Weather Codes for Burkina Faso

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Burkina Faso. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abanga UVXX8078
Aberekui UVXX4107
Ablaye UVXX3378
Abra UVXX6185
Abra UVXX0474
Absendo UVXX1059
Absouma UVXX2752
Absouya UVXX4955
Adjan UVXX7112
Adoudji UVXX6739
Afini UVXX7531
Ahkoudewe UVXX7532
Akoundel UVXX6740
Aladiou UVXX7259
Alaga UVXX6186
Alale UVXX6741
Alale UVXX7260
Alamini UVXX7261
Alamou UVXX6187
Alana UVXX3891
Alapera UVXX4651
Alfire UVXX4401
Alga UVXX0475
Aligaga UVXX8079
Alkoma UVXX4895
Alkousiri UVXX1669
Almande UVXX1670
Alondi UVXX7533
Alondigwena UVXX1983
Alora UVXX7262
Alouba UVXX1984
Amene UVXX7724
Amenekui UVXX0955
Aminbiri UVXX4652
Amvo UVXX7263
Anaga UVXX7534
Anbarkoura UVXX4653
Andekanda UVXX4003
Andem Yarse UVXX4956
Andemtenga UVXX3170
Andeulay UVXX8080
Anekui UVXX4108
Ankouma UVXX6188
Ansolma UVXX4004
Ansouara UVXX4402
Ansouri UVXX0476
Antia UVXX1671
Antoa UVXX6189
Aorema UVXX7725
Aoura UVXX8081
Aourema UVXX3379
Ara UVXX7264
Arakora UVXX5209
Aranboura UVXX4654
Arbete UVXX7726
Arbolle UVXX5729
Aribinda UVXX7265
Ariblana UVXX3380
Arly UVXX7535
Arofo UVXX6190
Arouesma UVXX6191
Assio UVXX0144
Attoum UVXX5210
Atyeri UVXX3059
Atyoungbana UVXX1985
Avogonia UVXX4837
Ayaraba UVXX6192
Ayoubakolon UVXX3381
Aziga UVXX7113
Ba UVXX2445
Ba UVXX3382
Ba Yangasso UVXX4109
Baa UVXX4110
Babanloua UVXX1986
Babe UVXX4957
Babeden UVXX4403
Babedo UVXX1060
Babere UVXX1672
Babereke UVXX6193
Babie UVXX5211
Babieteoun UVXX4655
Babirka UVXX6742
Babo UVXX4005
Babonga UVXX8082
Babou UVXX4958
Babouadi UVXX1673
Baboura UVXX1499
Bada UVXX1674
Badabiessan UVXX4838
Badala UVXX2446
Badalougou UVXX1675
Badano UVXX4006
Badara UVXX1500
Badedsi UVXX7536
Badema UVXX0002
Badema UVXX0311
Badet UVXX1501
Badiere UVXX2596
Badinga UVXX1987
Badinga UVXX0956
Badinogo UVXX0477
Badinogo UVXX2205
Badinogou UVXX7266
Badnogo UVXX1061
Badnogo UVXX4404
Badnogo UVXX6194
Badnogo UVXX2206
Badnogo I UVXX4959
Badnogo II UVXX2753
Bado UVXX3060
Bado UVXX0312
Badongo UVXX4839
Badora UVXX5212
Badore UVXX1676
Badougou UVXX0313
Bafele UVXX6743
Bafina UVXX6195
Baforo UVXX2597
Bagaben UVXX6196
Bagaben UVXX1062
Bagade UVXX4405
Bagadogo UVXX1063
Bagadogo UVXX6197
Bagadowoegen UVXX0724
Bagahanba UVXX7537
Bagala UVXX0957
Bagammssi UVXX8393
Bagamnini UVXX1064
Bagande UVXX4406
Bagane UVXX2598
Bagane UVXX0725
Bagarao UVXX2754
Bagare UVXX5730
Bagare UVXX7727
Bagari UVXX7538
Bagassi UVXX0003
Bagayiri UVXX4960
Bagbanano UVXX0235
Bagbili UVXX2207
Bageou UVXX4111
Bagere UVXX4961
Bagou UVXX1988
Bagou UVXX7114
Bagouedara UVXX1502
Bagouoko UVXX7728
Bagouzia UVXX7115
Bagozougou UVXX0726
Bagpelogo UVXX8394
Bagpelogo UVXX1065
Bagre UVXX0314
Bagtogodo UVXX1066
Baguera UVXX3892
Baguiomo UVXX6001
Baham UVXX8083
Bahamaka UVXX0479
Bahanere UVXX3171
Bahara UVXX6198
Bahniaga UVXX1677
Baimbaiga UVXX0315
Baka UVXX3172
Bakara UVXX2599
Bakaribougou UVXX3383
Bakata UVXX8531
Bakiensom UVXX2755
Bakina UVXX5213
Bakloute UVXX4407
Bako UVXX2208
Bako UVXX3749
Bakogo UVXX8395
Bakono UVXX5214
Bakoronisso UVXX2447
Bakotinga UVXX2600
Bakotou UVXX8084
Bakotourou UVXX2601
Bakou UVXX7729
Bakouani UVXX3384
Bakoui UVXX5731
Bakoulena UVXX5215
Bakoumba UVXX2209
Bakoun UVXX4656
Bakounbila UVXX4962
Bakoute UVXX1503
Bakouyo UVXX7116
Bakpara UVXX5216
Bala UVXX2448
Bala UVXX4657
Balabessanko UVXX3173
Balambalo UVXX1067
Balandagou UVXX6744
Balangadi UVXX3157
Balango UVXX7730
Balanti UVXX5217
Balao UVXX0145
Balave UVXX0004
Balbara UVXX5218
Balbou UVXX6199
Bale UVXX1678
Bale UVXX4408
Balegogo UVXX1504
Balel UVXX6745
Balemba UVXX1679
Balemyoure UVXX2210
Balga UVXX1989
Balingara UVXX5219
Baliniar UVXX0236
Balinsera UVXX4658
Balkoui UVXX2756
Balmen UVXX3174
Balo UVXX5732
Balo UVXX0727
Balogo UVXX8532
Baloko UVXX3020
Balole UVXX2757
Balongodouo UVXX5220
Balonguen UVXX2758
Balonguen UVXX3175
Balonguen UVXX1068
Balonza UVXX7731
Bam UVXX0480
Bam UVXX7732
Bama UVXX3385
Bama UVXX0958
Bama UVXX0005
Bamako UVXX0237
Bamako UVXX1505
Bambara UVXX6971
Bambeni UVXX8085
Bamble UVXX6746
Bambori UVXX8086
Bamena UVXX5221
Bamga UVXX6747
Bamgue UVXX6748
Bamguel UVXX7267
Bamguel Ndao UVXX6749
Bamguil UVXX7539
Bamparou UVXX8087
Ban UVXX4007
Ban UVXX0959
Bana UVXX2449
Bana UVXX0146
Bana UVXX8088
Bana UVXX4112
Bana UVXX8396
Bana Sokoura UVXX0147
Banahari UVXX1680
Banana UVXX3386
Banankeledara UVXX2450
Banankoro UVXX3387
Banaorodougou UVXX2451
Banbeou UVXX5222
Banbigouabri UVXX1681
Banbilari UVXX1682
Banboulo UVXX5223
Bandaguera UVXX5224
Bandakelesso UVXX1506
Bandakoro UVXX1507
Bandalon UVXX6002
Bandania UVXX6750
Bandatenga UVXX2759
Bande UVXX7449
Bandega UVXX6200
Bandekiri UVXX1683
Bandeo Napore UVXX6003
Bandiedaga UVXX6751
Bandikirini UVXX3061
Bandio UVXX0148
Bandiosi UVXX8089
Bandoue UVXX4113
Bandougou UVXX3388
Bane UVXX0316
Banebira UVXX5225
Banemba UVXX4660
Banfora UVXX1508
Banfoulague UVXX3389
Banga UVXX8090
Banga UVXX4114
Bangaba UVXX8091
Bangare UVXX4409
Bangasse UVXX8313
Bangasse UVXX6201
Bangassi UVXX6972
Bangassi UVXX3390
Bangassoko UVXX0006
Bangassomba UVXX8314
Bangataka UVXX6752
Bangay UVXX1684
Bangel UVXX8092
Bangnesome UVXX1069
Bango UVXX0481
Bango UVXX7733
Bango Mossi UVXX7734
Bangozougou UVXX6004
Bangre UVXX2760
Bangre UVXX6202
Bangrezanga UVXX2211
Banguema UVXX1070
Banguemsom UVXX0728
Banguiou UVXX0149
Banguissame UVXX8397
Banh UVXX7735
Banhie UVXX5226
Banhounou UVXX1509
Bani UVXX0482
Bani UVXX1685
Bani UVXX4008
Bani UVXX7268
Baniaba UVXX8093
Baniara UVXX5227
Banika UVXX8094
Baniotenga UVXX4287
Baniou UVXX5733
Banipoule UVXX5228
Baniri UVXX7450
Bankandi UVXX2602
Bankatatougou UVXX1990
Bankoni UVXX7451
Bankouma UVXX3391
Bankouma UVXX0960
Bankouman UVXX4116
Bankoumani UVXX3392
Bankoura UVXX5229
Bankui UVXX3393
Banlo UVXX5230
Banmbe UVXX2452
Banmbili UVXX1686
Banmwanou UVXX1991
Bannho UVXX1687
Bannsyaga UVXX1688
Banogo UVXX1510
Banogo UVXX2761
Banon UVXX4840
Banou UVXX4117
Banou UVXX0150
Banouila UVXX6203
Banoumba UVXX4118
Banounou UVXX5734
Banpole UVXX4410
Banpon UVXX5231
Banpourounga UVXX1689
Bansigui UVXX6204
Banta UVXX5232
Bantole UVXX6005
Bantouani UVXX7540
Bantougdo UVXX3750
Banzani UVXX3394
Banzo UVXX3395
Bao UVXX4288
Baodogo UVXX7736
Baoguen UVXX2762
Baola UVXX6205
Baongue UVXX0483
Baonore UVXX2763
Baoudoumboen UVXX8315
Baouene UVXX4009
Baougen UVXX0729
Baougou Pore UVXX6754
Baouiga UVXX8533
Bapla UVXX0238
Bara UVXX3396
Baraboule UVXX7269
Barakpere UVXX5233
Barakui UVXX0961
Barakyengo UVXX8095
Barale UVXX6207
Baraleongo UVXX1071
Baraliyiri UVXX1072
Baramiougou UVXX6208
Barana UVXX1073
Barani UVXX3397
Barao UVXX6209
Baraptenga UVXX4411
Barbe UVXX2764
Bare UVXX2453
Barelogo UVXX7737
Baren UVXX4412
Barga UVXX4010
Barga UVXX4413
Bargabouga UVXX8096
Bargare UVXX6755
Barglinse UVXX0317
Bargo UVXX4011
Bargo UVXX5735
Bargo UVXX0484
Bari UVXX7541
Baribsi UVXX0730
Baribsi UVXX5736
Baribsi UVXX0485
Bariera UVXX5234
Barihiri UVXX2765
Baringira UVXX5235
Barkana UVXX0486
Barkea UVXX6756
Barkoundouba UVXX4963
Barkoura UVXX5236
Barkwitenga UVXX4964
Barla UVXX6006
Barlara UVXX6210
Barle UVXX4414
Barle UVXX0487
Barma UVXX7738
Barma UVXX3751
Barnoro UVXX1690
Baro UVXX5237
Barogo UVXX2212
Barole UVXX4965
Barsa UVXX0488
Barsabologo UVXX5737
Barsalogo UVXX6212
Barsse UVXX8398
Bartenga UVXX4966
Bartera UVXX5238
Bartibougou UVXX3062
Bartorogo UVXX1074
Bartyaga UVXX7542
Baryou UVXX3176
Basabega UVXX1992
Basambougou UVXX1993
Basanam UVXX4289
Basantenga UVXX6007
Basbedo UVXX8399
Basbedo UVXX5738
Basbyedo UVXX4967
Baseotenga UVXX4290
Basgana UVXX8400
Basiei UVXX3063
Basinene UVXX4291
Basinga UVXX6008
Baskondo UVXX6213
Baskorma UVXX8316
Baskouda UVXX7739
Baskoudre UVXX1075
Baskoudre UVXX6214
Baskounda UVXX6215
Baskoure UVXX3177
Basma UVXX4968
Basnere UVXX6216
Basnere UVXX2767
Bassan UVXX6973
Bassan UVXX4841
Bassana UVXX4119
Bassanga UVXX7740
Bassangoro UVXX3893
Bassaouassa UVXX7741
Bassawarga UVXX8534
Basse UVXX0489
Bassebetenga UVXX6974
Basseko UVXX2768
Basseloko UVXX8401
Bassema UVXX6217
Bassenere UVXX7742
Bassera UVXX0239
Bassi UVXX8317
Bassia UVXX6218
Bassibedo UVXX0318
Bassinam UVXX8318
Bassinsa UVXX7117
Bassiyam UVXX1076
Bassomen UVXX4969
Bassomkoukouri UVXX4415
Basson UVXX0151
Basszaida UVXX7743
Bastioua UVXX5739
Basziri UVXX0007
Batabogou UVXX8097
Batagne UVXX7543
Batakolo UVXX6009
Batanga UVXX0490
Batenga UVXX4970
Batiara UVXX2603
Batibogou UVXX8098
Batie UVXX0008
Batie Ble UVXX5239
Batie-Nord UVXX0009
Batiele UVXX2604
Batieni UVXX7452
Batinga UVXX1077
Batiti UVXX0152
Batiyiri UVXX0732
Batondo UVXX6010
Batono UVXX5740
Batyemina UVXX1691
Baviguekaha UVXX3894
Bavile UVXX6011
Bawango UVXX4416
Bayalo UVXX6012
Bayalongo UVXX5741
Baye UVXX0962
Bayeldo UVXX4661
Bayendefoulgo UVXX0491
Bayiri UVXX1078
Bazan UVXX0733
Bazanwara UVXX8535
Bazilakoa UVXX8536
Bazoule UVXX2769
Beanna UVXX0319
Bebda UVXX4662
Bebere UVXX6219
Beboula UVXX4663
Bebtenga UVXX2770
Bechikoperou UVXX6013
Bedari UVXX4842
Bedougou UVXX3895
Bedyame UVXX2213
Befasin UVXX8099
Befassi UVXX1692
Befoara UVXX1693
Begeuntiga UVXX6220
Begouabena UVXX0320
Beguedo UVXX0321
Beguemtigue UVXX4012
Beguentigue UVXX2771
Begueumdre UVXX0492
Beguintigui UVXX6757
Beiga UVXX4896
Beka UVXX0322
Bekoura UVXX5240
Bekui UVXX4120
Bekuy UVXX7453
Belaherla UVXX0323
Belarkare UVXX5241
Bele UVXX4971
Bele UVXX5742
Bele UVXX5242
Belegre UVXX1079
Beleguenga UVXX7270
Belehede UVXX7271
Belel UVXX4897
Belel UVXX7544
Belembaoguen UVXX3178
Belembouliguen UVXX3179
Belga UVXX4417
Belgou UVXX6758
Belhourou UVXX7272
Belinkora UVXX5243
Bellapoum UVXX6014
Bellare UVXX6759
Bellare Maga UVXX6760
Bellare Malbo UVXX6761
Belogo UVXX4418
Belsa Kouy UVXX7273
Bema UVXX7744
Bembela UVXX7745
Bemkoudougou UVXX7746
Ben UVXX0010
Bena UVXX2454
Bena UVXX0963
Benanso UVXX6015
Benatenga UVXX0324
Benavero UVXX7118
Bendogo UVXX2772
Bendogo UVXX6221
Bendogo UVXX5743
Bendogo UVXX0493
Bene UVXX7747
Benega UVXX6016
Benere UVXX7274
Bengre UVXX2214
Bengueden UVXX3180
Beni UVXX2605
Benie Tanga UVXX7748
Beniene UVXX8537
Beninsera UVXX4664
Beniou UVXX7119
Bennse UVXX7749
Benogo UVXX3752
Benogo UVXX2773
Beongourgou UVXX0011
Beotenga UVXX6222
Bequele UVXX1511
Beranga UVXX7750
Bere UVXX8402
Bereba UVXX7454
Beregadougou UVXX1512
Berenkui UVXX0964
Bersaga UVXX1994
Besetenga UVXX4292
Bestigre UVXX2215
Beta UVXX4972
Betare UVXX4843
Betiessan UVXX7120
Beto UVXX7121
Beun UVXX7122
Beybey UVXX6762
Bezena UVXX7123
Bial UVXX0965
Biassaga UVXX0966
Biba UVXX0012
Bibgou UVXX3064
Bibiou UVXX5744
Bida UVXX3398
Bidi UVXX7751
Bidi UVXX4898
Bidi UVXX4013
Bidibawoy UVXX7752
Bidiga UVXX0325
Bidougou UVXX2774
Biedogo UVXX1080
Bieha UVXX7124
Bielfadouo UVXX4665
Bielmera UVXX4666
Biengane UVXX2606
Biforo UVXX4121
Bigue UVXX6223
Biguissi UVXX6224
Bihoun UVXX7455
Bika UVXX2775
Bikatawa UVXX6225
Bilakoka UVXX6763
Bilakongo UVXX4122
Bilambyoubile UVXX1995
Bilanbar UVXX2607
Bilanga UVXX0013
Bilanga Yanga UVXX1694
Bilanguen UVXX3181
Bilatio UVXX0153
Bilbale UVXX2608
Bilbalgo UVXX2776
Bilbalogo UVXX8403
Bilbalogo UVXX1081
Bilbalogo UVXX2777
Bilgou UVXX1695
Bilibalogo UVXX6226
Biliga UVXX0494
Bilina UVXX1696
Bilinga UVXX7753
Bilogo UVXX3753
Bilogotenga UVXX2216
Bilougou UVXX1697
Bimabideni UVXX7545
Bime UVXX0326
Bin UVXX0967
Bina UVXX3065
Binadeni UVXX1996
Binbelinko UVXX4667
Binde UVXX8404
Bindere UVXX6764
Bindogo UVXX1082
Bindogo UVXX6227
Bindogo UVXX4973
Bindogo UVXX2217
Bindoro UVXX6228
Bindougou UVXX0968
Bindowe UVXX2455
Binga UVXX8100
Bingali UVXX5244
Bingbema UVXX3399
Bingo UVXX8319
Bingo UVXX6229
Bingo UVXX1083
Bingo UVXX0327
Bingo UVXX0014
Binguel UVXX6765
Binguel UVXX8101
Binguel Dafedji UVXX7275
Bini UVXX6230
Bini UVXX1513
Binjo UVXX5245
Binkili UVXX2609
Binnguedougou UVXX3896
Binogo UVXX2218
Binsboumbou UVXX8405
Binsboumbou UVXX1084
Binsegue UVXX6231
Binsigue UVXX4419
Binsteguere UVXX1085
Binte UVXX0240
Binvar UVXX2610
Bion UVXX8406
Biongo UVXX5745
Bira UVXX8102
Bira Gondogo UVXX7754
Birabodo UVXX0734
Birgou UVXX1997
Birgui UVXX6232
Birgui UVXX4420
Biri UVXX6233
Biribena UVXX8103
Birigui Teyga UVXX7276
Biriguima UVXX1086
Birkinao UVXX5246
Birniolpori UVXX7546
Biron Bobo UVXX3400
Biron Marka UVXX3401
Birou UVXX6017
Birou UVXX0495
Bisiga UVXX0735
Bisigen UVXX0736
Bisigui Yolgo UVXX6234
Biska UVXX3182
Bisma UVXX5746
Bisnaba UVXX2219
Bisnogo UVXX6235
Bissa UVXX0154
Bissan UVXX6975
Bissanderou UVXX0015
Bisserke UVXX2611
Bissia UVXX0496
Bissiga UVXX2220
Bissiga UVXX1998
Bissiga UVXX4974
Bissiga UVXX1087
Bissigay UVXX7755
Bissiguen UVXX2778
Bissiguen UVXX0497
Bissigui UVXX2779
Bissigui UVXX6236
Bissigui UVXX7756
Bissiguila UVXX0737
Bissimila UVXX1999
Bissinga UVXX4421
Bissiri UVXX1088
Bissiri UVXX8320
Bisso UVXX3402
Bitebaka UVXX3754
Bitiako UVXX0155
Bitou UVXX0016
Bitte UVXX3021
Bittou UVXX0328
Biyou UVXX6237
Blari UVXX3403
Ble UVXX4123
Bledougou UVXX3897
Bleni UVXX3404
Boa UVXX4293
Boaboadyoari UVXX2000
Boadeni UVXX2001
Boaken UVXX3183
Boala UVXX7125
Boala UVXX4975
Boale UVXX4844
Boalen UVXX4976
Boalen UVXX6238
Boalga UVXX0498
Boalle UVXX0499
Boara UVXX7126
Boare UVXX6976
Boargou UVXX2002
Boassa UVXX2780
Boau UVXX0329
Bobera UVXX4668
Bobeta UVXX5247
Bobo-Dioulasso UVXX0017
Boboanga UVXX3066
Bobonon UVXX8538
Bobora UVXX5248
Bobora UVXX2612
Boboragogo UVXX2613
Bodana UVXX5249
Bodeol UVXX7277
Bodialindara UVXX2456
Bodya UVXX1698
Bodyargou UVXX3067
Boenessen-Petit UVXX3184
Bogadelbi UVXX8104
Bogadouga UVXX7547
Bogaloumo UVXX8105
Bogaloura UVXX7278
Bogande UVXX1699
Bogden UVXX1089
Bogo UVXX3405
Bogoden UVXX2781
Bogodogo UVXX1090
Bogoya UVXX7757
Bogue UVXX3022
Bogue UVXX2003
Boguel UVXX7548
Bogueli UVXX2004
Bohara UVXX1514
Bohira UVXX5250
Boho UVXX6018
Boho UVXX3406
Boho Bereba UVXX7456
Boho Kari UVXX7457
Bohongou UVXX0018
Bohui UVXX3407
Boilguen UVXX2221
Boille UVXX2005
Boin UVXX0969
Bointenga UVXX1091
Boka UVXX5251
Boke UVXX8321
Boken UVXX6239
Boken UVXX0500
Boken UVXX5747
Boken UVXX3185
Boken UVXX2222
Boken UVXX4977
Boken UVXX0738
Bokin UVXX0019
Boko UVXX4423
Bokoro UVXX3408
Bokowen UVXX1700
Bokui UVXX7458
Bokui UVXX4124
Bokui UVXX3409
Bokui-Ouest UVXX7459
Bokwen UVXX6240
Bola UVXX4845
Bola UVXX3068
Bolala UVXX5252
Bolanbar UVXX2614
Bolare UVXX6766
Bolay UVXX6767
Bole UVXX6241
Bolgo UVXX0739
Bollae UVXX6242
Bolle UVXX2223
Bolle UVXX6243
Bolo UVXX7127
Bolo UVXX0241
Bologbe UVXX2615
Bologo UVXX3186
Bolomona UVXX1701
Bolongtonga UVXX8106
Bolonguen UVXX1092
Bolontou UVXX2006
Boloro UVXX3187
Bolougban UVXX5253
Boman UVXX5254
Bombanyenga UVXX1702
Bombara UVXX0242
Bomborokui UVXX3410
Bomboue UVXX6768
Bombouela UVXX4125
Bomoi UVXX5255
Bompela UVXX6977
Bomponi UVXX4126
Bon UVXX2616
Bon UVXX7758
Bona UVXX4424
Bona UVXX2457
Bonam UVXX4425
Bonam UVXX2782
Bonapio UVXX8539
Bonatenga UVXX1093
Bonba UVXX7460
Bonbara UVXX0243
Bonbofa UVXX6769
Bonbongou UVXX8107
Bonda UVXX0501
Bonde UVXX0502
Bondigui UVXX0020
Bondimwana UVXX3069
Bondo UVXX0156
Bondokui UVXX3411
Bondomena UVXX5256
Bondorola UVXX1515
Bondoukuy UVXX0021
Bondoumena UVXX5257
Bondoura UVXX5258
Bonessen UVXX3188
Bonga UVXX1516
Bonga UVXX0022
Bonga UVXX2007
Bongande UVXX0330
Bongola UVXX4014
Bongori UVXX3070
Bongou UVXX3071
Boni UVXX7461
Bonisse UVXX6244
Bonko UVXX5259
Bonko UVXX2617
Bonkore UVXX1094
Bonkossera UVXX4669
Bonkoulou UVXX5260
Bonkoulou UVXX4670
Bonogo UVXX1095
Bonohoun UVXX7462
Bonpe UVXX1517
Bonro UVXX6978
Bonsare UVXX0331
Bonsera UVXX5261
Bonsie UVXX7463
Bonsiega UVXX1703
Bonsongari UVXX2008
Bonsora UVXX5262
Bonta UVXX8108
Bontanmbima UVXX3072
Bontioli UVXX2618
Bontou UVXX1518
Bontou UVXX5263
Bonvale UVXX2458
Bonyolo UVXX6019
Bonyori UVXX8109
Bonzan UVXX2619
Bopie UVXX5264
Bopiel UVXX4671
Bore UVXX7759
Borgane UVXX2620
Bori UVXX7128
Boriho UVXX5265
Borilli UVXX5266
Boriogo UVXX2009
Boriou UVXX5267
Borko UVXX6245
Borma UVXX3412
Boro UVXX8540
Borodogo UVXX4978
Borogo UVXX1096
Boromissi UVXX4426
Boromissi UVXX1704
Boromo UVXX0023
Boromossi UVXX0157
Boron UVXX4127
Boron UVXX3413
Bosangre UVXX2010
Bose UVXX7279
Bosongri UVXX8110
Bossegal UVXX1705
Bossey Boubakari UVXX4899
Bossey Dogabe UVXX4900
Bossey-Barabe UVXX4901
Bosseydiabe UVXX4902
Bossie UVXX1519
Bossien UVXX4128
Bosso UVXX4294
Bossogo UVXX4129
Bossomnomogo UVXX7760
Bossomnore UVXX7761
Bossongari UVXX7549
Bossongri UVXX3073
Bossonguiri UVXX8111
Bossora UVXX2459
Bossoura UVXX5268
Boswende UVXX2783
Bote UVXX3414
Botedji UVXX3074
Boto UVXX3189
Boto UVXX8541
Botonou UVXX8112
Botou UVXX0024
Botou UVXX7550
Bottogo UVXX7280
Bou UVXX7129
Bou UVXX6246
Bouabou UVXX7551
Bouadi Sa UVXX3075
Bouahoun UVXX7464
Bouan UVXX4130
Bouan UVXX5270
Bouande UVXX2460
Bouandra UVXX4427
Bouandyaga UVXX7552
Bouanekui UVXX3415
Bouang UVXX5271
Bouanga UVXX3755
Bouantenga UVXX2011
Bouasso UVXX4131
Bouban UVXX3076
Boubou UVXX0503
Bouboulou UVXX5749
Bouchouwile UVXX6979
Boudangou UVXX2012
Boudaogo UVXX1706
Boudere UVXX6247
Boudiedara UVXX2461
Boudieri UVXX7553
Boudongho UVXX1707
Boudou Oudoundou UVXX6770
Boudri UVXX1097
Boudri UVXX2224
Boudtenga UVXX4979
Bouen-Yaga UVXX1708
Bouenkoubouga UVXX6248
Bouere UVXX7465
Boufian UVXX7130
Bouga UVXX7763
Bouganyana UVXX8542
Bougaratanga UVXX6020
Bougou UVXX4428
Bougoula UVXX1520
Bougoula UVXX0332
Bougoula UVXX3898
Bougoule UVXX5750
Bougoulom UVXX2225
Bougoumbarga UVXX8407
Bougoumtenga UVXX4980
Bougounam UVXX7764
Bougounam Gonga UVXX0504
Bougounam-Koudre UVXX0506
Bougoura UVXX0970
Bougoura UVXX1521
Bougoure UVXX7765
Bougoure UVXX2226
Bougoure UVXX0333
Bougoure UVXX2013
Bougouritenga UVXX3190
Bougousso UVXX1522
Bougpelse UVXX2784
Bougrala UVXX1098
Bougren UVXX1099
Bougue UVXX7281
Boui UVXX3899
Bouidi UVXX6249
Bouiga UVXX4981
Bouilio UVXX3416
Boukarou UVXX1709
Boukere UVXX7766
Boukero UVXX5272
Boukou UVXX2785
Boukou UVXX0740
Boukou UVXX3756
Boukouma UVXX7282
Bouktenga UVXX4982
Boukui UVXX3417
Boula UVXX2786
Boulala UVXX3757
Boulani UVXX8113
Boulare UVXX8408
Boulbi UVXX1100
Boule UVXX7767
Boule UVXX0025
Boule UVXX6980
Boule UVXX3418
Boulel UVXX7554
Boulema UVXX7768
Boulemporo UVXX3419
Boulga UVXX0334
Boulgou UVXX0026
Boulgue UVXX8409
Boulgue UVXX6250
Boulgye UVXX6021
Bouli UVXX7769
Bouli UVXX2787
Bouli UVXX8543
Bouli UVXX4983
Bouli UVXX6251
Bouli UVXX5273
Boulikessi UVXX4903
Boulin Kiera UVXX4672
Boulinbe UVXX5274
Boulissi UVXX1101
Boulkenga UVXX6771
Boulkom UVXX5751
Boulli UVXX7770
Boulli UVXX0507
Boulli UVXX6252
Boulli Foulbes UVXX0508
Boulma UVXX5752
Boulmanga UVXX4429
Boulmiougou UVXX4430
Boulmongo UVXX2014
Boulomde UVXX3191
Boulou UVXX1523
Boulouaka UVXX1710
Boulouballa UVXX6772
Bouloudouo UVXX5275
Boulougan UVXX5753
Boulougou UVXX8544
Boulougou UVXX1102
Boulouguen UVXX0510
Boulougui UVXX5754
Bouloulou UVXX7771
Bouloum Nabyiri UVXX0741
Bouloumana UVXX4431
Bouloumbouyaka UVXX1103
Bouloumpera UVXX4673
Boulounga UVXX0511
Boulounsi UVXX7772
Bouloure UVXX6022
Bouloy UVXX4904
Bouloy Tiouli UVXX6774
Boulpela UVXX3758
Boulpon UVXX0742
Boulpore UVXX4984
Boulsa UVXX4432
Boulsen UVXX6253
Boulsen UVXX2788
Boulsi UVXX6254
Boulsibaongo UVXX6255
Boulsin UVXX0743
Boultaka UVXX7283
Boultouanou UVXX2015
Boulwando UVXX2227
Boulwango UVXX1104
Boulyanke UVXX0512
Boulyende UVXX6256
Boulyendi UVXX1711
Boulzoma UVXX7773
Boum Iri UVXX4433
Boumanga UVXX3077
Boumboulou UVXX5276
Boumeo UVXX5277
Boumtenga UVXX2228
Boumwana UVXX2016
Boun UVXX4295
Bouna UVXX4016
Bouna UVXX4296
Bouna UVXX6981
Bouna UVXX4132
Bouna UVXX6775
Boundouguel UVXX6776
Boundoukamba UVXX7774
Boundyani UVXX7555
Boune UVXX3420
Boune UVXX6777
Bounfara UVXX5278
Bounga UVXX7556
Boungan UVXX5279
Boungou UVXX7557
Bouni UVXX0027
Bounkoura UVXX5280
Bounomtore UVXX8410
Bounou UVXX0028
Bounou UVXX4297
Bounoumbara UVXX4674
Bounouna UVXX1524
Bounpa UVXX2017
Bountara UVXX4675
Boupengou UVXX7558
Bour Yiri UVXX2789
Boura UVXX1105
Boura UVXX7131
Boura UVXX5755
Boura UVXX8411
Bourasso UVXX3421
Bouravale UVXX0971
Bourbo UVXX7775
Boure UVXX7776
Boure UVXX5756
Boureli UVXX7284
Boureta UVXX4017
Boureteoun UVXX4676
Bourga UVXX6778
Bourgou UVXX1712
Bourgou UVXX6982
Bouri UVXX7132
Bouri UVXX7777
Bouri UVXX2018
Bouri Ronse UVXX7778
Bouria UVXX5757
Bourime UVXX2621
Bouriona UVXX0335
Bourki UVXX5758
Bourkina UVXX0744
Bourma UVXX0336
Bourmantougou UVXX7559
Bouro UVXX7285
Bouro UVXX7779
Bourou UVXX1106
Bourou UVXX6023
Bourou UVXX4846
Bouroubourou UVXX2462
Bourouga UVXX6257
Bourougouna UVXX8412
Bouroukomo UVXX7133
Bouroum UVXX4434
Bouroum Bouroum UVXX5281
Bouroumtinga UVXX8413
Boursouma UVXX7780
Bourtinguel UVXX8114
Bourtyana UVXX3078
Bourzanga UVXX0513
Bourzoaga UVXX0337
Bousera UVXX5282
Bousouma UVXX6258
Bousrima UVXX1107
Boussangli UVXX1713
Boussara UVXX1525
Bousse UVXX6983
Bousse UVXX0029
Boussikomi UVXX1714
Boussougou UVXX1108
Boussoukoula UVXX4677
Boussoulbi UVXX4678
Boussoum UVXX6984
Boussouma UVXX0514
Boussouma UVXX0338
Boussouma UVXX6259
Boutenga UVXX4985
Bouti UVXX5283
Boutiourou UVXX7134
Boutoko UVXX0745
Boutontou UVXX8115
Boutougou UVXX1109
Boutwanou UVXX1715
Bouyase UVXX0746
Bouyoua UVXX8545
Bouyounou UVXX8546
Bouyra UVXX0515
Bouzan UVXX7466
Bouzourou UVXX0158
Boyague UVXX7135
Bozo UVXX7136
Brama UVXX3422
Brankagou UVXX8116
Bredie UVXX7137
Brimonga UVXX7560
Bronakouli UVXX7781
Broudabougou UVXX3023
Bruniora UVXX5284
Bwakou UVXX2019
Bwalye UVXX8117
Bwania UVXX1110
Bwatam UVXX8118
Bwatamtonga UVXX8119
Bwenbwangou UVXX7561
Bwo UVXX6024
Bwolonga UVXX6779
Bwomtani UVXX1716
Bwon UVXX8547
Bwoni UVXX6780
Byati UVXX7562
Byepou UVXX6025
Byiri UVXX6026
Byisiga UVXX5759
Byiwele UVXX6027
Bylyonvalse UVXX6028
Cassou UVXX8548
Cella UVXX0339
Chalro UVXX6260
Chanboulga UVXX4018
Chedana UVXX5285
Chion UVXX3900
Chokoro UVXX3423
Coala UVXX0747
Da UVXX4298
Da UVXX4133
Dabanadeni UVXX3079
Dabare UVXX3759
Dabega UVXX2229
Dabesma UVXX1717
Dabibougou UVXX1718
Dabinsema UVXX8414
Dabiou UVXX7138
Dabladouo UVXX4679
Dableteon UVXX7139
Dablo UVXX6261
Dabogtinga UVXX1111
Dabokere UVXX2463
Dabole UVXX2622
Dabore UVXX8549
Dabosommnore UVXX3760
Dabossomnore UVXX4435
Dabougou UVXX1719
Daboura UVXX0030
Daboura UVXX3080
Daboura UVXX5286
Dabourkou UVXX6262
Dabozir UVXX4680
Dabozougi UVXX4986
Dadogo UVXX6263
Dadounga UVXX8120
Dadounga UVXX1720
Dadounin UVXX2623
Dafala UVXX0031
Dafle UVXX0516
Dafole UVXX6264
Dafya UVXX6265
Dagale UVXX6985
Dagamba UVXX8415
Dagaridye UVXX6781
Dagbondouo UVXX5287
Dagitenga UVXX0748
Dagmongo UVXX2790
Dagou UVXX3081
Dagou UVXX2624
Dagouma UVXX1112
Daguili UVXX1113
Dahiri UVXX6266
Dahisma UVXX6267
Daho UVXX0159
Dahon UVXX1526
Dahoure UVXX2625
Daiassemnore UVXX1114
Daimessala UVXX3424
Daka UVXX6986
Dakapore UVXX6029
Dakaye UVXX0160
Dakira UVXX4681
Dakiri UVXX1721
Dakiskyema UVXX4436
Dakisse UVXX1115
Dakistyema UVXX4437
Dakola UVXX5760
Dakole UVXX2626
Dakon UVXX3192
Dakongo UVXX2230
Dakoni UVXX7467
Dakonsen UVXX3193
Dakonteon UVXX5288
Dakore UVXX5761
Dakoro UVXX3901
Dakoue UVXX6030
Dakoula UVXX2627
Dakouli UVXX5762
Dakoura UVXX5289
Dakpolo Tanzou UVXX4682
Dakre UVXX6268
Dakui UVXX4134
Dala UVXX7286
Dalan UVXX5290
Dalati UVXX2020
Dalena UVXX1527
Daliera UVXX4683
Dalinga UVXX6782
Dalinpouo UVXX5291
Dalo UVXX7782
Dalo UVXX8550
Dalo UVXX6987
Dalonpouo UVXX5292
Daltenga UVXX3194
Damali UVXX1722
Damana UVXX1528
Damanadio UVXX5293
Damandigui UVXX3425
Damane UVXX6269
Damapouy UVXX6031
Dambatao UVXX4019
Dambreguesse UVXX7783
Damdegou UVXX6783
Damesen UVXX3195
Damesma UVXX6270
Damiougou UVXX2231
Damira UVXX5294
Damkarko Daga UVXX4438
Damkarko Nayiri UVXX4439
Damkieta UVXX1116
Damkoko UVXX1723
Dammzoussi UVXX1117
Damongto UVXX2232
Dampela UVXX7287
Damsi UVXX3761
Damzoussi UVXX1118
Dan UVXX2464
Dan UVXX3426
Dana UVXX8551
Dana UVXX5763
Dana UVXX3427
Danamiara UVXX5295
Dananbara UVXX5296
Danaongo UVXX4987
Danawa UVXX8323
Danbagan UVXX2628
Danbal UVXX4684
Danbelala UVXX0161
Danbouti UVXX7563
Dandambara UVXX4020
Dande UVXX2465
Dandere UVXX2629
Dandougou UVXX1529
Danembana UVXX0032
Danfi UVXX7140
Danfinnso UVXX2466
Danfouna UVXX7141
Dangade UVXX6784
Dango UVXX0340
Dangoe UVXX2467
Dangou UVXX7564
Dangouadougou UVXX1530
Dangouara UVXX0244
Dangoumana UVXX3428
Dangouna UVXX4135
Dangounane UVXX2468
Dangue UVXX7142
Danhal UVXX5297
Danhal Pangara UVXX5298
Danhal Pira UVXX5299
Dani UVXX6785
Danialo UVXX8552
Daniera UVXX3902
Danikoy UVXX6786
Danin UVXX8553
Dankana UVXX0033
Dankanaou UVXX7288
Dankara UVXX3429
Dankari UVXX7468
Dankoble UVXX0245
Dankondou UVXX1724
Dankongou UVXX3082
Dankouro UVXX0972
Dankui UVXX4136
Danlion UVXX4847
Dano UVXX0162
Dano UVXX0034
Danouin UVXX6988
Danpan UVXX4137
Danpieri UVXX1725
Danse UVXX5300
Dantchiadi UVXX6787
Dantoloma UVXX2469
Dantyabonga UVXX7565
Dao UVXX8554
Daobaongo UVXX6271
Daouanguele UVXX1726
Daoure UVXX7289
Dapana UVXX4138
Dapane UVXX4988
Dapelego UVXX3196
Dapelgotenga UVXX3197
Dapelogo UVXX4989
Daplateoun UVXX4685
Dapoa UVXX2791
Dapola UVXX0035
Dapologo UVXX6272
Dapouri UVXX1119
Dapoya UVXX6989
Dapoya UVXX5765
Dapoya UVXX0749
Dapri UVXX1531
Dar Salam UVXX2792
Dar Salam UVXX8121
Dara UVXX3430
Darabide UVXX3198
Daralomgomde UVXX6273
Daramandougou UVXX1532
Darbiti UVXX0517
Darbonore UVXX1120
Dare UVXX6990
Dareniara UVXX5301
Dargo UVXX4440
Dargouma UVXX0518
Darguene UVXX4021
Darigma UVXX5766
Darigma UVXX0519
Darkoa UVXX6274
Darkotanzou UVXX0246
Darou UVXX4139
Darsalam UVXX7784
Darsalam UVXX1727
Darsalami UVXX2470
Dasisa UVXX5767
Dasise UVXX0750
Dassa UVXX6032
Dassamkande UVXX1121
Dassampouigo UVXX2233
Dassamtanga UVXX4441
Dassara UVXX4686
Dassari UVXX1728
Dassasgo UVXX2793
Dasse UVXX0973
Dassembinda UVXX4442
Dassemnatenga UVXX4443
Datagma UVXX4990
Datambi UVXX8122
Datiga UVXX0341
Datomo UVXX0163
Dawaka UVXX2234
Dawane Gounde UVXX5768
Dawanegombe UVXX0751
Dawanegomde UVXX2235
Dawanegomde UVXX2794
Dawanegomde UVXX1122
Dawango UVXX1729
Dawelgue UVXX1123
Dawidema UVXX1124
Dawirba UVXX4444
Daworo UVXX8555
Dayagretenga UVXX4991
Dayari UVXX4445
Dayassemnore UVXX2795
Dayere UVXX2630
Dayoubsi UVXX2796
Dazanre UVXX2236
Dazouba UVXX4687
De UVXX7785
De UVXX3431
Debe UVXX6991
Debel UVXX7290
Debentia UVXX4905
Debere UVXX4906
Debere Arba UVXX7291
Debere Boulga UVXX4907
Debere Talata UVXX6788
Deberelink UVXX4908
Debewambe UVXX6789
Debildani UVXX8123
Dedera UVXX5302
Dedonia UVXX4688
Dedougou UVXX4140
Defitara UVXX5303
Degue Degue UVXX1533
Deguele UVXX2471
Dekar UVXX5304
Dekoura UVXX2021
Delega UVXX4022
Delere UVXX4992
Delga UVXX6275
Delisara UVXX5769
Delkoupourou UVXX2022
Dem UVXX6276
Dema UVXX0974
Dembam UVXX4909
Dembela UVXX3432
Dembila UVXX6277
Demmbourla UVXX3433
Demnoudende UVXX6790
Demnouo UVXX6791
Dendiagou UVXX8124
Denea UVXX7786
Deneon UVXX0520
Denga UVXX3199
Denga UVXX8125
Denguilga UVXX0521
Denissa UVXX0975
Denouara UVXX4689
Dentou UVXX7292
Dentougou UVXX7566
Deou UVXX4910
Depergou UVXX1730
Derbare UVXX4690
Dere UVXX4023
Dere UVXX0976
Deregoue UVXX1534
Derfogo UVXX7787
Derga UVXX7788
Dergane UVXX2631
Derpon UVXX4024
Dessa UVXX5305
Desse UVXX0977
Desse UVXX8126
Desse UVXX4025
Desse UVXX7789
Dessi UVXX0036
Desso UVXX2472
Dessouma UVXX7293
Di UVXX6992
Dia UVXX7143
Diabatou UVXX3083
Diabiga UVXX3024
Diabo UVXX2023
Diaboandi UVXX7567
Diaboulola UVXX5306
Diaga UVXX1535
Diaka UVXX1732
Diakora UVXX1536
Diala UVXX6993
Dialakoro UVXX3434
Dialgaye UVXX3200
Diali UVXX3903
Dialla UVXX0342
Diallo UVXX3435
Dialo UVXX1125
Dialo UVXX8556
Dian UVXX6994
Dian UVXX3436
Diana UVXX6033
Dianaperoudouo UVXX4691
Dianbile UVXX4692
Diandioura UVXX1537
Dianga UVXX2024
Diangadore UVXX1538
Diangara UVXX5307
Diangueni UVXX2025
Diankondi UVXX7568
Diankoudougou UVXX3201
Diankougou UVXX1733
Dianle UVXX2632
Dianra UVXX6995
Diansara UVXX3437
Diansia UVXX7144
Diantara UVXX5308
Diantiogo UVXX7145
Dianvor UVXX2633
Dianvour UVXX2634
Dianwele UVXX3438
Dianze UVXX8557
Diapaga UVXX7569
Diapangou UVXX2026
Diapouargou UVXX3084
Diara UVXX8558
Diarabakoko UVXX1539
Diaradougou UVXX2473
Diarakoro UVXX1540
Diari UVXX8559
Diarkadougou UVXX0247
Diasara UVXX0248
Diatara UVXX5309
Diatou UVXX6792
Diay UVXX4026
Diayala UVXX0343
Dibga UVXX6278
Dibi UVXX1541
Dibilou UVXX6279
Dibiti UVXX7570
Diboulou UVXX6280
Didie UVXX0164
Didiel UVXX4027
Didje UVXX4141
Didri UVXX2797
Didyr UVXX6034
Diebiou UVXX5310
Dieborodouo UVXX4693
Diebougou UVXX0249
Diebourou UVXX0250
Diefoula UVXX1542
Diefourma UVXX2474
Diegbanao UVXX5311
Diegonao UVXX5312
Dieka UVXX5313
Diekan UVXX3439
Diekui UVXX4142
Diele UVXX6996
Dielen UVXX1126
Dielindiala UVXX5314
Dielisso UVXX1543
Diemi UVXX4694
Diemoukourou UVXX0251
Diena UVXX3440
Diena-Sanakina UVXX3441
Diendie UVXX4028
Dieni UVXX3442
Diensi UVXX0165
Diepe UVXX5315
Diepera UVXX5316
Diepere UVXX5317
Diepla UVXX5318
Diepo UVXX1127
Dieri UVXX3443
Dierisso UVXX3904
Dierizien UVXX3444
Dierma UVXX0344
Dierou UVXX5319
Diessou UVXX6997
Dietour UVXX0252
Digatao UVXX7294
Digouera UVXX0037
Digre UVXX2237
Diguel UVXX7295
Diguemzougou UVXX8416
Diguia UVXX7790
Diguila UVXX6281
Diina UVXX3446
Dikbe UVXX0253
Dikbere UVXX5320
Dim UVXX7791
Dima UVXX0166
Dima UVXX0978
Dimarnia UVXX5321
Dimarnia UVXX4695
Dimassa UVXX6282
Dimbo UVXX3447
Dimikui UVXX7469
Dimistenga UVXX3202
Dimkilga UVXX6283
Dimolo UVXX5322
Dimpaltenga UVXX3203
Dina UVXX3448
Dina Lahi UVXX8127
Dinakongo UVXX0167
Dinalahi UVXX6793
Dinalay UVXX8128
Dinaoro UVXX3905
Dindara UVXX0254
Dindou UVXX5323
Dinenemena UVXX5324
Dinenemena UVXX4696
Dingasso UVXX3449
Dinguila UVXX4029
Dinguiri UVXX7792
Dinkabara UVXX5325
Dinkemina UVXX5326
Dinkiema UVXX0979
Dinnderesso UVXX2475
Dinngasso UVXX2476
Dinso UVXX3450
Dintige UVXX3762
Dio UVXX7146
Dio UVXX0980
Dio UVXX6998
Dioami UVXX6284
Dioara UVXX6999
Diobou UVXX6794
Diofogo UVXX3906
Dioga UVXX8129
Diogota UVXX8130
Diokodougou UVXX3907
Diokongo UVXX3451
Diokui UVXX7470
Diole UVXX3452
Diole UVXX1544
Diolloa UVXX6795
Diolonpo UVXX5327
Dioloumpouka UVXX5328
Diomga UVXX6796
Diomkalaga UVXX0522
Diomou UVXX3908
Diona UVXX7147
Dionbal UVXX4697
Diondiona UVXX5329
Diondougou UVXX3453
Diongolo UVXX1545
Dionkele UVXX3454
Dionlera UVXX0255
Dionouga UVXX7296
Dionounou UVXX1546
Dionse UVXX5330
Dionso UVXX3909
Diontala UVXX0981
Dioretion UVXX4698
Diorire UVXX3025
Dioro UVXX5331
Diorossiamanso UVXX2477
Diosso UVXX2478
Diossogou UVXX3455
Diouga UVXX6797
Diougouara UVXX3910
Dioulanpara UVXX5332
Dioulo UVXX5333
Dioulou UVXX5770
Dioumssogui UVXX7297
Dioun UVXX7793
Diourao UVXX0256
Diouroum UVXX7000
Dipeo UVXX5334
Dipianga UVXX1734
Dira UVXX0038
Diri UVXX7794
Diri UVXX3085
Dissankui UVXX0982
Dissegou UVXX8131
Disseteon UVXX4699
Dissi UVXX7001
Dissinai UVXX1547
Dissini UVXX2635
Dissome UVXX8417
Dissongou UVXX2027
Ditein UVXX4700
Ditmiga UVXX0523
Diyale UVXX2028
Diyara UVXX2029
Diyou UVXX7148
Djere UVXX4299
Djibasso UVXX3456
Djibo UVXX7298
Djibomou UVXX8132
Djibsema UVXX1128
Djigo UVXX6798
Djigoue UVXX5335
Djigouema UVXX2479
Djiguintenga UVXX1129
Djika UVXX7299
Djikando UVXX5336
Djimbouari UVXX1735
Djindjerma UVXX2636
Djinfouara UVXX1736
Djipa UVXX5771
Djipologo UVXX2637
Djissara UVXX3457
Dnya UVXX7300
Doaga UVXX6285
Doamga UVXX3204
Doare UVXX6286
Doaren UVXX4993
Dobena UVXX4701
Dobena UVXX5337
Dobere UVXX6287
Dobola UVXX0752
Dobougou UVXX3458
Dodola UVXX5338
Dodougou UVXX2480
Dofenega UVXX6288
Dofiguisso UVXX2481
Doga UVXX6289
Dogbola UVXX5339
Dogo UVXX0983
Dogona UVXX2482
Dogwema UVXX5772
Dohase UVXX3026
Dohoun UVXX7471
Doka UVXX4702
Dokberpa UVXX5340
Dokita UVXX4703
Dokui UVXX3459
Dokuy UVXX0039
Dolma UVXX7301
Dolo UVXX0257
Dolochi UVXX5341
Dolonio UVXX5342
Doloumba UVXX4704
Domana UVXX0258
Domare UVXX1737
Domateoun UVXX4705
Dombare UVXX7795
Dombi UVXX6290
Domdele UVXX3763
Domoni UVXX7002
Don UVXX7149
Donafa UVXX4706
Donbokui UVXX4143
Dondole UVXX6291
Dongo UVXX4848
Dongolona UVXX5343
Donguen UVXX6292
Doni UVXX2638
Donio UVXX5344
Donko UVXX5345
Donkomena UVXX5346
Donkoro UVXX3460
Donkui UVXX4144
Donmentenga UVXX3205
Donombene UVXX7796
Donombene UVXX7302
Donon UVXX7003
Donona UVXX2483
Donousso UVXX2484
Donpo UVXX5347
Donse UVXX5348
Donse UVXX4994
Donsen UVXX3206
Donsen UVXX4446
Donsen UVXX5773
Donsin UVXX8418
Doolo UVXX6035
Dopala UVXX1548
Dopane UVXX2238
Dopane UVXX6293
Dora UVXX7472
Dora UVXX4145
Dori UVXX6799
Dori Yagha UVXX8133
Doro UVXX3461
Dorokui UVXX7473
Dorougau UVXX1738
Dorouma UVXX8134
Dossen UVXX3207
Dotoka UVXX7303
Dou UVXX6294
Dou UVXX0345
Douaguen UVXX2798
Douamtenga UVXX3208
Douargou UVXX2030
Douayan UVXX1739
Doubale UVXX0984
Douban UVXX4300
Doubare UVXX7797
Doubgue UVXX0346
Doubgue Peul UVXX0347
Doubile UVXX4447
Douboulisi UVXX3209
Doubouni UVXX1740
Doubtyari UVXX1741
Doudou UVXX4146
Doudou UVXX5349
Doudou UVXX6036
Doudou Birifore UVXX4707
Doudoulsi UVXX6037
Douenda UVXX3086
Dougou UVXX8419
Dougouasso UVXX5350
Dougouloumi UVXX4448
Dougoumato UVXX7474
Dougoure UVXX0524
Dougouri UVXX4030
Douia UVXX0348
Doukourani UVXX1549
Doulai-Diassa UVXX3462
Douliro UVXX0259
Doulou UVXX0753
Doulougen UVXX2239
Doulougou UVXX0040
Douma UVXX0041
Doumagou UVXX8420
Doumakele UVXX0168
Douman UVXX4911
Doumbara UVXX3463
Doumbou UVXX5351
Doumien UVXX7475
Doumissibanko UVXX4449
Doumole UVXX2639
Doumoukora UVXX5352
Doumtenga UVXX1130
Doumtenga UVXX2799
Douna UVXX3911
Dounde UVXX1131
Doundegue UVXX0525
Doundere UVXX8135
Doundoubangou UVXX7304
Doundoudougou UVXX3210
Doundougou UVXX2031
Doundoulma UVXX2800
Doundouni UVXX1132
Doungou UVXX6295
Dounio UVXX3464
Dounkora UVXX5353
Dounkoro UVXX5354
Dounkou UVXX7004
Dounlia UVXX4849
Dountela UVXX5355
Doure UVXX2240
Doure UVXX4450
Doure UVXX3465
Doure UVXX6296
Doure UVXX1133
Doure UVXX8324
Doure UVXX5774
Doure UVXX7005
Doure UVXX4995
Doure UVXX8421
Doure UVXX0526
Doure UVXX7798
Douro UVXX7476
Dourou UVXX5775
Douroufa UVXX0527
Douroukou UVXX4147
Douroula UVXX4148
Dourtenga UVXX3027
Dousare UVXX4031
Doussi UVXX0169
Dousso UVXX3912
Doussoula UVXX7006
Doutie UVXX1550
Doutome UVXX4708
Doutonble UVXX4709
Doyama UVXX1742
Doyana UVXX1743
Dui UVXX0985
Duo UVXX7477
Dwaba UVXX1134
Dyabafouanou UVXX3087
Dyadyoana UVXX7571
Dyagnona UVXX2032
Dyagorou UVXX8136
Dyagourgade UVXX1744
Dyagourou UVXX1745
Dyaka UVXX1746
Dyakolra UVXX1747
Dyala UVXX3764
Dyamanga UVXX2033
Dyamdiara UVXX1748
Dyamona UVXX8137
Dyamona UVXX3088
Dyamondi UVXX3089
Dyamou UVXX1749
Dyamwande UVXX1750
Dyanbwatouna UVXX1751
Dyanga UVXX1752
Dyannkaka UVXX1753
Dyaonguel UVXX6800
Dyapa UVXX6801
Dyapya UVXX6038
Dyatondi UVXX7572
Dyedyogo UVXX7573
Dyefourgou UVXX3211
Dyela UVXX1754
Dyeleko UVXX7799
Dyelkoto UVXX6297
Dyemba UVXX5776
Dyemsongo UVXX4996
Dyendere UVXX4451
Dyendyennima UVXX3090
Dyepoungo UVXX6039
Dyere UVXX5777
Dyereden UVXX1755
Dyesema UVXX3765
Dyiwari UVXX2034
Dyogodougou UVXX7574
Dyogora UVXX8138
Dyoko UVXX3212
Dyongan UVXX2035
Dyoro UVXX6040
Dyoukoura UVXX2036
Dyoungodyo UVXX8139
Dyowanga UVXX8140
Een UVXX6298
Ekoulkola UVXX6041
Elemira UVXX4710
Elinga UVXX6042
Em Mbang-Em Bero UVXX4452
Erafnaman UVXX4912
Etwayou UVXX4149
Fadeba UVXX3913
Fadio UVXX4711
Fadona UVXX3466
Fadyi UVXX2038
Fafo UVXX2640
Fairdi Syenou UVXX6802
Faka UVXX6299
Faka Boulli UVXX6300
Fakara UVXX3467
Fakouna UVXX4150
Falagountou UVXX6803
Falewe UVXX0986
Falou UVXX5778
Fama UVXX3468
Famtenga UVXX4453
Fananka UVXX3469
Fanberela UVXX3470
Faniagara UVXX3914
Faniga UVXX3471
Fankuy UVXX4151
Fantafata UVXX8141
Faogodo UVXX7800
Faon UVXX3472
Faounde UVXX8142
Fara UVXX0042
Fara UVXX3473
Faradofasso UVXX1551
Farakordeni UVXX1552
Farakoro UVXX1553
Farakorosso UVXX1554
Farakui UVXX7478
Faramana UVXX2485
Faramoura UVXX6301
Farkasso UVXX3474
Faro UVXX8560
Faten UVXX6302
Fatiana UVXX4152
Fatmatenga UVXX2241
Fatoma UVXX3915
Fayiri UVXX0755
Fegue UVXX0170
Felenga UVXX0528
Fenerame UVXX6303
Ferka UVXX4712
Feto Garsay UVXX7305
Feto Kabaradje UVXX7306
Feto Kobi UVXX7307
Feto Nay UVXX4032
Feto Nelba UVXX7308
Feto Nouri UVXX4913
Fetombale UVXX6804
Fido UVXX7150
Fie UVXX4153
Figuialare UVXX6805
Fikieri UVXX8561
Filakora UVXX5356
Filakui UVXX3475
Filande UVXX2486
Fili UVXX7801
Filifili UVXX7309
Filio UVXX7310
Fin UVXX7151
Fina UVXX2487
Finegata UVXX3766
Finfinra UVXX4997
Finguila UVXX0349
Fini UVXX0987
Finima UVXX2488
Finng UVXX7479
Finougou UVXX3213
Firguindi UVXX7311
Firka UVXX6304
Fiteo UVXX5357
Fitien UVXX0171
Fitingue UVXX2641
Fo UVXX2489
Foadyendyengou UVXX3091
Fobiri UVXX0172
Fofora UVXX5358
Fogoulde UVXX4033
Folgou UVXX2039
Folgou UVXX1756
Foloni UVXX3476
Folonzo UVXX1555
Fon UVXX3477
Foni UVXX7152
Fono UVXX6806
Forgane UVXX2642
Forgui Bisnogo UVXX6305
Foroba UVXX6043
Fosinfogou UVXX8143
Fotigue UVXX0350
Fottigue UVXX0351
Fouade UVXX1757
Fouanbouandi UVXX7575
Fouanmbori UVXX2040
Fouanmbwanou UVXX3092
Foubourou UVXX5359
Foufou UVXX6807
Fouga UVXX8144
Fougagbe UVXX1556
Fouideboko UVXX6306
Foula UVXX6307
Foulasso UVXX3478
Foulba UVXX6308
Foulgo UVXX2242
Foulgo Koken UVXX0529
Foulgou UVXX6808
Foulou UVXX0530
Fouloumzougou UVXX2243
Foumassa UVXX4713
Founa UVXX0988
Founfouna UVXX4714
Founzan UVXX0043
Foura UVXX6309
Fourga UVXX6809
Fourkoura UVXX3916
Fourkoussou UVXX4914
Fourouma UVXX7802
Fouti UVXX6310
Foutouri UVXX3093
Foutrigui UVXX6311
Foveli UVXX7576
Fwadougou UVXX3094
Fwanmbouani UVXX2041
Fyofonou UVXX8145
Ga UVXX6312
Gaboandi UVXX1758
Gaboandi UVXX2042
Gaboandou UVXX1759
Gabou UVXX6044
Gabou UVXX6313
Gabouanli UVXX2043
Gabouga UVXX3095
Gabouga UVXX7577
Gabwama UVXX1760
Gada UVXX2244
Gafal UVXX6810
Gago UVXX8422
Gagui UVXX6314
Gahandou UVXX5360
Gaigou UVXX4915
Gaima UVXX2643
Gakoula UVXX5361
Gala UVXX7007
Galebougou UVXX3479
Galere UVXX4715
Galgouli UVXX5362
Galla UVXX6315
Galo UVXX8562
Galouenga UVXX6316
Gam Silmimose UVXX4998
Gamadou UVXX4154
Gambastenga UVXX4999
Gamdeni UVXX3096
Gampela UVXX2801
Gamtiki UVXX7312
Gan UVXX7008
Gana UVXX1135
Ganadaouri UVXX4916
Ganagoulo UVXX7009
Gandado UVXX5779
Gandaogo UVXX2245
Gandatingo UVXX8423
Gandentenga UVXX2044
Gandi UVXX8147
Gandi UVXX5000
Gandoure UVXX1136
Ganes UVXX5780
Ganfodro UVXX6317
Gangadogo UVXX5781
Gangana UVXX7578
Ganganden UVXX5001
Ganganden UVXX2802
Gangankoudyaga UVXX7579
Gangaol UVXX6811
Gangargui UVXX6318
Gangargui Yarse UVXX6319
Gangen UVXX3767
Ganho UVXX5782
Gani UVXX7010
Gani UVXX3480
Gani UVXX2045
Ganiangue UVXX7313
Ganion UVXX2644
Gankoula UVXX5363
Gankouna UVXX7314
Ganonguen UVXX3214
Ganpeologo UVXX2246
Ganta UVXX1761
Ganten UVXX2803
Ganten UVXX3768
Gantodoga UVXX3769
Gantolsougo UVXX6320
Ganworodo UVXX6321
Ganyela UVXX1137
Ganzi UVXX8424
Ganzogo UVXX3917
Ganzourgou UVXX2247
Gao UVXX8563
Gaoga UVXX4454
Gaoko UVXX8425
Gaoko UVXX1138
Gaongo UVXX1139
Gaoua UVXX5364
Gapar UVXX4716
Garango UVXX0352
Garanse UVXX8426
Garanse UVXX1557
Garatouba UVXX1558
Garbogoum UVXX7580
Gareba UVXX4917
Garga UVXX1762
Garga UVXX3770
Gargaboulli UVXX4034
Gargandi UVXX2046
Gargo UVXX0531
Gargo UVXX4455
Garguen UVXX1140
Garibonga UVXX7581
Garidi UVXX6323
Garitenga UVXX3771
Garka UVXX6324
Garkere UVXX7011
Garou UVXX0756
Gasamdamde UVXX7315
Gasedonka UVXX0532
Gasel Lidji UVXX7316
Gasel-Bila UVXX0533
Gasena UVXX3772
Gasgo UVXX3773
Gaskae UVXX5002
Gaskae Kodogen UVXX5003
Gaske UVXX3774
Gaskinde UVXX7317
Gasoum UVXX3775
Gaspyeri UVXX1763
Gassan UVXX0044
Gassel UVXX6812
Gassel Kadie UVXX6813
Gassel Nwaradji UVXX7319
Gassere UVXX7803
Gassiliki UVXX7320
Gassinko UVXX0989
Gassongo UVXX0534
Gassougou UVXX0353
Gatabre UVXX3097
Gatapoula UVXX5365
Gatougou UVXX8148
Gawa UVXX5783
Gaya UVXX3028
Gayarmou UVXX1764
Gayeri UVXX0045
Gazourougou UVXX6325
Gbaba UVXX2645
Gbalara UVXX5366
Gbangbo UVXX2646
Gbara UVXX5367
Gbassamo UVXX2647
Gbeindi UVXX1559
Gbinbena UVXX4717
Gbingue UVXX0260
Gboin UVXX8564
Gbonboulo UVXX5368
Gbonfiasso UVXX0261
Gbossara UVXX1560
Gilieni UVXX2047
Gingou Toungou UVXX8427
Gnenga UVXX0757
Gninga UVXX3215
Goa UVXX4301
Goalga UVXX3216
Goanguen UVXX2804
Goantenga UVXX2248
Goargo UVXX3217
Goatere UVXX7480
Gobi UVXX1141
Gobila UVXX5784
Godbila UVXX2805
Gode UVXX0354
Gode UVXX8428
Gode Sarya UVXX0759
Goden UVXX0760
Goden UVXX1142
Goden UVXX5785
Goden UVXX5004
Goden UVXX2806
Godin UVXX8429
Godin UVXX1143
Godiyr UVXX5369
Godo UVXX6045
Godou UVXX0762
Godou UVXX5786
Godren UVXX2807
Godyiri UVXX4302
Godyr UVXX6046
Goen UVXX3218
Goersa UVXX4303
Gogen UVXX5005
Gogen UVXX0763
Gogo UVXX8430
Gogo UVXX0764
Gogo UVXX2808
Gogo UVXX5787
Gogonapou UVXX6047
Gogozougou UVXX0765
Goguen UVXX2809
Goguen UVXX1144
Goguen UVXX2249
Goguin UVXX8431
Gogwin UVXX8432
Gohipoua UVXX2648
Goiale UVXX7012
Goin UVXX0046
Goini UVXX4304
Goini Tonbo UVXX4305
Goko UVXX7804
Golgountou UVXX4918
Golmidou UVXX3776
Golo UVXX5788
Golonga UVXX4035
Gombeledougou UVXX7481
Gombo UVXX7805
Gomboro UVXX0047
Gomboussougou UVXX8433
Gomdiri UVXX5789
Gome UVXX7013
Gomnaore UVXX6326
Gomo UVXX4919
Gompelgo UVXX1765
Gomponsom UVXX5790
Gomtenga UVXX0355
Gomtenga UVXX3219
Gomwadini UVXX2048
Gon UVXX7014
Gon UVXX0356
Gonbon UVXX5370
Gonbre UVXX7806
Gondekoube UVXX0535
Gondologo UVXX7807
Gondyori UVXX7582
Gongho UVXX0536
Gongon UVXX5371
Gongonbili UVXX5372
Gongonbiro UVXX5373
Gongongou UVXX8149
Gongonka UVXX4718
Gongorgol UVXX8150
Gongorona UVXX5374
Gongoure UVXX7808
Gongoya UVXX7809
Gonhire UVXX7810
Goni UVXX0990
Gonion UVXX2490
Gonion Bouli UVXX7811
Gonken UVXX2250
Gonna UVXX7812
Gonon UVXX4850
Gonon UVXX7015
Gonponsago UVXX1766
Gonsbilen UVXX3777
Gonse UVXX8434
Gonse UVXX2810
Gonse UVXX5006
Gonse UVXX0537
Gonse UVXX1145
Gonsen UVXX5007
Gonsen UVXX3220
Gonsen UVXX3778
Gonsin UVXX7813
Gonskassenga UVXX3779
Gopi UVXX5375
Gora UVXX2649
Gora Gane UVXX2650
Goragi UVXX6327
Gorasola UVXX6328
Gore UVXX1146
Gorel UVXX7321
Goren UVXX2251
Goren UVXX6329
Gorgadji UVXX6814
Gorgane UVXX2651
Gorgo UVXX3221
Gorgoloro UVXX1767
Gorguel UVXX7322
Gori UVXX7153
Gorki UVXX5792
Goro UVXX6330
Goroguen UVXX1147
Gorom Gorom UVXX4920
Gorombouli UVXX4306
Goron UVXX7016
Goronbouli UVXX7017
Gorongo UVXX5793
Goroua UVXX8151
Goroue UVXX6331
Gorougbe UVXX5376
Gorouolkadye UVXX6815
Gorouolkole UVXX6816
Goroure UVXX1148
Goroy UVXX7323
Gorpene UVXX5008
Gorperegora UVXX2652
Gorpouli UVXX4307
Gossiamandara UVXX3481
Gossina UVXX0048
Gosson UVXX7018
Gotogou UVXX6817
Gouaena UVXX6332
Gouala UVXX3780
Gouale UVXX5377
Gouama UVXX0991
Gouanba UVXX5378
Gouankadene UVXX3029
Gouanse UVXX7814
Gouara UVXX5379
Gouareen UVXX4456
Gouari UVXX3098
Gouasa UVXX6333
Gouassa UVXX3482
Gouatenga UVXX2252
Gouatere UVXX2653
Goubi UVXX5794
Goubla UVXX8435
Goubre UVXX7815
Gouda UVXX5795
Goudle UVXX5796
Goudogo UVXX5009
Goudou UVXX1149
Goudre UVXX2253
Goudre UVXX6334
Goudren UVXX5010
Goudren UVXX2254
Goudren UVXX3781
Goudri UVXX5011
Goudri UVXX6335
Goue UVXX5012
Goueli UVXX1768
Gouengo UVXX1769
Gouera UVXX1561
Gouera UVXX5797
Gougogo UVXX4851
Gougou UVXX3782
Gougue UVXX3222
Gouilibila UVXX1770
Gouindougouba UVXX1562
Gouindougouni UVXX1563
Gouingo UVXX2255
Gouire UVXX7019
Goula UVXX7020
Goulana UVXX0357
Goulde UVXX5798
Goule UVXX6336
Gouli UVXX3030
Gouli UVXX6337
Gouli Godiare UVXX7324
Goulivode UVXX0358
Goulo UVXX4155
Goulogo UVXX5013
Goulouba UVXX1771
Gouloubala UVXX8325
Goulouga UVXX8436
Goulouguen UVXX6338
Gouloumani UVXX7021
Gouloumbassa UVXX7022
Gouloumtouba UVXX8152
Gouloure UVXX0766
Gouma UVXX2811
Goumalel UVXX8153
Goumbio UVXX0992
Goume UVXX1150
Goumi UVXX6048
Goumisi UVXX1151
Goumissi UVXX1152
Goummse UVXX1153
Goumodyo UVXX8154
Goumogo UVXX1154
Goumou UVXX7154
Goumpare UVXX5380
Goumsa UVXX1155
Goumse UVXX1156
Goumsi UVXX1157
Goumtoaga UVXX2812
Goun UVXX7155
Gounda UVXX7583
Goundi UVXX6049
Goundou UVXX1772
Goundoukay UVXX6339
Goundre UVXX4457
Gounga UVXX4458
Gounga UVXX5799
Gounge UVXX0767
Goungla UVXX0538
Goungnen UVXX2813
Goungou UVXX3099
Goungre Tanga UVXX7816
Goungue Yolgo UVXX6340
Gounguen UVXX6341
Gounguen UVXX1158
Gounguen UVXX5014
Gounguen UVXX2814
Gounndi UVXX6050
Gountoudie UVXX6818
Gountoure UVXX8155
Gountouwala UVXX4921
Gounyin UVXX4308
Goupana UVXX0049
Goura UVXX6819
Gouran UVXX7023
Gourango UVXX3783
Gouraogo UVXX6820
Gourbare UVXX7817
Gourcy UVXX0050
Goureba UVXX2256
Gourel Manma UVXX8156
Gouren UVXX3223
Gouresen UVXX3784
Gourga UVXX7818
Gourgou UVXX0359
Gouri UVXX2654
Gouri UVXX4309
Gouria UVXX7819
Gourkyana UVXX1773
Gourle UVXX0539
Gourma UVXX3100
Gourmassa UVXX7024
Gournyel UVXX8157
Gouromo UVXX6342
Gourongo UVXX0768
Gouropila UVXX3785
Gourou UVXX6051
Gourouga UVXX7820
Gourouma UVXX4719
Gouroungo UVXX7821
Goursi UVXX0769
Gousey Laba UVXX6343
Gousi UVXX4310
Goussirite UVXX7822
Goutaro UVXX5381
Goutoule UVXX7823
Gouym UVXX0770
Gowin UVXX1159
Grina UVXX5382
Guedou UVXX4156
Gueguere UVXX2655
Guehebra UVXX5383
Guekouna UVXX6344
Guelan UVXX8565
Gueleoungo UVXX4852
Guelou UVXX8566
Guemgou UVXX6821
Guemni Ouro Nama UVXX6822
Guena UVXX3483
Guende UVXX8158
Guenemena UVXX4720
Guenie UVXX8567
Guensen UVXX2815
Guere UVXX6345
Guerina UVXX5384
Guessa UVXX6346
Guessedangue UVXX4459
Guessedannye UVXX6823
Guesselnay UVXX7325
Guessere UVXX7824
Guestoguen UVXX3786
Gueswende UVXX1160
Gueyri UVXX2049
Gui UVXX4311
Guiao UVXX8568
Guiaro UVXX4853
Guibare UVXX0540
Guibe UVXX1564
Guiboanndi UVXX8159
Guibou UVXX7825
Guidde UVXX6824
Guiddere UVXX6825
Guide UVXX7584
Guidoy UVXX4922
Guidritenga UVXX1161
Guieboro UVXX5385
Guiefourgou UVXX2816
Guiekema UVXX8437
Guieleba UVXX8326
Guienbile UVXX6347
Guiere UVXX8438
Guiernogo UVXX0360
Guigui UVXX6052
Guihire UVXX0361
Guikpere UVXX2656
Guila UVXX5015
Guila UVXX6348
Guilakora UVXX4721
Guilanio UVXX5386
Guilaniora UVXX4723
Guile UVXX0771
Guilma UVXX1162
Guilongou UVXX5016
Guilonguen UVXX2257
Guinboro UVXX7025
Guinda UVXX3101
Guine UVXX3031
Guinguini UVXX5387
Guininguedougou UVXX0362
Guinnsi UVXX1163
Guipa UVXX5800
Guipo UVXX1164
Guira UVXX8160
Guirga UVXX2258
Guirgo UVXX1165
Guirgo UVXX0772
Guirgo UVXX3224
Guiri Guiri UVXX8327
Guisendyori UVXX8161
Guissangou UVXX8162
Guissikoro UVXX4157
Guitanga UVXX8163
Guitti UVXX7826
Gwabaga UVXX3787
Gwahala UVXX6349
Gwanda UVXX1774
Gwanga UVXX0541
Gwapega UVXX3788
Gye UVXX5017
Gyeren UVXX2259
Gyido UVXX6053
Gyinouama UVXX2050
Haba UVXX3102
Haba UVXX7482
Habe UVXX0173
Habri UVXX2657
Hagado UVXX6826
Haho UVXX0174
Halgue UVXX6350
Haloko UVXX4036
Hamdallay UVXX7326
Hanhoui UVXX6351
Hantoukoura UVXX3103
Hargadangou UVXX8164
Hasbialahou UVXX8165
Hele UVXX7156
Helga UVXX8166
Hella UVXX5388
Hello UVXX5389
Hello Bokona UVXX5390
Hello Bondou UVXX5391
Hemkoa UVXX5392
Heriba UVXX0363
Hitte UVXX4037
Hogo UVXX6827
Hokelirou UVXX7827
Hoko UVXX5393
Homo UVXX8167
Honda UVXX0542
Honsbaogo UVXX1166
Hore UVXX0543
Houbande UVXX4460
Hoube UVXX6352
Hounde UVXX0051
Housi UVXX0544
Ibal UVXX8168
Ibangoto UVXX4461
Ibele UVXX3789
Ibere UVXX4038
Ibi Koudre UVXX0545
Ibi-Palga UVXX0546
Ibobo UVXX0364
Ibogo UVXX1167
Ibonboue UVXX4854
Ibounini UVXX2051
Iboureni UVXX2052
Idiandiari UVXX7585
Idiou UVXX8569
Ifidi UVXX6054
Ifoukar UVXX5394
Igondara UVXX0547
Igouri UVXX2053
Ikouten UVXX6353
Ikyemden UVXX0773
Ileala UVXX6354
Ilemaka UVXX1168
Iliwoatena UVXX4039
Illa UVXX3484
Illigue UVXX6355
Illiyala UVXX1169
Ilyala UVXX6356
Imannde UVXX1775
Imare UVXX4462
Imassogo UVXX0774
Imassoko UVXX8439
Imassolo UVXX8440
Imatoro UVXX3485
Imegou UVXX5801
Imiga UVXX2260
Imiougou UVXX0548
Imkouka UVXX3790
Imsele UVXX6357
Imyire UVXX0549
Indangara UVXX5395
Indibi UVXX7483
Inga UVXX1776
Ingane UVXX4041
Ingare UVXX7828
Inguepe UVXX5396
Inguilbo UVXX5397
Inperega UVXX1777
Intara UVXX7327
Intaya UVXX0365
Intiedougou UVXX2658
Intoule UVXX0262
Intoumpira UVXX5398
Ipal UVXX2659
Ipala UVXX5018
Ipala UVXX1170
Ipala UVXX0550
Ipala UVXX2261
Ipala UVXX3791
Ipala UVXX2817
Ipala UVXX5802
Ipala UVXX7829
Ipala Wobsen UVXX2262
Ipele UVXX5399
Ipeli UVXX8169
Ipelse UVXX1171
Ipendo UVXX0775
Ipiel UVXX4724
Ipo UVXX7830
Ira UVXX3486
Iredie UVXX6055
Iria UVXX7831
Iridiaka UVXX5400
Irikourounko UVXX1565
Irino UVXX5401
Irkou UVXX5402
Issao UVXX6359
Issaogo UVXX4463
Issigui UVXX7832
Itao UVXX1172
Itaoua UVXX2818
Itenga UVXX3225
Itian UVXX5803
Iwara UVXX2660
Izir UVXX4725
Jitoera UVXX4464
Joures Ouidi UVXX1173
Ka I-n UVXX7833
Kaabougou UVXX7586
Kaba UVXX5804
Kabala UVXX3487
Kabarale UVXX5805
Kabarikaha UVXX3918
Kabaro UVXX7157
Kabeba UVXX6828
Kabera UVXX3226
Kabinou UVXX0776
Kabo UVXX8170
Kabo UVXX5806
Kabole UVXX6056
Kabora UVXX3919
Kabore UVXX7328
Kabouda UVXX2263
Kaboule UVXX7158
Kaboule UVXX8171
Kabourou UVXX0175
Kada UVXX8570
Kadakada UVXX8328
Kadenguen UVXX2264
Kadiateon UVXX5403
Kadiel UVXX7329
Kadio UVXX1566
Kadonba UVXX7484
Kadougou UVXX3920
Kadyanbedayiri UVXX6829
Kael UVXX6830
Kafozanga UVXX3921
Kagamzense UVXX2819
Kagangamore UVXX0366
Kagapossogo UVXX8329
Kagare UVXX0551
Kagouli UVXX2265
Kagtoudi UVXX1174
Kahel UVXX7587
Kahin UVXX0176
Kaho UVXX0177
Kaibo UVXX8441
Kaifouna UVXX3488
Kaka UVXX3489
Kakati UVXX2054
Kakin UVXX1175
Kakobaratenga UVXX3227
Kakoumana UVXX1567
Kakouna UVXX7159
Kaktinga UVXX1176
Kalabo UVXX4312
Kalagare UVXX0552
Kalaktega UVXX8442
Kalamondo UVXX3228
Kalamtogo UVXX6057
Kalanbouli UVXX0052
Kalangbara UVXX5404
Kaldera UVXX5405
Kale UVXX3490
Kaledougou UVXX2491
Kalehema UVXX2266
Kalehena UVXX4042
Kalembaougou UVXX1778
Kalewiga UVXX1177
Kalgonde UVXX2820
Kalidouani UVXX2055
Kaligogo UVXX1178
Kaligri UVXX0777
Kalimpoure UVXX8172
Kalindou UVXX2661
Kalinga UVXX8173
Kalinga UVXX8443
Kalinpo UVXX5406
Kalio UVXX6058
Kalio UVXX4465
Kalitaga UVXX4466
Kalkiende UVXX1179
Kalla UVXX5807
Kalo UVXX7160
Kalo UVXX6831
Kalo UVXX7834
Kalo Tampane UVXX3032
Kaloganogo UVXX5019
Kalohome UVXX2056
Kalomba UVXX4467
Kalouartenga UVXX3229
Kalouenga UVXX3230
Kalougyese UVXX5020
Kalpongo UVXX2821
Kalsagado UVXX7835
Kalsagado UVXX1180
Kalsaka UVXX0053
Kalse UVXX1181
Kalse UVXX5808
Kalse UVXX2267
Kalsen UVXX2822
Kalseo UVXX5407
Kalso UVXX6059
Kalsolo UVXX0778
Kalwaka UVXX0779
Kalyo UVXX6060
Kalzi UVXX1182
Kama UVXX5408
Kamadena UVXX3491
Kamanangora UVXX5409
Kamandena UVXX4158
Kamankadougou UVXX3492
Kamanteon UVXX4726
Kamba UVXX4313
Kambarideni UVXX7588
Kamboinse UVXX2823
Kambondogue UVXX7836
Kameledala UVXX0263
Kamgwamtenga UVXX5021
Kamigyi UVXX6061
Kaminiankoro UVXX0994
Kaminogo UVXX4468
Kamissi UVXX1779
Kamona UVXX4314
Kampelzezougo UVXX3231
Kampiti UVXX6832
Kampoaga UVXX0367
Kampoueyorgho UVXX3232
Kampti UVXX0054
Kampyagui UVXX7589
Kamsado UVXX0553
Kamsado UVXX1183
Kamsanse UVXX3233
Kamsaongtenga UVXX1184
Kamse UVXX6360
Kamsi UVXX0780
Kamsogo UVXX3234
Kamsongouin UVXX2268
Kamtenga UVXX0554
Kana UVXX8571
Kana UVXX4159
Kana UVXX0178
Kanakoule UVXX0368
Kanamisse UVXX1568
Kanba UVXX4727
Kanbo UVXX8444
Kanbouense UVXX1780
Kanda UVXX7590
Kandargyana UVXX6062
Kandatenga UVXX2269
Kanday UVXX7837
Kande UVXX6361
Kandeni UVXX7485
Kando UVXX3235
Kandore UVXX7591
Kandyeba UVXX1781
Kangala UVXX3493
Kangarse UVXX1782
Kangaye UVXX1783
Kangounadeni UVXX1569
Kangoura UVXX3922
Kangue UVXX8330
Kanguen UVXX0555
Kanhire UVXX0369
Kaniagara UVXX3923
Kaniagara UVXX3494
Kaniana UVXX5410
Kanieleke UVXX3924
Kankadyanga UVXX1784
Kankaguen UVXX2824
Kankalaba UVXX0055
Kankali UVXX6362
Kankalsi UVXX1785
Kankambaogo UVXX6363
Kankamse UVXX1185
Kankamsen UVXX2825
Kankandi UVXX3104
Kankandyaga UVXX7592
Kankane UVXX7026
Kankane UVXX2662
Kankanfogou UVXX8174
Kankanfogwol UVXX8175
Kankangou UVXX7593
Kankanguen UVXX2826
Kankani UVXX5411
Kankankiaga UVXX1786
Kankannde UVXX6364
Kankanraga UVXX1186
Kankantiana UVXX2057
Kankassi UVXX1787
Kankonion UVXX5412
Kankono UVXX4160
Kankota UVXX2492
Kankoumana UVXX4728
Kankouradeni UVXX1570
Kankuyo UVXX7161
Kankwari UVXX7594
Kanlayenou UVXX7595
Kanmba UVXX2058
Kanmpandi UVXX3105
Kanono UVXX6063
Kanouaragou UVXX0370
Kanougou UVXX3236
Kanpenga UVXX5022
Kanptyali UVXX1788
Kansara UVXX3495
Kansara UVXX2663
Kantari UVXX7596
Kantchari UVXX7597
Kanvara UVXX3925
Kanyende UVXX2270
Kao UVXX7838
Kaongo UVXX1187
Kaonguin UVXX3792
Kaonse UVXX0781
Kaora UVXX4315
Kaou UVXX5809
Kapa UVXX0179
Kapaha UVXX3926
Kapere UVXX3927
Kapoa UVXX5023
Kapol UVXX3106
Kapon UVXX5810
Kapori UVXX4855
Karaba UVXX0180
Karabole UVXX6064
Karadi UVXX2493
Karadye UVXX7598
Karaktanguen UVXX1188
Karamassasso UVXX3496
Karankasso UVXX0056
Karankasso UVXX5413
Karasso UVXX3497
Karatiebougou UVXX3928
Karba UVXX7486
Kare UVXX1189
Kare UVXX3237
Kare UVXX2271
Karekounre UVXX2059
Karekouri UVXX1789
Karekui UVXX3498
Karemama UVXX1790
Karemama UVXX3107
Karenankali UVXX8176
Karengatenga UVXX0556
Kareo UVXX5811
Karfiguela UVXX1571
Karga UVXX6833
Kargaga UVXX0371
Kargo UVXX0557
Kargou UVXX0372
Kargouzi UVXX6834
Kari UVXX0057
Kari UVXX7487
Karka UVXX6365
Karma UVXX7839
Karma UVXX3499
Karmanma UVXX8177
Karmoukyakya UVXX3238
Karna UVXX2495
Karo UVXX0058
Karpele UVXX7330
Karpore UVXX1190
Karsandi UVXX8178
Kartasso UVXX3500
Karyegou UVXX3108
Kasari UVXX6835
Kashili UVXX6366
Kasila UVXX5812
Kassa UVXX2827
Kassaga UVXX3501
Kassaho UVXX7488
Kassan UVXX7027
Kassande UVXX1572
Kasseba Mossi UVXX8331
Kasseba-Samo UVXX8332
Kasseguera UVXX3929
Kassita UVXX5414
Kassite UVXX1573
Kasso UVXX8572
Kassola UVXX4856
Kasson UVXX0782
Kassoum UVXX7028
Katabtenga UVXX2828
Katafona UVXX3502
Kataga UVXX8445
Katambaogo UVXX6367
Katana UVXX3503
Katanga UVXX3793
Katchi UVXX3504
Katchirga UVXX6836
Katenga UVXX5024
Kati UVXX3505
Katian UVXX8573
Katierla UVXX1574
Katiou UVXX0783
Katiyim UVXX2272
Katonga UVXX0373
Kawara UVXX5415
Kawara UVXX4316
Kawin UVXX7162
Kaya UVXX3506
Kaya UVXX4857
Kaya UVXX6368
Kayal UVXX6065
Kayao UVXX1191
Kayebila UVXX6369
Kayere UVXX7840
Kayero UVXX7163
Kayerobou UVXX7164
Kayo UVXX7489
Kayo UVXX0181
Kayokorogo UVXX1192
Kayon UVXX0558
Kazanga UVXX8446
Kazim UVXX5813
Kbele UVXX5416
Kedeyende UVXX0559
Kekaba UVXX4162
Keke UVXX7841
Kelbo Foulces UVXX7331
Kelbo-Yarces UVXX7332
Kelbora UVXX5417
Keleguem UVXX8333
Kelel UVXX6837
Keleni UVXX3507
Keleso UVXX0059
Kelia UVXX8574
Kelsio UVXX6066
Kelsoubairi UVXX7333
Keme UVXX3508
Kemou UVXX5418
Kendembay UVXX4317
Keneko UVXX8334
Kenema UVXX4043
Kenesoumde UVXX4469
Kenkiene UVXX6370
Kenou UVXX7334
Kera UVXX4163
Kera UVXX7842
Keranboro UVXX5419
Kerede UVXX2829
Kerena UVXX0995
Keri UVXX8179
Kerta UVXX7599
Keryaoguen UVXX1193
Kesse UVXX4164
Kessombode UVXX7843
Khyon UVXX6067
Kia UVXX7165
Kialiero UVXX8575
Kialuin UVXX8576
Kiao UVXX8577
Kiapre UVXX4729
Kibe UVXX0996
Kibila UVXX8335
Kibiri UVXX4319
Kiboulougou UVXX7844
Kibtanga UVXX7845
Kie UVXX3509
Kiebani UVXX0997
Kiebo UVXX6068
Kieden UVXX1194
Kiedi UVXX2273
Kiedie UVXX0182
Kiedpalgo UVXX2830
Kiedui UVXX4165
Kieko UVXX7335
Kiekouyou UVXX6069
Kiembara UVXX7029
Kiemna UVXX6371
Kien UVXX1575
Kientara UVXX4730
Kiepalogo UVXX1195
Kiere UVXX7490
Kiere UVXX7166
Kierema UVXX8578
Kierma UVXX1196
Kiero UVXX6070
Kietego UVXX5814
Kietou UVXX4166
Kikideni UVXX2060
Kikigogo UVXX0784
Kikilma UVXX3794
Kikwa UVXX3510
Kila UVXX3511
Kilari UVXX6838
Kilema UVXX4470
Kilibo UVXX4044
Kiligiri UVXX1197
Kilingota UVXX7030
Kilissimoko UVXX7846
Kilkyaga UVXX3109
Kilou UVXX0560
Kilouen UVXX2831
Kimidougou UVXX2496
Kimini UVXX1576
Kinana UVXX3795
Kindi UVXX0060
Kindiba UVXX8336
Kindogo UVXX6372
Kindougou UVXX0561
Kinga UVXX3239
Kinga UVXX3512
Kingria UVXX5815
Kini-Kini UVXX3513
Kinkelou UVXX1198
Kinkoro UVXX5420
Kinpeo UVXX0264
Kinpi UVXX5421
Kinsere UVXX3514
Kinsouyinkyema UVXX5025
Kinyanga UVXX7600
Kinzim UVXX3033
Kioma UVXX4320
Kipala UVXX0374
Kipir UVXX4731
Kira UVXX4167
Kiraitenga UVXX8337
Kire UVXX7847
Kirga UVXX6839
Kirgou UVXX8180
Kiri UVXX2664
Kiri UVXX8338
Kiribi UVXX3240
Kiribina UVXX1577
Kirible UVXX4732
Kirien UVXX8339
Kirigtenga UVXX6373
Kirikiri UVXX3110
Kirikoudogo UVXX8340
Kirilonga UVXX0785
Kirio UVXX7031
Kiriolol UVXX6840
Kiripalogo UVXX8341
Kirissitenga UVXX7032
Kirsi UVXX5816
Kirsiri UVXX4471
Kirta UVXX7601
Kisligoeme UVXX5026
Kison UVXX4321
Kisside UVXX0375
Kitodougou UVXX1578
Kiyeri UVXX8447
Klani UVXX3930
Ko UVXX5422
Koagma UVXX1199
Koaken UVXX1200
Koaken UVXX2832
Koaken UVXX2274
Koaken UVXX3796
Koaken UVXX5817
Koaken Koanda UVXX2833
Koakin UVXX8448
Koakin UVXX1201
Koala UVXX1791
Koala UVXX5027
Koala UVXX5818
Koalaga UVXX7167
Koalla UVXX5028
Koana UVXX4858
Koanguen UVXX2834
Koanke UVXX6375
Koankin UVXX8449
Koanta UVXX4733
Koara UVXX6376
Koassa UVXX1202
Koayo UVXX4322
Koba UVXX0998
Koban UVXX5423
Kobanbou UVXX7602
Kobao UVXX7336
Kobato UVXX7603
Kobiadiassa UVXX3931
Kobindyego UVXX7604
Kobini UVXX8181
Kobo UVXX4045
Kobogo UVXX1203
Kobori UVXX1792
Kobougou UVXX8182
Koboundouen UVXX3241
Kobrou UVXX1579
Kobsse UVXX1204
Kodagou UVXX7605
Kodala UVXX2497
Kodara UVXX6071
Kodassari UVXX3111
Kodemende UVXX2275
Kodezoaga UVXX3034
Kodiene UVXX7606
Kodima UVXX2498
Kodioloy Loboy UVXX7337
Kodjar UVXX7607
Kodjoani UVXX1793
Kodogo UVXX1205
Kodougou UVXX0999
Kodouro UVXX5425
Kodro UVXX6377
Kodye UVXX6072
Kodyel UVXX3112
Kodyengou UVXX8183
Kodyolay UVXX6841
Koedogo UVXX6378
Koena UVXX0183
Kofila UVXX2499
Kofindren UVXX2835
Kogmasogo UVXX5029
Kogo UVXX2276
Kogo UVXX3035
Kogola UVXX8342
Kogoma UVXX2500
Kogomou UVXX1794
Kogonoguen UVXX1206
Kogori UVXX7608
Kogotenga UVXX5030
Kogoudou UVXX1795
Kogoue UVXX2501
Kohda UVXX8184
Koho UVXX0184
Koho UVXX7491
Kohorasso UVXX2502
Koibene UVXX2061
Koikonba UVXX6842
Koin UVXX4323
Koiretegui UVXX4923
Koireziena UVXX4924
Koken UVXX6379
Kokim UVXX7848
Koko UVXX3932
Kokoaga UVXX0377
Kokogou UVXX3113
Kokolibou UVXX2665
Kokologbarao UVXX6380
Kokologo UVXX0786
Kokon UVXX1580
Kokonse UVXX1207
Kokora UVXX3933
Kokora UVXX4472
Kokorare UVXX0378
Kokore UVXX6073
Kokoro UVXX3515
Kokoroue UVXX2503
Kokosse Nabikome UVXX3242
Kokou UVXX1796
Kokoun UVXX4168
Kola UVXX4324
Kolakwe UVXX8185
Kolana UVXX3934
Kolangaligui UVXX8186
Kolastenga UVXX3243
Kolega UVXX6381
Koleka UVXX2666
Kolel UVXX4925
Kolerou UVXX3516
Kolessi UVXX3935
Kolibie UVXX4734
Kolibila UVXX5819
Kolindioura UVXX5426
Kolinka UVXX2667
Kolkol UVXX2668
Kolkolyiri UVXX5031
Kolle UVXX4735
Kollo UVXX5820
Kolo UVXX4859
Kolobassama UVXX1208
Kolobo Samba UVXX2277
Kolodiou UVXX6074
Kologanaba UVXX0379
Kolognaba UVXX2836
Kologo Sama UVXX2278
Kologoero UVXX0787
Kologonaba UVXX1209
Kologoro UVXX0788
Kologossamba UVXX1210
Kologoukom UVXX6382
Kolokaga UVXX3517
Kolokan UVXX3518
Kolokande UVXX0789
Koloko UVXX0061
Kolokolo UVXX1581
Kolokom UVXX3797
Kolokom UVXX2837
Kolokom UVXX1211
Kolokom UVXX2279
Kolokom UVXX7849
Kolokom UVXX5032
Kolokom UVXX8343
Kolokouame UVXX1797
Kolokoum UVXX6383
Kolokouome UVXX2062
Kololo UVXX0790
Kolomkom UVXX5033
Kolongalona UVXX6843
Kolongota UVXX7033
Kolonguikom UVXX2280
Kolonida UVXX1000
Kolonkan UVXX3519
Kolonkani Ba UVXX3523
Kolonkouakou UVXX2063
Kolonkoura UVXX3524
Kolonkwom UVXX7850
Kolouaga UVXX7609
Kolouoko UVXX2064
Koma UVXX0380
Komadougou UVXX2065
Komanmpouma UVXX3114
Kombedogo UVXX0562
Kombeole UVXX4473
Kombissiri UVXX1212
Komboari UVXX2066
Kombori UVXX3525
Kombos Yargo UVXX1213
Kombouedogo UVXX0791
Kombouense UVXX1798
Kombouri UVXX7851
Komboussougou UVXX0062
Komiargo UVXX7034
Komin-Yanga UVXX3036
Komkaga UVXX5034
Komki-Ipala UVXX1214
Komlela UVXX2838
Komo UVXX5427
Komona UVXX1799
Komondi UVXX7610
Komondi UVXX8187
Komonga UVXX1800
Kompiembiga UVXX3158
Kompongou UVXX7611
Kompyalga UVXX3115
Komsilega UVXX7852
Komsilga UVXX0563
Komsilga UVXX6384
Komsilga UVXX1215
Komtaka UVXX4046
Komtenga UVXX1216
Komtigre UVXX1217
Komtoega UVXX0063
Komtoega UVXX0381
Komtoega UVXX3798
Komwana UVXX2067
Komwanndi UVXX8188
Kona UVXX2504
Kona UVXX5821
Konadougou UVXX3936
Konankira UVXX0064
Konbatyegou UVXX8189
Konbili UVXX3937
Konbleteoun UVXX4736
Konbobsi UVXX1801
Konbori UVXX3526
Konbouassi UVXX1802
Konbwissi UVXX3116
Kondaya UVXX3938
Konden UVXX5822
Kondibito UVXX6385
Kondibito UVXX0564
Kondiboken UVXX6386
Kondidyoaga UVXX2068
Kondie UVXX5428
Kondilma UVXX8344
Kondogombenga UVXX4474
Kondon UVXX2669
Kondouagou UVXX2069
Kondouboega UVXX1218
Kondoubouera UVXX1219
Kondrin UVXX8450
Kone UVXX0792
Konekongo UVXX8451
Konga UVXX7338
Konga UVXX7035
Kongango UVXX1582
Kongbelegban UVXX1583
Kongoba UVXX4170
Kongoba UVXX0185
Kongodian UVXX3527
Kongohouro UVXX1584
Kongolikan UVXX0065
Kongolikan UVXX2505
Kongolikoro UVXX3528
Kongosso UVXX4171
Kongoussen UVXX2281
Kongoussi UVXX0565
Kongozana UVXX4172
Kongtoro UVXX0793
Konguen UVXX2839
Konioudou UVXX1220
Konka UVXX1585
Konkar UVXX5429
Konkera UVXX4737
Konkoi UVXX4173
Konkoliko UVXX0066
Konkoro UVXX3529
Konkosse UVXX1221
Konkossi UVXX1803
Konkoubiri UVXX3799
Konkoubougui UVXX0566
Konkouera UVXX4738
Konkouisse UVXX1222
Konkouni UVXX3530
Konkousse UVXX2282
Konkui Koura UVXX3531
Konkwisen UVXX0794
Konlentyaga UVXX3117
Konligidi UVXX0795
Konlobewande UVXX1223
Konmestenga UVXX6387
Konndui UVXX8579
Konntyana UVXX8190
Konokaha UVXX3939
Kononga UVXX7853
Konpi UVXX5430
Konseoulga UVXX8452
Konsori UVXX7168
Kontaga UVXX2070
Kontama UVXX5035
Konteguere UVXX1224
Kontiadi UVXX1804
Kontige UVXX6075
Kontigue UVXX8345
Kontikoura UVXX5431
Kontioro UVXX4860
Kontopenga UVXX2283
Kontyandi UVXX1805
Kontyegou UVXX1806
Kontyenaba UVXX0796
Konzena UVXX0186
Konzio UVXX7169
Koodjina UVXX1807
Kopapinzi UVXX6076
Kopelougou UVXX0382
Kopendi UVXX7612
Koper UVXX2670
Kopssere UVXX0567
Kopti UVXX8191
Kora UVXX0568
Koran UVXX4174
Koratenga UVXX2284
Korbe UVXX2671
Kordie UVXX6077
Kore UVXX4175
Koreba UVXX2506
Kori UVXX5432
Koria UVXX6844
Koriba UVXX4739
Koriba Kinkeni UVXX4740
Koriba Tanzou UVXX4741
Korko UVXX6388
Korko-Natenga UVXX6389
Korkoakin UVXX1225
Korkobiel UVXX7339
Koro UVXX5823
Koro UVXX4861
Koro UVXX2507
Korobi UVXX4176
Korobou UVXX7170
Korogo UVXX5434
Korogo UVXX5036
Korogoro UVXX1586
Korom UVXX3800
Koroma UVXX2508
Koromassoro UVXX2285
Korombere UVXX4325
Korombouli UVXX6390
Korome UVXX7036
Koronaba UVXX0797
Korongon UVXX4742
Koronkoura UVXX5435
Koronpere UVXX2672
Koronso UVXX3532
Korossaboloro UVXX4475
Korosso UVXX2509
Korro UVXX5824
Korsimoro UVXX0067
Koryende UVXX6391
Kosgo UVXX5825
Kosilsi UVXX1226
Kosmassem UVXX1227
Kosmasson UVXX8453
Kosoden UVXX5037
Kosoguen UVXX6392
Kosoro UVXX4047
Kossala UVXX1228
Kossami UVXX5436
Kossara UVXX1587
Kossego UVXX4743
Kossiam UVXX2840
Kosso UVXX8580
Kosso UVXX4744
Kosso UVXX0187
Kosso UVXX1001
Kosso UVXX4177
Kossoba UVXX1002
Kossoden UVXX4476
Kossodo UVXX2841
Kossogo UVXX1229
Kossogue UVXX6845
Kossonkore UVXX4477
Kossougoudou UVXX1808
Kossouka UVXX7854
Kostenga UVXX2286
Kostenga UVXX3244
Kota UVXX4326
Kotantore UVXX2842
Kotedougou UVXX2510
Kotele UVXX8581
Koti UVXX0068
Kotina UVXX5437
Kotonano UVXX5438
Kotou UVXX1003
Kotoua UVXX7171
Kotoudeni UVXX3533
Kotoura UVXX3534
Kottia UVXX1809
Kotyanboubagou UVXX7613
Kotyari UVXX1810
Kou UVXX8582
Koua UVXX2511
Kouabkouka UVXX4478
Kouakoua UVXX1004
Kouakouale UVXX2512
Kouakouna UVXX1005
Kouakourouma UVXX2513
Koualma UVXX6393
Koualtanguen UVXX5826
Kouana UVXX4178
Kouana UVXX3535
Kouandre UVXX6394
Kouaneyan UVXX6395
Kouanga UVXX0798
Kouangouasso UVXX3536
Kouantou UVXX2514
Kouapkouka UVXX3245
Kouare UVXX0069
Kouase UVXX4327
Kouassanga UVXX5038
Kouatou UVXX1006
Kouayargou UVXX2071
Kouba UVXX8346
Kouba UVXX2843
Kouba UVXX7855
Koubabako UVXX7856
Koube UVXX3537
Koubeogue UVXX0383
Koubi UVXX2515
Kouboin UVXX7172
Koubol Alfa UVXX7340
Koubon UVXX7173
Kouboulou UVXX8583
Kouboure UVXX4479
Koubourgou UVXX7614
Koubri UVXX2844
Koubri Nagbangre UVXX2846
Koudio UVXX4745
Koudiougou UVXX1230
Koudma UVXX7857
Koudmi UVXX3246
Koudougou UVXX3801
Koudougou UVXX0799
Koudoumbo UVXX7858
Koudouwoegen UVXX3802
Koudsi UVXX1231
Koudyantyagou UVXX7615
Koudyere UVXX2847
Koue UVXX2072
Kouekembissiga UVXX2848
Kouekouesso UVXX2516
Kouena UVXX4179
Kouere UVXX1588
Koueredeni UVXX2517
Kougmassogo UVXX1232
Kougo Tenga UVXX3247
Kougouandi UVXX1811
Kougoubaga UVXX8454
Kougoudouguen UVXX2287
Kougoue UVXX0384
Kougoula Paka UVXX0800
Kougoulare UVXX7859
Kougoura UVXX5440
Kougouri UVXX6396
Kougousoulo UVXX4048
Kougpaka UVXX1233
Kougpela UVXX1234
Kougren UVXX2849
Kougri UVXX2288
Kougsabla UVXX0569
Kougsen UVXX0801
Kougui UVXX3249
Kouhini UVXX4480
Kouhoulogo UVXX1235
Kouhoulongou UVXX5827
Koui UVXX7037
Koui UVXX3803
Kouidi UVXX5039
Kouikourkodya UVXX1812
Kouila UVXX2850
Kouilera UVXX6397
Kouima UVXX5828
Kouini UVXX3538
Kouizili UVXX1236
Kouka UVXX1007
Kouka UVXX0385
Kouka UVXX0570
Koukane UVXX5829
Koukankangou UVXX7616
Koukebako UVXX5040
Kouken UVXX0802
Kouken UVXX1237
Kouken UVXX3804
Koukin UVXX1238
Kouknogo UVXX1239
Koukonore UVXX4481
Koukotyoungou UVXX7617
Koukouire UVXX8455
Koukouldi UVXX6078
Koukouli UVXX1240
Koukouli UVXX3940
Koukoulou UVXX1241
Koukounkoulouga UVXX0803
Koukoure UVXX6398
Koukourouba UVXX1008
Koukourouna UVXX7492
Koukourousso UVXX3941
Koukousen UVXX0804
Koukpela UVXX1242
Koukpelen UVXX2851
Koukpyata UVXX6399
Kouksabla UVXX6400
Koukzande UVXX6079
Koula UVXX6401
Koulagane UVXX2673
Koulare UVXX7038
Koulbale UVXX3250
Koulbi Yorateoun UVXX4746
Koulebeaga UVXX4482
Kouleguezougou UVXX0805
Kouleteon UVXX2674
Koulga UVXX2073
Koulgoren UVXX0806
Kouli UVXX8584
Kouliba UVXX3251
Koulibere UVXX2852
Koulibila UVXX1813
Kouliga UVXX4862
Koulikamse UVXX3252
Koulima UVXX2518
Kouliniere UVXX0571
Koulinkouna UVXX5441
Kouliroure UVXX0807
Koulkianga UVXX3253
Koulli UVXX5830
Koulmyougou UVXX2074
Koulnatenga UVXX0808
Koulo UVXX5442
Koulogo UVXX3805
Koulogo UVXX2289
Koulogo UVXX1243
Koulogo UVXX6402
Koulogroure UVXX2853
Kouloho UVXX7493
Kouloko UVXX1244
Koulopagare UVXX7341
Kouloroure UVXX2854
Koulou UVXX5831
Koulou-Ganda UVXX1814
Kouloueogo UVXX0572
Koulougbele UVXX5443
Koulougoto UVXX1245
Koulouko UVXX4483
Kouloukpe UVXX5444
Koulouloura UVXX5445
Kouloumasatenga UVXX5041
Kouloumbou UVXX4747
Kouloumeogou UVXX4484
Kouloungou Ire UVXX0809
Koulouoko UVXX3254
Koulouwagadi UVXX2075
Koulpele UVXX4485
Koulpelga UVXX1246
Koulpelle UVXX1247
Koulpissi UVXX2076
Koulpissi UVXX4486
Koulponsgo UVXX4487
Koulto UVXX6403
Koulweogo UVXX2290
Koulwoko UVXX2855
Kouma UVXX1009
Koumana UVXX4180
Koumandara UVXX2519
Koumandi UVXX1815
Koumbadougou UVXX2520
Koumbango UVXX0573
Koumbani UVXX4049
Koumbara UVXX0070
Koumbara UVXX7039
Koumbataka UVXX7342
Koumbia UVXX7494
Koumbili UVXX4863
Koumbo UVXX7174
Koumbogoro UVXX7175
Koumbou UVXX5446
Koumbranga UVXX7860
Koumbri UVXX7861
Koumdaniore UVXX2856
Koumena UVXX4050
Koumi UVXX2521
Koumirtenga UVXX4488
Koumisi UVXX5042
Koumkoulre UVXX1248
Koumna UVXX4051
Koumnere UVXX1249
Koumnoro UVXX6404
Koumranga UVXX7862
Koumsaga UVXX1250
Koumsyeogo UVXX3255
Koumzorodogo UVXX3256
Kouna UVXX3539
Kounandia UVXX4181
Kounda UVXX1251
Kounda UVXX2857
Kounda UVXX5043
Koundi UVXX0188
Koundimi-Ba UVXX2522
Koundimi-Soudeni UVXX2523
Koundla UVXX0574
Koundogo UVXX3037
Koundouba UVXX8347
Koundougou UVXX3257
Koundoula UVXX7863
Kounga UVXX7864
Koungny UVXX4328
Koungwo UVXX7865
Kouni UVXX1010
Kouni UVXX5833
Kounia UVXX7343
Kounkoubri UVXX2858
Kounkouna UVXX5447
Kounla UVXX1011
Kounla UVXX5044
Kounou UVXX7176
Kounti UVXX4329
Kounyenga UVXX5045
Kouoro UVXX3942
Kouossey UVXX8348
Koupeala UVXX6405
Koupela UVXX5046
Koupela UVXX3258
Koupela UVXX5834
Koupelen UVXX3259
Koupelle UVXX0575
Koupelogo UVXX1252
Koupene UVXX6406
Koupessara UVXX4489
Koupouello UVXX0189
Kour UVXX4748
Koura UVXX7495
Kourakou UVXX6846
Kourani UVXX7040
Kourao UVXX0576
Kourdyana UVXX1816
Kouresilogo UVXX6407
Kourfel Sidiki UVXX7344
Kourgano UVXX0265
Kourgou UVXX3118
Kourgou UVXX2291
Kourgou UVXX2077
Kouri UVXX1253
Kouri UVXX7177
Kouri UVXX5835
Kouri UVXX6847
Kourian UVXX3806
Kourigue UVXX7345
Kourinion UVXX3540
Kourissiense UVXX8456
Kourit Yaoguen UVXX3260
Kouritenga UVXX3261
Kouritenga UVXX2859
Kourki UVXX0386
Kourkourkodya UVXX1818
Kourloungou UVXX2078
Kournere UVXX4490
Kouro UVXX3541
Kourori UVXX8192
Kourou UVXX0266
Kourou Bogo UVXX8349
Kourouba UVXX8350
Kourouba Bangare UVXX7867
Kourouba Mogo UVXX7868
Kourouboulli UVXX6408
Kouroue UVXX1012
Kouroufina UVXX3943
Kourougou UVXX0387
Kourougou UVXX1819
Kourouguere UVXX7041
Kouroukida UVXX1820
Kouroukui UVXX3542
Kourouma UVXX0071
Kouroumani UVXX1013
Kouroumani UVXX3543
Koursiera UVXX0267
Koursiera UVXX5448
Koury UVXX0072
Kourya UVXX0810
Kouryaoguen UVXX3262
Kousoulougou UVXX1254
Kousoumason UVXX3807
Koussadaga UVXX0388
Koussana UVXX5836
Koussaro UVXX0190
Koussia UVXX8351
Koussiri UVXX4182
Koussiri UVXX3544
Koussougou UVXX1821
Kouta UVXX6848
Koutakou UVXX7869
Kouti UVXX2860
Koutiana UVXX0389
Koutiana UVXX5449
Koutiele UVXX8585
Koutinasogo UVXX5047
Koutoberle UVXX6409
Koutoubere UVXX6410
Koutoura UVXX1589
Koutseni UVXX3545
Koutyagou UVXX7618
Kouye UVXX7346
Kouyera UVXX4926
Kouyougou UVXX1255
Kouzie UVXX5450
Kovio UVXX7496
Kovri UVXX8586
Kowari UVXX7619
Koyati UVXX7620
Koyene UVXX1014
Koyenga UVXX7621
Koygouroua UVXX8194
Kpakpara UVXX0268
Kpala UVXX4749
Kpandiao UVXX4750
Kpanpouna UVXX4751
Kpantianao UVXX5451
Kpapalanboura UVXX5452
Kpapirao UVXX5453
Kparanta UVXX5454
Kpe UVXX2675
Kpera UVXX5455
Kpetora UVXX5456
Kpo UVXX5457
Kpoko UVXX5458
Kpoumane UVXX2676
Kpuere UVXX4752
Ktedia UVXX0269
Kuekuera UVXX5459
Kurmen UVXX1822
Kwademen UVXX6081
Kwadifagou UVXX2079
Kwake UVXX3808
Kwandibouri UVXX7622
Kware Manguel UVXX7042
Kware Tokossel UVXX7043
Kwarkorodi UVXX7623
Kwen UVXX6082
Kwenani UVXX6411
Kwense UVXX0577
Kwese UVXX0811
Kwila UVXX5048
Kwilisen UVXX1256
Kwon UVXX4330
Kwotougou UVXX7624
Kwotougou UVXX2080
Kya UVXX6083
Kyabya UVXX6849
Kyala UVXX8195
Kyebelga UVXX7870
Kyeka UVXX0578
Kyelelkyope UVXX6850
Kyella UVXX0579
Kyempalgo UVXX6412
Kyendyaga UVXX7625
Kyenkielogo UVXX5049
Kyentenga UVXX6413
Kyentsom UVXX4491
Kyerelse UVXX2292
Kyikan UVXX6084
Kyoro UVXX6085
La UVXX4331
La UVXX4183
La UVXX5837
La Nabili UVXX0812
La Titon UVXX5838
La Todin UVXX5839
Laba UVXX6086
Labara UVXX5460
Labara UVXX4184
Labarani UVXX3546
Labelongo UVXX5840
Labien UVXX4185
Labola UVXX1590
Labouli UVXX0390
Ladio UVXX7178
Lado UVXX1257
Ladou UVXX1258
Ladouenda UVXX5050
Ladoure UVXX0813
Ladre UVXX8457
Ladre UVXX5841
Laesseno UVXX4927
Lafi UVXX6414
Lafya UVXX3119
Lagitenga UVXX6415
Lago UVXX7871
Lago UVXX4492
Lagpare UVXX4753
Lague UVXX2525
Lagyana UVXX6087
Lagyou UVXX6088
Lahagi UVXX6416
Lahale UVXX6417
Lahalle UVXX7347
Lahirasso UVXX0073
Laho UVXX7497
Lahol UVXX5461
Lahoura UVXX5462
Lakare UVXX5463
Lale UVXX0814
Lale UVXX5051
Laleara UVXX5842
Lalgaye UVXX3038
Lalgue UVXX1823
Lalipoure UVXX6089
Lalla UVXX5464
Lalle UVXX2293
Lalma UVXX1259
Lalnoyiri UVXX2861
Lama UVXX7179
Lamana Kassirga UVXX6851
Lamana Koria UVXX6852
Lambouaka UVXX4493
Lamdamaol UVXX6853
Lammzoussi UVXX1260
Lammzoussi UVXX8458
Lamona UVXX8196
Lamoussadaga UVXX3547
Lampyadi UVXX3120
Lamzoudo UVXX1261
Lamzoudo UVXX2862
Lan UVXX4186
Lanbara UVXX4332
Lanbdoga UVXX4494
Landenkonou UVXX1824
Landro UVXX6418
Lanferakora UVXX2526
Lanfiera UVXX0074
Langara UVXX5465
Langouerou UVXX4864
Lankassaga UVXX4495
Lankoe UVXX0075
Lankwe UVXX6419
Lankyanya UVXX4496
Lannye UVXX5843
Lanogo UVXX1262
Lantaga UVXX5844
Lantao UVXX5466
Lantaoro UVXX2081
Lantari UVXX8197
Lanviera UVXX3548
Lao UVXX2863
Lao UVXX3809
Lao UVXX4928
Lao UVXX8587
Laogo UVXX3810
Laongo Lango UVXX5052
Laongo Yanga UVXX5053
Laorde UVXX7348
Laoua UVXX7872
Laougou UVXX5054
Lapone UVXX7180
Lapyo UVXX6090
Lara UVXX0391
Larama UVXX2527
Laranfiara UVXX2528
Laranfiera UVXX3549
Laranfiera UVXX2529
Larbi UVXX5467
Lare UVXX8588
Lare UVXX4333
Larga UVXX8459
Largo UVXX5055
Largogo UVXX4334
Larhala UVXX4497
Larle UVXX5056
Larle Weoguen UVXX2864
Larmanga UVXX2082
Laro UVXX0191
Lassane UVXX7181
Lasso UVXX4187
Lassonpweri UVXX5057
Latara UVXX5468
Lati UVXX6091
Latian UVXX8589
Latou UVXX0815
Latou UVXX8198
Laway UVXX5845
Lawen UVXX3263
Lay UVXX0076
Layavri UVXX1825
Leamtenga UVXX3264
Leba UVXX6420
Leba UVXX7873
Lebanga UVXX8352
Lebere Bela UVXX7349
Lebiele UVXX2677
Lebra UVXX6421
Ledere UVXX4498
Ledi Fitili UVXX4929
Ledigue UVXX8590
Lefara UVXX4754
Lefarako UVXX2530
Lefourba UVXX0580
Legbouindigui UVXX0270
Legmoin UVXX4755
Legoure UVXX6422
Leguema UVXX2531
Lehe UVXX7874
Lehitanga UVXX6423
Lei UVXX3550
Lekoro UVXX1015
Lekou UVXX4335
Lekuy UVXX4188
Lekuy UVXX1016
Lelarma UVXX4499
Lelasso UVXX3551
Lele UVXX7350
Leledo UVXX6092
Lelegse UVXX5058
Leleguere UVXX7875
Leleguesse UVXX6424
Lelerama UVXX3265
Leli UVXX6854
Lelkom UVXX2294
Lelkom UVXX1826
Lembonoro UVXX7876
Lemini UVXX3552
Lemmka UVXX5469
Lemmkora UVXX5470
Lemnongo UVXX5059
Lemsere UVXX5846
Lena UVXX7182
Lena UVXX7498
Lenga UVXX0392
Lengou UVXX0581
Lenon UVXX8591
Leo UVXX7183
Leongo UVXX8460
Leoura UVXX1827
Leournyou UVXX4500
Lera UVXX3944
Lerbou UVXX6855
Lere UVXX6856
Lere Nganay UVXX8199
Lerebi UVXX5471
Lergo UVXX0393
Lerguidde UVXX6857
Leri UVXX4336
Lermitera UVXX5472
Lerou UVXX8592
Lesere UVXX4337
Lessam UVXX7351
Letiefesso UVXX1591
Levara UVXX7184
Levri UVXX1828
Ley Seno UVXX4930
Leye UVXX6093
Lezogotenga UVXX3266
Li UVXX7185
Lia UVXX6094
Liaba UVXX1017
Libirira UVXX5473
Liboure UVXX6425
Lidara UVXX3553
Lienguielegue UVXX3945
Ligomde UVXX6426
Liguidi Malgam UVXX3267
Liguidibouema UVXX1263
Lihoula UVXX4501
Likinkelse UVXX3811
Lilboure UVXX1264
Lilboure UVXX5847
Lileboure UVXX0816
Lilengo UVXX4931
Lilgomde UVXX3268
Liliga UVXX6427
Liligomde UVXX7877
Liligonnde UVXX6428
Lilikana UVXX7878
Lilliboure UVXX2865
Lilyala UVXX4502
Limamareoguen UVXX2866
Limbere UVXX4052
Limmba UVXX0394
Limnaogo UVXX0395
Linedi UVXX5060
Linguekoro UVXX3554
Linguekoro UVXX1592
Linguepessako UVXX1265
Linkilga UVXX6429
Linoguen UVXX1266
Linoguen UVXX5061
Linogwe UVXX1267
Linogwe UVXX8461
Linore UVXX6430
Linse UVXX7186
Linteba UVXX8353
Lioudougou UVXX0582
Liougou UVXX1829
Lioulgou UVXX2083
Lioulgou UVXX3269
Lipa UVXX3812
Lipaka UVXX1830
Liptako UVXX8200
Liptougou UVXX1831
Listenga UVXX3813
Liyala UVXX3270
Llaga UVXX8201
Lo UVXX7044
Loa UVXX0583
Loaba UVXX0396
Loada UVXX6431
Loaga UVXX0817
Loanga UVXX0397
Loanga UVXX4503
Loanga UVXX7879
Loari UVXX1832
Loatenga UVXX4504
Lobere UVXX7880
Lobio UVXX5474
Lobouga UVXX7499
Lodera UVXX5475
Lofigaho UVXX7500
Loga UVXX0584
Logboloro UVXX4505
Logo UVXX7187
Logobili UVXX4506
Logobou UVXX7626
Logolona UVXX5476
Logoniegue UVXX1593
Logue UVXX4338
Loguil UVXX7627
Lohague UVXX1594
Lokinde UVXX4189
Loko UVXX0398
Lokodia UVXX0271
Lokolona UVXX5477
Lokono UVXX5478
Lokori UVXX2532
Lokosso UVXX5479
Lolio UVXX7501
Lon UVXX8593
Lonani UVXX3555
Lonbele UVXX5480
Londjonpo UVXX5481
Lonfilougou UVXX1833
Longa UVXX7188
Longa UVXX7881
Longo UVXX0818
Longoro UVXX3556
Longoure UVXX2295
Longue UVXX6858
Lonkan UVXX3557
Lonkankui UVXX4190
Lonnti UVXX6432
Lonntya UVXX8202
Lontari UVXX8203
Lontya UVXX8204
Lopal UVXX2678
Lopoi UVXX7502
Lorgou UVXX2084
Loro UVXX7189
Loro UVXX6095
Loroferesso UVXX2533
Loroni UVXX0077
Loropeni UVXX0078
Lorou UVXX8594
Loroumdo UVXX7352
Losogou UVXX6859
Lossa UVXX1268
Lossa UVXX4053
Loto UVXX0272
Lou UVXX5482
Lou UVXX8595
Louanga UVXX3121
Louara UVXX3946
Louba UVXX8205
Loubalganga UVXX7628
Loubre UVXX7882
Louda UVXX6433
Louda UVXX4507
Loudoudji UVXX8206
Louga UVXX7353
Louga UVXX5848
Lougoubissi UVXX2867
Lougouma UVXX6434
Lougouri UVXX7883
Lougue UVXX1834
Louguekeme UVXX6860
Lougwe UVXX8207
Louka UVXX7354
Louke UVXX2085
Loukere Boki UVXX6861
Loukouara UVXX3947
Loukoura UVXX0079
Louksi UVXX2868
Louleo UVXX5483
Loulgou UVXX4508
Loulouka UVXX0585
Loumana UVXX3948
Loumbila UVXX5062
Loumbipoko UVXX5063
Loumpini UVXX4509
Lounadeni UVXX3122
Lounga UVXX6096
Loungo UVXX5849
Loungue UVXX0586
Lounogo UVXX3271
Loure UVXX8462
Lourfa UVXX0587
Lourgou UVXX0588
Louroudye UVXX8208
Louta UVXX7045
Luidi UVXX7355
Luin UVXX8596
Luniongo UVXX3949
Maba UVXX8209
Madamao UVXX4339
Madiabari UVXX3123
Madiagoune UVXX3159
Madjoari UVXX3160
Mado UVXX1595
Madori UVXX1835
Madou UVXX0192
Madou UVXX6435
Madou Dien UVXX4510
Madoudji UVXX7356
Madougou UVXX4054
Madyir UVXX6097
Mafou UVXX5484
Mafoulou UVXX0589
Magadogo UVXX6436
Magasare UVXX0399
Magdogo UVXX6437
Mahamadi UVXX0590
Mahon UVXX0080
Makanfesso UVXX2534
Makataka UVXX6438
Mako UVXX5850
Makongo UVXX4191
Makui UVXX4192
Makui UVXX1018
Mal UVXX4756
Malabo UVXX2296
Malamgomde UVXX2297
Malba UVXX5485
Malbo UVXX6862
Malemi UVXX1836
Malioma UVXX1837
Mallere UVXX6863
Malori UVXX6864
Malou UVXX5851
Malouibwara UVXX1838
Malteoun UVXX4757
Malvire UVXX0819
Mamaifo UVXX6439
Mamangou UVXX7629
Mamanguet UVXX6865
Mamassiol UVXX6866
Mambouri UVXX7630
Mamere UVXX1596
Mamou UVXX0193
Mamouana UVXX1019
Mamountougou UVXX8210
Mamoupourgou UVXX2086
Mana UVXX7631
Mana UVXX0194
Manaboule UVXX7357
Manafian UVXX1269
Manago UVXX5852
Managsombo UVXX5064
Mananpoupera UVXX4758
Manboua UVXX1839
Mandala UVXX3558
Mandesso UVXX2535
Mandiari UVXX7632
Mandie UVXX8463
Mandouba UVXX3559
Mane UVXX0081
Manebaogo UVXX4511
Manefiam UVXX3814
Manega UVXX2869
Manega UVXX0820
Maneguessoumbo UVXX1270
Manera UVXX5065
Manessa UVXX5066
Manesse UVXX2298
Manevelle UVXX1597
Manga UVXX8464
Manga UVXX7046
Mangadian UVXX3560
Mangagou UVXX0400
Mangodara UVXX1598
Mangou UVXX7633
Mangoudougou UVXX0821
Mangoulima UVXX7884
Mangoulma UVXX8354
Manguen UVXX2299
Manguinao UVXX5487
Mangye UVXX1840
Mani UVXX1841
Manie UVXX5488
Manikui UVXX3562
Mankarga UVXX2300
Mankomena UVXX5489
Mankoula UVXX0822
Manlora UVXX1842
Manoa UVXX2679
Manon UVXX4865
Manouale UVXX0591
Manougou UVXX1843
Manpoura UVXX5490
Mantabina UVXX8211
Mantamou UVXX3563
Mantchagou UVXX7634
Mantiabdioga UVXX2087
Mantougou UVXX7635
Manyimasso UVXX4193
Manzogo UVXX5853
Manzour UVXX2680
Maoula UVXX0195
Maourena UVXX3564
Mara UVXX7047
Mara UVXX0823
Marango UVXX5854
Marebama UVXX1599
Mareniassam UVXX4866
Margo UVXX7885
Maridyanga UVXX3124
Maridyiwaga UVXX7636
Mariou UVXX0824
Markoye UVXX4932
Marlogou UVXX0592
Marmousyargo UVXX2301
Maro UVXX0082
Marougou UVXX1844
Marsila UVXX8212
Masa UVXX6440
Masiri UVXX0825
Masre UVXX3815
Massadehirikoro UVXX1600
Massafogo UVXX3950
Massako UVXX4340
Massala UVXX4341
Massalo UVXX3565
Massara UVXX4194
Massibore UVXX7886
Masso UVXX1020
Massougou UVXX0401
Masyenwoune UVXX5855
Mate UVXX5067
Mati UVXX7358
Matiakoali UVXX2088
Matourkou UVXX2536
Mawe UVXX1021
Mbangui UVXX1845
Me UVXX2537
Mebare UVXX2681
Mebare UVXX5491
Medega UVXX8465
Medou UVXX3566
Meguet UVXX2302
Mehana UVXX5068
Meir UVXX4759
Mejia UVXX4760
Meko UVXX0826
Melime UVXX5492
Melou UVXX4342
Memere UVXX2682
Menderen UVXX3272
Mene UVXX7887
Menegou UVXX4933
Menne UVXX3039
Meno UVXX7190
Mentao UVXX7359
Mepa UVXX4761
Mera UVXX7888
Mesma UVXX5069
Messega UVXX5856
Messimnogo UVXX6441
Metio UVXX7191
Mia UVXX5857
Mian UVXX2683
Miana UVXX4195
Midebdo UVXX4762
Midjeka UVXX4763
Migui UVXX5070
Milimtenga UVXX3273
Milpo UVXX0273
Mina UVXX3567
Mina UVXX0196
Mindenina UVXX5493
Minguel Peta UVXX6442
Miniankoro UVXX3568
Miniera UVXX5494
Minima UVXX0593
Minissia UVXX5858
Minkagora UVXX5495
Minkiro UVXX5496
Minoungou UVXX1271
Mintara UVXX5497
Minttamon UVXX3569
Miperdouo UVXX4764
Missikilo UVXX6867
Missiri UVXX2303
Mitieridougou UVXX1601
Moa UVXX7192
Moadaga UVXX1846
Moadougou UVXX3951
Moaga UVXX0402
Moaka UVXX1847
Moaken UVXX2304
Moakin UVXX1848
Moaliassan UVXX8597
Moami UVXX2538
Moanega UVXX5071
Moara UVXX0083
Moara UVXX7048
Mobega UVXX3274
Modreguiam UVXX4512
Moeme UVXX6443
Moessen UVXX2870
Mogadangou UVXX7637
Mogandeboure UVXX1849
Mogden UVXX2871
Mogode UVXX0594
Mogoden UVXX4513
Mogolaga UVXX5859
Mogom UVXX7890
Mogombouli UVXX7891
Mogtedo UVXX2305
Mogueya UVXX6098
Mohouna UVXX1022
Moimbe UVXX7892
Moire UVXX4343
Moissi UVXX3570
Moke Linore UVXX6444
Moken UVXX2306
Moken UVXX4514
Mokin UVXX8466
Moklere UVXX2089
Mokoin UVXX6099
Mokouna UVXX4196
Moktedo UVXX2307
Mole UVXX1023
Molokadoum UVXX2539
Momba UVXX2090
Momne UVXX0595
Mon UVXX5860
Mondi UVXX0403
Mondon UVXX1602
Mone UVXX0404
Monemtenga UVXX1272
Monga UVXX6868
Mongoni UVXX6445
Mongonon UVXX3571
Monkoma UVXX2540
Monlouri UVXX1850
Monmassa UVXX6446
Monon UVXX3952
Monpabi UVXX7638
Montionkui UVXX3572
Montionkui UVXX1024
Monyargo UVXX5072
Mopienga UVXX1851
Mopyenga UVXX1852
Moredaga UVXX4515
Moriba UVXX4765
Moribarasso UVXX2541
Morini UVXX8598
Moro UVXX1025
Morobasso UVXX2542
Morobogo UVXX1273
Morou UVXX2091
Mosko UVXX1274
Mossade UVXX1853
Mossitenga UVXX2092
Mossona UVXX3953
Mossoum UVXX7893
Motenga UVXX2872
Motoulou UVXX5861
Mou UVXX0197
Mou UVXX2684
Mouamone UVXX1854
Mouanga UVXX2093
Moueme UVXX5862
Mougare UVXX0405
Mougoulsen UVXX1275
Mougounisi UVXX0827
Mougounougaboko UVXX7894
Mougoussen UVXX1276
Mougue UVXX3040
Mougue UVXX0274
Mouindasso UVXX4197
Mouka UVXX8213
Mouka UVXX0828
Moukaven UVXX6100
Moukouen UVXX0829
Moule UVXX0275
Moulela UVXX5498
Moulepo UVXX5499
Moulo UVXX5500
Moulola UVXX5501
Moulourou UVXX2685
Moumougou UVXX7639
Mouna UVXX1026
Mouna UVXX7193
Mouna UVXX3573
Moundia UVXX8356
Moundia Bogo UVXX8357
Mounere UVXX8214
Mouni UVXX3816
Mouni UVXX7895
Mouni UVXX0198
Mounioupele UVXX2686
Mounkui UVXX4198
Mourdeni UVXX2094
Mourdie UVXX3574
Mouryala UVXX1277
Moussakongo UVXX1027
Moussakui UVXX1028
Mousse Bohongou UVXX3125
Mousseo UVXX6101
Moussobadougou UVXX2543
Moussodougou UVXX0084
Moussoua UVXX8215
Moussoumourou UVXX1603
Mouti UVXX5073
Mouvielo UVXX0276
Mouzoumou UVXX6102
Moyaba UVXX6447
Mozi UVXX8467
Mozonon UVXX3954
Mpara UVXX3955
Mpogona UVXX3956
Nabadogo UVXX6448
Nabadogo UVXX0830
Nabadogo UVXX1278
Nabadogogo UVXX0831
Nabaga UVXX7640
Nabagale UVXX2873
Nabakiesma UVXX1279
Nabakoutou UVXX2874
Nabakyesma UVXX1280
Nabale UVXX0277
Nabamahogma UVXX6449
Nabamboura UVXX2095
Nabangre Yiri UVXX3817
Nabaningou UVXX8216
Nabanore UVXX6450
Nabara UVXX6869
Nabara UVXX5502
Nabaraboga UVXX3818
Nabasnoguen UVXX2308
Nabasonogo UVXX0406
Nabasso UVXX3575
Nabataniodieniou UVXX7049
Nabatyesma UVXX1855
Nabayiri UVXX1281
Nabazane UVXX2875
Nabazinerema UVXX3819
Nabaziniguima UVXX7896
Nabegyan UVXX5074
Nabele UVXX4516
Nabelen UVXX1282
Naben UVXX1283
Nabenda UVXX0407
Nabene UVXX0278
Nabengue UVXX3041
Nabenli UVXX2096
Nabere UVXX0279
Nabibougou UVXX2097
Nabigma UVXX5075
Nabileyemdi UVXX1284
Nabintiessan UVXX1285
Nabiri UVXX1604
Nabissonnre UVXX4517
Nabitenga UVXX5076
Nabitenga UVXX2876
Nabitenga UVXX1286
Nabitenga UVXX3820
Nabitenga UVXX6451
Nabitiben UVXX2310
Nabiyare UVXX2311
Nabiyili UVXX6452
Nablaliassan UVXX7194
Nableteon UVXX2687
Nabmanaguema UVXX2877
Nabmangom UVXX1287
Nabmasa UVXX6453
Nabmassa UVXX4518
Nabmassa UVXX2312
Nabmayaoren UVXX2313
Nabnougomzougo UVXX3275
Nabo UVXX1856
Nabodogo UVXX3276
Nabodogo UVXX5077
Nabogen UVXX6454
Nabon UVXX7195
Nabon UVXX2098
Nabonsombo UVXX1288
Nabore UVXX7196
Naborgane UVXX0280
Naboro UVXX4344
Nabou UVXX0199
Naboua UVXX6103
Nabouanou UVXX7641
Nabougou UVXX2099
Naboula UVXX7643
Naboundaga UVXX2100
Nabounguira UVXX5503
Nabouri UVXX2101
Nadem UVXX7897
Nadena UVXX3957
Nadiabondi UVXX7644
Nadiolo UVXX6104
Nadion UVXX7197
Nadioutenga UVXX2314
Nadono UVXX8599
Nadonou UVXX1857
Nadoulou UVXX6105
Nadyari UVXX1858
Naf Banka UVXX1289
Nafo UVXX0596
Nafodou UVXX7360
Nafona UVXX1605
Naforgo UVXX0832
Naftenga UVXX3277
Nagapse UVXX5078
Nagare UVXX7645
Nagaren UVXX2878
Nago UVXX7198
Nagomtenga UVXX2315
Nagouandi UVXX1859
Nagraogo UVXX6455
Nagren UVXX2879
Nagreongo UVXX5079
Nagsene UVXX5863
Naguelema UVXX3958
Nagure UVXX1860
Nagyongou UVXX1861
Nagzougou UVXX2880
Nahaitenga UVXX1290
Nahartenga UVXX3821
Nahartenga UVXX5080
Nahatyanga UVXX6456
Nahi UVXX2688
Nahi UVXX6457
Nahili UVXX6458
Nahirindio UVXX2689
Nahoue UVXX0200
Naialague UVXX1291
Naira UVXX3576
Naisinango UVXX6459
Nakaba UVXX2102
Nakaba UVXX3278
Nakalbo UVXX3279
Nakamhoura UVXX5504
Nakandie UVXX5505
Nakar UVXX2690
Nakare UVXX2691
Nakieteon UVXX2692
Nako UVXX0085
Nakoalba UVXX5081
Nakoalo UVXX4867
Nakoayaro UVXX7199
Nakola UVXX4868
Nakombogo UVXX6460
Nakomestenga UVXX2881
Nakomgo UVXX2316
Nakomko UVXX1292
Nakomogo UVXX6461
Nakomogo UVXX2882
Nakomoro UVXX3822
Nakomtenga UVXX5082
Nakomtenga UVXX3823
Nakomtenga UVXX0833
Nakonbogo UVXX1294
Nakonbogo UVXX8468
Nakou UVXX6870
Nakouerezire UVXX5506
Nakoumbourou UVXX2103
Nakoun UVXX4766
Nakourtenga UVXX6462
Nakpale UVXX2693
Nakui UVXX2694
Nalahoudo UVXX5507
Nalele UVXX3280
Nalera UVXX3959
Nalougou UVXX7646
Nalyembouti UVXX7647
Nam Yimi UVXX1295
Nama UVXX6463
Namaga UVXX4519
Namagare UVXX7648
Namague UVXX4055
Namandala UVXX7200
Namaneguema UVXX0834
Namangama UVXX2317
Namantyari UVXX2104
Namasa UVXX7898
Namasa UVXX1296
Namasa UVXX5083
Namasa UVXX0597
Namasiri UVXX7361
Namassa UVXX3281
Namassa UVXX2318
Namassa UVXX0835
Namassa UVXX4056
Namassa UVXX5084
Namassa UVXX7050
Namassa UVXX5864
Namayari UVXX5508
Nambe UVXX1298
Namberya UVXX5865
Nambingen UVXX5085
Namboya UVXX8469
Namissiguima UVXX4057
Namissiguima UVXX6464
Namobonga UVXX7649
Namoumkouka UVXX3282
Namoungou UVXX2105
Namounou UVXX7650
Namountogo UVXX1862
Nampondi UVXX7651
Nampougou UVXX2883
Namsigui UVXX1299
Namsiguia UVXX6465
Namsiguia UVXX7899
Namssiguia UVXX0598
Namtenga UVXX6466
Namtenga UVXX4520
Nana UVXX4199
Nanano UVXX0201
Nanbi UVXX5509
Nanbil UVXX5510
Nanbira UVXX5511
Nanblegane UVXX2695
Nanboubotara UVXX4767
Nanbouna UVXX4768
Nandiala UVXX0836
Nandoli UVXX5512
Nandou UVXX7652
Naneni UVXX2106
Nangari UVXX8217
Nango UVXX6106
Nango Foulse UVXX7900
Nango Yarse UVXX7901
Nangodi UVXX3824
Nangolo UVXX3960
Nangorola UVXX3577
Nangoum UVXX1300
Nanguila UVXX1301
Naniagara UVXX1606
Nanierma UVXX0837
Naniesse UVXX1302
Nanissonga UVXX3161
Nankisse UVXX4521
Nankou UVXX8470
Nanlegue UVXX7362
Nanogo UVXX1303
Nanom UVXX2319
Nanoro UVXX0838
Nanou UVXX0202
Nanourgou UVXX3283
Nantandougou UVXX3578
Nantiora UVXX5513
Naoube UVXX2320
Naouri UVXX2107
Naouri UVXX4869
Napade UVXX3042
Napaledougou UVXX3579
Napalere UVXX5866
Napalgue UVXX5086
Napalgue UVXX0599
Napalgue UVXX3825
Napalgue UVXX7902
Napalre UVXX2321
Napamboubou UVXX5087
Napamboumba UVXX3284
Napamboumbou UVXX6467
Napan UVXX5867
Napango UVXX7903
Naparo UVXX7201
Napatogo UVXX6468
Naponabilipoka UVXX8600
Napone UVXX0839
Napouren UVXX4522
Narabaradele UVXX2322
Naradabaganga UVXX7904
Narale UVXX6469
Naralingo UVXX2323
Narbingou UVXX4523
Nare UVXX7051
Nare UVXX8218
Naro UVXX2696
Narobe UVXX3285
Nartaoli UVXX5088
Nasabdou UVXX2108
Nasabdou UVXX3126
Nashi UVXX4525
Nasinguiri UVXX4058
Nasoulou UVXX1863
Nasre UVXX6470
Nasre UVXX0600
Nassan UVXX7052
Nassanba UVXX8471
Nassara UVXX5514
Nassarlanga UVXX2885
Nassema UVXX7202
Nasso UVXX2544
Nassobogue UVXX4526
Nassolon UVXX0840
Nassougou UVXX2109
Nassoumbou UVXX7363
Natabouanga UVXX7653
Natan UVXX6107
Natena UVXX2545
Natenga UVXX1304
Natergou UVXX7654
Natiaboani UVXX3162
Natiediougou UVXX4870
Natimsa UVXX1864
Natizogo UVXX3286
Naton UVXX6108
Natougou UVXX7655
Natoumbanga UVXX2110
Natoumpe UVXX7656
Natyade UVXX7657
Natyaga UVXX3127
Natyari UVXX3128
Naveninso UVXX3961
Navielgan UVXX0281
Navirikpoue UVXX2697
Navouboukiba UVXX6471
Navrigbe UVXX2698
Navronkue UVXX2699
Nayaba UVXX3826
Nayalgay UVXX0841
Nayam Poussougou UVXX2324
Nayirsi UVXX5868
Nayouari UVXX7658
Nayoure UVXX2111
Nayouri UVXX2112
Nazouma UVXX1305
Nazounga UVXX0842
Nbie UVXX3580
Ndana UVXX3581
Ndiaba UVXX8219
Ndorlaba UVXX3582
Ndosso UVXX3583
Ndoulangou UVXX7364
Ndyarendel UVXX8220
Nebba UVXX1865
Nebbou UVXX7203
Nebea UVXX6109
Nebielianayou UVXX6110
Nebouli UVXX6472
Nebourou UVXX8601
Nebya UVXX6111
Nebyano UVXX6112
Neden UVXX0843
Nedogo UVXX2325
Nedogo UVXX2886
Nefanasso UVXX3584
Negarpoulou UVXX6113
Negomo UVXX4345
Negyo UVXX6114
Nehirsen UVXX5869
Nelba UVXX6871
Nelinpera UVXX4769
Nemalahi UVXX0601
Nemena UVXX1029
Nemnen UVXX2887
Nepoen UVXX6115
Nerakorosso UVXX4200
Nereko UVXX3585
Nerfondougou UVXX3962
Nesapo UVXX8602
Nessagarou UVXX7204
Nessane UVXX0203
Nessano UVXX8603
Nessega UVXX0086
Nessemtenga UVXX6473
Netare UVXX4871
Netiana UVXX4872
Netiao UVXX8604
Nevri UVXX7205
Ngana UVXX3586
Ngoldyiga UVXX8221
Ngolokerela UVXX0087
Ngolol Gnibi UVXX7365
Ngongorde UVXX7366
Ngorolaba UVXX3587
Ngorolani UVXX3588
Nia UVXX3589
Niabouri UVXX7206
Niaga UVXX0204
Niagassi UVXX8472
Niagassi UVXX8222
Niagbalandoura UVXX5515
Niagma UVXX5516
Niakana UVXX3590
Niako UVXX3591
Niakongo UVXX0205
Niale UVXX3592
Niamana UVXX3593
Niamena UVXX5517
Nianankoro UVXX4346
Nianbougouzi UVXX3963
Niandala UVXX4347
Nianeguen UVXX3827
Niangado UVXX6474
Niangolobougou UVXX3964
Niangolokaha UVXX3965
Niangoloko UVXX1607
Niangouela UVXX0602
Nianguel UVXX7367
Nianha UVXX1608
Nianiniara UVXX5518
Niankadougou UVXX1609
Niankar UVXX1610
Niankore UVXX7053
Niankorodougou UVXX3966
Niankouni UVXX3594
Niankui UVXX3595
Nianley UVXX0408
Nianmankui UVXX1030
Nianmberela UVXX3596
Nianmpedougou UVXX3597
Niansoroni UVXX3967
Niansou UVXX8606
Niantana UVXX5519
Niantono UVXX3968
Niaogho UVXX0409
Niaogo UVXX3287
Niaongo UVXX1306
Niaoure UVXX3598
Niapa UVXX3828
Niaradou UVXX1866
Niarafo UVXX1611
Niarba UVXX0410
Niare UVXX4348
Niarebama UVXX1612
Niassan UVXX7054
Niassari UVXX7055
Niassono UVXX7056
Niawe UVXX2546
Nibardo UVXX0844
Nibella UVXX5870
Nibetion UVXX4770
Nidaga UVXX1307
Nidon UVXX6116
Nidrihida UVXX3829
Nieba UVXX1867
Niebse UVXX7905
Niego UVXX2700
Niegue UVXX3043
Nieguema UVXX2547
Niegueni UVXX3969
Nieme UVXX4349
Niena UVXX3599
Nienanou UVXX3600
Niendekui UVXX7503
Niendera UVXX5520
Niene UVXX3601
Nieniega UVXX0603
Nienka UVXX2701
Nienpira UVXX5521
Nieregoua UVXX2702
Nierezangakaha UVXX3970
Nieskoko UVXX8473
Niesse UVXX5522
Niessega UVXX8358
Niessin UVXX8607
Nigteba UVXX2703
Nigui UVXX5089
Nigui UVXX2326
Niliri UVXX8608
Nimare UVXX2704
Nimbo UVXX7906
Nimdi UVXX2888
Nimfogma UVXX3129
Nimina UVXX4350
Nimlogodo UVXX1308
Nimpouro UVXX3288
Ninbira UVXX5523
Nindala UVXX7057
Nindaongo UVXX1868
Nindapourgou UVXX7659
Ninengo UVXX3289
Ninga UVXX7907
Ningare UVXX0411
Ningbouma UVXX2705
Nini Nobere UVXX1309
Ninigue UVXX7908
Ninion UVXX6117
Ninitenga UVXX4527
Ninkana UVXX1613
Ninkolo UVXX3602
Ninnougou UVXX4528
Ninpouya UVXX7909
Nintira UVXX5524
Ninyiri UVXX7058
Nioasna UVXX0088
Niobare UVXX8609
Niobol UVXX4771
Nioboulo UVXX5525
Niofara UVXX5526
Niofila UVXX3971
Niogosse UVXX6475
Niogotenga UVXX6476
Nioko UVXX8610
Nioko I UVXX2889
Nioko II UVXX2890
Nioksen UVXX2891
Niolka UVXX5527
Niompourou UVXX4351
Nion UVXX7059
Nion UVXX4352
Niongou UVXX8474
Niongou UVXX1310
Nionio UVXX5528
Nioniogo UVXX0604
Nioniogo UVXX2327
Nionion UVXX5529
Nioplefogo UVXX3972
Nioranga UVXX6477
Niorida UVXX8475
Niorka UVXX4772
Nioro UVXX6478
Niou UVXX7207
Niou UVXX3830
Niouma UVXX0089
Nioumfoarma UVXX2113
Nipoui UVXX0845
Niradora UVXX5530
Niratoma UVXX5531
Niseo UVXX0282
Nisouangen UVXX1869
Nissale UVXX3044
Nissibi UVXX7208
Nissimtoaera UVXX4529
Nitenga UVXX1311
Nito UVXX1312
Nitore UVXX1313
Nitore UVXX2892
Niyonbini UVXX5532
Nizel UVXX1614
Nkanpira UVXX4773
Nkonpira UVXX5533
No UVXX0605
Noada UVXX2114
Noakui UVXX3604
Noalli UVXX1870
Noatenga UVXX2328
Nobedo UVXX4530
Nobere UVXX0090
Nobgatenga UVXX2329
Nobihili UVXX5090
Nobili UVXX8476
Noborodo UVXX4774
Nobsen UVXX2893
Nobwel UVXX6872
Noesen UVXX0846
Noesse UVXX3290
Noesse UVXX2330
Nofin UVXX3973
Noge UVXX5871
Nogo UVXX7910
Nogo UVXX4059
Nogodoum UVXX4060
Nogosseto UVXX8359
Nogtaba UVXX2894
Nohoro UVXX7060
Noibiri UVXX8360
Noka UVXX6479
Nokomtenga UVXX3291
Nokourou UVXX8611
Noli UVXX4531
Nolonkonto UVXX3974
Nombiti UVXX7660
Nomegame UVXX5091
Nomepouga UVXX4061
Nomikdou UVXX4532
Nomo UVXX7911
Nomo UVXX4062
Nonfesso UVXX1615
Nongestenga UVXX5092
Nongo UVXX7912
Nongo UVXX6480
Nongo Fayere UVXX4533
Nongofaire UVXX7913
Nongomto UVXX0847
Nongossom UVXX7914
Nongou UVXX0606
Nongou UVXX5093
Nongsom UVXX0607
Nonguin UVXX8477
Nonkemena UVXX5534
Nonkiero UVXX0283
Nonlado UVXX5872
Nonouaenba UVXX4534
Noperdo UVXX4775
Nopo UVXX8612
Nora UVXX8223
Norakinga UVXX7368
Norakounko UVXX4776
Norde UVXX0608
Nore UVXX6481
Notetenga UVXX5873
Notou UVXX8224
Nouankui UVXX4201
Nouhoungo UVXX3292
Noukouala UVXX5535
Noule UVXX4535
Noulli UVXX5536
Noumbyari UVXX2115
Noumkori UVXX7661
Noumoudara UVXX2548
Noumoukiedougou UVXX1616
Noumousso UVXX2549
Nouna UVXX3605
Noungou UVXX4873
Noungou UVXX5094
Noungourgou UVXX4536
Nounou UVXX4202
Noussou UVXX5874
Noussou UVXX3975
Nowe UVXX3293
Noyoda UVXX3294
Ntobougou UVXX3606
Ntohiro UVXX0284
Nwentenga UVXX3831
Nyabolandi UVXX1871
Nyabonguede UVXX1872
Nyafari UVXX1873
Nyafwana UVXX3130
Nyaguere UVXX6483
Nyakanmbou UVXX7662
Nyamanga UVXX3131
Nyamouyoro UVXX5095
Nyamtyarini UVXX0091
Nyanaren UVXX1314
Nyandagen UVXX0848
Nyanga UVXX6484
Nyangado UVXX0849
Nyangala UVXX5875
Nyangoro UVXX5876
Nyapaga UVXX2116
Nyapani UVXX2117
Nyapsi UVXX8225
Nyaptana UVXX8226
Nyare UVXX5096
Nyarhale UVXX6485
Nyedkaorgo UVXX4537
Nyegha UVXX4538
Nyem UVXX3295
Nyembila UVXX0609
Nyemne UVXX2331
Nyempyema UVXX1874
Nyetkouihima UVXX4539
Nyieme UVXX2706
Nyifou UVXX4353
Nyimatoulay UVXX8227
Nyimini UVXX3607
Nyipetouaga UVXX2118
Nyivlala UVXX4540
Nyoko UVXX6486
Nyoko UVXX0850
Nyonare UVXX4541
Nyongouragou UVXX0851
Nyonnyogo UVXX5877
Nyonyogo UVXX6487
Nyonyogo UVXX5097
Nyonyopalogo UVXX5098
Nyoptyenga UVXX6488
Nyoro UVXX2895
Nyoroshen UVXX6489
Nyose UVXX6490
Nyoumotogo UVXX8228
Oalde UVXX7369
Oassenfouegue UVXX7915
Obiaga UVXX2119
Obikyibo UVXX0610
Obire UVXX5537
Oboungouni UVXX2120
Oburnou UVXX2121
Odona UVXX3608
Odyini UVXX7663
Oebe UVXX4203
Ogola Rougue UVXX8229
Oiudtenga UVXX2896
Ok Mbang Ha UVXX4542
Okouera UVXX4777
Okounou UVXX0285
Okwanou UVXX2122
Ongarou UVXX0092
Onyapalyangou UVXX2123
Onyodyaougo UVXX2124
Ora UVXX7370
Oregui UVXX4543
Orgare UVXX0412
Orkoulpo UVXX5538
Ormitara UVXX4778
Oro Mango UVXX7371
Orodara UVXX0286
Orodara UVXX3609
Oronedou UVXX7372
Oronkua UVXX2707
Orowo UVXX5539
Ossora UVXX4779
Ouabari UVXX1875
Ouabbede UVXX6491
Ouabiyiri UVXX2897
Ouaboti UVXX6873
Ouabzougou UVXX1315
Ouadangou UVXX1876
Ouadinogo UVXX6492
Ouagadi UVXX1877
Ouagadougou UVXX0001
Ouagali UVXX2332
Ouagaya UVXX4063
Ouagoule UVXX6493
Ouaguessi UVXX7373
Ouahabou UVXX0206
Ouahigouya UVXX7916
Ouakara UVXX0094
Ouakou UVXX2125
Ouakuy UVXX7504
Oualaga UVXX6494
Oualambi UVXX1878
Oualembi UVXX4544
Oualodi UVXX4545
Oualogotenga UVXX6495
Oualogtenga UVXX0852
Ouambole UVXX4546
Ouamboy UVXX3610
Ouampega UVXX0611
Ouamtenga UVXX2898
Ouanda UVXX0413
Ouangarde UVXX7374
Ouangla UVXX0414
Ouanobe UVXX6496
Ouansoua UVXX2899
Ouanyimdi UVXX4547
Ouapalgue UVXX4548
Ouapasse UVXX4549
Ouapasse UVXX2333
Ouapassi UVXX2900
Ouapassi UVXX3296
Ouapassi UVXX2334
Ouapassi UVXX6497
Ouaregou UVXX0415
Ouargaye UVXX3045
Ouargue UVXX3297
Ouarkoye UVXX4204
Ouarmini UVXX1316
Ouassoudi UVXX2901
Ouatenga UVXX1317
Ouatiano UVXX5540
Ouatigue UVXX4064
Ouatigue UVXX1318
Ouatinoma UVXX4550
Ouatinoma UVXX6498
Ouatinoma UVXX2902
Ouatinoma UVXX7917
Ouatnapa UVXX4551
Ouavousse UVXX1319
Ouavousse UVXX2335
Ouavousse UVXX5099
Ouavousse UVXX7918
Ouayalgui UVXX2336
Ouayalgui UVXX1320
Ouayalgui UVXX2903
Ouayle UVXX5878
Ouayou UVXX8613
Ouayounkom UVXX1321
Ouazeule UVXX0612
Ouazindi UVXX6499
Oubaredo UVXX0287
Oubay UVXX7375
Oubere Saba UVXX7376
Oudouga UVXX7377
Oudoundayire UVXX7378
Oudyoumoudi UVXX6874
Oue UVXX7061
Ouedegen UVXX1322
Ouedegin UVXX6500
Ouedga UVXX6501
Ouedkingo UVXX5879
Ouedogo Boken UVXX3298
Ouedogo-Petit UVXX3299
Ouedse UVXX6502
Oueenga UVXX3300
Oueglega UVXX2904
Oueguedo UVXX3301
Oueguedo UVXX0416
Oueleni UVXX3611
Ouelinwissen UVXX2905
Ouembairi UVXX8361
Ouembatenga UVXX0613
Ouemhiri UVXX2906
Ouemyaoguen UVXX2337
Ouenaftenga UVXX6503
Ouenboulougou UVXX6504
Ouendigui UVXX4065
Ouendoupoli UVXX7379
Ouengo UVXX8478
Ouenne UVXX0614
Ouere UVXX2550
Ouero UVXX6118
Ouessa UVXX2708
Ouetigue UVXX8362
Ouezele UVXX0853
Ouezendougou UVXX0854
Oufre UVXX7919
Ouga Yarse UVXX6505
Ougarou UVXX1879
Ougarou UVXX2126
Oui UVXX0615
Ouidi UVXX2338
Ouidi UVXX2907
Ouidi UVXX1323
Ouidi UVXX6506
Ouidibaogo UVXX0616
Ouidtoguen UVXX2908
Ouilawa UVXX6507
Ouile UVXX7062
Ouilibouma UVXX4552
Ouiligo UVXX0417
Ouilimteoga UVXX8479
Ouindebelabe UVXX6875
Ouindigui UVXX4066
Ouintini UVXX6508
Ouissiga UVXX5880
Ouitenga UVXX0617
Oukoulourou UVXX7380
Oukoulourou UVXX7664
Oula UVXX4205
Oula UVXX7920
Oula UVXX6876
Oulali UVXX1031
Oulani UVXX4206
Oulbera UVXX5541
Oulelo UVXX0288
Oulfare UVXX6877
Oulfare UVXX4553
Oulfo Alfa UVXX7381
Ouliassan UVXX7209
Oulmana UVXX5542
Oulmasoutou UVXX6878
Oulo UVXX0207
Oulo UVXX6879
Oulo Ba UVXX7382
Oulool Dyouam UVXX7383
Oulouguel UVXX6880
Ouloungoura UVXX5543
Oulsalta UVXX6881
Oumnogo UVXX0418
Oumsom UVXX7921
Oundetane UVXX4554
Ounigare UVXX0419
Ounougou UVXX7665
Ounsoumpera UVXX5544
Ountadini UVXX2127
Ountokoulga UVXX6509
Ounzeogo UVXX0420
Ouobdaga UVXX3303
Ouobzougou UVXX1324
Ouokinga Ouobilo UVXX7922
Ouomene UVXX3612
Ouona UVXX0208
Ouonon UVXX5881
Ouore Yarse UVXX7063
Oupaon UVXX8614
Oupounou UVXX8615
Ourba UVXX6510
Oure Rimaibes UVXX7384
Oure Seno UVXX6882
Oure-Foulbes UVXX7385
Ourgou UVXX2909
Ourgou Yargo UVXX2910
Ouri UVXX7064
Ourinlona UVXX5545
Ourka UVXX6883
Ourkyaguel UVXX6884
Ouro UVXX1617
Ouro UVXX7923
Ouro UVXX7065
Ouro Aidio UVXX6885
Ouro Aladji UVXX8230
Ouro Alkali UVXX1880
Ouro Allague UVXX6886
Ouro Bagoum UVXX6888
Ouro Bambe UVXX6889
Ouro Bede UVXX6890
Ouro Beldehide UVXX6891
Ouro Belko UVXX6892
Ouro Bidi UVXX6893
Ouro Binguelbata UVXX4934
Ouro Boga UVXX6894
Ouro Boki UVXX6895
Ouro Boule UVXX8231
Ouro Daka UVXX6896
Ouro Diami UVXX1881
Ouro Dyambara UVXX1882
Ouro Dyapa UVXX6897
Ouro Foulbe UVXX6898
Ouro Foulgoube UVXX6899
Ouro Gamou UVXX1883
Ouro Gaobe UVXX8233
Ouro Guengri UVXX1884
Ouro Haman UVXX6900
Ouro Kaka UVXX6901
Ouro Kirgade UVXX6902
Ouro Kirsi UVXX1885
Ouro Konou UVXX8234
Ouro Kwasan UVXX6903
Ouro Lima UVXX6904
Ouro Mamel UVXX6905
Ouro Mossibe UVXX8235
Ouro Mounyan UVXX8236
Ouro Niebe UVXX7386
Ouro Noma UVXX6906
Ouro Pabou UVXX8237
Ouro Rounga UVXX6907
Ouro Sabou UVXX8238
Ouro Sadoube UVXX6908
Ouro Sadyo UVXX1886
Ouro Sambo UVXX6909
Ouro Sawadyo UVXX8239
Ouro Sibiri UVXX6910
Ouro Sole UVXX6911
Ouro Tambella UVXX8240
Ouro Tiari UVXX1887
Ouro Tongogo UVXX1888
Ouro Torode UVXX6912
Ouro Tyarima UVXX8241
Ouro Yaro UVXX8242
Ouro Yongode UVXX6913
Ouro-Ama Youkoue UVXX6914
Ouroay Saba UVXX6915
Ourobo Guelsawa UVXX7387
Ouroubi UVXX5546
Ouroubono UVXX0209
Ouroue UVXX1032
Ourougou UVXX5100
Ourougue UVXX1889
Ourouko UVXX3613
Ouroukou UVXX7066
Ourouyama UVXX2551
Oursi UVXX4935
Oury UVXX0095
Ousoukosoko UVXX6511
Outaga UVXX0421
Outila UVXX0096
Outilouini UVXX4555
Outoulou UVXX7210
Outoum UVXX7924
Outourou UVXX3976
Ouyalgui UVXX2339
Ouyaye UVXX7388
Ouzeni UVXX7389
Pa UVXX0097
Pa UVXX3614
Pabanbou UVXX7666
Pabouga UVXX7667
Pabre UVXX2911
Padanla UVXX1890
Pademtenga UVXX5101
Padyanga UVXX7668
Pagalaga UVXX8243
Pagou UVXX3132
Pagyir UVXX6119
Pahin UVXX0210
Pailogo UVXX0422
Pakode UVXX6512
Pakole UVXX4207
Pakoro UVXX4208
Pakosmoguen UVXX2912
Pakoudougou UVXX6120
Pala UVXX6121
Pala UVXX2552
Palen UVXX6513
Paleoute UVXX7390
Paliho UVXX4780
Palogo UVXX0855
Paloua UVXX7391
Palsyanre UVXX6514
Pama UVXX0098
Pamaseboure UVXX5102
Pamboudye UVXX8244
Pamdyega UVXX3133
Pamno Ouidi UVXX1325
Pamnoguen UVXX1326
Pamoussa UVXX2340
Pampakui UVXX3615
Pamtenga UVXX5103
Pamtoussi UVXX1327
Pana UVXX4209
Panamasso UVXX2553
Pananbera UVXX5547
Panassin UVXX8616
Pandisili UVXX2913
Pandyamboura UVXX2128
Panga UVXX1618
Pangara UVXX5548
Pangogo UVXX4354
Pangotenga UVXX4355
Pangtiga Yiri UVXX1328
Panhela UVXX4781
Pani UVXX7211
Panien UVXX7067
Paniguibtenga UVXX4556
Pankankanti UVXX3163
Pankele UVXX4356
Pankuere UVXX2709
Panmpane UVXX7669
Panndyoa UVXX2129
Pano UVXX7212
Pano Oulema UVXX2554
Panpanga UVXX2130
Panpangou UVXX2131
Panparsi UVXX1891
Pansa UVXX6515
Pansi UVXX8245
Pantianao UVXX5549
Pantianao UVXX4782
Pantionao UVXX5550
Pantour UVXX4783
Paon UVXX4784
Paoun UVXX5551
Paounde UVXX7392
Papala UVXX7670
Parade UVXX4210
Parankui UVXX3616
Paratenga UVXX2914
Parawinga UVXX4557
Parmam UVXX8246
Paroubri UVXX8480
Partiaga UVXX7671
Pasbaole UVXX6516
Pasena UVXX5552
Pasiblinga UVXX8481
Pasotenga UVXX0856
Paspanga UVXX4558
Paspanga UVXX0618
Paspanga UVXX2341
Paspanga UVXX6517
Passabou UVXX2132
Passakongo UVXX4211
Passakongo Tonbo UVXX4212
Passin UVXX8617
Patambima UVXX2133
Patel UVXX6916
Patenga UVXX5104
Patiarakui UVXX3617
Patiri UVXX5882
Patoura UVXX5553
Patouro UVXX5554
Pawantore UVXX1329
Payalo UVXX0211
Payob Tenga UVXX2342
Pe UVXX7506
Pealaga UVXX3305
Pebiou UVXX8618
Pegdwende UVXX5105
Pehiri UVXX8619
Pekoua UVXX2710
Pekuy UVXX1033
Pekwendi UVXX3134
Pekwenti UVXX2134
Pela UVXX7925
Pelaga UVXX3306
Pelatibitiguia UVXX7926
Peleratanga UVXX5883
Pelga UVXX1892
Pelga UVXX4559
Pelignan UVXX3618
Pella UVXX5884
Pella UVXX0857
Pelle UVXX7927
Pelle UVXX2915
Pellkissiga UVXX7928
Pelogo UVXX5106
Pelse UVXX4560
Pelsia UVXX6122
Pem UVXX7393
Pempedi UVXX2135
Penbiti UVXX7672
Penchyangou UVXX2136
Pendianga UVXX2137
Pendogo UVXX5885
Pendogou UVXX0619
Pendyaga UVXX7673
Penfwogo UVXX1893
Penga UVXX1894
Peni UVXX0099
Peniana UVXX2555
Peninko UVXX1619
Peno UVXX8620
Penperga UVXX8247
Pensa UVXX6518
Penyon UVXX7674
Peodogo UVXX2916
Peopeora UVXX5886
Peotyanga UVXX6519
Peoukoy UVXX6917
Pepin UVXX5887
Perakui UVXX4213
Perbolinbiro UVXX5555
Perigban UVXX5556
Perikora UVXX0289
Perive UVXX1034
Perko UVXX6520
Perkoa UVXX6123
Perselela UVXX5557
Pesso UVXX2556
Pessogotenga UVXX2343
Peta UVXX0620
Peta UVXX8248
Petabouli UVXX4936
Petakole UVXX6918
Pete Nyaki UVXX6919
Petegoli UVXX7394
Peteguerse UVXX6920
Petel UVXX7395
Petel Ganki UVXX7396
Petel Habe UVXX6921
Petel Kole UVXX6922
Petel Koulere UVXX7397
Petel Tioudi UVXX7398
Petelide UVXX6923
Petelnangue UVXX7929
Peterebay UVXX7399
Petetolo UVXX6124
Petogo UVXX4561
Petosire UVXX7930
Petoy UVXX4937
Petoy Beiga UVXX4938
Peyla UVXX6521
Pezinga UVXX1330
Pia UVXX0212
Pia UVXX3619
Pibaore UVXX6522
Piben UVXX0858
Pibore UVXX1331
Pibse UVXX1332
Piedogo UVXX1333
Piega UVXX2138
Piela UVXX1895
Pien UVXX8621
Pienna UVXX5558
Piere UVXX2557
Pigahiri UVXX4874
Pigen UVXX5107
Pigodo UVXX2344
Pihigi UVXX5108
Pilarka UVXX2345
Pilempiguidi UVXX2139
Pilifou UVXX6523
Piliga UVXX4562
Piliktenga UVXX5109
Pilimpikou UVXX5888
Pilingara UVXX5559
Pilode UVXX7931
Pilorguen UVXX3307
Pilse UVXX1334
Pilse Similsi UVXX1335
Pimpindiangou UVXX6924
Pina UVXX2711
Pinaptenga UVXX1336
Pinga Sogodin UVXX7932
Pini UVXX7068
Pinon UVXX7213
Pinou UVXX0859
Pinssin UVXX8482
Pintou UVXX2712
Pio UVXX3620
Piorogho UVXX3308
Pira UVXX5560
Pirgo UVXX7933
Piri UVXX5561
Pirkon UVXX2713
Pisanianga UVXX7400
Pisen UVXX6524
Pisen UVXX0860
Pisilparale UVXX5110
Pissale UVXX0423
Pissalogo UVXX3309
Pissele UVXX0621
Pissi UVXX1337
Pissi UVXX1896
Pissi UVXX2346
Pissi UVXX3310
Pissi UVXX2917
Pissi UVXX0622
Pissi UVXX8483
Pissi Sobogo UVXX3311
Pissie UVXX7214
Pissiga UVXX6526
Pissila UVXX6527
Pissin UVXX5562
Pissonge UVXX2140
Pitayre UVXX0623
Pitenga UVXX0424
Pitenga UVXX0624
Piti UVXX2347
Pitioko UVXX2918
Pitmoaga UVXX0861
Pitou UVXX0425
Piyou UVXX1897
Po UVXX4875
Po UVXX6125
Poa UVXX8622
Poa UVXX0100
Poa UVXX7507
Poa UVXX6126
Poalogo UVXX0625
Pobe UVXX7401
Pobe Mengao UVXX7402
Poboro UVXX4785
Poboro UVXX5563
Pobouro UVXX4786
Podebokou UVXX4068
Poe UVXX7215
Poedogo UVXX1338
Poedogo UVXX5111
Poedogo UVXX2348
Poedogo UVXX2919
Poedogo Bako UVXX3832
Poedro UVXX6528
Poese UVXX6529
Poesse UVXX3312
Poesse UVXX1339
Poesse UVXX0862
Poessen UVXX3313
Poessin UVXX2349
Pogolde UVXX7403
Pogonaoma UVXX0626
Pogoro UVXX0627
Pogoro UVXX0101
Pogowol UVXX7404
Pohiro UVXX5564
Poi UVXX7216
Poikoro UVXX1620
Poin UVXX7217
Poine UVXX7508
Poka UVXX1898
Pokarana UVXX5565
Pokoro UVXX5566
Polanko UVXX5567
Polen UVXX5112
Polesgo UVXX2920
Poli UVXX4563
Politionao UVXX5568
Polla UVXX5569
Polle UVXX5570
Poloukpara UVXX5571
Poltionao UVXX5572
Pome UVXX0213
Pompoi UVXX0102
Pondyomongou UVXX2141
Ponio UVXX0103
Ponoro UVXX5573
Pontieba UVXX2714
Pontityaga UVXX8249
Popala UVXX1340
Popiho UVXX7509
Popoi UVXX0214
Pore UVXX8623
Pori UVXX8624
Pori UVXX7675
Poro UVXX7069
Posga UVXX3135
Posna UVXX5889
Posomtenga UVXX1341
Posso UVXX4069
Posso UVXX8363
Poterkoe UVXX7070
Potyamanga UVXX2142
Potyandya UVXX1899
Potyertougou UVXX7676
Pou UVXX6127
Pouaiara UVXX0426
Pouan Youkondi UVXX2143
Pouarogoudi UVXX1900
Pouarougou UVXX2144
Poubouandi UVXX1901
Poudougue UVXX3046
Poue UVXX1035
Pouedogo UVXX1342
Pouedogo UVXX2350
Pouedogo UVXX0863
Pouenodoura UVXX4787
Pouessen UVXX4564
Pouessen UVXX3314
Pouessen UVXX2351
Pougma UVXX2352
Pougoubila UVXX1902
Pougoudou UVXX8484
Pougoumbel UVXX8250
Pougounikougouri UVXX8485
Pougsdon UVXX6530
Pouima UVXX8364
Pouintinga UVXX1343
Pouken UVXX1344
Poulaba UVXX2715
Poulalle UVXX6531
Poulma UVXX5890
Pouloupoulou UVXX4788
Poun UVXX6128
Poundou UVXX4214
Poune UVXX8625
Pounela UVXX5574
Pouni UVXX0628
Pounkougan UVXX4876
Pounouroukou UVXX1621
Poupourou UVXX7218
Poupyena UVXX7677
Poura UVXX0215
Poura UVXX7071
Poura UVXX5891
Poura UVXX5575
Pourgo UVXX3833
Pournyango UVXX5892
Pourou UVXX0216
Pourzougou UVXX4565
Pousghin UVXX2353
Pousgo UVXX6532
Pousmiougou UVXX6533
Pousougziga UVXX5113
Pousseume UVXX3315
Poussoaka UVXX0427
Poussougaboko UVXX4070
Poussouguen UVXX2921
Poussouma UVXX6130
Poussouwaka UVXX1345
Pouswaka UVXX8486
Pouswoko UVXX8487
Pousyanga UVXX5893
Pouytenga UVXX3316
Povera UVXX5576
Poya UVXX2558
Poyese UVXX6534
Pra UVXX7219
Prata UVXX7220
Pro UVXX8626
Pwedgo UVXX2922
Pwedogo UVXX3834
Pyeongou UVXX2145
Pyeren UVXX1346
Pyourgou UVXX3317
Rabala UVXX7934
Rabele UVXX6535
Rabinsma UVXX1347
Raboala UVXX0864
Rabouglitenga UVXX4357
Rabyiri UVXX0865
Racho UVXX6536
Ragilima UVXX2923
Rago UVXX5894
Ragounga UVXX5895
Ragueguena UVXX7935
Rahalla UVXX6537
Raka UVXX0629
Rakalo UVXX0866
Rakalweoguen UVXX1348
Rakaye UVXX1349
Rakouessingo UVXX2924
Ralle UVXX0630
Ralle UVXX7936
Rallo UVXX5896
Ralo UVXX7937
Ralo UVXX0867
Ramba UVXX7072
Rambi UVXX7938
Rambo UVXX7939
Rambo UVXX4071
Ramdolla UVXX7940
Ramehesse UVXX8365
Ramense UVXX7941
Ramesman UVXX5897
Ramesse UVXX7942
Ramessoum UVXX5898
Ramibouli UVXX0868
Ramongo UVXX0869
Ramonkodogo UVXX0870
Ramse UVXX7943
Rana UVXX5899
Rana UVXX0871
Ranbo-Foulbes UVXX7944
Ranga UVXX0631
Raoko UVXX5900
Raotenga UVXX4358
Raoumde UVXX8366
Rapadama UVXX2354
Rapili UVXX1903
Rapougouma UVXX7945
Rasko UVXX8367
Rassamtounde UVXX5901
Rassomde UVXX7946
Rassomde UVXX8368
Rassouli UVXX7947
Ravigi UVXX5114
Rawaziri UVXX2925
Rega UVXX7948
Reka UVXX7949
Reko UVXX7950
Renawa UVXX8369
Rengueba UVXX8370
Reo UVXX6131
Retkoulouga UVXX4566
Reunon UVXX5902
Riamsa UVXX6539
Ridimba UVXX8371
Rigui UVXX7951
Riguila UVXX3835
Rihalo UVXX0872
Rikiba UVXX8372
Rikou UVXX7952
Riligo UVXX0632
Rima UVXX7953
Rimanyama UVXX5115
Rimassa UVXX4072
Riou UVXX6132
Rissi UVXX7954
Rissiam UVXX0633
Roalaga UVXX0634
Roalba UVXX1350
Roba UVXX8373
Roba UVXX7955
Robena UVXX7956
Roblo UVXX4073
Rodoma UVXX7957
Rofo UVXX7958
Rogemnogo UVXX5116
Rogo UVXX8374
Rogo UVXX0873
Roharla UVXX4567
Roin UVXX7959
Roko UVXX7960
Rokounga UVXX5903
Rollo UVXX0104
Rolornogo UVXX5117
Rom UVXX7961
Romtanguen UVXX0635
Ronche UVXX6540
Rondo UVXX7962
Rongo UVXX3836
Ronguen UVXX0636
Ronre UVXX6541
Ronsen UVXX1351
Ronsen UVXX3837
Ronsen UVXX2355
Ropala UVXX1352
Ropale UVXX5118
Rougoumsouryibi UVXX8375
Rouko UVXX0637
Rouko Foulbes UVXX0638
Rouma UVXX6542
Roumbangou UVXX0639
Roumen UVXX2926
Roumtenga UVXX5904
Roumtenga UVXX1353
Roumtieliga UVXX4568
Rounde UVXX1354
Rounde UVXX3838
Rounde UVXX2927
Roundi UVXX6543
Rounga UVXX7963
Roungo UVXX4074
Roungoutoueguen UVXX6544
Rouni UVXX0640
Rounou UVXX0641
Rounougou UVXX6545
Rousen UVXX0874
Routenga UVXX3839
Ryalo UVXX0875
Sa UVXX0876
Saabe UVXX1355
Saabouga UVXX1904
Saadebile UVXX5905
Saadogo UVXX7964
Saala UVXX2716
Saantou UVXX1905
Saba UVXX3621
Saba UVXX8627
Saba UVXX2928
Saba UVXX6546
Saba UVXX5906
Saba UVXX7406
Sabatenga UVXX5119
Sabe UVXX5120
Saben UVXX1356
Saben UVXX2929
Sabeo UVXX2930
Saberdouo UVXX5577
Saberen UVXX3840
Sabeta UVXX0290
Sabiaon UVXX7510
Sabin UVXX1357
Sabir UVXX0877
Sabiyi UVXX1358
Sabou UVXX5907
Sabou UVXX3622
Sabou UVXX2931
Sabou UVXX0878
Saboue UVXX7221
Sabouga UVXX3318
Sabouli UVXX6547
Sabouli UVXX0642
Saboure UVXX2717
Sabouri UVXX6548
Sabouri Nakora UVXX6549
Sabra UVXX3319
Sabra UVXX5578
Sabraogo UVXX1359
Sabraoguen UVXX3320
Sabse UVXX4569
Sabse UVXX2356
Sabsen UVXX1360
Sabtenga UVXX0879
Sabtenga UVXX2932
Sabtenga UVXX0428
Sabtenga UVXX2357
Sabtenga UVXX3841
Sabtinga UVXX1361
Sabtoana UVXX1362
Sabwanndi UVXX1906
Sabwoentenga UVXX2146
Sada UVXX6133
Sadaba UVXX5121
Sadagui UVXX6550
Sadara UVXX1622
Sadian UVXX3623
Sadina UVXX3624
Sadiniakono UVXX3625
Sadoin UVXX7222
Sadon UVXX0217
Sadon UVXX7223
Sadoro UVXX5908
Sadouan UVXX7224
Sadouen UVXX6134
Sadoure UVXX0644
Saerou UVXX1907
Safane UVXX0105
Safi UVXX0645
Safi UVXX4570
Safia UVXX1623
Safo UVXX6925
Sagare UVXX5909
Sagle UVXX7965
Sago UVXX8251
Sago UVXX6551
Sagouita UVXX1036
Sagre UVXX0429
Saguen UVXX4571
Sagwem UVXX6552
Sagwem UVXX2358
Sahandou UVXX3137
Saho UVXX4215
Sahongo UVXX2933
Sairou UVXX0218
Sakabi UVXX2559
Sakala UVXX4216
Sakala UVXX5579
Sakaro UVXX4877
Sakatemba UVXX6926
Sakoani UVXX7678
Sakoense UVXX2359
Sakoinse UVXX0880
Sakou UVXX0646
Sakouara UVXX1624
Sakoudi UVXX5911
Sakouissi UVXX1363
Sakoula UVXX2934
Sakouli UVXX3842
Sakouliga UVXX8488
Sakoumba UVXX5912
Sakpelse UVXX1364
Sakyembo UVXX6553
Sala UVXX4075
Sala UVXX8628
Sala UVXX2560
Salanso UVXX1037
Salaren UVXX3321
Salbo UVXX6554
Sale UVXX3843
Sale Koule UVXX4076
Salimidougou UVXX0881
Salmimosa UVXX0882
Salmossi UVXX4939
Salo UVXX8629