Weather Codes for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abadzici BKXX7432
Abdakovici BKXX0287
Abdici BKXX0288
Abdulici BKXX7433
Abramovici BKXX7434
Abrici BKXX7435
Acamovici BKXX0289
Acimovici BKXX7436
Acimovici BKXX0165
Ackari BKXX7437
Ada BKXX7438
Adamovici BKXX0290
Adari BKXX7440
Ade BKXX0291
Adice BKXX0292
Adrovici BKXX7441
Adze BKXX0293
Adzica Ograde BKXX7442
Adzici BKXX0294
Adzici BKXX7443
Adzijin Potok BKXX7444
Adzina Ravan BKXX7445
Adzino Selo BKXX7446
Aganbegovici BKXX7447
Aganovici BKXX0295
Agarovici BKXX7448
Agatici BKXX7449
Agica Brdo BKXX7450
Agici BKXX0296
Agici BKXX7451
Agici Brdo BKXX7452
Aginac BKXX7453
Aginci BKXX7454
Agino Selo BKXX7455
Ahatovici BKXX0297
Ahinbasici BKXX0298
Ahmedagici BKXX0299
Ahmenovo Polje BKXX7456
Ahmetasevici BKXX0300
Ahmetasi BKXX0301
Ahmetovci BKXX7457
Ahmetovici BKXX0302
Ahmetovici BKXX7458
Ahmici BKXX0303
Ahmovici BKXX0304
Ahovo BKXX0305
Ajani BKXX0306
Ajdanovici BKXX7459
Ajderi BKXX0307
Ajdinovici BKXX0308
Ajvatovici BKXX0309
Ajvazi BKXX0310
Akmacici BKXX7460
Akmadzici BKXX0311
Alacici BKXX7461
Aladinici BKXX0312
Aladuzi BKXX7462
Alagaci BKXX0313
Alagici BKXX7463
Alagici BKXX0314
Alaginci BKXX7464
Alagovac BKXX0315
Alajbegon Odzak BKXX0316
Alasevici BKXX0317
Alat BKXX0318
Alatusa BKXX0319
Aleksic BKXX7465
Aleksici BKXX7466
Aleksina Meda BKXX7467
Alerici BKXX0320
Alesevici BKXX0321
Alibabici BKXX0322
Alibasici BKXX0323
Alibegovci BKXX0324
Alibegovici BKXX0325
Alicevici BKXX0326
Alici BKXX7468
Alici BKXX0327
Alicici BKXX0328
Alihodzici BKXX0329
Alihodzici BKXX7469
Aliluci BKXX7470
Alipasici BKXX0330
Alipasin Most BKXX0331
Alipasino Polje BKXX0332
Aliro Brdo BKXX7471
Alisici BKXX7472
Alispahici BKXX0333
Aljetici BKXX7473
Aljici BKXX0334
Aljkovici BKXX0335
Aluge BKXX7474
Aluge BKXX0336
Amajlije BKXX7475
Amidzici BKXX0337
Amidzici BKXX7476
Amovici BKXX7477
Anado BKXX0338
Anadolija BKXX7478
Anagora BKXX0339
Ancici BKXX7479
Andabaci BKXX0340
Andelici BKXX7480
Andelici BKXX0341
Andici BKXX7481
Andrici BKXX0342
Andrici BKXX7482
Andrijevici BKXX7483
Andrijici BKXX0343
Androvici BKXX7484
Andruni BKXX0344
Anici BKXX0345
Anici BKXX0166
Anicici BKXX0346
Anikici BKXX7485
Ankica Brdo BKXX7486
Ankovice BKXX0347
Antesevici BKXX7487
Antic BKXX0348
Antici BKXX0167
Antici BKXX0349
Antici BKXX7488
Antonica Brdo BKXX7489
Antonica Kuce BKXX0350
Antonici BKXX7490
Antonici BKXX0351
Antunovici BKXX0352
Anusici BKXX7492
Araci BKXX7493
Aracici BKXX7494
Arambasici BKXX7495
Arambasici BKXX0353
Arandelovo BKXX7496
Arapcici BKXX0354
Arapi BKXX0355
Arapovac BKXX0356
Arapovac BKXX7497
Arapovace BKXX0357
Arapovici BKXX7498
Arapovici BKXX0358
Arapusa BKXX0359
Arar Mahala BKXX0360
Arbanasi BKXX7499
Arbanaska BKXX7500
Arbici BKXX0361
Arezine BKXX7501
Argud BKXX0362
Arifovici BKXX0363
Arlahovici BKXX0364
Arnaucani BKXX7502
Arnauti BKXX7503
Arnautovici BKXX0366
Arsenici BKXX0367
Arsici BKXX7505
Arslanagica Most BKXX7506
Arslani BKXX0368
Ascerici BKXX7507
Atasevac BKXX0369
Atlic Mahala BKXX0370
Atlije BKXX7508
Atmacici BKXX7509
Avala BKXX0371
Avdibasici BKXX0372
Avdic Mahala BKXX0373
Avdici BKXX7510
Avdici BKXX0374
Avdihodzici BKXX0375
Avdijina Voda BKXX0376
Avgustinovici BKXX0377
Avlija BKXX7511
Avlija BKXX0378
Avlije BKXX0379
Avramovici BKXX0380
Avramovici BKXX7512
Avramovina BKXX0381
Avtovac BKXX7513
Azabari BKXX7514
Azape BKXX7515
Azapovici BKXX7516
Azarici BKXX7517
Azici BKXX0382
Azlica BKXX7518
Baba BKXX7519
Babaja BKXX7520
Babajac BKXX7521
Babajaca BKXX7522
Babajici BKXX0383
Babalji Zdrijelo BKXX7523
Babanovci BKXX7524
Babic Kula BKXX7525
Babica Brdo BKXX0384
Babica Brdo BKXX7526
Babica Kosa BKXX7527
Babice Donje BKXX0385
Babice Gornje BKXX0386
Babici BKXX7528
Babici BKXX0387
Babijaca BKXX0388
Babin Do BKXX7529
Babin Do BKXX0389
Babin Dol BKXX7530
Babin Potok BKXX0390
Babina Luka BKXX0391
Babinac BKXX7532
Babinac BKXX0392
Babino Selo BKXX0393
Babja Glava BKXX7533
Babljaca BKXX0394
Babljak BKXX7534
Babuljice BKXX7535
Babunovici BKXX0395
Bac BKXX7536
Bacci BKXX0396
Bacevica BKXX7537
Bacevici BKXX0397
Bacevo BKXX0398
Bacici BKXX7538
Bacici BKXX0399
Bacina BKXX0400
Bacino Brdo BKXX7539
Bacnik BKXX0401
Baculje BKXX7540
Bacuta BKXX7541
Bacvani BKXX7542
Bacverac BKXX0402
Bacvice BKXX0403
Badikovci BKXX0404
Badinovici BKXX0405
Badnje BKXX7543
Badnje BKXX0406
Badnjine BKXX7544
Badulovici BKXX0407
Badusa BKXX7545
Baduse BKXX7546
Badzale BKXX7547
Bag BKXX0408
Bagarici BKXX7548
Bagarici BKXX0409
Bagdale BKXX0410
Bage BKXX0411
Bagici BKXX7549
Bagrdani BKXX0412
Bagrevine BKXX7550
Bagrusa BKXX7551
Bahori BKXX7552
Bahovo BKXX0413
Bailovina BKXX0414
Bajagica Selo BKXX0415
Bajcetici BKXX7553
Baje BKXX0416
Baje BKXX7554
Bajici BKXX0417
Bajici BKXX7555
Bajinci BKXX7556
Bajkovac BKXX7557
Bajlovici BKXX7558
Bajna Lucica BKXX0418
Bajovci BKXX0419
Bajramovci BKXX0420
Bajramovici BKXX0421
Bajrici BKXX7560
Bajrici BKXX0422
Bajvati BKXX0423
Bak BKXX7561
Bakaji BKXX7562
Bakaluse BKXX0424
Bakic BKXX7563
Bakici BKXX0425
Bakici BKXX7564
Bakije BKXX0426
Bakinci BKXX7565
Bakotic BKXX0427
Bakovici BKXX0428
Bakovici BKXX7566
Bakraci BKXX7567
Bakraci BKXX0430
Baksais BKXX0431
Bakule BKXX0432
Balabani BKXX7568
Balabani BKXX0433
Balaci BKXX7569
Balaci BKXX0434
Balacic BKXX0435
Balagica Brdo BKXX0436
Balatun BKXX7570
Balcakovici BKXX7571
Bale BKXX0437
Balegovac BKXX7572
Balibasici BKXX0438
Balibegovici BKXX0439
Balici BKXX0440
Balihodzici BKXX0441
Balijevici BKXX0442
Balina Njiva BKXX7574
Balinovac BKXX0443
Balj BKXX7575
Baljak BKXX7576
Baljci BKXX0444
Baljci BKXX7577
Baljici BKXX7578
Baljivac BKXX0445
Baljkovica BKXX0446
Baljkovica Donja BKXX0447
Baljkovici BKXX7579
Baljvine BKXX7580
Balmazi BKXX7581
Balte BKXX7582
Baltici BKXX0168
Baltici BKXX7583
Baltici BKXX0448
Baltine Bare BKXX7584
Balukovici BKXX0449
Bambjeri BKXX0450
Bamovici BKXX0451
Ban Polje BKXX7585
Banat BKXX7586
Bancici BKXX7587
Bandici BKXX0452
Bandin Odzak BKXX7588
Bandol BKXX0453
Bandovi BKXX0454
Bandovici BKXX7589
Bandurica BKXX0455
Banica BKXX7590
Banja BKXX0456
Banja Ilidza BKXX0457
Banja Lucica BKXX7591
Banja Luka BKXX0001
Banja Stijena BKXX7592
Banja Vrucica BKXX7593
Banjac BKXX0458
Banjani BKXX0459
Banjci BKXX0460
Banjci BKXX7594
Banjer BKXX0461
Banjevac BKXX0462
Banjevci BKXX7595
Banjevici BKXX7596
Banjica BKXX7597
Banjici BKXX0463
Banjsko Brdo BKXX7598
Banjuska Njiva BKXX7599
Banloz BKXX0464
Banovci BKXX0465
Banovici BKXX7600
Banovici BKXX0466
Banovici Selo BKXX0467
Banovici Sor BKXX7601
Banovine BKXX7602
Banusici BKXX0468
Baonine BKXX0469
Bara BKXX7603
Bara BKXX0470
Baraci BKXX0471
Baraji BKXX7604
Barajisa BKXX7605
Barakovac BKXX0472
Barakovac BKXX7606
Barakovici BKXX0473
Barakovici BKXX7607
Barakovina BKXX7608
Barale BKXX7609
Baralici BKXX7610
Barane BKXX0474
Barasici BKXX0475
Barbare BKXX0476
Barbarici BKXX0477
Barbici BKXX0478
Bardaca BKXX7611
Bardaci BKXX7612
Bare BKXX0479
Bare BKXX0169
Barevo BKXX0480
Barica BKXX0481
Barice BKXX0482
Barice BKXX7614
Baricevici BKXX0483
Barici BKXX7615
Barici BKXX0484
Barimo BKXX7616
Barine BKXX7617
Barise BKXX7618
Barisica Greda BKXX7619
Barisici BKXX7620
Barisici BKXX0485
Barjak BKXX7621
Barjaktarevici BKXX0486
Barjamovici BKXX7623
Barje BKXX0487
Barleta BKXX7624
Barlovci BKXX7625
Barmis BKXX0488
Barnik BKXX7626
Barnje Njive BKXX7627
Barnosi BKXX7628
Barosi BKXX0489
Barrjaci BKXX7629
Barucici BKXX7630
Barudzije BKXX7631
Baruni BKXX0490
Baruse BKXX0491
Barusici BKXX0492
Barutana BKXX0493
Basabolici BKXX7632
Basalici BKXX0494
Basani BKXX0495
Basarici BKXX7633
Basca BKXX7634
Basce BKXX0170
Basce BKXX7635
Basce BKXX0496
Basci BKXX0497
Bascina BKXX0498
Bascine BKXX0499
Basica Do BKXX7636
Basica Guvno BKXX0500
Basici BKXX7637
Basici BKXX0501
Basigovci BKXX0502
Basilije BKXX0503
Basinovac BKXX0504
Baskali BKXX0505
Baskalo BKXX0506
Baskaradi BKXX0507
Basrak BKXX7638
Bastahovine BKXX7639
Bastasi BKXX0508
Bastasi BKXX7640
Bastasici BKXX0509
Baste BKXX7641
Baste BKXX0510
Bastica BKXX7642
Bastici BKXX0511
Bastina BKXX7643
Bat BKXX0512
Batanica Do BKXX7644
Batar BKXX7645
Batari BKXX7646
Batazi BKXX7647
Batici BKXX7648
Batin BKXX0513
Batinari BKXX7649
Batine BKXX0514
Batinica BKXX0515
Batinica Brdo BKXX0516
Bativac BKXX0517
Batkovci BKXX7650
Batkovic BKXX7651
Batkovica BKXX7652
Batkovici BKXX0518
Batkovici BKXX7653
Batkovina BKXX0519
Batkusa BKXX7654
Batkusici BKXX7655
Batnoge BKXX0520
Batosici BKXX7656
Batotici BKXX7657
Batovo BKXX7658
Batusa BKXX0521
Bauci BKXX0522
Bausovac BKXX7659
Bavar BKXX0523
Bavcici BKXX0524
Bavrlici BKXX7660
Bazdari BKXX7661
Bazik BKXX0525
Bazina BKXX0526
Bazine BKXX7662
Bazine BKXX0527
Beatovici BKXX7663
Bebe BKXX7664
Bebeci BKXX0528
Bebici BKXX7665
Bec BKXX7666
Becani BKXX7667
Becarevici BKXX7668
Becari BKXX7669
Becarusa BKXX0529
Bece BKXX0530
Becevci BKXX0531
Beci BKXX7670
Becici BKXX0532
Becici BKXX7671
Beciri BKXX0533
Becirovici BKXX7672
Becirovici BKXX0534
Becirovina BKXX7673
Beckici BKXX0535
Becurici BKXX0536
Bedaci BKXX0537
Bedricici BKXX7674
Beganovi BKXX0538
Beganovici BKXX0539
Begici BKXX0540
Begici BKXX7675
Begleri BKXX0541
Begluci BKXX7676
Begluk BKXX0542
Begov gaj BKXX7677
Begov Han BKXX0543
Begova Korita BKXX7678
Begovac BKXX0544
Begovac BKXX7679
Begovaca BKXX7680
Begovaca BKXX0545
Begovci BKXX7681
Begove Kafane BKXX0546
Begovic BKXX0547
Begovic-Kula BKXX7682
Begovici BKXX7683
Begovici BKXX0548
Begovina BKXX0549
Begovina BKXX7684
Begovo Selo BKXX0550
Begulje BKXX0551
Begzadici BKXX7685
Beheci BKXX7686
Behici BKXX0552
Behrami BKXX0553
Behremi BKXX0554
Behric BKXX0555
Behrici BKXX0556
Behtasevo Brdo BKXX7687
Bejici BKXX7688
Bekici BKXX7689
Bekijsko Polje BKXX0557
Bektas BKXX0558
Bektici BKXX7690
Bele Vode BKXX0560
Belegici BKXX7691
Beleni BKXX7692
Belenici BKXX0561
Beljani BKXX0562
Beljici BKXX7693
Benakovac BKXX0563
Bencuzi BKXX7694
Benek BKXX0564
Benici BKXX0565
Benkovac BKXX7695
Berabovina BKXX7696
Beraci BKXX7697
Berberovina BKXX7698
Bere BKXX7699
Bereg BKXX7700
Berek BKXX7701
Berendike BKXX7702
Berhamovina BKXX7703
Beric BKXX0566
Berici BKXX7704
Berici BKXX0567
Berik BKXX7705
Berisalici BKXX0568
Berkovac BKXX7706
Berkovica BKXX0569
Berkovici BKXX7707
Berkovina BKXX7708
Berkusa BKXX0570
Beronje BKXX0571
Beros BKXX7709
Berusica BKXX7710
Besce BKXX0572
Bese BKXX0573
Besici BKXX7711
Besici BKXX0574
Besinci BKXX7712
Besirevici BKXX0575
Besiri BKXX7713
Besirovici BKXX0576
Besirovici BKXX7714
Beskeri BKXX0577
Beslagici BKXX7715
Beslic BKXX0578
Beslici BKXX7716
Beslici BKXX0579
Beslija BKXX0580
Besnjevo BKXX7717
Betanj BKXX7718
Betanja BKXX0581
Betine BKXX0582
Betnja BKXX7719
Bevanda BKXX0583
Bevrnjici BKXX0584
Bezari BKXX7720
Bezdede BKXX7721
Bezer BKXX0585
Bezlja BKXX7722
Bezmilje BKXX0586
Bezujno BKXX7723
Biberovo Polje BKXX0587
Bibici BKXX7724
Bicer BKXX0588
Bihac BKXX0063
Bihacko Polje BKXX0589
Bihovo BKXX7725
Bijakovac BKXX7726
Bijakovici BKXX0590
Bijambare BKXX0591
Bijeda BKXX7727
Bijeda BKXX0592
Bijekovici BKXX7728
Bijela BKXX0593
Bijela BKXX7729
Bijela Kosa BKXX0594
Bijela Njiva BKXX0595
Bijela Ploca BKXX0596
Bijela Rudina BKXX7730
Bijela Stijena BKXX7731
Bijela Voda BKXX0597
Bijela Voda BKXX7732
Bijela Zemlja BKXX7733
Bijelci BKXX7734
Bijele Bare BKXX7735
Bijele Vode BKXX0598
Bijele Vode BKXX7736
Bijeli BKXX7737
Bijeli Potok BKXX7738
Bijeli Potok BKXX0066
Bijelici BKXX0600
Bijelici BKXX7739
Bijeljani BKXX7740
Bijeljina BKXX0067
Bijelo Borje BKXX0601
Bijelo Brdo BKXX7741
Bijelo Brdo BKXX0602
Bijelo Bucje BKXX0603
Bijelo Bucje BKXX7742
Bijelo Polje BKXX7743
Bijelo Polje BKXX0604
Bijelo Vrelo BKXX7744
Bijoci BKXX7745
Bijograd BKXX7746
Bijonoge BKXX7747
Bikic BKXX0605
Bikici BKXX0606
Bikodze BKXX0607
Bikosi BKXX0608
Bila BKXX0609
Bila Voda BKXX0610
Bilaci BKXX7748
Bilaci BKXX0611
Bilajbegovici BKXX0612
Bilali BKXX7749
Bilalic BKXX0613
Bilalovac BKXX0614
Bilandzije BKXX7750
Bilanovici BKXX7751
Bilbije BKXX0615
Bilbije BKXX7752
Bilcari BKXX0616
Bileca BKXX7753
Bileg BKXX0617
Biletici BKXX0618
Bili Potok BKXX0619
Bilica Docic BKXX0620
Bilice BKXX7754
Bilici BKXX7755
Bilicic BKXX0622
Bilincici BKXX0623
Bilisici BKXX0624
Biljaca BKXX7756
Biljacici BKXX0625
Biljani Donji BKXX0626
Biljani Gornji BKXX0627
Biljanovici BKXX7757
Biljeg BKXX0628
Biljeg BKXX7758
Biljesevo BKXX0629
Biljevina BKXX0630
Biljevine BKXX0631
Biljezi BKXX7759
Biljin BKXX0632
Bilkici BKXX7760
Bilobucje BKXX0633
Bilogravici BKXX7761
Bilparici BKXX0634
Bimbasin Han BKXX7762
Binjezevo BKXX0635
Biocka BKXX0636
Biograci BKXX0637
Biograd BKXX7763
Biogradac BKXX7764
Bioko BKXX0638
Biokovina BKXX0639
Biokovo BKXX7765
Biostica BKXX0640
Biracevac BKXX7766
Birotici BKXX7767
Bisacina BKXX7768
Biscani BKXX7769
Biscevici BKXX0641
Bisercici BKXX7770
Biserina Kula BKXX7771
Bisevici BKXX7772
Bisici BKXX7773
Bisina BKXX7774
Biske BKXX0642
Biskovici BKXX0643
Biskup BKXX0644
Biskupici BKXX0645
Bistarac Gornji BKXX0646
Bistrac Donji BKXX0647
Bistrica BKXX7775
Bistrica BKXX0648
Bistrica Gornja BKXX0649
Bistricak BKXX0650
Bistrik BKXX0651
Bistrivode BKXX7776
Bistro BKXX0652
Bistrocaj BKXX0653
Bistrovac BKXX0654
Bistrovo BKXX0655
Bitunja BKXX7777
Bitunjani BKXX0656
Bivolje Brdo BKXX0657
Bjegovici BKXX7778
Bjegovici BKXX0658
Bjekici BKXX0659
Bjekici BKXX7779
Bjelac BKXX7780
Bjelacko BKXX7781
Bjelaj BKXX0660
Bjelajci BKXX0661
Bjelajci BKXX7782
Bjelakovici BKXX7783
Bjelancevici BKXX7784
Bjelani BKXX7785
Bjelanovici BKXX7786
Bjelas BKXX7787
Bjelasica BKXX7788
Bjelasnica BKXX7789
Bjelasovici BKXX7790
Bjelavici BKXX0663
Bjelcevic BKXX0664
Bjelcevici BKXX7791
Bjeletic BKXX7792
Bjelevac BKXX7793
Bjelice BKXX7794
Bjelici BKXX7795
Bjelici BKXX0665
Bjelicici BKXX7796
Bjelimici BKXX0666
Bjeline BKXX0667
Bjelis BKXX7797
Bjelis BKXX0668
Bjeljajci BKXX7798
Bjeljci BKXX0669
Bjeljevine BKXX7799
Bjelnica BKXX7800
Bjelogorci BKXX7801
Bjelojevici BKXX0670
Bjelosavac BKXX0671
Bjelosavljevici BKXX7802
Bjelosev Do BKXX7803
Bjelosevac BKXX7804
Bjelosevici BKXX0672
Bjelosevici BKXX7805
Bjelosi BKXX0673
Bjelovac BKXX7806
Bjelovcina BKXX0675
Bjelovici BKXX0676
Bjelugovici BKXX0677
Bjelugovina BKXX7807
Bjelusa BKXX7808
Bjelusine BKXX0678
Bjelusine BKXX7809
Bjesnica BKXX7810
Blaca BKXX7811
Blaca BKXX0679
Blace BKXX0680
Blace BKXX7812
Blagaj BKXX0009
Blagaj Japra BKXX7813
Blagaj Rijeka BKXX7814
Blagici BKXX0682
Blagojcici BKXX7815
Blagojevica Han BKXX0171
Blagojevici BKXX0683
Blagojevici BKXX7816
Blagova Kosa BKXX0684
Blagovac BKXX0685
Blagovic BKXX7817
Blagovici BKXX7818
Blanusa BKXX7819
Blatancici BKXX0686
Blatancici BKXX7820
Blatnica BKXX7821
Blatnica BKXX0687
Blatnjaci BKXX7822
Blatnjak BKXX7823
Blato BKXX0010
Blaz BKXX7824
Blaza BKXX0688
Blazenovici BKXX0689
Blazevac BKXX7825
Blazevci BKXX0690
Blazevici BKXX0691
Blazevici BKXX7826
Blazici BKXX7827
Blazijevici BKXX7828
Blazine BKXX0692
Blazuj BKXX0693
Blazujevici BKXX7829
Bledci BKXX0694
Blesici BKXX7830
Blizanac BKXX7831
Blizanci BKXX7832
Blizanci BKXX0695
Blizna BKXX7833
Blizni Kuk BKXX0696
Bliznice BKXX0697
Bljeceva BKXX7834
Bljustevac BKXX7835
Bljuva BKXX0698
Blucici BKXX0699
Bludna Ravan BKXX7836
Bludnik BKXX7837
Bnjezi BKXX7838
Bobanova Draga BKXX0700
Bobanovici BKXX7839
Bobare BKXX0701
Bobari BKXX7840
Bobari BKXX0702
Bobetino Brdo BKXX7841
Bobica BKXX7842
Bobica Glavica BKXX0703
Bobici BKXX0704
Boboska BKXX0705
Bobosnjak BKXX0706
Bobovacki Brijeg BKXX0707
Bobovica BKXX0708
Bobovice BKXX7843
Bobovina BKXX7844
Bobovisce BKXX0709
Boboviste BKXX7845
Bobovnjak BKXX7846
Bobusici BKXX0710
Bocac BKXX7847
Boce BKXX0711
Bocinja Donja BKXX0712
Bocinja Gornja BKXX0713
Bocka-Gaj BKXX7848
Bode BKXX0714
Bodenik BKXX7849
Boderiste BKXX0715
Bodeznik BKXX7850
Bodiroge BKXX7851
Bodirogici BKXX7852
Bogaljevici BKXX7853
Boganovci BKXX0717
Boganovici BKXX0718
Bogatici BKXX7854
Bogavici BKXX7855
Bogdanici BKXX7856
Bogdanovica Brdo BKXX7858
Bogdanovici BKXX7859
Bogdase BKXX0720
Bogdasic BKXX0721
Bogdasici BKXX7860
Bogdaski Lug BKXX0722
Bogicevici BKXX7861
Bogilice BKXX7862
Bogodol BKXX0723
Bogodol BKXX7863
Bogojevic Selo BKXX7864
Bogojevici BKXX7865
Bogosici BKXX0725
Bogovici BKXX7866
Bogovici BKXX0726
Bogune BKXX0727
Boguni BKXX7867
Bogunovici BKXX7868
Bogusici BKXX0728
Bogutovaca BKXX0729
Bogutovo Selo BKXX7869
Bojadije BKXX0730
Bojancici BKXX0731
Bojanici BKXX7870
Bojanici BKXX0732
Bojati BKXX0733
Bojcic Mahala BKXX7871
Bojici BKXX0734
Bojici BKXX7872
Bojinovici BKXX0735
Bojinovici BKXX7873
Bojista BKXX7874
Bojiste BKXX0736
Bojiste BKXX7875
Bojkici BKXX7876
Bojmunte BKXX0737
Bojna BKXX0738
Bojna BKXX7877
Bojna Gorica BKXX0739
Bojnik BKXX0740
Bojovici BKXX7878
Bojska BKXX0741
Bojtocici BKXX0742
Bok BKXX7879
Bok BKXX0743
Bok Jankovac BKXX7880
Bokani BKXX0744
Bokani BKXX7881
Bokare BKXX7882
Bokavici BKXX0745
Bokovici BKXX0746
Boksici BKXX0747
Bokulja BKXX0748
Bokulja BKXX7883
Bokuri BKXX7884
Boljak BKXX7885
Boljakov Potok BKXX0749
Boljanic BKXX7886
Boljanici BKXX7887
Boljanovici BKXX0750
Boljanovici BKXX7888
Boljeradina BKXX7889
Boljesovici BKXX7890
Boljetici BKXX0751
Boljevici BKXX7891
Boljkovac BKXX0752
Boljkovici BKXX0753
Boljuni BKXX7892
Boljuni BKXX0754
Bopotok BKXX0755
Bor BKXX0756
Borac BKXX7893
Borajna BKXX0757
Borak BKXX0758
Borak Brdo BKXX7895
Boranj BKXX0759
Boranovici BKXX7896
Boras BKXX0760
Borasi BKXX0761
Borcani BKXX0762
Borcevine BKXX0763
Borci BKXX7897
Borenovici BKXX0765
Borica BKXX7898
Borice BKXX0766
Boricevac BKXX0767
Boricevina BKXX7899
Borici BKXX0768
Borici BKXX7900
Borija BKXX7901
Borik BKXX0769
Borilovici BKXX7902
Borine BKXX7903
Borjanice BKXX7904
Borjanovici BKXX7905
Borje BKXX0770
Borje BKXX7906
Borkovica BKXX0771
Borkovici BKXX7907
Borna BKXX7908
Bornjas BKXX7909
Bornjovace BKXX7910
Borogovo BKXX7911
Boroje BKXX7912
Borojevici BKXX0773
Borojevici BKXX7913
Borova BKXX7914
Borova Glava BKXX0774
Borova Glava BKXX7915
Borova Ravan BKXX0775
Borovac BKXX7916
Borovac BKXX0776
Borovcani BKXX7917
Borovcevina BKXX0777
Borovci BKXX7918
Borovci BKXX0778
Borovcici BKXX7919
Borovi BKXX7920
Borovi BKXX0779
Borovica BKXX7921
Borovici BKXX0780
Borovici BKXX7922
Borovicke Njive BKXX0781
Borovine BKXX7923
Borovinici BKXX7924
Borovnica BKXX0782
Borovnica BKXX7925
Borovnice BKXX0783
Borovnik BKXX7926
Borovo Polje BKXX7927
Borovrat BKXX7928
Borovsko BKXX7929
Borpasici BKXX7930
Borzani BKXX7931
Bosancici BKXX7932
Bosanje BKXX7933
Bosanska Dubica BKXX7934
Bosanska Krupa BKXX0071
Bosanska Raca BKXX7936
Bosanski Brod BKXX0011
Bosanski Doljani BKXX0784
Bosanski Dubocac BKXX7938
Bosanski Kobas BKXX7939
Bosanski Novi BKXX7941
Bosanski Samac BKXX7942
Bosansko Grahovo BKXX0786
Bosici BKXX7944
Boskani BKXX7945
Boskovici BKXX0787
Boskovici BKXX7946
Bosna BKXX0788
Bosnica Selo BKXX7947
Bosnice BKXX7948
Bosnici BKXX0789
Bosnjaci BKXX7949
Bosnjaci BKXX0790
Bosnjak BKXX0791
Bosnjakovo Brdo BKXX0792
Bostahovina BKXX7950
Bostandzije BKXX0793
Bosutka BKXX0794
Botici BKXX7951
Botonjici BKXX0796
Botun BKXX0797
Botunja BKXX0798
Bovan BKXX0799
Bovani BKXX0800
Bozanici BKXX7953
Bozanovici BKXX7954
Bozdarevici BKXX0801
Bozevici BKXX0802
Bozici BKXX7955
Bozici BKXX0172
Bozici BKXX0803
Bozickovici BKXX7956
Bozikovac BKXX0804
Bozinci Donji BKXX7957
Bozine BKXX7958
Bozinovac BKXX0805
Bozinovici BKXX0806
Boznice BKXX0807
Bozovici BKXX7959
Bozunovici BKXX7960
Brabunjka BKXX0808
Bracici BKXX7961
Bradare BKXX0809
Bradarici BKXX0810
Bradici BKXX7962
Bradici BKXX0811
Bradici Donji BKXX0812
Bradici Gornji BKXX0813
Bradin Do BKXX7963
Bradina BKXX0814
Bradonjici BKXX0173
Bradve BKXX0815
Braha BKXX7964
Braicevici BKXX7965
Brainci BKXX7966
Brajakovici BKXX7967
Brajasev Do BKXX7968
Brajcin Laz BKXX7969
Brajica Tavan BKXX0816
Brajici BKXX7970
Brajici BKXX0817
Brajke BKXX0818
Brajkovac BKXX7971
Brajkovici BKXX7972
Brajkovici BKXX0819
Brajkovina BKXX7973
Brajlovici BKXX0820
Brajlovina BKXX0821
Brajnovici BKXX7974
Brakici BKXX7975
Brakovci BKXX7976
Brana Bacici BKXX7977
Brana Kazaginac BKXX0822
Branesci Donji BKXX7978
Branesci Gornji BKXX7979
Branesevici BKXX7980
Brani Do BKXX7981
Branica BKXX7982
Branik BKXX7983
Branilovici BKXX7984
Branjesci BKXX0823
Branjevine BKXX7985
Branjevo BKXX7986
Branjovcici BKXX0824
Brankovac BKXX0825
Brankovaca BKXX0826
Brankovici BKXX7987
Branosica BKXX0828
Branovici BKXX7988
Braovci BKXX0829
Brasljevine BKXX0830
Bratac BKXX7989
Bratanici BKXX7990
Bratanovici BKXX0831
Brateljevica BKXX0832
Brateljevici BKXX7991
Brateljevici BKXX0833
Bratic BKXX7992
Bratica Brdo BKXX0834
Bratici BKXX7993
Bratis BKXX0836
Bratljevina BKXX7994
Bratovcici BKXX0837
Bratunac BKXX7995
Bravnice BKXX0838
Bravski Vaganac BKXX0839
Bravsko BKXX0840
Brazde BKXX7996
Brborevici BKXX7997
Brborici BKXX7998
Brburovici BKXX7999
Brcaninovici BKXX0841
Brcici BKXX8000
Brcigovo BKXX8001
Brcine BKXX0842
Brcko BKXX0007
Brculjevina BKXX0843
Brda BKXX8002
Brda BKXX0844
Brdane BKXX8003
Brdani BKXX0174
Brdani BKXX8004
Brdani BKXX0845
Brdanska Mala BKXX8005
Brdar BKXX8006
Brdari BKXX0846
Brdarici BKXX0847
Brdijelji BKXX0848
Brdina BKXX0849
Brdine BKXX8009
Brdo BKXX0850
Brdo Jerkovo BKXX8011
Brdo Jovicica BKXX8012
Brdo kod Cajnica BKXX8013
Brdo Sabica BKXX0851
Brdo-Milosevo BKXX8014
Breg BKXX8015
Bregovi BKXX8016
Brejakovici BKXX8017
Breka BKXX8018
Brekale BKXX8019
Brekinja BKXX8020
Brekovi BKXX0852
Brekovica BKXX0853
Brescica BKXX0854
Bresici BKXX8021
Breske BKXX0855
Bresnica BKXX0856
Brest BKXX8022
Brestani BKXX8023
Brestica BKXX0857
Brestovac BKXX8024
Brestovac BKXX0858
Brestovaca BKXX0859
Brestovace BKXX8025
Brestovci BKXX8026
Brestovcina BKXX8027
Brestovo BKXX8028
Breza BKXX0860
Brezak BKXX8029
Brezanci BKXX8030
Brezani BKXX0861
Brezari BKXX8031
Brezde BKXX0862
Brezde BKXX8032
Breze BKXX0863
Brezicani BKXX8033
Brezice BKXX0865
Brezici BKXX8034
Brezici BKXX0866
Brezik BKXX0175
Brezik BKXX0867
Brezik BKXX8035
Brezine BKXX8036
Brezine BKXX0868
Brezja BKXX8037
Brezje BKXX8038
Brezje BKXX0869
Breznici BKXX0870
Breznik BKXX8039
Brezova Dola BKXX8040
Brezova Kosa BKXX0871
Brezova Lokva BKXX8041
Brezova Ravan BKXX8042
Brezovac BKXX8043
Brezovaca BKXX8044
Brezovaca BKXX0872
Brezove Dane BKXX0873
Brezove Poljane BKXX0874
Brezovica BKXX8045
Brezovice BKXX0875
Brezovice BKXX8046
Brezovik BKXX0876
Brezovljani BKXX8047
Brezovo Polje BKXX0877
Brezovo Polje BKXX0176
Brgula Donja BKXX8049
Brgula Gornja BKXX8050
Brgule BKXX0878
Brice BKXX8051
Brig BKXX0879
Brijeg BKXX8052
Brijeg BKXX0880
Brijesce BKXX0881
Brijesko Brdo BKXX0882
Brijesnica BKXX8053
Brijesnica Donja BKXX0883
Brijest BKXX8054
Brijest BKXX0885
Brijestovo BKXX8055
Brijezani BKXX8056
Brijeznica BKXX0886
Brina BKXX0887
Brisevci BKXX8057
Brisevo BKXX8058
Brisici BKXX0888
Brista BKXX0889
Bristovi BKXX0890
Briza BKXX0891
Brizani BKXX0892
Brizde BKXX0893
Brizina BKXX0894
Brizine BKXX0895
Briznik BKXX0896
Brka BKXX0897
Brkane BKXX0898
Brkani BKXX0899
Brkanlici BKXX0900
Brke BKXX0901
Brkica Njive BKXX0902
Brkica Potok BKXX8059
Brkici BKXX0903
Brkici BKXX8060
Brkljaci BKXX0904
Brkljacke Doline BKXX0905
Brkovici BKXX8061
Brkovici BKXX0906
Brkovina BKXX0907
Brljevci BKXX0908
Brljica BKXX0909
Brljici BKXX8062
Brlog BKXX0910
Brlosci BKXX0911
Brloznik BKXX8063
Brnace BKXX8064
Brnadi BKXX0912
Brnadici BKXX8065
Brnicani BKXX0913
Brnici BKXX8066
Brnj BKXX0914
Brnjac BKXX8067
Brnjaci BKXX0915
Brnjic BKXX0916
Brnjica BKXX8068
Brnjica Donja BKXX0917
Brnjica Gornja BKXX0918
Brnjici BKXX0919
Brnjik BKXX0920
Brocanac BKXX0921
Brocnik BKXX8069
Brod BKXX0178
Brod BKXX8070
Brod BKXX0922
Brodac-Donji BKXX8071
Brodac-Gornji BKXX8072
Brodar BKXX8073
Brodsko Polje BKXX8074
Bronjici BKXX0923
Bronzani Majdan BKXX8075
Brosevici BKXX8076
Brova BKXX8077
Brstanica BKXX0924
Brtani BKXX8078
Brus BKXX8079
Brus BKXX0925
Brusna BKXX8080
Brusnica BKXX0926
Brusnica Mala BKXX8081
Brusnica Velika BKXX8082
Brusnik BKXX8083
Brutci BKXX0927
Brutusi BKXX0928
Brvanci BKXX0929
Brvnik BKXX8084
Brvno BKXX8085
Brzava BKXX0930
Brzice BKXX0931
Bubale BKXX0932
Bubali BKXX8086
Buban BKXX8087
Bubanj BKXX0933
Bubanj BKXX8088
Buben Kamen BKXX0934
Bubici BKXX8089
Bubnjevi BKXX8090
Bubnjevici BKXX8091
Bubotici BKXX8092
Buc BKXX8093
Buca Potok BKXX0935
Bucani BKXX8094
Bucevaca BKXX0936
Buci BKXX0937
Bucici BKXX8095
Bucici BKXX0938
Bucine BKXX0939
Bucinovici BKXX8096
Bucje BKXX8097
Buckovici BKXX8098
Bucme BKXX8099
Bud BKXX8100
Budaci BKXX8101
Budak BKXX0941
Budak BKXX8102
Budalica Ljut BKXX8103
Budani BKXX8104
Budanj BKXX8105
Budec BKXX8106
Budeci BKXX0179
Budelj Donji BKXX0942
Budelj Gornji BKXX0943
Budeta BKXX8107
Budevci BKXX0944
Budici BKXX8108
Budici BKXX0945
Budim BKXX0946
Budim Do BKXX0947
Budimcic BKXX8109
Budimiri BKXX0948
Budimlic Japra BKXX8110
Budimlije BKXX8111
Budimovi BKXX0949
Budimovici BKXX0950
Budinje BKXX8112
Budisavlje BKXX8113
Budise BKXX0951
Budisici BKXX0952
Budisici BKXX8114
Budisina Draga BKXX0953
Budisnja Ravan BKXX0954
Budmalic BKXX0955
Budmolici BKXX0956
Budograj BKXX8115
Budojevici BKXX8116
Budos BKXX8117
Budosi BKXX8118
Budovici BKXX0957
Budovine BKXX8119
Budozelje BKXX0958
Budraze BKXX0959
Budzak BKXX8120
Budzak BKXX0960
Budzak Mahala BKXX8121
Budzuklije BKXX8122
Bugar BKXX0961
Bugojcici BKXX0962
Bugojno BKXX0075
Bugojuse BKXX8123
Bugovina BKXX8124
Buhacevina BKXX0963
Buhaci BKXX0964
Buhotina BKXX0965
Buhovo BKXX0966
Bujaci BKXX0967
Bujadnica BKXX8125
Bujadnice BKXX0968
Bujakovici BKXX8126
Bujakovina BKXX8127
Bujde BKXX8128
Bujec BKXX8129
Bujici BKXX8130
Bujusa BKXX8131
Buk BKXX8132
Buk BKXX0969
Bukale BKXX8133
Bukanje BKXX0970
Bukici BKXX0971
Bukinje BKXX0972
Buklici BKXX8134
Bukov Do BKXX0973
Bukova Glava BKXX8135
Bukova Glava BKXX0974
Bukova Gora BKXX0975
Bukova Greda BKXX8136
Bukova Greda BKXX0976
Bukovac BKXX8137
Bukovac BKXX0977
Bukovaca BKXX0978
Bukovci BKXX0979
Bukovica BKXX8138
Bukovica BKXX0980
Bukovica Donja BKXX8139
Bukovica Gornja BKXX8140
Bukovica Mala BKXX8141
Bukovica Velika BKXX8142
Bukovica-Kozara BKXX8143
Bukovik BKXX8144
Bukovik BKXX0981
Bukovlje BKXX0982
Bukovrat BKXX8145
Bukovska BKXX0983
Bukres BKXX8146
Bukrici BKXX8147
Bukse BKXX8148
Bukuric BKXX8149
Bukva BKXX0984
Bukvalek BKXX8150
Bukvaluk BKXX8151
Bukvari BKXX8152
Bukve BKXX0985
Bukve BKXX8153
Bukvica BKXX8154
Bukvicevina BKXX0986
Bukvici BKXX0987
Bukvik BKXX0988
Bukvik Donji BKXX0989
Bukvik Gornji BKXX0990
Bulajici BKXX0991
Bulati BKXX0992
Bulatovci BKXX0993
Bulatovici BKXX0994
Bulbulusici BKXX0995
Bulcici BKXX0996
Bulecani BKXX0997
Buletic BKXX8155
Bulici BKXX0998
Bulici BKXX8156
Buljani BKXX0999
Buljetovina BKXX1000
Buljevici BKXX8157
Buljici BKXX8158
Buljubasici BKXX1001
Buljuk BKXX8159
Buljukovina BKXX8160
Bulogovina BKXX8161
Bulozani BKXX8162
Bulozi BKXX1002
Buluri BKXX8163
Buna BKXX1003
Bunar BKXX8164
Bunar BKXX1004
Bunara BKXX1005
Bunaracka Mahala BKXX1006
Bunarevi BKXX8165
Bunari BKXX1007
Bunaric BKXX1008
Buncevac BKXX1009
Buncici BKXX1010
Bundale BKXX8166
Bundale BKXX1011
Bundali BKXX8167
Bungici BKXX1012
Bungurasi BKXX8168
Bungurovina BKXX1013
Bunici BKXX8169
Bunici BKXX1014
Bunijevci BKXX8170
Bunjevci BKXX1015
Bunovci BKXX1016
Bunovi BKXX8171
Buntica Mahala BKXX1017
Burati BKXX8172
Burazeri BKXX8173
Burazori BKXX8174
Burca BKXX8175
Burici BKXX1018
Burici BKXX8176
Burmazi BKXX1019
Burnice BKXX8177
Burovina BKXX8178
Bursaci BKXX1020
Bursaci BKXX8179
Bursici BKXX8180
Burum BKXX8181
Burumac BKXX8182
Burundzije BKXX8183
Burzici BKXX1021
Busak BKXX1022
Busari BKXX1023
Busca BKXX1024
Buscak BKXX1025
Buselji BKXX1026
Busevic BKXX8184
Busevic BKXX1027
Busevo BKXX1028
Busije BKXX8185
Busije BKXX1029
Busiste BKXX1030
Busletic BKXX8186
Busnovi BKXX8187
Busovaca BKXX1031
Butila BKXX1032
Butkovici BKXX1033
Butmir BKXX1035
Buturovic-Polje BKXX1036
Buturovici BKXX1037
Buvaci BKXX8188
Buzanin BKXX8189
Buzekara BKXX0180
Buzic Mahala BKXX1038
Buzici BKXX1039
Buzim BKXX1040
Buzimkici BKXX1041
Buzuci BKXX8190
Buzuci BKXX1042
Buzuk BKXX8191
Cabrila BKXX8192
Cacan Han BKXX1043
Cacica BKXX8193
Cadavac BKXX0181
Cadavica BKXX8194
Cadavica Donja BKXX8195
Cadavica Gornja BKXX8196
Cadavica Srednja BKXX8197
Cade BKXX8198
Cadovina BKXX8199
Cagajici BKXX1044
Cagare BKXX1045
Cagarici BKXX8200
Cage BKXX1046
Caglica BKXX1047
Caglici BKXX1048
Cagljevici BKXX8201
Cagosta BKXX8202
Caic BKXX1049
Caici BKXX8203
Caira BKXX1050
Caire BKXX8204
Cairi BKXX8205
Caje BKXX1051
Cajere BKXX1052
Cajici BKXX8206
Cajici BKXX1053
Cajnice BKXX8207
Cakalovac BKXX1054
Cakalovici BKXX1055
Cakari BKXX8208
Cakari BKXX1056
Cakici BKXX1057
Caklovica BKXX1058
Caklovici Donji BKXX1059
Caklovici Gornji BKXX1060
Cakrame BKXX1061
Caksiran BKXX1062
Caksirici BKXX1063
Calaci BKXX1064
Calakici BKXX8209
Calici BKXX8210
Calici BKXX1065
Calikovac BKXX1066
Calisi BKXX1067
Calismani BKXX8211
Calovine BKXX0182
Caluci BKXX1068
Calukova Bara BKXX1069
Calusici BKXX1070
Cam BKXX1071
Camdzici BKXX1072
Camlija BKXX8212
Camovine BKXX1073
Canakcije BKXX8213
Cancari BKXX8214
Cande BKXX1074
Canica Selo BKXX8215
Canici BKXX8216
Canje BKXX8217
Canjev Do BKXX8218
Canjeva BKXX8219
Cankovac BKXX8220
Cantrovina BKXX8221
Capaja BKXX8222
Caparde BKXX1076
Caparde BKXX8223
Cape BKXX8224
Capici BKXX1077
Capljak BKXX1078
Caplje BKXX1079
Capljina BKXX1080
Capnjak BKXX8225
Caprazlije BKXX1081
Caprek BKXX8226
Caradin BKXX8227
Carakovci BKXX8228
Carakovo BKXX8229
Carapasi BKXX8230
Cardacani BKXX8231
Cardaci BKXX1082
Cardaci BKXX8232
Cardacine BKXX8233
Cardak BKXX1083
Cardak BKXX8234
Carev Do BKXX1084
Careva Cuprija BKXX1085
Careva Gora BKXX8235
Carevac BKXX8236
Careve Vode BKXX8237
Carevica BKXX1086
Carevina BKXX8238
Carevo Brdo BKXX8239
Carevo Polje BKXX1087
Carica BKXX1088
Carici BKXX8240
Carici BKXX1089
Carsija BKXX1090
Castovici BKXX1091
Casuri BKXX1092
Cate BKXX8241
Catici BKXX8242
Catici BKXX1093
Catori BKXX8243
Catovici BKXX1094
Catovina BKXX8244
Catrnja BKXX1095
Catrnje BKXX1096
Catusa BKXX1097
Causevici BKXX8246
Causevici BKXX1098
Causlije BKXX1099
Cava BKXX1100
Cavari BKXX1101
Cavarine BKXX8247
Cavarov Stan BKXX1102
Cavas BKXX1103
Cavcici BKXX8248
Cavdari BKXX8249
Cavici BKXX1104
Cavici BKXX8250
Cavkici BKXX1105
Cavlovici BKXX1106
Cavnik BKXX1107
Cavodo BKXX1108
Cazin BKXX1109
Cebara BKXX1110
Cecava BKXX8251
Cecavci BKXX8252
Cece BKXX1111
Cecurke BKXX8253
Cegari BKXX8254
Cegari BKXX1112
Cehaje BKXX1113
Cehajici BKXX8255
Cehajici BKXX1114
Cehari BKXX1115
Cehici BKXX1116
Cehici BKXX8256
Cehova BKXX1117
Cejreci BKXX8257
Cejvani BKXX1118
Cekanici BKXX1119
Ceke BKXX8258
Cekici BKXX8259
Cekinovac BKXX8260
Cekote BKXX1120
Cekrcici BKXX1121
Cekrk BKXX8261
Cekrlije BKXX1122
Cekrnje BKXX8262
Cektale BKXX8263
Cela BKXX8264
Celar BKXX1123
Celara BKXX8265
Celari BKXX1124
Celaruse BKXX8266
Cele BKXX8267
Celebic BKXX1125
Celebici BKXX8268
Celebici BKXX1126
Celebinci BKXX8269
Celebovina BKXX8270
Celic BKXX1127
Celic Mahala BKXX8271
Celica BKXX1128
Celica BKXX8272
Celice BKXX1129
Celici BKXX8273
Celici BKXX1130
Celikovo Polje BKXX8274
Celina BKXX1131
Celina BKXX8275
Celinac BKXX8276
Celinac Donji BKXX8277
Celinac Gornji BKXX8278
Celine BKXX1132
Celinja BKXX1133
Celinje BKXX1134
Celinovac BKXX8279
Celipici BKXX1135
Celjadinici BKXX1136
Celjevo BKXX1137
Celjevo BKXX8280
Celjigovici BKXX8281
Celopek BKXX8282
Cemalici BKXX1138
Cemalici BKXX8283
Cemani BKXX1139
Cemanovici BKXX8284
Cembici BKXX8285
Cemerakuse BKXX1140
Cemernica BKXX1141
Cemerno BKXX8286
Cemersko Osoje BKXX8287
Cenagdzije BKXX8288
Cenani BKXX1142
Cendici BKXX8289
Cengic BKXX1143
Cengic BKXX8290
Cengic Do BKXX8291
Cengici BKXX1144
Cengici BKXX8292
Cengija BKXX1145
Cenici BKXX8293
Cepak BKXX8294
Cepala BKXX8295
Cepe BKXX1146
Cepelica BKXX8296
Ceperci BKXX1147
Cepiljace BKXX1148
Ceprljaca BKXX1149
Ceprljace BKXX1150
Ceprusi BKXX8297
Cer BKXX1151
Cer BKXX8298
Ceraja BKXX8299
Cerakovina BKXX8300
Cerani BKXX8301
Ceranic BKXX1152
Cerdic BKXX1153
Cere BKXX1154
Cereci BKXX8303
Cerenkovici BKXX8304
Ceribasici BKXX1155
Ceribasici BKXX8305
Cericani BKXX8306
Cerici BKXX1156
Cerici BKXX8307
Cerigaj BKXX1157
Cerik BKXX1158
Cerimagovina BKXX1159
Cerin BKXX1160
Cerivac BKXX8309
Cerje BKXX1161
Cerkazovici BKXX8310
Cerkezi BKXX1162
Cerkezovac BKXX1163
Cerkezovici BKXX1164
Cernica BKXX8311
Cernica BKXX1165
Cerno BKXX1166
Cerov Dolac BKXX1167
Cerov Gaj BKXX8312
Cerova BKXX8313
Cerova Ravan BKXX8314
Cerovac BKXX1168
Cerovac BKXX8315
Cerovaca BKXX1169
Cerovci BKXX8316
Cerovi BKXX8317
Cerovi Do BKXX8318
Cerovi Doci BKXX1170
Cerovi Dol BKXX1171
Cerovica BKXX1172
Cerovina BKXX1173
Cerovljani BKXX8319
Cerovo BKXX1174
Cerovo Polje BKXX8320
Cerska BKXX8321
Ceruzici BKXX1175
Cesalj BKXX8322
Cesce BKXX1176
Cesenice BKXX1177
Cesica Draga BKXX1178
Cesim BKXX8323
Cesina Strana BKXX1179
Cesljari BKXX8324
Cesma BKXX8325
Cesta BKXX1181
Cestaljevo BKXX8326
Ceste BKXX1182
Cestici BKXX8327
Cesturska Kuca BKXX1183
Cetenovac BKXX1184
Cetiniste BKXX8328
Cetkovac BKXX8329
Cetkovic BKXX8330
Cetkovici BKXX8331
Cetnica BKXX8332
Cetojevici BKXX1185
Cetojevici BKXX8333
Cetolj BKXX8334
Cetoljuh BKXX1186
Cetovilja BKXX1187
Cevaljusa BKXX1188
Cevani BKXX1189
Cevapovici BKXX8335
Cevici BKXX1190
Cevrci BKXX1191
Cibrici BKXX1192
Cibrijan BKXX8336
Cicar BKXX1193
Cicci BKXX1194
Cice BKXX8338
Cicevac BKXX8339
Cicevo BKXX1195
Cicica Meda BKXX1196
Cicici BKXX8340
Cicici BKXX1197
Cicina BKXX8341
Cicke BKXX1198
Cicrina BKXX1199
Cifici BKXX1200
Cifluci BKXX1201
Cifluk BKXX8342
Cifluk BKXX1202
Ciganka BKXX1203
Ciganluk BKXX1204
Ciganovici BKXX1205
Ciganske Kuce BKXX1206
Cigansko Brdo BKXX1207
Cigici BKXX1208
Ciglana BKXX1209
Cigrije BKXX1210
Cijepala BKXX8343
Cijetovine BKXX1211
Cikarici BKXX8344
Cikici BKXX1212
Cikici BKXX8345
Cikoje BKXX1213
Cikojevci BKXX8346
Cikojevici BKXX8347
Cikote BKXX8348
Cikotsko Polje BKXX8349
Cikule BKXX8350
Cilasi BKXX8351
Cilici BKXX1214
Cim BKXX0012
Cimese BKXX1215
Cimici BKXX8352
Cimiroti BKXX8353
Cincari BKXX8354
Cinci BKXX1216
Cinovici BKXX1217
Cipic BKXX1218
Cipirovine BKXX8355
Cipuluc BKXX1219
Ciraci BKXX8356
Cirakovac BKXX8357
Cirat BKXX1220
Cirici BKXX8358
Cirici BKXX1221
Cirilovo Brdo BKXX8359
Cirkici BKXX1222
Cirkici BKXX8360
Cirkin Polje BKXX8361
Cirkovici BKXX0183
Citluci BKXX8362
Citluk BKXX8363
Citluk BKXX0013
Civcici BKXX8364
Civcije BKXX8365
Cive BKXX1224
Civerice BKXX8368
Cizma BKXX1225
Cizme BKXX1226
Cizmici BKXX8369
Cizmici BKXX1227
Cobanovici BKXX1228
Cobe BKXX1229
Cogici BKXX1230
Cohodari BKXX1231
Cojansko Brdo BKXX1232
Cojluk BKXX8370
Cojluk BKXX1233
Cokic BKXX1234
Cokici BKXX8371
Cokori BKXX8372
Cokotnica BKXX8373
Colaci BKXX1235
Colaci BKXX8374
Colakova Mahala BKXX1236
Colakovici BKXX8375
Colapije BKXX1237
Colici BKXX8376
Colici BKXX1238
Colopeci BKXX1239
Colopek BKXX8377
Colovci BKXX8378
Colovnik BKXX8379
Colusa BKXX1240
Comori BKXX1241
Condrici BKXX8380
Copi BKXX1242
Copice BKXX1243
Copici BKXX8381
Coralici BKXX1244
Corbadzici BKXX1245
Corci BKXX1246
Cordina Kula BKXX1247
Core BKXX1248
Core BKXX8382
Corica Mahala BKXX1249
Corici BKXX8383
Corici BKXX1250
Corkovaca BKXX1251
Corkovica Sor BKXX8384
Corkovici BKXX1252
Corkovici BKXX8385
Corle BKXX8386
Corluci BKXX8387
Corluke BKXX1253
Corvici BKXX8388
Cosanlije BKXX1254
Cose BKXX1255
Coseti BKXX1256
Cosici BKXX8389
Coslije BKXX1258
Costovici BKXX1259
Cota BKXX1260
Cotici BKXX1261
Covcici BKXX1262
Covic Polje BKXX8390
Covica Selo BKXX1263
Covici BKXX1264
Covka BKXX1265
Covkovina BKXX8391
Cozalovo Brdo BKXX1266
Crema BKXX1267
Crepljani BKXX1268
Crepovi BKXX8392
Crepulje BKXX8393
Crevici BKXX8394
Crgovo BKXX8395
Crijep BKXX8396
Crijetezi BKXX8397
Crijevcici BKXX1269
Cripalo BKXX1270
Crkva BKXX8398
Crkvena BKXX8399
Crkveni Han BKXX8400
Crkvenjak BKXX1271
Crkvenjani BKXX8401
Crkveno BKXX8402
Crkvica BKXX1272
Crkvice BKXX1273
Crkvina BKXX8403
Crkvina BKXX1274
Crkvine BKXX8404
Crkvine BKXX1275
Crljeni BKXX1276
Crljenice BKXX8405
Crljesnica BKXX8406
Crljevac BKXX1277
Crljivica BKXX1278
Crna Dolina BKXX8407
Crna Gora BKXX1279
Crna Gora BKXX8408
Crna Rijeka BKXX8409
Crnac BKXX1280
Crnacka Ladina BKXX1281
Crnadak BKXX8410
Crnaja BKXX8411
Crnaja BKXX1282
Crnca BKXX8412
Crncale BKXX1283
Crnce BKXX8413
Crnci BKXX1284
Crncici BKXX8414
Crndak BKXX8415
Crne Lokve BKXX1285
Crnelj BKXX1286
Crneta BKXX8416
Crnetici BKXX8417
Crni Lug BKXX1287
Crni Palezi BKXX1288
Crni Potok BKXX8418
Crni Vrh BKXX1289
Crnice BKXX8420
Crnice BKXX1290
Crnici BKXX8421
Crnicki Kamenik BKXX1291
Crnjci BKXX1292
Crnjelovo Donje BKXX8422
Crnjelovo Gornje BKXX8423
Crnjevac BKXX1293
Crnkici BKXX1294
Crno BKXX1295
Crno Blato BKXX1296
Crno Osoje BKXX1297
Crnobojevici BKXX8424
Crnobrnje BKXX8425
Crnogaca BKXX8426
Crnoglav BKXX1298
Crnogorac BKXX1299
Crnogorci BKXX1301
Crnolici BKXX1302
Crnomarkovici BKXX1303
Crnopod BKXX1304
Crnovic BKXX1305
Crnovici BKXX1306
Crnovlje BKXX1307
Crnovljeve Kuce BKXX1308
Crnovoda BKXX1309
Crnugovac BKXX1310
Crpici BKXX1311
Crtanice BKXX1312
Crtez BKXX1313
Crvarevac BKXX1314
Crvena Jama BKXX1315
Crvene Zemlje BKXX1316
Crveni Glibovi BKXX1317
Crveni Podi BKXX8427
Crvenice BKXX1318
Crvenike BKXX1319
Crvenka BKXX8428
Crveno Brdo BKXX1320
Crvica BKXX8429
Crvljivac BKXX1321
Crvulje BKXX1322
Cubele BKXX1323
Cubren BKXX1324
Cubrici BKXX8430
Cubrilovici BKXX8431
Cubrina BKXX1325
Cubure BKXX8432
Cuce BKXX1326
Cuce BKXX8433
Cuci BKXX1327
Cuckovici BKXX8434
Cude BKXX1328
Cudnic BKXX8435
Cudojevici BKXX8436
Cufurovici BKXX1329
Cuhovici BKXX1330
Cuici BKXX1331
Cukali BKXX8437
Cuke BKXX8438
Cukle BKXX1332
Cukleti BKXX1333
Cuklic BKXX1334
Cuklinac BKXX8439
Cukova Glavica BKXX1335
Cukova Greda BKXX8440
Cukova Greda BKXX1336
Cukovac BKXX8441
Cukovci BKXX8442
Cukovi BKXX1338
Cukovi BKXX8443
Cukovici BKXX8444
Cukovina BKXX8445
Cukukovina BKXX8446
Cukur BKXX8447
Cukuri BKXX1339
Cula BKXX1340
Cule BKXX1341
Culibrci BKXX1342
Culibrk BKXX8449
Culici BKXX8450
Culici BKXX1343
Culine BKXX1344
Culjage BKXX1345
Culjci BKXX1346
Culjci BKXX8451
Culjkova Njiva BKXX1347
Culuci BKXX1348
Culumak BKXX1349
Culumi BKXX8452
Culumi BKXX1350
Cumavici BKXX8453
Cumbe BKXX8454
Cumeljaci BKXX8455
Cumurovici BKXX8456
Cuncici BKXX1351
Cungar BKXX8457
Cunista BKXX1352
Cunjaci BKXX8458
Cupici BKXX1353
Curak BKXX1354
Curani BKXX8459
Curcica Lug BKXX1355
Curcici BKXX1356
Curcici BKXX8460
Curcije BKXX8461
Curevo BKXX8462
Curguzi BKXX1357
Curica Staje BKXX1358
Curici BKXX1359
Curici BKXX8464
Curilo BKXX8465
Curkici BKXX8466
Curkovici BKXX8467
Curkovici BKXX1360
Curlici BKXX8468
Curovi BKXX1361
Curovici BKXX1362
Curtovina BKXX1363
Cuse BKXX8469
Cusine BKXX1364
Cuskici BKXX8470
Custe BKXX1365
Custo Brdo BKXX1366
Cutkovici BKXX8471
Cutukovac BKXX8472
Cutule BKXX1367
Cuture BKXX8473
Cuture BKXX1368
Cuturici BKXX1369
Cuvalo BKXX1370
Cuzici BKXX1371
Cvaljina BKXX1372
Cvarici BKXX1373
Cvarkovici BKXX8475
Cvek BKXX8476
Cvetici BKXX8477
Cvetkovici BKXX8478
Cvijancevici BKXX8479
Cvijani BKXX1374
Cvijani BKXX8480
Cvijanocici BKXX8481
Cvijanovici BKXX1375
Cvijanovici BKXX8482
Cvijavovici BKXX8483
Cvijetanj BKXX8484
Cvijetic BKXX8485
Cvijeticani BKXX1376
Cvijetici BKXX8486
Cvijetici BKXX1377
Cvijici BKXX8487
Cvijici BKXX1378
Cvikici BKXX8488
Cvilin BKXX1379
Cviljevina BKXX1380
Cvisici BKXX8489
Cvitanovici BKXX1381
Cvitkovici BKXX8490
Cvitovic BKXX1382
Cvjetinovici BKXX8491
Cvjetkovici BKXX1383
Cvorkici BKXX1384
Cvrce BKXX1385
Cvrkote BKXX8492
Cvrtkovci BKXX8493
Dabici BKXX8494
Dabici BKXX1386
Dabojevici BKXX1387
Dabovci BKXX8495
Dabovici BKXX1388
Dabovina BKXX8496
Dabrac BKXX8497
Dabrak BKXX8498
Dabravine BKXX1389
Dabric BKXX1390
Dabrica BKXX1391
Dabrica BKXX8499
Dabrnja BKXX1392
Dabrnovac BKXX8500
Daci BKXX1393
Dacic BKXX8501
Dadici BKXX1394
Daganj BKXX8502
Dahovo BKXX1395
Daidzici BKXX8503
Dajici BKXX8504
Dajici BKXX1396
Dajicici BKXX8505
Dakici BKXX8506
Dakovci BKXX1397
Dakovici BKXX8507
Dakovici BKXX1398
Dalasenovci BKXX1399
Dalic BKXX1400
Dalica Brdo BKXX1401
Dalici BKXX1402
Daljan BKXX1403
Daljegosta BKXX8509
Daljevici BKXX8510
Daljevina BKXX8511
Dalmacija BKXX8512
Damjanici BKXX8513
Damjanovici BKXX1404
Damjanovici BKXX8514
Damjanovici BKXX0184
Damje BKXX8515
Damljanovica BKXX8516
Danci BKXX1405
Dancici BKXX1406
Dancilovica BKXX1407
Danevac BKXX8517
Danguba BKXX1408
Dangube BKXX8518
Danici BKXX1409
Danici BKXX8519
Danicici BKXX8520
Danilovici BKXX1410
Danilovici BKXX8521
Danovina BKXX1411
Dapa BKXX8522
Dardani BKXX8523
Darosnica BKXX8524
Dastansko BKXX1412
Datelji BKXX1413
Datici BKXX1414
Daupovina BKXX1415
Dautovci BKXX1416
Davidovici BKXX8525
Davidovici BKXX1417
Davorovici BKXX8526
Dazdarevo BKXX8527
Daznica BKXX8528
Debela Meda BKXX8529
Debelac BKXX8530
Debelj BKXX8531
Debeljaci BKXX8532
Debeljak BKXX1419
Debeljak BKXX8533
Debelo Brdo BKXX1420
Debelo Brdo BKXX8534
Dece BKXX8535
Decji Dom BKXX1421
Dedajici BKXX1422
Dedevo BKXX8536
Dedici BKXX8537
Dedici BKXX1423
Dedinjci BKXX8538
Dedovaca BKXX1424
Dedovci BKXX8539
Dedovici BKXX8540
Dejanovica Brdo BKXX1425
Dejanovici BKXX8541
Dejcici BKXX1426
Dekanovici BKXX8542
Dekica Brdo BKXX1427
Dekica Dol BKXX1428
Dekici BKXX8543
Dekici BKXX1429
Delagici BKXX8544
Delalovici BKXX1430
Delanovici BKXX1431
Deleusa BKXX8545
Delibasici BKXX1432
Delibasino Selo BKXX8546
Delibrdo BKXX8547
Delica Brdo BKXX1433
Delici BKXX1434
Delicici BKXX1435
Delijani BKXX8549
Delijas BKXX1436
Delije BKXX8550
Delijici BKXX8551
Delilovac BKXX1437
Delina Ravan BKXX0185
Deljici BKXX1438
Delme BKXX1439
Demici BKXX8552
Demici BKXX1440
Demiri BKXX1441
Demirovac BKXX8553
Demirovica Brdo BKXX1442
Demisevci BKXX1444
Denadije BKXX8554
Denadijino Brdo BKXX8555
Denici BKXX8556
Denici BKXX1445
Deniste BKXX8557
Denjizi BKXX8558
Denkovci BKXX1446
Deovici BKXX1447
Depici BKXX1448
Dera BKXX8559
Derani BKXX1449
Dereci BKXX1450
Dergici BKXX8560
Derici BKXX8561
Derinac BKXX8562
Dermani BKXX8563
Dermanovici BKXX8564
Derolovi BKXX8565
Deronjici BKXX8566
Derventa BKXX0078
Derventa BKXX1451
Dervis BKXX8568
Dervisevici BKXX1452
Dervisi BKXX1453
Dervisi BKXX8569
Dervisici BKXX8570
Dervisici BKXX1454
Desancici BKXX8571
Desani BKXX8572
Deseci BKXX1455
Desetnik BKXX1456
Deseva BKXX1457
Desin Selo BKXX8573
Desnica BKXX8574
Desnice BKXX1458
Despici BKXX8575
Despotovici BKXX1459
Despotovici BKXX8576
Deumici BKXX8577
Deure BKXX8578
Devedari BKXX1460
Devedzije BKXX1461
Devetaci BKXX8579
Devetaci BKXX1462
Devetak BKXX1463
Devetina BKXX8580
Devetine BKXX1464
Devetinsko Brdo BKXX1465
Devici BKXX8581
Devor BKXX1466
Dezevice BKXX1467
Dezici BKXX1468
Didaci BKXX1469
Dijaci BKXX1470
Dijelovi BKXX1471
Dijelovi BKXX8582
Dikalji BKXX8583
Dikanj BKXX8584
Dikevci BKXX8585
Dikici BKXX1472
Dikici BKXX8586
Dikla BKXX1473
Diklici BKXX8587
Diknjici BKXX1474
Dilasi BKXX1475
Dilberi BKXX1476
Dile BKXX8588
Dilici BKXX8589
Diljevici BKXX8590
Diljka BKXX8591
Diljkani BKXX8592
Dimaci BKXX8593
Dimale BKXX8594
Dimici BKXX8595
Dimici BKXX1477
Dimitrici BKXX8596
Dimnici BKXX8597
Dindo BKXX1478
Dine BKXX8598
Dipi BKXX8599
Diva Grabovica BKXX1479
Divcici BKXX1480
Divic BKXX8600
Divicani BKXX1481
Divici BKXX1482
Divin BKXX8601
Divjak BKXX1483
Divkovici BKXX1484
Divljaca BKXX1485
Divljaci BKXX8602
Divljaka BKXX8603
Divljakovina BKXX8604
Divovici BKXX8605
Dizdarevici BKXX8606
Dizdarevici BKXX1486
Dizdari BKXX1487
Dizdari BKXX8607
Dizdarlije BKXX8608
Dizdarusa BKXX0186
Dizelovici BKXX8609
Djakovo BKXX8610
Djedina BKXX1488
Djedov Do BKXX8611
Djedov Do BKXX1489
Djedovac BKXX1490
Djela BKXX1491
Djevanje BKXX8612
Dlaci BKXX8613
Dlakose BKXX8614
Dmitrovici BKXX8615
Dmitrovici BKXX1492
Dnolucki Palez BKXX1493
Dnoluka BKXX1494
Dnopolje BKXX8616
Do BKXX8617
Do BKXX1495
Doboj BKXX1496
Doboj BKXX8618
Dobor BKXX8619
Doborovci BKXX1497
Dobra Voda BKXX8620
Dobra Voda BKXX1498
Dobrace BKXX8621
Dobrak BKXX8622
Dobraljevo BKXX1499
Dobrasi BKXX8623
Dobrasina BKXX8624
Dobratici BKXX1500
Dobrc BKXX1501
Dobrcic BKXX8625
Dobre BKXX1502
Dobre Vode BKXX8626
Dobreci BKXX8627
Dobrelji BKXX8628
Dobrenica BKXX1503
Dobres Do BKXX8629
Dobri Dub BKXX8630
Dobric BKXX1504
Dobric BKXX8631
Dobrice BKXX1505
Dobricevici BKXX1506
Dobrici BKXX8632
Dobrici BKXX1507
Dobrigosce BKXX1508
Dobrijevici BKXX1509
Dobrijevici BKXX8633
Dobrik BKXX1510
Dobriljeno BKXX1511
Dobrinja BKXX1512
Dobrinje BKXX1513
Dobrkovici BKXX1514
Dobrljin BKXX8634
Dobrnici BKXX1515
Dobrnja BKXX1516
Dobrnja BKXX8635
Dobro BKXX1517
Dobro Brdo BKXX1518
Dobro Polje BKXX8636
Dobro Polje BKXX1519
Dobro Selo BKXX1520
Dobrodo BKXX8637
Dobrodoli BKXX8638
Dobromani BKXX8639
Dobromanovici BKXX8640
Dobromerovici BKXX8641
Dobromiri BKXX8642
Dobrosa BKXX1521
Dobrosevici BKXX1522
Dobrosin BKXX1523
Dobroucici BKXX8643
Dobrovine BKXX8644
Dobrovo BKXX1524
Dobrovoje BKXX8645
Dobrun BKXX8646
Dobrunska Rijeka BKXX8647
Doca BKXX1525
Doce BKXX8648
Doci BKXX1526
Docici BKXX8649
Dodanovici BKXX8650
Dodici BKXX1527
Dodin Han BKXX8651
Dodizi BKXX1528
Dodorevina BKXX8652
Dogani BKXX1529
Doganova Kosa BKXX1530
Doganovci BKXX1531
Dogazi BKXX8653
Dogici BKXX1532
Doglode BKXX1533
Doglodi BKXX1534
Dojcinovici BKXX8654
Dojici BKXX8655
Dokanj BKXX1535
Doke BKXX1536
Dokici BKXX8656
Dokici BKXX1537
Doknici BKXX8657
Dol BKXX1538
Dol BKXX8658
Dola BKXX1539
Dola BKXX8659
Dolac BKXX1540
Dolac Kurtegic BKXX1541
Dolac na Lasvi BKXX1542
Dolaca BKXX1543
Dole BKXX8660
Dole BKXX1544
Dolezani BKXX8661
Dolici BKXX1545
Dolici BKXX8662
Dolina BKXX8663
Dolinari BKXX8664
Doline BKXX8665
Doline BKXX1547
Dolinica Brdo BKXX8666
Dolipolje BKXX1548
Dolista BKXX1549
Doljani BKXX1550
Dolovi BKXX1551
Dolovi BKXX8668
Dolovljani BKXX8669
Dolumi BKXX1552
Dolusa BKXX1553
Doluse BKXX8670
Domaljevac BKXX0014
Domanovici BKXX1554
Domanovina BKXX8671
Domasevo BKXX8672
Domasica BKXX8673
Domazeti BKXX1555
Domici BKXX1556
Dominkovici BKXX1557
Domislica BKXX1558
Domjesici BKXX8674
Domji Polom BKXX8675
Domljanovici BKXX1559
Domrke BKXX8676
Domusovac BKXX8677
Domuze BKXX8678
Dondrasi BKXX1560
Donj Doborovci BKXX1561
Donja Babesnica BKXX8679
Donja Baljkovica BKXX8680
Donja Bara BKXX8681
Donja Barska BKXX1562
Donja Bastina BKXX8682
Donja Bijenja BKXX8683
Donja Bioca BKXX1563
Donja Bisnja BKXX8684
Donja Bitunja BKXX8685
Donja Bjeljevina BKXX1564
Donja Blatnica BKXX1565
Donja Blizna BKXX1566
Donja Bobovista BKXX1567
Donja Bodezista BKXX8686
Donja Borina BKXX1568
Donja Borovica BKXX1569
Donja Brana BKXX8687
Donja Brda BKXX1570
Donja Brda BKXX8688
Donja Britvica BKXX1571
Donja Brstanica BKXX8689
Donja Brusnica BKXX8690
Donja Bukovica BKXX8691
Donja Bukovica BKXX1572
Donja Bukvica BKXX1573
Donja Cagosta BKXX8692
Donja Catrnja BKXX8693
Donja Cemernica BKXX1574
Donja Cerovica BKXX8694
Donja Distica BKXX1575
Donja Dobosnica BKXX1576
Donja Dobrinja BKXX8695
Donja Dola BKXX8696
Donja Dolina BKXX8697
Donja Dragotinja BKXX8698
Donja Drenova BKXX8699
Donja Dreznica BKXX1577
Donja Dubica BKXX8700
Donja Duboka BKXX1578
Donja Duboka BKXX8701
Donja Foca BKXX8702
Donja Gata BKXX1579
Donja Glibaja BKXX1580
Donja Gorica BKXX1582
Donja Gosovica BKXX1583
Donja Grabanta BKXX1584
Donja Grabivica BKXX1585
Donja Gracanica BKXX1586
Donja Gradina BKXX8703
Donja Gradina BKXX1587
Donja Grbavica BKXX0187
Donja Ilova BKXX8704
Donja Ivica BKXX8705
Donja Jablanica BKXX8706
Donja Jasenica BKXX1588
Donja Jehovina BKXX1589
Donja Josanica BKXX8707
Donja Josanica BKXX1590
Donja Jurkovica BKXX8708
Donja Jutrogosta BKXX8709
Donja Kamenica BKXX1591
Donja Kamenica BKXX8710
Donja Kapavica BKXX8711
Donja Kladusa BKXX8712
Donja Kocela BKXX8713
Donja Kokorina BKXX8714
Donja Koprivna BKXX1592
Donja Koprivnica BKXX1593
Donja Kotlina BKXX1594
Donja Kozica BKXX8715
Donja Krcina BKXX8716
Donja Lanista BKXX0188
Donja Lepenica BKXX8717
Donja Lijeska BKXX8718
Donja Ljubija BKXX8719
Donja Ljubina BKXX1595
Donja Ljubogosta BKXX8721
Donja Ljubuca BKXX1596
Donja Ljusina BKXX1597
Donja Lohinja BKXX1598
Donja Lovnica BKXX1599
Donja Lucka BKXX1600
Donja Luka BKXX8722
Donja Lukavica BKXX1601
Donja Lupljanica BKXX8723
Donja Lupnica BKXX1602
Donja Mahala BKXX8724
Donja Mahala BKXX1603
Donja Mahala BKXX0189
Donja Mala BKXX8725
Donja Mala BKXX1604
Donja Matina BKXX1605
Donja Mededa BKXX8726
Donja Medida BKXX1606
Donja Meka Gruda BKXX8727
Donja Mionica BKXX8728
Donja Misoca BKXX1607
Donja Mocila BKXX8729
Donja Mravica BKXX8730
Donja Mravljaca BKXX1608
Donja Obrijez BKXX8731
Donja Orahova BKXX8732
Donja Ozimica BKXX1609
Donja Paklenica BKXX8733
Donja Papratnica BKXX1610
Donja Pecka BKXX8734
Donja Petrinja BKXX8735
Donja Pilica BKXX8736
Donja Podgorija BKXX8737
Donja Poljana BKXX1611
Donja Prekaja BKXX1612
Donja Presjenica BKXX1613
Donja Previja BKXX8738
Donja Puharska BKXX8739
Donja Rabina BKXX1614
Donja Rajska BKXX1615
Donja Rakovica BKXX8740
Donja Rastelica BKXX1616
Donja Ravska BKXX8741
Donja Ricica BKXX1617
Donja Rijeka BKXX8742
Donja Rovna BKXX1618
Donja Seoca BKXX1619
Donja Sibenica BKXX1620
Donja Siljkovaca BKXX1621
Donja Sisava BKXX1622
Donja Slabinja BKXX8743
Donja Slatina BKXX1623
Donja Slatina BKXX8744
Donja Smrsnica BKXX1624
Donja Sopotnica BKXX8745
Donja Strmica BKXX8746
Donja Struganica BKXX8747
Donja Sujica BKXX8748
Donja Suvaja BKXX1625
Donja Taleza BKXX8749
Donja Topola BKXX8750
Donja Tramosnica BKXX8751
Donja Tramosnja BKXX1626
Donja Trebeusa BKXX1627
Donja Trebimlja BKXX1628
Donja Trnova BKXX8752
Donja Trnovica BKXX8753
Donja Uvala BKXX8754
Donja Vardusa BKXX8755
Donja Varos BKXX8756
Donja Vast BKXX1629
Donja Veceriska BKXX1630
Donja Vidovska BKXX1631
Donja Vijaka BKXX1632
Donja Vilenjaca BKXX1633
Donja Vinca BKXX8757
Donja Visca BKXX1634
Donja Visnjica BKXX1635
Donja Vodenica BKXX1636
Donja Vogosca BKXX1637
Donja Vraca BKXX1638
Donja Vratnica BKXX1640
Donja Vrbaska BKXX8759
Donja Vrbica BKXX8760
Donja Zimca BKXX1641
Donjani BKXX8761
Donje BKXX8762
Donje Babine BKXX8763
Donje Baljci BKXX8764
Donje Baljvine BKXX8765
Donje Balte BKXX8766
Donje Bare BKXX1642
Donje Barice BKXX8767
Donje Barice BKXX1643
Donje Bezdede BKXX8768
Donje Biosko BKXX1644
Donje Boce BKXX1645
Donje Bodiroze BKXX8770
Donje Bratinje BKXX1646
Donje Brdo BKXX8771
Donje Brestice BKXX8772
Donje Brezje BKXX1647
Donje Caparde BKXX8773
Donje Celinje BKXX1648
Donje Cicevo BKXX8774
Donje Cikote BKXX8775
Donje Crkveno BKXX8776
Donje Crnjevo BKXX1649
Donje Devanje BKXX8777
Donje Dole BKXX1650
Donje Dracevo BKXX1651
Donje Dragajice BKXX1652
Donje Drzanlije BKXX1653
Donje Dubovo BKXX8778
Donje Duzice BKXX1654
Donje Gire BKXX8779
Donje Godomilje BKXX8780
Donje Grancarevo BKXX8781
Donje Gube BKXX8782
Donje Guste BKXX1655
Donje Hrasno BKXX1656
Donje Ilino BKXX1657
Donje Jaze BKXX1658
Donje Josavac BKXX1659
Donje Kozo BKXX1660
Donje Krcevine BKXX1661
Donje Krecane BKXX1662
Donje Krusevo BKXX1663
Donje Kukavice BKXX8783
Donje Ledenice BKXX1664
Donje Lijesce BKXX8784
Donje Lipe BKXX8785
Donje Lipovice BKXX8786
Donje Lohovo BKXX1665
Donje Luko BKXX1666
Donje Luzije BKXX8787
Donje Meduse BKXX8788
Donje Mile BKXX1667
Donje Mioce BKXX8789
Donje Mladice BKXX8790
Donje Mostre BKXX1668
Donje Muzdake BKXX8791
Donje Ocevlje BKXX1669
Donje Ocrkavlje BKXX1670
Donje Opine BKXX1671
Donje Orahovo BKXX8792
Donje Osovo BKXX8793
Donje Otoke BKXX8794
Donje Ozime BKXX1672
Donje Paprasko BKXX1673
Donje Papratno BKXX8795
Donje Papratno BKXX1674
Donje Pecine BKXX1675
Donje Peulje BKXX1676
Donje Plane BKXX8796
Donje Planje BKXX8797
Donje Pluzine BKXX8798
Donje Pogledinje BKXX8799
Donje Polje BKXX1677
Donje Polje BKXX8800
Donje Ponihovo BKXX1678
Donje Postolje BKXX8801
Donje Prhovo BKXX1679
Donje Ratkovo BKXX8802
Donje Ravnice BKXX8803
Donje Ravno BKXX1680
Donje Runje BKXX1681
Donje Selo BKXX8804
Donje Selo BKXX1682
Donje Sikulje BKXX1683
Donje Sinjevo BKXX8805
Donje Sirovine BKXX8806
Donje Sokolovo BKXX1684
Donje Sreflije BKXX8807
Donje Staro Selo BKXX1685
Donje Stitarevo BKXX8808
Donje Tinje BKXX1686
Donje Ugodnovici BKXX8809
Donje Ulinje BKXX8810
Donje Urije BKXX8811
Donje Vardiste BKXX8812
Donje Visnjevice BKXX1687
Donje Vlakovo BKXX1688
Donje Vodicevo BKXX8813
Donje Vrbno BKXX8814
Donje Vrsinje BKXX8815
Donje Vukovsko BKXX1689
Donje Zedanjsko BKXX8816
Donje Zesce BKXX1690
Donje Zezelovo BKXX1691
Donje Zijemlje BKXX8817
Donje Zivinice BKXX1692
Donji Azapovici BKXX1693
Donji Bacici BKXX8818
Donji Bahori BKXX8819
Donji Bakici BKXX1694
Donji Bakinci BKXX8820
Donji Balici BKXX1695
Donji Balvani BKXX8821
Donji Banjevac BKXX1696
Donji Baranci BKXX8822
Donji Barici BKXX8823
Donji Basici BKXX8824
Donji Begici BKXX1697
Donji Begici BKXX8825
Donji Beleni BKXX8826
Donji Berici BKXX8827
Donji Bespelj BKXX1698
Donji Birac BKXX8828
Donji Bistrani BKXX1699
Donji Blizanci BKXX1700
Donji Bogovici BKXX1701
Donji Bojakovici BKXX1702
Donji Boljanici BKXX8829
Donji Borci BKXX8830
Donji Bosnjaci BKXX1703
Donji Botun BKXX1704
Donji Bozici BKXX1705
Donji Brdari BKXX1706
Donji Brezici BKXX8831
Donji Brezik BKXX8832
Donji Brigovi BKXX1707
Donji Brisnik BKXX1708
Donji Brstanik BKXX8834
Donji Bucici BKXX1709
Donji Bucik BKXX1710
Donji Budanj BKXX8835
Donji Bukovci BKXX1711
Donji Bukvik BKXX8836
Donji Bulozi BKXX8837
Donji Burum BKXX8838
Donji Cajdras BKXX1712
Donji Cazanj BKXX1713
Donji Cekanici BKXX1714
Donji Cemberi BKXX1715
Donji Coralici BKXX8839
Donji Crnac BKXX1717
Donji Crnogorci BKXX1718
Donji Cuklici BKXX8840
Donji Dabar BKXX1719
Donji Davidovici BKXX8841
Donji Desetnik BKXX1720
Donji Detlak BKXX8842
Donji Dobrinj BKXX1721
Donji Domaljevac BKXX1722
Donji Drecelj BKXX1723
Donji Drezanj BKXX8844
Donji Drinici BKXX8845
Donji Dub BKXX8846
Donji Dubovik BKXX8847
Donji Ducipolje BKXX8848
Donji Dukici BKXX8849
Donji Dzeveri BKXX8850
Donji Forici BKXX8851
Donji Gacani BKXX8852
Donji Gajevi BKXX1724
Donji Galici BKXX1725
Donji Galjipovci BKXX8853
Donji Garevci BKXX8854
Donji Gligici BKXX1726
Donji Golubic BKXX1727
Donji Graci BKXX8855
Donji Gradac BKXX1728
Donji Hadrovci BKXX8856
Donji Hadzici BKXX1729
Donji Hamzici BKXX1730
Donji Hasic BKXX8857
Donji Hercezi BKXX1731
Donji Humci BKXX1732
Donji Igri BKXX8858
Donji Ivancici BKXX1733
Donji Ivetici BKXX1734
Donji Jaksici BKXX8859
Donji Jakupovici BKXX8860
Donji Jandrici BKXX8861
Donji Jasoc BKXX1735
Donji Jelovac BKXX8862
Donji Jugovici BKXX8863
Donji Jukici BKXX1736
Donji Junuzovici BKXX1737
Donji Kajtezi BKXX1738
Donji Kakanj BKXX1739
Donji Kamengrad BKXX1740
Donji Kamicak BKXX1741
Donji Karajzovci BKXX8864
Donji Kazanci BKXX1742
Donji Kazanci BKXX8865
Donji Klokocevik BKXX8866
Donji Kocarim BKXX8867
Donji Koledici BKXX8868
Donji Konjovac BKXX1743
Donji Kopilovi BKXX8869
Donji Koricani BKXX8870
Donji Kotorac BKXX1744
Donji Kranjcici BKXX1745
Donji Kuzmani BKXX8871
Donji Ladevci BKXX8872
Donji Lipnik BKXX1746
Donji Ljenobud BKXX1747
Donji Ljubenci BKXX8873
Donji Lokanj BKXX8874
Donji Loznik BKXX1748
Donji Lucani BKXX1749
Donji Lug BKXX1750
Donji Lug BKXX8875
Donji Lukavac BKXX8876
Donji Lukavac BKXX1751
Donji Lukomir BKXX1752
Donji Luzani BKXX8877
Donji Mackovac BKXX8878
Donji Maglajani BKXX8879
Donji Malovan BKXX1753
Donji Mamici BKXX1754
Donji Mamici BKXX8881
Donji Martinjci BKXX8883
Donji Maskalici BKXX8884
Donji Matavazi BKXX8885
Donji Megdan BKXX1755
Donji Mestrevac BKXX8886
Donji Mionici BKXX8887
Donji Misici BKXX8888
Donji Mocioci BKXX1756
Donji Moranjci BKXX1757
Donji Mracaj BKXX1758
Donji Mramor BKXX1759
Donji Mrkovici BKXX1760
Donji Mujdzici BKXX8889
Donji Mujici BKXX1761
Donji Nadarevici BKXX1762
Donji Nahvioci BKXX1763
Donji Nevizdraci BKXX1764
Donji Nezuk BKXX1765
Donji Obodnik BKXX8890
Donji Obrtici BKXX8891
Donji Ocaus BKXX8892
Donji Odzak BKXX1766
Donji Ogradenik BKXX1767
Donji Olovci BKXX1768
Donji Orahovac BKXX8893
Donji Orasac BKXX1769
Donji Orlovci BKXX8894
Donji Palackovci BKXX8895
Donji Palez BKXX1770
Donji Pavkovici BKXX8896
Donji Peci BKXX8897
Donji Perisici BKXX8898
Donji Petkovici BKXX8899
Donji Petrovici BKXX8900
Donji Podgradci BKXX8901
Donji Podivic BKXX8902
Donji Podlipci BKXX1771
Donji Podovi BKXX1772
Donji Podvinjci BKXX1773
Donji Poklecani BKXX1774
Donji Polog BKXX1775
Donji Poloj BKXX8903
Donji Ponir BKXX8904
Donji Poplat BKXX1776
Donji Popovac BKXX8905
Donji Popovici BKXX8906
Donji Poratak BKXX8907
Donji Potok BKXX8908
Donji Potpec BKXX1777
Donji Predrazici BKXX1778
Donji Pribanj BKXX8909
Donji Priboj BKXX8910
Donji Prijeslop BKXX1780
Donji Proboj BKXX1781
Donji Pucari BKXX8911
Donji Purici BKXX1782
Donji Rahic BKXX0190
Donji Rakani BKXX8912
Donji Rakovac BKXX1783
Donji Ramici BKXX1784
Donji Rankovic BKXX8913
Donji Rasinevac BKXX1785
Donji Rasljani BKXX1786
Donji Rastovac BKXX8914
Donji Ravanci BKXX8915
Donji Ravni BKXX8916
Donji Ribljak BKXX1787
Donji Ribnik BKXX0080
Donji Rujani BKXX1788
Donji Ruzevic BKXX8917
Donji Ruzici BKXX1789
Donji Savici BKXX8918
Donji Senkovici BKXX8919
Donji Sikiric BKXX8920
Donji Skakovi BKXX1790
Donji Skugric BKXX8921
Donji Smrtici BKXX8922
Donji Srebrenik BKXX1791
Donji Stevandici BKXX1793
Donji Strpci BKXX8924
Donji Stupari BKXX8925
Donji Sumatac BKXX1794
Donji Svilaj BKXX8926
Donji Ticici BKXX1795
Donji Trnjani BKXX8927
Donji Trnovac BKXX8928
Donji Turani BKXX8929
Donji Turjak BKXX8930
Donji Tvrdosi BKXX8931
Donji Ulisnjak BKXX1796
Donji Vakuf BKXX0015
Donji Vijacani BKXX8933
Donji Visnjani BKXX1797
Donji Vitkovci BKXX8934
Donji Vlajici BKXX8935
Donji Vlasani BKXX1798
Donji Vlasnici BKXX1799
Donji Vojici BKXX1800
Donji Volar BKXX8936
Donji Volari BKXX8937
Donji Vracari BKXX8938
Donji Vranjak BKXX8939
Donji Vranjevici BKXX1801
Donji Vrbljani BKXX8940
Donji Vrljaj BKXX1802
Donji Vucjak BKXX8941
Donji Vukodol BKXX1803
Donji Vukosavci BKXX8942
Donji Zabar BKXX8943
Donji Zalukovik BKXX8944
Donji Zavodac BKXX1804
Donji Zegar BKXX1805
Donji Zlopoljac BKXX1807
Donji Zlovarici BKXX8946
Donji Zovik BKXX1808
Donji Zrvanj BKXX8947
Donjici BKXX1809
Donlagici BKXX8948
Dordani BKXX8949
Doribaba BKXX1810
Dorici BKXX8950
Dorici BKXX1811
Dosansko Brdo BKXX8952
Dosci BKXX1812
Doscica BKXX1813
Dosen BKXX8953
Doseni BKXX1814
Doseni BKXX8954
Dosenovici BKXX1815
Dosenovici BKXX8955
Dosici BKXX8956
Doslici BKXX8957
Doslovi BKXX8958
Dostanici BKXX8959
Dotlici BKXX8960
Dovici BKXX8961
Dovlici BKXX8962
Draca BKXX8963
Dracanica BKXX8964
Drace BKXX1816
Drace BKXX8965
Dracevice BKXX1817
Dracevo BKXX1818
Dracevo BKXX8966
Dracici BKXX1819
Drafnici BKXX1820
Draga BKXX1821
Dragacici BKXX1822
Dragaljici BKXX8970
Dragalovci BKXX8971
Dragan BKXX8972
Dragan Selo BKXX1823
Draganici BKXX8973
Draganja BKXX1824
Draganovac BKXX8974
Draganovci BKXX1825
Draganovici BKXX1826
Dragasevac BKXX8975
Dragasi BKXX8976
Dragelji BKXX8977
Dragicevici BKXX8978
Dragici BKXX1827
Dragici BKXX8979
Dragicina BKXX1828
Draginic Podovi BKXX8980
Draginovici BKXX1829
Dragisici BKXX8981
Dragisici BKXX1830
Dragljevo BKXX8982
Dragnic Podovi BKXX8983
Dragnjic BKXX1831
Dragocaj BKXX8984
Dragocava BKXX8985
Dragodol BKXX1833
Dragojevici BKXX8986
Dragojlovici BKXX1834
Dragolji BKXX1835
Dragoljici BKXX8987
Dragolos BKXX8988
Dragomilici BKXX1836
Dragomiljici BKXX1837
Dragoradi BKXX1838
Dragoraj BKXX8989
Dragosavljevici BKXX8990
Dragosevici BKXX1839
Dragovac BKXX1840
Dragovici BKXX8991
Dragovici BKXX1841
Dragovilje BKXX1842
Dragulje BKXX8992
Draguljevici BKXX8993
Draguljici BKXX8994
Draguni BKXX1843
Dragunja Donja BKXX1844
Dragunja Gornja BKXX1845
Draicevici BKXX1846
Drajic BKXX1847
Drakolici BKXX1848
Drakovo BKXX1849
Draksenic BKXX8995
Drakulici BKXX8996
Dramesina BKXX8997
Dramisevo BKXX8998
Drapici BKXX8999
Drapnici BKXX1850
Draskic BKXX1851
Draskici BKXX1852
Draskovici BKXX9000
Draskovici BKXX1853
Drazani BKXX9001
Drazevici BKXX1854
Drazevina BKXX9002
Drazevo BKXX9003
Drazici BKXX1855
Drazici BKXX9004
Drazin Do BKXX9005
Drazljevo BKXX9006
Drazmilo BKXX1856
Drazov Dol BKXX1857
Drce BKXX9007
Drece BKXX1858
Drecelj BKXX1859
Drekali BKXX1860
Dren BKXX9008
Drenicani BKXX1861
Drenik BKXX9009
Drenik BKXX1862
Drenjik BKXX9010
Drenov Do BKXX1863
Drenova BKXX0191
Drenova BKXX9011
Drenova Dolina BKXX1864
Drenova Glavica BKXX1865
Drenovac BKXX9012
Drenovac BKXX1866
Drenovaca BKXX1867
Drenovas BKXX9013
Drenovi Do BKXX9014
Drenovica BKXX1868
Drenovik BKXX1869
Drenovljani BKXX9015
Drenovo Tijesno BKXX1870
Dretelj BKXX1871
Drevusa BKXX9016
Dreznica BKXX1872
Dreznice BKXX1873
Dreznik BKXX1874
Dreznjaci BKXX1875
Dreznjak BKXX1876
Drijen BKXX9017
Drijenca BKXX1878
Drijenja BKXX9018
Drijenjak BKXX1879
Drijenjani BKXX9019
Drin BKXX1880
Drina BKXX9020
Drina BKXX1881
Drincici BKXX1882
Drinic BKXX9021
Drinici BKXX9022
Drinjaca BKXX9023
Drinjace BKXX1883
Drinjani BKXX1884
Drinova Meda BKXX1885
Drinovci BKXX1886
Drinsko BKXX9024
Drivusa BKXX1887
Drljace BKXX9025
Drljace BKXX1888
Drljajice BKXX1889
Drljevac BKXX9026
Drljevine BKXX1890
Drljici BKXX9027
Drmica Staje BKXX1891
Drmici BKXX1892
Drmna BKXX9028
Drmnik BKXX9029
Drndela BKXX9030
Drndici BKXX1893
Drndovina BKXX1894
Drobnici BKXX9031
Drobnjaci BKXX1895
Droce BKXX9032
Droce BKXX1896
Drocinje BKXX9033
Drokan BKXX9034
Dronici BKXX9035
Dronjici BKXX1897
Dronjkusa BKXX1898
Dropci BKXX9036
Dropci BKXX1899
Drozgometva BKXX1900
Drpici BKXX9037
Drpin Do BKXX9038
Drugavci BKXX1901
Drugovici BKXX9039
Drugovici BKXX1902
Drugovina BKXX1903
Drum BKXX9040
Drum BKXX1904
Drumine BKXX9041
Druzanovici BKXX1905
Druzinovici BKXX1906
Drvar BKXX0082
Drvar Selo BKXX1907
Drvenica BKXX9042
Drvenice BKXX9043
Drvetine BKXX1908
Drvnjak BKXX9044
Dub BKXX1909
Dub BKXX9045
Dubac BKXX9046
Dubackic BKXX9047
Dubacko BKXX9048
Dubaj BKXX1910
Dube BKXX9049
Dubica BKXX9050
Dubica BKXX1911
Dubicka Brda BKXX0083
Dubljani BKXX9051
Dublje BKXX1912
Dublje BKXX9052
Dubljevici BKXX9053
Dubnica BKXX1913
Dubnica BKXX9054
Dubnicka Cuprija BKXX9055
Dubo BKXX1914
Dubocani BKXX9056
Dubocani BKXX1915
Dubocanin BKXX9057
Dubocica BKXX9058
Duboki Do BKXX9059
Duboki Palez BKXX1916
Duboki Potok BKXX1917
Duboko BKXX1918
Duboko Mokro BKXX1919
Dubokovac BKXX9060
Dubokovici BKXX9061
Dubostica BKXX1920
Dubovac BKXX1921
Dubovi BKXX9062
Dubovica BKXX1923
Dubovik BKXX9063
Dubovo BKXX1924
Dubovo Brdo BKXX1925
Dubovsko BKXX1926
Dubrani BKXX1927
Dubrava BKXX9064
Dubrava BKXX1928
Dubrava Nova BKXX9065
Dubrava Stara BKXX9066
Dubravcevine BKXX1929
Dubrave BKXX1930
Dubrave BKXX9067
Dubrave Donje BKXX0016
Dubrave Gornje BKXX0017
Dubravica BKXX1931
Dubravice BKXX9068
Dubravice Donje BKXX1932
Dubravice Gornje BKXX1933
Ducarici BKXX9069
Ducci BKXX1934
Duceli BKXX9070
Duceni BKXX9071
Ducice BKXX9072
Ducici BKXX1935
Ducici BKXX9073
Ducjevci BKXX1936
Dudici BKXX9074
Dudin Do BKXX1937
Dudle BKXX1938
Dudovine BKXX1939
Duga Luka BKXX9075
Duga Njiva BKXX9076
Duga Njiva BKXX1940
Dugandzici BKXX1941
Dugandzije BKXX1942
Duganovici BKXX9078
Duge BKXX1943
Duge Jelahe BKXX1944
Duge Njive BKXX9079
Duge Njive BKXX1945
Dugi Dio BKXX9080
Dugi Do BKXX9081
Dugi Do BKXX1946
Dugi Gaj BKXX9082
Duginje BKXX1947
Dugo Brdo BKXX1948
Dugo Polje BKXX9083
Dugo Polje BKXX1949
Dugolaz BKXX1950
Dugolazi BKXX1951
Dugonje BKXX1952
Dugonje BKXX9084
Dugovjec BKXX9085
Duhace BKXX1953
Duhri BKXX1954
Dujakovci BKXX9086
Dujakovici BKXX9087
Dujici BKXX1955
Dujici BKXX9088
Dujmovici BKXX1956
Dukalici BKXX9089
Dukanovici BKXX9090
Dukanovici BKXX1957
Dukanovina BKXX1958
Dukarici BKXX9091
Dukat BKXX1959
Dukatovici BKXX9092
Dukclici BKXX1960
Duke BKXX1961
Dukica Dolina BKXX9093
Dukica Kuce BKXX9094
Dukica Mahala BKXX9095
Dukica Vila BKXX9096
Dukici BKXX1962
Dukici BKXX9097
Dulabici BKXX1963
Dulaci BKXX9098
Dulbasici BKXX1964
Duliba BKXX1965
Dulicani BKXX1966
Dulici BKXX9099
Dulin Brijeg BKXX9100
Duljci BKXX9101
Duljevac BKXX9102
Dulovic BKXX9103
Dulovici BKXX1968
Dulum BKXX9104
Dumanjici BKXX9105
Dumasevic BKXX9106
Dumezlije BKXX9107
Dumici BKXX9108
Dunci BKXX9109
Dunder BKXX1970
Dunderi BKXX9110
Dunderi BKXX1971
Dundici BKXX9111
Dundici BKXX1972
Dunica Selo BKXX1973
Dunici BKXX9112
Dunja BKXX9113
Dunjaci BKXX9114
Dunjice BKXX9115
Dunojevici BKXX1974
Dunovici BKXX1975
Dupcici BKXX1976
Dupojevici BKXX9116
Dupovci BKXX1977
Durac BKXX1978
Duracci BKXX9117
Duragici BKXX1979
Durakovici BKXX1980
Durakovici BKXX9118
Durani BKXX1981
Duranovica Brdo BKXX9119
Duranovici BKXX1982
Durasevici BKXX9121
Durasi BKXX9122
Durasinovici BKXX9123
Duratbegov Dolac BKXX1983
Duratovci BKXX9124
Duratovici BKXX1984
Durdev Do BKXX9125
Durdevac BKXX9126
Durdevica BKXX9127
Durdevici BKXX1985
Durdevici BKXX9128
Durdevik BKXX1986
Durdici BKXX1987
Durdusa BKXX1988
Durdzici BKXX1989
Durejine BKXX1990
Durelici BKXX1991
Durendici BKXX9129
Durevici BKXX9130
Durevina BKXX9131
Durevine BKXX9132
Durice BKXX9133
Durici BKXX9134
Durici BKXX1992
Duricici BKXX9135
Durinovici BKXX9136
Durkovici BKXX9137
Durkovine BKXX9138
Durme BKXX9139
Durmici BKXX1993
Durmici BKXX9140
Durmisevici BKXX1994
Duronici BKXX9141
Durova BKXX9142
Durusovina BKXX1995
Durutovici BKXX9143
Dusa BKXX1996
Dusanici BKXX9144
Dusce BKXX9145
Dusevine BKXX1997
Dusica BKXX1998
Dusina BKXX1999
Duspare BKXX2000
Duspare BKXX9146
Dutina BKXX9147
Duvarina BKXX9148
Duvelika BKXX2001
Duvnjaci BKXX2002
Duvnjaci BKXX9149
Duzani BKXX2003
Duzd BKXX2004
Duzi BKXX9150
Duzi BKXX2005
Duzica BKXX9151
Duzica BKXX2006
Duzice BKXX2007
Dvizovici BKXX9152
Dvogrla BKXX9153
Dvor BKXX2008
Dvorani BKXX9154
Dvorina BKXX9155
Dvorine BKXX9156
Dvorista BKXX2009
Dvoriste BKXX9158
Dvorovi BKXX9159
Dvrsnica BKXX2010
Dzaferagici BKXX2011
Dzaferbegov Gaj BKXX2012
Dzafici BKXX2013
Dzafovici BKXX9160
Dzaici BKXX9161
Dzajici BKXX9162
Dzakici BKXX2014
Dzakici BKXX9163
Dzakule BKXX2015
Dzakulici BKXX2016
Dzambica Brdo BKXX9165
Dzanani BKXX2017
Dzanici BKXX2018
Dzankici BKXX9166
Dzebari BKXX2019
Dzebe BKXX2020
Dzebici BKXX2021
Dzeferi BKXX2022
Dzelikani BKXX2023
Dzelilovici BKXX9167
Dzemat BKXX9168
Dzemat BKXX2024
Dzenadije BKXX9169
Dzenopoljci BKXX9170
Dzepi BKXX2025
Dzepine BKXX2026
Dzerici BKXX9171
Dzerzovo BKXX2027
Dzevar BKXX2028
Dzevlani BKXX2029
Dzigalevac BKXX9172
Dzigerice BKXX9173
Dzigure BKXX2030
Dzihanici BKXX2031
Dzikici BKXX9175
Dzimilic Planje BKXX2032
Dzimrije BKXX9176
Dzindici BKXX2034
Dzindici BKXX9177
Dzine BKXX2035
Dzinkici BKXX9178
Dzinov Do BKXX9179
Dzinova Mahala BKXX9180
Dzinovici BKXX2036
Dzinovina BKXX9181
Dzivraci BKXX2037
Dzize BKXX2038
Dzizici BKXX2039
Dzombe BKXX9182
Dzuburi BKXX9183
Dzuderije BKXX2040
Dzudzolije BKXX2041
Dzuha BKXX9184
Dzulovici BKXX2042
Dzumici BKXX2043
Ebibovina BKXX9185
Ecimi BKXX9186
Ede BKXX9187
Ekici BKXX9188
Elez BKXX9189
Elezagici BKXX9190
Elezovaca BKXX9191
Elezovici BKXX2044
Elezovina BKXX2045
Elibuse BKXX2046
Elkasova Rijeka BKXX2047
Elkasovici BKXX2048
Elpezi BKXX2049
Emerovica BKXX2050
Eminici BKXX2051
Eminovo Selo BKXX2052
Emrici BKXX2053
Endek BKXX9192
Endek BKXX0192
Eraci BKXX9193
Erakovici BKXX9194
Ercezi BKXX9195
Ereizi BKXX9196
Eremije BKXX9197
Eresi BKXX9198
Ergela Vucijak BKXX9199
Erici BKXX9200
Erici BKXX2054
Erkici BKXX2055
Ervenica BKXX2056
Eskici BKXX9201
Ezgete BKXX2057
Fajtovci BKXX2058
Fakici BKXX2059
Fakovici BKXX9202
Falanovo Brdo BKXX2060
Falesici BKXX2061
Faletici BKXX2062
Falicici BKXX9203
Falisi BKXX9204
Faljenovici BKXX9205
Falovici BKXX9206
Faocici BKXX2063
Fatici BKXX9207
Fatici BKXX2064
Fatnica BKXX9208
Fazlici BKXX2065
Fazlovina BKXX9209
Fejzici BKXX2066
Ferhatlije BKXX2067
Ferhatovac BKXX2068
Ferizovici BKXX9210
Ferizovici BKXX2069
Festici BKXX2070
Fetici BKXX2071
Filipici BKXX9211
Filipovic BKXX9212
Filipovici BKXX2072
Filipovici BKXX9213
Fimici BKXX9214
Foca BKXX0086
Focaci BKXX2073
Fodolovici BKXX9215
Fojhar BKXX9216
Fojnica BKXX2074
Fojnica BKXX9217
Fonjge BKXX2075
Forici BKXX9218
Franica Sor BKXX9219
Franici BKXX2076
Franjici BKXX2077
Frgaj BKXX2078
Frici BKXX9220
Frijci BKXX2079
Frkati BKXX2080
Fulani BKXX2081
Furde BKXX9221
Furtule BKXX9222
Gabela BKXX2082
Gabela BKXX0193
Gabelici BKXX2083
Gabelje BKXX9223
Gacani BKXX9224
Gacesa BKXX9225
Gacevci BKXX2084
Gacica BKXX9226
Gacice BKXX2085
Gacici BKXX9227
Gacinici BKXX9228
Gacko BKXX9229
Gadina Mahala BKXX2086
Gadze BKXX2087
Gadzici BKXX9230
Gadzuni BKXX2088
Gagovici BKXX9231
Gagri BKXX2089
Gagrice BKXX2090
Gagrice BKXX9232
Gaic BKXX2091
Gaici BKXX9233
Gaj BKXX2092
Gaj BKXX9234
Gaj Berica BKXX2093
Gaja BKXX9235
Gajani BKXX9236
Gajanovici BKXX2094
Gajanovici BKXX9237
Gajcani BKXX9238
Gajevi BKXX2095
Gajevi BKXX9239
Gajic BKXX9240
Gajici BKXX0194
Gajici BKXX9241
Gajici BKXX2096
Gajine BKXX9242
Gakovac BKXX9243
Gakovi BKXX9244
Gakovici BKXX9245
Galac BKXX2099
Galamici BKXX9246
Galamici BKXX2100
Galasici BKXX2101
Gale BKXX2102
Galecic BKXX2103
Galecnica BKXX2104
Galesici BKXX2105
Galesin Dolac BKXX2106
Galesine BKXX9247
Galica Mala BKXX2107
Galici BKXX9248
Galici BKXX2108
Galicici BKXX9249
Galicija BKXX9250
Galijasevici BKXX2109
Galini BKXX2110
Galjeva Njiva BKXX9251
Galjevo BKXX2111
Galjipovci BKXX9252
Galjske Stanine BKXX2112
Galovac BKXX2113
Galusici BKXX2114
Ganici BKXX2115
Ganinci BKXX9254
Ganje BKXX9255
Gaocici BKXX9256
Gapici BKXX9257
Garac BKXX2117
Garacici BKXX2118
Garce BKXX9258
Gare BKXX2119
Gareva BKXX9259
Garevac BKXX9260
Garevci BKXX2120
Garevica BKXX9261
Garez BKXX9262
Garez BKXX2121
Garezi BKXX2122
Garibi BKXX9263
Garici BKXX9264
Garici BKXX2123
Garista BKXX2124
Garista BKXX9265
Garoscina BKXX2125
Garovci BKXX2126
Gase BKXX9266
Gase BKXX2127
Gasevici BKXX9267
Gasici BKXX9268
Gasnica BKXX9269
Gaspari BKXX9270
Gata Ilidza BKXX2128
Gatarici BKXX9271
Gavran BKXX2129
Gavran Mahala BKXX2130
Gavrani BKXX9272
Gavrani BKXX2131
Gavranici BKXX9273
Gavranici BKXX2132
Gavranovac BKXX9274
Gavranovici BKXX2133
Gavranovici BKXX9275
Gavric BKXX2134
Gavrici BKXX9276
Gavrici BKXX2135
Gavrilovici BKXX9277
Gavrilovici BKXX0195
Gazibare BKXX9278
Gazibarici BKXX9279
Gazica Dolina BKXX9280
Gazici BKXX2136
Gazije BKXX9281
Gazilji BKXX2137
Gazivode BKXX9282
Gazovi BKXX9283
Gecet BKXX2138
Gegici BKXX9284
Gele BKXX2139
Gelici BKXX9285
Genge BKXX2140
Gerovi BKXX9286
Gerusa BKXX9287
Gerzovo BKXX9288
Gibace BKXX9289
Gibe BKXX2141
Gibe BKXX9290
Gig BKXX9291
Gigici BKXX9292
Gigovici BKXX9293
Ginje BKXX2142
Glacani BKXX9294
Gladanovici BKXX9295
Gladnik BKXX2143
Gladno Brdo BKXX2144
Gladno Polje BKXX2145
Gladojevici BKXX2146
Gladovici BKXX9296
Gladovici BKXX2147
Glamac BKXX2148
Glamoc BKXX0087
Glamocani BKXX9297
Glamocani BKXX2149
Glamocevica BKXX9298
Glamocevici BKXX9299
Glamocici BKXX9300
Glasinac BKXX9301
Glasincani BKXX2150
Glavas BKXX2151
Glavasi BKXX9302
Glavasi BKXX2152
Glavaticevo BKXX2153
Glavencic BKXX2154
Glavica BKXX9303
Glavica BKXX2155
Glavice BKXX9304
Glavice BKXX2156
Glavici BKXX9305
Glavicica BKXX2157
Glavicice BKXX9306
Glavicno BKXX2158
Glavicor BKXX9307
Glavicorak BKXX9308
Glavinac BKXX9309
Glavinici BKXX2159
Glavinici BKXX9310
Glavinove Kuce BKXX2160
Glavnici BKXX2161
Glavogodina BKXX2162
Gledevci BKXX9311
Gledinovac BKXX9312
Glendzici BKXX9313
Glibaja BKXX2163
Glibe BKXX2164
Glibine BKXX9314
Gligici BKXX9315
Gligorici BKXX9316
Gligorovici BKXX0196
Gligorovici BKXX9317
Glimoc BKXX2165
Glinica BKXX2166
Glinje BKXX9318
Glisici BKXX2167
Glisici BKXX9319
Globarica BKXX2168
Glodi BKXX9320
Glodina BKXX2169
Glodnica BKXX2170
Glog BKXX9321
Glog BKXX2171
Gloginja BKXX2172
Gloginjici BKXX9322
Glogosnica BKXX2173
Glogova BKXX9323
Glogovac BKXX2174
Glogovac BKXX9324
Glogovci BKXX9325
Glogovcic BKXX9326
Glogovica BKXX9327
Glozici BKXX9328
Glozik BKXX9329
Glozin BKXX9330
Gluha Bukovica BKXX2175
Gluhakovac BKXX0197
Gluhe BKXX2176
Gluhovici BKXX9331
Gluhovina BKXX9332
Glumci BKXX2177
Glumina BKXX9333
Glumina BKXX2178
Glusac BKXX9334
Glusca BKXX9335
Glusca BKXX2179
Gluscevine BKXX2180
Glusci BKXX9336
Glusci BKXX2181
Gluscici BKXX9337
Gluvaca BKXX2182
Gluvici BKXX9338
Gluvuse BKXX2183
Gmajne BKXX2184
Gmici BKXX2185
Gniona BKXX9339
Gnionica BKXX9340
Gnjat BKXX2186
Gnjece BKXX2187
Gnjezdac BKXX2188
Gnjica BKXX9341
Gnjila BKXX2189
Gnjile BKXX9342
Gnjilica BKXX9343
Gnjilica BKXX2190
Gnjilista BKXX2191
Gnjilovac BKXX2192
Gnojnica BKXX2193
Gnojnice BKXX2194
Gnusi BKXX2195
Gobelja BKXX2196
Gobelje BKXX9344
Gobeljice BKXX9345
Gobelovina BKXX2197
Gocela BKXX2198
Gocici BKXX9346
Godenje BKXX9347
Godevici BKXX9348
Godijeno BKXX9349
Godijevica BKXX9350
Godinja BKXX2199
Godnjici BKXX2200
Godus BKXX2201
Godusa BKXX2202
Gogici BKXX9351
Gojakovac BKXX2203
Gojakovac BKXX9352
Gojakovici BKXX2204
Gojanovici BKXX2205
Gojava BKXX9353
Gojcevici BKXX9354
Gojcin BKXX2206
Gojevici BKXX9355
Gojevici BKXX2207
Gojici BKXX9356
Gojkovici BKXX2208
Gojkovici BKXX9357
Gojkuse BKXX9358
Gojlovici BKXX9359
Gojsalici BKXX2209
Gojsina BKXX9360
Gojsovac BKXX9361
Gojtanovici BKXX9362
Gola Brda BKXX9363
Gola Glavica BKXX9364
Gola Kosa BKXX2210
Golaci BKXX2211
Golemac BKXX2212
Golemci BKXX2213
Goles BKXX2214
Goletica BKXX2215
Goletici BKXX2216
Golici BKXX9365
Golici BKXX2217
Golicusa BKXX2218
Golijani BKXX2219
Golije BKXX9366
Golinjevo BKXX2220
Golisan BKXX2221
Golisanovici BKXX2222
Golo Brdo BKXX2223
Golobrade BKXX9368
Golobrde BKXX9369
Gologlavica BKXX2224
Gologlovo BKXX2225
Golomovci BKXX9370
Golosi BKXX2226
Golovici BKXX9371
Golubac BKXX9372
Golubic BKXX2227
Golubici BKXX9373
Golubinac BKXX2228
Golubinja BKXX2229
Golubinka BKXX2230
Golubovac BKXX9374
Golubovici BKXX9375
Goluze BKXX2232
Gomile BKXX9376
Gomiljani BKXX9377
Gomionica BKXX2233
Gomjenica BKXX9378
Gomnisani BKXX9379
Goncini BKXX9380
Gora BKXX2234
Goran BKXX2235
Gorana BKXX2236
Goranci BKXX2237
Gorani BKXX9381
Gorani BKXX2238
Goranina BKXX2239
Goransko Polje BKXX2240
Goravci BKXX2241
Gorazde BKXX0088
Gorcani BKXX9382
Gorica BKXX2242
Gorice BKXX2243
Gorice BKXX0198
Gorice BKXX9384
Gorickici BKXX2244
Gorinj BKXX2245
Gorinja BKXX2246
Gorjevac BKXX2247
Gornja Bara BKXX9385
Gornja Barska BKXX2248
Gornja Bijenja BKXX9386
Gornja Bioca BKXX2249
Gornja Bisnja BKXX9387
Gornja Bitunja BKXX9388
Gornja Blatna BKXX9389
Gornja Blizna BKXX2251
Gornja Bobovista BKXX2252
Gornja Bodezista BKXX9390
Gornja Borina BKXX2253
Gornja Borovica BKXX2254
Gornja Bradina BKXX2255
Gornja Brana BKXX9391
Gornja Brda BKXX2256
Gornja Brda BKXX9392
Gornja Breza BKXX2257
Gornja Britvica BKXX2258
Gornja Brstanica BKXX9393
Gornja Brusnica BKXX9394
Gornja Bucik BKXX2259
Gornja Bukovica BKXX2260
Gornja Bukovica BKXX9395
Gornja Bukvica BKXX2261
Gornja Cagosta BKXX9396
Gornja Catrnja BKXX9397
Gornja Cemernica BKXX2262
Gornja Cerovica BKXX9398
Gornja Crkvina BKXX9399
Gornja Distica BKXX2263
Gornja Dobosnica BKXX2264
Gornja Dola BKXX9400
Gornja Dolina BKXX9401
Gornja Drenova BKXX9403
Gornja Dreznica BKXX2265
Gornja Dubica BKXX9404
Gornja Duboka BKXX2266
Gornja Duboka BKXX9405
Gornja Foca BKXX9406
Gornja Gata BKXX2267
Gornja Glibaja BKXX2268
Gornja Golubinja BKXX2270
Gornja Gorica BKXX2271
Gornja Gosovica BKXX2272
Gornja Grabanta BKXX2273
Gornja Grabovica BKXX2274
Gornja Gradina BKXX9407
Gornja Gradina BKXX2275
Gornja Grbavica BKXX0199
Gornja Ilova BKXX9408
Gornja Ivica BKXX9409
Gornja Jablanica BKXX9410
Gornja Jasenica BKXX2276
Gornja Jehovina BKXX2277
Gornja Josanica BKXX9411
Gornja Josanica BKXX2278
Gornja Jurkovica BKXX9412
Gornja Kamenica BKXX2279
Gornja Kamenica BKXX9414
Gornja Kapavica BKXX9415
Gornja Kladusa BKXX9416
Gornja Kocela BKXX9417
Gornja Kokorina BKXX9418
Gornja Kola BKXX9419
Gornja Komarica BKXX9420
Gornja Koprivna BKXX2280
Gornja Kotlina BKXX2282
Gornja Kozica BKXX2283
Gornja Krcina BKXX9421
Gornja Lanista BKXX0200
Gornja Lastva BKXX9422
Gornja Lepenica BKXX9423
Gornja Lijeska BKXX9424
Gornja Lipovaca BKXX9425
Gornja Ljeljenca BKXX9426
Gornja Ljubuca BKXX2284
Gornja Ljusina BKXX2285
Gornja Lohinja BKXX2286
Gornja Lovnica BKXX2287
Gornja Lucka BKXX2288
Gornja Luka BKXX9429
Gornja Lukavica BKXX2289
Gornja Lupnica BKXX2290
Gornja Mahala BKXX9431
Gornja Mahala BKXX2291
Gornja Mahala BKXX0201
Gornja Mala BKXX2292
Gornja Mala BKXX9432
Gornja Matina BKXX2293
Gornja Mededa BKXX9433
Gornja Medida BKXX2294
Gornja Mionica BKXX2295
Gornja Misoca BKXX2296
Gornja Mocila BKXX9435
Gornja Mravica BKXX9436
Gornja Mravljaca BKXX2297
Gornja Obrijez BKXX9437
Gornja Omanjska BKXX2298
Gornja Orahova BKXX9438
Gornja Orahovica BKXX2299
Gornja Orlica BKXX9439
Gornja Ozimica BKXX2300
Gornja Paklenica BKXX9440
Gornja Palanka BKXX9441
Gornja Pecka BKXX9442
Gornja Pilica BKXX9443
Gornja Podgorija BKXX9444
Gornja Podkozara BKXX9445
Gornja Praca BKXX9446
Gornja Prekaja BKXX2302
Gornja Previja BKXX9447
Gornja Rabina BKXX9448
Gornja Radnja BKXX9449
Gornja Radusa BKXX2304
Gornja Rajska BKXX9450
Gornja Rakovica BKXX9451
Gornja Rastelica BKXX2305
Gornja Ravan BKXX9452
Gornja Ravska BKXX9453
Gornja Ricica BKXX2306
Gornja Rijeka BKXX9454
Gornja Rovna BKXX2307
Gornja Seoca BKXX2308
Gornja Sibenica BKXX2309
Gornja Sisava BKXX2310
Gornja Slabinja BKXX9455
Gornja Slapnica BKXX2311
Gornja Slatina BKXX9456
Gornja Slatina BKXX2312
Gornja Smrsnica BKXX2313
Gornja Spreca BKXX2314
Gornja Strmica BKXX9457
Gornja Suvaja BKXX2315
Gornja Taleza BKXX9459
Gornja Topola BKXX9460
Gornja Tramosnja BKXX9461
Gornja Trebeusa BKXX2317
Gornja Trebimlja BKXX2318
Gornja Trnova BKXX9462
Gornja Trnovica BKXX9463
Gornja Tuzla BKXX2320
Gornja Uvala BKXX9464
Gornja Vardusa BKXX9465
Gornja Veceriska BKXX2321
Gornja Vidovska BKXX2322
Gornja Vijaka BKXX2323
Gornja Vilenjaca BKXX2324
Gornja Vinca BKXX9466
Gornja Visca BKXX2325
Gornja Visnjica BKXX2326
Gornja Vodenica BKXX2327
Gornja Vraca BKXX2328
Gornja Vratnica BKXX2330
Gornja Vrsta BKXX2331
Gornja Vrucica BKXX9468
Gornja Zimca BKXX2332
Gornjani BKXX9469
Gornje Babine BKXX9470
Gornje Baljci BKXX9471
Gornje Baljvine BKXX9472
Gornje Balte BKXX9473
Gornje Bare BKXX2334
Gornje Barice BKXX9474
Gornje Biosko BKXX9475
Gornje Boce BKXX2335
Gornje Bodiroze BKXX9476
Gornje Bratinje BKXX2336
Gornje Brdo BKXX9477
Gornje Brestice BKXX9478
Gornje Brezje BKXX2337
Gornje Caparde BKXX9479
Gornje Celinje BKXX2338
Gornje Cicevo BKXX9480
Gornje Cikote BKXX9481
Gornje Crnjevo BKXX2339
Gornje Devanje BKXX9482
Gornje Dole BKXX2340
Gornje Dracevo BKXX2341
Gornje Dragajice BKXX2342
Gornje Drzanlije BKXX2343
Gornje Dubovo BKXX9483
Gornje Ducipolje BKXX9484
Gornje Dzimrije BKXX9485
Gornje Gagrice BKXX9486
Gornje Gire BKXX9487
Gornje Gnojnice BKXX2344
Gornje Godomilje BKXX9488
Gornje Groblje BKXX9490
Gornje Gube BKXX9491
Gornje Guste BKXX2345
Gornje Hrasno BKXX2346
Gornje Ilino BKXX2347
Gornje Jaze BKXX2348
Gornje Kolijevke BKXX2349
Gornje Kosjerovo BKXX9492
Gornje Kozice BKXX2350
Gornje Krcevine BKXX2351
Gornje Krecane BKXX9493
Gornje Krusevo BKXX2352
Gornje Kukavice BKXX9494
Gornje Ledenice BKXX2353
Gornje Lijesce BKXX9495
Gornje Lipe BKXX9496
Gornje Liplje BKXX9497
Gornje Lipovice BKXX9498
Gornje Lohovo BKXX2354
Gornje Luko BKXX2355
Gornje Luzije BKXX9499
Gornje Meduse BKXX9500
Gornje Micivode BKXX9501
Gornje Mile BKXX2356
Gornje Mladice BKXX9502
Gornje Mostre BKXX2357
Gornje Muzdake BKXX9503
Gornje Njive BKXX2358
Gornje Ocevlje BKXX2359
Gornje Ocrkavlje BKXX2360
Gornje Opine BKXX2361
Gornje Orahovo BKXX9504
Gornje Osovo BKXX9505
Gornje Otoke BKXX9506
Gornje Pale BKXX9507
Gornje Paprasko BKXX2362
Gornje Papratno BKXX9508
Gornje Pecine BKXX2363
Gornje Peulje BKXX2364
Gornje Plane BKXX9509
Gornje Planje BKXX9510
Gornje Pluzine BKXX9511
Gornje Podnovlje BKXX9512
Gornje Polje BKXX2365
Gornje Polje BKXX9514
Gornje Ponihovo BKXX2366
Gornje Ponikve BKXX9515
Gornje Presnace BKXX9516
Gornje Prhovo BKXX2367
Gornje Ratkovo BKXX9517
Gornje Ravnice BKXX9518
Gornje Ravno BKXX2368
Gornje Runje BKXX2369
Gornje Selo BKXX9519
Gornje Selo BKXX2370
Gornje Sikulje BKXX2371
Gornje Sinjevo BKXX9520
Gornje Siprage BKXX9521
Gornje Sirovine BKXX9522
Gornje Sokolovo BKXX9523
Gornje Sreflije BKXX9524
Gornje Stitarevo BKXX9525
Gornje Tinje BKXX2373
Gornje Ulinje BKXX9527
Gornje Urije BKXX9528
Gornje Vodicevo BKXX9529
Gornje Vrbno BKXX9530
Gornje Vrsinje BKXX9531
Gornje Vukovsko BKXX2375
Gornje Zedanjsko BKXX9532
Gornje Zesce BKXX2376
Gornje Zezelovo BKXX2377
Gornje Zijemlje BKXX2378
Gornje Zivinice BKXX0018
Gornji Agici BKXX9533
Gornji Azapovici BKXX2379
Gornji Babinac BKXX9534
Gornji Bacici BKXX9535
Gornji Bahori BKXX9536
Gornji Bakici BKXX2380
Gornji Balici BKXX2381
Gornji Balvani BKXX9537
Gornji Banjevac BKXX2382
Gornji Baraci BKXX9538
Gornji Begici BKXX2383
Gornji Begici BKXX9539
Gornji Beleni BKXX9540
Gornji Berici BKXX9541
Gornji Bespelj BKXX2384
Gornji Bistrani BKXX2385
Gornji Boljanici BKXX9542
Gornji Bosnjaci BKXX2387
Gornji Botun BKXX2388
Gornji Bozici BKXX2389
Gornji Bozinci BKXX9543
Gornji Brdari BKXX2390
Gornji Brezici BKXX9544
Gornji Brezik BKXX9545
Gornji Brigovi BKXX2391
Gornji Brisnik BKXX2392
Gornji Brstanik BKXX9547
Gornji Bucici BKXX2393
Gornji Budanj BKXX9548
Gornji Bukovci BKXX2394
Gornji Bukvik BKXX9549
Gornji Burum BKXX9550
Gornji Busevic BKXX2395
Gornji Busevic BKXX9551
Gornji Cajdras BKXX2396
Gornji Cakari BKXX9552
Gornji Cazanj BKXX2397
Gornji Cekanici BKXX2398
Gornji Cemberi BKXX2399
Gornji Coralici BKXX9553
Gornji Crnac BKXX2401
Gornji Crnogorci BKXX2402
Gornji Cuklici BKXX9554
Gornji Desetnik BKXX2403
Gornji Detlak BKXX9556
Gornji Doborovci BKXX2404
Gornji Dobrinj BKXX2405
Gornji Dolac BKXX2406
Gornji Dragnic BKXX9558
Gornji Drecelj BKXX2407
Gornji Drezanj BKXX9559
Gornji Drinici BKXX9560
Gornji Dub BKXX9561
Gornji Dubovik BKXX9562
Gornji Dukici BKXX9563
Gornji Dzeveri BKXX9564
Gornji Forici BKXX9565
Gornji Gajevi BKXX2408
Gornji Galici BKXX2409
Gornji Garevci BKXX9567
Gornji Gligici BKXX2410
Gornji Godevici BKXX9568
Gornji Golubic BKXX2411
Gornji Grab BKXX2412
Gornji Graci BKXX9569
Gornji Gradac BKXX2413
Gornji Gurdici BKXX2414
Gornji Hadrovci BKXX9570
Gornji Hamzici BKXX2415
Gornji Hasic BKXX9571
Gornji Hercezi BKXX2416
Gornji Hotonj BKXX2417
Gornji Humci BKXX2418
Gornji Igri BKXX9572
Gornji Islamovac BKXX2419
Gornji Ivancici BKXX2420
Gornji Ivetici BKXX2421
Gornji Jaksici BKXX9573
Gornji Jandrici BKXX9575
Gornji Jasenjani BKXX2422
Gornji Jasoc BKXX2423
Gornji Jelovac BKXX9576
Gornji Josavac BKXX2424
Gornji Jugovici BKXX9577
Gornji Jukici BKXX2425
Gornji Kajtezi BKXX2427
Gornji Kamengrad BKXX2428
Gornji Kamicak BKXX2429
Gornji Kazanci BKXX2430
Gornji Klek BKXX2431
Gornji Kocarim BKXX9581
Gornji Koledici BKXX9582
Gornji Kopilovi BKXX9583
Gornji Koricani BKXX9584
Gornji Kotorac BKXX9585
Gornji Kraj BKXX9586
Gornji Kranjcici BKXX2432
Gornji Kukici BKXX9588
Gornji Kuzmani BKXX9589
Gornji Kvrzici BKXX9590
Gornji Ladevci BKXX9591
Gornji Lipik BKXX9592
Gornji Lipnik BKXX2433
Gornji Ljenobud BKXX2434
Gornji Ljeskovac BKXX9593
Gornji Ljubenci BKXX9594
Gornji Lokanj BKXX9595
Gornji Loznik BKXX2435
Gornji Lucani BKXX2436
Gornji Lug BKXX9596
Gornji Lug BKXX2437
Gornji Lukavac BKXX9597
Gornji Lukomir BKXX2439
Gornji Luzani BKXX9598
Gornji Mackovac BKXX9599
Gornji Maglajani BKXX9600
Gornji Malovan BKXX2440
Gornji Mamici BKXX9602
Gornji Mamici BKXX2441
Gornji Martinjci BKXX9604
Gornji Maskalici BKXX9605
Gornji Megdan BKXX2442
Gornji Memici BKXX9606
Gornji Mionici BKXX9607
Gornji Mocioci BKXX2443
Gornji Moranjci BKXX2444
Gornji Mracaj BKXX2445
Gornji Mramor BKXX2446
Gornji Mrkovici BKXX2447
Gornji Mujdzici BKXX9608
Gornji Mujici BKXX2448
Gornji Nahvioci BKXX2450
Gornji Nenadici BKXX2451
Gornji Nezuk BKXX2453
Gornji Novi BKXX9609
Gornji Obodnik BKXX9610
Gornji Obrtici BKXX9611
Gornji Ocaus BKXX9612
Gornji Odzak BKXX2454
Gornji Ogradenik BKXX2455
Gornji Olovci BKXX2456
Gornji Orasac BKXX2457
Gornji Orlovci BKXX9613
Gornji Palez BKXX2458
Gornji Pavkovici BKXX9615
Gornji Peci BKXX9616
Gornji Perisici BKXX9617
Gornji Petkovici BKXX9618
Gornji Petrovici BKXX2459
Gornji Podgradci BKXX9619
Gornji Podivic BKXX9620
Gornji Podlipci BKXX2460
Gornji Podovi BKXX2461
Gornji Polog BKXX2462
Gornji Poloj BKXX9621
Gornji Polom BKXX9622
Gornji Ponir BKXX9623
Gornji Poplat BKXX2463
Gornji Popovac BKXX9624
Gornji Popovici BKXX9625
Gornji Poratak BKXX9626
Gornji Potocari BKXX9627
Gornji Potok BKXX9628
Gornji Potpec BKXX2464
Gornji Prevac BKXX9629
Gornji Pribanj BKXX9630
Gornji Priboj BKXX9631
Gornji Prijeslop BKXX2467
Gornji Proboj BKXX2468
Gornji Pucari BKXX9632
Gornji Purici BKXX2469
Gornji Puskovac BKXX9633
Gornji Rahic BKXX2470
Gornji Rakani BKXX9634
Gornji Rakovac BKXX2471
Gornji Ramici BKXX2472
Gornji Rankovic BKXX9635
Gornji Rasinevac BKXX2473
Gornji Rasljani BKXX2474
Gornji Rastovac BKXX9636
Gornji Ravanci BKXX9637
Gornji Ribljak BKXX2475
Gornji Ribnik BKXX9638
Gornji Rujani BKXX2476
Gornji Ruzevic BKXX9639
Gornji Savici BKXX9640
Gornji Seher BKXX9641
Gornji Senkovici BKXX9642
Gornji Sikiric BKXX9643
Gornji Skakovi BKXX2477
Gornji Skugric BKXX9644
Gornji Smrtici BKXX9645
Gornji Srdevici BKXX9646
Gornji Srebrenik BKXX2478
Gornji Stopici BKXX9648
Gornji Strpci BKXX9649
Gornji Strpci BKXX2481
Gornji Stupari BKXX2482
Gornji Sumatac BKXX2483
Gornji Svilaj BKXX9650
Gornji Tasici BKXX9651
Gornji Teslic BKXX9652
Gornji Ticici BKXX2484
Gornji Tiskovac BKXX2485
Gornji Trnjani BKXX9653
Gornji Trnovac BKXX9654
Gornji Turani BKXX9655
Gornji Turjak BKXX9656
Gornji Tvrdosi BKXX9657
Gornji Ulisnjak BKXX2486
Gornji Vakuf BKXX0090
Gornji Vijacani BKXX9659
Gornji Visnjani BKXX2487
Gornji Visnjik BKXX9660
Gornji Vitkovci BKXX9661
Gornji Vlajici BKXX9662
Gornji Vlasnici BKXX2488
Gornji Vojici BKXX2489
Gornji Volar BKXX9663
Gornji Volari BKXX9664
Gornji Vracari BKXX9665
Gornji Vranjak BKXX9666
Gornji Vrbljani BKXX9667
Gornji Vrljaj BKXX2491
Gornji Vukodol BKXX2492
Gornji Vukosavci BKXX9668
Gornji Zabljak BKXX2493
Gornji Zalukovic BKXX9669
Gornji Zalukovik BKXX9670
Gornji Zegar BKXX2494
Gornji Zenik BKXX2496
Gornji Zlijebac BKXX9672
Gornji Zlopoljac BKXX2497
Gornji Zlovarici BKXX9673
Gornji Zorici BKXX2498
Gornji Zovik BKXX2499
Gornji Zrvanj BKXX9674
Gornjoselci BKXX9675
Gorogase BKXX2500
Goronje BKXX9676
Goropek BKXX9677
Gorovici BKXX9678
Gorsici BKXX2501
Gorusa BKXX2502
Gostelja BKXX9679
Gosticaj BKXX9680
Gostici BKXX2503
Gostici BKXX9681
Gostilij BKXX9682
Gostilj BKXX2504
Gostimirovici BKXX9683
Gostinac BKXX9684
Gostovici BKXX2505
Gostusa BKXX2506
Gotici BKXX2507
Gotovci BKXX9685
Govedarice BKXX9686
Govedovici BKXX2508
Govorci BKXX2509
Govza BKXX9687
Grab BKXX2510
Grab BKXX9688
Grabac BKXX2511
Grabak BKXX2512
Grabantici BKXX2513
Grabarik BKXX9689
Grabasnica BKXX9690
Grabez BKXX2514
Grabez BKXX9691
Grabez Mala BKXX9692
Grabezi BKXX9693
Grabicani BKXX9694
Grabici BKXX9695
Grabici BKXX2516
Grabik BKXX2517
Grabik BKXX9696
Grabik Ilova BKXX9697
Grabljani BKXX9698
Grablje BKXX2518
Grablje BKXX9699
Grabljeva Njiva BKXX2519
Grabov Gaj BKXX2520
Grabova Draga BKXX2521
Grabova Kosa BKXX9700
Grabova Lokva BKXX9701
Grabova Ravan BKXX2522
Grabovac BKXX9702
Grabovac BKXX2523
Grabovaca BKXX9703
Grabovci BKXX2524
Grabovcic BKXX2525
Grabovcici BKXX2526
Grabovi BKXX2527
Grabovi Do BKXX2528
Grabovica BKXX9704
Grabovica BKXX2529
Grabovica Donja BKXX0019
Grabovica Gornja BKXX2530
Grabovice BKXX9705
Grabovice BKXX2531
Grabovik BKXX9707
Grabovik BKXX2532
Grabovina BKXX2533
Grabovnik BKXX2534
Grabovo Vrelo BKXX2535
Grabovska BKXX9708
Gracac BKXX2536
Gracani BKXX9709
Gracani BKXX2537
Gracanica BKXX9710
Gracanica BKXX0020
Gracici BKXX2539
Grad BKXX2540
Gradac BKXX9711
Gradac BKXX2541
Gradacac BKXX0093
Gradanovac BKXX9712
Gradeljina BKXX2542
Gradev Do BKXX9713
Gradina BKXX2543
Gradina BKXX9714
Gradisici BKXX2544
Gradnici BKXX2545
Gradojevici BKXX9715
Gradska BKXX2546
Grahovac BKXX9716
Grahovci BKXX2547
Grahovci BKXX9717
Grahovcici BKXX2548
Grahovici BKXX2549
Grahovik BKXX2550
Grahoviste BKXX2551
Grahovo BKXX2552
Grahovsko Polje BKXX2553
Graiseljici BKXX9718
Graja BKXX2554
Grajani BKXX2555
Grakovi BKXX9719
Gramusovci BKXX9720
Grandici BKXX9721
Granica BKXX9722
Granice BKXX9723
Granice BKXX2556
Granici BKXX2557
Granje BKXX9724
Granule BKXX9725
Graorci BKXX9726
Graovcevo Brdo BKXX2558
Graovci BKXX9727
Graovista BKXX2559
Graovista BKXX9728
Grapska Donja BKXX9729
Grapska Gornja BKXX9730
Gravik BKXX9731
Grbaca BKXX9732
Grbavci BKXX2560
Grbavci BKXX9733
Grbavci Donji BKXX9734
Grbavci Gornji BKXX9735
Grbavica BKXX0202
Grbavica BKXX9736
Grbavice BKXX2561
Grbesi BKXX2562
Grbesi BKXX9737
Grbesici BKXX2563
Grbesina Dolina BKXX2564
Grbici BKXX9738
Grbici BKXX2565
Grborezi BKXX2566
Grcica BKXX0203
Grcici BKXX9739
Grcko Groblje BKXX9740
Grdaca BKXX2567
Grdanovci BKXX2568
Grdevac BKXX2569
Grdijevici BKXX9741
Grdijevici BKXX2570
Grdonj BKXX0021
Grdovo BKXX2571
Grebci BKXX2572
Grebe BKXX9742
Greben BKXX9743
Greben BKXX2573
Grebence BKXX9744
Grebengrad BKXX9745
Grebici BKXX2574
Grebnice BKXX9746
Greda BKXX9747
Greda BKXX2575
Greda Mahala BKXX9748
Grede BKXX9749
Gredica BKXX2576
Gredice BKXX0204
Gredina BKXX2577
Gredine BKXX2578
Gregurica BKXX2579
Grepcani BKXX2580
Grevici BKXX2581
Grgici BKXX2582
Grgici BKXX9750
Grgurici BKXX2583
Gric BKXX9751
Gric BKXX2584
Grijakovici BKXX9752
Grivci BKXX9753
Grivice BKXX2585
Grivici BKXX2586
Grivin BKXX9754
Grivna BKXX2587
Grize BKXX2588
Grizici BKXX2589
Grk BKXX9755
Grkavci BKXX9756
Grkov Do BKXX9757
Grkovac BKXX2590
Grkovci BKXX2591
Grla BKXX2592
Grlac BKXX9758
Grlica BKXX9759
Grlici BKXX2593
Grlici BKXX9760
Grljevici BKXX2594
Grm BKXX2595
Grmasi BKXX9761
Grmcara BKXX9762
Grmljani BKXX9763
Grmusa BKXX2596
Grmuse BKXX9764
Grnecaski Prolog BKXX2597
Grnica BKXX2598
Grobici BKXX2599
Grobljani BKXX9765
Groce BKXX9766
Groce BKXX2600
Gromile BKXX2601
Gromile BKXX9767
Gromilice BKXX2602
Gromilici BKXX2603
Gromiljak BKXX2604
Grosici BKXX2605
Grovnica BKXX2606
Grozdanici BKXX9768
Grozdici BKXX2607
Grtici BKXX2608
Grubaci BKXX9769
Grubacica Do BKXX9770
Grubani BKXX9771
Grubanovici BKXX9772
Grubci BKXX2609
Grubise BKXX2610
Grubisici BKXX9773
Grubisici BKXX2611
Grubljesici BKXX9774
Grubojevici BKXX9775
Grubolaz BKXX2612
Grubori BKXX9776
Grubori BKXX2613
Gruborski Naslon BKXX2614
Grude BKXX2615
Grujici BKXX9777
Grujici BKXX0205
Grujicici BKXX9778
Grujicici BKXX2616
Grusca BKXX2617
Gubavica BKXX9779
Gubavica BKXX2618
Guber BKXX2619
Gubera BKXX9780
Guberas BKXX9781
Gubin BKXX2620
Gubisjeme BKXX2621
Guca Gora BKXX2622
Gucevo BKXX9782
Gudale BKXX2623
Gudalovici BKXX9783
Gudavac BKXX2624
Gudelj BKXX9784
Gudelji BKXX2625
Gudenovaca BKXX2626
Guderevica BKXX2627
Gudinoge BKXX2628
Gudura BKXX9785
Gudure BKXX2629
Gugunovici BKXX9786
Gujanovaca BKXX9787
Gukavac BKXX2630
Gulije BKXX9788
Guljevina BKXX2631
Guljevine BKXX9789
Gumanci BKXX2632
Gumnjani BKXX9790
Gunici BKXX9791
Guniste BKXX2633
Gunjace BKXX2634
Gunjaci BKXX9792
Gunjacici BKXX2635
Gunjakovici BKXX2636
Gunjani BKXX2637
Gunjetin Do BKXX2638
Gunjevci BKXX9793
Gunjevici BKXX2639
Gunjevici BKXX9794
Gunji BKXX2640
Gurbet BKXX9795
Gurbeti BKXX2641
Gurdici BKXX2642
Gusak BKXX9796
Gusci BKXX9797
Gusici BKXX2643
Gusici BKXX9798
Guskarica BKXX2644
Guske BKXX9799
Guskici BKXX9800
Guskin Palez BKXX2645
Guskovici BKXX2646
Guslovi BKXX2647
Gusta Ravan BKXX9801
Gusteri BKXX9802
Gusti Grab BKXX2648
Gusti Teslic BKXX9803
Gustovara BKXX9804
Gutaljev Do BKXX9805
Gutani BKXX2649
Gute BKXX9806
Gutici BKXX0206
Gutici BKXX9807
Gutici BKXX2650
Guvna BKXX2651
Guvninovci BKXX9808
Guvnista BKXX2652
Guvnista BKXX9809
Guvniste BKXX9810
Guzdelji BKXX9811
Guzijani BKXX2653
Guzinovci BKXX2654
Gvere BKXX2655
Gvozd BKXX9812
Gvozdarevo BKXX2657
Gvozdenci BKXX9813
Gvozdeni BKXX2658
Gvozdeni BKXX9814
Gvozdenovici BKXX9815
Gvozdenovici BKXX2659
Gvozno BKXX9816
Habatnica BKXX2660
Habibovici BKXX2661
Habibovici BKXX9817
Habuli BKXX9818
Hacami BKXX2662
Hacimovici BKXX2663
Hadje BKXX2664
Hadre BKXX2665
Hadrovci BKXX2666
Hadrovice BKXX2667
Hadrovici BKXX2668
Hadrovici BKXX9819
Hadzi Mahala BKXX2669
Hadzibajir BKXX9820
Hadzibegovina BKXX2670
Hadzic BKXX2671
Hadzica Brdo BKXX2672
Hadzica Glavica BKXX2673
Hadzici BKXX9821
Hadzici BKXX0022
Hadzikadijin Han BKXX2675
Hadziomanovina BKXX2676
Hadzipasici BKXX2677
Hafizovici BKXX2678
Hajanic BKXX2680
Hajdanovac BKXX2681
Hajdarevici BKXX9822
Hajdarovac BKXX2682
Hajdarovici BKXX9823
Hajdarovici BKXX2683
Hajderovci BKXX9824
Hajderovici BKXX2684
Hajderovici BKXX9825
Hajdorodzici BKXX2685
Hajdukovici BKXX9826
Hajdukovici BKXX2686
Hajkovici BKXX2687
Hajlici BKXX2688
Hajmane BKXX9827
Hajradinovici BKXX9828
Hajrici BKXX2689
Hajvazi BKXX9829
Hakalasi BKXX9830
Hakalovici BKXX2690
Hakolici BKXX2691
Halaci BKXX2692
Halapic BKXX2693
Halije BKXX9831
Halilagici BKXX2694
Halilcevici BKXX2695
Halilovci BKXX2696
Halilovci BKXX9832
Halilovici BKXX9833
Halilovici BKXX2697
Halilovo Brdo BKXX2698
Halinovici BKXX2699
Haljinici BKXX2700
Halkici BKXX2701
Haluge BKXX9834
Haluge BKXX2702
Halvadzije BKXX2703
Hamandzici BKXX2704
Hambar BKXX2705
Hambarine BKXX9835
Hamici BKXX2706
Hamulici BKXX9836
Hamustafici BKXX2708
Hamze BKXX9837
Hamzevina BKXX2709
Hamzici BKXX2710
Hamzici BKXX9838
Han BKXX9839
Han BKXX2711
Han Bare BKXX9840
Han Brdo BKXX9841
Han Bulog BKXX9842
Han Derventa BKXX9843
Han Hanic BKXX9844
Han Ivica BKXX2712
Han Jezero BKXX9845
Han Kola BKXX9846
Han Kram BKXX9847
Han Pijesak BKXX9848
Han Ploca BKXX2713
Han Pogled BKXX9849
Han Soha BKXX9850
Han Toplice BKXX9851
Han Vucja Luka BKXX9852
Han-Bila BKXX2714
Han-Cardak BKXX2715
Han-Pobilje BKXX2716
Handalici BKXX2717
Handanagici BKXX2718
Handanovici BKXX2719
Handelije BKXX9853
Handici BKXX9854
Handzici BKXX9855
Handzici BKXX2720
Hanici BKXX2721
Hanifici BKXX9856
Hanina Izba BKXX9857
Hanine BKXX9858
Hanista BKXX2722
Haniste BKXX9859
Haniste BKXX2723
Hankici BKXX2724
Hankini Bunari BKXX9860
Hanovi BKXX2725
Hanzovina BKXX9861
Hapstici BKXX2726
Haradine BKXX2727
Harambasici BKXX2728
Harbasi BKXX2729
Harbasici BKXX2730
Hardomilje BKXX2731
Harine BKXX9862
Harmani BKXX9863
Has BKXX2732
Hasanbasici BKXX2733
Hasanbegovci BKXX2734
Hasani BKXX2735
Hasanici BKXX2736
Hasanovic BKXX2737
Hasanovici BKXX9864
Hasanovici BKXX2738
Hase BKXX9865
Hasici BKXX2739
Hasicici BKXX2740
Haskici BKXX9866
Haskovici BKXX9867
Hasovici BKXX9868
Hasukici BKXX2741
Hatarici BKXX2742
Hatelji BKXX9869
Hatiraj BKXX2743
Hatuli BKXX2744
Hausici BKXX9870
Hausovici BKXX2745
Havala BKXX2746
Hazdije BKXX9871
Heca BKXX2747
Hegica Selo BKXX2748
Hegici BKXX9872
Heldin Do BKXX2749
Heldovi BKXX2750
Heljdovi BKXX2751
Heljdoviste BKXX9873
Heljici BKXX9874
Hemici BKXX2752
Hemlijasi BKXX2753
Hepici BKXX2754
Hercezi BKXX2755
Hercezi BKXX9875
Here BKXX9876
Here BKXX2756
Herici BKXX2757
Hezirevici BKXX9877
Hidani BKXX2758
Hirkici BKXX2759
Hiseti BKXX9878
Hladilja BKXX9879
Hladivode BKXX2760
Hlapcevici BKXX2761
Hlavsici BKXX2762
Hocevina BKXX9880
Hocevo BKXX9881
Hocimer BKXX9882
Hodbina BKXX2763
Hodici BKXX2764
Hodinici BKXX9883
Hodorovici BKXX2765
Hodovo BKXX2766
Hodzic BKXX2767
Hodzici BKXX9884
Hodzici BKXX2768
Hodzinac BKXX2769
Hodzino Brdo BKXX9886
Holici BKXX2770
Holijaci BKXX9887
Holujaci BKXX9888
Homar BKXX9889
Homar BKXX2771
Homatlije BKXX2772
Homolj BKXX2773
Homolje BKXX2774
Hondici BKXX2775
Hopovci BKXX9890
Hornica BKXX2776
Horozovici BKXX2777
Horozovina BKXX2778
Horozovo Brdo BKXX2779
Hotanj BKXX2780
Hotici BKXX2781
Hotkovci BKXX2782
Hotocina BKXX9891
Hotonj BKXX0023
Hotovlje BKXX2783
Hozanovici BKXX2784
Hozici BKXX9892
Hozici BKXX2785
Hranca BKXX9893
Hrancici BKXX2786
Hranjen BKXX2787
Hranjevac BKXX9894
Hrasce BKXX2788
Hrasljani BKXX2789
Hrasnica BKXX2790
Hrasnice BKXX2791
Hrasno BKXX2792
Hrasno Donje BKXX2793
Hrasno Gornje BKXX2794
Hrast BKXX2795
Hrastavice BKXX9895
Hrastista BKXX9896
Hrastovac BKXX9897
Hrastovaca BKXX2797
Hrastovaca BKXX9898
Hrastovi BKXX2798
Hrastusje BKXX2799
Hrdala BKXX2800
Hrdavci BKXX9899
Hrdusi BKXX9900
Hreljici BKXX9901
Hresa BKXX9902
Hrgari BKXX2801
Hrgovci BKXX2802
Hrgovi Donji BKXX2803
Hrgovi Gornji BKXX2804
Hrgud BKXX9903
Hrid BKXX2805
Hrid BKXX9904
Hripavci BKXX2806
Hrkaci BKXX2807
Hrke BKXX9905
Hrkici BKXX2808
Hrljatovici BKXX9906
Hrncici BKXX9907
Hrnici BKXX9908
Hrnjadi BKXX2809
Hrnkovici BKXX2810
Hrupjela BKXX9909
Hrusanj BKXX9910
Hrusta BKXX9911
Hrustici BKXX9912
Hrustovo BKXX2811
Hrvacani BKXX9913
Hrvacici BKXX2812
Hrvati BKXX2813
Hrvatovici BKXX2814
Hrvici BKXX2815
Hrzanice BKXX9915
Hrzinje BKXX9916
Hrziste BKXX2816
Hubava BKXX9917
Hubjeri BKXX9918
Hudec BKXX2817
Hudutsko BKXX2818
Hukici BKXX2819
Hum BKXX9919
Hum BKXX2820
Hum Selo BKXX9920
Huma BKXX2821
Humac BKXX2822
Humac BKXX9921
Humcani BKXX9922
Humi BKXX2823
Humici BKXX9923
Humilisani BKXX2825
Humke BKXX9924
Humovaca BKXX2826
Humsko BKXX9925
Humsko Brdo BKXX2827
Hunkovici BKXX9926
Huremi BKXX2828
Husagici BKXX2829
Husamovici BKXX2830
Husanovici BKXX2831
Huseinovici BKXX9927
Huseinovici BKXX2832
Husici BKXX2833
Husicici BKXX2834
Husidici BKXX2835
Husino BKXX2836
Huskici BKXX2837
Huskovici BKXX2838
Husnici BKXX9929
Husrpovci BKXX9930
Husumovci BKXX2839
Hutovo BKXX2840
Huzeirovici BKXX9931
Ibarcici BKXX2841
Ibeljici BKXX2842
Ibrahim Do BKXX9932
Ibrahim Kadici BKXX2843
Ibrahimov Dolac BKXX2844
Ibrahimovici BKXX2845
Ibralici BKXX2846
Ibrici BKXX2847
Idbar BKXX2848
Idrizovici BKXX2849
Idrizovina BKXX2850
Ifreti BKXX2851
Ifsar BKXX9933
Igmani BKXX9934
Ignic Mahala BKXX9935
Ignici BKXX9936
Ignjatovici BKXX9937
Ignjici BKXX9938
Igoce BKXX9939
Igrisnik BKXX9940
Igriste BKXX9941
Ikanovac BKXX2852
Ikanovici BKXX2853
Ikici BKXX2854
Ildza BKXX2855
Ilic Mahala BKXX9942
Ilica Dol BKXX9943
Ilica Kosarisca BKXX2856
Ilicani BKXX9944
Ilice BKXX2857
Ilici BKXX9945
Ilici BKXX0024
Ilicici BKXX2859
Ilicici BKXX9946
Ilidza BKXX9947
Ilidza BKXX2860
Ilijak BKXX9948
Ilijas BKXX0025
Ilijasevici BKXX2861
Ilijetnovici BKXX2862
Ilijici BKXX9949
Ilijino Brdo BKXX9950
Ilijino Polje BKXX2863
Ilikov Palez BKXX2864
Ilinaca BKXX9951
Ilincici BKXX9952
Ilisici BKXX9953
Ilisija BKXX9954
Iljkici BKXX2865
Illidza BKXX2866
Ilovaca BKXX2867
Ilovice BKXX2868
Imamov Cair BKXX9955
Imamovici BKXX2869
Imamovici BKXX9956
Imenica BKXX2870
Imljani BKXX9957
Imsir BKXX2871
Imsirovici BKXX2872
Inadol BKXX9958
Indici BKXX2873
Injani BKXX9959
Injici BKXX2874
Ipota BKXX2875
Irice BKXX9960
Isakovci BKXX2876
Isakovici BKXX9961
Isakovici BKXX2877
Iseric Brdo BKXX9962
Isici BKXX9963
Isjek BKXX2878
Iskovac BKXX9964
Islamagici BKXX2879
Islamovici BKXX9965
Ivancevici BKXX9966
Ivancevo BKXX2880
Ivanci BKXX2881
Ivancici BKXX2882
Ivande BKXX2883
Ivandici BKXX2884
Ivanic Mala BKXX9967
Ivanici BKXX9968
Ivanike BKXX2885
Ivanisi BKXX2886
Ivanj Do BKXX9969
Ivanjska BKXX9970
Ivanjsko Polje BKXX9971
Ivankovica Dolac BKXX2888
Ivankovici BKXX9972
Ivankovici BKXX2889
Ivanovici BKXX2890
Ivanovici BKXX9973
Ivanusa BKXX9974
Ivazovici BKXX9975
Ive BKXX9976
Iverovac BKXX2891
Ivetici BKXX2892
Ivica BKXX9977
Ivica BKXX2893
Ivici BKXX0207
Ivici BKXX2894
Ivik BKXX9979
Ivisovo Greblje BKXX2895
Ivjaci BKXX2896
Ivkovici BKXX9980
Ivkovici BKXX2897
Ivkovina BKXX2898
Ivlje BKXX9981
Ivlje BKXX2899
Ivnica BKXX2900
Ivojevici BKXX9982
Ivosi BKXX2901
Ivovac BKXX2902
Ivovici BKXX9983
Izacic BKXX0026
Izacic Kula BKXX2903
Izacic-Grad BKXX2904
Izbicno BKXX2905
Izbisno BKXX9984
Izbod BKXX2906
Izborine BKXX9985
Izgori BKXX9986
Izgumanje BKXX9987
Izlaze BKXX2907
Jablan BKXX9988
Jablan BKXX2908
Jablan Polje BKXX9989
Jablan-Do BKXX9990
Jablan-Kozara BKXX9991
Jablani BKXX9992
Jablanica BKXX2909
Jablanica BKXX9993
Jablanici BKXX9994
Jablanje BKXX2910
Jabucica BKXX9995
Jabuka BKXX9996
Jabuke BKXX9997
Jabukovac BKXX2911
Jacimovici BKXX9998
Jacista BKXX9999
Jadovicke Uvale BKXX2912
Jadovnik BKXX2913
Jaganjci BKXX2914
Jagnjid BKXX2915
Jagodar BKXX2916
Jagodici BKXX2917
Jagodnjak BKXX2918
Jahici BKXX2919
Jahijici BKXX2920
Jajce BKXX0100
Jajici BKXX2921
Jajicici BKXX2922
Jakes BKXX2923
Jakir BKXX2924
Jaklici BKXX2925
Jaksici BKXX2926
Jakupovici BKXX2927
Jamarevici BKXX2928
Jamedzije BKXX2929
Jamici BKXX2930
Jamustina BKXX2931
Jancica Brijeg BKXX2932
Jandrica Selo BKXX2933
Jandrici BKXX2934
Jandrin Pod BKXX2935
Jandrosac BKXX2936
Janja BKXX0027
Janjac BKXX2937
Janjani BKXX2938
Janjici BKXX0208
Janjicki Vrh BKXX2940
Janjila BKXX2941
Janjina BKXX2942
Jankovac BKXX2943
Jankovici BKXX2944
Japalaci BKXX2945
Japica Brdo BKXX2946
Japici BKXX2947
Japija BKXX2948
Jarak BKXX2949
Jarakule BKXX2950
Jarcedoli BKXX2951
Jarcici BKXX2952
Jarcisca BKXX2953
Jarciste BKXX2954
Jardol BKXX2955
Jare BKXX2956
Jarene BKXX2957
Jarice BKXX2958
Jarici BKXX2959
Jarovice BKXX2960
Jarovici BKXX2961
Jaruga BKXX2962
Jaruske BKXX2963
Jaruske Donje BKXX2964
Jaruske Gornje BKXX2965
Jasaragici BKXX2966
Jasari BKXX2967
Jasenar BKXX2968
Jasenica BKXX2969
Jasenik BKXX2970
Jasenova Ravan BKXX2971
Jasenovac BKXX0209
Jasenovac BKXX2972
Jasik BKXX2973
Jasika BKXX2974
Jasike BKXX2975
Jasikovac BKXX2976
Jasikovaca BKXX2977
Jasikovica BKXX2978
Jastrebac BKXX2979
Jastrebica BKXX2980
Jastrebice BKXX2981
Javas BKXX2982
Javor BKXX2983
Javorik BKXX2984
Javorje BKXX2985
Javornik BKXX2986
Javrboci BKXX2987
Jazbina BKXX2988
Jazbine BKXX2989
Jazine BKXX2990
Jazmak BKXX2991
Jazva BKXX2992
Jazve BKXX2993
Jazvenik BKXX2994
Jazvine BKXX2995
Jedrinje BKXX2996
Jeginov Lug BKXX2997
Jehak BKXX2998
Jehovac BKXX2999
Jehovina BKXX3000
Jeinjak BKXX3001
Jejici BKXX3002
Jela BKXX3003
Jelaca BKXX3004
Jelace BKXX3005
Jelacici BKXX3006
Jelacke BKXX3007
Jelah BKXX3008
Jelasi BKXX3009
Jelasinovci BKXX3010
Jelasje BKXX3011
Jelaske BKXX3012
Jelav BKXX3013
Jelec BKXX3014
Jeleci BKXX3015
Jelica BKXX3016
Jelica Glavica BKXX3017
Jelici BKXX3018
Jelicica Mahala BKXX3019
Jelicici BKXX3020
Jelik BKXX3021
Jelinak BKXX3022
Jelinic BKXX3023
Jelovac BKXX3024
Jelovce Selo BKXX3025
Jelovci BKXX3026
Jelovik BKXX3027
Jelovo Brdo BKXX3028
Jemanlici BKXX3029
Jenjic BKXX3030
Jerkovici BKXX3031
Jevadzije BKXX3032
Jevica Do BKXX3033
Jevtici BKXX3034
Jezde BKXX3035
Jezeprosina BKXX3036
Jezera BKXX3037
Jezerca BKXX3038
Jezerci BKXX3039
Jezero BKXX3041
Jezerska Poljana BKXX3042
Jezerski BKXX3043
Jezerski Grad BKXX3044
Jezevina BKXX3045
Jezi BKXX3046
Jezinac BKXX3047
Jezvini BKXX3048
Jocici BKXX3049
Johe BKXX3050
Johovac BKXX3051
Johovac BKXX0028
Johovica BKXX3052
Jojici BKXX3053
Jokici BKXX3054
Jokovici BKXX3055
Jolde BKXX3056
Jonjici BKXX3057
Josak BKXX3058
Josanica BKXX3059
Josari BKXX3060
Josici BKXX3061
Josilovina BKXX3062
Josipovici BKXX3063
Jovandici BKXX3064
Jovanovici BKXX3065
Joveljici BKXX0210
Jovicici BKXX3067
Jovisici BKXX3068
Jozici BKXX3069
Jukani BKXX3070
Jukanovici BKXX3071
Juke BKXX3072
Jukici BKXX3073
Jukisici BKXX3074
Junuzovici BKXX3075
Jurcevici BKXX3076
Jurcici BKXX3077
Jurici BKXX3078
Jurilji BKXX3079
Jurisici BKXX3080
Jurjevica BKXX3081
Jurjevici BKXX3082
Jurkici BKXX3083
Jurkovici BKXX3084
Jurosevici BKXX3085
Jusici BKXX3086
Jusupovici BKXX3087
Kablinovici BKXX0211
Kabljagici BKXX3088
Kacareva Dolina BKXX3089
Kacavende BKXX3090
Kacelja BKXX3091
Kacuni BKXX3092
Kadarici BKXX3093
Kadica Dubrava BKXX3094
Kadici BKXX3095
Kadijevici BKXX3096
Kadim BKXX3097
Kadinjaca BKXX3098
Kadirovina BKXX3099
Kadrici BKXX3100
Kadusici BKXX3101
Kahrimani BKXX3102
Kahve BKXX3103
Kahvedzije BKXX3104
Kaici BKXX3105
Kajin Kamen BKXX3106
Kajisi BKXX3107
Kajmakovici BKXX3108
Kajtezi BKXX3109
Kakanj BKXX3110
Kakici BKXX3111
Kakrinje BKXX3112
Kalabe BKXX3113
Kalabici BKXX3114
Kalabina Gromila BKXX3115
Kalac BKXX3116
Kalajdzici BKXX3117
Kalajevo BKXX3118
Kalajsi BKXX3119
Kalanac BKXX0212
Kalati BKXX3120
Kale BKXX3121
Kalemi BKXX3122
Kalenderi BKXX3123
Kalesija BKXX3124
Kalici BKXX3125
Kalin BKXX3126
Kalinovik BKXX0103
Kaljkovici BKXX3127
Kalosevic BKXX3128
Kaltaci BKXX3129
Kaltarusa BKXX3130
Kaluderi BKXX3131
Kaluderica BKXX3132
Kamberi BKXX3133
Kamberovici BKXX3134
Kamen BKXX3135
Kamena BKXX3136
Kamenica BKXX3137
Kamenice BKXX3138
Kamenis BKXX3139
Kamenjaca BKXX3140
Kamenjace BKXX3141
Kamenjak BKXX3142
Kamenjani BKXX3143
Kamenjasi BKXX3144
Kamensko BKXX3145
Kamerici BKXX3146
Kamerovci BKXX3147
Kandija BKXX3148
Kanjevi BKXX3149
Kanjina BKXX3150
Kanlici BKXX3151
Kantari BKXX3152
Kantarija BKXX3153
Kantica Gaj BKXX3154
Kantici BKXX3155
Kao BKXX3156
Kaonik BKXX3157
Kaparovici BKXX3158
Kapci BKXX3159
Kapel Mahala BKXX3160
Kapetanova Brdo BKXX3161
Kapetanovac BKXX3162
Kapetanovici BKXX3163
Kapetanovina BKXX3164
Kapetanovinci BKXX3165
Kapica Avlija BKXX3166
Kapici BKXX3167
Kapljuh BKXX3168
Kapnica BKXX3169
Kapulari BKXX3170
Karace BKXX3171
Karacevina BKXX3172
Karacic BKXX3173
Karacici BKXX3174
Karadaglije BKXX3175
Karadze BKXX3176
Karagici BKXX3177
Karagino Polje BKXX3178
Karahodze BKXX3179
Karahodzici BKXX3180
Karajlici BKXX3181
Karajzovci BKXX3182
Karakasi BKXX3183
Karamatici BKXX3185
Karamustafic BKXX3186
Karanovici BKXX3187
Karaotok BKXX3188
Karasnica BKXX3189
Karaula BKXX3190
Karaulska Gora BKXX3191
Karavlasi BKXX3192
Kardasi BKXX3193
Karici BKXX3194
Karicuse BKXX3195
Karijani BKXX3196
Karlasi BKXX3197
Karlici BKXX3198
Karlicov Brijeg BKXX3199
Karlovac BKXX3200
Karoci BKXX3201
Karovici BKXX3202
Karse BKXX3203
Karuse BKXX3204
Kasale BKXX3205
Kasali BKXX3206
Kasapnice BKXX3207
Kasapovici BKXX3208
Kasarne BKXX3209
Kasatici BKXX3210
Kasce BKXX3211
Kasici BKXX3212
Kasikari BKXX3213
Kasimovici BKXX3214
Kastel BKXX3215
Kasumi BKXX3216
Kasumovici BKXX3217
Katani BKXX3218
Katanici BKXX3219
Katici BKXX3220
Katina BKXX3221
Katun BKXX3222
Kature BKXX3223
Katurici BKXX3224
Kaurini BKXX3225
Kaurinove Kuce BKXX3226
Kaurinovici BKXX3227
Kavcici BKXX3228
Kazagici BKXX3229
Kazaginac BKXX3230
Kazalj BKXX3231
Kazici BKXX3232
Kazijevici BKXX3233
Kazina Bara BKXX3234
Kecman BKXX3235
Kecmani BKXX3236
Kehici BKXX3237
Kekici BKXX3238
Kelave BKXX3239
Kelempeci BKXX3240
Keleri BKXX3241
Kelesici BKXX3242
Kenjari BKXX3243
Kerani BKXX3244
Kerepi BKXX3245
Keresi BKXX3246
Kerici BKXX3247
Kerkezi BKXX3248
Kerosi BKXX3249
Keseri BKXX3250
Kesici BKXX3251
Kesine BKXX3252
Kesten BKXX3253
Kevcici BKXX3254
Kevilji BKXX3255
Keze BKXX3256
Kezici BKXX3257
Kezlovac BKXX3258
Kicelj BKXX3259
Kicin Greb BKXX3260
Kidacke Njive BKXX3261
Kijev Do BKXX3262
Kijevo BKXX3263
Kikaci BKXX3264
Kikici BKXX3265
Kiper BKXX3266
Kisak BKXX3267
Kiseljak BKXX0029
Kisevo BKXX3269
Kisjelice BKXX3270
Kitosevici BKXX3271
Kitunj BKXX3272
Klacina BKXX3273
Kladanj BKXX0105
Kladari BKXX3274
Kladje BKXX0213
Kladovita BKXX3275
Klak BKXX3276
Klakise BKXX3277
Klanac BKXX3278
Klanci BKXX3279
Klancine BKXX3280
Klapici BKXX3281
Klecari BKXX3282
Klek BKXX3283
Klenak BKXX3285
Klenovac BKXX3286
Klepci BKXX3287
Klepici BKXX3288
Klicici BKXX3289
Klimenta BKXX3290
Klincici BKXX3291
Klinde BKXX3292
Klindici BKXX3293
Klisa BKXX3294
Klisare BKXX3295
Kljaci BKXX3297
Kljajevina BKXX3298
Kljajici BKXX3299
Kljestine BKXX3300
Kljevci BKXX3301
Kljuc BKXX3302
Kljujici BKXX3303
Kljunta BKXX3304
Kljutici BKXX3305
Klobuk BKXX3306
Klokot BKXX3307
Klokoti BKXX3308
Klokotnica BKXX3309
Klopacki Vrh BKXX3310
Klopce BKXX3311
Klopici BKXX3312
Klupe BKXX3313
Kmetici BKXX3314
Knespolje BKXX3315
Knezevici BKXX3316
Knezluk BKXX3317
Knezovici BKXX3318
Knjeginjac BKXX3319
Kobilici BKXX3320
Kobilja Glava BKXX3321
Kobiljaca BKXX3322
Kobiljak BKXX3323
Kocanovica BKXX3324
Kocarin BKXX3325
Kocatala BKXX3326
Kocerin BKXX3327
Kocevica BKXX3328
Kocine BKXX3329
Kodici BKXX3330
Kodzaga Polje BKXX3331
Kojcinovac BKXX0030
Kojici BKXX3332
Kojici BKXX0214
Kojsina BKXX3333
Kojsino BKXX3334
Kokanovici BKXX3335
Kokici BKXX3336
Kokorevac BKXX3337
Kokorica BKXX3338
Kokorina BKXX3339
Kokorovic BKXX3340
Kokosari BKXX3341
Kokoscici BKXX3342
Kokosinja BKXX3343
Kokoti BKXX3344
Kola BKXX3345
Kolaci BKXX3346
Kolakovici BKXX3347
Kolcaci BKXX3348
Kolibe BKXX3349
Kolici BKXX3350
Kolimer BKXX3351
Koliste BKXX3352
Kolo BKXX3353
Kolobarica Dolac BKXX3354
Kolojanj BKXX3355
Kolona BKXX3356
Kolonija BKXX3357
Kolonija BKXX0215
Kolonja Bukinje BKXX3358
Kolovaj BKXX3359
Kolovarice BKXX3360
Kolovrat BKXX3361
Kolozici BKXX3362
Kolundzije BKXX3363
Kolunic BKXX3364
Kolunije BKXX3365
Komanje Brdo BKXX3366
Komar BKXX3367
Komari BKXX3368
Komasovac BKXX3369
Komorani BKXX3370
Komrani BKXX3371
Komsic BKXX3372
Konak BKXX3373
Kondici BKXX3374
Kondze BKXX3375
Kondzilo BKXX3376
Kongora BKXX3377
Konjbaba BKXX3378
Konjevici BKXX3379
Konjic BKXX0031
Konjikovici BKXX3380
Konjikusici BKXX3381
Kopaci BKXX3382
Kopaliste BKXX3383
Kopanice BKXX3384
Kopanje BKXX3385
Kopcic BKXX3386
Kopcici BKXX3387
Kopic BKXX3388
Kopice BKXX3389
Kopijevici BKXX3390
Kopila BKXX3391
Kopilasi BKXX3392
Kopilo BKXX3393
Kopjenica BKXX3394
Kopljani BKXX3395
Kopljari BKXX3396
Koprivci BKXX3397
Koprivica BKXX3398
Koprivna BKXX3399
Koprivnica BKXX3400
Koran BKXX0032
Korca BKXX3401
Korcanica BKXX3402
Korde BKXX3403
Kordici BKXX3404
Kordici Deklici BKXX3405
Korenici BKXX3406
Korice BKXX3407
Korici BKXX3408
Koricina BKXX3409
Korita BKXX3410
Koritnik BKXX3411
Koritnjaca BKXX3412
Korjen BKXX3413
Korjenovo BKXX3414
Kos BKXX3415
Kosa BKXX3416
Kosace BKXX3417
Kosanovici BKXX3418
Koscan BKXX3420
Koscana BKXX3421
Koscani BKXX3422
Koscela BKXX3423
Kosci BKXX3424
Koscice BKXX3425
Koselji BKXX3426
Kosevo BKXX3427
Kosica BKXX3428
Kosici BKXX3429
Kosinci BKXX3430
Kosiri BKXX3431
Kosirice BKXX3432
Kosmaj BKXX3433
Kosmanci BKXX3434
Kosne Luke BKXX3435
Kosor BKXX3436
Kosova BKXX3437
Kosovac BKXX3438
Kosovaca BKXX3439
Kosovci BKXX3440
Kostadinovici BKXX3441
Kostajnica BKXX3442
Kostel BKXX3443
Kostica BKXX3444
Kostrc BKXX3445
Kostre BKXX3446
Kostrikovac BKXX3447
Kotarevac BKXX3448
Kotlanice BKXX3450
Kotlina BKXX3451
Koto BKXX3452
Kotor-Varos BKXX0002
Koturi BKXX3453
Kovacevac BKXX3454
Kovacevci BKXX3455
Kovacevici BKXX3456
Kovacevo Brdo BKXX3457
Kovacevo Polje BKXX3458
Kovacevo Selo BKXX3459
Kovaci BKXX3460
Kovacic BKXX3461
Kovacica BKXX3462
Kovacica Kuce BKXX3463
Kovacice BKXX3464
Kovacici BKXX3465
Kovacine BKXX3466
Kovacnica BKXX3467
Kovanici BKXX3468
Kovceg BKXX3469
Kovcici BKXX3470
Kovica Glavica BKXX3471
Kovijani BKXX3472
Kovraga BKXX3473
Kovrlije BKXX3474
Kozarci BKXX3475
Kozare BKXX3476
Kozarevici BKXX3477
Kozarica BKXX3478
Kozarici BKXX3479
Kozica BKXX3480
Kozice BKXX3481
Kozici BKXX3482
Kozila BKXX3483
Kozin BKXX3484
Kozja Glavica BKXX3485
Kozjaca BKXX0216
Kozjaci BKXX3486
Kozjak BKXX3487
Kozlje BKXX3488
Kozlovac BKXX3489
Kozlovi BKXX3490
Kozo BKXX3491
Kozomare BKXX3492
Kozul BKXX3493
Kozuli BKXX3494
Krabanja BKXX3495
Kraboris BKXX3496
Kracevi BKXX3497
Kracici BKXX3498
Kragulji BKXX3499
Kraj BKXX3500
Kraje BKXX3501
Krajisinici BKXX3502
Krajnici BKXX3504
Krajsici BKXX3505
Krajsina BKXX3506
Krakaca BKXX3507
Krakovo BKXX3508
Kralici BKXX3509
Kralje BKXX3510
Kraljevice BKXX3512
Kraljevici BKXX0217
Kraljevici BKXX3513
Kralji BKXX3515
Kralupi BKXX3516
Kramari BKXX3517
Krasevo BKXX3518
Krasinac BKXX3519
Krasulje BKXX3520
Kratine BKXX3521
Kravljak BKXX3522
Krbesevici BKXX3523
Krbeta BKXX0218
Krc BKXX3524
Krca BKXX3525
Krcana BKXX3526
Krce BKXX3527
Krcevi BKXX3528
Krcevina BKXX3529
Krcevine BKXX3530
Krcmarevina BKXX3531
Krcmari BKXX3532
Kreca BKXX3533
Krecnice BKXX3534
Kregici BKXX3535
Krehin Dvor BKXX3536
Krehin Gradac BKXX3537
Kreka BKXX3538
Krekici BKXX3539
Kremen BKXX3540
Kremenac BKXX3541
Kremenik BKXX3542
Kremes BKXX3543
Kremesevac BKXX3544
Kremesevo BKXX3545
Kremina Njiva BKXX3546
Krenica BKXX3547
Krenjasi BKXX3548
Krepsic BKXX0219
Kresevac BKXX3549
Kresevo BKXX3550
Kresici BKXX3552
Kresine Zidine BKXX3553
Kresnice BKXX3554
Krestalica BKXX3555
Krestici BKXX3556
Krezluk BKXX3557
Kricani BKXX3558
Kricici BKXX3559
Krike BKXX3560
Krilo BKXX3561
Kriste BKXX3562
Kristelica BKXX3563
Krivaca BKXX3564
Krivaja BKXX3565
Krivajevici BKXX3566
Kriveljici BKXX3567
Krivici BKXX3568
Krivodol BKXX3569
Krivoglavci BKXX3570
Krivokuce BKXX3571
Kriz BKXX3572
Krizane BKXX3573
Krizani BKXX3574
Krizevci BKXX3575
Krizevici BKXX3576
Krkaca BKXX3578
Krke BKXX3579
Krkojevci BKXX3581
Krndija BKXX3582
Krndije BKXX3583
Krnete BKXX3584
Krnja BKXX3585
Krnja Jela BKXX3586
Krnja Ravan BKXX3587
Krnjaca BKXX3588
Krnjace BKXX3589
Krnjeusa BKXX3590
Krnjevici BKXX3591
Krnjevina BKXX3592
Krnjici BKXX3593
Krnjin BKXX3594
Krokinac BKXX3595
Krpani BKXX3596
Krpeljici BKXX3597
Krpici BKXX0220
Krs BKXX3598
Krsevac BKXX3599
Krsici BKXX3600
Krsmanici BKXX3601
Krsnica BKXX3602
Krsno Polje BKXX3603
Krsnovac BKXX3604
Krstac BKXX3605
Krstanovica Gaj BKXX3606
Krstanovici BKXX3608
Krstici BKXX3609
Krstina BKXX3610
Krtici BKXX3611
Krtine BKXX3612
Krtjenovici BKXX3613
Krtolcina BKXX3614
Krtolije BKXX3615
Krtova BKXX3616
Krucevici BKXX3617
Kruhari BKXX3618
Krunici BKXX3619
Krupa BKXX3620
Krupac BKXX3621
Krupici BKXX3622
Kruscanje BKXX3623
Kruscica BKXX3624
Krusevica BKXX3625
Krusevlje BKXX3626
Krusevo BKXX3627
Krusici BKXX3628
Krusik BKXX3629
Krusik BKXX0221
Kruskar BKXX3630
Kruskova Basta BKXX3632
Kruskovac BKXX3633
Kruzanj BKXX3634
Kruzi BKXX3635
Krvavicici BKXX3636
Krzalici BKXX3637
Krzevci BKXX3638
Krzevici BKXX3639
Kubati BKXX3640
Kubeca BKXX3641
Kubrovaca BKXX3642
Kuburasi BKXX3643
Kuburici BKXX3644
Kucani BKXX3645
Kucare BKXX3646
Kucerine BKXX3647
Kucetine BKXX3648
Kucice BKXX3649
Kucici BKXX3650
Kucinari BKXX3651
Kucine BKXX3652
Kucini BKXX3653
Kucista BKXX3654
Kucukovici BKXX3655
Kudicajapta BKXX3656
Kudici BKXX3657
Kudilji BKXX3658
Kudrin Do BKXX3660
Kuduzovici BKXX3661
Kuge BKXX3662
Kujavce BKXX3663
Kujave BKXX3664
Kujuci BKXX3665
Kujusici BKXX3666
Kuk BKXX3667
Kukavac BKXX3668
Kukavice BKXX3669
Kukobati BKXX3670
Kukolji BKXX3671
Kukovina BKXX3672
Kukrica BKXX3673
Kukrice BKXX3674
Kukrici BKXX3675
Kukrike BKXX3676
Kukuljica BKXX3677
Kukuruzi BKXX3678
Kula BKXX3679
Kula Banjer BKXX3680
Kulaglici BKXX3681
Kulasin BKXX3682
Kulen Vakuf BKXX3683
Kuletina BKXX3684
Kulice BKXX3685
Kulici BKXX3686
Kulijes BKXX3687
Kulina BKXX3688
Kulinari BKXX3689
Kulisi BKXX3691
Kuljan BKXX3692
Kuljani BKXX3693
Kuljeni BKXX3694
Kuljkici BKXX3695
Kulovici BKXX3696
Kumarica BKXX3697
Kumjenovici BKXX3698
Kundakovici BKXX3699
Kundici BKXX3700
Kunduci BKXX3701
Kunosici BKXX3702
Kupirusi BKXX3703
Kupres BKXX3704
Kupresani BKXX3705
Kupresi BKXX3706
Kupusnica BKXX3707
Kuraja BKXX3708
Kurcele BKXX3709
Kureljusici BKXX3710
Kurjak BKXX3711
Kurjakovici BKXX0222
Kurjen BKXX3712
Kurtici BKXX3713
Kurtovici BKXX3714
Kurtovine BKXX3715
Kuruzovine BKXX3716
Kuselj BKXX3717
Kusesi BKXX3718
Kuslje BKXX3719
Kuta BKXX3720
Kutac BKXX3721
Kutanja BKXX3722
Kute BKXX3723
Kuti BKXX3724
Kutilivac BKXX3725
Kutina BKXX3726
Kutjesi BKXX3727
Kutle BKXX3728
Kutlese BKXX3729
Kutlici BKXX3730
Kutlovac BKXX3731
Kutnja BKXX3732
Kuvelje BKXX3733
Kuzici BKXX3734
Kuzman BKXX3735
Kvesica Staje BKXX3736
Kvesici BKXX3737
Ladani BKXX3738
Ladanica BKXX3739
Ladice BKXX3740
Lagumovici BKXX3741
Lahcici BKXX3742
Lahuci BKXX3743
Lakic BKXX3744
Lakici BKXX3745
Lakisic Kula BKXX3746
Laksevina BKXX3747
Laktasi BKXX0033
Laleta BKXX3748
Lamesi BKXX3749
Lanista BKXX0223
Laniste BKXX3750
Lapsunj BKXX3751
Lapte BKXX3752
Lasica BKXX3753
Lasici BKXX3754
Lastavice BKXX3755
Lastva BKXX3756
Lastve BKXX3757
Lastvica BKXX3758
Lasva BKXX3759
Latici BKXX3760
Latinluk BKXX3761
Latinovic BKXX3762
Latinovici BKXX3764
Lavrnje BKXX3765
Laz BKXX3766
Lazarevici BKXX3767
Laze BKXX3768
Lazendici BKXX3769
Lazete BKXX3770
Lazetine BKXX3771
Lazetovica BKXX3772
Lazici BKXX3773