Weather Codes for Brunei

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Brunei. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Bangar BXXX0003
Batu Apoi BXXX0127
Bukit Puan BXXX0017
Kampong Abang BXXX0143
Kampong Amo BXXX0128
Kampong Ampar BXXX0040
Kampong Baharu BXXX0144
Kampong Bandong BXXX0146
Kampong Bangana BXXX0147
Kampong Bantun BXXX0041
Kampong Batong BXXX0042
Kampong Bawong BXXX0046
Kampong Bebatek BXXX0047
Kampong Belaban BXXX0131
Kampong Belayong BXXX0132
Kampong Benutan BXXX0148
Kampong Berakas BXXX0048
Kampong Berangan BXXX0049
Kampong Berbunot BXXX0050
Kampong Beribi BXXX0051
Kampong Biang BXXX0133
Kampong Bibit BXXX0052
Kampong Binchaya BXXX0149
Kampong Birau BXXX0151
Kampong Buangang BXXX0152
Kampong Bukit BXXX0153
Kampong Bunot BXXX0055
Kampong Danau BXXX0159
Kampong Delima BXXX0057
Kampong Gadong BXXX0059
Kampong Ikas BXXX0160
Kampong Imang BXXX0161
Kampong Jangsak BXXX0060
Kampong Jerudong BXXX0061
Kampong Kalamasi BXXX0063
Kampong Kandang BXXX0162
Kampong Kapok BXXX0064
Kampong Kasat BXXX0065
Kampong Katok BXXX0066
Kampong Kebia BXXX0165
Kampong Kebun BXXX0166
Kampong Kelalang BXXX0167
Kampong Keluyoh BXXX0020
Kampong Kenua BXXX0135
Kampong Keriam BXXX0168
Kampong Kiajong BXXX0169
Kampong Kiarong BXXX0067
Kampong Kiudang BXXX0170
Kampong Kiulap BXXX0068
Kampong Kupang BXXX0174
Kampong Labut BXXX0136
Kampong Lambak BXXX0070
Kampong Lamunin BXXX0175
Kampong Layong BXXX0176
Kampong Lilas BXXX0177
Kampong Limpas BXXX0072
Kampong Lopat BXXX0137
Kampong Lugu BXXX0181
Kampong Lumapas BXXX0073
Kampong Madewa BXXX0075
Kampong Medaras BXXX0077
Kampong Mentiri BXXX0079
Kampong Mulaut BXXX0081
Kampong Mungkom BXXX0182
Kampong Nangka BXXX0082
Kampong Padnunok BXXX0184
Kampong Pak BXXX0138
Kampong Panjang BXXX0084
Kampong Paring BXXX0085
Kampong Parit BXXX0086
Kampong Pasang BXXX0087
Kampong Patong BXXX0088
Kampong Penabai BXXX0192
Kampong Penapar BXXX0194
Kampong Peninjau BXXX0092
Kampong Pepara BXXX0093
Kampong Pepatan BXXX0094
Kampong Perupok BXXX0196
Kampong Potong BXXX0197
Kampong Pudak BXXX0095
Kampong Pugat BXXX0096
Kampong Pulaie BXXX0097
Kampong Putat BXXX0099
Kampong Rambai BXXX0198
Kampong Rampaya BXXX0199
Kampong Ranggu BXXX0100
Kampong Rimba BXXX0102
Kampong Riong BXXX0103
Kampong Riong BXXX0200
Kampong Sabun BXXX0104
Kampong Salapit BXXX0201
Kampong Sawah BXXX0024
Kampong Selangan BXXX0106
Kampong Selayun BXXX0107
Kampong Serasa BXXX0109
Kampong Serdang BXXX0110
Kampong Serusup BXXX0111
Kampong Sibakit BXXX0203
Kampong Sibut BXXX0141
Kampong Sinaut BXXX0204
Kampong Sinonuk BXXX0205
Kampong Subok BXXX0113
Kampong Tanjong BXXX0120
Kampong Telamba BXXX0216
Kampong Telisai BXXX0217
Kampong Timahu BXXX0218
Kampong Timbunan BXXX0122
Kampong Tulang BXXX0123
Kampong Ukong BXXX0220
Kampong Wasan BXXX0221
Kpg Jerudong BXXX0005
Kpg K Abang BXXX0006
Kpg Kilanas BXXX0007
Kpg Labi BXXX0008
Kpg Lepong Lama BXXX0009
Kpg Lumut BXXX0010
Kpg Medit BXXX0011
Kpg Sukang BXXX0012
Kuala Balai BXXX0026
Kuala Belait BXXX0002
Labi BXXX0027
Melilas BXXX0028
Muara BXXX0125
Panaga BXXX0029
Pangkalan Siong BXXX0030
Pekan Muara BXXX0014
Pekan Seria BXXX0015
Pekan Tutong BXXX0016
Purau Purau BXXX0031
Rampayoh BXXX0032
Rasau BXXX0033
Rumah Samawa BXXX0035
Rumah Supon BXXX0222
Seria BXXX0036
Sukang BXXX0037
Sukang Hilir BXXX0038
Tangki Ayer BXXX0126
Tempuan Ugas BXXX0223
Tutong BXXX0224