Weather Codes for Bulgaria

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Bulgaria. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Ablanitsa BUXX2733
Ablanitsa BUXX0366
Abrit BUXX0931
Agatovo BUXX1169
Aheloy BUXX0664
Akandzhievo BUXX3097
Akatsievo BUXX5665
Akheloy BUXX0665
Akhmatovo BUXX3409
Akhryansko BUXX1826
Akhtopol BUXX0025
Aksakovo BUXX0026
Alamovtsi BUXX4513
Alar BUXX1827
Albantsi BUXX1828
Albena BUXX0932
Aldomirovtsi BUXX3906
Alekovo BUXX5998
Alekovo BUXX4373
Aleksandriya BUXX0933
Aleksandrovo BUXX5999
Aleksandrovo BUXX0666
Aleksandrovo BUXX1626
Aleksandrovo BUXX2957
Aleksandrovo BUXX2734
Aleksandrovo BUXX5113
Aleksandrovo BUXX6378
Aleksandrovo BUXX5321
Alekseevo BUXX0935
Alfatar BUXX4374
Aligovska BUXX4514
Alino BUXX3907
Altimir BUXX5538
Altsek BUXX0936
Alvanovo BUXX5322
Andreevo BUXX1170
Anevo BUXX3410
Angel Voyvoda BUXX1627
Angelariy BUXX0937
Angelov BUXX1171
Angelov Dol BUXX3908
Angelovo BUXX4375
Antimovo BUXX5666
Antimovo BUXX4376
Anton BUXX3909
Antonovo BUXX5323
Aplatsi BUXX6000
Aprilovo BUXX5114
Aprilovo BUXX5324
Aprilovo BUXX1172
Aprilovo BUXX3910
Apriltsi BUXX0027
Apriltsi BUXX3099
Arbanasi BUXX0082
Archar BUXX0087
Arda BUXX4515
Ardino BUXX0088
Arkovna BUXX5822
Arman Mahala BUXX6510
Armenite BUXX1173
Armyankovtsi BUXX1174
Arnautito BUXX5115
Arpadzhik BUXX4516
Arslanlar BUXX1829
Arzan BUXX3224
Asen BUXX5116
Asenova makhala BUXX6001
Asenovets BUXX4986
Asenovets BUXX0938
Asenovgrad BUXX0029
Asenovo BUXX6379
Asenovo BUXX6002
Asenovo BUXX3611
Asenovtsi BUXX2736
Asparukhovo BUXX0090
Asparukhovo BUXX2958
Asparukhovo BUXX3612
Asparukhovo BUXX0667
Atanasovo BUXX0668
Atolovo BUXX6380
Austa BUXX1830
Avramovo BUXX1831
Avramovo BUXX0367
Avramovska BUXX4517
Avren BUXX1832
Avren BUXX5823
Aydarovo BUXX0368
Aydemir BUXX4377
Ayrovo BUXX1833
Aytos BUXX0091
Azmanite BUXX1175
Baba Madzharka BUXX1176
Baba Stana BUXX2737
Baba Tonka BUXX5325
Babek BUXX3411
Babino BUXX2498
Babino Burdtse BUXX4518
Babinska Reka BUXX2499
Babintsi BUXX2738
Babitsa BUXX3225
Bablon BUXX4519
Babovo BUXX3713
Babuk BUXX0092
Babyak BUXX0369
Bachevo BUXX0370
Bachiishte BUXX3911
Bachkovo BUXX3412
Badevtsi BUXX6003
Badino BUXX1834
Badino BUXX2500
Baeva Livada BUXX1177
Baevtsi BUXX6004
Baevtsi BUXX1178
Bagalevtsi BUXX6005
Bagra BUXX1835
Bagrentsi BUXX2501
Bagriltsi BUXX1836
Bagryanka BUXX1837
Bakalite BUXX1838
Bakhalin BUXX3912
Bakhovitsa BUXX1839
Bakhovitsa BUXX2739
Bakhretsi BUXX1179
Bakova Mogila BUXX3913
Balabanchevo BUXX0669
Balabanovo BUXX1840
Balabanska BUXX3916
Balabansko BUXX2740
Balaleya BUXX1180
Balanite BUXX1181
Balanovo BUXX2502
Balantsite BUXX1182
Balchik BUXX0093
Baldevo BUXX0371
Baley BUXX5667
Balik BUXX0939
Balinovtsi BUXX1183
Balintsovo BUXX2741
Balkan BUXX1628
Balkan Makhala BUXX4520
Balkanets BUXX2742
Balkanski BUXX3795
Balkantsi BUXX6006
Balsha BUXX4293
Balutsi BUXX6007
Balvan BUXX6008
Balvantsite BUXX1184
Balyuvitsa BUXX2959
Banari BUXX1185
Banchovtsi BUXX3917
Banevo BUXX0670
Bangeytsi BUXX1186
Banichan BUXX0372
Banishte BUXX3226
Baniska BUXX3714
Banite BUXX4521
Banitsa BUXX5539
Bankov Dol BUXX2743
Bankovets BUXX5326
Bankovtsi BUXX1187
Bankya BUXX3227
Bankya BUXX4294
Banovo BUXX5824
Bansko BUXX0030
Banya BUXX0671
Banya BUXX0095
Banya BUXX3100
Banya BUXX4987
Banya BUXX0373
Barakhelite BUXX1188
Barakovo BUXX2503
Barata BUXX3918
Baratsi BUXX1841
Barutin BUXX4522
Basarbovo BUXX3715
Bash Buk BUXX4523
Bashevo BUXX1842
Bashtino BUXX5117
Bashtino BUXX4379
Baskaltsi BUXX0374
Bata BUXX0672
Batak BUXX6009
Batak BUXX3101
Batanovtsi BUXX0031
Batantsi BUXX4524
Batin BUXX3716
Batishnitsa BUXX3717
Batkovtsi BUXX3919
Batkun BUXX3102
Batoshevo BUXX1189
Batovo BUXX0941
Batsova Makhla BUXX3613
Batuliya BUXX3920
Batultsi BUXX2744
Batultsi BUXX1844
Baurene BUXX5540
Bayachevo BUXX5327
Baykal BUXX3614
Baykalsko BUXX3228
Baykovo BUXX4833
Baylovo BUXX3921
Bayovitsa BUXX2745
Bayovtsi BUXX1845
Bazhdari BUXX6010
Bdintsi BUXX0942
Bebrovo BUXX6011
Beden BUXX4525
Bedil BUXX1846
Bedrovo BUXX1847
Bedzhene BUXX4834
Beglezh BUXX3615
Beglika BUXX3103
Beglikchiite BUXX2746
Begovo BUXX3414
Begunovtsi BUXX3229
Beguntsi BUXX3415
Beklemeto BUXX2747
Bekriite BUXX1190
Bel Kamen BUXX0375
Bela BUXX5668
Bela Rada BUXX5669
Bela Voda BUXX3230
Belashtitsa BUXX3416
Belasitsa BUXX0377
Belchevtsi BUXX1191
Belchin BUXX3922
Belchinski Bani BUXX3923
Belega BUXX3924
Belene BUXX0097
Belentsi BUXX2748
Belentsi BUXX1192
Belev Dol BUXX4526
Belevekhchevo BUXX0378
Belevren BUXX0673
Belgun BUXX0943
Beli Breg BUXX2960
Beli Brod BUXX2961
Beli Bryag BUXX5118
Beli Dol BUXX1848
Beli Iskur BUXX3925
Beli Izvor BUXX5541
Beli Lom BUXX3796
Beli Osum BUXX2749
Beli Plast BUXX1849
Beli Vir BUXX1850
Belichitsa BUXX3797
Belila BUXX0674
Belimel BUXX2962
Belintsi BUXX3798
Belish BUXX2750
Belitsa BUXX4380
Belitsa BUXX4527
Belitsa BUXX0379
Belitsa BUXX1193
Belitsa BUXX1629
Belo Pole BUXX5670
Belodol BUXX0675
Belogradchik BUXX0098
Belogradets BUXX5825
Beloklas BUXX0944
Belokopitovo BUXX4835
Belomortsi BUXX5328
Belomuzhite BUXX1194
Belopoltsi BUXX1851
Belopolyane BUXX1852
Belopoptsi BUXX3926
Beloptichene BUXX5671
Beloslav BUXX5826
Belotintsi BUXX0099
Belovets BUXX3799
Belovitsa BUXX3417
Belovo BUXX3104
Belozem BUXX0100
Beltsov BUXX3718
Belyakovets BUXX6012
Belyanovets BUXX3927
Belyanovo BUXX3719
Benkovski BUXX5119
Benkovski BUXX5827
Benkovski BUXX3928
Benkovski BUXX4295
Benkovski BUXX0101
Benkovski BUXX3418
Berayntsi BUXX3231
Berende BUXX3232
Berende BUXX3929
Berende Izvor BUXX3930
Berievo BUXX1195
Berkovitsa BUXX0102
Berkovski BUXX5329
Berkovtsi BUXX6013
Beronovo BUXX0676
Bersin BUXX2504
Beslen BUXX0381
Besnurka BUXX1854
Beykovtsi BUXX6014
Bezden BUXX3931
Bezdenitsa BUXX2963
Bezhanovo BUXX2751
Bezhanovo BUXX0945
Bezhantsi BUXX1855
Bezmer BUXX6381
Bezmer BUXX0946
Bezvoditsa BUXX0947
Bezvodno BUXX1856
Bikovo BUXX4988
Bilintsi BUXX3233
Bilka BUXX0677
Bilkini BUXX1196
Bilkovo BUXX6015
Bilo BUXX0948
Bilo BUXX4989
Bilyanska BUXX4528
Bilyartsi BUXX4836
Binkos BUXX4990
Birimirtsi BUXX4296
Birkova BUXX3105
Biser BUXX1630
Bisertsi BUXX3800
Bistra BUXX4381
Bistrentsi BUXX3720
Bistrets BUXX6382
Bistrets BUXX5542
Bistrilitsa BUXX2964
Bistritsa BUXX3932
Bistritsa BUXX0382
Bistritsa BUXX0103
Bistritsa BUXX2505
Bistrogled BUXX1857
Bivol BUXX1858
Bivolare BUXX3616
Bivolyane BUXX1859
Bizhovtsi BUXX6016
Bizhovtsi BUXX1197
Blagoevgrad BUXX0023
Blagoevo BUXX3801
Blagoevo BUXX6017
Blagovets BUXX0950
Blagovo BUXX2965
Blagun BUXX1860
Blateshnitsa BUXX3234
Blatets BUXX2506
Blatets BUXX4991
Blatino BUXX2507
Blatnitsa BUXX3106
Blato BUXX2508
Blatoto BUXX2752
Blatska BUXX0383
Blazhievo BUXX2509
Blenika BUXX1861
Blgarene BUXX2753
Bliznak BUXX0678
Bliznatsi BUXX5828
Bliznatsi BUXX4838
Bliznets BUXX4992
Bluskovtsi BUXX6018
Boazut BUXX1198
Bobeshino BUXX2510
Bobevtsi BUXX1199
Boboratsi BUXX3235
Boboshevo BUXX2511
Bobovdol BUXX0105
Bobovets BUXX0951
Bochkovtsi BUXX6019
Bodenets BUXX5543
Bodrovo BUXX1631
Bodrovtsi BUXX1862
Bodyat BUXX3933
Boeritsa BUXX3934
Boevo BUXX4529
Boevska BUXX2754
Boevtsi BUXX1200
Boevtsi BUXX6020
Bogatovo BUXX1201
Bogdan BUXX0952
Bogdanchovtsi BUXX1202
Bogdanitsa BUXX3420
Bogdanliya BUXX3937
Bogdanovdol BUXX3236
Bogdanovo BUXX4993
Bogdanovo BUXX0679
Bogdanovtsi BUXX3938
Bogdansko BUXX6021
Bogdantsi BUXX3802
Bogdantsi BUXX4382
Bogoina BUXX3237
Bogolin BUXX0384
Bogolonta BUXX2755
Bogomil BUXX1632
Bogomilovo BUXX5120
Bogomiltsi BUXX3803
Bogomolsko BUXX5331
Bogorov Dol BUXX1863
Bogorovo BUXX6383
Bogorovo BUXX4383
Bogoslov BUXX2512
Bogutevo BUXX4530
Boil BUXX4384
Bokhot BUXX3617
Bokhova BUXX3238
Bokilovtsi BUXX2966
Boltata BUXX1203
Bolyarino BUXX3421
Bolyarovo BUXX1633
Bolyarovo BUXX0106
Bolyarski Izvor BUXX1634
Bolyarsko BUXX6384
Bolyartsi BUXX3422
Bolyartsi BUXX1864
Bolyartsi BUXX5829
Bonchovtsi BUXX1204
Bonevo BUXX0953
Bor BUXX3423
Borets BUXX3424
Borie BUXX4531
Borieva BUXX4532
Borika BUXX4533
Borika BUXX3939
Boriki BUXX1205
Borikovo BUXX4534
Borilovets BUXX5672
Borilovo BUXX5121
Borima BUXX2756
Borimechkovo BUXX3107
Borino BUXX4535
Borinovo BUXX4536
Borintsi BUXX4994
Borislav BUXX3618
Borislavtsi BUXX1635
Borisovo BUXX6385
Borisovo BUXX0107
Bornarevo BUXX3239
Borov Dol BUXX4995
Borovan BUXX0108
Borovets BUXX3940
Borovets BUXX2513
Borovichene BUXX0385
Borovina BUXX4537
Borovitsa BUXX5673
Borovitsa BUXX1865
Borovo BUXX3721
Borovo BUXX0386
Borovo BUXX5122
Borovoto BUXX1206
Borovsko BUXX1866
Borovtsi BUXX2967
Borskoto BUXX1207
Bortsi BUXX4839
Borushtitsa BUXX5123
Boryana BUXX5830
Bosevtsi BUXX6022
Boshulya BUXX3108
Bosilegrad BUXX5544
Bosilek BUXX1867
Bosilitsa BUXX1868
Bosilkovo BUXX0680
Bosilkovo BUXX4539
Bosilkovtsi BUXX3722
Bosna BUXX4385
Bosnek BUXX3240
Bostan BUXX5332
Bostanite BUXX5674
Bostantsi BUXX1869
Bostina BUXX4540
Botevgrad BUXX0032
Botevo BUXX6386
Botevo BUXX2968
Botevo BUXX5545
Botevo BUXX5675
Botrov BUXX3723
Botunets BUXX4297
Botunya BUXX5546
Boturche BUXX1870
Bov BUXX3941
Boyadzhieva BUXX1871
Boyadzhik BUXX6387
Boyan BUXX4840
Boyan-Botevo BUXX1636
Boyana BUXX4298
Boyana BUXX5832
Boyanovo BUXX5676
Boyanovo BUXX6388
Boyanovtsi BUXX6023
Boyantsi BUXX3425
Boycheta BUXX1208
Boychevi Kolibi BUXX6024
Boychinovtsi BUXX3942
Boychinovtsi BUXX2969
Boychovskoto BUXX3943
Boychovtsi BUXX6025
Boykata BUXX1209
Boykovets BUXX3944
Boykovo BUXX3426
Boykovtsi BUXX6026
Boymir BUXX4841
Boynik BUXX1872
Boynitsa BUXX5677
Boyno BUXX1873
Boynovtsi BUXX1210
Bozadzhii BUXX4996
Bozduganovo BUXX5124
Bozhak BUXX1874
Bozhan BUXX0954
Bozhanovo BUXX0955
Bozhdovo BUXX0387
Bozhenitsa BUXX3945
Bozhentsi BUXX1211
Bozhevtsi BUXX4997
Bozhichen BUXX3724
Bozhitsa BUXX5333
Bozhkovtsi BUXX1212
Bozhurets BUXX0956
Bozhurishte BUXX3946
Bozhuritsa BUXX3619
Bozhurka BUXX5334
Bozhurluk BUXX3620
Bozhurovo BUXX4842
Bozhurovo BUXX3804
Bozhurovo BUXX0957
Bozhurtsi BUXX1875
Bozirog BUXX4541
Bozveliysko BUXX5833
Bradvari BUXX4386
Braknitsa BUXX5335
Branevo BUXX2757
Branichevo BUXX4843
Branipole BUXX3427
Branishte BUXX0958
Branitsa BUXX1637
Brankovtsi BUXX6027
Brankovtsi BUXX5678
Bratan BUXX4998
Bratanitsa BUXX3109
Bratevets BUXX2758
Bratovo BUXX5336
Bratovo BUXX0681
Bratsigovo BUXX3110
Bratushkovo BUXX3948
Bratya Daskalovi BUXX5125
Bratya Kunchevi BUXX5126
Braykovitsa BUXX4542
Bregare BUXX3621
Bregovo BUXX0033
Brenitsa BUXX0112
Brenitsa BUXX4387
Brest BUXX0113
Brest BUXX2514
Brestak BUXX0114
Brestaka BUXX3949
Breste BUXX3622
Brestnik BUXX3428
Brestnitsa BUXX0959
Brestnitsa BUXX2759
Brestova BUXX5127
Brestovene BUXX3805
Brestovets BUXX3623
Brestovitsa BUXX3429
Brestovitsa BUXX3725
Brestovo BUXX0388
Breza BUXX4543
Breze BUXX3950
Breze BUXX4544
Brezen BUXX1876
Brezhani BUXX0389
Brezhnitsite BUXX1213
Breznik BUXX0115
Breznishki Izvor BUXX3241
Breznitsa BUXX0116
Brezovdol BUXX3951
Brezovo BUXX2760
Brezovo BUXX0117
Brezovo BUXX6028
Brod BUXX1638
Brodilovo BUXX0682
Brosh BUXX1877
Bruchkovtsi BUXX6029
Bruchma BUXX4388
Brunetsite BUXX1214
Brunkovtsi BUXX3952
Brusartsi BUXX2970
Brusen BUXX5547
Brusevtsi BUXX1639
Brushlen BUXX3726
Brushlyan BUXX0683
Brushlyanitsa BUXX3624
Brushten BUXX0390
Brusino BUXX1878
Brusnik BUXX3242
Bryag BUXX5337
Bryagovets BUXX1879
Bryagovitsa BUXX6030
Bryagovo BUXX3430
Bryagovo BUXX1640
Bryast BUXX1641
Bryastovets BUXX0684
Bryastovo BUXX4999
Bryastovo BUXX2761
Bryastovo BUXX0960
Bubino BUXX1880
Buchevarite BUXX1215
Buchin Prokhod BUXX3954
Buchino BUXX0391
Buchukovtsi BUXX1216
Budeshte BUXX5128
Budiltsi BUXX0392
Budzhov Dol BUXX3955
Buk BUXX1881
Bukak BUXX5338
Bukata BUXX4545
Bukhovo BUXX0034
Bukhovtsi BUXX5339
Bukorovtsi BUXX3956
Bukova Polyana BUXX4546
Bukovets BUXX6031
Bukovets BUXX5548
Bukovets BUXX5679
Bukovets BUXX3957
Bukovluk BUXX3625
Bukovo BUXX0393
Bukvar BUXX1882
Bulair BUXX5834
Bulgaranovo BUXX5000
Bulgarchevo BUXX0394
Bulgarene BUXX3626
Bulgarevo BUXX0961
Bulgari BUXX0685
Bulgari BUXX1217
Bulgarin BUXX1643
Bulgarka BUXX4389
Bulgarovo BUXX0686
Bulgarski Izvor BUXX2762
Bunovo BUXX3958
Bunovo BUXX2515
Buntsevo BUXX0395
Bunzareto BUXX5129
Buranovo BUXX2516
Burchevo BUXX4548
Burdarevo BUXX5835
Burdarite BUXX1218
Burdarski Geran BUXX5549
Burdeni BUXX1219
Burdo BUXX3959
Burdokva BUXX3806
Burduche BUXX3111
Burevo BUXX4549
Burgas BUXX0001
Burkach BUXX3627
Burkachevo BUXX5550
Burlozhnitsa BUXX3960
Burlya BUXX3961
Burovo BUXX4550
Burya BUXX1220
Burza Reka BUXX1883
Burzina BUXX5551
Burzitsa BUXX5836
Burziya BUXX2972
Burziya BUXX1884
Busintsi BUXX3243
Busmantsi BUXX4299
Buta BUXX3112
Butan BUXX0120
Butovo BUXX6033
Butreva BUXX3113
Butrointsi BUXX3244
Buxton BUXX6511
Buynovitsa BUXX4844
Buynovo BUXX5340
Buynovo BUXX4551
Buynovtsi BUXX6034
Buzovets BUXX2973
Buzovets BUXX3727
Buzovgrad BUXX5130
Buzovitsa BUXX2517
Buzun BUXX3728
Buzyakovtsi BUXX3962
Byaga BUXX3114
Byal Bryag BUXX4845
Byal Gradets BUXX1885
Byal Izvor BUXX1886
Byal Izvor BUXX5131
Byal Kladenets BUXX1644
Byal Kladenets BUXX5001
Byala BUXX0122
Byala BUXX0121
Byala BUXX5002
Byala Cherkva BUXX6035
Byala Palanka BUXX5003
Byala Polyana BUXX1887
Byala Reka BUXX4846
Byala Reka BUXX4552
Byala Reka BUXX3432
Byala Slatina BUXX0123
Byala Voda BUXX3628
Byala Voda BUXX0687
Byalka BUXX1888
Byalkovo BUXX1221
Byalkovtsi BUXX6037
Byalo Pole BUXX0124
Central district BUXX6512
Chakalarovo BUXX1889
Chakali BUXX6038
Chakalite BUXX1222
Chakaltsi BUXX1890
Chal BUXX1891
Chala BUXX4553
Chalukovi BUXX3433
Chamla BUXX4554
Chapaevo BUXX6039
Charda BUXX6390
Chargan BUXX6391
Charkovete BUXX1223
Charkovo BUXX1224
Chaush Makhala BUXX1892
Chavdar BUXX3963
Chavdar BUXX4555
Chavdartsi BUXX6040
Chavdartsi BUXX2763
Chavei BUXX1225
Chavka BUXX1893
Chayka BUXX5837
Chayka BUXX1894
Chegantsi BUXX1895
Chekanchevo BUXX3964
Chekanets BUXX2518
Chekanets BUXX3245
Chekantsi BUXX5341
Chekhlare BUXX3434
Chekhlari BUXX4390
Chekhlyuvtsi BUXX1226
Chelnik BUXX6392
Chelopech BUXX3965
Chelopechene BUXX0962
Chelopek BUXX5553
Chelyustnitsa BUXX2974
Chemersko BUXX1896
Chemish BUXX2975
Chepelare BUXX0081
Chepino BUXX3246
Chepino BUXX3115
Chepintsi BUXX4301
Chepintsi BUXX4556
Chepleten BUXX4557
Chepurlintsi BUXX3966
Cherencha BUXX4847
Cherepovo BUXX1645
Cheresha BUXX1897
Cheresha BUXX3967
Cheresha BUXX5132
Cheresha BUXX0688
Chereshitsa BUXX1898
Chereshkite BUXX4558
Chereshnitsa BUXX0396
Chereshovitsa BUXX2976
Chereshovo BUXX0397
Chereshovo BUXX3807
Chereshovo BUXX4559
Cherganovo BUXX5133
Cherkaski BUXX2977
Cherkovishte BUXX3968
Cherkovitsa BUXX3629
Cherkovna BUXX5342
Cherkovna BUXX4391
Cherkovna BUXX5838
Cherkovna BUXX3808
Cherkovo BUXX5134
Cherkovo BUXX0689
Cherna BUXX4848
Cherna BUXX0963
Cherna Cherkva BUXX1900
Cherna Gora BUXX5135
Cherna Mesta BUXX0398
Cherna Mogila BUXX0690
Cherna Niva BUXX1901
Cherna Skala BUXX1902
Cherna Voda BUXX5343
Chernalevo BUXX4561
Chernevo BUXX1903
Chernevo BUXX5839
Chernevo BUXX5136
Chernevoto BUXX2764
Chernevtsi BUXX1227
Cherni Bryag BUXX5344
Cherni Dyal BUXX6041
Cherni Osum BUXX2765
Cherni Rid BUXX1904
Cherni Vit BUXX2766
Cherni Vrah BUXX0365
Cherni Vrukh BUXX4849
Cherni Vrukh BUXX2767
Cherni Vrukh BUXX3970
Cherni Vrukh BUXX0691
Cherniche BUXX0399
Chernichevo BUXX3435
Chernichevo BUXX1905
Chernichino BUXX1906
Chernigovo BUXX1907
Chernik BUXX4392
Chernitsa BUXX0692
Cherno Pole BUXX5680
Chernodub BUXX1647
Chernoglavtsi BUXX4850
Chernogor BUXX4393
Chernogorovo BUXX1648
Chernogorovo BUXX0126
Chernograd BUXX0693
Chernokaptsi BUXX5345
Chernokonevo BUXX6513
Chernokos BUXX1908
Chernolik BUXX4394
Chernomorets BUXX0036
Chernomortsi BUXX0964
Chernoochene BUXX0037
Chernook BUXX5840
Chernooki BUXX1909
Chernookovo BUXX0965
Chernookovo BUXX4851
Chernovrukh BUXX1228
Chernozem BUXX6393
Chernozem BUXX3436
Chernushka BUXX1910
Cherven BUXX3437
Cherven BUXX3729
Cherven Breg BUXX2520
Cherven Bryag BUXX3630
Chervena BUXX6042
Chervena Lokva BUXX1229
Chervena Mogila BUXX3247
Chervena Voda BUXX3730
Chervenakovo BUXX5004
Cherveni Bryag BUXX3631
Chervenkovtsi BUXX6043
Cherventsi BUXX1911
Cherventsi BUXX5841
Cheshlyantsi BUXX2521
Cheshma BUXX6044
Cheshnegirovo BUXX3438
Chestimensko BUXX0966
Chestovo BUXX1912
Chetirtsi BUXX2522
Chetroka BUXX4562
Chibaovtsi BUXX3971
Chichevo BUXX1913
Chichil BUXX5681
Chiflik BUXX1914
Chiflik BUXX5682
Chiflik BUXX2768
Chiflika BUXX0400
Chilik BUXX1915
Chilnov BUXX3731
Chintulovo BUXX5005
Chiprovtsi BUXX2979
Chiren BUXX5554
Chirpan BUXX0129
Chistovo BUXX6045
Chitakovi Kolibi BUXX4564
Chitakovtsi BUXX1230
Chitashko BUXX1916
Choba BUXX3439
Chobanka BUXX1917
Chokmanovo BUXX4565
Chokoba BUXX5006
Cholakova BUXX3116
Cholakovi Kolibi BUXX4566
Cholakovtsi BUXX6046
Chomakovo BUXX1918
Chomakovtsi BUXX5555
Chorbadzhiysko BUXX1919
Chorlevo BUXX5683
Chorul BUXX3972
Chubra BUXX1920
Chubra BUXX0694
Chubrika BUXX1921
Chuchan BUXX2980
Chuchuliga BUXX1922
Chuchuligovo BUXX0401
Chuchur BUXX4567
Chudintsi BUXX2523
Chudomir BUXX3809
Chukarka BUXX0695
Chukarovo BUXX6394
Chukata BUXX6047
Chukata BUXX4568
Chukilite BUXX1231
Chuklenik BUXX1923
Chukovets BUXX3248
Chukovets BUXX4395
Chukovezer BUXX3973
Chukovo BUXX1924
Chukovo BUXX1232
Chukovtsi BUXX1925
Chuprene BUXX5684
Churek BUXX0038
Churen BUXX3440
Churicheni BUXX0402
Churilovo BUXX0403
Churka BUXX4569
Churukovo BUXX4570
Chuypetlovo BUXX0039
Dabok BUXX4571
Daevtsi BUXX1233
Dafinintsi BUXX5685
Dagonovo BUXX0404
Dalovi BUXX3117
Damyanitsa BUXX0405
Damyanovo BUXX1234
Danailovo BUXX1926
Daratsi BUXX6048
Darets BUXX1650
Darovitsa BUXX4572
Daskal-Atanasovo BUXX5137
Daskalovo BUXX1927
Daskalovo BUXX3249
Daveri BUXX6049
Davidkovo BUXX4573
Davidovo BUXX5346
Daynovtsi BUXX6050
Debel Dyal BUXX1235
Debelets BUXX5842
Debelets BUXX0040
Debeli Lag BUXX3250
Debeli Rut BUXX6051
Debelt BUXX0696
Debeltsovo BUXX1236
Debelyanovo BUXX4574
Debnevo BUXX2769
Debochitsa BUXX0406
Debovo BUXX3632
Debrashtitsa BUXX3118
Debren BUXX0407
Debrene BUXX0967
Debrene BUXX0408
Dechkovtsi BUXX6052
Dedets BUXX1928
Dedina BUXX6053
Dedintsi BUXX1929
Dedintsi BUXX6054
Dedovo BUXX3441
Dekov BUXX3633
Delchevo BUXX0409
Delchevo BUXX3810
Deleyna BUXX5686
Delidzhetsite BUXX1237
Delova Makhla BUXX6055
Delvino BUXX1930
Delvino BUXX0410
Delyan BUXX2524
Delyan BUXX3974
Delyanovtsi BUXX6056
Denchevtsi BUXX1238
Dennitsa BUXX6395
Dennitsa BUXX4852
Derikotkovtsi BUXX6057
Dermantsi BUXX2770
Dervishka Mogila BUXX1651
Deskot BUXX6058
Detelina BUXX5843
Detelina BUXX0697
Devene BUXX5556
Deventsi BUXX3634
Deventsi BUXX1931
Devesilitsa BUXX1932
Devesilovo BUXX1933
Devetak BUXX0698
Devetaki BUXX2771
Devetatsite BUXX1239
Devetintsi BUXX0699
Devette Dola BUXX2772
Devin BUXX4575
Devino BUXX5347
Devnya BUXX5844
Diamandovo BUXX1934
Dibich BUXX4853
Dichevo BUXX4397
Dichin BUXX6059
Dimanovo BUXX4576
Dimanovtsi BUXX6060
Dimcha BUXX6061
Dimchevo BUXX0700
Dimiev Khan BUXX1240
Dimievtsi BUXX1241
Dimitrievo BUXX5138
Dimitrovche BUXX1652
Dimitrovgrad BUXX0133
Dimitrovo BUXX0134
Dimitrovtsi BUXX6062
Dimovo BUXX0041
Dimovo BUXX4577
Dimovtsi BUXX6063
Dinevo BUXX1653
Dink BUXX3442
Dinkata BUXX3119
Dinkovitsa BUXX5687
Dinkovo BUXX5688
Dinya BUXX5139
Diralo BUXX4578
Disevitsa BUXX3635
Dismanitsa BUXX1242
Diva Slatina BUXX2981
Divchovoto BUXX2773
Divdyadovo BUXX4854
Divetsi BUXX1243
Divlya BUXX3251
Divotino BUXX3252
Dlugnevo BUXX1654
Dlugnya BUXX1244
Dluzhka Polyana BUXX5348
Dluzhko BUXX4855
Doborsko BUXX1935
Dobra Polyana BUXX0701
Dobraluk BUXX3443
Dobravitsa BUXX3975
Dobrenite BUXX1245
Dobreva Cheresha BUXX4579
Dobrevo BUXX0968
Dobrevtsi BUXX6064
Dobrevtsi BUXX2774
Dobrevtsi BUXX1246
Dobri Dol BUXX2526
Dobri Dol BUXX5845
Dobri Dol BUXX2982
Dobri Dol BUXX3444
Dobri Dyal BUXX6065
Dobri Laki BUXX0412
Dobri Voynikovo BUXX4856
Dobrich BUXX6396
Dobrich BUXX0969
Dobrich BUXX1655
Dobrin BUXX0970
Dobrina BUXX5846
Dobrinishte BUXX0413
Dobrinovo BUXX1936
Dobrinovo BUXX6397
Dobrintsi BUXX1937
Dobrodan BUXX2775
Dobrogled BUXX5847
Dobrolevo BUXX5557
Dobromir BUXX0702
Dobromirka BUXX1247
Dobromirtsi BUXX0971
Dobromirtsi BUXX1938
Dobroplodno BUXX5848
Dobroselets BUXX6398
Dobroslavtsi BUXX4302
Dobrostan BUXX3445
Dobrotich BUXX5849
Dobrotino BUXX0414
Dobrotitsa BUXX5349
Dobrotitsa BUXX4398
Dobrovnitsa BUXX3120
Dobrovo BUXX2527
Dobrovolets BUXX1939
Dobrudzhanka BUXX4399
Dobrusha BUXX5558
Doburchin BUXX3976
Docha BUXX1248
Doganovo BUXX3977
Doganovo BUXX4580
Dokatichevo BUXX0415
Doktor Yosifovo BUXX2983
Dolapite BUXX3732
Dolare BUXX2528
Dolboka BUXX5140
Dolen BUXX4581
Dolen BUXX0416
Dolen Bliznak BUXX5850
Dolen Chiflik BUXX0136
Dolen Enevets BUXX1249
Dolen Izvor BUXX0972
Dolen Rudozem BUXX4582
Dolene BUXX0417
Doleni BUXX0418
Dolets BUXX4400
Dolets BUXX5350
Dolie BUXX4583
Dolina BUXX0973
Dolina BUXX4857
Dolishte BUXX5851
Dolishte BUXX1940
Dolistovo BUXX2529
Dolna Banya BUXX3978
Dolna Beshovitsa BUXX5559
Dolna Brestnitsa BUXX2530
Dolna Dikanya BUXX3254
Dolna Glogovitsa BUXX3255
Dolna Grashtitsa BUXX2531
Dolna Kabda BUXX5351
Dolna Khubavka BUXX5352
Dolna Koznitsa BUXX2532
Dolna Kremena BUXX5560
Dolna Krepost BUXX1941
Dolna Krushitsa BUXX0420
Dolna Kula BUXX1942
Dolna Lipnitsa BUXX6066
Dolna Makhala BUXX3446
Dolna Malina BUXX3979
Dolna Margatina BUXX2776
Dolna Melna BUXX3256
Dolna Murna BUXX5852
Dolna Nevlya BUXX3980
Dolna Ribnitsa BUXX0421
Dolna Riksa BUXX2985
Dolna Sekirna BUXX3257
Dolna Studena BUXX3733
Dolna Vasilitsa BUXX3981
Dolna Verenitsa BUXX2986
Dolna Vrabcha BUXX3258
Dolna Zlatitsa BUXX5353
Dolni Bakoytsi BUXX1250
Dolni Bogrov BUXX4303
Dolni Boshnyak BUXX5689
Dolni Chiflik BUXX5853
Dolni Chiflik BUXX5690
Dolni Chukani BUXX6068
Dolni Dragoycha BUXX1252
Dolni Dubnik BUXX0138
Dolni Genovtsi BUXX6069
Dolni Glavanak BUXX1656
Dolni Koriten BUXX2533
Dolni Kray BUXX0422
Dolni Lom BUXX5691
Dolni Lozen BUXX4304
Dolni Lukovit BUXX3636
Dolni Marentsi BUXX1253
Dolni Maryan BUXX6070
Dolni Okol BUXX3982
Dolni Radkovtsi BUXX1254
Dolni Rakovets BUXX3259
Dolni Ribni Dol BUXX4584
Dolni Romantsi BUXX3260
Dolni Tanchevtsi BUXX6071
Dolni Tomchevtsi BUXX1255
Dolni Tsibur BUXX2987
Dolni Tsonevtsi BUXX1256
Dolni Vadin BUXX5561
Dolni Vit BUXX3637
Dolni Voden BUXX3447
Dolni Vurpishta BUXX1257
Dolni Yurutsi BUXX1943
Dolno Ablanovo BUXX3734
Dolno Belevo BUXX1657
Dolno Belotintsi BUXX2988
Dolno Botevo BUXX1658
Dolno Draglishte BUXX0423
Dolno Dryanovo BUXX0424
Dolno Izvorovo BUXX5141
Dolno Kamartsi BUXX3983
Dolno Kobile BUXX2534
Dolno Kozarevo BUXX5354
Dolno Kupinovo BUXX1945
Dolno Levski BUXX3121
Dolno Linevo BUXX2989
Dolno Lukovo BUXX1946
Dolno Novkovo BUXX5355
Dolno Novo Selo BUXX5142
Dolno Novo Selo BUXX3984
Dolno Osenovo BUXX0425
Dolno Ozirovo BUXX2990
Dolno Pole BUXX1659
Dolno Prakhovo BUXX1947
Dolno Ryakhovo BUXX4401
Dolno Sakhrane BUXX5144
Dolno Selo BUXX2535
Dolno Shipkovo BUXX2777
Dolno Shivachevo BUXX6072
Dolno Spanchevo BUXX0426
Dolno Sudievo BUXX1660
Dolno Trape BUXX2778
Dolno Tserovene BUXX2991
Dolno Uyno BUXX2536
Dolno Voyvodino BUXX1661
Dolno Vurshilo BUXX3122
Dolno Yabulkovo BUXX0703
Dolnoseltsi BUXX1948
Dolnoslav BUXX3448
Domishte BUXX1949
Domlyan BUXX3449
Donchevo BUXX0974
Donchovtsi BUXX1258
Dondukovo BUXX2992
Donino BUXX1259
Donkino BUXX1260
Donkovtsi BUXX6073
Donkovtsi BUXX1261
Dorkovo BUXX3123
Dositeevo BUXX1662
Dospat BUXX0139
Dospey BUXX3986
Dospey Makhala BUXX3987
Doykintsi BUXX1950
Doynovtsi BUXX6074
Doyrantsi BUXX1951
Doyrantsi BUXX4858
Doyrentsi BUXX2779
Dozhdevitsa BUXX2537
Drabishna BUXX1952
Drachevo BUXX0704
Dragalevtsi BUXX4305
Dragalina BUXX4402
Dragana BUXX2780
Draganchetata BUXX1262
Draganitsa BUXX2993
Draganoskovtsi BUXX6075
Draganovets BUXX4859
Draganovo BUXX1953
Draganovo BUXX0140
Draganovo BUXX0705
Draganovtsi BUXX6076
Draganovtsi BUXX1264
Dragantsi BUXX0706
Dragash Voyvoda BUXX3638
Dragichevo BUXX4306
Dragievtsi BUXX1265
Draginovo BUXX3124
Dragiovtsi BUXX3988
Dragiytsi BUXX6077
Dragizhevo BUXX6078
Dragnevska BUXX3989
Dragnevtsi BUXX6079
Dragnevtsi BUXX1266
Dragodan BUXX2538
Dragodanovo BUXX5007
Dragoevo BUXX4860
Dragoil BUXX3990
Dragoitsa BUXX3991
Dragolevtsi BUXX2539
Dragoman BUXX0043
Dragomani BUXX1267
Dragomir BUXX3450
Dragomirovo BUXX3261
Dragomuzh BUXX3811
Dragor BUXX3125
Dragostin BUXX0427
Dragotintsi BUXX3992
Dragovishtitsa BUXX2540
Dragovishtitsa BUXX3993
Dragovo BUXX0707
Dragovtsi BUXX5356
Dragoychintsi BUXX2541
Dragoynovo BUXX3451
Dragush BUXX0428
Dragushinovo BUXX3994
Draka BUXX6399
Drakata BUXX0429
Dralfa BUXX5357
Drama BUXX6400
Drandarite BUXX1268
Dranderitsa BUXX1954
Drangovo BUXX1955
Drangovo BUXX3452
Drashan BUXX5562
Drazhevo BUXX6401
Drazhintsi BUXX5692
Dreatin BUXX3995
Dren BUXX3262
Drenkovo BUXX0431
Drenov BUXX2782
Drenovets BUXX0142
Drenovitsa BUXX0432
Drenovo BUXX3996
Drenovo BUXX0433
Drenta BUXX6081
Drentsi BUXX4861
Drinovo BUXX5358
Dripchevo BUXX1663
Dropla BUXX0976
Dropla BUXX0708
Drugan BUXX3263
Drumche BUXX1956
Drumevo BUXX4862
Drumokhar BUXX2542
Drumsha BUXX3997
Drundar BUXX5855
Drundarska BUXX3998
Druvnitsa BUXX3999
Druzhba BUXX5694
Druzhevo BUXX4000
Druzhintsi BUXX1957
Dryanka BUXX4585
Dryankovets BUXX0709
Dryanova Glava BUXX1958
Dryanovets BUXX3735
Dryanovets BUXX0977
Dryanovets BUXX3812
Dryanovo BUXX3813
Dryanovo BUXX4587
Dryanovo BUXX1664
Dryanovo BUXX0143
Dryanovo BUXX6402
Dryanska BUXX2783
Dryanut BUXX1269
Dub BUXX1959
Duben BUXX2784
Dubene BUXX3453
Dubnik BUXX0710
Dubnitsa BUXX0434
Dubova BUXX4588
Dubova BUXX5008
Dubova Makhala BUXX2994
Dubovan BUXX3639
Dubovets BUXX1665
Dubovi BUXX3126
Dubovik BUXX0978
Dubovitsa BUXX0711
Dubovo BUXX6403
Dubrava BUXX0979
Dubrava BUXX6082
Dubrava BUXX5146
Dubrava BUXX2785
Dubrava BUXX0435
Dubravata BUXX2786
Dubravata BUXX5695
Dubravino BUXX5856
Dubravite BUXX3127
Dubravitsa BUXX5359
Dubravitsa BUXX4403
Dubravka BUXX5696
Dudevska Makhala BUXX2787
Duganovo BUXX6404
Dukhlevtsi BUXX6083
Dukhovets BUXX4863
Dukhovo BUXX1960
Dukovtsi BUXX6084
Dulbok Dol BUXX2788
Dulbok Izvor BUXX3454
Dulboki BUXX1270
Dulga Livada BUXX4001
Dulga Luka BUXX3264
Dulga Niva BUXX4002
Dulgach BUXX5360
Dulgata Makhala BUXX1666
Dulgi Del BUXX2995
Dulgi Pripek BUXX6085
Dulgo Pole BUXX5697
Dulgo Pole BUXX3455
Dulgodeltsi BUXX2996
Dulgopol BUXX0144
Dulovo BUXX0145
Dumnitsite BUXX1271
Dunavets BUXX4404
Dunavtsi BUXX6086
Dunavtsi BUXX0044
Dunavtsi BUXX5147
Dunevo BUXX4589
Dunevtsi BUXX2789
Dungovo BUXX1961
Duni BUXX0712
Dupnitsa BUXX2544
Durankulak BUXX0980
Durbolar BUXX1962
Durcha BUXX1272
Durlevtsi BUXX6087
Durmantsi BUXX5563
Durovtsi BUXX6088
Durvari BUXX1273
Durvena Koshara BUXX4003
Durvenitsa BUXX4307
Durzhanitsa BUXX5698
Durzhava BUXX5148
Durzhaven BUXX5149
Dushantsi BUXX4004
Dushevo BUXX1274
Dushevski Kolibi BUXX1275
Dushinkovo BUXX1963
Dushintsi BUXX3265
Dushka BUXX3457
Duskarite BUXX6089
Duskotna BUXX0713
Duvanlii BUXX3458
Duzhdino BUXX1964
Duzhdovnik BUXX1965
Duzhdovnitsa BUXX1966
Dve Kushti BUXX5361
Dve Mogili BUXX3736
Dve Topoli BUXX4590
Dvorishte BUXX5150
Dvorishte BUXX2545
Dyado Dyanko BUXX1276
Dyado Strati BUXX1277
Dyadovo BUXX5009
Dyadovsko BUXX1967
Dyadovtsi BUXX1968
Dyakonovo BUXX1969
Dyakovo BUXX2546
Dyaluk BUXX1278
Dyankovo BUXX3814
Dyugenite BUXX2790
Dyulevo BUXX0147
Dyulevo BUXX3128
Dyulgerska BUXX2547
Dyulino BUXX0148
Dyulitsa BUXX1970
Dyulya BUXX0714
Dzhamuzovtsi BUXX4005
Dzhanka BUXX1971
Dzhebel BUXX1972
Dzhelepsko BUXX1973
Dzherman BUXX2548
Dzherovo BUXX1974
Dzhigurovo BUXX0436
Dzhilyaskovitsa BUXX4006
Dzhinchovtsi BUXX3266
Dzhinot BUXX6405
Dzhivgartsi BUXX4864
Dzhokari BUXX2791
Dzhulyunitsa BUXX6090
Dzhulyunitsa BUXX3737
Dzhumriite BUXX1279
Dzhurkalitsa BUXX4591
Dzhurkovo BUXX4592
Dzhurovo BUXX4008
Dzhurovtsi BUXX1975
Dzivgeliya BUXX0437
Eastern district BUXX6514
Edil BUXX1976
Edinakovtsi BUXX4865
Ednovertsi BUXX1977
Edrevo BUXX5151
Efrem BUXX1667
Egrek BUXX1978
Egulnitsa BUXX3267
Ekzarkh Yosif BUXX3738
Ekzarkh-Antimovo BUXX0715
Elda BUXX5362
Elechanova BUXX4009
Elena BUXX1668
Elena BUXX0149
Elenino BUXX5152
Elenite BUXX0716
Elenov Dol BUXX4010
Elenovo BUXX5363
Elenovo BUXX5010
Elenska BUXX4594
Elentsite BUXX1280
Eleshnitsa BUXX4011
Eleshnitsa BUXX0438
Elin Pelin BUXX4012
Eliseyna BUXX5564
Elkhovets BUXX4595
Elkhovo BUXX5153
Elkhovo BUXX0150
Elovdol BUXX5565
Elovdol BUXX3268
Elovitsa BUXX3269
Elovitsa BUXX2997
Elsha BUXX5364
Elshitsa BUXX3129
Emen BUXX6091
Emirovo BUXX0717
Emona BUXX0718
Enchets BUXX1980
Enchovtsi BUXX1281
Enev Rut BUXX1282
Enevo BUXX0982
Enevo BUXX4866
Enina BUXX5154
Enitsa BUXX5566
Erden BUXX2998
Eremiya BUXX2549
Erevish BUXX5366
Erma Reka BUXX4596
Erovete BUXX1981
Erul BUXX3270
Ese BUXX4867
Esen BUXX0719
Esenishte BUXX4597
Esenitsa BUXX5857
Eter BUXX1283
Etropole BUXX0151
Evlogievo BUXX3640
Evrenozovo BUXX0720
Ezdimirtsi BUXX3271
Ezerche BUXX3815
Ezerets BUXX0983
Ezero BUXX5011
Ezeroto BUXX1284
Ezerovo BUXX4598
Ezerovo BUXX5858
Ezerovo BUXX1669
Fabrika BUXX4599
Fakiya BUXX0721
Falkovets BUXX5699
Fatovo BUXX4600
Fazanovo BUXX0722
Filaretovo BUXX5012
Filip Totevo BUXX6092
Filipovo BUXX0440
Filipovo BUXX6406
Filipovtsi BUXX3272
Filipovtsi BUXX4308
Flin Pelin BUXX0152
Florentin BUXX5700
Fotinovo BUXX1982
Franduk Makhala BUXX1983
Frolosh BUXX2550
Furen BUXX5567
Furevtsi BUXX1285
Furgovo BUXX0441
Furgovtsi BUXX1286
Furtuni BUXX1287
Gabare BUXX5568
Gabarevo BUXX5155
Gaber BUXX4015
Gaber BUXX0985
Gaberevo BUXX0723
Gaberovo BUXX1670
Gabra BUXX4016
Gabraka BUXX6093
Gabrene BUXX0442
Gabreshevtsi BUXX2551
Gabrina BUXX4601
Gabritsa BUXX4602
Gabritsa BUXX4868
Gabrovdol BUXX3273
Gabrovitsa BUXX2792
Gabrovitsa BUXX3131
Gabrovnitsa BUXX4017
Gabrovnitsa BUXX2793
Gabrovnitsa BUXX2999
Gabrovo BUXX1984
Gabrovo BUXX0153
Gabrovo BUXX0443
Gabrovtsi BUXX6094
Gabur BUXX0724
Gaburnitsa BUXX5859
Gaburska BUXX2794
Gachovtsi BUXX1288
Gagalya BUXX3739
Gaganitsa BUXX3000
Gagovo BUXX5367
Galata BUXX5860
Galata BUXX2795
Galatin BUXX5569
Galiche BUXX0154
Galishte BUXX4603
Galovo BUXX5570
Ganchovets BUXX1289
Ganchovo BUXX5861
Ganev Dol BUXX6095
Ganev Khan BUXX1290
Gara Bov BUXX4018
Gara Dragoman BUXX4019
Gara Elin Pelin BUXX4020
Gara Iskur BUXX4309
Gara Ivanovo BUXX3740
Gara Kaspichan BUXX0155
Gara Khitrino BUXX4869
Gara Kostenets BUXX4021
Gara Krichim BUXX0156
Gara Lakatnik BUXX4022
Gara Oborishte BUXX5862
Gara Ograzhden BUXX0444
Gara Oreshets BUXX5701
Gara Razgrad BUXX3816
Gara Samuil BUXX3817
Gara Septemvri BUXX3132
Gara Zlati Dol BUXX1671
Garevtsi BUXX1291
Garvan BUXX1292
Garvan BUXX4405
Garvanov Kamuk BUXX1293
Garvanovo BUXX1672
Gashtevtsi BUXX6096
Gavrailovo BUXX5013
Gavril Genovo BUXX3001
Gaydari BUXX1294
Gaydari BUXX1985
Gaykinite BUXX1295
Gaytanevo BUXX4023
Gaytaninovo BUXX0445
Gaytanite BUXX1296
Gaytantsi BUXX3002
Gaytantsi BUXX5702
Gazurnitsite BUXX1297
Gega BUXX0446
Gegovi BUXX3133
Gela BUXX4604
Gelchina Makhala BUXX2552
Gelemenovo BUXX3134
Genchovtsi BUXX1298
General-Dobrero BUXX3818
General-Fichevo BUXX1986
General-Geshevo BUXX1987
General-Inzovo BUXX6407
General-Kiselovo BUXX5864
General-Kolevo BUXX0986
General-Kolevo BUXX5865
General-Marinovo BUXX5703
General-Popovo BUXX4407
General-Toshevo BUXX6408
General-Tosheyo BUXX0157
Generalovo BUXX1673
Genovo BUXX1988
Genovtsi BUXX1299
Genya BUXX1300
Georgi-Damyanovo BUXX3003
Georgi-Dobrevo BUXX1674
Geranovitsa BUXX4024
Geranya BUXX2796
Gergevets BUXX5014
Gergichka BUXX4025
Gergini BUXX1301
Gerisowa BUXX0988
German BUXX4310
Gesha BUXX1302
Geshanovo BUXX0989
Getsovo BUXX3819
Gigen BUXX0158
Gigintsi BUXX3274
Gigovo Ravnishte BUXX4026
Gintsi BUXX4027
Gipsovo BUXX5156
Girchevtsi BUXX2553
Gita BUXX5157
Glashatay BUXX5368
Glava BUXX5571
Glavan BUXX0159
Glavan BUXX4408
Glavanovtsi BUXX3004
Glavanovtsi BUXX3275
Glavantsi BUXX0990
Glavatar BUXX3459
Glavatartsi BUXX1989
Glavatsi BUXX5572
Glavinitsa BUXX3135
Glavinitsa BUXX4409
Gledachevo BUXX5015
Gledatsi BUXX1303
Gledka BUXX1990
Gledka BUXX1675
Glodzhevo BUXX3820
Gloginka BUXX5369
Glogino BUXX4605
Glogovets BUXX6097
Glogovitsa BUXX3276
Glogovo BUXX2797
Glozhene BUXX2798
Glozhene BUXX5573
Glufishevo BUXX5016
Glukhar BUXX1991
Glumche BUXX0725
Glumovo BUXX1992
Glushka BUXX1304
Glushnik BUXX5017
Glutnitsite BUXX1305
Gnezdare BUXX1993
Gnilyane BUXX4311
Gnyazdovo BUXX1994
Godech BUXX0045
Godeshevo BUXX0447
Godlevo BUXX0448
Gola Glava BUXX4030
Gola Mogila BUXX4031
Golak BUXX4032
Golchinka BUXX1995
Golebina BUXX4410
Golem Tsalim BUXX0449
Golem Vurbovnik BUXX2554
Golema Fucha BUXX2555
Golema Rakovitsa BUXX4033
Golemani BUXX6098
Golemanite BUXX6099
Golemanovo BUXX5704
Golemantsi BUXX1676
Golemi Bulgareni BUXX1306
Golemi Rut BUXX6100
Golemin BUXX1996
Golemo Babino BUXX5574
Golemo Buchino BUXX3277
Golemo Malovo BUXX4034
Golemo Peshtene BUXX5575
Golemo Selo BUXX2556
Golesh BUXX4411
Golesh BUXX4035
Goleshovo BUXX0450
Golets BUXX2799
Golintsi BUXX1997
Golitsa BUXX5866
Golobrad BUXX1998
Golobradovo BUXX1677
Golyam Chardak BUXX3460
Golyam Dervent BUXX6409
Golyam Devesil BUXX1999
Golyam Dol BUXX5158
Golyam Izvor BUXX1678
Golyam Izvor BUXX4036
Golyam Izvor BUXX3821
Golyam Manastir BUXX6410
Golyam Porovets BUXX3822
Golyama Bara BUXX2000
Golyama Chinka BUXX2001
Golyama Detelina BUXX5018
Golyama Dolina BUXX1679
Golyama Gora BUXX2801
Golyama Ribnya BUXX2802
Golyama Voda BUXX3823
Golyamo Asenovo BUXX1680
Golyamo Belovo BUXX3136
Golyamo Bukovo BUXX0726
Golyamo Delchevo BUXX5867
Golyamo Dolyane BUXX5370
Golyamo Dryanovo BUXX5159
Golyamo Kadievo BUXX5160
Golyamo Krushevo BUXX6411
Golyamo Novo BUXX5372
Golyamo Osoe BUXX2804
Golyamo Sokolovo BUXX5373
Golyamo Vranovo BUXX3741
Golyanovtsi BUXX4037
Gomotartsi BUXX5705
Goran BUXX2805
Goranovtsi BUXX2557
Goranovtsi BUXX6101
Goranska Padina BUXX4606
Gorazd BUXX4870
Gorazd BUXX3742
Gorchevo BUXX0451
Goreme BUXX0452
Goren Bliznak BUXX5868
Goren Chiflik BUXX5869
Goren Enevets BUXX6102
Goren Izvor BUXX0992
Gorichane BUXX0993
Gorichevo BUXX3824
Goritsa BUXX5375
Goritsa BUXX5870
Goritsa BUXX0994
Goritsa BUXX0727
Gorna Arda BUXX4607
Gorna Banya BUXX4312
Gorna Beshovitsa BUXX5576
Gorna Brestnitsa BUXX2558
Gorna Breznitsa BUXX0453
Gorna Dikanya BUXX3278
Gorna Dubeva BUXX3137
Gorna Glogovitsa BUXX3279
Gorna Gnoynista BUXX0161
Gorna Grashtitsa BUXX2559
Gorna Kabda BUXX5376
Gorna Khubavka BUXX5377
Gorna Kovachitsa BUXX3006
Gorna Koznitsa BUXX2561
Gorna Kremena BUXX5577
Gorna Krepost BUXX2003
Gorna Krushitsa BUXX0454
Gorna Kula BUXX2004
Gorna Lipnitsa BUXX6104
Gorna Luka BUXX3007
Gorna Makhala BUXX3461
Gorna Malina BUXX4038
Gorna Margatina BUXX2806
Gorna Melna BUXX3280
Gorna Murna BUXX5871
Gorna Ribnitsa BUXX0455
Gorna Rositsa BUXX1308
Gorna Sekirna BUXX3281
Gorna Studena BUXX0163
Gorna Sushitsa BUXX0456
Gorna Vasilitsa BUXX4039
Gorna Verenitsa BUXX3008
Gorna Vrabcha BUXX3282
Gorna Zlatitsa BUXX5378
Gornenite BUXX2807
Gorni Bakoytsi BUXX1309
Gorni Bogrov BUXX4313
Gorni Chiflik BUXX5706
Gorni Chukani BUXX6105
Gorni Domlyan BUXX3462
Gorni Dragoycha BUXX1311
Gorni Dubnik BUXX3642
Gorni Glavanak BUXX1681
Gorni Koriten BUXX2562
Gorni Kray BUXX6106
Gorni Lom BUXX5707
Gorni Lozen BUXX4314
Gorni Marentsi BUXX1312
Gorni Okol BUXX4040
Gorni Pasarel BUXX4315
Gorni Radkovtsi BUXX1313
Gorni Rakovets BUXX3283
Gorni Romantsi BUXX3284
Gorni Tanchevtsi BUXX6107
Gorni Tsibur BUXX3009
Gorni Tsonevtsi BUXX1314
Gorni Vadin BUXX5578
Gorni Voden BUXX3463
Gorni Vurpishta BUXX1315
Gorni Yurutsi BUXX2005
Gornik BUXX3643
Gorno Ablamovo BUXX0164
Gorno Ablanovo BUXX3743
Gorno Belevo BUXX5161
Gorno Botevo BUXX5162
Gorno Draglishte BUXX0457
Gorno Dryanovo BUXX0458
Gorno Fatovo BUXX4608
Gorno Izvorovo BUXX5163
Gorno Kamartsi BUXX4041
Gorno Kobile BUXX2563
Gorno Kozarevo BUXX5379
Gorno Kraishte BUXX0459
Gorno Kupinovo BUXX2006
Gorno Lukovo BUXX2007
Gorno Novkovo BUXX5380
Gorno Novo Selo BUXX5164
Gorno Osenovo BUXX0460
Gorno Ozirovo BUXX3010
Gorno Pavlikene BUXX2808
Gorno Peshtene BUXX5579
Gorno Pole BUXX1682
Gorno Prakhovo BUXX2008
Gorno Sakhrane BUXX5165
Gorno Selo BUXX4042
Gorno Shivachevo BUXX6108
Gorno Spanchevo BUXX0461
Gorno Trape BUXX2809
Gorno Tserovene BUXX3011
Gorno Uyno BUXX2564
Gorno Voyvodino BUXX1683
Gorno Vurshilo BUXX3138
Gorno Yabulkovo BUXX0728
Gornoseltsi BUXX2009
Gornoslav BUXX3464
Gornoto Selo BUXX4043
Gornova Mogila BUXX1316
Gornyani BUXX0462
Gorobiovtsi BUXX4044
Gorochevtsi BUXX3285
Gorostanete BUXX4045
Gorotsvet BUXX3825
Gorovo BUXX0729
Gorovo BUXX4609
Gorska BUXX6109
Gorska Polyana BUXX6412
Gorski Dol BUXX4610
Gorski Izvor BUXX1684
Gorski Izvor BUXX2010
Gorski Senovets BUXX6112
Gorsko BUXX2011
Gorsko Ablanovo BUXX5381
Gorsko Dyulevo BUXX2012
Gorsko Kosovo BUXX6114
Gorsko Novo Selo BUXX6115
Gorsko Pisarevo BUXX6116
Gorsko Selo BUXX5382
Gorsko Slivovo BUXX2810
Gortalovo BUXX3644
Gorublyane BUXX4316
Gorun BUXX0995
Gorunaka BUXX4046
Goryani BUXX1317
Gospodinovo BUXX4412
Gospodintsi BUXX0463
Gostilitsa BUXX1318
Gostilya BUXX3645
Gostina BUXX2812
Gostun BUXX0464
Gotse Delchev BUXX0021
Gotvarsko BUXX2013
Govedare BUXX3139
Govedartsi BUXX4047
Govezhda BUXX3012
Goz BUXX3286
Gozdevitsa BUXX4611
Gozdeyka BUXX1319
Goznitsa BUXX2813
Gradeshnitsa BUXX5580
Gradets BUXX5021
Gradets BUXX4048
Gradets BUXX5708
Gradevo BUXX0465
Gradezhnitsa BUXX2814
Gradina BUXX3826
Gradina BUXX3646
Gradina BUXX6117
Gradinarovo BUXX5874
Gradini BUXX0996
Gradinka BUXX5383
Gradinska Reka BUXX4612
Gradishte BUXX1320
Gradishte BUXX4049
Gradishte BUXX3647
Gradishte BUXX4871
Gradnitsa BUXX1321
Gradnitsa BUXX0997
Gradoman BUXX4317
Gradsko BUXX5022
Gradtsite BUXX6118
Gradut BUXX4613
Graf Ignatievo BUXX3466
Grafitovo BUXX5023
Gramada BUXX5710
Gramada BUXX0466
Gramadata BUXX4050
Gramade BUXX2565
Gramade BUXX4614
Gramade BUXX3287
Gramadlivo BUXX6119
Gramatikovo BUXX0730
Gramatitsi BUXX6120
Gramazhdano BUXX2566
Granichak BUXX5711
Granichar BUXX0998
Granichar BUXX0731
Granit BUXX5166
Granitets BUXX6413
Granitovo BUXX5712
Granitovo BUXX6414
Granitsa BUXX2567
Grashevo BUXX3140
Grashtitsa BUXX4615
Greevtsi BUXX5384
Grigorevo BUXX4051
Grivitsa BUXX3648
Grivka BUXX2014
Grivyak BUXX2015
Grokhotno BUXX4616
Gromshin BUXX3013
Grozden BUXX0732
Grozdovo BUXX0166
Grublevtsi BUXX1322
Grudovo BUXX0167
Gruevo BUXX2016
Grulska Padina BUXX4054
Gruncharovo BUXX4413
Gruncher BUXX2815
Gruncherite BUXX1323
Gubene BUXX1324
Gubesh BUXX4055
Gubislav BUXX4056
Gudevitsa BUXX4617
Gugutka BUXX2017
Guliya BUXX2018
Guliyka BUXX2019
Gulubari BUXX3827
Gulubets BUXX0733
Gulubets BUXX1685
Gulubinka BUXX5385
Gulubintsi BUXX6415
Gulubnik BUXX3288
Gulubova Makhala BUXX0467
Gulubovo BUXX4618
Gulubovo BUXX5167
Gulubovo BUXX0468
Gulubovo BUXX3467
Gulubovtsi BUXX4057
Gulyantsi BUXX3649
Gumoshtnik BUXX2816
Gumzovo BUXX5713
Gumzovo Gradets BUXX0168
Gurbanovtsi BUXX2568
Gurbino BUXX2569
Gurbishte BUXX2020
Gurchinovo BUXX5386
Gurdevtsi BUXX6121
Gurdezh BUXX4058
Gurgulitsa BUXX2021
Gurgulyat BUXX4059
Gurkovo BUXX4060
Gurkovo BUXX0999
Gurkovo BUXX5168
Gurlo BUXX3289
Gurlyano BUXX2570
Gurmazovo BUXX4061
Gurmen BUXX0469
Gurnati BUXX4619
Gurnevtsi BUXX6122
Gurnya BUXX1325
Guskovo BUXX2022
Gusla BUXX4872
Guslar BUXX1000
Gutsal BUXX4062
Gutzal BUXX4063
Gyudyurska BUXX4620
Gyueshevo BUXX2571
Gyulovtsa BUXX0169
Gyurgevo BUXX2572
Gyurgevo BUXX0470
Gyurgich BUXX5715
Harmanata BUXX0735
Hasanbejli BUXX5875
Hrabarsko BUXX4064
I. V. Chervenkov BUXX0736
Ichera BUXX5024
Idilevo BUXX1326
Iganovo BUXX3468
Iglika BUXX2023
Iglika BUXX4873
Iglika BUXX6416
Ignatievo BUXX5876
Ignatitsa BUXX5581
Ignatovo BUXX3014
Ignatovtsi BUXX1328
Ignatovtsi BUXX6123
Igralishte BUXX0471
Ikhtiman BUXX4065
Ilakov Rut BUXX6124
Ilevtsi BUXX1329
Ilevtsi BUXX6125
Ilievtsi BUXX2818
Ilinden BUXX4066
Ilinden BUXX0472
Ilindentsi BUXX0473
Ilinitsa BUXX2024
Ilitsa BUXX3015
Iliya BUXX2573
Iliya-Bluskovo BUXX4874
Iliyantsi BUXX4318
Iliyno BUXX5387
Iliysko BUXX2025
Iliyuvtsi BUXX6126
Imrenchevo BUXX4875
Indzhe Voyvoda BUXX0737
Inovo BUXX5716
Irechek BUXX1001
Irechekovo BUXX6417
Irinetsi BUXX1330
Irnik BUXX4414
Iskra BUXX2026
Iskra BUXX1331
Iskra BUXX3469
Iskra BUXX4415
Iskrets BUXX4067
Iskril BUXX2027
Iskritsa BUXX5169
Iskur BUXX3650
Iskur BUXX5877
Isperikh BUXX0170
Isperikhovo BUXX3141
Ivan Dimov BUXX1332
Ivan Kedlik BUXX4622
Ivan Shishmanovo BUXX3828
Ivan-Vazovo BUXX3470
Ivancha BUXX6127
Ivancha BUXX5388
Ivanilovtsi BUXX1333
Ivanivanovtsi BUXX6128
Ivankovtsi BUXX1334
Ivanovo BUXX4876
Ivanovo BUXX3744
Ivanovo BUXX0474
Ivanovo BUXX1686
Ivanovtsi BUXX2574
Ivanovtsi BUXX5717
Ivanovtsi BUXX6129
Ivanshnitsa BUXX2819
Ivanski BUXX0171
Ivantsi BUXX2028
Ivanyane BUXX4319
Ivaylo BUXX3142
Ivaylovgrad BUXX0172
Izbeglii BUXX3471
Izbul BUXX4877
Izgrev BUXX6418
Izgrev BUXX0739
Izgrev BUXX3651
Izgrev BUXX5025
Izgrev BUXX0173
Izgrev BUXX4623
Izgrev BUXX5878
Iztochnik BUXX1335
Izvor BUXX4068
Izvor BUXX3290
Izvor BUXX3472
Izvor Makhala BUXX5719
Izvorche BUXX2820
Izvorishte BUXX0741
Izvornik BUXX5879
Izvorovo BUXX5389
Izvorovo BUXX1002
Izvorovo BUXX1687
Izvorovo BUXX5170
Izvorovo BUXX3473
Izvorsko BUXX5880
Kabile BUXX6419
Kabiyuk BUXX4879
Kableshkovo BUXX0174
Kableshkovo BUXX2031
Kableshkovo BUXX1003
Kachova Makhala BUXX0475
Kachulka BUXX2032
Kadievo BUXX3474
Kadin Most BUXX2575
Kadrevitsa BUXX2576
Kadunka BUXX2033
Kakrina BUXX0175
Kalaydzhievo BUXX2034
Kalaydzhii BUXX6130
Kalchevo BUXX6420
Kalchovska BUXX2821
Kalchovtsi BUXX1336
Kalekovets BUXX3475
Kalen BUXX5582
Kalenik BUXX2822
Kalenik BUXX5720
Kalenovtsi BUXX4070
Kalevishte BUXX4624
Kaleytsa BUXX2823
Kalimanitsa BUXX3016
Kalimantsi BUXX0476
Kalimantsi BUXX5881
Kalina BUXX5721
Kalina BUXX1004
Kalinka BUXX2035
Kalino BUXX4880
Kalipetrovo BUXX4416
Kalishte BUXX3291
Kalitinovo BUXX5171
Kalkas BUXX3292
Kalkovo BUXX4320
Kalnishte BUXX5391
Kalofer BUXX0047
Kalomen BUXX1337
Kalotina BUXX2036
Kalotina BUXX4071
Kalotintsi BUXX3293
Kalovo BUXX0742
Kaloyan BUXX5882
Kaloyanovets BUXX5172
Kaloyanovo BUXX3476
Kaloyanovo BUXX5026
Kaloyantsi BUXX2037
Kaltinets BUXX6131
Kalugerene BUXX4417
Kalugeritsa BUXX4881
Kalugerovo BUXX1688
Kalugerovo BUXX3143
Kalugerovo BUXX4072
Kambelevtsi BUXX4073
Kamburovo BUXX5392
Kamchiya BUXX0743
Kamen BUXX5027
Kamen BUXX1005
Kamen Dol BUXX2824
Kamen Dyal BUXX5883
Kamen Vrukh BUXX6421
Kamena BUXX0477
Kamenar BUXX5884
Kamenar BUXX3829
Kamenar BUXX0744
Kamenari BUXX6133
Kamenartsi BUXX2039
Kamenchanska BUXX4074
Kamenets BUXX6422
Kamenets BUXX3652
Kamenets BUXX2040
Kamenik BUXX2578
Kamenitsa BUXX6517
Kamenitsa BUXX3144
Kamenitsa BUXX0478
Kamenitsa BUXX4075
Kamenka BUXX2041
Kamenna BUXX5028
Kamenna Reka BUXX6423
Kamenna Riksa BUXX3017
Kameno BUXX0177
Kameno Pole BUXX5583
Kamenovo BUXX5029
Kamenovo BUXX0178
Kamensko BUXX0745
Kamentsi BUXX4418
Kamenyak BUXX4882
Kamenyak BUXX0746
Kamenyane BUXX2042
Kameshtitsa BUXX1338
Kamilski Dol BUXX2043
Kanara BUXX4625
Kandilka BUXX2044
Kandovi BUXX3145
Kandzhiyska BUXX2825
Kandzhulitsa BUXX3295
Kanits BUXX5722
Kantari BUXX6134
Kanyak BUXX2045
Kaolinovo BUXX4883
Kapak Makhala BUXX2046
Kapatovo BUXX0479
Kapel BUXX2047
Kapinova Stoka BUXX2826
Kapishte BUXX5393
Kapitan Petko BUXX4884
Kapitan-Andreevo BUXX1689
Kapitanovtsi BUXX5723
Kara Mikhal BUXX3830
Karabunar BUXX3147
Karadzhalovo BUXX1690
Karadzhovo BUXX3477
Karadzhovtsi BUXX6135
Karageorgievo BUXX0747
Karaisen BUXX6136
Karaivantsa BUXX1339
Karaivantsi BUXX6137
Karalite BUXX1340
Karamanite BUXX5885
Karamanitsa BUXX4626
Karamanovo BUXX3745
Karamantsi BUXX1691
Karamfil BUXX2048
Karamichevska BUXX1341
Karan Vurbovka BUXX3746
Karandili BUXX6138
Karanovo BUXX0748
Karantsi BUXX6139
Karapelit BUXX1007
Karapoltsi BUXX4076
Karash BUXX5584
Karavelovo BUXX6424
Karavelovo BUXX3478
Karavelovo BUXX4885
Karbintsi BUXX5724
Kardam BUXX1008
Kardam BUXX5394
Kardem BUXX0180
Kariyata BUXX1342
Karlievo BUXX4077
Karlovo BUXX0048
Karlovsko BUXX2049
Karlukovo BUXX2827
Karnobat BUXX0182
Kartal Makhala BUXX1692
Karvuna BUXX1009
Karyuvtsi BUXX2828
Kasaliyska BUXX2829
Kasapsko BUXX4627
Kashentsi BUXX1343
Kashina BUXX0480
Kasilag BUXX3296
Kasnakovo BUXX1693
Kastel BUXX1344
Kateritsa BUXX2050
Kateritsa BUXX3653
Katrandzhii BUXX1345
Katranitsa BUXX4628
Katrantsi BUXX4629
Katrishte BUXX2579
Katselovo BUXX0183
Katsilyane BUXX4321
Katunets BUXX2830
Katunishte BUXX5031
Katunitsa BUXX0049
Katuntsi BUXX0481
Kavarna BUXX0019
Kavlak BUXX6140
Kavrakirovo BUXX0482
Kayaloba BUXX2051
Kaykovska BUXX4630
Kaynardzha BUXX0186
Kayryaka BUXX3148
Kazachevo BUXX2831
Kazak BUXX2052
Kazanka BUXX5173
Kazanluk BUXX0187
Kazashka Reka BUXX5886
Kazashko BUXX5887
Kazatsi BUXX6141
Kazatsite BUXX2053
Kazichene BUXX4322
Kazimir BUXX4419
Kekhayovtsi BUXX3479
Kereka BUXX1346
Kerenite BUXX1347
Kermen BUXX0188
Kesarevo BUXX6142
Kesten BUXX4631
Kestenevo BUXX5395
Khadzhi Dimitur BUXX1010
Khadzhidimitrovo BUXX6425
Khadzhidimitrovo BUXX6143
Khadzhidimovo BUXX0483
Khadzhievo BUXX3149
Khadzhievtsi BUXX2054
Khadzhiite BUXX0750
Khalovski Kolibi BUXX5725
Khalvadzhiysko BUXX5396
Khambar BUXX4632
Khan Krum BUXX4886
Khanovo BUXX6426
Kharacherite BUXX1348
Kharmanite BUXX0751
Kharmanli BUXX1694
Kharmarli BUXX0189
Kharvalovtsi BUXX6144
Khasakiite BUXX1349
Khasekiyata BUXX0752
Khaskovo BUXX0028
Khasovitsa BUXX4633
Khasovo BUXX4887
Khayredin BUXX5585
Kherakovo BUXX4078
Khirevo BUXX1350
Khisar BUXX2055
Khisarya BUXX3480
Khitovo BUXX1011
Khitrevtsi BUXX1351
Khlevene BUXX2832
Khlyabovo BUXX6427
Khodzhalar BUXX2056
Khodzhovtsi BUXX2057
Khotantsa BUXX3747
Khotnitsa BUXX6145
Khotovo BUXX0485
Khrabrino BUXX3481
Khrabrovo BUXX5888
Khrabrovo BUXX1012
Khrabursko BUXX4079
Khrasna BUXX0486
Khrastovo BUXX2058
Khrishteni BUXX5175
Khristiyanovo BUXX5176
Khristo-Danovo BUXX3482
Khristovtsi BUXX6146
Khristovtsi BUXX1352
Khromitsa BUXX2059
Khrsovo BUXX4888
Khrsovo BUXX3831
Khubanovtsi BUXX6147
Khubavene BUXX5586
Khukhla BUXX2060
Khuma BUXX3832
Khunevtsi BUXX6148
Khurlets BUXX5587
Khursovo BUXX0487
Khvostyane BUXX0488
Khvoyna BUXX0192
Khvurchil BUXX4080
Kichenitsa BUXX3833
Kichevo BUXX5889
Kichushka BUXX2834
Kievtsi BUXX1353
Kikhayovtsi BUXX6149
Kilifarevo BUXX0051
Killuzhevtsi BUXX6150
Kipilovo BUXX5032
Kipra BUXX5890
Kirchevo BUXX2835
Kireevo BUXX5726
Kirevtsi BUXX6151
Kirilovo BUXX6428
Kirilovo BUXX5177
Kirkova Makhla BUXX2836
Kirkovo BUXX4889
Kirkovo BUXX2061
Kirovo BUXX0753
Kiselets BUXX5397
Kiselevo BUXX3018
Kiselichevo BUXX4635
Kiselitsa BUXX2580
Kiselitsata BUXX1354
Kiselkovtsi BUXX1355
Kisiytsite BUXX1356
Kitanchevo BUXX3834
Kiten BUXX0754
Kiten BUXX5891
Kitino BUXX5398
Kitka BUXX0755
Kitka BUXX5892
Kitna BUXX2062
Kitnitsa BUXX2063
Kitovska Makhala BUXX2581
Kladenchevo BUXX5893
Kladenets BUXX4890
Kladenets BUXX3835
Kladenets BUXX1695
Kladentsi BUXX1013
Kladentsi BUXX0489
Kladni Dyal BUXX6153
Kladnitsa BUXX3297
Kladorub BUXX5727
Klementina BUXX3654
Klenovik BUXX3298
Klepalo BUXX0490
Kletnitsa BUXX2064
Klikach BUXX0756
Klimash BUXX0757
Klimash BUXX2837
Kliment BUXX3483
Kliment BUXX4891
Klimentovo BUXX6154
Klimentovo BUXX5894
Klisura BUXX4081
Klisura BUXX4323
Klisura BUXX0491
Klisura BUXX0194
Klisuritsa BUXX3019
KljuoCe Klyuch BUXX0492
Klokotnitsa BUXX1696
Klushka Reka BUXX6155
Klych BUXX0493
Klyuchevo BUXX2065
Kmetcheta BUXX1357
Kmetovtsi BUXX1358
Knezha BUXX0195
Knezhni Luk BUXX2838
Knezovo BUXX2066
Knizhovnik BUXX1697
Knyazhevo BUXX6429
Knyazhevo BUXX4324
Knyazhevsko BUXX5178
Kobilino BUXX2067
Kobilyak BUXX3021
Kobilyan Dol BUXX4636
Kobilyane BUXX2068
Kochan BUXX0494
Kochani BUXX4637
Kocherinovo BUXX2582
Kochevo BUXX3484
Kochmar BUXX1014
Kochovo BUXX4892
Koevtsi BUXX6156
Koevtsi BUXX1359
Koevtsi BUXX2839
Koilovtsi BUXX3655
Kokalich BUXX4638
Kokalyane BUXX4325
Kokiche BUXX2069
Kokora BUXX4639
Kokorkovo BUXX4640
Kokortsi BUXX4641
Kokoshane BUXX2070
Kolari BUXX6157
Kolarovo BUXX5179
Kolarovo BUXX4420
Kolarovo BUXX1698
Kolarovo BUXX0495
Kolartsi BUXX1015
Kolena BUXX5180
Kolets BUXX1699
Kolibite BUXX0496
Kolich BUXX5729
Kolishovtsi BUXX1360
Kolobur BUXX4421
Kolosh BUXX3299
Kolusha BUXX2583
Kolushevo BUXX1700
Kolyu Ganchevo BUXX5181
Kolyu Ganev BUXX1361
Kolyu Marinovo BUXX5182
Komarevo BUXX3022
Komarevo BUXX5588
Komarevo BUXX5895
Komarevo BUXX3656
Komatevo BUXX3485
Komoshtitsa BUXX3023
Komoshtitsa BUXX2071
Komshtitsa BUXX4082
Komunari BUXX5896
Komuniga BUXX2072
Konak BUXX5399
Konare BUXX5183
Konare BUXX1016
Konarsko BUXX0497
Konarskoto BUXX1362
Konche BUXX2073
Kondofrey BUXX3300
Kondolovo BUXX0758
Kondovo BUXX2074
Kondurite BUXX4084
Konevets BUXX6430
Konevo BUXX2075
Konevo BUXX3836
Konevo BUXX4893
Konevod BUXX2076
Konnitsi BUXX2077
Konop BUXX5400
Konska BUXX3301
Konstantin BUXX6158
Konstantinovets BUXX5184
Konstantinovo BUXX1701
Kontil BUXX2078
Konush BUXX1702
Konush BUXX3486
Konyartsi BUXX6159
Konyavo BUXX2584
Konyovo BUXX5033
Kopadan BUXX4642
Kopanitsa BUXX3302
Kopcheliite BUXX1363
Kopilovtsi BUXX2585
Kopilovtsi BUXX3024
Kopitnik BUXX2079
Koprets BUXX5401
Koprinka BUXX5185
Kopriva BUXX2586
Koprivets BUXX3748
Koprivlen BUXX0498
Koprivlen BUXX2587
Koprivshtitsa BUXX0196
Koren BUXX1703
Koriite BUXX4643
Koritata BUXX4644
Koriten BUXX1017
Koriyata BUXX1364
Korkina BUXX2588
Kormisosh BUXX4645
Kormyansko BUXX1365
Kornitsa BUXX0499
Korova BUXX2080
Korten BUXX5034
Kos BUXX2081
Kosacha BUXX3303
Kosara BUXX4422
Kosarka BUXX1366
Kosevtsi BUXX6160
Kosharevo BUXX3304
Kosharinska BUXX2589
Kosharite BUXX3305
Kosharitsa BUXX0759
Kosharna BUXX3749
Koshava BUXX5730
Koshnichari BUXX5402
Koshnitsa BUXX4646
Koshov BUXX3750
Koshuta BUXX5898
Koshute BUXX4647
Kosilka BUXX1367
Kosmata BUXX4085
Kosova Makhala BUXX0500
Kosovets BUXX0760
Kosovite BUXX1368
Kosovo BUXX4894
Kosovo BUXX5731
Kosovo BUXX4648
Kosovo BUXX2590
Kosta Perchevo BUXX5732
Kostadinite BUXX1369
Kostan Chair BUXX2082
Kostandenets BUXX3837
Kostandovo BUXX3150
Kostel BUXX6161
Kostelevo BUXX5589
Kosten BUXX0761
Kostena Reka BUXX4895
Kostenets BUXX0197
Kostenkovtsi BUXX1370
Kostentsi BUXX3025
Kosti BUXX0762
Kostichovtsi BUXX5733
Kostievo BUXX3487
Kostilkovo BUXX2083
Kostinbrod BUXX4086
Kostino BUXX2084
Kostovtsi BUXX1371
Kostur BUXX1704
Kosturino BUXX2085
Kosturintsi BUXX3306
Kotel BUXX0198
Kotenovtsi BUXX3026
Kotlari BUXX2086
Kotlentsi BUXX1018
Kotovtsite BUXX1372
Kotseva Makhala BUXX2591
Kotutsi BUXX6162
Kovach BUXX5186
Kovachevets BUXX5403
Kovachevitsa BUXX0501
Kovachevo BUXX3151
Kovachevo BUXX0502
Kovachevo BUXX5035
Kovachevtsi BUXX2592
Kovachevtsi BUXX4087
Kovachevtsi BUXX3307
Kovachevtsi BUXX1373
Kovachite BUXX5036
Kovachitsa BUXX3027
Kovandzhiite BUXX2840
Kovil BUXX5404
Kovnare BUXX0199
Koychovtsi BUXX4088
Koychovtsi BUXX1374
Koynare BUXX5590
Koynare BUXX4649
Koyno BUXX2593
Koynov Trap BUXX2841
Kozanovo BUXX3488
Kozar Belene BUXX3657
Kozare BUXX0763
Kozarevets BUXX6163
Kozarevets BUXX5187
Kozarevo BUXX5037
Kozarevo BUXX6431
Kozarka BUXX4650
Kozarsko BUXX3152
Kozhari BUXX4651
Kozhintsi BUXX3308
Kozhlyuvtsi BUXX6164
Kozhukhartsi BUXX2088
Kozi Rog BUXX1375
Kozichino BUXX0764
Kozin Dol BUXX5038
Kozino BUXX2089
Kozitsa BUXX5405
Kozitsa BUXX2090
Kozlets BUXX1705
Kozlevo BUXX2091
Kozloduy BUXX0200
Kozloduytsi BUXX1019
Kozlovets BUXX6165
Kozma Prezviter BUXX5406
Koznitsa BUXX0765
Kozovets BUXX0201
Kozya Reka BUXX6166
Kozyak BUXX4423
Krachimir BUXX5734
Kraeva Bachiya BUXX5591
Kraevo BUXX4089
Kraguevo BUXX1020
Kraishte BUXX1021
Krakra BUXX5899
Kralevdol BUXX3309
Kralevo BUXX1706
Kralevo BUXX5407
Krali Marko BUXX3153
Kramolin BUXX1376
Kran BUXX2092
Kranevo BUXX1022
Kranovo BUXX4424
Krantovtsi BUXX2842
Krapchene BUXX3028
Krapets BUXX1023
Krapets BUXX5592
Krasava BUXX3310
Krasen BUXX3751
Krasen Dol BUXX4896
Krasimir BUXX5900
Krasino BUXX2093
Krasno Gradishte BUXX6167
Krasno Selo BUXX4326
Krasnogor BUXX4425
Krasnoseltsi BUXX5408
Krasnovo BUXX3489
Krastatitsa BUXX4652
Kravino BUXX5188
Kravoder BUXX5593
Kraygortsi BUXX5039
Krayna BUXX4653
Krayni Dol BUXX2594
Kraynitsi BUXX2595
Krayno Selo BUXX2094
Kraynovo BUXX6432
Kraypole BUXX5409
Kremen BUXX0504
Kremena BUXX1025
Kremene BUXX4654
Kremenets BUXX2095
Kremenik BUXX2596
Kremenitsa BUXX2096
Kremikovtsi BUXX4327
Kren BUXX5189
Krepcha BUXX5410
Krepost BUXX1707
Kreslyuvtsi BUXX1377
Kresna BUXX0505
Kreta BUXX5594
Kreta BUXX3658
Kribul BUXX0506
Krichim BUXX0202
Krilatitsa BUXX2097
Krilyuvtsi BUXX6168
Krin BUXX2098
Krislovo BUXX3490
Kriva Bara BUXX3029
Kriva Krusha BUXX5040
Kriva Livada BUXX0507
Kriva Reka BUXX4897
Krivenik BUXX1378
Krivina BUXX3752
Krivina BUXX4328
Krivina BUXX2843
Krivini BUXX5901
Krivitsa BUXX3838
Krivnya BUXX5902
Krivnya BUXX3839
Krivo Pole BUXX1708
Krivodol BUXX0203
Krivodol BUXX5596
Krivonos BUXX3311
Krnalovo BUXX0508
Kromidovo BUXX0509
Kroyach BUXX3840
Kroyachevo BUXX2099
Kroyatsi BUXX2100
Krukozhabene BUXX4090
Krum BUXX1709
Krumchevtsi BUXX6169
Krumovgrad BUXX0204
Krumovo BUXX6433
Krumovo BUXX5903
Krumovo BUXX2597
Krumovo BUXX3491
Kruncha BUXX1379
Krundzhilitsa BUXX0510
Krupen BUXX1026
Krupnik BUXX0511
Krusha BUXX4091
Krusha BUXX5904
Krushaka BUXX5735
Krushare BUXX5041
Krushari BUXX0205
Krushata BUXX3154
Krusheto BUXX6170
Krushev Dol BUXX4655
Krushevets BUXX0767
Krushevo BUXX3492
Krushevo BUXX1027
Krushevo BUXX4656
Krushevo BUXX0512
Krushevo BUXX0768
Krushevo BUXX1380
Krushevska BUXX2101
Krushka BUXX2102
Krushno BUXX5411
Krusholak BUXX5412
Krushov Dol BUXX2844
Krushovene BUXX3659
Krushovitsa BUXX4092
Krushovitsa BUXX5597
Krushovitsa BUXX3660
Krushovo BUXX4657
Krushuna BUXX2845
Krustatitsa BUXX4658
Krustava BUXX3155
Krustenyatsite BUXX1381
Krustets BUXX5190
Krustevich BUXX3493
Krustevtsi BUXX6171
Krustiltsi BUXX0513
Krustina BUXX0769
Kryakovtsi BUXX1382
Kubadin BUXX6434
Kubrat BUXX3841
Kubratovo BUXX4329
Kudelin BUXX5736
Kuklen BUXX3494
Kuklitsa BUXX2103
Kuklya BUXX1383
Kukorevo BUXX6435
Kukovtsi BUXX2104
Kukurakhtsevo BUXX0514
Kukuryak BUXX2105
Kukuvitsa BUXX4659
Kula BUXX5737
Kulata BUXX2846
Kulata BUXX3495
Kulata BUXX0515
Kuleva BUXX4093
Kulina Voda BUXX3661
Kulnovo BUXX4898
Kumanite BUXX1384
Kumanovo BUXX5905
Kumanovtsi BUXX1385
Kumaritsa BUXX4330
Kumbaska BUXX2598
Kunchevo BUXX5191
Kundevo BUXX4660
Kunevo BUXX6436
Kunino BUXX5413
Kunino BUXX5599
Kupen BUXX4661
Kupen BUXX1386
Kupinets BUXX5414
Kupinovo BUXX6172
Kupinovo BUXX1028
Kupinovtsi BUXX3842
Kuptsite BUXX2106
Kurchovsko BUXX2107
Kurdjali BUXX0016
Kurdzhali BUXX0207
Kurilo BUXX4331
Kurlanovo BUXX0516
Kurnare BUXX3496
Kurnovo BUXX5600
Kurpachevo BUXX2847
Kurpelevo BUXX0517
Kurshalevo BUXX2599
Kurti Punya BUXX1387
Kurtovo BUXX3497
Kurtovo Konare BUXX3498
Kurtozhabene BUXX3662
Kurulezite BUXX2848
Kus BUXX4899
Kusak BUXX4662
Kushin BUXX3663
Kushla BUXX4663
Kushle BUXX3312
Kushlite BUXX1388
Kushlite BUXX4664
Kushushlek BUXX4094
Kusovtsi BUXX1389
Kutela BUXX4665
Kutina BUXX4332
Kutino BUXX2108
Kutlovitsa BUXX4426
Kutovo BUXX5738
Kutsarovtsi BUXX6173
Kutsarovtsi BUXX5739
Kutsina BUXX6174
Kutsino BUXX2109
Kutsovo BUXX2110
Kutugertsi BUXX2600
Kv. Akacija BUXX6376
Kvartal Lozovo BUXX0773
Kvartal Ogosta BUXX3035
Kvartal Pobeda BUXX0774
Kyulevcha BUXX4900
Kyustendil BUXX0208
Labets BUXX3038
Ladarevo BUXX0519
Lagerite BUXX6175
Lagoshevtsi BUXX5740
Lakarevo BUXX2849
Lakatnik BUXX4095
Lale BUXX2111
Lalkovo BUXX6437
Lambovtsi BUXX2850
Lambukh BUXX2112
Lapadets BUXX4901
Lapavishkovtsi BUXX6176
Laskar BUXX3664
Laskarevo BUXX0520
Latinka BUXX2113
Laykov Chukar BUXX4666
Lazar BUXX4096
Lazarovo BUXX5601
Lazartsi BUXX6177
Lebed BUXX2114
Lebnitsa BUXX0521
Lechevtsi BUXX2601
Ledenik BUXX6178
Lefka BUXX0209
Lekhchevo BUXX3039
Lekhovo BUXX0522
Lelintsi BUXX2115
Lelintsi BUXX2602
Lenishte BUXX2116
Lenkovo BUXX3665
Lenovo BUXX3499
Lensko BUXX2117
Lepitsa BUXX5602
Leshishte BUXX4667
Leshko BUXX0523
Leshko Presoi BUXX2851
Leshnikovo BUXX1710
Leshnikovtsi BUXX3313
Leshnitsa BUXX0524
Leshnitsa BUXX2852
Leshtak BUXX4668
Leshtarka BUXX2118
Leshten BUXX0525
Lesicharka BUXX1390
Lesiche BUXX6179
Lesiche BUXX4669
Lesicheri BUXX6180
Lesichevo BUXX3156
Lesidren BUXX2853
Leska BUXX4670
Leskov Dol BUXX4097
Leskovets BUXX5603
Leskovets BUXX3314
Leskovets BUXX3040
Leskovi Kolibi BUXX4671
Leskovitsa BUXX2119
Leskovo BUXX1029
Lesnovo BUXX4098
Lesovo BUXX0210
Lesura BUXX5604
Letnitsa BUXX0211
Letnitsa BUXX4099
Letovnik BUXX2120
Leva Reka BUXX3315
Levka BUXX1711
Levochevo BUXX0052
Levski BUXX0213
Levski BUXX5906
Levunovo BUXX0526
Leyarovo BUXX6438
Lik BUXX5605
Lilekovo BUXX4672
Lilkovo BUXX3500
Lilyach BUXX2604
Lilyache BUXX5606
Lilyak BUXX5415
Lilyak BUXX2121
Lilyanovo BUXX0527
Limets BUXX2122
Lipen BUXX3041
Lipets BUXX4673
Lipintsi BUXX4100
Lipnik BUXX3843
Lipnik BUXX3753
Lipnitsa BUXX4427
Lipnitsa BUXX4101
Lipov Rut BUXX6181
Lipova Mogila BUXX2854
Lisets BUXX1391
Lisets BUXX2855
Lisets BUXX2605
Lisets BUXX3316
Lisi Vrukh BUXX4902
Lisitsite BUXX2123
Lisiya BUXX0528
Lisovo BUXX1712
Listets BUXX4428
Listets BUXX0775
Litakovo BUXX4102
Livada BUXX4674
Livada BUXX0776
Livadeto BUXX2856
Livadkite BUXX2857
Llindentsi BUXX0214
Lobosh BUXX3317
Logodash BUXX0529
Logodazh BUXX0530
Lokorsko BUXX4333
Lokvata BUXX6182
Lokvata BUXX2606
Lom BUXX0053
Lom Cherkovna BUXX3754
Lomati BUXX1392
Lomets BUXX2858
Lomnitsa BUXX1030
Lomnitsa BUXX2607
Lomnitsa BUXX3318
Lomtsi BUXX5416
Lopushanska BUXX2608
Lopushna BUXX5907
Lopushnya BUXX4103
Lopyan BUXX4104
Lovchantsi BUXX1031
Lovetch BUXX0010
Lovets BUXX4903
Lovets BUXX5192
Lovets BUXX5417
Lovnidol BUXX1393
Lovsko BUXX3844
Lovtsi BUXX4675
Lovtsite BUXX2124
Loza BUXX1394
Lozarevo BUXX0777
Lozen BUXX1713
Lozen BUXX3157
Lozen BUXX4334
Lozen BUXX6183
Lozenets BUXX6439
Lozenets BUXX0778
Lozenets BUXX1032
Lozengradtsi BUXX2125
Lozenitsa BUXX0531
Lozeto BUXX2859
Lozevo BUXX4904
Lozheto BUXX2126
Lozitsa BUXX3666
Lozitsa BUXX0779
Loznitsa BUXX1033
Loznitsa BUXX3845
Lozno BUXX2609
Ludogortsi BUXX3846
Ludzha BUXX2127
Ludzhene BUXX3158
Luga BUXX4106
Luka BUXX0780
Luka BUXX4676
Lukata BUXX2860
Lukavitsa BUXX4677
Luki BUXX0055
Luki BUXX0532
Lukovit BUXX0219
Lukovitsa BUXX3042
Lukovo BUXX4107
Lulichka BUXX2128
Lulitsa BUXX5042
Lumava BUXX2129
Luvino BUXX3847
Luvovo BUXX2130
Luvska BUXX2131
Luzhnitsa BUXX0533
Lyakhovo BUXX1034
Lyakhovo BUXX3159
Lyalintsi BUXX3319
Lyaskovets BUXX1714
Lyaskovets BUXX0056
Lyaskovo BUXX3501
Lyaskovo BUXX4678
Lyaskovo BUXX0781
Lyaskovo BUXX2132
Lyaskovo BUXX5193
Lyatno BUXX4905
Lyava Reka BUXX5194
Lyubcha BUXX4679
Lyuben BUXX4429
Lyuben BUXX3502
Lyubenets BUXX5043
Lyubenovo BUXX3503
Lyubenovo BUXX3667
Lyubenovo BUXX1715
Lyubentsi BUXX6184
Lyubichevo BUXX5418
Lyubimets BUXX0221
Lyubino BUXX2133
Lyubka BUXX5419
Lyublen BUXX5420
Lyubnitsa BUXX4108
Lyubovishte BUXX0534
Lyubovka BUXX0535
Lyubovo BUXX1395
Lyulin BUXX6440
Lyulka BUXX4680
Lyulyak BUXX5196
Lyulyakovo BUXX0222
Lyulyakovo BUXX2134
Lyulyakovo BUXX1035
Lyutadzhik BUXX5608
Lyutatsi BUXX1396
Lyuteglav BUXX2135
Lyutibrod BUXX5609
Lyutidol BUXX5610
Lyutovo BUXX0536
Machkovtsi BUXX2861
Madan BUXX3043
Madan BUXX4681
Madara BUXX4906
Madzhare BUXX4109
Madzhari BUXX1716
Madzharovo BUXX1717
Madzherito BUXX5197
Magardzhitsa BUXX4682
Magerovi BUXX3160
Mak BUXX2136
Makak BUXX5421
Makak BUXX4907
Makariopolsko BUXX5422
Makedonka BUXX1036
Makedontsi BUXX2137
Makhala Belantsi BUXX0537
Makhala Kurdzha BUXX0538
Makhala Polomska BUXX3322
Makhala Polyana BUXX0539
Makhala Selishte BUXX2612
Makhala Selo BUXX2613
Makhala Spasova BUXX5741
Makhalata BUXX0540
Makhalnitsi BUXX6185
Makhmutitsa BUXX4683
Makhmutovtsi BUXX4684
Makotsevo BUXX4110
Makovo BUXX5423
Makresh BUXX5742
Mala Fucha BUXX2617
Mala Rakovitsa BUXX4111
Mala Tsurkva BUXX4112
Mala Zarkwa BUXX4113
Malashevtsi BUXX4335
Malchika BUXX3668
Malchovtsi BUXX1397
Malchovtsi BUXX6186
Malenovo BUXX6441
Malevo BUXX1719
Malevo BUXX4685
Mali Bogdan BUXX3504
Mali Drenovets BUXX5743
Mali Izvor BUXX1037
Mali Vurbovnik BUXX2618
Malina BUXX0782
Malina BUXX1038
Malina BUXX2138
Malini BUXX1398
Malino BUXX2139
Malinovo BUXX2862
Malinovo BUXX1399
Malinovska BUXX2619
Malka Arda BUXX4686
Malka Cherkovna BUXX5424
Malka Chinka BUXX2140
Malka Detelina BUXX5045
Malka Polyana BUXX0783
Malka Ribnya BUXX2863
Malka Smolnitsa BUXX1039
Malka Vereya BUXX5198
Malka Zhelyazna BUXX2864
Malki Bulgareni BUXX1400
Malki Chiflik BUXX6187
Malki Iskur BUXX4114
Malki Kardam BUXX1040
Malki Tsalim BUXX0541
Malki Voden BUXX1720
Malki Vurshets BUXX1402
Malko Asenovo BUXX1721
Malko Belovo BUXX3161
Malko Bryagovo BUXX1722
Malko Chochoveni BUXX5046
Malko Dryanovo BUXX5199
Malko Gradishte BUXX0223
Malko Kadievo BUXX5200
Malko Kamenyane BUXX2141
Malko Kirilovo BUXX6442
Malko Krushevo BUXX4687
Malko Popovo BUXX1723
Malko Selo BUXX5047
Malko Sharkovo BUXX6443
Malko Topolovo BUXX3505
Malko Trunovo BUXX5201
Malko Turnovo BUXX0224
Malko Vranovo BUXX3755
Malkoch BUXX2142
Malo Buchino BUXX4336
Malo Konare BUXX3162
Malo Krushevo BUXX3506
Malo Malovo BUXX4116
Malo Peshtene BUXX5611
Malo Selo BUXX2620
Malogradets BUXX5426
Malomir BUXX6444
Malomir BUXX4908
Malomirovo BUXX6445
Malorad BUXX0225
Malovets BUXX1041
Maluk Chardak BUXX3507
Maluk Devesil BUXX2143
Maluk Dol BUXX5202
Maluk Izvor BUXX2865
Maluk Izvor BUXX1724
Maluk Manastir BUXX6446
Maluk Porovets BUXX3848
Maluk Preslavets BUXX4430
Maluk Voden BUXX6447
Maluk Vurshets BUXX1403
Maluk Zvenimir BUXX4431
Malusha BUXX1404
Mamarchevo BUXX6448
Manaselska Reka BUXX4117
Manastir BUXX1725
Manastir BUXX4688
Manastir BUXX5909
Manastirishte BUXX4118
Manastirishte BUXX5612
Manastiritsa BUXX6188
Manastiritsa BUXX4119
Manastirsko BUXX3849
Manastirtsi BUXX5427
Manchevo BUXX2144
Mandra BUXX1726
Mandritsa BUXX2145
Manevtsi BUXX1405
Manole BUXX3508
Manolich BUXX0784
Manolovo BUXX5203
Manolsko Konare BUXX3509
Manoya BUXX1406
Manushevtsi BUXX5048
Marafeltsi BUXX6189
Marash BUXX4909
Marcha BUXX1407
Marchevo BUXX0542
Marchino BUXX5428
Margovtsi BUXX6190
Marikostinovo BUXX0543
Marinito BUXX2866
Marinka BUXX0785
Marino BUXX4689
Marino Pole BUXX0544
Marino Pole BUXX3510
Marinovtsi BUXX6191
Marinovtsi BUXX1408
Marishnitsa BUXX2867
Maritsa BUXX4120
Maritsa BUXX1409
Maritsa BUXX0226
Mariyno BUXX1727
Markovo BUXX5204
Markovo BUXX0227
Markovo BUXX3511
Marten BUXX3756
Martino BUXX2146
Martinovo BUXX3044
Martinska BUXX4121
Marulevo BUXX0545
Marutsekovtsi BUXX1410
Maryan BUXX6192
Maslarevo BUXX6193
Maslinovo BUXX2147
Maslovo BUXX4122
Mateshovtsi BUXX1411
Matochina BUXX1728
Matovtsi BUXX3850
Matsa BUXX5049
Mayor Uzunovo BUXX5744
Maysko BUXX6194
Maystorovo BUXX2148
Maytanyatsi BUXX6195
Mazarachevo BUXX2621
Mecha Polyana BUXX4123
Meche Korito BUXX3163
Meche Ukho BUXX2149
Mechka BUXX3669
Mechka BUXX3757
Mechkarevo BUXX5050
Mechkovitsa BUXX1412
Mechkovo BUXX0546
Mechkovtsi BUXX4124
Mechkul BUXX0547
Mechovo BUXX5429
Mechovtsi BUXX1413
Meden Buk BUXX2150
Meden Kladenets BUXX6449
Medeni Polyani BUXX3164
Medeshevtsi BUXX5745
Medevtsi BUXX2151
Medkovets BUXX0228
Mednikarovo BUXX5205
Medovene BUXX3851
Medovets BUXX5910
Medovina BUXX5430
Medovnitsa BUXX5746
Medovo BUXX5206
Medovo BUXX0786
Medovo BUXX1042
Medven BUXX5051
Melnik BUXX0057
Melnitsa BUXX6450
Melyane BUXX3045
Mendovo BUXX0548
Mengishevo BUXX4910
Merdanya BUXX6196
Merichleri BUXX1729
Merilkovtsi BUXX6197
Meshtitsa BUXX3324
Mesta BUXX0549
Metkovets BUXX5614
Metlichina BUXX5911
Metlichina BUXX2152
Metlichka BUXX2153
Metlika BUXX2154
Metodievo BUXX4911
Metodievo BUXX1043
Metokhiya BUXX2622
Meykovo BUXX4690
Mezarluk Dere BUXX2155
Mezdra BUXX5615
Mezdreya BUXX3046
Mezek BUXX1730
Mezhda BUXX6451
Mezhden BUXX4432
Mezhdeni BUXX1414
Michkovtsi BUXX1415
Michurin BUXX0230
Mikhalchetata BUXX1416
Mikhalich BUXX1731
Mikhalkovo BUXX4691
Mikhaltsi BUXX6198
Mikhaylovo BUXX5207
Mikhaylovo BUXX5616
Mikhaylovo BUXX4337
Mikhaylovtsi BUXX1417
Mikhiltsi BUXX3512
Mikhnevo BUXX0550
Mikhovtsi BUXX1418
Mikre BUXX2868
Mikrevo BUXX0551
Miladinovo BUXX2156
Miladinovtsi BUXX6452
Miladinovtsi BUXX5431
Miladinovtsi BUXX1044
Milanovo BUXX4125
Milanovo BUXX4912
Milchina Luka BUXX5748
Mile BUXX2157
Milencha BUXX2869
Miletich BUXX4433
Milevo BUXX5208
Milevo BUXX3513
Milevtsi BUXX1419
Milino BUXX5432
Milkovitsa BUXX0231
Milkovo BUXX4692
Milkovtsi BUXX6199
Milkovtsi BUXX1420
Miloslavtsi BUXX3326
Mindya BUXX6200
Mineralni Bani BUXX1732
Minevtsi BUXX1421
Minkovo BUXX1422
Minzukhar BUXX2158
Mirchovtsi BUXX6202
Miriovets BUXX2870
Mirkovo BUXX4126
Mirolyubovo BUXX0788
Miromir BUXX3514
Mirovets BUXX5433
Mirovo BUXX6203
Mirovo BUXX5209
Mirovo BUXX4127
Mirovtsi BUXX4913
Mirovyane BUXX4338
Miryantsi BUXX3166
Mishemorkov Khan BUXX6204
Mishevsko BUXX2159
Mishkarete BUXX5617
Mishkovtsi BUXX4128
Mitino BUXX0552
Mitovska BUXX4693
Mitrovtsi BUXX3047
Miykovtsi BUXX6205
Miziya BUXX5618
Mlada Gvardiya BUXX1734
Mlada Gvardiya BUXX5913
Mladen BUXX1423
Mladenovtsi BUXX6206
Mladezhko BUXX0789
Mladinovo BUXX1735
Mladovo BUXX5052
Mlamolovo BUXX2623
Mlechanovtsi BUXX4129
Mlechevo BUXX2871
Mlechino BUXX2160
Mlekarevo BUXX0232
Mochure BUXX4694
Modren BUXX2161
Mogila BUXX4914
Mogila BUXX5210
Mogila BUXX6453
Mogilata BUXX2872
Mogilets BUXX5053
Mogilino BUXX3758
Mogilishte BUXX1045
Mogilite BUXX1424
Mogilitsa BUXX4695
Mogilovo BUXX5211
Mogilyane BUXX2162
Mokren BUXX0790
Mokresh BUXX4915
Mokresh BUXX3048
Mokrishte BUXX3167
Momchevo BUXX4130
Momchilgrad BUXX0233
Momchilovo BUXX5914
Momchilovtsi BUXX4696
Momin Prokhod BUXX4131
Momin Sbor BUXX6207
Momina Banya BUXX4132
Momina Klisura BUXX3168
Momina Sulza BUXX2163
Momino BUXX0234
Momino BUXX5434
Momino BUXX1736
Momino Selo BUXX3515
Mominsko BUXX3516
Momkovo BUXX1737
Monevtsi BUXX1425
Montana BUXX0235
Morava BUXX0236
Morava BUXX0791
Moravitsa BUXX5619
Moravitsa BUXX5435
Moravka BUXX5436
Moravska BUXX0553
Morovetsite BUXX1426
Morozovo BUXX5212
Morsko BUXX0792
Mortagonovo BUXX3852
Moryantsi BUXX2164
Moshino BUXX3327
Moshtanets BUXX0554
Moskovets BUXX3517
Most BUXX2165
Mostich BUXX4916
Mostino BUXX0793
Mostovo BUXX3518
Mrachenik BUXX3519
Mraketintsi BUXX3328
Mrakhori BUXX1427
Mramor BUXX4340
Mramor BUXX3329
Mramor BUXX6454
Mramoren BUXX5620
Mrazintsa BUXX4697
Mrezhichko BUXX2166
Mrezhichko BUXX0794
Mruzetsi BUXX1428
Mudren BUXX5213
Mudrets BUXX5214
Mudrets BUXX2167
Mudrevo BUXX3853
Mudrino BUXX0795
Mudritsa BUXX4133
Mugla BUXX4698
Muglen BUXX0796
Muglene BUXX2168
Muglishta BUXX4699
Muglizh BUXX0237
Mukhovo BUXX4134
Muldava BUXX3520
Murchaevo BUXX4341
Murchevo BUXX3049
Mureno BUXX3330
Murga BUXX2169
Murgash BUXX4135
Murgovo BUXX2170
Mursalevo BUXX2624
Murtintsi BUXX3331
Murtvinata BUXX6208
Murvodol BUXX2625
Murzenite BUXX1429
Murzyan BUXX4700
Musachevo BUXX4136
Musachevo BUXX5215
Muselievo BUXX3670
Musevo BUXX2171
Musina BUXX6209
Musomishta BUXX0555
Mustrak BUXX1738
Musurlii BUXX5054
Mutaflar BUXX5437
Mutenitsa BUXX3521
Mutnitsa BUXX4917
Mutsya BUXX1430
Muzga BUXX1431
Muzhentsi BUXX2172
Myadna BUXX2873
Nachevo BUXX4137
Nadarevo BUXX5438
Nadartsi BUXX4701
Nadezhda BUXX4342
Nadezhden BUXX1739
Nane BUXX2173
Nanevo BUXX1047
Nanovitsa BUXX2174
Nanovitsa BUXX2874
Nanovska BUXX2875
Narechen BUXX4702
Narechenski Bani BUXX0058
Nasalevtsi BUXX3332
Nasreshtna BUXX5439
Nastan BUXX4703
Natsovtsi BUXX6210
Nauchene BUXX5055
Naum BUXX4918
Navusen BUXX1740
Nayden-Gerovo BUXX3522
Naydenovo BUXX5216
Nebeska BUXX2175
Nedan BUXX6211
Nedelevo BUXX3523
Nedelino BUXX0240
Nedelishte BUXX4138
Nedelkovo BUXX3333
Nedevtsi BUXX1432
Nedkovtsi BUXX2876
Nedoklan BUXX3854
Nedyalkovtsi BUXX6212
Nedyalkovtsi BUXX1433
Nedyalsko BUXX6455
Nefela BUXX5621
Negentsite BUXX1434
Negovan BUXX4343
Negovanovtsi BUXX5749
Negovantsi BUXX3334
Negushevo BUXX4139
Nenkovo BUXX2176
Nenovo BUXX5915
Nenovtsi BUXX1435
Neofit Rilski BUXX5916
Nepraznentsi BUXX3335
Nesebar BUXX0797
Neshevtsi BUXX6213
Nesla BUXX4140
Nevestino BUXX2178
Nevestino BUXX2627
Nevestino BUXX0798
Nevsha BUXX5917
Nevski BUXX5440
Neychovtsi BUXX1436
Neykovo BUXX1048
Neykovo BUXX5056
Neykovtsi BUXX1437
Neynovtsi BUXX6214
Neyuvtsi BUXX6215
Nichovtsi BUXX6216
Nidobrsha BUXX0556
Nikachkovtsi BUXX1438
Nikoevtsi BUXX1439
Nikola-Kozlevo BUXX4919
Nikolaevka BUXX5918
Nikolaevo BUXX6217
Nikolaevo BUXX3336
Nikolaevo BUXX5217
Nikolaevo BUXX3671
Nikolaevo BUXX1440
Nikolaevo BUXX5057
Nikolchovtsi BUXX6218
Nikolchovtsi BUXX1441
Nikolichevtsi BUXX2628
Nikolniki BUXX5750
Nikolovo BUXX3050
Nikolovo BUXX3759
Nikolovtsi BUXX6219
Nikopol BUXX3672
Nikudin BUXX0557
Nikyup BUXX6220
Niska Polyana BUXX5058
Nisovo BUXX3760
Nivishta BUXX2179
Nivyanin BUXX5622
Nochevo BUXX2180
Noevtsi BUXX3337
Noseite BUXX1442
Nova Byala Reka BUXX4920
Nova Cherna BUXX4434
Nova Kamena BUXX1049
Nova Livada BUXX2181
Nova Lovcha BUXX0558
Nova Makhala BUXX3169
Nova Makhala BUXX5218
Nova Makhala BUXX1443
Nova Makhla BUXX1444
Nova Makhla BUXX3524
Nova Nadezhda BUXX1742
Nova Popina BUXX4435
Nova Shipka BUXX5919
Nova Vrazhdebna BUXX4344
Nova Vurbovka BUXX6221
Nova Zagora BUXX5059
Novachene BUXX4142
Novachene BUXX0241
Novachevo BUXX5060
Novachkini BUXX6222
Novak BUXX3855
Novakovo BUXX5920
Novakovo BUXX3525
Novakovtsi BUXX1445
Novata Makhala BUXX4143
Novgrad BUXX3761
Novi Chiflik BUXX2629
Novi Iskur BUXX4345
Novi Khan BUXX4144
Novi Pazar BUXX2182
Novi Pazar BUXX4921
Novo Botevo BUXX1050
Novo Burdo BUXX4145
Novo Delchevo BUXX0559
Novo Gradishte BUXX6223
Novo Khodzhovo BUXX0560
Novo Konomladi BUXX0561
Novo Leski BUXX0562
Novo Oryakhovo BUXX5921
Novo Panicharevo BUXX0799
Novo Selo BUXX2877
Novo Selo BUXX3526
Novo Selo BUXX5751
Novo Selo BUXX3762
Novo Selo BUXX5219
Novo Selo BUXX4146
Novo Selo BUXX1743
Novo Selo BUXX2630
Novo Selo BUXX6224
Novo Yankovo BUXX4922
Novo Zhelezare BUXX3527
Novogortsi BUXX6225
Novosel BUXX4923
Novoselets BUXX0242
Novoselishte BUXX2183
Novoseltsi BUXX5752
Novoseltsi BUXX0800
Novoselyane BUXX2631
Nozharevo BUXX4436
Nozharovo BUXX3856
Nozherite BUXX1446
Nyushkovtsi BUXX6226
Obedinenie BUXX4147
Obedinenie BUXX6227
Obel BUXX0563
Obelya BUXX4346
Obichnik BUXX2184
Obidim BUXX0564
Obitel BUXX5441
Obnova BUXX3673
Oborishte BUXX3170
Oborishte BUXX5922
Obradovtsi BUXX4347
Obretenik BUXX0243
Obretkovtsi BUXX1447
Obrochishte BUXX1051
Obruchishte BUXX5220
Obzor BUXX0801
Ochindol BUXX4148
Ochusha BUXX4149
Ocmanlar BUXX2185
Odorovtsi BUXX3051
Odranitsa BUXX3338
Odrintsi BUXX2186
Odrintsi BUXX1052
Odrne BUXX3674
Odurtsi BUXX1053
Ogled BUXX4704
Ognen BUXX0802
Ognyanovo BUXX1054
Ognyanovo BUXX3171
Ognyanovo BUXX4150
Ognyanovo BUXX0565
Ogoya BUXX4151
Ogradishte BUXX4152
Ogradna BUXX4705
Ograzhden BUXX1055
Okhlyuvets BUXX2187
Okhoden BUXX5623
Okhrid BUXX3052
Okoliite BUXX1448
Okop BUXX6456
Okorsh BUXX4437
Oman BUXX6457
Omarchevo BUXX4924
Omur BUXX4438
Omurtag BUXX0244
Onogur BUXX1056
Opaka BUXX5442
Opalovo BUXX3339
Opan BUXX5221
Opanets BUXX1057
Opanets BUXX3675
Opitsvet BUXX4153
Opletnya BUXX4154
Opulchenets BUXX5222
Opulchensko BUXX2188
Orach BUXX5443
Oranovo BUXX0566
Orekhovitsa BUXX3676
Orekhovo BUXX4706
Oresh BUXX6228
Oresha BUXX4155
Oreshak BUXX2878
Oreshak BUXX5923
Oreshari BUXX2189
Oreshe BUXX0567
Oreshene BUXX4439
Oreshene BUXX2879
Oreshets BUXX1744
Oreshets BUXX5753
Oreshets BUXX3528
Oreshino BUXX2190
Oreshitsa BUXX4707
Oreshnik BUXX6458
Oreshnitsa BUXX2191
Orizare BUXX0803
Orizari BUXX3529
Orizari BUXX5062
Orizovo BUXX5223
Orlandovtsi BUXX4348
Orlino BUXX3172
Orlintsi BUXX0804
Orlitsa BUXX2192
Orlov Dol BUXX6459
Orlova Mogila BUXX1059
Orlovets BUXX6229
Orlovo BUXX5063
Orlovo BUXX1745
Orlovo BUXX1060
Orlovtsi BUXX1449
Orlyak BUXX1061
Orlyane BUXX2880
Ormani BUXX6230
Ornicheto BUXX4156
Orolevite BUXX1450
Orsoya BUXX3053
Orti-Makhala BUXX5924
Ortsevo BUXX0568
Oryakhovets BUXX4708
Oryakhovitsa BUXX5224
Oryakhovo BUXX1746
Oryakhovo BUXX0059
Oselna BUXX4157
Oselna BUXX5624
Osen BUXX5444
Osen BUXX4440
Osen BUXX5625
Osenarite BUXX6231
Osenets BUXX3857
Osenovets BUXX4925
Osenovlag BUXX4158
Osenovo BUXX0569
Osenovo BUXX5925
Osetenovo BUXX5225
Oshane BUXX5754
Oshanite BUXX1451
Oshtava BUXX0570
Osikata BUXX4709
Osikovitsa BUXX4159
Osikovo BUXX4710
Osikovo BUXX0571
Osikovo BUXX5445
Osina BUXX0572
Oskrushevo BUXX4711
Oslarka BUXX5226
Oslen Krivodol BUXX5626
Osmar BUXX4926
Osoitsa BUXX4161
Ostra Mogila BUXX5227
Ostra Mogila BUXX3530
Ostra Mogila BUXX5064
Ostrets BUXX2881
Ostri Pazlak BUXX4712
Ostritsa BUXX3764
Ostritsa BUXX4713
Ostriyat Kamuk BUXX4162
Ostrokaptsi BUXX5755
Ostrov BUXX5627
Ostrovche BUXX3858
Ostrovets BUXX2193
Ostrovitsa BUXX2194
Ostrovo BUXX3859
Ostur Kamuk BUXX1747
Oteshari BUXX2195
Otets Kirilovo BUXX3531
Otets-Paisievo BUXX3532
Otsreshtna BUXX5447
Ovcha Mogila BUXX6232
Ovchaga BUXX5926
Ovchari BUXX2196
Ovcharovo BUXX5448
Ovcharovo BUXX4927
Ovcharovo BUXX1748
Ovcharovo BUXX1062
Ovchartsi BUXX5065
Ovchartsi BUXX2632
Ovchepoltsi BUXX3174
Ovchevo BUXX2197
Ovchi Kladenets BUXX6460
Oven BUXX4441
Ovnartsi BUXX0573
Ovoshtartsi BUXX1452
Ovoshtna BUXX6233
Ovoshtnik BUXX5228
Ovoshtnik BUXX2198
Ozurnovtsi BUXX3340
Padala BUXX2633
Padalo BUXX2199
Padesh BUXX0574
Padina BUXX5927
Padina BUXX2200
Padina BUXX4442
Padine BUXX3341
Padishte BUXX2634
Paisievo BUXX4443
Paisiy BUXX6234
Palamartsa BUXX5449
Palat BUXX0575
Palatnik BUXX0576
Palatovo BUXX2635
Palauzovo BUXX6461
Palauzovo BUXX1453
Palilula BUXX3054
Palilula BUXX2882
Palitsi BUXX6235
Pamidovo BUXX3175
Pamporovo BUXX4714
Pamukchii BUXX4928
Pamukchii BUXX5229
Panagyurishte BUXX0246
Panaretovtsi BUXX5066
Panayot-Khitovo BUXX5450
Panayot-Volovo BUXX4929
Pancharevo BUXX4349
Panchevo BUXX2201
Pandutsite BUXX2883
Panicharevo BUXX2636
Panicheri BUXX3533
Panichino BUXX5451
Panichkovo BUXX2202
Panitsovo BUXX0805
Panovtsi BUXX4163
Pantsov Rut BUXX4164
Paprat BUXX2203
Papratliva BUXX6236
Papratska BUXX2637
Paramun BUXX3342
Parapandovtsi BUXX4165
Parchevich BUXX3534
Parchovtsi BUXX1454
Paril BUXX0577
Paritsa BUXX3765
Partizani BUXX5928
Partizanin BUXX5230
Pasarel BUXX4350
Pashintsi BUXX2204
Pashkul BUXX2205
Pashovi BUXX3176
Pashovo BUXX1749
Pashovtsi BUXX6237
Paskalevets BUXX6238
Paskalevo BUXX1063
Paspal BUXX2206
Pastir BUXX1064
Pastirtsi BUXX4715
Pastra BUXX2638
Pastukh BUXX2639
Pastusha BUXX3535
Patalenitsa BUXX3177
Patitsa BUXX2207
Patresh BUXX6239
Patreshko BUXX2884
Paunovo BUXX4166
Paunovtsi BUXX4167
Pavel BUXX6240
Pavel Banya BUXX5231
Pavelsko BUXX4716
Pavlevtsi BUXX1455
Pavlikeni BUXX0247
Pavlovo BUXX6519
Pavlovoto BUXX2885
Pavolche BUXX5628
Payadzhi BUXX6241
Paydushko BUXX5452
Pazardzhik BUXX0022
Pazartsi BUXX2208
Pazderite BUXX2886
Pchela BUXX6462
Pchelari BUXX1750
Pchelarovo BUXX1065
Pchelarovo BUXX2209
Pchelartsi BUXX5453
Pchelin BUXX4168
Pchelin BUXX0806
Pchelina BUXX3860
Pchelino BUXX1066
Pchelinovo BUXX5232
Pchelishte BUXX6242
Pchelnik BUXX1067
Pchelnik BUXX5929
Pchelno BUXX5454
Pechenitsa BUXX3861
Pechenyaga BUXX4444
Pechinska BUXX4717
Peevsko BUXX2210
Pekhlivantsi BUXX4718
Pelatikovo BUXX2640
Pelin BUXX2211
Pelishat BUXX3677
Pelisheni BUXX6243
Penkovtsi BUXX2213
Penkovtsi BUXX1456
Pepelina BUXX3766
Pepelishte BUXX2214
Pepelka BUXX5455
Perdova Makhala BUXX4169
Perilovets BUXX5756
Perivol BUXX2641
Perlovtsi BUXX1068
Pernik BUXX0002
Perperek BUXX2215
Perunika BUXX2216
Perushtitsa BUXX3537
Pesha Luka BUXX4170
Peshakovo BUXX5757
Peshtera BUXX3344
Peshtera BUXX4719
Peshtera BUXX0250
Peshterna BUXX2887
Peshtersko BUXX0807
Pesnopoy BUXX2217
Pesnopoy BUXX3538
Pesochnitsa BUXX3055
Pestnik BUXX6244
Pesucharka BUXX2218
Pet Kladentsi BUXX3767
Pet Mogili BUXX0251
Pet Mogili BUXX5067
Petelovo BUXX2219
Peteltsi BUXX3178
Peternica BUXX3678
Petko Slaveykov BUXX1457
Petkovo BUXX4171
Petkovo BUXX4720
Petkovtsi BUXX6245
Petkovtsi BUXX1458
Petleshkovo BUXX1069
Petlino BUXX2220
Petlite BUXX2221
Petokladentsi BUXX3679
Petrelik BUXX0578
Petrevene BUXX2888
Petrich BUXX4172
Petrich BUXX0252
Petrino BUXX5456
Petritch BUXX0579
Petrov Dol BUXX4721
Petrovdol BUXX5930
Petrovitsa BUXX4722
Petrovo BUXX5233
Petrovo BUXX0580
Petrovo BUXX4445
Petrovtsi BUXX1459
Petrunovo BUXX3345
Petsovtsi BUXX1460
Peturch BUXX4173
Petvar BUXX4723
Pevets BUXX5457
Pevtsite BUXX3539
Peychinovo BUXX3768
Peykovtsi BUXX6246
Peyna BUXX1461
Peyovtsi BUXX1462
Pichor BUXX4174
Piperevo BUXX2642
Piperite BUXX1463
Piperitsa BUXX0581
Piperkov Chiflik BUXX2643
Piperkovo BUXX3769
Piramidata BUXX6247
Pirdop BUXX0253
Pirgovo BUXX3770
Pirin BUXX0582
Pirinets BUXX5458
Pirne BUXX0808
Pisanets BUXX3771
Pisanitsa BUXX4724
Pisaratsi BUXX6248
Pisarevo BUXX6249
Pisarevo BUXX4930
Pisarovo BUXX1070
Pisarovo BUXX3680
Pishmana BUXX6250
Pishtane BUXX3346
Pishtigovo BUXX3179
Pishtilska BUXX2644
Pishurka BUXX3056
Pismenovo BUXX0809
Pitovo BUXX5068
Piyavets BUXX2222
Plachidol BUXX1071
Plachka BUXX1464
Plachkovtsi BUXX1465
Plakovo BUXX6251
Plakuder BUXX5758
Plana BUXX4351
Planinata BUXX4725
Planinets BUXX2223
Planinitsa BUXX0810
Planinitsa BUXX3347
Planinovo BUXX1751
Planintsi BUXX4726
Planintsi BUXX1466
Platnarka BUXX2224
Plazishte BUXX2225
Plazovets BUXX0811
Plenimir BUXX1072
Pleshintsi BUXX2226
Pleshivets BUXX5759
Pletena BUXX0583
Pleven BUXX0003
Plevun BUXX2227
Pliska BUXX4931
Plodovitovo BUXX5234
Ploska Mogila BUXX5235
Ploski BUXX0584
Plovdiv BUXX0004
Plovdivtsi BUXX4727
Plovka BUXX2228
Pluzishte BUXX3180
Pobeda BUXX6463
Pobeda BUXX3681
Pobeda BUXX1073
Pobit Kamuk BUXX2645
Pobit Kamuk BUXX3181
Pobit Kamuk BUXX3862
Pochivalo BUXX2229
Podayva BUXX3863
Podem BUXX0812
Podem BUXX3682
Podgore BUXX5760
Podgorets BUXX0813
Podgorie BUXX4175
Podgoritsa BUXX5459
Podgumer BUXX4352
Podkova BUXX2230
Podkrepa BUXX1752
Podles BUXX4176
Podles BUXX4446
Podrumche BUXX2231
Podslon BUXX1074
Podslon BUXX5236
Podvis BUXX0814
Podvis BUXX4728
Podvrukh BUXX2232
Pogledets BUXX4353
Poibrene BUXX3182
Pokrayna BUXX5761
Pokrovan BUXX2233
Pokrovnik BUXX0585
Polaten BUXX2889
Polatovo BUXX3540
Polena BUXX0586
Polenitsa BUXX0587
Poletintsi BUXX2646
Poletkovtsi BUXX5762
Poleto BUXX0588
Polikrayshte BUXX0256
Poliovtsi BUXX4177
Polkovnik Bode BUXX4447
Polkovnik Zlatev BUXX4448
Polkovnik-Savovo BUXX1078
Polski Gradets BUXX5069
Polski Izvor BUXX0815
Polski Senovets BUXX6253
Polski Trumbesh BUXX6254
Polski Trumbesk BUXX0257
Polsko Kosovo BUXX3772
Polsko Pudarevo BUXX5070
Polyana BUXX6464
Polyana BUXX4730
Polyana BUXX1079
Polyana BUXX4452
Polyanets BUXX2235
Polyanovo BUXX0816
Polyanovo BUXX1753
Polyantsi BUXX4178
Polyatsite BUXX5931
Pomen BUXX3773
Pomezhdin BUXX3057
Pomorie BUXX0060
Pomoshtitsa BUXX5460
Pomoshtnik BUXX5237
Ponor BUXX4179
Pop Rusevtsi BUXX6255
Popari BUXX1467
Popdimitrovtsi BUXX6256
Popgergevtsi BUXX1468
Popgrigorovo BUXX1080
Popgruevo BUXX1081
Popina BUXX4453
Popintsi BUXX0259
Popitsa BUXX5629
Popkralevo BUXX4454
Popnikolaevo BUXX5763
Popovets BUXX1754
Popovich BUXX5932
Popovitsa BUXX3541
Popovo BUXX6465
Popovo BUXX0260
Popovska BUXX4180
Popovtsi BUXX6257
Popovyane BUXX4182
Popraykovtsi BUXX1470
Poprelka BUXX4731
Poprusanovo BUXX4455
Popska BUXX1471
Popska BUXX6258
Popsko BUXX2236
Pordim BUXX3683
Poroishte BUXX0061
Porominovo BUXX2648
Poroy BUXX2237
Poroy BUXX0817
Poroyna BUXX3542
Poroyno BUXX5461
Poroyno BUXX4456
Portitovtsi BUXX3058
Posabina BUXX5462
Posev BUXX4457
Poshevo BUXX2238
Postnik BUXX2239
Potocharka BUXX2240
Potoche BUXX2241
Potochnitsa BUXX2242
Potok BUXX1472
Potok BUXX5933
Potoka BUXX4732
Potop BUXX4183
Potsurnentsi BUXX3348
Povaliruzh BUXX4184
Povelyanovo BUXX5934
Povet BUXX2243
Povien BUXX2244
Pozharevo BUXX4185
Pozharevo BUXX4458
Pozhernik BUXX6259
Pozlata BUXX2245
Prakhalite BUXX1473
Prakhavitsa BUXX2246
Prakhovo BUXX3183
Prauzhda BUXX5764
Pravda BUXX4459
Pravdino BUXX6466
Pravdolyub BUXX2247
Pravets BUXX0262
Pravishte BUXX3543
Pravnitsi BUXX4932
Pravo Burdo BUXX0589
Pravoslav BUXX5238
Pravoslaven BUXX3544
Prekolnitsa BUXX2649
Prekruste BUXX4187
Prelez BUXX3864
Prelom BUXX2890
Preobrazhentsi BUXX0818
Preseka BUXX2248
Preselentsi BUXX1084
Preselets BUXX5463
Preselka BUXX4933
Presiyan BUXX5464
Preslaven BUXX5239
Preslavets BUXX1755
Preslavtsi BUXX4460
Presoka BUXX4733
Prespa BUXX1085
Prespa BUXX4188
Prestoy BUXX1474
Presyak BUXX5465
Presyaka BUXX2891
Prevala BUXX4734
Prevala BUXX3059
Prezhda BUXX5935
Priboy BUXX3349
Pridvoritsa BUXX2249
Prilep BUXX1086
Prilep BUXX0819
Prileptsi BUXX2250
Primorsko BUXX0263
Primortsi BUXX1087
Pripechene BUXX0590
Pripek BUXX5936
Pripek BUXX2251
Pripek BUXX0820
Prisad BUXX1088
Prisad BUXX0821
Prisadets BUXX6467
Priseltsi BUXX5937
Priseltsi BUXX0822
Prisoeto BUXX2892
Prisovo BUXX6261
Prisoyna BUXX5466
Pristan BUXX4735
Pristoe BUXX4934
Probuda BUXX5467
Prodancha BUXX3350
Prodanovtsi BUXX6262
Prodimchets BUXX2893
Progled BUXX4736
Prokhlada BUXX4462
Prokhod BUXX6468
Prokhorovo BUXX5071
Prolaz BUXX5468
Prolaznitsa BUXX5765
Prolesha BUXX4190
Prolez BUXX1090
Prolom BUXX3545
Propast BUXX2252
Prosechen BUXX5938
Prosena BUXX3774
Prosenik BUXX0823
Proslav BUXX3546
Prostorno BUXX3865
Protopopintsi BUXX5766
Provadiya BUXX5939
Provalenitsa BUXX3351
Pryaporets BUXX5240
Pryaporets BUXX2253
Pshenichevo BUXX5241
Ptichar BUXX2254
Ptichari BUXX5072
Ptichevo BUXX5469
Pudarevo BUXX0824
Pudarino BUXX5470
Pudarsko BUXX3547
Pudartsi BUXX2255
Pudriya BUXX5630
Punchevo BUXX0825
Punevo BUXX2256
Pungovtsi BUXX1476
Purchovtsi BUXX6263
Purlichevo BUXX3060
Purovtsi BUXX6264
Pursha BUXX1477
Purtevtsi BUXX1478
Purvan BUXX5471
Purvenets BUXX6469
Purvenets BUXX0264
Purventsi BUXX2257
Purvitsa BUXX2258
Purvomay BUXX0265
Purvomay BUXX0591
Purvomaytsi BUXX0062
Purzhigrakh BUXX1479
Pushevo BUXX6265
Pustren BUXX5242
Pustrogor BUXX1756
Pustrook BUXX2259
Pustrook BUXX4191
Pustrovo BUXX5243
Putnikovo BUXX1757
Pyasuchevo BUXX1758
Pyasuchnik BUXX5940
Rabisha BUXX5768
Rabishki Vrukh BUXX5769
Rabovo BUXX2260
Rabrovo BUXX5770
Rachevtsi BUXX1480
Rachovtsi BUXX1481
Rada BUXX2261
Radan Voyvoda BUXX5941
Radancheto BUXX1482
Radanovo BUXX6266
Radantsi BUXX1483
Radetski BUXX4463
Radetski BUXX5073
Radetski BUXX1484
Radevo BUXX5074
Radevo BUXX5942
Radevska Makhala BUXX2651
Radevtsi BUXX1485
Radibosh BUXX3352
Radievo BUXX1759
Radilovo BUXX3184
Radin Grad BUXX3866
Radinka BUXX5075
Radino BUXX1486
Radinovo BUXX3548
Radishevo BUXX3684
Radko Dimitrievo BUXX4935
Radkovtsi BUXX6267
Radlovtsi BUXX2652
Radnevo BUXX0267
Radnevtsi BUXX1487
Radoevskoto BUXX2894
Radoevtsi BUXX1488
Radomir BUXX0063
Radomirtsi BUXX3685
Radotina BUXX4192
Radovene BUXX5631
Radovets BUXX6470
Radovo BUXX3353
Radovtsi BUXX1489
Radoykovo BUXX5632
Radoynovo BUXX6471
Raduil BUXX4193
Radulovtsi BUXX4194
Raduntsi BUXX5244
Raduy BUXX3354
Raetska BUXX4195
Raevtsi BUXX1490
Rakevo BUXX5633
Rakhovtsi BUXX1491
Rakilovtsi BUXX3355
Rakita BUXX3686
Rakita BUXX3356
Rakitna BUXX0592
Rakitnitsa BUXX5245
Rakitovo BUXX0269
Raklinovo BUXX0826
Raklitsa BUXX0827
Rakov Dol BUXX0828
Rakovitsa BUXX5772
Rakovo BUXX2653
Rakovo BUXX5076
Rakovski BUXX3549
Rakovski BUXX3867
Rakovski BUXX1760
Rakovski BUXX1091
Rakovskovo BUXX0829
Rakowez BUXX5943
Ralchovska BUXX2895
Ralevo BUXX3687
Ralevtsi BUXX1492
Ralichevo BUXX2262
Ralinovtsi BUXX6269
Ralitsa BUXX5472
Ralitsa BUXX1092
Ralitsa BUXX2263
Rani List BUXX2264
Rani Lug BUXX3357
Ranintsi BUXX2654
Ranintsi BUXX2265
Ranitsa BUXX2266
Rapitsa BUXX0830
Rashevtsi BUXX6270
Rashkovo BUXX4196
Rashovite BUXX1493
Rashovitsa BUXX3061
Rasnik BUXX3358
Rasovo BUXX3062
Rastnik BUXX2267
Ravadinovo BUXX0831
Ravda BUXX0832
Raven BUXX2268
Ravna BUXX5944
Ravna BUXX3063
Ravna BUXX4197
Ravna Gora BUXX5945
Ravna Gora BUXX0833
Ravna Gora BUXX1761
Ravnets BUXX1093
Ravnets BUXX0270
Ravni Rut BUXX4198
Ravnil BUXX4737
Ravninata BUXX4738
Ravnishta BUXX4739
Ravnishte BUXX4740
Ravnishte BUXX2896
Ravno BUXX3868
Ravno Nivishte BUXX4741
Ravno Pole BUXX4199
Ravno Selo BUXX5473
Ravnogor BUXX3185
Ravnovo BUXX6271
Rayanovtsi BUXX5773
Rayanovtsi BUXX4200
Rayantsi BUXX3359
Raykova Mogila BUXX1762
Raykovo BUXX4742
Raykovska BUXX2897
Raykovtsi BUXX1494
Raykovtsi BUXX6272
Raylovo BUXX3360
Raynezh BUXX1495
Raynino BUXX3869
Raynovo BUXX1763
Raynovtsi BUXX1496
Raynovtsi BUXX6273
Raynushkovtsi BUXX1497
Rayovo BUXX4201
Rayuvtsi BUXX6274
Razboishte BUXX4202
Razboyna BUXX0834
Razboyna BUXX5474
Razdel BUXX6472
Razdel BUXX4464
Razdelna BUXX5946
Razdelna BUXX5246
Razdeltsi BUXX5475
Razdol BUXX0593
Razdolata BUXX4203
Razgrad BUXX0012
Razgrad BUXX3064
Razhdavitsa BUXX2656
Razhishte BUXX4743
Razliv BUXX4204
Razlog BUXX0064
Razpopovtsi BUXX6275
Razsokha BUXX6276
Razvalatsi BUXX6277
Razvigorovo BUXX4936
Rebrevtsi BUXX6278
Rebro BUXX3361
Rebrovo BUXX4205
Reburkovo BUXX5634
Rechani BUXX4744
Rechnitsa BUXX2269
Rechytsa BUXX5077
Rechytsa BUXX0835
Redeshkovtsi BUXX1498
Redina BUXX4206
Redova BUXX2270
Reka BUXX4745
Reka Devnya BUXX5947
Rekichka BUXX6279
Replyana BUXX5774
Reselets BUXX3688
Resen BUXX6280
Resilovo BUXX2657
Reyanovtsi BUXX3362
Rezach BUXX6281
Rezbartsi BUXX2271
Rezhantsi BUXX3363
Rezhintsi BUXX2658
Rezovo BUXX0837
Ribaritsa BUXX2898
Ribartsi BUXX2272
Riben BUXX3689
Riben Dol BUXX4746
Ribino BUXX2273
Ribnik BUXX0594
Ribnitsa BUXX4747
Ribnovo BUXX0595
Ridare Makhala BUXX2659
Ridarska Makhala BUXX2660
Ridino BUXX2274
Ridovo BUXX2275
Rila BUXX2661
Rilski Manastir BUXX2662
Riltsi BUXX0596
Riltsi BUXX1094
Rish BUXX0273
Risimanovo BUXX5247
Ritya BUXX1499
Rizovska Makhala BUXX2663
Robino BUXX2276
Robovo BUXX6473
Rodina BUXX6282
Rodopi BUXX1764
Rodopsko BUXX2277
Rogach BUXX2278
Rogachevo BUXX1095
Roglets BUXX5775
Rogosh BUXX0274
Rogozari BUXX2279
Rogozche BUXX2280
Rogozen BUXX5635
Rogozina BUXX1096
Rogozinovo BUXX1765
Rogulyat BUXX2899
Rokhleva BUXX3186
Roman BUXX0275
Ropolska BUXX2281
Ropot BUXX4209
Rosen BUXX1097
Rosen BUXX3187
Rosen BUXX0838
Rosenovo BUXX0839
Rosenovo BUXX1098
Rosina BUXX5476
Rositsa BUXX5477
Rositsa BUXX0276
Rositsa BUXX6283
Rosno BUXX6284
Rosoman BUXX4210
Roudka BUXX2282
Roussalka BUXX1099
Rousse BUXX0011
Rovina BUXX4748
Royak BUXX5948
Roza BUXX6474
Rozhden BUXX0840
Rozhen BUXX0597
Rozino BUXX2283
Rozov Kladenets BUXX5248
Rozovets BUXX3551
Rozovo BUXX5249
Rozovo BUXX3188
Ruchenitsa BUXX5078
Ruchey BUXX2284
Ruda BUXX5250
Rudartsi BUXX3364
Rudina BUXX2285
Rudina BUXX0841
Rudney BUXX2286
Rudnik BUXX0842
Rudnik BUXX5949
Rudnitsa BUXX2287
Rudozem BUXX4749
Ruen BUXX0843
Ruen BUXX3552
Ruets BUXX5478
Ruevtsi BUXX1500
Rukhovtsi BUXX6285
Rumanya BUXX5251
Rumeliya BUXX1766
Rumyantsevo BUXX2900
Runya BUXX1501
Rupcha BUXX0844
Rupite BUXX0598
Rupkite BUXX5252
Ruptsi BUXX3690
Ruptsi BUXX5776
Rusalina BUXX2288
Rusalsko BUXX2289
Rusalya BUXX6286
Ruse BUXX3775
Rusevtsi BUXX1502
Rusinovtsi BUXX1503
Ruska Bela BUXX5636
Ruskovtsi BUXX6287
Rusokastro BUXX0279
Rusovo BUXX2664
Rustan BUXX4750
Rut BUXX2290
Rutlina BUXX5479
Rutlina BUXX2291
Ruychovtsi BUXX1504
Ruyno BUXX4465
Ruzhana BUXX4211
Ruzhavets BUXX3365
Ruzhdak BUXX0599
Ruzhena BUXX5253
Ruzhenovo BUXX1767
Ruzhevo BUXX3553
Ruzhevo Konare BUXX3554
Ruzhintsi BUXX5777
Ruzhitsa BUXX6475
Ruzhitsa BUXX4937
Ryakhovo BUXX3776
Ryakhovtsite BUXX1505
Ryaskovtsi BUXX1506
Sadina BUXX6288
Sadina BUXX5480
Sadovets BUXX0280
Sadovik BUXX3366
Sadovitsa BUXX2292
Sadovo BUXX0846
Sadovo BUXX5950
Sadovo BUXX0600
Sadovo BUXX0066
Sadukovtsi BUXX4751
Sakartsi BUXX6476
Salash BUXX5778
Salasuka BUXX1507
Salmanovo BUXX4938
Samodiva BUXX2293
Samokitka BUXX2294
Samokov BUXX0067
Samoranovo BUXX2665
Samotino BUXX5951
Samovila BUXX2295
Samovodene BUXX6289
Samsiite BUXX6290
Samuil BUXX3870
Samuilovo BUXX0602
Samuilovo BUXX5254
Samuilovo BUXX5079
San Stefano BUXX0847
Sanadinovo BUXX3691
Sandanski BUXX0015
Sandrovo BUXX3777
Sapareva Banya BUXX2666
Saparevo BUXX0284
Sapunare BUXX2296
Saraevo BUXX5637
Sarafovo BUXX0848
Saranite BUXX1508
Saransko BUXX6477
Sarantsi BUXX4212
Saraya BUXX3189
Sarkovo Makhala BUXX0603
Sarnac BUXX2297
Sarovtsi BUXX6291
Sashevo BUXX6292
Satovcha BUXX0604
Sava BUXX5952
Savchovtsi BUXX1509
Savin BUXX3871
Savino BUXX6478
Savoyski BUXX2667
Sazhdenik BUXX2668
Sazhdevo BUXX2298
Sbor BUXX2299
Sbor BUXX3190
Sborino BUXX2300
Sborishte BUXX5080
Sechen Kamuk BUXX1510
Sechishte BUXX4939
Sedefche BUXX2301
Sedelets BUXX0605
Sedlarevo BUXX5081
Sedlari BUXX2302
Sedlartsi BUXX2303
Sedlovina BUXX2304
Sedyankovtsi BUXX1511
Sekirka BUXX2305
Sekirovo BUXX3555
Sekulovo BUXX4466
Selanovtsi BUXX0068
Selcha BUXX4752
Seliminovo BUXX5082
Selishte BUXX1512
Selishte BUXX0606
Selishte BUXX4753
Selishte BUXX2669
Selishten Dol BUXX3367
Selistot BUXX0849
Selska Polyana BUXX1768
Seltse BUXX1100
Seltse BUXX2901
Seltse BUXX5255
Seltsi BUXX3556
Selyanin BUXX4213
Selyank BUXX2306
Semchinovo BUXX3191
Semerdzhievo BUXX3778
Semerdzhiite BUXX1513
Semertsi BUXX5481
Semkovtsi BUXX6293
Semkovtsi BUXX4214
Sennik BUXX1514
Senoklas BUXX1769
Senokos BUXX0607
Senokos BUXX1101
Senovo BUXX3872
Sentse BUXX2307
Septemvri BUXX3192
Septemvriytsi BUXX3065
Septemvriytsi BUXX1102
Septemvriytsi BUXX5779
Sergyuvets BUXX6294
Seslav BUXX3873
Seslavtsi BUXX4354
Sestrimo BUXX3193
Sestrino BUXX0608
Sestrinsko BUXX2308
Sevar BUXX3874
Sevdalina BUXX2309
Severnyak BUXX1103
Severtsi BUXX1104
Sevlievo BUXX0286
Seyachi BUXX5482
Seydol BUXX3875
Seykovtsi BUXX1515
Seymenite BUXX6295
Shabla BUXX0018
Shanovo BUXX5256
Sharanite BUXX1516
Sharbanska BUXX2902
Sharennos BUXX4754
Sharenska BUXX4755
Sharkovo BUXX6479
Sharotintsi BUXX4756
Shashintsi BUXX2310
Shatarova BUXX4215
Shatkovitsa BUXX2670
Shatrovo BUXX2671
Sheker Mahala BUXX6520
Shekhtova BUXX4216
Shemshevo BUXX6296
Shenini BUXX1517
Sheremetovo BUXX4757
Sheremetya BUXX6297
Shevreva Stoka BUXX2903
Sheynovo BUXX5257
Shiliveri BUXX6298
Shilkovtsi BUXX6299
Shipchenite BUXX1518
Shipka BUXX4758
Shipka BUXX0288
Shipkovitsa BUXX3368
Shipkovo BUXX2904
Shipochane BUXX4217
Shipochano BUXX2672
Shipok BUXX2311
Shipot BUXX5781
Shiroka Laka BUXX4759
Shiroka Polyana BUXX1770
Shiroki Dol BUXX4218
Shiroki Rut BUXX4219
Shiroko Pole BUXX2312
Shirokovo BUXX3779
Shishentsi BUXX5782
Shishkovitsa BUXX5483
Shishkovtsi BUXX6300
Shishkovtsi BUXX2674
Shishmanovo BUXX4355
Shishmanovo BUXX1771
Shishmantsi BUXX3557
Shivachevo BUXX5083
Shivarovo BUXX0850
Shiyakovo BUXX3692
Shiyakovtsi BUXX4220
Shkorpilovtsi BUXX5953
Shodekovtsi BUXX1519
Shondrovi BUXX3194
Shopite BUXX1520
Shoptsi BUXX2313
Shterna BUXX2314
Shtipsko BUXX5954
Shtit BUXX1772
Shtruklevo BUXX3780
Shturbets BUXX2675
Shturkovo BUXX3195
Shubetsi BUXX6301
Shuglevtsi BUXX4221
Shuma BUXX4222
Shumaka BUXX2905
Shumanska BUXX4223
Shumata BUXX1521
Shumeli BUXX1522
Shumelite BUXX1523
Shumen BUXX0289
Shumentsi BUXX4467
Shumnatitsa BUXX2316
Shushnya BUXX1524
Sigmen BUXX0851
Silen BUXX1773
Silistra BUXX0069
Simeonovets BUXX3196
Simeonovgrad BUXX1774
Simeonovo BUXX6480
Simeonovo BUXX4356
Simitli BUXX0291
Sinagovtsi BUXX5783
Sinapovo BUXX6482
Sinchets BUXX2317
Sindel BUXX5955
Sindeltsi BUXX2318
Sindzhirtsi BUXX6302
Sinemorets BUXX0852
Sini Rid BUXX0853
Sini Vir BUXX4940
Sini Vrukh BUXX3558
Siniger BUXX2319
Sinitovo BUXX3197
Sinya Voda BUXX3876
Sipets BUXX2320
Sipey BUXX2321
Sirakovo BUXX1775
Sirakovo BUXX1105
Sirakovo BUXX5639
Siratsite BUXX1525
Sirishtnik BUXX3369
Sirmani BUXX6521
Sirmanite BUXX1526
Sitovo BUXX6483
Sitovo BUXX4468
Siv Kladenets BUXX2322
Siva Reka BUXX1776
Sivino BUXX4760
Sivogushka BUXX2323
Skala BUXX4469
Skala BUXX0854
Skalak BUXX0855
Skalak BUXX2324
Skalen Dol BUXX4470
Skalina BUXX2325
Skalishte BUXX2326
Skalitsa BUXX6484
Skalna Glava BUXX2327
Skalni Kladenets BUXX5484
Skalsko BUXX1527
Skandaloto BUXX2906
Sklave BUXX0609
Skobelevo BUXX3560
Skobelevo BUXX1777
Skobelevo BUXX2907
Skobelevo BUXX5258
Skobelevo BUXX5084
Skomlya BUXX5784
Skorets BUXX2328
Skortsite BUXX1528
Skravena BUXX0292
Skrebatno BUXX0610
Skributna BUXX2908
Skrino BUXX2677
Skrinyano BUXX2678
Skrut BUXX0611
Skurbino BUXX2329
Skurvenskoto BUXX4224
Skutare BUXX3561
Sladka Voda BUXX5956
Sladkodum BUXX2330
Sladuk Kladenets BUXX5259
Sladun BUXX1778
Slakovtsi BUXX3370
Slamino BUXX6485
Slana Bara BUXX5785
Slanchev Bryag BUXX0856
Slanotrun BUXX5786
Slashten BUXX0612
Slatina BUXX4471
Slatina BUXX3066
Slatina BUXX4357
Slatina BUXX0293
Slatina BUXX3562
Slatino BUXX3371
Slatino BUXX2679
Slavchitsa BUXX3877
Slaveevo BUXX1106
Slaveevo BUXX2331
Slaveino BUXX4761
Slaveykovo BUXX6486
Slaveykovo BUXX4762
Slaveykovo BUXX5957
Slavnik BUXX2910
Slavotin BUXX3067
Slavovitsa BUXX3198
Slavovitsa BUXX3693
Slavovtsi BUXX1530
Slavovtsi BUXX4358
Slavshtitsa BUXX2911
Slavyani BUXX2912
Slavyanin BUXX5260
Slavyanovo BUXX0296
Slavyanovo BUXX0294
Slavyanovo BUXX1779
Slavyantsi BUXX0295
Slishovtsi BUXX3372
Slivak BUXX4941
Slivarka BUXX2332
Slivarovo BUXX0857
Slivarska BUXX2680
Slivata BUXX3068
Slivek BUXX2913
Sliven BUXX0017
Sliventsi BUXX1107
Slivito BUXX5261
Slivitsa BUXX3781
Slivka BUXX4763
Slivnitsa BUXX0070
Slivnitsa BUXX0613
Slivo Pole BUXX3782
Slivovik BUXX3069
Slivovitsa BUXX6303
Slivovnik BUXX5787
Slivovo BUXX6487
Slivovo BUXX4764
Slivovo BUXX1531
Slokoshtitsa BUXX2681
Slomer BUXX6304
Slunchevo BUXX5958
Slunchogled BUXX2333
Slunchovets BUXX5485
Smilets BUXX4472
Smilets BUXX3199
Smilovtsi BUXX1532
Smilyan BUXX4765
Smin BUXX1108
Smirnenski BUXX3070
Smirnenski BUXX1533
Smirnentsi BUXX1780
Smirov Dol BUXX3373
Smochan BUXX2914
Smochevo BUXX0858
Smochevo BUXX2682
Smolcha BUXX4225
Smolevitsa BUXX4226
Smolevo BUXX0614
Smolichano BUXX2683
Smolnik BUXX0859
Smolnitsa BUXX1109
Smolsko BUXX4227
Smolyan BUXX0071
Smolyanovtsi BUXX3071
Smurdan BUXX5788
Smyadovo BUXX0300
Snegotin BUXX2334
Snezha BUXX0860
Snezhina BUXX5959
Snezhinka BUXX2335
Snop BUXX1110
Snyagovo BUXX1111
Snyagovo BUXX0861
Sobina BUXX5486
Sofia BUXX0005
Sofiytsi BUXX2336
Sofiytsi BUXX4473
Sofronievo BUXX5640
Sokol BUXX5085
Sokol BUXX4474
Sokolare BUXX5641
Sokolartsi BUXX5086
Sokolentsi BUXX2337
Sokolets BUXX5262
Sokolets BUXX0862
Sokolino BUXX2338
Sokolite BUXX2339
Sokolitsa BUXX3563
Sokolnik BUXX1112
Sokolovo BUXX0863
Sokolovo BUXX1534
Sokolovo BUXX0303
Sokolovo BUXX2915
Sokolovtsi BUXX0304
Sokolsko BUXX2340
Sokolyane BUXX2341
Solari BUXX1535
Solishta BUXX4766
Solishte BUXX2342
Solnik BUXX5960
Solomon BUXX4767
Somovit BUXX3694
Sonevtsi BUXX1536
Sopitsa BUXX3374
Sopot BUXX3564
Sopotot BUXX4768
Sopovo BUXX2684
Sotirovo BUXX1113
Sotirya BUXX5087
Sotuchino BUXX3072
Sovata BUXX6305
Sovolyano BUXX2685
Soyka BUXX3200
Sozapol BUXX0305
Sozopol BUXX0864
Spakhievo BUXX1781
Spanchevtsi BUXX3073
Spantsite BUXX1537
Spasovo BUXX5263
Spasovo BUXX0306
Spasovska BUXX2917
Spasovtsi BUXX1538
Spatovo BUXX0615
Spoluka BUXX2343
Sratsimir BUXX4475
Sratsimirovo BUXX5789
Srebrinovo BUXX3201
Srebroto BUXX4769
Sreburna BUXX4476
Sredets BUXX5264
Sredets BUXX4770
Sredets BUXX0865
Sredina BUXX1114
Sredinka BUXX2344
Sredishte BUXX4477
Sredishte BUXX5487
Sredishtna BUXX4228
Sreditsa BUXX2345
Sredkovets BUXX4942
Sredna BUXX5488
Sredna BUXX0616
Sredna Kula BUXX3784
Sredna Makhala BUXX2686
Sredna Makhala BUXX0866
Srednevo BUXX2346
Sredni Kolibi BUXX6306
Sredni Rut BUXX4229
Sredno Gradishte BUXX5265
Sredno Izvorovo BUXX5266
Sredno Selo BUXX6307
Sredno Selo BUXX5961
Srednogorie BUXX4230
Srednogorovo BUXX5267
Srednogorska BUXX4231
Srednogortsi BUXX4771
Srednya BUXX4943
Sredogriv BUXX5790
Sredok BUXX4772
Sredorek BUXX5088
Sredorek BUXX2687
Sredoseltsi BUXX3878
Sredska BUXX2347
Sredsko BUXX2348
Srem BUXX6488
Srnevec BUXX5268
Srunsko BUXX2349
Ssarnewo BUXX5269
Staevtsi BUXX1115
Stakevtsi BUXX5791
Stalevo BUXX1782
Stamboliyski BUXX3565
Stamboliyski BUXX1783
Stambolovo BUXX6308
Stambolovo BUXX3785
Stambolovo BUXX1784
Stambolovo BUXX4232
Stamovo BUXX5270
Stan BUXX4944
Stancha BUXX1539
Stanchevo BUXX4478
Stanchov Khan BUXX1540
Stanets BUXX5489
Stanevo BUXX3075
Stanintsi BUXX4233
Stanke Dimitrov BUXX0307
Stankovo BUXX4773
Stanovets BUXX4945
Stanyantsi BUXX4946
Star Chitak BUXX2350
Stara Koshara BUXX4234
Stara Kresna BUXX0618
Stara Rechka BUXX5490
Stara Reka BUXX6489
Stara Reka BUXX0308
Stara Vrazhdebna BUXX4359
Stara Zagora BUXX0006
Starchevo BUXX0619
Starchishte BUXX5491
Stareyshino BUXX2351
Stari Chal BUXX2352
Stari Dol BUXX2688
Starichene BUXX4479
Starilkovtsi BUXX1541
Starinsko BUXX2353
Stariya Izvor BUXX3202
Staro Myasto BUXX2354
Staro Oryakhovo BUXX5963
Staro Selishte BUXX3879
Staro Selo BUXX3376
Staro Selo BUXX5642
Staro Selo BUXX4480
Staro Selo BUXX4774
Staro Selo BUXX5089
Staro Zhelezare BUXX3566
Staropatitsa BUXX5792
Starosel BUXX3567
Staroselets BUXX5090
Staroselets BUXX5964
Staroseltsi BUXX3695
Starovo BUXX2355
Startsevo BUXX4775
Stavertsi BUXX3696
Stavretsite BUXX1542
Staychin Dol BUXX4776
Staychovtsi BUXX3377
Staykovtsi BUXX6309
Staynovtsi BUXX1543
Stefan Karadzha BUXX1116
Stefan Karadzha BUXX5965
Stefan Karadzha BUXX4481
Stefanovo BUXX1117
Stefanovo BUXX3378
Stefanovo BUXX1544
Stefanovo BUXX2918
Stefanovtsi BUXX1545
Stensko BUXX2689
Stevrek BUXX5492
Stezherovo BUXX3697
Stikul BUXX4777
Stob BUXX2690
Stoevo BUXX3568
Stoevtsi BUXX1546
Stoil Voyvoda BUXX5091
Stoilovo BUXX0867
Stokite BUXX1547
Stoletovo BUXX3569
Stoletovo BUXX5272
Stolipinovo BUXX6523
Stolnik BUXX4235
Stolt BUXX1548
Stomanetsite BUXX1549
Stomanevo BUXX4778
Stomantsi BUXX2356
Stoyan Zaimovo BUXX5273
Stoyanovo BUXX3076
Stoyanovo BUXX2357
Stoyanovo BUXX2919
Stoyanovtsi BUXX6310
Stoyanovtsi BUXX5643
Stoyanovtsi BUXX1550
Stoychevtsi BUXX6311
Stoychovtsi BUXX1551
Stoykite BUXX4779
Stoykovo BUXX1785
Stoykovtsi BUXX1552
Stoynovo BUXX5493
Stoynovskoto BUXX2920
Stozha BUXX0620
Stozher BUXX1118
Stradalovo BUXX2691
Strakhil BUXX5966
Strakhil Voyvoda BUXX1786
Strakhilitsa BUXX4948
Strakhilovo BUXX6312
Straldzha BUXX0310
Strandzha BUXX6491
Strandzhevo BUXX2358
Stranska BUXX4236
Stransko BUXX1787
Strashimir BUXX4780
Strashimirovo BUXX5967
Strashka Reka BUXX1553
Stratsin BUXX0868
Strazha BUXX4781
Strazha BUXX5494
Strazhata BUXX1554
Strazhets BUXX2359
Strazhets BUXX3880
Strazhevtsi BUXX2360
Strazhitsa BUXX1119
Strazhitsa BUXX6313
Strazhnitsa BUXX2361
Strelcha BUXX0311
Strelets BUXX5274
Strelets BUXX1120
Strelets BUXX6314
Strelkovo BUXX4482
Streltsi BUXX3570
Streltsi BUXX5092
Stremovo BUXX2362
Stremtsi BUXX2363
Strizhba BUXX2364
Stroevo BUXX3571
Stroyno BUXX6492
Stroynovtsi BUXX5495
Strugut BUXX2921
Struindol BUXX5793
Struino BUXX4949
Struma BUXX0621
Strumeshnitsa BUXX0622
Strumsko BUXX0623
Strumtsi BUXX1555
Strumyani BUXX0072
Strupets BUXX5093
Strupets BUXX5644
Struya BUXX0869
Stryama BUXX0313
Stubel BUXX3077
Stublitsa BUXX5794
Studen Izvor BUXX3379
Studen Kladenets BUXX2365
Studena BUXX1788
Studena BUXX3380
Studena BUXX4782
Studenets BUXX3881
Studenitsa BUXX4950
Studeno Buche BUXX3078
Sturgel BUXX4237
Sturmen BUXX3786
Sturna Reka BUXX2922
Sturnitsa BUXX4784
Subashka BUXX2924
Subkovtsi BUXX6315
Subotkovtsi BUXX1556
Subrano BUXX5094
Suchka BUXX2366
Sudievo BUXX5095
Sudievo BUXX0870
Sudiysko Pole BUXX5096
Suedinenie BUXX5275
Suedinenie BUXX0871
Suedinenie BUXX3572
Suedinenie BUXX5496
Suevo BUXX2925
Suevtsi BUXX4238
Sugarevo BUXX0624
Sukha Reka BUXX6316
Sukha Reka BUXX4951
Sukhache BUXX5645
Sukhindol BUXX6317
Sukhino BUXX2367
Sukhodol BUXX0872
Sukhodol BUXX4483
Sukhodol BUXX4360
Sukholoevtsi BUXX1557
Sukhostrel BUXX0625
Sukhovo BUXX2368
Sukhozem BUXX3573
Sulitsa BUXX5276
Sultani BUXX6318
Sumer BUXX3079
Sungurlare BUXX0873
Suri Makhala BUXX2369
Surnegor BUXX3574
Surnentsi BUXX1558
Surnets BUXX1121
Surnets BUXX2370
Surnevo BUXX0874
Surnino BUXX1122
Surnino BUXX4785
Surnitsa BUXX3203
Surnitsa BUXX1789
Surpovo BUXX4484
Surtse BUXX4239
Surtsevo BUXX5097
Suruvchevtsi BUXX0626
Susam BUXX1790
Sushevo BUXX3882
Sushina BUXX4952
Sushitsa BUXX0314
Sushitsa BUXX0627
Sushitsa BUXX2692
Sushitsa BUXX3575
Suvorovo BUXX0315
Svalenik BUXX3787
Svatbare BUXX2371
Sveshtari BUXX3883
Sveshtari BUXX2372
Sveta Petka BUXX3204
Sveti Nikola BUXX1123
Sveti Vlas BUXX0876
Svetlen BUXX2373
Svetlen BUXX5497
Svetlik BUXX1124
Svetlina BUXX6493
Svetlina BUXX0877
Svetlina BUXX1791
Svetlya BUXX3381
Svetoslav BUXX4485
Svetoslav BUXX1792
Svetoslavtsi BUXX6319
Svetovrachane BUXX4361
Svetulka BUXX2374
Svezhen BUXX3576
Svidnya BUXX4240
Svilengrad BUXX0316
Svinarski Dol BUXX1559
Svindol BUXX4241
Svinovski Rut BUXX4242
Svirachi BUXX2375
Svirchovo BUXX5498
Svirets BUXX2376
Svirkovo BUXX1793
Svirtsi BUXX1560
Svirtsite BUXX6320
Svishtov BUXX0073
Svoboda BUXX3205
Svoboda BUXX1125
Svoboda BUXX5277
Svoboda BUXX0878
Svoboden BUXX5278
Svobodinovo BUXX2377
Svoboditsa BUXX5499
Svode BUXX4243
Svoge BUXX0318
Syanovo BUXX4486
Syarovtsi BUXX1561
Syartsi BUXX2378
Syuyutlyu BUXX4953
Tabachka BUXX3788
Taban BUXX4244
Tabashka BUXX1562
Takhirovtsi BUXX4786
Tamarino BUXX6494
Tarkan BUXX4487
Tatarevo BUXX1794
Tatarevo BUXX3577
Tatari BUXX3698
Tataritsa BUXX4488
Tatkovo BUXX2379
Tatul BUXX2380
Tavalichevo BUXX2693
Taymishte BUXX5500
Teketo BUXX1795
Telcharka BUXX2381
Telerig BUXX1126
Telish BUXX0319
Temenuga BUXX6321
Temenuga BUXX2382
Temnisko BUXX6322
Temska BUXX2383
Tenevo BUXX0320
Tepava BUXX2926
Teplen BUXX0628
Terter BUXX3884
Tervel BUXX4954
Tervel BUXX0321
Terziite BUXX6323
Terziyska BUXX2927
Terziysko BUXX2928
Terziysko BUXX0879
Terziyuvtsi BUXX6324
Teshel BUXX4787
Teshovo BUXX0629
Teteven BUXX0322
Tetovo BUXX0323
Ticha BUXX5098
Tikale BUXX4788
Tikhomir BUXX2384
Tikhomirovo BUXX5279
Tikhovets BUXX5501
Tikvesh BUXX2385
Timarevo BUXX4955
Tinkovo BUXX6325
Tintyava BUXX2386
Tipchenitsa BUXX5646
Tishanovo BUXX2694
Tishevitsa BUXX5647
Titevtsi BUXX6326
Tiyanovtsi BUXX5795
Tlachene BUXX5648
Tluchnitsite BUXX1563
Tochilari BUXX3885
Tochilartsi BUXX3578
Todor-Ikonomovo BUXX0324
Todorcheta BUXX1564
Todoretsite BUXX1565
Todorichene BUXX2929
Todorovo BUXX3886
Todorovo BUXX3699
Todorovtsi BUXX6327
Todorovtsi BUXX1566
Todyuvtsi BUXX6328
Tokachka BUXX2387
Tolbukhin BUXX0020
Tolovitsa BUXX5796
Tombeto BUXX6329
Tomchevtsi BUXX1567
Tompsun BUXX4245
Tonchevtsi BUXX1568
Tonsko Dabe BUXX0630
Topalite BUXX1569
Topchii BUXX3887
Topchiysko BUXX0880
Topilishta BUXX2930
Topola BUXX1127
Topolchane BUXX2388
Topolchane BUXX5099
Topoli BUXX5970
Topoli Dol BUXX3206
Topolitsa BUXX0881
Topolka BUXX2389
Topolnitsa BUXX2695
Topolnitsa BUXX0631
Topolovets BUXX5797
Topolovgrad BUXX0326
Topolovo BUXX0327
Topolovo BUXX1796
Topolska BUXX2390
Topolyane BUXX5280
Topuzevo BUXX5100
Topuzi BUXX6330
Torbaluzhite BUXX1570
Toros BUXX2931
Toshevtsi BUXX5798
Toskova Makhala BUXX2391
Totleben BUXX3700
Totyuvtsi BUXX2932
Trakiets BUXX1797
Trakiya BUXX5281
Trakiya district BUXX6524
Trakiytsi BUXX0882
Trapeskovtsi BUXX1571
Trapishte BUXX3888
Trapoklovo BUXX5101
Trave BUXX4789
Travnik BUXX1128
Traykovo BUXX3080
Trebich BUXX4362
Trebishte BUXX4790
Treklyano BUXX0328
Trem BUXX4956
Trepeskovtsi BUXX1572
Trepetlika BUXX2392
Treskavets BUXX5502
Trestle BUXX2393
Tri Kladentsi BUXX5649
Tri Mogili BUXX2394
Trifonovo BUXX3081
Trigortsi BUXX1129
Trigrad BUXX4791
Trilistnik BUXX3580
Trintchovitza BUXX3701
Trite Kushti BUXX4246
Trivoditsi BUXX3581
Trnkovo BUXX5282
Troitsa BUXX4957
Troskovo BUXX0632
Troyan BUXX1798
Troyan BUXX0329
Troyanovo BUXX0883
Troyanovo BUXX5283
Trstenik BUXX3789
Trubach BUXX3889
Trud BUXX3582
Trudovets BUXX4247
Trun BUXX3382
Trunak BUXX0884
Trunarka BUXX2395
Truncha BUXX2396
Trunito BUXX1573
Trunitsa BUXX4958
Trunkovo BUXX0074
Trunkovtsi BUXX6331
Trunzhiite BUXX1574
Trustenik BUXX0331
Trustika BUXX5503
Trustikovo BUXX5971
Trustikovo BUXX0885
Tryavna BUXX1575
Tsakonitsa BUXX5650
Tsalapitsa BUXX3583
Tsani-Ginchevo BUXX4959
Tsaparevo BUXX0633
Tsar Asen BUXX4489
Tsar Asen BUXX5504
Tsar Asen BUXX3207
Tsar Ferdinand BUXX4490
Tsar Kaloyan BUXX3584
Tsar Kaloyan BUXX3890
Tsar Petrovo BUXX5799
Tsar Samuil BUXX4491
Tsar Shishmanovo BUXX5800
Tsar Simeonovo BUXX5801
Tsaratsovo BUXX3585
Tsarev Brod BUXX4960
Tsarev Dol BUXX4492
Tsareva Livada BUXX1576
Tsareva Polyana BUXX1799
Tsarevets BUXX5651
Tsarevets BUXX2397
Tsarevets BUXX1130
Tsarevets BUXX0075
Tsarevo BUXX0076
Tsarevtsi BUXX5972
Tsarevtsi BUXX5505
Tsarichina BUXX4248
Tsarichino BUXX1131
Tsarimir BUXX3586
Tsarino BUXX2398
Tsaritsa BUXX2696
Tsatsarovtsi BUXX4793
Tsatsarovtsi BUXX4249
Tsegrilovtsi BUXX3383
Tselina BUXX5284
Tsenino BUXX5102
Tsenovich BUXX4493
Tsenovo BUXX5285
Tsenovo BUXX3790
Tsenovtsi BUXX3208
Tseperanite BUXX6332
Tseretelevo BUXX3587
Tseretsel BUXX4363
Tserkovski BUXX0886
Tserova Koriya BUXX6333
Tserovets BUXX3791
Tserovishte BUXX5506
Tserovitsa BUXX2697
Tserovo BUXX3209
Tserovo BUXX0634
Tsiklovo BUXX2699
Tsinga BUXX1577
Tsirka BUXX4794
Tsokevtsi BUXX1578
Tsonevo BUXX5973
Tsonevska BUXX2934
Tsonkovtsi BUXX6334
Tsreshnovo BUXX2700
Tsruklevtsi BUXX4251
Tsruncha BUXX0635
Tsurkva BUXX1132
Tsurkvino BUXX3891
Tsurkvishte BUXX4252
Tsurkvitsa BUXX4961
Tsurkvitsa BUXX2399
Tsurnel BUXX3384
Tsurvaritsa BUXX2701
Tsurvena Yabulka BUXX2702
Tsurvendol BUXX2703
Tsurvenyano BUXX2704
Tsurvishte BUXX2705
Tsutsumanite BUXX5103
Tsveklyuvtsi BUXX6335
Tsvetino BUXX3211
Tsvetkova Bara BUXX3082
Tsvetnitsa BUXX5507
Tsvyatkovtsi BUXX1579
Tsvyatovo BUXX2400
Tuchenitsa BUXX3702
Tuden BUXX4253
Tukach BUXX4962
Tukhovishta BUXX0636
Tulovo BUXX5286
Tumbalovo BUXX1580
Tumbevtsi BUXX6336
Tunka Bara BUXX4795
Tunki Rut BUXX6337
Tunkoto BUXX4796
Tunkovo BUXX1800
Tunkovo BUXX0887
Tupchileshtovo BUXX5508
Turchinovo BUXX4797
Turgovishte BUXX0334
Turgovishte BUXX5802
Turiya BUXX5287
Turkasheni BUXX6338
Turkhovo BUXX1581
Turkincha BUXX1582
Turnak BUXX5652
Turnava BUXX6495
Turnava BUXX5653
Turne BUXX4254
Turnen Kladenets BUXX5104
Turnene BUXX3703
Turnicheni BUXX5288
Turnoslivka BUXX2401
Turnovets BUXX3385
Turnovka BUXX1133
Turnovlak BUXX2706
Turnovo BUXX0024
Turnovtsa BUXX5509
Turnovtsi BUXX2402
Turnyane BUXX5803
Turokovtsi BUXX3386
Tursino BUXX2708
Turska Mogila BUXX4255
Turskata makhala BUXX6339
Turun BUXX4798
Turyan BUXX4799
Tushovtsa BUXX4963
Tutrakan BUXX0336
Tutrakantsi BUXX5974
Tuzha BUXX5289
Tvurdintsi BUXX5510
Tvurditsa BUXX0888
Tvurditsa BUXX0337
Tvurditsa BUXX1134
Tyanevo BUXX1801
Tyanovo BUXX1135
Tyulenovo BUXX1136
Tyurkmen BUXX3588
Tyurkmen Makhle BUXX5290
Tyutyunche BUXX2403
Uchkuntsi BUXX0637
Ugledno BUXX5511
Uglen BUXX2935
Uglyartsi BUXX3387
Ugorelets BUXX1583
Ugoryalkovtsi BUXX6340
Ugurchin BUXX0338
Ukhlovitsa BUXX4800
Ulumska BUXX2936
Umarevtsi BUXX2937
Umnitsite BUXX1584
Upchovskoto BUXX2938
Urovene BUXX5654
Uruchovtsi BUXX4801
Urvata BUXX1585
Ushi BUXX2709
Ushintsi BUXX3892
Ushovtsi BUXX6341
Usoy BUXX6342
Usoyka BUXX2710
Ustina BUXX3589
Ustovo BUXX0339
Ustrem BUXX6496
Ustren BUXX2405
Uvurolan BUXX2406
Uzana BUXX1586
Uzovo BUXX1137
Uzundzhata BUXX5512
Uzundzhovo BUXX1802
Uzunite BUXX1587
Uzunovo BUXX3590
Vakarel BUXX4256
Vaklino BUXX1138
Vaklinovo BUXX0638
Vaklova BUXX0639
Vaksevo BUXX0340
Valeto BUXX6343
Valevtsi BUXX1588
Valog BUXX1139
Vankovtsi BUXX2939
Varad BUXX4802
Varana BUXX3704
Varchovtsi BUXX1589
Vardim BUXX6344
Vardun BUXX5513
Varishte BUXX4257
Varna BUXX0007
Varnentsi BUXX4495
Varnik BUXX1803
Varoshka Makhala BUXX2711
Varovnik BUXX0889
Varusha BUXX6345
Varvara BUXX0890
Varvara BUXX3212
Vasil Drumev BUXX4964
Vasil Levski BUXX5514
Vasil Levski BUXX4496
Vasil Levski BUXX3591
Vasil Levski BUXX5291
Vasilevo BUXX1141
Vasilovtsi BUXX3083
Vasilovtsi BUXX4258
Vaskovo BUXX1804
Vazovo BUXX3893
Vedel BUXX3705
Vedrare BUXX3592
Vedrina BUXX1142
Vedrovo BUXX0891
Vekhtino BUXX2407
Vekhtovo BUXX4965
Vekilski BUXX4966
Velchevo BUXX2942
Velchevo BUXX6346
Velchevska BUXX2943
Velchovtsi BUXX1590
Velentsi BUXX1591
Veleshani BUXX2408
Veli Pashalar BUXX2409
Velichka BUXX5516
Velichkovo BUXX5975
Velichkovo BUXX3213
Velika BUXX0892
Velikan BUXX1805
Velikdenche BUXX5517
Velikdenche BUXX2410
Velikhodzhalar BUXX2411
Veliki Preslav BUXX4967
Veliko BUXX0893
Veliko Turnovo BUXX0077
Velikovo BUXX5292
Velikovo BUXX1143
Velikovtsi BUXX5518
Velingrad BUXX3214
Velino BUXX4968
Velinovo BUXX3388
Velislav BUXX0894
Velkova Makhala BUXX2712
Velkovo BUXX1144
Velkovo BUXX1592
Velkovtsi BUXX6347
Velkovtsi BUXX3389
Velkovtsi BUXX1593
Velyushtets BUXX0640
Velyuvtsi BUXX6348
Venchan BUXX5976
Venelin BUXX5977
Venets BUXX0895
Venets BUXX5293
Venets BUXX4969
Venkovets BUXX4259
Venkovtsi BUXX1594
Verdikal BUXX4364
Veren BUXX5294
Verentsi BUXX5519
Verigovo BUXX3593
Verinsko BUXX4260
Verizhari BUXX1145
Versko BUXX2412
Veselchane BUXX2413
Veselets BUXX3894
Veselets BUXX5520
Veselie BUXX0896
Veselin BUXX5978
Veselina BUXX3895
Veselina BUXX6349
Veselinovo BUXX6497
Veselinovo BUXX4970
Veshova Makhala BUXX2713
Veshtitsa BUXX5804
Veslets BUXX5655
Veslets BUXX2414
Vetovo BUXX0343
Vetren BUXX4497
Vetren BUXX2714
Vetren BUXX0897
Vetren BUXX3215
Vetren Dol BUXX3216
Vetrino BUXX5979
Vetrintsi BUXX6350
Vetrishte BUXX4971
Vetrovo BUXX1595
Vetrushka BUXX2415
Vezenkovo BUXX0898
Vichovo BUXX1146
Vidanovo BUXX6351
Vidbol BUXX5805
Viden BUXX5296
Vidima BUXX2944
Vidin BUXX0009
Vidintsi BUXX6498
Vidlitsa BUXX3084
Vidno BUXX1147
Vidrar BUXX3390
Vidrare BUXX4261
Vidritsa BUXX3391
Vidritsa BUXX2416
Vievo BUXX4803
Vikhren BUXX0641
Vilare BUXX6352
Vinarovo BUXX5297
Vinarovo BUXX5806
Vinarsko BUXX0899
Vinevo BUXX1806
Vinishte BUXX3085
Vinitsa BUXX5980
Vinitsa BUXX3594
Vinograd BUXX6353
Vinogradets BUXX0345
Vinogradi BUXX0642
Virove BUXX3086
Virovsko BUXX5656
Vis BUXX2417
Vishan BUXX4262
Vishegrad BUXX2418
Vishlene BUXX0643
Vishna BUXX2419
Vishna BUXX0900
Vishnevo BUXX4804
Vishovgrad BUXX6354
Visiko Poliyana BUXX0901
Visino BUXX5521
Viskyar BUXX3392
Visok BUXX5522
Visoka BUXX2420
Visoka Mogila BUXX2715
Visoka Polyana BUXX2421
Visoka Polyana BUXX4972
Visokite BUXX4805
Visokovtsi BUXX6355
Vitanovtsi BUXX3393
Vitevtsi BUXX6356
Vitina BUXX4806
Vizitsa BUXX0902
Vladaya BUXX4365
Vladichentsi BUXX5807
Vladimir BUXX3394
Vladimirovo BUXX6499
Vladimirovo BUXX0346
Vladimirovo BUXX1148
Vladimirovtsi BUXX3896
Vladinya BUXX2945
Vladislav BUXX6357
Vladislavtsi BUXX4263
Vladkovo BUXX1596
Vlado Trichkov BUXX4264
Vlakhi BUXX0644
Vlakhovo BUXX4807
Vlakhovtsi BUXX1597
Vlasatili BUXX1598
Vlasatitsa BUXX5657
Vlasovtsi BUXX1599
Vlaychovtsi BUXX1600
Vlechugovo BUXX2422
Vodach BUXX2423
Vodata BUXX4808
Voden BUXX6500
Voden BUXX3897
Voden BUXX1807
Vodenichane BUXX6501
Vodenicharovo BUXX5298
Vodenicharsko BUXX2424
Vodentsi BUXX1808
Voditsa BUXX0347
Voditsa BUXX5982
Voditsi BUXX5983
Vodna BUXX5808
Vodni Pad BUXX4809
Vodno BUXX6358
Vodnyanka BUXX5299
Vodnyantsi BUXX5809
Vodnyantsi BUXX1149
Vodoley BUXX6359
Vokil BUXX4499
Volno BUXX0645
Vologarska BUXX4265
Volovarovo BUXX5300
Volovartsi BUXX2425
Volovo BUXX3792
Voluyak BUXX4366
Voneshta Voda BUXX6360
Voykova Luka BUXX4810
Voynegovtsi BUXX4367
Voynezha BUXX6361
Voynika BUXX6502
Voynikovo BUXX1150
Voynishka BUXX1602
Voynitsa BUXX2426
Voynitsa BUXX5810
Voynitsi BUXX3088
Voynitsite BUXX1603
Voynitsite BUXX5301
Voyno BUXX1604
Voynovo BUXX2427
Voynovo BUXX4500
Voynyagovo BUXX3595
Voysil BUXX3596
Voysil BUXX1151
Voyvoda BUXX4973
Voyvodenets BUXX1809
Voyvodino BUXX5984
Voyvodinovo BUXX3597
Voyvodovo BUXX5658
Voyvodovo BUXX1810
Voyvodovo BUXX5302
Vozartsi BUXX5523
Vozhdovo BUXX2428
Vrabcha BUXX3395
Vrabchevtsi BUXX2429
Vrabets BUXX2430
Vrabevo BUXX2946
Vrabtsite BUXX2947
Vrabtsite BUXX1605
Vraca BUXX0008
Vrachantsi BUXX1152
Vrachesh BUXX4266
Vrakupovitsa BUXX0646
Vrana BUXX2431
Vranashtitsa BUXX4267
Vranentsi BUXX3217
Vrani Kon BUXX5524
Vranilovtsi BUXX1606
Vranino BUXX1153
Vranintsi BUXX4811
Vransko BUXX2432
Vranya BUXX0647
Vranya Stena BUXX3396
Vranyak BUXX5659
Vranyantsi BUXX2716
Vrata BUXX3598
Vratarite BUXX1154
Vratitsa BUXX0903
Vratsa BUXX0078
Vrattsa BUXX2717
Vrazhdebna BUXX4368
Vrbica BUXX3706
Vrbovka BUXX6362
Vrelo BUXX4268
Vrelo BUXX2433
Vresovo BUXX0904
Vrubnitsa BUXX4369
Vrudlovtsi BUXX4269
Vruv BUXX5811
Vsemirtsi BUXX3218
Vubbel BUXX5525
Vuglarovo BUXX1811
Vuglen BUXX5105
Vuglen BUXX5985
Vuglevtsi BUXX6363
Vukan BUXX3397
Vukovo BUXX2718
Vulcha Polyana BUXX6503
Vulchan BUXX4812
Vulchandol BUXX4813
Vulchanovo BUXX0905
Vulche Pole BUXX1812
Vulchedrum BUXX0350
Vulchek BUXX5812
Vulchi Izvor BUXX6504
Vulchidol BUXX0351
Vulchin BUXX0906
Vulchitrun BUXX3707
Vulchovtsi BUXX6364
Vulkan BUXX4501
Vulkan BUXX1813
Vulkosel BUXX0648
Vulkov Dol BUXX1607
Vulkovich BUXX2434
Vulkovo BUXX0649
Vulnari BUXX4974
Vurba BUXX5813
Vurba BUXX4814
Vurba BUXX3398
Vurbanovtsi BUXX1608
Vurben BUXX2435
Vurben BUXX3599
Vurbentsi BUXX2436
Vurbeshnitsa BUXX5660
Vurbina BUXX4815
Vurbino BUXX4502
Vurbitsa BUXX5661
Vurbitsa BUXX1814
Vurbitsa BUXX0352
Vurbnitsa BUXX4270
Vurbovchets BUXX5814
Vurbovo BUXX1815
Vurbovo BUXX4816
Vurbovo BUXX5815
Vurbyane BUXX4975
Vurgov Dol BUXX4817
Vurkhari BUXX2437
Vurkhari BUXX0650
Vurli Chuchul BUXX4818
Vurli Dol BUXX2438
Vurli Dol BUXX4819
Vurlina BUXX4271
Vurlinka BUXX6365
Vurlino BUXX4820
Vurlishte BUXX5106
Vurshets BUXX3089
Vurshilo BUXX0907
Vurten Kamuk BUXX2719
Vurteshevo BUXX2720
Vurtop BUXX5816
Vurzilkovtsi BUXX6366
Vurzulitsa BUXX6367
Vuzchukar BUXX2721
Vuzel BUXX2439
Western district BUXX6525
Wlaschiza BUXX6368
Yablanitsa BUXX2948
Yablanitsa BUXX4272
Yablanovo BUXX5107
Yabulcheni BUXX2440
Yabulchevo BUXX0908
Yabulka BUXX1609
Yabulkovets BUXX2441
Yabulkovo BUXX2722
Yabulkovtsi BUXX1610
Yagnevo BUXX2442
Yagnilo BUXX5986
Yagoda BUXX5303
Yagodina BUXX4821
Yagodovo BUXX3600
Yagodovo BUXX3090
Yakhinovo BUXX2724
Yakim Gruevo BUXX3898
Yakimovo BUXX3091
Yakoruda BUXX0353
Yakovitsa BUXX2444
Yakovo BUXX0651
Yakovtsi BUXX6369
Yalbotina BUXX4273
Yalovitsa BUXX4274
Yalovo BUXX6370
Yambol BUXX0035
Yamborano BUXX2725
Yamino BUXX2445
Yamna BUXX4275
Yana BUXX4370
Yanino BUXX2446
Yankovo BUXX0355
Yankovtsi BUXX1611
Yanovo BUXX0652
Yanovska BUXX4822
Yantra BUXX1612
Yardzhilovtsi BUXX3399
Yarebichna BUXX5987
Yarebichno BUXX5526
Yarebitsa BUXX4503
Yarebitsa BUXX2447
Yarebkovitsa BUXX4276
Yarlovitsa BUXX5818
Yarlovo BUXX4277
Yarlovtsi BUXX4278
Yarlovtsi BUXX3400
Yaroslavtsi BUXX3401
Yasen BUXX5819
Yasen BUXX3708
Yasenite BUXX1613
Yasenkovo BUXX4976
Yasenovets BUXX3899
Yasenovo BUXX5304
Yasenovo BUXX0909
Yasna Polyana BUXX0910
Yasnets BUXX1155
Yasno Pole BUXX3601
Yastreb BUXX2448
Yastrebino BUXX5527
Yastrebna BUXX4504
Yastrebovo BUXX5305
Yastrebovo BUXX3793
Yavor BUXX1614
Yavorets BUXX1615
Yavornitsa BUXX0653
Yavorovets BUXX5306
Yavorovo BUXX2449
Yavorovo BUXX5988
Yavorovo BUXX5307
Yavrovo BUXX3602
Yazdach BUXX5308
Yazdirastovtsi BUXX4279
Yazovets BUXX5528
Yerusalimovo BUXX1817
Yoakim-Gruevo BUXX3603
Yoglav BUXX2949
Yonchovo BUXX2450
Yonkovo BUXX3900
Yordan Yovkovo BUXX1156
Yordanovo BUXX1818
Yordanovo BUXX4505
Yoren BUXX2451
Yovchevtsi BUXX0911
Yovchovtsi BUXX1616
Yovkovo BUXX1157
Yovkovtsi BUXX6372
Yovovtsi BUXX1617
Yoz Yatuka BUXX2452
Yudelnik BUXX3794
Yugovo BUXX4823
Yulievo BUXX5309
Yunak BUXX5989
Yunatsi BUXX2453
Yunatsite BUXX3219
Yundola BUXX3220
Yunets BUXX5990
Yuper BUXX3901
Yurukovo BUXX0654
Zabel BUXX3402
Zabernovo BUXX0912
Zaburdo BUXX4824