Weather Codes for Botswana

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Botswana. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Artesia BCXX0915
Babusi BCXX1315
Badiri BCXX1316
Baines Drift BCXX0081
Bakwena BCXX0082
Bapeding BCXX0083
Barachu BCXX0867
Bathobabangwe BCXX1373
Bathobantle BCXX1374
Batsetsi BCXX0986
Bebe BCXX1206
Beetsha BCXX1207
Bikwane BCXX1375
Bikwe BCXX1376
Boatenwana BCXX0987
Boatlaname BCXX0018
Boatle BCXX1317
Bobonong BCXX0019
Bobothakgama BCXX0085
Bodibajako BCXX0086
Boditse BCXX0988
Bodungwe BCXX0916
Bodungwe BCXX0087
Bogo Gobo BCXX0896
Bohutsana BCXX0989
Boitshoko BCXX1318
Bojakgosi BCXX0088
Bojanjwe BCXX1319
Bojelakhudu BCXX0089
Bokaa BCXX0917
Bokhutlo BCXX1377
Bokolo BCXX0090
Bolawe BCXX0091
Boleki Village BCXX0092
Bolelantokwe BCXX0093
Bolelapudi BCXX0094
Boletathege BCXX0095
Bontleng BCXX1320
Bonwakatlhako BCXX0096
Bonwanonyane BCXX0097
Bonwapitse BCXX0098
Bonwapitse One BCXX0099
Bonwapitse Two BCXX0100
Bonwathothe BCXX0101
Borakalalop Camp BCXX0990
Borakanelo BCXX1321
Boratapula BCXX0102
Botie BCXX0103
Botlhapakolobe BCXX0104
Botlhapatlou BCXX0991
Botswelelo BCXX1322
Boyong BCXX0105
Broadhurst BCXX1323
Budungwane BCXX0918
Buitsivango BCXX0868
Bukosaile BCXX0106
Bulukubalo BCXX1378
Butale BCXX1162
Capetown BCXX0107
Chadibe BCXX0108
Chalaole BCXX0109
Chamene BCXX0110
Chamme BCXX0111
Changate BCXX0112
Chaoka BCXX0992
Chichales BCXX1208
Chiro Pan BCXX1209
Chiwelo BCXX0113
Chizwina BCXX0114
Chor-he-samuke BCXX0115
Chuaning BCXX1379
Chukudu Kraal BCXX0869
Chuma BCXX0116
Citing Pola BCXX0117
Dabgwi BCXX0118
Damara BCXX1210
Dauga BCXX0119
Debetsha BCXX0120
Dekar BCXX0870
Demarara BCXX1211
Detoie BCXX0121
Diabo BCXX1380
Diagane BCXX0993
Diaka BCXX1381
Dialane BCXX1382
Dibajakwena BCXX1383
Dibe BCXX0122
Dibete Station BCXX0123
Didibeng BCXX0919
Digwagwe BCXX0994
Digwagwe Well BCXX0995
Dihudi BCXX0124
Dikabea BCXX0125
Dikabeya BCXX0126
Dikalane BCXX0127
Dikeletsane BCXX0920
Dikgama BCXX0921
Dikgatlhong BCXX0128
Dikgatlong BCXX0996
Dikgato BCXX0129
Dikgokong BCXX0922
Dikgomo BCXX1384
Dikgonye BCXX0923
Dikhu BCXX0130
Dikhutsana BCXX0997
Dikolakolana BCXX0998
Dikukumoru BCXX0131
Dilalelo BCXX1324
Dilegane BCXX0999
Dilepe BCXX1000
Dilokwane BCXX1385
Dilolwane BCXX0132
Dilolwe BCXX1386
Diloro BCXX0133
Dimaje BCXX0134
Dimawe BCXX1001
Dimonyane BCXX0135
Dinakedi BCXX0136
Dinatshana BCXX1387
Dinde BCXX0137
Dinkgwana BCXX1002
Dinoge BCXX0138
Dinogeng BCXX1388
Dinogeng BCXX0924
Dinokana BCXX0139
Dinokwe BCXX0020
Dinonong BCXX0140
Diphafu BCXX1003
Diphale BCXX1004
Diphaleng BCXX0141
Diphata BCXX0142
Diphatana BCXX1389
Diphawana BCXX1390
Diphepe BCXX1005
Diphiri BCXX1006
Diphiring BCXX1391
Dipotsana BCXX1392
Dipuding BCXX0143
Dirolos BCXX1213
Dirunya BCXX0925
Disebo BCXX0144
Ditakane BCXX0145
Ditauana BCXX0146
Dithojana BCXX0147
Dithupe BCXX1007
Ditlading BCXX0926
Ditlhakane BCXX1008
Ditlhakeng BCXX0148
Ditlharapeng BCXX0149
Ditojana BCXX1393
Ditootsong BCXX0150
Ditshetlho BCXX1394
Ditshilo BCXX0151
Ditshoswane BCXX0152
Ditshukutswane BCXX1395
Ditsinane BCXX0153
Ditsobotlana BCXX1396
Ditsotswane BCXX1325
Ditweetwee BCXX0154
Dodo BCXX1214
Dodong BCXX0155
Dukwe BCXX0156
Duma BCXX1215
Dumadumana BCXX1326
Dumela BCXX1163
Dutlwe BCXX1009
Dwaha BCXX0157
Dzerudwana BCXX0158
Fetlhedi BCXX0927
Fikeng BCXX1397
Five Dunes BCXX0897
Foley Siding BCXX0021
Francistown BCXX0004
Ga-Kemiso BCXX0159
Ga-Leebe BCXX0160
Gabane BCXX0023
Gaberone/Khama BCXX0005
Gaberones Camp BCXX1327
Gaborone BCXX0001
Gaborone Block BCXX1328
Gadintsi BCXX1398
Gadyana Pits BCXX0161
Gaithwa BCXX0162
Gajong BCXX1010
Gakgatla BCXX1011
Gakhudu BCXX1399
Gakhuduga BCXX1400
Gakolobu BCXX1401
Galekgatshwane BCXX1012
Galetanyane BCXX1402
Galewane BCXX1403
Galonakana BCXX1404
Gamabuo BCXX0163
Gamafikana BCXX1405
Gamaio BCXX1406
Gamajalela BCXX1407
Gamakuku BCXX1013
Gamasa BCXX1408
Gamatlhaku BCXX1409
Gamatsetsakgabe BCXX1410
Gamawatle BCXX1014
Gambule BCXX1164
Gamodubu BCXX1015
Gamoeng BCXX1411
Gamogae BCXX0164
Gamogapinyane BCXX1412
Gamogweotsile BCXX1413
Gamohibidu BCXX1414
Gamoitlhabanedi BCXX1415
Gamojela BCXX1416
Gamokalaka BCXX1417
Gamoleele BCXX1016
Gamoleta BCXX0165
Gamonkga BCXX1017
Gamorahei BCXX1018
Gamorala BCXX1418
Gamosinki BCXX1419
Gamosojane BCXX0166
Gamoswaana BCXX1420
Gampudi BCXX1421
Ganamanyane BCXX1422
Ganthibedi BCXX1019
Gaphatshwe BCXX1020
Gaphiri BCXX1021
Garaditau BCXX1022
Garakoko BCXX1329
Garammala BCXX1023
Garamotlhose BCXX1423
Garanjella BCXX1024
Garuthwi BCXX1025
Gasegogwane BCXX1424
Gasekhukhu BCXX1425
Gaseroka BCXX1426
Gasethebe BCXX1427
Gatalatau BCXX0167
Gatalatshukudu BCXX1428
Gatampa BCXX1429
Gathwane BCXX1430
Gatsatsiatsola BCXX1431
Gatsepane BCXX1432
Gatsetsile BCXX0168
Gatuma BCXX1433
Gehumdi BCXX1216
Gerufa BCXX0169
Ghanzi BCXX0006
Ghosha BCXX0170
Goa BCXX1217
Gobadwe BCXX0171
Gobojango BCXX0172
Gobokonkwane BCXX0173
Gobosholo BCXX0174
Gojwane BCXX0175
Gomasala BCXX1026
Gonwapitse BCXX0027
Good Hope BCXX1434
Gookodisa BCXX1027
Goomosweu BCXX0176
Gootau BCXX0177
Gootsha BCXX0178
Gootshaa BCXX0179
Guba BCXX0180
Gucta BCXX0181
Gudigwa BCXX1218
Gulubane BCXX1165
Gulushabe BCXX0182
Gungwe BCXX1166
Gutta BCXX0183
Gwape One BCXX0184
Gwaraha BCXX0185
Gweta BCXX0186
Habangan BCXX1167
Hamaau BCXX0187
Hukung BCXX1330
Hukuntsi BCXX0898
Hulwane BCXX0188
Ikongwe BCXX0189
Ikwaka BCXX1219
Inkangwe BCXX1028
Isang BCXX1331
Itsokwane One BCXX0190
Itsokwane Two BCXX0191
Iyaka BCXX0192
Jakops BCXX0193
Jamakata BCXX0194
Janeng BCXX1332
Janki BCXX1435
Jannyane BCXX0195
Japane BCXX0196
Jelante BCXX0197
Joani BCXX1220
Jorotane BCXX0198
Joverega BCXX1221
Juru-Tshaa BCXX0199
Jwagore BCXX0200
Jwaneng BCXX0007
Jwelejwete BCXX0201
Kabakai BCXX0872
Kabolebole BCXX1222
Kabulabula BCXX1223
Kachikau BCXX1224
Kadimotse BCXX0202
Kai-Kai BCXX1225
Kainangwe BCXX0203
Kakamane BCXX0204
Kakamashe BCXX0899
Kakia BCXX1436
Kakoaka BCXX1226
Kakoro BCXX1227
Kalakamati BCXX1168
Kalakshani BCXX0205
Kalamare BCXX0206
Kalatane BCXX0207
Kalkfontein BCXX0873
Kalwisikankanga BCXX1228
Kamenakwe BCXX1029
Kanaku BCXX1437
Kang BCXX0900
Kangaras BCXX1229
Kanye BCXX1438
Karaka BCXX0874
Karamechen BCXX0208
Kasane BCXX0008
Kashiambaras BCXX1230
Kasinka BCXX1231
Kataba BCXX1232
Katane BCXX0928
Kaunkwankwata BCXX0209
Kazungula BCXX1233
Kedikilwe BCXX0210
Keisane BCXX0211
Keng BCXX1439
Kgagodi BCXX0212
Kgamagadi BCXX1440
Kgamanes Post BCXX1234
Kgaphamadi BCXX1333
Kgaphamadi BCXX0213
Kgaragana BCXX0214
Kgarangwe BCXX0215
Kgemekgeme BCXX0216
Kgobaseretse BCXX0929
Kgobotwane BCXX0217
Kgodikwe BCXX0218
Kgokgole BCXX1441
Kgolokwane BCXX0219
Kgome BCXX1442
Kgomo-Dia-Tshaba BCXX0930
Kgomodinake BCXX1030
Kgomofatsha BCXX0875
Kgonama BCXX0220
Kgophane BCXX1031
Kgophathathe BCXX0221
Kgoro BCXX1443
Kgoronyane BCXX0222
Kgorotlhwe BCXX0931
Kgosietsile BCXX0223
Kgotla BCXX1444
Kgwamathe BCXX0224
Khairi BCXX0225
Khakalashwe BCXX1445
Khakhea BCXX1446
Khalaphuduhudu BCXX0226
Khalwa BCXX1447
Khama Khama BCXX1235
Khanyeng BCXX0901
Kharekai BCXX1236
Khasebake BCXX0227
Khemsbok BCXX0876
Khnaitso BCXX0877
Khomo BCXX0228
Khoti BCXX0902
Khubulabobedi BCXX0229
Khudiro BCXX1032
Khudumajoko BCXX1033
Khudumelapye BCXX1034
Khumanego BCXX0230
Khutswe BCXX1035
Ki-e-Wonga BCXX0231
Kidinye BCXX0932
Kii BCXX0232
Kika BCXX1334
Kitsuhele BCXX0233
Kkhobi BCXX0234
Kkhoutsa BCXX0879
Kkhoutsiri BCXX0880
Kladiba BCXX1335
Klipputs BCXX1448
Kobalemakabe BCXX0235
Kobamni BCXX1449
Kobe BCXX0236
Kodibeleng BCXX0237
Kogu BCXX1237
Kokong BCXX1450
Kolobeng BCXX1036
Kolojwana BCXX0238
Kolokome BCXX0239
Kolomaje BCXX0240
Kolwane BCXX1451
Komane BCXX1238
Konkhwa BCXX1452
Konowa BCXX0241
Konye BCXX1037
Kopong BCXX1038
Kopong BCXX0242
Kotolaname BCXX1039
Kototse BCXX0243
Krombi Pits BCXX0244
Kubu A Hachwe BCXX0903
Kubung BCXX1040
Kudia Kam BCXX1239
Kuke BCXX0881
Kukumane Kraal BCXX0882
Kuli BCXX0883
Kumakwane BCXX1041
Kumba Pits BCXX1240
Kurametsi BCXX0245
Kutokgolo BCXX1453
Kwakhanai BCXX0884
Kwanate BCXX1042
Kwapeleng BCXX0246
Kwaraga BCXX0247
Kwedia BCXX1454
Kweneng BCXX0248
Labani BCXX0249
Leboana BCXX0250
Lechaneng BCXX0251
Lechomos BCXX1241
Ledubeng BCXX1455
Lefase BCXX1242
Lefatsis BCXX1243
Leftka BCXX1456
Legatadimane BCXX0252
Legotho BCXX0253
Legotlong BCXX0254
Lehatane BCXX0255
Lehatlheng BCXX1457
Lehatshe BCXX0256
Lehututu BCXX0904
Lehwerane BCXX0905
Leitlho ya Tau BCXX1458
Lekabi BCXX0257
Lekala BCXX0258
Lekawen Drift BCXX0030
Lekgalong BCXX1043
Lekgolobotlo BCXX1336
Lekgopha BCXX1459
Lekoba BCXX0259
Lekomotong BCXX0260
Lekono BCXX0261
Lekowarapa BCXX1460
Lekwana BCXX0262
Lelotong BCXX1044
Lemonwe BCXX0263
Lenake BCXX1045
Lenchwe Le Tau BCXX1046
Lenguelo BCXX0264
Lentswana BCXX0265
Lentswelekgoro BCXX0266
Lentsweletau BCXX1047
Lentsweng BCXX0933
Lepapa BCXX1461
Lepashe BCXX0267
Lepena BCXX1462
Lephabe BCXX1048
Lephala BCXX1337
Lephaneng BCXX0268
Lephepe BCXX0269
Lephokwe BCXX0270
Leribe BCXX0271
Lerokolo BCXX1463
Leropo BCXX1464
Lerula BCXX0934
Leruti BCXX0272
Lesabokwe BCXX0273
Lesenepole BCXX0274
Leshibitse BCXX0935
Lesoane BCXX1244
Lesoma BCXX1245
Lesomo BCXX1246
Lesware BCXX0275
Letapana BCXX0276
Letapane BCXX1049
Letetengwa BCXX0277
Letlakane BCXX0278
Letlapana BCXX1465
Letlhajwe BCXX0279
Letlhajweng BCXX1050
Letlhakane BCXX0009
Letlhakeng BCXX0280
Letlhakeng BCXX0032
Letsheng BCXX0033
Letsholathebe BCXX1169
Letsibogo BCXX0281
Letsili BCXX0282
Letsomo BCXX0283
Letsopa BCXX1466
Leupane BCXX0284
Levisfontein BCXX1247
Likolwalo BCXX0285
Linakalablo BCXX0034
Linchwe BCXX0936
Lobakwe BCXX0286
Lobatse BCXX1338
Lobatse Block BCXX1339
Lobila BCXX1467
Lobilos BCXX1248
Logogwe BCXX1468
Lohalane BCXX1469
Lohawe BCXX1470
Lohoklane BCXX0287
Lokala Drift BCXX0937
Lokerane BCXX1471
Lokgwathe BCXX1472
Lokotsane BCXX1473
Lokwabe BCXX0906
Lolale BCXX1474
Lonatong BCXX1475
Longaneng BCXX0288
Loratalane BCXX1476
Lose BCXX0289
Losilakgokong BCXX1052
Lothlekane BCXX0290
Lotlhakane BCXX1477
Lotsane BCXX0291
Lutlhe BCXX1053
Lwale BCXX1054
Lwale BCXX1478
Maapi BCXX0292
Mabadisa BCXX1479
Mabalane BCXX0293
Mabalelo BCXX0294
Mabatwe BCXX0295
Mabelane BCXX1480
Mabeleapodi BCXX0296
Mabelete BCXX0297
Maboana BCXX0298
Mabolawa BCXX0299
Mabole BCXX0300
Mabolobolo BCXX0301
Mabolwe BCXX0302
Mabosi Stadt BCXX0303
Mabuduloga BCXX0304
Mabudzane BCXX1170
Mabuli BCXX1481
Mabutsane BCXX1482
Mabutswe BCXX1340
Machaakha BCXX0907
Machaneng BCXX0035
Madiba BCXX0305
Madibamatso BCXX1055
Madibeng BCXX1341
Madikgaka BCXX0306
Madikwe BCXX0307
Madipitse BCXX0308
Madista BCXX0309
Maditswene BCXX0310
Madwaleng BCXX1171
Madziba BCXX0311
Maebele BCXX0312
Maenga BCXX1249
Mafoko BCXX0313
Mafote BCXX0314
Magagarape BCXX1056
Magakabe BCXX0315
Magapatona BCXX0316
Magodire BCXX1483
Magogaphate BCXX0317
Magogodi BCXX0938
Magoriapitse BCXX0036
Magotane BCXX1342
Magothla BCXX0318
Magothong BCXX0319
Magotlhwane BCXX1485
Magotswane BCXX0320
Mahalapye BCXX0010
Mahapswe BCXX0321
Mahataanare BCXX0322
Mahatane BCXX0323
Mahatelo BCXX0324
Mahatelo BCXX1057
Mahibitswane BCXX1058
Mahibitwane BCXX0325
Mahutagane BCXX0326
Maike BCXX0327
Maila BCXX0328
Maipaafela BCXX0329
Maiphatelo BCXX0330
Maiphitlhwane BCXX0331
Maisane BCXX1486
Maiswe BCXX0332
Maitengwe BCXX0333
Maiyabana BCXX0038
Maiyabane BCXX0334
Majakubu BCXX0335
Majande BCXX0336
Majaneng BCXX1487
Majaphofu BCXX0337
Majatshippo BCXX1059
Majeadinare BCXX0338
Majwana BCXX0339
Majweng BCXX0340
Makabile BCXX1488
Makala BCXX0341
Makalamabedi BCXX1250
Makale BCXX0342
Makaleng BCXX0343
Makapane BCXX1489
Makatanyane BCXX1490
Makfaolakgang BCXX0344
Makgaba BCXX0345
Makgabo BCXX0346
Makgala BCXX0347
Makgwapana BCXX1060
Makhantlele BCXX0348
Makhubu BCXX1491
Makhubu BCXX0349
Makhubung BCXX1492
Makhujwane BCXX0939
Makkhalo BCXX1251
Makoba BCXX0350
Makobaese BCXX0351
Makobeng BCXX0352
Makobese BCXX0353
Makobo BCXX0354
Makobung BCXX0355
Makokwe BCXX1493
Makolane BCXX0356
Makolontwane BCXX1494
Makome BCXX0357
Makomoto BCXX0358
Makopo BCXX0359
Makoro BCXX0360
Makotswane BCXX1061
Makuba BCXX1252
Makubela One BCXX0361
Makumbe BCXX0362
Makvekve BCXX1253
Makwa BCXX0363
Makwata BCXX0364
Makwata East BCXX0365
Malachoona BCXX1495
Maladiatla BCXX0366
Malaka BCXX0367
Malalaling BCXX0908
Malatshi BCXX1254
Malau BCXX0368
Malau BCXX1496
Male BCXX1497
Malekaoakkhomos BCXX1255
Malenale BCXX1343
Malepe BCXX0369
Malete BCXX0370
Malote BCXX0371
Malwelwe BCXX1062
Mamala BCXX0372
Mamamookane BCXX0373
Mamatejane BCXX1498
Mambo BCXX1172
Mamelodi BCXX0374
Mameno BCXX0375
Mamhuditshe BCXX0940
Mamoeledi BCXX0376
Mamohumela BCXX1499
Mamokhobo BCXX1500
Mampa BCXX1501
Mampi BCXX1256
Mamputhe BCXX1063
Mamuno BCXX0885
Manaledi BCXX0377
Manduyan BCXX0378
Mangolwane BCXX0379
Mangwato BCXX1502
Mankgatau BCXX0380
Manonnye BCXX0941
Mantshane BCXX1503
Mantshe BCXX0909
Mantswabisi BCXX1064
Manyale BCXX1173
Manyana BCXX1504
Manyana BCXX0910
Maokamatshwane BCXX1344
Maoko BCXX0381
Maokwe BCXX0382
Maope BCXX0383
Mapapa BCXX0384
Mapapane BCXX0385
Mapapeng BCXX1065
Mapereku BCXX0386
Maphadikwe BCXX1505
Maphaneng BCXX0387
Maphang BCXX1066
Maphashalala BCXX0388
Mapoka BCXX0039
Marakalalo BCXX0389
Marapalalo BCXX1067
Marapong BCXX0390
Maratswene BCXX1068
Maretele BCXX0391
Marlbela BCXX0392
Marokolwane BCXX0393
Maroleng BCXX0394
Marope BCXX1506
Marotse BCXX1069
Marulamabedi BCXX0395
Marulamantsi BCXX0396
Marumantsho BCXX0397
Marushela BCXX1507
Marutlwane BCXX0398
Marutujwe BCXX0399
Marutwe BCXX0400
Masakaphala BCXX0401
Masama BCXX0942
Masame BCXX0402
Masarwa BCXX1257
Masebele BCXX1070
Masebopeng BCXX1508
Masekari BCXX0403
Maseme BCXX1258
Maseshola BCXX0404
Masetswana BCXX1509
Mashalatwe BCXX0405
Mashendus BCXX1259
Masiadieme BCXX0406
Masidie BCXX0407
Masike BCXX1260
Masingwa BCXX1175
Masingwaneng BCXX1176
Masinyetse BCXX1510
Masokabale BCXX0408
Masokwaneng BCXX0409
Masokwe BCXX1511
Masokwe BCXX0410
Masonke BCXX1512
Masowe BCXX0411
Massering BCXX0886
Massubia BCXX1261
Masuathaga BCXX0943
Masudiakgopo BCXX0412
Masunga BCXX1177
Masweabanna BCXX0413
Matapa BCXX0887
Matapeko BCXX0414
Matapudza BCXX0415
Mateane BCXX0944
Matenge BCXX1178
Matetsho BCXX0416
Mathakola BCXX0417
Mathambgwane BCXX0040
Mathape BCXX0418
Mathathane BCXX0419
Mathemathema BCXX1071
Mathoseng BCXX1072
Matikwe BCXX0420
Matima BCXX1262
Matlagatse BCXX1073
Matlakeng BCXX1513
Matlakhotse One BCXX0421
Matlakhotse Two BCXX0422
Matlale BCXX0423
Matlalo BCXX1514
Matlamanyane BCXX0424
Matlapana BCXX0425
Matlha-Banelo BCXX0426
Matlhaba BCXX1515
Matlhabaneng BCXX0427
Matlhakwana BCXX1516
Matlhutlwa BCXX1517
Matlhwatshana BCXX1518
Matlopi BCXX0428
Matobo BCXX0429
Matombo Mashaba BCXX0430
Matoposane BCXX0431
Matrakosi BCXX0432
Matsaganeng BCXX0433
Matsatsi BCXX1345
Matshalwane BCXX0434
Matshelagabedi BCXX1179
Matshingitshi BCXX1180
Matshwane BCXX0435
Matsimola BCXX0945
Matsisadikgang BCXX0436
Matsweenyane BCXX0437
Matswelenyane BCXX0946
Maun BCXX0011
Maunatlala BCXX0043
Maunyele BCXX1519
Mawa BCXX0438
Mazuwe BCXX0439
Mboele BCXX0440
Mboyu BCXX0441
Media BCXX1074
Mediane BCXX1075
Mekata BCXX1520
Mekomxana BCXX0442
Melekgon BCXX0911
Mena-a-Kwena BCXX0443
Mengwe BCXX0444
Mephato BCXX1346
Merolo BCXX0445
Mesaso BCXX0446
Metsae BCXX1521
Metsebotlhoko BCXX0447
Metsemabe BCXX1076
Metsemaswaane BCXX1347
Metsematluko BCXX0448
Metsemotlhaba BCXX1077
Metsimasweu BCXX0449
Metsingmahibidu BCXX0450
Mhakane BCXX0451
Mhalapitsa BCXX0452
Mhatane BCXX1181
Mhatane BCXX1078
Mhatswe BCXX1079
Mheelo BCXX1522
Mhethi BCXX0453
Micawber BCXX0454
Mirapene BCXX1263
Mmabahuma BCXX0455
Mmabanyana BCXX0456
Mmabelemo BCXX1523
Mmabi BCXX0457
Mmabogopa BCXX0458
Mmabotshe BCXX1080
Mmadikgomo BCXX1081
Mmadikgomo BCXX0459
Mmadikgopa BCXX0460
Mmadinare BCXX0044
Mmadiperetla BCXX0462
Mmai BCXX0463
Mmajojo BCXX0464
Mmakanke BCXX1082
Mmakgari BCXX0465
Mmakgodi BCXX0045
Mmakgomo BCXX0947
Mmale BCXX0466
Mmalebatlana BCXX0467
Mmalegaba BCXX0468
Mmalekoba BCXX0469
Mmalonaane BCXX1524
Mmamadila One BCXX0470
Mmamadila Two BCXX0471
Mmamagwaile BCXX0948
Mmamajena BCXX1083
Mmamanaka BCXX0472
Mmamarobole BCXX1084
Mmamasiloanoka BCXX0473
Mmamaunatlala BCXX0474
Mmamhatane BCXX0475
Mmamitlwe BCXX1526
Mmammedi BCXX0476
Mmammoto BCXX1085
Mmamokgothwane BCXX0477
Mmamonyai BCXX0478
Mmamonyopi BCXX0479
Mmamorontshe BCXX0480
Mmamosarwana BCXX0481
Mmamoto BCXX1527
Mmamotsatsing BCXX0949
Mmampaba BCXX1086
Mmampale BCXX0482
Mmane BCXX0950
Mmanfoditshe BCXX0951
Mmankgodi BCXX1087
Mmankgwedi BCXX0483
Mmankhai BCXX0484
Mmanoko BCXX1088
Mmantshadidi BCXX0485
Mmapebane BCXX0486
Mmaphiri BCXX0487
Mmaphuntsi BCXX1528
Mmapilane BCXX0488
Mmaraka BCXX1348
Mmasebue BCXX0489
Mmasegotso BCXX0490
Mmasehudula BCXX1529
Mmasetshweu BCXX0491
Mmashoro BCXX0492
Mmathete BCXX0041
Mmathubudukwane BCXX0952
Mmatshumo BCXX0046
Mmaubane BCXX0953
Mmeotsogile BCXX0493
Mmitle BCXX0494
Mmoka BCXX0495
Mmokolodi BCXX1349
Mmokwanyane BCXX1089
Mmokwe BCXX0496
Mmopone BCXX1090
Mmukuele BCXX0497
Mmumoshweu BCXX1264
Mmutlana BCXX0498
Moaketseng BCXX0499
Moakhi BCXX1530
Moalosi BCXX0500
Moamokane BCXX0501
Moaneng BCXX0502
Mobotai BCXX0503
Mochosens BCXX1265
Mochudi BCXX0954
Mochumi BCXX1182
Mochwere BCXX0505
Modiabatho BCXX1091
Modiane One BCXX0506
Modiane Two BCXX0507
Modibedi BCXX0508
Modimogate BCXX0509
Modimotsebe BCXX0510
Modubane BCXX0511
Moekatsi BCXX0512
Moeng BCXX0513
Moetlo BCXX1092
Moetse BCXX0514
Mogae BCXX0515
Mogahe BCXX1093
Mogaleng BCXX0516
Mogapi BCXX0517
Mogapinyana BCXX0047
Mogatsapoo BCXX0518
Mogobane BCXX1350
Mogobe wa Kgomo BCXX1531
Mogobeamarale BCXX0519
Mogobewamusu BCXX1094
Mogoditshan BCXX1351
Mogoditshane BCXX1352
Mogojwagojwe BCXX1533
Mogolegwa BCXX0955
Mogome BCXX0520
Mogonono BCXX1095
Mogonye BCXX1353
Mogorosane BCXX0521
Mogorosi BCXX0522
Mogwalale BCXX1534
Mohatane BCXX0523
Mohibitswane BCXX0524
Mohuduhutswe BCXX1535
Mohuhutswane BCXX1354
Mohukutshwane BCXX1096
Moijabana BCXX0525
Moipolai BCXX0526
Moiyabana BCXX0527
Mojane BCXX1536
Mokaibe BCXX0528
Mokalana BCXX1537
Mokata BCXX1538
Mokatako BCXX1539
Mokatani BCXX0529
Mokati BCXX0530
Mokaya BCXX1266
Mokgalega BCXX0531
Mokgalokgaoga BCXX1540
Mokgalwana BCXX0532
Mokgalwane BCXX1097
Mokgatusheng BCXX0533
Mokgolopite BCXX0534
Mokgomane BCXX1541
Mokgowane BCXX0535
Mokgware BCXX0536
Mokhokhelo BCXX1267
Mokhopudis BCXX1268
Mokhumba BCXX0048
Moko BCXX0537
Mokobaese BCXX0538
Mokobela BCXX0539
Mokokwane BCXX0540
Mokoto BCXX1542
Mokukumelo BCXX0957
Mokungwane BCXX0541
Mokwatis BCXX1269
Mokwena BCXX0542
Molalamitlwa BCXX1543
Molapo-wa-Makopo BCXX0543
Molatswana BCXX1544
Moleejane BCXX0544
Molefi BCXX0545
Molehele BCXX1545
Molekaletabo BCXX0546
Molepolole BCXX1098
Moletse BCXX1546
Molibatsi BCXX0547
Molomoojang BCXX1547
Molondo BCXX0548
Molorosi BCXX0549
Molusi BCXX0550
Monametsana BCXX0958
Monate BCXX0551
Monedi BCXX1270
Monganaokudu BCXX1548
Mongologane BCXX0552
Mongwane BCXX0553
Monnamme BCXX1549
Monoga BCXX0959
Monokela BCXX0554
Mononyane BCXX0555
Mononyane BCXX1099
Montsadidi BCXX0556
Montsibudu BCXX0557
Monyenane BCXX1550
Mookametsana BCXX0558
Mookane BCXX0049
Mooke BCXX0559
Mophuelo BCXX1551
Mopipi BCXX0560
Moralana BCXX0960
Moralana BCXX0561
Morale BCXX0562
Moraleng BCXX0563
Morarwana BCXX1100
Moreane BCXX1552
Morebudi BCXX1553
Morelelo BCXX1554
Moremabele BCXX0564
Moremaoto BCXX0565
Moremi BCXX0566
Moriri BCXX0567
Morobane BCXX1101
Moroka BCXX1183
Morongwa BCXX0568
Morongwana BCXX0569
Morotakapolo BCXX1555
Morotole BCXX0570
Morukuru BCXX0571
Morulawabasadi BCXX0572
Morungwane BCXX1102
Morupule BCXX0573
Morwamosu BCXX1556
Moselane BCXX0574
Moselebe BCXX1557
Moselesejana BCXX0575
Mosesane BCXX0576
Mosetela BCXX0577
Mosetse BCXX0050
Moshaiwa BCXX0578
Moshakgalong BCXX0579
Moshalalo BCXX0580
Moshaneng BCXX0051
Moshaweng BCXX1103
Moshibidu BCXX0961
Moshibitswane BCXX0962
Moshwana BCXX1558
Moshweu BCXX0581
Mosiang BCXX1559
Mosilabetsane BCXX1560
Mosinki BCXX1104
Mosojane BCXX1184
Mosokotswe BCXX1105
Mosokwane BCXX1106
Mosolotsane BCXX0582
Mosong BCXX0583
Mosopa BCXX0052
Mosopha BCXX0584
Mosu BCXX0585
Mosung BCXX0586
Mosuspan BCXX0587
Mosusu BCXX1107
Mosveng BCXX0588
Moswaedi BCXX1561
Moswelakgosi BCXX1562
Moswetsi BCXX0589
Motabane BCXX0590
Motanolo BCXX0591
Motholo BCXX0592
Mothwane BCXX0593
Motimani BCXX0594
Motlatlagwe BCXX0963
Motlhaba BCXX1563
Motlhabeng BCXX0595
Motlhahuneng BCXX1564
Motlhalawakgomo BCXX1565
Motlhatlokho BCXX1272
Motlhatsa BCXX1566
Motlholetsetsiga BCXX1108
Motlhorogwane BCXX0964
Motlhowe BCXX1109
Motlotleng BCXX0596
Motlotsane BCXX1567
Motlotswana BCXX1568
Motloutse BCXX0597
Motobetsong BCXX0598
Mototswane BCXX0599
Motsaena BCXX0600
Motsaka BCXX1110
Motsena BCXX0601
Motsentshe BCXX1569
Motseto BCXX1356
Motshemane BCXX0602
Motsomatlose BCXX1570
Motsotswane BCXX0603
Motswedi BCXX1357
Motswire BCXX1571
Mowane BCXX0604
Mowatle BCXX1572
Moyonda BCXX1273
Mpabatho BCXX0605
Mpapalela BCXX0606
Mpapho BCXX0607
Mpechukudu BCXX0608
Mpepu BCXX0965
Mphane BCXX0609
Mphotlhe BCXX0610
Mpothe BCXX0611
Mswazi Village BCXX0612
Muchenje BCXX1274
Muekekle BCXX0613
Muhembo BCXX1275
Mulambakwena BCXX1185
Mumungwe BCXX0614
Murumush BCXX1111
Mushu BCXX0615
Mutinyane BCXX1276
Nakakalatshukudu BCXX0616
Nakalakolobe BCXX0617
Nakalaphala One BCXX0618
Nakalaphala Two BCXX0619
Nakalapudi BCXX0620
Nakalatlou BCXX1573
Nakatsakgama BCXX0621
Nalalatladi BCXX0622
Naledi BCXX1358
Naledi BCXX0053
Nasonga BCXX0623
Nata BCXX0054
Natale BCXX0624
Nekati BCXX0625
Nfeke BCXX0966
Ngopelathagadi BCXX1112
Ngwala BCXX0626
Ngwanaoesi BCXX1574
Ngwasegwane BCXX1575
Ngwatsau BCXX1576
Ngwezumba BCXX1277
Njinga BCXX1278
Nkange BCXX0627
Nkgagaripane BCXX0628
Nkgalo BCXX0629
Nkgobotlwane BCXX0630
Nkgodi BCXX0631
Nkoane BCXX0632
Nkowane BCXX0633
Nkoyaphiri BCXX1359
Nkulomolo BCXX0634
Nkwe BCXX0635
Nlhakwane BCXX1186
Nneneke BCXX1577
Nojane BCXX0888
Nokana BCXX0967
Nokaneng BCXX1279
Nomare BCXX1578
Nshakashokwe BCXX0636
Nsuswane BCXX0637
Nswazwi BCXX0638
Ntabis BCXX1280
Ntane BCXX0639
Ntapu BCXX0640
Ntathahatshe BCXX0641
Ntlhantlhe BCXX1579
Ntsatshetlhana BCXX1580
Ntshwabi BCXX1581
Ntshwailo BCXX0642
Ntshwaneng BCXX0643
Ntswelamatsosa BCXX0644
Nwali BCXX0889
Nwanaeanoka BCXX1281
Nyetse BCXX1582
Nyetse BCXX0645
Nzendami BCXX1187
Odanakumadona BCXX0646
Old Kutswe BCXX0647
Old Nswazwi BCXX0648
Old Palapye BCXX0649
Old Tati BCXX1188
Olifants Kloof BCXX0890
Omagaga BCXX0650
Omajaha BCXX0651
Oramalai BCXX0652
Orapa BCXX0653
Otse BCXX1360
Pajane BCXX1113
Paje BCXX0654
Palamaokue BCXX0655
Palamaokuwe BCXX0656
Palamaokuwe BCXX1583
Palapye BCXX0055
Pamashaba BCXX0657
Pandamatenga BCXX0012
Papa ya Morotsi BCXX1584
Papatlo BCXX1585
Parakarungu BCXX1283
Paranatungu BCXX1284
Parwe BCXX0658
Patikwane BCXX0659
Peloyakgama BCXX1586
Peloyanaga BCXX0660
Peloyatlwana BCXX1114
Penhalonga BCXX1189
Pepascheem BCXX0661
Pepe BCXX0662
Phaephae BCXX0663
Phala BCXX0664
Phalatshweu BCXX0665
Phataname BCXX0968
Phate BCXX0666
Phatlaneng BCXX1115
Phatswane BCXX0667
Phetsolakgare BCXX1116
Phiriyabokwete BCXX1361
Phogotlhwe BCXX1587
Phokojeng BCXX1588
Phologelo BCXX0057
Phologolo BCXX1362
Pholotona BCXX0969
Phuduhudu BCXX0668
Phukumakahu BCXX0669
Pidimane BCXX0670
Pijina BCXX0671
Pilane BCXX0970
Pilikwe BCXX0672
Piterolong BCXX0673
Pitsane BCXX1589
Pitsane Potlokwe BCXX1590
Pitsegayagelwe BCXX1117
Pitsetshweu BCXX0971
Pobepobe BCXX1190
Pole BCXX1191
Poleiti BCXX0674
Poloka BCXX0675
Polokwe BCXX1591
Powana BCXX1118
Pudipedi BCXX0676
Pulaetlhangwe BCXX1592
Pulenyane BCXX0677
Puluhelo BCXX1285
Puongwe BCXX0678
Pupya BCXX0679
Pyetla BCXX1593
Ra-Kgari BCXX0680
Rabotsiripa BCXX0972
Radigole BCXX1594
Radipalanyane BCXX0973
Radirakolobe BCXX0681
Radiseko BCXX1119
Radisele BCXX0682
Ragaobodiwe BCXX0683
Raisuwe BCXX0684
Rakgokanyane BCXX1595
Rakhuna BCXX1596
Rakololo BCXX1597
Rakops BCXX0685
Rakuku BCXX1286
Ralekgetho BCXX1598
Ramah BCXX0058
Ramakgankgari BCXX1599
Ramakgetla BCXX1600
Ramankge BCXX1120
Ramankhung BCXX0974
Ramaphatlhe BCXX1121
Ramarapo BCXX1122
Ramatanka BCXX0686
Ramating BCXX1601
Ramatlabama BCXX1602
Rametsana BCXX0687
Ramhulatsi BCXX0975
Rammela BCXX0688
Rammidi BCXX1123
Rammola BCXX1124
Rammu BCXX1287
Ramogapele BCXX0689
Ramoilwa BCXX0690
Ramokapane BCXX1603
Ramokgatlhonyana BCXX1125
Ramokgonami BCXX0691
Ramokgwebane BCXX1192
Ramokgweng BCXX0692
Ramokolonyane BCXX0976
Ramonnedi BCXX1604
Ramonnye BCXX0977
Ramonogeng BCXX1363
Ramosasi BCXX0693
Ramoselwana BCXX0694
Ramosetsanyana BCXX0695
Ramoshengwane BCXX1605
Ramothamane BCXX1126
Ramotlhabeng BCXX1127
Ramotsaodi BCXX1288
Ramotswa BCXX0059
Rampodu BCXX0696
Ramputswa BCXX0697
Ranaka BCXX1606
Ranala BCXX0698
Rangaletsang BCXX0699
Ranku BCXX1364
Rankwakwa BCXX1607
Ranota BCXX1608
Rantalapye BCXX0700
Ranthopisang BCXX1365
Rantsadi BCXX1289
Ranwanalenaus BCXX1290
Raphiri BCXX0701
Rapitsane BCXX1128
Rasemelamela BCXX0702
Ratholo BCXX0703
Ratlhogwana BCXX1609
Ratshenyana BCXX1610
Ratshweu BCXX0978
Ratsiane BCXX0704
Reetsang BCXX0705
Roubeng BCXX1129
Ruthwane BCXX0706
Sadibas BCXX1291
Sajwe BCXX0707
Sakunga BCXX0708
Salapitos BCXX1292
Salidiro BCXX1293
Samandozis BCXX1294
Samusipas BCXX1295
Sanie BCXX0912
Sankauas Kraal BCXX1296
Sansake BCXX0709
Sapakanes BCXX1297
Satau BCXX1298
Sebalwe BCXX0710
Sebe BCXX1299
Sebere BCXX0711
Sebina BCXX0060
Sebinanyane BCXX0712
Sebutu BCXX1300
Sechele BCXX1193
Sedimo BCXX0713
Seepakgole BCXX0714
Sefhare BCXX0715
Sefhetla BCXX1611
Sefophe BCXX0061
Segakwana BCXX0716
Segakwaneng BCXX1130
Segara BCXX0717
Segati BCXX0718
Segobedie BCXX0719
Segoditshane BCXX0979
Segompo BCXX0720
Segwagwa BCXX1612
Sehengos BCXX1301
Seherelela BCXX1131
Sehidikwe BCXX0721
Sehikantswe BCXX1132
Sehikile BCXX1613
Sehithwa BCXX1302
Sehubidu BCXX1614
Seimatlwe BCXX0722
Seimaxwa BCXX0723
Sekalaba BCXX1615
Sekarapana BCXX0724
Sekgarapane BCXX0725
Sekgophane BCXX1194
Sekgopye BCXX0726
Sekgwa BCXX1616
Sekgwasabokaa BCXX0980
Sekgwasentsho BCXX1133
Sekgweng BCXX0728
Sekheng BCXX1617
Sekhiting BCXX0729
Sekhu BCXX0730
Sekhukhwane BCXX1134
Sekobiri BCXX0731
Sekoding BCXX0732
Sekoma BCXX1618
Sekono BCXX1135
Sekotlo BCXX0981
Sekumis Kraal BCXX1303
Sekutle BCXX1136
Selebi-Phikwe BCXX0013
Seleka BCXX0733
Selemela BCXX1367
Selika BCXX0734
Selinya BCXX0735
Selokolela BCXX0063
Selokwana BCXX1137
Selophane BCXX0737
Selotsane BCXX0738
Seluipe BCXX0739
Semaka BCXX0740
Semarule BCXX1138
Sematshwane BCXX0741
Semelamela BCXX0742
Semiti BCXX0743
Semolale BCXX0744
Senamakula BCXX1139
Senete BCXX0745
Senikh BCXX1140
Senokwane BCXX1619
Sentwatibi BCXX0746
Senyane BCXX0747
Senyawe BCXX1195
Seoka BCXX0748
Seoka-Masung BCXX0749
Seokane BCXX0750
Seokangwane BCXX1620
Seolwane BCXX0751
Sepalamoriri BCXX0752
Separamondaraa BCXX0753
Sephatlhaphatla BCXX1621
Sephephe BCXX0754
Sepone BCXX0755
Sepopa BCXX0064
Serepe BCXX0756
Seretologane BCXX1622
Seriba BCXX0757
Seribotsane BCXX1141
Serojane BCXX0758
Serokhe BCXX0759
Serokolo BCXX0760
Serokolwane BCXX0761
Seronga BCXX0065
Serowe BCXX0762
Serowe BCXX1623
Serulatswe BCXX0763
Serule BCXX0066
Serumolwe BCXX1624
Serutswane BCXX0765
Serwe BCXX0766
Sesaloa BCXX0767
Sesarweng BCXX0768
Seshere BCXX0769
Seshoboloko BCXX0982
Sesitajwe BCXX1625
Sesokwe BCXX0770
Sesume BCXX0771
Sesung BCXX1626
Sesunyane BCXX1627
Seswane BCXX0983
Seswe BCXX0772
Setatse BCXX0773
Setekwane BCXX0774
Setempe BCXX0775
Sethokge BCXX0776
Setote BCXX0777
Setshweu BCXX0778
Setsile BCXX0779
Setswamotlhabe BCXX1628
Sevrelela BCXX1629
Shadihadi BCXX1142
Shakawe BCXX0016
Shakge BCXX0780
Shakgwe BCXX0781
Shakse BCXX0782
Shalako BCXX0783
Shaleshanto BCXX1304
Shanga BCXX0784
Shape BCXX0785
Shashe Drift BCXX1196
Shashe Mooke BCXX0786
Shashis BCXX1305
Shate BCXX0787
Shawila Village BCXX0788
Sheleketa BCXX0789
Shikangangwe BCXX1197
Shojwane BCXX0790
Shoshong BCXX0068
Siambiza BCXX1306
Sihoro BCXX0791
Sikukwe BCXX1198
Sikulane BCXX0792
Silophale BCXX0793
Simati BCXX1307
Sinongope BCXX0794
Siviya BCXX1199
Skegau BCXX1308
Smit BCXX0795
Sobathwe BCXX1630
Sobe BCXX1631
Sofala BCXX0796
Sojane BCXX0797
Sokwane BCXX0798
Solwane BCXX0799
Soromesis BCXX1309
Sowa BCXX0800
Sua BCXX0801
Suapan BCXX0017
Suje BCXX0802
Sukwane BCXX1143
Sukwane BCXX0803
Sunnyside BCXX0891
Suping BCXX1144
Susulela BCXX0804
Swanthane BCXX0805
Taekane BCXX0806
Tagu BCXX0807
Takachu BCXX0892
Takatokwane BCXX0070
Talane BCXX1145
Tamasane BCXX0808
Tapalamonong BCXX0809
Tauekaname BCXX1632
Taueshele BCXX1633
Taukome BCXX0810
Taupane BCXX1634
Tautswe BCXX0811
Telekele BCXX1146
Temane BCXX0812
Temesele BCXX0984
Tenene BCXX0813
Tewane BCXX0071
Thabatskudu BCXX0814
Thakadiwa BCXX1635
Thakatswane BCXX1147
Thalogang BCXX0072
Thamaga BCXX1148
Thantabana BCXX1200
Thapana BCXX0815
Thari BCXX1636
Thataganyane BCXX1201
The Mall BCXX1368
Thekwane BCXX0816
Theledi BCXX1637
Themashange BCXX1202
Theresekole BCXX1149
Thini BCXX0817
Thobela BCXX0818
Thokolo One BCXX0819
Thokolo Two BCXX0820
Thokolwe BCXX0821
Thombane BCXX0822
Thoseng BCXX0823
Thupayarobega BCXX0824
Tibitshwane BCXX0985
Tikaseoulo BCXX1310
Tipa BCXX1638
Tirwane BCXX1639
Tlabala BCXX0825
Tlakhama BCXX1640
Tlala Mabeli BCXX0826
Tlanega BCXX1641
Tlapana BCXX0827
Tlapaneng BCXX0828
Tlhakadiawa BCXX0829
Tlhakwane BCXX1150
Tlhalerwana BCXX0830
Tlhalerwane BCXX0831
Tlhape BCXX1151
Tlhapeng BCXX1152
Tlhapin BCXX0893
Tlhareselele BCXX1642
Tlhhakadiawa BCXX0832
Tlhogobane BCXX1643
Tlhopane BCXX0833
Tlhwane BCXX1153
Tlogoeankwes BCXX1311
Tlokhoetonnas BCXX1312
Tlokweng BCXX1369
Tlotsago BCXX0834
Tloupye BCXX0835
Tlowe BCXX1154
Tobane BCXX0836
Tobgat BCXX1155
Tonota BCXX0073
Topeng BCXX0837
Toping BCXX0838
Toteng BCXX1203
Toteng BCXX0074
Totoru BCXX1644
Toutswe BCXX0839
Tsabong BCXX0014
Tsatawe BCXX1645
Tsau BCXX1313
Tsekanyani BCXX0840
Tsepe BCXX0841
Tsepheahela BCXX0842
Tsetsebjwe BCXX0076
Tshane BCXX0015
Tshapatain BCXX0843
Tsheletshele BCXX1156
Tshephe BCXX0844
Tshesebe BCXX1204
Tsheshane BCXX0845
Tshethang BCXX0846
Tshetlhong BCXX0847
Tshimoyapula BCXX0848
Tshingwane BCXX0849
Tshiping BCXX1157
Tshobamba BCXX0850
Tshokana BCXX0851
Tshokwe BCXX0852
Tshono BCXX0078
Tshoroga BCXX0853
Tshupane BCXX1158
Tshwaane BCXX1646
Tshwabi BCXX0079
Tshwane BCXX0894
Tsietsamotswana BCXX1370
Tsigara BCXX0854
Tsipi BCXX0855
Tsiteng BCXX0856
Tsitlane BCXX1647
Tsitle BCXX0857
Tsogae BCXX0858
Tsokong BCXX0859
Tsokotsa BCXX0860
Tsokwane BCXX1371
Tsonye BCXX1649
Tsopane BCXX1650
Tsorogwane BCXX1159
Tsorotsaro BCXX0861
Tsuli Village BCXX0862
Tswaane BCXX1160
Tswete BCXX1161
Tubani BCXX1651
Tutume BCXX0863
Twee Rivieren BCXX0080
Village BCXX1372
Vlei BCXX1652
Wegdraai BCXX0913
Werda BCXX0914
Xaasteom BCXX0864
Xalagena BCXX0865
Xhane BCXX1314
Xoso BCXX0866
Zolo BCXX1653
Zuwe BCXX0895
Zwenshambe BCXX1205