX0478
Rukoni BYXX3511
Rukonwe BYXX3301
Rukorobwa BYXX1981
Rukoyoyo BYXX5339
Rukoyoyo BYXX1248
Rukuba BYXX0479
Rukukumbo BYXX5340
Rukungere BYXX4175
Rukungu BYXX3512
Rukuramigabo BYXX2336
Rukuranure BYXX1532
Rukurazo BYXX4573
Rukurazo BYXX2337
Rukuri BYXX4176
Rukwega BYXX1249
Rumandari BYXX4177
Rumanga BYXX4178
Rumbaga BYXX4574
Rumera BYXX1250
Rumeza BYXX0919
Rumina BYXX4940
Ruminamina BYXX0920
Rumonge BYXX0010
Rumonyi BYXX0921
Rumvya BYXX1533
Runama BYXX2338
Runanira BYXX2339
Runazi BYXX1251
Runazi BYXX5341
Runda BYXX4575
Runda BYXX3302
Rundari BYXX1982
Rungazi BYXX2340
Rungogo BYXX1534
Runihira BYXX1252
Runini BYXX4576
Runombe BYXX4179
Rununga BYXX1253
Runyangwe BYXX2341
Runyeri BYXX1983
Runyinya BYXX2342
Runyinya BYXX2685
Runyinya BYXX0922
Runyinya BYXX0177
Runyinya BYXX4577
Runyoni BYXX2686
Runyonza BYXX2343
Runyozi BYXX4180
Runywero BYXX2687
Runzanga BYXX3766
Runzenze BYXX2344
Rurama BYXX2688
Rurama BYXX1255
Rurama BYXX4578
Ruramata BYXX1535
Ruramb BYXX4579
Ruramba BYXX3767
Ruramba BYXX1256
Rurambi BYXX3768
Rurambi BYXX2345
Rurambira BYXX1984
Rurambira BYXX3303
Rurande BYXX4580
Ruranzi BYXX2346
Ruremba BYXX2347
Ruremba BYXX1536
Rurembera BYXX0923
Rurembi BYXX4581
Rurembo BYXX4181
Rurembo BYXX2348
Rurenda BYXX3513
Rurende BYXX2349
Rurenga BYXX4942
Rurengera BYXX1257
Rurengera BYXX1985
Rurenzwa BYXX0924
Rurimbi BYXX1986
Rurimbi BYXX5342
Ruringanizo BYXX0925
Rurinzi BYXX3043
Rurinzi BYXX1537
Rurinzi BYXX1258
Rurira BYXX2350
Ruronge BYXX1538
Rurtyazo BYXX3769
Rusabagi BYXX0480
Rusaga BYXX1987
Rusagamba BYXX0178
Rusagara BYXX2689
Rusagara BYXX1988
Rusagara BYXX3044
Rusaka BYXX3770
Rusakiro BYXX0481
Rusama BYXX0926
Rusamaza BYXX2690
Rusambi BYXX3045
Rusandu BYXX1539
Rusange BYXX1989
Rusange BYXX2691
Rusange BYXX1259
Rusara BYXX2351
Rusarasi BYXX2352
Rusarenda BYXX3514
Rusarenda BYXX0927
Rusasa BYXX3771
Rusasa BYXX5343
Rusasa BYXX2692
Rusasa BYXX4582
Rusave BYXX4583
Rusekabuye BYXX0179
Rusekera BYXX1260
Rusenda BYXX1540
Rusengo BYXX2693
Rusengo BYXX5344
Rusengo BYXX0928
Rusengo BYXX4584
Rusengo I BYXX4183
Rusengo II BYXX4184
Rusenyi BYXX3304
Ruseseka BYXX1541
Rushakashaka BYXX0180
Rushamvu BYXX1990
Rushanga BYXX1991
Rushanga BYXX3305
Rushara BYXX4185
Rushemeza BYXX4944
Rushemeza BYXX3515
Rushemeza BYXX0929
Rushene BYXX1542
Rushenza BYXX3046
Rusheri BYXX4186
Rushiha BYXX3516
Rushiha BYXX1543
Rushiha BYXX0181
Rushoka BYXX4585
Rushombo BYXX2694
Rushombo BYXX4187
Rushubi BYXX1992
Rushubi BYXX0482
Rushubi BYXX3047
Rushubije BYXX1261
Rushunguru BYXX4945
Rushuru BYXX3772
Rushwira BYXX4188
Rusi BYXX0930
Rusi BYXX2695
Rusigabangazi BYXX1262
Rusimbuko BYXX4189
Rusirozi BYXX5345
Rusivya BYXX3773
Rusivya BYXX2696
Rusohanya BYXX5346
Rusororo BYXX1544
Rusuguti BYXX4586
Rusumwe BYXX5347
Rusunu BYXX1263
Rusunwe BYXX3306
Rusura BYXX0931
Rusyanane BYXX2697
Rutabo BYXX1545
Rutagage BYXX4588
Rutagara BYXX2354
Rutake BYXX0182
Rutamba BYXX2355
Rutamba BYXX4946
Rutambiro BYXX3048
Rutambwe BYXX4589
Rutamo BYXX2356
Rutamo BYXX1264
Rutana BYXX5348
Rutana BYXX0183
Rutana BYXX0932
Rutana BYXX2698
Rutanga BYXX2357
Rutanga BYXX4590
Rutanganika BYXX1993
Rutarabana BYXX4190
Rutare BYXX5349
Rutega BYXX2358
Rutega BYXX3049
Rutegama BYXX2359
Rutegama BYXX3307
Rutegama BYXX4591
Rutegama BYXX3517
Rutegama BYXX2699
Rutegama BYXX0483
Rutemba BYXX3518
Ruteme BYXX0484
Rutimbura BYXX5350
Rutimbura BYXX1265
Rutobo BYXX4592
Rutobo BYXX3774
Rutobo BYXX3050
Rutoke BYXX5351
Rutoke BYXX0933
Rutoke BYXX1994
Rutoke BYXX2700
Rutoke BYXX3051
Rutonde BYXX1546
Rutonde BYXX5352
Rutonde BYXX4191
Rutonde BYXX1995
Rutonde BYXX0485
Rutonganikwa BYXX1996
Rutongati BYXX1997
Rutongati BYXX3775
Rutongo BYXX0486
Rutovu BYXX0934
Rutovu BYXX1266
Rutovu BYXX5355
Rutovu BYXX0487
Rutsindu BYXX1267
Rutumo BYXX0935
Rutumva BYXX3052
Rutunda BYXX3519
Rutundu BYXX3309
Rutyazo BYXX4192
Ruveri BYXX5356
Ruvigi BYXX1998
Ruvomo BYXX3053
Ruvumera BYXX1547
Ruvumu BYXX4193
Ruvumu BYXX3310
Ruvumu BYXX2360
Ruvumu BYXX5357
Ruvumu BYXX0488
Ruvumu BYXX2701
Ruvumu BYXX3520
Ruvumu BYXX4947
Ruvumura BYXX1999
Ruvundere BYXX4593
Ruvuno BYXX3521
Ruvuruga BYXX1548
Ruvuye BYXX0936
Ruvyagira BYXX0489
Ruvyagira BYXX1549
Ruvyagira BYXX4594
Ruwenzori BYXX1269
Ruyaga BYXX3776
Ruyaga BYXX2361
Ruyaga BYXX4194
Ruyaga BYXX0490
Ruyaga BYXX0937
Ruyaga BYXX1550
Ruyange BYXX0185
Ruyange BYXX5358
Ruyange BYXX3777
Ruyange BYXX4195
Ruyege BYXX4595
Ruyengo BYXX2000
Ruyenzi BYXX3054
Ruyenzi BYXX2362
Ruyigi BYXX3055
Ruyigi BYXX2702
Ruyigi BYXX2001
Ruyigi BYXX5359
Ruyigi BYXX2363
Ruyivyi BYXX2364
Ruyogoro BYXX2703
Ruyogoro BYXX4597
Ruyogoro BYXX5360
Ruzenga BYXX0186
Ruzi BYXX3056
Ruziba BYXX0491
Ruziba BYXX0187
Ruziba BYXX1551
Ruzibazi BYXX0492
Ruzibira BYXX4196
Ruzingati BYXX3057
Ruzingwe BYXX3312
Ruzira BYXX0938
Ruzirakabogi BYXX2365
Ruzirasazi BYXX1552
Ruzizi BYXX2366
Ruzizi BYXX4197
Rwabiriro BYXX4598
Rwagongwe BYXX3058
Rwagongwe BYXX4599
Rwahirwa BYXX4600
Rwahita BYXX2367
Rwahona BYXX1270
Rwakagari BYXX2704
Rwamabare BYXX2368
Rwamahasa BYXX5361
Rwamatanga BYXX4198
Rwamfu BYXX4199
Rwamiko BYXX3059
Rwamiko BYXX4601
Rwamikore BYXX2369
Rwamisambo BYXX1553
Rwampiri BYXX3779
Rwamvugwe BYXX3522
Rwamvura BYXX1271
Rwamvura BYXX2002
Rwanda BYXX2003
Rwangara BYXX2705
Rwaniro BYXX0939
Rwaniro BYXX3313
Rwankangoma BYXX3780
Rwankaniro BYXX1272
Rwankima BYXX0188
Rwankona BYXX0940
Rwankonge BYXX2706
Rwankuba BYXX3060
Rwankuba BYXX2370
Rwankuka BYXX3314
Rwansongo BYXX0941
Rwantamba BYXX3523
Rwantsinda BYXX3524
Rwantsinda BYXX1273
Rwanyosha BYXX4948
Rwarama BYXX2371
Rwarangabo BYXX4602
Rwatwenzi BYXX2004
Rwaza BYXX2005
Rwega BYXX4949
Rwego BYXX3781
Rwego BYXX0942
Rwego BYXX1274
Rwegura BYXX3061
Rwera BYXX2707
Rwerambere BYXX5362
Rweru BYXX2006
Rwesero BYXX2007
Rwesero BYXX1554
Rwesero BYXX4950
Rwesero BYXX0944
Rweteto BYXX2372
Rweteto BYXX3525
Rweya BYXX4603
Rweza BYXX3782
Rweza BYXX0493
Rweza BYXX3526
Rweza BYXX2008
Rweza BYXX0945
Rweza BYXX4604
Rweza BYXX3315
Rwezamenyo BYXX2009
Rwibaga BYXX0494
Rwibikara BYXX2373
Rwigitsibati BYXX2708
Rwihanza BYXX5363
Rwikubo BYXX2374
Rwimanzovu BYXX2375
Rwimbogo BYXX4200
Rwimbogo BYXX1275
Rwimbogo BYXX4605
Rwimbogo BYXX2709
Rwimivubu BYXX2376
Rwimvura BYXX2010
Rwinago BYXX2377
Rwingiri BYXX4201
Rwingiri BYXX2011
Rwingoma BYXX2710
Rwinjugushu BYXX2711
Rwinka BYXX2712
Rwinkona BYXX5364
Rwintamba BYXX2012
Rwintare BYXX3783
Rwinyana BYXX2013
Rwinyange BYXX1276
Rwinzoka BYXX2014
Rwira BYXX3063
Rwira BYXX0946
Rwirambo BYXX4606
Rwiri BYXX2378
Rwiri BYXX1555
Rwiri BYXX0947
Rwisabi BYXX2015
Rwisato BYXX5365
Rwisuri BYXX2379
Rwiyago BYXX0495
Rwizingwe BYXX4202
Rwizingwe BYXX2713
Rwizingwe BYXX4607
Rwoga BYXX2016
Rwoga BYXX4608
Rwoga BYXX4203
Rwogo BYXX3784
Rwonga BYXX3785
Rwumba BYXX3064
Rwuya BYXX3786
Rwuya BYXX3527
Rwuzuzu BYXX3787
Ryagahene BYXX2017
Ryakaramba BYXX3065
Ryakarambo BYXX4609
Ryamagina BYXX2380
Ryamihoro BYXX5366
Ryamukona BYXX3066
Ryaruhinda BYXX4610
Ryarumuri BYXX4611
Ryarusera BYXX3528
Ryirengeye BYXX4612
Ryirengeye BYXX3067
Ryirengeye BYXX3316
Sabunda BYXX4613
Sabusengo BYXX2381
Saga BYXX0496
Sagabanga BYXX1556
Sagara BYXX0497
Sagara BYXX3788
Sagara BYXX2714
Sagasoza BYXX2018
Sagatwe BYXX4204
Sakanyege BYXX2019
Sakariro BYXX3068
Sakinyinya BYXX3069
Sakinyonga BYXX0948
Sakirugu BYXX4951
Samahuge BYXX4952
Sampeke BYXX3317
Samumpemba BYXX0189
Samwe BYXX1557
Samwinyo BYXX3529
Sananda BYXX4953
Sangu BYXX0949
Sankwi BYXX4205
Sanzaga BYXX4954
Sanzwe BYXX4206
Sarange BYXX3318
Sare BYXX4614
Sarutoke BYXX4955
Sasa BYXX2382
Saswe BYXX3789
Sebeyi BYXX0950
Segezo BYXX5367
Sehe BYXX1558
Sema BYXX3530
Senga BYXX5368
Senyamisange BYXX4615
Sesero BYXX2020
Shaga BYXX0951
Shaka BYXX3319
Shamba BYXX3790
Shana BYXX3791
Shanga BYXX4956
Shanga BYXX0952
Shanga BYXX2715
Shango BYXX4616
Shari BYXX0190
Shasha BYXX4957
Shatanya BYXX2021
Shavu BYXX0953
Shawe BYXX0954
Shaya BYXX2022
Shekera BYXX2023
Shembati BYXX3070
Shembe BYXX4958
Shembe BYXX0955
Shembe BYXX2383
Shenga BYXX2384
Shikankoni BYXX3071
Shimwe BYXX1559
Shinge BYXX1277
Shinge BYXX4617
Shirugunya BYXX3072
Shishi BYXX0191
Shombo BYXX3531
Shombo BYXX2716
Shonge BYXX3073
Shore BYXX2385
Shore BYXX3074
Shori BYXX4207
Shori BYXX1278
Shoti BYXX4959
Showe BYXX0956
Shoza BYXX4208
Shoza BYXX4618
Shumba BYXX3532
Shunga BYXX2386
Shungwe BYXX2024
Sigi BYXX4619
Simba BYXX2025
Sinini BYXX2717
Siza BYXX3320
Songa BYXX3321
Songa BYXX0957
Songa BYXX2026
Songore BYXX3075
Songorere BYXX0958
Sorero BYXX5369
Sorero BYXX3792
Sororezo BYXX0498
Sorwe BYXX0959
Sovu BYXX0960
Susa BYXX2387
Suture BYXX4960
Suture BYXX4209
Taba BYXX2718
Taba BYXX2027
Taba BYXX3793
Taba BYXX0192
Taba BYXX4961
Taba BYXX5370
Taba BYXX3076
Taba BYXX4210
Tabi BYXX0499
Tabi BYXX2028
Tagara BYXX0961
Tahiro BYXX4962
Takwe BYXX3322
Tanganika BYXX2388
Tangara BYXX4211
Tangara BYXX4621
Tara BYXX3077
Tara BYXX0962
Tarire BYXX0963
Teka BYXX2029
Teka BYXX3078
Teka BYXX3533
Tema BYXX2030
Temba BYXX1560
Teme BYXX2719
Temere BYXX3534
Tenga BYXX0500
Tetero BYXX1279
Teza BYXX3535
Timbura BYXX4963
Titi BYXX0193
Tonga BYXX2389
Tongwe BYXX0964
Tora BYXX0965
Tubiri BYXX4622
Tura BYXX4212
Twinkwavu BYXX1280
Twinyambo BYXX2720
Tyazo BYXX4623
Uwibiti BYXX3794
Uwimpfizi BYXX3795
Uwinryame BYXX0966
Uwinzovu BYXX0967
Uwiteme BYXX3536
Uwuruganda BYXX0501
Uwurugo BYXX0968
Vubi BYXX5371
Vugizo BYXX0502
Vugizo BYXX3323
Vuma BYXX0503
Vumasi BYXX4213
Vumbi BYXX0969
Vumbi-Bukuba BYXX2390
Vumbiro BYXX0504
Vumwe BYXX5372
Vuna BYXX4214
Vungu BYXX3324
Vyampa BYXX1281
Vyanda BYXX0970
Vyenya BYXX3537
Vyero BYXX4624
Vyerwa BYXX2721
Vyiniro BYXX2722
Vyinkona BYXX4215
Vyinkona BYXX2031
Vyinkona BYXX1282
Vyirongoza BYXX4216
Vyoga BYXX2032
Vyoga BYXX3079
Vyondo BYXX4217
Vyugazo BYXX4625
Vyuma BYXX4218
Vyuma BYXX2723
Vyuma BYXX4626
Vyuma BYXX3796
Vyuma BYXX4964
Vyuya BYXX0971
Wabitega BYXX1561
Wabivumu BYXX2033
Wambogo BYXX5373
Wangoma BYXX1283
Warukwega BYXX3080
Wingoma BYXX4219
Yagizo BYXX2724
Yamuremye BYXX3538
Yandaro BYXX3081
Yaranda BYXX2391
Yengero BYXX0972
Yokezo BYXX4965
Yonga BYXX4220
Yove BYXX4966
Zaga BYXX4221
Zanandore BYXX2725
Zina BYXX4222
Zina BYXX0194
Zingati BYXX0973
Zorya BYXX0195